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17th March 2004, 12:06 PM
Yeah, I'm lazy, so what...

Plot: Sure, the past few years have been complete and utter hell, but things seem to be looking up for year 4. The german teacher's gone, along with his sons. But..... what about his daughter? It turns out one of your oldest and dearest friends is daughter of the teacher from hell and she's sworn revenge on the people she called her friends. Sure, she may be your oldest and dearest friend, but if you don't kill her, she'll kill you... It's time to put your memory-filled past behind you and look toward the future.... The past 3 years mean nothing now... Shall you dwell in the past or fight the present...?


Name: (Self-explanitory)
Age: (11-18)
Gender: (Again, self-explanitory)
Year: (How long you've been at the school)
Dorm #: (Duh)
Room Mate(s): (Duh again)
Pet: (Once more, duh)
Personality: (How your character acts, you should know)
Appearance: (Duh)
Specialty: (Best area of magic)
Classes: (All the classes you take, list is below)
History: (Ramble about your life here)
Relationships: (Siblings, extended family, love interests, etc.)
Other: (The ever-hated)

Available Classes:

Basic Black/White Magic
Advanced Black/White Magic
Defense Against the Dark Arts
Any normal classes found at any other school

My Sign-up:

Name: Choriko Yamika
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Year: 4
Dorm #: 135
Room Mate(s): None yet
Pet: A black cat named Tsuki
Personality: You really can't put words to her. She is who she is. She always tends to lead the crowd, no matter how dangerous it may be. No one would ever expect her to be evil
Appearance: Attached.
Specialty: Black Magic
Classes: Advanced Black Magic, Advanced White Magic, Potions, Defense Against the Dark Arts, German, Calculus
History: She's suffered a lot of losses in her life. First the love of her life, then her father, then her mother, and just over the summer, her little sister, Asahiko, though her ghost always follows her.
Relationships: Evil German Teacher Man's daughter
Other: *Kicks other in the groin, pours kerosene on it, and sets it on fire*

Choriko Yamika
"Wow.... My last year...." I said quietly to my new cat, Tsuki, who used to belong to my little sister. Used to as in before some idiot shot and killed her... "It seems like just yesterday I was a lost little first year..." I sighed happily, remembering my first year, meeting all my friends, everything was picture perfect. Well, except for the evil German teacher trying to kill me.... I shrugged, there was no need to dwell in the past... I flopped down under my tree, the one that stood proudly just outside my dorm window. Suddenly, a ghost appeared in front of me.

"Hey big sis, what's wrong?" the ghost asked, a worried look in her eyes.

"It's nothing, Asa, I'm just worried about what will happen when they find out my secret..." I trailed off.

"Don't worry, Cho, they've known you since your first year, they're your best friends, they wouldn't let your blood line come in the way of your friendship, at least not if they're really your friends..." she assured me.

"But I swore revenge on daddy right after they killed him..." I shot back. "I can't hurt my friends, they're all I have left...." So much for that not lingering on the past idea.... I gave a quiet sigh. They were my friends, but he was my father....

"Well Cho, I gotta go, I'll see you later big sis...." Asa said before disappearing.

"Wait!" I yelled, reaching out for her hand to no avail. I sighed again and rested my chin on Tsuki's carrier. I put on a fake smile to hide my thoughts from my friends, but in the back of my mind I knew it was gonna be a long year....

17th March 2004, 12:48 PM
The beggining of the end...

Name: Crystal Lilly.
Age: 18
Years at school: 4
Appearance: dark browny blonde hair with light high-lights that goes down to her sholders. Her eyes are the same greeny blue. She always wears jeans and likes wearingthis (http://www.tshirtcartoon.com/image/pd1063035541_0.jpg) t-shirt whenever possible. She's still 5'7'' and thin.
Personallity: Good grades but always getting into trouble. She's back to her old care free self. She thinks there's nothing that can stop this year from being the best yet (probably because it's her final year...). She loves to be with her friends.
Dorm Number: 215
Room Mate: Shade and Zero (if he signs up)
Specialty: White Magic.
Classes: Advanced White, Advanced black, Shape shifting, Japanese, Maths, Music, Charms, english lit and potions.
Relationships: Ryu's girlfriend and Recardo's older sister.
Pets: Tabbie (tabby kitten).

Name: Recardo Lilly
Gender: Male
Age: 15
Years at the school: 3
Appearance: 5'10'' and those same greeny-blue eyes. Brown, messy hair. He normally wears plain clothes that are comfy.
Personality: He's a lot less annoying. He can be kind but mean. He is always bugging Crystal and her friends. He teases her about Ryu but he secretly is happy for them. He likes pranking people with Shade. He still thinks that Shade and Crystal are together, no matter how many times he's seen Crystal with Ryu. He's paranoid about death; after experiencing it once he doesn't want to go back too quickly.
Dorm Number: 216
Room Mate: Open
Specialty: White Magic.
Classes: German (hehehe), Advance White, Basic black, Basic shapeshifting, Science, Maths, French and History.
Relationships: Crystal's little brother and Naiya's boyfriend (if she signs up...)
Pets: Casper (owl).

History (for both of them): Crystal went to the school first (duh) and was the one who got rid of the German teacher. The next year, Recardo came too and they all kicked the *** of the zombie german teacher. The next year... Well... You could go read that for yourself!

"Final year, Recardo..."
"I know..."
"Not for you, though."
"Stop rubbing it in..."
That had been most of the conversation on the train. Recardo was sulking because Naiya wasn't coming back to the school. I was happy because it is my last year. Simple. One happy, one sad.
We arrived at the station. Recardo jumped up and got off the train quickly, leaving me to get the bags. I glared at him. Yes, the "evil death glare" as Shade called it.
The doors closed as i got to them and the train began to pull away. Recardo stood at the platform, Casper on his sholder, grinning and waving.
"Recardo! Damn you!" I yelled after i teleported myself onto the platform with both of our bags.
"What did i do? I just waved." He replied.
"Crystal!" Someone yelled. Recardo stood there laughing as i was glomped by Shade.
"Hi Shade... Had a good summer?" I asked, getting up again and handing Recardo his stuff.
"Pretty much the same as last year-" He began.
"Sending love letters to Cho all the time." Recardo informed me. He'd been to see Shade a couple of times over the summer. Unlike me. I had had Ryu over as many times as i could.
"Hey... Recardo... Guess what?" Asked Shade, grinning at me. I knew what he was going to say.
"It's our last year! Woohoo!" We both screamed before running off with Recardo chasing us.

Tyler and Hobbes
17th March 2004, 05:34 PM
Geeze, between you and PL you make it sound like it's the Apocalypse! *dodges angel*

Name: Shade Beluse
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Year: 4
Dorm #: 215
Room Mate(s): Crystal and Zero (if he signs up...)
Pet: Arch the Raven and Lupus the Chinese Fireball (dragon given to him by Crystal)
Personality: Shade is a prankster, always was always will be. He's very flirty this year...but not in front of Cho. When alone or at night Shade is deep, and it seems theres a sadness draped around him. But enough of that...Shade is a wisecracker, and almost never takes things seriously. Shade is that guy that your parents never wanted you to be around, which only made him more attractive.
Appearance: Same old Shade just think....ten times more hot, and you're there. Yes ladies and gentleman, Shade is now hot. Girls practicly fall over him now. Shade has wings but invisible to people he doesn't tell, or when he's unconscious they can minfest. Shade has...medium hair!!! Not long not short, Medium! He now has a tan and his muscles are more accented then before. Shade has sparkling green eyes, that seem to shimmer whenever you look at them. Shade's clothes normally consist of Cargo pants and a T-shirt, but you can never be sure with Shade.
Specialty: DATDA
Classes: Advanced Black, Advance White, Shapeshifting, Potions, German, Maths
History: It's a long story spaning six centuries, but still...In short, Shade's a half demon half angel, he was banished to earth for disrespecting humans and causing lots of trouble, by the end of this year he has to go back to the other side. Shade has lost lots of people that are important to him, and no longer thinks of humans as, "inferior animals".
Relationships: Boyfriend of Cho, Best friend of Crystal and Zero
Other: *Gives other biscuit* *Fireballs other*

Aurora is not coming back to Seiruun.

I grinned as I teleported away from Recardo; he narrowly missing my shoulder as he was caught off guard. I had a lot to think about.

First, over the summer I stayed with Zero, and apparently, someone had spilled the beans about Axel. (Pss...it wasn't me, Aurora, or Zero) Second, I would be going back soon...enough said. Third...well....third is kind of wierd. Ever since that game of clouds all of us played, (Zero, Crystal, and I) I've been having some weird feelings.

Around most girls, I act cool and confident, but with Crystal...I don't know, it matters what I do. Like, I don't want to act stupid, but I end up doing that anway.

These...thoughts....if you would like to call them that...have scared me. I love Cho, but does my crush on Crystal mean I love her less? Do I even have a crush on Crystal? Or do I just feel comfortable with her.

So, some of you can see me perdicament. And as my ponderings lead me a stray, they were rudely interrupted...by Espa. Who had thrown water on my head. Who I hated. Who I wanted to kick in the ass. Who was a psycho. Who now was a janitor.

Major cliffhanger! That's why I made it so short. So MC, you have the floor. And remember, Shade's half Demon, half Angel, so he wouldn't u se regular magic. He would use techniques like Sleep Seed or Poison Power.

18th March 2004, 06:02 PM
I walked down to the station, looking for Crystal. I had just spent the last week in Australia and I was dieing to see her again. Just as I was rounding the corner, Crystal shot past.
"Hey Crystal!" I called, before being knocked to the ground by an angry Recardo.
"Are you two okay?" Crystal asked, helping me up.
"I'm fine," I replied, "but what's up with the squirt?"
"HEY!!" Recardo growled. Crystal laughed.
"The name suits you." she replied. She then turned to me.
"How was your trip to Australia?" she asked.
"Great," I replied, "Got a bit of a tan while I was down there."
"And did you get anything for me?" she asked, giving me those puppy dog eyes. I smiled.
"Of course." I pulled out a boomerang and handed it to Crystal.
"Thank you," she said, hugging me tightly.
"Crystal..." I wheezed, "I can't breath!"
Oh uh, sorry," she replied, letting go.
"That's okay. And as for the boomerang. I'll teach you how to throw it some time."

"YOU'RE GETTING MUD ALL OVER MY CLEAN FLOOR!!" I screamed at Shade. Normally I wouldn't care, but since the principal made me the new janitor, I was trying to do at least a decent job. Shade looked back at the mud he had left on the floor.
"Sorry Espa," he replied, "But you didn't have to throw cold water on me!"
"Just get out!!"
"Why should I listen to you?" he said in a smug voice, "You're just a janitor."
"And you're a big pain in the ass!!" I growled, "the sooner you go back to the other side the better!"
"Alright that's it!" Shade yelled. I drew my wand.
"Bring it on!!"

21st March 2004, 08:22 AM
((Umm... You don't seem to have seen my signup, but I'll post here post here anyway...))

Name: Sakura Weasley
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Year: 4
Dorm #: 135
Room Mate(s): Choriko Yamika (if she wants)
Pet: A small energetic black Scottish Terrier known as 'Sirius'. (Don't worry, he's very obedient. Never bullied any cats in his life.)
Personality: Sakura is boisterous and energetic, sometimes even to the extent of being tipsy and suicidal. Nonetheless, she is a caring friend with a mild temper.
Appearance: Long black hair that has grown even longer than last year, usually in a pigtail. Sakura has startling green eyes that seem to sparkle. Sakura usually wears a pink sleeveless top with hip-hugging jeans.
Specialty: White Magic
Classes: Basic Black Magic, Advanced White Magic, Shapeshifting, Potions, Charms, Defense Against the Dark Arts, Additional Mathematics, Music, English Literature, Japanese, Biology
History: Not much is known about her, except that she is an orphan, staying with an uncle, who doesn't really care for her. She joined Seiruun four years ago, and has thus then dedicated her life to magic, setting herself an enemy of darkness.
Relationships: Friends with all the other characters in this rpg. Still single.
Other: Will be bring her cello to school. (Heheh... All of you shall suffer terribly at the vibrations from my cello...)

*^~Sakura Weasley~^*

I entered my dorm and flopped down on my bed, closing my eyes. My final year at Seiruun... I hoped there wouldn't be any trouble this year. The past three years were partly spent getting rid of an evil teacher and their sons, and I wanted this year to be a perfectly normal one.

I glanced at the bed beside me. Luggage bags had already been dumped on it. Looks like my roomate was here already. And judging by the look of it, I was with Cho again. We were together in the same dorm on our first year too, and it looked like we were going to have fun together again. I smiled as I recalled defeating the evil German teacher along with some of our other friends.

"YOU'RE GETTING MUD ALL OVER MY CLEAN FLOOR!!" A voice shouted suddenly from outside. My eyes snapped open as I pulled myself out of bed and outside. Espa, the new janitor was outside, screaming his head off at Shade. He pulled out his wand and got ready to duel the latter.

"Bring it on," Espa said softly, his eyes gleaming menancingly. Shade cracked his knuckles and advanced. Grinning, I leaned on my dorm door and watched what looked like a promising fight.

21st March 2004, 01:40 PM
The scene was getting too... Romantic for my liking. "See ya later..." I grabbed my bag and teleported off to the school.
I missed her so much. I couldn't see her once over the summer and she wasn't coming back. I'd probably never see her again...
I couldn't stand all these people talking and gossiping about what they did over the summer. It was just so dull... I decided i'd go straight inside. I waved at Cho as i passed her and she just smiled as i did.
I heard yelling from down the corridor. I could tell one of them was Shade... The other had an English accent, much like my own (OOC: i think everyone forgot they were english ^^). Oh no... There was only one other person in this school that had an English accent that Shade would pick a fight with...
Knowing that my dorm would still be 216, i teleported my bag and Casper to it.
"Ahh... Look who it is. Recardo, back from the dead but still looking ghostly..." Espa taunted as i joined Shade.
"At least i'm not the janitor..." I said glaring at him.
"Look away! It's Crystal's evil death glare rubbed off onto Recardo!" Shade joked, still ready to kick Espa's ass.
"That was so funny... Do you still have that on tape?" Said a girl from a door way. I didn't know her that well but i knew that it was Sakura.
I watched Espa closely while Shade was talking with Sakura. He grinned and mouthed "Dead man walking"
Anger filled up inside of me which lashed out. I found a few seconds later that i had punched Espa and he was now on the floor rubbing the side of his face.
"I'M NOT DEAD!" I yelled.

"It's our last year." I said, grinning.
"I know... I think you've told me atleast a thousand times now..."
"I was just making sure."
By this time we had just dumped our stuff in our rooms and were about to look for the others.
Ryu and I looked at eachother. I sighed, someone was making fun of Recardo again...
"I've gotta-"
"Sort it out. I know. He gets into too much trouble for his own good..."
We walked round the corner, Espa was sat on the floor with his back to us and Recardo looked as though he was steaming. Sakura and Shade looked like they'd never seen him like this before.
No one said a word. Just they way i wanted it.
I crouched down silently behind Espa. I watched as he shivered.
"Who's behind me?" He asked, not daring to turn around.
I looked up at Shade and grinned.
"Your worst nightmare..." I whispered in his ear, sending chills down his spine.
"Crystal..." He growled.
"That's my name... Don't wear it out."

Gothic Animé
21st March 2004, 10:10 PM
Name: Hazuki Oyatoko
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Year: 3
Dorm #: 135
Room Mate(s):
Pet: a white cat named Nevada
Personality: somewhat introverted, and shy. is extremely intelligent, but has a way of messing things up when he trys to enter the general public
Appearance: small and skinny, with big, penetrating black eyes. long black hair that covers his eyes, and a black earring on his left ear. wears baggy black pants and a black t-shirt.(not baggy)
Specialty: black magic
Classes: advanced black magic, basic white magic, DATDA, charms, japanese(the language class), and advanced calculus
History: unknown
Relationships: good friends with Choriko and Sakura(if that's fine with you guys??)
Other: has a crush on Crystal, but won't tell anyone (hehe, is that ok?8))


I sat down in the cafeteria and looked around to see if my friends were coming. My stomach was growling, and I felt like I hadn't eaten in a year. That's how I felt when I was nervous. No need to be nervous, I thought to myself. It's just a test.

After lunch, I had a White Magic test. It was just basic White Magic, and I wasn't exactly failing the class or anything, but for some reason I was extremely nervous. Maybe it was because the principal would be watching....but why would that scare me??

Sakura came and sat down. Nevada followed not far behind, playfully chasing Sirius.

"Hey, Hazuki, something wrong?" asked Sakura, my dorm-mate and also one of my best friends. She had a way of seeing when something was wrong with me. "Just a little nervous," I said. I asked her if Choriko was coming, but she said that Choriko was up in the dorm. She often was up there....

Sakura and Choriko were both going to be leaving next year...what was I going to do then?? I sighed, then got up from the table and left to go upstairs...

22nd March 2004, 11:17 AM
That's fine, Hideaki. lol, Crystal has Ryu as her boyfriend and Shade and Hazuki after her. I can tell this is gonna be an interesting year...

Can't post now... Too much homework to do ><

23rd March 2004, 02:41 PM
Year:2. she should be in 3, but missed a year.
Dorm number:163
Room mate:none
Personality:Still shy. She's scared that everyone will hate her.
Appearence:Curly brown hair, green eyes, quite pretty in a normal sort of way. She doesn't go for bright colours.
Speciality:anything not involving magic
Classes:Basic black magic, basic white magic, shapeshifting, potions, French, Italian, art
History:Her parents are very gifted at magic, but she didn't have any of her own. She got through her first year by stealing everyone elses magic, but was found out. She returned the magic, and was given a small amount of her own by the head teacher so she could stay at the school. She missed her second year so people would have a chance to forget all this.
Relationships:she doesn't really have any friends.
Other:She's not satisfied with having a small amount of magic

I survived the morning, but only just. I'd been hoping that no one would recognise me, or realise I had been held back, but one of the teachers had told my whole class. I guess some of them had heard about me stealing peoples magic, because I got quite a few glares after that. I knew I deserved it, but it wasn't fun being terrible at magic compared to people a year younger than you.
I sighed and started towards the cafeteria. Things would probably improve. Maybe I'd see people I knew, and they wouldn't hate me, and I'd get better at magic and move up a year. I smiled. It could happen. I'd make it happen.

Tyler and Hobbes
23rd March 2004, 10:06 PM
"That's my name... Don't wear it out." said Crystal, with a sly look on her face.

"Aww-now that's not nice! I was still having fun!"
I flung Espa up in the air and with a quick mutter of, "Water Arrow!'", had in soaked in a matter of seconds. Though, I made a slight miscalculation. Since this is my last year on earth, my techniques are much more powerful then they have been in my previous years at Seiruun, almost as if my essence was split between two worlds. My "Water Arrow" technique was much more powerful then I meant to make.
Espa was knocked out cold.

All eyes were on me; all feet stopped. There was no way I could have created that attack using ordinary magic.
I gave a sheepish grin and released Espa, as if nothing had happened, except for the fact that his lifeless body lay in a fountain in the middle of the courtyard.

"Erm...good day, friends." I whispered to Crystal, Sakura, and Recardo.
With a quick smile, I teleported to my dorm, which in itself probably caused several shockwaves.
"Why did I have to show off like that?!?!" I groaned, easing myself onto the bed.
Why is this such a big problem? I don't really know, but it apparently has something to do with not wanting to be an outcast, and thus not being able to fullfill my charge, which is to keep friends, or thus burn in the firey pits of hell.
Woooh! That was hard to explain.
Anyway, I was feeling reeeeaaaaaalllllllly worn out. This is a first, wanting to take a hot shower on my first day of Seiruun.
I slowly walked to the bathroom and crawled over the tub.

"Oh, pipe down, you'll get fed later." I shouted at Arch. I was too tired to get any clothes on, much less feed an amorous raven. Yeah, that's right. Now there are a lot of baby Archs flying around Seiruun. And the clothes remark was litteral. I didn't see the need to getny clothes on prayed that I didn't have a roomate.
With a loud PLOP! I fell into dream land.

24th March 2004, 03:29 AM
Mwahahaha... Too bad Shade does :P
"Err... See ya later, guys... I need to unpack stuff otherwise it'll stay there for the rest of the year..." I said.
I teleported to my room and landed on my bed. I was soaked from Shade's water thing. Arch was screaming. Arch?
I sat up and found Shade asleep... No clothes with just a little bit of his quilt covering himself.
"SHADE!" I yelled, lying back down again and turning over, not being able to see. "You've gotta be more careful!"

Sorry, gotta go... post more later...

26th March 2004, 03:19 PM
Zero, Tombo & Nayia are back! Plus your favorite dancing monkeyboy, me!

Name: Zero Urameshi
Age: 18
Gender: I'll give you three guesses
Year: 4
Personality: Same old Zero but way more headstrong. It's still easy to piss him off but other than that, he's enjoyable to be around. Also enjoys pranking, eating and sleeping.
Dorm #: 215
Roommates: Shade & Crystal
Apperance: Slicked back black hair that ends in a ponytail, 6'3", a white shirt that says Fear Lucky Charms, They'll Eat Your Kids, blue jeans with some rips and red & white sneakers.
Classes: Advanced Black and White Magic, Shapeshifting, Charms, P.E and Lunch
Specialty: Shapeshifting
History: Lost his mother and father last summer during a fire, his girlfriend, Kazeko, was sent over to a catholic school :o, and he now lives with his Uncle Ray Ray and his brother Tombo.
Relationships: Best friend of Shade, brother of Tombo, enemy of Espa and boyfriend of Kazeko

Name: Tombo Urameshi
Age: 14, almost 15
Gender: Male, Einstein
Year: 2
Personality: Fun to be around, more social and enjoys playing video games when he's not studying for a big test that is the next day.
Dorm #: 136
Roommates: Open
Apperance: Think of Zero, but with messy black hair, 5'11" a red t-shirt with FOZZY on it and blue jeans.
Classes: Basic White Magic, Advanced Black Magic, DATDA and Science
Specialty: Science
History: Look at Zero but take out the part about Kazeko going to catholic school and replace it with, his "girlfriend" Aurora isn't at school this year.
Relationships: Brother of Zero and "boyfriend" of Aurora

Name: Nayia
Age: 14
Gender: Female, you idioit
Year: 2
Personality: Bubbly but not in a ditzy cheerleader way, intellegent and knows how to keep Recardo in his place.
Dorm #: 216
Roommates: Recardo (temptation city, baby ;) )
Apperance: Long blonde hair, a blue shirt that says Porkchops, the other, other brown meat, white jeans and black sneakers.
Classes: Same as Recardo
Specialty: History
History: Not alot except she lives with her evil stepmother and her two brothers Jim and Slim.
Relationships: Girlfriend of Recardo

Gothic Animé
26th March 2004, 08:50 PM
This is OOC, but....the following post has to do with a class. Right now, I'm not sure if anyone is in this class with me, but if you want to be, you can tell me to edit you in....


After my test, I decided I should go back to my dorm and check on Choriko.

I walked into my White Magic classroom. The chairs were pushed back against the wall, and everyone was lined up against the wall opposite the door waiting for the bell to ring, and for the teacher to come out. I tried not to show that I was nervous. The bell rang. Oh gosh......

The teacher came out, explained the instructions, and set us to work. And of course, he decided I should be right next to the principal. I thought I would die, or kill him. I wasn't sure which....

After the test I started to make my way back to the dorm. About halfway there, I caught sight of Shade, hovering a soaked Espa in the air. Though I (and probably everyone else, for that matter) was not too fond of Espa, I didn't really hate him, and he looked bad, too. I didn't particularly know Shade, and I decided it would be best to walk around the scene.

When I got to the dorm, there was Choriko, and she looked really lonely. I don't think she heard me come in, either. I went and sat on the edge of her bed. She sat up, startled.

"Ack!" "Oh, just you, Hazuki..." she said, and laid back down.

"Everything alright?" I asked. What she said next was exactly what I knew she would say.

"Of course, I'm fine, just...tired." she said. But I didn't think so...

28th March 2004, 11:19 AM
This place is as empty as the Waffle House when the batter starts to leak from the ceiling...

My last year at this school. My last year with my friends. Sometimes during the day I wished I was Tombo, who still had two more years here. Oh well, can't change the past. Kazeko was taken out of the school because of the new janitor, Espa going wild and nearly killing me. I walked over to see Shade making the best of his last year on Earth by hurting Espa. "Hey bro, save some for me!" I called as I headed to the cafeteria.

Aurora was here this year probably due to the events that happened last year. All day people have been saying "Hey Tom, miss your girlfriend?" or "Tommywommy misses his girlfirend." It really pissed me off but I just ignored them. I teleported into a tree to get some well-deserved rest.

I just walked around, looking for Recardo. That guy was somewhere and I had to find him. I then sent a mind jolt in his direction, which normally meant come here or I wanna make out infront of the first years.

31st March 2004, 11:07 AM
I decided to get some food and see if there was anyone I remembered. As I was walking to the cafeteria I saw Recardo. How could I have spent a whole year with him and not noticed - he was so good looking! I was about to go over to him, but I caught site of his owl staring at me. No, at my bag. I could practically have killed the thing; every bad thing that had happened to me was it's fault. If it hadn't flown at my bag, I'd never have been caught.

I sighed and wandered out to the courtyard. I could always talk to him some other time, if I took the risk of leaving my bag in my room.
I walked over to the fountain, and almost screamed, there was someone in there. I looked around. No one seemed overly concerned about him. I looked back and saw it was no one I knew. Uncertainly, I grabbed his arm and tried to pull him out.

7th April 2004, 08:05 PM
Where is everybody?


16th April 2004, 10:41 AM
*ish bumped* Needs bumping again... *bumps*
I got an odd feeling that Naiya was somewhere in the school. It was weird, she had told me that she wasn't coming back...
... There it was again. She was definatly here, but where to start looking?
I sighed and made my way outside, hoping to see her there.
Some girl i remembered was at the fountain, fishing out Espa from the extremely cold water.
"Leave him, he desurves what he got..." i said, still looking around for Naiya.
"Recardo?" the girl asked. She turned around. I knew her... She stole magic off of students because she had none of her own...
"Recardo!" It was Naiya! I ran over to her and hugged her tightly.
"I thought you weren't coming..."
"I wasn't but-"
She didn't get to finish that sentance...

30th April 2004, 12:45 PM
Kazeko came to visit since for her, school was out. We talked, laughed and mostly made out. I then asked Kazeko something I was thinking of asking her last year but didn't have the guts, "Hey Kazeko, do you want to... how should I say this... make like two Arizona jackrabbits, get hotelroom, do it, you know." Kazeko was obviously flabbergasted but then gave me a smile and said, "Yes, but not right now so keep your pants on." I groaned in a idiotic yet funny was since my pants were already off.

I was in my dorm, listening to Zero's Rob Zombie CD until he found out and beat the holy high hell out of me. I was thinking about Aurora alot lately, since the dance. I nearly kissed her but then the Sons of Darkness came and a huge battle broke out. We won in the end, but Kazeko & Aurora were forced to leave the school by their parents. I was just about to turn off my CD player when Aurora appeared out of nowhere. I was too shocked to say anything but she took the words out of my mouth when we started to make out on my bed. I'm one lucky son of a b*tch.

I saw a huge guy towering over us with a handful of daisies. "You, me, date." he said with a caveman like voice. Recardo then said, "That's my girlfriend you son of a - AHHH!" The large guy lifted Recardo over his head and took him over to the ledge that went to the outside. "Please dont throw Recardo, we're on the highest point of the school!" I pleaded. The guy wasn't listening and was about to throw Recardo when Zero ran over and started hitting lefts and rights on the guy. Zero then tripped the guy, which caused him to fall out! The guy was still moving when he landed, but not alot. Zero gave us a grin as he walked away, with a line of girls of every year following him. Zero got hot! Well, he was to be if he can make out with Kazeko, Cho AND Crystal. I then checked on Recardo and like I wanted, we started making out infront of the first years guys, who I could tell were rock hard right now.

Alot of making out in this one. Come on people, we can't let this die this early!

Gothic Animé
30th April 2004, 10:26 PM
---Hazuki ---
I started walking through the halls as I left the dorm. Classes were over for the day. Thank GOD! Ugh, what a tiring first day. As I was walking through the halls, I spotted Firenze. I decided to go over and say hi, because she seemed lonely. I walked over, and started talking to her. This was totally unlike me, but hey. She was really quiet, and didn't really have much to say, but that was okay because I had plenty to talk about, which is also unlike me. But with classes, I really just wanted to let off some steam. Not that they were that hard, it was just hard to get back into it after vacation. When we were done talking, I decided to go for a walk. As I stepped out the doors, I spotted Crystal. Man, she was hott. But as soon as I saw her, I knew my face turned beet-red, and it felt hot. I began to walk in the other direction. Not only was she hott though, she had a great personality. Oh God, I thought, because she was walking over....And yet, isn't this what I wanted? Just to talk to her? *Sigh* I don't think I even understand myself...

1st May 2004, 06:38 AM
I put the boy down - although I don't know what he did to deserve any of this - and left. If I had some decent magic, Nayia would be sorry she ever looked at him. I gripped my bag determindly.

Luckily, a boy called Hazuki came over to me and I was forced to calm down. I was so relieved someone was talking to me, and I didn't want to say anything stupid. That did mean there wasn't much I could say, but he seemed happy just to talk about classes and stuff.

After he left, I ran up to my room, and shoved my bag under my bed. I was definately better off without it. I knew I should just forget about it, and about Nayia and Recardo, and concentrate on getting through the work.

1st May 2004, 12:15 PM

Choriko Yamika
I had obviously fallen asleep outside of the school, because I was awakened by raindrops hitting my face. I checked my watch, which said 1:38. Tsuki was obviously not thrilled about being out in the rain, because she gave an annoyed meow.

"Sorry, Tsuki, guess I dozed off..." I said to the dampened black furball, using a teleportation spell to get me and my stuff to my dorm. When I landed, I let Tsuki out of her carrier. She jumped up onto my bed and shook the water out of her fur.

I glared at her. "Couldn't you have done that before you jumped on my bed?" I asked. She gave me the "I'm so innocent I'm incapable of doing anything bad" look. I sighed and started unpacking and cleaning up the dorm. When I finished, I flew down to the cafeteria, hoping to run into someone...
It's short, I know...

1st May 2004, 02:50 PM
Ok ok... Post... Yes, must post...
The next time i looked up, Shade was still dozing, snoring and completly covered up. He just had to be annoying didn't he... But hey, that's what we all love about him. His... annoying-ness?
I crept past Shade and out into the corridor, Tabby, my cat, followed me.
I watched Hazuki turn red when he saw me. He turned and walked in the other direction. I had to talk to somebody i knew, for last year i talked to a stranger and turned him totally against me. He's now the janitor.
"Hey Hazuki" I said happily, trying to make conversation.
"Ummm... Hi Crystal..." He said shyly, blushing slightly. What was so embarassing about talking to me?
"How was your summer?" I asked quickly, trying to keep it going.
"Um... Ok. What about yours?"
He just had to ask, didn't he? "It was great! I spent like the whole time with Ryu. All except when i went to England for a week and when he went to Australia... I missed England..." I'd better stop there or i'll start rambling... "T'was fun."
"Cool." He said, unable to think of anything else. Something was on his mind.
"Wanna come down to the canteen for a bit? I'm sooo hungry..." I asked.

Heh, those first years were sorry to have ever set eyes on Nayia. And that guy... He was taller than me! Now, that's a first. Considering he was like a second year or something...
I felt rain. "Nayia... Shall we go inside now? It's raining."
"It's not raining hard..."
"It will..." The rain fell heavier. "Told you so!"
We ran inside, seeing people we knew meeting people we didn't know.

EDIT: Gah! >< I nearly forgot to post a link to my pic of Crystal and Recardo! They don't look their ages... Crystal looks about 14 and Recardo looks about 10 XD Click. (http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/6743261/)

Gothic Animé
1st May 2004, 07:06 PM
I was glad that Crystal had something to talk about, because I didn't want to sound like an idiot. And when she asked if I wanted to go get something to eat, I said yes of course. As we were walking down, I guess I loosened up a bit, and my face didn't feel hot anymore. Thank God, maybe I had stopped blushing. We talked a lot, about our summers, and what we planned to do this year. I just wish she didn't have a boyfriend. I mean, yeah, he was a great guy and all, but I liked her too, and well....I know, that was selfish, but I couldn't help it. I'm a guy.

Tyler and Hobbes
1st May 2004, 08:31 PM
:rocket: :ninja: :police:

BUWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHA!!!! ^ Best thing since sliced bread!

I sat up with a jolt. Even with my external eyes closed my internal eyes always stay awake. Very complex system....

Anyway, I knew the exact whereabouts of Crystal…who…at…the…moment…was….with… .some….strange….guy! I can’t tell you how much I hated that. If you’re gonna cheat on Ryu at least cheat with someone who didn’t know you were cheating!

They aren’t cheating, a voice in the back of my head told me.

I knew that, but…why do I feel so betrayed?

“Why do I feel this way? Why are you giving me these human emotions?” I shouted at an unknown figure.

I was feeling everything the fallen ones had felt: Lust, Anger, Confusion; enough to drive any angel insane.

Cho, another, lighter, voice said. I hadn’t completely forgotten about her, as much as you may think I had. I absent-mindedly lit a small flame in my hand.
What should I do? I asked myself. I had the dull ache that a child gets when they are bored. All I could concentrate on was my intense hatred towards the boy. I didn’t understand it! Why didn’t I feel this way towards Ryu?

I looked down, red flames licked at every inch of my hand.

I yawned, deciding to don the guise of a fox, a sprightly fellow with a bright red coat.

I traveled through the hallway and to the canteen knowing I wouldn’t be spotted until I arrived.

2nd May 2004, 09:48 AM
Shooting ninjas with a police car behind? It's not better than sliced bread but it sure is easier than slicing it yourself :P

I sat at a table with Hazuki, drinking coffee (which i had come to love after staying in England) and eating the stuff i'd shoved on my plate.
Something was headbutting my leg. I looked down, thinking it was Tabby after some food but was surprized to see a fox sat by my feet.
"Who are you and what have you done with my cat?" I said, picking it up and sitting it on my lap.
It rubbed it's head against my arm, clearly wanting some form of attention. I tickled it behind it's ears. It seemed to enjoy that.
Hazuki leaned over to stroke it's fur. The fox growled at him, giving him a warning to back off.
"Shade... Is that you?" i asked, poking his nose.
The fox transformed into Shade. "How did you know?"
"You've always been so over protective. Oh, and i know you too well."
"I see..."
"And Shade."
"You're squishing me."

Gothic Animé
6th May 2004, 08:49 PM
I was scared.
The fox just turned into a guy.
Shade to be exact, who I didn't recall ever meeting, though obviously he knew me and had an extreme dislike for me. Why? I had no idea. I decided that if he didn't want me near Crystal, than fine, I'd leave. And I did.

I hurriedly got up from the table and rushed out. It was a little cold, but oh well. I started walking fast, away from that....thing.....

7th May 2004, 11:59 AM
I decided to try and learn a conjuring spell. Maybe I could make myself a pet. I tried to make a cat, but all that appeared was a woodlouse which promptly died. I tried again, but this time a cockroach appeared and ran off in to a hole in the wall. Oops. I tried once more, because this was tiring me out, and was shocked to see a fox run past the door. Wow. So I'd conjured a fox. I'd set something with teeth and claws loose in the school. It could probably kill half the people in the school. I'd have to go after it.

I groaned, and went to sleep.

7th May 2004, 12:03 PM
"Thanks a lot, Shade..."
"I was having a perfectly normal conversation with him and what do you do? Freak him out." I moaned, pushing Shade onto the chair where Hazuki was sat.
"Heh, it's my job."
"No, it's my job to freak out people! It's yours to just be standing around and having all the girls watching and giggling at you."
"They do?"
"Take a look." I said, pointing at a bunch of first years.
They giggled a lot more when Shade looked at them. Then they saw that he was sat with me. They glared at me. I stuck my tongue out at them and they left.
"See what i mean?" I asked, rolling my eyes. I got up and walked out, which i could tell was the thing that Shade least wanted me to do.
I went back up to my room. This year was gonna be complicated. No body knew what was going through my mind... Good thing too... Could get me in a lot of trouble... But not with the teachers... With my friends...

Heh, guess what? I'm not telling :P Wait and see...

Gothic Animé
7th May 2004, 05:33 PM
(da*n you!! <--and no it's not darn haha)

I went to my dorm and decided I'd go to sleep. I was TIRED. Very tired. So I did

(sorry it's short, idk what to write)

8th May 2004, 09:33 AM
I think you're the only one who hasn't had to put up with all my little plot twists, lol...
After a while, Nayia went to our dorm to unpack stuff. I decided to go on down to the canteen and see who else had come back.
I noticed Shade was sat alone. However, there were two empty plates and an unfinished cup of coffee.
"Crystal's coffee?" I asked as i sat down.
"Where is she? She was dying to see you when we left for the train station... It was all she was talking about. How she would only see you and everyone else for one more year... Except me... And Ryu, most likely..."
"She just... went off... I think i upset her..." He seemed a little sad.
"Shade? Can i ask you something?" I said as an idea popped into my head.
"Umm... Okay..."
"Do you have a crush on my sister?"
Ha haaaaaaa! XD Recardo sees through these things. Happy thinking up a reply, fg ^^

Gothic Animé
12th May 2004, 06:37 PM
(fg? which is....who? *is confused* if someone else steals you, there will be high level magic....of a fatal kind....)

I couldn't sleep. In the middle of the night, I got up, to find Choriko and Sakura fast asleep. I had to go for a walk. Fresh air.

I had sweated so much during the night that my clothes were sticking to me. What had I been dreaming about? I couldn't remember......Somewhere in the pit of my stomach I had a bad feeling. About Shade. What was his problem with me? I still didn't know.....Maybe, well.....ugh. So many thoughts racing through my head. I had wandered out into the courtyard. I could see someone in the shadows, but who was it? I couldn't quite tell.......

(It's open to be whoever wants it, lets make it interesting!!!)

13th May 2004, 11:51 AM
fg= fireguardian lol...
Can't post Recardo again till he gets his answer...
I sighed... There was someone coming up behind me... I continued swishing the water of the fountain with my feet and stared at the sky... I couldn't stay in my room... Not tonight... Not with him...
"Hey..." Came a voice from behind me. I turned my head slightly to see it was Hazuki.
"Hiya..." I said quietly, still watching the moon... It was bright tonight...
"Couldn't sleep?"
There was silence. It was nice to just sit here with Hazuki. That was strange, as i didn't really like spending time with people my brother's age...
I couldn't keep it bottled up anymore... I had to tell someone... He would be the perfect person to tell, as he wouldn't go blabbing to everyone. He didn't really know my closer friends...
"Can i tell you something?" I asked, looking him straight in the eye. "You can't tell anyone... It could cause a lot of damage to relationships... Including mine..."
He nodded. I apprecated his quiet-ness. He waited for me to begin. I sighed, and began...
"As you know, I've been going out with Ryu since my first year. I love him to pieces and i'd never want to hurt him but..." I paused, fighting back a stray tear, as it wasn't needed. There was nothing to cry about... "... I've realised that he's not the only one i want to be with..."
I could tell Hazuki wanted me to go on. He looked slightly hopefull in a way... I didn't understand why... He was such a good listener...
"I can't help how i feel. I just do. And it could break up me and Ryu as well as him and his girlfriend... I'm trying to stop myself, but it's hard... He shares his dorm with me! He's my best friend! He's..." I paused again, wondering weather i should say it... "... Shade..."
I felt myself blush. I hadn't told anyone before... Recardo just knew because he was Recardo, my little annoying brother who could tell these things... I was in trouble now... Anyone could have heard... It was out... I stared at the sky again... So big... So starry...
Insteresting enough for you? ^^;;

14th May 2004, 09:53 PM
So, Crystal is in love with Shade huh? This could be just what I needed.
I looked down from the second story window, my hair still damp from that little encounter with Shade.
“So this is what you’ve been doing?” came a voice, “spying on girls.” I froze. I recognized that voice.
“It can’t be,” I said to myself as I spun around. Behind me was a boy, around about my height. He had a pale complexion, platinum white hair and extremely cold blue eyes. He wore a white shirt, black jeans and a black trench coat.
“Kane!?” Before I knew what was happening, Kane grabbed me by the collar and slammed me into the wall.
“That master is growing impatient with your lack of progress,” he said in a creepy, soothing voice.
“I can explain,” I cried, “There’re these sorcerers. They’re really powerful. But I think I have a plan that can get one of them on our side!” Kane was silent for a few seconds.
“What kind of plan?” he finally said.

I don’t want anyone interfering with Espa’s plan.

Tyler and Hobbes
17th May 2004, 05:21 PM
Again, that was positively evil PL ;)

Leave it to Recardo to leave me flabbergasted. How would I answer to something like that? Or should I say, howwould any of you answer to something like that?
Before I could come up with a complex answer involving rain clouds and some hay, I blurted out something that to this day I don't know what I said, "Err....right then. I-I can't say anything about your question right now; but-but I suppose we should go fetch Zero.
He has the right to know what I'm about to say as much as you. Plus he'll help me sort everything out..."

Recardo looked at me quizzically, "Shade, wait!" But before Recardo could say anything else we both disappeared in a cloud of blue smoke. We reappeared in a large cupboard. It seemed to be pretty big and held a mass of dresses, skirts, pants, and shirts.
This obviously belonged to a girl, but why would Zero be in a girl's room? I heard Recardo breathing silently behind me. For some reason we were both just standing there, as if waiting for something very big to happen. A loud moan could be heard coming from outside the dresser. I half-wondered if Recardo's adolescent mind had any idea of what was coming up.

Yes, it is what you all think, but with who? Kazeako? Or possibly someone else?

18th May 2004, 03:19 AM
I know that was evil, fg, it's my job :P

Post later. At school now. Must go...

Gothic Animé
20th May 2004, 05:34 PM
:disgust: I was speechless......I mean, I was just ditched, rejected, humiliated....by someone who didn't even know they were doing it. I wanted to yell, but I tried to remain unflinching. I mean, she didn't know I liked her....it wasn't her fault....and being rejected was something I should have been used to by now, it was part of my regular life now.....
"Oh." That was all I could say. I stood up. "I.....I gotta go." I walked away, up once again to my dorm. I wanted to talk to Choriko or Sakura...but I guess I'd wait until morning......
As mad as I was, I wasn't going to tell anyone about Crystal's secret....

23rd May 2004, 05:46 PM
I'll just finish up that storyline for ya, fg.
PS: I can't describe it because I'd get banned faster than you can say, "Hey that retard got banned from the forums."

I just put my pants back on and so did Kazeko. "Well, that was fun." she said with a smile. "You admire the *cough*giant*cough* area I suppose." I said with a grin. Kazeko just put on her bra when we heard a cough coming from her dresser. I conjured up a dozen cherry bomb and tossed them into the crack in the dresser. Kazeko and I backed up as they exploded, revealing Shade, who had a skirt over his head and Recardo, who were both covered with black stuff and tattered clothes. I was shocked and angry that my best friend would spy on me, especially when I was gettin' my game on! "Hey Kaze, nice rack." Recardo said, trying to drop the fact that he and Shade spied on us. I easily grabbed him by his collar and threw him out the window, making him crash through a table with different perfumes on it. Shade tried to sneak away but then I pulled him away and started to layeth the smacketh-down on his candied ass (I gotta stop listening to The Rock). I then conjured up a kendo stick and began to smack him across the back with it. Finally, I forced him up and dropped his monkey-ass with a Rock Bottom!
"Kaze, next time, we need a more private place." I said, only to see my girlfriend gone. There was a note next to the bra she was just wearing that said,

"Dear Zero,
It's Larry, you know, the guy you "killed" last year during the dance. Well, let's just say I made a deal with the devil and I'm back. This time, I've come to make Kaze-Cakes my bride! If you or any of your idiot friends interfere with this, I will kill you with the powers of Hades! Yada yada yada, kill kill kill, bye bye bye."

Your enemy and future husband of Kazeko,
Larry Dumblefork"

That bastard stole my girlfriend, looking at her rack AND making my day worse! I'm not gonna stand for that. That popcorn fart's going down!

I walked to the front yard of the school to see Recardo unconcious on the remains of a perfume stand. "Recardo!" I exclaimed as I used a healing spell on him. He staggered up as he said, "I saw Kazeko's rack." I then got angry and used a wind spell strong enough to blast him to a large oak tree, making an imprint of his back. I can't believe he saw Kazeko's boobs before mine!

I saw Zero storm out of Kazeko's dorm without a shirt and before I could ask him what happened he said, "Larry's back and he's going to make Kazeko his bride!" I was shocked, since Zero pushed Larry off a 50-foot platform onto a stone spike, which easily went right through his heart. I then said, "One, I'll help you and two, you smell like sex." He gave a look that said, shut your f*cking hole.

24th May 2004, 12:10 PM
I sighed, tonight wasn't going nicely. Nayia had gone off in a strop, Shade was somewhere upstairs, Crystal had disappeared and that guy Larry who was dead just walked past with Kazeko. Hmmm... Not good.
"Shade? You okay up there?" I yelled.
"Umm... I think so..." I heard him say from upstairs.
I looked around while Shade flew down from the hole in the wall. There she was... Alone by fountain... Staring at the stars... Perfect...
"Shade... Follow me..." I muttered, walking toward her.

That was good... I'd scared Hazuki off... I had to tell someone... Maybe i should have told someone else...
There was a rustle in the bush behind me. I got up quickly, on my guard just incase they were out to get me or something. I relaxed, it was just Shade. No, not just Shade. It was Shade. Did he know?
"Umm... Hi..." I muttered, sitting back down on the side of the fountain.
"What are you doing here?" He asked, joining me.
"Couldn't sleep... I had some stuff to think about..." Heh, that was almost true... Well, half of it was...
"Look..." We said together. I laughed.
"You first." I offered, not wanted to say what i had to say...

Gothic Animé
24th May 2004, 08:24 PM
I think Crystal had misinterpreted my hurried.....leave. Sigh.....this year wasn't turning out any better than last year....I had to set my sights on someone new, because I obviously had no chance with Crystal, she liked.....ugh. Shade. No wonder he scared me off at the restaurant. He didn't want me near her, because he liked her. And of course I had no chance, I was a nerd....sometimes I hated my life. It sucked. Putting a brain inside someone like me was like......throwing a diamond in a vat of mud. Good on the inside, but bad enough on the outside to avoid digging any deeper. Ah, well. I had what I had. Which may have ben much more than people suspected. ( ;) ) Haha.

25th May 2004, 11:58 AM
I could feel my power flowing through me. I'd never felt so much magic. It felt so good to be strong, I'd never have to listen to anyone again.
Suddenly, Nayia was kissing Recardo in front of me, laughing at me, ruining the feeling. I didn't have to take this, I could see now how weak she was. I could make sure she would never even look at Recardo again.
I tried to reach for my wand, but my hand was moving of its own accord. It pulled a spell from nowhere, pulled back, ready to throw it. I no longer felt strong, I felt weak and out of control. What was I doing?
I threw the spell.

I tried to open my eyes, but they were too heavy. I tried to cry out but my voice wouldn't come. For a moment I was too weak even to breath. I had to calm down, it was just a dream.

Please say it was just a dream.

27th May 2004, 02:26 AM
I layed back on the bed, toying the hat I got in Australia. There was a knock at the door.
"Come in!" I called. If I knew who it was, I would have said otherwise, because at that moment, Espa and some guy with white hair entered my room.
"ESPA!" I growled, pulling out my wand.
"I'm not here to pick a fight," he said, "There's something I've got to show you."
"Forget it!" I growled. The white haired kid smiled.
"I'm afraid you don't have much choice," he said, snapping his fingers. Suddenly, we were standing in the hall.
"What's all this about!?" I growled, preparing to fight. Espa pointed to a window.
"Look down there." I walked over and looked down to see Crystal and Shade standing by the fountain.
"What the...?" I asked myself.

Take it away PL!

27th May 2004, 07:01 AM
Meeee? Okay...
"No, you first..."
"No, you."
"Ladies first."
I sighed. Here i was, with the guy who i wanted to be with and i had to tell him... Fine... "Umm... Well... The thing is... I really like you... I know, you're my best friend but... It's more than that..." I smiled a little.
He smiled back. Just then, for that second, i could tell he wanted me just as much as i wanted him. I don't know if that was Recardo's influence rubbing off or something but i could tell.
He leaned over and kissed me gently. He just stood and hugged me afterwards, saying nothing, just holding me.
Something caught my eye at one of the windows. Ryu was stood at the window with a shocked expression. I watched a tear slide down his face. I had eye contact with him, he turned away and disappeared.
"Ryu... He saw... He watched from the window..." I whispered, my eyes watering. I was happy that i was with Shade but sad that i lost Ryu. "I wish i had said something..."
Shade hugged me tighter, telling me it would be ok. I looked back to the window. Espa and some other kid were stood there, Espa grinning evily at me. I hate him.
"Remind me to cause a lot of pain to Espa when i next see him..."
What a nice thing to write in your english lesson when you're meant to be writing articles ^^;

27th May 2004, 07:02 PM
*The day after C&S got together*
"Dude, what are you gonna tell Cho?" I asked. Shade was just really confused at the time. "You have to say something, since you can't get laid by both." I continued. Shade gave me a look that said, "I know." I just nodded as I said, "Well, I have to go find Larry, who is right now looking at Kazeko's ladyberries! Ladyberries man!" I stormed off, while Shade just looked confused.

I saw Nayia throwing rocks at a practice dummy with Recardo's face on it. "What's up?" I asked as I sat down. "Recardo say Kazeko's boobs." she explained. I just nodded as I said, "Don't feel bad. In relationships, the guy always sees some other girl's boobs before his girlfriends. Just look at the Paris Hilton sex video on the internet. That lucky SOB was engaged and still got his magic stick sucked on!" Nayia smiled as she quickly yanked up her shirt, showing me her (giant) breast. "Nice." I said but before I could say anything else, Nayia dragged me into her closet!

Lots of sex and boobs in this one. I'm not posting Nayia today, maybe later.

30th May 2004, 12:13 PM
Not good... Not good at all...
First lesson back: Japanese. Our teacher has a seating plan for our class... Since the first year i've been sat with Ryu... He wouldn't even talk to me in a different language! I could understand. I mean, i'd be mad at myself if i'd just snogged my best friend infront of myself. Did that even make sence?
After the lesson, Ryu stormed out by himself, not giving me a chance to say anything. I had so much i needed to say...
I went back upto my room and dumped my stuff on my bed.
"What happened?"
"I had to put up with the silent treatment all lesson. People asking why he wasn't talking to me. Stuff like that..." I sighed and sat down next to Shade. "You told Cho yet?"
"Does Zero count?"

Me= lazy...

1st June 2004, 02:49 AM
“I’m sorry you had to see that Ryu,” I said as Ryu walked past. To be honest, after Ryu broke down and cried after he found out about Crystal, Kane and I had been feeling a bit guilty about it.
“We just wanted to show you what kind of person Crystal really is,” Kane said.
“Yeah,” Ryu replied, “I know.” He then suddenly spun around and punched the wall.
“But why!?” He cried, tears forming in his eyes, “I ever did anything to hurt her. WHY!?” Kane walked up to him and patted him on the back.
“Listen,” he said, “We’ll head back to Espa’s tower and we can then think of a plan to revenge on them both.” Ryu wiped the tears away.
“Yes,” he said, “revenge.” A faint smile spread on my face as I teleported us to my tower.

1st June 2004, 02:34 PM
"You've got to tell her soon... Or i will... I think she'd rather hear it from you than me..." I muttered.
"That's true..."
"Look, i'll see you later... I've got something to sort out..." I kissed him before leaving the room.
This was what i wanted, right?
I had to talk to Ryu. I just had to say it wasn't anything he did. He did everything right... It was me who was wrong...
I went upto his dorm and knocked on the door. No reply. I tried again. Nothing.
"Ryu, i know you're in there." I called. Still nothing.
I pushed the door open. I was wrong again, he wasn't there. I grabbed a pen and some paper and began scribbling what i wanted to have said face to face.
I had almost finished writing when an idea hit me. I knew exactly where he was. The tower. Espa's tower. If i know Espa as well as i think i do, then he'll be plotting revenge. Most likely with Ryu. What have i done?
I was about to run up to the tower when i thought of a quicker way. I teleported up there. I landed right between the 3 of them having a nice little chat.
I had no plan of action but one thing came to mind. I slapped Espa. "I hate you SO much right now."
Ryu said nothing. He glared. The other guy, dunno his name, went to grab me or something. I showed him what a niiice lightning bolt from my wand was like.
"I'm sorry, Ryu... It was me, not you. You've done nothing wrong. I-"
I got hit in the back of the head by something and passed out.

2nd June 2004, 02:51 AM
I looked down at Crystal as she slumped, unconciously to the floor. Espa panted as he dropped the plank of wood on the ground.
"Who'd have thought that a piece of wood would be so heavy?" he panted. Kane was rubbing his hand.
"That bolt really hurt," he snarled, "I could just..."
"Hold on," I said, stopping him from doing anything.
"What do you think we should do with her?" Espa asked, a wicked smile spreading on his face.
"Kane," I said, "You said before that you were a necromancer right?" He nodded. Now it was my turn to smile.
"Well, I believe that there are a few friends of yours who would like to meet you." Kane smiled.
"There's a graveyard a few blocks away. Let's have some fun."

5th June 2004, 08:42 PM
I hate the end of the year... ~_~
Choriko Yamika
"Oiii.... Why am I so tired....?" I mumbled, sitting on the edge of my bed. Tsuki must've sensed my ickyness (OOC: Is that even a word?) because she jumped up in my lap. I pet her for a while. After a few minutes, I moved Tsuki, pulled on my shoes, and went for a quick walk.

As I passed by one of the windows, I noticed something that made everything that had happened in my years at Seiruun seem like nothing. I immediately kicked through the window and flew outside.

"WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?!" I screamed at Shade, interrupting his kiss with Crystal.

"Th-this isn't what it looks like..." he stuttered, turning beet red.

"I'm not stupid, Shade! Of course this is what it looks like!" I yelled.

"But Cho..."

"But nothing, Shade! You're basically throwing everything we had out the window. Everything that happened since I came here meant nothing to you. I meant nothing to you. The fact I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you... meant... nothing..." I said, yelling towards the beginning, but bursting into tears a few short moments later.

"Cho, I love you, I always will..." He said quietly, reaching over to hug me.

I cast a fireball on him. "I don't believe you!" I screamed, slapping him hard across the face before flying back to my dorm, flopping down on my bed, and sobbing like there was no tomorrow.

The next morning...
"Beep...beep...beep...bee-" I reached over, turned off my alarm clock, rolled over, and climbed out of bed. My eyes were way too red and too sore to really go anywhere... I grabbed the phone and called the main office to tell them I wouldn't be in today, noticing that my voice was still quite shaky. I glanced over at my dresser, which held a framed picture of me and Shade standing together, looking as happy as could be. I walked over to my dresser, grabbed the picture, and cast a fireball on it, causing it to burn to a tiny pile of ashes in my hand.

"I can't believe he'd do something like that to me..." I said quietly to myself, sitting at the foot of my bed. "Everything we went through... Everything we did... It meant nothing... Why...?" I choked out, my eyes beginning to water again. I curled up in a tiny ball under my blanket and fell back asleep. The world could wait for a while, I needed some time alone...

Gothic Animé
5th June 2004, 11:32 PM

I was awoken by some beeping across the room. It was Cho's alarm clock. I heard her get on the phone, but I couldn't hear what she was saying. I was still half asleep. Oh God, I was tired. I went back to sleep.

*Some time later*

I felt an open window. The breeze felt good. I sat up in bed and rubbed my eyes. 9:00, the clock said. Oh crap! I was supposed to be at my first class in 10 minutes!

I rushed to get ready and ran out the door. I said bye to Cho (Sakura was gone). She mumbled something like "mmphrrg" and I figured it was "see you later."

*after first class*

First class was over. I went back to the dorm. Cho was there, but she was up studying. I walked over. "Hey, Cho." I said. "You look really....groggy."

"Bad night." she said. Hm, so was mine. Sitting across from Cho, I felt really good. I mean, she was my friend, but today it felt really good. I just sat and watched her study. Suddenly she looked up.

"Did you want to talk about something?" she asked.

"Uhh, no I'm okay." I said. I got up and went back to my bed to study.


6th June 2004, 12:48 PM
Time to get Naiya out of that closet...
After a long morning of classes i headed up to my room to check on Naiya, as she didn't turn up for any of the lessons. She hadn't talked to me since yesterday. What had I done wrong?
I opened my door. Oh, so this is where she'd been. She was in MY bed with Tombo all over her like... like a little kid clinging to his mother.
"Oh, so I'm not good enough for you, Naiya. So you go for the next best thing, eh? No life in me?"
She stared at me, horrified at my sudden rage. Only a few people had seen me as upset and angry at the same time. I grabbed my bag, which i hadn't unpacked yet, and stormed out the room, slamming the door behind me.
I wanted to storm off somewhere away from everybody but i found myself right next door. Good old Zero, Crystal and Shade; they always left their door unlocked.
"Mind if i stay here for a bit?" I asked Shade, trying to hold back tears. Shade nodded, i dumped my bag on Crystal's bed and sat down, holding my head in my hands.

8th June 2004, 01:07 AM
I could see tears coming from Recardo's eyes. "Let me guess Riccy-boy. Tombo was banging up your girl real nice on your bed?" Recardo nodded. "You broke up with her and now she's still probably sucking Tombo's magic stick?" Recardo nodded again. "Damn! This has Nayia/Tombo sex tape written all over it. I'm out!" I said as I got my video camera and ran off.

Nayia was still sucking my stick, probably trying to suck away her sorrows and I can't blame her. I've caused break-ups before. I just stroked her hair back and thanked god Aurora wasn't around to see this.

Tombo stroked my hair as I continued to suck his beef jerky stick. I stopped as I said, "I can't believe I let you do me." Tombo gave me a look, "No my slutty little friend, you did me." He then gave me a smile and said, "Well, I'm still horny." I smiled even bigger and we started doing it again but I had the strangest feeling we were being watched.

8th June 2004, 09:07 PM
Enough sex scenes? :what:
Choriko Yamika
After I finally decided to crawl out of my little hole of depression, I decided now would be a good time to study, considering I hadn't done much magic lately. I pulled out a spell book, opened it, and began reading, practicing spells every so often. A while later, Hazuki walked into the dorm and over to where I sat.

"Hey, Cho." he said. "You look really....groggy."

"Bad night." I said simply, pushing some stuff out of the way, giving him room to sit down.

"Bad? How so?" he asked, sitting down across from me.

"I caught Shade kissing Crystal outside..." I whispered, not really wanting to say it in fear of bursting into tears again.

He gave me a sympathetic look. “I’m so sorry, Cho...” he said quietly.

“It’s alright, Hazuki... I’m used to losing the people I love...” I replied, which was obviously a bad idea, because within a few minutes, tears were forming in my eyes. I got up and ran out into the hallway, flopping down against the wall, burying my face in my hands, and beginning to cry uncontrollably. “Why, Shade...?” I whispered to no one, “Why? You meant everything to me... I never wanted to lose you....” Within a few moments, Asa had appeared in front of me.

“Hey Cho.... I heard about what Shade did...” she said.

“But it’s not fair!” I screamed to the ghost, tears continuing to pour down my face. “He meant everything to me... I loved him with all my heart... More importantly, what about Midnight?”

“Midnight?” Asa said, obviously puzzled.

“Oh yeah.... You died just before she was born, I forgot...” I replied, remembering my daughter, who was back home with the maids.

Asa gave me a death stare. “You mean you’re 17 years old and you have a kid?”

I nodded, sort of ashamed about it. Sure, I love her to death, but she’s still Shade’s kid too, and he never even met her...

“I gotta go, Cho. I’ll talk to you later...” Asa said, beginning to fade.

“Bye sis, I love you...” I replied, attempting to smile through my tears.

Within about 10 minutes, I had found my way back into my dorm and walked over to the window. I opened it and began climbing out.

“Wait!” Hazuki said, “Where are you going?”

“Back home for a little while. There’s someone I’d like you to meet...” I responded with a slight smile, hopping out of the window and flying towards home.

8th June 2004, 10:09 PM
We sat around the graveyard, waiting for Crystal to wake up. She was laying in the middle of the path, Kane was standing a few metres away, his necromancer's scythe in his hand. Ryu was perched on a memorial, glaring at Crystal with contempt, and I was sitting on a tombstone. I thought Id read some people's minds while we were waiting. I chose Shade.
It seems that Larry's returned from the dead. I must get in contact with him later. And Nyria's cheating on Recardo? This is perfect! Every one of my enemies' lives are being ruined, Larry's back and Ryu's on our side. And I didn't have to do squat! My dream has come true!!
I wanted to scream Hallelujiah at the top of my lungs, but decided to keep quiet.
"She's waking up!" Kane said.

9th June 2004, 03:43 AM
Yukit: You can never have too many sex scenes, I mean look at Paris Hilton. She got banged up for 45 minutes and no one ever complained.

I got all the footage I needed as I walked away with a grin. A half hour of love making. Eat you heart out Paris Hilton! I headed to the courtyard to see Ryu, Espa and some weird dude stalking Crystal. "Ryu! What are you doing with these jackasses?" Ryu didn't say a thing as he hurled a fireball my way but missed as I headed over, only to fall unconcious and hear a voice say, "I have Kaze-Cakes..." Damn Larry.....

*Zero's unconcious in the courtyard*

Gothic Animé
9th June 2004, 01:23 PM
'wait!' i said. 'where are you going?'
"back home for a little while. there's someone i'd like you to meet..." replied cho. so she hopped out the window and flew off. i decided to follow her. i wonder who she wanted me to meet? ah well. it would be cool to fly with cho. i got my broom, mounted, and took off out the window after her...

(sorry, i know it's really short. ^^; but i couldn't think of anything.)

9th June 2004, 10:55 PM
Uh Zero, Ryu, Espa, Kane and Crystal are in a graveyard, not the courtyard.

I looked over at Zero, who was now unconcious.
"What should we do to him?" Espa asked.
"Ignore him," I replied, "He wont be interfering."
"Ryu," said Crystal weakly. I glared at her.
"Kane," I said, "Show Crystal who I feel, necromancer style!" Kane lifted his arms into the air and skeletons began rising from their graves. I turned and began to walk away.
"Where are you going?" Espa asked.
"I've got something to do," I replied, "I'll be right back." I teleported in front of shade's room and using my magic, conjured up a letter (in Espa's handwriting of course) and slid it under the door.
This will bring him running to us.
I teleported back to the graveyard. The skeletons were already surrounding Crystal.
"Where were you?" Kane asked, "It's almost time to start the show."
"Just tying up some loose ends."
Now. All I have to do is wait.

12th June 2004, 10:23 AM
Sorry i didn't reply sooner, i was in France ^^;
I watched the skeletons get closer and closer. I stood up slowly, I wasn't going without a fight. I reached into my pocket and pulled out my wand. It was the only thing they forgot about.
The skeletons stopped, watching the tip of my wand carefully.
"Move one step closer and i'll send you right back where you came from." I yelled, gripping my wand tighter.
One stepped forward, i was about to give him a permanent home in his coffin when i realised who it was.
"Recardo? But... You're al-"
One of the skeletons from behind kicked my back causing me to stumble. I turned and gave him a fireball to play with. I watched in horror as it just absorbed it. Black magic wasn't my strong point but that should have worked.
The Recardo skeleton approached me. I couldn't attack it, i didn't want to. It held out a sword, placed it in my hand and crumbled into ashes. The sword glowed blue as i held it. I stabbed the skeleton that had kicked me. It turned to ashes instantly.
"What? That wasn't supposed to happen!" Yelled Kane, looking at the others.
"I like this sword. It's hack 'n slash time, my style. Lord of the Rings style got old." I said before taking the heads off atleast three of the skeletons.
I took a quick look around before the skeletons decided to try and kill me. I noticed Zero laying on the ground surrounded by skeletons. He was just waking up.
"Zero! Watch out!" I yelled before being knocked over by one of the undead.
Kane, Espa and Ryu decided to join in with the "lets all kill Crystal" thing. Kane came at me with his scythe. I blocked his scythe with my sword before freezing his feet to the floor. Espa came towards me but got knocked over by Zero, who was attempting to walk backwards and kill the skeletons at the same time.
I had the strangest feeling that someone was behind me. I turned around, bring the sword down at the same time. I stopped in mid air as i saw who i was about to hit. Ryu had his wand to my throat. I made the mistake of dropping the sword, which disappeared.
"Go on then. Do it. Get rid of me forever and try and forget everything. You'll never forgive yourself. I'll never forgive myself. You gave me the best 3 years of my life and i ruined it. Part of me still loves you, and i always will." I said honestly.
He stood there, tears in his eyes and his wand still pointing at me.
"What are you waiting for, Ryu? KILL HER!" Yelled Espa and Kane.

Don't kill her, Ryu! Don't do it! ><

12th June 2004, 10:50 AM
Choriko Yamika
I flew effortlessly through the air, feeling the cool breeze flowing through my hair. Suddenly, from behind me, I heard a faint voice calling my name. I stopped mid-air and turned around.

"Hazuki! What're you doing here?!" I exclaimed.

"You said there was someone you wanted me to meet and I couldn't wait." he replied sheepishly, his cheeks beginning to turn red, "so I decided to follow you...."

I smiled at him. "You probably won't believe me, but I'm going back to my house to get my.... daughter..." I said quietly.

Hazuki flew back about 20 feet in shock. "D..d...daughter?! Cho, you're only 17!" he cried.

"I know, I know..." I sighed. "But I really loved Shade.... and he spent some time in my dorm last year.... One thing led to another.... and.... Yeah, now I have a daughter..."

Hazuki shook his head at me. “Cho, Cho, Cho.... What are we gonna do with you?”

I glared at him. “I’m older than you, you dork!” I yelled, tackling him in mid-air.

He smiled up at me. “Getting a head start on your next kid, ne, Choriko?”

I quickly got off of him. “No!” I yelled, feeling the blood rush to my face. I gave a little sigh. “C’mon, we have to go if we want to make it there anytime soon...” I said, taking off again.

~*~ Later... ~*~

“Woah...” Hazuki said in amazement, looking up at my house, which make the school seem tiny. “This is your house?”

I gave him a blank look. “Of course it is, why would I take you to someone else’s house? Besides, what’s more amazing is that I’m alone when I’m here except for my maids, butlers, and my daughter...” I trailed off.

“But what about your parents? Don’t you have any brothers or sisters?” He asked.

“My dad died my first year, my mom died after my second year, and my sister died over the summer...” I replied quietly, not wanting to start crying again.

“Wow, Cho... I don’t think I’d be able to live if I lost my entire family within a span of 3 years...” he said sympathetically to me, giving me a light kiss on the cheek, which didn’t help the amount of blood in my cheeks. I quickly recomposed myself and said “Come on, I’ll let you meet all of my maids...” before Hazuki and I flew into the house.

~*~ Inside Cho’s House ~*~

“Well, hello, Miss Yamika...” one of my maids greeted me, giving a slight bow as I entered.

“Hello, Aiseki.” I replied, bowing to her as well.

Aiseki glanced over to Hazuki. “Well, who might this be?” she asked.

“Oh, this is my... friend, Hazuki.” I answered. “Where do you have Midnight?”

“She’s in your bedroom, Miss Yamika.” Aiseki responded, gesturing towards a large spiral staircase.

“Thanks, Aiseki! C’mon, Hazuki!” I said, grabbing his hand and dragging him up the stairs to my room.

~*~ Cho’s Room ~*~

When I finally arrived at my room, I realized it had been turned into a makeshift nursery, except my bed was still there. I ran over to the white crib that sat in the corner, covered with a lacy pink canopy.

“Hey Midnight!” I said quietly, picking her up out of the crib, cradling her in my arms, and walking over to Hazuki. “Hazuki, this is my daughter, Midnight Azura Yamika...” I said with a smile.
Take it away, Hazuki!

Gothic Animé
12th June 2004, 11:52 AM
i looked at the baby in choriko's arms. it looked so much like her...still, though, it was hard to believe that she had a kid. i looked up at choriko. she was staring at the baby, and had tears in her eyes. i could tell how much she loved her.

'are you okay, cho?' i asked, feeling kind of awkward. my face still felt kind of hot. "it's just...so many things." she said. "seeing midnight again reminds me of shade, and all the memories i have of him...it makes me happy, and sad at the same time. i still can't believe he did this to me..." her voice trailed off, and she looked away. i didn't know what to say. but then she said, "would you like to hold her?"

"uh...sure, i guess so." i said. "but i've never held a baby before..." "just make sure you hold her head up," she said. i took the baby. for a second i was a little off balance, and i swayed a bit. cho looked like she was about to die. but i regained my balance, and walked over to cho's bed. i sat down, rocking the baby and looking up at cho. the maid walked in and asked cho if she needed anything. cho shook her head, and the maid went back out of the room and closed the door. this whole day was so amazing...

(good enough?)

14th June 2004, 03:42 PM
I lay on my bed, grinning madly. Naiya had split up with Recardo! Yes!
In my current mood, I almost felt like I had made it happen - my magic had been so much stronger recently. I decided to go and find Recardo.

I walked through the empty corridors, thinking. It was wierd that everyone was falling out recently, I didn't have a clue why that was. Someone was always screaming at someone, or cursing them. Whenever I left my room, the yells almost deafened me.
But not now.
Come to think of it, there wasn't a sound in the school. It seemed completely empty.

I leaned against a wall, dizzy with panic. Where were they all? The skeletons from my dreams lurked in the back of my mind.

I sat down and waited for a sound... anything.

14th June 2004, 06:42 PM
"AW, F*CK!" I yelled as Ryu held his wand to Crystal's throat. I would have done something but that worm Espa had his guard dog Kane hold be back while Espa hit some cheap shots. I really didn't feel anything but it was really annoying to have a worm half my size punch me. I simply grinned as I rammed my heel into Kane's groin, which caused him to release me so he could hold what was left of his manhood. I grinned evilly at Espa as he began to run but I grabbed the back of his collar and threw him down. I then started stomping a mudhole in his chest. I could hear Kane and some skeletons run toward me from behind but I blasted them away with a Spirit Gun. I kicked Espa in the nuts a few times and threw him into Ryu as I began stomping away at Ryu's face. Crystal surprisingly pulled me away but out of anger, I pushed her away and continued punishing Ryu and Espa. I snapped Ryu's wand and was about to blast him in his bloody face with a Spirit Gun but I suddenly fell over. I felt an extremely painful burning in my back as I saw Crystal's steaming wand aimed at my back. I collasped from the burning but I could hear the skeletons and Kane surrounding me.

Nayia and I just finished doing the do when I saw Firenze heading into his room. I followed him to say hi but he seemed to be in shock. I just shrugged as I went to check on Nayia, but she wasn't there. I bet she went off to see Recardo. She really loved him and she threw that away just because Recardo saw Kazeko's boobs. I then decided to see Recardo to try and set things straight between him and Nayia. I saw him in Shade's dorm and I then asked to speak with Recardo alone. Shade left and I sat down near Recardo, who obviously didn't want anything to do with me or Nayia. "Listen dude, you have to forgive Nayia." I said. "Why should I!? You were having sex with her!"
He shot back. "She was angry with you dude. If you had never spied on Zero and Kazeko, you two would still be together. I checked on her since she was upset and then it happened!" I retorted. Recardo was quiet at the time and I then continued, "You seeing Kaz's boobs is just like you doing her to Nayia, it's all the same and it upsets her because she loves you, alot. I just wish I could know what it's like to be loved that much. You think about it and then you go talk with Nayia. My work is done." I teleported off as Recardo still remained silent.

I'll post Nayia after she gets her response from Recardo.

15th June 2004, 08:04 AM
Firenze is a girl, RD. I should know, she's sat right next to me right now :P
"The only things that die today are the skeletons and they're partly dead already." I told Zero, giving what i thought was a good reason for hurting him.
Espa sent some kind of spell at me. I blocked it and sent a binding spell at him so he would cause no harm. He struggled as a tree held him in place.
I watched Kane and some skeletons as they began to stomp, kick and generally beat up Zero. I grabbed Kane with the same binding spell as i had used on Espa and laughed as he too was bound to the tree.
"This is so not funny!" Espa yelled at me.
"You'll pay for this!" Kane yelled as he tried to break free.
I grabbed Kane's scyth that he had left lying around. "How do i use this thing?"
Kane said nothing. I grinned. I now had a chance to test out that truth spell.
Wait, no need to. The skeletons stopped and turned to me. "I guess the one who has this thing controls them. Good good. Right you lot, get back to where you came from. Back to your coffins for you."
They wondered back slowly. I put one end of the scyth to the ground and kicked it, causing it to snap.
Sorry, i'll post Recardo later. Lesson time ><

15th June 2004, 04:46 PM
PL: Oh cause if Firenze was happy about Recardo & Nayia breaking up (for now I guess), I thought she was a homo. :D

16th June 2004, 03:20 AM
I looked up at Crystal. I couldn't believe she saved me. And after all I did for her. I had a black eye, my nose was bleeding and my face was covered in bruises.
"You saved me," I said slowly. Crystal knelt down beside me and hugged me.
"I'm so sorry," she said, tears were running down her face, "can you ever forgive me?" Tears formed in my eyes.
"I should ask you the same thing," I replied.
"Alright then," she said, "I'll forgive you if you forgive me."
"Agreed." I looked over at Kane and Espa.
"What about them?" Crystal asked.
"Leave them," I replied.
"And Zero?" I rubbed my eye.
"Leave him too. He really hurt me." Crystal giggled.
"Do you want me to kiss it and make it better?" she joked. I laughed, only to grabbed my sides and groan in pain.
"Are you okay?" Crystal asked. I smile.
"Of course," I replied, "It only hurts when I breath."

Uh...does this mean that Crystal and Ryu are back together?

16th June 2004, 04:45 PM
Oh leave the unconcious guy!

Tyler and Hobbes
16th June 2004, 05:56 PM
You people post so freaking fast ^^

Anyway, since this is the last year I though we'd say what we think about the cast, what you liked what you didn't like, stuff like that.

Cast Review Form:

First thoughts: When you first saw the character, what was your impression?
If you knew: What do you think it would be like if the car was one of your friends?
Likes: What do you like about the character?
Dislikes: What do you not like about the character?
Deadly Sin: What Deadly Sin defines the character best?

The next person that posts states what they think and then states a new character for the next person to define.

Next character: Larry Dumbelfork

I slowly stepped out of my own dorm, deliberately leaving a crack open so I could....
Boy, that was weird. It almost seemed like.....
but that hadn't happened in....
Yes, she was in trouble. My ears perked up a bit, as if waiting to hear a loud scream. All I heard was the crinkling of some sort of paper I had stepped on. In a flash I had disappeared, leaving only the ripped paper under my foot.
************************************************** ******
I landed at the stump of a twisted old tree, ready for any kind of principality or power. I quickly searched the...graveyard, but I didn't have to do too much searching. I heard a loud grunt, some thrusts, (of a sword you perv. XD) and a loud wisp. The area around me seemed to be the average "we meet bad guys, we kick their asses" scene. Espa, some white haired boy who couldn't have been much older then Recardo, and Larry stood tied to a tree, while Zero was sprawled unceremoniously on the ground. All of them were unconscious. Ryu and Crystal were hugging tightly, kissing now and again. It seemed a large lump had entered my throat and a knife had entered my chest.
"Nice..." I said, partly to myself but loud enough for them to hear. "You guys knocked out all of them by yourselves?" I questioned casually, acting as if nothing was happening; as if they weren't embracing. The both stood silent...staring at me through the unforgiving night.
"I would have left them as burnt bodies, but your way is good too..." I forced myself to give a grin, something not easy in itself, even less so when you're on the verge of tears.
"I guess I better get this one home." With that, I flung Zero on my back, and returned to the tower. The Seiruun Dragon Tower. Where I had kept Lupus.

17th June 2004, 03:02 PM
"I'm such a dumbass..." I muttered, helping Ryu up and beginning to walk. He winced in pain. Teleporting would be easier. So much easier. I teleported us to his room as I was very likely to run into Shade if i went back to my room. First i'd broken Ryu's heart, then i'd broken Shade's and mended Ryu's. Some great friend i was. Shade would hate me forever now.
No matter what he'd done to me in the past, i'd always forgiven him. It was our last year, i didn't want us to leave having been spiteful toward eachother.
This sucked. Badly.
Normally i'd have some stisfaction after beating the crap out of the bad guys. Not today... Although the fact that Recardo's skeleton gave me the sword puzzeled me.
Ryu could obviously see i was deep in thought. "What's going through your mind?"
"Everything... Everything at once... Everything is going too fast and i want it to slow down..."

I was confused. Of course i wanted Naiya back, but after i'd yelled at her i didn't think i could not yell at her again. I knew what i had to do. I'd talk to her in the morning once i'd had time to calm down.
Something told me that something had happened that i didn't know about. I sighed and fell asleep on Crystal's bed.

First thoughts: A jerk. A complete and utter jerk. Head master's pet.
If you knew: Really, really weird. I'd probably yell at him a lot lol...
Likes: Umm... The fact that he always comes back.
Dislikes: Trying to steal Kazeko. That's mean. He should get his own girl!
Deadly Sin: Jealousy.
Next character: Tombo ^^

18th June 2004, 10:45 PM
Kane and me had finally escaped from Crystal’s binding spell. I was leaning against a memorial while Kane was mourning over his broken. He kept saying things like, ‘I’ll get them for this’ and ‘my poor scythe’. I was just in a bad mood.
“Craw!” I looked over to see a raven sitting on a tombstone.
“Get lost you buzzard!” I growled, swinging at the bird. The raven flew over my head. That’s when I saw it. A gold talisman in its talons. It had a purple gem in the centre. I recognised it instantly.
It can’t be!
The gem gave off a dark light and a dark figure appeared before us.
“Master!” Kane and I said, kneeling down in front of him. We could tell it was just a projection, but we were still careful.
“It seems that you two failed to defeat them,” the master said. His voice sounding soothing, yet threatening.
“But master!” Kane said, “It wasn’t our fault!”
“Silence!” Kane backed off.
“I’ve given you two simple instructions. To find that crystal, and you two get beaten by a couple of sorcerers in training.”
“We won’t fail you again!” I said, “I promise.”
“You’d better not. Or I’ll send Jinzo down there to do it for me.” Kane and I winced. Jinzo was a very dangerous individual.
“We won’t fail you.” I repeated as the projection vanished. We got to our feet and looked at each other.
“Time to get to work.”

First thoughts: not a bad guy, but can be a but idiotic at times.
If you knew: not that bad, just keep your girls away from him.
Likes: uh...I really don't know
Dislikes: that he stole Recardo's girlfriend (you shouldn't steal your friend's grilfriend you prick!).
Deadly Sin: this could take a while.
Next Character: Pandora:

19th June 2004, 06:43 PM
First Thoughts: Yu-Gi-Oh! ripoff
If You Knew: Probably have him do magic tricks :D
Likes: Don't Know
Dislikes: Nothing really
Deadly Sin: Being a Yu-Gi-Oh! ripoff
Next Character: Zero

I woke up in the tower on the floor. I saw Kane and Espa being scolded by some dude they called Master and a weirdo named Jinzo outside the window. I then remembered about Kazeko, who had been taken away by Larry after sex! I teleported away from the area to a strange little house a few miles away from the school. I could sense Larry, who had easily increased in magical mightyness (I think that's a word). I entered the house to see him making out with Kazeko, who was obviously drunk or put under a spell. "Larry Jackass, we meet again." I said with a grin. He stopped kissing Kaz when he heard my voice. "Oh hello Zero. Just making out with MY girlfriend." he said. "You used a spell on her didn't you?" I asked plainly, not wanting to take any of his crap. He nodded as he pulled out a pistol and aimed at Kazeko's head. "Do what I want or she's history" he threatened. "You assclown, you always have to ruin my day." I said as I easily threw the gun away with my mind and shot a spell at his nuts with a grin. "You now have a vaginus." I said with a hick-like accent. He looked down in horror to see his twin's playpen gone! I shot him in the face with a Spirit Gun and teleported away with Kazeko. We got back to my dorm and as soon as we landed the trance seemed to end and Kazeko was back to normal. "To reward you for saving me, let's do it!" Kazeko urged. "Let's make a baby!" I screamed happily as I jumped on her.

Aurora came over and I told her about doing it with Nayia, twice. She understood since we weren't officialy dating, we just made out occasionally. "Recardo will forgive Nayia and you, Tom. I will to, after WE do it." Aurora smiled. I wanted to get laid for a third time but knew it wouldn't be right, yet. "You know I want to, but I just really tired. Let's do it tommorow." I suggested. Aurora nodded as she kissed me and teleported away. "Why couldn't I keep my big mouth shut?" I asked myself as I headed to the canteen.

I'll post Nayia once she gets her response.

19th June 2004, 11:56 PM
First thoughts: Nice guy, mischievous at times
If you knew: I’d probably tell him to quit being a dumbass a lot... ^_^; But he’d be a good friend, other than that...
Likes: Good person all around
Dislikes: Nothing, really...
Deadly Sin: Jealousy
Next Character: Choriko ^_^

Choriko Yamika
After a while, I gave a little sigh, got up, and put Midnight back in her crib. I watched her sleep for a while before walking back over to my bed and sitting down next to Hazuki. ‘Should I tell him?’ I thought, ‘or would that ruin our friendship?’

Hazuki sensed something was bugging me. “What’s on your mind, Cho? Something seems to be bugging you...” he asked.

“Nothing...” I replied, my cheeks turning red again. I quickly changed the subject. “I wish I could take Midnight back to Seiruun with me...” I sighed.

“Well, why don’t you talk to the headmaster, he might let you...” Hazuki suggested.

“Or I can say that my house got destroyed and that I have no relatives for her to stay with...” I said.

“That’s a plan... But Cho, we have to get back to school... C’mon...” Hazuki replied.

“Yeah... I know... C’mon, I’ll teleport us back to Seiruun...” I said, casting a teleportation spell, transporting myself, Hazuki, Midnight, and all of Midnight’s stuff back to my dorm.

Gothic Animé
20th June 2004, 12:19 AM
review: choriko yamika
first thoughts: lonely and depressed girl, but nice enough
if you knew: i'd tell her she rocks
likes: good heart, caring
dislikes: n/a
deadly sin: er...lust?
next character: hazuki


cho had just transported myself, midnight, and her back to our dorm. i wondered what the headmaster would think of her having midnight stay...hopefully he would be okay with it.

there was something i wanted to tell cho, but i was wondering if she would feel the same way...i decided for once in my life not to be a chicken. 'hey um..cho? could i tell you something?' she put midnight in her crib and turned to me. 'sure, what is it?' i'm sure my cheeks had turned crimson by now. 'well you see...' my voice trailed off. i turned away, swallowed the lump in my throat, and attempted it again. 'you see, i sort of, well really actually, like you a lot.' i said it all really fast. i put my head in my hands to cover my face. i was blushing so bad, i could feel it...

<ooc> have fun kim! :D </ooc>

20th June 2004, 02:42 PM
review: Hazuki
first thoughts: Woah... He has a crush on Crystal... Fun ^^
if you knew: I'd probably talk to him about anything...
likes: That you can trust him. That he listens.
dislikes: dunno...
deadly sin: Err...
next character: Crystal (mooha XD)

I woke up suddenly, getting the idea that Naiya had got off with someone again. No, she wouldn't... Would she?
I got up and tip toed across the room. I found that i didn't need to. Crystal wasn't back, Shade wasn't back and neither was Zero. Something had happened...
I went next door and found Naiya fast asleep. She looked so gorgeous there, fast asleep as she should be. I went over, kissed her on the cheek and left.
Now to find everybody.
It was pretty obvious where Zero would be. Looking for Kazeko. No, wait. He had found her. You could tell from the sounds from next door.
I shuddered at the thought. Right. Moving on...
I used a tracking spell to find Crystal. I landed outside Ryu's dorm. She had got back together with him. So Shade must be alone somewhere... Heart broken...
The tower. The dragon tower.
I teleported up there. I opened the door and was glomped by a George look a like. Lupus, Shade's dragon.
As for Shade himself, he was stood gazing at the stars. I was probably the last person he wanted to see. I was the one who got them together after all...
"Don't blame her, blame me..." I said, startling him

22nd June 2004, 03:06 AM
I could see that Crystal was having problems. To be honest, a part of me was still a bit mad at Crystal, but most of my anger had subsided. I had to think of something to take our minds off of this.
“Hey Crystal,” I said, “do you remember our first date?” Crystal looked at me.
“Yeah,” she replied.
“Remember how Shade, Kalad and Sakura were spying on us, and then Pandora helped us get revenge?” Crystal then laughed.
“Of course I do. It always makes me laugh when I think about it. Now it was my turn to laugh. Crystal looked into my eyes.
“Thanks Ryu,” she said, “That really cheered me up.” I smiled.
“Anything for you,” I said, kissing her on the cheek.
“Hey Ryu. Where do you think Pandora is now?” Suddenly, there was a loud bang and there was a puff of smoke.
“Why, right here of course!” came a familiar voice.
“Pandora!?” Crystal and I cried in unison.

We all knew he was going to make an appearance sooner or later.

Review: Crystal
First thoughts: that's one fine girl!
If I knew: I'd probably love her as much as Ryu
Likes: nice girl, forgiving, quick to apologies.
Dislikes: I really don't know
Deadly Sin:...
Next Character: Ryu

22nd June 2004, 11:28 PM
« Choriko Yamika »
“Hey um... Cho? Could I tell you something?” I heard Hazuki say.

“Sure, what is it?” I replied. I noticed his cheeks turn really red.

“Well, you see...” he trailed off, then turned away.

“What is it, Hazuki?” I asked.

“You see, I sort of, well really actually, like you a lot.” He said hurriedly, burying his head in his hands to hide his face.

I looked at him, kind of shocked. “Well... I like you too...” I said, blushing slightly, but still managing a slight smile. I walked over to him and gave him a light kiss on the cheek, causing him to turn an even brighter shade of red. “When I broke up with Shade, I was a total wreck... But you helped me out a lot...” I whispered into his ear, since I was already close to him. I sat down next to him and rested my head on his shoulder, closing my eyes slowly. Just then, Asa appeared in front of me.

“Cho! What the heck are you doing?!” she screamed telepathically at me.

“I told you I broke up with Shade! This is my new boyfriend, Hazuki!” I shot back.

She gave a frustrated sigh. “Fine, I’ll leave you two lovebirds alone...” she said, then disappeared.

Suddenly, a thought entered my mind. ‘Uh... no?’ I thought, shaking the thought out of my head. “I’m going down to the pool, wanna come with?” I asked, walking to the bathroom to change.
Review: Ryu
First thoughts: Total flirt
If I knew: I'd probably be dragging him away from girls ala Misty...
Likes: uh...
Dislikes: too much of a flirt
Deadly Sin: *shrug*
Next Character: Shade

Gothic Animé
22nd June 2004, 11:55 PM

> the dorm <

still blushing, i felt sure cho was going to reject me. but what she said next was the complete opposite of what i thought. "well...i like you too..." she said, and went and kissed me on the cheek. i turned even redder. she sat down next to me.

she asked if i wanted to go to the pool with her. 'sure, that would be great.' i replied, as she walked to the bathroom to get changed. i decided to just get changed over by my bed while she was in there. oh god, i hope she doesn't come out here...i thought to myself. but she didn't. of course, girls usually take longer to change anyway. so after i was done, i waited for her, and we went downstairs.

> the pool <

heading through the glass doors into the pool area, i set down my towel took my shirt off to get into the pool. i silently cursed myself for being so skinny, not well built like some of my friends. heading off for the deep end, i dove in, letting the cool water envelop my body. it felt so good. when i surfaced, my hair was completely covering my eyes. as i brushed it aside though, i felt water splash into my face, and shaking my head, i opened my eyes to see cho smiling back at me. i dove under, and tackled her legs. she went under screaming. i laughed, almost choking on the water. then, swimming away, i saw cho chasing me, smiling a devilish smile...

26th June 2004, 01:58 PM
Kazeko and I just finished so she went home after she got re-dressed. I wonder where everyone was. Ryu was probably making out with Crystal somewhere, Recardo was talking with Shade, Cho & Hazuki were at the pool so I decided to go there after getting dressed again. I saw Cho chasing Hazuki so I decided to interupt their little game. "CANNONBALL!" I yelled as I teleported over the pool and dropped, causing a huge wave to come up. Hazuki & Cho were shocked to see me and probably a bit angry or embarrased. "Did I interrupt you two lovebirds?" I asked with a grin. Cho got angry and began throwing water at me. "Don't be hatin'!" I said as I returned the favor. Hazuki joined in and we had a little water fight until I cracked Hazuki over the head with a frozen tuna and then revived him. He got angry but I just said Micheal Jackson did it and ran away, soaking wet.

I ate, I slept, I had a dirty dream about me, Aurora and Nayia. Enough said.

27th June 2004, 07:32 AM
"Crystal, what did you do to Ryu?" Asked Pandora, looking a little shocked.
"It wasn't me! It was skeletons, Zero and... Well, mostly Zero." I admitted.
"So what are you doing here?" Asked Ryu, changing the subject away from what had happened a few hours before.
"Aren't I allowed to check up on my little cousin?" He said, ruffling Ryu's hair.
"I'm so glad i don't have older cousins or siblings to do that to me..." I said, laughing at Ryu's hair.
The room seemed to go cold and silence filled the air. I shivered, Ryu wrapped his arms around me. It went dark and the only thing visable was a ghostly outline of Recardo.
"You're alive, Recardo, stop doing this to me." I said, watching him carefully.
He held out the same sword that was given to me earlier. I took it from him, he bowed and disappeared with a smoke like effect, much like Pandora's.
"Please say i wasn't the only one who saw that..." I muttered as the room returned to it's normal temperature and the light returned.
"I saw it too..."
"And me..."
"What's going on, Crystal? Why did he come as a skeleton and now a ghost?" Asked Ryu.
"I have no idea... It doesn't make sense... He's alive... I bought him back... I don't understand..." Ryu held me closer and i hugged him back.
I gripped the sword in both hands. I was holding the blade without realising it and it dug into my palms, cutting them.
"Crystal, let go. You're cutting your hands." Said Pandora softly, as if i were a child. I let myself be a child while Pandora bandaged my hands and Ryu continued to hug me.
Yes, i'm twisting plots again... Although i have no idea what it's leading to ><
Review: Shade
First thoughts: Pranker. Big pranker.
If I knew: I'd probably yell at him for being so stupid lol...
Likes: that he's funny, always there for you and cheers people up.
Dislikes: That he acts really stupid when he's not really.
Deadly Sin: hmm...
Next Character: Recardo

28th June 2004, 07:25 PM
So, Pandora’s returned. This could be trouble!
“Let’s go Kane,” I said. Kane was sitting at the table, taping his scythe back together.
“Just a minute,” he replied. I was starting to get irritated.
“Forget about your scythe for a moment and let’s find that crystal!!” I yelled.
“I think the master can wait.”
“Do you want Jinzo to come down here!?” Kane went quiet.
“Let’s find that crystal.” We teleported to the courtyard.
“Now then,” I said, “Where to look first?”

“Why did that ghost look like Recardo?” Crystal asked herself as Pandora bandaged her hand.
“Maybe it was an illusion created by Espa and Kane,” I said. To be honest, I doubted that Espa and Kane were able to conjure that, but who knows what those two are capable of.
“Maybe you’re right,” Crystal said, “after all, I did revive Recardo.”
“Are you sure?” Pandora said all of a sudden. Crystal and I stared at him.
“What do you mean?” I asked.
“There’s a man I know who’s an expert in death,” Pandora explained, “I’ll introduce you to him sometime. Maybe he will know why that ghost appeared.” Pandora got to his feet and began to leave.
“Oh, one last thing.” Pandora knelt down beside me and placed his hand on my head. I began to glow a pale blue and when Pandora removed his hand, I was healed.
“I’ll go pay Juleon a visit,” Pandora said, “I’ll be back when I learn anything.” Pandora snapped his fingers and he was gone.

30th June 2004, 11:13 AM
Everyone was back and to be honest, I couldn't see what had caused me to get so worked up in the first place. I guess I was just tired. I always seemed tired at the moment.

Now that there were people around again I didn't really feel like being with anyone, so I wandered around the school. Yes, it was boring, but I really had nothing better to do. As I walked past someones door, I heard crying. I knew there were no babies in the school, but it sure did sound like one. I opened the door quietly and saw a baby in the cot, wailing loudly. I looked around, trying to work out who's room it was, but clearly they weren't here. Anyway, I should probably do something about the baby. I walked over to the cot and looked in.

I had gone through the whole of my first year stealing other people's magic, and I'd had practice at seeing how strong a persons magic was. I could feel a huge amount in the baby. I paused to try to imagine what it must be like to have that much magic, and reached out to touch the baby. It screamed even louder. I lifted it gently.
"I wish I was you." I said to it, and joggled it awkwardly. If anything, the crying got worse.

I wasn't sure what I ought to do. I knew nothing about looking after babies, and as I seemed to be making things worse I should probably go and find who it belonged to. But... somehow I didn't want to give it up. Holding it, I could feel it's magic, and although it didn't make it mine it was better than nothing. I stood up carefully and walked to the door to find a teacher.

5th July 2004, 06:50 PM
Choriko Yamika
Just as I went to get back at Hazuki, I was stopped by a loud “CANNONBALL!” above me. Before I had a chance to look around and see who it was, they had hit the water, creating a huge wave. A few moments later, Zero popped out of the water, giving me his trademark stupid grin.

“Zero!” I yelled at him, splashing him in the face just like I had to Hazuki. We had a little water fight until a weird vibe hit me. “Hazuki! Somebody found out about Midnight! We have to go!” I yelled, flying out of the pool and to my dorm.

Once I had arrived, I ran over to the crib to find she wasn’t there. “NO!” I screamed, trying to sense her in my state of panic. I finally found her to be in the headmaster’s office. “Crap...” I muttered, throwing my clothes on over my bathing suit and taking off for the headmaster’s office.

I bust through the doors of the headmaster’s office, still trying to catch my breath. I noticed a strangely familiar face cradling Midnight.

“Miss Yamika, is this your daughter?” the headmaster asked, gesturing towards Midnight. I nodded slowly. “You know that this isn’t allowed, don’t you?” I nodded again. “Well, it means you’re going to have to take her home...”

The last 3 words hit me like a ton of bricks. “No!” I screamed, falling onto my knees in front of his desk. “I can’t! She means everything to me! Without her, I have nothing! Please sir, let her stay...” I trailed off, beginning to sob quietly.

He gave me a sympathetic look. “Well, I guess we can make one exception...”

“Thank you, sir!” I said happily, even though I was still choking on my words. I grabbed Midnight from the girl holding her and held her close to me. “I’d never let you go, Midnight... Never...” I whispered to her, the sound of her breathing quite calming.

As I was going down the maze of halls to my dorm, Hazuki finally caught up with me. “Cho! What happened in there?” he asked.

“Some other student found Midnight and took her down to the headmaster and I basically had to beg to let her stay, but he said yes...” I said quietly, partly looking at Midnight, partly looking at him, and partly looking at the floor. I kept walking this way until I finally got back to my dorm. I put Midnight back in her crib and sat down on the foot of my bed, giving a little sigh of boredom...

6th July 2004, 04:56 AM
I yawned... I was so tired. I didn't know why, but i just was.
"Hey... I'm gonna go now... I'm so tired..." I said sleepily.
"Okay... I'll see you in the morning?" Ryu asked, he was more awake than i was.
"Course you will" I said smiling, giving him a kiss before turning to leave.
Once i was out in the corridor someone crashed into me. Who ever it was was soaking wet...
"Sorry, Crystal... I went for a swim... Nice sword..." Said Zero, picking it up.
I snatched it off him, "Don't touch. It hurts." I said, showing him my bandaged hands.
We went back to our dorm together. It was kinda empty. Shade wasn't there, Recardo's stuff was by my bed and Tabby, my cat, was the only one in the room.
"Hey... What happened to your owl?" Asked Zero.
"Hooty? I went to Ryu's for a couple of weeks over the summer. I told Recardo to feed George for me... He forgot. George found Hooty and ate him. Kinda funny really..."
I lay down on my bed and fell asleep straight away...
I woke up the next morning to find a small owl pecking at my face. Or trying to peck at my face... It had a letter in it's beak...
I took the letter and read it carefully. It was from the head teacher... Asking me to cover a lesson? What? I'm no teacher! Why me?
I looked at the lesson i had to cover. A first year shape shifting lesson. I checked my timetable... My first lesson this morning was free.
I went down to breakfast wondering who i'd be teaching. I wouldn't know them...
"Morning sleepy head. What's that?" Asked Ryu.
"I'm teaching first lesson... A first year class... Scary!"

Gothic Animé
6th July 2004, 09:13 PM

> my dorm <

sighing, cho sat down on her bed. i gazed over at her, pondering what to do. i was surprised the headmaster had let midnight stay, though i was happy that he had. i looked over at her, and wondered what it would be like to have a baby in my dorm. i was hoping she wouldn't be keeping me up all night crying, though so far she hadn't really cryed at all. and then i felt kind of ashamed, realizing i had only been thinking about myself, not about cho. i walked over to her and sat down. she appeared to be lost in thought. i got up again, and heading to my bed, said, 'i'm going to sleep, see you in the morning.' she nodded. i got undressed, pulled up the covers, and drifted off...

» the next morning «

when i had awoken, cho was already gone. probably at a class, i thought. i instinctively went over to midnight's crib. she was sleeping soundly, but next to her was a note. it read,

I had to leave already, since I had a class first period. It would help me out a lot if you could take care of Midnight until I get back. Her bottles are in the refridgerator, but you'll have to warm them, and there's other stuff in the bag under her crib. I'll be back soon because I'm free second period. See you then!

i looked at the note a few times, and then back at midnight. right at that moment, i felt like a father. then, trying to shake the feeling, i went over to the small refridgerator in our dorm. opening it up, i got one of the bottles, and put it in the microwave on top of the fridge. after a couple minutes, i took it out and walked back over to the crib. i picked up midnight, sat down on my bed, and put the bottle in her mouth. she barely woke up. methodically rocking back and forth, i waited for cho to come back...

about a half hour later, cho came rushing through the door. remembering that i had never bothered to get dressed, i felt kind of embarassed. cho put her books down, and came over to me. i gave midnight to her, and she said, "oh good, you got my note.." i nodded. placing midnight back in her crib, she looked over at me...

17th July 2004, 10:46 AM
I went over to the counter to get some breakfast. I forgot who worked there...
"Recardo, can you take over for a bit? I'm going on a break..." Said Shade, glaring at me then walking off.
I sighed. I'd have to talk to him later... Wether he liked it or not. Recardo handed me some coffee and i sat back down with Ryu, dreading teaching those first years even more.
After what seemed like a short time, the bell went and people left for classes. I kissed Ryu goodbye and made my way to the shape shifting classroom.
The class were already sat down when i arrived. A few of them asked me over and over where their teacher was and what i was doing there.
"Look, if you'd all be quiet i'll tell you" I almost shouted across the classroom.
They fell silent. I quickly explained the situation and began taking the register.
I stopped about half way down. I looked up and smiled.
"Well well... I knew you wanted to come here, but i never thought you'd get in. Long time no see, Amy."
A young girl with dark hair and eyes smiled back at me. Amy's my cousin. She's nothing like me at all, even though on many occasions my Aunt said she was acting like me and I should set a better example.
I finished the register quickly and taught them the most simple of transforming spells. I cleared away the chairs and tables and they began practising on themselves.
"Umm... Miss Lilly-"
"Uhh.. Yeah. Umm... I still have a monkey's tail from when I-"
I burst out laughing. I couldn't help it. The poor kid looked horrified when i did. No one would understand why i was laughing. All except Amy...
"Sorry... When i was in my first year here my boyfriend turned himself into a monkey and came out with a tail. I got rid of it for him but it made him disappear too. I wasn't laughing at you, honest."
I fixed his little tail problem, he thanked me. This lesson wasn't going so badly untill...
"Crystal, you're coming with us."
My wand flew from my hand and landed on the floor. Crunch. Amy stood on it. If Kane and Espa weren't standing there i would have had a go at her. Instead, i made everyone get as far back away from the door as possible, picked up my snapped wand and snatched Amy's from her.
"Get out of here, you two. You don't want to be beaten by me and 30 other people that are younger than you."
"They're first years. They can't do any damage."
"Besides, it might do them good to watch you be taken to our master. It'll teach them not to get in our way."
Amy stole a wand from another kid, fixed mine and took hers back.
"You want her, you're gonna have to get through me first!" She said, pointing her wand at them both.
"That's not such a good idea, Amy-chan..."

This is also a BUMP. Mooha :P

17th July 2004, 11:56 PM
"We'll give you a chance to step aside little one," Kane said, pointing his wand at the girl Crystal called Amy, "It's Crystal we want, not you."
"I wont let you hurt our cousin."
"If we don't, Jinzo sure will," I sniggered.
"A sorcerer far stronger then any of you. If you refuse to cooperate, he'll be coming here."
"And trust us, you don't want that."
"Well when he gets here, we'll be ready for him!" We spun around to see Ryu standing behind us. I laughed.
"What are you gonna do? Zero snapped your wand remember?" Ryu cursed under his breath.
"I'll handle this," Kane said, "HINOTAMA!" The fiery blast sent Ryu flying into the far wall. We turned back to Crystal.
"Now for you."

18th July 2004, 08:42 AM
"Fine... Whatever... I'll go. But if you touch anybody then-" I began.
"But Crystal! What about everything you told me about? Everything that you've done here! Why are you letting them win?" Piped Amy, shocked that i was giving up so easily.
"This is different. Then it was just me in danger. Now i'm teaching all of you and i don't want anyone hurt..."
"Being a hero again, are we?"
I glared at them both. I sighed. I walked towards them, hands in the air to show i wasn't armed. They followed me out of the room, wands pointed at my back.
I slipped my wand out from the sleeve of my jacket and it landed quietly on Ryu's lap. Espa and Kane didn't seem to notice. I sighed again, atleast he had wand now, even if it was mine and not many people were able to use it. I didn't get why, but not even my own brother could.
"The graveyard again? Oh you two are so original..." I said sarcasticly.
Wake up, Ryu... Or someone come find me... Anyone? Oh great... Shouldn't have left my wand after all...

_Amy_ (this is probably the only time i'll ever play as her, lol)
This sucked. They were gonna kill her or something. She doesn't want me to help, but i will...
The other kids left. I didn't know anyone that she did. Only Ryu, who was still out cold. Well... I knew what they looked like. I had seen them in a photo. There was only one name that i could think of. Shade. I'd seen him once with Recardo. He'd help, wouldn't he?
I ran upto what Crystal told me was her dorm and burst through the door. There were 2 guys in the dorm. She was so lucky...
"Which one of you is Shade?"
"I am." One of them stood up, "What's it to ya?"
"I'm Amy, Crystal's cousin" He didn't seem happy when i mentioned her. "She was teaching shape shifting this morning when these two annoying people come and take her away. One looked like the janitor..."
"So? She'll be fine..." He said spitefully.
"She hasn't got her wand."
"Why don't you go?"
"I'm a first year! I can't even block the most simple spells! Please!"
He considered it. I knew he was one of her best friends. Something had happened between them...
Now i was sounding like Recardo...
"Why me? Why not Ryu?" He asked.
"He's out cold."
Both Shade and the other guy burst out laughing.
"Shut up. Are you coming or what?" I yelled, getting angry.
"Okay... But-"
That was a good enough answer for me. I grabbed his wrist and pulled him out the dorm.

21st July 2004, 06:15 AM
I looked around the dark house. Juleon wasn’t always one to entertain, as well as housekeep. The rooms were dark and dust laid everywhere.
“Juleon!” I called, “Where are you? It’s me, Pandora!”
“I’m in here!” came a voice. It was coming from a room nearby. I walked in to see Juleon sitting at his desk. The only light in the room was coming from a lone desk lamp. Faust was a tall, lean man with wild, untidy blonde hair and blue eyes. He had a rather pale complexion. He was wearing a white shirt and black pants. He was writing something when I came in.
“How are you doing?” Juleon said, getting up.
“It’s good to see you again,” I replied, patting him on the back, “but I’ve got something important to tell you.”
“What is it?”
“There’s this girl who my cousin is in love with. Her brother’s died you see.”
“I see,” Juleon said, looking away, “I’m sorry but I still haven’t found a way to revive the dead yet.” It was true. Juleon had been trying for years to revive his fiancée Sarah, who was killed in a car accident. But that wasn’t why I was here.
“It’s not that. Crystal managed to revive him, but…” That got Juleon’s attention.
“She revived him!? A girl who’s still in school managed to revive the dead!? While I, a man whose been doing it for years have failed!”
“Let me finish! There have been some weird things going on. Crystal says she’s seen her brother’s skeleton and we both saw a ghost that looked just like him!” Juleon went quiet and started thinking.
“We were wondering if you know what’s going on.” Juleon was quiet for a few seconds.
“I’m not sure. I’ll have to see to it myself. I’ll just grab my coat.” I smiled to myself as Juleon slipped on his white coat and hat. We then both teleported back to Surruin.

Kane and I dragged Crystal to the graveyard.
“Could you two be more creative?” Crystal asked in a mocking tone.
“Be silent!” Kane growled.
“Caw!” We looked over to see that raven perched on a tombstone, the master’s medallion in its talons. The medallion began to glow and the projection of the master reappeared. He was covered in shadow so we couldn’t see his face.
“So this is the girl who’s been a thorn in our side,” the master said, staring at Crystal.
“And you must be the big boss man,” Crystal replied, “What’s the matter? Too scared to come here yourself?” Kane was about to give Crystal a kick to the side when a soft chuckle escaped from the master’s lips. All three of us were confused.
“I like someone who speaks their mind,” the master said, “which brings me to the reason why I wanted to speak to you. I want you to join me.”
“What?” Crystal asked, surprised.
“WHAT!?” Kane and I cried.
“I want you to join me. Together, we could rule this world.” The master extended his hand, only to have Crystal try to bite it.
“I’d rather die then join scum like you!” An irritated look appeared in the master’s eyes.
“Perhaps a few days in chains will make you more polite to your superiors!” The master replied, a menacing tone in his voice, “especially, if you want your family and friends to remain healthy!” He turned to Kane and me.
“Lock her in the dungeon in your tower.” The two of us grabbed Crystal by her arms.
“One more thing,” the master said, “mess this up, and my tormentor will be paying you a visit.” Kane and I shuddered as we teleported back to my tower.

21st July 2004, 03:14 PM
Sometimes i think i should just keep my big mouth closed, ya know? Everytime i say something stupid...
But wait... Evil "master mind" wants school-girl me to join up? Together we could rule the world? Why would i want to rule the world?
Espa and Kane locked me in the cell and guarded the outside constantly.
"I'm not gonna get out of here with no magic, am i?" I yelled at them.
Kane threw a rock at me. They laughed as it went thwack on my head. I got up and ran at them in rage. The chains holding me to the wall stopped me about half way. They found this very amuzing.
"You just wait until i get out of here..."
"What ya gonna do? Glare at us to death? Come on, Crystal, your wand is gone. You've lost it."
"Actually, i know where it is and you don't." I said smugly. One up to me. Although that one didn't help... They were like million in front of me already...
I sat down, leaning against the wall. I sighed. No one knew i was here. I was alone... Truely alone...
"Hey, Crystal! What ya doing in here?"
I spun around. Recardo was sat right next to me. No... He was different. He was extremely pale and wearing all white. His eyes seemed glazed over. What scared me the most... he had wings...
"Okay... First skeleton, then ghost... now angel? Recardo, stop playing tricks on me!" I muttered so the others couldn't hear.
"Calm down! It's just me... Being dead... Or kinda dead. Yeah, what happened with that?"
He was confusing me. I guess i didn't quite do the job properly... I looked up at Kane and Espa who didn't see Recardo there... Maybe i was lucky... Atleast i wouldn't be alone...
"Why don't you scream for help?" he asked, poking me.
"That's not a bad idea..." I paused, "SOMEONE GET ME OUT OF HERE!"

Gothic Animé
21st July 2004, 04:30 PM
« Hazuki »

From somewhere nearby, I heard a scream. A LOUD one. "SOMEONE GET ME OUT OF HERE!" It was...Crystal? This wouldn't be the first time she was in trouble. I made sure my wand was in my pocket, and ran out the door, yelling, 'I gotta go Cho, I think Crystal's in trouble!' As I reached the front doors, I heard her scream again. It sounded like...the graveyard. Again? Well one word to describe her captors was predictable.

I found Crystal locked in a cage, seemingly unguarded...

((More later, I have to go to tennis. >_<))

22nd July 2004, 06:55 AM
"Hazuki! Watch out! Espa and K-"
Bam. Too late. They hit him with a couple of random spells. My heart sank. Someone who had came to save me just got badly injured.
I listened as something rolled across the floor. It stopped a couple of feet from me. Hazuki's wand! If he couldn't save me then i'd save him...
"Recardo... Grab that wand..."
"What am i gonna do with it? I can't, i'm dead!"
"You're not dead and i can use it, baka."
Recardo handed it to me. I unlocked the chains around my wrists and ankles. I stood up and brushed myself off.
"You two are so stupid sometimes."
I teleported out of the cell, grabbed Hazuki and teleported back to his dorm.
I forgot who he was sharing his dorm with...
Cho glared at me. I understood why she hated me. I stole her man and then went back to my own.
"He came to save me... He got attacked... I'm sorry..." I dropped Hazuki's wand and left, wondering how long it would be until that Jinzo guy got here.
Before i could think too much i got hugged from behind. My wand was put in my hand.
"I looked for you... I tried... I couldn't find you..." Ryu said. He was clearly worried.
We went back to my dorm. Nobody was there. Someone was in my bed though...
Recardo was there. This was the alive version. He was breathing deeply, extremely pale and sweating like he had a fever or something. They said they'd get my family and friends... They started with the closest family i have... I'm so gonna cause them pain when i next see them...

24th July 2004, 11:59 PM
“This can’t be good,” I muttered to myself as Crystal and I knelt down beside them bed.
“Recardo,” Crystal said, a bit of panic present in her voice, “What’s wrong?” Recardo didn’t reply, he just laid there panting as sweat ran down his face.
“What do we do?” I asked.
“I don’t know!” Crystal answered, nearly screaming. The door then opened.
“How’s it going guys?” Pandora asked as he entered. He then saw Recardo.
“What the hell’s wrong with him?” He asked in an urgent tone.
“I don’t know,” Crystal answered, “We just him like this!” A man with blonde hair knelt down beside the bed.
“Let me take care of this,” he said.
“Who are you?” I asked.
“Remember the death expert I told you about? Well this is him.”
“I can’t concentrate with you guys here,” the man said, “You’ll have to wait outside.” Crystal, Pandora and I left the room and waited in the hall.
“I hope his okay,” I said.
“Okay wouldn’t really be the word for it.”

“This is bad,” I said, almost panicking, “This is really bad! If the master finds out about this, Jinzo will be coming here for sure!”
“Well keep quiet about it then,” Kane snarled.
“Too late for that,” came a voice. The two of us spun around to see the dark projection of the master in front of us.
“Master!” I cried.
“That’s right, and I know what happened,” the master said, “So you know what that means.”
“But master,” Kane said, “There’s no real need to send Jinzo over here.”
“Well apparently there is.” The projection fazed away.
“This is bad!” I cried, “Jinzo’s coming here and he’s gonna kill us!”
“Jinzo wont kill us.”
“You wanna bet on that?”
“Yes I do,” came a voice. A chill went down our spines as we slowly turned around. Standing behind us was tall, yet lean form of Jinzo. He wore a red and green, jester-esque attire and had long, lavender hair that was tied into a ponytail. At first look, you’d think he was harmless, but we knew better. A hell of a lot better. A high pitched laugh erupted from Jinzo’s throat as the two of us stared at him with fear in our eyes.

Gothic Animé
25th July 2004, 11:17 PM
I have to leave for vacation in two days. Tomorrow I'll probably be packing and such and won't get to post. I get back on Saturday, and until then I give Becki complete control over Hazuki.

Tyler and Hobbes
8th August 2004, 07:53 AM
Been a while...did anyone miss me? *Gives large puppy eyes*

Okay, for the past couple of days I've been slapped, dumped, annoyed, and generally taken for granted; this was the last straw. With a loud grunt, I got the squirt into the smallest headlock I'd ever make.
"Why should I help Crystal?!?” I shouted. The only answer I received was a steady wheezing. Reluctantly, I gently put the blue-faced girl down.
She gasped, “Because…you’re…her…friend…” Annoying, but she had a point. I gently picked her up and placed her legs across my neck, like what children sometimes demand of their parents or siblings.
“She’s not in danger…at least not now, in reality this was probably one of her good days, I only got the feeling twice.” She looked down quizzically at me-and almost lost her lunch; she hadn’t even noticed that we’d left the ground. She scooted back fast and far, landing right above my butt. I quickly moved to a horizontal stance, so that now she was just sitting down. I silently cursed; I had forgotten that I hadn’t told this human what I was. She was so out of breath that even if she had noticed that I didn’t say a spell, she wouldn’t have said anything.
“Where are we going?” she interrupted my thoughts like so Crystal had so many times before.
“To Axle’s Tower; they’re bound to have Crystal somewhere in the dungeon.”
“Who’s tower?”
“Just shut up and sit tight!”

15th August 2004, 10:05 AM
'Bout time I got around to the actual plot....
« Choriko Yamika »

After sitting on my bed for a while, I noticed Hazuki had disappeared, so I decided to go for a walk. I quickly got up and walked out the door and to the front of the school.

« In front of school »

As I walked around, I came to my favorite spot – the huge oak tree in front of my dorm window. I quickly hopped up onto one of the branches and sat down, observing the passing students. Before long, I heard an eerily familiar voice.

“Choriko! Get down here this minute!”

‘No way! It can’t be....’ I thought, but as I looked down, sure enough, there stood a ghost of my father, the old German teacher.

I hopped down and stared at him. “Daddy! What are you doing here?!” I exclaimed in disbelief.

“You do remember our agreement, right, Cho?” he asked, an evil smirk on his face.

“But daddy, I can’t hurt my friends...” I trailed off, looking down to the ground. The man may have been a ghost, but he still had very strong hands and a very hard slap, which I came to remember as he slapped my face hard.

As tears begin to sting my eyes and a red handprint began to appear on my cheek, he yelled, “Don’t question me, Choriko! You will gather your so-called “Friends” and you WILL get the revenge you swore!”

“Yes, daddy...” I said quietly, trying to hide my tears as I dragged my feet along the ground all the way back to my dorm.

« Dorm »

“Dear friends,

I have something very important I must tell you. Meet me on the roof of the school at sundown so I can tell you.

Love always, Cho”

I slowly wrote the words in my not-so-neat script, then used a spell to create enough copies to show everyone, then another to place one on everyone’s bed.

“I can’t believe I have to do this...” I said quietly to myself, giving a sigh. I glanced out the window and noticed the sun beginning to set, so I set off for the roof, not exactly ready and definitely not willing to get my revenge....

16th August 2004, 03:06 PM
"Umm... Crystal?"
The door to my dorm opened, the man i'd found out was called Juleon stood in the door way with a piece of paper in his hand.
"This appeared on your bed... There's one on the other beds aswell..."
He handed me the paper.
"How's Recardo?" I asked before he went back in.
"He's stable for now... He needs some rest..." He imformed me.
I muttered a thankyou and opened the note. It was Cho's not so neat handwriting. I thought she'd never talk to me again...
I read it once, then read it allowed for Ryu to hear.
“Dear friends,
I have something very important I must tell you. Meet me on the roof of the school at sundown so I can tell you.
Love always, Cho”
"Do you think she means me too?" Asked Ryu.
"Yeah, why wouldn't she? By the looks of things she sent them to all her friends... Even me... This must be important... Really important..." I replied, sending a copy to Shade and Zero, as they weren't in the dorm and wouldn't have got it.
Naiya appeared from her dorm next door.
"Did you get this too?" She asked, waving the note around. "What about Recardo?" Tears filled her eyes. "He won't be able to come... And we can't leave him!"
"I'll stay..." Volenteered Pandora. "I'll let you know if anything happens."
"Thanks... Shall we go?"
Ryu and Naiya nodded and we left for the roof...
~Up on the roof (OOC: i like that song XD)~
We arrived on the roof about 5 minutes later. Whatever Shade was doing, he had Amy with her. She was stood by him, completely confused. She ran over once she saw me.
"You! You! You're okay!" She managed to say before Shade came over.
Ryu was about to yell something, so was Shade. I stood inbetween them.
"Don't say a word... Not a thing... Hear me?"
They both nodded and glared at eachother. Ryu looked slightly more smug than Shade, it had to be said...
Zero arrived and Hazuki just after that. Then finally Firenze. We stood there quietly, watching Cho, waiting for her to turn around and talk to us...
Hazuki cleared his throat, "Cho?"

17th August 2004, 11:14 AM
« Choriko Yamika »
“I can’t believe I have to do this...” I said to Midnight, who I had grabbed just before I left. She looked up at me with her sparkling blue eyes, completely oblivious to what was going on. I sighed. “I wish I was you right now...” Just then, I heard footsteps behind me, but I remained facing the opposite way until I heard Hazuki clear his throat.

“Cho?” he said quietly.

My heart sank. I had only just met Hazuki, now I would have to hurt him... Suddenly, my conscious kicked in.

‘Cho! These people might be your friends, but they killed your father and your brothers, remember?’

My heart grew colder and colder. Nothing that had happened since I met these people mattered anymore. You kill my own flesh and blood, I kill you.

I quickly teleported Midnight back to my dorm and spun around, facing the crowd I had gathered.

“Guys....” I said as innocently as possible, “I called you here because there’s something I really have to tell you...”

“What is it?” Crystal asked.

“Well, we all remember killing the German teacher and his sons, right?”

Everyone nodded. “Well, you actually killed my father and brothers....”

Everyone was shocked, especially Shade.

“Oh, and Shade? I have a special bit of news for you...” I said, smirking a little. I teleported Midnight back to my arms and walked over to him. “This is your daughter, Midnight...” I said, still smirking before teleporting her back again. “But the most important matter here is you killed a good part of my family...” I growled, placing my hand on Shade’s forehead and blasting him with a spell. “So now, I kill you!”

A part of me knew it was wrong to be so spiteful towards the people that I’d been friends with for years, but another part of me felt like this was only right since they killed my father.

Next, I shot a glance over at Crystal, firing a similar spell at her.

‘What am I doing?!’ I thought, ‘This isn’t me.... Daddy must be possessing me...’

‘Good job, sweetheart, you figured it out...’ I heard my father’s horrible voice say inside my head. ‘If you won’t get the revenge you swore on your own free will, I’ll force you to!’

‘But daddy, these are my friends!’ I cried to him.

‘But nothing, Cho! They killed me and our family won’t stand for that! You know very well you come from a long line of very powerful sorcerers and sorceresses and I won’t have the family name spoiled!’

‘But what if I get killed?!’ I exclaimed.

‘So be it!’ he spat. ‘You swore you’d get revenge, now do it!’

I looked back at everyone. “Guys, I’m not doing this! My dad’s forcing me to.... Please help...” I pleaded, fighting back the tears as I fired another spell at them.

17th August 2004, 02:10 PM
I clung onto the edge of the roof. That wasn't nice... But... Cho didn't seem right... That wasn't her talking... No...
No... It was... I killed her father... Her brothers...
"Guys, I’m not doing this! My dad’s forcing me to.... Please help..." I heard her plead. I was right the first time... She was possessed. No doubt about it. I pulled myself back up onto the roof, sat their and thought.
"Crystal, are you gonna sit there and think or are you gonna help me up?" Shouted Shade from below.
I looked down over the edge, he hung there by a spike that had caught his shirt. I leaned over the edge and pulled him up.
"Took your time..."
"At least it wasn't attached to your underwear... Wedgie!"
I grabbed Ryu's wrist as he flew over me, stopping him going over the edge.
I looked up at Cho. She was stood infront of Amy. I got up quickly and ran over, getting between them both. A chuckle came from Cho's mouth that wasn't hers. It was her Dad's.
"You were always so protective... Always getting in the way... Ruining everything for me... But once you're dead i won't have that problem anymore" Came the German teacher's voice.
"Well you're gonna have to wait then because no one dies tonight." I said, teleporting Amy away from here and back to my dorm.
"See what i mean? Always the hero. Never giving anyone else a chance. You just like the attention..."
She... I mean he, was right... Although i never wanted the attention... Just to keep those i love from getting hurt... Was there something wrong with that?
"Never thought you of all people would kill me... You were so bubbily and pathetic..."
"I've changed." i said, charging a fireball in my hands.
"You do that you hurt Cho too."
The flame flickered in my hands. I couldn't do it...
Another spell came to mind... The flame changed colour to blue.
"Cho... If this doesn't work... Please forgive me..."
I shot the spell at her. She staggered backwards and fell to her knees. She clutched her head... A ghostly figure of her father floated out from her back. Cho collapsed... Her father glared at me...
He was meant to be a ghost... But what happened next... Wasn't meant to...
He was alive? No way... I didn't just do that, did i?

21st August 2004, 09:18 PM
Choriko Yamika
Before I knew it, Crystal had shot her spell at me, knocking me to my knees. Next thing I remembered, I had collapsed, but when I woke up, I saw my dad standing in front of me, looking…. Alive?

“Daddy! How did you…”I stuttered, too shocked to finish my sentence.

“Your little friend brought me back to life” he said with his usual ugly smirk.

“Crystal, is this true?” I asked, turning to her. She nodded, keeping her head down.

I glared back at my father. “If you even THINK about hurting any of my friends, I swear on mom and Asa’s grave, I will kill you…”

He just smirked. “And if you do that, then I kill all of your friends plus the one person that means the most to you in this world…"

“No! Not Midnight!” I screamed at him, remembering why I hated the man in the first place. “You can kill my mother and my little sister, but if you even LOOK at Midnight wrong, you’ll regret it for the rest of your life…”

The crowd behind me looked at me in shock. “You mean your dad killed your mom and sister?” Hazuki finally said.

“Yep…” I said sadly, remembering the funerals for both of them. I sighed. What happened to not dwelling in the past? ‘Oh well’ I thought, ‘Might as well kill the bastard again…’ I quickly created a spell in my hand and tossed it at him, knocking him back a couple of steps.

He laughed. “I see you’ve gotten stronger since we last fought, Choriko, but it’s not enough!” he said before tossing a spell right back at me, nearly knocking me off the edge of the school.

I quickly recomposed myself and tossed an even stronger spell back at him, knocking him onto his back. I smirked. “You say I’ve gotten stronger, daddy, but you have no idea…”

“Really now, Cho?” he said, staggering to his feet.

I nodded. “Last time we fought and you knocked me off the roof, I was trying to think of a certain spell, one that mom taught me way before I ever came to Seiruun. Unfortunately for you, I finally remembered it…”

Before I could stop my emotions, all the feelings of hatred towards my father, sadness over the loss of my family, and happiness over meeting my friends, being at Seiruun, and of having Midnight around all collected into my hand, forming a swirling black, light blue, and white ball of energy in my hand. “As you should know, daddy, mom was part angel and she could use her emotions to call forth her wings, but from her sorcery training, she could also use this spell… It has no name, but I know very well that it’s quite powerful and just what I need to finally send you to Hell, where you belong!”

I hurled the ball at my father and watched as his body was nearly vaporized by the amount of energy contained within it. When the scene finally cleared, there was no sign of my father. I turned around and smiled at my group of friends before falling weakly to my knees. “I did it…” I whispered.

“Cho! What happened?” Hazuki asked, running towards me, followed by the rest of the crowd.

“That spell… Takes a lot of energy… So much that even my mother could only use it once a year… I probably won’t be able to do much of anything for quite a while…” I said hoarsely.

“Well, at least your dad’s gone, once and for all…” Crystal said, helping me to my feet and leading me back to my dorm.

“I guess…” I said quietly, leaning on Crystal’s shoulder just to make the short trip back.


When I finally got back to my dorm, I almost instantly collapsed on my bed. “Hazukiii…” I whined, looking over at him, “Can you keep an eye on Midnight for me? I’m gonna take a quick nap…”

He nodded, smiling over at me.

“Thanks…” I whispered, curling up under the covers and falling asleep.

22nd August 2004, 08:42 AM
Once i'd taken Cho back i headed off outside. Ryu followed, trying to keep up. How could i of been so stupid?
"Crystal... Where are you going? What's wrong? Wait!" Called Ryu as i continued to walk away.
I didn't know what emotion i was feeling... Anger, confusion, sadness, happiness... And more, all bundled up inside me.
I stopped suddenly. So many memories flooded back to me. They had killed him here... Recardo... And later, i'd tried to put everything right, bring him back...But no... I'd made everything worse...
Ryu's hand slipped around mine. He was here for me... Always... Forever...
"Ryu... I... That spell... I used that same spell to bring back Recardo last year... But it had a different effect this time... It actually worked tonight... It did what it was meant to... It brought him back to life... But what i did to Recardo... I split him up. Into more than one form... Human, angel, skeleton and ghost... That's no way to live. I've made his life like a living Hell... He thanked me for it then, but he won't now... His skeleton is gone... Dust... With that gone, he has a little chance of surviving tonight. If his ghost or angel goes... Then he's back to the grave... I should have left him there..." I said, addressed to Ryu... I was mostly just speaking what i was thinking. And it was true. And there was nothing i could do about it.
"Crystal, listen to me for a second. Everything happens for a reason. Even if in the long run it causes something bad. Recardo knows you had his best interests at heart. If you're worried that he'll die and have bad memories of you and what you've done, then don't. I don't see how he could. You're the best sister he could ask for."
He was right. But then again, so was i. I sat down on the cold ground. Too much think was really bad for you. I worry too much. About everyone. Cho's dad was right. I never gave anyone a chance. That was about to change...
Where is everybody? ;_;

22nd August 2004, 08:07 PM
"Crystal, listen to me," I said, sitting down beside her, "If it will make you feel better, maybe Juleon could help fully revive Recardo. After all, from what I've heard, he's been trying to revive the dead for years." Crystal looked up at me.
"Thank you Ryu," she said, as she hugged me. I was surprised. I wasn't expecting her to say that.
"For what?" I asked.
"For always being there for me." I just smiled and held her close to me.
"Aw, now isn't that touching." came a voice. The two of us looked up to see Espa, Kane, and some wierd looking guy.
"What do you guys want?" I snarled, "and who are you?" The wierd guy just grinned.
"This is Jinzo," Espa said, "and the one who'll be putting you two out of the picutre, permanently!"

Yeah, I know that sucked.

23rd August 2004, 12:42 PM
You thought that sucked, you should have seen my WHOOP post :P
This Jinzo bloke didn't look too scary. There were 3 of them and 2 of us. Ryu stood up and reached in his pocket for his wand. If we were in an anime he would have sweat dropped majorly because his wand was still in two pieces. He pulled it out and gave me a weak smile.
"Umm... I forgot about that..."
I took it from him, fixing it quickly before running out the way of a spell cast by one of the three.
"This isn't fair." I said to Ryu, throwing his wand to him.
"Behind you!" He yelled back.
One hand went over my mouth, the other across my stomach. I knew it wasn't Kane or Espa, they weren't this strong...
"So you're the little girl that has been causing so much trouble..." came Jinzo's voice.
I tried to protest about the little thing but it came out as "Mmm! Mmmm mmm!"
He laughed, he was clearly enjoying this... I bit his hand, he let go for a split second so i could get away.

23rd August 2004, 07:30 PM
"You little brat!" Jinzo sneered as he fired a spell at Crystal. The girl managed to dodge it, but the blast stil sent her falling to the ground. I guess Kane and I should help, but we both knew Jinzo could handle these two. Also, it was fun to watch.
"Are you okay Crystal?" yu asked, running to her side.
"She wont be!" I laughed, "Jinzo is our master's most powerful servant! You wont last long!"
"Who is this master you guys keep talking about!?" Crystal shouted to us.
"A sorcerer far stronger then all of us combined. He could kill you and everyone else without a problem."
"Then why didn't he come here himself? Is he scared?" That did it. If there was any way to make Jinxo angry, insulting the master was it.
"You'll pay for that!!" Jinzo screamed, firing a large blast of dark energy. A direct hit. The blast sent the two children flying. The three of us walked over to where they were laying. A cruel smirk appeared on my face.
"It's payback time," I said cruelly. Jinzo began to charge another spell when suddenly, a blast of energy narrowly missed us.
"What the?" Kane cried. Pandora ran over to Crystal and Ryu.
"YOU!" Kane and I shouted. A smirk appeared on Pandora's face.
"Sorry to cut this short," Pandora joked, "but these two have an appointment." Before we could do anything, Pandora teleported the two out of there.
"Dammit!" I shouted, "we almost had them!" Jinzo was in deep thought.
"I've seen that guy before," he said, "but where?"

26th August 2004, 07:07 AM
"That so wasn't fair... They said they were attacking both of us and neither of us would survive yet they attack me... Next time i'll-"
"Lets just hope there won't be a next time, eh?" Pandora cut in.
"But he's just the janitor! How does he know these people?" I whined, rubbing my back where i'd been hit.
"I dunno... Don't worry about it tonight, okay? Lets just go to bed and think about it tomorrow..." Suggested Ryu.
"I wanna go back down there and... Okay... Okay... Maybe i'll stay here for a bit..." I said as Ryu massaged my neck and shoulders... Damn he was so good at that...
Pandora coughed loudly. "Where am i gonna sleep?"
"I would offer you my bed and for me to sleep in here but i'm probably gonna be in here anyway as Recardo has stolen my bed..."
"I'm sure we can fit another bed in here..." Said Ryu, trying to make one appear with his newly fixed wand. Nothing happened. He glared at it. "I thought you fixed this thing..."
"I did, but i guess it doesn't like being fixed." I said, also trying to make a bed appear. Nothing. This was great... No magic left in me. "So that's the spell he sent at me... He's drained my magic... Or atleast some of it."
My wand sparked at me. Okay, so i wasn't as pathetic as i thought i was...
Pandora made his bed appear. That made me feel worse...
"I'm gonna go grab my stuff from my dorm... And make sure Recardo's alright... And to tell Shade and Zero where i am... Shade worries too much..." I said, getting up to leave.
"Will you be okay on your own?" Asked Ryu.
"It's just up the corridor... If something happens, you'll know it..."
I opened the dorm's door. A bucket of water fell on my head. Shade and Zero burst out laughing. I glared.
"What? No trick spell get back today?" Asked Zero, who was still laughing. Shade, however, had stopped laughing and looked conserned.
"Are you okay?" He asked, getting up and coming over.
"Of course i'm okay... I brought back the German teacher who is now dead... I went to think about stuff and Espa, Kane and some bloke called Jinzo attack me and Ryu... Jinzo drained my magic so now all i can do is this..." I said sarcasticly, tapping Shade on the head making sparks from my wand. "And my brother's dying... You think i'm okay?"
"I was just asking..."
"Yeah, well... Okay..."
I grabbed some stuff, shoved it in a bag and said goodnight to Recardo, who was fast asleep. I was about to leave when Shade stopped me.
"I'm sorry... I-"
I hugged him. So what? He wasn't my boyfriend. Ryu was. I'm allowed to hug who i like, thanks.
"You're making me wet..."
I laughed. I let go and went back to Ryu's dorm.

26th August 2004, 10:23 PM
I flopped back onto my bed as Crystal went to get her stuff.
"Hey Pandora," I asked, "How come you know Juleon?" I was just bored and wanted something to do.
"He's just an old friend of mine," he replied, "That remineds me, I really should get in touch with Angela and see how she's doing."
"Oh, uh, never mind. I'll just go find Juleon." And with that, Pandora left the room.
"Holy cow Crystal!" I heard Pandora shout from the other side of the door, "what happened to you!?" I looked up to see Crystal standing at the doorway, who was saoking wet. I couldn't help but laugh.
"what happened." She gave me a cold looked.
"Just a cruel joke Shade and Zero pulled on me." I stood up and walked over to her.
"Well, it's a bit late to do something about it now is there?" I laughed, "let's just dry you off and we'll do something in the morning." Crystal smiled and gave me a hug as she entered the bathroom.

28th August 2004, 01:32 PM
I dried myself off and got into my PJs. This would be the second night in a row i'd be spending in Ryu's dorm. I was practically living with him at the moment... and i liked it.
I went back out into the room and found him laying on the bed. I kneeled on the bed, leaned over and kissed him.
"What was that for?" he asked, smiling at me.
"Because i felt like it." i answered before kissing him again.
A loud cough. I sat up quickly, tucking my hair behind my ear so i could see who it was. Pandora was stood in the door way, Juleon behind him. I didn't know whether to be embarrassed or angry.
"What?" asked Ryu, who was annoyed.
"Never seen a girl kiss her boyfriend before?" I muttered, not particularly wanting to argue.

28th August 2004, 09:34 PM
« Choriko Yamika »
When I finally woke up (The next morning, sometime around 11:00 or so) I found Hazuki gone and Midnight in her crib. I climbed out of bed and walked over to Midnight’s crib to find a note.


Had to leave for class. Fed and changed Midnight just before I left. I’ll be back around 2.

~ Hazuki”

“Well, that works out…” I said to myself, but still, out of motherly instinct, I checked on Midnight, finding her well fed and still clean. I quickly got dressed and ran into the hall to see if I could find anyone, but before my search could begin, a flyer caught my eye.

“Sweetheart’s dance?” I read, blinking a couple of times. The last dance I could remember going to was with my old boyfriend back before I came to Seiruun, in other words, a long time ago. “I’ll have to ask Hazuki once he gets back if he wants to go…” I quietly wandered back to my dorm, dug around under my bed, and pulled out an old photo album. I plopped down onto my bed and flipped it open, looking back at all of the pictures, some as old as my baby pictures, some as recent as the end of the year dance from last year. Somewhere towards the end, I came upon the pictures I didn’t want to see.

Me, dressed in an elegant pink ballgown. My boyfriend, next to me, in a perfect tux. Plenty of our friends surrounded us. Everyone was smiling like it was the perfect night. Come to think of it, it had been perfect… I sighed. I didn’t really miss him as much as I used to, but thinking back on it made me suddenly remember everything we did together. I closed the photo album and stuffed it back under my bed. Just then, Hazuki walked through the door.

“Hey, Cho” he said simply, dropping his bag by the door and walking over to me.

“Hey… I got your note…” I replied. “Hey, did you hear about the Sweetheart’s dance?” I asked.

“Yeah, it’s this Saturday, right?”

I nodded. “Do you think… Maybe… Yannow… You could go with me?”

He smiled. “Sure! But first, you need to find a dress…”

‘Crud!’ I thought, ‘I completely forgot about a dress!’ I imagined my perfect dress. Black, low cut in the back, strapless, maybe a few light pink details here and there… I cast a spell and right before my eyes, my dream dress appeared. I smiled over at him. “Will this do?” I asked.

He smiled. “Maybe you should try it on…”

I snorted. “Please, I made this dress myself; I know my own measurements…” I said, but wandered into the bathroom anyways.
“Okay, so maybe I don’t…” I said, walking out of the bathroom, at least 3 inches of the back zipper still undone. I quickly cast a spell and within a couple of seconds, the dress fit like a glove.

“All set!” I said with a smile. I glanced over at the clock, which read 10:22. “Wow, time flies when you’re using magic…” I said quietly, walking back to the bathroom to change out of my dress and into my pajamas. No more than 5 minutes later, I was lying in bed under the covers, fast asleep…

19th September 2004, 09:15 PM

Choriko Yamika
I was awakened from a pleasant dream by a loud cry from Midnight's crib. Within about 2 seconds, I was out of bed, over by her crib, and cradling her gently in my arms. "What's wrong, baby?" I cooed, rocking her gently. Her loud wailing slowly turned to quiet sobs, then to sniffles, then to nothing. I smiled. "That's better..." I said, putting her back in her crib and placing her fuzzy pink stuffed bunny next to her.

"She's such a doll..." I heard a familiar voice say. I glanced around and spotted Asa next to me.

"Hey sis!" I said happily.

"Hey..." she replied softly.

"What's wrong?" I asked, wishing I hadn't the second the words left my mouth.

She sighed. "I just wish I was still in my body so I could be a good aunt for her..." she said.

I looked at her sympathetically. "I know you do, Asa, but there's nothing I can do about it..."

"I know..." she responded. "I gotta go, see you later..." Then she disappeared.

Gothic Animé
26th September 2004, 11:13 AM
This post is a bump/I really need to post. ^^; Enjoy!


«Saturday Morning»
Suddenly, I was awake. I shot up, eyes open, without knowing why. Quickly getting dressed and looking around the room at the same time, I saw that Midnight and Cho were still asleep. Yet, something at the back of my mind told me to worry.

I searched the room, checking every corner, and the bathroom. When I came back out, Tsuki brushed against my legs, and that's when it hit me. Where was Nevada? She was gone! I ran off into the corridor, hearing Midnight stir as I slammed the door accidentaly. I ran to the principal's office, and knocked on the door. (a bit too hard)

He opened the door, and as he did Nevada came wandering out. I scooped her off the floor, and thanked the principal a million times. "Some first years were torturing her out in the courtyard, shooting her with little blasts of water." I thanked him again, and walked back to my dorm. Cho had apparently just gotten up, and was changing right by her bed. She was still in her underwear when I walked in.

Blushing, I went quickly to my bed, and faced the other way.

14th November 2004, 09:48 AM
Where is everybody?