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24th October 2004, 09:20 AM
Naurmir, the male Charmander's POV:

After Karin gave us our presents, our dad came along! I jumped on him happily, grabbing his tail and hugging it. He'd brought stuff for our birthdays too, and I looked curiously at the Hidden Power TM that he gave me. Aglárien got a Mimic TM which she was practicing already. I smiled as I saw her causing little disturbances in the pool, confusing pokémon that were trying to Surf around.

"What's my Hidden Power?" I asked my dad.

He told me, "Nobody knows yet. You have to find out by yourself. Try it!"

Grinning, I tried to tap into the new power I'd been given, but to no avail. I concentrated really hard but nothing happened, nothing at all. I began to get frustrated. How come Aglárien could do everything so easily and I couldn't?

Starting to get a headache, I ran outside, angry at myself for not being able to use my Hidden Power in front of my dad. I noticed as I passed that suddenly poisonous and thorned plants shot out of the ground. Surprised, I went to look at them. That was strange... Where did they come from?

As I went closer to look at them, no longer angry, just confused, the thorny weeds went away, to be replaced with elaborate rainbow-colored flowers.

25th October 2004, 06:30 PM
Darkfire's POV

I had no idea how I had gotten into this. I did NOT want to be around a bunch of Dragon Tamers... Excluding the fact that I was one of them.. for now.. I sighed and went around the back of the Eevee House and let my Pokemon out. Rayne blinked, looking around. Naois just looked up to me calmly, swinging his tail casually back and fourth, the flame on the end burning with power. Amaris didn'y even spare me a glance, she was already spinning around, taking everything in.

"Alright. I'm not really one for crowds, though perhaps you three might be able to get some info?" I requested, holding up a little book that I was taking notes in.

Rayne's POV

I nodded at Darkfire's request and scurried around. I was pleased at my new strengths that I had gained with my four levels from the Pond Room. Nothing like power. I stopped by the back door and glanced in. Nothing much to my liking. I went passed the door and slkowed when I was caught in a patch of warm sun. Soooo warm... I stopped and layed down, tucking my claws up underneath my shell. I wondered if anyone would susspect me of being any more than a rock...

Naois's POV

I watched Rayne scruuy off before walking off myself. Darkfire was a spy against the Dragon Tamers. So what? I strolled away passivly, not even stopping by the door. I didn't want to spy. I didn't even want to talk. Let Rayne and Amaris do Darkfire's dirt work, I'm up for a nap... Unless there is somewhere to train.. Maybe another time.

Amaris's POV

YAY! SPY! I bounced off after Darkfire had asked us to spy... I like to do that! I stalked off smoothly.. Uh.. Bouncing.. And peered inside of the house. Eevee House! I grinned widely and looked around for someone to ssssspppppyyyyyy on.

Darkfire's POV

I felt a bit worried. Rayne was very much like myself, and might go a bit overboard. Naois didn't really seem enthusiastic about my position, and while Amaris would definatly help, she was rather young and could accidentally let something slip. Being a spy was going to be very difficult... I sighed again and sat down by the back doore, opening up my book to review some notes I had taken already.

25th October 2004, 07:15 PM
..:: My POV ::..

Walking in, old memories come to mind... Memories of my older adopted pokemon, that I put in my PC. Well, I start anew today, and here I am...

Searching my coat, similar in fashion to Maxie, the leader of Team Magma, I find one Pokeball, and throw it out, relasing a Mawile, saying, "Go, Toothy!".

..:: Toothy's POV ::..

"Wha....wha....where am I", said Toothy Shyly...

..:: My POV ::..

"Well, Toothy, you, are at the Eevee House. It's a place I used to visit all the time...", I said, still remembering old times...

I then, walked further in, saying, "Hey, anyone remember me?"

TAG :: Anyone

26th October 2004, 12:31 PM
<My POV>

I stepped into the house and looked around. "Wow, there sure are a lot of Pokemon in here," I mumbled. I walked further in and took off my bag. "Okay, guys, it's time to come out now."
I released all my Pokemon. They all looked around, confused and curious to know what is this place they had materialized in.
"What is this place...?" Joash asked in childish wonder.
"This is the Eevee House. It's a place for you to socialize with other Pokemon like yourselves."
"Other Pokemon? You mean, trained Pokemon like us?" Kairi asked, smiling.
"Yeah, trained, just like you guys. Anyway," I continued. "As you can see, there's nice furniture, a kitchen, a pool..."
"A POOL!!" Rudo and Flashlight were delighted. They grinned and started dancing around.
I chuckled. "Heh... I guess you're already finding your place, huh guys? Well, what I want you to do is... try not to wreck anything here, okay? And be nice to the other trainers and their Pokemon."
I grinned. "You guys can go now."

<Ash's POV>

Everyone started running deeper into the Eevee house. Everyone except for Bakemono, who mumbled something mean under his breath and dissolved into the air, and Spinal, who cautiously walked off to hide in the kitchen.
Mori pulled my hand. "Ash, do you want to come with me?" he asked, looking hopeful.
I smiled. "Okay... it should be fun."
We started walking towards the others, Mori taking the lead and holding my hand, when we heard Shai call us. "Ash, Mori! Come here for a sec!"
Mori looked at me, puzzled. I shrugged. We made our way back to our trainer. "What's the matter, Shai?" I asked her when we approached.
"I have something to give you guys." she dug in her bag and pulled out two disk-like items. "These are for you."
Mori looked surprised. "For us? Wow... what are these?"
"Technical Machines," she replied. She handed us each one. I received a light purple disk, and Mori received a silvery one. "Just place them on your forehead."
"What do they do?" I asked. They looked a bit suspicious to me.
"Just try."
I gave Mori a look. He shrugged his shoulders. I nodded, and cautiously placed the disk on my forehead.
A weird feeling, a bit like static, spread from my forehead to my entire body. It was short and fast, and when it was finished, the disk was gone and my body was warm. I looked at Mori again. He looked baffled, trying to find the right words to use to express his confusion. "What... was that?" he asked.
"Well, Mori, you just learned Endeavor," Shai said. "And Ash, you just learned Toxic."
"Y-you mean... these disks taught us new moves?" I asked in disbelief.
"Yup! You can call them TMs."
"TMs..." I repeated. I felt myself smiling.
"Yeah. I thought you'd like them," Shai grinned. She gently pushed us towards the others. "Go on, you guys. There are Pokemon out there waiting to meet you."
"Alright! Thank you!"
"You're welcome!"

<My POV>

I smiled as they ran off, chattering about their new attacks in excitement. Suddenly, I saw something moving in the corner of my eye. I looked to see the rainbow egg I have been keeping in my bag rolling out. I chuckled and picked it up. "Can't wait, huh little guy?" I placed the egg back in the bag and closed it. "Soon, little guy. You'll be able to join the others soon."

28th October 2004, 06:01 PM
I'm just posting to enter Flame in the flying race in the 91-120 category so that there will be enough contendors to have the races. I'll edit a post in when i have time if no one else posts.

Level 37 Male Charizard
Knows: Scratch, Growl, Ancient Power, Ember, Seismic Toss, Smokescreen, Rage, Dig, Scary Face, Hidden Power Water, Flamethrower, Wing Attack, Mega Kick, Fissure, Aeroblast
Trait: Blaze (when HP is below 1/3, fire's power increases to 1.5 times. )
Speed ( 102 )

28th October 2004, 06:37 PM
Coming back, after leaving to get some more pokemon, after nobody responded to him, Kevin, let out his three Pokemon, Toothy, the Mawile, Nosy the Nosepass, and Drilltail, the Dunsparce. He then, let them roam around, with Toothy introducing them to the new world...

Pokemon's POV

"Hi, I'm Toothy, and you guys are?", said the Mawile, who had just overcome a little of his shyness.

"Well, I am Drilltail, according to Kevin", said the Dunsparce, who is gifted with extraordinary knowledge, unusual for his kind.

"And I am Nosy. Why do you ask?", nosily said the Nosepass, who always seemed to need to know more...

"Well, Nosy," said Toothy, "I needed to know your name, before we do anything here, as we are teammates, of the same Master."

"Duh!," said Drilltail, "It doesn't take even me to figure that out..."

"Well, lets go," said Toothy, "Anyone have an idea of where to go? I say we go to the playground..."

"Okay," said the other two, as they all walked to the Playground...

31st October 2004, 01:18 AM
im just here to let my pokemon hang out, *releases gerald and mia from their pokeballs*

13th November 2004, 01:47 PM
» Cheesey's POV «

I ran into the Eevee House as quickly as I could. Well, actually, I ran into the door of the Eevee House rather too quickly for my liking and got a bit of a nasty bang on the head. Cursing to myself, I slowed down and walked in through the double doors of the building.

It was the same as I had left it; not actually a huge building, but when you get inside, you'd think differently. The seemingly vast walls stretched up high to join the wide ceiling together with long beams. The whole place was spacious, with a mixed atmosphere. It seemed peaceful, but bustling with activity at the same time. I walked into the room and had a sit on the settees. I was tired from having walked quite a distance and also getting into a needless fight against a rather ferocious little Torchic. And it hadn't helped that I'd just run into a door.

There was nobody else on the sofas with me, so I moved over a little bit - I was sitting on a cushion and for some reason it had been rather uncomfortable - and grabbed the remote control for a nearby television. I was just about to turn the TV when I felt a rather weird shaking at my belt. I looked down to see who it was, and funnily enough, it was Imarad. I picked the ball up, opened it rather catiously, and let Imarad out beside me.

She wouldn't talk to me. I think it was because I hadn't let her out of her pokeball for a while, but I'd rather she'd takl to me about it instead of sulking. At least she wasn't throwing a tantrum, because I hate it when she does that - Everyone looks at us funny. I figured the best way to let it pass would be to leave her alone until she felt like talking to me again, so I left her to fume on her own. I turned on the TV with the remote (after many tries - someone should get new batteries for this ruddy thing) and watched the news.

It wasn't terribly exciting. It was mainly about the weather around Caledor. I pondered over it for a while, because I didn't know whether to continue watching or whether to go and find someone to talk to or something to do. I didn't come to any sort of conclusion because I'm rather indecisive, so I decided to be annoying and poke Imarad until she spoke to me. Poke... poke... prod... She was getting a little frustrated with me, I could tell. Her fur was feeling bristly like it usually does when she's irritated. I continued to prod her in a vain attempt to make her speak to me, but it was to no avail.

It got kinda boring after a while. Well, I say a while, but I mean about ten minutes. But I stopped anyway because the TV had started making funny noises. I looked at it suspiciously. I'm not used to having the telly make weird noises at me, Maybe it was trying to tell me something. Maybe it was-

"Special News Bulletin!" cried the mad newsreader on the television. She had hair that stuck out all over the place and a huge pair of horn rimmed spectacles with thick lenses.
"The Free Range Coral is under siege by a group of Smeargle. We don't know where this gang of painters has come from, but they are running amok for no identifiable reason. The worst part being that they have a huge array of moves at their disposal, so we cannot predict what they will do, nor what will happen as a consequence of this event."

I looked at the TV for a wihle. It took me a few minutes to actually grasp what the newsreader had been saying because she had such a weird accent - it sounded like some sort of bumblebee high on caffeine - but it got through to me in the end. Then Imarad suddenly spoke to me. Spoke, as in shouted at the top of her voice in my ear.

"Well? We have to do something about that!"
"We do? Won't it get sorted out by someone else?"
"You're a bit of an idiot, aren't you? We've just heard about it on the news. You have an angry Zangoose who needs to let out her anger on something. Why not the Smeargle who are rampaging for no reason in one of the nicest places in Caledor?"

I had to admit she had a point. Something had to be done and there was no guarantee that anyone else was going to do something about it. So I guess that I should go there and do something about it... Meh... I can't be bothered really. But I shouldn't sit here whilst something like this is going on...

"Come on Imarad. We're going to the Free Range Coral."
"Finally come to your sense, eh?" she joked.

16th November 2004, 09:52 AM
Beaky's POV

I shot a quick glare at Archangel before turning to the pokeball. "Ruki, this is Beaky. Your sister told me what happened. You shouldn't let a little thing like your looks get you down. Besides, there's too many Umbreon around here that look the same. You should be glad that you look different."

Cloud's POV

"It all started when we both lived in the Crystal Caves Meadow. Our herds grazed right next to each other. After a long time of just staring at her and wishing that I could talk to her, I finally did. I barely got past 'hi' when some male Girafarig stepped in and beat me up. Bad. He said that I had no business being here and that I should stick to my own flock.

"I stayed with my flock for a couple of days and tried again. Finally I got a response from Kawaii. Called me a weakling and psychically threw me into a bush. I tried a couple more times and got the same response. She's gentler today, but back then she was a witch." I chuckled. "One day something scared our herds and scattered us. We finally found each other again but I couldn't find Kawaii. My siblings told me that I shouldn't go looking for her after what she did to me. I gathered the courage to separate myself from the flock and go looking for her. I had a few adventures before I ran into my trainer and eventually Kawaii. My new, more confident attitude didn't charm her. That and she kinda had a boyfriend by then."

18th November 2004, 04:24 PM
Well i was going to have a long post but seeing as i lost what i had saved and possibly all my other documents on the computer i'm just posting to evolve Lani. x.x and maybe a little bit for ruki. Not as descriptive as i had wanted it to be but oh well when the comp messes up your plans........

(Amy's POV)

I pulled out the Rock Smash SM that i had gotten for coming in second in the Solar games as well as a fire stone out of my pack. Lani had been thinking about evolving for a little while now, and i finally felt that she was ready for it. As I looked around for her, i found her nuzzling Huan, Karin's houndour. The pair of them barked and ran over when they saw me. I scratched Huan between his ears before turning to Lani. "I have a Rock Smash SM for you." She nodded, knowing that i had earned it for coming in second in the Solar Games as well as a dive and a cut SM. As soon as she learned the move I put the Fire Stone behind my back. "Do you still want to evolve?" I asked her. She gasped when she fully understood what i was asking. She turned to Huan who gave a supportive nodd. "Yeah, I want to evolve." "All right." I said. "I had been waiting because i didn't think that you were ready but now that i think you are..." with that i stopped talking and held out the fire stone. She gave Huan a nuzzle, as he gently licked her face. Then she stepped forward and touched the Fire Stone. Almost immediately, Lani was enveloped and a dazzling white glow. As we watched, the little puff of fur on her head grew longer until it was a mane, and her stripes became more pronounced as her muzzle elongated and was more pointy. Finally she began to grow. As I watched amazed, she was soon taller than i was and she was still growing. Finally the glow faded and she had grown into an beautiful Arcanine. She had a twinkle in her eyes and my eyes widened. She pounced and knocked me down and licked my face. Then she let me up and walked over to Huan.

(Ruki's POV)

When i heard Beaky what he said made sense but i didn't want to be laughed at anymore. Opening the pokeball up a crack, "Promise you want laugh?" I asked before closing it again.

19th November 2004, 12:06 PM

"Hmm... what's wrong buddy? I thought you would be happy with all the dark Pokemon I have!" I said and scratched Baito between the ears. My new Mightyena's head was between his paws, and his eyes were closed. "Nothing." He said in a low tone. I frowned and placed my elbows on my knees, holding my head with my hands. I then looked up at the tree we were sitting under. The sunlight cascaded through the slits in the leaves, creating a heavenly presence under its mighty branches.

"Why don't you go help Archangel and Beaky, they're trying to get an Umbreon to talk. I'm sure that having another Pokemon there would help boost confidence!" I said and nudged Baito. He slowly opened his eyes, and got up, stretched his legs and walked over to Archangel and Beaky.


"What are you doing here?" I hissed at Baito as he slowly walked over. Beaky turned. "Who's this?" He said and looked up. "It's just Baito, one of the team. You don't mind if he's here, do you?" I said. Beaky nodded. "Your trainer really likes dark ypes, doesn't he?" Beaky said, and turned back towards Ruki's Poke Ball.

"I promise, we won't laugh." He said and nealt towards the Poke Ball. The slit closed for a second, and then opened to its full extent, and a beam of red energy exploded out, and it began to take shape, revealing a shiny Umbreon with an Eevee mane. I smiled. Beaky jumped happily. "You look great Ruki! Much better than a normal Umbreon! The mane makes you look... uh... how should I say it-"
"Noble." Baito said. Ruki froze for a second, losing the smile on his face. "Who are they?" Ruki asked.
"These are Archangel and Baito, friends, their trainer is Linc, you may have heard of him. Archangel here helped me find you."
"Oh, well hello. Do you really think I look noble?"

Baito nodded silently. "well, me and Baito should be off now. Nice to meet you Ruki, see you guys." I said and flapped my wings, and shot into the air, and saw Baito slowly walk away.


"Nice job, Baito. Here, take this." Linc said and put his hand in his backpack, and pulled out a navy blue bandana. He placed it around my neck, and I smiled. I sniffed the air, and looked at the tree Linc was sitting under. I felt my tail become heavy as I charged my Iron Tail, and I spun around, smashing the tree with my tail, and leaves rustled, and Nightmare fell out, hitting the ground with a thud. She smiled and got back up, and spoke. "So, you like life as a tame Pokemon so far?" She said. I nodded.
"Well, then let's see how you fare in a battle in an environtment outside the South Caverns. I challenge you to a battle at the fair, no rules, just the first to get KO'd loses." She said and smiled.
"I accept. We battle tomorrow." I said and bounded away.

Knight of Time
19th November 2004, 05:49 PM

Ah, the Eevee House was in my sights once again. After months of not being around here, I made the firm decision to stay with my true friends as much as I could. Unfortunately, one thing I just couldn't get over was the fact that I was missing all my old adopted/capturedPokemon too much, especially Chaos, my old adopted Houndour, who I almost had a chance to evolve and Cybertron, my old adopted Porygon2. But, now that I had a few all-new Pokemon companions, I calmly walked into the Eevee House for the first time in roughly two-thirds of a year, greeting many of my old friends happily. As I sat down on one of the sofas inside, I took out a Pokeball, enlarged it, and opened it up to reveal a male Skarmory who I had adopted days ago.

"Huh? Who are you?" the Skarmory asked.

"I'm DarkPrince, but many of my friends call me Kyle. I couldn't think of a name for you until now, but I think this name will suit you just fine. How about I call you Vector?" I asked my Skarmory.

"Not a bad name at all. I really like it. Vector it is!" declared Vector, smiling.

Introducing Vector to my old friends, I looked around the Eevee House to see if I could make a few new friends who I was not yet familiar with...

21st November 2004, 06:29 PM
Huan, the male Houndour's POV:

I was grinning from ear to ear. "Lani... You look absolutely stunning," I said. Arcanine were such beautiful creatures... I felt proud that she had the courage to evolve like that. Doing it took some guts.

Still smiling, I nuzzled her. I realized that she was a lot bigger than me now, and I'd have to tiptoe a bit to reach her face. It didn't matter to me, though. Her fur was so soft...

"Uh..." I brought up a topic that just came to mind. "I guess I can't catch you in tag, now, huh?"

23rd November 2004, 12:22 PM
Casey's POV

I returned to the Eevee House after I helped catch some new Pokemon. I couldn't wait to see Mama and Daddy! I started running but Shonta called me back. "I have something for you." She pulled out a TM. "It's called Take Down. "It's stronger than a tackle, but it kinda hurts." She opened the box and turned on the TM. "Now run along and have fun. I have a Calm Mind TM for Kawaii."

I went back to running. I finally found Daddy, but I didn't recognize the Pokemon she was with. Then I remembered that it was an Arcanine, and that I would become one someday. I slowly walked up to the Arcanine. "Mama?"

Kawaii's POV

I stood in the shade of a large tree and looked out among the Pokemon. I enjoyed the break from Cloud and the other guys in my team. Shonta approached me as my eyes grew heavy and stroked my head. "Calm Mind," she said softly.


"I got you Calm Mind." She gave me a TM and sat next to me. Her eyes locked on the gold chain. "Nice. Who gave it to you?"

"My friend Jovi did. He also gave me this Status Coin, although I have no idea what it does."

"Must be a pretty good friend to give you such presents. Well, if you don't mind, I think I'll just hang out with you."

24th November 2004, 10:25 AM
Huan, the male Houndour's POV:

I grinned as I looked at our daughter; she was so energetic.

"Mama?" She asked tentatively.

"Yes, this is your mother," I answered her. Walking up to Casey, I nuzzled her softly. "She just evolved. One day, you'll be a graceful Arcanine like her." I gazed at Lani smiling, with light in my eyes. She was so beautiful...

24th November 2004, 02:27 PM
(Colby’s POV)

“Hey Tiny, let’s go find Amy?” “Why?” “Because I heard that she got us each a TM.” “Really?” “Yep.” I replied with a grin before taking off running with Tiny in hot pursuit. I saw Amy, so I slammed on the brakes, unfortunately, Tiny didn’t see Amy or me stop, and he plowed into me sending us hurtling into Amy knocking her down. “Oops…” I said. Amy just chuckled as she got back to her feet and brushed herself off. “Try to be a bit more careful in the future.” she advised as she picked up her bag. Reaching inside, she pulled out two TM boxes. “While you’re both here, I got these for you the other day.” she explained as she handed us each an identical TM box. “I got each of you an Odor Sleuth TM. “Thanks, I told her while taking mine.” I hit Tiny with my tail, and he just gave her a grin. When Amy was out of earshot, I turned to look at Tiny. “Aren’t you ever going to talk to her?” “Yeah, but only when I feel that I’m ready. I just don’t feel like it right now.” I nodded and gave my brother a nuzzle. “It’s all right, I understand.

(Nuria’s POV)

As I was staring up at the flying pokemon, a skarmory and a pidgey seemed to collide. The pidgey then landed with a loud crash beside me causing me to jump backwards in alarm. “Er, sorry about that.” the pidgey apologized. “It’s quite all right,” I told her. “My name is Nuria.” “Mine’s Ryau.” “Nice to meet you,” I said as I returned my gaze up to the rafters. “So, what’s it like to actually be able to fly?” I asked.

(Darin’s POV)

I looked over at Harle. “Food… where’s the kitchen? Want to go there?” I nodded my head yes. My ears flicked this way and that, as I sniffed the air trying to locate where the source of the food was. Harle seemed to sense it about the same time that I did. Looking at each other, we nodded, taking off towards the source of the tantalizing smells.

(Zale’s POV)

I nodded at Lyra and smiled, before heading off to the storage closet. Halfway there, I glanced back, before continuing on my way. Once I had reached the closet, I groaned. Someone had moved the kiddie pool way to the back of the closet. I eventually made my way over to the pool and began to extricate it from the closet.

(Angel’s POV)

When Daddy took off, I tried to follow him but the blue thingy he called Lyra had a hold of me. I settled down though I tried to scratch my head but I was unable to. She was talking to me. I wasn’t sure exactly what she was saying but, “B…” I tried to say and looked up at her.[/color]

(Flame’s POV)

When Naurmir took off running, I took to the air and followed him For a little while, I watched him and grinned when I notice the plants sprouting as he ran past. When he stopped and turned to look at them, they changed. I flew over to where he was and landed. “Nice. Grass typed.” I said and Naurmir jumped. “That’s a good one. It’ll be really helpful.” My son looked up at me. “What kind do you have?” he asked. “Water.” I answered before watering the plants that Naurmir had created with his hidden power. “So, do you like it?” I asked him.

(Jovi’s POV)

I was outside practicing in the training area when a shadow from above caught my attention. I quickly looked up and managed to get a glimpse of a pidgeot before it disappeared into the bush. Could that have been? Nah, I thought as I pushed the idea that it could have been Mom out of my mind. Lani and I hadn’t heard from her in a long time.

I closed my eyes as I concentrated on building the electricity up in my fur. I took a deep breath before opening my eyes. Then aiming, I released the bolt of electrical energy into a single bolt that slammed into the target. “Nice.” I said happily with both the power and the accuracy of that thunderbolt. Suddenly, I froze. I had heard a twig snap. Turning towards the source of the sound, I saw an umbreon disappear into the foliage.

My eyes widened. I spun around and ran inside the Eevee House. I saw Lani with Huan and Casey. I noticed that Amy had finally let her evolve she had been talking about it with me and Amy. She hadn’t told anyone else that she was wanting too. Dad was busy with Flare, Cara and my new little half brother. I needed to go somewhere private where I could think. I saw Kawaii out of the corner of my eye. She was looking in my direction but I don’t know if she saw me or not. I quickly took off using my extremespeed. I just had to go somewhere where I could think.

(Ruki’s POV)

I heard Beaky say “I promise we won’t laugh.” When he said that, I finally decided to come out. Upon materialization, Beaky seemed to like my new look. It wasn’t until one of the other pokemon that was around spoke that I realized that we weren’t alone. “Who are they?” I asked ready to retreat back into my pokeball the instant anyone laughed. Luckily, no one did. After Beaky explained who they were, the two dark types left.

Amy upon noticing that i was out of my pokeball came over. “Glad to see that you are out and about.” Turning to Beaky, she told him thanks. Then she pulled something out of her bag and placed it around my neck. When I looked down, I noticed that it was a collar. “I got that for you before… before the incident. But I haven’t had a chance to give it to you until now.” After Amy had explained that, she walked away.

I looked over at Beaky again. “So you really think that I look okay?” He nodded in agreement as he answered with a “Yeah.” Grinning, I leaped into the air and pounced on him. “Ack,” Beaky managed to get out a split second before I landed on him. “You’re it.” I called over my shoulder as I took off running.

(Lani’s POV)

“Lani… you look absolutely stunning,” Huan told me. I immediately began blushing. He then began to nuzzle me and I nuzzled him back. A few minutes later, he stopped and looked up at me. Uh... I guess I can't catch you in tag, now, huh?" “Maybe, maybe not.” I said with a twinkle present in my eyes. “Wanna find out?” However, our game of tag seemed to be put on hold as Casey came running over. She happily ran over to Huan and nuzzled him. Casey looked at me and then to Huan. Then she slowly approached me. “Mama?” she asked tentatively. “Yes, this is your mother," Huan answered as he walked over to Casey, and nuzzled her. "She just evolved. One day, you'll be a graceful Arcanine like her." Huan replied as he looked over at me and I could feel my blush deepening. I gave Lani a nuzzle myself. “I may look different, but I’m still the same old me. So do you like it?” I asked her.

(Dakota’s POV)

“Where’s Mommy?” Aiko asked. She was perched on top of my head looking out between my ears. “She should be around here somewhere.” I answered, as I walked back into the Eevee House. Aiko had had to return home so that she could find her earring. She had taken it off when she was playing with Angel and forgot to put it back on. Aiko had refused to stop crying until I had taken her home and gotten the earring back for her. I almost had a heart attack when I entered. Lani was with Huan, but she had evolved. Now she was a whole lot bigger and stronger than I was and who knew what she would do. I saw Ai a little ways off staring into space. I shook myself as Aiko held on. “Do it again Daddy!” “Later,” I told her as I trotted over to Ai. “A penny for your thoughts…” No response. Aiko then noticed her mom and jumped down from my back with a happy squeal. “Mommy!” she shouted happily as she pounced on Ai. Needless to say, that got a reaction.

27th November 2004, 04:54 PM
Naurmir, the male Charmander's POV:

I clapped my hands happily as my dad watered the flowers. "Do it again!" I urged, then danced around as I made shoots sprout out of the ground. Their faces opened yellow, red, lavender, white, sky blue... I couldn't believe that I had this kind of power. I finally could do something that Aglárien couldn't, and I wasn't jealous of her, but rather proud of myself, proud that I might have a chance to keep up with my sister after all. “Daddy! I can make flowers!” I smiled, then grabbed playfully at his tail.

Ai, the female Skitty’s POV:

I hadn’t seen Dakota in a long time. He was a strong Mightyena, a tall, handsome figure that I’d missed a lot. Truthfully, I was a little mad that he hadn’t come to see me earlier. He asked me a question but I pretended not to hear.

He did come, though, and I couldn’t stay mad for long; Aiko pounced on me squealing “Mommy!” and I forgot all about being cranky.

“My dear little Aiko,” I smiled, playing with the hair on her head. I rubbed my paw against the back of her ears and then started to tickle her. “Why didn’t you come see your mother sooner?”

27th November 2004, 08:19 PM

"Well Mom, me and Hakan should be going. I'll see you later." I said. Mom looked back and nodded. "By honey!" She said, and I turned around and walked off.

I decided to look for Static. I figured he'd be at either the Training Area, the Kitchen, or just walking around. I looked in the Training Area first, and saw him launch a black Thunderbolt at a target, and hit it dead-on.

"Mind if I join you?" I said and placed Hakan on the ground. "Nope. Watch this!" He said and charged another Thunderbolt, but aimed towards a target that he turned a little. When he fired, it bounced off, hit another target, and then hit a tree.

I smiled. "Watch and learn!" I said, and blasted a flurry of Embers at the same target, which bounced off the next into another, and they kept bouncing everywhere. Suddenly, a blast of water flew out towards the targets and collided with my Ember attack.

I froze and looked at Hakan, who was smiling and gigling with a blue aura around him. "He learnt to do his Hidden Power!" I said and nuzzled him. He smiled and fired a Hidden Power into the air, which exploded and rained water from above. Static smiled. Suddenly, I heard a voice in my mind. <Cara! Get Static and Hakan, Galenia and Aeragorn's egg is hatching!> It said, and I realized it was Rayku. I looked at Static, who must have heard it also, and I placed Hakan on my back again and used my Quick Attack to weave aroudn the building, and skidded to a halt near Linc, who had the group huddled around him.

I edged closer and saw it. There was a long crack in it, and every once in a while, it glowed light green. "What? Why is it doing that?" I said. Rayku looked at me and smiled. "Dragon energy. Its exploding with the power of Dragons." I remembered when Sai, the delivery Swellow, delivered the egg. He had a Salamence with him, and he said it was because there were some attacks in the sky lately. The Salamence accidentally fired a Hidden Power: Dragon, and the egg somehow absorbed the energy.

Rayku looked at me. "That Salamence somehow changed the egg's traits. It shouldn't do anything major, but I read the thing inside, and it's still gonna be a Pidgey." She said and smiled.

Suddenly, spikes of dragon energy tore through the shell. Green streams of flames wrapped around the spikes, and Dragon energy poured from the egg onto the ground, and covered everything around with a green light. Soon, more cracks appeared, and the egg soon exploded with green flames. In its place sat a small Pidgey, its eyes closed, and its wings were closed upon its body.

Then I noticed something. Its wings, for some reason, were a bit larger than they should have been, along with the tail feathers, but not too noticeable,probably only two inches longer. But the thing that really surprised me was that its pupils were a bit thinner than they should have been, like a serpent's but then returned back to normal. Linc walked over to ti and cleaned it, and examined it. "It's a girl." He said and picked her up. her eyes fluttered open,but it still was not moving to much, except for ruffling her feathers, and adjusting her position a little. She then looked up slowly, and yawned, in the process, launching a small blast of green fire. "What do you know? Her Hidden Power is Dragon typed!" Linc said and smiled. Linc held it close to him. "I'll call her... Everwing." He said. We all smiled.

28th November 2004, 10:26 AM
(Flame's POV)

I chuckled, it seemed that Naurmir did indeed like his birthday present. As soon as i had watered the planted created by his hidden power he danced around happily asking me to do it again and making more flowers sprout. I happily obliged him and watered the flowers before Naurmir ran behind me and playfully grabbed ahold of my tail. Making sure that he had a firm grip on it first, i then lifted him up and placed him on my shoulder with my tail. "That was fun!" he cried happily.

(Aiko's POV)

“My dear little Aiko, why didn’t you come see your mother sooner?” Mommy asked as she messed with the fur on my head. I giggled as she tickled me. "Daddy been teaching me to make the sun fall and the rain shine." I told Mommy proudly with a huge smile on my face. She looked a bit confused at first but then smiled and nodded as if someone had told her somethign but i hadn't heard a word.

(Dakota's POV)

I smiled to myself as Aiko tried to explain that i was helping her learn Sunny Day and Rain Dance. Of course with her still being a kid she got it mixed up and Ai looked confused. <She means i was teaching her to make the sun shine and the rain fall. In other words Sunny Day and Rain Dance.> I explained to Ai using my hidden power. Ai nodded and grinned. <She picked up Sunny Day extremely fast but it isn't surprising seeing as her hidden power type is fire.> I smiled a sad smile. "I'm sorry that i haven't been here in a while, but i did get you a little something. I know that it doesn't excuse the fact, but i hope you like it. It's a hidden power TM." I pulled the box out of my fur where i had stuck it and handed it to Ai. Aiko grinned and looked up at Ai. "Open it Mommy! It got to be good. Daddy wouldn't get nothing bad to you."

28th November 2004, 12:34 PM

“What’s it like? Well, it’s…”
I paused for a second, realising that I had never really considered it. Flying was just…natural to me.
“It’s great, it just feels right. Though I’ve only just really started flying properly. That was awful, not being able to fly….uh”
She sighed at that, looking forlorn; wincing at what I’d said, I noticed Deveus trotting over and motioning to Rage and Caelest, both who promptly spun round and flew in the direction he had come from.
Actually, seeing Rage brought an idea to my mind.
“Well, if you want to fly, and you’d be willing to put up with his attitude, I might be able to sweet-talk Rage into giving you a lift. What do you think?”
Even as I spoke, Rage came flapping back, laughing over something, followed at a distance by Caelest.
“Hey kiddo, now I can really fly.”
“He means he just learnt Fly.”
Caelest muttered, landing beside us.
“And I just learnt Sweet Scent.”
“Oh, right.…Rage? Can you do me a favour? I was wondering if you’d give Nuria here a ride for a while?”
He fell silent, surveyed me for a second, then shrugged and dropped down beside us.
“May as well.”
“You up for a ride, Nuria?”


Darting beside Darin’s side, the two of us noticed the half-open door at the same time, through which the enticing smells were leaking. Darin grinned at me, before we automatically began to race towards it.
He pulled ahead immediately, but I might not have lost that badly if Fizz hadn’t chosen to dive bomb me from the ceiling, resulting in me tumbling into a heap on the floor.
As she flew off looking very pleased with herself, I dragged myself back up and limped over to rejoin Darin, who’d stopped at the entrance and was grinning as I approached.


I almost died of laughing after Fizz dived at Harlequin, but before I could do anything else, my eye was caught by a glint of light reflecting off of a Skarmory that was hanging around by some guy I vaguely recognised seeing here before.
Surveying him curiously for a second, another flash of light caught his Skarmory; chuckling, I leapt away from the rafter, drawn instinctively towards the spark.
Diving down, he suddenly turned and saw me; stalling for a second, I managed to stop in time and hovered in front of him, trying to regain my dignity.
“Er, hi. I’m Latino. Haven’t seen you around here before.”

29th November 2004, 04:55 PM
Nuria, the female Charmander's POV:

"Wow, really?" I asked, looking in awe at the majestic Skarmory. He had his powerful wings spread out. Normally the blades would have seemed a little intimidating, but I was overwhelmed by the thought of flying. I wondered how long it would be until I had wings of my own.

For a moment I thought I'd lost my voice; I was so excited. But then I managed to speak my answer. "I'd love to fly," I said, and hopped onto the metallic falcon's back.

Ai, the female Skitty's POV:

I smiled at Dakota; I'd realized that it didn't matter that he hadn't been there, only that he was here now. "It's all right," I said, nuzzling him. "I guess you've been busy with things. I'm just glad I have time with you now." I tickled Aiko some more, then pawed at the box while she watched excitedly.

The light surrounded me, and when it faded I felt that I was no longer the same. Something inside of me had awakened, something that had laid buried before, hidden away from sight and touch.

Curious to find out what my Hidden Power was, I tried to tap into my energy resources, and without realizing it, I splashed everyone around me with water. I guess that answered my question. "I'm so sorry!" I apologized, looking at the drenched Dakota. Aiko seemed to enjoy it, though; she was giggling uncontrollably.

30th November 2004, 09:46 AM
Beaky's POV

I chuckled to myself as Ruki ran off. "He's still the same kid, although he got a little too heavy for the pouncing thing," I said to myself. I raised my wings, getting ready to fly after him, when I saw Cinder in the corner of my eye. "What do you want?"

"Wow. Didn't know that you had a soft spot for kids. No wonder you're so sweet around Casey."

I puffed my feathers. "Is that the only reason you're here? To make fun of me?"

"No!" he shouted defensively. "Well, yeah."

"Buzz off. I'm gonna play with Ruki a bit."

"Aren't you a little old to be playing with him?" I growled at him. "Fine! Just meet me at the training area. Don't want to be rusty when it's time for battle, do you?" He left me, and I left to search for Ruki.

Casey's POV

I looked up at Mama. She looked so big and powerful. "You look so cool, Mama! I'm going to be just like you one day! I'm gonna go train right now!" I saw Uncle Cinder run past me and followed him.

Uncle Cinder stopped when he saw me. "Whoa, where's the fire?"

I cocked my head at him. "There's no fire. You're so silly! Could you help me train?"

"Sure! We'll start with this dummy. I heard Shonta gave you Take Down. Just tackle that thing as hard as you can."

"Okay!" I charged at the dummy and hit it as hard as I could. It fell to the ground. But my paws hurt as I landed on the ground. "Ow! What happened? Did I do it wrong?"

"No, Casey. It just hurts a bit to do Take Down. But it hurts your opponent even more."

Kawaii's POV

I saw a yellow blur pass my eyes. I wasn't sure, but it could've been Jovi. "Jovi?"

Shonta looked up at me. "I see that blush. That Pokemon's your boyfriend!" She laughed out loud.

That only made me blush more. "That's not funny!" I kicked her lightly. Now my peace was disturbed. I decided to try out my Calm Mind and closed my eyes. All of a sudden the world got quiet. I could only hear my breathing. I felt a strong psychic presence behind me. I knew that the black Kadabra that I call Papa was watching me.

2nd December 2004, 05:03 PM
(Dakota's POV)

I wasn't exactly sure what to expect when Ai tried to tap into her hidden power. One thing for sure i wasn't expecting was to get soaking wet. "Yow, thats cold." I said. Immediately, Ai apologized. "I'm so sorry!" "Don't worry about it i said, with a twinkle in my eye. I pulled Ai close and gave her a hug and got her wet as well. Then i let her go and shook myself dry, which caused Ai to burst out laughing when my fur stood out in every which direction. I quickly smoothed it down before giving her another hug. "You are so beautiful." I whispered in her ear. She really was. "How are you doing?" I asked her. By now, Aiko was busy chasing her tail and she wasn't paying much attention to us at the moment.

(Ruki's POV)

I had to admit my darker fur made it easier for me to hide. I was hiding in the shadows as I waited for Beaky. I wondered if he could find me. I had found a decent hiding space in the shadows. I smiled, pleased with myself. Of course I forgot about my rings, i hadn't learned to control them yet.

(Jovi's POV)

I made it to the secret spot before i stopped. By now i was out of breath because i had raced straight her. That couldn't have been her. She left us for a life in the wild and never so much stopped in for a visit. If it was Mom, why would she be checking up on me now after being gone for so long. "What is going on?" I finally asked no one in particular. Then i heard a tree branch snap and i spun around. No one could have followed me becuase i was moving to fast to be seen, as well as going the round about way so it had to be one of the only few that knew the location of this place. I turned around to see who it was.

3rd December 2004, 02:54 AM
Connors POV

As a matter of correct ettiquete, I removed my sunglasses before entering the Eevee House. The doors seemed to swing open easilly, probably caused by a mix of adrenaline and nerves surrounding my first time into the Eevee House.

I heard Maria give off a slight gasp at the mere atmosphere of the area we had just entered - Pokemon of all varities and from all regions of Ulthuan were scuttling around the place, their trainers close behind.

Dante remained emotionless. Following his abandonment and immediate adoption at the Dragon Tamers Adoption Center, he was most obviously traumatized by the incident. I wasnt quite sure as to what I should do as his new trainer, and battled myself with the thought that I wasnt good enough to be anyones trainer.

Maria easilly found a fresh patch of grass to sit on. It felt like a cushion, adding to the serene experience like frosting on a Birthday cake. "So..." I turned to both Maria and Dante. "This is it."

3rd December 2004, 02:55 PM

As I was walking out of the Eevee House with Imarad, I bumped into her and stumbled as she stopped dead in her tracks. "What's wrong?" I asked her quietly. She was breathing very quietly and glaring to her right.
"Over there. They're looking at us."
"... Oh, don't be silly, Imarad. That's Connor. He's been part of the Dragon Tamers for years. You won't know him, though.

I walked over to Connor sitting on the grass with his two pokemon. "Hi," I said, rather sheepishly. "Haven't seen you here in a while. How've you been lately?"

As I spoke to Connor I let out my Blissey, Hera, and my Togetic, Quartz, to get some fresh air. They started to speak to Maria quite cheerfully; I knew they'd be friendly and welcoming. I couldn't say the same thing for Imarad, though, who was sitting on the grass in front of me pickig away at the grass to try and contain her frustration of being held up. She wanted to go and sort out the Smeargle she'd heard about - she didn't have any time for dilly dallying! I didn't really mind though, as Imarad really does need to learn that she can't get everything all the time and she must have patience. Besides, Hera, Quartz and Maria seemed to be getting on really well, and I hadn't spoken to Connor in ages...

3rd December 2004, 06:09 PM
Connors POV

I would be a moron not to notice the connection between Maria and Chris' Pokemon, however I was distracted. It was difficult trying to be nice to Chris and carry a conversation, while still worrying about Dante. He had sat next to a lake, watching several Magicarp jump in the distance.

"Could you excuse me for a minute?" I asked before going to sit next to him. Dante turned to me, "Why Connor?". A feeling of bewilderment came over me. I had no idea what he was talking about, let alone an answer to his question. Instead, I looked back. Maria was having the time of her life with Hera and Quartz.

I turned to Dante, "She looks happy. Would it be wrong?". Not expecting an answer, I was shocked when Dante turned to me, looked me in the eye, and spoke, "I dont think its your decesion to make."

3rd December 2004, 06:22 PM

I sat on the grass, my knees folded up and my arms wrapped around them. I watched Hera and Quartz with Maria; it made me happy to see them playing so happily. The two of them seemed to have instantly clicked with Maria in the same way that they did when they first met each other. Then I turned my head down to Connor and Dante. I wondered if he was okay... Dante, I mean. He seemed unhappy, although I'm sure I don't know the whole story. I rubbed my eyes and took a look at Imarad, who had calmed down by now. She was lying on the ground, practically falling asleep. I brushed her fur, which wasn't as bristly as it normally is.

But I think Imarad had fallen asleep. So again, I had a look at the three playful pokemon about a metre away from me. Quartz and Maria were both flying about above Hera's head, and Hera was laughing. A lot. It somewhat took me by surprise that they were all so happy together; Hera and Quartz had grown so close, and yet, they were so willing to accept someone new. It was simply a lovely sight to see.

3rd December 2004, 06:39 PM
Connors POV

"Do you want to come with me?" I asked Dante. "Im fine." he replied, his voice seemingly softer than the rest of our previous conversation. Maria glanced up as I motioned for her to come and speak to me. Chris remained in the grass, lying down and by the looks of things, Hera and Quartz were decidedly peeved for me to have taken away their new friend.

"Listen, Maria. Um, you've been with me for what, a year or so now?" She nodded. "Ive been talking, well, communicating with Dante. Are you happy with me as your trainer?" Maria coiled her long body, her wings folding themselves in. She looked at me, puzzled.
"Where are you going with this Connor?"
"Ill be straight with you Maria. Im beginning to develop doubts with my own skills as a trainer. Chris, however, is a wonderfull trainer, as you can see. His relationship with his Pokemon is strong, he trains them well, and Ive noticed you seem to have a connection with Hera and Quartz." It was difficult to get the words out of my mouth.
"Are you saying you dont want me anymore Connor?"
"Im saying that Chris would be a much better trainer for you than me. Your special Maria, I dont deserve you. You deserve to be with a much more skilled trainer. Do you want to join Chris' party?" A single tear rolled down my face.
"Connor, you are a great trainer. Ive learned so much from you, and I do understand that change can be a good thing. With your blessings I would love to join Chris' team. Thank you for this oppourtunity Connor, but shouldnt we ask Chris first?"

We made our way over to Chris, who was now sitting up. He told both Maria and I of how he had overheard our conversation. "So would you like to take Maria then, Chris?" I asked, Maria hovering in the air slightly, a look of anxiousness on her pure white face.

4th December 2004, 03:35 PM

I stood up. I'm not entirely sure why; maybe it was just because I felt that it'd make me feel like I'd be able to take in this shocking question more easily.

"Are you really sure? I would be so glad to accept Maria into my team if you feel like it's the right thing to do and you seem to feel really strongly about it... And Maria's happy with it too?"

As I was talking my brain felt like it was whirring about in my head like an electric whisk when it's mixing up some cake mixture. Yes, I know my comparisons are weird. But still, it was difficult to take it in and such an amazing offer was too good to turn down. I couldn't believe I was being offered such a great pokemon; the future could be very interesting with her. I eagerly awaited Connor's response, and whther Maria would become a part of my team permanently.

4th December 2004, 07:10 PM
Connors POV

I looked at Maria as she looked at me. It was a two way system - she was happy because I was happy, and I was happy because she was happy. Both of us knew the invitation would bring exciting new prospects and challenges to our life as Dragon Tamers, that we were both willing to accept.

"Its fine with me Chris, how about you Maria?" Maria nodded. A smile was developing on her face as the "transaction" took place. I looked over towards Dante, who was watching from afar. It was shocking to see how he was also smiling - the first sign of emotion he had expressed since when I adopted him.

"Maria, you've been a great Pokemon and it has been an honour to fight alongside you. Its a guarantee that we will hang out, here, at the Eevee house, in the future, but for now I would like you to have this to assist you on your Journey." From my backpack, I opened a TM case and pulled out a golden disk. "This is Zap Cannon. When you use it, remember me."

4th December 2004, 07:21 PM

This was really amazing - Such a rarity of a pokemon was coming to be in my hands. Well, sort of. I didn't hold Maria since she could fly. But still, I was practically shaking after seeing the conversation between Connor and Maria taking place. I knew that we'd all talk to each other in the future but it was still weird, and still a little hard to take in. I also took a look over at Dante; he was such a lucky pokemon to have such a good trainer looking over him.

Then I realised that Maria was now part of my team. I felt so honoured! I gave her a hug because I felt like it was the most appropriate thing to do, but I wasn't sure whether it'd be the same story with Connor. So I shook his hand. "Thanks so much. I'll be sure to take great care of Maria, and I'll be sure to keep her in contact with you. Also, I'm sure she'll fit into the team well - She's already bonded with two of my pokemon."

4th December 2004, 08:18 PM
Connors POV

The situation had gotten awkward, fast. I felt sad, but in a good way - comparable to when a member of a household goes off to university: You are sad that they are leaving but are happy that they can now experience independance and develop a respect for others. After shaking Chris' hand, I slowly walked back towards Dante. Behind me, I could hear Maria laughing and meeting the members of her new team. "She'll have a great time." I thought to myself.

Dante was now in the water, gently floating and swishing his tail around. He looked like he was contemplating something. "You did the right thing, Connor. You've earned my respect." He spoke. Shocked, I looked at him. "I didnt realise you were so intelligent."
"Theres alot of things you dont know about me Connor, and Im sure you'll find out about them all in good time. Now, we need to focus on the notice that was posted on that board." The Poliwag casually glanced over to a board, on the other side of the lake.

5th December 2004, 04:37 PM
Ai, the female Skitty’s POV:

Thanks to the little accident, now we were all wet! Well, I wasn’t until Dakota came up and got me all soaked, too. It felt refreshing, though, and I playfully nudged him. He shook himself hard and his fur stood out all over the place! I couldn’t help but laugh, even though I tried not to.

“You are so beautiful,” he said to me suddenly. I looked tenderly into his eyes. “How are you?”

I didn’t know how to respond in words, so I nuzzled Dakota gently and leaned against his shoulder. His fur was so soft… “I’m doing fine,” I said. Want to go for a walk?”

6th December 2004, 11:33 AM

I had been so caught in receiving Maria that I had completely forgotten about the fact that I'd originally been heading out to the Free Range Coral. I glanced at Imarad who was looking rather frustrated again, so I wandered over to her and gently stroked her head. She jumped as I had startled her, but I told her that I was getting ready to go, so she wasn't too bothered.

I got up and started walking out of the premises of the Eevee House. Quartz and Maria flew along at my left and right respectively, and Hera and Imarad wandered along underneath each of them. I was hoping that this would be a good chance for Imarad to get to know Maria and to talk to Quartz and Hera a bit too, as she still wasn't interacting with her teammates very well. As we passed Connor, I waved to him as I said that I was going to deal with some Smeargle who I'd seen on the news.

Maria smiled at Connor too. I knew it must've been hard to leave her trainer, but I assured her that she'd see him regularly. However, now was the time for her to experience a little journey with some of her new teammates. I hope she'd like it.

6th December 2004, 08:39 PM
(Dakota’s POV)

In response to my question, Ai nuzzled me. I returned her nuzzle as she answered my question. “I’m doing fine. Want to go for a walk?” I nodded. “That would be nice.” I said as Aiko noticed that Kumar was lying nearby. She ran over and jumped on to him causing him to wake up with a start. He looked around wildly then upon realizing who it was relaxed. “If you want, I’ll keep an eye on her.” Kumar offered. I looked over at Ai and she nodded. The two of us headed out into the night. With the stars shining brightly, it was a peaceful atmosphere. It felt like the right moment, so I took a deep breath and let it out slowly. “Dakota? Is everything all right?” I looked over at Ai and nodded my head. “Things couldn’t be better. I… I…” “What is it Dakota?” she asked. “Well, I have feelings for you, Ai. I’m really sorry that I haven’t been around as much as I needed to be, but I promise that that will change.” By now I was blushing big time, and not even my fur could hide it. Ai smiled, and nuzzled me again. “I’m so glad to hear so you say that, because I feel the same way about you. Also, I have a little something to tell you. We’re going to be parents again.” “You don’t know how relieved that... Huh?” I shook my head to make sure that I wasn’t hearing things? “Really?” I asked. She nodded. “Do you want go back now or stay here? I imagine the Amy should have the egg now?” “Okay. Do you think it’ll be a girl or boy?” I asked. I was looking forward to meeting my child. “I don’t know,” she admitted, as we made our way back inside the Eevee House. Sure enough, Amy was looking around for us and she had a wobbling little pink egg in her arms. When we spotted her, she came over and placed the egg between the two of us. The baby must have been ready to hatch because as soon as the egg was placed on the ground, cracks began to form as we heard scratching coming from inside the egg. We all held our breath as Aiko came running over. “What’s that? What’s that?” “Aiko, darling, that is going to be your new brother or sister when it hatches.” Ai explained. “Yay, I’m getting a brother or sister. I’m getting a brother or sister.” She exclaimed dancing around as the egg continued to get more cracks. “Wait, where do little brothers or sisters come from?” I sweat dropped. “You’ll understand when you get older.” I explained. Aiko looked like she was going to say something but luckily the eggshell completely fell away at that time. It revealed a baby skitty that upon closer inspection was a boy. “Isn’t he a handsome little fellow, just like his father.” Ai said as she walked over and nuzzled my new son. He opened his eyes and blinked before he looked around dazed. “What are you going to name him?” Amy and Ai asked at the same time. “Er, how about Koda?” I suggested. To tell you the truth, it was the first name that popped into my head, which may be in part because Aiko had been watching Brother Bear lately.

(Tiana’s POV)

I had to use calm mind again after Beaky’s appearance, but soon I was focused again. However, I had almost forgotten what I was supposed to be doing, but luckily I remembered. I was supposed to be meditating for twenty minutes. I took a deep breath, and began to concentrate. As I became more and more focused, the distractions became less and less. To my surprise, I was aware of when Ruki emerged from his pokeball, but then I used calm mind and I was completely focused again.

(Willow’s POV)

I stormed over to the punching bags, and began smacking them as hard as I could with my vines. I should have known better than to trust Amy. That one battle had been a fluke, and Ruki had to faint on me so that whole battle was ridiculous. At this rate, I’ll never win any battles and not evolve. I was so angry and intent on attacking the bags that I didn’t hear anyone approaching until they said something.

(Colby’s POV)

Tiny and I had been chasing each other playing a game of tag. After a while, we got tired and stopped panting. As we were watching I noticed a charmander that was running around mimicking all the pokemon around here. One by one they slowly left and soon we were the only ones sitting there. She saw us and froze. She came over. “Are you two twins?” she asked and it was my turn to be shocked. My jaw dropped to the floor. How could she have known? I mean, Tiny was smaller than me and other eevees in general, but then again that’s how he got his name. It was Tiny that found his voice. “Yeah we are. How did you know?” he asked and I just nodded.

7th December 2004, 09:41 AM
Beaky's POV

Wherever you are, Ruki, you're better at hiding than before. I landed and started to walk. My walking took me to a windowless room. It kinda scared me. I turned to walk away when a sudden glow caught my eye. An eerie blue glow. "AAH!" I screamed as I shot out of there.

Cinder's POV

"Okay, Casey. Let's take five," I told her.

"Five? Five what?"

"It means take a break." I stumbled away and to the house for something to drink. I drank straight from the faucet and went out to look around. I've been here for so long and yet know so little Pokemon.

I stopped and watched some Chikorita pound the stuffing out of some punching bag like he was ticked off at it. He didn't even notice me until I spoke up. "What's your problem?" I asked him.

7th December 2004, 03:41 PM

I fluttered around, looking for something interesting to do. "This place is soooooo boring!!! There's nothing to do- ow!!!" I shouted and tumbled to the ground. I shot my to look sideways, and saw Beaky lying on the ground, looking frightened.

"Well, that's the scond time we bumped into each other... literally. Well buddy, what's wrong? You look like you've seen a ghost! Oh, hmm... a weird blue glow huh? That's not that creepy!" I said and kicked him slightly, using my Hidden Power to read his mind.

He got up and looked at me. "Hey! Did you ever think it's weird having someone inside your head?!" He said. "Come on! We're friends, lighten up! Why don't I come with you, tough guy, and see what made the glow?" I said, adding a little sarcasm.

Knight of Time
7th December 2004, 05:18 PM
Vector's POV

An obviously unfamiliar face introduced himself to me not long after Kyle let me out of my Pokeball. Recognizing the Pokemon in front of me as a Murkrow, he told me his name, which turned out to be Latino.

"Hello Latino, my name's Vector. Nice to meet you." I said with the best smile I could make.

"Nice to meet you too, Vector." Latino replied back to me.

Now that I had my first ever friend, I started to feel a little bit happier, and I asked Latino if he had any fellow feathered friends he could possibly introduce to me...

9th December 2004, 07:22 AM
I can ref the first category of races but it will have to wait till the week after next. I have finals next week.

(Ruki's POV)

I held my breath when Beaky entered the room where i was hiding. He had started to walk off without seeing me, when something scared him and he took off screaming. I looked around and realized that my rings were glowing and i blushed and they began glowing even brighter. X.x I backed up into a corner and frowneed. Hopefully when Beaky calmed down and realized what happened he wouldn't me mad at me. I couldn't help it, i hadn't learned to control my glowing rings yet.

(Willow's POV)

"What's your problem?" they asked. I stopped and looked at whoever it was that had spoken and it was a quilava. "Nothing and everthing." i muttered as i smacked the punching bag with another vine whip. Originally i didn't want to be captured, and yet i was. I guess it was okay that i got captured in that i get the opportunity to evolve quicker but don't let my trainer here that. At this rate however, when i'm so close to evolving i get paired in battles where i can't use my good moves and i end up losing. I guess the few battles that i won in the bt were just flukes. Especially the last one when Ruki fainted leaving me to take on two opponents..." I growled in anger as i flung a razor leaf into the bag. I was tired now, so i turned away from the bags. "By the way, my name's Willow."

9th December 2004, 12:23 PM
Beaky's POV

I slowly crept back into the room where I saw the glow, Archangel in tow. "I don't need your help, you know," I growled at her.

"But what if it's a big, scary ghost? Ooh, look at me! I'm going to steal your soul!" she joked, and laughed.

I hung my head in shame. I wasn't that scared. It's just that I haven't seen that eerie glow since the last time Kawaii attacked with her psychic powers. I thought I was being attacked! I walked around the chair and found Ruki in the corner. "Ruki? You made that glow?" I asked him.

He looked at me with sad eyes. "Yeah. Please don't be mad."

"Of course I'm not mad! I'm just glad it's you."

Cinder's POV

"My name's Cinder," I told Willow. "Don't let those battles get to you. It may take you a while, but you'll evolve soon. My advice is, choose your opponents wisely."

9th December 2004, 11:00 PM
Trying again. ^_^U

Darkfire’s POV

I went into the EH, looking around, excited. In my backpack were many bundles, Pokemon Eggs. They all looked about ready to hatch, so I had come into the House to introduce these Eggs. I had brought along a few Pokemon that had wanted to come along. Kalil my AC Growlithe, Cassius my CC Ninetails, and Nuka my CC Houndoom were among those that had decided to join me. The others had wanted to stay home. Rayne for being anti-social, Amaris for having a headache, Naois for looking after Amaris, and Hinto and Kana for wanting to train alone together.

I carefully set up some pillows for the eggs. There were four all together. One was larger than the rest, my Pontya Egg. It was white with flames over it. The next were all of the same size, all Eevee Eggs. The first was pure gray in color. The next was pure black. The third was a shimmering silver color with a purple glow to it. I let Kalil and Cassius out first so they could take everything in.

Kalil’s POV

It was a nice place. I looked around, smells of all kinds flooding my nose. But I was more interested in the Eggs. Darkfire had said that they would be hatching sometime soon. It was exciting, but I was also a bit nervous. The biggest Egg contained a Ponyta, whose mane and tail were made up of fire. I was nervous around fire. I looked at the Ninetails and smiled to him. I had met him back at home. His name was Cassius and he was really nice. He was teaching me a game that involved stones...

Suddenly one of the Eggs, the Ponyta Egg, started glowing softly. The shell broke into fragments that shattered, falling away. The glowing soon stopped, and a newly born filly was lying on the pillow. Darkfire had told me about her dam, a beautiful mare with a black coat and an oddly colored mane. Unfortunately, her coloring was plain. But when she opened her eyes, they were shining with intelligence and spirit.

Darkfire smiled at her gently. “Alana.” She named her before reaching out and petting her. I was suddenly very nervous. What if Darkfire got hurt? Burned? What if the filly couldn’t control her fire? But Cassius gave me a calming glance. I slowly relaxed, knowing that Cassius would help if something happened. The filly, Alana, nickered softly as Darkfire stroked her nose gently. Her hand traveled over the filly’s body, making sure there was nothing wrong that needed immediate attention. But there was nothing wrong. She was a dainty filly with a good build. She had perfect structure in every part of her body. She soon curled up and fell asleep under Darkfire’s pets. I didn’t blame her. Darkfire had a way of making you tired when she pet you.

Cassius’ POV

I smiled slightly. Little Alana was now asleep. Darkfire wasn’t at all disappointed in her new filly. Even if she didn’t have rare colors, she was still a fine young Ponyta. Another Egg began to glow. It was the gray Eevee Egg. Kalil, being curious, wanted to get a closer look at the Egg as it’s occupant came out into the world. The Egg shattered, and a baby Eevee sat on the cushion. He had a curiously gray mane and tail, but I decided Darkfire had been breeding for coloring. He was certainly a handsome little Eevee.

Kalil smiled warmly to the infant, who squeed slightly back and crawled to Kalil. Darkfire and I exchanged first startled them amused glances at the Eevee kit curled up at Kalil’s paws and fell asleep.

“Well, considering his father is a Growlithe... I guess you are like his father to him, Kalil.” Darkfire chuckled.

“Um... I can’t move.” Kalil said, looking nervously at the sleeping baby.

“I’ll move him if you get on the pillow right after.” I said, a trick in mind. Kalil nodded readily. I used Teleport on the Eevee, making him vanish for a moment. Kalil laid down on the empty cushion and looked around for the Eevee, whom I had reappear across Kalil’s outstretched forepaws. Kalil sighed.

“That’s SO much better...” He muttered, but looked fondly down at the little Eevee.

"Kai. It's Kalil without the L's." Darkfire decided, winking at Kalil.

The black Eevee Egg began to glow, and soon, another Eevee was born into the Adopted Pokemon area of the world. His fur was pure black. He looked around with bright eyes, but Darkfire picked him up and was holding him before he could try to imprint anyone else. I knew it was because I had to have my attention focus on her Houndoom, Nuka, when she let him out. I wouldn’t be worried over protecting an Eevee kit if Nuka did something that meant I had to keep him in check.

Darkfire’s POV

Everything was set up. “Ayende.” I spoke to the black Eevee who was falling asleep. He mewed softly and closed his eyes. I pulled out a Master Ball and released Nuka, my purple-glowing Houndoom. His eyes looked clearer than they had before I set him up with Tiana in the breeding center. I wonder what she did to him. He looked at the newborns, to Kalil, Cassius, and then to me. His eyes finally rested on the remaining Egg. He slowly moved closer to it. The other Pokemon awake and myself were on edge, wanting to know what this Pokemon would do. He could easily harm the fragile life within the Egg with one swipe of his paw, or a bite from his powerful jaws.

He sniffed the egg slowly, and issued a slight whine of uncertainty. He seemed to recognize what this Egg meant. But the question was, did it mean enough to him that he would relax? He closes his eyes for a moment before lying down next to the pillow. He rested his head on his fore paws, watching the Egg. I slowly relaxed. But the Egg wasn’t hatching.

Maybe... The child inside was waiting for its mother to be there. I moved closer to Alana and stroked both her and Ayende while they slept. Cassius was still watching Nuka, wary. He had been born and raised in the South Caverns, near where Nuka had haunted in his past days. The horrible tales he had heard kept him wary of the creature before him. Maybe it was good that someone was nearby that was paying his full attention to Nuka. I was looking around for Amy and Tiana, however. I doubted this Egg would hatch without its mother around. And if my hunch proved to be correct, I wanted Amy, Tiana’a trainer, to be around when the first shiny-glowing Eevee ever was born.

9th December 2004, 11:20 PM
(Amy's POV)

"Tiana!" I called, gasping for air. "Slow down. If i pass out we definately won't make it in time." Tiana, slowed to a stop and glared at me. "Uh, oh." I managed to get out before I was being pushed forward by an unseen force. Tiana certainly could get her way when she set her mind to it. We finally made it to the eevee house and Tiana darted over to where her egg was. When i got there, I struggled to catch my breath before i said my hi's.

(Jovi's POV)

My mind was playing tricks on me that was what it was. I sat there for a while waiting for someone to approach when no one was there. Once i was calm, i decided to head back to the Eevee House. Lani was waiting outside the front door for me with a huge smile on her face. "Guess what bro?" she said excitedly. "What is it Lani?" "Mom's back and she's on the team again." At the mention that, I froze. "Isn't it great?" "I guess so." I said, as i started to walk off. "Where are you going?" "I'm gonna try and find Kawaii." I said and walked away slowly.

9th December 2004, 11:36 PM
Darkfire’s POV

I laughed at Amy being dragged around by her Pokemon. I returned her gasped ‘hi’ with my own greetings and continued to pet the newborn Pokemon. Nuka looked up at Tiana. She was watching their Egg intently. The second everything had calmed down, the Egg began to glow, starting everything back up again. The purple glow vanished when the Egg took on the glowing that the other Eggs had. Soon, the third Eevee of the night had been hatched. She opened her eyes and looked around. Everyone gasped at the sight of her shimmering coat. She was a shiny Eevee alright. And she had Nuka’s purple glow.

Nuka looked even more uncertain, but a softness had entered his eyes that I had never seen before. Tiana inspected the newborn Eevee while Nuka watched. He was still uncertain about both mother and daughter, but I knew he would be able to sort it all out.

I smiled and said the first name that came to mind. “Kali.”

11th December 2004, 02:32 PM

I pulled an Ultra Ball from my belt and dropped it to the ground, and it quickly opened. It revealed Rebirth, my new Shelgon, who stood silently as he overlooked his area. "Well, how do you like living tamed?" I said and sat down next to him.
"Fine." He said. "Is there anywhere to practice fighting?" he said and looked up at me. I nodded.
"Over there is a Training Ground. There are targets and stuff, so you should be good." I said and pointed.

He trudged off, walking slowly and sighing every once in a while. There was something on his mind, I could tell.


My mind was all blurry. Faint remnants of memories of my family still were in my mind, but everything else was lost. I couldn't let anyone know that I hardly had any knowledge of my wild life. For some reason, most of my life seemed to be swept away, gone.

The only thing I could remember in full detail was my evolution to a Shelgon. I was young, and I had walked into the River and got pulled down the length of it by the tide. I struggled, moving my legs quickly, but my short arms and legs of a Bagon were too small to push me forwards. I remember getting pulled under, feeling water getting blown around my body. I bounced off of rocks, but I still tried to keep swimming. I suddenly felt a burning pain in my side, and found I couldn't swim any longer. I looked down at my arms and legs and found myself glowing. The pain got greater and greater, and it suddenly faded. My eyes were closed from the unbearable pain, but mow I opened them. I was on the side of the River, and I found when I began to walk, I couldn't go as fast as I used to be able to. When I reached the riverbank, I looke dinto the water and found myself a Shelgon. I screamed and pounded the water with my newly adapted forelegs and sat down, and fell asleep.

I suddenly stopped. I looked ahead, and found myself at the training ground Linc told me of. I saw Baito sink his fangs into a log and watched as dark energy enveloped it and it crumbled. "Hello." I said. He looked back and nodded. I placed my feet firmly on the ground and looked at a target. I unleashed a Hydro Pump at a target, which was soon covered in water and was bent backwards.

Looking towards another, I ran and jumped at it, pounding into it with my Headbutt, and chuckled. "I think I'll like it as a tamed Pokemon," I said and launched a Flamethrower at a different target.

14th December 2004, 09:56 AM
Kawaii's POV

I opened my eyes after what seemed like an eternity of sleep. Yeah, I started out with Calm Mind. But all those peaceful sounds can really relax you. I turned my head to see that Shonta wasn't there. In her place stood a relaxed Bulbasaur. "Where did you come from?" I asked him.

He looked like he didn't hear me the first time; he just stared into space for a second before blinking a few times. "Oh sorry, I wasn't listening. My name's Dimitri. I'm your new teammate!" He smiled brightly. "You must be Kawaii."

"Yeah, I am." I spotted Jovi walking by and decided to cut this short. "I'll talk to you later, 'k?" I trotted over to Jovi and stopped in front of him. "Hey there. You looked a little distracted."

Khanga's POV

"How dare she capture me like that and leave me here so far away from my family!" I roared as I stormed through the unfamiliar place called the Eevee House, my baby in my pouch. "When I get my hands on her I'm going to strangle her!"

My baby fidgeted around, a sign that he wanted to get out. "I really don't want to let you out among all these strangers, Roo. But if you really want to..." I gently reached in my pouch and pulled out my baby. "Just stay close to Mommy." I set her down on the grass. "Mommy's just needs to burn some energy."

15th December 2004, 10:40 AM
just a short post before i go back to studying for finals

(Jovi's POV)
"Hey there. You looked a little distracted." Kawaii said as she approached. I nodded my head. "Yeah." "Whats up?" "Well, its like this... Our Mom (Lani and mine) is back on the team after she left for over a year without so much as a visit then she comes back and rejoins the team. Lani's glad to have her back but i'm not sure what to think. Sorry i didn't mean to be snappy though its jsut that she could have visitied. I mean Flare visits almost everday... At that my voice drifted off.

(Laila's POV)I sighed. The few friends that i had made hardly came around anymore. i was just walking around the house trying to stay out of the way when i saw a bulbasaur taht i hadn't noticed here before. I walked over. "Hi..." I began nervously. "My name's Laila.

(Willow's POV)
"My name's Cinder," the quilava told me. "Don't let those battles get to you. It may take you a while, but you'll evolve soon. My advice is, choose your opponents wisely." "I jsut shrugged and proceeded to skull bash the bags. "I ended up winning a battle the other day but i'm guessing that it was pure luck. X.x I guess Amy has to prove that she is a capable trainer before i trust her. At least i only need one more level before i evolve." i said before finally stopping attacking the bag and laid down.

15th December 2004, 11:40 AM

"Hey, Everwing, why don't you try to go find some friends?" Linc said, and looked down at me. I nodded quickly. Linc pushed me forwards a little, and I hopped off of the short stone barrier around the grass. I looked around, and ran off. I wove through some older Pokemon, and ran inside the Eevee House, and kept running, until I bumped into something.

I fell backwards, and opened my eyes. I saw an older Pidgey with a Beautifly, and I quickly stood up. "Sorry! I didn't mean to bump into you! What's your name? I'm Everwing!" I said to the older Pidgey. She looked at me as I hopped up and down. "Er... Ryau, and this is Caelest." The Pidgey said.
"Who are your parents?" I said and hopped some more.
"Their name's are Dargonis and Galenia."
"Galenia!?!? My mom's name is Galenia! My dad's is Aeragorn! We must be half sisters!" I said to Ryau. She looked down at me with wide eyes, and the Beautifly gasped.


"Heh, your awesome Hakan!" I said as the little Vulpix launched a Hidden Power into the air, and I shot a Thunderbolt at it, and it exploded, causing more water to fall down on us. Cara shook herself, causing her fur to get dry again. "I think that's enough guys." She said. I nodded and shook my prickly fur, but Hakan ran around in circles, leaving a trail of water behind. I then put my paw out in front of me, and Hakan slammed into it, and fell backwards, giggling. "How many more days until Christmas?" He said and stood up.
"Only 10, Hakan." Cara said and nuzzled him.
"I'm gonna get a lot of presents from Santa, becasue I've been good!" Hakan said.
"What about the time you broke the window, or when you burnt up the wooden table with Ember, or-" I said, but Hakan blew an Ember into the air, and my ears drooped. Cara picked up Hakan and we dashed away from where we were standing as the Embers fell back to the ground and exploded. "Hmm... Hakan, don't do that, okay?" Cara said. Hakan giggled some more.

15th December 2004, 12:41 PM
-x Light's POV x-

"Oooh, I forgot how big it was." I said, as I entered the Eevee House for the second time in a year."Axolotl, what's the problem?"
She was hiding her head in my arms. "So... impressive."
I understood her. I wish I had somewhere to hide, just like Axolotl. Being in such a big place, with lots of people who seem to be friends and have fun together....
I only recognized Amy and her pokemon - the place was so big though, I could only see five or six trainers clearly.
I realized I was a stranger for everyone in that place. They were all discussing and playing...
I shook my head and looked at Axolotl. "You know, Ax, I'm just like you. They are probably all wondering who is that small girl sitting next to the EH door, with the black Eevee. So... maybe you could go and talk to the pokemon... and if you do so, I promise I'll go and talk to the trainers."
I slowly walked to the center of the EH with Krystal and Enigma, the youngest members of my team.
"Hello, everyone!" I claimed, trying to take a happy voice.

-x Enigma's POV x-

Krys was sitting next to Light, staring at something he was the only one to see, obviously somewhere in another world. Krystal often had this attitude.
His glittering, crystalline eyes had a magical aura, and for the first time I didn't see the darkness coming out of him. I put my hand on his head.
He turned back.
"Hmm. Have you felt something strange lately?"
"Well, I had a dream... and the crystulkey... and it was glouwing..."
"You still have pronunciation problems", I noticed.

15th December 2004, 01:33 PM

I was criss-crossing through the crowd, trying to find out where the hell Xol had vanished to, when a sudden shout grabbed my attention.
"Hello everyone!"
I recognised the trainer- she was the one who owned Si's son. Smiling, I wandered over to say hello.


"Nice to meet you to, Vector."
I grinned and dropped to land next to him, just as he asked if I knew any more flying Pokémon.
"Well..... I know one- a rather hyperactive Taillow, she's alright, as long as you aren't competitive or else she'll drive you mad. But if you want to meet her then I'll be able to find her for you. There are others, of course, but I don't know any...course, we could say hello...um."
I realised I was blabbing and shut up.


"I have a half-sister?"
I stared in surprise at Everwing, who smiled eagerly back; Caelest squealed and gave me a playful shove.
"Way to go, Ry!"
"What do you mean, 'way to go, Ry'? She didn't do anything."
Rage's irritated voice drew our attention back to him- I hadn't noticed that he'd already got Nuria perching precariously on his back. She looked half excited, half terrified; he looked seriously irritated.
Caelest squeaked and took off in alarm as Rage leered at her. I wasn't used to being apart from her for long, but it would be futile to try to force her to stay around with Rage.
"Oh, right. Everwing, can you fly? If not, doesn't matter- Rage can carry you as well...."
"...but come with us."
I took off, Rage snarled, but allowed Everwing to hop onto his back as well, before he followed me.


I was a bloody babysitter. This was impossible.
Ry was all girly and excited, flying round my head, talking happily to the Charmander and the other Pidgey.
I kicked open the door to the Eevee House, and the four of us quickly rose higher, finally, even Ry fell silent as we watched the landscape unfolding in front of us.
"Wow. So....Everwing....Nuria, how does flying feel like?"

15th December 2004, 01:48 PM
-x Light's POV x-

I noticed another trainer I knew. Hannah, walking in my direction. I took Aurébrillant who was still sleeping in my bag - he hatched a few minutes ago, before I entered the EH, and Golden was still excited about his son's birth. Holding the shiny Chikorita in my arms, and caressing his golden leaf, I smiled.

-x Axolotl's POV x-

I looked at the pokemon, searching a water-type I could talk to. Nothing.
I sat down somewhere and called Lightstorm.

15th December 2004, 02:22 PM

I looked down at the landscape below. Everything was so small up here. I looked at my half-sister, who was flying perfectly. "This is sooooo cool!" I shouted and thought to myself. "I want to try!" I said and moved closer to the edge of Rage's back. "Uh, Everwing, I don't think that is such a good idea..." Ryau said. But I wasn't really listening, and I hopped off. As I fell downwards, I opened my wings, and flapped. I began to lift higher, and was soon next to my sister. I looked over to her and smiled. She sighed with relief, and looked at my wings.

I looked at them, and then hers. "Hey... my wings are longer." I said, confused. I was full grown, so I expected them to be longer than when I was hatched, but they were even longer than my older sister's. I didn't really care, so I continued flying. "Hey sis?"
"Yeah Everwing?"
"Are you good at battling?" I asked, and moved closer to her.
"I guess so, I know a lot of attacks, too."
"Hmm... I want to learn a lot of attacks to! My favorite one right now is this!" I said and opened my beak, and unleashed my Hidden Power: Dragon. The blast of green fire flew downwards, and collided with some grass, burning it. Ryau blinked, and then smiled. "Pretty cool, Everwing. Pretty cool."


I was bored. I scratched my head, and looked around. Pokemon were everywhere, but I couldn't really see any of mine. The only one I could see was Volcania, as she was perched on my shoulder. "So, Volcania, what do you want for Christmas?" I asked my Torchic. She pondered for a long period of time, and then spoke. "I want to evolve!" She said and smiled.
"Hmm... that might take longer than between now and Christmas." I said. She sighed.
"Then... can I at least get stronger?" She asked. I nodded.
"I'll find you some battles, and I'll see what we can do."

15th December 2004, 03:29 PM
Nuria, the female Charmander's POV:

I couldn't believe that I was actually flying! I gazed in wonder at the land below, just taking as much of it in as I could. The trees whizzed by quickly, just like my short breaths. The air was cold up here, but I didn't care, because the wind in my face was a wonderful feeling.

"This is great!" I laughed, letting go of Rage's neck and waving my arms in the sky. I wanted to evolve more than ever now.

16th December 2004, 09:55 AM
Kawaii's POV

"Well, that's great! I know your mom hardly visits, but it must've been a good reason why. I bet she's a wonderful Pokemon. I have an idea! Let's go find her!"

Dimitri's POV

What a wonderful place. There seems to be friendly Pokemon everywhere. And the backyard reminds me of home. I sighed happily as I enjoyed the sun on my back. I didn't notice the Larvitar that came over to me until she spoke.

"Hi. My name's Laila," she told me.

I was glad that Laila decided to talk to me. I stood up and gave her a bright smile. "My name's Dimitri. It's nice to meet you."

Cinder's POV

"I don't think it's just luck. Sure, you're going to have losses. But if you're winning some battles, your trainer must be doing something right. She'll surely show it sooner or later. I mean, my trainer made some mistakes when she was first training me. But she made up for it later."

21st December 2004, 08:23 PM

"Rayku, what's wrong?" I asked, seeing as Rayku had a worried look on her face. "Oh, I'm just worried what Static will think, of you and I, and if he'll ever fully trust you, seeing as you were part of the group."
"I told you, they captured me, I would have never hurt your family by my own will." I said.
"I know."

I walked over to her and nuzzled her. She smiled. "Should we go tell him?" She asked.

I began to walk, and she followed, looking up at the sparkling stars. She smiled. I looked up also. The moon blazed with white light, surrounded by the stars. Suddenly, I saw Static. Rayku walked up to him, carrying the egg in the air, the one that held my child

"Hey mom, who's egg is this?" Static asked, and when he saw me, he began to look confused. "Wait, you and Baito- that egg is yours?" He asked. Rayku nodded, and placed it on the ground. "You and Baito are together?" He asked, shocked. "It's okay with you, isn't it?" Rayku asked. Static sat there, thinking. He nodded, but suddenly gasped. The egg suddenly cracked, and through it, I could see something metallic shining. It suddenly cracked more, and Rayku pulled it open with her Psychic. I inched closer, and saw my child. I looked at it closely, smiling at it. "A boy." I said.

Static looked at me. "Well, you are together with my mom, you are the father of my brother, so I guess, you are now my dad." Static said. I grinned, and put a paw on Static's head. "Thanks, son." I said. Rayku looked at me. "What are you going to name him?" She said.
"how about... Starbeam." I said, having knowledge of Static's first name. I noticed that the metallic object inside of the shell was my son's tail. He was using Iron Tail. Rayku picked him up with Psychic, and placed him on her back. "I used to hold a child on my back once. I can't explain the joy I have to do it again." She said. Static nodded, and I looked at the sky. Just then, a star flashed across the blackness, shooting through the sky. "In my family, we used to consider a shooting star a blessing." Rayku said.
"Then we have a blessing in more ways than one tonight." I said.

Knight of Time
22nd December 2004, 06:38 PM

Things were going very good for me recently. After catching a few Pokemon at the CCCC, I declared it was time for me to evolve one of them. But first, I had another matter I had to tend to. Releasing my Jolteon out of his Pokeball, the two of us walked in, and I carefully carried an egg with some brown parts to it. Moving towards the nearest couch, I sat down, and carefully lowered the egg to the floor. Within a few seconds of it being put down on the ground, I noticed a tiny crack appear on the egg. The crack began to get bigger and bigger, until I saw the Eevee inside poke its head about. Watching him come towards me, I smiled at him, and held the empty Pokeball I had recently received. Watching him jump in for now, I reached into my backpack and took out the Genetic Accelerator Gene I had recently forged for myself. Pulling out a Pokeball from my Pokeball pocket, I opened it up to reveal my captured male Kadabra.

"Oh hello again. What's that you have there?" my Kadabra asked as he pointed his spoon towards the item in my hands.

"This here is a Genetic Accelerator Gene. Ever since I captured Mystic, my old male Abra a long time ago, I had hope that he could have eventually evolved into an Alakazam, but sadly I never had the time to evolve him at all, and now he is just a memory now. However, you can fulfill my dream of having an Alakazam with the Genetic Accelerator Gene. What do you say?" I asked my Kadabra.

"Sure. I'm really sorry about Mystic's fate, but I'll be glad to take his place." my Kadabra said.

"Thank you. Oh, since I never thought of a name for you, I might as well call you Xeno, since I think it may be a good idea for me to come up with names I never used for a Pokemon I have or once had. What do you think?" I asked my Kadadra.

"Hmm, okay, that's fine with me." my Kadabra said.

"Great, Xeno it is. You ready for me to give you the Genetic Accelerator Gene?" I asked Xeno.

"Yeah, go ahead." Xeno replied.

Carefully dropping the Genetic Accelerator Gene on the ground, I watched as Xeno telekinetically brought the evolution tool in front of his face. Within a second or two, I watched in awe as he began to glow white, getting a bit taller in the process and also getting a second spoon. A few seconds later, the evolution process had stopped, and I smiled at my new Alakazam before deciding to see what Vector was up to...

26th December 2004, 01:15 AM
Its late and that’s why I didn’t color code every single conversation. X.x Its probably gone be boring but oh well ^^; Soon as i post this i'm off to get some sleep.

(Amy’s POV)

I slowly made my way to the Eevee House. I was taking my time since I didn’t want my pack to burst. It was packed full with TMs that I had gotten for my captees. I had a couple for two of my adoptees but I was still saving so I could get all of them something.

Once I had made it inside, I paused. I grinned when I recognized Darin. He was one of the two Adoptees that I had something for. I quickly called him over and I gave him the Odor Sleuth TM that I had gotten him a few days ago. I sprinkled the powder over him, before he thanked me and went off to look for his dad. I couldn’t help but notice how his eyes flickered from one eeveelution to another as he walked away. Next on my list of pokemon to find was Sweetie and it didn’t take me long. She was relaxing at the shallow end of the pool. “Hey there, how are you doing?” I asked her as I approached. “A little tired.” she admitted. “That’s understandable.” I replied as I scratched her between her ears. Shonta gave me a TM the other day, and I thought that you could make the best use out o f it. That perked her up. “What is it?” she asked. Smiling, I pulled out the TM box and gave it to her while I answered. “Confusion.” “Thanks.” she replied before laying her head down and going to sleep.

(Dakota’s POV)

I admit it was a nice shock that I was going to be a Dad soon. I looked over at Ai who was smiling over Aiko and Koda. I nuzzled her, before I got a message from Ranec. <Dakota, Amy wants all the captees to meet up with her. She says she has a surprise for all of us but she won’t tell me what it is.> I frowned. “What is it?” Ai asked. I couldn’t hide anything from her, not that I would ever try to. “I just got a message from Ranec. He said that Amy wanted all of the captees to find her. He said that she had a surprise for us.” She nodded. “You three should go then.” I started to protest but decided against it. “I’ll be back with Aiko and Koda as soon as I can.” “All right, I’ll hold you to that.” she said smiling as I picked up Koda gently by the scruff of his neck. Aiko tagged along behind me happily.

(Ranec’s POV)

I turned to look at Amy. “All right, I’ve sent the message to the whole team.” Sure enough as soon as I had said what I said the others began arriving. “What is this all about?” Willow asked, and for once he didn’t look like he was going to vine whip Amy or anything. Ever since he had evolved he has been acting strange, like he was walking around in a daze. “I’ll explain once everyone gets here.” Amy replied even though she looked as if she was eager to tell us all what she had in store. Soon the only ones that we were waiting on were Dakota, Aiko, and Koda. When they finally showed up, Amy cleared her throat. “I’ve been saving up for a while, and I’ve got each of you a little something as a small Christmas present.” Willow looked puzzled, but there was excited chatter among those of us that could talk a couple were still to young to be able too.

The first thing that Amy pulled out of her bag was a Stat Modification Die. She walked over to Angel and gave it to her. Angel giggled then squealed happily as she played with it. The next pokemon that she approached was Mirage. She was in her umbreon form, and it still gave me the creeps when she was in that form. Her present was a Status Die.

Amy then called forth Willow and Zale. As you two know, I still have two SMs left from coming in second place in the Solar Games. I never told you guys what I chose but now I will. Willow, I chose a Cut SM for you. To everyone’s surprise, he told Amy “Thank you. I appreciate this.” Next Amy turned her attention to Zale. For you, I chose the Dive SM. I hope you like it. Zale had a huge grin on his face. He loved it, like he loved anything that had to do with the water. It wasn’t a huge surprise when he chose to evolve into a vaporeon.

I was getting excited myself as Amy pulled out a pair of matching TM boxes. “Ranec, Jovi.” she called out gently. The two of us approached. “I thought long and hard about what to get the two of you, and I finally decided on Façade. I hope that you like them, and that they prove useful sometime.” “I’m sure that they will.” I assured Amy as Jovi grinned from ear to ear. Next she walked over to Dakota, Aiko, and Dakota’s new son. He hadn’t told us his name yet but then again he only just hatched a little while ago. “I bought Water Gun for Aiko and this little guy.” Dakota nodded, before he grinned. “His name is Koda.” “That’s a cute name.” Amy said, as she walked back to her back. The next two TMs went to Kumar and Ruki and they were a pair of Psych Up TMs. Laila got a Rest TM, and the Larvitar was rather pleased. “I know I can’t use it till my battle tower battle is over, but thanks a bunch!” “You’re welcome.” Amy answered chuckling. Lani received a Toxic TM and Tiana got a Skill Swap, though I wasn’t sure exactly how that move worked myself but it sounded interesting. Wildfire got a Snore TM and everybody groaned. “It’s bad enough that she talks in her sleep but now she can snore as well?” Willow asked. He and Wildfire had become good friends after the battle at the fair. Everyone thought that the loss would push them further apart but instead the opposite happened. Wildfire playfully jabbed him in his side. “Well, its better than accidentally tickling someone in their sleep with your head leaf when you’re asleep as well. Dakota looked up at Amy, obviously curios about what she had gotten him. I got you a TM that I hope can and will prove useful for you. It’s the move called Bide.” “It sounds interesting.” he admitted accepting the TM. “Thank you,” he told Amy before he excused himself.

(Dakota’s POV)

That was a nice surprise. I thought as I walked back to where Ai was. That had to have cost a lot, and I knew that Amy had been saving up for a while now. As soon as Aiko spotted her mom she darted forward and pounced on her. “I got Water Gun!” She chirped excitedly, before the inevitable question. Looking up at her mom Aiko asked. “What does it do?” I grinned, as I sent a message to Ai using my hidden power. <Amy had gotten us all a TM.> I blushed as I looked over at Ai.

(Darin’s POV)

I had somehow got separated from Harle during the hustle and bustle that had overtaken the Eevee House. Since I couldn’t see her anywhere, I decided to go look for my Dad. I hadn’t gotten to far, when Amy called me over and gave me a TM. Once she had finished, she told me that I was free to run along I resumed my search for Dad. I soon spotted him. Quietly as I could I snuck up on him, before pouncing on his tail. I wasn’t sure whether or not I had actually snuck up on him, but either way I did catch his tail with my paws. When he looked down at me, I gave him a huge grin.

(Kiara's POV)

I sat perched atop the sofa where i had a good view of who came in and went out of the Eevee House. I was kinda nervous and kinda excited, but I was hoping Gabi and her team would show up around here sometime soon. Although, I have to admit some of the questions that i had been asked during the pokemon spotlight had made me blush.

26th December 2004, 03:10 PM
<Blade's POV>

"Not a bad story but mine was a bit harder to get over. There was this Skarmory that I liked; a beautiful, kind one whose name escapes me for some reason. Some thought it odd that a Scyther would like a Skarmory but I didn't care, she was fantastic all the same. Unfortunately, my courage failed me in professing my love to her but I was determined to tell her and decided on Valentine's Day, the day of reaffirming or expressing your love for someone else. It was on that day when my heart was broken forever because before I could tell her, an Aerodactyl got to her before me and the biggest blow was the acceptance of his love. It haunted me for a while, seeing them so happy together. I destroyed many trees the next few months, I was that depressed. Even today, I don't know if I'll be able to love someone else since I never met anyone as wonderful as her."
I gazed down at the Mareep, wondering what was going on in his head.

<Nightshade's POV>

Without me even realizing it, we elasped the twenty minute mark and kept on going for another hour. Opening an eye, I looked at the clock and smiled. Opening the other one, I stretched and got up.
"Get up, Tiana," I yawned. "You did well today."
She opened her eyes and tried to get up, but struggled.
"My legs are stiff," she complained.
"That's because we did this for more than an hour. Take the rest of the day off and we'll continue tomorrow. If you want to practice more, that's fine but don't do anything stupid without supervision.

<Aries's POV>

I felt Darin creep up behind me, but I pretended to pay no heed and continued to keep my eyes closed. After pouncing on my tail and catching it with his paws, I looked back to see him smile widely. Grinning back, I pushed my tail up and knocked him into the air. Only going up a foot or two, he fell down quickly but I stopped him just before he landed and levitated him a couple feet upwards.
"Wanna fly for a while?" I asked him.

<Lyra's POV>

I continued to hold Angel as Zale came back with the kiddie pool.
"Look's dirty," I pointed out. "Let's take it outside and clean it off."
We headed out through the screen door and near the hose, which looked like it hadn't been used lately.
"Start blowing it up while I'll clean it off. I'll try not to hit you in the process."
I put the little Absol down before going over to the hose and turning the handle, letting the water go through. As Zale fumbled with the opening and started to blow, I pressed the handle, making the water fly. Aiming it at the inflatable pool, I started to clean it off while Zale worked on his part. Although promising not to hit him, I "accidentally" sprayed him a few times, getting dirty looks from him.

It took a few minutes before everything could get set up but we finished as fast as we could. All the while, Angel was looking at the other Pokemon playing in the backyard but came when Zale beckoned her to come after we were done.

Lady Vulpix
26th December 2004, 03:57 PM
Note: this takes place after the story I haven't posted yet, which is why it's hard for me to make EH posts without messing up the continuity.

[Edit: nevermind, I've already posted the story.]

<Gabi's POV>
I'd been busy... story of my life. But now finally I had the chance to relax for a while and decided to give my team what they'd been asking for a lot lately (especially Caledor): a visit to the Eevee House.

I left Water Angel at the pool so that she could stretch her fins, and Pidgeot, who we had just picked up from the Pokemon Center, went with her. The rest of us left her alone, thinking they had a lot to talk about.

<Caledor's POV>

I hopped over to where Amy and her group were standing, literally shining with joy. This day at the Eevee House had made me wait for it for too long. I ran to Kiara's side as soon as I spotted her.

"Hi!," I greeted her. "Sorry if I made you wait. You know how hard it is to get Gabi out of the house. But I promised I'd be here and here I am."

<Tsunami's POV>

This time around I didn't know where to go. The pool and the couch, my two favorite spots at the Eevee House, were already taken by pokemon who probably didn't want to be disturbed. My friends, on top of it. I stood at the entrance, hoping that someone would notice me and come over... someone other than Lagi, who was already staring at me for some odd reason. I could always start bugging Hero, but I just didn't feel like it at this moment.

Knight of Time
26th December 2004, 05:18 PM
Hi everyone. I'm sorry I broke the promise I made on the 24th for you guys to be in for a bigger surprise when my adopted Eevee twins were given to me (in their eggs of course), but I was hoping that I could have had them hatch yesterday as the special surprise. Oh well.


It has only been hours since the birth of my first adopted Eevee, and the evolution of my captured male Kadabra into an Alakazam. As I briefly left for a few minutes, I made a quick trip to the breeding center, where not one, but two extra eggs were ready to pick up. Clutching them both as carefully as possible, I backtracked to the Eevee House, where my friends still were around. Setting each egg down carefully, I placed one down followed by the other, and within several seconds, I noticed the egg I placed on the floor first recently began to crack open. Knowing that my first Eevee, whom I decided to name Blazer just now, was going to be a brother now, I patiently watched as the crack in the first egg here began to get bigger. Soon, another Eevee popped out of the egg. She was about the same size as Blazer.

"Oh hello. Where's Daddy?" she asked.

"I have him in his Pokeball. I'll let him out right now." I said.

Just before I could take out my Jolteon's Pokeball, I noticed that the other egg I brought in was starting to crack. Watching in awe as the crack grew bigger and bigger, a third Eevee soon appeared from inside.

"Oh, I see your twin brother has hatched. Before I go to give him a name, I thought I'd give you the name of Aqua. What do you think of it?" I asked my female Eevee.

"Aqua? That sounds neat. I'll take it, but what will you name my father and my twin brother?" she asked.

"I'm going to name your brother Nocturne. Does that name sound okay with you?" I asked as I turned to my newer male Eevee.

"Nocturne, eh? Fine, I'll take that name." he replied.

"Okay, Aqua and Nocturne, your names are confirmed. Now, I think it's time I named your father." I declared.

Reaching into my backpack for my Jolteon's Pokeball, I managed to find it, and I released him out of his Pokeball.

"Oh, I see my first three children are already out. What's up?" my Jolteon asked.

"I've made the firm decision on what I'm going to name you. How does Electro sound?" I asked my Jolteon.

"Electro eh? I like it. The name definitely fits me." my Jolteon declared.

"All right, Electro it is." I said with a smile.

Deciding to keep Electro out of his Pokeball for now, I took out Blazer's Pokeball, let him out and watched as he, Aqua and Nocturne stayed close to Electro...

27th December 2004, 04:05 PM
Sorry it wasn't longer but i hav eto go soon x.x

(Kiara's POV)

I smiled when i saw Gabi and her team enter. The smile got even bigger when i saw Caledor. He quickly ran over to where i was. "Hi! Sorry if I made you wait. You know how hard it is to get Gabi out of the house. But I promised I'd be here and here I am." "It's all right." I told him. "I understand. How are you doing?" I asked, wondering privately why i couldnt' think of anything better to say.

(Kovu's POV)

I had been resting in the shadows, since there was a bunch of new people at the house. I didn't mind it so much when there was one or two new people. When there there were more than that i'd get some strange looks, or having them go out of their way to avoid me, but it was the curious youngsters that i didn't mind. Even though their questions consisted of howd i' get the scar and all. It wasn't long till i noticed someone else around, so i emerged from the shadows to see Tsunami. He didn't even jump so i imagined he was used to seeing it. "Hi." I said, as my eyes drifted over to Sweetie.

(Colby's POV)

I was bored and I imagined that Tiny felt the same. One look over at him proved it. I motioned my head towards the door, and Tiny stood up. Soon as we went outside we saw several pokemon practicing on some targets while others just hung around watching. I looked around to see if i could talk someone into playing with us. Tiny followed behing just watching everything that was going on.


(Darin's POV)

I laughed, having fun when Dad threw me up in the air with his tail. Before i hit the ground though he stopped me and asked, "Wanna fly for a while?" "Yeah!" I shouted happily.

(Tiana's POV)

"Get up, Tiana. You did well today" I heard Nightshade tell me. I opened my eyes and tried to get up but I could barely move. "My legs are stiff," I complained not sure why until Nightshade explained. "That's because we did this for more than an hour. Take the rest of the day off and we'll continue tomorrow. If you want to practice more, that's fine but don't do anything stupid without supervision." I nodded. "I promise that i won't do anything stupid." I assured him before walking off. Soon as i felt like i can i began running around the house looking until i spotted Kali and Nuka and their trainer. I wasn't ready to try teleporting without someone nearby so i walked over and said hi to their trainer. Then I walked over and sat down by Nuka and gave Kali a nuzzle.

(Zale's POV)

I called Angel over since we had the kiddie pool cleaned up and had put some water in it. Angel came over and looked up at me. "Why don't you try getting in?" She stared at me and thought it over a few minutes before she did. She looked me in the eyes and grinned. "B... Battle?" I gasped. She had said her first word, but it wasn't what i was expecting. I glanced over at Lyra to make sure that i had really heard Angel say that and that i wasn't imagining things.

(Dodger's POV)

I didn't see Gwaihir anywhere around, so i figured that he was out flying. I decided to go out as well seeing as i had been inside the Eevee House for much longer than i liked. I just wasn't much for cooped up spaces. I flew outside and caught a nice thermal that lifted me high into the air. I circled about lazily until i looked down. I didn't see Gwaihir, but i did see Blade so i decided to go off and head towards the mountains in the distance. If i didn't find anything useful along the way, i'd go visit where i had been born.

(Yana's POV)

I decided to go and see if i could find Evenstar. I hadn't talked to her in a while, but this time i wasn't alone. I had Sinopa perched on my back. She refused to be alone, ever since the staff meeting that Amy had gone to and we heard that the Rockets were back, but they seemed to be having a conflict with another group. I spotted Gabi and her team come in and I walked over to say hi. Sinopa ended up jumping on to Gabi's lap, where she seemed to want to stay. After making sure that it was okay with Gabi, i went off to resume my look for Evenstar.

Lady Vulpix
28th December 2004, 11:08 AM
<Gabi's POV>

I was quite tired... a war and the end of the year would do that to me. I let myself drop on the couch and sighed. As if on queue, Yana came over and left Sinopa on my lap. Apparently she knew how to get me going again. I smiled, as I stroked the young Vulpix gently. Then Yana asked me whether it was ok if she left her with me for a moment. I had no objections, actually I enjoyed Sinopa's company. Aiyana then left, apparently looking for someone else. As I kept caressing Sinopa's fur, I let my mind wander. I realized New Year was about to come knocking at our doors; we needed a plan. There wasn't time to organize a big party for all the Dragon Tamers, but maybe we could make a small party with our friends here at the Eevee House? I called out for Amy, in order to discuss the idea with her.

<Caledor's POV>

Kiara accepted my apology and asked me how I was doing. Honestly, I felt great now, and I didn't hesitate to tell her. Too bad I didn't know what the next step was... I'd never been in a situation like this before. I mean, I'd talked to Kiara many times, but it today it was different somehow. It felt like a date, even if our teams and trainers were around. Dating Kiara had been a distant dream for me since the first time we played ball together; I didn't know what had changed, but somehow it seemed possible now. I just hoped I wouldn't blow it... Hopefully the red glow around me wouldn't be too noticeable. I couldn't seem to hold it completely. I tried to think of something to say to her... nothing seemed good enough. Then I remembered hearing Amy say something about getting presents for her team, so I went with that thought.
"So, how was Christmas?," I asked her.

<Tsunami's POV>

As I walked around, I saw Kovu appear from the shadows. Everyone seemed to be doing that these days. Still, it was nice to see a friendly face. He said 'hi' to me, but he looked away while I was greeting him back.
"Is everything ok?," I asked him.

<Pidgeot's POV>

I heard wings shaking above me and looked up. It was Dodger. Apparently he was leaving the House. A part of me wanted to do the same, to avoid going through Water Angel's inevitable lecture at a time when my old wounds were still open, to prevent myself from seeing her nearly broken, and from admitting my guilt. But I couldn't. Whatever I was about to go through, I'd brought it upon myself. It had been my decision to go after Team Rocket on my own; I knew what the stakes were but I hadn't really considered Water Angel's feelings. I'd promised her I'd be alright, but I wasn't even sure if I'd be able to keep that promise and she knew it. She knew me too well. They say you always hurt those you love. I wished it weren't true. I wished I could simply return home to see her welcome me back with her bright smile instead of the tears that were now running down her face. I guess I hadn't been aware of how much I mattered to her. She'd always been the wise one, the one who had all the answers... I should have thought more, I should have realized that putting myself in danger would hurt her; I just couldn't seem to think clearly whenever Team Rocket was involved. It was as if someone built a cage around my mind, stopping me from thinking about anything other than them. Everything I'd learn in my years with my team seemed to disappear. I felt like I had to deal with this alone because no one else could understand what I had gone through... In a sense I was, and would always be, alone. But that didn't give me the right to cast aside those who cared for me. Especially Water Angel, who had been there for me every day for the last 4 years. I had to listen to her now. I owed her that much. She told me how she'd been worried sick about me, more than she'd ever been before. She told me there was no threat we couldn't face together. We'd proven that before. She said she couldn't stand to stay back, helpless, while I put my physical and mental integrity at risk. Then she burst into tears and for the first time since I first met her she was out of words. I stretched out my left wing, making room for her to rest her head on my chest, and then closed it around her.

"Why can't things ever be easier for us?," I asked rhetorically.
"They can," she said. "It's really up to us, mostly."
I hoped she was right, though I still couldn't picture how.

31st December 2004, 12:07 PM
sorry if its short but i jsut had a hard time finding time to make a post ^^'

(Amy’s POV)

I was just cornered by an exhausted Tiny and Colby when I heard someone calling my name. When I looked around, I saw that it was Gabi. I picked up Tiny as Colby stumbled sleepily behind me, as I made my way over to Gabi and sat down beside her. Gabi had Sinopa, who looked like she was about to go to sleep soon, on her lap, .though soon as I had the twins on my lap. Colby immediately went to sleep though Tiny was fighting to stay awake as he looked up at the two of us. I greeted Gabi with the usual “Hi, how are you?”

(Kovu’s POV)

“Yeah, everything is fine.” I told Tsunami. “I’ve just been thinking, that’s all. How are you doing?” I asked, as I looked back at him.

(Kiara’s POV)

"So, how was Christmas?," Caledor asked. I grinned. “It was okay.” I told him. “Amy’s been trying to save up enough to get the whole team something so she didn’t go overboard this Christmas, but she got me a Detect TM. She also got me a Charm TM a little while ago, but I haven’t used it. Amy said that she thought it suited me.” At that moment, I realized that I had been babbling away, and I blushed. I wasn’t sure if Caledor noticed or not but when I looked up at him, he was smiling, and I couldn’t help but smile back.

1st January 2005, 01:49 PM
The first day of the year 2005. A new beginning, and a perfect time to teach everyone new moves. In a small raid on my backpack, some of my Pokemon gathered a few TMs they could use. Ash got Hidden Power, Morgana got Thunder Wave, Jacob got Hidden Power and Thundershock, Skye got Hidden Power, and Avani got Sand Tomb and Hidden Power. Right now, they were practicing using their new moves.
Ash fried a target with an electric jolt. He grinned. "I guess my Hidden Power is Electric," he said.
Jacob quickly toppled over three targets with a psychic wave. "And mine is Psychic!" he said, crossing his arms and nodding approvingly. "Quite cool."
"I think mine's Fighting," muttered Skye as she poked a target her Hidden Power punched a hole through.
"Mine's Ice," said Avani quietly, nodding at her frozen target.
I grinned. "This is great. I'm so glad you like your new attacks."
"How could we not?" asked Morgana. "They're so cool! Thank you!"
I nodded, smiling. Then, I looked at the others. "Sorry I couldn't get you guys anything... I'm kinda short on stamps and CCPs."
The other Pokemon shook their heads. Sirius walked up and patted my knee. "Hey, s'okay, we understand," he said. "We can wait, it's not a big deal."
I smiled. Suddenly, I saw Justinian trying to climb on my backpack. "Hey, hey, get off, Justin!" I cried. "There are eggs in there!"
Justin quickly jumped off. "Eep. Sorry," he mumbled.
"Eggs? Pokemon eggs?" Joash asked.
"Yup! Two Eevee eggs," I said, opening the bag and taking out the two eggs. Joash started wagging his tail happily.
"When are they going to hatch?" asked Spinal, climbing on my head.
"Soon, I hope," I said, patting one of the eggs. "They were laid long ago."
"Um, does soon mean now?" asked Kansho, sweatdropping as he pointed to the other egg. It was the younger egg... and it was hatching!
Everyone gathered around and looked at the shell cracking, and the small snout of an Eevee poking out...
"Aw! He's adorable!" Kairi exclaimed as the little Eevee stumbled out.
"He sure is!" I smiled. The Eevee looked up at us. He blinked. And then, he squealed in fear and ran into my backpack.
"We scared him..." mumbled Flashlight, pouting.
Rudo sighed and patted Flashlight on top of his head. "Don't worry, Flash, we could... unscare him or some-WOAH!!"
Everyone gasped. A bright light was coming out of the bag... and suddenly, something inside, the glowing object, started growing. I quickly pulled it out of the bag.
When the glow faded, we saw that the object was a Vaporeon, a little smaller than most, but as magnificent as a normal-sized one. He looked around, confused and frightened.
"That's... that's the Eevee!" cried Kyle. "But how...?"
"I had a Water Stone in my bag," I frowned. "I was saving it for him... guess he decided that this Water Stone would be the perfect birthday gift."
I pulled the Vaporeon into my lap. He squealed and tried to escape. I hugged him closely. "Shh, it's okay, kiddo, it's okay..." After a while, he calmed down. I started stroking his shiny coat.
"So what's his name?" inquired Sirius.
"Hmmm... how about Araphel?" I asked the Vaporeon.
"Por!" he smiled and pawed at my nose.
"Heh. Alright. Araphel it is."
Yup. The first day of the year is definitely a good day for new beginnings.

Lady Vulpix
2nd January 2005, 09:44 AM
Sorry, better late than never.

<Gabi's POV>

When Amy sat by my side, and after our traditional double-how-are-you-greeting, I told her my thoughts about having a New Year party at the Eevee House. We were both quite busy, but she seemed to like the idea, so we both started arranging things for the celebration. :round:

<Tsunami's POV>

"I'm fine," I told Kovu. "Just a little bored. Everyone else seems to be with someone and not to want any interruptions, so I don't know what to do right now. Would you like to join me for a game or something?"

<Caledor's POV>

I smiled as Kiara told me about the presents she and her friends had received. Especially when she told me about her Charm TM, and how Amy said it suited her.
"It definitely does," I told her. "So, you had a good time. That's great! Shall we have some more now?"
What can I say? Standing still was just not my thing. I couldn't wait to get started with all the things we could do together, whatever they were. I was already having a good time just by thinking about it.

<Sylvan's POV>

I heard chatter at another part of the house and went to see what was going on. I got there just in time to see a newborn Eevee evolve! "Poor baby!," I thought. Evolution could be a good thing in the long run, but it was a tough experience, and having to go through it right after birth... Well, he probably wouldn't remember it when he grew up, but it must have been hard for him. I got closer, trying to check whether he was alright, while doing my best not to bother those who were already there - a hard thing to do when you're as bulky as myself.

Knight of Time
3rd January 2005, 03:53 PM
Hmm, better late than never to make my first post here in 2005. I've decided from now on, "My POV" in my posts will now be replaced by "Kyle's POV", just as a minor change to my posts here.

Kyle's POV

Things were going excellent for me. After getting almost everything I wanted for Christmas, I was ready to witness the hatching of my final Eevee. As I came into the EH for the first time in the new year, I carefully brought in the final Eevee egg, and after going to my usual spot, I carefully set down the egg. Within seconds, a small crack appeared on the egg, slowly growing bigger and bigger until yet another Eevee came out of it. As usual, he was the same size as his brothers and sister, and I was sure they would be proud to meet him, so I took out their Pokeballs, and opened them up to reveal Blazer, Aqua and Nocturne.

"Hey all. Look who just hatched." I said to my first three Eevees.

"Our last sibling! Cool!" Blazer said.

"Yeah. I've decided he will be named Espio. What do you think?" I asked.

"Sounds nice." Aqua said.

"I agree." Nocturne added.

"I agree with the twins, Espio is a nice name indeed." Blazer declared.

"Great, Espio it is." I said as I turned and smiled at my newest Eevee.

A few minutes later, I watched in surprise as my four Eevees all curled up together near my feet, as if they were a little tired...

4th January 2005, 11:46 AM
(Amy’s POV)

After talking with Gabi we decided that even though the new year had already started, it was still new and we could still have a party. Tiny had finally succumbed to falling asleep so I set him down next to his brother. What do you think we should do about decorations?” I asked Gabi.

(Kovu’s POV)

I nodded as I listened to Tsunami. “Sure.” I answered when he asked me if I wanted to join in a game or something. “What kind?” I asked..

(Kiara’s POV)

"It definitely does. So, you had a good time. That's great! Shall we have some more now?" I grinned. “That sounds like a good idea to me.” I jumped down off the couch and landed gracefully. Grinning, I turned back to look at Caledor. I was very glad that I landed on my paws and not flat on my face.

(Blazer’s POV)

I entered the Eevee House from the back yard. I had been outside practicing on targets but after a while that got boring. Once I was inside, I looked around for someone to talk to.

4th January 2005, 06:04 PM
(Tara's POV)

After careful thought, I decided that it was a good time to visit the Eevee House. My team and I had been away for so long, I knew I would hardly know what to do! Oh well. I still wasn't sure if we were here to stay or not, but everyone likes to visit every once in awhile.

Clinging on to BlueShadow's powerful back, my heart raced. Would anyone remember us? BlueShadow seemed to read my thoughts; he turned his head to glare at me. I grinned, knowing everything would be fine.

Sitting in front of me, my faithful blue-eyed Umbreon called Christian waited anxiously for BlueShadow to land on the ground. Finally the moment had come. BlueShadow helped Christian and myself off his back and onto the ground. Immediately my team burst out of their Pokeballs.

Jesse, Torrey, Sandie, Spice, Sadie, Jayce, Jeepers, Misu, Kahlia, Ace, Zippo, and Khaisa, followed by BlueShadow and Christian all looked at me in anticipation. I smiled at them and led the way inside, hoping maybe a few familiar faces would be there to greet us.

We walked through the magical doors. My heart beamed when my eyes took the wonderful sights inside. The Eevee House didn't change a bit. I was glad to be back.

4th January 2005, 06:07 PM
(Tara's POV)

After careful thought, I decided that it was a good time to visit the Eevee House. My team and I had been away for so long, I knew I would hardly know what to do! Oh well. I still wasn't sure if we were here to stay or not, but everyone likes to visit every once in awhile.

Clinging on to BlueShadow's powerful back, my heart raced. Would anyone remember us? BlueShadow seemed to read my thoughts; he turned his head to glare at me. I grinned, knowing everything would be fine.

Sitting in front of me, my faithful blue-eyed Umbreon called Christian waited anxiously for BlueShadow to land on the ground. Finally the moment had come. BlueShadow helped Christian and myself off his back and onto the ground. Immediately my team burst out of their Pokeballs.

Jesse, Torrey, Sandie, Spice, Sadie, Jayce, Jeepers, Misu, Kahlia, Ace, Zippo, and Khaisa, followed by BlueShadow and Christian all looked at me in anticipation. I smiled at them and led the way inside, hoping maybe a few familiar faces would be there to greet us.

We walked through the magical doors. My heart beamed when my eyes took the wonderful sights inside. The Eevee House didn't change a bit. I was glad to be back.

6th January 2005, 03:57 AM
Dante's POV

As Connor and I strolled through the well manicured lawn of the Eevee house gardens, I couldnt help but ponder upon what he had just done. Giving up one's pokemon must be hard, but to lose a good friend in the process must be heart breaking. It was for this reason that I decided to talk to him, following my owners betrayl of me back at the Adoption Center.

He looked excited, detirmined even. I could sense he wanted to prove himself to me as a trainer, but there was no need. I knew from the way he had treated Maria that Connor was an exceptional trainer, that is better than any I had come across. I was proud to call him my friend.

"What exactly are we waiting for? Why dont we go and fight?" I inquired, despite already knowing his motives and had already figured out his hidden agenda.
"All in good time, my boy!" He responded in a planned fashion. I rolled my eyes at my own attempt at niavety. I couldnt let him onto me right now, I had to get a feel for his technique first.

We sat down as the rain began. It was quickly noted that Connor didnt seem to mind water at all. Infact, he seemed to enjoy it as the drizzle trickled down his grinning face.
"Its great isnt it? I love the rain..." I cut him off as Ive always hated small talk.
"Connor, why did you adopt me?"
"Because you seemed like a challenge and like a fun..."
"I dont want any of that Ash and Pikachu bull**** Connor."
"I dont know why. Instinct, fate, call it what you want, but the second I saw you I knew I wanted to help you, you seemed like you were in a bad place at the time."
Memories flashed past my mind of him. That coward. "Well I did just get abandoned."

There was a long silence as the grey clouds overhead darkened and the rain increased. Connor looked awkward. "Im getting over it Connor, its just something I have to do on my own. In the mean time, I'd like to battle, are you up for it?"
He nodded.

9th January 2005, 07:34 PM
Jay's POV

It had seemed like ages since I last set foot in the Eevee House. Not much has changed. The furniture was re-arranged, but that was nearly it. Looking around, I eyed an empty table, so I made my way for it. The Eevee House was bustling with people and Pokemon, and was loud.

I took a seat in the chair, and memories from the past began to take place in my mind--Banx being born. Ayemin and Anna being born... Brandi being born. It all flashed before me... then I realized how much I actually missed this place.

Brandi's POV

It had been so long since I last set foot in here. I remember this place, though. I looked around for a woman with a Ninetales.... I wanted to see my father. I think I've only seen him once before, but that was not enough. I wanted to see him again.

I looked over at Matthias, curled up, lying on the ground. He was such a twit. "Matthias, get up," I ordered. He looked up at me, and yawned.

"Yeah?" he replied. "Do you remember his place? Any of it?" I asked. He nodded in approval. "Did you ever miss it?" He shook his head. It seemed as though the memories of the Eevee House affected me more strongly than anyone else.

Chlo's POV

I had never been here before. It was noisy, and Pokemon were everywhere. Some where in the pool, others were flying near the ceiling. It was chaos. I jumped up onto Jay's lap, and sat there. He held me as I began to get comfortable. I decided to sit and watch as the activity within the Eevee House continued with full force.

9th January 2005, 09:44 PM
Lily's POV

"It's been a while since I've been in a battle, Trinity," I said to her as we walked around the Eevee House.

"You have no right to complain. I'm the one that's had only one battle since I've been with Shonta."

We were walking around the Eevee House for new friends. Actually, Trinity was looking for just guys for some reason. I was looking for someone to play with so Trinity wouldn't be bothered. And I saw her: an Oddish sitting on the lap of a human. She looked a little sad, though. I ran over to her. "Hi. My name's Lily. I'm an Oddish, too! What's your name?"

Trinity's POV

I found him. There he was! An absolutely cute black Arcanine was standing before my eyes and there was no one with him! I took a few steps back and immediately felt myself being pulled back. It was Moriko, and she was wearing that stupid grin on her face. "Are you crazy? I'm flirting here!" I told her.

She looked over my shoulder. "That guy? Drop it. Someone beat you to it, trust me."

My heart dropped. "He's...taken?"

"Yeah. But I always wanted to talk to him. I heard he's really strong. Wait here while I get some fighting tips!" She shoved me aside and marched up to the Arcanine. "Aren't you Blazer? Amy's Arcanine? I'm Moriko. Nice to meet you." She took his paw and shook it.

Cloud's POV

"Wow. We both got it bad. But we can't give up. In fact, I'm starting by apologizing to Kawaii!" I looked down from the roof. "Think you could get me down?"

10th January 2005, 05:41 PM
Jay's POV

After looking around for a bit, I noticed that Shonta had arrived. I set down Chlo, and stood up. Before approaching her, I picked up Banx, and beckoned all my Pokemon to follow me. I went up to Shonta. "Hello," I said.

"Hi," she replied. "So these are you Pokemon?" I nodded. She eyes Banx, then crouched down to take a look at Brandi and Matthias. A Ninetales was sitting to Shonta's right. Every now and then, the Ninetales would look over at a Heracross that was shaking hands with Blazer, Amy's Arcanine. I almost sensed a tinge of jealousy in the Ninetales' expression.

"Is that your Ninetales?" I asked. She stood up straight, and looked down at the Ninetales.

"Yeah, her name's Trinity," she said. I looked Trinity over and tried to imagine Trinity as Brandi. That's what Brandi would become when she evolved. I wondered how she felt about it. I glanced down at Matthias, and noticed that he was staring at Trinity. When Trinity looked at him, he hurriedly looked away. I managed to supress a laugh. 'So it seems Matthias has a little infatuation with a certain Pokemon,' I thought.

Brandi's POV

So that's a Ninetales--that's what Jay had talked about when he told me about evolving. I gathered that her name was Trinity. She looked so much older and mature than I was... and she had to be at least 10 times more beautiful. I wanted to say something to her, anything, but the words wouldn't come out right. My throat was dry, and I knew if I tried to say anything, no sound would come.

She looked away, towards a Heracross, and then at an Arcanine. She eyed the Arcanine longingly. ...So she likes him... "What do you think of that Arcanine?" I asked her, trying to strike up a conversation. "He's brilliant, isn't he?" Trinity looked down at me....

"He's more than brilliant, kid... He's amazing, attractive... he's..." she trailed off. I knew what she was thinking, but I wasn't rude enough to say it. You want him, don't you?

"By the way, my name's Brandi... nice to meet you," I said cordially.

"I'm Trinity... it's a pleasure," she replied.

Matthias's POV

I couldn't believe my eyes. She was so beautiful... yet I wasn't even a glint in her eye. She was... words couldn't describe her insurmountable beauty.

Knight of Time
10th January 2005, 06:06 PM
Kyle's POV

Things were going excellent for me. Days after the birth of my fourth and final Eevee, Espio, I was ready to help one of the members of my Eevee "quartet" evolve, and I reached into my backpack to get the Fire Stone I recently forged for myself. A few seconds later, I turned towards the sleeping Blazer, and I gently rubbed him on the head.

"Hi Kyle. What's up?" Blazer asked, yawning from his nap.

"I've got two surprises for you Blazer. But for me to give you one of them, I hope you don't mind evolving into a Flareon now so that you can make use of this surprise. I have a Fire Stone if you're ready." I said.

"Wow, two surprises! Let me guess, the first surprise for me is the Fire Stone?" Blazer asked curiously.

"Yes, indeed. Here you go." I said as I dropped the evolution stone near Blazer's forepaws.

"Hey, I think my mother should see this. What do you think?" Blazer said.

"I agree. Amy, can you let out Sweetie please?" I shouted.

"She's by the pool." Amy replied.

Moving towards the Espeon with Blazer at my side, I watched as she turned around.

Blazer's POV

"Mom, guess what?" I said excitedly.

"What is it?" Sweetie replied.

"Kyle, my trainer, has decided to help me evolve." I said.

"Evolve into what?" Sweetie asked curiously.

"A Flareon. Kyle also told me that he has a second surprise for me, but he said that I can't make use of it unless I evolve." I said.

"Oh, I understand. Maybe someday your brothers and sister may evolve too." Sweetie said with a smile.

"Yeah. I'm very sure Kyle will help them evolve too. Well, I think I better go back to Kyle. After all, I can hardly wait for my second surprise!" I said excitedly.

"Okay. This I have to see." Sweetie declared.

Kyle's POV

Noticing that Blazer was done chatting with his mother, I watched as he turned around and moved towards me.

"Blazer, I assume you are ready to evolve now, right?" I asked my first Eevee curiously.

"Yeah, I'm ready now." Blazer declared.

Carefully dropping the Fire Stone in front of Blazer, I watched as he touched it with one of his forepaws. Seconds later, he began to glow white, and his body started to grow a bit bigger. The glowing process soon stopped, and I smiled at my newly evolved Flareon.

"Wow, I definitely feel stronger now. May I have this second surprise now that I am a Flareon, please?" Blazer asked.

"Yes, you definitely may Blazer. Hang on, I'll get it for you." I said.

"Okay Kyle." Blazer replied.

Going back to my backpack, I pulled out my new heat resistant gloves, put them on, and took out a small, insulated box. Opening it up to reveal a bright orange powder, I inspected it, realizing it was very hot!

"Great, it seems like my surprise may be a little too hot to handle, Blazer. No matter, it won't stop me from giving it to you." I said.

Moving the box just above Blazer's body, I took a big handful of the fiery hot powder, and sprinkled it onto Blazer.

"Hey, this powder's quite hot. Why is that?" Blazer asked me curiously.

"This powder will enable you to use a move that my old Houndour, Chaos once knew. It's called Will-o-Wisp. It's hot because it burns your opponent in a battle if you are successful at using the move. Just be careful not to accidently burn me, okay?" I asked.

"Don't worry, I'll be very careful with it near you. Thanks for this surprise!" Blazer said with a bright smile.

"You're very welcome Blazer." I said, as I went back to the couch to relax...

10th January 2005, 08:16 PM
Shonta's POV
"That's sweet! You know, Trinity's doesn't have a lot of friends outside the team. Now where's the rest of my team? Lily, could you round 'em up?"

Lily nodded and ran off. A few minutes later she came back, soaking wet and with Jewel, Beacon, and Athena. "Jewel didn't want to come out of the swimming pool," she explained while she shook off."

"This is the rest of my adoptee team," I told Jay. "This is Jewel, Beacon, and Athena. Girls, this is Jay and his team."

Trinity's POV

I sat with Brandi and eyed Blazer. "Why did he have to be taken?" I asked myself softly. "I guess I should stop staring at him." I turned around and bumped into a Growlithe. He was staring at me like I was probably staring at Blazer. "Can I help you with something?" I was not in a very good mood.

"Trinity! Manners!" Athena hissed at me. Man, she acted like my mom!

"Sorry. Hi. My name's Trinity," I said as kindly as I could.

10th January 2005, 09:32 PM
Jay's POV

"Neither does Brandi. She mainly talks with Matthias, my Growlithe," I replied, looking down at Matthias to see a look of shock. I guess Trinity had said something to him, but it wasn't a good thing. I watched as Trinity spoke softly to him, then began to walk away; Brandi decided to chase after her. Matthias on the otherhand, was looking at Trinity with regret and sorrow. "I'm sorry Brandi didn't greet you," I said to Athena, Beacon, Jewel, and Lily. They looked back at me, and didn't seem to mind. "I think it's great that my Pokemon can make friends with other trainers' Pokemon."

Brandi's POV

I caught up with Trinity as she walked out onto the balcony. "What's wrong?" I asked in the most caring voice I could muster. I wanted to show Trinity my concern. She continued to fall silent, and stared at the sky. "Do you need some time alone?" I pressed.

She shook her head. "No... you can stay... if you would like," she said. With that, I watched the night with her.

"Do you want to talk about it?" I asked her. She didn't answer me quickly. It appeared that she was thinking.

Matthias' POV

I felt so horrible! I must have been gawking at her so much that it offended her. I watched as she left, and Brandi was walking close behind. "Don't worry," said a voice. I looked over to see a Starmie. I was half afraid, half cautious. "She's not mad at you... she's just having a tough time. She'll come around." All I could do is hope so, because I didn't believe in love at first sight... until now.

Chlo's POV

I walked up to the Oddish cautiously. If what Anna had told me was right, which I hoped it was, then I could make friends. The memory of the Hoppip accident still lingered in my mind, and I wondered if I'd ever have a friend that was a plant like me. I shook leaves with her, and said, "Hi... I'm Chlo. What's your name?"

"I'm Lily," Lily replied with a smile. I smiled back. It seemed that I could make firends... maybe it wasn't me... maybe it was just the Hoppips. I felt a sudden warmth of having finally met a Pokemon like myself... exactly like myself.

Aurora's POV

I turned to see that Jay was talking to a trainer, and there were Pokemon at their feet. Chlo was talking to another Oddish, and was meeting all new Pokemon. I didn't want to be left out, so I headed over in their direction. I noticed a Starmie talking to Matthias. I just sat around in the water, watching everyone as they talked. The Starmie caught sight of me, and hovered over toward me.

"Hello," it said, "is that your trainer?" I nodded.

"Yeah... and I take it that that trainer is yours?" I asked. "Yep," said the Starmie.

"I'm Aurora, and I'm a Lapras. I see that you're a Starmie. What's your name?" I asked her, getting a conversation going.

"I'm Jewel," it replied.

11th January 2005, 03:30 PM

I smiled when Ruki emerged from the shadows. Beaky was relieved. "Hey Ruki!" I said and flew over to him. Ruki gasped, and seemed if he forgot me for a moment, and then remembered who i was. "Oh, hello." He said. I smiled. Suddenly, Beaky spoke to me. "Archangel, could we talk outside for a sec?" he said. I nodded, and followed him our the window. "We'll be back in a sec." He said to Ruki.

I landed softly on the ground, and picked at my wings with my beak. "So, what's up buddy?" I said and smiled. Beaky began to frown. "What was that about? It's bad enough to be frightened without having someone make fun of you about it!" He said. I froze for a second. "I was just joking!" I said. He was glaring at me. "I think you take your joking a little too extreme." He said.
"I... I'm sorry."
"Well... could you just leave me alone for a while?"

I took a step back. He was mad, I could tell. My Hidden Power suddenly activated by itself, and it was reading his mind without meaning to. He was mad. "I was just trying to lighten you up... you always seem so grumpy."
"Well, your not too perfect either." He shouted.

I suddenly felt my eyes water. I felt somewhat... different. I had no intentions of joking anymore. Suddenly, i felt tears comeout my eyes. "I just want a friend... in the wild, I had none." I said. I was getting extremely sad about this. Why was I? I thought to myself. Do I have feelings for him? I said in my mind. I then realized I did. He gasped when he saw me cry. "I... I didn't want to make you cry." He said.
"It's okay... I... I just have... I don't know..."
"I guess you can stay... just let me talk to Ruki alone for a little... I'll call you when you can come back in." He said and went back in the room.

11th January 2005, 05:29 PM
[Jesse's POV]

Well, I guess Sugar was around after all. Tara had gotten us so excited about visiting the House again, I was really looking forward to seeing Sugar again, but I couldn't find her! Hopefully they would show up soon...

In the mean time, I noticed an unfamiliar Eevee. Turns out, he was about to evolve into a Flareon, like myself. I watched with interest as he conversed with his trainer, then his mother, and then his trainer again, finally making the big move. It seemed to have gone great. I thought I might go introduce myself to him and find out what he was like.

I strolled across the perimeter of the big room, past Blazer's trainer, Kyle. I didn't think he knew who I was, but I smiled at him as I walked past. Eventually I found myself by the new Flareon's side. When he noticed me, I began to speak.

"Hi, my name is Jesse. I saw you just evolved, feels cool, doesn't it? Hah, you've got to try this trick."

Blazer looked at me curiously. I grinned and took a deep breath of air and swallowed it. Seconds later, I belched loudly, a large flame tumbling out of my mouth. As soon as it began, the flames died down.

I smiled proudly. "You can do that trick even if you don't know very many actual fire attacks. Hope you like being warm, 'cause you'll never ever feel the cold again. Drat this thick fur!"

15th January 2005, 05:39 PM
Shonta's POV

"Oh, I forgot!" I pulled out Nama's pokeball and let her out. "This is Nama. Say hello, Nama."

"Hi," she said sleepily. She yawned, climbed up to my shoulder with unbelievably long claws, and slept.

"Heh heh. That's Nama."

Trinity's POV

I can't believe I almost embarrassed myself in front of that cute Arcanine. I'll never forgive myself. I lay my head in my paws.

<You kind of upset Jay's Growlithe. You should go and apologize to him,> Jewel said inside my head. She was nowhere to be seen, but she was around there somewhere. But that got me to thinking. That Growlithe was cute, and I'll never get a chance like this again.

I smiled at Brandi. "Thanks for staying with me. I feel much better now. By the way, could you introduce me to your Growlithe friend?"

15th January 2005, 10:51 PM
Jay's POV

I looked at Nama as she curled up and began to sleep. I let out a soft laugh, "Nice to meet you, too, Nama." Shonta and I continued talking, getting to know each other. Every few minutes, I would glance down at Matt (Matthias), to see that he still had a look of regret and sorrow. He must either really like Trinity, or must being bashing on himself.

I looked over at Aurora in the pool to see that she had made a new friend with Shonta's Starmie, Jewel. While still looking at them talk, I gave Shonta a nod every now and then to let her know that I was still paying attention, and would reply back when she was finished. I looked over at the balcony window to see that Trinity and Brandi were coming inside again, and coming in this direction. Shonta and I stopped talking as they came near.

<Matt's POV>

Why did you have to act so stupid Matt? You're one smooooth operator... Uhg.... I wanted to hit myself. I decided to lay down in grief. Stupid... stupid.... stupid... stupid I said to myself, smacking my head against the floor at every interval.

I caught sight of Blazer, the ever famous Arcanine--everyone knew him, and who he belonged to. Girls flocked to him, many Pokemon marvelled at his awesomeness.

I looked up to see that Brandi and the Ninetales were coming back! What could I do? I quickly got up, and sat in the toughest way possible, trying to show the Ninetales that I could be just as good looking as Blazer, and that I had Blazer-Arcanine potential.

Brandi and Trinity came over to me, which I thought was shocking. "Hey, Matthias, I'd like to introduce you to somebody. This is Trinity," Brandi told me, but I already knew that--Trinity mentioned it earlier.

I looked at Trinity, and I wanted to say something, but the words wouldn't come out. C'mon you idiot... say something!. I started to get nervous, and began to break out in a sweat.... "Hell-Hell," I rasped.

"Hell hell?" Brandi retorted. She obviously wasn't making this any easier.

"Uh... umm.... Hi," I managed. Trinity smiled, looking at me with those alluring, attractive eyes.

"Hey," she said softly,"Matthias, I'm sorry for what I said to you earlier. I was just frustrated about something. Will you forgive me?"

"It-it wasn't your fault," I told her. "S-sometimes, when Pokemon are frustrated, they don't mean what they say." She nodded.

"Matthias," she began, but I interrupted.

"You can call me Matt, I prefer it," I told her. Trinity cracked a smile; Brandi, however, looked at me with confusion.

"Matt.... I would really like to get to know you," Trinity said. It was at that moment that I was grateful to have fur, because I was redder than a beet.

"Y-you do...?" I asked, and Trinity nodded.

"Yes," she said. I had conflicting emotions--love, nervousness, bashfulness.... I didn't know how I felt, but I knew what kind of Arcanine I wanted to be. I just wanted to melt.

21st January 2005, 05:27 PM
<Blade's POV>

"Yeah," I smiled wryly, "hold on a sec."
Gently holding the Flaaffy by the waist, I dove towards the ground and let him go once we landed.
"Good luck," I called out.
"Thanks, you too," he called and went to find Kawaii.
Sighing, I went back to the top of the roof and laid back on one of the slants. It wasn't before long that Drake flew up and joined me.
"Dude, you are too predictable. I find you up here everyday."
"Well, you would be up here if you didn't have a woman in your life," I snapped back. "You have your daughter and you say nothing about going after a girl."
"Stop being stupid, Elwing is your niece and you know she loves you. But yeah, I know what you mean. We're just not assertive enough, that's all. You don't see many female Charizard's around here, do you? And you, you still haven't gotten over her and you're obviously petrified of flying females."
"Am not," I said defiantly.
"You are," he replied. "The whole team knows it and so do you. She was a good one but she loved Dodger and she's not coming back anyway. Time to move on."
"Damn you and your common sense. I have to face facts, even though it isn't pretty."
"Good, now let's go visit our family."
He's good and he knows it.

<Lyra's POV>
"Battle? Quite a first word despite no battles happening around us," I said.
"Why would she say that though?" Zale asked.
"Maybe because she knows her dad battles for a living and since you're a water Pokemon, she probably associates water with battling despite her attack type."
It probably sounded like a good explaination but I didn't even know if I was right. It was an odd circumstance, since she never even saw her father battle.
"Anyway, let's see how well she does getting water dumped on her," I said to switch the topic. "Then we'll know if she'll be a good swimmer or not."

<Aries's POV>

Using my powers, I had Darin fly around the house, up and around the rafters, around Nightshade a few times and then finally outside, where I followed him out. I had him go near Drake and Blade, who were probably going to see Elwing, and then about the chimney before having him settle on the ground next to me.
"You could probably do that to yourself if you evolved into an Espeon," I told him. "It's even possible as an Umbreon, but much more difficult. Not saying you have to evolve at all but whatever you think is best for you is fine with me."

21st January 2005, 09:19 PM
Cloud's POV

The next day was much better. I had apologized to Kawaii and she forgave me. Now I wasn't as big of a jerk as before. Now all I had to do was find a new girl. I stopped at a Kangaskhan and child curled up in the shade. The adult was huge. Time for me to work my charm. I cautiously walked up to the two Kangaskhan.

The adult opened her eyes and glared at me. "What do you want?" she asked groggily.

I took a couple steps back. "Hi. Are you new here?" I asked shakily.

"Does it matter?"

"I just wanted to know if you, um, wanted something to eat. I, uh, know where the kitchen is."

She gave a small smile, which was a very good thing. "Stay with me. My baby is taking a nap but she'll be hungry when she wakes up."

"Okay." I sat beside her and smiled. Today was going to be a good day indeed.

Bandit's POV

"Is this the Eevee House?" I asked Shonta as we approached the building. It was the girls' idea to introduce me to the place. Build up some social skills, they said.

"Yeah. Just don't steal from anybody."

"Oh, now that's an insult," I muttered. We went inside, and I discovered why it was called the Eevee House. Sure, there were lots of different Pokemon. But I've never seen so many Eeveelutions before! It was as packed in here as it was in the city. I climbed up to Shonta's shoulder and sighed. "I don't know about this, Shonta."

"You don't have to meet everybody right now. Just make yourself comfortable."

I made myself invisible and made my way outside. The view was lively and green. I found the nearest tree and climbed it, enjoying the view from there. This was different from the city, and I kinda liked it.

Beaky's POV

I flew back in, feeling a little angry. I took a few deep breaths and looked at Ruki. "What's wrong?" he asked me.

"It's Archangel. It was enough that I was scared of you. But she didn't have to make fun of me!" I flapped my wings in frustration. "But maybe I deserved it. I didn't have to yell at her like that." I flew to the window. "You can come back in, Archangel. And I'm sorry about yelling at you like that."

21st January 2005, 11:34 PM
Kung Pow Meditite's POV

"Silver used to come here and chat with the other trainers," I told the others as we entered. I chuckled sadly to myself when I added, "He'd always stay calm when his Pokémon ran about making fools of themselves."
"I remember that," chirped Anion Minun, who trotted alongside me. "They were some crazy dudes he adopted."
"I hope they're all okay, wherever they are now," Sailor Mercury Psyduck commented gently.
"Silver's capable of taking care of himself," said Seung Mina Scyther, who was looking around as if trying to find someone. "I'm sure he's okay, wherever he is."
Murray the Evil Skull Sableye nodded a great many times. "He must've known that out there, there are foolish mortals to crush in combat! Speaking of which..." Without a moment's hesitation, Sableye shot forth. Darting from Pokémon to Pokémon and sometimes even human, he challenged them to fights.
"I'll take you on! No, actually you look stronger! Just because you're a girl don't mean I go easy on you! You're not man enough to fight me! Crushing you is like beating Magikarp: it ain't worth the effort! Your feeble skills are no match for the power of a Dark Pokémon!"
Seung Mina sighed and shook her head. "He's making a fool of himself."
"And like Silver before me, I will stay calm," I said as I sat down and crossed my legs. Going deep into meditation, I could the feel the presense of the others departing, maybe to find conversation. Myself, I had to meditate, for the mission I had just been on had somewhat drained me spiritually.
Pretty soon, I was able to drown out Sableye's roaring challenges. "Hey you, Dratini! Wanna fight me, I'll take you on! Or you, Arcanine? I'll scratch you the wrong way! Or you..."
"How did Silver ever be able to find the courage to face other people in public?" I thought to myself, and laughed.

The Blue Avenger
22nd January 2005, 12:35 PM
***Previsiona's POV***
It was my first time here, and I must say, I was astounded. My trainer had dropped me and another Pokemon, Groviglio the Tangela, off here while he and two other Pokemon went for a hike. He had promised to take us along another day - the Pokemon he took with him needed more training. I floated around the hall; a Castform could get used to this...

Groviglio had run off somewhere. I hadn't known him for long, but I could tell he was a bit of a sparkplug - right now, he was jumping about glaring at anything crossing his path. He ran into a Sableye and the two began yelling at each other.

"You were in my way, dark-boy!"
"No - you were in mine, Medusa!"
"Hey, I'm a GUY! You should learn to respect your betters!'
"Oh, I'm sorry. MEDUSO!"
"Gollum wanna-be!"
"Ooh - low blow. You'll pay for that, no-face!" The two lept into battle.

Meanwhile, I floated back, eager to meet new Pokemon. I came across a Meditite who was meditating, natch. I greeted him. He didn't seem too happy to be shaken from his mind, but he introduced himself nonetheless - apparently his name was Kung Pow.

23rd January 2005, 12:27 AM
Kung Pow Meditite's POV

"Previsiona, hmm?" I commented. "Very interesting name."
"Thank you," she replied, her eyes twinkling. "My trainer gave it to me when he adopted me. He's off training some of my other Pokémon on... what was it he called it... 'the real battlefield'?"
I knew what that meant. After the "Weird ALliance's" mission to stop the revolt between the Rockets and Crimson Blades, others were sent in as well. Her trainer must have gone to fight the villians as well.
"So, where's your trainer?" she chirped happily, and for a moment she sounded like Anion.
The pang of sadness that always arrives when Silver is mentioned hit me as usual. "M.I.A.," I said, looking down at the ground.
"Oh dear. I'm terribly sorry."
"Don't be. You see, that's why I was meditating. Every day I do so, so that I will find a clue as to where he is."
"I hope you find him," she said, bobbing up and down in the air.
Anion then trotted up to me. "Murray's in a fight."
"That was to be expected," I replied.
"With a Tangela."
The Castform burst out laughing. "That's Groviglio. Him fighting was to be expected too."
Anion looked over at Previsiona, his innocent eyes widening. "Wow! A real Castform! A really really real Castform! I thought they only existed on the weather channels!"
"You must excuse my friend," I apologized to Previsiona. "He's a bit naive when it comes to-"
"I don't mind," she replied. "It's nice to meet other Pokémon, and your friend is delightful."
"Ya wanna meet my other friends?" Anion cried, bouncing up and down. Like the little lightning bolt he is, Anion led Previsiona over to Seung Mina and Sailor Mercury, and they all engaged in pleasent conversation.
I couldn't help but smile. It was nice to see acts of friendship and joy rather than the hate and evil that always comes from the missions we are sent on. Speaking of hate, Murray and Groviglio were making their fight more of an insult-fest than a brawl.
"Spagetti face!
"Casper impersonator!"
"Weed infestation!"
"Rotting jack-o-lanturn!"
"You play baseball like a GIRL!"
"Why you!"

The Blue Avenger
23rd January 2005, 07:49 AM
***Mona the Smeargle's POV***
After the encounter with the Blade and the Rocket, my trainer felt we deserved some free time. He dropped me and Bobbery, a Snorlax, off at the Eevee House and told us to find Previsiona. "Don't bother trying to find Groviglio; he's probably in another pointless argument. See ya, guys!"

I looked around. Pokemon were everywhere - I saw a Meditite meditating, a Tangela and a Sableye arguing (that would be Groviglio), and lots more... all complemented with lots of bright colors. I grabbed Bobbery's arm and tried to pull him along. Unfortunately, I failed to realize the weight of my bulky frined and he just kinda sat there, still snoozing. It was at that moment that Groviglio and the Sableye decided to bring there argument over here. They stopped right in front of Bobbery.
"Jeweler's nightmare!"
"Big nose!"
"...I don't have a nose."
"If you did, it'd be humongous!"
Bobbery stirred. "Who wakes me?!" he groaned. He stood up and looked down at Groviglio and Sableye. "GrrrrRRRRR!" Bobbery glared at them and started charging.
"AAAAAH!" Groviglio yelled.
"AAAAAH!" Sableye agreed. They both ran away, Bobbery hot on their tails.

24th January 2005, 06:37 PM
(Laila’s POV)

“It’s nice to meet you too, Dimitri.” I said with a smile. “Are you captured or adopted? Technically, I’m captured but I was given to Amy as a prize.” I admitted, softly.

(Jovi’s POV)

“I guess you’re right,” I told Kawaii. “It was just a shock when she left and then not so much as a visit till now…” I sighed, before a thought struck me. “I never told you what the Status coin did did I? I asked her. Kawaii shook her head no. “Sorry about that.” “It’s okay.” She told me. “Well,” I began, “whenever you’re afflicted by a status condition just flip that coin. It will either get rid of it, or else cause the same change to your opponent. The only catch is that it can only be used once a day.” Kawaii smiled and that made me happy.

By the time we had reached where mom was, Lani had gone. She was probably looking for Casey or Huan or both. When mom spotted me, she shifted from her growlithe form and into the familiar umbreon form. “Err, Mom, welcome back.” “Thanks. I’m sorry that I left so suddenly, but I do want to try and make it up to you. I’m proud of you. You have gotten so strong.” At that she gave me a huge hug and my face turned beet red. It was then that mom noticed Kawaii and released her hold on me. “Who is this pretty lady?” she asked. I walked over and sat down beside Kawaii. “Mom, this is my g… girlfriend Kawaii.” I blushed when I said that but when I looked over at Kawaii she was blushing too but smiling. Mom turned to look at Kawaii. “Pleased to meet you. I’m Mirage.” Then she turned to look me in the eye. “Jovi, take good care of her or you will answer to me.” I gulped. “Don’t worry Mom, I won’t let anything hurt her if I can help it.”.

(Willow’s POV)

Ever since I had evolved I had been in a confused daze. I was feeling bad about the way that I had treated my teammates and Amy. However, I was still unsure of what to make out of Amy. She did her best for me even after I had been so mean to her. The main thing was I hadn’t wanted to be caught but now that I was it wasn’t so bad and I had even evolved. I looked up to see that Amy was approaching cautiously. “I got this for you.” she said. “It’s a toxic TM.” She then walked off. I watched her go with mixed emotions before I activated the TM. When I was done I looked around for Cinder. I needed someone to talk to. I just hope that I hadn’t alienated myself from him as well.

(Blazer’s POV)

I hadn’t been in the house long before a heracross marched over to where I was. "Aren't you Blazer? Amy's Arcanine? I'm Moriko. Nice to meet you." I nodded my head in affirmation as I offered her my paw. She shook it.. “Nice to meet you too.” I said as Yana came over and sat down beside me. I introduced Moriko to her and her to Moriko.

(Sweetie’s POV)

I had been resting over by the pool, when Kyle walked over with one of my sons. I grinned with I saw them. It turned out that Blazer was going to evolve. He was young, but if he felt that he was ready then I was happy for him. I watched on proudly as he made the choice to evolve, and then he got a TM move. “Congratulations.” I told him as I gave him a motherly nuzzle.

(Sugar’s POV)

I saw Jesse, but he didn’t see me. I silently stalked him before pouncing on him. He cried out in surprise, but when he realized it was me he had his revenge. He began to tickle me. I started laughing and soon I had the hiccups and I accidentally zapped him. “Sorry.” I apologized, glad that he had stopped tickling me when I got the hiccups.

(Zale’s POV)

I shrugged. I liked Lyra’s explanation but I didn’t know if it was right or not, and I could tell that she wasn’t sure either. "Anyway, let's see how well she does getting water dumped on her," I said to switch the topic. "Then we'll know if she'll be a good swimmer or not." I nodded, before turning to Angel. “Angel, you can get in now.” She looked up at me and grinned. Then she turned and smiled at Lyra before climbing into the kiddie pool. As we poured water over her, she just sat there giggling. “That’s a good sign, right?” I asked Lyra smiling.

(Darin’s POV)

It was fun flying, I had to admit. I grinned up at Dad. When he sat me down beside him I scooted closer. "You could probably do that to yourself if you evolved into an Espeon. "It's even possible as an Umbreon, but much more difficult. Not saying you have to evolve at all but whatever you think is best for you is fine with me." Dad explained. I took a deep breath and then looked at him. “Dad?” “Yes?” “I have been thinking about evolving but I can’t decide which. I’ve narrowed it down to two choices though. “Which ones?” he asked. “Either a flareon or an espeon. I just don’t know which one. Can you tell me more about them?” I asked looked at him

(Ruki’s POV)

Beaky seemed upset when he flew back in. He was taking deep breaths, so I asked him what was wrong. When Beaky answered, I nodded in understanding. “No one likes to be made fun of,” I said softly, as I though about what happened when I had evolved.

24th January 2005, 07:25 PM
Dimitri's POV

"I'm captured. I'm from the Crystal Caves Meadow. I forgot when I was captured, though. So you're a prize, huh? What was life like before you became a prize?"

Kawaii's POV

I blushed even harder when Jovi said that he wouldn't let anything hurt me. But then again, I wouldn't let anything hurt him, either. "Mirage, your son is wonderful. I wouldn't let anything hurt him either."

Cinder's POV

Misu fired a Water Gun at a target, hitting the bullseye. "I wonder what the rest of the team's up to?" he asked me.

I shrugged and burned another target up with my Flamethrower. "I do know what Kawaii's up to." I gave an evil laugh.

"You have a dirty mind, Cinder." He sadly shook his head. "Hey, someone's coming." He pointed to a Bayleef that was walking up to us. "You know him?"

"No." Then something popped up in my mind. "Oh yeah! I know him! Hi Willow!" I waved at him. He looked troubled.

Moriko's POV

"Hi Yana!" I said maybe a little too loud. "Yeah, I remember you from the Pokemon Spotlight." I shook her paw. "Listen, I was wondering if you could give me a couple of fighting tips."

Bandit's POV

It was getting a little boring and I was getting a little hungry. I remembered passing some sort of kitchen. "Hope they don't mind me snatching a little something from there," I told myself. I hopped down from the tree and turned invisible. From there I sneaked into the house and into the kitchen. When I opened the refrigerator door I got a shock. "This thing is packed!" I cried out loud. Heads turned, and I shut up again. I pulled out an apple and swallowed it whole.

9th February 2005, 02:52 PM

"Hmm... what to name you... this is a hard one, I'm not good with grass type names..." I said to my new Breloom. He was watching a butterfly fly above his head. He seemed that he didn't care what he was named, and that he didn't care about anything really. He suddenly fell onto his stomach with his eyes looking forwards. He then turned and looked at me. "How about a name from a... oh, what do you humans call them... oh yes, a video game! How about a name from a video game?" He said.

I laughed. "Ok then... well, I have one named Zora, a race from zelda games, so I'll call you... Kokiri!" I said. Kokiri nodded happily, and sat up. "That butterfly is getting annoying..." He said, and smashed it into the ground with his Iron Tail. I gasped. "I take it you don't like bugs..." I said. He nodded, and without warning, fell to his back and began to sleep.

Knight of Time
15th February 2005, 03:51 PM
Kyle's POV

It had been a little while since Blazer's evolution. Now that I was a step closer to having my dream of having all 5 Eeveelutions as adopted Pokemon come true, I declared myself ready to evolve Aqua and Nocturne together, but first, I decided that it would be the best time for something else to come first. Taking out a Master Ball from the second half of my backpack, I opened it up to reveal my captured male Machoke, Crusher.

"Not you again! What do you want this time?" he asked in frustration.

"Crusher, there is something I want to give you, but first, I want to tell you something that I hope will make you understand how I feel about an old friend who I no longer have. He was a captured Poliwrath named Brutus. At the time I captured him about a year ago or more, I had been looking for a tough looking fighter, and he was a great friend after I captured him, but ever since my life was turned upside down and then slowly rebuilt, I ended up losing him, and even to this very day, I still miss him very much." I said.

"Oh, I'm real sorry, I never knew you had another fighter before you found me. I definitely regret the way I treated you when we first met. Regarding your lost Poliwrath, I guess I can take his place." Crusher said as he shrugged.

"Oh, thank you Crusher." I said with a bright smile.

"You're welcome. Hey, what's your name?" Crusher asked.

"Kyle." I replied.

"Thanks, Kyle. What is it you have for me?" Crusher asked curiously.

"Hang on Crusher, I have to get it out of my backpack first." I said.

Pulling out a small box from my backpack, I opened it up to reveal a small mound of powder. Sprinking it onto each of Crusher's arms, I watched as he suddenly began to rub his head in confusion after the powder went in.

"Kyle, uh, I'm kinda mixed up here. Why was that powder sprinkled on my arms?" Crusher asked.

"Because the power this powder contains is very suitable for your arms. You probably don't want to be any stronger than you already are, but you never know if there could be anything that you may or would have trouble handling, Crusher. Hopefully this move, which is none other than Cross Chop, will make you feel a bit happier." I said.

"Oh, okay. Thanks for telling me, Kyle. Yeah, I actually do feel more strength in my arms. Thanks a bunch." Crusher said.

"You're very welcome Crusher. I have a couple of other important things to do right now, so do you mind if I recall you?" I asked.

"No, go right ahead." Crusher replied.

"Okay." I said.

Recalling Crusher into the Master Ball I caught him with, I went back to my backpack, and took out two Pokeballs. Enlarging them, I opened them up to reveal my Eevee twins, Aqua and Nocturne.

"Hi Kyle, what's up?" Aqua asked.

"Aqua, you and Nocturne are in for a big surprise." I said.

"Wow, what is the surprise?" Nocturne asked curiously.

"I've got a couple of evolution stones each of you can make use of. What do you think?" I asked Aqua and Nocturne.

"Hmm, maybe we could make use of them, but who is going to use one of them first?" Aqua asked curiously.

"You can use the first one, which is a Water Stone, Aqua. I hope you don't mind evolving first, and I just hope Nocturne doesn't mind this." I said.

"Well, since Aqua is older than me, I think she should be the first to use one of the stones." Nocturne said.

"Fine. In that case, do you mind using the Night Stone I have in my backpack?" I asked Nocturne.

"Nah, I don't mind at all." Nocturne replied.

Reaching for the two evolution stones I recently forged, I put the Water Stone near Aqua's front paws. A second later, she put one of the front paws on the stone and immediately began to glow white, her body shape changing to look much like that of a mermaid. Within a second or two later, I smiled at my new Vaporeon. Almost immediately after Aqua's evolution, I put the Night Stone near Nocturne's front paws. Just a second or two later, he put one of his front paws on the stone, and he quickly began to glow white, his body getting a bit bigger as he turned black, getting a few gold, glowing rings on his body.

"How do you two feel now?" I asked the newly evolved Aqua and Nocturne.

"I'm feeling fine, thanks." Aqua said.

"Same here. Hey, I'm assuming that Espio will be the final one of us, aka myself, Aqua, Blazer and him to evolve, right?" Nocturne asked.

"Yes, he will be evolving last. But, I have something that he might like, so I'll be ready to give it to him then. Anyway, maybe you two ought to see your mother. I'll bet Sweetie will be surprised." I replied.

"Okay." the twins said together.

As I watched the twins move towards Sweetie, I laid down on the nearby couch, deciding to take a rest for now...

The Blue Avenger
21st February 2005, 09:06 AM
***Blue's POV***

I was walking along the grounds of the Eevee House. I had let my Pokemon stay here several times before, but I had never gotten a chance to see everything. And, from the looks and size of the place, it would be some time before I managed to find everything.

I had brought an egg with me; my Ditto Cambiamente had just come back from the breeding center with it. If it was what i thought it was, the Eevee House would be an appropriate place to hatch it.

As if it was reading my mind, the egg began to wiggle. I set it down on the grass as the shell began to fracture. Suddenly, there was a brilliant burst of light, and when it faded, a small, precious Eevee was sitting where the egg was. I took her in my arms.

"I think I'll call you... Kiva," I whispered to her. "C'mon, let's go find our friends."

22nd February 2005, 08:54 PM
<Lyra's POV>

"Absolutely," I replied. "Anyone Pokemon that responds well to water has a good chance at becoming a good swimmer. Orion, he's a Cubone on my team if you haven't seen him before, loves the water and despite his weaknesses, tries to swim everyday."
I picked Angel up and held her in front of me.
"You will be a fine specimen of a Pokemon," I laughed. "You will love the water and I predict some boys will be after you when you grow up."
I looked at Zale and smirked. I wasn't sure how uncomfortable he was but Drake would be furious if I told Elwing the exact same thing.

<Aries's POV>

"Well, those are two perfectly good choices," I began and plopped down on my stomach, folding my front two paws. "With Flareon, you have a tank. They can generate intense heat and rely more on power than speed, although they can become quick if they train hard enough. Espeons are more mental instead of physical, although all eeveelutions aren't really physical Pokemon. As an Espeon, you can learn to predict your opponent's next move, which is pretty important in battle. You can also levitate and make your opponent crumble with outstanding mental pressure. You'll pretty much be able to do what Uncle Nightshade can, except teleport or use hands because you don't have any. If you want to train under him, you'll be pretty well off."

"So you have two pretty stable, powerful Pokemon. I love being an Umbreon because I'm a combination of a physical and mental Pokemon. I can use psychic and other mental attacks but I don't have the natural talent Nightshade has. But I can't breathe fire or strike down foes as hard as Flareon can. So really, they're both fine choices and I think you'll be ok in the end."

<Drake's POV>

Flying down to the ground, we made our way inside and towards the pool, where Elwing was with Kalazeth. It puzzled me that Ryu wasn't with Elwing but she didn't know he liked her so there was no point in asking her about the subject.
"Elwing, can you come over here please?" I asked.
Turning around, she squealed at seeing me and slithered over to me.
"Do you mind cheering up your Uncle for a bit?" I whispered.
"What's wrong with him?"
"Something I'm afraid you won't understand until you evolve. He just needs someone to raise his spirits and I think you're capable of doing it."

23rd February 2005, 12:16 PM

Yikes we are behind. @.o Anyways i'll be reffing the 1-30 category Monday Feb 28, 2005 at 1:30 PM my time. Currently, it is 12:13 pm my time.

[size=1]1-30 - Ref - Wolfsong
Moriko - Lv.7 Female Heracross (21) - classy_cat18
Fizz - Lv.8 Female Taillow (23) - *Murkrow

The 61 to 90 category will be held on Wednesday March 2, 2005 at 1:30 pm.

61-90 - Ref - Wolfsong
'Ryu' - Lv.37 Male Vibrava (80) - Charizard04621
Blade - Lv.38 Male Scizor (78 ) - The_Missing_Link

The Blue Avenger
24th February 2005, 05:43 PM

"C'mon, Merc, you slowpoke!" squealed Kiva from in front of me. We were currently in the grounds of Eevee House, and we were en route to the Guild's Barracks. Blue was making himself a home there, because he was looking for a house in Sector Alpha and everbody was too busy to help him at the moment. He had been granted permission to use the bunks in the Barracks, so that was were he was setting up shop.

And then there was the Egg. Blue had sent me and Kiva, his new Eevee, to pick up a Pokemon Egg from the local Breeding Center. Kiva, lacking any capacity to carry Eggs, got to run in front of me and "keep my spirits up," as she called it. Lucky me, I got to carry the Egg. It was radiating with a comforting warmth. Then it began to wiggle.

"Hey, Kiva! Come back!" i called. "I think this Egg is hatching!" Kiva grinned and bounded toward me. I set the Egg on the ground. It wiggled more and more, until it began to glow with a brilliant, dazzling white light... I could hear the shell cracking. When the light cleared, an Eevee was sitting in the grass, looking slightly dazed. Kiva walked over to her.

"C'mon! Let's get her to Blue!" she said.

28th February 2005, 12:56 PM
The Races will begin in 10 minutes. Sorry, swimming class ran a little late today.

The contestants are:

• Moriko (21) - classy_cat18
• Fizz (23) - *Murkrow

The track is 690 units long.

The race begins.

Fizz just goes forward advancing 92 units.
Moriko also goes forward. She gets a break and advances 105 units.

• Moriko - 105 units
• Fizz - 92 units

Fizz catches a thermal and sails forward a whoping 138 units
Moriko also catchs a thermal and sails forward an astounding 126 units

• Moriko - 231 units
• Fizz - 230 units

Fizz goes straight again but encounters obstacles and only advances 23 units.
Moriko surprisingly catchs another thermal and sails forward another whopping 126 units

• Moriko - 357 units
• Fizz - 253 units

Fizz goes straight again and advances 69 units.
Moriko also going straight advaces 84 units

• Moriko - 441 units
• Fizz - 322 units

Fizz goes straight again, encountering more obstacles and only advances 23 units.
Moriko also encountering obstacles advaces 42 units

• Moriko - 483 units
• Fizz - 345 units

Fizz goes straight again, and catches a thermal advanceing and astounding 138 units.
Moriko also goes straight and narrowly misses the thermal advacing 105 units

• Moriko - 588 units
• Fizz - 483 units

Fizz goes straight again, and encounters obstacles advancing only 46 units.
Moriko also encounters obstacles while going straight advancing 63 units.

• Moriko - 651 units
• Fizz - 529 units

Fizz goes straight again, and encounters obstacles advancing another 46 units.
Moriko also going straight gets inspiration from her lead and advances 105 units sailing over the finish line.

• Moriko - 756 units Winner
• Fizz - 575 units

Moriko grows 2 levels. Congrats both did great and it was a close race

2nd March 2005, 01:51 PM
The contestants are:

• Ryu (80) - Charizard04621
• Blade (78 ) - The_Missing_Link

The track is 2400 units long.

The race begins.

Ryu soars ahead using quick attack. He advances 480 units.
Blade goes straight advancing 390 units.

• Ryu - 480
• Blade - 390

Ryu soars ahead using quick attack once more. He advances another 480 units.
Blade uses agility increasing his speed 2 grades and catches a thermal advancing a whopping 936 units.

• Ryu - 960
• Blade new speed (156) - 1326

Blade uses another agility increasing his speed another two grades and sails ahead 702 more units.
Ryu not giving up uses another quick attack and zooms ahead 640 units

• Ryu - 1600
• Blade new speed (234) - 2028

Blade uses another agility increasing his speed another two grades and sails ahead 1248 more units to cross the finish line.
Ryu not giving up uses another quick attack and zooms ahead 560 units

• Ryu - 2160
• Blade new speed (312) - 3276 - Winner

Blade grows two levels. Congrats both of you did great.

5th March 2005, 04:54 PM

Hakan and Starbeam sat before me, looking at me contently, although looking slightly confused. "Linc, why'd you call us here?" Hakan asked, and scratched his ear. "Because guys, I brought these," I answered, and I pulled two glimmering stones out of my pockets. One, a shining yellow with a red flame inside it, and the other, a blue one, with a small bit of water in it. The two youngsters' eyes widened. "These are for you guys, it's your time to evolve," I said and placed the stones in front fo them.

They both placed one of their paws on their stone, and it instantly melded with their bodies. A white light grew over their bodies, enveloping them as they began to change shape. Hakan grew by a ton, the curled tuft of fur on his head becoming larger and straighter, sweeping backwards. Starbeam's mane grew larger and straigtened outwards, becoming webbed. Hakan's tails grew longer and thicker, and split into nine tails. Starbeam's tail grew longer and thinner, growing two fins at the end. Hakan's ears grew thinner and more pointy, and now went upwards. Starbeam's ears however, became two fins, growing out sideways, and one fin sprouted out of the top of his head.

As their changing finished, they swished their tails, and shook their heads, causing the light covering their bodies to splinter and explode outwards, like shards of diamonds flying into the air, and the splinters of light disappeared. Then, in front of me, stood two, fully grown Pokemon. Starbeam stretched his legs, and looked over himself. "Whoa... cool," he spoke as he walked a few steps. Hakan was just as pleased with his new form. He tested out his new attacks, and ran in a few circles. "Hey, how come he gets new moves?" Starbeam shouted. "Don't worry Starbeam, I'll get you a TM from the Kiosk or somehting, as long as it isnt too expensive, my CCPs are getting kinda low..." I said. "Hey, that's right! My name is Starbeam, that doesn't sound like a name for a Vaporeon," he spoke. "I need a name that fits me, but not too different from the name I have now... ah! I got it! Wavebeam!" he said with a laugh. "Good, now let's go show the team," I said.

5th March 2005, 08:57 PM
Ai, the female Skitty’s POV:

I hadn’t seen Dakota for a long time, and I missed him. This was particularly my fault, I thought; I’d been feeling very ill lately and hadn’t been able to visit the Eevee House. I still didn’t feel my best, but I couldn’t wait any longer. I wondered how little Koda was doing. Most of all, I wanted to see Dakota.

Walking tentatively into the intimidating building, I felt all my strength sap away from me. It was so dark... I was flying or falling, I couldn’t tell – up and down were the same to me. A strong, comforting figure towered over me, giving me reassurance as I lost control of my consciousness. “Dakota? Is that you?” I asked weakly before collapsing.

Elwing Starspray, the female Dratini’s POV:

“Oh! Kalazeth, you know that you’re being ridiculous!” I blushed. I may have been a good swimmer and battler, but Daddy was always the best. Still, it felt weird – kind of nice – to have a compliment like that. I smiled at the Horsea.

Kalazeth smiled back, and was about to say something in response but seemed to change his mind. He gestured to a place behind me, so I turned around. It was Daddy!

I wanted to splash him playfully and curl around him, but there was something in his face that made me feel serious. “Elwing, can you come over here please?” His worried tone puzzled me even more. There was definitely something wrong.

All the same, I made a delighted squeal in greeting and quickly went over. I didn’t have to ask, What is it? My eyes said it all. What came next was something I hadn’t expected.

Daddy talked in a hushed voice. “Do you mind cheering up your Uncle for a bit?”

“What’s wrong with him?” Poor Uncle Blade! I wondered what the matter was.

“Something I'm afraid you won't understand until you evolve. He just needs someone to raise his spirits and I think you're capable of doing it.” Daddy’s answer didn’t clear the confusion in my mind, but it was good enough for me. I would do anything for him, even without an explanation.

“I’ll try, Daddy,” I whispered back, then nuzzled him on the cheek before gliding towards Uncle Blade. “Uncle Blade!” I yelled, coiling around his closest leg and then switching over really fast, so that even if he had a metal coat, it tickled a bit. “Where have you been? I missed you! I need you to help me practice my Detect. I’ve gotten better! And you promised.” I looked at him, playfully accusing. “You haven’t forgotten, have you?”

Knight of Time
15th March 2005, 06:47 PM
Kyle's POV

It had been several days since Aqua and Nocturne, the former Eevee twins had evolved. Since then, I had been awaiting the time and chance to evolve my final Eevee, Espio. Now, I was definitely at the final step of completing my dream of having all 5 Eeveelutions in my team, but Espio wasn't the only Pokemon I wanted to help evolve. Taking out a Day Stone and a Genetic Accelerator Gene from my backpack, I placed them both on the far end of the couch I was on, and I took out a Pokeball. Enlarging it, I opened it up to reveal Espio.

"Hi Espio. Have I got a double dose of good news for you." I said.

"Wow, what?" Espio asked excitedly.

"Well, firstly, I finally have what you need to evolve into an Espeon, Espio. Secondly, after I help evolve you, there is a second thing I want to give you, but I'll get to that later." I said.

"Oh, awesome. Getting one surprise is nice, but getting two surprises is even better. Thanks, Kyle!" Espio said, his face beaming.

"No problem, Espio." I said.

Putting the Day Stone near Espio's feet, I patiently waited for him to utilize its evolutionary powers, but he looked up to me in curiosity first.

"Is this what I need to evolve?" Espio asked.

"Yes it is. This happens to be called a Day Stone. Go ahead, touch it Espio." I said.

Watching as Espio reached out with one of his front paws to touch the Day Stone, I kept my gaze fixed on him as he immediately began to glow. Almost instantly, he began to get a bit bigger, and in the process, the tip of his tail split in two. Within a few seconds later, the glow faded.

"Wow, I really liked this first surprise. What's the second one?" Espio asked, his face beaming again.

"Hang on Espio, I have to get it first." I said.

Reaching into my backpack to get a small box, I opened it up to reveal a bright, orangish-yellow coloured powder, and I sprinkled it over Espio's new body.

"Wow, what's this new power I'm starting to feel inside me?" Espio asked.

"This happens to be the move Morning Sun. Just like with Wish, you can use this move to recover some HP. They may have their slight differences, but you never know where one might be a better choice in battle." I said.

"Better choice? What do you mean?" Espio asked curiously.

"Well, if you were in a battle, and Sunny Day was in effect, Morning Sun would be better to use because you'd recover more HP than Wish. However, if any other kind of weather was in effect, Wish would probably be the better choice." I said.

"Oh, that's quite a concept there." Espio said.

"Yeah. Well, I have another Pokemon to evolve, so I guess I'll return you to your Pokeball." I said as I recalled my new Espeon back into his Pokeball.

Taking my lone Genetic Accelerator Gene out of my backpack, I set it aside for a moment, and I took out another Pokeball. Enlarging it, I opened it up to reveal my Pichu.

"Oh, hi again Kyle. What's going on? Has the time come for me to evolve into a Pikachu?" Pichu asked curiously.

"Yes, it sure has Pichu. Lucky for me I have a Genetic Accelerator Gene, which you would need to evolve." I said.

"Great, thanks Kyle." Pichu said with a smile.

"No problem, Pichu." I replied.

Watching as Pichu jumped over my lap to get to the Genetic Accelerator Gene, I kept my gaze on him as he touched it, and immediately began to glow. In the process, he began to grow a little, getting longer ears and a lightning bolt-shaped tail in the process. A few seconds later, I smiled at my newly evolved Pikachu.

"Wow, I definitely feel better than ever now. Thanks a lot, Kyle." Pikachu said as he flashed a brighter smile.

"You're very welcome Pikachu. Someday, I'm going to make a promise to help you evolve into a Raichu, in which I'm going to give you a true name." I said.

"Oh, okay. Sounds neat." Pikachu replied.

Smiling again at my new Pikachu, I decided to just relax for a while...

22nd March 2005, 04:55 PM
Aglárien, the female Charmander’s POV:

As the Vulpix fell under my electrical surges, I could feel a power of my own rushing through my body. It wasn’t just the excitement of having won a battle; there was something different about this feeling, something that told me: it was time.

I rushed through the masses of chairs, toys, and other obstacles to find my father, fighting down the uprising power just a little longer… “Father! I’m evolving!” I called, sensing the pulses of energy that grew ever stronger. Naurmir was behind me, eyes wide with fright; would I be the same? I could see his thoughts in his eyes. Don’t worry, I wanted to assure him, Nothing has changed. I’ll still be your older sister, and you’ll still be my favorite little brother.

A tall, winged figure appeared to approach me but whether it was my father, I could not tell. The strength was overpowering me now. I couldn’t hold it down any longer without stopping it altogether… And I didn’t want it to stop. I thrust my arms skywards as the glorious light shimmered over me, strengthening my muscles and pouring new spirit into my heart. I could feel myself growing. My tail flame burned brighter, as did the fire in my soul. I was a new pokémon now – and yet, there was so much of me that was the same. I smiled at Naurmir, who, seeing still the love and adoration in my eyes, finally began to relax and understand. I would never leave him; he would always have the deepest place in my heart.

22nd March 2005, 05:04 PM
<Blade's POV>

I smiled kindly at Elwing and obliged her wishes of helping her practice her dodging skills. Although she would never help me fill the hole in my heart, it was still nice of Drake to enlist his daugher's help and far be it from me to deny Elwing's kindness, despite her lack of knowledge of the situation.
"No, I haven't forgotten," I said. "Let's get away from the pool and see how hard you've been working."
As I watched her move away from me, a smirk plastered my face. I hadn't seen her in a while, but I knew she wouldn't have trained much since our last practice. Maybe when she evolved she would take it more seriously but for now, she was still a kid.
"Ok, I'll attack and you try to dodge."
Aiming a claw at her body, a sphere of blue light appeared out of nowhere and shot itself at the Dratini. Unexpectedly, despite the high velocity of the attack, Elwing was able to dodge efficiently and rolled to the side. As the sphere sailed into the back yard, I nodded approvingly and instead of using a long range attack, sped at her, claws open.
"Attack me if you can but I don't think you'll be able to," I said before bringing a claw down upon her.

<Drake's POV>

I smiled at Elwing as she lured Blade into a training drill. It wouldn't heal his pain but at least it would take his mind off of his current problems. I turned around and looked down at the Horsea that Elwing just talked to.
"What's your name?" I asked the small sea dragon.
"Kalazeth, sir," he replied rather nervously.
"Don't call me sir. It makes me sound old. I'm Drake, but I'm sure you know that."
As I smiled at the Horsea, my thoughts strayed to Ryu. Where was that little Trapinch? I was certain he still liked Elwing but it looked like Kalazeth took his place lately. Perhaps he liked Elwing as well? It was an interesting thought, but dangerous if true. What happened with Blade was disastrous and if it happened to anyone else that I knew, I would be determined to settle it if something went awry.

22nd March 2005, 05:22 PM
(Dakota's POV)

I was resting near the door of the Eevee House. Aiko was off showing Koda the way around the place. Over the last few weeks he had grown a lot and now was just about as energetic as Aiko herself. Aiko loved it. She now had someone to play with. I closed my eyes as I thought about Ai. Suddenly, I heard her voice. “Dakota? Is that you?” she said weakly before collapsing in a heap. My eyes widened as i jumped to my feet. "What's wrong?" I asked as I nuzzled her worriedly.

(Flame's POV)

I was just sitting there with Naurmir just enjoying the time i spent with him. Suddenly, I heard Aglárien shouting. I immediately jumped up and spun around thinking somethign was wrong but as she drew closer i realized what she was saying. “Father! I’m evolving!” I walked over to where she was and watched with pride as she evolvied into a beautiful Charmeleon. "Congrats." I told her, giving her a hug. "You look nice."

(Zale's POV)

"Absolutely anyone Pokemon that responds well to water has a good chance at becoming a good swimmer. Orion, he's a Cubone on my team if you haven't seen him before, loves the water and despite his weaknesses, tries to swim everyday." I grinned as Lyra spoke those words. It would be nice to be able to have Angel swim with me. She was becoming quite the battler. I had agreed to let Amy train her at the battle tower a while back, but i didn't want her to have any battles out of it seeing as i didn't want her to get hurt. I trusted the people at hte battle tower to prevent that, btu i couldn't trust the wild pokemon. Lyra then picked up Angel and held her. "You will be a fine specimen of a Pokemon. You will love the water and I predict some boys will be after you when you grow up." I was grinning until she said that. "Let's hope that they aren't." I said, not noticing that Lyra was smirking." Angel jsut giggled and grinned.

(Sweetie's POV)

I noticed another one of my children evolving so i hurried over to watch. I made a mental note to remind Amy to edit my info on my page. When he had finished, before i could congratulate him he had been returned to his pokeball. I just returned to my spot and sighed.

(Darin's POV)

I nodded as Dad explained about flareons and espeons. "Will this continue to help me in battles if i become an espeon?" I asked parting my mane to reveal my collar. If it does i think that i might prefer being an espeon.

(Jovi's POV)

"Is there anything that you would like to do?" I asked Kawaii. I couldn't really think of anything other than introducing her to the entire team and i really didn't feel like trackign them down. I just wanted to spend some more time with her.

(Willow's POV)

"Hi Willow!" I heard Cinder calling as he waved at me. I smiled at least i hadn't run him off. I headed over to where they were. "How are you two doing?" I asked, still feeling slightly puzzled about the whole Amy situation.

22nd March 2005, 06:10 PM
Moriko's POV

"You won! You won!" my teammates shouted as I landed on the ground, panting heavily.
"Yeah. I...feel...stronger...already," I panted.
"Too bad Shonta couldn't see you win, with school going on and all," Trinity said. She hugged me. "So how's our little cheerleader? Do you feel like something to eat?"
"Yeah. I'm starving. What's in the kitchen, Bandit?" I knew that he was in there invading the fridge.
Bandit hid an apple behind his back. "How should I know? I've never been in the kitchen."
A thought popped into my head. "Actually, I would like to see the next race." I watched the next competitors walk to the finish line. One of them was a strong looking Scizor. Very strong.
"He looks cute," Trinity whispered to me.
"Then go out with him," I teased.
I watched him and the other competitor take off. It was terribly one-sided. For some reason I was too busy watching to cheer. When the Scizor won, though, I clapped and yelled. "Well done!"
"Why don't you go congratulate him to his face?" Trinity asked me.
I smiled at Trinity. "You know what? I think I will!" I flew over to where he was now, practicing attacks with a Dratini. I held onto a tree trunk while I waited.

Kawaii's POV

I thought about it for a minute. I needed to train for the next battle that comes my way. I lost a battle with none other than the brother of Beaky's first Battle Tower opponent. But I couldn't think of battling when I was with Jovi. "Actually, I'm really hungry. Just got done with a Battle Tower battle."

Cinder's POV

"Not too good," I told Willow. "Cloud and I lost a double battle at the Battle Tower. Then Dimitri lost one, and then Kawaii lost one. Not a very lucky streak, huh? So how are you and Amy doing?"

22nd March 2005, 06:41 PM
(Willow's POV)

"Wildfire and i seem to be on a losing streak. As far as Amy... i'm not sure what to think. Wildfire keeps getting KO'ed first leaving me to battle two opponents. Amy's been nice to me as bad as i've treated her and even helped me to evolve. Now i'm not sure what to do. I feel bad about the way i treated her and all.... Just not sure what to do on that front."

(Jovi's POV)

"I understand." I said. Dad was watching me with a half smile, half smirk on his face.

(Lani's POV)

I looked around for either Huan or Casey. Considering i was a lot taller than i used to be, i still couldn't see either one. I finally collapsed near the doorway to the backyard. I'd look again once i rest a little more.

26th March 2005, 08:56 PM
<Aries's POV>

I looked at the collar around Darin's neck and nodded.
"Even if you evolved into a Flareon, it would still help you. Every evolution that stems from an Eevee is from the special attack group. Since our special attacks are higher than regular attacks, that collar helps to raise our attack power to make it more even. Now, since Eevee's are considered normal type Pokemon and have a higher attack than special attack, the collar boosts up your attack power even more but in the long run, it's a good idea to keep it on."

<Nightshade's POV>

I forgot to keep track of time and before I knew it, it was time to train Tiana again. Looking through the throngs of Pokemon, I finally spotted her distinctive look and teleported over to her.
"We need to start meditating again," I said from behind.
Startled, she turned around to stare at me.
"What are you goggling at? Do you want to do it or not?"

<Blade's POV>

We eventually made our way outside, continually sparring with one another. I made sure to not overdue it but tried my best to make her fight back as hard as she could. It went on like this for a while, until I finally stopped and let her take a breather. She was sweating all over and breathing hard, obviously bushed from trying to attack and dodge at the same time.
"See? This is what you have to do if you want to evolve," I chided softly. "Unfortunately, I don't think you expected this when your father sent you over to cheer me up."
She looked up at me, startled. I laughed in return and crouched down.
"I expected this from him but I really do appreciate your concern and willingness to help, even though you don't know why you were sent over in the first place. I just hope you'll be more lucky than me when you grow up."
"What do you mean, Uncle Blade?"
"I know you don't like hearing this, but I think it's something better told when you grow up."
She looked dejected, but nodded in understanding.
"I think it's time for you to go back to the pool and cool down. I didn't expect to keep you this long and I don't want your dad to burn me to bits and ask why his daughter was sweating and covered in scratches."
Elwing giggled and slithered back to the pool. I looked around and watched a few of the other Pokemon talk a while until I noticed a young Heracross staring at me while holding onto a tree trunk. I squinted a little until I determined that it was a girl. Granted, I had trouble with older women but younger ones were easy enough, such as Elwing. Flying over to her, I must've startled her as she clung even more tightly to the tree.
"Couldn't help noticing that you were staring at me," I said casually. "Care to tell me why?

<Tarin's POV>

I glanced around uncertainly, trying to grow accustomed to my new surroundings. I felt like an odd green puffball in this house, although there were others who looked as different as I did.
I'm the new one though, aren't I? I thought ruefully.
I was about as old as the Umbreon, but I looked like a youngster because of my Eevee looks. Therefore, all I could spot were younger Pokemon playing around and no older Pokemon.
"This seriously sucks," I grumbled to myself.

The Blue Avenger
26th March 2005, 09:10 PM
***Groove Guy***

"Now, you guys stay here for a bit, okay? 99 and I need to go, ah, "examine" some database files." With that, Jeff walked off. He left me, Lady Bow, and Raini standing on the front lawn of the Eevee House. Bobbery and Groviglio said they had been here before, but hadn't been back lately - Bobbery then had to add that it was probably due to Grove getting into a fight the minute he set foot in the door.

Lady Bow, Raini, and I had become something of a trio lately, probably due to the fact that Jeff had added us to his team pretty much at the same time. I liked to think of myself as the showman, while Lady Bow was prim and proper, and Raini was just kinda naive.

"Wow..." Raini gasped. "This place looks cool~!" She moved toward the building a few steps more before glancing around again. "Look at all the different Pokemon!"

Lady Bow floated up next to her. "Keep in mind, dear, that we're just as different as anyone else. It's not every day you see a black Meowth... or a white Gastly, for that matter."

Raini nodded. "Well, what are we waiting for, anyway?" She turned to glance back at me. "Let's go inside already!" She ran for the door with Lady Bow following at a good clip. I trailed behind, humming.

Dark Dragonite
29th March 2005, 10:02 AM
*walks into the house, brushing dust off himself, and his pokeballs*
Well...I'm back!!
*releases his pokemon into the house*
Well, I'm always up for a good battle, but there will be no breeding anytime soon, lol.

PM me for poke info please!!

29th March 2005, 03:37 PM
Moriko's POV

Wow. He looks tougher up close. I gave a confident laugh. "I wasn't staring! Okay, so maybe I was. It's just that I've never seen a Bug type fight like you! I can see that you are a really experienced fighter. Well, back to why I'm here. I just wanted to say congrats on your victory in the flying race. I'm Moriko."

Kawaii's POV

Jovi and I walked to the kitchen. There I found Khanga and Roo chewing on some lettuce, Khanga looking very serious. "There's Khanga, one of my newest teammates," I told Jovi. I cautiously walked in the kitchen. "Hi Khanga. How was your battle?"

"I lost," she said with a neutral voice.

"I'm sorry. Wow, everyone in our team seems to be losing. I hope Beaky doesn't lose anytime soon. He'll go nuts!" I gave a nervous laugh. Khanga stood silent, looking down at me with narrowed eyes. Roo laughed and reached for me. Khanga merely growled and left with her lettuce.

"What's with them?" Jovi asked me.

"I think it's the fact that Shonta caught her and Khanga didn't want to be caught. It's okay, though. She'll come around sooner or later." I went to the open refridgerator and got out a head of lettuce.

Cinder's POV

"That's rough, Willow. But you know what? I think we should have a say in who we battle. You know, take the time to size up our opponents and see if we can beat them or not. But that's my opinion. My best advice is just to keep on battling. You and Wildfire are bound to beat somebody."

2nd April 2005, 06:43 PM
<Patrick's Point Of All-Important Returnfultastic View>
I walked into the Eevee House for the first time in who knew how long. Would anyone remember me? It had been the second time I had left, and the second time that I felt like I needed to return. Before I left, I had given my Eevee, Umbra, to another trainer. I wanted to make sure he had a home since I was worried I'd have to leave again.

My pokemon followed me in, in a single file line. Mittens, my Mareep. Sapphire, my Seel. Typar, my Sneasel. Campbelle, my Chansey. Archae, my Lileep. Phear, my Spheal. Rayea, my Mantine, who was in an orb I had made, filled with water so that she could be on dry land with her friends. Rory, my Houndour. Jessie, my Koffing. Zen, my Squirtle. Adamantia, my Torkoal. Remy, my Smeargle. Broadway, my Jigglypuff. And Swoop, my Taillow. I was holding an egg with my new Eevee in it. I was curious as to why it hadn't hatched. That was partly why I returned.

I had suspected for a while that the egg hadn't hatched because I wasn't happy. No matter where I went or what I did, I was never happy. I did some reasearch on Eevees and eggs with my laptop. I found my answer.

Eevees are a very unique pokemon. Yeah, they can evolve into at least 5 different pokemon, but that isn't all. They are directly connected with the heart and soul of their trainers, whomever they may be. If the trainer is happy, they are happy. If the trainer is sad, they are sad. If the trainer is a suicidal maniac with tendencies to drown their sorrow with alcohol... Well, let's not get into that. My point is, I was right. My egg didn't hatch because I wasn't happy. I knew deep down that the first time I was truly happy was when I adopted Mittens, over a year ago. But adopting pokemon wasn't the only thing that made me happy. I had friends whom I had left behind. Gabi, for one. But there were many. I was afraid that I had lost them all when I had told them a long time ago that I had lied about who I really was. That
was back when I went under the name Chris Kerkin. But I still had friends. No-one abandoned me.

And I was wrong to abandon them by leaving. But I was back now. I was back for good.

4th April 2005, 05:08 PM

I set the new Zangoose egg on a small table, and watched it intently. It shook every once in a while, and small squeaking sounds emerged every once in a while. Wavebeam and Static sat with their paws on the table, watching it with wide eyes. Even that they were older, it seemed like they were babies again, awaiting something new, like a touch from a person.

"It is going to hatch, right?" Wavebeam asked.
Static shifted his position and scratched his ear with his foot. "Well, it should. I mean it can't take forever to ha-"


I quickly whipped a towel out of my backpack as a long crack pierced its shell. Several others began to appear. Wavebeam and Static each took a side of it, and pulled away the rest of the shell as parts flicked off. I picked up the baby quickly, drying it with the towel, cleaning it, etc.

It was after I got to look at it good, I noticed how special the little thing was. She was blue. "Aoi... that's what I'll call her," I said and held her close to me. Her little claws gripped my shirt firmly.
"And that means?" Static asked.
"So, who wants to get the team?"

Before he could answer, Static bolted off, leaving black sparks of electricity in the air as he went.

5th April 2005, 12:43 PM
http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/pkrs370.gif<Remy's Point of Artistically Superb View>http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/pkrs370.gif
The first few minutes back in the Eevee House were hectic. Rayea, Rory, and Phear had their names changed to Birostrisia, Dobie, and Sphear, respectively. Once that was done, Patrick walked over to me and handed me the Eevee egg.
"Uh…" Patrick groaned.
"Yup. Got it." I answered. Most of us could tell what he wanted just by thinking hard enough. That's what you get from traveling for who-knows-how-many months with him.

Before we came back to the Eevee House, Patrick spent all of the money he had obtained while traveling, and kept the money he had before then. He had bought me a portable easel that I carried around everywhere. I propped up the easel and started to think about what to paint. I then saw the most beautiful creature I had ever seen… nd I felt as inspired as ever. The blue fur… the red markings along it… it was beautiful. Before long I was done. I walked over to the creature's trainer.

"Aoi... that's what I'll call her," the trainer said, hugging the beautiful blue Zangoose.
"And that means?" A black Jolteon asked.
"Blue." He responded.
"Oh." The Jolteon seemed to be snickering a little bit.
"So, who wants to get the team?" The trainer asked. The Jolteon raced off.
I shyly walked over to the trainer.
"Um… Hi… I'm Remy." I introduced myself. The Zangoose, Aoi, stared at me with large reddish eyes. I handed the painting a drew to the trainer.
"Uh… I saw your Zangoose and I felt like I had to paint her…"

5th April 2005, 02:42 PM

I smiled, and took the painting from the Smeargle's hands. "Wow! This is great!" I said excitedly, but still quietly, so I wouldn't disturb Aoi. She yawned and went to sleep. "Babies need sleep," I said and smiled. I looked back to the Smeargle. "Can I keep this? It's great, really great."
"Uh... sure. So, what's your name?" Remy asked.
"I'm Linc, this is Aoi, and that's Wavebeam," I answered, and pointed at Wavebeam who smiled, "and that would be the team."

Remy turned and looked. Approaching from the other side of the room was the whole team. When they all came around, they looked at the newly acquainted Smeargle, who's eyes widened. "Who's he?" Nightmare asked.
"He's Remy. He painted this," I answered and held up the painting. I then turned to Remy and whispered in his ear: "She's smart mouthed for a Sneasel."

"And who's the little guy?" Baito asked.
"Her name's Aoi. Isn't she cute?" I asked. Everyone nodded. I then turned to Remy. "So, do you have a trainer?"
"Uh... yeah! Hold on!" He said and ran off.

5th April 2005, 03:02 PM
http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/pkrs105.gif<Adamantia's Point of Paranoid Anti-Abandonment View>http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/pkrs105.gif
I walked around Patrick nervously. He was trying to convince me that he was never going to abandon me. I knew he was, lying, I just knew it, it's like this dark feeling down in your gut that tells you that NOBODY wants an Torkoal because it's just so UGLY!
And I was just about to get to telling him that when Remy, Patrick's Smeargle, ran over, with the Eevee egg in his arms. He set it on my back. I tried to tone down on the anger because if I got too warm the egg would hatch and be greeted by a nice blast of warm steam.
"Remy, what is it?" Patrick said, picking up the egg off of my back.
"There's a trainer that wants to meet you!" Remy replied, very happy and cheerful.
Me and Patrick followed Remy over to a trainer holding a blue Zangoose. Pretty, but it will be abandoned EVENTUALLY, because ALL Pokemon are abandoned EVENTUALLY. The trainer and his Zangoose were surrounded by other Pokemon.
"Hey, you're Linc, aren't you? I think I remember you from before I left…" Patrick said.

(Heh, I think I did a good job of showing Adamantia's paranoia…)

7th April 2005, 03:52 PM
I'll ref the 91-120 races on Saturday at 9AM Central if you guys want me to. :)

9th April 2005, 09:18 AM
The 91-120 race begins!

The track will be 1320 units long.

The participants:
Drake - Lv.40 Male Charizard (110) - The_Missing_Link
Flame - Lv.37 Male Charizard (102) - Wolfsong

Drake begins with Scary Face, lowering Flame's speed to 51.
Flame, in retaliation, repeats the maneuver; Drake's speed falls to 55.

Reeling from the shock, Drake manages to advance only 110 units.
Flame takes the blow harder. He only moves forward 51 units.

End of Round 1:
Drake(55) - 110 units
Flame(51) - 51 units

Drake tries to put the past behind him, which works surprisingly well. He sails a whole 275 units forward!
In the same spirit, Flame attempts to catch up. His valiant effort brings him 255 units further.

End of Round 2:
Drake(55) - 385 units
Flame(51) - 306 units

This time Drake, through some bad luck, meets an ill wind. He beats his wings against it, but through his struggle only makes it forward 55 units.
Flame, by virtue of being lower in the sky than his opponent, catches less of that draft and advances 153 units, overtaking Drake!

End of Round 3:
Drake(55) - 440 units
Flame(51) - 458 units

The gale blows harder. Drake still struggles against it, but to no avail; it is too strong. He advances another 55 units.
Flame tires of battling against the wind. His pace slows, bringing him straight 102 units.

End of Round 4:
Drake(55) - 495 units
Flame(51) - 560 units

Determined to catch up, Drake fights harder through the brisk windstorm. He soars 275 units, into the lead!
Flame, exhausted from his battle, goes forward 51 units.

End of Round 5:
Drake(55) - 770 units
Flame(51) - 611 units

Still keeping quite a consistent pace, Drake moves ahead 220 units.
Flame pushes himself for lost time. He makes it forward 306 units!

End of Round 6:
Drake(55) - 990 units
Flame(51) - 917 units

With the finish line not far away, Drake roars as he puts forth a tremendous effort, flying forward 330 units! He crosses the finish line!
In seeing this, Flame knows that he must try his best to catch up. He also pushes himself to the limits. Flame advances 306 units!

End of Round 6:
Drake(55) - 1320 units
Flame(51) - 1223 units

The winners are Drake and Rebecca! Drake grows two levels. Congratulations to all four participants. It was an exciting race, and Flame did very well until the end.

You know what's weird? Drake crossed the finish line exactly. o_O;;;

22nd April 2005, 08:05 PM
<Blade's POV>

"I'm Blade," I held out a claw.
She stared at it for a minute, as if she didn't know what to do, but tentatively shook it.
"Congrats on your race," I said heartily. "Now there's another one to prove that bugs are just as fast as flying Pokemon."
"You saw the race?" she momentarily blanched.
"You can't expect me to just train all day, can you?" I winked.
Man, I hope I'm not freaking her out. The younger ones are harder to talk to.
"So Moriko, how did you come to be here?"

23rd April 2005, 01:54 PM
Moriko's POV

"I used to live in this big forest. It was great except for the fact that it was a hunting ground for Team Rocket. Heracross are strong, so little by little my swarm was captured and taken away from their home. One day Team Rocket cornered me with their Fire type Pokemon and did a number on me. But I wasn't even captured. They said that I was too weak and not even worth it. So basically I was left there to die. I woke up at the adoption center, and luckily I didn't stay long. This girl named Shonta came and adopted me. And now I'm here with my teammates. I've been coming here for a while, but I haven't seen you before."

Casey's POV

I was kind of bored, so I went to look for Mom and Dad. I didn't find Dad, but Mom was sleeping near the doorway. Feeling sleepy myself, I lay next to her and went to sleep.

7th May 2005, 08:12 PM
<Blade's POV>

"I'm surprised you've never seen me before since I've been coming here for three years now. The earliest thing I can remember is Rebecca adopting me and then coming here almost everyday. I trained inside and out until she gave me the ability to evolve into what I am today. It feels nice being the only Scizor around but aside from my friend Drake, it's hard to relate to anyone since I'm so different. Don't you ever get the feeling that your only purpose is to train until you can't anyone? I wish there was something more that could be done with my life."
I looked down at Moriko and saw her staring at me. Then I realized what I said.
"Oh, I'm sorry," I flushed. "I'm known around here to be moody and philosophical. If you asked some of the older Pokemon, they could tell you about my days as a Scyther in an instant."
Have I sunk so low as to trying to admit my past to everyone I meet? Needing sympathy should be the last thing on my mind. Unfortunately, it will never be.

29th May 2005, 03:17 PM
(Jovi's POV)

"Yeah, that sorta sounds similar to the problem that Willow had. He hasn't been near as mean since he evolved. In fact, he mostly seems confused." I shrugged.

(Darin's POV)

I didn't see Dad around so i went outside to try and practice my iron tail attack. I still hadn't perfected it yet, and it was beginning to anoy me. I could get it to work up until i went to hit whatever i was aiming at and then just a split second before i was to connect, my tail would return to normal.

(Zale's POV)

Over the last few weeks, Angel had grown and taken an interest in battleing. So i got Amy to arrange bt batttles for her and all and she was talented at battling... Unfortunately she didn't seem satisfied with just battling at the tower.....

"Dad, why can't i try to find a battle with a wild pokemon? You don't seem to have as much trouble letting me battle at the tower."

"That's different."


"It just is."

At that we reached the huge pool. Angel turned her back to me and stormed over to the kiddie pool. I started to follow her but before i could she stopped me.

"Don't bother." she said without looking back. I sat down and sighed. I didn't know what to do. I wanted to keep her safe like i wanted to with Tiana and Ruki. However, things never worked out when i tried. I sighed, took a deep breath of air, and dove as far down as i could go into the pool.

(Angel's POV)

I stormed over to the kiddie pool. When i jumped in, i slammed my paw into the water. "Why does he still treat me like a kid?" I muttered. It wasn't like when i couldn't talk or move or anything. I just hit the water again.

(Willow's POV

I slowly walked back to the Eevee House. I was nursing a pretty bad burn on my shoulder. I had been pummled in my last battle. I searched around for Cinder. I found him still in the backyard with Misu. You would think that after the last battle i had i'd want to stay as for from fire types as possible, btu i thought of Cinder as one of my few friends. My teammates i was sure i had alienated myself although i had been trying to get to know them since i had evolved but they were all nervouse around me. I limped over to them. "Hi."

(Tiana's POV)*

I had been searching for Nuka and Kali when Nightshade teleported over to me. I still hadn't found him. Startled, I turned around to look at him. "What are you goggling at? Do you want to do it or not?" "Yes sir," i replied as i followed him. As i did so i looked around for Either Nuka or Kali but i didn't see either of them and I sighed heavily. We had reached our destination when i began to feel queasy at my stomach again. It had been happening a lot over the last few days. I winced as i struggled to keep my lunch down and barely managed to succeed. "I don't feel so good..." I finally admitted out loud.

(Ebony's POV)

I pawed hte ground nervously. I was outside the Eevee House. I hadn't been back here. I was too nervous about how the others would react. After all it was my idea to change teams, and then when i realized i had liked it better here..... The reception at home had been welcoming but i wasn't sure if it was because we were at the house or not... Anyways i saw Sinopa sitting by herself. She was sitting to where she could see Yana and Blazer and all. I decided to walk over and stand beside her.

* means it is supposedly taking place a few days after Ranec's rbg which i havne't psted yet

29th May 2005, 08:06 PM
Shonta's POV

"Hi, Koda," I cooed as I picked up the baby Skitty. Koda looked at me like I was a stranger, which I was. "I'm going to take care of you now. My name is Shonta."

"Mowr?" Koda asked. He tilted his head to one side.

Beaky shifted his weight on my shoulder. "Another kid, huh? Let me try. Kids love me."

"Don't see why. Your temper is shorter than a pygmy's kid," I joked.

"Oh, ha ha. Hey kid, how's it going?" He tickled Koda with a wing. Koda purred for a while and then bit Beaky's wing. Beaky tried to pull it out but that only made Koda pull back. I waved a treat in front of Koda's face, making him release Beaky's wing and take the treat instead. "Just like Casey."

"You're right, Beaky. Kids can't get enough of you."

Dimitri's POV

I walked to the Eevee House and immediately went to the backyard. I spotted a familiar face sitting in a kiddie pool. I hung my front legs over the edge of the pool. "Hi there. Didn't I battle you once at the Battle Tower?"

Moriko's POV

"Sorry, I don't know how that feels. But there's more that you can do. You help others by being a great teacher. You must be very experienced in both battling and life. And others must look to you as a good friend. So although you don't think you have much of a purpose, others must think you're very important to them." I blinked. "Wow, where did that come from? I'm not the philosophical type."

Cinder's POV

"Hi, Willow," Misu and I said together.

I noticed that Willow was limping towards us. I checked him and saw that he was burned on the shoulder. "Ooh, nasty burn! Where'd you get that?"

"I lost to a Growlithe. A Sunny Day/Fire Blast combo," Willow grumbled.

"So the losing streak continues. You should take care of that burn before it gets worse. Misu, got anything on you?"

"Nothing. I know Refresh but that only takes care of my pains. I guess we could find something inside."

Kawaii's POV

"Maybe she'll be alright. I don't know. She hasn't really talked to anyone on the team." I finished eating and smiled at Jovi. "Okay, any ideas on what to do? I'm bored."

30th May 2005, 11:11 AM
(Angel's POV)

Not long after i had stormed over to the pool, i saw a familiar bulbasaur heading my way. I took a deep breath and tried to calm down before he reached me. "Hi there. Didn't I battle you once at the Battle Tower?" he asked. "Yeah i think i did since that's the only place i've ever battled or been allowed to battle." I let out a long sigh. "It was a good battle." I laid my head on edge of the pool... "You're name's Dimitri right? Mine's Angel."

(Jovi's POV)

"I can't really think of much either, but one thing i can say is whatever we do i hope that we can do it together." I blushed as I said that but then grinned. "Would you like to go for a walk?"

(Lani's POV)

I saw Casey but she hadn't seen me. I decided to sneak up behind her and see her reaction. I had managed to get behind her without her hearing me. "Hi Casey." I said.

(Aiko's POV)

I saw Koda playing with a spearow. I ran over there and jumped between them and gave my little brother a nuzzle. Then i turned to the others. "Hi! I'm Aiko."

(Willow's POV)

I finally collapsed, not able to walk anymroe. I think i'm just gonna rest here.." I said.

(Wildfire's POV)

I went over to the punching bags and began to work out. I needed to in order to be ready for my next battle and all. I wanted to evolve mroe than anything. Blazkens just looked cool. I looked goofy as a combusken.

9th June 2005, 10:01 AM
Dimitri's POV

"Hi, Angel. Did you say that you're only allowed to battle at the Battle Tower?" She nodded. "Good choice. Wild Pokemon can sometimes be unpredictable and dangerous. Your friends must be very concerned about your safety."

Kawaii's POV

"Sure. I would love to." I walked with Jovi, talking about our recent battles.

Casey's POV

I woke up to find out that Mom wasn't with me anymore. I sighed as I looked out the back door. "Where did she go?" I asked myself.

"Hi, Casey," said a voice from behind.

I jumped in surprise and looked back to see Mom smiling at me. I nuzzled her happily. "Hi, Mom! I missed you! Have you been getting stronger?"

Beaky's POV

"Hi. I'm Beaky. Are you...Koda's sister?" I asked Aiko. She nodded. "Don't worry about your little brother. He's in good hands...and wings...and paws...and hooves. The whole team's going to take good care of him." I looked at Koda and smiled. "Why don't you play with your big sister, Koda? We're going to be kinda busy today."

Cinder's POV

I stopped as Willow collasped on the grass. "I think I'm just gonna rest right here..." he groaned.

I gulped. "Not good. Misu, run some water over Willow's burn. I'm going to go get Amy." Misu nodded and shot out a weak Water Gun on Willow's burn. I dashed to go find Amy or one of her Pokemon.

Katana's POV

"The Eevee House. Just another place for me to lie around and be bored." I lay on a branch of a tree and watched the Pokemon. Then a green shape caught my eye. "Bandit. Just the Pokemon I wanted to see." I chuckled to myself and slowly descended into the tall grass.

Bandit walked by, unaware of my being near him. I crept closer until I could reach out and touch him. "Where are you going, my dear?" I spoke up.

Bandit whirled around to face me. "Oh, nowhere. Just going...somewhere...without you!" He took off across the backyard with me close behind.

The Blue Avenger
9th June 2005, 10:14 AM

"Hmmm... I haven't been here for a while," I thought. Then something caught my eye. A Zangoose tormenting a Kecleon. I immediately knew who it was, and walked over to her. "Hello, Katana," I said in an overly bright voice. "Still at Bandit's throat, huh?"


I glanced around the grounds, and noticed a familiar Eevee smacking rocks and the like with his tail. I floated over to him, and greeted him. "Hi, Darin." He seemed not to remember me. "You and I just had a match in the Battle Tower, didn't we? How are you doing?"


I sat down under a tree and smiled. It was so much fun, just watching what everyone was doing. I paid close attention to those Pokemon practicing their attacks - it was always good to learn more about potential opponents, and failing that, just to learn about new attacks.


I grinned. I knew that Combusken. I walked over to it. "Ahahah!" I laughed. "I know you, don't I?" Wildfire turned to look at me. "You're that Combusken that I keep stomping in the Battle Tower, aren't you? No hard feelings, eh?"

8th July 2005, 01:03 PM
<Lyra's POV>

I stared at Angel and Zale from aways as they had their first fight, with Angel storming off towards the kiddie pool. I personally didn't see a problem with her battling outside of the Battle Tower. Sure, it was dangerous but she would have all her teammates to back her up. I certainly couldn't tell Zale this though as he was the father and I had no connection to them at all. It would be best to leave them to solve their problems on their own.

As maternal pangs hit my heart, I saw a Quilava run towards the door, acting panicky.
"Hey, what's the problem?" I said as I stopped him.
"Willow's been burned from battling and he collasped from the pain," he said hurriedly.
"Come with me then," I motioned with my hand to follow me indoors.
Instead of going towards the trainers, I went straight to the closet, where the first aid kit was held. Digging through the garbage that piled up in there over the years, I finally found the kit and hauled it out, sweat slightly dripping down my face from the work. Taking it back outside, with thw Quilava leading the way, we went to see Willow, who was breathing harshly and sported a nasty burn on his shoulder. A Mudkip was cooling him off with his water gun but I motioned for him to stop.
"Battling fire Pokemon?" I asked. He nodded slightly and looked the other way, either from embarrassment or anger.
"Unless you have the right moves or are a lot stronger than the opponent, type battles are tough. Even I would be hesitant to battle an electric or grass Pokemon."
As I talked, I sprayed his burns with a generous amount of Burn Heal, to which he grimaced at. Ignoring his facial expressions, I then took out bandages and began weaving it around his shoulder like a sling until it was well covered.
"I'd suggest not battling for a day or two, although I think you'd know better than that. You can walk, but it'll hurt a bit although with the help of the spray, you'll feel better in no time."

12th July 2005, 01:52 PM
(Willow's POV)

I hurriedly walked into the Eevee House. It had been a few days since Lyra, the wartortle, had doctored my wound and it was completly gone, and i had started battling again. It felt nice to be active again. I paused, stretching, before looking around for someone i knew. It was great to be back here again. The temporary place was ok, but it just wasn't the same as it was here.

(Ranec's POV)

I looked around and spotted Zale diving into the pool. I shook my head. I needed to go and have that talk with him that ihad mentioned earlier while we were searchign for Tiana the other day. <Zale?> I said. He didn't surface. <Zale, I saw you go down there.> I waited a few more minutes and still nothing. "Maybe later," I muttered to myself and wandered off to go and explore around the house. I didn't think that Jovi wanted to be bothered at the moment.

(Darin's POV)

I was outside practicing my iron tail on the rocks outside. Amy had given me a Focus Energy TM earlier. She apologized as she told me that it was a late birthday present. It seemed to help as now my iron tail was working like a charm when i used it after beginning with focus energy. "Hi, Darin," came a voice from behind me. I looked around and saw a beldum that looked oddly familiar, but i didn't remember from where exactly until he spoke. "You and I just had a match in the Battle Tower, didn't we? How are you doing?" I nodded, remembering now. "I'm pretty good. Just out here practicing attacks. How are you?

(Kiara's POV)

I walked back into the Eevee House. I looked around for Caledor, but i wasn't sure if he was here or not though. I didn't see him, but that didn't mean that he wasn't here. I decided to wait a bit before going to the training area just in case he was here. I jumped up on the couch closest to the door and watched.

(Tiana's POV)

I looked around and didn't see either Nuka, Kali, or Nightshade. I knew that Nightshade would probably find out about the little surprise that i didn't want out just yet, and i didn't care as i trusted him. I started to look around for him but as i neared the kitchen i had to struggle not to get sick as the smells of all the wonderful foods in there sent waves of nausea through me.

(Laila's POV)

I was determined to get over my loosing streak. For once Willow didn't seem to be too upset over the loss. I, on the other head, was rather annoyed. "Cheer up, I think Amy's gonna take us somewhere special soon." he had told me. I shrugged and went outside to practice my attacks. As much as i was nervous about being different from most normal larvitars, in that i knew ice beam thunderbolt and flamethrower, i didn't want to grow rusty on being able to use them. I stared at my quick claw. It didnt' help me much in my last battle but as i started to take it off i remembered the times that it had helped.

(Darin's POV)

The beldum left a little while after we had spoken. A few minutes after that, I finally got tired from practicing my attacks so i headed inside. I saw Amy's pack and i looked inside. Sure enough, there was the glowing purple Day Stone. I closed the flap since i wasn't ready just yet but it wouldn't be long until i was ready to evolve. Once i had rested a bit, i decided to go and look around for Dad.

30th July 2005, 11:55 PM
Note: Aries's POV was supposed to be posted a few days after June 10th but was deleted after files were saved to be moved over to this board

<Aries's POV>

Darin had left me for a while to go practice some of his attacks, which left me with nothing to do. Nightshade had gone off to look for Tiana, and he didn't look very happy about it. I decided to focus my attention on Lee who was, as usual, at the bags. Laying down with my head on my paws, I watched as he methodically pounded away at sand bags, his feet a blur. So fluidly he moved that it helped me drift off to sleep.

I awoke with a sigh as something nudged me in my head. I turned my head around to see Darin with a look of innocence on his face.
"Don't think I'm going to get mad at you. I needed to be woken up anyway," I yawned. "Stay right there, I'll be right back."
I went towards Rebecca's bag, which was sitting on the floor next to the couch. Rummaging through her contents, I found the right bag and brought it back in my mouth.
I dropped it in front of him. "This is your birthday present - a very late one if I might add. After you evolve, this Psychic TM should help you control your powers. I would also like it if you trained with me or your uncle. If you don't want to though, that's ok. I had to learn on my own as well so it would be quite an experience for you.

<Nightshade's POV>

I stalked towards the kitchen, fuming at my innability to keep Tiana under my control. I let her out of my site for one minute and she's gone for hours, even days at a time. It was just ridiculous.

She stood standing in front of the entrance, looking a little worse for wear.
"Where have you gone to?" I chastized her. "You were so adamant about honing your psychic skills and now you disappear time and again. I don't care what you're doing right now, we're going to sit down and - "
I paused, staring at her face. It looked like she was about to throw up, she looked that bad. Placing my hands right over her body, I scanned her up and down, looking for any anomalies. Only after a minute did I find something odd within her. Knowing her previous history, I had a feeling I knew what it was.
"How far are you along?" I asked with a raised eyebrow.
"A little more than a week," she said sheepishly, red easily evident against her bright green face.
I sighed and rubbed my temples. "You know how I feel about this. You're too young and you still haven't gotten your powers under control yet. But before your due date, I expect you to make progress in your studies. It's mentally exhausting, but it'll keep your mind off of your pregnancy. Does your brother know yet?"
She shook her head, still blushing.
"I thought not. In due time, he'll find out but be glad he isn't an Espeon or Umbreon. Now, the first thing we'll do is meditate and then eat something. Don't look at me like that, you'll need the extra vitamins up till your due date."

1st August 2005, 04:14 PM
(Darin's POV)

"Wow, thanks Dad." I said smiling as I put the bag with the psychic TM in my mane. "I'd love to train with you. I think i am ready to evolve, but I did want to ask you some things first." He nodded, waiting for me to ask my question. I looked over at Amy's pack before taking a deep breath. "Does it hurt to evolve? What should i expect?" Once i had finished with my questions i stopped talking and turned to look at him.

(Zale's POV)

I thought i heard Ranec walk away, but i wasn't sure. What i was sure about was that i needed air. I slowly surfaced and when i saw that he wasn't there, i completely emerged. I looked around and saw that Nightshade and Tiana were talking. I shook my head. Why didn't she and Angel both know that i was trying to keep them from getting hurt. My mind drifted back to what Ranec had said. I still didn't understand what he meant by my caring for others "being my greatest strength and my greatest weakness". I was so lost in thought that i didn't hear that someone was approaching till they spoke.

(Tiana's POV)

Well, Nightshade wasn't in the kitchen, but before i could turn around and continue my search he came up and he wasn't in a good mood. I didn't say anythign because i was afraid that i was going to get sick. It wasn't long before he noticed and then he began to check me over and soon he discovered my secret. I blushed when he asked me about it, but I answered his questions truthfully as there was no point in telling him otherwise and it never felt right to lie either. Thankfully, he began walking away from the kitchen and as we got further away from the smells, the better i felt. Then Nightshade asked me if Zale knew yet. I shook my head no as i suddenly felt both angry and hurt from what Zale had said about Nuka and me.

"I thought not. In due time, he'll find out but be glad he isn't an Espeon or Umbreon. Now, the first thing we'll do is meditate and then eat something." I gave him a look that said after i just about got sick you want me to eat? "Don't look at me like that, you'll need the extra vitamins up till your due date."

I nodded in acceptance as I settled down and started to focus. I had to use calm mind about three times before i was able to settle down enough. I made sure thought that if Nightshade said something to me that i would be able to hear him and do as he asked.

(Sinopa's POV)

I had been walking around by myself. Blazer and Yama had gone off to spend sometime together. For a while i had been walking, trying to keep from gettinig to close to things that could fall. Then i began to look for Darin, and i soon found him talking with his Dad so i decided not to interupt. I laid down beside Amy's bag and rested my head on it and closed my eyes.

1st August 2005, 10:36 PM

It was too late at night to bring Kali to the Eevee House, so I snuck over alone. I would bring her back in the morning. When I got in, I looked around for a certain Espeon, and found her meditating near another Psychic Pokemon, a Kadabra. I went into the kitchen and pilled some simple foods onto a plate for her. I figured she'd feel sick to her stomach still, so I made certain I brought out nothing with a strong scent to it.

Picking the plate up carefully in my mouth, I walked out of the kitchen and inched closer to Tiana, careful to not dissturb her concentration. I took a nearby seat, set the snacks down beside me, and waited for her and the Kadabra to finish their excersize. The more I watched, the more my curiosity increased. I need to get Tiana a present. I thought to myself as I watched her and the Kadabra.

4th August 2005, 01:08 AM
<Aries's POV>

"Well, I'm not sure. I evolved a few years ago so I sort of don't remember but I know it doesn't hurt. For some Pokemon, they hurt themselves more in order to evolve, because they know that evolution will be one of the happiest days of their lives. You can feel yourself change physically and for some Pokemon, emotionally as well. With that surge of power, a once docile Pokemon can immediately become hostile. Of course, I doubt you will change like that but for some species, it happens."
I looked at Darin to make sure he wasn't alarmed.
"No, an Eevee who changes into an Espeon hardly changes. With evolution comes responsibility though. Powers you thought you could control once before may not be as easy after the evolution. I believe that's mainly aimed at psychic Pokemon but those who evolve into a different type altogether needs training immediately. I wouldn't let my son stray away from me like that though."
I smiled and ruffled the top of his head with a paw.

<Nightshade's POV>

Although my eyes were closed, I could clearly see Tiana deep within her trance, her powers steadily emanating from her body although to non psychics, it was invisible. Right near her was a Houndoom with a plate of food in front of him. I didn't know his name, but I was quite sure he was the father. Although my outer appearance didn't change, my inner self pursed its lips in annoyance. I didn't like the way trainers bred their Pokemon at such a young age, sometimes against their wishes. I doubt Tiana minded but there were others out there who were forced to grow up too early. At least Rebecca had enough sense to breed the others at their own consent and at a proper age.
<Nightshade, are you ok? You feel angry,> Tiana contacted telepathically.
I was caught aback, unaware she was able to feel out my inner body language. I guess I did a poor job to hide it.
<No, I'm fine. You can stop now, if you want. It seems like your boyfriend wants to say hello. Don't stray off or chat on too long. I want to make up for lost time.>
I opened my eyes and teleported off to the rafters with a sigh. I felt like the overprotective father watching over a child.

<Lyra's POV>

I walked towards Zale, who was looking around as if lost.
"Tough day for you," I commented offhandedly. "How're you coping?"
He stared at me as if I appeared out of nowhere and shook his head slowly.
"Not so well. Ranec told me that my ability to care for others was my greatest strength and my greatest weakness. Do you know what he meant by that?"
"It means that with your empathetic abilities, you're a Pokemon others can rely on and talk to when their down. Unfortunately, when it comes to your sister and daughter, who you care for immensely, you act overprotective and to them, it's like you're limiting their boundaries. An instance that comes to mind is your argument with Angel."
"Now wait a minute," he cried out angrily. "I'm not going to let her out there where she'll be mauled by wild Pokemon. She can easily battle other trained Pokemon and gain experience from that."
I merely sighed and eased myself into the pool.
"The problem with that is supreme boredom. With wild Pokemon, their tactics are entirely different because they don't have trainers. A wild Pokemon relies on their instincts and if Angel keeps on battling in the Battle Tower, she'll never learn because trainers yell out commands all the time, canceling out any chances of her choosing her own attacks. Also, if she battled in the wild, there would be no doubt that Amy would be by her side with stronger Pokemon standing guard. If anything happened to her, they would make sure she's well cared for and the antagonist properly dealt with.
"As for your sister, it's all and well to act like the big brother but you can't keep a watchful eye over her forever. As both of you grow older, it's natural for her to do her own stuff and ignore your warnings or speeches. When I was younger, I spent every minute with my teammates but after a while, and especially after evolving, I found myself growing apart from some of them while still spending the same amount of time with others. Everyone is still close knit and all but I barely talk to Drake and Blade and that's ok. As long as I know that they'll be there to back me up if I'm in trouble, it's enough to ensure our relationship. You give Tiana her space, she'll give you yours and everything will turn out ok."

4th August 2005, 09:55 AM
Katana's POV

"This is none of your business," I growled at the Snorlax. "Back off."

"Help me," Bandit whimpered.

I was going to tell him to shut up, but a scent reached my nose. I turned my head to see Athena marching up to me. She grabbed my ear and yanked it. "What did I tell you about torturing your teammates?" she asked me sternly.

I bared my teeth and yanked my ear out of Athena's grasp. "You are not my mother!" I turned to Bobbery. "Another time." I walked away without Bandit.

Kawaii's POV

It was nice to be in familiar surroundings again. I stood at Shonta's side with my teammates as we looked out into the backyard. I was looking out for Jovi. We didn't get to take our walk the other day. Finally I got impatient. "I'm going to go looking for him. I'll see you guys later."

"Look for who?" Cinder asked me.

"Idiot, you know who!" Beaky lashed out as be bopped Cinder with a wing. "I guess I'll be flying the hopefully friendly skies today." He flew off of Shonta's shoulder and into the sky.

"Misu and I will be with Willow if you need us," Cinder said before running out into the backyard with Misu following him.

"Can I play with Koda today?" Casey asked Shonta.

"Yes, but be careful. Koda's not at your level." She set down Koda and walked off with Dimitri. Khanga walked in the opposite direction. I walked in another direction to search for Jovi.

4th August 2005, 12:17 PM
(Darin's POV

I listened intently as Dad answered my questions, and the nervousness that i had felt about evolving slowly disappeared. I couldn't help but purr when he rubbed the top of my head.

"I'll be right back." I told him before taking a deep breath and heading off in the direction of Amy's pack. Once there, I found Sinopa resting by it with her head on the pack. I grinned, an idea suddenly in mind. "Hey Sinopa." She jumped. I guess she hadn't heard me come up. "Sorry, didn't mean to scare you. I was just about to evovle and I thought that you might want to watch. Would you like to? She nodded. "Good cause i need your help so that i don't evolve just getting the stone." ^^;

She looked nervous. "What do i do?" "Don't be. In Amy's pack, she has two stones. One is a glowing red one and the other glows purple. Don't touch the red one whatever you do." "Why?" "Beacause it will tigger your evolvution to begin and i don't think that you are ready to. If i touch it it will cause me to evolve as well, but i'm not wanting to evolve into a flareon though." Sinopa nodded, as she opened the flap. Carefully, she picked up the Day Stone in her teeth. I closed the flap.

Together we walked over to where Dad was waiting. "Dad, this is Sinopa. She is one of my teammates." Sinopa placed the stone on the ground in front of me. "Pleased to meet you." she whispered.

I smiled up at Dad for the last time as an eevee and took a deep breath. I placed my front paw on the stone and then i was enveloped in a white glow. Of course i could see myself plain as day. The first change was that my fur changed from a light brown to a light purple color. Then, my mane began to get thinner till it was gone. I suddenly felt weird not having it, but now my collar could be seen. The next thing i felt was something pushing its way out of the center of my forehead, and i figured that was the jewel. Next, my tail thinned out and split at the ends. Finally, i began to grow taller and eventually the glow faded.

"Wow, what a rush." i said and was started to find that my voice had gotten deeper as well. Sinopa nodded at me and then went off to search for something to do. I looked over at Dad as he pushed the Psychic Tm towards me. It had fallen when my mane disappeared. I nudged open the box with my nose and some of the powder got in my nose causing me to sneeze sending the rest of the powder over me.

I learned Confusion by level and Psychic from the TM that Dad gave me.

"So what do i do now?" I asked

(Tiana's POV)

For a while, I was steady in my trance. Then suddenly, i felt anger. I knew that i wasn't angry so it had to be Nightshade. <Nightshade, are you ok? You feel angry.> I asked. There was a few seconds of silence, before he responded. <No, I'm fine. You can stop now, if you want. It seems like your boyfriend wants to say hello. Don't stray off or chat on too long. I want to make up for lost time.>

Needless to say i lost all my focus when i heard that. I opened my eyes in time to see Nightshade teleport into the rafters then i looked around and sure enough, there was Nuka. I hurried over to where he was and nuzzled him before gently licking him on his face. He smiled and returned my nuzzle. I was so happy that he was here that I was sure that he could feel it as well.

"I brought you something to eat. I smiled, slighlty before my stomach growled. "Thank you." I said, blushing. I turned to look at the plate and there was nothing that smelled strong and i smiled happily before starting in on the food. After a few minutes, I turned to look at Nuka still blushing. "Nightshade knows already."

(Zale's POV)

I sighed. Lyra did have a point and deep down i knew it. "Thanks." I told her. "Guess i'll go and try to find Angel now." Turning around, i noticed that Nuka was with Tiana. I wasn't too sure what i felt about him just yet... It seemed that he was trying to spend more time with Tiana, but i wasn't sure if i trusted him yet. Instead, i headed into the opposite direction into the backyard.

(Jovi's POV)

I sighed. I had been waiting in the backyard and when i didn't see Kawaii, i decided to head to the spot. I didn't make it far when i heard someoneapproaching from behind. I wasn't sure who it was so i dove behind a bush and peeked out to find that it was Kawaii. "Looking for someone?" I asked as i emerged from the bushes behind her.

4th August 2005, 12:55 PM

"He does?" I asked, a bit startled. Nightshade must be the name of the Kadabra she had been meditating with. "Is he going to tell anyone?" I asked, blushing a bit under my coat I didn't know if I wanted the knowledge to spread around quite yet, though I knew it would come out eventually. I held onto the TM I had brought along gently with my tail, keeping Tiana from seeing it yet. I wanted to wait until the perfect moment to give it to her.

4th August 2005, 01:32 PM
(Tiana's POV)

"He does?"[color=plum]Nuka asked. I nodded and then Nuka asked me if he was going to tell. "I don't think that he will, and i hope that he doesn't. I'm happy and all, I'm just not to sure if i want it out just yet." Nuka nodded his head in agreement. "Besides he asked me if my brother knew and i knew that he was referring to Zale," at that I closed my eyes. "I shook my head no Nightshade basically said that he figured that and that he'd figure out in due time. But i'll talk to him about that when i go back to my training. He told me that i didn't need to stay gone too long. He wanted to make up for lost time."

4th August 2005, 01:41 PM

"I see. I hope Zale will come around by the time he learns..." I didn't want to imagine what would happen if Tiana's twin brother found out. "You sure are training hard. I brought you a present, and I was saving it for later, but I suppose I'd best give it to you incase Nightshade decides to resume the training soon."

I pulled the TM out from behind me and set it infront of her. "It's Meditate. I hope it helps."

5th August 2005, 01:17 AM
(Tiana's POV)

I blushed, wishing that Amy had returned with the tm that i had asked her to buy but unfortunately, she hadn't. "Thank you Nuka." I told him, taking the TM and giving him a nuzzle. Then, I sighed. "What is it? he asked. I had asked Amy to get a tm and she left hours ago, but she still hasnt' gotten back. I guess she's waiting on someone to confirm. When she does get here i'll be sure to give it to you." He looked as if he was going to ask what it was. "It's a surprise you'll find out when i get it to you." The next thing that i knew, Amy was walking over to us. "Sorry abotu taking so long but i had to wait for it to get confirmed." With that, she sat the TM down and began checking up on things. I watched and waited hoping htat he liked the hidden power TM and wondered what kind it was. "It's hidden power." I watched as he tested it out and i was curious to see what kind it was.

A few minutes later, I sighed. "I probably need to go back now, but hopefully, I'll see you on my next break. I love you." I said, giving Nuka one last nuzzle before taking a deep breath and concentrating. With a faint pop, i disappeared and a few seconds and another pop later I was sitting in front of Nightshade in the rafters.

"Sorry about that, I apologized. Then grinning, I told him that Nuka had given me a Meditate TM." I was about to wait to see what Nightshade wanted me to do next when i remembered. "Um, Nightshade, I was wondering something. Would you please not let this get out until later. I'm not ashamed of it in fact it was a mutual decision and all... I'm thrilled about it and all its just that I have no idea how zale will react if he finds out before we're ready for him to especially when he isn't thrilled about me being with Nuka. At the mention of Zale, I burst into tears. "Why does Zale hate us being together?" i managed to ask before getting upset again.

9th August 2005, 08:14 PM
<Aries's POV>

I beamed as my son grew from a little Eevee into a strong, lithe Espeon. I pushed the TM towards him and watched as he sneezed into the powder, flying into the air and coating his fur.
"So what do I do now?" he asked, his voice noticably deeper.
"Well, nothing really," I replied. "But if you want to start training right this second, you need to meditate so you can keep your powers in check. It's quite boring at first but once you get the hang of it, it'll be ok."

<Nightshade's POV>

Alarmed at Tiana's sudden burst of emotion, I hesitated in comforting her at first but then my paternal instincts took over. Pulling her towards me, I placed her head in my lap and stroked her side.
"It's ok," I mumbled softly. "I don't think your brother hates the idea of you two being together. In fact, I don't think he knows you're going out with Nuka at all or he would have confronted you already. Zale just loves you and wants to protect you from being hurt. Knowing that he can't keep an eye on you 24/7 is frustrating to him and as you two grow older, you'll spend more time apart from one another. He'll eventually see the light and give his blessings to the both of you."

10th August 2005, 10:26 AM

I used the TM on mysels and felt a strange sensation, as if my senses had been heightened. I looved at one iof the chairs and focused on it until it began to levitate a little. Setting te chair back down, I turned to Tiana, "Looks like Psychic to me." She nodded with a smile and sighed.

"I probably need to go back now, but hopefully, I'll see you on my next break. I love you." Tiana gave me one last nuzzle before teleporting away. I sighed softly and stood, deciding it would be best if I headed out to bring Kali in. I knew I would be back in a few hours and hoped Tiana wuldn't be upset at my minor dissapearance

12th August 2005, 07:26 PM
(Tiana's POV)

I continued sobbing as Nightshade pulled me close to him. When he did that I felt safer than i had in a long tim. "It's ok. I don't think your brother hates the idea of you two being together. In fact, I don't think he knows you're going out with Nuka at all or he would have confronted you already. Zale just loves you and wants to protect you from being hurt. Knowing that he can't keep an eye on you 24/7 is frustrating to him and as you two grow older, you'll spend more time apart from one another. He'll eventually see the light and give his blessings to the both of you."

I listened, and what Nightshade said made sense. "Thanks." I sniffed, as i wiped my eyes. "Sorry about getting so emotional." I apologized. I didn't really want to move from where i was. As I looked around, I noticed that Nuka was gone, but he probably had to go see about Kali. "Why is Zale so overprotective of me? I can understand about Angel somewhat, but why me?" I asked, my mind returning to the topic of Zale. I frowned as i noticed that i was beginning to get hungry but i didn't want to mention it. I was getting embarraessed about eating so much. I wasn't near as hungry when i was expecting Kali as i was now.

(Darin's POV)

"Well, nothing really. But if you want to start training right this second, you need to meditate so you can keep your powers in check. It's quite boring at first but once you get the hang of it, it'll be ok."

I listened to Dad as i knew that he knew what he was talking about. "What might happen if my powers got out of check?" I asked still not used to my new voice. "I don't want to let it happen, but i think that it would probably be for the best. I mean, not knowing must be worse than knowing." I explained my reasoning behind the question.

(Tiny's POV)

I followed Colby as we returned to the Eevee House. We hadn't been here in a while, although things still look the things. Once Colby had spotted the pool, i could tell that he wanted to swim. He turned to look at me, and I smiled sadly. "Sure, go ahead." With that, he bounded away. It was my turned to look around. I soon spotted a growlithe. I didn't recognice him so i decided to go over and say hello.

(Dakota's POV)

I padded over to the door. Aiko had gone off in search of Koda, and i hadn't seen Ai anywhere. I began to groom myself, doing my best to hide the scars which wasn't that hard on my side, but next to impossible on my paw. I sighed, hoping that i never ran into that growlithe again. Twice was enough.

12th August 2005, 07:47 PM

I returned after about an hour of being gone, bringing along Kali, Kalil, and Senshi. I noticed how Darkifre had a strange naming issue. What with Kali, Kai, and Kalil. She ought to rename them, I had thought that I had heard about a Mudkip named Kai around somewhere. When we arrived, however, I saw that Tiana was up in the rafters still with Nightshade the Kadabra. Just then Kali nudged me, "Food?"

"Alright," I replied with a smile as we dissapeared into the kitchen.


I sighed, feeling a bit guilty for leaving Kai back at the house with Ayende, but the two had been watching a movie. I needed some alone time as well. Recently Ares had been sort of taking over the team, and with the kidnapping of Menos, Dasha, and Kana, everyone was feeling a bit depressed.

Just as I was wandering around, I noticed a small Flareon head over to me. I smiled in a friendly manner as I stopped. "Hello." He said.

"Hi, my name's Kalil. What's your name?"


I wanted to get some more training time before I asked Darkfire for another RBG. I needed to practice using my new attacks, and I needed to get used to the feel of the boosted attacking power I had with the Collar I had recieved not too long ago. Just as I spotted the punching bags, something else caught my attention out of the corner of my eye. I looked over away from the bags and saw a Mighyena grooming himself.

I perked at this. He looked gorgeous and powerful, just like I wanted to be. I headed over to him and sat down, nervous and excited. I then saw a scar on his paw. He must be a powerful fighter, I thought to myself. Nervously, I cleared my throat and spoke, "Hi, I'm Senshi. What's your name?"

14th August 2005, 12:30 PM
(Dakota's POV)

I was just finishing up grooming, when i heard someone clear their throat. It was a poochyena. "Hi, I'm Senshi. What's your name?" I smiled. "My name's Dakota." I saw something in this poochyena that reminded me of myself when i was younger. My hidden power was telling me that he was nervous. "Relax, I don't bite unless provoked." I joked in an attempt to put him at east. I looked him up and down. "You're on Darkfire's team correct?" I asked.

(Tiny's POV)

I smiled back at the growlithe. "My name's Tiny. The reason's pretty obvious." I said, smiling. "That's a nice name that you have. Does it mean anything?" I asked, curious.

(Ebony's POV)

I nickered softly to myself as i headed outside. It was a beautiful day, and Amy had given me back my old earring as well as a TM that she had been saving for me. I was surprised at how welcoming the others had been when i had wanted to come back. I was nervous at first, but now things were almost back to how they had been before i had left though the team had changed slighly. I started to run around the house and soon i was as happy as i could possibly get. Nothing made me feel as free as running as fast as i could go did.

Knight of Time
14th August 2005, 07:11 PM
Kyle's POV

It had been almost four months since Espio, the last of my adopted Eevees evolved. Now that I was the proud owner of all five Eeveelutions, I took out Espio's Pokeball once again. Enlarging it, I opened it up revealing an energetic looking Espio.

"Hey Kyle, what's up?" Espio asked with the brightest smile I had ever seen.

"I've got yet another surprise for you. Ever since you became a Psychic type, I had been waiting for the chance to give you a Psychic type move, the first of which I hoped would be Psychic itself. Even though the Psychic TM a friend of mine had that I thought about buying or trading from her went to another Espeon, I wasn't offended at all by this. Reason is, this same friend was generous enough to trade me a Psybeam TM and a Solarbeam TM for a couple of TMs I had as well that I wasn't thinking of using up. So there is still a chance you'll learn Psychic, Espio, I promise. Anyway, I am keeping my Solarbeam TM in reserve for now, but I'm deciding that the Psybeam TM should go to you. You want it?" I asked.

"Yeah, that would be nice, thanks Kyle." Espio said.

"Okay, hang on, and I'll get the box containing the powder that will teach you Psybeam." I said.

Going to my backpack, I pulled out a box, and opened it up to reveal a lightened, rainbow coloured powder. Taking it over to Espio, I sprinkled all the powder all over his body, watching as it was absorbed into him.

"How do you feel now, Espio?" I asked.

"Better, thanks Kyle." Espio replied.

"You're welcome, Espio. Now, I think the time has come for one of your fellow adopted teammates to evolve. Return." I said.

Withdrawing Espio back into his Pokeball, I went back to my backpack and took out another Pokeball. Enlarging it, I opened it up to reveal my Pikachu.

"Hi Kyle, what's new lately? Were you about to help me evolve again?" Pikachu asked.

"How'd you know that?" I asked Pikachu, a surprised look appearing on my face.

"Oh, just a wild guess." Pikachu replied.

"Yeah, I've decided that this would probably be a good time to help you finally evolve into a Raichu." I said.

"That's great. I appreciate it!" Pikachu said, smiling.

"Hang on, I've got the Thunderstone you need." I said.

Going to my backpack once again, I pulled out the Thunderstone I recently forged at Goldenrod Tower. Walking back to Pikachu, I put the Thunderstone on the ground in front of him. Several seconds later, he put a paw on the yellow stone, and he immediately began to glow white. In the process his ears got a little longer, and his tail grew to around twice its original length. Seconds later, the evolution process ceased, and in the place of my Pikachu, I now had a powerful looking Raichu.

"Now that you have finally reached your final evolution, I think that now would be the absolute best time to give you a name, since I couldn't think of any in the time you were a Pichu, and the time you were a Pikachu. How does the name Sparky sound?" I asked.

"That's a nice name, I like it." was the reply.

"Okay, Sparky it is. Now, Sparky, I have another Pokemon to evolve at this moment. Return." I said as I recalled my Raichu back into his Pokeball.

Taking out one of the Master Balls in my backpack, I opened it up to reveal Crucher, my captured male Machoke.

"Hi Kyle, how are things?" Crusher asked.

"Great, Crusher. I want to ask you something. Have you ever thought sbout wanting to evolve?" I asked.

"Hmm, the thought of evolving has given me some interest. What do I need to be able to evolve?" Crusher asked curiously.

"I have an evolutionary item called a Genetic Accelerator Gene in my backpack. By giving it to you, you'll be able to utilize its powers to evolve into a Machamp, my number one favourite fighting type." I said with a smile.

"Whoa, it sounds like you really want to help me to evolve. Well, it would be a waste if I didn't use the Genetic Accelerator Gene, but after all, I want to become as strong as I can be, as in one of the best fighters around." Crusher declared.

"So you do want to use the Genetic Accelerator Gene, am I right?" I asked Crusher.

"Yes, it would be nice to feel even more strength from within my body." Crusher said as he flexed both arms in the air.

"Okay, I'll get it out for you." I said.

Reaching for the Genetic Accelerator Gene that I recently forged at Goldenrod Tower, I dug it out and placed it in Crusher's hands. Almost instantly, Crusher began to glow white. In the process he began to get a bit taller, but the biggest change of all was the addition of two more arms. Seconds later, Crusher stopped glowing, and I watched in amazement as he flexed all four of his arms in the air. Now that he was a Machamp, I decided to keep him out of the Master Ball I originally caught him in, in hopes that he might make a new friend sooner or later...

15th August 2005, 11:51 PM

"Yep," I replied to the small Flareon. "Kalil means friend. Tiny, huh? I think your names suits you." I joked. "Anyway, what do you guys do around here?"


"Yeah," I replied, relaxing some. "I'm going to evolve into a Mighyena, or at least I'm working on it with Darkfire." I looked again at his scars, admiring them. "You must be really strong." I said, awed by him.


I snuck closer to the Eevee House with uncertainty. I had followed Nuka, Kali, Senshi, and Kalil here. My ears perked when I heard a nicker and a trotted closer until I saw a black Ponyta racing around the Eevee House. I sighed to myself. Even though Mom had been a special color, I hadn't gotten anythink from her. I imagined myself as a black Rapidash, racing around the Eevee House with my silver flames trailing behind me. I liked the image.

16th August 2005, 11:59 AM
Kawaii's POV

"He's not around here. Maybe he's at the spot." I looked around to make sure no one was following me and started up the trail to the spot. I didn't find him up there either. I looked around and was going to head back down when I heard his voice. Surprised, I jumped and whirled around to find him standing behind me. "Don't do that! You scared me half to death!" I calmed down. "So, how's it going?"

Khanga's POV

Roo started to cry when she saw that Beaky wasn't going in the same direction as us. "Birdy!" she yelled. Beaky, of course, didn't pay attention to her.

I lifted her out of my pouch and looked into her sad eyes. "I'm sorry, but you can't play with Beaky today. I don't want you getting hurt."

She sniffed and pointed to the house. "Birdy. I wanna play."

I sighed. She would cry all day until she got to play with Beaky. I carried Roo to the house to look for Beaky.

17th August 2005, 10:56 AM
"Ryu", the male Vibrava's POV:

Where was I when he hurt her? Where was I when she could have been hurt again?

I watched Elwing as she lay stationary in the shallow end of the swimming pool. Kalazeth was there with her, trying to encourage her to take a dive and swim for a bit. He was there when she needed him. I wasn't.

Silently scolding myself, I took wing, feeling the need to breathe the air outside. For all that I'd achieved during battle, I couldn't even protect someone who was so important to me. Strength came from the heart, and I was getting the feeling that I hadn't got enough. Why else would Night have been able to hurt her? And why couldn't I take away her pain?

So engrossed as I was in thought, I wasn't watching where I was flying and accidentally bumped into a formidable Charizard, Elwing's father. "Hello, sir," I saluted him. I wondered if 'sir' was the right thing to call him, but I wasn't sure what else to say. "I'm really sorry for flying into you... I was just on the way out."

17th August 2005, 10:02 PM
<Drake's POV>

"Oh please, don't call me sir," I laughed aloud. "First, it makes me sound stiff and old, which I'm not and it's used as a sign of authority. Although I'm older than you, you're just about as strong as me, which I will need to watch out for in the future."
My smile slowly vanished as I properly looked at Ryu. He looked far from the passionate Vibrava I saw more. His eyes were sunken in and his body was drooping, despite his airborn ability.
"Is there anything wrong?" I inquired. "I know you're a mysterious lad but I can't help notice you're looking a little bit off. Did something happen between you and Elwing that I should know about? I know you care about her well enough to not do anything to her but I can't help wonder why you're avoiding her."

<Aries's POV>

"Well, without training, thoughts from other Pokemon can enter your mind, as well as memories and maybe events of the future, although I'm not too sure on the last one. Without knowing why that is, I suspect going crazy comes soon after that. If you don't keep your emotions in check, you'll have the ability to destroy someone mentally. Your powers will flare out but without training, will never grow and hardly ever become consistent. That's why psychics must train everyday to clear the mind and keep their powers in check. I myself am not a psychic but I do have the ability to use some psychics attacks. In fact, everyone should meditate to purge the body and soul of all impurities but most do that in different ways."
I smiled so as to make the subject seem lighter for the young one, although it was a serious matter indeed.

<Nightshade's POV>

"To be honest, I don't know why he's so protective of you," I contemplated. "You two are twins but I suppose that since arrived first by mere minutes, he believes that as the older one, it is his duty to shield you from harm. I would think that you would do the same thing if you were in his position but he does need to learn to let go."
I could sense that she felt better, but was also hungry. I smiled slightly and concentrated on the kitchen below. Levitating bananas and apples, I brought them up and put them in front of Tiana.
"Go ahead, I knew you were hungry. Eat up, cause you're going to be munching for fo -" I stopped suddenly and looked down at Tiana, who was staring up with curious eyes.
She doesn't know, I thought in disbelief.
"What is it, Nightshade?" she asked.
"Nothing," I replied slowly but fixated my eyes on an apple. Bringing it over, I grabbed it and took a bite, focusing my thoughts on the red fruit alone so that Tiana wouldn't suspect anything.

18th August 2005, 12:18 AM
"Ryu", the male Vibrava's POV:

My wings stopped beating for a moment when Drake mentioned Elwing, but then I recovered and gained control of my voice. "Let's go outside, shall we?" And before he responded, I flew into the open, glad to breathe the free air. I landed just a few moments before a puzzled Drake came down beside me.

He looked a little worried now, but he waited for me to speak.

I knew it wasn't any use to hide the fact that I had feelings for his daughter; by the way he looked at me, Drake already knew. But how, how could I explain what had happened, how I had not been there when...? As much as it pained me to talk, I started. "Elwing is a very special Dratini," I managed, feeling tears beginning to well up in my eyes. I wanted to burst. "I care a lot about her... but she needs somebody else." Such insincerity. I knew I couldn't really give her up, much as I knew that I had to. Even if it was better for her. Taking a deep breath, I continued. "She needs somebody not quite so old. And," I said, directing more hatred towards myself, "Somebody not quite so useless."

Drake seemed surprised by my reaction. "What do you mean?"

Another thought about Elwing - how I hadn't been there for her - was enough to break me down completely. "I'm sorry..." I bowed my head. "I couldn't protect her." I did my best to choke back my tears, but I found that I couldn't stop them any more. "Elwing..." My voice trailed into a mere whimper.

18th August 2005, 02:25 PM
(Tiny's POV)

Normally, I hang out with my twin, but today he wanted to go swimming. Not something that i enjoy anymore. There's places where we can practice attacks both inside and out. Sometimes we watch television or movies or such. There's pretty much somethign for everyone. Occasionally they hold races for the adoptees in three categories: Land, Air, and Water." At that point, I saw some apples and bananas being carried out of a room by an invisible force. "Say, are you hungry? I think i just discovered where the kitchen is." I said, smiling.

(Dakota's POV)

I smiled, immediately taking a liking to this young poochyena. "You must be really strong." Senshi remarked in awe. I caught him looking at the scars on my paw. "Now, I'm fairly strong about the third highest level on the team. However, I've been through a lot to get there and I didn't do it alone. In fact, if it wasn't for Amy I would probably be dead now." I watched Senshi to see how he would react to that.

At that, Senshi began wagging his tail. "Really? Cause Darkfire saved me from this huge Absol twice! Maybe when I get bigger I'll be as strong as you."

I nodded chuckling at this poochyena's enthusiam. "If you try hard I'm sure you will be. Just remember the greatest strength comes form facing your worst fears. You say that you were attacked by an abosl. When Amy found me, a pack of growlithes were attacking me. I was just a young poochyena only level 8." At that, I brushed asid the fur on my side showing him the huge scars that i had from that encounter.
After i was sure that Senshi had seen them i smoothed my fur back down over them.

(Ebony's POV)

As i was running I heard a sigh, so i began to slow down and that was when i spotted anther ponyta. I stopped, and tried to shake the sweat form my coat, before i headed over to her. "Hi, my name is Ebony. What's yours?" I asked curiously.

(Tiana's POV)

I smiled gratefully as Nightshade used his powers to being some food to us. "Go ahead, I knew you were hungry. Eat up, cause you're going to be munching for fo -" he said before stopping suddenly. I looked up at him curious. "What is it, Nightshade?" I asked.

"Nothing." he said before he took an apple. After a few minutes, it was apparant that all he was fpcused on was the apple. I shrugged. "Thanks," i said before turning to the food myself. Pretty soon, there wasn't much left but a couple bananas. I blushed in embarrassment, but quickly used calm mind to get myself ready, for whatever Nightshade wanted me to do next. Then for good measure, i tried the Meditate TM that Nuka had given me.

(Darin's POV)

I winced at the though, but when Dad looked at me he was smiling. I figured it was an attemt to lighten the situation. "I understand." I told him. "Do i just close my eyes or what?" I asked, sweatdropping.

(Colby's POV)

I just swam about in the pool for a bit, before taking a deep breath. I decided to see how long i could stay underwater on one breath of air.

(Jovi's POV)

"Sorry," I apologized to Kawaii. "I didn't mean to scare you. Not much on my team. Tiana was training a lot for some reason, but she's stopped now. I think Amy's gonna try and work with Zale, Ruki,and Laila next and then once they're at L.20 she's gonna try and work with me and Dad some more. What about you?" I asked, still amazed at how beatuiful Kawaii was.

(Lani's POV)

I quickly found Ruki looking around outside, and the two of us decided to go outside and practice on the targets. I have to admit that Ruki was getting stronger. "Not bad." I commented as he used his psychic powers and knocked down one of the breakaway targets. I turned to face one and took a deep breath howling to build up my confidence and boost my attack. I then charged and body slammed one of the targets. I smiled, turning around and getting ready to try another one of my attacks.

18th August 2005, 02:46 PM

I nodded. "Now that you mention it, I am a little hungry." I watched as the flying food floated up into the rafters. "This sounds like a cool place to hang out." A bit softer, I muttered to myself, "Maybe I should bring Kai along next time." I smiled then at Tiny. "After you," I said with a play bow. I wondered quite a few things. Like who had made the fruit pass by and who Tiny's twin was.


"Wow..." I paused a moment, thinking over Dakota's past and scars. "You know... I was level eight too when that Absol kept bullying me. I'm still only level eleven now, but if I train really hard, I can be strong enough to evolve really soon." I stopped there, thinking again. It was strange how similar our pasts where. On a whim, I found myself asking,

"Do you have any brothers?"


The black Ponyta slowed to a stop and shook herself. She came over to me and said, "Hi, my name is Ebony. What's yours?" I found myself smiling. Maybe I would have a playmate who could run with me. No one else could really catch up to me by now.

"I'm Alana, nice to meet you!" I answered. "You're really pretty, Ebony. I wish I were black." I grinned a bit, suddenly a bit shy.

18th August 2005, 06:18 PM
Kawaii's POV

"Nothing much with my team either. Koda's doing well, especially with Beaky watching over him. I think he likes being a babysitter." I laughed a little at that. "Casey hasn't had a battle in a while and that's making her a little impatient. But she's also doing well."

Casey's POV

I walked with Koda and soon found Beaky perched on the arm on the sofa. I got a wicked idea. "Koda, do you want to play with Uncle Beaky?" I asked him. Koda nodded enthusiastically. "You'll have to wake him up first. This is how I do it..." I took a play bow and sprung into the air, tackling Beaky and making him land on his back on the couch.

"Casey, what was that for? I thought I was being attacked!" Beaky shouted angrily.

I wagged my tail and smiled. "Koda and I want to play, Uncle Beaky!"

Koda jumped up on the sofa, also wearing a grin. "Nya nya!"

Beaky got to his talons and hopped down off of the sofa. "I guess my nap can wait. What do you want to do?"

"Koda wants to practice his attacks!" I said. Koda and I ran out of the house and stopped at Khanga's feet. "Uh, hi."

Khanga growled a little and set down Roo. "Tell Beaky that he better take good care of her or I'll come after him," Khanga said.

"Don't worry. I'm good with kids," Beaky assured her as he landed next to me. We went back to running with Beaky flying over us until we reached the training area. I noticed that Mom and Ruki were already there attacking targets. I felt like showing off. I concentrated on using my Hidden Power. It's been so long since I've had a battle that I had nothing to do but practice it. I felt a tingling sensation on my skin as the Hidden Power started. I focused on the nearest target and let it loose. It blasted the target and knocked it off its stand. I stood there with Koda, smiling at Mom. "Hi, Mom. How's it going?"

18th August 2005, 08:21 PM
(Dakota's POV)

"Wow..." Senshi said. "You know... I was level eight too when that Absol kept bullying me. I'm still only level eleven now, but if I train really hard, I can be strong enough to evolve really soon." He stopped there. I nodded, as i listened to him. He was quiet for a few minutes and then he asked a most surprising and painful question. "Do you have any brothers?"

I sighed. "I have one, though i haven't seen him since the day i left the pack. Our old leader had just been over thrown and the new one was a cocky young mightyena that just got lucky. I didn't like him, so i left. That same day i got attacked by growlithes.

I later learned, the one time i had tried to see my old pack, that the new leader sent those growlithes to attack me just cause of the reason that i had left then he let them join the pack. They probably think that i am dead by now. I ended up battling the main growlithe that had attacked me that day. In fact, that's the same day that i realized that not all growlithes were bad. Lani, my teammate, tried to help me, but she was knocked unconscious..."

I sighed, remembering my brother. Then, I smiled. "My brohter was younger than i was, but we were close and we'd play together all the time. Since we had both gotten poison fang from our dad and didn't know how to control it yet, sometimes we'd accidentally poison each other while we were playing. Mom took to keeping a large Pecha Berry stash because of us." At that, I sighed. It was then that i noticed that Senshi was looking at me weird. Could it be? I wondered.

(Ebony's POV)

"I'm Alana, nice to meet you!" she answered. "You're really pretty, Ebony. I wish I were black." she commented smiling shyly.
"Thanks, you look nice too. Maybe you can get a juce or something." i suggested to her. "Mine's natural, becuase both my parents were black ponytas." At that, i sighed. "But i haven't seen them in ages."

(Tiny's POV)

I headed to the room where i saw the food come from, and sure enough it was the kitchen. "Whoa," I muttered. "There was food of all kinds everywhere." I quickly scooted a chair to the counter. Then i hopped onto one of the chair rungs, onto the chair, and finally onto the counter. then i began to look around. I saw Kalil enter the kitchen. "Anything in particular you want?" I asked.

(Lani's POV)

I took a deep breath and then sent a dragonbreath attack towards one of the targets when the one next to the one that i was using was knocked down. I looked around and smiled. It was Casey. "Hi, Mom. How's it going?" she said, smiling. I stopped what i was doing and hurried over to see her. Once i had reached her, i nuzzled her proudly. "They're great especially after seeing you again. How about you?" I asked her.

18th August 2005, 08:47 PM

I thought about what kinds of food they must have, and didn't really know what I would want. Some cheese and a steak sounded good, but it was always nice to be able to see your options first. "Lemme get up there," I told Tiny. In two large bounds, I was on the counter next to him. Nuka and Kali had gone here first, I could smell then still, but it was faint. They must have left. I decided. Turning my attention back to the food, I feasted my eyes upon a large plate of steaks.

"I could live here," I joked with Tiny. I then saw a frying pan with something bubbling in it still on the stove. It smelled like some type of oil or butter. Curious about it being left unattended, I walked over to turn the stove off, but just when I was a foot away from it the contents flared up in a fire ball. I yelped is terror and lost my balance, falling off of the counter. Heart pounding, I scrambled far away from the stove so I was by the fridge, shivering.


What he said was all too familiar to my own past for my comfort. My only brother, older than I, had left the pack shortly after our new leader had taken over. Everyone had thought him dead, especially the Growlithes that had joined soon after he had left. I had left the moment I was old enough to look for my lost brother, knowing he was still alive. Everything Dakota had said fit my own past too well.

I offered a weak wag of my tail, "I finally found you," I told him, watching his reaction closely.


I nodded sympathetically. "My mom was a black Ponyta, but I never met her; and Dad was a Ninetails. I was born at the Eevee House a while ago." I thought about it a minute and wondered how many Ponytas could possibly be here. Especially black females. "Hey, do you think we have te same mom?" I asked.

22nd August 2005, 12:13 AM
(Tiny's POV)

I was looking around at the food on the cabinets when i heard a yelp from Kalil. I looked up in time to see the contents of a frying pan catch on fire and Kalil falling off the cabinet. Not even thinking, I jumped onto the frying pan and laid myself done in it to smother the flames. Thanks to my ability and my type, it didn't hurt. When i was sure that the fire had died out, i reached over and turned the nob off with my paw. When i stood up, i groaned becuase my fur was now coated with the oil that hadn't caught on fire. "Great," I muttered. Then i looked around for Kalil. I found him near the fridge looking like Sinopa when she was worried about being caged. I jumped down off the stove and hurried over to him. "Are you okay?" i asked, concerned.

(Dakota's POV)

"I finally found you," Senshi said, weakly wagging his tail. I was stunned. "Is it really you?" i managed to croak out, and Senshi nodded his head yes.

I had so many questions, but i was glad that at least my brother was alive. "What happened to the pack after i left? How was mom? Does everyone think I'm..." I couldn't even voice that last question as my mine when back to the words that growlithe that had instigated the first attacks said to me the second time we met.[i]“You silly poochyena. The reason why you left is why you are a traitor. The boss would have understood if you had wanted to start a pack of your own, or if you had wanted to join up with a trainer. I see now that you have gotten a trainer, but it won’t help you. The boss couldn’t just let you leave because you didn’t like him, so he hired us to get rid of you. Our reward was getting to join the pack with our family. Everyone thinks you’re dead, and now I’ll make sure that what they think is true.”

(Ebony's POV)

"My mom was a black Ponyta, but I never met her; and Dad was a Ninetails. I was born at the Eevee House a while ago." Alana explained, before she closed her eyes in thought. "Hey, do you think we have te same mom?" she asked.

"I don't know, it's a possibility." I replied. My mom's name was Twilight and my dad's name was Starbuck. What was yours?"

24th August 2005, 11:59 PM
<Drake's POV>

I stared on helplessly as Ryu broke down, trying to explain that he couldn't protect Elwing and therefore didn't deserve to be with her. I had no idea what happened to the two of them but whatever it was, it was desperate enough for Ryu to cry. I knew nothing about him except that he was infatuated with Elwing and yet here he was, pouring out his feelings.
"You've got it all wrong," I shook my head slowly. "For one thing, you're not useless. You're powerful enough to give me or Blade a run for our money and you're younger than us. Also, I know you like Elwing enough to do everything in your power to protect her from other Pokemon. Now, I don't know what happened to you and her but as long as you tried your hardest, you can't be blamed for not helping her. I don't expect you to be her knight in shining armor everytime something bad happens and everyone in this world is far from perfect. Of course I would be mad if I couldn't protect my only daughter from someone but I'm mortal."

Ryu tried to contain his sniffling and hurried to brush his tears away, which caused me to smile.
"Seems to me you needed a good crying for a long time. You're the strongest Pokemon on your team plus you think you're expected to shield Elwing from harm. That's quite a burden to shoulder, but it's unnecessary. Every Pokemon has their limitations and you're unwilling to accept your's. Once you learn to accept it, I think you'll become more at peace and a lot less stressed."
I eyed him critically. "There's also the matter of your feelings for my daughter. I don't know if Elwing knows you like her but you're going to have to tell her sooner or later. Blade made that mistake once and it's still haunting him. Age doesn't mean a thing if you're in love and besides, I'd rather have her be with a more mature man than a reckless one."
I winked and waited for him to respond, if he actually was going to reply.

<Aries's POV>

"Yes, close your eyes and try to relax and think of nothing. You might fall asleep or have a hard time trying to ignore thoughts or sounds around you and that's ok but after a while, you'll get the hang of it."
He nodded and closed his eyes. I closed mine and started to breathe in slowly and exhale. After falling into a regular rythm, I checked up on Darin to see how he was faring.

25th August 2005, 08:12 AM
"Ryu", the male Vibrava's POV:

I wiped away my tears hurriedly, probably too quickly judging by the smile that Drake gave me.

"Seems to me you needed a good crying for a long time," he observed. "You're the strongest Pokemon on your team plus you think you're expected to shield Elwing from harm. That's quite a burden to shoulder, but it's unnecessary. Every Pokemon has their limitations and you're unwilling to accept yours. Once you learn to accept it, I think you'll become more at peace and a lot less stressed."

He gave me a look that made me shudder, but I felt better as I listened to his words. "There's also the matter of your feelings for my daughter. I don't know if Elwing knows you like her but you're going to have to tell her sooner or later. Blade made that mistake once and it's still haunting him. Age doesn't mean a thing if you're in love and besides, I'd rather have her be with a more mature man than a reckless one."

At that, he winked at me. There was a slight pause for a moment as I recovered from my initial shock. Drake had given me his blessings? After all my failure?

"Thank you." I managed a weak smile. "Your advice means a lot to me... I'll do my best to heed it." I thought about Elwing, how much had happened to her, whether or not I should tell Drake about the horrible events at Sector Alpha. About Night and how I couldn't stop him. He loves her so much, I thought. It would hurt terribly to find out. I almost considered not telling him, but something in the back of my mind reprimanded me sharply. He was her father. He had the right to know.

Taking a deep breath, I mustered up the courage to speak my next words. "There is something you should know... The reason I avoided her was because I felt unworthy of her, but that isn't why you saw me distressed just now." I exhaled nervously, then welcomed another large gulp of air. "It... happened to her, not so much to me. You should talk to her; she needs you. Sector Alpha was my fault." I sighed. "Although all of your words are kind, only some of it is true - I lack courage. I can rush to battle a stronger opponent, I can leap in front of a fired bullet, but I couldn't even stay with her to prevent Night from getting to her..." I raised my gaze and made firm eye contact, waiting to see if he understood.

25th August 2005, 11:45 AM
(Tiana's POV)

Unfortunately i didn't realize how exhausted i was both physically and mentally, but my body did. I was so relaxed as i was sitting there doing my meditation, that i simply fell asleep.

(Ruki's POV)

I saw Beaky along with Koda and Casey head outside. I was about to join them when I noticed that Nuka and Kali were here. I'll meet up with Beaky and the others later I thought to myself. I took a deep breath, and headed over to them. "Hey, how are you doing?" I said, trying to be casual. [/color]

(Aiko's POV)

I was bored. Daddy was talking with a poochyena, so i didn't want to bother them. I sighed, Wildfire was busy training at the punching bags and Angel had gone for a walk with her Dad. I ran outside, not knowing whatelse to do. Then i saw Koda. I slowly made my way over to see how close i could get before he noticed me. To my credit, i got closer than i thought i would before he noticed me. "Hey Koda," I said when he noticed me.

(Darins POV)

"Yes, close your eyes and try to relax and think of nothing. You might fall asleep or have a hard time trying to ignore thoughts or sounds around you and that's ok but after a while, you'll get the hang of it." Dad explained. I nodded, before closing my eyes. I took a deep breath and tried to think of nothing but that was harder to do than it looked. Once i had finally managed to do that, i became acutely aware of the noises from the punching bags. I shook my head and tried again. I was gonna get this down even if it took me a while like iron tail did.

30th August 2005, 03:46 PM
I quietly landed on my feet and signaled to my team to follow me. My blue steed couldn't help but walk loudly, he wasn't very light-footed afterall. My blue eyed leader stalked with me, insisting on walking between my feet as I myself walked. His son, fuzzy fur and all, following close behind him. on my right side, a pair of red eyes and a red jewl were floating through the air. Or so it seemed. The rest of my fellow team members followed behind me as instructed, as quietly as they could.

Once we reached the door, I carefully opened it a crack and peeked inside. I had made appearences here before and knew how much fun this vacation was going to be for my team and I. Maybe we could stay, maybe we couldn't.

I pushed the door all the way open and lead the way. I felt eyes staring at us, but I didn't mind. There were a couple pairs of eyes I was searching in particular. I knew my teammates were doing the same.

3rd September 2005, 03:52 PM
(Amy's POV)

After a busy couple of days, i made my way back to teh eevee house. My team was already there, and i hoped that Tiny and Colby weren't annoying anyone else. The same went for Sugar as well. I sighed. At least i had caught up with my home work for this week on my online courses.

As soon as i entered, i spotted a familiar face that ihadn't seen in quite a while. I headed over to her. "Hey, M_K." She jumped. I guess that she didn't hear me. "Sorry about that. It's been a while. How have you been?" i asked her.

(Sugar's POV)

I sat there staring in the pool. It was one of those days where i missed Jesse something terrible. I sighed. This time Ayla wasn't around to help cheer me up. She had decided to go live with another trainer and when that didn't work out, she chose a life in the wild. It kinda hurt when she didn't want to come back here, but then i guess that Ayla was old enough to know what was best for her. At least she visited everyday. Maybe i could talk her into dropping by here for a visit every now and then.

4th September 2005, 06:45 PM
[MK's POV]

As I was looking around at everyone, I heard my name and jumped, startled. I turned around and there was Amy. I smiled and gave her a hug of greeting.

"I'm doing okay," I answered when she asked how I was. "I've been so darn busy lately, I just haven't had hardly any time to myself. I'm sure you know how that goes. I've just started my first year of college and working as much as I can has taken a toll on my free time. But, I can't complain that life is bad, so I've been doing pretty well." I grinned to myself.

"How about you, what've you been up to?"

[Christian's POV]

I smiled happily up at Amy, sitting in between MK's feet. I don't think she noticed me yet. After a few minutes of letting them catch up, I reached out to Amy's shoe, grabbed it and pulled. When she looked down at me, I smiled and barked happily up at her.

"Hi Amy!" I greeted her.

[Jesse's POV]

I knew exactly who I was looking for. I was looking for two in particular. My girl, Sugar, and my other girl, Ayla.

I soon spotted Sugar sitting by the pool. At first I thought about pushing her into the water, but thought the better of it. Instead, I quietly shook my fur to make it more fluffy and padded to where she was. I sat down beside her, smiling as sweetly as I could and purred quietly. My heart melted for the umph-teen time when she looked at me at last.

"Hi Sugar."

Knight of Time
4th November 2005, 07:32 PM
Kyle's POV

It had been a while since I last came to the Eevee House. I had a slightly sad look on my face, knowing I had broken up a Pokemon family. Or did I? As I was about to open the door in front of me, I suddenly heard a cry in the distance. Figuring it was too hard to tell what it was, I turned around to see what the commotion was, and got a big surprise when I saw a small fire moving toward me. Rubbing my head in confusion, I was curious to if it was the Charmeleon I had long, long ago. But it wasn't. Within about a minute and a half later, the flame turned out to be part of a Charmander. Wondering if it might be the child of my new captured female Charizard, I took out the ball I used on her, enlarged it, and opened it up to reveal my Charizard.

"You recognize that Charmander ahead, Charra?" I asked her curiously.

"Huh? Wait, that's my son! How did he get all the way here?" Charra asked, rubbing her head in confusion herself.

"Maybe he was able to follow some footprints found here, and ended up here." I said, shrugging at Charra.

"Mommy! You're alright!" the overjoyed Charmander cried, running towards his mother.

Knowing that I had a family reunion before me, I couldn't help but silently shed a few tears of joy.

"Oh, thank you for reuniting me with my mommy!" the Charmander said as he happily smiled at me.

"Well, my little friend, you should thank yourself for managing to find this place. Listen, Charra, I need to tell you and your son something very important. Are you both willing to listen to a little tale of mine?" I asked.

"What or who does it have to do with?" Charra wanted to know.

"This happened to do with me as a matter-of-fact. About three or four years ago, I used to have a Charmeleon, but he was a Pokemon that I adopted and not captured. At the time, I had made a terrible enemy, who terrorized this building I'm standing in front of with some gadgets of his. I have to tell you, I am in absolutely no way similar to this guy. In other words, I'd never want to cause massive trouble like he did. He even picked on my Charmeleon after he was defeated in a battle." I said, with a slightly angry look on my face.

"Oh, I never thought you had an enemy, mister." the Charmander said, clearly surprised.

"My name's Kyle. I don't really want to say the name of this bad person, but I'm proud to say I saw the last of him a long time ago, and there has been peace here at the Eevee House ever since the guy met his end." I said with a smile.

"Oh, I'm really sorry I got angry at you. I just wished you could have asked to battle my mother first." the Charmander said.

"I know. I'm really sorry myself. It's just that, sometimes when I see a Pokemon I want to have, that I get so excited, I sometimes upset other Pokemon around it. Like with the time I found my Blastoise, Hydronix. He had a Politoed friend when I found him, and when they were in a shouting match, it was hard to pick who would win it, because I once thought they had an equal chance." I said.

"Well, I forgive you Kyle. Please take good care of my mother, I know you will, right?" the Charmander asked.

"Yes, I most certainly will take care of her. She's safe as long as she's with me. I'll personally make sure she can stand up to even those Pokemon with a type advantage over her. Giving Pokemon TMs to help counter their weaknesses is something I like doing." I said.

"Huh, you have TMs to counter my weaknesses?" Charra interrupted.

"Not yet, Charra. But someday, if I'm not too busy, I'll be glad to buy you a couple of TMs to help you." I replied.

"Well, I better be going. Seeing as that I know you're going to take good care of my mother, I'll see you around Kyle." the Charmander said as he was about to leave.

"Wait, don't leave just yet. What if you end up losing your way back here? If you really want to leave, you ought to take refuge behind the Eevee House. That way, incase it was ever to rain, I could open the door for you if it was raining outside." I said to the Charmander.

"Oh, I guess I could do that, thanks for the suggestion." the Charmander replied.

"Take care of yourself, son. I'll be around if you need help with something." Charra said to her son.

Watching as Charra's son disappeared out of sight, I decided to recall my majestic Charizard back into her Pokeball, and I went inside the Eevee House. Sitting down on a vacant sofa, I reached into my backpack for a few powder containing boxes. A few seconds later, I took out three of my Pokeballs from the captured Pokemon part of my backpack. Enlarging them one at a time, I opened them up to reveal Xeno my male Alakazam, Hydronix my male Blastoise and Blizzi my Jynx.

"I've got a TM for each of you three." I said to my captured Pokemon trio.

"That's very nice of you. What are the TMs?" Hydronix asked in curiousity.

"Well, I have here a Thunderpunch TM for Xeno, a Fake Tears TM for Blizzi, and a Rapid Spin TM for you, Hydronix." I said.

"Nice, I'm sure I'll enjoy the Thunderpunch TM." Xeno said.

"That's really nice, I'd be happy to take the Fake Tears TM." Blizzi added.

"Rapid Spin? That might come in handy someday." Hydronix added as well.

"Okay, I'll give you all your TMs in a sec." I said to my trio of Pokemon.

Reaching for the first box, I walked towards Xeno first.

"Is this box for me?" Xeno asked.

"Yeah, the contents of it are, to be exact. Mind if I sprinkle them on your fists?" I asked my Alakazam.

"On my fists? But why?" Xeno asked, confused for a moment.

"Because in this box is a punching move I'm sure you'll find very handy in battles against other Psychic types, as well as Dark types. What I'm about to teach you Xeno, is Thunderpunch." I said, as I began to sprinkle the medium amount of bright yellow powder onto Xeno's fists. About a second later, Blizzi, Hydronix and myself watched as sparks began to flow from Xeno's fists for about a split second.

"No doubt any Pokemon that I can damage in battle with this move will get a little charge out of it. Thanks for teaching me Thunderpunch Kyle, I appreciate it very much." Xeno said, giving me a satisfied nod.

Going for the second of the three boxes, I opened it up and walked toward Hydronix.

"I assume this is for me, right?" Hydronix asked, looking at the powder inside the box I was holding.

"Yes, it is indeed. Hydronix, this is the Rapid Spin TM I mentioned to you earlier. Here, let me sprinkle it on you." I said, as Istood up on my toes and evenly sprinkled the powder all over Hydronix, including his shell.

"Thanks Kyle, that was nice of you." Hydronix said, smiling at me.

"You're welcome Hydronix. Blizzi, the contents of this last box are for you." I said, as I went to get the third box I had.

"This must be Fake Tears." Blizzi said.

"It sure is, Blizzi. Here, let me sprinkle it on you." I said.

Taking a handful of the powder from the third box, I carefully sprinkled it over my Jynx, watching as it was absorbed into her body.

"Thank you very much Kyle, this might come in handy, you think?" Blizzi asked.

"If I needed you to use Fake Tears somewheres, Blizzi, yes, it might be handy. Not just in battle though, it may be handy elsewhere." I said.

"Elsewhere? What do you mean by elsewhere?" Blizzi asked.

"I really can't tell you much about where else to use this move Blizzi. But, maybe it could distract any wild Pokemon we run into anywhere." I said.

"Oh, I get it." Blizzi exclaimed.

"Well you three, right now I have other things to do later on, so return, all of you." I said, as I recalled my Alakazam, Blastoise and Jynx back into their Pokeballs, before deciding to relax for the time being...

8th January 2006, 12:11 AM
[color=red]Trey's POV

The Eevee House was an establishment that had been run for years and years, a place where Pokemon and trainers could go to relax and unwind. As I had never been there before, it was with some trepidation that I stepped into the building, looking warily around. No whistles sounded, no alarm went off. I was here.

I saw no Eevee, no sign of how the place had gotten its name. I did however, see many different Pokemon of all types milling about, playing with each other. A large Growlithe was curled up in a comfy-looking armchair, fast asleep. A large Charizard embraced a Charmander, nearly dwarfed in his mother’s arms, while a trainer looked on. The air was thick with the sounds of laughter and voices, Pokemon and human alike, and I was a bit stunned. It took some getting used to.

A Linoone shot into the room through the space in between my legs, and I cried out, nearly falling over from the speed of the rushing Pokemon. Luckily, I grabbed hold of the doorway, saving myself from any further embarrassment.

“Geez, it’s a miracle that species has lasted that long… Collisions must be a nightmare…” I muttered, rubbing the back of sore leg. A nearby trainer shot me a wondering look, and I quickly shut up. Three minutes inside, and already I looked like a fool. At this rate, I would get myself thrown out of the house by the end of the day.

Try and relax. I took a deep breath, reaching for the two Pokemon hanging securely on my belt. They unlatched easily, and I released my newest (and only) Pokemon. Twin beams of red energy shot towards the floor before coalescing into recognizable forms.

One beam formed itself into the body of a male Squirtle, whom I had nicknamed Cooler. The Squirtle was young for his age, but inquisitive and energetic. I knew that the only reason that kept it from just running off to explore was the curiosity I inspired in him. He was an adoptee, and according to the manager, he was always running from one thing to the next, wherever his interest took him. Watching over him would be a handful.

The second beam formed itself into the sludgy mass of a male Grimer, whom I decided to call Troit. Troit had intimacy issues, or so I had been told, by one of the workers at the Adoption Agency I had went to. Grimer are filthy Pokemon: that is not their character, but their very nature, and an obvious barrier when it comes to making friends. Most Grimer stay in packs, for safety, companionship, and protection, but there had been no other Grimer at the center. Troit looked a little uncertain as he looked around, first at me, then at Cooler.

I crouched down, going down to their eye level. This was our first meeting, and I was eager to make a first impression. I had hoped the Pokemon around them would serve to relax them, not excite or worry them.

“Hi!” I greeted, a wide smile on my face. I had to choose my words carefully. In the end, I went with honesty. “My name’s Trey, and I’m going to be your new trainer, but more importantly, your new friend. I hope we get along well!”

To which Cooler promptly sprayed me in the face with a point blank Water Gun.

[color=blue]Cooler's POV

Being released from the pokeball was like getting up after a long nap. But there was so much to see! I quickly shook off my feelings of drowsiness and looked around. There were so many Pokemon! It reminded me of the adoption center, except there were no humans telling us not to climb trees, or wander into the basement, or tease old Brald, the manager’s Mightyena. Humans just don’t know how to have fun, do they?

Next to me, a vaguely familiar Grimer materialized. Had he been at the adoption center too? I thought so… but if he was, then I hadn’t seen him too many times. I think his name was Detroit, or Troit, or something like that. He looked around nervously, and almost in response, the stench coming from him worsened. I resisted the urge to hold my nose, settling instead to step a few feet away.

A human knelt down in front us suddenly. I knew he had been there, but it wasn’t until then that I got a good look. He started speaking, but to be honest, I didn’t hear much of what he said. I was more interested in checking him out. The best way to find out someone’s character is to test it yourself. So, in true Squirtle fashion, I put the human to the test, spitting a jet of water into his face.

The water had been cold, and unexpected, but the human did not fall back onto his soft shell, as I expected him to. Even though he was crouching, he never lost his balance. Instead, he wiped the front of his face with his forearm quickly, sputtering.

“What was that for?!”

“Squir squi tle squirtle. Squi squir,” I explained, but of course he only looked puzzled. I suppose he didn’t understand a word I was saying, even though I could comprehend his. I was impressed, even if he had reacted childishly, though. I had performed an instinctive Squirtle custom by spraying him in the face, and he had not flinched. Here was one with spirit!

“Squirtle!” I exclaimed, extending one of my scaly paws. Nice to meet you!

[color=purple]Troit’s POV[/purple]

Gone was the familiar environment I had known for years, replaced by a raucous house of Pokemon. Gone was the familiar face I had seen, replaced with a foreign human’s. Uprooted from safety, and catapulted into uncertainty… there could be only one solution. I had been adopted.

To be honest, I was astonished. Who would knowingly adopt a Grimer, after all, when we are the way… we are? It didn’t make sense. I must have been forced upon him, maybe I had been a package deal along with the Squirtle, whom I recognized from adoption center. He had been called Cooler.

Yes. A package deal. That had to be it.

“Hi!” the human said with a smile on his face. “My name’s Trey, and I’m going to be your new trainer, but more importantly, your new friend. I hope we get along well!”

Trainer? Friend? They were unfamiliar terms, talismanic, symbols of dreams dreamt in the dead end yet always gone in the morning, leaving behind a sense of disconnected loss. He was talking to both of us… to me! Did he mean it? Could it be true.

I was so busy pondering that, I barely noticed the rest of the human’s words, until his spluttered exclamation.

“What was that for!?”

“That was a test, human. It’s what Squirtle do,” Cooler explained cheerfully. The human stared back at him, not comprehending a single word, so Cooler went for a more direct approach, offering his paw. “You passed!”

The human, looking doubtful, took the paw and shook. Perhaps he thought he was going to receive another water gun. But Cooler only laughed and shook, before releasing the human’s hand.

“Nice to meet you, Cooler.”

Then the human turned to me. Even though I know my smell must have offended him, his face didn’t cringe as he approached me. I didn’t see the look of disgust I was so used to seeing in the eyes both Pokemon and human alike. Incredibly, he offered his hand to me without hesitation.

“Nice to meet you, Troit. I hope we all become good friends,” he said with a smile on his face. When I was slow to raise my hand in response, his hand darted forward, taking mine quickly and pumping in a handshake. Greenish- black goo splurted through his fingers with a sickening SPLURT!, yet he didn’t look grossed out, and he didn’t release my hand any sooner than Cooler’s.

Now I was really confused.

[color=red]Trey's POV
I stood up, my right hand still dripping slightly from Troit’s handshake. Yet I didn’t wipe it away just yet. I had read youthfulness and vigor in Cooler’s eyes when I shook, and even though I didn’t understand him yet, I had guessed the meaning behind his attack. In Troit’s eyes I had read loneliness, despair even, but the cause I could only guess. I just had to hope that I could get him to open up.

“This is the Eevee House, guys. Feel free to look around- this is a place where you can go where you want, and hang out with other Pokemon. Just try not to wander too far, okay?”

“Squirt!” Cooler cried, before rushing off in a random direction like a hound that had just been loosed. Before I could say another word, the tiny turtle was gone. So much for slow and steady.

“Grim…” Troit said in a softer tone, before oozing off in another direction. My eyes stayed on him a little longer than they had on Cooler’s. He was so lonely… I wanted so badly for him to gain a friend. Hopefully, with me, that would happen, before his heart turned to stone for good.

The Blue Avenger
8th January 2006, 12:32 AM
-Trezzatura the Beldum-

Once again, we found ourselves at the Eevee House. Different events kept calling us away, but time and again, the siren song of the place to hang out called us back.

"Oy! Trezzatura! Pick up the pace!"

On the other hand, a 'siren song' is not exactly what one would call Groviglio's voice.

"Right, right, keep yer vines on. I'm coming," I replied. The House could be rather intimidating, with its massive occupancy, and so I always felt slightly uncomfortable here - but then again, the massive amounts of Pokemon made it a lucrative place to run a betting operation.

Just then, Groviglio's voice rang out again. "Eugh! No way, slimey! I have it bad enough with Cambiamente on our team!" I glanced over in the direction of his voice, and watched the Tangela run away from a sad-looking Grimer. I floated over to him.

"Hi," I started cheerfully. "Don't let Groviglio get to you. He's... well, we're not entirely sure what's wrong with him. Uh, anyway, I'm Trezzatura. Who're you? I don't think I've seen you around before."

-Lento the Slowking-

I sat down under a tree and scanned the area. It looked fairly normal... a few new Pokemon had shown up lately, but nothing seemed to be amiss... Before long, my eyelids dropped. Zzz...

-Righello the Tyranitar-

"Well, well, well... what do we have here?" I smirked as I walked over to one of the new Pokemon running around. "New meat. Whaddya think, Seghuccello?"

The Aerodactyl beside me nodded. "Heheh, yeah, small guy, too." He lowered his head to get a closer look at the Squirtle. "He seems too active, though... I think we ought to fix that." He sneered at the Squirtle, an impressive sight with the size of his teeth.

"Hold it right there!" a voice yelled out. I turned around, and saw the form of Vivian, our team's Jynx. She was flanked by her daughter, a Smoochum named Dolce, and Alastor, a Nosepass. Alastor looked utterly uninterested in what was going on; I assumed he had followed Vivian out of boredom. "Don't you dare lay a finger on that poor thing!" She pushed me and Seghuccello aside and kneeled. "You okay, dear?" she asked quietly. "These two IDIOTS didn't hurt you?"

8th January 2006, 09:31 AM
Troit's POV

I was on my own, but not completely on my own, right? Trey had urged me to try and make friends, and this wasn't the adoption center anymore. It was a new start! A fresh chance, an opportunity to change myself! I couldn't let fear hold me back.

A group of Growlithe were playing a game of tag, a group of small pups tearing around the place followed by a much larger dog. I could hear their excited yelps and barks as they blew past me (though of course, not too close). Speed is not a Grimer's specialty, though any skill can be developed, but it had never factored at the adoption center. No one had ever invited me to play, and I had never asked.

Staying true to the idea of a fresh start, I approached a passing Tangela with a tinge of unease.

"Do you... d'you want to play tag?" I asked the Tangela hesitantly. My voice shook more than I would have liked to admit, but I smiled as much as a Grimer can when I said it. The Tangela was less than receptive.

"Eugh! No way slimey!" The Tangela cried, and the look of disgust I remembered was there, one more unpleasant reminder of the past. "I have it bad enough with Cambiamente on our team!" Then the Tangela walked on, without a second look.

The rest of his sentence made no sense to me (Who was Cambiamente? Another Grimer?) but I gotten the general gist of his meaning. Rejected, again. Could there ever be a truly fresh start for me? I was beginning to wonder.

"Hi! a voice said behind me, startling me, and I turned around. A floating, blue Pokemon was before me. I think it was called a Beldum."Don't let Groviglio get to you. He's... well, we're not entirely sure what's wrong with him. Uh, anyway, I'm Trezzatura. Who're you? I don't think I've seen you around before."

"My name's Troit," I said, and this time my voice had a little more strength. Maybe it was because I had been approached this time, or maybe it was the thrill of meeting someone who wasn't repulsed by me. "This is my first time here, and I guess I'm a little... nervous. Nice to meet you."

Cooler's POV

The backyard of the Eevee House was even more interesting, if possible, than the inside. Here, the larger Pokemon relaxed and played, having more room to move than in the house. A lazy Ursaring lay on his back in the sunshine, snoring. Similarily, a Slowking snoozed under a birch tree. In the sky, Taillow and Swellow swooped and dived about each other in a mid-air game.

Best of all.. there was a POOL! I had to jump in, and I took off.

Before I could get there though, a large shadow loomed over me, practically blotting out the sun. I turned quickly, more curious than frightened. That was about to change.

Two HUGE Pokemon were standing over me. One was a like a mountain, made of tough rock and with a teasing look in his eyes. The other was some kind of huge bird, except he had talons the size of my shell and a huge jaw, full of sharp teeth. He leered at me, and suddenly I was painfully aware of all those teeth.

Instinct begged me, screamed at me, to withdraw, literally and figuratively. The smart thing to do would have been to hide in my shell until they walked away. Fortunately, I was used to blocking out that instinct. When it came to fight or flee, Cooler would always pick fight!

Luckily for those two, I was interrupted.

"Hold it right there!" a voice yelled out. I turned around, and saw a large Jynx, followed by a Smoochum and a Nosepass. "Don't you dare lay a finger on that poor thing!" Without a thought, she moved the two giants aside to kneel in front of me. "You okay, dear? "These two IDIOTS didn't hurt you?" She asked, shooting the mountain Pokemon a glare, who shrugged irritably.

I shook my head in a negative, a large smile replacing the fright that must have been on my face. "Lucky you came, Miss! These two were going to get it." I pointed at the flying beast, still boasting. "This one time, on a dare, I grabbed the tail of an adult Feraligatr while he was sleeping. And his teeth were even bigger than yours!" I held out my hands, to show them just how big.

The Jynx looked as if she wanted to chuckle, but I knew when I had a rapt audience. The bird and the mountain, on the other hand, were shooting me murderous glares from behind her. Turtle soup I thought, thinking of what method these guys would want to cook me. Maybe I should leave now...

The Blue Avenger
8th January 2006, 12:58 PM
-Trezzatura the Beldum-

"It's good to meet you, too," I replied to the Grimer. "Hey, there's no need to be nervous. Most of the Pokemon here are actually pretty nice, even if Groviglio isn't." I paused for a moment, thinking. "Although ol' Grove did have a pretty good idea... you'd probably get along really well with Cambiamente." I turned around. "HEY, CAM! Come over here!"

"Too late, Trezz," a voice called from the sky. A Pidgeot landed on the ground, grinning. "I'm already here." Quickly, the bird began to glow and change shape; before long, it had taken the form of a Ditto. "So who's this guy?" he asked. "Ummm... let's see..." Cam fixed his gaze on the Grimer and squinted. "Grimer, level 7, trait of Sticky Hold... knows Sludge, Minimize, Shadow Punch, Poison Gas, Pound, Harden..."

"This is Troit. He says he's new around these parts. Figured you two would have something in common," I said.

"Lemme guess," Cam interrupted. "Troit, you get avoided a lot, right? Same thing used to happen to me, only for a slightly different reason. People always assumed that Dittos are weak, and so I didn't get adopted for a long time. And in the adoption center, a lot of Pokemon avoided me because they thought that being able to Transform was creepy. The main thing I can say is just that if you assert yourself enough, people will begin to accept you."

-Righello the Tyranitar-

The Squirtle started yammering on about some Feraligatr. I glanced quickly at Seghuccello, who nodded. "Look, kid," I scowled at the Squirtle, interrupting him. "You're not hot stuff, okay? So just stop bragging about it."

"Yeah," Seghuccello agreed. "Now, if you were us, then you'd have something to brag about. We've taken down a Gym Leader."

"Oh please," Vivian sighed. "We've heard this story too many times. Seghuccello, don't you remember that Sableye beating you up? And Righello, that weird Tangela the leader used almost killed you. And if it weren't for Lento," she paused to gesture towards the sleeping Slowking, "you wouldn't have been able to beat his Gengar."

Just then, something small and brown flew through the air, impacting hard with the wall. It fell to the ground and awkwardly picked itself up, revealing itself to be a Farfetch'd. "Uh... uh... Vivian!" she stuttered. "Uhm... Fiamma was looking for you!"

"Thanks, Insolita," Vivian replied. She picked up Dolce in her arms and turned to me. "If I hear one word about you tormenting ANYBODY," she growled, "there will be hell to pay." With that, she walked off, followed by Alastor, who still looked incredibly bored. Insolita nervously looked from me to Seghuccello.

"Well, uh, it's been nice, um, hanging around, but I gotta fly!" she stammered, flying away quickly.

I turned back to the Squirtle. "So, little guy, it's just you and us," I chuckled.

8th January 2006, 04:26 PM
Troit's POV

Never before had I heard of a Ditto with such abilities. The only thing that shocked me more than the fact that he knew all of my moves, was that I found a kindred spirit. It was comforting to know that there was someone who had gone through the same things I had.

There were a lot of similarities in our stories: we had been disliked by humans and Pokemon, just for being the way we are. Yet, when I had been sullen, this Ditto- Cambiamente- had stayed upbeat. If there was any one factor for this change in character, it had to have been his adoption. Because he had went to a good trainer, he had realized his true abilities. Right?

"You're right," I said to the Ditto. I believed him immediately- half because I could relate to him, and half because I wanted something to hang on to. "Both humans and Pokemon stayed away from me because of my smell. But that's part of my character too, isn't it? I can't let that get me down."

Trezzatura bobbed, and the Ditto squirmed a bit, which I took as an affirmative. All of a sudden, I felt better already- like an uncomfortable weight had been moved from my "shoulders." A lopsided smile found itself on my face, and I felt a rush of gratitude towards the trainer I hardly knew.

"Thanks a lot, Cambiamente! I'll take your advice."

Cooler's POV

And just like that, my savior had disappeared, leaving me with the Rock Brothers. I felt like a Poliwag, that slips from the side of the riverbank after escaping a rabid Sharpedo swarm, right back into the monster's den. Somehow, I didn't think my story about the 50- foot Gyarados would help any.

Luckily, thinking quickly is something I can do. Actually, for tiny Pokemon, thinking quickly is practically a necessity. I had to diver their attention.

"You two must be pretty strong to take down a Gym Leader all on your own, huh? Aren't gym leaders the elite when it comes to trainers?" I asked, swallowing my fear and replacing it with awe. They wouldn't really try to eat me... would they?

Still, I couldn't resist adding, "When I grow up, I'm gonna beat more Gym Leaders than the both of you combined.

From their way their faces darkened in unison, I could tell that they didn't quite appreciate the comment.

The Blue Avenger
8th January 2006, 07:33 PM
-Trezzatura the Beldum-

"Aheheh," Cam chuckled, "I'm glad I could help. It can be a tough world, but it's not so bad once you get used to it."

"Oy!" shouted a voice from behin the Grimer. Turning to look, we realized who it was, and exactly why he was able to sneak up on us so easily: it was Kurtzwick. He had taken to sneaking up on everybody ever since Jeff had given the Dratini a Transparent Juice. "Who's this?" He slithered closer without waiting for an answer. "Well, whoever you are, you better watch out!!" With that eloquent remark, he disapppeared in a cloud of smoke.

I leaned close to Troit. "Don't mind him. He prides himself on pulling off some pretty fancy stunts with a Mist attack. Also, make sure you keep a tight hold on anything you find valuable. He steals from everybody."

"I heard that!" Kurtzwick said, showing up behind me. "And I resent that! I don't steal from everybody! I wouldn't steal from Lagi..."

"Yeah, but she's family."

"Hey, it means I still have morals."

"Kurtzwick, you stole from your own trainer."

"Yeah, well..." Kurtzwick frowned. "Whatever. He was gonna give that Mist TM to me anyway."

Cam sighed. "Look, just don't rip off this guy here, huh? He's new."

-Righello the Tyranitar-

"You, small fry, are getting on my nerves," I said with a large grin. "That is a mistake."

"Hey, Rig, what happened to the last guy who irritated you?" Seghuccello asked, smirking.

"You mean the Omanyte? He's still in the hospital," I replied. "I had to rough him up pretty good..."

Just then, a sharp wind began to blow. It picked up especially when it got to the two of us, carrying small silver particles in it that stung when they hit. The wind began to swirl in a circle in front of the Squirtle, until in the center of it, the cause was revealed - a Shedinja.

"Booster," I growled.

Booster didn't say anything, but instead just resolutely hovered in front of the Squirtle.

"Get out of my way, bug! I'm gonna rip this turtle to shreds!" I snarled, but he refused to give up his position: instead, the Silver Wind began to pick up even more, and focused itself in my direction. I braced myself, but the wind was strong enough to push me back. I growled. "Fine, you know what? This Squirtle's not worth the time. We're outta here, Seg." Seghuccello nodded as the two of us walked away.

8th January 2006, 09:14 PM
Troit's POV

"I don't really have anything you could rip off, anyhow," I said. "My trainer hasn't given me any items to hold. But even if he did, you might find it harder to take than you would think. Sticky hands," I explained, holding up my dripping palms. That was one good thing about the chemicals of my body. Things that were given to me had little chance of being taken back.

Trezzatura and Cam laughed, and I laughed with them. It was a good feeling... laughing with someone, instead of being laughed at. Something that I could get used to. Funny how quickly i had gone from my feelings of loneliness to this.

The Dratini, Kurtzwick, scowled and promptly disappeared from sight. "You won't be new forever! You better keep a close eye on your stuff..."It was anyone's guess whether or not he was still around. I had been shocked when he had appeared from nowhere- that wasn't a natural talent for Dratinis, was it? I mean, it's a Dragon, but that's a little much. However, neither of my two new friends seemed concerned, and I shook off my doubts.

"I should get going," I said to the two of them. While I spoke, Cambiamente transformed into different Pokemon at random, purely for his own amusement. POOF! An Arcanine. POOF! A Dragonite. POOF! A Heracross. POOF! A Hitmonlee. It was dizzying, yet he seemed to be doing it without any strain at all, like a reflex. "I should try to find my teammate, Cooler, and my trainer. But I won't forget what you've said.

Cooler's POV

"You, small fry, are getting on my nerves," The huge Pokemon said with a large grin, exposing glimmering teeth. "That is a mistake."

"Hey, Rig, what happened to the last guy who irritated you?" The stone bird asked, his huge mouth twisted into a smile.

"You mean the Omanyte? He's still in the hospital," "Rig" replied. "I had to rough him up pretty good..."

Omanyte? Hospital? I didn't understand everything the two said, but I got the gist of their meaning. Apparently, these guys had no problem with messing around with a guy like me... which was very bad news. The time for talking had passed, and soon it would it come to fight or flee.

If I could make a break for it, jump into the lake, then I would be free! Both of them looked like rock Pokemon, which meant there was no way to follow me unless they had a death wish. If they waited for me to surface, I would simply dive and try to find another way out. It was a big lake, after all, and they couldn't be everywhere.

Just as I was steeling myself up for a Water Gun, though, a hard wind started to blow. The air seemed to ring as it passed by me, and it seemed surprisingly solid when it blew past "Rig," who stiffened. The wind seemed to return, homing in one position in front of me. Faster and faster the whirlwind spun, until a strange-looking Pokemon appeared from out of nothingness.

"Booster!" "Rig" growled, his eyes narrowed.When the bug said nothing, he snarled, "Get out of the way! I'm gonna rip this turtle to shreds!" I flinched at his tone- obviously he was more serious than I thought- but I needn't have worried. The wind picked up again, this time actually pushing "Rig" back on his tracks, even though I felt naught but a breeze.

"Fine!" "Rig" relented, saving face. "You know what? This Squirtle's not worth the time. We're outta here, Seg," he muttered,stalking away, and the ground seemed to tremble with each footstep. Impossibly, the huge bird flapped its large wing, extending its impressive wingspan, and flew off after him. I watched them go with confusion, as my savior turned to face me.

I had no idea what type of Pokemon was in front of me. It was smaller than me, yet something about it had scared off a Pokemon at least five times its size. It hovered without wings, and its body was dry and husklike, like the shell of a Kakuna, or the shedded skin of a Seviper I had once found.

"What was eating them?" I joked, trying to relieve the tension, but the bug didn't respond. Nonplussed, I ignored his reaction. Even if he was a little strange-looking, I always repay my debts, and I definitely owed him one. I extended one of my palms, forgetting the fact that the bug had no hands. "You sure saved my shell today, pal.I sure won't forget it.

8th January 2006, 10:44 PM
Darkfire -

I ventured into the Eevee House and looked around at all of the Pokemon. Eventually I sat on the couch with a yawn, tired. I pulled out some Pokeballs and released my three adoptees, a Bagon, a Dratini, and another Dratini with wings. "Here you go, guys. Go have fun." The normal Dratini, Radek, grinned widely and shot out for the pool, passing other Pokemon rapidly. His twin brother, Menos, followed less rapidly, taking his time. The Bagon, Drystan, headed the opposite direction and found the training section where he bagan to test his Rage attack.

Next, I released a large, glowing Houndoom. He gave a soft howl and began to run around the house before coming back, sad. He hadn't seen the Espeon he had been looking for. I stroked him soothingly and released three Eevees, shiny and with a purple glow just like their father. The oldest, a beautiful female, lounged in my lap. She was fully grown and had a luxoriously soft coat.

The twin Eevee boys pounced on eachother, snarling and hissing, and rolled around on the ground as they nipped. Nuka picked one up by the scruff and held him away from his twin brother as they tried to go at eachother. He lifted the second twin telepathically with Hidden Power and sighed, his mouth and mind full. Kali saw a new young man and leapt off of my lap, heading right toward him. she reached him and began to rub against his leg, purring.

Radek -

I plunged into the pool with a splash and began to preform tricks in the water. My slowpoke brother arrived a bit later and peered into water, his long, feathery wings folded at his side. I surfaced and gave a pleased laugh. "C'mon in," I envited, "The water's awesome!"

"No thank you, my wings take forever to die," Menos sighed. I chuckled softly.

8th January 2006, 11:20 PM
It’s not much but I haven’t posted in so long that I wanted to post a little something.

(Tiana's POV)

I couldn’t believe how long it had been since my entire team was here. My attention was soon brought back to the present where Aslan, my son, was squirming to get down. The last time that I was here he and his two brothers hadn’t even been born yet. I hurried over to one of the empty sofas and quickly jumped up. I quickly settled down on the cushion and began to groom my son much to his displeasure. As his struggles increased, the purple glow surrounding him grew brighter. He continued to struggle for a while until eventually he gave up. I had to chuckle at his antics though.

It wasn’t long after I had finished giving Aslan his bath, when he gave an excited squeak. He was looking across the room. I looked up to see what he had seen and immediately began purring. I picked him up and nimbly jumped down off the couch. Though it seemed that Nuka must have also heard Aslan as well because he was heading towards me carrying both of Aslan’s brothers with him.

(Colby’s POV)

I slowly made my way to the pool. I kind of hoped that Kiva would be around somewhere. It wasn’t really anyone’s fault that we hadn’t been here in a while. Amy had been exceptionally busy lately. I didn’t see Kiva in the pool but that wasn’t proof that she wasn’t here. She could have been anywhere in the house. I sighed before I dove in.

(Laila’s POV)

I headed toward the backyard in an attempt to find a private place to practice. Unfortunatly the spot where I was headed was already occupied by a tyranitar, so I tried to sneak off unnoticed but wasn’t successful.

9th January 2006, 03:19 PM
Since I'm the newest recent post Darkfire, I'll assume that young man is mine. Of course, if I'm wrong let me know, and I'll edit it.
Just recieved two new adoptees, a Machop and a Voltorb, but I'll release them later, as it wouldn't make too much sense now.

Trey's POV

Troit and Cooler had gone without a second look at me, so I found a seat soon after. Despite the cacophony of noise in the House, I soon found myself nodding off. As I watched a Slowpoke tail-fish from my position at the window, I fell into a dreamless, peaceful sleep.

I was awoken suddenly by a pressure on my right leg. I jerked awake, brushing some drool off my chin with a forearm, and looked down. A large Eevee, a strange purple sheen in its coat which seemed to glow and fade with the light, was rubbing against my leg, purring happily. What causes that color?I wondered if it was the result of breeding, but it was hard to be sure. Eevee cells are rumored to be very unstable.

"Hey there, girl," I said softly, bending down to scratch gently behind one of the Eevee's ears. She purred louder in response, leaning into my hand. That was strange. What had drawn her to come over to a sleeping stranger? I didn't carry any treats with me...

"Where's your trainer?" I asked, still stroking the female with one hand and now scanning the crowd. The Eevee reluctantly left my grasp and trotted off in one direction, then stopped, looking back at me and barking. I may not have understood Pokemonese, but even I could understand that she wanted me to follow her.

I stood up, leaving my chair by the window, and ventured off into the crowd. The House was crowded, but by keeping my eyes on the purple glow a few feet in front of me, I was fine. The Eevee darted out of the crowd and leapt onto the lap of a young woman with ease. Two Eevee pups, smaller but just as purple as their sister, wrestled on the ground, playfully nipping at each other's ears.

I looked away from them, turning my attention to the woman. "I found your Eevee. Or rather, she found me."

The Blue Avenger
9th January 2006, 04:30 PM
-Trezzatura the Beldum-

Troit said his goodbyes to us and slithered off. I glanced at Cam, who had reverted back to his natural form. "Showoff," I said, rolling my eyes.

"What?" Cam replied, chuckling.

I smiled. "You know what I mean. Bam, Arcanine. Bam, Dragonite. Bam, Hitmonlee."

"Hey, just because I have a short attention span..."

"Ah, relax, it's not a big deal." I blinked. "Hey, where'd my collar go?"

Cam frowned. "Kurtzwick... get back here!" A puff of white smoke to my right alerted me to the Dratini's presence.

"You guys are no fun, you know that?" he whined as I took the collar he was holding back and fastened it around my neck.

-Lento the Slowking-

I woke up slowly and lazily yawned. From where I sat, I could see Booster talking to a Squirtle. Well, the Squirtle was talking to him; the conversation, as are most that include Booster, seemed a little one-sided. From what I could hear, the Squirtle was thanking Booster for something. Booster extended a lone claw to shake the Squirtle's paw and nodded. Then, a Silver Wind picked up around Booster, and began to swirl around him; when it cleared, he was gone.

-Righello the Tyranitar-

"GRAAAAGH!" I yelled, and punched the ground. It made a rather impressive crater, and it helped to burn off some steam. That stupid Booster... who does he think he is? Nobody humiliates me! Nobody! I'll take care of him, and then that meddling Jynx will be next! Just then, a loud screech interrupted me from my thoughts. I turned around, and saw Seghuccello, who had been sleeping peacefully, yelling at a Larvitar... something about stepping on his tail.

"Well, well..." I said, just loud enough to get their attention. "You've got guts, kid. Most Pokemon don't even dream of disturbing us... Now, whaddya want? Make it quick; I've got some rage to work off..." I sneered. "I can't be held responsible if I let it out too soon, capisci?"

-Kiva the Vaporeon-

"Hey, Kiva?"

"Yeah, Anzu?"

"How'd we get on the roof?"

"Honestly, I don't know." Just then, a bright flash lit up the roof, revealing Maza. He grinned and twirled one end of his moustache.

"Hey, Kiva," he smiled. "Someone down there's looking for you."

"Really?" My eyes widened in surprised. "Wait, how do you know this?"

"Well, he wasn't exactly quiet about it..." Maza blushed. "Okay, fine, he was only thinking it. Happy?" I nodded, grinning. "Look, I'll Teleport you down there. I think he's in the pool." I nodded again, and he smiled back: the world twisted around us for a brief moment before I found myself standing in front of the pool. I dove in, relishing the feel of the water, and spotted the familiar shape of Colby. I swam over and greeted him.

9th January 2006, 04:51 PM
Yeah, I meant you. ^^

Darkfire –

I smiled at him. “Thanks,” I said. Kali leapt back on the couch and curled up, grooming her shiny, glowing coat. I stroked her gently. “She’s just happy to get out. I’m Darkfire by the way,” I added, offering my hand.

Nuka –

Still carrying an Eevee in my mouth and an Eevee psychically, I headed eagerly over to the shiny Espeon and a third male Eevee that looked almost exactly like the twins Darkfire had let me keep, only without a freckle on his cheek. My tail wagged happily as I set the Eevee twins down on the sofa by Tiana before I gave her a loving lick on the cheek.

“I missed you both so much,” I whispered.

9th January 2006, 07:10 PM
Trey's POV

“My name’s Trey,” I said, shaking her hand with a smile. “Nice to meet you. I’m new, so that would explain why your Eevee would feel the need to check me out.

“Her name is Kali,” said Darkfire, still stroking the Eevee, who looked at her with adoration in her bright eyes.

“I see,” I said, falling silent and observing the Eevee. The two Eevee brothers whom I had seen wrestling had been separated by a harried-looking mother Espeon, who seized one by the scruff of his neck and the other with psychic abilities. Then, she promptly got up and left, going in a different direction. As I watched, I could the two brothers still struggling to get to each other, even while suspended in midair, and suppressed a chuckle.

“I couldn’t help but notice the coat of your Eevees. Why are they that bright purple color? A trait from the parents?”

Troit's POV

I found Cooler standing in the middle of the backyard. A few feet away, there was the heavy treads of a very LARGE Pokemon. Two of them in fact. At the adoption center, Cooler had not been known for starting fights, but there was the occasional Pokemon that found his personality grating rather than charming.

“Hi Cooler,” I greeted, oozing up to him. Cooler seemed to snap out of whatever reverie he was in as he looked up, as if just noticing me.

“Oh.. hi Troit. What’s up?” He said in a distracted tone. He looked off in the distance, as if recognizing someone from far off.

“Did something happen?” I said, pointing to the Pokemon tracks.

“Oh… that.” He quickly told me what had happened, finishing up with the encounter with the strange Pokemon that did not talk. He described it at length, but finally I shook my head.

“Sorry, doesn’t sound like anything I’ve ever seen before. You sure you didn’t just imagine it? I mean, something that tiny scaring off two giants? Doesn’t make much sense to me.”

“I swear, it’s true!” Cooler cried, ignoring my skeptical look. “One of them recognized the bug. Maybe it’s a friend of theirs or something?” When my face remained unconvinced, Cooler gave up. Frequently, he embellished his stories, though it always began at the honest truth. But, when he was faced with an unbelieving audience, he didn’t try to push his luck. Cooler gave me a strange look abruptly, cocking his head to one side.

“What is it?” I asked, feeling like I was being inspected.

“Nothing…” he answered. “You look a little different, that’s all. Maybe that’s my imagination too.” Cooler threw up his paws, turning his back on me. “I’m
going for a swim. Cool off. See you later!”

With that, the turtle raced off towards the pool without a second look. Left alone, I decided to wander back into the house and see if I could find my trainer.

Looked a little different? I wondered. I certainly felt different, but could one conversation have made that much of a difference. It had impacted my way of thinking, yes, but.. I pondered as I slid back into the house, via the back door.

Cooler's POV

The pool was cold and refreshing to my scaly skin, which had begun to get a bit dry, partly because of the heat and the sweat accumulating from my encounter. I dove to the very bottom, tapping the bottom with one paw, before swimming as fast as I could to the surface, surfacing with a large splash and loud exhale. There was nothing more enjoyable than a swim! At least, for a Squirtle.

Relaxing, I reclined onto my shell, floating easily, and performed a lazy backstroke. I was in my element now, safe within my watery domain. There was definitely no worries about Rig or his friend Seg. What strange names they have…

My attention drifted as I listened to the sound of the water gently rocking my shell. It was almost hypnotizing, intoxicating, and I felt my eyelids grow heavy. After such a stressful encounter, this swim was just what I needed.Maybe I'll just close my eyes for a few seconds...Within minutes I was snoring loudly as I floated, the first sleeping Pokemon buoy.

The Blue Avenger
9th January 2006, 07:36 PM
-Groove Guy the Sudowoodo-

Jeff had left me inside the Eevee House, and, more importantly, he had also left a new TM behind with me. The TM sparkled in the sunlight streaming through the windows as I carefully picked it up. On the front, in block letters, was written the phrase 'Mega Kick.' I opened it, and a shower of white dust cascaded over me.

"Hmmm... I wonder how I can use this..." I mumbled to myself, smiling slightly. I closed my eyes and focused my will into my hands: they began to glow purple, as small orbs of the same color appeared in my grasp. I tossed a few up into the air experimentally, and then began to juggle them, venturing into familiar territory: Hidden Power: Poison was the attack I relied on most in battles, and this was my preferred way of using it. Just then, an idea struck me. I tossed a few orbs particularly high into the air, then as they fell, and spun in a circle and unleashed a Mega Kick on each of them in succession. Just as I had hoped, the Hidden Power flew much further and much faster than they normally did...

...but unfortunately, they did so into a Pokemon who happened to entering the House at the same time: an unassuming Grimer. I started to go over to apologize, but ended up dropping the rest of the orbs, splashing poisonous goo on the floor.

"Oh no..." I groaned.

-Fauss the Grovyle-

I flew into a target and made a quick swipe. The target showed no signs of change for a few moments, after which it promptly split into pieces. I grinned and moved in front of the next one. This one began to glow green as it began to collapse in on itself: the Giga Drain worked like a charm.

Suddenly, a chilled wind picked up inside the room. It spun around itself in the center of the room, and from it hovered the familiar form of Booster. True to form, Booster didn't say anything, instead choosing only to acknowledge me by nodding in my direction and giving a small grin. He hovered to the other side of the room and fired a mass of black energy at a target, which fell to pieces.

9th January 2006, 08:01 PM
Troit's POV

There seemed to be even more Pokemon in the house than when I had last saw it. At first I thought it was my imagination, but that soon changed: there were a number of strangely colored Eevee running about whom I defintely had not noticed.. They were a bright purple color, which looked cute rather than unhealthy.


Something hard and small impacted against my face and chest in very quick succession. I winced, preparing myself for the rush of pain that would follow any attack... but it never came. Curious, I looked down at my chest. Brightly colored orbs of poison were dripping down my body. They stung slightly, being a different form of chemical than what my body was accutomed to... but soon that pain faded, as my body began to integrate them into my system. Within seconds, there was no sign of any sort of attack at all.

I looked around for the source of the attack, and spotted a Sudowoodo, juggling about five more orbs dexterously. As he approached me, his face in a sheepish grin, one of his hands hesitated for half a second. His internal rhythm was thrown off, and the orbs fell to the floor with a wet BLAT! and immediately began to eat away at the the floor.

"Oh no..." the Sudowoodu groaned, standing over the mess and probably thinking fast of a way to clean up the mess without losing his fingers. But his attack had given me an idea. I oozed over to his position as fast as I could, and leaned over. Slowly, I ran my hands over the acidic spill, covering each one of the orbs in turn. Like before, I felt a slight stinging sensation on my palms as the orbs adhered to my body. And as before, the pain dissapated, leaving behind a slight numb sensation. When I lifted my hands, the poison was gone, though the damage to the floor would be more permanent.

"Neat trick," the Sudowoodu said, beginning to bop and rock to his own internal rhythm again. "Sorry about hitting you, there. I was trying out a new move and, it was a little more than I expected. Guess that's why it's 'Mega' Kick, y'know."

"Don't worry about it," I said with a shake of my head. At least, I had learned something new about myself that I didn't know before. Poison attacks were even less effective than usual to me, and I wondered if my body could create the same sort of effect for poisons that humans do for disease. If my body had absorbed a certain poison before, would it ever affect it again? It was worth experimenting with.

9th January 2006, 09:34 PM
Darkfire -

"Yeah, they got the glow from their father, Nuka that Houndoom." I said, pointing to the Houndoom that was now sitting by a shiny Espeon. "And that's thier mother that they inherited their shiny color from, Tiana. She's Amy (Wolfsong) 's Pokemon. I own quite a few unique Pokemon, actually, most of them Caputred. But I'm very proud of my Adoptees all the same. I also came back form a long vacation so..." I trailed off, feeling sad.

I had released a lot of my previous Pokemon recently to reconstruct a team that was too large to come back to and babies that had grown into adults. It had been uncomfortable and we had all decided to go our seperate ways to make things easier on everyone.

"So my Adopted team is rather small." I finished with a sigh. "What about your Pokemon? Do you Capture or Adopt or both?"

Radek the Dratini -

I saw a Squirtle climb into the pool. Curious and feeling rather devilish, I waited for him to fall asleep. My brother saw the look in my eye and shifted on his place on the side of the pool.

"Don't, Radek," he warned, shifting his large wings unfomfortably. Too late, I had already sneaked off. I swam underwater and aimed my nose upward. The Squirtle's shell was facing downwared, a perfect target. Taking perfect and well trained aim adn concentration, I fired an Ice Beam. A stream of frozen water came from my mouth and froze the shell and area around the shell, spinning the Squirle.

Menos the winged Dratini -

I watched the Pokemon, shocked and spinning in the water, shout, startled. Radek surfaced nearby and laughed while I shook my head.

"One day you're going to get in trouble, Radek," I warned. "Big trouble."

9th January 2006, 10:24 PM
(Tiana the shiny espeon's POV)

When I saw Nuka heading towards us I waited by the couch. When he placed the twins on the sofa, I jumped up and placed Aslan with them. Then I jumped down and landed on Nuka’s back before hopping down to the floor. “I missed you both so much,” he whispered. “Me too,” I said, purring. As I turned around to sit beside him, I noticed that the twins were wrestling again and Aslan had joined them. I had to chuckle at the site.

(Colby the black vaporeon’s POV)

I was swimming in circles in the pool. I tried to clear my mind of all thoughts, but every time one always drifted back into my mind. When it did, I would pause and look around. It was during one of these pauses that I saw her. When she swam over, I had a big grin on my face. “Hey, how are you?” I asked.

(Laila the elemental larvitar’s POV)

I was trying to be quiet and I had almost made it out of there without getting noticed. Key word, Almost. I accidentally stepped on what I thought at first was a rock. At least that’s what I thought it was till it started screeching. Immediately, I flinched.

“Well, well…” I heard a voice say. Evidently the screeching aerodactyl managed to get the tyranitar’s attention. Then the tyranitar looked at me. “"You've got guts, kid. Most Pokemon don't even dream of disturbing us... Now, whaddya want? Make it quick; I've got some rage to work off..." he said, sneering. "I can't be held responsible if I let it out too soon, capisci?" I took a slow deep breath before attempting to answer his question and even then my voice wavered at first. “I… I was looking for someplace private to practice my attacks. When I saw you here, I tried to sneak away unnoticed. I didn’t even see him until I accidentally stepped on his tail.” I explained, glancing nervously over at the aerodactyl. “I… I’ll leave you alone now I said as I started to walk off.

(Zale the shiny vaporeon’s POV)

I slowly made my way to the pool and on the way, I passed Cassius. I shot him a look that let him know that I still hadn’t forgotten what he had tried to pull before continuing past. Once there I saw an unfamiliar dratini freeze an equally unfamiliar squirtle in the water. I hurried over to the pool and tried to break the squirtle free, but I lacked any moves that could break ice. Instead, I called Sunita over and she quickly made short work of the ice surrounding the squirtle with her iron tail. I turned to the squirtle. “Are you okay?” I asked him.

10th January 2006, 03:47 PM

"My team is all Adoptees. Don't ask me why." In truth, I wasn't sure what had motivated me to this decision. Partly because I felt a little strange over the idea of capturing Pokemon... willingly removing them from their homes and their families, just to battle for me. What gave me that right? Then I thought about the abandoned Pokemon I had seen in the Adoption Centers... those poor few who know the life of the wild and life with a trainer... but are too weak to survive in either. You can always recognize them. They have different eyes.. defeated, and distant.

There is a flip side, though. There are many things Pokemon get that they would have never recieved if they had stayed in the wild. Non-material things, like friendship, connections... a bond. I thought of Cooler, who would have never met anyone like Cooler in the wild, and vice versa. I thought of Troit, whose mindset might never have had a chance of changing without an experience with someone else. If they truly wanted to battle, then I would not deny them that wish.

"So, how long have you been a trainer?" I asked in turn. "I'm still fairly new at this, and you seem to have a little more experience than me."


I dreamt of many things, but one stays in my mind. I was walking down a path in a deep forest. The forest was large and dark, strange trees rose up to the sky. The sun trickled down in soft tendrils of light through the holes in the leaves, leaving patches of shade across my road. With each step I took, I felt a rising sense of satisfaction and accomplishment, that I couldn't attribute to anything else. Then, out of nowhere, Rig materialized in front of me, blocking my path. I couldn't get past him, so I was forced to turn back, and when I did, a deep sense of shame came over me.

When I turned around though, the human who had adopted me, Trey, was standing there. He urged me forward without saying a word, and I felt his presence at my back when I turned around again. This time, when I walked forward, Rig stepped out of my path, allowing me onward. I broke into a run, going faster and faster, as I spotted a clearing in the distance...

The sound of the water against my shell, that had lulled me to sleep, had ceased, and I awoke. I slapped out with a paw, guessing that I had beached myself on the bank while I slept. However, instead of touching warm water, my paw slapped something distressingly cold and unrelenting. I cracked open an eye and saw that a block of ice had formed around me. It didn't make any sense!

Wait a minute. Ice shouldn't have formed, and even so, normal ice would have melted in the current. This ice isn't even slippery! Someone must have set me up!

"Get me outta here!" I cried loudly, armed with this new knowledge.First I tried to lift myself off of the ice, but it was no good. My shell was trapped in a small hollow of ice that had formed, and my legs were numb from the contact with the ice. I rocked back and forth, side to side in an effort to overturn the block, but it was far too large. I didn't know any moves that could free me from my prison... I was too weak.

Just as I slumped on my back in defeat, I heard a splash of water next to me as something came up. I kept silent, fearing that it was some cruel Pokemon that had come to take advantage of me in my predicament, but I needn't have worried. A soft voice called, "Sunita!", and a second splash came. A small Dratini poked its head quizzically over the top of my prison, before smashing the ice away with one of his attacks.

"Thanks!" I gasped as I floundered in the water, feeling a shock as my numb legs entered the warm water. Fragments of ice floated away from me as I struggled to keep afloat; my legs were refusing to obey! I used my arms to tread water, still breathing heavy.

"Are you okay?" said the voice of one of my rescuers, a strangely glitter Vaporeon. A Dratini was floating next to her, the same expression of concern on her face.I could feel my face flush in embaressment. Before, I had needed rescuing, because those other Pokemon had been huge, and very capable of hurting me. But, attacked in the water- my home!- was unacceptable.

"Fine," I said, my eyes scanning the pool for the attacker. "Who's the wise guy!?" I cried aloud to the pool. Ice Beam was a fairly high-level move, but using it on a sleeping Pokemon was a childish act. I knew I was dealing with a kid. Some distance away, I saw two curious Dratini (they were everywhere!), one with wings sitting on the bank, and another in the water with a grin on his face.

"You!" I growled, pointing at the offender with a finger.

10th January 2006, 06:24 PM
Yeah, it's short. But it's better than nothing, lol

Darkfire -

"Oh, I don't know," I replied and stretched. It was a lazy day today. "About two years in total, but that would be including my vacations. I usually don't train in winter, I get logged up on other stuff. But I'm pretty familiar with the Capture and Adoption systems." I trailed off for a moment, thinking about a certain Pokemon that I had seen in the abandoned section of the PokeZoo.

"So if you need any help, I could try to help." I finished and thought of a question for this new trainer. "What kind of Pokemon do you own?"

Radek the Dratini -

I grinned in reply. "Me," I agreed. The Pokemon looked rather furious but I didn't really care. It had been amusing to watch him splash and squirm around until the party poopers had broken the ice. Menos shook his head again, muttering under his breath.

"What are you gonna do about it?" I challenged with a grin and froze another block of water with a well aimed Ice Beam. It was my specialty attack, and even Menos was jealous of my ability with Ice attacks.

Nuka the purple glowing Houndoom -

I laughed softly as hte reunited Eevees rolled together on the ground, tumbling. Out of hte corner of my eye, I saw Darkfire's Dratini twins tralking to a rather upset Squirtle. I gave an irritated sigh and tried to put it out of my mind, but I couldn't. "That Radek will never learn," I muttered. When Tiana gave me a curious look, I explained, "Radek is Darkfire's Adopted Dratini. He plays childish pranks too much, he's actually more annoying than Cass was before we got wise with him. I might have to teach him a lesson soon..."

10th January 2006, 07:02 PM
<Lyra's POV>

It had been a long time since we were at the Eevee House. Less and less people frequented there and Rebecca became too busy to take us so we had to content ourselves with going to other establishments aside from this one. A few days ago, we heard a few people joined the Dragon Tamers and assumed the house would be busy again. Fortunately, we were right and the place had a few new trainers, as well as some new Pokemon.

As always, I headed towards the pool and with me came Orion. At that precise moment, I saw Zale and a little Squirtle stare angrily at a smirking Dratini with a winged Dratini right beside him.
"Hey Zale, what's up?" I asked.
"That Dratini froze the Squirtle for no reason whatsoever," he frowned.
"Yeah, I was sleeping and when I woke, I was covered in ice," the Squirtle complained. "I didn't even do anything to him!"
"So?" the Dratini responded snidely. "It was just a joke. I just wanted to try my Ice Beam out and he was the lucky target. He so weak he couldn't even break out of the ice!"
I rolled my eyes and sighed. Childish bullying. The only way to cure them of the behavior was to instill dominance.
"Ok...whoever you are," I waved my hand towards the Dratini.
"It's Radek," he grumbled.
"Right, Radek. As far as I'm concerned, what you did was stupid and wrong. It's fine to test your attacks but not on other Pokemon. Serious consequences come with behavior like that."
"Like what?"
"Like this."
Creating an opaque ball of ice with a small portion of power, I shot it at Radek's body and covered his lower half with ice. He squawked and tried to move but I knew he couldn't. Zale moved forward with concern but I shot him a look that defied him to take another step. I also glared at the winged duplicate of Radek and and he stopped in his tracks, shooting glances from me to Radek. I sat down and tipped Radek's chin upwards so he could look me in the eye.
"Now," I said slowly, "I don't care who you are or how powerful your attacks may be. Assaulting another Pokemon just for fun and games does not bode well with anyone here, especially with me and my teammates. I don't like to threaten other Pokemon but if I see you attack that Squirtle or someone else, I will come back to deal with you. And don't you even dare coming after me because I'm more proficient with Ice Beam than you could ever care to learn."
I glared at him a little bit longer before getting up and motioning for Orion to defrost him with his Flamethrower. I didn't like talking like that to little kids but if he kept it up, it would get worse before it got better.
"Don't worry," I told Zale when he looked at me with alarm. "You know me better than that. A harmless threat goes a long way with little ones."
He smiled slightly but I knew he was still fearful of what just happened. I would be too if I was younger.
"So, how's Angel? And who's that winged Dratini beside you?

<Orion's POV>

I walked over to who looked like Radek's brother. He was staring at his brother while also glancing at Lyra.
"Will he be alright?" he stammered.
"He'll be fine. Lyra is actually quite nice but she abhors needless violence so she does what she can to dispel it. I'm Orion, by the way."
"I'm Menos," he replied. "Is she really that good with Ice Beam as she says she is?"
"I'm not too sure," I replied thoughtfully, "but I've never seen her lie about her attack prowess so I don't see why she would embellish it."

10th January 2006, 10:00 PM
Might as well give the complete list...


"A Squirtle, Grimer, Machop, Voltorb, Bagon and Houndour," I replied. "My first two are around here somewhere, while the other four aren't with me right now.Six is enough for me, right now. I wouldn't want to bite off more than I can chew." She nodded, looking a little thoughtful, and I wondered if I had upset her. Maybe I had unknowingly reminded her of her old team? I mentally cursed myself for my rudeness.

Help? Did I need any, really? I knew where to go for training: the Dragon Tamers. Sure, getting in would be a little harder but... I could handle that, couldn't I? Hmm. It was something to consider.

"Well, I just have to train them now," I said reluctantly. "I don't know their feelings on it, but I will very soon."


"Me," said the Dratini boldly, staring me in the eye. Growling, I moved in front of the Vaporeon and Dratini that had saved me, staring him down. He seemed proud of himself for his little trick, and it made me furious.

"What are you gonna do about it?" he said with a cocky grin, and promptly spat another ray of Ice Beam into the water, freezing a good portion of it solid. At that point, I was so mad I couldn't care if I got frozen into a perfect Squirtle popsicle. No way was I going to be bullied by a sea snake with a specialty skill. Besides, I had the perfect technique to deal with that attack.

Before I could respond, though, two new Pokemon walked up. One was a Cubone, the other was a Wartortle. I didn't recognize either of them, and I figured they had just walked in. The latter sensed the tension in the air, and looked to the Vaporeon behind me.

"Hey Zale, what's up?"

"That Dratini froze the Squirtle for no reason whatsoever," Zale replied.

"Yeah," I added angrily, "I was sleeping and when I awoke, I was covered in ice. I didn't even do anything to him!"

"So?" The Dratini retorted. "It was just a joke. I just wanted to try my Ice Beam out and he was the lucky target. He's so weak he couldn't even break out of the ice!" Too weak. Small fry. Rip him to shreds. These words reverberated in my head, causing my blood to boil. This is what one had to deal with? On the first day out of the adoption center, look at all that had happened!

I began to move forward, my mind focused on hurting the Dratini anyway I could, and forget what happened to me. But the Wartortle had frozen the dragon in one quick movement, encasing his lower body in much thicker ice. The Dratini, Radek, struggled, but to no avail. The Wartortle seized his chin.

"I don't care who you are or how powerful your attacks may be. Assaulting another Pokemon just for fun and games does not bode well with anyone here, especially with me and my teammates. I don't like to threaten other Pokemon but if I see you attack that Squirtle or someone else, I will come back to deal with you. And don't you even dare coming after me because I'm more proficient with Ice Beam than you could ever care to learn."

It was all said in calm, carefully controlled voice, and when she was done, her friend the Cubone released him with a flame attack. The Dratini muttered something in a sullen tone but did nothing. The Wartortle ignored him, speaking to the Vaporeon behind me, but I didn't hear it.

A burning feeling of shame filled my body, rising from my toes to the top of my head. I knew the reason.That was twice I had been bullied, twice I had been unable to take care of myself, and twice I had needed to be rescued. All because of my weakness. I turned around, avoiding the Dratini's eyes, and set off at a walk back towards the house. I had been thoroughly embarrassed enough for one day.It was time to leave.

Pride was part of it, I know. Nobody likes to lose control of a situation. But I could have had control. If I had been stronger, more capable... It was infuriating!

I made a silent promise to myself. I will not return here until I am strong enough to take care of myself. I will seek strength so that this will never happen again.

10th January 2006, 10:20 PM
Darkfire -

I nodded in understanding. I had had too many Pokemon to train, but now I had just a small enough of a group that I could train each of them individually like they deserved. His team sounded very unique and made me think of my own Pokemon. I needed to buy them some attacks to help them in battle. Just then I saw a Squirtle storm inside of the House. He looked very upset and I figured he was Trey's Pokemon. af ew minutes later Radek came inside and began to rant at Drystan in the training fcorner before blowing a few targets over with angry Ice Beams.

"Uh-oh, Radek got into trouble... again." I groaned. Radek only got angry when he got scolded. drystan stepped back as Radek Critical Hitted a punching bag, freezing it solid before he laid down and panted, soaked in sweat. I wondered where Menos was, he usually followed his twin around to keep him out of this kind of trouble.

Menos the winged Dratini -

I nodded at the Cubone's reply. Radek soon left in a foul temper. If anyone had a temper it was my brother. "For twins, we sure are different," I sighed and took flight. after a few minutes I began to surf on the thremals sweeping up the side of the Eevee House and thought. Radek would be in no mood to talk, and half of the house must be frozen if Darkfire hadn't called him off. I recalled out father and the temper he had. Then I wondered if I took after our mother.

A few minutes later I glided back into the House through the window and landed on Darkifre's shoulders and noted the surprised look on the face of a human male she had been talking to. I purred a greeting at him and wrapped myself around Darkfire's neck, watching my brother form afar.

Radek -

I was exhausted. That was the best continuation of Ice Beams I had ever achieved, but I wasn't proud of it. I hated that smart aleck Wartortle, thinking she could boss me around. I might be young, but I had potential for greatness. I knew my brother was watching me soon after I had finished. I always knew when he was near. I would get stronger, I decided. I would get stronger and beat them all. then they wouldn't be able to be my boss.

A short huff followed my decision and Drystan sighed. "I might not have known you for long," the bagon declared, "But I know that look in your eye. Don't do anything foolish."

"I won't," I grumbled and closed my eyes. No one can tell me who I can and can't practice my Ice Beam on. It had only been a joke!

The Blue Avenger
11th January 2006, 08:23 PM
-Groove Guy the Sudowoodo-

I grinned at the Grimer. "Thanks for your help! I would've been a dead man..." I glanced down at the acid-bitten floor and blanched. "Urk... Well, look, I gotta fly before anyone ties this to me." I glanced back at the Grimer, gave him a quick thumbs-up, and waved before dashing away down a different hallway, where the floor was relatively unscathed.

-Kiva the Vaporeon-

"Hi, Colby!" I said, grinning. Even though I normally felt awkward in social situations, that feeling tended to vanish around those I felt comfortable with, like Anzu, or the Vaporeon swimming in front of me. "Life is good. I mean, the Blades have been dealt with... and now we just have time to kick back and relax." I frowned. "Although Jeff still hasn't had time to train me and Anzu... Ah well, such is life. I'm sure we'll get a chance to battle soon." I did a small flip in the water and stretched out on my back. "So, how's life for you?"

-Booster the Shedinja-

Shadow Ball hits target. Target falls. Grovyle smiles. I smile back.

Silver Wind. Silver Wind used for moving around. Move to hallway. See Grimer.

I can sense... I can sense that they know someone I know. Blue turtle. The one with Righello.

Righello. Unruly. Vicious. A threat.

11th January 2006, 08:59 PM

"I wonder what's up with Cooler?" I said aloud. Excusing myself, I walked over to the turtle, who was sitting in a corner,his eyes sullen. Troit had shown up and attempted to be trying to discover the reason for Cooler's bad mood, but seemed to be getting nowhere. I crouched in front of Cooler again, knowing I couldn't understand his speech but determined to try.

The Squirtle was staring at the floor, his eyes angry and his mouth twisted into a scowl. I put a hand on his shoulder, and he reluctantly met my eyes. There was anger there... but also sadness, feelings no Pokemon like Cooler should ever have to feel. I wondered, not for the first time, what had happened outside.

"What's wrong, buddy?"

The Squirtle opened his mouth, and to my surprise, I understood his words.


After leaving the Sudowoodo behind, I resumed the search for my trainer. But instead of finding Trey, I saw Cooler walk into the house in a huff, obviously upset. The Squirtle marched over to a corner and sat down without a word to anyone, resolutely glaring at the ceiling. Rarely had I seen him angry, usually his demeanor was almost stubbornly cheerful. Whatever caused his smile to disappear must be important indeed.

"What's going on, Cooler?"

"Nothing," he muttered, refusing to look at me. "Lea'me alone."

Now I was convinced something was the matter. Perturbed, I prodded again. "C'mon Cooler... what happened outside."

"I don't wanna talk about it, Troit! Get off it, alright!?" Cooler shouted. Several humans glanced at us quizzically, having heard nothing but "Squirtle squir uirl tle squir! Squirtle!" With that outburst, Cooler looked at the floor.

It was at that moment that Trey came up, crouching next to us. He seemed to sense that something was wrong just by Cooler's body language, and placed a hand on his shell. At first, Cooler stiffened, refusing to respond to that one simple touch. After what felt like an eternity though, he looked up, meeting Trey's eyes.

"I'd like to leave now, if it's ok with you. I won't be coming back here for a while."

Trey's eyes searched his. "Why?"

Cooler looked at the floor again. "...When I'm ready to, I'll let you know, ok? But right now.. I don't want to go into it.It's a little personal."

I was burning with curiosity, and was ready to interrogate Cooler a little more. However, Trey must have been satisfied with Cooler's answer, because he only nodded curtly and headed towards the exit. He waved goodbye to a human woman with a winged Darting around her neck. The sight of that puzzled me- whoever heard of a Dratini with wings? Would they stay there even after evolution?- but Cooler's eyes seemed to narrow, and he looked ahead.

We left the Eevee House behind us. It wouldn't be until later that I realized that Trey had, for the first time, understood Pokemonese.

I'll post again soon. But you won't see Cooler here until much later. Instead, I'll introduce some other characters.


12th January 2006, 09:14 PM
Since this is my first time posting in here forgive if my first person rp sucks I’m not really good at it…

Walking slowly into the Eevee house, I stopped and glanced around. Seeing trainers I did not recognize by far. Watching both of my Ponyta carefully since she hadn’t been in her ball in about two hours. On top of my head was my other pokemon Aron, Greed. I sighed and walked over towards a table, placing my bag onto the table. I looked over at my Ponyta who was looking over at some Dratini. I assumed they were twins, but not identical. I chuckled a bit as I took out some berries and started to feed my Aron, Greed. My eyes closing slowly.

At first I didn’t see anyone really in this place of which my trainer brought me, but I had to cop with it. So, I watched her for a moment as she sat then my attention turned to two Dratini’s, they looked like twins. They most likely were. As my eyes glanced around the room more, my nose picked up something. Knowing my trainer, she was feeding that blasted Greed, yet again. Why couldn’t I be the spoiled one in her part? I growled to myself when I seen the little pokemon stick his tongue out at me.

Happily sitting up top of my trainers head I looked around the new place, my curiosity got almost the best of me, once my trainer sat down, I hopped down and sat on the table next to her bag, hoping I would get fed, again. I smiled happily and ate what my trainer gave me. My favorite kind of berries might I add… Then my eyes glanced over at the jealous Ponyta watching me. I chuckled a bit and stuck my tongue out at her.

Arina Arono
15th January 2006, 06:37 PM
Aerith the Ponyta's POV

I looked around timidly at the eevee house, my master Arina had been told about it by her friend Darkfire. Arina put on a smile and looked at me and Collette her Bagon, "I'm sure this'll be a great way to meet everyone," she said, rubbing both my and Collette's heads gently, with that we went inside.

Arina looked around and immediatly recognized Darkfire and walked towards her. I followed, sticking close to her while Collette decided to explore a bit.

Collette the Bagon's POV

I watched as Aerith followed our trainer, shaking my head. That ponyta was shy and a coward, I however was curious and brave. I wondered around, but decided it would be best to stay so Arina would see me. Finally I noticed another Ponyta and decided to see how it compared to Aerith.

15th January 2006, 07:15 PM
Darkfire -

I waved good bye to Trey as he left to see his Pokemon. Then I looked at Menos. "What happened?"

"Well," he began, but stopped. I soon saw why, a girl was coming over to me. A smile split my face as I recognized my old friend from America, Arina. I went over to her and saw a shy Ponyta hiding behind her.

"Arina, long time no see!" I shook her hand, unable to hug her due to the Dratini wrapped around my neck. "It's been what? A year? You look great!"

Menos the winged Dratini -

I watched Darkfire greet the stranger happily and sighed. She didn't take things very seriously. Athough I also knew that she wouldn't be able to help or counsil Radek anymore than I could. While Darkfire was talking to the human girl, I slid off of her shoulders and glided down until I was in front of hte Ponyta. She balked, her eyes wide. Not many Pokemon or people knew about winged Dratinis. I offered her a small smile.

"Hello, I'm Menos. Pleased to meet you."

Arina Arono
15th January 2006, 07:31 PM
Arina's POV

I smiled at Darkfire, "Hey Darkfire, you look great also! It's been too long." I watched as the winged Dratina flew from her shoulders to Aerith with a raised eyebrow, "Why am I not suprised that you have on of the rarest type of pokemon?" My eyes were dancing as I looked back at her, "Ah well, at least it's a good trainer who owns him."

Aerith's POV

"I..I'm Aerith..." I replied meekly to the Wnged Dratini, Menos. I backed away shyly and hid behind Arina. She gently rubbed my head and I continued to watch the Dratini nervously, glad that Collette was off and not mocking me for being such a coward.

15th January 2006, 11:03 PM
Okay, back.


It had been a few days since my last time at the Eevee House. I couldn't call myself an expert yet, but I did see a few new faces among the mix. I took what was quickly becoming my usual spot, a seat near the window, and pulled out three Pokeballs. Three of the newest members of my team, all adopted. I released them one by one.

First was my Voltorb, who I named Deo. It hadn't been long before I discovered what a short fuse he had; nearly anything could anger him. Yet, for all his temper, he never held a grudge, and was quick to forget a slight. I had no idea how he would behave in battle...

Next was Zake,a young Machop. He was way more level-headed than Deo, and though he trained constantly, he also had a habit of taking long, impromptu naps. He, along with Troit, was turning out to be somewhat of a peacekeeper on my team, which made my job much more easier. There's no telling how loud my house would be without the team of them.

Last was Destai, a Houndour pup adopted along with Deo. Houndour speak in yips and barks among their pack, that only they can understand. Sadly, the only one Destai considered to be part of his pack was Deo. Though he would occasionally bark at others, only Deo could translate for him. This wasn't easy, as Deo was impatient, and didn't appreciate being used like that.

The three looked around slowly, unused to the surroundings. From a quiet Pokeball to a room full of sounds and noise: it must have been something to adjust to.

"This is the Eevee house, guys. You know, where Cooler and Troit went to?Maybe they told you about it."

"Yeah, I think Troit might've mentioned it once or twice," Zake said cooly, regarding his surroundings. After a few moments of this, he turned away from me and went out the backdoor. "I'm gonna take a nap. Wake me when it's time to leave."

Not quite the reaction I expected, I thought. But, Zake was Zake. No doubt he would explore later.

Destai barked at me once, then trotted off on his own as well, sniffing the ground curiously every few steps.

"I guess that means he's going to go on his own for a while." I looked down at Deo, who was the only one left. He glared up at me with his eyes, even though I sensed he was feeling curious rather than angry. "Deo, could you...?"

"Keep an eye on 'im?" he growled, rolling his eyes. "Sure, fine. I'll make like the Poke-sitter again and watch the mutt." Ignoring me, he rolled off after the Houndour, and woe to anyone in his way. As he departed, I could still hear his grumbling. "Blasted hound, can't even walk five steps without taking a sniff... Don't know why he'd wanna, with the stink in this joint..."

I sat down on the chair again, reclining into a more comfortable position. Hopefully, they would all be okay.

16th January 2006, 03:22 AM
Darkfire -

"Actually, I own two. His brother, Radek, is over there, passed out after freezing some targets." I replied and pointed him out. "And Drystan, the Bagon next to him, is mine as well." I smiled at Jazz. "So, it's been a year since I last saw you. How have things been going for you?"

Menos the winged Dratini -

"Pleased to meet you, Aerith. Don't be shy, I won't hurt you," I replied, trying to look kind. I didn't know how much it worked. Darkfire knelt down and gave me a scartch between my ears, so I doubted I had done more than look cute. I sighed, what a life.

Arina Arono
16th January 2006, 09:30 AM
Arina's PoV

"Well enough, I just got here a few days ago." I admitted, scratching the back pof my head, "And my pokemon are like opposite. Collette, my own Bagon, is brave and curious...and Aerith, my ponyta," I kneeled down and stroked her head affectionatly, "Is shyer than you would believe." I sighed softly, "Ah well, she's getting better. She used to not come anywhere near me."

Aerith's PoV

I whimpered slightly and continued to hide behind Arina's leg. Why would the Dratini be nice to me? It was a dragon pokemon...and a rare one at that. I noticed how happy Jazz looked talking to her old friend and didn't want to make her leave. I mentally sighed...maybe I should at least try for her.

16th January 2006, 09:40 AM
Darkfire -

"Awe, that's good. I'm hoping to get a Ponyta soon." I grinned at Aerith. "Hello pretty girl. Don't worry, Menos and I don't bite." I assured her before turning back to Jazz. "Hey, maybe we could try a battle some time. There's a Battle Tower over in Sector Alpha and I have a few Pokemon that need experience like Drystan. He wants to evolve terribly. So, are you up to it?"

Menos the winged Dratini -

"Like Darkfire said, I don't bite. It's a bit lonely in here. My brother and Drystan only want to train. And I'm a bit shy myself around strangers. Let's be friends." I said and offered another smile.

Arina Arono
16th January 2006, 09:53 AM
Arina's POV

"That sounds great! Collette's been needing to battle, and maybe Aerith would get more confidence if she becomes stronger. When's a good time for you?" I asked enthusiastically.

Aerith's POV

I whimpered at the thought of battling, I would probably loose. I sighed and looked back at Menos, he DID seem friendly enough, "S-sure...thanks..." I managed to reply and lied down, still hiding behind my trainer.

16th January 2006, 10:01 AM
Darkfire -

"Maybe soon. Sige, my Trapinch, is in a battle and he wants to tag team with Drystan again. And the twins need to rest up from the journey here," at Arina's confused look I chuckled and explained. "The Dratinis aren't only brothers, they're twins."

Menos the winged Dratini -

I smiled again at the Ponyta. "would you like to play a game?" I asked.

Arina Arono
16th January 2006, 10:18 AM
Arina's POV

I blinked, "sheesh...You've been very busy I see." I smiled, "Tommorow sounds good."
Aerith's POV

I nodded meekly, "What game...?" I asked.

16th January 2006, 12:05 PM
Kiara- I watched a small bagon walk on over towards my Ponyta, snickering softly to myself I watched them both with curiously. Taking another small sip of my tea.

Envy- Letting some steam off, I glanced down at a bagon that approached me. Raising one eye brow up I turned my heel and walked away, my nose down to the ground as my eyes glanced back every once in a while.

Arina Arono
16th January 2006, 09:56 PM
Collette's POV

I scowled angrilly as the ponyta left. At least she wasn't running in fear like Aerith would have. I sighed and decided to torment Aerith, walking towards Arina and Aerith I noticed a Winged Dratini, of all things, talking to her.

16th January 2006, 11:29 PM
[color=royalblue](Zale's POV)

I quickly turned my attention back to Lyra. I smiled at the mere mention of Angel. "Angel's doing great. She's growing like a weed and I can barely keep her out of the kiddie pool at home." I looked around and saw that Aiko had talked her into playing a game of tag. "I'm not sure who the winged dratini was, but hes gone now." I saw Sunita looking at me curioulsly. Smiling, I took the hint. Lyra, this is our newest teammate, Sunita. She wants to become better at battling. Sunita, this is a real good friend of mine and also the pokemon that taught me how to swim back when i was an eevee."

[color=plum](Tiana's POV)

I shook my head at what Nuka said. "Hopefully he'll learn it before it's too late." I scooted closer to teh comforting prescence of the houndoom next to me. I began purring as i nuzzled Nuka and watched the three pups wrestling.

[color=magenta](Sinopa's POV)

I was looking around doing my best to avoid any possible claustrophobic situations, when i noticed an unfamiliar ninetales. I cautiously approached him. "Hi." I whispered.

Kumar's POV)

I haven't had a battle in a long time, and the same could be said for Ranec. I thought as i slowly made my wave over to the training area of the house. It was hard to find battles now that we had gotten so strong. Maybe we could talk Amy into challenging anohter one of the gyms. Yeah, that could work. Now that i had arrived at the training area, i put all thoughts aside and focused on training. My eyes narrowed as i took aim at the targets and concentrated on practicing with some of my newer moves like faint attack and water gun.

[color=purple](Darin's POV)

I got a headache almost as soon as i walked through the doors of the house. Amy had given me a couple new moves since i was last here that were also psychic typed. I was happy with them, but my favorite psychic typed move to use was the psychic TM that my dad had given me.
Finally, I had to stop and sit down. I closed my eyes and began to concentrate. As i did so, i eventually felt my headache going away. I sat still concentrating for a few minutes until i was sure that the headache had gone away. Then i got up and began looking for either Dad or Nightshade.

17th January 2006, 08:34 AM
Darkfire -

"Alright," I said and took a seat on the couch. Until Sige's battle was done, there wasn't much to do. I noticed a Bagon coming over to Menos and Aerith and watched them curiously. Then I noticed a new trainer and Trey had come into the House while Arina and I had been talking. I smiled and waved at them.

Menos the winged Dratini -

"Maybe tag or hide and seek, this place is huge," I suggested and noticed a Bagon walking over toward us. I gave her a smile. "Hello there." I said.

Radek the Dratini -

Soon I felt much better. I got up and Drystan and I headed back over to Darkfire. I barely spared a glance toward the new trainer near Darkfire, but instead looked at the second Bagon and Ponyta. "What is this, a construction helmet convension?" I asked and tapped Drystan on his head to prove my point.

Drystan ducked away from me and Menos gave a sigh. "Aerith, this is my brother Radek." I smirked, feeling better and back to my old self. What fungames could be played now?

Cassius the Nintails -

I blinked at the Vulpix that had come up to me. She had a exotic blue eyes and a rainbow topknot, traits I had never seen before. "Hello," I began causiously. Mu life had been a living hell around Nuka since the incident. Safe to say I had learned my lesson, but I didn't really trust the Houndoom to not openly attack anyone I got close to. Still, I gave her a small smile, noticing how timid she acted. she must be brave to approach a stranger, so I decided to stay for the moment.

"I'm Cassius," I said and offered her a paw.

Nuka the purple glowing Houndoom -

I sighed and nuzzled Tiana back. The threee pups rolled around, full of energy. Two of them had small freckles on their faces, the only way to tell them apart. When I glanced back to find Cassius, not wanting him around the children, I saw him talking to a Vulpix.

"Tiana, who is that?" I asked, curious.

17th January 2006, 02:03 PM
Kiara- I blinked and shook my head in silence at what my ponyta had done to the poor bagon. I felt bad, but then again, it was his fault not hers. I signed slightly as I peered into my bad, admiring my new egg that I had recently got. I blinked, the egg twitched. I was wondering if it was going to hatch, I knew what it was going to hatch into so I was excited. I signed once more as it finally made another twitch. Watching it closely, something started to crawl or rather hatch from the egg. I blinked and smiled, both my hands together waiting. Finally, a small head appeared. It was indeed a vulpix. Maybe not a unique one, but at least it was one. I squeed excitedly and helped the poor thing out. Throwing the remains of the egg, I put the newly founded baby into my lap and finished watching my other pokemon, watching Envy sit beside me and sniff the baby, and Green skittering over towards the Dratini twins to make some new friends.

Envy- I growled silently as I sat next to my trainer sniffing the new baby that had just hatched. I smiled at it, “Hello there little one..” I said softly.

Greed- I skittered over towards the other five pokemon, I wanted to make friends. I smiled and sat watching them carefully tilting my head. I watched them again carefully and finally spoke up, “Hello…” I said shyly.

Kylia the vulpix- Finally out of my egg like shell, I open my eyes and looked around. I blinked and looked at the ponyta that was looking at me. “

Arina Arono
17th January 2006, 05:54 PM
Arina's POV

I looked at the trainer Darkfire waved at curiously before noticing a girl holding a freshly born Vulpix. I swore, remembering something I had left behind, "Uh..Darkfire, I have to go real quick. I knew I had forgotten something at home and JUST remembered what it was. Do you mind watching Aerith and Collette while I'm gone?" I stroked Aerith's head soothingly, knowing she wouldn't want to be left alone for long.

Collette's POV

"I'm Collette, and why are you hanging around that chicken on a ponyta?" I saw Aerith's ears go down in shame and mentally smirked at how pathetic she was. For the millionth time I wondered how she managed to reach level 9, she ran away from the slightest hint of a battle. For good reason too, she would probably be killed in a fight since she never even tried. I looked at Radek the other Dratini, where I glared at him, "And who asked you?" He probably thought he was so cool and strong because he was a Dratini, well I would prove him wrong about that, one way or another.

Aerith's POV

I shied away from Radek and tried to ignore Collette's words, which was very difficult for me to do. Arina was still talking to Darkfire when I heard she said something about leaving and Darkfire watching over us. I whimpered as she bent down to stroke my head, I didn't want to be left alone like this. Suddenly an small aron ran up and skidded to a stop in front of me. I couldn't take anymore. I got up slowly before sprinting off, trying to find somewhere to hide. But vainly I searched, it seemed everywhere I went there were pokemon. I was so busy running, I forgot to pay attention to where I was going....

17th January 2006, 06:28 PM
<Lee's POV>

Methodically I was kicking the bag again, my right leg a mere blur to others watching from a distance. It was soothing work and and adequate stress reliever when one had too many things on their mind. I was still kicking when something knocked into me from behind. It wasn't hard enough to knock me down but strong enough for me to stop what I was doing and turn around to see what (or who) hit me.

A rather young Ponyta stood rooted where she hit me and stared up at me with wide, frightened eyes. It surprised me since I'd never seen a Pokemon so scared before in their life.
"Are you ok?" I asked with genuine concern. "I won't hurt you, if that's what you're afraid of. I barely felt a thing."

<Lyra's POV>

"It's going to meet you, Sunita," I nodded down at the Dratini. "Everyone on my team are battlers so if you need any help, you can ask any one of us; however, Orion and Drake are the real experts."
I looked back at Shade and Orion, who gave a slight nod to me and walked towards the pool.
"Now that that whole thing is settled, why don't we go for a swim?" I suggested.

<Aries's POV>

As always, Nightshade was in the kitchen and being the friend that I was, I followed him. As he was indulging himself of some food, I started searching for Darin. I couldn't find him for a while but his presence finally showed up in my mind. With some persuasion, Nightshade accompanied me in looking for my son. Luckily, the house wasn't huge and we found the little Espeon.
"How are you doing, kiddo?" I nuzzled him. "Your training going well?"

Arina Arono
17th January 2006, 06:44 PM
Aerith's POV

I whimpered at the Hitmonlee I had ran into and tried to shy back. I wanted to appologize for running into him but my mouth refused to budge. It was always like this...I would always run into things, thankfully he said he wasn't hurt and he looked it. After a few moments I finally managed to speak, "S-sorry..." Suddenly I felt tired..it must have been from all that running. I felt my legs give out beneath me.

Knight of Time
17th January 2006, 07:37 PM
Kyle's POV

It had been about a month or so since I gave some TMs in my possession to
my captured Blastoise, Alakazam and Jynx. But, now that I was fully ready to do a few more
important tasks, I walked into the the Eevee House, and pulled out two boxes from my
backpack. Dropped them on the floor for a moment, I reached into the adopted Pokemon part
of my backpack. Taking out two Pokeballs, I enlarged them, and opened them up to reveal
Aqua, my female Vaporeon and Bombos my male Growlithe.

"I have a couple of TMs I'm sure you'll each be very happy with." I said.

"That's wonderful Kyle. What are they?" Aqua asked curiously.

"Well, one of the boxes contains a Lovely Kiss TM which I'm giving you, Aqua, and the other
box contains an extra-special TM for you, Bombos, but I can't teach it to you without asking
you an important question. Are you up for evolving into an Arcanine right now?"

"Huh? You wish for me to evolve right now?" Bombos asked.

"Yes Bombos. I have felt that ever since I got this special TM for you, that you would be
very happy to receive it upon evolution. After you evolve, I'm going to teach you Sacred
Fire." I said.

"Sacred Fire? Now that sounds very, very interesting. Can it burn opponents in battle?" Bombos asked.

"Yes, there is a 50/50 chance that it will burn any opponent you face in battle that can be burned, Bombos. In double battles, Heat Wave would probably be the better move, but in single battles, Sacred Fire may be of more help. Here, I'll get you the Fire Stone I have saved for this occasion." I said.

Taking the Fire Stone out of the evolutionary items area of my backpack, I placed the stone in front of Bombos, who, almost immediately, stuck out one of his forepaws to touch it. In an instant, the stone and Bombos both began to glow white, and as the stone itself vanished into nothingness, Bombos slowly began to grow bigger. Within about half a minute later, Bombos stopped glowing, and stood on all fours, now a majestic Arcanine.

"Okay, now that your evolution is finally complete, Bombos, it's time you learned Sacred Fire. Now, I have a bad feeling the powder in the box that will essentually teach you Sacred Fire is going to be too hot for me to touch, so I'm going to do this carefully, without getting any of the powder on my hands if possible. Hang on." I said.

Reaching for the box containing the Sacred Fire, I opened it up to reveal the reddish-orange powder inside. Confirming my assumption it was hot due to the steam I could see eminating from the powder, I carefully took the box over to Bombos. Turning it upside down, I watched as the entire contents were absorbed into the majestic canine's body.

"Kyle, you were right about this powder being hot. But since I am a Fire type after all, it cannot burn me at all. Thanks again." Bombos said with a happy bark.

"You're very, very welcome Bombos. Now, I have a couple of things I must do, one with Aqua, and one with Espio, so return." I said, recalling my new Arcanine back into his Pokeball.

Taking out Espio's Pokeball right away, I enlarged it and opened it up to reveal my energetic Espeon.

"Espio, I have something in my backpack, that although I was once thinking of using on Rika (to you guys that don't know her, she's my adopted Absol), but after changing my mind about using it on her and having troubles on who to give it to, I've made the firm decision I'm going to give you something to drink called a Shiny Juice. I received it as a birthday present last year, and I hope you'll not mind drinking it. If you are up for drinking the juice, it will change your colour so that you'll be a shiny Espeon, aka lime green in colour instead of purple. You want to give it a try?" I asked Espio.

"Sure, why not. I'm just sorry you changed your mind on using it on Rika, though." Espio said.

"Don't worry about it, Espio." I said as I went back to my backpack.

Getting out the shiny juice I had now for more than three quarters of a year, I was relieved that it didn't spoil, and I immediately got a dish from one of the cabinets in the Eevee House. Pouring the entire bottle of Shiny Juice into the bowl, I watched as Espio began to down the entire bowl of juice. Almost immediately, his coat began to go from purple to blue to the lime green colour, signaling that I now had a shiny Espeon! Carefully bringing a mirror in front of Espio, I chuckled as he smiled at himself in the mirror.

"Wow, I sure look different now. I sure hope my father and siblings won't be jealous that I, the youngest of the bunch have a new appearance." Espio said.

"Don't worry at all Espio, I actually like your new look. I'm sure Nocturne, Blazer and our father will as well. Kyle, maybe you should send them out too?" Aqua suggested.

"Good idea Aqua. I'll send out Electro, Blazer and Nocturne right now." I said.

Taking out three more Pokeballs from the Adopted Pokemon section of my backpack, I enlarged them and opened them up to reveal my Jolteon, Flareon and Umbreon.

"Wow, Espio, is that really you? You sure look different, son." Electro said.

"Of course it's me, Dad. Kyle gave me a Shiny Juice a few minutes ago." Espio said to his father.

"Whoa, you're green now? For your oldest brother, you sure gave me a surprise." Blazer said.

"Yeah, I'm just as surprised as the others." Nocturne added.

"Well guys, I have just one more thing to do before I decide to go over to see Amy. Aqua, remember the Lovely Kiss TM I mentioned earlier that I was going to give you?" I asked my Vaporeon.

"Yes, I remember it quite well. You ready to give it to me now, I presume?" Aqua asked.

"Absolutely. Hang on a moment." I replied.

Opening up the box with the Lovely Kiss TM in it, a pinkish coloured powder was revealed. Seeing that it wasn't hot at all unlike the powder that was the Sacred Fire TM I gave to Bombos, I took a handful of the powder, and sprinked it over my Vaporeon, watching it get absorbed into her body.

"You must be feeling a lot happier now." I said to Aqua, studying the big smile on her face.

"I am, thank you so much Kyle." Aqua said.

"You're very welcome Aqua." I replied.

Seeing Amy not too far off, I walked over to her, asking her if she could send out Sweetie to see her newly recoloured son...

17th January 2006, 09:59 PM

All thoughts of sleep vanished upon seeing the grounds surrouding the Eevee House. There were simply too many Pokemon to guarentee a restful sleep of any type... and what's the point of sleeping if something wakes up you up five minutes later? There were many trees enclosing the clearing of space available, and as I approached them, I was already inventing a training exercise.

Maybe this time I would see how many trees I could knock down using my bare hands as an axe. Or perhaps I should try chopping a tree at the same point many times to see how much of a dent I could make. Or, I could try to pull one out by its roots. Or... the possibilities were endless, unrestricted neither by ability nor possibility, only by imagination.

I found a secluded spot, still in view of the house but away from most of the other Pokemon. I lined up with a tree, inhaling and exhaling slowly, concentrating on my breathing. Then, ritualistically, I began to stretch. It's important to limber up before any physical exercise... at least that's what Trey says. It must have some merit, because after stretching, I've noticed a decrease in muscle pain and ache.

My stretching done, I stood and faced the tree, my face set. First, I threw a straight punch at the trunk, my fist making a satisyfing THUNK with the wood on impact. Then, a hard left punch, followed by a swift quick. Before long, the image of the tree faded away as I sank into my subconsciousness. The only sounds were my steady breaths and the rhythm of my attacks, known only to myself. All other distractions faded into the background.


I wandered outside, following in the wake of a Pokemon pushing the back door open. I didn't even bother to look up and identify it, my nose had already determined it as a female Mankey. Rather uninteresting, but it was a new smell to add to my list. PackLeaderDeo was rolling behind me, keeping an eye on me. He was saying something, but I didn't hear it too well. PackLeader often talked to himself, but it was all a matter of distinguishing what was important and what wasn't.

Sometimes, when I failed in that decision, PackLeaderDeo would let me know with a shock. They stung, but PackLeader never aimed for a vital spot, like my sensitive nose or my eyes. He was kind, PackLeaderDeo was.

The Blue Avenger
18th January 2006, 04:32 PM
-Hoborg the Tyrogue-

We arrived at the grandiose, majestic building known as, according to our trainer, the Eevee House. Fresh from the caves, Homen and I stood at the entrance a little while before doing anything else.

"Brother," I grinned. "It's good to see you again."

"Likewise," Homen replied. "What a coincidence, being captured by the same trainer in different parts of the caves."

"Do you know what happened to Arven, though?" I asked.

"I haven't seen him since I was captured," Homen admitted. "He must still be in the caves."

"I was looking forward to seeing him again, too," I mumbled.

Homen frowned, slightly sadly. "I'm sure he's fine. We can always go back to the caves later to look for him."

"I suppose you're right," I replied. Then something caught my attention. More specifically, a sound. A loud crack, followed by several loud blows. "Hey, you hear that?" I asked. Homen's head jumped up. "It sounds like someone's out here, practicing."

"Let's go!" Homen grinned. We ran off towards the source of the noise. Even if Arven couldn't be with us, it was still great to be able to do things as brothers again...

As we approached the noises, we saw that it was a young Machop, practicing attacks on a tree. He looked totally focused, blocking out the world around him. Homen and I turned towards each other and shrugged. As I began to walk away, I sensed something... turning back around, i barely had enough time to block Homen's foot, which had been flying at a good speed towards my gut. "Oh, a sparring session, huh?" I said. Homen only grinned in return. He launched another kick, as I sent a lightning-quick Mach Punch at him.

23rd January 2006, 09:39 PM
<Lee's POV>

I inwardly sighed and scratched my head. For whatever reason, the Ponyta was spooked and her collapsing and all didn't improve the situation.
"C'mon, let's get you up and out of here," I said and reached for her.
Instinctively, she flinched as I held out my arms. I ignored her reaction and hefted her up. Despite a preconceived notion that my arms were incredibly weak...well, they were wrong. Of course my legs were the strongest parts of my body but special training with my arms made them considerably stronger.
"Let's go somewhere where it's a bit quieter," I murmured and headed outside.
We passed by a bunch of Pokemon, including a Machop and Tyrogue, before we made it into the front yard. For some reason, it wasn't as popular as the backyard although the grass was just as pristine and there was plenty of room to move around and play.

I laid the Ponyta down and sat right across from her, indian style.
"Now look, I don't know you too well and I don't expect you to tell me a lot, if anything at all but something tells me you're not much of an talker. I'm not one either but I think it would be a good idea to tell me what your problem is. Perhaps it can be easily solved."

Arina Arono
24th January 2006, 01:53 PM
Aerith's POV

I lowered my ears and looked down in shame, "I..I'm sorry for running into you," I managed to say, "I..I just didn't like being around so many new pokemon at once." I lied my head down and looked at the grass, not being able to look at the strong hitmonlee I had run into. Collette had been right, I am a chicken. And now she'll mock me even more. I thought back to the incident when I ran and felt even more ashamed, I had run from a aron, nothing remotly frightening of viscious about it but still. Then I thought about Menos the winged dratini, what would he think about me running? But that was how I was tought to surivive, by running and avoiding danger. I closed my eyes, thinking deeply about this.

24th January 2006, 06:37 PM

Feeling myself beginning to lift out of my trance, I concentrated, focusing my energy and taking a step away from the tree. Lifting several large rocks that were nearby, I heaved them at the tree, before leaping forward and throwing my momentum into a powerful Low Kick. Breathing heavily, I stepped back and admired my handiwork.

The surface of the tree was almost unrecognizable from the others: scarred with the impact of my punches and kicks. A good amount of dirt had been kicked away from my last attack, leaving the bare roots exposed. Where my attacks had been heaviest, much of the wood had been reduced to bare splinters. Seeing the splinters reminded me... I looked at my bare knuckles and gasped. They were covered in blood and wood, and pain flared up suddenly, which had been ignored during the actual punches.

Cursing silently, I turned my back on the ruined tree and went back down the hill. On the way back, I noticed two young Tyrogues, sparring with each other. I chuckled a little, remembering many sparring matches and contests with my own friends. At the Adoption Center, the usual contest between myself and another Mankey was wrestling. As I recall, we had never been able to come out ahead of the other.

There was a small stream running along the base of the hill. Kneeling, I bathed my injured hands in the cool water. I've really got to pay more attention, I chided myself, wincing a little as I cleaned the cuts. When I was done, I saw that the damage was mostly superficial.... shallow cuts along my skin despite the intensity of my punches. Maybe my knuckles were getting stronger?

"Yo!" called a voice behind me. I turned to see who the speaker was. Deo rolled quickly down the bottom of the hill, followed by Destai, with his nose to the ground.

"Deo, Destai, what have you been up to?" I asked.

"Don't gimme that!" Deo snapped. "I saw what you did to that tree back there- if I was a grass Pokemon, I'd kick yer ass!" Destai barked absently, as if to back up what the Voltorb said. I scratched the back of my head, a sheepish expression on my face. Deo was gruff, but most of his threats were harmless- it was just how he talked.

"Yeah, maybe you're right. But I'm not strong enough to practice on rocks yet... what should I do about the tree?"

"Ah-ha!" Deo said, a smug expression on his face that soon shifted to concentration, as he tried to think up an adequate punishment. "Well, since the tree's ruined, it's only right that you bring it back to the Eevee House for firewood! We wouldn't want it to go to waste."

"Good idea!" I said with a smile. I looked at the Houndour. "Destai, want to help me?"

"Dou!" the dog barked, his tail wagging, and the two of us began the steep climb back up the hill.

"Darn it Destai!" Deo called. "It's no fun if you help him to do it..." With a resigned sigh, the Voltorb started to follow us back.

Knight of Time
9th February 2006, 01:16 PM
Kyle's POV

It had been a few weeks since the evolution and recolouring of my adopted Arcanine and Espeon respectively. Now, I was in a very happy mood because I finally had one of the two TMs that I was in a desperate search to get for Flora, my adopted female Cleffa. Taking her Pokeball out of the adopted Pokemon section of my backpack, I enlarged it and opened it up for the first time to reveal my Cleffa.

"Hey, it's been quite a while since you adopted me. Why did you not let me out of here just yet?" asked Flora, as she began to look a bit upset with me.

"Sorry Flora, it's just that I was in a difficult situation to choose either Amnesia or Wish as your bred-on move, and that's simply why I wasn't ready to let you out of your Pokeball yet. After all, sometimes, some decisions can be so hard to make that you have to put them off for a while." I said.

"Decisions? You mean like the one where you weren't ready to choose what bred-on move I would get?" Flora asked, not as upset as she previously was.

"Yes, exactly. There was a pretty slim chance of me getting one of the two TMs I wanted to give you Flora, but luckily, a few days ago, a friend got an Amnesia TM I believe she had no use for, and I was able to buy it from her." I said.

"That's great news indeed. I guess I can assume you're going to give me the Amnesia TM?" Flora asked curiously, as she was no longer upset.

"Yeah, I'll give you your TM shortly. BTW, since this is the first time I let you out of your Pokeball, I should definitely introduce myself to you. I'm Kyle." I said.

Pulling out the new box in my backpack containing the Amnesia TM, I opened it up, as I held the box directly over Flora's head.

"Why is the box over my head?" Flora asked curiously.

"Well, I thought I should explain what amnesia is, namely the condition, not the move. Amnesia is a loss of memory in a person, and usually, they can't remember simple things like who they are, who their friends and family are, and they can be unaware of their surroundings. It can be bad for a person to get amnesia, but you don't have to worry about
suffering from memory loss, Flora. All the Amnesia TM does is, it allows you to sharply raise your Special Defense in a battle, so combined with the fact you already know Charm, these two moves may be of great help." I replied.

"Oh, I get it now. But what about the move Wish?" Flora asked.

"Well, normally I wouldn't make this decision here, but Wish is going to be your bred-on move, Flora." I said.

Taking a slngle handful of the powder that would teach Flora the move Amnesia, I carefully sprinkled it on her head, watching it get absorbed in.

"How do you feel, Flora?" I asked my Cleffa.

"Flora? Who's Flora? Hey, you know I'm only kidding, Kyle. Thanks for giving me both Amnesia and Wish, I appreciate it so much." Flora said with a bright smile.

"You're very welcome Flora. Now, I have a Pokemon I must evolve in the pool, so return." I said as I recalled my Cleffa back into her Pokeball.

Going back to my backpack, I took out both the Dragon Scale I had purchased at the Kiosk earlier as well as a Pokeball from the captured Pokemon section of my backpack, and walked over to the pool inside. Enlarging the Pokeball, I opened it up to allow the revealing of my captured female Seadra, who I had recently named Arielle. As she swam around the pool, it didn't take her too long to recognize the evolution item I had in my hand.

"Is...is that a Dragon Scale you have there, Kyle?" Arielle asked.

"Yes, it sure is Arielle. Sorry it took me a while to get one, but I finally have the time to fulfill my promise to evolve you into a Kingdra. Now, do you mind if I drop the Dragon Scale onto your back? After all, I wouldn't want to accidently touch one of your spines." I said.

"Go ahead, Kyle. As long as you have your hand a good distance above my spines, they shouldn't hurt you." Arielle said.

Carefully leaning over the edge over the pool so that I wouldn't accidently fall in the water, I dropped the Dragon Scale directly below onto Arielle's head. In an instant, the evolution inducing item began to glow white, and Arielle herself also started to glow white as well, as she began to grow longer and take the characteristics of a Dragon type as well.

"How does it feel to be a Kingdra now Arielle?" I asked my newly evolved sea horse-like Pokemon.

"It feels great, thanks. I'm really glad you kept your promise to help me evolve, Kyle. Thanks again." Arielle said.

"No problem, Arielle. I'm glad you evolved, too. If there's one thing I like alot for a Pokemon, it's one that's either a dragon-like Pokemon or a Dragon type. Dragons are among some of my favourite Pokemon." I said.

"Really? Then who are the other Dragon types or dragon-like Pokemon you have?" Arielle asked.

"Well, I have Charra, who's a Charizard. She is one, as well as Dezo. He's a Flygon." I said.

"Oh, nice." Arielle said, smiling.

"Yeah. I wouldn't be surprised who else likes dragons besides myself, but for now, return, Arielle." I said as I recalled my newly evolved Kingdra back in her Pokeball.

Walking away from the pool, I decided to go to the couch, my Eeveelutions still there, waiting to see if Amy and Sweetie
would ever notice Espio's new look...

Charles Legend
11th March 2006, 02:04 AM
Charles legend's POV

After of being lost in the basement of the Club: Eevee House for three long years ,
I Ryu slayer X, have returned thanks to the help of my level 7 male Venonat who I never named back then, but I well call him Radar now because with out his Foresight I would have never got out of the basement since it was like a maze down there.

No one seemed to notice me at all as I let out my other two Pokemon a level 5 female Lapras named Nessie in to the pool and a level 6 male Mankey that used to be named Banana split however during time lost in the maze like basement I renamed him Primus instead.

As my pokemon relaxed I asked the guy who had just evolved his Seadra in to a Kingdra where the bathroom and the kitchen was, after he drew a crud map on a piece of paper I left my three pokemon on there own for a for about an hour or so.
Charles pokemon ’s POV

“I can’t believe it took are master three years to find his way out of the basement, I mean my old master had a better since of direction then this bird brain trainer of ours. ” Radar said bitterly to his teammates

“Shut up you deformed moth fly! How was Charles supposed to know that was the door lead to the basement and not the bathroom? Primus said as he shook his fist at Radar.

‘Boys, they always pick fights over the meaningless stuff in life’ Nessie thought “boys settle down I know the lat three years have been rough on all of us , you my not now this but I have suffered the most out of the three of us but I still love and trust Charles with my life
Charles’s POV

After cleaning up and stuff in the bathroom I made my way to the Kitchen where I ran in to two young woman I some what recognized as Wolfsong and Lady Vulpix.

I sat down at the table and crunched in to an apple as I thought ‘man I missed eating fruit when I was lost in that labyrinth’

“Hey wait don’t we know you from some where before?” Amy asked with a raised eyebrow.

“Yeah that’s because I had I adopted a level 5 female Lapras who I named Nessie, she has the move Dragon Dance As her Egg move.

A level 6 Mankey who I had called banana split but he did not like it, so I asked if he wanted to be known as Primus as in Optimus Prime the leader of the Autobots from transformers and in the show Beast wars Optimus Prime had disguise himself as a gorilla thus it would make since for a monkey who becomes a gorilla to have the name Primus in honor one of the most famous transformers of all times. Which by the way he loves the name, but any ways Primus has the move Revenge as his Egg move.

And then there is a male Venonat who had been abandoned by his old trainer at some point three years ago who I have no clue who it was so I just call him Radar because with out his Foresight I would have never got out of the basement since it was like a maze down there. Radar also has the moves Tackle, Disable, and Psychic. Don’t ask how but I got lost down in the basement and just found my way back up here today after three long years in that annoying maze.”

“That’s odd I never knew we had a basement before, btw where are your pokemon now? Lady Vulpix asked with concerned.

“Oh they are at the pool area. but anyways they well be happy to know the don’t have to eat Rattata meat any more.” I said with a disgusted face as I got up and took out three food dishes and some pokemon food from one of the cabinets and left the room with the two woman with a surprised look on their faces…

Or at lest I had thought they were Wolfsong and Ly Vulpix as they may have also been just Illusions created by one of the Psychic pokemon in the room but it was hard to tell if they were real or merely just Illusions and if they where I had no clue which pokemon was creating the Illusions .

When I retuned to where I left my pokemon I herd my Lapras saying that she loves and trust me and is willing to put her own life on the line for me.

“That’s so kind of you Nessie, anyways I bought you three some food.

I watched as the three happily ate the pokemon food I took from the Kitchen, after they ate I recalled them and left out the front door and was a little disoriented by the bright sunlight so I had to keep my eyes in a squint until they readjusted to the outside world again, I watch as many the many pokemon around were ether taking or playing as I headed of in a random direction.

Err yeah I know this story sounds a little strange but I need to come up with something to explain why I Disappeared, However the truth is simply I lost access to my old account the day after I adopted my male Venonat.

However I have just now realized that since I sill have the Info on the three I don’t have to restart and I have already talked to both Amy/Wolfsong and Lady Vulpix they said as long as I still had the Info abut them that I can still use the pokemon I had adopted three years ago. And about this and that is why I made reference to them in my part of the story also the reason why I said that they might have been just Illusions in the story is because I have no clue where they are in the Club house at the moment, besides that it adds a bit of mystery to my little part of the story.

Any ways here is the info to my three pokemon here (http://www.geocities.com/ryu_slayer_x/ac_cc.html)

I had Originally adopted Nessie and Primus from the Dragon Tamers Adoption Center version 23 (http://www.pokemasters.net/forums/index.php?topic=17481.msg268962#msg268962) and only Radar was adopted from Pokezoo Adoption Center Version 2 {M.A.: Nala98 /LadyVulpix} (http://www.pokemasters.net/forums/index.php?topic=4832.msg269220#msg269220) (btw Lady Vulpix sorry about the mistake when I said I only adopted them at them all at the Pokezoo.)

~Charles legend

Dark Dragonite
24th March 2006, 08:35 PM
*Walks in slowly, dusting himself off*
Wow, things have changed again around here, then again, I've been gone a long time...too long, I just hope I am able to return with everything intact, I do have my accurate websites.

Lady Vulpix
25th March 2006, 08:42 AM
Wow! Welcome back, Steve! Long time no see!

Actually the last time I saw you post, it was an incomprehensible message at the Breeding Center. I still don't know what that meant, but it's good to have you back. How are your pokemon doing?

Dark Dragonite
25th March 2006, 10:07 AM
They are well, thank goodness, I can't even find that post, I know a lot of stuff happened around March-April-May of 2005, finally found a more stable home down south...
*releases his pokemon letting them stretch out*
It's great to be back!! :cool2:

28th March 2006, 12:08 AM
Darkfire the half-dead trainer-
I came in and shook myself, tired to the bone. Finally, the house was functioning. I still had paint all over me from all of the work myself and my Pokémon had put into it. I looked around and saw many new faces that I hadn’t seen before. With a sigh I dropped onto the ground, almost at a faint, just wanting to nap before I had to write more. My Pokémon let themselves out, but by then I was already fast asleep.

Radek the Dratini –
Darkfire’s newest Pokémon glanced at her with unease. “Is she alright?” the Poochyena asked, unnerved from our trainer passing out.

“Oh, she’ll be fine.” I said, confidant. I looked around the house for a bit. “I’m going to explore,” I decided out loud and slithered off.

Menos the winged Dratini-
I watched my brother wander before I took to the wait, stretching my wings. I felt as tired as Darkfire, being the only one with wings. We two had been the ones to pain the upper portion of the building as the other Pokémon had been too afraid or to busy with their own chores to aid us. So I had been stuck getting new paint and brushes for myself and Darkfire as well as painting with her.

I glanced over my wings and back with disapproval at the light blue paint covering me. I gave a circle and dove into the pool. I knew I would regret it, but the cold water felt good on my hot, aching body. I hovered, using my wings to keep me still underwater, before I began to swim. Eventually, I surfaced to get some air and sighed. Radek had disappeared already. I prayed he was safe and relaxed, too tired to chase him.

Drystan the Bagon-
I watched the Dratini twins part ways, one heading skyward, the other heading to scout out the building. In truth, I felt half compelled to explore myself. But the urge to train was stronger. Since I had last been here, new techniques were bestowed upon myself as well as an aid to increase the raw power of my assaults. Heading to the training area, I put myself apart from other trainees as to not get in their way. I centered myself before launching a harsh Twister, taking out two targets at once.

Still, I felt unfulfilled in my need to get stronger, faster. I lunged at a new target, shredding it with a Super Fang and freezing its remains before it fell over with Powder Snow. I backed away now and focused on it. A barrage of stars shot forward, pure energy. They bit and cut into my iced-over target until the cover ice was shattered. Then, I finished with multiple Ember attacks until nothing remained of my target. I moved onto the next.

Sige the Trapinch-
I knew where Drystan was going. I wanted to follow, but I remained behind with Kamaria to watch the younger Pokémon. None of them tried to wander off far from Darkfire, but it was amazing how much trouble these children could get into.

Almost fully grown, Matthias toddled to Darkfire and sat by her, waiting for her to wake up. Luca, a bit younger, pounced on Ariane. The two began a scrabbling chasing game that Amaya just had to be a part of. The black Ponyta, the Vulpix with gray tails and rainbow topknot and crystal blue eyes, and the Skitty with a gray tail all chased each other. That is, until Luca saw another Vulpix in the House with a topknot and eyes like his. With a squeaking bark, he bound over to her.

Kamaria, the Poochyena, stayed with the other three as I crept closer to make certain Luca wasn’t about to bother the older Vulpix. Shandar spoke up, then.

“Sige… If you’re going towards the pool…” he hadn’t really wanted to come, not being a social sort. I nodded and carefully collected his back fin in my mouth. I felt ridiculous as I dropped the Magikarp In the pool with Menos, but seeing his thankful glance, I felt better. I then crept back around, watching the large Vulpix pup as he bounced around the other of his species and squeak at her.

Aslan the Eevee-
I bounced around Darkfire’s feet, waiting for her to wake up. But she didn’t. Staryu floated past me, heading to the pool. With a yip, I leapt on top of it. “Ged offa me,” Staryu grumbled, but I knew it didn’t mind.

“Ride!” I begged. It gave a sound like a sigh and carried me. Halfway to the pool, as Staryu stopped to let Sige past with half of the Magikarp in his mouth, I saw a shiny Espeon. With an excited squeal, I got off of Staryu and ran up to her. “Mama!”

28th March 2006, 06:17 PM
Katana's POV

"Are we there yet?" the child asked me as we approached the Eevee House. He gave a long look at the building and lit up. "What's this place?"

"This is the Eevee House. We hang out here sometimes when we're not training," I replied. The others were busy and little Bo was getting bored. And a bored Bo was sometimes a destructive Bo.

Bo laughed loudly and ran into the house as the door opened. I ran behind him, making sure I could keep an eye on him. But I already had lost him. It only took him a couple of seconds to disappear in the crowd. I sighed heavily and started my search for him.

Bo's POV

"Wow. So many strangers," I said to myself as I wandered around the new place. Although it was called the Eevee House, there were so many different Pokemon. No wonder Auntie Katana liked going here. "Maybe my mom's here..."

I heard a sound behind me and turned around to see Auntie Katana standing there with her familar frown. "Don't run off like that, Bo. The team wanted me to look after you," she told me.

I pouted. She wasn't any fun. "Aww..." I was surprised when she nudged me. "Hey!"

"Let's go play," she said warmly. I laughed as she chased me out into the backyard.

28th March 2006, 07:17 PM
(Amy's POV)

I slowly walked into the Eevee House carrying a small brown egg with tan accents. It had been a while scince i was last here becuase my classwork was keeping me busy. Soon my attention was drawn back to the egg that I was carrying. Sounds had started to come from it and it was wobbling back and forth.

I quickly dropped my backpack to the floor and sat down cross-legged in the floor placing the egg on my lap before releasing my team. Ebony and Angel sat down beside me, the egg having sparked their curiosity.

Jasmine, Zale, Sweetie, Zale, Colby, and Sunita headed for the pool. Jasmine flapped her wings to and gathered some altitude before she dove gracefully underwater surfacing behind sunat and playfully splashing her with her wings. I smiled as Sunita began to chase after Jas in a game of water tag.

(Tiny's POV)

I looked around, but didn't see anything that grabbed my interest at the moment. I saw Colby headed over to the pool with a determined expression on his face and i knew who he was looking for. Hmmm.... that wasn't such a bad idea. I immediately turned around and began to see if I could spot Anzu anywhere.

(Sinopa's POV)

I was just looking around, not really heading anywhere in particular when I heard a squeak coming from behind me. I turned around and raised an eyebrow. There running towards me was a vulpix with the same color topknot and eyes as mine, but he had gray chest fur and tails.

When he reached me, I sniffed him curiously. He sniffed back, wagging his tails before licking me on my nose. I was hooked when he did that. Grinning, I gave him a friendly nuzzle, before making a play bow. The vulpix yipped, made a play bow himself, then pounced. I let myself fall to the ground and watched to see what he would do.

(Tiana's POV)

It wasn't long after Amy had released us that i heard a most welcome voice. “Mama!” I looked around and saw Aslan running towards me. A huge smile plastered itself on my face, as I watched him. When he arrived, I nuzzled him before i playfully began to tickle him.

(Angel's POV)

As I watched, a hole appeared in the egg that Amy had on her lap. Amy wouldn't tell us what was in the egg, becuase she said that it was a surprise. She'd had it for a few weeks now, but it wasn't until recently that it even showed signs of hatching.

Slowly, ever so slowly, pieces of the egg shell began to fall away. Then, I could see a beak. It was at that point that Amy began to help the occupant of the egg chip away the remaining shell. Soon, Amy was drying off a pidgey. After checking the gender, Amy announced that it was a girl.

However before she could even think about naming the new team member there was a loud crash that caused the pidgey to squak in surprise and then she sneezed and there was a jet of flames heading my way. Ebony jumped in front of me and took the attack since her ability prevented any damage.

Amy chuckled, well that solves the mystery of her hidden power type. Might as well call you Phoenix. I saw her lift the empty TM box and throw it in a trash can. I looked around and saw that Aiko was no longer a skitty but now a beautiful delcatty.

(Aiko's POV)

I was tired of being treated like a kid. I paced back and forth. How could i get everyone to stop treating me like a kid. Then it hit me. I would evolve. I knew Amy kept a moon stone in her pack. I ran over to it and threw the first box i found over my shoulder. I heard it crash into the ground behind me. There it was! I grabbed the moon stone, and instantly i felt myself changing. Withing a few minutes the glow faded, I was taller, and now instead of pink, my fur was mostly yellow. I purred with delight at my new form.

(Darin's POV)

I headed out into the back yard where the targets were set up. I chose one and began to practice my psychic attack. Once i mastered it, then i would concentrate on my psycho boost attack.

28th March 2006, 08:04 PM
Trey's POV

[color=blue]A lot had changed since I had last came here. I had joined the MTU, and gotten a few new Pokemon. My team seemed to growing stronger every day, though it was obvious that their new techniques had little effect on their overall personality.

The House seemed to have gained a few new faces as well. That was good, you can never have too many friends. I stepped inside, reaching for the six Pokeballs around my waist. The memories came flooding back- the very first time I had set foot in here, I had had only two Pokeballs, fresh from the Adoption Center.Now the team had grown to eight. I released my current six one by one: Cooler, Prophecy, Troit, Charmene, Deo, and Fisticuffs.

Cooler and Prophecy barely acknowledged me, before quickly running outside, making their usual clatter. Fisticuffs had a light in his eye that I had come to realize as his "training" eye. No doubt there were several rocks and trees about to face the wrath of a diligent Tyrogue. Deo rolled off into the house, no doubt looking for someone to talk to (or, to listen...), while Troit oozed off in another direction. Charmene hesitated for a moment, before following after the Grime cautiously, her eyes wide as she looked about.

I smiled and sat down. Things change...but more often than not, they stay the same.

Cooler's POV

Grinning broadly, I pointed to the large lake in the backyard, turning back to Prophecy. She was pretty quick...for a Bagon, and had somehow kept up with me.

"I bet you can't beat me in a race across that lake," I challenged. Prophecy snorted and rolled her eyes.

"The shellfish challenging me to swimming...How original."

"You're just mad 'cuz you know I'll win," I retorted, assuming a proud stance.Prophecy's eyes flashed.

"You would not!"

"Would too!"

Fisticuffs's POV

My initial intention had been to head out into the woods and begin one of my sparring matches. With one of the local Pokemon, if possible, but they weren't always necessary: even a sturdy rock would do to test myself. But once I reached the edge of the wood, I quickly abandoned my plan: from what I could hear, it seemed that there were several others who had beaten me to the punch. It was a big forest, but I preferred sparring in solitude, and Trey had warned us not to stray too far.

Resigned, I wandered over to the edge of the pond and sat, contemplating the ripples in the water. I took a slow breath, relaxing. The breeze was gentle and soothing.

28th March 2006, 09:00 PM
Radek the Dratini-
I soon became bored with the outdoors. Nothing great about it. Soon, though, I heard arguing on the other side of the lake, back toward the Eevee House, and one sounded quite familiar. Darkfire hand Trey had meet up a few days after the incident that took place, and coincidentally, Trey trained the Squirtle I had pranked.

I ducked back underwater and swam swiftly back across the lake until I popped up. Neither Cooler, nor the Bagon he was fighting with seemed to notice me. All the better to pull pranks, my dear. He took a deep breath and released an Ice Beam, freezing Cooler and the Bagon’s feet to the ground. Then I laughed. “Gotch yourself a girlfriend, Cooler? What a beauty!”

Menos the winged Dratini-
A winged Dratini and normal Dratini, both female, began to play a game of chase. I watched until the normal Dratini got a little lost under water and surfaced near me. With a start, I realized this was the Dratini that had helped free Cooler from his ice prison my brother had made. “I never quite got your name,” I spoke softly. Shandar glanced between us, silent.

Aslan the Eevee-
I giggled as mama tickled me. I tried to tickle her back, but she was so big and soft I rubbed against her instead, purring. “Hi mama! Look how big I am!” I said, standing up straight.

Luca the Vulpix-
I nipped at her tails lightly, not a color like mine. Then I darted off of her and stopped. I turned and looked at her, gave a soft yip, and bounced my paws back and forth on the ground in a playbow, waiting for her to chase me.

28th March 2006, 11:18 PM
<My POV>

It had been a while since we had been at the House and I released everyone, to which they went off to do their own thing. I noticed Tarin and Aries sitting off to one side, which Aries consoling Tarin. It was weird seeing them together - brother and sister. And yet, whether by fate or pure luck, they were reunited again. I walked over and bent down in front of Tarin.
"Is there something wrong?"
"It seems like whatever I do, I'm not able to become stronger," she said, almost in a whine. "I practice and practice but nothing ever comes of it."
"Well, that's mostly my fault," I admitted. "I haven't been diligent enough in getting you into battles or training with you but I think I have something to solve that problem."
I stood up and fished in my pocket to produce a Thunder Stone. I laid it in front of Tarin, who was looking at it hungrily.
"You said a Jolteon might be in your future and I got one in case you wanted to evolve sometime soon."
Tarin breathed in and out slowly, staring at the stone. She looked over at Aries, who nodded silently and then back to her ticket toward evolution. She gradually inched her paw forward and then closed her eyes as it finally grazed the stone. Instantly, the Eevee became illuminated in a sea of white and even after shielding their eyes, we could barely see her outline growing and changing into her new form. It felt like a long time but in reality, it was over within a minute. Tarin now looked like a regular Jolteon, but with a green coat.

"The power..." she whispered. "This must be how you felt when you evolved, Aries."
He nuzzled her silently but I knew he was grinning inside. I let them wander off and walked outside towards the rarely used lake. It was bigger than the pool but not used as much as the former, for some odd reason. From a distance, I could see a Squirtle and Bagon playing until a young Dratini sprung up and used Ice Beam on both of them. I shook my head in disgust and turned back to tell one of the trainers that their Pokemon was attacking other Pokemon.

<Aries's POV>

I nuzzled my sister in joy and led her to meet Darin, who for some reason, never met her. I could sense his presence in the backyard and led the way outside. I saw him practice with the outside targets and tried to destroy them with his mind. I moved next to him and nudged him out of his workout so that he could meet Tarin.
"Darin, I would like to introduce Tarin...your Aunt," I said, watching him turn his eyes on the green Jolteon.

<Lee's POV>

I went outside to see if the young Ponyta from before was still there but unfortunately, she wasn't. Instead, I found a young Tyrogue medititating by the pond. His presence was intriuging, as any member of the Tyrogue family rarely frequented the Eevee House, aside from me of course. I strolled down and quietly placed myself in a sitting position, waiting for him to take notice of me.

29th March 2006, 01:06 AM
Katana's POV

Bo's energy seemed to never fade away. Mine, however, was almost completely gone. I slowed down to a stop while still playing tag with him. "Let's take a rest," I told him.

He looked over his shoulder at me and put on a sad face. "But I was having so much fun," he whimpered.

"Aren't you tired or hungry?"

He shook his head and looked toward the pool, his eyes becoming transfixed on a white head bobbing in the water. "I wonder who's that. Is it a Seel or a Dewgong?"

It can't be either of those. They don't have ears like those. Before I could tell him that, he happily ran and launched himself into the air with a loud "Banzai!", landing in the water with a splash. I walked to the edge of the pool and looked at the Eevee with an amused expression.

Dark Dragonite
29th March 2006, 03:05 PM
You'll have to excuse my amateurness, I'm rusty...

(Alucard's POV)
As I sauntered about the house, I noticed all the pokemon, with different colors, some of them born that way, I took a special color juice to be black, but I'm the only non-Dratini born with a wing mutation gene. Feeling out of place, I stuck by my Dad, Mercury, and someone I felt very comfortable with, Nave.

(Nave's POV)
I was relaxing as usual in the shade of Mercury, when Alucard walked over. "How's it goin' kid?" I joked, but he looked lonely, so I put my paws around him, and gave him a big hug. "You're special, you have a gift most Charmanders don't ever get to experience, don't feel down, feel special, because you are."

EDIT: Oh, if anyone needs a Mind Reader TM or has a Castform and wants Weatherball(learns at Lv.30 and changes type based on weather, gets stab) PM me please!!

29th March 2006, 04:31 PM
Prophecy's POV

Out of nowhere, a beam of pure ice blasted out, freezing my legs and the ground into one solid chunk. I immediately began to shiver, feeling the cooling effects on my legs.

A mocking voice called out, "Got ya self a girlfriend there, Cooler? What a beauty!"

Cooler looked at me, his mouth agape and face slightly red. Then, his expression changing to anger, he blasted a stream of warm water from his mouth, weakening the ice enough for him to break free. Being stronger, I took a few quick bites of the ice, my mouth blistering from the cold, before shaking ice shards loose from my own legs.

"Radek!Enough with your jokes!"Cooler cried, looking at the source of the attack: a Dratini, floating in the water.

"Did I interrupt your date or something?" Radek teased, his head bobbing just above the surface of the water.

"With her?!"he cried, shocked.

"With him?!" I shouted at the same moment. Simultaneously, we both launched our own attacks: Cooler fired a Water Gun, while I relied on Aerial Ace. The Dratini ducked his head underwater just in time, before popping up again, laughing.

Fisticuffs' POV
My ears caught the sounds of bones cracking and tendons shifting as someone sat besides me. I opened my eyes and looked. To my surprise, there was a Hitmonlee sitting besides me. I had met few Tyrogues since my time at the Adoption Center, and even less of our evolved brethren. You could imagine my surprise.

I nodded to him, and he returned the acknowledgment. I offered my hand, introducing myself "Nice to meet you. I'm Fisticuffs."

"Lee," he replied, taking my hand. His grip was firm, and I wondered fleetingly whether I could properly learn the form for a Hi Jump Kick from this stranger. What better teacher than a Hitmonlee?

"I had intended to head into the forest to do some training," I explained. "However, when I reached the edge, I found it a bit...crowded. So, I settled for coming here. Might as well train the mind, if not the body. What brings you here?"

29th March 2006, 04:43 PM
Radek the Dratini-

"Nice to see you again too, Cooler," I said, still laughing. Nothing much had changed about the Squirtle other than that he seemed a bit stronger. Perhaps my level. I, on the other hand, had gained a few new attacks since we last met, and a golden key hung around my neck. Not feeling threatened at all, I slipped out of the pond and took a bow to the strange Bagon, flurishing my tail.

"Radek the Devil," I introduced myself. "And I see you already must know Cooler the Charmer. Who might you be, m'lady?" I asked with innocence as if I hadn't pulled my favorite attention-getting stunt. Ice was my favorite element to control.

Darkfire the recovering trainer-
I sat up and collected the children. Kamaria had revived me a little ago and now we were both making certain they didn't go off anywhere. Luca had found a playmate and Aslan had found his mother, leaving the Poochyena and myself with Matt, Amaya, and Ariane.

Suddenly, a trainer, looking upset and grim, stepped into the House. She glanced around before heading over to me. 'Great, what did Radek do now?' I wondered with a sigh. Outloud, I gave a nervous, "Hi?"

Dark Dragonite
29th March 2006, 05:24 PM
I got up from the couch, taking a look at some very sad looking pokémon. "What's wrong guys?" I asked. Then it hit me, most of their siblings and children have been away, and they missed them. I'm sorry guys, I haven't seen many of them around either, like AoD,PMF, MK, Link10, CCC, SoL, QS, E12, EBA, or PP, but on the positive side, Mercury, Alucard, Slowbra, you have a relative here, Jasmine, and hopefully, like we came back, we'll start seeing some more familiar faces.Nave, you remember Aries, right?
I started getting a little bit of smiles out of the group, that was a start for now.

To end any confusion Jasmine is related to all three pokés through Mercury:
Mercury- Dad
Alucard- Brother
Slowbra- Neice

29th March 2006, 07:30 PM
<Lee's POV>

"I thought it would be interesting to meet someone from the same family," I replied. "There's not a lot of Tyrogue around here and I'm the only evolved form that's ever frequented this house so I suppose meeting you would be one of the few chances I would ever get at meeting my own kind."
Fisticuffs looked at the edge of the water without saying another word. An unnatural urge to continue talking rose and I could fight it back.
"So...need someone to spar or train with?"

<My POV>
I walked back into the house, where a number of trainers were congregated. I walked over and they all turned their heads. One girl looked particularly guilty and having a feeling, I walked over to her first.
"Hi?" she said meekly.
"Do you own a young Dratini?" I demanded, which sounded a lot harsher than I intended it to be.
"Yes, why?"
"I saw him freeze a Squirtle and Bagon's feet to the ground, and it didn't look like an accident."
She blanched immediately at the remark and shifted her balance nervously.
"I also heard from my Wartortle that this Dratini used Ice Beam on the same Squirtle before, except then, he froze the Squirtle solid. Now, it didn't seem like he intentionally wanted to hurt his targets but there is a fine line between a fun joke and actual danger. I suggest you try to instill some responsibility in him before another Pokemon attacks him out of anger."

29th March 2006, 08:27 PM

The perfect opportunity. Perhaps now I could perfect that attack..

"I could really use some help with one my attacks, actually..I've been practicing my Hi Jump Kick for a while now, but I can't seem to get enough height with it. It's more of a Jump Kick, actually....it probably has something to do with me not having the springy legs of a Hitmonlee." I pointed at my own, much shorter legs. "You could say that I've got the talent, but not the ability."

Lee nodded slowly, absorbing my words. "Why don't you give me an example?"

I stood, slowly stretching out my legs, which had begun to grow tight after being folded for so long. I assumed a defensive stance, facing an imaginary opponent, then took two steps and leaped, lifting my right leg and keeping my arms close to my body. The kick was good, but it wouldn't have hit much higher than Lee's chest.

Troit's POV

[color=purple] As usual, there were a great number of small, furry Pokemon running here and there. It was a bit annoying, because all that loose hair kept getting caught in my body, causing me to sneeze rather loudly. A stray bit of Delcatty hair got caught and my nose, and my face scrunched up.


Charmene ducked for cover just in time to avoid a large blob of purple goo, which shot from my nose and splattered all over the side of an unsuspecting Golduck.The Golduck turned abruptly, his face turning an alarming shade of green.

"Sorry about that,"I apologized. "The hair-"

The Golduck didn't even respond, making several URK sounds in his throat, before running through a nearby door to be privately sick. I heaved a slow sigh.

"Don't worry about it, Troit," Charmene said reassuringly.


29th March 2006, 08:59 PM
Lily's POV

"Are you sure the others don't need us back home?" Rose asked me as I rested on the couch.

"It's not like we can do much," I reassured her. "We don't have hands or psychic powers. Besides, we did our chores. We deserve a little down time." My head snapped to a Golduck that ran past us with his face green and purple. "Eww..."

"I wonder what happened to that poor guy," Rose said softly.

"Probably got sneezed on by that other poor guy." I pointed to a Grimer that was sneezing up a storm. I jumped down and walked with Rose to him. "Do you have a cold?" I asked him.

"Worse. I think it's allergies," Rose guessed as she waved away a floating piece of fur.

I gasped. "I've never heard of a Pokemon with an allergy to fur!" I watched him sneeze out another glob of purple goo. "My name is Lily and this is Rose. Maybe a little fresh air will help with your allergies."

29th March 2006, 09:19 PM
Troit's POV

I wiped another glob off of my face, inhaling violently as I faced the Bellossom. Most wouldn't have approached a Pokemon who sneezed poison, yet this one had, even though she faced a weakness to it. I had to admire her courage.

"That would probably be a good idea," I said, my nose slightly stuffed. "And I don't if it's an allergy...this has never happened to me before. Most of my team members don't have fur...ACHOO!"

I sneezed again, but this time Charmene anticipated it and shoved a tissue in front of my face at the last minute, saving the grass Pokemon a poison shower. Of course, the tissue was pretty much in ashes as well...

"Thanks," I said gratefully to the Charmander, who smiled, though she stayed behind me, nearly out of view. She was still so shy.

29th March 2006, 10:41 PM
(Sunita's POV)

It wasn't long before I lost Jasmine, so I quickly surfaced. From behind me, I head someone whisper. "I never quite got your name." I turned around to see that it was the winged dratini that i had met a few weeks ago. "My name's Sunita, and you are?" I asked. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Jasmine swimming over to the edge of the pool.

(Sinopa's POV)

The young vulpix nipped at my tails then took off a few feet before stopping, yipping, and making a playbow. I quickly made one myself and wagged my tails before taking off after him.

(Tiana's POV)

I purred happily. "Yes, you've grown." I gave my son a heartfelt nuzzle, and then proceeded to give him a motherly lick on his face.

(Darin's POV)

It wasn't very long after i started practicing on the targets that Dad arrived. There was a green jolteon with him, but my curiousity about who it was was quickly satisified. "Darin, I would like to introduce Tarin...your Aunt." I turned to look at her. "It's nice to meet you." I said, feeling somewhat nervous though i wasn't exactly sure why I was feeling that way. After all, she was family.

(Sweetie's POV)

I was basically floating in the pool, relaxing when I heard someone yell "Bonzai!" I turned to look and the eevee landed with a huge splace just a couple feet in front of me. I gasped because I could see myself in him. THis had to be my son. I slowly swam closer so as not to scare him.

(Aiko's POV)

I stretched, before noticing an itch on my side. I absentmindedly scratched at it with my hind leg, until it stopped itching. Then, I ran off hoping to make some new friends.

Edit: called jasmine sunita x.x

31st March 2006, 09:55 PM
<Lee's POV>

"I see what you mean," I mused. "The height to properly achieve the attack is not where it could be. I wouldn't say that's bad because you're a young Pokemon and being able to do the attack at all is impressive. The truth is that unless you evolve into a Hitmonlee, and by all means what you evolve into is your own choice, you're not going to truly perfect the move. There are moves a lot of Pokemon can learn but if you're not built for it in the right way, it's hard to use it to its upmost potential. For instance, I can use Mach Punch but obviously, my arms were never meant for punching, only for balance. Now, I could practice Mach Punch until I passed out from exhaustion but 90% of the time, a Hitmonchan or someone with quicker arms could pull it off better on the first try.

Now, it seems like I'm saying it's hopeless to even continue trying but of course it's not. Just becase you're not built for it doesn't mean you can't improve upon it. What your problem is that your Hi Jump Kick does look like a Jump Kick. It lacks the height to use it properly and I suggest that you practice limbering your legs a little bit more. Also, you should start it at a run before you jump into the air and kick. I'll give you a demonstration."

Turning towards the nearest tree, I stretched my legs for a few minutes before going at it at a run. Crossing the length with long strides, I pushed my heels into the ground and jumped into the air. Sailing above the branches, I stuck my right foot out and fell diagonally, kicking my foot into the bark. Stopping for a split second, I pushed off with the leg and went into a backflip and landed a few feet from where the tree stood. I turned back to Fisticuffs and gave a shrug.
"It's not going to look like that on the first try but it's basically a bigger version of Jump Kick. Instead of coming from the ground, you attack from the air."

<Tarin's POV>

"It's nice to meet you too," I mumbled.
It felt rather surreal to meet Aries's offspring but I felt satisfied at getting to know him.
"So, it looked like you were practicing your psychic attacks," I commented. "I can say to assume that your father taught you?"

31st March 2006, 10:42 PM
Prophecy's POV

"I would be Prophecy, the-growing-irritated-quickly Bagon. There are ways other than attacks to get one's attention, you know." I said, a little crossly. My feet were still shivering despite being free of the icy prison, but I tried my hardest to ignore it. Rubbing my chafed feet in the presence of these two seemed weak, for some reason. "Maybe next time, you could forget the ice and just stick with shouting."

"Or, I dunno...maybe you could stop breathing," muttered Cooler under his breath. I ignored him, and Radek showed no sign of having heard his remark, thankfully.

"That wouldn't be as fun, though,"Radek protested, the smirk growing on his face. I shot him my best glare. Being around Cooler gives one practice, and I have to say, my glare is getting pretty good.

"Grow up,"I said, before turning my back and heading back into the house. Maybe I would find Charmene...get to know her. After all, she was the only other female on the team, and girls have to stick together.

As I departed, I could hear Cooler chortling. "Don't worry, Radek," I heard him say, "She's like that with everybody. Doesn't know how to lighten up..."


Fisticuffs' POV

I nodded slowly, replaying the image of Lee flying through the air in my mind. What he said made sense:the three evolutions of a Tyrogue evolved with different focuses in mind. Still, a Tyrogue is the base before the branch splits, so to speak, and I was determined to at least perform the move to the best of my ability.

Since height was my problem, perhaps what I needed was a boost. The tree would be a nice springboard, if I could pull it off...Mimicking Lee, I stretched out my legs, limbering up. Then, I charged full-boar at the trunk of a tall oak. Taking smaller steps as I got closer, I leapt, legs prepared to absorb the shock. My right foot struck bark, then my left, but I was already pushing off, trying to force myself higher into the air. Mid-air, I changed my position, spinning about with my right leg extended. The maneuver gave me a bit more height than what I could accomplish on my own.

Unfortunately, I hadn't counted on the spin, and hit the ground off-balance. My foot twisted sideways and I fell on my side, my head a little dizzy and my side a bit sore. Still, I picked myself up quickly, happy with myself. It seemed to be a good enough substitute for height.

Lee nodded slowly, overlooking my fall. "Well, while that does get you higher up in the air, you'll have a hard time landing a hit on your opponent spinning like that. Perhaps you should practice a technique that doesn't require so much movement in mid-air."

"You're probably right," I agreed. "Kicking is quite what I have planned in mind, anyhow, no offense- I want to become a Hitmonchan."

1st April 2006, 12:18 AM
(Actually, Radek is the one who pulled the jokes, the one without wings.)

“Oh,” I sighed. “He’s getting better, trust me. The best you can do is leave him alone, he’s figuring it out on his own. If it will ever get better, it’s because he learns on his own. He hates being corrected. I know it can get near dangerous, but Radek wouldn’t ever do anything that he couldn’t fix if it went wrong.”

I paused, knowing the woman wouldn’t like this. “More than likely he only went after Cooler, who knows Radek’s quirky sense of humor. That is the Squirtle he froze earlier, but now they see eye to eye and Cooler understands Radek’s thinking better.”

Then, to my surprise, my backpack began to shiver. I opened it up and set down the Egg I had received only a while before coming into the house. Within a few minutes, a newly hatched Houndour puppy came out. She looked around, eyes curious, and began to try to walk.

“My life has an odd sense of timing,” I remarked.

Menos the winged Dratini-
“My name is Menos,” I replied, my voice still soft. I used my wings in a steady rhythm to keep myself afloat. “A pleasure to meet you. There are quite a few more Dratinis here than I thought there would be. Even if people do seek us out,” I noted, glancing around the room.

Radek the Dratini-
“Seriously,” I agreed, joining him in a chuckle. “I hate people who can’t take a joke. And tomorrow is the best day of all! April Fool’s Day. O have plaaaans,” I closed my eyes for a moment, just enjoying the places I was going to freeze over. Or cook. Cooking sounded fun.

“So, how is training going? You look stronger.”

Luca the Vulpix-
I grinned as she came at me. I bounced away at a run, starting a game of tag. For a bit, I weaved in and around things, people, and other Pokémon, until I stopped to see if the older Vulpix was still following me.

Aslan the Eevee-
I squirmed a bit as she gave me a lick, remembering my baths. Then, I saw Luca and another Vulpix playing a chasing game around the house. It looked like fun, but for now, I was actually just happy to be with my mom. It had been too long since I had last seen her. Then, I saw a spotted Houndoom walking around. I glanced at Darkfire, who was sitting by a puppy trying to get on its feet.

“Yana,” I called, remembering the name of the puppy’s mother. She stopped and looked at me before coming closer. “Yana!” I encouraged, then looked at Mom when Yana was close enough to hear me. “Mom, Yana’s puppy is here! Can we go see?”

1st April 2006, 01:19 AM
Lily's POV

"Don't worry. A little fresh air is all you need! That and a little sun!" I said cheerfully. I started to walk to the back door and beckoned him to follow. On the way I passed by a Bagon. The Bagon stopped and looked at the Grimer and his Charmander friend. "Hi there. Are you on the same team as these two?" I asked the Bagon.

Bo's POV

I turned around and saw the white Pokemon looking at me in a weird way. It wasn't what I thought she was. She was an Espeon. I remembered to use my manners like the others told me to. "Hello. I'm Bo. It's nice to meet you."

Auntie Katana chuckled as she sat on the edge of the pool. "Bo, you splashed your mother."

"Mother? You're my...mom?" My eyes grew wide with amazement. Then my ears drooped. "Am I in trouble for splashing you?"

1st April 2006, 10:20 AM
Cooler's POV

I swelled with pride at Radek's remark. "That's right," I affirmed," I have gotten stronger."

But was it strong enough? Was it ever? I sighed, and sense of pride within seemed to deflate.

"Well, I suppose I still have a long way to go. But I do seem to have an easier time battling. I think Trey's trying to bring everyone on the team up to speed. What's been going on with you? You seem to have a few more team members than I remember seeing before."

Prophecy's POV

I gave the Bellossom a searching look, before determining that she was alright. In any case, Troit was behind her, along with Charmene.

"Yes, we're all together here," I answered. "I'm Prophecy, the Grimer is Troit, and the Charmander behind him is Charmene. Where are you all going?"

Troit took an almighty sniff before saying, "Outside, all the fur in here is making me sneeze. I think I have allergies."

"Ah, I see."I looked at the Bellossom and smiled. "It was nice to meet you. I'd join you, but I should try to find the last of the team...besides, I'd rather not head out again, right now."

2nd April 2006, 10:53 AM
Radek the Dratini-
“I see you’ve gotten humbler,” I commented, seeing Cooler’s expression go from proud to something akin to sorrow. “Why the long face? And please don’t try to talk philosophy of weak and strong at me, I hate debates,” as I said, this, I started heading inside.

When they got inside, Radek headed over to the pool, deciding it would be a good place for a stretch and a swim. Suddenly, he turned around to say something to Cooler, when his tail smacked into something furry. He looked around, a bit startled, and saw a Delcatty splashing in the pool, coughing.

My battle finished, I went to Darkfire. She was talking to another trainer, but it wasn’t of my concern. I dipped into her bag and found my reward: A Water Stone. I touched it and felt increased power within me, my form changing. Limbs extending. It stopped, and I now had a purple coloring. Annoying. But it could change.

3rd April 2006, 06:22 PM
(Aiko's POV)

I was soaked to the bone, and dripping water with every step I took as i headed back to the Eevee House. My last battle did not go very well as was evident by my current condition. I started to head towards the backyard, but when i was just passing the pool something knocked me over, and I was sent tumbling head over paws. I landed with a huge splash in the pool. I let out a loud yowl of surprise. I splashed about awkwardly a few minutes before making my way over to the edge of the pool When I arrived at the pool’s edge I did my best to get out of the pool. I hadn’t minded water before but now I didn’t like it at all. As soon as i emerged, from the pool, I shook myself dry while hissing my displeasure. Aware that I was getting looks, I took off at an embarrassed run outside..

(Darin's POV)

"So, it looked like you were practicing your psychic attacks, I can say to assume that your father taught you?" Aunt Tarin replied casually. I blushed, but nodded my head. "Yes Ma'am, he did. I'm trying to get better at using the attack. Just curious, but what's it like being a jolteon?" I asked her. "I'm happy I evolved into an espeon but i still find the fact that we have so many possible forms interesting.

(Sunita's POV)

"It's nice to meet you too."I nodded. "You must be an adoptee. I couldn't help noticing your wings. They look nice. I'm captured myself. I guess i just happened to be in the right place at the right time i guess. The main thing that I want is to get stronger." I said with a sad smile. Suddenly, our conversation was interrupted by a splash followed by familiar yowl. I spun around to look.

(Sinopa's POV)

Still wagging my tails, I chased after the younger vulpix. He had a bit of a head start, bue i finally started gaining on him when he stopped.

(Tiana's POV)

I chuckled a little when Aslan squrmed when i licked him. Suddenly he spoke up. Yana,“Yana! Mom, Yana’s puppy is here! Can we go see?” I smiled, knowing that Aslan was a caring pokemon. I nodded my head. "Lead the way, my son."

(Yana's POV)

I had just come back to the Eevee House after a couple days resting at home when i heard someone call my name. I stopped and saw that it was Tiana's son that was calling my name. I started to head towards them when what I heard next caused me to stop. "Mom, Yana’s puppy is here! Can we go see?” I began to look around and sure enough, I saw Darkfire sitting beside my daughter. I quickly ran over, my tail wagging as fast as it could go. When I arrived, I sniffed her gently before giving her a motherly lick.

(Sweetie's POV)

Mother? You're my...mom?" Bo asked before his ears drooped. "Am I in trouble for splashing you?" I chuckled, smiling. "Not this time." I said, with a knowing smile. I swam the remaining distance between the two of us. "So, how have you been and what have you been up to?" I asked him.

(Jovi’s POV)

I looked around but I didn’t see Kawaii anywhere, so I just decided to wander around. As I looked about, I noticed a newborn houndour getting a lot of attention. I decided to take say hello. I stayed for a few minutes before politely excusing myself and heading off for my secret spot. Maybe I would find her there..

(Laila’s POV)

I looked around awkwardly. I hadn’t really gotten to know very many outside of my team. Mainly because I was shy. Sighing again, I looked around for Angel and found her with Amy playing with a baby pidgey. I hurried over as fast as I could go.

(Jasmine’s POV)

I was having fun playing with Sunita when we got separated during our game. When I had surfaced, I noticed that my dad was back! I began swimming over to the edge of the pool. “Dad!” I shouted happily.

4th April 2006, 10:25 PM
Menos the winged Dratini-
I looked at Radek, who was staring after the Delcatty he had knocked into the water. “Radek!” I called, raising me voice so he could hear me. “You could be more considerate.”

“Huh? Yeah, whatever. She walked into me as I was turning around, it’s not my fault, ” he replied, a bit snappy. I sighed, knowing why. He had been blamed so much before.

“You could apologize to her and be polite,” I said, merely suggesting. Radek’s body relaxed and he shrugged again. I turned to the Dratini next to me, Sunita. “That is my twin brother, Radek. A bit of a devil.”

Luca the Vulpix-
The other Vulpix caught up to me and tackled me. I yipped in surpise and rolled over so she rolled off of me. I panted and sat up, my tails wagging excitedly. “I... I’m Luca.” I introduced myself, “Who’re you?”

Anubis (formerly Aslan) the Eevee-
Excited, I took off at a run, heading back to Darkfire. But somehow my legs tangled in my eagerness and I fell forward into a roll, tumbling into Darkfire’s backpack. Stuff broke under my back as an odd feeling came over my body. I sneezed loudly, powder in the air making it hard to breathe. I struggled in her bag until it rolled over and I stumbled back out, walking into mom.

I looked up at her, and found she was smaller than before. Smaller than I was! I blinked rapidly before looking at my large, black paws. I had evolved!

**Anubis has evolved into an Umbreon and learned Hidden Power as well as Luster Purge**

Darker the Houndour-
Bright. It was very bright. I squinted my eyes and looked around. A big thing was rubbing me, making me warm and dry. Then, another big thing came to me, followed by more big things! I yipped softly, and the biggest thing of all came up to me. A smaller pink thing came out of her and rubbed me. It was warm.

I found another pink think, like the big one’s pink thing in my own mouth. Mimicking her, I let my pink thing rub her. Then I began to see things a bit better. The big thing’s colors were dark, like mine. And big lumps covered her like mine. I yipped again, not yet noticing her white spots. The big thing was what I was.

7th April 2006, 04:31 PM
Kawaii's POV

I looked out over the Eevee House, hidden at the secret spot. We've been inactive for so long that it was unbearable. I've gotten bored by all of the things we weren't doing. I turned around and was about to head back home when I saw him. "Hey Jovi. It's been a while since I last saw you."

Bo's POV

"It's been so cool!" I said happily. "Miss Lily's nice, Miss Trinity's a little bossy but she can be nice too, and Uncle Bandit's the best! Last week he showed me how to make farting noises!"

"That's the last time I let that Kecleon babysit him," Auntie Katana groaned.

"I started training a few days ago. Miss Shonta told me that I'm almost ready for my first battle. Isn't that great?"

Lily's POV

We walked outside into the bright sunshine and fresh air. "Now a few minutes out here should do you a lot of good, Troit," I told him. "Unless you're allergic to pollen."

14th April 2006, 05:51 PM
<Lee's POV>

"No, that's fine," I said wryly. "I think they have a better move pool than any other Hitmon evolution. However, I heard that they tire quickly from punching so much. Sort of the same thing with my feet but I don't do it as often. In any case, a Hitmonchan is a fine Pokemon to evolve into. It's been so long since I evolved that I can't remember much about my pre-evolution days but I must've had a good reason to evolve into what I am."

<Tarin's POV>

"Actually" I sniffed, "I just evolved about an hour ago. It's kind of weird getting used to a new body but the power is definitely there. I can't wait to use an electric attack and see what I can really do."

<Drake's POV>

As always, Blade and I were outside, but this time we were talking. I was disappointed in not being able to see Elwing so I instead concentrated on listening to Blade and his numerous problems. What I would give for him to find happiness for the first time in his life but it looked like he would have to wait a while longer.

He continued to talk for a while but eventually stopped and left to work at the bags. I sighed and shuffled away, wondering what I would do today. I then heard the sliding door open and watched a dripping Delcatty walk outside, obviously looking disgruntled.
"Need help drying off?" I called out. "I can generate heat, sort of like a silent heater."

Dark Dragonite
17th April 2006, 03:00 PM
Mercury's POV
I ran over to my daughter, giving her a huge hug, and asking her how she's been. "I'm sorry I haven't been around, but I think that's going to change now, you'll see a lot more of me, and I'll get to watch you grow up." I smiled, knowing this was how it should be.

I had sat down on a very comfortable chair, with my brand new pokemon egg in my lap, about to doze off when I felt it rumble a little. I shot up awake, seeing a crack in the egg. "Already?" I thought, but then it stopped. I reclined back, clutching the egg, telling it to come out when it was ready.

17th April 2006, 09:39 PM
(Tiana the shiny espeon's POV)

I winced as Anubis took a tumble and crashed into Darkfire’s backpack. Suddenly a blinding white glow forced me to shut my eyes. I opened my eyes when I felt something bump into me. It was Anubis, only he wasn’t an Eevee anymore. He had evolved into an umbreon and was blinking in confusion as he looked at me then down at his paws. I walked up beside him and gave him a reassuring nuzzle.

(Aiko's POV)

I was still muttering my displeasure at getting soaked under my breath as I reached the door to the back yard. I tried to open it but slipped in a puddle that I had made. Lashing my tail about, I tried again and this time I managed to open the sliding door.

"Need help drying off?" I heard someone ask. "I can generate heat, sort of like a silent heater." I looked around and saw that the voice belonged to a strong looking Charizard. “Yes, Please.” I replied. “I’ve been soaked for long enough today.”

(Darin's POV)

I listened to Aunt Tarin as she answered my question. I nodded my head in agreement as I somewhat understood where she was coming from. I made a mental note to get Amy to help me find a battle as I just realized that I hadn’t had any since I had evolved.

(Sunita's POV)

“That is my twin brother, Radek. A bit of a devil.” Menos explained. I nodded my head to see that I understood what he was saying. For some reason, I was distracted today but I didn’t understand why. Something was bugging me, but I couldn’t place my tail on it. “Sunita?” I snapped back to the present. “Sorry Menos, I don’t know what’s got into me today. My mind feels like its miles away. My apologies.” I said, blushing.

(Sinopa's POV)

It wasn’t long before I caught up with the young vulpix. By now, we were both panting hard. “I... I’m Luca.” He said, introducing himself, “Who’re you?” “M… My name is… Sinopa.” I answered him..

(Yana's POV)

I slowly wagged my tail as my daughter opened her eyes. I gently licked her again after she licked me. When she yipped, I smiled. “My daughter.” I murmured.

(Sweetie's POV)

I smiled. “That’s great news. I’m sure that you will do great.” I nuzzled him.

(Jovi’s POV)

"Hey Jovi. It's been a while since I last saw you." Kawaii said with a smile. “I know,” I agreed. I hurried over and gave her a nuzzle. “Between Amy being busy with her classwork, and her other jobs around here I’m surprised that the team managed to pry her away.” I saw down beside her as we enjoyed the view. “So what have you all been up to?

(Jasmine’s POV)

Dad ran over to me and scooped me up out of the water with his strong arms. I'm sorry I haven't been around, but I think that's going to change now, you'll see a lot more of me, and I'll get to watch you grow up." He promised. I stretched my wings out in an attempt to hug him back, but they weren’t large enough but I knew he could tell what I was tring. “It’s okay, I’m just glad to see you again.” I said with a smile..

(Zale’s POV)

I slowly limped over to the pool. The burn on my shoulder still throbbing. Nurse Joy had explained to Amy that it was going to take some time to heal, which roughly translated into no battling for a while. Once I reached the pool, I jumped in, the cool water soothing the burn somewhat. I just floated there, and closed my eyes.

18th April 2006, 09:57 AM
Bo's POV

I nuzzled Mom back and looked into her eyes. "Mom, can I go see Dad? Auntie Katana says he's a black Arcanine but I haven't seen him."

Moriko's POV

"Come on, Moriko!" Ali shouted as she dragged me into the Eevee House. "You move like an old woman!"

"What's the rush? This place is interesting but it can't be that interesting," I told her.

"Are you kidding?" She looked around the place. "This place is full of Pokemon for me to spar with! Now you told me that there was a practice room. Where is it?"

I led her down the hall and into a room full of practicing equipment. There was a familiar Pokemon punching the bags. I turned around and started to leave the room but Ali grabbed my arm. "What's the problem, Moriko? Not feeling well?"

"No...it's just..." I glanced at the Scizor again and took a couple more steps, knowing I was stronger than Ali. "I don't want to disturb the guy."

Ali looked at Blade and back to me. "Ah, I see. This guy's a bully, huh? Well, I think he's a pushover!" She let go of my arm and marched up to Blade. "Listen up here, pal! My friend and I are going to be practicing here and we won't take any bull from you! Got that?" I took this as an opportunity to slip out of there and get some fresh air.

Kawaii's POV

"Nothing. And I mean nothing. But Shonta's been freed from a few duties so I guess she'll be training us soon."

Dark Dragonite
18th April 2006, 04:13 PM
I was relaxing when it happened...The new Black juice I had in my pack wasn't zippered, and the top wasn't on well due to my curiosity to it's smell...My new egg jiggled around, as if it knew it was getting into mischief...my Black Juice spilled into the crack in my egg's shell. Instantly, I panicked, would the unborn pokemon be ok, would this affect her in any way? I would soon find out as I saw a beak emerge form the egg, but it wasn't a steel colored beak, it was black, then came the head, body, feet, and lastly, the tail feathers. Her blackened color made her red wings stand out more than usual.
I was relieved she was ok.
"Alright then, I believe you earned your new name, Dark Princess!"
I noticed Princess, my Nidoqueen stared at this new teamate, but she smiled.
I decided that a little thing like her should know how to get around without just hopping around, so I taught her Fly.

Dark Princess's story Begins!!

21st May 2006, 10:12 PM
<Drake's POV>

I moved closer to the Delcatty and concentrated on emitting more heat than usual from my body. In doing so, it also increased the size of my tail flame. I moved the tail around to the front so I wouldn't have to turn my head to talk to her and she nodded gratefully in return.
"So, how did you get wet?" I asked curiously.
She blushed furiously but didn't refuse my question. "Someone or something knocked me into the pool. It wasn't a graceful fall either; more like an awkward dive."
I nodded as she silently shook from the cold. The heat was helping but the wetness still made her shiver.
"You belong to Amy's team, don't you?" I asked, which received a short nod. "Your trainer and my trainer have known each other for years. It's interesting how our teams have never really interacted with each other."

<Lyra's POV>

I noticed Zale was slightly limping from what appeared to be a burn on his shoulder. He silently slipped into the pool and closed his eyes to relax.
"So, my young charge, I suppose that mark was from a battle?" I asked while getting into the pool.
"Yeah, it wasn't an easy one," he replied with his eyes still closed.
"Battles were never meant to be easy. So anyway, how is your daughter doing?"

<Blade's POV>

I sighed happily as I fell into the rhythm of punching the bag methodically, always teetering on the edge of destroying the bag but never following through with it. My relaxing experience soon came to a close however as a Meditite brazenly walked up and gave me the best hardass look she could give.
"Listen up here, pal! My friend and I are going to be practicing here and we won't take any bull from you! Got that?"
I looked behind her but only saw empty space.
"What friend?"
She looked at me quizzically but turned her head to find her friend gone.
"I don't know who you are and I don't know who your friend is but this place is meant to be open to anyone who wants to practice. Far be it from me to act the bully and prevent anyone from doing what they want."

30th June 2006, 01:20 AM
Ali's POV

Moriko and I each took a punching bag and started to practice. I would practice my Dizzy Punch and she would practice her Focus Punch. Every once and a while Moriko would punch a little harder than was necessary. There was something on her mind. "Is there something wrong?" I asked her as I took a break.

"I'm just feeling a little frustrated. I can't get my strength under control. Sometimes I feel weak. Other times it feels like I'm using too much strength. Maybe it's because I'm nervous," she said quietly.

"Nervous? About what, the whole cultist threat?"

"Yeah, and more. That Sableye that tried to take Ken could be just the beginning. I'm just nervous that I'm not strong enough. No, that's not the word. That I'm not skilled enough."

"You really should stop thinking about that and go back to that punching bag. You're good, Moriko. You're really good and should stop doubting yourself." I narrowed my eyes. "You're not thinking about the stronger Pokemon, are you?"

"It's just that they're more experienced and..."

I held up my hand to stop her. "Don't even finish that sentence. You've gotten so good at your battling that one day you'll be able to beat those other Pokemon. Now let's go get something to eat."

Katana's POV

Ken clinged tightly to Shonta's shirt as she tried to put him down. "This is a fun place, Ken. You'll make lots of friends here," Shonta tried to assure him.

"No!" Ken shouted.

Shonta managed to pry him off of her and set him in front of me. At first Ken was peaceful about it. As soon as she left, however, all hell broke loose. Ken started to cry and scream at the top of his lungs. Every time I tried to get near him, he squirted water in my face. This kid really hates me.

30th June 2006, 02:39 PM
[Tara's POV]

For the umpteenth time, I once again made my way to the good 'ol Eevee House. It had been a very long time since my last visit. Probably close to a year! Tons of stuff has happened to me since then. Good stuff and bad stuff.

I looked to my left side. Striding proudly at my hip was my beloved and devoted Umbreon with blue eyes. Christian. The sun beat down on his black fur, casting a blinding glisten. His muscles rippled beneath his skin as he walked. Though he was my own, he was an impressive looking creature.

The rest of my team were awaiting the arrival inside their Pokeballs. Each one wanted to walk outside, but I didn't want to catch attention if we arrived in such a huge number. Christian and I would make our way in an invite the rest out when it was time.

Finally, the Eevee House was in sight. My Umbreon began to purr loudly and invited me to run with him. So I did. And together we went inside to the familiar sights and sounds. Memories suddenly began flowing through our minds. I sure hoped I would see some of my old friends.

7th July 2006, 03:31 AM
Sorry that i havent' posted in a while. I was busy. Then when things slowed down i got hit with a case of insominia and didn't feel like posting. Still can't sleep, but I got enough rest that I finally feel up to posting and all. It's after 3 am where i am and still can't sleep but at least i got enough yesterday to actually feel like doing some things i needed to do.

(Amy's POV)

I kinda stayed out of the way. I hadn't been sleeping too well lately and this was the first time in a while I felt like venturing out. Even a mild case of Insominia can be a major pain sometimes. I sighed, and lowered myself to the floor.

(Sweetie's POV)

When Bo asked if he could see his dad, I nodded my head yes. "Sure." I told him as I looked around the interior of the Eevee House. I didn't see Blazer anywhere inside, so I figured that he was probably outside in the backyard practicing on the targets. I stood up, took a couple steps, then stopped and waited for Bo to catch up.

(Jovi's POV)

I chuckled. "I kind of know what you mean." I pawed nervously at the ground. "If i can talk Amy into it, I would like to challenge one of the gyms," I kinda whispered. "Although it would probably be a good idea to do a little more training before I tried something like that. I'm not anywhere near as strong as Dad is.

(Aiko's POV)

"Thanks." I whispered. "My name's Aiko." I said still a little unsure of how to proceed. Then, my curiosity got the best of me. "Cool. Do you have any stories you could tell me?" I asked, my tail flicking from side to side as i sat down in front of me.

(Zale's POV)

I hadn't been in the pool for very long when i heard a familiar voice. I quickly answered Lyra's question without even opening my eyes. The battle with the houndor had been tough and I wasn't afraid to admit it. The burn was slowly but surely healing. However, when Lyra mentioned Angel, I couldn't help but smile as i opened my eyes. Smiling, I looked over at Lyra. "She's doing great." I chuckled to myself. "I'm not sure who has more energy Angel or Aiko. Those two are always playing together and they've even taking a liking to Phoenix." I sighed. "Of course, Angel still wants to battle outside the battle tower. I understand that she needs to in order to become an even better battler, I jsut don't want to see her get hurt. If something happened to her, I don't know what i would do." I admitted. Speaking of Angel, she had spotted us and had come running over to the pool.

16th July 2006, 09:51 PM
<Drake's POV>

As I looked at Aiko, I didn't realize until now that she wasn't much older than Elwing - perhaps even younger. It also didn't even seem like she was paying attention as she asked me if I had any stories to tell.
"I'm sorry, nothing is coming to mind," I said and shook my head.
The only interesting story I could tell was about Blade's past but I don't think it was the time or place to talk about his past. Besides, he probably wouldn't appreciate it much anyway.

We sat there awkwardly in silence for a few more minutes before I could tell that she was mostly dry.
"Well, I think that about does it," I remarked and stood up. "It was nice meeting you."

<Lyra's POV>
"Zale, we've talked about this before," I quietly whispered as Angel came over. "Trained Pokemon need to learn how to battle in the wild eventually and it's best to do it when they're young. Besides, you were around her age when you first started training in the wild."
I turned away to greet Angel as she came to the edge of the pool.
"Angel, join us for a swim," I offered. "As usual, the water is the perfect temperature for swimming."

17th July 2006, 12:22 PM
I walked into the Eevee House prepared for the worst... Yet again, I had been away for a very long time. But this time, I really screwed up. I walked over to a couch and sat down. I looked to my Taillow and Jigglypuff and started to cry.

I had barely ever seen Patrick cry before... I claimed onto the couch and started to comfort him, motioning for Swoop to do the same.
"You're all that's left... Everyone else is gone..." he cried. I hugged him and said, "It's okay. At least you aren't alone... Me and Swoop are here."

(Sorry about the short post. I just needed to post here very badly :P)

17th July 2006, 02:23 PM
[Tara's POV]

I had been sitting on one of the sofas for quite sometime and played a little game with myself. I wondered if Amy would recognize me. She had come into the House and was going about normally, but didn't seem to see me. I waited a few more minutes and couldn't stand it any longer. I had to go and say hello to her.

I signaled to Christian to follow me. We walked together over to where Amy was. I tapped her on her shoulder. When she turned around, I smiled, waved, and said, "Surprise. We're visiting for a few days. How are ya?"

[Christian's POV]

Amy had grown up. We hadn't seen her in what seemed like a year at least. Close to it in any case. I sat between the two chatting girls, just sitting and listening. It was fun to hear what they had to say to each other. They often revisited memories of past battles and important happenings. It was really good to be back home.

18th July 2006, 05:51 PM
I finally decided it was okay for my to adopt another Pokemon. I went to the PokeZoo Adoption Center and adopted a young Miltank. I named her Latte. But she still didn't fill the hole in my heart. Twelve lonely Pokemon alone out there, with no trainer to help them. Well, I wasn't sure which would be worse to me, them having a new trainer that wasn't me, or them having no trainer at all... No. That was wrong of me to think that having a different trainer would be worse for them. As it was, having fourteen adopted Pokemon relying on me was a bit overwhelming. I clung to Swoop, one of the two Pokemon I had found... Well, that Shonta had found. When I came back to the Adoption Center in tears, she found them and gave them back to me. I guess it was Swoop first instinct to, once I was gone, find her.

<Female Miltank>
I hadn't been with Patrick for long, but I could tell he had a lot of emotional baggage to deal with. I knew it would be hard for him to deal with for now. Broadway turned to me and said, "Let's give him some space. This is a hard time for him." I listened to her since she knew Patrick a lot better than I did. Just as we started to walk away, the door opened, and Broadway's eyes flashed with recognition...

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