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30th December 2002, 04:30 AM
Greetings. I Mystic_clown (or MC if you like) invite the people of the Pokemasters RPG Forum, to a trip to a fabulous 5 star hotel for the summer.
[Uses magic to teleport himself to hotel]
Sorry, I canít remember the name. Anyway, Iím also going to hold a big party at the end of the summer, and youíre all invited! Iíve booked the pent house suits for you guys. The pool is on the ground floor as well as a hot tub. There is a beach round the back and a disco floor on the second floor. Thereís a restaurant on the third floor and a bar in the basement for all those who are eighteen and over. It will be two people to a room (if you want to be with a particular person, put it on your sign up form, or else Iím making the decisions myself). This RPG is rated MA, so there will be swearing, a small amount of nudity and some violence. But in order to pay for the rooms, some of you (including me) will have to have summer jobs. A lot of crazy stuff will happen while weíre here (eg; breaking into the house that you were painting that you think belongs to two lesbians, sound familiar?). Also, if Bear joins, Iím not going to stop anyone from destroying his car (thatís your choice, not mine). See you there.

Sign up form:
Name: duh (you can put your username in if you like)
Age: also duh
Appearance: Iíd appreciate it if you put in what you REALLY look like.
Stuff you brought: triple duh (firearms are not allowed.
Summer Job: optional (note; Iíd like at least 6 people doing jobs)
Other: duh, duh and triple duh.

Hereís mine
Name: Ben Kerr, Mystic_clown, Kermit or MC (itís your choice)
Age: 14
Appearance: has short, black, messy hair and brown eyes. He wears glasses, a white shirt, black pants and a red coat.
Stuff you brought: Beer, video camera, fire crackers, practical jokes.
Summer Job: house painter
Other: n/a

30th December 2002, 07:43 AM
Name: Strider or Brenden, Strider is my NN though.
Age: 21
Appearance:Uh.. I'm wearing my Pajamas lol ok I'll become Serious. Black Hair, Black pupils,Not Very fat, Skinny and is 6'6. Smooth body and skinny, as I said above. Black Shirt, Black sweatpants, Black Boots ( Heh, The Black man)
Stuff you brought: This is tough since no fire arms. Uhhh...... Ahhhh! A Bag of Gummi Bears and his Teddy Bear Raven....
Other: Likes to drink Beer

RaZoR LeAf
30th December 2002, 11:38 AM
Sorry to spoil your fun, but technically this is a party. There's no real plot to it. The rules say parties have to be mod approved and only if they are seasonal ones such as Christmas, Spring break, etc. Since ther'es a lready a holiday party topic, and it's 6 months atleast until summer actually starts, this is a bit out of it's time.

-"Parties" and "Dances" are not RPG, unless they are part of another RPG. In this case, they should be help within the topic. The only exceptions to this rule are the full-forum dance topics, such as the ĎChristmas Dance.í These are allowed, but must be moderator-approved before being posted and set up. These will be treated as normal RPGs, simply without the sign-up.

30th December 2002, 12:25 PM
RaZor is right. This would be classified as a Party of some sort. In order for this to be approved, you would need a plot to iti- but as far as I can read, this will have no plot whatsoever.

You should try putting a plot in, and making it more RPG like because this is way to far along the lines of a Party.

Sorry... but I gotta close it.