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23rd November 2003, 11:12 PM

The Tournament begins. Now if you forget how to do this, just remember to check back to the sign up topic. HEre is a brief summary of how to begin:

First, look at The Bracket (link supplied below.) The First Round is starting as of now, and look to see who you will be battling against. Then, you go to The Forms to look over your opponent's characters and make sure to study it. That form will be your guide on what your opponent's battling style and character appearance/personalities will be. And remember, there are 2 vs. 2 characters at teh same time, so you must make sure to include both characters on both sides. (yours and your opponents.)

Your post that you will make should be the best post possible.
THIS DOES NOT MEAN WRITE A STORY! Your post should be like a quality RP post, and it may be a bit lengthy but this is not a book we are writing. If your post gets too long to the point where it seems you are just taking up space, it's pointless and you will lose points in my grading of the posts. I want quality over quantity.

You will post, and does not matter who posts first. You will be making a post about how you (the RPer), escorts your characters to an arena (the ground is dirt, in a circular arena much like you see in Pokemon or other battle animes.) As an RPer, you will be cheering on your characters but you will not be doing any battling. You do not coach, you cheer. Remember that... but of course, you can describe about how you TRY to coach your characters, and how they might get pissed off at you trying to tell them how to battle. ^^
So post how your characters win the battle. Be creative and original.
I'm not grading highly on grammer mind you, but if your spelling or grammer is so horrible it makes the post terrible to read, it obviously will affect things. Everyone here however isn't too bad at it... and like I am one to talk. ^^; You should have seen how badly my English teacher attacked my last report. I hate fact-based reports. *shudders*

Have fun, try your best...

Date Must Be Completed: November 30th, 11:59 PM (Central USA)

Here are your links:

The FORMS (http://www.angelfire.com/magic/youkai/theforms.html)

The BRACKET (http://www.angelfire.com/magic/youkai/thebracket.html)

Have fun! ^^

24th November 2003, 04:14 PM
Alright, I guess I'll get things rolling. Oh, and since one of my characters is also called Bear, I'll refer to myself as James.

The day is bright and the air is fresh. A slight breeze adorns the air. I take a long, deep breath, and exhale slowly.
"Ah, perfect day for a fight!" I say aloud.
"You said it bro. This weather is constantly refreshing my senses!" I recognized the deep voice of Xavier.
"Don't let the sun obstruct your vision." Fong added, quiet and reserved as usual.
We continued walking through the large entry room, which was steadily growing more crowded. The open skylight kept the air from growing tense and stale though. I looked around at all the faces. Some I knew, some I had never seen. The three of us stepped over to the left, where a large flat screen displayed the matchings. I scanned the list til I spotted our names.
"Ah! Here we are, match #3." I said to the other two.
"Nobody I know." Fong replied. I looked over at Bear, and I noticed he wasn't smiling anymore.
"What's up bro?" I asked him.
"Maichi Konnetsu..." He said sternly. Suddenly it clicked in my mind. Maichi was an old comrade of Bear's when he was the leader of the Normals.
"Don't sweat it Bear. I'm sure you're both prepared to give it your all." I said to him, patting him on the shoulder. His face reverted back to a smile.
We then heard a voice over the loudspeaker:
"Next Match is Match Number Three: Xavier Lionheart and Fong versus Carbon Copy and Maichi Konnetsu. Watchers: Bear and VirtualPlay, respectively."
"Ah, I guess that's us!" I shook both their hands and gave them a reassuring tap on the shoulder. "I trust you guys. Make me proud!"
We parted, and I headed toward the stairwell on the left with the sign "Watchers' Booth" above it. Bear and Fong made their way toward the large opening at the back that led into a huge tunnel, labeled "Arena." I ascended the stairs and found a large balcony overlooking a circular arena. Stadium seats lined the outside, already filled with spectators. I saw two very comfy-looking chairs in this booth. I had just settled into the one on the left when I heard footsteps coming up the stairs. The face that appeared around the corner I recognized. It was VirtualPlay.
"Hello there VP!" I greeted him cheerfully.
"Hey Bear, good to see ya! I noticed you were my opponent and I thought it was kinda cool." He replied with a smile.
"Well that's good to hear. Ready to lose?" I jested, flashing a grin.
"We'll see who ends up losing. It's going to be an exciting match. I have no doubt you guys are as ready as we are." He beamed, settling into his chair.
"No doubt!" I replied with another smile, taking my spot on the left. The view was excellent, a perfect shot of the whole arena. I could see two openings in the walls on either side, which told me that was where the contestants would enter from. Both VP's and my eyes were glued to the arena, and it wasn't long before two figures emerged from each opening. From the right came Carbon Copy, an electric green being that looked like a moving pile of gak. I recognized the form as a Ditto, a pokemon. Alongisde it was Maichi Konnetsu, the quiet, subdued young girl from Team 2 of the Normals. I recognized the thin-framed glasses and Swallow. My eyes shifted to the left, where my own fighters came from. Xavier "Bear" Lionheart and Fong, who looked healthy and confident, came out of the tunnel together. Bear was wearing a smile, and Fong was stone-faced as usual. They met in the middle, shook hands, and returned to their sides, awaiting the orders of the Referee. The voice came over the loudspeaker.
"Ready? GO!"
Immediately the fighters sprang into action. Fong drew his weapon, the gorgeous Steelthorn blade. The sun reflecting off it made it glow like I had never seen before. Bear appeared to not be using his weapon yet, going for his preferred style of combat: fists and feet. On the other side, the green pokemon had already morphed a weapon from one of his protrusions, what appeared to be a thick club. Maichi seemed to be meditating, which clued me in that she was focusing her qi. I saw that Bear had already noticed this, and let Fong know. They nodded at each other, and entered their stances. In an instant, they both disappeared. Half the crowd gasped, very loudly. They began to whisper among each other. The other half already knew what was going on. Bear and Fong had the ability to become invisible for short periods of time. I quickly evaluated their game plan, thinking to myself.
"They're both going invisible right off the bat, which tells me they're going for a quick victory." I had seen them train together with their invisibility, and it was amazing how keen their senses had become as a result. THey had developed a few dual attacks that coordinated both of their movements, but I hadn't seen them used til now. This got me really excited.
Shortly after they became invisible, they began to move. On the other side of the arena, Maichi had already told Carbon what was going on. Maichi, having worked with Bear, knew about his ability, and had most likely trained herself to compensate. The ditto seemed a little less confident than Maichi, but it wasn't anywhere near being scared. They readied their weapons, and went on the offensive. The ditto quickly morphed itself into a Charizard, a large orange dragon. He was apparently going to use his Flamethrower as a method to find Bear and Fong. Very smart: using a wide-area attack to give them less places to evade to. Maichi also appeared to know what was going on, because she was quickly and nimbly moving off to the left. My eyes (which had been trained to see invisibility from my spars with Bear) caught the movement of Fong. He was moving very quickly, in kind of a zigzag motion, closing rapidly in on Maichi. Bear, on the other hand, was moving more slowly, almost at a walking pace, in a straight path behind Fong. They were going for Maichi first. By staying in her vicinity, that would prevent the Pokemon from using its fire attacks, for fear of injuring its partner. Maichi was still moving quickly, but I could see her eyes darting back and forth, looking for either of her opponents. She did not want herself to be an easy target to hit. It didn't take Fong very long to get near her, and he went on the offensive. About 3 feet from Maichi he disappeared from all sight, and instantly reappeared behind her, already in the middle of his weapon swing. Maichi sensed his presence in time to try and dodge, but she didn't get away unscathed. Fong's strike landed squarely on her shoulder (he was using the blunt part of the blade), causing her to let out a slight yelp and knocking her into a sideways roll. However, she wasn't phased at all. She rolled twice, planting her feet at the end of the second roll and pushing off the wall, lunging back at Fong at incredible speed. He was surprised by this, and just barely was able to get his blade up in time to block the swallow. The sound was very loud as their weapons clashed, and the whole arena heard it. Having landed a strike, Fong was now visible, and stood in a readied stance opposite of Maichi, also ready. Meanwhile, Bear had continued his slow movement, and suddenly lurched into a sprint. But he had changed direction, and was making a beeline straight for Carbon, still in Charizard form. The Charizard could catch faint distortions in the air, but since he hadn't trained directly with Bear like Maichi had, he could not see him. Maichi caught the movement out of the corner of her eye, and quickly fired a ball of qi past Fong, aiming for about 10 feet in front of the Charizard. Bear saw it coming, but had to alter his course to avoid it. He quickly leapt to the side, narrowly avoiding the blast. The Charizard saw and heard his foot slide in the dirt, and gave a powerful swing of its tail. Bear saw it and raised his forearm to block it, but the blow was very hard. He had to stop fully to brace himself, and was very nearly knocked off his feet. The ground seemed to shake from the sheer force of the impact. He held steady though, and took the opportunity to make an attack while the pokemon was off-balance. He leapt and landed to the pokemon's left, on his right foot. He immediately spun, and delivered a devastating full-legged kick across the pokemon's chest. The sound was just as loud as the weapon clash, but less piercing and more booming and hollow. The dragon reeled, and reverted back to its green ditto form. Down, but not out, fire seemed to flare in its small eyes. It began to morph again, and took the shape of a Machamp. This would prove much more challenging for Bear, as he would be matched with brute strength and martial arts skill equal to his own. He slowly faded back into view, having used up his invisibility. The Machamp growled, and clenched its four fists.
MEANWHILE, Fong and Maichi had begun to go at it again, echanging blow for blow. Their agility was amazing, and they seemed to move at supersonic speeds. They would careen off walls, leap high into the air, stop on a dime and turn for a powerful attack. It seemed even, except for one discrepancy. That blow Fong had landed on her right shoulder was beginning to take its effect. Her attacks with her right arm were noticeably less quick and strong than her left arm. It was very subtle, but the expression on her face showed pain. Fong, noticing this, decided to play upon it, and put an end to the bout. He chanted a few words and activated the Serpent's Fury, boosting his attack and agility significantly. He stepped up his pace, and began to concentrate his movements toward Maichi's right side. Slowly but surely, Maichi slowed down, and blocked less and less hits. Her body was taking a beating, and she couldn't hold out much longer. Realizing this herself, she began to channel her qi into her arms, preparing to fire. She let loose, sending a barrage of energy balls at Fong. They were so quick and spread that he was unable to attack through them. He batted away some of the balls with his blade, having to dodge the rest. He took a couple head on, one in the leg and one in the chest, and they were no less potent than her physical attacks. Clenching his teeth, he waited for his opportunity. Fairly soon, he saw it.
During this, Bear had begun to fight with the Machamp. They remained even for a long time. Bear was faster than the Machamp, but his attacks weren't doing as much damage, since the Machamp's body was pure muscle. But the Machamp couldn't hit Bear at all because of his frame, and as a result was simply acting as a wall. It seemed to be losing energy slowly, growing tired, so it decided to bring out its best attack - the Fissure. It took a nasty punch from Bear, which sent it stumbling backward a few feet. It raised its four fists into the air, bringing them down with unreal power and force. They struck the ground, hard. The arena began to shake violently, and a split in the ground opened up all the way to Bear. He had to use all the force he could give to push himself off the ground, jumping high into the air and flipping, landing to the left of the huge ravine with a thud. He couldn't let himself slow down though, because this was his only chance to bring the bulky pokemon down. After the attack, it was breathing heavily, and showing signs of fatigue. Bear, bruised as he was, drew his polearm from the thin sheath on his back. In full stride, he cocked back, and put all his energy into the swing.
Seeing this, Maichi desperately fired a large ball at Bear. However, to do this, she had to cease the barrage on Fong. This was the chance he was waiting for. He sprang at Maichi, switching his blade to his left hand. "KA~!" He shouted, as his fist met Maichi hard in the stomach. The air audibly gasped from her lips, as her eyes fluttered and closed. She dropped to her knees, then fell to her side, unconscious.
Bear finished his lunge, planting the heavy weapon into the chest of the Machamp, getting it airborne for the first time the whole match. It flew into the wall of the arena, making a huge crater. It slid down the wall, landing on its back with a soft *plop*. It didn't move. The Referee ran out into the arena, checking both of the fallen fighters. After verifying that both were unable to continue, he brought Bear and Fong together and declared them the winners.
"Xavier Lionheart and Fong are victorious!" He shouted into the microphone, bringing cheers from the crowd. They had been quiet the whole time, mesmerized by the intensity of the fight.
I turned to VirtualPlay, and extended my hand.
"Very well fought match, my friend!"
With a smile, he turned and shook my hand firmly.
"Well done Bear! Good luck in the next round!"
VirtualPlay walked calmly out the door, and down the stairs back to the main area. He appeared in the arena shortly thereafter to escort his fighters out of the arena. They were beaten, but certainly not discouraged, as both were smiling happily. I went down to the arena myself to congratulate Bear and Fong. They met me at the edge of the tunnel. Bear was tending to a battered left arm, and Fong was walking with a limp, his left knee fairly injured. I shook both their hands again.
"I've never seen anything that awesome in my life. How do you guys feel?"
They looked at each other, smiled, and looked back at me.
"When's the next round?"

Yeesh, hope that's not too long!

Elemental Seribii
25th November 2003, 04:58 PM
I guess I'll go next. ^-^ Uh, Sai calls me Amy.


"Goooo Team!" I yelled, jumping into the main forum in a cheerleaading outfit. I waved my pom-poms in Sai's face.
"Amy, stop it! And get out of that ridiculous costume. I can't be seen with you." The thirty year old rolled her eyes, but yelped as Apathy appeared right in front of her. I could tell Sai was very nervous, she was shaking a bit and her eyes were a bit glassy.

"Apathy! You made it! I had Miki-chan on reserve." I smiled, and my Disgraced friend just shrugged.
"Who are we against?" She asked, the aspect of a fight made her slightly more perky than usual.
I looked up at the Brackets, scanning them.
"Aha! There we are. We're Match Number Five, after legendary fisherman and Nabooru. We're up against EVme15, she's brought Kayla and Lyaka. I pointed up at the large screen. Sai nodded, and Donatello, her pet ferret, squeaked happily.

"Seribii!" I turned to see EVme. I waved her over, as we shook hands.
"Great to be here, eh?" I laughed. She nodded, as both her characters seemed a bit freaked about Sai, the thirty year old inspecting them.
"Good luck you guys, we'll be waiting for you at the end!" We waved our characters off, and me and EVme headed for the stands.


"Be sure to check out all of the new RPGs floating around the boards! Now, onto our next match! Elemental Seribii has brought Sai and Apathy with her, and they're against EVme15, who has Kayla and Lyaka!" Bulbasaur4 seemed to have taken over as the announcer, with Rudy and Ultimate Charizard up in the announcer's box with her, all fighting for the microphone.

The four appeared on the field, Sai going into a fighting stance and punching at the air like a boxer, while Apathy had already shrank to the ground.
"Let's get ready to rumble." Sai muttered, and Apathy nodded. Lyaka already had her bow loaded with an arrow, and seemed to be aiming at Apathy. Kayla seemed to be concentrating hard.

"READY? GO!" Came the shout. The crowd roared in approval, as the four clashed.

Apathy hissed as an arrow grazed her face, the cut drawing blood. She shrunk even lower, and attempted to dodge even more deadly accurate arrows, her ears and tail twitching.

Sai drew her wand, and almost shouted the disarming charm, but realised that it wasn't a Wizarding Duel.

Donatello screamed, and Sai's eyes widened as a fireball was speeding towards her. Calling out a spell, her wand glowed a bright green. She hit the fireball backhand, like it was a tennis ball. The inferno was sent flying out the arena, and Sai exhaled loudly. The fireball burnt her hands badly, though, and she winced.

Apathy became only a faint outline of herself, and shot towards Lyaka on all fours. When she was near enough, she became fully visible again, and swung her leg around, causing Lyaka's legs to buckle underneath her.
Apathy raised a hand and summoned a Shadow Ball, only to find an arrowhead staring right back.
"Ah. Sh*t." She muttered, but still held the attack above her head, as Lyaka grinned.

Sai rolled near the two, wrapped in a shadowy substance. Apathy raised her eyebrows, and Sai rolled her eyes.
"We need to get them together, so we can attack at the same time. Okay?" She whispered.
"Whatever." Apathy replied, monotone. She sprung up from her position, crying out when an arrow pierced her arm, which caused the Shadow Ball to disappear.

Taking advantage of Lyaka having to draw another arrow, Apathy scratched at the bindings, and after a good amount of strokes, they burst.

She shoved Sai away as a bolt of lightning from Kayla struck her body, causing it to spasm slightly.

Growling, Apathy's eyes narrowed and a crazy glint was in her eye.

"No! SAI! DO SOMETHING!" I shouted, but Sai couldn't hear me. Apathy was one of my most unstable characters - God knows what a few thousand volts did to her.

Her body glowed a dark purple, as her Hidden Power began to charge up. Both Kayla and Lyaka had their focus on her, as Sai wasn't sure what to do. She shouted at Apathy as she watched Lyaka draw another arrow, but Kayla seemed a bit tired. However, she brought her hands together, and Sai could feel the magic around her.

The teenager couldn't hear Sai, and could only watch with dark eyes as an arrow shooted towards her heart.

Sai dashed for the arrow, six years worth of being the Slytherin Seeker becoming obvious. Dropping her wand, she reached for the arrow, and, by pure luck, managed to grab the arrow in mid-flight, centimetres away from it's teenage target.

Apathy, a bit stunned by the prospect of death, almost dropped her aura, but focused her Hidden Power into five spheres.
"Sai! Think fast!" She shouted, throwing two of them at her.

Sai swore when she realised her wand wasn't in her hand. Closing her eyes, the green and silver aura appeared around her hands instead.

The first orb hit, but attacked Sai instead. She screamed as the dark energy coursed up her body, and I knew it was giving her a horrible headache.

Kayla appeared to be summoning a wave, as it roared behind her, building in size and strength.

"That poses a problem." The silver-haired ex-Hogwarts student pointed out.
"No duh." Her mutant partner replied.

Sai took control of the second orb, and clumsily dashed with it at Lyaka. She had her last arrow loaded, and shot it at the genetically enhanced human who was about to attack her partner.

At almost the exact same time, Apathy threw her three orbs, and cried out once more, as she felt pain shoot up her body.

The wave crashed down, and the arena fell silent, waiting for the water to drain away.

"God, I hope they're okay!" We both were very anxious, and I wrung my hands, while EVme watched the field intently.

Apathy stumbled forward, soaking wet and and now with two arrows in her, one at the arm and one in her shoulder.

A dry and harsh laugh escaped her lips when she saw Sai walking towards her, limping. Donatello was chattering away, having found refuge in Sai's hair.

Yanking out the arrows and wincing while she did so, Apathy noticed Kayla and Lyaka, both unconcious and drenched.

The audience roared, and Rudy came in, having stolen the microphone from Bulbasaur4.
"Kayla and Lyaka are unable to battle! Sai and Apathy win!"


EVme and I had run downstairs to the main area, which was now hopping with people. I quickly said hello to some, smiling when I saw Sai was supporting Apathy, and Kayla and Lyaka came in soon afterwards, both smiling and talking, but they all looked exhausted. Sai checked burnt hands, and made a face.

Apathy, who seemed to come out the worse, remained silent.

"God, that was tiring!" I observed, and Sai rolled her eyes. "Great job, EVme! Hey, after we get our characters as good as new, wanna go get some lunch and watch the rest of the matches? I'm starving!"
"That sounds great, Seribii." We both smiled, and Kayla and Lyaka started talking to Sai, while Apathy suddenly took in a shaky breath;

"Yeah, yeah, food sounds great and all, but HELLO? Teenager in immense pain!" Apathy pouted, and Sai patted her head sympathetically.
"There there, baby."
"Don't touch me."

"Seribii, I just have one question - why are you in that cheerleading outfit?" I blushed, but EVme just looked curious.

I really need to change my outfit.

Sai burst into tired laughter, and directed Apathy towards the Infirmary.


Eck. hope that's okay. ^-^;

25th November 2003, 05:15 PM
I know I've done this too long. Sorry.

"Good luck Gali," Tea said as she leaned over and kissed him, "Hope you win."
"We'll be watching from the sidelines," Tio said.
"Thanks," Gali replied. I looked over to see Yahoot having an intimate moment with Yuffie.
"Please be careful," Yuffie said.
"Come on!" Yahoot replied, "I'm not the most dangerous bounty hunter in Hyrule for nothing!" I began tapping my foot.
"If you two are done," I said, "We've got a tournament to win!!"
"YEAH!!" The three of us stepped out into the arena. I looked across the arena to see our opponents. I recognised one as EngiMatikul, but the guy in the robe and the scientist I didn't know.
"You know those guys?" Gali asked. I shook my head. I then looked over to see the judge come in.
"Let match #8 of the RP tournament begin! Gali Virgo and Yahoot against Thomas Reusbucks and Guai He Zi! Watchers are Mystic_clown and EngiMatikul!! Watchers please report to the watchers booth!!" I turned and climbed up to the Watcher's booth. EngiMatikul stared at me.
"You know that there're stairs there," he said, pointing to the stairs.
"Ready…" the judge said, "FIGHT!!"
“Alright Yahoot” said Gali, “We’ll attack them both from the sides. Then you’ll…”
“Forget that!” laughed Yahoot as he charged at them.
“Yahoot Wait!!” Yahoot leaped into the air and raised his hammer high above his head.
“Take this!!” Yahoot cried as he swung his hammer downwards. A small sheet of paper appeared in front of Thomas and a shield suddenly appeared in front of Thomas, blocking Yahoot’s attack.
“What the?” Yahoot cried. All of a sudden, a fireball blasted Yahoot in the back. Yahoot cried out in pain as Thomas pulled out a cube from his watch and shone a bright light in Yahoot’s face. Yahoot threw his hands over his eyes and began crying out in agony. Guai began hurling shards of ice at Yahoot, nailing him right in the back. Yahoot fell to his knees and looked to see a cube laying in front of him. The cube exploded with a thunderous explosion. All we could hear was Yahoot crying out in pain.
“YAHOOT!!!” Gali and I cried at the same time. The smoke cleared to reveal Yahoot lying on the ground, not moving.
“Yahoot no!!” Gali cried. He failed to notice Guai floating above him.
“So much for you little friend!” Guai laughed. Gali looked upwards with rage in his eyes.
“YOU’LL PAY FOR THAT!! HELL SHOT!!” Gali began firing in the air when another piece of paper saying Jin appeared in front of Guai. A barrier appeared and sent all of Gali’s shots back at him. With a loud cry, Gali fell to his knees, only to see Thomas shoot a laser in his eyes. Guai began laughing.
“Once again my magic triumphed over these two clowns!” he laughed. Thomas glared at him.
“What do you mean? My cubes helped defeat them too.”
“Not much though.”
“Oh really?”
“YEAH!!” The two suddenly broke out in an argument. Engi got to his feet.
“Hey guys!” he cried, “Stop arguing and finish them off!”
“YOU STAY OUT OF THIS!!” they both yelled. Engi flopped back into his seat. I looked over to see Yahoot struggle to his feet.
I thought he was out cold. Oh well, I guess there’s nothing that can keep him down.
Yahoot walked over to Gali.
“You alright?” he asked as he helped him to his feet.
“Yeah,” Gali replied weakly.
“So where are Thomas and Guai?” Gali pointed over to them.
“Over there.” Gali and Yahoot watched the two argue with confused looks on their faces.
“This is strange,” Gali said.
“No kidding,” Yahoot replied, “Hey guys!! You’re supposed to fighting us remember?”
“What are you doing?” Gali cried. Guai and Thomas looked over at them.
“Oh yeah that’s right.” The two then fired a blast at Yahoot, sending him flying into the air.
“I hope he doesn’t come back.” Gali said. He looked back, just in time to see Thomas come a him with his laser blade. Gali drew his sword and blocked the attack. The two went into an all out sword fight, but Gali had to try dodging Guai’s attacks too.
“Come on Gali!” I cried, “Fight them off!” Thomas fired another laser into Gali’s eye, sending him stumbling back. Thomas then drew another cube from his watch and hurled it at Gali. But Gali managed the catch the cube and throw it right at Guai.
“What the!?” Guai cried as he caught the cube. It exploded in his hand. Gali then spun back around, to block another of Thomas’ attack. Guai was know really ticked off.
“You and your stupid cubes!” he growled, “I’ll do this myself!” But before Guai could prepare his spell, something fell from the sky and landed right on him. It was Yahoot.
I wasn’t prepared for that.
The dust cleared to reveal Yahoot and Guai both out cold. Gali smiled.
“Now that your magic friend’s out of the way, I can now beat the snot out of you!”
“Says who?” Thomas growled, as he began to slowly force Gali to the ground. Gali smiled.
“Says me!!” Gali grabbed a handful of dirt and threw it into Thomas’ eyes. Thomas cried out in pain.
“You watch seems to be your power source,” Gali said as he pulled out one of his guns, “So I’ll have to get rid of it! HELL SHOT!!” Gali landed a direct hit and Thomas was surrounded by electricity. Thomas cried writhed in agony.
“Now to finish the job! RUNE BLADE!!” with one slash, Thomas collapsed to the ground.
“Thomas and Guai are unable to battle!” announced the judge, “The winners are Gali Virgo and Yahoot!”
“Yahoot!” I cried as I got up from my seat.
“Aren’t you forgetting something?” Engi asked.
“Oh yeah. Nice fight, you did good, see you next year, bye!” I then jumped down from the watchers booth and ran over to Yahoot.
“Will he be alright?” Gali asked.
“I don’t want to go to school today,” Yahoot said, partly conscious.
“He’ll be fine.”

25th November 2003, 10:58 PM
Me, Chris, Free Spirit, and Kaida finally made it to the area where the tournament was being held.
"Ooh... Shiny." Kaida said in amazement.
We found the list of who was going against who and just started laughing hysterically.
"We're going against a glove, a rabbit, and a gnome!!!" I yelled, trying to hold back any more laughter.
"Hop, hop, hop!" Kaida whispered, jumping around in small circles around us.
"Snea!" Free Spirit said.
"He means, 'Yum, rabbit.'" Chris translated. Kaida instantly stopped hopping and inched away from the hyperactive Sneasel.
"Well, let's get this over with." I muttered.

"Match 12 is about to begin! Competitors are Kaida and Chris, assisted by Free Spirit, with Watcher Parsec's Politoed, and The Glove and Jurga, assisted by Gnome, with Watcher Razor Leaf! Competitors, are you ready!" The ref announced. Everybody nodded their heads-fingers-whatever.
Instantly, Chris backed away and hid. I was too busy watching the others to see where.
"Eat key!" Kaida yelled, slashing The Glove multiple times. Then, it pulled out a huge lock and slammed it over Kaida's keyblade! Luckily, Free Spirit used Agility to get next to the lock, Slashed it apart, and used Agility again to keep Jurga and Gnome busy.
"Yes!" Chris yelled, muffled, "Oops." Gnome heard him and head over to Chris's hiding place-a few small bushes.
However, Free Spirit also heard.
"Sneasel!" He yelled, signifying for Chris and Kaida to plug thier ears. Free Spirit Screeched, startling Jurga and Gnome, but they recovered quickly and started a dogpile on Chris. Free Spirit used a Taunt to distract the rabbit and gnome pair, but then it turned into a big huge fight. The Glove didn't react at all.
"S**t!" Kaida cursed. He used a Stopra to get The Glove to stop moving and ran over to the big mess that was Gnome, Jurga, Free Spirit, and Chris.
"Um... If you're okay, whistle!" Kaida shouted. Suddenly, there was a loud three-pokemon/gnome/rabbit chorus of whistles.
"Ow. Wait- Chris?" Kaida flinched. He cast an Firaga on the still-active squabble. The four went flying!
"Unhh..." Chris moaned. Kaida rushed over. Chris had diamond stuck in his skin!
"Chris, stay here. I'll keep them away from you." Kaida said, worried about his comrade, although Chris didn't treat Kaida that well. Kaida stepped back and cast an Aeroga on Chris, forming a shield of air.
A few seconds later, Free Spirit, Gnome, and Jurga got up and The Glove regained the ability to move again. He pulled out a seringe and hurled torwards Chris! Luckily, the barrier of air was still active-and it reflected back torwards The Glove! The liquid, whatever it was, got injected itno the radioactive glove, which then lost it glow. The Glove was unconsious.
"One..." Chris whispered weakly.
"I wonder why Jurga hasn't been using that tenderizer..." Kaida whispered. Then, suddenly, the large hammerish thing smashed into Kaida's arm!
"You f***ing b***ard!" Kaida swore. He hurled his large yellow keyblade at the rabbit.
"Um... Sorry?" Jurga said as it shot torwards him.
"Two..." Chris continued to count, with Free Spirit by his side
"Wow, most people would have the sense to dodge that..." Kaida muttered. "Now where's that leprechaun thing... Ow!"
"'That leprachaun thing' just bit your hand! Don't ever call me a leprachaun..." Gnome replied.
Free Spirit, who was checking on Chris, was watching. He ran over and slashed Gnome with a Metal Claw, and the gnome fell over.
"Three!" Chris shouted with all his might, which still wasn't very loud.
"Chris, Kaida, and Free Spirit have won Match 12!" The ref called out. I was happy. VERY happy.

26th November 2003, 12:22 AM
A lone character, seeming a bit formal for the occasion in his dark blue tuxedo outfit, steps up from one side of the arena, slow in his step but quite calm in the seemingly tense environment. The blue-haired character takes a casual glance at the other side and observes his opponent, with his characters already arrived at the scene, conversing to them about something, perhaps strategic ideas of winning. The character then decides to take a knife from the front pocket of his suit, then reaches behind his coat to take out a handkerchief and begins wiping the knife in an composed manner, not particularly caring for what he had in his hand but rather for who he was waiting for.
Then a large black-and-violet vortex opened up just above the field not too far from the man and two figures fell from the hole: A man in robes holding chopsticks and another with a lab coat and glasses. The vortex then closed.
"Alright, now where the heck did you drag us into?" Guai asked, slightly irritated.
"I believe you were the last one to mess around with the dimensional transporter," Thomas refuted coolly.
"I DON'T EVEN KNOW HOW TO WORK THE DAMN--" Guai He Zi was cut off by a knife that was flung at Thomas, who (upon his calculations) lifted his arm up slightly, revealing a nifty watch that emitted a 6-inch segment from each side of the square-shaped device. Each segment rotated 90 degrees counterclockwise to form a clear, solid shield which was used to deflect the knife... with a note.
"I guess he really did choose the right hands," the boy stated with enthusiasm. "Alright, now our creator had other issues to deal with, so I'm to be in his place. I'm Engi Matikul, another one of his characters. Apparently, we can't be with you while the concerto is performing, so I'll be sitting in the backroom if you need me." Engi left.
Thomas shrugged while Guai picked up the note and began to read it out loud, quickly. "Pour personnage I cordially invite you whether you like it or not to participate in a tournament against other characters you probably never met before. Sincerely, your creator."
"I have no intention of being in any sort of fighting match," Thomas responded flatly. "Drat, why isn't my dimensional transporter working? It seems fine..."
"There's more," Guai stated. "PS If you don't fight you'll be painfully humiliated."
A second later, a bomb rolled by the two. Another second later, it exploded.
Guai immediately flew out of range of the explosion and avoided damage while Thomas again activated his shield and jumped out of the way, escaping with only minor bruises. However, that was not the end of his troubles.
"Alright! Let's let the fun begin!" said a voice, followed by another mumbling, "Yahoot you fool, it was supposed to be a sneak attack." Suddenly a quick blur charged in, aiming for Thomas who was still struggling to regain his senses from the bombing. Yahoot lifted up his materialized-hammer-out-of-nothingness and strikes Thomas... had not a flimsy sheet of paper with the inscriptions "Qiang" (Wall) breezed by seconds before the attack, laid flat above Thomas, and in a quick glance revealed a glassy plane which effectively shielded Thomas from the hammer blow.
"Hey scary face! Why don't you try picking someone with your own speed?" Guai called out tauntingly from aside. Yahoot grinned and charged at Guai. Immediately they were both in a speedy duel with each other, both using speed and evasion to give and dodge blows with hammers and chopsticks.
Thomas finally recovers and detects that there is someone from the side approaching him. He immediately activates his curved LaserBlade on his watch and attempts to slice the person... but only gets caught in a deadlock with Gali and his sword, the other opponent the two must face.
"I see you were put unwillingly into this tournament. I will promise that I will not harm you with great force if you concede to defeat," Gali asked in a serious manner.
"I'm not that easy," Thomas replied firmly.
Gali smiled. "I was afraid that I wouldn't have good competition this first round." At that point, something caught Gali's eye: Thomas extracted a miniature cube from his watch and clutched it tightly in his hand. Using Gali's curiosity against him, Thomas winked with one eye and fired a miniature laser that zapped Gali's eye, causing Gali to retract.
"So, you like projectiles?" Gali said with one eye over his hand. He then took out his gun. "Hell Shot!" Thomas only had little time to react and erect his shield before the blast hit him, causing him to let go of his cube and be thrown back. "What's this?" Gali asked as he approached the cube, but then suddenly a huge flash and a sharp screech surrounded the arena for a while, causing Gali to yell as he was temporarily blinded and deaf.
Thomas barely had time to finish before his partner (with nothing but swirls on his eyes) was thrown off not too far away from where he was and had Yahoot charging after him. During the flash, Guai apparently was facing the cube and the flash had temporarily dazed him, while Yahoot (with his back towards the cube) took an opportunity to deliver a blow with his hammer and knock Guai to the side. Thomas's auto-defense mode activated and did skillfully dodge Yahoot's attacks, but a great cost of fatigue. Had not Guai recovered before Gali, the team would have surely perished. But soon Guai gave a quick trip to Yahoot who was relentlessly attacking Thomas and lifted Thomas airborne.
"You and your stupid cubes..." Guai muttered.
"What did I do?" Thomas said.
Pretty soon both of them had bombs and shots fired at them as Guai steadily tried to avoid the shots while holding Thomas. Realizing that Thomas was being a real burden, he pasted the inscription "Fei" (Fly) behind Thomas's back and told him to go dodge shots on his own. As he was doing so, Guai was caught by a large explosion and broke his foot. He then fell to the ground, helpless.
Yahoot and Gali then walked up to him, one with a hammer, another with a sword.
"Any last words?"
"Yea... Look!" Guai pointed in Thomas's direction, but the two didn't seem to care.
"We're not going to fall for--" BLAM! A plasma ray attacked and knocked both of them flying. Thomas went up to Guai. he had a crumpled paper in his hand.
"Your illusional tricks stopped working..." Thomas commented.
"Its because I broke my foot. Now I can't fly or make paper magic."
"How the heck does a broken foot affect your abilities? It's illogical..."
"MAGIC IS ILLOGICAL YOU FOOL... ah forget about it, there's still those two we need to deal with." As they were arguing, Yahoot had gotten back up to his feet and was charging at both of them when suddenly a chopstick rammed into his head and knocked him down. Yahoot got back up to his feet and saw two chopsticks in an "X" formation, waiting for Yahoot to... dance. Yahoot soon had two very annoying chopsticks to work around with.
But Gali had a bit more luck. Once again he tried a sneak attack on Thomas but once again Thomas detected him and immediately put up his shield to deflect Gali's sword.
"So I can't sneak up on you, eh?"
"Too obvious."
"Well, try this on for size! RUNE BLADE!!!" Gali took a swift swing and sure enough Thomas went flying across the arena. As Thomas put his glasses back on, they quietly beeped "Severe Injury" as Gali, who seemed to have sprouted bat wings, was heading to deliver the final blow. Thomas adjusted his head in the the fashion so that his glasses glared, and another cube was uploaded from Thomas's watch. "HELL SHOT!" Gali announced as he began continuously firing at Thomas when suddenly a chopstick flew out of messing with Yahoot and picked Thomas up into the air, dodging the shots for Thomas. Thomas then threw the cube onto Gali that became caught in Gali's collar (of his jacket) and yelled, "PHOTON SLICE!!" And using his laserblade created a plasma ray that knocked Gali into Yahoot. The blinking cube then exploded, knocking both characters out.
The chopsticks and Guai fell to the ground, unconscious from fatigue, and Thomas himself was kneeling on the floor. He saw, from the side, Engi and Mystic Clown bowing to each other and then shaking hands. Engi then came out to see Thomas.
"So," Thomas asked. "We done yet?"
"Not sure... going to have to wait for the judge's opinion," Engi commented. "Say, you're not hurt, are you?"

26th November 2003, 04:53 PM
Night had fallen. The creatures of the night were out and about, ready to take the world back from those who inhabit the day. There was the scent of danger on the air, a spicy scent of risk and excitement, fortelling that this night had much to offer. But what perils lurk within this darkness? What events would unfold to change the lives of those near? What----
“Will you just shut up?”
I sighed as I shot a glare over at the silver haired vampire that walked beside me. “Myra, do you mind? Im setting the mood here..”
Myra just glared back, her reddish eyes piercing into my soul with an unholy glint. “Well its ruining MY mood. I dont want to be here, you RUDELY dragged me out of my world for a stupid GAME.” Before Myra could go on, Dina spoke up, her voice, though very quiet, immediatley commanded attention. “As Asilynne has pointed out many times before, Miss Link, to her your life is merely a game she herself has created.”
“AND as Ive pointed out before, since I created you, I can destroy you.” I grinned a little as Myra gave a little hiss and turned away. “But I wouldnt do that. To either of you. After all, we re alike, you and I.”
Myra looked from reddish-brown haired, green eyed, 5’8 me to purple haired, black eyed, 5’2 Dina, and gave a slight smile, showing her fangs as she shook her head. I grinned and sweatdropped. “Well, I didnt mean outwardly...^-^()”

Suddenly we were there. The arena was there in front of us, the white marble of the ring glowing eerily in the moonlight. The stands which held Rpers of all different kinds were hushed, anticipating the words of the announcer as he stood in the middle of the ring, still wearing sunglasses though there was not a sun in sight.
“Ladies and gentlemen! Rpers from all over the world! Welcome to the second match of the RP tournament, Whiteangel with Masashi Takayama and Mimiru, vs. Asilynne with Myra Link and Dina!! Well folks this should be a match to remember!! With the competitors taking their places in the ring and the watchers in their special section, this match is ready to begin! Let the best team win!!!!” Squinting at the announcer I laughed. “That looks just like the guy that refs the Budokai in DBZ!” I could feel my mischievious side growing as I watched my characters ready themselves for battle. Turning to a boy sitting next to me, I snickered and pointed at Whiteangels fighters. “Those poor saps dont stand a chance! I feel sorry for Whiteangel, theyre going to have to write their characters into intensive care! AHAHAHHAHAHAH!!!”
The boy stared at me with an unamused look on his face. “I AM Whiteangel...”
Sh!t. My horrified face melted into a sheepish smile. “Uh....Well Good luck then heh heh...^-^()”
I made a secret note to keep my mouth shut for the rest of the match. But even through my embarrassment I laughed to myself. Like THAT could ever happen..

~~~~Myra Link~~~~
As I stared at the two humans before me, I listened to the annoying brown haired man prattle on and sighed. THIS is what was so important, that I had to leave my world, leave Rudy alone to battle Lantis and Roland? THIS is IT???
“Filthy human cattl-----” *BBBBUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUURRRRRRRRRRRHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH H!!!* A loud sound came from the stands, cutting me off. It was followed by a voice I had come to hate. “MYRA! DINA!! GO GO GO!!! PUNCH ‘EM HIGH AND KICK ‘EM LO---”
“Damn you Asilynne!!!” I yelled at the stands. “I dont care if you ARE my creator! When Im done with them youre going to pa---” It mustve been ‘Make sure Myra cant finish a sentence’ day because just then the bell rang, signalling the match to begin. Turning my eyes to the two humans in front of me, I addressed them both with an air of irritation and disinterest. “Well, lets get this over with. Why dont you two just make it easier on all of us and just die right now so we can all go ho--”
Yet AGAIN I was cut off, this time by Dina! “Miss Link, we re not supposed to kill them...” What..??! I tossed my hair, frustrated. “Well then how are we supposed to win?”
“You wont.” Surprised at these words I looked over at the male human, who wore a cheerful grin on his face as he got into an attacking stance. “So you wont have to worry about anything, little miss Vampire!” He ran forward to attack, but I saw him coming. Floating into the cool night air I looked down at him. “Its pointless to play around with you. Your just a human, and not even a Vampire Hunter at best. All you are is a snack if I felt so inclined to taste of your filthy tainted blood. If I cant kill you Im not even going to bother.” I crossed my arms and shut my eyes, clearly showing the disdain I felt from having to be here against my will. Suddenly I felt a hand grab my foot, and felt myself being dragged out of the air and slammed through the tournaments marble floor. Somehow the boy had managed to leap incredibly high in the air to grab me. It didnt seem humanly possible. I scrambled to my feet, looking with fresh hate at the cheerful male humans face. “Nice of you to join the battle Myra,” he said that infuriating grin still on his face. “You will pay for getting me dirty...” I snarled, and was about to get serious when the voice of the boys partner rang through the still air.
“MASASHIIIIIII!!!!!!” Both me and ‘Masashi’ shot a look at the orgin of the voice, and saw Dina holding the female in a restraining lock, one hand holding a ball of energy in the girls face. “Mimiru!!!” The boys grin dropped off as soon as he saw this and he ran to where the two human females were standing. “Please dont hurt her!! Please!”
“Relax,” Dina said, letting her go. She gave a slight smile with a hint of mischief. “I wont hurt her.” Masashi ran to embrace Mimiru as Dina came to stand next to me. She looked proud of herself, but before I could ask about it she whispered something to me. "This fight is over in 3.....2.....”
“....1...” I said and then the form of Mimiru holding Masashi began to laugh. Masashi seemed confused as the voice got deeper, and a high pitched squeal began to emit from her. “M...Mimiru?” he asked curiously, and then....
BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMM!!!!!!!! The form of Mimiru exploded and Masashi was thrown backwards, slamming into one of the stands before finally falling motionless. When the dust cleared, Masashi showed no signs of getting up. Beaming up at the shocked and curious Myra, I shrugged. “People bombs. I figured Masashi had a small crush on Mimiru, judging how he would glance at her when he thought no one was watching, so I decided to use it against him.” Myra shook her head, still trying to figure things out. “But if that was just an illusion, where is the real human female?” “I grinned mischeiviously as I led her to a section of the tiled floor that looked a little uneven. “Right here.” I said and then the white tile around the uneven section dissipated as I withdrew my Chi created illusion. Laying unconsious on the tile was Mimiru. “Dont worry, shes just knocked out. Lets just say the saying Fools rush in’ applys to her..” I said with a wink. “After knocking her out, I painted a quick double of her with Chi and the rest is history.” Myra looked impressed for a moment, then crossed her arms. “Well Im glad you had fun, next match we have, try to do a little less showing off and stick to your OWN opponent.” I grinned. “Sorry, you looked like you needed a little help with him Miss Link, after all he had you helpless on the ground.”
“HELPLESS!?!?” Myra shouted indignantly as I giggled. At first I was a little wary at having to work together with a vampire, someone that looks at me the way I look at a good steak. But after this battle, I saw Myra was a good person deep down inside, and though at first she didnt want to be here, now she would stick it out til the end. Reaching my hand out to her, I smiled. “We make a good team, Myra Link.” She looked at my hand for a moment, before smiling slightly and taking it. “Indeed, Dina--......whats your last name?”
I laughed. “I dont have one. But maybe one day....” I blushed. “One day, maybe...Summers...*^-^*...”
Myra looked startled. “Summers??! But......never mind. These other worlds are confusing, I dont think I want to know.”
Suspecting that we might have something in common other than our creator, Myra and I walked out of the ring and towards our creator, proud that we have won the match and also something more important---respect and friendship.
“And the winner of match number 2, after some very strange events is....Myra Link and Dina!!! Congratulations Asilynne you must be proud!”
*BUUUUUUUURRRRRRRRRRRRHHHHH!!!!!!!!* I blared my air horn as I rushed at my characters joyfully. “WOW OMG you guys did it! Good job!!!” I handed them flags and blared the airhorn again. “OH YEAH!!! Sing with me guys! ‘Weeeee are the chaaaampions, my friieeeeend. Yes weeeeeee will keep fiiiiiiiighting---’”
“Congratulations, Asilynne. Your fighters are very skilled.” A voice broke me out of my singing (which my characters were very thankful for). Looking over I saw Whiteangel with his hand extended and a mixed smile of disappointment and acceptance. Shaking his hand I said, “Your characters put up a good fight. They lasted longer than I thought they would against a vampire and a human from a DBZ RPG.” Whiteangels expression flickered slightly at what I said. Oops I think I said the wrong thing again. “What I mean is, theyre lucky to be alive...Eek! I mean that they did the best they could....aw damn.....” I gave up as Myra and Dina began dragging me off. Myra laughed and looked back at me. “You embarrass yourself the minute you open your mouth you know that Asilynne?” I laughed and looked at Dina. “You have something to say about that Dina?” I asked.
She looked at me with a pondering gaze. “What Ive been wondering is, if we re match number 2, why did match numbers 3, 5, 8, and 12 go before us? Wouldnt that make us match number 5? But match number 12 happened twice so that would really make us match number 5.5...”
“Dina...” I said, rubbing my head. “I think its best not to ask. Plus, your giving me a headache just thinking about it. I think I made you too smart for your own good.” Dina shrugged. "Sorry ‘Mom’” She said with a straight face.
We were all quiet for a moment before we all started laughing.
Since everyone seems to have a different idea of what the ring and the stands look like I just used my imagination ^-~

Darkmaster Kagemusha
26th November 2003, 11:35 PM
Sorry I'm late, school's been a b*tch. And Prof, it's nice to see you again. I don't think I've had much interaction with you, even in the Gundam School days :P

Rouko lounged on a think branch of an ancient, darkened oak tree, listening to the birds converse. The tree could not tell its tale, but the birds could. They told of how it had started out as a small, frail thing with ashen limbs, and how it grew to be scarred, wisened and gray. He smiled slightly as he let his chin rest on his chest and his eyes close to welcome a long awaited slumber. Unfortunately, this was not meant to be. Kage was not far off, and he was not happy. The large man, though similar in appearance to Rouko, was much different when you got to know him. He was very tempermental, and when he became frustrated or angry, he would...break things. I sighed and opened my eyes--for I too had been looking forward to a nap in the shade of the massive oak.

"Why the hell is she here!?" he bellowed, his tone livid, pointing to a name on the list of combatants who would be in the Tournament. I rubbed my eyes and looked at the name.

"I thought you and Sora were friends?" I said, drowsily.

"We are! I just figured I could get away from her for a while, that's all," he said, starting to cool down.

"Hey, be careful about how you feel about her, and about Saké, because I know he's here too. You may have to fight them," Rouko stated, being in a very cynical mood after having his peace interrupted. Suddenly, we all heard a single, demanding beep from inside my pocket. Pulling out a small beeper, I looked at the message I was left.

"Alright guys, our fight's up," I said simply. Rouko lept from the limb with ease as I stood, and we walked abreast of each other up to the stadium. Just as we entered the stadium, people started giving us wary looks, and we progressed cautiously.

"Now entering the arena, Kage Ikagaide, Rouko Kage, Professor Jonathan Beaulicar Wolfe, and Seikoru Miramoto. The observers are Darkmaster Kagemusha and Prof. JB Wolf respectively," a voice boomed over a loudspeaker as we stepped onto the dry battlefield. I collapsed into a chair on the sidelines comfortably, watching Wolf take his seat across the field. Our characters entered the colosseum, their footsteps stirring the dust beneath them, making a shroud about their legs. I put on a headset and held down a button.

"This could be a very interesting fight, Wolf. May the best characters win," I said, grinning evily. The four combatants reached the center of the arena, sizing each other up. Kage threw off his cloak and flung his Claws into place before taking a stance. Prof cracked his knuckles before taking his stance, facing Kage.

"Nice outfit. Guess you don't have any female friends, huh?" Kage said, mockingly. Rouko sighed and shook his head as he flexed his menacing black wings. The demon before him, Seikoru drew his blades--both magnificent, and catching the sunlight off every etching on them.

"Let the battle commense!" came the announcement. Not even a split second after that, they were on each other. Dust was erupting around them as their swift, powerful movements flew through the air. Kage felt he had the upper hand against Prof, since he had weapons, but soon found Prof to be a more than worthy opponent.

Kage Ikagaide
I slammed my Claws hard into my opponent's stomach, causing blood to run down my Claws. I grinned evily. "Now I've got you!" I said, raising my other arm to slash his skull to pieces.

"I don't think so," he said, and he dissapeared.

"What!?" I whirled around to see if he was behind me. "Tricky," I muttered. Suddenly, I felt a lot of pain as I was plowed into the hardened ground. I shook my head and coughed as the immense amount of dust that had been stirred filled the air around me. Before I could recover, hammering blows rained down into my chest, then flashed away. I rolled over onto my hands and knees and coughed up blood, staining the sand deep crimson.

"Kaaaaa...." my eyes widened. I lept out of the small crater I had been lying in and sent dark energy to my hands. "Meeeee...haaaaa...meeeeeee...HA!" I raised my arms above me and braced for impact. I steeled myself in time, as a huge wave of energy smashed into me, my energy creating a small barrier--enough to keep me from being fried--as it pushed me into the ground. It finally contacted the dusty floor of the stadium, causing it to explode with such force that a large crater was formed, with me lying in the center.

"Ow..." I muttered, getting up.

He laughed. "Tired yet?" he said, mockingly.

"Not even close!" I yelled, forming orbs of dark energy in my palms. "You may have more energy at your disposal..." I said, flooding the orbs with power. "But I make mine count!" I muttered through clenched teeth. Raising my right hand, I blasted a beam of black and gray energy at my opponent. He flashed out of the way, and as he did, I jumped backwards into the air and spun around, then punched forward with my left hand. Luck was with me, as he appeared there with no time to react, and I let loose hundreds of black needles of energy that embedded themselves into his torso. He let out a bellow of pain and floated to the ground as I fell myself. I recovered, unfortunately, so did he. Prof stood up, blood flowing slowly from the corners of his mouth, tainted, dark blood welled around the needles, which were slowly eating away at his body. He violently ripped them out, and suddenly shot a huge, blue bolt of energy that hit me square in the chest and sent me careening into the side wall of the arena.

Rouko Kage
I knew this adversary. Though not well, I knew that he was a demon, and we were on a level playing field. His eyes glinted as brightly as his weapons, and I made sure to watch them both. I folded my wings tightly against my back as he rushed me. He was very deft with his blades, and swung them in an unpredictably elegant way. I collected wind around my body and used that to deflect his slashes, seeing as I had very limited weaponry. I lept from the ground and took to the air just as he scissored his swords right through the air where I had been standing.

"While I don't think that's very fair sir, I believe I still have the upper hand," he said, readying his blades. I couldn't help but grin.

"Don't worry, I won't fly anymore after this," I said, honestly. My eyes flashed dangerously as the wind picked up in the stadium. Papers rustled around and clothes snapped around the warriors. Dust and debris began being dragged in a circle around me. The cyclone closed in until there was only a foot between it's wall and my body, and I couldn't see through the dirt and garbage that had been churned up. I reached to my belt and pulled out eight throwing knives, then, with a deft flick of each wrist, sent the deadly missiles spinning into the cyclone. It didn't take any effort to bring the cyclone into a spinning ball of razor sharp blades and wind above my hand. I couldn't help my self now. I took a pitchers' stance in the air, still slowly flapping my wings to keep level. Then I brought my arm around, swung it in three circles, and sent the ball flying at high speeds toward the demon. I wasn't sure if he had escaped through the dust and sounds of slashing blades, but I don't think he was too happy. I dropped gracefully to the ground and watched the twister dissipate. He had been using his swords to block as much as he could. His powerful body was a patchwork of slashes that, though minor, would be very uncomfortable. My opponent glanced around his feet, seeing the ground mangled, small fissures and gashes in the dirt around him where the throwing knives were now firmly embedded. I took a moment to glance over at Kage, just in time to see him fly into a wall. I raised my arm and blasted Prof with a binding wind.

"Kage, are you okay!?" I yelled. I heard him mutter loudly and slowly stand up. "I can't hold him for long!"

Kage nodded and pulled the shadows to him once more. Rouko was holding Prof firmly, but neglected Seikoru, who suddenly pummeled into him, his swords bursting from Rouko's back, just between his wings. A bittersweet, copper-tasting fluid filled his mouth, and he spit it out nonchalantly. Though he lost his hold on Prof, Kage had enough time to get a few more Shadow Needles into him as he rushed over to his partner. Kage rammed his Claws into the demon's back and through his chest, then flung him backward, pulling his swords straight out of Rouko's stomach.

"Thanks Kage, I really needed to have my bowels sliced today!" Rouko said, acerbically. Kage gave him an amused look and looked to their opponents, who were regrouping.

"Okay, you've got holes in your stomach, so does Seikoru. Prof has magic poison going through him, and I feel like my ribcage is broken. How are we going to pull this off again?" Kage said, critically. Rouko glared cunningly at him.

"Well, we'll have to try The Dark Wind," he said, simply, causing Kage's eyes to widen.

"You mean, the thing that if it doesn't work will leave us totally vunerable?"

"Yep," he said, shrugging. Rouko raised his hand and sent a powerful gust of wind to knock both opponents to the ground. "Make it quick!" he commanded. Rouko collected the wind around his hands, shrouding them in a raging maelstrom of biting air, while Kage brought the Shadows to his palms. They both clapped, creating two orbs--one of Wind and one of Shadow.

"Here goes everything," Kage said reluctantly. "Black Hole!"

"Vortex!" Rouko yelled. They slammed the orbs together and angry wind whipped out toward their enemies, who were now up and on the attack.

"DARK WIND!" they yelled in tandom, as black wind smashed against the ground, tearing it up and drawing their opponents to the abyssal eye of the storm. Black lightning crawled along the bodies of the two warriors as they poured all their energy into the attack, sending bits of rock smashing against the orb. Seikoru slammed his blades into the ground to attempt to stay put, but to no avail, as he was ripped from his place and hit the orb with a sickening boom. The orb quiclkly drained the demon of his energy, and his eyes grew dim. As soon as his body went totally limp, he fell to the ground at the warriors' feet, nearly dead. Prof wasn't going to give up. He flew against the powerful nexus of wind and darkness, lobbing energy bolts at the orb, only to see them shatter, like the bones of fragile people upon the rocks below a high cliff. The powerful warrior gave one last, valiant effot to stop it. He let himself be sucked toward the Eye and charged up the rest of his energy.

"I WON'T BE TAKEN DOWN BY THE LIKES OF YOU!" he called angrily, his voice barely discernable through the roaring wind. He created a huge sphere of blue-white energy in his hands and slammed it into the dark orb of wind and shadow, causing an explosion of light, wind, and a darkness followed. Kage and Rouko lay upon the ground, seemingly unconcious, drained, as did Prof and Seikoru.

"It appears to be...a...a draw..." the announcer said, in a shocked tone. Suddenly, Rouko gasped and then Kage coughed violently and rolled over, letting more blood flow from his mouth. With the last of their energy, they stood--victorious.
__________________________________________________ __
__________________________________________________ __

Holy scheiße that was long. Sorry about that. I know it wasn't supposed to be a book, but I can't help it.

RaZoR LeAf
27th November 2003, 04:27 PM
The Sun sat over the arena, radiating it's brilliant heat and light upon the crowds of cheering spectators and drying the dirty circle that would act as the place of battle. I walked up to the desk to check the details of who my team were up against in the first round.
"Parsec's Politoed. You'll be fighitng Chris and his Sneasel Free Sprit and Kaida." I said, looking at Jurga, Gnome sat on his head, holding his two ears up like reigns, and the Glove, scuttling around on the floor, cursing at every peice of chewing gum he got stuck on. "OK, lets go."


"Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to Match Twelve in the first round of this RP Tournement. The two team captains are first into the stands, RaZoR Leaf on the left.." I waved, as I wlaked into the stand on the direction of the commentator "and Parsec's Politoed on the right." There were other cheers, and boos I could tell were coming from the Glove at the sidelines.
"Their team mates should need no further intorudctions, so lets battle commence!"
At once, Chris backed away to a safe distance and left his Sneasel Free Spirit to do all the work. I kept aclose eye on the furry dark pokemon, as Gnome proceeded to do the same, alowing Jurga to battle, and for himself to only be called upon when necessary.
"Hey little Bunny bunny bunny!" Kaida started tautning Jurga, waving his keyblade around, and making mock bunny hops, his fingers pointed up to mimic bunny ears.
"That's not very nice. I'm a rabbit not a bunny." Jurga mumbled, scratching his bottom absent mindedly. "Er.."
"Focus Jurga! Focus!!" came a cry from directly below me, causing me to jump and almost fall out of my seat, Gnome hopped up and down yelling at his partner.
"Oh yeah. OK." Jurga hopped back a step and brought his hands together in a clap. As he drew them apart, a earthy coloured orb of light flaoted between them, before shooting off on it's own accord and slamming into the ground at Kaida's feet. Beneath me, I watched as Gnome had entered a spiritual moment, and was motioning for somehting to rise from the ground.

"Hey, what the..?" Kaida shreiked as his feet were instantly entangled by vines, wrapping around his ankles and creeping up his legs, holding him firmly in place.
"Good move Jurga!" I yelled out to the plump rabbit. In the meantime, I focused on The Glove, who had managed to grab hold of Free Spirit's head. Like a fist holding a ball, the Sneasel was running around frantically, with the Glove, wrapped around his head.
"Sne sne! Sneasel!"
"Yeah that's right Weasle! Feel the Wrath of the Glove!!!!"
Suddenly Free Spirit stopped. Even without a face of any kind I could tell the Glove was confused. He became even more confused when the pokemon disappeared in a crack of dark light.
"Dark Light!?" the Glove screeched "That's impossible!"
"You can talk you egotisical rubber mitten!" Gnome retaliated, and before I could even stop the two from arguing, the Glove was already trying to tear off Gnome's face, but was being steadly held back by the Elemental's small arms. From behind, Free Spirit suddenly reappeared in another crack of dark light ("Not possible!") and readied a claw to slash across the Glove.
"Oh no you don't!" Jurga said, finally finding his focus, and bringing his meat tenderiser down squarely on Free Spirit's head. The Sneasel gurgled momenteraily before flopping forward unconcious. Jurga pulled the Glove free from Gnomes face and flung him across the arena.

As I watched the radioactive... thing hurtle through the air, I noticed Kaida had managed to cut himself free from the Vines trapping him. He looked up and spotted the Glove, heading straight for him.
the cries came in unison, and Kaida had little time to duck or move before the Glove landed on his face. Instantly, the Glove twiddled his fingers, opening his mallet space account and coming out with, not a mallet but
"Oh god no.." I mumbled, Jurga and Gnome both sighed in dismay, as the Glove pulled out a stapler, and began to ruthlessly stable Kaida.
"Ah, get it off get it off!" Kaida screamed as he ran aimlessly around the arena, trying to pull the Glove fro his face, and pluck staples from his hair. He ran and ran, until he tripped and almost fell over his dropped Keyblade. Picking it up, he aimed for square on his head and swung.
"Time to go." the Glove cackled, and jumped free of Kaida's head, just as his key came crashing down upon his own face, knocking him out in one swift hit.
Both myself, Gnome and Jurga winced as the key found it's target, but the Glove was dancing merrily in the middle of the dirt arena, shuffling back and forth in some kind of odd victory dance. Chris looked decidedly glum on the other side of the arena as did Parsec's Politoed, the speakers crackled with static then sprung to life.
"Victory is awarded to RaZoR LEaF, Jurga and Gnome and the Glove!"
"Whoo hoo!" I cheered, leaping up in the air with a fist held high "I knew you guys could do it!"
Gnome hopped back onto Jurga's shoulders and onto his head, while the Glove finished it's victory shuffle and ran back over.
"You had doubts? You didn't think we'd win!?" The Glove quickly questioned "You think we're not good enough?!?!"
"No I.." I tried to recover, but the Glove was already springing towards me. I flinched, but thankfully Jurga reached out in time and grabbed the Glove, stopping him mid flight.
"Ooh, nice reflexes." Gnome said, pulling the Rabbit's ears "Come on, lets get out of here, I'm starving"

27th November 2003, 11:59 PM
Okies, let me start by saying 'Holy Freaky Cow, I didn't know that it's THIS LONG!' With that said, let me also say...uhh...Eat at Joe's? Happy Thanksgiving, though by the time anyone reads this it'll be the day after...

And what are you talking about, Noah?! Sora's not a nuisance to Kage. O.o';; I thought he liked getting drunk and switching bodies and all the other junk we make them do~! *pokes*
“No, that can’t be right...Check the list again, Kurayami.” I said, staring doubtfully at the bracket posted to the wall.
Kurayami let out an annoyed sound and turned to look again, her long brown hair flowing out behind her. “It says right here, plain as day, SmearGal vs. Skullfire.”
I cursed silently and rubbed my eyes as Sora blinked. “What’s so bad about that?” She asked cheerfully.
“Skullfire is like...way out of my league, that’s what.” I groaned. “We’re gonna die in the first match.”
“Oh, c’mon Smear, you have to give us more credit than that. I’m sure Kurayami and I can take his buddies no sweat!” She grinned and grabbed Kurayami around the shoulder. “Can’t weeeeee?”
Kurayami sighed. “Whatever. But we can’t think of this as an easy task, Sora, or we’ll be subjugated by our inanity.”
Sora blinked, smiled and said, “No idea what that meant, but you need to lighten up, Kura!” She poked her on the shoulder. “Just as long as you don’t panic or anything, we should be fine!”
Kurayami was about to reply with a bitter response when “Attention!” rang out through the hallway.
“The next match is number NINE: Kurayami Mizuchi and Sora Hibari versus Lance Hunter and Zith Andrak. Will SmearGal and Skullfire please exit the entranceway and be seated in the stands.”
Kurayami glared daggers at Sora and started walking towards the arena, mumbling about immaturity.
“Good luck, I’ll be cheering for you!” I said, flashing a thumbs-up, and hurrying off to find my place in the crowd. As I entered the top box where the ‘important people sat,’ I saw Skullfire sitting in a rather poofy armchair. I gave him a slight wave and sat down in the one next to him. Trying to focus more on the crowd than the queasy feeling I was getting in my stomach, I listened to Bulbasaur4 give her speech on arrows, and the unfortunate story of some poor character who had the misfortune of placing his arrows upside-down.
“...and that’s why you always, always put your arrows in the quiver face down.” Bulba finished with a hint of sadness in her tone. Some laughs resounded across the group of people sitting in the arena.
“Well, ladies and gentlemen, it looks like it’s time for another match!” Bulba declared through the microphone to loud cheers of excitement. Ultimate Charizard and Master Rudy sat quietly glaring at her and whispering. “The four contenders are Kurayami Mizuchi and Sora Hibari, belonging to SmearGal, and Lance Hunter and Zith Andrak, belonging to Skullfire!”
Cheers echoed with the names of the fighters as four people stepped into the sunlight of the stadium, blinking and waving at the tumultuous group of roleplayers. Kurayami and Sora both eyed their competitors after they shook hands. One was tall and bold sporting a sharp sword and wooden shield with a quiver of arrows strapped onto his back. The other was, if possible, bolder than the first. His light blue eyes glowered at them as he grasped his longsword and sneered at the challengers.
“What do you think, Kura? Who’re you getting?” Sora whispered quietly to her partner.
“I’ll take the dark one.” She replied, setting herself in an attack stance.
“Ah...” Sora said, preparing her Kama. A few seconds passed in silence, and then, “Err...They’re both dark, Kura, which dark one?”
But if Kurayami replied, the roar of the crowds drowned it out as Bulba yelled “BEGIN!”
The match was on.
Sora Hibari
Highly confused, I stood still in that split second where no one reacted as Bulbasaur4 yelled ‘Begin.’ I saw Kurayami leap at the smirking one with a defiant shout of “HYA!”
Now I knew who I was fighting: Mr. Tunic-Boy Lance Hunter. I whipped around to face him, but already he was charging, shield up and sword ready to slice. He thrust, I parried, he slashed, I swung, he defended...We exchanged blows for a good minute or so before I became dangerously close to being classified as shish kabob. I did a quick back flip, as he leapt backwards.
“You’re very talented...” I commented, beginning to twirl my Kama in the air above me. Lance simply nodded. My pendant started to glow, and he held up his shield apprehensively. “You have great talent with your weapon, I can recognize that...” I continued. “But...See if you can block this...”
As I stopped my Kama in a wide, horizontal ark, I threw three of my Shurikens into the air. As they fell, I began to shout my attack. “Windshr--EEEEK!” when suddenly I went flying to my left as something crashed into my side! I landed heavily on the ground and lay there for a few seconds, fighting down the pain that had suddenly appeared on my now bloodied cheek. I growled and shoved the object off of me and gasped...“Kurayami!”
Kurayami Mizuchi
“Ugh! Die already!” I growled in frustration, aiming a new arrow at my opponent. He grinned in a demonic manner and dodged with his inhuman speed as I released an arrow from my bow. His sword had proved a bit too much for me to handle, but how could I show him my weakness so easily? I got ready to nock another arrow when...“What?! I can’t be out already!” I felt my empty quiver, yelled in an enraged voice, and chucked it and my bow out of the ring. I unsheathed my sword, but too late, for Zith had charged forward and sent a blow to my side with the blunt end of his sword.
For a few seconds, I seemed to be suspended in mid-air, as a sickening crunch sounded through the stadium. It only lasted for a second, but then I was suddenly and violently hurled to the other end of the arena, smacking into Sora and knocking her with the hilt of my sword. My vision was blurred. “Kurayami! Kurayami, come on, get up, get up!” Seeing Sora’s face snapped me back to my senses. I sat up quickly, grabbed my side, turned over and gave a few bloody coughs. I growled. “Damn, that guy is really annoying me.”
“SORA! KURAYAMI! IN FRONT OF YOU, YOU IDIOTS!” Someone in the crowd yelled.
I looked up to see Zith walking calmly toward us, a grin plastered on his face as he prepared to stab us with his sword. Lance stood quietly behind him, watching on with a look of contempt.
I glared at Zith. “Oh no you don’t.” My hand shot up. “Pressure Bubbles!”
He smirked, lifting the tip of his sword and placing it near the large, silvery bubble. “Oh my, this is quite scary...What ever shall I do?”
Just a simple little flash of light...then BAM!, the battlefield exploded. Or it appeared to. The last thing anyone had seen was a glimpse of Lance pointing in wonder, Zith blinking at the flashing light in shock, Sora lying on the ground with her head bleeding, and Kurayami with wings flaring out of her back. Then all was covered in dust.
Mingled with the crowd’s screams of shock and surprise were roars of an unearthly creature, with hisses and growls, and something that sounded like a waterfall. Then a loud ‘thump’ that shook the stadium, and all went silent. A ghost-like wind blew throughout the amphitheater, and slowly the dust was blown away.
A loud bout of cheers erupted. There stood Kurayami, clutching a bloody slash deep in her arm, supporting Sora, who’s bloodstained face had a look of victory. Soon Lance and Zith could be seen, both lying unconscious on the ground, and both were drenched in water.
“Kurayami and Sora have won!” Bulba proclaimed. “Lance Hunter and Zith Andrak appear to have fainted, and are therefore unable to finish the match!”
I raced down as the two entered the hallway that lead to the infirmary. “You did it! You actually did it!” I cried happily.
“Told you we could.” Sora said cheerfully. “My head’s gonna hurt for a week, but at least Kura didn’t panic.”
Kurayami glared at her. “I believe you were the one that panicked, Miss Kura-Wake-Up-Or-We’re-Gonna-Die.”
I shook my head as we three walked to the sickbay, happy we had won.
Again, I'm sorry. It's much better if we could tab it to show the different paragraphs...O.o';; But I got rid of my double spacing to make it seem shorter...eheehee...

29th November 2003, 05:00 PM
You don’t mind me calling you Seri, do ya? ^_~
I smiled and waved as my two fighters walked up to me. Both happily waved back, looking overjoyed at the chance to be in this tournament. “Hey Kayla, hey Lyaka. Yes, I did check the standings,” I informed them before their half-open mouths formed the question for the 500th time today. “We’re up against Elemental Seribii. She’s with Sai and Apathy.”

Lyaka put her hands together. “Hey, Apathy was that girl with the weird ears who wouldn’t talk to me in the lounge!”

“Thanks for the compliment,” a sarcastic voice remarked from behind Lyaka. She yelped, jumped, spun around, and landed face to face with Apathy. I looked over her and the frozen-in-shock Lyaka to see Seribii chuckling.

“Hi Seri!” I walked past Lyaka, giving her a light shove to jar her back to reality, and held out my hand. Seribii took it and we shook. “May the better team win.”

“Yeah... team...” Sai rolled her eyes. Maybe this wasn’t as good a pair as they seemed. If the two couldn’t cooperate, then we wouldn’t have a ton of trouble on our hands. Or maybe I was just wishful thinking...

“Will the Participants and Watchers for Match Five: Elemental Seribii vs. EVme15 please report to your designated locations!”

“Wow, already? I guess that’s us!” Seri smiled to me, then to her fighters. “Good luck girls, I’ll be rooting for you.”

“Fight well you two. I know you can do this if you just put your minds to it,” I encouraged Kayla and Lyaka. They beamed at me, slapped high-fives, and headed through the door marked: “FIGHTERS ONLY!” Sai and Apathy soon followed, walking around someone supporting a limping character I recognized as Jacob from Anime Spirits.

Seri and I headed up the stairs through the door marked “WATCHERS” which lead out to box seats overlooking the arena. The crowd was huge, wow, I didn’t know there were so many RPGers... or maybe there weren’t and these were people from other places in TPM. ^^;


Kayla took a quick measurement of the arena: dirt ground makes for slightly difficult traction but not too bad, relatively hard packed so it’s not good cushioning... Lyaka was just staring at the crowd, unaccustomed to so many people. Kayla glanced at her now-very-nervous partner. “Don’t worry, ignore all them. Just fight, you’ll do fine.”

Sai was focused completely on the fight, fighting stance ready. Apathy was standing on all fours on the ground, ready for a brawl. They seemed to be ignoring each other for the time being. Now I was starting to worry again about how my team would fare.

“Ready... GO!”

The match was on! Lyaka instantly had an arrow loaded into her bow, aimed at the other end of the field for whoever was striking first. Kayla summoned a fireball to back her up.

“Apathy, if we attack together they won’t pick us off!” Sai whispered to her teammate. Apathy gave her the dirtiest ‘I don’t need your help so shut it’ look she could manage, and charged straight at Lyaka.

“HOLY-!” Before Kayla could complete the exclamation, Lyaka’s arrow was flying, Apathy had barely dodged, and Lyaka was flying backwards a few feet thanks to Apathy’s Faint Attack.

“That’s fast!” Kayla shouted, just before being shoved backwards herself by a burst of blue magic from Sai’s wand. “Hey, don’t forget about me!” came at her from across the arena. Kayla growled and whipped the fireball that was still clutched in her hand towards Sai, who yelped and ducked just in time for her hair to get singed.

Lyaka had another arrow in her bow, ready to shoot Apathy when she reappeared to attack again. A huge force at her back sent her falling forward. Using all her reaction skills, Lyaka turned and fired at a very surprised Apathy before she hit the ground and felt her quiver dig into her back. Both yelped in pain at the same time. Because Lyaka didn’t have time to aim properly and was falling as well, her arrow didn’t hit exactly where she had wanted it to. None the less, blood was now dripping from a deep gash in Apathy’s upper-left arm. She realized one moment too late the disadvantage she had held Lyaka at, on the ground and bow empty, but her opponent was already up before Apathy could react over the pain.

A bolt of lightning shot down from the sky, hitting Sai head-on. She let out a scream, and threw a spell at Kayla. It was met with a psychic barrier and flew uselessly to the side. Sai kept letting out spells, trying to land a hit on Kayla. None were getting through, but Kayla was weakening fast. Sai paused for breath and Kayla took her chance. Throwing most of her remaining energy into one attack, a powerful jet of water rushed at Sai. Without hardly any time to react, Sai tumbled over in the torrent. When it had passed she climbed to her feet, exhausted, and suddenly realized she wasn’t holding her wand anymore. Looking around on the ground, her eyes fell upon Kayla. She was on her knees, panting, but a smug smile has crossed her face. In one hand she clutched her dagger, in the other, Sai’s wand. “Looking *pant* for something...?”

“OH MY GOD KAYLA DUCK!!” a scream shot out from across the arena. Lyaka had fired another arrow and missed Apathy again. This one, however, was now on a direct path toward her teammate’s head.

Lyaka breathed a sigh of relief as the arrow shot over Kayla’s head, and Seri cried out next to me as it struck Sai right in the stomach. Kayla hadn’t dodged the arrow. She had collapsed before it hit her. Now both were lying on the ground, breathing heavily, as the remaining half of each team continued the fight.

Apathy had hit Lyaka again using her teammate’s collapse as a distraction. Now that there was some distance between the two, Apathy seemed to be changing techniques. Lyaka had another arrow loaded and was looking very beat up, scratched in a few places. Apathy was holding a Shadow Ball in her right hand, her left arm still bleeding badly.

The attacks left their owners at the same exact time, meeting exactly in the middle, canceling each other. Lyaka reached back to reload, and cursed when her hand hit only two arrows. Two shots left. Apathy probably had much more than that, so Lyaka had to hit her in two shots or it was over.

She loaded her second to last arrow and took careful aim. Lyaka decided to wait until Apathy threw her Shadow Ball, and she’d hit her while her opponent was making another one. For a few seconds both just stood there. Either Apathy really was running low or she had seen through Lyaka’s plan; in either case Lyaka was the one who shot first.

It was met a little more than halfway by the Shadow Ball, and both were canceled out. Lyaka desperately reached into her quiver, hoping that she still had more than one arrow left. She didn’t. So she’d either have to hit Apathy on this shot, or she was finished. Both reloaded. Again a standoff.

This time Apathy was the first to fire. Lyaka tumbled out of the way, quickly aimed, and shot.

Apathy cried out loudly as dodging transferred the shot from her head to her ear. Lyaka sank to one knee. “Crap... I thought I had her. Crap crap crap crap crap crap CRAP!”

Still nursing her bloodied ear, Apathy shouted to my character with a tone of satisfaction, “That was your last arrow, wasn’t it? Now you’re out of weapons. Now there’s no way you can win.”

No longer worried about the threat of an arrow flying at her, Apathy’s body started glowing dark purple.

‘This is it...’ I thought to myself. ‘Lyaka’s out of options and in no way can make it through Apathy’s Hidden Power. We’ve lost...’

Lyaka just sat there as the energy turned into dark orbs in front of her, not even bothering to look. ‘I’ve shot all my arrows. I can’t fight her fist to fist. She’s about to attack and I can’t stop it. If only Kayla could help...’ Suddenly she looked over at Kayla. ‘Wait, she can! She has a knife!’

I realized it at the same time Lyaka did. “GO FOR IT!” I cheered, confusing everyone around me who heard. I didn’t care. We could still win this!

With a quick glance over her shoulder, Lyaka turned and ran over to Kayla’s unconscious body. Relieved that the knife was already out and she wouldn’t have to search, the blonde-haired girl picked the dagger up off the ground and charged at Apathy. She may have been fast, but Lyaka was no pushover in a contest of speed.

One of the spheres shot at Lyaka and hit her dead on. She cried out in pain and grabbed at her head, the shock flowing through her body. I doubted our chances again.

A second orb flew at Lyaka just as the first one started wearing off. She screamed again and fell to one knee. Her body was shaking; I wondered just how much pain she was in.

Suddenly she jumped at Apathy and with all her strength, drove the knife straight into her stomach. The Hidden Power disappeared. Apathy gasped and coughed up a little blood. Both collapsed to the ground.

The entire audience waited in complete silence for one of the two to move. Slowly, body shaking like mad, Lyaka got to her feet. She stood there for a few moments. When the “Lyaka is the only one able to battle! She and Kayla win!” met her ears; she turned to my seat and smiled. Then she collapsed on top of Apathy.


Seri and I both exhaled at the same time. “That was intense...” she whispered. I nodded, worried about the condition of my team.

“Hey... EVme... EVme...? EVME!” I snapped out of my thoughts when Seri shouted at me. “Let’s go down and check on our girls.”

I slowly stood up, still shaking from the shock. “Oh, by the way...” Seri turned and smiled at me. “That was a good fight. Congrats.”

I smiled back. “That wasn’t easy. You’ve got a great team, too. Now let’s get going.”
Erm... That was a bit long, wasn’t it... Ah well, I tried! *eagerly awaits the decision*

29th November 2003, 09:31 PM
Thargor- With Brother Fernando Cortes and Tirank Coorio III

"Out of the shadows, he comes to the battlefield..." my voice became dark and brooding as the three of us walked down the stone corridor. "Wearing nothing but his determination, and a stylish black cape!"

I twirled my cape around myself and ended up tripping. My head hit the ground with a smack, and I was left with a dazed expression on my face, along with a huge, larger than life smile. The heavily robed figure next to me gave me a look of utter disgust, while the blue horsey head of my armor-clad, four armed warrior gave me a curious look.

"Do you suppose he'll act like this for the rest of the tournament, my friend?" Tirank said, as he lifted me onto one of his shoulders. Brother Fernando shrugged and let out a theatrical sigh.

"I would suppose that would be a correct assumption... He is quite the buffoon," Cortes said, lifting his nose higher in the air. "The very gall of saying he was my Creator..."

Tirank nodded thoughtfully, as the two of them continued on. I on the otherhand enjoyed a great variety of colors that seemed to be occurring all around me, the most lovely part of having a concussion...


"Ladies and Gentlemen! Boys and Girls! Those present that are currently taking on illegal wagers! The start of Fight Eleven is about to commence!" The booming voice shouted over the roar of the spectators. Loudspeakers were placed all around the dome shaped arena, so the voice could be heard from all directions. Unfortunately the concussion was still going at full force and I ended up hearing something about hot-dogs.

"Make mine a double with ketchup and some saukraut!" I shouted almost drunkenly as the security staff plopped me into my trainer's box. The guy next to me, Shadow Djinn if I remembered correctly, gave me a look that suggested I looked anything but normal.

"Hey there Thargor... Here's to a good match," he said, putting up a hand infront of me.

I looked at the wavering hand infront of me, and took a lunge at it... and missed. Falling down to the ground once more, I giggled slightly to myself, then sprung up. Shadow Djinn sweatdropped, as I took a firm grasp of his hand.

"Nice to meetchya! Hopefully there will be tons of violence and blood in this battle!" I said, a grin plastered over my face like an idiot's.

"Eh?" He said, his eyes wide.

"Now if you would excuse me, I'm going to throw up now!" I said deeply, before leaning over my seat and coughing up my breakfast.

Shadow Djinn backed away from me slowly, as four figures stepped into the arena. Fernando in priest's robes, talked to one of the referees at the sidelines for a second. The referee slowly nodded, then went up to a telephone box at the side of the arena.

"Attention! Participants and watchers alike!" the loudspeaker boomed as I felt a chunk of bread come out. "We have a special treat now! Given the spiritual nature of the Jesuit, Brother Fernando Cortes, he will purify the arena before the start of the battle with his holy water! Isn't this a treat?"

Groaning overcame the entire building, as people slumped back in their seats. The loudspeaker came on again, this time with an annoyed pitch. "Well, it doesn't matter since we can't descriminate against religious beliefs... It shoudl be over soon enough."

The groaning diminished somewhat, as Fernando slowly paced across the length of the arena in a circle. His flask was open at his side and a trickle of purified water ran across length of his path. Whenever the water touched the ground, it seemed to glow for a brief instant before seeping in. Ending by touching his cross and muttering something to himself, Fernando went back to Tirank's side, who had been watching the process with interest. The two humans on the other side just looked glad that it was over. The referee waved up at the announcer's box.

"Alright folks! Time for this battle to go underway! Shadow Djinn versus Thargor! Shadow Djinn will have Zera Leonhart and Seth IceWinder fighting for him! Thargor will be having Tirank Coorio III and Brother Fernando Cortes as his team!" The crowd roared in approval at the announcement.

"Can the holy powers of a priest and a high paladin hope to stand against the might of these mystical lone swordsmen? It's time to find out folks! Begin Fight Eleven!"

Like a gunshot, the spiky turquoise haired Seth began to cut the distance between himself and Fernando. His katana was already in hand, just waiting to get in the first slice. Zera (there wasn't any description in the sign-up) moved against Tirank with his dragon katana at a slower rate as soon as he saw Tirank unsheath all four broadswords at once.

"I'll make this quick and painless old man!" Seth shouted at Fernando, as he raised his katana up to strike.

"Blasphemer! You dare strike at a man of God?!" Fernando said, as he brought up his cross. The sacred Shikon jewel flashed angrily from it, as Seth screamed out.

The entire crowd gasped, as the entire arena was transformed with that one act. Living columns of water had sprouted from the ground, and had formed a bubble around the fighters! Seth himself was already tied up badly in the streams of holy water, one of which was clutching at his face and choking him.

To the other side, the water had avoided Tirank, and Zera had managed so far to evade the tendrils. The audience "oohed" and "ahed" as he nimbly leapt over the living water.

"Blasting Zone!" He cried, lifting his katana up into the air. Rippling yellow energy emenated from his blade, and soared up to the top of the bubble... Just to dissapate against it's surface. Zera's eyes opened widely, as Fernando began to chuckle.

"How did you do that old man?!" He said angrily, bringing up his katana. Behind Fernando, Seth as let to the ground with a thump, and water trailed out of his mouth. His chest moved sporadically having almost died from suffocation.

"Well, young heathen," Fernando began. "This is a holy dome. The water around us provides those who use the forces of all that is good, holy power for those English out there, and also serves to ground all other types of evil power... Which I assume was what powered that attack of yours?"

With a growl, Zera ran towards Fernando, only to gasp as his speed suddenly tripled. With a dull clang, Tirank cracked the back of his head once more with the flat side of his broadsword. Falling like a sack of beans, Zera slammed into the ground. Weakly he tried to reach for his fallen sword...

"Sorry about this," Tirank said, as he raised one of his clawed hands at Zera's face. Saying a prayer, a blinding light blasted from his palm right into the fallen one's face. Zera shrieked to himself, then was silent.

The crowd was silent for a moment too, then roared back into life. The voice over the loudspeaker had a hard time getting over the noise, but finally managed it after a minute.

"So in a surprising turn of events, the priest Fernando changed the field for a quick win! While I'm sure the rules don't say anything about that at the moment, I'm sure the judges might have a few rulings about that in the future! Congratulations go to Thargor, who is going to the second Round!"

Shadow Djinn went over to me, and slowly tapped my back. "Uhh... It's over now Thargor..."

Coming up slowly, my face a sickly green, I stared at him. "I missed it?"

"Yeah... But you won. Congratulations man!" He said, with a forced smile. He continued to stare at me after saying so.

"I have something on my face, don't I?" I said slowly.

"Just your breakfast..." he muttered, as he left the box.

I looked down at the arena, and at the two forms of Tirank and Brother Fernando, who were currently bowing and trying to convert the masses respectively. I nodded my head in pride. Those two are a great team...

Then my head throbbed and my stomach lurched. I need some Tums...

Ice Maiden
30th November 2003, 09:20 AM
Heh, sorry for the lateness. I've been sick for the past few days...By the way, my fighters refer to me as Hannah.

"Will the participants in Match #7 please make their way to the main arena...I repeat, will the participants in Match #7 please make their way to the main arena..."
As the tannoy finished echoing around the reception area, I glanced at my team.
Great...we're starting. Yuko looks like she's gonna throw up, and Raven needs to tie her shoelaces. Defeat, here we come.
"OW! Raven, that hurt..."
Yuko's annoying, high-pitched voice lashed at my ears.
"Hey! Stop it, Raven. Yuko, quit whining! Jeez, we're not even at the battlefield yet, and you're already fighting!"
"Sorry, mother," Raven oh-so-helpfully replied.
If looks could kill, that girl would be roast chicken by now...

I made my way over to my seat, gaping at the fantastic architecture. Beautiful archways and sweeping marble staircases greeted me on the way up to the spectator stand, which was furnished with plush seats and...footrests?!
I wandered over to my seat in amazement. At least, I thought it was my seat. A clear voice behind me informed me that it wasn't.
"Excuse me, but you're in my place. Hey, aren't you Ice_Maiden? You should be down there with Mew Master! You see those two seats right at the botttom of the stands...."
"Erm...ah...okay...um...sorry, Bulba...I'll, um...go now..."
Sweatdropping excessively, I looked down the 300-odd stairs that led to my real seat.
This is going to be a long, long day...


"Hurry up!"
I paced around inside the bathroom, waiting for my team-mate to finish regurgitating whatever she had eaten for dinner last night.
"I...I'm coming..."
She clicked the lock open, then slid out past the cubicle door.
We made our way down a long maze of corridors, finally emerging in a round room with only on other way out. There was a black and white sign above the door, boldly proclaiming "Fighters Only!"
"We should go through. It'd be awful to have come all this way, then be ruled out for being late..."
"You're right. Let's go, Yuko!"

With those words resonating around my head, I stepped out into a large, dirt covered area. I was met with a mass of colour, from people wearing all sorts of multi-coloured t-shirts.
I haven't seen this many people since I lived in Slateport...
"Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls! Welcome to Match #7! You should have spotted Ice_Maiden and Mew Master in their respective places..."
I looked up to see Hannah waving at Raven and I.
"Fighting for Mew Master are Setsuna and Wamiyazen "Saké" Denisu! Ice_Maiden's team consists of Yuko Nishida and Raven Tajiri!"
As I prepared myself for battle, I could see Setsuna and Saké walk out into the battlefield accompanied by a series of yells and cheers. I grinned to myself as I heard Hannah booing and jeering.
That girl sure does know how to make a fool of herself...
"Fighters, ready yourselves...Three...two..one...COMMENCE BATTLE!"
Setsuna immediatley let loose with a barrage of lightning bolts, but Raven quickly dodged them.
I must be fighting this Saké guy then...
I ran forward, quickly drawing my throwing knife. As soon as I reached my target, I slashed away at his lower stomach area. He span and twisted, mostly avoiding my hail of jabs. I say mostly, because I managed to cut his right side, but not enough to properly main him.
Raven's rasping voice pierced my eardrums makin me turn around to see what was wrong. She was pinned against the wall, with Setsuna holding a glowing ball of ice in front of her face.
I charged over to Setsuna, pushing her out of the way. A sharp crack was heard over the roar of the crowd, and I glanced over to see her sprawled out on the floor, her head bleeding.
"She's finished, Yuko. Now let's go get that Saké!"

We rushed over to Saké, who was stood staring at his unconcious team-mate.
"Uh...gee, sorry about that..." Yuko sweatdropped.
I kicked her.
"Don't apologise! That was a good thing!"
I quickly devised a plan to finish Setsuna's friend.
Hmm...maybe I should...No, that's too slow. Ah, perfect!
I swiftly brought my leg up to meet just under his ribcage.
"Bye bye breath!"
Saké was now bent double, gasping for air like a fish out of water. Yuko chopped her hand down on the back of his neck, making him bite down hard on his tongue. I had no doubts that he was in severe pain.
Suddenly, the entire ground began to shake. I stumbled around, tripping over my own feet and landing on top of Yuko.
What did she want now? Hadn't she whined enough today?
Ah. This could be a problem.
I rolled over, expecting to see Saké still doubled up in pain. Instead, he was towering above me, with a huge ball of white energy wrapped around his hand and arm. His red-brown hair was whipping around his face. Then, with a hellish tone, he shouted.
A white light erupted from the ball of energy, effectively blinding me. Then I was knocked to the floor, with blissful unconciousness rushing up to claim me...

I quickly closed my eyes. Having seen what this attack could do, I didn't want to be left partially blind. I curled up into a ball and rolled around, minimising the target.
As the light faded away, I risked a look in Raven's direction. She was also curled up, but was sucking on her thumb.
Woo...now she's out for the count as well...
I stood up and met Saké head on in a flurry of kicks and punches. If it weren't for my self-defense training, I'd be dead.


I gazed down at the mess that was once a battlefield. As the white light slowly disappeared, I saw Yuko and Saké fighting one-on-one. Both were evenly matched.
Wait, no they're not...Why isn't Saké using any of his Magic attacks? He could finish Yuko in one shot...
Then it dawned on me. That powerful Photon Blast had worn him out, and now he was too tired to use any of his other attacks. Apparently Yuko had realised this too, as she was now dodging all of his futile attempts at hitting her. She was wearing him down, planning on ending this fight with a swift hard hit to the head.
As Saké became weaker and weaker, Yuko seemed to be coming into her element. She was now raining down blow after blow on his head and neck, knocking him around the arena like a rag doll. Then, for the finisher. She gathered all her remaining energy into one shot, that one punch that would win us the match. And then it came, fast and powerful. Saké never stood a chance.
He fell to the floor with a loud thud. A gigantic roar erupted from all around the arena.
We've won.
"What a dramatic end to an exausting battle! Raven and Yuko are triumphant!"
I ran around screaming and yelling, then quickly remembered the formalities. Returning to my seat, I turned and shook hands with Mew Master.
"I guess the best team won..." He said, as if in a daze.
"What has happened here? It appears that Yuko Nishida has fainted!"
Great. I was hoping somebody would help me carry Raven home!

30th November 2003, 11:42 AM
For all intents and purposes, normal-colored text is from the perspective of me, Red is from Carbon Copy, and blue-ish is from Maichi

I gripped the handle of my flapdoozy bag tightly, the strap over my other shoulder; today was the day, the showdown. As I led the way into the arena, the three of us, Me, Maichi, and Carbon Copy, were all so quiet we could hear each individual step on the pavement. Just a few feet and around the corner and...

"What is this?" I said suddenly, holding my hands up in shock and looking at a large circle of dirt in the place of an arena. No walls, no crowds, no nothing! I jogged the rest of the way, Maichi and CC quickening their pace to stay close behind. I stepped over the edge of the dirt and walked a few feet in.

"Hello?!" I called out. "Anyone there?"

"Maybe this isn't the right place..." Maichi said, looking slightly anxious. CC remained silent, but I could tell he was a bit unsettled. A roaring engine diverted our attention. With a loud screech, a black and red car skidded over the dirt circle, coming to a halt in the middle.

"I see you got yourself another new car," I said to the emerging figure of James. His two battlers, Bear and Fong, came out right after, looking just as they had been described to me. "What is this, your fourth since you came to the forums?"

"Something like that," he said, pushing a button and making it race away. "Damn kids always de-"

"Welcome to the Arena!" a girl's voice cut through Bear's talking. We looked around to see where the voice had come from, but it only responded with: "Would the trainers please move towards their respective booths!" I looked and spotted the booths, then took a step towards the one with my name on a piece of paper on it.

"Well, good luck," James said, holding out his hand and catching me off guard.

"Good...luck," I said, taking it. We walked towards our booths and entered, when suddenly the ground started rising around us.

I tottered slightly as the ground moved beneath our feet. The dirt on the edge of the circle dropped down into the dark pit below, and the shaking floor pushed more dirt off the edge as we went lower. Then I heard a roaring sound, like the ocean or something. But what would an ocean be doing underground?

"What's going on?" Maichi asked, her eyes darting around nervously.

"I'm not quite sure," I said. I looked over at our opponents, who were also talking to each other. "I don't think they have much of a clue either."

Then a wave of light rose from the edge of the circle of dirt. Floodlamps! They illuminated the circle even more than the sunlight. Then I saw heads appearing at the edge of the circle. "Wait a minute...we're going DOWN to the arena!" I said loudly. I had to say it loudly because the increasing roar of the crowd was drowning out all other noise.

With a large THUMP that made our knees buckle, the circle of dirt landed and I finally saw the full arena. Then the girl's voice from earlier spoke, somehow louder than all the other people combined. "Match 3 of Round 1 of the Role Players Tournament will now commence! Battlers Carbon Copy and Maichi Konnetsu, brought by RPer VirtualPlay, will be facing off against Xavior 'Bear' LionHeart and Fong, brought by RPer Bear, aka James!"

The crowd somehow roared louder, and a piercing bell rang out. "Guess that's the start," I said, focusing again on Fong and Bear. I glanced at Maichi and saw her looking tense. "What's wrong?" I asked.

"Bear...I don't want to fight him..." she said quietly. I knew why; they had been on the same side where they came from.

"Then you focus on Fong, I'll take care of Bear," I said, as the pair of them turned invisible. I had been expecting this, though. "Bah, I'll solve this one," I said, slightly annoyed, "just get ready to jump, and jump high."

As Maichi stood back, I focused quickly on the Flygon form, and felt my body elongate, felt the wings sprout, and the tail come shooting out. "Flyyy!" I shouted at Maichi, who propelled herself up not a second later. With a tremendous crash, I smashed my feet to the ground, shaking the whole arena. I heard the cry of one of them as the ground collided with him. Bear suddenly reappeared, lying on the ground. I could tell he wasn't out yet, but he was disabled for a bit.

A loud clang echoed above me, followed by "ooh"s from the crowd. Fong had reappeared as well, but was striking his Steelthorn against Maichi's Swallow, some twenty feet above my head. Suddenly the blade fight was back on the ground and all around the arena, faster than most could see. I hovered over to where Bear lay, and stood to watch this heated battle of the blades. It was a constant "Clang! Clang! Clang!" that almost had a rhythm to it. A strangely familiar rhythm...

Suddenly the Arena was gone, and I was human again. I was in the forest, and in front of me was a Kirlia, battling a Parasect. The Parasect was swiping out with its claws, with a rhythmic, "Sect! Sect! Sect!." With a quick Psychic blast, however, the bug was flying away like a piece of paper. I felt ecstatic, even though I didn't know why.

In a flash of white, though, the Kirlia was growing, evolving to a Gardevoir. I went to go to the Gardevoir, but I couldn't move. Some people in black had grabbed me, and others were grabbing the Gardevoir...they pulled me away from the Gardevoir...MY Gardevoir!

"NOOO!" I screamed, but I couldn't move...the world dissolved to darkness...

"NOOO!" I heard CC cry out, disrupting my one-on-one with Fong. He startled me long enough for Fong to get in a shot closer than before, cutting through my shorts and leaving a long, thin slit of blood on my leg.

"Why, you..." I growled, throwing my swallow straight up and cupping my hands together. I dodged his blows as I charged my ball of energy. "You'll...pay...for...that..." I ducked in really close to Fong, pointed at his stomach, and released the energy. "NOW!" I screamed, as Fong went flying out into the stands, his limp body crashing into the seats of a quickly emptied section.

I jumped up, caught my swallow, and rushed over to CC, who was now another strange Pokémon with green hair that curved around its head, long, thin, green arms, and a flowing white and green...thing around his bottom half. I had seen him take many forms, but I hadn't seen this one yet. "Carbon, are you okay?" I asked, helping him up.

<They...took...my...Gardevoir!> I heard him say in my head. This was also new; he had never spoken to my thoughts before...

"Are-are you sure you're okay?" I asked again.

His eyes, er, eye fluttered open, closed, and then flashed open, alarmed. He shouted in my head, <Maichi, duck!>

I didn't need a second telling. I dropped down to the ground as a loud SMACK and CC's body falling to the ground told me something had hit him. I looked up and saw Bear rematerialize, his fist outswung.

I saw red. Bear had just hurt CC when he was most helpless, and now he was going to pay. Without thinking, I found my swallow blade at his neck and said, "Move, and I will too." He looked down at me, horror-struck, the edge of the yellow blade glowing a pale white as I fed it energy.

He swallowed big, then slowly raised his hands and, in a croaky voice which I had never heard from him before, said, "I give."

The bell rang again, followed by the girl's voice again, saying, "James' team of Fong and 'Bear' has been defeated. VirtualPlay's team of Carbon Copy and Maichi has won!" I dropped the aura around my swallow. The crowd was roaring and I looked at Bear again, this time through clear eyes. His normally collected face was all sweaty and twitchy. He was breathing hard. I stood up and held out my hand to him.

"Good match," I said as he took it, his huge, sweaty hands almost slipping out of my grip. He said nothing more, although he tried once or twice to. In the end, he didn't move or say anything until James had come over, consoling him. I looked behind me...


"YES!" I screamed as she announced me as the winner. Excited as I had ever been, I jumped out of the booth and ran down to the arena. Just my luck they had finished at the other end of the circle, and by the time I had gotten there, Bear had already come and gone.

"Is he okay?" I asked Maichi as we hovered over the limp green Ditto that CC had reverted to.

"I think he's just knocked out..." she said. Then, more quietly, "He saved me there, at the end." I looked up at her, but her face was down and hidden under her hair. "He took the hit for me."

I was silent. I didn't want to say anything because I knew that if they were going to get through the next rounds, they'd need to be strong together.

Finally, I spoke, "Come on, we've still got the next few rounds to look forward to. CC will be fine, you two just need some rest." And with that she picked up Carbon and followed me out of the arena.

legendary fisherman1
30th November 2003, 10:57 PM
“Well this is it guys. Our first battle is coming up. Lets try and win this thing!” I encouraged them.

‘I just hope they do okay’ I thought hopefully. “Don’t worry Legendary, I’m sure we will do excellent no matter what the outcome.” Ani told me.

“So are you ready to start this thing?” Jacob asked Ani. “I guess even if I’m not ready it wont matter right?” Ani joked as they made their way to the field. “Just that enthusiastic about battling this huh Ani? I mean I am too, but I haven’t been here for as long a she has, so I don’t think your going to win as fast as I would like.’ I thought.

“Okay then Nabooru23, lets begin match 4!” I shouted her and to the referee telling him to start the match.

“Okay then!” She told me. She seemed to have a smirk on her face that meant it would be something to go for her advantage.

Ani and Jacob set their backpacks down and opened them, reaching inside for something. They took it out and revealed them to be dual disks. They switched it on. The lights snapped on and the tiny motors whirled, signifying that it was warming up. Jacob flashed me a thumbs up, grinning.

Ani seemed to already feel his partners cool confidence and anticipation. ‘Well lets see a dual disk is useless without help so I guess that their going to be in the Shadow Realm for this battle. Like they wouldn’t battle anywhere else.’ I thought with a smirk knowing that this battle would be interesting.

The Referee put his hand up as recognition for the beginning battle.

“3-2-1-START!” he shouted as the crowd shouted The Millennium Eye and the Millennium Ring started to glow. ‘It seems that Jacob isn’t using Hemura’s spirit yet. Oh well, I guess they decided to work in unity this time.’ I thought as I noticed the arena.

“What’s this?!” Ani-or should I say Yami Ani-shouted as the arena started to change to water. “Ani I think its time to go to the Shadow Realm!” Jacob shouted to Ani as a kind of shadow appeared on their Duel Disks (probably to prevent them from short circuiting in the water), and then appeared all around the area of the now lake like arena.

“Well now it seems like this battle will be more interesting than I originally thought.” said the male member of Nabooru23’s team. “I guess you were the faster one to use powers, and I wanted a pure ice field. But now it’s a dark water kind of battle. I swear this is not going to help me.” He continued in a mean voice.

“Hey Ani summon a Water Monster to ride on!” Yami Bakura Jacob shouted to him. Yami Ani nodded, and drew 5 cards.

“I summon The Legendary Fisherman (!” Ani shouted as he placed its card on the Duel Disk, and the monster materialized before him to the water with a roar. “Get on now Jacob!” Yami Ani told him as he swam to his fisherman with a whale.

“Yeah go Jacob! Go Ani!” I cheered on my friends as I saw them get on the whale. ‘Heh, I guess I’m in this battle after all.’ I thought as I knew it was where I got my name from.

“Hey Jacob what’s that?” Ani asked him nervously as a hard to see shadow came toward them.

But it looked like their fisherman would become fish food as a female body came up. “Hya!” she yelled as she tried to roundhouse kick The Legendary Fisherman. But luckily, the whale riding fisherman dodged and moved back in an almost disappearing way.

“Hey, that whale shouldn’t have been able to dodge her kick. Her kick was too fast.” Questioned the male member of he team, again using a dreading voice.

Yami Ani smirked, his voice dripping with confidence as if he had already won “The Legendary Fisherman cannot be attacked as long as he in an aquatic zone.”

“Oh great, my partner made a mistake. That’s a surprise...” the male voice said sarcastically. “Oh yeah well I don’t see you trying to won this mister I’m- Seylin-Hatsuki-and-I-don’t-need-to-fight-because-my-partner-will-do-it-for-me!!!” shouted the girl in a very loud and annoying voice.

“Quick! Use another card while our opponents are still arguing Jacob!” whispered Yami Ani as their opponents were arguing.

“Okay, summon Vampire Lord (! And activate Trap Card, Metalmorph (!” Yami Bakura Jacob whispered as a sinister vampire came to the field unseen, and was then attached with silver armor.

“Now Vampire Lord, attack the girl!” shouted Yami Bakura Jacob as the now metallic Vampire swooped down from the shadows to attack its prey.

“Huh?! Hey Arnen, watch out!” shouted ‘Seylin’ as he made an ice wall to protect her. But little did he know, in the Shadow Realm, the cards are real and so are their effects.

Arnen watched in horror as Vampire Lord destroyed the ice wall and made contact. “Ahhh!” I heard her shout in agony as the vampire slashed her stomach and she flew backwards into the water.

“What?! How did that thing destroy my wall of ice?! I was sure it would be enough!” Seylin argued with Yami Bakura Jacob.

“When will you learn foolish mortal? In the Shadow Realm, both the cards and their effects are real. You most likely decided to use that wall as more of an offence rather then a defense, and Metalmorph’s power increases due to theamount of force the opponent can muster.” Yami Bakura Jacob said lowly.

Seylin scoffed angrily at him “It won't make a difference. I'll still crush you in the end.”

Just then Seylin put his hands into the air above the water, and used some ice powers to lift himself into the air. “Hur!” he grunted loudly as he started to ice the water.

Yami Ani gasped in surprise as the ice was getting closer “Come on Ani, think of something!” I shouted hoping this wouldn’t be the end of the match.

Yami Ani quickly returned his Legendary Fisherman, and played another card. “Go Airknight Parshath (! Ride us above the water!” he shouted as a half elf, half pegasus like creature appeared and carried both of them above the water with Vampire Lord.

But then, there was water coming up to them as if it were a missile. “Argh, what happened?” Yami Bakura Jacob asked furiously as they saw what had shot the projectile of water.

It was ‘Arnen’ and she was back on her feet on the ice beside Seylin. It looked like they had settled their differences, and quite quickly too.

“Don’t give up! Try more cards!” I shouted to them hoping they would get back on track.

“Oh no you don’t!” Arnen shouted as she took out......bombs!!! She through them at Airknight Parshath, and Vampire Lord. She destroyed them! “How is that Possible?!” I shouted completely surprised that simple bombs could destroy those monsters.

Yami Bakura Jacob, and Yami Ani fell down, probably lucky that Airknight Parshath didn’t fly very high.

“I think its time to use my Millennium Eye, now don’t you Jacob?” asked Yami Ani in a dark voice hoping to scare their opponents it sounded like. However Yami Bakura was much more real in his voice “I think so too. Why don’t you show them the power of a Millennium Item?”

Then the eye started to glow. Just then, both Arnen, and Seylin seemed to slow down their movement as the started to tremble. But then they seemed to snap out of it as they just seemed to shrug it off.

“Ani, get Ready to use Metal Reflect Jam on what seems to be Arnens assault. I’ll do the rest.” I heard Yami Bakura Jacob whisper to Yami Ani, as he placed 2 cards on the Magic/Trap zone and a Monster in defense mode. Yami Ani immediately drew a card from his deck and placed it on his duel disk.

“Haaaaaa!” Arnen yelled as she dashed toward Yami Bakura Jacob. Then he pushed the buttons that revealed his cards. “Activate Book of Taiyou (, and Dark Spirit of the Silent (!” he shouted as the cards were revealed. The Book of Taiyou flips up a facedown monster and the Dark Spirit of the Silent forces another opponent to make an attack.

“Patrition of Darkness (http://www.yugioh-haus.com/images/Ma-08.jpg)! Move the attack to Ani!” Yami Bakura Jacob ordered. Patrition of Darkness forces the opponent to move the attack to another target.

“Now go Metal Reflect Jam (!” shouted Yami Ani.

And then, all in 1 motion, Arnen moved her attack to Ani, Arnen switched places with Seylin so now Seylin was dashing to Yami Ani, and a metallic slimy substance appeared to block the punch that Seylin made unexpectedly.

“Ow, what the heck just happened?! Why am I even in this spot?!” growled Seylin as he nursed his hand. “Hey wasn’t I just dashing at Jacob?” asked Arnen dumbfounded.

“I guess you just got manipulated by the shadows. You should take this match more serious-ouh!” Yami Bakura Jacob was cut off as he fell to the ground unconscious.

“That guy talks too much.” Seylin said as he revealed himself be hind the now unconscious Jacob.

“What? No Jacob!” yelled Yami Ani as he ran to him to see if he was alright. But then as he was halfway there a shot of water ripped his Duel Disk off of his hand, and it rolled off across the side. Yami Ani just froze in terror. And when a Yami is afraid of something then it must be very bad.

“Say goodbye!” Arnen yelled as she created a cannon of water. Yami tried to get his Duel Disk, but to no avail as he was blasted with a wide burst of ice cold water.

“No Ani!!!” I shouted as he fell to the ground. ‘No this cant happen! I don’t want my team to lose!” I thought furiously as the shadows disappeared. The ice also disappeared.

‘Hold on a sec, where’s Jacob? He isn’t in the spot where he was hit.’ I thought as I heard a sword slash. “Hiten-Mitsurugi-Style! Ryu-Son-Sen!” I turned my head to the right to see........Jacob with a sword in hand, and Arnen on the ground unconscious.

“You know its not over until you defeat both opponents.” Jacobs voice changes slightly. His ring was also gone. He wasn’t Yami Bakura Jacob anymore...now he was Kenshin Jacob. “And you will not defeat me.” Kenshin Jacob said in a low and taunting tone.

‘Now it’s 1-on-1. Kenshin Jacob vs. Seylin. The moment of truth... Where the heck to I come up with this stuff?!’

“So are you ready samurai?” he asked calmly, but didn’t mask his on-the-edge feeling.

I expected Kenshin Jacob to stay quiet, but I was mistaken as the Millennium Ring started to glow again. “The question is...Are you?” he asked with Jacobs, Yami Bakura’s, and Kenshins voices all in one. Jacob fused himself with both Kenshin, and Yami Bakura!

“Hiten Mitsurugi Style! Do-Ryu-Sen!” Bakura Kenshin Jacob yelled as his sword skidded across the ground and made the dirt fly at Seylin.

“Huh?!” he gasped as he made an ice slide and quickly slipped away from the dirt. “Take this!” he yelled as he forged some ice darts and threw them. Bakura Kenshin Jacob just swiftly moved his sword and created a moving shadow “Yami Mitsurugi Style! Yami-Batou-Sen!” he calmly chanted as his sword was moving so swiftly it looked like there were 6 swords.

Then his sword moved faster, and he dashed forward and hit all of the ice darts. “How about this!” growled Seylin throwing ice shuriken knives. But Bakura Kenshin Jacob dodged the first line if knives and jump-turned upside down “Hiten Mitsurugi Style! Ryu-Kan-Sen!”

Bakura Kenshin Jacob flashed his blade and made solid contact. “Ahhgh!” Seylin screamed in agony as he fell forward clutching his chest is utter pain. But he, with a look of sheer determination rolled to the right and blasted Bakura Kenshin Jacob with an ice blast to the feet.

“Ough, what is this?!” he muttered hiding the fact that he was in pain. His feet were frozen solid to the ground. ‘I have never seen any ice apparition of any kind use ice powers so quickly, and accurately in my life!’ I thought as I saw Seylin get up still in pain.

“Now your not going anywhere little man. I’m going to make you a human size icicle, emphasis on the icicle.” Seylin grunted in pain walking toward him.

“You cant be taught a lesson can you?” Bakura Kenshin Jacob said calmly, as he started to slash the ice off of him.

“Its time for you to lose.” he stated as he went into a Batou Jutsu stance. “Yami Mitsurugi Style! Yami-No-Sennen-Kekeru-Ryu-No-Hirameki!” he shouted as the Shadow Realm started to appear again.

“Oh no, not again! This can’t happen! I won’t lose!” he shouted in denial. He knew he couldn’t win, but he couldn’t except it.

“Time to teach you what happens when you make the wrong choices Seylin!” he yelled as he seemed to disappear, and completely hit him with his Sakabatou. ‘This match is over.’ I thought in my head.

The dust cleared and the shadows disappeared and....Seylin was unconscious! We won!

“And the winner of match 4 is Legendary Fisherman1” shouted the referee.

“Oh yeeeaaahhhh! Awesome I can’t believe I won!” I shouted not caring who thought I was weird. So I ran to the field to congratulate Jacob for the awesome win. “Hey Jacob, you were awesome out their.” I began to tell him, but he seemed to lose his balance. I stopped him from falling, though.

“So how’s he doing?” Ani asked me. ‘I see that he’s conscious again.’ I thought as I just gave him a thumbs up. “He’ll be fine. He just needs some rest.” as I got his arm over my shoulders to help him walk. “He wasted a lot of his Furiryoku in that battle. A long nights sleep will do him good.” I reassured him.

“Hey Legendary.” I heard Nabooru23 say to me. ‘I hope she isn’t mad about me winning.

“Uhhh yeah?” I asked her. I’m not quite sure of what she wants. “Great Job.” She says holding her hand out for a handshake. ‘Well, there goes my worst case scenario’ I thought in my head.

I held out my hand, and we shook hands “That was a great battle Nabooru.” I told her. “And really tough” I add reassuring her that she didn’t do bad.

“Well that’s okay but you have to do 1 thing for me.” She says taking her hand back. “Make sure you win the next round or I’ll feel even worse about losing!” she told me in a whispered voice.

I sweat dropped “Well I’ll try!” I told her.

Prof. Jb Wolf
30th November 2003, 11:43 PM
Pretty good Kage-san. *Cracks his knuckles.* Now lets see if I can do one better...

(Since Prof and I share the same name, I will use Jon to refer to myself)
The sun shone and the birds twittered, lending their sweet song to the serene afternoon. In the shadow of a giant oak, a stoutly-built teen sits amongst a small mountain of crumpled paper. "Her hair is like...no, no no...." Crumpling another sheet of paper, the teen tossed it into the growing pile. "Dressed in black..."
Prof sat in the tree, his arms pillowing his head as he gazed bemusedly up at the sky. "What is 'e on, is five 'undreth poem?"
Below and to the left of him, Seikoru sat with his legs crossed, blades laid across his knees, and his eyes shut in meditation. His ears twitched slightly. "Actually, its the four hundreth and tenth."
The Saiya-jin warrior turned an eye to the youkai. "Oh, and how do you know?"
"That's the four hundreth and tenth time I've heard paper hit the grass."
"And 'ow would ye know dat?"
The youkai's ears twitched again. "I have very good hearing."
Prof shook his head, smiling. "Guess those ears o' yers are fer more den show?"
"Of course," Seikoru opened his eyes and looked up at Prof. "Being a species of youkai that specializes in creating weapons, hearing is just as valuable an asset as sight."
"Ahem, would Professor Wolfe, Seikoru Miramoto, and Jon Wolf please report to the arena? Thank you."
Prof leapt down and straightened his coat as Sei rose, homing his blades in his belt. The Saiya-jin turned a fanged smiled to Sei. "Ready boyo?"
A swift smile reached the youkai's lips. "Of course." He pointed towards where Jon continued to write. "But we will need him to come along as well."
"I'll get him." Prof stomped over and plucked the teen up by the neck of his jean jacket. "C'mon boyo, our match's gonna begin."
"Yea yea, just gimme five more minutes, I've almost got this line do-HEY WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?"
Prof shook his head as he slung his creator on to his shoulder and began heading towards the arena, Seikoru following quietly behind.

At the Arena.....
Kagemusha and his fighters were already there and prepping for the fight as Prof and Sei entered the arena. Unceremoniously tossing Jon into the soft padding of his booth's seats, the Saiya-jin gave his opponents a once over. "This will be interesting...." He murmured as he cracked his knuckles and set himself into an offensive stance.

Mumbling curses about a certain Saiya-jin, Jon seated himself and whipped his notepad out again as Kagemusha watched on, an amused expression on his face. "Looks like its going to be an intersting match Wolf," He proffered his hand towards the distracted teen. "May the best man win."

Jon shook Kagemusha's hand warmly, giving him a slight grin. "Agreed."

Down in the areana, Sei had also prepared himself, his blades out and flickering in the light of the bright sun. Kage and Rokou were likewise ready and the four opponents stared each other down as they awaited the signal to begin.

"Combantants ready? FIGHT!"

I faced off against the one called Kage. He was a large warrior and wielded his claws with the practice ease of a master. This was going to be fun...

I burst into motion; dashing forward, my fist cocked back, readying for a punch aimed right for Kage. Kage brought his claws up in an attempt to impale me, but the punch was a feint, and a I smiled as shifted my weight, stomping my foot down on his outstrected claws. It caught the blades half-way up its length and pushed them towards the ground, my other leg coming up to deliver a punishing blow to his unguarded face.

Stumbling back, Kage recovered and slashed wide with his claws, leaving three bloody marks along my leg. I threw myself into a spin, catching myself in the air and lashing out with my uninjured leg in a flurry of kicks. They landed with bone crunching force upon Kage's chest, throwing him to the floor, his mouth bloodied. Coughing, I faintly heard the word "Gravitone" before suddenly feeling as if a gigantic hand had come down and smashed into the ground like an ant.

I gasped for air as the weight disappeared, my bones and body feeling as if I'd just been through a thousand times normal gravity. Rolling to my feet, I narrowly dodged aside as Kage's blades sank down into the ground where I had been. He quickly recovered and stabbed out, catching me by both arms on his claws. Growling, me I brought my feet up and drop kicked him right in his face, snapping his head back as I freed myself from his claw.

Ignoring the pain from the holes in my arms, I began to form energy into my hands. "Ka....me....ha....mee...." The ki flashed bright blue as I brought my hands up. "HAAAAAAAAA!" The destructive wave of energy burst into existence, slamming into Kage, who had brought his gauntleted hands up to protect himself.

The wave washed over him, and as it subsided, twin orbs of black energy flew out. My eyes widened as both of them struck me, sending me tumbling to the ground. Hundreds of needles were embedded in my chest and I growled as they began to direct burst of darkness in my body. Calling my own mastery of ki, I quickly expelled them, but the act left me weakened. Shakily I got to my feet and readied myself as he Kage threw himself at me, his bloodied face contorted in rage.

The one called Rouko folded his wings as he began whispering a chant to himself. He was a youkai like me, and a powerful one at that. I had seen him turn a stone golem enhanced by Shikon shards to dust in minutes. A dangerous opponent indeed.

I immediately took to the offense, my blades catching the light of the afternoon sun. They flickered here and there, but I was astonished as they seemed to become pushed back by the very air itself. Rouko certainly had more control over wind they I had originally thought. Changing strategies, as I came in for the next blow, I sent a burst of fire at him. The wind picked it up and it swirled around him, lighting some of his feathers on fire. Taking advantage of the distraction, I brought my blades into a double slash, leaving a gash along his chest.

With a cry of pain, he took the air to recover, bringing his hands in front of him. I saw a look of intense concentration cross his face and imperceptibly, I heard him begin to chant again. "Suru kana kuri tulukina wonaga surika suru kana kuri tulukina wonaga surika..." Recognizing the spell, I immediately braced myself as a cyclone burst from the heavens crashing down to surround me. "Suru kana kuri tulukina wonaga surika TORUKADAN!"

I was in the air, thrown around by the violent winds. As I tumbled through the sky, I felt the bite of blades against my body again and again. As the the tornado subsided, I hit the floor hard and rolled to my feet. My clothes were torn in many places and cuts were evident all along my body. The ground had been torn around me, and I noticed throwing blades sticking out of small holes. A bit dazed, I didn't notice as Prof's bulk flew through the air and smashed into me, sending the both of us to the ground.

"Sorry 'bout dat...." Prof muttered as he picked himself up, his coat in tatters, his arm and chest bloodied.

"It is fine," Sei picked himself from the ground, holding himself up with his swords. "Seems they are much stronger than we originally thought."

"Right about dat." Prof 'tched'. "Guess we could try that one move we were working on..."

Nodding, the youkai jumped, his feet landing on Prof's hands. With a grunt, Prof propelled Sei into the air as the Saiya-jin turned back to his opponents.

"Shouldn't have done that, now its two on one." Kage taunted as he began walking towards him.

"Oh, the odds will be evened up soon enough..." Energy formed around Prof's hands, crackling along his arms as he brought two orbs of energy into existence. "SHORYUU!!!" The orbs burst into the form of twin dragons that flew across the arena towards Kage.

At the last second, they twisted around him and Kage smiled viciously. "Looks like you missed..." A black orb was forming around one gauntlet.

"Wasn't aiming for you..."

A squawk of pain was heard as Rouko was struck by the force of nearly a thousand watts of electricity. As Kage turned to check on his partner, Prof leapt forward punched Kage in the back. The warrior turned around, blasting Prof with another dose of Shadow Needles, sending him reeling. "NOW SEI!!!!"

With a roar of "DIVING PHOENIX CRASH!" Kage was enveloped in fire and light as Sei fell from the sky, engulfed in flames. His blades struck out, forming an X as he landed on the floor. Blown back by the force of the blow, he struck the far wall. Gasping, he fell forward, uncouncious.

Sorry about the length, came out longer than I thought. BTW Kage, Bulba4-sama, I would like to also take the oppurtunity to inquire whether or not you still have interest in the Thargor's Inu-Yasha RP so I know if I should keep my hopes up.

Shadow Djinn
1st December 2003, 12:54 AM
-=3rd Person=-

" Tornado Ice Slash!" Seth Icewinder flipped forward as a blue energy field circled him.
" MERGE!" Crashing his 2 weapons together, they created a double sided blade. Zera raised a eyebrow.
" Got it." Seth said in triumph. However, before he even swung, the blade sparked, and split apart.
" Save your energy." A boy behind him came at them from behind.
" Our match is soon." He finished quietly. Zera lifted his blade.
" Hey, doesn't hurt for a bit of practice." Zera replied coolly.

The boy looked up.
" It's important to save our energy. Take the beatings. Then when they are weak, strike at full force." He snapped. Seth slashed at the boy with his Naganita.
" Lighten up Shadow. I think our match will be starting soon. Save the pep talk for then." Seth replied.
" Look. This isn't something to take lightly. Thargor is way above me. His warriors have to be somewhat strong, and no doubt they have a strategy that will take us down. Pinpoint the weaknesses and demolish them." Shadow snapped back. Seth rolled his eyes and Zera slightly chuckled.
" Look, I've been handtrained by an assasin. Wanna test me?" Seth growled.
" Watch it buddy." Shadow got up slowly. The intercom blared.
" Match #11 is now to begin! Thargor and Shadow Djinn, report to the arena immediately." The voice declared.
" Let's go." Shadow said softly. They headed for the dirt arena.


" First is Thargor, with Tirank Coorio ||| and Brother Fernando Cortes!" The announcer yelled. 2 men walked onto the dirt field, one, a Jang, a mane of red hair coming out from his head, which was slightly horselike. Shadow appeared on the field seconds later. Fernando, slightly priestlike.
" And here is Shadow Djinn with Seth IceWinder and Zera Leonhart!" Seth, in a blue cloak and topped with turquoise hair, Zera, clad in light armor. Both of them held a sword, one big, one light.
" Zera, take the priest. I'll take the Jang." Seth said coolly. Shadow walked over to the trainer's box, shaking Thargor's hand.
" Begin-Round 11!" The announcer yelled. Cortes quickly poured a strange liquid from his flask, laying it across the arena.
" Reverse." Seth whispered, as Tirank unsheathed all 4 broadswords. Zera glanced at the large man.
" Mmk." Zera muttered. Closing his eyes, 2 demonic black wings unsheathed from his back. Gliding forward, he unsheathed his blade. However, the arena suddenly formed into a giant bubble, tentacles spiraling out. Seth was quickly entangled in them. He was suddenly lifted higher.
" This bubble was a rather nice defense." Cortes laughed.
" You see, this bubble keeps us, the one of good, stable while ones of evil are forced into the air." Cortes said quickly. Zera spiraled down, and his sword quickly dropped down. He slammed to the ground. Seth dropped to the ground, looking wounded.

" Perfect." Tirank strode over to the fallen warrior. Encasing his claws in a bright light, he slashed Zera's cheek. Zera smirked.
" Seeya." Tirank was suddenly blasted back as Zera lifted into the air.
" Eh?!" Tirank's eyes widened. He was thrown to the ground. Fernando glanced at him.
" Friend, do not worry." He said quietly. As Zera dove down, he quickly deflected the attack with his cross.
" Not WORKING!" Zera yelled. His blade sliced through the steel.
" DRACONIAN SLASH!" Zera slammed into Cortes full force with his knee, slashing his arm. Blood slowly dripped from his arm.
" Uh.." Cortes fell to the ground. Tirank quickly rushed forward. Zera landed gracefully.
" Fool. Have you forgotten the field?" Tirank roared.
" Actually, not really." Zera smirked back. He rose into the air as Tirank attempted to slash.
" Metal Blast..." Zera hummed. He created his 2 orbs of energy, launching them to the ground. Tirank avoided them.
" It's a 1 on 1. We have even odds." Tirank panted.
" Actually...naw." Seth hissed from behind.
" WHAT?!" Tirank whirled around to see Seth waving a crescent blade in front of him.
" Tornado...Ice..Slash!" Seth drawled. The blade struck Tirank in the chest with swift force, shocking him with the bitter cold.

The ice slowly froze a small part of Tirank's chest. Tirank managed a smile, sensing Zera come from behind. He pivoted, his 4 swords slashing deep into Zera's wings.
" UGH!" Zera smashed into the ground.
" 1 down..." Tirank panted.
" 2?" Seth questioned from behind. He rushed forward, and showered Tirank with Ice Bullets. Tirank ignored them. Seth was launched into the air.
" The field, once again." Tirank smiled.
" Good advantage for me, nevertheless." Seth smiled. Tirank was suddenly struck down with blocks of ice.
" I win." Seth said simply, as he fell to the ground. He was dotted with blood. Tirank crashed to the ground.
" Ah...Gotta...stay....up.." Seth landed lightly, kneeling.
" And..Shadow Djinn's team is the winner!" The announcer roared. Seth smiled, dropping to the ground.


" Good battle, Thar." Shadow said simply.
" Same." He replied bluntly, as he left. Shadow turned to his nearly unconcious warriors.
" Good strategy. Congrats." Shadow smiled. Seth breathed slowly.
" Told ya." He said loftily, as he fell,......

Long, and sucky...I kinda added some stuff...cause..,.ya....><; I'm losing...I bet.

Mew Master
1st December 2003, 12:57 AM
Denny, Saké, Setsuna

The three of us stood in a locker room, under the stadium with an elevator to the top down a hallway that the room connected to.

I looked at Saké and Setsuna. Two characters I trusted, because I put so much faith into them. Setsuna's hidden abilities and her Naginata, and Saké with his Dragon Katana, this was going to be fun.

"Attention All Contestances! Match Seven of the RP Tournament is about to commence. Will Mew Master and Ice_Maiden's combatants please report to the Stadium." The announcement blared through the innercom system in the collisium.

"Alright," Saké said standing up and clenching his fists. "Let's do this!"

Setsuna stood up, holding her Naginata in her hands, being silent as usual.

"Don't worry Set," Saké said, striking a somewhat dramatic pose. "We'll make it through."

"May only be your first match, but I beleive in you two.," I said, patting Setsuna on the back, and bumped forearms with Saké. "Go kick some butt!"

"You got it D-Man!" Saké replied and he and Setsuna walked into the hallway.

I watched as the elevator closed and the two were lifted up. Quickly I turned and ran up the stairs to my seat... somewhere in the nosebleed section.

Den: -_-U...........

Wamiyazen Denisu "Saké", Setsuna

Setsuna and Saké stood there, ready for the bell to sound so they could start on the fight.

"Okay, two females, decent sized build, doesn't look like they have any weapons. So what do you say we don't use ours?"

"Okay," Setsuna replied and slipped her Naginata into a holster on the back of her sash.

Saké left his sword in it's sheath. "Okay.... ready for this Set?"

"Yes," Setsuna replied.

"Fighters Ready? Battle Begin!!"

Saké and Setsuna started running towards the two opponents. Yuko and Raven started running in opposite directions, trying to split up and surround.

Purple energy surrounded Saké's feet. "Nimble!" he shouted. The speed enhancing spell took effect and Denisu was dashing towards Raven. He skidded to a stop infront of Raven.


"Aie!" Raven shrieked, surprised that Denisu had appeared so fast. "Don't do that!"

"Sorry, can't help it," he replied. "Why don't you give up and save yourself a headache?"

"Sorry, but Hanna wouldn't like it." Raven replied and went for a kick. Denisu stepped back and blocked with his left arm.

"Hey, nice kick," he backed off and Raven tried for a punch. "Not bad... where'd you study? Street Boxers 'R' Us?"

* * *

Setsuna hopped back a step as Yuko punched for her. It was interesting as Setsuna very carefully and quickly dodged her attacks. Yuko started her assault with more verocity than when she started.

"Why don't you use your weapon to make it easier for you?" she asked.

Setsuna spun and avoided another kick. "Because you are defenseless, Saké and I don't take advantage of those with a clear disadvantage."

Then, Yuko rushed forward and ran past Setsuna. Setsuna stood there for a second, a look of shock on her face. A thin cut appeared on her right cheek, a dribble of blood rolling down the side of her face.

"Who said we were at a disadvantage?" Yoku replied.

* * *

Saké jumped over and behind Raven as she rushed for him. She spun around, reaching for something in her clothes, and swiped her arm. Surprised, Saké jumped back and something ripped his vest. He stopped to check the damage to his vest, a long rip was in his vest.

"What the?!" He looked up and saw a small knife in Raven's hand.

"Sorry, but you'll have to check out the tailors on your way home."

"I ain't leaving yet!"

Denisu jumped back and started channeling his energy. He pulled his fist back as light particled began to gather in his right fist. The light gathered and grew into a ball of pure light engulfing his forearm.

"Get ready for a blast, Photon Blast!" Saké let the ball of light blast forward, directly at Raven, the ball was still connected by a small beam of light that was comming from Denisu's hand.

The Photon Blast hit the ground right under Raven's feet and the area around her exploaded in light. The force of the blast knocked Raven backwards and she skidded along the ground, leaving a small grove in the ground.

Raven was out cold, her eyes spining. She lay on her back, some scrapes over her body.

"That had to hurt... Wonder how Setsuna is doing. Uh-oh...."

* * *

Runing, Naginata raised, Setsuna rushed Yuko. One slash and Yuko was hit backwards. She slid back, but didn't get up.

Setsuna stood up and touched the blood on her face.

"Hey," Saké walked up and touched her hand that was on her face. "You okay?"

Setsuna blushed a little before repling. "Yeah, I'm fine."

The crowd's cheering drowned out everything else.

Meh... not as long as it could be,... sorry.. ona tight schedule today...


~Mew Master

Fai D. Flowright
3rd December 2003, 10:04 AM
Thanks for giving me the extra time, B4. I really appreciate that! Sorry I couldn't get this up yesterday. Our cable is still flucuating! @_@ Actaully, I'm posting this at school! v_v;

Ok, when reading this, try to keep a comical theme going when it seems like there could be a pun or something funny! I hate bing serious and tried to keep the story that way too. I also apologize if it is a little too long...

Have a good one!!! ^_^

~~~~~~~~~~Whiteangel’s POV~~~~~~~~~~

“Wow…” Masashi stuttered from behind me as we entered the large lobby, “How come I’ve never been in an RPG like this, White A?”

“I never liked them too much. I like the adventurous and puzzling RPG’s better. And so do you! I MADE YOU THAT WAY!” I responded, a feeling of embarrassment emanated from Masashi, “And how are you handling this Mimiru?”

“I’m fine. I’ve done this type of thing before, White… Remember!?!” Mimiru stated, seeming calm and collected about it, “This is what I’ve been waiting for! Thanks for bring me along!”

We made our way to the main counter to see who we were up against and in which round. Upon arriving, the mistress, who was patiently waiting our arrival, greeted us. “Welcome to the RP Tournament! Your name, please?”

“Whiteangel… and my competitors are Masashi Takayama and Mimiru.” I replied, watching the woman check our names on the bracket.

“You will be in round two, which will be beginning in a few minutes. Please, take a seat over there and wait to be escorted.” The attendant confirmed, pointing us toward a small section with six chairs, three of which were taken. We made our way quickly over and settled down for our last moments to relax.

“Hi. I’m Asilynne. You must be Whiteangel!” The new girl introduced, putting a hand out. I accepted the kind offer.

“Yep, that’s me! And this is my crew: Masashi and Mimiru.” I grinned, taking my hand back to introduce my friends with. “Well… Are you ready for the fight? I’m already pumped!” Then I noticed the small bag next to Asilynne. Several noise-making items were tossed inside. I thought to myself, “This could be a loooong fight…”

A couple minutes after our introductions, two uniformed men approached us from the main desk. After a short explanation of the battle rules, we were all escorted to our designated areas. Asilynne and I were taken down a long, inclined corridor. As we emerged into the night air, we both began to stare in awe at the stadium in which our comrades would battle. The man in front of us turned and grabbed our hands. “This round is about to begin. If you could, please take your seat,” he said as we both slinked our way over to the reserved seats. As were sat, we continued to be taken aback by the expansive arena. A giant, elliptical sand trap, similar to one of those you’d see in the times of the Ancient Greeks and Romans. The entire audience section of the coliseum was overflowing with people that had come from far and wide to see this infamous Tournament! The roar of the crowd grew and grew as more time passed, but a sudden explosion cheer and excitement came when the four battlers entered the fields from their respective sides. My mouth recovered quickly as I saw my two companions move out from the door beneath us. “GO GET ‘EM, GUYS!!!” I cheered as I stood up once again, but I shot myself back into my seat, my heart pounding; Asilynne had a blare horn in her left hand. I turned with a scowl on my face and she sat back down as well. I thought to myself again, “I knew that little bag of goodies wasn’t going to be so good…”

~~~~~~~~~~Battle Overview POV~~~~~~~~~~

The announcer came over the sound system, “Welcome to the RP Tournament in Battle Stadium! I, Bulbasaur4, will be guiding you through this anticipated competition between Whiteangel’s Masashi Takayama and Mimiru and Asilynne’s Myra Link and Dina. This looks as though it will a hot fight! And now, I think……IT’S TIME TO ANNIHILATE!!”

As everyone turned to see the battle begin, they were utterly shocked to see neither side advancing on the other. Rather, the competitors seemed to be plotting their duel strategies. “All right, girl. Are you ready to begin? And you had better not sneeze at all…” Myra finished, demanding perfection from Dina, the longhaired girl she had referred to, “Let’s go.”

On the other side of the field, at the same time, Masashi and Mimiru were finishing up their plotting as well. “Ok. You go in, powerfully attacking from the front. I’ll support you from the back with my Blaster and magic as much as possible. Just try to keep them away from me!” Masashi stated as he moved into a fighting stance.

“Ok, let’s get going! This planning stuff is beginning to irritate me. I just want to fight!” Mimiru said as she began to get frustrated. She also made her way into a fighting position, but before Masashi could respond to her remark she was already rushing towards the now also ready opponents! “GrrrrrrraaaaaAAAAWWWWW!!!” The sound of her echoing voice rang through the still air. And with that, the REAL battle had begun…

~~~^Mimiru and Myra^~~~

There was a sudden clash of metal, which caused the audience to once again become ecstatic about the combatants in the arena. After the ear-piercing clatter floated out of the ring, all attention went to the broken sword that lay in both Myra’s hand and on the ground. The blast from Mimiru’s heavy blade slashed the thin katana in two. “Hah! That was too easy. Now you don’t even have anything to protect yourself with!” Mimiru chuckled as she quickly recovered from the unbalancing attack.

A shocked look came over both Dina’s and Myra’s faces, but the look didn’t last long on the vampire woman. Anger and rage flamed in her eyes as she morphed her hand into a large metal claw! “Now, it’s MY turn…” Myra snickered, rearing back. As much as had leaned back, she came forward with twice as much distance and just as much power as Mimiru had. The clashing blades chimed throughout the stadium once again. The two were in a deadlock; neither had the advantage in the battle. “Human scum…” Myra spoke, under her breath. She then stepped to the side, pulling her arm away from the sword causing Mimiru to fall forward and into a summersault. She stood up and whipped herself back around to face her competitor with just enough time to block a rushing punch from Myra. The resulting blow forced Mimiru straight backwards through the air. As she skidded across the ground she tumbled backwards several times until the outside wall halted her, leaving a large, circular imprint in the stone bricks. Weak from the last blow, Mimiru took the large gap between her and Myra into consideration and used it as a moment to regain her strength.

~~~^Masashi and Dina^~~~

Meanwhile, Dina and Masashi were having a little spar of their own. Blasts of energy and shockwaves from impacts were flying in every direction. Masashi landed on the ground and prepared an attack. The air around them became heavy and full of gloom as he continued to charge the attack. In a thunderous voice, Masashi called out, “Breeze of 1000 Nightmares!” A bright flash surrounded the two of them and Dina was then slammed to the ground by a multitude of wind sheers and powerful crests of energy. He then fell weak to the ground, trying to quickly recover from the amount of energy that it took to carry out the move. Dina also staggered forward, preparing an assault of her own. An orb of Chi began to grow above her head. Using a good deal of her concentration, she shot the ball towards me shouting, “Chinese Checkers!!” The sphere swooped up above Masashi, and erupted, causing another giant flash. The separated energy descended and encircled Masashi, resulting in an explosion that was full of intense heat and energy shards. As the smoke from the fires cleared, Masashi lay on the ground covered in singed clothing and 2nd degree burns in various places. He stood and slightly hobbled about, trying to regain his equilibrium.

Dina stood several yards before Masashi, weak, but proud of her awesome attack. As the two took the short opportunity to recover, Masashi’s attention was quickly grabbed by the powerful punch thrown by Myra. The moment Mimiru made contact with the wall, he was already on his way over to protect her. He knelt beside her in an attempt to care for and assist her…


Sitting next Mimiru seemed to have rapidly rejuvenated Masashi’s energy. The two of them stood together, supporting one another’s actions. “Ok… That didn’t work all to well. Care to try again, Mimiru?” Masashi questioned, hoping their next attack wave would be more successful. “Ummm… try using your Hayabusa attack. I’m gonna get some wind brewing here.” Mimiru quickly agreed as she noticed the two rivals commence their attacks. Suddenly, Masashi and Mimiru found themselves soaring through the air due to a strong punch from Myra once again. They both tumbled many times until two painful sounds sprang from their mouths.

“Oooowww… That hurt.” Mimiru groaned, as she felt a great weight land on her back, “Masashi! What are you doing!?!”

“Oh, just admiring the nice view from up here.” Masashi explained, trying not to make his position sound a little better. He had landed in a sitting position right on top of Mimiru! But, it was mainly the fact that he was staring right at her posterior!

“You’re WHAT!?!?! Get off of me this instant!” Mimiru screamed trying to get out of this strange predicament. She began to flail her arms and legs in an attempt to knock Masashi off, and succeeded, but not in the way she was expecting. Masashi had leaned forward in his trance-like state, causing him to be right in the range of Mimiru’s hard leather boot. A loud “WHACK” echoed, followed by several chuckles and giggles coming from the crowd, Dina, and Myra. Masashi slid to a stop and ran over to help Mimiru up.

“Sorry,” Masashi whispered, trying to b apologetic, “but I think I have an idea that will end this battle without much work. When we first started, I overheard the vampire girl tell the other not to sneeze. Let’s see what happens when she does!” At this point, Mimiru was ready to try just about anything. “All you need to do is keep Myra busy again!” He finished and gave a cheesy grin.

~~~^The Final Blow^~~~

After making a quick recovery from the most previous event, the four fighters were prepared to go at it one final time. Mimiru dashed forward using her Hayabusa attack to knock Myra off her feet. “Now, Masashi!” She called over to him. He nodded and began chanting to himself. The winds began to gain speed; there were gust coming from every direction.

“Get down!” Masashi yelled back in attempt to warn Mimiru. The winds were beginning to blow sand up from the field. Gusts full of dust began to swirl around Dina, as she stood helplessly in the center of a giant vortex. The power of the wind rapidly declined as Dina’s face began to give way. Her nose twitched, her eyes watered, and with full force, “Ah…Ah…Ahhhhhh...CHOOOOOOoooo!!” A circular shockwave of energy burst from her, blowing us all back several inches. Once the cloud fully cleared Masashi made a small comment, “Uh-oh…”

The three of us slinked toward the crater that surrounded Dina. But, to Masashi’s surprise, a ditsy and bubbly girl emerged. Myra muttered aloud, “Oh, dear God…” as she shook her head in disappointment.

“You made it too easy, Masashi!” Mimiru stated, preparing an attack, “Vak Don!” A blazing meteor formed above the crater and descended. The pressure and intense heat seemed to be just enough. When the magic faded, a limp silhouette was all that could be seen of Dina. Myra, having no sympathy for Dina’s unconsciousness, moved stealthily around the sand crater. Taking advantage of their susceptibility, Myra approached from behind, her morphed arm prepared to strike. Just as Mimiru and Masashi turned away, they were already in battle once again. “Don’t you have any feelings toward your friend?” Mimiru asked as she strained to repel the attack.

“Never.” Myra replied, “Humans like her are useless in battle.” A look of shock shot into Mimiru’s face. She pressed forward, pushing Myra off balance.

“Get her, Masashi!” Mimiru announced. Masashi pulled back the elastic cord on his Blaster Edge and fired. The crescent blade ascended into the air, only to swoop down and slash right through Myra’s chest. The blade returned on a wind sheer created by Masashi. Mimiru made one final comment before knocking Myra out, “You’re selfish…” With that, Mimiru ran forward and jabbed Myra in the stomach with the handle of her blade. She doubled over and fell, unconscious, as well…

~~~~~~~~~~Whiteangel’s POV~~~~~~~~~~

During the battle, Asilynne and I had both of our mouths taped shut and arms secured together from all the commotion we made in the beginning. The two escort men returned to free us. In the main lobby, Asilynne was taken down a path to the stadium to get her fighters. As she continued to walk, two figures passed them on their way out. As they came into the bright lights, I saw a charred Masashi and a bruised Mimiru. “Well… how are you guys doing? Are you going to survive?” I jested, trying to lighten the atmosphere.

“Once I take a shower and sleep, we can talk.” Masashi remarked, being a little sarcastic.

“Well, I learned one thing out there.” Mimiru began, “I hang out with Tsukasa WAY too much. I think he’s starting to rub off on me!”

I chuckled, knowing what she was talking about. “Yeah, you can say that again. You actually used ‘Magic’ in your battle!”

“What are you guys talking about?” Masashi questioned, fully lost in the conversation, “Who’s Tsukasa?” The rage was starting to build inside him. Did he think some other guy was after his girl?

“Cool your jets, Masashi. Tsukasa’s a friend of Mimiru. But man, you should see him trying to hit on her! It’s worse than you…” I commented, enraging him further.

“Alright! That’s it! Where is he? I’m gonna kick his butt!” Masashi hollered, the flames of jealously burned deep in his eyes. “When I see him…”

I sighed. I had no idea he felt that strongly about Mimiru. “Ok. Well, let’s go home and rest. You’ve got more fighting to do, and soon! You need to rest as much as you can get to be at your full potentials.” I stated, trying to avoid Masashi and his thoughts, “And I’m getting homesick anyway. Let’s go…” With that, we turned to the exit and left the Battle Stadium for now.

Darkmaster Kagemusha
4th December 2003, 05:56 PM
Originally posted by Prof. Jb Wolf
Sorry about the length, came out longer than I thought. BTW Kage, Bulba4-sama, I would like to also take the oppurtunity to inquire whether or not you still have interest in the Thargor's Inu-Yasha RP so I know if I should keep my hopes up.

First of all...I think ya beat me **Shakes Jon's hand**. And second, I too still have interest in that RPG, but this Tournament and school have drained me of my creativity (And I know my Tournament post wasn't very creative. I was low on brain juice to begin with) and then there's the Secret Art Giving thing in FanArt, so I've been busy. Sorry, when I am up to describing something, I'll post--unless someone posts the Daimyo's description first, and then I might be able to work one in.

10th December 2003, 04:23 PM
I'm not trying to be a Boy scout or anything, but...

Didn't you say this round was supposed to be completed by November 30th? That was 2 weeks ago....

Fai D. Flowright
10th December 2003, 10:39 PM
I had asked B4 about this in her FanArt topic. This is what she had to say:

Thanks for the comments! Oh, and I am going to do the RP tournament some time this week... when my eyes heal. (They're sensative to long exposure of screens/tvs... and to light. It's from getting teh flu shot.) It's a rare reaction... lol
I'm starting to get antsy about this too! I hope that we will see the results very soon! ^_^

11th December 2003, 10:08 PM
Round 2
(BTW: Sorry this was late... I had the flu shot, and my eyes had a reaction from it which made it hard for me to stay on the computer for long periods of time. EXMP: Like reading all these wonderful posts... ^^ So sorry, b ut here it is!)

Results from Round 1
Here are the Results! (http://www.angelfire.com/magic/youkai/The_Results_1.html)

Again, I am sorry if you did not make the Roud 2 cut off. The posts were awesome, and the competition was extremely hard. I was surprised by some matches and how some RPers really obviously spent time on their post and stepped it up a notch. Really good jobs to everyone! *gives out sugar cookies*

^^ Now here are your Round 2 Bracket Schedules:

Round 2 Bracket (http://www.angelfire.com/magic/youkai/Round2.html)

And... for your enjoyment, I typed some thing up quick just as a little quirk. ^^ lol, thought it would be funny to have MY characters 'help' run the RP Tournament! MWHA!

“YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! I get to help?! I get to help?! YAAAAY!” Taijiyago’s bubbling enthusiasm echoed down the long, tiled hallways which rimmed the stadium. The little chibi saiyan girl hoped up and down behind a fairly large counter. Her ribbon-like magenta hair rippled madly, creating a huge mess as her bright blue eyes beamed up at the other one who was with her.
“Will you SHUT UP!!” The annoyed young woman sneered, her angry frost-bitten eyes glaring at the niave child.
“But Gyvien… Kalah-sai said I could help!”
“ Not with the papers!! You DREW all OVER them with CRAYONS!” The dampiel was getting extremely irritated, having to re-copy the ‘official tournament papers’ 25 times and counting. Her pale face was getting flushed with anger as her ebony skirt twirled with her sudden movements of anger.
“ They were ugly!”
“They were fine!”
“Nooooo… t hey were ugly and needed improvements you se-“
“Don’t shout!”
“I’ll shout if I want too, damnit!”
“I’m gonna get Shishou if you don’t sto-“
“ That Saiyan freak isn’t here!”
“I can also call her a b-“
“Excuse me?” Suddenly a new person had come to the counter.
“WHAT?!” Gyvien roared, as the little girl “Go” (Taijiyago) hummed softly- seemingly unphased by the yelling.
“Isn’t this the counter where we file in our battle stats and results?”
“ Yes…give them to me.”
“GIVE THEM TO MEEEEEE!!!” Go suddenly leapt herself forward, snatching the papers out of the shocked face of Evme15, as her beaten characters managed to force a durranged appearance of shock. Her face flushed with a look of giddy-nesh, as she bounced around the counter top.

With that… a serious of many censored comments made by Gyvien, and a lot of happy little singing and laughs made by Go, insued. This was of course, accompanied by a large crowd waiting in line for their papers to be filed while Gyvien chased Taijiyago around the counter… through the halls… and finally back behind the counter. This caused many papers to be flung in the air, ripped, shredded… and a computer to explode.

“ Go has the papers! Go has the papers!” The little girl taunted, thinking it was quite funny how Gyvien looked all distressed over a few pieces of parchment. Gyvien was getting rather desperate… she was angry, furious… and she was extremely tired of chasing the seemingly endless energized child.
“Taijiyago… how does… umm… a CANDY BAR sound?” She said flatly, trying to sound enthused lamely.
“YAY! CANDY BAR!!!!” This immediately caught the child’s attention.
“Yes yes… I’ll give you money to go buy food at the food court, if you give me those papers.”
“OKAY!” Go instantly snatched the money, threw the papers in the air and in less than 4 seconds she flew through the air and was gone from sight.

“Hey! Let’s keep the line moving! I’ve gotta eat!-“ Suddenly another person yelled, as Gyvien twirled her head and shot the I-am-so-going-to-rip-your-head-off death glare. This caused Thargor to sweatdrop, and quickly mumble, “…err.. I can wait..”

~*~*~ Several… or maybe just a few… or maybe many… hours later ~*~*~

“Finally… I have all the data loaded into a new computer! Much easier than papers!” Gyvien smirked, finding herself extremely amused she finally outsmarted her child nemesis. Proudly, with her head held high and a smirk planted upon her face, she walked towards the counter to help Razor_Leaf, who seemed to patiently wait with some papers in his hand.
“Ahh… thank you.” She said, taking the papers in a rather graceful manner.
“Hey, do you know where the food court is?” Razor Leaf asked, and Gyvien pointed him in the direction.
“It’s over ther-“
Gyvien jumped, as she whirled around and her face paled in horror.
Taijiyago had returned… jumping on the computer with her springy-like jump, thrusting the computer off the table, snapping the cord and causing the whole system to shatter upon the floor.
"I’m BACK Gyvien! Where are those ugly papers? I need to COLORIIFFFYYYY THEM!!!”
Gyvien cursed… loudly…

11th December 2003, 10:18 PM
Woo-hoo! I made the cut! I really have to hand it to Shadow Djinn, you gave me a real run for my money there... I liked your character interaction ^_^.

Now we'll see how well I can come up with an idea for my next match... Hopefully I won't give myself a concussion again ^^;;

11th December 2003, 10:33 PM
Wow...that was a really close fight! I must say I am honored to be beaten by someone with such a good post *bows at Whiteangel* And Im pleased that the only one with a higher score than me is my opponent *high fives* lol Good luck to you Whiteangel and good luck to the rest of those who will continue to Round Two~!

Next year however, you all better watch your backs lol ^-~

Fai D. Flowright
11th December 2003, 11:27 PM
I....uh....that's......no.........are you.........this is.......can't be......*reads again* O_o; I won! Are you sure those scores are right!?! I can't believe I won this round. But what really o_O's the heck out of me is that I got the highest score overall! I'm just utterly stunned... :o Thank you soooooooo much. I'm extremely honored! *bows to all that have competed so far* I wish to those that are leaving (especially Asilynne) to have a lovely time and continue playing and enjoying RPG's, and those that are staying to watch out! Now that I'm pumped on this Tournament, I'm prepared to put my all into my entries!

Thank you all again! I hope to see you all around some time or another!


P.S. - Asilynne, you were an awesome competitor in this competiton! I felt a great surge of enthusiasm when if found out who I was against. But your entry almost blew me away! And I also found that both of us getting the top two scores for Round 1 was awesomely interesting! Well, I hope to see you again soon ^_^

Ice Maiden
12th December 2003, 11:10 AM
:o YAYAYAYAYAY! I got through! And what makes this even better is that I'm on a sugar-high from about 6 cookies! And I'm going to a party tomorrow! Woooooo! EVme15, please go easy on me ;_; And Mew Master, thankyou for giving me such a great battle...Sorry you didn't make it through...Now I have to think of what to do in Round 2...XD This is starting to sound like some kind of Oscar speech, so I think I'd better shut up now! ^^;

Mew Master
12th December 2003, 12:25 PM
*pokes Ice-Maiden* Hey good job kiddo. Althought my post "seemed" longer and more detailed, you still won. Oh well, it's a tourny *that and I was up till midnight with not a lot of time on my hands to do much*

COngratulations, and don't you dare get beat after beating me XP

Good luck, everyone in the next round.


~Mew Master

12th December 2003, 04:24 PM
*smiles at Ice_Maiden* Go easy? You didn't get so horrible scores, I may have to work reeeeeeealy hard for this one!

Not to say I didn't last time. Elemental Seribii, that was a great round. I read it over and was like "I have to beat that?!" But I did... wow, 1.5 points isn't really a lot. You came that close to beating me... I hope you're not mad. ^_^ One of us had to win and I wasn't really sure it would be me. You really did do a good job, I kept wondering the whole time who would win. ^^ Great try.

*breathes a sigh of relief* Now that I'm not all uptight-anxious about the scores...
WHAT THE HELL AM I SUPPOSED TO DO FOR THE NEXT ROUND?! I'm betting we all poured everything we had into that round expecting only half a chance at random to make it through... now the half of us that survived have to come up with ideas all over again... *goes into brainstorming process*

Elemental Seribii
12th December 2003, 07:41 PM
*eats a sugar cookie* EVme, of course I'm not mad, I'll be cheering for you in the next round! I wish you all the best! Don't worry, you were really great. I was like, 'GAH! I'm gonna loose now'. I tried my best, and I'm happy with that. ^__^

13th December 2003, 03:57 PM
*Bangs head continuosly against wall*
I knew this was going to happen! Oh well, at least it was close (of course he bet me by 3.5 points)
Well I may have lost, but I'll be back next year! Mwahahahaha!

Darkmaster Kagemusha
13th December 2003, 04:00 PM
**Chuckles** Well Jon, I was right--ya beat me. But only by 1.5 points :P. **Sighs** Well, cya next year. Good luck everyone.

RaZoR LeAf
16th December 2003, 09:18 AM
Well done Parsec's Politoed you put up a good match.

Thargor, looks like I'm up against you in this next bracket so Good Luck.

When's the deadline for this second bracket?

16th December 2003, 06:38 PM
Sorry, I'm gonna have to pull out. I thought I could do better, but apparently there's something wrong when I get the worst score out of everyone (42.5, next lowest was 47). I'm also having a bit of trouble with grades in school. If you want to keep my character in just so that everyone has an opponent, that's fine with me.

16th December 2003, 07:26 PM
Sorry PP, but everyone has their off days with posting and it just happened that you had one. Don't worry about the scores... it's some thing I'm not too fond of, but I have to do it to determine who wins. You are an excellent poster tho, so don't feel bad.

Also, the deadlines is told in the url to the new bracket. ^^ I think iwas 'post by Christmas' or some thing... or around that time, because I'm going to give or take a day.

25th December 2003, 08:12 AM
<posting comment>*looks around* Where is everybody...? Are peoples paranoid of posting first or something? Sure, the majority of the winners posted second, but still... *worked really hard to get this done on time*</posting comment>

*stretches* And thus begins Round 2, probably the hardest round because everyone poured their all into Round 1, and now we’re all in ruts. I predict drops in the creativity levels of many posts. That probably includes my own. Maybe not though! Anyways...

Kayla and Lyaka jumped up and down, celebrating the victory. Their fight was over, Kayla was out of the hospital, B4 finally got the results done (“I heard they had some trouble with the computer and files,” Lyaka had told me) and Round 2 would be underway in a matter of hours.

I knew that this round would be harder on everyone than the last round: not only were everyone’s moves and techniques out in the open now, characters were going to be injured from before. I glanced at Lyaka; her scratches had stopped bleeding by now. They wouldn’t fully heal by the time of our next fight, so she was going to have to guard them carefully. Her quiver was mostly full again, so that wasn’t a problem. Kayla’s energy had recovered decently, so I wouldn’t have to worry about her much. Our chances looked good from a general standpoint.

“Attention! The match-ups for Round 2 of the Tournament are now being displayed in the main lobby. All participants are expected to be ready to battle when your appropriate match is beginning. Fight 1 will begin at 2:30 sharp. That is all.”

Kayla exclaimed in delight and dashed out to the lobby, Lyaka tailing her closely. Gee, those two were really starting to enjoy themselves here... That was when I noticed that something wasn’t quite right about the way Lyaka moved. Note to self: ask her about it ASAP.

“Look look look! There we are, there we are!” Kayla jumped and pointed, causing a few people to step away from her. What did the hospital give her to get her energy back, sugar? I followed Kayla’s gaze, and read aloud, “Match 3: EVme15 (Kayla and Lyaka) vs. Ice_Maiden (Yuko and Raven).

“Hey, Kayla, why don’t you go check out our scores for last round?” “OK!” Kayla had still been recovering when Lyaka and I checked out the score sheet. As she bounded away (yup, they definitely used sugar) I held Lyaka back. “Lyaka, what happened to your left leg?”

She looked at me with a look of shock and fear. “I... pulled a muscle. It’s ok! Nothing really...” she turned away from me. “Lyaka, if you’re hurt I don’t mind. If you don’t want to continue, if you feel obligated to battle but you don’t want to, it’s fine, just tell me.”

She turned to me. “NO! It’s not that! I thought if you knew, you wouldn’t let me fight and would make Kayla do everything herself.”

“If you want to continue, that’s fine with me and I won’t stop you.” “Thanks, EV-san...”

“OK! I’M DONE LOOKING!” I jumped as Kayla reappeared right in front of us. God, I have to do something about that. “Let’s go find Ice_Maiden...”


“Hey EVme!” I turned to the sound of the voice and smiled. Jogging over, I pulled up a chair at the table Ice_Maiden was sitting at with her two characters. Kayla came bounding behind me and Lyaka continued walking (hiding her limp very well, I noticed). The food court was bustling with spectators; luckily there was a spot reserved for participants (winners or losers) only. Upon spotting an ice cream stand, Kayla dashed off. Lyaka sighed and followed her. “Get me something, please?” I asked quickly. “Sure.”

Turning back to Ice_Maiden, we struck up a nice conversation about various things. During this I took the chance to give the one-over on her characters. They didn’t seem to be physically injured much by the previous fight: Yuko was slowly chewing a burger, resting her head on one of her hands. Raven was talking to her about one thing or another, not bothering that her teammate wasn’t paying attention. Suddenly the former stood up and ran off in the general direction of the bathroom, pushing past my characters returning with the food.

“YUKO! Not again!” Ice_Maiden shouted. “She does that a lot?” I asked between bites of pizza. My opponent-to-be nodded.

“Will the participants in Round 2 Match 3: EVme15 vs. Ice_Maiden, please report to your designated location! And Ice_Maiden, this time your designated location...” She blushed and grinned sheepishly at me. “I went to the wrong place last time...”


“And now... EVme15 with Kayla and Lyaka vs. Ice_Maiden with Yuko and Raven!” Rudy had taken over the microphone, since Bulbasaur4 was still in a small fit of giggles at Ice_Maiden.

Suddenly a shout came up from the battle arena. “IT’S LYAKA!!! LEE-AK-A!! NOT LIE-AK-A!!” Rudy had pronounced Lyaka wrong.

“...Uh... yeah... Anyway, fighters get ready!” Halfway through this was a dull thumping sound of B4 falling out of her chair laughing. Sounds like Kayla wasn’t the only one high on sugar.

Speaking of Kayla and the others, it looked like Yuko wasn’t down there. “Oh, crud, is she still throwing up? Why now...?” Ice_Maiden groaned next to me. If Yuko didn’t show up in time for the start of the fight, Raven was on her own. Judging from the look on the fighter’s face, she was well aware of that.

“AND...” Suddenly Yuko stumbled out into the ring, wiping her mouth on her arm. Raven and Ice_Maiden breathed sighs of relief at the same time. “...BEGIN!”

“THUNDER!” came a cry from Kayla. Instantly Raven was on the move. The attack crashed down about a foot from her, and Raven charged at Kayla. Suddenly I picked up on a glint in her hand. I think Kayla did too, but she didn’t have enough time to react. Before she could cry out, she was doubled over on the ground with a gash in her stomach. “KAYLA!”

Ignored by me, Lyaka had loaded and fired an arrow at Yuko. The brown-haired girl had managed to dodge it, but was having a hard time getting into close proximity with Lyaka. My character took advantage of this fact by firing arrows only exactly when needed and with the deadly accuracy she wasn’t able to bring out in the last fight. “Damn you...” Yuko whispered, trapped between arrows and surrendering.

Kayla didn’t have enough time to recover when a swift kick came into her already-injured stomach. She cried out in pain and flew a few feet; crashing to the ground and picking up a lot of dirt. “Does it hurt?” Kayla’s eyes flew open to see Raven’s white sneakers standing in front of her face. “I asked you, does it hurt?” Another kick sent her into the wall. When she fell, there was a crimson stain where she had been.

Lyaka smirked, her arrow still trained on Yuko. If she tried to attack, Lyaka would fire. There wasn’t a way for Yuko to win. Or so Lyaka thought... until she saw the knife. Now, Lyaka had very quick reaction skills, but the combination of something unexpected and her pulled muscle hindered her too much this time. She felt her body hit the ground before any pain. Then her left leg screamed in agony, and she with it. Yuko just got the opening she needed.

Kayla felt her body go numb as the ground met her face again. She wouldn’t be able to fight physically anymore. “Aw, are you giving up already? I would’ve thought you’d put up a better fight than this if you made it to the second-” Raven was cut off as a dark energy surrounded Kayla and she disappeared. “What? Where are you? Are you running away? Geeze, you’re such a-” she was cut off again as Kayla hit her from behind with Pursuit. Raven was blown forward and hit the wall, picking up a little bit of Kayla’s blood from it. “So you do have some fight left...”

Yuko dashed forward and gave Lyaka a hard kick to the ribs before the blonde-haired girl could recover. A trail of blood trickled out of her mouth. Another sensation of pain ripped through her leg as Yuko pulled the now-bloodied throwing knife out. Without thinking, Lyaka grabbed the arrow out of her bow and stabbed at the nearest part of Yuko she could reach. Which turned out to be the right arm.

Kayla stumbled sideways and put her arm against the wall to support herself. If she got hit by just one more of Raven’s blows, she’d be a goner. This left her with very few options, and she had to choose fast. Raven ran at her once more, forcing her to choose. Kayla’s eyed glowed a light blue, and Raven froze in mid-run. Suddenly, Ice_Maiden’s character was thrown backwards. She slid sideways along the wall, creating a deep gash in the stone, before stopping and collapsing into a heap, unconscious. Ice_Maiden gasped next to me.

Yuko hissed in pain as the crimson liquid ran down her arm. She lashed out with the knife, missing Lyaka’s head by centimeters. Lyaka had gotten back on her knees by now, and was desperately trying to stay conscious. She knew it was a loosing battle. Blow after blow came from Yuko, and Lyaka could only dodge so many. Soon, one connected with the side of her face. Then another into her shoulder, then her stomach, over and over again and again. She was unconscious way before Yuko let up and the limp body fell to the ground. I whimpered slightly.

Yuko looked across the arena, expecting to see Raven standing triumphantly beside an unconscious Kayla. What met her eyes was nothing close. “Raven? RAVEN!”

Kayla reached into her pocket, pulled out a sugar packet from the food court, and giggled before emptying it into her mouth. She did this three times before she became aware that her teammate had fallen and Yuko was now dead-set on her defeat. “Well, isn’t today a happy day...”

Yuko gripped her throwing knife, and hurled it at Kayla’s head. If she were lucky, she’d be able to finish this all off in one shot. Kayla stood still, dully aware of the lethal approaching object. Suddenly something clicked in her mind, and the knife glanced harmlessly off her Barrier.

Yuko growled under her breath, and charged at Kayla. The sugar began to take effect, and suddenly Kayla went into her hyper mode. “YAY! I get to fight!” Yuko facevaulted.

Gathering herself again, she resumed her charge. “Poor Yuko...” I whispered under my breath, watching Kayla happily (*sweatdrop*) prepare a fireball. She let it loose on Yuko, who dodged and hurled herself at Kayla. Kayla ducked (well, I guess ‘voluntarily fell’ would describe it better) and shot a blast of water upwards at her opponent. Yuko flew back a few yards and landed on her feet. “Do you think a little water is going to stop me?!”

“No...” Kayla smiled and formed a ball of lightning in her hands. “But I’d bet this will!”

“NO!” Ice_Maiden shouted as the electricity ball hit Yuko dead-on and surged through her. The fighter collapsed to the ground, out cold.

“Kayla is the last fighter standing! EVme15 is the winner!” Bulbasaur4 shouted over the speakers, having regained her composure.

“YAY! SUGAR SAVES THE DAY!” Huge sweatdrop. “I WON! I WON! I WON! I won! I won! I won... I...” Kayla trailed off and fell asleep, right there in the middle of the arena. Her sugar had worn off... Great. “HOW COME YOU TWO ARE NEVER STANDING AFTER A FIGHT IS OVER?!”


“Good job, EVme. I didn’t think I’d lose, but... good luck in the rest of the tournament.” I smiled and shook Ice_Maiden’s hand.

“Thanks. Congratulations on making it to the second round. Good job yourself.” Then we both made our way out of the stands to make sure our characters would be ok. And for me, to make sure the doctors weren’t putting Kayla on sugar again...

*prays she makes it*


RaZoR LeAf
25th December 2003, 09:28 AM
Yeah, i tihnk everyone's been 'off' over christmas. But i'll try and get mine up in the next few days. Probably tomorrow, christmas TV isn't what it was when you were 8.

25th December 2003, 05:05 PM
*skims EVme's post* eer yea... I assumed that they had a day or even maybe an hour to recover, because if my and Smeargal's characters went straight into battle without recovering, it wouldn't have been very productive. >.>
"So," Guai spoke, trying to break the silence between the group. They were in a rather small apartment-like room; on one corner, Thomas sat on a wooden stool at a table, trying to figure out what could possibly be wrong with the dimensional transporter. Closer to the door stood Engi with a music sheet, fingering out the notes on an imaginary keyboard. Guai was feeling a bit fervent after eating his 21st cup of noodles ("WOW THEY OFFER FREE INSTANT NOODLES?!?").
The door knocked. Engi opened the door to find a chicken with two letters in his beak. One was addressed to the group; the other was addressed to another character...
"Say," Engi asked the chicken, "Aren't you supposed to be in another RPG right now?"
Oh no, that's my cousin. I'm just a messenger. The chicken replied and quickly flew on his way.
The letter that was addressed to them merely had an apology and explained to Thomas that no matter what he does the Dimension Transporter won't work until the tournament is finished ("Nonsense! That's not logical!"). Meanwhile, the other letter, addressed to a fellow named Jon, was asked to be delivered by Guai.
"No problem," Guai winked, and with that extra energy he had from all those noodles, sped down the hallway. Realizing their room is a floor below, he charged through the floor of the hallway and fell straight onto Prof. Jb Wolf.
"Box?!?" the Professor exclaimed.
"No, I'm called Guai He Zi in this dimension, for some reason. I was asked to deliver this letter to your creator, so here, you can take it to him. For the sake of the brevity of this introduction, I must leave and meet up with my group to begin the next round." And so Guai left PJBW the letter along with the whole job of cleaning up the repairing the roof/floor, should PJBW choose to do it.
"Hey, where's the opponents?" SmearGal wondered as several minutes after the announcement of the participants to come to the field, Guai and Thomas still were not there.
"Pardon my group, Madamoiselle," Engi told her as he entered the watcher's booth. "Our characters are not quite familiar with this place yet. Oh and by the way, I must say, you have a sparkling set of eyes..."
SmearGal barely had time to giggle before a large rock smashed down on Engi's head and knocked him unconscious. On the rock was inscripted, "Don't flirt with you're opponent, you idiot!!!"
The two competitors looked around, wondering why their opponents haven't shown up yet.
"They must've chickened out," one of them said.
"That would never happen, lest there was fowl play involved." Out through the corridors zoomed Guai He Zi, dragging a reluctant Thomas behind him.
"So, we have a smart aleck and a mute," said the brown haired female. "How pleasant."
"Yes, the weather is rather nice right now isn't it? There is always calm before the storm."
"I kind of like his wordplay, Kurazami(^-^)!" Sora (and yes we suddenly know their names) exclaimed cheerfully.
"Tis fun and games, till someone gets hurt. What do you think lawyers do?"
"Oh, shut up," Kurazami replied curtly.
"You notice you must shut a person down to shut him up?"
"All contests are here? Then, BEGIN!!" The ref announced.
"As I would say, actions speak louder than words," Kurazami expressed as she attempted to deliver a blow to Guai.
"Ah, but without words, would actions still speak?" Guai continued with his riddles as he dodged the blow and took out one of his incantations "Huo" (Fire) and threw it at Kurazumi. In the way that everything explodes in anime, the flicker of paper caused a small explosion that pushed Kurazumi back a little.
"Pressure Bubbles!" Kurazumi extended her hand and within seconds large mercury (well it certainly looks like it) bubbles appeared before her and floated lightly towards Guai. The Chinese mage realized that the bubbles probably were not what they seem, but was thrown off by their slow pace; amazingly, he became trapped after constantly trying to dodge the bubbles.
"Want to try talking your way out of this?" Kurazami smirked.
"I prefer a more direct approach," Guai replied and threw his chopsticks out towards Kurazami. The chopsticks flew around the warrior, stabbing at an open spot when they find one; Kurazumi in a futile attempt tries to deflect the phasing chopsticks, which were continuously going from something of a gaseous form to a rather solid and painful objects continously swirling around and tormenting Kurazumi.
Thomas and Sora were having a slightly less exhilarating fight. Sora began charging at Thomas, ready to strike, but stopped midway after seeing how her opponent wasn't concentrating on her at all. In fact, he was still working on his watch (he didn't believe the letter) and paid no attention whatsoever on what was occurring at the tournament.
"Um, aren't you going to fight?"
"I will employ only defensive tactics," Thomas replied without even looking up.
At first Sora was offended by the apathy towards the situation and was about to attack; then she thought of a better plan. Instead, she turned to where Guai and Kurazumi were.
"Aero Saucer!" She summoned as a blast of wind concentrated into the form of a boomerang and began popping all the bubbles around Guai. This created a stretching effect for Guai, applying a force similar to a torture rack for the unfortunate man. This also caused a break in his concentration, and the chopsticks that were constantly provoking Kurazumi suddenly dropped harmlessly to the ground. Guai then fell to the ground in pain.
"You're done with the other guy already?!?"
"Well, kind of." Sora did not bother explaining before firing WindRaker at Guai, who was just about to bring out a few more sheets of paper out to attack. Guai smiled and sweatdropped. Sora then fired a consecutive Windshrieker which Guai evaded before running into Kurazumi again. Guai quickly took flight and dodged an arrow fired by Kurazumi and began calling back his chopsticks to attack. However, he was then caught up in an immense Tornado and despite all his powers, he could not pull his light body from the storm.
"Thomas, dangit... help!" Guai said silently.
The tornado then stopped; Guai continued to float lightly in the air, dazed, while his opponents prepared for the final blow.
"Looks like we got him..." Kurazumi commented as she began her transformation into a dragon.
"Aero Blast--!"
In the middle of all this conflict, a cube was suddenly tossed in between the competitors. The cube suddenly glowed, emitted a line of 1s and 0s about 12 feet from two of its sides, extended its numbers sideways to create a 2 dimensional square of numbers. The plane of binary code finally rose in height to produce a cube surrounding Kurazumi and Sora. As soon as the two were enclosed in the cube, their magic was immediately dispelled. Kurazumi returned to her human state, confused, and Sora fired nothing.
"Photon Blade!" Thomas sent a blast of energy towards his two startled opponents quickly dodged the attack as Thomas came walking in calmly from the side of the arena.
"You said you've dealt with him already!" Kurazumi shouted angrily at her partner.
"You said you only use defensive tactics, you liar!" Sora shouted angrily at Thomas.
"I do. Isn't defending an ally considered defensive?" Thomas inquired.
Though they understood not why they couldn't use any magic, they both began rapidly firing at Thomas with shurikens and arrows. Thomas narrowly dodged each until he got to Guai, who was brushing himself up as if nothing happened to him. Guai then smacked Thomas in the head.
"You idiot! Now I can't attack with your stupid cube in effect!"
"You asked for my help..."
"You're good with them, right?"
A whirling arrow shot into the cube emitting the binary numbers and exploded. The cube immediately dissipated.
"I'll try holding them off as long as I can while you recover," Thomas told Guai.
"Good Luck. It's hard," Guai commented lamely.
Thomas rushed in to parry a blow with his shield directed at him from Sora's blade, whereas Kurazumi, still concentrating on Guai, used Pressue Bubbles again. This time Thomas quickly got rid of the spherical menaces by firing jolts of laser from his eyes, causing the bubbles to backfire upon Kurazumi. During that time Sora withdrew a few of her Shurikens and aimed for Thomas's heart... upon the computer's self defense it commanded Thomas's right arm (the one without the watch) to block the stars. Thomas winced at first as the surikens lodged deeply into his flesh, but then thought of it no more as the body redirected its nerve signals to numb the area of the wound. Thomas then thrusted with whatever strength he had (which wasn't a lot) to push Sora aside onto Kurazumi, in which Sora swiftly responded with another Aero Blaster which distanced Thomas away from her much further than Thomas had intended with his attack.
Suddenly several sheets of paper were flung around two girls. Sora attempted to blow them away with another Windraker but to no avail, and soon the leaflets were set on the ground and glowing.
"I'm sorry, my friend, these words are set in stone." And with that, Guai waved his hand upwards and out of the ground came large staligmites which surrounded his opponents. Kurazumi, undaunted, began her transformation into a large water dragon, easily crushing the staligmites around her and her opponent. But Thomas and Guai had something else up their sleeves. Thomas, upon Guai's command, launched another cube at the dragon; likewise, Guai conjured up another kanji "Dian" (Electricity) and, upon collision, a large thunderbolt struck down at the cube. The cube amplified the voltage and struck both of the opponents, knocking them out.
"Hmmm..." Thomas contemplated as he walked over to his opponents.
"And the two are..." FWOOSH!!! Unexpectedly, in between the ref's speech, Thomas was thrown away unexpectedly as the seemingly fainted body of Sora rose with the spirit of Hekikuu enshrouding her. (Please note that Thomas's calculations can only calculate the chaotic rate of the logical world and is insufficient enough to predict that a spirit will possess a body and knock him out.)
"Now spirits I can deal with," Guai commented, then looked over to the unconscious Thomas. "But I need energy..." Guai looked around, hoping no one would see him (despite the crowd, referee, and judges), and used "Xi" (Absorb) to draw out whatever life energy was left of Thomas, aside from breathing and staying alive.
In the process of doing so, "Sora" shouted out "AeroBlaster!" and sent another shockwave towards Guai.
"I'm rubber you're glue whatever you say bounces off me and sticks to YOU!" Guai chanted and on a slip floating vertically in front of him, the kanji "Jin" glowed. The attack was reflected back to Sora who was knocked down but not knocked out.
Guai quickly took the opportunity to send one of his chopsticks with a small slip of paper around it flying towards Sora. Upon striking her body, the Kanji "Zhua" (Catch) activated as it absorbed the wind dragon's spirit, who let out a roar before being captured into the leaflet. Guai continued to hold his concentration until finally the leaflet fell onto the ground, back side facing up with the kanji "Fong Long Muo": Wind Dragon Spirit.
"Whoever said that words can never hurt you?" Guai smiled as the crowd cheered for his and Thomas's victory. Guai then looked over to Thomas. "Ah shoot, he's gonna kill me... Eer..." He decided he should start taking out the little ninja stars that were stuck in Thomas's arm.
"Eer..." Smeargal wondered what she should do with Engi, who was still out cold. Then, out of nowhere, flew down a letter addressed to her. She opened it up and read it.
Your character were really impressive and it made a well fought match. Even if the battle does not go well with the judges, I had a wonderful time "watching" your characters contend with mine.

EDIT: Clearing up a little bit of things. Pardon if the riddles start to get a little confusing.

Ice Maiden
26th December 2003, 12:53 AM
Hehehe..I didn't think anybody was gonna post! Prepare to win, EVme...

"So...we won. But who are we battling next?"
"EVme, it says here on this screen," I replied. "I hope she's not too tough!"
"We'd better make a move, try and find her. We've got 20 minutes until the fightin' starts!" Raven said.
We passed through the reception area for the second time in a day, walking past a dejected looking Mew Master and his team.
"Good luck in the next round, Ice_Maiden."
I turned around and thanked him, then ushered Yuko and Raven along.
"Cool, look at the gift shop!"
We wandered into a small shop named "Bulba's RP Merchandise". Raven headed over to the Trading Card section, while Yuko busied herself by gazing at the various plushies in the corner.
"Oh. My. God. Lookoverherenoworiwillkillyou! I'm a TRADING CARD!"
I sweatdropped, then dragged her out of the shop, kicking and screaming. Yuko trotted along behind, looking uneasily at her watch. I glanced back at her, and remembered about the Tournament.
Shopping makes me forget stuff...I should shop more!
We made our way over to the waiting area, hoping to find EVme.
"This doesn't look like the waiting place to me..."
"WOW! COOKIES!" I screamed.
"Wait, Hannah! I have a better idea..."
Raven bent over and began whispering in my ear. Then she stood back and nodded. We started stuffing cookies into our pockets, sleeves...wherever they'd fit.
"What the hell are you two doing!"
I quickly explained the plan to Yuko, watching her expression turn from "I'm-about-to-puke" to "I'm-going-to-look-disgusted-so-you'll-change-your-minds". It didn't work.
"Isn't that...well, cheating?"
"Tell me, Yuko, where in the rules does it say 'You must not give your opponents cookies so they will get hyper and give you a better chance of winning'?" I winked.
She rolled her eyes and sighed, muttering something like "Well, I suppose so..."
Findind the waiting room wasn't so hard. EVme's team were stood in the corner, quietly going over their plans.
I walked over to EVme and warmly shook her hand. She smiled at me, then turned to her team.
"Ice_Maiden, this is my team, Kayla and Lyaka. Is that a cookie?"
"Um...yeah...Want some?"
I tried to look as innocent as possible as I handed out cookies to her. When Kayla and Lyaka caught a glimpse of them, they pounced on me and almost ripped my clothes to shreds.
"AARGH! Raven and Yuko have some as well! It's not me you want to jump, it's them!"
EVme grinned sheepishly and said "They always get like this...Hang on, YOU KNOW YOU'RE NOT ALLOWED THAT MUCH SUGAR!"
Too late. Kayla and Lyaka had already finished downing the cookies, and were prancing around like little 6 year old schoolgirls.
"Will EMme15 and Ice_Maiden please make their way to their correct places, please. And can their team-mates please go down to the battlefield, as Match 3 is about to begin!"
"I went to Bulba's seat by accident last time," I said, as soon as B4's voice had finished echoing around the waiting room.
"I hope Kayla and Lyaka aren't too hyper," EVme sighed, "Because I'm gonna need someone to help me walk home...I'm so full after all those cookies!"


"Three...two...one...COMMENCE BATTLE! Or, erm...at least stop hopping around? Please?" Bulba finished speaking, breaking off into a fit of giggles. A faint voice was heard saying "They really are sugar-high, aren't they." Then a muffled thud, probably one of the mods falling off their chair in a faceplant.
I watched, amused, as Lyaka and Kayla began playfighting. Then, out of the corner of my eye I saw a glint of silver. Raven was aiming her throwing knife right at Lyaka's head. A loud swoosh was heard around the stadium as Raven's knife left her hand. It would have hit it's target dead center, if Kayla hadn't pushed Lyaka over in their game of wrestling.
EVme sweatdropped again, and began screaming at her characters.
"Stop messing around, NOW!"
Kayla and Lyaa didn't pay a blind bit of notice, instead, they changed tactics and began running around.
"LeT's PlAy TAG!" giggled Layka.
"YEAH!" said Kayla.
"Oh dear god..." EVme said, "they're so hyper, they've gone back to being n00bish! Hopefully they'll wear themselves out, but..."


Back in the battlefield, things had started moving. Yuko was creeping up to Lyaka and Kayla, being careful not to attract their attention. Raven, however, charged straight up to the pair, knocking them over like bowling pins.
"Hey! That evil girl hurt me! Kill the meany!"
"Well done Raven. Now they want to brutally murder us!"
Yuko sprinted up to Kayla, quickly drawing her throwing knife. A swift slash to the stomach, and Kayla was out for the count.
Raven was locked in close combat with Lyaka, who was snickering as she dodged all of Raven's attacks. She weaved and dodged around the pale-skinned girl, and finally drew one of her arrows. She deftly lunged forward and dug into Raven's left arm. Yuko's team-mate dropped to one knee, weakened by the sudden loss of blood. Then she collapsed.
Yuko heard the gasp from the spectators, and turned around to see Lyaka finish Raven off. Pulling herself together, Yuko rushed up to meet her opponent, winding her with a kick to the ribs. Then she drew her knife once more, and slashed down, ripping Lyaka's pants and cutting deeply into her leg. Yuko pushed her backwards, hearing Lyaka cry "MEANY! You'll pay for this! I'll get my...my...I'll get my EVme on you!"
Then there was silence, as Lyaka closed her eyes as she ran out of energy.


I jumped up and shook hands with EVme. She smiled, then looked me in the eye.
"That was certainly an...interesting match! Want some cookies?"

27th December 2003, 08:21 AM
Thargor- With Brother Fernando Cortes and Tirank Coorio III

Tea splashed against my lips, as my eyes became half-lidded. We were now in a small room, so to “ready” ourselves for the next round... Luckily it had readied my stomach enough so that I could hold things in now.

In the corner of my eye, Tirank was still attempting to manipulate Fernando’s holy water with no avail, his paladin chants only managing to change the color of the liquid. The Jesuit merely sighed at his colleague’s failure and with a quick gesture, moved the liquid back into his flask, a portion settling on each of Tirank’s four sheaths.

“This will have to do for the upcoming battle my friend,” said Fernando. “It seems using the Holy Water is not what God wants for you…”

Tirank nodded his head slowly, his dark mane bobbing slightly, the shade darker in the room’s single light bulb. “I guess that could be so…”

“Nonsense, I want Tirank to be able to use the holy water more than you Mr. Wrinkly Jesuit,” I said quietly into my teacup.

“English heretic! Thou art not my lord!” Fernando shouted at me, his face having had grown an interesting shade of red. “Besides, my face does not have wrinkles… I am still a young man.”

I sighed slightly, wiping off some of the priest’s spittle from the side of my face. With one gulp, I finished off the tea and pointed to the three pictures strewn on the ground.

“Look, the both of you have to just stick together, and you can beat these three guys. The Glove, Jurga, and the Gnome don’t seem well equipped to fight us…”

Tirank nodded. “Though they do have three, instead of two… That does mean we can’t let our guard down.”

Fernando chuckled, as he hid his smile with a dark sleeve. “Don’t worry about numbers my furry friend… They will soon be on our side.”

My eyebrow shot up, as Fernando began to explain his plan…


“Ladies and Gentleman! Boys and Girls! Those three gamblers out of the half thousand of you that actually bet on Thargor to win in the last round! The next match in Round Two is about to commence!”

Cheers from the masses erupted from the stands, three of which were higher than them all, waving fists of green paper in their hands. The betting counters down below the stands were quieter than they were in the previous rounds, some serious thinking coming right down to the wire when the booths would be closed.

“Match Five is between Thargor and Razor Leaf!” The announcer paused for a moment, as five figures stepped into the circular arena, a newly spread dirt floor harboring this latest round’s bout.

Towards the north entrance, the two figures of Tirank and Fernando towered over the diminutive figures of the robed rabit Jurga, the bushy foot tall Gnome, and the massive (for a glove anyway) the Glove. Tirank’s dark blue armor gleaned from the light above him, while Fernando smiled menacingly in the shadow of his hood, his hands lightly tracing designs over his golden cross.

I noted a sound to my right, as Razor Leaf stepped into his respective box opposite my own. He looked at me square in the eyes, as I did the same. The sound from the audience became hushed for a second, as the two of us sized each other up, like our fighters did below. I broke the look by nodding to him, as he did the same. This match was going to be interesting…

“The fighters for Thargor will be Brother Fernando Cortes, and Tirank Coorio III. The anima-Err… Fighters for Razor Leaf will be Jurga, Gnome, and the Glove!” The crowd’s cheering grew dozens of decibels higher, as each fighter reacted by shaking their respective hand(s), paws, or claws in the air.

“Let the battle commence! Match Five of Round Two, BEGIN!!”

Two of Tirank’s blades hummed out of their sheaths, as the large Jang moved into a defensive stance. The rabbit’s head bobbed down as the furry faced Gnome leapt onto his head, using his one floppy ear as a guiding line. Brother Fernando simply stayed where he was, his smile having grown across his face as the Glove approached him first.

“Let’s see if a priest can match the pure power of an angry fist!” the Glove shouted, from where nobody could venture a guess. With one smooth leap, the oversized white glove hurtled towards the priest.

“Begone ye damned soul stricken onto this plane!” Fernando bellowed, his right hand shoving his golden cross in the path of the Glove. The shikon jewel in the center of it glowed with a purple light briefly, then the entire cross emanated golden waves of energy that splashed against the surface of the glove. The energy, upon hitting the reanimated glove, slowed down. The crowd “oohed” and “aahed” as the flying glove was brought to a near standstill hovering over the dirt of the arena. The golden energy slowly lapped against the black opening of the Glove, spreading slowly around the palms. The knuckles were tenderly engulfed, followed by a sucking noise as all four fingers and one thumb was covered. The entire palm fell into suit, as briefly the Glove was glowing of its own accord. Then as suddenly as it began, the energy just disappeared as the Glove became dull and grey. It flopped to the ground slowly, waving in its emptiness.

Jurga looked at the Glove, its mouth opened in complete astonishment revealing its large buckteeth. Gnome, however, opened its eyes widely, then let out a chuckle. Tirank looked down at the empty glove on the stadium, his red eyes glistened slightly before hardening.

“What did you do to him?!” Jurga shouted.

“That glove was possessed by a spirit it did not originally possess. As a priest, I let it go to the afterlife. Exorcisms are a family favorite,” Fernando said, barely restraining a chuckle. Jurga’s eyes grew wet, and several tears dropped down onto his silky fur. This lead to Fernando letting out his chuckle.

“Don’t despair little demon rabbit. Your friend will return, but now… On the side of the righteous.”

Uncorking his flask, a trickle of golden water flew from the lip, and into the Glove. Slowly, the glove began to glow rhythmically as if with someone’s heartbeat. The glow became steady, as with its fingers the Glove righted itself.

Fernando coughed into his hand. “Can I get an ‘Amen’?”

“Amen!” The Glove shouted. Visibly startled, the rabbit bounded back a hop away from the Glove, the little figure on Jurga’s head looking behind them as Tirank leapt over their heads.

“Jurga, look out!” Gnome cried, as Tirank vaulted forward with his two powerful legs, both swords brandished in the air. Jurgan moved slowly around, one paw going under his robe to reveal a wooden meat tenderizer. The dirt flew into the air as the rabbit backpedaled, and with one move put all of his might into swinging the wooden utensil.

Wood clanged against metal for a moment, as the tenderizer threw the course of one of the blades off target, making it harmlessly fly through the air… The second one however lopped the head off the tenderizer, leaving Jurga holding a small wooden twig. Tirank landed nimbly infront of Jurga, the shouted as the rabbit sprayed a column of dirt from the ground into his eyes. With a rabbit leap, Jurga went backwards, facing hurt Jang, his back to the Glove.

“Let’s show this guy some diamonds Gnome,” Jurga said in a low voice, as Gnome rubbed his hands together.

“Right away Jurga-mmphh!” The little man was interrupted, as the Glove clenched his fist around his head. The Glove still glowed with the same ghostly light, as it floated above Jurga for a second before returning to Fernando’s side, Gnome still within his grasp.

“Say your prayers bunny-wunny,” it whispered. Jurga had time to turn around, as Tirank unsheathed one of his swords that had been drenched in Fernando’s holy water. With a cry of anger, the blade doubled in size, putting the little rabbit totally off guard. With one wide swing, the rabbit was thrown clear across the arena and into the concrete wall. It landed with a hollow crunch, then fell to the ground where dust and dirt covered its form. With a clang, Tirank’s lengthened blade fell as well, reverting to its natural size as the dirt around it absorbed the water.

“Seems some emotion is involved to control your water, my friend,” Tirank whispered, as he carefully picked dust out of his eyes.

“Yes, the Lord demands passion from his followers,” Fernando said idly, making a quick gesture. Water drained from the bottom of the floating form of the Glove. It fell abruptly to the ground, the Gnome rolling for some time before coming to a stop, unconscious from the Glove’s death grip.

“Ladies and Gentleman, there you have it! Fernando and Tirank win! Thargor has won his Round 2 bout! A most unusual fight where foe quickly became friend due to this unstoppable duo’s talents! Congratulations to the fighters!” The crowd worked itself into frenzy, this being the last Round 2 fight. From the betting area, more than a few people were silent, while others hugged each other. At least this time I had more than three supporters in the form of gamblers…

I looked over to Razor Leaf, and met his grim smile.

“Good fight Thargor,” He said.

I nodded back, “Thanks, I think it went well enough.”

He looked down at the arena floor, and nodded slowly to himself. As he went down the stairs, I watched him for a moment, then turned my attention to Fernando dumping holy water on Tirank’s head to get rid of the dirt…

27th December 2003, 01:39 PM
Meep, same with me. x.x';; Plus the fact that I put off writing my post 'till the last few days... *sweatdrop*

I've been stuck with relatives since Monday, so my RPT post is like...no good at all. Plus, I'm at a slight delay with the batlte. *pokes EngiMatikul* Ehm, would you mind giving me some Chinese translations if you know them? I'll send you a PM later.

Anyway... hopefully I should be done by tomorrow night/Monday ... *twitches* Pleeeeeeeeease don't set the deadline before then, Bulba, pweeeeze... X.X'


27th December 2003, 01:56 PM
No Problem, PM away, and I'll see what I can answer for you. Look forward to see how you viewed our battle. ^-^

EDIT: Me and EVme should seriously get extra points for not procrastinating. Hmph. *ends little rant*

legendary fisherman1
27th December 2003, 02:17 PM
I'm not finished yet, due to fistiveness as well X.X I'll post by tomorow night at latest(hopefully).

Prof. Jb Wolf
29th December 2003, 02:29 AM
*Bows and grovels before wherever Bulbasaur4 is.* Though I have some sort of post being done, my parents have sprung a surprise trip to Vegas for the New Years so I shall be unable to post for the rest of the week...If I could kindly get the week to post my Post....

BTW - Happy Holidays to everyone, good fight Kage-san, and a Happy New YEar!

29th December 2003, 05:31 PM
Bah, don't worry... I'm giving more time because of the holidays. I just got back today anyway. ^^;

OMG! I SAW ROTK ABOUT A WEEK AGO AND omgitwassogoodijustloveditandthepartwithLEGOLASwas justAWESOMEandijustlovedhowheeffortlesslytookcareo fbuisnesssoHAHAHAyoumrGIMLIhahahahaa.itwasjustawes ome... ^^;;;
Sorry... had too much Vanilla Diet Coke and Candy Fishy things... ermm... yeah. Hope everyone had an AWWWESOME Holiday and even better New Years Eve! ^^^^^^^ Gosh I'm soooo hyper...

8th January 2004, 11:06 PM
*scans the competitors box from the crowd of watching RPers*
*pulls out a bullhorn*
"Uh...Brandy....Yellings not going to help anything ^-^()"
*looks beside her at Rudy* Oh...sorry ^-^() lol

But seriously, dont you get disqualified after beating me you hear??;)

Fai D. Flowright
9th January 2004, 10:22 AM
Oh, I don't plan on it! I just haven't been able to work on this one as much as my other one with final coming up at our school and the holidays screwing with all of my plans! Don't be discouraged though! I'm working on it as much as I can so that I can post it, AND WIN!!! Thanks for the support though, if that's what you would call it... ^_^;

9th January 2004, 08:48 PM
Aye Aye Whiteangel don't get overconfident yet, I wouldn't call PJBW a pushover. :P

Though, The REAL question is.... "Who will post first, and who will be considered the TRUE Procrastinator???"


Though "When the heck is the deadline?" Should also be contemplated upon.

Fai D. Flowright
9th January 2004, 09:11 PM
Oh, trust me. I know he won't be a pushover! I just plan on trying to overcome as many obstacles in this cometition as I can!

And yeah. B4, when is the new deadline for entries to be in by???

9th January 2004, 10:04 PM
I'm also curious about the deadline for this... Not to pry or anything, but you did announce you were extending the deadline, and that was on the 29th.

Though I do hope Razor Leaf posts so I don't end up winning by forfeit... I want a fight on my hands! =P

RaZoR LeAf
10th January 2004, 12:19 PM
Gah, forgot all about this! Will try and get something done this weekend. Too busy playing Star Fox Adventures and Luigi's Mansion.

11th January 2004, 11:41 AM
razor... you could have thought of a better excuse than that. ;p ANywho... yeah... I've been busy and I've been waiting for people to get their posts in, and I've been really really lenient because of the Holidays. But now the deadline is


^^ Get'em in or else!

RaZoR LeAf
13th January 2004, 04:37 PM
*is late*
*makes it just in time*


The Glove rose menacingly above the woman a fork held between two fingers, stabbing it at her menacingly, while she tried to grab the donut from behind him.
"C'mon Glove, we have another battle to take care of." I said, encouraging him to follow.


Stepping up to the podium again my two fighters took their own places in the field below, where across from me, my opponent Thargor stood impatiently.
"You're cutting it pretty fine, you've have been disqualified if you left it any longer." he mused. His own team were looking bored and annoyed too. I shrugged.
"It's a bad habit of mine. You should see me working on essays. Anyway, i'm here now, we should begin."
Jurga reached into his deep pocket and pulled out the kobbly ended chef's mallet that his father once used to tenderise meat. From the sidelines, his partner in crime Gnome, the jolly faced elemental watched with glee, only there to perform magic tricks when Jurga commanded it. The Glove, having lost his defence of the donut, moped around apparently uncaring about the battle. It started, leaving Jurga to fight alone.

"You know with four hands, you must be a wizz in the kitchen." Jurga said, circling around his opponent Tirank who held four broadswords in each fist. With only a single wooden hammer, it looked like Jurga had picked the wrong foe to fight. As the equestrian fighter brought two swords down in a diagonal cross chop, Jurga rolled to the side to dodge, narrowly missing the blades, as they cut through the cotten of his coat.
"Gnome, I can't beat this guy like this, he's too fast!" JUrga yelled out to his co-op team mate. The sprite sighed, and focused his hands into a orb of brown energy. The orb glowed with a sparkling yellow light for a moment, then disappeared, only to reappear surrounding Jurga. The flashing lights didn't seem to do much, but I could tell staright away what had happened. As more sword swipes followed through the previous cross chop, Jurga deftly dodged between each blow, with more ease than a beefy rabbit would normally be able to, swiftly evading each strike without breaking a sweat.
"Why wont you stay still!?" Tirank growled trying furiously to slash Jurga.

Across field, Glove was finally getting into the fighting sense by pestering Brother Fernando, climbing up his back and flicking his ears and messing up his hair.
"You infernal demon, I will come down upon you with all the power of the Lord, you spawn of Satan." He shouted, as Glove easily scuttled away and dodged another swipe of the holy cross he carried in his hands.
"Ner-na ner-na ner-ner!" Glove spited, running himself into a corner of all things.
"Now I have you.." the brother said, closing in. I stood up in my seat, anticipating what would happen next, fearing from both Glove and the Brother's wellbeing. A small hole apeared on the wall and Glove reached into it, pulling out canister of silly string.
"You expect to bother me with that?" the priest looked down with the sort of self rightous grin than showed he was convinced he was going to win. He'd had the same look on his face since the beginning of the match. As he lifted his cross above his head to slam into the Glove, the radioactive animated hand began to spray silly string all over his attacker's face. Fernando dropped his cross behind him and began tofrantically scrape the goo off his face, out of his eyes and out of his hair.
"Tubby, time to swap!" Glove shouted, running across the Jurga. I turned back to see that Jurga had began to slow back to his original speed, obviously Gnome's speeding up powers hadn't lasted as long as originally planned.
"You think you can handle this guy Glove? He's got four hands."
"Of course I can you over grown lucky foot! I am The Glove."
Jurga frowned, but passed around to the back of the Brother, kicking his cross away, as the Lord's servent turned, having cleared much of the string from his face.
"Look at me, I look terrible, you'll pay for that!"
"Gnome!" Jurga shouted, a plan forming in his head a smile creeping onto his lips. I had a funny feeling what he was thinking "A little Mud Bath for the Brother here?"
"You got it my Lucky Foot friend." said his companion, and a slight shaking filled the arena, Fedrnando looked up, only to find a huge ball of mud falling towards him. He tried to move but it was too late, the ball hit him sqaure in the face, knocking him to the floor, unconcious.
"Good shot." Jurga said back to Gnome, who simply waved him off. The both turned to face Glove who was finishing off Tirank.

Glove ran between each swipe easily, pulling Tirank closer and closer to his low level. Finally two of the blades hit the dirt at the same time, digging into the soft soil and becoming stuck fast. As Tirnak tried to pull out of the dirt, dropping his free swords and using his extra hands to help pull , Glove ran up the fighters back and down onto his face, slapping him about a bit, and flicking his nose. Tirank roared with rage, but Glove continued to annoy him, finally running back down and spraying silly strong all over Tirank. Finally pulling his swords loose, he turned to face Glove, and stepped forward. Unfortunatly, most of the silly string had landed on the floor, and the slipperyness caused Tirank to slip backwards, falling to the floor with a thump and knocking himself out. With both battlers declared unconcious the ref held up a flag signalling that I had won.
"Great work guys, and you even managed to work together this time." I said, congratulating the two.
"I only worked with this lug, so we could get back to the canteen. I have donuts I want to eat." Glove snarled, jumping off the podium and running off in the direction of the canteen, with Gnome and Jurga in hot pursuit.
Thargor came up beside me as I watched them escape.
"That was a good match, I enjoyed watching it." He said. We shook hands and I left him to deal with his fallen team mates as I headed for the canteen myself.

14th January 2004, 01:15 AM
Again, same color rules as before:
Carbon Copy

"Well, at least we know where the arena is this time," Carbon said, he and Maichi walking behind me as we made our way to the huge building that had an impossible-to-miss sign saying 'Round 2 RP Tournament Arena.'

"I dunno," I said, "I kinda liked how they did it for us last round. I like surprises." I gripped my Flapdoozy (of which the handle was more broken than the last round) as a strong gust of wind blew.

"Well, at least I don't have to battle an old friend this time..." Maichi said softly, her blond hair flying around in the gust of wind as she clutched her swallow close. I could tell she was still upset about last round's battle.

We walked in silence the rest of the way through the gates with signs labeling it as the way that led to my viewing booth. "Well, good luck," I said, as Maichi and CC split off and headed into the main arena. They nodded, but said nothing. Personally, I didn't blame them. I could tell we were all nervous just getting to Round 2.

"And here come Maichi Konnetsu and Carbon Copy, brought here by RPer VirtualPlay!" Maichi and I were standing somewhere close to the middle of the arena, facing our two new opponents.

I shook my head. "Last round was a challenge, we actually had to battle two well-trained fighters. These two look like the local geeks that couldn't kill a fly."

"They must have something hidden, Carbon," Maichi said. "Looks aren't everything; take me for example." I looked at her and realized what she meant. For a girl in her early 20s, she looked relatively weak, but her special powers enabled her to call ki (energy) forward.

"Point taken," I said. "I guess we'll just have to —" a loud bell interrupted my thoughts. "Well, here goes nothing," I muttered, watching them for their first move.

"Woah, what happened?" I cried as the guy Ani changed to a darker appearance.

"Haha, you like this?" He said in a dark voice...an evil voice. "I am Yami Ani, don't you forget it."

Slash! "AIIEEE!" Yami Ani screamed and fell as the small, but hyper-fast Ninjask that was my partner sped by and slashed Ani's back. A long, thin line of blood seeped out through the rip in his shirt.


Without thinking I brought my swallow above my head to block the samurai sword that was within inches of my head. "Not fast enough," I said, smirking.

"No," the guy named Jacob said with two voices, smirking as well, "But you weren't fast enough either." With that he sped off away from me, and I almost followed. But he seemed to want me to follow him. But what if...

A roaring sound distracted me from my thoughts. I turned and nearly dropped my swallow at what I saw: a huge, moving mass of rock with two giant swords of stone. "Like my Giant Soldier of Stone, Maichi?" I heard Yami Ani call from behind the monster. He was on one knee, still hurting from when Carbon slashed him, but he was smiling evilly all the same.

"Carbon, get something big that can shoot a LOT of water!" I called out to the speeding bug.

Big, lots of water. I knew of one Pokémon like that. The trouble is, could I morph a Lugia? I'd never morphed a Legendary before...what if I can't do it?

"Hurry, Car-AHH!" Maichi screamed, for now there was another creature attacking her, some strange knight with a bird-shamed helmet was jabbing at her with a katana-like sword. Maichi was struggling just to block each blow.

"Like my Hayabusa Knight?" I heard the Jacob guy say, his voices different. I noticed his sword was gone, too, and he had a shiny gold ring on that was very intricate in design, although I couldn't see the details from where I was.

I growled. Well, as much as a Ninjask can growl. Focusing hard, I felt legs grow out again, felt a huge tail sprout. My wings and arms melded to become giant white arm-wings, and my neck elongated. Without realizing it, I had easily transformed into a Lugia.

'Woah, now that's cool,' I thought to myself. <Now it's time to get powerful,> I psychically said, mentally grinning. Summoning all my strength, I started launching gush after gush of Hydro Pumps. Even as I got worn out, I felt the satisfaction that the huge monster was being whittled away into little chunks of rocks, not even boulders.

I finished with a huge blast of water that made whatever was left crumble. I could hear Ani trembling, stuttering, "My...my Giant Soldier of S-stone!" With what was left of my energy, I launched an Aeroblast at the tiny figure of Ani, the blast pieces knocking him out and sending him flying into the wall of the arena.

<I beat him...> I weakly said, before falling to the ground, my mind blanking before I hit.

I dodged and blocked and blocked and dodged. Nothing seemed to get this stupid knight to let up. A small rock explosion behind me, however, caused the knight to not only get distracted, but to stop moving completely as he watched the destruction of the stone giant.

I knew my chance had come. Charging up my swallow with energy, I rushed straight at the knight, slicing an X through his body. It disappeared with a small explosion and I was left facing some weird combo of Jacob and his two spirits.

He charged, and I steadily powered up my swallow, waiting. He sliced, I counter-sliced, and the end of his blade fell to the ground with a clang. Fuming, he reached into a pocket, saying, "Well I still have these ca—" but I never let him finish. I quickly charged a large ball of energy and pushed it at him, sending him flying into the wall of the arena, where he promptly collapsed.

THUD! Something very large landed behind me. I looked to see the huge white bird-like Pokémon that CC had become transform back into the green ditto that was his natural form. I ran over and went to pick him up, but before I could he transformed back into human, still unconscious.

"Hey, wake up," I said, slapping his face gently. I had no idea why it worked that way, but it's how I'd always seen it done. Sure enough, CC came to, looking exhausted, but fine beyond that. "We won again," I said, holding out a hand to help him up.

"VirtualPlay and his characters Carbon Copy and Maichi Konnetsu have won Round 2 as well! Congratulations!"

"YAAAAAHHHHHH!" I screamed excitedly, all the way out onto the arena. They had done it again! I ran across the field, dodging random rocks that had been left there by the stone giant thingy. Maichi and CC were walking over, CC resting on Maichi's shoulder, looking exhausted, but both of them happy.

"You guys did it again, and this was a harder battle," I said, unable to contain my excitement. "Only a couple more of these and we could be the big winners! I'm so happy I feel like going up to Canada and buying a beer to celebrate!"

They looked at me for a few seconds as if I had grown another head. "What? I'm kidding, y'know...hey! Let go of me, I can walk!" I shouted, trying to wrestle out of the grips of Maichi and Carbon as they dragged me out of the arena.
Note: I really -don't- feel like buying a beer, and I most likely -won't- ever want a beer...this was for amusement purposes only, poking fun at myself since I'm now 18 (and legally allowed to buy alcohol in Canada).

14th January 2004, 11:22 PM
HA! Two hours earlier than the disqualification...... time....... thingy....

Anyway, I have to admit, my post is still not completed. Though it's partially not my fault... Engi's sent me most of the translations I needed, though I still kinda need 'change/revert'.... x.x'
"A few days passed away, and Catherine, though not allowing herself to suspect her friend, could not help watching her closely. The result of her observations was not agreeable. Isabella seemed an altered creature. When she saw her, indeed, surrounded only by their immediate friends in Edgar's Buildings or Pulteney Street, her change of manners was so trifling that, had it gone no farther, it might have passed unnoticed. A something of languid indifference, or of that boasted absence of mind which Catherine--"
"WILL YOU STOP READING THAT INFERNAL BOOK?!" Kurayami screeched, pausing from eating her bowl of soup to glare in my direction.
I grinned and shook my head, waving the book near her face. "Nope. We have to read it before the 20th for some school assignment. Besides, don't you want to hear what happens between Isabella and General Tilney?"
Kurayami threw me a look of such hatred that I sighed and closed the book. "If I fail Literature this semester," I grumbled. "It's all your fault."
Sora stared blankly at Kurayami. "Hey...I wanted to know what happened. Why'd you ruin it for all of us, fussy-pants?!"
Kurayami yelled something obscene in reply, and I sighed, leaning back in my chair. Ever since the battle, Kurayami was getting really snippy towards anyone that talked to her. I guess it was because they had nearly lost, but I suppose I'd never know. I glanced at a clock sitting on the wall, blinking at the upside-down numbers as I thought of what time it really was. "Wait...a minute....is.... THAT THE TIME?!" I screamed. I snapped upright, "Sora! Kurayami! Get in the stupid arena, you're LATE!"
Sora 'meeped' and ran from the room while Kurayami stormed after her, grumbling about not eating a decent meal for a couple of days. I hurriedly tried to stuff my homework into my backpack, and was juuuust about to leave when, "Hey Kat!" met my ears.
I turned, staring blankly at the RPer who had stopped me (Mew_Master) and groaned without meaning to. "Not NOW, Den you TWIT! My characters are about to fight and we’re already an hour LATE!"
Den stared at me with a look of exasperation, huffed and turned to leave, calling a "That's the 127th time, Kat!" behind his shoulder as he stormed out the door.
Sora Hibari
Kurayami and I had somehow managed to find our way to the stadium. Don't ask me how; Miss I-Need-A-Chill-Pill was screaming at the moderator's assistants for directions. We burst through the archway and onto the dirt stadium to a silent and sleepy audience. Our opponents (weren't they Thomas and Guai...?) were sitting on their end of the arena, Guai asleep and Thomas messing with something on his watch.
"Oh, there they are!" Rudy's voice echoed throughout the quiet stadium. "Well folks, I guess we won’t have to name Thomas and Guai the winners! Their opponents, SmearGal's characters, have finally arrived!"
A slow but steady cheer began, and soon the audience was buzzing with its usual life.
"Well, ladies and gentlemen, are you ready for Match number four? It's EngiMatikul versus SmearGal!"
The crowd erupted. "I know I'm ready," Rudy continued. "Our contestants are, as you know, Thomas Reusbucks and Guai He Zi versus Kurayami Mizuchi and Sora Hibari!"
"Ehh...are these our opponents?" Guai asked in a sleepy tone. We reluctantly shook hands, then backed away from each other. Kurayami automatically moved in front of Guai, so I sighed and looked to Thomas as my opponent for now.
"Fighters, are you ready?" Rudy shouted. "Aaand...BEGIN!"
I, unlike Kurayami, surveyed our opponents first. Guai was obviously a magic-user, but since he had already begun his onslaught on Kura, it was pointless for me to point this out to her. But Thomas I was really curious about. How he could think of fighting when he wasn’t armed (or at least, wasn’t armed in a way I could see)? As we sort of stared at each other, I drew my Kama to the side, preparing to send some form of Air attack. Thomas stared quizzically at my scythe, and then said, "I am prepared to deploy defensive tactics. There is no need to wait on me."
I shrugged and then quickly slashed a horizontal line, calling "Aero Saucer!" A large gust of wind quickly blew out of the tip, creating a V-like current that could be seen slightly against the gray of the stadium. It quickly zoomed at Thomas who had, as he had said, done a very fancy evasive maneuver to dodge the oncoming attack. Both hands holding my Kama now, I turned the blade and the gust of air turned quickly back and attempted to hit him again. Thomas again somehow managed to dodge that blast as well. A few more sweeps, and nothing hit him. Annoyed, I tried one last time before I was going to set it loose, and as it went past him, I heard him mutter, "Magic is such an illogical practice..."
I then got a sudden idea.
Kurayami Mizuchi
Before I could move, Guai was on me, zooming forward with amazing speed. He wasn't asleep anymore. I jumped back and drew my sword from its scabbard, debating on the best way to attack. I lifted my hand tentatively as he drew out a piece of paper from his vest.
"Pressure Bubbles!" I yelled, the silvery bubbles lazily floating from my palm.
Guai stopped his charge and moved around the bubbles, staring at them in some mild curiosity. The paper he had pulled out was immediately scrawled upon, and the Chinese kanji bearing 'YiaLi' (Force) was chucked at a bubble and caused it to disappear without any explosion whatsoever. This person apparently knew their magic.
I backed up slightly and made the bubbles spread out in a sort of oblong-ish circle around him. He stared at them apprehensively, and then (realizing my plan), stuck a paper reading 'Fei' (Fly) onto his chest. Guai then jumped lightly over the bubbles (which were beginning to fade anyway), floating sort of lazily in the air above me as he pulled out two chopsticks.
"You're really starting to annoy me," I growled.
"Good," He replied, smiling. Throwing the two chopsticks at me, they flashed slightly, changing from their dull tan to a shining silver. I quickly turned my sword to deflect the first one, but cried out in pain as the second slashed me across the arm. The same arm that idiot Zith had slit open. I glared angrily up at Guai, and then began to viciously swipe at the chopsticks, who continued poking and prodding at my arms if I missed them.
I was about to yell some extremely loud profanity when I felt a sharp gust of wind go swiftly past me and hit Guai, who in turn crumpled over in midair and hit the ground with a sickening THUD! Staring in shock, I quickly looked over at Sora, a smug expression plastered on her face. She gave me a thumbs up and waved. A small hissing noise issued, and the gust had that nearly hit me as well disappeared in a small twirl of dust.
Guai, who was down but not out, groaned slightly and sat up, a deep cut upon his brow. He winced slightly. "That kinda hurt." He stood up slowly, then pulled out another piece of paper. We were about to have another round of magical charades, when a bright explosion caught my attention. Sora had apparently been hit with some object that exploded. I growled as I saw her unconscious on the ground, a dazed expression on her face.
"Ugh, not good!" I grumbled, sheathing my sword. "Itirnaonesufnoirem!"
I grinned at Guai's shocked expression as scales began to ripple down from my face. Horns spiraled their way from the back of my head, my face elongated into a snout, wings sprouted from my back, and fins began appearing on my newly formed tail. I slowly completed my transformation into Water Dragon form, and I was loving every second of it.
Flaring my wings slightly, I sneered down at Guai. "About ready to give up yet?"
Stepping backwards slowly, Guai merely gaped up at me. He slowly reached into his vest and pulled out a slip of paper, but before either of us could do anything, we were stunned to see Thomas suddenly fly out of nowhere and skid to a halt near his partner. Amazed, I turned to see what had happened, when I saw Sora calmly walking towards us, her eyes and the pendant around her neck were glowing with an eerie blue light that gave the sense of something not human.
Guai was in shock. "What on EARTH, Thomas?! I thought that fancy watch of yours could dodge anything!"
Thomas, who was massaging his arm, merely grunted in reply. "I can decide an evasive maneuver for any physical or even 'magical' attacks, but there wasn’t anything being picked up from her movements! It's like she's still out cold, which is completely impossi--"
"YOU IDIOT, IT'S MAGIC!" Guai yelled, regaining his senses and throwing a kanji-covered paper towards my head. ('KongZi' (Restrain)). My eyes suddenly became heavy, and I had an unexplainable urge to lie down. Out of the corner of my eye, Sora had now appeared next to me. Grinning in a way that was unlike her normal self, she raised her Kama and traced a circle in the air with its tip. Then, right as she cried out "Esniupniirit Aero Blaster!" she hit the invisible center. The air seemed to stand still as Guai and Thomas were instantly slammed into the ground with tremendous force. Sora, her attack completed, turned to face me. Her eyes fading back to their normal color, she hissed silently, "Naolol ayruires.....Kura....." then fell over unconscious.
I had somehow managed to find my way to the top box, and the arena was a pretty grim scene. The only two fighters left were Kurayami and Guai; Sora had fainted under Hekikuu’s control (for that's what it was), and Thomas had evidently whacked his head on the ground hard enough to knock him out.
Kurayami gently moved Sora out of the way, and looked now at Guai, her tail flitting menacingly across the dirt arena.
Guai, however, was not going to go down so easily. Dazed and slightly wobbly, he grabbed a new sheet of paper from his vest, quickly scribbled on it and threw it at Kurayami. I think I read the word '@$#%@$%' (Change) before it stuck onto her cheek. Kurayami roared angrily and was immediately transformed back into human form, whereupon she quickly grabbed the piece of paper from her cheek and ripped it in half.
She then put her hand up and sent out a wave of Pressure Bubbles that slowly worked their way towards Guai to finish him off. Guai, learning something from Sora’s example, threw a new piece of paper ('Fong' (Gust)) that blew most of them away, but was soon surrounded by another sweep. Refusing to give up, he tried a couple of 'Pressure' papers that nullified the silver bubbles. Using his speed (which he was slowly recovering), he hurried through a small gap in the circle, and hurled a small paper bearing the word 'Ting' (Stop).
Kurayami literally froze where she stood, unable to move. "There’s still a chance for you to give up," Guai said, grinning slightly as he held another piece of paper.
I stared in disbelief. 'No way...' I thought. 'We can't lose now!"
"SNAP OUT OF IT, KURAYAMI!" I yelled, jumping out of my seat and causing the character next to me (whom I had just realized was there) to flinch and stare at me in mild concern.
Kurayami hadn't taken my hint, though, and as Guai tauntingly was about to throw the paper at her, a figure appeared behind him and THWUNK: he was hit with the staff of Sora's Kama. Guai stayed down. I stared in shock. Sora grinned, rubbing her head slightly. Kurayami blinked. Had...we .... won?!
"AND SORA AND KURAYAMI ARE VICTORIOUS!" Rudy cheered, and the crowd erupted in hoots and hollers. "AMAZING display of magic, wasn't there folks? Simply----Hey, GIMME BACK THE MICROPHONE!"
Sounds of struggle could be heard in the announcer's box, but I didn't care. I ran out of the top box, down the stairs and through the archway to the stadium, where Sora and Kurayami were slowly making their progress towards the exit.
Grabbing Kurayami in the biggest hug she'd probably ever had in her life, I started screaming that we had won. "WE WON WE WON WE WON WE WON WE WON WE WON WE--"
"Oh my GOSH, Kat, we GET THE POINT!" Kurayami growled, removing herself from my grasp. "Just keep away from me, I need to get to the infirmary." She motioned to her arm and continued walking.
I grinned as we began to walk off. "Well, think of it this way: Now you’ll know what happens in Northanger Abbey! Aren't you excited to find out with happens with Isabella?! I’m sure James finds out about her cheating on him; I mean, it has to happen, right?"
Kurayami only groaned very loudly and walked ahead of us.
Oi...uhm...Length is a problem. *de-double spaces it* :3 There, that helped slightly.

Edit: Chinese Words. *nods*

legendary fisherman1
15th January 2004, 12:08 AM
Round 2: Survival of the Fittest

“So what I’m saying is you need more deck types to have a more surprising deck-types.” I finished telling them. Then I looked at them.

Ani was sleeping, and Jacob had drowsy eyes with his hand holding his face up. ‘Oh come oooonnnn...’

So I took a deep breath... “HEY WAKE UP!!!” I shouted at them waking them up.

"HOLY FACE!" Ani shouted as he patted his chest on his heart. Jacob fell down from the couch he was resting on.

“Could you not shout at us while were sleeping!” they pouted/shouted at me. ‘How can they act like this?!’ I thought furiously. They were going to be in the ring in 3 hours, and this was not how I wanted them to act.

“Listen Legendary, you might want to calm down. Battles are usually won by being calm, not rash.” Ani told me.

I could think at that “Of course, but you know that if we don’t show up, we will be disqualified. I don’t want to lose my first RPG tournament.” I told them with my head down.

Jacob put this hand on my shoulder “Don’t worry about it Legendary, we know you just want the best, but we will handle this our own way. You understand right? Even Yami Bakura thought it would be best if we do what were used to do so we aren’t going to be in any kind of uncomfortable situation.” Jacob told me.

‘I know that Jacob isn’t that deep...’ I thought in my mind. Then I looked up at ‘Jacob’ and smiled “Thanks Kenshin." I emphasized the ‘Kenshin’ in. Kenshin Jacob fell down and said “Oro? How did you know it was me?” Kenshin Jacob asked me.

I made an anime smirk “Jacob isn’t now, before or ever will be that deep.” I told him. Kenshin Jacob sweatdropped and said “I think I’ll listen to your advise now.” He told me with his hand on the back of his neck.

“Good. Now do you see this card? (" I asked them. Then they looked at eachother.

"Willpower of Normalicy." Ani said. "Do you have a plan?" he asked me.

"Oh yeah..." I said with a smirk on my face. 'Little do they know, I watch TV!' I thought with glee.

3 hours later

"So now match two of round two will be fought here. Are you ready?" the refaree asked.

I looked at my partners. Yes. We were all ready. "Yes" I said plainly. Then I looked at my opponent. "I am ready." he told the refaree in a low tone. 'Oooh, an interesting opponent.' I thought with a smug.

The refaree put his hand in the air "Begin!"

First the woman dashed toward Jacob as he got his ring out and trasformed. "Take this!" she shouted as she uppercutted him into the air. 'I guess she doesnt know that he can still duel in the air' I thought remembering battle city.

But then I saw...a Bedrill! 'I bet it was from the other guy' I thought as it flew toward Jacob.

"Activate Scapegoat (!" Ani shouted and four gaots appeared to block bedrills attack. "No!" Maichi cursed as Bedrill destroyed two of the gaots.

"Must have bee a Twin-Needle. Thank you Yami Ani." Yami Bakura Jacob thanked as the shadows appeared. "But now it is my turn. I summon
Saphire Dragon ( in attack mode!" Yami Bakura Jacob shouted.

'No that isn't how your strategy works!' I think furiously. 'If only Kenshin could use a duel disk. I should teach him later.' "Saphire Dragon Attack the Bedrill!" Yami Bakura Jacob shouted loudly as the dragon shot a blast from its mouth to the Bedrill.

"No you dont!" Maichi yelled as she seeming ly tried to jump kick the blast. But it was to no avail. "You fool! You cant brek an attack like that, with a simple kick!" Yami Bakura Jacob taunted as the blast broke through the kick.

"Ahh, how did it break through?!" she quickly wondered, but the blast hit Bedrill. "No Carbon Copy!" she shouted in vain. Her friend seemed to be down.

"You will pay for that!" she shouted as she dashed toward Yami Ani. But she forgot.

"Scapegaot defend!" Yami Bakura Jacob countered. A gaot flew in front of Yami Ani. "No not again!" she groaned as destroyed the third of four scapegaots.

"You fool, it will take more than power to beat our teamwork!" Yami Bakura Jacob shouted. Maichi growled. "So how about I show you how ou-" Yami Ani was cut off as he fell down in pain. "Ahhhuuughuh, what happened? Who's there?!" he shouted in pain as he tuned around.

It was a Kadabra. "What? You were knocked out!" Yami Bakura Jacob argued. Maichi just smirked at what she might have mistaken for stupidity in Yami Bakura Jacob "You think your the only one with teamwork! Think again! she shouted as she flew up and threw an energy blast at Yami Bakura Jacob.

"Go Final scapegaot!" Yami Ani shouted as the gaot started to flaot to Yami Bakura Jacob, but it was destroyed somehow. "What?! How was the Sca-" Yami Bakura Jacob started to gasp, but was knocked out by the enery blast.

"No! What was that!?" Yami Ani shouted aghast. Then he saw what hit the scapegaot. It was a Sceptile. "No!" Yami Ani cursed under his breath.

"Its time to finish this battle! Carbon Copy you know what to do!" Maichi shouted in glee as carbon copy turned into a wierd type of double sword. "Say goodbye!" she shouted as she flew down toward Yami Ani. "No!" was all he had time to say before the sword hiy him knocking him out.

"Sealing Swords of Light (!" yelled a voice like it was the last thing it would say. "No! I was too late." said...Yami Bakura Jacob! He was conscience again! And swords of light were shot at Maichi who was now not moving.

"I can only have 3 'turns' of card playing untill the light wears off and they will move again. I have to make this play of cards count." He mused.

"I summon Spirit Dragon (! Now I activate Willpower of Normalicy!" Yami Bakura Jacob yelled as a dragon appeared. "I end my 'turn'." he said. Some of the swords started to dissapear.

"I draw." he said and drew a card. "Yes! I drew Curse of Dragon (, as being a normal monster I draw a card due to Willpower of Normalicy." he said darkly as he drew a card. "Ha! A Saphire Dragon! I draw another card!" he said. This continued until he got a magic card.

"Oh well. I will activate it! Limmetless Hand (!" he shouted. 'It seems as though he took my advice after all.' I though smiling on the inside.

This time most of the swords were gone leaving three. "Okay then." Yami Bakura Jacob drew a card. "Excelent! One-Eyed Shield Dragon (!" he smirked as he drew a card. This continued until he had 12 normal dragon cards in his hand.

"You know its too bad the swords prevent you from moving. My final attack will anihilate you! Spirit Dragon attack!" he shouted in finale. "Spirit dragons attack increces by 1000 for every dragon I discard. Now his attack will increace to 13,000!" Yami Bakura Jacob smirked evily.

The dragon looked like it was powering up and attacked with an enormous blast. The battle was over. No one could have survived that. Yami Bakura Jacob turned off his duel disk and

"Hyaa!" shouted a female voice-Maichi! "I will defeat you if its the last thing I dooo!" she yelled and went into position of a jump kick.

"Ryu-Sho-Sen!" shouted Jacob in a different voice. He unsheathed his sword and uppercutted her jaw into the air. "You know you should have studied Jacob more. He had more then one spirit you know" Jacob said in a calm intimidating voice. He was now Kenshin Jacob.

"Huh, uh" she grunted then fainted.

"The winner is Legendary Fisherman1" The Refaree said with his hand in the air. "So it seem that teamwork works again." Kenshin Jacob Said as he fainted aswell.

15th January 2004, 10:17 AM
*cries, dragging her body inside* Seriously, my friend visited me yesturday and said my Calc teacher said I should be put into a bubble. I'm not that gimped! Seriously! I'm... I'm usually perfectly healthy!

Well, I'm pushing the date that you can post by to Sunday, the day I THINK I'll be able to stare at a computer screen for more than 20 minutes. You see, I had a biopsy done on my stomach adn small intestine on Friday for some long-long-story pains I've had for about 2 years. I've been in an out of hospitals, and finally they think they know that it is but ANYWAY, Monday my left eye was bothering me and it looked like I had pink eye. (for those of you keeping record, I had pink eye about 3 weeks ago.) Well, then I went into the ER that night because it hurt SO BAD, and it appeared I had a 'scratch' on my eye, but it wasn't a scratch- it was 4 dots on my cornea like acid or some thing. (Do'nt ask me how it go there.) So I went to the Eye specialist, and now I'm on four different drops and I have to stay home and basically do nothing. I've been a vegetable all week, and not feeling to keen since the first thing I've ate was a granola bar for the time being.
I can't watch tv and I can't be on the computer for long... it hurts too bad so this is the first time I've even tried.

So, bare with me. >.<; I'm trying... so if any of you haven't posted yet (I haven' tchecked) you have 'till Sunday. '
*goes to treat her eye again*


16th January 2004, 12:09 AM
Hey Smeargal I sent you the inscriptions. I like your post quite a bit! It quite fits my characters. However, I was hoping that you'd find interest in working with Thomas's Cube of Logic, since both of your characters were mainly magic reliant... but whatever. Its a good post nonetheless! I'm glad you liked Guai's Chinese inscription spells. >.> I am soooo bad at complimenting...

18th January 2004, 06:51 PM
Due to some strange computer troubles, Whiteangel won't have his entry up until Tuesday... He wishes all other entrants good luck with their stories...

He appologizes for any inconvience this may have caused...

~Whiteangel's little messenger, Tina Ek Shahi Devi Hai :wave:

20th January 2004, 10:53 PM
TheMysteriousBox: hello pro. cras. tin. a. tor.
ProfJbWolf: I've had connection problems!
ProfJbWolf signed off at 7:39:46 PM.

Eer Yea. Because apparently Whiteangel has problems, I would like to request an extension for PJBW as well, due to his own problems. At least until Whiteangel posts, maybe a day or so after he posts. Please? ^-^

Both Procrastinators... both computer problems... both really good RPG writers... coincidence?

Fai D. Flowright
25th January 2004, 12:54 AM
I apologize for such a great inconvenience to everyone here, but I won't be able to post at the moment...

With all the computer problems I've had, plus new classes at school, including English, Algebra, and Physics, causing a massive cut-back on my internet and free time, I have had/probably won't have time to create my entry...

I have tried countless times to plan out my time between homework and leisure, but all the homework from the classes is overpowering everything that I have...

I do get some time to get on and reply, so, to those of you I'm in RPG's with, I can still post. They just won't be quite as extravagant or long as they usually are.

If I do get my storyline done before B4 puts up the results though, I will try and get something up, but If not, I will have to withdraw from the tournament...

Sorry about wasting the other competitors time because of my difficulties...

Hope to see you all around again some time, and I wish the rest of the contestants good luck...

31st January 2004, 11:25 PM
Um... *nervous cough* hello?

*echo* Hello...? hello...? ... hello...

It's way past Sunday... it's been almost a week since the last post, for that matter... um... anyone out there?

If it's still your eyes, you could print out all the posts... if it's not, then *shrugs* print it out anyway and read it during the next long car ride you get into :P

Prof. Jb Wolf
1st February 2004, 02:20 AM
Argh...it seems I can't get past my writer's block on this damn post, that and my internet troubles, schoolwork, projects, band...*Sigh*

So, I must respectfully and regretfully bow out of the tournament. I'm deeply sorry that I did not post sooner, but I was delayed and plagued by a false hope that I would be able to post somehow.

*Bows* Once again - Gomen nasai Bulba4-sama, minna-san, Boxo.

11th February 2004, 11:02 PM
HERE! *dies*
HERE IS THE SECRET PATH TO YOUR NEXT MISSION!!! (http://www.angelfire.com/magic/youkai/RPGR2.html)

^^;; Don't kill me. *runz*

RaZoR LeAf
12th February 2004, 06:28 AM
Ah mucho congratso Thargor. I had a feeling you'd win, my post just wasn't as good as I'd hoped it would be, my imagination had left me and I was trying my hardest. Good luck in the next round, to everyone.

Ice Maiden
12th February 2004, 11:20 AM
Congrats EVme! I'm not surprised that you won...I've been on a total brain-fart for the past month or so! ^^;
Again, congratulations...

12th February 2004, 04:05 PM
*hands cookie* It's ok... Thanks. I mean, I kinda read yours over and figured I'd win, but nothing was guarenteed. At least ya tried. *shakes hand* Oh, yeah, did I mention? Dark is sooooooo cool! *gives another cookie*

I'm up against VP?! Oh, nos... ^^; *gets up forms* *begins brainstorming*

*thunder is heard outside* --;

12th February 2004, 08:48 PM
^__^';; Oi, congrats Engi. You're post was far better than mine... wish I'd've had more time to work on it, though.... Ah well, again, congrats.

:3 Truthfully, I thought you were a wonderful opponent, especially since we got the exact same scores in the first round. ^_____^'

*gives everyone a big chocolate-chunk cookie and sneaks away*


14th February 2004, 10:15 PM
Yay! Semi-finals! It was a good fight there Razor Leaf, with the only person who Fernando could actually peform an excosism with ^_^;;

Hmm... I suppose some study on Engi's fights are needed... Before I use the terrifying Plan B during this round! *laughs maniacally before dropping down to the ground coughing*

16th February 2004, 09:26 PM
Hmmm... Just to comment, SmearGal, I thought your characters were really cool. I hope we can RP sometime, your characters seem fun. ^-^
Second, this post is REALLY long... 2500 words... um... but hey its semi-finals, so that means slightly longer posts! Right? Right?
Third, and very important: This post is not meant to be religiously discriminatory. Though not a Christian myself, I have Christian friends and the post that I posted here do not necessarily reflect my own opinions of Christianity. I do not mean to, but when you put an Atheist and a Pagan against a Christian priest, what do you expect? In any case, if you are deeply offended by attacks against religion, then maybe you shouldn't read my RP battle.
(Of course, if that's B4 that means I'm screwed for the next round...)
"I told you I was sorry!"
"I go out to give you some aid, and you break down all the Adenosine Triphosphate molecules down to a critical level with some of your tricks, practically killing me and hindering my recovery time. You think a little apology would solve everything?!?"
"Ok ok! I got an idea," Guai said as he walked towards Thomas at the desk, still rubbing his head from waking up out of a concussion. Guai took out a few of his papers and began putting them into one of the pockets in Thomas's lab coat. "In case you're in a bit of a jam, here are some things that can help you out. All you have to do is call out the names in English and the spell will activate. For example, if you call out--"
"Will you stop it already!!" An irritated Thomas said as he took out the papers and threw it back to Guai. Strangely enough, one of the inscriptions was "Ting", or stop, and it just happened to land on Guai's head while Thomas yelled out stop. Guai did not even have time to recoil before he was amazingly stuck in motion, while Thomas, unaware of what has happened to his partner, continued on his relentless work with his watch.
Engi then entered the room. "Well, it looks like we're up again. Hurry up and get ready for the next performance," Engi told the two in the room, then left. Neither of the two characters responded, and for a while the room was quiet as Thomas continued to work on his watch and Guai continued to be frozen in his posture, unable to break free of his own spell. Engi then came in again. "Oh for harmony's sake, will you two stop dawdling and get down there already??? Thomas, stop playing around with your watch and Guai, you too with your papers!"
"A wizard and an artificer faring against a priest and a paladin. This should prove to be an interesting match," Tirank (enough with the name guessing, they all suddenly know each other's names :P) said as all four contestants walked out onto the field.
"You're quite observant. Let's see to it that we have a good battle yes?" Guai winked as he leaned over and waved to his contestants.
"I'm not an artificer," Thomas mumbled quietly while continuing to work on his watch like an artificer.
Tirank bowed down to his opponents in respect to their introduction. Fernando just smirked.
"An Atheist scoundrel and Pagan scum. The lord certainly shall be in our side to banish these servants of the devil."
"I do not think we should underestimate the pair so easily... they did after all make it to the semifinal round."
"I have heard of their tricks." Fernando smiled. "You take the Dam*ed atheist, I will deal with robed savage."
"Wow what egocentricity... this guy looks like a real PMA doesn't he?" Guai made one last remark as the ref cued the beginning of the round. In coordinance with the opponent's plans, Guai made a trip behind the priest while Tirank went after Thomas.
After a short while, Guai stopped in the middle of his tracks and turned around to see the ever obnoxious smile of the haughty priest.
"What, not attacking?" Guai asked.
"I do not need to. Your tricks will never work against me," Fernando chuckled.
This guy makes me irritated, Guai thought as he threw his chopsticks against him for combat. "Let's see how you fare against these!"
But Fernando merely put his cross in front of him. The first chopstick suddenly froze in position and struggled for a while, then fell to the ground and turned to dust. The other chopstick, as if knowing the danger, suddenly moved backwards and whimpered away from the priest.
"Thou second spirit shall not escape for lo-- hmm?" While the priest was concentrating on the chopsticks, Guai surprised the priest with a quick strike in the back, then disappearing again to prepare for another strike. Unfortunately for Guai, an aura materialized around the priest and deflected Guai's attack, sending him back for a while.
"I know your tricks well, demon, and I am prepared for them. For example..." The priest took out a cup of water and splashed it at Guai. Upon immediate reaction, Guai lifted up a paper to deflect the attack, but instead the water merely splashed upon the paper and washed off the words that were inscripted on it, then splashing some on Guai's arm, severely burning through the clothing and into his arm as if it were acid.
When Guai looked up again, Fernando was already chanting one of his hymns. Upon his outburst, Guai was suddenly struck by an extremely bright light, recoiled a bit, then fell to the ground.
"I am blinded! O! O! I have been blinded!" Guai said in a rather overdramatic tone, which still seemed convincing enough to the priest.
"You have seen the light of the Lord, and you shall see no more," Fernando smirked as he began to finish off his opponent with a final spell.

Thomas himself wasn't doing so well with his opponent. "I know of your defensive tactics, and I believe it is not right to provoke others into attacking if they do not wish to be attacked. But I must in order to aid my friends." And with that, Tirank began relentlessly attacking Thomas with his four arms towards the opposite direction of Guai and Fernando, Thomas just barely evading and parrying off attacks with his unfamiliarity to the creature type in his computer database and his fatigue still not fully recovered from the last battle. According to the statistics given, Thomas calculated, If I continue dodging his attacks, I will fall down in exhaustion before he does... In a risky decision, Thomas suddenly turned around and began making swift calculated attacks at the weakest spots (which isn't saying much) on the Jang. After a few seconds, Thomas stepped back to take a breath from his tiring assault.
"You are not a bad warrior, my friend," Tirank complimented as he began a healing spell which recovered a good deal amount of injury that Thomas dealt with his limited energy reserves.
Thomas did not even have a second to wonder how Tirank recovered so quickly before he was grabbed by the Paladin with one of its four arms and held tightly. Thomas tried escaping, but with each laser attack on the arm, another one came and grabbed hold of him.
Alright, calm the adrenaline... what else can I do... wait!! Senses of this species are extremely sensative..."Arg!" Thomas let out in pain. "If only I can switch--"


"Prepare to say your last prayers, inferior... wait," Fernando smiled. "You don't have any--" *CLUNK!* Unexpectedly, the chopstick that had flown away boomeranged and struck the priest in the head, before calmly landing in the blind mage's hands.
"I am blinded, but I still have ears, a nose, a mouth, my nerves... and a chopstick," Guai cheerfully stated.
"You will have nothing soon enough," as he sprinkled holy water all around himself and began chanting another prayer... the water spread and grabbed ahold of Guai...


In a second of confusion, both opponents did not know what happened as their opponents disappeared. Tirank recoiled for a second, and Fernando spun around, trying to find the opponent he had almost defeated. When each turned around to the original spot, they found their opponents... only now Thomas was facing Fernando, and Guai... well actually he really couldn't see Tirank, but he was close to him.
"???" Thomas wondered. He reached into his pocked and pulled out a burning inscription of "Diao", or switch, that apparently swapped the positions between him and his partner. It also seemed to have very bad delay time, and this is probably due to Thomas's ineptness in magic as well as his already existing fatigue, but this is beside the point.
The first thing Thomas noticed was a very confused Guai on the other side of the field just about to be pounced upon by the paladin. Thomas immediately fired a weak laser that was enough to provoke a grunt out of the Tirank.
Guai obviously was not very used to the sudden change in environment, but he figured that from the sound of the grunt that it probably was not Thomas that was sneaking up behind him. In a rather panicky state, he began throwing random papers at his opponent (he can't read his own inscriptions, poor him :( ) which materialized into ice ("Bing"), fire ("huo"), Lightening ("Dian"), Water ("Shui"), Tree ("Shu"), Book ("Shu", a different Shu), and Duck ("Ya"). Some other slips that were effector spells did not activate. Tirank, with some effort, deflected the projectile attacks, chopped down the tree, and (more on accident than on purpose) stepped on the duck and killed it.
"YOU KILLED THE DUCK!!! I SAW YOU DO IT!!! Well, actually, I didn't really see you but I heard a loud 'QUUUUUUAAAAAAAACCCKK' and then..."
"I am sorry, I did not mean to, but I must..." As Tirank apologized, he charged at Guai. Guai, hearing the change in volume in Tirank's voice, attempted to evade the attack. However, Tirank was a skillful knight, and in Guai's attempt Tirank slashed open his arm with one of his swords and tossed him to the side like a fly. Guai struggled to get up, not showing his face. Tirank walked over to deliver the final assault to finish off his opponent.
"HWA!" In a seemingly final desperate attempt, Guai lunged at Tirank, attempting to deliver a blow with his chopstick. Instead, it hit a piece of armor.
"Can't see where you're aiming very well, can you?" Tirank smiled a little.
"Look again." As Tirank looked down at his armor, he saw the inscription "RuoXiao", weakness, written in blood. "See? Always keep an empty stack of papers with you in case of emergency." As Guai was talking, a spiral of energy originating from Tirank drained into the leaflet pinned onto the armor by the chopstick. Tirank attempted to take off the leaflet, but slowly felt his strength diminishing as he, in a futile attempt, tried to grab the chopstick that kept on slipping out of his hands for some reason.

Thomas did not have time to watch the spectacle go on. He immediately found himself lifted up forcefully and strapped onto a large radiant cross, hands tied onto each side as if he were being crucified. O wait. He is.
"You do not struggle against your fate, heratic," Fernando grinned. "I shall make sure that your execution will be quick, so I can deal with that pesky ally of yours. MAY THE HOLY FLAMES BE UPON YOU!!" An immense holocaust of white fire began burning at the root of the cross, slowly working its way upwards towards Thomas until...
All in a shimmer, the large cross and the fire was gone. A cube and the smaller cross that Fernando had enchanted fell at Thomas's feet, as Thomas gently brushed away some dust that had strayed onto his coat. The sound of computing numbers surrounded the astonished priest and the calm scientist.
"H-How did you resist the wrath of God? How can you, a person with no faith and no morals, be able to pick up my cross without becoming burned or blinded?!?" Fernando asked, bewildered.
"How did you create a cross and fire out of nowhere? How does Guai create so many different...illusions with his paperwork? Why did my dimensional transporter suddenly break down?" Thomas continued Fernando's chain of questions while handing back Fernando's cross to him. "If there was one thing I've learned in the strange lifetime I've been through, its that some questions won't become answered, no matter how much you try and search for 'the truth'. Sometimes its just better to focus on the smaller things." With that Thomas began to walk away.
"You do not attack. Dost thou mock me?"
Thomas turned around. "I should not harm an organism if I do not need to. Those are my morals."
Fernando's face turned red with anger. "So, calling me weak, do you? GRRAGH!!" Fernando splashed Thomas with his holy water and charged at Thomas with his cross facing up. Thomas stepped aside and emitted his laser blade. Fernando stopped just inches before the blade reached his neck.
"I really think you should help out your friend," Thomas said nonchalantly, pointing in Guai and Tirank's direction.
"TIRANK!!!" Fernando cried. Tirank looked up. Guai turned around towards the source of Fernando's voice and waved. Tirank, seeing his friend in a state of danger, immediately threw one of his swords out.
"It is the cube, remember!" Tirank yelled to Fernando. The sword (with amazing accuracy) struck the minirature cube and the curtain of 1s and 0s around Thomas and Fernando disappeared. "Do not concern over me... I will last..." Plunk! Guai slapped the giant Paladin's back and the creature fell down, lifeless.
"I shall avange thee, great warrior," Fernando said in a deep voice. He lifted out his hands and pushed Thomas back with some great, powerful, invisible force. Just as Thomas got up again, he was lifted upwards by the neck and dragged towards Fernando, into the face.
"To Hell you go, apathetic demon..." Fernando lifted his cross (which for some reason became amazingly sharp) and... PLUNK! (You have to love sound effects!)
"You are blinded by your rage." Fernando turned around to face Guai, retrieving his chopstick. "You know, you guys also talk too much. Perhaps if you two were to be a little more quiet..."
"Oh SILENCE THEE!!" Fernando shined his cross at Guai and threw him back with some force. A second later, a blade of plasma energy hit Fernando's hand and released the cross from his grasp. Thomas then shot a laser at the cross, pushing it out of Fernando's way and clinked onto the ground just in front of Guai.
"Guai! In front of you!" Thomas shouted, and with that Guai took out a blank slip and placed it onto the cross. The cross spinned around, trying to avoid Guai's capture, but then fell to the ground as the word Shen ("God") appeared on the paper. Fernando bent down to his knees and covered his face.
"You know," Thomas told the priest. "If God exists, I would think he wouldn't be over there," Thomas pointed to the cross, "but in here." Thomas redirected his finger towards Fernando's heart.
As the crowd cheered, Both Thargor and Engi stood up from their chess game and commented on a good game.
"That bishop of yours... quite a tricky piece to deal with. Didn't know what you could do with it... really almost screwed me up. Your knight is very impressive as well. It was nice playing with you, 'God'." Engi bowed in respect of his opponent.
"That priest guy was annoyingly arrogant, but good. It was quite amazing how you actually beat him. Too bad he got all fed up when I put a 'sleep' spell on that 4 armed knight person," Guai said, talking to a wall.
"Well first off, I'm over here, let me take a look at your eyes. You might be needing glasses... Second, faith is the hardest magic to dispell, but can make or break a man... and third, I could not have done so without your tricks, illogical as it may seem."

22nd February 2004, 09:36 PM
*pokes post above hers*

Yeah. Long story as short as I'm making it: I've been running around like a lunatic the past two days, trying to keep up with my RPGs, TPM in general, do my homework, and get working on my History presentation (which I have done absolutely nothing of). In other words: I'm not done yet.

I will not be done by ten EST. Why ten? Because that's when my internet cuts off. It is currently 9:32, I am hardly halfway through my post, my homework isn't done, and I need a shower. I didn't get to work on my post almost all of this week because, as most of you know, I was on a cruise. I could not save my progress, and any progress I would have made would be lost the second I stepped off that boat.

So I need an extension. One, two days at the max (unless homework wants to pull be down into the seventeenth-and-a-half layer of hell again). That's all I'm asking. Ja ne.

22nd February 2004, 11:31 PM
Change of plans for me... I'll have my post up by tomorrow. Apparently leaving the computer means it's alright for somebody to close a document without saving =P

Re-writing will take awhile... *bows down* Please don't kill me for the delay ^_^;;

23rd February 2004, 12:40 AM
-Me- -Carbon Copy- -Maichi (Konnetsu)- -3rd person-

"Semi-finals, huh?" I said cheerfully as we made our way towards the arena. Honestly, I was acting far happier than I felt. Sure, we had actually made it this far, but that meant so had the opponent, and who knows how well they actually would do against us.

"Who are we up against anyway?" Carbon asked, off-handedly.

"Hold on," I said, reaching into my bag and pulling out the notebook that I had written it down in. Our previous opponents were crossed out, and I looked at the third name on the list. I froze.

"Well, who is it?" Maichi said, curious. She looked over my shoulder. "EVme15, with Kayla and Lyaka? Well okay, sounds interesting."

"'Interesting' alright..." I said. "'cause I'm pretty sure I'll have an 'interesting' time talking with her boyfriend should we win against her."

"Well, d'you think it's wor-" Carbon started, but an airhorn from the arena told us to hurry. Throwing aside all idle thoughts, I ran ahead to the arena, Maichi and Carbon following me up to the arena gates. We split again, and I silently hoped for the best.

"And here come the other Semi-finalist contenders, Maichi and Carbon Copy, brought by RP-er VirtualPlay!!"

Hoo boy, Semi-finals...how the heck did we get this far? I thought about the battles we had been through as I walked towards the middle of the arena with Maichi.

Our opponents were coming up. Both girls, both a little younger than me. One (Kayla, I think) had a red shirt and black jeans (and yellow sneakers? odd). The other looked more from a fantasy, wearing different shades of blue in her shirt, skirt, and pants (what's the point of wearing a skirt and pants?) with tall brown boots, well, to boot.

"Ready?" I said to Maichi as we got close enough.

"As ready as I can be," she replied.

"Then let's see what they're made of, huh?"

DING! Almost immediately I found myself dodging one of Lyaka's arrows. I looked at her to see another arrow already strung. So, you're a fast one, huh? Before she could launch her second arrow, I was already Transforming. My arms grew much larger and sprouted feathers, my body grew considerably, my feet and nose hardened as feathers burst out everywhere on my body.

Not much is faster than a Pidgeot, as Lyaka was about to find out. Her second arrow had missed me in my Transformation, and when the third arrow was less than a foot away, I was no longer grounded. I sent off a Whirlwind in her direction, hoping to catch her off-guard, but she was fast enough to dodge it. Unfortunately for her, none of her arrows were going to hit me at my current altitude.

'Time to get serious now,' I thought to myself. I flapped a little harder to gain height, then tucked my wings back and dove straight at Lyaka. She dodged, but I felt my left wing clip something soft. I took to the air, but something wasn't right...I could feel it, something wasn't ri-

"Mind if I hitch a ride?" Maichi said from on top of me. I nearly dropped out of the sky in shock. "I'll take that as a yes," she added, smiling.

Kayla had been a tough opponent. She had not only matched my lightning speed, she had also burned holes in my clothes, confused me psychichly, pushed me around with water, and blackened my vision. I managed to block any real harm to my body by energizing my skin, but it didn't stop the mental torture and physical draining.

'I need a diversion...some kind of distraction.' I thought to myself, as I blocked her rapid knife thrusts. I saw an opening and took it, kicking Kayla in the stomach. I was finally able to see more than a couple feet away, and just in time. Carbon had taken the form of a Pidgeot and was hurtling at Lyaka. She moved, but I saw his wing clip her side, making a small wave of blood flow down her red shirt and black pants.

With a shock I realized he was coming close by me. Jumping carefully, I landed on his back as he took off towards the sky again. "Mind if I hitch a ride?" I said, making him flap to stay in the air. I smiled. "I'll take that as a yes."

Suddenly he started shrinking a bit, his feathers melding to form a slimy yet scaly skin. His tail stretched, his nose softened, and his wings shrank considerably. Arms and legs grew, and soon I was sitting on a Dragonite. He had only done this once before in training, and I guessed it was a good thing he had.

<Shall we finish this up?> He asked in my head.

"Definitely," I replied. "Beam attacks, then?"
<You got it,> he confirmed. <I call Lyaka.>
"Fine, Kayla's not that hard to find."
<T-minus 10 seconds until beam fire.>

I laughed as I charged. This would be the largest I had ever done, yet I knew it would work. Something told me it would, I didn't doubt it at all.

<T-minus 5...4...3...2...1...>


We both yelled at the same time, each of us launching our bright white beams of pure energy. In a split second, they traveled from us to the ground, causing two massive explosions. I saw the bodies fly off from the blasts. Carbon and I looked at each other.


Without thinking, the two of us were flying towards the body we had hit. I caught Kayla about five hundred feet out of the arena bounds. I slowed down, then started pushing myself towards the arena again.

I zoomed after Lyaka, her body moving at speeds almost faster than I could reach. I managed to catch her a couple thousand feet away from the arena, and less than a hundred feet from the ground. Sighing with relief, I flew back, carrying the unconscious Lyaka on my back.


"The winners! Maichi and Carbon Copy! Congratulations!" the girl on the loudspeaker yelled. Our opponents lay on the ground a few feet away, where we had put them. I heard a thump and looked to see Maichi in a crumpled heap. I found this quite amusing, considering I had fainted at the end of every match before. Carefully I lifted Maichi up on my shoulders and walked out towards the exit.

"Jeez, hurry up guys, I don't wanna stick around!" I ran over and helped Carbon with Maichi. If we could just get out before...

"Hey VP!" I heard a familiar yell behind me. "Ah dangit, Zak's right behind us! TAXI!" I yelled, not expecting an answer.

To my surprise, a yellow cab drove up from nowhere. "Need a lift?" the smiling face of James (Bear) said through the open window.

"What about your car?" I said as Carbon helped me get Maichi in.

"Didn't feel like risking getting it totaled again." The doors slammed and he drove the cab off.

Zak stood, watching the cab peel off. He was confused as to why VP was running off so fast. "I just wanted to congratulate him," he said to nobody. "Ah well, I guess he had somewhere important to be."

24th February 2004, 12:14 AM
“… and may his soul rest with God and his glory for all eternity… Amen.” Fernando ended softly. Those gathered when the small box was lowered down into the earth were few, numbering in only a handful of people, a somber looking Jang with his head held low, and a large white rabbit with a gnome perched on his head. When the final “Amen” was muttered, the gnome took off its emerald green hat slowly, revealing a balding head with tufts of white hair. The surrounding air itself seemed to take pause at the moment as a cloud passed over the new memorial. Beside the mighty bulk that was the coliseum for the fights, the plaque that read at the head “The Glove” seemed insignificant… But it was infinitely more emotional to those who saw it.

I saw Tirank and Fernando walk slowly towards me, the priest unconsciously patting the shoulder of the rabbit and Razor Leaf as they left the burial site. He had worked for hours after the fight purifying the glove for the service after many hours of prayer in an attempt to retrieve the soul that once resided within its inanimate depths. I didn’t think Fernando had the capability for that sort of compassion towards something… well, something that went against his grain. Perhaps Tirank was a good influence on him after all…

“Nice service there Fernando…” I said quietly as the two fighters caught up to my side. Within moments we were walking back to the entrance of the coliseum. As Fernando mumbled something unintelligible in response, Tirank peered down at us with a glint of curiosity in his red eyes.

“The next assignments have been announced,” I
continued on, “And we have EngiMatikul and his fighters Guai He Zi and Thomas Reusbucks going up against us… Guai He Zi is a sort of Chinese mage with paper magic, and Reusbucks is some sort of high technology user.”

“I’ve encountered China men using paper inscriptions before,” Fernando said, his old mood coming back in the wake of the funeral. “Several in fact before I managed to reach the Japans. Self-righteous heathens that hock their inscriptions as ‘magic’ to unenlightened villagers who haven’t heard the word of God… They mostly feel the worse for wear after buying such buffoonery.”

I laughed a bit. “Trust me, I’ve seen the tapes of their last two fights, this one isn’t using fake magic.”

“I never said all I saw was fake either…” Fernando muttered under his breath.

“This Thomas, what sort of weaponry does this high technology refer to?” Tirank asked, deflecting any possible chance for me to needle Fernando further. A good development for teamwork…

“Well, he mostly uses cubes that help negate ‘magical’ forces though allow technology or ‘scientific forces” to work. He also has a watch that has a handy energy blade and force-shield, along with his glasses which are supposed to do something as well…” I paused for a moment thinking on what I had read of the character before the fight. “… Something to do with computing or whatnot.”

“Sounds like a priority target for early elimination in any strategy that we choose to employ,” Tirank scratched his chin thoughtfully, a human motion picked up after several hundred years of living with the species. “Fernando already has knowledge of these Chinese men, so he should probably go after this Guai He Zi. Even if my paladin abilities are stripped from me, I still have my knowledge and experience with swordsmanship and my natural abilities. What do you think friend Fernando?”

A frown crossed Fernando’s face and if my eyes were not deceiving me it was a worried one. “Perhaps that would be the right decision… Though I do not believe he could discount the power of the Lord.” The concept of something that could nullify his own Shikon jewel enhanced holy power obviously was not a happy one for the middle-aged Jesuit.

“Why not? Thargor has told us of its ability to nullify forces that science can’t explain,” Tirank said back to him. The grand archway of the coliseum came before us, plunging us in darkness for a moment before drenching us with fluorescent lighting.

“God’s power cannot be measured by science that is true…” Fernando gave Tirank a very small smile. “But it is measured in the faith one has in its power. It hasn’t steered me wrong yet, and I’m not about to lose faith in my abilities”

Tirank simply smiled at Fernando, something that didn’t look exactly right on the Jang face to me… But it did seem to calm down the priest a bit. His walk became a bit quicker, and his back a bit more straight as if he thought God was judging him right at this moment.

Sure a god is… Me… I held in a chuckle at the thought. Now was not the time to piss off the priest.

“Either way, we’re using one of our special strategies for this fight, as it is the Semi-Finals,” I said as we passed the main registration desk. While the lady behind the counter was dealing with a couple of people I hadn’t seen before, I snatched a few papers from the cluttered surface. I brought a pencil out of my pocket and motioned to the two to keep on following me to the stadium floor, I wrote furiously as we walked.

“What is this special strategy?” Tirank asked cautiously.

“Nothing heathen-like about it I hope,” added Fernando.

I paused for a moment at Fernando’s comment, bringing the pencil’s eraser to my lips. “God isn’t against people getting closer together, is he?”

“Well, I suppose not-” Fernando began.

“Then this is probably a God-friendly plan,” I interrupted. “I just have one more question before I reveal it to you two…”

“What?” Fernando asked in rapidly growing irritation.

“Do you two know how to dance?”

“What?!” both of my fighters said in surprise.

A wide grin grew across my face as I showed them the dance steps I had jotted down on paper…

“Ladies and Gentleman, Boys and Girls, those of you with no defining sex able to be translated into the English language! Welcome to the Semi-Finals of the RP Tournament!”

The crowd cheered as excitement, the wave of fans up in the levels reaching a fever pitch at the urging of the announcer. The seating was packed, much more than they had in the previous rounds. Vendors paused in the isles as both EngiMatikul and myself emerged from the trainer’s hallways, which lead directly to the boxes overlooking the arena itself. The clear plastic boxes were kept immaculate, the chairs looking comfier than ever… Getting to this round had certain perks.

“Hopefully we’ll have a good match here,” EngiMatikul said to me, putting out his hand. I shook it firmly, and nodded at the arena floor below. Unlike the former dirt ground it was composed of before, stone squares now covered the battlefield. Shadows from either side of the arena emerged into the light.

“Don’t worry, it’s guaranteed,” I said, as I rested back onto my seat.

As I watched the fighters get into position on their respective sides and trade some remarks I couldn’t hear, a hand tapped me on the shoulder lightly.

“Mr. Thargor, your water and pie is here,” an assistant wearing the staff’s clothing was holding a tray on which the precious cargo was balanced. She carefully put it on the arm of my chair, and bowed briefly before leaving. I took the fork provided, and scooped a piece of the pumpkin pie into my mouth as EngiMatikul looked at me in surprise.

“How’d you get pie?”

I shrugged, “I don’t care as long as it’s here…”

Another bit exploded with taste in my mouth as the announcer’s voice piped up…

“Are you ready my friend?” Tirank whispered as he came to a stop at Fernando’s side. His armor was gleaming in the light, its nearly seamless surface looking like liquid metal apart from the insignia of the Emperor on its chest plate and arm plates. Fernando’s robes swayed as he gave an irritated sigh. He moved the hood from his head, letting his black hair falling down to his shoulders. The hair was matted with sweat.

“It seems we have no chose in this matter… The Lord shall guide my hands…” Fernando said, then adding, “And in this case my feet…”

Tirank said nothing, as he stretched his two long legs, more muscular than any human appendage in nature. With ease he came into a loose fighting position, one hand on a sword hilt, the others ready for anything. The gray spikes from his gauntlets made him seem all the more intimidating from afar added to his already bizarre appearance to the average human.

The other two fighters, both human in this case, were also ready. The Chinese man, Guai He Zi with an unusually colored purple ponytail was eying Fernando with a smirk on his face, a small wad of papers clutched in one hand. The bamboo inscriptions on his robe seemed out of place for a warrior going into a battle… But not much could be said when the other team had a Jesuit priest going into a fight.

Thomas Reusbucks, however, was dressed as if ready for a new day in the lab, his green hair one of his only hints of youth. He seemingly adjusted his glasses every few seconds, a puzzled expression crossing his face as he peered at Tirank stretching… Like a boy examining a new bug he had discovered.

“Time for the last fight of the Semi-Finals to commence! Tirank Coorio the Third and Fernando Cortes versus Guai He Zi and Thomas Reusbucks! Who shall win? The powers based on holy power, or those of the more modern age and time? We’ll see if pen is mightier than the sword in this fight!” The cheers almost became deafening at the announcer’s voice.

“Let the Semi-Finals commence! Fighters, begin!”

Moving as one, both Fernando and Tirank ran toward
their opponents; Fernando towards Guai, Tirank towards Thomas. The slower priest brought his golden cross out from beneath his robes, the Shikon jewel shard glowing with a violet hue. Tirank was at Thomas much faster, one leap forward all that was required to propel himself at a surprising rate.

Thomas barely had time to bring up his arm to block Tirank’s initial attack, the two blades in his upper arms smoothly flowing from sliding out of their scabbards to slicing across the man’s body. With a sharp shriek of static, an almost invisible shield erupted out of the watch, deflecting the first two strong blows, pushing the man several feet back. Tirank’s feet touched the ground a split second later, as he twisted around, his swords striking the force field again. As he came around, one leg swept at Thomas’ feet while slashing yet again with his swords. With a grunt, Thomas slammed down onto his back.

Meanwhile Fernando swore loudly as fire danced around him. Paper flew into the air then exploded into fiery balls that threatened to engulf the priest. More than once Fernando felt his hair curl from the heat of the blasts, and his robes grow warm. Guai seemed to be having a much more fun time, as he gleefully shouted at the priest to “keep on dancing” as he quickly wrote more inscriptions on his papers.

“Enough you foul heathen! I shall strike you down in the name of the Lord!” Fernando bellowed.

“Why are you talking about a robe? I thought I was just fighting a middle-aged man in a bathrobe!” Guai needled back, his smirk growing steadily at Fernando’s slow progress towards him.

Reciting litany beneath his breath, Fernando stopped dodging the fireballs thrown towards him and brought his cross up to bear. The entire cross pulsed once, and all of the fireballs abruptly stopped in mid-air. Commanded by Fernando, the fireballs slammed into each other, forming the shape of a massive cross into the air. With a gesture, the entire formation hurtled back towards the Chinese mage.

However, Guai’s smirk just grew larger, as he withdrew another piece of paper from his robes. Throwing it into the path of the fiery cross he shouted one word.


The fire followed the order, and came to another halt mid-air. Guai and Fernando locked eyes from either side of the inferno. The strain of holding the kinetic energy in mid-air was evident in both men’s stances, veins prominent on either forehead.

“Seems we’ve come to a stalemate old man,” Guai shouted at Fernando. His smirk was still there, held on by stubbornness.

“We are, but I have an ally that you don’t,” Fernando said. “I’ll show you.”

The Jesuit moved one hand into his robes, in which time the fiery cross was pushed back a few feet towards him. It halted however, as Fernando drew his hand back along with his concentration. Palming a flask in one hand, he brought his thumb to the cork.

“May the Lord forgive your sins and ignorance!” With the shout Fernando popped open the cork. A sound similar to that of a waterfall came to the ear’s of Guai as water erupted from the suspiciously deep depths of the flask. Within moments the stream of water flew into the air and extinguished the cross. The Chinese man brought up his arms to block the water that was rushing towards him, but was soaked anyway. He looked up curiously at Fernando… The holy water hadn’t burnt him.

“What was that supposed to do? I guess I’ll have to finish you off!” He said, his grin plastered on his face despite his soaking wet clothes and hair. He reached into his robes… To withdraw a soaking pile of mushy wood pulp. His eyes widened, as he looked up to Fernando who had gotten much closer. The priest raised up his cross and nodded.

“Hard to do your barbarian paper magic without dry paper, eh?” The Shikon jewel flashed, as a wall of light erupted from the cross. Without a sound, Guai crumpled down to the stone floor, water flowing down from his body.

The fight on the other side of the battlefield continued, Tirank and Thomas in a whirlwind of close-range combat. The flames of the plasma blade met with Tirank’s diamond edged one more than once, rendering one useless already. But as Thomas seemed to be getting tired, Tirank plodded on with the easy pace of a veteran campaigner. His blades were like a whirlwind, more like a force of nature than anything else. The intensity of the duel was more than anything he had displayed in the previous rounds, and the crowd above them ate it all up. Their cheers, whistles, and claps surrounded the two fighters, a distraction for a normal person… But for a Jang, all the noise did was created a clearer picture of the room around them, a surprising advantage Tirank hadn’t considered before.

Then it all changed as Thomas’s glasses lit up. A laser erupted from the spectacles, pushing back Tirank as Thomas himself backed up. Moving the watch with the precision of a surgeon, he pointed it towards Tirank. Fernando in the meantime saw his friend pushed back, and ran towards him.

“Time for the home-team advantage,” Thomas said, his voice haggard from the action moments before. “Cube of Logic.”

A clear cube quickly grew from his watch, enveloping the man in a square of wavy air. The square expanded to about 12 feet from his position, and 12 feet all around, making it a decent area. Tirank’s feet were just outside of its field as Fernando huffed and puffed to his side.

“Let’s see how well your holy powers will do against the laws of science,” Thomas said, pushing up his glasses up his nose.

Tirank looked at Fernando. “Time for the special strategy?”

The priest nodded reluctantly. He motioned for Tirank to step to where Guai’s lay unconscious. The Jang’s horsy face nodded, and moved a few feet away from his friend.


“Let’s get this over with…” Fernando mumbled. He brought out his cross, and quickly removed the Shikon jewel shard. He grasped it in one hand, and nodded towards his partner.

Both fighters bent their legs, and brought their arms parallel to the ground. Together, they began to chant.

“Fuu-” they both scuttled towards each other, looking like a pair of clowns. Thomas looked on in interest.

“-sion…” They halted for a moment, reaching each other. Swiveling their hips, they brought their hands above their heads.

“Haaa!” They shouted. Pressing their hands against each other, the Shikon jewel shard plunged into their hands, unnoticed by the crowd and Thomas. A wave of light engulfed the two fighters, making most of the crowd shout in surprise, and making Thomas’ glasses turn almost opaque to protect his eyes. When the light disappeared, a very different opponent remained.

“What did you do?” Thomas shouted over to the new figure. His adjustments on the watch stopped during his moment of wonder.

“We did what any good team does,” the voices of Tirank and Fernando spoke simultaneously from the figure. “We came together to work as one… So to speak. You can call me Tirando.”

As the crowd went into a frenzy at this new development, Thomas narrowed his eyes at the new fighter before him. The height and average size of Tirank, this fighter also had armor, but also a helmet. The helmet itself was a deep blue color, and its shape was that of a Jang’s horse-like head. The chest plate mostly remained the same, but with the symbol of the cross intertwined with the symbol of the Emperor. Below the pectoral armor plate, the metal abruptly ended, the armor melding into heavy cloth and bunched at the fighter’s feet. It hid whatever extra armor could be attached to the legs, and gave him a sense of mystery. Only two arms were visible both grasping swords, however, and as Tirando removed his helmet, he was clearly human… Mostly.

His red eyes reflecting confidently off the lights as he threw his blue hair backwards. “Are you ready for my attack?”

“Interesting technique to be sure, worthy of study, but it is of no use against me. It is still magic, and as you should know this cube negates such flighty powers,” Thomas said, a small smile coming over him. “I’m sorry but your efforts have been a waste of time.”

Tirando matched the human’s smile with one of his own as he stepped away from the bone dry Guai still unconscious on the floor. He moved right to the edge of the field and put his helmet back on.

“We shall see how useless this was, now shall we?” Tirando said, calm and confidence oozing out of his words. Bracing his legs beneath the partial robe, he leapt into the box. Thomas braced himself, only to shout in surprise as Tirando’s form exploded into water, which drenched the ground before him.

“What the-” He began to say, as a second form emerged into the field behind him as a second Tirando leapt into the field from the ceiling he had leapt to. Tirando quickly split into both Fernando and Tirank respectively. Before Thomas could respond, Fernando’s arms were around him, pinning his arms to his sides. With a quick jab, Tirank’s gauntlet spikes plunged into Thomas’ neck.

“How did you…” Thomas began to say as his body turned rigid. Fernando let him go, but the man stayed exactly in the same position.

“We used the water that remained on your partner to create a distraction for you so we could get you by surprise. It worked, as did the venom on my spikes,” Tirank said, gesturing to them. “You should be back to normal in a few hours.”

Tirank tapped Thomas, and the man fell helplessly to the ground. The square disappeared around them, as the announcer vainly tried to get over the roar of the crowd.

“We have a winner! Thargor has won the round! Give Fernando and Tirank your applause people! What a great fight!”

Quietly Fernando put the jewel shard back onto his cross. Tirank headed out before the priest, missing seeing his friend give out a quick prayer… But I noticed it. I nodded to EngiMatikul to my right.

“That was a good fight… Guess sometimes you can teach an old priest new tricks, huh?” I said, putting my clean plate on my seat. Moving quickly back to the corridor, I moved to meet my fighters…

24th February 2004, 08:10 PM
*sigh* OK, Round 3, a.k.a. the Semifinals. I’m glad I made it this far, this has been tough. Not to mention (as everyone who was on ummmm at the time will be able to tell you), this was really, really hard to write! If I make the finals, I'll probably end up killing myself or something. Not really...

Ready? Here we go again...!
“Rise and shine! You two well rested?”

Lyaka and Kayla smiled to me, as dawn broke upon another exciting day of the RPG Tournament. Both of my characters were morning people, so I really didn’t have that much to worry about. We walked over to the food court, already crowding with activity, and grabbed some breakfast. There was a considerable increase in the size of the crowd today, I noticed; but shrugged it off and chatted with other RPGers. The cheerful tone was turned down quickly as a voice came over the announcement system. “ATTENTION RPGers AND SPECTATORS! THE PAIRINGS FOR ROUND THREE, THE SEMIFINALS, ARE NOW BEING DISPLAYED IN THE MAIN LOBBY! PLEASE CHECK OUT THE MATCHES!”

Lyaka’s brow lowered in concentration, and Kayla slowed down her chewing. We all remembered what this meant: Round Three, semifinals, four competitors left, and the competition would reach at a new difficulty. I sighed, and set my partially-eaten hash brown on the table. “Well, let’s find out who we’re up against.”

The main lobby was almost as crowded as the food court, smaller, and louder. I clasped my hands over my ears as we entered; the idle chat of a few people having escalated to a few hundred, and then everyone had to shout over one another to be heard, and with all the echoing of a confined space... you get the point.

Lyaka instantly spotted me on the match listings; when there’s only four it narrows down quite a bit. “EVme15-san, you’re up against... VirtualPlay...?” She cast a sideway glance at me, not familiar with our competitor. “I kinda know him. We chat occasionally, and are in a few RPGs together. He’s good, and he’s gotta be to have made it this far.” Chuckling. “I haven’t met with him in the locker rooms, though.” I turned to my two fighters, whom were listening eagerly. “Ready for a good match?”


I’m glad I don’t have to run into him before the fight. I’d probably do something I’d really regret. Damn nerves...


“Alright! It’s time for the second match of the Semi-Finals! EVme15 vs. VirtualPlay! Is everyone ready?”

The four fighters stood ready on the arena. A brown-haired boy and a blonde haired girl waited on one side; on the other were two girls who, coincidently, seemed to have roughly the same hair colors. Introductions had been made twice before; the competitors had already exchanged pleasantries. By now everyone was on even grounds, we had all seen the others fight. The time for talk was over.

“Ready... GO!”

“We’ll use the same one-on-one we’ve been using, they seem to favor that style also” Lyaka whispered to Kayla, and her partner nodded in agreement. It seemed like Maichi and CC had already decided on that as well, and were slowly moving away from each other. Lyaka watched them intently, trying to figure out if there was any trick they’d saved for the final rounds.

“Hey, Lyaka, you take Maichi.”


Kayla indicated over to Maichi, who had positioned herself in front of the brown-haired student. “I think the fighting compatibility would be more in our favor if I took CC and you took Maichi. CC can probably use a variety of long-ranged attacks, so your best bet would be fighting Mai-”

She was cut off as Lyaka was slammed backwards full-force by a Pidgeot. Lyaka went flying backwards a good few feet, hitting the ground hard. CC resumed his flight path at her, easily dodging an arrow she shot. Without a moment’s hesitation, Kayla sent a thunderbolt hurling straight at CC. It hit dead on, and the falling Pidgeot was quickly replaced by a Graveler which was unfazed by the hard crash-landing onto the field.

Kayla yelped in pain as a sharp object bit into her shoulder. She quickly recovered, and telepathically blew Maichi away from her. Her hand flew to her shoulder, and a damp feeling told Kayla she was bleeding. Glancing up, she noticed her opponent was no longer looking at her, but a bit behind her and to the right. Kayla jerked around and froze as an arrow feather grazed her ear. Maichi cried out, but Kayla didn’t bother to see where her partner had hit. The two were already switching opponents, as the opportunity presented itself to them.

The pairing was now in their favor, although they had both taken more damage. The effects of the lightning had worn right off when CC transformed into a Graveler. Lyaka hadn’t been on her mark exactly, and Maichi’s neck was slowly turning crimson. The blonde-haired female grinned slightly and loaded another arrow, ignoring the throbbing in her rib cage.

Kayla and CC were having more of a showing off contest than a battle, each one trying to get the upper hand elemental-wise. No sooner had Kayla readied a Water Gun than CC became a Magneton. Before he could blink any of his three eyes, his opponent was gathering a ball of flames. Realizing that this was only an advantage over his Steel-type, CC quickly returned the favor of Kayla’s earlier Thunderbolt. Kayla cried out in pain, loosing her concentration as the fireball exploded in her face and a shock raced through her body.

Maichi ducked her head, then jumped to the side, winced at an impact and dodged so more, desperately trying to avoid the arrows that were slowly nipping away at her. Lyaka smirked; sooner or later she’d land a direct hit. Another arrow went flying, and Lyaka quickly checked her supplies. She had plenty of ammo; that was good. A flash caught her eye, and the archer concentrated on her opponent again. Maichi had gathered a ball of energy in her hand. Before it could register with Lyaka, the ki was exploding into her ribcage.

Kayla suddenly became aware of a cold sensation on her back. Sliding her eyes open, she realized that it was the ground she was lying on. Something wasn’t registering, and she couldn’t figure out what it was... she was supposed to be doing something right now... In two seconds she remembered and was on her feet: face to face with a Magneton. Kayla yelped and instinctively hurled a fireball in the general direction of her opponent. In a lucky break, it collided with the transformed being, causing him to fly backwards and loose his form. For a few moments he lay there, not moving at all. Kayla stumbled over to the wall, gasping for breath. Her body had been forced through more of a strain than it had been before, and if CC was still in the match her only hope would be using her psychic powers.

A scream pierced the air as Lyaka’s blood formed a graceful arc from her wound, splattering to the ground almost a second after her body had hit. She shuddered, coughed, and spit up some of the crimson liquid. A dull throbbing invaded all Lyaka’s senses, but she shook them off as best she could. Slowly, she rolled onto her stomach and pushed herself to her knees; a trail of red following her. Another fit of coughing hit her, and when she recovered a cold metal object was just barely touching the back of her neck, a strange feeling radiating from it. Lyaka gulped as a voice spoke from behind her. “You can’t beat me when you’re hurt that bad. Give up and I won’t pain you further.”

Kayla’s heart froze in her chest as CC shakily climbed to his feet. It wasn’t that her opponent was getting up; no, it was something else. Something had happened to him. “Why... WHY DID THEY DO THAT TO ME?!?!”
Kayla stepped back a foot as CC appeared to snap. He had transformed into an Arcanine, but it was somehow different. It was like he had gone insane... or something. She quickly got into his mind, but nothing made sense. There were only flashes of things, Kayla couldn’t read anything solid. She came back to reality without a moment to spare. If she had waited a split second longer she’d have been slammed into the arena wall and burning to a crisp instead of holding off a Flamethrower with a Barrier that was failing fast. Getting desperate, Kayla turned to her only option: Please, let me be able to knock out his mind...

Lyaka’s mind wasn’t working fast enough. The way she saw it, she was trapped. Maichi had won. The only thing left to do was surrender and hope Kayla could finish the match. She cast a sideways glance to her partner, whom was desperately holding a Barrier in what seemed like a last-ditch attempt. Well, If she’s not giving up, then neither am I! In one fluid, practiced motion, inhibited only by the gash in her side, Lyaka grabbed an arrow, turned around and loaded it, pulled back, and shot. Every nerve in her body screamed. The pain reached an unbearable high, and unable to cope, she sunk backwards into peaceful darkness. “Kayla... did I hit her...?”

Her partner, on the other hand, was a little bit busy with her own fight. Holding a Barrier and trying to knock out someone at the same time was taking its toll. Kayla felt herself swaying, loosing balance, and all that other good stuff. Her eyes were open only to a slight crack. In front of her, the Arcanine was loosing shape, dissolving into a bright green-colored blob. CC slumped over, and all that Kayla could detect of his mind was a dream that he was now having... something to do with a Parasect...

Something told Kayla to look up. She did so. Across the field stood Maichi, panting, an arrow lodged into the side of her abdomen, and gathering a ball of energy. At her feet was Lyaka, passed out and bleeding. Kayla blinked and slumped against the wall, hanging on to consciousness by a thread. It clicked in her mind that Maichi had enough energy for one final attack. Kayla didn’t. That was the simple difference that would throw them out when they got so far. They’d lost. She’d lost. She’d let Lyaka down, she’d let EVme down.

Pain seared through her body, reawakening all the numbed senses. Kayla was only partially aware that the crowd had gone silent. For a few moments, all she could do was stand, frozen to the spot. She had barely the strength to breathe. A hollow thudding noise came to her ears. It must have had something to do with her legs, because at that exact moment they collapsed. She slipped into darkness, the roaring crowd in her ears moving farther and farther away...


Kayla stirred a little, and I gave her a soft nudge. “Hey, Kayla, you up? You ok?”

She dully nodded, blinking a few times and getting her bearings. Slowly she sat up, and Lyaka walked over from next to me and gave her a hug. “I’m... sorry I let you down,” Kayla whispered in her friend’s ear. Lyaka looked at her in disbelief. “Are you kidding? We won!”

“We... won?!” Kayla stared at Lyaka for a moment, then at me. I nodded. “It’s true. Remember that last attack Maichi used on you?” she nodded. “Well, I’m betting she put too much into it. She ended up collapsing a second before you did... Meaning that we were the winners! You did it!”

Kayla stared. And stared some more. And some more. And started scaring me. Just when I thought she was going to stare me into the next room over, she fell back on the hospital bed and laughed. “So I didn’t loose after all... damn, I gotta get over this exhaustion quick. We have the finals to prepare for...”

She fell back asleep, completely exhausted. Lyaka turned to me and gave a small giggle. “I see why you chose her. And me. In case I don’t get to say this at the end of the next round, for one reason or another, thanks for leading us. I mean it.”

Kiori Hayabusa
18th March 2004, 02:05 PM
Wow, this round has some truly excellent writing. Err... Is it going to be judged in the near future?

28th March 2004, 08:39 PM
Heya... I agree that the posts for this round were really good ^_^ (hopefully mine as well...) I was just wondering when we should expect the start of the next round since all of this round's posts have been up for over a month... Not to push or anything ^_^;;

1st April 2004, 09:55 PM
Yeah... I was kinda wondering because it has been a while... even the Anime Boston AMV results came before it! lol (inside joke)

But seriously... anytime soon? Please? *holds out cookie*

10th April 2004, 11:54 PM
Hey Bulba... Just posting to attract your attention to this thread ^_^;;

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Roy Karrde
19th April 2004, 05:14 PM
Allright I'm sure the moderators have been extremely busy with the move to the new format and everything. Yet this thing is still stickied and many people have put some long hours into trying to win this tournament. So I was just asking will this thing end yet? Or will it be a four way tie?

22nd April 2004, 09:32 AM
2 Months and still counting :sleep:

4th May 2004, 02:04 PM
So sorry... >.<;
I was meaning to actually post the results after Easter, but then I got side tracked and procrastinated and well... you know all the stuff that comes with. I actually managed to squeeze it into this week though!
With prom and exams I didn't think I'd be able to do anything but I'm skipping my computer class to get this ready.
*hides from teacher*
^^;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; Shh, don't tell.

I got it ready though! Took me all hour to read and to grade n'stuff but I'VE GOT IT!! MWHA!!!

HERE are the results!!!


^^ Thanks for being so understanding an patient.

6th May 2004, 05:30 PM
Woo... That was a pretty close match there EngiMatikul, best one so far. Couldn't have asked for a better Semi-Final match.

This last fight will be interesting... I'll make sure mine is nice and polished before I put it up. I want it to be really good ^_^

6th May 2004, 09:47 PM
Well, I've already talked to VP about this on AIM, so nothing needed here ^_~

So, you just had to post the results durning my writer's block?!

Lol, s'k.
I'm going to work really hard on this one. You're going down! >: P

^^ Ya know... I never thought I'd make it this far. Wow.

28th June 2004, 12:11 PM
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Could.... really use those posts.... right abou tnow...
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The Muffin Man
28th June 2004, 12:36 PM
Are they late? If they're late just DQ 'em o.o;;

29th June 2004, 01:04 AM
Bulba didn't give us a deadline for this round though, so I don't think DQ can apply unless she amends that... Though now that school is finished for me, I have a bit more free time to write down a great final battle. I'll most likely be done with mine in a week.

29th June 2004, 02:59 PM
Yeah. School's out here too, so I'll be writing. Life caught up with me and I couldn't do it sooner. Mine will be done by Friday, cuz I have to leave on Saturday so I wouldn't leave you hanging a week.

30th June 2004, 07:30 PM
First off, sorry about the double-post. It's necessary.

Thargor, can you do me a huge favor? Thanks to BigBrother, I can't post anywhere unless it's the post directly after someone in BigBrother. I asked, and that means I can double-post. So could you please wait until after I post my fight, then you can post yours?

I would PM, but this is also a request to other members not to suddenly show up and bother us about taking so long.

Basically, if anyone outside BigBrother posts before I'm done, it'll take until next Wednesday at the earliest for me to post.

If I haven't posted mine by Saturday, go ahead and post yours.

30th June 2004, 09:07 PM
Umm... That's alright I suppose ^_^;; What the heck is BigBrother now?

EDIT: Perhaps if this is going slowly for everyone, I could make a suggestion. If Bulba, VP and Engimatikul agree, why not have another fight to see which person is in 3rd place, and which person is in 4th place?

30th June 2004, 09:14 PM
Umm... That's alright I suppose ^_^;; What the heck is BigBrother now?

It's a game in PCG and a real TV show in Australia and US

and btw, Kayla can't post now since you posted

30th June 2004, 11:25 PM
It's a game in PCG and a real TV show in Australia and US

and btw, Kayla can't post now since you posted

True, Kayla can't post her tourney, but reading through the Big Brother topic I found a loophole:

It has come to my attention that a lot of the housemates are moderators, which would normally seem like it could be a problem. But don't forget about the incentives on posting outside of the topic. You can still close, edit, delete and stuff, just avoid posting.

Hope that's a good enough solution for you, Kayla. :)

EDIT: Looks like this problem (and therefore, solution) is null and void...people who read the BB topic will understand.

2nd July 2004, 04:11 AM
Yeah, it is, I was about to tell you guys you don't have to worry since I was informed of this topic and saw the post, but guess you beat me to it.


2nd July 2004, 11:31 AM
^^ Don't worry about taking your time you two, I just wanted to make sure you guys still remembered. And I'm not about to set a deadline, I have faith you'll get your posts in when you're ready. PLUS, seeing how I've been late before... I'm not g oing to just yell or 'dq' you for that!! I'd be so hypocritic and that wouldn't be cool. lol ^^;;

But I can't wait for the posts!! ^^

8th July 2004, 01:59 PM
Sorry for posting again, but I'm going to be doing the Summer Awards thingy. That sorta needs to be sticky-fied... and since this is done almost, I'm gonna unsticky this. You two can post your final battling posts in this topic still, and the winner will be announced in the final Summer Awards result. ^^ Isn't that neato? I thought so... ^^;; Hope this causes no problems.

16th July 2004, 10:59 PM
*bows* I thank you for your patience, and I am hoping that you enjoyed reading my posts as much as I enjoyed writing them...
Except for the second round. That one I was nearly killing myself over.

Minor note: if a certain part of this post seems off (you should recognize it when you get to it), check Kayla’s form again. It’s in there, more or less, and if you were in/paid attention to the LVH when that happened (and you still remember it), you’ll know for sure when you get to it without having to check back. So you could’ve skipped this little paragraph ;) Or I’m ranting. It’s 2AM and I’m leaving in two days. I have to pack tomorrow... er, today.
Here’s hoping!
“GOOD MORNING!” I muffled a cry as Kayla hugged (read: snuck up and attacked) me from behind. “Yeah, good morning. They didn’t happen to feed you sugar at the hospital again, did they?”

“No, I made sure this time,” Lyaka said, walking up behind the hyper brunette. “I think she’s just excited.”

“THE FINALS! THE FINALS! IT’S THE FINALS!” Kayla cheered, strangling me while pointing to the scoreboard. Lyaka patted her on the head, desperately trying to ignore the many stares her teammate was drawing. “Yes, yes, that’s good, that’s good. We know already, be quiet!”

“Um... could I talk to you girls?” I whispered, pulling the two out of this highly embarrassing situation, saving my pride and my lungs.


“OK. I know we’ve made it all the way here. However, each time we seem to come closer and closer to loosing. I’m pretty sure you two can figure out the next part on your own. What do we need?”

“TO WIN!” Kayla shouted, downing another pancake. Lyaka and I both fell out of our chairs. “OK, maybe you can’t.”

“We need a plan...” Lyaka mumbled before shoving one of her own pancakes into her mouth.

“Exactly. I’ve seen these guys fight, and they’re a lot better than they look. Don’t underestimate them, and be ready for anything. I’ve got a bit of information with could prove useful... you’re not listening, are you Kayla?”

At the sound of her name, my still-semi-hyper character looked up. “Did you say something?”

Sighing loudly, I stood up. “Lyaka, could you please explain things to her when she’s calmed down? I need to go grab a bagel; I’ll be back before the fight starts.”



I blushed slightly at the roar of the crowd, and then turned to my opponent. “Best of luck,” Thargor said, sticking out his hand.

“You too. I hope this is a great match,” I replied, shaking it.


I looked down at my two characters with the pride of a parent. I guess in a sense, they were my children. I had created them into what they were from a few of someone else’s words typed onto a webpage. Lyaka stretched and tested the resistance of her bow for the final time. Kayla ran to the side and hurled up the excess of her breakfast, promptly returning with a look that suggested if anyone brought that up she’d knock their head off their shoulders. “Geeze, that’s embarrassing...” I whispered.

Across the field, Cortes was doing what appeared to be a prayer. Even from here I could see the glint of his golden cross, a small purple speck hiding itself within yellow. Tirank was sizing up my fighters, his great size proudly displayed beneath his armor. Yet again I found myself doubting our chances. Could we manage to pull off just one more fight?


Kayla immediately charged toward Cortes, hands bearing fireballs. He only smiled calmly, raising the cross in front of himself. The female sneered, but suddenly found herself dealing with a glowing purple barrier. “Do you really believe you can beat me with powers not granted by God? In His name, I shall defeat you!”

“Dammit Kayla what are you doing?!” Lyaka shouted at her partner as she nimbly dodged the swordplay of the second opponent. She was fast, but dodging four blades was proving very tiring. The blonde-haired character quickly gained some distance and loaded a bow threateningly. Tirank seemed to smirk at the idea. “Crap, this is what I was worried about... armor, armor, more armor, where the heck am I supposed to aim?!”

Kayla mumbled a few choice words under her breath, finding not only her fire attacks but also lighting useless against the shield. Cortes removed the cork from the flask at his side, causing my fighter to reconsider her newly-thought up idea about trying a water attack. That left only two options. “Oh, well, time for the big guns...” Kayla closed her eyes and concentrated hard. A dark glow radiated from her body and raced at the priest. He took a step back in surprise, before quickly regaining his composure. Out of the flask suddenly flowed a steady stream of water, which rushed at the approaching darkness. The two collided, causing a loud hissing sound. After a few moments it was clear that Kayla had a small advantage. As the black slowly pushed its way towards and surrounded Cortes, the priest once again shifted to his defensive shield. “Even though I walk through the darkest valley I fear no evil, for the Lord art with me!”

Across the arena, the other battle was going in Thargor’s favor. Unable to find a sufficient weakness in Tirank’s armor, Lyaka had nowhere to shoot at. She possessed no other weapons or means of attack, and quickly found herself using all her strength to stay in one piece. Even this gave the Jang a lead, for the archer wasn’t used to tracking four different swords. With each swing-dodge, her opponent used less energy than she did. Lyaka disliked the look of things. Her only chance would have been to hit Tirank in the face. It seemed the paladin had already figured this out himself, however, and was being careful to guard it from any arrows she let loose. A thought struck the female, causing a maniacal grin spread across her face. She would have laughed right out loud if she had the breath. A point-blank shot. Yeah, that would do. He wouldn’t be able to block that with his sword!
Tirank slowed slightly, puzzled by his opponent. It was clear that he was winning, so why was she smiling? It only took a moment for him to find out. Lyaka rushed at him, bow loaded, closing the distance between them. She jumped, and was an instant from letting go of the string when something slammed into her right arm. The archer fell back to the ground, sliding on the dirt from the force of the impact. Her slightly injured appendage was frozen, hand still gripping the string. “Crap...” She quickly set herself as the paralysis spread from her arm to throughout her body. Her opponent looked on in amusement. “Do not worry. I won’t attack you when you’re defenseless, however you won’t be able to move for the rest of the battle.”

Kayla tipped sideways slightly before regaining her balance. She was becoming exhausted from maintaining the darkness, and it looked as if Cortes wasn’t having any problems within his barrier. So this meant that her only remaining option was to use psychic power. The trouble with that was sheer fatigue. Her mental state was already shaky enough. In a few minutes, Kayla wouldn’t be able to maintain her attack. She had to finish this as quickly as she could.
Half the crowd gasped as suddenly a stream of water shot out of the darkness. My fighter had only a second to react as the liquid plowed into the air where she’d been a moment ago. “Water! That’s it!”
The brunette quickly dashed towards Cortes as the darkness surrounding him disappeared. Before the priest could react, Kayla was within striking range, hands cradling a ball of electricity. “Eat this-AH!”
A flash of metal and my fighter was headed to the ground. Tirank had come over to assist his ally, managing to take a chunk out of Kayla’s shoulder in the process. The lightning attack was redirected, hitting the ground harmlessly and nurturing only a small flame on the dirt arena floor.
“It seems as if my timing is perfect today,” the Jang said as he glanced down at the female. “You are a good opponent, but in the end only the holy shall triumph,” Cortes added, crossing himself.

You’re not beat yet.
“What?” Kayla’s eyes snapped open as she heard a voice. It was familiar, but she couldn’t exactly remember where she’d heard it before...
I can help you. All you have to do is keep fighting.
“Mom?!” she gasped. It had been so long since she’d heard that voice, but it was definitely her mother’s... that’s when a flame caught Kayla’s eye. The spark from the lightning attack hadn’t yet burned out, even though it was on earth.
Now you’re catching on.
The tiny flicker of heat suddenly erupted into a great fire, surrounding Cortes and Tirank. “What in God’s name is this?!” the Jesuit shouted, covering his face with a sleeve to avoid the sudden rush of smoke. Tirank looked from side to side, his mane flowing. “My friend, I am unable to see under these conditions,” the paladin whispered. The heat signal given off by my fighter was probably obscured by the surrounding fire, giving Kayla the advantage!

“Finally someone up there is on our side...” I muttered under my breath. “Did you say something?” Thargor turned to me, fanning away some of the smoke that had drifted over to our area of the seats. “No, nothing!” I quickly turned back to the fight, stifling a cough.

The elementalist shakily got to her feet. The fire raging in front of her was not her own, and yet it felt almost as if it was. A small delusional chuckle found its way up her throat as Cortes desperately tried to douse the flames with holy water, which quickly evaporated. Tirank, unable to locate anything but his comrade, had taken a defensive stance. “Him first...”
With a giant leap that seemed to defy every law of human limits of exhaustion, Kayla launched herself directly above the Jang. “Your armor may be strong, but I bet it still conducts electricity!”
In a display that rivaled most fireworks, she threw a ball of lightning, larger than the previous, straight down at her opponent. The shock raced through Tirank, causing him to twitch repeatedly before collapsing to the ground.
As my fighter landed again, her legs caved in under her. “Crap, I can’t stand anymore...”
“I feel the need to congratulate you,” Cortes said through his sleeve, walking towards Kayla. “That is the first time in this entire tournament that one of us has been felled. I guess I should expect no less from the team we fight in the finals. However...” he withdrew a small knife from his robes. “By God’s Will, it will also be the last!”
The flames around them were diminishing. The brown-haired female struggled to get up; however finding this too difficult formed another ball of lightning. The priest laughed haughtily, bringing his cross up in front of himself. “You cannot touch me with that.”

From across the arena came a small whistling sound. It rapidly increased in volume until suddenly being cut off with a small bell-like tone. Both fighters stopped, trying to figure out what had just happened.
“KAYLA GRAB THE JEWEL SHARD!!!” I screamed. The two figures both gasped and looked down to see a small purple glint on the ground. Cortes made a reach for it, but Kayla was closer. As her hand closed around the Shikon jewel shard, she spotted an arrow a ways off. “Lyaka...?”
“That is mine!” the priest shouted, snapping Kayla out of her thoughts. In a rush of anger, he held out the knife and made a run at her. My fighter nimbly dodged, avoiding the attack easily. The power of the jewel was returning her energy to her, and she evaded Cortes’s repeated swipes effortlessly. Enraged at the loss of his shard, the priest stepped back and opened the flask, the fire having died down enough to not pose a threat. Water streamed out, only to collide headlong into a Barrier. “It’s my turn...” Kayla whispered, and suddenly the Jesuit was thrown backwards by a psychic force. He lay on the ground for a few moments, clutching his head and struggling before Kayla forced into unconsciousness.

A long pause followed, during which the only sound to be heard was that of the dying remains of the fire. Then...
“I... won? I won. I won! I WON!” It suddenly clicked in my head. “That was a good-” I grabbed Thargor’s outstretched hand and shook it roughly before catapulting myself out of the seats and onto the arena. “WE WON WE WON WE WON WE WON WE-! ... Kayla? Yoo-hoo... Kayla, you there?”
The brown-haired girl was standing frozen to the spot, staring off into space. Her hand went limp, and the jewel shard fell out. “Oh, huh, what? Lyaka...”
She and I both turned. Lyaka was still mostly frozen. The fingers of her right hand, the ones that had been holding the bow string, were completely bloody. Her arm was locked into a firing position aimed where the fight had just finished. The arrow that had been on the string was absent. The bow had been fired.
Kayla clapped. “I get it now! LYAKA, YOU SAVED ME!!! WE WON!!!” She started jumping up and down around her teammate, shouting in celebration at the top of her lungs.
“That’s nice, now can we get me unfrozen or something?”
Well, there it is. A combination of a ton of writer's block and a lot of last-minute typing. I gave it my best... I can only hope it's good enough.
It's been fun. See you in three weeks (which means if I happen to win, I might not exactly post in the awards topic. Or the congrats topic if I lose. Oh well).