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Ditto Master
30th December 2002, 10:19 PM
- Smirks and draws a single pokeball from his forest green cloak and glances at Jarreddo. Shifting on his feet, he tosses the ball litely to the ground..in a flash of white light, a fit Ivysaur emerges. -

"I believe its your turn to draw.."

Attack Order: Standard
Battlefield: Forest clearing
DQ: One Week (168 hours)
Referee: DRWS

30th December 2002, 10:56 PM
I need a fire-type...

All right, guess I'll make this my trademark. Just like in my last two battles, my first Pokemon will be Kengo!(M Farfetch'd)

All right, let's start off with a Sword Dance. After that, how about Fly and Steel Wing? But if at any time he stretches out vines or shoots leaves at you, Slash them apart.

Ditto Master
30th December 2002, 11:46 PM
- Cracks a small smile and glances to the Farfetch'd and then back to Ivysaur. Pointing to the diminutive bird pokemon for a moment, he whispers to his pokemon, crouched down beside it. Rising, he turns to Jarreddo and nods as he commands his Ivysaur. -

"While its dancing, restrain and sap his energy with a Leech Seed! Show them your dedication by countering the flying dive with Return! Don't let it get the upperhand..when it tries its steel wing attack, use your Vine Whip to wrap around the wings and toss the farfetch'd to the side!"

Don't Run With Scizors
31st December 2002, 12:34 AM
Oy... I'll ref this first round for you, then I'll return to staying up all night inputting a Pokémon Advance database for Netbattle.

Normally, in this thick a forest, finding an open patch where you can actually see the sun is difficult, but here today we have found ourselves an unusally large one. The two trainers approach: Ditto Master, a trainer with an unusual tendency to refer to himself in the third person, and Jarreddo, Ditto Master's challengee. Both are returning veterans of the ASB circuit; we'll see how they fare.

Round One:
Ditto Master's nameless, genderless Ivysaur vs. Jarreddo's Kengo the Farfetch'd

Wasting no time, Kengo swings his leek about in a swift but intricate dance, pumping adrenaline to fuel his battle frenzy. In the process, he barely notices an overgrown fungal spore flying toward him fly back, momentum overpowered by the small whirlwind caused by a flailing leek. The seed, not having found a source of nutrients to drain, withers and falls harmlessly to the ground.

Kengo, itching to whack some Ivysaur butt with his Smiting Stick, eagerly takes to the skies and soars down into a speedy aerial dive... the Ivysaur manages to swipe a wing as Kengo dives, but the attack, without any particularly positive emotions behind it, proves weak.

Said swiped wing suddenly glints of metallic hardness, ramming into the Ivysaur's flowery bulb... the Ivysaur gets its revenge, however. Kengo is close at hand, er, vine, and quickly finds himself wrapped within one. For a few seconds, the tight vines make breathing a difficulty, until he is freed and hurled into a nearby tree.

End of Round One Status:
Kengo the Farfetch'd: 85%, enhanced chi, slightly fatigued
a genderless Ivysaur: 80%, barely fatigued

Ditto Master
1st January 2003, 03:54 PM
**Ivysaur is a male, though it doesn't have a name other than its species name. Green text with "-" symbol on either side indicates an action :P**

- Tosses the simple red and white pokeball, from whence Ivysaur came, up into the air, catching it as he watches and issues a small string of commands to his loyal Pokemon -

"Don't be affraid..not for a moment. Give that farfetch'd a nice surprise with your best Whirlwind attack! Then while he's battling that--shoot Toxic into the whirlwind, for severe poisoning!"

1st January 2003, 06:17 PM
All right, first off use your own Whirlwind. Since you're Flying and he isn't, yours should be stronger. Then let's just go ahead and Razor Wind him.

Don't Run With Scizors
4th January 2003, 02:19 PM
Round Two:
Kengo the Farfetch'd (85%, enhanced chi, slightly fatigued) vs. an Ivysaur (80%, barely fatigued)

The wind wars begin in full swing... Kengo rapidly beats his wings into forming a tornado, attempting to send the Ivysaur flying about. But the Ivysaur forms yet another whirlwind of the same tornado-like nature, and the two winds lock holds against each other. Neither manages to move further before their energy is spent.

Unfazed by his opponent's staunch defenses, Kengo continues with his airborne assault, issuing forth another atmospheric disturbance, this time focused into an extremely tiny space... The Ivysaur looks on in astonishment as the wind cuts through his own deadly globule of poison, splattering the remains in a wide circle around the area, slicing through his bulb. On closer examination, the Ivysaur realizes that not all the poison the magical bacteria in his stomach cooked up went to waste - a few maroon droplets on Kengo's feathery body bloom for a few seconds, then dissolve into his bloodstream.

End of Round Two Status:
Kengo the Farfetch'd: 84%, slightly fatigued, badly poisoned, enhanced chi beginning to wear off
an Ivysaur: 68%, slightly fatigued, bruised

5th January 2003, 10:56 PM
All right, let's see... Start off with a Whirlwind, on one of the trees nearby. Pull it down on him. Then Fly at him. Finally, right after that Cut a tree so that it falls in between the two of you.

Ditto Master
6th January 2003, 08:18 PM
"Ivysaur, use your Vinewhip to catch the tree and then as Farfetch'd is diving, bat it right out of the sky with the tree! Then slice Farfetch'd's leak up and bombard him with Razor Leaf!. Finish by moving over the tree in a Skull bash!" (If that puny leek can cut one down that fast, it can't be very thick.)

Don't Run With Scizors
14th January 2003, 03:16 PM
Round Three:
Kengo the Farfetch'd (84%, slightly fatigued, badly poisoned, enhanced chi beginning to wear off) vs. an Ivysaur (68%, slightly fatigued, bruised)

Kengo positions himself between an agéd oak tree and the Ivysaur, hoping to blow it down and trap his adversary inside... however, no flapping of the wings, no matter how fast or whether it's magically enhanced or not, isn't going to be blowing down that tree anytime soon. The Ivysaur attempts to brace the tree with one of his own vines, but quickly discovers that the tree is quite sturdy and won't need his support. (Neither will he be able to tear it out on his own.)

Slightly annoyed by having his precious ten seconds wasted on supporting a tree which wasn't even close to falling, the Ivysaur blows a flurry of leaves which could possibly be better tools for shaving than most products from Norelco at his feathery opponent, who quickly takes to the air in an effort to dodge. The Ivysaur can only look on in horror as Kengo swoops down to rake his flowery bulb with that magically powered leek of his...

Immediately after his dive-bombing stunt, Kengo flutters over to the sole rotted tree, long devoured by fungus and termites, and hacks it down in one fell swoop. It makes a pitiful barrier, however. Now, while ramming your head into a tree is generally a rather painful idea, a shimmering white shielding protects the Ivysaur's head from any major damage (and of course, major pain) as the tree goes airborne, pinning the scampering Kengo as he falls.

End of Round Three Status:
Kengo the Farfetch'd: 63%, pinned under rotted tree, badly poisoned, mildly fatigued
an Ivysaur: 54%, bruised, mildly fatigued

Ditto Master
15th January 2003, 03:37 PM
"Ivysaur..this is an oppurtunity we aren't going to miss! While Farfetch'd is trapped and stunned underneath the rotted tree, use Sleep Powder to further incompacitate it. Finish the round with your best Solar Beam!"

15th January 2003, 06:29 PM
All right, start off by... Waiting until that Sleep Powder has soaked in to the top of the tree! Then, still under there, go with a Reflect to get the Solarbeam away from you and hopefully over to him.

Don't Run With Scizors
18th January 2003, 10:07 PM
Round Four:
Kengo the Farfetch'd (63%, pinned under rotted tree, badly poisoned, mildly fatigued) vs. an Ivysaur (54%, bruised, mildly fatigued)

Kengo, trapped beneath the rotting oak, is forced to breathe laboriously under its pressing weight on his chest... incidentally, that makes sending him to slumber a rather easy task for the Ivysaur, who simply sends his narcotic spores wafting over the helpless Farfetch'd...

Stirring from some particularly enjoyable dream, Kengo is in no position to deflect a sun-charged plasma beam away from him... but the tree is. While poppy spores can make their way over a tree fairly easily, the task is far more difficult to accomplish with a beam flowing in a straight line... The tree, having endured hundreds of years of pain and suffering, is suddenly shattered into thousands of flying toothpicks, piercing both Kengo (who is quickly wakened by the pain; who wouldn't?) and the Ivysaur.

Within a split second, a local toothpick company comes to collect the toothpicks, having been saved hours and hours of work through toothpick-making machines, and then quickly goes out of business for devastation from "overproduction".

End of Round Four Status:
Kengo the Farfetch'd: 47%, badly poisoned, mildly fatigued
an Ivysaur: 49%, mildly fatigued

19th January 2003, 01:50 AM
All right, there should be a few chunks of tree left around there, so start off with a Razor Wind to blow chunks at him... Literally. Then go with a Slash at his vines.

Ditto Master
19th January 2003, 02:55 AM
"Excellent work so far Ivysaur--you'll get rewarded after this match! Go into a Defense Curl to defend against the debris that the farfetch'd is trying to blow at you! Since your vines aren't out, it'll probably try to attack your body, simply swing around to its side and do a Body Slam!"

Don't Run With Scizors
26th January 2003, 05:28 PM
Round Five:
Kengo the Farfetch'd (47%, badly poisoned, mildly fatigued) vs. an Ivysaur (49%, mildly fatigued)

After quickly brushing off a few stray pieces of wooden shrapnel off their, the battle between Kengo and the Ivysaur resumes. With a dramatic slash of his leek, Kengo utters forth a burning wind so sharp and focus it tears at flesh. In the precious few milliseconds the Ivysaur has before it strikes him, he struggles to figure out the best position to curl up in so as to not present a weak point to the edge of Kengo's Razor Wind. His moment of indecision costs him dearly. While trying to figure out how to protect his flowery bulb from the assault, it slashes at his eyes, leaving him rubbing his face into the earth to try to dull the pain...

As his adversary writhes helplessly in agony, Kengo marches on him, leaving another open gash to scar his plantlike skin... the Ivysaur, still shutting his eyes out of agony, tries to follow the leek back to its source, but instead lands on a wing. Unfortunately for the Ivysaur, Kengo does not stay pinned for long - Kengo's wriggling combined with the Ivysaur's flailing allows the albeit bruised up wing to break free.

End of Round Five Status:
Kengo the Farfetch'd: 33%, badly poisoned, moderately fatigued
an Ivysaur: 20%, moderately fatigued, blinded in agony

Ditto Master
27th January 2003, 02:35 PM
"Ivysaur, create a Substitute to take the attacks of your opponent and then, perform Hyper Beam to really mow it down!"

27th January 2003, 05:40 PM
All right, hurry up and Headbutt him first to hopefully flinch him. Then go with a Fly to dodge that Hyper Beam, he should still be blinded.

Don't Run With Scizors
2nd February 2003, 12:46 AM
Round Six:
Kengo the Farfetch'd (33%, badly poisoned, moderately fatigued)
an Ivysaur (20%, moderately fatigued, blinded in agony)

Ivysaur's eyes still burn and bleed... rather than trying to fight Kengo blind, he conjures up a weakling body double of himself to fend Kengo off as he tends to his wounds... miraculously, he manages to create the weakest body double possible - though the feat is short-lived as it shatters under the smash of Kengo's skull.

Though he still occasionally blinks from pain, Ivysaur's bleeding eyes cease their immense torment long enough for - for what? Hyper Beam? What is his trainer thinking - how can he possibly pull that off at his stage of evolution? Considering his situation, he decides it's worth a try... As the orange orb of plasma steadily grows within his jaws, it begins to look like he might have some success. But the Ivysaur's unspent energy never achieves the critical mass necessary, and Kengo rakes him with his talons unmolested. Every burning scar on Ivysaur's body urges him to succumb to their will, and he falls...

...then he changes his mind and gets back up.

End of Round Six Status:
Kengo the Farfetch'd: 29%, badly poisoned, mildly-heavily fatigued
an Ivysaur: 3%, mildly-heavily fatigued

2nd February 2003, 02:42 AM
All right... Hmmm... Well, let's start off with a nice little Sword Dance. Then how about a Razor Wind to settle this here round, eh?

Ditto Master
2nd February 2003, 02:51 AM
"Ivysaur--hang in there, buddy, we can still win this! While its performing its 'Sword's Dance', use Giga Drain to steal as much energy as you can! Then Endure the 'Razor Wind' you're threatened with and lets hope that toxic catches up with it."

Don't Run With Scizors
2nd February 2003, 09:49 PM
Round Seven:
Kengo the Farfetch'd (24%, badly poisoned, mildly-heavily fatigued) vs. an Ivysaur (3%, mildly-heavily fatigued)

One blow will finish the Ivysaur off... So why not finesse the battle? Kengo decides. Once again Kengo begins his intricate calming dance, though under the circumstances it's more ritualistic than practical. Though he notices the Ivysaur reaching out with a vine to drain him of precious energy, he makes no move to stop him. After all, what is he going to do with it?

Ritual deal-the-deathblow-to-your-foe-now dance complete, Kengo prepares to slash the Ivysaur with blades of air. But as he does, the Ivysaur grits his teeth and searches deep within for the motherlode of willpower... Kengo, on the other hand, is slightly disappointed to see his adversary still standing, and even more agitated to feel the poison in his veins remind him of its presence...

End of Round Seven Status:
Kengo the Farfetch'd: 9%, badly poisoned, heavily fatigued, enhanced chi
an Ivysaur: 1%, mildly-heavily fatigued

Ditto Master
3rd February 2003, 07:02 PM
"Lets make this round count, Ivysaur--start with a Substitute, use your edge of being less fatigued to your advantage! Finally, help that 'Toxic' finish its work with a Petal Dance!"

3rd February 2003, 07:05 PM
We'll show him... Before he can even move, use a Swift to KO him. Piece of cake. I guess if that doesn't work, use another one.

Don't Run With Scizors
9th February 2003, 11:28 PM
Round Eight:
Kengo the Farfetch'd (9%, badly poisoned, heavily fatigued, enhanced chi) vs. an Ivysaur (1%, mildly-heavily fatigued)

Ivysaur can't take much more of this punishment... defiantly, he struggles to perform the precise calculus necessary to draw up another body double, but burning energy shurikens strike before he can subconsciously divide cosine by arcsine.

Kengo doesn't look like he's in great shape, either. With the poison wrecking havoc and his system and little energy left, he can barely stand: only a feeble salute marks his acknowledgement of his victory.

The Ivysaur has fallen! Who will Ditto Master send out next to replace him?

End of Round Eight Status:
Kengo the Farfetch'd: 1%, badly poisoned, critically fatigued
an Ivysaur: 0%, KO'd

Ditto Master
10th February 2003, 12:02 AM
- Raises the simple pokeball and without any obvious motion, recalls the fallen Ivysaur in a stream of brilliant white, speaking calmly in praise of it -

"Well done, Ivysaur..that Farfetch'd may as well have fallen with you"

- Smirking, he pulls another red/white pokeball from his belt and tosses it to the center, extending his arm and pointing toward Farfetch'd as the ball rolls to a stop and in an explosion of white light, an Eevee appears on his shoulder. Laughing, he pets its mane and motions it to the battlefield, swatting at his cheek playfully, the Eevee hops off and marches closer opposite of Farfetch'd.

"Go get 'em, Nell!"

Nell - Eevee (F)

10th February 2003, 12:10 AM
I'm not going to make you stay out there and take one more hit... Return. You have fought honorably, Kengo.

All right, gooo... Jackie! ...Why didn't I change that name when I got him? Oh well. :P

M Tyrogue
Nickname: Jackie
Signature Move: That Jade Fox Thing
Jackie runs up to the opponent and taps numerous secret pressure points on their body, keeping them from moving for one turn. However, during this period Jackie cannot damage the opponent. This move cannot be used on Pokemon with tough skin(Cloyster, Snorlax) or Ghost-type Pokemon. This move can only be used once every three rounds.
Type: Fighting | Accuracy: 80% | Damage: 0% | See description

Ditto Master
10th February 2003, 01:51 AM
"Nell, lets not give this Tyrogue a moment to compose itself..dart in there with a Quick Attack-Skull Bash combo! Simply, move in quickly for the kill and use your Skull Bash to give it something to think about!"

10th February 2003, 02:22 AM
All right, here's what we're gonna do... First of all, Detect that little combo of hers, so you know where she's coming from and can dodge pretty easily. Then... Hmmm... Let's go with Mach Punch(breeding) when she starts slowing down.

Don't Run With Scizors
18th February 2003, 08:50 PM
You know, you can change the nicknames of your Pokémon at any time. The league is only concerned with vital statistics like species, gender, etc.

Round Nine:
Ditto Master's Nell the Eevee vs. Jarreddo's Jackie the Tyrogue

In the blink of an eye, Nell is upon Jackie... but even quicker than that Jackie analyzes Nell's attack vector, and sidesteps before her shielded head connects... fortunately for Nell, a low target even for a Tyrogue to hit, the shielding around her head (her most easily reached point) absorbs the brunt of Jackie's equally lightning-fast punch.

End of Round Nine Status:
Nell the Eevee (94%, barely fatigued) vs. Jackie the Tyrogue (100%, slightly fatigued)

19th February 2003, 08:14 PM
All right, Jackie... Here's what we're gonna do. Start off with a Mud Slap at his eyes. Then, while he's stunned, Headbutt him!

Ditto Master
19th February 2003, 08:32 PM
"Nell, avoid that 'Mud Slap' and attack Tyrogue in the leg area with a Quick Attack! 'Headbutt', hah! Counter that with a Skull Bash!"

Don't Run With Scizors
1st March 2003, 05:25 PM
Round Ten:
Nell the Eevee (94%, barely fatigued) vs. Jackie the Tyrogue (100%, slightly fatigued)

Nell charges forward... before Jackie realizes it, he's sideswiped by a swiftly-moving blur of an Eevee. Jackie screams in Poké-speak, which is roughly translated as "Aaargh! My foot!", and begins to madly hop around, clutching his wounded toe. He loses his balance; though as he falls he scrambles to grab a patch of dirt and hurl it in the silently gloating Nell's eyes. It doesn't stick too easily, though Nell is still squinting through teary eyes, where several specks of dirt are lodged.

Through the whirl of green, brown, and red Nell sees through screwed-up eyes, he opts to stumble forward at the red... Jackie too scrambles on all fours to meet him. Only as his unprotected head meets the shielded head of Nell's does he realize what a bad idea that was...

End of Round Ten Status:
Nell the Eevee: 87%, mildly fatigued, dirt in eyes
Jackie the Tyrogue: 82%, slightly mildly fatigued

Ditto Master
2nd March 2003, 01:12 AM
Bravo, Nell! Don't fret about that bit of sand in your eyes, lets just walk--No, run it off! Agility to gain some speed and to confuse our opponent, while that sand is surely cleared out of your eyes! Now, use your momentum gained from running towards Tyrogue to land an impressive Body Slam!

2nd March 2003, 01:41 AM
All right, we'll just repeat a nifty little strategy... Like before, Detect her next attack. But rather than a punch, we'll play it safe... Before she can attack, Swift her in the leg!

Don't Run With Scizors
2nd March 2003, 02:26 AM
Round Eleven:
Nell the Eevee (87%, mildly fatigued, dirt in eyes) vs. Jackie the Tyrogue (82%, slightly mildly fatigued)

Jackie attempts once more to determine Nell's attack vector pattern through telepathic divination. It takes him a little longer to do this than before, though, and when he finally gets his answer he realizes that the Eevee blindly running circles around him hasn't got one. Nell is doing just that - blindly running in circles. Jackie does have to sidestep slightly to avoid having his toe overrun again, however.

By now, Nell has pretty much figured out that brick-red blur that keeps popping up in his teary eyes' vision is the real Jackie, and he pounces, ignoring the shurikens of light energy that stab into him... Though Eevees usually don't weigh more than fourteen pounds, even the forty-six pound Jackie is feeling the impact of his weight...

End of Round Eleven Status:
Nell the Eevee: 80%, moderately fatigued, dirt in eyes [mostly cleared, but still stinging], psionically boosted speed
Jackie the Tyrogue: 73%, slightly mildly fatigued, somewhat pinned down

2nd March 2003, 05:02 PM
Still losing, are we? Well, let's change that. If I read the reffing correctly, Nell is still on top of you. Before she can get away, Toxic! And then let's Swagger to disrupt the strategies a bit more.

Ditto Master
2nd March 2003, 11:41 PM
You can see it coming--use a *quick* Reflect to send that 'Toxic' right back into Tyrogue's face! It may not be too powerful when done quickly, but it's all we need to deflect a 'Toxic'! Iron Tail it in it's temple for a bit of pain and to break his concentration in performing the 'Swagger'.

Don't Run With Scizors
8th March 2003, 05:53 PM
Round Twelve:
Nell the Eevee (80%, moderately fatigued, dirt in eyes [mostly cleared, but still stinging], psionically boosted speed) vs. Jackie the Tyrogue (73%, slightly mildly fatigued, somewhat pinned down)

With a hacking cough that people usually use to signal that they are about to spit out a wad of disgusting bodily fluid, Jackie spews out a violet gob of venom-tainted goo at the Eevee at his feet. Unfortunately for Nell, despite his enhanced speed, he cannot put up his reflective shielding in time to stop the glob that stains his fur purple and sinks into his bloodstream.

The barrier remains for a few more seconds, however, and it's causing a little difficulty for the two... Nell has to scramble off of Jackie in order to attack, leaving him free to roll out from under the barrier. Once they're free, the battle ensues. As Nell smashes Jackie's sore leg with a steely tail - yet again - Jackie hesitates not to hide one arm behind his back and belt out a string of taunts as to suggest that missing an arm will not impede his battle performance one bit, in the combo maneuver known to Jarreddo as the "Impertinent Macadamian Nuts". Though Nell is more amused than enraged at the prospect, the rest of the suggestive taunts the censor happily *bleeps* out for the viewing audience clearly seems to offend him as his rage mounts...

End of Round Twelve Status:
Nell the Eevee: 77%, moderately fatigued, psionically boosted speed wearing off, badly poisoned, berserked
Jackie the Tyrogue: 63%, mildly fatigued, arm behind back

Ditto Master
7th April 2003, 07:04 PM
Eh, you're pissed of anyhow, Nell, just do what feels right in this maddened state..

7th April 2003, 07:12 PM
All right, time to cause some serious damage. First of all, Double Team so his attacks will most likely miss. Then, Mach Punch!