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7th January 2004, 01:40 PM
A revival of a popular RPG from 3 years ago by vulpix.ck…

The Story:
The year is 2008. It’s been 13 years since the pride of the Pokémon League, Red, rose to stardom. Team Rocket was completely abandoned 9 years ago. For some time, there was peace on earth. Now, however, a new threat has formed, and the chance of the world surviving without fighting has become 0.
Two new religions have been created, and each is becoming more popular by the day. Yevon wishes that all inhabitants on earth be punished for their sins, that the planet become hell in reality. Gell believes that all those living on earth are smart and innocent, able to care for themselves. No rules are needed to control people, they will act find on their own accord in a personal heaven.
Both religious groups have used the world govt. to help gather power and money. Few people know it, but the major political parties of Glass Rose and Spell Bound are not simply pretty names, but cover-ups for Yevon and Gell. Each group wants full power over the government to help spread their beliefs and increase profits. Some even believe that both groups are led by the same person, a shady character of which tabloids nicknamed Cara for unknown reasons.
In 2003, Gell and Yevon each began using terrorist like activity to help along the spread of ‘a new era.’ Any wealthy or popular person that openly went against any group mysteriously disappeared or was found dead. Many men and women were taken out of the picture, their families left to fend for themselves. All the money owned by those killed was stolen by the groups. Rumors spread that viruses were spread upon cities, and the residents then had to pay for vaccinations to keep from getting sick, most of which didn’t work anyhow.
In many areas of the Pokémon world, orphaned children hear of a single place where they can live in peace; the Midnight Forest. Located just off to the side of Mt. Moon, the Midnight Forest is where children gather together to help each other live, no matter what the background of the kids.
Gell and Yevon both realize at about the same time that they cannot take over the world with cash and politics. More power is needed. Only one thing is known in the world to posses the power for world domination, and that is a Mew.
At about 1999, Mew populations had begun to grow again, as in ancient times. There were even stories of a freakishly tall and powerful Mew that lived alone, traveling amongst the various areas of powerful Pokémon, like the Unknown Dungeon and Mt. Silver. But as quickly as all these Mew began to appear, they just as quickly vanished. No one knew why, but it was believed that only a single Mew still lived on earth.
This Mew is chased after by each religious group, and arrives to the Midnight Forest, injured. Upon finding children with pure hearts, Mew releases a bright pink light, that creates a gift within each human kid; the power of a single Pokémon each, to help them fight the opposing Yevon and Gell.

That is where you come in.
You happen to be a resident of Midnight Forest at the time. You are engulfed in the eerie light of Mew, only to find yourself possessing the ability of a Pokémon. With your newfound abilities, you decide you are now able to fight Gell and Yevon respectively, and take revenge for all those who died and prevent the earth from being dominated.
Or, perhaps, you are an active member of Gell or Yevon. You believe you are right in your religious ideals, and all those of the world, including that other crappy religion who wants to make the world their own personal place are wrong. You happen to be fighting the physical battle for your religion, and arrive at the Midnight Forest, chasing down a Mew. But suddenly, all you can see is an odd pink light… You too have received the power of a Pokémon…
Or, even, you do not receive any abilities from Mew. You weren’t at Midnight Forest at the time, you’re a person who had come from the outside, either heading towards Mt. Moon, or simply fighting on your own. You are using your weaponry to defy Gell and Yevon, and/or you may even have some sort of ability of your own…

Let the fight for survival begin.

Many RPGers are going to be role-playing in this game. Those behind this RPG request that you be fair and make posts consistant, understandable, and, plain old not-stupid. Try to keep things in 'reality', so to speak.
Remember, the main goal is to have fun. Characters may pair up into couples if they want over the course of the RPG, and the creators will enjoy trying to help or destroy these relationships. Also, the creators may and most likely will make horribly hard situations to get out of, such as being stuck in a pit while being attacked by various Pokémon and no ammo left… It’ll be up to you to think up a CREATIVE and slightly ingenious way to get out of it.

Please post your signup form before you make your first post, so that people may remember things about you, etc.
My signup form:

Name: SuperSonicMewtwo
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Alliance: Outsider.
Physical Looks: 6 feet tall. Brown hair that hangs down to about the eyes. Green eyes with black framed glasses. Wears white sneakers, blue jeans, and a black belt with 6 empty Pokéballs (to symbolize the trainer he once was). Navy blue short sleeve t-shirt. Wears a black cape that drapes over body. Not a body builder, but not a toothpick either.
Personality: Tends to work alone, but will enjoy having company. Pessimistic but funny, angered easily and overall serious. When in a normal mood, is a good tactician and thinks things over. When angered, will rush into battle without a plan.
Pokémon: None. SSM tends to believe Pokémon training, unless as a strong friendship, to be a form of slavery (also to comply with being an outsider and his powers, he doesn’t have Pokémon to make him weaker.)
Power: Some remnants of TR had captured him. He was to be used as an ultimate weapon, his DNA being modified to have the abilities of Mewtwo. He later overpowered his captures and contributes to the final destruction of Team Rocket. He can lift small objects (like people, or himself [flight]) with telekinesis, and can perform a few small energy (psychic, dark, ghost) attacks. Is working to master Mewtwo’s Psychic attack (large destructive blue beam), but isn’t fairing well.
Weapons: Knows swordmanship, but has no weapon, except maybe his glasses or belt…
Other: Eats a lot, will compete in belching contests, is a romantic.

I believe I shall try this post using 1st person perspective...

I looked upwards towards the sun, noting that it was reaching noon. Out in at the edge of the horizon I could see Mt. Moon poking up into the clouds. It would be some time before I got there on foot, and fly over would waste precious energy and might lead others to my location.
I was heading towards Mt. Moon for I had heard a colony of orphaned children had gathered there to protect themselves from Gevon and Yell. Like they could, Yell and Gevon both have trained Pokémon that can quickly search and destroy faster than anything I have seen in a long time. These kids needed help, and I felt sorry for them. That, and I could feel a psychic entity heading in the direction of the mountain. It was too far a distance to identify what the being was, or how much power it contained. But I could tell it was Pokémon, and I suspected it was a Mew. Mew have become rare just like in the old days, and its quite annoying; I have no one I can spare with anymore. Not that sparing is important, I can easily take out anyone that steps in my path, I just find it enjoyable to battle one of similar power.
Checking to make sure no one had followed me, I continued walking towards Mt. Moon. It was not long after I had begun walking that I heard the familiar whirl of helicopter blades cutting through the air. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see a black helicopter also heading towards the mountain. There was no time to waste, so I began to sprint. I needed those children over there, I could find them very useful if they'd just stay alive, the dang people. Kids seem to have a thing about walking right into danger... Well I was going to lead them a different direction, if they helped me in return. The helicopter was faster than my sprint, and was starting to close in on Mt. Moon. I refused to enhance my speed or fly, for surely and Pokémon on that machine would feel the energy... Whether this was Gevon or Yell attacking, I knew the children would just have to make due like they had so many times in the past, at least for now.
"You hurt those kids, and you can answer to my anger." I said as I ran.

Yami Annika
7th January 2004, 01:55 PM
Signup Form:
Name: Annika Izdlarme
Gender: Female
Age: 14
Alliance: Midnight Forest
Physical Looks: Hair color is golden blonde, short around her face, and pulled back into a French braid in the back. Eyes a dark green, almost black. She is as pale as a ghost, and has a scar near her ear, which she covers with her hair (one long strand she keeps over her shoulder for that purpose). She wears a long-sleeved black t-shirt, and white shorts. She has a black belt, accented in silver, where she carries her pokeballs. She also wears heeled, black leather boots.
Personality: She has the look of someone who has grown up way too fast. More than anything, she wants to be innocent and naďve again – but that isn’t gonna happen. She’s suspicious, and doesn’t have many friends, but to those who she does consider a friend she is very, very kind to them and would do anything. Including sacrificing herself.
Pokémon: Absol, Espeon
Power: Ghost powers. Some attacks go through her, she can go through stuff (which scares her at first), and she can float. She can also use some of the non-ghost type moves (such as hypnosis and dream eater, etc)
Weapons: She has a long knife, which she keeps concealed in her boot.
Other: She lost her family, long, long ago. In her grief, she created her own last name out of her old one. She has a second personality, who she made up to protect herself. Her second personality is incredibly different from her. All Annika wants is to have friends and a family again, but her other half makes it impossible for her. She feels she is forced to live this world alone, not able to touch the lives of the people she cares about. Annika doesn't speak much, is surprised when people hear her, can hear very well, and pick up details, like body language, etc.

Annika Izdlarme

A ghost, a spirit, a phantom, in a world of the living… I thought somberly. Everything touched turns to sand, and it wanders, alone-going… It had been years since I had written those words, in a long-ago abandoned journal. I had just joined the rest of the children in the Midnight Forest. We dreamed of a world from before this.

Sadly, not much had changed.

In the distance, I heard a strange noise. I had heard it before, but it was too indistinct. It sounded like wind, turning and twisting.

“H-Hey, guys?” I asked, my voice weary, weak, and nearly silent from disuse. It had been months since I had used. “Do you hear that?” My voice, as inaudible as it was, fell on deaf ears. They were all doing their own things.

How much longer until the world was happy again?

Krystalline Kabutops
7th January 2004, 01:58 PM
Name: Matt
Gender: Male
Age: 15
Alliance: Child from MF
Physical Looks: silverish hair in a rattail, wears a backwards black baseball cap with "Fazination Salzbergwerk" on the back, about 5 foot 8 inches, Yellow eyes, baggy shorts that fold out into jeans, and a tattered black t-shirt.
Personality: He likes to confuse people, and even though He tries to project an air of antisocialness, He's actually a flirt.
Pokémon: none
Power: With the powers of Gardevoir, he has mind reading (Can only read strong thoughts and emotions), He can move objects the size of his fist or smaller with telekinesis, and can transform into a Gardevoir (usually a female one). He just can't control when yet.
Weapons: A long, thin sparring sabre.
Other: Older brother to Lirin, if KW agrees.


Boredly, I sat in one of the trees in the clearing. It all seemed so pointless. Yevon or Gell would find us eventually, and either destroy us, or convert us to their side. Idly, I flicked my sabre at a leaf, slicing it neatly in two. The sabre was my pride and joy, said to be from the 1400s! Most people preffered guns or other, less subtle weapons then my sabre. Still, my sabre was the only one with the speed to get the job done in the blink of an eye, with little or no fuss. Suddenly, a pink creature flew into the clearing. It looked tired, afraid. The other children noticed it too, and the creature seemed to relax. It started to glow, and a bright pink light pervaded the area. I felt a tingling sensation all over, and lost my balance, blinded by the light, and fell from the tree.

ooc: for future reference, tingling sensation for my char = transformation into a Gardevoir.

7th January 2004, 01:59 PM
Name:Kaede "Ten" Sakamoto
Alliance:Outsider, once former member of Yell
Physical Looks:Her hair and her face are like this, (http://www.fredart.com/fredart/artpage.php3?src=&ft=sk&fn=79)but her height is about 6 foot 3.She's got deepblue border-line black hair, with mysterious teal eyes. She wears a Deepblue longsleeve shirt with a mini-pokeball on the wrist.Her pants are black, somewhat loungey pants you would get from Old Navy. She also has a belt around her hip that just seem's to be diagonal, with her revolver and a spare magazine in a little thing on it.Her shoes are deepblue Nike-like. She also has a purse that's black, with the kanji of her nickname on it.
Personality:Before learning about her mysterious past,she was cold and ruthless, only because she didn't want to feel pain from any of her murder's for Gell. She was a former assasin for them, but this will be explained in her history section. Now that she learned of her past, she lightened up. She's now more gentler and kinder, but in a battle, she's very serious.She's always got a softspot for little kiddies though.And on the past occasion, she can be quite the pessimist.
Pokémon: Banette,Absol and a Teddiursa.
Power: Mew gave her the power's of Banette, after hearing her plea for forgiveness for everyone she killed.If she concentrates, she can utterly walk through anything, even a metal wall.She's actually somewhat mastered this power from the start. She can also levitiate, though sometimes it doesn't work out like she wants it to. She also can produce a attack similar to Shadow ball, but it has a chance to backfire, so it would hit her. Also, her levitiating power's are somewhat restricited for now.
Weapons: She has 2 Revolver guns with a Silencer that remind you of her toubled past.She has some supply of ammo with her, but she has enough money to buy more, though sometimes, she refuses to. You might count her deadly aim as a weapon too.
History:(Wanted to add this in)When Kaede was about 5 years old, her wealthy parents-who apposed Yell- were murdered right infront of her. But the women who did it couldn't kill their only child, A Young-innocent-Kaede. So she kept her and gave Kaede her last name "Sakamoto", and adopted her. But there was a catch, and that was to use Kaede for a experiment. The experiment was to use Hypno to see the effects on kids and adults. The experiment was a complete success on Kaede, and she soon changed completely, no longer innocent-forgeting her past-. Not knowing her parents, She grew up without a childhood, and a member of Gell.At the age of 17, she had the brain's of a adult, and went off to college under the code name "Takako Kitshi". There she majored in Law and Minored in Education(which was behind Gell's backs, they wanted her in just for Law.)She came back at age 23, and continued to be a assasin until something..you might call "Miraculous" happened.She had a run in with a trainer with a Hypno, who used his hypnosis on her. This unlocked her past, and who killed her parents. She went back to Yell, and quited. It's been about a month since, and she's been wondering for the so called Midnight Forest. Since her Parent's were wealthy, she learned that she had a bank account, and it had quite a lot of money in it. She'll use this to help support the children.
Other:Ten is kanji for "Heaven/Sky".Oh yeah, at first, you have to call her Ten, since that's he only thing she'll give out.Also, her softspot is more for like 11 and younger aged kiddies.


[When you think about it, your past never leaves you.]

It's been a month since I quit. I had a long way to go from being innocent, and I was trying my best
to not get into trouble, but it alway's seem to follow me.I was like a shepard to all my troubles, and
it wasn't the best job in the world.

"Miss?You ok?"The teller asked, poking at the window between us. I jumped suddenly, and my sunglasses sorta fell of slightly.I looked, and remembered what I was doing. I was withdrawing some money from the bank, and then, Lunch.I smiled at her, and she sighed."I need your fingerprint here, your parents laid down a tight security on the account."

"Yeah,I know."I replied,"Parents."I caught myself, I was 24, not a teenager. I pressed my thumb on the PDA like pad, and a bing noise went off.

"Good,now...I'll get money out, and it'll only be a sec, Miss!"the girl behind the counter said, and ran into the backroom. I looked around, the bank was slightly empty. I sighed, and closed my eyes, tapping my foot.

"Come in squad!2 down..and the little one wants to play hide and seek."I heard a chilling voice that ran down my spine.I was in a fleece-feeling pajamas, and I had a teddybear in my arms....I ran for the first thing in mind, and possible the only thing. My mom and Dad's room in a 30 room Mansion...

"Momm.."I said, finding their room. I creaked the door lightly,and the light reflected of the pool of red substances.In it was Mommy and daddy. Mommys hair was a deep black, soaked in the ketchup like stuff. Dad seemed to wither beneath my eyes..He slowly crawled, his clothing soaked in the substance.He looked up at my very short statue, and smiled..

"Hunny..don't worry.I'm alright.."He said. He suddenly gasped for air, and started to shake. His eyes soon found friends with the back of his head, and his face turned pale..

"Found the little kid!Akuma, what do you want to do with her?"I looked behind me, and some weirdly dressed man looked at me, like I was pure gold.I stared back at him, and went to his leg,kicking it over and over..

"Ouch, she hurts Akuma.."He said, shaking his leg.His comment was to a Young women walking through the hallway."What do you want me to do with her?Before I kill her myself."
"I like her, I mean...she has good sense. I would kick you, only somewhere where women would always peek."The tall lady replied. Her hair was blonde, and her eyes were a crimson. She gave me a smile,and bent down at my Level.

"Don't worry, we are the police..We didn't kill your mommy. Let's take you back to the station, and I'll fix you up something.Your mommy and daddy are in good hands now."Akuma lady said, And placed her hand infront of me, and I grabbed it. I was soo gullible.

"Miss?I got your stuff..hello..Your holding up the line.."The lady behind the counter said, and I jumped as she tapped the glass,"Just sign here, and you still got a lot left.Your seft for life, Miss."

I took a 20 out of the envelope, and though it was somewhat inpolite, I placed $20 for her, slipping it under the glass.Little tip.Although, I'm pretty sure you didn't have to do that. I walked out, and looked for the path I needed to take to Mt.Moon. I took the map out of my Purse, and a Pokeball.

"Go, Absol!"I released Absol, who could prolly follow directions more than I could,"Absol, read this map and help me get there?I'll treat you in the end."I sorta pleaded with him.He nodded his head in happiness, and I placed the map on the gorund. In 2 minutes, It started to walk off. I picked up the map and quickly caught up with him.

I had gotten lead's before I left about a little colony of orphan children in a forest called "Midnight", and something about searching for a Mew. My instinct's told me to go to the forest and help the children there, although I should get a job.

"Real Life..sucks."I said,Absol walking faster and faster, like something was going to happen.Something serious.

Roy Karrde
7th January 2004, 02:06 PM
Signup Form:
Name: Laura Karrde
Gender: Female
Age: 10
Alliance: Midnight Forest
Physical Looks: She looks alot like this This (http://www.fredart.com/fredart/co_graphics/yukibear.jpg) the only difference being her hair is shorter, it ends around her shoulder blades and she has blonde hair.
Personality: She's very shy but she will talk to people if some one asks her something. Most of the time she is quiet and stays to herself, the only people she really likes to converse with is her brother and her brother's friends.
Pokémon: She has no Pokemon
Power: Charm: She can soften people up to the point that they wont want to hurt her or attack her. At the begining she cannot use this power very well and it will only effect the weak minded until she can learn to control it
Weapons: She has no weapons
Other: She is the Younger Sister to Roy Karrde, She was left in the forest while her brother went off to join Yevon.

Laura Karrde
I took a deep breath in and smelled the mountain air, it was nice, living here in freedom with out fear of the Religous groups, or any one else, but this place wasn't home and I missed home I missed being with my big brother, where ever he was that was where home was at. I poked my head outside of my tent and watched the sun set, off in the distance I could hear helicopters, bad evil helicopters were they coming this way? I began to walk around the camp keeping my head low, I had been here for so long and I bearly knew anyone. I kept walking and walking until I arrived at the edge of the camp, off to my side I saw a guy with a sword, sitting in a tree which wasnt that uncommon these days, every one seemed to have weapons to kill people. "Hi" I yelled, he didnt even seem to notice me but was following the pink hazy trail that ended in the clearing up ahead. I started walking ahead trying to see what happened when the guy jumped down next to me.

"Be careful" He warned and we began to start heading in the direction of where the Pokemon had landed.

* I'll do Roy's in a few minutes *

7th January 2004, 02:43 PM
Name: Kiarah Aikoru
Gender: Female
Age: 21
Alliance: Outsider/Child of Midnight Forest (see below to explain)
Physical Looks: ^^ Like this picture Right here!! (http://suzumi.w.interia.pl/pics/55.jpg)She's the girl obviously in the right lower corner. Her face looks just like that... she's extremely odd looking, but yet very beautiful. Her body build is graceful and slim, and she wears a soft red sleevless top like in the picture, and regular blue jeans but occasionally she switches her blue jeans into a black skirt. Personality: She's incredibly caring, and rather pleasant to be around all the time. She's rather mature, and acts very motherly. She loves to help others and will protect anyone at all costs. However... if some one pushes her buttons, she'll get very strict and rather get scary in the way she'll get pissed. ^^; But she'll never hit or strike anyone.
Pokémon: She has no pokemon... but she had a pokemon friend named, "Shade"- an Umbreon, who she found injured when some Team Rocket rogues mutated her and she managed to escape with almost fatal wounds. Shade was psychically altered, so she's part psychic. (She has violet rings that glow and icy blue eyes.)
Power: She wasn't going to get any powers from Mew at first, because she told Mew that she didn't want to cause harm. But then Mew some how made her understand that she could have powers to protect the children... so she agreed. So she has the powers of Mew herself... (wait! lol, I know this might be farfetched...) but she has no attacking abilities that she knows of, since she wanted to just heal and protect the children of Midnight Forest. So she can only heal minor cuts and bruises right now.
Weapons: Nope. She has cooking tools to help feed the children... but nothing dangerous except for a cooking knife? lol.
Other: She came to Midnight Forest at the age of 19, and found that most of the Children of Midnight were rather young.. .and she was the oldest of all of them. However, most of the children were just struggling ot make ends meet with finding food etc... So, she often made travels to nearbye cities (not to one twice... she didn't want to risk of the forest being discovered) and she worked parttime during every other day to get some money, to buy food for everyone. She does the cooking and feeds them... and basically acts like a 'mother' to them... although she's still young and is still a 'girl' if you know what I mean. She doesn't consider herself an adult really... just some one trying to help.

Kiarah Aikoru

Caretaker of the Children of Midnight - Female

" What now..." My voice trailed off, as I gazed up at the setting sun. I had just finished cooking a slight meal for the children around the forest... it seemed not so long ago when I came to the forest, and found a few of them. Then more came... and eventually they needed food, money... clothing too.. although the money was hard to come by, I still worked. I did my best to help the children and to not let anyone know about it... I could only hope that it woudl last until finally the wars upon the political consumed worlds would end.
" Can I really save and help these children? What if... what if I make a mistake..."
Even though they were not related to me, the children to me were my children... my family. I would never accept anything to happen to them,nor allow it with out my will in the way.
"What's that noise?!" I heard a small female voice pipe up through the trees. The whole forest was our playground in a sense... for the children, but everyone had their own little 'caves' or little homes we all had pitched in to help build out of trees, leaves... and basically anything we could find. They were near each other too... hidden, blending in extremely well... but they were close enough in case we needed to contact each other.

The noise... a slow humming noise from the horizon..
A helicopter!
An alarm ran off in my head... and quickly I wildly yelled (which was quite loud compared to what my quiet nature composed of.)

I ran a little ways off in each direction, yelling at the children to hurry... and soon little bodies and a few elder kids came out of the forest, with bewildered looks upon their faces.
" What... what's the matter?" Annika said, and I smiled as most of them came.
" There's some thing here!" Matt came running, a little dirty as if he came from a fall.
"Yes... a helicopter! look, we must hide... but we must flee to the cave that's nea-"
"No! Some thing else!" Matt's eyes widened, along with all of the others as they all seemed to stare at me. I would have asked 'what' but suddenly I saw my shadow... and the light which surrounded that was pink. Swallowing, I turned around... and gasped.
"What is it?" A child asked... and I took a few staggering steps back.
" A Mew... I do believe it is a mew." My life had not been so badly tha tI did not know what a Mew was.
The helicopter was louder...
What to do? The Mew...

Suddenly a feeling formed in my head, and I could tell as I gazed around to see what it was... taht the children had it inside of theirs too. A feeling... a comfort feeling, but yet it was full of panick as well. Was this Mew injured?
It was trying to speak to us... with out using words. I felt... some how, that I understood. It was injured... it needed our help, no, it wanted to help us. It wanted to give us powers... powers... to help save ourselves and others...
I gasped as a few of the children were hit by a pink light, and soon I felt as if they had changed- I knew all of the kids very well... and as the pink light hit them, I knew some thing had to have changed... were they accepting this power?
What... what powers are we going to receive that could possibly help us?! I thought... as I heard the hum of the helicopter getting louder.
It was as if the Mew answered... the powers, they were pokemon powers? Powers of a pokemon to be placed inside of us... to help us fight... to he-
I don't want to fight... I instantly thought.. my eyes narrowing as I frowned, looking straight into that beautiful creature's icy blue eyes.
It smiled at me... as the children seemed to all have been hit by the light.
"What's happened?"
" What's that humming noise?"
"Can we keep it?"
" Kiarah! What are we going to do?"
" Let's run!"
Many voices were coming at me... the children's voices, the humming of the helicopter... the sudden look in the Mew's eyes...
I was torn... the Mew wanted me to accept powers...
I don't want to fight! Please... don't make me have them..
I didn't want to cause pain to anyone... not like so long ago...

But then, the Mew made me understand. It would give me powers... it was my will to use them as I must. But ... the Mew would give me the powers to help and protect the children... not by force if desired, but by peace.
I swallowed... as the air around us began to swirl as the helicopter came close and the children looked so confused.
The Mew needed to leave... if thise creature was as rare as it was, it needed to hide and leave.
Alright... I will accept the powers if it will help me protect the children. Only that reason will I wish it.
Then I was blinded by a pink light...

7th January 2004, 03:08 PM
Name: Kayla
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Alliance: Midnight Forest
Physical Looks: She's 5'5, with black hair that reaches halfway down her back. Some is pulled into a ponytail and some hangs loose. She has silver highlights that sparkle in moonlight. Her eyes are a light blue. She wears a red t-shirt and jeans, with sneakers. She has a slightly skinny to medium build.
Personality: She's normally very nice and kind, but since she got her powers she tries to distance herself. While it hurts her very much to do so and she loves company, she knows she'll only hurt people eventually. She hates fighting and thus, why she lived in the Midnight Forest.
Pokémon: None?
Power: Sableye. While as a Pokemon she has no weakness, that's about the only thing going for her. Her powers are quite strong, tiring, unpredictable, and way outside her control. While not everything in her arsenal goes off with a bang, a lot can happen when Confuse Ray suddenly strikes everyone within ten feet. She can use Ghost, Dark, and a few Psychic attacks/powers.
Weapons: None, she hates fighting.
Other: Hm... oh, yes, she talks to herself.


A Mew? Weren't those things supposed to be really rare? Wait a sec... I had never even seen one before. So it probably was rare, nowadays...

The helecopters buzzed overhead as everyone figited and scrabled. The self-assigned leader, Kiarah, hadn't told them what to do yet. Everyone trusted her like a true mother. If she hadn't moved, no one was abandoning her.

She stood still, face-to-face with the Mew, apparently talking... but she wasn't talking. So what was going on? Did it have something to do with the pink light that hit me a few moments ago? It had to, that was the only explanation. Suddenly Kiarah cringed, and Mew nodded slowly. The helecopters had drawn really near now and some children were panicking. As if a singal, Mew streaked away in a pink blur and Kiarah snapped back to reality.

"EVERYONE HEAD TO THE CAVE NEAR THE MOUNTAIN!" That was all that it took, and everyone was running simultaniously. I slowed down, Kiarah was still staring off in the direction Mew had taken. "Kiarah, we have to go now!"

She turned and nodded to me, then we both followed the pack of children heading for shelter.


"I think they're gone..." someone whispered, peeking out of the cave. "Are you sure, Matt?"

The boy nodded, and cautiously stepped out. Kiarah followed, along with everyone else. A chorus of little voices suddenly started asking questions all at once.
"What was that thing?"
"Why was a helecopter here?"
"Were they chasing that Mew?"
"What's a Mew?"
"What was that pink light?"
And many more, as she tried to quiet everyone down. "Children... we don't know if they're really gone yet, there may be people on the ground, so we must be careful..."

It was just then that an unexpected visitor decided to pop out of the bushes. What timing.

Among the echoing of screams, you could hear him trying to calm them. "Hey, I come all this way to save you and this is the welcoming party?! At least none of you look too hurt..."

7th January 2004, 03:25 PM
Name: Imani
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Alliance: Child of the Midnight Forest.
Physical Looks: light brown skin and short, spiky black hair. She wears a white T-shirt with a blue vest, and torn blue jeans. She goes around barefoot. She wears a necklace with a feather charm. She's 5'4" and a medium build. Her brown eyes top it off.
Personality: She always yearns for adventure. She's fun loving and daring, but she's also a big troublemaker when she's bored. She's nice, but she doesn't like to show that side that often.
Pokémon: Male Farfetch'd (Hermes) and Female Murkrow (Lily), and Female Kecleon (Kanna), her eyes and ears.
Power: The speed and electric attacks of a Jolteon.
Weapons: A bow and arrow, as well as twin daggers.



"So bored. Can't focus," I muttered as I looked up at the night sky. The gentle breeze of the wind stirred the leaves of the tree I was resting on. It was getting so I was almost too tired to be bored. I slowly closed my eyes and started to doze.

"MURKROW!!!" Lily loudly squawked in my ear. It was so sudden that I almost fell from my branch. Hermes and Kanna woke up and looked down at me with puzzled looks.

"Lily, what was that for? I could have been just fine sleeping here," I complained as I looked up at the airborne Murkrow.

She furiously shook her head and pointed upwards with a wing. I saw nothing, but after a minute of silence I heard a soft whirring sound. "What is that sound?" Kanna climbed on my back and listened with me.

"CHILDREN! CHILDREN! DOWN TO THE CENTER OF THE FOREST! QUICKLY!" I heard Kiarah's voice yell. I fell and hit the ground on my butt, Kanna still on my back.

"Ow! Kiarah's never that loud! Must be urgent!" I hurried to the center, hearing Lily's and Hermes's flapping wings behind me.

Once at the clearing, we were confused about what to do next. We stopped our chatter when we all saw a strange pink light. No one else mattered; my thoughts and senses were all on the Mew that landed. Suddenly a pink light shone from it, enveloping us. I felt...tingly inside, like static electricity. "That felt weird," I said to myself.

Krystalline Kabutops
7th January 2004, 03:40 PM
Grrr......... I clearly stated that Matt transformed!

7th January 2004, 03:44 PM
Character 1:
Name: Mike Rampart
Gender: Male
Age: 15
Alliance: Midnight Forest
Physical Looks: around 5'9" with dark brown hair and green eyes; his skin has taken on a slightly pinker appearance, but it's not easily noticeable; is a jeans-and-tshirt kind of guy, but often wears this (http://www.thinkgeek.com/interests/megatokyo/altware/5c4e/) hoodie.
Personality: Easygoing, friendly and amiable; doesn't like fighting, but doesn't like his friends getting hurt either. Loyal and trusting, sometimes people try to take advantage of him, although they rarely succeed.
Pokémon: Ditto, Porygon2
Power: Similar to Ditto, he can transform into any Pokémon, person, or thing he sees. But aside from things, he has to see it again to be able to transform again. He's trying to learn to transform without seeing people/Pokémon.
Weapons: He's starting to be able to transform his body partly so he can, for example, have a sword blade for a lower arm. Not very good at it yet, though.
Other: nope

Character 2:
Name: Saeko Tobari
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Alliance: She supports the ideals of Gell...for now
Physical Looks: link (http://www.fredart.com/fredart/sk_graphics/wm_saeko-rev01.jpg) <~ that, with blond hair and blue eyes, around 5'6", but stronger than she looks. Typically wears clothes like that in bright colors, or sometimes knee-length skirts in the same color scheme.
Personality: She doesn't like needing to fight (although she's training anyway, just as a precaution), and will easily run without feeling any shame. She's friendly and nice, though, and truly believes that if people were given the right motivation, everyone could live in harmony. Sometimes seems too bubbly and naďve, but isn't really.
Pokémon: A Minun (F) named Thundra and a Plusle (M) named Thunder, both of which Saeko is very close to
Power: She has incredible strength despite her weak appearance, and also can heal others and herself. She doesn't know about the healing part yet, and it's still weak healing anyway.
Weapons: Just her fists and feet.
Other: meh


"Wha-what's going on?" I asked, peeking out from my small hiding place. Other kids were running in panic, something must have scared them, but what could be so horrible? Then I heard the loud buzzing...


"Dangit," I said, getting up and following the mass of other kids to the center of the forest where there was a clearing. From a few yards away I noticed something. The clearing...was glowing pink? Still I ran, and arrived there to see the other kids and...

...a Mew?

I blinked and looked again. No doubt it really was a Mew. It was looking at us, and everyone was looking at the Mew, even while the helicopters got louder. Just as one of them buzzed right over the clearing, Mew flashed a pink light.

I felt...warmth...and urgency...The Mew! It must have established some sort of psychic link with us. I could tell everyone else was caught too, I could feel them with me. Each of them looking at nothing but Mew.

And then Mew turned and looked at me, and I felt him around me, asking me if I wanted power. After I didn't respond in any way, I felt it...feeling my brain. I was scared, but something about the way the Mew was around me calmed me down. It was not trying to spy on my life; it was looking for a power that suited me.

It was real, this whole thing. I let myself accept it, and my body tingled with more warmth. I saw pink, then black, then a Ditto appeared in the blackness. I watched as the Ditto transformed...into me! I knew without asking; somehow I had been given the power of Ditto, something I'd longed for ever since I got my own Ditto.

Suddenly I was back in the cold forest, Mew's aura no longer around me; it had moved on. Quickly, I ran with the other kids as they hurried down towards the tunnels. If the helicopters and people in them were after us, they'd have a hard time finding us in the mountain tunnels.

I was excited. For the first time, I got to ride in a helicopter! Mom and Dad were piloting the thing and I stood in back with a couple other people that my parents knew from work. It was one of those military helicopters too, the ones with the open sides.

Thunder and Thundra were each grabbing onto one of my ankles, Thunder on the left, Thundra on the right. I was standing near the edge, holding on tightly to the bar at the top so I didn't fall. Watching all the scenery fly by was...amazing. So peaceful from up here, just like it should be.

"We've spotted it!" Dad said, as something from the cockpit beeped loudly. Mom responded with, "Adjusting trajectory to match." I didn't know quite what they were doing, but I did know we were chasing after a Mew. Mom and Dad kept saying that if we could catch this Mew, we could win over Yevon. Something about its power could help us.

I looked out again, and saw the looming shape of Mt. Moon coming up. From up here it looked so...pretty. Like nothing could destroy it. I could stare at something like that for hours, studying how the shape of the mountain was just so perfect. I sighed; this is what I knew Mom and Dad wanted: Peace, harmony, and nature.

The cockpit beeped again, and the helicopter turned a little more. I poked my head out and saw a clearing up ahead. It was a small clearing, but what caught my attention was that it was glowing pink. We went towards the light, when suddenly something small and purple was hurled at the helicopter. The helicopter swerved to avoid it and...

"YAAAHH!" I screamed as I lost my grip on the pole. Thunder and Thundra screamed as they gripped harder onto my ankles. I fell; someone screamed my name, but I didn't pay attention. I was going to hit the pink light!

Then all around me was pink. The trees stopped moving below me before dissolving into the pink, and I felt a warmth inside me. Then I realized what was in the middle of the pink.


It looked at me, and I could see it looking at me strangely. But then it somehow told me that he thought I was 'good' and offered me a 'power.'

Now I was confused. I had no idea what the Mew meant by me being 'good' and giving me a 'power.' However, somehow I could tell that Mew meant no harm, only to help. That's really what Mom and Dad had been searching for, right?

Feeling my answer, Mew dissolved into the pink and I felt...stronger. My arms and legs seemed to get larger, but I couldn't see any difference. I also felt a strange tingling in my hands and my head, but I didn't know what was happening.

The next thing I knew I was on the ground in the middle of the forest and the Mew had disappeared. Thunder and Thundra were looking around at the trees, obviously conused like me. Getting up, I checked myself. Nowhere seemed hurt on my body, and my jeans were only slightly dirty; something that Mew did must have lowered me down gently.

Figured SSM might try and hinder the helicopters in some way. Also I'd guess that Roy will be finding Saeko pretty soon, since he'd have to have been near the Mew at the same time.

Roy Karrde
7th January 2004, 03:52 PM
Name: Roy Karrde
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Alliance: Yevon * If any one knows their Mewtations history they should know Roy wont stay with them long *
Physical Looks: He's around 6 foot with very short, thined out black hair and hazel eyes, he has a semi muscular build, and wears a blue tee shirt which has a yellow circle around the middle of the arms, he always wears his black leather jacket with him and sometimes flips on his sunglasses duing mission he doesnt really care if it is night or day when he wears his sunglasses.
Personality: Roy's pretty nice and caring for people, he will begin to sympathize alot with the Mewtations once he meets them, usually he goes out of his way to help people.
Pokémon: No Pokemon * I never really used them in the first RPG why start now? *
Power: Mirror Coat * In the begining the power creates a very light silver coating around his body that blocks some attacks but can be destroyed easily, later on he should be able to expand the power to protect others *
Weapons: He carries a expandable metal stick with him, that with a press of a button can elongate to a fighting stick or can shorten to allow it to be carried easily
Other: Brother to Laura Karrde * I'll do her sign up later if thats okay *

Roy Karrde
I sat down on the bumpy helicopter ride and looked at the pictureof my little sister, it had been so long since I had seen her, she had been eight when I left her with the now enimies of Yevon. I didnt care, I knew she was safe well safe egnough until we got this assignment: To go in and destroy the children of the midnight forest. "1 Minute till Drop Zone" The leader of the group warned us, and I switched on my night vision goggles, hopefully we would reach there before Gell did, if not they could have gotten to Laura, and well I didnt want to think that my little sis was dead.

"Were coming up on them" The leader said swinging open the side door to the helicopter, I peered out to see many kids running toward a field, they all seemed to drop for the ground when they saw us. We made another pass and prepared to land when a bright light almost like a nucular explosion peerced out from the center of a field. Everyone in the helicopter seemed to jump back and the once the light faded a almost electrical charge was left in the air.

"What the hell was that?" The pilot asked, the kids were making a run for the cave the others, the Gell members were just sitting down, damn it they had made it to Mew first.

"We cant land in that were going to be out numbered, we have to take care of the kids first, besides they wont be leaving with our chopper cutting off their route" The leader reminded us, I nodded and so did the others and we rocketed past the Gell members and I had just egnough time to look down and look straight into the eyes of a girl who was looking back at me.

"There they are" I pointed out as the last of the kids ran into the caves, a minute later we were down on the ground and the chopper left to cut off the Gell excape route.

"Troops prepare to open fire" Our squad leader said as we waited in the tree line with a firing position at the mouth of the cave, all we had to do is wait for all the kids to show themselves and that would be the end of them, God I hope Laura wasnt in there.

Ice Maiden
8th January 2004, 11:05 AM
Signup Form:
Name: Raven Tajiri
Gender: Female
Age: 13
Alliance: Midnight Forest
Physical Looks: Raven stands at around 5'5" and is quite slim and slender. She's got a pale complexion, and vivid green eyes that often betray her strongest emotions. Her hair is a raven colour (which explains her name), and it's long...almost down to her butt. She wears a black long-sleeved shirt with a green stripe across her chest, and baggy black pants.
Personality: Like a stereotypical 13 year old. She has major moodswings, and can vary from hyper-hyper to suicidal *coughPMScough*. She's a good person to turn to if you need someone to talk to, as she can always find time to listen to problems. She has a good sense of humour as well.
Houndoom - M - Genki
Blissey - F - Shizuka
Power: Mew gave her the power of Roselia. She can make thorns appear anywhere on her body, so that when she hits someone it gives her the added power of cutting them. Later on in the RPG she developes the ability to poison people.
Weapons: She has a small throwing knife hidden on her person...She also knows a little self-defence.
Other: *pokes other with thorns*


"Genki...Shizuka...What's that noise?!"
I looked to my two pokemon, hoping that they would be able to pinpoint the loud buzzing noise. It seemed to be getting closer and closer. I quickly searched around me, then glanced up to the sky.
"Helicopters!" I yelled.
Suddenly, a female voice rose above the din. It was Kiarah, telling us to run to the center of the forest. We had been there many times before, but now there was an urgency to reach the middle of our forest home.
The other children were stood in the clearing in the middle of the forest, wondering what was happening. The droning noise above our heads wasn't helping much either.
Then the open space was filled with a strange pink light. It seemed to be eminating from a small figure to my left. I turned around to get a better look...and came face to face with a Mew.
It looked at all the kids in turn, even Kiarah, our "leader". Then it moved to face me.
I felt a tingling sensation run through my body, starting at the tip of my toes and running right up to the top of my head. Somehow, Mew was telling me that I was to be granted the powers of Roselia. Then the tingling stopped, and I was left in the forest with a group of confused children.
The helicopters were still buzzing above us, and it seemed that the only safe place to hide would be the mountain caves. I sprinted to them with the other kids, and we only emerged when we were sure that the helicopters had gone.

8th January 2004, 03:47 PM
[All I ask for is forgiveness]

"What's that?"I said, running at full speed as soon as I felt it in my body, something or someone was coming. I had returned Absol, because he might hold me back. I knew it was a straight path to the forest called "Midnight." So I didn't need more help.

I must of not noticed that I was actually in the middle of the forest when I started to hear a helicopter flying.I ran to a bush, and squated, so that some kids I saw running wouldn't notice me, I didn't want ot fend them off. I looked straight, moving some bush so that I could see what the kids were conversing about.

"What's..that..?"I whispered. A pink Light engulfed the kids. I stood up, quickly, and soon found myself engulfed in the pink light..of a Mew. I felt like it was searching inside of me,for something. And I felt Mew do it too, my own soul felt shaken.
'Please..mew...Forgive me.I only came to the forest to see these children, not to hurt them. Please, don't hurt me.'I thought quietly in my head. A Mew's body appeared before me in the pink light, and smiled in happyness.

Then, Everything went blank.It was a weird feeling to me, like I was dead or something. I looked ahead of me, and saw a Banette...Was I a Banette?I soon felt myself on the ground, laying. Sounds of children running and Helicopters coming over head filled my ears. I had to protect these kids, or help protect them.I wanted them to have a childhood that I didn't. And I felt Mew knew this too.

I stood up in a instant, and saw a Helicopter near a open cave, ready to shoot. I instantly remembered the design's on the Helicopter...Yevon.

(She's heading for the cave.)

8th January 2004, 04:07 PM
It seems we are off to a good start, I like the progress so far. LIttle minor problems, like with Opaque supposed to have already become a Pokemon and such, but that's how RPGs work, can't see every little detail, unfortunately.
Just try to go with it to the best of all your abilities.
Now, for my post :).

The helicopter had already reached Mt. Moon. Forget it, I could not waste any more time, those kids would be dead soon. I stopped running and began to concentrate. I felt the pull of my energy and took hold of, pushing it below me (like Mewtwo, when using energy SSM's body and eyes glow dark blue). I opened my eyes as I began to fly upward. I focused on moving forward, and began heading towards the summit. Now airborne it didn't take long to reach the mountain, and I landed once I neared a forest off to the side of the mountain. I took a look around, and could suddenly feel energy rushing at me. I insticntively put up a barrier to block the energy, and I could see my blue energy clashing with the incoming pink energy.

"This is.. Mew's power!" I gasped and I let down my shield. I could feel the force of the power push some air towards me, but the energy was already dying away; I don't believe I was exposed to it. However, the matter of why Mew would release energy out in all directions was still a mystery. I closed my eyes and raised my hands upward towards the sky, and breathed in the air around me. Mostly fresh, but I could smell the exhaust of the helicopter. Despite this, I attempted a Recover attack. With the impurity now in the land, I'd be unable to regain all my energy from the flight and barrier attack; just enough for 1 or 2 attacks. This would be enough, however. I began walking forward into the forest. In the distance there was a clearing that seemed to have recently been abandonded; foot prints and dropped belongings littered the area. I could sense the presence of pure people slightly, but where was beyond me. And Mew was nowhere to be found. I looked up to see now multiple helicopters circling the area. Taking them all out would be a challange. I quickly picked the closest one and ran towards it. The helicopter seemed to be circling some caves dug out of the mountain. Troops wearing Yevon military uniforms were on the ground, surrounding all enterances into the mountain. Each carrying a weapon, I had to act fast. They had yet to notice me, so I wasn't under ALOT of pressure... I my left arm just above my right shoulder and concentrated on my power. Clenching and them opening my hand, I formed a Shadow Ball attack.

"Hey guys you should watch out for attack from outside the caves as well!" I yelled. Every man there turned in my direction and raised guns to aim at me. I quickly flung the Shadow Ball towards the center of the group. I didn't care if some got hit and died, they deserved it anyway. But fortunately for them, none were hit, though the explosion and resulting cloud of dust caused them to run.

"You may be able to run, but to avoid capture from me is impossible." I said. I searched through the dust simply by looking around. I saw a shadow running towards the forests, and I ran and tackled the person. We both crashed into the ground and I pinned the guy down, grabbing his weapon and pointing it at him.

"Where is Mew?" I said, as I stoof upward, still pointing the weapon at the guy.

"I don't know, my division was not sent after a Mew."

"So you were here to kill the kids?"

8th January 2004, 04:13 PM
Name: Kaia (kai-ah)
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Alliance: Midnight Forest
Physical Looks: 5'4, is somewhat pale and has a thin but strong build; has icy blue/gray eyes and brown hair that hangs down to her chin; she prefers to dress casually in a blue t-shirt, jeans and sneakers
Personality: She's somewhat antisocial but likes to talk to people when they talk to her; she's big on battling and Pokemon training and likes to spar with anyone who has a Pokemon; she constantly trains and tries to do the best she can; can get mad easily but most of the times retains her nice and calm nature
Pokémon: Kadabra (Nightshade), Charmeleon (Drake)
Power: She has the powers of a Charizard. She can breathe small fireballs grow sharp claws on her hands, talk to any Charizard family and slightly to fire Pokemon and can gain a Charizard's strength. She's also trying to grow wings but hasn't been able to so far
Weapons: She carries two matching daggers with her but doesn't use them on anyone, just for training
Other: Nada

I twirled my blades around on the forest floor as Nightshade and Drake were sparring with each other. If those two psycho groups came after us and caught us, I wanted to put up a fight, even if I surrounded and at a disadvantage. I glanced over at Kiarah, who slightly backed away from my dangerous blades and instead looked into the direction of the setting sun. She was one of the few who I could have a decent conversation with but hardly any of the group was remotely interested in battling. A shame really since we had barely any defenses and if we wanted to survive, we couldn't just run away everytime we heard a noise. The forest and caves provided decent protection but in a group whose youngest "member" was 7 and less than half the group was willing to use weapons, it would be tough stay hidden for the rest of our lives.
"Ok you guys, that's enough," I called out to them and put my daggers away in their hidden sheaths.
Just then, I started to hear a buzzing noise and turned toward the horizon, where a small prick was evident in front of the dying sun.
I rubbed my ears slightly as Kiarah was yelling practically right next to me. Every kid rush from out of nowhere into the clearing and we all huddled as Kiarah instructed them to run into the caves that merged with underground tunnels. Suddenly, one of the little kids stared wide-eyed at something behind Kiarah's back. Peering over her shoulder, I gasped at the sight of a Mew, it's pink aura constantly shining and reflecting against the forest, making it look like a mini wonderland. Slowly turning around, Kiarah looked into Mew's eyes and it looked like they were starting to talk, based on her changing facial expressions. It took a little while before she nodded and was bathed in a pink glow. Then Mew went to the others and had them bathed in the same pink glow before coming to me. It cocked its head for a moment before crinkling its eyes in amusement, as if it understood me like I was an old friend. Giving the legendary Pokemon a cool smile, I let the glow settle over me and in my view, it looked like flames we enveloping, a roar sounding in the distance. Feeling a bit uncomfortable, I closed my eyes for a minute before opening them again and looking at Mew fly away into the distance.

It was then I remembered the helicopters coming, sounding louder and louder. Everyone made a mad dash towards the cave, with Kiarah and I at the back, looking out for any Gell or Yevon members. After going deep into the caves, we waited for something to change. Soon enough, the buzzing began to die away and a couple minutes later, there was no sound at all. Creeping out into the entrance, Kiarah looked around and found no one. The others followed at her beckoning, although a few were apprehensive. I was one of the few, since I felt that something was still not right. Listening for any movement, I heard nothing unusual as the kids began to talk again. Then I began to hear louder voices and looking through the woods with keen eyes, I spotted Yevon troops making their way towards us, mostly likely trying to kill the whole group. I motioned to Kiarah to gather up the others and as we moved quickly but silently back into the caves, I gulped as I tried to figure out what we were going to do.

Roy Karrde
8th January 2004, 04:18 PM
Roy Karrde
The gun was pointed straight to my head and I was scared for my life, it was true we were here to go after Mew, we were also supposed to finally wipe out these kids. "I'm here to save my sister, everyone else..I dont know" I replied and he cocked the gun.

It was a tense few moments and I knew reinforcements were coming, with our team in shambles Gell could get Mew, that would be horrible they would be indestructable. "Move" He finally said picking me up from the ground with one hand and half carrying me, half dragging me into the cave.

"It's safe to come out, Yevon wont bother you anymore" He said and I sighed in defeat as he tossed my weapon onto the ground and then pushed me forward. I was captured, finished, dead, those kids they would finish me off.

"I..I..Surrender" I sighed leaving my life in their hands.

8th January 2004, 05:08 PM
Name: Lorelei Cosante

Gender: Female

Age: 18

Alliance: Midnight Forest Alliance

Appearance: Average height, slender, and somewhat interesting, you wouldn’t tell she’s devil’s spawn from her looks. Decked out in black three-inch-heeled boots tight to the sides of her legs up to her knees, laced up tightly with black laces and a pattern of red roses decorating the heels. She wears incredibly short red shorts, tight and low-rise, with a similar pattern of black roses over the pockets. With it she wears a cropped black halter top, the strings tying it behind her neck and upper back red to accent it. Her long chestnut brown hair, streaked with red, is usually let loose to hang in her face, dropping down to frame her face. A silver chain with a heart on the end hangs at her chest, and two little silver chains bounce at her wrists.

Personality: She's about as nice as a female dragon with PMS and a whole chopping block full of knives and the entire range of the US Military's weapons. She'd sooner kill you than show kindmess. She's one big ball of sadistic humour. Although she attempts to take control of this anger, she is still a pretty nasty *****. She carries many secrets about her, and she holds them very close to her heart and would rather die than divulge them. She's a stubborn and obstinate one too, always has to be in charge. And when it comes to her enemies... they fear her, because when her temper comes into play, she pretty much loses control and will attempt murder, though it rarely ever happens. Even though she seems coldhearted enough to hate everything under the sun, she’s still quite the flirt and has a bit tendancy to go out of her way for some guy, and then once he’s happy change her mind and break his heart.

Powers: Future Sight. Though when she uses it it only gives her a minutes worth of the future in her head, it gives her enough of an advantage to overtake some of the worse enemies, though it saps her energy quite a bit if she uses it for lengthy periods.

Pokémon: Ponyta, female, named Butterfly Effect for the thin stripes along her back in the shape of a butterfly’s wings, identical and symmetrical to one another.

Weapons: A thin rod, with a red handle and a silver body, lightweight and slightly pliable but good enough to hurt you pretty bad if it hit you strongly enough. Its a simple enough weapon, but it can hurt, even if it only bruises and stuns a bit.



'That was slightly disturbing...' Lorelei thought, shaking her head as the bright flash subseeded. 'Whatever the heck that was, I don't know...' It wasn't every day a huge rose-colored flash just happened to engulf the clearing. And as she turned, she vaguely saw something pink darting through the woods. Twirling her stave in one hand and holding Butterfly Effect's reins in the other hand, she turned again, glancing around at all the children, or rather, teenagers, and even a few adults. The slender eighteen year old was one of the older of the bunch, but she certainly wasn't the oldest. She felt slightly different... but at the same time, she felt the same as usual.

Lorelei's head lifted with a jerk as she heard the telltale spinning noise of a helecopter above. Glancing at it with a scowl, she moved away from where she was standing in a vague clearing and took up a quick lope, taking a second to recall her Ponyta into a pokéball to prevent having to stress over that at the same time.

Vehemently letting out a sigh, she headed towards the cave where the other children had gone. Kaia and Kiarah, at the back, had finally ducked in, and Lorelei followed at a lag, jogging to catch up and still staying behind to prevent the Gells or Yevons from following.

"It's safe to come out, Yevon wont bother you anymore!"

Lorelei's pace slowed as she heard the man call, and she didn't dare shout back, let alone confirm which direction they where heading. Mount Moon's paths were mazelike, and leading them on the right track was not smart.

Coming to a stand-still after making sure the rest were going to keep going, Lorelei retraced her steps, and peered around a sharp corner, seeing a familiar boy being dragged along by an unmistakeable Gell member.

Taking a second to think, she waited for the man to come into view around the bend, and she swung out her stave, hitting the man in the nose with the iron rod and watching him fall backwards in surprise before he could shoot with his gun. Picking up the gun and grabbing Roy by the wrist, she growled, "Get a move on boy, before he does."

Yami Annika
8th January 2004, 05:12 PM
Would it be alright if I had a minor change? Just a last name... If it's alright, I would like to change it from "Izdlarme" to "Dlarmere" ("Emerald", her original-first-RPG name, spelt backwards). If no one posts in response to this, I will accept it as an okay. If it's not okay, then that's fine. :)

Also, in the original RPG, Mew was captured by the children (me, actually :D), but in one post it said Mew flew off. Will we be seeing the little guy/girl/it again?

Annika Izdlarme

The pink glow surrounded me, and engulfed me. It filled every atom and molecule.

“Child,” the Mew said telepathically. Its thought seemed… sympathetic. “You will see that you can effect the world around you.”

“What?” I whispered aloud. And, then, the pink was gone. As was the Mew. “No…”

I watched it go, even as the helicopters grew closer. I felt strange. Almost as if I was no longer solid. Curious at what had been done to me, I looked at my hand… only to see some of the ground through my near-transparent skin. Was I dead? What was going on?

Tears began welling up in my eyes. Some of the kids, still wary of the threat, began running into the caves. I followed suit… But, then again, what did it matter? I seemed to be no more than a ghost…

Even while you’re dead and have nothing to lose… You’re still a coward. The thought snuck across my thoughts, as I started mentally kicking myself.

It was nearly complete silence, so it wasn’t hard to hear the yell of “Yevon won’t bother you anymore!” If only that were true. I was tempted to get up and see what the commotion was about, but hesitated. Lorelei went, instead. I went back to concentrating on solidifying – Maybe I wasn’t a hopeless ghost after all…

Krystalline Kabutops
8th January 2004, 07:26 PM
Don't you people go to school or have jobs or something? Man, talk about fast paced.... And I've decided to follow suit with everyone else, and pretend Matt into Gardevoir never happened. Yet.


I retreated further back into the cave, leaving most of the other kids to keep lookout. Now, Annika, Imani, Raven, Kayla, Mike, Lirin, Laura, and I were a safe enough distance away from the entrance to avoid immediate detection. Noticing that Annika seemed even more antisocial than usual, I walked over to her to offer some comfort. "Well, at least no one was hurt, right?" I offered as she stared at her hand, seeming to be ignoring me. Annoyed, I patted her shoulder, only to have my hand go through it. She looked at me, shocked, and I felt a sudden tingling sensation. In a moment, it was over. Relieved, I turned around, coming face-to-face with Raven. The funny part was, I was at eye level with her! Noticing the weird look she was giving me, I asked her what it was about. "Garde, Gardevoir Voir?" With a gasp, I looked at my hand. It was light green, and definatly inhuman in it's odd shape. She chuckled. "Oh man, I never pictured you as a Gardevoir, Matt."

EDIT: Sorry, got the wrong hand color. Haven't seen a Gardevoir pic in a while.

Roy Karrde
8th January 2004, 08:00 PM
Laura Karrde
I stood back at the end of the group as we trudged through the cave, I felt bad for who ever was captured by the group, but were they really wanting to kill us? Why would they want to do that? What kindof threat could we pose to them?

"Hey wait up" A adult voice said behind me obviously out of breath and panting.

"Umm hi, your not with our group are you?" I asked curiously, shifting my weight from one foot to the other, and then I began to back up in fear, if she wasnt with the group, she must be one of the people trying to kill us. I tried to find my voice to yell or scream or do something for help but it just wasnt coming.

"Hey calm down, it's not like that, I'm not a bad guy my name's Ka...I mean ten" She said and I studied her oddly. "It's a nickname" She added.

"I'm Laura, Laura Karrde" I said extending my hand which she shook very lightly.

"Now c'mon lets go and catch up for the rest of the group" She said taking my hand and running off to catch up with them.

8th January 2004, 09:26 PM
I'm sorry Opaque about your character changing before, I didn't understand that the 'tingling' sensation was a transformation.

Also... if any character (older and female) wants to be Clark's older sister, that would be great! ^^;

Name: Clark Rathson
Gender: Male
Age: 7
Alliance: Child of Midnight, although his parents are for Gell.
Physical Looks: Imagine him like the attachment below. Yes... I know, it's Cloud. Just imagine him as a 7 year old. (same hair style... figure... even for a 7 year old, he's slightly muscular, just not THAT muscular.) However, his outfit is different o'course. He wears a simple white t-shirt, which is a slight muscle shirt but that's only because he's grown and the shirt has become tight for him, but he doesn't have any other clothes. He wears forest-green shorts, which are made out of a light, slightly jean material with a rope-like belt which ties together to tighten it since it's sort of baggy. He wears black and white tennis shoes however... which are a little ragged. However, his hair is messy but seems perfect for him. *sigh* (like Cloud's..) *swoon*Personality: Very wild... very hyperactive. To him, the world is his playground and there is no such meaning as 'no'. The only way for him to listen to anyone really is for them to give him soem sort of bribe. ^^; He's got a temper too. Push him the wrong way and he won't hesitate to slug even the biggest of foes. Although... perhaps he'll learn some day.
Pokémon: None
Power: Arcanine's powers. He can somtimes summon little fire 'poofs' but nothing too extreme right now. When he gets REALLY REALLY REALLY mad some times random non-organic items will burst into fire. ^^; But he has no control over his 'slight' powers right now... He never takes showers, and strangely he never smells bad nor looks dirty for longer than an hour. ^^ His body is constantly warm... like a warm blanket. ^^
Weapons: He has a toy water gun which he no longer likes to use.
Other: He ran away from home with his older sister... the only one he really listens too. ^^;

Clark Rathson

Child of the Forest - Arcanine Powers - 7 yr M


" Waiit! Wait, wait!" Clark yelled, the little boy's tears welling up with warmth and growing as he watched everyone leave the cave. He frowned... here he had ran into the cave almost faster than the other children (all older than he) and now they were leaving again so soon. The Helicopters had scared Clark... he was worried it was his parents trying to find him... from Gell. He didn't want to go with them... he didn't want to be near this parents ever since they started hurting people.

" Clark! Come'on!" Annika had yelled from far away... and he heard Matt yelp as if suddenly discovering some thing. Clark normally didn't like following orders, b ut he didn't want to be left in the dark cave all alone...

The Mew gazed at everyone...a nd soon it had looked at Clark. Almost giggling... it laughed, and Clark had defiantly frowned, as if daring iti to laugh at his age. It then spoke to him... clearly..
Age makes no difference to a soul. Only the worth with in the year makes your true spirit age.
Clark was confused... and the Mew giggled again inside his head.
Will of Fire. Spirit of Flames. Protection of... yes, Power of Arcanine.
THen the light seemed to completely engulf Clark...

"Will? Spirit? Protection? Arcanine?" Clark mumbled to himself... as he trudged forward and dashed towards the other. Soon he found everyone outside... and a... apokemon?
" What's THAT?!" Clark gasped, amazed by the strange site..
" It's... it's Matt!" Raven smirked, poking him as he growled.
"Matt? Why is ... is he a pokemon?" Clark blinked, obviously bewildered...

" Must be... his power.." Kiarah responded, but her face -usually cheery and kind- was stern and ... well, looked different than usual. Clark's gaze went where Kiarah's went, and soon he saw a man cowering... as he was afraid of us. Near him was Lorelei, and then there was another... b ut he looked rather strange, as if some thing was different about him.
"Who are they?" Clark asked... but no one was paying attention to him, they were all looking at the (member of Yevon) and the strange guy who seemingly seemed to not be worried about much.

" Who are you?!" Clark yelled (as much as a young 7 year old could..) as he ran forward, away from the main group except for Lorelei, standing in the middle, frownign as if confused yet demanding for his question to be answered.
"Clark!" Kiarah gasped... standing her ground in a protective manner- she didn't seem to quite trust (SSM) the one guy. She seemed as if she wanted to protect everyone from going any further... as if she wanted to make sure it was safe to 'release' them... (of course, Kiarah had really no control over them, but she tried to protect them as much as possible... as much as she could and they would allow.)

"Who are you...?" Clark repeated less forceful and more curious, staring defiantly at the strange guy, cocking his fluffy blonde-head to the side with a stern 7-year-old look.

[attachment deleted by admin]

Krystalline Kabutops
8th January 2004, 09:53 PM

I growled as Raven poked me. I had never really considered her to be the poking type, but the situation seemed to bring out her "Funnier" side. As I slapped her hand away, she grabbed me again. "Kiarah, can I keep it? Puh-LEEZE?" She said, in a mock-child voice. I tried to push her away, but I wasn't as strong as normal. Resignedly, I hung limp in her arms, wishing I knew how to get back to normal, hoping the other people who weren't back yet would fail to notice me. I really didn't want to be seen in a skirt.

Ooc: That's ok Bulba, honest mistake.

8th January 2004, 10:05 PM
Gomen nasaii for not seeing that... ^^;

I leaned against the rock, going over everything that had happened in the past hour or so. It probably wasn't even that long, but some things seem to last quite a while...

Mew had told me something... It would give me a power, a power that I would need to survive with the 'other' people... It was strange, the way that Mew said 'other'. However, seeing a Mew was strange and communicating at all with it was even stranger... I didn't want the power. I was a pacifist, I hated fighting. It only caused pain and in the end achieved absolutely nothing except hurt. Mew insisted... it offerend me a power without its own weakness, that of a Sableye... I still didn't want it. I wouldn't be able to use it, I'm too weak as a person. "You're not weak..." echoed through my head, "... you just don't like the idea of hurting. I'll give you another thing to help you... to help you use your powers. To help you survive. Would that be alright...?" I had accepted, and I suddenly felt a sensation around me. It was cold, dark, but yet comforting in a way... pink blinded me, and then...

Raven was having a ball teasing Matt, who seemed to be stuck as a Gardevoir. That would stink if he was like that forever... I mean, Pokemon are great and all, but I'm glad I'm human.

What's wrong with being a Pokemon?!
Nothing. I never said anything was wrong with it.
Well, it sure sounded as if you'd hate that.
If humans could capture me and put me in this little ball over half the time, I'd sure not like it!
Ah, now you're starting to think like them. Welcome to the world.

Hold the phone. I just had a conversation in my head. That's... not normal, right? Oh, great, first a Mew, then people turning into Pokemon, now I talk to myself. Can't my life stay normal for half a second?
Apparently not.
I didn't ask you.
Fair enough.

Damn voices. I wonder if anyone around here has a degree in psychotherapy? Probably not, considering they were all kids...

Suddenly I felt really tired, like I had been running a long ways. Well, in a respect I had. And I was getting dizzy. Oh yes, now I'm light-headed. I think it's about time I sat down...

I stuck my hand out towards the nearest tree to support myself as I began tipping over. My balance was failing, too. Geeze, am I sick or something?

Oh, yes, that tree... My hand never made contact.

"OW!" I cried out in pain as I fell onto the ground. Suddenly I gasped as I realized why I had hit the ground: I passed right through the tree I was being supported on! Ok, I think I know my power now...
No you don't. That was just the beginning.
You did that?!
Who else could of?
... shut up.
Make me.

8th January 2004, 10:24 PM

"I wonder what happened to me?" I asked myself.

Power of lightning. You hold a Jolteon's power, I remember the Mew say to me earlier.

Oh. I looked over at Matt's new look. "Hey Matt, are you turning into a Gardevior or are you just trying out a new look?" Kanna and I laughed at my crack.

"Gardevoir!" he shouted angrily.

I pretended to look sorry. "I don't know what you said, but I'm sorry. It's okay, I'm going through the same thing. Come here and let me give you some advice." He crept near. "Now soon you're going to wonder why there are red stains in your pants. But don't worry, it's not blood. Best of all it only happens once a month!"

Matt blushed and punched me in the arm.

"Imani, that's mean!" Kiarah shouted at me.

"What? With the look of that skirt, I thought he was changing genders!"

"Voir! Gardevior gar!" Matt snapped.

"Yeah, whatever," I said nonchalantly.

EDIT: Sorry about that, Opaque. I edited.

8th January 2004, 11:02 PM
Gawd, short post, gtg soon --;; Must post now for fear of being lost later.


"Who is that?" Clark shouted, and Lorelei calmly looked up. Well, as calmly as she could. She had an absolute scowl on her face.

"You don't wanna know this jerk." she replied, giving Roy and icy stare and yanking him around by the collar. "Moveit, Yevon goon, or you're going over to the Gell..."

Krystalline Kabutops
9th January 2004, 09:14 AM
ooc: CC, Matt is still a Gardevoir, and thusly, can't speak english.


Raven looked quizzically at Imani. "You really think Matt's female now? Hang on, I'll check...." Realizing what that meant, I tried afresh to escape her grip, to no avail. In a few minutes, she had her answer. "Wow Imani, I guess you were right..... Can I call her Marie?"

Ice Maiden
9th January 2004, 04:03 PM

I ran deeper into the cave with a group of other kids, leaving the others to keep lookout. I stood still for a while, comtemplating what Mew had said to me in my own head.
I shall grant you the power of Roselia. Use it well, for trouble is brewing...
I walked over to Matt, who had just muttered something to Annika. He had a weird look on his face, then started to glow a strange light green colour. It lasted for a few seconds, then it was gone. In Matt's place was a very confused-looking Gardevoir. He...she...it turned to face me, then let out a startled "Garde, Gardevoir Voir?" Then, he looked at his hand, gasping at the green coloured skin.
"Oh man, I never pictured you as a Gardevoir, Matt," I said, wondering what the hell had just happened. Then I poked him, and watched him wince as he recoiled from my touch.
"Can I keep it?" I asked, in a mocking voice, "Pleeease?"
He tried to push me away, but the attempt was so feeble that I couldn't help laughing.
Imani walked over, also laughing at Matt's predicament. She asked if Matt was now a female, then whispered something that I couldn't quite catch.
"You really think Matt's female now? Hang on, I'll check...." peeped under his "skirt", then nodded my head.

9th January 2004, 04:37 PM
As went back into the cave to watch over the others, I saw Raven and Imani tease Matt about turning into a Gardevoir. At first, it was rather amusing but it started to get more irritating until Raven looked under his skirt to see his gender. Stomping over to the both of them, I pushed them out of the way and stood in front of Matt.
"Look you two, I understand that you want to have fun but right now, this isn't the time. We have Gell and Yevon members after us, a Mew came by and granted us some powers for god know's what reason and tt's rude to check under one's skirt for a gender, even if it was a joke. GOT IT?!?"
I swirled around and gripped Matt, holding on hard.
"You'd better get out of that form right now or you'll wish you've never seen me practice with my daggers."
Petrified, Matt started to shake before changing back to his former self. Backing up against the wall, he waited for me to hurt him but exasparated, I held up my arms and shook my head.
"Did you really think I would actually hurt you? I'm not that ruthless you know."
I chuckled and left the scared and perplexed trio to walk out of the cave where I saw Lorelei kicking and stabbing the Yevon member with her rod. I wish she would stop but it was hard to convince even her to not hurt an enemy.
"You know," I piped up, "maybe this Yevon guy can tell us a bit about himself and his team, perhaps tell us what they're after besides us. I mean, their whole purpose couldn't have been to kill us all, would it?

Krystalline Kabutops
9th January 2004, 07:09 PM

Glaring daggers at Raven and Imani, I watched as Kaia and Lorelei tried to get some information out of our prisoner. I'd really hate to have been him. Lorelei could be very persuasive, and I don't mean bribes. I shivered. Being a Pokemon had not been a fun experience.
You mean you don't like me?
You mean you can't figure it out?
Have I gone nuts?
Oh, fine, if you're really that thick, then I'll just tell you. I'm your other side. Your Gardevoir side.
So I HAVE gone bonkers?
Not exactly. *smirks* I'm a portion of you, infused with Gardevoir. and I'M the one who controls when you transform, so you better be nice to me.
I wonder if that Yevon member happens to be a shrink?
Get used to me, pal. I'm not going anywhere. And without me, you'll never know all the secrets about your transformations. So next time you sass me, you're going back to MY body! (the Gardevoir body)

ooc: In short, to master his abilities, Matt has to do something that is about as likely as me turning into a Swellow: He has to get on good terms with this other mind of his.

Roy Karrde
9th January 2004, 10:14 PM
Roy Karrde
"You know," Kaia piped up, "maybe this Yevon guy can tell us a bit about himself and his team, perhaps tell us what they're after besides us. I mean, their whole purpose couldn't have been to kill us all, would it?"

"Thank you" I said shaking Lorelei's grip off of me, I wondered if any one remembered that I used to be a part of this now pathetic excuse for a group. "Well my name is Roy..Roy Karrde, I came here to pick up my little sister and get out of here"

"So you werent planning on warning the rest of us of your little plan? just get out and let the rest of us get slaughtered?" Lorelei asked pushing me, I turned around and shoved her back for that comment.

"Hey the hammer is about to come down on you guys, and I dont want to be in the way, Yevon and Gell are cooking up something and they want you guys out of the way. No matter where you go now, your going to be hunted, what ever family you have left you should consdier dead, your life is now over" I said, making my little speach, these caves would be swarming soon of one group or the other, these kids were dead and they all knew it, it was just a matter of time.

9th January 2004, 11:07 PM

[Forgivness is the wish that can not be granted.]
'I gave you the power of Banette.Use it wisely, help protect these children'Words that rattled in my head, words from Mew before the light disappated before.I was now walking fastly with Laura, towards the other children, but soon felt her cold finger's not on my hand. I stopped, and looked behind me.

"Your Hand..went through mine.."Laura had stopped in her hands, examining her hand. I examined mine, and decided I could go through stuff. I concentrated a little bit more, and felt her cold, clamy hand on mine once more. I started to walk more, just thinking about That Yevon Helicopter. But it wasn't a long walk till we found more of those children. And look!They had a Yevon playmate too.

I hid behind some of the rocks, and pushed Laura down with me. They seemed to be talking, and I..guess I was afraid of what they would think of me..Which is a silly though, I'm probably older than most of them!I looked around, and Laura wasn't there anymore. I heard her voice behind the rock,and my back slid down the rock a little more..and my butt scrapped the floor,making a noise.

9th January 2004, 11:09 PM

"You're full of bull****." she growled, impulsively grabbing the collar of his jacket and showing a fist close to his face. "I don't trust you any farther than I could throw you!"

"Why would I lie to you? They're going to come in here and kill you all, and your lives will be over, by Yevon's hands or Gell's." Roy replied with an impatient tone.

"Oh no, don't even go there, Roy, you'd lie over your parents name if you had to. These children will not die, and these adults and teenagers will not die, but you will." she snarled, narrowing her eyes.

Kaia gave a look of slight irritation at Lorelei's words, and Lorelei glanced around at all the children for a moment before snapping at Roy, "Take your sister and go crawl into a corner and die, what are you waiting for?"

Roy Karrde
10th January 2004, 12:05 AM
I post only becuase Lorelei is threatning my life over MSN IM

Roy Karrde
I smirked, looking at Lorelei, that is just like her, only caring about herself. She was the most selfish, egotistical, stupid person I ever knew. "What I'm waiting for? WHAT I'M WAITING FOR? I'm waiting for a apology for the last time we met" I yelled at her, spit flying into her face.

"I, am, not, giving, you, a, apology" Lorelei yelled back pushing me with every step. On the heals of that last word she tried to take a swing at me, well I guess she did take a swing at me. I staggered back from the punch a little, waited a second and punched her in the face, which hurt my hand.

"You two stop it, Roy your not going anywhere becuase Yevon would never be convinced that we just let you go, and Lorelei we need him if we get in a scrape so calm down" Kiarah yelled, I let my shoulders drop and relaxed, this was going to be a long evening.

10th January 2004, 12:23 AM

"Apology?" she snapped, having been taken offguard when he hit her back, staggering backwards and raising one hand to her nose, which was lightly bleeding now down her lip. "Why the hell would I owe you an apology, after that?!"

Placing one hand on her hip, the other stemming the nosebleed, she said sarcasically, "But, of course, I've forgotten, you own the world and everything in in... how dare I forget? Of course, Roy, I'll apologize for everything under the sun." she ranted, the sarcasm dripping off her voice.

Holding her stave against her hip loosely, she lightly held it infront of his face. "I refuse to have him with us. He's a liar and a phony and he'll screw us over without a second thought if we let him in." she said, more to everyone else though she kept her eyes on Roy.

Krystalline Kabutops
10th January 2004, 10:59 AM

I sat down, moving slightly away from the group to sit upon a boulder. I didn't want them to hear me talking to "Myself".
Listen, you, No one bosses me around, not even some mysterious voice in my head.
You seem to be forgetting who holds the power in this relationship.
No I'm not. I hold the power, and YOU are just a figment of my imagination.
What, do you want a demo?
No, I don't. Well, ok, if I'm stuck with you, can you at least tell me your name?
M'name's Athenae.
*Bursts into laughter* Who do you think you are, a Goddess?
I warned you....

Suddenly, I felt the tingling sensation again.

You know, Kaia's gonna get PO'ed at you now...
That's ok, I can't feel pain. Anything she does to you will be just to you.

10th January 2004, 11:34 AM
No one wants to be Clark's older sister? ^^;;;; ermm... k....


Child of the Forest - Arcanine Powers - 7 yr old M


Clark's eyes widened as the strange guy from Yevon talked, and then he suddenly began talking about Gell or Yevon taking over, and soon killing us and us... us being... dead... along with our family. Clark didn't care about his parents, they were dead to him... even as a 7 year old... since he and his sister ran away. But his sister? Dead?!
"NO!" Clark yelled, his eyes narrowing as he ran up to Roy and stood right in front of him, looking upwards in a fierce defiant manner.
"Take it back! My sister will not be dead! No one here will die!!!"
Roy shook his head, taking a few steps back as he looked at Clark and shook his head..
" Sorry... but you all will be dead once they get h-"
Anger filled Clark as he heard the words, and before he could finish Clark suddenly charged at Roy and instantly collided with him in a 'take down' like manner. However, usually a 7 year old boy could not take down one like Roy... since Roy was older, and probably in all usual means 'stronger'. But Clark has been given the power of an Arcanine... Arcanine's were...
Oh yeah, and they had a killer take down attack when provoked. So, when Clark collided into Roy, Roy was sent hurling backwards a little ways (Take down wasn't at full strength... Clark just used it unknowingly. =^^=) The stunned man looked up, as Clark stood there, his eyes almost burning with an inner fire...
" No one is gonna die!!! I won't let them!!" Clark shouted, tears almost forming in the corners of his eyes... but he tried to fight them back. He had to be strong, he felt he had to be...
Looking at the other guy (SSM), he frowned and almost growled at him..
" I was wondering who you were. Are you one of them?"

10th January 2004, 09:23 PM

I starred at the Yevon member with hatred. However, as I wished, it was not my place to choose his fate, I interveined with the attack on the children, so it would rightuflly be their decision.
"Move." I said, grabbing the man by his clothing and dragging him into a cave enterance.
"It's safe to come out, Yevon wont bother you anymore." I yelled, so that the children, if they heard me, would know they could return to their lives.
"I..I..Surrender." The man said, realising he could not win in any sort of fight. He seemed terrified for his life, and I was sure that he was nolonger a threat. Assuming the kids had already come out into the clearing, I dropped the weapon and pulled the man back outside. It was then that I could see the children... and realised the results of Mew's power release. I had previously thought that the kids were far away due to not sensing human energy much.. But now it seemed like this was not the case; these kids, they had adopted the abilities only Pokemon contained. Some seem worried, some were poking fun at each other, and the scene was chaotic. Among the squabling kids I saw a group of older people, probably about my age, in the center trying to calm things down. As I began to head in their direction, one came towards me and whacked the Yevon member with a large stick-thing. I dropped the man and backed away slightly. The two began talking and fighting, it seemed apparant that the two knew each other from some previous engagement, but such a thing didn't seem relevent to me. Everyone was acting on their own, and some order was needed.

"Okay. Everyone, SHUT THE **** UP!" Every person in the vicinity stopped moving and looked at me.
"I really don't know what's going on here completely, but it seems to me that if we stay out in the open, we'll be picked off easily. We must regroup and prepare for any future attack. Or even attack the enemy first."

"Who put you in charge?"
"Why should we listen to you?"
"I was wondering who you were. Are you one of them?"
"He must be a Gell guy he looked like he was gonna kill that Yevon guy-"
"QUIET! I am not in charge, I am making a SUGGESTION. You need not listen to me, I'll leave you all alone if you want. And you can be sure that I am not a member of Gell, I know very well that rules are needed to keep order on this planet, no one can completely fend for themselves." The kids all seemed to quiet down and process what I had said. One woman, who seemed to have been stopping the Yevon member and a girl from killing each other, came up to me.

"We don't know you, and I doubt you know any of us. However, you seem to be right, order is needed, we had some order until those helicopters arrived... Anyway, we offer hospitality to anyone who isn't trying to kill us, so I guess for the time being, you can stay? It isn't really my decision but I don't see any reason why not."

"Maybe Kiarah is right."
"We have enough trouble now."
"You." One girl looked straight at me, and pointed her stick-thing at my face. "You do anything that seems remotely against us, and you're dead. And you will explain the older ones here how you freaked this idiot out so much." She said, gesturing towards the Yevon member.

"He's a freak that's how." The man said, now glarring at me. I eyed him back.

"Let's try and return to some state of normalcy, shall we?" I said. "I first thing we should try to figure out what has happened to everyone. Some of these kids seem to be turning into Pokemon, others look like they're falling through each other."

Krystalline Kabutops
10th January 2004, 09:47 PM
*deleted earlier post for fear of it bogging the storyline down too much*

Roy Karrde
10th January 2004, 11:06 PM
Laura Karrde
"Ten" I wispered peering back from where I had moved on the rock, the group was having alot of trouble right now, and I didnt want to get into it. From the sounds up ahead it sounded like a fight was happening or something.

"Ten are you there?" I asked peering behind me again, she was no where to be seen, finally I heard a scraping noise, which no one else seemed to notice. I followed the noise and found ten behind some rocks.

"C'mon ten we need to go introduce you" I wispered pulling on her arm to try and get her up, she looked at the arm I was pulling and then up at me.

"It's okay Laura, they are busy right now, lets just wait until everyone has calmed down" Ten replied, I sighed and slid down next to her, making a little less noise than she did.

"So...ten do you have any family members, parents? brothers? sisters?" I asked her she looked down at the ground, a tear trickled out of her eye.

"My parents are dead, I have no other brothers or sisters" Ten replied quietly, we both sat there silently for a second until I finally turned to her.

"I dont have any parents either, I have a brother but he disapeared when he got mad at his ex girlfriend, he said I would be safe here, but it's hard growing up with out a family" I said sadly, I missed having a family, or friends or anything. "Hey if you kindof want...you could be like my big sister or something" I asked her.

She began to answer when a big guy walked past us dragging along another person who I gasped at when I saw his face. "Laura what is it?" Ten asked me, I was almost speachless, I tried to find the words to talk again and finally did.

"That's..my brother" I replied.

10th January 2004, 11:41 PM
Well, just so you know, BL and SSM have agreed that Mew has run off, so no more Mew for now.

This was all just too confusing. First we get scared by helicopters, get calmed by Mew only to get powers from Mew, then we run into the caves and are followed by a Yevon guy and someone who knows that we have powers. Now we're all fighting over organizing and stuff, and what to do with these two new people.

"Listen!" I shouted, startling myself and getting everyone's attention. "I think regrouping to prepare for an attack is a good idea. I don't know or care who he (I pointed at the new non-Yevon kid [SSM]) is or whether or not he's on our side. I do have a feeling that Yevon and Gell are going to somehow link Mew to us and they'll probably find and attack us, looking for it. We can't be unprepared."

Silence ensued, and I felt my face grow hot. I'd just made a fool of myself in front of the only people I really knew. Slowly I started to turn away, when Kaia of all people spoke up. "I think Mike's right," she said. This at least turned more heads at Kaia. Then slowly, more people started agreeing too.

"That's more like it," the non-Yevon [SSM] said. "Now if you really want to prepare, I can show you a place for it. Come with me."

"I hate being lost," I said aloud, Thundra and Thunder tagging along behind me. I was lost somewhere in a forest near a mountain and separated from anyone I knew besides my Pokémon. I was wandering, looking for a way out or someone to tell me where the way out was. Suddenly, the trees opened up to a mountainside, and I knew I really was lost.

"Dammit," I said under my breath, leaning on the wall of the tunnel. Then, from inside, I heard...voices? Carefully, I headed down the tunnel, my Pokémon jumping onto my shoulders. Quietly I stepped towards the noises around the wall and looked around the corner. There were a few people there, some around my age, some older and some younger. They seemed to be arguing about something.

'Maybe I'll just tag along with them and find my way out...' I thought to myself. Slowly I crept over and casually, seamlessly blended in with the crowd. Then a boy about my age spoke up above the rest of the people and said something about regrouping. I didn't pay much attention, and by the time I noticed he had mentioned Gell and Yevon, he had finished his speech.

"I think Mike's right," a girl replied. She looked my age too, but seemed to have a tougher appearance than either the boy or me. Then the group was filled with the buzz of agreements going around.

"That's more like it," another guy said. I looked over, and while I didn't recognize the speaker, I noticed that the guy next to him I had seen in that helicopter earlier. "Now if you really want to prepare, I can show you a place for it. Come with me." Slowly the mass of people started moving.

"Hey, I don't recognize you...who are you?" It was the boy who had spoken up earlier. Quickly I thought up an excuse.

"Er, I kinda just arrived here," I said. It was the truth. "My name's Saeko," I added, figuring they probably wouldn't recognize just my first name.

"Ah, I'm Mike. So...did you see that Mew earlier?" He said, obviously trying to make conversation.

"Yes...I did," I said carefully. "Why?"

"Did you get a, um, 'power' too?"
"Er, yeah, it said something about giving me a 'power,' but I don't know what it was exactly..."
"Well, all I can say is it's probably Pokémon-related."
"Just about everyone here has shown some kind of power that a Pokémon might have. Transforming into a Gardevoir, suddenly falling through trees like a ghost..."

We walked in mostly silence after that, aside from the general murmuring of the crowd around us. All the time I was thinking of some way to get away and back to my parents. No doubt they were worried about me by now.

I don't see any discontiguities with any other post, but feel free to correct me if I messed something up. Just wanted to help move the story along...

10th January 2004, 11:51 PM
[But when I am forgiven, the ungranted wish will be granted.]

"So...ten do you have any family members, parents? brothers? sisters?"Laura asked me.That's one thing I wished I had, siblings-parents.Family.I felt a tear trickle down my cheek, and I tried to stop the flow, and all it did is make me cry slower.

"My Parent's are dead, and I have no brother's or sisters."I replied somewhat in a whisper tone.We shared a silent moment for a couple of seconds before Laura's reply.

"I dont have any parents either, I have a brother but he disapeared when he got mad at his ex girlfriend, he said I would be safe here, but it's hard growing up with out a family"Laura replied sadly,"Hey if you kindof want...you could be like my big sister or something"

"Ohh---"I started to say,but stopped when a big guy that was dragging along another guy passed by our rock, not noticing us at all.Laura looked at the guy's face while I studied it, his and Laura's face was similar. She gasped, and I looked back at her with a concerned face on.

"Laura,what is it?!?!?!"I asked her, She looked shocked.
"Thats..my brother."She replied. Then...it all struck me...I remember his face from a group of people I had to murder earlier, before the little hypno incident. I felt relieved that I didn't kill him, because his sister would be in the same situation as me. With no siblings.But that mean't he was a Yevon Goon.

"About your question, Ok"I smiled,and she smiled too.I thought for a second, and sighed,"Let's follow them."
"I'll just follow closely behind you, ok?"
"But you'll have to be introduced to them sooner or.."Laura replied. I got up, and held my hand out. She grabbed it, and I felt her cold hands. I concentrated on that, and got her up without her fingers going through my hands.We started to walk quitely, though Laura walked faster than I did.I wanted to see where this was going, as the group started to walk a little more faster, towards somewhere.

11th January 2004, 12:00 PM

'Eldest' of the Midnight Children - F

They all began to walk... following this man who was not with Yevon or Gell, like us. Kiarah walked right beside him, along with Lorelei and the Yevon 'guy'. The children were mumuring a lot about different things... and Kiarah let them. She felt no need to keep order, as long as they kept moving. She turned around,
" Make sure you look out for everyone else. Make sure everyone keeps up... and if some one strays off, you better yell about it right away! No playing 'hero' like some of you..." Kiarah looked at the little seven year old taging behind her, clark, "... like to do."

With that she turned around... and looked at the neutral guy whom the Yevon had called a freak. That word had made her a tad bit angry... a freak... if he was a freak, then the rest of them were all freaks as well.
" You know... we should perhaps have the children tell us what powers they have." she spoke, looking at the man (SSM).
" It would help us... if they had any problems with their powers, and they couldn't talk or were in danger... it would help to know their powers."
"... and if we needed to attack.. but how do you know if they even know what their own pokemon powers are?" he added, nodding.
" I ... they have to know. I'm sure Mew told them." Kiarah smiled, glad he agreed... whirling around, she pointed to them.
" Alright everyone, while you walk... yell out what power Mew gave you, and any power you know you have as of yet.. even though it's early. That way we can help you if you have problems with it..."
First everyone thought... but then suddenly Clark smiled and yelled.
" I have... I think I have a pokemon named 'Arcanine''s powers... I can tackle things hard!" He said with a flamboyant grin... looking proud. Soon everyone began to shout out their powers... and Kiarah nodding, keep careful note of who had what powers. Soon after it had died down... I turned to the one leading us (SSM)...
" So... I know Mew didn't give you powers... but if you don't mind me asking, what's your name and... what traits lable you a freak by the Yevon? It would help us know you better..." Kiarah trailed off... before slowly adding, " ... it would help them trust you."

11th January 2004, 02:43 PM

"You!" Lorelei said, waving her iron stave in the newcomer's face, threat lingering in her voice. "You do anything that seems remotely against us, and you're as dead a corpse. And, explain to the older ones here how you freaked this idiot out so much." she said, gesturing towards Roy with a scowl.

Roy replied something she didn't quite catch, but the man stared at Roy and Roy stared back angrily.

"Let's try and return to some state of normality, shall we?" SSM said. "I think we should try to figure out what has happened to everyone. Some of these kids seem to be turning into Pokemon, others look like they're falling through each other."

"That's definatly not normal." Lorelei muttered under my breath, and stared around at the children. Not normal at all. Listening for a moment as the boy called Mike was speaking with too many decibels, she stood still, but watching Roy carefully.

"I think Mike's right." Kaia replied to him, and Lorelei shrugged.

The group started moving, and Lorelei joined the group heading the walk, along with Kiarah, Roy and the other guy. With Kiarah inbetween the two males and Lorelei on Roy's other side, she made sure to match his pace, holding her stave at ready if she felt she needed to hit him from some reason.

"So, Roy," she said, feeling the need to be conversational, stressing his name like it was a dirty word, "why the hell are you here... Yevon get boring? Feeling a need to see your sister who you so trustingly ditched with your ex-girlfriend?"

Ice Maiden
11th January 2004, 02:46 PM
Sorry about this, but I've been banned from the internet for 2 weeks. I would be really grateful if you could put Raven in some of your posts so that she doesn't disappear from the RPG. I'l try to post whenever I get the chance, but I can't promise anything. Again, I'm sorry.

11th January 2004, 02:56 PM
Originally posted by Ice_Maiden
Sorry about this, but I've been banned from the internet for 2 weeks. I would be really grateful if you could put Raven in some of your posts so that she doesn't disappear from the RPG. I'l try to post whenever I get the chance, but I can't promise anything. Again, I'm sorry.

Aww. That bites. Dun worry, we'll keep you alive. See ya in a bit ^^

Krystalline Kabutops
11th January 2004, 03:11 PM

As I walked, I noticed that Imani was staying rather close to me. She seemed to be acting a little protective, but as long as she wasn't making fun of me, I could deal. "Gardevoir!" I yelled out, in response to the power roll call Kiarah had initiated. Then it struck me; Transformation coulldn't be my ONLY power.
Hit the nail on the head there, kiddo.
Not you again.
Better get used to me, 'cause we're stuck together.

11th January 2004, 04:31 PM
Well, it seemed like I was temporarily leading the group, assuming they didn't find me some evil bad guy. Kiarah seemed okay with me being around, but wanted me to express who I was. It seemed I'd have to reveal a bit of my past. That didn't matter, though. We began walking, not exactly sure where, a few of us heading the crowd with the kids trailing behind us. One of us should have stayed behind the group to keep watch.. but it didn't matter.

"So, Roy, why the hell are you here... Yevon get boring? Feeling a need to see your sister who you so trustingly ditched with your ex-girlfriend?"

"I had no idea I'd find YOU here-"

"Quiet!" I said, turning to the two. "One usually does not torture a POW." I said to Lorelei, "and POWs shut up and stay quiet until asked a question." I said to the Yevon member Roy.

"Once again, you want us to listen to you? Who are you?" Lorelei said, looking at me threateningly. I sighed, crossing my arms.

"I call myself SuperSonicMewtwo, SSM for short. I'm from the Team Rocket era, if you can remember them. They tried to use me but I went against them. Now I'm just trying to help people from those who cause trouble." I said this, sort of gesturing towards Roy. "I have the power of Mewtwo, and though weaker than a Mew currently, statistics show that I should become a more powerful psychic over time and experience.

"So.. you were a Rocket? You worse than me!" Roy said, chuckling to himself.

"They captured me. I wasn't exactly strong at the time. When I could, I destroyed their base and went around destroying each building I could get to."

"Why did you not get powers from Mew?" Kiarah asked me.

"I felt the energy coming, and tried to block it. I stopped protecting myself when I realised it was the energy of a Mew, but recieved little or no exposure. I felt a bit of wind come at me and that was it."

"How strong are you?"

"I've basically used nearly all my energy fending off Yevon, I'd have to be angry or in a pure enviroment to gain it back quickly.."

"Well there's no need to worry then, you hang around this guy long enough and you'll want to smash everything in sight." Lorelei said, looking as though she was holding back from strangeling Roy on the spot.

"Where are we heading?" I asked, changing the subject.

"Midnight Forest is very large. There are many caves and clearings, there's another open plain right up ahead, it would be good for reorganizing or making sure we're all doing okay." Kiarah said, pushing away some large leaves, to reveal the large empty space up ahead.

"Looks like we've found a home base."

11th January 2004, 06:54 PM
OOC: Look at all I missed.
EDIT: Sorry again.


"I'm part Jolteon," I said to the group. "I guess that means I can shock people." Kanna was still on my back, but Lily and Hermes had been in their pokeballs long ago. I sighed to myself and kept my eyes on the new people. If they tried anything, I would be well prepared with my daggers. But I was on edge, and that's not good if I was really part Jolteon.

Just don't make sure you don't shock me.

"Who said that?" I asked out loud.

Look beside you.

I looked over and saw Matt. He was the only one that seemed capable of doing telepathy. "Matt, stop doing that."

Matt gave me a look that told me that he had no idea what I was talking about.

I shook my head. "Nothing." I'm in desperate need of a shrink. I gave a sigh of relief as I saw the field. "Maybe I should test my powers. Hey Matt, get a load of this!" I poked him, giving him a little shock.

"VOIR!!" Matt cried out.

"What's wrong with a little static between friends?"

Heh heh. That was pretty funny.

You're inside Matt, aren't you?

Sure am!

Krystalline Kabutops
11th January 2004, 07:50 PM
Originally posted by classy_cat18
OOC: Look at all I missed.


"I'm part Jolteon," I said to the group. "I guess that means I can shock people." Kanna was still on my back, but Lily and Hermes had been in their pokeballs long ago. I sighed to myself and kept my eyes on the new people. If they tried anything, I would be well prepared with my daggers. But I was on edge, and that's not good if I was really part Jolteon.

Just don't make sure you don't shock me.

"Who said that?" I asked out loud.

Look beside you.

I looked over and saw Matt. He was the only one that seemed capable of doing telepathy. "Matt, stop doing that."

"Doing what?"

I shook my head. "Nothing." I'm in desperate need of a shrink. I gave a sigh of relief as I saw the field. "Maybe I should test my powers. Hey Matt, get a load of this!" I poked him, giving him a little shock.

"Ow! What was that for?" Matt whined.

"What's wrong with a little static between friends?"

Heh heh. That was pretty funny.

You're inside Matt, aren't you?

Sure am! Not to sound rude, but Remember, Matt is currently a Gardevoir.

Roy Karrde
11th January 2004, 08:15 PM
Roy Karrde
I sat down, stretched, and tried to calm myself. If the Yevon helicopter was following schedrule it was making continuous 30 minute sweeps of the area, it was only a matter of a time for it to track us, and I was hopeing to be gone by the time the fireing started. "Lorelei, I know when I left, I didnt leave upon the best of circumstances" I began, she slid down next to me and snorted something I thought I would never hear her do.

"You left at the worst possible time, and you expected us to take on a kid while you went to fight for the bad guys, besides after what happened between us" Lorelei huffed making herself comfortable. Lorelei was always a hot head but she never acted this mad toward me, toward any one, I guess two years can change you.

I wiped some sweat from my brow, and cricked my neck. "Hey I am not saying that the problem that we had, it was stupid okay, it wasnt something to leave over but it was one of the reasons I went, if you dont like it fine, but if I didnt go to Yevon or Gell I would have been hunted for the rest of my life" I told her keeping a edge in my tone. I wanted her to know that this was the decision I made it wasnt the right decision but it was the best one. "and you would have been hunted down too"

Lorelei paused and then prepared to respond, I raised my hand to stop her, and found a smaller hand grab onto it. Stunned at who out of this whole group would have dared gone near me, I turned to find a face that I hadn't seen in two years. My mouth went dry for a second and we just looked at each other. "Laura?" I mouthed I hadn't seen her for so long that I thought she was dead. "Wow you've grown so much" I finally said finding the strength to talk after blinking away tears.

11th January 2004, 09:18 PM

"Lorelei, I know that when I left, I didn't leave with the best circumstances..." Roy said, and Lorelei snorted in reply, neatly sitting down next to him and folding her arms over her chest.

"You left at the worst possible time, and you expected us to take on your sister, while you went to fight for the bad guys, besides after what happened between us!" she replied, keeping her voice down so that she wouldn't draw attention to a fight for once.

"Hey!" he protested and she rolled her eyes sarcastically, "I'm not saying that the problem that we had was something to leave over, but it was one of the reasons I went! If you don't, like it fine, but if I didnt go to Yevon or Gell I would have been hunted for the rest of my life..." he said edgily, and Lorelei faced away from his determinedly. "...and you would have been hunted down too."

Lorelei's fingers tightened to hit him across the face, and he lifted to block what he knew was coming, but she halted as Laura stepped over to her brother. Lorelei stood up, long red and brown sheet of hair flowing after her, with a low snap of, "Just take your brat and go, why don't you?"

Krystalline Kabutops
12th January 2004, 08:39 PM

So, your name's Imani.
Yeah, how'd you know that?
I can read Matt's mind, obviously. I do live in his head, you know.
What's your name?
Athenae. I have a proposition for you.
I'm listening......
I need someone to take care of Matt, or at least be his "Owner" for what could be quite a long period of time.
But why me?
You've got everything I'm looking for in Matt's trainer. You'll never expose him to any life-threatening danger, You like to annoy him, you have other Pokemon to keep him company, You have a spare Pokeball, and you have the right personality.
Wow, thanks! So I can capture Matt?
Yes, you have my permission. Also, could you give him a bath? I can't stand inhabiting a filthy body.
Ok. Anything else?
I'll relate the answers to any questions you may ask Matt. whether he wants me too or not.
Great! Now, where's my spare Pokeball....?
Atta girl.

13th January 2004, 12:19 AM

I looked at the group. Good, they're not watching. I pulled out the spare pokeball and looked over at Matt, who had his back to me. Now was the time. I drew my hand back and threw the pokeball at Matt, hitting him in the back. He was drawn in the pokeball before he knew what I was doing. One shake, two shakes, three shakes...

"Alright, I got myself a Gardevior!" I said quietly as I picked up the pokeball. Kanna looked up at me with a confused look on her face. "Look, he'll need someone to look after him, okay?"

"Cleon. Kecleon," she said sadly.

The funny part is that I was kinda starting to understand what she was saying. "We'll tell them later." I let out Matt and stared in his eyes. "How do you feel, pal?"

He didn't say anything for a while. Slowly his eyes watered, and finally he raised a leaflike arm and slapped me. "Gardevior! Voir Voir!" he rambled in a girl's voice. Great, it's not enough that he looks like a girl. Now he acts and sounds like one, too.

He'll get used to this soon.

I hope so. His whining is getting on my nerves!

Krystalline Kabutops
13th January 2004, 09:17 AM

I couldn't believe it! Imani had CAPTURED ME!!! What was she thinking?! I started to run for the others, but Imani recalled me to my Pokeball. I sat in the darkness, unable to move, and wishing I had some food. Before long, she had released me, and I took stock of my surroundings. I was right next to a pool of water. Imani released all her Pokemon, and pulled out a scrubbing brush. I looked on in Terror, realizing that she was going to give me a BATH!!
Oh, shut up. You're filthy, I can smell you all the way in here.
I might have been involved. The thing is, Matt, you need a Trainer. By putting you into battle with her other Pokemon, Imani will raise your level. Once Your level rises sufficiently, You'll begin to be able to use your powers.
I just want to be human again!
Not unless it's really needed, because you NEED to master your powers. In the meantime, get used to being someone's possesion.
I hate you.

"Matt, it's your turn!" Frantically, I tried to scramble away, but Imani had me by the scruff of my neck, and was ready to dunk me in the pool. "Gar?" I pleaded.


You know, usually it's customary for a trainer to give their Pokemon a Nickname.
But he already has a name!
Well, what's going to happen when people hear you calling your Gardevoir Matt? It's only something you need to use around strangers.
Well, I AM rather good at creating nicknames....
All you have to do is use it often enough that he'll respond to it, So think carefully.
I know! The perfect nickname for him is....

*nickname revealed in c_c18's post.*

Roy Karrde
13th January 2004, 02:30 PM
Okay lets get this thing past the sub plots and moving again

Roy Karrde
"I met a friend" Laura said, I looked up and saw a woman that was standing over her, she seemed sweet, nice, and gentle.

"Thank you, for taking care of my sister" I said extending my hand, she looked from my face to my hand then back to my face and finally shook my hand lightly.

"It's was nothing" She smiled, I thanked her again and turned back to the group, time for me to make my big speech.

"Okay, you want me gone fine, but if you want a chance to beat Yevon, then I am going to stay, now everyone gather around" I yelled loud egnough for everyone to hear. Lorelei slumped back a little pissed, I would try and smooth over a two year disapearence with her later.

"What do you have to offer Yevon scum" Some one in the crowd of kids shot out, I kept Laura bu my side and said nothing. I figured it would be better PR work if I showed myself with my little sister so that I wouldnt look like a very violent person.

"What I have to offer is this, the helicopter for Yevon makes thirty minute sweeps of the area, it should be nearing this area in ten minutes, the standard Yevon automatic weapon fires ten bullets and then needs to be reloaded which takes four seconds that is your time to strike. The heat sensor on the helicopter cannot track people in dense forested areas that is why I say we move into the forest. At last sighting the Gell troops had secured Mew in a open area that open area is surounded by forest, best thing to do is come at them from two sides, strike them hard and you will get Mew back, now that is what I have to offer" I fired back everyone seemed a little stunned that I had just betrayed Yevon, and truely I was a little suprised myself.

"You heard him, now lets get moving" Kiarah yelled out, causing every one to begin scrambling.

13th January 2004, 02:46 PM
A small post, but it'll have to due.

"Now that is what I have to offer." Roy had just finished telling us all about Yevon strike methods. Did he just not like Yevon? Or never stick with a group for a long time? Either way, as long as this information wasn't fake, it would prove vital.

"You heard him, now let's get moving!" Kiarah yelled. Kids began running in circles, trying to make sense of everything.

"Okay, listen up!" I called, deciding to trust Roy's info. "We'll lead an offensive against both Yevon and Gell! Forget who your friends are, I want half of you on my left and half on my right! MOVE!" Once again, kids were moving, though the adults simply stared at me.
"Each group will have a leader, and they shall attack Gell or Yevon, which ever their little hearts desire. I'll go where I'm needed. I believe that the older kids should be leaders, since they can stratagize better!" I then turned towards the older ones. "Which group do you want? I want to finish up Yevon but I really don't care where I go."

13th January 2004, 04:28 PM
Out of the corner of my eye, I watched Matt being sucked into the Pokeball that Imani had thrown. I gritted my teeth and had a sudden urge to grab the Pokeball from her, break it, force Matt back into his old self and help him change whenever he wanted to, either by force or not. Humans should not be kept in Pokeballs, no matter what.
<Don't get too stressed or I might have to restrain you,> a voice sounded in my head.
"If you're that voice inside Matt's head, I swear that you'll wish you've never been created," I hissed angrily.
<I'm not that dumb Gardevoir. She has no sense whatsoever. I, however, do.>
I looked all around before looking down at Drake, who had a gleam in his eyes.
"You have got to be kidding me....right?"
<Nope. I can talk to you and you can talk to me...well, you can only really talk to anyone in the Charizard family and slightly to any fire Pokemon. Other than that, I have to translate for you.>
"Well, at least I know where my powers are going to come from now," I said while running a hand through my hair. "Do you know what else I can do?"
<Yes, but it'll all come in due time,> he replied smugly.
I was about to reply when Roy started to yell.
"Okay, you want me gone; fine, but if you want a chance to beat Yevon, then I am going to stay. Now everyone gather around."
"What do you have to offerm Yevon scum," some one rudely shouted.
I had to remind myself to smack the kid later.
"What I have to offer is this: the helicopter for Yevon makes thirty minute sweeps of the area, it should be nearing this area in ten minutes. The standard Yevon automatic weapon fires ten bullets and then needs to be reloaded which takes four seconds-that is your time to strike. The heat sensor on the helicopter cannot track people in dense forested areas that is why I say we move into the forest. At last sighting the Gell troops had secured Mew in a open area that open area is surounded by forest, best thing to do is come at them from two sides, strike them hard and you will get Mew back, now that is what I have to offer," he yelled back.
"You heard him, now let's get moving," Kiarah yelled out, causing every one to begin scrambling, except a couple of us who stood around.
"Okay, listen up!" SSM called, deciding to trust Roy's info. "We'll lead an offensive against both Yevon and Gell! Forget who your friends are, I want half of you on my left and half on my right! MOVE!"
Again, the younger ones were moving except the choice few of us.
"Each group will have a leader, and they shall attack Gell or Yevon, which ever their little hearts desire. I'll go where I'm needed. I believe that the older kids should be leaders, since they can strategize better!"
He then turned towards us. "Which group do you want? I want to finish up Yevon but I really don't care where I go."
I thought about something before walking over to Imani and Matt, or rather that little nickname she gave to him but I could barely hear it and chose to ignore it.
"Look," I said flatly, "Humans should not be kept in Pokeballs, even if they do change into Pokemon. It's immoral and quite stupid. I don't care if that voice inside Matt's head told you to do it, Imani."
They stared at me incredeously, wondering how I knew about the voice but I continued on.
"Matt is his own person and if he doesn't want to be caught, you should respect that. Just because he can't change back doesn't mean that voice has to take control of him. And it's quite untrue that he can only learn his attacks if he's put into battles. My Pokemon grow everyday by just practicing and personally, that's what Matt should do since he won't be attacking Yevon or Gell every moment and we will need his psychic abilities in tough times. So, the only way he can change right now is if I instill fear into him and IF HE DON'T CHANGE BACK RIGHT NOW, I WILL GOUGE HIS EYES OUT! DON'T THINK I'M KIDDING!!"
And like before, he trembled before changing back into his clean human self.
"You know, I really don't like to do that," I told his shaking body. "If you take lessons from me and Nightshade..." I pointed to my Kadabra, "then you'll be able to use your powers sooner than you think. Also, Pokemon can not be your only company or else you'll completely start to think like a Pokemon. You're human and you have a whole group to converse with so I think it would be better if you stayed out the whole time and talked with humans and Pokemon. And you won't be in danger as a human once you change. I know you have a weapon on you that you practice with sometimes."
I yawned and eyed Mike and Annika stray towards us.
"You know I can't force you to do anything, Matt. It's really your choice and if you want to stay in a Pokeball and take orders from Imani and that voice in your head, I can't persuade you otherwise."
"Ok you five," I started again as soon as the other two came into our circle. "I say we go after the Gell helicopters since SSM is intent on going after Yevon. As far as I know, Imani can use electric attacks and run like a Jolteon, Matt can turn into a Gardevoir although he hasn't produced an attack yet, I have powers of a Charizard although all I can do right now is talk to my Charmeleon, Annika can fall through things and I have no idea what Mike can do. Instead of one person running this, we should do this as a team. Any suggestions on an attacking formation?"

13th January 2004, 05:42 PM

You're not going to listen to her, are you?

Of course I am! I'm sorry, but I don't want to be thought of as a bad guy around here. I sighed and looked at Matt. "It's your choice, kid. I just wanted to look after you until you learned some attacks. Of course, you would have an easier time doing that with Kaia and her Kadabra."

<Good choice,> another voice said in my head.

Who the hell are you?

<I'm Thor, the Jolteon side of you. Sorry I couldn't speak up earlier.>

You're a guy! Will I be a guy, too?

<No. Now try to do something smart before I make you sprout Jolteon ears!>


Kaia blinked. "Imani, are you going to be okay?"

"I just need some time to think for myself. Okay, we're going after the helicopters. I say we'll need someone who needs quick long-range projectile attacks to destroy the guns and bring down the helicopter, if we're able."

<I hope you know you just volunteered yourself.>

I know. Just want to make up for the recent stupidity. "Well, have you thought about your choice, Belle?"

"Stop calling me that!" Matt yelled, now in his human form.

Krystalline Kabutops
13th January 2004, 06:07 PM

This was getting out of hand. I was part of Matt's Mind, only infinitely wiser. If I said he needed to be a Gardevoir, then he did. And it would teach him some things about relying on others, and thusly, working as a team. Seizing control of his mouth, I spoke. "Yes, Imani, I'll stay as your Pokemon. And Kaia, I would love to take you up on those lessons with your Kadabra. And," I smiled. "Refer to me as Belle." Releasing control of him, I transformed him back to his Gardevoir state before he could argue. Happily, Imani Picked him up. "Great, you can help me against the helicopters!"

13th January 2004, 07:01 PM
"Oh no you don't," I said aloud and pulled Matt away from Imani. Putting him aside, I pulled Imani away from the others and whispered quietly.
"There, you fell for that voice's tricks again. Do you honestly think Matt would want to be called Belle or be a Pokemon on your team if he had his own voice? Before he changed back, he said he didn't want to be known as that. So really, we can't trust what he says. As long as she speaks for him, we won't know if what he says is truthful or not. Even I don't know if he wants my help or not. For now, we'll look out for him but tell me if he says anything that doesn't sound like him at all."
She nodded and we went back to the group, Annika and Mike looking totally confused.
"Matt, you'll stay with me and Annika. Mike and Nightshade will go with Imani and attack one side of the helicopter while we'll get the other side. We don't know if a psychic is needed or not so Nightshade, do what you can to help and protect those two."
The Kadabra nodded and walked off with the humans while I looked down at Drake.
"Listened to my conversation?" I muttered loudly enough for him to hear.
<No, but Nightshade did and told me everything. I don't know if Athenae did since she's still getting settled into Matt's body but we'll watch out for her.>
Athenae, eh? Well, she'll prove to be an interesting ally...or pest in the future, I thought.

Krystalline Kabutops
13th January 2004, 07:36 PM

Angrily, I berated Athnae.

Trust me, I'm looking out for your best intrests, whether you think so or not.
Listen, I want you to LEAVE ME ALONE!!!
Fine, I'll take a nap while you fight the helicoptors. Good luck, 'cause you're gonna need it.

Looking up at Kaia, I pantomimed writing, hoping that she would get the hint that I wanted paper. "Sorry Matt, we don't have any paper. You'll just need to figure out some other way to communicate with us until you learn telepathy." Angrily, and without thinking, I pointed my hands at a nearby tree and shot a small blast of Psychic energy at it, leaving a fist-sized hole in the bark. Kaia looked at me, then to the trunk of the tree. "I think we can now add the Confusion attack to Matt's arsonal." I looked from my steaming hands to the tree, and broke out into laughter. "Gar Voir Garde Devoir Gard!"
<Yeah kid, great work. You've mastered your first attack.> Startled, I looked around, and saw that Kaia's Charmeleon was watching me. <You can talk to me?> He snorted. <Of course I can. I'm a Pokemon too, in case you didn't notice.> <No, I'm sorry, I've just never talked to a Pokemon before, much less such a large.... and powerful..... Speciman as....... yourself......> Nervously, I inched away from him, only now realizing his potential strength. <Don't worry, I'm not here to attack you. Although, as Nightshade teaches you to master your Psychic abilities, I may help you improve your physical strength.> He pointed a claw at my thin arms. I covered it up defensivly. <Um, if you have any suggestions, how could I communicate with the others? I can't speak English anymore, and I'm going to need to talk to Kaia in the near future.> Idly, he played with his claws. <Well, I can communicate with her, if that helps at all.> I jumped nearly 6 feet into the air. <YOU CAN?! Great! Tell her that I need to talk to her as soon as we take care of the helicopters.> He looked at me, exasperatedly. <Sure thing. Just.... stop acting so girlish, ok? It really gets on my nerves.> Sulking, I turned my back to him as he related my statement to Kaia.

Krystalline Kabutops
14th January 2004, 08:44 PM
*keeping RPG alive*


What is it?
You need to retake possesion of Matt.
Well, he IS your Pokemon, because YOU'RE the one who caught him. I do not believe Kaia will become angry with you if you keep him out of the Pokeball. And, you should probably tell her WHY Matt needs to respond to Belle. You're going to meet other people eventually.
Ok, but what will Matt think?
I assure you, I will make sure no harm comes to Matt at any time, although he might get a bit beat up while he's training. And please, tell Kaia to stop threatening Matt and myself. I am reluctant to return Matt to human form, because the next time I do, he won't be normal.
What do you mean?
He'll be female.
No, only now and then. Most of the time, he'll change back into his normal self, but occasionally, he will become a female human. I have a limited ability of Sight into the future in this ability, so I know it's going to happen next time he transforms.
Ok, I'll tell her, but not yet.

14th January 2004, 10:56 PM

<What is it with that Athenae? She should know that it won't cost Matt anything if we use his real name.>

That's what I was thinking. Anyone else we meet won't know Matt, plus the name's common. You think we can trust her on what she said about Matt probably transforming into a human female?

<I can read your mind, but not hers.>

"Nightshade, are you too far from Drake to send a telepathic message to him?" He shook his head. "Tell him to tell Kaia that I'll need to talk to her later."

I turned to Mike. "You haven't told anyone your power yet. We'll need to know that if we're going to work together to take down these helecopters."

15th January 2004, 10:39 AM


I looked to SSM, nervous and quietly I mumured to him...
"You can lead a group of kids to Yevon." I then turned my head to look at Lorelei.
"I think Lorelei should lead the other group of kids to go to Gell."
SSM glanced both direction... and t hen looked at me.
" No offense to any, but I was assuming you'd lead the other group based on how you seem to want to help the kids."
I nodded.. "I do, but I'm against fighting." SSM seemed to roll his eyes at this as if to go into a speech but I quickly responded..
" Perhaps when we're done with this attack against Gell and YEvon, I'll tell you why.... but I have my reasons for not fighting. Besides, I think the powers that I have aren't ready to fight. Just put me in whatever group you'll think will take the most damage. That way I can help the kids if they get hurt..."

I looked back at teh children, suddenly a pained feeling coming into my chest. I didn't want these kids... to have to fight already...
" Remember children, forget your petty fights amongst each other. When you go off to fight, LISTEN to either SSM or Lorelei, you got it? Stick up for each other, and don't let anyone fall behind!"
With that I turned and looked to SSM, "I'm thinking we should hurry... which ever group will probably have the hardest time fighting, I'll join."

Suddenly a voice behind me piped up...
" I wanna go wherever he goes!" Clark announced, pointing at SSM.
" Then get in this group." He gruffly responded, and Clark quickly fell into order- surprising, since Clark barely listened to anyone.

Please... Mew... I hope you did the right thing..

15th January 2004, 03:18 PM
Er... howdy all.
It's nice to see the old rpg live on, and I was kinda wondering if I could join? Pretty please?? Since I started college my life has pretty much ended but I reckon Im in a place now where I could put time and effort into this kinda thing and it was always great writing with you guys.
So if it's not too late could I sign up again?


p.s. I know my name's different, I forgot my old password ^^;;;;;;

15th January 2004, 05:03 PM

["Nagai nagai yoru ni obieteita/Tooi hoshi ni inotteta"-Every Heart[Inuyasha 4th ending]

So we were going to fight Yevon and Gell. We had a bunch of kids, some older teenagers, A Yevon dude[Who happen's to be Laura's brother, go figure.]..And some dude who called himself SuperSonicMewtwo.I stood behind Laura, acting like her shadow so noone would notice me. I quickly looked for something to fight with, and I didn't wanna bring out my gun's. It would quickly bring suspicion, and it might scare Laura away.

And I grabbed Absol's Luxury Ball. With a smile enlightnening my face, I took it out, and held the ball in my Hand.I didn't know If I had anything besides being able to go through stuff, like Laura's hand.And That would only go so far.

I bent down towards Laura's level, and whispered in her ear,"Which ever group you go in, I'll join."She nodded, and I Looked at her, she didn't seem to have any pokemon at all.Did she see Mew at all?I wondered this as I kept in her shadow, hoping people wouldn't notice me at all. My deepblue hair kept to my back, and my eyes-straight fowardAnd Absol's pokeball in hand.

I hope Laura didn't pick the Gell-fighting group...There might be someone there that could Identify me.


"I was frightened by the neverending night,So I prayed to the distant stars."Is the translation for the quote I used.

15th January 2004, 09:20 PM
*stares in awe*
You're alive? Wow, we all thought you had sunk to the bottom of the English Channel or something..

As in the RPG's Name, Late Sign Ups are accepted. The sign-up page can be found here (http://www.pokemasters.net/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=25218), you can find a detailed sign-up form there, and just post it in this topic. Be sure to read the storyline, and don't be afraid to ask questions; this RPG is different than the old Mewtations.

Now, more oriented for everyone: time for our first battle to begin! I shall have a post for SSM once either BL or Lorelei go, just cause I want to see how their in-RPG-bickering affects the battle first. Try to focus on the battle, thing like character capturing one another seem to have absolutely nothing to do with saving the world, more along the lines of being a Pokemon Master (which will be impossible if the last Mew is captured by evil bad guys!). Let's continue now.

Roy Karrde
15th January 2004, 10:01 PM
* Does Happy Dance * Vulpix is back
For those who dont know Vulpix is the original creator of the Mewtations, and the three sequils. She played Cara who lead the group for over 30 years and went through everything from extraterstrial planets to time traveling.

Roy Karrde
"I'm going with Lorelei then, to fight Gell" I announced, Lorelei stood up dusted herself off, looked at me like I was crazy, and took a second to gather her thoughts.

"Like hell you are" She smearked, I shook my head and tried to remain calm, this was neither the time nor the place. "The last thing I need is a traitor on my hands"

I clinched my fist like I was going to hit her again, but decided to unclinch them, hold them up and walk away, showing that I had given up. "You dont want me around fine, I understand, but remember who traitored on who first" I said sarcastically, I knew that I had gotten in, she needed me more than SSM did, and if Yevon found out I traitored than I might not come in useful later on.

"And I'm going with you" Laura chipped in, I turned around shocked and suprised by her comment. "What?" She asked as I took her by the shoulders and led her and her friend away from the group.

"Roy if you have a problem, I'm more than qualified to watch over her" Ten added in, as we finally made it out of ear shot of everyone else.

"I know about your qualifications, it took me a second but I remember you from a report on high ranking Gell killers" I said through gritted teeth, she looked shocked for a second that I had actually recognized her, but she finally spoke up but I silenced her. "I know you have reformed also or you think you have, that is why you are going to stay here and protect Laura" I added, the three of us remained silent for a few minutes until I turned around to leave.

"Your not going anywhere" A black cloathed man said steping out of the bushes holding a automatic weapon. It was Gell. "You have been captured under the name of Gell"

15th January 2004, 10:53 PM

"God, get over yourself." she snarled after his retreating back. She then turned to face everyone else for a moment, to count heads of who was coming with her, but she thought for a second. This was definatly not over, and he was definatly not coming with her.

Straightening up and moving to storm after him, she roughly stepped after him, exiting the caves and catching sight of him easily, opening her mouth to say something, but seeing the Gell member, weilding a possibly lethal weapon, her words changed immediatly, "Smooth move, Roy, just waltz out into the open..." she snapped, flicking her hair behind her shoulders with a scowl. Holding the iron stave behind her back, her eyes flickering at Roy, his sister and some other kid, she added to the Gell man, "Oooh, you are you?"

"You, don't move either or I'll blow your bloody head off." the Gell man replied, moving the gun onto Lorelei.

"Will you?" she said in a mock-terrified voice, taking a few steps towards the man with a grin, moving a bit suggestively. "You wouldn't hurt us... we're only innocent teenagers."

"I'm warning you, you'll come quietly to the chopper or I'll shoot you dead." the man replied sternly, and Lorelei blinked round cinnamon-colored eyes.

"Oh, come on, I wouldn't hurt a fly." she said, in a fake voice, letting nothing but feigned innocence shine through. Now having walked almost right infront of him, he jabbed his gun's barrel at her head. She tilted her head slightly, and added after a second's thought, "Unfortunatly, you are not a fly, and..." she didn't bother adding the last words, and swung out her stave, hitting his across the head with a heavy blow. The Gell man, taken offguard, was knocked over, being hit in the face, and he landed on his back. Kicking the gun out of his hands and purposely stepping on his face, she glanced back at Roy and the two girls angrily, and snapped, "What are you waiting for, an iron pipe in the face will only stun you..."

15th January 2004, 10:55 PM
*glomp-tackles Vulpix*

Omfg ^_^ I think I've grown up in the time you've been gone, lol.

Welcome back, Vulpy! *grins*

16th January 2004, 01:11 AM
"You haven't told anyone your power yet," Imani said suddenly to me. "We'll need to know that if we're going to work together to take down these helecopters."

"Huh?" I said, startled. "My power? It's, um...Ditto powers...I think..." I didn't really know how to explain it further. "I'm not sure how far the powers go, though..."

"Well, try them out!" Imani suggested. "Try Nightshade here."

I looked at the Kadabra. Kaia was off talking to some other kids, so I felt safe for now. Focusing, I thought 'Transform' and almost immediately felt my body shrink slightly, growing outwards, sprouting a tail. Soon I was looking Nightshade in the eye and everyone around was giving me big "oohs" of praise.

I looked at myself. I looked pretty much like a Kadabra, except all of my old clothes had been draped around me. Then I felt this huge surge of power...and I realized that I could now attack like a Kadabra.

<Interesting,> I heard Nightshade say, even though the words sounded as Pokémon talk.

<Woah, this is weird,> I said through the Pokémon talk. I heard Imani talking, but it took me a while to realize it. She was saying I should transform back. 'Aww, and just as I was having fun...' I thought to myself, but I transformed back anyway. My clothes seemed to magically stay where they should have (although at that point I didn't know that it was because I was subconsciously controlling them to do that).

"Hey, I just had a thought." I turned to Saeko who had just spoken. "Since Ditto's a Pokémon that can become other Pokémon...wouldn't it be logical that you could become other humans?"

"Are you volunteering?" I asked, and with an embarrassed smile, replied "I guess so...if you want."

"Okay, same as last time..." I said to myself. I looked at Saeko, just as I looked at Nightshade, and thought 'Transform' once more. This time, however, it was completely different. "Holy ****, what the Hell happened?!" I said in Saeko's borrowed voice as I collapsed suddenly. Immediately I tried to determine everything that had changed.

"Hey, I just had a thought," I said, as Mike went back to human. He looked at me as I continued, "Since Ditto's a Pokémon that can become other Pokémon...wouldn't it be logical that you could become other humans?"

"Are you volunteering?" He asked with a sly smile. I grinned, embarrassed. "I guess so...if you want," I replied.

"Okay, same as last time..." he muttered to himself, and stared at me. Suddenly, as I watched, he changed, but instead of in some weird flash of light like when he changed into a Pokémon, he just morphed his human features. Quite by surprise, he suddenly fell down to the ground, as if he had been kicked in the crotch or something.

"Holy ****, what the Hell happened?!" he cried, but it was with my voice...I was spooked, to say the least. It was also very odd to see my own body standing...err, sitting in front of me, never mind seeing it in clothes that weren't mine. Very quickly, I saw him change back to his normal self, his whole body moving from his breathing hard.

"Are you okay?" Imani asked, going over to help him up. The people who weren't distracted by the other people were gathering around now, suddenly realizing that something had happened.

Mike finally got his voice back. "I'm fine...but it's gonna be a long time before I do that again..."

"Are you kids going to fight or what?" The one called SSM was obviously very annoyed at us. "Now come on, pick a side, Yevon or Gell, and go help fight them." My heart skipped a beat. My parents...they were in the helicopter from Gell...and these kids wanted to fight them? No...something was wrong...these other kids, they were wrong. Mew was the answer...

But Mew hadn't been the answer I had thought we'd been looking for. Mew had seemed...afraid of the helicopters. Maybe...maybe my parents were wrong in their search...

"I'll help with Yevon," Mike said, walking over to that group. "Wait for me!" I called after him, rushing to catch up. I needed to stay in contact with someone I knew...I couldn't be alone out here.

"We have you now," a cold voice said behind us, making the hairs on the back of my neck stick up. I spun around to see a man holding out some big gun and pointing it at us. "Come quietly with Yevon and nobody gets hurt."

I saw red. "Likely story," I shouted, startling even myself. Before I knew what I had done I was on top of the man with the gun, throwing punch after punch. With each punch I could feel the power inside of me growing constantly. I felt my arms get stronger as though my muscles were bulging, but they didn't look any different.

After about half a minute the man was on the ground, unconscious, at least. I realized everyone was looking at me, and I blushed. "Guess I don't know my own strength..."

YAY, Vulpix is back! ^______^

Ice Maiden
16th January 2004, 11:27 AM
Gah, this is gonna have to be a really short post, since I'm sneaking on the computer.


"Okay, listen up!" Shouted SSM, who was stood a few meters from me, "We'll lead an offensive against both Yevon and Gell! Forget who your friends are, I want half of you on my left and half on my right! MOVE!"
I scampered over to him, avoiding Lorelei and Roy dueling it out on the floor.
What's with them?
"Each group will have a leader, and they shall attack Gell or Yevon, which ever their little hearts desire. I'll go where I'm needed. I believe that the older kids should be leaders, since they can strategize better!" SSM yelled, nearly bursting my eardrums as I was stood right next to him.
"I want to finish up Yevon but I really don't care where I go," he finished.
Suddenly, I felt something prod my leg. I took my hands out of my pockets, then turned around, snarling.
"Whoever did that is gonna PAY!" I growled.
I lifted my hands up to rub my eyes, when a sharp green object caught my eye. Literally. I squealed in pain and quickly withdrew my hands, looking at them. There were thorns all over me, about an inch long.
So this is what Mew ment when it gave me the power of Roselia...

16th January 2004, 02:26 PM
*hugs you all* Gah, I've missed you guys!! And thanks for giving me such a warm welcome! :D
I've read the first couple of pages and i'll try and read the rest and make a post as soon as possible.
Ah, it feels good to be back ^^

*the small vulpix curls up and begins to read*

16th January 2004, 06:36 PM
Ah, this may be a tad long...

Name: Cara Harper Cody-Lee Hawk. Call her Harper - that is the name she gives out, for secuirty reasons. ;)
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Alliance: Outsider
Physical Looks: At 5"8, she stands slim with pale, moon-white skin of a translucent quality and smooth, supple feel. Her nails are pointed and transparent/ white, white claws, and her teeth are sharp. She has a bold chin and deep forest-green eyes set beneath dark furrowed eyebrows. Her hair is just past chin length, ruffly at the back and fades from a dark golden blonde to coal black(the front strands and the tips) giving her a singed look.
Her right ear bears two rings at the top and a ring and stud at the bottom lobe - her ears are small and slightly pointed. She wears a strappy black top, low and close fitting, and black shorts. There is a belt at her waist - slanted and bearing her dagger's sheath on her left side - and black/grey goggles at her neck with a belt like strap. She also wears black knee-high socks, and when possible, her scruffy black boots(resemble battered Doc Martens). Her clothing must be tight fitting as she is a shifter, and only skin tight clothing can be morphed.
Personality: Loyal, brave and trustworthy. She's often wary of humans, like a wolf, but she can be tamed.. though antisocial and mostly a loner, when she makes friends she sticks by them to the death.
Pokémon: Her ever faithful vulpix, Ember.
Power: She can transform to any pokemon she wishes, HOWEVER.... shifting to the form of a legendary pokemon or extremely strong pokemon (example, dragonite) takes alot out of her and can leave her on the verge of death. Becoming any normal pokemon (eg. vulpix!) bears no consequences, and transforming into a larger pokemon, charizard for instance, may leave her hungry and tired.
Weapons: Only my wit!!! Looks like Im screwed then, eh?? ~_^
Other: My history but I'll explain that in my post...


['THE RECENT DECADE has been a rollercoster that reaches high up into the heavens, and then plummets down to the depths of hell. As soon as we think we have found safe ground, whatever stability we have mustered is seemingly destroyed. As the world plunges into deep rifts of darkness once more, this reporter strives to know what went wrong.
The year 1994 was, indeed, a great one. The human and pokemon worlds had joined in unision to form the greatest alliance ever seen as the pride of the Pokémon League, Red, took his seemingly rightful place as pokemon champion. Since man first discovered fire, pokemon have always been there by our side, but in that eventful year, the small buds of friendship bloomed, and the bonds formed since seemed nigh indestructible. This great rally of friendship and freedom nearly destroyed Team Rocket, a small but highly ambitious project at the time. If only that were so..']

A small but determined child stands defiantly infront of her mother, eyes blazing. They would never take her. They would never kill her. Every bone in her body sceams defiance at the threat. But she's only five years old, and her mother is already gone.. She runs to the fields, in search of her, the woman who raised her by herself, who loved her, that shining beavcon of care and love.. but she cannot see anything but death and degradation. A single soldier lies dead, scorched and torn among the many innocents, and the logo upon his chest bears the letters 'TR'.. she follows the stream of crimson further through the trees, and catches sight of an embroided piece of fabric, snagged on a branch of a hawthorne bush. She seizes it and clings the damp scarlet handkerchief to her chest, not acknowledging the fact that it had once been white. The trees finally part and the blood is spread in large pools. A small brown fox like creature darts from the trees and knocks her backwards to the ground, as if to prevent her from seeing the gory sight. But it's too late.

['Come '95, tragedy shook the land. Red, near god-formed champion, was brutally murdered by his own pokemon. Some said that the pokemon was an imposter, others claimed that Team Rocket were responsible, and a rumour spread that the pokemon had been under a trance of a dangerous sorts... All accusations against any particular party were flaunted though, and the world began to turn on itself within time. The bond so strong of human and pokemon was shattered, as humans became mistrustful of their lifelong friends, and some even sought to destroy them all.. in retaliation, stray bands of pokemon attacked human settlements and pokemon battles became a tad more literal. Not until 1997 was the truth discovered about Team Rocket: theft, murder and political defacement, and of the god-defyingly twisted experiments(on both human and pokemon subjects) conducted in the secret bases. By the time the hideous truth emerged, power had shifted hands. Team Rocket had grown strong in our time of weakness, and had rendered the people helpless. There was nothing the people - broken and frail and enemies of their own person - could do. And it was their own fault.']

A young girl crouches alone in the doorway of some abandoned house. Team Rocket had already passed through here, and little remained. As far as a pidgeot's eye could see, there was nothing. Yet she was not quite alone. A vulpix nuzzles at her hand, but she cannot offer her friend food. Only warmth and bravery and trust, something mostly lost amongst the human race. She eventually drifts off to sleep, and the ache of her bones, the freeze on her skin, and the lack of food in her stomach are forgotten as she slips into slumber..
A blinding light!! And she's on her feet, clinging to the small fox at her breast and running as fast as she can.. there's no way she would be taken, they would never have her. They would never kill her. But she's only seven years old, and is no stronger or faster than she was before. She grasps the vulpix with all her might, her claw like nails embedded into it's skin. The vulpix yelped in pain, but also welcomed it, and dug her own claws in defiantly.
The girl with the fox pokemon had come to a halt at the dead end of an alley. She turned and squinted into the torch lights as a number of stealth-uniformed men pointed their TR standard rifles at her.
"We found her, Boss,"A gruff, affirmative voice said. Cara blinked and looked into and through the light at it's owner. One of the soldiers.
"Excellant."The source of the second voice was unknown. However, a persian slunk forward. Intrigued by the pokemon, she cautiously leaned forward as it stretched up to sniff at her with it's delicate pink nose. A second soldier stepped forward, a second gun was cocked and Cara lifted her head in time for the man to get a clear shot of her neck.
The dart struck her vein, and she fell to the ground, unconcious.

['TWO YEARS later, 1999, team rocket were flying high, their numbers had soared and innocent people trembled in the streets. They terrorized both people and pokemon alike, mercilessly shattering what remained of the bond between the two along the way. Paranoia, fear and hysteria spread among our world's population like a wild fire, destroying every hopeful mind in the process, aswell as every glimpse of safety and security we could ever dream of. Concentration camps were set up, 'research labs' that were really just a sick joke came into being and millions were slaughtered. A dark age had come upon us.']

Pacing in her cell, she waited for her captor, her torturor, her father to appear. She knew the routine. She knew the outcome. It would not differ. Her father.. he would not stop. Not until he had drained every spark of life from his own daughter's body. He had goals. He had come this far, and he could go father. He could stand, unopposed, ruler of the earth.. He had the tools, he just didn't know how to use them. The 151st pokemon and his own blood. But since he was too much of a coward to use his own blood, he used that in his daughter's veins.
The lock clicked loudly, and echoed around the small room. She was grabbed, shoved, forced down the hall, and into the lab. This final time.. it would be the death of her, she was sure.. Strapped to the chair, the scientist approached her, steely eyes showing no pity for the child before him. A needle's tip plunged into her arm, instantly she became woozy, stopped stuggling. Her mind was aware, though all she could see was a blur, all she could hear was a screech of tear of metal and mechanical laughter. She felt the slice down her abdomen, felt the blood surging and she fought to kick and scream but was paralysed. Her mind desperately, uncontrollably flittered from image to image, her mother, her vulpix, a pidgeot, flying... she fought to wretch, her body spasmed but someone pressed down on her airway. Suffocating, stuggling, dying she felt the pain. A darkness began to spread, from the hazy mingled blur at the edges of the world to the centre of her squandering vision, drowning out the flashing lights above her.
She was blind, lost to the world, enveloped in shadows, but then.. like a ray of hope and healing and warmth, pink light exploded before her. Her body tingled, but in a good way, she felt.. renewed.
'Use this power.. you must hide until the time comes.....'
The girl suddenly jerked up in the seat, the straps that bound her broken, the scientist that had twisted, mangled and picked away at her piece by piece.. gone. She looked up to the sky to see the roof torn open, and dark clouds threatening above. Lightning flashed downwards from the sky, stabbing like forks. Torrents of rain pounded down likes waves crashing, and turning the grund into a quagmire. She scrambled up out of the chair, not surprised to find that she had been healed, and only a long white scar remained where she had been cut. She darted to the the farthest wall which now lay in ruins and ran outside into the storm. In the distance she could see a boy, of brown hair and blazing eyes unleashing attack after attack on the building. There was a look of pure triumph and ecstasy on his face as he fires balls of concentrated psychic energy on the bulding, reducing it to nothing. A tear trickled down my cheek, I was free. I silently thanked my saviour, and the girl fled to the forest once more.
This time I would not be found.

['THE YEAR IS now 2008. It’s been 13 years since the pride of the Pokémon League, Red, rose to stardom. Team Rocket was completely abandoned 9 years ago, the reason unknown, or perhaps merely untold. For some time, there has been peace on earth. Now, however, a new threat is forming. We are torn between the two religions of Yevon and Gell, and it seems we must be on one side or the other. But choosing one would not just be rejecting the other, but making dangerous enemies of them. The propaganda released by the goverment forces us the choose one path and, in time, to eliminate the other. No agreement can be met, no mercy on your part is spared. We are being forced to believe something untrue and unlawful, and to divide our nation.
'This reporter, remaining anonymous, wonders if it is but a cruel trick. Of course, this leads to the question of who the joker is.. Who is behind all this? How can we stop them? The only definate name that comes into view is Cara. It is a meaningless name, and no ties to it can be found but it keeps reappearing again and again. The reporter urges you, with all it's will, to come together once more. You are being used, you're are merely pawns in a corporate duel. It is time to form as one again, no longer be the puppet but cut off the strings that bind you, think with your own mind. Bring the puppeteer down. The search for 'Cara' begins.']

I dropped the paper into the bin. After all, it was of no concern to me.
I no longer went by that name.

Cara/Harper will now follow a helicopter of Yevon's (she opposes them with all her might) to the midnight forest. I'll arrive during the battle, ok? Probably post tomorrow.

16th January 2004, 08:38 PM
O.o. Vulpix, during your time gone, you take some sort of writing class? As I read your post on TR it seemed oddly similar to what SSM endured while w/ TR from the old Mewtations days... Hehehe i happy i save cara! *pumps fists* Allthough I doubt SSM would have had a look of ecstasy.. Bah, yah never know. Great post.
Too, many, people using the color red! TOO MUCH BLOOD! Must, use, completely different counter color..


Eh heh heh.. righto...

Most people went off in the direction of Gell. Some of the kids ran around me, eager to take on Yevon. Their enthusiasm had better last, the plan I had formulated would require backup.
We wandered further into the forest, and after some time the familar whirl of helicopter blades. I focused my eyes the best I could at the machine, and could see the logo of Yevon. Turning to the children around me, I said "I need you to stay back. I'm going to attack that helicopter, and then I want you all to make sure that all there is left is flaming reckage. Use any powers you have, and if people are alive, try to keep 'em that way. Knock them out if needed, but they may have information like Roy did so they may prove useful." The kids all nodded, and I began walking forward alone. I crouched down and began focusing on flight. I could feel the air around me and set it to help me go up.. But not yet.. I had to wait for the helicopter first.
It was drawing nearer, soon it was right above me.

"NOW!" I yelled stupidly as I jumped with all my might and the wind helped carry me straight up. I began to focus all the energy I had left into my arms, and hoped it was enough. I rose higher and higher... And shot passed the helicopter.. Only to grab one of the spinning blades. I could feel my right arm slice open as the helicopter motor tried to cut through me.. But I just put forth more power, and yelled out as I used everything in me to throw the helicopter down in front of me. The thing fell quickly, and exploded as it hit the ground. I fell too, having nothing left, grinning at my success.

"Now it's up to them." I said as I crashed through the trees and hit the ground below. I felt my left arm get crushed on impact, and winced in pain. Neither of my arms would work now, and I was to weak for a Recover attack. I lifted my head slightly to see the kids running up the the wreckage. I smiled once more before I drifted into unconciousness from blood loss.

17th January 2004, 06:06 AM
Narh! Feel the pidgeot wrath of vulpix!!! Wait a minute.. pidgeot? *looks down and finds herself a vulpix-pidgeot hybrid* AHHHHH!!! *goes to unleash wrath anyway*


The soda slid across the stainless steel counter. It bubbled: cool, liquid, irresistable. I grabbed the glass, ignoring the straw and gulped it down in a matter of seconds. Ah.. I thought, feeling refreshed. So much better. I bought a second drink, and went to sit my self down somewhere else. Finding a small table in a corner, I sat down and opened my bag. A vulpix crawled out, looked at me with an annoyed expression, and began to wash her fur. I sighed.
"Ember.."I said, in a half exasperated, half pleading voice. She turned her head to lick her tails, ignoring me completely.
"I guess i deserve this. Im sorry. But whatelse could I have done?"
She sent me a look of digust from those fiery little eyes and this time, I was the one to look away. I stared at my drink for a while, apparantly mesmorized by the bubbles but not really seeing anything at all. She was right..I thought glummy, I was a coward. I had left them to die.. Ember had wanted to help but I forced her away against her will. I glanced guiltily at the three scratches on her back - talon marks. But we couldn't of saved them, or maybe we could of, but we wouldn't of come out alive. So what if I had a great instinct of survival? It's only natural, after what I'd been through... but that was the whole point wasn't it? Something seemed to click.
"I know, im wrong,"I admitted."We should be helping, not running. I mean, we ourselves have been through it, and how many times did we wish there was someone to help us?"
"Vul,"Ember said quietly, but proudly. She licked my hand. I stroked her flank, and gently reached to touch the cuts. She flinched.
"Sorry,"I picked up the soda and put it to my mouth, but did not drink and put it back down."So what now?" Ember, my vulpix, did a very good mime of something involving bravado, heroics and life threatening consequences. Then shrugged.
"Gah, I finally get in-!"I began to say but vulpix cut me off. She cocked her head to the left, then right, ears swiveling desperately.
"Vul!!"She yelped, making me jump and raising a few heads.
"What is it, girl?"I asked but she simply darted to the glass door and pressed her paws on it. I ran to the door and outside, and could instantly hear what she had been warning me of.
I dashed back inside.
"Helicopters!!"I yelled and looks of fear spread simultaneously across every face of the cafe's occupants. The bartender, whipped a rifle from under the bar, and pulled down the big metal sheet that covered the counter at night or during attack. I myself ran to Ember. These people were good and warned, they had to go deal with it now.
"Do we stay and fight, Ember?" I asked, sounding braver than I felt. She stood her ground and I took that as a yes.
As the helicopters came closer, black and sleek against the dying sunlight, we meandered towards the highest part of the road that cut through this small town.
"Something's wrong, Ember,"I muttered, troubled,"Why here? There's no majority of Gell supporters, no bases nearby, no.."Then I gasped. It couldn't be.. they weren't after me?? I knew my father was probably alive, and I had myself seen him in Yevon company. I stared at the helicopters, sickened. It couldn't be.. And luckily it wasn't. The helicopters shot over head. They were off to reek havoc in some over town.
And I suddenly realised - this was my chance to help. I had to stop those helicopters..
I burst into a fast dash down the main road, avoiding and the people who had come out of their houses now, and were watching the helicopters with fear and agitation. Kept running.. kept running.. Screeched to a halt! I stumbled, caught my balance, turned and darted down the alley way. I flung myself behind the dumpster bins and instantly felt myself grow, my skin boil and chafe and explode into a brown plummage. Mew's gift began to kick in..
Red, golden and sandy coloured feathers, two metres long grew from my rear and cast some contrast in this dim alley. I grew a little, but my legs shrunk, and most of the muscle was lost. They were now stick formed, refined and ended in excellant steely talons. A hooked beak grew from my face, and my eyesight grew sharper, as well as my hearing. I could hear the panic, the screaming, the confusion, and most importantly, the helicopters. I turned my head in that direction, and lifted my arms which instantly transformed into three metre wings, and I shot upwards. I aimed for that little rectangle of sky, two storeys above me. No problem. I spun in the air, saw my target far in the distance. I saw a small vulpix teleporting through the crowd, following the copters. She called to me: I would meet her there. With that settled, I piled on the speed, forcing these wings to beat faster, my body to become more streamlined, just willing myself to be nearer. The agility attack kicked in a I hurtled through the sky...
I've never really been a great fighter, or one who likes to see people suffer, but I got real satisfaction from seeing the look on the Yevon' pilots face as a huge pidgeot darted in front of the helicopter. Shocked, he pulled the helicopter to the side, and I swept alongside him, on his left, then his right forcing him to continue in that direction.. By the time he realised where he was headed, he tried to escape, but I halted in mid air and unleashed a mighty hurricane attack on the helicopter. It spun out of control and collided with the mountains in an explosion of blistering heat. The heat wave swept over me even from 200 metres away. I had disapeered just as quickly as I had come, and was pursuing my next targets.
Two helicopters, practically side my side and an easy target, but then... one exploded! I saw a body fall, and would of disgarded is as a yevon soldier, but these eyes don't miss a thing. Brown hair, glasses, that same psychic aura. I knew that boy.. I hesitated for a moment, seeing Gell troops coming from the West, then dived down after the boy.
I hit the ground, and looked at the injuries he had sustained.
"Don't worry, I'll help you,"I whispered to his unconscious form as I demorphed rapidly, and began to shift into a chansey.

You don't mind me healing you do you? Or did you want the kids to go fight by themselves?? I'll bugger off if you want me to ;)

17th January 2004, 09:02 PM
Heal? No, at least not yet. I'd rather SSM be brought back to the others first. And he wouldn't accept help from a stranger anyway :P
Where is everyone else! It's been 24 some hours! I don't pay you to take breaks!
I don't pay you at all.. nvm

18th January 2004, 02:59 AM


I listened gently, hearing what SSM said... but I stood back aways, watching as he attacked teh helicopter, and then the children rushed forward. They were so eager to attack the Yevon helicopter that fell below. I stood back aways however, upon a hill which gave me a slight view of the Gell helicopter to the west, and I heard another explosion. My eyes squinted a bit... a pained look.
Does it all have to come to fighting....?
I frowned, feeling rather helpless. I didn't want to fight, and even if Mew had strong psychic fighting poweres placed with in me, I would not use them or not even try to see if they were there.

I saw SSM fall into the nearbye trees... and if it were not the children, I would have gone. But SSM... he was strong- he could handle himself. After the Yevon mess was cleared... if it was... I would bring the children to go find him, but for now my main priority was watching the children and making sure they were okay.

They seemed to be doing pretty well...

Most of them had their powers, or what little they knew about them, and attacked with whatever force they had at the men. Of course... why wouldn't they? Yevon and Gell were the reason they hid, Yevon and Gell were the reasons their families split up in the first place in most cases... they were the cause for such pain. Wouldn't you want revenge?

Yes... who wouldn't... everyone does... except... for me.

Soon I heard a yelp however, a cry from one of the nearbye kids... and alert, my eyes focused and I saw one of the children bleeding not too far off.
I may not fight, but I will heal.
I ran off after them... to help heal or bind as much of the wounds as I could...

... little did I know how powerful Mew's healing abilities actually were...

(Okay, Kiarah is going to try to heal anyone who gets hurt in the Yevon fight except for SSM, because he's far off. So if anyone of the YEvon-fighting children get hurt, you can post Kiarah helping them with Mew-like healing abilities. (psychic healing, but pretty kewel looking healing aura. ^^))




SSM, that guy- he told the children to fight whatever was inside of the helicopter. Clark watched as he flew up into the air...
I wish I had that type of power...
Clark watched as SSM took on the helicopter, and he saw blood spray from one of SSM's wounds as the helicopter crashed down, and he also fell into the nearbye forest as well... a trail of blood in the sky following him.
I want to be like him! Just as powerful!
Clark thought again, and little knowing to the little seven year old, with that thought alone Clark's eyes began to glow a firey, amber-red- like inner flames inside of a small glowing jewel.

18th January 2004, 01:22 PM
Im not gonna post much...


I was halfway through the chansey morph. So, in other words, I was bright pink and egg shaped. And then, quite convieniently, the boy began to stir.
"ARGH!!"He cried as he caught sight of me."What the ****?!?!?"
"Hey, Im just trying to help!!"I tried to explain, but currently could not talk human. So unfortunately, in came out in a series of chan, chan, chanseys, and all that crap.
But he seemed to realise where he was at that point, and became quiet.
"Who are you?"He hissed in a quiet voice, realising there were enemies near by, though it was pointless as little could be heard over the helicopter's roar.
"Chan...!"I muttered, helplessly, feebly waving my four inch arms and waddling towards him pathetically. He stood and tried to back away, a look of grotesque horror on his face but stumbled and fell over. He grunted in pain.
"Would you quit that?! Your injury will get worse!!"I tried to cry, but it simply came out as a frustrated chansey yelp. Nevertheless, he got the point and lay breathing harshly on his side. I could tell he was contemplating attacking me, and though he seemed weak I didn't want to take the risk, so I reverted to human form. He watched engrossed for a second, then looked away a little sickened. But then he looked back. I could tell this guy was no coward, though of course I already knew that. As I completed my morph, I heard a low growl in the bushes around us, and my vulpix suddenly appeared at my side, snarling at the boy.
"Ssh, Ember,"I whispered."He's a friend. Aren't you?" I asked him quietly.
"Who.. what are you?"He wondered, scanning my up and down.
"Just a failed experiment,"I muttered."You helped me, so I owe you a favour." I said.
"No. No, I can't trust you yet,"He said defiantly. I stood there, suddenly angry. I was about to protest, but a sudden blaze above our heads distracted both of us. A 30ft jet of flames had erupted from the forest. I exchanged glances with the guy, and stuck out my hand.
Hesitantly, he took it, and we made our slow way through the forest towards the source of fire.........

18th January 2004, 09:00 PM
I was waiting around with Matt and Annika, trying to listen for any helicopters when Drake tugged on my jeans.
"What is it?"
<Matt told me that he needs to talk to you later and I just talked to Nightshade. He told me that Imani wanted to talk to you after the battle is over and said that Athenae talked to Imani about Matt but it's a bit complicated so I'll let you handle it with her.>
"Better do it now than later," I muttered and motioned the other three to follow me.
We walked a bit before we found Imani and it looked to be that she was alone with Nightshade.
"Where's Mike?" I asked.
"SSM came by and told us to either take Gell or Yevon. I guess Mike and SSM didn't realize that we were our own little group so Mike went off with this girl to take on Yevon and I just waited for you and the others."
I blushed after realizing that I didn't tell the older ones that I wanted to take on Gell with a few people.
"Alright, we'll go find some others who are taking on Gell and we'll meet with them."
As everyone walked ahead of me, I pulled Imani back at step with me and muttered quietly to her.
"So Drake told me that Athenae talked to you. What did she say?"
"Well, she said that we need to start calling Matt Belle to protect his real identity."
"But no one knows about his change except the group."
"I know, I found that weird. Also, she said that the next time Matt changes, he'll turn into a girl."
I almost snorted at this but calmed myself down before anyone could hear me.
"Are you sure about this?"
"She said that she has limited future sight and that Matt will change into a girl once in a while so it'll be better to keep him as a Gardevoir for now."
I looked up through the trees as a sigh escaped my lips. How could we trust a scheming presence inside of Matt? Was she really telling the truth or was she just lying to have more control over Matt?
"Tell Matt that we need him to stay as a Gardevoir for a bit longer so he can improve his psychic and physical skills. I don't want to take any chances on traumatizing a kid for the rest of his life and he does need the training so this will be better for him for now."

As soon as we finished our conversation, we came upon Lorelei, Laura, Roy and a girl who looked like she was protecting Laura standing over a guy in black clothes.
"What happened here?" I asked.
"This Gell bastard came at us with a gun but I stunned him," Lorelei growled.
"What have we here?" I casually picked up his gun and examined it.
"Give...it back...you ****," the Gell man wheezed, awake from his bashing.
Picking my foot up, I slammed it into his stomach, making him cough and cry in pain.
Throwing the gun into the air, I felt my fingernails extend and grow pointy and hard, sharp as a sword and as hard as diamonds.
"Alley oop," I cried and slashed the gun in half, making it spark violently as it crashed into the ground.
"And as for you..." I said and grabbed the man by the shirt.
Lifting him off the ground, I hurled him into the nearest tree and heard a thwack and then a groan before the area settled into silence. I heard someone whistle in awe as my fingers contracted back to normal.
<Superior strength and the ability to have claws,> Drake said in my mind.
"How long will he be out?" Annika said.
"Well, from what I've just learned," I glanced at Drake, "he'll probably be out cold for a long time. And since it looks like he had nothing on him besides that gun, he won't be any harm to us."
Just as I finished my sentence, we heard a noise above us. Looking up, we stared into the black abyss that was a Gell helicopter.

Roy Karrde
18th January 2004, 11:55 PM
Laura Karrde
"Stay back" Roy wispered to me as the gell members swung down on ropes and surounded us, what had been one gell member, turned into ten, maybe twelve.

"What now?" Annika wispered from behind me, everywhere we look there was guns, guns everywhere, each of them deadly, each of them pointed at us.

"Just shut up, shut up all of you" Lorelei hissed, were we all going to die? was this how it was going to end?

"What ever happens, stay with me, I'll protect you" Ten said placing a comforting hand on my shoulder, I looked back at her and nodded.

"C'mon runts move" One of the Gell members said as we were loaded onto the helicopter. Would they kill Ten if they found out she was a traitor? What about Big Brother they would hate him for being a Yevon member. There was just soo many different things that could happen, each of them terrible.

19th January 2004, 03:07 AM
OOC: Sorry so short. This computer stinks!


I shivered as the Gell geeks surrounded us and started to march us toward their helicopter. Hey, where's Kanna? I know that Lily and Hermes are in their pokeballs, but where's that Kecleon?

"Alright you little brat, on the helicopter NOW!" one of Gell shouted in my ear, jabbing that stupid gun of his in my back. The blood started to race through my veins. My back stiffened as I felt fear -- and anger -- toward Gell. "Hey, I said MOVE!"

"OKAY!" The electricity bursted out of my body and surged through the body of the Gell member, who dropped to the ground paralyzed after a few seconds of agony. Everyone now had their guns on me. But they didn't get a chance to fire, however, as something shot out from the edge of the clearing and hit the helicopter's motor. "Kanna?"

Krystalline Kabutops
19th January 2004, 02:39 PM

Angrily, I glared at the Gell Members. What right did they have to try and kill us?


Realizing what Athenae meant, I devised a distraction to aid Kanna. Focusing hard on a pebble nearby, I managed to levitate it. Smiling, I sent it spinning at a Gell grunt's head. "HEY!" He yelled to his teammates. "There's more of them over there!" Splitting their force, half of them went in the direction the pebble had come from. Doing my best to hide my hands, I started powering up my Confusion attack. "Hey, what's that Gardevoir doi- unnh...." I watched as the Grunt flew a few feet into the air, and landed in a heap, unconcious. At this, the remaining members attacked our small group, trying to beat us into submission. As I began to charge up another blast of Confusion, a particularly large Gell member smacked me in the back of the head with the butt of his gun. Paralyzed, I watched as he pulled out a pokeball and tossed it at me. He watched, surprised as it bounced off with no effect. I'd have to to thank Imani later.

19th January 2004, 07:02 PM
["Kawaita hitomi de dareka na itekure"Cowboy Bebop[Ending-The Real Folk Blues]]

"Great."I whispered under my breath as Gell member's poured out of the Helicopters. I quickly got a rubber band out of my pocket book, and sunglasses. I quickly fixed my hair in a bun, and placed my sunglasses on. I made sure I kept my eyes on Laura though, that was priority one.

One of the fresh Gell members came down, and looked at me. Everyone else was fighting, You got a Gardevoir-Another person using electricity on every gell member. But this Gell Grunt was walking towards me as I backed away, making sure laura was behind me..

"You know, I didn't recognize you at first.."He said, walking up to me. I got my hand ready near my gun's, and I felt his cold hand grab mine."Now Now, no gun's infront of little kiddies.You wouldn't want that kid to get hurt, right Ten?"
I rolled my eyes slightly, and looked at his face. He was one of the "people" I had to train.He looked at me emotionless.

"You know, instructor, you ran away from home...We miss you.."He whispered in my ear. I grew furious, I couldn't use my gun-since he would then hurt Laura.I sighed, and looked...

The Gell Grunt held one of my guns, pointing them to Laura's head."Now now, Ten--or should I say Kaede?Calm down, and if you don't, she get's it.One move for your other gun, or if anyone here hurt's me, she'll find one of your bullets in her head."

I growled, and felt my body shaking-I was nervous. If anyone was to hurt him-The Gardevoir, anyof the other kids that just arrived,anyone-hurt the loser...she would get it. And I promised her brother I would protect her.
"You can just come with me, and I'll leave her alone."He told me.

Roy Karrde
19th January 2004, 07:49 PM
Laura Karrde
" No Ten dont go with them " I cried out rushing over to her, Roy shot me a look to stop but it was allready too late, the guard that was near me grabbed me by the wrist and threw me onto the ground and pointed the gun at my head.

"Leave her alone" Ten yelled out pushing toward me, the guards quickly grabbed her by the arms and restrained her. "Damn it let me go" Ten screamed out.

Roy looked at me, then to ten, then to everyone else, more people were ariving and these guards would quickly become overwhelmed the bullets would start flying soon. "Laura run" Roy yelled running toward me, two more guards ran over to restrain him too, and the guard that was pointing the gun toward me started getting worried, he turned the gun on Roy, then to Ten, then back to me.

"LET HER GO" Ten yelled her body seemed to phase through the guards like she was a ghost, in a second she had returned to a regular form and was quickly ganning on my position, the guard looked at her in shock and yelled for her to stop, he warned her again, and finally turned to me.

What happened next happened so slow, Ten yelled out for him to stop, the guard closed his eyes, looked away and fired. My body jerked back in shock as I fell from a sitting position back on to the ground, first I thought the bullet had missed me until I reached up and felt something wet all over the left side of my neck. I reached my hand and touched it and brought it up to my face, blood was everywhere on my hand, at that point I could feel myself get so sleepy, I closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep.

20th January 2004, 04:16 PM
["She's like a Angel from the underworld-Or a Devil from Paradise."Faye-Cowboy Bebop]

"LAURA!"I pratically ran towards,faster than I ever remember,Laura, who fell asleep after sight of her first blood. The one that shoot her repeatedly shot me, at no harm.Each bullet phased through me, and ended up hitting a tree, or any Gell Member in the back of me.

I stopped, and stared down at Laura's body. I saw her chest moving up and down-sure sign that she was alive. I then stared at the Gell Runt who shot Laura.

"Un..forgive...able"I whispered, and in a quick motion, pulled my gun out.It was fully loaded, and in a quick motion, the safety lock was off.I closed one of my eyes, and aimed at the guy's heart.
"What you did, is Unforgivable."I whispered, and in a milisecond, I pressed the trigger. BANG!The bullet flew out of the Barrel and it hit. On target, the man soon found blood pouring out of his Chest. He collasped, and with his last breath, he said..

"Once a flame it liten, it is never blown out."And with that, he collasped. He twitched, he shook. But then, he layed-still as the air on a windless day.I looked back down at Laura, and grew furious. I walked to the male, and grabbed my gun back. And quickly aimed, I hit 2 more, 1 for each gun.

'Never...blown out..'

20th January 2004, 05:04 PM
oh no she's shot!
*silently cheers* Poor BL, I hope he doesn't pounce on me for that.

"You must always battle."
"Even if I didn't want to, you would force it upon me."
"You know so much so quickly. However, our force is irrelevent. You must battle to grow stronger. If you win, your body shall accept the victory and grow stronger. If you lose, revenge shall fill your soul, and your rage will increase your strength. If you do nothing, you will remain the same, and we shall destroy you."
"If I grow stronger with each battle, then you are the one who will soon be destroyed."
"If all is according to plan, then yes, I shall die at your hands. But such a victory for you can only be achieved when you submit fully towards our banner and Giovanni."
"I'll never do such thing."
"And therefore, your training must continue. Your stubbornness will be your undoing."
"That is a matter of opinion."
I awoke to a great pain in my arms. No big surprise, that's what had knocked me out. And that dream seemed pointless to me.. Reliving my past is an annoying concept that plagues me at night, but this dream just seemed to reforce what I already knew. Big whoop... Why was I focusing so much on the dream? It didn't matter. I had better figure out where I was. I opened my eyes and tried to look up, but suddenly something large and pink appeared in my face. I fell on my back in surprise.

"What the ****?!?!?!" I yelled. The thing yelled out a series of 'Chans' and 'Seys'. Normal assumptions would allow one to infer this was a Chansey. However, something was wrong with it. It had the hectic movements of a human, not a normal carefree swing of a nurse-Pokemon. I thought maybe I had been in some freaky hospital, but looked around and saw it was still the Midnight Forest.

"Who are you?" I asked, glaring at this possible enemy. No one sneaks up on me. NO one. This could very well be a Gell or Yevon group member, or even someone else, out for revenge against me or the children. The thing responded with another 'Chan!' as it flailed its little arms around aimlessly, trying to waddle towards me. I was defenseless, this was not a good situation. I tried to get up and back away, but I tripped, only to instinctively land on my arms, my broken, sliced up bleeding arms. Not to comferting. The creature seemed to yell at me in worry. Was it faking? Or true, genuenly worried? It was to risky for me to stay down, I'd have to do all I can to defend myself. It was then that the creature started to meld into another form. It freaked me out, to say it lightly, seeing one thing melt away and reform... into a young woman. Was this a true form? What kind of monster was I dealing with? I looked away trying to think. but then realised my actions. What if this was one of the children, and I'm shoving them away? I turned back, regaining my composure, though still ready to fight if neccesary. My mix of moods must have been sensed; a Vulpix popped out from one of the surrounding bushes, and growled at me, in a stance to protect the girl.

"Ssh, Ember," she whispered. "He's a friend. Aren't you?"

"Who are you?" I replied. I looked at her up and down. In my pain, I found it easy to block out any stupid part of my mind, moreso looking for weapons.

"Just a failed experiment." She muttered, looking downward. "You helped me, so I owe you a favor." Huh? She was not making sense. But it seemed like she was trying to make me go on her side real quick.

"No. No, I can't trust you yet." I said. Words prove nothing. I knew that from my own years. She looked at me, and her face seemed to fill with anger. She looked as though she were about to say something to be, but we were then both startled by large flames rising from the trees. I looked at the girl, who's anger had left her. She now stuck out her hand.

"Come with me if you want to live." Mentally shaking my head, I extended my arm. She grabbed it and began to drag my towards the flames, but stopped as soon as my scream filled the woods.

"Oh.. Sorry!" She said, with a smile of surprisement. I glared at her.

"I would like to know what's going on with this large fire, for I know not even military helicopters create explosions like that. However, I cannot go anywhere in this condition." I said, looking at my arms.

"Is there anything I can do to help?" The girl asked with a puzzled look on her face. I thought for a minute, then remembered something I had heard when I was younger; 'no pain, no gain.'

"Yes, actually." I said, slowly standing up again. "I can recover my strength if I have my arms held up above my head, and am in a pure enviroment or feel a strong emotion." We both glanced at the fire for a second. "I believe.. pain would do as a good emotion. If you can hold my arms up for me.. then, I don't know, hit, or stab, or do something to them, since they are already in pain, such a strong emotion should allow me to regain full strength and help fight." The girl raised an eyebrow, before walking around behind me, and lifting my arms straight up. I winced.

"Okay, now I just need to concentrate on Recover.. Any time, a strong pain.. would work just fine." I closed my eyes, wondering what she was going to do.. But decided more to focus on the recover attack. I could feel a slight ammount of energy return, but not enough to heal even a scar. What's she up to?! I thought, when suddenly my arms lit ablaze. That d*mn Vulpix! I gritted my teeth, and yelled out as my arms burned, and felt anger.. anger towards all those against the children, all who sent that helicopter I had to hurt myself to take out, all who hurt me, all who cause pain. I could feel the girl let go of my arms, and the flames stop. I lowered my arms, and looked at them. Not a single burn, not a scratch. I felt invigorated, more powerful than I had before. I turned towards the girl. She had landed on the ground with a thud, and her Vulpix was with her. I guess the energy I absorbed from around me had pushed her away.

"Thank you." I said. "You are..."


"Yes, thank you Harper." I did feel thankful, and I trusted her now. She got upon her feet, and we began to walk towards the fire.

"I told you my name, now tell me yours."

"I call myself SuperSonicMewtwo."

"Can you make that a little shorter?"

"S-S-M would do just fine."

"SSM then? Okay." Harper said. I glanced at her once more right before we arrived at the flames. It seemed the children attacked the helicopter I had already thrown down, as I told them.. Yet the wreckage had now become destroyed, itself. How can you light something already on fire, into a bigger fire? I did not understand. I began to look around when a gunshot filled my ears. Harper, her Vulpix, and I, all turned around to the direction it came from, and began to sprint there.

Krystalline Kabutops
20th January 2004, 05:12 PM

The Gell member, realizing I already "belonged" to someone, started to kick me. Since I was temporairily paralyzed from the neck down, I just went with his kicks, flopping around on the ground. 'Just make it stop...... I want it to end.....' I thought through a haze of pain. Suddenly, the kicking stopped. The Gell member sat, unconcious or worse, to my left. Turning my eye to see what had hit him, my eye caught Drake, who was lifting me over his scaly shoulder. <You really need to pick your opponents a little more wisely.> He said, with the hint of a smirk. <Yeah.... wel..... He came up behind me.....> I mumbled. Pulling me a little ways from the fighting, he grabbed a discarded Full Heal and held it up to my eye level. <Take it. It'll heal your paralysasis.> I turned my head away weakly. As if reading my mind, Drake growled. <Listen, you're a Pokemon right now. I don't care if it's something you don't want to drink. YOU ARE GOING TO DRINK IT.> With that, he shoved the end of the bottle into my mouth. As I inhaled, the liquid came in too. It was a nasty tasting bitter flavor, but Drake was giving me the evil eye, so I drank it all. Surprisingly, I could move again! <Good. Now, I have some humans to fight.> With that, he jumped back into the battle. Suddenly, I heard a shot, and saw Laura fall to the ground, covered in blood. As Ten began firing at the other Gell members, I went down to Laura to exaimine the wound. It wasn't deep, wut she needed attention. Ripping off a piece of a felled Gell grunt's uniform, I clumsily applied a bandage to her neck. Her eyes fluttered open, she mouthed something, and her eyes closed again. I felt something cold on the back of my neck, and heard a voice I knew from my childhood. "So, the kids have got a Gardevoir with them? Well, you'll fetch a healthy sum of cash on the market." Turning around, I looked into the eyes of my older sister, Vale.

20th January 2004, 05:28 PM

"Oh man, I'm loving this!" I yelled excitedly as I decided to start using my daggers on the Gell goons. Kanna was causing further mayhem by zipping around invisibly and occasionally attacking a random Gell member. It all stopped, however, when I saw a girl press a gun to the back of Matt's neck. "Excuse me for a minute," I told a felled Gell member.

I marched over to get a good look at the new girl, another Gell member like the rest of them. "So, the kids have got a Gardevoir with them? Well, you'll fetch a healthy sum of cash on the market," she said.

I tapped her shoulder. "Excuse me, what are you doing to my friend here?" I asked her.

She spun around and pointed her gun at me. "None of your business, girl. Now leave me alone."

I calmly put a hand to a gun and used Thundershock, letting it travel through it and also through her body. "No one messes with my friends!" I said while the girl sparked on the ground. "I know, paralysis is a b*tch. Hey Belle, you need to go back in your pokeball?" Matt shook his head furiously. "Okay, but you still need to take it easy."

Kanna's stripe raced to my side. "Kanna, stay with Belle and this human." I kicked the girl in the side. "If anyone tries to hurt either of them, attack them. Got it?"

"Kecleon!" she said happily, saluting.

"Good girl. I think I'll take a breather and look after Laura."

20th January 2004, 05:48 PM
Sorry about the destruction of Clark's last post. My original intent for him to happen will be finished him. I typed it allup and then for some reason it only posted half of it. *sighs*



The helicopter had been down, and Clark had been sniffing around and only the other kids had fought- he couldn't find any thing. Soon he saw SSM and another person come out of teh trees... but before he could call them over, they ran off towards the direction of a gunshot near where Gell was. Clark whimpered, feelin guseless and he wanted to help... wanted to be tough

Then suddenly a rustling came to his ears. Turning around, he saw an Yevon man, who obviously had been hiding. He was trying to get away! Clark growled, and instantly he ran at the man... his fiery red eyes aflame again as he was intent to tackle the man. His legs burned with power as the seven year old boy easily caught up to the full grown man and suddenly...
WHOMP! (take down)
Clark had tackled the man to the ground. Th eman gave a shout, and instantly took the butt of teh gun he was carrying and smacked Clark upon the head. Clark rolled off, but immediatly found himself upon his feet again. Clark growled... as he leapt at the man, this time aiming a blow to his shins to disable him.
SSM wanted to question members... I'll disable him!
Soon the man's shins cracked with the force of the blow, but the man took his gun and before Clark could dodge it the gun fired. This time it aimed straight at Clark's heart, but it missed and hit slightly above it into the middle of his shoulder from teh front. Clark gave a wolf-like yelp, but his mind was too into the fight at hand. Clark snarled and went at the man, this time taking his hand and grabbing at the man's. Clark's temperature was rising high... his body heat reaching to unbelievable levels with teh adrenaline and his arcanic powers. His hand burned the man's flesh... as he screamed and dropped the gun. Clark kicked it away... and soon the man was powerless as Clark gave a swift bite to his hands. ^^;;

Clark soon was spitting, not liking the taste of human flesh one bit..
Never do that again.. he thought, as he grabbed the leg of the man and began to pull on him. Th eman screamed, the pain from his broken shins hurting him... and Clark then bit the other pant leg, pulling him along the ground. Luckily for the man, his pants were securely fastened- but there was nothing the Yevon man could do. He had no more weapons, his shins were broke, and his hands were bleeding, not to mention his chest hurt from being tackled to teh ground.

Clark's shoulder throbbed as blood dripped down his body... but his little figure was still moving as he was determined to get to SSM.
I gotta prove myself... I may be young, but I can fight too!
Clark thought... intent on carrying out any orders.

Krystalline Kabutops
20th January 2004, 07:46 PM

I looked at Vale. It had certainly been a while since I had last seen her, and I wanted to know exactly how different she was. She had a new tatoo on the back of her neck, but otherwise, the only difference was that she was older, probably 18 by now. Turning away from her, I sat on the ground and fumed. Who did Imani think she was, treating me as if she owned me? I walked over to where she was, leaving Kanna to guard Vale. I tapped her on the shoulder, and she turned to look at me.

Athenae, I want you to tell Imani what I'm saying, ok?
Sure thing, Belle. *snicker*

Ignoring her, I bagan talking. " Gardevoir Gar Gardevo, Voir? GARDE VOI!! Gar, Gardevoir Gar Devoir Gar GARDEVOIR!! Gardevoir Garde Gar, Voir Gar Gar! (What do you think you're doing, calling me Belle? I HATE THAT NAME!! Also, nothing bad had better happen to that girl, because SHE'S MY SISTER!! And stop acting like you're my trainer, because you're not!)"

20th January 2004, 08:05 PM

I listened to Matt rant in his girlish voice. "Oh, you're angry about the Belle thing. I just wanted her to know that you weren't up for grabs."

He's also angry because you just paralyzed his sister.

"Oops. Don't worry, she'll be able to shake it off after a few hours. We'll need for her to stick around for questioning, though. But really, you need to take it easy."

"GARDEVOIR!" he screamed as she managed to psychically flip me over and drop me on my head.

Thor, translation.

<You don't want to know.>

Time to let the ball drop. "Matt, you're going to have to face the fact that you're a Pokemon. My Pokemon." It took a lot of courage for me to say that. "And I don't know if it's true, but if you try to return to human form, you'll have to worry about that time of the month! You know what I mean! Athenae told me this, so you can scream at her!"

Matt stood there with tears in his eyes. "Gar...Voir?"

Roy Karrde
20th January 2004, 09:24 PM
OOC: Thank you T_M_L for picking up on my mistake on the powers

Roy Karrde
"Ten, TEN TEN STOP" I yelled grabbing her by the arms and jerking her back into reality, Matt had put some bandages on Laura, but that bullet, the longer it was in there the greater the chance it has to move and damage her, or worce yet the longer she remained like that the greater the chance she has to bleed to death. "Ten, their dead, all of them" I finally said looking at the dead bodies all around us.

"Roy we need to.." Ten began as I walked over there, reached under Laura's limp head and rased it up, she was so young, so young to get shot.

"I..I dont know what to do" I said looking up to Ten for assistance she just shook her head. I began to peel away the gruesome bandages that Matt had placed on her, they were allready soaked in blood, blood they still gushed out of a hole that was so deep that you could see pink and white tissue.

"Mind if I help?" A guy said walking up to us with a girl right next to him, it was that new Guy I believed it was SSM or something I really couldnt remember. He slowly took Laura's body into his hands and broke off into a quick run, both hands delicatly holding Laura to make sure she wouldnt be tossed around by the movement, Ten, I, and some others followed SSM all the way back to the campground, where SSM carried Laura into a tent and Ten followed him in. I was the last to enter when I was forced out by a energy barrier. "I'm sorry but you cant enter" SSM's voice carried from inside the tent.

WHAT? I couldnt go in what did he mean I couldnt go in, out of everyone I should be the main person in there. I continued to pound on the energy barrier for several minutes, finally giving up I decided to go look for a place to sit down and wait.

20th January 2004, 09:46 PM
Meh... I've been really brain dead for this RPG and I've sat out for the entire fight so... feel free to find me, not find me and let me wander, starving in the wilderness and hunted down, jk you get the point.

I suddenly snapped awake. Strange, I hadn't even noticed I had fallen asleep... Groggily I rose to my feet, my head throbbing like mad. I slowly made my way around to the clearing, when I discovered everyone had already left. "Damn... how long was I out for...?"

I shook my head, trying to clear it. All that accomplished was getting me dizzy, and... was that a gunshot? And another?

I didn't know what to think, even if I could somehow manage it among the swimming colors. Guns could mean a few things: one, we were winning; two, we were loosing; three, we were hiding and people were searching; four...

I lost my balance again before I completed the thought. I found myself on the ground again, the world still spinning. What the hell...?

As I got back upright, I decided on what to do. If I went over to the gunshots, there was a high probability that I'd meet up with everyone. There was also a good chance they'd be fighting, and my powers... well, to say the least I wasn't ready on that matter yet.

Stopping every foot or so to support myself on whatever was handy, I slowly moved towards where I thought the sounds had come from.

It's pointless. They're all probably dead.
No one asked you.
That's not the point.
This is my head, shut up.
You can't make me...
Watch me.
I'm waiting...
Ok, fine, I can't shut you up, happy?
Not quite...

I snapped back to reality as an odd rushing sensation flowed through me. Before I knew what was happening, a huge force, almost like a wind, came shooting up from around me. I felt energy surge through the air, trees were snapping and being uprooted in all directions. A column of dark energy shot upwards from all sides; I felt myself falling as it consumed me, pushing me into sleep again.
FYI: She passed out, after using some dark attack which I'm sure will exist eventually :P What, I couldn't make her use Psychic...

20th January 2004, 10:34 PM
OOC: uh, Roy? Where did that change of scenery come from? I don't think SSM can do that, unless I overlooked something in his powers

Things happened so quickly after the helicopters had landed. About a dozen of Gell members with guns from each 'copter streamed out and surrounded all of us. Without any time to prepare an attack, we quietly surrendered and walked towards one of the helicopters although I was fuming from my costly error of becoming too lax. From the corner of my eye, I could see something fly towards the motor on the 'copter and slam into it. Imani and Matt provided the distractions by shocking one of the Gell grunts and sending a psychic wave at another, respectively. After that, all hell broke loose.
"Party time," I smiled and pulled out my daggers.
Coming after a selective few, I had the strategy of kicking at their shins and then slashing their guns with my daggers. And it worked rather well untill a rough female nimbly dodged my kick and swiped at my daggers, knocking them away. Forcing me against one of the trees, she shoved the gun against my chest, making me bend halfway over and wheeze.
"We've got you now...freak," she smirked and released the safety lock.
"Being a freak can be handy sometimes," I smiled sweetly and brought my clawed hands up quickly.
Swiping the gun through clean, the front part landed neatly on the ground while the dumbfounded grunt held the other half, her finger on the switch. Kicking my foot into her stomach, she gasped in pain but rapidly recovered. Unfortunately, she didn't have any time to counter my next attack as she was thrown into the side of one of the helicopters and slided down, her head bent down in clear unconsciousness.

I turned around to see Drake helping out Matt by swiping at a grunt and then throwing him into a tree. It was rather pitiful to see Matt so weak but he would learn to use his powers at a greater extent in the future. I glanced from the duo to look all around at the members defending or putting their all into stopping the Gell members from taking them away. Then the gunshot came...

I watched on in silent horror as Laura fell back to the ground, blood pouring out from her neck. The girl that protected her, Ten I think, ran over to her to check on her for a moment. Then, getting up, she pulled out a gun of all weapons and pointed it at the gunman's heart. Releasing the safety lock, she pulled the trigger without thinking a single thought and watched as the man fell against the ground and muttered something before closing his eyes for the final time, his chest red with blood. I gasped as she took his gun and continued to fire at Gell members without any expression on her face.
"So much blood," I muttered after picking up my daggers and sheathing them. "I'm fine with hurting people but not killing them."
<Sometimes, killing is the only way to stop things,> Drake came over to me.
"Most of the times it isn't."
<I know but look. The Yevon and Gell groups are hunting you for no reason. They killed innocent people to prove their point that nothing will stop them from dominating the world. I'm against killing also but in this situation plus them shooting Laura, maybe it's necessary.>
I brushed at the tear and nodded in agreement. I wouldn't kill...yet, but I would do anything to aid our cause for peace.

It was all over soon enough as many Gell grunts either laid dead or unconscious. I looked over at Matt who was yelling at Imani while Imani's Kecleon was guarding a female grunt.
"What's happening?" I asked Drake.
<Matt is mad at Imani because he didn't want her to hurt his sister. Also, she called him Belle, he still doesn't regard her as his trainer and he found out that he could change into a female the next time he becomes human.>
"That beast is his sister?" I asked incredeously. Matt's sister looked ragged and bitter, although she didn't know that the Gardevoir was actually her brother.
I rolled my eyes and walked towards Matt and Imani. Pushing them towards a tree, I faced both of them, my back to Matt's sister.
"Look," I hissed. "Now's not the time to get mad at each other. Imani, if Matt does not want to be your Pokemon, he will not be your Pokemon. Just because you caught him doesn't make him yours. And Matt, I know you hate being called Belle and frankly, I hate it also but for now, we'll have to regard you as that. If you don't want your sister to know that you're a Gardevoir, it would be better if you just shut up and acted obedient towards someone while we're around her, whether it be me or Imani. Also, we don't know if you'll become a female the next time you change because no one can trust Athenae. If you want to change back, that's fine but if you don't want to take the risk, then be prepared for staying as a Pokemon for quite a while."
I my chest heaved after battling and talking so fast in such a short time. Turning around, I saw SSM and an unfamiliar female bend over Laura and looked at her wound. I hoped someone could help, for Ten and Roy's sake at least.

20th January 2004, 11:24 PM
"Well that wasn't exactly a waste," I said, looking at the aftermath of our battle. Yevon grunts were littered all around the forest floor. The Ninjask I had transformed into during the battle lay near-dead by the side of the tree. Saeko was nice enough to look away when I transformed back, seeing as my clothes had dropped when I initially transformed.

"Yeah, but what now?" Saeko asked, healing a cut that one of the Yevon members had given her. We had found out she could do that in the middle of the battle, after I had been smacked hard with the butt of a gun.

My ears turned to the helicopter blades that were whirling in the clearing a couple hundred feet away. "Think we can hijack that thing?" I asked.

"They probably have a couple more guards there...they'd shoot us before we could get close," Saeko thought aloud. I was looking at the fallen Grunts. None of them were dead, but each was seriously unconscious. Then I had a thought.

"They'd shoot us, but not..." I toed the nearest Grunt "...them." I think Saeko took the hint, because she asked, "But what would I do?"

"You could be a prisoner," I said, finishing my transformation into the closest Grunt. It was still weird being another body, but not as weird as being a girl, that's for sure. "Now I just gotta get the right clo-" I stopped, realizing something. The jeans I had been wearing were the right size for me, but the Grunt I transformed into had a waist size at least 10 larger than me. Yet my jeans still fit.

"Wait a minute..." I said, looking carefully at the clothes the Grunt was wearing. Focusing my mind into my clothes, I nearly stopped the transformation as I realized that my clothes had indeed started to change.

"Woah...that's cool," Saeko said. Then she put on a false air of helplessness. "Oh how could I be any match for such a strong Grunt?" We laughed at that, before I took her hands and 'forced' her over to the helicopter.

"What the hell happened?" one of the Grunts from the helicopter said, coming out to meet us.

"Damn kids," Mike said, gripping my wrists more tightly. "They ambushed us, knocked most of us down. I managed to stay up and capture one of 'em. Seems they got some knowledge of Mew here."

"Better than nothing," the helicopter Grunt replied. "Let's get her back to base and see if we can make her talk."

"Right," Mike said, then to me, "Come on, ya little runt." We got on the helicopter and the pilot took off slowly. The Grunt looked around idly, but I noticed he was watching me. The helicopter jerked for a second as the turbulence knocked into the propellers. "Now!" Mike hissed at me, and I jumped the Grunt, kicking him where it counts. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Mike wince.

The helicopter turned suddenly, and the Grunt, still incapacitated, slid out of the side and fell. The helicopter pilot finally noticed something was wrong, but by then I had already smacked him across the head. Then I realized something.

"S**t! How the hell do you fly this thing?" I pushed the unconscious pilot out of the seat and tried to make sense of all the gauges and switches.

"Let me try," Mike said, back in his normal appearance and clothes. I jumped over to the other seat and let him sit down. Immediately, he managed to turn the helicopter towards the caves we had hid in. "Okay, I'm gonna try and pick up the rest of us and get back to camp."

"Camp?" I asked, unsure of what he meant.

"Where we've been living," he responded. "It's kinda small, but you'll get used to it." He must have still thought I was someone who was planning to stay in the forest with them. He lowered the helicopter, and I saw other people looking anxiously at us, Gell bodies strewn all around the ground.

"Hey!" Mike yelled, sticking his head out the side of the helicopter. "Anyone need a ride?"

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Krystalline Kabutops
21st January 2004, 10:06 AM

I gave a small gasp. The door in Matt's conciousness, the only one I couldn't get through, had just unlocked. "Strange, Why would it open just now?" I looked at the sign above the door. It read, in bold print, "MATT'S CHILDHOOD" Ah, yes. The sudden appearence of his siter must have brought back these memories... Well, the more of Matt's past I knew, the better. I walked in and began to search for the past relationship between Matt and Vale.

OOC: Athenae sees Matt's mind as a large building, each room contaning something to do with Matt's body or mind. it's not like Matt literally has a building in his head, it's just the easiest way I could come up with to access the nessacary image.


I looked from one to the other furiously. So I was stuck like this indefinatly? I had never been a dependant person, and now all my needs were other people's responsibilities? I couldn't even eat anything besides Pokefood, because Gardevoirs couldn't handle anything else! Sighing, I slumped my head over onto my chest. Imani had a point. According to all laws and regulations remaining in this world, I was her possesion. And I would have to play the part as long as my sister was around. And, besides being stuck like this, I'd also be taking lessons from Drake and Nightshade. Well, as long as Imani didn't stick me in a Pokeball, I wouldn't complain..... too much.

21st January 2004, 04:58 PM
Heh, don't worry The_Missing_Link you didn't miss anything. SSM does not have the power to create a barrier behind him without putting near or full concentration at it, and it is an attack he does not have yet.
I talked with BL about it, and we agreed that we'll just ignore it. SSM won't do something similar to that until the attack is learned at what is it, level 65? It's a way's away. Roy cannot enter the tent, simply cause, he can't. He's not allowed. If he does, Ten will kick him 'where it counts.' No family in the OR!

Harper and I raced in the direction that we heard the gunshot, and soon arrived at a bloody battlefield. The ground was littered with the bodies of Gell grunts, and a girl stood with a gun in hand as Roy seemed to calm her down. I continued scanning the area, and noticed another, younger girl lying on the ground. She had been bandaged, but I could tell this was one who was shot.

"Ten, their dead, all of them." Roy was saying.

"Roy, we need to..." The older girl with the gun, Ten, walked over to the younger one.

"I... I dont know what to do." Roy said flatly as he turned to Ten, who was shaking her head. Roy got on the ground and began peeling off the bandaged, blood-soaked. The wound was visible. If nothing was done, this girl would surely die, whether of blood loss or infection. Such a thing was something I had experienced many times in the past?

"Mind if I help?" I said, ignoring any answer. I crouched down and slowly lifted the girl up, concentrating a little on telekenesis to keep the body straight. I then began running back towards the field that we had been around earlier, before the offensive attack comenced. I saw a conviently placed tent there, and doubting it was of the enemy, rushed inside. Another, Ten, followed me in. Roy started to enter as well, but Ten stood in his path.

"You can't see Laura, she's your sister." Ten said simply. I understood; family was not allowed to witness an operation, they would interfere or become a nusience.

"I'm sorry, but you cant enter." I followed up with, as I layed Laura upon the ground in the tent. I looked at the wound.

"Can you help her?" Ten asked, pearing over my shoulder.

"I gurantee nothing, but I will do all I'm able to." I replied, looking up. We needed light. I stood up, and dug my hand into the top of the tent, and ripped out a circular hole. I turned once again to Laura, and raised my hand in the air.

"We have no sterile equipment, and therefore we shall have to improvise." I said to Ten, as I closed my eyes and thought silently. I could feel my hands become filled with a slight pressure, and upon opening my eyes I could see they had been covered with a skin-tight blue glove of energy, Ten's as well. I crouched down at Laura's wound, and inserted my hand into the tissue slowly, looking around. The bullet was still inside, and it was in deep. I hoped I would not tear more flesh or cut off her air supply as I dove in more, and felt the lead object. I took hold of it and removed the bullet, handing it over to Ten. I ignored her reaction to the bullet and looked back to Laura. Blood continued to spurt from the wound.

"We need bandages, NOW!" I yelled at Ten, who jumped back slightly before running out of the tent and returning with bandages. During the time she was gone, I tried to cover Laura's body; if Roy were to poke his head in, he's surely faint or go nuts. I took the bandages from Ten and began to place mounds of them on the wound. I grabbed Ten's hand.

"Press here, hard, DON'T let go." I said, leaving her for the direct pressure part of stopping blood flow. I shook my blood-covered-blue hands off to my side, shaking the blood off, then exited the tent.

"I need Harper." I said. There were some people around, and they began to talk amongst themselves, wondering who this Harper was. However, I saw her rise from the ground she had apparantly be sitting on and came over to me.

"How is she?"

"I'm doubtful she'll live long without your assistance. You had been some Chansey-like creature before, can you do a full transformation?"

"Yes, but why?"

"Chansey eggs have the ability to, when consumed, bring happiness to those eating them, reduce obesity, some say even revive the dead. I would not be surprised if they could heal a bullet wound." Harper nodded and followed me inside. Ten was having some trouble with the bandages and blood, so I began preparing some new bandages.

"Just remove your egg as a Chansey and turn back to human, make sure this girl eats all of the egg." I continued preparing more bandages, and when I turned around, a Chansey was already placing an egg on the ground. Ten was staring at the Pokemon and losing her concentration, so I quickly grabbed the still bloody bandages and pressed on the wound. Harper returned to her normal self and began breaking the egg into bits, placing pieces into Laura's mouth, and manually making the girl chew, until the entire egg was gone. I removed all bandages from the wound, and smiled as the bleeding slowed to a hault, and the muscle began to regrow. I saw no change in the skin but that would be fine; a scar would grow there and Laura would have a great story to tell her children some day. I began clean the healing wound with clean bandages, and used the extra to tie up the wound, being careful not to try and choke the girl. When I was done, I once again shook off the blood from my hands, and released the glove hold on myself and Ten. I lifted Laura up and I carried her out of the tent, followed by Harper and Ten. Roy immediatly ran up to me, so I presented by report.

"She had a small bullet stuck in the flesh of her neck, but luckily it had not hit her spine or any major part of her body. Part of an artery that seems to be connceted straight to the aorta was punctured, but it his healed now. Laura will fully recover in time, but she requires rest and fluids;she lost quite a bit of blood. I do not know when she will wake up." I then walked past roy, and with my feet, pushed some dirt together to create a pillow-like object, and layed Laura upon the ground. I turned to return to Harper and Ten.

"You two have proven useful, and I thank you for your help." I then faced Roy. "Ten and Harper here helped you sister much more than I did. You should thank them for their assitance." I then walked away. I would have to locate the other children, and make shure such an event was not repeated.

21st January 2004, 05:58 PM

"Man, it's gonna suck big time if Laura dies," I muttered as I slowly felt sleep overcome me. I stood up and started walking around. "Okay, time to catch some Z's. Kanna, you can come back now! You deserve some rest!" Kanna ran to me and let me draw her in her pokeball.

I turned to Matt. "And as for you..." I pulled out his pokeball. "Find someplace comfortable and sleep." I put the pokeball back in my pocket. "Thought I was going to put you in there, huh?"

I spotted SSM walking around and ran to him. "Is Laura going to be alright?" He nodded. "That's a relief. Hey, we left one of those grunts alive for you. She's paralyzed, but alive. But don't hurt her too much, and definitely don't kill her."

He cocked an eyebrow. "Why?"

"Hey, that's for me to know and for you to find out!"

Krystalline Kabutops
21st January 2004, 07:29 PM

Rubbing my eyes sleepily, I pulled on Imani's shirt. She looked at me, and my message seemed clear. "What, do you want to stay with me for the night?" I nodded my head slowly. She smiled. "Aw, that's so sweet! Well, I suppose I don't mind, as long as you eat something first. You need to build up some strength for your training sessions tommorow." She handed me a small bag of Pokefood pellets. I looked at the unappetizing brown pellets, and resignedly popped one into my mouth. They had an unpleasant taste, but I forced them down anyway. I didn't feel as safe in this form as I normally would as my old self, and I knew Imani would keep me safe. Embarass me most of the time, but she'd keep me out of any real harm. She picked me up and put me over her shoulder as she looked for a place to settle down for the night.

21st January 2004, 08:02 PM


I frowned, as suddenly I found myself alone. I couldn't see any of the children... it was as if they were gone. Gone completely.
"Is anyone there?!" I yelled out... but no response came to me. I frowned... and began to look. I wasn't really a good on for direction in an unfamiliar place, and this place I had wandered into- the place where I heard the scream, was strange to me.
"Oh god.... I've lost where the children went, and I don't know where I am."

I frowned, and after what seemed to be a long time... I sat down in complete dispair.
"It's hopeless.." I began, until suddenly I felt my face flush and tears start to form in my eyes. I had promised mew I'd protect the children... I promised I'd help. I hadn't even used Mew's powers yet... how was I sure I could even use them at all?!
Now I was lost and useless.
"Maybe... maybe I should just... go back.."


"We should form a Union. Gell and Yevon- together, working in harmony!" The man rose to his seat, slamming his fist hard into the desk.
"We cannot be at a political war with each other anymore!"
"Impossible." The other man rose. Yevon's leader.
" We cannot form together because we're at oppisite ends. No one's going to give in... certainly not yevon."
The two argued back and forth as everyone else sat patiently...

Then a girl... yes, a very familiar girl to me- relatively young for politics, but she was involved just the same.
"Silence! We can't form peace if we argue! It's obvious Gell and Yevon can't keep their full views if they want to work together, but if we negotiate we can-"
Suddenly guns rang out, and masked figures appeared. Terrorists... probably working for Yevon or Gell. Everyone screamed and seperated... and in the madness I saw Yevon's leader escape discretely. Narrowing my eyes, I had ran to him... caught him at the outside enterance and grabbed his arm.
"You... you're the one who did this." He smirked and jerked his hand away.
"Careful Kiarah... wouldn't want to involve ourselves too much. Might cost you some thing worth more than your life..."
I growled at him, aiming a punch at his eye and nailing him.
"Watch your mouth! You have no right to terrorise these peace meetings! We CAN do some thing if only you bullheaded bastards would-"
But he cussed and quickly ran away... this time I didn't bother to go after him.

But I should have... oh how I should have...

The memory was over... and I hunched over, tears streaming down my face.
"I'm a failure... always been one... I should just return back and accept my fate that they have for me."
However, then a call came to me.


It was a whine-like yelp, and a rustling of bushes came to my ear. I whipped my eyes forward open, to suddenly see a black creature come forth... with strange magenta-like rings upon its' body.
An Umbreon.
"Shade! You... you've shown up." I said, knowing this pokemon before hand for it often stopped by making visits to the children and myself. However this time... Shade had a wound upon it's side. She whimpered... and fell down, as if she sought me out.
"Shade!" I cried, going to herside. The wound was an attack from... some thing. Looked like a weapon of some sort... a knife or perhaps a sword...
"I can't help you Shade.." I said sadly, frowning at her as I felt my tears sting. She gazed at me... and then words formed inside my head..
Yes you can.
I remembered Mew's words... and sighing, I shrugged. I could try to see if it actually works.

Placing my hands upon her shoulder, I placed one below and one above the wound. I then began to concentrate... trying to find that power deep inside of me, and also trying to think about that wound. I wanted it to heal... I wanted the skin to reform and the blood cells to kill any bacteria... I wanted new skin and then fur to grow again in that spot... along with fresh blood to help her with the loss of it... I needed her to have that done...

Soon an aura gathered around my body as I kept repeating my thoughts. The aura was a flame-like dance around my hands and the wound, that of a slightly magenta fire licking at the air. I kept thinking... wishing... hoping... and I soon felt a mental strain and a burning sensation fill my hands. Finally teh burning sensation became to much..
"Gah!" I threw my hands off, and feeling like a failure I looked back to teh wound.
But it was healed...
"Bree!" Shade slowly got up, tested out her leg... and then she looked at me with charmed icy blue eyes. She smiled almost... as if to say she knew she could trust me.
"Thanks..." I said, feeling slightly more uplifted. So I COULD heal.... of course, I had no idea how well my healing abilites actually were. I hoped they were half way decent however... since I did not want to fight nor believed I had any fighting abilities.
What powers did a Mew have anyway?

"Hey Shade.. .you wouldn't happen to know where any children were, do you?"
Shade stood still for amoment, her eyes glazing over slightly. She then lifted her head and yelped happily, wagging her tail.
She did?
"Good! Could you lead me to them?"
"Ummbree!" She cried, and soon I quickly followed her in hopes to rejoin them...

(Kiarah will rejoin them, and if you want you could have her go and help Laura. She could probably induce Laura's body to create more blood. Of course... I don't think anyone knows Kiarah's powers 'cuz sh'es never told them. ^^;)



Clark trudged and he trudged... a trail of blood showing the way he had traveled. For a little seven year old boy with a wound slightly above the heart, and carrying an older man... he was doing terrific. The only problem was... Clark was doing it purely on Arcanic adrenaline.

Maybe Mew made a mistake giving a little boy the heart of an Arcanine...

"SSM! SSM!"Clark shouted hoarsely, hoping to find anyone... and he was feeling a little lost. Perhaps he was lonely... Clark had always wanted to fit in, but being so young with older children- it was so hard. He had to fight for attention which he secretly wanted... and he had to work extra hard around the forest to make up for his age and size. He had no one to look up to him... and his sister left him in teh forest so long ago... he had no family to even remember anymore.

"S..Ssmm..." Clark mumbled, dragging the man up a hill (the man had already passed out, but he was clearly alive.) Clark kept stumbling forward, pulling the man by a leg and bitting the man's pant leeg as well to pull him. The man's shins must have been almost pulled apart from all the tugging... and the trail of blood was Clark's, but also from the man's hands. He had some times tried to grab thing sto slow Clark down (which usually made Clark kick the man with an exausted blow to the middle.) Clark however persisted... and he smelled the faint scent of ... of children and SSM. Of course, he had been trailing SSM's scent along with the other person who had been with him as well- although that 'person' smelled a bit like some thing else.

"I.. I've... got .. a... person.." Clark said to himself, before yelling once more and then rebiting the pant leg as he kept walking a little more fiercfully.

I have a person alive... SSM said it would be good to question them.. He thought and that thought kept him going with his victim.

Roy Karrde
22nd January 2004, 11:56 AM
Roy Karrde
To say I was beyond pissed was a understatement, SSM had gotten lucky in that nothing went wrong, but to keep me out of the tent when my own sister was going through a life threatning operation, that was unforgivable, and sooner or later I would remind him that if anything happened to her becuase he did something wrong, something I could have corrected him on, I would kill him. I quickly thanked Ten and Harper or what ever her name was and walked into Laura's ten, pulled up a chair and began to check SSM's handywork.

The tissue around the wound had allready begun to scar, along with turn a sickly green color. What ever antibiotics these kids had if any were probley primative, not to say the ones Gell or Yevon had were any better, but atleast Gell and Yevon had something to fight off a infection. "Here you might need this" Ten offered sliding a chair in next to me and handing me a damp rag and a bowl of water. I turned back to Laura and noticed her hair was allready matted down with sweat and blood, her nose was crinkled and she kept jurking her head as if she was having a bad dream.

"Thank you...for everything" I said softly laying the damp rag on Laura's forehead, allowing the water to run down the side of her face. "She's begining to get a fever, if we dont get some blood for her soon she wont be able to fight off the infection" I sighed.

"Were in a war zone, how do you possibly think we can get her blood, or even find the right equipment for a transfer?" Ten asked, I leaned back in the chair and shook my head, maybe, maybe if I ordered Yevon to attack the camp, they could provide medical attention for her.

"Ten, dont, dont" Laura yelled out her head shaking back and forth, I stood up and Ten moved over one seat, and took Laura's hand.

"I'm here, it's okay, it's okay" Ten said softly, taking the cloth and wetting it again, before placing it back on her head. I began to walk out of the tent when ten turned to me. "Where are you going?" She asked.

"I..I have some things I need to do" I said quickly shoving my hands into my pocket twisting the Yevon Walkie Talkie with in my fist, it would only take a few minutes for the strike force to regroup, a few minutes later and a deversion and the camp would be taken. "I'll be right back" I said before leaving the tent.

Hey Bulba it would be great if Kiarah could do that * The blood thing for Laura *

22nd January 2004, 04:23 PM
*hits self for neglecting the computer*

Hiya x.x;; I got a PS2 and all the Final Fantasy games. So I've been madly obsessing over it. But I can say this... I promise I will post at latest tomorrow afternoon. Got alooot to do today, might not have a chance, but tomorrow definatly will..

22nd January 2004, 05:03 PM
Oh darn, somone isn't too happy with my character. Mr. Yevon man thinks he's so big and can get whatever he wants, is angry when he is denied? So scary!
I had thought more like a parent had banned you from the computer, Lorelei, but I guess that excuse is okay.

I placed my hands in the pockets of my pants, whistling to myself as I walked. I was already becoming bored, such life threatening situations had become so common to me in the past that I was damn well used to them. Not exactly the best mood on a subject, but that was irrelevent.
I traveled around the trees, making sure that all the children were safe. I did not really know any of them, so I was more going for seeing to tend to any injuries. However, I had found no child with a problem, I had found the empty time good for training. That helicopter had sliced my arms open; it would not happen again, I would have to be able to generate more power my muscles, and I felt that if I could master the Barrier technique, that would also prove useful. I sat down against a tree, trying to think of some way to train, when I heard a russling of clothing. I got up and began to look around, only to see an Arcanine slowly dragging a man across the forest floor. Both were injured. Was this one of the kids' Pokemon, or the man's? Or perhaps some odd result of Mew's gift for the residents of the forest. Either way, I wasn't going to let the Pokemon or the man die. I ran up in front of the Arcanine, who's eyes seemed to light with excitement upon seeing me. This was unusual, but I ignored it.

"I can see that you and this man are both hurt; there is a camp nearby that you can rest at." I said to the Arcanine, gesturing towards the field nearby. The Arcanine seemed to nod with excitement, and I raised my arms into the air. Both the Pokemon and the man began to glow blue and rose with my hands, and I walked back to the camp, the two floating in front of me. As I walked, I saw that the man was wearing the uniform of Gell. Perhaps this man would prove useful, as Roy had. The only way to find out would be to keep him alive and interragate him later... But the Arcanine needed more attention. I entered the fields, people staring at me as I layed the Arcanine and man upon the ground. The Arcanine ran up to me, and to my surprisement, began to transform into a human.. and hug my leg?

"SSM SSM SSM!" it was a boy, one of which I did not recognize. "I found you this man so you could talk to him!" The boy was beaming, but also was breathing heavily. I noticed my pant leg was becoming damp with blood.

"Stop jumping, calm down!" I said. "Are your hurt?"

"No I'm okay-"

"You have a wound, you are not okay. You're coming with me." I said, and I lifted the boy up and began to walk towards the tent that I had removed Laura's bullet in.

22nd January 2004, 07:35 PM
lol, Clark never transformed into an Arcanine but we'll just say that he can, but when he's a human he still can form Arcanine's attacks. That way it works better. YaY! new power! lol




I followed Shade, until suddenly I heard a voice not too far away. Shade's ears were perked, and she suddenly let out a low growl. Gazing I suddenly saw a Yevon man...-- Roy! He had a walkie talkie, and it looked as if he was trying to-
"NO!" I shouted, and instantly I was at his side and I grabbed the walkie talkie out of his hand.
"What are you DOING?!" I shouted.. .and he glared at me, looking as if he was going to do some thing but the sight of Shade- the growling Umbreon, stopped him fo rthe time being.
"You were going to call Yevon, weren't you?"
He narrowed his eyes... " My sister Laura, she's hurt and she won't make it. She needs blood and she's getting a fe-"
"So you were going to call them, so that they can slaughter all those poor kids?!"
"I don't care about the kids only my sister."
I frowned as I shook my head.
" Those kids... they must have beat Yevon- did they kill them all?"
Roy nodded and Kiarah almost shouted.
" And you were going to call in more Yevon?! They didn't kill you! You're lucky if they did that to those Yevon troops but saved you. And your sister... she's one of them too you know. What makes you so sure they won't kill her too?"
He was silent, "I'd protect her."
" You wouldn't match the Yevon's force if your opinion contradicted their own."
I then gave him back his walkie talkie, and began to walk away as he yelled..
"How do you know?!"
"Because, I know what Yevon is like. They won't keep anything long that is a risk to them or different. If you call t hem in, your going to kill those kids and your sister. I'll try to help her. I'm not a fighter, so I gave you that walkie talkie back. Call Yevon if you want... but I hope you can deal with the consquences. If you do... you'll betray your sister and us- not that you were with us anyway. But if you stick with us for now... maybe you'll find it isn't so bad."
With that I walked away... Shade glaring at Roy before she followed me- I saw where the kids were now.

Going, I saw SSM bringing a bleeding boy to the tent. I was shocked- that was Clark! Although Clark often was shunned by the other children for his age, and he didn't get much attention... the little boy was a fireball. He ... he must have done a lot to get a wound like that.
Hopefully I can help...
I ran, some of the children seeing me and they waved and smiled, perhaps happy to see me again. I couldn't help but smile... it was good to know they at least missed me.

I followed SSM into a tent, and he set Clark down next to a very warm and feverish Laura. He turned around and his eyes widened slightly- he must not have known some one followed him in.
"Oh.. it's you." He stated, sounding rather bored.
"What happened?" I said...
" The boy transformed into an Arcanine, and dragged a Gell man over here. He was shot however.. looks like the bullet is lodged in his shoulder. He also must have dragged the Gell many along way... We'll have to use the same tools we used with Laura to take out her wound. She needs blood however..."
I frowned, feeling slight tears fill my eyes. SSM's eyes didn't show much emotion as I looked at him.
"We should... well, I should have kept closer track of the children. They shouldn't have had to do this... Clark must have almost been lost. He was lucky he had the Arcanine power... if not he could have died out there alone!" I almost shouted, falling to my knees by the both of them.

"I'll try to make things right."
I said... gazing at SSM. " I'll try my best."
He raised his eye... "What could you do? Were you given a power of Mew? I assumed only the children were given it."
I shook my head. "Mew gave me powers as well."

With that I debated on who to do first... but Clark's eyes fluttered open as he smiled...
"I brought that Gell man for SSM Kiarah! I did it all by myself... for SSM, because he wanted some one to question. I kept telling myself that I had to get to him... because I had to show I was worth some thing!" I smiled and patted his head.
"You did good Gell, I'm sure SSM is very happy with you."
Clark was alright... the gunshot wound was near his heart, but it obviously missed. The Arcanine adrenaline must have still been in him... they have a huge tolerance for pain, so Clark should be good still.
Laura first then.

I gazed at her body, full of persperation and she looked as if she was in pain. Her wound was beginning to heal slowly... but it looked as if she needed blood to heal properly.
"Here I go..." I withdrew a deep breath, as I placed my hands upon her stomach, and the other slightly above her body. Closing my eyes, I concentrated on the same spot inside of me where I had felt the power before...
Heal. I want to help heal her.
I thought, and suddenly my hand erupted in what seemed like flames- eeriely magenta flames that licked wildly at the air. I then began to concentrate on Laura's weak body... and soon the fire-like aura spread to cover her body.

Her body... it needed more blood, and the wound needed a little help even though it had started to heal. Slowly I concentrated on her body...
Make more blood, make far more blood just for a little while... heal the wound... rid the infection and the fever... more blood
I began to whisper to myself and in my mind. Suddenly the aura surrounding Laura's body began intensify around her body, glowing quite bright as the aura around her wound began to glow a slight reddish color. I was completely oblivious to everything around me except for Laura.
I felt my body began to weaken slightly... as it felt as energy was leaving me and entering her. I felt with my hands her body beginning to make more blood- an overload, to help with the great loss of blood she had suffered from. Energy went into her body to help it... and soon the wound began to heal more rapidly. My hands slowly began to tingle... and suddenly they flared up- feeling as if they were actually on fire. I held them on for as long as I could... until suddenly a hissing noise was made and I yelped and pulled my hands away, releasing my healing grip.

Scrunching my eyes together, I reopened them to see my finger tips smoked slightly but were not burned. I looked at Laura, and saw that she indeed looked a little bit better. It would take a little bit of tiem before her body took the good effects of having enough blood now, but the fever would go away and I had helped the wound so that it was healed further. She would be fine.

"There..." I whispered, as I gazed up to see if anyone was by me, a few sweatdrops had formed on my forehead.

22nd January 2004, 08:28 PM
Oh. Crap.

Whoopsies, eh heh heh, I guess I misread.. Isn't it great when the one who starts an RPG misreads and it ends up giving you an extra ability? That's a free one, I guess.

23rd January 2004, 10:35 PM
["Don't wake me from the dream/It's really everything it seemed/I'm so free/No black and white in the blue"Blue[Cowboy Bebop-Final Episode Ending]]

"Is everything ok in there?"I asked, opening the tent slightly. Another girl, I guess almost a little bit younger than me,had went in. So did SSM and a young boy.
"Oh,yes."She said, and went over to where the young boy laid and SSM had started to help treat him.

"Te..ten?"I heard a voice as bent down.It was a girls voice...Laura's. I smiled, and so did she. She then tried to get up, but I gently pushed her down to lay.
"You're in no condition to get up."I told her, looking directly in her eyes,"Even if you looked healed, you should rest."
"Thanks,Ten"She smiled.I then looked around for my pocketbook, and I had forgotten it in some brush. I might have had something to eat in there, and I could give some to Laura if she was hungry.
"I'm going to go get something,I'll be back."I told her, and got out of the Tent. I streched a little, and walked over to were I left it,next to a tree with some bushes next to it. I smiled, and went over to get it.
And then, a sudden cold chill, something was coming. But in a blink of an eye, I lost all feeling in my body, and felt my eyes slowly closing. I dropped my pocketbook,which I just found, and I looked to see what happened..

A Tranquilizer dart. And a Yevon Goon[no,not Roy], smiling at his accomplishment. And as I felt my body limp, I felt cold hands on my shoulders..I didn't even have the energy to start to phase..

"Help.."I muttered out my last words, in a soft whisper, before I went completely numb..

And asleep.


Roy Karrde
23rd January 2004, 11:35 PM
Laura Karrde
"Bye" I wispered as ten walked out of the room, next to me some guy, was working on a little kid he finished up and him and Kiarah walked out of the room leaving both of us alone. "Hi, what's your name?" I asked trying to turn my head, my neck hurt so badly and I could only move it a few inches.

"My name's Clark, your Laura right?" He asked, I nodded which was a huge mistake as pain sprung from all parts of my neck. "Laura, are you scared of these guys, the people that want to kill us?" Clark asked breaking the uneasy silence.

"Yeah I guess I am, but I know Ten will protect me, and Roy too, their like my family now" I said looking back at the olive drab color of the top of the tent. "Family protects eachother, even when your scared, see when I got hurt back there on the field I knew I was going to be okay, becuase Ten was there and so was my big brother"

We both just sat there for a minute, I felt bad for him, he was just a few years younger than me, and he reminded me of myself just awhile back when no one wanted to take care of me. "You can be apart of my family too if you want" I said trying to turn my head again to look at him. Outside there was the sound of a body colapsing and then something being draged off. Ten it had to be her, she was hurt, I shot straight up in bed which was a bad idea becuase I almost fell back down but caught myself. "I'm going to go check and see if everything is okay" I said taking a few uneasy steps off of the bed.

Clark began to argue but I was allready walking/staggering toward the tent flap, or maybe he did argue I was just in too much pain to help him. Outside I caught the last sight of Ten's foot as it disapeared in the brush.

"I'll save you big sis" I wispered slowly following the sound of Ten's body being dragged threw the forest and away from camp.

Krystalline Kabutops
24th January 2004, 08:38 PM

I realized that I could move my hand. Fingering Terror's Pokeball, I whispered the instructions that I knew he would hear. "Terror, I need you to follow that Gardevoir. Once we get the chance to leave this group of morons, we're taking it with us. In the meantime, do whatever you want. Just don't let anyone know thatv you're out." The Pokeball jiggled in response. I clicked the button, and a Shadow appeared next to me. It quickly flickered out of sight.

OOC: It's a Bannette.

26th January 2004, 12:37 PM

I had left Clark and Laura, leaving to sit down on a boulder for a second. Healing Clark last proved to be severly difficult... my body was exhausted. Clark's wound had affected the upper artery above the heart...andI had to help rebuild that tissue as well give Clark more blood and help heal the shoulder's muscle tissue and some of the chipped bone. I had most of it done, but I knew Clark would be in severe pain... it would be hard for his body to pump blood for a while with trauma to the heart and the shoulder would be sore. But now at least he would not die nor fall risk of a fever. Laura also seemed to be getting better... so the price paid was good. My hands hurt and my head pounded, I just felt so exhausted... but I felt goo dfor helping the children.
I looked up to see SSM looking off at the distance, as if thinking some thing. Getting up slowly, I walked over to him.
" I'm glad the children will be doing okay. I'm really glad I could help them... and if I can help you in any other way SSM, I'll be always be here. I'm here to protect and aid the children, but I'll also be here to help you as well... even if I can't do much. I don't have any fighting powers... at least none that I know of because I think Mew is a gentle creature. "
I frowned, realizing I had just blabbed my head off to SSM.
"Sorry... I didn't mean to just ramble on. I'll leave you alone.." I said, feeling embarressed.



Clark watched Laura go... and he pleaded for her to help him follow but she didn't stop. Tears began to fill up in his eyes... if some thing was wrong he wanted to help her and her friend or sister! Clark sat up, but immediatly as he did so he felt his heart began to pound furiously, and his whole body began to shake. His shoulder screamed with pain, and Clark found it sort of hard to breath. Ignoring it, Clark tried to stand up but he staggered and fell with a thump. Tears began to stream down his face... and immediatly a growl came to his ears. Gazing to his side, he saw a viberant Umbreon standing and glaring at him.
Get back to bed.
Clark's eyes widened... did that pokemon just.. just talk?
"B-but... she's leaving and she's so weak! I don't want her to get hurt!! I don't want her sister to be in trouble either... please..."
Clark's eyes watered as he began to cough violently, using his elbows to lift his face off the ground as his shoulder ripped and screamed in pain. Clark didn't cry out however as tears continued to drip to the floor...
" If I can't go... can you? You're a pokemon... you have powers... you can help!"
The Umbreon seemed to hesistate.
It said, as the Umbreon then took off and ran out of the tent. Clark wanted to follow however and he began to drag himself along the floor with his hands and his legs but he kept falling and he kept having to stop for his body was flooded with pain as he felt slightly dizzy and his heart pounded heavy in his chest.
" Laura... Ten..." Clark whispered...

( The Umbreon is Shade, th esame one who was with Kiarah before. She'll either find Laura or Ten, whoever wants to interact with the Umbreon. She isn't rash so she won't start attacking anything but she'll help. Oh, and she has blue eyes and viberant magenta rings. ^^)

26th January 2004, 03:44 PM
Laura seemed to be doing okay, and the boy would have time to heal as well, Arcanine energy running through is veins would keep him alive. I left the tent again, and decided that today would not be a good day for training, not anymore. I walked off towards the edge of the forest, and starred at the horizon. It would be nightfall soon, and the children would have to find shelter. They probably already had some, seeing as I found them living here just fine, but the enemy forces already knew of these locations; Mt. Moon would only be safe for just so long now, and I wouldn't be to surprised to guess that we were already being attacked secretly. Watch poison gas, bombs, tranquilizers, or enemy Pokemon fill the area any second. A plan of action was needed, not a temporary one but permanant, or at least lasting for a long period of time. The plan would not be my own, though, for I was not one of the children. So I decided I should think of something else for the moment.
I looked at my hand, and I could feel the power coursing through it. Every succesful Recover attack I pulled off made me stronger, every battle. A few more attacks on or from Gell and Yevon, and these children would no longer be needed, I could finish the groups off themselves. But for such strength to grow so quickly would mean many near-death experiences, and in those instances I would require people to help me, just as Harper had earlier in the day. I hated the feeling of being reliant on others, but it was neccesary for-
Another precense? I could feel another being approaching me. Their energy was distinct... Human, female, not a child, one of the older ones.. I recognized this entity, it was Kiarah. I did nothing but look on towards the sky as she stood next to me.

"I'm glad the children will be doing okay. I'm really glad I could help them... And if I can help you in any other way SSM, I'll be always be here. I'm here to protect and aid the children, but I'll also be here to help you as well... Even if I can't do much. I don't have any fighting powers... At least none that I know of because I think Mew is a gentle creature." I made a self note of this. Glancing over at Kiarah, I noticed she had turned red and turned to face away from me.

"Sorry... I didn't mean to just ramble on. I'll leave you alone..."

"That's quite alright, no one should feel embarrased to get something off their chest, they should be able to be open to all others." I turned back towards the sky, and I could feel her looking at me now. "They should, at least. However, circustances don't always allow what should happen, to happen, usually the oppisate."

"You seem to know alot about this."

"Pain grows knowledge, knowledge develops into what others may see as being wise."

"Do you see yourself as wise?"

"Not really. Just one of many people trying to get things done correctly on this planet. I just happen to have a little help." With that, I raised my hand into the air, and brought it down quickly. Off in the distances, the ground sank under the increase in air pressure, and a small crator formed. I turned towards Kiarah, shrugging. "Those who fight, though neccesary, are the weak ones. Those who stand behind the battle and help the wounded are the real heros, for they help maintain their sides' existance. All the fighters do is destroy it. Don't forget that you are important, and that by helping others, they shall find you important as well. The gifts you recieved from Mew are, unbiasedly speaking, better than the others, for you are a tool of peace. Their's are tools of war. I am a tool of war as well, so you offereing your help to me is something I value as well." I looked into her eyes as I said this, and she starred at me. I then turned back towards camp. "Now those who fight the fight must prepare for future battle. I recommend that you mentally and physically prep yourself for the results; though it is a bad thought, as the fight goes on, our numbers shall dwindle until only a few of us remain, and people like you will be needed to make sure everyone is ready to go on." I began to walk back towards camp, when I heard a call behind me.




"What for?"


"I..didn't do anything. I ramball too. Sorry, sometimes I just talk without thinking, too."

26th January 2004, 07:50 PM
As everyone settled down to go to sleep, I eyed Matt's sister with curiosity and suspicion. I couldn't trust her with my life and I'd be damned if she would be just sitting there doing nothing all night. Looking at her more carefully, I saw her move her hand slightly and finger a Pokeball before a small flash appeared and a dark outline appeared next to her. Sitting down next to Nightshade and Drake, I muttered under my breath to both of them.
"I don't like the looks of this. I bet that she's going to go after the Gardevoir even though she doesn't know it's Matt. Nightshade, teleport over to Imani and Matt and warn both of them. She can only understand if her Jolteon talks to her so if he isn't out, indicate that you want him to come out and then explain everything to him and he'll probably translate. Afterwards, stay with them for a while and keep an eye out for that Pokemon. If it's a dark type, then you can't do much of anything but if it's not, then you'll be fine. If she's not going after him, keep a close eye on the Pokemon anyway and if you need help, call anyone for backup."
He nodded before teleporting away to Imani and Matt's sleeping spot.
<What else is on your mind tonight?> Drake asked.
"I was just wondering whether this is all I've been given," I said, reverting back to my normal voice. "The abilities from Mew, I mean."
<Well, you have a couple left but you'll find out one soon enough and the last one, well, it'll be difficult to accomplish.>
"Will it be worth it?"
"I think it will. You'll definitely like it, I'm sure."
I started to smirk when I saw Laura pass by me into the forest, going slowly into the brush.
"Isn't she supposed to be in bed?"
<Maybe she healed already.>
"No...with that much damage to her, she would need to rest for a while."
I got up and started towards her, Drake following me.
"Stay here," I commanded. "If anything happens to me, you'll know. Tell someone that Laura and I went off into the woods and I'm sure someone will come along soon enough."
I quickly trotted ahead while Drake went in search of someone to tell.

It was only a minute or two when I caught up to Laura.
"What are you doing walking around?" I asked her sternly but keeping my voice low just in case.
"Ten went off to get her pocketbook and I heard something being dragged off. When I came out, I saw her foot dragging on the ground," she said frantically.
"You should be back in bed. I can take care of this."
"No," she cried. "I want to help her!"
I sighed and squatted down.
"Get on my back then. We can get to her quicker."
Getting on my back and settling herself, I grabbed both of her legs and ran off in the direction of the rustling brush.

26th January 2004, 09:24 PM

<Imani, wake up. Nightshade needs to tell you something.>

I cracked an eye open and looked at Nightshade. "What is it? Are we under attack?"

<He said that Matt's sister might still be trying to steal him. She sent out some kind of Pokemon, but I don't know which one.>

I shot up. "Isn't that girl tired like we are?" I nudged Matt until he woke up and told him the news. "Nightshade, if you need help, wake me up. Got it?"

Roy Karrde
26th January 2004, 09:42 PM
Laura Karrde
I slowed down and allowed Kaia to move ahead of me, I was worried that Ten...big sis, that she would be hurt by Yevon, they didnt know what or who she was, and if they found out she had powers,who knows what they would do to her. "Keep down" Kaia hissed as we both dropped to our knees, Kaia slowly moved away some tall grass to reveal a lake bed, well more of a coast line that connected to Lake Moon, the only way to get in and out of Mt. Moon by river. There Ten's sleeping body was being loaded into a cage by two Yevon soldiers while other stood guard, they were going to ship her back to their main base, and Ten would be gone for good.

"No Ten" I telled out running out of our hiding place onto the beach, Kaia made a grab for my leg as I ran past her but I was too fast and within seconds I was next to Ten's body which had been droped in suprise by the Yevon troops. "Ten wake up, c'mon wake up" I pleeded nudging her shoulder.

Ten began to groan in responce as her head began to move again. "Come here" A grunt like voice sneered picking me up by the arms and dragging me into a cage right next to Ten's. "Now we got two, any one else want to be number three?" The voice yelled as the cages were being loaded onto the boat.

"Ten, Ten wake up" I yelled moving over to the cage bars, I grabbed on to the bars trying to shake them or make some kindof noice, that was a bad mistake. The electrical shock given by the bars sent me flying backwards onto the steel floor of the cage. "Ten" I wispered as darkness overcame me and I sliped into uncouncousness, the last think I remembered was the smell of my own burnt flesh, and the sight of the mountains of Mt. Moon moving further and further away.

Krystalline Kabutops
27th January 2004, 08:38 AM

After Imani had finished speaking, I sat down to think. It sounded like Terror was loose. I shivered. When Vale and I had been kids, she had played all sorts of evil tricks on me with that Shuppet. And by now, it was bound to have evolved. "Ok, that's IT! I want to be human again!" I yelled at Athenae. <Ok, whatever. I'll relate that little outburst to Imani." She said distractedly. I sat staring at Imani, waiting to see what she would say.

27th January 2004, 10:32 AM

"Are you sure you want to take that risk? I mean, even if you don't change into a girl and stay that way forever, who knows what will happen once your sister recognizes you? You're staying as a Gardevior for now, okay? Nightshade and I will make sure whatever came out of the pokeball won't get you." Matt still looked terrified. "Just go back to sleep, you big baby!"

Krystalline Kabutops
27th January 2004, 05:41 PM

I growled menacingly. Imani glared at me. "Matt, go to sleep, or...." She pulled the Pokeball from her pocket. "You'll be spending the remainder of the night in here." I glared at her defiantly, but lay my head down, and quickly fell asleep, to take advantage of the last hour of darkness.


Matt's memories were very intriguing. It looked like his parents had been killed by one of the diseases loosed by Yevon when he was eleven. His sister had left to fight for Gell, and he had run here, to the Midnight Forest. That Sabre he used was apparently a family heirloom that his father had given him. Taking a break from peering into Matt's mind, I decided to converse with Imani.

Imani. Are you sure you and Nightshade can handle this Pokemon? From what I know, it's most likely a Bannette, by the name of Terror. Matt's got some bad memories involving him.
Wait. It's a he? Well, I should've guessed that that girl would own something of the sort.
Well, judging by Matt's memories, his sister know how much Raltses are worth, and this Terror wouldn't mind breeding with Matt to get a few for her.
Oh, Raltses! I love those!
Imani, get a grip. If any Raltses related to Matt come into being, he'll already be gone. Besides, I don't know what kind of effect that would have on Matt, both physically and mentally. He might be stuck as a Gardevoir or something.
Well, it's not like he can come back to being human as long as his sister is around anyway...
Yes, I know that Matt will have to remain as a Gardevoir for quite a while, but that doesn't mean we need to condemn him to being like that forever. Anyway, do you ever intend to use him in a Pokemon battle?
Only once he knows some moves besides Confusion. Until then, he can train and get used to being a Pokemon.
Mm, Matt's not looking forward to any lessons from Nightshade or Drake.
Oh well, he'll be taking them anyway.

30th January 2004, 03:28 PM
["Te o tsunaide Hashaida omoide wa/Kioku no naka Kiete shimaisou de"Wada Kouji[Innocent-Majuki na Mama De-Digimon Frontier First Ending]]

"Now come here, and I'll take care of you."The strange woman said. The 5 year old looked at her, then smiled in glee. And so did the strange woman. They both held hands, and left the murder scene of the 5 year old's Parents.They both walked in the darkness of the corridors, untill a ladder coming from a Helicopter came down for them outside, in the huge backyard of the ...... family(I'm not telling you Kaede's real last name yet!!Sakamoto was a last name given to her by Akuma Sakamoto, a agent in Gell.).

"Now, climb on my back!I'll carry you up. I was a friend of your mothers, so I'll take care of you till they are better."The woman smiled, and crouched down. The little girl climbed on her back, and they hung onto the ladder as the helicopter lfted them up. Once they made it up, The woman strapped the 5 year old in, and the people inside looked at the 5 year old with wonderment.

"This is Uncle Toby.."The woman pointed to a man who waved. He had black hair, and strange red eyes.She then pointed to 2 other males on the helicopter, and they waved.

"That's my friends Carl and Steve."The woman told the 5 year old,handing her a gummy lolly.The little kid gobbled the lolly, and in a instant, fell asleep.

"Never trust strangers."The woman said with a smirk.

"I think the tranquelizer is wearing off,sir."I heard a males voice overhead. I felt soggy, groggy...and sleepy. I barely could open my eyes, but noticed-I was in a cage. And I didn't have my pocketbook on me. I suddenly got the stregnth to sit up, and open my eyes. I looked next to me, and saw a smiling face.

"Ten!!"She shouted..it was Laura. I looked at her cross, and she looked back at me,"I followed you after I heard a foot dragging and the brushes rustling. But I got caught.."
"You know,"I smiled at her, then looked at the Yevon Baka's,glaring at them,"I would've been ok.."
"But thanks for coming though. Though you shouldn't had been captured."I told her..

30th January 2004, 04:23 PM
Walking back to the clearing, I began thinking of how to use our POWs. Roy was already proving himself slightly useful, though I doubt that he was completely on our side just yet. Once our one Gell captive regained conciousness, I was ready to interrogate him, and would have to be ready to knock him out cold again should he try something funny-

"Hey, I got another!"

"Good job, that makes two, only like 3 HUNDRED to go!"

"I don't think we have enough cages..."

"The cages are only for the powerful ones, or those that would make good guinepigs. All others we can blow away."


"No. This forest happens to be pretty valuable, lots of Clefairy live in the area, and they may prove useful to other future plans."

I could hear men talking.. Obviously an enemy, for they had mentioned capturing two of the children... But who? I began to float in the air in effort to keep quiet and followed the voices, to find two Yevon members, one carrying various weaponry. These were men who had time to regroup, not just those that could have escaped the helicopter crash. Roy went against US.

"If you value your lives, you won't move." I said, landing on the ground and crossing my arms. They both turned to me, and when cocked a gun.

"If you value anything, you'll get on your knees with your hands behind your head."

"Sorry. Not my STYLE!" I yelled as shot myself forward, kicking the one with the gun upwards in the jaw. I thrust my right arm downward, pushing against the ground to shove my head right into the gut of the other member. I then stood tall, dusting my clothing off as the two men fell to the ground at the same time.

"I felt kind." I said to myself, walking towards the clearing again. I could now see men walking around, and some trucks with the cages built into the backs. One truck was already speeding away. That wasn't a good sign. I could catch up by flight if needed, or even running, but first I was gonna break Roy's jaw open. I walked past a few kids back into camp, and found it was easy to pick Roy out by his uniform. I waltzed up to him.

"Well hello there. I saw a few of your friends, and gave them a hello. Now, could you explain how a large division of armored, and from the looks of it, built electric-caging, got here?"

"They will get rid of you all and help my sister get better. You think I haven't forgotten what you did you b*st*rd? How dare you even think of not letting me see my own sis-" His eyes grew wide as I pointed my index finger at him, a small blue orb glowing at the tip.

Breathing heavily, I said "When this is over, if you have any skin left it will be because your sister stood in front of that spot." He glared at me.

"Your all bluff, you have yet to kill a single person, you wouldn't dare hurt me." My eyes narrowed, and I sent a beam of searing blue energy through his shoulder. He screamed in pain as he grabbed his now smoking shoulder, and glared back at me, while everyone else turned to face us. I pointed at him between the eyes.

"Oops. I missed." I then turned to the children. "Yevon is here. They are ready and willing to capture some of you, and kill the rest off. What are you going to do?"

Roy Karrde
31st January 2004, 02:54 PM
Roy Karrde
"I know what I'm going to do" I replied my left arm/shoulder was in a world of pain but my right hand was stiill usable, and this was the best chance as any, I leaned down before SSM could turn around and un hooked the small gun I had hiding in my shoe, before he could raise his hand to stop me I shot him in the hand, well finger, or what was left of his finger seeing how the bullet left a stub where one of his fingers hand been.

Even with my left arm being dead weight I still was able to get infront of him in less than a second and knock him down to the ground using my dead arm as a weapon. "You want to play hero that is fine, go beat up one of those little kids, but I am not some one you wanna piss off right now" I yelled at him, driving my knee into his neck and the gun into his head. He just seemed to smile and close his eyes, the gun began to shake a little and then it stopped again and SSM looked up at me this time with a shocked look.

"The bullets and the gun are lined with Dark Pokemon DNA, So your cheap tricks wont work on it, and with that Dark bullet in your shoulder you wont be transporting away either" I spat, spilt flying off my lips in anger. "You dont look so high and mighty now" I taunted taking the gun and shooting him in the shoulder at close range, blood, bone, and tissue splattered everywhere as the bullet became lodged into his shoulder.

"Dont underestamate me" I growled taking my finger and placing it inside of the wound driving the bullet deeper into the wound.

"Roy stop it" Some one behind me said, I cocked the gun and placed it at SSM's temple, I could kill him easily, just a quick swift of the trigger and he would be dead. "Roy" The voice warned me again.

After a long few seconds I finally got off of him and sheathed the gun. "This isnt over" I warned placing my foot on his shoulder and digging it in, causing even more pain. I gave one last look at SSM and walked off, this was going to be a long night.

31st January 2004, 08:46 PM
I cursed in silence as Laura got away from me and went out into the open and tried to wake Ten up in front of the Yevon guards.
"Stupid!" I spit into the bushes next to me. "I knew she was going to bring this rescue mission down."
As she was stuffed into the cage next to Ten, I got up and started to move behind the trees and down the coastline. Before I knew it, the boat started to move away and down towards the entrance to the river.
Drake, if you can hear me, please come, I said in my mind loudly as I kept on running.
The coastline was pretty long, but I had no idea how to get on without attracting attention.
Wait a second, I thought. If I have a fire Pokemon's traits, strength and claw use sure must not be the only ones I have.
Stopping, I stood behind a bush that was rather close to the lake. Breathing in for a couple of seconds, I held it before a sensation welled up inside of my throat. Releasing the air, a medium-sized fireball also came out and flew across the lake about 20 feet before dipping down into the water and sizzling into nothing.
"Houston, they've got a problem," I smirked and started to run again.
It was a good thing they were taking it easy and I was in good shape or else I would have never caught up to it in the first place. Staring at the boat intently, the only weak spot I could find was the motor. Breathing in, I released a ball and watched it narrowly miss the target, making a small splash in the water. Trying again, I aimed carefully at the rather large piece of equipment and let the fire fly. Slamming into the motor, the vital piece exploded, causing the boat to quickly stop and the Yevon nerds to yell in confusion. Running out of my hiding place, I waded into the water before climbing on, meeting my foes.

There were five, which was pathetic if they were looking to capture many of us. Shaping my nails into claws, I swiped at one in the face while kicking another close by. Turning around to get another goon, a gunshot sounded and something ripped through my left arm. Screaming in pain and gripping it in agony, I grimaced as the five advanced on me with grins plastered on their faces. My eyes flickered towards the conscious bodies of Ten and Laura, fear instilled in them. Looking back at the quintet, I opened my mouth and released a fireball at one in front of me, his screams as it connected with his face made me smile briefly. Twisting my head, I tried again but other four dodged and rammed into me, knocking me down. Ripping at anyone with my good arm, it wasn't long before they pinned me down and dragged me towards a third cage. Struggling as much as I could, I was half-way to passing out from them pulling on my wounded arm. Shoved into the cage, one almost closed it when he bowled over by an invisible force. Touching the bars, I felt a good shock and shook my head to keep myself conscious. Peering through the bars, I saw Nightshade of all Pokemon blowing each Yevon member away with psychic force. Taking a deep breath, I kicked the bar open and rolled out before I could feel any more harm. Looking for the first goon I could find, I slashed his gun and then picked him up with my right arm before kicking him in the nuts. I dropped him as he gurgled in pain and destroyed the rest of the guns before Nightshade threw all of them over the edge. I walked over to my Kadabra and hugged him with my good arm for a second before directing him to the cages.
"Can you open them?" I asked him.
He nodded and held the hand with the spoon out. Bending which way and that, it took on a violet glow before both doors of the cages flew open and were also sent into the water.
"Teleport them behind one of the trees. I'll take care of the boat."
As Ten and Laura crawled out, Nightshade took both of their hands and teleported into the forest. Searching for the trap door, I found it near the still smoking motor and took a can of gasoline out. Unscrewing the top, I dumped the contents all over the deck and sides of the boat before jumping out. Wading quickly to keep myself afloat, I paddled over to the edge where I saw most of them members trying to get back onto the ship. Breathing in once more, I released a small ball and watched it crash into the side.
"Goodbye," I whispered and watched it explode into flames.
Walking back into the woods, I found Nightshade and the others easily enough.
"How did you find me?" I immediately asked him.
I knew he couldn't talk to me but he could form words and I could see each word pop up in my mind without being spoken.
Matt. and. Imani. didn't. care. that. much. about. the. whole. thing. so. I. got. bored. and. went. over. to. Drake. He. was. worried. about. you. so. I. searched. your. location. with. my. mind. and. teleported. over. I. didn't. know. what. you. were. doing. or. how. you. were. so. I. was. surprised. when. you. were. almost. locked. in. a. cage.
I nodded and started to move when I realized that I felt a bit woozy.
"Nightshade, teleport us back and then can someone send Kiarah over to me and heal my wound? Thanks."
Then I fell to the ground, unconscious.

1st February 2004, 06:20 AM
Eep! I haven't posted for weeks! I tried to, but i assumed the site was down or something cos i couldn't access it.. but you've all been posting fine so Im a little confused. I wish we'd get a new computer - BAH! :mad:


The little girl's brother thanked me briefly, but it mattered very little to me. I stumbled outside the tent in a haze, and staggered away. I was exhausted. The constant transformations made you weary, and I had been doing it pretty much non stop since the morning of this day. I had acknowledged little else, but from what I picked up, the battle was over and most of the kids were unharmed.
With that one reassuring statement in mind, I fell to my knees some distance from the tent, and then slowly to the ground. I curled up behind a fallen log, Ember at my side. Nevermind the cold, hard ground; my mind relished at the rest my muscles were recieving. I slipped off into slumber, content.
I had no idea how long it was before I was awoken, but it was still dark. Through half-closed eyelids I could see the face off my vulpix. She tugged on my bare arm gently with her teeth, making little murmuring noises of alarm. I struggled to pull myself up from the depth of sleep and crawled to my feet. I wandered back to camp and noticed a kadabra suddenly appear out of nowhere.
"Teleport.."I muttered to myself. A young woman ran over to the pokemon and began communicating with it as best she could. The kadabra teleported once more, disapeering in a great aura of blue light. I blinked to get rid of the blue dots in my eyes and ran after the girl who had took off into the brush.
"Wait,"I cried."What's happening? Are the children in danger again?"She halted and turned, squinting at me through the darkness.
"You're that girl who helped heal Laura, right?"She asked uncertainly. I nodded. She decided she could trust me, but carried on walking. I followed her and she began to explain.
"Well, a woman called Ten has been captured, and the little girl Laura too,"She told me. this was not good news.
"It's ok though, another person, her name's Kaia, has rescued them,"She reassured me,"but she's hurt, so I guess i've got to go help. Im Kiarah by the way." I sighed relieved.
"Thanks Kiarah. I'll come with you, if you don't mind,"I said. She nodded briefly and we quickened pace. We were deep in the forest now, and little light was coming from above the canopy even though there was a full moon. There was light nevertheless though.. and the source of it was a kadabra, the same one I saw earlier. Kiarah left my side and then knelt down to something beside the kadabra. As I neared the two figures I saw the third, and two other people appeared out of the shadows - all female. I recognized the younger girl, Laura. I pressumed the other ones were Ten, stood beside Laura, teetering groggily, and Kaia, unconcious on the floor.
I stood still and watched Kiarah begin to work her magic..

Hope I got everything right and didn't misspell any names..

1st February 2004, 03:33 PM


"Roy... don't!" I had been behind him, as he and SSM seemed to have their differences. As the two seperated, I gazed sadly at Roy as he angrily walked past me.
Roy... I know you love your sister, but can't you see that if you continue like this... your not going to save or help anyone?
(She's slightly psychic because of her Mew abilities... so if you want Roy, you can have your character hear a faint voice in his head like this since Kiarah doesn't know her thoughts some times transmit because she's not familiar with her psychic parts yet.)

Sighing, I walked away and watched sadly still as SSM seemed trapped in thought, but I thought it was better to leave him like that.
Things are so complicated... I wish I could help him too...
Then s uddenly a bright blue light appeared in front of me, and a Kadabra appeared. Soon his mind was inside of mine and I heard him talking to me... about Laura, Kaia... Ten... and Kaia was injured.
"No! I can't believe they went off on their own..." I gazed worriedly back at the tent.
Clark... I hope he didn't run off either.
But I knew there was no time. Soon the Kadabra disappeared and I began to run to the bushes, only to soon be joined by another person. I was a bit nervous... but soon I recognized her as the one who helped Laura. She wanted to come with me, which was fine by me. I welcomed all aid... and Harper was a nice person as far as I could tell. Soon we entered the forest, and I saw that Kaia indeed had a wound an dTen and Laura seemed exhausted. My eyes narrowed slightly... but my face was stern, but more so full of concern and worry like a mother.
" You should know better... "
Laura seemed tired, but she quickly responded... "But Ten... she-"
I shook my head.
" It doesn't matter. You should have at least asked more than yourself to come with..."
My eyes softened a bit as I placed my hands upon Kaia.
"... we're all in this together. We've gotta be a team."
With that I concentrated upon the wound of Kaia's... and I closed my eyes. I began to think of what I wanted to do... I wanted to heal the wound and place some energy with in it.
Repeating these orders in my mind... soon an eerie magenta-aura began to flicker around my hands, as a slight wind gathered around and soon what felt like only seconds (minutes it actually was), my hands began to burn. I could feel the wound healing... and the energy start to flurish, and my hands began to burn furiously. Soon it was so hot, I had to take my hands away and I saw the wound had healed and the aura faded away.
"There..." I said, breathing slightly heavily as I struggled to gain my breath.
"You.. okay Kiarah?" Harper asked, looking slightly nervous.
"Yeah... so much healing... wears me out and burns my hands. But I'll be fine in a few minutes."
I said, forcing a reassuring smile.
We waited for Kaia to stir... and Laura and Ten told me what happened. Harper nodded, "That was quite a feat... to take out all those people..."
They nodded, until suddenly a rustling noise came from the bushes. Harper immediatly seemed to tense as Laura's eyes flashed with fear. I jerked my head to the sound, and soon a pair of light, slightly glowing icy blue eyes formed in the darkness and a dark figure upon four legs came out.
"... an Umbreon?" Harper saw through the darkness, and I immediatly felt at ease.
" It's Shade... no fear for us." Harper seemed confused...
"She yours?" This seemed to spark Laura and Ten's mind as Ten asked..
" When did you capture a poke-" I held my hands and sweatdropped.
"Oh no no no! Shade isn't mine. She's perfectly wild... but I've known her for a while and she likes to help out in the forest. Some of the children probably have seen her before... she likes to protect us." I looked to Shade, and she seemed to smile as her purple rings glowed slightly.
[ I saw the child named Kaia attack so I helped. I disposed of 5 of them as well who were hiding in the bushes. ]
I nodded, and looked to them.... but Shade continued to speak.
[ The young boy in the tent named Clark asked me to follow the one named Laura and protect her since he was too weak to follow. ]
I nodded, and the other three seemed slightly taken aback.
"Shade mastered speaking human telepathically. Don't ask me how... she's a mystery that I'll never solve."
So thus...
We waited... waited for Kaia to awaken.

3rd February 2004, 04:59 PM
Blah... lets get back in here now that I'm FREE from my High School applications! x.x;;
I watched Roy and SSM fight from a distance, perched atop a rock. So... somehow, what had started as a split-up mission in different directions, we were already back together after accomplishing nothing. Which was... somehow irritating. I had been hoping to get away from Roy. But now was my chance to piss him off even furthur.

"Roy," I said, climbing to my feet and walking over to him as he stormed past, with my arms crossed. "You really need anger management classes." I said in a silky voice, smirking.

He stopped his stalking and spun around to glare at me and I laughed, "Anger management would do you good."

"You're one to talk," he snapped, "you think I need an anger management class?"

"Yeah." I grinned, and placed one hand on my hip and tilting my head to the side. "The way you go and rip on SSM for no reason. At least I do it for a reason, you get what I'm saying?"

6th February 2004, 04:30 PM

"What's all the noise?" I grumbled as I awoke to find some of the group arguing with each other. Some of the others did not look all too well. Kaia was one of them. Beside her stood Kiarah. I ran to her. "What's wrong with Kaia?"

"She ran into some Yevon members," she said softly.

Why did I decide to sleep instead of making sure these kids don't walk off? I looked back at Matt and found that he had a visitor: a Banette. It didn't look like it was just saying hello. "Excuse me for a minute." I shot a Thunder Wave at the Banette and hit it, paralyzing it. I walked to it and picked it up. "Okay pal, spill it! Who do you work for?"

"Banette ban!" she yelled.

<She said she's not talking.>

"Okay." I shocked her again and dropped her on the ground.

6th February 2004, 05:02 PM
I moaned as I involuntarily put my hand over my forehead. Damn headaches. Always took long enough to get rid of.
"What happned?" I croaked without opening my eyes.
"You ok, Kaia?" Kiarah asked, worry in her voice.
I rubbed my eyes open and slowly pushed myself up into a sitting position, with the help of Nightshade. I was half surprised to find my wound healed and better than it was feeling before.
"Not a good idea to take five people on at one time," I smirked. "Thank god Nightshade knows how to take on multiple enemies."
"Nightshade? I thought Shade helped you out," Laura pointed at a beautiful female Umbreon with icy blue eyes and purple rings instead of the usual red eyes and gold rings."
"No, it was definitely Nightshade. I didn't see Shade at all but I guess she got rid of those five after the boat started to catch on fire. Try not to kill anyone if I can help it. And can you guys please stop calling me a child? I know when I need help but I'm definitely older than a little kid."
Nightshade made a wry face and snorted as I cracked my knuckles and tried to get up.
"No!" Kiarah said hurriedly. "Just sit for a bit and regain your energy."
"Fine," I grumbled and resumed my previous position. "While I was gone, did anything happen?"
The older girl that I did not recognize answered my question.
"Actually, more Yevon guards were supposed to ambush us and Roy knew about it but SSM and Shade took out most of them. Then SSM confronted Roy and beat him up pretty badly. I don't know how he's doing but I don't hear any death cries so I assume that he's ok."
"That bastard," I muttered under my breath, low enough that Laura couldn't hear. "He's nothing but waste to the group."

Krystalline Kabutops
10th February 2004, 04:57 PM

People, don't abandon this thing!

10th February 2004, 11:25 PM
Originally posted by Opaque Onigoori

People, don't abandon this thing!


Eh, sorry about forgetting this one...got caught up in school-related activities and have been too busy to post much...I'll post soon (probably not tonight, though)

Roy Karrde
15th February 2004, 06:45 PM
* Tries to get this thing working *

Laura Lutz
"What's wrong with my brother?" I asked Kaia, she looked over at me and tried to fake a smile.

"Nothing, everything is okay" Kaia replied, I relaxed and let my shoulders sink while letting out a yawn, I guess I was more tired than I thought.

"I'm going to take Laura back to the tent, let her rest" Ten said picking me up in her arms, I tried to complain, but was too tired to put up a fight. "Try to get some sleep on the way back" She wispered, I closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep as we began to walk back to camp.

Roy Lutz
I listened to Lorelei preach on but my mind was in other places, that voice, that comforting voice in my head that I heard a few minutes ago, I had been so mad at SSM but after hearing that voice it was as if all my hatred had been washed away.

"CINNABAR" I yelled out suddenly my thoughts drifting back to normal, I quickly walked down the hill and tried to get everyone's attention. "Listen guys you can do this or not, but my parents, we had this house on Cinnabar Island where we could go for emergencies, it will keep us safe, safer than this forest" I yelled out, not even one person turned around to notice. I had one chance for this to work, one chance, to save this group.

"Kiarah" I yelled out as she and the others began to walk back in to the camp, one of which..ten was carrying a sleeping Laura. "Kiarah listen I know this house, we can stay there, it will keep us safe, it's our only chance right now" I told her, my breath almost lost from all the talking.

"Please you have to believe me, it will keep this group safe" I finally told her.