View Full Version : 1st Attempt @ Writing FanFics... Help Needed and Appreciated...

CoolTrainer IcEz
30th December 2002, 08:58 AM
Hi! I'm thinking of writing a fanfic but I would like to know a few opinions before writing it. I've actually got the plot planned out but I'm not sure if anyone would read it. I don't want to write a fic only to see it have 0 replies.... The name of my fic is PokeMole. As the name suggests it's a pokemon version of the reality TV show, The Mole. Basically, there are a group of people. Most likely characters from pokemon. Anyway, one of them is a mole, a saboteur. His/her purpose is to sabotage the group so that they are unable to win as much money. However, at the same time he/she must do it in such a manner that the others do not discover that he/she is the mole. The group will be split up into different tasks which will earn them a certain amount of money that goes into a group pot. The winner of the entire show will then receive that amount of money. At the end of every episode, each member of the group will answer a series of questions and the person with the lowest correct answers will be removed from the game. The interesting thing about this fanfic is that the mole is not revealed to the reader as well. So they can guess along... What do you think? And not many people actually watch the mole so how do I overcome that problem? I've done the 1st chapter but I usually take quite a while to complete each chapter... What should I do? Thanks for all your opinions and suggestions.

1st January 2003, 08:53 PM
for the people who don't watch The Mole on tv, the explanation you just gave in the last post would do just fine for them. explain the rules of the tv game before writing out the first epi, and i think they'll b smart enough to figger it out ;). as for this whole idea, it'd certainly be original and fun, but kinda tough too. seems like it'd be difficult to make the mole not so obvious, but guessable. If you can come by ideas for the show/fic quickly and efficiently, then definitely go for this. even if there aren't much readers, i'd think it'd still be fun to write this kinda fic ^_^. cool idea! if you're excited about it then get writin' :)

Psi Yamaneko
3rd January 2003, 05:11 PM
It seems to me that you have enthusiasm. That's a big part of writing a good fic. You said that characters are removed from the game, maybe you could have readers vote on which character should be removed next. In this type of fanfiction, reader-writer interaction goes a long way. I've seen it.

Chris 2.1
4th January 2003, 09:01 AM
This sounds good. I have never watched the Mole but i can honestly say i am anticipating this fic. It sounds good. Psi is right; maybe a weekly poll on who should go would keep people-fic interactions high. Fics like those have done really well, so i'd be suprised if this didn't.

CoolTrainer IcEz
4th January 2003, 09:17 AM
But the problem with the poll is that what will happen if the audience votes for the mole? Maybe a "Who is the Mole?" poll would be a better idea... What do you think?