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9th January 2003, 04:46 PM
This was an idea I got while playing with my Clow Cards set... but that don't matter right now. (Oh, BTW: the Forgotten Card is in this a tiny bit, but it's OK to sign-up for this if you don't know about it...)

Very long ago a powerful wizard named Clow Reed existed. He was a member of one of several very powerful magical families. With the use of his great power, he was able to create 53 spirits. These spirits roamed the land, free and untamed. All except one, though, which had been sealed away at creation. The other 52 wreaked all kinds of havoc to the world. With further use of his power, Clow Reed was able to seal away the remaining spirits. But this is before then.
During this time, the Clow Spirits (as they are called, for they are not bound to the cards yet) run free. They cause chaos, destroy villages, or are just a general discomfort. The attacks have not yet resulted in any deaths, though many fear that it may soon…
Guess what? We get to be Clow Spirits! YAY! I have some rules, first:
~ No one takes Forgotten, or Hope. This is simple enough. (Especially since Hope doesn’t even exist yet.)
~ Three Clow Spirits per person maximum. Only 3, no more.
~ No one gets any of the Four Elements. If we get enough sign-ups, I may allow other people to drop 1! ONLY 1! of their Spirits (assuming they took three) to play the part of an elemental.
~ No one gets Light or Dark. See above.
~ I reserve the right to these 6 until they are passed out among the RPGers.
~ If you take one of these 6 before I say ok, you forfeit your right to them once they’re open.
~ I’d suggest not holding one space for an element. No guarantees I’ll let the RPGers play them.
~ NO HUMANS! (This rule may not last, though. PM me if you want this rule changed, [keeping in mind that the limit will switch from 3 spirits to 3 characters.] If the majority of the people want this changed by the time [IF!] the elements are available, then it will change.)


Sign-up form:
Spirit: (Yeah, which Clow Spirit are you?)
3rd Person Reference: (Do you want to be know by the other spirits as a “he” “she” or “it”? Humans will just call you “it”, for your knowledge.)
Powers: (A brief list of what you can do. For reference.)
Personality: (Whether you picked that up or not, each one has a personality. If you never saw it in the show, make up a personality to suit the spirit. Oh, I don’t want anyone putting someone else down for making up a personality unlike in the show, just because they never saw that episode/series.)
Other: (Just in case there’s anything you’d like to add.)
(I know it’s a short sign-up form, but most of the information usually asked on sign-ups is self-explanatory with the Clow Spirits)

Mine: (the normals…)
Spirit: Dash
3rd Person Reference: She
Powers: Go fast, jump high…
Personality: A little shy, usually only “interacts” with humans when she’s bored.
Other: Nope
Spirit: Illusion
3rd Person Reference: It
Powers: Create illusions
Personality: Not a real trickster, but will occasionally play a joke. Usually only assists other spirits in getting into places, etc, they couldn’t get near if they were visible.
Other: Can make solid images for brief periods of time. Usually stays in the form of a human when not doing anything.
Spirit: Arrow
3rd Person Reference: She
Powers: Firing anywhere from one to five arrows with deadly accuracy.
Personality: Very mischievous. She loves just picking off random people from a tree by a road. She doesn’t hurt anyone unless she feels like it.
Other: Nope.

Sign-up? Please?

10th January 2003, 06:08 PM
D'ya know how much I like Card Captor Sakura? *spreads arms* THIS much!!! *was playing with her baby brother earlier*

D'ya know and hunky guy Clow Cards? I wanted Firey, but he's an Elemental. I guess I could use something else, but I'm not sure if there's another cute guy. Time doesn't count, since he never takes off his hood. Most of the Clow Cards are girls, and I'm upset! I WANNA GUY CLOW CARD!!!

*ahem!* I believe I have spammed enough. So...

Spirit: Power
3rd Person Reference: She
Powers: Power has super power. (Power Card: *hits Shadow-Fox over the head with a random blunt object*) OW! What I meant by that was that Power's got the strength of three elephants. Or a mommy elephant, a baby elephant, and Sakura, if you want a show reference.
Personality: Power's normally a sweet little girl. XD *dodges another blunt object from Power* Sorry! Power appears sweet, but she's a meanace! She wreaks havoc all over the place, and she can't deny a challenge. She seems so very fond of tearing things apart like that.
Other: Power's favorite game to play is the Tug-Of-War, and she can lift giant penguins off of the ground! (Okay, another show reference.)

Spirit: Flower
3rd Person Reference: She
Powers: BONSAI!!! (DUN DUN!!! *a cricket chirps*) Flower can create vines and tons and tons of flowers. She seems to enjoy creating Sakuras, Touyas, and Fujitakas. (They're flowers, not really a reference to the actual show.)
Personality: Flower is a partying-type card. She loves to dance and sing. She is a very cheerful card. And most importantly, she is a pacifist. But sometimes, she can go out of control with the flowers, because she loves flowers a lot.
Other: In this RPG, Flower has a pretty singing voice.

I have one spot open if somebody finds a good, hunky guy Clow Card. But... Will these forms work, EVme?

11th January 2003, 01:44 AM
well, let's see what cards I'll be…*finds a list of cards w/ pics to go with*

Spirit: Mirror
3rd Person Reference: She
Powers: Look like anything or anyone she has seen; can also use her mirror as that: a mirror.
Personality: Likes to mirror humans and pass as them, but is very shy as a human and doesn't talk a lot. Otherwise, she just hides away, acting as objects that people tend to look over.
Other: Can sometimes mirror two people into one to make a unique person, but it doesn't always work out (will show later…)

Spirit: Time
3rd Person Reference: He (wow!)
Powers: Slow down, speed up, stop, or turn back time.
Personality: Doesn't like to be disturbed when he's resting, but loves to play tricks on passing people, making them late or early.
Other: Has made more people late than early, but hasn't yet turned time back on anyone.

Spirit: Thunder
3rd Person Reference: It
Powers: Create and manipulate electricity.
Personality: Very territorial; if someone invades its space, it goes on a rampage throughout villages and causes minor destruction to the houses it charges by.
Other: has settled just outside the city where not many people go.

Oh, and Fox: I think that Shot might be a good "male" card…the card pics I've seen don't look like a girl. But whatever…