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18th July 2006, 06:34 PM
Lily's POV

"It's a good thing I found you three. This trainer came to the Eevee House looking pretty sad. I recognized him, so I went looking for you," I said to the Mareep, Seel, and Houndour.

The Mareep stopped in her tracks. "You found Patrick?" she asked me breathlessly.

I nodded. "He should still be there."

The three Pokemon took off and burst through the door of the Eevee House. I ran after them and peeked in there to find them gathered around Patrick. I noticed that Swoop was already there and waved to her. "It's nice to see you again!" I told her.

It took her a while for her to recognize me. "Lily? You evolved! Congrats!"

Bo's POV

I returned after a few days of adventure and training. Mom would freak out when she saw what I looked like. I saw Ken crying while Auntie Katana trying to calm him down. "Ken! Over here!" I yelled.

Ken glanced at me and immediately stopped crying. "BO!" he yelled as he ran and hugged me. He grabbed hold of my tail and followed me outside to find my mom.

18th July 2006, 09:37 PM
(Thank you :))

<Female Houndour>

A Bellossom named Lily led me in to the Eevee House with Mittens to my left and Sapphire to my right. "You found Patrick?" Mittens asked, the happiest I had seen her in a very long time... I was ecstatic, too. Sapphire had the same lifeless look in her eyes that she had been wearing for a while, but she was almost smiling... Almost. "He should still be here." We walked in. I saw Patrick immediately, clinging to Swoop. Swoop saw us and wiggled herself away from him. I ran over and jumped in his lap, and started licking his face. Mittens climbed onto the couch next to us with Sapphire's help and Sapphire jumped up onto the arm of the plush blue seating receptacle. "How did you find me?" Patrick choked through his tears. "We didn't find you, Lily did." Sapphire said. Patrick closed his eyes smiling. "Shonta's Bellossom. It seems like I owe Shonta a lot right now." I smiled. I wasn't much for speaking.

<Female Seel>

"So, do you know where the others are?" Patrick asked. "Not specifically. After you left, we broke into groups to look for you. Swoop and Broadway were one, but it looks like you've found them. Obviously, Mittens, Dobie, and myself went together... Typar, Campbelle, Jessie, and Remy went in one direction, Zen and Sphear went somewhere... Birostrisia decided to go off on her own, but I doubt she could have gotten far in that little glorified fishbowl..." Patrick laughed. He liked to invent things to make our lives easier now and then, but the only thing that ended up really working was a clear rolling bowl filled with water. It had three wheels, in a triangular formation, on a flattened bottom, and the wheels basically sensed which way she was trying to swim and rolled in that direction. "...and that just leaves Adamantia and Archae." Patrick struck a weird face. "That's an interesting pairing..." He laughed. "Well, we figured they were the best for eachother since Archae is to sane for his own good and Adamantia is far too paranoid. You should have heard her ranting... 'I knew he would leave us! Trainers always leave! It's a fact of life! It just... happens!' Well, anyway..." I then jumped practically three feet. "Nobody went that far, only us, Swoop, Broadway, and Remy's group left the Eevee House, and even then they didn't go that far!" That got Patrick's attention. He ran over to Swoop, who was catching up with her friend Lily, and frantically asked her to find Remy's group. Then I realized something and ran over to him. "Uh, there's one problem. Remy has something with him... The Eevee egg you asked him to take care of." Patrick's face dropped. A trainer could only take care of 15 pokemon registered with Dragon Tamers, and his recent adoption of Latte, a Miltank was 16. He forgot about the egg. "I'm sure we could do something" I said. "No... This is horrible. I can't abandon someone... But I can't leave the Eevee egg..." Mittens over heard us and walked over. "Well, here's an idea... Is there a trainer who needs a pokemon?" Mittens asked Patrick. "Probably... But why?" He reponded. "I think you should let me be adopted by another trainer. Sometimes I just don't feel like I get enough attention... I know, I like attention. But I should be handled by a trainer who can focus more on me..." Patrick looked shocked for a second and the sighed. "You're right. I haven't been the best trainer for you... I'd give you to Shonta, but she has 15... I know who. I've only met her a few times, but she'll love you. I can see if she's interested. Meanwhile, try and find everyone here. And, Swoop, please try and find Remy and the egg." Patrick walked out the door, very sullen, but I could tell he knew it was for the best.

(OOC: I'm planning on giving Mittens to Bison Woes if she'll accept. I can't believe I'm this stupid o.o; I only figured this out while reading Remy's and Adamantia's POV's in the Eevee house from a while ago.)

Bison Woes
18th July 2006, 10:01 PM
I had never stepped foot into this place and didn't think I would for a long while. Looking around, I was surprised at the cleaniness of the place, given that dozens of Pokemon had to run around here. I hadn't come here for the mere fact that Zuko and Toph were incredibly anti-social. Momo was the one who would dash around with people while Hei-Bai sometimes liked to be alone.
However, the note I had received couldn't be just thrown away.
Momo's nose twitched furiously before he dashed off to some unknown corner. I stood awkwardly in the middle with Zuko and Toph, wondering where Kevvaelli was. Toph crossed her arms across her chest, leaning on my leg. She gave me a look that was unreadable but I seemed to understand anyways. Zuko looked around, hackles raised slightly at the amount of Pokemon running around. He wasn't a very big Pokemon-guy.
I saw Hei-Bai out of the corner of my eye, wondering around outside and grazing. That was all he ever did but iI didn't mind as much. I absentmindedly scratched Zuko behind his ears, listening to him grunt in appreciation.
Momo finally reappeared, eyes wide in excitement. His tail twitched as he bounded around a Mareep, making me roll my eyes. No more sugar for him.

18th July 2006, 10:19 PM
(OOC: You can refer to me as Patrick. What should I refer to you as?)

The trainer I invited to adopt Mittens showed up. "You know this is for the best..." Mittens said to me as an extremely hyper Raichu bounced around. I walked over to the trainer. "Hi. I'm Patrick. Since you're here, I guess you accepted my invitation to adopt my Mareep..." I started to tear up. Dobie walked over a rubbed up against my leg. She was shy most of the time, but she stared it this trainer with a smile. Dobie looked sad that Mittens would be adopted, but I knew she could get through it. Dobie seemed weak and sensitive, but would I be a good trainer if I didn't know my Houndour's true strength? Well, I was planning a surprise for her that would cheer her right up... Back to Mittens.

<Female Mareep>
"Dobie, I'm sorry." I sniffed. She nodded like she understood, so I decided she did. "You know we'll stay friends, we don't have to have the same trainer. Look at Swoop and Lily... Their friendship lasted through the adoption." We hugged as best as two four-legged beings can, by resting our heads on eachother's body. I then nuzzled Patrick and walked over to my new trainer. "My name is Mittens. I am a level five female Mareep with Static. I know Tackle, Growl, and Charge. There are a few papers you need to sign, so bring me to Gabi at the Dragon Tamers Adoption Center and sign the papers so that she can verify the adoption and keep her mental record up to date. Patrick already signed his share." My new trainer seemed a bit surprised that I took charge so quickly, but I knew we would get along just fine... "Goodbye." Dobie whispered, the first words I ever heard her say since I met her.

Bison Woes
18th July 2006, 10:47 PM
(I'm just called Bison XD)

"Momo, calm down, please," I said, trying to set him still for a moment. He twitched as he sat still, tail quivering like a cat's. "Sorry about him. He had sugar."
Toph rolled her eyes, leaning against my leg even harder.
"Yeah, I got your note," I said, trying to not sound awkward. "So, you're Mittens?" I asked, kneeling down more to get Toph off of my leg. It surprised me on how fast she took charge, even with Patrick still besides us. I just nodded at her request, knowing there were other things that needed to be done. Nothing was ever really easy anymore. I stood back as Mittens and the Houndour said goodbye, trying to not intrude. Zuko was watching the Houndour with a wary look, almost judging to see if she was an opponent. I shook my head at him, earning a smart look. We walked out, Hei-Bai joining us outside, when she said 'goodbye' and I mentally made myself promise to come back here more often. I gave her a rub behind the ears to help cheer her up a bit as we went to the Adoption Center to sign forms.
Until I realized that Momo was still sitting on the floor in the Eevee House, quivering.
Toph went back in and grabbed him, rolling her eyes again while I shook my head and continued.

19th July 2006, 03:29 PM
<Male Squirtle>

Water. Water is the most peaceful thing I know. Molecules of hydrogen and oxygen bonding to create a beautiful blue liquid. The top struggles to stay together when a heavier object treads upon it, but with peace comes easy destruction. But soon the peace is reforged. As I hope my team will be soon. While I sat upon the bottom of the pool at the Eevee House meditating, I felt a trail of tiny bubbles on my face. I opened my eyes to see Sphear swimming around me frantically. Or was it exuberantly? I get those two emotions mixed up sometimes in my timid friend. I followed him to the top of the pool, swimming swiftly. When I wasn't in meditation, my breath didn't last as long. Another case of peace being disturbed. As soon as we got to the top, I saw her. The Jigglypuff whom I had known for a very long time now... Broadway. She said something, but her words confused me in a way so outlandish that I asked her to repeat herself. "Patrick's back!" She shouted. I cringed at the pitch of her voice. It took me a second to remember who she was talking about. Patrick, the trainer who adopted me so many years ago. Patrick, the friend who was always with me when I needed someone. Patrick... He who left me. I didn't understand why; I'm not sure he understood himself why. Either way, I followed her to the couch colored the same as water. Dobie rested on his lap. They moth looked very sullen... So Dobie, Sapphire, and Mittens returned, too. I saw Sapphire, across the room talking to Lily, a Bellossom. Swoop, who was with Broadway, wasn't near, but Broadway told my she was finding Campbelle, Remy, Jessie, Typar, and the egg. I sighed at the mention of Typar, he who destroys the peace I strive to create... But where was Mittens? I asked Broadway and she looked down. "She has a new trainer." My mouth dropped in disbelief. Sphear asked what I was thinking. "Patrick abandoned Mittens?" "No, she asked to be given to another trainer. Her new trainer's name is Bison. She's new." Broadway answered. I looked to Patrick and Dobie again. So that's why they were sullen. Dobie and Mittens were very close. I walked over to them and climbed onto the couch, my favorite in the house. "It's okay. I'm sure giving Mittens to a new trainer was for the best. Life goes on, and anything you can do to make ife more comfortable for someone who needs it is something worth doing." I could tell that was something I needed to say. Patrick reached his nearest arm around me and hugged me. I saw a Miltank walk over and stand in front of us. "I'm sorry." She said, genuinely upset. Patrick looked up and wiped his eyes. He called over Sphear and Sapphire. "Guys, this is Latte. I adopted her." Patrick introduced. I shook her hand. "I'm Zen." I looked at Dobie. She was furious...

I <3 hexadecimals. I found the perfect color for Zen :) This is definitely my favorite PoV I've ever done. I was almost squealing when I was writing the beginning XD

20th January 2007, 03:15 PM
Sorry i haven't been here in a while but rl has been keeping me busy.n Sorry if it is short

(Amy's POV)

I walked into the house after a long abscence. It wasn't as busy as it had been in the past. I walked over to one of the sofas and released my team.

(Angel's POV)

I didn't see anyone I knew so I made my way over to the pool and looked for Aunt Lyra. "Aunt Lyra are you here?" I called out. When i didn't see her I jumped in. I had gotten better at swimming and i wanted to show her. "Looking good Angel." I heard dad call out before he was pushed into the pool by Aunt Tiana. He gave her a fake glare before bursting out laughing.

(Tiana's POV)

I couldn't resist pushing Zale into the pool and the look on his face had me chuckling. I was still wary from about it since i had almsot drowned when i was younger. I thought i saw Cloud and I blushed before I realized it. I made my way outside over to a spot away from everyone. I was more tired than usual lately.

(Hinto's Pov)

I was outside in the form of a houndoom watching Phoenix as she tried to fly. she was basically hopping around flapping her wings. She was still so young that it was amusing to watch. I was a new member to the team but i had quickly grown attached to the young pidgey.

(Sugar's POV)

I couldn't believe that I was in this bad of a predicament. I had missed Jesse so much that i had gone out to try and find him. Instead i never saw him and then came across a handsome Umbreon and he must have used attract becuase the next thing i knew i had woken up next to him the very next morning. Placing a paw protectively on her belly. "It's not your fault." she wispered. Jesse is going to hate me if i ever see him again.

Looking aorund to make sure no one was following her before she slowly made her way over to a mirror. "Girl, enjoy you're figure while you can. It'll be a while before you get it back." I whispered to myself before i took off in an attempt to dash outside. however, I crashed into someone.

(Darin's POV)

I was puzzled. I could sense something was different about Sugar but i didn't know what it was. It was bugging me that i couldn't figure it out. Maybe Dad could help. I took off looking for him

The Blue Avenger
21st January 2007, 11:29 PM
With the recent catastrophic events happening around the region, we hadn't found much time to kick back and relax. However, with most of the problems quelled for the moment, we had decided to take a trip to the Eevee House in hopes of catching up with friends. Most of the team filed into the building, with the exception of me and Mercandos, who stayed outside to enjoy the fresh air, Groviglio, who didn't want to go inside because of his new form, and Jeff and Maza, who were still at the Guild. As I watched the rest of the team go inside, I noticed that 99 was still adjusting to being a PorygonZ. Additionally, Kiva was walking kinda funny, but she also looked like she was trying to hide it. I made a mental note to ask her if she hurt her leg later.

"The weather girl lied!"

"What?" I asked, turning to Mercandos.

"She lied! She said, with a smile, that it would rain today!" Mercandos scowled, flexing his hand seemingly unconsciously. "Look at it! It's as dry as a bone! I want my rain!"

"Deal with it, spaz," Groviglio called from his position (barely) under a tree. "Most people would like a day of sun now and then."

Mercandos frowned. "Hmph," he snorted. "Still."

"Man, what's wrong today?" I asked him quietly, pointedly ignoring Groviglio. "You're never this... eh... bizarre."

"I suppose I'm just really out of it," Mercandos sighed. "So much has happened. I just wanted a nice, quiet day of introspection. But no. We're here. If the weather girl hadn't LIED, we might - "

"Never mind," I replied, rolling my eyes. "I'll see you two later." With that, I floated away from the pair and around to the back of the building.

29th January 2007, 06:16 PM
[Meowth_Kitten's POV]

Having settled nicely in my new home with my new husband, I decided to pay the Eevee House another visit. My last one had gone all wrong. I had showed up at the wrong time, no one was there! So I could only hope that this time might pay off by seeing a familiar face or two. I gathered my team in a group and shared the news with them. They were extatic. I offered for my love, Nick, to come along and meet my old friends, but he had politely refused; he had alot of work to do. I smiled and laughed to myself, gathering my pack together.

I recalled each of my friends except for BlueShadow, Christian, and Jesse. The blue-eyed Umbreon and fuzzy Flareon excitedly jumped on my naturally sky blue colored Dragonite's back and waited for me to join them. As soon as we were all situated, BlueShadow wasted no time in throwing us into the waiting sky. His wings were ever so powerful, ripping with muscle. Within what felt like several minutes, we had arrived at our destination.

Without even being called out, everyone one of my team who were in their pokeballs ran towards the beloved Eevee House. I followed them with as much excitement. I hoped I wouldn't miss everyone this time.

[Jesse's POV]

I was excited to see my dearest Jolteon love, Sugar. But there was something in the air that seemed different. I could smell a special scent in the air that was linked to my Sugar. I didn't know if Sugar was here or not, but I knew she had been recently. I could smell excitement in that scent as well as nervousness. My heart skipped a beat when I realized what that particular scent was. At first I felt anger. But then I told myself that something must have come up and that I had been gone for a long time. It certainly would not have been fair for me to expect Sugar to go without any love. She had every right in the would to move on from our relationship and I promised myself that I would not stand in her way if that was the path she chose. I just hoped that she would never forget Torrey and the fact that he is a Mommy's Boy. I sighed and waited patiently for the moment when I would see Sugar for the first time in what felt like ages.

31st January 2007, 03:41 PM
Sorry its short but i have to leave for work soon.

(Sugar's POV)

Quickly mumbling an apology to whoever i ran into without bothering to look off i quickly headed outside. However, I hadn't gotten far when a familiar scent caught my nose. My heart went from excited to sad within a few seconds. I just knew that he wasn't gonna be happy with me. My ears went down as i debatied to go over or head outside. My worries won out and I slowly headed outside. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw that Jesse saw me as I headed outside. I kinda hoped that he would follow me out but i wasn't sure.

(My POV)

I waved over at M_K. It had been forever since i had last seen her. I couldn't wait to hear what all she had to say. Sinopa jumped on my lap and nervously watched from her spot on my lap.

31st January 2007, 03:58 PM
[Jesse's POV]

I was sitting patiently, waiting for a special moment to arrive. I began to hear the soft pad of paws over the rumble of various voices throughout the Eevee House. My eyes followed my ears just in time to catch the beautiful Jolteon I was looking for slip through the door to the outside world. She was looking in my direction as she left, but lowered her eyes as soon as she saw my own looking at her.

My heart began to pound once more. I tried to calm it by taking deep breaths. I tossed around the idea of asking my dad about it, but decided that this situation was best left between myself, Sugar, and the mysterious Pokemon father involved.

I once more took in a deep, calming breath and stood up. I walked to the edge of the pool and looked into the reflection staring back at me. I attempted to smooth down my fuzzy tuft of fur on my head, my mane, and my tail. I wanted to look somewhat presentable. But most of all, I straightened the leather collar wrapped around my neck, a loving gift from Sugar herself. After a few minutes, I decided I was ready.

I made my way outside and spotted Sugar sitting by herself under a shade tree. Once I reached her side, I sat down and liked her cheek. She didn't react, just blinked back what looked like tears.

I smiled. "Hello Beautiful. It's been awhile." I didn't know what her reaction would be, but I hoped for the outcome that would be best for us both. I continued to smile at her, just looking into her eyes.

[My POV]

I spotted Amy and returned her wave. I made my way towards her and greeted her with a hug.

"Hi!! Wow, how long has it been this time? How's school been going? How have your teams been doing?"

Just then, a beautiful Vulpix with rainbow colored fur and gorgeous eyes jumped up into Amy's lap. She looked nervous, so I spoke with a soft voice.

"Oh my, who is this pretty little girl? Hello there, little Vulpix." I smiled at the Vulpix staring up at me with curious, nervous eye.

After several minutes of chat, my blue-eyed Umbreon, Christian, pushed his way into the middle of our little group. He purred loudly, sniffing noses with Sinopa. He wiggled happily before pushing his soft and fuzzy face into Amy's hand, his way of greeting her and asking for cuddles. To Amy's Vulpix, he gently and calmly said, "Hi. I'm Christian."

1st February 2007, 10:19 PM
(Sugar's POV)

I was relieved when Jesse came out a few minutes later. I couldn't help but blink back tears when he licked my cheek. "Hello Beautiful. It's been awhile." I buried my head deep into his mane before taking a deep breath. Then, without removing my head from his mane i blurted out the entire story about how i had gone out in search of him. I couldn't help but stiffening when i told him about running into the umby and trying to get away before i didn't remember anything until the next morning when i woke up alone. I stiffened up and couldn't help but dread what his reaction would be. I could feel the tears falling down my face again

(My POV)

M_K, this is Sinopa. We rescued her from Team Rocket a while back. I quickly related her story, comforting the vulpix when the talk about the too small cage came up. She's working on getting over her fears but it is going to take a long time.

After a few minutes, Sinopa finally gathered her courage up and jumped into M_K's lap. She gave a small smile at Christian. When he pushed his head into my hand, i qucikly pulled him closer too me and began scratching him between his ears.

Lady Vulpix
3rd February 2007, 02:56 PM
<Pidgeot's POV>

It had been a while since we'd last been here. I headed straight to the pool as I used to, carrying Water Angel's pokeball in my claw, and released her into the water. She dived in and emerged with a smile.

<Water Angel's POV>

"Thanks, I needed that," I said. "Come in, the water's nice."

Pidgeot looked around, but then shrugged and walked into the swimming pool. His feathers fluffed up upon contact with the water, before going back to normal.

<Pidgeot's POV>

Water Angel kept smiling as she looked at me. I knew I'd look even funnier once I came out, but luckily Tsunami wasn't around to mock me. "Who cares anyway?," I thought. I sank my head into the water for a moment. It felt warm now. As I came out, I felt a tickle in my belly. I looked down to encounter Water Angel's tail.

"Alright, two can play the same game!," I announced, fluttering my wings against her.

She laughed. It was a sweet and crystalline laughter, and I felt relieved somehow. I didn't know what had led me to make the decision today, but I could now see it was a good one. It was high time I stopped caring about what others said. I hugged her and rested my head against her, and she leaned on me in turn.

"I can't remember ever feeling better," I told her.
"I'm glad to hear that," she said. And, to my surprise, added: "It was high time."

3rd February 2007, 06:11 PM
[Jesse's POV]

I listened in silence as Sugar explained to me her story of horror. I felt boiling anger at first, but then I felt emense sadness when she was finished. I took in a deep breath in an attempt at calming my pounding heart. I didn't want Sugar to hear it. I pulled away from her to look into her red, watery eyes. I wiped her tears and face dry. Then, in the most soothing voice I could muster:

"It's okay."

Sugar looked at me with a puzzled look.

"You're not... mad at me?"

"No. Not at all. If anything, I could not be more pleased with you. After that kind of trauma and being willing to give birth and raise this pup, how could I possibly be angry with you? It wasn't your fault. There was nothing you or anyone could have done. You're my girl, Sugar, and if you wish, I will happily father this pup, as I am sure the rest of your teammates will, too. This pup will have the biggest family a Pokemon has ever had."

I smiled at Sugar. She seemed too shocked to speak, so I let it at that. Then I decided to ask her:

"So... When is it due, Love?"

My heart soared when Sugar's shocked face turned into happiness full of motherly love.

[My POV]

"Wow, what a story. She's one of a kind!"

I was pleased to then see Sinopa jump into my lap. I moved slowly, so not to startle her, and rubbed all around her ears, neck, and shoulders.

"There, that should help any tention you have built up, Sinopa, a mini massage."

I laughed as Christian got a jealous looked on his face and playfully wined at Amy to continue rubbing him.

"Hah, Christian is an attention seeker, isn't he?"

[BlueShadow's POV]

Where was my dad? I had looked everywhere for him. Maybe he was outside or something. Oh well, I thought. I'd catch up with him sooner or later.

I grinned happily when I spotted MK and Amy chatting together. Christian and a little Vulpix were with them. I decided to bring back the old days and sneek up on Amy.

Once I was behind her, I wrapped my arms around her and picked her up into the air and spun her around in circles! When I was satisfied with her startled yelps, I sat her back down.

"Hello, Amy!!!" I greeted her happily.

Lady Vulpix
3rd February 2007, 06:29 PM
<Water Angel's POV>

"I think we've arrived at a bad time," I said, turning to look at Jesse and Sugar. I felt like I was interrupting something VERY private.
"Don't look," Pidgeot told me. "She'll be fine, he's taking care of her. We should leave them alone."

I swam in silence for a while. I needed to stretch my muscles. BlueShadow's cheerful greeting made me turn to look. It was a nice surprise to see him. And even if it was Amy he was greeting, I had to say hello to him.

"BlueShadow?," I said. "Wow, look at you! You're huge! Of course, it's been such a long time... Lagi was here a few days ago, she would have loved to see you. I'm sure she'd love to see you now."

Charles Legend
31st March 2007, 04:34 PM
Charles Legends' Pov
I let out my Nessie my female Lapras and Amy my Minun...
"Girls I have a Present for each of you....

I feed Nessie a small Azure colored Candy that read "TM Sheer Cold" the size of a berry which I acquired from Darkfire, after she Chewed and Swallowed it she Glowed with an aura of ice Energy around her body then shoot out a narrow blast of cold air that hit a random Magikarp in the pool and not only froze it but also Technicality Knocked it out as well.

I then feed Amy a yellow candy that read Tm Thunderbolt on it, after Amy Chewed and Swallowed it, she Glowed with an Aura of electric energy around her, Amy then turned to me and gave an evil grin before zapping with a Powerful thunderbolt…..

Cell’s Pov
“Ouch that hurts!” ‘Man now I se why Charles asked me to do this I guess this is his way of Punishing me for trying to run away from him…’ the Ditto named cell thought as he was getting fried by his master’s Minun named Amy as she fired her new Thunderbolt at him thing, that cell was the real Charles Legend….

Charles Legend' Pov

I watched from my hiding place as Amy zapped Cell with a thunderbolt, "I guess she still mad at the fact that I traded the frist one to Darkfire for sheer cold TM." I wispered as I packed up my Invention that tranforms the Tms I get in to candy...


Small note a year ago yesterday I received a Tm thunderbolt as my 23rd Birthday, I had planed on teaching it to my Minun but Darkfire noticed I had a Lapras and so offered to trade me her Sheer cold Tm for my Thunderbolt Tm which I agreed to so we traded.

Anyways I noticed that I forgot to post that I was teaching her it despite the fact I had written it down sadly the Original had got deleted a few days ago along with the rest of my hardrive, but anyways this year I got another TM thunderbolt to teach Amy thunderbolt… :sweat2:

~Charles Legend

Knight of Time
5th April 2007, 07:28 AM
OOC: Sorry that it's been a while since I posted here, but I got something important (and quick) I have to do right now.

Kyle's POV

A few days ago, I had picked up an Electroboost from the Crystal Caves Kiosk. This evolution item, which could only be used on an Electabuzz, was just what the doctor ordered for my captured Electabuzz, Dynamo, so as I went inside, I sat down on a nearby sofa, and put the Electroboost beside me. I then reached into my backpack, and took out Dynamo's Pokeball, enlarging it and opening it up to reveal the feisty Electabuzz.

"What's this strange thing on the couch, Kyle?" Dynamo asked me.

"That thing is called an Electroboost. It's an evolution item, and it's actually unique in a way, as only an Electabuzz can use it. There is a similar item called a Magmaboost that only a Magmar can use, but that's best left for another day, since I couldn't afford both at the moment. Anyway, this item will allow you to evolve, if you want, that is, Dynamo." I said.

"I thought I couldn't evolve, previously." Dynamo said, rubbing his head.

"Yes, when I first met you, you weren't able to evolve, but an evolved form was recently discovered, so this may come as a surprise, at first." I said to Dynamo.

"I understand. Now that you mention it, I do feel that maybe this item is worth taking a look at. If it can help me, I'm game." Dynamo said.

"You got it." I replied.

Handing the Electroboost to Dynamo, I watched in great awe as he grasped the evolution item. Within a couple of seconds later, the Electrobooster began to glow white, followed by Dynamo, who began to grow taller, thick, red tipped wires appearing out of his back, indicating they would be dangerous to touch at those ends. Nonetheless, the Electrobooster soon faded away, and Dynamo stopped glowing, he had evolved.

"You're now an Electivire, how does it feel?" I asked Dynamo.

"I feel really good, thanks, though you might want to be careful around the wires on my back, they could give you or any of your friends a real shock here if they are touched." Dynamo warned.

"Don't worry Dynamo, I'll never touch your wires, besides the possibility of being shocked, they could also be broken by accident, and I promise that won't happen either." I said.

Deciding to relax for a few minutes, I smiled, proud of my new Electivire.

Silent Dragonfly
16th April 2007, 03:02 AM
(Phil's POV)
It had been many months since I had set out on my journey. Now that I was back I blew the dust off of my old items, recently removed from storage and collected the Pokéballs from an old friend who'd looked after his Pokémon in his absence. I took my first steps in a long time into the. Eevee House.
"Did this place get redecorated? Maybe it's just that I've been away for so long."
I sat down in an empty chair and produced the Pokéballs from my bag. I took each one and polished it to a mirror sheen. Each ball was clearly labelled; A01 to A04 and C01 to C03 for my Adopted and Captured Pokémon respectively. After becoming content with the shininess of each ball I opened them one by one to greet my Pokémon, anxious to what each one's response would be to see my return.

=Mudguard the female Wooper's POV=
This was a sight and smell I hadn't experienced in a while but it was instantly familiar; The Eevee House. This could mean only one thing. Phil was back. I turned around with a huge grin on my face and was surprised at how much he'd changed in these few months.
"Wow" I said. "You look so different. But definitely in a good way."
"And you look.... pretty much the same...." he replied, with an embarrassed look on his face.

=Coral the male Mareep's POV=
After Phil had begun telling us of his adventures and travels I was surprised that he had grown a beard, which he had kept until recently. Sure enough in the photos, there it was
"Looks like a carefree Mareep's fleece to me, all staticified" I joked. "Not like mine, I've kept mine in prime condition."
I was glad to see Phil again and his stories were very entertaining. Although what was really looking forward to is the future.

[BlueMoon the female Lapras' POV]
I held back and sort of hid behind the others. I had always been shy but there was a real sense of happiness when I was adopted by Phil. For him to leave was very tough for me. Now he's back and I don't know what to think. I just listened in at the stories from the back.

[Prism the rainbow-maned, female Flareon's POV]
The heat was rising. These stories were getting me all fired up, and the photos were awesome. To travel to such distant and wondrous places must be amazing.
"Ooh, I wanna go on adventures" I shouted in the excitement. "But I wanna battle too"
Hyperactivity is my middle name. Well it would be if I had a second name.

{Mars the male Houndour's POV}
I'd heard more interesting tales from the old pack. As much as I respect Phil and am glad he's back, his stories just weren't that interesting to me. These months had been pretty easygoing for me and I'd gotten pretty lazy. I don't know whether it was the call of the wilds or reuniting with Phil, maybe a little of both, but something had rekindled my fires.

{ShadowWind the male Sneasel's POV}
A tale of many directions, huge distances and much effort. An admirable journey but one that I glad is finished. The many months had not led me away from my goals. Keeping my claws sharp, feathers aligned and eyes keen I had waited for this moment.
"Glad you're back" I proclaimed with a smile. "I look forward to training under you again"

{Blinky the male Trapinch's POV}
"What? You were gone?"
Phil stared at me blankly with a confused look on his face.
"Erm...I mean welcome back!"
"Good save there" I thought to myself.

28th February 2008, 07:07 PM
[Joe's POV]

I opened the doors of the Eevee House, entering a building I had not seen in nearly two years. The place looked abandoned. The lights were out, and what was left of the setting sun's rays cast an eerie light through the windows. A soft film of dust lingered over the furniture, plants, floors, and lights. The pool was covered by tarp that was torn in some places. The air conditioning and heat were turned off, so the air within the building was slightly chilly.

Using the light that was left from the ending day, I searched around for some light switches. Upon finding one, the lights would not turn on, to my dismay. Not quite certain where to go from here, I released the team for their Pokeballs.

[Auric's POV]

Seeing the Eevee House in such condition was a saddening sight to behold. I could see that Joe was looking for a means to turn on the lights. I decided to start searching on my own. The lights didn't work, from what I had gathered, which meant that we were looking for a breaker. Joe was holding Bo, who seemed somewhat frightened in a place like this. He's got some growing up to do, yet I guess you can't blame him.

[Anna's POV]

"Indeed you can't, Auric," I replied to his thought. "He is small, inexperienced, and easily intimidated. He's lived a fairly sheltered life."

"Anna... I know," was his reply. With that, he turned away to and stumbled into the darkness. I searched around to see the others. What exactly was everybody looking for?

We're looking for a breaker, in order to get the light switches to work, Anna. I turned around to see Sabrina approaching. Sabrina... you know I don't like it when my thoughts are invaded. They are my own, after all. And Auric's thoughts are his. I guess now you know how he feels. Please... help us find the breaker. It must be here somewhere.

"You know, you don't have to be so stern with me," I called to her. No reply. Hmph. As she turned to go toward Joe, I caught up with her.

[Aries' POV]

Let's see what I can do here. The others are looking for the breaker. Hmm. Bo needs a pool to be in. With that, I focused my attention toward the pool and the tarp covering it. Using my Psychic abilities, I unfastened the tarp.

After a few cords were unfastened, the entire thing ripped back and slammed against the wall where the tarp at come from, sending a shattering clack throughout the building. Everybody jumped in surprise. Joe looked at me, slightly taken aback. Oops.

Looking back toward the pool, leaves were floating along the surface, along with other debris. Again focusing my Psychic powers, I sifted the debris away from the pool, leaving clear, fresh water. Unfortunately, the pool was nearly empty. I decided to fill it back up, so I began spraying water into the pool. "Here... I will help you." Aurora had made her way over to me, and began helping me fill up the pool.

[Brandi's POV]

Biscuit and Matthias were with me. A dark corridor was ahead through an archway. "Biscuit, will you walk ahead of us to give us some light? That would make it easier for us to spot a breaker." He turned to me, a look of apprehension on his face. "Don't worry. You won't be too far ahead of us." Nodding, he turned and led the way.

"I wonder where the breaker is at," Matthias spoke.

"I'm not entirely certain myself," I replied, "but we have to keep looking. It's bound to be here somewhere. Trudging through the corridor, I noticed something silver hanging on the back wall. To the left and right were restrooms, one for men and another for women. Once we got close enough, there could be no mistaking it. This was the breaker. "Matthias... run and get Joe."

[Joe's POV]

Looking over in various corners, behind plants and near other switches, I could not find a breaker anywhere. Suddenly, Matthias came running up to me, barking. "Did you guys find the breaker?" Nodding, he motioned for me to follow. Holding Bo, I hurried down the dark corridor, Matthias leading the way.

Further down I could make out the small fire given off by Biscuit's tail. Brandi was sitting next to him. She pointed with her nose to a silver box on the wall. Opening the door, I could see numerous buttons and switches. I decided to try the top one. Flipping the switch, I was almost immediately bathed in light. Biscuit let out a yip of delight. Accompanying them all back, we headed to the main room.

Aries and Aurora were still making an attempt to fill up the pool with fresh water, and were nearly finished doing so. I approached them, setting Bo into the water, to which he looked pleased. Auric came from a separate corridor, as did Sabrina and Anna. Amy and Aiden were sitting by a garden the entire time, the latter most likely thinking about something, the former deciding most likely to keep him company.

"This is so much better," I said, taking a seat on one of the large couches nearby. "We have got a lot of cleaning to do..."

Knight of Time
31st May 2008, 12:07 PM
Kyle's POV

As usual, it had been a while since I last stepped inside the Eevee House. As I walked in, I held in my hand, a magnificent Fire Stone. Since I had only one Pokemon left who could make use of it, I quickly got to work as I sat down in one of my usual spots. Grabbing a Pokeball from the adopted Pokemon pocket, I enlarged it and opened it up to reveal my adopted Vulpix, Fiona.

"Okay Fiona, I've been contemplating this decision for a while, but I'm proud to announce that I'm finally ready to help you evolve. I'm sorry I took so long to get you the item you need, but I do have it here." I said as I held the orange stone in front of Fiona's eyes.

"That's easy to understand, Kyle. It doesn't bother me very much at all if you're too busy for me, but I'm thankful you have this for me, what is it anyway?" Fiona asked.

"This here is a Fire Stone. With it, you'll be able to evolve into a Ninetales at last, but I'm thinking I might give you a better name after you evolve." I replied.

"A better name? What would that be?" Fiona asked curiously.

"I'm going to rename you Goldwyne the moment you evolve, Fiona." I replied, as I gently lowered the Fire Stone to the floor in front of Fiona.

A few moments later, I watched as Fiona reached for the object with one of her forepaws, and within a second or two later, she and the stone began to glow a brilliant white. As the stone vanished from doing its work, I soon watched as Fiona's six tails became nine, and her fur soon became a beautiful shade of gold. No longer a Vulpix, Fiona...or should I say Goldwyne, was a Ninetales at last!

Goldwyne learned Nasty Plot!

"Well, Fiona...I mean Goldwyne, this is definitely going to be a new beginning for you, if things liven up here, you're going to be a wonderful team member for everyone else on my adoptees team." I said.

Deciding to relax for a while, I pondered if anyone else might come back to the Eevee House someday...

Knight of Time
1st April 2009, 03:07 PM
Kyle's POV

As was usually the case, things had been fairly quiet around the Eevee House. But since my Electabuzz, Dynamo, evolved into an Electivire a while ago with the Electroboost item, I took out my new Magmaboost item from my pack, after having rested here for awhile. As I took out my captured Magmar's Pokeball, I opened it up to reveal my volcano-born Pokemon.

"Archimedes, it's been awhile since you came to me, but like with Dynamo, I have a special gift for you that will bestow evolution upon you. I'd like to present you with this Magmaboost item." I said, as I put the item in front of my Magmar.

"This thing? How helpful will it be when I evolve?" Archimedes asked, eyeing the mysterious evolution item cautiously.

"I've read that your evolved form can learn Thunderbolt- a great move to help you defend yourself against Water types, but at the moment, I'll have to save up for the TM." I said.

"That is very interesting. If this TM will really help me in battle against Water types, I'm up for it. But are you absolutely sure I need to evolve before this TM is compatible?"

"Yes. If you stay as a Magmar, Archimedes, you cannot learn Thunderbolt. But now that I know you want this TM someday, the Magmaboost I have here is the first step." I said.

As I saw the grin on my Magmar's face, I watched as he picked up the Magmaboost. A few seconds later, both he and the Magmaboost began to glow white, and as the Magmaboost slowly faded away, I watched as Archimedes became taller, his two hands gaining what looked like cannons on them. About a couple of seconds later, the glowing stopped, and Archimedes, no longer a Magmar, was now a proud Magmortar.

"So when will I get this TM?" Archimedes asked, as he took the time to get used to his new form.

"I'll get it someday, Archimedes, I can't make any promises about what day that will be, but it could be a few weeks from now. I'll let you know when I get the TM." I said.

"Thanks, I can wait." Archimedes said, flashing a grin.

"That's good. I guess for now, I'll let you back into your Pokeball." I said, as I recalled my new Magmortar back into his ball.