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17th March 2004, 10:03 AM
I would be happy if you want to rate my Sapphire team. I need a 6th member - I hope you will help me with that too.
Well.. heres my team so far:

Flygon @ Nothing - Level 45
Sand Tomb

He needs help, and something to hold.

Gardevoir @ Nothing - Level 45
Future Sight
Calm Mind

Maybe a new member here too.. I dont like her so much. She also needs something to hold - If I should keep her.

Exploud @ Nothing - Level 45
Hyper Beam

He needs help too -and something to hold.

Blaziken @ Nothing - Level 46
Mirror Move

He needs help too - and something to hold

Kyogre @ Nothing - Level 49
Thunder bolt
Calm Mind
Ice Beam

I think he's fine, but please rate him.

And then I need a 6th member.

Whisper in the Wind
23rd March 2004, 07:37 AM
*yawns* I assume this is for in-game?

Well, I'll give you competitive battling MS's anyways :P

Flygon @ Leftovers

Double Team/Sandstorm
Sand Tomb

Toxi-Trapper, lead with toxic, if opp switches catch them with Sand Tomb and another toxic. Dig is in there so that you stall for time, although Double Team would be a good choice. If not, kick up a Sandstorm

Flygon @ Lum/Rawst/Liechi/Salac Berry

Steel Wing/Iron Tail
Ariel Ace

The berries can either prevent burning, or boost a stat when low on HP.

Flygon @ Petaya/Salac Berry

Sunny Day
Fire Blast
Dragon Claw

Sunnybeamer, simple.

Gardevoir @ Bright Powder/Salac Berry

Mean Look
Dream Eater
Thunderbolt/Calm Mind

This set is risky but effective. Last slot depends on if you think your opp has steels/psys/darks.

Gardevoir @ Chesto/leftovers

Calm Mind

The tank Gardevoir

Gardevoir @ Petaya/Salac Berry

Calm Mind
Hidden Power *???*

Special Sweeper Gardy.

Exploud @ Chesto/petaya/liechi Berry

Return/Hyper Voice/Ice Beam
Shadow Ball/Flamethrower *think he learns this*

Physical or Special, up to you.

Blaziken @ Salac Berry

*Inser Physical Attack here*/Bulk Up

The are so many Blazikens so expect a long list.

Blaziken @ Salac Berry

Rock Slide
Brick Break
Earthquake/Bulk Up
Overheat/Return/Bulk Up

Physical Sweeper, Overheat is always a good option since it gains Blaze, and with Blaze + STAB its effective even without EV's

Blaziken @ Scope Lens

Blaze Kick
Focus Energy
Brick break

Criticken, it splits EV's so I wouldn't sugegst it, but you could go with physical EV's and use Blaze Kick when SE.

No, your Ky00ber sux, sorry he just does.

Kyogre @ Chesto/Shell Bell/Mystic Water

Water Spout/Surf/Hydro Pump
Calm Mind
Ice Beam/Rest

Now, I hope this explains itself. Shell Bell is worthwhile after a few Calm Minds.

Mystic Water can be worthwhile here.

Water Spout (150) * STAB (225) * Rain Dance (337.5) * Mystic Water (371.25)

23rd March 2004, 11:26 AM
Flygon @Shell Bell
-Dragon Claw
-Iron Tail

Pretty much a cleanup crew for any team. 2 STABs, and Flamethrower and Iron Tail pick up any other weaknesses.

Gardevoir @Salac (I think this raises speed)
-Destiny Bond

Useful. Very useful. Send him out, Reflect, then pound away with Psychic and Thunderbolt. Once HP starts to hit the low side use Destiny Bond for one last KO. Salac Berry will make sure that even against the fastest guys you'll get it off in time. Even after you get KO'd your Reflect still works for your other pokes. Very useful indeed.

Exploud @Leftovers
-Sunny Day
-Solar Beam
-Ice Beam

Special Sweeper.


-Flamethrower/Ice Beam
-Sleep Talk

I use the second set of moves on mine. (using Flamethrower) He's a tank. You pound away with the STAB or the other move, and then Rest and pound some more. Fun Fun.

Blaziken @Focus Band
-Sky Uppercut
-Reversal/Counter (Up to you)

I use this guy on one of my teams, and it always leaves numerous holes in the opponents team. I kept Flamethrower, but Bulk Up would be a nice move there instead. Reversal is always a fun little move when they send out a Regirock (or something else that you just know they're gonna use E-Quake) and they hit you with Earthquake and you double it back at em.

Kyogre @anything
-Ice Beam

I'm goin with Earthquake over Calm Mind only because the pokemon is a MAGNET for electric pokes that know Thunder. Shell Bell maybe here I don't know.

For your last team member may I suggest a Magneton?

Magneton @anything
-Rain Dance
-Hidden Power (water)
-Thunder Wave

This is a very good moveset even though he has such a limited movepool to choose from. Thunder and Hidden Power work hand in hand with Rain Dance (his or Kyogres) and his great Special Atk.. Thunder Wave is great for slowing opponents and maybe even avoiding some heavy damage. Also good for takin out skarms. (make sure ability Magnet Pull)

Pretty solid team in my opinion. Good job as it was, just a few minor adjustments. Hope I helped!:wave:

29th March 2004, 04:56 PM
Make your flygon know a fire move, just incase you go against a ice pokemon.

My Flygon:Shampoo
Dragon Claw

This is my strategy when you have apokemon make sure that it has three moves that elementally are different.

Example would ne that you have one fire move, one flying move, and one dragon move.

This strategy is very helpful especially going against a pokemon you are weak against.