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Ginger Cat
10th January 2003, 04:48 PM
Ashes in the Wind


“It’s not over.”

The King looked around silently, his eyes traveling over the faces of his friends. The battles they had been through had strengthened their friendships beyond belief, nearly to a point at which each could understand what the others were thinking. In this case, they could see some of what plagued at the King’s mind, but did not speak of it.

“The Ring may have been destroyed, but all evil did not depart with it. Though not nearly as strong as the forces of Mordor, these will even so manage to dent the New Age if an end is not put to the darkness.”

The friends nodded, understanding entirely what he said. The halflings were not present; it was felt as a general rule that they did not need to hear this at the present. They would discover it for themselves, and that was how it needed to occur.

“There will be those who continue to cling to the old Age, those who live on in the name of the one whom they lived for. We must watch for them. Danger lurks ahead.”

Again, a chorus of solemn nodding. While they could look forward to a calmer life, they could not look forward to life without confrontation, and they could certainly not expect everything to be completely tranquil. For the King, especially, there was still much to do if order were to be restored.

“Do not despair--be glad, but be aware. We have won, and we will hold the reign with more care than has been viewed recently. Go now. Celebrate, but always beware. There are ashes in the wind, ashes that could become more of a danger than many would believe.”


If you haven’t gathered yet, this is a Lord of the Rings RPG. It takes place almost after the end of the books--you needn’t have read all or any of the books to participate in the RPG, however. Knowing the basics would be good... As in the Ring has been destroyed and Sauron with it, the battle has been won by the free peoples, and Aragorn aka Elessar has been made King.

The pre-RPG world can be said to have been determined mostly by what the books stated, though some things can be altered if desired… Especially since Tolkien’s writing can be open to interpretation at many times. ;) Also, if you’ve ever read about what happens to the Fellowship and etc. after the books, then, eh… Well, we probably won’t go by that. It’ll go as it goes.

The basic idea is that although the war is over, there are still groups and individuals lurking about who were supporters of Sauron and/or are against the order of the New Age. The majority want to build the world into a glorious dwelling place once more, and want peace to reign over the lands. In order to do this, they’ll have to be wary, and perhaps hunt out those who’d like to undermine the system and plunge the world into darkness… Whether intentionally or not.

Some of the former supporters of Sauron are gathering a small force dedicated to throwing over the kingdom, but they have no chance using force and don’t hold many of those against the kingdom. They are, however, the largest anti-New Age group, and simply call themselves Mordor’s Fury, if anything. There are members of the opposition who work through the Fury, though not with them precisely.

Basically, live your life… If you’re on the “good” side, or the side of the Kingdom, then you’ll try to regain what you lost during the war, try to fend of the opposition, and try to bring tranquility to Middle Earth. If you’re on the “bad” side, or the opposition, then you’ll try your damnedest to drive kinks into the system. If you’re “neutral”… That’s pretty much good… You just follow through with daily life. Ah yes, and a lot of this will probably take place around the areas in which men live… Rohan, Gondor, and nearby.

Pretty much any characters allowed… Obviously no super-strength/powered characters, but pretty much any species is allowed. This includes species not actually in the series… Please describe these ones well. Characters from the books/movies are allowed. You can be a character who “died” in the book… Simply explain how you escaped death. Yay fun. You may have up to five characters… If you really feel the need. O_o


Contribution to the War: (What, if anything, did you do in the previous battle?)
Status: (Are you a soldier? A peasant? A prince or princess? What sort of category would you fit? What do you do all day? This could also be sort of like “job”, though not quite…)
Relationships: (Parents? Siblings? Married? In love? Married but in love with someone else? Anyone you abhor? Say it here…)
Weaponry: (What you usually use, if anything… Obviously doesn’t limit you to these weapons, but these are favorites)
Talents: (Anything you can do really well? Don’t go overboard…)
Location: (Where do you live… Or do you prefer not to stay in one place?)
History: (Not necessary, only if you want to… ‘Twould be good to have something, though. Can put anywhere from nothing to a little to a whole lot…)
Other: (Fwah! Evil other returns to haunt you!)

And there ya have the forms. Now for mine…

Name: Grima “Wormtongue”
Species: Human… sort of…
Age: 35
Gender: Male
Side: …you’ll see… He’s not entirely certain. It all depends…
Appearance: Pretty much as he looked in the movie… I liked that look. ;) Somewhat more wiry-looking, but still with the incredibly pale/white skin and greasy black hair. Wears clothes that look quite a bit like what he wore, though now it’s all black as opposed to having the yellowish color, and the outer cloak is a fairly thin but warm/protective material.
http://www.quintessentialwebsites.com/lordoftherings/movieshots_ttt/wotr_wormtongue_candle.jpg (With the candle!!!!)
http://www.quintessentialwebsites.com/lordoftherings/torn_lutzimages/4299_cls.jpg(Looking very, very set off 'ere...)

http://www.fantasyplanet.cz/gfx/pictures_clanky/lotr_gal_velky_20021125930319726.jpg (More Grima-sai...)
http://www.geocities.com/lordoftheringsrealmoftheelves/wormtonguettt01.jpg (I really like 'im in this one... Scary rotting king on the right, but Grima looks fun :))
Personality: Can be manipulated or can manipulate… Obviously prefers the latter, especially since the deal with Saruman. Doesn’t know much about himself, and is often confused. He wants to love but doesn’t know how, and now sees no hope of it. He’s tried to do the “right” thing before, but it always backfires. At times can be quite the *sshole, and will sometimes do some not-so-nice things to get what he needs/wants, or to do something he’s been told to do. Regrets quite a bit, but doesn’t know how to take it back. When he becomes confused, he’s inclined to make the situation worse by doing something that gets him into deeper trouble and anger to keep his mind off the last occurrence.
Contribution to the War: He corrupted the King and worked as an informant for Saruman… Go him!
Status: For all anyone knows, he’s dead. He’s not, though, due to… circumstances. Not sure what he’s doing yet.
Relationships: His daddy’s name was Galmod. O_o En, he’s pretty much on his own right now… No one really likes him, though. They all abuse him. *hugs Grima*
Weaponry: A dagger and a sword. :D
Talents: He can talk people into pretty much anything, and can pretty much take control of them… This works best with humans, and doesn’t work with wizards or most elves.
Location: Nowhere at present…
History: I won’t go far into this one… Corrupted Theoden of Rohan so that Saruman would have control of Rohan. After being exiled, he headed to Isengard where he met with Saruman and was stuck with the b*st*rd for quite some time. When Saruman was released from the tower, Grima followed him; not because he wanted to, but because he pretty much had to. During his time following Saruman around, he slowly lost control of his own mind, and soon thought in only broken sentences. Saruman kicked him around and in general treated him liked a dead dog. Eventually, Grima snapped and ripped the wizard’s throat out. At this point, he was shot down by hobbits, who then left him at the side of the road, assuming that he was dead. He wasn’t, but it was a near thing. When he was near death, he was found by Velierre, who gave him life once more, but an odd life… He became what could be termed as a vampiric human. In other words, eh was given the l’il Bite of Life. Generally, he was the same as ever, though his incisors were slightly elongated and his lifespan was now extended indefinitely. He hasn’t seen a catch to it yet, but it waiting to find one.
Other: Currently, his only companion is a horse…

Name: Velierre Rezzallo
Species: Vampire
Age: Unknown
Gender: Female
Side: Opposition
Appearance: 6’1”. Body is slender, skin is fairly pale, though not incredibly so… Some don’t even really notice it. Lips are deep blue, almost black. Eyes are a blazing ice blue. Wears a deep blue dress… It shimmers slightly. Has black, dragon-type wings. Wears a silver necklace with a deep blue amulet.
Personality: Whatever she wants it to be… ;) In control of herself and sure of herself, though not arrogant--in any case, there’s really no one for her to be arrogant to. She goes by her own set of rules, and follows them directly. Other than that? You’ll see… Fwah.
Contribution to the War: Nothing, really… She stayed out of that one, preferring her shadows to Sauron’s attempt at war.
Status: A wandering vampire, basically…
Relationships: … Not really. Wasn’t a fan of Sauron’s at all, and vowed that she wouldn’t have anything to do with him.
Weaponry: Herself… She has a bit of her own breed of magic, but usually uses her bites. There are three types, which are as follows…
-Bite of Death: Kills instantly.
-Bite of Salvation: Turn the one bitten into a vampire. This new vampire can either be under her control or given it’s own free will; she determines this.
-Bite of Life: Will give one who is near death life and immortality, much like that of the elves. There’s a catch with this; if she so chooses, she can call back those who she has bitten, causing their minds to be filled with her command to return to her, making it nearly impossible to resist. For the part of the victim, the victim is still basically human... A little bit more attracted to night, perhaps, and immortal in pretty much the same way the elves are, but basically the same. Until she calls them... then they start to think things...
Talents: Infiltration, striking fear into the hearts and minds of others( ;) ), understanding what others want…
Location: Wherever she feels. She prefers dark places, but will take some that aren’t so incredibly dark… Usually dwells in intense shadows and mist.
History: Eh, she doesn’t even know all of it. She’s been around for a while, but has stayed in shadows for the most part. With the end of Sauron, she has felt the need to come into the “real world” more often, leaving her shrouding mists and shadows to patrol the rest of Middle Earth.
Other: Evil other haunts me, too…

Name: Lethilen (More commonly called “Ghost”)
Species: Human
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Side: Free Peoples of Middle Earth, “good”, whatever ya want to call it…
Appearance: 6’2”. Build is about average, somewhat thinner than normal. Skin somewhat tanned. Eyes are steel gray. Hair is black, currently not very long. No other facial hair. Wears semi-faded navy blue jeans with a gray shirt made out of some sort of animal hide and a jacket of darker skin from some other sort of animal. Also wears a black cloak w/ hood, yay!
Personality: Fairly strong-willed and energetic, but does enjoy thinking and thinks most everything through before acting. Enjoys fighting, and will fight with strong vigor for extreme lengths of time if necessary. Can occasionally act on impulse, which may not always end up good. His biggest problem is probably with people skills… especially with women--he usually ends up offending ‘em or p*ssing ‘em off badly. Oh yah, and he enjoys liturature/lore. Also, tends to show up and then leave without telling anyone, hence the name given to him: Ghost.
Contribution to the War: He did indeed fight… Fought at the last battles. Was shot in the arm and cut in the chest, also received a fairly thin but deep scar across the right side of his face.
Status: Ranger
Relationships: *looks around* *shrugs*
Weaponry: He usually carries a sword, a bow with arrows, and a couple of daggers
Talents: Skilled fighter, both speed-wise and endurance-wise. Fairly good with talking to and understanding “other species” such as orcs and certain elves… Since he doesn’t talk well with most humans, it works. ;)
Location: Usually moves around, though he likes the regions around Gondor and Rohan, as that was where he grew up.
History: He was born in Minas Tirith, where his father was a soldier. Lived there for several years, until his father died, and then moved to a small town next to Edoras. His mother worked in healing in Edoras, and Lethilen often wandered around town alone. Living in these towns opened him up to people and tales that he might not have otherwise heard, and he learned much quickly. Also meant many people, nearly all whom he still remembers and thinks about occasionally.Other: Runs around a lot… Seriously. He enjoys running around. Is also one of the younger Rangers, and is treated by some as a son, which he doesn’t overly mind.


I may do one or two more, and I may edit these...

Anyway, I'd mucho like to do this, and would appreciate sign-ups. Hope it works...

Haffun. ;)

EDIT. Wow, I edited stuff...
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Pokemaster Cody
10th January 2003, 05:15 PM
I have no idea what happened to this guy. Let's just say he's alive.

Name: Saruman
Species: Elf
Age: 874
Gender: Male
Side: Bad
Appearance: Long, straight, silverish hair. Dark gray beard, short, not reaching lower than his chin. Long, billowing, royal blue cloak. Light, but unwrinked skin. A long wizards hat with a white hand stitched on the top. A metal, wizard's staff.
Personality: Likes power, killing, and enforcing torture. Wants to be the ruler of Middle Earth.
Contribution to the War: Tried to help Sauron raise to power.
Status: Wizard
Relationships: Single
Weaponry: Uses a magical staff but also has a three foot sword.
Talents: Magic
Location: Moves to where he is needed to assist the rising of evil.
History: A formerly good wizard, he now turns to the side of evile for anything he needs or does
Other: Has been developing his magic

10th January 2003, 06:16 PM
Heh, I honestly wouldn't be surprised if Saruman really did come back. Gandalf did that once, and wizards are notorious for not staying dead. However, I'm pretty much sure he wasn't an elf, since wizards have pretty long lifespans.

Name: Tu'liera Kye'loth
Species: Elf
Age: 420
Gender: Female
Side: Good :)
Appearance: Somewhere around 5'10", with a lithe, graceful cat-like build. Her hair is jet-black, usually kept in a long, tight braid extending past the small of her back. Her slightly slanted eyes are an almost startling shade of emerald green. She normally wears brown leather bodyarmor specially molded to her form, over a black long-sleeved shirt and black pants. She also wears a belt for her equipment, a black cloak with hood (heh, ran out of ideas), and a black leather quiver over that, usually containing red and blue-fletched arrows.
Personality: Rather friendly and open, but cautious and more likely to keep secrets to herself. She likes to have friends. Very intelligent, of course :) Can be somewhat naive at times.
Contribution to the War: Not much, unfortunately. She did kill some baddies, though...go her! ;)
Status: Ranger, but is considered to be a warrior in her homeland of Mirkwood.
Relationships: *looks around* Single...but if anyone wants to step up to the plate, then they're more than welcome to ;)
Weaponry: An Elven shortsword, a shortbow with plenty of arrows, and a few throwing daggers in various places upon her person. Also is versed in hand-to-hand and can use quarterstaffs with a bit of skill.
Talents: Talented archer and fighter, given more to fleet-footedness than anything else. Also a pretty good hunter...even has a bit of skill in thievery ;)
Location: Wanders, but favors the areas around Gondor and Mirkwood. She also particularly enjoys Rohan.
History: Tu'liera's parents are nobles under the royal family of Mirkwood. She's an acquaintance of Legolas :) Is the only female in her family to become a warrior. At first shamed her parents, but, surprisingly, she's since made them proud. She doesn't see them that often anymore, since she moves around a lot. (Please forgive me, I can't think of much) :)
Other: Also called Tuli. Call her Tulip and you're in for a beating. :)

10th January 2003, 06:41 PM
Wormtounge is like a mix of Wormtail's treachery and Snape's.... appearance and 'greasy-ness'. Ick. No wonder she loves him ;)

Video about Wormtounge! Ha! Eomer's like "You've got all these beautiful people with blonde hair and you're like, hmm, would it be him?" (http://lordoftherings.net/media/video/saruman_wormtongue.html)

Name: Lorelei daughter of ______ (Couldn't get anything off www.BarrowDowns.com name generator....)
Species: Mortal human
Age: 25
Gender: Female
Side: Good, I suppose.
Appearance: Blonde hair to shoulders. Blue eyes. Slender, tall, pretty. Athletic, agile. Tanned skin. Wears a silver necklace with a horse on it.
Personality: Loves animals. Kind, caring, nice. Can get bitchy at times, and tends to often get sassy to someone when she gets a grudge against that person. Has an extremely strong streak of obstinacy, courageous, fun-loving. Often jumps to conclusions and has a short temper. Determined, outgoing. She can be a big flirt, but she knows how far she should go. She can sometimes push her luck, and never gives things a chance sometimes. She's quite a tomboy? explaining the fact she's a Rider. Yay.
Contribution to the War: Nope.
Status: Rider of Rohan.
Relationships: Not yet?
Weaponry: Sword.
Talents: Riding.
Location: Edoras in Rohan.
History: Just grew up in Edoras as a Rider of Rohan.

10th January 2003, 06:51 PM
Name: Troteroximara (call him Troy)
Species: Troll (I don't do my trolls like LOTR. Bear with me)
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Side: Good, eh
Appearance: 7'3, black-grey skin with black hair, dark blue eyes, his arms are larger than proportion allows, muscular build. He wears a red tunic with brown pants and boots. He also has a set of white chain mail armor.
Personality: Highly intelligent, good-natured, and very out-going. He acts so well with others that none notice he is a Troll. He seems well eager to learn. Though he isn't 'streetwise' he is aware that not all people can be trusted.
Contribution to the War: He killed off Orcs from afar, but that is all.
Status: Ranger, I guess, but he knows a lot about a lot of things
Relationships: Sort of lonely, being the only intelligent (and good) Troll, but very composed about it
Weaponry: Two giant swords (Slice n' Dice) and a crossbow with various bolts for specific things (Mythril Bolts filled with Elf Water to go against Balrogs for example)
Talents: Real good at fighting and sniping, but he is also pretty decent in other non-magic stuff. He is strong and also good at making weapons. Maps are the only thing that confuses him.
Location: Travels alot
History: Other than he was born with a resistance to the sun and was abandoned by his parents and raised by humans, there isn't much to say. As a kid he tryed hard to be as man-like as possible.
Other: His full name means "Approaching Darkness" in Troll.

10th January 2003, 07:01 PM
~Name: Arnen
~Species: Elf (whee, poiny ears ^_^)
~Age: 423 (looks in late teens)
~Gender: F
~Side: Good... She's and elf, what else?
~Appearance: Tall, light brown hair that hangs stright down to her shoulders, blue-grey-green eyes that look like pools of water. Wears a plain green-grey tunic and an Elven cloak with a short brown skirt. And tights.
~Personality: Sort of shy, doesn't like asking questions to people she doesn't know. Quite courageous, though, and fierrce if angered.
~Contribution to the War: One of Haldir's archers. Shot a few Orcs between the eyes, yup.
~Status: Noble warrior lady (her dad's a lord)
~Relationships: Er, she thinks Legolas is soooo hot o.O
~Weaponry: A bow and quiver, some daggers, little ninja throwing stars with poison in them, a staff (see attachment, picture it longer and more slender).
~Talents: Archery (almost as good as Legolas), acrobatics, Kung-Fu *Hoo-ah!*, excellent swimmer, decent staff and dagger fighter, great with horses.
~Location: Rivendell (thanks Ginger ^_^')
~History: Too long... But, her dad's an Elven Lord, so she was brought up like Eowyn, to be a warrior.
~Other: Uh, she hates big, hairy bugs -.-'

10th January 2003, 09:29 PM
Name: Akaija
Species: Seems to be a twisted demon-like human.
Age: Believed to be nearly two hundred in age.
Gender: Female
Side: Evil
Appearance: Stands near 6'0", may be just a bit shorter with a thin, somewhat graceful build. Light, ghostly skin with flowing white hair twisted in a braid usually. Black warpaint rests under pale earthen-colour eyes, normally covered nearly with loose strands of hair. Silver, somewhat spiked and jagged gauntlets cover her hands. Wears a light, ocean-blue coloured tunic, underneath are sea-green trousers lined with black, as the tunic is lined with scarlet. Worn brown boots cover her feet. Has a black belt around her waist, with a sword sheath hanging off of it, which she keeps her scimitar.
Personality: Seems quite nice and friendly to those who just met her... but when you know her, turns into a cruel, cold-hearted being; swift and cunning. Is not easily frightened, and never has been, as she believes herself to be too strong; when somewhere lies the weak, fragile human side of her. Is spookfully quiet, and always holds a dangerous look within her icy eyes. Is truly quite kind when only around Ohta, and though he is a creature, treats him as if a brother.
Contribution to the War: She did nothing...
Status: A simple wanderer.
Relationships: Nothing.
Weaponry: Her pure force and speed are her main weapons, yet when needed, draws a scimitar of pure silver, marked with crimson and ebony. And a Warg, Ohta.
Talents: An expert warg rider, and that's mainly it.
Location: Never has she stopped wandering, her location is always changing.
History: Was a normal human in Gondor, slowly growing old, until she was slain for a crime she did not commit. Was dead from her age of 57-89, but was risen by one of the flame demons known as Balrogs. From that way, she followed the Balrog, attempting to learn demonic magic from it, but simply stayed human... only her apperance changed... she went from middle-age woman to a youthful appearance demonic human, gifted with long-living blood until slain once more. Soon, she began to wander the earth, once caring but now reckless with a black heart; with the one of the Wolves of Isengard, Ohta.
Other: Is commander and owner of Ohta. ^^;

Name: Ohta
Species: Warg
Age: 37
Gender: Male
Side: Evil
Appearance: Looks like a normal Warg, the wolves of Isengard. Tall, lanky creatures with lupine nature, daggerish fangs and strong build. From the dusty, brown colour of the others he has black crawling up each limb, as black blazing down his back. A thick chain acts as if a collar around his neck.
Personality: Er... vicious, fearsome; only kind and gentle with Akaija... ^^;
Contribution to the War: He, too, did nothing since he was without a master.
Status: Creature Battlemaster, also a wanderer.
Relationships: Only that his master and battle commander is Akaija.
Weaponry: Simply brute force and speed, much like his master, but has his dangerous fangs and claws.
Talents: Is a master of stealth, and can somehow go unheard when moving.
Location: He wanders with Akaija, thus never stays in one place.
History: Was an outcasted Warg, deemed not good enough to be among the Warg Rider's army during the war of The One Ring, left to die. Fended for himself, somehow living and hunting for himself, before being found somewhat early in his life, fifteen years by the demonic human Akaija. She replaced the need for a steed with him, as is he more agile and sly, and has power to fight in battles. One of the last surviving of his kind since the last war.
Other: Er... nothing. xD
^^; Is that okay, Ginger Cat?
EDIT: O__o Whee, editted some stuff. >3;

11th January 2003, 01:36 AM

Name: Legolas Greenleaf
Species: Elven
Age: Unknown ... (???) Appears mid-late twenties?
Gender: Male
Side: Good
Appearance: http://www.etherealattic.co.uk/elflove_images_tttpg.html Go there to look... he's the blonde.
Personality: Very strong headed and confident at what he does. He's extremely aware of his surroundings and can take in a lot of what people feel and translate it into what he believes it means. He is extremely loyal and itsn't afraid to admit his mistakes- he's bold and courageous, not worried about putting himself in danger to save others.
Contribution to the War: He was one of the Fellowship.
Status: One of the Fellowship- he's an archer... a peace maker... he's got a lot of status.
Relationships: Well... he isn't in a relationship, and just because he isn't in one doesn't mean he isn't interested. In his travels he has seen many women and females.. He looks but he doesn't really act. He is just... well, waiting- for .. that some one. It might be under his nose and he doesn't see it... but he is friends with Arnen and an aquaintence with Tu'liera. Has friends with the fellowship and knows a lot of people. He's very approachable.
Weaponry: His bow and arrow of course... he loves his bow made of the finest wood and arrows. ^^;;;
Talents: He's an extremely good archerer, which is obviously his best trait. He can talk to trees... or listen to what they say. The elvish stuff- ya'know? He can carry a tune too...
Location: He goes from place to place... tends to stay near the forests and visit his old friends. Is hoping ot team up with some one because well- since the fellowship seperated he's lonely.
History: Hopefully you guys know Legolas. He is from Mirwood and as soon as he found out about the fellowship gathering he quickly seized the opportunity. He then became one of the fellowship, hanging near the dwarf and the human friends upon the journey mainly. Battled a lot... saved a lot of people... until finally the ring was destroyed. Now he's simply wandering about... trying to find new alliances and/or old ones, and also save the innocent people of the New World from dangers.
Other: gwee!

Name: Palanalkarion Alcthoronion (they call him , "Karion' for short.)
Species: Animawhis (Hope it is okay if I make some thing up... An Animawhis appears to be just like a normal human in apperance- but has more fairness upon the face and hair. They other wise are just like humans, except each Animawhis has some strange animalistic-trait upon them such as (example: tail/ears.. wings) This animalistic trait is the trait of the animal they are most closely bonded too. They are some times called the ' Animal People' by humans and 'Animais' by Elven folk.
Age: Unknown... looks to be about mid-late 20s.
Gender: Male
Side: Good
Appearance: [i]He stands about 6'1, with a tall, muscularly-toned build. His complexion is slightly golden-tanned, and it seems to shimmer with a strange, glittery-yet healthy glow. His face has a handsomely carved long frame, and his hair is dark-raven black, yet naturally whisps upwards- but it is short so it isn't long and curly. His eyes are a daring and striking forest-green, which seem extremely charmful. He always seems to smile... and his face appears to be shaped much like Legolas. He usually wears dark brown boots made of soft leather, rimmed with a silvery-color upon the top and bottom. He wears comfortable dark blue-like gray pants which are made out of teh same material as Elvens do. They are a bit tight, which is the Elven style. He wears a sleeveless white shirt upon him, but over that he wears a jacket-like clothing article which is a dark blue-like green, but it appears more black then anything. The sleeves cut off about mid-arm, and upon his hands he has a bracelet which shows the sign of an, 'animawhis.' Over his back he has a brown pack, which he carries things in.
Personality: Very calm and collected, pretty relaxed. He does like to make a joke to lighten moods on occasion... but is pretty much serious at most times. He's very reliable adn sticks to his word- but most of all he sticks to his senses. He doesn't like to make rash decsions... but will act on impulse if the time calls for it. He trusts those he befriends and doesn't believe in 'earning respect' but gives it freely until they prove they cannot be trusted of such a gift.
Contribution to the War: He guarded the outskirts of Rivendel- hired by the lord on a secret note.
Status: He is more of a loner or wanderer currently, and he is an animawhis. Most would call him a 'caretaker' of animals... but you know, he could be more.
Relationships: N/a currently.. they are welcomed tho!!
Weaponry: He uses his skills as a fighter with a spear-like staff. The shaft of it is made out of holy oak- a tree found deep in the forests of Lortherien. It is slender and is about four feet long, and at the bottom of the staff it is sharpened to a tooth-pick end. AT the top, it magically seems to split into many shards so that it surrounds an icy blue, frosty orb. Attached around the orb and connected to the wood of the spear-like staff is silver metal, in the shape of a spear. It is elegantly designed so that the edges that surround the 'spear' part of teh staff look like wolves- peaceful wolves however. An embroidered design upon the spear itself is of a horse with wings...
Talents: He can talk to animals, but most importantly he talks to the predators the best. He's pretty good at recognizing plants as well...
Location: He's a wander... he goes everywhere.
History: He has little known history. Around the time the fellowship was formed, Aragon met him before he went to meet at the 'council'. It was there Aragon showed him that not all humans were cruel creatures like he previously believed. Later the lord of Lotherien paid him to protect teh forest which surrounded the land. He did so... and over heard news of how the fellowship was doing by animal word. He then left the kingdom's forest when the ring was destroyed. He wishes to find companions... for he lost his close friend a very long time ago in an accident and sort of became distant. Now however, he realizes he must move on.
Other: He is accompanied by a white, elegant she-wolf. She has icy blue eyes that seem to stare straight through you, and her fur is so silky looking that it some times entrances. She's about the size of a Siberian Tiger- so she's bigger then the average wolf. Her name is, "Snowsinger", but he prefurs to call her by her Elvish name which is- 'Avarlindë'.

Hope dats okay!

Ginger Cat
11th January 2003, 09:33 AM
*happy grin*

Cody- Heh, Saruman... *glares at nasty wizard* *hugs Grima* Anyway, his species would eb Wizard, not Elf... And you might want to add something about how he "died"... Grima sort of ripped his throat out. Doesn't mean he has to be dead... As MT said, Gandalf lived. They're wizards, they're special. Just look at those two things if ya would... Accepted.

MT- Elfffffffffffffffffffffffffff! I likes it... A female elven Ranger.. a bit out of the ordinary, but no problem. Out of the ordinary more fun-o! Accepted...

Lor- lol, there's nothing wrong with greasy hair! *hugs Sev and Grima* Mineeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee... No like Wormtail, though... For certain reasons. *ahem* Anyway... What, no Aragorn and Arwen? Wow... O_o Yesh. CHaracetr good, Riders of Rohan fun. Accepted.

Gladiator- Nice version of a troll... There's no real need to say there's only one sort, anyway. The ones on the movie/game frighten me... Interestign to have a troll as a ranger... Accepted.

Nab- Right-o, an elfy... Works for me. And the city is Rivendell. *hugs Elrond* O_o Accepted.

Disco- I like 'em both... Nice to see someone playing as a Warg; they're coolness. The demon's nice, as well... Accepted.

Bulba-sai- Chicky. Heh, Legolas, very nice. Nice pics. ;) An' I like the other one... Nice species. Long name. O_o Ooo... Accepted.

Just wanted to say accepted repeatedly.
Em, yes...
Anyway, thankee-sais again. :) More sign-ups would be appreciated...
And if anyone cares, I edited mine.
I need pictures...

Emotional Faun Chiko-sai
11th January 2003, 09:45 AM
Wormtongue?? Give me Smeagol-Gollum any day! *glomp*
Louis: ._.;;

Name: Gaspard Mercantio (Yesh... running out of surnames)
Species: Vampireeeeeee YEAH!!! *runs around waving a 'Support Louis+Lestat!' signboard*
Age: 200+ human years
Gender: Male
Side: Neutral... because I like being neutral. At least, for now.
Appearance: 5'10", thin, pale, beautiful *turns away and laughs hysterically for some time before shutting up and continuing*, ekcetra. He has shoulder-length wavy reddish brown hair, usually in a short ponytail, and grey-green eyes. He pretty much wears anything he wants to (*cough*lazytodescribe*cough*) but he favours wide-sleeved shirts and tunics over them, with dark-coloured trousers and boots.
Personality: He's a bleeding heart of the highest degree. ^^;; Very sensitive. Tread carefully please. He maintains a deadpan expression, mostly, to suggest that nothing much would faze him. He's also fairly shrewd and usually tries not to let slip the fact that he is a vampire to others. One of these days I'm positive he'll go all suicidal and try to re-kill himself or something...
Contribution to the War: He was depressed and lived on animals, because he figured since there were so many humans dying he'd better not accelerate their decline. (I rewatched Interview w/the Vampire again. Sue me.)
Status: He sleeps all day. ^^;; He gets up at night, hunts for victims, blah blah blah. He's getting worried about this Mordor Fury thing; if they start doing what Sauron did all over again the humans might really die this time and then he'll have to live on animals for the rest of eternity...
Relationships: His family died off some time ago. He's lonely much. He talks to people's horses/dogs/etc at night. Occasionally he gets tired of animals and goes to taverns, where he's usually found cradling a drink (and not drinking it) and chatting people up.
Weaponry: Um, he has abilities, yah, he just doesn't like to use them. Vampires are supposed to be able to read people's minds and seduce them and ekcetra (Has tha read Anne Rice? ^^;;;) but he doesn't like to; it makes humans uneasy.
Talents: Blending in well with humans; sneaking around at night; being nice to people in general.
Location: He likes Gondor... but any human city will do.
History: Not much... he used to be of an affluent family in Gondor, and was made a vampire when he was in his twenties. He pretended to die off then, and literally vanished into the night. All through the War of the Ring he watched with doleful interest, although never quite gravitating to one side or the other. He's just a bystander, a watcher. He is also a consummate human-lover, and picks his victims only from those who are clearly damned, ie. thieves, robbers, and ekcetra.
Other: *sniff* Why does everyone think Other is evil? *hugs it* Awwww... *gives it a candy stick*

Nayia Waterflower aka starmie44
11th January 2003, 01:30 PM
Name: Taimi (meaning 'sapling, young tree', in elven tougue, she is called 'Neflossién')
Species: Elf
Age: 2498 (looks to be in early twenties)
Gender: Female
Side: Good
Appearance: Long blond hair that, when not wearing a elven dress or meditating, is pulled back (except for her bangs that are just a little long then her chin) into a long yet lose looking braid. Emerald eyes that resembles that of the forest, bright and dancing when joyful and happy, yet grows darker when fighting, or when bad news arises. Her skin be pale, yet fair and as soft as silk, and her height is around 5'8". Like most elfs of her kind, she has natural grace and flowing motion in her movements, yet her body has a bit more toned and fit look to it, but otherwise holds the average body of an elf maiden.
Her clothes consist of light colored pants and high neck, long sleeve female elven-style shirt. Over that, a more femme dark green jerkin then what a male elf would wear (looks like a dress, no sleeves, skirt as long has half of upper legs, and slits on the sides from bottom of skirt up to the hip bone, then laced up from there on. Elven designs in gold decerate it) Knee high boots of dark brown leather, along with simular wrist bands and belt, both having elven designs on them. Last is her cloak, long and of the darkest of greens with a hood. Also carries her weapons at all times with her.
Personality: She understanding, patience and kind-hearted, as well as open-minded. Yet she is stubborn, and persistent, and dislikes it when men treat her like a fragile elven maiden when she is not dress for the role. (she didn't go through over two thousand years of training to not be consisted an equal when she holds a sword or bow and travels with them on her back) She's friendly, yet naive for her age to things outside of the things she lived with at home, being fighting, dancing, singing, trees, and other elf maiden things. She likes to learn (another reason for her traveling), and is very light-hearted and outgoing. And she loves the simple things in life like trees, rivers, flowers, dancing, songs, music, meadows, food, etc.
Contribution to the War: She did not fight in any of the big battles during the war (thanks to her over-protective father), but she had been in a few small battles during her time of traveling.
Status: Princess of Mirkwood, elven archer and fighter.
Relationships: Father - Thranduil, King of Mirkwood, Older Brothers - Legolas, Prince of Mirkwood...and others who I can not recall the names of. She is single, and not in love at the moment. Have met Aragorn several times when he had come to visit her brother in Mirkwood. Has known Aredhel from before when she had come to Mirkwood on a few acounts, they have became good friends and had been keeping in touch with messages and letters (one reason she in is Lothlorien now is to visit Aredhel). Met Sayuri on her travels before coming to Lothorien. Also, Taimi was closer to Legolas then all her other brothers, yet haven't seen Legolas seen he left Mirkwood and joined the fellowship.
Weaponry: The elven long bow and two elven daggers
Talents: Like her brother, she is indeed a good archerer as well as fighter, and of course, singing and dancing as well as the other elven abilities.
Location: Lothlorien, where she has been for the last month.
History: Was born in Mirkwood, the first daughter of Thranduil and the last child born, for her mother died giving birth to her. Growing up, she was like the other elven maidens, dancing and singing alot. Yet, growing up in an all male family, she couldn't help but have a growing interest in things like weapons and fighting. Her father, not wanting his only daughter to be a warrior, forbid her to do anything that her brothers would do and learn to be a graceful and kind-hearted elven princess.
For the first two hunderd years of her life, she listened to her father. Yet as she watched her brothers from afar, the desire to be a fighter was growing stronger, deep within her. Her pride demended her to be independent and able to protect herself and soon she secretly went into training, learning to ride horses, shoot arrows, wield daggars and swords, do hand to hand combat, and learn to survive when traveling. Of course, her father did find out, but not till fifty years ago. Only he and her trainer knows she is now a warrior, yet her father forbid her to dare continue practicing or using her fighting skills. Of course, she did continue, walking out into a unuse part of Mirkwood where she keeps her weapons and traveling clothes, and practices for two hours a day before sneaking back home.
A few days after the war, she wishes to travel around, for she had never traveled outside of Mirkwood, unless to Rivendell with her family to visit Elrond and Arwen. Also, by traveling, she will get to meet knew people, learn new things, and maybe one day meet her brother on the road. Knowing her father would not let her leave, she decide to go at night without his say so(hehe...he was proabably very pissed in the morning ^-^). She traveled for a few weeks at a fast pace, knowing her father would have warriors after her (and has met up with Sayuri on the way) before ending up in Lothlorien, where she had met up with the Lady of the Wood and Aredhel, and has been there, learning about herbs and plants for healing along with other things for a month.
Other: Fears dark places, like caves. Also fears being found by her father and taking back to Mirkwood.

*sings* do, do, do, I feel like being another character, like a faeire of something. But I have no time to make the form for it at the moment.

11th January 2003, 02:05 PM
this sounds real good! Nice job, Ginger!

Name: Lance Zachrus Hunter
Species: Half Vampire, Half Human
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Side: Neutral
Appearance: He wears black chain mail on his chest and legs, it provides a lot of protection. He also wears large black leather boots and a black cape. Underneath his cape he bears the sheath that holds his sword, and also, ontop of the sheath, there is a shield. The sword can be accessed without removing the shield.
He has white hair that hangs over his head. He has a broad skull and is 6'0 and he has a slightly muscular build. He has large shoulders, and looks to be that of a typical human, even though he is a vampire. The only thing that can make people think he is a vampire is his red eyes. He has extremely pale skin.
Personality: He is brave and bold, yet he does not like to interact with people because he fears if he ever gets close to anyone, they will leave him like his parents left him, and like his only love left him. He is your typical loner, with a few catches. He does not tend to ever grow any closeness to anyone, although, if it meant life or death, he might go along for a short while...
Contribution to the War: Killed a few Orcs that wandered into his path while looking for food, that was about it, he never came across any other life that was in the war.
Status: He really doesn't have one, unless you count outcast.
Relationships: He does not know of either his parents or siblings, but he once felt a feeling of 'love' that soon lead him to fear of the persons life, until she was cast away from his arms by the rod of an Orcs 'death-stick.' He has set revenge on all Orcs since then, but still doesn't care too much for any other race and tends to slash anything that gets in his way.
Weaponry: A large two handed sword which resides in a sheath on his back, he also carries a wooden shield incase he needs to block arrows, but he never uses the shield for combat. He does not carry a bow, but he knows how to use one.
Talents: He has excellent reflexes, which is due to a very very small psychic power that allows him to see a second into the future, this sometimes acts as his weakness as it gives him flashbacks to his painful past. Also a bit more strength than a normal human, due to his half vampire state.
Location: Is somewhat Nomadic, he does not like to stay in a set spot.
History: He does not know any of his history, but it wouldn't hurt for me to tell you. His father was a darklord of Vampires, one of the best in the business, and his mother was a poor and helpless virgin. His father, while in his duties stopped by his mothers place, and she begged him not to drink her blood. He said he would, but at a cost, he wanted it so that if he was ever killed, that there would be a son to live on his life. So he impregnated her. His mother, after giving birth to the child, left it with the orphanage and fled, she was soon hunted down by his father, and she was killed. His father still roams the earth, looking for his son, looking to kill his son, as he considers his son a 'mistake.'
Other: Lance does not know that he is a half vampire yet, and he has not yet established cravings for blood.

11th January 2003, 02:49 PM
Name: Grimstone Archroy
Species: Dwarf
Age: 30
Gender: Male
Side: Good
Appearance: 3'4, well-toned skin (impresive for a dwarf, huh), green eyes that go with his green plate mail armor. He wears black pants and boots as well. He is clean-shaven and despite his dwarven genes is very athletic and flexible and wears a long cape with his armor.
Personality: Despite his name, Grimstone likes to joke a lot. He is very intelligent and highly inventive. He tends to work on a lot of gadgets in hopes of finding easier ways to work. Grimstone is very persistant and highly stubborn. He acts on instinct, but he is also very intuitive. Grimstone tends to be out-going and likes to be full of surprises. His main weakness is that he doesn't have much patience
Contribution to the War: None, he lived a pretty sheltered life.
Status: Inventor, blacksmith
Relationships: His father, Archstone. He's pretty much single. Rumor has it that his mother was human.
Weaponry: His small frame and big cloak let him hide a whole lot of weapons. He carries one double-edged battle axe/walking stick, a throwing axe in each boot, two regualr axes under his armor, and he has holsters on his belt that hold a variety of daggers and one blow dart with a poutch of darts. Also has a pole-vault thing that is conviniently made to turn into a stick
Talents: Well other than being able to jump like Yoda on steroids (figuratively) he is a pretty good fighter. He also likes to make weapons, armor, and jewelry. He can run pretty fast, but prefers to walk.
Location: Lone Mountain
History: Grimstone was born in the Lonely Mountains and raised by his father, Archstone, who taught him how to work as a blacksmith. He also taught him to be open-minded to new ideas. Grimstone was pretty much shunned by others because they noticed that his beard grew slower (way slower) than others and he was never as strong or stocky as them. Rumors spread that he isn't a complete dwarf and was made fun of by younger dwarves. His main friends were the older dwarves who appreciated his skills and ideas. He has even been a kind of pioneer, always looking for ways to reduce the work load. He is currently going out to Gondor to look for an adventure.
Other: He met Troy on his way to Minas Tirith and is currently adventuring alongside him.

11th January 2003, 03:26 PM
Hey Nay, long time no see. I'm going to kinda bounce off your character. ^_^

Name: Aredhel (Named after the White Lady of Noldor (The Deep Elves)- See "The Silmarillion")
Species: elven
Age: 700- something? Does it matter with elves? Looks twenties like nearly every other elf...
Gender: female
Side: good (One of my few ever good characters; I'm usually evil ^_^;)
Appearance: Tall, with silver-white hair, which accounts for her name. Blue-green eyes.
Personality: Normally calm, exept when disagreed with. can have a short temper.
Contribution to the War: Was at the battle of Helm's Deep.
Status: nfc
Relationships: Good friends with Taimi, and has a crush on Legolas...
Weaponry: Long bow, sword
Talents: Healing and protective magic
Location: with Taimi in Lothlorien
History: Distant relative of Galadriel...
Other: I tend to keep things condensed without the extra- I say what needs to be said.

I might elaborate later...

Ginger Cat
11th January 2003, 07:04 PM
:D Ooo! Thankees!

Chiko-sai- Again, you can have Gollum alllllll you want. *hugs Grima* Nice to have another vampire, ooooo. Nevah read Anne Rice... bad me, bad bad. I should, but ya... Nicey char, though. Neutral is fun. Accepted.

Nayia- Nice elf. I like the character... Legolas's sister, eh? Coolness... Nice profile too, btw. Accepted.

Skullfire- Glad ya likie, sai. Vampiric human chickyness... 'Twould be entertaining to see his dad find 'im... O_o Accepted.

Gladiator- Thanks much for taking a second character. A dwarf? First one... Accepted.

Drusilla- Everyone loves Legolas, no? ;) Nice character... Accepted.

Thanks again. :)
*amusing herself with scary captions from FotR*
"Frodo's voices is in my head."

11th January 2003, 07:09 PM
Of course everybody loves Legolas! *glomps Legolas*In fact, the other day at school I had a debate with my friend over weather or not he's cuter than Frodo... And he is :D Hey, when're ya' gonna start this :confused:

Elemental Seribii
12th January 2003, 04:06 PM
Name: Gaia Tensia
Species: Human
Age: 25
Gender: Female
Side: Neutral
Appearance: She has light, wavy amber hair, that falls a few inches below her shoulders, and her eyes are a icy blue, with splashes of silver. She's a thin, pale girl, around 5'5''. When in the presence of important people, she wears a long, dark blue dress, with a silver trim, black shoes and her hair down. When she's wandering around, she wears slightly baggy dark blue trousers, and a light blue shirt, with a loosely knitted light beige sweater over it, which has leather straps weaved in, criss-crossing up the front of it up until the neckline, and her hair in a high ponytail, with dark brown boots.
Personality: She's a dark girl, haunted by the memory of war and destruction. She hides behind a mask of feigned cheerfulness and self-control. The war, and lack of hope made her shadowed, sarcastic and silenced. She's often in another world, her eyes far off. Even though peace has come to Middle-Earth, she still is silent.
Contribution to the War: She didn't really do much, besides being forced to escape from Gondor. Oh, she did kill that one Orc.
Status: She's a daughter of one of the Lords of Gondor.
Relationships: She's engaged to a man named Tiel, but she dun love him...*sob* Of course, she also has her younger brother and father. She also knows a pitch black horse (as in, she doesn't own him), named Midnight's Domination, or just Domi.
Weaponry: She has pretty good sword skills, but she never uses one normally. She does carry a small dagger with her, because you never know what weirdos you'll meet in Gondor.
Talents: She's a very good artist, and has a photographic memory.
Location: She's in Gondor right now, but sometimes visits Rohan, and even Bree.
History: Obviously, she was born into nobility, and for the first five years of her life, was perfectly happy. Her little brother, Ninta, was born then, and she and Tensempt, her older brother, used to take him around the city.
Tensempt left Gondor on personal business two years ago, but Ninta refused to battle, and so did her father. They haven't heard from him since the War of the Ring started, nor since it ended. He is presumed dead. This horrified her mother, and she pined away for him, eventually dying from malnutrition, and catching pneumonia.
Other: Sometimes, she just wanders into the local Inn at Gondor/wherever-she-happens-to-be, and starts to draw the first person that catches her eye. She has a rather large collection. She also has a necklace, a silver chain with a small silver dove in flight on it, that has a sapphire eye.

Nayia Waterflower aka starmie44
12th January 2003, 07:41 PM
Thankie Ginger. ^-^ Glad you like her. My friend and I came up with a simular version of her based off me for her fanfic(character simularities: Name, home, family, and some of her looks). Meh, if she was gonna have Legolasness in her fic, then I wanted Aragorness and to be Legolas' sister. Tis just as good. ^-^

Hey Dru, nice to see ya again. ^-^ And the character bonucing, mes don't mind. lol, we haven't been in a RPG together since LVH. This RPG is gonna be even more fun now. ^-^

Anywho, I was very, very, very hyper figuring out this character

Name: Sayuri (means 'small lily')
Species: Faerie
Age: Unknown (looks 16)
Gender: Female
Side: Good
Appearance: Very small, probably only as tall and slim as an average female's middle finger. Her skin has a light silvery-blue tone to it, and her wings are clear and seethrough. Hair is short, about to her shoulders and fans outward, also it's silvery-white in color. Eyes have no pupils, and changes color to suit her mood. (blue=happy, green=jealous, red=angry, grey=depression, etc). And no, she doesn't wear clothes. Tis not the faerie way of life to wear such things.
Personality: A joyful little spirit, always singing and playing. Friendly to all who she considers cute, beautiful or handsome (elfs, and some hobbits and men), and hides from all others. Likes pretty or shiny things, and hates dark, smelly, or yuckie looking or tasting things. Very opened about her thoughs (basically, if your armpits smell like that of a cows droppings, she will point it out, plugging her nose and waving her free hand trying to keep the smell away from her while yelling for you to TAKE A BATH) and tries to help others (she will gladly find some soap for your stinky armpits and give helpful tips on hygene ^-^), tho she does sometimes get annoying, but remember, she's only trying to help...in her own weird sort of way. She's sweet and kind, as well as curious. She openly shows her emotions (it wouldn't matter if she tried to hide them, ya just look her in the eyes and you know what she is feeling) and is all but in love with food (people have been known to lose a finger or two for getting to close to her food while she was eating). Tries to do things her way, or make things happen to suit her needs, being stubborn and persistent about it. And beware, she has a killer temper!!! Also, she talks like this - "Sayuri wants to help. Can Sayuri please help pretty elf lady? Sayuri good at finding things, Sayuri thinks..." *cough*KAWAII*cough*
Contribution to the War: None, but an ork did step on her flower once...
Status: A cute, free little spirit with a mouth for a weapon. (verbally and physically ^-^) Healer
Relationships: Has no parents or siblings known to her, let alone if there are any others like her. She is not married, nor is she in love, but she tends to fall in love alot with people, then hate their guts the next day. Gender doesn't matter to her. Knows Taimi, Aredhel, and the Lady of the Wood.
Weaponry: She cute little faerie teeth...hoo hah!
Talents: Flying, being cute, hiding, good at finding things, has an understanding of most languages and herbs, and has healing powers (pretty gold sparkles *goes starry-eyes* kawaii).
Location: In Lothlorien with Taimi.
History: She doesn't have must of a history cause she has only been alive for less then two months really. She had been 'asleep' in a small water lily for centuries and centuries. She had been 'woken up' by the sound of a sweet and beautiful voice. Escaping her flower, she was met face to face with Taimi, singing in a lake while taking a quick bath before continuing her travels (she had ran into some ork earilier and was a bit bloodly). She indeed fell in love with the elf, and after Taimi gave her a name, she has been traveling with Taimi since. Now she has gotten to know Taimi, who is now a good friend, and is befriending Aredhel as well as the Lady of the Wood. (yes, she fell in love with both of them for about a week before moving on and just concides them friends) One reason she gave Taimi of why she wish to travel with her was to find some of her kind, maybe even her parents or siblings, if she had any.
Other: Fears fire, and people who try to sqwak her with their hands or feet.

Ginger Cat
14th January 2003, 07:05 PM
ES- Pwettyful. :) Darkish people fun, Gondor gals fun. Eck, I need to jump off a cliff or something... Nice character, though. Accepted.

Naiye- A fairy? Shibbyness. Again, very nice character with nice comprehensive-like profile... :D Accepted.

Sorry about starting this late... I'll probably start it Thursday, because I don't have time now and tomorrow night is study until I can't any more time... FUnness.
So hopefully Thursday...

Ginger Cat
16th January 2003, 12:34 PM
All righty...
I'm gonna write the first posts, and we'll start later today! :D Fwah...
Just so ya know.
And again, if anyoen wants another character...

Outlaw JT
16th January 2003, 03:32 PM
I tried to resist signing up for yet another rpg......honest I did.........here are my multiple sign ups. I'll warn you that one of my sign ups history is rather unpleasant.

Name: Ro'kath Elstenair is his real full name but no one knows it. He goes only by Ro'kath or Ro
Species: half Orc/half Elf
Age: unknown but looks to be about 23
Gender: male
Side: Neutral but has been known to hunt everything related to the orcs.
Appearance: picture a cross between Lurtz(the Uruk-Hai that killed Boromir) and Elrond. Basically Ro'kath has the bulky muscular body of an Uruk-Hai but he has fair skin and long brown hair like Elrond. He also has green elvish eyes and his ears are a little more pronounced and elf-like than most Uruk-Hai. Of course, few people would ever know any of that about him because for obvious reasons he keeps himself hidden underneath a long black hooded cloak. Underneath the cloak he wears a brown tunic with a black chainmail vest and black trousers and boots. He wears an beaitful pearl tulip elven necklace that belonged to his mother(similar to the one given to Aragorn by Arwen) at all times but he keeps it under his shirt.
Personality: I'll let you decide for yourself what his personality is like.
Contribution to the War: He spent most of the war in the shadows near Mordor, hunting smaller groups of Sauron's army.
Status: He is a Ranger of the lowest esteem. An outcast from all society. Only other Rangers have ever been known to socialize with Ro'kath and even then only rangers of ill fame. No one he has ever met since being a child has ever wished to be associated with him.
Relationships: His mother was a noble elven woman of Rivendell named Liliath Elstenair whom disappeared some 25 years ago while on a journey to visit the wood elves. She died when he was only two however. Ro'kath was raised by a wizard named Elban the Green whom disappeared shortly before the War of the Ring began.
Talents: He has the eyesight of an elf and the strength of an Uruk-Hai. This makes him a superb marksman of the highest calibre. He has excellent night vision also. He is a powerful and talented swordsman as well although because of his build his moves are less than graceful.
Location: There is a small cottage deep in the Lonely Mountains that belongs to Elban the Green that he calls home but normally he wanders the wilds of Middle-Earth.
History: His story begins with his mother, a lady of Rivendell named Liliath Elstenair. She was held in high esteem by all who knew her and was good friends with Elrond. While she was taking her annual journey to cisit with the wood elves however she was captured by a marauding band of orcs. For all anyone knew though she just disappeared as she was travelling alone. The Orcs took her back to Mordor as sort of a prize. While there she endured numerous forms of torture. Not only was she tortured but she was also raped by the Orcs. During that time she became pregnant. The orcs had planned to just kill her soon after it was evident she was with child but a wizard named Elban the Green stumbled upon their camp amidst his travels. He saved her from the orcs and took her to his cabin. He cared for her while she was pregnant and basically played the part of midwife when the time came. Although she did not die in labor she was left to weak and ill to travel. She spent the last two years of her life there with Elban and her new son Ro'kath. When she died Elban took her body back to Rivendell for a proper burial but he did not reveal Ro'kath's existance to the elves for fear of their ridicule. Ro'kath grew up in the care of Elban the Green, hidden away from society. Elban understood that few would ever be able to accept the poor halfbreed. When he turned 13, Ro'kath became more curious about his heritage. He was obviously quite different from Elban so he wanted to know where he came from. Elban tried stalling at first but eventually had to reveal the whole truth to Ro'kath. Upon hearing the story of his origin he became conflicted. He had seen elves before but he scarcely looked anything like one. He had been brought up to hate orcs so to find out he was part orc was also a cruel twist for him to understand. He ran away in hopes of finding some connection to his past. First he set out for Rivendell. Once he arrived there though he was ridiculed. From the moment he set foot in the great elven city he heard nothing but curses and foul tones. Before he could even relay his story a group of elves took up arms and chased him from the city for the freak he appeared to be. Finding no solace with the elves he decided to investigate the other side of his heritage. So, he turned towards Mordor to find the orcs. The first orcs he came into contact with though tried to kill him on sight. He never even had the chance to open his mouth before he was forced to defend himself. While escaping them he got into a brawl with one of the bigger orcs and while they scuffled the orc fell on his own sword. Ro'kath took up the sword and kept it. Having been rejected and ridiculed by both sides of his heritage he didn't know where to turn. He went back to the home of Elban the Green after having been away for over a year for some sense of warmth and family but found only an empty cottage. Since then he was wandered the wilds of Middle-Earth. He took up with a small group of rangers for awhile and learned from them how to survive in the wild. One of them, an outcast elf, taught him the intricacies of archery and gave him his first bow. Since then Ro'kath has become quite the archer and the fierce warrior. Most who have heard of him, fear him. Few people in regular society have heard of him. He has become one of the lowest thought of rangers in middle-earth. Though few people have ever seen what he looks like since he became a ranger many rumors have gotten out about his appearance. He is called a freak and a monster. Were it not for the fact that he makes a living killing orc and uruk-hai raiders for outlying villages he would probably have a price on his head merely for existing.
Weapons: a crude but extremely sturdy elven long bow, an orc sword(just like the ones the Uruk-Hai use in the movie)
Other: (sorry to copy someone buuuuuuutttt..........) instead of a horse he travels with a warg named Reuben

Name: Reuben
Species: Warg
Age: 59
Gender: male
Side: neutral
Appearance: he is a little bigger than the average warg. his fur is also just a little longer and dark grey in color rather than brown
Personality: a lot like a guard dog
Contribution to the War: He was one of the wolves of Isengard. He was ridden into battle by one of the Uruk-Hai captains. During one of the assaults on Gondor his rider was killed and Reuben was badly wounded. He was found in the aftermath by Ro'kath and nursed back to health. Since then Reuben has followed him like a giant puppy.
Status: n/a
Relationships: He has many brothers and sisters, most of whom were killed in the war. Reuben also fathered a litter. One of his offspring was considered awkward and weak and was cast out by the pack. Reuben assumed his lost son died but he is mistaken. Although he didn't disagree with the pack that his son was weak, he always felt remorse over abandoning his own blood.
Talents: He is a remarkable hunter/tracker. Although he is no longer as stealthy as he was in his youth he can still sneak up on most prey and he can follow a scent from miles away.
Location: follows Ro'kath wherever.
History: explained above.
Weapons: massive paws with large and razor sharp teeth and claws
Other: has a taste for fish and red blood

Name: Elban Pinecloud, the Green Wizard
Species: wizard
Age: 238
Gender: male
Side: evil
Appearance: same size and frame as Gandalf, his beard and hair is just like Gandalf but deep brown in color. his robes and hat are also just like Gandalf but green in color. his staff is carved out of oak and has three rings at the top shaped like the horns of a ram and there is a large emerald in the center of them. he has emerald colored eyes as well.
Contribution to the War: he was nowhere to be found during the war.
Status: A wizard currently trying to build a new army of Uruk-Hai to launch an assault on Middle-Earth.
Relationships: none
Talents: He has recently proven himself a superb wizard. He is also quite deadly with his staff.
Location: he still owns a small cottage in the Lonely Mountains but his current whereabouts are unknown.
History: Up until recently there was not much to tell. He was mostly a scholar of a wizard, spending all his time in the great libraries of Middle-Earth most his life. He took up a theory when he was about 50 that for Middle-Earth to survive there must be a perfect balance between good and evil. If evil should rule unchallenged then darkness would cover the lands and nothing could survive. If good should rule unchallenged then the economy and social structure would become stagnant and collapse into utter chaos. That was his theory anyway. He led a fairly boring and uneventful life for a wizard. He made few friends and was known by most wizards as the bookworm. At one point a quarter century ago he decided he wanted to dispell that nickname so he set out to explore the whole world of Middle-Earth. Only three years into that endeavor though he came upon an unfortunate elven woman. The next two and a half years of his life were spent taking care of her. When she passed away he stayed at home to care for her son. He did grow to love and respect the boy early on. Eventually though the boy set off to learn of his heritage. Elban waited several months for the boy to return but eventually gave up. It was then he decided to return to the task he had set out for many years before. He once again set out to explore all of Middle-Earth. He was not seen nor heard from again for almost a decade. Recently however, witnesses that escaped a massacre at a small village on the borders of Gondor reported that a party of uruk-hai being led by a green wizard ruthlessly destroyed the village and all it inhabitants who were not able to escape by horseback. Several such reports have been made about various atacks and it has come to light that for some reason it is indeed Elban the Green behind the attacks.
Weapon: his staff, magic, and a sizable band of Uruk-Hai

16th January 2003, 04:01 PM
Can't resist ^^;; I'm taking Aragorn, if its OK that he can be a Ranger for the RPG?

Name: Aragorn son of Arathorn, aka Strider, King Elessar, Estel, Thorongil, Chieftan of the Dunedain, Dunadan, King of the West, Longshanks, Wingfoot, Telcontar, Isildur's Heir. Too many names x_x

Species: Mortal man (Dunedain)

Age: He was born March 1st, 2931 Third Age. So... old, in our standards. Like, 90 or something.

Gender: Male

Side: Good

Appearance: Rather rugged and weather-beaten, worn and mud-caked leather boots. Grey eyes, handsome face with stubble along his chin and upper-lip, with scraggly dark hair. He's tall, and wears a long dark cloak with a deep hood. Him riding Brégo! (http://www.theargonath.cc/characters/aragorn/pictures/aragorn67.jpg)
Pictures! (http://www.theargonath.cc/characters/aragorn/pictures/aragorn1.jpg)

Personality: Sometimes grim, but he's intelligent and kind. He likes to sing or recite stuff, like most people. Aragorn's decisions often seem against conventional wisdom, but he knows what to do and why it must be done, regardless of the cost. He's good at making contingency plans and coming up with efficient means to acheive clear-cut ends. He is highly independent, and continues on with his plans even in the face of data that might suggest to others that it's no longer feasible. Time alone is important. In his desire for clarity in life, he may have the tendency of being remote or even "heartless" sometimes. He tends to finish his work before resting.

Contribution to the War: Was apart of the Fellowship, led the Fellowship from the end of Moria and onwards, fought at Helm's Deep,

Status: Normally King? but Ranger is more fun ;)

Relationships: Married to Arwen Undómiel Evenstar daughter of Elrond, friends with the four hobbits, Legolas, Gimli, Gandalf. Friend of the city of Edoras, has a son named Eldarion, his parents (both dead) were Arathorn and Gilraen.

Weaponry: A sword like this, called the Anduril. (http://www.warofthering.net/movies/photos/ttt/people/aragorn/irgimg/Aragornanduril.jpg) He also has a couple knives, plus at one point he had a bow and arrow, but what happened to that, I don't know.

Talents: Sword fighting, is decent with a bow, but excells at swordfighting.

Location: He's king of Gondor and Arnor, but I suppose he moves quite alot, being much of a Ranger.

History: Its pretty long? but read it, if you wish. Its straight from the book. (http://www.barrowdowns.com/Description.asp?Size=&Param=EntryID&Data=20)

Other: (Something to put in other!) He has a nice pretty dark chestnut horse named Brégo, from Rohan. See the first picture =)

16th January 2003, 04:26 PM
I'm using two more characters. One is a species you forgot and one is an Orc

Name: Archwood "Ark"
Species: Ent (No one noticed these guys, wah)
Age: Ancient (I've forgotten how old Treebeard was)
Gender: Male
Side: Good
Appearance: Archwood is broader and heavier built than most Ents and a dark brown. He stands at a good 10 feet with greenish eyes. His arms reach his ankles and his entire body is covered in moss (Sort of looks like clothes) He has many branches coming out of his shoulders.
Personality: Unlike the Ents, Archwood is very active. He is kind-hearted, intelligent, and very wise. Archwood, however, is also quite impatient (not very Ent-like is he :) )
Contribution to the War: Isengard go BOOM
Status: None
Relationships: None known, but he doesn't care much for Orks or Saruman
Weaponry: He has a large bag of rocks (When you are an Ent, that is all you need)
Talents: Talks to the trees, decent speed, vast strength, incredible knowledge
Location: Fangorn Forest, but he is travelling to Gondor ("I have a feeling some bad things are about to go down)
History: Not much, he lived in the forest all of his life and was very supportive of Saruman's destruction

Name: Jitsu Ironhand and Rampage
Species: Orc and Olliphant
Age: 35/1
Gender: Male/Male
Side: Semi-Neutral
Appearance: 6'2, athletic build, dark grey skin, black hair, red eyes. Though he is an Orc, Jitsu is surprisingly man-like. He hides his features behind a helmet with a row of blades going down it. He wears black platemail with brown pants and boots. Rampage (being young) is the size of an adolescent actual elephant. He managed to grow all three pairs of tusk and has black skin and dark blue eyes
Personality: Jitsu is smarter than most Orcs, but still is very volatile, agressive, and impatient. Most of his frustration is due to the fact that he is unsure what he wants to do in his life. He can be very sensitive and caring, but only when you can bypass his angry exterior. Rampage is usually calm and is also intelligent, he is very out-going and friendly. When angered he is slow to stop.
Contribution to the War: Jitsu managed to avoid major confrontations and Rampage is new to the world
Status: Soldier/Cavalry, Steed/Olliphant
Relationships: Jitsu raised Rampage. Jitsu hates his fellow Orcs.
Weaponry: Sword, Shield, Bow and Arrows. Rampage has his three pairs of tusks (Mauling, Goring, and Harpooning. The difference? Mauling is blunter, Goring is sharper, and Harpooning is straight and sharp)
Talents: Jitsu is strong and athletic, and good with a variety of weapons. He can also get along with animals. Rampage is strong, quick, and sturdy
Location: Travelers
History: Well, Jitsu was under appreciated. When the war was over Jitsu became upset and bothered. He was born to fight, but now that the war is over, his instincts left him high and dry. When he found the orphaned Rampage he found something constructive to do. He is currently fighting Gondor, but he can change at the drop of the hat. He wishes to find a purpose.

Ginger Cat
16th January 2003, 07:36 PM

Outlaw- Glad ya did join. :) I like all of the characters a lot... Very nice ideas with 'em. The orc/elf ranger is shibby, wargs are always good, and wizards are very wizardish. O_o 'Specially evil ones. I wanna see a warg follow someone around... Eh heh. Accepted.

Lor- Of course ya hafta have Aragorn. ;) Actually, having him as a king/ranger will work well... He can elad 'em, how very nice. O_o Anyway, I couldn't see see Aragorn letting the others do all the work. :) Accepted.

Gladiator- Yay more characters! You're right, you are the first ent... Funfun talking tree. An Olliphant! Very nice! ;) Accepted.

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