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11th February 2004, 02:19 PM
:wave: Welcome to the Eevee House everyone. :wave: *This is a place where you can let your adopted and captured pokemon hang out. (You can get adopted pokemon from the adoption centers here in AC/CC). You can also make friends. There are only a few simple rules...

1. No Flaming.
2. No willful destruction of property. Accidents may happen such as a pokemon tripping and breaking a table.
3. Please make quality posts. We don't want this place closed.
And last
4. Have FUN!

A brief history of The Eevee House: *

It was started as a club by Eevee Trainer Brad a long while ago as a club. It was where we could let our adopted pokemon out, and help them to develop personalities. Brad pretty much turned it over to me to run a while back. Then it was closed by LP, some time later due to it being like an RPG. So we spent some time on the RPG forum. *On May 28th 2003 we were moved back to PCG again (now GGG) and once more a club. *This is mod aproved by T_M_L, Lady Vulpix, and myself.

The basis is you adopt pokemon from ACs or have them bred at the Breeding Center. *However, you won't find legendaries or Dratinis. You have to earn a majority of 100 stamps from the battle range to ask to breed for a Dratini. Or you could win through selected games from time to time.

Here are some links that you might find helpful:

Dragon Tamers Adoption Center (http://www.pokemasters.net/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=25960)
Pocket Monsters Breeding Center (http://www.pokemasters.net/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=22419)
Poke Zoo Adoption Center (http://www.pokemasters.net/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=19004)
Crystal Caves Capture Center (http://www.pokemasters.net/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=24725)
Pokemon Avengers Capture Center (http://www.pokemasters.net/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=22710)

If you have any questions, feel free to ask. *the people here are friendly and helpful.


We are now having a race once a month. *The categories are based on speed to make it fairer to all. *In addition, the type of race will alternate each month between the flying, land, and water races. To find the speed of your Pokemon, just click on the Battle Tower Stats Calculator (http://members.lycos.co.uk/noentiendo/BTStats.html?). Since you can't use items in the race and every Pokemon has normal stats, just enter their name and level and you'll find Speed in the middle of the stats.

The race for the month of September will be the Flying race.

The prizes will also rotate between the winning pokemon gaining two levels or any item from the Dragon Tamers reward center.

This month's prize is a gain of two levels. *Entrants are now being accepted.

Current Entrants for the Flying Race

1-30 - Ref - Wolfsong
Moriko - Lv.7 Female Heracross (21) - classy_cat18 - Winner
Fizz - Lv.8 Female Taillow (23) - *Murkrow

31-60 - Ref - Lady Vulpix
Gwaihir the Windlord - Lv.12 Male Aerodactyl (43) - Charizard04621
Jasmine - Lv.20 Female Mutant Winged Dratini (37) - Wolfsong
Blitz - Lv. 10 Male Aerodactyl (37) - Linc

61-90 - Ref *- Wolfsong
'Ryu' - Lv.35 Male Vibrava (76) - Charizard04621
Blade - Lv.38 Male Scizor (78) - The_Missing_Link - Winner

91-120 - Ref - Charizard04621
Drake - Lv.40 Male Charizard (110) - The_Missing_Link - Winner
Flame - Lv.37 Male Charizard (102) - Wolfsong

121-150 - Ref Needed -

Winners of the last races:

1-30 - Reffed by Wolfsong:
Kalazeth (Male Horsea) - Charizard04621

31-60 - Reffed by Lady Vulpix:
Jasmine (Female Dratini) - Wolfsong

61-90 - Reffed by Lady Vulpix:
Ayla (Female Vaporeon) - Wolfsong

91-120 - Reffed by Charizard04621:
Tsunami (Male Vaporeon) - Lady Vulpix

Having said all that:

(Kaida's POV)

Just when i needed some time alone, i get someone trailing me. *I finally came to a stop and turned around to see that it was an electrike. *"Hey, how's it going?" * I sighed. *"Not good." *The electike wasn't one to give up i had to admit. *Normally, I'd be the same way. *"Well, cheer up! Please?" *I took a deep breath. *Then smiling, I turned to face the electrike. *"I just need some time alone. *When I feel better, I'll come back to the house. *I don't mean to be rude, but i just need some time to calm down, ok?" I said looking at her, waiting for her answer.

(Amy's POV)

I watched as Tiana followed Nero around as they looked for Aeries. *She was a mess. *But you couldn't stay mad at her. *I glanced over at the pool and saw that Zale was still standing in the water on his tiptoes, occasionally taking a deep breath and putting his head under water to see how long he could hold it.

11th February 2004, 03:06 PM
I'm doing a makeover on my old website so I can display my adoptees and captees. But for now, I'll let my Mareep Beacon enjoy herself and I'll include her in my sig.

Beacon's POV

"Well, here we are. The Eevee House. Now I want you to make some friends and enjoy yourself," my trainer Classy said. She stroked my head and walked me inside.

I looked around. It seemed like a comfortable place, with nice furniture and carpeting. But what should I do? I wasn't very good at talking to others. I usually say something stupid when I try to talk with other Pokemon. I just curled up in a corner and watched the others.

"What's wrong? Too shy, huh?" She just walked to mingle with the other humans, leaving me in the corner. I looked around at the other Pokemon and felt my wool get all...static-y. I felt like this because I was itching for a battle. I felt myself get restless, so I got up and walked around, hoping someone would talk to me.

Knight of Time
11th February 2004, 04:08 PM

Things had been pretty tough for me lately. With most of the stress from a previous Flying Race I reffed behind me as well as a tough loss that Chaos had suffered days ago to Karin and her Trapinch, I was ready to toughen things up a notch. Walking into the Eevee House with a special box in my hands, I moved over to one of the couches, carefully placing it in a safe position as I took out, enlarged and opened the Pokeball containing Cybertron.

"Oh hello Kyle. Long time no see. " Cybertron said.

"Yeah, I know. I've been thinking about this decision for a long time, but now, I have finally come to the point where I am about to make this decision, but first, I need to ask you a question, Cybertron." I said.

"Go ahead." Cybertron replied.

"Have you ever thought about evolving?" I asked the Porygon.

"Not really, but I think it would be nice. Why do you ask?" Cybertron asked me curiously.

"Because I happen to have something that will help you evolve." I said.

Taking the Upgrade out of the well sealed box, I showed it to Cybertron.

"What do you think?" I asked Cybertron.

"I guess it wouldn't hurt for me to evolve. Go ahead and use it on me." Cybertron said.

"Okay." I said with a smile.

Putting the Upgrade onto Cybertron's body, I watched in awe as both he and the Upgrade began to glow white. Within a few seconds later, I watched in surprise as the Upgrade disappeared as it was absorbed into the glowing Porygon's circuits. After that, it only took a few more seconds for Cybertron's body began to slightly get more rounded in appearance, and I continued to watch as Cybertron finally stopped glowing, noticing his new form shortly after.

"Wow, I feel better than ever. I guess that was a good decision you made, Kyle." my new Porygon2 said.

"Thanks, Cybertron." I said.

With Cybertron now a Porygon2, I decided that I would just relax for now...

12th February 2004, 03:13 PM
Donnerhund's POV

Well, darn. It didn't help at all. "Okay," I said to the sad pokemon, a bit disappointed in myself. "I'll leave you alone." I headed back toward the doors, but stopped and added, "Just wanted to make friends," before proceeding inside. Her sadness made me sad too, and I needed some cheering up.

12th February 2004, 04:31 PM
Beacon's POV

I watched as a sad looking Electrike walked through a door. A fellow Electric type that needs company! I walked to him as calmly as I could. Okay, don't say anything stupid, please don't say anything stupid..

"Hi, my name's Beacon and I'm new around here," I said to him slowly and carefully yet happily. "What's your name?"

The Electrike seemed to lighten up. "My name's Donnerhund."

My tail started to wag. "That's a clever name. Hey, could you do me a very, very, VERY big favor and show me around the place? And introduce me to some of the other Pokemon?"


"Yay, yay, yay!" I shouted out, my wool getting puffy. "Sorry, I get all static-y when I'm afraid. Or psyched up. Or excited. Or nervous." I laughed nervously.

Classy's POV

"Oh good, she's loosening up. First days are always the most frightening. He looks like a very nice Electrike!"

"Of course he is. He's mine," a guy near me said. "I'm Sonic."

"I'm Classy. Nice to meet ya!"

13th February 2004, 05:35 PM
Ancalagon the Black, the male Bagons POV:

What the heck? I hadnt expected that. Id assumed that as a dragon that Bagon would have the code of honor to leave me to my own fight. Two against one when agreed upon was all right, but taking advantage of surprise like that was disgusting.

I got to my feet, brushed myself off, and looked Kir in the eye. Well battle another day, I said coldly. Another day when you wont have anyone around to cheat for you. I want a fair fight. The Treecko just stared at me and frowned. I decided to let it go. Something about him told me that he was quite draconic himself. Dragon pokmon had the right to accept or turn down challenges.

Walking deeper into the house to see if I could relocate that Cubone, I was distracted as I moved past the pool. A face that seemed familiar had caught my eye. I realized that I could possibly be wrong about some of my teammates after all. Not all of them were worthless. Some had dragon blood.

Elwing Starspray was her name. I figured she must have been on my trainers other team, the Adopted side whatever the difference was. Anyway, the Horsea beside her looked vaguely familiar, too. They had to be on the other team if I could not remember the last time I saw them. I had to admit that with her sparkling aura, she looked quite attractive. Now there was a dragon.

I walked up to the two, who were splashing each other at the surface and giggling. Hello, I greeted them. Ancalagon the Black. I believe we have the same trainer. Im just on the lesser of the two teams. Im glad Ive finally pokmon that are worth my time. There are basically no dragons on the Captee team that I am on.

The Dratini and Horsea looked at me strangely, as if I had said something awkward. What? I asked, a little bit surprised at their reactions.

Was it you who stepped on that Treecko? Elwing asked, slightly frightened.

Yes. He deserved it. He was disrespectful to a dragon.

I saw him help the other Bagon up and call out to you, but that was it, the Horsea said.

Yes! I answered indignantly. Rude, wasnt he? More strange glances told me that they did not agree with me.

Youre not very nice, Elwing told me.

I felt my temper rising. What are you two, traitors to the dragon race? I cried. My voice shook with rage.

Back off, said the Horsea roughly.

Why should I? Youre the traitor, not me!

Ryu, the male Trapinchs POV:

I heard yelling coming from the pool area, and I recognized Elwings and Kalazeths voices. When I turned around, I also noticed that the Bagon who was apparently harassing them was one of the newer members to Karins Captee team. What was going on?

I made my way towards the pool, where the Bagon was engaged in a heated argument with Elwing and Kalazeth.

Whats going on here? I interrupted.

The Bagon turned around, and his expression changed to one of relief. Yes! Another dragon! Tell these two traitors how wrong they are about the dragon race!

I blinked. What? Traitors?

Oh no, he groaned. Not you too! ARGH! Am I, Ancalagon the Black, alone in this world? Is the dragon race to die out, to be replaced by a bunch of traitors?

Whoa. Calm down, I told him. I havent said anything except What? Traitors? and you just freaked out.


This Bagon needed serious help. Look, watch who you call a freak. Elwing and Kalazeth happen to be my friends And now that Ive talked to you, Ive managed to determine that I really shouldnt believe a word you say. You, my friend, are psychotic.


I pushed him to the floor and held him there. Look. Calm down. Breathe. I want you to go outside, to the water fountain, somewhere. Get something to eat or drink. Do something else until you stop hyperventilating. This is for your own good. If you keep yelling, you are going to explode.

I dont get you, he said, still rather loudly, though at least he wasnt yelling hysterically anymore. The shock of my blow seemed to have knocked some sense into him. Then his voice softened. It was almost meek. You had me. You could have finished me off right there. Why didnt you?

I dont share your urge to hurt things, I replied softly. Remember this incident, Ancalagon. Remember that I showed you mercy. With that, I lifted my foot off of the Bagon, who, after giving me a distant look, made his way slowly and painfully toward the door.

Nero, the male Umbreons POV:

Wed searched the kitchen first although something told me Aries was not there. It was the last place in which I had seen him, and logic stated that I would have a good chance of finding him there. My feeling grew stronger, however, and it was pulling me the other way. Still, I persisted, and set foot in the kitchen, searching this way and that for any sign of Aries. Strangely enough, my instincts proved right. Aries was not in the kitchen.

Trusting my strange feeling now, I began to follow it like a dog would follow a scent. I let it lead me, rather than trying to set my own path. Soon enough I could feel Aries close by. Tiana followed right behind me, a little excited, curious, and frightened all in one.

Suddenly I stopped as if I had hit a wall. The scene had gone black, and then my consciousness was transported to another plane. Again I saw the images that had haunted my mind once before, when I had first received my Psychic TM. Blood flashed by, a forest floor painted with red rivers of blood Then the Eevee again, and the murder from the Eevees eyes. I saw the Umbreon push the Jolteon off the cliff. I saw the Eevee try to jump down with her. Then the scene changed, and I saw something that I had not seen before. I was in a forest now, a forest that seemed vaguely familiar. With a little bit more thought I realized that the forest was right outside the Eevee House. I saw that same Eevee attacking the Umbreon, his coat turning red from the blood and bits of flesh that he tore away from his victim. Then I was in a darker forest, an evil one, shrouded with foul green mists and a rotten stench. I saw a decaying carcass on the floor. Then the Eevee again, and a Salamence. The Salamence wore a green amulet around its neck; the Eevee said something that prompted the dragon to crush him in its claws. Out of the shadows the Umbreon appeared, and then the scuffle was a blur. When the image cleared again the Salamence had vanished in a cloud of smoke, and the Umbreon lay in the grass, mortally wounded. The Eevee placed his paw on the dying Umbreons head. And then, everything vanished. I was back in the Eevee House, frozen, stricken dumb.

Uncle Nero! Uncle Nero! Whats the matter? Tiana was very concerned. You were screaming. I could hear you screaming. Why were you screaming? She looked scared now.

Must find Aries, I gasped. Must understand why I tried to move, but I couldnt.

No need, a familiar voice said. I saw Lune standing in front of me. Where did he come from? Never mind that. What did he mean no need?

As if in response to my unspoken question, he answered, I heard the entire thing. You were screaming for the Umbreon to stop killing. You were screaming for the Eevee to stop hurting. You were screaming for death and pain to stop altogether.

I I dont remember, I admitted. But Why am I seeing these things?

Because you have an extremely sensitive psychic mind. That Eevee you saw was me. The Umbreon you saw was my friend. The Jolteon He paused, shook his head, and sighed. Whenever I am nearby, he continued, you can feel what I am feeling Because what I am feeling is strong. If you are disturbed by the images, I can do you a favor and keep my distance. Otherwise, I dont know how to stop it. Perhaps Aries has had experience in this field. He might be able to teach you how to control yourself a bit. You should ask him.

With that, he disappeared into the shadows from which he had come, leaving me staring dumbfounded into emptiness.

13th February 2004, 09:08 PM
<Aries's POV>

I had left the others to play with each other while going outside for a relaxing walk. I was trying to take my mind off Nero's big family while my only son was already gone. I wasn't going to let it try to get me down though since I always had my teammates and Nightshade was like a brother to me.

As I entered the house after about half an hour, I found Nero shaking like a leaf with a green Espeon right next to him. Searching her mind, I found it to be Tiana, who touched a Sun Stone by accident and evolved into what she was now. I didn't have time to think about it some more because quickly Nero spoke up in a quavering voice.
"Aries, can you teach me how to keep my mind from invading others' spaces? And can Tiana join in on the lessons as well? She's eager to learn."
I quickly scanned his mind and found the root of the problem.
"Don't worry, I'll help you out. Maybe Nightshade will be able to teach Tiana though. If you really want to focus on this, it would be better if she learned with him instead of splitting my time between the both of you. If you want, Nightshade and Tiana could stay close by while we worked together. Your choice though."

<Drake's POV>

I smirked as the young Charmander giggled while flying around, holding on to my tail tightly but having a blast nevertheless. Blade was also having a good time entertaining the other one with his claw, despite making her a bit dizzy from jumping up and down constantly. I scanned the area to look for Elwing and saw her in the pool with a teammate of her swimming around. A Bagon soon came up to them and started to talk but it didn't end up favorably as the Bagon started to argue with the two. Ryu came over and talked to the Bagon before he started to shout hysterically at the Trapinch. I was was trying restrain myself from going over but it seemed that Ryu was in control as he knocked the Bagon over and held him down for a bit. It must've worked as the Bagon got up and started to walk towards the door.
"Hey Blade, can you take Naurmir off of me for a second? I have to take care of something," I lowered my tail to the ground so the Charmander could slide off and go over to his sister.
Gliding over towards the door, I planted myself in front of it so the Bagon couldn't leave.
"What are you doing?" he asked in an annoyed voice, leadened with bitterness and indifference.
"I want to know what happened between you, my daughter and her teammates."
He looked up at me and then back at Elwing to contrast and compare.
"You mean you're the father of that dragon?" he asked, with more respect this time.
"As far as I'm concerned, the Charmander family is part dragon as well even though we're only officially labeled as fire types."
He glared at me before starting his story, slowly at first but then gaining momentum.
"Well, I was standing away from the others because I didn't want them to talk to me. I mean, I'm a dragon and they're not so it's obvious that they were below me. Anyway, this Cubone came over and started to talk without my permission. The nerve! I told him to shove off and as he started to walk away, he suddenly turned around and shoved his club under my throat, threatening me to "let some sunshine into my life or else I'll be lonely", or something like that. The moron. He was ignorant of the fact that dragons are the dominant Pokemon typrd and are vastly greater in every aspect of life. I was going to remind him of that when a Bagon and Treecko interfered and prevented me from getting the justice I deserved. I ended up quitting on the Cubone and spotted your daughter and a Horsea in the pool. I thought they were two sensible dragon Pokemon who knew what I was going through and would side with me. Those traitors, who needed them? It turns out that they were against my ideals and were content on just being happy with everyone. Then that stupid Trapinch came over and knocked me down. I swear I'll get him back one day."
I looked up at the ceiling to prevent myself from knocking him around...Orion for that matter as well.
"Look, you and I both know that dragon Pokemon are incredibly strong Pokemon, one of the strongest if they're trained right. However, unlike your set beliefs, they are not the best in the world. Every different type of Pokemon have their strengths and weaknesses and dragon types have them as well. They don't stand out there all alone, gloating about their superiority. Everyone is flawed in some way or another. You have to stop thinking that dragons are the mightiest race of them all. Every Pokemon is equal in their own right and because of our equality, we're able to work and cooperate with each other. I don't know if you know this but a Ninetales is the strongest Pokemon in this house, not a Dragonite or Salamence. I don't care whether you believe it or not but I know it's true. So whether you want to stay in this house and cooperate with everyone or just quit and live that lonely life like the Cubone said; it's your choice. Just remember that everyone in this house is equal, even when it comes down to elemental types."

Lady Vulpix
14th February 2004, 03:17 PM
Once more I don't have the time to write much here, but I'd like to make a little change.
I would like to replace Tsunami by Sylvan in the Land Race. She needs the levels more than he does, and I can always enter Tsunami in the next Water Race.
Sylvan is a level 47 Venusaur, so her speed is 109.
That's all, thanks.

14th February 2004, 07:18 PM
Dragon Rider's POV
I saw the Eevee House. All my pokemon were very nervous because we didn't know anyone. I went up to the door, but before I could open it, JoeBob rammed right into it. He wasn't vey bright... but he could recover pretty fast.

Max, the Elekid's POV
I followed my trainer, but hiding behind his legs so no one would see me. I started sparking (a bad habit of mine when nervous) and accidentaly shocked Nincada. Then I saw JoeBob run full speed at the door from right beside. He smashed his face full force right into the door. I could't help but laugh!

Nincada's POV
I lead my trainer to the door of the strange building. I heard a crackling sound from behind me. The next moment I found myself frozen by an imense pain, so I couldn't move.

JoeBob's POV
I was very happy and very nervous at the same time. This would be my first time at the Eevee House. I was so excited that I couldn't control my body and the next second I was smashed into a glass door. For that brief second, I saw all the people in the building look at me. But I recovered so my trainer wouldn't be ashamed of me.

Crystalmaster Mike
17th February 2004, 01:40 PM
Tony is withdrawing as an Entrant for the 1-30 Land Race, with Nemo (Espeon) (lvl.7) (m) (Speed: 24) taking his place.
The other entrants possess quite some Speed, and though that doesn't control every thing, it greatly influences the outcome of a Race.

That'll be all, for now. :)

17th February 2004, 05:36 PM
(Dakota's POV)

I slowly limped around the eevee house, looking for someone to talk to. Amy had done her best to doctor my paw but i knew that i was going to have another scar. I looked up at and saw Lani with her boyfriend and she smiled when she saw that I didn't shiver at her. Well, its progress, I told myself. I saw Ai over in a corner, and slowly limped my way over to her. "Hi," I said, and she jumped. I frowned. "Sorry about that. I didn't mean to startle you.

(Kaida's POV)

I felt bad about turning the electrike away, but i was so angry that I was afraid that i would do somethign that I'd later regret. I saw a yound tree nearby. I began targeting it with my headbutts and within five minutes, it was knocked down to the ground. Having vented my anger on the tree, I felt better and that i was able to go back inside. I cautiously entered and looked around. Then i saw Jas, and we went over to the pool where she dived in, and i just sat there staring at her. She swam across the pool and went to talk with some of her friends i guessed.

Dark Dragonite
18th February 2004, 06:46 AM
Hunter is withdrawing from the (1-30) race, I may place another pokemon there if possible.

20th February 2004, 09:04 PM
Nero, the male Umbreons POV:

I nodded. I felt sorry for bothering Aries, but the images They were horrible

If you think its best, then I agree, I answered. I turned to Tiana. I wont be able to teach you how to use your psychic powers, but we can learn together. Nightshade is a Psychic type like you, so hell know how to teach you. What do you say?

Ancalagon the Black, the male Bagons POV:

I could not ignore the Charizard. I could tell that he was much stronger than me. But a dragon that powerful denying the superiority of our race? Were they all traitors? Or was I ..... wrong . . . .?

When I closed my eyes to remember what my father had taught me, I realized that I did not know. I couldnt even tell what he was or looked like, it was so long ago Only my mother remained vaguely in my mind. I remembered her as a muscular Salamence, her wings alone sometimes strong enough to crush things that would hurt me. She protected me from everything, taught me how to fight. To my great chagrin, I was one of those unfortunate youths who did not grow as fast as the others. I was ashamed to think of it now. But in those tender years, my mother shielded me from everything, and I learned to defend myself fast.

The years came and gone. I learned the code of honor. I learned the rules of war. And then, when my training was far from complete I learned the brutalities of battle as well. My mother was a brave dragon, a symbol of power and courage. I never forgot her, even after she was ambushed by that cowardly Scizor swarm. We were in the midst of training when it happened. Out of nowhere, suddenly, they just came There must have been about fifty. I dont know what they wanted They just started attacking. I didnt know why. I couldnt understand. All I knew was that they had not learned the draconic code of honor a fair fight. And mother was dying.

The despicable Scizor left me alone; they didnt see me as a problem. I tried to stay by my mothers side; I wanted to bury her, as was our custom but they wouldnt let me. Those disgusting cowards would not let me. As my mother lay dying, the last words on her breath were words of hope. Her dying wish was for me to live honorably, never to compromise the ancient code. She wanted me to preserve our honor, always.

Such violations of honor Such disrespect Those Scizor forced me to leave, and they laughed as they treated my mothers dead body as a foot rest. I promised her silently that one day they all would pay. One day those cowards would all pay

And now Now where was I? Alone in the world. No one else seemed to know the dragon code of honor. So was I still wrong? Was it me? How? Whatever the answers were, one thing was for certain: I was a failure.

Gwaihir the Windlord, the male Aerodactyls POV:

I was outside admiring the scenery from the sky when I saw a distraught Bagon walk by, not really watching where he was going. His mind was somewhere else, I could tell. I would have left him alone, but I saw a desperate look in his eyes, and he was arguing with himself inside. He was also heading toward a large tree and not noticing.

Whoa, watch where you walk! I called out, swooping down in front of him to stop him. He jerked, startled. He hadnt expected anyone to be around. You were going to crash into that tree, I told him.

Hmm? Oh, yeah, thanks, he said distantly.

Why so blue? Its a beautiful day. Come flying with me.

Then he came up with a very strange question. Are you familiar with the draconic code? He asked this half-heartedly, without hope, expecting me to answer no.

Sorry I havent heard of it, I answered frankly. Is it some kind of language?

He sighed. I thought not, said the despondent Bagon. Well, I apologize for wasting your time. I am not fit to be seen with anyone. Mother I am sorry

Hey, wait a minute! I cried in alarm, but he had already disappeared into the forest. What a strange Bagon.

Ai, the female Skittys POV:

Wow! I was shocked. Oh, its you, Dakota.

Sorry about that. Didnt mean to startle you.

Oh, thats okay. I was just thinking, thats all. How have you been? What happened to your paw?

21st February 2004, 11:51 PM
(Tiana's POV)

I hoped Uncle Nero was ok. He had been screaming, then we Aries came over. After they talked for a few minutes, Uncle Nero turned towards me. I wont be able to teach you how to use your psychic powers, but we can learn together. Nightshade is a Psychic type like you, so hell know how to teach you. What do you say? I bit my lip a few minutes before looking up at him. "Are you going to be okay?" I asked. He smiled and nodded his head yes. I nodded, and jumped on his back giving him a hug. Then, I jumped down, and looked around. "So what now?" I asked, a little nervous.

(Dakota's POV)

Oh, thats okay. I was just thinking, thats all. How have you been?" she asked. "Pretty good," I told her. "I've been training a lot lately." I said smiling. She saw my bandaged paw, "What happened to your paw? My ears went back. "A growlithe." She gasped and turned her head. I followed her gaze. "It wasn't Lani." Ai turned and looked back at me. "Its a long story." "I understand. You don't have to tell if you don't want too." I nodded. "Though i think its probably best i tell someone. I didn't quite tell Amy everything when she asked me what happened." I took a deep breath, and began telling Ai everything. From how i went to see my old pack, to seeing the growlithes mixed among them. Then backing right into the one that had caused the scar on my side. How he had told me that they were hired to kill me. "Why?" Ai asked when i had said that. "Cause I left because I didn't like the leader. If i had left to join a trainer or start my own pack, I would have been safe. Everyone in hte pack thinks I'm dead, and most likely i would have been if Lani hadn't followed me. She tried to protect me to my surprise, but the other growlithe pushed her down and she hit her head on a rock. He was going to kill her too, and I was to far away to do anything. However i forgot about my hidden power, and that saved her, but it also caused me to have to battle him." I sighed, instinctively trying to smooth the fur down on my left side around the scar. "Anyway, I used dig. The growlithe ws furious that i had tricked him, and he made sure that i wasn't going to use that move again during the battle. He crunched down on my paw. Anyway, I'm not sure how but i beat him." I shruddered, thinking about it. "One day when I'm stronger, I'm going back if for nothing else to let the pack know that i'm alive. Though i plan on staying on the team. I"m lucky to have found a good trainer and nice teammates, and good friends like you." I said. There was a few moments of awkward silence until, Ai finally spoke.

25th February 2004, 04:21 PM
Ai, the female Skittys POV:

Im lucky to have found a good trainer and nice teammates, and good friends like you.

There was an awkward pause.

I smiled at Dakota. Im glad that youre my friend, too, I answered. Im really sorry about what happened. If you ever need someone to talk to, Ill be happy to listen.

Lune, the male Eevees POV:

I looked wearily at Shockwave, who was trying to put some life into me. I had been enjoying his company for a few months now; despite his age, he was extremely perceptive, and picked up on just about everything at a faster rate than I did. It was amazing.

Really, though, he continued. You should be happy. Its good for you.

Im fine, I told him, without conviction. Im just tired from training, thats all.

Shockwave shook his head. You know what you need? A girl. There are lots of them running around. Pick one.

I swallowed. Nah I dont think so

Why not? Come on. Theyre not going to kill you or anything.

But they could get killed again. I sighed. I know Theres nothing wrong with them. I mean, girls are great. I used to have one.

Yeah? What was she like?

I stared stonily into the distance. I felt that if I moved, tears would fall loose down my face. If I spoke, I thought, my voice would tremble. Shockwave looked at me strangely. ...She was amazing, I managed, with a whisper.

Shockwave, the male Pikachus POV:

I had obviously hit a sore spot. Instinct told me that I should not go any further, so I didnt push Lune to say any more. I was going to change the subject for him, but the Eevee began voluntarily to speak up.

She was everything I could hope for, Lune quavered. She was my life. Then one day

I waited patiently. If he wanted to say what was on his mind, he would, in his own time. Otherwise, I had no authority to stick my nose into his business.

Lune looked at me mournfully. My best friend pushed her off a cliff because he was in love with me.

I hoped that he was joking, but there was no light in the Eevees eyes. His face was darkened in shadow, as if it mirrored the troubles of his defeated soul. I bowed my head. Im sorry, I said to him, placing my hand on his shoulder.

25th February 2004, 05:42 PM
(Dakota's POV)

Grinning, I slowly and silently paced into the eevee house. Ai was a good friend, and i couldn't wait for her to see that i had evoved. I saw her not far from where i had left. I silently snuck up behind her and placed my paws on her eyes. "Guess who?" She was quiet for a while and shrugged her shoulders. I had noticed that my voice was slightly deeper as well. I took my paws off and she turned around, and gasped. She looked down at my left paw and saw the scar. I smiled, and nodded my head.

(Amy's POV)

I looked around for Laila. It took a few minutes, but i eventually saw her sitting alone in a corner. I felt sorry for her. The one friend that she really made a connection with hadn't been here in a while. I shrugged and decided to give her the tm that i had jsut bought. "Hey Laila." I said and she looked up. Smiling slightly, she said "Hey." "I have a tm for you." "Cool, what is it?" "Mimic." I said as i sprinkled the powder over her. She smiled and thanked me.

25th February 2004, 06:29 PM
Beacon the Mareep's POV

"I guess he's busy with something," I said quietly. I sparked some more as I looked at all of the strangers. Something touched my shoulder, making me release some electricity from the shock. I heard a squeaky voice scream, and saw a badly burnt Cyndaquil lying face down on the floor. "I'm sorry! Are you okay?"

The Cyndaquil sprang up like nothing happened. "I've been through worse! My name's Cinder! I'm your new teammate!"

I blinked. "I didn't know my trainer caught a Pokemon already. Do you know any of the Pokemon here?"

"No, but it wouldn't hurt to introduce ourselves!" He went to a Pikachu and Eevee and waved. "Hi! My name's Cinder, I'm new here and I enjoy making friends!" He pulled me over to them. "This is Beacon, she's also new here, and she's working on evolving into the coolest Ampharos ever!"

More blinking. "I am?" I looked over at the two Pokemon. They seemed to be a little sad. "I'm sorry if I interrupted something. My friend and I will be going now." I went behind Cinder and started to push him away, but he ran back to the two.

"Wait, at least let me get their names!" he shouted at me.

25th February 2004, 09:37 PM
Ai, the female Skitty's POV:

I couldn't believe it! Dakota had evolved! Suddenly I had a newfound admiration for him. He had grown from a meek Poochyena to a powerful Mightyena, and I knew he would be able to stand up for himself. I smiled at him. "Congrats," I said, glad that he was stronger now.

Shockwave, the male Pikachu's POV:

Suddenly things became noisy. A Mareep and a Cyndaquil came up to us. The Mareep - Beacon, it seemed - sensed that they really should be there, and began to push the Cyndaquil away, but he came back. I found myself wondering whether the Cyndaquil had an ear problem; his voice was very high and very loud.

Lune shrank back into the shadows. I had told him that such behavior was bound to be unhealthy, but he persisted with the habit, and I had grown used to it. "Cover for me," he whispered. "Please." Then he vanished.

The Mareep and Cyndaquil were now looking at me, mystified. "That was Lune," I explained. "Don't mind him. He always disappears like that. My name is Shockwave. I'd really like to stay and talk, but Lune's behavior is worrying me. I'll get back to you later." With that, I turned to pursue the Eevee, of whom I had lost all traces.

Kir, the male Treecko's POV:

I glanced over at Lune and Shockwave. The former vanished and the latter gave chase. The two pokmon that were attempting to talk to them looked completely dumbfounded. I myself didn't think it was very nice to leave them hanging like that. Shrugging, I walked over to the Cyndaquil and Mareep to introduce myself. "My name is Kir," I told them. "That Eevee you tried to talk to vanishes at will; it's hard for anyone to talk to him, so don't take it personally. I don't blame the Pikachu for going after him, either. That Eevee does the strangest things, especially when he's alone. Something awful happened to him that made him partially insane."

28th February 2004, 02:46 PM

Hey there you two, do you think you could do me a favour?
I knelt down by the poolside and addressed Pearl and Kaiko.
Ive just adopted a new Pokmon-a Skitty, and I was wondering if youd mind introducing him to the team?
I smiled at Pearl in particular. She was the friendliest of my adoptees, which meant shed be perfectly suited to helping out a new team member.
Sure thing, Hannah
She smiled, while Kaiko let out an enthusiastic yell.
Hey everyone! Come and meet our new team mate
A few of my Pokmon glanced up, hearing his yell, but only two of them made their way over to us. I wasnt surprised to see Xolotle coming-she always liked to know what was going on, but seeing Tropitorm, my burly, aggressive Tropius was another matter. Still, maybe she was finally getting over her hatred of anything involving trainers and Pokmon.
Ok guys, here he is!
I chucked the red and white ball up in the air-it spun once, then burst open, the white light forming a small, pink and yellow cat at the edge of the pool. Almost instantly, seeing the light reflecting off of the water, he darted forward and began staring intently into the pool.
I smiled and reached out to pat him on the head; he didnt seem to notice, and just continued to stare into the water.
This is Tikish, you lot, so make sure you make him feel welcome, ok?
There was a murmur of agreement, and Pearl glided slowly forward to speak to him.

~Pearl the Clamperl~

Hey there, Im Pearl
I stopped in front of Tikish and smiled up at him. He simply stared at me blankly, then stepped to the side so he could continue staring into the water.
Must be shy
I thought to myself.
Im really glad that youve joined our team, and I know youll get on fine with the others, theyre all rea..
Do you mind? Im in the middle of something. If youre going to speak, at least speak low so I dont have to listen to you
I hadnt been expecting that, and I fell back silently. Something in his voice stunned me-and it wasnt just the hostility there. I frowned, trying to figure it out.

~Tikish the Skitty~

I slowly reached up one paw and brushed a spot of water of my perfect fur. That Clamperl had splashed me when she had stopped, and was now just sitting there, staring at me. Well, that wasnt that surprising; after all, I was worth looking at.
I turned to the side, studying my profile in the rippling water. It wasnt the best of things to use as a mirror, but it was better than nothing. I admired the image I saw-there was no getting away from it. I had the looks most Pokmon would die for. I was perfect.
Those other Pokmon were still watching me, but they didnt matter. They didnt have the elegance I did, and that was enough. I was better than all of them combined. Therefore there was no need to talk to them.
But they didnt seem to realise that.
Youre a male Skitty? Ive heard that there arent that many of your gender around..that must be weird.
Well, you never know, actually, he doesnt look that different from a female one, so maybe there are more, but it's just not noticeable.'
I spun round. What had that pathetic Sneasel just said?
Dont you ever call or even compare me to a girl
I spat the words out at her.
You watch what you say about me, you got that? Im better than all of you
I turned on my heel, stuck my tail in the air and marched off.

~Pearl the Clamperl~

There was a stunned silence as Tikish strutted off, tail in the air, head held high.
Then there came a sneer from Tropitorm.
Really loves himself, that one does, doesnt he? And hes better than all of us? Hes one Pokmon who almost deserves being enslaved like this
At her side, Xolotle rolled her eyes at me, and wandered off. Kai seemed to have vanished as well, meaning that it was just me and Tropitorm.
Still think were being enslaved? You never did say why you dislike people who train Pokmon..or why you dont just leave now, if you want your freedom so much.
She frowned at me, edgily shifting her weight from foot to foot. That was exactly what shed done when I asked her about it the first time. I smiled at her gently. She stared back, then slowly turned and walked off. Again, that was exactly what shed done last time.
Whyd you think she hates trainers so much?
Kais voice startled me; I hadnt realised he had come back.
I dont know
I watched as Tropitorms broad back finally vanished into the bustling crowd.
Kai looked at me and shrugged.
Nothing we can do unless she wants helpcan I have a ride?
He was right about that first part.

~Flash the Cyndaquil~

I curled up tighter into a ball, trying my hardest to block everything out. I felt like a complete and utter failure-I couldnt win anything, no matter how hard I tried. It wasnt fair.
Hey Flash.
I squeaked and curled up tighter.
I know youve been losing a bit-but its not your fault. But I got you this anyway
I sensed something being placed in front of me.
Theyll increase your speed by 2x when youre wearing them, so you should have an advantage next time you battle.
I looked up. A small, red box was lying on the floor in front of me. On the front was a flame symbol with a match in front.
Id seen some other Pokmon wearing them-this could be my key to victory!
And another thing
She placed a small white box in front of me.
This is a Headbutt TM-I think you need another, non-special attack, so there you go.
I picked up the box-it glowed white, then shattered, dousing me in sparkling light. I felt myself learning the attack-this was great!
I squealed happily and jumped into her arms, feeling my energy level returning..stronger..and stronger.


I laughed as Flashs back ignited, the flames bursting up as suddenly as they always did. He yelled happily, jumped out of my arms and went tearing off into the crowds.
I patted Xolotes head as she stepped upto my side, and looked round to see what all of my other Pokmon were doing; I had some thinking to do.

28th February 2004, 03:29 PM
(Amy's POV)

I walked into the Eevee House gently carrying an egg. I could tell that it woul be a while before it would hatch. Dakota kept lookin at it nervously. He laid down and i asked him if he wanted to watch out for the egg and he nodded. So i placed it gently on the floor between his front legs.

(Arwen's POV)

I had just come out of the kitchen when i saw that there was a new skitty at the eevee house. I had been looking for somthing to do. Anyways, back on track, I smiled when i saw him since there werne't really many of us around. I decided to go over and say hello. I quickly ran in the direction he was, only slowing to a stop when i was near. "Hi. My name's Arwen. What's yours?" I asked smiling as i waited for his answer.

(Oliver's POV)

I was looking through a book on wild animals when i came across a magnificent looking animal. As i read on, I learned that it was a white tiger. I bookmarked the page then ran off to find Amy. I showed her the pic and she asked me if I wanted her to get me the jucies needed for me to look like that. I couldn't believe it,. I had thought that she might, but i wasn't sure. Maybe one of them, and wait for the other till after i evolved. Ok, which do you want first. "The white one." Amy nodded, and told me to wait she'd be back soon. I did as asked, and she was back sooner thank i expected. She poured the milky looking liquid into a bowl, and i began to drink it. Amy held a mirror so that i could see the changes. I stopped when i was solid white except for my ears which were still black. I jumped into her lap and purred my thanks before running off to see if i could make any new friends outside of my teammates.

28th February 2004, 05:29 PM
<Nightshade's POV>

Tiana nodded at Nero about learning to be a psychic with me and asked, "so what now?"
"Come with me," I said. "We're going to be practice right under the beams while your uncle will practice near the pool so we'll be close enough to watch them when we're done."
She looked happier at the prospect of being close to Nero and padded quietly behind me until we settled ourselves under the left side rafters.
"You're rather lucky that you touched that sun stone instead of the water, thunder or leaf stone. If you had, you would have never been able to learn how to be adept in the psychic area. Then again, your evolution was by accident but the more powerful you are, the easier it is to control yourself."
She nodded slowly in understanding but her eyes were straying towards Nero, who was in deep meditation with Aries.
"Ahem!" I coughed loudly and put myself in front of her view. "The first thing we will do is meditation. Once your mind is clear and you're nice and calm, the training will be more simple."
She blushed in embarrassment but stood erect.
"Now, close your eyes and start to concentrate. Any noises you hear, just recognize them and then push them out of your mind. Don't think about anything except your breathing. To become more relaxed, breathe in and count for four seconds, hold it for four seconds and releases for four seconds. After a while, it will come naturally to you and once you master this, we will move on to your next training course."
Tiana nodded and started to breathe in and then out, the sound of her breath audible.
<So serious, sensei,> I heard Aries mock in my mind. <Thank god I found that meditation idea in your mind or else Nero would be all over the place.>
I silently grumbled and focused on my pupil. I had forgotten her nature was fast paced and her mind wasn't in one place for long. Already, I could feel her think about playing with Zale or her mother. I slapped her paw sharply, causing her to cry in pain.
"What did you do that for?" she cried out.
"You have a habit of being all over the place and I want it to stop. Now start trying this time and focus properly."
She glared at me for a bit before going back to her meditation. I had a feeling this would take a while.

<Lyra's POV>

"Now you're getting it," I smiled at Zale, who was doggy paddling all over the place.
After a couple of minutes, he always had the knack to start sinking, even if he wasn't tired. That's why I constantly had to be right next to him while he was swimming.
"So how do you think he's doing?" Shade muttered into my ear.
"I think he needs to win a few battles or else he'll be like this for a while," I whispered back. "He needs to strengthen his body a fair bit."

<Blade's POV>

I watched Drake give a little Bagon a lecture while I continued to play with the twins.
"What was that about?" I asked Drake after he came back.
"That kid had his priorities out of line. He rambled on about the honor code for dragons and thought dragon Pokemon were surpreme over everyone else and the other types weren't worth talking to. I told him otherwise and he seemed downtrodden about the whole thing afterwards. I wonder where he got those ideas from?"
"I don't know but maybe I should talk to him. I may not be a dragon but I'm just as strong as you so maybe he'll be influenced by that. Where did he go?"
Drake rolled his eyes but accepted the two tykes from me, Naurmir already attached to his tail. "I think he went out the front door."
I went off and tried to open the door without breaking it off. I flew up to get a better view and found no signs of him. I doubted he would go into town so I started to fly over the copses of trees, trying to look through the patches of open forest. It didn't take long before the Bagon headed into my normal "exercising" area and placed himself on one of the logs. Instead of talking to him face on, I dove into the forest and placed myself behind one of the nearest trees next to him.
"Utter failure..." the Bagon sighed. "I don't deserve to be a Bagon but I need to avenge my mother. Those Scizors will pay!"
"Oooh, good thing I'm hiding instead of being in the open."
"You know, not all Scizors are bad," I said aloud.
"Who said that?" the startled Bagon cried out, looking in all directions. "All Scizors are scum."
"It doesn't matter who this is. You just need to know that all Scizors are not bad."
"And how would you know?" he shot back. "Was your mom ever killed by one?"
I shook my head but continued on with the aloof conversation.
"No, but I do know a Scizor and he's actually quite kind. Just because a couple of wild Scizor performed a wicked act and got away with it doesn't mean you have failed or that every Scizor is related to those wild ones."
"I DON"T CARE!" he shouted. "They destroyed a dragon's life and as a dragon, I shall destroy them!"
"Then do it," I quietly replied and stepped out into the open, right in front of him.
"I'm sorry your mother was killed by my species but killing me or any other innocent Scizor would solve nothing. I know you talked to Drake and don't be so surprised that a dragon actually talks to me. He was my first sparring partner and is my best friend. Drake is friends with everyone on the team, including a Hitmonlee, Venusaur, Wartortle, Umbreon, Cubone and Kadabra. Also, his honor code is to stand up for what's right and treat everyone equally, no matter what. And that honor code goes for every Pokemon type, not just dragons."
I paused before going on.
"And you're not a failure for being unable to save your mother. If you tried, you would've been killed and I doubt your mother would've wanted you to die so young without growing up to be a strong Salamence."
"So, if you really want to try and battle me, go ahead but maybe I'm just not worth taking on. What do you think?"

1st March 2004, 11:41 AM
Beacon the Mareep's POV

I gasped. "I'm sorry. I didn't know!"

"Oh man, I was introducing myself to a psycho!" Cinder yelled. Kir shot him an angry look.

"Stop it, Cinder!" I growled at him. "Why don't you..." I stopped as I watched Cinder turn red and disappear into his pokeball.

Classy walked to me and patted my head. "We're just going to capture some pokemon at the Crystal Caves. When I come back, you and I can do some training together!" She walked out the door.

I turned to Kir. "Why couldn't I go with her?"

He scratched his head. "Well, are you adopted?" I nodded slowly. "Then that's it. Only Pokemon captured in the Crystal Caves can be used to capture other Pokemon. I don't know why, but that's the way things are run over there."

I sighed. "I'm so bored. I think I'll go outside for a while and take a nap."

1st March 2004, 02:45 PM

I sighed and sat down on the sofa around which my Pokmon were gathered round. There was no getting away from it; there were two Pokmon in my Captees team that I didnt think would ever fit in properly. They were friends with the others and were enjoying their new life, but in the end, I couldnt help but think that their personalities were more suited to a wild life. Both didnt care much for battling, preferring to watch, and spent more time together rather than with any of the others.
I ran my hands distractedly through my hair as I turned and easily caught sight of them, separate from the others, lounging round in the sunlight that was streaming through one of the windows. That made my mind up.
Slowly, I got up of the sofa and made my way over to them; they both looked up as I approached, and though neither said it, I could tell they were hoping whatever Id say was quick so they could be alone again.
I knelt down by them and just said it;
Ok guys, Ive been doing some thinking, about my team and all, and I couldnt drop the feeling that you two would, well, be happier else where, where it could be just the two of you, instead of having to always have an entire team always near by.
They stared at my, their faces not letting out any sign of their feelings.
So, I was wondering-if you too wanted to-would you mind if I released you? Of course, if you both want to stay, then Ill gladly keep you, but I just thought you might be happier just together.
They stared at me silently for a second then turned to each other and began whispering gently.
I watched, heart pounding.
Then they turned back and smiled nervously; I couldnt help smiling back.
Li glanced round at my other Captees distractedly, then ran over to them. Ralex followed.
I stood up straight, watching as they made their goodbyes.
Bye guys
Yeah, thanks, you lot
They glanced back at me, waved, then turned and ran for the door.
I sighed again, went back to the sofa and flung myself down on it.
Xolotle had been watching and slunk over.
Never thought Id release one Sneasel, let alone two
I muttered quietly to her. She didnt answer, but curled up by my side.

~Tikish the Skitty~

"Hi. My name's Arwen. What's yours?"
The sudden voice startled me; I spun round and found myself facing another Skitty. She was smiling at me, much the same way that the Clamperl had been. But at least she was one of my own kind, rather than some other outsider. She would be alright to talk to.
Im Tikish
I smirked and flicked my tail.
Its nice to have someone to talk to who can rank up to me
I sighed and jerked my head towards the talking mass of Pokmon.
None of them ever could.

15th March 2004, 10:52 PM
(Arwen's POV)

The skitty that I approached spun around. At least he was friendly, I thought as I saw him flick his tail and smile when he saw me. "Im Tikish." "Nice to meet you." I told him. "Its nice to have someone to talk to who can rank up to me. None of them ever could." he said as he jerked his head at a group of pokemon i the distance. I was puzzled, because i didnt' really understand what he was trying to say, but before i could ask about it Amy called me over. "Why don't you come with me?" I asked him and he nodded, as we made our way over to Amy. "I see you've made a friend." Amy said before continuing on. "I was wondering if you had thought about evolving any at all?" I was stunned, but not speechless. I thought about my next words carefully. "Once or twice. Mainly when i lost a battle." Amy nodded. "I understand if you don't want to right away, but i wanted to talk to you since you're old enough now to know what you want for yourself. I just wanted to let you know that i have a moon stone for you whenever you feel that you're ready." I nodded when i saw the stone. It was pretty, but I took a deep breath before looking up at Amy. I need to think about this first." I told her and she nodded. "Take as long as you need." i nodded and walked off with Tikish. For a few minutes, we were both silent. Then I turned to him. "What do you think i should do? I'm just curious. I need to decide for myself, but i'd like others input."

(Zale's POV)

I smiled as Lani and I trotted back intot he Eevee House. We had won a battle and i was pleased. I had asked Amy about evolving and she told me once I reached level ten. Tiana was trotting beside me. "That was a good battle." "Thanks." I said smiling at my sister. I thought she had gotten over her annoyance of me wanting to learn to swim, but then she had to let it slip. So how's the water, Sinker?" That was pushing it too far. I turned around and glared at her. "You know i'm getting better. I think you're just jealous because i'm making progress and you're not." I said before storming off to the pool.

(Tiana's POV)

I knew i had made a mistake when i let that slip about Zale being a sinker. It was something i had thoguht up when i saw him practiing when i should have been... what was that word... meditation. It was true i was having a hard time, and Zale was doing better than i was. I shrugged, and made my way back up to where i had been practicing lately. I closed my eyes and started to breath slowly, but all i could hear were Zale's words echoing about me being jealous and i started to cry.

(Simba's POV)

I sighed before diving under the water. It had been hard, these past few months, but i still didn't want to ive up hope that she'd be back.

16th March 2004, 10:12 AM
[Tara's POV]

I quietly opened the door of the Eevee House, went through, and quietly shut it. I wasn't so sure about being here, as I hadn't visited in such a long while. People probably wouldn't remember who I was, but maybe I'd hopefully become one of the Dragon Tamers once again.

Still ever so quietly, I found a corner where no one was standing and pulled my bag off of my back. I unzipped it and smiled at the contents inside. There, 14 pokeballs of all colors peacefully lay. I smiled at the only original red and white ball. Inside, my teams leader slept away. Christian was my first adopted pokemon. He is an Umbreon with crystal blue eyes.

I began to think of the memories with Christian and the team, but I shook the thoughts away. I needed to let these pokemon out so they could be with their friends again.

With that thought, I tipped over my bag and all 14 pokeballs fell onto the floor. The racket and probably rude awakening caused all of the team to burst out of their slumber and hideaways. 14 dazzled, confused faces started at me. I held out my hand and pointed behind them. In unison, they all turned to see where they were. The Eevee House. They knew the place the moment their eyes met their surroundings. Without another word, each and every one of them smiled and took off in all directions.

Pleased with myself, I spotted a quiet couch where no one else sat and made my way to it. I sat down and listened to the talk around me.

[Christian's POV]

Boy, we hadn't been here in a long while. But it was so great to be back. I hoped along with Tara that I could make a new friend or two. But I had to figure out who was who, first. I hoped I would be able to manage.

[Jesse's POV]

Energy raced through my legs and paws as I bounded all around with one single thing on my mind. No, two things! Sugar and Ayla. My nose searched for their scents. I would probably go crazy if I couldn't find them. There... that's it! Sugar! I know it was here. I rounded the corner and in shining beauty was my Jolteon. She didn't realize I was here, yet. So I snuck up behind her and instead of pouncing her, I put my paw around her neck and gave her the softest lick on her cheek I could manage. She always seemed to enjoy the soft, loving touches.

[Torrey's POV]

I chuckled to myself as I watched Dad bound away, looking for my mom. I knew he'd find her soon, I could just feel it. Since he was busy looking for her, I decided to spend my time searching for my twin sister, Ayla. I knew she was pink now... so she wouldn't be hard to pick out. I did the same as Dad and stuck my nose into the air, sniffing for Ayla's own scent. I picked up many different smells, including some that weren't all that great smelling. But in the middle of all of them, I found Ayla's. I followed it until I spotted my beautiful sister, shining brightly. Her pink fur looked magnificent. I hoped I wouldn't startle her when she saw me, as I was midnight black in color. I walked beside Ayla and sat down next to her, simply waiting for her to turn and notice me. A silly grin was glued to my face.

[Sandie's POV]

My heart raced as I eagerly searched for Simba. I knew exactly where he'd be. My pearled necklace danced on my neck as I trotted towards the pool I had missed so much. I longed to just dive in, but I wanted to find Simba first. I used my excellent vision and spotted my Vaporeon sitting by himself underwater. I sighed happily to myself. I wanted to just sit and watch him, but decided he probably wouldn't like that too much. I took a deep breath and jumped into the cold water. Chills ran down my spine as the cold hit me. I wasn't used to the pool temperature yet, but I would be in a matter of seconds. I swam quietly to Simba and let myself sink gently into a sitting position right next to him. He felt my soft touch and turned to look at me. I smiled sweetly and said, "Hello Simba."

[Sadie's POV]

Misu joined me as we searched for our parents. We didn't know where to even begin. Misu suggested we should spread out, but we ended up just staying together. Finally, I spotted our dad, Kovu. My mother was close by. They both spotted me and Misu and trotted over to great us. Daddy nuzzled Misu while Mommy nuzzled and kissed me. I then went to Daddy and gave him a big hug around his neck, my tiny arms barely reaching around. Mommy and Daddy were so excited to see us. We all four began talking at once and then stopped, then started laughing. It was great to be back home with my parents. Misu was glad to be with his daddy again, too.

[BlueShadow's POV]

Just as everyone else on my team was doing, I searched out for my family. Khaisa was happy wrapped around my neck, also wanting to find my dad Talut. We always thought of Khaisa as my sister, so she called him dad as well. We hadn't seen each other in who knows how long. I was anxious to get caught up on the news and see how Dad was doing.

[Khalia's POV]

This place had shrunk! Or maybe I just grew a little bit, I don't know. All I know is that I wanted to find my mommy and daddy! I missed them so much. I hoped they wouldn't be busy talking to other pokemon... I spotted Mommy.

"Mommy! Mommy! Its me, Khalia! Do you remember me?"

I grinned up as my mother's face spread out in a giant smile. She had looked so upset just a few seconds ago.

"What are you thinking about, momma? You looked sad. I missed you..." I nuzzled my mommy and purred. Then I spotted another pokemon beside her, not noticing her before. I instantly became shy. I burried my head into mommy's chest and muttered a "Hello.." to the stranger I didn't know yet. He looked nice, at least...

16th March 2004, 10:41 PM
Lily the Female Oddishs POV

What is this place? I asked out loud as Shonta carried me to a building. She circled around to a big field and set me down.

Beacon should be around here somewhere, Shonta muttered, looking around the field. She walked in a circle and stopped, her expression brightening. There she is! Thats Beacon, your new friend. She pointed to a napping Mareep.

Oh man, shes sleeping! I ran in front of Beacon and jumped in front of her. Hey, wake up! You wanna play?

She half-opened her eyes and yawned. Who are you?

I looked up and saw Shonta kneel beside Beacon and rub her forehead. Sleeping already? You should be making friends. This is Lily. I adopted her like I adopted you. Sorry, but I cant stay. Someone challenged me and Cinder to a battle. Be nice, you two! She walked off.

Beacon stood up and looked at me with curious eyes. So, what do you want to play? she asked me.

I thought for a minute and smiled. Lets play Hide and Seek! I can hide and you can find me!

Okay! She turned around. Fivetenfifteen

I ran off in search of a houseplant to hide in and stopped for a second to make sure that Beacon wasnt peeking. I turned back around and ran straight into a couple of Skitty. Sorry about that! I gotta go hide! I passed them and dove into a large potted plant. Shes never gonna find me here!

Angel Blossom
16th March 2004, 11:02 PM
[X L'Arcobaleno the Eevee's POV X]

Tugging at her shoelaces, I pulled Kris further into the Eevee House. "I haven't been here in ages", exclaimed Kris. I almost forgot the way this place looked, neither of us have been here in a long time! I really missed coming here..

Today's my chance to get to know everyone in the Eevee House! As Kris sat down on the lounge chair, I ran off, in search of the pool area. "Wow, there are a lot of Pokemon here," I thought to myself as I tried to find my way to the pool. Oh.. drat! Could it be that I really forgot where everything is?

Wandering around, I smiled at the other Pokemon nearby me. They were all playing together.. tag, hide-n-go-seek, and other fun activities. Finally, I came across the pool, which was filling up with Pokemon who splashed around in the cool, blue water.

"Darn.. the water is too deep for me," I said, disappointed. Me being a tiny Eevee with nothing but a rainbow tuff, I couldn't do much to withstand the deep water. I dunk my paw in the water as I stared at the reflection of the Pokemon in the pool and I. "Oh well!" I said to myself, in hopes that a friendly Poke would help me in.

17th March 2004, 09:53 AM
[Khaisa's POV]

After my big brother and I looked around for our daddy, I decided to go for a swim. I told BlueShadow where I was going and took of in flight. I gracefully glided to the pool, where many Pokemon including Sandie and Simba played and swam. I didn't know very many of them, but I hoped maybe one of them could be my friend.

I started to dive into the pool water, but I stopped when I noticed a really neat looking Eevee sitting at the edge of the pool. He had a rainbow colored tuft and I couldn't stop staring at the colors.

I made my way to him and introduced myself.

"Hi, I'm Khaisa! What's your name?" Then I added, "Do you need help getting into the water? Its pretty deep. I'd be glad to help you if you need it." I smiled to myself. I hoped this Eevee wanted to swim, as I'd never had a playmate before.

[Tara's POV]

I couldn't help but smile to myself as I watch my Dratini girl trying to make a new friend. Khaisa had always been somewhat shy and hadn't made many friends. She enjoyed being with her family and teammates, but other than them, she didn't really have anyone. I hoped for the best. Making new friends could be a tough thing to do.

18th March 2004, 12:01 AM
(Amy's POV)

I smiled when I saw M_K. I'm glad she was back, and I slowly weaved my way through the crowd of pokemon and peopl to get to her. When i sat down beside her, I didn't say a word. She looked up and her face broke into a grin. "Glad to see that you're back.

(Sugar's POV)

I wasn't much in the mood for jokes. I actually hadn't been for weeks now. I could tell that Ayla was starting to get worried, but i missed Jesse. I sat in a room alone, thinking about Jesse and the times that we had together. I hadn't heard anyone approach. So when someone put they're paw around me and licked me, I did the one thing i'd always done when i was startled. I let loose a jolt of electricity. A familiar yelp followed my laughter made me bluch in embarrassment. I turned around hardly daring to believe what i hoped i would find. I smiled, lying there in the floor with his fur sticking out in every direction was Jesse. "Don't startle me like that." I chided before trying to smooth down his fur. "I missed you." I told him finally giving up and leaning against him.

(Ayla's POV)

I was in the kitchen when i heard the commotion. Coming out, I saw some familiar faces including Blue. That could mean only one thing, Torrey and Dad were sure to be here somewhere. I scanned the crowd but frowned when i didn't see them. Then, someone sat down beside me. I looked sideways, then did a double take. I almost didn't recoginze him, if it wasn't for that goofy grin. "Torrey?" I said making sure. When he nodded, I burst out into an equally goofy grin. "You look great." I told him. "Its been a while."

(Kovu's POV)

I was about to go and look for Christian since he was one of my good friends. However, I got a most welcome surprise. I was mobbed my Sadie and Misu. Kiara, who had also seen M_K and her team enter had came over and we all spoke at the same time before laughing at that. "Youve both grown a lot." I told them. I saw Christian looking around and I looked over at Ranec and almost unnoticalble nodded towards him. Ranec also nodded and walked over to Christian.

(Simba's POV)

I sighed, and closed my eyes. A few minutes later, I felt a familiar touch. I was afraid to open my eyes in case i was imagiing it, but when i did I smiled one of the biggest smiles i had in a looooong time. "Hello Simba." It was Sandie. I smiled and nuzzled her, before she adjusted the hat that she had given me. I was pleased to note that she still had that pearl necklace on that i had given her.

(Jasmine's POV)

For some reason i was drawn to the pool when i got there, I saw Khasia. I sat back and watched as she talked to an eevee. I wondered if she'd recognize me anyway. I'd grown a lot since the last time i saw my little sister.

(Arwen's POV)

Almost as soon as I had asked the question i heard a familiar voice that i hadn't heard in ages. "Mommy! Mommy! Its me, Khalia! Do you remember me?" My worried look changed into a huge smile. "What are you thinking about, momma? You looked sad. I missed you..." "I missed you to honey. Its nothing you need to be worried about. Its jsut a decision i need to make." It was about then that she noticed Tikish. She instantly became uncharastically shy. "This is Tikish." I said, and nuzzled her. An oddish came racng through at that moment and the only thing on my mind was making sure that my daughter was safe.

(Ranec's POV)

I was walking through the house when i saw a crowd gathering around Kovu. I didn't think much about it until i saw him nod barely noticably at another umbreon that i didn't knwo. I nodded back almost as imperceptibly. I took in a deep breath and then walked over. I wasn't sure how he'd react to me juse as i was sure he was unsure about me when he saw my approach. "Uh, hi. I'm Ranec." I said hoping to at least let him know i was friendly despite that i was unusual looking. I was proud of my white fur and black rings though it was from jucies.

18th March 2004, 12:58 AM
Shontas POV

Oh man, I almost forgot! I said out loud as I started to exit the Eevee House. I took out two pokeballs and let out Kawaii and Beaky. Kawaii chirped happily and walked up to me. This is a place where you can meet other Pokemon. Go and have fun! Kawaii shook her head furiously and rubbed it against my side. Sorry, but Cinder and I have things to do. Ill be back, I promise. I rubbed the Girafarigs head and left. I hope they behave themselves, especially that Spearow.

Kawaii the Female Girafarigs POV

I lowered my head and started to follow my new trainer, hoping to follow her to wherever she was going. Youre not going to be much help, Beaky muttered.

I narrowed my eyes and looked back at the Spearow. I wasnt going to fight, just to watch. If were going to be stuck here, what should we do?

What about enjoying ourselves without our trainer? he suggested, taking to the air. I followed him to the backyard and immediately dropped my jaw.

Look at all of the Pokemon! I whispered excitedly. I didnt know where to start. My eyes locked on a Mareep that seemed to be muttering to herself. I trotted over to her and cleared my throat. Excuse me, but what are you doing?

Playing hide and seek, she said after she stopped muttering.

Beaky landed on my head. I just happen to be an expert on hide and seek. What are we looking for?

An Oddish.

He sighed. Oookay, Im out. When there are plants, theres a good hiding place for an Oddish.

The Mareep started to look around. I heard her walk this way. She started toward the pool, occasionally sniffing the air. I curiously followed her with Beaky flying above me. By the way, my names Beacon.

Im Kawaii, I spoke up. This heres Beaky. I looked up at the flying Spearow. We passed a lot of Pokemon, including a few Skitty. One of the bigger Skitty looked at me and stood over the little one. Feeling offended, I stopped and lowered my face to the bigger Skitty. You know, its not like I was going to kidnap your little friend or anything.

I found you! I heard Beacon yell out. I looked at a large potted plant as it started to shake. An Oddish jumped out and laughed as Beacon looked back at me. Okay, its Lilys turn to find us!

Its not easy for me to hide, you know. I took another look at the Skitty and walked away, hearing my tail growl in anger.

18th March 2004, 06:37 PM
[Christian's POV]

An Umbreon I'd seen around but didn't know too well approached me. He introduced himself as Ranec. He sure looked unusual, but I didn't second glance him. I was used to unusual looks, too, seeing as I had blue eyes. I smiled at him, glad to have someone to talk to.

"Hey Ranec, its nice to meet you. I'm Christian. I've seen you around before when we were here regularly, but I just never came over to say hi. So how are you?"

[Jesse's POV]

I should have known better when I snuck up on my Sugar. The small jolt of electricity was all too familar though and didn't hurt too bad. Hey, who could blame a Jolteon when she was snuck up on? I couldn't.

I lay on my back, laughing at the event. Sugar seemed a little angry when she turned around, but when she noticed it was me, a smile grew on her face. I apparently looked very silly with my fur sticking up everywhere. Although, it always did a little bit anyways, my mane and tail, at least.

I struggled to get up on my paws. I purred as I allowed Sugar to try and smooth out my already naturally frizzy fur. She told me that she missed me. I smiled gently and said that I missed her, too. With that, she gave up on my fur and leaned up against me. I put my head around her neck in a gentle hug and purred. Words flowed through my heart, but not through my mouth. I couldn't say anything as I was so happy to be with Sugar again.

[Torrey's POV]

My smile grew even bigger when Ayla did a double take once she noticed me. I could tell she barely recognized me. "You look great," she told me. "Its been a while."

"You look great yourself. Who'd have known pink could look so good on a Vaporeon?" I commented. Then a light came on inside my head.

"Hey Ayla, do you know where Mom is? Dads here, too, I'm sure he's found her already, but I'm sure you'd like to see him and I'd like to see Mom again, too."

With that, I followed Ayla to look for our parents.

[Misu's POV]

It was so funny when all four of us started talking at the same time. Dad told us how much we'd grown. I hadn't noticed it, but it was odd looking at him almost eye to eye level. I guess we had grown a bunch. Sadie had reached her full height, but still wasn't as tall as me or Dad.

"So Dad, whatcha been up to lately?"

"Yeah, and you too, Mommy!" Sadie chimed in.

[Sandie's POV]

I was so glad to know that Simba was as miserable as I was while I was away. I noticed his eyes fall to the necklace upon my neck, making me smile, reading his mind.

"Of course I still have it, Simba. I never took it off, not even while I slept. It reminded me of you, and if I took it off, a part of you would be leaving me. I missed you soooo much." My voice started to crack with that last sentence. I really had missed him. I fought back the tears of happiness, even though they would have probably gone unnoticed since we were in the water.

[Kahlia's POV]

I shyly smiled at the Skitty known as Tikish. I started to say hi to him when an Oddish ran into us. I was still sitting behind Mommy, so I wasn't hurt. But I could tell right away that Mommy was worried as she instinctively stood over me in protection. It scared me, but I was okay. "I'm okay, Mommy. That silly Oddish is scary! Look at him hide in that dirt! Oh yeah, what kind of .... de... de..sis... whatever that word is... what do you have to do?" I was curious now. "Oh! Where's Daddy?" I suddenly asked.

[Tara's POV]

I felt Nala sit down beside me. When I looked up, I smiled happily. "Glad to see you're back," she said. "Yeah, I am too. Thanks for getting me to bring the team here. I probably wouldn't have come back had it not been for you. So... What has been happening since I've been gone?"

21st March 2004, 05:42 AM
Tikish the Skitty~

I glared at the place where the Oddish had buried itself, having half a mind to go over and put him in his place.
But Arwen and the new little Skitty were looking at me, and I knew it wouldnt be the best of time to try and pick a fight. Instead, I decided to go back to the origional subjects.
Smiling at the new Skitty, I gently reached out and patted her head.
Hi there.
Then I stepping back slightly, and glanced back at Arwen, trying to imagine a Delcatty standing in her place.
Hmm..Im not sureI think being a Delcatty would suit you though, theyre elegant and all that, and I could see you like thatbut it is up to you, after all.

Fizz the Taillow~

I flapped my wings and swooped up onto one of the large beams in the ceiling of the house.
There were a couple of bird Pokmon perched there, but none so much as gave me a second look.
I rustled my feathers in agitation-this wasnt right. They should all be watching me in amazement, unable to comprehend how I flew.
Bad day?
Latino flapped up beside me, glancing round at the milling crowds below.
Tell me about it
I muttered quietly; but he wasnt listening.
Instead, his eyes were fixed on a small Mareep that was standing below with a couple of other Pokmon. Its tail orb was glinting in the light.
I looked at Latino, who winked at me then silently jumped off the beam and swooped down.

21st March 2004, 02:50 PM
[My POV]

I walked into the Eevee House for the first time in ages, mumbling under my breath about evil homework and evil school. I then released all my adoptees and captees (except Isis, who was at the Battle Tower), who all ran off in different directions, looking for parents or friends or something to do. I plopped down on the couch, pulling out my bio lab and beginning to make revisions.

[Akia's POV]

I stretched a bit, taking a look around the Eevee House. It had been FOREVER since I'd been here; or at least, that's how it felt. I roamed around aimlessly, trying to find someone to talk to.

[Laurenor's POV]

"Race you to the pool, Aryll!" I yelled, sprinting toward the cool blue water. I heard her feet pounding behind me, and I knew she was going to overtake me soon. Suddenly, though, I skidded to a stop, causing Aryll to nearly run into me.

"Laurenor? What the-"

"I'll be right back Aryll!" I told her as I ran off again, this time toward a pink Vaporeon. "Mom!" I cried out, nearly bowling her over.

[Royce's POV]

The first thing I did after emerging from my pokeball was look for my dad. I missed him - it felt like forever since I'd seen him. And luckily enough, I found him right away; not that he was exactly hard to miss.

"Daddy!" I yelled.

21st March 2004, 04:05 PM
<Lyra's POV>

In a short time, Zale had left to go to the Battle Tower for a battle. This pleased me since the little guy needed to build up strength and endurance before he started to become a good swimmer, or evolve in that matter, although I wasn't sure if he wanted to evolve at all.

About a half an hour later, he came back and looked rather perturbed.
"Did you lose at the Battle Tower? Because if you did, everyone always wins and lose some."
"No, I had a fight with my stupid sister. She's just jealous that I'm doing better in my training, that's all."
He jumped in wildly and tried to swim around but just thrashed about and yelled before I had to pick him up and put him on Shade's bulb.
"Just because you may be doing better than your sister right now, it doesn't justify you to call her jealous. What she's doing is entirely different from what you're learning and with her type of personality, I think it's amazing that she's trying to do it in the first place. Swimming takes a while to learn and to a non water Pokemon, it takes more time to master. Meditation takes just as long for non psychics and for Tiana, it's just the beginning to what she has to go through. Now I suggest you go apologize to her because although you may not believe it, I think she feels rather rotten for making fun of like that and what you said before didn't help much either."

<Nightshade's POV>

I frowned as I opened my eyes and found Tiana missing. Looking around, I finally spotted her walking with her brother. I had half a mind to forcefully drag her back here but the conversation didn't last long as she came trotting back, a troubled look on her face. I was about to ask her what was wrong but she sat herself down and started to meditate. After a minute, I knew she wasn't going to last as tears started to stream down her face. Knowing that I probably couldn't solve her problem, since I was only her teacher and nothing more, my thoughts strayed to Nero, who was her uncle after all.
Doesn't hurt to try, I thought.
Raising my spoon into the air, I lightly lifted Tiana off the ground. Eyes still closed, she coughed back a choke to hide her sorrow and tried to unsuccessfully meditate some more. Walking over to Aries's spot, I put her down next to a meditating Nero and prodded Aries silently.
<Wake Nero up and tell him his niece is crying. I didn't want to go into her mind and find out why so he'll have to figure it out himself.>
His eyes also closed, Aries nodded and telepathically nudged Nero awake, who looked down at his dishevelled niece and instantly started to comfort her.
<You think I'll ever get to her?>
<It takes time, man. She's only a young kid.>
<Yeah, that's what I don't like about it.>

Lady Vulpix
21st March 2004, 06:21 PM
The 61-90 race will take place on Tuesday, March 23rd at 3 PM EST, which is 5PM my time.

This post was made at 7:21 PM EST, 9:21 PM Argentina, so please figure out what time that is for you and send me your moves at any time before or during the race.


PS: other refs please set a date and time for your races.

21st March 2004, 08:28 PM
(Zale's POV)

I stormed to the pool. Lyra saw me, and asked my if i had lost the battle, I guess cause she could tell that I was upset. "No, I had a fight with my stupid sister. She's just jealous that I'm doing better in my training, that's all." I was more hurt than angry at the comment, but i didn't want to show it. I jumped in, but unfortunately, cause i was upset I wasn't at my best. I almost immediately began to sink, and cried out. Lyra helped me, before giving me a short lecture. I didn't even try to argue, because in my heart, I knew that she was right. "Now I suggest you go apologize to her because although you may not believe it, I think she feels rather rotten for making fun of like that and what you said before didn't help much either." I nodded, making my way out of the pool, and began to look around for Tiana. I wasnt' sure if she was feeling bad or not but i soon discovered that she was. I saw up leaning up against Uncle Nero crying. My ears went down, and Nero looked over at me. He whispered something to Tiana who nodded, before ducking behind Nero. I sat down and turned my back towards them, since it seemed Tiana didn't want to see me at the moment.

(Tiana's POV)

I wasn't having much luck, and i tried to hide the fact i was crying. Not long after i had begun to cry I heard Uncle Nero ask me what was wrong. Then Uncle Nero asked me if i had a fight with Zale, and i nodded and started crying harder. I saw Zale out of the corner of my eye and shrunk down and tried to hide. "Why don't you try to talk to him." "He doesn't want to talk to me." "Are you certain?" I couldn't answer, so i glanced over at him, and sniffed. Uncle Nero nudged me over, and I took a deep breath before getting up and silently walked over.

(Ayla's POV)

We went off to look for Mom and Dad. I had an idea where Mom was. She didn't really spend much time around the others lately. i guess she missed Dad more than she let on. However before we could get very far, I heard someone familiar. "Mom!" I looked up and saw Laurenor racing towards us. He tried to stop, but he was going to fast and he crashed into me which sent me tumbling into Torrey, and we all landed in a heap. I couldn't help but laugh. I hadn't expected that, and the look on Torrey's face was priceless. I hugged Laurenor. Then we all climbed to our paws. "Laurenor, this is your Uncle Torrey. He's my twin brother." I smiled and watched them both look at each other.

(Ranec's POV)

"Yeah. Nice to meet you to." I said. "I'm pretty good." I answered slightly. "What about you?" I asked. I always felt awkward talking to other pokes for the first time. The only one i never felt that way with was Flare. Who happened to be napping, at that moment and i shook my head trying to keep focused.

(Kovu's POV)

"So Dad, whatcha been up to lately?" Misu asked followed up my Sadie. "Yeah, and you too, Mommy!" "We haven't been doing much latley. Just hanging around here, wondering if you'd be back." I answered, and Kiara nodded.

(Simba's POV)

I leaned over and gave her a nuzzle. I was still wearing the hat that she gave me. We sat there together for a while, both of us enjoying each other's company. Finally i asked her if she wanted to surface and she nodded her head yes so the pair of us made our way up to the surface.

(Blazer's POV)

I was outside practicing, since i didn't want to get lazy incase I was needed. I smiled as I incinerated another stick. I looked around and saw Ace. "Hey Ace." He looked at me, puzzled. Then i remembered that i looked a lot different from the last time that he had seen me. "It's me, Blazer." He looked at me again closely, and this time recognized me.

(Jasmine's POV)

Finally i could stand it no more, and slithered my wa to the pool's edge. Then i dived in and swam over to Khasia. "Hey sis." I said and smiled when she turned around.



The race i'm reffing will be held Wednesday at 2:30 my time. Its 8:30 pm CST my time right now

21st March 2004, 10:46 PM
Beacon's POV

Kawaii stood next to me and lowered her head to my level. "It looks like Lily made some new friends while she was looking for a place to hide," she whispered with what sounded like sarcasm.

I looked over at a few Skitty. One of them glared at Lily for a second and went back to the other two. "Lily, you should go apologize to the Skitty for bumping into them."

She looked up at me. "I did say I was sorry!"

"You should try again. If they don't accept your apology, I could always back you up," Kawaii told her.

"No! We're not here to fight!" I yelled out. Kawaii merely cocked an eyebrow at me and walked with Lily.

Beaky flew down next to me and gave me a fish eye. "Face it; we might as well be wearing turbans and praising Allah. Everyone here wants to tear us apart!"

"No one wants to AAH!" I yelled as a shadow swooped down for me. The first thing that came to mind was hitting the dirt, which I did. Beaky ruffled his feathers and flew up to confront my attacker as I sighed in defeat. Maybe he's right.

Beaky the Male Spearow's POV

I found myself face-to-face with a Murkrow. Not a fan of Murkrow, I decided to instantly shed the Nice Guy routine. "Tell me right now why you decided to dive bomb my friend!" I squawked.

The Murkrow landed on a perch on the roof. "I can't help it if your friend's tail is so shiny."

"Excuse me!?! You attacked her because it was shiny!?! How about you go down there and apologize to her before I get angry?"

21st March 2004, 11:07 PM
(Sora's POV)

I was sitting on Amy's shoulder when I heard a little commotion. I looked over and saw a group of pokes talking, then saw the mareep dive downwards. "Uh oh," I though as i flew up into the rafters nearby to keep an eye on things. I was ready to help out of things turned ugly.

(Laila's POV)

I saw a new group of pokes gathered together. I had seen what had went on with Arwen and the other skitties. I knew that Arwen was mainly concerned with the safety of Kahlia. However, they didn't know that it was jsut mothers instinct. I decided to walk over and say hi. However, they seemed to think that they weren't welcome here. I overheard their conversation as i drew near. "Uh, hi." I said as I approached. "Don't worry much about Arwen. She's usually much nicer, but i think the mothers instinct to protect just took over. Anyway, I'm Laila."

22nd March 2004, 03:35 AM

The 31-60 race will be reffed by myself on Thursday 12:00PM UTC/GMT my time. Currently it's 8:35PM UTC/GMT Monday for me.

22nd March 2004, 02:37 PM
Lily's POV

"Arwen's a mommy?" I whispered.

"Come on, how dangerous can Lily be?" Kawaii asked.

"I know Toxic!" I said proudly. Kawaii sweatdropped.

"I forgot how much my mom protected me when I was little," Kawaii said. "I think I owe them an apology, too."

Beaky landed beside Beacon. "Turns out that a Murkrow was attracted by your tail orb because it was shiny." He looked at Laila. "Hey there. I'm Beaky and this is my team. Lily, Kawaii, and Beacon. We have another teammate, but he's currently having a battle."

I looked over at the Skitty. "I'm going to say hi!" I ran over to the smallest Skitty, who ran behind her mom as she saw me coming. "Hi, my name's Lily. Wanna play? We won't hurt you."

22nd March 2004, 04:50 PM
No time... No connection... Oh boy.

Ancalagon the Black, the male Bagons POV:

The Scizor would annihilate me and I knew it. There was no possible way for me to win. But that was not the point The point was that I had run away too many times before. The point was that I had disobeyed my mother. The point was that she was not dead.

There never had been a pack of Scizor. No, the reason that I hated Scizor was not because they had killed my mother. No such thing ever happened. I convinced myself of these lies because a Scizor had shown me that I had no courage.

In truth, there had really only been one Scizor. I never even hated him, just myself and my utter cowardice. My mother had taught me that to lose to any pokmon other than a dragon was a disgrace. I did not understand, but she told me that dragons were superior, over all. I had my doubts, but her fierce glares and harsh words convinced me to accept whatever she told me as the truth.

One day when I was still very young, while my mother was training me for battle, we met a Scizor who did not stoop to her. She became angry. He never really said anything, he just walked by without noticing us. I thought he looked kind of worried about something, and was probably not paying much attention. My mother said that he was an insolent weakling that needed to be destroyed because he mocked the dragon race. Something in a distant corner of my mind told me otherwise, but I had learned never to question my mother. Questions only led to verbal abuse and physical pain.

She told me to battle the Scizor. I was scared, because I had never battled before, and because he was obviously much more powerful than me. But my mother never really gave me any choice, so I battled the Scizor. I lost badly.

My mother went into a shrieking tantrum. She called me a useless son. She told me how stupid I was, and how weak, and how I was a complete disgrace to the dragon race. She told me to eliminate myself right then and there, in the way that she had taught me that dragons who failed in battle would do.

Quite honestly, I was afraid. I did not like the idea of slitting my belly and tearing out my guts, having to die alone in excruciating pain, the likes of which no living pokmon should ever be forced to experience. My mother kept yelling at me to do it, but no matter how I tried, I simply couldnt. I never was one for pain. I didnt like being hurt. When my mother saw that I could never bring myself to do it, she was furious. She disowned me right then and there. She told me to get out of her sight and never let her see me again. I ran away, lost, confused, and hating myself for being such a craven.

And that was how I came to concoct a tale for myself to believe, to forget about what really happened. I pretended that there had been a swarm of Scizor. I pretended that my mother loved me. I pretended that I loved her. I convinced myself that the Scizor had killed her. Eventually, I came to believe my story, and almost forgot the real one. But now with the Scizor in front of me, it all came rushing back.

I fell to my knees, hiding my face in my hands. Im sorry, mother, I sobbed. Im sorry that I didnt kill myself when you commanded me to. Its just I was so scared You were right... I am a useless son. I am a worthless, good for nothing coward

Remembering that I was not alone, I stood up to face the Scizor. My mother isnt really dead, I muttered in a hollow voice.

He raised a brow. You lied?

Casting my eyes to the ground, I nodded. It was the only way that I could possibly live with my shame. The real story My mother taught me that all non-dragons were inferior. She said it was impossible for a dragon to lose to a non-dragon. One day we ran into a Scizor She became angry because he didnt bow to her. She said he was rude. I would have pointed out that he looked preoccupied with his own business, but I had grown so afraid of her that I never contradicted her in anything, so I just kept quiet. Then she told me to battle him. I had never battled before and he looked much stronger than me, but I did what she said, because if I didnt she would probably have hit me or dug her claw into my skin or something. It didnt take long for me to lose to the Scizor. My mother was so furious that she told me to slit my belly and spill my guts. She taught me that its the dragons ritual way to die when faced with failure. It is a very painful way to die, and a very lonely one. I was too afraid I just couldnt do it. I dont know why. I just didnt have enough heart to do it. I was afraid of pain I sighed deeply. My mother disowned me for my cowardice. Thats what really happened. I made up the other story to help me forget about the truth. I tried not to remind myself what a coward I was. But its no use.

The Scizor had been silent all this time, listening to my tale. Now I locked gazes with him, my heart burning with resolve that I had never felt before. I dont have a single drop of courage in my blood, I told him, but I know that I cant keep running away from fear. It hasnt worked before, and its not going to work again. I know you are much stronger than me. I know that you have the capacity of crushing me without much effort. I know that I cant defeat you. But if I dont face your challenge, Ill always have to live with the fact that I am nothing but a puny, groveling coward who should never have been born. If I battle you, maybe, maybe I can regain some of my dignity. Ill have to ask of you Dont hold back. Ill give this fight everything that Ive got. And if I have to die trying, so be it.

Ai, the female Skittys POV:

When I looked at the egg, I couldnt help but smile. It was so beautiful. Id never dreamt that I would end up this way, but now that I did, I felt happy. I leaned against Dakota, his fur warm and comforting. Both of my eyes were focused on the egg. It gleamed with a lovely glowing light. I wondered silently how close it was to hatching.

Lune, the male Eevees POV:

Im fine, I said for the third time to Shockwave, who obviously did not believe me. I just wanted some quiet time, thats all. I wasnt in the mood to introduce myself to a loud, hyper Cyndaquil. Thanks for covering for me.

Uh huh. Are you ever going to introduce yourself to those two, or are you going attempt avoiding them and other such hyper types for as long as possible? Shockwave asked.

I am going to attempt avoiding them and other such hyper types for as long as possible.

Thought so. He fell silent. So anyway uh


Shockwave looked at me. Food?


Okay, food.

I followed Shockwave slowly towards the kitchen.

Nero, the male Umbreons POV: ***Actually I'll do Nero later... Sorry guys. Gotta go...

22nd March 2004, 10:22 PM
[Christian's POV]

I could tell Ranec felt awkward, we were kind of at a loss for words. "I'm doing okay, " I answered. I thought for a quick moment then thought of something. "Hey Ranec, what attacks do you know? I just thought that maybe we could go outside and practice a bit together. Might be fun." I shrugged my shoulders. There wasn't really that much else to do.

[Torrey's POV]

My eyes grew wide as soon as I realized what was going on. "Ayla! You're a mom??!! I'm an uncle??!!" Even after Ayla and Laurenor had picked themselves up, I lay on my back staring in disbelief. Laurenor was very cute and looked exactly like his mother. Heck, he even looked like me, seeing as we were so closely related. "Oh, sorry. Hey Laurenor, how you doin'?" I asked cooly, trying to cover up for my staring. I climbed to my paws and grinned my silly grin to Ayla, causing her to giggle and grab Laurenor in her paws in a hug.

[Sandie's POV]

As Simba and I surfaced, I felt the urge to play. Our heads broke the surface of the water and our lungs filled with air. Simba smiled at me and I took that moment to give Simba a lick on his cheek and yelled, "Tag, you're it!" I dove under the water and with my powerful fish-like tail, zoomed through the water like a dolphin. I zig-zagged around, losing Simba on occasions but being caught soon after with him right behind me. I just couldn't hold back my smile.

[Ace's POV]

"Wow Blazer! You look awesome! When did you change colors like that?" I glanced around at the burnt sticks and logs. "You been practicing?" I smiled and decided to show Blazer how much he'd taught me. I took a deep breath and aimed for a fake tree at least football field distance away. One large, hot Ember shot from my mouth and traveled extremely fast and hit the target. The fake tree turned black with smoke coming off of it. I turned to look at Blazer, who was smiling happily at me. "I've been working on that one, but that's about it." I said with a bit of proudness in my voice.

[Khaisa's POV]

The little Eevee I was trying to talk to didn't answer me. I began to feel a little down, but then I heard a very familiar voice. I spun around and looked in the water. My big sister Jasmine was floating there, smiling happily at me. "Jasmine!" I cried. I dove into the water beside her and greeted her with a Dratini hug. "Oh I missed you! Golly, you've grown so much, you don't even look like yourself!" She really didn't. She was still much, much bigger than me as she was quite a bit older than I was. But it her face, I could see my sister. "How have you been lately and watcha been up to?" I couldn't hold my excitment inside, I was so thrilled to see my big sister again.

[Kahlia's POV]

With all the excitment, I couldn't help but be skittish. I was normally pretty outgoing, but lately I'd become very shy. I giggled at the Oddish. Suddenly, I felt a gentle pat on my head and noticed it was Tickish greeting me with a lovely "Hi there." I smiled, I like him already. "Hi..." I said shyly. I buried my face in Mommy's chest again, smiling happily. Then I discovered what she and Tickish were talking about.

"Mommy, what's a Delcatty? You're a Skitty, you can't be anything else, can you?" I had no idea how this was possible. I remember Tara trying to explain to me what evo... something meant, but I didn't catch on.

As I looked around, I saw an Oddish running towards us. I remembered that it was so fast when it zoomed past us before, so I jumped behind Mommy and hid. I poked my head out from between her front paws and looked at the Oddish.

"Hi, my name's Lily. Wanna play? We won't hurt you."

"I.. uh... Momma..." I looked to her for advice. I'd never played with another Pokemon other than my teammates yet and I wasn't so sure about it. I wanted to though...

[BlueShadow's POV]

I was just settling down when I heard a voice call out "Daddy!" I thought it sounded familiar, so I turned around to see who exactly it was. My heart skipped a beat when I found out who it was. Royce, my son.

"Hey Royce!" I yelled back. I walked over to greet him. Once I reached him, I opened my arms in a hug. "I haven't seen you in ages," I told him. "How have you been? Would you like to try and help me find your Grandpa Talut? I've been looking all over for him, but haven't had any luck. Maybe you'll be my good luck charm."

Lady Vulpix
23rd March 2004, 08:54 AM
Sorry, I made a mistake about the race. I hadn't realized that was the time when my class ended. Anyway, I'm here now, and ready to start the race.

The contestants are:

Aries Lv. 30 Male Umbreon (62) - The_Missing_Link
Jimi Lv. 24 Male Jolteon (82) - Dark Dragonite
Kiara Lv. 40 Female Flareon (82) - Wolfsong

The track is 2050 units long.

And the race begins!

Both Aries and Kiara start off with a Quick Attack!
Kiara had a great start, swiftly advancing 984 units!
Jimi ran straight forward, but didn't do so well in comparison: he only managed to advance 246 units.
Aries did better, his Quick Attack allowing him to run 558 units.

Positions on the 1st update:
Kiara: 984
Aries: 558
Jimi: 246

After her amazing start, Kiara took a small break and ran straight, advancing 246 units.
Aries took the chance to get closer by using another Quick Attack, and getting 496 units ahead.
Jimi kept on running, but found some obstacles on the way, being unable to run more than 82 units this time. I guess his trainer's absence isn't helping him.

Positions on the 2nd update:
Kiara: 1230
Aries: 1054
Jimi: 328

Kiara went back to using Quick Attack, if not as such an impressive speed as before. She advanced 410 units this time.
Aries kept Quick Attacking at the same pace, advancing another 496 units.
Jimi recovered from his fall, but is still having problems getting ahead. He ran 246 units again.

Positions on the 3rd update:
Kiara: 1640
Aries: 1550
Jimi: 574

Now Kiara dashed forward with another Quick Attack, getting 492 units ahead and crossing the finish line!
Aries, also using Quick Attack, ran 310 units before the Flareon got to the end.
Jimi did a last effort and advanced 328 units, but was already far behind.

Update from the finish line:
Kiara: 2132 - WINNER
Aries: 1860
Jimi: 902

Kiara wins and grows 2 levels!

Congratulations, Kiara and Amy!
Aries also did a great job and ended up coming quite close in spite of the speed disadvantage.
I'm sorry Steve couldn't be here to help Jimi out.

23rd March 2004, 07:36 PM
(Dakota's POV)

I hadn't slept in days. I knew that the egg could hatch any day now, and i wanted to be present when it did. I felt someone sit down next to me. I looked over and saw that it was Ai. I smiled then turned back to the egg as my eyelids began to droop. I shook my head, and opened them only to have them droop again. I heard Ai gasp. "Look," she whispered. She was staring at the egg and when i looked back at it, I could barely make out that it was slowly wobbling back and forth. Ever so slowly, cracks began to appear. The two of us held our breath as we watched the egg hatch ever so slowly. After what seemed like ages, a tiny pink paw emerged from the shell. Once that happened, everything happened in a rush. The baby finally emerged from the egg, and lay there for a few minutes taking deep breaths. I looked, and it was a girl. After a few minutes, she tried to stand but fell down in between my paws and Ai's paws. Blinking a few minutes, my little girl looked up at me, then at her mother before falling asleep. I had been trying to come up with a name the last few days, and i had one picked out or rather two. One if it was a boy, and another if it was a girl. I looked over at Ai. "What do you think about the name Aiko? It means little loved one, whichi think suits her?" I looked down at my daughter before glancing up at Ai.

(Zale's POV)

I sighed about to get up when i heard some soft sobbing behind me. I looked around and saw Tiana. I felt bad, because i knew that i was partly why she was upset. As much as i didn't want to, I knew that i needed to apologize. I mean i was jsut mad, but Tiana was really upset. My ears drooped even further. "I... I'm sorry Tiana. I didn't mean to upset you. I was just angry." She nodded, and sniffed again. "I'm sorry for calling you Sinker. I never meant to say it, it just slipped out. I know you probably don't believe me..." I scooted over and nuzzled Tiana. "Dont' worry about it. I shouldn't have gotten mad, but it annoys me when you pick on me about wanting to swim. I know you don't like it, but that doesn't mean that i can't." Tiana nodded, then a smile appeared on her face. "How about we don't keep it a secret when something bothers us?" She said before looking puzzled for a minute. "Strange that's a good idea but not sure where that idea came from. It wasn't mine." "Weird." I said. "Though that sounds like a good idea." Tiana gave me a hug before bounding happily back over to Uncle Nero and Nightshade. I could see her puzzled expression still as she told them about what had happened i guessed. Shrugging, I turned and ran back over to the pool feeling much better than i did before i had arrived the first time.

(Ranec's POV)

"Hey Ranec, what attacks do you know? I just thought that maybe we could go outside and practice a bit together. Might be fun." I perked up on that. "Yeah it does sound like fun. I don't reallly have anyone to practice with on my team. Flare' and Olvier are the closest to me in level, btuu i'm still stronger than the two of them. As far as attacks are concerned, I know Tackle, Tail Whip, Sand Attack, Psychic, Growl, Pursuit, Body Slam, Hidden Power Fighting, Bite, Shadow Ball, Toxic, Double Team, Helping Hand, Quick Attack, Headbutt, Iron Tail, Confuse Ray, Zap Cannon, Mean Look." I answered him.

(Simba's POV)

Once we surfaced, I took a deep breath. I smiled over at Sandie. She was so beautiful, and i was happy to finally see her again. I had been so miserable while she was gone that i almost forgot how to smile. Sandie looked at me, gave me a gentle lick before shouting "Tag, you're it!" and taking off. I laughed as I took off after her. She lost me a couple of times, but i eventually caught up to her. I tagged her, swam forward a bit stopped till she got close then swam off again. She laughed and chased after me.

(Blazer's POV)

"Yeah, I've been practicing." I told Ace. "It hasn't been that long, since i got my new colors though i admit i'm not quite used to them yet. I got them from an encounter with me Dad. It's a long story, and its rather complicated as well." Ace nodded, then he took a deep breath, aimed, and released an ember. "Very nice." I said smiling. He had been practicing a lot, and it showed. "You've improved quite a lot."

(Jasmine's POV)

I smiled and returned my sis's hug the best that i could do. I'd been practicing surf that i had gotten when i had reached level ten and was ready to show it to Khaisa. "Hey, remember Elwing, and how she showed us her surf?" I asked Khaisa. She nodded. "Guess what?" "What?" "Amy gave me surf as a free tm and I've been practicing on it. Want me to try? If you do i will?" I said smiling/

(Arwen's POV)

"Mommy, what's a Delcatty? You're a Skitty, you can't be anything else, can you?" I smiled and gave her a gentle nuzzle. "Its the evolved form of our species. It requires a special stone, and I was just given the option to evolve if i wanted to. No matter what i choose i'll alway be your mom and love you." She nodded though still looked a little puzzled. Then the oddish from earlier came running back towards us and Kahlia jumped behind me. She did however, poke her head out from between my legs. The oddish asked her if she wanted to play. Kahlia looked up at me. "I.. uh... Momma..." "Its all right. Go play if you want to. Just don't get hurt." She nodded, emerging from between my paws. "Just in case i look different, when you see me next don't worry. You'll still be able to recognize me. Look into my eyes." Kahlia did as I asked, and I gave her a big hug before she walked over to Lily. I turned my attention to Tirkish. "I've made up my mind. I'm going to ask Amy to evolve me." He nodded, and watched as I made my way towards Amy. She was sitting on the couch talking with M_K. I took a deep breath, before jumping up onto her lap. "Uh, Amy." "What is it Arwen?" "I've thought about that offer you made me, and I've made my decision." "You have?" "Yes. I think I'm ready." "Are you certain? I nodded my head. I know that there's no turning back, but I feel that i am ready." Amy nodded and then smiled at me and gave me a hug. M_K rubbed me between my ears, as Amy reached for her bag. As she dug through it, she pulled out a moon stone. I took a deep breath before touching it with my paw. Almost immediately, I felt strange. I vaguely became aware of a white glow surrounding me as i felt myself growing taller. My pink fur turned yellow as my tail became longer, more slender and grew pueple fur at the tip. My ears turned purple as a purple collar formed around my neck. Finally, almost as soon as it began, it was finished. I looked around as the glow disappeared. Shaking myself, I looked up at Amy, gave her a nuzzle and jumped down. I walked back over to where Tikish was and sat down. I was still trying to get used to my new form, as i watched Kahlia playing.

(Kiara's POV)

I had completely forgot that i was entered in the races until I heard my name being called to line up. Sadie asked me what I was being called for. My eyes widened as I remembered that i was in the races. "I forgot Amy entered me in the races. "Well hurry up. We'll be rooting for you." I nodded as i made my way to the starting line. By the time it was over, I i was panting. I walked over and taked with Aries for a few minutes. "Good race," I told him. He nodded before walked back to where Zale, Tiana, and a few others were. I slowly made my way back over to where Sadie and the others were and jsut collapsed next to her.

23rd March 2004, 09:42 PM
[Laurenor's POV]

"Hiya Uncle Torrey!" I chirped as my mom gave me a hug. I nuzzled her, then climbed out of her paws and looked at my uncle. "Ya know, you look a lot like my dad, 'cept you're black and he's more purple-y." Talking about my dad made me aware that I hadn't seen him in a while. I looked back at my mom. "Mommy? Where's dad at?"

[Royce's POV]

"I'm good," I told my daddy, grinning from ear to ear. I draped myself around his neck. "So Grandpa Talut's lost? How do you lose someone as big as Grandpa Talut, huh?"

Bah, out of time....

24th March 2004, 01:35 AM
Lily's POV

"Alright! Let's play hide and seek again!" I yelled happily. "Okay, I'm seeking everybody. Um...what's your name?"

"Khalia," the little Skitty said softly.

"This is Khalia, and she's going to be playing with us. Okay, I'm going to start counting now!" I closed my eyes and starting to count. Halfway through, I heard Beaky laugh out loud at something, making me lose my place and start over. Khalia found a good hiding place, but Kawaii hid in the swimming pool. Beaky wouldn't leave her alone for that. I was going to find another game to play when my trainer came, followed by a Cyndaquil. She wanted to take me and Beacon somewhere.

"Do you have to go now?" Khalia asked me as Shonta picked me up.

I nodded. "I'll be back soon. I promise! And stay safe for your mommy!"

Cinder's POV

"So, how did your battle go?" Kawaii asked me in a worried tone.

I rolled on my back and groaned. "Terrible. I lost!"

Beaky rolled his eyes. "How could it be terrible?"

"I lost to a Lotad. That had no water-type attacks! It just used Leech Seed to suck away my energy! What's worse is that Shonta can't stop beating herself up about it! Sure, she should have given my Flamethrower as soon as possible, but it wasn't that stupid!" I took a deep breath as I trembled with stress. "She said that it would be best if she wouldn't let anyone else get an 'easy win' with me until I can earn that Flamethrower TM."

"Yeah, that's best. Taking a nap or getting something to eat should make you feel better," Kawaii said, lying down beside me.

"Hey Kawaii, made any friends yet?" I asked her curiously.

"Well, Lily sure made one," she mused, looking over at the Skitty.

24th March 2004, 01:01 PM

Hey! Another Cyndaquil!
I felt my back ignite into its normal fiery inferno, giving me all I needed to dash over to say hi Id been waiting ages for it seemed for another one of my kind to appear.
Hey there, Im Flash, this is soum, you ok?
I glanced at the Girafarig next to him, who mouthed lost a battle at me.
Oh..well, everyone loses once in a while
I flopped down next to him.
Ive lost to a Natu once, even though I used my best attack, so as I said, dont worry about it, as long as you tried your best, right?


Well, that had been an unexpected turn of events. Talk about over-reacting, though, especially that Spearow. I rustled my feathers agitatedly and glanced at Fizz as she sidled up next to me.
All I was doing was messing around, you know, whyd he get so mad?
Perhaps because youve got a different idea of messing around?
Ha, yeah right
Are you going to go and say sorry?
Why? The Mareeps gone
Yes, but
My point exactly.bye
I jumped up and snapped over to where Zazar was sulking; I wasnt in the mood far a lecture.


I sighed, then ruffled my feathers and gently swooped down to where the Spearow had last vanished; he was with a Cyndaquil and a Girafarig-one of Hannahs captured Pokmon was talking to them.
Flapping closer, I coughed to get their attention then alighted on the ground.
I just thought Id apologise for Latinos behaviour back then; hes got an obsession with any thing shiny, and doesnt seem to realise that others dont agree with the way he follows his obsession.
I shifted anxiously from side to side.
And seeing as he wont accept what he does is annoying, he wont come and apologiseso I figured Id have to do it for him. So, um, sorry. Please tell the Mareep that
I lowered my head briefly, then flapped back to my perch.


I grinned at Arwen as she came back over; she looked slightly awkward, which I guess wasnt really surprising seeing as shed just evolved.
Congratulations. You look great-I knew being a Delcatty would suit you. Only problem is
I raised my head so I could see her face properly.
.I think Im gonna strain my neck trying to talk to you.

24th March 2004, 02:47 PM
The Races will begin in 10 minutes. Sorry, swimming class ran a little late today.

The contestants are:

Nemo L. 7 Male Espeon (24) - Crystalmaster Mike
Ryu L. 18 Male Trapinch (19) - Charizard04621
Typar L. 6 Male Sneasel (22) - Parsec's Politoed
Xolotle L. 7 Female Sneasel (25) - Sneasel(h)Obsessive

The track is 500 units long.

The race begins.

Xolotle encounters some obstacles at the start and only advances 50 units.
Nemo has a little trouble at the start but manages to advance 72 units.
Typar who seems to be having much better luck, advances 110 units.
Ryu zips ahead of the competition using his quick attack, and advances 171 units.

Xolotle: 50
Nemo: 72
Typar: 110
Ryu: 171

Xolotle has much better luck this go around and manages to advance 125 units.
Nemo continues to have some trouble but manages to advance 72 units.
Typar catches a break and zips forward and advances 132 units.
Ryu continues to move head by using his quick attack. He manages to advance another 171 units.

Xolotle: 175
Nemo: 144
Typar: 242
Ryu: 342

Xolotle encounters more hurdles, and only manages to advance 50 units.
Nemo gets a break and makes a lot of progress advancing 120 units.
Typar is having a hard time catching his breath and manages to advance 66 units.
Ryu gets a break having a clear track ahead of him and advances 209 units crossing the finish line.

Xolotle: 225
Nemo: 264
Typar: 308
Ryu: 551 Winner

Congrats to Karin and Ryu. Everyone did great, but might have done better if their trainers had been here to help. Ryu grows to levels to L.20 and gets a free tm for reaching level 20. Once more congrats

25th March 2004, 01:52 AM
Cinder's POV

"Yeah, but I didn't have a lot of options. The only things I could do to my advantage was use Tackle and Smokescreen. But I did my best and I will get stronger."

A Taillow landed near us and apologized for the Murkrow's little "attack" on Beacon. She took off, leaving us to our conversation.

"I'd like someone to try to get an easy win off of me," Kawaii said proudly. "I know Earthquake! Take that, Dark types!" Her tail growled in agreement.

Flash and I laughed. "That made me feel better," I said. "But I'm SO hungry now! Hey Flash, is there something to eat around here?"

25th March 2004, 04:11 PM
<Blade's POV>

I listened in astonishment as the Bagon revealed that his mother was indeed alive and she wanted him to kill himself after losing to a Scizor, even though he was only a little kid. What a disgrace to Pokemon and parents everywhere.
"I dont have a single drop of courage in my blood," he said, "but I know that I cant keep running away from fear. It hasnt worked before, and its not going to work again. I know you are much stronger than me. I know that you have the capacity of crushing me without much effort. I know that I cant defeat you. But if I dont face your challenge, Ill always have to live with the fact that I am nothing but a puny, groveling coward who should never have been born. If I battle you, maybe, maybe I can regain some of my dignity. Ill have to ask of you Dont hold back. Ill give this fight everything that Ive got. And if I have to die trying, so be it."
I started to walk up to him and he slightly grimaced but I only sat down on the ground and made myself comfortable.
"Look kid, I'm not a parent or anything but I have enough common sense to know that your mother believed in something completely false and that she was a horrible mother."
He started to open his mouth to complain but I snapped my claw together.
"Let me finish, ok? First of all, as I've told you before, dragons are not superior to everyone. It's like saying they're immortal when they're really not. Even the legendaries that grace the land, ocean and sky are not unbeatable. For her to make you sacrifice yourself because of one insolent battle is horrendous. I bet that if she lost, she wouldn't kill herself either. She would be just as afraid as you and although you might feel guilty about it, you shouldn't since no Pokemon has to die because of a battle loss."
"For you to say that you want to battle me shows that you have just as much courage as anyone else. For you to battle someone out of your level league though, that's just wrong. I suggest you forget about your old life and start fresh over. Shed your hard shell and open up to everyone. You don't have to talk to anyone about your past but let them see the real you."
I got up to stretch and punched straight out a bit subconsciously.
"Don't worry, you probably know by now that I'm not going to battle you. You and I know well enough what will happen and I think it's disgraceful to battle someone at a much lower level because of honor. Instead, how about I fly you home? It's much safer and it's fun.

27th March 2004, 01:31 PM

The first thing I saw on opening the door to the Eevee House was Xolotle, arms crossed, scowling, obviously waiting for me to turn up.
This didnt look good.
Hey, whats up?
Not much..I lost that race
She slumped back even more on the wall, her head-feather dropping dejectedly.
Ah, damn, sorry I couldnt be there to help you, I just wasnt around while it was on
I placed my hand on her head briefly, then scooped her up and glanced around for a certain Pokmon.
Xol, do you think you could just hang around Nyura for a bit? Its just, she wants to be a shiny and all- Ive got here the Juice, but Im not going to give it to her yet-but Ive got a Shiny Juice for my new captee, and if she sees..well, I dont want her to get upset..ok?
She flicked her ear and nodded slowly.
As she scampered off, I pulled Caelests Pok Ball from my belt and hit the switch on the front.
Instantly, the normal bright white light burst out, condensing to form my new Wurmples form; no sooner had she fully emerged, then she dived forward and scrambled up to my shoulder and cuddled up against my neck.
I reached up and gently tugged her back down.
Ok, Ive got something for you here
I pulled the bottle of shimmering juice from my bag and held it out for her to sniff.


Sure, theres food around here
I stood up on my hind legs and tried my best to scan through the crowds from my small height.
Therere kitchens around here somewhere..and I think theyre over.
I sniffed the air expectantly.
I spun round and pointed to the left of where we were all sitting.
If we go over there then I know well be able to find some food that wed all likeer, hang on
Something had caught my eye; my trainer was crouching in front of a small Wurmple and holding out a small bottle of something for it. Some of my other captee team-mates were already heading over there, curious about what was going on.
Oh, er, Ill meet you guys over there, ok? I want to find out whats going on over thereof course you can come over if you want to
Then I dropped down and dashed over to where the Wurmple was.


This was really sudden. Id only been on the team for about a day yet Id already done something good enough for me to be rewarded with this..whatever this juice was.
I sniffed it again, feeling more and more sub-conscious as a number of other Pokmon came over.
My trainer smiled and placed the juice in front of me.
Oh what the heck
I grasped the bottle tightly, swung my head back and drained it in one go.
Instantly I felt a strange shiver go through my body; then my whole body began to tingle.
I looked downand gasped.
My red body was darkening to a gentle purple colour, then it seemed to flicker and settled.
My trainer patted my head.
That Shiny Juice has turned you from a normal Wurmple into a shiny one.
I looked in amazement at my new colour then squealed happily, and darted back onto my trainers shoulder, and nestled into her neck.
This was excellent

27th March 2004, 07:41 PM
[Christian's POV]

"Wow, good moveset. I know some of those, give or take a few. Do you want to go practice? It wouldn't be battling, but just a friendly practice session. We should probably go outside if we do, though. Maybe some other Pokemon could join us if they'd like to. Could be fun."

[Sandie's POV]

Tag was always a favorite game of mine. I'm sure Simba enjoyed it, too. We swam around and around, tagging each other back and forth. When I was tagged again, I decided to take another step and leaped out of the pool. Before Simba could notice I was no longer swimming after him, I hid behind a plastic chair standing near the pool. I was sure to tuck my tail under my body so Simba wouldn't spot me. I giggled softly when Simba realized I was no longer with him. He searched the pool all over. I still waited. I wanted him to walk past where I was hidden so I could jump out and scare him. I knew it'd get a couple laughs out of both of us.

[Ace's POV]

"Thanks," I said. I really had, I guess. I always used the attacks the way Blazer taught me. Had he not taken the time to teach me, I would probably be still spitting Embers less than a foot away, causing the grass to burn. Hehe...

[Khaisa's POV]

I felt my heart leap. "You got Surf?! Wow! Yeah, go ahead and use it, it'll be fun!" I moved away from Jasmine to give her some room to manuver. I watched in awe as a huge wave appeared suddenly. I opened my mouth to scream in excitement. This was so fun. I didn't think such a tiny Dratini could create such a huge attack. But boy, my big sister could! And this attack looked like it would be strong if used in battle, too! Wow!

[Kahlia's POV]

Almost as soon as I had went to play with Lily, she had to leave. When I turned to go back to Mommy, I stopped dead in my tracks. Where was she? I could see Tikish, but there was another strange Pokemon sitting beside him instead of Mommy.

I slowly made my way over to Tikish, avoiding that other Pokemon. I hid behind Tikish, starting to cry. I had completely forgotten what Mommy had told me before. I just couldn't remember. Tikish turned to comfort me with a gentle, "Its okay, Kahlia. Look, this is Arwen, your mom. She just looks different." Suddenly, it clicked.

I stepped out from behind Tikish and looked at the new Pokemon. Something about her drew me to her. Her eyes. I looked into her eyes. They were the same, soft, loving eyes I knew.


[Sadie's POV]

"Wow Mommy! You ran fast!" I exclaimed. I didn't know my momma could run that fast. She then collapsed next to us. I felt sorry for her, so I decided to try and help.

I nuzzled her before standing next to her. "Momma, where do you hurt? I can massage your muscles for you. Aunt Sandie does it for me when I've run around too much and my muscles hurt. It really helps!"

[Torrey's POV]

I smiled at Laurenor's comment of my color. "Yeah, I was purple-pink once, too. I was tired of it, though. I thought it made me look like a girl, especially after your mom turned pink, herself. Pink fit her well, but it didn't fit me. So my trainer gave me a special juice and now I'm black. Fits pretty well, doncha think?" I chuckled as I stood up and flexed my muscles, in a silly way, of course. Doing so made Ayla giggle again. I still had my old ways up my sleeve. I don't think I'll ever rid myself of my tacky jokes, hehe.

[BlueShadow's POV]

I smiled thoughtfully. "You know Royce, I don't know how you can loose someone as big as your Grandpa Talut. What do you say we call for him?" I smiled mischievously. At that instant, both of us took a deep breath and called out, "Grandpa Talut!!!!!!!!" Surely that would get his attention! Every other Pokemon in the house turned to look at us, why wouldn't Dad hear us?

28th March 2004, 04:23 PM
Ancalagon the Black, the male Bagons POV:

The reality of the Scizors words struck me hard. For the first time all my misgivings about my mother became something concrete. Before, when I thought badly of my mother, I had always felt ashamed Like I was an ungrateful son. But what the Scizor said confirmed my feelings; she wasnt such a great mother after all.

I looked carefully at the Scizor, as if to check that he was telling the truth. That when I had suffered I had really suffered because my mother had made me, not because I was a completely useless pokmon who had no purpose on this earth. What he said had some appeal. Starting over seemed like a relief to me, an escape from past experience. But it seemed too easy. Nothing I had ever done had been easy before. My mother had always made sure of it. She thought that for me to get something too easily was a crime. If I managed to achieve something without feeling pain, she would make me do it over and over again, until to do it I had to suffer greatly and work hard. But, I reminded myself, somewhat assured by the Scizor standing in front of me, she was not here anymore. She would not know what I did so far away from wherever she was. She would not care. I was her son no longer. If she saw me she would not know me. Perhaps she already had another son.

By now I had come to a final conclusion. As a dragon I was no better off than anyone else. I suffered, didnt I? I suffered a great deal. I was not invincible. I was capable of feeling pain a lot of it. I had problems. I could admit that. And other species were not inferior. I liked this Scizor better than I ever liked my mother, and he was nearly a stranger; whereas I had known her my entire childhood. I felt moved to something that my mother would have hurt me for. Falling to my knees, I bowed low to the ground, much to the Scizors surprise. It was the only way I had learned to show gratitude and respect. I got slowly back to me feet, looking straight at the Scizor. Thank you, I said sincerely. As for flying Why not? I should get used to it. After all, Ill have wings some day.

Ai, the female Skittys POV:

Aiko, I whispered, smiling. Its perfect. I had nothing else to say. All I could do was watch my little daughter in silence, with captivated eyes.

Nero, the male Umbreons POV:

Tiana came back looking a lot better. I guess shed worked out her differences with Zale; I was glad. I wouldnt have been able to concentrate otherwise. I closed my eyes, taking a deep breath.

Meditation I mumbled. Once this becomes second nature, what will the next step be?

Ryu, the male Trapinchs POV:

All the training had paid off But I couldnt help but wish I had done a little more. The others were too close behind for my likes. The next time I participated in a race, I would remember that. For now, however, I had earned some time to rest. A drink and a bit of food sounded great. As I headed to the kitchen, though, I heard Elwing call to me from the pool. Refreshments would have to wait.

When I reached the pool, Elwing and Kalazeth were there to congratulate me.

You did great! said Elwing enthusiastically.

Kalazeth nodded. I wouldnt have expected a Trapinch to be able to move that fast. How do you do it?

Training, I replied simply. I did not add that if I failed to reach the target goals I set within my time limits, I would continue to train until I achieved them, whether or not it was time to eat, rest, or have a little fun. It paid to do without but I knew neither of them would agree.

Um Ryu Kalazeth started hesitantly.


Why is your leg bleeding?

My leg? I followed his gaze. Oh, there I shrugged it off. Its nothing I must have kicked something without noticing. I was concentrating on going as fast as I could possibly go. Itll probably be gone tomorrow. In truth, I knew where that wound came from During training, I had tripped over a sharp rock, which dug into my leg. I managed to get it out, but I couldnt prevent my wound from bleeding. Still, I had not set a new time record for the day, so I continued to train, ignoring my foot. As time progressed, it became more painful, but I didnt really care. Right now it had come to the point where at times I would feel as if many daggers were piercing into my foot. But it would eventually go away, right?

Excusing myself, I headed towards the kitchen, hoping that I wasnt limping noticeably.

30th March 2004, 11:45 PM
Cinders POV

Whats with all the commotion? I wondered out loud as Flash went to the group of Pokemon. A human gave a Wurmple a bottle of juice and watched as it drank. Its body slowly turned from red to purple.

Kawaiis jaw dropped. She made her way over to Flash. Wow, thats amazing! What is that stuff?

Its Shiny Juice. It turns a Pokemon to its Shiny form, Flash replied.

Thats so cool! I wonder what I would look like in my shiny form? Kawaii said. She spun around while looking at herself, probably picturing herself as a Shiny. Oh well. Lets go eat! We followed her to the kitchen.

2nd April 2004, 09:20 PM
<Blade's POV>

I took a step back as the Bagon bowed low to the ground, clearly expressing his gratitude.
"Thank you. As for flying Why not? I should get used to it. After all, Ill have wings some day."
"No need for bowing, kid. A plain thank you suffices for all Pokemon, except maybe the legendaries but no one ever sees them..."
I looked down at his perplexed face, staring at me.
"Never mind," I gave a short cough. "Hop on my back and we'll get back to the house in no time."
Crouching to my knee, I felt him tentatively climbing on and grabbing ahold of my neck before settling down.
"Before we take off, I'd better know your name for future reference."
"Ancalagon the Black is my full name but Ancalagon is fine with me."
My wings began to pump and we hovered in the air.
"Well, I don't think I have a formal name like that but Blade suits me just fine."

<Aries's POV>

It was nice to see siblings making up, especially those two youngsters.
"Meditation" I heard Nero mutter under his breath. "Once this becomes second nature, what will the next step be?"
"The next step will be reading thoughts and interpreting images," I said aloud, and laughed after he choked back a startled cry.

<Lee's POV>

I think that's enough training for now, I thought to myself and looked up at one of the many clocks in the house. Four hours wasn't too bad but I could do more if I wanted to. Looking around at the area, I found Lyra and the others lying around and Drake taking a nap. Realizing I was parched, I walked off to the kitchen to get something but as I came closer, I saw a Trapinch hobble in the same direction, wincing as a bleeding leg touched the ground each time.
"Oy," I called out to the Trapinch. "Wait there!"
Startled, he stopped in his tracks as I jogged up to him and crouched to the ground.
"Oh, you're the one that likes my teammates's daughter," I smirked.
He blushed and looked down.
"How did he know that?" he muttered darkly to himself.
I choked back laugh and whispered quietly.
"Well, just for future reference, don't show your feelings in front of the father when you're around his daughter."
A frown grew on his face as he looked up at me, a hint of anger in his eyes.
"So you stopped me just to make fun of me? Waste your energy on some other Pokemon."
"Hey, I'm sorry. I just couldn't pass it up. I noticed your blatantly bleeding leg and had to come over. If you're trying to ignore it, bad move. I know what it's like to have leg injuries and doing nothing is not the way to go."
He looked at my elonged legs and nodded slowly.
"Stay right there and I'll be right back with some stuff."
Well aware of the location of the infirmary closet, I walked over and took out a bunch of supplies for the Trapinch. Then walking over to the kitchen sink, I soaked a towel before ringing it dry and came back to Ryu.
"Ok, with the way your body is structured, it would be better if you laid on your side for this."
He looked at me curiously but did as he was told and flopped over. Taking the bandage, I carefully wiped down the bleeding area before putting on some rubbing alcohol on another towel.
"So, how did you get it?"
"The wound."
"Oh, I tripped over a rock and it cut my leg. I tried to ignore it but obviously, that didn't work. Could you see me limping?"
"I'm the legendary kicking fiend, of course I could. I'm good at detecting limps and other malfunctions with the legs. I've experienced almost every kind of pain and then some...this might cause some discomfort but you'll be feeling better soon enough."
I started to wrap a bandage around his leg tightly and it was clear he was uncomfortable due to his pained look. After tying it off, I told him to get back up. Pushing himself upwards, he tested his weight on the leg and breathed a sigh of relief.
"I thought the pain would never go away."
"Well, it's still there. You'll feel it briefly if you continue to put all your weight on it. The pressure will ease the pain some and in a few days, it should start feeling normal again. Good thing that was caught before the cut became infected."

3rd April 2004, 02:29 PM
(Amy's POV)

I looked around for Lani as I had gotten her a couple of TMs. She looked a little down, and i think it was a combination of the loss and that she couldn't find Huan afterwards. I slowly approached her and sat down beside her. Soon as she saw me she gave me a small lick on my hand. "Sorry i didn't buy you these moves earlier." I said as I pulled out three small tm boxes.What are they? she asked. "Its rest, sleep talk, and snore. I wish i had gotten them for you sooner." "They might have been helpful but whats done is done." "True." I said as I sprinkled the powder all over Lani from each of the three boxes. I then dumped the empty containers into the trash, before making my way over to the couch. However before i got there, something caught my interest. Out of the corner of my eye i had seen whati thought to be a broken eggshell near Dakota. As I drew near, I saw him and Ai with a little skitty in between them. She had been trying to stand unsuccesfully, but when she saw me, she hid. Congrats, you two. I said, leaving so that they could spend some family time together.

(Zale's POV)

I was excited. Amy had promised that when I reached level ten, I could evolve if i wanted to. I was surprised that i had managed to pull off the win. I mean, come on, I was up against a L.11 poochyena by myself and i was only level 8. Soon as i got in, I saw Tiana tryingto practice but soon losing concentration again. I had an idea about helping her, but that woudl have to wait till after i evolved. I saw Amy heading towards the couch, and when she sat down i practically leaped on top of her. "Remember your promise?""Huh?" I guess i had caught her off guard. "The promise that when I reached level ten i could evolve." "Yeah, I remember but what about it?" "Well I'm ready to evolve." I said as she blinked. "You won?" I nodded. "Congrats. So what do you want to evolve into, though i think i might know?" "Vaporeon!" I practically shouted. Amy just chuckled, "That's what i figured." I watched excitedly as Amy dug around in her pack for the water stone. She found a tm box and pulled it out as well. I looked up at her curiously. "Bubblebeam." was all she said. I grinned. Finally she found the water stone and placed it on the floor. I jumped down, and grinned up at Amy before I touched it. She smiled and scratched me between my ears. Taking a deep breath, I reached out and touched the stone. Almost immediately, it felt as if someone were tickling me. I looked down and saw that my fur was changing form a silvery gray color to purple. As I watched, my mane became more finlike and stiffened, as my tail elongated and split into a fin at the end. I continued to watch the changes until it stopped. I had bought a bubblebeam tm for you when i realized that you liked the water. Oh, and I almost forgot you also get a free tm as well. Do you want the move surf or something else?" "Surf is great." I told her as I accepted both the bubble beam tm and the free tm (surf) for reaching level ten. Amy then asked me if i wanted an earring instead of the status die. I shrugged. So she took it off and then as gently as she could, she peirced my ear and inserted the earring. Then i ran off to surprise Tiana.

(Tiana's POV)

I was tryingto concnetrate again and it always seemed after a few minutes i would lose it. I didn't know how to change buti wanted to. There i go wandering again i said as i heard the door to the eevee house swing shut as someone entered. A few minutes later, I heard a familiar voice. "Hey, sis, hows it going?" "Not good." I admitted before turning around and receiving the shock of my life. Zale was standing there, but he was no longer an eevee. I smiled up at my larger brother who was now a vaporeon. "You look nice." "Thanks. I have an idea that might help. Where's Nightshade?" "Really?" I asked. Zale nodded his head yes. "Over there." I said pointing and kinda shrank lower as I saw him looking our way with a not to pleased look on his face. Zale nodded, and walked towards him and I followed.

(Zale's POV)

Don't get me wrong, I was nervous. But I thought i had an idea that would help Tiana. Maybe if she knew how long she could concentrate before she lapsed, maybe she could set a time limit and try to beat it by a little each time. It might take a while, but with Tiana, just trying without a goal didn't seem to be working. We finally reached where Nightshade was, and I took a deep breath. "Hi..." I said, a little unsure of how to begin.

(Ranec's POV)

Sure why not. I hardly have anyone to practice with. I said and followed him outside.

(Simba's POV)

I was the happiest i had been in a while. Lately I had been feeling out of place on the team and upset for the longest, but being with Sandie changed all of that. I shook my head my little lapse into thought made me lose her. I looked around on the surface then dived underneat. I still didn't see her, so i decided to climb out of the pool and look around.

(Jasmine's POV)

I smiled, pleased to be spending time with my sister again.

(Arwen's POV)

I was still trying to get used to my new form. Tikish was smiling when i returned. "Congratulations. You look great - I knew being a Delcatty woudl suit you. Only problem is I think I'm gonna strain my neck trying to talk to you." I blushed at the compliment, but before i had a chance to reply, Kahlia returned. It was obvious that she didn't recognize me, because she hid behind Tikish and started crying. It hurt me to see her upset. Tikish, however, also seemed to sense the problem and told her that it was indeed me. She stepped out and looked in my eyes. "Mommy?" I nodded my head and gave her a warm nuzzle. "Yeah, its me. Just because i look different doen't mean that I'm not the same mom you had." I hugged her.

(Ayla's POV)

I was happy. I had my family here, though i still hadn't seen dad yet. Then Laurenor asked the question I knew would eventually come but had been dreading. "Mommy? Where's dad at?" My ears went back as I thought about how much I missed Salem. I sighed, taking a deep breath. "He went to live with another trainer last september. At first, they were coming here often, but then they just stopped coming. I think part of why he left was that he couldn't take being the brunt of my mom's... your grandma's practical jokes. Though now she hasn't been playing them as much. Then i looked up at Torrey. "I bet Dad doesnt' even know if you didn't." I turned back to Laurenor. "Want to meet you grandparents?" Torrey had been making flexing motions and stuff and caused me to laugh.

(Dakota's POV)

I smiled down at Aiko, who had just woken up and was trying to stand. She kept falling down, but it didn't stop her from trying. Amy came over, and i guess startled Aiko because she hid between Ai. Amy understanding what was going on didn't stay long. She congratulated us and left.

(Kiara's POV)

I felt bad that i had startled Sadie as she nuzzled me. "I'm okay, Just tired thats all." She nodded and just began to massage my legs. I gave her a gentle lick and told her that she didn't have to.

3rd April 2004, 09:31 PM
<Nightshade's POV>

I frowned as Tiana tried to concentrate again but soon gave up as her brother, who turned into a Vaporeon a few moments ago, went to talk to her. Siblings talking to each other is great, but not when one was trying to work. I'm sure Lyra wasn't too happy about it either but she would come in due time. Talking briefly, they soon walked over too me and lowered their heads by the look I gave them.
"Hi..." Zale began.
"What do you guys need?" I asked, trying to keep my temper in check.
"Well, since we know it's hard for Tiana to concentrate, I came up with a way to help her out. See, we set a time limit for her to concentrate and after she beats it, the time gets longer and longer until she can practically sit there without noticing much of anything. What do you think?"
I looked at Tiana, who blushed and looked at the ground.
"Well, that's actually not a bad idea. I'm not fond of stopping at certain intervals but Tiana's a special case so I suppose that'll work."
Zale and Tiana looked back at each other and ginned.
"Now, I suggest you go back to Lyra and start getting back to work. I'm pretty sure she won't be too happy with you being away so long."
I glanced back at the teacher, who was staring hard at Zale with a cross look on her face. She was generally a nice Wartortle but like everyone else on the team, her temper could be frayed easily.

4th April 2004, 08:40 PM
(Talut's POV)

I was out doing some errands for Amy, and it was late when i was getting back to the Eevee House. As I neared i was compelled to fly faster for some reason. When i got within hearing distance, what i heard made my heart jump. "Grandpa Talut!!!!!!!!" I rushed in as fast as my wings could fly, and sure enough there was Blue and Royce. "You called?" I said as I watched them spin around.

(Amy's POV)

I made my way back into the Eevee House with my newest capture. I pulled the masterball off my belt and released him. Within seconds the mudkip appeared and blinked as he took in his surroundings. "Where am?" I he asked. "You're at the Eevee House. Its a place where adopted and captured pokemon can hang out and make friends. Anyway," I said as i looked around. "seems like the team is spread out. I guess i'll introduce you to them later. There's a pool over there if you'd like to swim." The little mudkip nodded and started to walk off. "Wait." I called after him. He turned around. "What's your name?" I asked him. He smiled and softly whispered, "Misu." before resuming his walk to the pool. "Misu. I almost forgot." He stopped and turned around, and i winced as Zale narrowly missed colliding with him and sent himself tumbling into the pool. Misu didn't notice it and was walking towards me with a puzzled look on his face. I pulled out hte beach ball and his eyes widened with suprise. "Here you go. it increases a water pokemon's special attack 2x." "Wow." he said. "Don't go yet i have a couple of TM's for you as well hidden power and Ice beam." I sprikled the contents of the two boxes over him." "What's up? Who's this? Wanna battle?" a familiar voice piped up. "Wildfire, sorry but no you can't battle him. This is your new teammate Misu. Misu this is Wildfire. She's also new to the team. Wildfire before i forget, I got you a couple things too." I pulled out the matches and one of the chains that Oliver had mended and placed it around Wildfire's neck. "I also got you a hidden power tm." She chirped happily before running off to try and make some friends." I then went to find Sora and soon found her resting up in the rafters. "Sora, could you come down here?" She nodded, before gliding down to land on my head. I gave her the status die and she chirped happily.

(Zale's POV)

I smiled when Nightshade said that my idea wasn't a bad one. Tiana also seemed glad, but then he told me to hurry back to the pool. When i turned around, My ears went back, but i had real reasons. Maybe if i talked fast i could get them all out. I immediately began running towards the pool when a mudkip walked right into my path. i swerved to miss him, tripped on my tail and rolled into the pool right in front of Lyra. I waved shyly then took a deep breath. "IhadabattlewithLani.Shefainted,leavingmetofightapo ochyenathatwas3levelshigherthanme.Iwon!Amysaidicou ldevolveifiwantedtowhenireachedL.10." I took another deep breath, then hurriedly continued before she could interrupt. "SoIcamehereandsheevolvedme.ThenIhadanideatohelpTia nasothatswhyIwastalkingwithherandNightshade.I'mrea dyformylessonsnow." I said now panting. Lyra was looking at me, as I smiled nervously. I learned to talk fast living with Tiana.

(Tiana's POV)

I had to admit that Zale had a pretty good idea. I watched him run off before turning my attention back to Nightshade. "Uh.. What should my first goal be?" I asked blushing again.

Angel Blossom
4th April 2004, 09:09 PM
[X L'Arcobaleno the Eevee's POV X]

While I was sitting next to the pool, a lovely Dratini came up to me and introduced herself. Her name was Khaisa. "Hi there!" I said, jumping to my feet, which were wet. "You can call me Arky if you'd like to! And I could use some assistance getting in the pool, if you don't mind.." I hoped that the friendly Pokemon wouldn't be bothered if she had to help me into the pool.

Crystalmaster Mike
6th April 2004, 12:17 PM
~ Bruces POV ~

"Oh yeah! Feel that groova mova! Sensational!"
You know, Bruce, there is something as overdoing it, you know. said Verne, as he looked at me, annoyed as well as amused, while tuning his guitar a little more. Not as if he didn't keep it in perfect shape already.
Yeah, you're no deejay, so you don't need to warm up no public or anything! Just make the music!" Shane said, after which he, as if to make a point, started drinking from a full plastic Cacturne Cola 2 liter-bottle, fresh from out of the fridge. Soon after, there was only left a bottom of Cola. Shane always drank his drinks cool and plentiful these days "to keep my voice light and fresh", although to me, the only thing it seemed to do was give him gasses (the burping kinds).
"I know, I know; but if the rhythm's calling, I can't ignore it!"
Tch, and to say you wouldn't be hearing no rhythm call you if it hadn't been for us! *RP*"
"Are you a Whismur, or a Warhog?" Verne said smirking, without looking up from his tuning.
"A little bit o' section A, and a little bit o' section B, I'd guess." Shane said grinning. "And you, are you a Larvitar, or a uhm uh Damn."
"No dams in my gene pool!"
"And you Bruce?"
"Hm? Oh, I think I'm half Machop, half Machop."
"Well ain't that the most unusual combo I've ever heard of!"
"Yeah, you don't hear about that very often!"
I grinned at the unhidden sarcasm in my buddies' voice, and focused back on my drums. My bongo drums, as I'd begun calling them. For you see, I stopped using drumsticks to drum; it just didn't feel natural. But now, with my bare hands, I really felt one with the music. Also, drumming had made my hands more pain-tolerant, as a thick layer of corn had been formed on them. Now all I needed was a rasta-haircut and a tan, and I could pretend I was Afro-Ulthuanese.
"Say, where did our one-man-public go to, anyway?"
"Who, Gordon? Went back to the boxing room, if you ask me."
"Boxing, him?" Shane asked disbelievingly. "No way!"
"But, like, he doesn't have arms!"
"He's gonna get them, when he evolves," I calmly explained. "Just as I will grow an extra pair of 'em eventually, you'll go through a cocoon-phase, and Shane'll he'll Uh" What would happen if a Whismur evolved?
" Become an even louder-mouth?"
"So, Gordon is only anticipating what'll come to him eventually."
"Mhm Makes ya wonder though"
"How much the team's gonna be changed when they all have evolved."
"Well, we'll be bigger, stronger, evolved forms of ourselves: you an Exploud, me a Machamp, Verne a Tyranitar, Gordon a Swampert, Tony a Flygon, Skyler a Salamence - fierce creatures, them Salamences, if you believe the stories -, Dylan'll be a Feraligatr, Aron an Aggron, Hanna a Sharpedo, Rays a Lanturn, Arthus a Walrein" I paused to take a breath. "Uhm Let's see Who's left? Liam and Nemo are already evolved Oh yeah! 'Cada!!"
"What'll he'll evolve into?"
"Good question. I dunno really"
"Yep," Shane nodded as he took a sip from a new bottle, " 'Cada's always been a mystery."
"Hey, but I'm curious now. What's 'Cada's endphase?"
"Meh, maybe Mike knows." Shane said, seemingly caring little.
"Good idea! Shall we ask him?"
"Fine by me." Shane took a last sip from the bottle and threw it in the glass recycle box, as it was empty. "We deserve a break from musicianing."
"Not to mention drinking," I muttered grinning, as we left the kitchen.

~ Hannas POV ~

I sighed. "I'm bored."
I swam a small circle in the pool, before I got back to the side and put my head above the water again. "Do you guys here me? I'm bored!!"
Rays and Arthus, who'd been playing silently in the undeep pool next to the one I was swimming in, momentarily raised there heads to stare at me, and then just as quickly resumed their ingenious game.
I sighed again. "You guys are no fun anymore." When they were still acting childish, at least they'd been fun to watch 'n all. But now, since Skyler had been born, they'd changed so much. Stopped talking like babies, stopped walking like babies (they'd almost stopped walking all together, for that matter), and just stayed in that little pool, "training", as they called it. And for what?
"We want to get stronger, to protect the baby.", Rays had tried to explain to me.
"Protect the baby?!" I had disbelievingly said. "By the time you've become stronger, that baby's grown up already!"
But it didn't seem to touch them. Still now, they were pushing and throwing Arthus' Beach Ball to one another, muttering strange sentences and tightening muscles here and there in the process. It all seemed so insignificant to me, but to them, it was very important.
"Look, I know you guys mean well," I said, making one last effort to reach them. "But you needn't take it all so serious. Skyler's being protected already, by Tony and Dylan. And if you don't get out of that pool once in a while, you'll won't recognize your protg when you finally meet him again."
That last sentence finally seemed to come across; yet, all it did was made them frown and intensify their muttering. Maybe they needed to think this over
"Okay, if that's the way you want to play it. I'll be exploring the pool a little, socializing I hope, and when I get back, I hope you're a bit more open than now. See ya!"
And with that, I went to do as I said exploring the pool, and trying to socialize.

~ Cada s POV ~

"Hey you guys!"
Hello there, sir. It's been a while.", Dylan said, as he was lying casually on his Double Shield.
"Has it, Dylan? I come see you like, every three minutes!"
Perhaps, but it's been more than 15 minutes now." he said as he grinned, revealing his well-looked-after teeth.
"Oh yeah, if you look at it that way I'd gone out to catch some fresh air, and Liam got in a battle." Mike signaled behind him, where we could see Liam and Nemo sit on the grass, chattering.
Ah, so he finally battled!" he said, suddenly interested. Was it against a dragon?"
"No, a Houndour actually, but why don't you" Mike said, as Dylan raced past him, towards Liam. "go ask. Never mind.
"So," He turned to me and Tony. "How's the training coming along?"
Oh, Skyler's a perfect pupil! He learns quickly! It'll be only a short while before he knows as much about everything as we all do."
"Good job, Tony! Say, where is the little rascal?"
Right there," Tony pointed with his head, Taking a break from learning."
As it was, Skyler was sitting on Aron at the moment, who was trying to nap on the meadow. He was trying to ride her like a horse - as Dylan had been said to ride that Crawdaunt on the Dark Isle -, but he wasn't doing him no good. Aron was getting rather cranky at him, and the only reason she didn't threw him off of her was probably that he didn't weigh so much while fluttering his wings, as he was doing now.
"Yep, a real rascal." Mike laughed. "And he seems to have grown each time I see him."
Yeah, he's growing big fast." Tony said emotionally.
"Anyway, the reason I came here this time was that I wanted to borrow 'Cada from you for a minute."
"Me?" I said, not believing it.
"Yeah you."
Sure, as long as he doesn't Bug you too much." Tony said grinning.
"I'm sure he won't, Tony. Come 'Cada!" I silently followed him. What could Mike have to discuss with me? From the corner of my eye, I could see Nemo stare after us, but he didn't follow.

As we said down in the shadow of an oak tree, I saw Mike frown. He was trying to find the right words to begin saying what he had to say.
" 'Cada, you like to battle, don't you?"
"And you know that if you battle a lot, you'll gain experience and maybe evolve one day, uh?"
"Yeah, I do." What was he getting at?
"Do you know what you'll evolve into?"
"No, not really. When I came out of the Egg, it was only me and my brothers and sisters - no parents in sight. And soon after, we got separated as the Dragon Tamers found us and collected us and sent us to their AC's separately, because our home was being deforested, and no food was around And then you adopted me, Mike! Thanks for that!" I felt a strong feeling of happiness and security flow through my veins.
"No sweat. Well, I'll tell you what your evolution will be about. At level 20, you'll first be able to evolve. When you do, you shed your skin. Whether you cocoonize first or not, I don't know. When you've shed, you'll be Ninjask, a super speedy Flying Bug. But that's not all." Mike added with a serious face.
"Oh no?" I was very interested to hear the whole bundle.
"No. Your skin'll have a teensy weensy bit of Hit Points left, and'll continue to live on as Shedinja, the Bug Ghost."
"So when I evolve, I'll split?" I asked, having a hard time to understand the full meaning of what I was saying.
"Yeah. And there's the problem."
"How so?"
"Well, a Shedinja'll take over one of my Poke Balls. And since I already have 14 Pokmon"
"A Shedinja will stop you from adopting another Pokmon." Now I thought I understood.
"So Mike, you have a Pokmon in mind you'd rather adopt instead."
"Well, not really me: Nemo does."
"Yeah. Seeing Skyler hatch and growing up has giving him ideas. He'd like to take care of a little critter himself. He wants to be a parent."
"But does he have a girl, then?"
"Not really. He doesn't want to mate, he wants to raise."
"Oh." Now I understood why Nemo'd looked at us that way when we left.
"So, that's why I came to you. Ask what you feel. Because, well Ultimately, you'll decide the run of things."
My head began to spin. I had to make a really heavy decision right there, and it'd change my life dramatically. I grew silent for a while, lost in thoughts, before I finally spoke again.
"If When I evolve, will my personality split in two halves?"
"I don't know really. A Shedinja is very different from a Ninjask. For one thing it's genderless."
"What?! And Is it like other genderless Pokmon then? Like Magnemite?"
"Who knows?! I know I don't."
I thought for a while how that would feel like. Having two bodies at the same time, my personality possible cut in two One half a Speedy Gonzales among Bug Types, the other half a hollow Ghost Coccoon Right there, right then, I decided I didn't want those two halves, how similar or how different they might be, to live together in one team.
"Don't keep it."
"The Shedinja. Don't keep it. I don't want to have my former skin haunt me the rest of my life. Even though it might be a friendly skin, I just can't the bear the thought. It" I chuckled, "it makes my skin crawl."
"So Nemo can be a Foster Pokmon?"
"Sure. Let him. I'd like for a Skyler la Nemo to join the team. I don't know how the other might think about it, though."
Mike cast a glance at the members of our team that were outside at the moment. Liam and Nemo were talking (Nemo was absent in mind, though). Tony was trying to get Skyler to get off of a now rather pissed-off Aron, and Dylan, who'd gone lie on his Shield again, was observing his efforts with an amused look on his face.
"They'll accept the baby, as long as it accepts them." How nicely put of him!
"Come on, we'll tell Nemo the news." Mike got up and walked over to Nemo, who had immediately stopped pretending he was listening to Liam when he noticed we had ended our conversation.
"Yeah Mike?" he nervously said.
"Congrats, you're gonna be a father sort of speech."
"You mean that? Alright!" he shouted, overcome by joy. "Thanks 'Cada!!" he said, turning to me.
"No sweat." The look on his face was worth all the worrying from before.
"So, do you have a couple or specie in mind to get your kid from?"
"As long as it's an Eevee, I'm not complaining at all. Surprise me, Mike."
"I was hoping you'd say that" Mike said, with a huge grin on his face. "Because I've got just the right couple in mind."
Just then, Shane, Verne and Bruce, who'd begun call 'The Tremendously Terrible Tune Trio', left the House, and walked over to us (without their music instruments even!).
"Mike, what'll 'Cada evolve into?"

8th April 2004, 04:32 PM
Shontas POV

Good, I still have some time left, I huffed as I ran to the Eevee House. Wheres Kawaii? I went inside and searched the rooms, eventually finding my captees in the kitchen. Cinder looked up with a mouthful of food and squeaked happily. Say it, dont spray it.

He swallowed. Sorry. I thought you would be gone for a while. He gave out a loud burp. Sorry, must be my lunch. Another small sound followed.

Kawaiis nose wrinkled. Must be my lunch.

I walked over to Kawaii. You have a battle coming up, so I want to introduce you to some friends before I go.

Yay! I get to battle! I wont lose like Cinder did! she said excitedly.

Dont rub it in, Cinder groaned.

I pulled out two pokeballs and opened one, revealing Lily and Beacon. Okay guys, were having a meeting. Lets move out into the sunshine. We walked outside and sat under a tree. Lets bring out our first new teammate.

My first new Pokemon was a Taillow. Hi, my names Swoop. Wow, where are we? She flew up to a nearby branch. Look at all the Pokemon! See you guys later! She flew off in search of a fellow Flying type.

Shes been cooped up for too long. I let out my new Staryu. This is Jewel. Say hello, everybody.

Is it a he or a she? Lily asked curiously.

<Neither,> Jewel said in a slightly female voice.

Jewel, this is Kawaii, Beacon, Lily, Cinder, and Beaky. I pointed to each of them. You just missed Swoop, Im afraid.

<Thats okay.>

Now, I want you to be extra nice to this Pokemon. Her name is Trinity and I got her from a fellow trainer. I dont think she knows about it yet. I took a deep breath and let out a Ninetails.

She seemed alright at first. Oh, Im back at the Pokemon Center. What do you want to do Kris? She looked back at me. Youre not Kris!

Im sorry, Trinity, but I started.

WHERES KRIS? She bared her teeth and rushed toward me. She was just a few inches from my face when she halted. Beaky and Cinder each was holding a tail.

Man, I hope that curse aint real, Beaky grunted.

Trinity relaxed and looked down with tears streaming down her face. How could she do this? she sniffed. She laid her head in my lap. We were friends.

You could still be friends, I said shakily. I knew she would want a reason why she was dumped. Like girlfriends and boyfriends. Unluckily I didnt know how handle those kinds of situations so just I scratched behind her ears. Shell still come here. Meanwhile, Ill whip you into shape.

Yeah! She already helped me and Lily gain two levels! Beacon said in a cheerful voice.

Trinity sobbed some more and rubbed her head in my shirt, wetting it with her tears. I just miss being around her.

I blushed slightly. Pokemon or no Pokemon, she was getting too close. And she was getting my clothes soaking wet. Is there anything I can do? I asked.

Could you stay here? she sniffed.

Sure, why not?

A whine escaped Kawaiis throat. Shonta, the battle she started.

Ex-nay on the attle-bay. Shes having an isis-cray, I said through clenched teeth.

Kawaii snorted and stomped off. Comfort freak, she mumbled as she walked past me.

9th April 2004, 09:20 PM
<Lyra's POV>

I frowned long and hard as my pupil, now a Vaporeon, came rushing up to me. Taking a deep breath, he launched into his explanation.
"IhadabattlewithLani.Shefainted,leavingmetofightapo ochyenathatwas3level shigherthanme.Iwon!Amysaidicouldevolveifiwantedtow henireachedL.10."
He gasped for a quick second before continuing.
"SoIcamehereandsheevolvedme.ThenIhadanideatohelpTia nasothatswhyIwastalkingwith herandNightshade.I'mreadyformylessonsnow."
I sighed and shook my head.
"Fine, you're getting off easy for now. Next time you plan on going somewhere besides the Battle Tower, tell me. I'm not going to help you if you won't take this seriously. Now, ten laps and then we'll get on to surfing."
He groaned before swimming off, going at it more gracefully than before. I permitted a small smirk before regaining my previous composure and yelling at him to speed it up.

<Nightshade's POV>

"hmm, we'll go at it for five minutes and then take a short break. Afterwards, ten minutes and then a break. The time will double and the breakage time will remain the same. Now, let's get cracking."
Right next to Aries and Nero, Tiana felt more at ease than before and started to get settled, already somewhat focused. Instead of meditating, I was examining Tiana and her scattering thoughts. Surprisingly enough, she made an effort to block most of them and soon enough, five minutes passed.
"Alright, time for a break. In the future, when you get distracted by surrounding noises, locate the exact sounds then push them away."
Eyes opened, my pupil nodded vigorously before getting up to stretch. Maybe her uncle had something to do with it.

11th April 2004, 07:36 PM
Ancalagon the Black, the male Bagons POV:

It was not long before we took of into the air. Ah, flight It felt so free. For the first time in my life, I could keep my mothers glaring eyes out of my mind. I felt as if I could breathe again, as if I was not drowning under her constant scornful vigilance. High near the heavens, close to the clouds, the air was pure.

Hahaha, I laughed happily.

Having fun?

I blinked. I had forgotten that I wasnt alone. It was just so peaceful, so quiet, that I had tuned out the silent whirr of the Scizors wings and forgotten that there was anything else in existence. I gazed dreamily at the lingering golden hues in the clouds as the sun sank behind them. It was a beautiful sight; I had never known anything like it before. The breeze in my face was liberating, soothing. I felt as if its gentle touch whisked away my past in a whisper, and I could start again anew.

Now I know that I want to evolve, I told Blade. More than ever. Flying This is the best time Ive had in my life.

Nero, the male Umbreons POV:

I nearly wanted to throw up when Aries answered my question. Reading thoughts and interpreting images? I choked. But what if I cant control it? What if I see things Im not supposed to see? Aries On the bright side, Tiana looked like she was making a lot of progress. I was glad.

Ryu, the male Trapinchs POV:

After the Hitmonlee treated my leg, I began to feel a lot better. Thanks, I said. Then my mind popped back to Elwing. Maybe I should just leave her alone, I muttered to myself. I dont think her father likes me very much.

I nodded to the Hitmonlee who helped me. "Thanks again," I told him gratefully. "It was nice of you to help."

Switchblade, the *male* Porygons POV:

Hey, Evenstar! I called loudly to the Sneasel. Seen lan lately?

She shook her head. Im sorry, no.

Aww. I wanted to race him. Hes been impossible to find these days, though.

Yes, I noticed that too. Im not quite sure where he is, or why hes keeping out of sight. Maybe he just needs some time alone.

Maybe But I really, really wanted to race him. You know, for the next time wed have an Eevee House race. I wanna play again. I did good last time. Well thanks anyway, Evenstar. I guess Ill have to keep looking.

11th April 2004, 08:56 PM
Beacon's POV

Shonta soon left, leaving me with a grieving Trinity. "Come on, girl! Cheer up! You can be with your old friends here, plus you have new friends!" Lily and I smiled while Beaky looked away. An idea hit me. "Let's practice attacks!"

<I'm out,> Jewel sent. <I see a pool over there.> She hoved over to the swimming pool and floated in the clear water.

"Oookay. Umm, Lily can go first," I said.

Lily nodded and started to work her mouth. A gob of drool trickled from her mouth. Purple drool.

"That's not drool!" Beaky yelled frantically. "Spit it out!"

"No, don't!" Cinder yelled. But it was too late; she was already in the process of spitting. I spun her around so that she was facing the tree. She let it loose, hitting the trunk of the tree. We watched the bark surrounding it sizzle and turn black.

"Ooh, Toxic. Not to be used here," Cinder said calmly.

Jewel the Staryu's POV

<Ah. Nice and cool,> I sighed as I bobbed in the water. I looked around at the other swimming Pokemon and became bored. I sank to the bottom of the pool and shot back up, spraying my Water Gun straight down when I started to go down. <Whoo-hoo!>

"Hey, watch it!" a Taillow shouted as I zoomed past it. It watched me as I fell back down toward the swimming pool.

12th April 2004, 07:37 AM
After the incident the last time here we went home. But today we were ready for the Eevee House. I let out all my Pokemon so they could get a breath of fresh air before we go inside. Shadowfax, my Aerodactyl flew to the top of a tree and sat there. "Shadowfax! Come down here!" I shouted but he just turned his head. "Loner." I whispered to my other Pokemon, who all nodded. We walked inside and plopped down on the coutch. "I wish I had someone to talk to..."

13th April 2004, 04:59 PM
Swoop's POV

"Blue skies! Yay!" I cried happily as I zoomed around. I flew toward to the pool to find what water-types I could find. Something shot up from down there and passed right in front of me, missing me by a few inches. A spray of water followed it.

"Hey, watch it!" I yelled. I hovered in place and watched it drop down to the pool. He landed in it and sent a small wave. "Nice cannonball." I turned around and prepared to go back to the others when I saw an Aerodactyl on top of the tree. I flew over and landed on a branch near it.

"Hi there. Are you new here?" I asked the Aerodactyl.

13th April 2004, 08:54 PM
Gwaihir the Windlord, the male Aerodactyl's POV:

Our teammate, Ryu, won in his category of the land race. Evenstar was entered in another one, but it hadn't started yet. It would be a while before the water races were over and the time for the flying races came, but I wanted to be prepared when they did come.

My first appearance in the races was a failure. I thought I was doing well, but I was overtaken by a Spearow that was somehow faster than me - with Quick Attack and Agility at an extremely low level. I had learned my lessons pretty well, and I knew that it shouldn't have been possible. I was surprised, and my surprise lost me the race. Which it shouldn't have. I hadn't trained enough.

"Next time," I said to myself, "I'm actually going to train properly." I was too overconfident after being told countless times that I was a natural at flying. Well... This time was going to be different.

I blinked when I saw what I thought to be an apparition... a shadow in a tree... But when I looked again, I realized that my eyes hadn't been playing tricks on me. Nearly hidden in the foliage, on a high branch, sat a lone Aerodactyl all by himself.

14th April 2004, 11:00 AM

Tropi! Here, now! You too, Anorith!.TROPITORM NOW!
I smiled and knelt down to pat Anorith on the head as he stumbled over nervously, before looking up and glaring at the Tropius as she slouched over.
About time-you know, sometimes I wonder why I even bother with you at times when youre like this. And this is something nice for you, so you should be glad Im still going to give it to you
She just stared back and said nothing.
Fine then, be like that
I looked down and smiled at Anorith, gently patting his head.
I reached into my bag and pulled out three small boxes; two plain, white cubes, and one in the shape of a grey feather, which I placed in front of him.
I know you dont know that many attacks, and seeing as you want to evolve eventually, youll need moreso I went and got you these TMs-thats Slash, thats Aerial Ace, and that one is Hidden Power.


All three for me?
I hesitated and glanced up at my trainers face, but she just smiled and nodded, pushing the boxes towards me.
Oh, and your Hidden Power is Bug type as well-you need a good Bug move to fit your typeso go on, dont worry.
Ok then, I wont
I happily reached out and pulled the three boxes closer towards me.


So have I really got something or did you just call me over here to see him get some TMs?
I glared at my trainer as she stepped round Anorith and approached me.
Of course not-here
She pulled out a grey feather shaped box, much like the Aerial Ace TM Anorith was now pouring over.
I got it from the EMT-its an Aeroblast TM, and youre the only Pokmon Ive got who can use it, so there you go.
What? Aeroblast..isnt that that really strong Flying move?
She smiled and nodded, holding it out to me.
Well, um, thanks
I took the box from her and shuffled off slowly.
Excellent. Id almost made myself miss out on getting a great attack.


I hummed happily to myself-already I felt more powerful, and that was just because of three new attacks. What would I feel like when I increased in level? Or even evolved?
That was definitely something Id be looking forward too.
Ive been thinking, youre the only one out of all my Pokmon that doesnt have a nickname, er-do you want one?
Good point
Im not sure, Ive never really thought about it beforehave you got any ideas?
Maybehow about Archie? I just think it suits you.
I tried it out loud.
I looked up and smiled.
I like it!

15th April 2004, 06:26 PM
<Blade's POV>

"Well, with some hard training and battle experience, you'll evolve sooner than you think."
In a short matter of time, the large house loomed into view and I decided to park it in front of the main door.
"Ok, here's the deal," I told him as he hopped off. "As I understand it, you weren't acting too nicely towards some of the Pokemon, one being my teammate and some others being on your own team. I'm not going to force you to do it but I hope you'll apologize to them for your past behavior. A clean start also means mending rifts between Pokemon and if you do that, you'll be on your way towards a brighter future."

<Aries's POV>

"Of course there is the possibility of looking into the minds of other Pokemon but the only ones you need to look out for are Lune, which you've already seen, and Blade. Blade's past is somewhat similar to Lune's but there's a major difference. He lost someone he cared for but he lost her to another guy. She's not here today but the guy she chose is still around and Blade tries to avoid him at any cost."
I glanced down and hoped I didn't tell him too much.
"In any case, I'll be around you most of the time so you can practice on me. My life has been pretty normal so my dummy qualities should be superb."

<Lee's POV>

"No problem. By the way, don't give up on Elwing just yet. Don't assume that Drake doesn't like you by the way he looks at you. He's a first time father and it's his nature to be overprotective in the first place so I would give it some time. Let Elwing grow up a bit, maybe evolve. When you're ready and you know she'll be able to take that kind of news, go for it."
I gave a short cough as I twiddled my thumbs.
"Of course, I've never been in love myself so the decision is yours but I know Drake well enough to say that if you prove yourself to him physically and mentally, he'll be pretty accepting."

16th April 2004, 11:47 AM
Shonta's POV

"Oh man! We won in two moves, Kawaii! You were awesome!" I shouted as loud as I could. "I'm so happy I could hug both of you!"

Kawaii blinked. "Both of us?" I pointed to her tail.

"I love you, too," her tail sniffed.

I rubbed Kawaii's main head. "I'm so proud of you and the rest of the team. Now to give Jewel this Camouflage TM. I'm guessing she's in the pool." I went to the pool and found her bobbing in the water. "Jewel, I have something for you."

She hopped out of the pool and stood in front of me. <What is it?>

"A Camouflage TM." I opened the box and sprinked the contents over her head. "Try it out! I want to know what it does."

Her color slowly changed to the color of the grass we stood on. "Oh. That's what it does."

Kawaii's POV

"Ooh. That's so cool!" I exclaimed at the green Staryu.

She changed back. <It's no biggie.>

I went back to the other Pokemon. Trinity seemed to be feeling better; she was down to a dull sniffle. "Guess what? I won against that Lotad! All it took was two Confusion attacks."

Cinder groaned. "You don't have to rub my big nose in it, Kawaii."

"Hey! I need all of the adoptees now!" Shonta shouted. "Hop to it!"

"Where's Swoop?" I asked. Swoop flew down from the tree that we were under and followed the rest. I sat down next to Cinder. "I guess we're by ourselves again. I wonder how long she'll be gone now."

"It won't take long for our opponent to challenge Shonta again," Cinder said.

17th April 2004, 04:01 PM
Ancalagon the Black, the male Bagon?s POV:

As much as I wanted the flight to last, it would eventually come to an end.

"Ok, here's the deal. As I understand it, you weren't acting too nicely towards some of the Pok*n, one being my teammate and some others being on your own team. I'm not going to force you to do it but I hope you'll apologize to them for your past behavior. A clean start also means mending rifts between Pok*n and if you do that, you'll be on your way towards a brighter future."

I knew that Blade was right. I had been tossing around the idea of apologizing, but I wasn?t sure exactly how I would do it. After all, I had attacked many unprovoked? I guessed that I had to start somewhere, and it would probably be easier to begin with my teammates first. But what was I supposed to say??

Sighing, I nodded at Blaze, troubled. ?I plan on doing it? But first, I need some time alone to think about things. Everything?s changed so quickly? I need to sort things out. Thanks for everything.? I smiled at him gratefully, then wandered slowly outside, lost in my own thoughts.

Lune, the male Eevee?s POV:

Shockwave had gone off to do something interesting. I was feeling rather tired, and debating between finding a dark corner in which to relax unbothered or going back to Karin and getting into my pok颡ll. Either way I would be alone, but a corner might be come upon by someone else, whereas the inviolable pok颡ll was quite cramped.

I decided to head towards Karin, for a reason unknown to me. I just felt as if I should. Perhaps I could pick up some refreshments on the way, too. I had only recently raided the kitchen with Shockwave, but now I felt empty again. I always felt empty. Perhaps it was not food that my body was after. Perhaps it was not even my body that complained. Perhaps it was my ailing soul?

A surprise greeted me when I caught sight of my trainer. Actually, two. When she called me over, she presented me with two small boxes, each in one hand. The rightmost was a carved silver box; it contained, drawn in a diagonal, a single gleaming cut mark that looked as if it had come from a claw. When I touched it, the box glittered and sparkled; a white light enveloped me; and I felt my hidden claws tingle, as if they had been granted some power that I had previously not known. The other box glowed mysteriously; I could not really tell with what color it shone. It was that indefinite. The mystical aura intrigued me. When I opened that box, I knew that I had been rewarded with a very special gift. I could feel it in my heart, my uplifted soul. For just a few moments I felt as if I had the power to heal my past scars, to start afresh again. It would take effort, but it gave me hope. Hope that instead of shrinking into myself, I could remove the shadow of my past, to be reborn again.

Karin smiled. ?I?m glad you like them. They?re a Slash and Recover TM, respectively.?

I nodded and thanked her, then headed to the forest to test out my new abilities.

Nero, the male Umbreon?s POV:

"In any case, I'll be around you most of the time so you can practice on me. My life has been pretty normal so my dummy qualities should be superb."

I tried to stay serious, but Aries?s comment was just too funny. I don?t know why it amused me that much, but the word dummy just triggered an explosion of laughter. I finally managed to stop, but I realized that I had been very loud without meaning to. Aries was giving me a stern look, and I quickly apologized before checking to see if I had disturbed Tiana. Surprisingly, she didn?t look as if she noticed me laughing, or at least she was trying very hard to concentrate. I think she was making some really good progress.

I stopped smiling and became serious. ?So I really have to do this, huh?? Aries nodded. ?All right? But one question. Do you think I should attempt this now, or should I work on something else first? I?m not quite sure how to start.?

?Ryu?, the male Trapinch?s POV:

?You really think so?? I asked the Hitmonlee. I was silent for a while, thinking. ?Well? All right. You?d know your teammates better than I would. If you think I shouldn?t give up just yet, I believe you. Thanks again for everything. Right now I?ll go see if I can get Karin to find another battle for me. I?m getting out of practice.?

Aipom Of Doom
17th April 2004, 09:20 PM
The 90-120 section of the races will begin now, featuring:
- Sylvan Lv. 47 Female Venusaur (109) - Lady Vulpix
- Kovu Lv.55 Male Umbreon (111) - Wolfsong

The race will be 2750 units long.

Update 1

Sylvan runs straight as fast as she can, advancing 327 units.
Kovu, however, starts with a Quick Attack, and dashes forward 777 units.

Sylvan: 327
Kovu: 777

Update 2

Both Pokemon run straight ahead again, and both advance quite far. Kovu makes it 666 units, and Sylvan goes 654 units. Kovu is still far ahead from his initial Quick Attack.

Sylvan: 981
Kovu: 1443

Update 3

Once again, both Pokemon kept going straight. Sylvan advanced 436 units, but Kovu advanced 666 units (again) to increase his lead.

Sylvan: 1417
Kovu: 2109

Update 4

Both Pokemon kept going straight, and advanced about the same distance again (not too far this time, however).

Sylvan: 1526
Kovu: 2220

Update 5

Both Pokemon continued to advance straight, and Kovu jogs across the finish line without a problem, and with Sylvan almost a thousand units behind.

Kovu wins :O!

22nd April 2004, 10:25 PM

The 31-60 race I guess I will be reffing. It will be held on Tuesday April 27th at 3 PM CST.

(Tiana's POV)

"Hmm, we'll go at it for five minutes and then take a short break. Afterwards, ten minutes and then a break. The time will double and the breakage time will remain the same. Now, let's get cracking." Nighshade said, and I nodded my head. I sat down, close to Uncle Nero and closed my eyes. Then I closed my eyes and began to slowly breath in and out. A couple of times I was almost distracted but i managed to keep focused. Sooner than I expected, I could hear Nightshade telling me it was time for a break. I opened my eyes and beamed a huge smile. i had done it! ^^ I got up and stretched, and saw Amy. She had motioned me over. Since I was on a break, I walked over though I knew that I couldn't stay long. "I have a TM for you." "What is it?" I asked. "It's Morning Sun." I was speechless. "Shouldn't... Should you be giving that to Sweetie? Don't get me wrong, but are you sure I'm ready for it?" "I thought long and hard about who to give it to. I'm sure you will eventually be able to use it to the best of your ability. I had thought about it but Sweetie is close to learning it by level so I think it might benefit you more." I nodded, not sure if I could speak. I was grateful, as Amy sprinkled the powder over me and soon I learned Morning Sun. I thanked her again and hurried back over, because I had the feeling my break would soon be up.

(Zale's POV)

"Fine, you're getting off easy for now. Next time you plan on going somewhere besides the Battle Tower, tell me. I'm not going to help you if you won't take this seriously. Now, ten laps and then we'll get on to surfing." I groaned, but I was actually eager to work on learning to surf. I did notice that my swimming had improved, but I guess I was going to slow because I heard Lyra yell for me to "Speed it up!" I did as I asked, and was pleased that I was much better.

(Kaida's POV)

I still wasn't feeling that great, so I walked over to the pool and then just laid down. I placed my hand in the water and just drew it around in circles, making ripples in the water.

(Amys POV)

After giving Tiana the TM, I began to look around for Flare. I found her watching Dakota, Ai, and Aiko. Hey, Flare. I have something for you? She jumped. Oops, sorry. I didnt mean to startle you. Its okay. I just didnt hear you that all. What were you saying? One of our friends bought us a shiny juice. Cool. Who was it, and why are you telling me? she asked, puzzled. It was Jay that bought it for me, and Id like to give it to you. That is, if you want it. She turned to look at me, and she was smiling. Id be honored to have it. I unscrewed the top off of the bottle and poured it in a bowl for her. As Flare began to lap it up, the air in front of her began to sparkle before her fur slowly changed from the cream color that I was used to her being into a beautiful silvery color.

(Dakotas POV)

I watched as Aiko struggled to her paws. I held my breath as she managed to remain standing but when she tried to take a step she tumbled head over paws. I got up to help her up but there was no need as Aiko struggled back to her paws. She had a determined look on her face, and she looked over at us.

27th April 2004, 12:17 AM
Glamdring's POV

I am led into a strange room that I've never seen before by my relatively new trainer. The sights and sounds of more other pokemon and their trainers than I can count immediately greet me; something about this place makes me feel right at home. Kyle grabs around in his bag for something - a blood-red ruby emerges, its center blazing with an eternal flame. Something draws me towards it... he places it against my head and I immediately begin to feel its magic at work within me. My body grows pleasantly warm; I feel as if I'm getting... stronger. Little do I know, that's exactly what's happening to me...

Kyle's POV

Glamdring's body grows radiantly white, and I must shield my eyes. His impressive form grows outward and upward still, as I take the stone away from his forehead. The light has faded, and my new Arcanine blinks as he tries to remember what had just happened to him. He lets out a mighty roar of pride... it is finished.

27th April 2004, 03:25 PM
The Races will begin in 10 minutes.

The contestants are:

Evenstar L. 12 Female Sneasel (40) - Charizard04621
Spice L. 10 Male Jolteon (37) - Meowth_Kitten

The track is 800 units long.

Evenstar starts out by just going straight, and she advances 160 units.
Spice also goes straight. However he encounters some obstacles and only advances 74 units.

Evenstar: 160 units
Spice: 74 units

Evenstar uses quick attack. She stumbles but still manages to advance 280 units.
Spice attempts to tackle evenstar but she has moved out of range, however, he still manages to advance 222 units.

Evenstar: 440 units
Spice: 296 units

Evenstar uses another quick attack, and advances 240 units after encounterinig some obstacles..
Spice continures going straight ahead, and he advances 185 units after getting a sudden burst of energy.

Evenstar: 680 units
Spice: 481 units

Evenstar encounters more obstacles but still advances 240 units using her quick attack to cross the finish line.
Spice gets a renewed burst of energy and sprints forward 222 units.

Evenstar: 920 units - winner
Spice: 703 units

Congrats. Both contestants did a good job. Evenstar wins and grows 2 levels to L.14

29th April 2004, 05:50 PM
I'll enter two pokémon for the Water Races.

Elwing Starspray
Dratini (F)
Category: 31-60
Speed: 31

Horsea (M)
Category: 1-30
Speed: 23

29th April 2004, 05:55 PM
I've seen Races happening around here lately so I checked the main page. I just have a question. Can I enter a Water Pokemon from my Adopt/Capture Pokemon to enter one of these Races? Thanks for your help.

29th April 2004, 05:56 PM
Only adopted pokemon are allowed to enter and items aren't allowed.

29th April 2004, 06:02 PM
Alright! I would like to enter Jewel for the Water Race.

Category: 1-30
Speed: 18

Two questions: when is the race and how does this work?

29th April 2004, 06:04 PM
Only adopted pokemon are allowed to enter and items aren't allowed.
Thanks, I would like to enter my Adopted Squirtle.

Squirtle (M)
Category: 1-30
Speed: 19

EDIT: My Squirtle grew a Level so his Speed has risen.

29th April 2004, 06:24 PM
Alright! I would like to enter Jewel for the Water Race.

Category: 1-30
Speed: 18

Two questions: when is the race and how does this work?

It basically works like the land and flying race in that the Pokemon have to run a certain distance and whoever is the fastest and/or most strategic wins (and if you want to send specific attacks to the ref, you have to do so before the race or during it). The different races depend on the prize, like the land race win was 2 levels and this time is an item from the Reward Center

The date of the race(s) depends on when the ref is free and/or how many participants are in each category

I will enter Lyra:

Lyra (female Wartortle)
Lv. 34
Speed: 65 (61-90)

30th April 2004, 11:42 AM
Thanks for the info. By the way, Jewel grew a level so I'll update the entry.

Shonta's POV

We were back at the House, relaxing outside. It was time for another meeting. "Okay, we have come to a little problem. My business at the Dragon Tamers has halted for now, so the adoptees will have to take a little vacation here until things pick up again." The adoptees hung their heads. "I'm thinking about going to Expedia soon, so I can pick two Pokemon to come with me. Beacon and...Cinder."

"Why those two?" Beaky said grumpily.

"Beacon will take a while to grow and Cinder..."

"I don't mind if I stay here. Beaky can take my place," Cinder interrupted.

"Actually, I wouldn't mind if Swoop comes with us," Beacon said. "I know she'll be causing some sort of trouble if she stays here."

I nodded. "Jewel, you have a race coming up! We can practice at the pool," I continued.

<Will my opponent be more challenging than my last?> she asked.

"I hope so," I whispered. "If you win, you can get something at the Reward Center. Probably some wicked TM." I turned to Beacon. "And I have something for you." I pulled out a box with a raindrop pattern. "It's a Rain Dance TM. Use this in battle and your electric attacks will be more powerful." I opened the box and poured the sparkling contents on her. "I don't want anyone complaining about the rain, so we can try it out later."

She smiled and nuzzled my arm. "Thanks!"

30th April 2004, 05:49 PM
<Aries's POV>

I was surprised at the response of my little joke. I wasn't exactly known for my comedy skills, that came from Nightshade. After looking at my subdued face, Nero's incessant laughing stopped and looked rather meek.
"So I really have to do this, huh?"
I gave a brief nod.
"All right. But one question. Do you think I should attempt this now, or should I work on something else first? I'm not quite sure how to start."
"Just begin to meditate like before. When you feel that your mind is clear enough, dig down into your psychic powers and bring them out. I'll know when you've tapped it and by then, thoughts or memories of mine will begin to start up. If you see any of them, memorize them and then after you can't see anymore, tell me what you saw."
Getting settled once more, Nero began his meditative state again. Within ten minutes, he was focused and I finally let some of my memories free, starting with my evolution as a teenage Eevee, the exhilaration running through my body as I changed into what I was today. I also sent out my tag team battle with Nightshade, a gruesome match with two Nuzleafs that were tough to beat, especially for Nightshade.
I sighed inwardly as I reluctantly released my last image...of Nave, my first love. Somehow, she just lost interest in me and coupled with her owner's decision to leave for a while, I've been alone without her. I tried to fight against the tears but one escaped and fell to the ground. Angrily blinking them away, I kept the thoughts going as I waited for Nero to tap his power.

1st May 2004, 08:26 PM
I'll make an actual post later for here. Right now, I'm going to sign up Jas for the water race.

Level 15 Female Mutant Winged Dratini
Knows: Wrap, Leer, Blizzard, Hidden Power Flying, Thunder Wave, Extremespeed, Surf, Supersonic, Aeroblast, Twister
Speed ( 29 )

Crystalmaster Mike
2nd May 2004, 01:42 PM
I'm going to enter Rays in the Water Race.

Level 7 Female Chinchou
Bubble, Thunder Wave, Supersonic, Thunderbolt
Speed: 18

Angel Blossom
2nd May 2004, 02:00 PM
I'll be entering my Lapras in the Water Race. ^_^

Lapras (F) Lv. 9
Category - 1-30
Speed - 21

3rd May 2004, 04:56 PM
Shonta's POV

I looked up at Beaky, upset about our recent defeat. "I'm sorry, Beaky. I should've checked out the stats before challenging that trainer. We'll win the next one."

He turned his back to me. "I didn't have a chance! You just dragged me in so that Espeon could get an easy win! Admit it!"

I felt my anger rise. "That's not true. You could've won if you were faster. We'll work on that."

"No, you won't! You're too busy with the adoptees! Me and the other captees mean nothing to you!" He puffed his feathers.

"That's going too far, pal!" Cinder shouted. "Shonta's busy with the Dragon Tamers, but it's not without good reason!"

Beaky took off towards the house. I plopped on the grass. "If I could only gather up the cash..." I scratched Cinder's head as he sat in my lap. "I could go there if there wasn't so much chaos going on. This is getting difficult. But I'm not giving up on you."

<Shonta, our training...> Jewel spoke up.

"Oh yeah. Let's get to the pool." I got up and followed Jewel. "Cinder, could you and Kawaii talk to Beaky for me?"

"Can do!" Cinder said cheerily. The two of them went inside the house. Swoop went after them after a few seconds of hovering.

Jewel bobbed in the pool while I fiddled around with my digital watch. "Okay, I got the stopwatch mode up. When I give you the word, step on the gas! Go!" Jewel jetted straight across the pool and back. For a first level she wasn't bad, but I heard that there were going to be Pokemon of higher levels in the race. "Okay, that was good. Just do a few laps by yourself."

Swoop's POV

Where did he go? I hopped around the Eevee House, looking among the crowds of Pokemon and their trainers. I finally found Kawaii and Cinder standing under a support beam that Beaky was perched on.

"Come on, Beaky!" Kawaii shouted. "You win some, you lose some!"

"Yeah! I lost my first battle, remember?" Cinder joined in.

I sighed and flew up to the beam, sitting next to Beaky. "You're so pathetic," I said calmly.

He leered at me. "How would you know? At least she's training you and the others. All I and the other captees can do is wait for someone to challenge us."

"I can see why. I mean, why would she want something like you? You have drab colors, stubby wings, and a personality that probably got yourself kicked out of the nest out of annoyance. I, on the other hand, am beautiful, powerful, graceful, and a perfect companion. I wouldn't be surprised if Shonta gave you to someone else the next day." I chuckled as a growl escaped from Beaky's throat.

"Why are you telling me this?" he growled.

"Because you probably don't believe a word I'm saying. I know Spearow. No matter what other birds say, they work hard to become stronger. When you evolve you'll be able to kick those Pidgey's butts. Until then, act like a Spearow and stay in your flock. You'll be torn apart if you fight alone." I flew off and landed on Shonta's shoulder.

"So how did it go?" Shonta asked me.

"Get him in a battle quick. The guy's pathetic!"

4th May 2004, 04:44 PM
Ancalagon the Black, the male Bagon’s POV:

Solitude… Silence… Peace. I stared over the hill’s edge, lying on my belly in the soft grass. The sun was beginning to inflame the sky with brilliant hues, flaming reds, oranges, and golds that burned in the heavens as if they were fire, and the clouds their smoke.

I sighed, twirling around a blade of grass with my claw. To my relief, I lay in the midst of some sweet-smelling flowers. Despite the utter turmoil of my soul, I felt calmed by the soothing fragrance. I closed my eyes to breathe in more. No other sense mattered.

For a moment, in the cool, dark silence, I thought I heard something over the whisper of the breeze… But in a flash it was gone, and I judged it to be a figment of my imagination. I continued to breathe deeply, gradually taking longer and longer breaths to calm myself. I had to focus… I had to think. But whatever I had heard earlier never gave me the chance.

Suddenly I felt something wrap around my face, something cottony and soft but thick. At first I thought it might have been some pollen from the flowers, but I couldn’t remove it, and I felt heaving breaths, so I could assume that it was alive. So here I was, blinded by I didn’t know what, unable to remove it from my face. This was my punishment, I guessed. But what did this thing want? What was it going to do…? For a fleeting moment my heart filled with fear, and the thought occurred to me that my mother had sent someone after me to kill me. But that didn’t make sense… There was only one way for me to find out what was going on.

“Who… who are you? What do you want?” I asked, my voice trembling slightly, although I attempted to mask my fear.

Giggling. “That’s no way to talk to a new team member.” A female voice.

Now I was confused. “Huh?”

“What’s your name?”

What a strange time to ask. “Um… Ancalagon the Black. Ancalagon for short.”

More giggling. “That’s still too short,” she said. “I’ll call you Cali.”

“What? No. No.”


“Argh… Fine. You still haven’t answered my question.”

“What question?”

“Who are you? What do you want? …And would you mind uncovering my face?”

“Who am I, huh?” I sensed a mischievous tone in her voice. “Well, you’ll have to find that out for yourself. For now, I’ll just tell you that my name is Alqualin. As for what I want, I just wanted to introduce myself to everyone. I’ve already talked to all the others.”

“Uh… Okay. Um… Nice meeting you. Now would you please take your whatever-is-covering-my-face away so I can see?”

“No, actually, I think I’ll just sit here for a while. Watching a blind Bagon is funny.”

Great… Just great.

Ai’s POV:

It was so exciting to watch darling little Aiko try to take her first steps, but scary at the same time. What if she fell? What if she got hurt? I looked over at Dakota, who was anxious as well, but all we could do was watch. Aiko looked determined to walk, and I knew that she would try until she could do it. I let her keep going, but was prepared to step in if she was about to hurt herself by going too far.

Nero, the male Umbreon’s POV:

Even with Aries’s assurance, I was afraid. But I had asked him to help me, and he knew better than I did how we had to get about to stopping me from seeing unwonted images… So I put my trust in him and closed my eyes. If it took me a while to fall into a deep meditative trance, I did not notice. All I remembered was a gentle blackness… And then the world around me began to light up with color.

I saw an Eevee… I was the Eevee… At least, I felt his feelings. I became aware of an intense light… A great power… And I realized, as the evolution progressed, that I had felt this once before, back when I was younger. But I didn’t understand it then. It had happened to me too early… Now I felt the true meaning, the extent of Aries’s joy. Evolution was sacred.

The scene shifted, and now I returned to a spectator in the audience of a significant event. I was in a forest where the ground was untouched by light. The treetops were thick and drowned out the sun, and evil branches curled their claws inwards as if to grasp at unsuspecting victims and steal away their souls. I saw Aries fighting alongside Nightshade, battle-worn, in a tough situation. The Nuzleaf they were against seemed like tough opponents. After the pair finally claimed a decisive victory over the Rocket pokémon, I heaved a great sigh of relief. My lungs felt as if they were pierced by knives and about to explode… I just realized that I had stopped breathing for I didn’t know how long. My trance was abruptly interrupted, and the next image that I was supposed to see passed by in a flash. I could only sense some deep emotion, negative perhaps… And whether or not it was a figment of my imagination, I thought I saw an Umbreon, and she was definitely not Aries.


I’d gotten some decent TMs this time, so I decided to do another round of giving. I went to Kalazeth first, because he was closer, practicing for the race in the pool with Elwing. When I handed him the TM, he blinked in surprise, but eagerly opened it. “It’s Rain Dance,” I told him. “It’ll help you a lot in your race, hopefully.” When he was done, he thanked me, then decided to try and test his new move. I left him with Elwing, who had known Rain Dance a while ago and was ready to teach him to use it.

Then I embarked on the more difficult task of finding Lune. I had seen him head outside earlier, but he was so good at slipping out of sight that you could never be sure where he was and when. To my relief, he was close by and repeatedly slashing at a stone, then healing his paws after. He looked a little startled when I came up from behind him, but then he stopped and regained his composure.

“I’ve got another TM for you,” I told him.

“Three in the course of a week?” He was surprised. “Am I being rewarded for something I did not do?”

I shook my head and smiled. “I’d just recently realized that I haven’t been paying as much attention to you as I was the others who wanted to evolve. I’ve really been concentrating on them and arranging more battles for them, especially Ryu and Elwing. It’s not really fair to you, and I’m sorry for that. I feel that I have to compensate you in some way.”

He shrugged. “It’s all right. I know how much time and effort you need to put into the others, Ryu especially. I’m quite all right on my own. A battle once in a while would be nice, when the opportunity arises, but you don’t have to go out of your way to find me a fight. I admit I’d enjoy more battles, but I can find other methods of training that work just as effectively and keep me occupied.”

“I’m glad you feel that way.” I kneeled down to face him. “I know you haven’t been feeling that great recently, and I’d like to help, but I know it’s up to you to sort things out on your own. I’m pretty sure this will be useful to you, though.” I produced the little TM box. “It’s Frustration.” He gave me a meaningful look and nodded before touching the box. A dark aura enveloped him, and when it was over, the box was gone.

“When you’re feeling lousy, it’ll help you take out your anger… You’ll feel calmer after using it. I hope this will be useful to you.”


Lune, the male Eevee’s POV:

I watched as Karin walked back inside the Eevee House. The power she had given me was priceless. Previously I had expressed my emotion in other ways, but it did not help. It had only made me gloomier, more frustrated.

I turned my attention to the rock I had been practicing on. Exhaling deeply, I fell into a berserk frenzy, ripping and tearing at the rock until my paws bled, and still continuing after. With every stroke I felt a part of my deep pain lift, slowly, but it did lift. It would take some time to heal my wounded heart, but this venting brought me slightly closer. I stopped and sighed, satisfied for now, gazing down at my bloody paws that glared raw under the dreadful rays of the fading sun. Closing my eyes, I took a gentle breath, and felt myself enveloped in a glowing light. The material pain from my injured body went away as my body healed itself, almost flawlessly, as if by magic. Thus replenished, I went inside the Eevee House to recover my strength. Magical as my new ability was, energy was necessary to keep it going. Recover was a tough move to maintain.

Kalazeth, the male Horsea’s POV:

Elwing and I were darting about the pool, chasing and racing each other when Karin came up and called to me. She had told us both earlier that we would be in the race, and now we were trying to prepare for it. I wondered what she wanted?

It turned out that she had a TM for me, which made me surprised. How wonderful! She told me that it was Rain Dance. If this was so, I would have a better chance of doing well in the race to come. After the TM had finished taking effect, I felt enriched with the knowledge of my new move. I just needed to perfect my technique beforehand. It would be embarrassing to arrive on the day of the race, only to find out that I couldn’t use my Rain Dance attack properly.

“Ooh, I can help you with that,” Elwing offered.

“Really? That would be swell.”

“Yup. I’ve shown it to Daddy before. I’m really quite good at it. At battling in general, actually, though Daddy and Uncle Blade are the best, of course. Battling is fun.”

“Yes, you’re actually good at a lot of things,” I told her, thoughtfully. “It isn’t just battling.” She smiled, flattered.

Élan, the *male* Unown’s POV:

I watched from afar as Switchblade searched for me all over the Eevee House. When I did not want to be found, I would not be found. Currently, the Porygon was at the pool, talking to Nimrodel. The Lapras had been one of the first members on Karin’s team, even before me. It was difficult to notice her, though; she never talked much. That was a pity, because she really was very nice once you got to know her. But that didn’t matter much anymore…

“Nimrodel, have you seen Élan?” I heard Switchblade inquire.

She shook her head no. “I haven’t seen him for some time,” she said, somewhat sadly. “Did Karin ever tell you anything about him?”

“No, she hasn’t said anything. Why, would she know something?”

Nimrodel sighed. “Do you remember Elendil? I miss him.”

Switchblade blinked, stopped to think for a minute, and then nodded his head. “Yes, I do, actually. He was nice, but then he got quiet and left to join another trainer’s team.”

The Lapras nodded. “I used to talk to him. We could… understand each other. He’d come to the pool and we’d just chat, you know? About things. You know me. You know that I don’t usually talk a lot… But Elendil and I, we got along nicely, I think. I looked forward to his visits every day. But one time, he just stopped coming. I remembered maybe noticing someone that looked like him here and there, but I was never sure.” She continued, sounding slightly hurt. “He never came to say goodbye, not to me, and not to any of us, I think. One day, suddenly, Karin just came and told us about his decision to leave the team. Do you remember?”

Switchblade nodded somberly. I was surprised at how serious he looked. The Porygon had really changed since the first time that we had met. I knew I would miss him… dearly. “I guess it was partly all our faults,” he admitted. “All our faults but yours. We never really talked to him, and we never really tried. I think you were his only friend, but still, because of the rest of us, he felt like he didn’t belong.”

“I don’t think anyone is at fault,” Nimrodel answered softly. Her eyes seemed to stare far away, back into a past that only she could see. “It’s just… pokémon change, and no one really is to blame. It just… happens. And it’s a very sad thing to happen, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t real. Time changes pokémon, and I guess… Those who drift apart… Were never really meant to be.”

I turned away, fading back into the dark corridor from where I had come. I had heard enough. For me, it wasn’t a matter of distance… It wasn’t a matter of belonging. But what difference did that truly make in the end? I would still be gone… No matter how much I loved all of them, it was my time to claim my destiny. Yes, I would miss them all dearly indeed.

5th May 2004, 09:07 AM

I smiled and happily hugged the egg closer as I entered the Eevee House- I could tell that it was going to hatch sometime soon.
But first, there were a couple of things I wanted to get done, hopefully before my new captee emerged.
‘Hey, Deveus, can you do me a favour?’
I patted the head of the Houndoom as he cantered over, looking curious.
‘I’ve got this new egg that’ll be hatching soon, but I’ve got a few items that I want to give to some of my other Pokémon, so do you think you could look after it for a second until I come back? I promise that there’ll be something in it for you.’
He thought for a second then shrugged.
‘Sure, it’s not as if I’m doing much at the moment.’
‘Great, thanks Dev.’
I hugged him quickly before gently placing the egg at his feet.
Now all I needed to do was find my other Pokémon.

I stretched my wings lazily as I surveyed the crowds below.
They looked like they might need some entertainment…and I knew where that could be found.
I chuckled quietly to myself, preparing to jump off the beam, when I noticed Hannah waving at me, motioning that I should come over.
That was weird.
I glided off the beam and swooped over to where she was standing.
‘What’s up? You’ve never called me over like this before.’
‘Nothing’s up, I just wanted to give this TM to you.’
She held out a small, feather shaped box.
‘It’s an Aerial Ace TM-you need some more moves, and this one’s a good place to start.’
I happily perched on her shoulder as she broke the box open, briefly dousing me in light; instantly, I found I knew the attack.
‘You alright?’
‘Ok then, I’ve got to rush-I’ve got a captee egg due to hatch any second now.’
She patted me briefly before rushing back off the way she came.
I returned to my beam, eyeing the crowd again-I wanted someone to help me test out my new move.

One down, two to go.
Hurriedly looking round, I spotted Heat Wave lying relaxed on the floor, close to Zazar and Latino.
‘Hey, Heat Wave, I’ve got this for you! It’s an Eruption TM, I’ve been waiting for ages to get you it, and now, well, it’s yours.’
I placed the flame shaped box in front of her, gave her a quick hug then jumped back to my feet.
‘That ok with you?’
‘Yeah, thanks.’
‘Alright…bye, we’ll test it out later, ok?’
She nodded and I dashed back into the crowd, looking for Pock.
There, by the window with Si.
I ran over, pulling the earring from my pocket as I went.
‘Hi guys, Pock, this is for you-it’s a Pokémon Earring, it’ll raise your special attacks by 50%. Now, I’ve got to rush, so enjoy it.’
Quickly, I attached the earring to Pocks ear, heard his stuttered thanks, then I dashed back over to the corner where I’d left Deveus and the egg-hopefully it hadn’t hatched while I was gone. I spotted him-with Caelest crouching by his side, and to my relief, I saw that the egg hadn’t hatched yet, but it was obviously close-the shell was pulsing slightly, while inside small scratches could be heard.
‘Thanks, Dev…and as promised.’
I reached into my bag and pulled out a small, red box, which I fixed gently round Deveus’ neck.
‘These Matches will raise your speed by x2, so they should help you out in battle. ’
His eyes widened in surprise.
‘Wow, thanks.’
He flicked his tail happily, when Caelest let out a squeal.
‘It’s hatching!’
I glanced down, just as the egg shone, then disintegrated, leaving the small Pokémon slumped on the floor.
‘Awww, it’s ok, Ryua.’
I bent down and scooped her up.
‘Ryua, is that her name?’
‘Cute Pidgey’
Deveus nudged her gently as Ryua scanned the surroundings.
‘Welcome to the team…er’
He jumped back as Ryua suddenly pulled free from my arms, flapping her wings desperately…and promptly fell straight to the floor.
Quickly, I bent down to comfort her, but she just pulled away.

Looking up, I could see others of my kind and many other flying Pokémon perched on the rafters that stretched across the roof of this place.
I wanted to be up there with them.
I took a deep breath and began flapping my wings again..harder..and harder…..but nothing.
What was going on? Why couldn’t I fly?
I took another breath and tried again.
Fighting back tears, I looked up at my new trainer and her two Pokémon.
One of them-a purple Wurmple crawled closer to me.
‘Don’t worry about that-you’re too young to really be able to fly properly yet.’
‘What? Why? I want to fly now.’
‘But you’re too young and too small….but if you want, when I evolve, by then you should be ready to learn, so I could help.’
She grinned and nodded.
I looked round.
‘Where are we?’
‘The Eevee House-I could show you around if you want.’
‘Hang on a second….I bought this in advance for you, Ryua’
I glanced at my trainer as she held out a cube shaped box to me.
‘It’s a Double-Edge TM.’
I tapped the box with my beak, activating it; once it was finished, the Houndoom walked over, picked me up and dropped me gently on his back.
I happily flapped onto his head and held on as he ran off into the crowds.

‘Thanks for that, Caelest.’
‘No problem.’
She scampered up onto my shoulder, then sighed.
‘Though I do need to evolve first.’

5th May 2004, 06:43 PM
Beaky's POV

"Man, I'll never get a chance!" I flapped my wings in frustration. I squawked as loudly as I could, making a few heads turn. "And that Taillow..." My thoughts went to when she boasted of being better than me. But her wings, her feathers, she was perfect.

"What am I thinking!?!" I said in disbelief, shaking my head free of her image. There she was, across from me. "Swoop! Hey, Swoop!" I squawked at her.

The Taillow looked at me and blinked. "Who's Swoop? I'm Fizz. Remember me? My friend attacked your Mareep friend earlier."

I hung my head. "Yeah, I remember you. I just thought you were one of my teammates." I looked down and saw that Kawaii and Cinder were still below me. "Maybe they know where she is."

Kawaii's POV

"That bird is not coming down," I grumbled.

"Yeah, but at least he's not tearing up the place," Cinder said hopefully. He sighed. "So, what are we going to do now?"

I rocked my head from side to side. "I got it!" I concentrated on Cinder's body and cleared my mind of all thoughts.

"Why are you staring at me?" Cinder said shakily. His body started to glow and he was lifted two feet in the air. "Let me go, Kawaii! I know you're doing this!"

"No way! I'm having a blast! So let's just practice my, I mean our, attacks." I chuckled as I made him flip over and over.

"Hey guys!" Beaky yelled out. I lost my concentration and dropped Cinder. On his head. Beaky landed in front of me. "Where did Swoop go?"

I shook my head. "Swoop? If she's not with Shonta by the pool, they probably went off again." A thought came to me, and a smirk appeared on my face. "Why are you looking for Swoop all of a sudden?"

"I was just...getting her back for mocking me!" My bluff didn't work, though. My face got hot.

"Is he blushing?" Cinder asked, amusement in his voice.

"He is!" I yelled happily. "Someone finally broke through that tough shell!" I lowered my head and nuzzled Beaky's cheek.

"Cut it out!" he groaned. He started to growl, and I lifted my head. "So what was with the Amazing Flying Cyndaquil?"

"We were practicing, but we can do that later. I bet you're hungry."

5th May 2004, 10:10 PM
(Amy's POV)

I smiled as Tiana and I made our way back to the Eevee House from the battle tower. She had asked me the other day to help her reach her goal of getting to L.10 like Zale. She was willing to do her best and do her part so i couldn't refuse. She proved it too somehow winning four battles in a row. Her training must have been helping somewhat becuase she somehow managed to pull off two critical hits in two different battles that were only a day apart. "Tiana?" "What?" she asked, her forked tail swaying back and forth as we walked. "You do know that you get a TM for reaching L.10 right?" She blinked and shook her head. "Yeah, but i forgot. Can't believe i did that. So what TM am I getting?" she sked excitedly. "I thought that the move Calm Mind might help. Also, it can help you with your move set. I'll give it to you when we get inside. I also have another TM that I bought for you. At that point, words were useless as she spotted the Eevee House and Raced ahead. She was waiting for me at the door, and as soon as we entered she sat down. I placed my backpack on the floor and first gave her her free TM. As the powder disappeared, she went in som sort of trance but it only lasted for a couple of second, and she was back to her bouncy self. "I also bought you an iron tail TM. I thought you might enjoy it." I once mroe sprinkled the powder over her. As the last traces faded away, her tail glowed a metallic silvery color for a few seconds before returning to normal. "You might have to practice that for a bit before you can actually get it to turn out decent though." Tiana nodded before running off to find Nightshade for her lesson.

I went to find Lani next. She was lying down looking for signs of Huan. She had already gotten her free L.10 TM. I had chosen overheat for her as she had a natural flare for fire moves. Her type was not only fire but her hidden power as well. "Hey Lani." She looked up and smiled. "I bought you a dragonbreath TM. I saw it and though that you might enjoy it. She nodded her head in agreement, before somethign caught her eye. I turned my head and saw that it was Huan. He hadn't spotted Lani yet, so i hurried up and sprinkled her with the TM powder. Soon as i had finished sprinklin her with the power, and she knew that she now knew how to use dragonbreath, she ran off and pounced on Huan and tickled him. I laughed when he eventually ended up on top and began to tickle her.

I took a deep breath, before grabbing a pokeball off of my belt. Once i had it in my hand, I enlarged the hyper ball and released my new chikorita. "Willow, you can come out now." He emerged and immediately turned his back to me. I sighed. "It's all right." I said, reaching for him but he stepped away. "Well, you can be that way, but i have a few things for you." He turned his head to look at me, but avoided looking me in the eyes. "I got you a four leaf clover and a TM. The TM is leaf blade." At that point he allowed me to get close enough to give him his TM and then he stepped away again. "I hope one day we can be friends." I told him, meaning everything that I said. "I'll leave the clover lying here so you can get it when you want to. But if you're not careful anohter pokemon could get it." With that said, I got up and walked away. I watched him out of the corner of my eye. He waited until I was far enough away that i couldn't of reached him even if i had tried. Then he picked up the clover and placed it around his neck.

I went off to find Blazer next. He shouldn't be too hard to find. He was the only black and silver one around. I decided to check the back yard first and sure enough, thats where he was. I watched him practice on the moving targets that were set up. Finally, i approached him. "Blazer I got somethign for you. Well, two somethings actually." "What?" "A slash TM and an aerial ace TM." "Nice, but how? Wait, never mind I forgot that you can use stamps again. Sorry?" "Yeah, I know. It seems so weird after not being able to for so long but still. I wanted to get you something since i havne't been able to get you anything in a while." He nodded and placed his huge head on my shoulder as if saying thanks with out actually speaking. I scratched the fur between his ears, before pulling out the tms. After i had given them to him, he began to practice again. This time trying out his new moves. I picked up the vulpix and carried her inside.

(Lani's POV)

I had been looking for Huan when Amy showed up. She had a tm for me and right before she gave it to me, I spotted Huan. I grinned when I realized that he hadn't seen me. Amy picking up on my eagerness, hurriedly gave the the TM. I hurriedly, but silently ran up behind Huan and pounced on him. The look on his face was priceless as i began to tickle him. "Miss me?" I asked. I sure missed you?" He quickly flipped me over and began to tickle me back. I was laughing, but i was happy too.

(Willow's POV)

I felt myself being released. I didn't want to be captured anyway, much less my someone stupid enough to trip over a tangela. My new trainer didn't seem too perturbed at my attitude. In fact, she had even gotten me a few items. I allowed her to give me the tm before i put distance between us again. She sighed, and walked off. If she proved to be a competetant trainer things might change otherwise i would be happy being a thorn in her side so to speak. I wouldn't go as far as throwing a battle but i had some ideas to test her.

(Tiana's POV)

I was in a good mood. I think my lessons were finally starting to pay off and Amy had even given me a TM that might help. I couldn't wait. My mind strayed to Zale once on the way to look for Nightshade, but i didn't let it stop me. I think that thay had been helping me as i had won four battle in a row. It didn't take me as long to find him as I thought it would. "Hi!" I said cheerfully. I was in a really really good mood.

5th May 2004, 11:19 PM
Beaky's POV

"Okay, first is the Stomp attack!" Kawaii shouted. She turned around so that her back was facing the tree and kicked it as hard as she could. I shook my head as an acorn fell on my head. "Of course, there's the two-foot Stomp and the four-foot Stomp."

"I shouldn't be asking this, but how do you do the four-foot Stomp?" Cinder asked.

Kawaii gave an evil smirk and trotted a few steps from us. "Like this!" She crouched and rocketed high in the air. Cinder panicked a few seconds and ran behind me just in time to see Kawaii land where he once stood. Dirt flew up in the air. "I'm still working on how to do Astonish."

"I hope she never finds out," Cinder whispered to me.

"How about Future Sight?" I asked. Cinder furiously shook his head while mouthing "no".

Kawaii smiled sweetly and lowered her head to my level. For a moment her eyes turned a nice blue color then went back to their normal brown. "That's how I do it."

Cinder pushed me aside. "That's it!?! Not much to it."

"I should go airborne right now," I muttered. I took off and watched a huge orb appear far off and go straight for Cinder, who ducked so the orb could go right over him. "I knew it was called Future Sight for some reason." I continued hovering and watched the crowd of Pokemon. Someone caught my eye -- a shiny Espeon. I felt my temperature go through the roof.

"Is there something wrong?" Kawaii asked.

She dare show her face around here! I took off and charged straight for the Espeon. "You're mine, Miss Cheapshot!" I growled. She looked up, her eyes widened. I was almost there...

"No, Beaky!" Kawaii cried. My body froze in midair, just a few inches from her. "Stop this!"

"She took advantage of me, the cheat!" I growled as I struggled to free myself from Kawaii's psychic grasp. "I want a rematch!"

"Are you crazy!?! If you couldn't beat her then, you definitely can't beat her now!" Cinder told me.

A Kadabra stood nearby, leering at me. I didn't care; I wanted a rematch. "Cinder, help me out! I can't hold on to him much longer!" Kawaii grunted. "Beaky, calm down or I will have to knock you out. Try counting to ten."

6th May 2004, 12:17 AM
(Tiana's POV)

No sooner had I called out "Hi!" to Nightshade than I head an angry voice shout at me. "You're mine, Miss Cheapshot!" I looked up and it was the Spearow I had battled the other day and he was flying straight at me. My eyes widened and I froze. He was close to me, and from the look on his face whatever he did when he reached me wasn't going to me good. MY good mood went bye bye at that moment. "No Beaky! Stop this!" I heard a voice shout as if it came from far away, and the spearow was frozen in place just inches above my face. "She took advantage of me, the cheat!" My heart sank I didn't cheat. I started crying and took off running. I know i ran past the pool, and i saw a spot between a chair and the corner of the room, and I dove in and just started crying. I hadn't done anything wrong. I had been looking forward to my lesson, but now i just wanted to be alone.

(Zale's POV)

I was working on my surf when I saw Amy return. I tried not to pay much attention to them, becuase I was having my own difficulties. For some reason, everytime that i got the wave halfway built, it crashed. I would groan, and try it again. I had almost succeeded in actually pulling off the manuever, when I saw Tiana run past clearly upset, and once more the wave collapsed and I fell into the pool in a very nongraceful way. I looked over at Lyra who had also seen Tiana run past. "Can I please see about my sister?" I asked. I knew my lessons were important btu something just didn't seem right. Lyra frowned, but nodded, and i climbed out of the pool and hurried off to find my sister. I heard her long before i found her and she was crying. I walked up to the hiding spot she had found. "Tiana whats wrong."I don't want to talk about it." "Come on Sis, we're here for each other right." "Zale, just go away please." I wasn't giving up. Tiana was clearly upset about something. "Come on, you can tell me." "I said LEAVE ME ALONE!" she shouted, her gem glowing. "Yikes!" was all I could get out before I was sent flying across the room and slammed into Nightshade. I saw Lyra watching me as I sailed past. "Sorry." I apologized, as I climbed to me feet. Man, i didn't realize Tiana could perform such a strong move. "What's wrong with my sis?" I asked him. "I tried to find out but she sent me hurtling all the way across the room into you somehow." It was only then that i noticed the spearow in mid air struggling. Whatever happened didn't seem to be over just yet.

6th May 2004, 01:00 AM
Kawaii's POV

The Espeon's eyes filled up with tears and ran off crying. This has gone too far! "Beaky, get ahold of yourself! You lost and that's it! It's no reason to take it out on her!"

"Let me go!" he repeated.

"I guess there's no choice." I flipped him upside down and banged his head on the ground until he clocked out. I slowly set him down on the grass.

The Kadabra glared at the unconcious Beaky. "What was the problem?"

Cinder poked my leg until I looked down. "Um, Kawaii? There's someone else who wants an explanation." He pointed to a Shiny Vaporeon.

"What happened to my sister?" he growled at me, glancing at Beaky. I stood over him.

"Well, Beaky lost to her the other day and he took it pretty hard. See, that was his first battle and he was really psyched. We don't get challenges very often." I looked down at the ground. "It only took two hits. He's been like this ever since. I can't really apologize for him, so your sister will have to wait until he comes to."

"And takes two aspirin," Cinder added.

"To add to it, a good friend of his is off somewhere. She may be the only one who can cool him down. By the way, my name's Kawaii and this is Cinder." I gave a nervous laugh. He didn't seem to soften any.

7th May 2004, 05:14 PM
<Aries's POV>

"Now, what did you see?" I asked, breaking Nero from his trance.
"umm...I saw you evolve into an Umbreon and you were looking very happy. Then I saw you and Nightshade battling two Nuzleafs and finally, I had a tiny glimpse of a female Umbreon, who looked different from most. Who was she?"
I looked down and inwardly sighed. I'd rather have him know now than invade my memories by accident one day.
"Her name was Nave," I began. "She belonged to a trainer named Steve and she used to be in the house almost everyday a year or two ago. I thought she was the most beautiful thing in the world and couldn't stop thinking about her. Eventually, I learned she felt the same way about me and we became a couple. Everything was great for a while but then her trainer started to come less and less and when she did come, she spent less time with me. What really got me though is that when she finally had a kid, she didn't have it with me." I laughed bitterly. "I can't really be angry with her that much about it since I had my own offspring with someone else but by then, I barely saw anything of her and I wanted a child so bad."
I unsheathed my claws and raked the floor angrily.
"Now I can't even see my son," I spat. "If trainers know that they can't be around the house anymore and their Pokemon have family here, they should at least be considerate and leave them in someone else's care. At least then they'll grow up knowing whether they had a family or not."
I got up abruptly and started walking towards the back door.
"I think we're done for today. If you need me, I'll be outside griping about my love life."

<Nightshade's POV>

The break over, Tiana rushed back to me, all flushed and excited.
"Hi!" she said happily.
Just then, a Spearow came diving down and almost struck Tiana but a Girafarig hurriedly stopped him. The Spearow then accused Tiana of cheating in a battle and apparently hurt, she ran away towards a small space in the corner of the room. The Girafarig started to argue with the Spearow and then knocked him unconscious with her psychic powers.
"What was the problem?" I asked, half angry, half incredulous.
They didn't answer me but talked to Zale, who heard the commotion and came over, mad as could be.
"Well, Beaky lost to her the other day and he took it pretty hard. See, that was his first battle and he was really psyched. We don't get challenges very often." She looked down at the ground. "It only took two hits. He's been like this ever since. I can't really apologize for him, so your sister will have to wait until he comes to."
"And takes two aspirin," a Cyndaquil added.
"To add to it, a good friend of his is off somewhere. She may be the only one who can cool him down. By the way, my name's Kawaii and this is Cinder."
It looked like Zale wasn't satisfied and I wouldn't have been either but I decided to intervene.
"Look Zale, nothing will be accomplished if we all stand around so you go over to your sister and cheer her up a bit. I'll talk to Lyra for you if you want. How about it?"
He glared at Beaky but nodded and went over to his sister.
"Now, who is the friend of Beaky?"
"A female Taillow named Swoop. We have no idea where she is," Cinder lamented.
"Guess I'll have to send a psychic message. If Swoop is in the vicinity of the house and at least a mile beyond it, she'll hear it."
They nodded eagerly as I closed my eyes and sent out the message.
Swoop, you may not know me but I have a message from Kawaii and Cinder. Beaky has gotten himself into trouble and if you're not there to set things right, me and a colleague of mine will and I can assure you that it will not be pretty.
I opened them to find Kawaii glaring at me.
"I couldn't hear what you said but I could tell it was mean."
"No one messes with my pupil or my friends, no matter the situation," I told them grimly. "And don't try to argue with me further because you really don't want to."
I walked a few feet away from the both of them to talk to Lyra.
<Lyra? Please forgive Zale for running away from his lessons again. Tiana isn't in a good mood right now and she needs cheering up,> I said telepathically.
<And why can't her uncle help her out?> she said, irritated.
I looked over at Nero and saw him laying down with his head on his paws, looking just as bad as Tiana.
<Because it seems he's in the same mood as Tiana. Please Lyra, don't reprimand Zale again. He's a good kid, you know that.>
She sighed resignedly. <I know. Thanks for telling me.>
<No problem.>
So many problems today, I thought to myself as I walked over to Nero.
"What's wrong with you?"
He sighed. "Aries gave me memories to decipher and one was of this female Umbreon that he once loved, Nave I believe. When I asked who she was, he started to explain but I guess I struck a hidden nerve and he became mad. He left a few minutes ago to go outside, feeling depressed."
He looked up at me, tears in his eyes. I stepped back, forgetting that Nero was still young and not the adult I usually thought he was.
"I shouldn't have asked, Nightshade. Now I'm afraid Aries won't teach me anymore."
"Nonsense," I replied. "Recovering bad memories may leave you down for a while but then you realize what's done is done and you can't change the past, no matter how hard you try. Aries will be back soon, I promise."

8th May 2004, 03:25 AM
Kawaii's POV

"Swoop's around here, right? Tell me she's still around!" Cinder whispered frantically.

I shook my head. "Neither are the other adoptees. The good thing is that the Kadabra doesn't know that yet. So..." I picked Beaky up by one of his legs and switched to my telepathy. <We'll have to hide him. No one messes with my friends either! What Beaky did ws typical Spearow behavior, is all. Part of him is still wild; he hasn't spent enough time with Shonta. So I'm defending him as best as I can!> I walked off towards the inside of the house with Cinder following me.

"What if Beaky comes to and still wants to go after that Espeon?" Cinder asked me.

<If my guess is right, Beaky will be thinking of nothing more than the lumps on his head when he wakes up. Those Pokemon will have to face it. Beaky was just having a temper tantrum.> Beaky gave out a groan. <Don't worry, buddy. I'll protect you.>

"Do I have to protect him, too? I can't do a lot, you know."

"If you want to see the day you evolve into a Quilava, you will." I stopped at another room and lay in a corner. "Cinder, guard the door. If anyone suspicious comes, tell me."

"Sheesh, you're some big sister!"

8th May 2004, 07:22 PM
(Zale's POV)

I wasn't pleased at all. In fact, i was about as angry as before, if not more so. The air around me crackled with electricity*, showing my displeasure. This was all becuase Tiana had won against him in a battle. Talk about bein a sore loser, and now my sis was upset.

"Look Zale, nothing will be accomplished if we all stand around so you go over to your sister and cheer her up a bit. I'll talk to Lyra for you if you want. How about it?"

I glared at the unconscious spearow. It was a good thing that he was already unconscious because i probably would have shocked him into it for messing with my sister. I turned and looked at Nightshade before nodding and heading back to where Tiana was.

I could still her her crying before i reached her hiding spot. "Come on Tiana. Its okay. I heard about what happened." Her crying slowed enough that she spoke. "Then you're... not mad at me..." "Of course not. Why would i be?" "He said... I... cheated." At which point her crying intensified, and making me use every ounce of restraint i had not to go and show that spearow a piece of my mind. "Why did he say that?" "I think... cause i won." "You didn't have any super effective attacks did you?" "No." Her crying was startign to slow down now. I even had my status dice with me, and I didn't even use it. I could have and given him a status condition but i didn't cause i wanted to be fair." "Then its obvious you didn't cheat." "Really?" Her crying had finally stopped. "I think he's just a sore loser. Why don't you come out of there?" "I don't want to. What if he comes after me again?" "If hes around when i am I won't let him. If he does and I'm having lessons or somethign just come and tell me and i'm sure we can get someone to keep him from messing with you." "All right," she said, slowly inching out from the spot. Her eyes were red and swollen. I gave her a gentle nuzzle. "I heard you reached level ten. So what TM did you get?" I asked her. Now that Tiana was feeling better, I was too.

* = Zale's hidden power is the electric type

9th May 2004, 07:40 PM
Kawaii’s POV

I laid my head down and watched Beaky carefully. He was starting to come to, and that was both a good thing and a bad thing. The good thing was that, well, Beaky wasn’t in a coma. The bad thing was that as soon as that Vaporeon finds out that he’s awake, he’s going to want an apology for his sister. Beaky may not want to give her one.

Beaky’s eyes finally cracked open. “What…” he groaned. He took one good look at me and rubbed his head with a wing. “Ow! What was the meaning of that?” he growled.

I lifted my head, only half-surprised of his reaction. “Of what? My knocking you unconscious or my saving your butt? I hope you know that you were in danger of being grounded by two Pokemon, or more. You need to control that temper of yours at least a little bit!”

He looked down. “I lost! It was my first battle and I lost! Do you know how important a first battle is? It wasn’t even a battle; I was taken down in no time.”

Cinder looked back at us. “I know how you feel, buddy. My battle just dragged on and on as my energy was taken away from me. If I could rewind time, I would just decline that challenge.”

“Sometimes I think that the only thing that matters is how fast you are,” I said.

Beaky groaned. “I was a total jerk for taking my anger out on that Espeon. I’ll talk to her; where is she?”

I froze; he was going to apologize! We didn’t even need Swoop! Cinder peeked out the door and smiled. “She and her brother are just down the hall! Do your stuff!”

He took a deep breath and flew out of the room, straight for the two ‘eons. I slowly got up and stood behind Cinder as we peeked out of the door. Just don’t die out there, buddy.

Beaky’s POV

I approached them in confidence, knowing that I had to say something sooner or later. The Espeon froze as I landed in front of her and her brother.

“Listen, I have something to say to you. I’m sorry I acted like a hot-headed sore loser.” I stopped the Vaporeon from saying anything and continued. “I know you’re not a cheat, but I hope you didn’t get too happy over that little win. You shouldn’t expect much from a weak little Spearow like me.”

“Excuse me?” the Vaporeon asked in a voice of different emotions.

“That was my apology. If you want mushiness, find a Pidgey.”

“Are you insulting us?” the Vaporeon asked angrily.

“No, I’m trying to get a point across. I’m trying to say next time, find a bigger challenge. You’ll feel much better when you win and the loser won’t feel as bad. Like I said, I’m a hopeless little Spearow that probably will be knocked around by other Pokemon even after I evolve. I have crummy stats, you know, and my moveset’s the worst. But you’re an Espeon, for crying out loud! You can talk the talk and walk the walk! I’m just all beak. I know you find better opponents than me.” I took a deep breath. “Sorry, I’ve been holding it in for a while. So, do you accept my apology or not?”

The Espeon hesitated before answering. “I guess.”

“You’re strong; you know it and I do too. I’m not even going to ask for a rematch; you’re just going to beat me again. In fact, I’m going to advise my trainer to avoid matching me up with Psychic types altogether. It was one that got me in a pokeball and brought me here in the first place. I’m a misfit, a part of a misfit team. Heck, my trainer’s a misfit! An overoptimistic misfit. But you know what? I couldn’t ask for better teammates.” I stepped forward and extended a wing toward the Espeon. “We don’t have to be friends. Just stop thinking of me as the biggest jerk that ever hatched out of an egg.” I turned around and went back to Kawaii and Cinder.

“How do you think it went?” Kawaii asked eagerly.

I sighed. “I’ll find out soon.”

9th May 2004, 10:32 PM
(Tiana's POV)

I smiled up at Zale i was lucky to have him as a brother. "Thanks." I whispered to him. I had finally stopped crying completely and was about to answer Zale's question when that spearow showed up again. I froze not knowing if i was gonna get attacked or not. Zale stiffened up too.

He began talking. “Listen, I have something to say to you. I’m sorry I acted like a hot-headed sore loser.” Zale looked like he was going to say somethign but didn't get the chance as the spearow began talking again. “I know you’re not a cheat, but I hope you didn’t get too happy over that little win. You shouldn’t expect much from a weak little Spearow like me.” I was still a bit frazzled over the whole thing, but Zale seemed to be confused as well.

“Excuse me?” he asked. “That was my apology. If you want mushiness, find a Pidgey.” “Are you insulting us?” Zale asked angrily.

"No, I’m trying to get a point across. I’m trying to say next time, find a bigger challenge. You’ll feel much better when you win and the loser won’t feel as bad. Like I said, I’m a hopeless little Spearow that probably will be knocked around by other Pokemon even after I evolve. I have crummy stats, you know, and my moveset’s the worst. But you’re an Espeon, for crying out loud! You can talk the talk and walk the walk! I’m just all beak. I know you find better opponents than me. Sorry, I’ve been holding it in for a while. So, do you accept my apology or not?”

I waited a bit before answering, I still wasn't sure that I coul completely trust my voice just yet. “I guess.” I finally answered

“You’re strong; you know it and I do too. I’m not even going to ask for a rematch; you’re just going to beat me again. In fact, I’m going to advise my trainer to avoid matching me up with Psychic types altogether. It was one that got me in a pokeball and brought me here in the first place. I’m a misfit, a part of a misfit team. Heck, my trainer’s a misfit! An overoptimistic misfit. But you know what? I couldn’t ask for better teammates. We don’t have to be friends. Just stop thinking of me as the biggest jerk that ever hatched out of an egg.” the spearow said before walking over to a girafarig and a cyndaquil.

I was confused. I wasn't near as strong as Zale or my other teammates. In fact, I still looked like a midget next to Zale. I just got lucky, thats all. "Are you going to be okay?" "Yeah." In fact, I was already feeling like my normal self. The only evidence of the earlier problems, were my red, swollen eyes, and they'd eventually be back to normal. "I have something I want to do first. Then i'm gonna try and attempt my lessons again. Anyway, the TM Amy gave me for reaching L.10 was Calm Mind.

Zale nodded before walking off over to the pool. He was a little nervous, half expecting to get in trouble I could tell from the way he moved. I hoped he wouldn't be. I took a deep breath and walked over to the Spearow, Girafarig, and Cyndaquil. Looking at the Spearow. "Its okay, I can't really stay upset for long," i told him while thinking and concentratiing as well. "Anyway, My name is Tiana." They told me their names. "Nice to meet you, but i have to go. I need to get to my lesson."

With that, I ran off to find Nightshade. I saw him talking to Uncle Nero. I waited in the distance till they were through talking before I approached. I was a little nervous as i wasn't sure what Nightshade's reaction was going to be.

10th May 2004, 07:08 PM
Jewel just got to level 9 so her speed went up to 25. Just wanted to tell you that.

Kawaii's POV

"She sure is nice. Good thing she doesn't hold a grudge like you," Cinder sneered at Beaky.

Beaky ruffled his feathers. "Watch it. I would like to see what you'll do when you find that Lotad that so beat your butt."

"I'll beat him, of course," I said proudly. I watched Tiana go off for lessons and felt an empty spot or a hole. Something about her made me long for something. I hung my head and whimpered softly.

"What is your problem?" Cinder asked me.

I shook my head. "Nothing. Just had a feeling. We better go apologize to that Kadabra, Beaky." He flew up to my head and we both started walking over there.

"So what happened? Are you getting homesick or something?" Beaky asked me as we went outside and passed the pool.

"I think I'm starting to remember something, but I'm not sure what. I don't really remember a lot about my past. I remember my mom, but not my dad. I remember being in the North Caverns, but I don't remember how I got there. I just have bits and pieces of my memory."

Beaky bent down and looked in one of my eyes. "Are you saying you have amnesia?"

"I'm not sure." We found Tiana and the Kadabra. The Kadabra glanced at Beaky and narrowed his eyes. "Go on, Beaky."

Beaky bowed. "I'm sorry I attacked your student."

I looked in the Kadabra's eyes and got another feeling, stronger this time. My head swam with thoughts and voices. What's happening? I looked down at Beaky and his clones...what?

"Do ya need to lay down or something, Kawaii?" the three Beakys asked in a worried voice.

I waited until two of the Beakys disappeared. "I just need a rest. Go back to Cinder or something; I need to be alone for a while," I groaned with a smile. I stumbled away from the group and found a shady spot to lay down. "What's going on?" I closed my eyes for a second.

"Someone help me," a shadowy figure groaned. He shifted in his miserable cage, and a light shone in the darkness in the shape of a star. It lit up his face, a black Kadabra with red eyes.

"Papa..." I whispered. I leaned against a tree and felt everything go cold and quiet.

11th May 2004, 01:54 PM

I took a deep breath and slowly made my way slowly over to the swimming pool, full to the brim with Pokémon, glancing round for one of my own.
He spotted me before I did, and came tearing over, smiling.
‘Hi! Have you got Pearl with you? I know you took her away a while ago, but is she going to be back now?’
‘Well, yes, in a way, but…-sorry, Kai-but she evolved while she was away, and it’s really affected her.’
His eyes widened in surprise, and his smile faded.
‘Affected her? How?’
I bit my lip and pulled her Poké Ball from my belt.
‘Here, see for yourself….oh, and she’s not called Pearl anymore-her name’s Fera.’’


That didn’t sound like the sort of name that’d suit Pearl normally.
My heart began to pound as I watched her ball open, and the bright light spill out. It condensed…and she was a Huntail.
I gulped and automatically took a step back.
Her powerful tail sawed through the water, and she hissed threateningly at us, neck swaying slowly from side to side.
I half-glanced at Hannah, but she wasn’t doing anything, so I took a deep breath and stepped forward.
‘Pearl? Fera? It’s me, Kai. Um, congratulations on your evolution.’


Something was speaking.
I saw a flash of blue step in front of me; a Mudkip. He seemed familiar, and was acting as though he knew me.
Stuff that.
I hissed again, twisting my head to get a better view of him-he stopped, looking worried.
Then I struck, lunging forward, grabbing him and dragging him into the water. He squealed and struggled; I let him go, then pounced again.
I looked up and saw him, dangling in the air above me, tightly gripped in the mouth of that bothersome Tropius.
I snarled at her, then noticed my trainer holding out something towards me.


Once the Pearl-Huntail was safely back in her Poké Ball, I relaxed and let Kai drop to the ground, then turned away, pausing as I went past my trainer, and hissed in her ear.
‘You evolved her.’


I knelt down and gently patted Kai on the head.
‘I’m sorry, I didn’t know that she’d change so much when she evolved-if I had, I wouldn’t have evolved her.’
‘I guess so-but why’d she change so much just because she evolved? I don’t want to end up like that.’
He shuddered, then turned away from the pool and stumbled away, after Tropitorm, as fast as he could.
I watched him go and sighed, but before I could do anything, Ryua came hopping across to me and jumped into my arms, and frantically pointed over to where a group of my captees where gathered around something.
‘Who’s that? She says she’s Caelest, but she’s not! But she sounds like her, and she knows me! Who is she?’
‘That’s still Caelest, Ry, she’s just evolved, that’s all. She’s now a Silcoon instead of a Wurmple-and in a few levels she’ll be a Beautifly, which means that she can get around to teaching you to fly.’
She froze and her eyes widened.
‘Fly? Wow…bye.’
‘Hang on a second! Here, take this, it’s a Berry, that’ll restore some of your health in a battle.’
‘Wow! Thanks!’
She flapped her wings happily, then jumped from my arms and went skidding back across the room, shrieking excitedly.
‘Caelest! Caelest! Fly!’
I chuckled slightly, then got to my feet and headed over to my usual corner.

13th May 2004, 08:24 PM
Shonta's POV

"Tell me again why you wanted me to come back here. I thought you wanted to train!" I told Swoop, who was circling high overhead.

She landed on my shoulder. "I just have a bad feeling. Beaky didn't look too good when we left. What if he's in trouble?"

Cinder spotted us and ran over. "Nice to see you! I thought you were training for the Unicorn Games."

"We were," I said. "But Swoop had a bad feeling about Beaky."

"Your feeling was pretty good, because he did get into a little trouble." He looked down at the ground and gave a nervous chuckle.

"Define 'little'."

"He attacked that Espeon that kicked his butt. But Kawaii got him out of trouble!" he added quickly. "He apologized, so don't worry."

I rolled my eyes. "I'm starting to worry about you guys. Should I even continue to train the adoptees while you're running into trouble right and left?" I picked up Cinder. "So where's Kawaii?" He started whimpering. "She's not in trouble too, is she?"

He rubbed his face with his paws. "Well, I don't know. She started moaning and groaning and told us to leave her alone for a while. She may be just stressed out or something, but that doesn't stop me from worrying." He jumped down and started walking off with me following.

We found Kawaii not too far from the House, but she was out cold. She was shaking and muttering to herself. I knelt down beside her. "Kawaii? Wake up!" I shook her. No dice. I laid her head on my lap and sat down. "This isn't good. Her head feels warm." I looked around for Swoop, but she was gone. I stroked Kawaii's head while waiting for her to come back.

Kawaii gave another shiver. "Papa..." she groaned.

"Papa?" Cinder and I said together.

I let out the adoptees. "Lily, try a Sweet Scent." Lily swayed from side to side, letting out a pink cloud of dust.

Swoop returned with Beaky, an annoyed look on her face. "That's the last time I go anywhere without you!"

Kawaii opened her eyes and looked at me. "Oh, you're back. I thought..."

"We were training. What, I can't come and check up on you? So what's with going off by yourself and falling out?"

"I saw...a black Kadabra. I think he's my papa."

The adoptees looked at each other. "Papa!?!"

Beaky flew down. "There's no way a Kadabra could be your papa! It's genetically impossible!"

"But I saw him. And I remember him! He has to be my papa!" Kawaii cried in indignation, tears streaming from her eyes.

<That could be any superpowered Kadabra,> Jewel sent.

"Do you think your memory's coming back?" Beaky asked. "You may remember him, but your memory may still be a little scrambled."

Kawaii got up suddenly, hitting me with her neck. "He's my papa! Don't try to say anything else!" She ran off crying.

Swoop glared at Beaky. "What is it with you and Psychic types?"

"I'm just saying that Girafarig and Kadabra can't breed!" he shouted. "Look it up!"

"But Kawaii knows Future Sight. No one here taught her that attack. She must have been born with it," Cinder said. "Girafarig can't learn that naturally, but Kadabra can."

"Yeah, and so can Natu and Xatu. The only one that can give her that attack by breeding is either another Girafarig or a Psyduck. Or a Golduck."

I leaned back. "So we have a Girafarig with a messed up memory that insists that a Kadabra is her father. Maybe she just called him that. I mean, I call my stepmother Aunt Shirley, but that doesn't change her relation to me."

"She called him her papa," Beacon said firmly. "Someone has to talk to her. Besides Beaky." Beaky winced. "I'll do it."

14th May 2004, 09:29 PM
Ancalagon the Black, the male Bagon’s POV:

“…You’re never going to get off my head, are you?” I asked.

“Nope. I like it here. The view is pretty.”

“Fine. You’ve ruined the sunset, anyway. I’m just going to head inside now. I don’t feel like staying out here in the dark. …I guess you’re coming too.” I wished that she would fly off instead of sitting on my head like that, but she made no signs of wanting to leave. I sighed. “So be it.”

Walking back inside, I wondered why the Swablu would behave like this. She was nearly a complete stranger, and if she had talked to my other teammates first, she would certainly have heard that I wasn’t a very nice pokémon. So why was she so bold? …It didn’t matter. All that I cared about now was the fact that I was about to walk into the Eevee House with a blue cloud bird for a hat. I would probably have to hide my face from everyone for a week in embarrassment. That is, if Alqualin would allow me to have my face back.

Just as I expected, as soon as I walked through the door, pokémon began to stare at me and nudge their friends, then they would all point and laugh, indicating with gestures that I had gone insane. Great. Just wonderful. I could have died of shame. Now that I was the laughing stock of the entire Eevee House, I might as well go and apologize to everyone that I had previously offended. I couldn’t have felt any more embarrassed, anyway. Sighing, I headed over to the pool, where I could see the Horsea and that pretty Dratini racing each other. This day just kept getting better and better.

Huan’s POV:

It was another normal day, boring, as usual. I wished that I had someone to do something with, but I didn’t see anyone around, so I just sat, unable to release all my pent up energy. I was about to doze off when suddenly someone pounced on me. Within moments, I realized that it was Lani, because she tickled me where only she knew that I was ticklish. My face twisted into one of torture, and I began to laugh hysterically, unable to control myself.

“Miss me?” she asked. “I sure missed you!”

“Hahaha! Of course, Lani. It’s been forever! I’m glad to see you.” With that, I turned her over and got her back, getting my revenge for her tickling me. “So,” I said, after I felt she was about to explode with laughter, “How have you been?” I nuzzled her tenderly. “I haven’t gotten to do much at all. I missed you.”

Nero, the male Umbreon’s POV:

I knew at once after I had told Aries what I had seen that I had made a terrible mistake. My words awakened old memories that hurt him, and almost immediately he became very bitter. When I saw the way he walked angrily out of the Eevee House, I wished that I had never opened my big mouth. The last thing I wanted was to make Aries feel bad.

Sighing, I collapsed to the ground, biting my lip to prevent myself from crying. This didn’t work, though, and tears began to flow freely from my face, although I tried to hide them. Eventually I just gave up and covered my head with my paws, sobbing softly. I’m such a baby, I thought. I can’t stop crying and I can’t do anything right. Now Aries is mad and feels really bad and it’s all my fault.

“What's wrong with you?” The voice startled me, but I recognized it as Nightshade’s.

I sighed. “Aries gave me memories to decipher and one was of this female Umbreon that he once loved, Nave I believe. When I asked who she was, he started to explain but I guess I struck a hidden nerve and he became mad. He left a few minutes ago to go outside, feeling depressed.” I looked up at Nightshade miserably. “I shouldn't have asked, Nightshade. Now I'm afraid Aries won't teach me anymore.”

“Nonsense,” he replied. “Recovering bad memories may leave you down for a while but then you realize what's done is done and you can't change the past, no matter how hard you try. Aries will be back soon, I promise.”

“If you say so…” I answered, not very confident. “He looked so down, though… It’s all my fault, Nightshade… All my fault…” I broke down, unable to stifle my sobs anymore. “I can’t do it. I can’t do anything. I’m always messing up. I saw what I wasn’t supposed to see and I opened my big fat mouth and now look what’s happened. And now, I can’t even stop crying. Gosh, I’m so useless.” I hid my face under my paws in a whimper. “Even if Aries helps me, I’ll probably never get it right. I’m so bad at everything.”

15th May 2004, 06:32 PM
<Kyle's POV>

It had sure been a while. I had been meaning to do this for a week now, but had never gotten around to it. And if I didn't do it now, chances are I'd forget again. After all, it's always been what Chrysanthemum wanted - the chance to unlock her full potential - ever since she was the first pokemon I adopted.

The other Grass-types looked on with awe and wonder as I pulled the magnificent Leaf Stone, glimmering with the bright green of a springtime morning, from the pouch in which it had been given to me.

<Chrysanthemum's POV>

I knew what it was the moment my trainer pulled the shimmering bit of elemental stone from its pouch. It was what I had been waiting for all along. As he pressed it up against my body, I could feel my new form take shape almost immediately - where moments before I had been a disjointed, empty collection of eggs, I now rose up from the ground on a mighty wooden trunk, my three coconut heads protruding amongst a crown of leaves.

15th May 2004, 08:23 PM
<Orion's POV>

Stupid water. I've been training for almost a year and I still wasn't fully used the dang thing. At the moment, I was swimming with Shade since Lyra was in a pissed off mood about Zale. I knew he had a good reason to leave at that moment but he did it too often. If he kept it up, she would have to reject him altogether and she rarely gave up on something once she started it.
"How many more times will it happen before she explodes?"
"Not sure," Shade rumbled. "She's a rather patient Pokemon but this is getting to be too much for her. I mean, she knows a big brother has to protect a little sister but she's from a fighting team, each Pokemon knowing how to stand up for his or her own self in times of danger or petty insults."
I nodded, amazed at Shade's infinite wisdom. When you looked at a Venusaur, you would expect them to be big, lumbering oafs but Shade was the complete opposite.

Something caught the corner of my eye and I saw the same Bagon walking towards the pool, his eye on Drake's daughter and her friend. I choked back a laugh as I saw a Swablu sitting on top of his head.
"Any particular reason why you have a Swablu on your head?"
He stared at me hard for a second before answering.
"Why don't you ask her?" he grumbled.
"Do you mind getting off his head for a bit, please? I don't think he appreciates someone on his right now."
She nodded slowly and flew off towards Karin. I guess she was her trainer.
"Thanks," he mumbled. "I'm...I'm sorry for how I acted towards you. I was going through some stuff and I didn't know the truth of things at the time."
I looked him over, seeing if he was truly sincere. I don't know how he changed in that short of time but his eyes said it all. It was full of remorse and for some reason, pain.
"Of course I do. I wouldn't be much of a Pokemon if I didn't give someone a second chance. You do know that you have a lot of people to apologize to, you know that?"
He looked kind of irritated for a second but it disappeared and he nodded. Just then, he noticed I was surrounded by water and a look of surprise came over him.
"How in the world can you stand water? I thought it was impossible for ground, fire and rock Pokemon to swim."
"It's not impossible, you just need a lot of practice, determination and will power to actually be in it. I'm still not used to it but the stinging lessens each time I go in."

<Nightshade's POV>
"If you say so…" he said, looking remorseful. "He looked so down, though… It’s all my fault, Nightshade… All my fault…" he broke down, sobbing. "I can’t do it. I can’t do anything. I’m always messing up. I saw what I wasn’t supposed to see and I opened my big fat mouth and now look what’s happened. And now, I can’t even stop crying. Gosh, I’m so useless." He hid his head under his paws. "Even if Aries helps me, I’ll probably never get it right. I’m so bad at everything."
That's it, I couldn't take it anymore. Roughly jerking Nero into the air with my psychic powers, I heard Tiana cry out in fear but I didn't care.
"Look," I growled, shaking him. "As far as I'm concerned, you haven't failed at anything, especially raising your niece and nephew and learning your lessons. Stop thinking you're to blame for every little thing that goes wrong in the world. Aries chose to release that little piece of history to you under his own power. He wanted you to see it but it wasn't his intention to get mad about the whole deal, much less hurt your feelings. Why he did it in the first place, I don't know but all I know is that you are not a failure but a smart, loving uncle who anyone would admire. Aries will continue teach you because he knows you have potential. So be quiet and take care of your niece!"
I brought him back down and stalked outside towards Nero, who was sprawled out on the grass, his head resting on his paws and eyes dried.
"I'm exhausted," I said and flopped down on my back. "Wish I had a girlfriend to comfort me."
"Same," he quietly said. "Would a brother be some consolation?"
"Anyday of the week," I weakly smiled and patted his paw.

16th May 2004, 10:58 PM
Cinder’s POV

“You talk to her!” Beaky hissed at me as we stood in the doorway.

I took a couple of steps back. “Why me?”

“I’m the one that has a bad history with Psychic types. If I make her mad, both of us will suffer!” He pushed me in the room.

I looked under the table and saw her just laying there, staring into space and no longer crying. Is there something in the air that’s making Psychic types act like this today? It’s like some dang melodramatic soap opera! Where did I get “melodramatic” from? I cautiously walked to her. “Um, Kawaii? Are you feeling better?” She shook her head. “Do you want to talk about it?”

“Who is he?” she whispered. “If he’s not my papa, why do I think he is? He just looks so familiar…” She turned her head away from me.

I searched for a response that wouldn’t end with me going through a wall. “Well, maybe he just raised you. He doesn’t have to be your biological dad. Like Shonta said, she refers to her stepmother by Aunt, like she’s related by blood.”

She looked at me with clear eyes. “So you think he’s a different kind of papa?” I nodded. “Thanks, Cinder. That makes me feel a little better.”

I chuckled. “Man, I’m good at this. Maybe…hey!” I felt my paws leave the ground as I floated in front of Kawaii’s eyes. “Please no more Spacewalk.”

“Too bad!” Kawaii shouted eagerly. I started to flip in midair.

“Someone’s feeling normal again,” Beaky mused as he watched us. Kawaii looked down at me and I once again fell on my head. “You need to work on your concentration, sis.”

Aipom Of Doom
18th May 2004, 03:13 PM
Dan's Perspective

"Wow, haven't been here for a LONG time," Thunderblast said, excitedly. "The Eevee House was always a fun place."

"Sounds cool," Eesha replied, gliding along behind us. "I take it you used to go here a lot?"

"Yeah," I replied as we reached the door. I opened it, and we went in, finding the house full of people and Pokemon; some we recognized, some we didn't

My Pokemon all scattered off around the house, to find old friends or make new ones, and to see what awaited them.


Yay I'm back... I'll post more of what my Pokemon are doing sometime later tonight I guess.

FYI, my Pokemon are:
Sai (Male Lv. 53 Scizor)
Thunderblast(Female Lv. 41 Raichu)
Flatten (Male Lv. 16 Snorlax)
Aipom (Male Lv. 14 Aipom <_<)
Hydro (Male Lv. 12 Wartortle)
Zippy (Female Lv. 11 Spearow)
Aqua (Female Lv. 9 Totodile)
Blaze (Male Lv. 9 Quilava)
Flare (Female Lv. 9 Charmeleon)
May (Female Lv. 9 Eevee)
Eesha (Female Lv. 8 Taillow)
Mopia (Female Lv. 8 Aipom)
Tulie (Female Lv. 8 Baby Dratini)
Tyrant (Male Lv. 8 Larvatar)
Gaea (Female Lv. 7 Sandshrew)

18th May 2004, 04:07 PM
As I entered the Eevee house, I was overwhelmed by the amount of activity going on inside! I hadn't been for quite a while but it was a nice break from my revision. Ade would be meeting me shortly but for now I decided to see who else was around. Kirei had already dashed off to see if there was any food, leaving me with a sulky Kassandra.

"Why does he always ignore me?" she asked.

I knew that Kassandra was referring to Beckham, Ade's Wartortle who she had developed quite an interest in lately. I wasn't sure what to say; crushes were hard to rationalise to a young girl full of energy!

Anyway, I decided to sit down with her and have a chat, but she had stopped paying attention to me. I followed her glance towards a cute Wartortle with a trainer I'd seen before but didn't know that well who was called Danny. "Want me to introduce you?" I asked her.

Kassandra hid behind me. "You're embarrassing," she said quietly.

"Fine," I replied. Then I noticed the Wartortle was approaching us, Kirei by him with a cheeky expression that told me she had overheard and gone to tell the Wartortle about Kassandra's crush.

This will be interesting... I thought to myself. :196:

18th May 2004, 04:32 PM
Beaky's POV

Cinder came to us after a drink of water. "We have new arrivals!" he announced excitedly. He led us back inside to a crowd of Pokemon. "I'm going to introduce myself to the Quilava."

"Knock yourself out," I muttered, turning around to leave.

"Hey! Don't you want to say hi to the Spearow?" he called after me.

I stopped and looked back. There seemed to be a Spearow looking around. A female Spearow. "Um, I don't know if I should," I said shakily.

"Come on! Spearow don't come along everyday!" He shoved his face in mine. "If you don't introduce yourself, I'll do it for you."

I stopped him in his tracks. "Oh, no you don't! Beacon told me what happened with you two and that Eevee! I'll do it!" I flew over to the other Spearow. She didn't seem to notice as I landed beside her, so I cleared my throat. "Hi. I'm Beaky. What's your name?"

Cinder's POV

"Too bad there aren't any Girafarig around here," Kawaii said softly, not seeming to care about Beaky's communication problem. These guys need someone to talk to other than each other.

I rubbed my face with my paws. "Oh man, he's gonna blow it!"

She frowned. "Don't you have a Quilava to annoy?"

"Fine! I'll show you!" I ran up to the Quilava and waved. "I see you're new around here. I'm Cinder." I pointed to Kawaii, who was looking at me with a confused look on her face. "This is Kawaii. She's really down in the dumps, so I wanted to try to find her someone. Hey Kawaii!"

She laughed nervously. <I'm going to kill you when this is over,> she told me telepathically.

Aipom Of Doom
18th May 2004, 06:46 PM
Eesha's perspective

I hovered around this Eevee House, not really knowing what to expect since, unlike the rest of the team, I had never been there before. I looked around for other bird Pokemon; being a Taillow, it would have been nice to meet some.

The first one I spotted was a Spearow. He had apparently noticed Zippy, and had landed next to her, and said something. I gulped; I hadn't been on this team long, but it was long enough to know that Zippy was quite antisocial.

Zippy simply turned her head and flew away. I felt bad for the Spearow, so I flew over and landed next to him.

"Hi! I'm Eesha," I said. "Um, sorry about Zippy there, she's just like that. She hates everyone, unfortunately."

Hydro's perspective

I had only sat down and chatted with Dan for a few minutes when a large, grinning Espeon walked up next to me and tapped me on the shoulder with her tail.

"Hi, I'm Kirei," she said. "You're Hydro, right?"

"Yeah," I replied. I wasn't sure if someone had told her my name or if she'd used her Psychic powers to extract it from my mind.

"There's someone over there who wants to meet you, I think," she winked at me. I looked in the direction that she was pointing. I saw Soo, a new Dragon Tamer, sitting down, and a cute Charmander sort of hiding behind her.

"Uh, okay," I replied, and followed her back over to her trainer. The Charmander timidly came out from behind Soo. Kirei the Espeon told me Psychically to say hi to the Charmander.

"Uh, hi," I couldn't think of anything better to say. "I'm Hydro. Who are you?"

Blaze's Perspective

I walked through the crowded Eevee House with May, both of us looking for people or Pokemon that we recognized. I didn't see any at first, and before I could look farther, a Cyndaquil walked up to me.

"I see you're new around here. I'm Cinder." the Cyndaquil said; I replied with a simple "Hi, I'm Blaze". I was about to say that I wasn't quite new, since I'd been here many times before, but he pointed to a Girafarig and continued, "This is Kawaii. She's really down in the dumps, so I wanted to try to find her someone. Hey Kawaii!"

The second to last sentence took me by surprise. I couldn't interpret it as any way other than that he was asking me to be this Girafarig's boyfriend. That was quite awkward, especially since I already had a girlfriend; she was standing next to me.

Thankfully, May came up with a good way of dealing with that rather quickly. "And I'm May," she introduced herself. "I'm Blaze's girlfriend," she said, rubbing affectionately against me, and acting like she didn't even realize what the Cyndaquil was asking.


classy_cat18 - Uhh sorry about that xD. your Pokemon made two bad picks for which Pokemon on my team they should date, I guess. Nothing against you, tho =p.

AntiAsh Superstar
18th May 2004, 06:49 PM
Seeing as my visits to the Eevee House are so sporadic I created a brief team summary here (http://www.btinternet.com/~sooade/teamsummary.html). For those of you who can't be arsed to read my little synopsis my team goes...

Pearl - L33 female Ninetales
Katnip - L31 male Raticate
Beckham - L30 male Wartortle
Sindel - L21 female Alakazam
Lucky - L20 male Meowth
Milliardo - L20 male Umbreon
Scratchy - L14 male Paras
Kasumi - L14 female Growlithe
Pandora - L11 female Houndour
Bolovayr - L7 male Gastly
Megan - L7 female Marill
Rhiannon - L7 female Eevee
Marius - L6 male Dratini
Ryo-Ohki - L5 male Pichu
Brandy - L5 female Onix

Tho I should recommend checking my personality summaries first. We are, it has to be said, a prickly bunch on the whole. :oh:

It had been a while, and so much had changed. But still the Eevee house stood strong, as welcoming as I remembered it. Why had it been so long? I really had no idea.
"Why is it that you only think of these things when you run into somebody else who reminds you of them, Ade?" my Umbreon, Milliardo, scoffed. "If you hadn't have bumped into Danny earlier you would have probably never thought to come here."
"Not true. We were meeting Soo here, remember?"
"Only because you mentioned it and she wanted to tag along. Face it, Ade, you're a ditz, pure and simple." Eventually we reached the front door and let ourselves in. It was a lot busier than I remembered it, all kinds of pokémon running around the place in their own chaotic manner.
"Hey!" My eyes alighted upon Soo, busy teasing her Charmander, Kassandra. "Weren't you supposed to be revising for your exams?"
"Hey, I need a break, Ade!" my fiancée complained.
"After ten minutes?" I rolled my eyes. Soo was harder to motivate than I was at times! "Fine. Just be sure to get on with it later, okay?" I flopped myself down besides her, tired from the day's activities. Arguments could wait, I decided.

"Okay!" Beckham, my Wartortle, made his usual shameless entrance, calling out loudly to invite one and all to join him. "Anyone up for a game of something? I can play tag, soccer - and no, it wasn't me who broke that vase last time we got a game going, blame Caledor since he's not here and can't tell you what really happened - or pretty much anything you like."
"I'd play tag but my legs are too short, you know you always catch me," Megan, Beckham's Marill companion complained. "Has anyone got a ball? We could play with that."

Meanwhile, what had to be considered the most cynical family the world had ever seen - the Umbreon Milliardo, his volatile partner Pandora and their adoptive son Marius - settled down to see if there was anything on the television. Eventually they were rewarded with a showing of Disney's 'Finding Nemo'.
"Hey," Milliardo yawned after half-watching the movie for a few moments. "Doesn't that Dory character remind you of someone?"
"Yeah," Pandora giggled. "Megan, without a doubt."
"Uh huh. Only Dory's got a far better attention span from the looks of things." The Umbreon yawned, picking himself up from his position curled up on the floor. "Have fun with the pixellated fishes, guys. I think I'l go out into the garden and see if rat-boy wants his butt whipped." With this Milliardo wandered over to find out what Katnip was up to.

"Right!" Almost immediately Sindel had found her niche. "It looks like the kitchen's low on a few things, we could do with more eggs, flour, some chocolate drops, vanilla essence, syrup, oh and some cheese or something if anybody fancies anything savoury. Now if somebody would be kind enough to go get these things for me... no, not you, Ryo-Ohki, dear, you're not old enough to go wandering around on your own... I can make a start and everyone can have some freshly baked snacks. Anyone?" There was something in the Alakazam's tone that indicated that she was going to start complaining if nobody offered to help quickly.

"And what's up with you today?" Despite the fact that she had a baby to worry about - and little Celeste was doing great, now looking like a tiny little Vulpix as opposed to the hairless bundle she had initially been - Pearl could still notice when something was amiss. In this case it was Kasumi, who had a look in her eyes that could only spell trouble. "Don't tell me you're going to cause even more trouble? You know you've already managed to get Iael totally petrified of you, you really don't need to make that list any bigger."
"No, no, of course not. Just wondering..." The Growlithe grinned broadly. "Know much about Danny's pokémon, by any chance?"
"Not really," the Ninetales admitted. "Why?"
"Well he does have some real cuties on that team of his, doesn't he? Bet you I can at least get flirting with one of them by the end of the night."
"Flirting? Sumi, I..."
"Relax, Pearl! I'll be a good girl, I promise. No funny stuff. At least not until I'm well in there." Already the Growlithe was trotting over to her targets. Pearl just rolled her eyes. One way or another, this was going to be a disturbing encounter, that was for sure.

18th May 2004, 07:18 PM
<Lyra's POV>

My eyebrows raised as two new trainers came into the house, or rather, trainers who hadn't been around in a while. One, I didn't know that well but the other was Danny, who used to come around a lot. After letting all of his Pokemon out, my inquisitive look turned into a frown as my ex-boyfriend appeared.
"Hydro," I softly hissed.
Not like he was much of a boyfriend anyway. He was rarely around, thanks to Danny, and nothing progressed in the relationship.
"Come off it," Shade said, quietly floating beside me. "Everyone knows you deserve better than him. Take your mind off of him for a while and look to his right."
I slowly nodded and shifted my eyes slightly. Right next to him was the only Pokemon Rebecca gave up due to her quiet demeanor. No one wanted her to go but she deserved a better team than us.
"Gaea," I whispered. "Shade, use your vine to bring her over here. I want to see if she can still swim."
He hesistated a bit but after a nudge, he snaked a vine towards the unsuspecting Sandshrew. Slowly wrapping it around her body, she barely had time to struggle before she was yanked over to the edge.
"Hey Gaea, remember us?" I smirked.
"L-Lyra? Shade? Is that really you guys?" she asked, amazed.
"Yup. As you can see, Shade evolved, as well as Drake, Aries, Nightshade and Blade. We also have a new member on the team, Orion."
I pointed to him, who was talking to a Bagon.
"How's life been treating you?" Blade asked, hovering above the pool without us knowing.
"Blade..." she whispered. "A lot has happened since I left."
"Not really," Drake said from the edge. "Aside from me and Aries having kids, all of us are still swinging bachelors and bachelorettes."
All of us grinned and relaxed. I couldn't remember the last almost all of us were having a good time.

18th May 2004, 08:20 PM
No harm, no foul. Although Kawaii might die of embarrassment.

Kawaii's POV

I instantly felt six inches tall and very stupid. Cinder must die. "A pleasure to meet you, May. Can I talk to you in private? Without Cupid over there?" I shot a poisonous glare at Cinder. We walked off a little.

<Cinder, I suggest you make yourself invisible by the time I'm done with May,> I telepathically sent to Cinder.

"Look..." May started.

"It wasn't my idea!" I blurted out. "I wasn't even going to introduce myself to your boyfriend. My stupid, big-mouthed teammate put me on the spot. I'm not even looking for a boyfriend, I swear! I'm too busy looking after my teammates to flirt with anyone right now. Just...see you later. I have a rat to hunt down."

Beaky's POV

I hung my head. "Um, tell her I'm sorry. I don't mix well with other Pokemon myself." I looked up and saw Cinder race past me at top speed. "That was my teammate, Cinder."

Cinder turned around and looked back, a terrified look on his face. He went back to running, now faster than before. What now?

"Is everything alright?" the Taillow asked me.

"Yeah. We're kinda new around here, and we just keep getting into trouble." I gave a nervous chuckle.

Kawaii walked over to me. "Where...is...Cinder?" she asked me with extreme anger in her voice.

I gulped deeply. "Seriously, I don't know. Try one of the rooms." She galloped in the other direction. "Excuse me. I have to go save the little Cyndaquil from certain destruction."

Aipom Of Doom
18th May 2004, 09:11 PM
Thunderblast's Perspective

I walked around the Eevee House for a few minutes to refamiliarize myself with it. Eventually, I made my way back to the main room, and began chatting with Flare, Aipom, and Tyrant about our old memories; we had plenty of those. It wasn't long, however, before the door opened again; this time in came Ade and his group of Pokemon. They dispersed around the house soon; however, after a few moments, his Growlithe walked over to us.

"Hi!" the Growlithe seemed too happy, "I'm Kasumi. I haven't seen you guys before, have I?"

"I don't think so," I replied, "I'm Thunderblast, she's Flare, he's Tyrant, and he's Aipom.

"yeah, well, with Ade and that daft rabble over there," Kasumi replied, "Don't blame me if I get bored with theoir squabbling all the time. Thought I might come over and extend my circle of friends a little."

"Ah, okay," I responded, since none of the other Pokemon seemed to be willing to talk to this energetic Growlithe; Aipom seemed scared by her and Tyrant was apparently interested in something else. "Uh, anyway... What do you like to do?" I continued the conversation.

"Oh, all kinds of things, I just like to have as much fun as I can, really." Kasumi grinned, "For some reason I think I put a lot of pokémon off if I ask them to play with me, though, maybe I'm too enthusiastic for my own good,"

"Err, okay," I wasn't sure what the Growlithe was trying to insinuate with this. Regardless, she seemed nice, so I continued questioning her, "Well, I can't say I mind enthusiasm in friends... How does that 'put them off'?"

"Dunno, really... I guess I'm just too boisterous for them. Although, if we're being honest, there's been one or two I've wanted to get a little TOO firendly with, and I have to admit I usually put my foot in it at that point," Kasumi responded; however about at the point that she said "if we're being honest", my Psychic lie detector went off; however, the Growlithe's mind seemed to be well-guarded from further psychic intrusion.

Not sure what to make of that, and not wanting to psychically probe too hard to find out, I asked, "So, you want to go do something? Maybe go get some popcorn and watch TV?"

"Heh, sounds good to me," Kasumi responded; after tossing a microwave popcorn package in the microwave, we walked over to the couch and sat down.


By now, we'd been watching television for about half an hour; our popcorn supply had long since ran out. Kasumi was laying back on the couch, trying to make herself as comfortable as possible. She shifted her position once again, rubbing against me; I couldn't help but notice that this was about the third time in the last minute she'd done this. I wasn't quite sure what her intentions were, nor if she was even conciously doing this. Being the bold Raichu I was, I decided I might as well make her aware of it, so I started leaning against her in the same manner.

However, after getting a reaction, Kasumi continued moving closer to me, in a more agressive manner, until she was halfway lying on my lap. I wasn't quite sure where this was going, and I didn't mind at all, but my curiosity got the better of me, so I had to ask, "Err, any reason you're cuddling up with me?"

"Any reason why I shouldn't be? It just feels so comfortable, you know..." Kasumi trailed off, before snuggling even more.

"Ah, okay," I replied. "You're right, it is comfortable." I slid down the sofa until I was laying down, as Kasumi continued her quiet snuggling. I was getting an idea where this was going, but decided not to do anything else for the moment.

"Hey. Is it me or is that television even important any more?" Kasumi finally said.

"Hmm, yeah, I think it is," I said, not having actually paid attention to the television for the last few minutes. "Yeah, this is much better," I added, giving Kasumi a hug.

Kasumi looked surprised for a moment, before shifting herself so she was able to nuzzle me. "You know, we don't have to sit here all day, we could do tis somewhere else... it's probably easier, I think we're getting a few odd looks all of a sudden."

Indeed, we were getting some odd looks. "Okay, I guess," I kissed her discreetly on the cheek, before we both got up and left for a more secluded part of the Eevee House.

18th May 2004, 09:46 PM
All of my Pokemon are listed in the link in my sig. Just click on that and then on Pokemasters Stuff. Bored, bored, bored...

Shonta's POV

Another battle, another rest. I really need to see how Kawaii's doing.

"Shonta!" Cinder cried, slamming into me. "I'm so glad you're here!"

I sweatdropped. "What did Beaky do now?" I asked him, prying him off of my shirt.

Beaky landed on my shoulder. "For once, I didn't do anything. He embarrassed poor Kawaii by trying to hook her up with some Quilava that already had a girlfriend."

Cinder rubbed his face. "I was only helping her out!"

I put him down on the ground. "Well, I think you should let me handle this." I let out my adoptees and looked around my backpack. "Meanwhile, enjoy this." I pulled out my Frisbee. "Trinity, go long!" I threw it with a flick of the wrist. Cinder ran with the rest while I went off with Beaky. "So, where is she?"

We walked down the hall, passing by several rooms until we heard crying. "There she is. Leave us alone for a few minutes, Beaky." I entered the room and knelt beside Kawaii.

"Just let me curl up and die!" she sobbed.

"Beaky told me what happened. Making new friends is hard, huh?"

She turned away. "You have no idea how I feel."

"Are you kidding? I still sometimes think that my first crush changed schools just to get away from me! And that was way in the second grade. I couldn't make friends in school because making conversation in any language was too awkward."

Kawaii stood silent for a while. "What should I do? Something always happens. At this rate no one will even want to talk to me."

"Love hurts, but I didn't name you 'cute' for no reason. You just have to try another approach. If you have trouble approaching others, make them come to you. Don't talk to much: make small talk and let it go from there. Now, I want you to go out there with your head up high and look cute." I took out some Kleenex and wiped her eyes. Kawaii stood up and trotted out of the room.

Beaky walked in and sighed. "Hope she does better than me?"

"What happened to your crush?"

"She's antisocial."

18th May 2004, 10:55 PM
(Jovi's POV)

I made my way into the Eevee House, coming back from the battle tower. I was hyper as usual, but it couldn't have prepared me for the sight that had greeted me. There were a lot more people than normal at the EH. I shrugged, and saw Dad. He grinned when he saw me. "You won huh?" "Yeah, how did you guess." "You're still hyper. The only times I've ever seen you down were after a loss." "You know me too well Dad." I said with a laugh. Then i turned to run off, and accidentally ran into a girafaig. We went tumbling to the ground in a pile. I shook my head groggily. I saw the girafarig, and she didn't look very happy. If it would have done any good, I would have zapped myself. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to run into you. I hope you're not hurt." She didn't say much, and I wasn't sure of what to do. I shrugged. "My name's Jovi." I said, before sitting down.

(Tiana's POV)

It seemed that Uncle Nero was down in the dumps about something, and Nightshade was talking to him. All of a sudden Uncle Nero was lifted real rough up into the air, and I cried out. I was scared that something was going to happen to him. But instead of harming him, I heard Nightshade telling him somthing. "As far as I'm concerned, you haven't failed at anything, especially raising your niece and nephew and learning your lessons. Stop thinking you're to blame for every little thing that goes wrong in the world. Aries chose to release that little piece of history to you under his own power. He wanted you to see it but it wasn't his intention to get mad about the whole deal, much less hurt your feelings. Why he did it in the first place, I don't know but all I know is that you are not a failure but a smart, loving uncle who anyone would admire. Aries will continue teach you because he knows you have potential. So be quiet and take care of your niece!" I wasn't sure what was happening but I knew that Uncle Nero needed some cheering up like Zale knew I had needed it.

"Uncle Nero?" I said as I walked over to him. He didn't say anything, so i tried again. "Uncle Nero?" This time I succeeded and got him to look at me. "You're the bestest Uncle in the world, and don't let nobody tell you otherwise." I told him. He looked at me for a few minutes. "Really?" he asked. "Yep." I nodded. "Zale's the bestest brother ever and you're the bestest Uncle." At last, he finally seemed to cheer up. I ran over to him and gave him a hug.

Then we both turned to watch Zale a few minutes. He was trying to master his surf. I knew i needed to be practicing, when suddenly I saw an image. Zale was talking with this rather pretty Absol. She said somthing to him and he looked shocked, before saying something. She spoke to him again and this time he drew closer to her. They said some more things to each other, before heading into a different room. The vision didn't stop there though i wanted it to. "Make it stop!" I cried out. I felt myself being pulled close to someone, and finally the vision stopped. It was Uncle Nero. He was holding me close. "Tiana, whats wrong?" he asked worriedly. I buried my head into his chest and started crying again. "Was it me?" "No," i answered. I was upset, and began crying again, pressing myself closer to the comfort that was my Uncle.

(Lani's POV)

“Hahaha! Of course, Lani. It’s been forever! I’m glad to see you.” Huan easily flipped me over. He was still stronger than i was, but at least I was slowly getting stronger myself. He began getting me back for tickling him, and soon i was laughing my poor head off. Finally, he stopped tickling me. “So, how have you been?” he asked nuzzling me. “I haven’t gotten to do much at all. I missed you.”

I returned his nuzzle. "Not much. Amy's been finding me the occasional battle. In fact, I just recently earned my first free TM." I said proudly. Then I grinned, made a play bow, and tagged him. "Catch me if you can?" I called after him. Then I ran off away from the pool. Huan sat there a few seconds, but soon he was off running after me. I laughed. It was good to have fun.

(Kaida's POV)

As i was sitting at the waters edge, I saw the bagon from earlier enter. Blinking, i had to make sure i wasn't seeing things. He had a swablu on his head. For a minute i had hoped it was sora, but it wasn't. Soon, she flew off. I sighed, knowing that i needed to apologize for losing my temper at him earlier. The only thing was one, i wasn't sure how he would react, and two he was talking to a cubone. I stood up, shook my hands dry and made my way over. I hung around in the background, since i didn't want to interrupt anything.

(Zale's POV)

Lyra was talking with her teammates, and I was a bit sure of what her reaction was going to be so i immediately set to work trying to get surf to turn out halfway decent. For a while, I didn't make any progress. Until finally, one came out perfect. I rode it for all of two seconds before it fell back in the pool. It wasn't a spectacular wave, but it was enough to say that it had actually worked. My mind floated back to earlier events. Soon I was smiling an even bigger smile.

19th May 2004, 01:29 AM
Beacon's POV

Trinity raced past the Frisbee and did a fantastic leap in the air, catching it. She said something, but it muffled by the Frisbee in her mouth.

"Come again?" Lily asked her.

Trinity spit out the Frisbee. "I said that was both embarrassing and exciting. So, do you want to play with it or not?"

"Why? It's not like any of us can throw it," Swoop remarked, showing us her wings.

I got an idea and smiled. "I have an idea of a game. The object is to keep this baby airborne using our attacks. No catching it unless you have a way to throw it. Trinity, you think you can start us off?"

"No problem!" She picked the Frisbee back up and threw her head back and forth, releasing the Frisbee as she shook. It flew in the air, and Jewel went after it. She hovered in the Frisbee's path and fired a Water Gun at it, sending it in the opposite direction.

"I got it!" Lily yelled. Her short legs carried her to the spot she needed to be at. She spun around and released a bunch of leaves at the Frisbee, knocking it upwards. "What now?"

"My turn!" I said confidently, my blood already pumping. I shot a Thunderbolt into the air and launched the Frisbee toward Swoop. "Get it, Swoop!"

Swoop hovered in place as her body was surrounded by a red aura. The Frisbee bounced off of her at twice the speed as it was coming. It was going straight for...

"Heads up, Kawaii!" Cinder yelled.

Kawaii's POV

Be confident. Something will happen. "Whoa!" Something crashed into me, and the both of us fell to the ground. Something happened, alright. I struggled to my feet, ready to yell at whoever tackled me.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to run into you. I hope you're not hurt," my attacker said. It was a Jolteon, and a nice looking one at that. I opened my mouth to say something, but all that came out was random gibberish.

"My name's Jovi," the Jolteon added.

Say something! Anything! Small talk! "It's okay. Stuff like that happens to me all the time. I'm Kawaii." That wasn't bad. No high pitch, no stupid comments...

"Heads up!" someone yelled.

I looked over just in time to see a Frisbee head straight for me. Not this time. I stopped the Frisbee dead in its tracks with a Confusion attack. Playing Spaceman with Cinder's paying off.

Beacon trotted over with a sheepish (no pun intended) look on her face. "Sorry, Kawaii. Swoop's Counter attack has been getting stronger." She picked up the Frisbee and walked off, Lily and Cinder following her.

I looked back at Jovi, feeling more comfortable. "Those are my friends. They've been training for a while."

AntiAsh Superstar
19th May 2004, 01:49 AM
Pearl blinked, unsure as to whether she was hallucinating or not. And just when she thought that she had seen everything that Kasumi could possibly come up with... had she really just seen her friend sidle off with Danny's Raichu?
"Yo." The thoughts of the Ninetales were interrupted by Katnip, who was taking a break from his training in order to check up on his girlfriend and her daughter. "Penny fer yer thoughts. Ya look like ya just had a really weird dream or somethin'."
"No... no, Katnip, it's nothing, really." Pearl shook her head. "Just Sumi being really weird, that's all."
"Well no changes there then!" the Raticate laughed heartily, kissing Pearl on the cheek. "Come on, lighten up. I'd have thought that gettin' Celeste out of ya would've cheered ya up by now!" Katnip gazed fondly at the baby Vulpix flopped upon Pearl's back.
"You always did have a way with words, Katnip," Pearl chuckled, returning the kiss. "Yes, I'm happy now that it's all over. I just had no idea how great being a mother could feel."

"For the last time will some kind person or pokémon get me my ingerdients????" Sindel was looking about ready to burst by now. So far not a soul had responded to her requests. And not for the first thime the Alakazam was feeling as if she were invisible to the world. "I don't get what's so hard about it. All I ask is one little favour so that I can bake some cookies and scones, you'd think that nobody wants to eat around here or something."
"Nah. It's just that you're the great Invisible Girl, and nobody's actually noticed you yet." Milliardo wandered back into the house, having grown bored of the garden since Katnip had given up on his exercises. "Not sure why they haven't heard you, though, you're making enough noise to wake the dead. And stop looking at me like that, Thingy, I couldn't help you even if I wanted to. No hands, see? Teleport over to the grocery store if you're that desperate, you'd probably be faster than anyone else anyway." Leaving the Alakazam to mull this over, the Umbreon wandered over to where his little family were still engrossed in the television.

"Hey." By now the featured film was long since over and Pandora and Marius had to content themselves with reruns of Friends. Seeing as that was one of the few programmes their trainer actually liked it seemed as if that was all that was ever on lately. "Doesn't that Chandler character remind you of someone?"
"Yeah," Marius nodded at his adoptive mother's comment. "Father, without a doubt."
"Uh huh." Pandora eyed Milliardo mischievously out of the corner of her eye, well aware that the Umbreon could hear every word. "Only Chandler's far less prone to putting his foot in it from the looks of things."
"Hey! What have I done now?" Milliardo complained bitterly.
"Nothing. I just felt like randomly having a go, that's all." Pandora shifted up so that Milliardo could squeeze in next to her. "I love you really, tactlessness and all."

19th May 2004, 03:55 AM
The Wartortle came over, looking confident, with a cheerful expression and introduced himself to Kassandra. Kass was still hiding behind my legs.

"This," I said, picking up my little Charmander and holding her in front of Hydro, "is Kassandra, the bravest and strongest Charmander in the world, and she's very pleased to meet you!" If Charmanders could blush, I was sure Kassandra would be right now.

"Nice to meet you too," said Hydro as I put Kassandra down.

"That's right, you know, I am really strong," replied Kassandra, her confidence returning to her. "You wanna take me on, huh?"

"You're a feisty one, Kassandra," said the Wartortle, laughing.

"Hmmm..." said Kirei, with a wink that almost reminded me of Sumi, "let's leave these two alone."

We saw Ade and some of his team watching videos so decided to join them and were recounted the story of what had happened with Sumi and Thunderblast. I must admit I was not that surprised.

Celeste was really cute, I'd always like Vulpixes. I sat wondering what kind of personality she would develop as she grew older.

As I snuggled Ade and watched the TV with Kirei on my lap, I could see Kassandra and Hydro were getting along, playfully joking and having fun together, and I smiled... :196:

19th May 2004, 10:48 PM

I looked at the lonely pokéball in my hand, slightly sadly. Tenderly fingering it, I pointed it outwards, hoping that its resident would come out… But as usual, he did not.

“Come on, Mandragora,” I whispered softly. “Don’t you want to meet your teammates? It’s been a while…”

The only time the timid Lileep had shown himself was when he knew that no one else was around. There was nothing wrong with him, although on average he seemed to have a lower self-confidence than Lune at his worst. It had been more than a week since I had adopted him, and the only living soul that he had dared to show himself to was me. None of his teammates had seen him, or even noticed his pokéball on my belt. Until he decided to come out, to them, he might as well not have existed.

“Please? They’re really very nice. I’m sure they’d like to meet you.” Still no response. “All right,” I sighed. I walked to a quiet corner, then tried again. This time, the Lileep came out of his ball. I knelt down to talk to him.

“Don’t you want to go out and make friends with the other pokémon?” I asked him. He shriveled backwards when I said the word ‘friends’, then began to tremble uncontrollably. “It’s okay…” I picked him up and held him close, stroking him gently. “You don’t have to if you don’t want to.” Whatever had happened to him had left him emotionally scarred. Severely. He was afraid… Of what, I did not know. But until he overcame his fear, I knew he was not going to talk to any of his teammates, or any other pokémon in particular. In order to help him, I had to find out what was bothering him… But if this behavior kept up, it would be very difficult.

Ancalagon the Black, the male Bagon’s POV:

Well, it wasn’t easy, but I did it. And to tell the truth, it didn’t feel half bad. The Cubone took my apology pretty well, and to my eternal gratitude, he got Alqualin off of my head. Finally, thanks to him, I was free!

As it turned out, Orion – I recalled his name from earlier – was actually a very impressive pokémon. To my surprise, he stood in the pool water without seeming excessively bothered. “How in the world can you stand water?” I asked. “I thought it was impossible for ground, fire and rock pokémon to swim.”

He shook his head. “It's not impossible, you just need a lot of practice, determination and will power to actually be in it. I'm still not used to it but the stinging lessens each time I go in.”

I felt foolish for what I was about to say next, but I said it anyway. “So… If I want to fly… I can do it without wings…” I fell into a sort of trance, imagining the short moments of flight that I had experienced as the sun was setting. It was the best time I had had in my life, and from that instant, I had decided that someday, I was going to fly… on my own. It was currently the number one goal in my life: to fly.

Waking up from my little daydream, I saw Orion looking at me somewhat with amusement. “Yeah, it’s stupid, I know. It’s just that… Ever since I saw the sky… Felt the wind in my face… I knew I wanted to fly.” I turned my gaze towards the Horsea and Dratini swimming on the other end of the pool. Behind them, standing in the background, I recognized the Bagon that I had treated roughly earlier. Great… I had a lot more to do before the day was over. “Well… I’d better go apologize to some other pokémon that I haven’t been quite civil to,” I said to Orion. “And don’t tell anyone I said those things. About flying, I mean. They’ll laugh at me.” With that, I turned to go, sighing deeply. I hoped it wouldn’t be much more difficult than apologizing to Orion.

Nero, the male Umbreon’s POV:

Before I knew it, I felt myself thrown roughly upward into the air. I looked at Nightshade in shock; I heard Tiana’s scream in the distance. He seemed very angry.

“Look,” he hissed. He shook me about vigorously. “As far as I'm concerned, you haven't failed at anything, especially raising your niece and nephew and learning your lessons. Stop thinking you're to blame for every little thing that goes wrong in the world. Aries chose to release that little piece of history to you under his own power. He wanted you to see it but it wasn't his intention to get mad about the whole deal, much less hurt your feelings. Why he did it in the first place, I don't know but all I know is that you are not a failure but a smart, loving uncle who anyone would admire. Aries will continue teach you because he knows you have potential. So be quiet and take care of your niece!”

When he dropped me, I was speechless. I saw him stalk outside to Aries, then noticed Tiana close by. “Uncle Nero?” she said hesitantly, as she walked towards me. “Uncle Nero?” With a delayed reaction, I turned around to look at her. “You're the bestest Uncle in the world, and don't let nobody tell you otherwise,” she told me.

I looked at her for a while. She sounded like she meant it, but I still wasn’t sure that I was really all that she said. “Really?” I asked.

She nodded. “Yep. Zale's the bestest brother ever and you're the bestest Uncle.”

I couldn’t help but smile to that. She came over to me and gave me a big hug. I immediately felt a whole lot better.

Tiana’s attention turned to Zale, and I followed her eyes. Suddenly, I felt her tense, and the hairs on her tails stood on end. She looked afflicted, and began to shudder slightly, her eyes wide with horror, staring straight ahead but unable to see the things before her. Then her mouth opened and she began to scream, “Make it stop!”

I pulled her close to me urgently, supporting her against my body. “Tiana, what’s wrong?” I asked, unable to hide the concern in my voice. From how I had seen her act, though, I thought I knew. She had seen something, some sort of vision.

She lay her head against me and began to sob.

“Was it me?”

“No,” she said, still trembling. Her crying grew louder now, and I pulled her closer, rubbing her back softly with my paw.

“It’ll be okay,” I told her. What had she seen? Gruesome images, like me? Death? That was the only thing I could think of that would make her so upset. I didn’t want to ask her about her vision, as she was in no condition to tell me, but my theory made sense, so I stuck to it. “Don’t worry, Tiana,” I said softly, trying to comfort her. “If there’s anything bad out there, your Uncle Nero won’t let it hurt you. I’m always here for you. I promise.”

Huan’s POV:

“Catch me if you can?” cried Lani, dashing off. She ran away from the pool, to my relief. Even with the Water Shield that she had given me, I wasn’t too keen about going near that horrid place again. At first I just stared at Lani as she ran away, sitting in my spot. My mind wasn’t really working, I guess. Then I realized that we were playing a game, and I was way behind, unless I picked up some spectacular pace. Or…

I checked to see where Lani was headed, then turned around and headed for a corridor. In her absence, I had done some exploring and discovered different ways to get where I needed to. It got old, though, even though the Eevee House was big, because I didn’t want to go too far for fear of getting lost. So, I pretty much knew this area inside out by now.

If I knew Lani, she would probably try to slow down and wait for me if she didn’t see me close behind her. As if to confirm my thought, I saw her looking backwards expectantly as I rounded the corner. Before she could react, I came up on her and pounced. “You’re it!” I laughed, then took off in the other direction. Boring days had their benefits.

20th May 2004, 12:59 AM
(Tiana's POV)

Uncle Nero pulled me close and held me tight. I shook as i cried, and he stayed by my side. Gently he began to rub my back with his paw, while attemtpign to reassure me. “It’ll be okay. Don’t worry, Tiana, if there’s anything bad out there, your Uncle Nero won’t let it hurt you. I’m always here for you. I promise.” Though I'm not sure if it was helping those images were horrible. After a few minutes i was finally where I could talk, I think because I was pretty much cried out form the earlier stuff that happened. When I looked up at Uncle Nero, he was staring at me worriedly. Somehow, I knew he was wondering what i had seen. I wasn't sure if i could without bursting into tears again, but i decided to try. I looked up at Uncle Nero. "I saw Zale and an absol... He... She... They did stuff.." at which point I began crying again. "Was... he..." I had to take a deep breath, and then got out "hurting her?" before shruddering and pressing myself closed to Uncle Nero.

(Lani's POV)

I took off running immediately after I had said what i had said. Soon, I was pretty for ahead so I slowed down. I looked behind me, but didn't hear any footsteps so i stopped. Suddenly, I was pounced on from the front. "You're it!" Huan laughed as he took off running in a differnet direction. "I'm gonna get you!" I called after him and took off running. Ahead, I saw Jovi talking with a Girafarig before my eyes drifted back to Huan who was looking at me running after him. "St-Jovi, watch it!" Luckily my half-brother had good reflexes and jumped out of the way as Huan charged through. "Coming through." I added laughing, and then poured on a burst of speed and pounced on Huan. "Gotcha!" I sat down panting. "You wanna play that some more, or find something else?" I asked in between pants.

(Jovi's POV)

"It's okay. Stuff like that happens to me all the time. I'm Kawaii." "Nice to meet you Kawaii." I told her, before I heard someone call out "Heads up!" I looked and saw a frisbee coming towards us but Kawaii stopped it. "Nice." i admitted, as a mareep trotted up. She talked with Kawaii a few minutes before walking off. She looked over at me before explaingin that they were her friends. I nodded. Soon I heard Lani's voice ring loud and clear. "St-Jovi, watch it!" I looked up and saw Lani's boyfriend charging towards me. My eyes widened, and I used my extremespeed to get out of the way in the nick of time. "Coming through." Lani added as she rushed by laughing. I tried to look decent when i walked back over to Kawaii. "And that would be my half-sister Lani and her boyfriend who charged through here." I said, chuckling. "They're energetic to say the least."

(Aiko's POV)

Once i felt comfortable standing, I looked over at Mom and Dad. They were watching me closely. I saw others moving around and I decided to try it. I moved one paw in front of me and ended up falling down. Mom looked about ready to run towards me but i stood up again. I was gonna do this. Again, I tried and tumbled. Shaking myself, I tried a third time and managed not to fall. I had the biggest grin on my face as i looked over at Mom and Dad.

(Yana's POV)

Kiara and I made our way back to the Eevee House, Sinopa trotting beside us. She and I had hit it off from the start, and though she wasn't my biological child I couldn't feel for her even more. "How's she doing?" Kiara asked. "Pretty good. She hasn't panicked anymore. Of course, she hasn't come close to getting trapped again either." Kiara nodded. "They're horrible aren't they?" I nodded, before deciding to try and change the subject, since i really didn't feel like discussing Team Rocket at the moment.

"Can I ask you a question?" "Sure." Kiara replied. "Do you know if," at which point I began to blush though if it was visable or not i couldn't tell. I took a deep breath. "If Blazer has anyone special?" I finally got out. Kiara looked at me a few seconds then grinned. "You have a crush on him don't you?" "Maybe. Could you answer my question." Kiara sighed. "No he doesn't. He did once, a growlithe, but her trainer got rid of her because she wasn't fitting in and basically no one knows what happened to her. Well, that answered why Blazer never let himself get too close to any of us girls. "I see." "If you just be there for him, that might help." Kiara suggested.

(Sinopa's POV)

I followed Yana and Kiara into the huge building. They were talkign about something, but I was too busy being amazed by my surroundings. I had never before seen a place so huge. I felt myself relaxing. I doubt that i could end up getting confined here. I stared in wonder as I walked in a straight line, evidently away form Kiara and Yana who had stopped. Soon i heard groans and realized that i was in front of a TV. I quickly got out of the way and stopped as I stared around. I really didn't want anyone getting upset with me on my first visit. I liked this place, because of the fact that it was so huge.

AntiAsh Superstar
20th May 2004, 01:53 AM
"Wait just a moment." Most of the team seemed to be grateful that the strange rainbow-haired Vulpix that had just walked past had realised she was standing in front of the televison and moved accordingly. Except for Marius, that is. "Would you mind coming back and blocking the screen again? I'm afraid that my teammates may well end up vegetating on the sofa for eternity if something drastic isn't done soon." The Dratini rolled his eyes, looking back at Pandora, Milliardo, Pearl, Celeste, Soo, Ade and Kirei. "I can't say I'm one for television. It's an easy distraction from more pressing matters. Entire hours of the day are wasted with its easy-on-the-brain, hard-on-the-pocket commercialism..." Marius checked himself quickly. To lanch into a tirade against the entertainment industry wasn't really the best way to start a conversation. "Apologies, they've just been frozen there for the past hour or so and I'm growing increasingly infuriated with them. My name is Marius, by the way. And you are?"

"I think I'm going for a quick dip." Pearl got up and stretched lazily. "Soo, will you do me a favour and hold Celeste for a while? It's been a long time since I was able to exercise, really."
"For a Fire-type you sure love to swim, don't you?" Beckham poked his head over the edge of the sofa. "Not that I can blame you, it's so much fun... by the way, anybody fancy a game of ball once Megan's found us a ball? We got Ryo-Ohki playing as well but so far nobody else seems that interested."
"Probably because you haven't produced a ball yet, Becks," Milliardo commented without looking up from the screen. "Still, no problem, you could always use Megan instead if you can't find one."
"That does it, I'm off to escape from this bickering." Waiting until Soo had carefully taken her daughter, Pearl trotted over to the pool area and took a step into the cool waters. It was good to be free to do these things again. For all she loved Celeste, carrying her around in her belly for what seemed like an eternity hadn't been the most pleasurable of experiences.

20th May 2004, 02:26 PM
Beaky's POV

"I better go outside before these walls start caving in on me," I told Shonta.

She looked up from her book and nodded. "Tell Cinder to keep his nose out of others' business," she said.

I flew out of the house and passed Kawaii, who was talking with a Jolteon. "What do you know? Her advice worked." I decided to not bother them and went straight to the others, who were playing with a Frisbee. "Hey."

"It's Beaky!" Lily cried happily. "Do you want to play with us?"

"Let's just take five for now," Beacon panted. "Especially since you hit me with your Razor Leaf twice. I'm sure you're thirsty."

Lily swayed from side to side then smiled. "I guess you're right! See you later!"

Everyone but Beacon and Cinder walked off for some shade. Except Jewel, who went straight for the pool. "Did you see Kawaii with that Jolteon?" Cinder asked me. "I knew I was good!"

"Good at what? Embarrassing others?" I asked him angrily. "You try anything like that with us again and I make sure Kawaii takes you for the ultimate spacewalk." Cinder gulped and rubbed his face.

Kawaii's POV

I smiled as Lani and Huan ran past us. Jovi explained who they were. "It must be nice to be with family."

Jovi blinked. "Do you have any family here?"

"Not any blood relatives, but my teammates are like family to me." I felt that empty feeling again, but managed to stay cheery. "But I don't let that get to me." I smiled warmly. Oh no! I'm running out of things to say! What now?

"Play! Play!" my tail shouted.

Why not? I'll just go and say it. "Sorry, I'm not one for small talk. Would you like to take a walk with me?"

21st May 2004, 06:57 PM
<Aries's POV>

I looked up at the setting sun from my position and got up. I'd been acting like a fool for so long and I probably hurt Nero's feelings in the process.
"What's in the past is in the past," I murmured.
"Ready to go back in?" Nightshade asked as he brushed himself off.
"Yeah. I have to apologize to Nero for what I did."
"So do I," Nightshade flushed.
I gave him a questioning look but didn't want to dwelve into it further. We walked the short distance between the lawn and the door and made our way in before seeing Tiana sobbing into Nero's side.
"Man, this is too much to handle,'' Nightshade whispered.
I nodded softly and crept up next to Nero. He looked up at me and for an instant, I saw fear and sadness in his eyes but it soon went away.
"Tiana saw something kinetically by accident," he said helplessly. "I don't know what she's talking about but she said that it involved Zale and a female Absol and they were doing something that she didn't exactly approve of."
I blanched and looked over at Nightshade, who looked half-amused and half-frightened.
<She's a young kid and she saw that?> I thought to him.
<She still doesn't have control over her psychic awareness,> he replied. <I'll have to work harder with her.>
I nodded and bent close to Nero.
"Tell Tiana to go with Nightshade," I whispered to him. "Tell Tiana that Zale wasn't hurting that Absol and that she'll have to get back to her training."
He hesitated but complied and whispered assurances to Tiana before she uncurled herself and went off with Nightshade, albeit still upset.
"First of all, I'm sorry for what I did to you before," I said to Nero after both were out of earshot. "I was acting selfishly in that I thought I could handle that memory about that Umbreon you saw but obviously, I couldn't. I promise it won't happen again."
"Now, this might be hard to swallow but I think I know what Zale was doing. All I can say is that you're going to be a Great Uncle."
I grimaced as confusion was plastered on Nero's face but minutes later, it was replaced by astonishment and anger.
"You're telling me..." he began.
"Yes. Zale is going to have a kid and it's going to be an Absol."
He began to pace about angrily, rambling on.
"How could he? He's still a young kid. It's not right for him to have a child at that age!"
"Nero, be reasonable," I said. "You're young yourself, only a bit older than the twins. Your sister had them when she was young and you supported her in every which way you could. Don't you think Zale would be crushed if you denounced him? We don't know if he regrets what he did or not but we'll have to wait until he comes to us and explains everything."

<Lyra's POV>

I left the others to talk with Gaea and went to the other side of the pool where Zale was trying to master his surfing.
"You don't think I didn't notice?" I smiled. "You're getting better."
He smiled nervously and swam over.
"Look, I know you want to look after your sister everytime she's in trouble but as I said before, you're going to have to let her learn how to cope with things on her own. Unless it's a dire emergency, I expect you to be here, training until you can get this down pat. Got it?"
I could tell he felt guilty and sad at the prospect of letting Tiana venture out on his own but he quietly nodded in resignation.
"Good," I said. "Now, close your eyes and feel the water beneath you. Be in tune with it and think about making it push you into the sky. Try it."

22nd May 2004, 12:36 AM
(Jovi's POV)

I kinda felt bad when I learned that she didn't have any blood relatives on her team. But Kawaii soon added that she didn't let it get to her, and that sh considered her teammates family. I nodded. "I feel the same about my non-kin team members. I saw Dad nudge Flare out of the corner of my eye, and he was smiling. "Sorry, I'm not one for small talk. Would you like to take a walk with me?" Kawaii asked. "Sure." I answered.

(Zale's POV)

I was pleased that I had gotten one to turn out, but a voice jarred me out of my thoughts. It was Lyra. "You don't think I didn't notice?" she said smiling. "You're getting better." I smiled still a bit nervous about what her reaction was going to be, in addition to the fact that i was going to be a dad. I swam over to where she was, and I took a deep breath. I still hadnt' told anyone, though I knew that I would soon. I was too embarrassed. I realized that I did get myself into this and I was going to have to take responsibility at some point. "Look, I know you want to look after your sister everytime she's in trouble but as I said before, you're going to have to let her learn how to cope with things on her own. Unless it's a dire emergency, I expect you to be here, training until you can get this down pat. Got it?" At that, I felt even worse, and almost told Lyra about what i did, but stopped myself. She had said that she expected me to be here till i got it down pat. Maybe if i worked hard enough, I could get the hang of surfing before my kid arrived. Tiana was getting better at her lessons and I knew that she could and would be okay, though i still wanted to be there for her when she needed me. I looked up at Lyra, and nodded.

"Good." she said. Then she began to give me tips on surfing. I listened to her every word. "Now, close your eyes and feel the water beneath you. Be in tune with it and think about making it push you into the sky. Try it." "Okay," I said taking a deep breath. I slowly let it out, and closed my eyes. I felt the water all around me, and I put my heart into what i was doing. As I felt myself connecting with the water, I thought about it pushing me up into the air. As I thought about it, I could feel it lifting me up. I didn't break my thoughts and soon i was back in the water. I opened my eyes to find that i had made it halfway across the pool. I looked over at Lyra and gave her a huge smile. I then turned around, and tried it again. Once more, I made it halfway across, which meant that i was at the other end of the pool. I looked up to see Amy. I gulped. "Its time." she said, and i could feel myself start to panic. I took a few deep breaths and managed to remain calm. "I'm on my way, to go and pick up the baby. It'll take me an hour, two at most. By the way, its a girl." I nodded, and became more determined than ever to master this surf attack in the time that i had left. Maybe if i accomplished that, Lyra might not be as mad at me when she finds out. I already felt bad that i had disappointed Amy. I saw Uncle Nero and he looked upset. I also knew that i had to tell him soon. Maybe after i got this move mastered. I told myself.

I turned around, facing the other side of the pool. I put all my fears and thoughts on hold. The only thing i had on my mind was accomplishing my goal. My goal was to make it all the way across to where Lyra was this time. "Ok, Zale," I whispered to myself. "You're name means sea strength. You had to have been named that for a reason." I closed my eyes and began to concentrate. As I did so, I began whispering, "The sea is my strength. The sea is my strength. The sea is my strength." I whispered that the whole time and when i felt the wave subsiding and I was back in the water, I opened my eyes and i was right beside Lyra. "I did it!" I said happily. She nodded, before speaking. "Can you do that again?" "I think so." "Then do it." I nodded, and paddled around getting myself lined up again. I was determined to prove that this wans't a fluke. Once more i began whispering, "The sea is my strength." I repeated that over and over, and once more when i had stopped I was at the other side of the pool. "YES!" I shouted happily. I was getting tired, but i wanted to be sure i could do it anytime. I don't know why, but i felt like whispering "The sea is my strength," helped me somehow. I wasn't gonna go against what seemed to be working now. I took a deep breath, and once more surfed across the pool.

I was so happy that I hugged Lyra. Then I remembered what i had to tell my teammates, and my happiness vanished in an instant, replaced my a mix of fear and dread. Lyra noticed the change, and asked me what was wrong. I sighed, my ears drooping. "I did somthing stupid. I... well... you see..." I couldn't say it out loud, so i ended up whispering to her that i was a dad." I waited for her reaction. I hoped she wouldn't hate me. I was scared to death that everyone would turn their backs on me when they found out. I hadn't noticed it, but I was shaking by now. "I know I disappointed Amy. I'm sorry." I whispered, my voice finally cracking. The ones i dreaded telling the most was her, Tiana, and Uncle Nero. It was even more real now that i was admitting it, and it scared me. If she wasn't too mad at me i'd ask her to come with me when i went to tell Uncle Nero. If she was, I'd have to cross that bridge. Either way, the meowth was out of the bag.

(Tiana's POV)

Not long after i had attempted to tell Uncle Nero what i had seen, Nightshade and Aeries came back. Uncle Nero tried to tell them what all had happened but he didn't seem to understand either. I just kept my head buried into my uncle and sobbing. I tried to stop crying but those images kept filling my head and i wanted them to stop. Uncle Nero bent his head down and whispered to me. "Tiana, go with Nightshade." I didn't budge, but Uncle Nero continued. "Zale wasn't hurting that absol. You need to get back to training." he said. At that point, I realized that he was right. It only made me feel slightly better that Zale wasn't hurting that absol, but i was still confused, and upset. Slowly i stood up, and followed Nightshade. I didn't feel good at all. Today had to be one of the worst days i'd ever had. My ears still drooped down.

(Sinopa's POV)

I had just gotten out of the way of the TV when I heard a voice say, "Wait just a moment." My heart sank, I hoped that I wasn't in trouble. I turned to look to see who had spoken and saw that it was a dratini. He rolled his eyes before launching into a speech about the TV and from what i gathered wanted me to stand in front of the TV again. I was confused. "Apologies, they've just been frozen there for the past hour or so and I'm growing increasingly infuriated with them. My name is Marius, by the way. And you are?" I pushed the confusion out of my mind, and walked over to where he was. "My names Sinopa." I still wasn't used to meeting others, but it seemed to be going ok. I glanced around nervously, trying to see if there was any possible ways that I would end up confined. Luckily i didn't see any, so i could relax somewhat.

AntiAsh Superstar
22nd May 2004, 03:23 AM
Marius smiled slightly. One of the advantages of growing older was that it was a lot easier to realise when to tone down the intellectual slant of the conversation. And although Sinopa seemed rather confused by his earlier rant, it was hard to shake the notion that there were more to her problems than that. "It's nice to meet you. Umm... are you alright? Forgive me for saying so, but you seem to be a little tense." The Dratini thought for a second. "I know what should help. Come with me, we can go and see if my friend Sindel has finished with her baking yet. There's truly nothing like a nice slice of cake for putting a smile on someone's face."

Kasumi made her way over to the sofa, a strange smile upon her face. For some strange reason she felt rather lightheaded all of a sudden. It wasn't just the fact that she had been imndulging in one of her favourite activities - although that in itself was usually enough to shut her up for ten seconds - it was the fact that she had found herself genuinely enjoying Thunderblast's company. In fact, if it weren't for the fact that she had felt rather guilty for just abandoning her teammates she probably would have still been with the Raichu.
"Hey!" Kasumi spotted Pearl doing lazy lengths of the pool before anyone else. Well, this was as good a time to say her hellos and then get back to what she had been doing. "How is everyone doing?"
"Bemused." Pearl swam over to the side of the pool to converse with her friend. "Your exit was hardly inconspicuous, you know. I'm not sure what's stunned us the most though, the fact that you seem to be getting into the world's first lesbian pokémon relationship or the fact that you didn't scare Thunderblast off."
"Ehehehe..." Kasumi laughed nervously. "Oh boy. I guess subtlty was never a strong point with me. Fortunately for me she doesn't seem to freak out easily."
"Well, as long as you're both happy, that's the main thing. I do hope this will put an end to you trying to chat everybody else up, though."
"Well, you can but hope, can't you?" Kasumi grinned broadly. "Anyway, I'll see you later. I've got... uhh... stuff to do, you know how it is." Without so much as pausing to hear her friend's goodbye the Growlithe raced off eagerly, her conscience cleared now that she had said hello to one of her teammates. This was, it had to be said, a novel feeling for Kasumi. But ultimately a good one.

"Hello, my friends." Up until this point Bolovayr had been being rather quiet. It was usually a bad sign. It usually signified that he was thinking. And for a creature who did nothing other than dream of ghosts and zombies this was usually a bad thing. "It wouldn't matter, would it, if I put a video on? You aren't watching anything important?"
"Well whatever it is it's gotta be more important than 'Revenge of the Son of the Return of the Flesh Eating Zombies from Jupiter part 38' or whatever random piece of B-movie crap you've got prepared, you giant freak of a Gastly." Milliardo rolled his eyes. "I'm out of here. Marius was right. Television is rubbish, I've just decided." With this, the Umbreon left his place by the sofa to go explore the Eevee house more thoroughly. Anything other than have to sit through any more random programmes!

22nd May 2004, 07:14 PM
Beacon's POV

I relaxed with Trinity under the shade of a tree. "This day is so nice and peaceful. A nice rest from our training," I said softly.

"At least you battled. I'm still at level 6!" Trinity seethed, scratching the ground.

I shook my head and watched Kawaii walk with a Jolteon. It looks like Beaky's threat worked. Cinder's nowhere nearby. By the way, where is he?

"Now, how did Kawaii get such a nice catch?" Trinity asked out loud. "She's so lucky!"

I blinked in confusion. "What do you mean 'catch'?"

"Follow me." She casually walked up to Kawaii and the Jolteon with a slightly wicked smile on her face. "Look at Kawaii's nice looking new friend! Have a nice walk, you two!" She chuckled and pushed me on.

"What was that for?" I asked her, slightly irritated by her little "experiment".

She looked back and giggled. "Look! She's stopped in her tracks and blushing so hard! I knew it!"

I started to spark. "Aren't you happy for her?"

"Of course I am! She just needs to admit that she has the hots for him. Acting so friendly."

I opened my mouth to say something but shut it. I felt something powerful, something that started in my hooves and went straight up to my brain. Before I knew it, Trinity was lifted in the air and dropped on her back. Well, Kawaii took her for a little spacewalk. "Something tells me that you really embarrassed her."

She listened to Kawaii giggle while she stayed on her back. "Yes, but she's admitted it."

Shonta walked over with Lily at her side. "Come on. The Unicorn Games are starting."

"I know Solarbeam now!" Lily squeaked happily.

<I will stay here. No doubt the little blue thing will be back in no time,> Jewel sent.

Shonta crossed her arms. "And to think I thought you deserved that Rain Dance TM."

24th May 2004, 06:38 PM
Nero, the male Umbreon’s POV:

I really couldn’t believe it. My head was spinning, and I couldn’t think. How could he have been so…? Was it me? Maybe it was my fault. Maybe he didn’t know that it was irresponsible and it was all my fault because I didn’t teach him.

“Nero, be reasonable,” Aries said. “You’re young yourself, only a bit older than the twins. Your sister had them when she was young and you supported her in every which way you could. Don't you think Zale would be crushed if you denounced him? We don't know if he regrets what he did or not but we'll have to wait until he comes to us and explains everything.”

Aries’s words only confirmed my own suspicions. I should’ve done better. I had messed up again. But whatever… If I said that Nightshade might throw me up in the air again, and I didn’t want that. I just kept quiet.

“I guess you’re right, Aries,” I said. “If I did that I would be afraid, more than anything. Afraid of the ones I loved most of all. Right now he needs all the support he can get… Sorry for overreacting.”

I looked towards the pool and noticed Zale walking towards us. Taking a deep breath, I tried to keep a calm face, hiding the fact that I already knew what he was going to tell me. In the distance I could hear Tiana training with Nightshade.

Ai, the female Skitty’s POV:

Smiling, with tears in my eyes, I watched as my darling little Aiko took her first step. I was so proud! She had a determined look on her face, and she refused to give up trying. I nuzzled Dakota before walking over to Aiko.

Huan, the male Houndour’s POV:

We crashed through the Eevee House, racing at top speed. I rushed by a pair that was talking, breaking the two up. It was Lani’s half brother, Jovi, and a new Girafarig that I had never seen before. The two looked a little shocked, but they were fine. Unfortunately for me, I had been distracted by watching them, and Lani caught up soon after.

“Gotcha!” she said happily. She sat down, panting from the exertion. “You wanna play that some more, or find something else?”

“Actually,” I said, also kind of tired, “I think I’ll sit a bit.” I walked over to Lani and planted myself beside her. “I’m a little out of breath myself.”


I sighed. Mandragora had shown so much improvement… At least the Lileep came out of his pokéball more willingly now, but at the mention of meeting his teammates, he had at once become afraid and withdrawn again.

Walking to the only corner where he would emerge now, I tapped the ball on my belt and waited for him to come out. There was a slight bit of hesitation, and for a moment I was afraid that it had degenerated to the first day we had met again, but he came out eventually, to my relief.


“Y… Yes?”

I blinked in surprise. That was the first word he had said to me. Ever. He interpreted my shock as distaste, and began to shrink back. Before he could escape into his pokéball, though, I stopped him.

“Did I do… bad?”

“No, no, Mandragora, that was good. You talked. That’s good.” I attempted to smile at him sweetly, making every effort not to show any sign that might scare him off.

“Oh… really?”

I nodded. “There’s nothing wrong with talking. I just wanted you to come out because…”

Mandragora shuddered, shrinking back a little. “Are you going to… hurt me?”

I was shocked? “No,” I said immediately. “Never. I wanted to give you something that’ll help you protect yourself. In case anything ever happens again. Not that anything will, of course,” I added quickly, noticing the change in his face, the fear returning. I tried to talk as softly as I could. I made no sudden movements, keeping my eye on the Lileep as I reached into my pocket slowly and pulled out a TM. “It’s Hidden Power,” I said. “This TM will help you tap your hidden potential…”

Immediately I knew that I’d struck a sore spot. Something about that phrase made the poor Lileep wince, and I could feel him stare back at me through fearful eyes, wherever they were. I could feel myself losing him again. I couldn’t… I simply couldn’t. Not after all the progress he had made. “Mandragora…” I started. “Look at me.” My tone was urgent.

The Lileep looked me in the eyes, frozen with fear.

“I have one question for you. Just one question,” I said. I paused before going on, searching for his reaction. His silence and slight loosening of his tense body signaled his approval. “Do you trust me?”

He looked at me for a while, searching, piercing, then turned away and nodded his head slowly. “Yes.” I saw his shivering stop. “You’re not like… Like them.”

I decided not to ask who “them” was. At least, not yet. “Are you ready… Do you mind if I give you the Hidden Power TM I bought for you now?” I asked.

Mandragora appeared hesitant. Finally, however, he nodded firmly, resolute. “Yes.”

“All right. We won’t be sure what type of Hidden Power you’ve got until you find it for yourself. So be prepared, Mandragora.” I placed the box in front of him. As it opened, a white light surrounded the Lileep, and when it subsided, he was not the same. He seemed more confident, somehow. I wondered if the momentary rush of power he had felt rushing through his body had given him some kind of hope, some reassurance that he really was going to be all right after all.

25th May 2004, 04:06 PM
(Zale's POV)

I guess I had taken Lyra off guard, becuase she didn't say anything. It was an awkward few minutes. I glanced over towards Uncle Nero and saw that he didn't look that upset anymore. "I guess I better go tell Uncle Nero." With that, I heaved myself out of the pool, and shook myself dry. I took a deep breath, and began to walk over to him. The whole way, I was trying to figure out what i was going to say to him.

All to soon I reached him, though the walk itself seemed to take hours. "Uncle Nero?" "Yes." I sighed and sat down in front of him. "Please don't be mad at me or blame yourself, but," I started out, relieved that my voice hadn't cracked like it did earlier. "Go on." Why did i feel like somethinig was off here? "Well, I'm going to be a dad." I quickly looked down at my feet. "It's no one's fault but my own. I didn't think, i just acted upon some feelings i had. It's a girl, and Amy's gone to pick her up." at which point my voice cracked. I quickly stopped talking, and waited. I can't tell you how scared i was of what Uncle Nero's reaction was going to be. I was still feeling bad about disappointing Amy. She hadn't screamed or gotten upset with me. She basically told me how disappointed she was. Finally, i was able to look up at Uncle Nero.

(Sinopa's POV)

"It's nice to meet you. Umm... are you alright? Forgive me for saying so, but you seem to be a little tense." I could have kicked myself, I was probably stupid about my fear. "Yeah, I'm okay. It's just... Never mind." I told him. Marius looked at me not for a few minutes, before speaking. Much to my relief it wasn't asking anythign about why i had been acting the way i had earlier. "I know what should help. Come with me, we can go and see if my friend Sindel has finished with her baking yet. There's truly nothing like a nice slice of cake for putting a smile on someone's face." "That sounds good." I said, smiling.

(Aiko's POV)

I watched as Momma nuzzed Dad after i had taken my first step. Daddy returned the gesture, before Momma made her way over to me. I squeaked happily, and tried to go forward to meet her, but i ended up tumbling. I shook myself off and stood up again.

(Yana's POV)

I had left Kiara and was looking around for Evenstar or someone when I almost ran into Blazer who was coming in. "Afternoon." he said. "Same to you." I said with a goofy smile on my face. Luckily Blazer hadn't noticed, and he settled down in his usual spot inside the Eevee House, and I walked off blushing. I must seem like a complet idiot to him. I shook my head.

(Lani's POV)

“Actually, I think I’ll sit a bit.” Huan said as he walked over to me. He sat down beside me. “I’m a little out of breath myself.” I smiled, giving him a gentle nuzzle. I panted a few more minutes till I caught my breath. "I wonder who that was that Jovi was talking to." I said as I watched them go outside.

(Kaida's POV)

I took a deep breath and approached the bagon from earlier. "Sorry I lost my temper earlier." I said, then i looked down a bit unsure of what was about to happen.

Silent Dragonfly
26th May 2004, 08:00 AM
<Phil's POV>
It was my first time to the Eevee House. Reluctantly I walked in, carrying the egg I had just. I released my 5 pokemon, Mudguard the Wooper (F), Coral the Mareep (M), Mars the Houndour (M) and ShadowWind the Sneasel (M).

ShadowWind just sat down on his own, tired from his recent battle with Andy's Wartortle. Mars went and sat down beside him.
Mudguard and Coral were fascinated by the egg. I hadn't told any of my pokemon what would hatch from the egg.

"Why won't you tell me what's gonna hatch?", asked Mudguard.
"Because I want it to be a surprise to all of you", I replied.
"No Fair!", Coral yelled.

<Mudguard's POV>
This was the first time to the Eevee House, the place seems friendly enough, but I didn't want to go introduce myself yet, I wanted to know what was in the egg Phil was carrying.
"Why won't you tell me what's gonna hatch?", I asked.
"Because I want it to be a surprise to all of you", he answered.
"No Fair!", Coral yelled.

I rubbed the egg a little, hoping it would hatch faster, but nothing happened. I tried looking for signs in the shell that might suggest what kind of pokemon it would be, but I just couldn't work it out.
"I bet it will be a girl!" I said to Coral.
"No way, It's gonna be a boy!", he replied.
I continued rubbing the egg to see if I could get it to hatch.

<ShadowWind's POV>
I talked to Mars for a while.
"Why are they so interested in an egg?"
"Yeah, they never seen one before?"
They're Adoptees, they don't live the kinda life we did. They wouldn't last five minutes in North Caverns
Yeah, but they're only kids.
I looked away. I didn't feel like arguing. Adopted Pokemon are so spoiled, they'll never know the excitement and danger of living in the wild.

<Phil's POV>
The egg began to hatch, pieces of shell were breaking off. Out of it emerged an Eevee, it's Rainbow Coloured Mane glistening in the light.
"Hi, I'm Phil."
The Eevee looked puzzled.
What just happened? Why's it so bright?
"You just hatched from an egg. Your name is Prism, and you are a very special Eevee. You see that rainbow colored mane? You got that from your mother. Usually Eevees have a white mane."
"It's a girl, I knew it! Hi, I'm Mudguard"
"Hi, I am Prism, and I'm a special Eevee!"
Awww, how cute.
Prism curled up and fell asleep.

26th May 2004, 01:09 PM
Elwing has grown to LV18, so her Speed is now 34. I hope someone else enters someone in her race category... :/

27th May 2004, 12:37 AM
Well, I forgot that my Staryu grew to level 11. I don't think it's enough to put her in the next category, though. The computer did something freaky with the Stats Calculator.

27th May 2004, 07:05 PM
Just posting to say that since Jas has grown a level (16) and now fits in the next speed category (speed of 31), I'll ref the first one. I'll see if i have anyoen else that might fit the other ones. If i have any, I'll edit their info into this post.

AntiAsh Superstar
29th May 2004, 03:52 AM
"Sindel?" Marius and Sinopa made their way over to the kitchen area, where my Alakazam was hard at work. Watching Sindel cook was always a most impressive sight, cooking utensils flying around the room as she used her psychic powers to help her work on about four dishes at once. Right now she was just about to put a batch of cookines in the oven. "How goes the progress here?"
"Not so bad, but if you're looking for handouts you can think again, nothing's ready yet." The Alakazam signed, wiping the sweat from her brow with a damp cloth. Suddenly she noticed Sinopa properly for the first time. "Oh, hello, I don't think we've met, have we? My name's Sindel." She grinned suddenly. "Sorry if you were hoping for a bite to eat, just give me a little longer. In the meantime, how does a nice piece of chocolate sound, guys? I've a little left over from the cookies, and I don't know about you but I could certainly use a bit!"

"Ha! Ya have a long way ta go before yer gonna be anything like as good as me, dude!" Outside in the garden Katnip and Milliardo were doing their very best to mess things up with a sparring session, the Onix, Brandy, watching with interest. Right now Katnip seemed to have the upper hand, having pinned my Umbreon to the floor. Not that it mattered much. Milliardo was quite capable of reveting to a shadowed form and escaping the pin that way.
"Well excuse me for daring to have existed for a shorter time than you, rat boy!" Milliardo retorted. "I dread to think how many years head start you have on me."
"Hey, yer makin' me sound like some old geezer. I ain't that ancient yet!"
"Yes you are. Isn't that right, Brandy?"
"Well... uhhh..."
"See? She knows." Milliardo winked at the Onix. "By the way, he's been in the team for about three years. Old geezer or what?"
"Yer not exactly a pup yerself," Katnip complained.
"True, but I, at least, have my best years ahead of me, whilst you... wait, can you hear something?" The pokémon all listened carefully, but save for the chirping of Pidgeys there was nothing. "Oh, sorry, it was just Katnip's bones creaking, my mistake."
"Sticks an' stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me."
"Not true. Many a person has been injured by falling dictionaries." Milliardo blinked several times. "Oh my God, I'm turning into Becks. Quick, let's get on with it, I have a tournament to train for and you... well, you just do this all day anyway." The Umbreon struck a fighting pose. "Prepare to die!"

29th May 2004, 09:21 AM
Nero, the male Umbreon’s POV:

Well, Zale was in a state. His entire body shook, and he looked down at my feet the whole time. When he finally looked up at me, the fear and guilt that burned in his eyes softened my heart. He suffered enough already.

“Come here,” I said sternly, without changing my serious expression. He walked reluctantly towards my outstretched paw, and when he got closer he blinked as if expecting a blow. But I just pulled him in and hugged him hard. I don’t think he expected that. “You made a mistake, but it’s not my place to judge you. Gloria, your mother, also was young when she had you two. The key difference was that she was ready and you are not. You’ll have to take responsibility for your actions, but I want you to know that if you need help I’ll be here for you. I won’t be here to raise your child for you, but if you’re in trouble I will always be open. I trust that you’ll have enough judgment not to repeat this mistake again until you are ready to face it.” With that, I let him out of my embrace and looked directly in his eyes, expecting a response.

Ai, the female Skitty’s POV:

Little Aiko looked about as happy as I was. She hopped joyfully, but this made her fall. I cringed a little, picking up the pace in case she was hurt, but she quickly stood up again. Finally reaching her, I nuzzled her tenderly. “I’m so proud of you,” I whispered.

Huan, the male Houndour’s POV:

“I wonder who that was that Jovi was talking to,” thought Lani aloud.

“No clue,” I answered. “I’d like to find out too, but I don’t think it’s best to disturb them right now. Maybe we can ask Jovi after he’s done.”

Ancalagon the Black, the male Bagon’s POV:

That was it. I had finished apologizing to the Horsea and Dratini, and by the looks on their faces I could tell that they hated me. Oh, well… I had to be prepared for more reactions like that. I had gotten it all my life. First impressions really did matter.

“Sorry I lost my temper earlier.”

My thoughts came back to reality. I saw the Bagon that I had battled standing before me. “Oh… it’s you.” I was surprised that she was the one apologizing. I should have done so first. “I’m sorry too,” I said. “I was under some pressure that I really don’t want to talk about right now. I shouldn’t have acted that way, and I regret the fact that you had to feel something that I shouldn’t have taken out on anyone but myself.”

Nodding, I turned to go. My apology was done and I wanted some time alone. Hopefully this time Alqualin would take a hint and leave me be. Otherwise, I might just go completely insane… again.

29th May 2004, 09:25 PM
<Lyra's POV>

A kid?! He was a kid himself. I was mulling over my response to his statement but he left before I could say anything.
I'm twice as old as he is and he's going to have a baby before me, albeit a mistake though, I thought.
I climbed out of the pool and walked over to where Aries was, looking at Zale and Nero from a comfortable distance.
"Heard the news?" he asked, his eyes quickly glancing over at me before snapping back to the other two.
"Yeah. He did something stupid but after he gets to know his kid, I don't think he'll regret it any longer. What species is it anyway?"
"An Absol. Yeah, I know, you don't see it too often with the amount of Eeveelutions in the house.
I silently nodded and looked at the uncle and nephew, embracing each other in understanding and then releasing.
Now I know I want a kid, I thought.

<Nightshade's POV>

"Come now," I looked down at the still depressed Tiana. "Your brother and that Absol are really ok and nothing bad is going to happen."
She lifted her head slightly to look at me but dropped it back down again.
"You know what? We're going to do something I haven't done in a long time that I shouldn't have quit doing."
I lifted my hand with the spoon and levitated Tiana in the air. Dragging her behind me, we strode over towards the kitchen. My mouth just watered thinking about the whole thing.
"What are we doing?" she asked in a quivering voice.
"You'll see," I simply replied and entered the large room.
"This," I said as I put her down on the ground, "is a fridge."
"So? I've seen one before."
"Yes, but have you ever raided it?"
I went over to the cabinet and took out a bag with kernels inside. Placing it in the microwave, I set it to the usual time and pressed the button. As it was going, I opened and fridge and took out grapes.
"Here," I threw it to her. "Eat and you'll feel better."
I took out cheese and started to nibble on it as she ripped one off from the stem.
"You know, comfort food isn't really good for you but it's around dinnertime anyway so why not start?"
The microwave went off soon after and I took the now-bloated bag and dumped the contents in the bowl. I placed the bowl between us as I sat down and leaned against a cabinet.
"It might be hard to believe but when I was an Abra and then a young Kadabra, instead of sleeping, I ate. And I don't mean three square meals but whenever I could, I would sneak into the kitchen, hide in the fridge and eat cheese, drink milk and later, have popcorn. I was a pure glutton but thank god I'm on a team with a tough regime or else I wouldn't even be battling. Ever since I've watched my team grow older and some even having kids, I sort of hardened up with them and stopped my old ways, especially after taking you on as a pupil. I don't want it that way but it's probably for the best."
I sighed and popped in the rest of the cheese wedge.
"Still, it's nice once in a while to go back to your old ways."

31st May 2004, 01:18 PM
(Amy's POV)

For most of the journey, the little baby absol slept soundly. However, as we neared the Eevee House she began squirming. After a while, I figured out that she was hungry. So I sat down, and pulled out one of the bottles, that I was given when i picked her up, and began to feed her. Once she was full, I gently burped her, wrapped her up once more in the pink blanket and made my way to the Eevee House again. She was a tiny little thing, and cute too. Though she didn't have a scythe yet on her head, that would develop as she got older from the tiny bump on the side of her head. I was going to let Zale name her. Speaking of which, I had finally reached the Eevee House and made it inside. Not all of the team was here, but Zale could introduce her to the others lately as I knew that she couldn't take much excitement at once. I looked around and saw Zale talking with Nero. I waited, and it wasn't long before he noticed us.

(Zale's POV)

"Come here," was all that Uncle Nero said after I had finished telling him. His face and his serious attitude had me a little worried. I slowly walked closer, and blinked when I saw his paw was outstretched. I gulped as I neared. However to my surprise, and relief, he simply pulled me close and gave me a big hug. He couldn't have known how much better that made me feel, though i was still scared. I didn't even try and pull away. I was glad to be in that embrace because it meant that he still cared about me. As he held me close, Uncle Nero spoke. "You made a mistake, but it's not my place to judge you. Gloria, your mother, also was young when she had you two. The key difference was that she was ready and you are not. You'll have to take responsibility for your actions, but I want you to know that if you need help I'll be here for you. I won't be here to raise your child for you, but if you're in trouble I will always be open. I trust that you'll have enough judgment not to repeat this mistake again until you are ready to face it." Once he said that, he released me. Then he looked me directly in the eyes. By now, I had calmed down quite a lot. I was still scared, but at least Uncle Nero didn't hate me. I returned his look, before speaking. "I understand you, Uncle Nero. Thanks, and I appreciate it. Don't worry, I've learned my lesson." This time, I gave him a hug. Soon after, I looked up and saw that Amy was standing in the doorway of the Eevee House, holding a tiny bundle wrapped up in a pink blanket. I took a deep breath as she walked over. When she had reached us, she introduced me to my daughter. I stared in amazement, at her. I looked up at Uncle Nero, and he nudged me forward. She opened her eyes, and smiled when she saw me. She was beautiful. I just stared at her, until Amy broke the silence by asking me a question. "What are you going to name her?" I didn't even hesitate. As soon as I had seen her, a name had popped into my head. "Angel." It was after I had answered her that I saw Lyra and Aries a little ways off. I waved a little nervously, unsure of what to do next.

(Sinopa's POV)

"That would be nice, thank you. My name's Sinopa." I said smiling. I felt an odd sensation in my tail, and I looked at it. It seemed that it had split into two now. I grinned. I knew that it would be a while before I'd get the rest of my tails. I quickly turned my attention back to my new friends.

(Lani's POV)

"Yeah, maybe that would be a good idea. I just hope no one else bothers them." I said, yawning, as I scooted closer to Huan. He murmured in agreement. I laid my head against his side, and soon I soon fell fast asleep.

(Aiko's POV)

Mom gave me a nuzzle and told me that she was proud of me. I smiled, squeaking happily. I knew that I needed to learn how to talk, but I wanted to master walking first. I saw Dad stand up. I tried to go forward again, but started to fall. However, I didn't hit the ground this time. I felt myself being lifted up into the air and set down next to Mom. I smiled at him, the determined look returning to my eyes. That was fun though! I looked at Mom, and she stepped forward a couple of steps. I took a deep breath and tried again. I didn't fall! I grinned at both of them.

(Jovi's POV)

It wasn't long after we had started our walk, a ninetales and the mareep from earlier walked over to us. The ninetales smiled, "Look at Kawaii's nice looking new friend! Have a nice walk, you two!" I immediately began blushing, partly because I knew she was talking about me and partly because I really wasn't that great looking. At least I didn't think that I was. I frantically tried to get the blush under control and after a while, finally succeeded. It was then that I remembered where Dad had taken me shortly after my first loss at the battle tower. "Have you ever seen the Eevee House from above?" Kawaii shook her head no. "I'm not sure if you want to see it, but if you do, I could take you there. I don't think that Dad would mind me showing you. Of course, I don't know the shorter way. I only know the long way that he showed me, when he wanted to make sure that we weren't being followed." I was rambling. She probably thought that I was an idiot. Oh well, I'll ask her I thought. The worst that can happen is that she'll say no. "Would you like me to take you there? If you don't, I understand. It's an amazing view though. At least, it is to me." I stood there nervously waiting for her answer.

(Tiana's POV)

Normally, I would have enjoyed being lifted up into the air, but I was still upset over what I had seen. Pretty soon, we were in the kitchen and Nightshade was telling me to eat. I shrugged, because I really wasn't that hungry. However, he tossed me some grapes, so I ate a couple, and listened to him tell me about what he used to do when he was younger. I was half listening, until he mentioned battling. That got my interest. "Could you tell be about some of your battles?" I asked curiously. I scooted closer. "I just recently got my first TM, which is what I wanted to tell you about before the day turned awful. It was calm mind. But anyway, if you don't want to tell me I understand, but if you do thanks." I said before looking down at my paws again.

1st June 2004, 05:45 PM
<Aries's POV>

Zale waved to both of us, either out of nervousness or just a usual waveover. Either way, we walked over and peered into the blanket that held his kid. She was a beautiful Absol, without her horn but looking just as elegant. It remained to be seen whether he would want her to be a battler or not.
"What's her name?" Lyra asked.
"Angel," he replied with a nervous smile.
I sighed and turned around. I didn't know how much I would miss Eclipse but after looking at Angel, I missed him more than I could imagine.
"It's ok," Lyra whispered and led me away while I silently wept. "He may not be here but I'm sure he's fine where he is."
I silently nodded, unable to do anything more. Rebecca came over and picking me up, went to the couches. As she stroked my ears, my cries became more audible and the tears flowing faster.

<Lyra's POV>

"Is Aries ok? Did I do anything wrong?" Zale asked, surprised at Aries's sudden outburst.
"No," I said quietly. "Looking at Angel reminded him of his own son, who he hasn't seen in almost a year. He knows he will never see him again and that is what kills him the most. Having kids is what most of the team wants, except Drake and Orion. Our fighting ways and the innability to find mates has kept most of us back."
I sighed.
"I shouldn't have even told you guys this but that's the way life works."
I looked at Zale seriously.
"What I just told you doesn't have to ruin this celebration though. Take good care of her and when you have time, stop by the pool for a bit. Maybe when Angel becomes a bit bigger, swimming lessons wouldn't hurt."
I waved to all of them before slipping into the pool and going under for a good cry. I guess Aries's behavior was infectious.

<Nightshade's POV>
"My battle days? I honestly can't remember back to the early days except that my first moves were Shadowball, Teleport and Thunderwave. Of course, Teleport was, and still is, useless in the Battle Tower but the other attacks got me to my Kadabra stage. Mind you, I'm barely strong enough to teach you. If you were a fire or water type, Lyra and Drake would be stronger teachers. Then again, brute strength doesn't teach a student - knowledge and practice does."
I popped a few pieces of popcorn into my mouth before continuing.
"Now, almost all of my battles came out of the Battle Tower except one. The team traveled all the way to the East to an island of pure darkness. It was separated into four quadrants but our attention was focused on one: the forest. We ran into a friend of our trainer's who was knocked unconscious by a Team Rocket member. She chose Aries and I to go up against two Nuzleafs."
I sighed and spoke more quietly.
"I had a horrible time against one of them. He used Torment and it made me sink into this hallucination that everyone I cared for was being ripped apart to shreds, limb my limb, muscle by muscle. I was paralyzed with fear and couldn't do anything to save them. Only Aries's voice could bring me out of that nightmare and after that, it drove me into a blind rage. I pummeled that Nuzleaf with every Fire Punch I could muster and if I hadn't calmed down by then, I would've killed him."
I looked up at the ceiling and broke the popcorn into smaller pieces and letting it fall back into the bowl.
"No one, not even Aries, knew what happened to me and I didn't want to tell them either. That's part of the reason why I'm so serious now, instead of the happy-go-lucky Pokemon I used to be."
I looked at Tiana and mustered a fake smile before picking up the bowl and placing it on the counter.
"Still, all that's in the past and we know it's better to forget, isn't it?"
No matter how I said it, it sounded more like a question than a factual statement.

2nd June 2004, 12:49 AM
Beaky's POV

I stood under a bush as I listened to the Jolteon talk to Kawaii. I didn't want this guy to get any ideas. I was calm until he asked her if she wanted to go with him to some place...alone.

Cinder sat next to me and started to rub his face. "Dude! He's asking her out on a date!?!" he squeaked a little too loudly.

Kawaii's ears twitched, a sign that she heard. I dove back into the bush and dragged Cinder in with me. "You're going to blow my cover!" I hissed at him. I looked through the bush and saw Kawaii's tail blush. A few seconds later she nodded.

"Sounds interesting. I would like to see it," I heard Kawaii say.

Cinder and I gasped. "She said yes!" we whispered together.

"Where's he taking her?" Cinder demanded.

"I don't really know, but it sounds kinda...secluded." I gulped. "Why should we care?"

"Shonta probably doesn't know about all this! You know how parents are about their children going out!" He furiously rubbed his face. "We gotta follow them!"

"Oh, no you won't!" a small voice said from behind. We turned around and saw Swoop glaring at us. "There was a bit of a delay at the Unicorn Games. It will be a while before Lily will get to battle."

I sweatdropped. "Oh, that's such a shame. Now would you leave us alone!?!"

"Oh, you better start worrying about other things, like practicing for the Solar Games!" She stuck a wing in Cinder's face.

"She's got me competing!?!" Cinder squeaked.

Swoop nodded. "You and Kawaii, but I'll tell the girl that myself. Now get out of here before I rat on you!"

I ran out and found that Kawaii and her new friend were gone. Oh great. She's out of sight...and I'm out of fuel. I wonder what's in the kitchen.

5th June 2004, 10:58 PM
Ancalagon the Black, the male Bagons POV:

Not cool. I had just stepped outside to enjoy the serenity of the starry night sky, happily breathing in the crisp air, when Alqualin somehow found me and decided to join me. I had no idea how she knew where I was, but she did. Did she watch me? Whatever. My night was officially ruined.

Sighing loudly, I turned to the eager Swablu. What is it now? I asked.

She looked offended. Arent you happy to see me? You dont seem very friendly. Cheer up!

Something boiled up inside me and I felt like screaming, but the violent temper passed, and I only groaned very loudly. Could I be any more obvious that I did not want her around? However I conveyed my message, Alqualin did not get it. She still followed me as I headed to the trees.

What will it take for me to get rid of you? I muttered under my breath. She did not hear. Eventually I couldnt stand it and just turned around. Look.

At what?

I wanted to tell her to bug off so I could spend some time by myself to think but somehow I felt I would be wrong in doing so. I remembered Blades advice to be nice to others and it seemed to me that it might be rude to send away an overfriendly teammate for some alone time. I wanted to ask his advice, but I didnt see him around. Eventually I just sat myself on a rock looking miserable. Alqualin, of course, came over and was all honey and concern. She kept asking what was the matter. If you will just leave me alone, I wanted to say to her, I will be quite fine and even happy, thank you. But I just kept my mouth shut and continued to stay silent.

Naurmir, the male Charmanders POV:

I felt tired of playing with Aglrien so I went to rest. She had so much energy and always wanted to play so many games. She was much better and won most of the time, but sometimes I got lucky and managed to get the upper hand. Usually the games we played were things she made up. They were fun, but really tiring. The latest thing we were doing was what we both called Ember tag. It was like regular tag, except instead of just having to tag someone by touching we could also hit them with Ember. I had a hard time dodging those because Aglrien kept using Ember on me all the time and she did it so fast. But she kept making me play the game and slowly I got better at dodging. It wasnt perfect, and I had a hard time learning to do it, but with her help and support I could do it better after a while. After that she stopped using Ember so much and found other ways to tag me, and I had to keep learning new methods to avoid her tags.

Walking with no real place in mind, I looked around for somewhere to sit and relax for a while. Over at the punching bags I saw that nice Scizor that used to play with us earlier. I shrugged and went over to him because there was no place else to go, and I liked him a lot. I wasnt sure why I was so attached to him but every time I saw him I felt good. I remembered something way back awhile about him and an egg and Aglrien and a screaming Trapinch but not much else. I know I was scared then. I was still a little scared now but Aglrien made me feel better.

Not sure how he would react, I pulled on his leg. He looked down and was surprised to see me there but began to smile.

Rthruin, the female Scythers POV:

What is it now, Gwaihir? I asked, laughing. I had been chasing him around in hopes of catching him but without much success. He had grown much since he first hatched, and now I had trouble just keeping up with him. Although I was by no means a poor flier, Gwaihir had been a natural ever since his birth, and his powerful Aerodactyl wings made it just that much harder to equal his pace. He really deserved his title the Windlord.

When I saw his eyes directed at Blade I stopped laughing. No, he couldnt be serious But he was. He maintained a steadfast gaze, staring across the pool to the Scizor at the punching bags. I could see a little orange spot, either Aglrien or Naurmir, sitting at his feet. Gwaihir cleared his throat. Im going over there.

I felt concerned. And what do you hope to accomplish? It had been some time since I had been acquainted with Blades sorry past, and it pained me to see him suffer so much after so long. I myself had avoided talking to him so that my presence would not force him to remember things that were best forgotten, although he might have been nice to converse with from time to time. Gwaihirs appearance could only make things worse for him, and I had bad feelings about the whole business.

Gwaihir the Windlord, the male Aerodactyls POV:

It had been many months since I had learned from Rthruin the truth about Blade and his history with my father. Since then I had felt torn in half. On the one hand, my father was my father, he was a good one, and he had really done nothing wrong that he had intended to. On the other, his actions had caused Blade so much pain that I felt responsible somehow for his hearts torture. For a while I had debated with myself whether or not to approach the Scizor, and if I did, what it was exactly that I would say to him. Today I could stand it no longer. The guilt weighed too heavily upon my chest.

Looking at Rthruin, I could tell that she thought this a bad idea. Whatever bad feelings I had about the situation I held back, simply because they would only get in the way if I was going to do this thing regardless. I decided that before I approached Blade, however, I would take off the scarf and sunglasses (they actually fit perfectly now) that my father had given me, for a little while. Although I loved wearing them, and cherished both as my dearest gifts from my father, I did not want Blade to mistake me for him. Some fight might ensue, and I was neither ready nor willing to take on a frustrated and fully-grown Scizor.

I spread my wings and hovered over the pool, dragging my feet in the water slightly to make little waves go outward. I loved doing that. It was fun, and now, before the moment came, it relieved stress. I suddenly realized how little I had prepared for this occasion, and a weight in my belly indicated just how nervous I really felt about this encounter. As I drew closer to the edge of the pool, however, Blade saw me, and the meeting was inevitable. There could be no turning back now.

H-hello. Blade? You may not know me, but Im Gwaihir.

I know.

Without my scarf and sunglasses I felt naked under the Scizors penetrating gaze. I shuddered a bit, but then reminded myself that I had nothing to be afraid of, that I was here for a good purpose, and that I had better make that clear before Blade thought otherwise. Ive got something to say to you. I tried to think carefully before I spoke, but as it turned out I stammered the first words that came to mind. I looked down at my feet to avoid Blades gaze for a reason I did not know. I just felt as if he was somewhat surprised at my approach and now studying me to find the meaning of it all. I cleared my throat before I spoke again.

By this time I had begun to fight my fidgeting, and managed to stop so that my full attention was directed at Blade. I forced myself to catch his eyes again and keep my gaze locked there. Looking away would not do. I know some things that have happened before have not been so easy for you I trailed off, because his expression changed, but then he reverted to his serious face, waiting for me to say the rest. My father At this point I choked. I could not bring myself to say bad things about my father, and yet I felt if I apologized it would imply that he had done something wrong. I changed my approach.

From the day I heard what happened Ive been feeling really guilty about it, although I dont know why. I wasnt sure whether or not I should approach you but I felt as if I owed you something, somehow. What I wanted to say was Im very sorry for everything thats happened. Im not expecting your forgiveness or anything Experiences like that are hard to forgive. But I had to get this off my chest. I feel at fault and I wish for your sake especially that none of this had ever happened.

I was confusing myself. From the look on Rthruins face I could tell that this could have gone better. She still thought that I shouldnt have tried to confront Blade at all. Now that I thought about it, she was right. What was I trying to accomplish? How could an apology on my part change anything for the Scizor except for the worse?

6th June 2004, 07:18 PM

The 1-30 Race will be held Tuesday June 8 at 2 pm CST. It is currnetly 7:20 PM my time atm.

I will also be entering Ayla in the 61-90 category. She's my L.40 vaporeon with a speed of (82).

I will also enter Kovu my L.58 Umbreon in the 91-120 catefory. He has a speed of (116).

(Amy's POV)

I slowly made my way to the eevee house. I had a small brown egg wrapped up in a blue blanket. Every now it then, it shook, before it was still again. I knew that it was only a matter of time untill the egg hatched. Finally, the House came into view. I paused to sit down, as the egg began shaking faster and harder now. It soon settled down again, and I made my way into the eevee house and sat down on one of the many couches.

(Tiana's POV)

I wouldn't have liked to have a battle like that, I thought to myself as Nightshade explained to me why he wasn't so happy go lucky any more. "Still, all that's in the past and we know it's better to forget, isn't it?" he finally said. "I guess." I answered. "except for the fact that you can't forget some of them." There was a long pause. "Sometimes its better to talk as well. Is it okay if i go and talk to Zale? I need to find out if he is okay like everyone keeps telling me he is." I looked up at Nightshade, and waited for his answer.

(Zale's POV)

It wasnt long before Angel fell asleep again. "Is it normal for her to sleep so much?" I asked Uncle Nero. He nodded his head yes. "Babies need a lot of rest." I nodded, as I just stared in amazement at Angel. She was so pretty, and as scared as i had been, it was all gone. I was still nervouse about telling the rest of my team especially Tiana. However, after seeing her i made a promise to myself that nothing was going to happen to Angel if i could help it. I began trying to figure out what i was going to say to Tiana and how i was going to explain that i now had a daughter.

(Jovi's POV)

I led Kawaii around the side of the Eevee House where the woods were closest. I led her along zig zagging in some places, going the long way around in others. At the halfway poing, i led her to a little stream that ran though. I took a drink, before she did. Then we made out way the rest of the way. I perodically looked back so as to confirm that we weren't being followed. "So far the only ones that know about this place or me and my Dad. Now you do." I said as we finally emerged fromt he underbrush to a hill. When she looked down at the view i watched her reaction. "Its even prettier when the sun sets, but i didn't think it would be appropriate to take you here at that time. I often come here when i need time to think and all. " I explained. Then i turned and looked in Kawaii's eyes. "Will you please not tell anyone else about this place?" I asked before my gaze turned back to the view.

6th June 2004, 07:25 PM
[center]Current Entrants for the Water Race

Squirtle - Lv.11 Male (21) - andyizcool
Just wanted to say something before the Water Race starts. My Squirtle is now Level 13 with a Speed of 24 for the Water Race.

6th June 2004, 08:11 PM
I'll enter two of my pokemon in the race, lol. I don't have time to make a post so I'll just say what they are now ;x

Ark lv 10
Umbreon (M)
Category: 1-30
Speed: 24

Diablos lv 13
Sneasel (M)
Category: 31-60
Speed: 43

AntiAsh Superstar
7th June 2004, 07:18 PM
"Alright! Food's up!" Finally Sindel had managed to coordinate all of her cooking to perfection, despite having to shove certain Kadabras out of the way of the fridge when necessary. All in all it had been a triumph, plateloads of cookies and cakes and pasties all lined up and just waiting to be eaten. "Now I'll forgive you all for not helping out, but if there's any of this left after I've worked so hard on it there'll be trouble!" The Alakazam glanced over at Sinopa and Marius. "Oh, and since you've been so patient in keeping me company, you get first choice. What will it be?"
"I think I may take a meat pie, Sindel, I would say sausage roll but I'm highly suspicious as to what parts of the animal go into sausage and at least I've seen what meat went into your pies." Marius replied.
"Suspicious little bugger, aren't you?" Sindel chuckled. "At least this solves the nurture vs nature debate quite nicely."
"Not necessarily, allow a little more time for mother to relax and I would ask for a beer with that." Marius chuckled, before turning to Sinopa. "What would you like? We have practically everything here. She always did have this problem with producing too much..."

8th June 2004, 12:25 AM
Kawaii's POV

This is...amazing! My mouth hung open as I looked over the Eevee House. Such a view!

"It's even prettier when the sun sets, but I didn't think it would be appropriate to take you here at that time. I often come here when I need time to think and all," Jovi said to me. He looked into my eyes. "Will you please not tell anyone else about this place?"

I was speechless for a few seconds. To trust me with such a secret...

"Yes. I'll keep this a secret," I said quietly.

Beaky's POV

The kitchen was crowded, so I wasn't able to sneak out anything. I was stuck with an empty stomach and no one to gripe about it with. "Cinder? Where are you?" I quietly hissed as I looked down from the rafters. I groaned.

Swoop landed beside me and put on a small grin. "Looks like you're the only captee who's dateless," she mused.

"Do you like making fun of me?" I growled. "And what do you mean by that? Do you know where Cinder is?"

"He's off...training...with Shonta. Sorry, Charlie."

My blood started to boil. "Damn!"

"No need for cursing, birdy. Just because you're jealous of that Jolteon gives you no reason to take it out on me." She flew off.

Why should I be jealous? I don't care about what Kawaii does. In fact, I could care less! It's just that the other Pokemon here just put me on their Most Wanted list. I closed my eyes and hoped that sleep could stave my hunger.

8th June 2004, 03:26 PM
The Races will begin in 10 minutes. Sorry, connection troubles in addition to chores that had to be done while Mom is away. *Opents the retractibly roof of the Eevee House.*

The contestants are:

Jewel - Lv.11 Staryu (30) - classy_cat18
Ark - Lv.10 Male Umbreon (24) - Link 10
Squirtle - Lv.13 Male (24) - andyizcool
Kalazeth - Lv.10 Male Horsea (23) - Charizard04621
Aurora - Lv.9 Female Lapras (21) - Angel Blossom
Rays - Lv.7 Female Chinchou (18 ) - Crystalmaster Mike

The track is 900 units long.

The race beginis:

Jewel begins by going forward. The staryu manages to advance 150 Units.
Ark, also starts by going forward. He gets a break as a wave pushes him forward 96 units.
Squirtle also chooses to go forward. Squirtle also rides along the same wave that pushed Ark, advancing 144 units.
Kalazeth uses rain dance. It begins raining, doubles the horsea's speed to 46 O.o. He zooms ahead an amazing 230 units.
Aurora also chooses to go straight ahead. She advances 84 Units.
Rays also goes straight ahead. She encounters obstacles, advancing only 36

Jewel - Lv.11 Staryu (30) - classy_cat18 - 150 units
Ark - Lv.10 Male Umbreon (24) - Link 10 - 96 units
Squirtle - Lv.13 Male (24) - andyizcool - 144 units
Kalazeth - Lv.10 Male Horsea (23) with rain Dance (4 rounds left) Swift swim activated new speed (46) - Charizard04621 - 230 Units
Aurora - Lv.9 Female Lapras (21) - Angel Blossom - 84 units
Rays - Lv.7 Female Chinchou (18 ) - Crystalmaster Mike - 36 Units

The next Round Begins:

Jewel once more charges forward. The staryu manages to advance another 150 Units.
Ark, also continues plowing straight ahead. He manages to advance 72 units.
Squirtle also chooses to go forward again. Squirtle continues to cruise ahead, advancing 120 units.
Kalazeth chooses to just go forward this time. He encounters obsticles advancing only 92 units this time.
Aurora also chooses to go straight ahead this time. She gets a nice break and advances 105 Units.
Rays also goes straight ahead. She gets a break, catching a wave this time and advances 108 units.

Jewel - Lv.11 Staryu (30) - classy_cat18 - 300 units
Ark - Lv.10 Male Umbreon (24) - Link 10 - 168 units
Squirtle - Lv.13 Male (24) - andyizcool - 264 units
Kalazeth - Lv.10 Male Horsea (23) with rain Dance (3 rounds left) Swift swim activated new speed (46) - Charizard04621 - 322 Units
Aurora - Lv.9 Female Lapras (21) - Angel Blossom - 189 units
Rays - Lv.7 Female Chinchou (18 ) - Crystalmaster Mike - 144 Units

The next Round Begins:

Jewel once more charges forward. This time the staryu manages to advance 120 Units.
Ark, also continues plowing straight ahead. He enouncters a few obstacles but manages to advance 48 units.
Squirtle also chooses to go forward again. Squirtle also encounters obstacles only advancing 72 units.
Kalazeth chooses to just go forward this time. He catches a wave advancing an amazing 230 units.
Aurora also chooses to go straight ahead this time. She once more encounters obstacles advancing only 21 Units.
Rays also goes straight ahead. She gets another break, as another wave comes her way and advances 108 units.

Jewel - Lv.11 Staryu (30) - classy_cat18 - 420 units
Ark - Lv.10 Male Umbreon (24) - Link 10 - 216 units
Squirtle - Lv.13 Male (24) - andyizcool - 336 units
Kalazeth - Lv.10 Male Horsea (23) with rain Dance (2 rounds left) Swift swim activated new speed (46) - Charizard04621 - 552 Units
Aurora - Lv.9 Female Lapras (21) - Angel Blossom - 210 units
Rays - Lv.7 Female Chinchou (18 ) - Crystalmaster Mike - 252 Units

The next Round Begins:

Jewel once more charges forward. This time the staryu encounters obstacles but manages to advance 30 Units.
Ark, also continues plowing straight ahead. This time he catches a wave and manages to advance 96 units.
Squirtle also chooses to go forward again. Squirtle cruises along advancing 96 units.
Kalazeth chooses to just go forward this time. He too cruises along advancing 184 units.
Aurora also chooses to go straight ahead this time. She catches a wave and manages to advance 126 Units.
Rays also goes straight ahead. She encounters obstacles this time and only advances 18 units.

Jewel - Lv.11 Staryu (30) - classy_cat18 - 450 units
Ark - Lv.10 Male Umbreon (24) - Link 10 - 312 units
Squirtle - Lv.13 Male (24) - andyizcool - 432 units
Kalazeth - Lv.10 Male Horsea (23) with rain Dance (1 round left) Swift swim activated new speed (46) - Charizard04621 - 736 Units
Aurora - Lv.9 Female Lapras (21) - Angel Blossom - 336 units
Rays - Lv.7 Female Chinchou (18 ) - Crystalmaster Mike - 270 Units

The next Round Begins:

Jewel once more charges forward. This time the staryu cruises along advancing 150 Units.
Ark, also continues plowing straight ahead. This time he manages to advance 48 units.
Squirtle also chooses to go forward again. Squirtle cruises along advancing 96 units.
Kalazeth chooses to just go forward this time. He gets yet another break O.o by catching a way and advancing a whopping 276 units and crossing the finish line before keeping on going. It stops raining, and his speed returns to 23.
Aurora also chooses to go straight ahead this time. She catches a wave and manages to advance 105 Units.
Rays also goes straight ahead. She cruises along advancing 72 units.

Jewel - Lv.11 Staryu (30) - classy_cat18 - 600 units
Ark - Lv.10 Male Umbreon (24) - Link 10 - 360 units
Squirtle - Lv.13 Male (24) - andyizcool - 528 units
Kalazeth - Lv.10 Male Horsea (23) - rain dance has ended - Charizard04621 - 1012 Units Winner
Aurora - Lv.9 Female Lapras (21) - Angel Blossom - 441 units
Rays - Lv.7 Female Chinchou (18 ) - Crystalmaster Mike - 342 Units

Congrats to Karin and Kalazeth! Everyone did great ^^

9th June 2004, 01:16 AM
Aargh! I missed it!

Shonta's POV


I looked up at the sky as I lay on the grass. "I'm sorry, Jewel. I didn't mean to miss the race, but I have a life outside of here, you know. I've been feeling down lately."

<No excuse. You're pathetic as a trainer and you should just start over with a clean slate.>

I sighed. She was right; my captee team was a mess except for Kawaii. Cinder didn't even have any offensive Fire-type attacks and Beaky was just...

"Jewel, you got in second place," Swoop groaned.

<Second place got me nothing.>

"Shonta, what now? I haven't even battled for the Unicorn Games yet," Lily said.

"Just let me think, okay? I'm sure I will find some way out of this. By the way, where's Kawaii?" No response. "Girls, are you hiding something from me?"

"She's out with some Jolteon!" Trinity blurted out.

I shot up. Some wake up call. "Whoa! Define 'out'."

"Already said too much! Let's go, Beacon!" She started to walk off, pushing Beacon along with her.

"Wait, you two! Take the new teammate along with you." I nudged Athena forward, but she wouldn't go any further. "Then again, maybe she can just stay with me for a while."

9th June 2004, 09:34 AM
<Jay's POV>

I bolted into the Eevee House, and made for the first open table I saw. I was carrying a very warm, damp, Pokemon egg that was bright red in color. It was throbbing very violently, and I felt that it would hatch at any moment. I sat down and kept my eye on the egg while I released Matthias and Brandi. Their attention was immediatly fixed upon the egg.

I didn't know what to do other than to just stare at it. The egg kept bouncing around, and a few times I was afraid it would fall off my lap and onto the floor. I kept hold of it very gingerly, eying Matthias and Brandi to see their reactions.

<Matthias's POV>

"What is that?" I asked. "That would be a Pokemon egg, Matthias." He was certaintly living up to the old saying all brawn no brain... "Those things are cool. I want one! I gave Matthias and odd look. First he gives me a little kiss on the cheek for saving him, and now he wants Pokemon eggs? He's really starting to creep me out....I got closer to the egg, looking at the gleaming exterior, wondering what would come into the new world. Suddenly, I heard a loud crack. The egg was hatching.

<Brandi's POV>

I darted over to J's side as soon as I heard the sound. I could see a split right down the middle of the egg that kept increasing in size. The crack formed into many different cracks, and the eggshells began to move.

<J's POV>

The eggshell tore off, and emerging from the egg came a baby Charmander, covered in goo, with bright amorous blue eyes. I took the remains of the egg and set them onto the table. I grabbed the towel and began drying the baby off. He wasn't really paying much attention to me. He kept his eyes fixed on Brandi, and then shifted his gaze to Matthias, then back to me again.

He kept looking Brandi over mysteriously. "Hello, little guy," I said. His attention was directed toward me. He gave a soft growl, and walked closer. I gave him a hug, and looked over to my other to Pokemon to see what they thought. I guess they approved of him. When I looked back over, I realized that my shirt was on fire! It must of caught on his tail... "Yipes!" I squealed. I quickly set down Charmander, ran over to the pool, and shoved my hand into the water.

I came back, Brandi was giving me a skeptical look that read as "Nice one..." and Matthias was laughing. The baby was sitting down under the table, busying itself with its tail. I was just thankful my hand wasn't burned off.

Lady Vulpix
9th June 2004, 10:27 AM
Here I am, writing my first EH post in who knows how long, thanks to my mom who gave me a day off from work because I have to give a class today. Being an assistant teacher has its benefits. ^_^

Note: this takes place after some BT battles I haven't posted yet, but it was the only way I could get here at all.

<Gabi's POV>

I entered the Eevee House for the first time in months. I really missed this place. Having been so busy with university stuff and with the Training Grounds and the Unicorn Games, and knowing there was more of that to come, I really needed a break. And so did my pokemon (except for those who had been having fun at Glacier Peak). So this was the first place I thought of.

The house was as welcoming as ever. As usual, I wasn't sure about who I would find - I just hoped I wouldn't find it empty. To my surprise, I arrived right in time to see the newborn Charmander playing with his tail and looking around with curiosity.

Lagi hugged Amber, and Sylvan directed a sweet smile at both her and the baby. Amber then moved closer to her newborn child, and kneeled down to look into his eyes. Who knows what thoughts were racing through her mind as she gazed at her son. Finally, a loving smile formed in her face and she softly caressed the baby's back.

I walked over to J and congratulated him, asking him to take good care of his Charmander. I used that phrase every day, but this time it had more meaning, since his mother was very special to me. Then I ask him if he'd thought of a name for him yet.

<Lagi's POV>

It was such a sweet encounter! I was happy for Amber. A part of her seemed to have found peace at last. Still, I sensed some worries in her and I couldn't figure out what they were about. I decided to ask later; I didn't want to ruin this mother and son moment. I wished I could see one of my own children; I missed them a lot.

Hero, on the other side, was not so enthusiastic. As ever when he came across Brandi, he didn't know what to do. He didn't try to get close to her, he just watched her and smiled. I tried not to stare at him, I knew he hated when I did that and I didn't want him to think I was invading his privacy.

I tried to direct my attention elsewhere, and soon my eyes caught the large swimming pool. It was empty at that moment, but the large puddles of water around its borders revealed it had seen a lot of action recently. I flew over to the pool, and Gabi saw that as her cue to release Water Angel into the water. The Kingdra noticed the gathering around the baby Charmander immediately.

"Wow, I can't believe I almost missed this!," she exclaimed. "Amber must be really happy. Right?"
"Yes, she is," I told her.
"Oh, look at that sign!," she said pointing with her nose to the sign where the race results were normally announced. "A Horsea won the last race! I'm proud!"
I laughed.
"Hey, don't laugh at me! Dratinis and Dragonites win races all the time. It's rare to see a Horsea win, or even race. This should be an example for other Horseas. Maybe they can try too. You know, I wanted to do something like that at the 2nd Eagle Games."
"Yes, I understand," I told her. "And you did. Even if the games never came to an end, everybody saw what you were capable of. And I'm sure Kalazeth will mark a path for others to follow. He's the kind of being that never gives up on their goals."
"You seem to know him better than I thought."
"Well, I've picked up a few of his emotions while hanging out with his team. They were the kind of emotions that make you feel motivated."
"Sometimes that empathy of yours is a gift," Water Angel smiles.
"Yes, it makes up for most of the bad times it's put me through," I admitted. "And I've learnt a lot thanks to it."
"Aha. So, when do you think the next race will take place?"
"I don't know. When the trainers are all ready, I guess. I heard Gabi say Karin had left Elwing with instructions, so I believe it's up to the other two competitors. Erm... I hope you don't mind the fact that 2/3 of the racers will be Dratinis."
Now it was her turn to laugh.
"Of course not. They're natural aquatic racers and they have the right to do what they like. And the same goes for us."
"Oh, do I sense a challenge here?"
"Oh... Well, you've always been faster than me, but I guess we can have some fun before the racers come."
"Ok, I'm ready when you are."
"That's what you think," she said, swiftly getting underwater and dashing forward.
"That's what I know," I answered, following her. Even if she turned the water around her black, as was her habit, I knew I'd have no trouble catching up.

Lady Vulpix
9th June 2004, 11:06 AM
Sorry for the double post, but it's time for the race!

The race track is 850 units long, and the contestants are Elwing Starspray, Jasmine and Diablos, with speeds of 34, 31 and 43 respectively.

Diablos started off with a Quick Attack, advancing a whole 258 units!
Elwing summoned a wave with Surf, and rode on it for 204 units.
Jasmine used her Extemespeed, getting ahead of the others and making it to 279 units.

Positions on the 1st update:
Jasmine: 279
Diablos: 258
Elwing Starspray: 204

Now Elwing, finding himself at the back of the group, aimed a Thunder Wave at the only pokemon who was in range. Diablos was paralyzed!
After the commotion, Jasmine used Extremespeed again, this time advancing only 186 units.
Diablos did his best to overcome the paralysis and used Quick Attack again, only managing to advance 33 units.
After attacking, Elwing swam forward another 204 units, getting closer to Jasmine.

Positions on the 2nd update:
Jasmine: 465
Elwing Starspray: 408
Diablos: 291

Jasmine ensured her position at the top with another Extremespeed. The currents helped her and allowed her to advance 341 units!
Elwing surfed forward, but wasn't lucky this time. The currents around her pushed the water in different directions, making it hard for her to put her wave back together. With this, she only managed to advance 34 units.
But the one who had the worst luck was Diablos, his paralysis preventing him from moving at all. :(

Positions on the 3rd update:
Jasmine: 806
Elwing Starspray: 442
Diablos: 291

Jasmine pushed forward with one final effort. She didn't use Extremespeed this time, but the currents led her swiftly past the finish line, for 186 units.
Elwing managed to keep her wave up this time, and advanced 136 units before the race was over.
Diablos made a last effort to Quick-Attack, and advanced another 44 units.

Final positions:
Jasmine: 942 - WINNER
Elwing Starspray: 578
Diablos: 335

Congratulations to Jasmine! As a reward, Amy can pick an item of her choice.
Elwing and Diablos made a good effort, so cheers to them too. Elwing did her best with the moves she knew, and Diablos's will to keep going even after he became paralyzed was admirable. :)

9th June 2004, 04:27 PM
Matts POV

I went through the entrance doors to the Eevee House knowing that I hadnt been there for a long time. I hadnt told my pokemon where I was going so they still didnt know that we were here. There were a lot of people and pokemon hovered over the area near the couch. I slowly walked by and saw that there was a new baby Charmander that had just been born sitting there while everyone watched.

That had reminded me of the egg I had just gotten that was in my pack. I pulled the warm ball of life out and sat down on the ground. I released all of my pokemon and put the egg between my legs to stay warm. Ark turned around and noticed it, of course. Whoa, what is that between your legs, Matt?! He said in astonishment. Itsan egg, Ark, I said looking at him. All my other pokemon came over and stared at it with Ark. Whats in it, then? Tabitha said. A pokemon is inside of the egg; it will come out when it is ready, though, I said. Wow, that pokemon is so lucky! I wish I was an egg, Tabitha said giggling. You were an egg, Tabitha; a lot of you were eggs, I said, sighing. They all looked confused at what I had just said. Ya know, nevermind; you all go play around the house now, and dont get into trouble, I said shooing them off.

They all ran off on their merry ways except Eiko and Atomos. They seemed concerned about something. What is it, you two? I asked smiling. Im still thinking about what you said before, Mattabout how most of us came from eggs, Atomos said. Well, its a fact of life, Atomos, I said. But I never see my parents at all, She said with her head down. Maybe you will see them sooner or later, I said reassuring her. I never see my parents either, Atomos, so dont feel bad, Eiko said sadly. Youll see your parents sometime, too, Eiko; I promise, I said.

They both looked like they had a load lifted off their backs and Atomos left, running off for Ark. Eiko stayed and slithered up against me. What exactly is in that egg, Matt? She said. Its a Nincada, Eiko; its what everyone calls a captured pokemon, I said. A what? Eiko said. Its different from Adopted Pokemon like you and everyone elseits hard to explain, really, I said a little perplexed on what to say. Do you have anymore of these captured pokemon, Matt? She asked. Yes, I do, and I have one that you might like to talk to, I said pulling out a pokeball. I threw it to the ground and my captured Dratini came out from inside. When Eiko saw another of her kind, she was very surprised. My captured Dratini wasnt impressed with Eiko. Why do you have wings? Come to think of it, who are you anyway? Matt? She asked. Sorry, Dratini, but this is my, how should I say this, other Dratini named Eiko, I said scratching my head. Ok, then why does she have wings and I dont?! She demanded. She was born with them you werent, I answered.

Eiko was still in shock that there was another Dratini for her to talk to. She shly started talking. Hellomy name isEiko, She said to my captured Dratini. Now, you two play nicely and dont start any fights or anything, I said to them, as I got up. I had decided to sit on the couch instead of the hard ground. I carried my egg in my arms and plopped down near the gawking was taking place. I still wondered why my pokemon were so confused about this egg even Ark and Atomos had produced many sons and daughterswhy wonder now?

Nightmare the Meowths POV

Tabitha? Whered you go, sis? I asked, looking around. This place was new to me I had never been in here before, and now I had lost my sister somewhere in this place. I was so scared that I just sat down and crawled up into a ball and started to cry a little. I hope someone helps me find my sister I thought crying some more.

Ark the Umbreons POV

Wow, I suck, I said looking at the wall. What? Why do you suck? I dont think you suck Atomos said. Its just that I lost that race the other day, and Matt was really hoping that I would win, I said with my head down. Dont get so down on this race, Ark; theyll be other races, and this one wasnt one you shouldve been in in the first place, Atomos said. YeahI guess youre right, but I wish there was something I could do to make it up to Matt for losing so easy, I said. Dont worry about it; Diablos lost his race too, Atomos said. Yeah, but I feel like I should do something, but I dont know what right now, I said.

AntiAsh Superstar
9th June 2004, 07:58 PM
"Oh, well that's just great, isn't it?" Sindel stropped. "Why do the races have to start the instant my food's ready?"
"Sheer poor timing, Sindel, what can I say?" Marius offered. "If it's any consolation I'd be willing to bet that you would have a lot more success in getting people's attention if you simply took the goods out of the kitchen. You'd be surprised as to how effective scent is as an attention grabber."
"It's you, you twit, you scare everyone off with your big words, you have to just accept everyone here is dense!" Milliardo cackled, suddenly materialising from behind his foster son. "As for you, Thingy, quit with the constant attempts to grab people's attention with your cakes. You're really desperate for attention off somebody other than your existing team members, so just come out and admit it."
"That was scarily perceptive, Milliardo!" Sindel blinked several times. "Are you feeling alright?"
"Never better," the Umbreon smirked. "I've just kicked some daft Ninetales' butt, I've found the long lost sister that I spent most of my life worrying about... let's just conveniently ignore the fact that she seems to have divided in the meantime... what's not to feel good about?"

"What???" Beckham suddenly realised that Gabi's team had entered the Eevee House. It had only taken several hours for this to sink in, but this was a record by the Wartortle's usual easily distracted standards. "Oi! Caledor! We need more players for a game of ball here, so far it's just me, Megan and Ryo-Ohki and that's no fun. You interested?"

"Interesting..." Almost instantaneously a small Eevee blinked into existance in the far corner of the room. "A convenient place of rest." All of a sudden she began to twitch violently, before calming back down again, her spasm disappearing as quickly as it had arrived. "Hey! Guys! Need any more players for your game of ball?" A new life within her eyed that had previously been lacking, the Eevee ran over to where Beckham and his friends were playing ball.

10th June 2004, 01:09 AM
i'll post more later when i have more time or get the chance.

(Sinopa's POV)

Marius had turned to me. "What would you like? We have practically everything here. She always did have this problem with producing too much..." I looked at all the food. "I... I don't know. It all looks good. Why don't you pick and surprise me?" I finally said. "Besides, the current race doesn't really interest me. Water and me don't mix." As well, as confining spaces," I added silently to myself.

(Jovi's POV)

It was getting rather late. "I guess we need to head back." I said. Kawaii just nodded her head. I had a feeling that neither of us wanted to go back just yet, but felt that we needed to. I took a deep breath and one last look, before standing up and leading her back to the Eevee House. On the way back through the inside, I noticed Zale had something wrapped in a tiny pink blanket in front of him. I shrugged, deciding to ask later. We made our way to the backyard of the Eevee House. "I hope you liked it." I said, smiling nervously.

(Jasmine's POV)

I slowly fluttered out of the pool, and over to where Amy was. I saw that she had a interesting looking, brown egg with her. Every once in a while, it rocked back and forth vigorously, before stopping. "I guess its still not ready to hatch just yet." was all that she said. I just nodded and curled up beside her and watched the egg.

(Flame's POV)

I watched from the distance as my son hatched. I wanted to go over there, but felt like i didn't belong. I stifled back a laugh as his new trainer's shirt caught on fire. I sat there watching from the distance.

Lady Vulpix
10th June 2004, 08:09 AM
<Tsunami's POV>

Lagi and Water Angel hadn't been able to finish their little race, since all the official racers gathered together right away and my teammates had to move away to leave room for them. After the race was over, I reckoned my own race couldn't be far ahead, so I decided to get in and train. I would let no cramps stop me this time.

I dived into the water and pushed forward as fast as possible. Surf had always been my best move, but as I'd just been able to witness, in a race it could hinder as much as it could help. There was no way to predict the currents, as they changed whenever somebody moved. When Elwing had stopped surfing to attack Diablos and then tried to Surf again, the pool had turned into a chaos. So, what did I really have to rely on? Only my own actions. As I thought of this, I took an impulse and jump forwards. I felt the contact with the air for an instant before touching the water again, and used the chance to breathe. I could do that in the race, no problem. And I had ways to defend myself as well. Now it was just a matter of keeping my muscles flexible and I'd be ready.

I returned to the surface and looked around. The place had become a lot more crowded since I'd started excercising. I noticed Ade's crowd and I was about to greet them, when my little friend beat me to it. He wouldn't have, if the group had been close to the water, but the way things were... Well, it didn't take more than a second... two at most. Beckam saw my team and called for Caledor, who vanished into the shadows immediately, only to reappear on the Wartortle's side and shout his name. I was already tired of watching him do that trick; he'd been playing it on me ever since his arrival to Glacier Peak. Of course I couldn't really blame him; I'd done the same when I had learnt Acid Armor, and now he'd just given me an excuse to startle him whenever I got the chance. We'd just found a new game to play. I could predict what was going to happen next: Caledor would use his Faint Attack to sneak into Gabi's backpack and steal her Beach Ball, and then offer it to the group, jumping at the chance to play with them. I knew him well.

I was thinking of joining them myself, when I noticed the Eevee appear out of nowhere. I'd seen her before, but that didn't make it any less shocking. I decided to wait and see what happened. I could always join the fun later. And if everything was flowing smoothly, and if they came closer to the water, I'd get the chance to take revenge on my ever so playful friend.

10th June 2004, 06:00 PM
Naurmir, the male Charmanders POV:

Almost right after that Aerodactyl flew over I knew there was something wrong. I stopped clutching Blades leg so tightly and wandered off towards his Charizard friend, who used to play with me. Something felt not right and I was scared. I wondered where my dad was.

Kalazeth, the male Horseas POV:

But why did I lose? she asked me, indignant. Elwing shook her head in irritation. I could understand her frustration; we had trained together so many hours, each hoping to win. Personally, I had never expected victory, but no matter what happened in that race (my first) I was determined to enjoy myself and come out of that wonderful experience the richer. Elwing, used to success in almost everything she did, had been disappointed by her first taste of failure.

Having won my own race, I did not want to give any advice or words that might provoke her wrath. There could be no such words more ill timed. Still, I could not help myself. I wanted to assure her that she need not dwell on a single failure, for she succeeded in so many more things. Youre always a winner to me.

Not this time, she said bitterly, without turning around.

Lune, the male Eevees POV:

I watched secretly over the pools calm surface as she stood next to Gwaihir before that Scizor. Her reflection in the liquid mirror had to it a surreal quality, the kind that you could find in dreams. That was how I felt after what had happened so many years ago, that I lived in a dream. A nightmare.

Rthruin, I called out to her softly not wanting to interrupt the interaction with Blade but at the same time loud enough for only her to hear. She looked behind her and caught me watching, and, as I nodded, flew over the pool to me, leaving Gwaihir to face Blade on his own. The tips of her toes grazed the water slightly as she passed, sending little waves outward that she fanned with her lightly flitting wings.

Seeing the expression on my face, she could not help but question. After all, she had not seen me look this way before. She smiled hesitantly.

Have I told you, Ruth, I said softly, staring into her infinitely deep, captivating eyes, that when you smile, I think of rainbows and the first rays of sunlight as their little beams of gold just begin to shine through the morning wisps of clouds?

She looked at me strangely, unsure of what I was saying. Lune?

Teach me how to smile, Ruth. Teach me how to smile like that.

Lune, are you all right? she asked, now beginning to worry.

Come for a walk with me. By exiting the door outside into the moonlit night, I gave her no other choice. She dutifully followed.

I heard her gasp in wonder as she took in the beautiful scene. Trillions and trillions of stars, some seeming close enough to touch and others infinitely far away, blanketed the night sky. They twinkled softly, delicately, as if afraid to shatter the perfect peace that was this cool darkness. Silver moonlight bathed us as we moved forward, slowly, towards the deep woods, with our heads upturned to admire the sky.

Ruth, I ventured softly, hating to break the crystalline silence but knowing that I had to, Have you ever felt lonely before? Not just when youre alone, but when there is plenty of life flourishing around you and yet you feel isolated? Like theres no one, despite the abundance of souls, that you can confide in.

She though for a while in silence, then gave me the answer I knew she would give and yet dreaded to hear anyway. I cant say I have, Lune, she told me honestly. There was a time when I felt only anger. But then Ive never lost as much as you.

Ah, yes, loss. I had dwelt on my loss for many years, mourning not only her death but the death of my happiness. I had spent many a time pining away, watching as the life in my heart slowly ebbed out onto the dirt, or got sucked into cement floors colder than ice. Feeling sorry that she died. Feeling sorry for me. But all this did not bring her back to life neither did it resurrect from his grave her killer and my friend though I wanted so badly for both of them to be with me all over again, as if murder had never sullied our souls. Shes gone and she wont come back, I said without regret. No amount of tears or pain can change the past I paused a while. It was a strained silence. But the future The future is mine to grasp. Now. This very moment.

Rthruin stopped walking, unsure of how to respond. We had reached a grove of trees, and now stood there concealed under their merciful shade. She knelt down to look into my face. Gaze with those beautiful, penetrating eyes into mine, as if to search my soul for an answer. They held me spellbound; I was in another world. Then, softly, timidly, when I dared, I spoke, saying to the Scyther the words that had been in my heart all these months screaming for me to let them free. Ruth I whispered, terrified, I am desperately in love with you. As my lips pressed hotly against hers, we clutched each other under the trees whose leaves captured stray moonlight like wells, neither daring to say a word or even breathe. The only sound in the darkness was the frantic pounding of her heart with mine.

10th June 2004, 08:16 PM
<Nightshade's POV>

"Sure, go ahead. I'm sure he wants to talk to you also," I waved her off with a hand. "Tell him congratulations for me."
She looked at me weird but nodded and trotted off to her brother.
"So naive," I sighed. "Then again, she's still a young kid."
I looked around the room, which had a sudden influx of trainers and Pokemon. I spotted Aries by the couches, pacing back and forth frantically. I teleported over and came up on him quietly. With a light stroke of his back, he literally jumped two feet before turning around angrily on me.
"Why did you do that?" he snapped.
"Because you're acting like a mess," I grinned but it faded. "Anything wrong?"
He hesitated before coming close and whispering loud enough for me to hear.
"I'm going to have another kid."
"WHAT?!?" I yelled, which turned a few heads. I looked around and quieted a bit. "I thought you were too depressed after Eclipse left."

<Aries's POV>

"I was, but then I promised I wouldn't have anymore kids until I knew the trainer was dependable and would visit the house often. Sure enough, Amy had an opening on her team and wanted another Eevee. Why, I don't know but I knew it was my chance to try once more."
I looked at the door expectantly and was surprised to find Amy coming in with the egg bundled up.
"I want you to get everyone over here as fast as you can."
"Right away, Mon Capitan," Nightshade saluted and teleported off.
Whatever gender they might be, they're going to have one nutty uncle.
As soon as Amy sat on one of the couches, I jumped up and looked at the egg. It had begun to shake a while ago but now it was almost constant. I looked around and found Nightshade and the others coming towards out, Lee not surprisingly way out front. A minute after he arrived, the others lumbered up into view, Nigthshade clearly out of breath.
"Everyone...here except...Blade and Drake...they were busy...and I didn't want to interfer," he gulped before continuing on. "I'm sure they'll...be by later."
"When did you go have a kid?" Lee asked.
"Nightshade will tell you later," I said hurriedly and looked back at the egg.
Already, cracks were beginning to form all along the shell, faint at first but soon becoming more defined. My offspring was fighting to make it out of there and few seconds later, pieces of shell were flying about everywhere. As soon as more came off, Amy began to pry the rest of the egg off before revealing a baby Eevee (as if it wasn't obvious to begin with). After rubbing it down, we found out it was a boy. As the others cheered, I wiped a lone tear rolling down my face and beamed at my son.
"What's his name?" I asked her.
"I thought about naming him Darin. Is that ok with you?"
I nodded and continued to look down at my son, who noticed me and looked up with sparkling brown eyes. I could tell he would be just like Nightshade, rambunctious and sometimes a handful but a fighter at heart.
"My own family," I whispered and brought Darin close to me.

<Drake's POV>

The twins had gone off somewhere and so had Blade. Left all alone, I went in search of Elwing. For a young Dratini, she was rather independent and I wasn't ready for her to be that just yet. Just as I got up however, Naurmir came sauntering over, apprently looking for someone to be with. I sighed and stooped down to his level.
"You know Naurmir, maybe you should spend time with your father instead of me and Blade. We both like your company but you should be with your family more sometimes."
I pointed him out in the distance, which was easy enough since there weren't a lot of male Charizards in the house.
"See? He's over there. I have to go to the pool now but if you want to come along, you can."
I got up and started to walk over to the pool. I didn't want to turn around to see if he would follow. I didn't want to influence his choice.

As soon as I got over, I saw Elwing's clearly upset face, her Horsea friend next to her and Ryu nowhere in sight.
Odd, I thought.
"Elwing, what's wrong?"
The Horsea looked up in surprise but Elwing ignored him and sniffed.
"I lost the water race."
I braced myself for my reply but did it.
She looked up at me, upset and angry, mostly angry though.
"I've worked so hard for this and I lost it badly. I'm a failure!"
"No you're not," I chided. "You know how long I've worked at becoming the best I could be? I've lost so many battles I can't even remember them all. When I was a Charmeleon, I battled Naurmir and his sister's father, Flame. He was also a Charmeleon and both of us were on the brink of evolving. Our battle decided who was to evolve first. And do you know who won? He did. I was so pissed off that I dwelled on it for days but then realized it meant nothing as my goal was to just evolve and keep on growing. And after the next battle or so, I evolved and continued to battle. So really, one battle or race shouldn't stop you from who or what you're trying to be."
I reached my claw out and grabbed her by the waist. Gently pulling her out, I brought her in for a hug. I grinned inside as I knew I was embarrassing her. That's what a father did to their children.

<Blade's POV>

I smiled as I saw Naurmir cling to my leg as I was at the punching bags. I don't know why he was interested in me but as long as it made him feel happy, I was fine with it also. As I bent down to greet him, he apparently saw a big shadow and looked towards the pool. I followed suit and saw a semi-grown Aerodactyl coming in our direction. I narrowed my eyes and I could see nervousness in his eyes. When I looked down again, I saw Naurmir gone, probably because of a potential confrontation. I didn't blame him either. I looked up as the Aerodactyl landed and looked extremely uncomfortable.
"H-hello. Blade? You may not know me, but Im Gwaihir."
"I know."
Of course I knew. He was the son of Dodger, the one who stole her away. He wasn't the offspring of the two of them but nevertheless, his presence was unnerving.
"Ive got something to say to you." He carefully chose his words and slowly continued on. "I know some things that have happened before have not been so easy for you"
I flinched and he must have noticed because he quickly stopped what he was saying. I hastily reverted back to my former expression before he spoke again. "My father" he choked but somehow found the words after a minute or two. "From the day I heard what happened Ive been feeling really guilty about it, although I dont know why. I wasnt sure whether or not I should approach you but I felt as if I owed you something, somehow. What I wanted to say was Im very sorry for everything thats happened. Im not expecting your forgiveness or anything Experiences like that are hard to forgive. But I had to get this off my chest. I feel at fault and I wish for your sake especially that none of this had ever happened."
I looked behind him and found Ruthruin staring at the both of us, clearly looking displeased. It was obvious she tried to sway Gwaihir from speaking to me but he ignored her and did what was needed.
"You've should've listened to Ruthruin," I said flatly. He grimaced but I knew he expected it. "I have nothing against you and I never will. After what happened between you're father and I, I swore I would never forgive him and I still feel the same way. I no longer loathe him like I once did but I prefer not to be around him in any case. So I suppose an apology was not needed in the first place since you realized too late I would never forgive. Certainly not you since you didn't do anything but to your father, no."
I punched the bag hard and swift, trying to release my sudden anger on it.
"Just remember that although I'm not fond of Aerodactyl's at all, you're alright with me."

10th June 2004, 09:29 PM
Naurmir, the male Charmanders POV:

As soon as he pointed me in the right direction and I saw my dad, I knew that I was going to go over there. I hadnt seen him in a while, I think, and I hadnt really gotten to spend much time with him. I ran over to him as fast as my little legs could take me. I wasnt nearly as fast as Aglrien. She used to tell me that it was because she was bigger than normal Charmander. In time I learned the truth, that it was not she who was bigger but I who was smaller. I saw it in the bodies of the other Charmander who ran around in the Eevee House. Aglrien lied to me. Maybe she was trying to protect me but it couldnt happen all the time. I was smaller and weaker and I knew it.

Dad looked kind of preoccupied. I looked at where he was staring and saw an eggshell cracking. After a while a tiny Charmander popped out and I stumbled. It looked as small as I was now, but the difference was, it had just hatched. Id already had months to grow.

Growling playfully, I grabbed my dads tail and kept dodging from side to side as he turned his head to see who it was. I wondered how long it would take for him to recognize me.

Elwing Starspray, the female Dratinis POV:

I listened in disbelief to Daddys story about how he had lost a battle to Naurmir and Aglriens father, thus being the second to evolve in their race. I found it hard to grasp. My Daddy, whom I worshipped as invincible, able to do anything, had lost a battle that counted for a lot? Losing more battles than he could count?

Still, something he said made sense, when he said that one failure shouldnt become a barrier to even greater success. It gave me comfort to think that even if I messed up once, I would have the time to try again until I made it right. But I worked so hard!

In front of Kalazeth, Daddy picked me up and held me in a tight embrace that I couldnt escape. I squirmed to show that I really didnt want the hug, when in my heart I actually did. It felt good just to have him hold me up and it helped to stop me from crying. It was a miracle how one simple action could do so much and provide so much comfort. Eventually I stopped squirming and just let him hug me. I didnt care anymore. I just wanted him to make me feel better.

Gwaihir the Windlord, the male Aerodactyls POV:

I nodded, bowing my head. After I had thought it out and realized that Rthruin was right, Blade had given me exactly what I had expected, no more, and no less. Even though I had gained no pardon for my father, the guilt had been lifted off my chest, and I knew that Blade did not resent me for the horrible things that had happened to him in his past. Im sorry for bringing this up, I said quietly, and flew noiselessly away over the water. It was then that I noticed that Rthruin had left me with Blade alone.

Rthruin, the female Scythers POV:

Lune, I dont know what to say, I told the Eevee, after our initial wildness had worn off and we managed to hold back. In his eyes was a distant longing, a wish begging me to wash his pain away, and a promise to send away mine.

I Sorry I thought I could control myself.

Dont apologize. I smiled. Even though his eyes had been riddled by weariness, they shone somewhat with the help of the moonlight and the stars. That was what I had wanted, for a long time since I had known him, for him to stop ailing so much for light to return to his face. Because he didnt deserve to live a waking nightmare.

He looked at me shyly, then, looking away, cleared his throat. Well, I enjoyed our little walk, he said, knowing perfectly well that it had been a lot more than just a little walk. Shall we head back to the house now?

I couldnt help but laugh softly at his demure demeanor. Only if you smile for me.

How do I do that?

Lune was like a little child again, starting over, eager to learn everything from the very beginning. In my heart I smiled for him until I could smile no more. You start by thinking about something that makes you happy. You make your spirit dance, and your face will follow all by itself.

Nero, the male Umbreons POV:

I had stood off to the distance when Aries started bursting into tears. I saw him try to stop them but they just kept flowing, and I found myself thinking, Let them flow. Although I was ashamed to cry in public, to show such weakness of feelings and heart, I knew that ultimately letting go was what made me feel better in the end.

Nightshade crept up on him and gave him such a surprise that when he was done leaping two feet into the air Aries looked as if he would bite the Kadabras head off. But that was only for a little while. They talked for a while, and I longed to know what it was about, because the expression on Ariess face softened a bit. I knew better than to intrude, however, and in time my questions at least were answered.

I saw Ariess attention turned towards a group who huddled around a little brown egg. When the Eevee hatched and Aries wiped a tear out of his eye, I knew that he had found what he had longed for at last: someone he could love as his own.

Feeling touched and about to cry from happiness for Aries myself, I quickly left the building for a walk outside under the stars.

As I approached the trees, I spotted Lune and Rthruin together, probably admiring the scenery that took my breath away. There werent always nights as clear as this. Strangely enough, as I neared, I felt no negative energy and saw no images that would make my blood curl. Either they were gone or they were somehow well suppressed. In spite of all that I had ever known, I thought that as Lune sat there under the moonlight next to Rthruin I could detect a faint smile sneaking onto his face.

11th June 2004, 02:15 AM
Kawaii's POV

We reluctantly returned to the Eevee House. After all, we both had things to do. "I hoped you liked it," Jovi said.

I smiled. "I did. I hope we can do this again." We went our separate ways. I felt light and carefree. I soon found myself prancing around the backyard and humming to myself.

There was a rustling of feathers as Swoop landed on my head. "Looks like someone had a good day," she said brightly.

"Oh, it was wonderful!" I exclaimed.

"I wish the other captees were feeling the same way," she said in a grim voice.

My spirits dropped. "What's wrong?" I asked her.

"Well, Cinder's having one heck of a headache from battling some Skarmory for training. Beaky's somewhere sleeping with an empty stomach and wondering why he's not as lucky with the Pokemon here as you are. Shonta, well...she's just awful."


"She keeps muttering about school even though she's out for the summer. And Jewel's just mad at her for not making it to the race, even though she finished in second place."

I sighed. "So the other adoptees are doing alright?"

"Just fine! But the new girl's having a hard time opening up." She lifted a wing and pointed it to a Mankey that was standing in front of us and slightly shaking. "Athena's a little shy. Shonta wants to give her a Cross Chop TM and start her training, but she's just not into it."

I walked over and lowered my head to Athena's eye level. "My name's Kawaii. How about we look around for my friend and then something to eat?"

Athena looked shocked for a while, but she gave a small smile. "Sure!"

11th June 2004, 12:06 PM
(Tiana's POV)

"Sure, go ahead. I'm sure he wants to talk to you also," I grinned as he waved me off. "Tell him congratulations for me." I looked at him puzzled, for a minute, before i trotted off to find Zale. It wasn't hard to find him, he was sitting in the middle of the house staring into a pink blanket. Odd, I thought. I saw Uncle Nero get up and walk off. Zale looked around puzzled, then turned his attention back to the blanket. As I neared, i heard a small cry. I hurried up to where he was, and saw that there was a tiny baby absol in the blanket. "Hi Zale. Are you okay? Everyone keeps telling me that you are, but i saw this strange vision while you were surfing..." I stopped talking as a look of terror, followed by relief, followed by nervousness washed over his face.

(Zale's POV)

Not long after Uncle Nero, had answered my question, he silently disappeared as i was watching Angel sleep. I didn't notice it until, she had woken up and began to cry softly. I looked around and saw that Uncle Nero had gone. Of course I couldn't expect him to stick around forever. I turned my attention back to Angel, and gave her a gentle nuzzle. She soon settled down, and I heard the one that I wanted to talk to most, but also was scared to talk with behind me. It was Tiana's voice. Hi Zale. Are you okay? Everyone keeps telling me that you are, but i saw this strange vision while you were surfing..." she stopped talking as a look of terror, followed by relief, followed by nervousness washed over my face. "Hi Tiana..." I said taking a deep breath. "Yeah, I'm okay. I'm no sure what you're talking about when you say visions, but i've got someone I want you to meet." At this point I took a deep breath, and motioned her to take a look inside the blanket. "She's adorable." I head Tiana whisper. "This is my..." I took another deep breath, "daughter, Angel." Tiana looked a bit puzzled. At least she wasn't backing away from me. "She's also your neice, kind of like you are to Uncle Nero." Tiana just blinked, and then she smiled. "Well, I'm sure that you'll be a great dad, you're the best brother anyone could ask for. Oh, and now i understand what Nightshade mean. He told me to tell you congratulations." I looked into Tiana's eyes, and there was no doubt that she meant every word that she just said. I pulled her close and gave her a tight hug. For a few minutes, she enjoyed it, but then she began squirming, "Uh, Zale, I can't breathe." I released my sis, from the embrace, and we both started laughing.

(Jovi's POV)

I was smiling, things were looking up. I had even won a bt battle on top of it all. I saw Zale hugging Tiana and felt that it was as good a time see what was in the blanket. I walked over and saw a little baby absol in it. I quickly looked from her to Zale, and I noticed that her eyes looked the same as Zale's. I looked back and forth, and found traces of resemelance here and there. At that point, I realized that Zale must have become a dad. I was surprised, because he was still a teenager himself, but happy for him. "Congrats," I said walking over to him after he had finished hugging his sister. Zale smiled up at me.[/color=royalblue] "Thanks. I... uh... have a question?"[/color] "What is it? "How do i pick her up?" "I see," I said smiling. Tiana, can I use you to demonstrate?" "Sure!" she chirped. I walked over, as Zale watched my every move. "See, this spot," I said pointing to the scruff or Tiana's neck. Zale nodded. "What you do is you gently pick them up in your mouth there, and tote them to where ever you what to go." I showed him. "You can either pick them up where their head is facing in hte direction that you're walking, or two the side. Its the same, just one way their looking forward, and the other they're looking to the side." I set Tiana back down. "I remember Mom carrying me that way." "Thanks." he told me before picking up his daughter, and trotting off with Tiana at his heels, towards a gathering group around Amy. I myself decided to just walk around. I saw Lani and Huan in the distance.

(Flame's POV)

I sat there watching on, when i felt someone grab the end of my tail. I turned my head to look, but whoever it was, was on the other side. I turned my head again and saw no one again. I grinned, lifting my tail, and saw that it was Naurmir. A smile spread across my face as i lifted him from my tail. "Hey there, Naurmir. I havent' seen you in a while." I said grinning.

(Amy's POV)

It wasn't long after I had sat down with the egg that Aries had shown up. Jasmine hovered up to my shoulder and draped herself across my neck, letting Aries have her spot next to the egg. The egg had begun shaking again, and this time it didnt' stop. My the time the rest of his teammates arrived, there were cracks appearing in the shell. It wasn't long after he had hatched that Aries asked me what his name was. "I thought about naming him Darin. Is that ok with you?" Aries nodded, staring at his son. I smiled, and whispered to Darin, "This is your Dad." Darin looked up at his dad with his big brown eyes, and i couldn't help but smile. "My own family," he whispered, pulling Darin close to me. Darin grinned, squeaked, and tried to touch his dad, but ended up accidentally bopping him on the nose with his paw. I couldn't help but giggle at that.

12th June 2004, 10:42 AM
The speed category:


The track length:

2000 units.

The racers:

Tsunami - Lv.60 Male Vaporeon (120) - Lady Vulpix
Kovu - Lv.58 Male Umbreon (116) - Wolfsong

There will be a 20 minute time limit between sending in attacks. If no attacks are received during that time, the pokmon will just move straight. Good luck, and have fun.

Tsunami propelled himself forward with Quick Attack, advancing a good 960 units.
Kovu, not as adept at swimming as his opponent, only went forward 580 units.

Round 1 end results:

Tsunami(120) - 960 units
Kovu(116) - 580 units

Feeling like relaxing a bit, Tsunami rewarded his good start by riding a tall Surf wave. His joyful exclamations made the move seem worth it, and he managed to proceed another 600 units.
Kovu, still not doing well in the water, could only make 464 units.

Round 2 end results:

Tsunami(120) - 1560 units
Kovu(116) - 1044 units

Unaware of anything else other than his delightful pleasure, Tsunami continued to sail on his wave, carrying himself over the finish line with a 720 unit advance!
With the mounting pressure, Kovu did his best to catch up, but he couldn't make it past another 464 units.

Round 3 end results:

Tsunami(120) - 2280 units [WINNER!]
Kovu(116) - 1508 units

Tsunami wins and gains the right to have a free item from the Rewards Center. Congratulations to all. Kovu did his best, but water isn't his element.

14th June 2004, 12:58 AM
Kawaii's POV

Athena and I found Beaky perched with most of the other Flying types. I tried to think of a less irritating way to wake him up, but it all came back to yelling out his name and hoping he doesn't attack us. "Hey Beaky!" I yelled out.

"Is that your friend?" Athena softly asked me.

"Yeah, but it wouldn't hurt to take cover." Athena nodded and hid under me.

Beaky growled and half-opened his eyes. "What is it?" he grumpily asked me. "I was taking a nap."

"I know you're hungry. How about you come down here and we raid the kitchen together?" I batted my eyes.

He turned his back to me. "Leave me alone."

I sighed. No use trying to psychically bring him down here.

Athena's POV

Kawaii looked down at me, a worried look on her face. "We'll have to leave him up there, but he really doesn't look good."

I have to do something. "I can...get him down," I offered. "But I'll need a lift." I gave a small smile.

Her expression brightened. "One Confusion coming up!" Her eyes glowed blue, and I was suddenly lifted up to the rafters. I grabbed ahold of the beam and cautiously tiptoed to Beaky.

"What are you doing up here?" Beaky said in a mix of amazement and anger as I approached me.

"Kawaii's worried about you, so I'm bringing you down with me." I bent down to grab him, but he took off. Without thinking, I jumped for him and grabbed him, immediately feeling the gravity take effect.

Kawaii gasped and let out another Confusion attack, catching me before I hit the floor. "Don't do that again, okay?" she asked me breathlessly.

I looked down at Beaky, who turned out to be out cold in my arms. I didn't mean to knock him out. "Where's the kitchen?" I started sniffing the air and came upon a delicious aroma.

Kawaii sniffed with me. "I guess you follow the scent. Why don't you go there while I gather up your team?"

The Oddish whom I recognized as my teammate ran up to me, laughing. "Wow! I saw you jump and snag Beaky in midair! That was so cool!" She followed me while I followed the scent. I peeked in the doorway.

"Yay! Cake!" Lily yelled happily as she burst into the kitchen. She started to jump around, probably trying to get someone's attention.

I went back into the hallway. It's crowded! I can't go in there! I looked down at the still unconscious Beaky. Maybe I should wait until Beaky comes to. I set him down and cautiously walked into the kitchen. I opened up a couple of cabinets and brought out a shallow pan and a bowl. I climbed up with the pan and filled it up with water from the sink. I cautiously climbed down with it and set it down in front of Beaky, then ran back in with the bowl and opened the refrigerator. They have everything in here! I pulled out a bunch of grapes and a couple of apples, putting them in the bowl. I left Lily and went back to Beaky.

AntiAsh Superstar
14th June 2004, 05:42 PM
"It's certainly getting crowded in here!" Sindel chuckled as even more pokmon filed into the kitchen, some just wanting to fetch food more suited to their diet, others drawn in my the scent of her baking. The look on her face showed that she didn't mind one bit. "Help yourselves to whatever you like, everyone, it was made to be eaten, after all! Just let's try and leave some for the others who haven't wandered in here yet, okay?"
"I can't see that happening somehow, Sindel," Marius commented. "I seem to recall that your previous attempts resulted in pokmon taking half of the food home to consume at a later date. Anyway..." Here the Dratini turned to Sinopa. "What do you say to a slice of cherry pie, if you insist that I choose?"

"Oh, everyone, Rhi, Rhi, everyone." Milliardo was the first to notice Rhiannon's arrival, and introduced her to the crowds in typically rude fashion. "Now that's out of the way what say we celebrate me and my general awesomeness?"
"It was a hollow victory, Milliardo," I warned. "Gabi's feedback on your Unicorn Games battle was less than flattering, in fact it can be basically summed up as 'he's a spiteful little bugger, isn't he'? We're going to have to change that game plan of yours."
"What? Why?" The Umbreon seemed offended. "It works, doesn't it?"
"Ponder this one. When was the last time you won a battle without making an enemy for life out of your opponent?" I sighed deeply. "Look, you're excellent at what you do, but in that kind of situation they're looking for the most skilled at battle, not the most skilled at being nasty."
"You shouldn't have entered me then," the Umbreon sniffed haughtily. "I'll be damned if I'm going to change."
"I'm not asking you to. Just think about it, okay? Do you really want to win all your battles in that way? It's really cheap, if nothing else."

"Eh, she's not so bad once ya get ta know her a bit," Katnip commented, noticing Tsunami staring oddly at Rhiannon. "Yeah, she's real confusin' an' none of us are too thrilled about that bossy, do anythin' ta get the job done part of her, but we only get that half the time."
"Nobody's really given her a chance, anyway." Pearl suddenly appeared from under the water. "Do you think we should invite her over?"
"Whoa, Pearl, where did ya come from there? I swear ya should've been born a Vaporeon." Katnip giggled. "Dunno. Ya can never really tell what kinda mood she's gonna be in..."

14th June 2004, 09:28 PM
(Jovi's POV)

Oliver popped in, but rushed out like someone had set his tail on fire. I watched him go puzzled. I shook my head and walked off. I whistled a happy tune. I saw Laila sitting by herself. I shook my head, sadly. That larvitar was pretty strong, yet she lacked the self-confidence to make her the best that she could be. Suddenly, she looked as if she had spotted someone that she wanted to talk to. I raised an eyebrow seeing as she had hardly made any friends that i had known of here. I decided to leave her be, as i walked outside to get some exercise. I was feeling unusually hyper today.

(Laila's POV)

I was sitting by myself bored out of my wits. I hadn't really made many friends, and one of the few that i had made, hadn't been here in ages. I saw Jovi walk by whistling happily. I saw a crowd gathering around Amy. I wasn't really sure what was going on, but I wasn't planning on heading over there. That is until i spotted a cubone that i had talked to a while back. I didnt' really know him to well, but i was pretty sure that his name was Orion. At least it wouldn't be like talking to a complete stranger. I took a deep breath and walked over. "H... hi." I said softly. "I'm not sure if you remember me or not, but I'm Laila."

(Tiana's POV)

We had made it over to the couch, but there was a sudden crowd of pokemon standing around. I looked over at Zale, who was content to stay on the outermost fringes of the crowd. He had placed Angel on his paws, and she was looked around. She was a cute one. I turned my attention back to the gathered crowd, and I spotted Nightshade close to the front. I carefully threaded my way to the front. Being smaller than normal did have its benefits from time to time. I saw a baby eevee next to Aires. "What's going on?" I asked Nightshade. "Who's the little guy?" I added, my curosity peaked.

(Sinopa's POV)

The sudden increase of pokemon into the kitchen kinda made me nervous, but not by much. I was looking around, at all the food in amazement as Marius and Sindel were talking. "What do you say to a slice of cherry pie, if you insist that I choose?" Marius asked me, bringing my attention back to them. "That sounds great." I said smiling. "Thanks." I told them before starting to eat the piece of pie that i had been given.

(Darin's POV)

I looked around, blinking. Big things were everywere.

(Amy's POV)

I watched little Darin in amusement. Even though he had just hatched, he was full of energy, though obviously uncoordinated. After he had accidentally bopped his dad on the nose, he was still all of about a minute sitting in front of his dad. Darin's eyes were looking around him, at everyone, there was a twinkle in his eyes. Then, all of a sudden, he tried to stand but ended up falling flat on his face. He made a squeak as he landed on the couch.

15th June 2004, 01:08 AM
Kawaii's POV

I looked in each of the rooms. That's funny. Shonta just disappeared. I found the group huddled together in front of the TV, looking very worn out. "You look like you were the ones that battled in the Games, not Lily," I told them.

"Well, Lily's battle was very...interesting," Trinity said drowsily, yawning in the middle of her sentence. She put her head in between her paws.

"I thought you would be hungry by now. I smelled something wonderful in the kitchen." Too late. She was gone to sleep, and the others didn't look too far from slumber themselves. I left them and went back to Athena, who was just outside the kitchen and enjoying an apple. Right next to her was a revived Beaky, munching on some grapes.

"You feeling alright, Beaky?" I asked him. He nodded and went back to eating.

"There's a lot of food in there. Lily's just begging for some cake," Athena told me. She sighed. "I shouldn't have let her have some. That girl would get sick."

"Oh, let the champ have her fun! After all, she did get to the second round of the Unicorn Games!"

Lily walked out with a mouthful of chocolate. "That was SO good!" she exclaimed. "You should get some!"

"No thanks. I'm a grazer." I looked in the bowl and noticed some lettuce. "Thanks, Athena."

17th June 2004, 07:20 PM
<Nightshade's POV>

"That's Darin, Aries's new son and my little nephew," I grinned at the little Eevee, who had fallen flat on his face but quickly righted by his father.
"Oooh," she breathed but then screwed up her face. "How can you be his uncle? You and Aries aren't related."
"True, but we are brothers figuratively," I explained. "We don't remember our families so our friendship is deep enough to consider ourselves related, despite the species difference."
Tiana nodded and looked back at the two, Darin trying to whack Aries with his paw but barely making a scratch.

<Orion's POV>

I looked on with interest as Aries was playing with his son. Of course, I was too young to have kids of my own but I guess it would be nice to have some some day. Out of the corner of my eye, I spotted a Larvitar coming right towards me. I recognized her as the one who I was talking to when I first came to the house but she went off with another Larvitar.
"H... hi." she said quietly. "I'm not sure if you remember me or not, but I'm Laila."
"I remember you," I said. "I'm Orion."
She nodded in recognition and the next couple of minutes was spent in awkward silence, with me tossing my bone nervously back and forth. I really had to stop doing that.

18th June 2004, 12:20 AM
Lily's POV

I decided to leave my friends to their food. I tiptoed while I thought they weren't looking and started to walk around the house. It seemed like there were a lot of babies around, but I didn't want to see them right now. But something caught my eye. It looked like a Meowth, but it was white! I've never seen a white Meowth before! I walked up to him and smiled. "Hi! My name's Lily. What's your name, and how did you get to be white?"

Athena's POV

I finished off my apple and looked at Beaky. He seemed a lot better. I tried to make some small talk. "So...what do you do around here?" I asked Kawaii.

"She talks to her boyfriend and leaves us to stand around like idiots," Beaky grumbled.

"Jovi's not my boyfriend!" Kawaii squeaked. Her tail blushed. "We hardly even know each other?"

His eyes narrowed. "Oh? What does Jovi think of your relationship?"

I stood back, away from the Spearow's eyes. "Maybe I should...go outside."

But the argument wasn't over. "Why are you so sour over this? You could find someone if you tried to be a little nice!" Kawaii shouted.

"I don't need anyone! I just wished you wouldn't rub it in!" Beaky shouted back.

"I'm NOT rubbing it in!"

Beaky growled and flew outside, leaving me with Kawaii. "What's his problem?" I asked her.

Kawaii hung her head. "He just doesn't have much luck with finding friends. Me and Cinder are pretty much all he has. He just needs some softening up."

18th June 2004, 10:11 AM
I know this is one day after the fact, I just haven't gotten around to doing this yet.

<J's POV>

I walked into the Eevee House very carefully, making sure I didn't drop one of my eggs. I held them both securely in my arms, and made way to a table right next to the pool. I sat down, and put both eggs in my lap. I released all my Pokemon to play and do what they wished. Aurora immediatly went to the pool, and came up next to me, watching th eggs curiously. "Eevees" I replied to her look. Her head tilted, and I had a feeling she still didn't understand.

I pulled out a picture of the Pokemon I was about to have. Aurora glanced at the picture, and gave a little smile. "I was thinking of giving one of them a thunderstone, and evolving it into a Jolteon," I told her. I pulled out another picture, this time, of the electric Pokemon. Aurora eyed the picture loathingly, went under the water to swim.

Banx, my recently hatched Charmander, was under the table, again, sitting on his tail, and was swinging it around in his hands, playing with the flame. Matthias and Brandi stood next to each other, but there was about 4 feet in between them. This struck me as odd, since they were normally always close to each other. Why the sudden distance?

Chlo managed to hop up onto the table with the help of a chair. "Odd," she said with a serious expression on her face. I laughed, not at her, but just at her reaction. Chlo looked at me, then back at the eggs. I showed her the picture I showed Aurora. "Dish! Oddish!" She exclaimed, although I had no idea of what that meant.

<Aurora's POV>

I swam under the water, the baby Pokemon on my mind. I prayed that J wouldn't turn one of them into that electric Pokemon.... that's the last thing we need--I need. I think the only electric Pokemon that I could possibly tolerate would be a Pikachu, and that's because they're virtually harmless, and aren't overly powerful, like Jolteon.

I looked to the side to see a Gyarados and a Milotic flirting playfully under the water. The sight was amusing, but disgusting at the same time. Gyarados was hideous. A strong water Pokemon, but hideous nonetheless. I emerged from the water, and made my way back to J.

I reached the side of the pool, looked down at the eggs, and said, "Well... let's have a look." Matthias turned to me and gave a bark in agreement. I looked at Brandi, who seemed to be ignoring us both. Something was wrong with her, but what? I looked back at Matthias to see him looking at the eggs again. Whatever it was, he didn't show that anything was affecting him.

<Brandi's POV>

I saw Aurora look at me. I didn't care, I wasn't ready to let everyone know. I wasn't even ready to let him know. I couldn't--not yet. I was still unsure if I wanted to have a relationship with this one. I didn't know--I was too young. I gazed into the flame on Banx's tail, deep in thought. Banx was a new addition to the team, and he was an oddball, if there ever was one. He always fidgets with his tail, and writes, or at least, gives the attempt.

He looked up at me warmly."Hello, Brandi. How are you doing?" He asked. "Fine," I said with a sigh. I heard an ear-splitting crack. I shot a glance back at the eggs. They were hatching!

<Chlo's POV>

YAY! They were hatching! A few snaps, crackles, and pops (brings a call to the world, lol. Rice Krispies) later, I could make out the figure of a head trying to find its way out of the egg. I looked over at the other one, to see that it wasn't making much success. I giggled, and looked back at the other. Eevee's body was almost fully out of the egg now. I looked down a little lower--ok, that one's a girl. Oh, wait, no, a boy. No, no... it's a girl.

The other Eevee managed to find its way out of the egg. That one was definetly a boy. J took the eggs off of his lap, and threw them in the nearby trashcan. Both Eevees looked each other over curiously. J put a mirror in front of them both, and they were shocked to see that there were four Eevees that looked exactly alike! Both had bright green eyes (can I do that?), and were almost exactly alike, save the gender difference.

"Should I evolve them yet?" J asked. "No!" I exclaimed. "They're too cute to evolve, and they just hatched! Wouldn't you like them to remember what they used to be like?" J nodded and we all relaxed by the pool. I jumped off the table and looked up at the twins. The one on the left, the female, began to play with my leaves. It tickled, and it was a fun sight to behold.

I looked over at the male, who was nibbling on J's jeans. After a few minutes, both of them got comfortable on J's lap, and layed down. Then, they went off into sleep. "What are you going to name them, J" I pressed. "I don't know... I haven't thought about it..."

28th June 2004, 02:30 PM

Wow, its been ages since Ive been in here.
Flinging my bag into my usual space, I turned and scanned round the room, searching for my Pokmon- adoptees and captees.
Tikish came running over, squinting curiously up at the small, creamy coloured egg I was carrying, before glancing at me.
Whats in there?
Youll see in a moment or so. And come to think of it, that reminds me, Ive got a surprise for you.
For me? Really? What?
Youll see.
I bent down and scratched his head gently.
But Im not going to give it to you just yet, theres some things more I need to buy first.
WHAT? Whats the point of telling me youve got something for me if youre not going to let me have it?
Good point, and while you try and figure that out, please stand somewhere else, so youre not blocking my way.
Xolotle flung Tikish to the side as she came charging over, followed by her two children, Greione and Nyura.
Smiling, I carefully handed over the egg to her to examine, before happily scooping up the other two and hugging them, glad to see them again.
You two sure are growing, arent you?
Thats what happens, you know.
Dont you ever quit?
Putting Grei and Nyu back on the ground, I reached out and gently took the egg from Xol, before sitting down, resting the egg carefully in my lap.
Any second now, you lot.
No sooner than I had finished talking, the egg began to glow gently, a steady, luminous glow that increased rapidly in colour, before dimming, as the shell cracked.
With a soft thud, the Pokmon tumbled forward, thumping down into my lap, before slowly raising its head to look up.
Its black.
Tikish had trotted back and now hopped onto my shoulder to get a better view- hearing Xols snarl; he smirked and stuck out his tongue at her.
Yes, shes a black Eevee- it comes from her fathers side.
Tenderly picking up the small bundle, I raised her into a sitting position, letting her get a good look round at her surroundings.
There you go, Harle, its ok.
Excuse me, what did you call her?
Harle Short for Harlequin.
That doesnt suit her.
Yes it does- I think its cute, and shes definitely that.
You name your Pokmon because you think a names cute?
Wheres the problem with that?
Because its pathetic.
He spun round, stuck his head in the air and stormed off.
What was that about?
Anything involving cute gets to him- reminds him of things girlie You know the problem he has with that.
Yeah. Can you imagine him as a Delcatty? Thatd be hilarious.
I glanced up, and raised an eyebrow at the three of them.
You really think so?


And then she was like, pow and the Delibird just went, like, woah and fainted, and she won! It was so great.
Neat, and youre so close to evolution now, C.
Tell me about it, at last, Ill be able to move properly instead of bouncing around everywhere.
Yeah, youll be able to fly! And youll teach me, wont you? Wont you?
Didnt she already say she would?
I know, but she might have forgotten.
I chuckled quietly to myself, before looking up at the little Pidgey bouncing up and down in front of me.
Dont worry, I havent forgotten. I promise you, you will start having lessons as soon as I can teach you.
Yay! Yay, yay, yay, yay, yay
Squealing happily, she spun round and began to dash excitedly between the others, weaving through their legs to the constant tune ofyay, yay, yay.
Pock gave me a patronising look.
Youve bewitched her- then he sighed- wish I was as close to evolution as you are.
Well of course you do, whats so great about being stuck in a puny little form like that, when you could be big and strong, like, ahem, me? At least this one will soon know whats its like.
Brenth laughed and hammered me with his trunk; sticking out a spike, I tried to jab him, but he only laughed harder, and swung his trunk away.
Still, youre still puny now, eh?
Chuckling to himself, he gave me one more thump, before turning and thundering off; across, Pock and Si rolled their eyes at me.
Hey there, Si. I just thought Id say, I bought this for you.
Hannah knelt down and held out a green, leaf shaped box.
Its Leaf Blade, I thought it would be useful for you when you battle.
Her eyes widened and she quickly held out a leg for it.
Wow, thanks.
No problem Oh, and Caelest, nice battling, I heard about it from Ryau.
Plonking the Pidgey back down, she quickly patted me, then straightened up again.
Cant stay, Ive got a new adopted Eevee who needs looking after.


Youre cute, arent you?
I cautiously picked up our new team-mate, shifting her weight so that I could hold her properly.
Harlequin. It does suit her, doesnt, it?
Oh please, spare me.
Tikish had come flouncing back, obviously wanting another round with my mum, but before either could say another word, Harlequin suddenly struggled free from my claws and ran over to crouch in front of him.
He just stared back, his tail twitching slightly, before she tenderly stepped up and tried to nestle close to him.
The reaction was instantaneous.
Um, no. You stay away, Im better than you, for all your strange colour.
He gave her a shove, before spinning round and strutting off again; for a second, Harlequin did nothing, just stared after him, before frowning and chasing after him.
What was that about?
Maybe.. Maybe she thinks hes, you know, another Eevee? Or else she just likes the look of him.


Panting slightly, I stumbled forward, keeping my eyes fixed on the pink back of the other Pokmon in front.
Please dont leave me.
He paused, took a deep breath, then looked back.
Why are you following me? I said, get lost.
Blinking nervously, I edged closer and again tried to nuzzle him, but he just lashed out with his tail and ran off again.
He couldnt mean that. No way. He must be confusing me with somebody else.
Anxious to catch up with him again, I darted forward.


What had I done to deserve this? Why did she insist on following me?
I chanced a look back.
She was still there, running as fast as she could after me.
Well, Id just have to get rid of her another way.
Accelerating, I dashed further forwards, before diving into the crowds.

29th June 2004, 11:31 AM
(Laila's POV)

I was right, his name was Orion, and he did remember me. I nodded my head, as the minutes of awkward silence crept by. Orion was tossing his bone nervously back and forth. "Did... did i interrupt something?" I asked softly. "If I did, I'm sorry."

(Amy's POV)

After Darin had first hatched he was so uncoordinated that it was funny. However, as the minutes ticked by, he was becoming more and more coordinated. Soon he gave up trying to bop Aeries on the nose and turned his attention to his father's tail. He stood, tried to go forward, went tumbling onto the tail. I had to laugh, right before Darin grabbed the tip of Aeries' tail in his mouth and gave us a look as if he had won the biggest prize.

(Oliver's POV)

I had made my way back to the Eevee House, and over to the book section. I pulled out the book that had the picture of the white tiger in it and was starting at it. It was only a matter of time before i met my goal of evolving and getting the striped juice so i would look like those magnificant animals. Suddenly, a voice startled me but luckily i didn't let it on. "Hi! My name's Lily. What's your name, and how did you get to be white?" It was a young oddish. "Hi. My name's Oliver. As to your question, I drank one of the special color changing juices out there." A wistful look appeared on my face. "Soon as i evolve i'll be getting anotehr one. Amy promised." I said as i glanced at the picture in the book.

(Kiara's POV)

I slowly made my way into the Eevee House, and was pleasantly surprised when i saw that Gabi and her team were here. I looked around to see if i saw Caledor, and when i spotted him, I walked over. He and a few others were playing a game, so i sat down to watch.

(Tiana's POV)

I nodded as Nightshade explained how Darin was his nephew before watching the baby eevee. After a while, I finally got up the courage to ask him a question. "Nightshade?" "Yes" "Would you teach me how to teleport? I know you said it's useless in the battle tower, but it looks like its fun." I finally asked before looking up at him, then back down at my paws. The forks of my tail twitched nervously as I awaited his answer.

(Jovi's POV)

I went outside, still whistling happily. Normally, times like this i'd be heading to the spot, but since we had just came from there i didn't quite feel like going back. In the end i just laid down by the back door to the Eevee House and lay my head on my paws. A smile crossed my muzzle, as i closed my eyes.

(Ayla's POV)

I hoped that the last race would get a ref soon. I just swam back and forth across the pool tryng to work out the nervousness.

(Sweetie's POV)

I saw the trainer carry the egg in. My child. I edged closer so that i could watch it hatch. I smiled as the tiny black eevee emerged from her shell. I couldn't help but chuckle as she chased after a skitty.

29th June 2004, 02:26 PM
Cinder's POV

Shonta waved a bottle of sparkling liquid in front of Beaky's and my face. "Guess what I scored," she whispered.

I gasped. "Shonta! Drugs are forbidden here!"

Beaky bopped me with a wing. "Idiot! That's Shiny Juice!"

I rubbed my head in embarrassment. "Oh. Who's it for?"

She set it down in front of us. "You decide. I'm not playing referee, by the way." She walked off.

Beaky looked at the bottle then at me. "You take it. I like my colors as-is."

"Same for me." I took another look at the bottle. "I guess that means Kawaii gets it."

A wicked smile appeared on Beaky's face. "Good idea. Go get a bowl."

As if on cue, Kawaii walked past us. Beaky stood in front of her. "Kawaii, what would you look like shiny?"

She cocked her head and looked up. "I'm not sure, but I like myself the way I am." She giggled and started to go around him.

I pushed the bowl and bottle in front of her. "Where are you going? Shonta scored..."

Beaky hit me again. "She scored some weird soda. Turns your lips and tongue blue."

"Really? Can I have a taste?"

He cracked a smile. "Yeah. In fact, have the whole bottle." I poured the juice in the bowl. Beaky pushed me in a corner and watched Kawaii drink. "That will knock her down a peg."

"Why are we doing this to her?" I asked him.

"I'm getting sick of her being so...perfect! Let's see how she likes being blue."

Kawaii raised her neck, showing a row of blue spikes. "Man, that's so cool!" I exclaimed. It still puzzled me. I wouldn't call this much of a prank.

Lily's POV

I looked over at Oliver's book. There was a picture of a cool white tiger. "Wow. You're going to look that that?" Suddenly bored, I walked off and saw a Girafarig with blue spikes. "How come I don't get to be so cool-looking?"

"Hi, Lily. I guess you saw my blue nose," Kawaii told me.

I laughed. "Yeah, and your blue spikes!"

She looked back at her neck and gasped. "My spikes! My fur!" She didn't look too happy.

"What's wrong? I thought you wanted to be shiny."

She shook her head furiously. "Cinder and Beaky tricked me. I can't show myself like this! Maybe he won't know it's me." She walked outside.

Why would you go outside to hide?

Beaky's POV

Just as I thought. She's freaking out! Now for Phase Two. I flew over to Kawaii and landed on her head, avoiding her tail. "What's wrong? I think you look nice."

She growled at me. "I didn't think you would go so low!"

"I don't see what the problem is. Why don't we get a second opinion?" I walked over to the back door and stood next to Jovi. "I think he'll say the same thing."

Her expression changed to pure horror. "Don't you dare!"

I tickled Jovi's nose with a wing, smiling at Kawaii's fear. He opened an eye and looked straight at her.

2nd July 2004, 10:14 PM
<Orion's POV>

"Nah, you're not," I replied. "One of my teammates just had a son and he hatched about a half an hour ago. We're just watching him trying to hold onto Aries's tail."
I looked back at the father and son and again wistfully wished for a family of my own some day.

<Aries's POV>

I bit back a laugh as Darin caught hold of my tail and gave everyone a proud look. I forgot how I acted when I was born but I hoped it was just as nice as what was happening now. Pulling my tail upwards, I easily lifted Darin into the air and waved it around a bit, giving him a bit of a ride. The others smirked as the little Eevee yelped in surprise before wriggling in enjoyment. After a few more minutes, I set him down to let Amy give him some warm milk. Soon after that, he dropped off to sleep and everyone dispersed to give him peace and quiet.

<Nightshade's POV>

"I guess so but it'll take hard work and concentration," I replied. "We'll do a bit of meditating first and then try to teleport. By the end of the day, you should be able to travel ten feet."
I looked back and watched Darin's joy ride before getting fed and falling asleep. An indication of us to leave him alone, we walked back to our little area and sat back down to resume our meditation.

AntiAsh Superstar
3rd July 2004, 07:51 PM
"Hey, Becks, what's up?" My Marill, Megan, fixed the creature that she would have liked to have considered her boyfriend but as of yet was too insecure to confirm this with an odd look. "You normally love playing ball."
"Mm." the Wartortle responded. "It's just not... big enough, Megan. I suddenly really want as many as we can possibly fit in on this game, let's take out adverts in the local paper, let's call on friends and family and their friends and family, let's get planes to fly banners across in the sky, I don't care, I'm not socialising enough and I want everyone who likes to play games in on this!"
"Games?" Kasumi asked. "I like games."
"Sure, Sumi, although we're talking ball games rather than Thunderblast ones, although if you still wanna join in that's cool by me, even perverted lesbian Growlithes can come along and play!"
"Hey!" Kasumi looked offended. "I resent being called a lesbian, you're ruling out half of the creatures I'd..."
"Yeah, Sumi, ya swing both ways, we did notice!" Katnip hastily interjected before the Growlithe could become any more explicit. "Come on, just come on an' play, ball sounds fun."

"Okay," Sindel grinned suddenly, her baking well out of the way. "It's nearing time to eat properly, I know we still have plenty of cakes and biscuits left but that's nothing approaching a proper meal, if anyone fancies some lunch I'll fix them up whatever they want!"
"That is making assumptions, Sindel," Marius commented. "Supposing you obtain a request for something that you haven't the ingredients for?"
"Somebody goes out and buys the ingredients, of course!" the Alakazam responded. "How hard can that be?"
"Ah, delegation is a wonderful thing..." my Dratini sighed. He turned his attentions to Sinopa, who had by now finished her food. "It's growing rather crowded in here, and forgive my bluntness in saying so but I can't help but notice that you seem a little uncomfortable with that. Would you rather go out into the garden? It is a beautiful day and I for one would be more than happy with a change in location."

"Hey!" Milliardo grumbled. "Ade, kindly remember I'm here, I'm supposed to be the star of the show and all you can do is sit on your butt listening to a band you only heard of because Scarygirl's cousin is the drummer and idly watch my foster son try and win the affections of that rainbow-haired Vulpix even though he's the biggest freak on the planet. I demand more focus!"
"Wow." I finally took off the headphones I had been wearing all of this time. "It's hard to argue with you seeing as you're so unashamedly blatant about being an attention whore."
"That's the whole point, you ****ing dolt, have you learned nothing about me yet?" my Umbreon complained. "I'm bored, Ade, I've had more than enough sparring with rat-boy and I want something else to do that doesn't involve Pandora and me getting incrediby Sumi-esqe. I demand answers or else."

5th July 2004, 02:43 PM
~ Cheeseys POV ~

I walked into the Eevee House after my lengthy absence. I tensed my muscles It felt weird being there, especially since I hadnt been around for that amount of time. I strained my eyes to see if I could find anyone to talk to, but I couldnt see anybody familiar. Sighing, I went to sit on the sofas, as that seemed to be where I always went after not being in the building for a while. Leaning back into the cushion, I started thinking. I had nothing to do. I had plenty of spare time, so why not make use of it? It was so irritating, just lazing about, not knowing what to do. But I had this feeling that there was something I probably should do. Then something in my mind clicked I had pokemon that I hadnt bonded with as much, pokemon that I still needed to get to know properly. I sat up and looked at my belt. My adopted pokemon were all attached to it in their balls, and I tried to decide which pokemon to use. I eventually made up my mind, and selected Tigerseye and Amethyst, my Charmander and Mr. Mime respectively.

~ Tigerseyes POV ~

I opened my eyes just to feel this whole rush of colour zooming into my pupils. This building, this place, it was nothing like what I was used to. I was always journeying around the country with Chris, and recently I was just always in the countryside. I was used to greenery, not all the colours in the rainbow! Looking up at Chris, I swished my tail from side to side a bit and asked him, Where are we?

~ Amethysts POV ~

As I felt myself being released from my pokeball I didnt actually realise what was happening. Then I landed on the sofa and rolled forward in a somersault before understanding what the heck was going on. Turning round, I saw Chris trying his best to not giggle at me and Tigerseye looking at me with her heeeeeuge eyes. I got up and wandered back over to them, stumbling on a couple of cushions on the way. Its not my fault, I feel all dazed! I cried in a deliberately whiny voice. Chris smiled at me and gave me a hug. I know.

So why did you let me and Amethyst out of our pokeballs?
Because I have the time to relax right now, and I thought we should get to know each other. I havent felt like Ive gotten to know you two as well as Ive gotten to know the others.
So if this is somewhere you can relax Im assuming its the Eevee House?
Well of course. Whenever were travelling we always end up in some sort of bother, so this is pretty much the only place we can take it easy!
Yes, you are a bit of a clumsy oaf, if you dont mind me saying
How nice of you to point that out
Yes, well, anyway. Do you mind if I tell you about my dreams?
No objection at all.
Go ahead.
Well, its obvious that I would love to be a Charizard. But you know, Id think it would be absolutely fantastic if we could go on this massive adventure, you know, not just restricted to our local area? Of course Id much rather do it when we were all more experienced pokemon, but its just something that would be so exciting to do.
[color=steelblue] That does sound exciting, but I do think that Im not ready for that yet either. I still need to get the knack of small journeys!
And I still need to get more confidence in myself! It feels weird being a pokemon and your name actually defies your gender.
I know, it sounds like thatd be really weird!

~ Cheeseys POV ~

I felt Id done a good job. Wed just started a little conversation and already Tigerseye and Amethyst were connecting really well. After Amethyst opened up her feelings to us, the two of them really realised that they could get on so well. I think they both had the feeling that the other would be the perfect friend for them, somehow. By the looks of things, I think this is the start of a really tight friendship!

Silent Dragonfly
9th July 2004, 08:57 PM
Phil's POV
Walking into the Eevee House away a 5 week absence I sat down with my Eevee, Prism. She had grown a lot since I last came here, when I hatched her egg. Producing a Fire Stone that I got before I left I watched Prism. She stared into the stone, the flames reflecting into her eyes. "This is it", I said. "The time for your evolution has come."

Prism's POV
After being away for so long it was nice to see a familiar place. I watched Phil as he held out the Fire Stone. I stared into the fiery glow. I was more than happy to take the stone. As my body began to glow I could feel the transformation. No longer would people treat me like a kid. All of those "Awww... how cute" would stop now. My mane grew thicker, it's seven colours intensifying. And the transformation was complete. I felt stronger, faster and happier. Now I was a Flareon!

16th July 2004, 12:44 PM

Hannah! Omega! Look! Caelest evolved. Doesnt she look incredible?
A flutter of purple wings, then Caelest herself flapped over, smiling rather sheepishly before she gave a mid-air twirl in front of us.
Beside me, Omega laughed and shook his head.
Well, you beat me to it, anyway.
He paused and we exchanged a quick glance.
Thats not all whos beaten him.
Smiling, I pulled a Pok Ball from my pocket and tapped the button.
Come on out, Flash.
A flicker of white light, and Flash appeared, crouching down on the floor, his whole body trembling; as the other Pokmon stared in surprise, Omega smiled and knelt down by his side.
Were here.


At long last, I relaxed, feeling the rush of power tear through my body; then a bright flash of white light erupted into my vision, blocking off all of my senses.
I could feel my body growing, feel my power rising; seconds later, the light faded and I let out a triumphant cry.

I evolved into a Quilava!

There was a collective gasp, before the rest of my team-mates all burst out into cheers; Caelest grinned and landed by my side and prodded me curiously.
You too! Congratulations!
Did did it hurt much? The evolving?
Um, no. I just felt really powerful.
Oh, maybe it was just me then. I was in agony.
Ouch, that mustnt have been very fun.
You dont say.


As the rest of the team crowded round to congratulate Flash, I hesitated, then coughed to get their attention and pulled out a new Ultra Ball.
Alright, guys, two of you-I glanced at Deveus and Pock- already know about this, but I captured a new Pokmon during my last trek, and its about time that I introduced him here. So come on out, Rage.
I flung the ball up into the air; the usual flash of white light, then it condensed, forming the solid form of a Skarmory.
I smiled and reached out to place my hand on his neck as he returned the stares from my other Pokmon.
Actually, that reminds me.
I pulled a small silver box shaped like a wedge of metal from my pocket and held it out for Rage to see.
I got this Meteor Mash TM a while back, and because none of the others can learn it, you may as well have it.


Oh, how considerate.
I glanced at the box and smirked; trying to buy my friendship was she?
But a move like that was too good to pass up anyway.
Swiftly, I lunged forward, snatching it from her hand and crushed it in my beak, feeling the powder sprinkle out over my tongue, before being absorbed into my body.
Chuckling quietly, I looked round at the rest of this pathetic bunch- my new team-mates.
And froze.
Hovering in front of me was a small, purple Pokmon.
A a Beautifly.
She was staring at me, silent, but the look in her eyes was enough.
Its its you.
I smirked to myself; I must have left a good impression on her.
Look who it is- my would be dinner. Until he-I turned and glared at the Shelgon angrily-turned up and ruined all my fun.
I narrowed my eyes and snarled at the silent Pokmon.
Why couldnt you just let me be?
Because you would have killed her.
Dont you care? Why? Why dont you?
That came from a tiny, unbelievably puny little Pidgey, barely up to my claw height, standing as tall as she could in front of me.
How dare you talk back to me.
I thrashed my head back, and stepped threateningly towards her; only then did she seem to realise exactly what I was, and let out a pathetic whimper and stumbling back.
You pathetic, insolent, insignificant little..
The Beautifly swooped down and landed in front of the cowering Pidgey.
Dont scare her like that, shes only a baby. And Im not scared of you any more, either.
She was such a bad liar.
Wanna a bet?
Leave them alone!
That stupid Houndoom who had been the result of my capture leapt forward, bristling.
Whore you to come barging in here and start ganging up on us?
Im better than you, thats for sure.
I guess nobody ever told you that it wasnt a good idea not to insult others whore stronger than you?
The Shelgon now joined the fray, stepping up to stand by the Houndoom, his body tensing; well, if it was a fight he wanted, Id show him a fight.
Why should I do that? I could take you on anyday.
Well see about that.
The Houndoom snarled and bared his teeth; as his tail began to wildly scissor through the air and his claws dug into the floor, I smirked and flung my wings wide, focusing on the move that Id just learnt.
Above me, the air rippled, as five large, glowing white meteorites began to form slowly, aiming for my targets.
Rage, no!
Startled, I swung round, saw for an instant the red beam shooting towards me, then felt a tug as I was dragged back inside my ball.


I stared silently at the ball for a few seconds, then looked up at the rest of my team.
I didnt realise that hed be like that. Sorry you ok, Ry? Cael?
Im fine.
Caelest rippled her wings slowly before looking concernedly at Ryau.
You sure youre ok, Ry?
The smaller Pokmon sobbed and nodded slowly, before turning with a whimper and burying her head against Caelests body, muttering something indiscernible to me.
Dont be like that, its ok, hes gone for now
She hesitated, then looked up.
But Im not going to be scared of him for now on, I swear that much.
Good call. Ignore him, or else get one of us to take him on. Id love to see him brag after that.
I frowned slightly, then sighed, took another glance at the silent ball, the tucked it away carefully, confident in the knowledge that with Caelest and Flashs evolutions to contend with, the others wouldnt linger long on their new problem team-mate.
Leaving them to it, I turned and then paused, as I noticed a very familiar pink cat racing through the crowds.


Leave me alone! Go away!
Whore you talking to?
Huh? Oh, that stupid Eevee who keeps on following me around, shes always there, and I cant stand it.
Shes not here now.
That was true; for a second at least, shed vanished. Thank god.
Give her a chance, she likes you.
Tough. Thats her problem.
No, its yours as well, but anyway, I stopped you because I want to give you these.
She reached into her jacket pocket and pulled out two items; one being a small, bright yellow box in the shape of a lightning bolt, and the other, a rather plain looking hoop gold earring.
Thats a Thundershock TM, and the others a Pokmon Earring, like Xols got. I thought you might need the Special Attack boost that the Earring gives when I bought the TM, so I got it for you as well.
Hmm. That Earrings a bit girlie isnt it? I dont want to have to parade around with that thing hanging off my ear.
Does it matter that much if it helps you out in battle? Youll have a better chance of putting up a good fight if youre wearing it.
I frowned and stared silently for a few minutes at the Earring in her hand. Was sacrificing my image a good enough consolation for increasing my battle prospectuses?
How about you wear it for a little while? Then if you dont like it, I could get you a new item and give it to someone else.
Well, that sounds reasonable, I guess.
Raising my head, I let her gently attach the Earring to my right ear, before she handed over the TM.
I take it this was that surprise you mentioned earlier?
Well, part of it- those two were the parts I said I still needed to get. No, what that was about was this.
She hesitated, then opened her bag and pulled out a small, tissue wrapped package, which she placed in front of me.
What is it?
Slowly, she pulled open the tissues, revealing a crystal-blue stone, shaped like a crescent moon.
Its a Moon Stone. I thought that that maybe youd like to evolve, so I had it forged.
Evolve? You want me to EVOLVE? Its bad enough now, with everyone mistaking me for a girl, but do you have any idea how much worse it would be if I was a DELCATTY? Use your brain! Add in the Earring, and is there something youre implying?
She looked startled, then shrugged, and reached down to pick up the Moon Stone.
Ok, no need to get so uptight about it. It was just a suggestion.
Yeah, a bad one.
Oh no.
I snarled and spun round to confront her.
Leave me alone, you annoying little
I should have moved out the way; squealing with babyish delight, she came hurtling towards me, slammed into my body.
I stumbled, tripped, then fell against Hannah directly against her hand that now clutched the Moon Stone.
I heard her gasp, before a bright flash of white blinded me; I could feel my body lengthening, being twisted out of proportion.
In a couple of seconds, it was over.

I evolved into a Delcatty!

I stared round in horror, unable to believe what had just happened; Hannah and Harlequin stared back silently, before that stupid Eevee stepped forward.
What happen?
I snapped.
You stupid thing, I just evolved because of you. And I didnt want to. Didnt I tell you to leave me alone? Now look at me! I look awful. Terrible. Now beat it. I dont want you anywhere near me.
Then I spun round and fled, hurtling into the crowds.


Well, that was unexpected.
Harlequin was still staring after Tikish, looking mildly confused.
What happen?
When you knocked him against that Moon Stone-I motioned to the now dull coloured stone still clutched in my hand- it activated, causing him to evolve from a Skitty into a Delcatty.
I couldnt help smiling.
What? Oh.. can you evolve? Well, yes, but youre much to young to yet, give it some time.
Ok. Go find Tiki. Bye bye.
Then she smiled, and darted forwards, heading after Tikish.
Good luck with that.
I glanced at the Stone, then sighed and tucked it back into my bag, got up, and went off to find Xol.

21st July 2004, 11:12 PM
Cinder's POV

"No way am I going to be a part of this. I have no desire to go through another game of Spaceman," I muttered as I silently backed up. "I should've drunk that Shiny Juice myself." I bumped into something covered in armor and turned around to see a Heracross looking down at me.

"What are you muttering about?" she asked me. She bent down and picked me with two arms.

I looked in those yellow eyes and trembled. This girl could do worse than Kawaii. I would rather play Spaceman than be hurled across the room. "Um, I'm bored?" I squeaked.

She blinked with those eyes and laughed. "Well, you could play with me! I'm Moriko. How about a little training?" She threw me into the air and caught me on my way down.

Oh man! I must've flown twenty feet! I gotta get away from her. I squirmed under her arms and ran out into the field, toward Shonta's adoptee team.

Crystal Tears
21st July 2004, 11:38 PM
.: Diamonds :.

I slithered into the club house for the first time, there were many trainers and pokemon in here. All looking strong, some small and some huge. Either way, I somehow.. Felt out of place.
Maybe it was because I was a seviper.. I don't know, I just felt like everyone was judging me, I didn't like feeling alone. But I didn't like feeling crowded either. This culb was no the best place for this.

"You ok?" I turned quickly to see Jewel standing there, my heart began to slow. She was one of my best friends, well then again, she was another pokemon that belonged to CT.
"Yeah.. I'm just nervous. Thats all." I answered sheepishly, she smiled.
"It's ok. You'll get used to it. Come on, lets go exploring."
(note Jewels a houndour)

23rd July 2004, 08:22 PM
(Aiko's POV)

I was looking around, trying to see if i could find Mom. I hadn't seen her in a while, and I was wondering if she would even recognizr me. My tail slowly twitched this way and that, as i tried to listen for her voice.

(Sinopa's POV)

The kitchen was starting to get rather crowded, and the amound of free space was slowly dwindling. I was started to get a little antsy, but luckily we weren't going to have to stay. "It's growing rather crowded in here, and forgive my bluntness in saying so but I can't help but notice that you seem a little uncomfortable with that. Would you rather go out into the garden? It is a beautiful day and I for one would be more than happy with a change in location." I would very much enjoy that." I said giving a hearfelt smile.

(Jovi's POV)

I had just dozed off when i felt something tickling my nose. I sneezed and opened my eyes to see a spearow tickling my nose and a scared girafarig. I blinked, no wait, that was Kawaii. I smiled at her, then stood up, and walked over to her. "You look nice. I didn't know that you wanted to be shiny, but then again you look great." Great, now i was blushing, and sounding like an idiot. Out of the corner of my eye, i caught a glimpse of movement and i gasped. It was Ruki.

(Haruki's POV)

I wasn't having much fun so i decided to go outside. I was getting stares here and there. You'd think that they hadn't seen a shiny eevee before. I shook my head, as i walked out of the back door. I grinned when i saw a strong and rather cool looking spearow. I ran over to him and pounced. "Hi! I'm Haruki, but my teammates call me Ruki for short. What's your name? Wanna play?" I asked excitedly as i made a play bow. I saw Jovi take a deep breath and i wondered why he did that.

(Tiana's POV)

"I guess so but it'll take hard work and concentration." Nightshade answered. I nodded my head, thankful that Amy had seen the help that i needed and had given me the calm mind tm as my free tm for reaching level ten. "We'll do a bit of meditating first and then try to teleport. By the end of the day, you should be able to travel ten feet." I grinned, hoping i wouldn't goof this up. The baby eevee had fallen asleep, so I followed Nightshade back over to where we had been earlier and sat down. "I know that I'm proably not the ideal student you envisioned, but i appreciate the help." I told him before settling down trying to calm my mind before meditating.

24th July 2004, 01:28 AM
Shonta's POV

I looked out onto the field and sighted Cinder coming towards me and the adoptees at top speed. Right behind him was Moriko, flying at an average speed. "Cinder, take it easy! She's the new adoptee!"

He skidded to a stop in front of me, shaking. "Then why is she chasing me?"

"That's news to me."

The Heracross landed next to Cinder. "I found him, boss. What's the problem?"

"Nothing. Just wanted to give him a new TM." I took out a box with a picture of a Sandshrew sticking out of a hole in the ground. "Dig."

If Cinder had eyes, they would be wide open. "Score!" He snatched away the TM and dumped the contents over his head. He then smiled at Moriko. "See ya, psycho!" He furiously clawed at the ground and was quickly underground.

Moriko just stared at the hole Cinder left with a confused look on her face. "That's gratitude for you."

"If you can hear me, tell the other captees that we have a practice session!" I shouted down the hole.

Kawaii's POV

I wasn't very surprised at Jovi's reaction. I just didn't like having to stare down at a blue nose. I was meant to be pink. I was about to stomp down on Beaky when a blur knocked him down. A little shiny Eevee was on Beaky's back, wagging his tail.

"Hi! I'm Haruki, but my teammates call me Ruki for short. What's your name? Wanna play?" the Eevee asked Beaky in a rapid voice.

Both Jovi and I gasped, but I was worried for a different reason. Beaky's short temper probably didn't allow for him to just shrug off an encounter like that. I held my breath and waited for what happened next.

Beaky lay down on the ground with a very annoyed look on his face. Then he got a good look at his attacker. His expression changed to that of confusion. He opened his beak to say something but nothing came out. Instead he ran a few steps past Haruki and stopped. Haruki ran for him and pounced, but Beaky fluttered a few inches above the ground and evaded. He landed behind Haruki and ran toward me, flying up and landing whenever Haruki went for him.

"What are you doing?" I asked Beaky.

He grinned. "Playing. My flock used to do this to other Pokemon when we were bored. Drove them crazy."

I smiled at him. I guess even Beaky had his limits on his troublemaking. I felt a small tremor under my hooves and stepped back as the ground crumbled and Cinder's head popped out. "Yo! Practice session for the captees!" He looked around the place. "What is Beaky doing?"

"Just playing with a new friend. He can practice later. See ya, Jovi!" I started to leave but froze at the sound of screaming. Or screeching.

"Aah! He got my tailfeathers! Get off of my tailfeathers!"

Nothing I can do. I followed Cinder.

27th July 2004, 12:00 PM
<Drake's POV>

Damn, damn, damn, I thought as I flew towards the pool. I knew I was going to forget it.
Blade was right next to me, probably also mumbling on the inside. Rebecca had reminded us a week ago to buy our presents early but as always, we ignored her.
"You know, I was thinking about it for the past two weeks and yet it came and went by so quickly," Blade commented.
"I know," I replied. "I don't even think she knows when it is."
We landed right next to the pool, where Elwing was playing with her Horsea friend, Kalazeth. Ryu was nowhere in sight, which was odd considering he had a major infatuation with her.
"Dad, Uncle Blade!" I heard Elwing yell from the pool.
I turned my head around and smiled as she came out of the pool and slithered towards us.
"What's that in your hands?" she asked us.
I glanced at Blade before we kneeled down.
"Happy birthday, Elwing," I grinned.
She looked at us with a confused look in her eyes.
"What's a birthday?"
I grimaced as I forgot she didn't know what it was.
"A birthday is a celebration of the day you were born," Blade said. "You hatched on July 23, 2003 so this makes it your first birthday. Time slipped by so fast that we missed it by accident but we're making up for it now."
We opened up the boxes for her to see what was inside of them (or rather, I opened Blade's box or else he would maul it).
"What are they?" she asked, her eyes sparkling with genuine interest.
"My present to you is Thunderbolt, one of the most powerful electric attacks in the world. Thunder is more powerful but this is more accurate so I thought it would be perfect for you."
"And this is Detect," Blade said. "You will learn speed moves later on but Detect will help you dodge some of the most powerful attacks."
"Happy birthday."

<Aries' POV>

Rebecca came over and handed me the box. I thanked her silently and ripped it open with my teeth, trying to be as quiet as possible.
"What is it?" Amy whispered.
"Detect. He needs a good movepool."
I tipped over the bag and lightly sprinkled the contents on Darin's back, trying not to wake him as his back lit up brightly. Quickly thinking, Amy shielded his eyes before he could wake and I poured the rest onto him before it shone and disappeared into his body.
"Use it well," I muttered almosy silently.

<Nightshade's POV>

I nodded before we went into meditation, her eyes closed as she tried to concentrate. I watched her for a minute before her body took on a purple glow.
Calm Mind, I thought. Smart thinking on Amy's part.
I closed my eyes and after ten minutes, I could tell that she was fully calm and ready to start.
"Ok, open your eyes," I said. "We're going to start now and the way you do it is imagining yourself in another spot and psychically pushing yourself there."
We got up and I pointed to a spot about five feet away.
"I'm going to teleport there so watch me do it."
I concentrated on moving to the spot and giving myself a mental push, I disappeared into thin air and reappeared five feet in front of Tiana.
"It's not really hard but you need to practice it often."
I saw her stare at the spot where I stood and after shimmering, she disappeared but showed up a foot in front of her.
"Not bad, considering it was your first time. Try it again."

28th July 2004, 08:45 AM

Oh, my god, I forgot too, I thought, as I saw Elwings father, Drake, and her basically uncle Blade approach with gifts. I thought it was in October! But those were the twins. What kind of trainer am I? Gwaihirs birthday was coming up; Id better get him something too.

Well, at least Id bought something yesterday that could sort of make up for my mistake. It didnt excuse me, but I was lucky I had a present to give her at all. Id wait until she had her time with her father and uncle, then Id give her her present. I fingered the Icy Wind TM and hoped that Elwing wouldnt mind the fact that she had an idiot for a trainer.

Elwing Starspray, the female Dratinis POV:

Wow! Today was my lucky day. My mind was floating in disbelief after Daddy and Uncle Blade gave me those TMs. They said it was for my birthday, and I found out that a birthday was the time of the year when someone is born. I instantly wanted to try out the new moves that Id learned.

Thank you, Daddy, thank you, Uncle Blade, I crooned, nuzzling them both. Can you help me test my new moves? Please? Please? I looked at them with begging eyes.

Kalazeth, the male Horseas POV:

A birthday? Yeah, I knew what that was. There used to be a lot at the center where I came from. I personally never had one, though; I didnt know when I hatched, so I couldnt. Anyway, it didnt matter. I got used to it.

If I knew when your birthday was, I would have gotten you something, I told the eager Dratini, who was trying to get her father and her uncle to become test subjects for her new attacks.

Thats all right, Ive got so much already! One TM would have been great, but two! In a day! she breathed excitedly. By the way, whens your birthday?

Uh I shook my head. I dont have one, I said.

Why not?

I dont know when I hatched, thats all. Im fine, though.

No, everyone should have a birthday. You can share mine! Right, Daddy? Uncle Blade? He can have my birthday too!

I grinned a little as I saw the look of amusement on the Charizards and Scizors faces. They knew that things didnt work that way.

29th July 2004, 12:33 AM
*Kikyo's PoV*

It had been a year since I have joined the place, but I am now reutrning after months away. I could only remember one Pokemon I had ever had, my female Umbreon captured at level 14, Tsukasa. I was on my knees and flooding with tears, head buried within my hands. I was ashamed of myself for being so foolish of forgetting almost everything about this place.

I sensed somebody walking over, and I peeked to see. It was my only companion left: Tsukasa. She gazed at me with crimson eyes that showed lots of concern, and she sat beside me.

"Oh, Tsukasa..." I murmured, holding her within my arms, crying into her silk-like fur.

~Tsukasa's PoV~

I was worried as usual about Kikyo. She seemed to show a lot of sorrow, more than usual. Was it because she had forgotten almost everything about her. Sighing a bit, I nudged my head against her, in attempt to comfort her.

"Thanks..." she whispered in a sobbing, miserable tone of her normally quiet, soothing voice. I guess it would take her me to recover from the woe within her, and I was willing to help her.

*Kikyo's PoV*

I stopped crying and lifted myself from being buried within Tsukasa's fur. I petted her softly, until a few seconds later I felt a light nudge on my back.

"I forgot about you, didn't I?" I myself, being foolish over forgetting about my newly adopted Vulpix. I slid the teal mesh bag off my back and opened it to take out my new Pokemon. She smiled a bit, happy to be out. I placed her on the floor, as she looked up at me.

"And I shall name you...Brighid." I said with a smile, stroking her. I felt proud of naming her after the Irish goddess of fire, who eventually became a saint.

^Brighid's PoV^

I smiled at the nice girl, Kikyo, I believe, who for some reason had a scent of incense, mostly jasmine and hyacinth, but also a bit of rose and other scents. I smiled a bit at the Umbreon who was obviously older than I was...a captured one, too. Thanking Kikyo, I wandered off a bit, seeing if I could find others of my kind. I saw a few, which seemed to socialize with others, but I wondered if I would find one to talk too.

Gazing around one last time, I wandered off towards a cushion laying there on the floor and pawed at it a bit, before looking around for other Pokemon to play with.

29th July 2004, 01:25 AM
Shonta's POV

"Good, everyone's here. Before we get to training, we have a couple of things to get to. First is handing out the TMs. Kawaii, Light Screen for you. It's supposed to help reduce the power of special attacks." I threw the TM contents at Kawaii.

"Thanks," she said.

"Cinder got his Dig TM..."

"Sure did!" he said happily from a new hole in the ground.

"...Beaky has his Aerial Ace TM, Athena has her Cross Chop TM." Athena nodded. "That leaves Jewel's goodies."

<What goodies?>

"Thunderbolt TM and Blizzard TM." I set down the TMs on the ground. "And...your Water Stone."

"Whoa, she gets to evolve!" Lily exclaimed.

I gave Jewel the TMs and touched her with the Water Stone. Her body shined as she grew and sprouted more arms. She faded and showed her new purple body. <I feel a lot stronger.>

"Good, because we need to kick some butt the next swimming race. Well, the TMs are all handed out. Now let's say hi to the newest member of the captee team." I pulled out a pokeball and let out Misu. "This is Misu. Misu, these are your new teammates."

"Hi!" everyone said.

"Hi," he answered sadly.

Misu's POV

"Misu, these are your new teammates," my new trainer told me.

This wasn't my team. Why was I here instead of with Amy? "Can I sit out of this?" I asked Shonta.

"Yeah. Take five in the swimming pool. You want to keep him company, Jewel?"

<I guess.>

6th August 2004, 07:18 PM
<Drake's POV>

I'm afraid birthdays don't work like that, Elwing," I told her gently. "Unless Kalazeth was born the same day you were, no one knows when his birthday will be. And truthfully, Blade and I don't even know when our birthdays our. Most of the Pokemon in here came from adoption and capture centers and barely remember their lives in the centers, much less their birth and their family. You are one of the few that has a definite date though, and having Kalazeth share your birthday would be unfair since he knows his birthday has a slim chance of being on the same day as yours. Do you understand?"
She nodded somberly, probably realizing that she was a lucky Pokemon.
"C'mon, cheer up," Blade said. "Let's try your attacks now. I can be the dummy so try and attack me."
"Go easy on her when she tries to dodge," I muttered to him. "Use your Hidden Power Water at minimal strength."
He nodded and stood in front of me, waiting for Elwing to try her new attack.

7th August 2004, 11:28 AM
Gwaihir the Windlord, the male Aerodactyl's POV:

I stared at the box in Karin's hand while she was talking. It was a TM, obviously, but which one? And why the sudden treat? Do you know what day it is, Gwaihir? she asked me.

Thinking, trying to figure out what important date I had overlooked today, I sat in silence for a few moments then decided that I couldn't remember. I shook my head no.

Its your birthday! she said brightly. Its the very day that you were hatched out of your egg a year ago. And to celebrate it, Ive got you a present. She smiled, and handed me the box. I took it excitedly.

What is it?

Open it and find out!

The dark energy seeped into me, and I could feel my teeth tingle. Id been in the Rewards Center before, and only one move came to my mind. Crunch?

She nodded. Enjoy!

Cool! Thanks, thanks a lot. Im going to find my father.

Go ahead.

With that, I took flight and headed for the rafters.

Elwing Starspray, the female Dratinis POV:

I kind of felt sad that Kalazeth couldnt share my birthday with me, and was surprised to find out that Daddy and Uncle Blade didnt have birthdays as well. I was definitely very lucky, and I knew I would appreciate this day even more now that I found out that only a few pokmon knew for sure when their birthdays were. Daddy, Uncle Blade, and Kalazeth didnt seem too upset, though, so I wasnt worried.

Uncle Blade stood waiting for my attack, so I prepared it. Daddys move first I tried to bring out the sparks, and to my pleasure they came out easily. Usually I never had trouble with a move, and Id had experience with Shock Wave before, so I didnt know why I thought I might not be able to do it, but there was always a first time for anything, right?

The Thunderbolt didnt seem to do much at all to Uncle Blade, but Id expected that, because I knew he was as strong as Daddy. So how did I do? I asked. Was that good? Or should it be stronger still? Because I can practice harder!

7th August 2004, 12:25 PM
(Amy's POV)

Dodger met me outside, right before i was to enter the EH. "Did you get it?" he asked. "Yes, I did i told him." He grinned and took the TM box carefully in his talons, and flew into the Eevee House through his usual entrance and exit. I chuckled, before making my way inside. I had a couple of tms for my captured pokemon to hand out. I found Dakota first. He was watching Aiko as she was looking for the house for someone. I had a feeling that she was looking for her mom. "Dakota?" I whispered. He grinned and turned to look at me. "Isn't she beautiful?" he asked. "Yes she is." I said, smiling. I got you a sunny day tm. I know that it won't help your own moves much, but it might help you by ruining your opponent's moves or help your partner in two on two battles." He simply nodded his head accepting the tm. "I got her the earring. Whenever you want to give it to her, just come to me and i'll let you have it so you can give it to her. A smile spread across his face as he nodded. "Talk to you later. I need to go find Aiko." I told him before running off to chase the little skitty down. It seemed like only yesterday when she couldnt' walk, and now she was all over the place. I finally caught up with her. "Hi, Amy. Whats up? Have you seen my Mom?" "Sorry, I haven't. But i do have a couple of TMs for you." "Cool! What are they?" "Toxic and Water Pulse." I answered as i gently sprinkled the contents from the boxes over her. When i finished, she smiled and thanked me. Then she froze before saying, "Gotta go. I see Mom!" She then ran off toward her mother with and excited cry of "Mommy!"

(Dodger's POV)

When i flew into the house, I saw Gwaihir with Karin. I smiled. After a few minutes, he was flying towards me. I glanced down at the TM box hoping that he hadnt already gotten a hidden power tm. When i looked back up, Gwaihir was there right beside me. For once i really didn't have all that much to say. "Happy Birthday Gwaihir." I told him, giving him a quick hug before releasing him, and scooting the TM box his way. "I... well... I had Amy get a TM for me to give to you." I said, scooting the box forward. "It's hidden power. Hope you don't already know it."

(Tiana's POV)

I watched Nightshade carefully as he teleported. I took a deep breath, crossed my tails, and then tried it myself. For a moment, nothing happened, then it happened! I grinned, but when i opened my eyes, i realized that i hadn't gone very far, and my grin faded slightly. "Not bad, considering it was your first time. Try it again." That made me feel better, and i nodded. I looked once more at the spot beside Nightshade and closed my eyes. I then focused on moving myself there, and gave myself the mental push. When i reappeared, I opened my eyes. I did better than the last time, this time moving two feet. I was determined to reach Nightshade this time. I closed my eyes, and focused. This time, however, I ended up on Nightshade's head. I winced and waited for his reaction.

(Ruki's POV)

"This is fun!" I said, as i chased the spearow. After a while though, I was determined to pounce on him. I waited for him to land, adn i carefully timed my pounce. Success! "Aah! He got my tailfeathers! Get off of my tailfeathers!" I chuckled, letting go of him. "You're turn to catch me." I said, before turning and heading towards the house. My tail was wagging back and forth. This was fun.

(Zale's POV)

"Angel, stop, please." I sighed. Angel's horn was growing in, and it must have been itching. It was all Amy and I could do to keep her from making gashes in walls and furniture. Then I smiled. I had an idea. "Angel, would you like to go over to the pool?" "P... pool?" she asked. "Yea." I said, nodding. "Though i do not wanting you to go there without me or one of your teammates knowing that you are there and that one of us is with you whenever you are there. I have someone that i want you to meet." I said, as i led the way to the pool. I was looking around for Lyra but i didn't see her. However, i had a feeling that she was there somewhere. "Lyra?" I called, looked around as Angel tentatively touched the water with her paw.

7th August 2004, 06:33 PM
Morikos POV

Shonta had a big, goofy grin on her face when she came back.

She scored something big, I know it! Trinity whispered.

I leaned over Shonta as she plopped on the grass. Lets play Twenty Questions, shall we? Did we get a new teammate? She said no. Someone evolved? No. Someone learned a new, devastating attack?

No, but you will soon. She showed me a TM Box. Aeroblast.

Aeroblast!?! Trinity and I said together.

Isnt this great? She handed it to me.

Not really. Now its going to be harder to find an opponent at the Battle Tower. I opened the TM and saw a bright flash jump out of it. My wings vibrated uncontrollably until my wing case opened. A huge gust of wind blew Shonta and Trinity a few feet. Im thinking its still on low power.

Beakys POV

I watched him run into the house, letting him get a head start. This is pretty fun. I flew into the house and looked for him. There were so many kids around that it would be hard to find Haruki. I landed and walked around, weaving through crowds of Pokemon. There he was! I started running after him, but found out that he was slightly faster than me. I took off, flew for a few feet, and landed in front of Haruki. I got you. I touched his nose with my wing.

Misus POV

Cinder stood next to the pool. You dont want to hang out with Miss Diva over there. She needs to develop some people skills. Shonta got you a Dig TM, and I heard that you guys are faster in mud than in water.

Thats right.

Man, thats cool. I also like your final evolution, Swampert. Big and bad. You and I will send chills up everyones spine.

I chuckled. I want to evolve so I wont have to worry about electric attacks.

Oh yeah. They really sting. Im more afraid of psychic attacks. When Kawaii hits me with a Confusion attack I cant move until she lets me.

Kawaiis that Girafarig, isnt she?

I nodded. Shes very nice. Just dont get on her bad side, okay?

9th August 2004, 11:35 AM
~Patrick's POV~
I walked into the Eevee House, like I hadn't done in a long time. I looked around for my pokemon.
I had been gone, and there was no reason that they knew. I wondered if they were even still there.
I was worried. Would they even remember me? Let alone, would anybody remember me? A few
people still thought I was Chris. Chris Kerkin, the little 12 year old boy. When they found out I lied about
my name, people started ignoring me. More and more every day. Even my friends. And that's why I left.

But I'm back now, and nothing can change that.

~Zen, the Male Squirtle~
It had been over three months since we had seen our trainer, Patrick. Everyone else called him Chris,
I don't know why. The others, especially Mittens, didn't think I missed him as much, since I was the new one.
They were wrong. Suddenly, I heard a familiar voice whisper "I'm baaaaaack!" I knew who it was instantly.

"PATRICK!!!" I yelled at the top of my lungs so that every single person in a 10 mile radius could hear.

10th August 2004, 08:55 AM
Gwaihir the Windlord, the male Aerodactyl's POV:

I smiled at my father, glad that he could share my birthday with me. The Hidden Power TM captured my curiousity. "I don't know what it is until I've tried it, right?" I asked him.

My father nodded, urging me to open it.

"Let's go outside. You can help me test it out," I suggested with a grin. Then, a glint of mischief in my eye, I beat my wings and yelled, "Race ya!"

10th August 2004, 01:49 PM
(Dodger's POV)

"Let's go outside. You can help me test it out," Gwaihir said with a mishevious grin on his face. He then took off, shoutign "Race ya!" "You're on!" I called taking off after him, but not flying near as fast as i could have. Gwaihir was grinning by the time i made it outside. "Beat ya!" he said happily. "Yeah, " I grinned. "Do you want to know what type hidden power I have?" I asked him.

(Aiko's POV)

I saw Mommy, and i ran over to her shouting, "Mommy!" She turned around and gasped. I guess i had grown quite a lot since she has last seen me. I was jusst learning to walk, and now i was running. I grinned. "Look what I can do?" I said as i showed her my water pulse. I waited for her reaction grinning. Out of the corner of my eye, I spotted Daddy.

(Lani's POV)

I saw Huan and I silently crept up behind him, until i was in pouncing distance. As i pounced, i cried out "Got ya!" before landing on him and tickling him. Soon, however, he had me on my back and was tickling me until i was laughing so hard i was crying.

11th August 2004, 09:52 AM
~Soul, the male Eevee~
Well, I'd assume it's my turn, since this part focuses on me. Here it goes.

My trainer, Patrick, walked in. He took us to the side a' the room, where he could talk with us privately. "Hey, guys... I'm sorry that I haven't been around. I've had some problems with some people who knew my parents..." He said, startin' to cry. This was the first time he'd ever mentioned 'is parents. It kinda explained why he 1) lied about 'is name, 2) never told us 'is real last name, and 3) never told us about his life before he got Mittens. I di'nt think he was ever goin' to tell us any a' that.. "Well, anyways guys, I have suprises for you. two of them are kinda for all of you and two of them are for one of you in particular. Well, come on in, guys!" He said, then turned to the door. A Torkoal and another Squirtle walked in! They walked over to Patrick. "Guys, this is Adamantia," he said, pointin' to the Torkoal, "And... Gerald, stop that!" The Squirtle turned into a Ditto. It kinda looked like Zen was upset by that, him bein' a Squirtle and all. "This is Gerald, who is really a Ditto, but seems to prefer being a Squirtle. When I saw him at the Adoption Center, He took the form of a Surskit so that he could hide and come out when he saw a trainer he liked..." Patrick is annoyin' when he goes on like this. "I'll give you guys a few minutes to meet each other."
I instan'ly walked over to Adamantia, when the others walked over to Gerald.
"Hi, I'm Soul!" I tried to talk more polite than usual. Torkoals are cool, and I di'nt wanta give a bad impression.
"I'm Adamantia, but I bet you already knew that..." Adamantia seemed a bit shy, but that was probly the whole new trainer thing. She seemed a bit relieved that
I heard Patrick calling us.
"Already? That was barely any time at all!" I replied, outraged.
"You want to sit on my shell?" Adamantia asked. I happily repiled yes. "It might be a little hot though." It was relaxin'!
"Adamantia, Soul, hurry up!" Mittens called.
"Adamantia, one thing I should tell you is NEVER get on Mittens bad side. All of us changed when Chris... I mean, Patrick left. Mittens for the worse."
Adamantia ran a bit faster than I expected Torkoals to.
"Okay guys, here's the surprise for one of you."
He took out two TMs. One said "Hidden Power", the other said "Crunch". I tried hard to stay calm...
"And the lucky pokemon is..." Everybody, minus Adamantia and Gerald, looked at me. Hidden Power was probably Dark, and Crunch is also a dark move. The others knew that Patrick was hoping to evolve me into an Umbreon.
The only happy pokemon were Zen and Adamantia. Well, and me, of course. They were my only friends here, but Patrick didn't know that. Well, he knew I was friends with Adamantia, because otherwise I probably wouldn't be resting on the living sauna. Seriously, it did feel like I was at a sauna.

Peace out! I think next time is Adamantia's turn, but I think he might be waiting so that she can write about the little adventure that me, Zen, and her had *hinthint*.

12th August 2004, 05:50 PM
Shonta's POV

I sat on the couch with the egg close to my body. The Growlithe that hatched out of the egg would be the newest addition to my captee team and I wanted her to be as comfortable as possible.

Kawaii walked up and gaped at the egg. "Where...where did you get that?" she asked me breathlessly.

"From Lani."

"Jovi's half-sister? Wow, that was nice of her. What are you going to name her?"

"I'm going to let Lani name her." I looked around for something to wrap the egg in. "Kawaii, could you find me a blanket or something? I need to keep the egg warm."

"Sure." She walked off.

"You're going to love it here," I told the egg. "You'll have a lot of aunties and uncles to play with. Mostly aunties."

Cinder's POV

I bumped into Kawaii on my way to take a nap. She looked like she was rummaging through the closet. "Whatcha looking for?" I asked her.

"A blanket," she answered absentmindedly.

"For what?"

"The egg."

"Oh." I thought about that for a second. "What egg!?!"

"The Growlithe egg that Shonta had bred." She telekinetically pulled out a red blanket. "Go see it if you don't believe me."

I ran to Shonta and, sure enough, found her cradling an egg and talking to it. I climbed up in Shonta's lap and rubbed the egg. "When is it going to hatch?" I asked her.

Kawaii handed her the blanket. "I want you to be her coach. She needs a fellow Fire type to teach her. Would you do that for me?"

I felt a great surge of pride. "Uncle Cinder would love to teach you! I am the master!"

"Great. He's going to give the poor thing a big head," Kawaii groaned.

Shonta wrapped up the egg in a basket and laid it on a pillow. "Kawaii, I have another TM for you." She rummaged through her backpack and pulled it out. "It's Skill Swap."

"What's Skill Swap?" I asked.

Kawaii activated the TM. "We'll need one of the adoptees first," Shonta explained. Trinity was napping not too far from the couch. "Trinity, come over here!"

She walked over with a sour look on her face. "What is it?" she growled.

"Kawaii, use Skill Swap on Trinity." Kawaii's eyes flashed blue. "Trinity, use Flamethrower."

"Sure," she said with satisfaction. She engulfed Kawaii in flames and stood back, expecting a burned Kawaii. Kawaii stood unharmed. "What happened? Did I miss?"

"No. Skill Swap switches the traits of her and her opponent. Now you have Early Bird and she has Flash Fire. It's only temporary, though." She picked up the egg.

"You psychics are so lucky," Trinity muttered.

13th August 2004, 02:21 PM
(Lani's POV)

I nuzzled Huan as we slowly made our way back to the Eevee House. It had been a nice two days away from the team, but i was startign to miss them. At least Huan had been there with me. Anyways as we entered the Eevee House, my eyes were immediately drawn to the egg, and Huan and I quickly made our way over there. Jovi saw us come in and he joined us as well.

(Ruki's POV)

Just when i thought i had lost my new friend, he caught up to me. I got you. he said, as he touched my nose with his wing. "Yeah, you did." I said chuckling, and panting some. "I don't believe i caught your name?" "Beaky." I grinned. "Kinda fits. My name means shining brightly, though i think its obvious why my sister named me that." I said shrugging, before something caught my attention. "Hey, whats going on over there?" I asked Beaky pointing with my paw at Lani and Jovi and several pokemon that i haven't met.

13th August 2004, 04:49 PM
Kawaii's POV

Athena walked over and looked at the egg. "Girl or boy?"

"Girl," I told her.

She giggled. "Captee or adoptee?"


Her smile got smaller. "It was worth a shot. What's her name?"

"I'm going to let the mother name her."

I looked around for Jovi. He saw us and ran toward us, along with Lani and Huan. "There they are. Shonta, could you give Athena the egg for a second?" Shonta gave her the egg, and we walked over to Lani. "We were hoping you could give her a name."

She lovingly nuzzled the egg and smiled. "Casey."

"That's a beautiful name!" Athena exclaimed.

"We'll tell you when she hatches," I told Lani and Huan. "We all will take good care of her."

Beaky's POV

I looked over where Haruki was pointing. "That Kawaii and Athena. What's Athena holding?" I walked over and saw that she was holding...

"It's an egg!" Haruki said.

"Her name is Casey. She's going to be your new teammate, Beaky," Kawaii told me.

"Just tell me one thing. Who's is it?" I asked her.

She gave me a dirty look. "What, you're afraid that you laid an egg while you were napping? It's Lani's egg. Don't make me stomp you! Furthermore, you will be nice around Casey. Children are very impressionable and the last thing we need is another Beaky!" She glanced at Haruki. "Then again, maybe I don't need warning you."

AntiAsh Superstar
13th August 2004, 07:53 PM
"Ah, it does feel good to be outdoors," Marius smiled, making his way outside to the garden, Sinopa following close behind. "I have been spending far too much time playing with technology lately, I..." Suddenly the Dratini noticed Milliardo and Marius sparring in the corner, making quite a commotion with their practice session. "Ah. I was rather hoping to escape the rabble... can you both please take your fight some other place, please?" he called over.
"Sure thing, dude!" Katnip grinned, wiping the sweat from his brow with his tail. "We were due a break anyway."
"He's only saying that because I actually had the upper hand, you know," Milliardo grumbled, following close behind the Raticate.
"Yeah, right, an' why was it that I was whippin' yer butt, then?"
"Ha! Don;t make me laugh! Why you couldn't even..." The two pokmon finally were out of earshot. Rather mercifully, given Milliardo's tendancy towards the occasional foul-mouthed outburst.
"Ahem... anyway, NOW we happen to be free of the rabble, which is a much more satisfactory situation. So anyway..." Here Marius turned to Sinopa. "What would you like to do now we have a little more space? I really don't mind, so the decision is entirely yours if you like."

16th August 2004, 04:12 PM
Linc's POV

I walked through the doors of the Eevee house, my two teams surging around my feet, except for Lunar, who was carrying Sunray, her baby. "Lunar, how about you let me hold the baby for a while, you need a rest." I said to her. She nodded, and I picked the baby up from her shoulder. I cradled the baby in my arms, and sat down on one of the couches. Lunar jumped up next to me and sat down. "Go on guys, go make some friends!" I said to the team, and there was an explosion of color as my team raced through the building, all except Blur, who was standing next to the couch, her flames roaring. Her scars didn't heal since the battle with the insane Farfetch'd, and I think she didn't want anybody to see her, as she tried to hide her eyes, and she had her side facing me. "It's okay, Blur. I bet there's a ton of people here with scars. Take a look at Cynda here." I said as I looked down, and noticed Cynda, who hadn't gone with the rest of the team. He had scars all over his body, one over his eyes, which he wasn't able to open. He had been smashed into a pit of rock hard icicles by a slowpoke.

Nightmare, the female Sneasel's POV

I sped out the door and into the fresh air. I leaped over every obstacle in my path. "Heh, I'm the fastest Pokemon here!" I shouted and raised my arms, running around the side of the pool. "You wanna bet?" said a female voice from behind me. It was one of Linc's adoptees, Legend, the Electrike. She ran up next to me, her electricity charging up her legs. "Sure. Name your challenge." I said and smiled. "Starting point, between those two trees, finish point, the other side of the building." She said and ran between two of the trees about to meters way.

Legend, the female Electrike's POV

Go!" Nightmare shouted. We launched forwards at an extremely fast speed, and it was great. All of a sudden, Blitz swooped in above us. "Having a race huh? I'll show you speed!" He said and flapped his huge wings and he blasted forwards. Nightmare then took off after him, running under his massive body. I then supercharged my electricity and launched, sparks shooting up from my legs. I ripped past the other racers, and moved to the right of the building, running around the house.

Blitz, the male Aerodactyl's POV

Legend ripped past us, shooting to the right side of the building, and I flapped my wings, increasing my forward thrust, and went to the left side of the building. Nightmare wasn't under me anymore. I whizzed past windows, and I saw the end of the building, and I could tell that Legend was at the exact same point as me, until I heard the voice. Legend says that the finish line has changed, the end will be in between those two boulders. I looked behind me, and saw Linc's Shuppet. "Thanks." I said to it, and it disappeared. I was past the building now, and Legend was in lead, until I saw the shadow. A small shadow was moving across the ground, and I looked up. Nightmare was flying through the air, she must have leaped off the top of the building. She landed about fifteen meters ahead of us, and she ran past the boulders. She won. "Who's the fastest now?" She said and laughed.
"How'd you do that?" Legend asked.
"Simple, when Blitz flapped his wings, it caused me to fly in the air, and I grabbed onto the wall of the building, and climbed up, dashed across the roof, and leaped."

Linc's POV

I got up from my seat, and my Pokemon followed. I walked around looking for someone to talk to. I'm so bored. I wish someone would talk to me. I thought, and I stopped in the middle of the room and looked around.

Aipom Of Doom
16th August 2004, 04:48 PM
Jay and feztra: stop spamming.

16th August 2004, 06:19 PM
Cinder's POV
I pushed my bowl of Pokemon food close to Shonta so I could keep an eye on Casey while I ate. Shonta, what are we doing today? I asked her between bites.

Im not sure. I thought we could stay here today and see if the egg hatches. Its about time, plus I dont want to do any unnecessary traveling. If it hatches and I dont have my supplies, Ill have to deal with a messy, hungry baby.

I gulped hard. This would make it harder to ask her about my training battle. Iwas wonderingif Icould have another training battle.

Shonta gasped and held the egg out in front of her. I think its hatching! She set it down next to me and rushed all over the house, getting blankets and towels and bottles. The rest of the Pokemon stared at the egg with wide eyes.

I watched it sway back and forth. Back. Forth. Back. Forth. Stop. No more swaying. False alarm, I told Shonta.

She was holding everything that Casey wouldve needed until she was weaned. Oh. Another one, she panted. She did this last night too. Does she want her trainer to have a heart attack?

Its like shes not sure when to come out, Misu commented.

Wait! I cried. The egg was moving again! Back. Forth. Back. Forth. Back. Forth.


Its hatching! Its really hatching! I exclaimed. I watched the small crack in the egg race down and spread to form more cracks. Finally I saw white fur poking through the top of the egg. I can see her Mohawk! The front was pushed away, and a paw was shown. I got to removing bits of eggshell. Her head with closed eyes slowly came out, also covered in eggshell. She pushed away some more of the egg with her back paws and tumbled on her side.

Stand aside, Kawaii said. She lowered her head and started to lick Caseys nose.

"That is gross, Kawaii."

"This goo is keeping her from breathing." She lifted her head. Casey took a deep breath and slowly opened her eyes. "Take it from here, Shonta."

"She's coming along nicely," she said as she wiped Casey clean. "Hi sweetie. Welcome to the world. Her eyes are beautiful."

"I'll go get Lani," Kawaii said.

17th August 2004, 11:22 AM
Gwaihir the Windlord, the male Aerodactyl's POV:

I couldn't believe it, I beat my father outside. Something told me he wasn't trying his hardest, but it didn't matter. Flying was still fun.

"Do you want to know what type Hidden Power I have?" he asked me.

"Yeah, that would be cool!" I said, grinning. "I have an idea. Why don't we both use Hidden Power at the same time and see whose wins?"

Huan, the male Houndour's POV:

I nuzzled Lani as we walked toward the Egg excitedly. This would be our second child. I wish I knew where the first one went, but the trainer must have gone away. I hoped this time it would be different. We both watched, breathless, as the Egg hatched and a little Growlithe head popped out.

17th August 2004, 03:10 PM
Lunar, The Female Umbreon's POV
"Linc, I was wondering if, uh... I could have my name changed." Linc stopped looking around, and looked back at me.
"I miss my old name, the one my parents gave me."
"Oh. What was it?"
"Sure, I'll tell Shuppet to say that to the rest of the team." Linc looked around, and signaled to Shuppet who had just scared Deli by popping out of the wall at him. Shuppet floated over and spoke to us telepathically. What is it?
"Go tell the team that Lunar's got a new name. Rayku." Shuppet flipped and disappeared.
"Linc, I'm gonna go walk around. Can I have Sunray back now?" I asked. Linc nodded and handed me my son. I put him on my back and he layed down and looked at his surroundings, and then fell asleep. "Baby's need rest." Linc said, and I left.


After I had walked around, I noticed that Linc started to walk over. "Ray, look." He said and pointed. I glanced over, and noticed a small crowd of Pokemon huddled around a trainer who was looking at something. "A baby's getting born!" I said. Me and Linc walked over, the other Pokemon that were with him were in their Poke Balls. "Need any help?" Linc said, and he pulled a towel out and looked at the small Growlithe baby emerging from the egg. By now, Sunray was awake and watching a baby get born, like he was not too long ago. All the Pokemon and the trainer looked up, all of a sudden, Linc and me blushed.

17th August 2004, 05:28 PM
~Patrick, the Male Trainer~
As I looked around the Eevee House, I noticed that there were groups of friends inside my Pokemon. Mittens, Campbelle, and Jessie made up the first group. Gerald, Typar, Phear, and Rory made up the second. And finally, Soul, Adamantia, and Zen. But then I noticed that there was one missing among my pokemon. I could tell that I didn't spend much time with this last pokemon, s I couldn't remember who it was. Then, Zen, Phear, and Mittens left thier respective groups, apparently going around the room, asking questions. Then they all realized that I was here, and all ran over to me at once. They all shouted in unison, "Where's Sapphire?" I suddenly realized that Sapphire was the 12th Pokemon, my young Seel.

~Sapphire, the Female Seel~
I felt confused. My trainer paid my barely any attention, whereas his other Pokemo. paid my too much attention. How much can a Seel take? I decided to leave for a while. But before I could leave, A pokemon came up to me and said, "What's wrong? Why are you leaving?"

~Soul, the Male Eevee~
We all started rushing around. All, that is, minus Patrick. I noticed him just sitting there, upset. I walked up to him and started cuddling with him. He hugged me tighter than anybody should hug an Eevee, a slightly gothic male one at that, but whatever. "Listen, Patrick, if it would'n' be too much trouble, could you rename me Umbra?" I asked him.
"Sure, any slightly gothic male Eevee is welcome to be rename when the don't bite my after I hug them this tight."
"Just because you said that doesn't mean you don't have to let go of me. Otherwise an Eevee bite will be the LEAST of your worries."
Patrick loosened it a little.
"Well, that's a start."

17th August 2004, 06:28 PM
Shonta's POV

Casey blinked at me, the huge unknown creature that had her in its grasp. I gently stroked her head. "Hi, Casey," I said softly. Casey yawned in response.

Another trainer came by and offered to help. Accompanying him were an Umbreon and a tiny Eevee. I shook my head. "You must be new around here. I haven't seen you around here before," I told him.

"What is he doing, getting close to my niece?" Cinder hissed. "He better go away or he'll be a pile of ashes."

"I've seen him at the Crystal Caves while that Solar Games was going," Kawaii said. "What was his name? Linc?"

"Hi, Linc. I'm Shonta and the little bundle of joy is Casey," I introduced.

17th August 2004, 07:07 PM
Rayku, the Female Umbreon
I quit blushing after the trainer introduced herself, and I settled, until one of her Pokemon whispered to her. I decided to speak to him telepathically using my Psychic attack.
<You'd better not talk about my trainer that way or you'll be blown into smitherines before you can create a single flame.> I then motioned to the Poke Balls on Linc's belt, and then the team started to gather 'round. Some of them were complimenting on the baby's looks, but Nightmare, my sister, had heard my telepathic chat, the sibling mind link thing. I heard her thoughts in my mind, and created a telepathic link with the Pokemon that I had talked to.
<Don't forget frozen and ripped to shreds.>
<Nightmare, I was just kidding.>
<Oh, sorry.> I then spoke to the trainer's Pokemon again.
<I'm sorry if my trainer and i seemed threatening. We were just admiring your beautiful neice. We mean no harm, me and my sister were kidding.>

"Hey, nice to meet you. I've seen you in the Solar Games, and sometimes I cought glimpses of you in Crystal Caves while I was capturing Pokemon. Kind of a big team, huh?" Linc said to the trainer, who's name seemed to be Shonta, and he looked over at the his huge team of 28, who were standing pretty far back, trying not too be too much of a disturbance to Casey. The trainer smiled. I then spoke to her telepathically.
<Hello, I'm Linc's Umbreon, Rayku. It seems my baby is interested in Casey. If the baby seems disturbeb, it might bebecause Sunray has inherited some of my Psychic abilities.> I said and smiled, and looked up at my son, who was staring at the baby Growlithe. "Guys, I think this is a little much for the baby." Linc said and recalled everyone except for me and Sunray.

I then gasped. Sunray had hopped off my shoulders and wabbled nearer to Casey to get a closer look. As he began to move closer, the Pokemon who I think name is Cinder started to growl. I lifted up Sunray with my Psychic attack and dropped him back on my shoulders. <Sorry.> I spoke to Shonta.

17th August 2004, 11:51 PM
Note: My POV was before Cinder's RGB.

Shonta's POV

"Don't be starting anything, Cinder," I warned him as he chased Sunray back to Rayku.

"He was the one starting something!"

"That baby wasn't doing anything." I turned back to Linc. "Sorry, but I have to go tend to some things. It was nice to officially meet you." I walked off Casey in my arms and Cinder by my side.

"All of these Eevee babies. There's no more originality around here," Cinder muttered as I walked to the couch. I pulled out a bottle and started to feed her. "How's she doing?"

"She's definitely hungry. That's a good sign. How about you go outside and rest?"

He climbed in my lap and smiled at Casey. "Nah. I'm not letting her outta my sight."

18th August 2004, 09:22 AM
*`-[Patrick, the Male Trainer]-,.
I ran over to Shonta, another trainer who I had seen around some other places sometimes. Soul was following right behind me. Right behind him was Adamantia, with Zen on her back. Shonta, who was sitting on the couch, had a baby Growlithe and a Quilava with her. Zen jumped off and hopped on the couch.
"Have you seen a Seel named Sapphire? She's about the height of a Seel, weight of a Seel, and looks kinda like a baby Dewgong... I mean, Seel. She's probably be alone right now... But anyways, she's missing!" Zen had a panicked look on his face and he was panting. Adamantia climbed halfway on the couch and started shaking Zen.
"ZEN! SNAP OUT OF IT!" Adamantia shouted.

18th August 2004, 01:26 PM
NOTE: I'm posting this for Amy.

(Lani's POV)

As much as i was eager to stick around, I also wanted Dakota to see Casey after she hatched, but it was up to him. He was scared of. I was the lucky one that he trusted, i think it may have been because i had tried to help him. "I'm going to tell Daktoa." I whispered to Huan. He nodded. I quickly found Dakota. "If you're interested, Casey's going to be hatching soon." He nodded. "i'm not sure... I might be there just give me some time." "Okay, take all the time you need." With that i started to walk back to be greeted by Kawaii. "Casey's hatched!" "When?" I asked. "Just a minute or so ago." "Okay, i'm coming!" With that i took off after Kawaii. When i saw her, my heart melted. "She's beautiful" I whispered to huan as i nuzzled him. Then i walked over to her and gave her a nuzzle.

EDIT: This is my part.

Lily the Female Oddish's POV

I woke up from my nap outside. The sunshine had energized me and now it was time to play. I walked back inside and bumped into a Seel. "Where are you going?" I asked.

"No one pay attention to me, so I'm leaving."

I stopped him. "How about you help me find your friends and you can talk to them about it? I bet my trainer knows where they are."

Shonta's POV

"Man, I'm bushed," I groaned as I collapsed on the couch. Cinder climbed up and watched Casey.

That was when a Squirtle and some other Pokemon ran up. The Squirtle frantically told us that a baby Seel was missing, according to Cinder. "Sorry, haven't seen it," he told them.

Lily walked up with a Seel. Lucky, huh? "This Seel was leaving because he didn't get enough attention," Lily explained. "I don't know why. He seems pretty cool to me. Get it? Cool?"

18th August 2004, 01:35 PM
Thanks, ^^; lost that when the computer shut down on me x.x. heres the est of what i want ed ot post

(Amy's POV)

I watched as Darin was running this way and that. These last few days, he had not only grown more coordinated but he had gotten a lot more energetic. He say his Dad and playfully pounced on his tail. Suddenly a black eevee ran by, and Darin stopped and looked at her. Then he looked down at his own fur, then back to her before giving his Dad a puzzled look.

(Dodger's POV)

Gwaihir grinned. "Yeah, that would be cool! I have an idea. Why don't we both use Hidden Power at the same time and see whose wins?" I nodded. "Good idea. Let's see... How about we aim at those two trees i said, pointing with my wing. I'll take the one on the right, and you take the one on the left." "How does that sound?"

(Aiko's POV)

I guess Mommy was lost in thought. Grinning, I slowly backed up, before pouncing on her. "Whatcha thinking about Momma?" I asked when she finally looked at me."

(Sinopa's POV)

"What would you like to do now we have a little more space? I really don't mind, so the decision is entirely yours if you like." I thought a minute. Maybe we could go for a walk, or else play a game. Either of those sounds nice." I said, as a lock of yellow fur fell from my topknot down into my eye. I blew on it till it went back into place. "Sorry i'm still just not used to being about to enjoy myself. Until i met Amy, I was stuck in a cage so small that i couldn't even move." I said quietly.

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18th August 2004, 06:43 PM
Marius seemed to think for a moment. "I'm truly sorry to hear that," he commented, "but you shouldn't let that influence your life now that you're away from all of that. Whatever happened in the past is done now, it would be a shame to let it rule your decisions." The Dratini smiled broadly. "Buit that's as maybe, and do tell me to shut up if I interfere too much, I rarely take offence, especially when the comments are justified. I quite like the idea of having a little walk about. So, shall we?" Marius bowed politely to the Vulpix besides him. Things were, in his estimation, going rather well.

"Hi to all you crazy partygoers out there!" Back inside the house it was very hard to get a moment's peace, especially since my Wartortle, Beckham, was trying to start up yet another game of ball. "I know you're all busy fussing over the new kids and all, but somebody please give me a game of ball now that Ade bought me my own beach ball! You have no idea how impoirtant this is to world safety, it'll bring about a terrible disaster that will be worse than Al Quaeda, Team Rocket and the combined forces of the Elite Four!"

18th August 2004, 07:17 PM
-=-My POV-=-

"Well, that was fun." Rayku said and looked up at me. "Yep." I said and nodded as I walked along. I looked down as one of my Poke Balls started to rock, and then Blitz exploded out of it. "Blitz?!?! What the heck?!?!" I shouted.
"Something's wrong! Shuppet says that something's wrong with Nightmare!" I pulled out Nightmare's Poke Ball and unleashed her. "Nightmare! What's wrong?" I said and looked down, Nightmare was doing some kind of dance. "Bathroom, not time, gotta go!" She said.
"Blitz, take Nightmare to the hills, okay?" I said and pointed. He nodded and Nightmare hopped on. "Just don't go on the ride." He said, and they lifted off. "So, what do you want to do now?" I asked Rayku.
"I kinda want to swim, but I don't really know how." She said.
"No problem. Marshtomp here will teach you." I said and let out Marshtomp. "Hey Marshtomp, Rayku here says she wants to swim, could ya teach her how?" I asked.
"Sure." He said and saluted and marched in place.

We walked over to the pool, and Marshtomp dived in. I also let out Poliwag, Sharpedo, and Luvdisk into the pool. I walked over to a beach chair and sat down, keeping Sunray on my lap as he watched his mother swim along. I then noticed Blitz circling towards the ground. Nightmare hopped off, and she too dived in the pool. I took out my sunglasses and fell asleep, along with Sunray, and also Blitz, who folded his wings and laid on the ground.

19th August 2004, 09:11 PM
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And last
4. Have FUN!

1. We never flamed.
2. One accident occured where someone was pushed in the pool (forgot who it was), so that's fine.
3. If you look at most of the posts in this topic, the quality in our posts were longer. Even if we didn't specialize solely in making the most quality posts, we had a lot of different events occurring in each stanza. If you can't call that quality, you're lost.
4. We were having a lot of fun.

Oh and stop removing my posts as asking for clarifications isn't against the rules. Tell me exactly why the posts were removed, since you gave no logical explanation as to why, other than being 'annoying' (which is deadly obvious you've got no reason other than using that as a last resort to prove the super moderators are always right...when they're not). I'm not going to leave here without an answer, and if no rational incentive is given, I will keep posting here.

Any future post removed here will be revived by an admin, and saved to document in case.

Of course we can remove this argument when it's finished. For people who don't know what I'm talking about, ignore it. It's mainly only for the moderators abusing their powers by removing on-topic and funny posts.

27th August 2004, 09:31 AM

Just wondering, Xol, you have any idea what yesterday was?
Gotta love that enthusiasm.
Shut up.
Well, believe it or not, it was a year ago yesterday that I first adopted you. And so I thought- seeing as I got Latino something- then you deserved a TM to. So here you are.
I knelt down and held out the black, moon shaped box to Xolotle, who raised an eyebrow, before smiling and snatching it from my hand.
Its a Crunch TM, you need a Dark attack, so its perfect for you.
Hold on
Sniebel frowned at the TM in Xols claws, then glanced up at me.
Youve had me for more than a year, yet you didnt get me anything.
Well, er, I
And its approaching a year for me.
Tropitorm stomped up next to him and leered at me.
You better get me something to compensate for being stuck in this hellhole for a year.
Well, at least youve had an extra TM, I havent. Ive still got the exact same moves I had from the day she adopted me.
Guys, relax theres a reason why she didnt and wont get you a TM. Because youre not worthy or important enough to merit her spending any of her hard earned Stamps on you.
Oh, heck.
Latino leapt off the floor and darted nervously onto my shoulder as the other two spun round and began to snarl in Xols direction; she just laughed, then ran.
Want to try and stop them?
You think Im mad?
Good point.
Well..I guess this is an interesting first day for you, right?
Switching topics, he turned and glanced over at the Pokmon standing silently beside me.
I..I guess.
Nervously looking round, she shifted slowly from foot to foot; smiling, I reached out to gently pat her neck.
Relax Ebony, nothings going to happen to you.
Yeah, unless you manage to annoy Xolotle, Tropitorm, Fera..
Shut up, Lat.
Archie scrambled up in front of Ebony, waving his claws to catch her attention.
Were ok, and youre going to settle in fine. Itll just take a little while.
Fizzs voice suddenly trilled out from somewhere above us.
Thats right, but hey, pony, you better not burn me now.


Excuse me?
I looked up to where the Taillow had been perched; I caught a split-second flash of blue as she swooped down, before stalling and dropping down to perch on my head.
Biting my lip, I dropped my head again, making sure to do as she said and keep my flames under control.
Nifty bit of colour, arent you?
Her head suddenly popped down into my line of vision as she leant forwards and chuckled quietly.
Any good at speed?
I said, any good at speed? Because if you are.well, Im going to have to break that. Im the speed demon of this team, and Im not going to let anyone take that place from me.
Cant you say more than one word answers?
Oi, you, keep out of this.
The Taillow leapt from my head, snarled at him, then swooped round and hovered directly in front of me.
So how about it? Want to see what youre up against? Or do you want to bow down now?
I grinned, unable to help myself. She wasnt exactly the most modest of Pokmon.
Sure, Ill show you. But Im not going to lose to some little bird.
Love that insult. So wonderfully insultingnot.
Ignore him, his opinion isnt worth much. Soif were going to race, well need somewhere where youre not going to have any problems with people or Pokmon getting in the way.
Thats the whole of here then. Youd be better off outside.
Good point. Ebs?
Oh, me? Well, Id be fine with that. As long as we get to race.
Well, if youre going to head out there, why dont you side-track a little and go and meet the rest of the team? Me and Fizzll introduce you, right?
Fine with me.
She beat her wings once, propelling her back up where she was able to drop onto my head again.
Hey, if youre going to let her sit there, can I steal a ride as well?
I grinned.
Folding my front legs, I dropped down enough to let him scramble up, before stumbling to my feet and setting of at a canter in the direction Fizz pointed out.


Watching Ebony vanish into the crowds, I sighed, then glanced at Latino.
You werent much help there.
So? Everything I said was true, and besides, shed have noticed it sometime, I just let her know early.
What the heck are you actually on about?
Xol came clattering back, smirking, evidently having managed to lose Sniebel and Tropitorm.
Perhaps if you hadnt annoyed those two and had to leg it, youd have known.
He yawned, then shrugged.
Bit quiet isnt she?
So would you be, if you were only just being introduced into a team with well established members. Give her time, once shes settled in, shell be alright.
Ill just take your word for it.


Tiki? Where you? Tik..huh?
I crashed to a halt, turning to return the stare of a Pokmon standing a few feet away, watching me curiously.
Frowning, he looked at me, down at his own fur, behind him, then back to me.
What the matter?
I trotted forward to get closer, then curiously raised a paw to see if I could see what it was he was looking at. My paw was black. I hadnt noticed before. I twisted roundmy whole body was black.
I blinked, the looked back at him.
Dont know about my colour. Who you?


And then he just dumped me, like that. Just because I evolved before him.
Hell come round, sooner or later.
But will it be before her evolves or after? Because, well, hes probably not going to actually evolve for ages, hes not going to have the battles for it.
I groaned and covered my ears, rolling away, fully aware of the fact I should be participating in the conversation, but unable to summon the energy to do so.
Whats up with me?
Wearily opening my eyes, I let them slowly flicker back into focus, before letting them slip over the bustling activities playing out all around me, before I groaned again and let them close.
Sometimes I just couldnt be bothered.

28th August 2004, 03:21 PM
-=Linc's POV=-

After the little swim session, me and the team headed for home, but we returned after a couple weeks.

Sunray had evolved into a Jolteon, and changed his name to Static.

I walked around the Eevee House, trying to find the little guy, until I saw him crackling with energy staring at Legend. Both were shooting off sparks, and growling at each other.

"You wanna say that again?" Static asked as he charged his electricity.
"Woah, guys, cool it and tell me what happened." I said and pushed the two away from each other.
"Legend called me weak!" Static shouted and shot some bolts of electricity through the air.
"Well, you are!" Legend said and stuck her tongue out at him.
"Okay Legend! You're gonna rest for a while!" I said and recalled her into her Poke Ball.


"Sorry Stat." Linc said as he frowned at Legend's Poke Ball.
"It's okay." I said and looked at my paws. "Maybe I am weak." I said.
"No, you're not weak. I bet you could beat Legend in a battle anyday, even though she is a couple levels higher than you." Linc said and smiled. "Here, I've been saving this for you."


I pulled the pack off my shoulders and dug through it. I pulled out a small vial, and showed it to Static. "This is a Black Juice, it'll make you look awesome." I said and held it in front of his face, the black liguid shining in the light. "Cool!" He said and gazed at the liquid.

I popped off the top and held it in front of his face, and he grasped it in his mouth and drank.

I watched as the juice began to take effect. A small dome of light enveloped his body, almost like the evolution dome, except much smaller.

The dome disappeared, and I gasped. His yellow body now turned sleek black, except for his white mane that was still colored normally. "Woah." He said and looked over his body and smiled.

He became a black blur as he raced around the room, bolts of electricity shooting upwards from his body. "Amazing." He said and walked back and jumped into my arms. "Thanks." He said.

3rd September 2004, 08:19 PM
<Blade's POV>

"Nah, kid, that was fine," I assured her. "If you want to practice more though, do it in the forest. There's barely anyone there although you should probably go with someone just to be on the safe side, preferably me, your dad or someone rather strong."
Elwing nodded simply, understanding the possible consequences if not careful.
"Now, why don't we try out my attack? I'll send a Hidden Power at you and we'll see if you can dodge it."
She smiled as she stiffened up, preparing to dodge. Opening my right claw, I charged up a rather weak Hidden Power Water, blue barely showing within the ball. Aiming it right at her, I could see Drake grimace, which made it all the better. Firing it quickly, I could see the gleam in Elwing's eyes and watched on proudly as she easily dodged it, the ball hitting the wall and exploding into water.
"Perfect," I smiled. "After a few battles, you'll have that and Thunderbolt down pat."

<Nightshade's POV>

"That's good, but it needs work," I groaned. "Good thing you're a lightweight."
I kinetically lifted her off of my head and onto the ground.
"What you did wrong was imagining the spot, with me on it. Since I'm already there, you have to focus on a spot either in front of me, behind me or to either side. Let's try this again, but I'll make it more interesting."
Before she knew it, I was gone and teleported up into the rafters. After glancing about a few seconds, she looked up at me and frowned.
"Don't worry, it's not dangerous," I called down. "If you don't make it, I'll catch you and put you on the ground again. I expect you to make it up here in three tries or less so give it your best shot."

<Lyra's POV>

"Lyra?" I heard a voice from the couch.
I knew it had to be Zale and I walked over to find him and a baby Absol near the water. My heart skipped when I saw it dip a paw in the water, most likely afraid of it.
"I'm not in the water all the time, you know," I told him from behind.
"Didn't think about it before, sorry," he turned around. "I want you to meet Angel, although you knew I would be a dad anyway."
I bent down to pick up the Absol, who stared up at me.
"Hi," I said kindly.
"Hi," she smiled.
"Thinking about teaching her how to swim?"
"Maybe, probably when she's older though."
"It's something, at least. I expect her to have all your swimming qualities though," I smirked.

<Aries' POV>

After a black Eevee ran by, Darin stared up at me, confused.
"Don't worry son, neither of you are different. There are bottles with juice in it that can change the color of your fur. If you drink a Black Juice, it changes your fur black, like that other Eevee is. You can also be brown, blue, yellow or any other color of the rainbow. Unfortunately, it's permanent so if you want to be your old color again, you can't. That's why Pokemon drink it only if they're really sure about it. You could do it too someday, if you'd like, but only when you're older and more sure about it."

7th September 2004, 03:41 PM
(Darin's POV)

I heard Dad talk about something called juices but before i could ask about them, she walked over to where i was. "Dont know about my colour. Who you?" I glanced back over at Dad who just grinned and nudged me forward. I took a deep breath, and tried to say my name as clear as possible. "Dar..." at which point i sneezed, and groaned. I tried it again. "Darin." I grinned up at Dad, before looking back at her.

(Zale's POV)

I smiled as Angel grinned up at Lyra, but blushed when Lyra complimented me. "It's something, at least. I expect her to have all your swimming qualities though." I was about to ask Lyra somethign but then Angel sneezed and sent an ice beam into me, and I got overbalanced and fell into the pool. I climbed out and started laughing as Angel looked at me sheepishly from Lyra's arms.

(Tiana's POV)

I took a deep breath, and tried to calm myself down again. My heart was pounding like a jackhammer. After using Calm Mind once more, I deicded to try it. I stared up at the rafters and concentrated. With a silent pop i disappeared and when i reappeared i was up rafter high, but slightly not touching it. "Yikes!" I said, as i scrambled for purchase but didn't. Luckily Nightshade caught me like he said he would. After placing me on the ground, he teleported back into the rafters. I took another deep breath and tried again. This time i succeeded in appearing right in front of Nightshade. I grinned up at him and jumped onto his shoulder, happily shouting, "I did it!"


Sign Ups are now being accepted for the flying race. The prize will be that the winner will gain two levels. As usual, only adoptees may enter.

7th September 2004, 03:48 PM
-=Samurai, the male Gyarados' POV=-
I stared happily as the egg began to rock back and forth. "My son." I said and glanced down at Seishou, who looked happily at the egg.


The speckled red egg exploded in a fury of flaming red orbs and eggshells, fire streaming from the egg. "Wha-" Linc began, but I shielded him from a fireball that headed right for him.

The fireball hit my side, but the pain wasn't major. I looked over to where the egg was, and sitting on the ground was a small red dragon.

Seishou walked over to her child and picked it up, smiling. I flew over to her and gazed at my beautiful son, the flame on his tail bursting with light. "What shall we name him?" she asked and looked up at me, cradling the baby in her small arms.

I pondered for a moment, and looked to the sky and the sun. "Koden." I said happily, and looked back to my child who stared up at me, smiling. I picked up the small Charmander and put him on mu back, and floated slowly high into the air, followed by Blitz, making sure that the baby would be safe if it fell.

Koden squeaked happily as the great sun rained down upon us, and i flew in a circle and roared, and Koden roared as loud as he could, the fire inside him exploding with strength.

7th September 2004, 05:03 PM
Casey's POV

I ran into the Eevee House, excited to see Mama and Daddy. Uncle Cinder was behind me, panting like I was. "Come on, Uncle Cinder! I want to show them what I've learned!" I told them.

Cinder stopped. "Wait! You shouldn't go off by yourself!" he yelled after me.

I stopped groaned. "That's why you should go faster!"

Kawaii easily trotted past me and to Casey. "I'll take her to them. Just stay there and catch your second wind." She giggled and nudged me along.

"What does that mean?" I asked her as we slowed down and walked.

She lowered her head down to me. "It's like...when you're in a race and you get tired. Then you find some more energy in you and you go back to running." She looked up. "There they are! Lani! Huan!"

"Mama! Daddy!" I ran to them.

Shonta's POV

"Oh man! Ouch. I forgot about the Flying race! Ow! Maybe that Patrick guy will sign Swoop up. Ouch! Will you cut that out, Nama?"

My newest adoptee, a Slakoth named Nama, was using her long claws to climb up my back. Unfortunatly, she was tearing up my shirt and skin. She finally got to my shoulder. "Sorry. It's just that it's been a while since I climbed up anything. Thanks for adopting me."

"It's what I do." I sighed. "Adopt Pokemon and then abandon them. Swoop didn't need that."

"I'm sure she's forgiven you. As long as that new trainer gives her plenty of battles." She yawned. "And thanks for adopting me."

"You already said..." I yawned. "...that. Nama, that was just a regular yawn, right?"

She scratched her chin. "Oops."

I sighed and plopped on the couch. "Oops is right. Good night."

Beaky's POV

I looked down at Shonta from my perch on the beam. Poor human had let that Slakoth put her to sleep with her Yawn attack. But I had recalled that she had something for me. I swooped down and rummaged through her backpack. There it was: Hidden Power. I didn't know which one it was, though. I stuck my head in there and braced myself for the bright flash. Nothing happened. Oh well.

"Beaky, did you go through Shonta's backpack again?" Misu asked me.

"Yeah, but with good reason. Here!" I knocked over the backpack and pulled out a Ice Ball TM. "And there are TMs for the adoptees. Now excuse me for a minute." I looked around for Ruki. The fact that he was the twins' little brother burned me with guilt. I didn't know whether to run and hide or to just forget about or just tell him. Maybe they didn't tell him yet.

Lady Vulpix
7th September 2004, 06:07 PM
61-90 - Ref Lady Vulpix
Lyra - Lv.36 Female Wartortle (69) - The_Missing_Link
Ayla - Lv 40 Female Vaporeon (82) - Wolfsong
I'll try to ref this before the weekend. The track will be 2460 units long. Amy and Becca, you can send me your moves at any time or agree on a time where you'll both be online and tell me. I won't be on much tomorrow (I spend hardly any time at home on Wednesdays), but I'll try to get online at some time to check my PMs.

7th September 2004, 08:24 PM
"Ryu", LV 35 male Vibrava (76)

Gwaihir the Windlord, LV 12 male Aerodactyl (43)

7th September 2004, 08:44 PM
Drake, Lv.40 male Charizard (110)

Blade, Lv.38 male Scizor (78)

Remember people, post your Pokemon's levels as well as their speed

7th September 2004, 09:50 PM
I keep on forgetting that Heracross have wings!

Moriko, L7 Heracross (21)

Lady Vulpix
9th September 2004, 10:01 PM
Alright, this race was long overdue, so it's starting now! The track is, as I said, 2460 units long.

Lyra used Confusion to try and get Ayla off course, but the Vaporeon managed to hang on.
Ayla swam forward carefully, trying to remain focused, and advanced 164 units.
Lyra did the same after attacking, getting 138 units ahead of the start line.
The water was shaken at the start of the race, but other than that it was a rather slow start.

Positions on the 1st update:
Ayla: 164
Lyra: 138

Ayla dashed forward with a Quick Attack.
Lyra, once more, tried to confuse Ayla, but her Confusion attack did not have the desired effect.
Ayla's fast motion allowed her to swim 574 units, getting away from Lyra's reach.
Lyra tried to swim some more after attacking, but the currents left behind by Ayla didn't help her, and she just advanced 138 units again.

Positions on the 2nd update:
Ayla: 738
Lyra: 276

Both pokemon swam straight now.
Ayla maintained her steady pace (can that word be used in this context?), advancing 328 units.
Lyra managed to escape the currents and swam forward 276 units, doubling portion of the track she'd conquered before.

Positions on the 3rd update:
Ayla: 1066
Lyra: 552

Now Ayla used another Quick Attack, pushing forward another 410 units.
Lyra had trouble again: she came across a strong current that pushed her backwards, and only managed to advance 69 units this time.

Positions on the 4th update:
Ayla: 1476
Lyra: 621

Ayla kept Quick-Attacking and moved another 574 units.
Lyra managed to escape the current once more, but the 207 units she managed to advance were not enough to bring her close to Ayla.
s time.

Positions on the 5th update:
Ayla: 2050
Lyra: 828

With a final Quick Attack, Ayla advanced 492 units and crossed the finish line!
Lyra swam forward another 207 units before the race came to an end.

Final positions:
Ayla: 2542
Lyra: 1035

Ayla has won the race! Her trainer Amy can now claim her price, which is any item from the Reward Center. Thanks for participating, everyone. :)

14th September 2004, 02:31 PM

Sapphire, come on, get out from under there. Nobody is going to hurt you.
Yeah, were ok.
Omega dropped down as low as he could, smiling at the cowering figure hiding under the sofa.
Hannah, didnt you say you had some TMs for her?
Flash nudged my elbow.
Perhaps theyll help us to tempt her out.
Good idea.
Pulling open my bag gently, I reached in and took out six boxes; splitting them carefully, I held out two to Omega, placing the rest carefully in front of the sofa.
Hey, those two for me?
Yes, ones Double-edge, the other is Toxic.
Neat, thanks.
Whats she got?
Toxic, Hidden Power, Iron Tail and Protect.
And those last few are for.?
Quit being so nosy.
Why should I be?
Sorry Flash, theyre for Ry.
Aww, damn.
Why dont you go and give them to her, why we try and persuade this girl to actually come out? Maybe with less of us around shell be ok.
Good point.that reminds me as well, Ive got some TMs for my adoptees.ok, Ill be back in a couple of minutes.
Jumping up, I grabbed my bag and took off at a run; glancing back, I saw Omega and Flash turn back to the sofa.


You want these?
Pushing the small pile of TMs forwards, I motioned to the silent figure, before sitting back as Flash dropped submissively by my side.
Cautiously, the dim figure uncoiled itself, slowly moving forward until it had reached the boundary between the sofas shadow and us.
Thats it, took you long enough, didnt it?
In a swift movement, it reached forward, seizing the TM boxes, pulling them back, gently chewing over each one, as she began to learn the attacks.
You hear what they were?
Raising her head, she let one box- a small, question mark shaped one- fall to the ground.
<Yes. I heard.>
Ah. Right, um.
Youre telepathic?
Guess that shows what your Power is.
Edging forward, Flash chuckled quietly.
How about speaking normally? That way it doesnt sound like were talking to ourselves.
Fair enough. How many can you speak to like that?
<As many as I want. But just you two now.>
Just us? Why?


As they glanced at each other, I slipped back, curling up again.
You ever going to come out from under there?
<I like being on my own.>
But were your teammates.
<That matters?>
It should.
Burying my nose, I closed my eyes gratefully.
This is ok for now.


Thats two for you, Xol, now, Fizz? You want to enter that race?
You need to ask that?
Point taken.
Picking up the pen hanging by the sign up sheet, I quickly put down Fizzs data;

Taillow L8
Speed: 23

There. Good luck in that.
Youll need it.
No I wont.


The other Eevee nodded.
Im Harlequin, but Im usually just called Harle for short.
Glancing at the Umbreon behind him, I giggled self-consciously, struck suddenly by how tall he was compared to me.
Blushing under both their looks, I stumbled quickly round for something else to say.
Um, you, er, want to explore?

14th September 2004, 03:45 PM
-=Oak, the female Ivysaur's POV=-

I walked along happily, staring at the beautiful sky. Linc suddenly came up behind me, holding a rectangular plastic box. "Oak! I got you a TM!" He said from a couple feet away. He ran up and put the box down next to me. On the label there was a Treecko spitting out yellow orbs.
"What is it?"
"Bullet Seed! It'll let you fire balls of energy rapidly!"

Linc opened the box and looked inside. "Yep. The powder's in here." He said and sprinkled the green powder that was in the box into my open mouth and sprinkled the rest on my back.

I looked backwards as the powder melded into my body, glowing in a light green aura. The powder in my mouth melted, and it slid down my throat. Suddenly, I felt a boost of power.

I opened my mouth, and fired a barrage of shining yellow energy blasts thathurdled towards a tree and blew up, causing an extremely small explosion. "Whoah. Awesome!" He said and patted me on the back. "I gotta go find Merke, I have a present for him." Linc said and pulled a red gem out of his pocket. Inside of it was a sculpture of a flame.
"Oo! Can I come? I always wanted to see what evolution looked like on the outside, and not feel it on the inside."

-=Merke, the male Growlith's POV=-

I sat on the ground next to a tree, looking around my surroundings. Suddenly, the tree I was sitting next to exploded into a yellow light, and I fell forwards. I looked around the tree, and saw Oak and Linc gazing with their mouths open.

Linc held out something to Oak, and then put it in his pocket. I ran over to the two of them. "What do you have?" I asked.
"Something for you." Linc said and smiled and fished through his pockets, and pulled out a gem.
"A Fire Stone?! For me?"

I touched the stone with my paw, and it melded in with my leg. "Oak, get back." Linc said and ran behind a tree. I howled and my body exploded with flames, shooting them outwards. It was a bad habit of mine, but it only happened when I was really excited.

Suddenly I felt a sharp pain in my side. "Ah!" I said loudly. Suddenly, a large red dome surrounded me, streams of flames shooting from the wall of it onto my body. My eyes were filled with sights of oranges and reds, and I couldn't see.

-=My POV=-

The that surounded Merke exploded with flames, and they bounced around the area. "Merke!" I shouted. Merke could be hurt. Did something go wrong with the evoltion? I thought to myself. Suddenly, the flaming dome disappeared, and a large Arcanine stood in the fading flames. "Merke!" I shouted with glee.
"I'm Ex now." He said in a deep voice.

15th September 2004, 02:37 PM

Come on out, Charade!
Scowling at Rage, I turned back to where the light had condensed to form the floating body of my newest captee.
You alright, Cha?
Silently, he raised his eyes to look up at us, before turning and slowly looking round the cluttered poolbefore whimpering and lurching forward, swimming frantically across the centre, spinning round to hurtle himself back, up against one side, before bolting over to the other, smashing again and again against the concrete edges.
Woah. Calm down.
Rage leapt up, swooping down to seize him in his claws; flapping back, he deposited Charade back in the water directly in front of us, hovering above to catch him again if he made a move.
Whats wrong?
Breathing hard, Charade trembled, muttering quickly.
Toosmall, not enoughroom.
Ryau blinked, looking puzzled.
Um, theres lots of room. Just were in a rather narrow part here.
He shook his head.
Still not enough. Not like home.
Well, that was a lake, pal. This is a pool. Theres bound to be a difference. Just get over it.


Staring silently at the Skarmory as he hovered above, I sighed.
Ill try to. But itsso, different.
It would be.
Clattering back down onto the pools edge, he smirked, leering at the small Pidgey crouching beside my new trainer; squealing, she ducked down, causing him to laugh, before he took off in a ripple of metallic feathers.
He never changes.
Shaking slightly, she shook herself, before edging closer to me.
You ok now?
I shook my head slightly, before smiling softly.
And you..you ever think of evolving?
Ernot really. Its still quite far off for me.
True, I guess. But if I were you Id have been training for it since the first moment I could.
Because Ive always found it fascinating, suddenly changing from one form to another.
I dont know. Ive never thought about it like that.
You should do so. Then youll see what I mean.


As Charade gave me a friendly smile, I ruffled my feathers quickly, thinking over what hed just said.
Could I?
What? Evolve?
Course you could. Personally, I think being a Pidgeotto would suit youor even a Pidgeot.
Thats right. Set you expectations high. And once you get there, tell me what its like.
I nodded, only half listening, thinking slowly about everything hed just said.

20th September 2004, 03:24 PM

"Hmm... I wonder if it'll like me." I said as I looked down at the egg."
"At least you know that it will be a good battler, judging by the training you give the team and the blood of Ranec and Flare in it." Rayku said as she looked at the egg.
"Yeah, I guess... you really think I trai- huh?"

I glanced downwards. The egg rocked back and forth, and sounds pierced the shell. I set it on the ground, and I told Rayku to call everyone telepathically. She nodded and her eyes flashed. The team suddenly shot out of nowhere, Blitz shooting downwards from the sky, Max sitting happily on his back. Moku and the others ran forwards, some flying, some crawling and running, others swinging off of objects in the sky.
The egg cracked open in the back and a long white tail came out. The rest of it opened and I cleaned the Vulpix with the towel in my hand. I told Rayku to call Ranec and Flare if there were around as I continued to clean the Vulpix.

"Why does she have one long tail? Isn't she supposed to have six?" Nightmare asked.
"That only happens if the trainer is good to it, then the tail splits into six tails." I said happily as I held the baby up. "How about... Cara." I said. The Vulpix yawned and fell asleep, a tiny smile on its face.

21st September 2004, 01:42 PM

You like?
You serious? Shes a mes.
Why cant I ever finish anything?
Because you cant just say something like that.
I was answering her question.
Doesnt matter, you
No. Hes right. Im ugly, stupid and worth nothing.
Pausing, all my Pokmon turned to stare at her, surprised looks flashing across more than a few of their faces.
Why do you say that? Not because of what that idiot was on about?
He was saying the truth. Im a mess, I know it, no point in hiding it.
You cant believe that.
Why? Admit it, I can see it, you think exactly the same as he does.
No he doesnt.
How do you
Ok, enough on that.
Caelest swooped down and landed carefully on the floor in front of the pool edge.
Whatre you going to call her, Hannah?
Um, I thought, maybe..
Excuse me. I have a name. I chose it, and it stays.
And it is?


Ok, now youre not serious. Why did you choose your name to be that?
Because it suits me. Its exactly what I am.
Woah. You really dont like yourself, do you?
Isnt it obvious? Whod like themselves when they look as disgusting as this?
Flopping pathetically forward, I raised my tattered fins to show them their hideousness, before rolling round to show them my bland, drab body.
Now do you get it? Im so boring, I need a boring name.
I cant see anything wrong with you.
Dont bother lying about it.
Except she isnt. Why not accept that were telling the truth? You dont look anywhere as near as bad as you say you do.
Then I do look slightly bad? At least youre honest about that.
Before anyone could answer, I draped my limp fins over my ugly, pouting face, muttering out to them.
If you dont want to die of unrelenting boredom or horror at my never-ending ugliness, you better move away soon, youve been by me far too long otherwise.
They hadnt moved away- Id have heard- but theyd realise soon enough how right I was about everything.

22nd September 2004, 02:36 PM
meh sorry if this post isn't as good as usual just don't have many ideas, x.x but i wanted to post.

(Darin's POV)

Im Harlequin, but Im usually just called Harle for short." I nodded as she looked up at my Dad before returnign her gaze back to me. Um, you, er, want to explore? I wanted to, but I looked up at Dad to make sure that it was okay. He gave a little smile and nodded. I grinned, and turned to look back at Harle. "Sure!" I said, as my tail wagged back and forth. "Where to first?"

(Amy's POV)

I called the captees together for a breif meeting. "What's up?" Flare asked. "I wanted all of you to meet your new teammate. A few of you have aleady met her." I said as i looked over at Tiana, Dakota, Jovi, Ranec, and Wildfire. They just smiled and nodded. I pulled the crystal ball out. "Come on out Nuria." In a flash, the small charmander appeared. "Hi," she whispered shyly, as she nervously grabbed her tail in her claws. The rest of the team greeted her before each went off to do their own thing. Wildfire stuck around. "Before you two run off, I have a couple of TMs for you Nuria." She looked stunned. "For me?" she asked, clearly surprised. "Yeah. I have Dragon Claw and a Hidden Power TM for you." I gave her the TMs, and she eagerly dug into them. After taking the hidden power tm, she briefly glowed green. "Why don't you try out your hidden power?" Wildfire suggested. Nuria looked extremely nervous as she concentrated. Her green eyes intensified in color as vines burst through the floor and began wrapping themselfs around Wildfire. "Eep!" she exclaimed as she cut the attack short and ran hiding behind my legs. Wildfire easily got free from the vines, and chuckled. "Nice grass hidden power you got there." "You're not mad?" Nuria squeaked. "Nope,"Wildfire chuckled. "Want me to show you around?" The charmander dashed forward and gave the torchic a hug. "I take that as a yes," Wildfire chuckled. I watched the pair walk off.

(Ranec's POV)

Flare and i were just walking off when i got a message tat our egg had hatched. "Where did that come from? Flare asked. "Not sure, but i'm gonna follow where it seemed to come from." Flare nodded, and followed after me. I saw the umrbreon first, and i aknoledged it with a nod, before my eyes were drawn to the baby vulpix. Flare was also looking at her with a smile on her face.

(Jovi's POV)

I saw Kawaii but she was surrounded by her teammates, and i didn't want to interrrupt. I paused and waited until she saw me then I smiled and waved at her. I then continued on my way to the backyard where i started to practice on my extremespeed and my double kick attacks. I used the targets that were set up in the back yard.

(Ruki's POV)

I had been practicing my hidden power, ever since it triggered itself in that battle against the cubone. So far i'd manage to create the fog whenever i wanted, and also found a new way to use it. I didnt' tell anyone about it yet, seeing as it would make for some interestign pranks later on. I smiled, before i looked around and saw Beaky. I was in pouncing range, too. "Hi Beaky!" I said immeditely after launching into a pounce.

22nd September 2004, 04:18 PM

I smiled at my new captee, until I noticed a white umbreon and a shiny ninetales approach. "You must be Ranec and Flare! Pleased to meet ya!" Isaid and walked over to them. I placed Cara in front of them, and she wadled over to them.


I couldn't handle touchy feely stuff, so I shot upwards into the sky, flapped and thrusted forwards, and I stopped suddenly, enclosing my wings upon my body and dived downwards. I landed upon the roof of the Eevee House and looked below. "Blitz!" A loud voice echoed from behind. I nearly fell off my perch, but I looked behind. "What is it?" I said as I saw Samurai unravel his body. "Why must you never stay with Linc when he enjoys life most?" Samurai asked, his massive body looming above me. To tell the truth, I was intimidated. "Leave me be! I have no wish to talk with Pokemon from across the seas! I am owned by a Dragon Tamer, not a Crystal Cave Trainer! When he thinks more of being a CCT, I leave!" I shouted.
"So you are jealous."
"No...I...Never Mind! Just leave me alone you cave scum!"

I launched myself off of the roof and headed for the mountains, I needed time to think.

22nd September 2004, 05:23 PM
Beaky's POV

I was bored. I was bored, bored, bored, bored...

"Hi Beaky!" Ruki shouted as he landed on my back.

There goes my boredom. "Do you wanna play today?" I asked him. He nodded. "Let's go get a friend of mine." We got outside and saw Casey staring at a Arcanine. "You've never seen what you evolve into, haven't you?"

"That's what I'm going to change into? Cool!" Casey exclaimed. He looked at Ruki. "Who's he?"

"This is Ruki. Ruki, this is Casey."

Cloud's POV

I was getting furious. This Mudkip would not stop with the flirting! "Why don't you stay away from her?" I asked Misu. "You know you have feelings for her!"

He blushed. "That's ridiculous! She's my teammate and friend!" he said back. "Sure she's pretty, but she...she..."

"She's making googly eyes at Jovi again," Cinder interrupted.

My heart felt like it was going to break. "Who's Jovi?"

Cinder led me to the backyard, where Kawaii was watching a Jolteon practicing attacks on targets. "That's Jovi. Kawaii's got a huge crush on him, so you better forget her."

My heart mended. "I still have a chance." I trotted over to the Jolteon and yelled out his name. "My name's Cloud. I'm Kawaii's new teammate."

"Nice to meet you. How did you know my name?"

"Kawaii told me. But listen, from now on we're rivals."

He blinked. "I don't get you."

"I'm going to win Kawaii over and there's nothing you can do about it." I turned to look at Kawaii, but she was gone. "Where could she have gone?" I saw her running towards the woods. I started to go after her, but got tackled by Cinder and Misu.

"You don't want to go after her. Trust us," Cinder whispered in my ear.

22nd September 2004, 05:36 PM
<Lyra's POV>

I smirked as Zale was sent flying into the pool by his daughter's tiny Ice Beam.
"You're going to be a good battler for sure one day," I murmured to her.
She gurgled as her father came out, looking embarrassed.
"You were going to ask me something, weren't you?" I asked him bluntly. "What is it?"

<Nightshade's POV>

"No, not my shoulder," I cried out but it was too late.
Perching on me, I was weighed down too much and lost my balance on the rafters. Jerking backwards, we fell down, close to crashing into the ground. Only grabbing Tiana's tail and teleporting away saved us from a load of hurt, reappearing right below the rafters in a pile.
"Never...do that again," I wheezed and let go of her tail.

<Aries' POV>

I smiled and sent Darin off, although feeling remorseful about letting him out of my sight.
"He's learning to speak quite quickly," Lee said from behind me.
"Yeah. I'm not even sure I learned how talk that young." I turned around.
"Wanna go for a swim?"

6th October 2004, 08:01 PM
Meh, this is slightly shorter than before, because I lost my earlier post right as I was attempting to post because of a power failure. X.X

(Jovis POV)

I decided to go inside and see if I could find Amy. I wanted to get a battle so that I could get a free Tm. Id decided to ask Amy for protect. I found her trying to talk Ruki out of his pokeball. Poor Ruki. He hadnt come out of his pokeball since his evolution. Maybe Zale and Tiana could talk him out, I hoped so. When Amy had gotten up, I walked over to where she was. Amy? She turned and looked at me, smiling. Just the pokemon that I wanted to see. Why? I asked, puzzled. I got you a TM today. Cool. What is it? Protect. I couldnt believe my luck. Thanks! I exclaimed happily. I was going to ask you for that when I reached level twenty and earned my free tm but now I can get something different. Speaking of levels, is there any chance that you could find me a battle? Id like to get stronger if possible. I said as I took the TM from Amy. All right, Ill see what I can do. Glad you liked the TM. By the way, your dad is looking for you. Thanks.

I walked off and saw Dad sitting beside Flare. When he spotted me, he whispered something to Flare before walking over to meet me. Amy said that you were looking for me. Dad nodded, smiling. Yeah. Kumar pulled through. He told me to give you this, because he went to go and see if he could find Tiny. I nodded. Tiny was one of Kumars friends that he met as a meowth. So far, none of our teammates to my knowledge had met the elusive gligar. Anyway, I gasped when Dad pulled out the chain. I was expecting a silver one, but Kumar had pulled through amazingly. Not only did he find a gold chain, but he repaired it as well. If I hadnt of known it, I would have thought that it was a brand new chain. I grinned a big grin. It looked even better than Flares silver chain. Tell him I said thanks. I said as I walked out the front door.

I headed the long round about way to the secret spot. I made a couple winding circles among other things. I never went straight to the spot for the simple fact that I was paranoid that someone was following me. I also never went or came back the same direction. Once I was sure that I had lost any possible pursuers, ran up a tree using both my claws and extremespeed. Then I jumped from tree to tree till I got close to the spot then I used extreme speed to run down the tree trunk. Then I carefully walked to the spot and found Kawaii sitting there looking out at the view over the Eevee House. I blushed, slightly. Uh, hi. I didnt expect to find you here. She turned and looked at me, smiling. Hi Jovi. I sat down next to her. I didnt really know what to say and since she was here, I figured that I should go on and give the presents that I had for her to her. I uh I got you a couple of presents. Kumar helped me get this one for you. I said as I handed her the gold chain. I also wanted to give you this. I told her as I carefully pulled out the status coin out of my mane. I was coming here to try and figure out what I was going to say when I gave you this, but well, I have no clue as to what to say. I just hope you like them. By now I was blushing big time, as I awaited her reaction. I really hoped that she liked what I had gotten for her.

(Zales POV)

I quickly climbed out of the pool. "You were going to ask me something, weren't you? What is it?" Lyra asked me. Her directness caught me off guard and I forgot for a split second what I was going to ask. I recovered quickly. Oh yeah. Do you know of anything that could make her horn itch less? Its started to grow and shes been trying to scratch every thing in sight. I guess its itching. Shes left a gash in the door at home. Also, when do you think shell be ready to start learning to swim? I dont want to start her too early, yet I dont want an incident like what happened with Tiana to scare her away from the water either. I sweat dropped as I looked up at Lyra.

(Tianas POV)

Im sorry. I told him, as my eyes began to water. Its just that I was so happy that I succeeded. Suddenly, I tensed up. I felt a wave of anger that surprised me. I had no idea where it came from but I suspected that I knew its source. I looked around and I didnt see Ruki, though I didnt really expect to see him. Ever since his evolution from the flawed night stone, he had refused to come out of his pokeball. Mainly it was from the fact that everyone at the fair had begun laughing at him. It might not have been so bad if those flaffys hadnt of seen or started laughing at him. Suddenly I was back at the fair, and I was seeing things from Rukis point of view. The four of us were walking and laughing having a good time as we were heading to meet up with Amy and the others. I heard Willow shout Hey, look! then as if in slow motion, I saw him trip Nuria. The stone went sailing from her claws and heading toward me. It was as if it was happening in slow motion. After the evolution had stopped, I was an umbreon but I still had an eevees mane and then a couple of flaffys started laughing and pointing at me. Soon all of the pokemon around with the exception of my teammates were laughing. I quickly retreated into my pokeball. Suddenly I was back at the Eevee House sitting beside Nightshade. What just happened? I asked, slightly scared.

(Sinopas POV)

Upon entering the Eevee House, I gave Yama a nuzzle before running off. I was hoping to see if Marius was here. He was the only friend that I had made outside of the team. Darin was off playing with a black eevee. A strand of yellow fur was dangling in my eye. I blew on it, and it just flopped back down into my eye once again. Finally I just brushed it back with my paw and headed outside, where even if I didnt spot my friend, Id be out in a nice open space where there was minimal places for me to be cornered. I wasnt looking where I was going and accidentally ran into a mareep. There was also a quilava and a mudkip with him. Sorry. I squeaked as I backed up.

6th October 2004, 10:07 PM
Kawaii's POV

"Stupid Cloud with his stupid flirting and his stupid big ego..." I muttered as I sat in the spot. The view was as beautiful as ever and it was helping me simmer down. I took a deep breath. "Why does he have to be on my team?"

I turned my head as I heard rustling in the trees near me. "Uh, hi. Didn't expect to find you here," he said.

I tried to hide my blush. "Hi, Jovi." I couldn't find anything better to say.

He sat down next to me. I felt my heart race. "I uh I got you a couple of presents. Kumar helped me get this one for you. He handed me a gold chain. It was so beautiful! "I also wanted to give you this. He pulled out a Status Coin out of his mane. I was coming here to try and figure out what I was going to say when I gave you this, but well, I have no clue as to what to say. I just hope you like them.

He's giving you presents! Say something, stupid! my mind screamed at me. Both me and my tail were blushing by then. "Thank you!" I blurted out. "The chain's beautiful and the Status Coin is so cool!" I nuzzled him without thinking and slipped the chain around my neck. The spikes kept it from getting too far down, but I didn't care. "Thank you so much."

Cinder's POV

Cloud was PO'ed by now. He didn't look like it, but I knew that deep down he hated the whole world for what happened. I would hate to find out what happened if he came across Jovi again.

"Calm down, Cloud. There are other girls out there," Misu told him.

Cloud shook his head. "Kawaii's the only girl for me. How could she fall for that walking yellow cactus?"

Misu popped him with his paw. That surprised me. "That walking yellow cactus has a better personality than yours! Why don't you take a tip from him and start being nice?"

"Because...oomph!" He looked down in anger. A small Vulpix with a nice rainbow 'do had bumped into him. She apologized and backed up a bit. Cloud looked like he was going to run her over as he started to claw the ground with a hoof.

Misu and I popped him on the head and stood between him and the Vulpix. "Ignore him. He's having a bad day," I told her with a smile. "Anyway, I'm Cinder, this is my buddy Misu, and the grouchy Mareep behind us is Cloud. Misu, where is his pokeball? Go get his pokeball!"

7th October 2004, 03:03 PM
-=My POV=-

"Well, nice meetin' you guys, see you." I said happily and picked up Cara. I walked around the corner of the building and saw Shonta's Girafarig and Amy's Jolteon, and Moku, my Girafarig smiled at them. He like seeing other Girafarigs. I continued walking and I saw Blitz burst off of the roof, flying towards the mountains in the distance. Samurai flew down next to me. "Blitz, is having a rough day, I think he's jealous of other Pokemon getting more attention than him, he just needs some time to deflate his huge ego." Samurai said.

I recalled Samurai into my Poke Ball, and Static happily walked along, admiring the strong Jolteon that Shonta's Girafarig was talking to, he took pride in being the same species as strong Jolteons.

-=Static, the Black male Jolteon's POV=-

I looked up at Cara, the beautiful Ninetales, her tails swishing around as she smiled. <Got a crush, don't you Static> Mom said as she walked behind me. I had inhereted some of her psychic powers, so I could talk in my mind also. <Mom! Stop!> I said. I looked up at Cara again. <Um...Cara?> I said nervously.
<What is it Static?> She said, and we both blushed as our eyes connected.
<I...uh...um... was wondering if you... oh I just can't hold it in! Cara, I have to admit it, I have a crush on you.> Cara's face became as bright red, blushing so much it looked like her head would pop.
<You too? I mean, I... I like... um... you too.>
<Um... I... uh... got you something...> I said and shifted my mane. I pulled out a crystal rose, a special flower that grows around the field near our house, but they are still extremely hard to find.
<Oh Static! It's beautiful! Let me put it in my hair!> Cara said and lifted the flower with her mystic powers, placing the flower in the tuft of hair on her head. She blushed and she gave me a quick kiss, and I nearly fainted.

-=Moku, the male Girafarig's POV=-

I pranced along, whipping up two Future Sights and twirling the orbs of blue energy around me. I felt so proud, I had mastered the technique so fast. I suddenly lost balance, and the orbs flew into my sides, but I felt no pain. I looked over my body, which was covered in a sapphire-like coating. Whoa, I didn't know I could do that! I thought, and I decided to test this new ability. I pranced up to a tree and rammed myself into it, after colliding with it, the coating disappeared. I realized that using Future Sight on myself built up to much energy, so it had to be released, and it did, in the form of that cotaing. I decided to call the new technique the Future Ram, although it was still considered Future Sight.

7th October 2004, 04:26 PM
(Jovi's POV)

"Thank you! The chain's beautiful and the Status Coin is so cool!" A smile broke out on my face. She liked it! What she did next made my heart skipped a beat. She nuzzled me, and without thinking i returned the nuzzle. A purr rumbled deep in my throat, and my blush deepened. "Thank you so much." "You're very welcome." Then a thought entered my mind. "Would you like to meet my Dad? I'm sure he'd like to meet you." She looked a little nervous, but nodded her head yes. "All right." I said grinning ear to ear. I thought about giving her a ride by using my hidden power but i decided against it yet. As it was, it only worked about half the time with me and I hadn't gotten the courage to use it in battle yet even though Ive had it for a while. We decided to use the stream that ran through the woods to come out at the front of the Eevee House. We came out near the front of the Eevee House, but still pretty far from where I went in. As we neared the house, I saw Dad right away. This way, I whispered. She nodded, as Dad looked up. He grinned and walked over to where we were. I thought Id find you out here, Jovi. Whos this lovely little lady? This is my g gr my friend Kawaii. Kawaii, this is my dad, Ranec. I had wanted to say girlfriend so bad, but I wasnt sure if she felt the same way about me, so I just ended up saying friend. Ahh, Dad said with a twinkle in his eye. So this is the young lady that has captured your heart. At that point a huge blush spread across my body and my fur had a red tint from head to tail.

(Sinopas POV)

By now I was shaking. "Ignore him. He's having a bad day. Anyway, I'm Cinder, this is my buddy Misu, and the grouchy Mareep behind us is Cloud. Misu, where is his pokeball? Go get his pokeball!" Im Sinopa. Hes not gonna put me in a cage is he? I squeaked. At the thought of a cage, my shaking increased.

(Yanas POV)

I watched as Sinopa ran off outside. Part of me wanted to go with her, but the other part knew that she had to grow up sometime. Relax, shell be fine. It was Blazer. A slight blush appeared, but thankfully it was hidden by my dark fur. I know.. I admitted. Uh I asked Amy to get this for you. Its a Night Shade TM. Wow, thanks. You didnt have to. I know. I just wanted to do something for you. That was so nice of you. I said as I took the TM. I wasnt sure how to use the move, but that would come in due time. Id wait till I had a battle to try it. Well, I guess Ill go and look around the house to make sure everything is in order. he said as he was looking behind him at me, before walking straight into a wall. I meant to do that. I giggled. All right. See ya later

7th October 2004, 05:10 PM
Cinder's POV

"I'm Sinopa. Hes not gonna put me in a cage is he? the Vulpix asked us, shaking.

I gulped. Cloud was muttering some inaudible words, but he could lash out at poor Sinopa at any minute. I nudged Misu and he dashed inside as quickly as possible. "No cage. We're all friendly here. Right, Cloud?"

Cloud didn't respond. He kept on glaring at Sinopa, muttering to himself. I decided that I should try to spook him out of his anger. "You know, Shonta's new Pokemon won't like the way you're acting," I whispered to him.

Cloud didn't care. He took a step forward and gasped. He saw Kawaii and Jovi walking together, both of them looking very happy. I tried to hold him back, but there was no stopping him. He charged straight for the nearest tree and started ramming it. I watched him until he tired himself out. "Why would I put you in a cage? They're icky and cramped," he told Sinopa as he lay down.

Kawaii's POV

I blushed at Ranec's comment, having nothing to say at first. Then I smiled. "Your son is quite the gentleman. He acts better than most of the guys on my team."

"I heard that," hissed a voice behind me. I turned and saw Misu motioning me to come to him.

"Gotta go. My teammate needs me." I left Jovi and Ranec and went to Misu. "What is it?"

"I can't believe you're meeting your boyfriend's parents while me and Cinder are here trying to calm Cloud down!" he said as quietly as possible.

"He's not..."

"Before you finish your sentence, I should quote Cinder. Jovi has given you that necklace and coin and now you're meeting his dad. Face facts. He's your boyfriend now."

I blushed again. "We'll discuss this later! Why are you here?"

"Well...never mind. We can handle this ourselves. Have fun with your boyfriend!"

8th October 2004, 04:04 PM
<Lyra's POV>

I held Angel in front of me, who stared right back.
"If I'm right, she's about 5 months old, which is almost about time to introduce her to the pool. Young water Pokemon can almost swim the minute they're born but since Angel is an Absol, it will take her longer to adapt. I suggest putting her in a kiddie pool first, since even the shallow water will cover her head. When you think she's ready to move up, try the shallow end. Keep a close eye on her at all times, and don't let anyone go near her for a little while. If she sees something threatening, she'll start to thrash around and that won't be pretty. Of course, I'll be around as much as possible so I'll monitor her closely but when I'm away, it'll all be on you. As for her growing horn, there really isn't anything to help the itching except to let her scratch away. Just so she won't destroy anything in the house, take her outside and let her scratch a tree. It's more durable and it'll help her with some of the itchiness."

<Nightshade's POV>

"You had an out-of-body experience," I replied smoothly. "Since your thoughts were so intent on Ruki, you let your psychic powers stray and temporarily went into his mind and saw what happned through himself. This is why you need to practice and keep your emotions under control. One slip and you could be reading private thoughts that you don't want to her. Now, let's meditate for another 20 minutes and then you can take a break for a few hours."

<Blade's POV>

After our tryout session with Elwing, I went outside to train. Punching the thin air, I tried to make myself go faster and faster, putting in an odd kick once in a while. After an hour of practicing, I leaned against the wall to take a breather. Suddenly, I saw a little Mareep ramming into a tree, trying to knock it down. A Quilava, Mudkip, Vulpix all stood around him looking nervous, with a Girafarig standing off a bit looking a bit scared as well. The Mareep finally collasped, exhausted from his pushing.
"What's going on here?" I asked, coming up from behind.
All of them except the Girafarig and Mareep looked up at me, fear in their eyes.
"Who are you?" the Quilava exclaimed.
"I'm Blade, from Rebecca's team. All of you look unfamiliar except the Vulpix, who I know belongs to Amy. Am I right?"
She nodded quietly, unable to say anything.
"Now, someone tell me what's wrong."
Probably because I looked intimidating, the Mudkip came over to speak. Leaning down, I listened as he told the current scenario. I winced after the story, memories rushing back quickly.
"You!" I turned around and stared at the Girafarig, "go back to your boyfriend and leave us alone."
Indignant, she stood still and glared at me.
"Oh, don't give that," I waved a claw. "He likes you, you like him, you're a couple. Deal with it and be happy. And don't you dare try to attack me with your psychic powers because I'm two times as strong as you and as much as I don't like to attack weaker Pokemon, I will if you try to get in my way."
Looking me up and down, she finally realized she had no chance and huffed before walking back to her boyfriend. I rolled my eyes and turned back to the group, who were staring at me.
"Impressive," thw Quilava said. "I've never seen anyone stand up to Kawaii like that. That was an idle threat, wasn't it?"
"Yes," I replied gruffly. "Like I said, I don't attack Pokemon that are at a significant lower level than I am. Now, I think it's time to have a chat with Cloud."
I walked over and settled down against the tree that the Mareep had tried to run over.
"Ok kid, tell me your story and explain why you like Kawaii so much. And don't say I don't know what you're feeling because you're wrong. My story will come later."

9th October 2004, 09:21 AM

If I saw another essay again, I would grab it and tear it to thousands of tiny pieces, soak every single fragment in kerosene, and throw them into hells inferno where they belonged. That was all I had to say.

Naurmirs POV:

Aglrien, what will you do when you become a Charmeleon? I asked. What if youre not the same?

She shook her head, grinning, and stroked my head affectionately. Youll still be my little brother and I promise you I wont change. Never, never, never. Ill just be stronger, thats all. And one day, Im going to be a Charizard.

I shuddered. I wasnt so sure about the changing part; I voiced my opinion aloud. Youll sure look different, scary even.

She thought for a minute, eyes wandering far away, so that if I tried, I could not catch up to her thoughts. I knew she really wanted to grow stronger; it was in her blood. Aglrien wanted to compete, to always come out on top. It was natural to seek evolution. But then again, she would seem not herself anymore

Well see what happens when the time comes, all right? she muttered softly. I could tell that she was struggling inside with something, and for the first time Id remembered, her face looked sad.

Gwaihir the Windlord, the male Aerodactyls POV:

Youre kidding me, I said to myself, reading the list of current entrants for the Flying Race so far. I dont have an opponent?! Oh, this is too much!

Were all my practicing efforts for nothing? This was where Id come to prove myself The last time I had the chance, someone else took the victory with unexpected, unnatural moves. Now Was my chance to be taken away?

I took to the air, expelling excess energy by beating my wings hard. This is so wrong All I could hope for was that someone else who could fly would enter in my category. Man, this sucked, so bad.

Shockwave, the male Pikachus POV:

It had been a while since anything really exciting had happened. And, frankly, I didnt like that at all. A battle would be good Perhaps I could find one. I walked around the building, searching for anyone who might be as bored as myself.

9th October 2004, 04:24 PM
Cloud's POV

I stared up at Blade and smiled. Unfortunately, I had no sob story for the Scizor. "There's nothing between me and her, and there never will be," I said calmly, still smiling.

"What!?!" Cinder and Misu exclaimed together.

"When I first saw Kawaii, I was attacted only by her beauty. But now I know there's more to her. Something that Jovi found first. Besides, I was acting like such a jerk. I lied to my own flock just to force that Mudkip into battling the leader. See, I thought that Kawaii really liked Misu. I was overcome by jealousy."

Cinder's jaw was dropped down to his knees. Misu was actually smiling at me. I continued. "I know now that I wasn't for Kawaii, so I'm just going to try to be her friend. A friend that she won't threaten to psychically send into the stratosphere."

"I hope you're not talking about me," Cinder grumbled.

"But I have found a rival with Misu. He can take down an opponent with a strong advantage and I admire him. I wish I could battle him one day."

"And you found out this when?" Misu asked me.

"While I was butting the tree."

"Mind if I butt the tree? Maybe I'll become smarter, too."

"Oh, ha ha. Sorry if I wasted your time, Blade."

Beaky's POV

Where's Ruki today? I almost miss the squirt. I flew down and looked in the usual spots. Maybe he's battling today. But I gotta at least check first. That means I have to check with his siblings first. I had to confront them sooner or later. I flew off in search of Tiana.

9th October 2004, 06:16 PM
-=My POV=-

"Humph, that hot-headed idiot! It's dangerous in those mountains! Well, at least he used to live in mountains, so I guess he'll be fine..." I said. I told Rayku to call around all the Captees, and she nodded. Her eyes flashed, and then they all came around. "Everybody, we have a new teammate!" I shouted, and I plucked a Crystal Ball from my belt. I opened it, and my Murkrow came out, smiling. "Her name's Archangel." I said and smiled.
"Archangel? Okaaay..." She said, but I could tell she liked it. "Top notch team you got here chief." She said sarcastically as she looked over everybody.

-=Archangel, the female Murkrow's POV=-

"Arch, be nice." Linc said. I rolled my eyes. "We're supposed to have fun here right? Well, then nobody should mind if I go hang out by myself." I said and flapped my wings, shooting into the air. I looked ahead, flapping my wings again and boosting through the air. I felt myself glow as I charged up my Sky Attack, and as it finished, I shot through the air, energy streaming from me as everything in sight became a blur. Suddenly, I felt my beak hit something, the sudden collision knocking me out of the air, and I hit the ground with a thud. I shook my head, and I looked around, and saw a Spearow standing up, wobbling. "Whoa, sorry short stuff, wasn't looking where I was going." I said and brushed myself off with my wings.
"At least I can see when I'm flying." The Spearow responded.
"As if you could see if you did a Sky Attack."
"Would you just shut your beak?"
"Whoa, whoa, whoa. I think we got off on the wrong foot. The Name's Archangel."
"Beaky. A pleasure, I'm sure."
"Well, it seems that you're lookin' for someone, and guess what, I'm offering my help."
"No thanks."
"Hey! I was the best seeker in my flock! I could spot something a mile away!"
"Somehow I doubt it, but I guess you can tag along, just tell me if you see anything."

Beaky lifted into the air, and I followed.

9th October 2004, 09:22 PM
<Blade's POV>

"Well, it's good to hear that," I faked a smile. "A guy should know when to say he's been beaten."
I nodded at everyone and flew upwards. Glancing around with uncertainty, I finally decided on the chimney and flew behind it, giving me a view of the front yard but hiding myself from everyone in the back. Leaning back against the chimney, I closed my eyes and sighed. I thought I had finally found someone who shared my pain but it ended in vain. No one knew the trouble I went through, the heartache it caused me.
"God, I need a girlfriend," I muttered. "What a luckless loser I am."

10th October 2004, 08:51 AM
Cloud's POV

"You're lying," Cinder said with a smirk.
My expression hardened. "About what?" I asked them. "About being jealous of Misu?"
"No, about knowing when you're beaten. Face it; you haven't let Kawaii go." He chuckled quietly and patted my head.
I searched my heart and found out he was right. My heart still skipped a beat when I thought about Kawaii. "So I lied. What's it to you?"
"You shouldn't have lied. That Blade guy seemed like he wanted to hear a sob story."
"I'm confused," Misu joined in. "He seemed glad that he didn't have a sob story."
"I guess I should've told him that this wasn't the first time that I loved and lost," I said.
"What? You're a repeat offender?" Cinder asked me. "You should've told him that!"
"Well, you should've told me that he wanted to hear that!"
"I'll tell him! Did anyone see where he went?" They shook their heads. "I'll find him myself." I trotted over the backyard, but no sign. I had no idea how big and crowded the House was. I circled around to the backyard but didn't find him there either. Then I looked up. There he was, leaning against the chimney.
I cleared my throat and yelled out. "I don't know about you, but my friends say that I'm not the only one! And I kinda lied about letting her go! I'll never fully let her go!" I looked around at the staring Pokemon and humans. "Mind your business," I hissed at them.

Beaky's POV

I looked back at Archangel. The Murkrow was looking around like she actually knew what I was looking for. "In case you didn't know, we're looking for a green Espeon," I informed her. "Can you spot her? It's like spotting a whale in a fishing pond."

10th October 2004, 09:32 AM
-=Archangel's POV=-

"I could tell. I have Hidden Power, Psychic Type, so I can read your mind." I said calmly. Beaky froze for an almost untracable moment, and then he began flapping again. "Don't worry, I only do it when I'm helping someone or battling." I said. "Oh! Green Espeon, by the tree!" I shouted and pointed with my beak. Beaky nodded and dove, and I followed.

-=Cara's POV=-

"Linc, if you don't mind, can I go see my dad? I have to ask him some things." I asked. Linc nodded. "Don't forget to take your brother's egg with you." Linc said and placed the egg on my back. I curled my tails around it, and walked away from the team. I walked for a while when I suddenly saw Dad, Mom, and a Jolteon standing around each other. I ran over and sat down by Dad. "Hi dad. I was wondering, how many siblings do I have?" I asked. Dad looked over and smiled.
"Well, you have one on your back I see, and this Jolteon here is your half-brother, along with other Pokemon." I looked at the Jolteon and smiled. "Hi, my name's Cara! What's yours?"
"Jovi. So, I guess you're my sister?"
"Yep, I guess so. It's always nice meeting family."
"And it looks like we're gonna meet one more in a second." Mom said as she edged closer and pointed to the egg with her front paw. I looked back, and saw that the egg was rocking, and there were squeaks comeing out of it.
The egg broke open, and a small paw came out. I held onto the egg with my tails and placed it on the ground. The egg cracked open some more, and i pulled the remains of the shell away. Mom cleaned my baby brother with her tongue, and I stared in wonder at the tiny Vulpix. "Well, Dad, Mom, I was wondering if you could name him." I said and looked at them.

10th October 2004, 07:54 PM
(Jasmines POV)

There wasnt much to do and I didnt see any of my friends so I decided to look around. That was when I noticed the sign ups for the flying race. I grinned as I looked around for Amy. I soon found her. What are you so hyper about? she asked. I grinned. I saw the sign ups for the flying race. So you want me to sign you up? I nodded my head yes. Okay. I watched as she put down my info.

L.20 F Mutant Winged Dratini
Knows: Wrap, Leer, Blizzard, Hidden Power Flying, Thunder Wave, Extremespeed, Surf, Supersonic, Aeroblast, Twister, Shock Wave, Flamethrower, Thunderbolt, Double Team, Wing Attack
Speed: 37

(Jovis POV)

Luckily by now, my fur was back to normal. Dad was grinning, and I had a bad feeling that he enjoyed making me blush. At least he and Kawaii seemed to get along. I was about to edge away from Dad, and go to the spot when Flare showed up. Not long after, another ninetales that turned out to be my half sister. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Kawaii and I blushed again. Then I heard a cracking sound and noticed an egg on Caras back. It seemed that I was about to have a new half sibling. After Flare cleaned it up, it turned out that I had a half brother. Cara then turned to look at Flare and Dad. "Well, Dad, Mom, I was wondering if you could name him. she said. Dad and Flare looked at each other for a little bit then his eyes began to glow violet and I realized that they were talking privately. Soon, the glow disappeared from his eyes as the two of them turned to look at Cara. What about Hakan. I grinned. Amy had told us about the magnificent charizard named Hakan that she had the pleasure of battling alongside during the battle with Ho oh. I waited to see what Cara thought about the name. Still, it looked like it could fit the newborn vulpixs as well.

(Tianas POV)

"You had an out-of-body experience. Since your thoughts were so intent on Ruki, you let your psychic powers stray and temporarily went into his mind and saw what happened through himself. This is why you need to practice and keep your emotions under control. One slip and you could be reading private thoughts that you don't want to her. Now, let's meditate for another 20 minutes and then you can take a break for a few hours." Nightshade explained. I nodded my head, though I was still somewhat weirded out by the whole experience. I was about to use calm mind to get myself in a state of mind that I could meditate again when I heard someone call out "Oh! Green Espeon, by the tree!" I looked up to see a murkrow and Beaky. Instinctively, I flinched. A quick glance over at Nightshade confirmed that he wasnt too happy with the interruption. Tiana, is Ruki battling today? I cant find him anywhere Beaky asked. Nope. I said shaking my head sadly. Where is he? In his pokeball. He wont come out for anyone, not even Zale, me, or Amy. Beaky looked shocked. Why?! What happened? I took a deep breath, before explaining about the fair, his unexpected evolution and the flaw in the night stone, and the two flaffys and all. Now he wont come out. He actually doesnt look that bad at all. But he tells us that we have to say that because were family and Amys our trainer. If you want to try and talk him out, Amys over there by the adoptee race sign up sheet. Sorry, but I have to get back to my lessons now. I said as I started to use my calm mind attack, to get myself back into focus.

10th October 2004, 08:38 PM
-=Cara's POV=-

"How about Hakan." Jovi grinned. I smiled and happily nodded. "That's perfect!" I said and nuzzled my little brother. He yawned and his teeth were shown, and he closed his mouth, and fell asleep. "So bro, I saw you with that Girafarig earlier today. Something going on between you?" I said and grinned at my half-brother. He blushed, and his head went backwards a bit. "Uh...I...um..." He said.
"I knew it! Oh Jovi, you rock. I wonder if that'll happen to me and Static..."
"And who's Static?" Jovi said and grinned.
"He's uh... um... my... uh..."
"Hmph. Now who's blushing." Jovi said and grinned even more.
"I can't believe it. Two couples revealed in one day." Dad said and smiled.

-=Archangel's POV=-

"Well Beaky, come on! Let's go see Amy! I'll use my Hidden Power: Psychic to let you talk to Ruki through his Poke Ball!" I said and flew into the air. Beaky followed me frowning. "Now what is it?" I asked. "Nothing." He answered.
"Come on, I'll use my Sky Attack to get us there faster. Grab on." I said and formed my talons into a kind of circle. Beaky connected his beak in the center of it, and I began to glow. We suddnely launched forwards, exploding through the air. I saw the sign-ups for the race and dove, still using Sky Attack, and I stopped the attack, pausing afew feet above the ground. Beaky let go of my talons and dropped to the ground. I fell down next to him, shaking my head from the headache Sky Attack had caused. Beaky clattered over to Amy, and looked up at her. "Ruki's Poke Ball, quick!" He said. Amy looked onfused at first but then took the Poke Ball and placed it in front of Beaky. I flapped over and I opened a link to Ruki's mind with my Hidden Power and Beaky began to speak.
-=My POV=-

"Hmm. I think I'm gonna go sign up Archangel for the race, you guys hang out." I said and left the team. I walked over to the sign-ups. I noticed Archangel and a Spearow. Archangel's eyes were glowing, and I sent her a message through my mind, and she nodded. I then gave in Archangel's data.

Archangel, L11 Female Murkow
Attacks: Sky Attack, Hidden Power: Psychic, Peck, Pursuit
Spped: 31

10th October 2004, 08:43 PM
Sorry Linc, but the race is only for adoptees ^^;

10th October 2004, 08:46 PM
oh, sorry, than I have an entry for it still.
Blitz, L10 Male Aerodactyl
Attacks: Wing Attack, Agility, Flamethrower, Steel Wing
Spped: 37

19th October 2004, 06:38 PM
Naurmir, the male Charmanders POV:

I had no idea what was going on, but Karin had called me and Aglrien without explaining much. I really hoped that we werent in trouble. My mind skipped backwards, trying to find something wed done wrong, but I couldnt think of anything. Maybe I was just too paranoid Aglrien didnt seem too worried. Gaining assurance from her, I felt calmer as we approached our trainer. If I couldnt remember doing anything wrong, I probably hadnt done it.

When we got there, I saw Karin smiling. She had something behind her back, and I wasn't sure what it was.

"What's behind your back?" I asked. Aglrien didn't even wait for the answer; she just darted to the back and revealed the boxes. Karin lifted the boxes up in the air.

"Not yet," she said. They seemed familiar to me... I might have seen these kinds of things before. I thought they were TMs.

"Do you know what today is?" Karin asked us. I wasn't sure, but Aglrien grinned widely and began to toy with her TM. Did I miss something...?

"Is it our birthday?" she asked.

Karin nodded, a little surprised. "How'd you guess?"

"You called the both of us here together, we're twins, you were smiling, you brought us presents, and I saw Elwing's birthday celebration before. It wasn't a perfect bunch of evidence, but it was close enough."

Smirking, Karin chuckled softly to herself. "All right, you've earned this," she
gave in, handing a TM to Aglrien. I eyed the other two. Were they both for me?

Aglrien didn't seem to mind; she was already busy with her present, which I soon found out to be Crunch. When she was content with practicing it on the air, she came over to me and asked what mine were.

"These two are for you," Karin had told me, "Because unlike Aglrien, you have little opportunity to learn new attacks in battle."

I sat there staring at the boxes until Aglrien showed me how to open them; the light bathed me and I wasn't sure what had happened or what I had learned.

19th October 2004, 08:10 PM
(Amy's POV)

I couldn't believe that i had forgotten to get the TMs Flame had asked me too. Well, at least i mananged to get them on time. Though i couldd tell that he was grumpy when i finally arrived at the EH.

(Flame's POV)

Where was she? i thought to myself, when i finally saw Amy slide into the door of the Eevee House. When she finally made it over to me, I gave her a look that made it plain that i wasn't happy. "Did you get them?" She nodded. "Yes, a Mimic TM for Aglrien and a hidden power TM for Naurmir." "Good." I waited till after Karin had given them some tms before i approached. "Hey, sorry i didn't get these earlier but my trainer forgot to get them for me till just now though i had asked her a while back. Hope you like them." I said nervously. "I got Mimic for you Aglrien and Hidden power for you Naurmir." I waited nervously for their reactions.

(Zale's POV)

I nodded, thanking Lyra. I chuckled as Angel gave her a little lick on the face. "I think i saw a kidde pool in the store room. Could you watch her while i go and see if i can find it? If you can't, i understand. Shouldn't take long unless its been moved since the last time i checked." I waited for her answer before i did anything.

(Nuria's POV)

I walked over to a corner and stared at all of the pokemon with wings that were around. They were the lucky ones. I wouldn't get them for a long time. I sighed, shaking my head.

20th October 2004, 07:04 PM
<Lyra's POV>

"Sure, go ahead," I said, still holding Angel.
I watched him walk to the closet and held Angel out in front of me, who was squirming a bit.
"Knowing your dad, it seems like you'll have a spoiled life. He can't say no. Not saying it's a bad thing but he needs to show some backbone once in a while. I hope you won't make it difficult for him.

<Blade's POV>

I sighed and flew down before picking him up and putting him on the roof, in less than half a minute.
"Whoah, what just happened?" Cloud exclaimed.
"It's called speed," I replied dryly. "So you said you'll never let her go. I'm assuming it's happened before, am I right?"
He looked down and I knew I was right in my assumptions.
"Tell me what happened then. It's probably not as bad as mine but you never know."

24th October 2004, 08:11 AM

I groaned and opened my eyes, blinking against the rush of light.
Where am I?
The Eevee House.
Howd I get here?
We brought you.shouldnt that be obvious? You still hadnt come round when we finished up at the fair so we came here to give you a chance to, well, recover. You and Sapphire.
Sianna motioned towards my side; glancing over, I saw her looking rather pale, coiled up and seemingly unconscious. Omega and Flash were sitting by her; Omega caught my eye and winked before nudging Flash and laughing.
What happened to her?
She fought Ryau- sheSapphirewas against us, er, helping you after you got knocked out, Ryau didnt like that, and so the two ended up in a fight.
Yeah. Perhaps you should go thank Ry?
Um, good idea. Know where she is?
Beats me. But shes with Caelest and their practising flying, so look outside or up around the rafters somewhere.
And be nice.
Not bothering to answer, I struggled to my feet and flapped hard into the air.


Soaring between two of the rafters, I followed Caelest as she darted from one to the other, before swooping down to skim over the heads of the crowds and back up again.
Looking back, she chuckled appreciatively.
Hard to believe that only a couple of months ago you couldnt even get off the ground, isnt it?
Nodding, I tried to speed up to glide alongside her, but her expression suddenly changed-eyes widening, she quickly flashed up again.
I owe you one, kid.
Starting at Rages unexpected voice, I automatically spun round, but either hed misjudged the distance between us, or he hadnt expected me to react like that, but as he swooped past, I accidentally managed to crash into his outstretched wing.
Shuddering, I dropped down, landing with a crash beside a Charmander who had been looking up with an envious look on her face, but jumped back in alarm as I slammed down.
Wincing, I looked up, shaking slightly.
Er, sorry about that.


Whats with Tikish?
Fizz frowned curiously over at where the Delcatty was pacing round in a circle, thrashing his tail in obvious agitation.
I dont know. Go get him for me, ok?
As she nodded, leapt off my shoulder and hurried over to him, I turned my attention back to the egg in Xolotles arms, which was beginning to glow slightly and shake minutely.
Beside me, Kai let out a half-sigh, looking away from the green shell to glance back round the crowded room, with a look on his face that showed that he would have preferred to be anywhere but here.
Youre not very excited, are you?
Well, I am.but Im not.
He buried his head into his paws and shrugged.
But it doesnt matter about that, it cant be changed now.
You shouldnt be so worried about it. Look at me, Ive still got all my freedom I once had.
But we all pity your kids.though they arent really kids now.
Im sick to death of all this.
Tikish broke through the conversation, pausing only slightly when he noticed the egg, before glaring back round at everyone.
I am so bored its unbelievable..nothing ever happens here.
No. Lots happens here, youre just too snobbish to notice.
I am not.
You areits guaranteed if one of us here tried to tell you about that egg then you wouldnt have listened.
Hmm. Whos egg is it?
Now youre interested? And its Kais.
He flung an odd look at Kai who just nodded silently.
What is it, another Mudkip?
No. None of us know yet, until it hatches.
Just curious, wheres Harle? Shes normally with you.
See if I care. She went off with some other Eevee.good riddance. Oh, and that reminds me.
He bent down and pulled off his Pokmon Earring, letting it clatter down onto the floor.
Im well aware that Im never going to use it, so I dont see why I should look like an idiot and wear it.
Spinning round, he stuck his head into the air and strutted off.
Ok, that was useless.
Whos going to get that Earring now?
Ill decide later-I quickly picked it up and slipped it back into my bag-Kai, your egg is hatching.
Placing the egg onto the floor, Xol stepped back as the shell flared white, then cracked and fell away, leaving the small green Pokmon lying on the floor, looking up at us warily with big red eyes.
Aww, that is so cute.
Smiling awkwardly, Kai edged closer, but the baby just whimpered and backed off, crouching down fearfully; Kai hesitated and flung everyone a pleading look.
What am I doing wrong?
Nothinghes just a bit wary, thats all.
Quickly stepping forward, I scooped him up and cradled him gently.
Any idea for a name? Kai?
I honestly dont mind.
I had a few running through my mindhow about.Bakura? It sort of suits him.
I like it.


Where to first?
I giggled quickly, before looking around.
I dont really know much thats in this place.
Pausing, I caught the sound of splashing water, the thumps of Pokmon working out, the sound of things flying through the air. But above all that....
Food.wheres the kitchen? Want to go there?