View Full Version : unlock the final lock or whatever

24th March 2004, 10:44 AM
when you're converting back a dark poke to regular, even when the bar is completely gone that tells how "dark" they are, it says i still have to unlock the final lock, what else do you have to do?


24th March 2004, 11:26 AM
Ok, when all 5 darkness bars are empty, you still have to do a couple more things to revive your Shadow Pokémon.

Go to the Celebi Shrine by Agate Village. Choose a Pokémon that has cleared all of it's darkness meters. Make sure that this Pokémon is not in Hyper Mode, or else you can't heal it. If a Pokémon is in Hyper Mode, then use it in a battle, and use the "Call Out" command. Now, your Pokémon's darkness will be cured. Your Pokémon will get all of the experience points that it earned while it was a Shadow Pokémon, and it may evolve if it has reached the necessary level to evolve. You can now teach the Pokémon it's 4th move. If you want to, you can name your Pokémon. Now, your Pokémon will be completely cured of it's darkness.

Also, once in the game, you can take a Pokémon and cure it completely of it's darkness, regardless of how much you have reduced it's Darkness meters. If you play the Flute of Time at the Celebi Shrine, Celebi will appear and completely cure one of your Pokémon from it's darkness. This can only be done once though, so use it wisely!!