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30th December 2002, 03:02 AM
The story continues…

Vaati, the Wind Sorcerer, was a terrible menace to the old Kingdom of Hyrule. He could bend the wind to his will, and using this power, he terrorized villages in search of maidens that would catch his fancy. Many knights and brave men stood up to Vaati, but each fell in turn. Until a boy wielding only a sword went up to challenge Vaati. Somehow, he came back from Vaati's Palace not only alive, but with Vaati sealed in the blade of his sword.

After the boy brought the trapped Wind Sorcerer to the Palace, the boy left for the forest, never revealing how he defeated Vaati. But the maidens who witnessed the boy trapping Vaati have told that his body split into four with a simple wave of the sword. Despite the disbelief of the story, the sword became known as the Four Sword and a shrine was made for it. The sword was guarded by the princess Zelda, until one day when Vaati broke free.

Vaati took hold of Zelda and stole away to his palace. Link, a boy Zelda trusted greatly, removed the Four Sword. Indeed, his body split into four, and with the combined power, Link was able to defeat Vaati again. The blade was once again returned to the shrine.

But the seal on Vaati's imprisonment was weaker than before. Not long after Link returned the sword, Vaati escaped again, angrier than before and intent on reclaiming his bride, Zelda. When Link heard about Zelda's disappearance, he quickly headed for the Four Sword shrine. But unknown to him, he was being followed.

Once inside the shrine, Link grabbed the hilt of the Four Sword. But as he was swinging it above his head, a new hand grabbed the hilt as well. Shocked, Link looked at the owner of this hand, a girl his age with brown hair and green clothes like him. But both were then distracted by the Four Sword, which was splitting in two, and each ended up holding one.

Then Link felt the familiar sensation of splitting in four. When he regained himself, he saw not only his three other selves, but also four of the girl who had grabbed the sword, the same as his others…


Yes, a Four Swords spin-off (I got bored). Timeline-wise, it's after the Four Swords game ends, after beating Vaati and rescuing Zelda. I've decided to call the new girl Karen.

This will be an eight-character RPG, so I'm going for full and no LSUs. Sign up now or never. You can sign up as one of Link's four or one of Karen's four. One character per person. Sign up sheet as follows:

Who: Link or Karen
Color: Green (main), Red, Blue, or Purple
Strongest trait: if you picked Green, you're Average, but the other three can have Courage, Wisdom, or Strength (one for each, one of each)
Personality: not a whole personality, but something that differs from the other three

Mine, as an example:

Who: Link
Color: Green
Strongest trait: Average
Personality: He doesn't talk a lot unless he's trying to get something done or if he gets very curious (which he doesn't get very often)

Also, some things to help you out:

-- Link's general personality: puts himself out to save others (come on, he's Link!); knows he can do almost anything if he tries hard enough
-- Karen's general personality: A bit shy, usually takes a bit to trust others; acts on instinct, but usually her instinct is slow
-- Karen's initial reason for following Link: To see if the Four Sword legend was true.
-- Karen's reason for grabbing the sword: she had a sudden urge to try and help Link, probably after seeing how determined he was.

Everything else will fall into place as we go along.


yay! it's my birthday!

30th December 2002, 06:53 AM
Who: Link
Color: Red
Strongest trait: Strength
Personality:Is very stubborn, relies on his own strength to win battles

30th December 2002, 01:56 PM
Who: Link
Color: Blue
Strongest trait: Wisdom
Personality: And out going person. He doesnt talk much though. He isnt very nice either. He just likes to get the job done and quick so he doesnt have to be around people he doesnt like.

EDIT: Oh and Happy Birthday Again XD

30th December 2002, 02:46 PM
Link: Purple
personality:brave(duh) however, when it comes to rupees he can be quite greedy, has a tendency to spout strange combat cries

Master Gengar12
30th December 2002, 05:33 PM
Darn i'm too late to be link so i'll be Karin
Color: Blue
Trait: Wisdom
Personality: UHHH(man it's hard for a guy to think up a womans personality) ok. likes to talk and to collect rupees and spend them on whatever looks good and has a way of getting ppl to do special tasks for her and to give her rupees. so in other words usually gets what she wants.

30th December 2002, 08:00 PM
All accepted except Master Gengar…it's karEn not karIn! ;P get it right and you're fine

or, if you really want, you can be the green Link and I'll be a Karen…

Master Gengar12
31st December 2002, 09:51 AM
thanks but that's ok i'll stick with Karen because i wanted to have a different color and a special trait. but thanks for asking but i'll stick with Karen

5th January 2003, 08:29 PM

Who: Karen
Color: Purple (since she's a girl... The color of this post)
Strongest trait: Aw, man, Wisdom's taken... Courage, then.
Personality: She's a bit braver and slightly more outspoken than the other three hers.

5th January 2003, 11:33 PM
yay, accepted! Just two more of Karen and we can start. Also, please try to post in your color (like this)

hmm, checking out the green color in posts…