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28th October 2003, 10:42 PM
There is currently only 18 RED spots left and only 17 BLUE spots left so sign up quick. No reserving spots.

Well today im making a new tourney for the DEMO version of midnight club II. The rules are simple all you have to do is follow these steps.

Step#1: Download the Demo from ->HERE<- (http://www.rockstargames.com/midnightclub2/downloads.html)

STEP#2: Install the demo.

STEP#3:Sign up here by doing the following, Post your name, your vehicle, and your vehicle color (only red and blue shades,no orange, this will come into the next tournament i am makin with MCII) that u will be raceing in.

STEP#4:Wait for other racers to sign up.

Right now im aiming for 36 people. We will arange the races so that all the players will be able to race. But if a person is able to race and is late by 10 minutes they are disgualified. I will always be in a race but not always raceing. If i am not raceing i will drive to the finish line to see who wins the race. Of coarse these races are goin to be pass word protected so onlt we will be able to race. The password BTW will be TPM. There are, coarse, rules that the racers must follow.

Rule#1: No swearing or sexual them talk.

Rule#2: No flaming on other people.

Rule#3: Do not come into a race sign up ON THE GAME if you are not raceing.

So there are the rules. If you brake them you get kicked out of the hole tournement. You also must chose either to have a shade of RED or BLUE car and it must be half and half for the colours so only 18 reds and 18 blues. Oh and i almost forgot HAVE FUN!!! EDIT: BTW to go online and download it is FREE!!!!

Here is my sign up.
Vehicle Color: Dark Blue

29th October 2003, 05:46 AM
...this is for online pokemon battling (bots/netbattle/whatever else). you should have posted this in the video games forum. i doubt you'll get that many people signing up for this, anyway.