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24th October 2003, 04:39 PM
Digital Sensations!

It's been 25 years since humans ever touched the Digital World,15 years of peace.Of Course, the Digital world is still protected by the 3 Celestials..Orphanimon,Seraphimon and Cherubimon. And yes...Digimon are known about in the Real world..

But not as you think. Since the last Adventure, Digimon TCG has come out, and has become the Number One Hit in Japan, and was translated into over 21 languages.Kids, Teenages..and even(GASP!!) some adults play the TCG...And you just happen to be one of those millon people that play
the TCG.
In the Digital World, the 3 Celestials feel a strong evil lurking near, something bigger than the last 2 times they needed human help.It is,in fact, 3 Mega digimon that rival the 3 Celestial rule, Magna Wicamon of Pollution, Yami Seraphimon of UnHoly and Venom Lucemon of Shadow, planning to use a extreme method to get their ways.....Controlling Humans.

Seraphimon, Orphanimon and Cherumon discuss about this, and they plan to do the same thing that the 3 Lunar's are, but more..complex.They plan to call out on 13 kids from the Human world,10 kids of pure heart , to release the power the last 10 kid's(Remember Digimon: Perfect Ideal's..Yeah.Them) left...10 orbs containing some of the power of the 10 human and 10 Beast spirits that now rest with the 10 former Chosen Children. Within these 10 ords contained a Digimon of the Element, and evenmore, a Powerful Digi-Magic of the D-Sense(New Digivice!)..
And the Ability to Merge Digivolution...The Only problem was..
The 3 most powerful-Purity,Holy and Spectral fell into the wrong hands before the 3 celestials could assign it to a human.These contained some of the power of Seraphimon(Holy),Cherubimon(Purity), and Spectral(Orphanimon). Now the 3 Lunar's could complete their plan as well.They plan to use the 3 kids to Collect Digicode.They take the 3 orbs of Purity,Spectral and Holy, and hide them away in secret locations. And in the Temples of Holy(UnHoly's opposite),Temple of Spectral(Opposite of Shadow), and Temple of Purity(Opposite of Pollution) were given Decoy orbs hiding the Powers of UnHoly,Shadow and Pollution. The 3 Celestials quickly fouind the 3 orb's and placed them in 3 of the 10 kids.

The Celestials quickly send Wiccamon, a Human-looking digimon to the real world to gather the 10 kids in order to stop them...And the Lunars send a

Loyal Babamon to get the 3...

~Real World.

It's Summer, thank heaven, no school. Your a avid fan of the Digimon TCG,your even a pretty good dueler.Well, It IS summer, and every summer..there is the "Summer Digimon Convention" at the Tokyodome.Since you've played, you've gone to the convention. They sell food, new cards, and card scanners.And your favorite, the Tournament...So, of course you go..But something there is waiting for you..

So you go of course, deck and all..You walk around,view and purchase some of the new cards, And get to meet one of the Creators of the TCG(Which, of course, is a character from Perfect Ideals or Legend's, your pick.).Then something catches your eye, a Booth with the word's "Free Fortune Telling", in the middle of it all. No one seem's to notice it besides 9 other kids. You shrug, and decide if they can tell you if you'll be a better duelist in the future, it's worth a shot. Not only that, but you feel pulled to the booth, as if a strong force is pulling you.

Before you enter the booth, you here 3 shreiks from 3 kids, and a drop. Abulances come, 3 children have fallen into a coma(those are the 3 that will be evil)..but as you try to go to help them, you feel a tug..in a instant, you feel yourself walking to the both, with no utter control over your entire body..You walk in, the other 9 children follow.Behind a crystal ball, a Strange looking old woman smiles at you..


You suddenly feel like your losing grip, like falling asleep. Your last sight was 10 color's of mist coming from the crystal ball, seemingly choking you of life..

"We have another 10 here!"one of the EMT's call over to where the booth WAS.


Spot's Left/Spot's on Reservation

No LSU's are left

Sign Up forms:

Look's 1(You gain a different set of clothing in the Digital World, so..This is your look in the real world):
Look's 2(In the Digital World. Only clothing changes, though I'll allow Eye color to change^^):
D-Sense Color(Including Rim and Base):
Spells(Yeah.Only 1 can be your starting one, and as you get stronger, you get more spells, depending on your element.):
Theme Songs(Up to 3):

Digimon(Upto to Mega.)(They can be made up.)

Virus,Data or Vaccine?:
Attacks(2 for rookie-champion.4 for Ultimate and Mega):
Element(MUST correspond to the Element you are assigned.):

Digimon/Human Merge Form:

Virus,Data,Vaccine or Unknown:
Looks(They have to be Semi-Humaniod):
Attacks(5 attacks Max.):
Level:Merge Mega
Element(You can use 2):


5 Pointed Star-Enable's Digivolution, but only works when your Partner is experianced enough(the screen will shine with a white-ish glow]
Triangle-Start's Merge Digivoltion, only works when the Color of the Rim is blinking on the screen.
Circle-Enable's A Holographic picture of the Digital World.Also show's dot's which indacte the other 9 children.
Line-Enables Card Scanning.
X-Enables talkline to 3 celestials.
(Evil Only)Rectangle-Enable's senser for any large Piece of Digicode.
(Good only)Cross-Enables ability to steal Digital Land Code from 3 Evil when they are weak.
2 Circles(Like a Venn Diagram?):Enables the ability to scan Digimon Code, then turn it into a card you can use to scan for "Card Slash!"


Spells:Spells are for you to use to protect yourself when A.Your digimon is still a egg -or- B. Your digimon is weakened. They can be used anytime, though.

Digimon:Your Digimon, when you first arrive to the digital world, Is a DigiTama, a digiegg.Your digiegg hatches when You get your orb.

Evil Children:You first arrive in front of your temple, which you get brainwashed.^^
Good CC:You first arrive at the Wind temple at Cirrus City. After that, we will be teleported to the next city, located near the next temple.

D-Senses:Only for the good children, your D-Sense serves first as a only a map, more of a empty shell.Once you get your orb,however, your D-Sense can do more things.

I thinkies that's it..

Name:Satoshi Takinowa
Look's 1:Standing about 5'5", he has Blue Eye's like the sky, and Brown spiky hair. He's got a skinny figure, he doesn't workout in a gym or anything,but he's not a entire wimp. He wears Light Brown Khaki zip pants(allowing him to zip half the pant off to make them shorts., A Red T-Shirt, and a Black Leather Jacket, that he normally wears.He wears contants, but carries around a set of glasses.
Look's 2:He now has (somewhat scary,too) Red eyes that scare the hell out of you.He now wears his glasses all the time, only because he lost his contacts as he was entering the Digital World. He wears a Silvery T-Shirt, And Black Parachute Pants with Red and Silver Zippers.
Personality:He's very, fickle, in his personality. One time he can be happy go lucky, then the next second, he can be depressing.He's somewhat of a clutz at times though, and he's pretty smart for his age.Also, at times he tend to be a very joking guy(which, gets him in trouble with his mom a lot, he can be a wise*ss at times.XP)
D-Sense Color(Including Rim and Base):Base is Silver, and the rim is Gold.
Spells(Yeah.Only 1 can be your starting one, and as you get stronger, you get more spells, depending on your element.Upto 3..):
1.Wind Lance-Produces a silvery lance as lite as the winds, and it controls it as well.(Basic)It seem's to form out of a feather.
2.Fiery Winds-Strong Gusts.
3.Holy Sword-A Gold Beam comes from his eye, making a Sword that looks like InuYasha's.
Theme Songs(Up to 3):
1.Change the World-V6
Other:He's Akira's(From Legends) son, and Akina's nephew.Also, though it has no importance in the RPG, He's Born December 31st, 2015, making him below the cutoff date, he's in 9th Grade.


Virus,Data or Vaccine?:Data
Looks:Look's Here (http://ca.geocities.com/digi_josied4/images/Hawkmon2.jpg)
Attacks(2 for rookie-champion.4 for Ultimate and Mega):
1.Beak Buzzsaw
2.Feather Strike


Virus,Data or Vaccine?:Data
Looks:Look's Here (http://ca.geocities.com/digi_josied4/images/Aquilamon2.jpg)
Attacks(2 for rookie-champion.4 for Ultimate and Mega):
1.Grand Horn
2.Blast Ring


Virus,Data or Vaccine?:Vaccine
Looks:Look's Here (http://ca.geocities.com/digi_josied4/images/Garudamon2.jpg)
Attacks(2 for rookie-champion.4 for Ultimate and Mega):
1.Wing blade
2.Eagle Claw
3.Guardian of the Skys-His wing's start to glow a silvery light, and he flys to the opponent, and the wing's feathers strike the opponent.
4.Kaze-Strong gusts start to blow from his wings, and feathers flow on the wind, striking the opponent and Paralyzing them for 5 minutes.

[i]Mega with Wind-

Virus,Data or Vaccine?:Vaccine
Looks:Look's Here (http://ca.geocities.com/digi_josied4/images/Eaglemon.jpg)
1.Mystic Break
2.Kaiser Phoenix

Mega with Wind and Holy-

Virus,Data or Vaccine?:Vaccine
Looks:Look's Here (http://ca.geocities.com/digi_josied4/images/Valkyrimon.jpg)
1.Lightning arrow
2.Feral sword

Digimon/Human Merge Form:

Name:Satoshi Valkyrimon
Virus,Data,Vaccine or Unknown:Unknown
Looks(They have to be Semi-Humaniod):Like Valkyrimon, But his Armour is was more silverish, with some vines wrapped around hislegs. He doesn't have the little birdie Perching on his arm, and His Head is Bear, Showing Glasses, red eye's and Brown Spiky hair with some slver spots. Also,
Attacks(5 attacks Max.):
1.Riding Winds-Taking out the Wind Lance, he flys with the silvery-metal-ish wings. He's as fast as the speed of light,Slashing the opponenet multiple times.
2.Forest Winds-The Vines on his legs drop of, revealing 2 Long vines of Thorny Vines(The handles look like a tree branch, with some grape's growning on the end.). He snaps the Vines, making them wrap around the opponent's body.The Vines Snap once more at the move of the Wind Lance, making them turn into one big tornado/vaccum.
3.Nature's Bounty-The Grapes on the Vines prove to be very strong for healing..^^Eating the grapes allow for healing.
Level:Merge Mega
Element(You can use 2):Wind/Forest/Holy

My first Post is in Akira's point of view, which is in Pink and Satoshi's post is in Royal Blue

Akira Takinowa/Satoshi Takinowa

Ahh..Summer.Not having to wake Satoshi up at 6:00am every morning, Work is less stressfull, all is good. Also, my favorite event is tomorrow..

The Digimon Summer Convention!I have to go of course, since I work at the the Digimon Anime Office, as a VA, and I'm a Artist for the Anime..

"SATOSHI!"I yelled in his ear, trying to wake up what was the toughest 14 year old to wake up, atleast to me..

"Ma...1 more minute.."He rolled to the opposite side of the bed..
"Don't make me get the cold water.."I threatened..I've actually had to do that a couple of times..
"Today is the Digimon Convention. And unless you don't want me to drive you to Tokyo, you won't go!"I whispered in his ear..

"Then get out of my room so I can get changed."He sat up, giving me the death glare, which I get everyday..

Mom was alway's a pain in the butt. She always woke me up at 6:00am every day,I couldn't even get a extra minute of sleep..

I got up slowly from my bed, and reached for my glasses, which I had to put on untill after breakfast..

I got changed into my Red T-Shirt, khaki Zipper Pant's/shorts. I then reached for my gym bag, which had my cards and card scanner in it. Before I left my room, I placed my socks on..

"Finally,Someone takes a half of a hour to get changed.I woke you up at 7:00, and it's 7:30. The convention starts at 9:00, and it's a half of a hour ride to the Tokyodome.."Mom said to me, only having a cereal bar in her hands. I quickly took it with another death glare..

"Go get your contacts on, and brush your teeth.Meet me in the garage.."Mom said, swinging her car keys around her pointer finger as she walked out to the garage..

I ran to the bathroom, and tok of my glasses, and placed my contacts on.I then brushed my teeth, and placed my glasses in my glasses case.I then walked out to the garage, placing my shoes on..


The drive to the Tokyodome was a short one, arriving 15 minutes before it started offically. But, Being me, ofcourse, I was allowed in early..

I walked in slowly behind Satoshi, and reached in my pocket..My old D-Scanner, which had SnowFaemon and my Beast Spirit..

"That was fun last nite.."I whispered..

"MOM!Walk faster!"Satoshi yelled at me..

I just walked around untill 9:00, which was the start of the convention. Ton's of kids and adults poured in as it started. The top-right corner of the room was the Annual Tournament, and the rest was showing new cards, new games, the VA's for the series, and Artists for the cards and the Magna..

"Mom, I'm gonna walk around..you ok?"Mom was covered with fan's wanting a autograph or something..
"I'll be ok, take 2000Yen, and go buy something to eat.."Mom said, gasping for air.."And help me"

She said that jokingly,of course.She said it every year..

"I'll take a Coke Slushie and a Cotton Candy, Please.."I smiled weirdly at the Person that was selling the stuff.I handed him the money as he handed me the food.
"You've got one weird smile,kid.."He said,"Your Akira's son, right?"
"Say hi"

I walked along, laughing at little kids that were dancing around..
"Wonder where Aiymee is.."I questioned my self. I looked at my watch, 10:00. Time fly's by.

"AHHH!!"I heared a screach coming from the right corner. I was done with my cotton candy, so I dropped the paper cone from it, and ran over, with my Cellphone in one hand..

I looked to the ground, and my heart dropped to my feet..Aiymee..

I then looked over, and saw 2 other kids, one that looked 17, a guy, and another girl..

"9-11, I need 3 ambulances at the Tokyodome, over in the Topright corner. ASAP"I yelled into my cellphone.
"We will be right there.."

I looked up, and saw Akina-san, who's eyes were glassy..
"Don't worry about her. Go off, have fun."She told me. Aiymee was her youngest of her 2 Children, the other was Haruka, who was my age..She played the TCG,too, but she was somewhere else.

"You sure, Akina-san?"

I walked off, leaving Akina to make sure the EMT's came..I walked around, sipping at my coke slushie..

"Huh?"I looked over at a booth. It was covered in white cloth, and said "Fortune Telling" on top,"Free to the first 10 customers".

No one else was looking at it, though 9 other kids catched my eye, they were walking towards the booth.. I decided to join them..Maybe the person was really good?

I walked inside, being the last of the 9 other kids to enter..

"You all came..thank you.."A Very old voice came out under a hooded figure.."Now, let me decide your destiny..Look into my crystal ball"

I stared into the crystal ball, but out of it, came out colored aurora's..I was covered in a Red one..

"Huh?"I felt myself slipping, falling asleep..My eye's started to close and close, farther down, farther down..

"uh"I said, falling to the floor, passing out...I felt my very soul being grabbed from me..

Then, everything went black.

24th October 2003, 05:18 PM
If no one takes it, I'll continue my roll as the Forest Warrior. I'll Give it two days. How many years passed exactly (on Earth)?

Name: Morrigan McCloud (Daughter of Axehelm)
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Appearance: She stands at 6’1 and is as athletic as any of her predecessors. Morrigan is upright, fair-faced, with sharp emerald eyes and long black hair. She’s not much for fashion, so she wears a black T-shirt, blue jeans, and white sneakers. She has a pair of green gauntlets, and her father’s pair of goggles. She’s usually nonchallant, so she doesn’t have much expression. She also has a belt with a card holder on it.
D. Appearance: She’s got her father’s jacket (which looked like Davis’) and also has a medallion with an emerald and black axe on it. She’s got a pair of hiking boots, and her goggles are purple-black. Not much has changed.
Personality: She’s almost completely like her father. She’s intelligent and highly artistic (though her talents are more into the musical range), she’s also very prone to rage. When angered, it’s like unleashing some horrible force of nature. She’s stoic most of the time, except in front of her father. Unlike her father, though, is the fact that she’s more outgoing and friendly. She will always back up her friends and even other students. She’s not quite as fanatical about the game as most, but she does collect the cards.
D-Sense Color(Including Rim and Base): Green and Black respectively
Digimon: Nixmon
Element: Darkness
1) Black Buster Flare: Unleashes dark fire on the opponent.
2) Celtic Glory: This is pretty much a testament to her name. Celtic Glory psyches up her teammates and gives them greater power.
3) Mind Cloud: Clouds her opponent’s thoughts and turns them, temporarily, into her puppets.
Theme Songs:
It Doesn’t Matter
(Shadow’s Theme)
Live and Learn
Other: Morrigan plays in a band set up by several relatives and friends. She’s usually the lead singer, but can play various other instruments. She’s even used a digital synthesizer to create a piece she titled “Xeno Machinations.” Though she’s the accidental daughter of Axehelm and she knows it, she has never let that affect her opinion of him. She's the niece of Jason and Ark. Ark being the creator of an American Digimon comic series and has written several Japanese ones as well. Jason being one of the creators behind the card game. They're currently working on introducing a set of cards based on the Ark's comics. Axehelm works as a graphics designer for video/computer games but also does other artistic works.

Name: Nixmon
Type: Void Dragon
Alignment: Virus
Looks: A jet black dragon about the length and height of Guilmon, Nixmon walks on all fours and has a pair of black feathery wings. Her body is sleek and muscular, and her head is elongated (I suppose it looks like a Red Eyes Black Dragon head) she has four toes on each foot and dark green eyes.
Level: Rookie
Night Pyro: Nixmon’s wings emit a black aura. She takes a few quick flaps and sends the aura out into the form of a black and purple fireball.
Nix Wind: A violent flap of Nixmon’s wings sends out a black gust toward her opponent, can also be used to deflect projectiles.
Element: Darkness

Name: Ebodramon
Type: Void Dragon
Alignment: Virus
Looks: So much bigger now, Yangdramon now has an extra pair of feathery wings coming from her lower back, there’s a pair of blades that come out of her shoulders, elbows, knees, wrists, and tail. She can move on her hind legs now, and has a pair of horns that extend from the back of her head.
Level: Champion
Darker Intent: Ebodramon’s entire body begins to glow a violent blackish-purple. A fireball forms in her mouth and then she fires it. After the first fireball is shot, the black-purple aura then forms into little fireballs at her hands, shoulders, and knees which she then fires off.
Black Flame Burst: I don’t think I need to describe this, It’s a powered up Night Pyro only with a wave of fire.
Element: Darkness

Name: Cosmodramon
Type: Cosmic Dragon
Alignment: Virus
Looks: Same size, but her entirety is covered in this black, light-absorbing metal. Her chest area is covered in a special armor with an orb inside. This orb looks kind of like outerspace (Black void and little stars), and she now has two pairs of green eyes. She now has three tails, and her wrists hold little laser guns.
Level: Ultimate
The Void: Cosmodramon lets loose the orb in her chest, and the orb proceeds to absorb any attacks that are sent against it. After awhile, the orb returns to Cosmodramon.
Cosmic Crush: Cosmodramon flies high in the air and surrounds herself in a black aura, then she crashdives back down to deliver heavy punishment on her enemies.
Black Blaze Perpetuum: Continuation of the dark fire attacks, Black Blaze Perpetuum can move through the opponent and strike anyone behind it.
White Hole Cannon: Can only be done after The Void was used, any attacks that The Void absorbed are used to energize this attack. A giant ball of energy forms in Cosmodramon’s mouth and her wrist lasers power up, you can tell what happens next.
Element: Darkness

Name: Hexmon
Type: Chaos Witch
Alignment: Virus
Looks: Tall as Gallantmon, Hexmon is a humanoid Digimon who is fair-faced with emerald eyes and long black hair. She is dressed in a purple-and-black gown with a strange insignia on the chest. She wields a long pole that ends in a crescent moon with a purple-black etheral orb in it. She has dark-purple knee-high shoes and also has a pair of black guantlets with five green gems in each.
Level: Mega
Hex Bolts: Hexmon’s hands begin to glow and then fires off several black energy balls from her fists.
Shadows in the Flame: Hexmon’s body emits a black-purple mist that envelops the battle field. As quickly as it envelops the area, it turns into a wild ranging black-purple fire that keeps burning after the flame dies out
Chaos Wheel: She throws her staff into the air and it comes back down. It hits the ground and almost immediately, the ground below it turns into a giant colored wheel. Black chains appear from the center and chooses an opponent at random. They wrap around the foe, and the wheel begins to spin with the foe used as the pointer, whatever panel is in front of the foe represents his fate.
Ebony Merge: This requires the use of another Digimon. She basically merges this attack with the attack of her teammate’s, providing a stronger dual-elemental attack.
Element: Darkness

Digimon/Human Merge Form:

Name: Morriganmon
Type: Black Goddess
Alignment: Unknown
Looks(They have to be Semi-Humaniod): Morriganmon stands at 8’3, and is not much different in appearance from Morrigan, but the body of Nixmon has been turned into a suit of armor. Her upper face is hidden by the upper jaw and head of Nixmon, and Nixmon’s forelegs have been used as armlets. She has Hexmon’s shoes a pair of black feathery wings and a pair of white metal ones. In her left hand is the staff of Hexmon, but her right hand has a giant green, black and white battle axe. At the center of her chest armor is an orb that can switch from forest green, to electric yellow, to emerald green. Curisously enough, her belt with cardholder (and deck) has not been affected.
Blade of Power: Morriganmon’s axe glows a violent purple-white and then she strikes with it.
Celtic Might: Morriganmon’s staff glows a violent green and with a warcry,she fires a beam of energy at her opponent.
The Forces of Morrigan: She draws five cards from her deck and summons the Digimon from within them to join her into battle.
Divine Fire: Her upper wings emit a dark purple and green aura and her lower wings emit a white and green aura. A violent flap of her wings and the aura is unleashed as a black firewave and a white fireball respectively.
The First Ones: Within the McCloud bloodline exists an incredible fighting spirit. No matter how badly things are stacked against them, a McCloud will keep on fighting. This fighting spirit existed in Jason, Axehelm, and even Ark, which made them the formiddable fighters of their time. The orb in Morriganmon’s chest begins to change colors from forest green (Ark), to electric yellow (Jason), and then emerald green (Axehelm). When the orb has finally chosen a color, and a person, Morriganmon summons their powers (or the Digital World’s memory of them, LONG STORY) to merge with one of her teammates (or herself).

Ark’s Memory: Ark was level-headed, shy, and intelligent. He fought to back up others, hence when his power merges with another, that Digimon will have greater defensive capabilities.
Jason’s Memory: Jason was hot-headed and the first in battle. He can boost the power’s of another.
Axehelm’s Memory: Axehelm was a lot like Jason, but he did what he thought needed to be done. If used, his power is infused into a teammate's weapons, armor, and/or attacks

Level: Merge Mega
Element(You can use 2): Darkness/Light

As a note: She treats her uncles informally. She uses their names when speaking to them instead of calling them Uncle Jason.

"Hey, Morrigan," my uncle nudged me, "Wake up."
With a yawn, I began to open my eyes. I had a beautiful dream that I was flying above the clouds on dark magnificent wings. Instead I was in a cramped seat up in coach with my uncle, Jason. This was all father's idea, to send me on a trip with my uncle. Not that it wasn't a bad idea. I do like Jason's business ventures, but I prefer spending time with Ark. Jason was fun and he took me everywhere, while Ark stood at home most of the time, but Ark always gave me the sneak peek at one of the many comics he was working on. He even acted the whole thing out and, Ark was always someone I could talk to. I would have stayed with dad, but he needed me out of the way, I already had five other siblings and Mom was having another on the way.

"So," I began, looking out the window, "This is Japan?" There wasn't much to see from my point of view. It just looked like the airports I was used to. Still, there was the thrill of being somewhere I've never been. Jason sighed.

"Yep, 'tis Japan," he looked down at me, "Look, I know you wanted to visit Ark, but..." I shook my head. He didn't have to tell me, I knew what was going on.

"Yeah," I responded, "He's not quite himself. I don't imagine he would be, being up in that house all alone. Why hasn't he ever found himself a date?" Jason looked somewhat sad, he was Ark's twin.

"He tried, God knows he tried, but he eventually gave up," he said, "Too many bad experiences. Now, he thinks it would be too good to be true."

We left it at that, I didn't want to bog Jason down too badly. Despite being time zones away, the emotions of one twin could still be felt by the other.

We were in Jason's rented car now. Despite him being obscenely rich through the card game, he liked to think of himself as an ordinary guy. I was inclined to agree. Whenever, he took me out or anyone else, he never went anywhere too fancy, but just right. I was amazed that he never got married. Sometimes I wonder if it had something to do with that girl, woman now, in the painting in his living room(You would have to have seen Perfect Ideals, to understand the reference).
I'll leave it at this for now, I'm leaving for Grandpa's soon enough.

Roy Karrde
24th October 2003, 05:21 PM
It's Finakky here, It's Finally Here

Name: Laura Lutz * Thanks for the reminder Gladiator *
Age: 10
Gender: Female
Look's 1: She has long blond hair with two pink ribbons on each side of her head, she has blue eyes, and wears blue jeans with a blue top.
Look's 2: She wears a pink dress now with long sleves and her hair is some what braided in the back.
Personality: She is extremely shy so she doesn't make friends really well, the friends she does make she basically does anything to keep them happy
D-Sense Color: A gray base with a silver rim
Digimon: Alpha Magnetmon
Element- Steel
Spells: Meta Swallow: the menerals in the ground come up and form around a opponent traping them inside, this really does no damage to them but allows her to have some time to regroup her thoughts and plan another plan of attack.

Theme Songs(Up to 3):
Other: She is the daughter of Roy from the first two RPGs

Name: Alpha Magnetmon
Type: Small Magnet Warrior
Alignment: Vaccine
Looks: A small hummanoid warrior, only about 3 feet tall, it sports a small sword which has a magnet on the helt, it also has a magnet * With each polar ends * that drop down over it's neck like a mane, it also sports a small upside down magnet on it's chest.
Level: Rookie
Polar Whip: It uses's it's sword to polarize rocks around it to create a extra long whip to lash out at enimies.
Element: Steel

Name: Beta Rollingmon
Type: Magnet Tank
Alignment: Vaccine
Looks: A huge tank that is now as tall as a normal human male, the hands and legs are now one single rolling machine that help push the tank, the body is now larger and a whole lot more bulkier, the head is at the front of a large cannon and usually the focal point of attacks.
Level: Champion
Alpha Strike: All power that is usually used to power the digimon is now set into one huge attack which has as much backwash damage as it deals out, this attack also usually shuts down Beta Rollingmon for some time.

Rolling Manuver: A burst of speed push the tank at a speed so fast that it appears in two places at once thus giving the foe a 50/50 chance of actually getting to attack the digimon before Beta Rollingmon is able to attack
Element: Steel

Name: Delta Armoredmon
Type: Flying Fortress
Alignment: Virus
Looks: Around ten to twelve feet tall now it now is more human looking than Beta Rollingmon, instead of legs it still has the tank like wheels, it now has the hands of Alpha Magnetmon yet it is reinforced with tank armor to make them longer, yet the sword is still very small, on it's back the cannon is now positioned toward the ground allowing Delta Wingmon to gain some flight for short burst of time.
Level: Ultimate
Deathless flight: Using the cannon, it flies into the air and pounds the opponent from the air using it's massive cannon.

Cannon Sword: Even though the sword is tiny, it can still be shot out of the cannon on it's back at incredable speed inwhich it can inpale a foe.

Armor Charge: Using the armor on it's arms as a battery ram it charges at a foe as fast as possible in hopes of dealing as much damage as possible
Element: Steel

Name: Gamma Soldiermon
Type: Elite Metal Soldier
Alignment: Virus
Looks: With armor reinforcing it's legs it is now twice as high as it's last form, the cannon now replace's it's left arm, and a very sharp, very long sword is in the right arm. The body is more sleeker and jet packs replace where the cannon once was. The once small head is now twice as big with magnet's on each side of the head that some what resimble horns
Level: Mega
Ion Cannon: A electronic shot from the cannon that shuts down all electrical devices in the suronding area

Pulse Cannon: Multiple shots are shot from the cannon that do not do much damage yet allows Zelta Soldiermon to attack the foe with it's long sword while the foe is still trying to deal with the shots.

Long Range Strike: The sword is able to be thrown and guided toward's a foe by the use of small laser from the cannon, this attack is able to deal more damage the further away the foe is due to the amount of speed the sword picks up as it travels through the air.

Ultimate Cannon Sword: Just like the attack from it's younger form it's places the sword into the cannon and fires it off, becuase of the sword's size and strength it can do a whole lot more damage than the attack once did.
Element: Steel

Digimon/Human Merge Form:
Name: Zeta Amazonessmon
Type: Polar Warrior

Looks: She has the basic outline of Gamma Soldiermon but is a whole lot more feminine in structure, also the head that once looked some what of a head of a Yellow Poregon with black triangle eyes, is now split open and is used as a helmet with a human head inside the helmet, long blonde hair flows around the edges of the helmet, and the face looks some what like a adult version of Laura. The cannon arm has now been upgraded and is much larger with a sniper scope on the edge of it. The long blade has now been replaced with a blue laser sword which extends just as long as the blade. She also has two small guns attached to her legs which allow her to use if she runs out of ammo.


Complete Alpha Strike: The sword is droped for one of the side guns while the other hooks onto the cannon, all three of the weapons fire at the same time to allow for maximum damage.

Saber Charge: The laser saber absorbs all damage from one attack and reflects it back at the foe in one huge pulse. If the attack is too large then the saber is unable to block it and it will continue on to hit her.

Armor Discharge: All weapons and armor fall off of her leaving her defenceless, the armors and weapons can then reattach onto another character to help them in the battle.
Level:Merge Mega
Element: Steel, Light

* Okay this first part is just a explination of what happened to Roy, if you dont know my character or just want to skip ahead, the modern day part will start a little ways down *

Laura Karrde

It was my first day of second grade and I was sooo happy to be home, I may have lost some friends when I went up to the new grade, but I made all new ones so it all works out. Plus I get to walk home all by myself for the first time, I just cant wait to tell Daddy, I just hope that he is feeling better today and is out of bed.

I nearly broke the door when I slammed it open to our two story house. Normally our home was busy with lots of voices and tall people running around, but today it was silent, scary movie type of silence. The rush of air that followed me in when I opened the front door seemed to brush a letter off of the coffee table, it floated in the air for a while before gliding down to my feet. Slowly I bent down to take a look at the letter making sure that the weight of my backpack didn't tip me over. I slowly read the letter, making sure that I read it right.

Dear Daughter,

I know you have seen me sick for a while, I wish you hadn't it would have been easier on both of us if you just hasn't seen me slowly wither away. I may not be here any more, but I will be with you in spirit, walking with you for the rest of your life. Try to be strong and listen to mommy, she means well and it may be hard for a while but she means the best and will take care of you. I cant write much more, my hand is getting numb, and I'm very tiard. I love you and I know you will be strong.

Your Loving Father
Roy Karrde

I let the letter fall from my hand as the tears flowed from my cheek. " Daddy " I wispered, as the house seemed to get a whole lot bigger.

* 3 Years Later *

I had tagged along slowly behind some girl who I hadn't even known, the guards thought I was with her so I could get in early, and once I was in, I broke off into a run and got away.

The Digimon Summer Convention was huge with booths and towering figurings everywhere, along with large screens that were just warming up for the confrence. Everything seemed large and unreal except one small booth. I just really hung around until I saw some teenagers walking over toward it. This Fortune telling booth must be special or something. I..I..I could go and follow them, but ever since daddy died I distanced myself from my so called friends. I could do the same thing to these people, but I was drawn to the booth, it was as if someone was telling me it was okay to go there, that they wouldn't turn their back on me. I finally gave in and walked into the booth, being there first I waited for a second until everyone else filled in.

"You all came..thank you.."A Very old voice came out under a hooded figure.."Now, let me decide your destiny..Look into my crystal ball"

I didn't want to, I tried to look away but my eyes wouldn't peel away from the ball and as I looked at it longer I was bathed in a silver auroa.

I began to scream but all that came out was a very horse wisper before I fell to the ground, at the same time I felt myself, my mind being tugged away, being tugged somewhere.

24th October 2003, 10:23 PM
Name: Kenichi Tanaka
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Look's 1: Short black hair that is kept basically clean and tidy. He has brown eyes and a very serious face. He wears an old blue buttoned shirt over a black t-shirt with a pair of old green pants. He wears a pair of black leather fingerless gloves.
Look's 2: His black hair has become unruly and sticks out in most directions. A pair of goggles are around his neck now as well, rimmed in black with red lenses. He wears a green vest with tons of pockets, along with a black short sleaved T-shirt. His gloves now have metal knuckles on them, making them more prominent.
Personality: Dead serious, a guy who can't stand joking around or wasting time. If he thinks he can handle a situation on his own, he will do it without a second thought. He is a stubborn loner with only logical tactical arguments ever making him change his mind. His only midly soft spot seems to be for Rigiamon, but is only evident when his digimon is hurt or is in danger.
D-Sense Color(Including Rim and Base): Base is black, rim is red.
Digimon: Rigiamon
Element- Earth/Spectral
1. Gai's Grip- Produces "gloves" of super strong rock around Kenichi's fists that can cause damage.
2. Armor of the Earth- Produces "armor" of super strong rock around Kenichi's body. Light weight for him, and good protection against most elements.
3. Gai Force- The earth itself shakes and attacks enemies, very hard to control.
Theme Songs(Up to 3):
Other: He has no knowledge of who is parents are and does not care for talk about his own past.


Name: Rigiamon
Type: Martial Arts
Virus,Data or Vaccine?: Virus
Looks: 7 feet tall, this Digimon is evenly muscled around his body. He has 4 arms, all ending in gloved hands with spikes on them. He is gray, the color of stone, and a jagged horn comes out of his forehead. His legs resemble that of a humans, and his head is evenly proportioned.
Attacks(2 for rookie-champion.4 for Ultimate and Mega):
1. Tornado Fists- Rigiamon spins rapidly, and his fists smack his opponents at an amazing rate. He finishes off by using his momentum to make a small tornado which finishes off his enemies.
2. Lancing Cut- He runs at his enemy with fast speed, and his fists' edges turn sharp, and he cuts his opponent.
Element: Earth


Name: Rigimon
Type: Brutal Fighter
Virus,Data or Vaccine?: Virus
Looks: The size of a two and a half story building, Rigimon retains his gray skin, 4 arms, and horn. His skin is now as hard as rock, and covered in tattoos that look like lighting bolts. His horn now looks like a jagged lighting bolt, and is bigger. His gloves now end in titanium claws, and belts run along his chest and waist that hold 4 knives, one for each hand.
Level: Champion
1. Fighter's Spirit: Rigimon is surrounded by his fighting spirit, and his strength dramatically increases. He punches with all four fists, and a wave of pure energy is hurled at the enemy.
2. Shock Wave: Rigimon pounds the earth with dramatic force, and uses the ground beneath the enemy as a weapon.
Element: Earth


Name: Rigmon
Type: Fighter
Virus,Data or Vaccine?: Virus
Looks: Roughly the same size as Rigimon, Rigmon now is covered in bands of rock and metal where the tatoos once were. He now also has chains around all of his arms, thick things that can be used with a twist of a wrist. His knives have become swords, and his gray skin has turned to a deep black color.
Attacks(2 for rookie-champion.4 for Ultimate and Mega):
1. Chains of the Earth
2. Centrifuge Blaster
3. Four Cut Finisher
4. Gaia Twister
Element: Earth

Mega with Earth-

Name: Rimon
Type: Devil
Virus,Data or Vaccine?: Virus
Looks: Now completely black, Rimon has a set of four large black wings to keep him up in the air. His size has decreased somewhat, but his eyes now glow an intimidating shade of red. The bottom portion of his face is cloaked in a metal plate that runs down to his legs, dark armor that covers his body. His four arms remain, ending in wicked looking daggers. A single large sword is strapped to his back.
1. Destiny's Destructor
2. Hades' Messenger
3. Cry of Gaia
4. Blade of Death
Element: Earth

Mega with Earth and Spectral-

Name: Spectral Rimon
Type: Angelic Warrior
Virus,Data or Vaccine?: Vaccine
Looks: Unlike when in his devilish form, Spectral Rimon stays pure. His wings are the same as his other form, but now white. His eyes are a light glowing blue, and all sets of hands are covered in large spiked gloves. A set of two swords rest at both sides, and his feet are encased in heavy boots. His skin is a silky white, with bands of metal glowing blue across his body.
1. Destiny's Savior
2. Heaven's Messenger
3. Breath of Gaia
4. Blades of the Righteous
Element: Earth/Spectral

Digimon/Human Merge Form:

Name: Metal Rimon
Virus,Data,Vaccine or Unknown:Unknown
Looks(They have to be Semi-Humaniod): Rimon still has his wings, but now has the clothing of a human fighter on. His clothes are green, baggy, and hint at weapons beneath the surface. A gun leans on one hip, and all of his body has bands of metal stuck on at odd places, giving his form a decidedly metallic look. His eyes are now brown, and a long lance lays in one hand.
Attacks(5 attacks Max.):
1. Destiny Blaster
2. Incandesence
3. Lance of Gabriel
4. Lighting Fist Volley
5. Gaia's Will
Level:Merge Mega
Element(You can use 2): Earth/Steel/Spectral

Kenichi Tanaka

"Watch where you're going kid!" yelled an adult at me as I slipped by his massive bulk. I paid no attention to the man, and just proceeded to jump one of the fences leading into one of the main areas of the Digimon Convention. I was not going to miss my chance at winning this tournament and enjoying this thing just because I had to wait in a few lines... It had taken longer this year to hitch a ride, which had put me somewhat off schedule.

My uncle didn't mind me going, though he didn't know I went in the first place. He doesn't care much about me, just that I don't kill myself. And that is a fairly easy task that takes little effort on his grizzled part. I never had seen the genetic relation between myself and him, but I was assured that he had been close with my father... Meaningless sentiment.

Eying the Convention, I noted other kids immiediatly and had begun to size up the competition. Before all good card matches, it was good to pick out the nervous ones, the inexperianced, and the plain no-good. Better challenges could wait for later rounds after the cannon fodder got me warmed up and of course my custom deck. Without much money of my own, it was comprised completely of cards I had won in matches, mostly with cards (at least in the beginning) that others regarded as worthless...

I checked my watch as I weaved among the waves of people and stalls. I still had half an hour until anything would start... For once I had a chance to look around this place. It certainly was a good place for digimon memoriabilia to say the least, and supposedly several people who made the stuff was supposed to be here.

My thoughts, however, were disturbed when I heard a scream from my right. Glancing over, I saw three people on the ground unconcious. There had immiediatly been a skinny kid in a leather jacket with a cell phone, so I just continued on. They had some help, no need for me to get involved... Wasn't my problem.

I buttoned up my shirt as I turned a corner, a sudden gust of wind had chilled me down to the bone. Shielding my eyes from the flurry, my vision fell upon that of a booth covered in white cloth. It said "Fortune Telling" on the top, and said something like the first few customers were free. Seeing a few other kids walk towards it, I felt my shoulders shrug almost of their own accord. It couldn't hurt to go in... Almost felt like I should.

Paying no attention to the others I found around myself, I went into the booth, and saw with the others a hooded figure with an old voice.

"You all came..thank you.."A Very old voice came out under a hooded figure.."Now, let me decide your destiny..Look into my crystal ball"

I snorted mentally at this. What a crock... If I had been paying for this, I would have been asking for my money back at this point. Then, my feet locked and my gaze dipped into the center of the rapidly undulating orb. Colors pulsed at me, gripping my mind with a very firm grasp. I felt helpless!

"Let me go!" I managed to cry out, before I felt as if I was torn out of my body...

24th October 2003, 11:30 PM
Hey, I thought I'd submit my second form now, anyone who wants to take Forest position can still do so. I'm just getting him up ahead of time.

Name: David ‘Dallas’ Finnagan Farlane
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Look's 1: Fin stands at 6’0 with an athletic build and tan skin. He is round faced with small nose and he has dark brown eyes with violent blonde hair. He is usually seen wearing a brown trenchcoat over a white T-shirt and blue jeans. He wears hiking boots that reach halfway up his shins, and he has a belt similar to Morrigan’s that’s red with a green buckle. He usually has a pair of black gloves with spiked knuckles.
Look's 2: His eyes change to a violent red and his jacket is now a dark green. He has a green shield medallion and his gloves are a dark red. Has a large variety of dice.
Personality: David can be strange. He’s always confident in his acrobatic talents, but not so sure at anything else unless it’s gambling. He plans ahead, likes to think out his opponent’s actions based on his personality, but he accepts that nothing can be predicted. He’s surprisingly intelligent and very responsible, if a little reluctant to talk. He’s pretty talented defensively, but lacks the stomach to attack at times. He’ll always speak for others, though. He’s quite the gambler and loves to play with dice.
D-Sense Color: Dark Green, Light Green.
Digimon: Boltmon
Element-Forest/Purity (to speed things up)
1) Nature Grove: plants grow from the ground beneath his feet and extends. Heals two teammates within close proximity of Dallas
2) Forest Guardian: Creates a shield of leaves around two teammates in close proximity of Dallas
3) Gambler’s Ruin: Pulls out three of his dice and imbues it with magical power and tosses it, since no die is quite like another, there is no real end to the results.
Theme Songs:

Unknown from M.E. (1st version)
Mute City Theme (SSMB)
Pompeii (Posthumous)

Other: He’s a talented acrobat, and loves to play with dice, though he does collect the cards. He feels some sort of duty to protect Morrigan (though he has no crush on her)


Name: Boltmon
Type: Fast Deer
Alignment: Data
Looks: The size of Guilmon, but he’s a deer. He has green armor covering his head, body, and lower legs and has small stubs for antlers. He has blue eyes, and his hooves are surprisingly broad. He manages to be sleek and muscular while retaining some cuteness to him. His nose is slightly narrow.
Level: Rookie
Bolt Dash: Boltmon moves at blinding speed. Can be used as a ramming attack
Hoof Kick: Comes in two varients, he either stomps the ground and sends a shockwave, or he back kicks the opponent.
Element: Forest

Name: Dashmon
Type: Speedy Deer
Alignment: Data
Looks: Larger now and surprisingly the same, but his antlers are a lot bigger, he has two locks of hair that come out behind his ears and looks more graceful than cute. There are two blade like protrusions coming out of the back of his helmet and his back armor has a pair of spikes coming from the sides.
Level: Champion
Doubletime: Dashmon moves at blinding speed. Can be used as a ramming attack
Sun Bolt: Dashmon collects energy within his horns and sends it out in a green lightining bolt like attack
Element: Forest

Name: Celticmon: Flora Mode (See the first of the trilogy and his current appearance to understand the name change)
Type: Green Knight
Alignment: Data
Looks: An overhaul from Dashmon, Celticmon FM is 7’0 and looks a lot like Knightmon, but slimmer and green armored (not to mention he lost the head crest). Various plant life is integrated with his armor, vines mostly, but he also has flowers that grow from his shoulder armor and thorns grow right from his knuckles. He wields the the emerald greatsword “Growth” and can be changed over with the shield “Green Guardian”. Leaves come out over his waist like a belt.
Level: Ultimate
Rapid Movement: CFM moves at blinding speed to get into a better attacking position.
Rose Knuckle: CFM delivers a rapid combo attack with his fists.
Celtic Might: Growth absorbs power from the sun so that it glows a brilliant white and then grows in length. It’s easy to say what happens next.
Gift of Dagda: Celticmon emits a green aura that can heal his teammates.
Element: Forest

Name: Dagdamon: Deity Mode (See above)
Type: Father God
Alignment: Data
Looks: If you can imagine a cross between Dashmon and Celticmon FM, than this is exactly what Dagdamon DM looks like. He’s got a sleek centaurian appearance with a deer’s head and lower body. He keeps the green armor and gains the green greatsword “Wild Growth” and another sword called “Nature Entity” His hooves have various roots entangled in them and he also has a bow and arrow that he keeps on his back. DDM is about the size of SkullGreymon
Level: Mega
Godspeed: DDM moves at blinding speed to get into a better attacking position.
Celtic Slash: Pretty much the same thing with Celtic Might, but it involves both swords.
Gift of Dagda: DDM emits a green aura that can heal his teammates.
Rapid Growth: DDM fires an arrow at his opponent. Should it connect, it unleashes a massive tangle of vines that can immobilize and entangle his opponent.
Element: Forest

Name: Finmon
Type: Defender
Alignment: Data
Looks: His 9’0 body is covered entirely in armor; Finmon has forest green armor except for his upper arms and upper legs which are brown. His body is still covered in plant growth and still has thorns growing from his knuckles. He wields two giant swords “Defender” and “Guardian” and has a shield insignia on his chest. He has a dark green visor and there are wing-like projections from the sides of his helmet. His mouthguard is also brown.
Level: Dual element Mega
Speed: Finmon moves at blinding speed to get into a better attacking position.
Rapid Rythym Strike: Finmon goes into a rapid speed combo attack with his fists, does an upward kick, and then finishes with his swords. Sometimes the second move varies.
Celtic Counterstrike: Due to the nearly impossible size (in comparison with him) of his swords, he uses the blades to protect any nearby teammates before counter striking
Wild Growth (aka Wonder Weed): Finmon strikes his opponent with one of his swords, absorbs its health and directs the energy into one of his teammates.
Element: Forest/Purity

Digimon/Human Merge Form:

Name: Finmon Chance Mode
Type: Defender Advanced
Looks: He looks like Finmon, but with some changes. His mouthplate is gone and he wields a pair of guns as well as his two swords. The belt of David is there, too. FDM is somewhat taller and his armor changed from forest green to emerald green and has metallic grey armor where there was brown.
Fianna Counterstrike: Stronger Celtic Counterstrike
David’s Tempo Shot: FCM fires rapidly from his guns, the bullets are actually seeds that will extend vines on impact.
Paradise Gained: Large amounts of plant life grow around FCM’s feet and extend to the field. All teammates are healed and cured and will get power boosts should the field remain.
The Fianna: FCM’s version of Forces of Morrigan.
Chance: FCM throws a group of five dice of various kinds. Due to the many varieties of dice in his possession, there are many possibilities as a result of the roll.
Level: Merge Mega
Element: Forest/Purity/Steel

24th October 2003, 11:47 PM
I'm gonna allow Purity to act as it's own element..Not a Sub-one..having to be with another element.

Name:Haruka Haruda
Look's 1:Tall, about 6 foot even. She has Thick brown hair to her mid-neck, with some pink highlights. She has 3 Diamond studs on each ear, and a Hoop on each cartilage.Her eye's are a hazelnut.She wears a Long-sleeve Pink Shirt with glitter, and Silver Parachute pant's with Clear,Glitter Zippers.She normally carries a Razor Scotter on her shoulder(it's on a carrying band)
Look's 2:Her eye's are now mixed with a bubblegum pink color.Her-T-Shirt is the same, her pants are the same too, but not she has goggle's on her head, not saying she's the leader, but it's only for some eyesight problem's she has.She still carries her Razor Scooter.Her hair is now to her shoulders.
Personality:She's someone that once you get to know her, she can be very, enjoyful. But if you don't know her, she seem's sometimes cold. She can be sarcastic at times, also. Sometime's she can be annoying.
D-Sense Color(Including Rim and Base):The Base is a see-through White with Glitter, and the Rim is a bubblegum pink.
Element: Purity
Spells(Yeah.Only 1 can be your starting one, and as you get stronger, you get more spells, depending on your element.):
1.Akiramenaide(Dont give up):Her hands start to glow with a solid white light, and it can be used to deflect some attacks and most swords. Also can stop the Wind Lance.
Theme Songs(Up to 3):
1.Akiramenaide; Don't Give Up (http://www.animelyrics.com/anime/digimon/akiramenaide.htm)
2.Haruka na Okurimono; A Far-away Gift (http://www.animelyrics.com/anime/digimon/harukaokurimono.htm)
Other:She's Aiymee's older sister.Also, since her orb is inside of her, she can use digivolution without a temple.Her digimon is not in a digiegg,either.She hangs by herself for a while with her digimon, spying on Aiymee.


Virus,Data or Vaccine?: Data
Looks:Here (http://cf.geocities.com/digi_josied4/images/Lopmon.gif)
1.Blazing Fire
2.Blazing Ice
Element: Purity


Virus,Data or Vaccine?:Vaccine
Looks:Here (http://cf.geocities.com/digi_josied4/images/Rabitmon.jpg)
1.Ear flapping
2.Carrot Bomber
Element: Purity


Virus,Data or Vaccine?: Data
Looks:Here (http://cf.geocities.com/digi_josied4/images/Antylamon.jpg)
1.Meditation Cure
2.Bunny Blade -Her ears turn very solid, and the points are very sharp. She can swing them around on her head like swords.
Element: Purity


Type:Holy Angel
Virus,Data or Vaccine?:Vaccine
Looks:Here (http://cf.geocities.com/digi_josied4/images/Kerpymon.gif)
1.Holy Hug-Uh..Basically, her arms start to glow a white light, and send out White Energy Scythe's.
2.Lightning Spear-Basically, she reaches for the sky, and makes a lightning bolt. She then throws it at the opponent, electrifying them.
Other:Has no relation to the Cherubimon in the 3 Celestials.

Digimon/Human Merge Form:

Type: Priestress Angel
Virus,Data,Vaccine or Unknown:Variable/Unknown
Looks(They have to be Semi-Humaniod):6'5" even, with Huge white wings of fur and feathers. She has holy rings around her neck, and her 2 ankles. She wear's a Light Pink T-shirt and white pants like the one's that Kikyo wears from Inuyasha. The hair is light pink. The face look's of that as a human, but has a small, black nose, and long, floppy bunny ears,like Cherubimons,which have 3 Holy rings pierced in. Her face is pale,with pink eyes, and white hair to her butt.She carries a sword.
Attacks(5 attacks Max.):
1.Celestial Sword[/i]-She unleashes her sword, which handel is made of a clear crystal, which seem's to glow. Before the attack, the sword gathers small black and white specks, representing stars. Then, when done, and the crystal is glowing brightly, she attacks.
[b]2.Purification-Only used at the end, this attack is used to Purify the 3 Evil Children to back to normal state.
3.Holy Sycthes-The Holy rings on her ankle's glow, and send out Pink and White Energy Scythes.
4.Healer's Grant-Her hands glow, and what they touch is instantly brought back to life.
Level:Merge Mega
Element(You can use 2): Purity/Light

Haruka Haruda
"Mom!"I yelled over,to wear Aiymee, my sister, layed, gasping for air. Her eye's were fluttering. Satoshi ran over, with his cellphone in one hand..

"9-1-1, I need 3 ambulances to the Toykyodome, Top right hand corner."He quickly said in the phone, and hung up,"They will be here..

"Thank's"I smiled at Satoshi, but my face quickly changed from a smile to a depressing frown..
"Satoshi, don't worry about Aiymee, go have a good time.."I said, along with my mother, in Unison.
"You sure Haruka-kun and Akina-san?"
He quickly got up as fast as he got here to help Aiymee. 2 other people were over here, doing the same rapid movements as Aiymee did..

The EMT's came quick, with 3 strechers.."What happened?"
"I don't know,"I told them,"First She was walking around, having fun. The next thing, she fell, and started to scream random things, before just moving randomly.."

I helped them load the 3 kids onto strechers, and I felt something deep in my heart explode.I quickly looked over at a Booth covered in white cloth, and hurt somemore people drop..I ran over with my cellphone, which my mom was holding onto..

I quickly arrived there, only to find Satoshi, and 9 other kids in a deep sleep..
"Ahh..1 more that can see my booth..Your name?"
"Haruka Haruda, and I want to know what happened to these innocent teenagers.."I said. I looked down, ad thought to myself..I was going to get blamed. I helped set up this years convention along with my Mom, Akina Haruda.
"They only started to lay their own destiny..Come, now child. Sit over here"The old lady said, and instantly, and chair appeared..I sat on it, across from the old lady, 1 foot away from the sleeping teen's.

"Now, tell me this, Are you related to Akina Minamoto?"
"Minamoto is my mom's maiden name, and Akina is her first name, but this has nothing to do with it."
"Then your definatly the person I have been looking for,along with these 10 teen's which soul's reside in the digital world,now.Only your soul and body shall reside there...Look deeply into the crystal ball.."

I tried not to look into it, thinking I didn't want to turn into a vegatable..But I couldn't resist after a while..

The crystal orb glew in a brillant light, then changed color into a light pink orb. It then was flung into my right eye, glowing..sending off pain..

The old lady stood up, and moved with her fingers into a 5 pointed star.I then felt my body dissappering..Slipping..

The next thing I felt was grass, and the next thing I heard..


She's not with the others, she's somewhere else. The crystal orb was actually the Purity Sphere.

[Edit:Haruka and Dallas are going to split up the Purity Orb.I posted this during Gladiator was posting his Other signup..]

25th October 2003, 12:44 AM
Name: Arkana
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Real World-He has long, purple hair, tied into a ponytail and blue eyes. He wears a blue shirt, a red waistcoat, black jeans and sneakers.
Digital World-Same hair and eyes. He wears a blue and black striped shirt, a red tuxedo, red pants, black shoes, a black and blue striped mask that covers his eyes, a large black and blue striped bow tie and a red top hat with a black and blue striped ribbon around the base.
Real World-He’s a nice guy who loves to crack jokes and make people happy. He loves magic and is skilled at magic tricks.
Digital World-He’s a complete psycho. He has a sick sense of humour and loves to torment people. He believes digimon are just tools and has a bit of a temper.
Digimon: Jammon
D-Sense Color: The rim is green
Vine Whip: He uses a vine with poisonous thorns as a whip against the enemy.
Poison Smog: He fires a purple coloured smog that is poisonous when inhaled.
Ravage: He fires a powerful shockwave across the ground, tearing up anything it hits.
Jam defender: He creates a mini Jammon that acts as a shield.
Theme Songs:
X Gonna Give It To Ya-DMX
Feuer Frei-Rammstien
FF7 Boss Music


Name: Jammon
Type: Slime
Virus, Data or Vaccine?: Vaccine
Looks: He looks like the Revival Jam from Yu-Gi-Oh , except green
Level: Rookie
Toxic Sludge: He spits a glob of green sludge at the enemy and burns them badly
Jam Ball: He turns into a ball and slams himself into the enemy.
Element: Pollution

Name: Slimemon
Type: Humanoid slime
Virus, Data or Vaccine?: Vaccine
Looks: He looks like the humanoid slime from Yu-Gi-Oh, except his green
Level: Champion
Poison Claw: He slashes the enemy with his claw and poisons them temporarily.
Slime Pump: He fires a blast of slime at the enemy, knocking them off balance.
Element: Pollution

Name: Metal Slimemon
Type: Humanoid Slime
Virus,Data or Vaccine?: Vaccine
Looks: He looks like Slimemon except his grey, he has a metal canon on his left arm and a blade of his right. His armor is red
Level: Ultimate
Slime Canon: He fires a large ball of slime from his canon arm.
Split Earth: He rams his blade into the ground, causing the earth to split.
Spike Ball: He turns into a spiked ball and rams the enemy.
Iron Blade: He slashes then enemy with his blade.
Element: Pollution

Name: Mystic Slimemon
Type: Slime Magician
Virus,Data or Vaccine?: Vaccine
Looks: Looks similar to Slimemon except he’s white. He wears a black robe with green markings, a yellow mask with red eyes, similar to Myotismon’s but without the bat wings and a dark blue witch’s hat. His hands cannot be seen under his sleeves.
Level: Mega
Slime Ball: He fires a large ball of white slime at the enemy.
Jam Breeder: He creates three mini Jammon that explode on contact with the enemy.
Mage Power: Magical energy surrounds his body and that power of his attacks is doubled.
Life Magic: He fires a blast of white energy that does severe damage, but takes a while to charge up.
Element: Pollution

Digimon/Human Merge Form:

Name: Magemon
Type: Magician
Virus,Data,Vaccine or Unknown: Unknown
Looks: He looks similar to Arkana except his skin is green, his eyes are red, his suit is purple and his mask and tie is red and black. He’s got fins on his forearms and his hands have claw-like fingers. He carries a double-bladed scythe with purple blades.
Shadow scythe: dark energy forms around his scythe and he slashes the enemy.
Magician’s Hat: His hat becomes a vortex to another world and he sucks the enemy into it.
Toxic Shield: He bubble of green slime appears around Magemon, preventing anything from hitting him.
Slime Doubles: He creates two copies of himself from toxic sludge. The copies are relatively weak.
Grand Finally: He drives into his scythe into the ground and a massive earthquake goes off, poison shoots up though the cracks and he fires a blast of powerful magic. He uses this as a final resort.
Level: Merge Mega
Element: Pollution, Darkness.

I'll post his intro later.

25th October 2003, 01:08 AM
Name: Laura Rider
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Looks 1: Her eyes are a odd mixture of a deep forest green and dark brown(or for simple words...hazel), her hair is a deep dark brown, close to black, with neon blue streaks dyed into it, and her skin is a deathly pale tone. She's about 5'7", and thin....despite the characteristics on her found only in women. She dresses in a black hooded top with a blue star on it, and baggy midnight blue pants of a length her combat boots are varely even visible. She also has a pair of silver-rimmed, ellipse lensed, see-through/grey tipped glasses and a silver spiked choker around her neck. Her ears are pierced three times each with silver hoop earrings, and her nails are painted black and deep blue.
Looks 2: Her eyes are deep blue, so nothing has really changed physically. She's been feeling a bit akward in her new clothes: a black long-sleeved shirt with blue sleeves and collar, and her pants are deep blue with grayish-silver pockets. Despite this, her glasses, earrings, and nails have remained the same...but her choker was replaced by a black cord necklace with a amethyst pendant.
Personality: Despite her random emotionlessness and cold appearance, she's actually not bad...just really tormented and depressed deep down. She's like a remake of Sesshomaru from Inuyasha and Tsukasa from .hack//Sign, as most adults would say. She can appear calm, but is serious and hopeless. She can be friendly once she adapts to you, but she will hold a grudge against many at sometimes.
D-Sense Color(Including Rim and Base): Silvery Base and deep blue rims
Digimon: Yukimon
Element: Ice
1) Blade of the Frozen~ Basically a shard made of ice, like a sword, which she can use for offense at times, but can't really use it defensively against fire.
2) Hikari Yuki(Light Snow)~ A small bit of snow forms, sorta like a Powder Snow made by an Ice Pokemon(Swinub, for example)...
3) Shield of Ice~ Basically a defense against Water Attacks, freezes a small quantity of water aiming for her.
Theme Songs(Up to 3):
1) "My Will" by Dream(Inu-yasha Ending Theme) (http://www.animelyrics.com/anime/inuyasha/mywill.htm)
2) "Tasogare no Umi" by See-Saw(.hack//Liminality Ending theme) (http://www.animelyrics.com/anime/hacksign/tasogarenoumi.htm)
3) "Numb" by Linkin Park (http://www.absolutelyric.com/a/view/Linkin_Park/Numb/)
Other: She's originally from America, which explains her name. She moved to Japan at nine with her mother because of 'issues' with where her mother worked at. Despite this, she idolizes Sen Kinomoto(from Perfect Ideals...which, FYI, was played by me..^^)


Name: Yukimon
Type: Snow Fox
Virus, Data or Vaccine?: Vaccine
Looks: A basically chibi, kawaii digimon: Basically a small Eevee-like fox with deep blue fur, silver tufts and tail tip, and sky blue eyes.
Level: Rookie
1) Chibi Ice Yonder~ A small icicle forms at the tip of her tail, and she whips it at the enemy.
2) Subzero Lining~ She pounces on the enemy as some cold energy builds up around her(You may recognize this as Kori/Snowmon's Frosty Touch in Digimon: Fate From The Inside)
Element: Ice

Name: KooriNekomon
Type: Arctic Leopard
Virus, Data or Vaccine?: Vaccine
Looks: A silvery white panther-like figure covered in deep blue spoltches like a Leopard's, her eyes the same kind of blue. Her tail is somehow like the tip of Gatomon's tail, probably caused from the black ribbon tied on her tail.
Level: Champion
1) Spirit of Capricorn~ Her eyes glow deeply, as she breaths a heavy breath of ice at her opponent....sorta like a more 'icy' version of Garurumon's Howling Blaster
2) Icy Ribbon Wave~ She whacks the opponent with her tail....simple enough.
Element: Ice

Name: Capricornusmon
Type: Zodiac Spirit
Virus, Data or Vaccine?: Vaccine
Looks: Sorta like Haku's wolf-dragon form from Spirited Away, only anything tealish or turquoise is deep blue, and no horns. Her muzzle and ears are similar to that of her next form, and her legs are that of her previous form. The symbol of Capricorn is in deep blue on her chest
Level: Ultimate
1) Arctic Howl~ She howls into the air as small shards of ice rain down onto her opponent
2) Sublimation(*curses chemistry class*)~ She rushes towards the opponent as her body temperature decreases rapidly, biting them.
3) Blue Heart~ She aims as closely at the opponent's heart as possible, and fires a beam of ice from her mouth.
4) Winter's Memories~ She gathers a bit of energy on the symbol on her chest, as one ice shard fires from it and towards the opponent.
Element: Ice

Name: Ooyukimon
Type: Arctic Wolf
Virus, Data or Vaccine?: Vaccine
Looks: Basically a wolf-like creature, silvery white with deep blue eyes that seem to stare through you. She's the size of a mythical beast(like the Ceberus in Kingdom Hearts, but sorta smaller), and silver plates guard her legs. A visor hides her eyes normally, but sometimes she won't need it. The Koori symbol is engraved on each of her leg guards.
Level: Mega
1) Final Blow of Fenrir~ She leaps into the air as her claws extend, becoming crystal clear...and slash down against her opponent.
2) Subzero Blaster~ Similar to Blue Heart on Capricornusmon, but she'll aim for wherever.
3) Spirit of the North~ She dashes right for the opponent, and fires an ice shard towards them.
4) Bolrealis~ Her visor will glow in a rainbow assortment of colors, and ice of those colors will hurl at the enemy.

Digimon/Human Merge Form:
Name: Sesshomarumon
Type: Ice Demon
Virus, Data or Vaccine?: Data
Looks(They have to be semi-humanoid): Basically a femenine version of Sesshomaru on Inuyasha, but with deep blue eyes, wolf ears, and a wolf-like tail. She has two arms(yes, two! --;;), and Laura's pendant. Her forehead marking is deep blue and the shape of a snowflake, and the reddish are instead an indigoish-violet. She also has a pair of feathery silvery-grey wings of her back.(Reference piccy-ture:Clickies....^^ (http://www.animewallpapers.com/wallpapers/inuyasha/full_1_800.asp))
Attacks(5 Max.):
1) Tenseiga Reborn~ She forms the Blade of the Frozen in her hands and uses it as an attack, yet it's more like Tenseiga on Inuyasha.
2) Demonic Winds~ She forms a huge gust with her wings, and summons the power of Hikari Yuki into the tempest.
3) Emotional Mirror~ Sesshomarumon takes the power of emotinal memories of Laura's and Ooyukimon's combined, forming a ring of ice, and firing it towards her opponent...
Level: Mega Merge
Element(You can use 2): Ice and Wind...(What?!? I love those two elements together in harmony...T_T)

[size=1]~*^*~Laura Rider - Ice~*^*~
I awoke suddnely to the wonderful esscence of the sakura tree outside my bedroom window, the pale sunlight shining against me. I groaned in sleepiness, putting on my glasses. I didn't want to wake up...but it hit me: today was the day of the Digimon Convetion, and I really hoped I could actually meet Sen Kinomoto and participate in the TCG Tournament! Today might be that chance!

"Oh crap.." I muttered and rushed myself around with my morning duties and left the note for my mom that I had already left. I dashed away quickly down the side of the road, carrying 1500 yen in my pants pocket, my deck in the other. I looked around the convention nervously, finding nothing interesting....nobody really cared that I was stuck here....alone, it was hostile.

I flittered about the place, many people conervsing about some things I couldn't actually make out. I looked around as many people stared at three people, apparently lying either fainted or in a coma, on the floor: one guy a bit older than me, a girl who is possibly younger than me, and another girl around my age. I was soon distracted by me and 9 other teenagers(1 maybe a preteen) walking towards a 'Fortune Telling' booth. With an advertisement saying that the first ten are free....so I guess that might have been us.

"You all came...thank you..." said the voice of an old woman from a hooded figure.

'What does she mean?' I thought, nervously looking around, 'Is it a trap?'

"Now....let me decide your destiny...look into my crystal ball." She said, as I immediately followed orders. Staring into the orb, An aurora of ten various colors came out...each enveloping us. I was covered in a deep blue light.

'What the hell is happening to me?!?!? I thought to myself, falling to the ground....trying to mentally clutch my life. I was slipping away. My eyelids gradually grew heavier, as they fluttered shut in a matter of seconds....fainting and plunging into a chaotic void of nothingness....

Kioshi Wakami
25th October 2003, 02:14 AM
Name: Jun Wakami
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Look's 1(You gain a different set of clothing in the Digital World, so..This is your look in the real world): Real World (http://hanaji.ukepile.com/Jun2.jpg)
Look's 2(In the Digital World. Only clothing changes, though I'll allow Eye color to change^^): Digi World (http://hanaji.ukepile.com/Jun3.jpg)
Personality: He's the arrogant, self-centered, "I Know I'm Cool" type. Think Yamatto only.. cooler and sexier ^_~
D-Sense Color(Including Rim and Base): rim is black, base is yellow
Digimon: Culumusmon
Element- Storm/Thunder
Spells(Yeah.Only 1 can be your starting one, and as you get stronger, you get more spells, depending on your element.):
Raikiri -- The gathering of a large amount of chi (energy) into the hands that causes an electric static between both hands, which are then able to strike out at an opponent (If you've seen X the Movie, it's the move Sorata does in the begining after doing a little chant)
Shintenshin no Jutsu -- This Jutsu allows the user to enter a targets mind, taking control of their body and senses. Normally a spying Jutsu, it can also be used in battle although with many drawbacks. The spiritual energy travels very slowly making it easy to dodge. If this happens, the users body will be left as an empty vessel for a few minutes, leaving it wide open to attack. If the Jutsu does work, any damage that is causes to the target, will also cause harm to the users body. This Jutsu only lasts about 5 minutes.
Kuchiyose - Enkouou Enma -- This Jutsu summons King Enma(demon monkey), Enma is able to transform into the Thunderbolt Staff.

Theme Songs(Up to 3):
Shining Collection -- Gravitation
Predilection -- Gravitation
Spicy Marmalade -- Gravitation
Other: Adopted son to Kioshi Wakami, like his father he speak japanese, unlike his father he does know english fluently.

Digimon(Upto to Mega.)(They can be made up.)

Name: Culumusmon
Type: Cloud
Virus,Data or Vaccine?: Vaccine
Looks: A little puff ball cloud with little blinky eyes (think kaoani's)
Level: Rookie
Attacks(2 for rookie-champion.4 for Ultimate and Mega):
Bolt - Throws little thunderbolts X3;
Dew Drop - he just.. rains :(
Element(MUST correspond to the Element you are assigned.): Uhm.. o.o;;; storm? XD

Name: Electromon
Type: Thunder
Virus,Data or Vaccine?: Vaccine
Looks: He digivolves into a bird shaped cloud with yellow feathers and white clouds in certain areas (think about that blue cloud bird thing from Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire o.O;)
Level: Champion
Attacks: Same as before only Dew Drop gets more powerful and accutally can cut through flesh.
Element: ...storm

Name: Hurricamon
Type: Thunder/Storm
Virus, Data or Vaccine?: Vaccine
Looks: A yellow bird with cloud tail feathers and wings. (I'm loosing ideas...)
Level: Ultimate
Attacks: Gust: Sends out large gusts of wind
Bolt: Shoots out more powerful thunderbolts
Dirt Devil: Makes mini tornadoes when he flaps his wings
Element: Storm

Name: Maelstromon
Type: Thunder/Storm
Virus, Data or Vaccine?: Vaccine
Looks: A large black bird with long yellow tail feathers that have a spade shape at the end and tall Cockatoo like feathers on the head that are yellow. The rest of his body is black.
Level: Mega
Attacks: Electro-Strike: shoots out large lightning bolts that have a wide area span of 20 yrd. diameter.
Gust: Strong wind currents that will knock the enemy away.
Twister: When he flaps his wings two tornadoes form.
Thunderbolt: energizes electricity and lets it loose in a large beam of lightining.
Element: Storm

Digimon/Human Merge Form:

Name: Harpymon
Type: Thunder/Storm
Virus,Data,Vaccine or Unknown: Vaccine
Looks(They have to be Semi-Humaniod): Looks like Harpies Brother Yu-Gi-Oh card :x Seshi~
Attacks(5 attacks Max.):
Gust, Electro-Strike, Twister, Thunderbolt, and for fun Dew Drop. XB;;
Level:Merge Mega
Element(You can use 2): Thunder and Wind = Storm? :o

Jun will be in crimson Kioshi will be in dark blue

It was the day of the Convention and I felt a sudden quiver in my stomach as I sat down quietly at one of the booths. I never really had much to do with the whole TCG besides the fact that I seiyuued for the original Japanese anime about the Digital World. I always played the little kids, seeing that I could relate more to their stories and feelings than all of the other characters. Perhaps it was because of my own young age as a digidestined.

Another child walked up and shyly asked for an autograph. Giving a sigh, I lazily signed my name and glanced over to the right to watch Jun, my son, play the Digimon Card Game with a few other kids.

"Thank you!" the girl chirped and gazed at my silver locks and gold eyes dreamily. I tried to put on a smile, but it turned out to be awkward. Ever since my last voyages to the Digital World I had secluded myself from the rest of the members, unable to deal with the events that went on. Especially the ones dealing with Roy... My eyes drifted over to my current partner, Sorata, working quietly in the back as if not to draw too much attention. I couldn't help but gaze over. The more I stared at him, the more I noticed how much he resembled Roy. He had the same dark black hair, the "bad boy" but mature attitude and the fit sculpture of his body. It wasn't until Jun shouted out in glee as he slammed one of his cards, that I broke away from my deep thoughts.

"Heh... I believe this ends the game." I smirked and sat back suavely. So far I believed I was the best player in the TCG. I created myself a name in the Digimon fandom, not only because my Dad was one of the voice actors and founders of the TCG, but because of the multiple wins I had against my competetors. My gameplay simply backed up my name.

"Better luck next time... loser." I mummbled as one of my hands slipped through my bright red hair, shifting the locks away from my eyes. A few girls who watched the match squealed and swooned as I did so.

"Oh wow! Jun Wakami, you're just so talented...!" one of them managed to chirp.

"And don't forget dreamy... just like his Dad!" another exclaiminated. The two girls giggled fangirlishly and rambled on about how they couldn't believe Kioshi was in his 30's yet still looked as if he was in his early 20's and once again began squealing. I simply huffed a faint sigh and looked back to the boy I just defeated. He was staring down at his cards and nibbling on his bottom lip, contemplating his current loss in an almost fit of tears. Everything was going smoothly up until some idiot decided to put his, may I note, undesired, two cents in the game.

"Who the hell do you think you are!? Do you think you're some high and mighty punk that can push around little kids just because your Dad is one of the owners of this fandom and you have your own little fanclub?? From what I've heard you're just a fag__t's bas_ard!! You and your f__cking queer DADS. What? Are you gay too? Do you like to suck the--" The jerk's words were cut short as a fist was planted into his mouth, bending back a few teeth. The girls from before gasped and stared at the quick violent scene before them.

The dolt stummbled back a few and put his hands over his bleeding mouth. I gave him a simple glare before glancing over to Kioshi. He was too submerged in autographs that he didn't have time to glance over to the scene I made.

Huffing a sigh I collected my cards and put them away in the silver card case that was buckled to my hip's side. I hopped over the table and decided look around a bit before I got in trouble by security and both of my fathers. After I left the two girls started to whisper quietly to themselves, possiblely to the true fact of him having a gay father, two actually. The low acceptance of his parent's lifestyle always made him boil with a cold anger. He was constantly ridiculed and teased by people who knew, which was few.

I let the steam release and came across a white booth that I hadn't seen before. Above it said "Free Fortune Telling to the first 10 Customers". Free? Well... nothing hurt if it was free. Giving a slight shrug I started to head over to the booth, 8 other kids walking towards it as well. I glanced back to my Dads before slipping inside to greet an old woman wearing a cloak. Questioningly I looked at the others and then back to the woman who began to speak.

"You all came... thank you. Now, let me decide your destiny... Look into my crystal ball." the old lady spoke.

Cautiously I peered inside the crystal orb, which seemed to pulse an illuminating, multi-color glow. I leaned in closer to the orb, as if I was slowly being pulled in. It was then that a yellow ray shot out and latched onto me, pulling out my mind and soul. I was already gone before I heard my own body 'thud' to the floor.

26th October 2003, 08:20 AM
We had made it on time at the convention, and despite the fact that Jason wanted to get here early, things went smoothly. Jason ran off to whatever he does at these conventions, probably overlooking the ‘battle’ arena. Myself? I wandered around, looking for a cardshop or something. This was my first time at a convention, and I wasn’t much of a card player; I just liked to collect cards to create my novelty deck of favorite Digimon.

I popped on my headphones so that I could listen to my band’s first ever CD, Xeno Machinations: In The Works (brought to you by FakeHits, nonexistent music is our specialty :rolleyes: ). As I immersed myself in my semi-techno musical glory, I noticed an area of the convention full of what sounded like vendors. Soon as I realized this, I ran in that area, hoping to find some cards to complete my collection.

10 minutes, 5 bargains, and approximately 73 threats later, I looked down at my newly acquired set of cards with some restrained satisfaction, my new Guardromon, Wizardmon, and Knightmon in particular. These were a few of my favorites, which, for some reason, I could never EVER obtain. I pulled out my deck from my holder, and inserted the three into my novelty deck of favored Digimon and other cards and then reshuffled. I didn’t notice when I accidentally ran into someone, and I raised my head to apologize.

It was to my surprise to have found Ark limping before me. He had black streaks dyed into his normally wavy green hair, and his forest green eyes were no longer glazed with depression. He seemed cheerier on the whole. His right leg was still in a cast, but I heard he’d be able to remove it soon enough. Under his right arm was his assistant, my cousin, David Farlane.

David was the son of David Sr. and my aunt Gale (sister of the McCloud bros.), whom Ark had hired to perform various errands should he be too busy to do it himself. Being the semi-rich guy that he is, and generous to boot, David had agreed to the offer, on the condition that he got to be Ark’s critic. David, though polite, was no yes man, so Ark had no real objections.

“Hey, Ark,” I smiled, “Hey, David. I didn’t know you two would be here.” I said surprised. Ark chuckled while David nodded, to busy with Ark to do anything else.

“I always come to these conventions,” he told me, pulling out a pair of crutches, “It’s the only time I can run into my brother when he’s busy. Besides, I want to know how the new series is going since I’m the one working on the whole story line.” David let go of Ark so that Ark could make use of the crutches and go his separate way.
I slowly walked up to Morgan, keeping myself from putting on my happy face. I searched through my back pocket, hoping I could find the cards that Jason handed me.

“What are you looking for?” she asked me. I continued to say nothing, and pulled out the two cards from my back pocket. I handed them over to her, she looked at them, and the look on her face is too fantastic to describe with words. No longer able to keep it in, I broke out into a wide grin.

“Jason finally made those cards we kept bugging him about,” I said, smiling. The whole thing was Morgan’s idea. Because of the fact I barely left my uncle’s side, Morgan had me persuade Ark into including two characters for one of the Japanese comics he works on. When a new Digimon shows up in Japan, it’s usually guaranteed that Jason would make a card counterpart for it. It took a year, but he finally got the thing done. (Guess who they are)

With that done with, we walked toward the ‘arena’ to see a bunch of various players duke it out amongst themselves. I never played the actual game myself, I usually prefer games where I roll a bunch of dice around. I mean you always have the same cards in a deck, and so you usually have to revolve around one strategy, but dice have many shapes, forms, and thousands of different outcomes. With dice, you might have to alter your strategy almost completely if the dice doesn’t quite rule in your favor. Of course, I still collect the cards, I need a hobby.

We were particularly impressed with one Jun Wakami, at least I think that was his name. I was mainly piecing it together from what his fangirls were swooning about. Sadly, the mood was ruined when some jackass homophobe began ranting about his parents. I always hate such people who think they could insult others just because of one difference as minor as having gay parents (for example). I’d like to see what these people are going to do should the minority of people that they hate suddenly become the majority. I could only think of one thing to do in the depths of my testosterone affected mind. I looked over toward Morrigan. Her face was nonchallant, but I could figure out her next few words.

“It’s GO time” We both got up and began walking toward the scene before us, but the guy had already been hit right in the mouth. Morrigan silently cursed to herself, her belief is that it's no fun in having the second shot. We slumped our shoulders in submission, but decided to follow Jun.

It wasn’t long before we came before that fateful booth. We had come in right after Jun did, and that woman greeted us all. I looked over at Morrigan, who seemed uncomfortable. I was, too. Something didn’t seem right, but I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. It was like I was missing something, something I had seen before.

"You all came... thank you. Now, let me decide your destiny... Look into my crystal ball." the old lady spoke.

I stared into the orb uneasily. The orb was brilliantly flashing several different colors, and the more it did so, the more I was drawn into it. It was then that I had seen a brilliant flash of green light, as I felt what might have been my soul being ripped away from my body. My hearing was muddled, but I could swear I had heard something being torn in two as something else was forced into my essence. Before I could blackout, I remembered something. Something that clarified my uneasiness. It was a book, Ark’s first book. The story that led him to his current career as a writer for novels as well as comics. The events that played out before me were different, but the feeling was there. It was a book about a group of kids who had saved a world that parallelled ours.

The book was titled "A Digital Odyssey."

26th October 2003, 01:58 PM
*pokes Gladiator* It's Arnen, isn't it? *poke poke* Isn't it? Poor Arky-warky *evil grin*

~Name: Kari Alzena
~Age: 12
~Gender: F
~Looks 1: She greatly resembles her mother (Arnen, from Legends). She has black hair that goes halfway down her back and odd grey eyes with tiny orange flecks in them (she has her mother's eyes). In the Real World she wears a navy blue sleeveless top and faded jeans.
~Looks 2: In the Digital World she wears a shirt simillar to what Arnen wore in Legends (white long-sleeved shirt with orange flame designs at the bottom, neck, and sleeve cuffs), only instead of flames it is glittery blue waves. She also wears navy-blue cargos and white tennis shoes.
~Personality: Much like her mother, she's a loner, and prefers to do everything herself. She has no friends at all because of her reputation of getting into fights all the time, and she has a quick temper. She's rather spacy, and daydreams quite a bit. Since she has so few friends, she hates to see one of them get hurt. She values her friends above all else.
~D-Sense Color: Base is black, grip is orange and blue marbled together.
~Digimon: Ryuudamon (male... And, umm, I had a link, but the site closed...)
~Element: Water (Mizu ^_^)
1) Aqua Blast: Blasts a torrent of water with the force of a firehose.
2) Kaiten Mizu (water blades): Spins around, blasting powerful jets of water taht are sharp like knives.
3) Tsunami Slash: Creates a storm with raindrops that cut like daggers.
~Theme Songs: (has acquired her mom's taste in music ^_^')
-"Hemorrhage" by Fuel (aka Arnen's theme from Legends)
-"Down With the Sickness" by Disturbed
-"Not Meant for Me" from Queen of the Damned
~History (just because!): Her father left after impregnenting her mother (poor Arnen :(), hence why she has mer mom's last name. Since she never knew her father, she decided to take it out on the rest of the world, which is why she is constantly getting into fights at school -- and usually winning.
~Other: She knows Kung-Fu... Her mom taught her some, and she took lessons for awhile, and she's pretty good.

~Name: Ryuudamon
~Type: Little Dragon
~Virus, Data or Vaccine?: Data
~Looks: Made a pic before the place closed! It's attached. (no, those aren't the real colors... Changed them a bit)
~Level: Rookie
~Attacks: Dragon Embers (blasts tiny green fireballs), Tail Bash (smashes tail-club into opponents)
~Element: Fire (I think)

~Name: GinRyuumon
~Type: Dragon
~Virus, Data or Vaccine?: Data
~Looks: See attachment.
~Level: Champion
~Attacks: Dragonfire (breathes green fire), Press (body-slam)
~Element: Fire

~Name: HishaRyuumon
~Type: Spirit Dragon
~Virus, Data or Vaccine?: Data
~Looks: See attachment.
~Level: Ultimate
~Attacks: Dual Blast (fire energy blasts from one orb, pure energy from another), Claws of the Spirit Dragon (rapidly slashes with glowing claws), Inferno (blasts pure heat)
~Element: Fire

~Name: OuRyuumon
~Type: King Dragon
~Virus, Data or Vaccine?: Data
~Looks: See attachment.
~Level: Mega
~Attacks: Dragon Blaze (erupts in green flames and blasts fireballs), Blast Cannon (fires huge fireball from back crest), Heat Beam (blasts several lasers from eyes), King Bludgeon (beats upponent with tails, claws, etc.)
~Element: Fire

~Name: MizuRyuumon
~Type: Water Spirit
~Virus, Data, Vaccine or Unknown: Unknown
~Looks: A beautiful girl with flowing blue hair and eyes that gleam like sapphires, she is clad in scaled silver armor shaped like dragons. Her skin is a gleaming white, and she emenates a glow like light reflecting off of ocean waves.
~Attacks: Righteous Rain (rain falls, healing allies and damaging evil), Tsunami (creates a huge storm), Sword of Water (creates a sword of water that burns evil like acid), Dragon Wave (blasts scalding water laced in flames), Arnen's Tears (scatters dagger-like raindrops and fireballs)
~Level: Merge Mega
~Element: Water-Fire

I'll include Arnen's point-of-view in this post. I'll post in orange for her, and royal blue for Kira.

<~-Arnen and Kira`*~

"Kira, come on! We'll be late for the covnention!" I yelled up the stairs.
"Hang on," came her sleepy reply, "I'm getting dressed, already!"

I sighed, pressing my hand to my temples. "<So much like me at her age...>" I thought. "<I just hope she doesn't have to go through what I did...>"

Urgh... Parents... How totally annoying... "Ready!" I called down to mom. I ran down the stairs, grabbed my deck off the table (careful, of course, to make sure my favorite, OuRyuumon, was on top), and followed mom out to the car.

Several silent minutes later, we were running into the building, and mom and I went our seperate ways. I went towards where several kids were having their fortunes read, and mom went off somewhere, apparently to talk to some old friends.

I walked around for awhile, looking for familliar faces. After awhile, I saw one through the crowd -- green hair, streaked with black. "Ark?!" I cried, trying to get through. I called out his name, but could still not reach him... How I wanted to see him again, to talk to him...

"You all came... Thank you..." the fortune-teller said. They sounded very old. "Now, let me decide your destiny... Look into my crystal ball..." I did as I was told, and placed a finger on it, staring into the crystal... I became suddenly engulfed in a blue light, but I didn't have time to notice... I fell, unconscious...

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Yami Annika
26th October 2003, 02:44 PM
Name: Aunyailia (Awn-yay-lee-ya) Vergere
Age: 13
Gender: Female
Look's: About 5'4"-5'5" Eyes were originally hazel, but due to those color contact-lense thingies, her eyes are now usually deep purple. She has brown hair, that is cut short in the front, but in the back it's long. A few strands have been made into a braid, which sits in the front. Wears little clips in her hair, either dark blue or dark purple. Usually wears black/dark blue capris, and dark colored (Royal/Midnight Blue, etc) traditional Chinese blouse(at least that's what I think it's called. I hope you know what I'm talking about. Tight, high collar, with all the little clasps).
Digital World Looks: Same, except eyes are naturally purple now, and the front, shorter part of her hair has a streak of purple on each side. Wears the same sorts of outfits.
Personality(Your character's brainwashed into doing the 3 lunar's bidding, so Describe the Personality in the Real world and the Digital):
Real World - Quiet, shy, mysterious. Rarely speaks to anyone. Gives off a cold feeling, thus no one speaks to her, and no one knows what she's like.
Digital World - Still quiet. She seems a bit friendlier, and gives off a warm, happy feeling, thus drawing people to her. Not the person you'd think to be "Shadow".
Digimon: Hoshimon
D-Sense Color(Including Rim, your Base is Black.): Midnight Blue
Element- Shadow
Spells(Upto 5):
1.) Yami-Jump: As long as there are shadows, she can disappear into them, and reappear randomly. Kinda like teleportation. She can also use this to escape, or to heal a little bit.
2.) Weather Change: Can change the weather for a short time as she sees fit. (Lightening bolts, strong winds, the works).
3.) Weilding: She can create metallic objects for whatever she needs.
4.) Pale Moonlight: Powers her up, protects her from the elements that she also controls (Shadow/Darkness, Storm/Thunder, Metal (although this part doesn't work too well at the beginning)) and heals her. Only works at night, or if there's a dark shadow. But if it's a shadow, doesn't power her very much.
5.) Sweet Dreams: Can trick a person's better judgement and emotions, making them look over certain things if needed, etc. (Can later control people)
Theme Songs(Up to 3):
Tooi Kono Machi De
(Just my favorite song. I figured I should have something here.)
Other: Um...

Am I supposed to have a Digimon? If so, here it is:

Name: Hoshimon
Type: Shadow Kitten
Virus, Data or Vaccine?: Virus
Looks: Basically a small, midnight blue cat. It's tail is extremely long, though, and instead of fur, it's just a long, smooth feather. Sharp claws. Eyes are big, purple, and innocent.
Level: Rookie
1) Scratch - She can scratch Digimon and people. Big deal.
2) Feather - The feather-tail becomes razor sharp which cuts people.
Element: Shadow

Name: Hoshiskymon
Type: Shadow cat
Virus, Data or Vaccine?: Virus
Looks: A little larger. Eyes, which are still purple, are lined with yellow and are more slit-like. Has butterfly-like purple wings, which are a little see-through. Sharper claws and fangs. Still has the feather
Level: Champion
1) Vampire Bite - Bites people and heals a little.
2.) Flight - Takes flight to: escape (blends in with darkness), confuse opponent (it looks like it has disappeared), and to attack with claws and such.
Element: Shadow

Name: Hoshifuransumon
Type: Shadow Panther
Virus, Data or Vaccine?: Virus
Looks: Huge cat. Ears are very pointy. Now has feather-like bracelets above it's paws. Wings are now huge. Eyes are now almost solid black slits, laced with purple, then bright yellow. Claws are incredibly sharp.
Level: Ultimate
1.) Shadow - Turns into a complete shadow, moving around and attacking the opponent randomly
2.) Sacrificial Lamb - Summons the last good, innocent piece of data (Digimon) she killed, takes control of it, and uses it as a shield
3.) Yami Executor - For a temporary amount of time, secretly takes control of the opponent's D-Sense thingy. She can't exactly control the Digimon, but it allows her to upload virus cards, corrupting the Digimon's health and state of mind.
4.) Mauvaise Esprit - Can get into opponents mind (know what they're thinking, etc) and control them
Element: Shadow

Name: Yami Hosheepia
Type: Human/Cat like hybrid
Virus, Data or Vaccine?: Virus
Looks: Like a human-sized cat, standing, only it's legs, head, arms, and body are more human like and muscular. (Think Renamon, with a few changes.) It's head remains like a cat's, just in human shape (It still has cat ears, etc.) Eye slits are black, surrounded by purple. It's hands have incredibly long nails. It wears a kind of bathingsuit top (really, it's just a skin-tight, sleeveless shirt) and skin-tight shorts with boots. It's wrists have bracelets of sharp purple feathers around it. Fur is midnight black. It's wings have also grown, and are highlighted in gold.
Level: Mega
1) Sickle Claw - Every piece of Damage that it takes, it also inflicts it on the person who caused it.
2) Weather Away! - According to her opponent's element, uses weather to attack it (As in, if her opponent is a fire element, she'll use a rainstorm, if it's water, she'll use lightening, etc)
3) Shadow's Sharp - Whenever it attacks with it's nails, or this long knife that is hidden in her boot, it shoots a burst of darkness through the weapon, into the opponent.
4.) Sacrificial Lambs - Summons the two last, good, innocent pieces of data (Digimon) she has killed that she feels her opponent has become attached to, takes control of the creatures and uses them as shields. Also makes it attack the opponents, if the opponent doesn't want to attack them (Forcing the opponent to attack them).
Element: Shadow/Storm

Digimon/Human Merge Form:

Name: Hoshailiamon (Ho-shay-lee-ya)
Type: Human
Virus,Data,Vaccine or Unknown: Unknown
Looks(They have to be Semi-Humaniod): Very humanoid. Purple eyes, and purple hair. In the back, it is cut to where it stops at the base of the head, but at the very front part it comes down to the shoulders. She wears a headpiece, which is really just like a necklace with a charm that looks like a raindrop. Hoshailiamon has vampire-like fangs. Her nails are incredibly long and midnight blue. She has a metal bracelet on both arms (just below the elbow), and the feather returns, just softer and shinier, connected to one bracelet, circling behind her, and connecting to the other bracelet. She wears black gloves (without fingers), with a purple line near the top. Her outfit is a one-piece (sleveless, connects down to pants), black, and skintight. Her feet, and legs, are very very cat-like and stealthy. Although she is bare-foot, her feet are more like paws, covered in fur and black. She wears a purple jacket, also without sleves, with the collar turned up around her neck. The jacket has strips of metal painted black attached to the collar. She also has a tail that comes down to her ankles, and wings, dark purple, laced in black, and accented in gold.
Attacks(5 attacks Max.):
Crystal Drop - Shoots all kinds of elemental things (lightening, tornado gusts, shots of water) out of her headpiece.
Sickle Claws - Every piece of damage she takes it also inflicts it, plus a little more, on the person/digimon who caused it
Shadow Stealth - Can disappear for a while into the shadows (like teleportation, also her flight move)
Tears of the Light - She uses her feather like thing, unattaches it from one wrist and wraps it around her opponent. It shoots darkness throughout the opponents body, corrupting a little of the "goodness" in them temporarily. Can only be used when in close distance.
Shadow Spoils: Whenever she attacks with her nails, fangs, etc., it heals her a little. (Can only be used if opponent has taken less damage than her)
Level:Merge Mega
Element(You can use 2): Shadow/Storm


Aunyailia Vergere

Another day, a thought drifted across my mind, as I slammed my hand down on my digital clock radio, pressing snooze.
The Annual Digimon Tournament is filling up quite quickl-- Bam. Silence.
Digimon...? Oh, yes... Another thought drifted stupidly. I lifted my head up off the pillows and looked around in pitch darkness. I blinked a few times, trying to focus, then realized, as I finally began to wake up, that my hair covered my eyes and my blinds were closed so there was no hope to see anyway. I stepped onto the spotless carpet of my room, and dressed into some presentable clothes. Smiley pajamas were nice, just not for public. Then I turned to my full-length mirror and fought the battle against my hair. After a while I got the frizz to stop, the braid to fall into place, and the hair pieces to look right. And, of course, my contacts. After a while, I was able to blink and glare at myself, purple eyes and complicated hair.
I sighed, as always, grabbed my deck and accessories, and headed downstairs. The house was a defeaning silence, my parents either away or somewhere else in the house. I opened the door, and let myself out, without touching the refrigerator. I soon lived to regret it, as my stomach growled quietly.
The sun filled my line of vision as I walked down the sidewalk toward the Tournament. I kept my head down, to avoid it, and stuck my hands in my pockets. Out of the corners of my eyes, I saw the houses I passed, surburbanized and snotty. The people looked upon me with contempt and held their chins up high as I passed. I did nothing but dig my nails into my palms to keep from retalliating. Then something stopped me.

A ball... Rolling across the sidewalk infront of me. I put a foot out to keep it from rolling into the street and looked up. Infront of a three-story house, stood a little boy, no more than siz, waiting expectantly. I kind of smiled as I looked at him, from the look of his Digimon toy strapped on his belt loop, he must've wanted to go to the tournament. But as he looked at me, he was glaring. The narrowed eyes spoke volumes. They were full of insults and judgements. He hated me. And in those eyes, he called me names. Idiot. Stupid. Other words that a six-year-old boy shouldn't know. He, of course, learned it from his parents, and how they spoke of me. The muscles that had created a smile relaxed, and I glanced down to the item he wanted. I had half the mind to squish it, or perhaps throw it into traffic. But, instead, I kicked it to him. And walked away as he began screaming about it hitting him in the stomach.
"You're welcome," I murmured.


The tournament was crowded, as always. The smells of food and sweets filled the air. Teenagers and adults were battling little kids, to warm up for the real tournament. The creators and voice actors and artists signed autographs to the adoring crowd. I watched from the sidelines. Every year, I contemplated battling. Perhaps this year, perhaps the next... But I knew, I wouldn't ever. If I lost, it would just be one more thing to add to my lack of self esteem, as my counselors called it behind my back. If I won, I would be called names again it the tournament would be another place I couldn't show my face again. I made my way toward the food stands, kids bumping into me, falling and crying. It kept getting more and more crowded. By the time I had gotten my food (pocky), I was gasping for air. I made my way through the crowd to a less crowded area, as I began to feel more and more light headed. There weren't many people there. About ten, maybe. All but two of them were adults. I leaned against the wall and began eating quickly before someone decided to think I was stealing.

I had barely taken a bite before the ground came rushing up to me. There were sounds, louder now. A scream. Two other falls, maybe... People started crowding around.

"9-11, I need three ambulancesat the Tokyodome, over in the Topright corner." Someone screamed into my ear. "ASAP!"


"...Have fun..."

I'll be right there...

[Edited for Digital World Looks... Hope it's still okay!]

26th October 2003, 02:51 PM
Aiymee Haruda(I'll post her signup later.)

"Finally!The Digimon Convention!"I said, all in smiles. I made sure I took my deck, and my backpack..and my.."

"Calm down Aiymee."Haruka said,"Your getting worked up.."
"No,I'm not!!I'm happy..I might get to see Auntie Akira, Satoshi.."
"You see them almost Everyday."Haruka rolled her eyes, and walked off.She carried her stupid Razor Scooter on her back almost everywhere she went.

"Don't worry about Haruka.."Mom,Akina,said.."She's just as excited as you are."

"Thanks"I smiled.My mom was one of the Creator's of the TCG, and she also was A Card Artist and a Voice Actress for the Anime.Me and my mom walked off into the Tokyodome, towards Akira's booth,who was signing and drawing Digimon for Fans..

"Here, take this,"Mom handed over 2000 yen,"and go have fun"

I told mom Thank you, and ran off towards the TCG Tournament. I saw Satoshi while I was running, but decided not to follow him, I would just be annoying him..

I also saw another one of those people mom Talked About, actually,I saw...Well, One that mom told me his name was Kioshi, another with Green Hair with black streaks..But I decided to let mom talk to them..or something..

"How old?Name?"The person at the gate of the tournament sign-ups..
"Aiymee Haruda, 10."
"Ok!Your in the 9-10 year old division."She said.I wanted to be in a bigger division, those kiddies were BIG push overs.

I walked towards my first challange, the kid was fooling around with his cards and some dice..

I then stopped in my tracks.I felt cold, my back was full of cold chill's.I felt something grabbing at me..

'Come..with me...'The voice hissed inside my head..
I then started to feel empty,like my soul was being grabbed from me against my will.I tried to fight back..but I couldn't..

"9-1-1,I need 3 ambulance's..at the Tokyodome TCG Tournament..ASAP."I heard Satoshi said..I wanted to tell him I was ok, but I couldn't talk, or see, only hear...

Well, the last thing I heard was EMT's..

27th October 2003, 03:04 PM
Satoshi Takinowa

"Ughhh"I muttered in pain. Everything that could move, besides my eyes,ached.I forced myself to sit up though, Laying down never got you anywhere.

"Uhhh?"I said. Everything was..so blurry. I quickly took my glasses out of my pocket, and placed them on, everything suddenly became clearer, quick.I looked around, and almost fell in utter shock..

Me and the other teen's that were here were sitting/laying down on cloud..CLOUD?I felt the cloud, but it felt like hard earth, but a little more softer..

I looked foward or myself, and saw a Egg with some red rings on it, and a weird device..Mine was Silver with Gold rims, but everyone else had other color combo's.

"Uhh..ughh.."I heard other people getting up....

Haruka Haruda
"Haruka Here!Haruka here!But why no one else!Why no one else!"I heard a little girl's voice say.My body ached in places I thought never existed..

"Great..'I muttered..I felt soft grass and hard soil beneath me..
"Haruka Awake!Haruka Awake!"I squatted down Indian Style, and slowly opened my eyes to reveal some sort of mutant bunny thing flopping around,with strange goggles on her..it's head.

"Haruka..These your's!"She said, and took the goggles off.I tightly placed them ontop of my head..

"Me Lopmon, your digimon partner!This your D-Sense, be careful on how you use it!"
"Digimon?As in the Digimon Trading card game?Digimon aren't reall.."I said to myself, but than gasped..

One time, I peeked into mom's personal gym. I saw some strange wolf thing, LadyWolfmon(Haruka's Favorite Card)..

"Digimon known on YOUR world?Huh?"
"Yeah"I sighed. I noticed my hair was shorter, a light pink, and that I had bangs,..but they were all messed up..Some spiky..
I then felt my stomach rumble over and over, each time louder and louder..
"You hungy?Haruka Hungy?I know place to get food!"
"Tama-Market!"She said before I can answer,"One of the best food places I know!And, the Ice Orb rest's somewhere..But I no no where it is, but no it's not for you!"

"Why don't we go to this...Tama Market..get something to eat..and you can tell me why the hell I'm here..And more about this strange contraption.."I told her, standing up and unfolding my Scooter, and placing the goggles infront of my eyes.

"Lopmon.."I sighed.."You HAVE to sit on my head, don'tcha?"
"You fast!Go zoom!"

"Oi."I muttered...I must be dreaming..

Roy Karrde
27th October 2003, 03:30 PM
The pain and the feeling of hopelessness seemed to fade as if our minds were ripped out from our bodies and hurled into a far away galaxy. Eventually my sences came online one by one, everything seemed to be white and fluffy, no that wasn't right, becuase only the floor was white and fluffy and it wasn't a floor it was a cloud?

I shot up screaming this time able to find my voice and use it well. My throat grew corse and dry in a matter of seconds and I was left panting and out of breath. I finally took a minute to examine what was around me, the only awake or alive person was this boy...this tall boy...with evil red eyes that seemed to pierce right threw me.

The sight of him filled me with panic and fear, he looked wierd, and evil, and dark, and we were sitting on a cloud! I slowly began to back up from him, keeping my eyes just below his, I could see him yet I didn't want to look straight at him. I was just a bit further away from him when my hand slipped straight out into nothingness. I screamed in panic again, as I began to grasp for anything to keep me from falling. Finally I slung mybody forward, landing safely on the cloud.

"I hate this world" I wispered to myself as I layed face first on the cloud.

27th October 2003, 04:56 PM
Hey, Big Lutz, I've been wanting to say that Roy's last name was Lutz not Karrde.

I was next to get up. Even though I wasn't in any real pain, I was dizzy as hell. My vision had blurred up, so I couldn't tell where I was, but the floor felt puffy almost. I pulled down my goggles over my eyes in hopes that it would straighten things out. I was shocked when I realized we were hanging on a cloud. I then noticed that David was also up, and he looked green around the gills.

He moaned quietly as he reached over to the edge of our cloud. A retching noise was heard as David vommited the contents of whatever he ate for breakfast. I decided to look around and hope I could find someone else around here.

"Well," I surveyed my landscape almost everyone but one person seemed to have been unconcious or at least didn't want to get up, "This is going to be interesting."
Ark McCloud (just thought I'd do something from his view. This is after everyone gets sucked up)
A scream was heard, and everything else went to hell. The crowd has panicked like rabbits when they know an eagle's going to get them. I was already knocked over by the wave of scared convention members and my crutches were scattered several feet away from me. It was sheer luck that I didn't get stepped on in the wild stampede. I was afraid to move for fear I might get trampled and lose the use of both legs, and I did not need that. Soon the crowd had gotten less dense.

"I better find David and Morrigan," I said to myself, "or it'll be my *** on the frier." I looked to my left and right to see if there was something to prop me up. Needless to say, there wasn't any. My only choice was to crawl my way toward something that could prop me up, and get my crutches while I was at it.

"Just my damn luck," I muttered to myself, "I finally get out of the house and this happens. Bloody hell."

"Ark McCloud, since when did you start acting so hostile?" I stopped in my tracks (if you could call it that), I didn't even need to try to remember. I instantly recognized that voice. Her hand was extended, to help me up.

"Thanks," I smiled (not stupidly, I hope), extending my own hand, "I could use the help, Arnen. Do you have any idea what's going on?"

Yami Annika
27th October 2003, 08:19 PM
Aunyailia Vergere

I stood up, just as everything around me went silent. I blinked a few times, surveying everything carefully. Everything was so different... Contrasting from where I was, it was now very dark. Not as if it was night, but as if the sky was covered. Infront of me was a tall, darkened building. Not in TokyoDome anymore...
It was quiet. I could only hear my solitary ragged breathing. A cold breeze stroked my shoulder, and I realized how quickly it was getting cold. I wondered if I should go inside. If no one was there, I could stay, wait, and figure out what to do. And if someone was there, perhaps they would know.
The doors creaked as I opened them. Inside, it looked like a rainstorm had come and there were leaks in the ceiling. There were a few puddles here and there. And on the walls, there was strange writing glowing along them.
"Hello?" I yelled out hoarsely. I densely wondered how it had gotten like that, until something caught my attention. At the end of the hallway, a glowing sphere. No, it was glowing, exactly... more pulsating. The light... What was it... a black light? The purpleish blackish glow?

Without any real control over my body, I felt me feet take me closer toward it. I examined it closely, carefully, and curiously. I couldn't seem to take my eyes off of it. And, then, in the blink of an eye, it stopped glowing.

I started feeling different... Warmer. Confident. Stronger. In a way, almost... omniscient? I looked at my hand, twisting my wrists about. In the corner of my eye, I finally realized my hair was slightly changed. And, I could feel, I no longer had contacts in my eyes. I looked down into a puddle at my feet, and saw that my eyes were still purple.
Beautiful. I also felt beautiful. And a small smile grew upon my reflection, and a small, low giggle echoed throughout the halls.

"Hello," a small, sweet voice appeared. A small, kitten slunk around from behind where the orb had been. It was so small, and where it's tail would have been, a long feather replaced it. "I'm Hoshimon. Welcome." It blinked and smiled.
"Good afternoon." Words that would never escape my mouth seemed so normal, so right. I smiled, and knelt down. The small Digimon jumped onto my shoulder and rubbed up against my neck. I turned and walked out, the clicking of my heels echoing in the now empty halls.

There are others here, I realized excitedly, and smiled wider. I'll get to meet them soon. I can't wait...

27th October 2003, 08:59 PM
Kenichi Tanaka

"What the hell kind of vacuum cleaner was that...?" I mumbled to myself, as I propped myself on the spongy ground. The world around me had taken a moment to come into focus, even then was oddly white and blurry. I let out a little groan, as I stepped upright, my body swayed ungainly against the curiously soft ground. My eyes widened as I saw dark blue sky all around myself, and patches of blue visible underneath in the white ground. Was I standing on a cloud?

I saw many other unconcious all around me, and my clothing had changed dramatically! I felt the green vest around my side, and cocked an eyebrow up at the metal knuckles on my fists. Then I spotted the odd piece of plastic at my side... Colored in black, lined with red. Added to this, was the fact that an egg was sitting right next to me, colored black as well, with glowing red symbols on it... Just what the heck was going on?!

Looking up to see a kid with red eyes standing up, a flag immiediatly went up in my head. Red eyes were not normal, same as this place.

"Hey, you! Just where the hell are we?!"

27th October 2003, 09:03 PM
~*^*~Laura Rider - Ice~*^*~
I felt hard earth....the first thing I felt since I fainted. I looked around and saw the sky and other teens.....sky?!? What the hell is going on here? Sighing, I sat up and looked down.....I blinked for a minute after seeing my hooded top was replaced by a long-sleeved black tee with blue sleeves, my pants were blue with gray pockets...and my combat boots were replaced by gray Nikes that resembled some I had at home. I also saw a cloud...which we were all on, but it still felt like solid earth.

I looked to my side...there was a silvery egg with deep blue spots....and a device, mine was a grayish-silver with deep blue rims. I picked up the device and hooked it to my pocket, and held the egg in my arms...what was in it? Was it a egg that contained a monster...or just something to expect the unexpected?

27th October 2003, 10:13 PM
Satoshi Takinowa-The Red Eyed,Glass Wearing Dork.

"Hey, you! Just where the hell are we?!"Some kid yelled at me, atleast he was directing it at me. I was more concerened on why that Girl was backing away from me..

"I seriously, don't know.."I said, fixing my glasses around.

Another girl had awoken up, besides the one that apparently though I was a weirdo..She didn't seem to notice me, thank god. I didn't need everyone thinking on me due to my eye color OR if I wear glasses.

I looked around, and must have seen the mosty beautiful sight I have ever seen. Buildings made of a white Metal, These things, that looked like a Digimon card I had, walking around..

But what caught my eye was a huge stone building with a symbol similar to the Kaze Symbol.It was about 10 feet high in height, and it's width was, persay...20ft?It was huge, and it had a mysterious aurora pertaining to it....

"Whats that?"I said..Looking at it..It seemed the other kids didn't notice it at all..

Aiymee Haruda

"Huh?"I said, standing up from where I was leaning against a tree before hand...

I was outside, bird's chirped, Fields of flowers grew...It was way different that where I remember I was..

'Mom, I think I'm not on Earth anymore'I thought to myself, staring all around me..'Definatly not on Earth.

But when I looked to my right, everything changed. I was no longer outside, in fresh air, but surronded by stone walls and breathing in Stale air..
On the walls,Many different pictures were drawn. Crosses, Starnge Animal like things..I looked at the pictures as I walked, learning a story as I did..A Story of a Great war between 10 humans and 1 Digimon. It showed 3 digimon, 1 Girl-ish looking one, 1 male looking one, and 1 rabit looking one behind the children, but behind the Big, Evil looking digimon, was 3 hideous looking digimon..

'Hey!We ARE NOT that hideous!'I heard a voice ride on a passing breeze...I came upon a door, a Cross was carved onto it..

I placed my hand on it without me telling myself to, and I instantly lost control of my hands and feet, and my eyes where glued infront of me, where a Purple, Yellow and Blue colored stone-orb thing stood on a pedestal, Once I was 1 foot away from it, it started to glow...

Then, the glow stopped. I felt my hands clasped around the orb, and I finally gained control over my body again..The orb sent out purple light, and one ray of it was sent on my face..

The Ray of Darkness instantly made me feel all tingly inside. Free.Strong, Invicible.Confidence...Across from me was a mirror of myself, but I didn't look like myself.My Hair Grew to my Butt, and changed colores from brown to Black with Purple Streaks. My eyes were a silver, and my clothing, changed. I now wore A Lavender Silk Blouse and Black Parachute Pants. My shoes where somesorta of skater-style, the kind Haru...my sister's kind of shoes..

I felt brand new. Like I was packaged in a new wrapper. All my old, worn out and bad memorys where wiped away, giving me a clean slate.

"Hello, Nice to be in your service.."I heard a light voice that seemed to ride on the wind. I looked down, and saw a Little girl enwrapped in a white cloth, with deepblue hair flowing each way, and ultra-pale skin.She also had little wings, and her hair grew longer and longer, reaching out towards me..

"Here, your D-Sense.I'm Droommon, at your service." She said, her voice gave me more confidence. I barely could remember that wretched girl of a sister and a boy shrouded with red..I felt both in this world, and with that feeling, I felt that I wanted to destroy both of them, inside then out..

"Lets go,"I said, with a dirty smirk on my face, and Droommon floating next to me..

Roy Karrde
27th October 2003, 10:44 PM
Hey Gladiator, thanks for the catch I'll make the apropriate changes


I slowly got back to my feet, the guy, the red eyed guy, he seemed to be staring at something off in the distance. Something big that was coming I dont know how I knew but I could just feel it was coming.

" Hey ummm...hi?" I asked softly stepping close to the red eyed guy, I didn't know if he heard me but he seemed to remain quit.

" My name is Laura...Laura Lutz...is this the Digital World?" I asked recalling one of the old stories my father used to tell me about the 9 Digidestined and how he met that one girl...Ashieyu, he never mentioned what happened to her and he just seemed to get drawn out and look off in the distance when he talked about her. Sometimeshe would mumble something about a kid named Kioshi, but since he was never really mentioned as a character in the story I always thought Kioshi was one of Dad's friends from home.

"..Is this the Digital World?" I asked again this time tugging on his shirt trying to get more attention.

28th October 2003, 05:25 AM
Satoshi Takinowa
"..Is this the Digital World?" I heard someone's voice. I looked to to find the girl that was..seemingly going in reverse because...of my eye color.

"Uh.."I said, thinking...My mom told me about how she helped save the Digital World 2 times. Actually, I read her old diary. But still..And Her old friends..I knew them..I had some piccy's Akina took when they were younger.

"I think soo.."I said, still simmingly looking at the huge stone building..


28th October 2003, 03:32 PM
[Satoshi Takinowa][The Big,Loveable Dork of Wind]
I bent down to grab the egg that was next to the weird device. Whenever I looked towards the big building of stone, both shook like no tomorrow..

"You sure it's the digtal world?"Laura said, tugging my shirt a little more..
"I'm 150% sure.See those things over there?"I said, pointing towards the city. It looked like Biyomon walking around the city..
"And look at this card..Same looks."I said, taking a Biyomon Card Effect out.
"I just dunno why we are here."I said, as the last of the people got up. I fixed my glasses once more..

'I have a feeling we have to travel in the big building of stone to figure out why..'

[Haruka Haruda][And her Annoying Friend,Lopmon]
"Lopmon?Are we close?I've been doing all the work, and you haven't told me where we are going!"I yelled as her, braking short, and making her fall off my head..

"We here!We Here!Haruka and I HERE!"Lopmon danced, seemily oblivious to any pain she got from falling off my head.
I then looked foward, and seemingly in a instant, a huge place with buildings with over hangings and fire escapes appered..

"Me no a digimon that give me free pizza!Pizza you like?Pizza Haruka Like?"
"I like pizza.."I said, my stomach still rumbling...We walked to where Lopmon said she could get free pizza, and got exactly that.

"You here to defeat big scary monsters,that go like tis!"She said, and streached her face to make silly faces,"Scary ugly people.Me no like."

"Heh"I said, almost choking on the pizza,"Funny."

Yami Annika
28th October 2003, 04:36 PM
Aunyailia Vergere

"Here," Hoshimon's voice whispered into my ear. I held my new D-Sense in my hand.
"Ici?" I asked for confirmation. In French, which made me smile a little...
"Here." She confirmed. I smiled, and a low giggle echoed in my throat. Humans were here...


There was only one, as it turned out. A girl, sitting with a Lopmon, smiling and laughing over pizza. I grinned widely"A human!" I nearly yelled, dashing over to her. Hoshimon had to dig her nails into my shirt to stay on. "Finally!" She looked at me with surprise as I grabbed her in a one-armed hug.
"Hello.." She replied uneasily.
"Oh, I'm sorry." I realized, taking a step back, and laughed a little. "I've been looking around, and you're the only other person I've seen so far. I suppose I got too excited. You can call me Aunie. It's much easier to say than my actual name."
"Haruka Haruda."
"Pleasure to meet you." I halfway inclined my head.
She repeated the gesture, then frowned a little. "You haven't seen anyone else?"
I shook my head and sat down across from her. "Just you." Lopmon hopped over to inspect Hoshimon, who half-purred her hello. I gasped, "You have a Digimon, too! It's so cuuute! May I hold it?"
"It's name is Lopmon. Go ahead."
I took Lopmon into my arms, and began to pet it slowly. Hoshimon jumped onto the table, and began sniffing the leftover pizza. "You don't happen to know what these are for, do you?" I asked, digging into my pocket and bringing out my D-Sense and a small container, which was a light purple, accented in gold and purple, the shone brightly in the sun, with dark blue sparkles on it.
"That's a D-Sense," Haruka explained, then she took the case out of my hand and examined it. "I don't know what this is, though..." I turned to face her, one arm around Lopmon still. She handed them back to me, and I pocketed my D-Sense, but held the case in the hand around Lopmon, examining it myself.
"Oh well, thanks anyway..."
She started to eat the pizza again, and I looked at Lopmon for a moment.
"So, you haven't seen anyone else, either?" I asked slowly.
"No," She answered sadly.
"You don't think we're the only ones, do you?" My voice cracked a little, unvoluntarily.
Haruka seemed to think back for a moment. "No, I think there are others. Ten, I think."
"Ten..." I repeated under my breath. "So you don't know where they are?"
She shook her head, looking at me a little strangely. "No..."
"Ha-Haruka..." Lopmon whimpered. Haruka looked down and her eyes widened.
The case I had been holding was now replaced with a knife, the blade pressed upon Lopmon's neck, and my arm trapping Lopmon there.
"What are you doing?!"
My eyes narrowed. "You're no use to me." I smiled, and giggled a little. "So I have no reason to do you any favors." Haruka stepped toward me, but Hoshimon jumped infront of me, baring her little fangs and hissing. "Honestly, you don't belong here. There's only supposed to be ten. And me, of course. You make eleven. You're a mistake. And you can't even stop me." I giggled again. "One little twitch of my thumb... And it's all over. For the accident and her little Digimon, too. I wonder what will happen if someone dies in this world..."
I leaned forward. "Perhaps you should be a little more helpful this time." I giggled deeply, then removed my hand from around Lopmon. I picked it up and threw it at her.
"What's that line again? Oh yes... 'I'll be back.'" I smiled, stood up, and gathered up everything, including a piece of pizza which I bit into. "Hoshimon, come." Hoshimon lept onto my shoulder. I gave a little wave.
"Bye bye, now. See you later!" I grinned widely, twirled around, and walked away quite quickly before she could stop me.

Kioshi Wakami
28th October 2003, 07:23 PM
Kioshi Wakami

I had glanced up from my table, looking over at the place Jun was, but wasn't. My eyes widened a bit and I glanced back over to Sorata who looked a little paniced along with everyone else. What had happened?? What did I miss?

I heard a lady scream for 9-11 as she spotted the ten kids lying on the floor unconcious. Sorata and I saw the flick of red locks at the same time and jumped from the booth and rushed over there. My heart was beating so fast and hard it felt like it would burst out of my chest and my knees felt like they were going to go out, and I would've if Sorata wasn't there to wrap his arms around me and give his chest for me to cling onto.

"N...nanio!?? (What's going on!??)" I shouted, the first time I really talked today. I've always been quiet and reserved, holding back my emotions in a fear of something I couldn't explain. But Jun and Sorata brought the light out of me... they made me happy, they were my actual family and didn't judge me like everybody else. And now something happened to Jun... Jun.. Jun..!

"JUN!!" my voice cracked and I ended up falling away from Sorata onto the ground and slipped my hand onto his face. What happened to him? He felt so cold...

"Kioshi... perhaps we should let the peramedics take care of this, they'll know what to do." I glanced up and Sorata gave me a sweet, comforting smile. I believed him. Slowly he helped me stand up and once more I clinged to his side, trying not to burst out in tears over such an incident. I looked around once more trying to find the rest of the parents, who coincedently were the past digi-destins.

Jun Wakami

The bright and shining sun beaming into my half-cracked eyes, blinding me and causing me to cover them up. Why does it seem so close...? I contemplated. My back ached, as if I fell all the way from the sky and landed on a spongey object that still hurt due to the, rather annoying, force of gravity.

"Uhn... What the h---?" I mummbled and managed to sit up. Finally I opened up my eyes and spotted an egg resting softly on this white puff of.. of.. cloud?? I was on a cloud!? My eyes drew away from the egg at the moment and I looked around with a rather shocked expression.

"Out of 17 years of my life this is something I have never experienced..." I managed to speak out too cooly.


The egg rolled towards me, catching my attention once again.

"Eh?" I reached out and picked up the egg, studying it closely. It was a yellow color with jagged black marks going around the sides. One of my brows quirked as it shook softly.

"Somethings inside this thing?" I set the egg down and huffed a sigh. Well, I wasn't going to take care of it. I didn't have time. I had a Digimon tournament I had to get to and a large egg totally wasn't on my list. And that's where I spotted the D-Sense. It was the same colors as my egg, yellow with a black rim so I assumed it too was paired with me. I reached out and grabbed it, letting the keychain dangle off my fingers.

Finally I stood up and gazed around this cloud again. I knew I wasn't at the Tokyodome unless they got a new platform I managed to stumble upon and that's not likely. There were other kids around here too, mostly poorly fashioned ones that I didn't have the nerve, or time, to tell them. Speaking of fashion, I wasn't wearing the exact same thing either, though it still looked good, on me.

Holding out my arms I looked at the blue school uniform I wore. The japanese jacket was unbuttoned, showing my white t-shirt from before nicely tucked into the blue slacks that neatly fell over newly shined black dress shoes.

"Are we in the Digital World?" the sound of a little girl entered my ears.

"I am 150% sure we are." Some boy also spoke up.

"Digital world? You mean the place our games are based off of? But, it's just a game.. isn't it?" I wasn't sounding too suave right now but questions resulted answers and that is what I needed.


Blah! I'm so sorry this post extremely sucks ;_; Jun isn't coming out quite as how I wanted him to. I wanted him to seem laid back, suave and very chill along with a slightly arrogant attitude but to me he is coming off as a complete snob.. Boo. Hopefully I'll get better at portraying him in a more 'chill' manor. :(

28th October 2003, 08:55 PM
[Haruka Haruda][Eating Pizza, one slice at a time]
"Bye bye, now. See you later!"Auniegave a wide grin, and quickly twirled and walked away. I didn't move from my last spot, which was facing Aunie, who had a knife pressed against Lopmon..

I growled lowly, which made the now-so-jumpy Lopmon jump even more.What a b*tch.I tell her the few things I know about this dumb world, and what does she do? She threaten's to kill Lopmon..

And even more..She called me a mistake.

"Lopmon?"I said, with a little shake in my voice. I sat back down on the chair as Lopmon did the same..
"Yeah?"She was talking normal for once, not all kiddy-like.
"Am I a mistake?"
"I dunno.Just don't get hung over it.."

Pfftt...I wasn't a mistake in this world.If I was a mistake..then why did I have a Digimon?Why did I have a D-Sense?But I still felt part of that saying was right..I was furious,confused, suprised, and most of all, depressed, just thinking about what just happened..

[Akina Haruda][Wolf Lady of Light.]
"Haruka!!Where is she?"I said, panicing. I was afraid something happened to her like something happened to Aiymee.

I then remembered where Haruka went..maybe she was there?
I ran over there as soon as I can, every corner, I ran into the chao's of the crowd's.I then looked wide stared.

She wasn't there. I only saw 1 thing of her's, a pair of sunglasses, but they were laid over Satoshi..

Satoshi?I bent down quickly, and felt his face.He was pale, and cold.Akira's son..

"Akira-kun!!!!!!"I yelled loudly. She was somewhere..right?She's sooo irresponsible, even as a adult.

I then looked over, and a veryyy fimilar person was infront of my eyes...Kioshi..

"Wha Akina?"Akira finally came over.In a second, her face turned pale...She was 5 month's pregant with her Second born, Satoshi was her first..

"Satoshi..."She litterally dropped quickly, sobbing..Touching his pale, cold face..

28th October 2003, 09:16 PM
I finished vommiting out the contents of my breakfast. Damn airplane food. THis wasn't right, I was never this sick before. Never once had I vommited, although that was compensated for with more...unpleasent ordeals. I felt burdened, I guess, something just wasn't bloody right with me.

"Ugh," I groaned, trying to get my bearings. It was only then I realized what else was wrong, but I wasn't quite surprised. The initial warp out had done that for me.

"Digital world? You mean the place our games are based off of? But, it's just a game.. isn't it?" Jun asked, completely off-guard. It was going to be a strain to add my two cents, but I would give it anyway.

"Well, it wasn't originally a game, Jun" I stated. Everyone turned to me, they forgot me for the time, but that's how I like to live.

Jun was a bit suspicious, "How do you know my name?" No surprise, would you trust those who eavesdrop on you?

"Meh, I saw you at the Digimon tournament. The fangirls were quite vocal," I responded and took note of his expression, "Yes, I saw that, too. I'm on your side. Now, to get back on track, Digimon wasn't originally a game. It was a story."

Everyone (who could) looked at me, not exactly understanding. I found it slightly uncomforting.

"Now, c'mon!" I said, "Don't tell me no one has heard of 'A Digital Odyssey?' It was written by my uncle, Ark McCloud. It was published in America, Japan, and almost every other bloody country in the world. Oh, nevermind. Anyway, it chronicled the adventures of ten kids who were trapped in the Digital World in order to save it."

The effort of talking was beginning to make me queasy again.

"Well," another person, in a green vest, began to speak, "That's nice and all, but what does that have to do with our current situation."

"Look around," I simply stated, "My point is made." and I went back over the edge of the cloud to vomit.

28th October 2003, 09:40 PM
~*^*~Laura Rider - Ice[Rather Calm Goth Girl]~*^*~
I heard a bit of chatter from those....pink and blue bird-like.....things. I think they were called Biyomon, reffering to a card I had a while back. Apparently, I heard chatter...apparently, they thought it was the 'Digital World'. Was the Digital World even real? I sighed, pacing around with my egg at hand. I felt slow moving inside...meaning it would be a while until it hatched. I looked down at the pendant that replaced my choker...it was beautiful, but somewhat haunting.

I looked towards the huge stone building, wondering if something was hidden in there. I bet it didn't have clues for my egg...but as long as it survived, it would be okay.

'What should I name it...?' I asked myself...all I knew it depended on the personality and characteristics of the being hidden inside. Oh well, Oh well.

Roy Karrde
29th October 2003, 03:56 PM
" Look around " David ordered us, as he made what seemed to be a sweeping motion, indecating all that was layed out infront of us, the temple was within walking distance now, clouds seemed to build on the horizon, and the city seemed to bustiling below us.

"Hey um um" I began, to tell the truth I had no idea what this guy's name was.

'Satoshi" the guy, Satoshi I guess replied almost like he wasnt listening to me

" Hey, Satoshi...I'm sorry about earlier I didn't mean to freak out " I told him, every one else here seemed wierd, as if they had some idea of what they were talking about, I always thought the Digital World was just a story parents told their children to scare them or something.

"Satoshi.." I began again " You dont mind if I stick with you for a while..you just seem nice, and..." Satoshi began to walk away from me, almost pushing me away from him as he began his trek for the temple. " Satoshi?...Satoshi?" I asked over again, his body seemed to be in a trance or something as he continued to move toward the temple.

29th October 2003, 04:05 PM
[Satoshi Takinowa][Glasses Wearing..and..Single]
All the voices strted to turn faint to me, as if it was far away. I felt faint too, but for some reason, I couldn't stop my Legs from moving, or my eye's being transfixed on the huge building..

"Commmeeee...."A Girl's voice ran on the wind, going through one ear, and out the other.It was a younger girl's voice, probably about my age..or a little younger

I got closer and closer to the temple, giving up on trying to get out of whatever trance I was in, or stop moving.I could sense Laura coming near, but I couldn't say anything.

I soon felt my hand goes up onto the cold stone of the temple.Wind brustling my hair, making it sway one way, even with all the gell I used in it...The door opened as I was still in a trance..I walked into the cold corridor..

'Come..find your destiny...'The voice ran on the wind once more.It echoed throughout the temple while..

The door's closed.

29th October 2003, 07:01 PM
<~-Arnen [Antisocial Maniac (yes, I still remember that!) and Fire Dragon] and Kira [Would really rather be someplace else XD) (again XD)`*~

"No clue..." I answered, when I suddenly heard a beeping from the pocket of my jacket. I pulled out my Digivice -- I always carried it with me, though I didn't know why. It was giving off a faint red-and-blue glow. "Weird," I stated, and noticed Ark examining his own Digivice. "Wait... Where's Kira?" I cried, looking around.
Ark started, almost jumping out of his cast. "David and Morrigan are gone to..."
"This is weird!" I declared, handing Ark his crutches off the floor. I blushed as his hand touched mine. I hoped he didn't notice...

When I woke up, I found myself lying on some kind of soft, slightly warm surface.

"Oooh, Kitaru better not've poured water in my bed again..." I grumbled, reffering to my adoptive younger brother. When I sat up, however, I was not in my bed, but lying on what seemed like a giant cloud. "Nanio?" I asked, gazing around apprehensively. Shifting my hand to the side slightly, I felt something smooth and hard. Glancing down, I saw it was some sort of egg, red with blue wave-like stripes going vertically across it. "<That's weird,>" I thought. As I picked it up, I saw that it had behind it some sort of device, black with a marbled blue-and-red grip. "Cool," I said simply, tucking it away in my pocket.

29th October 2003, 09:48 PM
Kenichi Tanaka

I scoffed mentally when people began to speak of this as the "Digital World" as if it was the only logical excuse for this place... More like the most illogical reasoning. Someone had even said his uncle had written up on the subject with some fiction novel... Well, fiction wasn't proof of anything! For all we knew, that fortune teller could have gassed us, then hypnotized us into seeing what we were seeing. This could all be fake!

Before I was able to voice my concerns completely, the guy with the glowing red eyes and glasses wondered off into the recently appeared building... Looked like a temple if anything. Then, the doors slammed behind him.

I swore inwardly, and rushed towards the door, which stayed closed even to my struggles. I saw some of the others follow me and try to tug on the door as well, but others remained behind as well. This was just getting nuts!

"Listen up!" I shouted in my deepest voice, trying to get everyone's attention. "Whether this is the Digital World or not, we can't go wondering off! We don't know this place and what dangers lurk here. Nobody else leaves the group!"

Turning to the guy next to me, I gestured towards the visible bolts on the side of the door. They were about twice my height, and looked pretty firmly wedged.

"Hey, let me climb on your shoulders so I can reach that bolt up there... With these metal knuckles of mine," I gestured towards my new gloves, "I think I can push em out so we can get in there..."

29th October 2003, 10:24 PM
~*^*~Laura Rider - Ice[One who feels unloved...T_T]~*^*~
I felt ignored....I wasn't asked to take part in any parto f these 'plans'. I didn't matter, I was independant anyway. I'll be on my own for now...I, guess. The guy who told us not to get seperated was standing up on somebody's shoulders as I glanced at the door....trying to figure out an idea how to get in through the walls.

'The tight walls....seems nearly...im...im-impossible...to get through...' I thought to myself, placing my hand against the wall and sighing. I wondered how it was for the two who were trapped inside, I bet it was more exciting for them than it was for me.

The wind picked up slightly as a few strands of blue hair flew in front of my eyes.....my highlights, obviously. That kd with red eyes...his eyes were sky blue before in the real world....I wondered if my eyes changed too.

'If only......If only....If only I found where I belonged,' I thought, sighing as I wondered why I didn't fit in no matter everywhere I went...maybe I wasn't meant to live at all. My inner mental wounds would probably never heal, my pain never fading away....has my life been enveloped in darkness for eternity? I tried to find a candle in my mind to give me some light....some sort of guidance.

~*~~*~Sen Kinmoto[The Single 40-year old...]~*~~*~
Those kids minutes after the 3 kids taken to the hospital....they're...gone, mentally. What the hell happened to them? They passed out...but it was unknown why. I glared at the Fortune Telling Booth, the place where they were lively before they passed out. But that dark-haired girl in the black hooded top, she was somewhat compared to me when I was her age...when I experienced the Digital World.

Standing up, I walked over to near where Akina and Akira were...as they gathered around Akira's fainted son, Satoshi. I felt sorry for them...the first time I felt sorrow since I was 17...my heart broken to pieces by some guy, I guess what they said is that he impregnated some girl in my Math class.

I was confused....my memories of the Digital World passing by in the blink of an eye, maybe they were there mentally. But I wasn't sure at all...because I didn't remember if I was there mentally or physically, maybe both...

Roy Karrde
29th October 2003, 10:36 PM
I continued to pound on the door as strong as my fest would let me, it wouldn't even budge. My swollen fists werent even leaving marks behind from where I had attacked the door.

"Satoshi, Satoshi" I yelled over and over. It was no use he was gone, locked some where deep inside of the temple, probley never to return, and all I could do was watch him walk away to enter some crazy temple where he may never return.

Defeated I sighed and slid down the door, using the door to provide some support for my back. Satoshi would come back, he was the only one I felt safe around, he was the only one I could talk to, "maybe if dad was here". No I shook my head trying to shake the thoughts away, dad was dead, he was gone and never come back. I had to...I had to move on.

I turned and looked at another young blue haired girl who seemed to be searching for her own inner strength. This whole thing was over whelming to every one and it was hitting some of us hard.

"Hey..everything is okay right? I mean Satoshi is coming back right?" I asked looking at her and tried to search her face for a answer.

"He'll come back" I answered myself, as I tried to bite back tears. As much as I wanted to believe that this was okay, I knew deep down that I may never see my new friend again, and that I may never see my home again either.

30th October 2003, 12:13 AM
[Satoshi Takinowa][One that wonders,get's left behind(O.o)
I suddenly fell out of trance once I was in the middle of the corridor.I heard banging on the door,but everytime I tried to move towards it, I felt a burning sensation in my feet.

'Let the wind guide you'The voice said once more, and I was deeply in another trance. I was able to see what was on the wall, however. Pictures of 10 kids and weird devices.And Digimon surronded By iron rusty material..

I looked down, and noticed I had the egg with me, of all things.
I was able to move my head and my eyes, but my mouth, my legs and arm's were not in my control...

'Almost here...Wind..'

Who's voice was that?I pondered on the thought as I walked into a Huge room. And I mean huge.It had a large number of steps leading to the top, which I couldn't see anything..

And there were these pedistals of a girl, most likely, a little less than my ahe. Her hair seemed like it was flowing in the wind, though it was just stone..

'Climb up, meet your destiny....'

My legs started to climb what seemed like a hike up Mount Everest or something..As I got closer and closer, the Horizon above the stairs gave off a silver and gold aurora..

Yami Annika
30th October 2003, 07:07 PM
Aunyailia Vergere

I watched, silently, as one person climbed on another's shoulders, in hopes of opening the door. Hoshimon watched silently as well, sitting atop my shoulder. Before then, a boy and a girl, so very young and looking so very lost, had run in there before the doors closed. Hoshimon was definitely hearing loud noises that I wasn't, as her ears kept twitching.
"What do you see now?" Hoshimon whispered.
"That boy, with the black hair... how old does he look?"
I felt Hoshimon move around as she bent her head forward. "Fourteen, maybe fifteen."
I nodded. "Serious... A bit arrogant." I sniffed. "I don't like him."
Out of the corner of my eye, I swore I saw Hoshimon smile. "You won't have to not like him for long, will you?"
I nodded. I did another quick count. "Eight... plus the two inside. That's the ten."
"That girl, against the temple doors... How old does she look to you?" I asked again.
"So young..." I commented, and giggled deeply. I surveyed the others... A boy with red hair... A tall girl... A person who seemed so sure of themself, another person who had seemed so quiet...

I just had to stay out of sight. That was easy. Hoshimon knew every end and out of this world, and I had been hiding all my life. I started to turn around. "Just a bit longer, Hoshimon."


She'll be travelling around a while before much happens. No worries.... yet. ;)

QUICK EDIT: Whoops. Roy's Daughter is OUTSIDE. Sorry.

30th October 2003, 07:50 PM
I walked up slowly to the boy currently trying to pry out the bolts on top of Jun (I think he's the only boy other than David). I dropped my backpack (she'll lose that soon enough) to check through it.

"I have to apologize for my cousin. He usually isn't that out-there," I said, poking through my stuff hoping to come across the thing I need, "I guess the ordeal has fried his brain for now, I'm Morrigan McCloud, that was David Farlane." He was ignoring me, but I was just trying to patch the time either way. Finally, I came across what I was searching for. I walked to the other door, and wedged the crowbar under the door's hinge, and began to pull. David was a bit miffed.

"I thought Ace had confiscated that from you," he raised an eyebrow. I shrugged my shoulders as I continued to pull, the bloody thing wouldn't give. This was going to be frustrating.

"Alright," David added his grip to the crowbar, "Let's try this together, and PULL!" we were pulling with gradually greater strength, and the thing wasn't budging. This hinge was stronger than expected. My patience was wearing thin.

"YARRRGGGHH!" I screamed giving my full rage-induced strength, and at last we heard a noise...the crowbar bent under the strain.

It took David only one glance.

"Oh, crap," he said, moving away, "Stand back folks, this is going to be bad." I went to my bag, pulled out another blunt weapon and charged down the door.

"Die, foul construction from hell! DIE DIE DIE DIIIIIEEEEEEE!!!!!"

"Yep, really bad."
Whether she succeeds or not will be determined by the next person. I just thought I'd give a glimpse in what is the full rage of Morrigan.

30th October 2003, 08:28 PM
[Satoshi Takinowa][Blah Blah]
I finally reached ontop of the stairway, which was more than 100 step's,I counted.I looked around to see what was giving off the aurora, however.

"Huh?"I suddenly felt like I was let go. I could move my leg's once more, But I was consumed in curiousity..

There was another staute of that girl, but her arm's justed outwards.Her hands where in a cup, holding a ball, a glass ball, that is, similar to the one the fake fortune teller had.But this one had gold and silver coloring to it, each complementing the other nicely.

'Take the orb...Wind..'The voice said, and it seemed to come from the statue..

'Should I?I mean..what can happen?Maybe if I grab it, I could go home.'I thought to myself, ofcourse, fixing my glasses.
'I'll take the chance.Maybe grabbing it will allow me to get outof here..'I thought, and reached for the orb. For 2 seconds, time seemed to froze as a white mist erupted from the sphere..and covered the entire area.I dropped the egg, in shock..

What I then saw, was a amazement. The statue actually came to life.Her eye's opened, her legs and arms move..

"Thank you for coming.."She said, smiling.She then pointed to what I was still holding, the strange Device that I found with the egg.

She smiled again, and took something out of her pocket, something fimilar to what my mom had. She called it a D-Scanner of whatever.

"Move it like this."

The top left of the device glew in white light as she moved it, to make a 5 pointed star.She them moved it a line..

"Repeat these movements."

I took my Device, and pressed the button on the side of it. Following her movements,I made a star, and a line..

The girl smiled.then her mouth moved some more,"20 years ago, 10 children aborded Trailmon to travel into this world to save it, gathering 20 spirits, 10 beast, 10 human types. They defeated The evil, and those 10 humans and their spirits combined are know known as the 'Ancients'. Your mom, Akira, is one of those 10 children."

She then frowned a little bit, but it faded into a smile,"Hey, can you do me a favor?Tell Roy I say.."

"Hi"She then vanished into the wind, and the staute was no more, either was the glass sphere...

30th October 2003, 09:25 PM
Kenichi Tanaka

I shook my head as the crazy gaijin girl Morrigan swore up a storm at the door. The crowbar had snapped into two, a pity as well as it might have come in useful... As it was, I myself was making very little progress on this bolt... Sparks flew from the metal knuckles on my fist as I punched the bolt on the hinge. I had been working on it for a few minutes, but it had seemed to barely moved, if it had moved at all...

This is utterly ridiculous... I thought to myself. This whole situation was crazy, the boy who went in there was crazy, and the people out here were acting crazy. Digital World... Huh! I would believe it once I had concrete evidence to suggest so.

I suddenly got a very strong feeling of being watched, and twisted above the boy named Jun. He shouted, and I had to twist back so we wouldn't fall. Glancing with just my eyes, I could see nothing but the mists and the others gathered around the door... Probably nothing... But still, perhaps we had to be careful. There was no telling what was out there.

With a cry of frustration, I cocked my fist back with one smooth movement, and thrust it up with all my strength. For a second, I could have sworn the piece of plastic at my side flashed white for moment, but my concentration was on the bolt. With one loud slamming noise, the bolt flew out of the hinge, and clanged to the misty ground. The side of the door we were working on swayed slightly, then luckily fell inwards with a smash that resonated in the dark building beyond.

"I believe we now have an entrance," I said, climbing off the shoulders of Jun...

31st October 2003, 01:43 PM
Sorry I'm late

The digimon convention has finally begun! I can’t wait to crush everyone with my deck of digimon cards!
I smiled to myself as I headed towards the main building. I then heard something coming from behind a tree not far from me.
“Who’s there?” I said. A strange little creature came out. He was holding some strange, glowing thing.
“What are you?” I asked. The creature just smiled and suddenly, the thing he was holding gave off a bright light.

Roy Karrde
31st October 2003, 01:47 PM
Laura Lutz
The door swung open allowing light to spill into the tunnel beyond. The air inside was damp and misty, it had a feel like no one had been inside there for a long time.

"I think some one is watching us" I shivered as the group slowly began to walk into the temple.

We slowly began to walk in and I clung to either the walls or some one's side. I really had no idea who any of these people were but being near a human body felt safer.

" SATOSHI! " I screamed out trying to locate him.

" Shut up, this place is old and you could bring it right down on us if you make too much noice " Some one snapped at me, I really didn't care, I wanted to find him so that we could all leave here and go home and well just get out of this scarry place.

The temple seemed to go on and on forever, and I really wanted to yell out, I wanted to find him but I kept silent, and just walked silently with darkness all around me.

31st October 2003, 02:13 PM
[Satoshi Takinowa][Washed away in curiosity.]
The mist went away in a matter of second's of her last sentence.I could see everything once more...The statue was gone, but the wind was picking up, fast..

Huh?What was that. It was a guys voice, but it seemed more like a british accent..I looked down, and the egg was no longer there.It was replaced by this bird thing, It had red feathers, a white head with a beak and blue eyes, and bird like feet..
"Sorry about that,"I said, rubbing it's arm/wing on the back of it's head,"I'm Hawkmon, your digimon."

"I guess you found your temple okay.Sorry about calling you names..Your Satoshi,right?"
"Yeah.."I said, dumbfounded. I had a Hawkmon card..
"There's a girl's voice calling you over there,"He said, pointing his wing/arm over to the corridor,"But there are much more important things right now."

"Like..wha?"I said, recognizing the girl's voice that was screaming my name..Laura.

"Like your test, to make sure your really the one who's supposed to be here."He said, pacing back and forth,"It's an easy test, just a fight with an digimon."

"Oh..great."I said sighing..with the ending of my sigh's, the wall infront of me opened like a pair of doors, allowing some light in..

"Woah."I said in amazement and curiosity.It lead to this huge area, with a big birdcage..containing..

A Birdramon?I had to fight a champion level?

31st October 2003, 10:52 PM
I just thought you guys should know that I might not be available to post for a week. A bunch of guys are remodeling our house, and they think they might have to disconnect me. Could someone interact with Morrgian and David for awhile so that they don't fade into the background.

1st November 2003, 01:48 PM
I awoke to find myself on a cold, stone floor. I quickly got to my feet and looked around.
I don’t think I’m in Kansas anymore.
I then saw a pedestal holding some sort of glowing orb. It was green with bits of purple swirling in it. Cautiously, I walked over to the orb and slowly picked it up. All of a sudden, there was the dark light shined in my face and I began to feel strange. I then looked over at an old, broken mirror to see that my clothes had changed. I wasn’t wearing my casual clothes anymore, instead I was wearing a snappy, red suit, complete with bow tie and mask. I smiled and then slipped the orb into my pocket. I felt more confident then usual, more powerful, that I could do anything. Then I felt something coming behind me. I spun around to see a strange blob of slime floating in the air.
“What are you?” I demanded.
“My name is Jammon,” the blob replied, “I am your digimon partner.” Digimon partner? That thing didn’t look like a digimon, it looked like something that slid out of a dumpster.
“Very well then,” I said, turned towards the door, “Come on then.” I headed for the door, with Jammon following close behind.

Roy Karrde
1st November 2003, 05:02 PM
We continued down the long, long hallway in utter silence, I kept shifting my weight from one side to the other. I was ancy, I wanted to find Satoshi and being stuck in this little hallway was making me very ancy.

"Morrgian?" I asked letting the wierd name dance off the tip of my toung. The girl just kept walking, I took that as the cue to continue on, I wasn't talking loud egnough to cause the hallway to cave in, atleast I hope I wasn't.

"So, how do we get home? I mean your uncle or father or something got home right? I mean you knew that Ark guy?" I asked remembering that it was either her or her cousin David that mentioned the book that Ark had written.

"In the book Ark said that the way in and out of the Digital world is these Digimon called Trailmon, they connect the human world to the Digital world and vice versa. That's how they got home last time and the time before that" Morrigan replied, the answer wasn't what I was looking for infact it turned my stomach in fear.

"But..we didn't come in on Trailmon, and I havn't seen one yet, does that mean?" I had allready known the answer before I said it, I think everyone some how knew. If we were going home we would have to find our own way home, or we were stuck here...forever.

1st November 2003, 10:11 PM
Alright, it's not happening, yet.

I noticed the expression on the little girl's face. It upset me to some extent, no one that young needed to put up with this.

"Hey," I said, comforting, "Don't worry, we'll get out of here. Just you wait, we'll find a way out of this situation." I looked around the dark temple walls, frowning as I did so. I heard a light noise, but I couldn't determine much from it.

"I wonder if this is the Digital World," I said to myself. The kid in the lead made a look.

"I very much doubt it," he muttered. Well, at least he was polite about his convictions.

"Maybe, but it would prove interesting if it did," I said, I could hear that noise again. "If this is the Digital World, that would mean that my uncle must have known something about it. Oh, well."

That damn noise was getting persistent, it was familiar to me somehow.

"Hey," I remarked, "Does anyone have an idea what that noise is?" Morrigan pulled some loose hair out of her ear for a better listen, she frowned.

"It sounds," she remarked, pausing, "like that noise we heard when you were hit from behind." She shifted her eyes for a moment. The others began listening in, too.

"Any idea what hit you?" someone asked, he/she was further in the dim corridor, so I didn't know who.

"Well, I got hit from the back of the head," I stated, "there wasn't anything on the ground when I checked. My best guess is a sort of bird."

"Well, this temple was made in the middle of the sky, it shouldn't be that surprising."

"Yeah," I agreed, "but the noise keeps getting louder, and more violent. I hope nothing bad's going on." I walked back to the little girl.

"Hey, need some company?" I asked. She nodded her head, I guess she was afraid of an avalanche or something.

I smiled, "I don't think we've been introduced. I'm David Farlane." I extended my hand in a friendly gesture.

"I'm Laura Lutz," she did likewise and we shook hands. She frowned for a second, noticing something.

"Were your eyes always that red?" she asked. I was confused somewhat, I hadn't gotten a real good at my own self. I was absorbed with everthing else. I took a look down to notice that my favorite jacket had decided to take on an emerald green colour.

"Well," I took a shot in the dark, "not really, they're supposed to be friendly brown like my dad's. My mother had violent red eyes, as did my uncle, Jason." She cocked her head to one side before looking back into the darkness.

"Can I ask you something?" she said, confused about something

"Go ahead," I said, nonchallant.

"What does Morrgian mean?"

"Oh, Morrigan? Um, well she's sort of a story character who was well known in the old British Isles. She was a warlike figure, deciding which warriors would live and which would die. She was also known for her ocassional...less than kind nature. She's not always that bad a person, though."

1st November 2003, 10:47 PM
[Satoshi Takinowa][Monkey's have feeling's too!(^^;)]
I looked back, behind my shoulder for a quick second or too, only to hear footsteps and people talking..

"Satoshi..Back to the point, you have to fight the Birdramon over there to get out of here."Hawkmon said, slapping my lightly on my back..

"Ok.."I told him, and looked around, nothing to help my fight big bird...Was I supposed to fight it, or was Hawkmon?I wanted to look like a good CC for Hawkmon, I decided 'I had to fight Birdramon'.

"Ok.."I said, proudly marching into the huge arnea, which had metal bars around it and a little bird's perch..Like a Giant Bird Cage..

"Sato.."Hawkmon said, but I interupted him..
"I have to fight him alright?So just stay over there. I mean, it can't hurt that much,right?"

I heard a sigh come out of Hawkmon, and walked slowly, cowardly towards the Big Birdy of a Birdramon..

"CAWWWWW!!!Do I see food for me?"The thing shoouted, as it bounced off each metal bar of the arena.
"Come and fight me!"I yelled at it as it got off the bird's perch..
"You are a stupid one!!Me have an easy prey!"It said,and swiftly flew down, gliding on air.It opened it's beak..

I put on a serious face, trying to look tought infront of Hawkmon..

Then, a burning sensation flew all over my body.I looked to my left arm, and found a huge slash, blood starting to drip. It wasn't deep, however..

"Ughh.."I said, grabbing my now numb-with-pain Left arm...'God...I need help...Anything you can give me..'I thought, then looked over to my D-Sense as it glew with white light..

'Let your guiding wind protect you.'The girl's voice was present again. The Birdramon looked confused, trying to see where the voice came from...

My mind flashed rememberance of that Shape..the 5 pointed Star shape I performed with my D-Sense..maybe that will help me?

I smirked with confidence.I grasped my D-Sense with my only arm that could move without pain..I pressed the button..

"Wind!"I shouldets as I swiftly made the star..I looked in my back, and Hawkmon glew in a brillant light..

"Hawkmon..Digivolve to...AQUILAMION!"Wind's blew strongly, wrapping around Hawkmon's growing Body..It grew..and grew.

"You know, Satoshi.I need help defeating Big Bird."Aquilamon smirked at me, and flew up onto equal level with the Birdramon..
"Think about it. Believe."He said with almost a whisper tone voice, His voice was full of confidence though..
'Think...This world is real...I'm here for something, though the purpose right now is hidden.I have to defeat this to escape from here to see Laura, and those other kids.'..

A Goldish glow struck each corner of the room, hiting my left eye..The lgiths quickly disappered..Leaving a sword covered in feathers..

"Bye Bye Birdy."

Yami Annika
2nd November 2003, 03:13 PM
Aunyailia Vergere

The UnHoly Temple. My final stop, for now, at least. There was a girl here, the one who would inherit the orb and become like me. I only had to wait...

Before long, she exited with a smirk on her face and a Droommon floating beside her.

"Good afternoon," I grinned, and she stopped short, examining me.


"Don't worry," My smile faded. "I won't be here long. I'm just here on business." I giggled slightly. "Evil business."

Her eyes narrowed. "How did you...?"

"Names don't matter here." Beside me, Hoshimon yawned. "But as I said, I am here on business. According to the rest of the world, I'm evil, you're evil... I have something you want..."

Her eyebrows started to raise. "Something I want...?"

"You're name is Aiymee Haruda. Ten years old. You also have a sister named Haruka." Hoshimon sighed gently.

"With whom I've met." I nodded and smiled fondly on that memory. "I know where she is at the moment... and, of course, the other ten. I know you want to hurt them. At the moment, I really don't care what happens... I can give you so much information, once I get it. I just need you to agree on something. Once you've proven your worth, I'll give you that and then some."

"And what do I have to do?"

"You may, or may not, attack the group whenever you want. All you have to do is call yourself 'Aunie' whenever you do it, or are close to them.

"That's not much is it?" I continued, tilting my head to the side. My hand in my pocket grouped for the knife. "I do hope I have you as a partner," I halfway pulled it out, letting it gleam in the sun. "It'll be just devestating to go back with no Harudas at all..."

If she agrees, Aunyailia will walk away. If not, then Aunyailia might react... unhappily.

Kioshi Wakami
2nd November 2003, 06:51 PM
Jun Wakami

I snorted a little after the other japanese boy jumped off my shoulders. He left his filthy shoe prints on my uniform... I thought to myself. I tried dusting it off but it didn't come out fully. How long is it going to be before I can have a bath? A sigh left my lips as I silently decided to follow the rest into the temple. It wasn't anybody but Kenichi that I decided to walk next to. Slipping my hands into my pockets, I looked around the corridors at all of the inscriptions upon the wall. Like everyone noticed before, it showed the 10 original digi-destined with their digimon. I suddenly stopped at one picture and walked over to it.

"Odd... that looks like my Dad." I breathed quietly, studying the etching of a little boy with silver hair and a yellow belly shirt/hoodie. Was my Dad in the digital world? Why didn't he ever tell me...? I frowned and pulled myself away from the picture, catching up with the rest. My Father never talked much, especially of his past. What was also odd is that almost everyone who was here had a family member that supposively went to the digital world, so that could mean my Dad was here too..

"Yo. The names Jun, I was your step ladder back there." I spoke jokingly to the other Japanese boy. Extending a hand I gave a faint smile.

~_~ When will I ever get Jun's personality right??

2nd November 2003, 07:03 PM
[Aiymee Haruda][Boom.O.x]

"You may, or may not, attack the group whenever you want. All you have to do is call yourself 'Aunie' whenever you do it, or are close to them."She told me..

"That's not much is it?"The girl continued on,"I do hope I have you as a partner,"She fooled around in one of her pockets, and something halfway came out, giving off a strong glare from the sun,"It'll be just devestating to go back with no Harudas at all..."

I thought to myself for a second...'Haruka was here?'...If I did what she asked, I would luck out, I look worlds different than what I did in the real world. She wouldn't know who I am. And That would give me more comfort in killing or, destroying her in the inside.

"Uhh.."I said..shruging,"I guess I can."

[Haruka Haruda][Bing Bang Boom.The 3 B's]
"It's ok,Lopmon. Let's go back to eating.."I said, placing a fake smile on my pale face. My face looked like all the blood drained out of it in fear.

"You ok?"
"Yeah, don't worry. I'm happy she didn't hurt you."
"You upset at Mean Aunie Girl say?"
"Please, let's just eat."And with that,I sat back down, grabbing the second to last piece of pizza. Lopmon grabbed the last one..

"Haruka..I don't think your a mistake."Lopmon said, placing a smile on her face,"I don't no why you are here, or why other kids weren't with you, but I don't think you are a mistake. That's what matters."
"Thanks."I smiled, finishing the last slice and wiping my hands on the napkin..

'Although..'I thought..but stopped.
"Haruka, let's stay around here for a little bit.I can teach you about your D-Sense and how to use it.And I'll show you the sights."Lopmon placed a bigger smile on as we pushed in our chairs, and started to walk.

Roy Karrde
2nd November 2003, 07:43 PM
"Bye Bye Birdy" Satoshi comented as I rushed into the room, the residue of the bird seemed to be fading away as I got there.

"Satoshi!" I yelled in excitement when I spotted, I immediatly ran over to him and hugged him almost like on impulse. I remained that way for a minute, trying to figure out what I was doing and waiting to see if he would say something first. It wasn't either, after a few seconds past I began to fell something wet trickle down my face. I reached up and felt and brought my hand back to see blood all over it. I began to back away in shock and fear until I realized that it wasn't my blood but Satoshi's.

"Oh god" I trembled in shock as I ran back over to him. "Here let me help" I added, as I reached down and ripped a piece of my dress off and wrapped it around his left arm where the cut was at.

"Sorry I messed up your dress?" He apologised finally causing me to look down and finally takei n the blood soaked dress and the rip at the bottem of it.

"It's...it's okay" I stammered out. I began to look around as the aqward moment continued, where was everyone I thought they followed me into the room but they were no where to be seen.

2nd November 2003, 10:24 PM
[Satoshi Takinowa]
With one slash of the Sword, and one attack from Aquilamon, Birdramon was nothing more than a overcooked turkey.

"Ugh,"I said, going down to me knee's. Aquilamon came down quickly at the site of the blood, and de-digivolved...

"Satoshi!!"I looked over my shoulders, have hearing a girls cry..And saw Laura. She came over rushing, and hugged me instantly..

For a couple of seconds, everything in my body was numb. Either in Happiness for that fight being over/someone else was here besides me or the fact that my arm was bleeding..

Laura then took a step back, and examined her hand that she used to feel her face. Her hand was covered in my blood.She looked concerninly at my arm..
"Oh God..Here,let me help."She said, and ripped a piece of her dress off,and wrapped it around my left arm.

"Thanks...Sorry for messing your dress up.."I smiled apologeticlly...
"It's....It's ok.."Laura replied, looking around..

"Oh!!Satoshi.."Hawkmon ailed,"You should've let me battle from the start!You wouldn't gotten hurt then."
"Is that was the test mean't?"
"Yeah.."I looked at Hawkmon dumbfounded,angry. He SHOULD'LVE told me before so!!!

I started to hear more footsteps, closer and closer.

4th November 2003, 04:48 PM
"There you are," I shouted, "You had us worried there."

I walked into the room where Satoshi and Laura were in. I took a quick glimpse at Satoshi's arm, and glanced toward a familiar figure, a worried looking Hawkmon. While most would be surprised, shocked, or confused by this turn of events, I was not of that majority.

"Huh," I commented, "Interesting how things work out."

I rummaged through my pack once more and took out a bit of cloth, some water, and disinfectant.

"Here," I tossed the aforementioned items, "Clean yourself up, We have no idea what kind of diseases your attacker had. We don't want you to suddenly die of 'Nano Fever' or something."

"Actually, Nano Fever is a non-deadly disease," the Hawkmon stated matter-of-factly. I sighed in slight embarrassment and frustration.

"It was just an expression," I stated, "Besides, we humans may not have immunity to your Digital diseases."

"Hey," I turned to face Laura, "Do you have anything for this." She indicated her blood stained dress.

"I'm not a housewife," I said a bit indignantly but tossed my backpack to her, "but we might be able to hem up some of my clothes so that you may use it. Just look through it and see what suits you."

"I don't think you know my name," I said to both Satoshi and Hawkmon, "I'm Morrigan McCloud, just Morrigan. I'll kill you if you call me Morgan, that's reserved for my relatives."

Yami Annika
4th November 2003, 05:42 PM
No one's point of view:
"I'll kill you if you call me Morgan, that's reserved for my relatives."

Taken slightly aback, Satoshi replied "Nice to meet you... Morrigan."

Once the sentence had ended, a roar, coming from somewhere just outside temple, erupted. There was then a loud, high-pitched scream. "Please! Help me! Someone!" Without a second thought, some of the group started toward the door, Hawkmon coming up close in front. The screams continued, as did the hissing, the tip-tapping of nails against tile, and roars. About halfway through the hall, another girl literally ran into them, a small digimon not far behind.

Aunyailia Vergere

I looked up at them through my blurred vision and saw, to my surprise, another Digimon. My heart pounding in my throat, I scrambled to stand up, and made to get behind the boy beside the Digimon. Hoshimon, now a huge fuzzball, circled around to face the door, letting out a hiss of her own.

There was a moment of silence, and realizing that the source of the roars was gone, I slowly looked up and stood. My knees were like jelly, and they threatened to collapse under me. "Is it gone?" I asked shakily.

The boy shrugged. "I never saw anything..." A few other people looked around, confused, and agreeing with him. I heard someone ask, "What was it?"

"Nothing short of a monster... The person with it was so... evil..." I managed to answer, tears falling and mixing with the blood on my lip. I sighed deeply and tried to control myself. "Maybe that... thing..." I winced, nodding to the Digimon, feeling horrible for calling it that. The Digimon narrowed its eyes slightly at me. "Th- They saw him, and it scared them off." Someone moved beside me and I jerked in surprise. Surprisingly, I started to giggle. "I'm sorry..." I added, wiping away my tears. "I've interrupted..."

"No, no," The little girl piped. "It's alright."

"Th-thank you..." I whispered, in surprise. I started looking around, no longer hyperventilating. "Are you all... together?"

There were a few "Yes"s and nods. I huge grin spread all over my face, and my heart beated faster, this time with excitement. Hoshimon jumped on my shoulder.

"Can I stay with all of you? Please?"

4th November 2003, 10:04 PM
Just to let you know, after I get 1 Post from people that haven't posted a lot. I'm gonna move this fowards toawrds Tama Market, where the Ice Temple is.

[Satoshi Takinowa][Hehehehehehe!]
"Can I stay with all of you? Please?"The girl asked us..I didn't know what to say, exactly. I didn't get the greatest vibe from her, at all. But sometimes I was bad with vibes I got from people..

"Ehh.."I said,sighing"What do you guy's think..?"My glasses started to tilt onto one side, from my lead leaning on my left shoulder.

I got a few nods, some that people had to think about..But I felt it was ok, atleast for now.

"I guess so.."I told her, still cleaning my arm with the stuff Morrigan gave to me. I smiled jokingly, and got back up, with Hawkmon helping..

'Let our combined winds guide you to a new location...'The girls voice whispered in my ear. The girl had a questionable look on her face.

"Anyway...who are you?"I asked the girl,"And did you just hear that voice?"

The 3 evil kiddies can hear the voices in the temple's,just to let you know.

4th November 2003, 10:57 PM
Wow...this is a dream....me next, and I won an award for the forums?!? 0.0;;

~*^*~Laura Rider - Ice[Where is the Love? ;_;]~*^*~

"Can we stay with you all...please?" The girl with a cat-like creature on her shoulders asked. I thought for a minute...who was she. I noticed a few people nodded towards the guy with the Hawk-like creature, but I was still in thought. It really didn't matter with me, as long as she didn't offend me in any way....

"I....guess, so..." He replied, cleaning his arm with some stuff a girl gave him...he smiled jokingly, soon getting back up with his bird-brain of a sidekick helping him. I heard a whispering noise from nowhere of a femenine vocal, I couldn't really make out what she said. It didn't matter, I guess. I still felt rejected, sighing.

"Anyway...who are you?" He asked the girl with the cat, "And did you just here that voice?"

"I'm...Aunyailia...." She said, shyly. She didn't want anybody to make fun of her name....and I felt her pain. It was indeed a mysterious name...but made me envious that there was another girl of my name. I looked down at the egg in my arms, and glared viely at that hawk.

'It had to have hatched from that damned egg....' I thought to myself, continuously trying to control my envy. The winds blowed somehow, getting faster each time....

The egg felt slightly warmer than before...maybe it would hatch soon, or something like that. I stared at my device, wondering what it was for. If it would help me in any way. I pulled it out and flipped it on, only able to unlock a map. The map showed a town not to far away from a group of a little over 8 dots(the digivices, including hers)....and a deep blue dot within the area of the town(the Ice Temple). What were these symbols....what did they mean. Sighing, I turned it off and put it back in my pocket....standing there with my egg.

5th November 2003, 04:12 AM
Just to let you know Gothic Latias, But we Teleport out of the temple, not walk out of it...^^;.(It happen's in every other temple to make things go a tad faster.)

Congrats on winning a award^^.

5th November 2003, 04:54 PM
I was slowing down, wanting to comprehend the things that were happening, that and I was getting violently queasy again. I didn't like this girl...this Aunyailia...I'm not one who believes in the vibe thing, but she had a hostile effect on me. Things would have been better had my thoughts not been interrupted.

"Urp," I repressed the urge to hurl, as I recovered from my meeting with the ground, I turned to look at what had tripped me up. Two eggs, and their respective devices. One set was green and another was purple and green.

"Huh," I cocked my head to the side, "I wonder how I could have missed these?" I got a closer inspection at them.

"Hmm," I grinned, "I'll bet my entire collection of dice that the green one belongs to me. So, I guess this other one might be Morgan's?"

I managed to fit both eggs in my coat, as well as the green device, but the darker one was a bit of a problem. I imagine that these devices had some sort of anti-theft system. A purple flame erupted around my hands.

"HOLY CRAP!" I yelled, trying to toss the device between my hands before stuffing it in my jacket. I checked my hands to notice they were scarred to some extent, "DAMN, IT ALL!"

My rant was stopped when I noticed that the eyes of the others were focussed on me. I totally went red in the face.

"Heh, heh," I stammered, "Sorry about that, just picked up one of these devices, and well..." I pulled out the purple one for visual representation, my realization came a little late as the purple fire erupted around my hands...again.

Roy Karrde
5th November 2003, 09:05 PM
Yeah Gothic congrats on the award, you deserve it

" Hi I'm Laura" I told the small kitty perched on top of the new girl's shoulder. " Your pretty, are you a digimon?" I asked.

I reached forward slowly, the kitten was so cute, and I just wanted to touch it, to pet it, to feel the soft fur. My hand moved to with in inches of it's head when it struck out and bit my hand, drawing a little bit of blood. " Ow " I jumped moving away from the kitten.

" Keep away from me you stupid brat or I'll be the last thing you see " The cat digimon growled. At that point David started yelling and running around with purple fire burning from his hands.

"David" I yelled running behind Satoshi and cowering behind him. That cat was behind all of this I knew it, that cat was evil.

6th November 2003, 04:16 PM
[Satoshi Takinowa][Lucky to be Male. ._.']
I was looking at David the whole time, who had some sorta of purple flame erupting from his hands, that I didn't notice that Laura was behind me, a little trickle of blood was on her finger..

"David" She commented,I bent down, reaching the cleaning stuff Morrigan gave me to use..

I looked around, and noticed the fact that it started to get very gusty around the place, but my hair was the onlyone moving in it...It was circulating from the center of the birdcage..

"Uh..oh.."I muttered to my self, as I saw the cirulation starting to form more stronger and stronger winds each time.

'Satoshi..Let the wind's guide you and your friends towards the next place..'The voice stated again(he and Aunyailia can only here it.)..

I felt my body getting lighter and lighter, as if I was going to be picked up by the wind...Hawkmon started to jump, flaping his wings in the wind, trying to fly..

6th November 2003, 04:31 PM
~*^*~Laura Rider - Ice[The only gothic Marilyn Manson-hater]~*^*~
Looking around, the winds continued to blow faster and faster...how the hell was it gusting? The trees outside weren't moving at all.....yet it was coming from that giant birdcage. I squinted my eyes, noticing a circulation forming...like a cyclone....could it be? A tornado? The gusts continued to blows faster and harder...and I couldn't resist the pressure anymore. I knelt down, trying to hold my place as the winds somehow made me feel lighter....as if it we're going to lift me up or something.

'This place really is wierd...' I thought to myself, looking over as the hawk tried to the fly. Closing my eyes, I tried to envision something other than the gust...but all that came in mind was a bunch of crystals, surrounding a statue and silhouette in the darkness. Was it a prophecy or was it a dream? I hoped the Oracle wouldn't let me down...or I'd know I would be doomed to my death soon here...I want to leave.

Yami Annika
6th November 2003, 05:56 PM
Aunyailia Vergere

I grabbed up Hoshimon roughly, giving Laura an apollogetic look. It was too late, though. I moved toward the Laura, but before I could, a small gust started picking up. While everyone was distracted, I leaned down to Hoshimon.

"Hoshimon, you've almost ruined it. You're a Digimon in distress, in shock after someone evil tried to kill us for no reason. You do not trust humans, but you don't go biting people. No overacting. D'accord?"

Hoshimon kept her eyes neutral, making sure no one was watching. Once she had deduced no one heard us, she nodded. A gust blew from behind me, blowing all my hair toward my face.

"Mm..." My voice trembling again, I walked toward the group. Like everyone else, I glanced around. Where in the world was this wind coming from?

'Satoshi..Let the wind's guide you and your friends towards the next place..'

I stopped dead in my tracks. My eyes unvoluntarily widening. Anger that was not my own boiled beneath the surface, along with strangely neutral reasons. That voice... That person...

7th November 2003, 11:17 PM
[Haruka Haruda][Da Doom La la De La Da Doom]

"Ok, Haruka. The first thing we will do is learn how to call a map on your D-Sense."Lopmon said.She stoped talking silly for the lesson,to give it a more serious tone.She seemed Very Mature when she wanted to.

I took out the D-sense out of my Pocket.We moved outside of town, on a grassy hill, which it was fairly windy..

"Now, a Circle will activate a Map. Press the button on the side of your D-Scanner,and Make a circle."Lopmon said, pointing with her poinmting finger, and making a circle.I did the same, yet I forgot to press the button..

I did it a second time, and it worked. I dropped it out of excitement, but the D-Sense stayed still in the flowing wind...It showed a map of a island..

I noticed a cloud that was quickly coming over Tama Market. The cloud had many different dot's, 11 of them to be exact..

11?I thought Aunie said there was 10, that I was a mistake?

I saw a Bubblegum pink one,which had to be me. I saw 2 other ones, one red and an lavendar one..Both of them and one of them in the cloud had a outline of black..

8th November 2003, 12:54 PM
OoC: Ok, sorry I've been gone, but I've been busy/sick lately... Can someone gimme an update? (my AIM's IGN Nabooru23) Also, a five-pointed star is called a pentagram.

Roy Karrde
9th November 2003, 02:19 PM
Just for any one that has a question on what is happening, I'll just do a small review that way it will be easier on people that have questions.

The "good" ten have arrived at the first temple where Satoshi has recieved his first digimon. Everyone else still has eggs. Meanwhile Aunyailia has recruited one of the other evilies to pose as her and to attack her so that Aunyailia can work her way in to the good group. Now Aunyailia has arrived into the group, the good ten are currently caught up in a tornado like vortex which should take them to the town below where they can get to the second temple and where they can meet Haruka * Which has allready met Aunyailia who was under the alias of Anni *.

The wind seemed to guide us off the cloud and onto the ground, solid ground which was good. Meanwhile I still clung to Satoshi and tried to keep my distance from that cat. That cat was evil I knew it was evil and bad.

" This place looks like a Flea Market like back home " I heard some one say. And it was true the market place was bussiling and busy with all different types of those monsters.

"Satoshi, you think we will find any humans here? or a way home?" I asked him as I continued to cling to his arm.

"I dont know, I really dont know" He said as if he was bearly listening to me. I replied with a sigh and just stood there clinging to him. I wished he would notice me or say something to me instead of just saying things to quite me down, but I doubt he would ever notice me now or ever.

Yami Annika
9th November 2003, 03:39 PM
"Aunie", not "Anni", Big Lutz.

Aunyailia Vergere

After a few minutes, everyone seemed to disperse. We all started looking around, making sure to stay near one another. "Our little break before continuing on our journey", I called it in my mind. I looked around for a moment, Hoshimon now at my heels.

"Satoshi! Laura!" I called, and both he and the little girl, Laura, clinging to him, looked over at me as I walked over. I waved, my energy becoming renewed. "Might I borrow Laura for a sec?" My eyes grew wide, and I frowned a little. "Sorry, I'm being all rude... You two are probably in the middle of something. It's kinda important, so, Laura, whenever you have the time..."

By now, little Laura's face was a little pink around the edges. Satoshi, who was now examining something shiney, absentmindedly replied, "We're not in the middle of anything."

"Oh... um..." I stammered as Laura detatched herself and walked over to me.

"What is it?" She asked.

"It's just..." I started walking away from the group and Laura followed. "I heard what happened between you and Hoshimon. The.. bite? How's your hand?"

"Better now."

I breathed deeply, relieved. "I'm sorry about that. It's just... when I first appeared, here... and I found Hoshimon," Speaking of her, I felt Hoshimon in my pocket now, digging around. "T-the first thing that happened was some tall girl comes and attacks us. Hoshimon was hurt really badly... When we saw the girl again, we ran, and... well, kinda ran into you." I looked down. Hoshimon jumped down, my pocket feeling slightly lighter, and, as we continued to walk, Hoshimon fell in step beside Laura, without her noticing. "Hoshimon's kinda... wary of humans at the moment. I'm sorry."

Laura looked down. "It's alright," She spoke, and her eyes portrayed her sympathy.

"You wanted to pet Hoshimon, right?" She nodded. I bent down and picked Hoshimon up. Once I brought her near me, I felt her tail move into my pocket, and it felt considerably heavier. "Here."

She smiled with surprise as Hoshimon didn't bite or scratch her, but instead sat in her arms. "I won't hurt you again." Hoshimon told her, offering it's head up for her to pet and grinning.

"It's so soft," Laura half-giggled, as she began to stroke Hoshimon's fur, which, of course, sent Hoshimon into cat heaven. I grinned and watched.

A long moment passed, Hoshimon bordering on comatose. "Are you scared, Laura?" She looked at me, surprised at the question. "Of this world?"


"So am I." I answered quietly, and sat down.

"I mean, are there any other humans here? Will we ever find a way home?"

I thought about those questions for a moment. "Well... I thought there weren't going to be any other people here, and I found you guys. And, if there's a way in here, there's a way out." I tried my best to smile reassuringly. "And, besides, we're in a group. You guys are all friends... Hopefully I am, or will be, considered a friend, too." I smiled a little as I realized this was becoming more of a stream of conciousness. "As long as we stay together, nothing from the outside can hurt us. Right?"

10th November 2003, 08:03 AM
[Satoshi Takinowa][Blind to Love]
I grinned when I looked over my shoulder, to find Aunyailia and Laura talking to eachother, and Laura petting Hoshimon. It was good that she hung around another girl, and not a boy like me.

I searched my pockets for something to trade the Justimon behind the counter...
"I got this.."I said, frowning. I had grabbed out some hundred yen.
"Is this, human money?"
"Yes, Justimon"Hawkmon remarked out of the blue,"He's from the human world."
"AHH!Human money's a rare and priceless stuff over here, I would be glad to trade this necklace for human money!"He said gladly. I gave him 2 100 yen Piece's, and grabbed the necklace. I was just a silver chain, and some sort of crystal like thing hanging down from it.

'I'll wear this later.Or something..'I said, walking around. Hawkmon was tailing me, looking at each digimon..
I looked ahead, and saw some Light Pink haired girl and a Lopmon running towards me..

"SATOSHI!!!"She yelled in my ear,hugging me like mad.Her Lopmon went on my shoulders, playing around with Hawkmon..

Roy Karrde
10th November 2003, 02:12 PM
Hey what ever happened to Thargor and Mystic_Clown?

" I wish we were all friends, but...some times I feel that I only have one friend here, and he doesn't even know I'm alive " I told Aunyailia, the small feline in my hands seemed to relax and go limp, it's breath became shallow and it's eyes rolled back into it's head.

" Well by the looks of it, he knows that some one is alive, maybe it's his girlfriend?" She replied pointing over to Satoshi who was hugging a girl his own age. I swallowed the lump that seemed to spring up in my throat.

" Your more than just friends with him, atleast..." Aunyailia began looking closer at my face almost as if she were studying it for a art project or something. "..Your in love with him?"

" No, that would be stupid, I'm too young, and he would never.." I began my hands were rapidly becoming sweaty, and my thoughts seemed to flash in and out, I couldn't find the right words to say, I didn't know what to say.

" He would always think of you as a kid " Aunyailia replied finishing my sentence. I bit my lower lip, drawing a little bit of blood and nodded.

" Oh for god sakes, you wont know until you talk to him, and I mean really talk to him, none of this stupid crap about daning around how you feel " Aunyailia said standing up, and took my hand. The lump in my throat began to return.

" No, no, no, I could never " I protested as I strained against Aunyailia's over powering grip who lead me straight to Satoshi and the strange girl who were still hugging and conversing like they hadn't seen each other for years.

" Scram " Aunyailia yelled in what was a low threatning voice as she pushed the girl away from Satoshi. The two girls looked at eachother for a monent as if they recognized eachother before Aunyailia turned to Satoshi.

"Satoshi. Laura has something she wants to tell you " She said shoving me infront of him. The lump in my throat seemed to grow as big as a turkey.

"I-I, I just want to be left alone" I blurted out, my eyes filled with tears and my face was a mixture of shock and disapointment. I took off running through the market and didn't stop to look back.

10th November 2003, 02:54 PM
[Haruka Haruda][Hey...We haven't heard from Aiymee in a while, what the hell is she doing?]
"SATOSHI!!"I yelled, headin for him like a heat seaker bullet. I quickly hugged him, and Lopmon went off me to go play with, evidently, Satoshi's Hawkmon.

"You are..?"He said,looking at a girl, younger than him, than at me, than her. I took a big sigh, and remembered I had different colored hair in the real world.
"Your cousin, Twerp."I told him bluntly..
"Haruka-kun?"He said, blinking his eyes in double take. I sighed again, Satoshi can be...absent minded when he want's to be..
"Yes, it's Haruka-kun."I smiled.I took my latches off of him, and got out my D-Sense..
"You have one..of these?"I said. I quickly moved my head to notice someone familiar. Aun..

Aunie?It had to be a different one, since she wasn't acting like a total b*tch to the young girl. Aunie grabbed the young girls hand, and dragged her over here..

"Scram."Aunie said. I glared at her, wondering what she was doing, since Satoshi seemed good, and Aunie was with Satoshi..and..

I backed up a little, Lopmon starting to shake a little in fear of her presence(which is the most likely reason Haruka won't travel with the 10/11).I glared at her the whole time, as she dragged the young girl infront of Satoshi-kun.

"Satoshi. Laura has something she wants to tell you "Aunie said. The young girl's name was Laura, then..I would have to remember that.

"I-I, I just want to be left alone"Laura said, running away in tears. Her face, shock and disappointment was written all over it. Satoshi looked at her running, dumbfounded..

"Uh.."Satoshi said, taking his glasses to clean."Wanna tell me what she wanted to tell me,Aunyailia?"

Yami Annika
10th November 2003, 04:59 PM
Aunyailia Vergere

"Wanna tell me what she wanted to tell me, Aunyailia?" Satoshi held his glasses in his hands. I nearly took a facefall. I took a big sigh and looked him straight in the eyes.

"She likes you." I said simply. From his eyes I could tell he thought I meant as a friend, so I stopped him once he opened his mouth. "No, no... Ah... Like, as in, not as a friend-like like. Crushy-love like... like. As in, she loves you. Get my drift?"

He nodded, surprised. The words seemed to be repeating in his head.

"Good," I smiled. "I thought I would have to walk you through it." I giggled a little, then went serious again. "Now, you have a little girl somewhere, bawling her little eyes out, and you need to tell her something. Oooh, better yet, buy her something too. Can never go wrong with shiney jewelry. But hurry!" I urged, and turned away.

As I walked away, I sensed him look around for a second, still a bit confused, then also leave.

"Awful sweet of you," Hoshimon cooed in my ear. "Playing matchmaker. Although a bit out of character..."

I turned my head to see that there was no one around. I quickly changed the conversation... "Oh, pretty..." I picked up a hairpiece. A clip that had a flower on it, which started out pink, grew into purple, then was outlined in a black opal-like color. It had two long ribbons coming down from it, ending in tassles. I held it up to my braid, figuring out how I could position it. Looking around now, I saw lots of stuff that I wanted. Sunglasses, a bag which I could hold my D-Sense in...

"Oh, another human." A Digimon (Justimon, I s'pose) spoke to me, coming around. I jumped back in surprise, then relaxed.

"Yes... I would like to buy this..." I felt a giggle in my throat and I reached into my pocket, and felt my fingers grasp a small light purple container, accented in purple and gold...

My brother just told me that my post makes Aunyailia sound like she's going soft.


Does the container seem familiar? See the post when Aunyailia threatened Haruka for a hint.

10th November 2003, 05:18 PM
(Or Jun)

"David," I asked in concern, "How's that stomach of yours?"

After the initial cyclone bit, David was left highly disorriented. This in turn explains why I am now wearing my dark blue T-shirt, and why my old one is now with an Agumon who runs a laundromat.

"Actually," he commented, "I'm getting quite better."

I sighed in relief, "How long has this been going on?"

"Since I got here," he muttered, perplexed, "I really can't understand why. All I know is that I have this queasy, tugging feeling in my chest."

"You suppose we should find a doctor?" I asked.
"I don't know," he simply responded.

"Well," I said, "Let's at least pray that they have Mountain Dew."

David looked blankly at me for a second, "What is it with you McClouds and Mountain Dew? Is the addiction genetic or something?"

"Shut up," I remarked, "Your mother is a McCloud you know." He shrugged in response, not entirely caring about that fact.

We turned the corner, and nearly bumped into a grief stricken Laura. She ran past us like she didn't notice us, and she was clearly upset. I turned slowly to David.

"You go on about your way," I told him, "I'm going to see what's wrong with Laura."
I walked onward, coming across an interesting scene. Aunyailia (shudder) was bitching at Satoshi; I slowly shifted my gaze toward my right.

My heart stopped, or at least my brain didn't pay attention to the rest of me.

She was about my height, with pinkish hair up to her shoulders and eyes were mixed with pink and hazelnut. She had a sour look on her face, probably from Aunyailia. Something about her threw me off, and I wasn't sure how to react. I was stuck with indecision, and I prayed I wasn't going into a mind lock.* That would mean I've hanged out with Ark too long.

David you idiot, why are you staring? My mind screamed at me, Look away, your going to catch hell worse than Morrigan if you don't. It won't save your *** if people think you're perveted. Sometimes, I may overthink something, but that voice called 'Logic' did have a point. I slowly turned back to see that Morgan was gone, and decided to walk to the group. Aunyailia had already left.

"So, uh," I said, catching my voice, "Can someone tell me what happened back there? I ran into Laura, and she seems most upset."
*the Mind Lock is what I personally call this frequent problem of Archwood's (Ark). Whenever he gets really scared, or when he just can't seem to understand what is going on, he gets real indecisive about how to react. One-third of him wants to do one thing, One-third wants to do something else, and the other third is arguing about whether they should try to do anything at all. For reasons unknown, this also causes every non-major system in his body to shut down and he blacks out.

10th November 2003, 05:23 PM
[Satoshi Takinowa][Uh....HardHeaded,Bonehead.]
'Crushy-love like..Crushy-love like..Crushy-love like'Aunyailia voice replayed over and over in my head, my mind was numb..I couldn't think anything but those words.

"Good,I thought I would have to walk you through it."Aunyailia said, giggling for a sec, then getting serious.. "Now, you have a little girl somewhere, bawling her little eyes out, and you need to tell her something. Oooh, better yet, buy her something too. Can never go wrong with shiney jewelry. But hurry!"

She turned as I looked around. Haruka-kun was by my side, smiling,"Can I come?I feel bad, she might of gotten..the wrong impression of me.."
"She probably thinks your my girlfriend."I commented,signaling Hawkmon to start to fly to the rooftops to find Laura...
"I wouldn't know why she would think such a thing, but.."Haruka said,as we started to fastly pace ourselfs walking."I hate it when people get the bad first impression or something. And she like's you, matter of fact. I havta get to know her, since she.."

I blushed before she can finish. I didn't think Laura-kun as nothing more than a friend.She was younger than me, maybe if she was my age. I see her more as a little sister than anything..

I don't want to tell her that I don't crushy-love-like her, I just like her as a friend..It might hurt her feelings, or worst yet, run any friendship instore for us.

Hawkmon came back,"I found her near the edge of town, Satoshi."

"Haruka, do you think you can, walk a little slower?I don't want to get her more upset by seeing you near me."I instructed Haruka-kun,and walked faster towards the edge of the town. Lopmon went onto Haruka's head as she unfolded her Razor scooter, for some reason, one or another..

"Laura..."I said, blushing. She took a glance at me, and turned her back on me. I walked closer and closer to where she was..

Just to let cha know, Gothic, The 'Gaurdians' in the temple, like Asheiyu, will be Akira(Only since she was the first Ice.) for the Ice temple, which is located in a secret passage in a big foutain, middle of Tama Market..^^

Roy Karrde
10th November 2003, 09:50 PM
Morgan had a conforting arm around me, while I had my head in my hands and both of them burried in my knees. It was sometime after I had finally stopped sobbing when the rest of the group got there. I couldn't really make out any of them, except that there was alot of them, which ment Aunyailia had told them everything and they had come to watch me suffer. After a few minutes of talking between Morgan and the rest of the group, some one had came over and picked me up, and took me inside the abondened hotel, finally laying me on a dusty couch in a dimly lit room.

"Is this seat taken?" Satoshi asked as he stood over me from the side of the couch. I sat up and tried to clear my eyes, which only smeered my vision, I finally got up the corrage to nod and he slid in beside me. The first minute was tense. At one point he tried to slide a comforting arm around me, then he jerked it back. He came close to actually saying something and then forgot what he was going to say.

"Your-Your face is all dirty " He finally spoke up and mustered up the courage to reach a shaky hand up to wipe off some tears.

"So...is she pretty than me...or..or " I stammered out in small shallow breaths as I kept myself from bawling all over again.

"Who?...oh Haruka?...no...no oh no, you think her and I, no, she's family" He explained shaking his head as if he was almost descusted by the thought.

"Then do you hate me?" I asked, that lump was back in my throat and my eyes were streaming tears. If the girl wasn't his girlfriend then he must really hate me, or else he wouldn't have ignored me for all the time.

"No, I dont hate you, I...I " He began again this time stumbiling over his words even more than usual. He finally reached a shaky hand down and squezzed it for all it's worth.

" Laura, this could never work " He said holding up the hands with the intertwined fingers. " Your my sister...no I didn't mean that, see I think of you as a sister, as a little sister...I just cant share a relationship with you...with any one" He mumbled out, his ideas and words seemed to just meld together.

I quickly shook my hand away and sheltered it near my stomach. " I understand, you think I'm a kid, it's okay alot of people do that, I dont care, I just wanted to be close to someone... I never really was close to anyone, and I just thought...I thought I could finally be loved by some one again " I told him as I gathered myself up on wobbily legs and walked away from the couch.

" If you really do hate me, then it's okay you can tell me, I just wanted you to know that no matter what you say I.. " That lump grew back into my throat, I couldn't say anything, I wanted to but my mouth wasn't moving, it couldn't move. So I just walked outside.

"...love you" I finally said once I was outside and the tears returned.

10th November 2003, 10:42 PM
Alright...*rolls over chair, cracks fingers, and takes control*

OoC: Just before I post Laura's PoV, her thoughts kinda relate to this song: "My Immortal" by Evanescence (http://www.absolutelyric.com/a/view/Evanescence/My_Immortal/)

~*^*~Laura Rider - Ice[The Forgotten One...*sighs*]~*^*~
I noticed that Hawkmon was talking to Satoshi about finding some girl one the other side of town, probably that ten year old....Ick. Mushy love? It was making me go insane, but I kept my sane appearance. The voices were all chased away by my sanity, their faces....haunting my once pleasant dreams. As Satoshi went to find that Laura girl, I sighed...choking back my misery, trying hard not to cry....tear streaming down my face. Lifes not fair....life never was fair.

I glanced around at everyody else, nobody cared that my fears suppressed me completely, deep down they'll never know the pain felt by my inner wounds, ones that time couldn't heal easily. Sighing in depression, I felt a cold prescence tugging at me, as if it wanted me to go somewhere. I knew I didn't belong here, and nobody wanted me. My tears of sorrow mixed my feelings of anger and tension, causing one rather pissed off b*tch....me. Gritting my teeth, I clinched a fistand ran away from there, knong that nobody would care if I was gone.

"Hey! Where are you going?" some red-haired boy somewhat older than me asked, wondering why I was leaving. I turned around, wondering why somebody tried to attract my attention, glaring slightly....before running even faster, egg in my arms and device in my pocket.

I catched my breath after five minutes of running, losing sight of them. Panting with relief, I glanced around through the different stalls of the market, trying to find a hiding spot. I glanced towards a fountain surrounded by the cobblestone pathway....it was so...beautiful. It resembled some faerie-like human, a scarf wrapped around her neck and buterfly-like wings. I think it was like some card back in the real world, but I couldn't remember the name...I think it was KooriFaemon, or something like that. Feeling as if it wanted me to come closer, I walked over. I curiously gazed into the crystal clear water, looking at my reflection. I held a hand against my chest, holding that crystal pendant. It was a new me: a black long-sleeved shirt with blue sleeves, some midnight blue pants with silvery-gray pockets, yet no silver spiked choker. My earrings, hair, fingernails, and glasses remained the same....yet I noticed a weird difference in my eyes. They were no longer that deep forest green and brown...they were now a beautiful, serene color of deep blue.

"Why....." I whispered to myself, feeling as if my reflection was still as ugly as what all the guys in school called me...very ugly. A tear fell into the pool of crystal liquid, watching it ripple....yet not tainting it at all. Good thing the change didn't transfer my non-waterproof liquid eyeliner. I felt as if I was meant to die here, yet I couldn't try to do anything to faint that easily. Before anything could happen, I passed out, my eyelids fluttering shut, and I didn't realize I fell into the cold water.

Meh...Don't worry, she's not dead. This leads up to finding the hidden temple....^^;;

10th November 2003, 11:47 PM
[Satoshi Takinowa][Confused, alone. Hawkmon doesn't help]
"..love you."I heard faint words leave the mouth of Laura. I heard foot steps outside, heading around the building..towards the town.

Everything was silent,nothing moved..Like I was frozen in time. Or more than likely, I was trying to gather all of what she said while trying to think..What to do.

I got off the couch, and sighed deeply. I then took my D-sense out, and jumbled with it. I got nervous about whenever anyone talked about love.That one word made my mind numb in fear. Fear of what to say. Fear in what to do. Fear in what to think.

I then looked across from me, seeing a old wall. I went over to it, and started to take my fustration out. I kicked the wall repeatedly, punching it. I even threw my D-Sense against the wall..

I leaned against the wall, and fell down, to land on my rear. I was getting worked up over those 3 words. 'I love you'.The last time I heard those words, it led to the death of my Grandma..Who I was visiting in the hospital..

'Satoshi, Anyone that say's 'I love you', treat them with respect...
'I love you...'

Her fragile voice rode on the wind so gentley. My Mom's mom was a little less strict than my mom, my mom sometimes not allowing Pocky and soda in the house. My grandma didn't care..She said 'You only live once.'

"Satoshi..."I moaned to myself over and over. I didn't have that like-like-crushy love like Laura seemingly had over me, but my like was more of a blossoming flower of friendship..

"Satoshi, you should go to her.."Hawkmon said,"I mean, you should also help protect her. I heard the whole thing, Satoshi."

"There's nothing wrong with someone her age liking you, actually. I find it sorta cute."Hawkmon completed..
"Yeah, Satoshi-kun, don't get so worked up about those 3 words. You'll have to face them someday."I looked in the corner, and saw Haruka, wearing somesort of goggles,"Hey, I got myself a little relationship in the real world. I'm preparing my self for those 3 words."

"Who exactly is this...boy?"I told her, smiling. I told her any boy she went out with, I would have to beat over and over to see if they are worthy.
"No one,just a friend.."

'A Friend...Like me and Laura.Except Laura seemingly prepared herself for those 3 words too far ahead.'

'I love you..'

11th November 2003, 02:06 PM
[Aiymee Haruda][Manuplation with Dreams. FunFun.]
I quietly walked along with Droommon for a while, since there was no citys located near by. Droommon said a place called 'Tama Market' was near by, she thinks that the good kid's will be there.

"I hope they are."I said, cracking my knuckles"I wanna.."

"Aiymee, just to let you know, I can digivolve."Droommon said out of the blue,"I can fly you there personally. It will be quicker, and I think you already have your plan thought out."
"Your right.How do I do that though?"I said, pointing at the D-Sense,"This thing only has 1 button."
"Press the button, and make a 5-Pointed star.Since you've been to your temple, you can make me digivolve."Droommon instructed. I noted that I saw some buildings near by, that Tama Market was near, atlast.

I made the 5 pointed star, and Droommon glew with a Purple Aura. She came out taller..
"Revemon, Attacks:1.Rêver le Tisserand(Dream Weaver),2.L'impresa(Undertaking). Revemon has controls over peoples dreams and can use them to control the digimon or human"The D-Sense said, in a low, evil sort of voice..

"Perfect. Satoshi, hope your not depressed."I crackled highly as we got near,"You'll be like a wooden puppet, Me and Revemon controlling the.."


Yami Annika
11th November 2003, 05:55 PM
Aunyailia Vergere

I walked out into the town square, hairpiece all fixed up, drying my hands on my pants. I was surprised to see very little people of our group outside. If it weren't for those two or three people outside, I would have thought everyone was gone.

Occupying myself, I glanced around. In the distance, I saw something that made me take a double take. If I hadn't been looking in that direction, I would have missed it. A person whom I recognized as Aiymee, appeared with her Digimon. I smiled slightly.

"Good," I said.. "She's here."

"Hopefully she won't become a nuisance to you," Hoshimon sighed. "I rather liked her. Very agreeable."

"She was, she was." I breathed, and turned in the opposite direction. "I do hope she has a plan. Chaos would not be good at this time."

"Mmm.." Was Hoshimon's only reply. As I continued watching, I saw another girl. I believe she too was named Laura. And, I thought whilst being a little giggly, she looked depressed. Perhaps I could get to know her a little better. My thoughts stopped abruptly as she fell into the water.

Perhaps she was more depressed than I thought.

I winced. A death would look suspicious.

"It's alright." Hoshimon answered my thoughts. I looked at her strangely. "I believe there's a temple down there."

I paused, contemplating. A temple... That could work. Then, after thinking a bit, as I took a step to walk away, the littler Laura nearly ran into me.

"Laura!" I half-yelped, putting my hand on her shoulder to stop her. When she looked at me, her eyes were red, and tear-filled. I blinked a few times in surprise. I had my voice change to a softer and gentler tone. "What's wrong?"

Roy Karrde
11th November 2003, 06:58 PM
Okay last post for awhile until hopefully alot more people start posting

I ran, I ran as far as my little feet would carry me, yeah that's right little feet. Little feet for a little kid that was no more than a sister to everyone.

"Laura?" David asked trying to grab ahold of me.

"Leave me alone, everyone just leave me alone" I screamed pounding at him with my little hands until he let me go.

I pushed past everyone else, and into the market again. I pushed passed different types of species of Digimon, I didn't care anymore, I didn't care about this stupid digital world, or those stupid eggs, or any one in the group, or, or.

"Laura?" Aunyailia yelped grabing me, " What's wrong?" She asked now in her normal nice voice.

" Why do you care, I'm just a little sister to everyone, nothing else " I replied sitting down and wiping my tears away.

" Your a little sister to who?..oh " She sighed, sitting down next to me.

" Well dont worry about him, just forget about him, your young, you can.." She was about to continue but realized what she had said and stopped.

" I love him Aunyailia I really do " I told her, the tears this time stung and my eyes started to feel like they were on fire.

" You mean you loved him, it's past tense, you should just forget about him" Aunyailia corrected me trying to sound more comforting, I just shook my head.

" No, I still love him, no matter what happens " I colapsed onto Aunyailia who hugged me lightly and tried to calm me down, during the whole time she was hugging me I tried to figure out what was stinging my side so badly.

" What's this?" I asked sniffiling and reaching into her jacket and taking out a small knife from a container. Aunyailia seemed mortified at what I had found, and the cat digimon extended it's claws and gave Aunyailia a questionable look.

Yami Annika
11th November 2003, 08:02 PM
Aunyailia Vergere

"What's this?"

What's this... The words echoed in my mind for a while. Or perhaps it was an instant. Hoshimon extending her claws into my skin brought me back.

I shut my eyes. I could feel her staring at me, as she realized it was a knife.

"I really wish you hadn't seen that..." I murmered and made to snatch it from her. Once I had it in my hand, I realized how easily I could just end this... Just a twitch. Tempting offer.

No. Not yet.

"The world's not perfect, Laura." I said, my voice changing. "This is protection. Mine, and yours. I can't have you spreading it around the group. Who knows who could take it and use it against you, Laura, while you sleep?" My eyes narrowed, as she stared unblinkingly. "There are too many people... You know that, too. And you already have some in mind. Like that girl... No, it's better if this is our little secret.

Sweet dreams."

I shut my eyes as she did too, and everything was normal. The things I had whispered were now inbedded into her memory... and her beliefs.

12th November 2003, 08:27 AM
[Satoshi Takinowa][Let the fun begin!]
I quickly gathered my thoughts,and stood up, smiling..
"Haruka, you know, he's just a friend.You might go out with him if he really likes you like that."
"I'm sure he does."She said, and made a smoochie face.Her eyes then swelled up with fear, like something or someone was coming.

"What's wrong?"I asked her. She shook it off in a instant,"Anyway, Can I be alone for a couple of minutes or so?"
"Hawkmon, go with Haruka, k?"I said.Hawkmon nodded yes, a little reluctant..

They left the abandoned hotel, and I got back on the couch, slouching my head onto my hands, thinking..

I suddenly had a cold chill up my spine as I felt the air around me getting colder and colder..Something evil was here..I could feel it in my bones..

'Just..rest..'The voice rode on the cold air. I suddenly became drowsy, and layed on the couch, closing my eyes..

'Rêver le Tisserand'The voice said once more, and the air around me came still, and yellow..

The yellow mist shot at my left and right eyes, my glasses fell onto the couch.I suddenly felt weird, not in control of me anymore..

'L'impresa'Is the last ting I heard...before I felt myself slipping to sleep...

12th November 2003, 04:34 PM
I guess there are a few things that I will never understand. Life, Death, Girls, the reason that wierd feeling is flaring up again, why Laura just blew me off like that, and why I can't seem to get anyone's attention. There must be something that I am doing wrong.

"Urg," I gulped, clutching my chest, "Here we go again."

It's hard to describe what my problem is. I guess it's like some sort of alien parasite had found its way into me and finally decided that I was not a good host. The problem was, that it couldn't get back out so it was trying to force its way out. Not rip, but force.

It was tiring, that's for sure, and getting harder to keep straight. Then again, this has normally happened to me before, but now I also have the feeling something is not right, that one of us has screwed up, that we're forgetting something.

I went up to the fountain and sat down, it was getting harder to breath under the pressure. I pulled some dice out of my pocket. Two six-siders and a 20, and began to roll.

"I wish I had a clue," I said, "To what's happening. Why everyone is so down on their luck."

I thought for a moment, "I bet this was the way 'Daniel' felt," I put emphasis on the character name, I doubt that it was his real name "He never before hat to work on a team, and he never before knew what people were like. He could never understand why the others never told him their problems. He always believed it would help to have a nuetral party who would listen."

I looked around me again, sullenly, I still couldn't figure out what was wrong.

"I wonder why I'm always left in the dark," I paused, "Where is everybody?"

It was here that I had an idea what was wrong: Someone was missing. I had no clue as to who, but someone wasn't here. I picked up my dice, and got up. I looked around and saw my opportunity. I walked in the alley, between two walls.

Despite my complaining chest, I was going to do this. I needed the high road.

I made a quick dash at the wall before me and ran up its side. That was soon followed by a stunning backflip into the air, from which I did a mid-air twist, and finished by grabbing onto the ledge. My chest lurched, but was otherwise non-complaintive.

"Righteous," I grinned, then became serious and climbed up onto the roof, "Alright, where do I look from here?"

Yami Annika
12th November 2003, 07:58 PM
This happens right before Satoshi goes sleepy.

Aunyailia Vergere

Beside me, due to the spell, Laura sat, not asleep, but no real brain activity either. I sighed and leaned back a little. Hoshimon jumped to the ground and turned around behind me.

"Hello, Aiymee." She purred.

I glanced behind me, and sure enough, there she stood. Watching. I looked around, making sure no one could see or hear us, Laura was in no position to do either, or even remember this exchange that was about to happen if she could somehow sense us, before acknowledging her.

"Aunie," I said curtly, reminding her of our deal. She merely nodded, not knowing my name.

"Who's that?" She asked.

I followed her gaze, and my eyes landed upon Laura. "Her name is Laura, she is part of the group I believe you plan on attacking. By the way, good luck on that."

"Are you taking... care of her?" I raised my eyebrow slightly.

"I know what your asking. Go ahead. Rephrase your question."

"Well, you are 'evil'", she half-smirked.

"So you're saying I'm going soft?" My eyes narrowed. Wielding. I whispered, and metal chains appeared and wrapped around her legs, immobolizing her. My knife was suddenly against her neck. "Do you wish to ask that question again?" I tilted my head. "You might not speak for a while, but you'll get your answer."

Aiymee held her breath, as I stepped back and released her. "Satoshi is especially vulnerable and confused right now, especially after what I've set up for you. I believe he's your prime target. Now would be your ideal time.

Just a suggestion, of course," I added, pocketing the knife, and sitting back down, facing away.

Roy Karrde
12th November 2003, 09:41 PM
My head hurt, my head hurt and I was sleepy, and nausiated, and a million things at the same time.

"Auny?" I asked sturing softly, I felt aweful, and the little bench I had fallen asleep on wasn't much comfort.

"Satoshi, anyone?" I asked groggily as I began to open my eyes, everything was so bright and noisy.

"Hey, you feeling okay? You took quite a fall" Aunyailia lied as she stroke my hair and welcomed me back into the waking world.

"Yeah, my head hurts, and everything feels fuzzy" I told her as I slowly sat up and rubbed my eyes to get a clear vision of things. And then it came, all of it, the memories of what I did to Satoshi, what I did to David.

"Oh god, Satoshi I need to get to Satoshi, I have to apologise..." I said as I shot up from the bench. Aunyailia grabed my arm, her strength was amazing and she forced me from getting away.

"Slow down, your still sick, and besides you shouldn't be around Satoshi right now...it's not safe" Aunyailia warned which struck me as odd, why would she tell me that unless...she knew something, something was going to happen, something to Satoshi and everyone else.

"What did you do?" I asked in more of a plea than a question. She just put her hands up in a defencive position and tried to put on a innocent face.

"He is just getting what he deserves" Aunyailia replied and I was off in a full on dash back to the hotel, I had to get to him, I had to find him. "Remember what ever happens, I did this for you" She yelled back at me.

"SATOSHI, SATOSHI" I yelled reaching the hotel, where was he, what could have Aunyailia done, or what had she put in motion.

"Laura, I just saw him follow me" Haruka yelled from the far side of the hotel, I nodded and followed her off.

*This post and Annika's post has been set up for a future event that is about to happen, that is why this post is structured like this *

12th November 2003, 10:07 PM
[Aiymee Haruda][Sleepy Me, Sleepy Me]
"Satoshi is especially vulnerable and confused right now, especially after what I've set up for you. I believe he's your prime target. Now would be your ideal time."

"Just a suggestion, of course," She added to the comment, and she faced away. The metal chains one wrapped around my legs got off, and I was able to move my legs..

I smiled a little, and moved around in my pocket, grabbing my D-Sense. I Threw it in the air, and grabbed it again, playing with it like Cat playing with Catnip Mouse.

"Well, I gotta go see Revemon. Time to get what I'm planing, in action."I said,waving off.

[Satoshi Takinowa][Bold is for outside/Italics is IN his dream]
It was cold, the air, very still. Time seemed still as I walked along a elementary school playground. The swings were empty, only flinging in the air when the air blew strong gusts.

The scene was very familiar, 3rd grade, to be the most part. One of the worst times of my life.It seemed like I was back in time. I tried to wake myself up, to no prevail. I didn't fall asleep on my own, but someone placed me asleep.

Slowly, I forgot about outside the dream. It seemed like it was a dream itself, all a nightmare, all a dream.Laura,The other Laura, David,Jun...all seemed like far away memories....

I suddenly came face to face with my enemy for when I was in the 3rd grade-Hiro Watanabe. The biggest pain in my butt. He got better grades than me,he was more liked than me. Even more, he beat me up, picked on me.

I also saw another kid. Brushy, untidy brown hair. His knee was scraped, his glasses, unadjusted. He barely wore them, only so he wouldn't look like a dork. He wore a skyblue T-shirt and Black jeans. He was only 4 foot 5, his eyes, a hazelnut.His black jeans had a hole in the right leg, showing the scrape.

"It's time for your daily beating, Takinowa."Hiro had said,making a fist, pounding it into his other hand.
"Uhh..."He looked around, then spotted me, running behind me,"Your a 9th Grader, right?Can you..Help me?"
I smiled, myself as a 3rd grader.He looked so innocent, not able to do anything wrong, so sweet."You want me to show this little guy a lesson?I had someone like him in the 3rd grade.A Bully. I got tough enough to show him."

"That would me nice, big kid!"He smiled, and sat on a wodden plank of a swing. Hiro made a move towards it, but I went in front of him.I suddenly felt powerful.In my hands, a sword familiar to me stood. The Holy Sword, came to mind. It looked like a huge fang, with a red ruff around it..

I decided, if this was a dream, no one was going to get hurt. I decided to take some low swings at the kid.It would show him a thing or two,and I could get any apparent anger out of my system..

The kid stopped in his track's, his eyes, horrified of me.His eyes swelled in fear of the glowing sword..

One slash, Two slash,Three slash. I hit his knees and his wrist. The wrist had apparently snapped, and his knees started to bleed. I glared at him, as he fell on his rear, desprite to move.

Another kid came over, a 2nd grader, another old bully of mine, none the less.He was James Pigeot, some foriegn exchnge student from Britian or something. He was a big pain, more than Hiro..

I had more anger against him.
(3rd person)

Satoshi, somewhat awakening from his sleep,popped up in like, 2 seconds.His eyelashes rode up, revealing a pupil-less red eye.He seemed to be looking down, waiting for an order.

'Can you do me a favor?I got these 2 people that I'm sick and tired of, and you seem more powerfull than them'That chilling voice rode on the wind again. Actually, it seemed more warm now.

"Yes."His voice followed,in a low, silky tone. He got up, leaving his silver rimmed glasses sitting on the couch, waiting. He left the the abandoned hotel, walking in slow steps. His eyes still looking at the ground. He was no longer himself, but more like a puppet on strong, invisible strings, controlled by a strong, willed puppet master.

"Heres one now"The voice was an instant for the teen. His eyes snapped up to look at the target. A Girl with Light pink, shoulder length hair.She wore goggles on top of them,like a headband. Her eyes were hazelnut, with some obvious spots of pink...

"Satoshi..are you?Ok?"The girl said, in a concerned voice. Her eyes rode up, examining the boys fragile body. Her eyes swelled in fear, of the eyes. They had no pupils.

"I love...you.."He replied, in a blank statement, his eyes gazed at the girl. His left eye glew, and a sword came out, glowing..

"I LOVE YOU!"The boy yelled, and made a dash at the girl.

(He's repeating the 3 words he hates..He's not telling Haruka that he loves her.)

Kioshi Wakami
13th November 2003, 09:28 AM
Sorry for my absence! Hmm.. I want to turn this into a comic >>; is it okay with you guys if I start working on it? :O

Jun Wakami [the "red-haired guy" formally known as Jun]

"Hey! Where are you going!" I shouted out to a girl who ran off rather upset. I wasn't really doing anything for the moment besides looking at different shops so I decided to chase after her.

"Chotto Matte~!!! (Wait up~!!!)" My feet pounded against the firm ground as I bolted forward, getting closer and closer. Where did she think she was going? It wasn't good for the group to split up like it was incase anything serious started to happen. I screeched to a hault as I saw the girl stop infront of a fountain. Her bright blue eyes gazed into the crystal-clear water as if she had never seen herself before. Slowly I walked up beside her and quietly looked at myself too. I hadn't changed much at all from the real world. The only thing that was different was my clothes.

"Why...?" The girl asked herself. Slowly I glanced over to her reflection. She was clutching a pendant on her chest before the reflection started to get larger and larger... and then... sploosh

I jumped back a bit startled as I saw her fall into the water. What is she thinking!? I asked myself. It didn't take long for me to strip out of my school uniform jacket, leaving me only with my white shirt, and I too jumped inside the fountain. I was hoping to just pull her out of the shallow water so she wouldn't drown but that wasn't the case. The fountain wasn't shallow... the girl kept sinking further and further down, the water getting dark and difficult to see. My own body wasn't too far away from hers but I struggled to swim towards her submerging form.

Just a little closer...! My hand reached out and I felt my fingers finally wrap around the girl's wrist, but it was too late. I didn't have enough air in me to swim back to the top that I could no longer see. My body was being sucked down along with the fellow chosen-one. Where are we falling? Where is the bottom?

A light grew closer and closer to us and I saw a rippling down towards the bottom of the water, or... was it the top? My free hand extended out, to touch the ripples and it splashed through into open air. My eyes widened as the air pulled us out of the water and dropped us to the slick, marble floor.

"Itai!" I winced, landing with a hard thud on my shoulder. Luckily, yet not so luckily the girl landed ontop of me, crunching my ribcage without much damage, just pain.

Drip... drip...

After I managed to slide the girl off of me, I arose from the ground and looked upwards from which we fell.

"Huh?" A drop of water splattered on my cheek. My eyes winced a little in instinct.

"How can the ceiling be made of water? Is that where we fell from??" Okay.. this place was weird. First there was a solid cloud, then there was animal like creatures talking, and now there is a water tunnel?? And the water is actually a ceiling?? I honestly coudn't believe how that worked, unless there was a strong polar force holding the water molecules together.

My auburn hues scanned the area we were in. It seemed like another one of those weird temples. I reached into my pocket and pulled out my egg and D-sense. I hope I didn't crack either of them, mainly because I didn't want egg-yolk in my pants..

Huffing a sigh, I sat next to the unconcious girl, my knees up and my forearms resting upon them. I wonder if this place is where my egg hatches? I thought to myself, studying the egg and gadget. My eyes glanced over to the girl laid out on the marble floor.

"I guess we're the only ones here..." I muttered to myself. My eyes became blank as I stared back at my items in silence, waiting for the girl to wake up.

Okay, I'm playing him somewhat right now. I decided to have him be more reserved than arrogant, yet also somewhat friendly when he feels like it.

Roy Karrde
13th November 2003, 04:01 PM
Wind began to blow harshly ontop of the flat ground that was at the top of the hill. The grass blades around us seemed to be hanging onto their life as the harsh chilly wind continued to blow.

"Jun, David?" I yelled out into the wind as I huddled onto myself in a attempt to keep myself warm.

"I...love you" The voice seemed to carry into the wind and drifted from everywhere.

"Haruka?" I cried out, I hadn't seen her since I reached the top of the hill and that voice, that voice was familiar, but the wind destorted it too much and everything seemed too freaky.

"I LOVE YOU" The male voice yelled, this time a figure appeared out of the mist, a blood dyed sword swung at his side. The figure instantly broke into a run and tranversed the distance between us in a matter of seconds.

"Satoshi?" I asked in fear who now towered over me. My eyes grew huge, and I was paralized in fear. In a swift motion he brought his sword up and prepared to strike for a killing blow. The next part happened in what felt like slow motion, at one second I was help less to stop Satoshi and the next Haruka jumped out of no where, grabbing me from the side and tossed both of us to the ground where we rolled a few feet to safety.

"Satoshi, some thing happened to him" I gasped with the wind knocked out of me.

"I know, some thing's wrong, I think he may be possessed, just try and find a safe spot" Haruka said, her hair was a mess and dirt clung to her face, she had obviously allready been in a fight or two with Satoshi.

"No, it's my fault, I did this to him" I told her causing her to throw a confused look at me as she searched for the attacker.

"What do you me..." She began to reply but had to roll out of the way just as the sword came down and slashed at the air where she was crouching just a second ago.

"Dont hurt him" I told her as she began to move toward a possition where she could attack him.

" I dont think we have a choice" She gasped before hurling herself at him in a attempt to catch him from the side.

"No" I screamed throwing myself into the way to catch most of the attack and to throw her off. In a second we were both on the ground, my body ached from the hit and Haruka looked exausted. " Run, get out of here" I weased, breaths were harder to come by now, and my chest stung.

"He'll kill you, you dont stand a chance" Haruka told me as she began to get up again for another attack. Which I cut her off for again.

"I know " I told her, I looked at her with a sence of finality in my eyes.

13th November 2003, 05:39 PM
[Satoshi Takinowa][Bold for Reality/Italics for his dream]
James Pigeot.He was a bigger bully in the elementary school.With his older brother, in the 5th grade, all muscles and no brains...He was a feared human being. Even if I was older than the kid in the 3rd grade.

But this time, I was more powerful. He caused more injuries to me than Hiro did. He caused more emotional damage. I looked him straight in the eyes, and told him..
"If you want to hurt this little kid, your gonna have to go through me first!"
"Your older, if you hurt me.."
"I don't care."I looked at him, and his face grew signs of fear. I raised my sword fastly...I looked back at my 3rd Grade self, he liked the 2 suffering. I would've to. Revenge is very sweet.Apple sweet. Candy Sweet. Soda sweet.

The kid looked like he was going to pounce on me, leap on my arm and bite my wrist.I got my sword ready..

In 2 swings, I was able to make massive cuts in his legs and arm's. They sprouted with a Red blood, and suddenly, a woman's voice erupted from it.

"Satooshhii.."It said. The boy smirked, looking for more pain. I threw my sword to the ground, preparing to knock him unconsicous with my Kick...
A Flash of light appeared while I kicked the boy, and There layed..

Haruka. Her legs and arm's, torn with cuts. Her hair was bloody, her face, covered in dirt. Her goggles, broken. I gasped at the sight, but she quickly vanished..

"Forget about her, Satoshi.."A Cold voice rode on the wind. Suddenly, I forgot about that girl, who she was to me. I started to get bloodthirsty, my suffering from the past, fueling me.

Some boy appered before me. He was tall, Blondish hair. I couldn't place my name on him, but he looked very familiar. He signaled his hands in the symbol to come over, going into fighting stance..

I quickly looked for a weapon, and found some sort of thin sword, like the one's used for fencing. A Lance, I think the name is.It was completly white, with a red kaze symbol burned in the handle. It was a smaller version of my Holy sword, but seemed to have double the power.I was going to use that, and my feet, to defeat this opponent, and maybe get out of this nightmare.

(3rd Person)

With the girl with Light Pink hair blocking the last blow from Satoshi's Holy sword, she fell onto the crunchy green grass of the hill, not moving, barely breathing.

The younger girl, one with Blonde hair and blue eyes, stared at Satoshi, with a mixed emotions written on her face. She looked responsible for what he was doing, and concerned.

The boy dropped his sword, which retrived to Satoshi's left eye.He got into fighting stance, although remained somewhat frozen, looking to the ground, like needing a conformation that this little girl was his next target.

'She's another one that's been bugging me..Will you do me a favor, and do her like you did the other?Make it more entertaining though.'A Chilling voice rode the wind, and the Boy got the message, glaring at this little girl, his next target. He swayed back and forth, and fell to his knee's, like if something or someone was fighting back..

'Please do me this favor?'And the boy rose one more, his face, paler, and his eyes sent the message of hate..His left eye gleamed for a quick second, like something was still fighting.

"I..love you.."He said, bringing his eyes to once again, look at the girl...He swirled his left wrist, and out formed a black lance of some sort(its black because he's possessed). Wind swirled around it like a tornado..

"I LOVE YOU!"He growled like a madman, running at the girl, ready to kick, punch, or use the Possessed Wind Lance to Kill this her, completing the puppet master's wishes.

That would actually be cool,Kioshi...^^I don't mind, whatsoever.
(And please mind if I started to repeat things over and over, IO have a terrible migraine, and I really wanted to post.(And any character besides Haruka can't die anyway, since Haruka is the only mortal.)

Yami Annika
13th November 2003, 06:41 PM
Aunyailia Vergere

I looked up. Over the horizon, I saw Laura, Haruka, and Satoshi fighting. Well, more like Satoshi was doing most of the damage.

"I know," Laura's final decision floated toward me. I smiled slightly. Satoshi started going after Laura, and I turned my attention elsewhere. Nearby, Aiymee and her Digimon, now Revemon watched.

"Hoshimon," I ordered, and she jumped down from my shoulder. Looking over my shoulder, I took out my D-Sense. Pressing the button, I effortlessly made a pentagram in the air.

Hoshimon grew butterfly wings, flying herself in the air and floating as the rest of the changes took place. Within seconds, she grew larger, and her nails grew sharper. She swished her feather-tail around, and opened her eyes, now slightly yellow around the edges.

"Hoshiskymon," My D-Sense beeped. "Attacks: Vampire Bite and Flight. Hoshiskymon can now heal itself by taking damage on its opponent, and attack from all different directions."

"Hoshiskymon," I repeated.

"Yes." Her voice replied, a bit deeper, more grown up.

"That's our target." I nodded toward Aiymee and Revemon.

"I understand." She nodded, flapping her wings and disappearing into the sky. I walked toward Aiymee. The wind blew softly all around us.

When Aiymee saw me, she looked at my with slight annoyance and curiousity. I understood. She was busy, and I was being a bother. I glanced at Revemon. It was motionless.

"What is it?" She asked quietly.

"Your job here is done." I announced.


Now she was looking at me. At that moment, Hoshiskymon floated down, staying at level with Revemon.

"If you move," I said calmly. "Hoshiskymon will break the connection between Revemon and Satoshi. He will wake up, and they will find you here. I expect they won't be happy."

Metal appeared out of the grass blades, becoming chains, wrapping around her ankles, knees, waist, and binding her hands together. They were now sharper, and cut into her. Blood began to spill over the metal.

"Why?" Her mouth moved to shape the word.

"Your game is over. You are becoming too confident. I need you out of my way for the time being." My fingers slid over the smoothness of the blade.

"Reve-!" Aiymee started to say, she stopped, unsure. My knife was soon up to her neck.

"Are you sure you want to break the connection?" I breathed, shrugging. "Either way I win."

I took a step back, safe distance.

"Weather Change."

Above us, dark clouds began to form. A flash of lightning flashed down, striking Aiymee. As soon as it disappeared, another flash came, striking her again. Then another one, striking, and another, striking, in a rhythmic pattern. Again and again. Singing her hair and nerves.

Unrelenting... Again and again...

13th November 2003, 09:05 PM

Morrigan snapped her head up to see David fall from a roof and right in front of her. She panicked and looked over him.

He was clutching his chest again, and he was curled into a fetal position. She looked to see both a purpleish egg and its respective device had been scattered away, and then turned back to notice that both his hands were scarred from that fire. He seemed to be feverish, and in sorry condition.

"David," she asked panicked, "What happened?"

He groaned, "Don't...know," he began to wheeze, "Satoshi...attacking..., Pink-haired girl...injured, tired...Saw every...thing, up there."

A noise could be heard, lightning, thunder. Things were going wrong, Morgan could tell. Nothing was going right.

"I'll see what I can do," Morrigan responded, she went over to the device and egg and picked up both. She looked over to the direction David pointed, and took after it.

She spoke to herself, "Well, I wonder if Satoshi can take me on?"

Let the chaos begin.
I guess I should explain, I kind of imagine that since both David and Haruka have half an element, that the element would try to complete itself. But since David already has one element, I think it would be more fair that the half in him is trying to return to its rightful owner (aka Haruka).

Roy Karrde
13th November 2003, 09:29 PM
Things were getting worce by the minute, the thunderstorm seemed to highlight how our lives were going around, everything seemed to be a swirling dark nightmare. Worse yet Haruka was down, bleeding and and broken, she would be dead in the next hit if I didn't do something.

"SATOSHI" I called out from him, keeping him from finishing off Haruka, he turned his red eyes onto me, which caused me to freeze. His eyes, they were different, there was nothing in them now. It was just emptiness.

"I..love you" He began again looking back up at me, I began to back up, he was right I was small, I couldn't defend myself, and he could snap me in two with just a twitch of his arm.

"I LOVE YOU" He screamed, I was backed up against the wall, and he came running at me like a freight train. I put up my arms across my face, but that didnt stop the punch that sent me realing to the ground. My face felt like it was on fire and my cheek felt brused.

"Dont please" I begged him as he climbed ontop of me, he pressed his knees into my chest, which effectively pinned my arms down and kept me from moving.

"SATOSHI" Morgan screamed from a distance of just a few feet away, he didnt even look up at him, he just moved the blade over my neck and pressed it down slicing into it. I screamed out in pain, knowing that I was going to slowly be beheaded.

"Morgan dont" I begged. The blade pressed deeper into me, my own blood seemed to spill and rundown the side of my neck and mix in with the grass on the ground. This was it, this was how it ended, atleast I would be with daddy again, and maybe one day I would be with Satoshi too.

"Satoshi" I wimpered, his only reply was the amount of extra pressure he placed on my stomach to hold me down.

"I..love you" He mumbled again, it was umbearable, everytime he said it, I just felt worse inside, I had caused this, I had driven him to this.

"Dont...please, dont say that" I begged, for a brief second I thought I recognized something in his eyes, something from the old Satoshi, the one that I hadn't turned into a mindless thing.

" Satoshi, I know you can hear me, I want to bring you back, I need to bring you back " I cried and I began to feel the blade loosen from my throat, it was still in killing range but atleast I could move my head. "I need you, we all do" I begged to him, there was no change, nothing, just the same deadly look in his eyes.

"I dont want to lose another friend, please come back" I wispered and leaned in to kiss him, it was the first time that I had ever kissed some one and I had no idea if I was doing it right, but it felt right, and before I knew it the blade was back at my throat again.

I felt it begin to sink in again and I vomited up my own blood which spelt over my face and matted my hair down. Morgan please, I didn't want to die like this, some one, help.

13th November 2003, 10:10 PM
Could someone please tell me what's going on?

13th November 2003, 10:12 PM
This would end badly if she didn't do anything.

She ran, focussing her rage, she ducked low to pick up a long metal pole, and continued her rampage. She had to stop him.

"FEEL MY WRATH!" she screamed, as she performed an upward strike with the rod. The pole connected with considerable force as Satoshi was knocked back and off the girl.

The Morrigan did not stop her pursuit, and avoided the slash of Satoshi's sword.

"Alright, Satoshi," she said, "I don't know what's going on, but you may have fatally injured two people here, and done who knows what to my cousin," she blocked the oncoming blow with some effort, "I may not be the Morrigan incarnate, but you will find out just how powerful I can be!"

As each competitor tried to get the upperhand, Morrigan could tell something was not right. Satoshi didn't seem present in this battle, somewhere else with that empty, vacant stare. She pressed on her attack, she could not afford weakness. She only hoped that, whatever it was, would go away.

Neither were winning. Neither could land a blow. Morrigan was not experienced in martial arts, but she was fast enough to fight defensively. That's all she needed, to stall. Keep him distracted until the truth could be sorted out. Morrigan was awake and well energized, Satoshi was just spaced-out. Without focus, his muscles would tire before hers would, and then she could knock him out.

But how to help the others? Both Laura and the other girl looked fatally injured, if David's wild stories were true, and they seemed to be, what would happen if any one of them died? David didn't seem to be too well either.

13th November 2003, 11:00 PM
Sorry about the late reply ^_^;; Just got back from a trip abroad visiting colleges... You guys sure have given me a lot to read there... This will be a bunch of recapping, and explaining just where Kenichi was... Oh, and new stuff too.

Kenichi Tanaka- (A recap to remember)

My chest seemed to be tearing apart and my legs soaked in sweat as I leapt across the next building roof towards the three tiny figures fighting below. I had known that new girl had been up to no good, yet I hadn't acted on my first feelings! This whole place was throwing me off my normal schedule, and it could cost me my only links to the normal world!

"Look out below!" I shouted as I leapt onto a rickety old ladder on the edge of the building. I felt it slam down along with me as I hurled down towards the patch of ground where Satoshi was once again pressing with a sword against her neck. The lights erupting above accentuated the fight, as the ground came up to meet me...


"Yeah, I'll catch you guys later," I muttered almost to myself. That vortex had deposited us in the middle of a Digimon city, and I for one was not going to miss this chance. That new digimon Hawkmon and that cat Hoshimon had proven that this was not the real world. I would need supplies if I was to survive.

Hoshimon... I frowned to myself as my form was lost in the crowd from the others. That digimon was not right, it was giving me a weird vibe like that girl... It was not like Hawkmon, not in the slightest. Its body movements was that of an alley cat caught in dog country, stiff and tense. Its eyes gave a sense of watchfulness, but the sort that was present in any predator's. It had even struck that Laura girl in the beginning. But her human partner was harder to pinpoint...

I nimbly dodged a pair of large cacti digimon as I continued to think. The art of working my way through a crowd was apparently useful even if that crowd did contain creatures that could at times chew through solid steel.

Aunyailia had been acting nice, I had to admit. But it seemed to be forced. I myself had given no real projection of being nice past common curtesy to the rest of them. No, the niceness from her was not of the unselfish sort. It was the normal sort, done to get something in return. That I could understand, but still...

I waved away those thoughts, as I looked up at a sign with the words "General Store" posted up, with a hammer and a saw next to it. The door was made up of some odd looking wood but opened easily enough when I pushed through. The store itself looked like something from an Old West movie. The dry, wooden feeling was apparent from every angle. Devices and tools of all sorts were strung up on all surfaces, giving the place a very small feeling despite the fact it was larger inside than it was outside.

"Hey you! I need some things!" I said, waving my hand at the domed metal digimon. He flailed his hands in surprise a few times, then gestured me over with a smile... Or perhaps not. The metal seemed to be transfixed into a smile, so I didn't know if it was capable of frowning.

"The name is Datamon, what can I help you with young human?" The digimon seemed friendly enough, though it had put an emphasis on the word human.

"Don't get many humans around here?"

"Not in so many words. We haven't had any, at least not that I can remember."

"So how do you know I'm a human?"

It shrugged its shoulders. "It's like the difference between a dog and an elephant. You just know."

"And how would you know about dogs and elephants?" I asked, crossing my arms akwardly with my egg in hand.

"Well I-" Datamon paused in midsentence and scratched its metal head. Sparks flew from it before it gave me a baffled look. "I'm not quite sure how I knew... This could mean big research..."

"Whatever," I said, waving my hand before it could get into deep thoughts about what dogs and elephants truly were, "I just need some supplies, got it?"

"Oh yes... And how will you be paying?" It said, some rationality returning to its eyes.

I pulled a pile of 10, 50, 100, and 500 yen coins out of my pocket. "Will these do?"

Datamon's eyes seemed to actually turn to dollar signs briefly. "Yes, quite nicely..."

"Good, now I will need a backpack, several lengths of rope of varying sizes, binoculars, matches, tinder, as many pup-tents as you got, a couple of flasks, and some climbing spikes."

Datamon whirled into action, faster than I could believe possible. His arms extended to shelves and seemed to wrap around each other in their haste. It only took a few seconds before a green backpack was full before me. Then a large portion of the coin pile was stripped away from me.

"Good doing buisness with you human," said Datamon, piling up the coins in a neat tower. Its grin seemed to grow larger.

"Same here," I said as I gave my new bag one last go through. There were enough tents to give everyone a space and the rest was in good condition, the ropes nicely coiled. My digi-egg was nicely nestled on the top, as I closed it.

Coming back on the streets, I wandered for a bit getting the lay of the land. That is when I saw her. Aunyailia and Laura. Then, I saw Laura withdraw a knife from Aunyailia's person. I was halfway ready to go into a dash, when Laura went prone. I hid myself on a corner of the building, as I watched her go into a sort of trance. Then another girl appeared with a digimon...

I managed to sneak forward through the crowd, trying desperately not to attract anymore attention. Then I heard their conversation, and stiffened. My feelings about Aunyailia had been correct, and now there was another in this Aiymee character. I watched as Aunyailia actually bound the other girl with chains. Then I heard of their plans for Satoshi, then they were off, along with a bewitched Laura who dashed away into the crowd before I could reach her.

My mind screamed. Because I wondered away, I had no idea where everyone was. How could I find them to warn them of this treachery?! Looking desperately around in the city, I saw a restaurant with open doors. I looked up, and saw the roof had guardrails on. I rushed in, and grabbed an Agumon with a tray.

"Tell me, are there stairs to the roof!?"

The Agumon nodded quickly, and pointed with one taloned hand to stairs at the back. I pushed the digimon back, spilling its trays and disturbing the customers. Rushing with all my speed, I climbed up the stairs to the roof. I would spot them from above...


The world rolled under me as I hit the ground. It took a few precious seconds for me to get to my feet, seconds when I heard new screaming enter the fray. Clangs of metals did not help me any, nor did Morgan's screams.

Letting my backpack fall to the ground. I came to my senses quickly as I saw Morgan battling Satoshi. Waiting for my moment, I dashed in when they were locked, with both sword and pipe.

"Sorry, but this is for your own good!" I shouted. Satoshi's blank face turned to me before my fist slammed into the side of his head, a classic sucker punch. The metal knuckles gave it an extra oomph, and he went flying to the side. He hit the ground hard, and remained still. He'd be ok, but it would be a few hours since I had smacked him hard in the temple...

I gasped harshly, and looked up at Morgan, "Thanks, I couldn't have managed that if you weren't battling him with that thing."

I walked over to my backpack and withdrew a rope. Quickly, I bound Satoshi's arms and legs. I looked up at Morgan, then the others laying on the ground.

"We've got to get them out of here... We have a traitor on our hands," I began, as I started to explain what had happened to Morgan...

14th November 2003, 10:06 AM
[Satoshi Takinowa][Italic's is for his dream's/Bold is for Reality]
(3rd person)
The boy was hog tied down after a sucker punch by Kenichi, he was borderline, unconsiocous(I can't spell that word!!:(). He breathed in deep breath's, weezing at times.

The boy's face had a frown on it, though at times, it seemed like he was fighting with himself.The strong puppet master's string's got thinner and thinner, as the boy was trying to get back to normal self.One tear rolled on his cheek as he layed on the crunchy grass.

The boy that had hog tied him,Kenichi, was explaining to another girl, Morigan, what he saw. Laura pulling the knife out of Aunyilia's(sp) pocket,Aunyilia bounding someone to chains, Aiymee..

I sighed, happy. I didn't fight the blonde headed boy whatsoever..I had forgotten that he was my 3rd grade friend, Hirokazu. He thought I was trying to hurt My Younger self..

"No,no..I'm just..a family cousin"I told him, waving my hand, like a idiot. I smiled, and got on a swing.

We talked for a while, about things. I tried to keep it not obvious that the 3rd Grader with Untidy Brown hair was me, but the Blonde hair boy keept on comparing us two..
"You both act like idiots around girls."Hirokazu said,glaring at me,"Like how you put down.."
"Laura.."I completed, sighing,"I wish I can just go back to reality.."

I mumbled that last bit as I looked down to the groud, starting to feel faint. My face started to got feverish, and I fell to my knee's..

"You ok, big Satoshi?"Hirokazu and Younger me asked. I felt my self slipping away from the dream into reality..
I smiled to both of them, as my last words in my dream rode the wind..
"Be strong."

Satoshi's not really possessed now!Yay!But he's knocked out cold by Kenichi.

Roy Karrde
14th November 2003, 01:10 PM

"Dont hurt him" I screamed out in a very weak very horse voice that seemed on the verge of giving out. Satoshi dropped like a sack of potatos just a few feet away from me, and the two victors quickly went to work tieing him out.

After taking a minute or so to see if the ropes would hold, both Morgan and Kenichi walked off to go and discuss how to deal with Aunyailia. But Aunyailia wasnt a traitor she was my best friend, if they wanted to do that to her...I had to warn her I had to get to her first.

I tried standing up but my legs were too wobbily to hold me, and it was too painful anyway. I tried to crawl but I was so tiard to move, I had one last chance and it wouldn't save Aunyailia but it was the best I could do. With all of my power I was able to flip myself over and move a little bit closer to Satoshi, it wasnt much but with my outstretched hand I was able to get my fingers inside of his binds and unravel them from his hands and legs.

"Satoshi wake up soon" I wheased as I wraped my fingers around his while I drifted off to sleep.

14th November 2003, 01:19 PM
~*^*~Laura Rider - Ice[...Add some more Coca-Cola, then add a splice of Pepsi and BAM! You get chaos! XD]~*^*~
I felt myself on marble ground, alive....I couldn't see because I didn't open my eyes yet. I knew something was wrong, but how? I heard slight breathing, after a mumbling saying something like "I guess we're the only ones here..." The voice was familiar, as I slowly opened my eyes, holding my egg tightly. The same person from last time, only he removed his school uniformish jacket. I sat up, frantic that he was going to be rather arrogant, and backed away....keeping my D-Sense handy.

"You again?" I asked softly, but coldly, "What do want now?"

"It's okay," He replied, "We just ended up here by coincidence, I guess..."


"Look up for yourself..." He said, pointing towards the ceiling. Looking upward, I noticed a weird thing about it....it was made from water. This place had to be a schizophrenic dream: a solid cloud, walking, talking creatures, and now....a ceiling of water? It didn't make sense, no sense at all. Maybe this was like The Matrix, but if we die here...we die in real life. There's no point in living in a dream if you die in reality. If so....Is there an Oracle to this? Can the darkness turn mortals into clones of itself like Agent Smith? Is there an architect? Is there a savior, or more than one?

I sighed, looking down at the egg. Thinking in confusion about the paradox going on, I began to think...How can we get out of here?

I looked around, the half we were on was marble floor, and the other half was solid ice. Thinking this had to be a temple yet again, probably of ice, I stood up and began to walk forward. I heard footsteps from behind, so I guess he was following me. Following the snowflake and Koori symbol patterns on the wall, I walked foreward, feeling an icy prescence in the air.

'Follow the Spirit of the Koori, Laura.....' It rode again and again, it stuck itself in my mind like it was something I couldn't forget. As we continued foreward, the voice grew from a whisper to a pure-sounding, clear voice. Femenine vocals yet again, yet I wasn't sure if it was like what Satoshi heard or not. Frantically, I paced ahead of the other chosen child, he soon catching up, as the air fluttered coldly.

We soon reached a dead end, but at the end, in front of paintings of the faerie figure represented on the stature and a snow leopard-like figure, stood an altar holding a blue orb and next to it, a statue of a girl around my age....what the hell?

Well....here goes nothing.... I thought, walking over to the altar, glaring around.....nervous of what would be unleashed if I picked it up. Gulping, the only noise was the thudding of my heart, I placed my pale hands on it, and beagn to lift it up....slowly and nervously....

Kioshi Wakami
14th November 2003, 03:51 PM

"You again...?" I heard the girl speak out to me coldly. My head turned away from the items in my hand and my brown hues narrowed slightly. "What do you want now?"

I let a soft breath escape my lips and pivoted my head back to it's original position and shut those same brown hues.
"It's okay... We just ended up here by coincidence, I guess..."

There was a confused vibration within the girl's voice as she asked me how. I simply pointed up towards the ceiling, which dripped water down upon us.

"Look up for yourself." I muttered a little aggitated. Whether the girl looked up or not was beyond me, but whether she did or didn't, it hadn't stopped her from walking further into the icey temple. I hadn't noticed until I heard her foot steps upon the ice floor, which broke me away from my thoughts and I silently followed her.

I kept my hands slipped deep inside my pockets as I quietly viewed the paintings and inscriptions upon the walls of ice.

I wonder if this chick knows where she is going... Heh. I doubt it.

I watched her try to get further ahead but soon my feet carried me right behind her. The farther along we went into this strange temple, the bigger the rooms tended to get. The pillars made of ice glimmered to an unseen light that casted soft blue reflections upon our faces and the ceilings were large and domed shape.

Finally the walking came to hault as the both of us approached a fae-like figurine with some large cat and an altar, all carved out of the ice that was consistant within this temple. Obviously, this was the element represented here.

"What're you doing?" I asked questionabely as the girl reached out to a shining orb. I was quickly ignored by the girl as she stretched her hands forward, grabbing the orb and lifting it up.

"Are you sure it's safe to touch that thing? It's pulsating..." My brow quirked a bit as I watched the girl stare into the glowing orb.

Yami Annika
14th November 2003, 04:56 PM
Aunyailia Vergere

I looked down serenly at Aiymee, who no longer moved nor made a sound. She was a half-dead. She was singed, and her eyes were blank. I brushed the dust off my hands, as the metallic binds became grass once again.

"I'm done, Aiymee," I said calmly and clearly, making sure she understood each word. "So sure of yourself, you were. Arrogance is such a tough price to pay. I would suggest you go home, but you can't... Not until I'm done, anyway. Be careful, and stay out of my way.

"Hoshiskymon," I ordered. "Get Revemon." In an instant, Hoshiskymon plucked Revemon out of the air, with it's jaws, sinking it's fangs into it. She shook the Digimon around a bit, a look of contentment on her face, before throwing it at Aiymee.

"Now, hurry Hoshiskymon... Go back to Hoshimon." She followed my order, as I looked around. In the distance, Satoshi had fallen, and now a boy was there, hog-tying him. He was now talking to the girl named Morrigan, Haruka and Laura off to the side. Some of the conversation carried in the wind.

"Traitor... our hands... saw... Aunyailia... knife..."


I dug into my pocket, pulling out the knife and it's container. In my hand, the both melded together, creating a metallic necklace. It was a long eagle, with it's wings spread out, and long tail feathers, so it still looked somewhat like a knife, but the point was now dull. No danger. The Eagle's chest was covered a diamond design, that was a light purple and shimmered with a gold. The necklace chain was gold, and I wrapped the chain around the charm. Hoshimon jumped onto my shoulder as I placed it back into my pocket.

"Yami Jump."

In an instant, I was back in the market place, wandering around. Not a clue, or a danger, about me...

14th November 2003, 10:15 PM
David gasped slowly as he tried to move. Every muscle in his body wanted to give out. Everytime he breathed, it hurt. Through it all, the pain in his chest was getting stronger and stronger, pulling on his essence. Part of him wanted to die, but the rest of him was curious as to where he was going.

Something strange was happening, the pain seemed to be telling him where to go. He struggled, gasped, and forced himself to walk a little further.

His hands hurt almost as bad as his chest was, not quite clearly forgetting the experience he had with Morgan's Digital device. Everytime he thought about it, his hands seemed to burn again.

He groaned, wondering what roll of the dice left him with this. His chest got tighter as he turned the corner...

"Oh, God," he managed to say. His shocked gaze, despite his blurred vision, could make out Laura and the pink-haired girl. To his right was Satoshi, though he couldn't be sure.

His chest got calmer now, quiet now that it had led him here. He took a step and fell to his knees. He crawled closer to the group.

"How...could they leave to two here..." he said.
Sorry it's short, but I might not be able to post for awhile. With the redecorators and all. Just give my characters some interaction (and remember, unless your family, Morrigan will kill you if you refer to her as Morgan in dialogue)

15th November 2003, 12:02 AM
[Aiymee Haruda][Burn't toast with side of Revemon.]
There I stood, Limp. My nerves, shot. My hair, looked like it would go good with butter. So did the rest of my body. I felt like one giant inmoble piece of toast..

Great, I don't wanna think of food when that Betrayer...

My body was tied to the ground by chain's, like If I was in a Frankinstein Movie, but I wasn't on a table, I wasn't being made out of some crud, and I was upright. I couldn't move my eyes, they gave way to a empty stare. My hair seemed like it could go off any second, my edge's, fryed. Revemon layed infront of me, her eyes examining my body..

And then, a weird looking digimon came, I think a BaBamon. But whoever she was, she looked at me with great concern. Aunyilia was gone, and I could give a damn about any and all agreements we made before.

"Poor girl.."The Babamon said, shaking her old head,"I might as well help you.Yami Seraphimon will not be pleased at all. Not one bit."

She came over and got me out of the chains. She called over a Justimon that was wondering the street's, and he picked me and Revemon up, over his shoulders. I couldn't move, more than breathe. I couldn't talk either, otherwise I would thank them.

I felt like I couldn't trust anyone anymore. Betrayl seemed the name of the game to Aunyilia...

The Justimon and Babamon walked for a while to a small cottage outside the market Area. Babamon opened the door, and pointed to a Bed. Justimon laid both of us down on the bed..

[Satoshi Takinowa][Better bleeding than Being Toast]
"Ughhh"I felt my lips move once more. It hurt just to move my head, open my eyes, and strangely, it felt foreign to move my lips. And Speak, for that matter.My body seemed foreign to me, like someone used it. and I bought it at a thrift store..

I could barely see, either. I didn't have my glasses on Whatsoever, so I could barely make People out from Buildings, much less blood from Kool-Aid. Actually, I could go for some cool aid..

I wanted to lay there, just lay on the crunchy green grass for the rest of my boring life. I didn't wanna feel love, or hate..I wanted to feel neutral.I felt soo bad, so guilty...Did I do something wrong?

"Nani?"I muttered.I wanted to see soo much, to see what was going on..

Stupid eyesight. Stupid Glasses.

Stupid everything.Stupid me.

Haruka's post will be first thing tomorrow Mourning.

Roy Karrde
15th November 2003, 12:06 PM
First thing I noticed once I woke up was that the pain and stiffness was gone, except for the blood soaked skin and the matted down hair, no one would have ever had noticed that I had been cut. This world, what ever it was, it healed us completely, no matter how hurt we got. We couldn't die.

"Nani?" Satoshi sturred next to me, he seemed to be trying to move around with out his glasses on, he probley couldnt see a thing.

Then it dawned on me, like a ton of bricks. Why was I protecting him, why had I almost died trying to save him? I may have had feelings for him but he cut them out of me. Yes I may have drove him to madness but that was no excuse.

"SHUT UP" I screamed at him rising to my feet and kicking some dirt at him.

"GET AWAY FROM ME" I screamed again, this time kicking him over and over again with my tiny little feet. I took one last look at him and began to walk away, I noticed his glasses on the ground as I walked away from him. I picked them up, pivoted around and threw them at him.

"KEEP AWAY FROM ME, OR ELSE, OR ELSE" I warned him shaking my finger at him. I had never been so mad at some one before, but he, he infuriated me.

15th November 2003, 12:32 PM
[Satoshi Takinowa][Not everything is what it seems.]
"KEEP AWAY FROM ME, OR ELSE, OR ELSE"I heared a girls voice say...Laura?Who exactly was she talking to, anywho?

First off, I had to find my glasses. I placed my hands on the ground, and moved around, crawling. I didn't have to go far, my glasses were a foot away.I clened them off, and placed them on..

"What's the matter, Laura?"I asked questionly.My face made a curious expression,I don't know why she was so angry at me. Except, if she was still angry from...that thing..

"JUST....KEEP AWAY FROM ME!!"She stompped off. I blinked a few times in wonderment, I didn't think she could get that angry.I then looked around, to find a girl laying on the crunchy grass.Some of the grass was red from blood, and her hair seemed red too,blood allowing the hair and the grass to intertwine.

I dragged my knee's over to her, and moved her face about, so I could see who it was. My expression on my face, was one of Horror..

"Haruka..."I said, I wanted to cry.I wanted to know who did this, but something told me..

It was myself.

I examined my memories, and examined Laura while she was yelling at me. She had blood in her hair too, but it didn't seem she was injured...I wonder.

"Uhhhh.."I heard a faint whisper come from a girls lips, Haruka!I looked at her face, as she smiled. Her eyes glowed...She looked at me with some pity..

"I know it wasn't you.."She whispered faintly,she then sat up, examining her cuts. She had a cut on her forehead, her wrist seemed badly brusied, even sprained. She had 1 long cut on each leg, each seemed deep.

"Your eyes..are much fuller now."Haruka smiled more, trying to keep me in high spirits,"Something was using you...."

"Laura thinks I did it, Haruka."I told her,then a fake smile appered on my face,"Do you want me to carry you to the fountain?Or somewhere you can wash off, perhaps?"

[Haruka Haruda][50% Purity, 50%..Uhh..]
I smiled at Satoshi,"Yeah, that would be great.."I wondered where Hawkmon and Lopmon where, but they were ok..I had told them to go together to do something, after all..

I looked at Satoshi as he picked me up. He wasn't a very strong man, he was actually quite fragile..Only having a strong spirit. He didn't have as many cuts as I did, only a big bruise on his face. He carried me over his shoulder as he starting to walk..

My eye's sorta swelled as I saw two people, A girl and a Boy. They looked at Satoshi with some amazement, and looked at the ropes on the grass. I think I remember over hearing there names,Kenichi and Morrigan?Either way, they started to move back into market, along with the swelling crowd that it held. I looked back to Satoshi, who was watching the 2 also...

"You eyes were so empty, your voice, emotionless."I whispered in his ear. He faked another smile. He was worried about what exactly he did, I had to try to reassure him it wasn't him, but one third of me didn't want to believe it wasn't him.

That would mean, whatever enemy we had, they were able to contol people. That wasn't a good thing...

He groaned in pain a few times from walking with me on his shoulders, he even got a few offer's of help by a Gallantmon and a Angemon, but he didn't accept them. He wanted to show that he was strong..AKA, Manly Macho-ness.

Is that ok, Thargor?^^

15th November 2003, 01:18 PM
~*^*~Laura Rider - Ice~*^*~
"Are you sure it's safe to touch that thing? It's pulsating..." He said, causing me to turn my head and quirk an eyebrow at him, sighing, I turned back to the orb, as a silvery mist erupted from it. I looked towards the statue, as it began to come to life....her hair flowing, eyes sparkling, and arms spreading outward. The facial structure and hair color reminded me of somebody....Satoshi. This must have been some memory of Satoshi's mother.

"Thank you for coming...." Her voice drifted kindly, as she smiled. The paranoia caused me to back away, the egg falling from my clutch. She soon pointed to my D-Sense, which I still had in my hands. Smiling again, she took out an odd device...I think they called them D-Scanners or something like that.

"Move it like this...." She said, as the top left of her device glowed as she moved it, then a brilliant light emerged from it to form a pentagram. Again, she moved it to create a line.

"Repeat those movements...." She said, as I nodded studiously. I pressed a button on the side of my D-Sense. Repeating the movements, I soon formed a pentagram and a line. She smiled, as her mouth moved to say more, "20 Years ago, 10 children boarded Trailmon and traveled into this world to save it....gathering 20 spirits: 10 Beast, 10 Human. They defeated the evil, and their spirits combined to form what are now known as the 'Ancients'...."

I sighed, thinking to myself, [I]So the stories were true after all.... As she frowned, fading into a smile. I was about to say something to her, but before I could say it....she vanished, along with the orb. The statue was no longer....but the mist cleared as it grew colder. Where did the egg go? What happened to it?

"Down here!" I heard a faint, femenine voice speak....it had a faint Irish accent, too. Looking down, I saw a small fox-like creature, blue with grayish-silver tufts and tail tip, it's eyes icy blue with midnight blue around its pupils. It replaced the egg.....So I guess this was the partner I was meant to be with.

"So....What are you?" I asked softly, sitting down on the marble floor and reaching over to pet it. I scratched the area behind her ears, and she faintly smiled.

"I'm Yukimon, your digimon partner." She continued, "It seems you coincidently fell here....you're Laura Rider, right?"

I nodded calmly, as she smiled daintfully, walking away from me...as I stood up.

"To test if you're the one supposed to be here, It's simple, to fight a digimon...Follow me." I followed her, as I heard a shrug from that one guy who ended up here, too. She lead me behind the altar and a pathway which lead me to a room...scattered with crystals from every corner. The wall seemed to be made out of ice, as I glared at my reflection.

"Laura, you are supposed to fight the Quetzalmon that is about to pop up..." She said, as her voice fell silent. A saint noise like a hiss was heard, as a white and red snake with green hair and wings on the side of its head. Hissing as it stuck its tongue out at me...I coldly gritted my teeth at it....walking onto the ice arena. Yukimon glared at it, too....as she stepped in front of me.

"SSS.....Finally...." It hissed, its faangs hanging from its mouth, "Ssssome ssssort of food sssource. Humanssss will do magnifisssssently..."

"Though I may be a Wiccan...." I glared, shaking my fist, "Bless be...now bite me!"

"Haha ha......ignorant foolssss, thisss iss probably the easssiest prey sssince lassst time." It hissed again, as it cakcled, diving down towards me. At the last second, I jumped out of the way and ended up landing on its back. Soon sitting down to hold my position, I heard a whisper from the girl again in the air

You must not fail....Let the Winter guide you..... She said, a Quetzalmon got confused, lookign around for a source of the voice. Hopelessly, I attempted the pentagram the girl showed me again....it might help me...somehow. Nervously, I pressed the button.

"May the Koori return to my side..." I whispered to myself, quickly making the pentagram. A silvery light eneveloped Yukimon, as she grew larger.

"Yukimon....Digivolve to: KooriNekomon!" I leapt off of the flying snake, and in front of KooriNekomon.

"Laura....I'll need your help at defeating this...." She said, as I nodded. I got onto her back, but asked her how I could.

"Just think...This isn't the real world anymore..." She whispered, as I closed my eyes. It's hidden, I thought, I must uncover it....

When I opened my eyes, I had somehow formed a katana-like sword resembling that of Sesshomaru's Tenseiga....as I smirked.

"Say good night, Serpent...." I whispered, as KooriNekomon growled, dashing at the serpent.

"Toltec Wind!" It shouted, as KooriNekomon leapt out of the way of the attack. I slahsed through it with my sword once, and KooriNekomon leapt arom it, her eyes glowing.

"Spirit of Capricorn!" She yelled, firing a heavy breath of ice at Quetzalmon. Within moments, Quetzalmon passed out and was left weakened....serpent popsicles, anyone? I leapt off of KooriNekomon, as she de-digivolved back to Yukimon. I picked her up, and we congradulated each other, as I looked over at the guy who followed us.

"You know a way out?" I asked, soon confused and looking down at my partner.

"We'll find one....somehow," She sighed, leaving me confused.

15th November 2003, 01:20 PM
I laughed like a maniac as Slimemon sent a whole village burning to the ground. I watched as some of the digimon managed to escape, but most of them were struck down by Slimemon.
“This is almost too easy!” I laughed.
“You’ll pay for this!” growled a voice, “SUPER SHOCKER!!!” I quickly spun around.
“JAM DEFENDER!!!” I cried as I conjured up my defender to block the attack. The smoke cleared to see a Tentomon.
“Now it’s my turn!” I laughed, “VINE WHIP!!!” My whip hit him directly. I walked up to the weakened Tentomon.
“Why…,” it groaned weakly, “why are you doing this?” I laughed.
“Why am I doing this? Take a guess! I shall rule all the digimon! And I’ll even destroy them to achieve that!” I then brought my foot down onto the Tentomon’s head as it disintegrated into data. Slimemon then appeared by my side.
“The village is completely destroyed master,” he said.
“Excellent. That’s been ten villages now. Where’s the next one?” Slimemon pointed to the southeast.
“Then let’s get going,” I replied, heading off in that direction, “you coming?”

15th November 2003, 01:57 PM
^^Just to let you know, I wanna give some info on the Next City:

Las Mesa-This town is the equal to Earth's Las Vegas. Hotel's, Casino's...Excellent food. This place is full of energy, full of lights..Any time of day. This city has a record of crime though, as Rouge Digimon Pass by all the time. This city is also home to some of the wealthest digimon known around, with huge Mansions on the outskirts.

Temple's Include-

Metal Temple-This temple is made of Pure Gold and Silver like wall's, this hold's Laura's Orb. This temple is hidden behind a wall inside the biggest casino in Las Mesa.

Earth Temple-This temple has a Dirt floor, but the rest is made of like a Copper material. This temple is hidden inside a Gargoyle statue outside a big Mansion.This temple is Kenichi's temple.

Oh yeah, now to mention it, Behind the Fountian's statue has a opening, similar to the opening of Laura's temple. This leads to a cave, which leads to the outskirts of Las Mesa.

[Hawkmon][No one ever thought Birdie here would get a post?]
"Why don't you to go looking around a bit.."Haruka said,"Satoshi's a bit..I guess depressed. It would be best If I go to talk to him and Laura."

"But.."I asked her,"What if we get in trouble?Big Bad Digimon sometimes come around here, and I.."

Haruka frowned,"Don't be a big baby. Satoshi will be back in no time. And it's not like your intraining, right?You have attacks."

"And Lopmon shall protect!"Lopmon added, placing her big left ear thing around my neck, smiling and making a peace symbol..

"Lopmon!Protectot of all things Small and Weak!"
"Hey..I didn't say I was weak.."
"But your small"
"Bigger than you."I added. Lopmon sighed, like if I was a burden.

"Stop fighting. Now, I wanna talk to Laura a bit before I go to talk to Satoshi, maybe bringing her around to talk to him."

I looked around, and suddenly, felt a powerful force. I fell to my rear, only to see Laura, who was running back to the hotel.

"I guess I'll follow her.."Haruka smiled, then went off.

"PIZZA!!"Lopmon yelled in my ear, over and over,"I want PIZZA!"

I sighed...I was left with someone that had a maturity of a 2 year old..great. She didn't have to yell.


Roy Karrde
15th November 2003, 04:17 PM
I sat there on the hotel couch for hours, or maybe it was just a couple of minutes. What I said to Satoshi, the words, the pain I inflicted into it. All of it twisted like a knife in my stomach, it was a wound that this world could never heal.

"Hey kid" Haruka smiled as she sat down next to me on the couch.

" I really dont want to talk about it" I sighed. The whole situation was so bleak, so despreate. I just wanted to go home.

"Hey, I know you dont want to hear it, but I'm going to have to play the realist here. You came on way to strong, fine you like Satoshi, you may even think you are in love with him, but you shouldnt expect him to share those feelings, and as a 10 year old you should know this by now" Haruka said. A silence passed through us for a few minutes before I spoke up.

"Your right...I may not be in love with him...I just wanted him to like me, I wanted him and I to be best friends, and I thought that that was the best way to do it" I complained, Haruka remained pretty blank as if she were choosing some choice words before continuing.

"Your ten, you should know that you dont go around telling friends that you love them, and you especially dont kiss them" She told me, that last bit stung, really bad.


"I-I'm sorry" I quickly said blinking back tears, and picking up the flyer. "I-I didn't mean too, here if you guys want to find me I'll be here in this town, it's not too far away" I appologised handing over the flyer to Las Mesa, the town close to here.

" I just cant be around you guys anymore, tell Satoshi: I'm sorry" I added before running out of the hotel.

Yami Annika
15th November 2003, 04:57 PM
Aunyailia Vergere

I walked along the sidewalks silently, as Hoshimon found a way to amuse herself with her own thoughts. I walked with my hands in my pockets, looking in the windows, and admiring the handiwork and decorating of the Digimon Merchants. This world could be amazing... With a bit of perfecting.

I glanced up, and saw the very edge of the market. Beyond it, was another town. I squinted, and saw lights of every color.

"Las Mesa," Hoshimon yawned. "Gambling, food..."

"My kind of town," I giggled. "I need to lie low for a while, Hoshimon," I added softly, as an afterthought, barely moving my lips. "Can't be condemned if I'm not doing anything."

I sighed, just as someone came around the corner. Slightly annoyed with all these interruptions, I whirled around and saw Laura.

"Bonjour," I blinked, relaxing, at her depressed demeanor. I could have sworn I heard "Hey" but her lips never moved. "What's wrong?"

"I really really don't wanna talk about it," She muttered, about as annoyed as I felt, but most likely about a different situation.

"O...kay, then." I frowned, and she started walking out of the market.

"Wait!" I called, and she paused. "Where are you going?"

"I'm going to Las Mesa." She grumped. "Alone."

"Great." I grinned. "I'll come with you."

Laura smiled weakly back. "Okay."

"Oh look! A smile." I teased. "Just you and me then." Hoshimon growled. "And Hoshimon, too. Our little adventure to this Las Vegas--Mesa--City-Town-Thing. No cares, or worries, just lots of bright lights and food and gambling and stuff. C'mon!"

My hand released the once-knife-now-necklace.

A while longer...

15th November 2003, 05:13 PM
~*^*~Laura Rider - Ice[Girls don't like boys....Girls like to kill Good Charlotte.....XD]~*^*~
Looking upward, I could see the bottom of the statue in the fountain. I guess we needed to find a way out of here, somehow. Looking across the arena was a tunnel, but me and Jun couldn't go until we got the others with us.

"How can we get up there?" I asked Yukimon, confused and puzzled.

"I think if we climb up the crystals, we can get up there...somehow." She replied, leaping from ym arms and dashing to the closest patch of crystals. I followed, trying my hardest not to fall as I climbed to the highest crystal. Succesfully grabbing hold and pulling myself upward, looking back at Jun.

"You coming?" I asked sternly and apatehtically. As I reached towards the ceiling, I could fell my hand go into liquid, success. He shrugged and followed my path upward....as Yukimon jumped onto my head, then got into thw water, holding her breath tightly. I stood on the tips of my feet, then leapt up...half of my body actually inside the waterway. Sighing, I dived up and got my whole body in. I soon heard Jun follow, as I swam upward. Gasping for breath, I tried to hold harder...but felt out of breath....paddling faster until I reached the surface. Gasping once again for breath, panting, I looked around for Yukimon, who was sitting on the edge of the bowl of the fountain, as Jun emerged ten seconds later.

Swimming to the edge, I emerged....wet and tired. I felt hunger hanging inside my stomach, as I sighed....not thinking there was food to be found in the marketplace. I noticed the younger Laura had walked out of the hotel, she looked a little stressed....and regreting something. I walked over to her, Yukimon following.

"Hey....are you okay?" I asked calmly, as she looked to me, eyes red, wet, and puffy. She glared, before continuing to run off.I It was no use of keeping up, so we had to find the others. I looked over to see Hawkmon and Lopmon....maybe they had some information.

"Have you seen the others?" I asked them, and stepped away slightly.

Hawkmon shook his head, "No....not lately."

Lopmon also shook her head, "No.....Lopmon saw no others either."

I turned away in complete stress, nothing was going right.....everbody just hated me, didn't they? About to cry, I walked around until I found a bench, and just sat there....contemplating on my own, Alone.

"Laura?" Yukimon asked, as I heard her walk over, not looking up, "Are you okay?"

"I'm Practically fine..." I replied coldly, lying, "Just leave me alone..."

"I know something's wrong with you, I just want to help you..."

"Yeah right," I continued miserably, "Nobody even cares if I'm sad or angry."

"I do." She said confidently, leaping to my side on the bench.

"Alright then," I sighed,now looking at her, "But Yukimon, do you have a name?"

"No..." She answered, "Why?"

"It's that, you look I more like some name I've held in my memory for years.....Arwen."

"Sounds fine with me," The newly-named Arwen replied, leaping into my lap. I stroked her, as I tried to look around to get a view at the rest of the group...where were they?

15th November 2003, 05:55 PM
[Haruka Haruda][The only CC that's Mortal]
Satoshi had quickly carried me over to the a fountain, this one was different than the other one.It had some sort of Snow Leopard statue. The water seemed to pour out of the Mouth. The snow Leopard had wings..Something about it was familar..A card I left in the real world.

He quickly ran to a medical aid store near by, and traded some necklace thing for Ace Bandages, and some sort of stone, a Purity Stone?Something like that. Anyway. He placed the stone near my cuts, and they looked like they had stiches on them. My wrist was placed on a Ace Bandage. My scooter was cleaned and dried off.My hair was placed near the Purity Stone and it was cleaned. The Purity stone vanished, since it was used up.

"Thanks Satoshi!"I said, smiling,"Now, I'm gonna go pick up my goggles, I left them in that abandoned hotel. Stay here, wander. Find Hawkmon and Lopmon.."

I treated him like a little kid..He sorta acted like one with innocence. He seemed guilty, but confused about whatever he did.

I walked slowly away from him, looking back at him, over and over.I wanted to make sure he was ok. He just stared at the water in the fountain, wondering. I then walked fast, and got in the abandoned hotel in no time.

So we talked a little bit, about things like how she shouldn't expect the same feelings from a 15 year old. It soonly ending with..

" I just cant be around you guys anymore, tell Satoshi: I'm sorry"

Laura stormed off. I quickly grabbed my Goggles, and stared in the doorway until 5 minutes later, then I walked out. I walked fastly though, and noticed another girl..

"Oh,Hello."I said. I didn't notice her,"Sorry, I'm in a hurry, but maybe later, we can talk or stuff."

I then walked over to the Snow Leopard Fountain, and quickly tapped Satoshi, who had Hawkmon and Lopmon with him.

"Satoshi, I have to tell you something that happened."

Kioshi Wakami
15th November 2003, 06:06 PM
Jun Wakami [The ignored one :/]

Shortly after the girl jumped out of the water, I did too. It didn't seem as if she waited for me at all since she had already ran off to the other two digimon.

I grunted a bit and grabbed up my jacket and tossed it over my shoulder, my other hand slipping into my pocket. Once again the girl ran off towards a bench, her eyes almost brimming with tears. I furrowed my brows and walked over to her, sitting upon the bench next to her, shortly after her conversation with her own digimon.

"Will you stop running off? It gets tiring following you." I spoke out with an obvious tone of annoyance.

"It's not like I asked you to bother me. Why won't you just get lost!?" Her blue eyes turned towards me with a nasty glare.

"Hn..." I mutterd.

"It's not like you give a sh*t about me anyways! Just leave me alone!" the girl snapped. I glared at her quietly for a few seconds before standing up, my jacket fumbling down my back while still being gripped within my right hand.

"Don't think you're the only one that's ignored here. Your pathetic depression about how the whole world hates you is repulsive. It's blinding you from those who do make an effort to try to be in your worthless life." I pivoted on my heel and faced the girl who stared at me in complete silence.

"So stop b*tching about how lonely your life is and let others enter it."

Yay! I portrayed Jun the way I wanted to for once! Sure, he appears to be mean and straight forward but it's all with good intent. He doesn't know how else to tell her he's trying to become friends even though she keeps shooting him down XD;

15th November 2003, 07:13 PM
David (Defying physics by going twice unnoticed even when he says something. Maybe I should turn this into my narrating advantage)
"Well, the pain is ebbing away, but it's not gone," I said to myself, "Hands still burn. I really got to find something to get rid of this."

I walked onward, despite the continual nagging of my chest. I really did not understand what the hell was going on, and WHY I was being ignored.

In my random wanderings, I had walked across two of the others arguing. One was Jun, the other was a stranger to me, though I had seen her before.

"It's not like I asked you to bother me. Why won't you just get lost!?" the girl said, obviously angry. Jun had grunted. I raised an eyebrow, did neither know that I was here?

"It's not like you give a sh*t about me anyways! Just leave me alone!" the girl continued to get PMS-y. Jun did not seem to like the reaction. I was wondering if the two were blind. I put my hand in front of the other boy's face

Do they not realize that I'm right between them? I thought, getting panicky.

"Don't think you're the only one that's ignored here. Your pathetic depression about how the whole world hates you is repulsive. It's blinding you from those who do make an effort to try to be in your worthless life." Jun snapped back, and while I didn't know either person's background, Jun so far had a point. I decided to just quiet down and get my thoughts together.

"So stop b*tching about how lonely your life is and let others enter it."

I tried to leave, I didn't want to be any ruder than I was being now. Sadly, I would not be so fortunate.

"Hold on," Jun said, and I knew this was directed at me, "Have you been listening in?"

I panicked, again, but turned around and tried to stay calm, "Yes."

"How long,"

"Since...'It's not like I asked you to bother me.'" I said, meekly, "I know I was eavesdropping, but I couldn't help it."

"You couldn't help listening in?" he said, getting angrier.

"Not that," I shook my head, "I couldn't help sticking around. I mean, I was right in front of BOTH of you and neither of you seemed to see me. It's happened twice before when I got here."

"Okay," the girl jumped in, seemingly angry at me, "That's just ridiculous."

I began to get irritated, "Believe what you want, but I'm in no mood to be argued with. I've fallen face first from a rooftop, I've been subjected to horendous torture on my hands (I showed my hands for emphasis), my chest hurts no matter what I do about it, and now I'm being ignored for reasons that defy reality."

I think this Digital world is having a negative impact on my character, "You know what? You're right. No one gives a **** about you. I don't even give you my full attention, but that is because all you have probably done since we got here is mope, complain, and done nothing about your goddam problem"

Everything that made me want to hate this place was coming at full force on the poor girl, "If you want for people to actually care, then, sometimes, you actually have to confront someone and say something! If, for all my life, I had never tried to make friends, than I would never have lived past 5th grade!"

I took another breath, "Now I find that I am in a situation that I know little-to-nothing about, I am heavily disadvantaged, and I don't know why. I have little to no clue what I am supposed to do, but do you think I will let that stop me? No, I won't! I will do what I had done when I changed schools: I will try, I will learn, and I will adapt. I don't know what we'll face, but I'll bet my dice that I will not go down. You will have to learn to do the same."

As all of my pent up anger was finally unleashed, I collapsed on myself.

"Urg," I panted, "Sorry about the outburst. This realm is just not treating me right."

My stomach lurched, and I vommited once more.

15th November 2003, 08:48 PM
[Haruka Haruda][Fool me once, shame on you.]
"Satoshi, I have to tell you about...something that happened."I told him placing a smile on. I then sat on the fountain's edge..
"Yeah,Haruka?Did I do something bad to.."
"Satoshi...you know that first time my lips touched.."
"You mean.."Satoshi started to growl,"Hiro.."

His face scrunched up in a funny way,"I remember that. Worst.Day.Of.My.Life."
"Well, then today was my worst.day.of.my.life."
"Why?"He replied..then..His face sorta turned pale..

"Laura kissed you back, there, hun. No turning away from it."I said, smiling.I made a silly smoochie face, and his face..Well..He looked like a tomato, he was blushing soo much..

"You know, I should remember that, But I don't.Why can't I?"He started to smack his head,"And it'll be horrible if I tell her that.."

"Well,hun.."I said,"You got your first kiss. Be ready for more."

Satoshi blushed, his face reder than Hawkmon's feathers.He then got up, and looked at the horizon..I guess he really didn't want to talk about it..

"Laura also left for Las Mesa a while ago."

Blah post.

Roy Karrde
15th November 2003, 09:04 PM
The city, it was so huge and bright. Lights, there was lights everywhere and Digimon, there was millions of Digimon and almost all of them stunk.

" We need to get you some new clothes " Aunyailia yelled back at me as she tugged me through the croud, into a clothing shop.

"Okay, that pink dress, well umm, no, you need black, it would look good on you" She told me as she shifted her weight from one foot to the other. She quickly ran over to a pile of clothes and pulled out a black mini skirt and a tight fitting shirt that looked like I was way to young for.

" Now here are some real clothes " She smiled. A few minutes later we were out of the shop and back on the strip.

"You look good, now let's find a hotel room for the night" She said looking back and forth from me, to the darkening sky, to the hotels. Eventually we ended up at a very elaborate hotel and took a elevator all the way up to the top floor which opened up into a spaceous room.

"I-I dont think this is a good idea" I said from the window, peeking out onto the crowd below and looking at myself in the reflection.

"I kindof want to go back to the group" I finally confessed turning to her.

"Uh huh okay well I'm going out, try and get something to drink and eat tonight" She said before leaving the room with her Digimon. After a while of exploring I found a small little tv chest which had candy in it, along with wierd brown bottles.

" I am thursty from walking all day " I said to myself as I took out one of the bottles and tried a sip. It tasted horrible and left a aweful after taste. Yet it was the only thing in the room so I continued to drink.

16th November 2003, 04:17 PM
~*^*~Laura Rider - Ice[Pissed Off...Headstrong.....Wanting to kill Jun and David...]~*^*~
"Will you stop running off...? It gets tiring following you." I heard Jun say, his voice sounding rather annoyed.

"It's not like I asked you to bother me.....Why won't you just get lost?" I eplied, somewhat pissed off and headstrung, glaring vilely at him.

"Hn...." He grunted to himself, not really moving on the arguement.

"It's not like you give a sh*t about me anyways...Just leave me alone!" I continued in my PMS-yness.....it didn't help at all. I looked ahead and noticed that David guy watching us....he wouldn't leave at all.

"Don't think you're the only one that's ignored here. Your pathetic depression about how the whole world hates you is repulsive. It's blinding you from those who do make an effort to try to be in your worthless life...." Jun continued angrily, "So stop b*tching about how lonely your life as let others enter it!" David looked as if he tried to leave, but stayed anyway. Eavesdropping bastard....eas he going to gossip about this?

"Hold on..." Jun said, then turned around, to notice David, "Have you been listening in?"

"Yes..." He said somewhat frantically, but kept calm. He must have been nervously.

"How long?"

"Since 'It's not like I asked you to bother me'..." David replied meekly, "I know I was eavesdropping, but I couldn't help it."

"You couldn't help it?" Jun asked, getting even more pissy by the second. They all didn't care if I had my input, neither if Arwen did either.

"Not that..." He said, shaking his head, "I couldn't help sticking around. I mean, I was right in front of BOTH of you and neither of you seemed to see me. It's happened twice before when I got here....."

"Okay..." I jumped in suddenly, headstrung even more, "That's just ridiculous."

"Believe what you want, but I'm in no mood to be argued with...." David said, somewhat irritated, "I've fallen face first from a rooftop, I've been subjected to horendous torture on my hands, my chest hurts no matter what I do about it, and now I'm being ignored for reasons that defy reality."

"You know what? You're right. No one gives a sh*t about you," David continued, as if this place ruined his character, "I don't even give you my full attention, but that is because all you have probably done since we got here is mope, complain, and done nothing about your goddam problem..."

"If you want for people to actually care, then, sometimes, you actually have to confront someone and say something! If, for all my life, I had never tried to make friends, than I would never have lived past 5th grade!" He continued, taking full anger of this place against me. It bothered me, but I had to cope with it.

"Now I find that I am in a situation that I know little-to-nothing about, I am heavily disadvantaged, and I don't know why...." He continued after a moment of catching his breath, "I have little to no clue what I am supposed to do, but do you think I will let that stop me? No, I won't! I will do what I had done when I changed schools: I will try, I will learn, and I will adapt. I don't know what we'll face, but I'll bet my dice that I will not go down. You will have to learn to do the same." After all of that, he fell to the ground, collapsing from exhaustion.

"Urg..." He groaned, panting, "Sorry about the outburst...this realm is not treating me right..." He groaned again, his stomach lurching....and he vommited once again. Sighing quietly, I felt hurt, trying to conceal my pain. They had something against me, but that was life. Sure, we all ahve enemies...but why didn't I actually have friends? Was it because I was the foreign one? Was it because it was their personality? Or was it just me? This was something I couldn't understand.

Arwen looked up at me, seemingly puzzled. Her eyes widened, before she turned to look at a flyer. Squinting my eyes....I read it. It was for some town called Las Mesa, or something like that. It advertized that it has food....stores...casinos....seemed exactly like Las Vegas, Nevada in America. Food? Maybe I could get the sushi I was dying for all this time, with wasabi....especially wasabi. Thinking about it, maybe I could ask them to accompany me.

"Arwen..." I whispered, knealing down to her ear, "Could you go over there and snatch me that flyer for Las Mesa?" She nodded, leaping off the bench and scurrying over towards the flyer. She leapt up and clinched onto it with her small fangs, pulling it off the pole and scuttling back to my feet, letting go and laying it down. I picked it up, and looked at it.

Maybe that's where the other Laura was going.... I thought to myself, quirking my eyebrow.

"What's that?" David asked, possibly towards me. Looking up, I handed it to him, as he looked it over. Jun peered at it, possibly interested in Las Mesa himself too. I wondered if they got the same idea to head there next, but what about the others? Morrigan, Kenichi, Satoshi, and Haruka? Eh....we didn't need them, we may meet up once they head to Las Mesa....

Polizumi...Is it okay if I reserved Light for myself? ^^

16th November 2003, 04:46 PM
Mmmkay...I'll reserve light for you, (I'm lazy, so just know you reserved it. I don't feel like updating the first post..^^Ugga Lazy.

Also, We can either walk to Las Mesa, which isn't a long walk at all, or the characters can take a cave,with an entrance similar to the Ice Temple, except it's in the Snow Leopard's fountain.

Also, when I get the time, I'll be setting a mini-webpage with all the Signup's listed, All the city's, and some other things. It'll be easier, and I'll place the Link in my signature when I'm done with it. It'll also have info on the 3 lunar's, and what's actually happening in the real world.

So,with that, we come to my postie.

[Haruka Haruda][Riding a shooting star]
"Laura also left for Las Mesa a while ago."I sighed, reaching for Lopmon. I placed her on my head, and added,"I'm gonna head there myself. My wrist might hurt, but I gotta make sure She's ok. If.."

"Laura..LEFT?"Satoshi said, with concern. He looked back in the water, and then looked at me,"It's because of me, probably."
"Probably, but don't beat yourself down, twerp."I replied to his comment, smiling.

"Anyway, why do you care for her?"
"I think I might be a better influence then that Aunyilia girl. Aunie, whatever"I shook my head.I then looked down, and I started to get some chest pain's. Not like-well, you know- those pains..Like something was ripping in side of me. I grabbed my midchest, and I felt like I could vomit..

"You ok, Haruka-kun?"Satoshi asked. I placed a fake smile on my face, and ignored the obvious pain.
"Yeah,I'm fine."I faked. I looked around,and saw a pile of vomit near David. I looked at him, curious. But I looked back at Satoshi, and told him..

"Why don't we head for Las Mesa?I'm sure the group will catch up. Or we can wait for them...Which hopefully isn't long. I'm craving some Sashimi...or some burgers..."I smiled. Satoshi rubbed his stomach in hunger. So did Lopmon and Hawkmon..

Kioshi Wakami
16th November 2003, 05:51 PM
Jun Wakami [The New Jerk]

"Hold on..." I muttered to Lauren. I turned around and looked at David who has be eavesdropping in on me and Lauren's conversation. "Have you been listening in?" I growled angrily. I always found it upsetting when someone butted in other people's business.

"Y..yes.." the boy spoke with nervousness, perhaps he could see my anger.

"Since when?" I spoke too calmly.

"Since... 'It's not like I asked you to bother me'.." the other boy said meekly. I just glared at him for the time being.

"I know I was eavesdropping, but I couldn't help it."

"You couldn't help it?" I asked, getting even more upset with this guy.

"Not that..." He said, shaking his head, "I couldn't help sticking around. I mean, I was right in front of BOTH of you and neither of you seemed to see me. It's happened twice before when I got here....."

"Okay..." Lauren jumped in. "That's just ridiculous."

The boy started to go in some huge rant that I quickly toned out of. I didn't have time to listen to yet another person complain about being in this place. After the guy was done he toppled over and ended up blowing chunks on the ground. My face slightly contorted in disgust as I saw the guy's insides out on the ground. Thankfully Lauren grabbed my attention with a flyer that her digimon, Yukimon was it?, dragged over.

"What's that?" Lauren looked for it for a few seconds before handing it to David who looked over it as well. I took a glimpse at the flyer before shoving one of my hands back into my pocket. The place looked like Tokyo to me, but that's because I didn't really know what this 'Las Vegas' looked like.

"Well? What're we waiting for? The others probably already left so lets go. Besides, we'll end up meeting up with them eventually anyways." I turned around and started to head for the edge of the town, not really knowing if I was going exactly the right way.

16th November 2003, 06:09 PM
... And Kenichi was completely cut out... I think his announcement and actually being a few feet of a few people would have gotten him more involved...

Kenichi Tanaka

"Have you seen two humans go by?" I said quickly to a passing Agumon. It paused briefly for a second, in which Morgan caught up to me again, panting.

"Hey, have you heard about waiting up for somebody before?" She said, straightening up.

"They didn't wait for us so we can't afford that luxury. We don't know if that girl still has a hold on Satoshi, so the rest of them could be in danger still."

I looked into the stream of digimon going by, the street signs in the city being of no help since none of them had markings on their clear faces. This city was bustling, and Satoshi had dissapeared into the crowd almost instantly. Morgan and I had wondered the streets in desperation to find any of the group, but we only had vague sightings from passing digimon.

I sighed to myself, "Besides, everybody needs to know the danger Aunyailia poses to us... She already did something to that little kid Laura, and from the way she kicked up that Satoshi before they escaped, I'd say she's changed."

"S'cuse me," a voice said, pulling on my pant leg. I was thrown off the conversation as I looked down into the eyes of the Agumon.

"There's been a bunch of humans my friends have been talking about. They're at the big fountain, at the center of the city." It pointed with one claw to the left.

"Thank you! Let's go!" I said, grabbing Morgan's hand and pulling her in that direction. I slipped through the crowd with less ease this way, but it was better than hearing anyone complain about being left behind... Besides, in this place, getting lost was a valid concern.

Before we even spotted the group, the foutain towered above the crowd. Light and water danced together in the air, only to plummet back down into a large bowl on the street. The digimon around the area were giving it room, probably wary of the human visitors. We burst from the crowd, and saw them. It was only two, Haruka and Satoshi. Both were sitting across from each other, and looked surprised when we appeared.

I let go of Morgan, and approached Satoshi warily. His face sported a nice bruise from my punch and his glasses looked a bit bent. But his eyes were clear and his expression was normal. It looked like he was in control of himself...

"Seems you're back to normal Satoshi," I said, as I stepped closer.

"Normal?" He asked, as Haruka climbed to her feet from the edge.

"Yes... That girl possessed you, and caused you to attack some of the group. You would have killed that girl Laura if Morgan hadn't stepped up and defended her with a pipe. Don't you remember?" I asked.

"Well... Sort of..." He looked pained.

"Well, first thing is first. That girl Aunyailia is a traitor," I said, looking him straight in the eyes. A startled look overcame him, then I continued.

"She was the one that unleashed a strange girl and a digimon on you... Those two probably controlled you after that. She was also arming herself with a knife, and did something to that little girl Laura. She is not one of us, and has no intention of helping us."

Satoshi got a very worried look on his face, while the information didn't seem to suprise Haruka in the slightest.

"We need to gather the rest of the group and get out of here as soon as possible... Most of us don't have digimon yet to fight, so flight is our best option. Where is everyone?" I asked.

16th November 2003, 07:34 PM
My own interests were turned toward the ground.

"Was David here?" I asked, pointing to the...well, you know.

The pink-haired girl turned slightly red at this, "Actually that was me."

I raised an eyebrow, this looked familiar, "Um, has this been followed by a constant tugging-slash-ripping force in your chest area?"

She looked at me weirdly, but decided to answer.

"Well, not constant," she said, "but yeah, there was a ripping force. Why?"

"Hmm," I muttered, this was definitely familiar, "Perhaps we should find David. You two may have stumbled across some Digital World disease. Besides, I'm afraid to leave David in his condition. He's been having problems since he's gotten to this place, and he should probably get something to eat."
Jun was heading toward the edge of town, but I decided to take the pratical approach. I tapped the nearest Digimon, a Gabumon, on the shoulder.

"Hey, sir," I called to the Gabumon, getting his attention.

"Yeah," he asked in a cheerful manner.

Laura decided to talk for me this time, "Which way is it to Las Mesa?" The Gabumon looked in the direction we were heading and began to laugh his head off.

"Kiddos, Las Mesa is in the OPPOSITE direction!" We smiled, thanked the Gabumon, and turned to get Jun.

"Um, Jun," I said, he looked over at me in annoyance, "You're going the wrong way. Las Mesa is in the OTHER direction."

His expression was unreadable, so I didn't try to guess his current emotion. We simply moved in the other direction.

That...thing...in my chest was throbbing dully, but my nausea was gone, at least. I went through my pack, and pulled out a raisin creme pie (The chosen snack of yours truly, :rolleyes: ).

"So, what do you suppose waits for us in Las Mesa," I asked, getting looks from the others, "Oh....yeah."

Silence once more.

"I wonder if the casinos are available to teenagers." Both of them shot a strange look at me.

"Are you...?" Laura asked.

"Addicted to gambling?" I finished, nodding, "Somewhat, yeah."

17th November 2003, 02:05 PM
Ahh,yes..The casino's are open(;D) for the 11 only because, Digimon don't know much about human age.

[Satoshi Takinowa][Umm...Ugghhh..What was this one again?]
"We need to gather the rest of the group and get out of here as soon as possible... Most of us don't have digimon yet to fight, so flight is our best option. Where is everyone?"Kenichi asked, looking around to see anyone at all.

I looked around also, and couldn't find anyone, really. I could only count the four of us. Haruka, Morrigan, Kenichi and me.

"Well, I don't really see any other's in our group around,"I told him,"But if we need flight, I'm sure Hawkmon won't mind.."

I turned to Hawkmon, and smilied,"You can fly 4 on Aquilamon, can you?"

Hawkmon gave a me a reassuring look, "I probably could. I'm not entirely sure though."

I then looked at Haruka, and looked below to a pile of vomit. I felt my face turn green, but I resisted the urge to throw up. I looked at Haruka again, and she was talking to Morrigan, her face was a little red. I looked back at Kenichi..

"We can alway's go now. I'm sure everyone else is heading for there, there is ton's of posters advertising the place."

Soo...I think almost everyone is heading for Las Mesa..soo...^^;

Roy Karrde
17th November 2003, 02:29 PM
[Laura Lutz] [Drunk and loving it]
Pretty lights, every where, and when I spin they go all swirly, I like going all swirly. The bottle of soda that I was drinking tasted bad too but made the swirly even more special. Some where between my 3rd and 12 bottle * Who keeps count anyway * I saw the group or 4..maybe 5 of them fly past the window on a airplane, a airplane with feathers and a beak.

"Yay, everyone's here" I yelled to no one special as I staggered out the door, down the elevator, and out into the street just in time to see them land on the outskirts of town.

"Fun, fun fun" I said as I began to walk to them, well I tried to walk but I kept walking to the left and then to the right and then back to the left, each time I ran into things which made everything feel even more wierd and fun.

"Hey everyone" I hickuped as I staggered to them while taking long drinks from the bottle.

"Oh..My..God" Haruka stared her mouth half open in shock.

"What's wrong is my hair all messed up?" I asked before drenching it with the bottle. " There is it better?"

"Laura? Your outfit, what happened to you?" Haruka asked while Satoshi remained in a state of shock.

"Oh, Aunyailia, bought it for me, she says that black brings out my curves and makes me look all sexy" I hickuped again this time chasing it down with the last bit of the yellow soda.

"So Satoshi, do I look all cute?" I asked leaning against him,he continued to just look at me with a open mouth. "You know Satoshi, we could be close, you know like boy friend and girl friend " I continued this time standing on my tip toes to bring my face close to his.

"But nope becuase you had to be a meanie" I said, ending the sentence with a playful slap.

"And Haruka, see we could be like best friends and Satoshi and I could be marrrrried, but nope, no Haruka friendship for Laura nope nope nope" I told her as I slund one arm across her shoulder.

"Your drunk" Haruka replied making a crinched up face when she smelt my stinky breath.

"Maybe a little, but Aunyailia told me to get something to drink, and 3, 4, 12, bottles later here I am" I replied swinging the bottle around for everyone to see.

"Hey, you know what, me getting sleepy so if you dont mind..." I tried to say but half way through I colapsed to the ground and went to sleep.

Kioshi Wakami
17th November 2003, 05:12 PM
12 bottles!? Even if they are mini bottles, that's too much toxic chemicals for a 10 year old o_O; She would be in the hospital now guzzling charcoal down her throat through a wide plastic tube >_>;;; Either that our she would slip in a coma when she fell asleep or be dead <_<;; 12 bottles is an insane amount for a little kid. X_X;

Jun Wakami [Just a little bit pissy.]

I looked back towards the others to see if they were catching up as I headed to what I thought was Las Mesa. I saw David rush over soon after talking to a digimon and he suddenly ordered me to stop.

"Uhm... Jun?" I looked at him with an annoyed expression. I wasn't liking this guy one bit.

"You're going the wrong way. Las Mesa is in the OTHER direction." My stare was too calm and unreadable. Inside I felt like blowing up in this David guy's face. How DARE he make me look like some idiot fool! Who the hell does he think he is? Does he have something to prove?? After the guy turned around and started to walk in the "proper" direction I snarled quietly and tagged a long behind them.

"So, what do you suppose waits for us in Las Mesa," the other boy asked. I simply gave him a bland look. "Oh....yeah."

Silence once more.

"I wonder if the casinos are available to teenagers." Me and Laura both gave him a funny look, but I shrugged it off easily.

"Are you...?" Laura asked.

"Addicted to gambling?" he finished with a nod, "Somewhat, yeah."

"Great..." I muttered to myself, catching up with the two and stepping between him and Laura. I recieved a somewhat nasty or annoyed look from the other guy and I "kindly" returned the look back to him.

All three of us walked towards Las Mesa in silence for most of the way. It wasn't until we reached the most outter skirts of town that I stopped.

"Laura..." I furrowed my brows slightly, thinking a little bit.

"I need to talk to you," my eyes shifted from Laura to David with an annoyed and obvious upset expression. "In private."

Yami Annika
17th November 2003, 05:15 PM
Maybe since it's Digital Alcohol, it's not that... toxic? *is confuzzled herself*

Aaaaaaand, now... the worst babysitter ever! :wave:

Aunyailia Vergere

A little ways down the strip, I saw the group, and Laura collapse. My eyes widened, and I glanced at the hotel. "Oh la la..." I whispered warily.

"Laura!" I yelled suddenly, running as fast as I could toward the group. Once I reached them, I bent over, resting my hands on my knees, feigning exhaustion and being out of breath. "Thank God you guys found her! Is she alright?"

Haruka looked at me with narrowed eyes, as did Kenichi and Satoshi, although Satoshi was still shocked about the ten year old, obviously drunk Laura in his arms.

"What happened?" Seemed to be the question inside the group, both spoken outloud and thought.

"I... I..." I glanced around, pointing to a building across from the hotel. "There was a Digimon, and it looked like it was about to attack the hotel, so I left for a minute to see if I could help... And, when I came back, she was gone." I looked at Laura, making sure she was still unconcious.

"No," Haruka said, seething. "What did you do to her?"

I looked around, and saw the group looking at me as if they were ready to kill. I saw they were blaming me for her drunkeness, and her outfit.

"Wait a minute..." I swallowed, getting all defensive. "This is not my fault..."

"Yes, it is." Haruka interrupted growing angrier every second. Satoshi looked like he was about to say something as well.

"I think you've made a mistake, Haruka. When she came to me, she was near tears. Wanna know why? Because the closest thing she ever got to a friend, or a crush, took out her heart and smashed into a million pieces the worst POSSIBLE way." I said, looking straight into Satoshi's eyes. "Then," I added, looking at Haruka. "If that wasn't bad enough, another person she considered a friend blamed her, told her everything was HER fault, and pretty much told her she worthless as a human being when it came to social skills. Who wouldn't want to run away? Or get drunk? That seems pretty appealing to me, and I didn't even go through that.

"So she came to me. And as a friend, I tried to take her away from her problems. And, yes, I made a mistake. But I'm not the only one," I finished taking a big breath, then realized my huge monolouge and the looks on Haruka's and Satoshi's face. "...That was incredibly rude of me," I said, barely audible.

For a moment, the group was tense. There were some thoughts of saying somethings, but the people held them back. After a moment, Satoshi murmured. "We better get Laura a room..."

As they started to walk off, I looked back at the hotel and bit my lip slightly. A slight messup in the plan... I looked over at Kenichi.

"Um..." I stammered. "M- Mr. Tanaka!" He turned and faced me with hatred apparent on his face.


I walked over to him. "I can see that you don't like me." I stammered, and felt my face grow red. "But, but, I want us to be friends," I shook my head. "Not enemies. So, I, um... I bought this for you. I'm not the best shopper, but..." I dug into my pocket, and brought out the eagle necklace, holding it out to him. He looked at it for a moment.

"You don't like it?" I winced, my face portraying the feeling of disgust with myself. He looked conflicted for a moment, then slowly reached out to take it...

Don't worry, it's not poisonous. ;)

17th November 2003, 06:15 PM
Kenichi Tanaka

I reached out towards the pendant, then pushed it back into her hands. My eyes narrowed towards her once more, and I took a step back from her. My stance became defensive and I looked straight into her eyes.

"Nice little bauble you got there... But it isn't going to gain my trust," I said. "Your act is pretty impressive, but I don't have the home life that most of the others have. I've had my share of experiances with con-artists and that's all you remind me of, a criminal."

I pointed my thumb at the knocked out form of Laura. "Just another part of your plan, eh? Are you planning on bringing Aiymee back to finish us off?"

Aunyailia stiffened up visibly for a second before she caught herself. Her eyes had widened once I had dropped that name. Time to hammer the crack.

"I heard everything you said in the square you know. I also saw you do something to Laura, and of course that odd chain move you did. You are evil, aren't you?" I ended with a bitter smile.

I was interrupted, as a loud ringing began from my side. I picked up my D-Sense. The screen was flickering wildly with light, which distracted me from Aunyailia. A voice came from the hunk of plastic.

You are in danger... You must come to the temple with haste... Let the Earth embrace you...

Movement made me shift my gaze as I saw Aunyailia preparing to do something... Of which I know not, since my gaze was abruptly sent skyward as my feet sunk into the stone ground. I let out a cry that made the others turn as my legs, followed by my torso sunk into the ground. Reaching up with one hand, I desperately tried to stay above, but to no avail. I sunk down completely into the ground, and the darkness enveloped me...


I don't know how much time passed between the time I was sucked into the ground until the moment I woke up, but I saw it was still dark. Groaning to myself, I saw the light of the city was a fair distance away. I lifted myself to my feet, and saw a massive old mansion looming above me, lights making it look splendid. Added to this, was a truly gargantan gargoyle, its viscous mouth opened in a horrible smile.

"Where am I?" I whispered to myself.

17th November 2003, 07:26 PM
"Damn it," Morrigan cursed, "Damn our luck!"

The day just kept getting worse; Aunie's continuous treachery, David's physical torments, Laura's indecency, and now this. It was enough to drive her mad.

She placed her goggles in front of her eyes, trying to focus out all the distractions and think. Sadly, it was not going to be easy.

"Alright," Morrigan said, "If none of you mind, I am going to find a Digimon that might help us get down there. I want one of you to keep an eye on Aunie," she paused as she threw her pack on top of Laura, "and I want one of you to redress Laura with what I've got in there. There should be some needle and thread to hem up my clothes."

Morrigan got some indignant looks from some, ordering them around. She sighed, getting irritated.

"Got any better plans?" she asked, "Besides, do any of you want Aunie to wander about of her own accord?"

Silence, "Alright, then," and then she left.

"Smooth David," I said to myself, "Real smooth."

Jun was having a 'private' chat with Laura. When there are only three people, and one wants to talk to the other by themselves, you can kind of tell what the chat was about.

I walked on, idiocy/depression on my part. Didn't pay much attention to my surroundings.

"You're the wheel, David," I said to myself, "The bloody third wheel...again."

Background noise. I made a quick count through my head.

"I wonder why," I said, "He didn't have the gall to directly confront you? How come he had to talk to her 'behind' your back."

Static. More background noise. A quiet moment.

"How come you keep talking to yourself like that?" I asked.

He seems to keep slipping in and out, I heard a voice, staticy and distant, but familiar. I raised an eyebrow, this was getting confusing.

"What the..." I could hear something, familiar. Beeping...in a regular pattern.

"He's been that way since he entered the hospital," another familiar voice. A faster speaker with deeper tone...

"Jason?" I said, slightly frightened, "Oookay, this is weird. Who's in the hospital?"

"Do you suppose David will recover," the voice belonging to Ark. Goosebumps began running down my spine. How could I be in the hospital? I was...here.

"His chances are better than the others," Jason responded, glumly.

Eventually the voices faded out, and a million screams soon replaced. I snapped out to see that I had wandered into the market area once more. From what I could gather I had just appeared right in front of them. I kindly asked for the direction to Las Mesa's center area, found out I was off course, and walked on.

"Well," I said, "I hope they enjoy being on their own."

The silence was making me paranoid, so I continued to talk to myself, trying to rationalise what just happened.

"Well," I reasoned, "They said I kept slipping in and out. Maybe...I just haven't fully crossed. Give it a few days."

EDIT: Had to make a quick change.

17th November 2003, 09:35 PM
[Akira Takinowa][WeeWooWeeWoo]
I tried to place a fake smile on, but it didn't help me at all.I placed my hands on my overly inflated stomach, I was 8 months pregant with a baby.I never went to ask what gender it was..

So, I walked throughout the cold Hallway's of Tokyo Memorial Hospital. I looked in each room, saw a child there, an adult there. Some learning how to walk again, some learning that they will never walk again.

I learned that my son was in a coma. 15 year old Satoshi Takinowa.He had somewhat Brown hair, which he would use almost a ton of gel to spike. He had sky blue eyes, a skinny posture. He wasn't the easiest boy to wake up in the world, nor the easiest to care for. And he didn't deserve this, not one bit.

Before I walked into his room, I checked up on Akina. She was in deeper water than I was. Haruka was missing after apparently chasing after some noise. And her other daughter of 10 years,Aiymee, was in a deeper coma than Satoshi..

I tried to put on an fake smile for Akina, but she knew that I was just as worried as she. She continued to touch her daughters forehead..

So, I walked into my room nextdoor. Actually,it would be Satoshi's room, but anyway's..

"Doctor.."I said, walking over. He was making sure Satoshi's IV's were in check. He then looked at me, his face was like many other's I've seen so far today. A Fake smile. A Fake hope.

"He's not going to die,"He said,"But out of those 13 children, he has one of the worst chances of getting out of this normal. But,unlike some few, he's responding to people talking to him by fluttering his eyelashes."

"When, do you think?"I asked him, pulling a chair over to Satoshi's bed,"When do you think he'll be ok?"

"Well,I'm not sure. These 13 cases aren't like any that I've seen. Their heartbeats sometimes get very high, like if they were running or nervous. And their mind's show constant activity, unlike some other cases I've seen."He said,"Most interesting, like if they are alive, active in another world."

[Satoshi Takinowa][Flutter..Flutter..]
Morrigan left as we settled into, what seemed to be a hotel room near the top of a hotel. I placed Laura on the couch nearby, and sat on a nearby Laz-y-boy. I sighed deeply..Hawkmon and Lopmon started to check around the Hotel room as Morrigan came near me and Haruka.

"Alright," Morrigan said, "If none of you mind, I am going to find a Digimon that might help us get down there. I want one of you to keep an eye on Aunie," she paused as she threw her pack on top of Laura, "and I want one of you to redress Laura with what I've got in there. There should be some needle and thread to hem up my clothes."

I sighed deeply,I wasn't gonna dress a girl....Haruka was good at sewing, if any adjustment's needed to be made. Then in the mourning, we could go to the nearby shop's to find Laura something to wear.

"Got any better plans?" she asked, "Besides, do any of you want Aunie to wander about of her own accord?"

Silence, "Alright, then," and then she left.I sighed deeply, and looked at Haruka, I got up, and threw Morrigans bag over to Haruka..

"You can sew. Sew."I told her, ordering her around. She stuck her tounge out at me as she got some things out.She got these loose grey sweatpants and a t-shirt.She placed the pants over Laura to see how she should hem the pants.She then got to work quickly..

"I'm..gonna..kill Auniliya!"She kept on muttering as she sew the hems up. She stopped for a second,looking up at me..

"Wait?Didn't Kenichi get stopped by Auniliya for a sec?"
"I hope he's ok."She said,"But he can protect himself. You got that bruise to prove it."

I touched it, and the slightest touch hurt it.."Yeah..I hope so.."

Kioshi Wakami
17th November 2003, 09:40 PM
Lol poor David. He got the wrong impression as to why Jun pulled Laura over. Oh well that's life ^__^; On a second note! I DREW HARUKA TODAY~!! Others will come shortly. Please tell me if you're satisfied with the way I depicted your character when I put it up. Also, they're not in color so :/ just live with it for now. I can't color worth sh*t.

http://hanaji.ukepile.com/HarukaHarudasmall.PNG (http://hanaji.ukepile.com/HarukaHaruda.PNG)

Had to edit because it made the board go outta wack. To see a bigger pic just click on the pic here.

Roy Karrde
17th November 2003, 10:53 PM
[Laura Lutz] [Recovering Alcohalic]
Darkness, there was darkness all around me. Every where I could see there was blackness that went on for ever. Eventually a light began, it was small at first and started at my feet and then it began to grow. It expanded and expanded till the infinate expance was filled with light. Two figures in the distance began to appear, one male, one female. As they got closer I began to notice certain features, one was Satoshi, the other Aunyailia. The two stood on each side of the expance with me in the middle.

On Aunyailia's side a shadow began to grow and the light became dimmer, on the other the light became brighter. In my hand appeared a dagger which I had seen from some where, I studied it and found that I could extend the length of the dagger as far as I wanted.

"Kill him" Aunyailia ordered as the shadow slowly grew across the room.

"No kill her, she'll kill us all if you dont" Satoshi fired back. I was confused what should I do. I felt like everything rested on this decision.

"He hurt you, he doesnt love you, he mocks you" Aunyailia replied. The shadow seemed to leep forward at this and Satoshi's light became dim.

"No, please Laura" Satoshi begged back as the darkness engulfed me. The shadow seemed to be able to control my body and moved the dagger toward Satoshi where it leaped out and impealed him. Killing him.

"No" I cried struggiling against the shadow to save him.

"It's too late" Aunyailia cooed rubbing the side of her finger down my face. " You should have listened to him, I will kill you all" She said and I felt a sharp pain in my back, I turned to see what had happened and saw the knife stuck into me.

"NO" I yelled shooting straight up off the couch and right into a whole lot of pain, endless horrible pain, like a freight train had hit me.

"Hold still" Haruka replied pushing me back down onto the couch as she finished dressing me in a new t-shirt.

I moaned a reply and tried to close my eyes, I felt horrible, worce than horrible, and Satoshi, was he was he? "Satoshi?" I wimpered opening one eye to see his back turned from me as Haruka finally finished dressing me.

"Satoshi" I moaned again, this time he turned around and came over to me. I quickly placed my hands on his chest and began to feel around which caused some suprise on his part.

"There's no wound, I didnt kill you" I told him, satisfied that he was okay I moved my hands away from him.

"Yeah...why do you think you killed me?" He asked as he pulled up a chair.

"It's a long story" I mumbled rubbing my head, it felt so horrible. " Satoshi" I asked keeping my eyes closed.

"Yes?" He replied.

"Can you stay with me all night? So that I know that nothing bad has happened to you?" I asked him keeping my eyes sqinted shut from the pain.

18th November 2003, 11:01 AM
!!!That's a great piccy,Kioshi, actually got what I thought of my character also..^^


[Satoshi Takinowa][Better babysister than Auniliya]
"Can you stay with me all night? So that I know that nothing bad has happened to you?"Laura asked. She obviously wasn't drunk anymore, but she kept on shutting her eyes tightly from pain. I pulled my chair more besides her, and sat down..

"Yeah."I said to her, smiling.I then looked over at Haruka, done with any sewing she would havta do.She sighed deeply..

"Well, If I'm gonna stay here, I shall need foooooodd"I said, jokingly,"Wonder if any room service!"

Laura opened her eyes halfway, and said,"Thanks". She smiled with that, and I looked at her with concern...

Why was she so concerned for me?Last time I saw her, she yelled at me like a mad person or something. Either way, I wanted to be nice..since what Auniliya said to me before still repeated in my head..

'Because the closest thing she ever got to a friend, or a crush, took out her heart and smashed into a million pieces the worst POSSIBLE way.-Because the closest thing she ever got to a friend, or a crush, took out her heart and smashed into a million pieces the worst POSSIBLE way.-Because the closest thing she ever got to a friend, or a crush, took out her heart and smashed into a million pieces the worst POSSIBLE way.'Rang over and over in my head. I sighed, if she was upset..She shouldn't have gotten drunk. Or dress like a whore.(^^; )

'I'll stick by you always,'I thought, smiling,'Just to make sure Auniliya never gets to you again.

18th November 2003, 03:20 PM
Aaaaand....The next child of light...*drumroll and gasping*


Name: Kouji Hikazu
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Looks 1: He's about 5'8" and thin with darkish blue eyes, raven black hair that's shoulder length and tied into a ponytail at the back, and somewhat pale skin. He basically has the characteristics of his mother(see Other), only dresses slightly different. He has a short-sleeved black shirt and baggy black pants that reach to about his ankles, covering a small bit of his yellow and gray Nikes. He also has a dark blue bandanna with a gold Hikari symbol on it.
Looks 2: He remains mostly the same, despite his hair gaining a slight navy blue tint to it, and his eyes gaining a goldish-yellow around the pupils. He now has a long-sleeved navy blue shirt with a yellow star on his chest, and blue capri-ish pants with yellow pockets. He still has his bandanna, but the background is now yellow and the Hikari symbol is navy blue.
Personality: He's somewhat happy-go-lucky, but seems very serious deep down. He normally acts rather relaxed and calm, but he can be a little easily agiated at times. He's normally quiet, but not as quiet as Laura.
D-Sense Color(Including rim and base): It has a gold body with dark blue rims.
Digimon: Howlermon
1) Wanderer's Remedy~ He forms a small bit of energy in his hands, which heals a one of the Chosen Children
2) Hikari Blaster~ He forms two stars(one yellow, one dark blue) of light energy in his hands, and throws them at the target.
3) Song of Light~ He raises his arms towards the sun, gaining some energy, and throwing it at the target.
Theme Songs(Up to 3):
"I Think I Can" by The Pillows (http://www.animelyrics.com/anime/furikuri/ithinkican.htm)
"The Day Seattle Died" by Cold (http://www.absolutelyric.com/a/view/Cold/The_Day_Seattle_Died/)
Other: Despite his last name, he is the son of Sen Kinomoto(now a famous author writing mostly about living through single parenthood, yet some documentaries about her journies in the Digital World are included)....He only has his father's last name after his parents divorced(Sen going back to her former surname).


Name: Howlermon
Type: Puppy
Virus, Data, or Vaccine?: Vaccine
Looks: Resembles a young cross between a Dauschund and Collie, only the brownish and blackish is different shades and tints of yellow, and his eyes are a deep blue. Has an imprint of a sun on his forehead.
Level: Rookie
1) Puppy Play~ His eyes radiently glow, and he pounces on the target, energy beams forming at his feet.
2) Sunlit Swagger~ He pretends to be knocked out, luring his target over, then jumping immediately up and firing a blast of light from his forehead mark.
Element: Light

Name: Heliosmon
Type: Hunter Dog
Virus, Data, or Vaccine?: Vaccine
Looks: A mature, teenage version of Howlermon, his yellow has gained some blue specks in it, and a silver cross-like symbol is imprinted on each of his forelegs.
Level: Champion
1) Rage of Helios~ His imprints each glow a radient light and fleck small balls of light at his target from them.
2) Path of Light~ He approaches one of his allies, his foreleg imprints glowing and healing them.
Element: Light

Name: StampedHeliosmon
Type: Chaos Dog
Virus, Data, or Vaccine?: Data
Looks: Somewhat of a large beast-like dog, each leg shielded with silver shin guards with crosses on them, and a helmet with a sun on it. The only part noticable on his face is his muzzle, and his paws and tail are free. There is also a chest guard with the Hikari symbol imprinted.
Level: Ultimate
1) Hikari wa Mirai ni F*ku(The Light Blows into the Future)~ He forms a huge ball of golden light energy in his mouth and hurtles it at his target.
2) Helios' Will~ He howls towards the sky, his dark blue eyes gleaming from under the visor, and restores the energy of an ally.
3) Mushi no Hikari(Light Feeling)~ He rams against the target, giving off several shards of light energy.
4) Stampede of Light~ Each of his engravings give off a radient light and shoot off at his target.
Element: Light

Name: WarHeliosmon
Type: Humanoid
Virus, Data, or Vaccine?: Vaccine
Looks: If you know how Wolfmon(Lobomon to the damned dubbers....~_^) looks, you get the picture on the layout for War Heliosmon. His armor is a variation of red and orange, his hair is black with fiery orange highlights, and his scarf is yellow with the Hikari symbol on it in Orange.
Level: Mega
1) Aenied~ He grabs two katanas, each with the Hikari symbol on its hilt, and rushes towards the opponent as the blades gather light energy.
2) Forceful Reflection~ He forms a large ball of light energy in his hands, and thrusts it at his target(Like WarGreymon's Terra Nova Force)
3) Sanctus of Remembrance~ Apparently, WarHeliosmon prays silently as he clutches his katanas for energy from the Ancient of Light and uses that energy to slash the target in an 'X' motion.
4) Healer's Commitment~ He chants some sort of healing spell in a sort of biblical Japanese and heals one of his allies.
Element: Light

Merge Mega:
Name: InuHeliosmon
Type: Illumina Demonica(Light Demon)
Virus, Data, or Vaccine?: Vaccine
Looks: Basically somewhat of a remake of Inu-yasha(Reference Pic (http://www.animewallpapers.com/wallpapers/inuyasha/full_9_800.asp)), only his tail, ears, and hair is a golden amber color, his eyes a reddish color. His suit is yellow with a navy Hikri symbol on the back, along with a pair of feathery wings appeared to be made from light energy.
Level: Merge Mega
1) Illuminate Blow: He forms a katana resembling Tetsusaiga of light energy, and slashes the target forecefully with it.
2) Beckoning Remedy: He heals two of his allies, using the necklace around his neck.
3) Forceful Solar Wind: His wings lift him into the air, as he forms a ball of light energy in his hands, resembling the sun surrounded by solar winds, he tosses it into the air and the wind blows it down on the target.
Elements(You can use two): Light and Wind

Yami Annika
18th November 2003, 04:59 PM
Is "Aunyailia" really that hard of a name to spell? Lol, I suppose I'm used to it.

Aunyailia Vergere

I sat in a room, alone. A person sat with me, watching me with utmost contempt. They had seperated Hoshimon from me.

My eyes glowed with tears of fear and confusion. A traitor? How could they say such a thing? They seemed to say.

Haruka walked in, and the person who had been with me left. I immediatly stood up. "How's Laura?"

She glared at me.

"Is she alright? Is she awake?" My questions became more rushed.

"Oh, she's fine," She was nearly shaking with anger. "Now."

"And Kenichi?"

She didn't answer me. Perhaps she didn't want a "traitor" to know they had failed.

"Please," I begged. "Please, I'm not a traitor. My name is Aunyailia Vergere... Or is 'Aunie' a new nickname for me? You people keep calling me that, I can hear it. I'm not Aunie. I'm not a traitor, please... I know I'm impulsive, and I make mistakes, but I'm not evil... Please believe me."

She looked so angry. She walked up to me, as if to hit me.

"You-You think I'm the one who trapped Kenichi, don't you?" I whimpered. "I didn't, I swear. Let me help you."

We were now face to face.

"You've lied to us, you've been doing so for a while now. Why should I believe you?" She asked bitterly.

"No," I cried. "Everything I tell you is the truth." I looked down, and saw that I was now in her shadow. "Are you going to kick me out of the group?" I sensed that she nodded, or at least wanted to. "'Cause I'm impulsive?" I kind of laughed. I looked at her in the eyes. "I guess if I'm an outsider, I can do things my way then. Tell Laura: I'm sorry that I'm impuslive." I waved goodbye, and disappeared using Yami Jump.


I appeared out of Kenichi's shadow. He looked at me, and said something I couldn't quite here. I wouldn't be surprised if it was a curse word.

"What are you doing here?" He asked angrily.

"I came to find you, and help you." I smiled slightly.

"Then go back. You found me." He looked back at the mansion.

"Well, I kinda.. can't." I scratched my head. "I'm not sure how. I guess your stuck with me?" He started walking inside, probably to get away from me. "Hey! Wait!" I followed him.

He, along with just about everyone else in the world, looked incredibly angry and annoyed with me. "Walk infront of me. Hands where I can see."

I complied. "'Cause you don't trust me?"

"No," He admitted without shame. "I don't."

"So you think I'm a traitor, too?" My voice shook unvoluntarily.

"I know your a traitor."

"Why?" I asked curiously. "I haven't done anything bad. At least, nothing that bad, as the word implies." I thought about it for a moment. "Unless this is a new game. I mean, we're in a strange world, I guess a strange game wouldn't be too out of the ordinary. If so," I looked back at him. "I say you're a traitor, too."

"You seem to be ignoring my main point." He said through gritted teeth. "I saw your conversation with Aiymee."

"Aiymee?" I said outloud. "The girl who attacked me was Aiymee, when I first came here. Now, she's evil. Or maybe it was something that sounded similar. Why would I be talking to her? I think she specializes in mind tricks though. Maybe she made you imagined it? It would fit, since she hates me."

"I also saw that weapon," He continued.

"So, you think I'm evil cause I might have a weapon? Is that the difference between me and you?"

"I don't have a knife." He defended himself.

I stopped and turned to him. "Neither do I." I spread my arms out. "Search me." I started unloading my pockets. "Look. A few yen, a lucky penny-thing, and that necklace I tried to give you." I waved it in the air. "I guess this could look like a knife..."

"Then what did you do to Laura?" I pressed.

"The trick I learned once from a fortune teller? I think it's called hypnosis. Or something." I answered.

"Why?" He kept sounding a bit annoyed.

"Why not?" I threw back at him, pocketing my things again. "She's ten. If she knew it was for you, we'd have an entire chorus of "Aunyailia and Kenichi, sittin' in a tree..." for the rest of the journey." My face grew hot and a little red again, and I coughed and looked down.

His face was unreadable. "Keep walking, and be quiet," He ordered.

"But I feel chatty." I groaned. "Can we play 20 questions?"

"No." He answered. Short and simple. Very direct.

"Fine," I muttered, frowning. "I'll play the game with myself."

"Is it bigger than a breadbox?" I asked silently, more or less trying to annoy him, as we continued walking.

Kioshi Wakami
18th November 2003, 06:24 PM
Ano... Gothic-chan I think Jun is the third child of light ^__^;;; So I don't think you need to make a new character. I'll talk to Poli about it though ^^;;;

18th November 2003, 06:58 PM
Actually, Jun is Lightning/Thunder/Storm, Light is still free to use.

Hey, speaking of elements, what are we going to do about the person in charge of Fire? It's been unused for too long.

Also, does anyone know what is going on with Nabooru? She hasn't posted here much, either.

Figured I'd make this worthwhile.

"I should turn back," I said to myself, "I shouldn't have left those two. Stupid fool."

My stomach grumbled mightily; I sighed, but obeyed my stomach's irrational commands for food. The pain in my chest was pretty strong, pulling me in that one direction toward Las Mesa. After awhile, it would get gradualy fainter, but not quick enough to be that noticible. I was alone, sighing. I reached into my coat and pulled out the egg. It was cool to the touch, but that didn't help my scarred hands.

"I wish you'd hatch already," I said, "I could use a companion. I doubt you have the answers to my problems but..."

I sighed again. I must have gotten crazy, talking to an egg.

"It seems...my world is shattering, piece-by-piece. I'm always under constant torture from the...thing...in my chest, and my hands are so badly scarred. Every part of me hurts one way or another. I keep winking in and out of existence. I'm so tired; my personality has been warped beyond my own recognition. I never used to be this depressed, or talkative, or angry. I want off this crazy world."

I sighed to myself, shook my head, and turned back. Even if I was unwanted, any company would be better than being alone.

Kioshi Wakami
18th November 2003, 09:14 PM
Hmm see, I had a talk with Poli about it before Sensations started and Jun was going to be both, or something like that @_@ I'm just waiting for Poli to get online to clearify this. <--- is confused.

Gothic needs to pooosssttt XD hehehe

Roy Karrde
18th November 2003, 09:36 PM
Hey isnt there a easier way to settle this? We could have the characters share the eliment or one of you guys can take the eliment of some one that hasn't been posting and is most likely not coming back, that way we could still do that temple.

Laura Lutz
"Hey sleepy head" I smiled weakly at Satoshi, I knew I hadn't been out for long but I felt a whole lot better. Yet I still had a headach and my body was all sticky from that soda and from my own sweat.

"Hey yourself, are you feeling better?" He asked me while patting my hand.

"Yeah, I still feel groggy, what happened? and why am I in these new clothes?" I asked sitting up a little too fast which made everything in the room go all swirly.

"You dont remember? you...you got sick, and well...we got you new clothes, you can get ones that you like tomarrow" Satoshi replied with a lop sided smile.

"Oh, I hope I wasn't too much a burden, Umm I-I dont know how to say this but thank you for staying with me, I know I treated you horribly" I told him sadly. He was about to reply when Haruka bounded into the room, almost slamming the door off the hinges.

"I knew it, I knew it, I've been trying to tell you all that she was evil but you wouldn't believe me" Haruka yelled, walking around the room in a frenzy.

"Haruka calm down, did Aunyailia leave or what?" Satoshi asked rising from his position near me.

"Yeah, she just slipped out, and I swear I'm going to kill her, I really am, I'm through with these mind games of her's. She could be anywhere now" Haruka told us, she couldn't keep still not even for a second.

"Haruka stop please" I begged looking at her. She finally stoped for a second but she seemed as if she wanted to get out, she looked like a traped animal.

"What's wrong with you, with both of you?" I asked looking back and forth from Satoshi to Haruka. "You treat Aunyailia like she's going to kill us all and is some kindof maniac, I dont know where you get this from but she has always been nice to me, and sometimes I feel like she is my only friend" I told them, I saw Satoshi look away when I said the last comment as if it hurt him or brought up something.

"A friend? A FRIEND?" Haruka looked at me in shock, Satoshi was allready trying to make motions to tell her to shut up but she continued. " A friend wouldn't have gotten you drunk, a friend wouldn't have taken you and put you in a little skanky costume and piraded you around like a 2 bit ****" Haruka yelled getting into my face. 2 bit ****? was that what she thought I was? I could allready feel the tears welling up and I bolted for the door before any one could say anything else.

19th November 2003, 02:23 PM
Lol, no need to be confused. First with matters, second with Posting.

1.Fire-I'm thinking of making another character that might arrive once we get back into the real world that can take this element, otherwise, free for grabs.If I take the character, she would be more active towards the end of the RPG, or the middle.

2.Kioshi or Gothic:Who get's light?:I actually remember that chat a lot, and I remember that I told Kioshi he could be Storm/Thunder and one of the Three "God"Elements(Purity/Holy/Spectral). I don't remember telling him he can be light though, I think I mentioned about Purity having Light and Dark Powers to him(before it was taken). Anyhow, Gothic Get's light, since Jun already has a element to him. Kioshi, though, if you want, You can put some Light Attributes to Jun's Partner/Spell's if you wish to do so.

3.Nabooru-I'm gonna PM her, straight off. If it happen's to be that she's not coming back,then the Water element is up for grabs.

If I took fire, this would be the character:

Name:Aoi Watanabe
Look's:Somewhat tall, About 5'6". She has Black Straight hair down to her butt,It's not exactly pin straight, It's got ton's of body and strength to it. Her eyes are a Crimson red, which are actually color contacts, not that she need's them. She wears A Pair of Blue Bellbottom's with a Red T-Shirt. She sometimes wear's a red scrunche around her right wrist.She carries a Brwn Leather Sack(Like the one Misty from Pokemon has), which carries her cellphone, Fire Red GBA SP, and normally, some Pocky.^^;And come GBA Games. And it carries her Digimon TCG Deck as well.
Personality:She waves around her personality a lot, sometimes she can be nice, sweet and gentle, and sometimes, she can act like a fire Breathing Dragon on a rampage. Either one though, she's very loyal to her friends, which ever one's she has.She's also very smart, and that proves useful at times.
D-Sense Color(Including Rim and Base):The Base is a Red while the rim is Orange.
Orb Location:Tokyodome-Boiler Room
[1].Aoi(Love)- This attack, for a short period of time, makes the opponent infautuated with Aoi. She can't really use it out of battle, since it might backfire.
Relationships:She's Satoshi's best friend since the 1st grade, she also has a tiny crush on him.
Other:She serves as a view into the Real World when the Other 11 CC are in the Digital world.

Digimon(Upto to Mega.)(They can be made up.)


Virus,Data or Vaccine?:Vaccine
Looks:Here (http://ca.geocities.com/digital_empiredex/digidex/Labramon.html)
Attacks(2 for rookie-champion.4 for Ultimate and Mega):
1.Retrieving- A Ball of white-ish light gather's near her mouth, and sends of a weak attack of any Element, normally fire.
2.Cure Liqour-Some sort of Fire Red Liquid comes out of his mouth, this normally heals her or Aoi.
Element(MUST correspond to the Element you are assigned.):Fire

Virus,Data or Vaccine?:Vaccine
Looks:Look's similar to this (http://ca.geocities.com/digital_empiredex/digidex/Seasarmon.html). But The Yellow parts are Red-ish Orange.The Tail and the Mane seem to look like they are fire.
Attacks(2 for rookie-champion.4 for Ultimate and Mega):
1.Fire Wisp- Her tail starts to wag furiosly, sending off Embers. These embers fly to the opponent, burning them.
2.God of Fire- A Fire copy of herself is created from the fire off her mane/tail, this attackts the opponent in a blaze of glory.
Element(MUST correspond to the Element you are assigned.):Fire

Type: Demon Beast
Virus,Data or Vaccine?:Vaccine
Looks:Here (http://ca.geocities.com/digital_empiredex/digidex/Cerberumon.html)
Attacks(2 for rookie-champion.4 for Ultimate and Mega):
1.Portals of Darkness -Opens up a void of complete darkness, can use these to escape, or travel to another place.
2.Mad Dog Fire - She starts to howl furiosly, and Howls out a huge blast of fire.^^
3.Inferno Gate - Her 2nd head starts to howl in sync with Her original Head.This makes a swirling gate of fire apper, which sends out fire balls.

Name:Fire Anubismon
Virus,Data or Vaccine?:Vaccine
Looks:Here (http://ca.geocities.com/digital_empiredex/digidex/Anubismon.html), except her body is a reddish, and the deepblue spots are a Crimson red.
Attacks(2 for rookie-champion.4 for Ultimate and Mega):
1.Pyramid's Gate-Little sand Pyramid's float infront of her. Whenever she strikes one, and elemental blast is shot at the opponent.
2.Protector of the Pyramid- Her wings start to go on fire when Fire Anubismon is in a Rage.The wings send out Huge fireballs.
3.Guardian- Her Holy rings around her Arms light up, and send a light blast, which could heal Aoi/CC Group or Cause an Eruption.
Element(MUST correspond to the Element you are assigned.):Fire

Digimon/Human Merge Form:

Type: Dog
Virus,Data,Vaccine or Unknown:Variable/Unknown
Looks(They have to be Semi-Humaniod):Somewha Human, She stands around 7'1", with Somewhat Silver Hair. Her eyes are Crimson, and her forehead has the honoo symbol on it. She wears a spikey dog collar around her neck, her skin is fair. She has a Pair of Wings, white when calm, Burning with fire when in rage. She wears an outfit similar to Mikomon, but her pants are a crimson red,and her shirt is a Pure white. Her shoes are Japanese style Flipflops, wooden. She carries a Huge sword in a scenthe(whatever you call it. The sword is like InuYasha's Tetssaiga, but the Ruff is Crimson red, and the sword blade is on Fire.Her nose is like a small dog's one, black.Her hears are similar to InuYasha's ears, aswell.She has a big, Fluffly tail near her tailbone which is made of a Silvery Blackish Fur.
Attacks(5 attacks Max.):
1. Mirai(Future)-The Sword glows with more fire and light in it, and HoonoInumon slashes her opponent. It doesn't hurt untill 5 minutes later, leaving the opponent stunned.
2. Dog's Growl - She starts to growl, bark..Like a dog.This makes the wind blow harshly, and light sycthe's come out from her tail.
3.Partner Up! - This attack required Mikomon, but when they use it, Both swords glow, one pink, and one Red. They aim it at the opponent's Heart, and send a Energy beam of Red and Pink Light. This stunn's the opponent, sometime's make them think that they are in love with Mikomon/HoonoInumon.
Level:Merge Mega
Element(You can use 2):Fire/Light/Wind
Other:Aoi and Labramon has to stay in this form for 1 day untill they can go back to Aoi and Labramon.

I think that's it. I'll post in a while.

19th November 2003, 04:14 PM
[Aoi Watanabe][Burn baby burn...*dances*]
Jun.David.Morrigan.Satoshi.Haruka.Kouji.Kari.Kenic hi.Laura.Laura.Arkana.Aunyailia.Aiymee. All of those names almost seemed like nothing to me till now. Except for Satoshi, we are best friends. And Haruka, Satoshi's cousin. All these names were written on the new's reports. All over people's worried faces. These 13 teenagers/kids were in a coma, or worse, no where to be found. All of this happened on one single day.

Anyway, I'm Aoi Watanabe. Call me left behind. Call me stupid for not being attracted to a booth. But like those kids, I was given a special gift of an Element. Fire. Anyway, I guess you can call me a Stupid. Or Choosen Child of Fire. Either one suits me.

So, this is my story. Well, not all of it, just some. Most of my chapters are blank, yet to be written...

"We need another Stretcher..stat!"I heard this all over the place. Yep, you can guess it, the ToykoDome.Digimon Summer Convention. I was able to get a backstage pass,you know, work behind the scenes..

Yep, I was stuck at a Cotton Candy booth. I asked Akira, Satoshi's mom, if I could do anything useful. Turns out some guy called in sick. And he was going to make cotton candy. So..I got stuck with that job..

And I was gonna go over to the booth, but I was stuck making cotton candy for frantic, hyper kids who's mom's reluctantly bought in. I was the one that made these little kids more hyper.I liked that job...Anyhow..Getting to the point.

I soon saw those 12 of those 13 named kid's being rushed out of the dome on strechers. Security gaurds were rushing people out of the dome, and all the workers cleaning up. I was cleaning up all the cotton candy sticks. I saw Akira almost burst into tears,almost falling to the ground if it wasn't for Akina.

"You...didn't goo.."Some freaky lady said, helping me pick up some cotton candy sticks,"Why was that?"

I looked at her, brushing my black hair behind my shoulder,"I was busy over here with some little kids and cotton candy.Otherwise I would be in a coma like all those other kids."

"Well, You should've gone over there..But I think Destiny Spared you...Young one.."She said, then she reached for her pocket, handing out a strange piece of Plastic.."A D-sense.You should've gotten one if you went in the booth."

"But I guess it's a good thing you stayed. Afterall, while they are there, someone here has to protect here,right?"
"Whatever you say, Lady."I told her, and placed the bag of garabge in a garbage can. I then looked at her, then the device, then at Her..

"Look where this place is heated.There you shall find one that shall protect you. Farewell"

And thats where, my life changed.

[Haruka Haruda][Pissed off.]
"Laura...wait.."Satoshi said, getting off his chair and trying to go in front of Laura. But she stormed out of the Hotel room in a split second. I stood there, my hands on my hips..

"I was telling the truth.."I said, blowing my hair.."She's the one that can't handle it.."

"You should'nt have worded it like that!Your the one that made her storm off!Aunyailia can get to her now, or worse, Whoever made me attack you and her might hurt Laura!"

"Well, whichever way I worded it, She should be able to accept it. Aunyailia or whatever she's calling herself now isn't good. She's like a bad candy bar wrapped in a good wrapper."I glared at him,"Anyway, if your gonna be pissed at me,I'm gone."

I walked out the door, and slammed it behind me. I heard Satoshi Moan and say,"Women and their hormone's...Damn.."

"I HEARD THAT!"I yelled behind me. Lopmon sighed, and opened the door, following me with my scooter. We walked to the elevator, and soon found ourselfs covered in the Lights of Las Mesa..

"I know some place for food!Good food!Food make you happy?"Lopmon asked. I nodded yes, and Lopmon Pointed ot my scooter...

"Lemme ride on head, and I show you way!"

Kioshi Wakami
19th November 2003, 07:24 PM
Alrighty! That's fine with me ^__^ I just wanted things cleared up with that :D Jun will be fine as Thunder/Storm. HOWEVER! If Nobooru doesn't come back, can I take up Water with a new chara? (we need more boys o.o;)

19th November 2003, 07:27 PM
Kenichi Tanaka

I ignored Aunyailia's mindless ramblings, and concentrated how she had acted. Contrary to my previous encounters with her, this time she almost seemed to believe her own act. This could either be the sign of a truly gifted actor or there could be something seriously wrong with her.

What gave you that clue, genius? She already has let a dog loose on us once. My own voice chided me in my head. I suppressed a grimace. I could not let my guard down around this girl no matter what. My mind and gut were agreed in this. I was not about to go against my experiance just to let her hurt somebody else. Besides, this just had to be an act. I knew it was... And if it something deeper that was wrong with her... Well, I would deal with it as it came.

Aunyailia reached the mansion first, the flight of cracked marble stairs taking some time to climb. With weeds and vines drifting all about on the building, it was simple to deduce that nobody had taken care of this place for quite some time... The doors before us were made of wood, a color that bordered on black it was so dark. It had an ominous feel to it.

I stared into the purple eyes of Aunyailia, and gave it a look that told her to back off. She moved back a couple of steps, another look of distress entering her eyes. I ignored that, and heaved against one of the doors. Unlike the temple that we had visited among the clouds, this door opened up... To reveal bricks. Dozens of bricks, hundreds of bricks, all piled up on each other. The door revealed a brick wall directly infront of us.

"Don't normal doors usually have, you know, entrances?" Aunyailia pointed out, keeping a little bit of a distance on me.

I narrowed my eyes at the wall. "Perhaps it's hollow..."

Raising one fist, I brought it against the brick wall. The metal knuckles had sparks flying from them, and a chunk whizzed by my head... But all that was behind that one brick was another. The wall had given off a thoroughly "I'm solid" noise. I let a breath out of my nose, and turned around. Bringing my D-Sense up to my face, I began pressing buttons.

"Come on... Where's that voice when I need it?" I whispered. "Why would I be brought it a bricked up building?"

My thoughts were shattered as the ground shook beneath me. This time Aunyailia was stumbling as well. The earthquake began to grow stronger around us, and I fell to one knee. I had experianced earthquakes back at home many times, and was glad there wasn't anything that could fall on me... Then I noticed the steady pounding nature of the earthquake and a shadow fell upon the two of us. I looked up, to see the several story gargoyle statue looking down. Its mouth opened even wider, to reveal its long fangs in a horrid smile.

"This is not my day!" I shouted, as the mouth dashed down towards us, and threw us into the air. With a decidedly dry gulping noise, it swallowed us both with one bite.


I woke up with another groan on a dirt floor. I think I had gotten used to waking up after being knocked out. Not the most normal of abilities, but a seemingly useful one in this world. I'd probably have to use it a lot in the future...

Aunyailia was still out of it, barely moving at all. I would probably have guessed she hadn't passed out as much as I had in this world... I did a quick check of her pulse to make sure she was still alive. Holding her up, I looked around the corridor we were in. The floor itself was just simple, if not dusty, dirt. The walls and ceiling seemed to be made of a dull copper. Propping Aunyailia against one wall so she wouldn't swallow her tongue (though that might have some benefits) I looked down the dark hallway.

Before I knew what I was doing, I seemed to get drawn down the corridor. Aunyailia quickly faded out of sight, as my speed picked up. I had no idea whether I was running or flying, my mind in a fuzzy dream-like state. All of a sudden, a light opened up infront of me, and the walls and the ceiling fell to all sides of me as I entered a large chamber room. The walls of said room were glowing with red slashes, probably some sort of digital language. Then my eyes spotted it, and I found myself starting at it at point blank range.

The sphere was about the size of a grapefruit, and pulsed along with my heart. Its brown shades covered the room in a half light that competed with the red from the walls. Shadows were sharp and angular. But I did not appreciate this fact. The only thing that was on my mind was to grab that thing. Which I did. The brown light quickly dissapeared from the room as my D-Sense went beserk. My backpack erupted in light, as the top opened up. A figure drenched in darkness erupted from the top, and landed before me, where the orb had once hung.

It hunched down for a moment and looked at me full on with its deep red, almost black eyes. The look conveyed many emotions; doubt, bravery, and an inner fortitude that shook me. Then it rose to its full height, which towered over me. The size of the digimon suggested a tall basketball player, but his physique was that of a martial artist's. His body was grey, and resembled a statue. A jagged horn stuck from his head, and he had two pairs of arms ending with gloves covered in jagged spikes. His legs looked like that of a human's, and he was most certainly the most intimidating digimon I had ever seen...

"Kenichi," the digimon said with a nod. "It took you long enough."

I clammed up for a second, unable to think of anything to this response. The digimon saw the opportunity, and took it upon himself to continue the conversation.

"My name is Rigiamon and I am your digimon partner."

"Nice to meet you then Rigiamon... I haven't seen any of you on the television show or card game..." I said slowly, looking up and down my new digimon.

Rigiamon shrugged at me, a truly odd thing to see with somebody that had four arms. "I suppose that would be obvious... There is only one of my kind. I was created by the three great adversaries of the Celestials. I was granted a second chance by them when there were... complications... with my old masters. Truth to be told, this is the first time I've ever been a rookie."

"Celestials? I'm assuming those are why we are here... And you worked for their enemy?"

"Trust me, I owe my former creators no allegiance. Only you have that... But we are getting ahead of ourselves. Before you leave here, there is a test we must go through to leave."

"A test? What sort of test?" I said, looking around warily.

"A tough test little boy! One that you won't be walking away from!" A voice shouted out from the shadows.

I twisted around, in time to see a black digimon walking out of the shadows. This one I recognized from the card game... Black Rapidmon! An ultimate digimon!

"Can you digivolve to an Ultimate level?" I asked Rigiamon quickly.

He gave me an admonishing look. "I don't need to be an Ultimate to defeat this fool!"

Running past me so fast he became a blur, Rigiamon rushed Black Rapidmon. His feet became two grey pistons, flinging up dirt high into the air. Black Rapidmon's eyes grew wide in surprise at the charge, and lifted up both of its arms defensively.

"Lancing Cut!" Rigiamon shouted, as his hands seemed to turn into blades with their speed. He struck Black Rapidmon, then was past him just as quickly. He halted in his stride, and the dust settled around them.

"That's all you got?" Black Rapidmon said, as it brought down both arms. Not a scratch seemed to mar its surface. "No simple rookie could take me out! Rapid fire!"

Missiles erupted out of the palm's of Black Rapidmon's hands. Rigiamon began to act more like a gymnast at this point as he leapt high into the air. Landing to the ground lightly, he sprung to a handstand to avoid another blast, then propelled himself back in a backwards somersault. He landed softly next to me.

"Press the button on your digivice, then get in there and help me!" he said, before growling and leaping back at the ultimate level enemy.

I looked down at my D-Sense, and saw a five star symbol flashing on and off. Pressing the appropriate button, Rigiamon became engulfed in light.

"Rigiamon digivolve to..." The light grew to massive proportions as Rigiamon's glowing form almost hit the ceiling. It also grew in width, as Black Rapidmon walked back from the form in horror.

"Rigimon!" he ended, as the light dissapeared from his newly formed body. Rigimon, sort of like his previous form was big. But this time, big in the sense that he could have been compared to Godzilla. He retained his basic shape, with four arms, two legs, and a head, but he was a changed digimon. His arms now ended in wicked, shiny metal claws. Their edges glinted off the red light, giving them a truly dangerous look. Belts ran across his chest and waist, where four nasty "daggers" about my own height hung. Tatoos that looked like lightning covered his body, and his horn had become much longer and jagged. His height was about three stories tall, a very intimidating digimon.

"What?! What kind of digimon are you?" Black Rapidmon screamed at Rigimon.

"A tough kind. Attack now Kenichi! Believe in yourself and your abilities!"

I looked at him for a second. Couldn't he do this by himself? Then I realized that I was his partner... The work needed to go both ways, and I would not be the weaker of the two. No matter what.

"Here goes nothing!" I shouted, running at my own top speed. Raising one fist, I felt a glow erupt from my digivice as the ground below me shook. Rock seemed to swarm up my legs, go around my shirt, then flow along my arms to engulf my hands. The rock solidified, but felt as light as a feather. Lifting one craggy hand, I shouted.

Black Rapidmon turned to me from Rigimon, and gave me a look of pure surprise. Then it was hurled a few meters backward, as my fist connected with his body.

"Shock wave!" Rigimon shouted as he pounded the ground with a single fist. A wave of force hurled itself throught the ground at Black Rapidmon.

"Get ready to scan his code Kenichi!" He shouted through the roar. The rock dissolved from my hands, and I watched as the wave smashed into Black Rapidmon. For a moment, it seemed as if sparkling numbers covered his body, as all of him went grey. Two circles lit up on my digivice. Pressing the button, I turned it in the direction of Black Rapidmon.

The data seemed to flow through the air to me, and right into the D-Sense. The air around it glowed for a second, and a card dropped into my hand. Written on top in katakana was "Black Rapidmon" with his picture on the front.

I looked at it in amazement, as Rigimon reverted back to Rigiamon. Slipping the card into a pocket, I looked back up to Rigiamon.

"We're going to have a talk once we get out of here about those Celestials, agreed?"

Rigiamon nodded slowly. "Agreed. We should be able to get out through the corridor we came through."

"That 'we' came through?"

"What, you think that just because I was an egg, I wasn't aware of what was going on?" He said, giving me a smile.

I frowned for a moment. "Let's hurry up then... Are you up to carrying a girl? She's knocked out back in the corridor, but you need to be careful around her..."

I began to explain, as we exited the chamber...

Roy Karrde
19th November 2003, 08:56 PM
Laura Lutz
I slowly peaked back into the room, once I saw Haruka leave. In a effort to keep from making eye contact with Satoshi I sliped into the bathroom, locked the door and took a quick shower so that the stench could be washed out of my hair and skin. Once I was done I dried off, got dressed and looked at myself in the mirror. For the first time I saw someone I had never met, someone that was sad and unhappy with bloodshot eyes and a unhappy smile.

"Satoshi?" I asked peeking out the door, to see him on the couch, he looked depressed from what just happened with Haruka.

"I just wanted to say I'm sorry for the big fight" I appologised as I strolled across the room and sat down next to him on the couch.

"It's not your fault, you wanted to defind your friend" Satoshi sighed, he looked so confused on what to do, on where we all would go from here.

"You know, I guess having you as a semi big brother isn't bad, I never had a big brother before and if I had one I would want him to be like you" I told him as I leaned against his arm.

"I guess what i'm trying to say is thank you for staying with me when..well when what ever happened" I said before I raised up a little and kissed him on the cheek, immediatly I felt his cheek get warm, I quickly pulled away and walked out before another aqward situation happened.

I walked around down in the lobby for a while until I spotted another human, which I guess was a rare experience since we seemed to be scattered all over the place right now.

"Morrigan" I waved running over to her, I hadn't seen her in awhile and I hoped she hadn't seen me while I was...well sick.

"Hey your feeling better" Morrigan replied once I got closer, I looked down at my feet for a moment and let the aqward silence hang there until I finally decided to speak up.

"I was hoping to find David and Jun, I, I was mean to them and I wanted to appologise" I told her, out of the corner of my eye I could see Haruka moving toward a restruant.

"I havn't seen them for awhile but.." Morrigan told me. I quickly bowed and thanked her before running to catch up with Haruka. Some way I had to make them see Aunyailia the way I saw her. It wasn't right for them to talk about her like that, she was a nice person, she really was, or so I thought.

Yami Annika
19th November 2003, 09:30 PM
Aunyailia Vergere

I sat there, alone. My head hurt, and I felt sick. The ground had been shaking, and then we were swallowed up by a statue.

An earthquake. That was what it was called, I remembered. I had never experienced one before...

Footsteps climbed closer toward me. Groggily, I looked up. Kenichi was walking toward me, a stone-like Digimon by his side. I allowed my eyes to close again.

"Good morning," I mumbled lazily as he came.

"Can you walk?" He asked. There seem to be no real concern in his voice.

"Oh, don't worry about me..." I said quietly, trying to keep my wits. "...ça va, ça va..." I placed my hand up against the floor, and I felt more energy being drained out of me as I pushed up, standing weakly.

"Where are we?" I asked.

"In the Earth Temple." He responded.

I nodded slowly, taking that in. "And the... earthquake was the entrance?"

"No," He corrected. "The statue was." [OOC: Here's hoping I got that part right]

I stumbled, and the Digimon helped me stand straight again. "I've never experienced an earthquake before..." My voice kept shaking.

"Come on," He ordered, and started walking. "Rigiamon knows the way out."

"Rigiamon?" I tilted my head at the creature who was helping me. "Oh! You got your Digimon?" He nodded. "It's cute!"

He paused slightly, as did the Digimon, to give me a strange look.

"Well, I think it's cute." I frowned. I kept silent for the rest of the way. My energy and happiness was depleted. I felt sick, but not really sick-sick, but something else. I hated myself worse for showing myself as weak. Not only would he think I was some evil traitor, but some weak evil traitor...

I sighed loudly, as we walked out. It couldn't be helped. He seemed to be occupied, watching me, observing. I smiled weakly a few times. Might as well give him something interesting to study.

We walked a little further, and then there was a huge explosion behind us. Debris flew everywhere, and I hit the ground as one considerably large piece soared over my head. I looked back, and made myself get into a kneeling position as the temple we were just in, which was just about to disappear from our line of sight, went up in a ball of enchanted red, orange, yellow, and blackish flames. I could do nothing but sit there, and watch, my mouth somewhat opened, and my eyes wide.

19th November 2003, 10:57 PM
[Aoi Watanabe]
I looked up to find that the old freaky lady disapppered. Out of Sight.Into the Air. I found no trace of her. I didn't even say thank you for helping me clean up..

So, with that, I Placed 200Yen in the register and got myself a stick of cotton candy. I then turned the machine off, and took my apron and my stupid little hat that said "Digimon:Summer Conventions Worker.". I placed them down, and took my register draw out. I was to give it to boss tonite, and get paid.

I looked in my pocket as I headed for the door. I was gonna call my mom to tell her to drive me to the hospital, but I found that weird device the old lady gave to me..

[i]"Look where this place is heated.There you shall find one that shall protect you. Farewell"Rang in my head everytime I tried to leave the dome. I looked at the Device once more, and it was vibrating like a mad man..

"Hey, Hiro...What heat's this place?Do you know?"I asked him. He shrugged his head in thought, then said..

"I guess the boiler room. It's in the lower levels though..And you need the security codes to take the lock off.."Hiro replied,"What for?"

"Nothing. Boss wanted me to check the heatig since My dad works with that kind of stuff. Thanks!"I smiled, and ran. Actually, more like a Dash. I looked around for the door, and found a metal door.

"Boiler Room"The door said. I smiled a weak smile, and Looked at the device. It shook more and more in each step..

"Look where this place is heated.There you shall find one that shall protect you. Farewell"

"Security code...Uhh....63657895?"I said, making my fingers move like lightning to place. The LCD screen blinked "Correct!' and opened the door..

Mist came out of the pressured room. I placed my shirt over my mouth, and looked around..and saw something that caught my eye.

[Haruka Haruda][Lop's got connections with digimon that make food.]

"Hey..wait up!"I heard a brief voice said, panting to catch up. I pressed the brakes on my scooter, and placed my goggles back on my Hair/Forehead. Lopmon turned around and said..

"Laura here!Laura eat!"I sighed deeply, and waited for Laura to catch up with me..

"Want something to eat?"I said reluctantly. Laura,I think, noticed that, but agreed anyway..So I continued to go to the resturant, this time, onfoot, and with another human with me..

"Lopmon has some connections around this world with digimon that cook. So we get free food. Sounds good?"I told her, upon the resturant's doors. The resturant's name was "Las Mesa Grill and Bar", like one of those you can find on a NYC corner. Been there before on a school trip. Fun stuff, weird people.

"Yeah"She said. Her voice has that hunger tone in it you could pick up. I guess she showered/brushed her teeth, the beer smell was almost gone from her.

I opened the door, and Lopmon walked over like a little child to a digimon behind the bar. She then took a deepbreath,and said..

"I'm here with these puny humans(-.-') and me and them want some chow. Where's the boss?"She said, jokingly. The digimon blinked a couple of times, then placed a happy smile on his face..

"Lopmon!Well, it's yyyyou!And you we have it here, you've got your self a partner!A Human!Sure, I'll give you some chow. Just sit your friends at a table, and I'll come over in less than a Nano-second to give you your menu's!"The Datamon had a grin to eye to eye. We sat at a booth, and I sighed..

20th November 2003, 07:47 PM
I'm here guys.....I was sick...and busy....Way too busy....-.-;;

~*^*~Laura Rider - Ice~*^*~
After sighing as David left towards the Casino, leaving me with Jun and Arwen....preferably Jun only by the tone Jun sounded but did I have a distraction for Arwen?

Reaching into my pocket, I found a state quarter for Indiana....minted in 2002. It was given to me by my grandmother before I moved to Japan, [I]To remember the times in America... I remembered she said to me. Tossing it over my shoulder to Arwen, I heard it hit the ground and Arwen fumbled towards it curiously.

"What's this for?" She asked me in a confused tone, quirking her eyebrow.

"To distract you from the conversation..." I replied softly, looking to her with a tone of confidence. She nodded and pawed at it, as I turned around to see whatever Jun wanted.

"So....You were saying?" I asked, shyingly looking at my feet for a second, then facing Jun eye-to-eye.

=*=Kouji Hikazu - Light[Not dreaming is NOT an Option...XD]=*=
I awoke, confusingly fumbled wherever I was. I was like in....some sort of oh community of ravers....filled with lights. I was no longer in the Tokyodome, probably far away from the watchful eye of my mother.

The...hell is happening here? I asked myself before sitting up. My ponytail flashed over my shoulder....it was still raven black, but it gained a navyish tint to it. Looking down, I was wearing blue capri-ish pants with yellow pockets and a navy blue long-sleeved shirt with a yellow star on my chest. My Nikes, however, were the same as they were before I fainted.

Somehow I must be dreaming..... I thought to myself, standing up and picking up the white, yellow, and navy egg laying next to me, and the device....which had a gold base and deep blue rim. It was not like the D-Scanner my mother showed me....could it be a new digivice?

I looked around, several digimon and two humans somewhat talking to each other....and a blue and silver fox-like thing pawing at some shiny coin. Sighing, I continued wandering around aimlessly, trying to find where I was.

20th November 2003, 09:14 PM
I'm coming back, seeee? :D Sorry I've been gone... Grounded is evilness... Umm, since I've missed so much, methinks I'll just try this... *prays for character interaction*

~`~`Kari '*' Alone and frogotten...`~`~

"This sucks..." I grumbled, tapping impatiently on the concrete of the fountain I sat on. "<Why is everybody ignoring me?!>" I thought with a frown. I had sat down on a fountain, and had not seen any of the others since.

I sighed, laying back with one leg crooked up beside me. I stared, lonely, at the jets of water shooting overhead. They cast a small, quivering rainbow in the air. If I were to stick my hand in it, I wondered, would it go away, too?

OoC: Short suckiness, yes...

Roy Karrde
20th November 2003, 09:32 PM
Yay Naboou is back :) :) :)

Laura Lutz
I slowly ate the food, nibbiling a little bit here and there, and just tried to keep from making eye contact with Haruka. The silence between us was huge, it felt like we were in a vacuum, I wanted to say something but I doubt I would be able to.

"Why..why do you hate Aunyailia?" I asked her, I kept my head low still and I wished I could just bury myself in the sweatshirt and make all of this go away.

"She threatened me, she tried to kill my Digimon, I think that's a good egnough excuse" Haruka replied coldly.

"Satoshi..tried to do the same to me" I wispered. Haruka looked some what shocked for a second before replying her answer.

"Did you see his eyes? that wasn't Satoshi, I dont think he even knew what he was doing" She said.

"Couldn't Aunyailia be under the same influence? I mean you hate her so badly and you dont even try and figure out if the same thing happened to her" I replied, I wanted her to see Aunyailia the way I did so badly but I just didn't know how.

"Aunyailia, is a cold calculating, killer, and no matter what you say my opinion will never change" She told me, crossing her arms defiantly.

I thanked her for the dinner and got up and left. I felt so bad for Haruka for the hatred she carried, and I felt bad for Aunyailia for having to deal with it. I ended up sitting down on the fountain next to..to Kari I think it was.

"Not having fun here are you?" I asked her, she just shook her head and we both remained silent for awhile.

"I'm sorry if your not having fun" I sighed, "If you want you can come up to my room, Satoshi is allready up there, I think, maybe we could all do something fun or something"

I waited a minute for a answer and then just slid a keycard over to her and got up and walked back to the hotel. I hope Satoshi was okay, maybe I over did it with the little kiss, maybe he hated it and doesnt like me now, maybe...I dont know.

Kioshi Wakami
20th November 2003, 10:13 PM
Made a doodle of Jun (http://hanaji.ukepile.com/Jundoodle.jpg) and an artpiece of Satoshi (http://hanaji.ukepile.com/Satoshiart003.jpg). Jun looks sorta different here. His hair is a bit longer and wavier. I didn't have my reference pictures with me when I doodled it. Also, welcome back Gothic!

Jun Wakami [A little too close?]

I stood there quietly while Laura tried to distract Arwen from our conversation. The girl reached into her pocket and tossed the digimon a coin and was distracted shortly afterwards.

"So....You were saying?" she looked away shyly and then looked back up at me.

"Back there... at the bench you probably got the wrong idea, especially after David's little outburst and..." I paused a second and furrowed my brows, wondering how to put this.

"What I meant to say is that I don't want you to block me out. I don't hate you." one of my feet stepped forward, followed by the other. Laura stumbled back, her eyes getting a little wide due to my advancement. Her back nudged up against a wall to one of those outskirted buildings. I stepped up a little closer and rested my hand upon the wall above her shoulder and I looked sternly into her deep blue eyes.

"What are you--" she spoke out with a confused, soft tone.

"Hn... Nothing." I muttered softly with a small smirk. My body leaned inwards, closer and closer until my lips lightly pressed against Laura's.

20th November 2003, 11:10 PM
Shortish post, but I don't have too much time... Busy filling out college forms so I don't have to over the vacation =P

BTW, nice pics there Kioshi.

Kenichi Tanaka

The explosion died down, as smoke filled the area we had left. Small pebbles still darted around us, but nothing too big had fallen at us. The only exception was a rather large rock, but Rigiamon had swatted it away with apparently little effort. The mansion was swathed in the grey, and some of the larger pieces of stone littered about looked suspiscously like the teeth from that gargoyle...

"What was that Rigiamon?" I asked him slowly. I took in all of the scene around me, looking for any possible cause for such a large explosion.

Rigiamon stared at the rubble with an unblinking expression. He was quiet for a moment, then let out a sigh. "I think that was my fault... At least in a way."

"In a way? I'm guessing you didn't intend to do that."

"Of course not. The Earth temple used to be located within that mansion, not in the gargoyle. It was only due to events that I had participated in the past was the old Earth Temple... damaged... too heavily to support the power of the Earth orb. The chamber we were in formally belonged to my old three masters," He paused for a second, then shrugged. "I suppose the Earth orb was keeping their energy at bay. Without it, the energy seemed to be released all at once."

"I see... Is that level of energy normal for a temple built by the three adversaries?" I said. I felt like I could trust my digimon, but I was more than a little bit surprised that I had a digimon with an interesting history.

"I had built that temple..." Rigiamon said quietly.

"I see..." I said. Looking down at Aunyailia, I picked her up off the ground without too much thought. So far I had only managed to keep my enemy close, with all of my friends (minus Rigiamon) out of sight. I had to rectify this... But at least with Rigiamon, I could make sure that she wouldn't cause anymore trouble directly. And if her wild story was true, (something that I could not completely discount) I could protect her with the help of my partner.

"Rigiamon, is there anyway we can get to the city faster? The path from here seems to be quite long, and I don't think Aunyailia can travel too far yet."

My blunt statement drew a flushed look from her. Rigiamon looked at the two of us, then grabbed me with its top two hands. Suppressing a cry, it put me on top of its shoulders. With its other two arms, it cradled Aunyailia by its midsection.

"You said the last time you saw them they were by a hotel, correct?" Rigiamon said, twisting his head around so he could see me. I nodded.

"Then hold on, I won't be going slowly."

With that, he took off with speed he displayed during his fight with Black Rapidmon. I immiediatly wrapped both hands around his neck to stay in place. My eyes began to water with the speed, as the things around us turned to a blur. With one smooth motion, he leapt an insane distance into the air, and landed neatly onto a light pole. Jumping from pole to pole, he began to make his way back to the city, as I akwardly tried to get my goggles on with one hand while retaining my grip...

21st November 2003, 05:07 PM
"Ooph!" we both uttered as Laura hit the floor (The young one), being taller, and well grounded, I remained standing.

I looked down, silently, before offering my hand. Laura smiled in appreciation and grabbed it. I tried to refrain from yelping in pain, to little avail.

"ERGH!" I grunted. Laura panicked, but she was standing now. She got a good look at my hands. She remembered the purple fire incident, but still had some questions.

"How did those little things..." she asked, I shrugged, but decided to explain.

"I have no clue, but it's probably an anti-theft mechanism. The Digivice I handled was probably not mine."

She looked over the scars, before beckoning me to follow her. Relieved to have company, I followed. Whatever she was leading me to, would hopefully have some form of disinfectant.

"David, May I ask you a question?" her tone of voice suggested this was important to her. I gave her the affirmative.

"What do you think of Aunyailia?"

I nearly choked on myself; this was not what I was expecting. She could hear me, though, and did not like the reaction. She turned to face me, eyes burning with fury. I swallowed.

"You don't trust her either, do you?"

She was no Morrigan, but damn can she give me her evil eye. Yeah, you can laugh that I'm afraid of someone 4 years younger, but she WAS scary. I struggled hard to find my voice.

"Uh, I don't really know," I said truthfully, "I want to trust her, but something about her puts me at unease."

"How so?" she asked, toneless. My unease began to grow, my stomach was stirring, again.

"Um, you know how people say that animals can tell when a person is the devil or just possessed. I've got this similar feeling."

Bad move, "Are you saying you think she's a demon?"

How is she doing that?! I thought as I struggled to straighten the knot in my stomach.

"No, I feel she's been possessed or if not that, corrupted." I was on the verge of vommiting again. I prayed to whatever god would listen that she would stop asking these questions.

Silence. I cleared my throat.

"You know I don't blame you for being angry with me," I said. Her look changed from that of anger to surprise. She was going to speak, but I stopped her.

"You just want to defend your friend, I can understand that," I was trying to sound soothing, friendly. I was trying to peice back together my shattering personality.

Roy Karrde
21st November 2003, 09:56 PM
Laura Lutz
I looked at David and felt the anger in my face melt away. I had been so mean to him. To David, one of the nicest guys on the face of the planet, next to Satoshi and Santa Claus.

"I-I'm sorry David, I never ment to be mean to you" I smiled, my eyes felt so heavy and every part of my body ached.

"It's okay" David replied placing his hands on my shoulder.

"I just..I know how badly it feels to be left alone, to be the out one in the group, and I just dont want Auny to feel that way" I replied softly. We sat there for a second, and then I realized that I had to get back to Satoshi, he must be worried sick about me.

"I need to go, I-I want to talk to you, to make it up to you for being so mean" I pleaded before walking off.

The Casino at the base of the hotel was filled with Digimon playing slots and other games. It was so loud and noisy, there were so many Digimon. Suddenly I felt it, it was like a strange pull, like I had to go some where. With out any control over myself I walked over to a slot and pulled it with out placing any money into it. The slot rang up three 7s, and it slid aside revealing a doorway, I moved toward it and pushed it aside to show a dark deep tunnel that led some where.

22nd November 2003, 12:11 AM
Ok^^*Cracks Knuckles*

[Satoshi Takinowa][Rawr.X.X]
"I guess what I'm trying to say is thank you for staying with me when..well when what ever happened"Laura said. I looked at her from my position, and she started to rise, leaning over. I soon felt soft, warm lip's touching my cold skin. I felt my cheek getting warmer and warmer as I started to blush. She quickly got up, and walked out, her cheeks a little blush also.

"Uhhh.."I said, Halfway dumbfounded. I looked at Hawkmon, who had a lovey-dovey face.I wanted to smack him so hard, but that wouldn't help..

My cheeks were probably redder than a ripe tomato, I thought. I moved my hand to touch the spot where she kissed, but only got pain in return. She kissed where I had that bruise from...

"Owowowowowow"I said, in response to the pain...I then rose up from the couch, and placed my right hand in my pocket, grabbing the keys to the apartment..

"Hey,Hawkmon...Know any places to go around here?"I told him. Hawkmon didn't have as many connections as, say, Lopmon did. He said he had a lot of connections with Women Hawkmon...Something about his past job. He didn't bring it up much at all.

"I know of a Casino in the middle of town. I used to hang around there sometimes before the Celestials called me. So..wanna go there?"Hawkmon said, cleaning up some stuff he was messing around with, like a glass bowl with marbles in it.

"Fine, the casino!"I said. I then reached my hand for the spot again, but only got pain..


So, the walk to the casino wasn't long. I saw Haruka and Lopmon eating some Raumen. I decided not to look anymore closer, because I was hungry as well. And knowingly, Haruka wouldn't give me any. Poo Poo Head.

Anyway, Hawkmon was showing me some sites on the way. There was another fountain in the center, it was just one of a Dolphinmon. There was also some other things, but nothing major..

So, we came eye to eye to a casino. It also seemed to have another identical Hotel complex about it, but the sign blinked 'DigiIllusion Casino' over and over. It had some neon lights on it of a Floramon and a Vegemon. The door's were electric, so we had to walk through the doors...Hawkmon got almost stuck in one after I walked past, I guess he is a little to small for the sensors.

"Well, if you talk to the Vegemon, mention 2 x's and tell him he sent you to get some money out of his account. Use that, and play some slots. I have some things...I have to...Some Hawkmon..I need to talk to..So later!"Hawkmon had flew to my ear and whispered it. I looked around, and in a instant, he was gone into the bright, A/c'ed casino..I looked around some more to find a front desk. A Vegemon was playing some mini-hand held game.I walked over, and Moved my glasses around a little..

"XX Sent me,"I told him, trying to put a serious face on,I held my D-sense up like a Police badge of something, then said,"He told me to take out half of his account."

"Ohh!!He got a partner?That's what the celestial's wanted? He is the last Hawkmon I know to get a human..But..This world is going through some crazy stuff..."The vegemon said,"Anyhow, it's a lot of DigiYen...I'll give you about 1/3 of it, and you can come back once your done"

He handed me a Medium sized Red Velvet bag. I Pulled the strings on it tight to close it up, and I held it tightly.I placed my D-Sense in my pocket, and decided to play the slots near the wall. They weren't on the wall, but on a carosel like thing, in a circle. I placed 50Digiyen in the machine, and lowered the handle..

"3 Cherry's...100 Digiyen.."I read on the side of the machine. I grabbed my wininings and placed them in the bag. I grabbed another 50DigiYen coin, and placed it in..

"Oh..Laura,you need money for that..."I said, not winning on that spin. Laura suddenly popped up out of nowhere.She had lowered a handle, and strangely, the wall started to move, so a walkway appeared..Another temple..

"Laura..wait!"I said, as the wall started to close up again. I grabbed my bag, and ran for it. I made it in time as the wall closed again. The only thing lighting the place was some torches, but thats really just about it.

"Laura...Snap out of it!"I said quite loudly. She jumped to it, and shook her head..

"Where are we, Satoshi?"She asked, looking around..

"My guess...A Temple."

[Aoi Watanabe][Bah boom de dah de lah lah da]
A spark caught my eye from the main Heater thing, it was like a huge old fire range.The inside was on fire though..But something wasn't right. It wasn't connected to anything at all, just in the middle of the room, the fire raging..

I looked at it more closely, and in the middle of the flame's, was some sort of circle sphere. It was red, and seemed not to melt from the flames that licked it over and over.

'Do not be harmed..the fire will not hurt you.'A Girls voice softly flowed into my ears..I looked around for the source of the voice, but came back with no results..

"Well.."I said, unsure. I walked closer and closer to it. I took my scrunchie off my wrist, and used it to help me open the range's handle door. The fires immediatly came out, like something that was caged in for a long time,and finally got a taste of freedom..

I then looked around, and the sphere didn't seem so far away..I reahcred in for it, and the flames instantly touched my skin. It didn't burn it though, just gave my arm a warm, fuzzy feeling..

'That's it..'The voice said. I grasped onto the glass sphere tightly, and pulled it out. It was red with some swirls of a light red/light pink glittery color. The sphere sent out lights...and it Seemed to disapper from my hand's..

"Aoi?"A Small, female voice cried..

Oh yeah, the piccy of Satoshi's really good^^So is the sketch's of Jun..^^

22nd November 2003, 08:59 AM
I think I know where this is going, Kioshi....Hehheh.....X.X;;

BTW, I love the sketchies....^^

~*^*~Laura Rider - Ice[Confused......Doesn't like Jun that close to her face....X.X;;]~*^*~
"Back there... at the bench you probably got the wrong idea," He replied rather quietly, "Especially after David's little outburst and..." He paused, his eyebrows furrowing as if he wasn't sure how to say something on the inside. I quirked my left eyebrow, rather confused.

"What I meant to say is that I don't want you to block me out...." He continued in that soft tone, "I don't hate you." Then his left foot stepped forward, soon followed by his right....which caused me to stumble backwards, my eyes widening with 50.1% copnfusion, 49.9% fear. My back ended up only nudging lightly against one of the outskirted buildings. He stepped somewhat foreward, soon placing a hand against the wall only a few inches above my shoulder, as he looked rather sternly into my eyes.

"What are you...." I was trying to ask in a confused, soft tone....but stuttered in fear so I wasn't able to completely finish what I wanted to say.

"Hn....Nothing..." He muttered quietly, somewhat smirking meekly. He began to lean inward towards me, until his lips started to press lightly against mine.......Was he somewhat in love with me? So that's why he wanted to talk to me privately, just to do this and make me completely confused over the matter. It had touched my heart somewhat, probably because 1: This was the first kiss(by accident....or was it?), and 2: No guy ever really cared about me.

I tried to escape, but I couldn't with the way he was. I was about to slide my back downward, but I still couldn't. I just couldn't resist those eyes, but I noticed a figure in a dark alley, somewhat shown off by a few neon lights. He had hair a mix of raven black and navy blue, dark blue eyes with golden rings around his pupils, and weareing a long-sleeved dark blue shirt with a gold star on his chest, capri-ish blue pants with yellow pockets, gray and yellow Nike tennis shoes, and a yellow bandanna with the Hikari symbol on it in navy blue. He looked rather lost, but he avoided us...as he walked on, staring at each Casino, Bar(Alchohol yet again....XD), Restaurant, Hotel, Store, whatever with a yellow, blue, and white egg in his arms. Sighing in my mind, Arwen looked as if she was having some fun with her coin....just plainly ignoring the conversation me and Jun should have.

~*~Arwen/Yukimon - Snow Fox Digimon[Isn't Indiana well.....Strange? o.o;;]~*~
The coin Laura handed me was rather...strange. It wasn't yen, but somewhat of a American quarter. A side profile of a guy in a wig was on the front, and on the back was a strange, small section of America....Indiana, some stars and racing cars also in the scene. Maybe Indiana was a racing state for no reason, more of motorvehicle racing than anything probably.

I somewhat ignored a rather soft-going conversation between Jun and Laura, but it started to fall rather silent. Sighing, I pawed it and picked it up with my small fangs, walking around with it and not focusing on anybody else. After a few feet away, I put it back down on the ground and just layed there, confused as I watched many a Digimon pass by. A light beat of lively music wavered among the mediumly-flowing crowd, adequetely covering up any light swearing if any was going on. It didn't matter, I could always kill those ignorant fools if they attack me with Laura backing me up.

Kioshi Wakami
22nd November 2003, 11:02 AM
Thank you for all of your comments about the drawings. More are on their way ^^;

Jun Wakami [Was a little too close =/]

Laura's eyes looked back into mine with a confused and feared gaze. I furrowed my brows a little once more. Is she afraid of me..? I thought. I wasn't the type to make someone do what they didn't want. Shutting my eyes and pulled back with a little grunt. I took a single step back and slipped both of my hands into my pockets while my eyes opened and looked away from the girl.

"Gomen nasai." My voice had lowered. I kept my gaze away from her and focoused mainly on a few pebbles upon the dry ground.

Kioshi Wakami [Still the little boy of the group.]

The kind doctors had shown me to me and Sorata's son's room, Jun. I looked up at Sorata and clenched onto his arm as we both walked inside. What I saw wasn't pretty, there were IVs running through his arms and he had those small circle pieces connected to his forehead and chest, the signals from them causing beeps upon a small screen beside him. I frowned and rushed towards Jun and knealt down beside him. What could've caused this? My hand slowly brushed through Jun's hair at the same time Sorata's hand brushed through mine. Quietly I studied Jun's face, watching his expressions change like his eyebrows casting down and the faint movements beneath his eyelids.

He had to be someplace.. Somewhere in his mind. Somewhere, like the digital world. My eyes widened a little at the thought and I quickly looked over to Sorata.

"Anohito inai sono Digital World desu ne! (He is inside of the Digital World!)" I shouted rather loudly. Sorata gave me a funny look and I suddenly frowned. I never told them.. that I too had once been in the digital world as one of the 10 chosens. I didn't want them to know about my life there, about the people there and about.. Roy.

Slowly I stood up and went into Akina's room. She was the only person who I knew spoke Japanese and English. Shyly I walked over to her and whispered into her ear as how I thought they were inside of the Digital World and have her tell the others in english.

Perhaps I was just jumping to conclusions, but the doctors were right, when you're in a coma you don't have the same impulses as you do when you're awake and moving around, however they did. They were somewhere else and I thought it was the Digital World. But... why?

Roy Karrde
22nd November 2003, 11:31 AM
Allright let's get this temple finished

" Come on you two" I beconed to the two as they walked in, one was a boy around my own age, the other a young girl, who looked familar but I just couldn't place my finger on it.

"Is this a temple?" Satoshi asked me as he began to study his suroundings, all the time he seemed to be keeping the little girl close.

"Yeah, welcome to the metal temple, I know it's not much to look at " I shruged, presenting the room. I was right, the temple wasn't much to look at, infact I was allready getting board with it and I had only been here for what, a few minutes? " Anyway I'm Roy, and.." I began when I noticed the girl looked at me in shock.

"Dad...daddy?" She mumbled out almost as if she couldn't form words.

"Sorry, I dont know who you are talking about, anyway I'm Roy Lutz, and I'm guessing your here to unlock the orb" I told the boy, Immediatly I felt myself get knocked over by the little girl who was almost in tears. I slowly sat down with her next to me, to keep both of us from falling. Who was she?

"Don't you remember me, it's Laura, please tell me you remember me" She begged me, tugging at my shirt she continued to pled. What could I say? I had no idea who she was, she called me Daddy but I was too young to have kids. God Ashieyu, Kioshi, even Akira I could really use you right now.

"I'm sorry, I dont think we have ever met" I told her, I looked up at the boy for some signs of help. He just shrugged and had a look on his face like he had no idea what to do.

"I'm your daughter, remember, please remember I have so much I want to tell you, I miss you" She cried, I had to just play along with this. Was she from the future, or had I been locked up in here longer than I thought? And why would I leave my own daughter behind, I would never do that.

"Shhh, it's okay" I soothed her, I held her tighter and tried telling her it was allright in a attempt to calm her down.

"I have so much to tell you" She looked up at me and wiped her tears away. " After you left and mommy left, I made the honor roll, and, and they let me in the chior, and I got to be in the school play" She began to tell me, these were the things that I should of been there for her, where had I gone? If I wasn't around any more who was going to take care of her?

I looked up at the guy she had come in with, he looked at her with a soft comforting face, he cared about her, deeply. He looked like the kindof person that would treat her right. He even kindof looked like a younger version of myself back when I would have done anything for Ashieyu. "What's your name?" I asked him, cutting Laura off, and rising to my feet.

"Satoshi" He replied, I pulled this Satoshi, off to the side, out of hearing range from the little girl and began to ask questions.

"All I know is that her dad died, and I think her mom left her" He answered my questions. I was shocked by this news, I had...died, and worst yet left my daughter with such a aweful wife. That didn't sound like Ashieyu, did that mean I never got married to her?

"Listen, Satoshi. If I'm not around anymore, I dont want to see her going through foster homes for the rest of her life, it looks like she's allready had a life time of bad stuff happen to her anyway" I told him taking in his hands into mine. " I want you to take care of her, I want you to stay with her no matter what and make sure no harm comes to her" I begged him.

"Umm, I guess I could" He replied a little in shock by my plea. I just nodded and walked back over to the girl.

"Hey I need to show you something" I told her, I could feel something powerful calling me back and I knew my time here was limited. I took her hands into mine and guided her on how to use her D-Scanner, or what ever the new thing was. Once she did the motion, I knew her new Digimon was on the way and I had to go.

"Okay, I need to go now" I told her, resting my hands on her shoulder, I could allready feel myself slowly disapearing. It felt like slowly going to sleep again.

"No please, there is so much I need to tell you, please just a few more minutes" She shook her head, I could bearly begin to form the words of a reply before I disapeared completly. Yet I knew she was in good hands now with Satoshi, he would take care of her.

Laura Lutz

"Make him come back" I pounded on Satoshi's chest who was trying to hold me still.

"Laura, Laura, look at me, he's gone, but we still have things we need to do" Satoshi told me, he straightened me up and looked at me and calm me down the best he could.

"Laura?" A metalic voice said behind me, I turned to see a small robtic soldier look back at me, it was no bigger than a large 3 foot tall toy.I said "Hi" to it and smiled weakly at it.

So this was my Digimon, like Hawkmon, and Lopmon, for Satoshi and Haruka, this was mine. "Alpha Magnetmon" The Digimon introduced itself holding out it's hand. I kept myself clutched to Satoshi's shirt.

"Okay" It finally said retracting it's hand back. " We need to get out of here, my sensors are picking up one hostile Digimon heading this way"

"Laura, you need to help battle it" Satoshi told me. I hugged him closer, burying my head into his chest and shook my head no. I wasn't going to fight this thing, I didn't want to fight at all, all I wanted was my daddy back.

22nd November 2003, 12:26 PM
[Aoi Watanabe][DAMN, I lost my orginal post.]
"Cometh outh where everth you areth!!"I heard a digimon hiss. It's voice echoed in this room, with each piece of metal making his voice louder..more scary...

"He's looking for us.."Labramon said, a little shake in her voice.."It's a Salamandemon, he's a flunkie of Yami Seraphimon of the 3 Lunars."

"And?"I asked her,"There has to be a reason he's looking for us.."

"It's because Yami Seraphimon want's you captured and brought back to the Digital World!I'm here to make sure that doesn't happen!Also, I know for a fact more digimon are on the way"

"Well...you need to fight it. I mean, a Salamandemon in the middle of the Tokyodome will not be a pretty sight.."I told her. Her face made a question look at when I said Tokyodome..

"I'll tell you more later..For now, we need to defeat this huge lizard and get out of here!My mom's comming soon.."I told Labramon..

"I need you to follow my directions. Press the button on the side of the D-Sense, and by that, make a 5 Pointed star. That will help us out.."Labramon said, very rushy as we heard footsteps coming closer and closer with each and every second..

"Ok.."I said, unassure.'I hope this is one big dream..'

"May fire be our guide.."I whispered, and I made the 5 pointed star. Labramon glew with a red light, and started to grow, absorbing the mist around us..

[Haruka Haruda][Raumen...with a U]
I sighed deeply as Laura left,and Lopmon was gobbling some Home fries. I personally stuck to Raumen, but I guess Lopmon didn't like it as much as I did..

Why was Laura so protective of Aunyailia?I guess it had to deal with the fact that Aunie was playing innocent, like she did me.

I grabbed my chopsticks again, and grabed a bunch of noddles..I ate them as I wondered on that thought..

'Laura shouldn't be protecting Aunie...I guess Aunie's trying to play innocent so that she can ' get to know' the enemy.'I thoughts deepsly, sighing. Lopmon pressed her face on the window, and kept on fogging it up,making some weird symbols on it..

"Satoshi!!"Lopmon said, excited.I sighed, he's was the last person I wanted to see....well..Besides Aunyailia. I looked at him as he walked, but he didn't come in..

"Thank god.."I said underbreath, trying for Lopmon not to notice. She thought I was at term's with Satoshi..

"Why?I bet Satoshi is hungy!Hungy SATOSHI!!"Lopmon said, continuing to make the strange symbols on the window as I finished my Raumen.

22nd November 2003, 12:58 PM
It was an awkward scene that Morrigan walked in on. There was the boy she recognized as Jun, and another girl, both were silent. A fox-like Digimon was picking at a coin. If it weren't for her lack of patience, Morrigan would have let this gone for hours.

"I didn't see anything," she said, trying to sound polite, "and I won't pry, but I've got to ask. Have any of you seen David, or Kenichi, or anyone else? Everyone has been split up, and I'm trying to piece everyone back together."

The two teens were either relieved for the distraction, or angry for the interuption, Morrigan was unsure. The other girl spoke up.

"Well, David was here with us, but he had left some time back. There was also a boy who wasn't with us originally a few moments ago."

Morrigan's face paled just enough to be noticed. Jun's reaction was slightly histarical. Morrigan figured he hadn't noticed the mystery boys appearance.

"Alright," she muttered, "That's bad. Next time, please don't let David go on his own here."

She was interrupted for a moment.

"Yes, we know of his gambling addiction. What of it?"

Morrigan sweatdropped, "It's not so much his addiction. David's pretty good at cards, dice, etc. I'm worried about what'll happen to him after a ten-game winning streak. At any rate, I doubt it'll be that bad. I'm interested in this mysterious boy."

She stepped up to the other girl and held out her hand.

"I don't think we've met, I'm Morrigan McCloud. What's your name?"

22nd November 2003, 04:06 PM
~*^*~Laura Rider - Ice[Feels startled by Morrigan...]~*^*~
"Gomen nasai..." Jun muttered after stepping back, reopening his closed eyes. He looked down, away from me. He felt shameful, but I would forgive him anyway....for being a little too close.

"It's okay...." I softly replied back, looking towards the east, "I'm just not used to boys being that close to me...." It suddenly fell silent as some girl approached us, looking rather nervous as if she was trying to find somebody.

"I didn't see anything," she said, slightly panting, "and I won't pry, but I've got to ask.....Have any of you seen David, or Kenichi, or anyone else? Everyone has been split up, and I'm trying to piece everyone back together....."

I felt relieved, and Jun looked relieved himself, at least she didn't know about our secret. She looked rather unsure, so I spoke up.

"Well....David was here, but he left sometime back...." I replied, slightly quirking my eyebrows, "There was also a boy who wasn't orignally with us a few moments ago."

Her face suddenly grew somewhat paler, as Jun acted rather hysterically....he, for sure, wouldn't notice because he was only looking into my eyes while he accidentaly kissed me. The other girl muttered something while I felt confused, trying to remember his appearance. Soon she was interrupted by Jun.

"Yes, we know of his gambling addiction. What of it?"

"It's not so much his addiction. David's pretty good at cards, dice, etc. I'm worried about what'll happen to him after a ten-game winning streak...." She continued after sweatdropping slightly, "At any rate, I doubt it'll be that bad. I'm interested in this mysterious boy."

Soon she stepped forward, towards me, holding out her hand and saying, "I don't think we've met. I'm Morrigan McCloud.I What's your name?"

"It's Laura...." I replied nervously, holding out my hand towards hers to at least be somewhat polite, "Laura Rider. 'Tis a pleasure to meet you, Morrigan."

Arwen stepped forward slightly, from behind my ankle she looked up at Morrigan, smiling lightly, "And I'm Yukimon, you can call me Arwen."

Sighingly glaring down at Arwen, I looked back up and was about to describe that mysterious kid.

"I think he went that way," I replied, pointing west, "He had hair which was raven black and navy blue, dark blue eyes with golden rings around his pupils, a fair complextion, and wore a long sleeved navy shirt with a gold star on his chest, blue capri-ish pants with yellow pockets, gray and yellow Nike shoes, and a yellow bandanna supposed to be somewhat of a trademark, I guess, with the Hikari symbol on it in navy blue."

"He also had a yellow and blue splotched white egg in his arms," Arwen said, finishing for me, "And his D-Sense was of a golden yellow base with a dark blue rim."

22nd November 2003, 06:13 PM
Actually, this really isn't a post, I'm just gonna show something, I'll post later on.

So, while I was bored today, I got my Japanese hiragana chart out,stroke orders and all, and wrote Aoi,Satoshi,and Haruka in hiragana.I used Gel Pen's, and besides from some few mistakes I made while I was watching T.V., I think they came out pretty decent.Or ok. Either one.

So,Uh..Here it is.And yeah,I know my hand writing sorta bites big wind. So sue me.

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23rd November 2003, 12:27 PM
[Satoshi Takinowa][The wind carries my love in all directions.]
"Laura, you need to help battle it."I told her. She didn't respond, only kept on crying and hugging onto my chest. All she wanted was her daddy back..But that wasn't going to happen..

"I know you want your dad back, but crying for him isn't going to help,"I told her. I got on my Knee's, not like I was proposing. I went that way so I could wipe her tears of her soft cheek..

"Please..don't cry. Your dad wouldn't want it."I told her,Looking into her eyes. The flow of tears didn't stop, only got slower. Alpha Magnetmon kept on trying to signal that something was coming..

"Heh...2 human's to eat?Not that I would, anyway...2 humans to play with?"Some weird, creaking voice started to come closer and closer. I looked into Laura's eyes, she wasn't ready for battle. And although I didn't want to, I had to protect Laura. With Maybe some of Alpha Magnetmon's help, but I don't think Laura would give it the order.

I closed my eyes, and once opened them,then Holy Sword came out, it's red ruff started to move around like some wind was inside this place. I placed the Holy Sword on my right hand. I then looked at Laura before I went to battle...whatever it was.

"Alpha Magnetmon, Protect her."I told him.It was like going at war or something, like I wouldn't come back. I then looked at Laura one more time, and got up on my feet..I then looked into her eyes, and brushed her hair off.

And for that second alone, I think a Cupidmon hit me with his arrow. And succedded. I kissed Laura's eversoft forehead, and it must of been like a millenia before I let it down. Her face became so red, from blushing. I even think I saw a smile from her grief stricken face.So, I decided to kiss her again, only this time..on the mouth.

It was also the first time I saw Laura as more than a little sister.But like...

My Love.

[Yami Seraphimon][MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!]
"Yami Seraphimon, we found your human, Aiymee..Badly injured. Bound to chains."One of my Higher flunkies, a Babamon and her Justimon, told me. I was able to use Aiymee's D-Sense as a Talking and Visual port.

I looked over to Aiymee with using my other end of the device that held the strong grip on her.She was badly injured. Her hair was fryed, her skin looked like she was through a bad fire.

"She'll recover soon enough.Just feed her, make sure she get's rest."I told Babamon. Normally, I wasn't so caring, I would'lve said something like "Well, FORCE her to move, or kick her." or something like that. But since she had to be in good health, I had to be caring.

Because her next mission was a big one.I wanted her to try to use Revemon to get a person from the real world to here.

"Ok, sir. Please, take care."Babamon said, and Transmission ended.

"Aww..Big softie."Venom Lucemon scared me from creeping out of a corner's shadow."So, you going to give that boy the memories of that battle yet?"

"Yeah,I would like to know that too."Magna Wiccamon came out of the other room. Her big,green nose could tell all, let her see all.

I looked into the big, purple glass sphere I had in the middle of my room. The fog inside made a picture of the boy kissing a girl on the forehead.But the kiss slowly made it to the lips..

"Yes, I shall. Next time he sleeps."I told them,"You two, go prepare the digimon to go to the real world.."

"Because this is where the fun begins."

^^Yayness!!I added Akina's name to that thing I did in hiragana.My A character bites, I know..^^;

If you need to IM me, IM me on LightofAnime..k?^^

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Roy Karrde
23rd November 2003, 01:12 PM
Laura Lutz
"Alpha Magnetmon, Protect her" Satoshi shouted to the Digimon, I held tighter to him in fear of what was going to happen, there was no way out of here, we were going to die in here.

I looked up at him my face was shocked and had fear all over it, my golden hair draped over my eyes causing me to lose sight of him, the next thing I knew I felt his strong touch brush the hair away from my eyes and let the hair fall back over my shoulders. We took a second to just look at each other, I felt myself start shaking again, he might just die if he went to battle for me, he would die just like daddy died. I closed my eyes and began to wimper in fear, when I felt him lean in and kiss me on the forehead, my whole body went limp, and all my fears, everything just washed away, I let out a exhale of happyness and I bearly opened my eyes to look at him.

This time I saw him lean in again and I raised up to meet him, we met each other mid way and kissed again, his strong lips and my soft ones moved together as if we were one being. I moved my arms up and wraped them around his neck to hold us together for one last second before he pulled away.

I slid down to a sitting postion on the ground as Satsohi grabed his sword and went off to battle. I watched him run off in a dream like state as my fingers went up to touch my lips where he had last kissed me.

The android like Digimon flew at them from the shadows to start the battle, and Satoshi immediatly went into a battle pose that looked like something out of a movie. He and Alpha Magnetmon went at the digimon with their swords at the ready. Clashes of light sprang off of the Digimon's armor skin while some hits found the weak points at the Digimon's biological area's. The opponent Digimon finally found a opening in the battle and was able to knock Alpha Magnetmon's sword out of it's hand. Using the turn in momentum it went straight for me, in two leaps the Digimon was right infront of me, using it's long arm it was able to reach around my throat and began to strangle me. I couldn't even fight back, my body was still in shock from the kiss.

With a sudden change of events, the Digimon's hand began to loosen and it began gagging. Then in one swift movement it's head went flying off, the body droped and behind him stood Satoshi, holding his sword in one hand, and Alpha Magnetmon's in the other, using the swords like sissors to chop off the opponents head.

I coughed a few times as air flowed back into my throat and I was able to start relaxing again. I closed my eyes and could feel myself being scooped up. I knew Satsohi had picked me up and was taking me out of the room, taking me away from the last memory I would have of my daddy. I just placed my head next to Satoshi's chest and held on tightly.

Yami Annika
23rd November 2003, 02:17 PM
Aunyailia Vergere

I watched, calmly, as the city quickly came back into view. Lights, from all around, shone brightly as the Digimon carrying me ran to the city's edge. Because of the quick movement, the lights were more like blurs. Then they stopped suddenly, the motion jerking back to it's place. Kenichi jumped to the ground, struggling his goggles. Rigiamon slowly let me down on the ground, and I held on for a few seconds to steady myself.

"The city, again," I sighed softly to myself. "I suppose Haruka might have a bounty on my head, or something, by now..."

I turned to Kenichi, who either sighed or made some sort of noise at my comment, and, of course, my face turned slightly red again. "Thanks," I said sweetly.

He looked confused, and whether or not he said it outloud, I could tell the question in his mind was something to the effect of "Huh? Why?"

"I wouldn't be surprised if you still hated me." I half-laughed. "But so far, you're the only person, other than Laura, who has half-treated me like a person. You could have left me back in the temple, and you might have had every reason to, if you still think I'm an evil traitor... but you didn't. So thanks." I rubbed my head, still having a bit of a headache.

"I suppose you're tired of my voice now," I looked down. "So I'll get out of your way, and find Laura... And I still think your Digimon is cute." I smiled at the strange looks I gained, and started walking away. Then, as an afterthought, I stopped, and looked back at him.

"Do you trust me now?" I asked hesitantly. He stopped short, about to say something. He paused there, taunting me. Then, his face blank and unreadable, he turned and walked away. I frowned slightly. I, too, turned my seperate way.

It mattered not, his answer. Once I made sure no one was in sight or in hearing distance, Digimon included, I took out my D-Sense. I continued walking, and I felt something invisible come around me. The person communicating was also making sure no one could read my lips or hear my words. Security was a valuable thing.

"It's all going well." I told the person on the other line. "The plan is moving along perfectly."

Kioshi Wakami
23rd November 2003, 02:37 PM
Jun Wakami

I sighed in slight relief and frustration when another girl walked up to us.

"I didn't see anything," she said, panting slightly, "and I won't pry, but I've got to ask.....Have any of you seen David, or Kenichi, or anyone else? Everyone has been split up, and I'm trying to piece everyone back together....."

Laura soon spoke up, "Well....David was here, but he left sometime back...." her eyebrows quirked a little, "There was also a boy who wasn't orignally with us a few moments ago."

That's when I looked over to her in a little bit of shock. There was another person here? Soon after that it seemed that we were scolded by Morrigan for letting her brother wander around. To her it 'wasn't good'.

"Yes, we know of his gambling addiction. What of it?" I muttered. That was something I prolly should'nt of said because it only continued the girl's talk about her brother was addicted and good at cards. If he was good, what's there to worry about? Atleast he wouldn't be losing a lot of money. I leaned up against the building's outter wall as the two girls introduced eachother and started to talk. I quickly zoned out their conversation, girl talk really wasn't my kind of thing, besides I had a few of my own actions to think about.

"Let's head towards Las Mesa, I'm sure David and that new guy is there anyways." Morrigan stated, breaking me out of my daze. Laura agreed and started to walk off with the new girl. I simply grunted and tagged along behind the two of them as they chattered with eachother. [i]This is so dull... I thought to myself.

23rd November 2003, 05:50 PM
Am I the only one creeped out by a 15 year old boy making out with a 10 year old girl? O.o;;

Kenichi Tanaka

As we re-entered the crowds of digimon, Rigiamon settled in walking by my side. Between us there was a silence, despite the sounds of the city. The creatures around us seemed to be dulled somewhat as thoughts were turned over in our minds. It was far from an uncomfortable silence, actually a very comfortable one. Rigiamon's personality seemed to almost mirror my own, and I felt closer to him than I had during my years of being handed from foster family to foster family. I wondered how the Celestials had known which digimon to give me...

"Kenichi," Rigiamon said to me in a side whisper, his eyes still going ahead of us. We were making a leisurely pace down the street.

"Yeah?" I said, keeping my eyes forward as well, hands in my pockets with one gripped around the Black Rapidmon card, the other on my D-Sense.

"I don't trust that girl, she stinks of the Lunar involvment," Rigiamon said. "And I know about how they operate..."

"How could they have gotten humans to side with them?" I asked, my interest peeked at this.

Rigiamon shrugged. "They were talking about getting humans involved before the... incident... They hadn't gotten the technical details down when I was still with them. Back then, they were only aiming on converting other digimon to their cause. And having me create new ones."

I nodded slowly. "Yes... I doubt that incident will be the last trouble she causes. But we will be as bad as these Lunars if we act prematurely against her... Like it or not, it seems we've been scripted as the good guys in this. We have to be the ones to react. At least in this case."

Rigiamon nodded. "Yes, that is the right course... Though I doubt it will make it easier on any of us..." He paused for a moment, and sniffed the air.

"Three humans coming in this direction," he said.

I looked ahead, and as the crowd parted infront of us I could see Morrigan, Laura, and Jun heading towards us. I gave a wave towards them, and Morrigan gave me a shocked look. She ran up to me, and looked me over.

"What happened back at the hotel, where did you go?" She asked me.

"I got a free ride to the Earth Temple I suppose... Though it was unwanted at the time. Aunayailia somehow managed to follow me there. That's where I met my partner Rigiamon."

I pointed a thumb at Rigiamon, and Morrigan looked up at Rigiamon for the first time. Laura and Jun caught up, and saw in time Morrigan involuntarily moving away from my new digimon. The two others gave my partner a look of surprise, and perhaps a little fear? This was more the reaction I had been expecting from people at Rigiamon, unlike the odd one Aunie had displayed. Rigiamon took it in stride, however, and gave the assembled group a big bow.

"Morrigan McCloud, Laura Rider, and Jun Wakami. A pleasure to meet you all. I am Rigiamon, Kenichi's partner. There is no need to fear me, for I am a friend."

Morrigan seemed to recover first. "I'm not afraid of you, just got surprised a bit that's all." All of them had to look up to Rigiamon, his height something that nobody could ignore.

"Nice to meet you as well," she said, taking one of Rigiamon's hands. Jun and Laura followed suit, as Rigiamon simultaneously shook all of their hands.

"I'm sorry, but I must go for a little while... I can sense Hawkmon nearby, and I must speak with him. I will be back soon."

With that, Rigiamon leapt into the air, bounded off the side of a building, and turned into a blur in the bright lights of the city. He dissapeared moments after, leaving the group with a dazed look. I simply looked at the rest of the group assembled.

"So, have I missed anything?"

Rigiamon [A chat with an old friend...]

I fell to the ground once more, infront of a beauty parlor. Many female digimon were milling around the front of the buisness which was garishly decorated with pink colored feathers. Just the place Hawkmon would go to "pick up chicks". I just shook my head at this thought. It was too much to hope that my fellow chosen digimon would be serious... I knew that Hawkmon had connections within the Digital world, but his attitude was that of a flirt. Besides, he had been the biggest critic of my becoming a chosen digimon for Kenichi.

Going inside, I spotted him immiediatly talking to a Hawkmon painted in pink, the owner of the beauty parlor. I walked up silently behind him.

"We need to talk Hawkmon," I looked down at him, then at the female one. "Take a hike for awhile."

The pink hawkmon paled visibly, as Hawkmon jumped several feet in the air. He turned around, then his eyes grew wide. It was only for a moment though, as they narrowed quickly.

"So, I see you're here now... I guess the Celestials didn't go by my suggestion of leaving you to your misbegotten fate, huh?"

I shook my head briefly. "It is in everybody's best interest now if you drop that as quickly as possible. My past means little now, though it does mean I know more about our enemy than you do."

"Are you sure they are your enemy?"

"As long as they are Kenichi's enemy, they will be my enemy." I gave him a sharp look, daring him to say I was lying.

He was quiet for a moment. "I see... So, what do you want?"

"Information about what's happening. You were out first, as Kenichi had told me, and I want another perspective on what's been going on so far. There was only so much I was able to hear inside that egg," I said. "And, I also want to know if Satoshi or Kenichi knows yet."

"To answer your second question, neither of them know their relationship to each other yet. There hasn't been an opportunity to tell them-"

"And there won't be," I ended for him. Hawkmon gave me an odd look.

"Don't you think they have the right to know? Kenichi does at the very least..." Hawkmon said.

"No, it could hurt the group, and what it sounds like, the group isn't very tight at the moment, save little relationships cropping up. The knowledge could make Kenichi... Resentful towards Satoshi. Before I'm with him longer, I can't be sure of his reaction.

"I see..." Hawkmon said.

"Now, start talking about what's been going on, so we can get back to the group."

Hawkmon nodded slowly, and began to recall the recent events that had occurred...

Kioshi Wakami
23rd November 2003, 07:03 PM
Hah it is sorta wrong. But then again Jun is 17 and he kissed Laura who is 14. However, I didn't know that until I looked back at her stats XD oh well.

23rd November 2003, 07:10 PM
Personally, it is a little weird, but the thing is...It isn't entirely wrong. Love shouldn't have any borderlines on age, or genders..Matter of factly(which is another topic all together). Though, Satoshi was just playing in the moment.

I'll be editing this post in a little later. My sister's doing a Essay on the computer, and she's going to the...x.x

Anyway, you guy's wouldn't mind if I brought Aoi in a little later in the DW part?Too much character isolation.^^;I mean, like 2 cities from now.

23rd November 2003, 08:24 PM
I think age doesn't really matter... But that really comes into play when you are older, and know what you are getting yourself into. A twenty year old dating a twenty five year old for an example. But a ten year old girl and a 15 year old boy... That is having a 4th grader in elementary school having a boyfriend who is a freshman in highschool. Now having a relationship like that is uncommon, at least in my experiance.

Kioshi Wakami
23rd November 2003, 08:29 PM
Ne ne, I dated a 29 year old when I was 16. Oh well~ XD;;;;

23rd November 2003, 11:26 PM
The next town is coming soon!!

Primary Village -This village is the place where every digimon, and to be said to date, 1 human, has been reborn here. The center of this village is a huge tree which leave's glow in a rainbow color at dusk and dawn.

Temple's Include:

Light temple -This temple, only reachable by Dawn, the entrance is located at the base of the Center Tree.The inside is of a Pure, White Gold. This is Kouji's Temple.The Guard of the Temple is Akina Morimoto.

Dark Temple -This temple is like Light's temple, and for this, is Located at the same place at the base of the tree. But it's only reachable by Dusk.This is Morrigan's temple.The Guard of this temple is Gali Virgo. When both orbs are gotten, the 2 Gaurdian's will join each temple to be one in the same, and the fight with the digimon will comense. (Gali and Akina liked each other, so this make's sense.)

New Characters:
Aoi- Simply done, Orphanimon brings her here to protect her from Yami Seraphimon.Like Haruka, Aoi is mortal in this world, and can die, and can turn into a digiegg. ut she only stays in this world untill before the last city.

[Aoi Watanabe]
"Hephaestusmon..Yeah!!Kick that Salamandemon's butt!"I said loudly, cheering on my partner. Salamandemon was almost out for the count, Hephaestusmon would need a one-two finish!!

"Fire Wisp!!"Hephaestusmon belowed. Her tail wagged, and created strong embers. They flew to the opponent, and his Data scattered everywhere..

"Now..scan!!"She yelled. I wondered how, but I decided to just think, somewhere...I had to know it. I pressed the button, and made a Venn-Diagram shape. His data collected once more into a card, and it fell to the ground..

"Ohh.."I said. I suddenly got a weird feeling in the pit of my stomach, like I was moving. Hephaestusmon got back to being Labramon, and she picked up the card with her mouth, and tried not to drool on it. My bag fell off my back, and my Cell phone came out....It sent out a loud BUURRRR noise, and then the light on the top of the flip top went off..

"[i]Please..I moved you here for your own safety. Please, do not be harmed, as you will be relocated back into your world shortly."A Strong, soft womans voice echoed in the room..

I got my backpack, my D-Sense, and the card I got from Salamandemon, and got up on my feet. Labramon ran for the door, and started to nudge on it..

"My hometown.."She said as I went over to open for it..

"Primarry village."

[Satoshi Takinowa][He's not like Michael Jackson. Not one bit.]
I carried Laura out of the Brightly Lighten Casino into the brightly lighten steet's of Las Mesa.She just wept and wept..Holding onto my T-shirt like a little kid and her dolly.

Alpha Magnetmon just kept on looking at Laura and shrugging. i just looked at her, and kept on looking for the group. Or some people that were in the group. Besides Haruka. Besides Aunyailya.

So, I looked around some more. I also had that bag of money that Hawkmon gave me from his account, which I had made Laura hold tightly...

I wasn't in the mood to talk to Hawkmon right now...

1400th posty for me..Whooppeee..

Roy Karrde
23rd November 2003, 11:46 PM
Laura Lutz
It was a while before I finally stopped crying, I had to be a big girl, and I couldn't keep letting Satoshi see me like this he may think I'm some crying baby or something.

"Satoshi, can you put me down, I think I can walk for now" I told him, he slowly let me down and I tried to clean my face up and un frazzle my hair, I looked aweful, Satoshi had just kissed me and now I looked aweful.

"Are you okay?" My digimon asked me. I nodded and mumbled a reply, the Digimon wasn't as cute as Hawkmon, but it was very nice and seemed to care about me.

"Hey there's everyone" Satoshi pointed out, ahead of us seemed to be a small part of the group who had began to mass together near a building.

"Are you going to be okay?" He asked getting down on a knee and straightening my hair. I smiled a little as he cleaned my face off which had been dirty and red from everything that happened earlier. After cleaning me up alittle he stood back up again and we began our trek to the group again.

"Satoshi?" I asked him running up to catch up to him. " Can I hold your hand?"

He seemed to smile at this and grasped my hand, we walked over to the group together holding hands, and for a moment I had forgotten that I had just lost daddy again. I interlocked my fingers around Satoshi's and began to take my final steps into hearing range of the group.

"So, have I missed anything?" Kenichi asked as Satoshi and I walked up to them.

"I got my orb and Digimon" I chipped up, causing everyone to turn and look at me, there were so many faces, so many people I didnt know or had seen only briefly.

"Oh and Satoshi, kis..." I tried to say but Satoshi placed a hand over my mouth causing me to mumble out the rest, I tried again but got even less out. Was Satoshi emberased at what happened? or did he just want to keep it private.

24th November 2003, 09:21 PM
OoC: Oooh, Arnen's the guardian of the Fire Temple, right? *pokies* :D *is annoying*

~`~`Kari [Surprisingly less cold than her mom XD] `~`~

I watched Laura and the others, detached and almost dreamilly. The water from the fountain left shimmering droplets on my hair and face, but I didn't mind; it was really quite soothing. Blinking, I realised for the first time that in my pocket I still carried the small CD-player that I'd had with me at the convention. I popped it open and saw that my favorite CD, which I had burned all the best songs onto, so I closed it and pushed play.

As I sat there listening, slowly whispering the words, I gazed at the key card Laura had given me. It had to have been the nicest thing anyone (aside from my family... maybe...) had ever done for me, just for maybe wanting to be my friend. Blinking a drop of water out of my eye (it wasn't a tear, really!) I tucked it away into my pocket.

24th November 2003, 10:19 PM
"How are the others?" Jason's voice rang into my head. Normally, I wouldn't want this to be happening, but this meant I could not be seen. Which was good, considering a few moments ago I was staring down the missile launchers of an Andromon.

...It's a long story. I'll explain later.

I turned back to see the mess that was made during that whole brawl. Chances were, I'd be banned from the casino, but I didn't plan on returning.

"None are handling this well," Ark commented, "It concerns me as well. Notice a slight pattern?"

I shivered slightly, I really didn't want to discover any deeper meaning than what I already know. Whatever pattern, however, would have to be discovered later as the background noise and everything with it disappeared. I was visible again.

"THERE HE IS!" A deep throaty voice rang out.

"Crap!" I said, running toward the nearest window, not daring to look back.

It's funny, you know, how wierd life can be. Despite my skill in Poker, there seems to be some Karmic Law that prevents me from exceeding a ten-game winning streak, though I suppose it doesn't help that I bring some of it on to myself. So I've taken the time to learn about everything I can in my situation.

...Like the fact that there is a long rod that juts from the building beneath that window.

"Ouch," I grunted out, hands in considerable pain again. It also didn't help that A) I had to vomit and B) There was now a gash in my cheek due to some berserker Agumon, but from there I was able to get my way to the second floor, enter the building, and run down the flight of stairs.

Inconveniently, a good majority of the gang were outside. Morrigan took one look at my battered appearance.

"You belittled their Poker strategies, haven't you?" she said, coldly. I struggled a bit to speak.

"Just the dealer's. It turns out the whole Poker group are dumber than rocks."

She wasn't impressed, "What did you say?" I got a bit indignant as I wasn't quite in the mood for this.

"Look, I won a fair deal of money," I said, "and I can cash it in at other casinos, alright? I checked the policy. So why don't we just forget about it and blow off my winnings. How does that sound?"

Yami Annika
25th November 2003, 09:18 PM
Aunyailia Vergere

"Aunyailia!" A voice called to me, gathering my attention. The voice was very muffled. Surprised, I looked around, but could see no one. Then, there was a scratch at my heels, and I looked down, seeing Hoshimon. In her mouth were cards, and then there were more wrapped in her tail. There was nearly enough to build a second deck, if I so chose. She seemed very happy with herself.

I grinned, bending down and relieving Hoshimon of her burden. "You escaped right out from under them, didn't you?" I cooed. She nodded. "Such a clever Digimon!" I patted her head, having stacked the cards in a neat pile. She bent down low, ready to pounce and take her place on my shoulder. I scooped her up into my arms.

"Je regrette," I whispered into her cat ears. "I can't have you with me for a while. Things are about to get interesting, and I can't risk getting caught. So I need you to stay out of sight. And, besides, this way I can have extra eyes out there, have someone be in the places I can't, and I can stop playing 'Act and React' all the time." I half-grinned, then it faded as soon as it came. "Do you understand?"

Hoshimon nodded affirmatively. "I'll be the... Digimon who was never destined to you, and ran away." She didn't sound too happy with the cover story. "How will I know when you'll need me?"

"I'll let you know." I murmured. "Go. Train, make me proud." I giggled. "And when you get back, those kids will get a surprise." I winked, and she just stared back at me. I hesitated, then hugged her close. She gave me a lick on the cheek, then jumped out of my arms.

Hoshimon stepped away, then paused and looked at me. "Sayou nara." She whispered, before running off. I watched until her feathery tail faded from sight, then looked down at the card pile. Standing up, I examined them. They weren't exactly invincible, but they could come in useful someday. After all, they were from Hoshimon. I pocketed them, and turned to continue my way.

A little bit ahead of me, passing through some streets, twists, and turns all by myself, I saw the group. Satoshi and Laura were a bit farther away, making their way to the group themselves. I snuck into the back end of the crown, unnoticed, and watched. Standing on the tips of my toes, I saw Laura run up to Satoshi, and their hands intertwine. Laura, sad to say, looked horrible. Satoshi had looked better, himself. Near them, was a Digimon. Had I missed Laura's orb-getting?

A little disappointed with myself on missing such an event, my mind started taking account of the finger-holding. Only then did I start calculating the age difference. It was what... 3, 4 years? Inwardly, I winced, disgusted. A bit much, especially at Laura's age. And a slight oversight on my behalf, as I nearly put into play this thing. Then again, it might work out. Which, of course, would be wonderful... Still, it left me with a strange feeling. And it takes a lot to disturb me.

However, keeping my thoughts to myself, I placed a smile on my face. A smile in relief that Laura was safe and seemingly happy. My eyes gleamed - hiding my loneliness without Hoshimon - with pride on Laura getting her Digimon and orb.

"So, have I missed anything?" A voice that I had somewhat grown to know as familiar asked. The group was now giving their full attention as Laura and Satoshi joined it. I left my thoughts, and drifted back, allowing emotions and character reinforce the display on my face.

OOC: For the record, Aunyailia does not disapprove of the L/S 'ship, but she's not exactly sure how she feels about it.

25th November 2003, 11:56 PM
[Satoshi Takinowa][The wind shall guide me]
I looked over at Laura, who was wanting to willing say that..We kissed. I blushed when she tried to blurt out the words, and placed my hand over her mouth to muffle it. She tried again to say it, but I found my hand going to her mouth..

I looked her, and make a please-don't-tell face, my eye's gave a dead lock.She shut up, and I continued to look at the group as they chatted. I looked at my Bag in my right hand, and I thought as to what I would use it for. Maybe some supplies..A thing for Haruka to make up.But most likely, some supplies.And some food.

I looked over for a second, my mind wasn't really onto the conversation. I looked around for Hawkmon, Haruka or Lopmon.
I found none of them, and continued to blur the voices in the group.I was just...so tired...

"Laura,"I sighed, giving in to my tiredness,"I'm going back to the hotel.If you want to come along..then ok. I'll leave the door unlocked just incase you want to stay out a little bit more."

"I'll come!"She said, somewhat happy. Below the little nicks and stuff from that fight, nothing made her look unhappy at all. Alpha Magnetmon agreed also.

"Well, I'm going to bed. I'll..see you all in the mourning then."I said, trying to add some wakey-ness and cheerfullness to my voice, to no prevail. My voice made me sound like I was on my last bit of caffiene..

So, I dragged my tired butt, and Laura..with her digimon, to the hotel.Hawkmon could just some in the window or something, since he could fly. And Haruka had a spare key, so she could get Hawkmon in if anything.

"Sorry for leaving the group so soon..If you still want to talk to them, then go ahead. I need sleep."I told her. My body ached, my eye's seemed to have a mind of it's own..I actually didn't really feel tired before we came to the group..It was if someone wanted me asleep.

But the feeling wasn't like before. This presence was like that of a mothers.A warm feeling..you know? I looked at Laura, and tried ot put on a happy smile,"Well, there are 2 laz-y-boy's and a couch. I'll take.."

"The couch."Laura said,"It's ok if I get a Laz-y-boy."I somewhat wanted to fight with her, but I just felt my body searching the closet for some blankets. I pulled out a bunch, 5 or 6. I threw one to Alpha Magnetmon, who was sleeping besides Laura's Laz-y-boy.I threw one over to the other Lazy-boy...Actually,2. And I gave one to Laura. I locked the door before I gathered a Throw pillow and my blanket, and took off my shoes. I placed them and the Velvet bag of Digiyen besides the couch, and found myself tucking myself in.

And my eyelids, fell.

[Haruka Haruda][Going to search for Aoi]
After I finished the Raumen, the Datamon came back with 3 milk shakes. He looked sorta depressed that there was only 2 of us now, but he smiled when I offered him the extra milkshake.

"I like your new playmate, Lopmon!Good choice!"Datamon said, gulping the milkshake like it was the only thing he drank all day..
I looked at hiim while he finished when I just started. He giggled a little, and ran off to run some more customers.

"Haruka..Can I use your D-sense for a second?"Lopmon asked,"Pleasie?"

"Fine."I said blankly, sliding it over the table as I sipped my shake.
I looked at her with curiousity as she shook it around, looking for the button..."The button's on the side, you know."

"Oh!!"She said, like she knew it the whole time.She pressed it, and made a straight line. A Holographic map popped up, and Dots started to go around, different colors..

"Hmm..This color wasn't here before.."Lopmon said,"Right near Primary Village." I got up, and went around to her side of the booth.
"You're right, Lopmon.."I told her.'A new kid!'I basically squeled in my mind. But somewhat..I was afraid too..Was she evil?

"The only way to check out if she's evil or not is to go."Lopmon said,"Before the others do."

Lopmon pressed the button once more, and the map closed out,"Primary Village is just a 4 hour walk, 3 hour ride there...And with your scooter.."

"Fine..I just gotta make sure Satoshi is alright. I'll leave him a note.."I said.I got my D-Sense back, clipping it around my belt. I finished my milkshake, and grabbed my Scooter. I got Lopmon back on my head, and started to walk out, untill I felt a cold presence next to me..

"Oh..hey.."It was a Snow Agumon. Phew..no one evil. I looked into him as he examined me.."I was going to go over to talk to you 2, but you got up before I could!"

"Anyway, you really look like someone I knew."The Snow Agumon looked over my again, and snapped his little claws,"You look like Akina Minamoto!"

Wha...That was my mom's maiden name. And Akina was her first...My mom was here??!??Somewhat, it didn't suprise me. I remember..

I guess it was like a January of Last year. It was cold out, so my mom would make Kimono's and make Hot Chocolate a lot. She would also work on some script's for the VA's, and some basic storyplots when she drank the hot choco..

"Aiymee..Come on...it's my GBC!!"I had yelled, chasing Aiymee through the house as she taunted me, hanging my Pink GBC in the air as she ran. Our house was super big. My dad found kicks in it, and would hide Aiymee in the Master Bedroom's Closet.

"Aiymee..come on..It's soo not funny now."I said, peeping through the Crack's in each door..

Then I stood upon mom's Office. It was also a little workout area where she would do thinks like work out or stuff.It was forbidden to peek in..But I felt my self wanting to..

"Of Star's and Sky!!"I heard a shout, and the door from that room to the outside. I opened the door completely..and there was the most beautiful thing I ever saw. A Angelic LadyWolfmon, full armour..works..

I felt it's eyes creep upon me, and I slammed the door, running to the kitchen..

"Digimon...are reall.."


"Well..Thanks."I told him,"But I'm sure I have no clue on who you speak."
"But Haruu"Lopmon said before I placed my hand over her small mouth..

"Well..I'll get to you later.."The Snow Agumon said, and I walked off out of the Diner, with Lopmon on my head..
"She's your mom. I know"Lopmon said. I was almost in full tears..I missed my mom. I wanted out of this horrid world..the world that seperated me from my normal life.

So, we walked to the hotel. At the desk, I wrote a little note with the hotel's pen, and it said,'Went somewhere..I'll meet up with you guys later..Perhaps."

So, I went up to the room, and unlocked the door. I saw Laura and Satoshi asleep, Laura was wayy calmer that Satoshi. He seemed to restless...Hawkmon mustove came in, he was sleeping besides the couch where Satoshi slept..

"Sorry for leaving you.."I whispered, and placed the note on the entable besides the couch..

And without a word, I left for Primary Village.With Lopmon, ofcourse.

Don't follow her..^^k?

Roy Karrde
26th November 2003, 09:00 AM
Laura Lutz
Satoshi seemed to just plop down on the couch with out much complants about the sleeping arangements. Myself I found a semi-comfortable position on the Laz-e-boy thingie and pulled the blanked up to my neck, finally drifting off to sleep.

What seemed like just mere seconds later I awoke to some one closing the door, did that person that I gave the card to come in, I hope she was okay and all, she seemed so lonely, and in this place you need friends. I began to fall back asleep again when I heard some moaning, followed by a jumble of words, and the sound of someone moving around alot.

I decided to get up to investigate the noise, once my feet touched the floor I immediatly regreat it. It was so cold in the room, I could even see my breath, and my legs were allready getting heavy from the fridged tempertures with every step I took. Finally I made it over to the source of the sound and found Satoshi tossing and turning in his sleep.

"Satoshi" I wispered nudging him once.

No responce

"Satoshi" I wispered again this time nudging him a couple of times.

No Responce.

I bit my bottem lip worried about what I could do, how I could help him. He could be getting sick I mean this room was getting really cold, and he could of caught something. I looked around the room to try and find something to help warm him up. Then I remembered the blanket that was still on the Laz-e-boy, he needed it more than I did. I quickly scampered back across the room grabed the blanket and hurried back, to drape it over Satoshi and the blanket he allready had on him. With two blankets he had to keep warm.

Slowly the moaning began to stop, and his tossing and turning slowed. Confident that I did the right thing I walked back to bed and layed back down on the Laz-e-boy. It was so cold in here, I grabed my pillow and curled up around it in the middle of the bed to try and keep myself warm. I continued to shiver from the cold and maybe sneezed once or twice as I drifted back to sleep.

"Daddy dance with me" I giggled running back from the CD player after putting another song on from my new CD.

"Okay" Daddy coughed, struggling to rise back up to his feet while mommy glared at me.

"You better stop doing that Laura, or you might kill him" Mommy snapped at me, while Daddy let me stand on his feet and we danced to the music.

"Oh, C'mon the doctor said that if my condition didn't worcen I would be fine" Daddy replied raising me into the air and twirling me around a couple of times before landing me back on the ground.

Mommy just glared back at him and left the room, the song finally ended and daddy sat back down. He looked exausted and he was sweating badly. He reached down deep into the chair, into a secret pouch and pulled out a toy, it looked kindof old and the colors were faded but it looked like a toy from one of those new cartoons.

"Show me Ashieyu and Kioshi" He told the toy, the screen flickered a few times and finally displayed two small people, one was about as old as mommy, the other a little bit younger than daddy, they were both like the size of small toys.

"Who are they daddy?" I turned and asked him. He didnt respond, he just remained in a trance, slowly he reached out and touched the image of the girl, gently. All of the sudden a hand came down and scooped up the toy.

"WHAT IS THIS?" Mommy screamed in a rage. "Is that your girlfriend?" She asked throwing the toy against the wall, breaking it into a million pieces. Daddy just looked shocked and saddened.

"Get to bed Laura" Mommy yelled grabing me by the hair and throwing me on to the ground. I crawled back to my room, turned off the lights and watched from my door as mommy screamed at daddy, she screamed for so long.

Later that night I opened my door slowly so that I wouldn't wake mommy, I tip toed past her room, into daddy's room where I could hear ragged breathing coming from the other side of the door.

I opened the door and stepped into the white hospital room, Satoshi layed on the bed with tubes going in and out of him while a pretty woman nealed by hisside. Atleast I thought it was Satoshi, the person looked like him, and in my heart I knew it was him. I walked slowly over and touched him on the forehead, he was freezing cold.

"He's cold why is he cold? I just put a blanket on him" I asked the woman who rose to her feet and looked at me strangely.

"I need to find that blanket, Satoshi's cold, Satoshi's cold" I said over and over again as I began to search the room, the woman came over to try and stop me but I just shook him off and continued to look.

"No, I need to help him, he's cold, he's cold" I screamed again pushing myself off of her and into two very powerful arms. I felt a small prick and my eyelids started to fall.

"He's cold" I wimpered as I feel asleep again, this time to wake back up in the hotel room.

26th November 2003, 11:57 AM
If you need to IM me, IM me at "PoLIzumi chan"

[Satoshi Takinowa]
[i]<Satoshi's dream>

The sun, bright..Digimon was everywhere.It was like Tama Market all over again.You saw a digimon buying something, another digimon selling something. Same old, same old.

But the setting of my dream was that of a hill, one close to a abandoned hotel and the markets. The wind blew on the grass, and the sun was near the time to set.It created a beautiful scenery..

I looked around for anyone, and I saw Laura, Haruka, Kenichi, Morigan and David wasn't so far away...I looked around to see if I could see anyone else, and I found myself. Fighting stance, looking to the ground. I had my Sword in both hands..I want over to Haruka, and said..

"Hey.Sorry for before and all."I told her. But she seemed not to even see me at all, or hear me.I walked over to Laura and said the same thing, no answer....

"I...love..you.."The other version of me said, finally looking up at Haruka.He smirked, and made a mad dash at her, his sword looked like it was ready to strike.

Haruka placed her scooter up infront of her to block his blow.His blank eyes looked at her as she read them, and somewhat let a gasp out. He took that moment to put for force in his sword,and made the scooter fall. He then continued to slash At Haruka, making her bleed. Her clothing seemingly got blood on certain spots..

"Stop this!!"I heard a small girls cry. It was Laura. Haruka fell onto the grass. The boy stopped in his track's, and then, looked to the groud, his smirk fell to a plain frown.It looked like he was waiting for something. Time seemed to stop, as he just stood there..

Then, his head jerked up. He looked at Laura with the Biggest Smirk I've ever seen. He then got into another fighting stance, and ran for Laura.

So, I ran. I ran to go infront of Laura and take the blow. He looked like he was enjoying this, and he yelled.."I LOVE YOU!"

"Please...stop saying that.."Laura said, a tear rolling off her cheek. And then, he hit. Everything besides me and him disappered. The sword went through my entire midsection. I gasped for air as I coughed up blood. He then looked at me..His eye's were blank. No pupils, just a field of Red.

"I'm much stronger than you,"He said,"But we are one in the same..."

I looked at him..he was me?I then saw Laura and Haruka on the floor. The wound I had vanished,and I was looking at the other me.He looked up, and Kenichi punched him hard..

And I felt a stinging sensation...That's were I got the bruise from. The other me Fell onto the grass, his sword retreated. I closed my eyes, trying to get out of this dream...

The other me muttered something before I left..

"Your a monster."

Kioshi Wakami
26th November 2003, 06:06 PM
Jun Wakami [Parent Already?]

I sighed softly, ignoring the whole conversation between the two youngsters and the rest of the group. It felt like I was the oldest one here, perhaps I was. At the age of 17, almost 18 and a highschool senior, I felt like I was sent to a Middle School as a student/teacher aid. I just felt.. you know.. out of place.

A wind blew by, making it a little chilly. The others continued to talk to eachother before both the little girl and other boy walked off towards a hotel. I quirked a brow. How much of life do they know? How much trouble have they had to go through in the real world? It angered me slightly, at how young and naive the kids were. I felt tainted by age, by thoughts and by past experiences. Watching the two kids intangle their fingers together confused me. Did they really know what love was? How could they? Have they ever had their heart truly broken?

I blinked a little, snapping myself out of the daze I was falling in. I kept my hands burried in my pockets and turned around on the heel of my shoes, walking to the hotel myself. I never got a room since I just arrived not too long ago, so it would be good to get one now.

My feet clacked softly against the dusty road as I wandered to the hotel. I couldn't seem to snap out of my daze of thought. It tended to happen when I was left alone without my friends, my classmates. It reminded me of my father, well... one of my fathers. Kioshi. He was always so silent, he was there when I needed him but other than that he mainly kept to himself. My other father, Sorata said that he never got over the things in his childhood. The stuff his own father used to do to him because of what he was, however I never thought that was just it. You could look into his golden eyes and see the shattered fragments that they were created out of. He was withdrawn and lost in himself.. kind of like I am now. No, I don't get depressed that easily, more like angry. I was angry at people's close-minded thoughts about anything that wasn't "normal", like me having two fathers without a mother. However, I'm not shunned for it anymore. In Shinto Ryu Highschool I'm the "popular" kid. Most likely it's because my father is the big voice actor for Digimon.

Hn.. Digimon.. I thought while handing the money over to the hotel clerk, getting my own room. I grabbed the keycard, a bit puzzled as to how I got here without really realizing it. Slowly I walked up the stairs and entered my designated room. There wasn't much, just a single bed, a tv and a bathroom.

With a little huff, I flopped down on the bed and took out my egg.

"Digimon..." I muttered.

"What kind of Digimon are you? I hope you're something cool, maybe a dragon or even some cool reptile!" I smiled at the possiblilities. Being me, I was SURE to get an awesome digimon. I stood up off the bed and grabbed one of the pillows, setting it upon the tv, making a soft area for me to lay the egg down. It seemed like ever since I got her I never really had time to look over the things I had. Kind of like my digivice. It looked more like a keychain to me, but I noticed the small button to the side and the colors. It was black, but the rim around the vid screen was a bright yellow. I wondered why I got these colors and I wondered if they meant anything. According to the youngsters with their digimon, it seemed to represent their element or whatever. Black and Yellow... it first reminded me of a bee. Could I be insect? Nah.. that didn't seem much like an element to me.

Water is blue.. Fire is red... Air is white.. Earth is green. What's yellow? Electricity? ...Perhaps.

"I don't have time to think about what element I am." I grummbled. It was time to get serious. I was the adult of the group so it was my responsibility to take care of these little twerps. I had to make sure everyone was okay. But first things are first. I'm sure most of them have shelter for tonight, but what about food? What about first aid?

"Being little brats I'm sure they'll wind up tripping and scraping their knees." I laughed. The only problem was, was how we were going to get all of this stuff. I didn't have money, and their money, if they had any, wasn't going to last long. Quickly I grabbed the key to my room and rushed back outside and started to walk along the streets. There were pubs, casinos, bars, and clubs all around. There was also what seemed to be a mall.

"Perfect!" I cheered as I rushed towards it. Not only were malls the traditional gathering place for hot chicks, it was also the place to buy a lot of cool and hip things. First of all, I needed a job. Something short time, because I doubt we'll be here long, that also pays well, and just my luck there was a little boutique hiring.

"Hello." I said, looking at a Palmon wearing hip clothes and jewelry.

"Hello!" She chirped. "How may I help you?"

"I'm looking for a job. A short term one, just to make a little money and I saw that you were hiring." My face became stern and serious, though I doubted it really changed from that in public.

"Do you have an application?" The Palmon stated while hanging a pair of jeans onto a rack.

"No. I don't think I'll need one for working a few days. How much will I make?" the digimon nodded and pointed to the register.

"Do you know how to work those?" I gave her a monotonous 'yeah'. "Great. Then you can help out by ringing up customers. You'll make 600* digiyen an hour. You're a human aren't you, a cute one at that." she giggled, still organizing the jeans.

"I heard that the humans were coming again to save the Digital World. Those three Celestrials never let up." I looked at her silently while taking in this information. Again? Humans were here before? I shook my head, getting back on track.

"When should I start?" I asked too softly.

"Right now will be great. Just take one of those pins and write your name on it so people can address you." I simply nodded and headed behind the counter. The pins were pushed back within a bag. Pulling one out I scribbled my name on it in kanji (Japanese Characters) and romanji (using the alphabet) stating 'Jun', with a near by marker.

Quietly I worked with the customers, ringing up their items and telling them the price. That is pretty much how it went through the night. I suppose Las Mesa didn't sleep either.

*It is roughly 100 yen to every 1 american dollar. So 600 yen is pretty much 6 bucks an hour, minimum wage.

Is Jun really the oldest?

26th November 2003, 07:46 PM
Morrigan looked at David with some embarrassment. This always happened when he gambled his earnings with others. Something bad just had to happen.

"Nevermind that," she said, slightly cross, "Just cash in your winnings and we'll buy some food that will last us awhile. We'll be stuck here for some time."

David arched an eyebrow, Morrigan did the same.

"Well, alright," he said in partial defest. He walked toward a passing Agumon for directions before heading off toward another casino. Morrigan followed David in close pursuit, making sure that he didn't try it again. Neither said anything to the other for some time.

"Well," David said, "Let's hear it."

For a moment, Morgan was wondering what her cousin was talking about.

"Hear what?" she asked.

"What's on your mind," David turned his head toward her, "Something's on your mind, and I want to know what it is."

Morrigan sighed, "I'm concerned." Both of them paused to listen to the background of Las Mesa. It was David's turn to be confused.

"Bout what?" Morgan gave David a look of deep depression.

"About all of this. We're being stupid," Silence. No rebuttal from her cousin.

"No doubts there, we all keep splitting up when we should be sticking together. No telling what will happen to us when we're alone and exposed," David finally said. Morrigan turned her head to look at some passing Digimon. She rubbed her right arm in extreme worry.

"I'm also concerned about you," she said, causing David to choke, "It's only been one-two days and you seem to be getting into worse and worse shape."


"David?" she turned back to see that David had dissappeared. He didn't leave, nor was anyone blocking her view. He simply vanished. Morrigan started to get frightened, something she wasn't use to. A slight chill went up her spine.

"Aw, dammit!" she shrieked as she heard David's voice come from the other side of her. Not thinking, she pulled out the rod from her bag and slammed it into David's head. A loud banging sound could be heard.

"DONT DO THAT!" she yelled at her younger cousin. David simply rubbed the top of his head in pain.

"I can't help it," he responded, hurt, "It's not my fault."

Morrigan lost her self, "You mean...you actually do vanish." David shook his head.

"Not quite," he explained, frustrated, "You see, we're not actually here..."

Morrigan raised an eyebrow, "What do you..."

David cut her off, "No interruptions. Let me rephrase, we have a physical presence here. The thing is, we're only here mentally, or spiritually if you believe that. In our home world, we're at the hospital in some kind of coma. I am one of the few, if not only, people who have not yet fully crossed over into this plane of existence. Occasionally, I slip back into the real world. Not far enough to see anything, but far enough to know what I know. Most, if not all, of us are here spiritually."

Morgan was silent. She didn't know whether to believe this or not. On one hand, the whole thing sounded whacked out. On the other hand, wasn't everything else? He did know about this whole Digital Realm thing.

Morrigan remembered something, "So, what do you know now?"

David frowned, "Well, it wasn't as clear as before, but Ark and Jason mentioned a missing girl, Haruka. She's related to about two other people in a coma. Any idea who she is?"

Morrigan nodded, "It might be the pink-haired girl. I've just about figured out the names of everyone but her."

It was a quick trip to the casino, and through the nearest supermarket. With all things gathered, David turned to Morrigan.

"Do you want to find everyone else, now," David asked, "fearless leader?"

FWANG! Morrigan hit him on the head for the sarcastic comment, but otherwise agreed. She pulled out the Digivice that she carried.

"Let's find one of the Digimon in our group. I want to know how to work this."

27th November 2003, 02:11 PM
First off,I would like to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving, even if you live somewhere outside the U.S., or had it back in October, Like Canada.

Second Off, I got meh name changed to PoLHaruko-san. You can still call me Poli, Like I know some of you do.XP

Third off, I'm not posting right now due to the fact that..I just ate a Huge Thanksgiving dinner, and meh tummy is full!Which makes it hard to move^^. However, expect a post Later today, with the Town after Primary Village.And some more info as well..

-Signing off

27th November 2003, 02:33 PM
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27th November 2003, 05:29 PM
Satoshi Takinowa[Depression starts...now.]

I immediatly shot up, waking up in a cold sweat. I had 2 blankets on me two. I found my hair was very wild, I probably tossed and turned a lot last night. I got my blankets off, and looked over to where Laura was.She wasn't there though, so either she already woke up, or something.

So, I went over to the Bathroom. I took a shower, and got myself dry. I then got changed into my clothing, which seemed to feel like new. I looked around in the bathroom to find a comb and a toothbrush.I finished off, and opened the door...

I looked over to whre Laura was supposed to be, and their she layed again. I quickly got my shoes on, and looked over at her..

"I'm a monster."I muttered, finish tieing my shoelaces. I woke up Hawkmon quietly, and took the velvet bag. I wrote a quick note, saying "Went out for supplies. Don't try to find me, k?"

I signed it, and opened the door. Hawkmon quickly walked out, and I did the same, making sure I had everything.I looked at Laura a few times, noting her eyelashes moving up and down. She was waking up, so I had to leave fast. I closed the door quietly, and made it down the elevator, out of the hotel..

"What's with the 'I'm a Monster" crud?"Hawkmon said, looking at me. I was looking down at the ground as I walked.It was bout mourning time.

"Come on!!Answer meee.."Hawkmon begged. I looked at him softly, moving my head slowly. He looked at me strangely..I felt soo weird. That dream seemed like reality, and something told me that it did happen.

"It's just..I hurt Laura and Haruka in Tama Market. Really bad."I told him, in a low voice,"And I basically...went beserk. I was like a monster."

"And in sense, I had no control over what I did. But I should've fought for control."I told him,"So I am a Monster."

Hawkmon looked at me, and then looked at the ground. He sighed a lite sigh as we came to a Supply shop.I looked around quietly, seeing if they had what I needed.

Nothing that I needed or wanted was in their. The Floramon that was inside just looked at me strangely, like if I was a alien.

So, Me and Hawkmon continued to walk untill we got to a small fountain. I fixed my glasses around, and sat down around the edge, looking and listening to the water that flew from the Digimon's mouth into the Main fountain part. Hawkmon continued to look at me with concern..

"There you are!!"I heard a shout. Laura. I looked at she began to come over to where I was. Did she know how much of a monster I was? Shouldn't she want to be away from me?

"Oh..you."I said, lowly. She sat down next to me, and Alpha Magnetmon ran after her, catching up as she sat down..

Haruka Haruda[On the way to Primary Village we go.]

We walked out from the east side of Las Mesa, since that was the closest way to Primary Village. I then got my goggle's when Las Mesa was borderline with the horizon. I got my Scooter unfolded. Lopmon, who was on my head, looked and pointed straight..

"That way. I know the way there, so It should be a easy trip,"Lopmon said,"Anyway..."

"Thanks."I smiled at her. She smiled back, making a thumbs off sign.
"The wind is week, the sky, a everblue!It's time to leave..Yes yes yes!!"Lopmon said, making a bigger smile. I pushed off on my scooter, and we were fastly off.

Time flew by. I guess 30 minutes past by before we saw our first sign. By then, my legs were burning from being on the scooter so long, but it was the quickest way there..

"Primary Village, 1 and a half hour's way. Straight."The sigh read. I sighed, and told Lopmon,"After 10 more minutes, no more scooter."

She sighed, but reluctantly agreed. I pushed off once more, and My scooter went off, the wind blowing in my hair. Lopmon was hmming a song, one that I didn't really know. She just really seemed to enjoy it..

"Every single digimon life has started in Primary Village. A Swanmon and a Angewomon take care of all the eggs and hatched baby digimon."Lopmon said,"I came from there myself!"

27th November 2003, 05:51 PM
Meh, fell asleep yesterday and didn't post... =P

Kenichi Tanaka

The group had seemed to disband of its own accord, leaving Laura (older), Aunie, and myself were left standing in another suite of rooms. There was a bit of chit-chat going on, but I felt a bit detached, as if we were missing something. My attention was drawn to my D-Sense, my fingers idly touching its surface. The black base with the red rim gleamed like new in the light of the hotel. It had felt somewhat heavier since I had gotten the Earth orb, filled with more purpose. I just needed to know what kind...

"Where is everyone Kenichi?"

I looked up idly from the green chair I was sitting on. Laura had jerked up wildly from her chair, and Aunie gave him a speculative look. He seemed to have just materialized from the shadows of the room, the sound of a window or a door opening wasn't present.

"Everyone seems to have gone on their own direction Rigiamon... How was your talk with Hawkmon?"

Rigiamon narrowed his eyes at the news. "Very enlighting to hear another perspective on what has gone on so far... But this is disturbing. The group is not cohesive so far for you all just to leave each other at the drop of a hat. It could make us all very vunerable, and leave us weakened. The Lunars can and will take advantage of that..."

I nodded slowly, "Sounds like a good idea. I'm also feeling weird about staying here like this... It's like I want to get out of this place as quickly as possible."

Rigiamon nodded at this, "Yes, the sooner we move on the better. We cannot afford to remain here, just you guys being humans are drawing a lot of attention."

He looked over to Laura, then eyed Aunie. "I know that we have a few digimon on our side including me... Hawkmon mentioned you had a digimon Auniyailia. But he couldn't recall what it's name was. Where is it?"

At Rigiamon's question, I furrowed my eyebrows as well. I couldn't recall her digimon's name... Had I heard it before? I kept my eyes locked on Aunie's, curious to see what Rigiamon's plans were...

Roy Karrde
27th November 2003, 05:53 PM
Laura Lutz
"Oh...you" Satoshi replied as I ploped down on the bench next to him and began to swing my legs back and forth, while Alpha went off to go do something.

"So were you able to sleep okay? I gave you my blanket becuase I was worried about you" I chipped in wiping my nose, I didn't feel too good since last night and probley had a cold from sleeping in the cold.

"Laura..I...thank you" He replied trying to find the right words.

"Are you okay?" I asked looking over and studied him, he looked so sad, like he was about to cry. He didnt even look at me, and when he noticed that I was looking at him, he turned away.

"Did I ever hurt you? Physically, with a sword?" He asked. I bit my lip and looked away I didnt want to answer, and I found myself rubbing my neck where the cut had happened.

"That's what I thought" He said coldly.

"No, it wasn't you it really wasn't it was my fault really, it was, and it's over now, it wont happen again" I told him, trying to convince him that it was my mistake that had caused all of this.

"Laura" He said softly, putting a hand on my leg to help him stand up, he kept his back to me once he got up, I just watched him with curiocity of what he was going to say next.

"I dont want to see you again, ever, I want you to stay away from me, I dont even want you to come near me" He told me slowly. I felt like the whole city had come up and slapped me in the face, I almost tumbled off the bench in disbelief, what about the kiss, the holding hands, did it mean nothing? He was allready walking away when I began to recover, I quickly ran to catch up with him.

"I'm sorry, it was all my fault, it really was, just dont do this please" I begged him, touching his arm. He shook me off and began to walk a little quicker. We were the only ones on the street since it was this early so there was no traffic.

"Please, I'm sorry, I'm sorry" I said over and over again this time I tried the back of the arm, I had to stay near him, if I let him go I may never see him again.

"STAY AWAY FROM ME" Satoshi yelled spinning his arm around with egnough force that when it caught me in the jaw, it felt just like he had punched me in the face. I fell to the ground, skidding a few steps. I had to put my hands out to stop myself from sliding any further down the pavment.

My face was allready stinging and I could feel the cold sting of blood drop down my cheek where he had punched me. I looked at him, with teary eyes and held my hands up so that I could show him, my hands were torn up, the skin in my palm was hanging in pieces and blood was allready starting to ooze out of it.

"I-I'm sorry" Satoshi quickly appologised and ran off at full speed. I tried to scramble to my feet but my leg hurt and I knew I had skinned my knees just like I had skinned my arms and cheek.

"Satoshi" I wimpered laying my head back down on the hard pavement, and just hoped the pain would stop soon.

27th November 2003, 09:37 PM
Satoshi Takinowa[Isn't great how thing's turn out?]

I ran. I didn't know where exactly I was running to, but I ran. Hawkmon held onto my back very lightly, it felt like he would fall off at any second.So I slowed down a little bit, but I still ran..

I didn't know what exactly I was running away from...Laura or my fear's?I mean..that dream gave me cold chill's when ever I thought of it. I feared I would do such a thing once again. And Laura...she didn't understand..I was trying to protect her for telling her we could never meet once again.

I stoped for a second, Panting. I looked around, I ran into a alleyway of probably downtown Las Mesa. I saw some weird Graffitti, some garbage can's. Hawkmon got off my Back, looking around..

"Go back to Laura. You hurt her, and although.."
"I'm a monster.."I said. Those words echoed in my head. It was in a monotonous voice.Over and over..

I looked foward, and my pupils swelled. I fell down to my knee's, and gabbed near my ear's. Hawkmon looked at me like I was going insane. All I could think of was those word's that were so..poisonous..

'I'm a monster-I'm a monster-I'm a monster-I'm a monster-I'm a monster-I'm a monster-I'm a monster-I'm a monster-I'm a monster' Was all I heard.Like a record that only knew 1 song.

"Satoshi..I'm worried."Hawkmon said.I looked at him, wondering what he was worried about..

I wanted to curl up inside. I wanted to go in fetus positon and stay like that. I also wanted to be in the warmth of a group. Beside's Laura. And Haruka, who seemingly left. I wanted happyness. All I felt was depression..

I got up, and dusted my clothing off. I looked at Hawkmon, and quietly muttered,"As far as I know it, I'm not fighting. Anymore."

"Atleast I should say thanks to Kenichi."

Magna Wiccamon-Venom Lucemon-Yami Seraphimon[w3h a11 1ik3 p13.]

I went back into my corridor after watching that boy's horrid dream. One part wanted me to stop it, but another part of me loved the torture he was going through. I looked around for something...well..something..

"Oh yeah!"I said, my big, green nose catching wind. I was going to create another digimon. Although my last creation wasn't a success, I knew this one will be..

So, I grabbed my trunk. I rummaged through it, and found the things I needed. A Chip of Greymon's skull, a feather off a Biyomon and Hawkmon. A Little Watch...like the one on a chain. The one I used as a Ultimate Digimon to Hypnotise other digimon..

I grabbed my caludron. It was boiling already with a digimon basis.I placed them in, and it started to boil madly..

<Yami Seraphimon and Venom Lucemon>

"Venom Lucemon"I clled over. He looked at me weirdly, but came over anyway. I waved my hand over the large, Purple glass orb. A Picture of one of the biggest city on this planet was shown..Las Mesa..

"We need to keep focus and not let those annoying brat's distract us."I told him. He nodded as he studied the town. His smile grew from ear to ear.

"I get what your saying. Send 3 ultimates to Las Mesa to capture and destroy it?"Venom Lucemon said..
"Exactly"I said,"We could gain new ally's. And from what I know, we would have the chance to capture some of those twerps."

"What would we need with them?"
"Trust me, friend...Trust me.Get Mummymon,Phantomon and Phelesmon out to Las Mesa as soon as possible."

Yami Annika
28th November 2003, 10:45 AM
Aunyailia Vergere

I felt everyone staring at me, and my face and ears grew hot. The embarassed hot, not the blush-y kind. I felt Kenichi especially staring at me, and for the first time, I didn't look back. I didn't look at anyone. I kept my eyes down, as if my shoes had suddenly become interesting.

"I don't have a Digimon," I muttered quietly, using everything in my body language vocabulary to show that I didn't want to talk about it.

"You don't." Rigiamon replied, obviously not believing it.

"Not anymore..." I rested my chin on my fist, and gazed out the window, wondering when the inquiry would stop. There was silence. :Laura, the other one, the one I didn't know too well, looked somewhat interested in this conversation. However, there was no doubt that her thoughts were elsewhere.

There was silence, everyone who seemed to be interested was waiting for me to explain how one minute I could have a Digimon, and the next moment, not. I gave a pitiful shrug. "She wasn't mine, I guess." I continued. "Wasn't 'destined' to me, or something. So, yeah. Went to go find the one to whom she did belong." My eyes began to water, from the sun blazing in my vision, no doubt, so I closed them momentarily. I felt my head nod. "No Digimon." I confirmed and sighed, opening my eyes again and looking back at the group. Uncomfortably, I plastered a smile on my face.

"What was her name?" Rigiamon asked, its curiosity having no end. Kenichi looked highly suspicious still.

I blinked a few times, dazed. "Hoshimon. What does it matter?"

To Rigiamon, it obviosly did. Rigiamon's questions came to a standstill. Kenichi suspicions raised with his curiousity, and even Laura began to look mildly interested. I looked from person to person, a bit miffed. "Right then," I half-laughed, uncomfortable again. "Obviously it matters somehow." My voice got unnaturally quiet. "So am I a traitor again? Or all are these suspicions, again, just part of my imagination?" I smiled again, and got up.

"Where are you going?" Laura (older) asked. Curiosity again?

"Outisde." I answered brightly. "Need some fresh air. I guess I'm getting a little claustrophobic." I laughed airily, and waved goodbye. Before leaving, I paused near Kenichi.

"I trust you." I whispered, hoping only he would hear. "I don't have any suspicions toward you. I thought I had the same respect." Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Rigiamon. Without a second thought, I left, not looking back.

Once outside, I took a long, deep breath. Fresh air did feel nice, as opposed to questions and suspicions. Rigiamon was right about one thing, we did seperate too easily.

Down the street, I saw Laura (the young one). She was bleeding, and looked worse than she did when I last saw her. Concerned, I went over to her. "Laura?" I asked softly. "You alright?" She looked at me, and, close up, she looked even worse.

Roy Karrde
28th November 2003, 12:47 PM
Laura Lutz
"Laura?" Laura?" Auny repeated over and over trying to get my attention. I wanted to reply, I really did, but my mouth felt like cotten, and her voice seemed so far away. I felt myself being scooped up, and my body was limp, I couldnt move, I couldnt do anything. I just lay there, being carried back to Kenichi's hotel room.

"Is she allright?" A tall girl asked when Auny walked into the door with me in her arms, I wanted to tell them everything. But I didnt want to hurt Satoshi, so I just kept quite, I didnt even know what to say. All I wanted to do was find Satoshi, if I could find him, maybe everything would be allright.

"I dunno, she's not speaking, and it looks like she hit her head pretty hard" Auny replied, showing Kenichi the marks on my face, the brused area where Satoshi had hit me, I could feel that area, it throbed with pain.

"Look at this bruse, it looks like some one hit her" Kenichi said touching the very tender area around the mark on my face, I winced from the pain, but I didnt say anything.

"Where's Satoshi, he never leaves Laura unattended not like this" Auny said. I wanted to jump up right there and say that he didnt do this, that it was my fault, I made him do this but I couldnt, my legs were numb and I just couldnt move. Auny looked around the group which non of them held any answers, so she just walked into the other room. Tucket me into the bed and placed a warm cloth onto my forehead. As a almost automatic responce I slowly closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep as Auny turned out the lights and shut the door.

Kioshi Wakami
28th November 2003, 01:37 PM
Jun Wakami [Exhausted and back from Work]

Six 'o' clock in the morning I left with 6,600 digiyen in my pocket. I would work there some more during the next time, getting some more money to bring with us, but for right now I had to buy some supplies. I entered a Supply Store and looked around. They had very little but I bought a few things anyways. First off was a back pack. They also had a mini first aid kit, some jerkey for the road, a canteen, flash light and quite a few batteries. It'd have to do for now. I jumbled all of the stuff to the front desk and paid the total price for it all, stuffing the equipment into the bag and putting the left over digiyen in one of the bag's pockets.

I tracked up the hotel's stairs and headed towards my room, getting passed by one of the other girls in our group who left one of the rooms. I quirked a brow and walked over to the room she left and poked my head in.

"Daijoubu desu ka?" I asked, wondering if everything was alright. The girl seemed a little upset. The others just looked at me and I quirked a brow. They were a silent bunch of kids weren't they? Or.. perhaps they didn't know what I said..

"Eh.. Are you guys alright? I've got some snacks for you all for the trip." Why was I getting so 'parenty' all of a sudden? My eyes fell upon Laura and my expression became serious once again.

"Anyways. If you guys get hungry, just knock on my door, room 235. I have enough digiyen for breakfast." and with that, I turned out of the room and headed to my own.

I'm having conflicts with acting out Jun properly again. Perhaps he'll get more cheery later on through the story. Oh yeah, 6600 yen is 66 bucks.

28th November 2003, 02:09 PM
Kenichi Tanaka

I watched as Aunie closed the door to the bedroom, then came back in. Her behavior had been worrying... And I somehow couldn't get a fix on what she was getting at. I've had people angry at me, sad, lonely, irritated, but this didn't match. From foster home to foster home I had experianced all sorts of people, and from the low-lifes that usually hung out in the areas I was forced to live in. Her old behavior was much more familiar to me... This new personality baffled me.

"She's sleeping now," Aunie said, shaking me away from my thoughts. "I don't know how she got in that situation... Where could Satoshi be?"

I shrugged. "Our group really isn't acting much like a group at this point... Like Rigiamon said we are divided. What we need is something to pull us together. At least whatever hit Laura wasn't that bad, just really a scrape."

Looking to Aunie, I let out a little breath and spoke in a voice only she could hear. "Look, I am glad you think you can trust me, but you have to understand that I am a very careful person with those I consider friends. I don't know why you acted as you did before, and I... Well, my life has taught me to be suspicious. Don't let it bother you. Just remember, as long as you trust me, you have a reason to know that I trust you."

Aunie's eyes widened a bit, and she smiled. Her look towards me was very unfamiliar, but it made me feel quite odd indeed... Sort of warmer...

There was a knock on the door and Rigiamon reached out with one of his hands to open it. In from the shadowy recesses of the hallway, stepped Satoshi. His hair was plastered to his forehead, and his breathing was harsh. Hawkmon was on one shoulder, looking very much the worried digimon. I got up and looked him over, and he looked at me for a second, then turned his eyes down the floor.

"Uhh..Kenichi..Can I talk to you for a sec?" He said to me, his eyes still turned downward.

I looked at him for a second, then nodded. I followed him out into the hallway, and pushed the door partially closed. The bit of light from inside the room served to create a sheen on his glasses, and cover the rest of his face in a shadow.

"Kenichi, I'd like to thank you for stopping me back there..." He began, rubbing at the side of his head where I had knocked him out. "If you hadn't had stopped me, I might have killed somebody back there..."

"You don't need to thank me for that Satoshi. I did what I had to do in the situation, and it wasn't your fault anyway."

Satoshi shook his head. "No, it is my fault! I didn't fight it when it happened! I'm a monster!" His voice abruptly lowered and became sullen.

"That's why I've decided I'm not going to fight anymore."

I quickly took off my right glove. With my left hand, I quickly snatched Satoshi's glasses right off his face. He looked at me, startled. Then I punched him in the face. Satoshi flew back onto the ground, more through shock than the force of the hit, which I had pulled. He covered one of his cheeks, and looked at me with wide eyes. Hawkmon from the sidelines gave me a truly odd look.

"Why?" Satoshi said.

"Get up," I ordered. Satoshi numbly came back to his feet, and I pulled on his shirt, partially getting him off the floor for a moment.

"Now tell me, that hurt, right?" I said.

"Yes, it did," he said, a bit of annoyance coming into his voice.

"Now, when did it hurt more? Now, or when my fist first hit you?"

He paused for a second. "When it first hit..."

"Things hurt when they first happen. As long as you let time go by, the pain gets less and less. If you give up, then you don't give yourself time enough to heal! If you give up now, do you think you can ever recover from that? Do you think our group can recover from this?!"

He looked down at his feet. "But I didn't fight it..."

I pushed him back from me, and pointed a finger at him. "Well then, answer me this: How can you fight against something you don't know is happening?"

He was silent again. "I guess you can't fight it..." Hawkmon nodded next to him, and flew back onto his shoulder.

"That's right Satoshi, you can't blame yourself in this matter, we all have to continue on and defeat the-" Hawkmon was interrupted by the shattering of glass in the next room over, and the scream of the girls.

Wasting no time, I rushed back into the room, feeling Satoshi running behind me. My eyes widened considerably when I saw the large windows of the room were completely shattered, both Laura and Aunie backed into opposite directions from a digimon that was chuckling in the middle of the room. Rigiamon was by the door, a low growl emanating from deep within.

The digimon had a pair of dark wings lined in crimson red. Its face was a mask of more light red, two horns protruding like a devil's. In one hand it held a long pitchfork, and a spiked tail protruded from its dark armored surface. Its high pitched chuckling continued.

"Ha! Seems I have found the little brats first! I, Phelesmon will be the one to get the reward!" The digimon seemed to look all of us over, then looked strongly at Aunie. A light seemed to erupt from its hole eyes.

"First one to go will be the competition!" It screamed, as it turned both hands towards her. "Demon's Shout!"

"Get away from her!" I shouted back at the digimon. In my dash to get infront of Aunie, I caught a truly startled look from her, before the waves of violet energy ripped from the evil digimon's mouth. My D-Sense shrieked wildly, as stone covered my arms that were crossed before me, Aunie shielded behind me.

With a sound akin to fingernails on a blackboard, the waves of energy slashed and pushed against the stony surface that covered my arms. In what seemed no time, the stone began to get stripped away with the violent energy, and my whole body seemed to jerk wildly. Bits of the stone were completely stripped away, in which my arms started to bleed profusely. Then, with a slam, Rigiamon punched Phelesmon out of the way. The attack stopped, and panting I put down my arms.

Here and there, bits of stone were still visible on my arms, but the skin had been stripped off on many places. Blood was dripping out, making my forearms look like something that had come out of the barbeque.

I looked back at Aunie. "Are you alright?" She nodded back at me, then I looked back at the recovering Phelesmon.

"Get him Rigiamon!" I shouted, bringing up my D-Sense with one hand, ignoring the throbbing pain...

28th November 2003, 02:31 PM
I stood on a small hill, overlooking a small village.
"What a quaint little place," I said as a sadistic smile crept on my face, "the perfect place for another attack! Wouldn't you say Jammon?" I looked over at my slimy little partner.
"Yes sir," he replied.
"Excellent." I looked back over to the village. I began to laugh softley.
"This is going to be so much fun!" I laughed, "Jammon! It's show time!"
"Jammon digivolve to...Slimemon!"
"Now go!!"

Note: the vilage Arkana's attacking is not far from where the heroes are. Just to let you know.

28th November 2003, 02:59 PM
Satoshi Takinowa[Another ouchie.]

"Get him Rigiamon!"Kenichi shouted. He brought his D-Sense up with his arm, obviously trying to ignore the pain. It looked like someone barbaqued his arm..

I looked at him as Rigiamon and Phelesmon started to attack each other. I wanted to know why he punched me again...

"Why did he.."I said, looking down and rubbing where he punched me. Hawkmon looked at me like I was dumb, but then looked like he remembered something, and smiled a little bit.

"Because..It's his job----"Hawkmon said, then shut his little bird beak,"Nothing..nothing.."

"Why is it 'his job'?"I asked Him. I paided no attention to the fight whatsoever..I felt something more evil coming close, anyhow.I could feel my left eye stinging like mad.

"I-uh-I mean't..Satoshi!You should go lay down..that punch must of been so hard that it's making you hear things."Hawkmon quickly gathered, shifting his eye's around franticly.

"You said, 'It's his job.'.I know you did. Tell me now."I told him,"Or I'll make sure no girl digimon come's within a 10 yard radius around you."

His eye's grew narrower, and said lowly,"I'll tell you later..Just please..don't do that."

My eye's then grew wider. I noticed Laura still asleep, a facerag on her forehead...Her scrape's stopped bleeding, but all the same..Her eyelashes moved up and down as the noise from Rigiamon and Phelesmon continued..
'Come fighttt Mummymon..'I heard a chilling voice in the back of my head. I looked around for the source..'I only want to fighttt you..Rooftop.'

I looked at Kenichi, and decided he was better off without my help. I ran out of the room, with Hawkmon holding my hand. I didn't want to fight..but I didn't want anyone to get hurt from this digimon..

I used the elevator and quickly made it to the rooftop.I looked around, the wind made my hair flow in it's breeze..

"So good to fight you..I shall fight you first..and capture you and the other's for my master."Mummymon said, coming out of a corner. I looked at him, my eye's flew with hatred...I knew of no other feeling now. I needed to make sure this "Mummy" wouldn't get his rotten hands on my..Friends.

So, I got my D-Sense out. I quickly made the 5 pointed star, and Hawkmon glew with a goldish color.He grew magnificantly, and became Aquilamon...

"So you can't interupt my fightt.."Mummymon hissed,"Snake Bandage!!"

A Bandage from his arm came outt, and flew towards me. Aquilamon wasn't fully evolved yet, he could only watch in fear..
My body was soon wrapped up on bandages, only a small space for me to breath. I couldn't get my sword out, or anything...

"We don't need a audience."Mummymon said, looking at me. Aquilamon was fully evolved now, and flew straight for Mummymon..

"Dark Fear!"Mummymon whispered. A Black Bandage came off his arm, and it wrapped around my head..With each time it wrapped around...I felt myself going asleep..

"Aquila..."I said, and I went asleep..Laying on the cold, metal floor of the rooftop..Leaving Aquilamon and Mummymon to fight..

Satoshi's one bigg mummy...^^;Don't worry...He'll be fine.

And Mystic...Don't attack Primary Village.

28th November 2003, 03:09 PM
How come I'm never aware when this stuff happens? Oh, right, no AIM.

"So what did you get?" I asked, walking back to the hotel. Morrigan quickly looked through her pack.

"Mostly canned goods," she responded, "I also have some smoked meats, a portable cooker, some extra gas cans, that sort of stuff."

I frowned a bit, "Eh, how did you get all that stuff on my winnings?"

"I'm better at calculating the worth of yen than you are. Plus, I used your battered appearance to garner some sympathy from the cashier."

My frown deepened, "I don't appreciate it, but fine. What are you going to do about the cooker? I mean that stuff is highly dangerous, it's not like you can just leave that stuff in your pack."

Morrigan smiled at me, "That's why I packed them in the smaller pockets. That way they don't get jostled around too much."

"Temporary solution at best," I said, rounding the corner to the hotel.

It was about midway up to our destination that we heard a loud shrieking noise. Surprisingly, I didn't clutch my ears in pain. This could only mean one thing to me.

"Oh, god, that sounded like my sisters," I said, panicky. Hey, I'm the only boy in a family of four. One of my sisters is still a baby, I'm used to the noise.

"The others are in trouble," Morrigan nodded in agreement.

We were fortunate enough to have made it in the near the start of the battle to see the huge demonic Digimon. Aunie and Kenichi were in one side of the room, the older Laura in the other. I panicked slightly, I turned to see Jun had also noticed the commotion.

A deathly burning noise, those of us who could afford it turned to see Morrigan.

I was breathless, she was covered entirely in a purplish aura as two giant black fireballs were formed in her hands. I had never seen anything like this before. My chest throbbed painfully at the sight. A look in her eyes and I knew what would happen.

"Oh crap!" I said, "This is going to be bad!"

Jun turned to me, not impressed.

"You said that before, she didn't do squatt against that door."
"Yeah, WELL NOW SHE'S GOT FIRE POWER!" I yelled, this was no time to be doubting me.

Sadly, I also got the attention of the demon.

"More victims?" he said, menacingly.

Somehow, I doubt that matched the full menace of one maxed-out angry Morgan with powers a pyromaniac could only dream about.

"No, just your nightmare!" she screamed, hurling the fireballs at the monster. Inside, I wondered if we could pay for the damages inflicted on this room.
No I'm not implying she's that powerful. David's slightly exaggerating.

Roy Karrde
28th November 2003, 03:16 PM
Laura Lutz
"Satoshi?" I asked groggily as I sat up in bed while the door closed shut. The hot pad slipped off my head, and came to a rest next to me on the bed. Slowly I got up and peeked out into the next room.

There was a massive battle going on, Kenichi looked hurt and the place was wreaked. Satoshi was no where to be seen, and I had to get out of there, it was too dangerous. So I quickly slipped out the back door and ran down the hallway, not looking back.

Down on the street below I found things much quiter, and it was still mostly empty allthough the all night partiers began to stumble home as the sun rose. "SATOSHI" I yelled at the top of my lungs as I retraced the path that we took, if I could find him, maybe, just maybe, he would forgive me for being so stupid.

"Satoshi" I yelled again, I was just about to yell a third time when something caught my eye, in the window of a glass shop hung a little crystal dove that looked just like the animals back home. I quickly hurried in and asked the Digimon how much it was. He took it down and placed it on the counter where I reached over and touched the smooth surface. It was perfect just perfect.

"How much is it?" I asked showing him all the money I had. The digimon quickly scooped all of it up and said that it was egnough. With a smile he handed it over and began to count the money I gave him.

"What are you waiting around for, do you want it engraved?" He asked when he noticed that I was just standing there. I looked up at him with hope in my eyes and nodded, he took the dove back and I told him what I wanted on it. A few minutes later he finished and I walked out of the shop with the dove in my hands.

Satoshi will love it, he just will and maybe if I say I'm sorry egnough he might forgive me, I told myself as I ran my fingers over the engraving which read: " Satoshi & Laura "

Kioshi Wakami
28th November 2003, 06:18 PM
Mind if I take Forest?

Jun Wakami [Can't get any sleep..]

It seemed that just when I went into my room and got comfortable on my bed that screeching and explosions were heard from the other room. I groaned a bit and jumped out of bed, snatching my key card and hurried over only to be surprised at the demonic digimon shooting waves out of his mouth.

"Oh crap!" David said, "This is going to be bad!"

I turned towards him, finally noticing he was in the room and gave a little grunt, unimpressed with his comment.

"You said that before, she didn't do squatt against that door."
"Yeah, WELL NOW SHE'S GOT FIRE POWER!" He yelled, also grabbing the attention of the digimon. What a thinker.

"More victims?" he said, in a menacing tone.

"No, just your nightmare!" Morrigan screamed, hurling those purple fireballs at the monster. I too thought about how we were going to pay for the damage costs. I was sure that the Digimon owners were not going to be too pleased with our wreckage.

"Arrggh!!" Phelesmon growled as he recieved a few burns from Morrigan's fire balls of doom. I stood there, feeling rather hopeless and not knowing what I could do. I didn't have a digimon, yet Morrigan didn't either and she somehow got fire powers. Does that mean I could have some tricks of my own? If so, how do I activate them?

I fixated my vision at my hands, trying to let myself do whatever was natural to me. My brows furrowed and I invisioned static sparks flying between my hands, getting larger and larger. Soon I actually felt the electrical current flow between my hands and I glanced up to the digimon and followed suit after Morrigan.

"Raikiri~!!" I growled and charged forward. The electricity bolted out to the burns upon Phelesmon's body like lightning strikes, zapping him and making him screech out in pain again. Quickly I stumbled back and stared at my hands in awe as the bluish lines of electricity jumped around between them... How am I doing this? And why did I say 'raikiri'? My moment of thought was my doom as Phelesmon sent one of his attacks at me, slamming me up against a wall and shouting out 'Demon Shout!' in my face, letting those violent waves slice through the side of my face. I growled and gripped tightly onto Phelesmon's arms, letting the chi build up stronger and stronger into my hands, causing them to glow a bright light of electrical energy.

"Rai..kiri.." I snarled, the electrical current surging through Phelesmon's entire body, short circuiting his digital data and dropping me to the ground. He stumbled back in pain and blindly tried to attack another fellow chosen child.


28th November 2003, 06:48 PM
Hmm...Well..I never update the first page, so actually..There are no LSU's..I'm just Uber-Lazy. Forest if taken by Gladiator-David..^^Sorry

I'm soo lazy...(I'll post later or something)

Kioshi Wakami
28th November 2003, 07:25 PM
Ohh that's right @_@ For some reason I was thinking he was Purity. XD But that's Haruka. Hehe okay :D xD Sorry for being a bit out of it.

Yami Annika
28th November 2003, 09:18 PM
Aunyailia Vergere

He... saved me? I kept blinking, surprised, unsure if it was real. Was this the same person whom I had met through him eavesdropping? The one who had thought I was a traitor? Yet, now, bloody-armed, and badly injured, he stood infront of me.

I jerked out of my thoughts, to see Rigiamon, Morrigan and Jun fight it out with the Digimon, now blinded. [OOC: At least... right?] In front of me, Kenichi was reaching for... what? A card? Instead, he froze. Puddles of his own blood soaked him, now, and the pain was obviously overcoming him.

"What is it?" I asked hoarsely, in a voice that was not my own, trying to get my voice above the sounds of the battle. He didn't answer, and he was shaking a little. And from all the pain, who wouldn't? I cautiously got up, and went to him, careful to stay behind him. "Do you need help?"

"The card..." He barely spoke through gritted teeth. "This has to end soon, and Rigiamon can't..."

"Digivolve?" I supplied. Kenichi half-nodded, as the chaos continued around us. He was right. Had Rigiamon digivolved, there would most likely be no room left. Examining him, I saw the pain was too great for him to move his arms, and therefore he could not use his card. Without quite thinking, I wrapped my arms around him from behind. One of my hands helped him steady the D-Sense, the other wrapped around his other, the hand holding the card.

"Quickly," I said under my breath. As forcefully as I could, I moved his arms in place so he could get ready to scan the card.

"Black Rapidmon!" He called, and with one jerk, the card went through the D-Sense. I'm not too sure what happened next. Maybe something exploded, I'm not too sure. I shut my eyes tight just in case something did explode. But when I opened my eyes, there was not much left. At all. The room... well, it didn't look too much like a room anymore. Or anything habitable.

I let go, and let myself fall back a few steps. "Things... went boom-y." I surveyed the room, allowing myself an inward smile at the thought of the bill. Everyone seemed to be steadying themself, or catching their breath, or tending to the many cuts and bruises. I bit my bottom lip, and realized that I, too, had blood on my hands, although not mine.

Few words were exchanged. "I'll go look for some bandages, or something," I offered, heading into the room where I had put Laura. After all, I doubt we could have found anything helpful in the room we were in, no matter how long we searched. I rummaged through the cabinets, but couldn't find a thing. Once I found nothing useful, I didn't bother to put anything back up, so, soon, the rooms looked somewhat identical. Finally, I just grabbed some bedsheets. Perhaps we could do something, anything with those.

Sheets in my arms, I went over to see if Laura was alright. Hopefully the sounds didn't wake her up... But what I found nearly made me drop everything. Laura was gone.

I came back in the room, feeling strange. My face showed emotions of being lost. "Laura's gone," I announced, as I absentmindedly, not really noticing, started wrapping a sheet around one of Kenichi's arms, to catch the blood, if anything.

"What?" Someone asked. I'm not sure who, but it brought me back into the present.

"I should go look for her." I realized outloud, normal-voiced again. "What if something attacked her? Kidnapped her? C'mon." Within a few seconds, I grabbed Kenichi's arm and started walking out. I hardly noticed who or what followed us.

Once we were outside, I let go of him. "We should split up," he suggested. "It would be faster."

"No!" I said, faster than I had intended. "Please. I've lost Hoshimon, and now Laura, and I don't want you to be next." He paused, then nodded. "Laura!" I yelled, starting off at a brisk walk. "Laura!" He half-echoed me.

After a few minutes, I started to become more normal again. My other conciousnesses seeped calmness into my system. I looked back at him, in his arms, and visibly winced.

"Does it still hurt?" I asked timidly, and he stopped calling Laura's name.

"A little," he shrugged. I realized it probably hurt more than he was letting on.

"May I see?" I reached out anyway, and took his wrists. "Hoshimon taught me this... It works on Digimon, at least." I smiled weakly. Inside, I wasn't very happy with my decision. "Sweet Dreams" I whispered inaudibly. Let him forget the pain, for now.... He watched me, carefully.

"I..." I looked up at him. "I want to thank you, for protecting me." Kenichi tried to respond, but I ended up cutting him short. "So, thanks." I smiled, and raised up. My lips were nearly to his cheek, as if to kiss him.

"Aunyailia!" I heard Laura yell, happily. I stopped short, and smiled. I turned around to see the ten year old girl rush at me out of a store.

"Laura!" I exclaimed, taking a deep breath, as my heart rate turned normal. "Oh, thank goodness. Where have you been?"

"In the store," Laura motioned back to the store, where she had just exited. "Look what I got!" She pulled out her gift, and I took it. It was, I must admit, pretty. A crystal dove, with something written on it. "Laura & Satoshi", I read silently to myself.

"What do you think?"

"Oh," I replied softly, smiling distractedly. "It's... It's lovely."

OOC: *rubs her own typing wrists* Owchies. Well, that only took me, like, an hour...

Kioshi Wakami
28th November 2003, 11:26 PM
Jun Wakami

I don't know what exactly happened. A few minutes ago I was surging and electrical current through the digimon and in the next, everything was gone after a loud explosion. I had tackled Laura and Morrigan down instinctively at the 'boom', shielding them both from anything that could've flown around and hit them. Luckily, there wasn't. After the noise settled I sat up and looked around through one of my eyes, for the other had been forced shut due to slash marks near by along with other cuts slcing through the right side of my face. From the looks of it, everyone was pretty battered up except for a select few. Aunie had already ran off into the other room trying to find bandages, but came out with blankets instead.

"I have a first aid kit in my room..." I muttered, but she didn't hear me. She was soon gone with Kenichi to find the other little girl who's name apparently was also Laura.

"I'll be back in a few." I stated, a bit weary from the battle. I had stumbled out of the unlivable room and went into my own, only to grab my new backpack and rush back in the other one.

"If you've been hit come here. Perhaps there is something in this med-kit that'll help you." I sat down upon the floor and pushed rubble away for a clearing. Opening up the bag, I pulled out the white box and opened it up. Inside was medical creme, needles, thread, bandages and ect. for the basic med care.

Yes, Jun is currently blind in one eye. Whether or not it stays like that will be determined in the next post. I still have yet to see if I want it to. We'll just see how well it heals ^^;;

29th November 2003, 01:12 AM
Satoshi Takinowa[Your not my mummy.]

Everything was black and white. Like an old TV screen with static. I was standing in the middle of the street. It wasn't a busy day, I could not that because kids were playing in their front yards, Playing Soccer or tag. Maybe even a little bit of Freeze tag. I smiled..I was home again. These were the kids that lived on my block.

"Hey, Satoru...can I play freeze tag with you?"I asked. I went to the house 2 houses away from mine. It wasn't as big as our house, but it was still nice. I babysat him on the weekends, So we normally played freeze tag..

"Why would I want to play with a monster?"Satoru said, looking at me. He glared at me with eyes that spelt pure hatred..

This wasn't reality. It was a dream. A Nightmare...to be exact..I felt a tear roll on my cheek. I was the only on in color as all the other kids where in Black and white. My tear wasn't clear..only black...

"Oh?!?!"I said, looking up. Satoru vanished back inside his house. I looked back near my house, and spotted Aoi's. Our houses were the only houses in color. She stepped out, smiling. The sun gleamed in her hair..

"Oh,Satoshi!"She said. She didn't know I was a monster at all.That was a good thing, I didn't need her to know that. She ran towards me, her hair caught the sunlight, well..the white sunlight..to be exactly...

"Oh..Aoi."I said. I smiled a full smile. I wasn't in the digital world anymore, it was all a dream.Just a horrible dream. I didn't even have my glasses on!My cheek didn't hurt from Kenichi's punch.

Hey!Maybe there never was a Kenichi! Part of me said Kenichi existed..though...hurt.

She hugged me, and I hugged back, with a full smile. Her hair smelled like cotton candy, which is ok. She worked at the Convention as a cotton candy booth person...right..

"Aoi.."I smiled. She stopped the hug, and smiled back..

"Satoshi...I NEVER WANT TO SEE YOU AGAIN!!MONSTERRR!!!"She yelled. What did I do? She didn't know what I did..none of these people did..

Suddenly, Aoi started to shreik. All the children did. They changed..and changed more..The whole scenery changed,It was like a black scene..

There stood in color, Kenichi-Laura(older)-Laura(younger)-Jun-Haruka-Aoi-David-Morrigan-Some kid with Black/Navy blue hair-Kari. All of them had evil look's on their faces, their eyes glew a red..

"Your a monster.A monster..Your a monster.."They all said, smirking.They repeated the phrase over and over. I fell onto my knee's and covered my ears. I then saw Laura(younger). She smiled a sweet..innocent smile.

She turned her back onto me, and said,"I never, ever want to see you again."She then came around, and swung a big one onto my cheek. I fell, and scrapped my cheek. I looked at her...

I deserved this.

Aquilamon[Fighting all alone.]

My eye's grew wider as I felt Satoshi drifting to sleep. He looked like a mummy, wrapped tightly in bandages that looked age's old.A Black bandage wrapped around his head, barely giving him any oxygen to breathe...

"What did you do to him?"I yelled, looking at Mummymon. He smiled, and looked at me..

"Only getting rid of our annoyance for a while. He might help me in destroying this city aswell."Mummymon told me,"If my master got him, I would get a huge raise,And it would help them. One less goodie goodie to be annoyed at."

"And they have no time to be annoyed at your so called "Partners""Mummymon continued,"I won't wrap you like a mummy like your friend here. I want a fair fight."

"Fine. If I win, Satoshi get's freed and..."I said. I looked where Mummymon was, and he disappered..

"Don't look behind you."I heard a voice from behind me. I flew up instantly as the last word, and he shouted:"Long Machine Gun!"

The gun he had on his right hand started to shoot of Multiple bullets. I dodged most of them, 2 of them hit my claw's. I glared at him slightly. He disappered again, this time over Satoshi..

"I don't play fair. I want my prize now."Mummymon said, picking up Satoshi..

"BLAST RING!!"I shouted. I aimed at Mummymon alone, but as the pink rings just hit the rooftop, becaue Mummymon jumped off the side, with my Partner at hand..

"I must..get...himmmm!!!"I growled, and flew down, gliding fast.

Don't worry..Satoshi-kun will get this under control...Hopefully..

Roy Karrde
29th November 2003, 04:59 PM
Well since no one is posting....

Laura Lutz
"It's...It's lovely" Auny replied not even looking at the dove, she just kept her eyes on Kenichi who keped his eyes on her. If she didnt like it would Satoshi? Did I make a big mistake in buying this, would Satoshi hate me even more if I gave him a gift that he didnt like?

"Kari, c'mon we have a room here, and we could have a big party, in...what's left of the room" I yelled at her, waving my hand I guess Kari had never been to the hotel room last night, either one of them. I felt kindof bad for her since we all seemed to have friends here, and I had never gotten to know Kari, or tried to be her friend.

"Hey, what's that?" I pointed out causing everyone to turn, at that moment Mummymon jumped from the roof and began to free fall down towards the ground with something in it's grasp.

"That's Satoshi" I screamed pointing at the mummyfied body it was carrying. Everyone turned to look at me with crazy looks on there face.

"How do you know" Kenichi asked, I kept my eyes on the falling bodies, Satoshi couldn't die not like this.

"I..I just can feel it inside that, that is Satoshi, I just cant explain it, it's just a feeling" I explained. I tried to gasp, to find my breath, but I just couldnt I just held my breath and hoped that he wouldnt die.

"Auny we have to do something" I turned to her, we couldnt just let him fall with that Digimon, and if that Digimon was some how able to cussion that fall, then we would be unable to stop him from leaving with Satoshi.

29th November 2003, 05:27 PM
"If you've been hit come here. Perhaps there is something in this med-kit that'll help you." Jun remarked, making way for the med-kit amongst the load of junk. I sat down.

"Eh, no thanks," I said, "All of my cuts and scrapes have already turned into scars. If you've got anything to help with that though, I'd appreciate it."

Absent-mindedly, Jun threw some creme at me. I thanked him and set to work. Morrigan walked up, holding her bleeding arm. She was in the middle of the fray, unlike me, so she did receive some damage.

I looked absent-mindedly through the window, this would be a long adventure. I took a quick look at the mess and grimaced.

"I think we should get out of here. If we're lucky, we'll avoid getting sued," I said, but so far it seemed that none of the other residents had noticed the whole ordeal.

My thoughts were interrupted by the sound of gurgling. I turned to see Morrigan was red in the face.

"Um, do you, perhaps, have anything to eat. I bought some food earlier, but I'm saving that for the long term."

Jun's face was unreadable, again, but otherwise agreed. I, myself, decided to join them. As much as I thought that Jun resented me, I could not pass up an opportunity for free food.

We were eating in his room, I was making the most of my eggs.

"So, what did you pack?" Jun asked, curious. As Morrigan opened up her backpack, part of me wondered how the gas cans didn't blow up when she was on fire.

"Mostly canned and smoked foods," she admitted, "A cooker, and gas cans. Obviously, we didn't think that far in advance, but you managed to cover some of the missing stuff. Now all we need is some water."

"Hm," he nodded. None of us were really feeling that talkative, so it didn't take too long to finish breakfast. This time, I decided to make the plan.

"Alright, so once again, we're split up. I suppose we'll just have to find them again," I suggested, no one said anything. They were all half-tired.

"Damn," I exclaimed, half-flippantly, "Am I the only morning person in this room?"

29th November 2003, 05:34 PM
Kenichi Tanaka

I'd gotten injured... Rigiamon had defeated Phelesmon and turned him into a card... Laura had gone missing... Then Aunie had tried to kiss me... Now this?! I could not possibly call this day boring, not in any sense of the word.

As the form of a Mummymon laughed and shot up into the air, I spotted Aquilamon diving down at him, but too late to catch the bound up Satoshi. There wasn't anything that I could-

Then I saw him. Rigiamon had leapt out of the lower window that once used to be our suite. Two of his hands still resembled the cylinder-like Black Rapidmon missile hands, but he seemed to be ok. The pain gone for the moment, I was free to jerk my arms in position. Pressing the button on my D-Sense, Rigiamon began to glow, and grew beneath the falling pair of digimon.

"Rigimon, get Satoshi from him!" I shouted at the D-Sense, hoping that somehow he would hear me in time.

The gargantuan Rigimon roared loudly beneath the falling sack of bones. His height grew to the street below before he even had time to fall. With one quick snatch of a hand, the wrapped form of Satoshi was in his grasp. Another hand moved to smack Mummymon in the most ungentle manner possible into the building across the street. In an explosion of glass and metal, an imprint was left there as Mummymon looked dazed.

"Finish him Aquilamon!" Rigiamon shouted, as he shielded Satoshi with his hands. With a screech, Aquilamon raced at Mummymon, his hostage gone...


I'll let you finish this Poli.

29th November 2003, 07:23 PM
OoC: Could I maybe have the Light LSU? Like, maybe they got to the convention late or something?

~`~`Kari [Angry at her own helplessness]`~`~

"<Damn...>" I thought as I watched as the three Digimon battle. "<This sucks... I can't even do anything to help!>" At least it looked like the good guys were winning. I sighed, staring at the ground. I took the egg out of the pocket on myft calf, where I had put it for safekeepng, and just stared at it for a few moments. I saw my face reflected off the surface, and I frowned, brushing a dark lock of hair off my face. "When will you finally hatch?" I murmered, thiking aloud.

Kioshi Wakami
29th November 2003, 07:45 PM
Jun Wakami [Let's Play Doctor and Chef!]

"Eh, no thanks," David responded to my request. "All of my cuts and scrapes have already turned into scars. If you've got anything to help with that though, I'd appreciate it."

Without thinking much, I tossed him a tube of scar healing creme. He thanked me and started to apply the creme to his scars. Morrigan walked up, holding out her bleeding arm. She too was in the battle so it was obvious she would've recieved damages as well.

Quickly I set to work, pulling out the gauze and medical creme, applying it to her cuts after cleaning it out with alcohol and wrapping the gauze around it, sealing it off with a thing of tape.

I had finished treating everyone else before I took some of the gauze and creme and applied it to my damaged face, the cottony gauze wrapping around at an angle, covering up my right eye that I couldn't see out of anyways.

"Shimatta..." I cursed softly in Japanese. The wounds to my face were somewhat severe and blood continued to seep through the cloth. Within myself I wondered if I would be able to see out of that eye again.

"I think we should get out of here. If we're lucky, we'll avoid getting sued," David spoke out. I didn't pay too much to the mess since I was still busy doctoring myself up.

A gurgling sound was heard and I looked up at Morrigan, the source of the food call.

"Um, do you, perhaps, have anything to eat. I bought some food earlier, but I'm saving that for the long term."

I kept my face stern and then faintly nodded. I shoveled everything back into the first aid-kit and stuffed it in my bag. We all headed back to my room without much complaints at all. We were all hungry, and I was exhausted, not having a blink of sleep yet. It showed too with the sluggish way I walked into my room and jiggled the door open.

I walked over to the TV and took my egg off of the pillow and placed it into my pack as well, glancing over to Morrigan's.

"So, what did you pack?" I asked a bit curious. Morrigan opened up her pack and started to go through it, showing me the different items.

"Mostly canned and smoked foods," she admitted, "A cooker, and gas cans. Obviously, we didn't think that far in advance, but you managed to cover some of the missing stuff. Now all we need is some water."

"Hm," I nodded. The room was silent as we quickly finished up breakfast and after I downed my eggs and whatever else there was to eat, I flopped down on my bed and groaned. Soon after I did, David started to voice out his plan.

"Alright, so once again, we're split up. I suppose we'll just have to find them again," he suggested. I was about to say something but sleep lulled me to a daze.

"Damn," David exclaimed, half-flippantly, "Am I the only morning person in this room?"

"You're not the one who stayed up all night working their *** off to get some money for all of us." I stated simply, yet harshly. I was obviously getting a bit cranky and little kids were not on my list to deal with at the moment.

"Like you said, we're split up so we need to wait for everyone to get back... before we head off to the next town.. We need to travel in a...." I spoke sternly and then slowly began to mumble. "...group." A soft sigh left my lips and I curled up on my bed a little more, just wishing everything would stop for a moment so I could get atleast a two hour nap before moving.

29th November 2003, 08:15 PM
Hehe--The light LSU is actually taken as well. I'm super dooper lazy. No LSU's are left, either.^^;

Aquilamon[I must protect.]

"It'd be my honor."I replied to Rigiamon. I looked at Mummymon,and replied,"I feel sorry for you."

"Well...Maybe not."

His eye's grew wider and I started to Back away from where he was. He thought that I was going to leave him alone, was he?After he attempted to steal my partner...And he didn't play fair.

"Grand...horn!!"I shouted. My horns on my head started to glow a brilliant pink and silver,Mummymon's face grew from a grin to a frown..

"Prepare to see your mummy"I said,jerking at that remark. No time for little puns. I flew straight for Mummymon, my Horn's light grew brighter and brighter..

"AHHH!!"I heard him yell. My horn's rammed right threw his body, and the light surronded him.He disintergrated into data, and it flew to the next town, to be reborn..

"Rigiamon."I said, looking behind him. He was placing Satoshi's wrapped body on the ground. He was still tightly wrapped up, the only part that was semiloose was the black bandage on his face. Because wet spot's arose.

Because Satoshi was crying.

[Satoshi Takinowa][Tears flowing..in the river of dreams.]

<3rd Person>

Rigiamon placed the fragile body of Satoshi's on the ground of Las Mesa.Aquilamon flew over them, de-digivolving. He flew to the ground to see his partner, even with him still in wraps. He looked up at Kenichi and Rigiamon,who just studied the wraps.

"I think.."The Hawkmon said, looking at the body's head. It was wrapped tightly in black bandages, with only loose parts were the tears of the Boy underneath... The Hawkmon looked all over the body to find the spot where he could start the unwrapping process..

"There it is."Kenichi said, finding it. Him, Hawkmon and Rigiamon started to unwrap the boy, foot to chest. With each part of the bandages gone, it revealed more and more of a fragile body.

The whole body, besides the head, was unwrapped. It layed there motionless, limp. Like the boy was dead. But he was only in a dream.

The hawkmon went to the head as the boy's D-Sense fell out of the limp arm. It glew with a silvery white light, showing that The boy was trying to help Aquilamon before he was wrapped. Hawkmon grabbed it, and went for the boy's head.

More and more wet spots appeared on the Black bandage that seemed impossible to get off, with some spots starting to give off a black mist...

"Satoshi.."The Hawkmon said, looking at the wrapped up head. A Tear fell from the birds face, and landed on the bandage. The Black mist disappered, and the Bandage disintergrated.

Leaving the fragile head of Satoshi to drop on the groud.

<Satoshi's Point of view.>

The tears I leaked out formed a puddle. Not a large one, in the fact, but one atleast. It was on the black floor, where my so-called friends called me a "Monster."

I looked at myself through the puddle. My cheek's has tear stains, as it cleaned the scrapes blood. The blood infused dropped into the puddle, making the water unclear..

I looked at my friends, or whatever I should call them now. They weren't there anymore. A Figure I didn't pay attention to appered with a Purple mist surronding her. She gave me goosebumps all over..

"Die,Monster."She said Harshly. She took a box out of her pocket, and it showed a knife. She bent down to my level, and stabbed me.

Stabbed it straight in the chest.

I felt everything come back to me. I felt a cold floor, breathe's surronding me. Tears falling of my face, leading to a river. A River of my tears. I felt a body fall on my chest, that body was crying too..

I fluttered my eyes, my eyelashes catching falling tears. Was this a dream, and that dream...a reality?I saw my friends..or what I thought friendship was..looking over me. I looked down to find Hawkmon was leaning over my body,somewhat crying as well.

"It's..ok.Hawkmon."I said lowly. He looked at me,and smiled. I still had tears flowing, but they slowed down..

"I tried to fight.."I muttered to Kenichi,"But this is what happen's."

I looked around, sitting up. There I saw, Laura. Holding a Dove/Glass Dove in her hands ever-so softly. She was looking at Aunyailia, holding it..

'She hates me..'I thought..

'Just like everyone here does.I'm a monster.'

Congrats on 200 post's!!!^^Yayness!!!(Yeah, and Aquilamon's puns bite big wind.Haha.x])

29th November 2003, 08:39 PM
Nab....Light belongs to Kouji....who is played by me!

~*^*~Laura Rider - Ice[She's the ghost of the crew.....;.;]~*^*~
I sat there....feeling ignored as Jun, David, and Morrigan finished adding creme and a gauze to their wounds and/or scars....yet the scrape made on my stomach not even affecting my shirt remained there, slightly giving off its crimson vial every now and then....but was mostly clean much of that time.am As everybody left for Jun's room, I sat there...contemplating faithlessly, Arwen just sitting and staring.

"Will you be alright?" She asked me rather calmly, right before I stood up. Sighing, I didn't respond and just felt confused, before I made my way to my room to pack a few things I could find there....Arwen closely follwing from behind. I knew I could do this on my own, I know I can. Jiggling open the knob, I slowly creaked the door open and slid inward, nobody even noticing with eyes or ears. With the dark blue sports bag I had bought earlier, I shoveled a few bottles of water, a few cans of Coca Cola(the choosingly favorite drink of guess who....), a gauze and some creme from the first aid kit in the room, and a small rag....just in case the gauzes don't work enough. Now all I needed was some food, and we would be on our way....me and Arwen.

Maybe Morrigan, David, and/or Jun has some.... I thought, shaking my head. Sighing, I stored what yen I had, my D-Sense, and made my way patiently out the door, shutting it tightly and going rather aimlessly around the floor of the hotel, Jun just down the hallway, they probably didn't want me to disturb them, so I just calmly waited...probably lasting an hour or so....

=*=Kouji Hikazu - Light[Damn you all....-.-;;]=*=
Heck, I felt lost....Nobody that seemed to be one of those who fainted along with me in sight. Shrugging, I just stompped one foot, before heading to some random hotel. Making my way inside, I noticed a rather nervous-looking dark-and-blue haired, glasses, deep blue eyes, and pale skin...walking around with her blue-and-gray fox-like Digimon following from behind. I remained silent, just staring.....I knew it was rude just to stare, but to me...she looked rather crazy. Shaking my head, I ignored her....looking down at my egg....was it another Digimon that was inside?

Roy Karrde
29th November 2003, 08:41 PM
Laura Lutz
"Satoshi" I almost yelped, my voice being caught in my throat, I ran over to him and wiped a tear off of his cheek and began to unbandage him.

"Satoshi, Satoshi are you allright?" I asked as I continued to strip the bandages away from him, leaving the dove on the ground so that I could use both of my hands.

"I'm fine" He replied a little stiffly as he rose to his feet and dusted off the rest of the bandages. After he checked himself over he began to walk back into the hotel. I looked over at Auny but she was focusing back on Kenichi so I picked up the dove and followed him inside.

"Satoshi, Satoshi wait up" I yelled arriving at the hallway that led to our rooms. He stopped for a second but only for a second, before he kept walking, I was finally able to catch up to him, but almost tripped on the way.

"Satoshi, I wanted to give this to you, it's a present" I told him holding the dove out infront of him, he studied it for a second and then walked around me and just kept walking.

"Keep it" He replied as he continued down the hall way. I was heart broken, he didnt like it. I could feel the dove trembiling in my hands. Maybe he didnt see it right, maybe I should appologise before giving it to him.

"Satoshi, I even got it inscribed for you, please Satoshi, please take it, and please can we just be friends again?" I asked him, running around him again so that he could see it. He plucked it out of my hands, studied it for a second and then tossed it away, I had to juggle it to catch it but luckily it wasnt broken. I had to try atleast one more time. I mean he didnt even see the inscription.

"It's okay if you dont like it, I-I could return it, it's just I dont have any more money, but...I could find some and get you something that you really like. Please just let me be your friend again" I asked him, this time I didnt make a try to cut him off I just stood behind him. He stoped for a second and finally turned around. I held the dove in my outstretched arms so that he could take it.

"Listen why dont you take some of your own advice and, LEAVE ME ALONE" He yelled pushing the dove and my hands back against me, the dove hit my sholder and the wing cracked, and then it cracked again, and again, until finally the dove wing fell off. I slowly reached down and picked it up, holding the dove in one hand and the wing in the other, I just looked at them and then looked at Satoshi, I felt so sad, and shocked, why why would he do this?

"Hey get back here" Auny yelled from behind me as Satoshi began to walk away again. "Get BACK HERE" She yelled coming up to him and spinning him around.

"I dont care what crawled up your ***, but get it out, and open your freaken eyes so that you can see what you should be care about, I mean you can go around and act like a jerk but you can also show a little humanity toward the ones...or one person in this whole freaken world that loves, you becuase she wont stay around for long if you keep acting like a stuck up, cold hearted, mean, Son of a *****" Auny yelled at him. He just looked at her, in a cold stare, and finally conseded.

"What ever" He replied and turned and continue to walk down the hallway.

"C'mon Laura" Auny said taking me by the arm and leading me back to the room.

"Auny can it be fixed?" I asked holding out the broken dove, she took a long look at it before continuing the walk.

"Yeah we can fix it with some glue" She told me, With that I strugled to get away from her but her grip was too tight, and Satoshi was almost at the end of the hallway.

"Satoshi, wait, it can be fixed just wait" I begged him as Auny began to drag me into the room, I droped the dove and just hung on to the door way, to see him turn the corner at the end of the hallway.

"Satoshi please wait it will only take a minute, it can be fixed, Satoshi" And with that Auny pulled me inside and closed the door.

Kioshi Wakami
29th November 2003, 08:50 PM
^^;; Awww Poor Laura(older), when Jun said he worked one everyone's wounds it included hers ^^;; Glad to have you back Gothic! Jun would go to talk to her, but he passed out on his bed x_x;

Edit: No offense >_> But there is WAY too much drama between Laura (little one) and Satoshi @_@;;; It's becoming a tissue fest.

29th November 2003, 09:09 PM
Lol, yeah it is..^^So what though, drama makes everything...fun. And depressing.So wha?

*hand's Kioshi-kun a tissue*

Kioshi Wakami
29th November 2003, 09:37 PM
But what about everyone elses drama? XD Laura and Satoshi are stealing all the moments lol

On another note! Here are some doodles I did. Sorry for their crappiness =____=;;;

Laura (Young) (http://hanaji.ukepile.com/LauraKarrde.jpg)
Jun with Damaged Face (Drawn in my more Serious, non-comedic anime styles) (http://hanaji.ukepile.com/JunSketchDamaged.jpg)
Jun with the bandage around his head. (http://hanaji.ukepile.com/JunSketchBandage.jpg)

Thats all for now e_e I'll do more serious artwork in a bit.

Edit: Lol every time I draw Jun he looks different, however I like the one with him damaged the most. I think that's how I want him to look overall, except now he'll have a gauze bandage around his head.

Yami Annika
29th November 2003, 10:19 PM
Our little soap operas, lol.

Also: Aunyailia won't always be, as my friend so kindly puts it, a "potty mouth". She's very, erm... proper (Is that the right word?). An evil proper. Or something... when it comes to her language. (Unless, of course, she's mad. Like she was.) Just an FYI if anyone posts anything including her (as I won't be posting tonight). She would, however, be fuming. And throwing stuff. And non-talkative.

Second, I found a character that kinda looks like Aunyailia (or at least her haircut). Look up "Nakuru" from CardCaptor Sakura. The hair cut is almost a direct copy, except Aunyailia has purple highlights in the front (Digital World, at least). You know, in case anyone is interested...

On another note: Kioshi, very nice on the pictures! *wishes she could draw something other than stick figures*

30th November 2003, 12:46 AM

"Pri-ma-ry------Village?"I asked Labramon. Her head nodded yes very fastly, in excitement..Primary Village?No such thing. The name only rang a bell from the Digimon show...

I walked out the door, Labramon followed, closing it behind me. We basically stepped into fresh air, the sky was blue...no clouds. It looked like early mourning here though...

"Pabu...Pao Pao!!!"I heard shouts from afar, but they were coming close. My black hair flew as I turned around to see where the noise was exactly coming from. What I saw...was a sight to behold. A Giant tree with the leaves glowing color's of the rainbow. It was surronded by Pot(like a tea kettle)-Shapped Houses, and dirt roads. Some flower's here and there...Also some shops. But not much..

"PAOOO!!!"I heard a loud noise, it was coming closer...closer..
"Hey...waiitt!!"I heard a very feminine, womanly voice.Like a mothers...you know?

All of the sudden, I fell down, I felt slimey things bouncing on my body..crawling all over my shirt and pants. Making them all wet with slime and water..I positioned my head up, and noticed small things...

I glared at them, and all of them backed into a small group behind Labramon..
"Pao Scared!Pabu Pabu!Koromon scared!!"I heard crys from within the group...Baby digimon..

"Paomon...Pabumon...Koromon...MetalKoromon.."I said quietly. They loosed up after I gave a smile, ignoring my clothing being all slimey. I saw something else running...something bigger..

"Ohh..I'm sorry!!"It was the womanly voice once more, in a body of a Swanmon,"They never saw a human before, so I think They got overexcited.."

"It's..okay."I said,"Where am I?"
"Primary Village!!This is where all rouge digimon data from dead digimon come and be reborn into eggs!"The Swanmon said,"Labramon here was my assistant, but She had some things to take care of.."

"Are they all done now?"Swanmon asked Labramon. Labramon ran over to me, snatching my D-sense out of my BackPack..

"The Celestial's assigned me to a partner!!"Labramon said. All the baby digimon bounced again in happiness..

"Well, then, Might I let you take a shower?"Swanmon asked,"Least I could do is clean your clothing of all the digidung smell.And let you get clean...Your name?"

"Aoi...Aoi Watanabe"

Just a Aoi post this time..^^And the Piccy's are pretty kewl.

30th November 2003, 12:50 PM
Kenichi Tanaka

"That arrogant son of a *****! How dare he do something like that!" Aunie's voice erupted out of the next room. Then something sounded like it smashed on her side of the door. It appeared Aunie's anger was out in full form. Something that needed to be taken care of quickly.

I went to the door, took a breath, and opened it. A lamp whizzed over my head and smashed outside the room as Aunie kept on stomping around in the room. Laura was off to the side, looking more than a little nervous at her behavior, like a mouse cornered by a cat. Aunie just kept on her muttering with thrown in shouting swears.

"Aunie, you have to calm down! Being angry isn't going to help anything!" I said, moving over towards her. It didn't illicite any reaction from her, and instead she just moved away from me, her voice getting louder if anything.

"Aunie, listen to me! You need to calm down!" I grabbed both of her arms at her side, and tried to make her look at me.

She me violently away. "Let me go!" She pushed away, and began her pacing again. I let out a little sigh of my own, and grabbed a pillow off of the bed Laura was sitting on. Using a move that I had traditionally done to stop bullies from chasing me when I was younger, I swept one foot down at ground level and unbalanced Aunie. Landing on her back onto the carpeted floor, I saw my chance and shoved the pillow over her chest and arms. Balancing on top of it, I looked directly into her eyes.

A frightened look seemed to come over her face, and her head bounced softly against the carpet as she tried to move her head back.

My voice became softer. "Now look, being angry isn't going to help in this case... You're starting to scare Laura here, and at the moment you can't put all the blame on Satoshi. That guy has had his head messed around with one too many times since coming here, and we don't know what exactly Mummymon did to him. Nobody can get over this if we all don't just take a deep breath and calm down. Shouldn't we just try and work together?"

Aunie grew quiet at this. It was at this moment I realized just how close to her I really was. I believe Aunie also sensed this. Before Mummymon outside, she had gotten this close as well. And now, before I realized it, it seemed as if I was getting closer to her cheek...

My face roared in heat, as I felt a blush overcome me. Masking it with by raising a hand and coughing into it, I got off of Aunie. I gave her my hand, and helped her off the ground.

"Well, now we should probably-" I began as my thoughts were suddenly extinguished in pain. My body seemed to lurch convulsively, as a sort of barrier dissolved within my brain. A tidalwave of built up pain hit me in all directions, with no place left to escape. If my breath hadn't been out, I would have been screaming. The burning pain across my arms, that had once been just bearable before Aunie's treatment, had now become infernos. My heart's pulse seemed to rip through my body, as the remanants of whatever block to the pain was annihilated.

I felt myself drop to my knees, and more pain being added as I put both arms to stabalize myself. I struggled against the tide of unconciousness, letting wave after wave of pain smash against me. I put all I was against it, and gritted my teeth... I prayed it would end soon...

30th November 2003, 02:55 PM
I was now looking at the two sleeping forms. Jun had managed to make it to his bed, and Morrigan was snoozing on the floor.

"Yep," I said, "Definitely the only morning person."

I don't know why I wasn't tired. We hadn't slept in one-two days, so I should have been knocked out like the other two, but I was wide awake and had no need to sleep.

I closed the door behind me so that I may let the two sleep in peace. Part of me wanted to put Morrigan on the bed just to mess with their minds, but I didn't want Morrigan to go Celtic all over my butt. There's a difference between being funny and being stupid.

I heard a commotion near the room that was utterly destroyed. I walked over to take a look.

It was Kenichi, trying hard to stay up, a look of deep pain on his face. Aunie was panicky, and Laura seemed fearful. The entire room was in disarray. I took a step toward the struggling youth so that I could get a close look. For the first time, I saw the condition his arms were in. I turned to look at the others.

Aunie was the first to speak up, telling me of what she had done to ease his pains. Now that it wore off, the pain was coming in at overwhelming amounts.

I began to panic as well; too much stress was bad for the system, and now Kenichi was exposed to an enormous amount. I could do nothing

I felt useless. Someone here was in desparate need of help, and I could not provide it.This whole time, I was useless to everyone. Sure I payed for the groceries, but that was more luck than skill. It's a horrid feeling.

In the corner of my eye, among the chaos of this room, I spotted a flower pot. A small flower was growing out of it. Petite, but beautiful.

Pretty flower, I thought to myself, beginning to lose myself in my memories.

Flashback Sequence

"Pretty flower," I said, "Isn't it?"

I was twelve years old, and I was in my mother's garden. Morrigan was nearby, laying on a rock listening to something, but I wasn't talking to her.

In front of me was a girl, eight years old, short blonde hair, and eyes that were a dark red. She was wearing a dark blue T-shirt and overalls. A wide-rimmed hat was the only thing protecting her face from the sun. Her name was Beth, my younger sister.

"Sure is," she said, cheerily, "Do you think Danny'd like it?"

I sighed to myself, but nodded. Elizabeth was never quite clear on the average concept of flower-giving, something she inherited from Morrigan, "I'm sure Daniel would love it. You don't find many roses with this kind of quality in nature." Beth gave me one of her 'looks,' which meant she noticed some change in some person's behavior.

"David, when did you start taking interest in my work?" Beth asked me, out of the blue. I arched an eyebrow whilst Morrigan turned her head in interest.

I suppose if there was one thing that Beth and I could not agree on, it was our interests. Beth loved the garden, and I always thought it was a waste of time. She was currently trying to weed the garden before I decided to join her.

I shrugged my shoulders, "I learned from Uncle Ark. Other than comics, he has extensive knowledge on plant and animal life. I guess he just opened my interests."

"He's great isn't he," she said cheerily, and then upset, "Do you think he'll ever find us an aunt?"

I was silent for awhile, staring at the flower, "I don't know, but I'll bet she'd be someone special."

It was a bright summer day. One of those days when you want to kick back and relax, or go do stuff with family and friends. It was one of those days I cherished, when I could spend time with my favorite sister. Rarely do I ever get a chance to enjoy one of those anymore.

End Flashback

I had no time to reach the good part of that memory, as the amount of shrieks pierced into my brain. The girls were just staring at me, like I grew some extra leg or something, and then toward Kenichi and back. This cycle continued until I took a look at Kenichi himself.

I was shocked at what I saw.

Kenichi appeared to have been entombed. Not in bandages, dirt, or anything of that nature, but with large amounts of plant life. A wide variety of vines had wrapped around him, and I was suffocating under the smell that the large amount of flowers provided. On close inspection, his arms seemed almost devoid of any scars, cuts, etc. It was shocking, and I almost wanted to vomit.

I could barely move either, the same plantlife had wrapped itself around me. A particular creeper seemed to have a death grip on the scar that was on my face. The usual dull throb in my chest was quieted, possibly by the aroma of those flowers. I was stunned.

Was this MY doing?

30th November 2003, 06:06 PM
OoC: Tommorow begins December, and you know what that means for those who also use Neopets.....^^;;

~*^*~Laura Rider - Ice[*dresses up like Tsukasa from .hack//Sign* ^^;;]~*^*~
I soon caught eye of that black/navy haired guy, he was apparently staring at me....was he.....just plainly being rude?

"Um....Uh.....Hi...." I stuttered, trying to keep calm, but I was nervous, I kept quiet, saying nothing.

"Well, I'm Kouji....Kouji Hikazu," He said, revealing his name, "I couldn't help but notice you pacing here all alone."

"I'm....Laura...." I continued rather quietly, "Laura Rider....And this," I said, pointing down to Arwen, "Is Yukimon, my Digimon. You can call her Arwen." Arwen nodded, and looked up and down, trying to see Kouji's whole appearance. She blinked slightly at the egg, it also must've contained another Digimon.

"Well, why are you out here?" He asked, seemingly rather curious.

"Well....I'm waiting, for three other Digidestined....." I replied, sorta looking shyly at my feet, somewhat rocking by my feet slowly back and forth.

He nodded, "I just got here, so I guess we'll be moving on soon enough."

At the sound of this, I nodded slightly to myself, while Arwen continued looking at the egg...She must've recognized it from somewhere, by the looks of it.

~*~Sen Kinomoto - Former Ice Warrior[Lucky there's NOT a Family Guy....XD]~*~
I sat nervously in a chair near Kouji's bedside, rather curious about the diagnosis for his stillness, I kept noticing back and forth changes in his hearbeats, as if he was in another world....maybe even the Digital World.

"Ms. Kinomoto...." I heard the doctor's voice ring from the doorway, "I got some news about your son..."

Nodding, I stood up and faced him, my face and raven black hair stained with tears, deep blue eyes watery, my midnight blue blouse, dark shoes, and long black skirt not yet affected, "Yes....Doctor Masomito?"

"It seems as if Kouji is also in a coma, the same for ten other individuals hopitalized here, most of them in this hallway. But by the looks, his heartbeat rather unlike people normally in a coma. It keeps changing...as if he is in another world, getting nervous or into panic, and such."

I nodded, quickly recalling something like that in .hack//Liminality....he had to be in another world like I thought, but not The World, but simply the Digital World. If he was....what element would he get?

Yami Annika
30th November 2003, 06:51 PM
Aunyailia Vergere

"Kenichi?" I questioned softly, dropping to the floor to face his eye level, but he couldn't answer. David kept staring at him, stunned. Laura seemed to be busy with her own thoughts. She also stared, though blankly, almost sadly.

"Do something!" I cried, looking at David.

"I..." He stuttered. "I don't know."

"Kenichi..?" I whispered again, tilting my head side-ways.

"Look at his arms." I vaguely heard David say. "There aren't any scars."

On closer inspection, I realized it was true. But what did it mean? Were the flowers and plants healing him, or what? Shocked, I stumbled back, and nearly hit Laura. She was still sitting on the bed, but her hand, hanging off the side, had hit me in the head.

I have to get her out of here. I realized. Or perhaps I said it outloud, I'm not sure. I hated leaving Kenichi, but he did look grotesque. I couldn't risk having Laura scarred anymore.

Without thinking, I grabbed up the broken crystal dove pieces, some glue, tape, and Laura. I took them all outside, into the hallway. I looked at Kenichi, still wrapped, and bit my bottom lip.

Once outside, Laura sneezed, catching my attention in her own very way. Only then did I truly look at her. Her nose was red and eyes were puffy. She was a little dirt- and mucus-smudged. Carefully, I took out a hankerchief and started cleaning her face. "Under all the dirt and dust," I spoke softly while doing this. "You're a very pretty and lovely girl, Laura. Satoshi doesn't know what he's missing." I got no response. Once I cleaned her face, I turned my attention to the dove.

I undid the bottle to the paste, and started smearing some on the wing. I kept close to the door, in case anything happened. Laura just stared at me. I sniffed as I held the wing against the body, helping the glue paste the two together. Making sure it wouldn't break off again, I wrapped the tape around broken line, and rubbed in the sticky part. Examining my work, I saw that the tape and glue wasn't perfect, but not very noticeable unless one was searching for the fault. The crystal dove was beautiful...

"See?" I smiled weakly, trying to bring wit back into my voice. "I can fix anything."

Laura stared at it for the longest while before taking it. "Thanks," She whispered, her voice slightly cracking. "Thanks, Aunie."

In spite of myself, I blinked a few times. At first, I was unsure if she had said anything. Then, I repeated to myself in my mind, "Aunie?". When I first came to the group, I would be hurt if anyone used that name, secretly wondering if I would be discovered. But, now, everyone called me that. I inwardly shrugged. The kid needed a friend, not a lecture... I suppose she could call me that. But only Laura.

I smiled thinly. "You're welcome," I replied just as softly. I kept one ear to listen for anything regarding Kenichi or David, but heard nothing. Was that a good sign?

At least Laura wouldn't be scarred from this... Although I would have liked to be in there, Laura seemed more important.

Maybe everything would turn out okay...

30th November 2003, 07:44 PM
I totally forgot!!Advent Calender:yes: .

Satoshi Takinowa[Uhh..Random thing here.X.X]

After that little run in with Aunyailia, I quietly walked up to the room, Hawkmon following behind. I had my hands in my pockets, and Kept on looking over my shoulders to Hawkmon. He kept on ducking...I wasn't in the mood.

I unlocked the door, and kept it open until after Hawkmon came in.I closed it slowly, and locked it behind. I didn't feel like talking at all...I walked over the the couch, and plopped down,leaning forward and my elbows were on my knees.

"Are you..."Hawkmon started to ask, quietly. I glared at him, and he gave me a bigger worried look. I slowly closed my eyes, relieving a sigh.

"That dreamm.."I muttered. Hawkmon walked over to the couch and sat besides me. I looked down at him, and he quietly asked..

"What dream?"
"When Mummymon used Dark Fear, and that dark bandage wrapped around my head...I.."I said. I didn't want to recall it at all..

"What, Satoshi?"Hawkmon asked,"I want to know.I'm your partner and all, you should be able to tell me at the least."

I looked at him, and said,"I was back home. And for a second, everything was real untill I asked Satoru...A kid I normally babysitted afterschool and on the weekends...to play freeze tag.

He said no,"I continued on,"That I was a monster. I asked my best friend Aoi and she yelled that I was a monster..Then everyone.."

"Everyone in the group was calling you a monster?"Hawkmon completed my sentence. He pointed to my head, then his. "Don't worry. It was just a dream...they don't really think that about you.."

"How should I know?I'm not really with them half the time."I replied to Hawkmon, releasing a sigh. I wanted to be with them half the time...but sometimes...I would just get pushed away. Or I couldn't reach them.."

Hawkmon sighed, then said,"Then maybe being with the group more will toughen you up, so you can't be mentally attack again like you have been."

"I guess...But.."I muttered, getting my D-Sense so I could examine it before...

"You know what, Satoshi?"Hawkmon said, "Maybe we could gather the others up..or most of them...and I can treat them out to Breakfast!"

"Maybe you could get to know them better...And Besides..."

"I'm hunngggrrryyy."Hawkmon said, rubbing his hand.."And I know a great place in the next town."

I looked at him funny, and he smiled,"It might take us a while to walk there...but Primary Village Pancakes are yummy.And I miss them...And all the baby digimon...of course."

"and it might get those 2 boys to get to know eachother on the walk there."Hawkmon muttered under his breath...his voice was barely Audible(sp?)

"Oh yeah...Hawkmon...remember that promise?"

(Yeah..I'm trying to get everyone to go to Primary Village..(since we need to hustle people!!Lol)

30th November 2003, 11:24 PM
My computer got infected by a stupid Trojan Horse... I think I managed to get it, but if I haven't this might be my last post for a little while.

Kenichi Tanaka

The pain kept on cascading around the last wall of resistance I had left. I felt the darkness of unconciousness hovering ever closer to my being as it just kept on coming... Then all of a sudden, the flow began to ebb ever so slowly. After a few moments, it became bearable. Then, it ceased completely. With a groan, I watched as the world around me reappeared.

At first, everything was a little blurry, but then it snapped into focus with a slam. The room was still around me, all disheveled and generally screwed up. Aunie and Laura weren't in the room, but a vine and flower covered David was.

That's new... I thought to myself. Then I realized my own body felt constricted. Looking down, I saw that vines and flowers had attached themselves onto me as well. Staying calm, I looked around the room, then my eyes layed back onto David who looked fairly dazed himself. His D-Sense at his side was spouting a green light from its screen, which was hitting a potted plant at the side of the room. Somehow the plant had grown right ontop of us... At least my arm appeared to be healed.

Get off of me! I thought loudly to myself, as I tried to tear the plants off of me. My chest thudded loudly once, as I thought I heard a mental shriek. The plants around me withered within seconds, and fell limply to the ground. The effect spread to David's plants, as he was similarly freed. He looked dumbfounded.

"Did I do that Kenichi? Are you alright?" He said.

"I think that's a yes on both counts," I began, pointing at his D-Sense. "Your D-Sense was activated when that happened, so I assume that the plant thing is one of your powers... Pretty useful in fact."

I flexed one arm, and grinned as I felt no more pain. "It worked miracles for me..." My voice grew a little darker. "And I think you'll probably need to use it again with what we are going through."

David nodded in agreement, as I looked around the room once more. "Yeah, you're probably right... It's better than being useless though. Too bad that thing from Aunyailia wore off."

I frowned. "I don't think 'wore off' is appropriate. It was more like... Something in me rejected it... Pretty violently as well." I shrugged.

"But that's just speculation. Where's Aunyailia and Laura?" I asked.

David pointed towards the door. "Aunyailia took Laura out when it happened. She probably didn't want her to see you like that... You didn't seem to be doing too well."

I nodded, and went over to the door. Opening it, I saw Aunie and Laura outside. The crystal dove was back in Laura's hands, and appeared to be more or less intact. Laura gave me a small smile, while Aunie gave me a wide eyed look. She appeared more upset than anything.

I gave them both a smile. While my body was healed, whatever those plants had done to them hadn't made me exactly energetic... It was now that I realized I hadn't slept for two days, and any rest would be appreciative.

"Hey there. Sorry if I worried you two, but I think David here managed to fix me all up," I pointed back at David, then felt another wave of exhaustion. "Looks like you got your dove back Laura, it looks good as new..."

1st December 2003, 01:52 PM
Thargor, if you have Norton Anti-Virus, run it...over and over..(Or McAffe is good too). It should tell if you have it or not.

I'm posting as Laura for a little bit^^

Laura Lutz[Awww...*kissy face*]

I smiled and nodded at Kenichi, showing him the new dove. Everything seemed to be going better, now that the dove was back together, and Kenichi seemed to be feeling better.

"We'll lets head back inside" Kenichi offered opening the door for us, Auny pushed me forward a little bit, Kenichi and her seemed to have something but right now she wasnt showing it. Maybe if I asked Kenichi he would come forward and admit his feelings.

"Kenichi?" I asked putting a hand on his shoulder, he began to turn and look at me when I got a feeling that I had done all of this before.

* Flashback *
"STAY AWAY FROM ME" Satoshi yelled spinning his arm around with egnough force that when it caught me in the jaw, it felt just like he had punched me in the face. I fell to the ground, skidding a few steps. I had to put my hands out to stop myself from sliding any further down the pavement.
*End Flashback *

I quickly screamed and ran behind Auny for protection and in fear that Kenichi was going to hit me like Satoshi did. I just hid behind her scared, while Kenichi asked what he did wrong. Auny just replied that I had been through alot of trama lately with Satoshi, and lead me out of the room.

I followed her quietly down the hallway as she lead me past room after room. I felt bad for possibly screwing up some time she could of had with Kenichi, so I just kept my head low and didn't look at her. She finally opened the door to the room where Jun and Morrgan were sleeping.

"Great" She muttered as she walked in, I followed silently in her footsteps.

"Okay, do you think you will be okay in here?" She asked me as I sat down in a chair quietly, I didnt want to wake any of the others up. I nodded and Auny promised to come in and check on me, and left the room to head back to Kenichi. I looked at Jun on the bed and Morrigan on the floor and just sat there quietly to keep from waking them up

Satoshi Takinowa[Hey!Now we can do a Winterfresh commercial!]

"Uh..Satoshi!!I think that little fall with Mummymon made you dillusional!Yeah...You should...you know...Go lie down or something!"Hawkmon said, quickly after I asked him the question..

"I'm not dillusional. Tell me now..Or the next time you see a pretty girl..She'll have nothing to look for."I said, using some little code word's...it took Hawkmon a second to realize what I mean't...He backed away from the couch..

"Nooo wayy..Jose. Not my.."
"Then tell me."I quickly replied, not wanting to hear the last word. He looked at me like he would get introuble if he did.."

"You see...When Akira had you..before she had you..I think about 10 minutes or so apart...she had another baby boy. The only matter though is that the medicial Team didn't think he would survive.They let your mom name the baby, however, and let her sign release forms so that if he did survive..which it was a low chance..

Then he would be placed up for adoption. Your mom knew your dad would be furious with another baby..since they only expected one. You came out healthy, so your mom kept you."Hawkmon continued,"But your brother is still alive. Your fraternal(meaning they don't look a like/not identical) twin."

My eye's grew...And somewhat..I felt bad. I had a twin,and he doesn't know his mom. But something inside told me he was ok....I also felt bad for the chance he never had..a chance to know me.

"And you know this....how?"I asked, silently.Hawkmon looked to the ground, then looked up again..

"Your mom later told Orphanimon with her D-Scanner. Your mom was also one of the first humans ever to step onto the digital world."Hawkmon instructed.."And She let me..and another digimon..know."

"Satoshi..Please don't tell anyone this..but.."

"Kenichi is your fraternal twin."


Kioshi Wakami
1st December 2003, 02:00 PM
Editing Jun's post to corrispond with Laura (young)'s.

Jun Wakami [Nothing Witty To Say]

I groaned a little, stirring from my sleep. The whole right side of my face ached and I had a piercing headache going through my eye and head. My left eye fluttered open and I gazed around the room before sitting up.

"Un.." I groaned and placed my hand on the side of my face. The bandage felt wet. I pulled my hand back and looked at it, there was damp marks of blood that managed to slip through the cotton gauze. With a sigh I slowly managed to drag myself out of the bed. Morrigan was sleeping on the floor and a young girl was sitting within a chair.

"Are you okay?" the little girl asked as I quietly walked around Morrigan. I nodded a bit.

"I'll be outside in the hall, if you need me I'll be there." I doubted people were going to go too far and my assumptions were correct as I spotted a majority of the group in the hall way.

"Oi... whats going on?" I asked too calmly. I looked over the boy with the earth element and his screwed up arms seemed to be completely healed without a trace. That would've caused me to quirk a brow however due to the bandage I was unable to. David was resting against the hall wall and Aunie had just walked out of my bedroom aswell. Everyone was pretty much silent so I inwardly shrugged off my question without any visable expression. The older Laura was also standing in the hall with some other new kid standing infront of her. I walked over and glanced him over and then looked at her.

"Are you okay..?" I asked, my eyes looking over her bloodied shirt. I was hoping my bandaging was doing good to keep her wound fixed.

"Uh.. yeah I'm fine." she replied, "It wasn't that bad anyways..."

Giving a faint nod, I turned my attention to the new boy. How many of us are there? I thought there was only ten, but I guess I was wrong.

"And who are you?" my hand reached out for a handshake to the new member of our group. "I'm Hikazu, Kouji. I just got here." Kouji reached out as well and gently shook my hand.

"Nn. I'm Wakami, Jun."

Sorata Kusanagi [Gets the bad news]

I stayed by Jun's side as Kioshi hurried over to Akina to tell her his assumption of the kids being in the Digital World. I furrowed my brows and pondered over his sudden outburst.

Digital World...? I thought, Isn't the Digital World just some made up plot to entertain Japan's youth culture? What does he mean by them being in this World? I sighed and leaned forward to brush some red locks out of Jun's eyes.

"Poor kid..." I muttered. I looked over his face and noticed that he lost movement in his right eye even though is left one continued to move around a little.

"Excuse me... Mr. Kusanagi?" I turned around and spotted the doctor standing in the doorway. I pushed myself up from the chair and walked over towards him.

"Yes, Dr. Masomito?" A concerned look crossed both of our faces and the doctor sighed, handing me his little clipboard that had different images or readings of the children's brain activity. I quirked a brow and looked over the squiggly lines, not really understanding them at all.

"It shows the nueral activity within their body. Their nerves are reacting to movement even though they are not moving. However... your son recently lost all nueral activity in his right eye." The doctor explained, obviously registering the confused look that plastered itself upon my face.

"His right eye??" My mind flashed back to when I brushed the young man's hair out of his face. His right eye had stopped moving... "So what's wrong with that..?" I questioned, but inside I knew it wasn't good.

The doctor sighed and adjusted the glasses upon the ridge of his nose. "It means that he is unable to register images within his right eye and let the nerves signal to his brain. In short.. he's blind in that eye." My eyes widened.

"Blind? Jun is blind??" I couldn't believe it, how? How did he lose his nueral activity?

"Only in his right eye Mr. Kusanagi. I'm very sorry..." Dr. Masomito took the clipboard from my hands and walked out to visit the other parents during this strange occurance. I simply stood there, dumbfounded at the news. What will Kioshi do when he was given the news...?

Yup.. I'm having Jun go blind in the digital and the real world :/ Makes him interesting. Heh.

Yami Annika
1st December 2003, 04:10 PM
Aunyailia Vergere

I looked at Laura for a moment, and sighed softly. She'd be safe in here, among the group, I reminded myself, and quietly shut the door behind me.

Once I shut the door, I nearly collapsed in exhaustion. I envied those inside, sleeping soundly. I was starving, and incredibly tired. The bags under my eyes felt incredibly noticeable and heavy. True, I had been knocked out, but that gave me nothing but a headache that stayed with me, even now. The floor looked so comfortable...

Before closing my eyes, I glanced around and saw Kenichi. Jun just walked away from him to talk with some other people. Gathering up my strength, I grinned widely and walked over to him.

"Are you really alright?" I asked softly, eyeing his arms. He, too, mirrored my feelings of exhaustion.

He nodded. "Yes, thanks to David."

I let out a long breath of relief. Without much thought, I hugged him tightly and didn't exactly want to let go. "I'm so glad," I whispered into his ear.

2nd December 2003, 10:17 AM
Kenichi Tanaka

My eyes opened wide for a moment from the unexpected embrace. Aunie was hugging me tightly, and her whispered words somehow made me feel better... I felt my arms go around her body seemingly of their own accord, and I hugged her back.

"I'm sorry if I worried you," I whispered back into her ear. She nodded against me. I could see how tired she was, and my own body held sympathy for her. It seemed almost as if we were holding each other up.

Almost unwillingly, I began to break the embrace slowly. She shifted against me as we did so, my lips brushed against her cheek. She looked back at me startled, a hint of red coming to her cheeks. My own cheeks flared red at this, as I coughed into my hand at the moment.

"Gomen..." I muttered to myself before I could get any composure. "I think the both of us are pretty tired at the moment, we've been though a lot the past couple of days."

Aunie nodded, a thoughtful look on her face. I continued on. "It won't do anyone good if we both collapse. We should get some rest before we get going..."

Rigiamon seemed to almost materialize behind the two of us. "That sounds like a good idea Kenichi, the room over there is unoccupied with two beds. I left your backpack and blankets there. I'll wake you two when we need to leave."

I looked at Rigiamon, then nodded in thanks. Looking to Aunie, I felt a twinge. "Sounds like an idea?"

2nd December 2003, 06:37 PM
OoC: Any of you ever heard of Happy Tree Friends....? I'm now addicted to that mini-cartoon....XD

~*^*~Laura Rider - Ice[Blood is Red....my tears are blue...both of those colors, probably mean nothing to you!]~*^*~
I soon noticed Jun walking over, causing me to stop rocking back and forth on my heels and toes, and looking up at him. He first glanced to Kouji, then looked at me.

"Are you okay...?" He asked, somewhat noticing a bit of blood stains around my stomach, from that scar I got earlier.

"Uh....yeah. I'm fine..." I replied, "It wasn't that bad anyway..." Deep down, I felt a numb feeling on the tissue affected by that one marking....hoping it wouldn't leave its mark on me to the grave. I probably had guessed since that up-close incident he somewhat cared. He gave a slight, faint nod....then looking at Kouji. He probably felt strange about an eleventh digidestined like I did earlier....but he had to be here for a reason...maybe he was the son of one of the digidestined before us.

"And who are you?" Jun asked, pulling out his hand to shake the hand of the newcomer.

"I'm Hikazu, Kouji...." Kouji replied, slightly grinning as he pulled out his hand to shake with Jun's, "I just got here."

"Nn. I'm Wakami, Jun...." Jun said, in a mix between a grunt and a normal reply. Deep down, I was sighing....was he being rude? He probably wasn't, he sorta did act a bit like that when we first met back at Tama Market, too.

2nd December 2003, 08:07 PM
Brief post.

I looked down at one of the flowers I picked from the dying plant. Close inspection told me it was a rose, but that didn't make sense to me. The plant it grew from was a tulip as far as I could tell.

"How could I create a rose from something else?" I cocked my head to one side, trying to get a better look at it.

"It looks so much like that rose. I guess my powers try to choose a plant that will soothe me best...I wonder..."

I turned my head around to see who else was in the room. I instantly focussed on the new kid, sense I never saw him before. However, he was not in anyway injured. Jun was talking to him, though he had that badly scarred eye, I did not want to interrupt his conversation.

I guess that left Laura to try this out. I knew she was hurt to some extent, and she was the only one in the room who wasn't speaking to anyone. However, I was also there when her wound was patched up, and I didn't want Jun to think that I was trying to intrude on his work. Right now I was stuck.

"Well, I guess I'll just wait until next time someone needs my expertise," I muttered to myself, a bit frustrated.

Yami Annika
2nd December 2003, 08:38 PM
Beware another short one.

Aunyailia Vergere

I drew in an uneasy breath. A bed sounded so much more comfortable than a floor... and all the other rooms were taken... Rigiamon...

"Sounds like an idea?" Kenichi asked, bringing me back to the hallway where my thoughts had left. Slowly, I nodded, and forced a small, tired smile. Inside, I also wondered what Laura would do while I was asleep. Would she be alright?

Every step felt terribly forced, as I walked through the threshold into the room, grabbing the nearest, thickest blanket. I kept the door open a crack, and then collapsed on my single "twin"-sized hotel bed.

"Bonne nuit," I murmured, pulling the blanket over me, to where it covered me from head to toe, like a sleeping bag.

Inside, I curled up, feeling the blanket immediatly mess up my hair. Oh, the morning hairstyle should be fun... My entire being willed me to sleep, but my nerves and senses were heightened and at full alert. I doubted I would get much sleep, other than small dozings. I reached into my pocket, and brought out a small metal coin. This could be my saving grace, should anything, Digimon attacks and/or whatnot, happen. I held it close in my palm.

And, in all my thoughts, my other hand traced my cheek. I allowed myself a small smile...

Kioshi Wakami
2nd December 2003, 10:32 PM
Happy Tree-Friends is so morbid XD I used to love that cartoon heh short post for me too

Jun Wakami [Feeling a little woozy]

The conversation ended after the introduction, Jun not being one to talk much. His eyes brushed back over Laura after she gave her second sigh. He looked at her without much expression even though inside he was concerned. However, it was her problem and if she wanted to talk about it, she would. He wasn't the type to barge in on other's emotions either. Giving that, Jun walked over to one of the walls and stumbled slightly, tripping over his own feet. His entire body felt drained and sick, mostly from the lack of sleep. He held his body up against the wall and shut his eye (heh). A little nap wouldn't hurt anyone, would it?

3rd December 2003, 03:03 AM
"This is so much fun! I never want it to end!" I laughed.
"Why should it end master," Slimemon said as he destroyed another building, "Who's going to stop us?" I laughed like a psycho. It was true, who was going to stop us? There was no digimon that could stand up to Slimemon.
"That's the last one master," Slimemon said.
"Okay," I replied, "Now what's the next city?"
"Las Mesa master."
"Excellent! Which way is it?" Slimemon pointed north.
"Not far from here master," he said.
"Goody! Well then, Let's go!"

3rd December 2003, 07:02 PM
We can't be in Las Mesa forever people.^^Just to let you know.

I'm on a dry spell, and since my character isn't really with anyother characters at the moment, I'll just be posting these that I forgot to post yesterday.

Doctor Cigil

I looked over the records that we had on the little ten year old girl who had come in with the rest of the group. The first phone call had been a dud, the parents replied that they were flat broke and refused to pay for medical expenses. Her Aunt who was currently living in the United States was not at home or refused to answer the phone, that only left one person, her real mother, the one that had signed her away for adoption when she was 8 years old.

“Hello, Sarah, this is Doctor Cigil at the Tokyo general hospital, I’m calling to inform you that your daughter has been seriously injured in a unknown accident” I told the unknown woman over the phone, I knew the whole saying by heart and was used to getting a terrified response from the parent or parents that I informed, instead what I got surprised me.

“Yeah that sounds like something the little brat would do” The woman on the other line said before swearing several curse words under her breath.

“Yes…well we need you to fax over some insurance papers” I began to reply before the woman turned into a raving lunatic.

“Oh you don’t think I’m paying for this,” She screamed. “I don’t care if the brat lives or dies but I’m not paying for it, throw her out in the cold as far as I care just don’t bother me again” With that she hung up the phone.

I began to rub my temple and looked down at her chart, with out the constant IV drip to continue stabilizing her, she would most likely be dead with in a few days. The only other way to keep her alive would be either to see if Social Services would take her, or if one of the parents of the other kids would be willing to pay for her doctor fees. I didn’t want to call Social Services just yet and decided asking the parents would be easier.

“Ma’am may I talk to you” I asked stepping into the doorway of the room that held the child named: Satoshi. The little girl had came in here earlier and had a brief conversation with the woman, may be she could help out.

Laura Lutz
What was I doing here? I was moping around like crazy for some one who didn’t care for me any more. I knew I cared for him, I still did and no matter what he did for me I still would, but I was no good to the group just sitting around like this. So I decided that I would go out and have some fun, but first…first I had to give Satoshi this dove even if he didn’t notice it. So I snuck into his room, creeping around the dark room, I made sure I was out of his sight and placed it into his back pack, I looked over at Hawkmon who saw me just once and I brought a finger to my lips to imply not to tell Satoshi what I was doing, and just as fast as I snuck in, I snuck out.
“So what are we going to do now” I asked pivoting my body back and forth on the balls of my feet as I stood in front of what was left of our group, many of who were surprised to see me so chipper and happy.

“I-I don’t know, Kenichi took his girlfriend into that room” David gestured toward the door. “They seemed really tired”

So Auny and Kenichi finally found some alone time together, maybe they would have a happier relationship than Satoshi or I did. “So what, let them sleep we can go have FUN” I yelled grabbing Jun and David by the arms and half dragging them down the hall way. I didn’t know where we would go to have fun or what we wound do but at least it was better than sitting in a room all day wondering if Satoshi would ever go find me.

4th December 2003, 05:08 PM
Something for Ark
"I don't suppose you remember me," I said, sullen, "so I suppose an introduction is in order. I'm Ark McCloud."

I stared across to the 'sleeping' form of the little girl. The daughter of Roy. So many things needed to be said.

"I knew your father," I began, "He was a good man. A bit foolish at times, but who amongst us wasn't?"

I paused, not sure where to go next with this.

"I bet you've already learned his secret. It's no coincidence that you find yourself in the same situation as your father. Just about every human you will meet in the Digital World is related to one of the originals."

I sighed, psyching myself up for what would come next.

"In the beginning there was a world that was created from the digital information of our own. In the beginning, it had a tyranical Digimon ruler. His name was Lucemon. He was stopped three times in the Digital World's history. Ten Ancient Digimon Warriors ended his first rule. The Digital World began anew, now cared for by three Angel Digimon: Seraphimon, Cherubimon, and Ophanimon (Sp). This was the setting of our adventure, Lucemon's influence spread again, disabling the three Angels, and planning on shaping the world to his will. The Ancient Warriors were gone, but their spirits survived. Your father, several others, and I were called to inherit these spirits. We were meant to stop him. We screwed up."

I didn't want to say it, but sadly it was true.

"We stopped Lucemon, but we screwed up. Roy lost faith in himself and left; this was a devastating blow. Two others were crushed by this one action, and one of them left. We were broken, hopeless. How we survived, I'll never know."

"The third time Lucemon showed his face, several other kids were chosen to replace a few of us. My brother, Axehelm, was one of them, and your father got to see some action, too. Somehow, despite some of the problems of the past and Axehelm's mutual dislike of Roy, they got it right. No one left, none were abandoned, they stuck together. They won."

I looked out the door; the doctor was busy talking to Akira. I bet I had a clue as to what. I turned toward Laura.

"I had gotten one chance to visit the Digital World for that second adventure. The first thing I did was punch Roy in the face. When he asked about it, I told him this: He had no reason to leave, for he would not be killed. If it was within my power, I would've been there for him, like any friend should. We McClouds treat friends as family, and we McClouds look after our own."

Now for the important stuff, "I was there at his funeral. Jason and even Axehelm were there as well, the tallest men there. That night, we held our own funeral ceremony, in honor of one of our best."

I got up now for I had other priorities to take care of. I turned back to say one more thing.

"Know this, young Laura. Your father is gone, I can no longer help him. You, however, are still alive. If it is within my power, I will help you. Your mother may have abandoned you, but we will not."

As I limped my way out the door, I turned to Jason, standing outside the door.

"I've got things to take care of, but I'm calling a meeting for tommorow afternoon. Get everyone who counts, tell them the 'Green Knight's Call to Arms.' I'll inform you of the place tommorow morning."

Jason nodded before taking off towards Arnen's room. I checked my watch before hobbling off. It was about time I got this cast removed.

Roy Karrde
4th December 2003, 05:56 PM
Hey just wanted to tell you guys the Anni is really sick and probley wont be on for the next few days, also the grounding is almost up and Poli is doing a great job with the Laura character, I should be back by next wedensday, and well since I got to be on for some time today I mise on post, but this will mostlikely be the only one until next wedensday

Laura Lutz
I tossed the half inflated ball over to David, who passed it back over to Jun, he seemed to almost topple over from exaustion when the ball hit him over the side of the head.

"Jun" I yelled running over to him, the game was supposed to be friendly yet we were all tired and our reflexes were slow

"I'm okay, really" Jun replied as I helped him back up to his feet, he may have clamed to be okay but that red mark on the side of his face told other wise. "Really, I'm fine"

I looked at him for a minute more and then walked back over to the spot and began tossing the ball again, tossing the ball from person to person was boring but it was all we had to do, I caught the ball again and then stopped and froze in a half throw.

"Laura you okay?" Jun asked as I slid down onto the ground, all the tension drained from my body and I began to relax.

"It feels all nice, it feels like Morrgan, but older and different, like a warm fuzzy feeling" I said sitting down on the ground and I began to close my eyes, hopeing to keep the feeling forever. "There's a name, I dont know who it is but the name: Ark comes to mind"

I looked at each one of them who were both stunned and I began to get up, the feeling was gone, and I think that I was worrying them. "It's okay, it may have just been a glitch in the digital world" I told both of them. "Besides we should go get every one, this town is starting to give me the creeps" I shivered again, longing for that warm comforting feeling that I had for just a minute.

4th December 2003, 07:36 PM
Akira Takinowa[I need to reach deep inside of me.]

"Doctor.."I said, as I noticed another Doctor outisde my door,looking at me with a serious face. I looked at Satoshi, and comfirmed he would be okay while I was away.

"Akira...right?"The Doctor said as we walked through the hallway, time seemed to be going slower. People rusehd on strechers...something you would see in a ER episode...[OoC:Akira gets american channels on her TV at home^^]

"Yes."I replied. We stopped infront of another room.The Doctor grabbed the folder on the door, and sighed a deep sigh.

"I'm Doctor Cigil, I'm taking care of Laura here, like Masimoto is taking care of yours."Cigil said,"Laura Lutz here has a problem. No one is paying her medical issues here, I called her mom."

"Isn't Roy..."I muttered, but he shook his head slightly..
"He died while she was younger."Cigil said...I took back the statement inside and out, looking at Cigil if he was lieing or not. He shook his head, and continued,"She needs someone to pay. And I think she might have some connection to you or your son"

I rubbed my stomach, feeling my babies kick every second. I looked at him, and said,"I knew Roy personally, but I don't know any connection Between my son and her."

"But this is my fault. It was my fault that I planned this event. If this didn't happen, they wouldn't be here."I sighed deeply. I felt a little dizzy,but continued,"But I'll pay her medical coverage."

"Thank you, Mrs.Takinowa."Cigil said. He smiled, and held my stomach upright,"Take it easy, you're due in a month or so."

I smiled,"Actually, I'm due in 3 weeks."

Haruka Haruda[My...leggssssssss....Chop them off..and dip them in wasabi.^^]

"I'm..going too...die.."I said, slowly walking to the village on the horizon.Lopmon just hmmed a tone..something very familiar..

"That's a human's world song."I said, stoping at a standstill. Lopmon got off my head, and said..
"We easily get radio broadcast's from your world. You and your music..I swear."Lopmon said, smiling.She Jumped back on my head as I started to walk once more..

"Primary village...20 minutes.."I muttered, looking at a sign next to me,"2 hours to me.."

"Just think about it!Food...baby digimon....."Lopmon smiled at the fact,"You're gonna learn a lot there."

"It's summer. Don't say that word."I said. We continued to walk after my last word, looking at the clouds.We had a contest to see the prettiest and biggest ones.It was fun..and we didn't put our minds...well..My mind since I was walking, not Lopmon.

"Primary Village."I looked at a sign.."5-minutes.."

Satoshi Takinowa[Let me ride on the wind, Wind and Earth's Relation!*that would be an episode title^^*]

"He..is.."I said, very blankly. I stared into the wide space,"Does he..know?"
"No, and I know Rigiamon has no plans of telling him right now. I'm not even supposed to tell you."Hawkmon said,"Please,promise me."

"Ok..But I wanna spend some time with my older brother."I smiled at those words.Those words made any worries wash away, and happyness overflowed from it. I pictured everything me and Kenichi could do. Play soccer...wrestle(Though I would likely loose). Looking at girls...going to school in the fall.

"You know, Now I get why he gave me this bruise. And that he got me from Mummymon. And how he told me that I needed to fight."I told Hawkmon..

I looked at Hawkmon, and decided I need a small nap. Maybe I would nap about if Me and Kenichi were never seperated.It would be a good dream, unlike all the other dreams I had.

5th December 2003, 04:21 AM
I looked over Las Mesa.
"So this is the big city?" I said to myself, "It's about time I get to destroy something big." I looked over at Slimemon.
"You ready?" I asked. He nodded, at least I think he nodded.
"Then go!" I laughed, "Destroy them!!! Destroy them all!!!" I laughed like a lunitic as Slimemon preapred to attack.

Sorry it was short.

Roy Karrde
5th December 2003, 03:03 PM
I'm going to go on and post before I have to get off again

Laura Lutz
All three of us turned toward the evil laughter that came from what seemed to be a very evil man.

"I dont like the sound of that" I shook my head, keeping my eyes on the bad guy and his slimey icky digimon.

"We need to get the others" Jun said, now at full alert, all three of us began to back up toward the hotel when the Digimon jumped at us and began to attack.

"Slime pump" The slimy digimon roared, it pulled back, and then sent out a large wad of slime straight at us. I screamed and used my arms to cover my face, the sound of the slime rushing toward me got louder and louder until I felt a jerk from the side and was pulled out of the path of the slime.

"A thousand apologies for my absence lady lutz" Alpha appologised as I stood back up and dusted myself off, he had been able to throw me a good number of feet away from where I had last been standing, which was now a slimy mess

"It's okay" I told Alpha, I grabbed my D-Sense from the back of the Sweatpants, spun it around in my hand, and struck a battle pose, well atleast the best battle pose that I could at the time, I probley looked pretty stupid.

"Were going to have to hold this thing off until back up can get here" I warned Alpha, as he also prepared for battle. "You ready?" I asked him, and he replied in a silent nod, I turned back to the slime digimon thingie and began to tremble, as much as I wanted to be grown up and everything, I really wished I was back in Satoshi's arms right now.

"Let's go" I told him as we started the battle.

Yami Annika
5th December 2003, 06:51 PM
I'm feeling BETTER! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay...

Aunyailia Vergere

I woke with a start, pulling the sheet off my face and sitting up straight. My face was covered with brown hair, but I could still see clearly. He was here. I could feel him, inside me. We were, of course, connected, as I was with Aiymee. Almost like family, a connection I was trying to rid myself of. My insides twisted, he was close. His laughter...

Arkana, I thought, seethingly. This was unexpected. In the bed near me, Kenichi rolled over. I had to get him and Laura out of town. But how, without the rest of the group seeing? Or suspecting? I could use Yami Jump, but it would only take a matter of time before we were noticed.

I tiptoed around the room, grabbing all my stuff that I had dropped before collapsing. Mostly change, my shoes, the necklace. I packed my pockets, and slipped on my shoes. I didn't attempt to fight my hair. I looked around, and saw Kenichi's D-Sense, just lying there on the night stand.


Through the windows, I heard the laugh. My insides twisted, as the laugh spread through my very being. I went to the windows, and watched. He was there. Facing of against him, was David, Jun... and Laura.

"No," I whispered. "Not Laura." She would lose. She was the only one outside with a Digimon, so she could very well be the best bet against him. And it was near impossible, especially with only one.

Hoshimon... By now she would be about the same strength of Slimemon, so it would at least end in a draw. But she couldn't be seen... I knew she was watching, I could also sense her. To the side, where no one was looking, I could see her. Watch, I prayed silently to her. Don't act.

I knew if worse came to worse, I would have to use her, but without her being seen. Hoshimon knew that, as did I. We'd figure out something. She was a clever, clever Digimon...

But you also have to think of something, Aunyailia. I scolded myself. Come on... Stop being so useless.

Please, Laura,I closed my eyes, willing my thoughts to her. You can do it. Be strong. Save yourself.

I bit my lower lip, and watched.

Reading up on the posts (am referring to Poli's Laura post, I think), Aunyailia takes offense to being the "girlfriend". ;)

5th December 2003, 08:59 PM
Brief battle post, just setting everything else up.

"Oh, CRAP!" I said, "Spread out, we'll disperse their fire!"

There were four of us, which outnumbered the two of them, but I had no idea what attacks these two could perform.

The jerk gave us the raspberry as he pulled out a long vine like whip. This obviously meant that the 'disperse their fire' thing would be harder to do. He lashed, but Alpha was the first to strike, slicing the whip harmlessly away.

I took the opportunity to jump over Alpha, land on him, and leap over the Slime Digimon on the rebound, aiming for the corrupted teen. I moved fast, I could not afford a mistake.

I struck with my spiked knuckles into the man's stomach, as a sickening explosive sound was heard behind me. I turned around to see the Slime reforming itself, in front of him was Jun, electricity just crackling off of him. I went to the other side of the small battlefield.

"Slick work, Jun," I said, smirking, "Okay, we've got him surrounded on both sides. Now it'll be harder for him to focus on all of us. Let's try to stay on our toes."

5th December 2003, 09:37 PM
That's good^^I think everyoe's catching something, my brother was sick all this week with something(it wasn't the flu).

Satoshi Takinowa["Reikoku na sekai no naka de tsubusaresou na aijou no mebuki"Grip! By:Every Little Thing"]

As I closed my eyes, shut off my mind to anymore motion..I felt a presence.It was a cold prescence, something to chill your spines,pee-in-your-pants. I felt this once before, the feeling was familiar..

My eye's shot open, and I immediatly stood up. I made sure I had
my D-Scanner, and the Andromon card that I scanned back at Laura's temple. I should give it to her, I thought as I looked at it, but knew I could probably use it a little better than she could right now.

"Satoshi?"Hawkmon said,"Satoshi-kunn.."
"Nani."I sharply said after the Nhn part of Kun,I would rarely speak Japanese when I could speak English with someone.

Hawkmon looked at me, and zipped his lips..or his beak.Whatever you would call it. I straightened my glasses, and placed my D-Sense in my pocket.

"Something terrible is here."I said lowly. Hawkmon nodded, he must of felt it to. I walked fast to the door, not grabbing my backpack. Extra things on my back were not needed.

More than Running down the stairs, I slided on the railing part, laying my butt on it, and not my crouch.I quickly made it down to the first floor. I felt the other's sleeping, only some were awake.

"Outside."I stated lowly. I walked outside from the Hotel,Grabbing my D-Sense out of my Pants.I looked onto the battlefield. Jun,David,Laura and Alpha Magnetmon surronded A Teenager, who I say....Dressed like some clown at a circus. A Bad circus.

"Pfhht.Do you guy's need my help?Look's like you got it under control."I said lowly towards David. He was busy fighting, but he gave a "No-we need you" look quickly. I smiled.

I had to stay tough..I didn't know if this person had the ability to
mess my mind up, so I had to be tough.I couldn't look at Laura...She would soften me up, leaving for an attack...I looked inside, and felt a prescence over me..Kenichi..

"Hnnh."I muttered, and got Holy Sword out. The wind made the ruff blow, and the blade sent a mist of white. I gleamed at the chance of battle..

I looked at Jun and David to see if it was ok to allow Hawkmon to digivolve.The digimon only was a champion, and the male was poorly dressed.

["In this cruel world, love's bud will probably be smashed"-Is the translation for the quote]

Aiymee Haruda["Musekaeru you na riaru na nichijou"-Grip! By Every Little Thing]

I got up slightly, everythign dizzy,everything a blur. When everything was in a focus, Revemon was sitting on the floor, Babamon making something in a pot over the fire. The Justimon was at my foot, wrapping it up..

"It's nothing, don't worry about it."Justimon said, smiling. He continued to wrap it around a stick, a splint. Auny's little..storm hurt my leg aswell.

"Aiymee..wake up for mommy.."A Voice played over my head. I closed my eyes, laying down on a bed. I woke up floating over a body that seemed to be mine. The hair was brown, the clothing was a hospital gown. I looked at myslef. Black hair, Lavendar shirt and Black dress paints. She was me, and I was her, but in a entity...in physical features...We were different. A Brown haired lady who wore a pink Dress shirt and White Silk pants leaned over my body, creating a river.

"Please..Aiymee.I lost Haruka...I don't need you gone.Wake up from this.."She repeated over. Someone was showing my this..A Figure of gold stood before me..

'Aiymee...try to fight this thing. Yami Seraphimon is taking control over your body!'The Feature was a boys,A Seraphimon.
It looked mad..

'Let your good side flow.'He said. I wasn't a solid figure in this world, but I fell down to the ground, covering my ears..I felt something wanting to come out of me..Something wanting to be free..

'Fight it, solider.'Another voice, it seemed almost Identical to Seraphimon's. It gave a chill to my spine. I felt the voice inside of me..of good..stopping..

I was back in the bed, In the digital world. I got look's from everyone as my hair chnaged from long to short,and black to brown.

Aiymee switched time to time from good to evil....Since her evil spirit is weaker right now than her evil.She's still outside Tama Market though.

["By the REAL world choking us"Is the quote translation I used for Aiymee^^]

5th December 2003, 09:47 PM
Um, Mystic Clown said Slimemon. Slimemon is a Champion Digimon according to his Sign-up.

5th December 2003, 09:49 PM
I fixed it..Baka..baka baka baka^^;

Kioshi Wakami
5th December 2003, 10:00 PM
Jun Wakami [Just about ready to pass out]

As soon as David charged forward for the teen, I hurried up behind him, taking on that sick pile of mucus of a digimon. Electricity started to spark from my hands and around my body, making the crackling noises of something about to explode, which it did. Those bolts of electricity shot out at the slime ball and made the thing explode.

"Yosh." I said with confidence, and the thought that I destroyed it. It was then that the digimon started to slop back together and my cheer became a curse.

"Slick work, Jun." David said teasingly.

"Kuso.. (Da*nit..)" I cursed, glaring at him. That little bit caught me off gaurd and the digimon spit this glob of mucus at me right after it reformed. My mind was trying to work quick but my body was too slow to move quickly enough and the slime splattered against my leg as I jumped out of it's way. A sickening look was shown on.. half of my face as I tried to push this guk off me. How was it so harmful?

"Pfft, do you guys need my help? Looks like you have it under control." I heard someone new speak, and looked behind me to see that boy who was always hanging with the little girl.

"This is no time for games." I snapped angrily before getting back up and shooting more electricity at the digimon, which didn't seem to do much at all.

5th December 2003, 10:37 PM
Kenichi Tanaka

The sound of explosions and a few cries from outside catapulted me out of my dreams. The room was dark around me and the blankets were bunched up around my legs. I hadn't bothered to change or anything when I had hit my pillow, so I was ready to go... As soon as I knew what was going on.

My eyes adjusted to the gloom of the room quickly, to spot Aunyailia by the window. Her hair was in dissarray, her eyes were troubled, and I noticed that she was biting her lip. The classic signs of being worried were displayed across her face and body language. The light from lightning lit up her face for a brief moment, as I heard another explosion from outside. Her concerned gazed shifted from the scene to my form still on the bed, and her eyes widened.

"Kenichi!" she whispered in exclamation. I threw off the blankets and got up. Coming towards her, I gave her a concerned look of my own. Were we under attack again?

She came up to me and locked her arms around me in a quick embrace before looking up to me.

"Another digimon and a boy is attacking down on the streets, and," her eyes went down towards the ground for a second. "Laura is down there..."

I nodded quickly and moved to the dresser to scoop my D-Sense up. Depositing it into one of my vest's many pockets, I grabbed one of Aunie's hands and brought her over to the window. There the signs of the four human figures in battle below. I also saw the form of Laura's digimon in the fray, as well as an odd blob that seemed to be doing most of the attacking...

Opening up the window, I looked down and saw an emergency fire escape ladder. I sighed at this, as going through the hotel would have taken a long time. Looking back to Aunie, I gave her a grim smile.

"Seems the only option is to fight now Aunyailia," I said, taking the first step out of the room and into the air outside. Her eyes got a bit wider at this, a different sort of concern entering them.

"But it could be dangerous! You don't have Rigiamon with you," she said, an almost pleading tone entered her voice. Something in me softened with it, but I kept firm to my decision.

"Look, if we can stop these guys from attacking us, its a step in the right direction. If we run, there will be nothing to stop them from attacking us again. We'll just become targets if we don't fight," I said. "Besides, as you said the others are down there... They might need some support."

She nodded slowly, and I almost had the feeling she was holding something back... Shrugging mentally, I gave her the benefit of the doubt and stepped completely out on ladder. I heard Aunie climbing after me, the metal clanging against our shoes.

Looking down as the windows of different levels went by, I saw Satoshi run towards the battlefield. He looked fairly determined from the distance, his stride denying his previous demeanor. That could mean he had started to get over his latest encounter with Mummymon... Hawkmon must be a good at motivating people.

Kenichi, A voice whispered in my head. I almost fell down the ladder, but managed to hold on. It is Rigiamon... Just keep on going down the ladder.

I complied with Rigiamon, making my pace faster still. I'm sorry, but I'm going to have to watch this battle from afar... Those battles and digievolutions have taken it out of me from the moment, and the enemy you face now is one that I created while still in service of the Lunars. His name is Slimemon, and is working with an infected human.

I nodded to myself, and saw the ground just a few meters away. I'm sorry Kenichi, but hopefully I'll be able to observe how the human host interacts with my creation... If you need my help, I will be ontop of the hotel, but I think all of you should be able to at least drive them off.

It's ok, Rigiamon, I thought back to him. As long as I know you're watching my back, I'll feel safe.

I leapt down the last few feet, and caught Aunie as she dropped down. Bringing up my D-Sense, I felt rock ripple around my arms fluidly, this time from the plastic device instead of the cold street. A feeling of strength and security filled me as the rocky covering made my fists and forearms large.

I ran up to Satoshi, who had ignited his blade infront of the offending digimon. He looked up in surprise to see me at his side. He gave me a wide smile, and a look that truly startled me at the depths of feelings it portrayed.

"Sorry I'm late, mind if I join in?" I asked, letting out a lop-sided smile.

Satoshi smiled widely back, as if nothing would make him happier. He nodded, and I brought both of my fists up into the air. The ground began to shake...

Roy Karrde
6th December 2003, 09:06 AM
Laura Lutz
"Alpha behind you" I yelled out, my digimon followed through with a back flip, dodging another slime attack from that aweful Digimon, everyone seemed to be here, well atleast Satoshi....

"Sorry I'm late, mind if I join in?" Kenichi said to some one, I kept my back to both of them, making sure that Alpha was safe for a second I turned to see the new comers.

"No, not Satoshi" I gasped to see both Kenich and Satoshi standing near me. Satoshi couldn't be here he just couldn't, I couldn't have Alpha protect him and fight this Digimon.

"Lady lutz" Alpha pleeded, he was backed up against a wall, and the slimemon was moving in for the attack. Thinking quickly I picked up a rock and tossed it at the slimemon, it seemed to do even less damage than the electricity, but the Digimon did turn for a second to see the new attacker allowing Alpha to slip away.

"Alpha, you need to.." I began to warn him, but it was too late, he slipped upon one of the puddles of slime that had littered the battlefield and that gave the digimon just egnough time to incase him in slime. "No" I screamed, I knew that he was okay, but just seeing him in there, so helpless, now I had no idea what I could do.

I just stood back in shock, I was useless now, I didn't have any lightning attacks like Jun, I didn't have a sword like Satoshi who was now chopping away at the slimemon, I had Alpha and look what happened to it, I couldn't even have Alpha protect Satoshi now. I was just little ole me, too small to fight, and too weak to do any damage. I watched Satoshi get hit by the Slime thingie's arms and slide just a few feet from me, I knew that i shouldn't bother him in the battle, but he was taking too much time to regain his footing on the slick surface, the slimemon had turned his full attention toward Satoshi and was about to shoot his main attack at him to incase him in slime. There was one thing I could do.

"Satoshi" I screamed running over to him and pushing him across the slime, he fell and skidded a few feet and looked at me indisbelief which quickly turned to hatred.

"What the hell do you thing your.." Satoshi roared, and at that moment I felt something cold and wet fall all over me, the slime or what ever it was had covered all of my legs and forced me onto the ground while it climed it's way up to my stomach and slowly made it's way toward my head.

"Satoshi, I'm sorry, I couldn't let you get hit" I pleaded to him, as my arms collapsed underneith the newly added weight of all the slime on my back. Satoshi just watched me in shock as the slime began to cover my back, the rest of my body began to feel numb and I knew the slime had allready covered and hardened around everything but my head and neck.

"Satoshi, pleas..." I began but the aweful taste of slime flowed into my mouth and travled down my throat, all I could do is look at him as the slime entered my nose, and then crawled into my eyes, giving everything a green tint, finally it enveloped my hair, and my face went numb just like the rest of my body.

6th December 2003, 12:13 PM
~*^*~Laura Rider - Ice["I don't want to be the one the battles always choose, 'Cause inside I realize that I'm the one confused...." from "Breaking the Habit" by Linkin Park]~*^*~
I heard sudden explosions from outside, causing me and Arwen to look out the glass doors of the entrance: Satoshi, Jun, Kenichi, the other Laura, and some idiot dressed like a madman....probably like one of those Insane Clown Posse bastards those mall goths are into very much. The clown guy's digimon was like a humanoid slime monster. Arwen glared, as if she sensed a souce of darkness.

"What is it, Arwen?" I asked rather nervously, my face rather sweating coldly.

"I sense a source of dark aura around those two...clowns...." She replied, glaring rather vilely, "They are possessed by one of the Lunars." Nodding, I formed Blade of the Frozen, the katana of ice deeply resembling Sesshomaru's Tenseiga on Inu-yasha glinting in the light.

"Let's go....." I said, rushing out to the battle scene, but I felt Kouji grab my arm, holding me back.

"What about me?" He asked, looking rather confused.

"I'm not sure..." I replied, pulling away from his grip, "You don't have a digimon yet and I don't know about your spells...."

He looked down at the ground, a little discouraged, as I felt a bit sorry for how he felt, and regretting what I said. He might be a help. Shaking my head, I turned around and rushed back outside, hoping to help the crew battle.

=*=Kouji Hikazu - Light["They made the world a f*cking disgrace, made everything burn cold..." from "Send In the Clowns" by Cold]=*=
I understood well what Laura said, but that wouldn't hold me back from attempting to help. Closing my eyes, I gained a bit of confidence, and ran outside behind Laura....feeling ready to battle. Opening my eyes, I noticed a girl, maybe ten years old, enveloped in slime caused by a humanoid beast. Jun, two other chosen children, and the two's digimon tried to fight of the plasma...as Laura tried to pick out a target, Arwen doing the same.

I wondered...who to hit? Humanoid digimon, slime taking over, or the insane-looking bastard? Shrugging, I looked up at Laura, who was now fighting off slime with her ice katana, Arwen dodging the slime from kncking her over and inflicting small ice attacks on it to ward it off. Gritting my teeth, I glared at the maniac who was apparently 'possessed' by darkness, he....he was like the ringmaster at a freak show. He maniacly laughed, as he formed a whip-like vine of thorns and cracked it at me, somewhat slashing against me. I felt the pain melt inside of me, but I glared. Suddenly, my hands created two stars of light energy, one yellow, one navy blue...and I glared at him.

Hikari Blaster, Kouji.... A voice, rather comforting, whispered to me within my head, reminding me somewhat of my mother's, Use it wisely... I nodded slightly, rushing out of the way to dodge the thorny whip.

"Hikari Blaster!" I yelled, jumping into the air, throwing the two stars at him. He smirked and dodged the yellow one, and the navy blue one struck about half of his left arm. He looked rather amazed, as Laura looked confused. She gave me a calm nod, sorta looking as if to say Good luck.... Arwen yet continued to use her Chibi Ice Yonder attacks against the slime aiming for her, the icicles forming at her tail diving through the plasma with their razor sharp edges.....

6th December 2003, 03:00 PM
I've come down with something, too. My computer keeps slowing down. It seems people just don't notice David's prescence.

There was plenty of us now to overpower this one person, but I had other priorities first.

"Okay," I muttered. I slipped my jacket off my shoulders as I ran at an angle toward the wall.

I propelled myself Prince of Persia-style across the side of the wall before landing with a semi-graceful thud back on the otherside of this battlefield with the others.

"You guys continue fighting!" I said, "I'll see if I can get Laura out of this muck."

I began looking over her form so that I may find a soft spot in the ambered slime. Something to stick my arms into before it was too late. One shove and I found that the small of her back was still in an amorphous state. I grimaced, it was a disgusting feeling really, but it would do. I summoned all of my power for what I was about to perform. My mind pictured a vine that was strong, supple and had a pretty good grip.


A soft rumbling sound was heard as the vines that I had pictured just burst forth from sidewalk cracks and under the pavement were seeds were often hidden. I silently commanded the vines to wrap around my arms and stick itself into this solidifying muck.

The idea was to do to this amber what plants do to some rocks. Grow into its cracks and split it apart.

It was mind-boggingly slow, the amber was surprisingly strong. I realized that it might help if I could make it slightly more brittle. I turned my head to see that I might have found my opportunity.

"Laura!" I barked, "I need some help! Can you freeze this solid gunk so that it's easier to break?!"

6th December 2003, 03:35 PM
Satoshi Takinowa[' "Ato sukoshi" to yuu kyori ga fumidasenakute'-My Will (By: Dream)]

I stopped, my body numb in shock as Laura was being covered in a disgusting green slime. I felt a fire of rage build inside of me, and this only fueled it more. Her mouth..her eyes...Everything covered in slime.

"You guys continue fighting!" David said, "I'll see if I can get Laura out of this muck."

I somewhat wanted to help him, but I would most likely hurt Laura, so I decided to fight. But the flame of rage burned deep. I wanted to kill that Male-Clown and his Slimemon..I wanted to strangle them..

I quickly felt my eyes burning up in rage as Slimemon kept attacking. I used this to Try to slash at the Slimemon, but he would repeatedly duck, or worse, my sword would go threw his humaniod slime body. Nothing worked.

"Hawkmon.."I muttered. He shook his head no, in a tired way. He was worked out from the Mummymon and all the digivolving he has done. I sighed, but he would need his rest if anything happened later on today.

The mist around my sword grew and grew, and I felt the winds increasing around me. Kenichi,Jun and Kouji kept attacking him as I tried to find my spot..

[Unable to move forward across "just a little more" distance-is the translation for the quote I used.]

Kioshi Wakami
6th December 2003, 04:00 PM
Okay my post is fixed.

Jun Wakami [Is getting annoying]

So the slime was dangerous. I gasped as the goo crawled up my legs and hardened them in place. Things weren't looking up for me at all. I growled a bit and shot some electricity bolts at the growing mucus, causing it to shatter off my legs. Quickly I spun around and noticed the little girl was incased in the hardened slime as well.

"Kuso.. what the hell is this thing!?" I shouted. David ordered us to keep fighting so I did. I shot the digimon again, not harming it since my electricity didn't have any effect on the da*n digimon at all. It just made it explode and it'd simply reform itself. However, I'm sure it got annoying after awhile.

My heart fluttered and my head swam as drowsyness overcame me. This was too much work when one hadn't slept all that much. I kept going after the digimon, making it burst and take a few minutes to reform itself so others could focus on the teen.

"Laura help David! Sataoshi and everyone else, go after that clown guy! It won't stop unless he is gone anyways!!" I shouted an order, jumping out of the way of another slime ball as the digimon managed to come back together. I growled and bolted it again, hitting it's head and caused it to splatter on the ground. This happened over and over again, and after awhile I was able to just stand there and wait for it to somewhat reform before blasting it again into a million green splatters.

Roy Karrde
6th December 2003, 04:19 PM
Hey number 240

Doctor Cigil
I walked along with Satoshi's mother for a few more minutes, when a sound drew my attention back to my patients room. I ran back to the room with Akira right on my heels, and threw open the door. Laura's body was convulsing, flopping around the bed like a dead fish, she made a gagging sound from her mouth like there was something stuck in it, and her monitor showed that she had gone flat line.

"What the.." I began rushing over to her and calling several doctors over, she wasn't getting any air in, but that was impossible nothing was obstructing her air ways.

"We need you to leave ma'am" One of the doctors said to Akira as the shuffled her out of the room, I glanced back at her as they shut the door and then turned back to my patient. Quickly I grabbed a breathing mask, placed it over her face, and ran a tube down her throat, it was a temporary solution, but if she doesnt start breathing soon, I would have a whole new set of problems on my hands.

Laura Lutz
One moment I saw the slime over take me, the next I started hearing it crack while green vines creeped all around me. I struggled against the slime bonds that held me, and finally the casing shattered allowing me to get out, gagging I ripped off the vines and placed a hand over my mouth as I ran for the fountain.

I almost tripped over the slime and the fountain as I tossed my head over and puked over and over again until that retched slime was out of my throat, coughing a few more times I finally sighed and slumped over the fountain.

"It's going to be okay" I heard some one say, who ever it was placed a comforting hand on my back and slowly turned me over so that I was laying on the fountain. I opened one of my eyes and groaned, everything was all swirly with dots flashing in and out of my vision.

"Satoshi" I moaned trying to get up but who ever it was kept me pressed against the fountain. "No, he could be in trouble I need to help him" I struggled as my vision finally cleared, off to my side I could see Kenichi and the rest taking on a badly beaten Digimon, that slimemon thing it had to be the one they were fighting, the ground all around it was destroyed like a earthquake hit it, and they looked like they had began to move in for the kill.

"Everything's going to be fine" The voice soften, I struggled to focus on the person above me, he finally came into focus, and the last person in the world I thought would be there was standing over me. "Satoshi" I moaned, letting my body relax a little.

"Hey, thanks for saving me back there...you know this green look doesnt look that bad on you" Satoshi said reaching up to move a slimey green strand of hair out of my face. I smiled and almost laughed at the whole situation, I could never keep my self clean in the Digital world, and now I must look worce than ever.

"Hey, what are little sister's for I guess" I replied to him, coughing up a little bit of slime, slowly almost trembling I reached up with my left hand and stroked his cheek with it. He reached up with his own hand, and I almost expected him to move my hand away, but instead he softly wraped his arms around my hand and closed his eyes, when he opened them again, I could see that he was almost crying.

"I..I could of gotten you killed back there" He said, struggling not to cry.

"Hey, you didnt,you should know by now that I can make it through anything" I said, reaching my other hand up I brushed some of his tears away, but he just shook his head and I moved my hand away.

"No, one of these days, I'm going to get you killed, I dont want that, I dont want you getting hurt becuase I wasn't there to stop some one, or becuase you were trying to save me" He replied taking my hand off of his face and placing it back on the fountain.

"I'm..sorry" He finally said and walked off toward Kenichi.

6th December 2003, 04:56 PM
Kenichi Tanaka

The ground was cracked and broken from my earthquake, and moving was hard enough. It had disrupted the flow of the battle somewhat, making everyone choose where they went carefully. Sweat had begun to creep around my form, as through the course of the battle I had to swerve, dodge, and drop to the ground at a moment's notice or else I would be slapped with green goo or a whip from the clown faced guy. This was not a good day for rest...

"Laura help David! Sataoshi and everyone else, go after that clown guy! It won't stop unless he is gone anyways!!" Jun shouted.

I snorted inwardly. I wasn't one to obey orders usually, but he had a point. That digimon seemed to be invincible, at least at the level where our attacks were concerned. At least the human joker was well... Human. He could be brought down.

"Hey, over here clown-face!" I shouted at the boy, trying to get his attention. I got his attention and then some as he turned to smirk at me. A high pitched cackle erupted from his throat, as his gaze became wide and sharp. Snapping his wrist delicately, a vine covered in jagged vines hurtled towards me. Reflexively I dropped down to the ground, letting the lines of green swipe where I had just been.

From my position on the ground, I saw the casing around Laura crack, and Satoshi get her out to the fountain. This took one bit of weight off of my mind, the little girl out of danger. Now all that was left were these jokers.

Standing up, another set of whips came at me. This time I ignored my reflexes, and brought up my two craggy arms. This time, the whips wrapped arcross my arms. The thorns did not penetrate the whips, however, and the clown infront of me gave me a startled look as he realized both of his hands were now occupied with this tug of war.

"Gai's grip!" I shouted, as new rock covered the vines on my arms. The whips were now thoroughly stuck against my being, as I pulled with all my might. He tripped from the sidelines, a clear look of hatred on his face.

Kenichi! Rigiamon said in my head. I have observed that it is only the D-Sense in that boy's possesion that is keeping Slimemon in champion mode! If we use our D-Senses to block that signal, he will go back to being the disgusting rookie I created!

I nodded, and continued to move around to stop the clown from getting up.

"Guys, Rigiamon says if we use our D-Senses on Slimemon, he won't be able to stay in champion mode! He'll be vunerable!" I shouted, throwing up my arms as the clown tripped on a patch of upturned road. "I'll keep his partner busy with a little tug of war until then!"

7th December 2003, 03:23 PM
~*^*~Laura Rider - Ice["I'd rather be all alone(No, no turning back now), Anywhere on my own 'cause I can see(No, no turning back now) The very worst part of you is me..." from "Lying From You" by Linkin Park]~*^*~
"Guys, Rigiamon says if we use our D-Senses on Slimemon, he won't be able to stay in champion mode! He'll be vunerable!" I heard Kenichi say, as he threw up his vine-wrapped arms, causing the insane guy to trip due to a crack in the upturned road, "I'll keep his partner busywere with a little tug-of-war until then!"

I nodded to that response, but I felt confused in thought....How could we use our D-Senses to stop him? Sighing, I looked down at my D-Sense, then to Arwen, maybe I could help if she could digivolve to KooriNekomon. Pulling it out, I recreated the pentaccle from our first battle with Quetzalmon, trying to remember what I said before she digivolved last time.

"May the power of the Koori return to my side!" I shouted, raising my D-Sense, "Digivolution activate!" The D-Sense's screen flashed a bright white color, as Arwen was enveloped in a silvery white light.

"Yukimon....Digivolve to....KooriNekomon!" Arwen said, the light fading to reveal the large, leopard-like digimon at the champion level. Arwen nodded to me, as I leapt on her back.

"Until we can figure out how to use the D-Sense to weaken Slimemon, I'll fight off what slime I can!" I announced to them, as Arwen dashed around Slimemon, trying to figure out where the slime was originating from, Kouji kept trying to fight off the clown-face along with Kenichi, yet it seemed rather confusing. My ice katana glided across the slime trails hurdling towards any of the chosen children, as Arwen stopped, about to use her main attack.

"Spirit of Capricorn!" She shouted, emitting a beam of ice from her mouth towards Slimemon. Yet, unfortunately, the attack just bounced right off him, heading back towards me, and I had to dodge it, yet it still struck my hair.

"He's too strong...." I told Arwen rather sorrowfully and nervously, still quiet. I grew faithless right then, it was no use, we'd probably be killed by the two....

7th December 2003, 03:24 PM
OoC: Tommorow begins December, and you know what that means for those who also use Neopets.....^^;;
I use Neopets... What's your username? Mine's _nabooru_123_ :)
And, um, sorry I've been gone... Sick... Can't post now, just thought y'all oughta know :wave:

8th December 2003, 03:41 PM
Feel better, Nabooru. My throat has been bothering me lately, and stuff. My Neopet's name is "Onceuponamidnight"...and "star_light2007".But I'm mostly on my first name I gave you.

Satoshi Takinowa[It wouldn't be a Christmas without you.]

Laura's(older) hair got frozen from the deflected Ice Attack. I made sure the younger Laura was ok, she was still near the fountain.

'Guys, Rigiamon says if we use our D-Senses on Slimemon, he won't be able to stay in champion mode! He'll be vunerable!'Kenichi's voice echoed in my thought's..What did he mean by that exactly?I kept on thinking as I looked at the male, and kept catching my breath. I could feel my body tired and my sword getting heavier. This had to end fast.

I looked at my D-Sense, looking to see if there was another button to press....I felt it vibrating lightly, like it was a ticking time bomb or something..

Then, the device glew. The rim glew gold as the base glew silver.It's light hypnotized me to place it forward. I got weird stares from the others, but some of them joined in.The light formed a box around the Slimemon, and you heared a little wurring noise coming from it's Poorly-dressed Master.

(Gah..stupid writers block.I'll write more later.)

Roy Karrde
8th December 2003, 04:01 PM
Laura Lutz
Kenichi told me what to do and I just looked at my D-thingie, what could it do and should we really be doing this? I mean were killing off this person's digimon, and oh man do I feel icky. I began to struggle to get up but I still had problems trying to get my legs to move right, plus add to the fact that Satoshi had dug his knee into my stomach while he was trying to help me, but I would never tell him that.

"Ugh" I groaned rising up to try and do what every one else was doing and help bring down the slime Digimon. I began to rise my D-thingie up into the air when I felt a sharp pain from where Satoshi had placed his knee, and I colapsed, trying to gasp for breath.

"Here, let me help you" Satoshi's comforting voice said, he placed one strong hand around my waste, and I supported myself against his body, I closed my eyes and felt so at peace, I wanted to stay there in his grip and pretend that we werent here in this evil place.

"Laura, your D-Sense " He reminded me which brought me out of my daze.

"Oh right" I smiled up at him and rose my hand up to join his, allowing the light to pulse from it and join the others.

"Satoshi?" I asked leaning against him, he looked at me waiting for what I was going to say, I closed my eyes again, and leaned against him. "Can you just hold me?" I asked.

Yami Annika
8th December 2003, 08:03 PM
Aunyailia Vergere

I watched the chaos all around me. Arkana and his Digimon fought wonderfully together. Every movement vibrated in the air. I felt warm inside.

Then, Kenichi gave the order.

"...use our D-Senses on Slimemon, he won't be able to stay in champion mode! He'll be vulnerable!"

All this power, on a rookie? He wouldn't be just vulnerable. He'd be dead. But what of the boy...? Would they kill him in their rage as well?

I watched there movements, etching every millimeter into my memories. If they would kill this boy so easily... It could be my fate as well.

I took out my D-Sense and examined it out of the corner of my eye. I was glad, for once, of my morning hair. It covered my face. Had Arkana recognized me... It was not time for that yet. In my hand, the D-Sense vibrated softly.

"Use your D-Sense," a thought crept upon my mind, whispered in my ear. "It will nullify their's, help his."

I stared ahead, blankly. I pocketed my D-Sense, pushing it to the very bottom.

"Aunyailia!" Kenichi yelled for my attention. I turned my head slightly to his direction. Everyone was concentrating on their D-Senses, some using them. "Help us, use your D-Sense like I said!" I shook my head visibly. He did a bit of a double-take. Even the younger Laura glanced in my direction. "What?"

"If you trust me," I answered clearly, sadly. "I won't have to answer that question."

Excuses fled my mind. I couldn't risk killing the Digimon... Something was wrong, it wasn't their fault...

I took a few steps back, into the shadows of the hotel building. Inside, I watched pitifully. I made careful note to watch their movements. In my outward appearance, I tried to send everyone strength and words of encouragement. My face was full of hope, hope that the good guys would win.

But, perhaps, in this battle... my possible fate would be sealed.

8th December 2003, 09:31 PM
"Let go!" I snarled as I tried to get my whip from that kid. All of a sudden, there was a bright light and a box of light appeared around Slimemon.
"What's happening?" I cried. My D-sense began to hum and suddenly, Slimemon de-digivolved back to Jammon.
"Alright!" the kid said, pumping the air, "It worked!" My jaw dropped.
This was planned out from the begining!?
"Come on guys!" the kid callde, "He's vulnerable! Attack!" Their digimon fired all their attacks at once! I couldn't let Jammon get blown to bits! I'd miss the little guy! Plus I didn't have anyone else to boss around.
"Jamm Defender!!" I cried. A mini Jammon appeared in front of the original.
"What the!?" one of the girls cried. The Jamm Defender blocked their attack. Jammon floated to my side.
"You saved me sir," he said.
"Don't get used to it," I replied. I then looked back at the kids.
"You may have won this round!" I snarled, "But this isn't the last you've heard of the great Arkana!!" I threw a smoke bomb into the ground and it exploded, allowing us to escape.
I'll get those brats! I'll make sure they pay!

8th December 2003, 11:20 PM
Kenichi Tanaka

"You may have won this round!" the clown snarled, "But this isn't the last you've heard of the great Arkana!!" The smokebomb the hit the ground, and the two moved as one away from the group...

To my dismay, the fool hadn't let go of the whips. With one smooth movement, I found myself lifted right off my feet. Tripping like Arkana had done when I had been the one leading him, I felt myself dragged down the cracked road.

"Let go of that whip you idiot!" I cried. A form dropped down from a nearby building, and cut the vine that connected me to the renegade fool. It was a bit late however, as I felt myself connect with a lampost.

I seemingly stopped at the lamp post, both my legs and arms shoved in a forward position while my body hung on the metal pole. Slowly, my body slid down it, and I landed on my back. A dazed expression came across my face, as I saw Rigiamon's concerned face look down at me from above.

"Are you alright Kenichi?" He said.

I nodded in a daze, a goofy expression plastered across my face. "Yup, as soon as the world stops spinning, I think I might be ok..."

"Kenichi?" I heard another voice next to me. My eyes took a second to adjust, then I saw it was Auny. My smile was still plastered to my face, I was out of it for the moment.

"Well, at least its over now..." I said, as Auny helped me up from the street. The world spun in a very unstable manner beneath my feet. Rigiamon moved off towards Laura and Satoshi, while Auny kept me upright. Her face displayed worry at my condition, and I felt better for it.

"Are you sure you're alright, Kenichi?" she whispered, leaning in close to my face, checking all the same to make sure I was ok.

"Yes, I think I just need to be on my feet for awhile..." I sputtered out, looking right into Auny's eyes. Time seemed to convulse with the beating of my heart at that moment, and her face seemed all the more closer. "Thanks for helping me out here..."

"No, I want to help you..." She said, her voice becoming quieter if anything. Then, she got closer to me and we kissed. Our lips softly connected, and I felt a charge run through my body, dispelling a greater portion of my lethargy. It seemed to last for a few minutes, unlike the few seconds it actually lasted. When we parted from each other, I noticed she was wearing her own dazed expression, a blush evident on her face. I no doubt mirrored it myself...

The others were still recovering from the aftermath in the battle, and I could not be sure that anybody had seen it. I had not idea what had taken over me at that moment... But I had enjoyed it. This is a very new feeling... I thought to myself...

Rigiamon- (clean-up crew)

Leaving Kenichi to Aunyailia, I shook my head inwardly. I could see the feelings between them grow, but I could not be sure if this was a good development. On one hand, it would be easier to examine the girl with my partner close to her. On the other hand, I would have to be much quieter about my investigation... And the little blip of information I had caught from her D-Sense. I could not be sure of what it was yet, but if I observed her for long enough...

Keeping to the task on hand, I approached Laura and Satoshi. Both looked worse for wear from the battle, Laura still covered in pieces of the digimon Slimemon. I could detect its data on the ground and in the fountain as well. Most excellent development...

Raising all four arms in the air, I screamed loudly. The group looked at me at once in astonishment, as the wind around the area picked up. I continued screaming, as bits of slime lifted up off the ground, and collided with my form. Laura's eyes widened as the hardened slime from her own body lifted up of its own accord, and hurled itself at me.

A plume of water also arose from the fountain, as the remants left there also hurled towards me. Piece by piece, the data from Slimemon was absorbed into my skin, my defences quickly analyzing the parts I needed and incorporating them into my system. Pieces of Rimon, the digimon I had been sang in joy as they were rejoined with my original code.

With a blast of dark energy, a cloud of black covered my form briefly. Four black wings made of smoke emerged from my back, and my eyes glowed a red that leaked into the air above me. My muscles bulged, and my power expanded, instantly vaporizing the concrete beneath me. Satoshi and Laura looked at me in horror... Then it was over.

With a hiss, the smoke vanished, and I returned to my Rigiamon form. The dark energy no longer clouded my being, and I bowed low to the both of them.

"Thank you for your assistance in retrieving some of my code. I believe I will fetch the group's bags now."

I leapt high into the air, and dissapeared into the hotel's windows...