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2nd November 2003, 07:58 PM

I’d like to thank everyone for voting. Although I will say, the nomination turn-out was poor, the voting turn out was far better. Those of you who did not vote- perhaps vote next time, because voting is a key to the awards. You are helping fellow Rpers by doing your part, and voting in the awards is one of them.

Any how, there were a LOT of close calls… and a lot of ties as well. Everyone should feel honored for being nominated in anything, and if your character’s won awards, you should feel proud for creating such fine characters. The same goes with RPGs… because with out character and RPGs, we would be able to role play to begin with. Every single Role Player here however, deserves an award because every one counts. No RPG is complete with out all the particapants who signed up in it, and with out them RPGs would be a total flop.

Congrats to everyone who won as well, because you all deserve it. Everyone who won deserved it, and everyone who was nominated in that category should feel honored as well. Some of the voting was very close, which shows how much talent and creativity we have in the RPG forums to begin with. Don’t be afraid to show your talents!

With out everyone in the RPG forums, we wouldn’t have awards or anything… and I personally think everyone in our forum deserves recognition for what they’ve done.

Lastly, and least importantly, I’d like to say that I also feel humbled and ver y honored to have won some of the awards that I did. I can honestly say that for the award(s) I won, I could name at least three other people who I thought deserved it more than I did, but I feel very honored that some people thought I suited the category. My characters feel very humbled as well – all of them that were nominated do, and I’m sure that Yuar Oro wouldn’t mind being the cutest male character in this forum, and I’m sure he would feel very proud to have been 30-something years of age, and tying with a little girl (Alu Summers) for being the cutest.
Yuar Oro: *shakes head and sighs* I’d rather be handsome… and dangerous…
*huggles her char* You’re my bishie boy!
Also, I’m sure that Rain would love it to be tied with the friendliest character, and having the best view on things. Gyvien would also probably not like it however, to know that people pitty her for her tortured past. Lol, but I think it is great that people think she was tortured… err… yeah… this sounds bad. ANYWHO… *sweatdrops*
Thank you guys…


*~ The RPers ~*

Best All Around -
Bulbasaur4 – IIIIII
Darkmaster Kagemusa - I

Best Character Creator -
Bulbasaur4 – IIIII
MechAlphaChannel - I
OutlawJT - III

Best Plotter -
Razor Leaf - II
Outlaw JT – III
Mystic Clown - I

Most Creative -
Mewtwo-D2 – IIII
Naburoo23 - III

Most Dedicated RPer -
Thargor- II
Asilynne - II
Mew Master- III

Most Wanted Author -
Kuro Espeon- I
Asilynne - I
Bulbasaur4 – IIIIII

Best Writer -
Razor Leaf - III
Drusilla – III

Most Enjoyable -
Bulbasaur4 - II
Master Rudy – III
Asilynne - I
Mew Trainer Rose - II
Darkmaster Kagemusa - I

Nicest -
Master Rudy - II
Bulbasaur4 –IIIIII

Funniest -
PokemasterFrank - III
Marshmallow Egg – IIIII

Most Improved -
Shaka - I
Gothic Latias – IIIII

MVN (Most Valuable Newbie) -
Pokemasterfrank - I
Asilynne – IIIIIII

*~ The RPGs ~*

Please name the creator and the name of the RPG.

Best All Around -
Dawn of the Blood Moon - Asilynne

Most Original -
Sins of Blood - Ultimate Charizard - II
Dragon's in the Stars – Moltrecuno - I
Chains of Dragons - Mew Master – III

Best Pokemon RPG -
The Disgraced - Razor Leaf – IIII
Trainer's Redemption – Operaphantom - I

Best Non-Pokemon RPG -
Those Who Dream at Sunrise - Master Rudy/Asilynne - I
Dragonball FS – OutlawJT - I
Dawn of the Blood Moon – Asilynne - I
Chains of Dragons - Mew Master - II
Ala Day - Bulbasaur4 – III

Most Persistent -
Dragonball SA – pokemasterfrank - III
Chains of Dragons - Mew Master – III

Best Sequel/Prequel -
Those Who Dream at Sunrise - Asilynne/Master Rudy – IIIIII
M-E-W Castle - Arctic Articuno/Kuro Espeon?

Best Remake (Restarting a previous RPG) -
Pokemorphs - Mr. SmileAKASkrusti - I
Dragonball VG – Nall - I
Zoids: The Rebirth - Ultimate Charizard – IIIII

Best Book-based RPG -
Pokemorphs - Mr.SmileAKASkrusti

Best Anime/TV/Manga based RPG -
Those Who Dream at Sunrise - Master Rudy/Asilynne – IIIII
Ala Day - Bulbasaur4 - II
Dragonball FS – OutlawJt - I

Best Almost-RPG (RPGs that were great but never got really started) -
UnNatural Disasters- Hurricane – II
Legend of Dragoon: Heart of a DRagon - The Muffin Man - I
Cyborg 0014 – Opaque Onigoori – II

Most Wanted Sequel/Prequel -
Those Who Dream at Sunrise - Master Rudy/Asilynne - I
When Angels Deserve to Die - Mewtwo-D2 - II
Chains of Dragons - Mew Master - I
Eeveelutions - Bulbasaur4/TMM – III

Most Wanted RPG Type -
Dark - II
Anime - I
Dragons - I
Vampires – II
Sci-Fi – II
Lord of the Rings

*~ The Characters ~*

Please name the character, the creator of the character, and the RPG it was in.

Best All Around -
Myra Summers - Asilynne - Dawn of the Blood Moon/TWDaS - III
Rudy Summers - Master Rudy - DotBM/TWDas – IIII

Best Villain -
Ashram - OutlawJT - Sins of Blood - II
Lantis - NPC - Dawn of the Blood Moon – IIIII

Best Looking -
Rudy Summers - Master Rudy - Those Who Dream at Sunrise - I
Gyvien Summers - Bulbasaur4 - Dawn of the Blood Moon/TWDaS - I
"Snitch" - Elemental Seribii – TWDaS – II
Chamel - MechaAlphaChamel - Chains of Dragons - I
Jingo- Mystic_clown- Inuyasha- Rise of the Demons – II

Most Original -
Girl - Mewtwo-D2- Those Who Dream at Sunrise – IIII
Horus - Sheik - Chains of Dragons - III

Most Persistent -
Makura - Kuro Espeon - Dragonball FS – II

Most Wanted Returning Character -
Rudy Summers – Master Rudy – Those Who Dream at Sunrise – IIIII
Yuar Oro – Bulbasaur4 – DotBM/TWDaS – II

Most Evil –
Roland – Shaka – Dawn of the Blood Moon

Most Friendly –
Rudy Summers – Master Rudy – DotBM – I
Farwell – Asilynne – DotBM/TWDaS – I
Vared – Mew Trainer Rose – Chains of Dragons – II
Denisu Wamiyazen (Saké) – Mew Master – Chains of Dragons - I
Rain- B4- Ala Day – II

Most Power-hungry -
Blackout - Razor Leaf – Disgraced - II
Roland- Shaka – DotBM – III
Lantis - NPC – DotBM
Kage Ikagaide - Darkmaster Kagemusa - Chains of Dragons - I

Most Aggressive - [/b][i]
Koger - OutlawJT - Those Who Dream at Sunrise - I
Roku - Kuro Espeon - Sins of Blood - I
Ashram - OutlawJT - Sins of Blood - I
Kage Ikagaide - Darkmaster Kagemusa - Chains of Dragons – III
Arisu Lee- Lady Ali- Ala Day - I

Most Passive -
Shaina-Eve Calloway - Marshmallow Egg - Ala Day – IIII
Azaefel - Jennie - When Angels Deserve to Die – II
Myra Summers - Asilynne - DotBM/TWDaS - I

Best History -
Myra Summers - Asilynne - DotBM/TWDaS – III
Seikoru "Sei" Miramoto - Prof. Jb Wolf - Inuyasha-Rise of the Demons - I
Riki-chan - Thargor - Ala Day - I

Most Tortured -
David Summers - Master Rudy - Sins of Blood - I
Gyvien Summers - Bulbasaur4 - DotBM/TWDaS – IIIIII

Most Mysterious -
Koger - OutlawJt - Those Who Dream at Sunrise – II
Vylianne - Bulbasaur4 - DotBM/TWDaS
Shadow - Master Rudy – TWDaS - I
Seylin Hatsuki – Nabooru23 – Chains of Dragons – II
Nuance - Bulbasaur4 - The Disgraced - I

Koger - OutlawJT - Those Who Dream at Sunrise - II
Mike and Kris - VirtualPlay – TWDaS - II
Drusilla - Drusilla – TWDaS – II

Best Couple -
Rudy and Myra Summers - Master Rudy/Asilynne - Those Who Dream at Sunrise

Cutest (can be male or female *shrug*) -
Alu Summers - Shaka - Those Who Dream at Sunrise – III
David Summers - Master Rudy - Sins of Blood
Go (Taiyago) - Bulbasaur4 - Dragonball VG
Yuar Oro – Bulbasaur4 – TWDaS/DotBM – III

Most Antisocial –
Girl – Mewtwo- D2 – Those Who Dream at Sunrise – III
Gyvien - Bulbasaur4 - Dawn of the Blood Moon/TWDaS - I
Seylin Hatsuki - Nabooru23 - Chains of Dragons - II
- Sotashi Urameshi - fireguardian - Ala Day - I

Funniest -
Cong - EngiMatiku - Ala Day – III
Chamel - MechaAlphaChamel - Chains of Dragons - II

Best View -
Chamel – MechAlphaChamel – Chains of Dragons - II
Rain - B4 - Ala Day - III

*~ Other ~*

Most Memorable Moment in an RPG -
Tell me something Myra. Can you still taste some of that blood on your lips?" As she nodded she said "Well I've got a pretty good idea what your thinking. However it wouldn't be a good idea to do so. I can still taste the blood and I....." That was all I needed to hear. Before Myra could even finish talking I quickly leaned in and for the very first time kissed her. As I did so I also got my first taste of blood. It felt like a new part of me I had never know was awakened. While I didn't want to hurt humans I did have to admit something. It actually wasn't that bad.

As I pulled away I could clearly see the shock in her eyes. I knew she never would have expected me to do that if there was blood on her. Myra couldn't seem to come up with the words for it. Instead I was the one doing all the talking. "I have my own reasons for that Myra. Personally I don't believe that you should have to go through this alone. Besides if your worried about killing humans I think all you need to do is talk to your brother. I heard he can give the two of us some good pointers." Yuar seemed surprised that I had found out and asked "So you know now don't you?" All I did was nod without saying a word. I wasn't trying to be rude but right now the only thing on my mind was Myra. We both had several close calls tonight. Now I had to do something before it was too late. I didn't expect anything else to happen but it made me feel much more calm knowing this would be out of the way. Reaching into my pocket I told her "I found something lying on the ground. I believe this is yours." Grabbing her left hand I started to place my mother's ring on her ring. The ring which now belonged to her. However I stopped short of doing so. This confused Myra but I was quick to explain. "I'll give this to you under one condition Myra. Will you marry me and become my wife."
Posted by Rudy in DotBM

~ Brother Fernando Cortes trying to purify Mushi no Shirase with holy water when Seikoru Miramoto snatches in and steals the Jewel shard.
Posted By: Prof. JB Wolf
- I

Saddest Moment in an RPG -
“I'm also dying David. However unlike you it's going to be for good this time. I don't know why but it's as if my body needs something fresh now. I don't think I can last past the morning." Hearing this come from Brandy made me forget all about what was happening to me now. My surprise over myself was due to the fact that I didn't think one bite would be enough to kill a person. As for Brandy it was too much for me. There was no way I was going to watch her die as I slowly turned into a vampire myself. I knew what had to be done.

Before she could even ask what I was doing I had sat down next to her on the bed and pulled her close to my own body while making sure her mouth was near my neck. With a very serious tone I said "The last thing I'm going to do is let you die on me. If your needing fresh blood then you might as well take it from me." She may have been weak but Brandy was trying to push me away as I held her. "I could never do that to you David!" she said in as loud of a voice as she could manage. "I can't kill you!" As serious as everything was I did laugh a little bit while I spoke. "You said it yourself Brandy. I'm going to die and turn into a vampire anyway. You might as well just speed it up and get what you need before it's too late. I'm willing to live like this under one condition. We live like this together now. I'm not kidding you when I say I'm going to go get a serious tan if you wind up dying on me." I was trying to hold it together but I too was crying now. However it wasn't over the fact that I was going to die. To me that was the least important thing now. I was more afraid over losing my wife than anything else.
-Sins of the Blood, posted by Rudy


~Gyvien's Death
“ You are a fool…but I still hold my word. I did not harm Rudy. But he is not a problem..”

With that, Lantis suddenly and cleanly with fluid and lightening-like movements, he reached inside of his garment and revealed a small, clean gun. Aiming straight at Gyvien he spoke words of icy cold… as they lingered in the air and cut sharp like a knife to everyone.
“You were the problem.”

With that, the sound of a gun exploding through the air sheered through the night as the bullet inside whizzed by and instantly a splash of red specked the air. Yuar’s eyes widened, as suddenly rage grew with in him and he suddenly began to stir to life again. He practically clawed at his captors, as he fought them and gave several more blows to the four vampires and began to fight. He tore loose from their grip, but they blocked his movements towards the dampiel. He shouted…
Rudy meanwhile had also stirred to life, as his eyes were full of shock and he stood there… as if numb. He took a step forward, but one of Myra’s captors quickly came towards him and nailed Rudy in the gut- where he was still tender from Lantis’s blow. Myra also began to try to release herself from the grip…

Gyvien’s eyes widened suddenly, as she stood there, almost unable to comprehend. She could feel the burning sensation which filled her chest… as it grew into a numbing pain… but she still stood. She did not look at the wound… Glaring she spat at him…
“ You’re the fool Lantis…”

Lantis narrowed his eyes, as yet another bullet flew through the air, and more deep, red blood spattered into the air and this time the knife of pain stabbed at Gyvien’s shoulder. Gyvien staggered a bit, as she did not let her icy glare release from Lantis’s own eyes. She still stood… clenching her fists, but feeling the wet, warm liquid fill her clothing and escape her own body… but she still remained to stand.
“ … we’ll eventually beat you down. You are the pathetic –“
Another bullet rang into the air as the gun was fired, and Lantis’s eyes began to burn with fire. He held the gun at her, pointed at her… and his eyes were full of rage. Pain seered through Gyvien’s gut, as she staggered more, blood streaming down her bare legs and staining her skirt, as a puddle of blood began to form at her feet. The dripping noise of her own blood filled the air… as she staggered to stand, but did not fall. Her lengthy blonde hair was stained with blood at the tips as well, as it dangled and matted into her shoulder wound. Her eyes narrowed further… as she fought to breath.. blood beginning to form at the corners of her mouth.
“ – pathetic worthless fool. Everything you’ve done has never succeeded! You’ve always been a failure!” She struggled to say the last words, but a second wind gave her enough strength as the final bullet came through the air. Lantis had fired it… this time aiming at her knee cap. The aim was slightly below it in Lantis’s rage at her words, but it shattered her bone in her knee and instantly crippled her.

Gyvien struggled to stand, fighting not to fall to Lantis… but her own leg and the loss of blood could no longer support her. She staggered, gazing at Myra… Yuar… and finally Rudy. She then fell to the ground, landing backwards upon her back with a thump which seemed to slice the air even with Rudy, Myra and Yuar fighting to get at Lantis or to Gyvien. Lantis even seemed to pause… as he let a small snicker escape his throat. Gyvien layed upon the ground… her eyes wide, and moistening but she would not let herself cry. Blood began to gather in a pool around her body, as her chest rose and fall. She was struggling to breath, as a small trickle of blood streamed from the edge of her lips. Her hair was some how, still beautifully and lightly rippling in the soft wind which brushed against her cheek… as if to give her some comfort.

She felt herself leaving… but she heard the pitter patter of steps… but it was so hard for her to hang on. She could hear people shouting…
“Gyvien! Hang on! Hang on!”
“You’ll be okay Gyvien!”

‘No one ever will care for you Gyvien’… she could not hold on for long…
- Dawn of the Blood Moon, Posted by Bulbasaur4

~When kage Ikagade used Blackhole and everyone thought he sacraficed himself.
-By Darkmaster Kagemusa

- II

Funniest Moment in an RPG -
- As I slowly made my way to the front door of the hermit's home a loud snoring sound caught my attention. Off to my left was the old man sleeping in a chair. Over his face was something that he usually didn't go without. One of Roshi's hentai mags was opened up on a centerfold who was happily baring all for the world to see. All I could do was shake my head and think Some girls have no shame at all. Feeling slightly disgusted over the display I did the only thing I could think of. Grabbing the book I tossed it in the air and fired a blast of ki at it. The result was just as I expected. The master was now awake and surprised over my sudden arrival. It didn't take long for the surprise to soon give way to anger over what I had done. "PICCOLO! How could you destroy a poor old man's reading materal?! You should be ashamed of yourself!" Without changing the serious expression that I usually wore I simply said "The day you start reading those rather than looking at them Kamesennin will be the day that your blind and have no choice but to learn braile."
Dragonball VG, Posted by Rudy

- II


"Wonder what towering no-brains is doing out there?" pondered Chamel as he went to the door to open it, only to find himself mono-e-mono with one of the hydra's eyes. Chamel jumped into the air, suprised as a mexican jumping bean. He quickly rushed out to the big, blood shot eye and poked it, then darted back into the house and hung a "Do not desturb sign" on the door knob.

"Ha, taught that hydra a thing or two!" said Chamel triamphantly.

"Oh your just lucky that the thing didn't see you comming like that." said Sake, giving Chamel a high five after pulling such a rediculous and cartoony stunt.

(Made by MechaAlphaChamel

- II

~The three girls chasing Satoshi into the hot springs while Tsuuriki was in there. (Ala Day)

My peaceful soak was interrupted by screams and pounding feet, as three human missiles erupted out of the side door. With no regard to the sign I had posted there, they plunged down the rock path, and straight into the mist.

"You are DONE FOR NOW HENTAI!" Arisu bellowed...
"Yeah! YOU'RE JUST AS BAD AS THAT OTHER GUY!" Raine growled...

By now, I was soaking wet from the struggles of Satoshi, and the two girls. And all serentity had escaped from me again.

"Ahem!" I said loudly.

The two girls looked in unison at me for a second, then turned back to their victim. Then, they both did a double-take. Their wet faces grew red swiftly, as they saw I was naked. Freezing in place, Satoshi was left panting, and bolted when he saw the girls had let their grips go slack. Flopping out of the hot springs, he ran back inside.

Meanwhile, I slowly rose to my feet, and wrapped my towel around my waist. One of the girls gathered her wits somewhat, and began to shout at me.

"Just what the hell do you think you're doing here you HEN-" Janice began, as I interrupted by pointing towards the sign next to the door. Written in flowing Kanji letters, in bright red ink, said: "The hot-spring is occupied- Tsuuriki."

"Tai..." she ended lamely.
~ Thargor, Ala Day

- I

Most Wanted Soundtrack -
The Disgraced - I
Dragonball FS - I
Dawn of the Blood Moon - I
Chains of Dragons – III

Best Quote -

The Disgraced ~ posted by Bulbasaur4
"We go now? We go fight bad people yes? Jenniah fight bad people! Firebolt bring Jenniah?"
I turned to gaze at the bumbling joy of a child-like manner near me... and smiled ever so slightly.
"Nuance will bring Jenniah to fight the bad people. Jenniah can fight."
Firebolt gazed at me sharply, as if considering this a mistake as I shrugge.d
"She was hurt to. She should be able to fight if she so desires to."
"YAY! Nuance brings Jenniah! Jenniah is happy!"
I smiled slightly, as my tail swished back and forth and I gazed to Firebolt.
" Well.. I am rested up as ever. I wish to go now but I will wait... "
I sighed as I saw Jenniah running around the two of us, and I sighed.
"Jenniah go too! Jenniah go now!"

- The sword…the sword of that cursed beast, Roland, was in his stabbed into stomach, like a stick shoved into a corn dog. Dawn of the Blood Moon, posted by Frank

- I

Who dares to challenge Raezis?" he said boldly.
"I am but a humble breeze, spreading the winds of change," Koger answered flightily, a malevolent grin glowing on his face through the mild snowfall.
"If you will not give your name then indeed only the winds will know you in death," the vampire spoke with confidence.
-Koger and Raezis in Those Who Dream at Sunrise, Post by Outlaw JT

- I

"Shut up Chamel." (Amalthea Arran, Chains of Dragons)

"A voice echoed from outside the door: "Wake up massster Chamel, breakfassst isss now being sssevered." With those words, I bolted and put on my... WHERE DID MY LOIN CLOTH GO?!"
~Chamel, MechAlphaChamel, Chains of Dragons

(Lady Ali, Ala Day)

- I

Firebolt - Razor Leaf - The Disgraced
O.o; was ist das?
- ph34r t3h p0w4r 0f /\/\y ch33s3! – I

Perfect Chaos
2nd November 2003, 08:11 PM
Yay...another Awards where nothing of mine has appeared...ain't that redundant?...

Anyways, congrats to everyone who won and kudos to Kalah for snagging the most (I think) awards.


3rd November 2003, 07:47 AM
Wow... pleasant surprise... I'm gone for the weekend and come back to find I've won two awards! *glomps everyone who voted for her* Thankies so much!

Arctic A
3rd November 2003, 02:09 PM
Heh heh heh. I do worse every year. :D
Congrats y'all.

Elemental Seribii
3rd November 2003, 02:23 PM
*pushes her way up to the front*
Um...Wow? *taps award to see if it's real* This is the first time I've been nominated, and the first time I've won an award. I'd like to thank the person who nominated me, and the two votes I got. I seriously didn't expect to win, and even being nominated was a surprise to me. *hugs everyone in the RPG forum*
Snitch: It's my award! MIIIIINE! Gimmie!
...Sorry. I'd like to congradulate everyone who won and who was nomiated, and to Mystic_Clown, who won the best looking character award-thingy too.
Congrats to everyone again!

Mew Trainer Rose
3rd November 2003, 02:23 PM
Hey, i didn't even know i was nominated for anything. what a pleasant surprise.

Yay, runner-up for Most Enjoyable! ^_^
:o Vared's tied for first in Most Friendly Character! Wow!

And I'm glad to see Chains of Dragons and it's characters were nominated/won so many things. ^_^ That's such a great RPG.

3rd November 2003, 04:34 PM
*laughs as everyone else starts puking*


Well, to be serious (which I find very inappropriate, but who cares what I think), congrats to all! And, well, thanks to yall who voted for me. Holy crap... you people need some serious meds if you think I'm good. I can give you names a few good therapists if ya wants. ^_^

But, on a sadder note...
I'm going to be retiring from TPM. I'm really sorry... but I've become extremely busy lately with competitive folk dance and being an executive officer for German club. I've also gone into full-time Ghoulscouting, and I'm getting a job, plus all the regular things that teens do socially, so... things are extremely hectic.
Not to worry, however, for those of you who I am RPing with at the moment. I will stay long enough to finish LVH, TWDaS, and Sins. But then... I fear that it will be goodbye.

3rd November 2003, 04:53 PM
Meh, this is the first time I haven't been nominated, but I think that is because you have removed my first-prize winning catergories:

Most Overpowered

Most Power-Hungry

Most Backstabbing

(notices Power Hungry is there)

Oops, guess I gotta try harder. C'mon Darius, Cadium, we've got work to do!

3rd November 2003, 10:06 PM
*sniffles* I actually won something! I'm out of my slump! HUZZAH!
I haven't won anything since TSC moved off the board... Thank you everyone who voted for me!

4th November 2003, 03:04 PM
WTF.....I won an award?!? *bows* I actually feel happy! ^_^ Congrats to all the other winners, too....

4th November 2003, 04:11 PM
*cheers, huggles a reluctant Seylin* I'd like to thank... Well, myself :P

4th November 2003, 10:34 PM
Wow, people voted for me! Yay! lol
Master Rudy-Of course they did Asi (Is also using her account since she's at his home until the 13th ^_^)

GIMME that!
lol Anyway thanks for the votes and stuff...but Most Valuable Newbie?? Am I still a newbie?! OMG~!! lol j/k
Well until you've been here over a year your worthless :P
lol j/k Asi ^_~
*smacks Rudy upside the head*
OW! ;_;
Damn that crying face ;.; but I have been here over a year now ^v^ But anyway congrats to all who won! And I know my sisters gonna be happy she won most evil and most power hungry, but tied for most cutest will REALLY surprise her LOL

She ain't kidding. I met her sister. SHE'S F***ING CRAZY!!!!
lol j/k Shaka
You know we love you ^_~
Yeah right....I MEAN! Ah Im joking lol anyway yeah congrats to all and thanks for voting for our lovely RPG and characters ^,-,^

I couldn't have said it much better myself so I'll just go ahead and say thanks again. BTW try not to make Kalah and Gav's job too hard in case I'm not around much for the next few days. Work and school have been absolute murder and I've been trying to spend as much time with Asi as I can.

Don't do anything I wouldn't do ^_~
Like wha.....never mind lol
Uhhhh....perhaps I should shut up now ^_^;

Asilynne and Master Rudy ^_~ :wave:

5th November 2003, 04:04 PM
You knooowww...

I actually like it better with Asi posting WITH Rudy. You guys make better posts when you post in the same post.. (try to read THAT sentence 10 times fast.) It's like a two-headed person!

Don't do what Rudy wouldn't do?
Gav and I know that Rudy does A LOT MORE BADDIE THINGS than he seems. *evil snicker* Truuusss-*gets smacked by random object, flung from a random direction*
HEY! *scowls*

I think I wanna post as a two-headed person! It'll be me and... and... the evil me! *suddenly divides self into two beings*

Wow! This is really strange...
Say that for yourself. I got all the ugly genes!

Yeahhhh... riiight. And let's tell t hem that you don't sleep with a fuzzy blue blanket either, right?

;_; HEY!!!!! *whines* Not faiiiir!!! Just because you've got kewel black hair with red highlights and neat blue eyes, doesn't mean you can mock me!
You've got blue eyes to, you moron. You're just a blonde, which explains your personality.
Was that an insult?

Yes, Oh Quick One.
DANG IT! I'm not taking any more of this! *dives*

*smashes into the floor*

*fights back*
*Both fight in a cloud of dust*

Mew Master
6th November 2003, 02:16 PM
*watches Kalah with his multiple personalities*

*in stereo* Good thing we get along. Right? Right!

Yay! Most Dedicated RPer!

Most Original and Persistant RPGs! Yayness for Chains of Dragons!

6th November 2003, 02:47 PM
Hey....I wanted to talk 2-person too! ;_; So I guess I'll post here as myself and.....uh....uh..*looks around and only sees her Snowmon* Kori...^^

I guess after this...I could advance to even more awards....
I bet not if your RPGs always fail due to no posts...Meh....-.-;;
So....there's always Breaking the Habit...
But some peeps have never posted their forms yet, and I never achieved Armor Digivolution in Fate From the Inside....T_T
Quit it...they will.....-.-;;
*bares fangs and glares back*
*backs away* 0.0;; How'd you get those?
I've had them
I never saw them before....;-; *envies*
My mouth is never open enough to reveal them...--;; *clears throat* And now....for our next performance, one of the worst poser bands ever...
Oh really? *tackles*
*flies into the wall after being bashed in the stomach* ;_;
*steps back and attempts to tackle again*
*leaps out of the way*
*crashes into wall* ;______;
Alright...let's stop it before somebody in the audience gets killed....-.-;;
*agrees and stares at two Kalahs fighting* 0.0;;
*sighs and steps up to podium in a black and crimson Victorian dress* And that concludes the Summer/Fall RPG Awards....Join us again for the Winter RPG Awards....Bye! ^^
*a poser punkish girl shouts from crowd* Hey! How come we can't get Good Charlotte...
'Cause they suck...-.-;; Now, sit down or security throws you out....
No! Not everybody go bye-bye! Come back! ;_;
I'm still here.....Calm down.....
I can't! I'm gonna miss the Awards! ;_;
*Kalah and Evil Kalah still fighting*
*Asi and Rudy just watch before walking away*
*walks away as she kicks aside four dead bodies(Good Charlotte...*cackles*)
*leaps away, following Gothic while humming a random Evanescence song*
See ya all next time! *waves*

6th November 2003, 03:07 PM

Maybe if I start typing in color, people will notice me more.

Is it working?


God damn it all.

Anyway, congrats to those who won. You guys deserve it, what with all your dedimication and all. ^_^

Master Rudy
6th November 2003, 11:35 PM
Wow......KS posted in a color?
We notice you!
Just a hunch here Brandy but I think the two of us started a trend.
Yeah but the only difference is, that we dont have mulitiple personalities LOL ^-~
Vamp Rudy-You were saying?
Myra-You created us! Are you saying that you two are normal?
:O :O :O :O :O!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I picked a hell of a day to stop doing drugs
lol j/k
Let this be a lesson boys and girls.....
.....Drugs are bad, you shouldnt do drugs mmmmkay?!?! lol ^-^()

6th November 2003, 11:56 PM
O_O I won/share an award O_O

Though I'm not sure if it really is a good award or not <_<;;; An award for making the most/best unsuccessful attempts for completing a single RPG XD

Anyway, thanks to all that voted for me :o

EDIT: btw, Rudy, that drug wouldn't happen to be what I think it is, would it ;) I won't say it here because you probably have someone outside my window ready to snipe me if I do :o lol *looks out the window suspiciously*

Mew Master
7th November 2003, 07:44 AM
*standing outside Frank's window with sniper rifle*

What? I don't work for Rudy, I'm just picking off ppl that stand in my way of me becoming a mod. (Seriously, j/k it's not that big of a deal to me) HEY! Stop looking at me like that!

*fires and misses Frank, someone screams in the distance*

FECK! *runs and hides*


~Mew Master