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1st February 2004, 03:29 PM
A group of 16 - 17 year olds discover that they have spiecal powers and go to a spiecal boarding school to learn to control thier powers aswell as having a normal education.Jerry powers owns and runs the school as a project to tap into the minds of teenagers with spiecal powers to help cure illnesses like cancer and hiv.While the children are learning a organisation of people who want to destroy the race of people with spiecal powers and later in the rpg will try to track down the school are plotting a secret ritual to wipe out the race of people with spiecal powers.The school is located in the middle of the alantic ocean. The types of powers that the children may posess are;
Telepathic -talk to people with your mind and communicate to people through your mind,
Future seeing,
Walking through walls,
starting fires,
Blowing fires out.
Whilst the children are learning to control thier powers they are going to the lessons they choose and are still living a normal life.The school will still have trip and dances aswell as trips where the students can travel the world,see sights and shop.Aswell as learning to control thier powers,living normal lives,defeating bad guys,living out thier dreams and getting an education the teenagers are also on a wild quest searching for adventure,friendship and romance.

You turn on your laptop and message comes on screen saying ' 1 new messaage ' you click on the read button and a message from ' drpowers@supermindshighschool.com ' comes up saying :-
Dear reader,
I have been looking through DNA samples of babies born on the year were born and a few other years and I have discovered some of the children to pocess spiecal powers,you
have been diagnosed as one of them.I am offering you a chance to come to a school where you will learn to control theese powers and have a normal education,you may also
be able to help illnesses.The school is located in a forest in the middle of the alantic ocean, it is 5 storeys high,1 floor has the classrooms,a libary,a main room and the dining room,floor 2 has shops,cafes and resturants,floor 3 has a gym,swimming pool,sports hall and a arcade.floor 4 are the boys rooms and floor 5 are the girls room.The room are very big and contain;
A king sized bed,
A desk and chair,
A giant mirror on the wall,
A huge bookshelf,
A chest of drawers,
A bed side table,
A t.v,
A dvd player,
A video player,
A computer on its own desk with chair,
A radio,A game console(one of each),
A walk in cupboard,A built in bathroom with shower, bath, toilet, sink and mirror,
A balcony with a hot tub.
Clases are chosen by the students so they cantake whatever lessons the want and there will be lessons to help control their powers which the children can take.If you are interested come to greenie harbour at mid night tommorrow night with all your possesions and any furniture you want to bring and a boat will come and take you to the island.GThe boat journey is 24 hours long.
Yours Dr. Powers

My sign up form:
Name: Elizabeth Collins
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Power: Telepathic and Telekinetic
Personality: funny, kind,generous,sweet,cares about others,helps people,wants to live a normal life,more to her than meets the eye,Sort of rebellious.
Looks: clicky (http://movies.yahoo.com/shop?d=hc&id=1800282258&cf=pg&photoid=225230&intl=us) (the big one near the bottom)
History: tbr
Other: Has a female beagle called Mimi and plays the guitar.

I walked up to the harbour with 3 suitcases carrting all my suff,My guitar in its case and my 3 month old beagle Mimi,I looked around a nd no-one was there so I sat down on one of the benches,tied mimis leash to the post so she wouldn't run away,got out my guitar and started playing and singing my favorite song Smelly cat

1st February 2004, 06:06 PM
Name: Zedrick Elex

Age: 18 (Lets just say he "failed" a year or something)

Gender: Male

Powers: Foresight and Mind-Reading

Personality: Creepy. He likes to be alone, seldom talks and has a very bitter persona. Often he is found by himself rocking back and forth trying to calm his nerves. He seemingly hates everyone, and likes to get that message across to people. He hates his abilities and he hates you for not sharing his pain.

Looks: 6'1, with a slightly muscular build. He has white hair and lets his bangs hang down over his eyes, and suprisingly, his hair is very straight and kept. The rest of his hair is of medium length, he just keeps the bangs long for his own reasons. He generally wears black clothing, consisting mainly of black jeans and a torn up black denim vest that he wears open ontop of a fishnet shirt that goes to his wrist and loops over inbetween his thumb and first finger. Overtop of this he wears a black leather trenchcoat that reaches his ankles-- he also wears this open. He paints his fingernails black, but does not wear any make up to complete his look, as he is naturally pale. He wears suspenders made of chain that cross on his back underneath his vest. Overall-- he looks like a freak, acts like a freak and just is a freak.

History: At a young age he was very athletic, which explains why someone like himself has his build. It was when he was thirteen he began experimenting a little with paganism, and this lead to him developing special abilities. Strangely, one would most often like to have the ability to hear everyone's thoughts-- and Zedrick though the same once he had received them. It became a curse later on though, as he knew the things that people wouldn't tell him, he knew what is normally kept a secret. He just knew too much. This haunted him even further when he discovered he was having visions of the future. He predicted his father's death and when he tried to prevent it, his father died by his own hands instead of naturally. It was accidental-- and as so he was not trialed as an adult, but forced to a jail for minors until he was eighteen when he was moved up to an insane asylum. He escaped and moved to another country where he never looked back.

Other: Nada.


Zedrick walked the long path to the harbour, upon his ascent up a set of stairs he could see a woman playing a guitar and singing-- it didn't sound all that well to his ears, but hell, music was music and some people liked this type of crap.
He sat down and stared at the woman, who gazed at him lightly. He knew that she would be waiting here-- and he knew that more would be coming. He knew these things because of his powers.
Zedrick laid back and looked up at the sky, begining to wonder just what the hell was going to happen to him.

1st February 2004, 11:46 PM
Name: Stormy Skye

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Power: Future seeing, aka foresight mwahahah

Personality: At first glance she seems cold and withdrawn, but deep down inside she is a warm and caring person. Shes rather quiet and a bit antisocial from many years of being reguarded a 'freak' for her frighteningly accurate predictions. Tends to shy away from social contact, but if she learns to trust someone, shes their friend for life. Only speaks when she has something important to say, and is very intellegent.

Looks: Long, smooth black hair with streaks of electric blue, turbulent blue/gray eyes. 5'8", 129lbs. Wears a tight black shirt with a blue dragon design on the front, baggy black and silver pants, and black knee high boots. Wears a silver cross and a small crystal ball around her neck, and has silver earrings. Her face often wears an expression of quiet curiosity.

History: Found out about her powers when she saw her friend being hit by a car in a vision. Dismissed it at first, but was a bit shaken up by how real it seemed, until a day later it actually happened. As time went on, she would see more and more things, sometimes saying what would happen without thinking if someone was teasing her. People came to believe she was actually CAUSING the things to happen, and many people hated and were afriad of her. Found her way to the school for her own safety, and secretly wants to be able to control the things she sees, because the images are often disturbing.
Other: *packs Other in a box and sends it overseas*

~Stormy Skye~
A gift, a curse, is what you make of it...

*SKKKREEECHHHHH!!!!! BBBBSSSSHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!* A scream shatters the early morning air, and a body flies over the windshield of a car which blew through a red light going 60 mph. It is a girl, and as she lands her screams stop, the back of her head hitting the asphalt hard. The car seems to hesitate, then, like a frightened deer, it speeds away, leaving the girl to live her final moments on the cold street.....alone.....

I started out of my thoughts as I walked on the sidewalk towards the salty smell of the harbour. That was my first glimpse of a future event, the moment my best friend died. Though there were many others after this, and I would be shunned and feared for the things I knew, this was the one which stayed with me at all times.

This was the one that every night would haunt my dreams.

But I was going to get away. Finally, I would be going somewhere away from the teasings, the pressure, and the persecution. I was going someplace that would understand my abilities, that help me learn to control it. At Super Minds High school, run by Dr. Powers, I might even learn how to lead a normal life.
The slight swishing sound of the ocean and the gleam of the moonlight on the waves soon caught my senses as I neared the edge of the dock. It was near midnight, soon the ship would come for us and we would be on our way. There would be others, and though I didnt know how to make friends perhaps some of them would talk to me. I smiled slightly in amusement. Heh...we are in the same boat after all....
Suddenly I stopped short. A wave of dizzyness came over me, ------and I saw the edge of a ship, the blue water glistening below, with not a stretch of land in sight. Someone was close to the edge, and within moments I saw their body tumble through the air before splashing into the water below--------

Gasping, my eyes once again met the soft dark movements of the midnight water, and shaking off the effects of my vision, I stood beside the bench gazing at the moon, occasionally ofering the two people on the bench a passing glance. I wondered what they were going to this school for, and what the vision I had just now meant.

I hoped I would figure it out in time to stop it....
FIRST POST! Ok, the vision she had just now will happen the next day on the boat, so when we get to that point and anyone wants to make it happen go for it ^-~

2nd February 2004, 12:40 PM
I had been playing for a whole hour and so far only a boy and a girl had come,The boy was sort of gothic not my type but the girl looked ok for a mate and in a way the boy did to but it might just be that I haven't really had any real friends.(I'm bored)The boy looked around in suprise and I realised he was telepathic to (Hi)
He looked up again (I'm over here on the bench,I'm telepathic like you) [who are you?] (Elizabeth,I'm on the bench with my guitar and my dog) [How did you hear me?] (I told you we're both telepathic) [Wow,I thought i was the only 1] (well you're not,so are you coming to talk to me or hurt your brain?) He got up and walked over to the bench,I stood up and stuck my hand out "I'm Elizabeth" I said


( ) means the person writing thinks
[ ] means the other person is thinking~only put in if telepathic.

2nd February 2004, 06:19 PM
Zedrick Elex
Zedrick did not even speak, but instead when the seemingly nice girl put out her hand to greet him he spat at her feet and looked the other way. A part of him regretted doing this, but a larger part of him told him to do worse. He had grown very bitter for sympathy, as the way he figured things-- he didn't need it.

Then he spoke-- and everybody listened as he spoke with such a disgust that any person in the world hearing it would feel almost obliged to listen up.
"Frankly, ma'am, I'd rather hurt my brain."

Zedrick turned around and walked to the furthest point of the harbor, looking out over at the vast blue ocean before him. He breathed deeply and sighed, begining to think about things so quickly he would forget entirely of his thoughts by the next minute...

Omega Magnum
2nd February 2004, 06:55 PM
Name: Moonbeam Sunstar


Power: Fire starter, and Teleporting

Personality: Not a very outspoken person. Likes to stick close to his usual posse of fun-loving people. If someone gets hurt he won't hesitate to help them and even in some cases defend them from whatever is hurting them. He hates to study but loves to read. Scared to death to use his newly found powers.

History: Came from a broken family. His in a drunken rage one night started hurting his mom and Suddenly Moonbeam got so angry he started wishing his dad were dead. Suddenly he burst into flames.

Other: There is no other I lit him on fire.


I slowly walk down the peirs with a suitcase, my pet dog, and a Few disks with all my CPu's info from home, hoping to see other people there. I find the group of teens and slowly walk down it to a small group. I walk up to a girl with out anyone talking to her and say " Hi I'm Moonbeam. What's your name?"
P.S. I'm talking to Stormy Skye

Darkmaster Kagemusha
2nd February 2004, 08:12 PM
Sorry I'm late, and I'm sorry if it gets confusing, but I'm used to just using itallics for my char's thoughts. Is that okay? I also added some stuff to the sign-up--nothin' that'll really affect much, just a change in clothing and personallity. :P

Name: Gabriel Morgan
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Powers: Cryokinetic, Umbrakinetic
Personality: Rather detached, intelligent, but doesn't like to talk to people he doesn't like (or hate, in some cases). He's rather short-tempered, but still manages to remain calm when he's mad. He writes rather dark poetry which disturbed the officials at his old school. Despite his dark demeanor, he tries to be a gentleman to girls.
Looks: 6'3" tall, about 170 pounds, muscular. He's rather pale, and has short, spiky black hair with ice blue tips and startling bright ice blue eyes. He always wears black clothes, and usually his clothes have custom flowing designs that are embroidered with blue (He did it himself when he was bored) and lots of chains hanging from them.
History: He grew up being picked on by almost everyone. He had no real friends, and he felt that everyone hated him. Because of this, his personality developed into what it is now, and he became what they termed a 'goth'. He was kicked out of public school for two reasons--he was carrying a large knife, and he temporarily blinded someone. After that, he decided to continue his schooling elsewhere, because despite his seemingly cruel, dark nature, he's pretty intelligent.
Other: Carries a large, wicked looking knife. Knows how to sew and writes poetry (but he's heterosexual).

Gabriel Morgan
I walked along the pier, listening to the groan of the mildewing boards as they shifted beneath my weight. I kept my head down, watching my feet, but I knew that there were people already here. When I decided I had gone far enough, I stopped and set my duffelbag down and shifted my shoulders to adjust the high collars of my trenchcoat. I saw a girl about my age extend her hand and introduce herself as "Elizabeth" to a young man who looked older than me, but his outfit reminded me of myself. He wasn't like me at all other than that, though. This was quite obvious as he spat at her feet. Oh, how nice. What a gentleman. He thought sarcastically. Then he spoke in a tone so full of resentment, it made me wonder about his past as I listened.

"Frankly, ma'am, I'd rather hurt my brain."

Another kind statement from our resident gentleman. Gabe thought bitterly as the man walked to the end of the dock. Another young man--younger than Gabriel--walked up to the girl and extended his hand in friendship, introducing himself as "Moonbeam". Gabe glanced off to the side and caught a young woman with long black hair and electric blue streaks. I walked over to her.

"Hello miss. May I ask your name?"
__________________________________________________ __
__________________________________________________ __

OOC: I think everyone can figure out who a girl with long black hair with electric blue streaks in it is :P.

2nd February 2004, 08:15 PM
Name: Marcus Thompson
Gender: male
Power: Teleportation and fire starting
Personality: out going, funny, smart, a gentleman, and just a cool person to be around i guess
Looks:6 ft, brown hair, blue eyes, medium build, always wears his favorite benie, and a plain black shirt with slightly baggy jeans, and his white sneakers
History:Just looking for a place to have some fun, he needs to get out of his boring town and start a new fun life where hes not looked at funny for having special powers


As I made my way down the dark, foggy, pier I wondered to myself how this whole school for the gifted would actually turn out. I made my way down the pier and met up with the other kids waiting for the boat to arrive. The other kids looked normal but i guess since the got the same email i did that they had special powers as well. I didnt talk to any of the kids for i was just a little to cautious perhaps even afraid of what they would be like. I put down both suitcases and my back pack full of clothes and usless junk i didnt need but i brought it any way. The night drew on and more kids showed up. This, this could be what ive been looking forward to my whole life.

2nd February 2004, 08:36 PM
Name: Xan Remic

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Powers: Telepathic, Can Walk Through Walls

Personality: Loner, Very quiet, rarely speaks, very smart, writes and reads a lot, daydreamer, self conscious, kind, timid, pessimistic and can be very bitter at times, has been using his powers for some time and is comfortable with using them.

Looks: 5'8 with a medium build, not too muscular, just shaped. Has long black hair (shoulder length) with white streaks. Wears black jeans, a black shirt with the letters IKY imprinted in red on the front. He also wears a pair of leather gloves (the kind with the knuckle holes and no fingers). He has a peirced eyebrow and a tatoo along the side of his arm that says "Quid me nutrit me destruit " (What nourishes me also destroys me-in latin)

History: Since the day his brother was killed Xan has known that he has powers. When his brothers car collided with another he flew through both cars and landed on the pavment, and because he couldnt help his brother he was forced to watch him die. From that day on Xan has chosen to live life by himself, afraid to get attached to someone else who could just leave or die....

Other: Smokes, listens to rock and heavy metal, has a pet bull terrier called Tayla.


Xan was happy, something he hasnt been in so long. Happy he would be meeting with people that can teach him to develop his powers, happy that he would meet people like him. As he walked closer to the harbour he spoted a group of teenagers. Xans stomach game a rumble, he hated peers, they always judge him. As he arrived next to them he stood there and gestured a hello. He walked right away too shy to engage in conversation. He thought to himself (Maybe i should take a quick scan of their minds, see if they judged me yet). As he began to channel his power he stoped (NO. That would be an invasion of privacy.) he thought. He bent down next to Tayla and started to pet her. "Looks your going to be my only friend here"

2nd February 2004, 09:44 PM
~Stormy Skye~
Fear of a friendly nature...

“Hi Im Moonbeam. Whats your name?”
“Hello miss. May I ask your name?”
I looked back and forth between the 2 guys who had walked up to me, and wondered at how bold they were. One had black hair with blue tips and a haunted, calm face. The other had brown hair and a curious expression. Both were people I didnt know, but they seemed nice. So why was I so scared? Theyre only friendly because they dont know what you can do yet. A voice inside me said. Once they know the things you do theyll keep their distance, and fear you like all the rest. Theyll hate you for the things you see...
I wished right then I could melt into the shadows, but I soon saw that the boys were patient, still waiting for an answer. “Stormy...” I said in a quiet voice, barely above a whisper. “Stormy Skye.”
“Im Gabriel Morgan.” The black haired boy said, and he extended his hand toward me. Surprised, I took a step back----and felt myself lose my balance as I fell off the dock towards the churning black water below.
Is this it....is this my vision...? No, the vision I had was in the daytime, on a boat. This is something I didnt see.....
But if something didnt happen soon, it would soon become my visions prequel.
Oh no! Somebody better do something quick or shes taking the plunge lol This might give some people a chance to use their powers ^v~

2nd February 2004, 10:30 PM

Xan directed his gaze to the splash in the water, he quickly realized it to be one of the people he had waved at. In one swift action he took off his shirt threw it atop his dogs head and jumped in the water. The girl seemed to be going under, he dove quickly searching the calm depth for her. He found her and swam towards her, and threw himself around her and made his way to the top. He pulled her along the surface of the water while she weighed him down. He made his way to the peir and hoisted her atop and then pulled himself up afterwards.

She seemed to be gaining consciousness. 'Are you ok?' he asked.
'What happened' she asked distrought.
'You fell in'
'Um...thanks for helping me out'
'It was no problem' he said, as the others gathered around her, he walked away solemnly.

3rd February 2004, 02:22 AM

(I'm so alone,I thought here people would accept me,I guess I was wrong,Hope the boat gets here quick)

3rd February 2004, 04:08 PM
Name: Willow Sanders
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Power: Telepathic and walking through walls
Personality: She's a little paranoid because of all the voices she hears but she's really friendly. She used like it how she knows what other people think of her before they tell her but now it's getting annoying. She loves to have fun and is rather artistic.
Looks: She has brown hair and very dark blue eyes that seem to make people feel secure. She wears black jeans and any random shirt/t-shirt she can find. She is normally found either with a stetch book or wearing an apron with paint down it.
History: She had the skill of telepathy since she was little but didn't realise it. She would answer people before they asked the question. Knowing what people were about to say got her into a lot of trouble. She only discovered that she could go through walls when she wasn't expecting it. She was leaning against a wall and she just fell through. She came to the school to get away from people who think too much. She wants to learn how to get rid of everybody's thoughts and to be able to concentrait on just one.
Other: *beats other with a stick*

I walked slowly along toward the peir. I looked up at a group of people. I watched them laughing and joking with eachother.
"Look at her... What the hell does she think she's staring at?"
"Stupid loner... She should get out the way...
I glared at them. One of them went to shove me. I closed my eyes and walked straight through her. I smiled to myself.
"Freak!" She yelled, clutching her sholder. "Go to the circus where you came from!"
"No thanks... Why don't you?" I directed my thought toward her.
She tried to hide her fear but i could hear exactly what she was thinking. I laughed and continued toward the peir where many other people my age were gathering.

gtg... post more later...

Omega Magnum
3rd February 2004, 05:40 PM
As I watch all of the comotion unfolding I look over my shoulder and see a girl walking down the peir with a bunch of kids behinnd her yelling things at her like freak and Junk like that. I decide to teleport over to them and tell 'em off. Woosh I feel the rush of speed that i love so much, the colors all around me, Suddenly there I am right in front of the group. They all look at me Horror-struck and start yelling things and throwing stuff at me I turn to a trash can sitting behind them and think about it lighting on fire and Boom it goes up in an explosion. The teens start screaming and running away. I teleport over to the girl walking up the plank and say "Hey whats up? I saw them making fun of you and I know how it feels so I thought I'd see what they make of me. What do ya think... did I scare them enough?"
(of course I'm talking to Willow Sanders. I wonder when the boats going to arrive.)

Darkmaster Kagemusha
3rd February 2004, 06:36 PM
Gabriel Morgan
I sighed. Obviously, many of the people going to this school had been shunned by their peers, and they had either accepted it or avoided contact with them by choice. I walked over to one of the benches lining the pier and sat next to Elizabeth. Quite a few of these people seem to have some kind of telekinetic or telepathic abilities. Wonder what this girl's power is. I thought as I turned to her. "Hi."

3rd February 2004, 07:00 PM
Xan Remic
Xan ran his hand threw his wethair; he bent down took the shirt from his dog and put it on. He smiled at his dog and said “Have you been slobbering over this?!”
Xan rummaged through his bag back and emerged with a CD-Player, he placed the headphones on his ears and blazed “A Perfect Circle” to full volume. As he was about to sit down he heard the roar of engines. Xan turned around quickly to see a magnificent boat shining with the suns rays, with “Super minds High” imprinted on the side. He stared in shock at the enormous boat waiting to see who will appear from inside.
“What the….”
(OOC: Is anyone else going to participate in this? =P)

Omega Magnum
3rd February 2004, 07:15 PM
I look back up the peir still chatting with Willow " The boats here we better hurry back!" I say as i take off running down the Peir to get my stuff. " Well are you coming Willow?" I yell down to her as I'm rushing to get off this evil place I called home.

3rd February 2004, 09:09 PM

As all the drama unfolds around me i close my eyes and zone out all the comotion as i do when the kids at school and in the nieghborhood did. I thought between the kids picking on the girl and boy and the girl falling into the water, this may not be such a good idea. I was debating whether or not to leave as the ship pulls into the dock. I quickly grab my bag and suitcases and as soon as i do the bag rips and all of its contents spews out onto the dock and into the river. This is a horrible start to what could be a horrible year. I bend down to pick up my belongs and another hand appears and hands me my shirt. "Hi, thanks." I continued to gather the stuff up and i quickly relize i didnt introduce myself. "Sorry, hello my name is Marcus Tompson. What is yours?" "Elizabeth, its nice to meet you." I looked at her and smiled and quickly went back to picking up my things, shoving them under my arms and quickly walked to the boat along with the others. How well will this turn out? Ill just have to stick it out i guess.

4th February 2004, 02:29 AM
(finally the boats here)I picked up all my stuff and followed marcus who ran off in a hurry (sorta rude) When I was waiting to board a strange man came out and said "you will be given specific rooms that I will call out when I say the list,Elizabeth collins,room 5"I walked over to the man and grabbed the key then went onto the boat,as I was walking away I got a chill down my spine (I hope he's not looking at my butt!)

4th February 2004, 10:43 AM
"Yeah, i'm coming... Wait for me!" I yelled as i ran after the guy who still hadn't told me his name.
He grabbed his stuff and we ran back toward the boat. By the time we got there the line to get on it was huge. I winced as i heard everybody's thoughts swarming my mind.
"We'll never get a room at this rate..." He said, standing on tip toes to see over the crowd.
"What's your name?"
"Moonbeam Sunstar, why?"
"You didn't tell me."
"Oh... Sorry..."
"Wanna skip this que?"
"Sure... I could teleport us-"
"Too obvious... Ever wondered what it feels like to be a ghost?" I asked.
"Not really... Why?"
"You're about to."
I grabbed his wrist and pulled him. We went straight through them, each of them jumped slightly as we passed through. We came back to a "solid" state when we were nearly at the front of the line.
"Neat trick."
"No one ever notices."

4th February 2004, 10:57 AM
He was shocked by the magnificence of the boat. (It cant be that big, how many people are going to this school anyways.) he thought. He was second inline to board the boat he just wanted to get away from all this comotion and get some silence in his room. As the girl infront of him was handed a key and walked off, he started to approach the man that seemed to be handing out rooms. As he was about to step forward he felts a rushing sensation through him and 2 people appeared infront of him. (Hey thats not fair) he thought, he was about to say the exact words, but he stoped in his tracks, can wasnt really one to care about these matters. As they walked off with their keys, he approached the man and put out his hand expecting a key.
"A little eager are we" he smirked. Xan just gave a sarcastic smile and walked off toward his room "5"A". When he was sure he was too far from that man to seem him, he channeled two words into his head (f**k you)

4th February 2004, 01:48 PM
We went along the corridors trying to find our rooms. I was trying to keep conversation with Moonbeam but peoples' thoughts were getting louder and louder.
"This boat is huge!"
"Where's my room?"
"I'm hungry..."
"She looks good..."
"**** you..."
"She's so stupid."
"I like pie."
I rubbed my head. They wouldn't stop thinking! Stupid thinking people! Argh!
"Are you okay, Willow?" Asked Moonbeam, stopping me. "She doesn't look too good. I hope we get to her room soon..."
I stopped myself hearing the rest, "I'm... Okay... I... I'll tell you later... But I need to get to my room first..."
He nodded, "That's your room there." He said, pointing at the door.
"Thanks..." I walked straight through it. I dumped my bag on my bed, realised how rude i was and stuck my head through the door. "Moonbeam!" I called, "See you in the canteen in half and hour, right?"

4th February 2004, 03:13 PM
I was unpacking my bags then the door opened and Xan walked in (no not that 8astard,I hate him) "I heard that" he said sarcastically I turned away and continued to unpack.When I was finished I grabbed my camera "I'm going out"I told Xan (a$$h0le) He sneared at me and I walked out. :mad:

4th February 2004, 03:29 PM
"I heard that too you b****" he shouted through the open door. (Wrong room i guess) he thought, (but why did she have to be so mean, i guess its time for me to retaliate ive had enough of being pushed over). He rummaged through the room quickly picking up all of that girls clothing, he then walked outside of the cabins door and threw the clothes in the open see.(That outta teach her) he smiled he returned to her room picked up his bag in one hand and pulled his dog up under his other arm. He walked through countless walls ignoring the amount of shocked faces in every room. He finally reached 5"A, Xan dropped his bag on the bed and took out a ciggarette and lit it, he stared out of the cabin window into the ocean and thought (lets have a little fun shall we). He channeled his thoughts to that girl who was so rude ( I suggest you check you room). He chuckled, flicked his cigarette out of the window, and lied down on the bed. Xan looked at Tayla smiled and said "This sure looks like its gonna be fun"

4th February 2004, 03:49 PM
I lay on my bed staring at the ceiling. Too many thoughts...
Some random person walked through one wall and out through the other. It was the guy i got infront of in the que. I jumped up and decided to follow, just because i could.
He lay on his bed, i decided to hide in the wall.
"This sure looks like it's gonna be fun..."
I continued through the wall and stood there. "I never knew someone who could do that too."
He looked up. "F**k off."
I glared at him and left back to my own room.
I led on my bed again. The thoughts of others came flooding back.
"Shut up..."

4th February 2004, 04:00 PM

Xan felt a bit guilty about what he did, she didnt deserve that. He walked off through the wall and went through many rooms untill he found hers, she was lieing the bed, face down with her hands clasped around her ears.
"Look im sorry, its just...."
(Dont tell her) he thought ( She wouldnt understand how its like to have constant voices in your head)
"but i do!" she blurted.
"oh..." he looked at her reaproachfully and started to admire his shoe laces "then we're more alike then i thought". He smiled and she smiled back.
"You can walk through walls too" she excalimed
"You walked through mine and i decided to follow you"
He laughed, "Its a great power isnt it, never get to use it though, too many restrictions in the "real world""
She giggeled.
"Look im sorry about before its just theres this girl that was such a wh**e to me before, i guess i was just taking my rage out on you"
He pulled his hand out of his pockets and put it forward, half expecting a handshake.
"Forgive me will you?"

4th February 2004, 04:45 PM
I'm a tad confused as to where we are...

Zedrick Elex

Zedrick walked calmly to his cabin to begin the long boat ride to the school he had been invited to attend. He was staying on the fifth floor, he thought, and took a residence in room 5'C. He threw what little crap he had brought onto the floor and laid back on his bed-- wondering if he would have to share a cabin with anyone.

Someone sharing a cabin would be nice, any takers?

EDIT: Thanks, fixed.

4th February 2004, 04:52 PM
OOC: We're not there yet, we're talking abour Cabins, on the ship that is ^^:

Omega Magnum
4th February 2004, 06:22 PM
I slowly walk down the hallway from Willow's room down to mine which is right down the hall. I get in my room and find various people walking down the halls outside my room. I go inside and unpack. half hour later i c go to Cantine and find willow

4th February 2004, 10:11 PM

As i wait in the line for what seemed like an eternity, i finaly reached the mysterious man handing out room keys. He handed me mine and told me to go to room 4 A. "Do i get a map?" i asked sarcasticly as he gave me a stern look. Ok nevermind i thought to myself and headed off into the enormus ship. I meandered up and down the halls looking for my room when i saw Elizabeth walking quite fast with sortof dont f**k with me right now kinda looks. I politely stepped to the side of her and appologozed for the rudeness on my part when she helped me. "It was kindof rude", she said "but i guess its ok." "Let me make it up to you and buy you a coke or something if i ever find my way around this godforsaken boat." She kinda gave me one of those bashful looks as she blushed and nodded and walked off. Well that was interesting i thought to my self. I walked for what seemed like another hour when i finally came to room 4 A. I opened the door, threw my belongings on the floor and laid down on the bed. This day has begun to get a little better.

5th February 2004, 02:44 PM
I sat there looking at his hand. "Will she forgive me? I-"
I stopped staring and shook it. I smiled and glanced at the clock on the wall.
"Ah! I'm meant to be in the canteen right now meeting Moonbeam. You wanna come?"
He thought about it for a while, i laughed cos i knew exactly what he was thinking.
"Okay..." He smiled, "Through the walls or the normall way?"
"Walls. I love freaking people out."
We walked through, still talking and getting weird looks from people on the way.
We sat down at a table in the canteen. I saw Moonbeam and waved at him, signaling for him to join us.

5th February 2004, 03:17 PM
I was busy taking photos of dolphins when a saw a top like the one I had packed I looked around and saw loads of other clothes like mine (what the......) I ran down to the spot facing most of my clothesand focused really hard,All of a sudden the clothes started to float then land on a pile on the side of the boat,I ran up to the clothes and felt them,they were soaked I picked the clothes up and ran to my room,I chucked my clothes on the radiator to dry and picked up Mimi "we need to visit someone"I said to her and went outside,I went to room 5a and knocked on the door, no-one awnsered so I gave up and went to get a diet coke in the cafeteria with my camera and Mimi/my dog.

Omega Magnum
5th February 2004, 04:00 PM
I get up from the table i was sitting at and Walk over to Willow and Her friend. " Hi I'm Moonbeam... and you are?"
He doesn't answer me for a few minutes and finally I start talking to Willow. " Hey Willow Whats up?"
" Oh Nothing just hangin out and talking with Xan about the trip. Whats up with you?"
Nothing I was just wondering where and When this trip is gonna end. Kinda freaky not knowing exactly how long we are gonna be on this boat ya know what I mean?"

" Yeah i get what you're saying." She replies.
" Hey I'm gonna go get a Soda you want one? How about you Xan?"

5th February 2004, 06:44 PM
Xan looked at Moonbeam with disgust, like he does to all the new people he meets. He was about to shout in his face that he was very capable of getting his own soda, but he looked at Willow. [Dont do it, hes nice]. Xan smiled and said, "Sure why not". As Moonbeam returned to them with sodas in hand, Xan was concentrating really hard with his eyes closed. Willow seemed to know what he was doing, but Moonbeam looked confused so he asked.
"I was finding an answer to your question, we should arrive at the island in 2 days time, according to the guy who handed out the keys"
Willow merley smiled and nodded while Moonbeam still seemed a bit confused about how Xan knew what he had been thinking or how he had found the answers.

5th February 2004, 07:02 PM
~Name: Erin Takenara
~Age: 15 (is advanced for her age, if ok, otherwise I'll change it)
~Gender: Female
~Power: Telepathy, Cryokinesis
~Personality: She's smarter than your average fashion-obsessed teenage girl. She's almost what some people would call metrosexual ("acts like a guy" or whatever), and finds makeup and shopping and simillar things a waste of time. She's apathetic towards her peers, and prefers to work by herself. She has a broad vocabulary, and aspires to be an author. She's a major bookworm, and always carries a book around with her.
~Looks: She has short light brown hair and grey-green eyes, and her skin is pale due to lack of exposure to sunlight. She has a broad, high-cheekboned face and doesn't have zits at all, which is surprising for her age. She often seems to be staring off into space, which is usually true. She prefers to wear plain black or deep purple clothes, but usually just throws on whatever's around. She literally gets dressed in the dark.
~History: Her life has been pretty boring up till now. She abhores her parents and peers, and feels that this new school is a chance to start over... Though it's not like she wants to make friends, she just doesn't want her life to be hell anymore.
~Other: *freezes other*

I gotta post later; parent-teacher conferences -_-

Omega Magnum
5th February 2004, 07:49 PM
" Hey I'm gonna go Mingle with the Kids onboard. You guys wanna come with?"

" No thanks." They say in unison.

" Ok Talk to ya later then." I slowly walk off to get another soda since i just finished mine and over by the Machines I see a girl with a dog and a Camera. " Hey I'm Moonbeam," I say to her with a huge smile on my face." And you are?"

5th February 2004, 08:21 PM

I woke up with a horrible urge to go to the bathroom. I got up and used the restroom, then i headed down the dining area to see who all was down there and to get something to drink. I mosied down there, taking my time, and to my suprise there were more people down there than i had expected. I took a seat at a table and the servant came over and asked would i would like. I ordered a water and a ham sandwich. I picked up a paper that had info about the school and skimmed through it until the waiter came back to the table with my food and drink. I muched down the sandwich and watched Xan and Moonbeam as well as the other kid i wasnt familiar with. I wasnt looking to make friends but i guess i would need to if i was goin to enjoy this year as much as possible. I decided to walk out to the deck where i saw a few more of the students looking over the edge. I walked to the balcony and looked over and saw a school of dolphins. Among the dolphins were....clothes? What in the world are clothes doing in the sea, then i saw Elizabeth over the edge down the boat towards the rear holding a pile of soping wet clothes. She ran inside probably to yell at someone and i just chuckled to my self......this is going to be and interesting year.

5th February 2004, 08:56 PM
~Stormy Skye~
When my ship comes in...

The first thing I did after boarding the ship and getting the key to my room, was change my clothes.
I was still sopping wet from my less-than-graceful tumble into the sea, and after recovering from near drowning in the turbulent water, I had just enough time to get to my feet before the ship arrived. If I was in that water any longer I ran the risk of getting run over by the ship. Not exactly the best first impression...

Finally I was warm and dry again. I sighed with comfort as I wringed my hair out on deck, looking out at the expanse of water. Dolphins were jumping, and it looked like a perfect peaceful scene, except for the girl I had seen before on the docks. She was carrying a pile of wet clothes and belongings and looked about to kill someone. I hope shes not the one that tosses someone overboard... I thought to myself, but decided not to say anything. I was with a new group of people and I didnt want to make THEM think I was a freak too...theyd probably just think I was paranoid....

Suddenly I remembered my tumble into the water. The guy....I never got to thank him, I dont even know his name... Seeing the angry girl walk below decks I decided to follow her. She probably knew where everyone was, and it was my best chance of finding the one who saved me.

Stopping at the edge of the doorway, I peered in, and saw everyone that had been at the docks laughing, joking and having an all around good time. Usually I would shy away from such social events but I had made up my mind, and I was determined to try and make a friend. Walking up to the guy, I took a deep breath and said,
“Hi, Im Stormy......thank you for saving me back there...”
Shes talking to Xan of course lol

5th February 2004, 09:15 PM
Xan rubbed the back of his head and blushed slightly.
"It was nothing...never saved anyone before, it was an honur" he said smiling.
Xan offered her a chair and she took it, he introduced Willow to Stormy and the girl starting small talking. Stormy then handed Xan a paper towel, he looked confused. She smiled and said "Your going to need it". He was still confused, as he was reaching for his soda, he accidently spilled it all over his pants.
"Told you you were going to need it"
Both girl started giggling. Xan whiped his pants and sat down, looking expectantly at Stormy, "Foresight, eh?"
"Yeah, you?"
"Me and willow here have telepathic powers"
"Dont forget walking through walls" piped Willow.
"Yeah that too" said xan repressing a laugh when remembering their way into the cantine when they passed through a room while someone was changing.
Stormy feeling a bit left out decided to change the subject.
"So is there anything to do on this ship"
"I dunno", they both said in unision.
"Lets find out" exclaimed Xan, and all three of them walked out of the cantine onto the massive deck.

5th February 2004, 09:52 PM
Zedrick Elex

He was bored out of his mind without a thing in the world to do. He probably should have been visiting the others, but hell, that would probably be worse than what he had to put up with now. Silence. There were no thoughts racing in his mind and it pounded at his head like a jackhammer-- this was very abnormal.

He stood up and exited his room screaming in agony and clutching his head-- not expecting anyone to come to his calls.

6th February 2004, 12:30 PM
"Sunset? I've gotta get my sketch pad! Right now. And paint. Yeah... I'll be back soon..." I said before running back inside.
I returned with an A3 pad and a set of paints.
"Like painting?" Xan asked.
"You could say that..." I replied.
"Can i see what you've done?" Asked Stormy.
"Sure." I said, handing her my sketch pad while i set up my paints.
Xan peered over her sholder. A random A4 sketch fell out. Xan went to pick it up but i got there quicker and snatched it before either of them could see.
"Sorry... It's just... A little private... I didn't think it was in there..." I said to Xan.
"Can i have a piece of paper from there? I wanna start now before the sun goes down." I asked Stormy.
She tore out a piece, handed it to me and continued flicking through.
I sketched, re-sketched and painted. I painted the dolphins, the sea and the deep reds of the sky. I painted everything i saw.
"Woah... How'd you learn to paint like that?" Asked Xan.
"While others were out shopping, fussing over there appearance and gossiping i was drawing. It's all i ever did."
I picked up the picture that i had before. I stared at it. Me and him. I sighed.
Stormy took it from me. "Who is this? You and... who else in this picture, it's good."
"It's no one..."
I ignored them and got back to painting.
"He's more than that."
"Maybe he is..." I looked up at him.
"What happened?"
"I just finished drawing my half of the picture and there was this fight and he went to sort it out and... he was like us... But he could move stuff with his mind. Some specail police people found him and took him away... I've never seen him since."
Xan's next thoughts were drowned out by all the other peoples' on the deck.
Stormy gave us a weird look. It must of looked like we were actually talking out loud. Heh.
"What?" Xan and i said together.

6th February 2004, 01:58 PM

I was in the cabin that I shared with nobody. This didn't bother me at all; I'd likely be stuck with some obnoxious prep as a roommate, knowing my luck.

After awhile, I got to a point in my book where I could stop. I figured I may as well go and take a look at the people whom I would be forced to be in contact with, so I left my cabin and went to the deck of the ship. I simply leaned against the rail, looking out to hte ocean. Kind of boring, but it gave me time to think.

6th February 2004, 10:42 PM

I returned to my room for the deck of the boat, not bothering to use the door i juss teleported my way back. I was kinda bumed, all the other people seemed to be making friends and i was just another kid on the boat. I tried not to let it get to me so i laid down on my bed and put on my cd player. I slightly dozed off befor i woke up again and decided to go exploring. I went through the door, down the hall way and outside to the deck of the boat where i saw xan and two other people with him. I started walking towards the rear of the boat to see what kinda of things where back there. I turned the corner and was disappointed at the lack of explorablity of this massive ship, theres not one interesting thing around here. I teleported my self back to the canteen with a few of the other kids. I ordered a coke and just sat there, hoping this school we were going to was more exciting and interesting than this dumb old boat.

7th February 2004, 08:50 AM
It was night by the time willow had finished her drawing. Xan was staring at the remains of the sun transfixed, chaneling all of those people's thoughts.
"I was wondering" He said to the Willow and Stormy.
"Do you guys think theres like anything fun to do here? Pool? Arcades? Anything?"
"Dunno" said Stromy, while Willow merley shrugged. Xan turned changed his gaze, from staring at the sky, to watching the deck.
"There are some decks below, lets check 'em out" he said.
"mmhmm" they both nodded and got up.
They made their way to the stairs and down they went. They stopped at the bottom floor. Infront of them stood a large door with the words "Recreation Room" printed on it. All three of them smiled widley and pushed open the door.
He stood there with his mouth open, almost drooling, the others where almost in the same shock. There stood before them about 12 arcade machines, a pool table, a jacuzzi and an entertainment system complete with a large collection of DVD's. Getting over his shock, Xan made his way to the stereo and popped in a "K's Choice" CD. He didnt bother to ask, Willow had already read his thoughts.
"I Want to play pool" she said smiling. Stormy looked slightly confused, but agreed to play a game with them. Xan set up the table, and the began to play.
"So you think anyone else knows about this room? and if they dont, do you think we should tell them...?" said Xan smirking slightly.

7th February 2004, 12:44 PM
"No one must know! Unless they are about to die of boredem. Which i can understand... 2 more days on a boat can't be good..." I said.
"Seems fair..." Said Stormy.
We continued playing until we got bored of pool. I scanned the room for an arcade game to play. Time Crisis 3, racing, Tekken Tag and... Hold on... Tekken Tag!
I ran over to the machine, pulled out a quater from my pocket and shoved it in the machine. I pressed the start button. Nothing happened. I pressed it again. Still nothing.
"It stole my quater!" I said, putting my hand into it to push it down. Still nothing. I kicked it. My quater fell out and the machine gave me a free go.
I laughed at all the peoples' thoughts of how bored they were and decided to make sure they knew how much fun i was having.

7th February 2004, 03:12 PM
I was really upset I had lost half my clothes and I missed most chances of getting pictures of dolphins so I decided to go get a drink.I walked up to the counter and ordered a diet coke,the woman gave me a bottle and I walked off,I saw marcus sitting alone so I decided to go talk to him,"Hey how are you"I asked,He looked up and said "fine"I sat down on the chair and asked him "what are your hobbies?"

7th February 2004, 08:31 PM

I was sitting at the bar when i saw Elizabeth come in still looking quite angry she lost her wardrobe over the edge of the boat. She ordered her a drink and then turned and faced me. Uh oh i thought to my self, i hope i dont make my self look like a fool. Hey she said how are you? I told her i was fine and then the awkward silence kicked in. "What are your hobbies?" she asked. "A little bit of everything, sports, reading, listening to music the usual you know." "How about you?" Before i let her answer i asked her if she was ok about the whole clothes over board insident. "Not really, im very mad at Xan." I kinda smiled a little bit but quick quit after she stared me down. "Sorry", i said "you need any clothes to get you through the next few days before you can clean some of you clothes?" "Uh i dont care," she blandly replied. I told her it was the least i could do for her helping me out on the dock earlier. I waited for her answer as we sat there drinking our drinks.

8th February 2004, 06:51 AM
"That would be nice"I replied he sorta smiled and I finished my coke
"do you wanna get out of here and explore?"I asked
"sounds cool"he replied,we got up and walked onto the dock and sat on the bench
"so what are your hobbies"Marcus asked
"Photography,reding,listening to music,guitar and yoga"I replied,All of a sudden Mimi started barking "oh yeah and I love beagles"i continued,
"have you got any pets?"

8th February 2004, 01:52 PM

She took my offer on me lending her some clothes. "You want to go explore?" Sure i said as i grabbed my drink and we headed out the door. "Do you have any pets?'' I did i said but i left her back with my bestfriend, i figured she didnt need to go through all the torment of this stupid boat ride. She looked at me funny and we just kept walking. Her dog was still barking as we wandered around the boat. "Thats a cute dog", i said. Even though its little yaps where starting to get on my nerves. So do you know if there is any thing to do on this boat? i asked. "I have no idea thats why we are exploring." Oh ya duh, i felt kinda dumb but oh well she didnt seem to mind the stupid question. I let her lead our expadition as i followed along. We walked and talked for hours visiting the many unknown regions of the boat. I think i finaly made a friend. Once again this year looked promising.
Sorry for the lack of length im kinda short on time ill post a longer one later.
OOC- i think marcus has a thing for elizabeth :D

Omega Magnum
8th February 2004, 10:18 PM
I finally walk outside and sit on the railing for a minute... when suddenly the boat rocks and I ... Being the clutz that i am... I fall off the side of the rail. About 1sec. berfore i hit the water... Poof there i go concentrating on the boat i end up next to a girl leaning on the rail looking at the Ocean. While I'm breathing really heavily, I look over at her and say " Hi."

" You're breathing really heavily are you O.K.?"

" Oh yeah I'm fine... I almost fell off the boat but yeah I'm fine. Oh I'm Moonbeam."

" OMG, Are you serious?" Says the girl." OH I'm sorry i haven't introduced myself I'm Erin."

" Hi Erin. I was just in the Cantine and i bought an extra soda do you want it?"

P.S. Hey people check out my new RPG called Generation V: Mutant Havoc.

9th February 2004, 02:33 AM
"It's getting let I'm gonna go to bed"I said to marcus,He nodded "I'm in room 5,meet me in the morning if i'm not there I'll be on the dock somewhere" I said "ok"he replied I walked off to my room leaving Marcus behind.When I arrived at my room I had completely forgotten about my wet clothes so I went straight to bed.

9th February 2004, 12:26 PM
After what must of been two hours of playing DDR with Stormy and Xan some weird guy came in.
"Come on, out." he yelled as we finished the last combo.
"Aww... Don't you want us to spend all our hard earned quaters on your arcade for the rest of the night?" I asked, jumping off the DDR machine.
"No, now get the hell out of here!"
"Fine then..." I said, walking through him.
"I'll see you guys tomorrow, right?" Asked Stormy as we went up the stairs.
"Sure. See ya." Xan and I said together.
She looked at us weirdly again, took no notice and went off to her room.
"Wonder what the school's gonna be like..." I thought.
"Dunno... Better be better than what everyone on this boat is thinking..."
Weird silence. I hate those. There were no random thoughts at all. Other than my own, that is...

19th February 2004, 09:48 AM
Xan waved good night to stormy and he and Willow made there way to their quarters. They were at her door, another akward silence.
"Um...night then" Said xan unsure of what else to say.
"Do you wanna come in? im not sleepy at all" She replied.
Xan was suprised by her suggestion but he went inside her room and took a seat on the bed.
They talked on and on untill the sun had risen. By the time they had gotten up to go for breakfast, they both knew more about each other than anyone on this ship knew about them.
Xan rubbed the sleep out of his eyes and made his way to a table in the canteen, Willow following behind him lazily. They both sat down and started laughing. The dreams some of the people had on this boat were extremley funny.
He got up and got a sandwhich for himself and unsure of what Willow liked he beckoned her over to the buffet.
"Food looks good."

19th February 2004, 10:50 AM
"Yeah, the food looks great. But the thing i need right now is coffee..." I said sleepily, walking over to the coffee machine. "Cafine is good..."
"You want anything?" Asked Xan.
I went over with a nice full mug of coffee, "Maybe..." I replied, picking up a random sandwhich.
"Cheese and pickle?" He asked, laughing.
I remembered a random dream we saw last night with some poor bloke being forced to eat cheese and pickle sandwhiches.
"Okay... Maybe not..." I said, putting it back while laughing. I took some toast instead and we went and sat back down.
"So... What are we gonna do today? Except listening to other people's thoughts, that is." He asked.
"We could go down to that arcade again... Although... I think i spent all the quaters i had in there yesterday... And by the sounds of things, people have found it..."
"What shall we do?"
"We could wait for Stormy..."

24th February 2004, 03:47 AM
EEK! Eh, damn, gomen,....Ill make a post tomorrow since its almost 4AM now ^-^() sorry to keep everyone waiting ^-^()

24th February 2004, 10:20 PM
~Stormy Skye~
Having dreams as sweet as seawater...

My dreams were fragmented this night....
The waves tossed outside the walls of my room, and the rise and fall of the ship gave me a sense of security as it lulled me to sleep.
A false sense...
The dream, the vision, it still came to haunt me, even on this night. Why was I cursed to keep seeing this one occurance? Wasnt it bad enough that I saw the future without having to keep seeing the past every time I closed my eyes?
So waking up the next morning I was not in the best of moods. The day before had been fun, I actually made some friends and we played in the game room until they kicked us out, but today I was wary of social contact. I was not in the mood to fake cheerfulness, and I knew no amount of explaining would make them understand why I was upset. No one ever understood....
"Hey Stormy!" Glancing behind me at one of the breakfast tables I saw Willow and Xan, both looking like they hadnt slept yet. Nodding politely at them I grabbed a bagel, some cream cheese, and a bottle of apple juice and went to sit at a table by myself to brood. Within a few minutes they came over and sat with me. "Dont say a word," Xan said, and looking up I saw a look of understanding in his eyes. Looking over at Willow I saw the same thing, no pity, just quiet understanding. It must be their powers, they know and they understand completely. I smiled softly at my new friends.
"Are are you two today?"

25th February 2004, 03:45 AM
i'd just like to tell all those that don't know that my arm is in plaster and i'm using 1 hand badly... lol...
Poor Stormy... there was no use in me pittying her... she didn't want that. i could understand that... nobody here wanted to be pittied, they were mostly just happy to be around people who understand what they're going through... Some more than others...
"How are you two today?" asked Stormy as she smiled at us.
"I got no sleep last night..." said Xan.
"Why's that? were you sea sick?" she asked.
"no... it's because he was in my room talking to me all night" i said, laughing slightly.
"I-" began Xan.
"We're not going to have a conversation in our heads. It's rude." i thought simply.
"So what are we going to do today?" asked Stormy before taking a bite out of her bagel.
"that's what we've been trying to decide..." i said.
"couldn't think of anything." Xan finished.

28th February 2004, 12:12 PM
I woke up and put this on (http://www.darksideclothing.com/assets/images/Jemma_flaredcotton_witch.jpg) then I picked up Mimi and my bag and I went to the cafeteria.When I arrived I saw stormy,willow and Xan talking but I ignored them and got a muffin and a latte.I sat down at a table and started researching (I can't wait to get there,when we arrive it'll be the 23rd of december and I love christmas)I loaded up google and searched for 'communicating with the dead'

28th February 2004, 12:48 PM

"How about we go swimming?"
They both nodded and we made our way to the swimming pool on deck. They went to the girls changing room and i went to the boys. I had been waiting outside the girls changing room for about an hours by the time they came out.
"Ready?" i said
"Yeah lets go" replied Willow.
We found some chairs around the pool and sat down.
"Ok whos first in?" i asked eyeing them slyly.
"Not me" they said simoultanously.
"I DONT CARE" i shouted. but willow knew that i was going to grab one of them and jump in. So she jumped back. Instead i grabed stormy and jumped into the pool with a big splash.
"Come on" i shouted back at willow..

28th February 2004, 01:15 PM
I couldn't fing anything on the internet and marcus hadn't come so I decided to go swimming I went back to my room and put down my bag and mimi then I left with my costume and towle.
When i got there I heard laughing coming from the pool so I got changed into this (http://www.striffler.com/images/angela_pool.jpg) and went to the pool.I saw stormy,xan and willow swimming around (not them again) I waited un til they wern't looking and ran round to the jacuzzi.

28th February 2004, 02:25 PM
I laughed as Xan pulled Stormy into the pool with him.
"Come on!" Shouted Xan when he surfaced.
I jumped in quickly, making sure i splashed both of them.
We swam around for a while. It was nice and cold in the pool and warm out of it. Perfect. One thing ruined it. People were thinking constantly about idiotic stuff.
I went underwater for a while and realised that that wasn't gonna stop them thinking.
"Wonder if he wants some soda..."
"What's the time?"
"She's stupid..."
"Not them again..."
The last person had been thinking about us. I surfaced again, looking around for the person who had thought it.
"What's wrong?" asked Xan, swimming over.
"Someone is fed up with us already... We've done nothing..." I said, slightly dazed.
Xan shugged and swam away. I just floated there, on my back, trying to find her.
"Gotta get there so they don't see..."
I quickly got out of the pool and sat on the edge, kicking the water. The great thing about my power is being able to see through the person's eyes as well as seeing their dreams and hearing their thoughts. I closed my eyes and got inside her head and was careful not to think anything that could cause her to do something that i wanted her to.
She checked the coast was clear and ran to the jacuzzi. I got out her mind and got back in the pool. I walked straight toward the other wall.
"Willow, where are you going?" Asked Stormy.
"To settle something..." I said, walking through the swimming pool wall toward the jacuzzi.
"What's wrong with you?" I asked when i got there.
"What?" I knew her. She was that Elizabeth person.
"You haven't given me or Xan or Stormy a chance and you judge us! You didn't even get to know us and you avoid us! Stupid judgemental people..." I said before heading back to the pool.

28th February 2004, 04:19 PM
Willow walked away and I realised she was telepathic.(Listen willow I'm sorry It's just that xan has nearly ruined my life and I've only just arrived,I know you won't bewlieve me but its true he judged me straight away when I was being friendly and he chucked all my clothes in the sea not to mention my family portrait which is ruined) I stopped thinking got out and took a shower singing 'The worlds greatest' by R.kelly.

Darkmaster Kagemusha
28th February 2004, 04:36 PM
Gabriel Morgan
I sighed and stretched. All had done since I got on this boat was sleep. I decided to go to the hot tub and changed into my swim trunks, grabbed a towel, and went to the jacuzzi. When I got there, I saw Elizabeth already lounging in the warm waters. "Mind if I join you?"
__________________________________________________ __
__________________________________________________ __

I know, really short and stupid, but I think it can get me back in here a bit.

28th February 2004, 04:42 PM
Gabrielle came and joined me after I had sent my brainwaves to willow,we talked a while and made jokes "I'm gonna change see you in the cafe in 10",I walked off and took a shower singing 'The worlds greatest' by R.kelly.

Omega Magnum
6th March 2004, 09:46 PM
I get off the railing and head to my room to go to sleep, I walk down the hall and fall onto my bed basically already asleep. I wake the next morning at around six o'clock and get up and hop in the shower. I hop out of the shower and go to the cafeteria. I grab a coffee and head to watch the sunrise. I slowly sip my coffee and walk to the Cafeteria again. I throw my cup away. I walk back to my room to get into my swim trunks. After I changed I head to the pool to go for a brief swim. As I head down there I notice Elle in the pool. " Mind if I join you?"

7th March 2004, 09:07 AM
She doesn't know the meaning of ruining lives... Only those who have ruined someone's life truely knows... I thought to myself, blocking my thoughts from other telepaths.
"That's what you think?" I heard Xan's voice say. How could he hear that? No one was ment to... Unless... Unless... I...
"You what?" He asked.
"Nothing..." I replied.
"What? Come on. Tell me!" He said, he was stood there infront of me.
"Maybe later..." I mumbled and ran off. I went through the walls and back to my room.
I grabbed the drawn picture of me and... I couldn't even remember his name anymore. A silent tear slid down my face. He meant everything to me once...
"Why does Xan remind me of you? You have nothing in common... You don't look like eachother... Your personallities are completely different... What could make you two so a like?" I said to no one at all. I only said it aloud so my thoughts couldn't be heard by telepaths...
I sighed and made my way to the deck. I stood alone and watched the water with the picture still in my hand.

9th March 2004, 01:38 PM
I'm a little confused!

I got out after talking to gabriel and moonbeam "I'm going meet you in the cafe in 10,kay?"I walked of and had a shower,got out and got changed.I headed to the cafe and got a double scoop mint chac chip ice cream and sat down,5 minutes late gabriel and moonbeam came down talking about something "hi"I said quietly

9th March 2004, 02:48 PM
Why do i always have that effect on people? I thought to myself as Willow ran through the wall.
I wanted to think, i hadnt done that in a while. But i couldnt here too many people could hear me. I quickly started thinking about music while in my deeper mind i thought of Willow.
I think i really like her...But why did she run away..what did i do wrong?
My thoughts were disrupted by the amount of noise coming from the cafetria, so i thought i would go there for a scoop of ice-cream.
I paid my money for my Cookie dough ice-cream and as i pulled away from the counter i bumped into the scary man that handed out the keys. He made me drop my ice-cream
"You lousy son of a ..." i said in anger
"No need to get nasty. Cant really say im sorry about that, Ice-cream is fattening" he said haughtingly.
"You know i dont know who you are, but im hating you more by the moment"
Right then i tried to focus on his thoughts to dig up something embarissing about him and make him leave me alone. Instead i heard:
Dont try it, i know your a telepath, so am i...I can also block my mind from invasions, so just dont try...now run along we should be arriving soon in about 3 hours time...
I knew it looked strange, him and i staring each other in the eye without mumbling a single word. I knew it was because some kids and that annoying girl were staring at me.
I just looked at the man again and he knew what i was about to say or rather think
Brandon, Kevin Brandon. Your telepath professor
I eyed him strongly and made my way to table to sit alone. Those people wouldnt stop staring at me..

10th March 2004, 04:42 AM
"I shouldn't have ran off... He'll never know unless i tell him... But where would he have gone?"
I sighed, it wasn't his falt. My stupid memories got in the way of everything. I took one last look at the picture and let go of it. I watched it fly off into the wind and down into the sea. It's time i stopped dwelling on the past...
I went down to the canteen, figuring that he had to get hungry... I stood in the door way. Xan was in the middle of the room, icecream down his shirt talking telepathicly to the ticket guy. I listened in, finding out that he would be our telepath teacher when we got to school.
Xan glared at him and sat alone at a table. Everyone just stared. I tried my hardest not to.
Everyone averted their stares and got back to what they were doing. I laughed quietly to myself, remembering one of the dreams from last night.
I got myself a double chocolate chip icecream and a cookie dough one and went over to Xan's table.
"Icecream?" I asked simply, holding out the cookie dough one.
He looked up and smiled. I knew that if i wasn't extremely hungry that i would of been blushing. He took it from me. "Thanks..."
I took a chair that someone was about to sit on and sat down at the table. I laughed at the poor girl that had fallen because of it.
"I'm sorry... Some memory caught up with me and i was just-"
"Don't worry about it. You could of told me though. I still don't know."
"I know you don't know... It's just-"
I like you... I thought to myself. Atleast, i hoped i thought it to myself...
"You like me?" He asked, slightly shocked. Just a little shocked. Not as shocked as i was.
"Um... Yes..." I said taking a bite out of my icecream to cool me down.

I'll leave you to the rest :P

10th March 2004, 10:42 AM
Xan was shouting about and loads of people were staring at him but I couldn't be bothered,moonbeam and gabriel were in the toilet and I was researching house fires.Xan had cooled down and he was talking to willow [I like you] I realised willow had said it so I looked over and I saw them both looking shocked,I turned off my lap top and started eating my mint choc chip ice cream (There's no suprise there It was obvious,the'll get together soon Xan likes willow and willow likes xan,Obvious!)I walked off onto the pier and sat on the rail staring at the sea (I really miss them)
A small tear ran down my face.

10th March 2004, 10:58 AM
I moved my hand over onto hers and i channeled my thoughts towards her.
I like you too i thought smiling. She smiled back. It was weird i never really liked someone before like in that way.
I smiled she knew exactly what i was thinking. At a sudden moment we both fell through the cafeteria floor and into the game room.
"Well since you like me so much, maybe this time youll let me win at that confounded dance machine thing"
She just smiled and jumped onto the arcade.
"We'll see" she said winking.
And then we started to dance....

10th March 2004, 11:03 AM
I wiped my face and headed down to the games room,I saw Xan and willow dancing and I felt really Happy (I knew it)I thought to myself I sat on the bench in the corrider then I felt really sad I was alone and I still felt bad about being mean to Xan I was just tired when I insulted him.

11th March 2004, 09:02 AM
I never knew how much fun the dance machine could be. Dispite the fact that i said i might let Xan win, i actually was letting him win by pure accident.
We finished the last combo. I couldn't stop laughing and i sat on the step, realizing that if i danced anymore then that icecream may just come back up...
Xan sat down next to me. I leaned against him.
"You know... The really annoying thing about staying up all night talking is the next day when you have no energy at all..." I said.
Xan just laughed and we just sat there.
"Bliss..." I thought.
"What's bliss?"
"Sitting here, doing nothing with you..."
"Easily pleased today, aren't you?"
"Could say that..."

Omega Magnum
14th March 2004, 09:14 PM
As I head back from the Toilet I notice that Elle isn't at the table and find a note that says " hey guys in the Games Room see in a little bit." I head down to the game room and find Elle sitting on a bench acroos from Xan and Willow. I walk up to her and ... " Hey whats up?"

15th March 2004, 01:07 PM
I looked up and replied "nothing" (I think<wheres marcus?) I got up and started walking around the pier all of a sudden we walked into willow and xan (oww~sorry)

16th March 2004, 03:35 PM
*biiiing boooong* "The ship will be arriving at school in ten minutes. Please gather your belongings and make you way towards the exits. Thankyou."
I sighed, school already? I mean, the boat trip was okay cos there were things to do... But school? Bleh.
"Why don't we both go get our stuff and meet on the peir?" I suggested.
"Okay... I guess... You won't just suddenly run away, right?"
"No..." I laughed.
We walked through the walls to get to my room and he carried on to his. I packed up all my stuff that was out- just my sketch book and paints- and headed toward the exit.
There was a big crowd of people waiting by the doors. I see this is going to be a bit of a pushing match... Why play fair when i can cheat?
Everybody stumbled as the ship bumped the peir. Prof Branden, the telepath teacher, opened the door and the students began cramming toward the door. I sighed and walked through. As i reached the door someone grabbed my arm. How did he-
"It's easy enough to grab someone when they're walking through people, Willow Sanders. You just have to consentrate." Replied Prof Branden.
"How do you know my name?" I asked.
He pulled out a photo from his pocket. "I knew your mom."
I stared at it. That was my mom alright. She looked about my age, her hair in two bunches and freckles all over her nose. Her eyes were exactly the same as mine. The rest of my appearance i got from my dad. I couldn't quite understand that, after all, my mom is japanese. Surely i should of got more that just her dark blue eyes...
I stuck my tongue out at him and carried on along down to the peir. He didn't seem to notice that i had stolen the photo.
I soon found Xan. "What's that photo?"
"It's of my mom when she was my age." I said, showing it to him.
"You look nothing like her... Apart from-"
"My eyes. I know."
"Who's that?"
"Prof Branden..."
"You're mom knew him?" He said, surprized.
Elle walked into us. "Ow... Sorry..." She thought.
"No problem..." I said, sighing.

There's a reason why Prof Branden knows her mom. You'll just have to wait to find out why :P

16th March 2004, 03:48 PM
"See you around"I said as she walked off,.I walked down a little bit further and bimped into professer Branden "oh sorry mr branton"I said in shock
"no problem Elizabeth"he replied
"What are you doing here"I asked
"I'm a teacher"
"Robert wants to know how you are"
"Tell him i'm fine"(I don't really need him)
"okay i will"
"Thanks,gotta go!" I saidwalking off.
As I was walking I saw xan and willow (that's kinda sweet I guess xan is sensetive,Maybe I was wrong about him!)

16th March 2004, 04:12 PM
As we Willow and i walked on the school came into focus and what a magnificent sight it was. It was gigantic with grounds for all kinds of sport and behind the school there was a forest.
"Aww no beach?!" Said willow in dissapointment
I chuckeled and turned her around and then pointed next to the pier.
"There silly"
We laughed and headed on towards the entrance of the school.
As we walked in the cold air from the central conditioning ran over me it was like taking a cold shower.
Along the hall there was a counter, we walked towards it and from there appeared one of the hotest women i have ever seen. She was asian, her hair was long and silky, she smiled at us and began to talk.
"Damn shes hot" I thought
"Xan!" bellowed Willow smacking me on my sholder.
"Whoops sorry" I said blushing.
The women just looked mystified and continued talking.
"Welcome to super minds high. The girls dormitories are to the left and up the stair and the same for the boys on the right. Here are your room keys"
She handed us both keys
I laughed, the number on mine was 69
Willow started laughing too as she already knew what i though.
"Anyways" said the person loudly clearing up our laughter.
"My name is Mimiru and i will be teaching you how to make your self etheral."
We both looked confused
"Walk through walls, it means ill be teaching you to walk through stuff..." She said dully.
"Oh we can do that" we said in unison.
"Then ill teach you how to do it better. Now go to your rooms and unpack, orientation will be tommorow morning at 7 am. Feel free to go around the school grounds, in your rooms you will find that everyone has been delgated a PC and on that PC you will find maps of the school"
We smiled and walked away.
I walked Willow to her room.
"Well i guess i'll see you in a few" i said
"Yeah as soon as im done i'll meet you in the lobby, kay?"
"I wonder if i should...." i though, but willow was one step ahead of me.
"I think you should" she said.
And i leaned forward and gave her a small kiss on the cheeck.
"Later then" I said running through some walls and heading to my own room.

17th March 2004, 12:13 PM
I felt my self blushing as Xan walked off to his room. Did that mean that it was official? Xan and Willow? I guess it must.
I could of exploded with happiness. I decided to try out my key in the door, just in case i ever felt to tired to walk through it. And i didn't want to go walking into someone elses room, did i?
The door clicked open and i dragged my stuff in. I collapsed on the bed, just needing to sit down for a bit. But no, i was too excited to sit down.
I got up quickly and ran over to the double doors. I peeked through the imaculate white drapes and squeeled with delite. A balcony! Yay! I shoved my key in the lock, turned it and went outside.
I smelt the salty air. I couldn't believe the view i had! Someone knows i'm an artist... I thought to myself. Nope, everyone would of heard that. Well, telepaths anyway...
Thinking of telepaths... There was a knock at my door. I ran over, wondering if Xan had been too impatient and had came up. I opened the door.
"Hello, Willow. My photo, please."
It was Prof Branden. I was starting to hate him already. Why would my mom make friends with him?
"Mieko helped me on my first day at school in Japan. I knew no Japanese and she knew english. I still don't know any Japanese, no matter how much she tried to teach me." He laughed.
I glared at him. He wasn't funny. "So... You wouldn't know what i was saying if i said "baka"?" I asked.
"Nope." His expression looked like the ^^ smilie. I could have punched him right then if people weren't walking by. I gave him a sarcastic smile and he walked off.
"I guess you don't want the photo then..." I said as quietly as i could. "Baka..."
I closed the balcony doors, shoved my bags under my bed and headed for the lobby.
There were still people getting their keys. I sat on a bench and waited for Xan, hoping he would see me.

17th March 2004, 02:32 PM
I walked off the boat carrying my bags (why does he want to know how I am,He hates me and I hate him) I rached the woman handing out the keys and held my hand out she gave me a key to room 83 I walked up the stairs went into my room and started to unpack.When I was done I left my room carrying my laptop,as I walked out I met willow "Hey willow how are you ?"I asked kind of curious.

18th March 2004, 07:39 AM
I gazed around at everything. This place was just too big... I knew i'd get lost if i went looking for Xan...
"Hey Willow, how are you?"
I snapped out of my trance and looked up to find Elle with her laptop. "Err... I'm fine." I said, still scanning the lobby.
"Are you waiting for someone?" She asked.
"Yep..." I said, knowing that my excitement was building up to exploding point again. "Bet you can't guess-"
"Bet i can. Xan." she said, slightly smugly.
I'm so predictable... "Yeah... Um..." I didn't know what else to say.
"I- Willow! Are you alright?" she said, startled.
I had fell through the bench. I was now stuck with a bench inside me. I had somehow lost control of my solid state and fell through. That would be okay if i had actually stayed ghostly. But no. I had to go back to being solid when i had the bench still there.
"Yeah, i'm fine. Stupid bench." I tried getting up in my ghostly state. My legs were in the floor already and i felt myself sinking in. I made myself solid again, still stuck in the bench with my legs in the floor.
"What can i do to help?" Asked Elle looking horrified.
"Get Xan... Now!" I yelled. It felt like my waist had become wood and my legs had become concrete.
"Yelling for me now, Willow?" I heard Xan say.
"Now's not the time for sarcasm, Xan. I'm stuck."
He pushed through the crowd of people who thought this was some hilarious freak show. He took hold of my hands and pulled me out while being ghostly.
"How'd you do that?"
"I just... fell..." I just had to laugh. It seemed funny now. "Thanks for helping me out there... I was well and truely stuck."

18th March 2004, 10:32 AM
I laughed,"see you around willow,bye xan"I said walking off.I went down stairs to the common room where there was a huge telly,rows of computers,sofas and tables and chairs.I sat down at one of the tables and turned on my laptop,while it was loading I got a needle out of mt bag and shoved it into a vien in my arm,Just at that very second willow and xan walked in holding hands.

Omega Magnum
20th March 2004, 05:55 PM
I gather my things and leave the boat walking up the school gorunds to thge enormous academy... any one know where we go????

22nd March 2004, 02:07 PM
I took the needle out of my arm and putinto a slot in the slide of my laptop,A message came up on the screen saying "downloading".10 minutes later it had finished down loading and I took the disk out of the draw and put it in it's case.On the front I wrote 'to willow and xan' and on the inside I wrote 'Willow,this is a dvd of all the moments with you and xan so far,I filmed this using my photographic memory,I hope you like it.Signed elle.'I took the case up to the girls floor and slid it under her door.

22nd March 2004, 02:57 PM
Injections! >< I hate needles! And i have to have one on thursday... Don't feel like explaining right now, i have too much to post...
"You don't mind if i log on to one of these computers?" I asked Xan as we walked hand in hand into the lounge.
"Okay... I need to get online too." He said, taking a seat at one.
"Hold on... I need to get my webcam... Save me the one next to you..."
I gave him a quick kiss on the cheek and ran up to my room. I tried unlocking it the door but there was something stopping it from opening. I sighed and walked through, picking up a CD case that someone had slid through the door.
"Anyone know where we go?" i heard Moonbeam's thoughts say.
"Toward the building, then to the lady at the desk. She'll give you your room key."
"Err... Thanks Willow."
I pulled out my bag from under my bed and searched through it. My webcam was right at the bottom. I grabbed it and the CD that came through my door and ran back down to the lounge.
"What's that CD?" Xan asked as i sat down beside him.
"It came through the bottom of my door... Have a look if you want..."
I plugged in the webcam and signed on MSN. Xan laughed at my screen name:
Willow Tree~ Beware of the vines! *whip whip*
I opened an IM window.
WillowTree: Hey Hiro ^^
NinjaHiro: Hey lil Will. hows school?
WillowTree: same as ever. teachers who i hate... normal stuff.
NinjaHiro: lol... always the same with you...
WillowTree: How's Okaasan and Otósan?
NinjaHiro: Do i really need to tell you, Imóto?
WillowTree: Yes, Hiro, you Oniisan baka.
NinjaHiro: Baka yourself :P They're fine.
"Who are you talking to?" Asked Xan, drawing himself away from his email.
"Hiro, my brother. He has telekinetic powers. He's 19 so he couldn't come. Good thing, too."
NinjaHiro: What have you been up to?
WillowTree: nothing... *sigh*
NinjaHiro: Ahhh... ai...
WillowTree: Love?
NinjaHiro: I can tell.
WillowTree: Oh yeah... I forgot about your "emotional sensors"
NinjaHiro: Who is he?
WillowTree: He's here right now.
NinjaHiro: Got your webcam?
WillowTree: Yep.
I turned it on and set up the IM webcam feature of MSN.
Hiro appeared on my screen. It was amazing how much we didn't look a like. He looked more like Okaasan with his japanese features. It's weird how i looked like Otósan and not Okaasan...
"So where is he?" Hiro asked, watching his screen.
"Xan, this is Hiro. Hiro, this is Xan." I said, pulling Xan's chair in view of the webcam.
"Hi" They said shyly. Hiro was never shy normally. Then again, Hiro was a rather unpredictable person most of the time.

Okaasan- mother
Otósan- father
Imóto- little sister
Oniisan- older brother
Ai- love

25th March 2004, 05:33 PM
Awkward silence, I hate those. I couldn’t really find anything to say to Willows’ brother Hiro.
”Willow this is kinda uncomfortable you know” I thought trying not to show too much emotion.
“Sorry Hiro he’s just a bit shy, but you 2 will warm right up” She said smiling.
But I couldn’t see how that would happen it just felt weird.
“Bye” I said and I returned to my computer waiting for Willow to finish.
When she finally said bye to her brother and logged off I felt kind of relieved, I had gone through 12 games of solitaire.
[I]”Well that was short”
”Oh shut up” she replied giggling.
“Now what?” She asked.
I didn’t know either, this place was really big, I had no idea where to start exploring. However right then a thought came to me.
“Come on I have an idea” I said grabbing her hand and running quickly whisking her along. First I made sure we were ethereal so we can just take nice little shortcuts through walls, then I ran straight up to my room, reached down my suitcase without opening it and grabbed a swimsuit. I dragged Willow to her room to do the same. Only that didn’t go according to plan, instead of moving quickly, I had to wait 20 minutes while she picked one of the bathing suits.
“I don’t know, the pink one or the blue and green one? I cant decide, Xan what do you think?” she said for the 50 millionth time.
“It doesn’t matter because no one will see us now just get going” as I said that I walked through her bathroom door to change in my swimsuit.
I was done and so was she, so again I made sure we were ethereal and I took her running through walls until we were right outside the forest on the skirts of the school.
“I know its cold” I replied already knowing what she was about to say
“I’m really sorry, just don’t let go of my hand” I said gripping her hand tighter.
We went ethereal again and this time I ran through tree after tree with Willow in my hands, until I finally found the spot I was looking for.
“Wow” exclaimed Willow
”How did you know?” she asked gaping at the big waterfall.
”Well when you were talking to your brother, I had some free time, and solitaire isn’t that challenging, so I took a little peek in that teachers mind, you know the telepath teacher, yeah him, well yeah he comes here a lot to relax, so why should we?!”
Willow smiled and hugged me.
I hugged her back, and I lead her down into the water.
And there under the starlight night, we swam in each others arms until the sun came up….

31st March 2004, 12:37 AM
To the cast of Super Minds High School:
Im sorry but I will no longer be posting. When I joined this, TPM was a fun place to be, and it was fun to write stories about mystery and intrigue, blood and feuds, love and honor. But far too much has been happening behind the scenes, and broken trust and betrayal, something you might see in an RPG, has manifested itself on how this place is run.
When the people in charge, who are supposed to help people and provide guidance, get so power-hungry and spiteful that theyd screw over a fellow person, a FRIEND, that is when it starts becoming less fun. The system is corrupt, and I want no part in something that allows betrayal of friendships to happen. I want no part in a place where people who act nice and innocent, and smile in your face and call you friend, stab you in the back when your not looking.
Its been fun, and if anyone wishes to continue to RP with me, feel free to give me an IM. But I wont stay in this corrupt place any longer.
Asilynne Outlaw

9th April 2004, 08:48 AM
the next morning
I woke up and got dreesed (man what an odd day)I walked over to my radio and turned it on,they were playing some really up beat song so I started dancing,I startied stuffing stuff in my backpack then opened the crtains and opened the window,i looked outside and saw willow and xan asleep in each others arm (wander what they've been up to,oh well time to wake up) i grapped a pack of water baloons and went to fill them up in the bathroom,about 10 minutes later I had around 100 full water baloons,I walked over to the window and dropped around three at a time until they woke up (that'll teach him to throw my clothes away :lol: )I closed the curtains and grabbed my then left my room.I went down stairs and grabbed a bunch of croissants for breakfast.about 30 minutes later the fire alarnm went off,I looked around and saw the kitchen on fire "fire!!!"I screamed then fainted.

9th April 2004, 12:47 PM
"ELLE! When i get my hands on you i'll-" i began to yell.
The fire alarm went off. People began screaming and running out of the building. I watched, wishing that there was something i could do...
... There was something i could do...
I ran to somebody that had control over water. I got in her way from running.
"What the hell do you think you're doing? The building's on-"
I put my hands on either side of her head and took her power. It felt a little weird... I hadn't done this in a while. The girl passed out.
I made my self ethereal and ran inside the building. I used my newly stolen power to put out some of the flame which was spreading rapidly.
I noticed a circle of flame around something. Elle was in the middle, completly KOed. "Screw the water... I hope you don't burn while you're ethereal..."
I walked through the flame, feeling slight warmth as i did. I carried Elle through the flames and out side to the fresh air.
I coughed and spluttered as i gasped in the clean air. I felt a pair of warm arms wrap around me.
"Willow, you're a hero! A crazy hero! What did you think you were doing?" Asked Xan.
"Doing what i do best..." I said before squirting water in my mouth. I sighed and slipped away as i passed out.

9th April 2004, 12:58 PM
I woke up coughing,I looked around and saw willow on the bed next to me she was out cold,and xan was sat by her "what happened?" I asked in a quiet voice xan looked at me then looked back at willow, that moment the nurse walked in she realised I was awake and asked me "is there any you need?" I shook my and she walked off,i was way confused what happened? all I could remember was eating then waking up here.I leant down and got my laptop i was bored so I looked up online quizzes it was something to do until willow woke up. :(

10th April 2004, 11:34 AM
I woke up slowly and stared at the bright lights of the ceiling. I squinted, they were too bright.
"Xan?" I muttered, coughing a little after.
"I'm here..." He said, taking my hand.
"Excuse me. Could you please leave while i check up on her?" asked an unfamilular voice.
"No! Let him stay..." I tried to protest, but i just ended up coughing again.
The nurse checked me over. Xan just watched and waited. She was done quickly and she said i could go as long as i didn't do too much.
We were on our way out when Elle stopped us.
"What happened?" She asked, looking up from her laptop.
"Let me see... The kitchen caught fire, you passes out. I stole someone's water powers and attempted to put the fire out. I saw you. I carried you out of the burning building and passed out. In short, i saved your life." I said, giving her a sarcastic smile before leaving the over clean "hospital".

10th April 2004, 11:40 AM
"thanks"I replied,the nurse walked over to me,i put my laptop down and she did a scan."oh no,you have two broken legs you'll have to go roung in a wheel chair but you can leave now"she told me (great) she walked out and came back in with a wheel chair,i grabbed my bag and she helped me on to the wheel chair she started to make the bed and I wheeled off.I got out side thee door and decided I was slow so I warmed up my brain and used my telekinisesto make my self go faster I drove past willow and as I did I sent a tlepathic message saying [sorry]

15th April 2004, 09:07 AM
"Sorry? Thanks would have been nicer..." I shot back.
I could tell that today wouldn't be a good day. People were already choosing classes and the ques were huge...
"Xan, can you see the art and photography classes?" I asked.
"There." He pointed.
I looked toward where he was pointing. There was no que at all! I was about to run over when i realised that if i did then i'd probably fall over before i got there. I walked instead, but quickly.
"Hello, i'm the art teacher, Miss Culling. Classes start tomorrow. Are you interested in taking art?"
"I'm Willow Sanders and yeah, i'd love to take art." I said happily.
"Do you have-"
"A sketch book you can look at? Sure!"
"You're not a-"
"Telepath. Yes i am." I said, slightly bitterly, plonking my sketch book on the table.
She flicked through, wrote my name down on the list with about 10 other people and handed it back.
"You'll get your timetable tomorrow. I hope to see you then!"
I left and headed back to Xan who was making his way over to me. "I signed up for art earlier."
"Maybe we should split up and get our classes out of the way... And meet up for lunch, even though the canteen is burnt." I suggested.

15th April 2004, 09:25 AM
I wheeled up to the hall where people were signing up for classes,I looked around then rummaged through my bag,I pulled out a piece of paper with all of the lessons i want to do on,I wheeled over to the photography stand and wrote my name down.All of a sudden a man on the speaker said "don't forget to sign up for the lesson of your powers" I looked at my list and signed up for; Art,telepathy,telekenises,drama,hair and make up,cooking, singing,dancing and sewing.The woman at the sewing stand told me I would get my timetable of the week tomorrow.I wheeled out of the hall and went for a snack in the mini cafe cause the cafeteeria was burned down,on the way I saw a sign saying "dance tonight at 7:00pm in the hall" I thought about it but decided there was no point If I can't dance or stand up so I went ot the cafe and got a drink of coke.

15th April 2004, 10:26 AM
I finally finished signing up for classes. I chose: art, telepath, ethreal, music, graphics, media studies, french, history and (due to my mom's request) Japanese. Things that i enjoy would be better than things i didn't.
I headed upto the canteen in all it's burnt-ness. A poster caught my eye as i went up. A dance? That would be fun... As long as nothing happened...
"Hey, freak girl! What did you do to my girl?" Yelled an angry guy. He was about 6 feet tall, he had dyed red hair and a nose ring to top it all off. It looked like he could have more peircings but he didn't have them in.
"What are you talking about?"
"My girlfriend. You stole her water powers."
"I didn't. She should still have them. I copied them."
He grabbed me by my shirt, lifted me against the wall and held me there. I tried to stay calm, but this punk guy was scary. "Give them back! NOW!" He threatened, holding his fist up ready to punch me.
"I'd love to, but i can't. It's stuck with me for a while."
He went to punch me. Time seemed to slow down. I made myself ethereal and slipped through his grip, making him punch the wall. He looked at me with anger in his eyes. I made a run for it, taking walls rather than the normall way.
I got to my room and plopped onto my bed, coughing and weezing. Maybe the dance isn't such a good idea... i thought, unable to speak...

15th April 2004, 10:31 AM
I finished my drink and went up to my room.As I wheeled past willows room I heard panting I sat there for a moment wondering If I should go in but I decided not to and went to my room.

That night at 7:00pm
I sat in my room thinking about going to the dance but I couldn't evenstand up,I got a book out and started reading (Iwaish I had someone to talk to)I thought to my self.

29th April 2004, 11:08 AM
BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP,I woke up and looked at my alarm clock it was 6:30,I yawned and got into my wheelchair,i got dressed and grabbed my bag,I unfolded my timetable and looked at my lessons:
Photography,Art,telepathy,telekenises,drama,hair and make up,cooking, singing,dancing and sewing.I wheeled down to the library and took out the book 'a series of unfortunate events book the scond The reptile room'I hadn read the first one before I left.all of a sudden a bell went off I looked at the clock it was 7:30 so I wheeled ovr to my photography class.

10th May 2004, 03:41 PM
Once my class had finished I went to art.Xan and Willow were already there they were talking and laughing I went over and said "hi"
willow smiled and said hi back but Xan didn't say anything (I knew he hated me) I remembered the were telepathic so I walked off and waited for the class to start.
:oh: :scared: :sweat2: :peek:

12th May 2004, 12:15 PM
It was second lesson. Art time. My lesson before, japanese, had been very easy. The rest of my class knew very little and the teacher was surprized when i came out with a whole sentance. When you spoke japanese around the house everyday then you would know a lot...
"I knew he hated me" said Elle as she walked away.
"Not even one week has passed and someone 'hates' you... I don't see how they can..." I whispered to Xan.
"Heh, no surprize there..." He muttered. I took his hand and held it up to my face, he was warm.
If the art teacher hadn't walked in right then, i would have kissed him.
"Damn..." I thought...
"Awww... That's so sweet..."
"Shoosh... Art time."
"Spoil sport..."
The teacher rambled on and on about the stuff we'd be doing. We'd be drawing people this term, which was a good thing.
"Someone threw this off the side of the boat. I don't know why, it's very good." She showed it to the class. I felt myself blush. She was holding my picture that i threw off the side!
I raised my hand, "It's mine..." I mumbled.
She floated it across the room, i reached out and snatched it. I stared at it for a second, realising the person in the picture that was meant to be me was looking a lot different. It wasn't me anymore... It looked like someone else... I shoved it in my bag.
"Well, we know that Willow can draw people." People laughed a little, i blushed some more and glared at everyone. They had no idea... "Paper is in the drawer at the back. Sit opposite someone and draw them."
People made their way to the back for paper.
"Let me draw you, Xan. Please?" I asked as he came back with paper.
"I wouldn't let anyone else." He said, handing me a piece.
"I'm glad..." I said as i began to sketch.

12th May 2004, 12:28 PM
I ended up drawing a girl I didn't know because I didn't really have any mates,I didn't draw very well because I couldn't so I screwed the picture and walked out the classroom I didn't care I might get in trouble I never used to I walked around in the gardens until I came to the basketball courts,A basket ball was allready there so I started to play,I was good at basketball so I got the ball in the hoop all the time

15th May 2004, 08:22 AM
OOC: Hello all, this is dragonlover, just changed accounts.

Willow managed to draw me miraculously, I was about to tell her, but she smiled at me and blew me a kiss, I keep forgetting she's telepathic.
"You know, since we're both telepathic, this'll be a fool proof relationship, if anyone of us cheated we'd know" I joked sticking out my tongue at her.
"Ha! You better not cheat or ill…ill kill you!" She said that, but she though (If he ever does ill be crushed)
"Don’t worry I would never" I whispered to her and kissed her as we got up from the art table and out the class room.
We started walking aimlessly around the halls for a bit, my next class was Japanese, it’s a shame I'm not in the same class as Willow just because she's better.
"Well I'm off to Japanese, wish me luck, sayonara" I said to willow, kissing her good bye.
She made her way to telekinesis, and I to Japanese. On my way there I passed a hallway of classes that were different, they were all martial arts classes.
"WTF!? And I chose crappy classes, I'm changing my schedule!"
I ran to the register off quickly, some indifferent woman and appeared and I told her I wanted to change classes, she asked what I would like to take instead.
"Well, I want to drop; math, chemistry, and all my sciences, and all, wait just ditch all my classes and lets take it from the top" I said.
The woman looked furious, she thought (Stupid Teenagers)
"Well Ill need telepath" I said grinning, because I heard what she said.
"heh.." she blushed.
"Also could you give me; ethereal, Tai-Kwan-Do, Ju-Jitsu, Creative Writing, Gothic Literature, Graphics Design, Art, Japanese and Kung-Fu"
She nodded and made note of all I said.
"Well since you’ve changed your classes, your timetable won't take effect until tomorrow, so you're off today" she replied
"Sweet!" I exclaimed and I thanked her and ran off to basketball court, I didn’t like to play sports, but standing there and shooting a ball isn’t really sports. I messaged Willow telepathically and told her about my class change and then told her I would be at the basketball court, I also apologized about the dance. When I reached the basketball court, Elle was there, she was looking depressed with the basket ball in her lap.
"Hey, how're your legs" I said
"They're fine" she replied
"Why do you hate me?" I asked…

15th May 2004, 09:26 AM
I sat at the back of the class room and glared. I had Prof Branden. He probably knew more about me than i thought. Why did mom have to know him? This was torture. Anything i did wrong would go straight back to mom through him.
"Something you'd like to share with the rest of the class, Miss Sanders?" Asked Prof Branden, smirking at me.
"Nothing that you wouldn't be able to pick up, i'm sure." I said.
"I'll be at the basketball court. Sorry 'bout the dance..."
"And who was that, Willow? A friend of yours?" he said, enjoying this moment of torture.
"Wouldn't you like to know."
"Yes, i would."
"Xan, if you have to know so really badly just to make my life miserable." I said calmly, wishing that Hiro where here to telekaneticly shove him through the wall...
finish later...

15th May 2004, 10:50 AM
Just so you know telepathy is when you speak to people through you mind and telekinetics is when you move things with your mind!

"what?" I asked in shock,
"do you hate me?" he repeated
"NO....Why did you think that?"
"just did you acted like it"
"well...I don't.....don't you hate me?"
"I don't!"
"right so you threw my clothes off the boat and have been ignoring me because you don't hate me?"
"how kind" I said sarcastically,Xan went to speak but the bell rang so I got up and headed to my telepathy class.When I got there I was late and the professer had just told willow off,"you're late" He said
"I know"
"'cause I am...problem?"
"I'll see you after class miss Wilkins"
"No you won't" I said sitting down by Willow,He gave me an angry look then started to tell some boy off for wearing a hat,I turned to Willow,
"Do you want me to teach him a lesson?"I asked,Willow nodded and I focused all my energy on the bucket of water by his desk, it slowly floated up and then tipped all over him ,Everyone was laughing for ages and prof. Branden was shouting he looked straight at me "YOU....Detention after school!" He said knowing I did because I was the only who had the power porperly
"fine" I said not caring.At the end off the lesson me and willow got up and walked out of class.

15th May 2004, 11:58 AM
"I'll see you later, Elle. I'm gonna meet Xan..." I said, wondering off down the corridor.
I watched Xan from the side of the court, dribbling the ball and shooting it. I dumped my bag and art folder, ran over and stole the ball from him. I bounced it so i was lined up to shoot. I was just about to when Xan hugged me from behind.
"Can't get your hands off me, can you?" I asked, dropping the ball and turning around to face him.
"You know the answer to that already." he kissed me. I could have stood there all day just being in his arms.
"You have no lessons..." I said.
"I do tomorrow."
"I know, but i had to go through an hour of Prof Branden going on and on at me about something or another... It's like he knows something that i don't..."
"Well duh... He's the teacher."
"No, not like that... Something about me and my family that i never knew... I hate him..."
"So do I."
The bell rang. I sighed, more lessons. Woopie...
"Lets see what i have now..." My timetable flew from my bag into my hand. "Oh... Looks like i've borrowed Elle's telekanetic powers for the day..." Xan laughed. He didn't know how weird it was to suddenly have someone else's powers... "Guess what i've got?"
"I dunno... Tell me."
"Tell me!" He said, trying to see over the top of the paper by pulling it down.
I threw the paper back into my bag telekaneticly and grinned. "Free period!"
He grinned back at me. "What shall we do? Free period on the first school day must mean something good!"
"Who knows? But i know it'll be something good."
I rushed around frantically. I had my next lesson, music, in less than 30 seconds and i was still with Xan in my room.
"You made my hair all messy." I said giggling.
He kissed me again, "I know... Don't go... Please don't go..."
"Look, i don't want to... But i'll be back. I just have music then something else. Come on, if you had lessons this afternoon you wouldn't be here right now..."
He nodded. I kissed him goodbye. "I'll see you later." I said before going to music, my hair now back the way it was.

15th May 2004, 02:24 PM
Once photography had finished I headed straight to music,I sat down as Willow walked through the door I started to smirk because her hair was all messed up and her label was sticking out of her top, she sat down by me and I tried to stop myself laughing (naughty naughty,I know what you've been doing ) She smiled at me and I rummaged through my bag,I got out my hairbrush and gave it to willow "thanks" she said brushing her hair when she finished she gave me back my hairbrush and I put it in my bag."I bet I can guess what you did" I said smirking
"bet you can't"
"It's so obvious"
"no it's not!"
"yes it is,label sticking out messy hair they all say one thing"
"what's that"
" 'IT' "
" 'IT' ?"
"yep 'IT' "
"well you're wrong sorry but we didn't do 'IT' "
"ok sorry"

15th May 2004, 02:32 PM
A few minutes after Willow left I lay there on her bed, just listening to thoughts and chilling out. (IT!) (No It Wasn’t IT)
I laughed so hard; Elle is quite the little curious person isn’t she?! After I got bored I decided to go and check out the library. I made my way through the school asking for directions every now and then, until I finally reached it. It was a gigantic amazing library, I was in awe. It was so huge, so I went up to the third floor where all fantasy literature was, grabbed a Matheson book and began reading.
"If only Vampires existed" I said aloud. But suddenly a jolt of pain shot through my brain and I collapsed to the floor, then a flash of death and disease, something about students, and experiments, but then I blacked out….

15th May 2004, 02:51 PM
"Xan?!?!" I suddenly yelled, half way through playing a peice very badly on the piano. People stopped playing and turned to look at me, wondering what the hell i was on about. "I'm telepathic, dammit, i know what you're thinking!" I yelled at them.
The teacher came over, "Are you okay, deary? Would you like to go outside for a bit?" Asked the teacher quietly.
I nodded and got up to leave.
"What's wrong?" asked Elle.
"Tell you later... i have to find Xan..."
I ran out of the classroom, not knowing where to look. Now this was torture, knowing that he was hurt but not knowing where he was...
"In the library..." I heard Stormy's voice say... Did i ask her without me knowing or what?
I ran upto the library and eventually found Xan lying on the floor with a book that had fallen from his hand. I knelt down beside him and put his head on my lap.
"Wake up, Xan... Please be ok..."

15th May 2004, 02:55 PM
I ran behind willow and finally caught up 10 minutes later,when I got there I saw Xan lying unconscience on willows lap and willow crying.I was so suprised I felt my self going to be sick but instead I fainted before I could ask willow what happenned.

15th May 2004, 03:13 PM
Abstract visions swept through my head, to blurry, but I could see labs, and cruel experiments, screaming teenagers. But it all stopped and in front of me stood Stormy, I hadn’t seen her in ages…she began to talk.
"Xan, you need to get out of here, I've been kidnapped, this school, its not good, they want our DNA, they want to be able to use our powers, not us, just our powers, you need to get everyone and get out of here. Its too late for me, they've already got me, I'm conscience, but I cant move, the laboratory is somewhere underground, I can hear falling water.. That's all I know Xan, please save yourself and everyone else"
I felt something fall to my face, and I began to open my eyes, I saw willow, my head was in her lap and her tears had woken me up.
"Xan!" she screamed, which seemed to wake up the unconscious Elle next to her.
"I'm ok, but we need to talk" I said, I grabbed both of them, Willow was already ethereal she knew what I was about to do.
"Lets go" She nodded.
I turned Elle ethereal and started running, I didn’t stop until I was on the other side of the island, it was a deserted beach, neither Willow nor I had enough energy to turn a toe ethereal. I told them what I saw and heard…

"Wow" they both said in unison.
"Look we have 2 options, A) We either run from here, and im sure I can get us off someway or anther. Or B) We can wait, learn to use our powers to full potential, and then free everyone, this means both of you need to get martial arts classes, and Willow you need to get Hiro here."
"I like B" Elle piped
"So do I" nodded willow.
"Then lets get into action" I said…

15th May 2004, 03:20 PM
we were stood on the beach in silence "are you saying this school is evil?" I asked
"pretty much"
"It can't be, the only group in the world that want to kill people like us is the blackhawk group and people in this school can't be them"
"they must be "
"they cant"
I walked off, although willow had said nothing she had thought alot I heard one of her thoughts and turned arounded "you're wrong" I told her then walked toward the lake not to far away. I sat down on a long pier area and put my feet in the water ( they can't be evil it makes no sense, they can't be , if they are then everything was a lie and It just can't be ) :no:

15th May 2004, 03:37 PM
"It makes all the sense in the world, Elle. People you trust turn against you. It sucks, i know. But that's life." I shot back, getting annoyed.
I'd heard what Stormy had said. Sure, she told me where Xan was not the rest of the stuff... But i trust her.
"So how are you getting Hiro here?" Asked Xan.
"Simple. I do what i do best."
"What's that?"
"Steal someone's teleportation power and teleport myself home and back. It should work... I hope..."
I kissed him before running back to the school to sneak up on someone. I stuck my hands through the wall and grabbed someone with teleportation, stealing their power.
"Okay... There's no place like home..." I muttered, consentrating.
"WILLOW! What are you doing home?" Asked my dad.
I heard random shouts of japanese, non of which i tried to listen to. "Where's Hiro?"
"Upstairs. Are you-"
I ran upstairs and grabbed Hiro's hand. "You're coming with me."
We landed back on the beach infront of Xan. I stumbled a bit before sitting down on the sand. "Never again... Urg... I hate teleporting..."
"Ummm... Why am i here?" Asked Hiro, completly confused...
I'll play Hiro ^^

15th May 2004, 03:46 PM
There was loads of noise behind me but I didn't turn around I was sitting down crying and thinking if everythingg was a lie then what could we beleive I didn't know who I could trust anymore,I didn't know if I could trust willow or xan anymore but I forced myself to trust them because my life could have depended on it.I didn't beleive th people at school were the blackhawk squad they couldn't be if prof. Branden was so was robert and he couldn't be, could he,no of course he couldn't this was robert I was talking about he wasn't one of the black hawk squad.all of a sudden I felt someone put thier hand on my shoulder and I turned around.

16th May 2004, 08:45 AM
After Will had explained countless times about why i was there in both english and japanese, i went to have a look around. I figured that my imooto would like a little time alone with her lover boy.
"I heard that, baka!" Screamed Willow's voice in my head.
I laughed, she could be so funny at times. I may not be able to tell what people were thinking, but emotions were running around like they'd been set on fire. Most of them were bored. The boring people. Y'know, bored people are normally boring people themselves...
There was one odd emotion. Some one was sad. They didn't know who to trust. I kinda felt that now, having only just arrived. I wondered if anyone else had the same power as me... No one back home did...
I scuffed my bare feet a long the beach. She didn't think to let me grab my stuff, did she? Typical...
A suitcase full of my belongings plonked itself out of thin air onto the beach, kicking up sand. "Thanks, Will..."
"No problem."
I noticed some kid sat alone on the pier. She looked teary. She was the one who was all sad earlier...
I put my hand on her sholder. She stood up quickly, looking a little shocked at my jesture.
"Moshi moshi..." I said, saying the first thing that came to my head. "Ashikarazu..."
She looked at me blankly. She didn't speak japanese... I'm so stupid...
"Hello... I'm sorry..." I said quickly, trying to cover up my stupid-ness.
"Do you speak English?" She said quietly.
"Yes, i do. I forgot that not everyone speaks japanese..." I said, looking down at my shoes. "I'm Willow's brother, Hiro... If that makes any sense to you..."

16th May 2004, 08:57 AM
I wiped the tears off my face and smiled. "hey....I'm elizabeth,also known as Elle wich I don't like that much but what can you do?" I said, he smiled,
" so you're willows brother "
" yep, that's me "
" cool "
There was an awquard silence, I wasn't thinking any thing and I wasn't feeling anything it was like I was frozen.I hated that feeling.all of a sudden there was a horrible pain in my head where loads of people were thinking.I could hear thoughts from really far away and now they were piling up. "are you okay?" Hiro aked.I didn't awnser but I nodded this time the pain got worse and all things around started to float because of my telekinetic powers. I started to stumble then when the pain got worse I fell backwards and landed straight in the water.

guys/ girls jsyk if you wanna see my character go to here : http://www.rachel-bilson.com/images/videocaptures/theoc/03/019.jpg

16th May 2004, 09:18 AM
"Hey tall, dark and ugly!" I called out to Hiro, after holding Willow for a while, she was shaken from the teleportation.
"I don’t like him I thought to Willow
"Why?!" She glared at me
"Well maybe because he knows how I'm feeling and I don’t" I replied bitterly.
"And he doesn’t like me either"
"I'm sure he does" she replied without hesitation
"Oh wait, nope he doesn’t" she said again after reading his thoughts.
I held her for a bit longer, and then we both got up and headed towards the pier, Hiro was about to say something when suddenly Elle fell into the water and Hio jumped in after her and brought her back up, shaky and wet.
"I'm sorry" she said
"Too many thoughts…"
"She's weak" Thought Willow. "And She cant control her mind radius telepathy very well either"[i]
I simply nodded.
But Hiro's thoughts came loud and clear into my head, and apparently they did into Willows as well. [i]"She's terrified, frozen in fear"
"Ok well, we better get into action" I said, they all stared at me and awaited me to say more.
"Look Hiro and I will go to the school, we'll try and get the new students, if there are any good guys left you know. Hiro can you fight?" I asked.
"Yes" He said.
"Good because I cant" I said. I knew he sensed I was scared.
I continued anyways.
"Willow, listen up; Stormy said something about falling water, so I'm assuming the laboratory is at that place we'd been too the first night we were here." I paused for a moment remembering the events, and Willow knowing what I was thinking began to blush.
"Nothing, baka" replied Willow still blushing.
"Look just go there, and hide there you and Elle, wait for us, if we're not there by next nightfall then try and get someone teleporting powers Willow and get Elle out of here. I know what your all thinking, your all thinking why don’t we already do that. Well its because I'm not going without taking all those in the laboratory with me, any if anyone is against that, then say so"
And at dawn we began to move, not using out powers, just simple running. I hope this works…

16th May 2004, 09:34 AM
Me and willow sat there while Hiro and Xan ran off.my head still really hurt and a few things were randomly floating around but i tried to focus.
"this is stupid " I said
"just trust xan will ya?"
"I can't, It just doesn't seem right"
"there's nohting we can do"
"why because we're woman?"
"no...because you can't focus properly and I don't want to because I trust Xan"
"well I don't,I hate just sitting around doing nothing"
"so do I but we have no choice"
"yes we do"
"not really"
"yes we do"
I got up and started to walk but I stopped because my head started to hurt badly again.
"look elle you can't do anything,not in your state"
"I can try"
I sat down and rummaged through my bag ( which yes I do still have)
"is there any way of tracking xan?"
"I can track his thoughts"
I pulled out a wire from my bag and plugged one side into my laptop.I passed the other side to Willow.
"this might hurt but attach to your head we might be able to help"
Willow looked confused then did what I told her
"Try and track xans thoughts,you really have to focus for this willow"
she closed her eyes and focused a picture of xan and hiro running around came onto my laptop screen "it worked" I watched them trying to find there way around and then focused when they came to a huge boulder.I put all my energy into moving the boulder then it slowly lifted up and floated away.Willow took the wire off her head and I fell back from lack of energy my head hurt really bad alot worse then before
"Elle are you okay?"
"will be,just out of energy"
I breathed kinda slowly and my head hurt.I laid down on the sand and willow sat there.This is gonna be a long night.

16th May 2004, 09:57 AM
"Look, i know you don't wanna go anywhere, but i have to get you to the waterfall... And i'm not teleporting myself, it makes me woozie. I'll teleport you there, i'll teleport my bag here cos it has stuff i need and then i'll walk or run to the waterfall." I said before teleporting her off to the waterfall.
My bag appeared by my feet. I put it on and began to run to the waterfall.
I got to the forest surrounding the waterfall and stopped. Thoughts came crashing down on me. I fell to my knees, clutching my head.
"And you thought you weren't weak, Miss Sanders. Shame on you. You should have let me teach you better."
I looked up. Stood before me was Prof Branden. The thoughts left me. I couldn't even hear Xan anymore. There was silence inside me for the first time ever.
"You can teach me nothing."
"Oh, but i can."
"Nothing i can't find out for myself."
"That painting..." He said as it floated from my bag toward him, "It is very good. Pitty... It doesn't look as good as it did 20 years ago..."
"What are you talking about?"
"That's not you and your old lover in this painting. It's me and your mother 20 years ago when i was going out with her!"
I couldn't believe what i was hearing! HIM and my MOM! This was wrong, very wrong.
"So... This summer... Was all a lie? What happened?"
"You really want to know?" He asked, grinning evily from ear to ear.
Images flashed through my head. A table. I was strapped to a table. A needle? DNA? Screams. Many many screams. People wearing masks. Struggling. I was injected. I screamed louder. I passed out...
I opened my eyes. I was covered in cold sweat. I watched Prof Branden smirk and disappear before i passed out for real...

17th May 2004, 01:38 AM
I started to get bored so I went to look for willow,I walked up the forest then started to look around.Around 10 minutes later I found willow unconscience on the floor,I looked around and saw proffesser Branden standing in the tree.
"what did you do to willow?" I shouted
"nothing,I just told her what she wanted to know"
"what did you tell her?"
Proffesser Branden told me everything right there and then.He told me about willows mum,the injection and the memory.
"how can we get her original memory back"
"there is"
"she needs an injection"
"what injection?"
"you know wich one"
"no I don't"
"yes you do"
"tell me what injection it is!"
"you know,here's a clue : summer,you and robert"
As soon as he finished his sentance I went to speak but before I could say anything proffesser Branden jumped down from the tree and hung himself.I ran up to his body and tried to cut the rope with my nailfile but by the time it broke he was dead.I sat down on the ground with my head in my hands ( this isn't right, this has got to be a dream ) I pinched my arm to see if it was a dream ( ow, maybe it is real ).All of a sudden I felt something fall on my head,I looked up and saw rain coming down faster every second ( oh this is great rain ) I got up and walked over to willow I shook her and woke her up "what the......?"
"come on,we gotta go"
I grabbed her arm and we ran to find shelter in the area Xan told us to wait.

17th May 2004, 11:46 AM
I sat in silence. They'd lied. All of them. Mom, Dad and even Hiro... I knew that Hiro knew now... Thoughts had returned to normal. Everything seemed wrong... I didn't know who to trust apart from the obvious...
"Do you think they're ok?" Asked Elle, who was keeping watch.
"You know what i'm thinking..." I muttered, hiding my head in my knees.
Even though Prof Branden showed me those things, it still didn't explain much. I guess i was injected with something in the summer. I've had telepathy since i was born and ethreal since i was 12, so they hadn't changed that... There was only one thing that didn't make sence...
Why could i take peoples powers?
I found it rather disturbing that Prof Branden had hung himself. It was sick. Just because he didn't get my mom...
Hold on... How did i know that? I didn't know that before... I was remembering stuff... That could be good... But did i really want to know?
I got up slowly and made began to make my way out of the cave we'd hidden in.
"Where are you going?"
"To remember... To re-live... To live... To forget..." I said simply.
"It's still raining, you'll catch a cold."
"I like rain..."
I sat on a rock by the side of the waterfall. It looked so different than it did a few days before... It had looked so much more appealing... Today it looked gloomy and depressing. I watched the water and hoped that Xan and Hiro were okay...

17th May 2004, 12:13 PM
I went outside after a while and walked over to where willow was sitting
"I have good news"
"you do?"
"what is it?"
"I know where I can get the injection toget your memory back,me and robert made it one summer"
"do you want your memory back?"
"yeah...I guess"
"ok,I'll get robert to visit and bring the injection with him"
I went back into the cave and called Robert,he said he'd leave straight away and bring the injection.I went outside and told Willow.
"that's cool" She said
"yep...I wonder how Xan and Hiro are?"