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Snakes N' Legends
25th January 2003, 03:57 PM

Mythical creatures have existed on earth for a long time. They have existed before man and they have existed before the dinosaurs. The monster population wasn’t so big back then. It didn’t get big until the time of the Middle Ages. That’s when many countries decided that this increase of monster population must stop and it did but fortunately it started to grow again by the 1960. The countries of the world did what their ancestors did back in the Middle Ages. So the monster population growth stopped again. Like the time before, it grew but this time it was worse. There were more monsters than there were humans. In the modern world, not even technology could hold them back. So once more, the countries of the world had to decided a plan of action that was different than the one their ancestors had used.

“We must stop this growth in monsters. The citizens of France are getting sick and tired of the dragons.” The Prime Minister of France said.

“You think that’s bad? We have witches. Sure, they might not be mythical creatures but there are always causing trouble.” The President of the United States responded.

“Well, we don’t have problem with Nessie, the Loch Ness monster.” The Leader of Scotland said.

“Actually, Nessie caused a great tidal wave that destroyed a important sea port town.” One of the Scottish’s Leaders contacts said.

“Okay, so we do have a problem with Nessie.” The Leader of Scotland replied back as he sighed.

“This is what we must do. We must engage in a war to wipe out the monster race.” The Leader of Earth said.

All the leaders of the countries agreed and the planning for the monster war began. Witches informed the monsters of this plan of action. The President of the United States had some secretaries that were really witches. That’s how the monsters knew everything going on in the United States. So the war started on January 13, 2005. The war was brutal. Cities and natural landmarks were destroyed. Washington DC was gone and so were the Rocky Mountains. The war went on for days, weeks, months and years. It finally ended on June 2010 when the monsters and humans came to truce. The human race and monster race had almost been wiped out. Only a few Dragons, Chimeras, Unicorns, Phoenixes, Basilisks, Centaurs, Leviathans, Nessie (of course) and a small amount of humans (including some witches and wizards) had survived the brutal war. The earth was in ruins and was no home to any human or monster. Both races agreed that they must vacate the planet to find another home. Although both sides didn’t like this idea, it had to be done. With some magic spells and some borrowed shuttles, the journey to find a new planet began.

It isn't that long but it still gets the point out. This is my first non-Pokemon, Harry Potter, Animorphs, TEFC, etc.. fanfic. Okay, maybe it does. This one just popped into my head.

Chris 2.1
25th January 2003, 04:51 PM
well, the idea is Ok, but you neglected the fact Nessie is in Loch Ness, which is in Scotland, not Ireland. The punctuation gets heavy and can be seperated with a comma, but i suppose the actual idea is alright.

Darien Shields
25th January 2003, 04:54 PM
I read like half your thing, so here it is.
The Loch Ness Monster is SCOTTISH! You hear that SCOTTISH! They don't have lochs in Ireland, they have lakes! Scotland has one lake because it was ruled by England once, but otherwise, Lochs. Loch Ness, home of the monster, in Scotland. SCOTLAND! Don't make me tell you again.

Snakes N' Legends
25th January 2003, 07:20 PM
Sorry, this third mistake I made already. First, Gary Oak, now Harry Potter and now the Loch Ness, what am I thinking?

I edited the mistake, what was I thinking?

Darien Shields
26th January 2003, 04:28 AM
Also, their isn't much of a 'leader' of Scotland. It has it's own House of Commons (Parliament) but not it's own governing body. Scotland iss not a country in its own right, like Wales, England and Northern Ireland it is a component of the United Kingdom, controlled by the government, who's leader is the Prime Minister (Tony Blair to date)
You oculd also use the head of the Scottish Parliament, but that's less relevant. Sorry to nitpick, but you went PM of France, President of America.... Leader of Scotland, so, you know. You could even say 'Scottish Ambassidor' or representative. Insidentally,care to give us your descriptions of the fabulous beasts? I'm always interested on homany heads they give chimeras...

Snakes N' Legends
26th January 2003, 11:33 AM
Another mistake again. You won't see the full desciptions of the creatures until the next chapter.