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*~ The Correct Divine ~*
Brought to you by B4Imagination

Long ago...

There were five spirits, also called 'Arch Angels' to us now adays, who helped the Being create a place known as "Earth". Each one of them were not made by the Being, but rather out of the same essence. When Earth was created, each one of the Arch Angels left an essense of themself deep into the harmony of life in earth. Of course, each Arch Angel was neither 'Good' nor 'Evil' - they were what they were, and they saw themselves as good. Whether they were good or evil, depended upon a creature's point of view.

When Earth was complete, the Arch Angels decided to slumber, and thus they hid themselves in five different places with in the land of the Earth. North,West,South,East, and Center. With in their slumber, they formed themselves in the shape of an animal crest, forever embedded upon some land marking to slumber peacefully. However, like all things... nothing can hide forever, and the time of men arose. With growing landscaping, destruction, technology and other things which men bring, came the awakening.

The Five Arch Angels awoke, and saw the world and what it had become...

And thus, they decided the world must be changed, or else the Earth which they had created for beauty and art, would be lost forever. Splitting up, each Arch Angel had their own unique ideas on how they wanted to Earth to change. So splitting up, each Arch Angel went in search of worthy and correct 'souls' for Adaptation.
If each Arch Angel could find correct souls, then and only then could they begin to shape the world the way each one of them believed it should be.

But with power comes a price...
... even if you are an Angel.

Alright, for a guide to the 5 Arch Angels, go to this website:


Copy/Paste because it's angelfire. ^^;

Here's the guide, just for referance.


> The power to control Wind
> Can create balance/harmony (Example: If some one is teetering and almost ready to fall off a cliff, she can make it so they either fall or swing back. Also applies to plants, she can kill them at will as long as another is born.

> Can create manipulate the law of gravity and motion

> Can transform into the magestic animal known as the "Gryphon". This creature is half lion, half eagle and is extremely swift and agile, with dagger-like claws and beak. Gryphons are known to have killed things as big as a dragon, and they are unbeatable in the sky.


> The power to control Fire
> Can create any animal at whim, that is not magestic. However, only one animal can be created every day.

> Power of the guardian - can create shields that are virtually indestructable, and Waike gains power if he is defending an innocent creature than if he were on the offensive.
> Can transform into the beast known as the "Dragon". This creature has the body of a lizard, armed with huge claws and giant leathery wings. The dragon can summon fire out from it's fire sac, and is known to spit out acid as well.


> The power to control Water
> Can give anyone a sudden feeling of courage, giving them a boost of power, energy and endurance to give them the edge to protect or battle (although Kyria is against this.)

> Power of Love - it can cure any sort of ailment such as delusions, nightmares, paralysis... it CANNOT bring things back from the dead however. It also some times can be used to calm the good, and if they are evil it causes the creature pain.

> Can transform into the being known as the "Fenris Wolf." This wolf is the reincarnation of the great Norse Mythology Wolf, who was said to have swallowed the sun. This is not true, but there was a Fenris wolf who aided the ARch Angels in protecing earth until it died. It then gave Kyria it's form as a sign of loyalty. The wolven form is huge, and it's jaws are unrivaled in power to crush things. The wolf also has the power to turn it's form into an outline of a shadow, or liquid of anything... but it cannot attack during this state.


> The Power to control Darkness
> She can use her element of revenge to suddenly bring memories back to a creature (memories of the creature, or of the creature's ancestors) to create rage or anger rise up with in them. This also can cause a creature to become far more violent.

> The Power of Dismal - a glowing orb, that can either cause pain or it can send a creature into a great daze or phase of depression, causing the creature to either go beserk and violent or to try to kill itself.
> Can transform into the beast known as, the "Nerifi Panther". This beast grew from the same womb as Fenris, but took the form of a panther who hid away from the Arch Angels. The great panther is pure black, and has diamond-like claws and teeth, and can disappear for short periods of time.


> The Power to control Light
> Can summon his element of Faith, to make people believe in themselves and in positive outcomings. It also makes things grow faster, and activiates holy objects to be used as a ward against evil.

> The Power of Sympathy - Can instantly make anyone hesitate for a second, to think about their actions and the consquences. Also makes a creature feel the pain or anguish of another....
> Can transform into the beast, the "Unicorn". The Unicorn is said to be the symbol of all that is pure and holy. With a diamond-like horn as long as 4 feet, it can attack as well as defend. The kick of a Unicorn is very leathal, and they are unmatched in speed upon the ground.

Alright, for referance... here are all the Correct Souls and whose Correct Souls they are. Powers are not listed, so check their profiles to know.

FEIYOU (Anjana's Halo)
- Phi Mitleid (Elemental Seribii)
-Tetsuhiko Kasahara (legendary fisherman1)
- Tenshi Shun Mastumori Jr. (PoLHaruko-san)

-Kayla Nora (EVme15)
-Torran Ylldier. ( Weasel Overlord)
-Dayube Baine (Mystic Clown)

WAIKE (Elemental Seribii)
-Kaia Dunkirk (The_Missing_Link)
-Liam Panteras (Green Lanturn)
-Genki Ming (Prof. JB Wolf)
-Otaki Maikon (Mystic Clown)
-Denny Roth (Mew Master)

ARAIN (Tsukasa)
-Rurik Wetherford (Emotional Faun Chiko-sai)
-Kanli Ming (EngiMatikul)
-Zephania Rhye (Vulpix.ck87)

-Lyia Tenyai (Bulbasaur4)
-Ethuil Laerien (Sakura12)

- Since you'll be a late sign up, you have two choices for an Arch Angel. I know I said Doyokai was the only one left, but it appears Crystal Tears has decided to drop out. You can choice either Doyokai or Kyria. If some one wishes to take the other Arch Angel Lady ali does not, say so but she gets first choice. If no one wishes to take the other Arch angel, I will play the other then.
Alright, so here is how we will start posting. Of course, post your sign up forms for each character that you have before you post for them in the starting posts.
Arch Angels - You have been awakened for about a month, and you already have your 'Modern Humanoid' Form adjusted to this new day and age. You are now looking for Correct Souls.

Correct Souls - You are in your everyday life, wherever that may be. The current season is Late Spring (Schools are still in affect.). I see most people live where my character, Lyia lives. To know where that is, look in her profile. (if you wish to live around that area or there.) However, no exact 'town/city' names will really be used in this RPG except for the big ones like New York, Tokyo, Paris... (if we progress to those areas.)

Alright! Have fun! And remember... when you start posting, imagine this RPG as a movie. I want this RPG to last long... and just picture a movie. When you think of the vivid images of the Arch Angels and Correct Souls when they use their powers.. think of grand movie affects. Think of cool music... lol, I just want people to have lots of fun with this RPG. I will be working on Correct Soul pages and The Being page too. ^^

Oh, yeah... one more thing. Those of you who play Arch Angels- you have the main motives to change the world, but feel free to give side motives as well. They're your characters.

Name: Lyia Tenyai
Gender: Female
Age: 21
Personality: Strong willed, yet kind hearted, Lyia likes to do what is right. She believes that nothing is more important than doing what is right, and despite her instincts she'll usually choose to go by her mind than instincts. She is kind and loyal, but she isn't afraid to stand up for what she believes in. Even though her Arch Angel, is Kyria, who won't fight, Lyia believes she will fight for Lyia.
Appearance: Her head/face/hair looks like this: . Here! If it doesn't work, copy/past (http://www.angelfire.com/vamp/darkspike/lyia.jpg)
Her outfit is Here! ^^ (http://www.pokemasters.net/forums/attachment.php?s=&postid=426668)
Wing Appearance: Her wings are a brilliant soft, down-like feel of baby birds feathers. They are a shining, ivory white with light skyblue tips at the end and speckles of light blue all around her soft wings.
Correct Soul Of: Kyria
Powers Given: She can summon water to do what she so desires, as long as she keeps singing. The stronger her voice, the stronger and bigger the water effects.
Skills: She's extremely talented in the art of singing. Her voice is beautiful and absolutely haunting yet beautiful.
Arian's Power to Control Gravity/Motion
Waike's Power of Fire (can feel heat, which could cause her to die by dehydration but she cannot be burned.)
Doyokai's Power of Revenge
Cannot be harmed by Feiyou's Unicorn's Horn
Relationships: Has many friends in her college. ^^ Looks after Ethuil once she meets her.
History: Grew up in America, she's a good student in college and going for a career in Marine Biology. She works part time at the nearbye zoo, where she helps trains the dolphins to prepare her for a marine biology career. She's often seen at the shows, where she helps out. She lives near a the coast, she she's often by the beach gazing out at sea.... She has a mother and a stepfather, since her father died in a shipping accident where a large explosion occured near one of the ships. Her father was burned alive, to his death. Since then, Lyia's been afraid of fire. Now she lives peacefully at college, her brother goes to the same college as well, and she often visits her mother when she can.
Other: Nuh-uh.

F - Correct Soul of Kyria
" So the rays of sunshine,
Shall crash all around,
And those rays of sunshine,
Will sweep you off the grouunnndd..-"
Lyia stopped her singing- she was singing in her dorm room, in college. Her roommate was off getting lunch, as she was practicing for the contest. It was only a week away... and Lyia was extremely nervous whenever she remembered about it. Lyia was a Junior, but however she felt like a nervous, frightened freshman about now. She couldn't help it...
" It won't do... I'm just getting worse." Frustrated, Lyia grabbed the piece of paper she had recently wrote on for notes, and threw it out her door. She always kept her dorm door open- everyone usually did in college. Except when she was sleeping, gone or changing.. it was always open.
Collapsing on the little, mini-couch she had in her dorm room, she rested her chin on her fist. Gazing her soft, liquid blue eyes towards the window, she began to wonder if it was a mistake to try to win at contest for singing. Maybe she really wasn't that good...? Maybe she wasn't cut out to sing at all... her voice, maybe it really wasn't as nice as her teachers thought it was. Lyia never though she was much of a singer...
" I wish there was some thing to do..." Lyia sighed, gazing out the window. It was cloudy out, with a looming sense that it could rain at any given moment. Lyia didn't like these days... she'd rather it rain or not, instead of threatening so she could determine what to do.
So Lyia tried to sing softly again...

(Note to Elemental Seribii- I changed Haile's age to 8, I think it suits her personality more and adds more of a twist once she's discovered to be, The Being.) Also, Haile's Appearance has changed to match her age. )

Name: The Being (Her human name is "Haile Mitleid")
Age: (Human Age is 8) (Real Age?: ???)
Gender: This time around, she's female
Personality: Soft spoken, always has a gentle appearance with a facial expression of serenity. She's calm, and cares about pretty much everything... even the creatures or those of evil. She has a way of making things seem alright even in the midst of war... She's extremely happy and cheerful as well, some one whose always positive. Full of energy!!
Appearance: This is her 'being' form, the one that she chooses (http://www.pokemasters.net/forums/attachment.php?s=&postid=426884) to show herself w hen s he's mystical. Her hair is that color, along with the wings... of course, no one really knows what her 'true' face or appearance is, because The Being always takes forms of other things. She also has the body of a 18-21 year old, along with her voice which changes as well. It's like she's the same person, but yet completely different... like in the Ayashi No Ceres transformations if you've seen it. (Also known as Ceres: Celestial Legend.)
However, her modern, humanoid appearance is this: Here is her human appearance... ^^ imagine this except a little younger to the age of 10. (http://www.angelfire.com/vamp/darkspike/cutewall273.jpg)
Powers: Her powers are unknown... even to the Arch Angels, who only remember the Angellic form of THe Being, when it talked to them.
Weapon: She has no weapons... she appears in this current world as a totally innocent human.
World: She's not there to change the world, but actually she's been reincarnated into the world, and has realized ever since she was a baby that she was, "The Being". She foresaw the Arch Angels awakening, so she her essense in the Cosmos reincarnated her as ahuman. Thus, not even the Arch Angels know her true identity (yet.) She is born in the world to merely see the changes and to perhaps... offer advice.
Relations: She loves all of the Arch Angels, with out a taint of sorrow of regret, along with all the creatures of earth.
Her reincarnation human self however, is the younger sister of Phil Mitleid. She is uncommonly nice and kind towards her older brother, (which is uncommon by most brother/sister relationships) and she rather relies on him a lot, since he's dependable.
History: According to legend, "The Being" has unknown origins. No one truely knows how it was created... or why. All that is known, is The Being created the earth, in her Cosmic, ethreal form. However, The Being is occasionally reincarnated as a human to serve a purpose... while her human body reincarnation has powers which only come when she reveals herself, unlike Correct Souls and Arch Angels, her reincarnated self ages and dies. She's purely human, just with a twist.
Reincarnation's History
Was born in America, grew up like any normal child with a mother and father.... attended school, and currently is a high school student. She's in sports such as Cheerleading and the swim team... and she's outgoing and known sorta as the stereotypical, 'nice girl."

Haile Mitleid
Reincarnated form of "The Being" - F - 8 yrs old.

"Phil? Phiil!" Haile ran down the hallway, from her room and immeidately, with out much hesitation, ran into her older brother's room. She grinned, leaping on the bed and instantly blinking, inquiring about her brother as he slept.
Instantly her brother jumped to awake, as Haile beamed with pleasure at waking up her best, favorite brother in the whole wide world. With out even giving him time to think, Haile instantly leapt off his bed and made sure that every angle of possible light that could come to his room, came. It was cloudy out, but it still was bright, even in the mid-morning.
" It's sorta cloudy out, but that's okay!! Maybe it'll rain and I can wear my bright teal and daisey rain coat, along with my cool new boots mom bought me! Then I can splash in the puddles!!! You can splash in the puddles with me- we don't need to drive to school, we can just simply walk. Wouldn't that be GREAT?! Oh, wake up! Breakfast is ready! Oooh, and I got a pretty bouquet of flowers for Spring! Mom said that they were as pretty as me!! "
Haile instantly rushed out of Phil's bedroom, with out giving him a chance to respond to anything. She was abnormally happy this morning, for she had no school. She wasn't sure if Phil had school, but she made a mental note that if he DID have school, she would weasel her way into going to his school with him. She absolutely looked up to her brother as if he walked on water himself, and she wanted to know what his school was like.
"Breeakfast!" Haile chimed, her sweet young face brightening up like a rose. She instantly climbed into the seat, instantly smothering her face into her breakfast with an abnormally fast and upbeat pace. She was really in a good mood... and her mother was pleased with this.
"Why Haile, did you wake your brother?"
"Yep!" She replied between her chewing, gazing out the window and watching her mother every now and then. She mostly was looking at the flowers sitting in the middle of the table- bright, daisey flowers. They were hers. That made her proud. Humming to herself between chews, Haile just continued to munch, munch away...

Fai D. Flowright
1st April 2004, 09:47 PM
I'll get my form up now so I don't forget! I'll be able to post tomorrow afternoon and quite a bit in this next week! It's Spring Break, BABY!!!!

Name: Arain
Gender: Female
Elements: Wind/Harmony/Gravity
Personality: Arain is a gentle soul that stands to balance all in life. Her harmonious spirit seeks law among all things and is attracted to to areas of imbalance and/or overdominence. Her aura is taken as depressed or distant, but she is really friendly and caring deep down. Arain never becomes enraged or out of control with her emotions, though, while in battle (if there is any), she can get somewhat agressive to defend her ways
Appearance: (Holy) - http://www.angelfire.com/vamp/darkspike/d03.jpg
(Human) - http://advancedanime.com/displayimage.php?pid=17545
Powers: Control of Winds, Creation of Balance or Harmony, Manipulation of Gravity and Motion, and ability to transform into the "Gryphon."
Weapon: The weapon in the attachment is the one of her choice. (There is a feather design where the vine-like stuff is on it.) The circle in the center is a Blue Topaz. When the blades are spun fast enough in certain directions, the speed of time and motion of a person or object is changed temporarily. The weapons name is Saburo.
World: She is aspiring to build a simple dictatorship in their world of chaos. She would create all the rules similar to one of the Communist party, where everyone has equal amounts of everything at all times. The only people that would be allowed to kill would be Arain herself, or her Correct Souls. Death in this manor would only be done if the laws of the world are not strictly followed, though.
Animal Appearance: http://www.goldenwolfen.com/store/originals/gryphon.jpg
Relations: Waike - Has a distaste for his separation of strong and weak and finds it difficult to agree on somethings with him.
Kyria - Is attracted by her loving nature and tends to act manored and friendly because of their somewhat similar goals
Doyokai - As the opposite to her aspirations and goals, Arain doesn't enjoy being in Doyokai presence due to her hidden chaotic intensions.
Feiyou - Has a great appreciation for him since he is first born and takes a neutral stance among the others' disagreements of ruling. Arain appreciates his understanding of balance, but is slightly disappointed by his opinion of her ruling perspective.
Other: Ooga-Booga-Booga! Stupid Dog...

[attachment deleted by admin]

1st April 2004, 09:47 PM
Name:Tenshi Shun Mastumori Jr.
Nickname/Goes By:Shun. Calling him Tenshi makes him angry, since it's like your associating him with his dad.
Personality:Shun, how may I want to say this, isn't a very talkative person. He's the kind of person who would rather want to go on his laptop and work on graphics and play video games than go outside and play sports. He's a quiet loner, who if talked to, get's mad or angry. He's also picked on at school for his hair and for his earing in his right ear.
Appearance:Around 6'2" even, he has black hair that in light, seems to be a darkblue color. His eyes are a teal-ish, a trait he gets from his dad(who's mother was American), and his hair is long for a guys. It goes down to below the shoulders, and it's always tied in a pony-tail with a rubberband. He wears a White Shortsleeve shirt, with a Navyblue/white flanel longsleeve button cotton shirt over the white shortsleeve, unbuttoned. He wears Khaki Baggy pants with a feel of thick cotton, that can be zipped/unzipped to form shorts or pants. He wears white/blue nikes.His long hair represents his indivduality..and he has to wear glasses while on the computer. He also wears a necklace that I'll draw out and scan later.^^
Is it ok that he carry's his laptop around with him in a carrying case?
Wing Appearance: His wings are fluffy and huge, with Wing's of a navy blue color. However, one feather on each wing is white, for a strange reason.
Correct Soul OF: Feiyou
Powers Given:
1.Using the power of Faith, Shun can literally log his mind onto the internet. This can happen at anytime... but like a computer, the mind needs a source of power. So it consumes energy from your body, and he can only stay 'logged on' for about 10 minutes, max with out rest.
2.Using the power of light, Shun can look at anyone and instantly tell what type of person they are. Shun can bascially see 'auras'... and auras reveal what type of person they are. (EX: a blue aura is generally nice and pure... etc..)
Skills:Shun's skills are that of a computer genius. He knows how to hack and all the other 1337 things.He's also good at research for things..like for reports or stuff on mythology.
Arain-Her power over Balance/harmony.
Waike-The fire that his dragon form throws at him won't hurt him.But he's extremely weak to the acid he spits out
Kyria-Her power of love has barely any effect on him.
Doyokai-Her power of revenge is very weak on him aswell. If anything, he'll snap more if this is being used on him, but nothing else.He's extremely weak to her Power of Dismal.
Relationships: None so far
When Shun was 5, he suffered a great loss. His mother, Tomoko, had died of Leukimia after refusing kemotherapy and and sort of treatment. She died infront of him, telling him "To never lose hope, Tenshi". She left her back account and her wallet/last paycheck to Tenshi-thinking that Shun will put it to good use. His father, after that, got depressive and...started bringing home co-workers at his lawfirm home for...well...^^;;. Anyway, Shun grew up with alone because his father barely tried to help.This produced Modern-day Shun, who looks back at his memories of his mom for comfort and doesn't like to be around other people.

Actually, for a week or so now before the RPG sets at, Shun's dad HAS been trying to spend more time with Shun..and Shun refuses. Shun had most of his mom's ashes made into a jewel, and the rest is kept in a unbreakable plastic/glass container..I'll draw this out.
Other:He grew up all his life in japan, but recently moved to America.

Shun-Correct Soul of Feiyou

"Tenshi, breakfast."I heard a noise coming from the kitchen, noises and fumes of ham and egg's sizzling on a frying pan came into my room. I took off my earbuds, and turned off my J-Rock that I was listening to. I then placed my computer on standby,and moved the bags of Cheetos and Wise Chips clear to get my Laptop/Bookbag case. I took that, and walked into the kitchen, sitting down at the table.

"I heard your dad makes a great omellete,Tenshi"It was one of dad's male co-workers. I looked at him, giving him a glare.
"I'm Shun, not Tenshi."I told him coldly, as he gave a suprised look. He looked back at Father, who was pouring the orange juice into small glasses.

"It's a phase, just call him that."Father replied to his co-workers stare. I remembered now, his co-worker was American, by the name of "Steven".
"Up all night again, Shun?"Father asked as he handed out the plates.I yawned the response,giving a small "Hai*" to his question.
"You know Shun, not everyone in america know's that Hai mean's Yes*."Steve replied.
"Just saying, you might want to nod your head, or just say yes."
"Anyway, I heard that you run the firm's website, is that correct?"Steve tried to bring on a conversation as I ate my cheese and bacon omellete, with a little wasabi. Father looked at me, pressuring me to respond.

"Yes."I replied, gulping down my bite of food."But it's boring, no one really come's to try to hack it at all."
"I suppose that's because they are afraid of your security measures, heh?"
"Yeah..uh...whatever."I responded to his remark, finishing off my breakfast by gulping down my orange juice. Father looked at each of my movements-to me placing my plate and cup in the sink, to taking a can of cola from the fridge.

"Whatcha stare'n at, Tenshi?"Steve asked my dad. I waited for the response too as I walked to the doorway, leaning and drinking the can of Vanilla Coke.
"Uh...nothing.I'll tell ya at work, ok?"He replied. I sighed, and moved towards my room again. It was actually a hour before school, and I wanted to atleast clean up the bags of junkfood that weren't actually empty. I grabbed a plastic bag from my closet, and gathered the bags. Taking a broom, I brushed the crumbs up, and made everything tidy.

"I suppose I've gotta put my hair up now."I told myself, silently walking to my bathroom..

Elemental Seribii
1st April 2004, 10:41 PM
Since I'm here...

Name: Waike
Gender: Male
Elements: Fire/Body/Guardian
Personality: He tends to keep to himself, but he’s not a total loner. He can be harsh and to the point, but just doesn’t like messing around. A nice guy in general, he hates to see those who are stronger abusing their power instead of using it for something useful. He can be fiercely defendant of the innocent and weak, along with a strong sense of justice.
Appearance: His human form in on the site. His Holy form is basically the same, except his hair is a little longer, and his eyes seem like blue flames. His two wings are like his siblings, except transparent, because they are actually white fire, the ends flicker and do burn. His Holy form wears a white shirt with a Roman collar that has crimson, swirling designs on the arms and at the bottom of the shirt. He also wears black, slightly baggy trousers with the same motif, but they spiral up his legs. In both forms, his skin is always very warm. ^-^;
The Power to control Fire.

He can create any animal at whim that isn’t majestic, but only one animal can be created every day.

Power of the Guardian – He can create shields that are virtually indestructible, and Waike gains power if he is defending an innocent creature than if he were on the offensive.

Can transform into the beast known as the "Dragon". This creature has the body of a lizard, armed with huge claws and giant leathery wings. The dragon can summon fire out from its fire sac, and is known to spit out acid as well.

Weapon: Metal ‘claws’ (think Wolverine-ish) for each hand, on straps that are around his knuckles and palms. The metal is extremely hard to break, and the strap has rubies embedded in it. The rubies are actually crystallized fire, and give the claws the ability to become surrounded in flames.
World: He wishes for the strong to protect the weak, by creating an army to destroy all evil in the world. He wants his Correct Souls to rule, with the power that he will give them, so that they and other they deem worthy can protect the weak.
Animal Appearance: Clickers (http://www.planetnintendo.com/ff1/fanart/reddragon.jpg).
Relations: Waike does love all of his siblings, he just doesn’t show it often.
Feiyou: He wishes he had the same faith in humanity and the world, but fears what will happen if, as Feiyou wishes, the world is left without change. His innocence and naivety often leave Waike worried.
Doyokai: He does care about her, as everyone has to appreciate the darkness, but he often wonders about her darker intentions. He wishes she did not have such empty, vengeful emotions.
Kyria: He often sees great power in love and courage, and therefore does greatly appreciate what Kyria stands for. She’s also his ‘opposite’, water. However, he believes that it is not possible to simply capture evil, for it always finds a way out – it must be purged completely.
Arain: He admires her for her unfailing sense of justice, but he believes that her idea of complete balance is unneeded, and that dictatorship, even one watched over by an Archangel, won’t work.
Other: Whee, Weiss Kreuss boys are good.

Mmhmm, someone's Archangel has the most Correct Souls. X3
Waike: *cackles*

Waike - Archangel of Fire/Body/Guardian
Arain, Feiyou, Doyokai, Kyria. When did all of this go so very wrong? The Earth, which we gave our deepest, most precious gifts, it's been abused.

Screw the sentimental stuff. Never was good at it anyway.

I was leaning against a lampost, watching modern human life swarm around me. A few girls stopped and pointed, giggled and then ran off. I could only raise my eyebrows, and chalk it up to...something or other. I believed I was somewhere in a city in modern-day Asia, not that transporation was a real problem for me.

I could almost feel the emotions of the humans that sidestepped and threw me glances as they passed by. I was searching for the ones that burned inside - ones who would respond to the fire's call. They would help me in what I believed would be the way to create an ideal world. One with guardians of the innocent and weaker.

I hadn't seen my siblings for quite a long time, and wondered what they looked like as well. Personally, my red hair stood out quite a bit, as did my equally red eyes. Hmm.

Rolling my shoulders, I felt the wind pick up, and felt a surge of fire flood my thoughts.

Pushing off from the lampost, I looked as though I was simply a red-headed stranger walking down the street. But in actuality, I was searching for those who had caused the burning sensation in my mind.

I would find them, the ones who could help my wishes become a reality, to save this Earth.


Name: Phi Mitleid
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Personality: He judges people by the good he sees in them, not the bad. He doesn’t hate anyone, but certainly can dislike others. He’s not shy, but not outgoing, and prefers to listen than talk. He’s empathetic, usually infectiously happy, and always tries to understand why things happened. He prefers trying to outsmart people than using physical force to get out of trouble, and he prefers to do things by himself than getting others to help him.
Appearance: Ebony hair, mixed with a darker brown. It that reaches just below his ears in the back, but is shorter in the front. His eye color varies from a dark purple to a deep blue. His skin is pale, but it’s not ghost-white. He’s built slim, but not too girlishly, but he looks like he’s agile. He usually wears a white, formal shirt and black trousers with black shoes, sometimes with a black jacket thrown over that.
Wing Appearance: Two pairs of angel-like wings, that appear to be made simply out of white light, they’re translucent, only the outline is visible.
Powers Given:
He can create energy-like balls of light, used to either blind oponents or to hurl at people to make them get knocked backwards. The bigger the energy ball, the more energy is consumed from him and the weaker he gets until he rests.

With the boosted power of Faith, Phi's mind becomes computer-like. He can instantly solve just about anything - from math to life's problems - even if he didn't know the answer in the first place.

Correct Soul of: Feiyou
Skills: Any game that isn’t a physical sport. Chess, card games, video games, board games, rock-paper-scissors, you name it. He’s either amazingly skilled or amazingly lucky.
Waike: Power of the Guardian. He can’t actually break the entire shield, but he can pass through by himself.
Doyokai: Revenge. He might become angry from the memories, but he won’t automatically become more violent.
Arain: The Gryphon’s attacks may leave cuts and scars, but they don’t actually hurt.
Kyria: Power of Love. Which is probably a bad thing.
Relationships: His younger sister is Haile. He's rather protective of her, and doesn't mind her following him around to some extent. They have a very good relationship for a brother/sister type of thing.
History: Nothing special. His family’s ancestors come from Germany, but he’s been living in New York. He’s been going to private school for most of his life, hence why he’s usually seen in his uniform. He has a younger sister and brother, and he’s happy with his life. He’s planning to become a fiction writer when he gets out of college, but his future is still up in the air. He’s basically trying to survive high school.
Other: His full name is Philip, but he goes by Phi and Phil. ^__^;

Philip Mitleid - Correct Soul of Feiyou
"Phil!" Halie cheered as I walked into the kitchen. "Did you sleep okay?" She grinned as she continued to eat her cereal, and I nodded. I noticed the daisies on the table, and smiled.
"Yeah, I slept fine. Until I heard the most awful noise, and it woke me up. Hey, it kinda sounded like you." She giggled and shoved my shoulder, as I sat down next to her and poured myself some cereal. Halie hummed next to me, probably some song she had heard on the radio.

"Do you have school?" I looked over at my little sister, and I could see she was going to find a way to follow me, school or not.
"Yeah-" I was going to continue, but I was cut off.
"Oh, Phil! Pleeeease can I come with you? Huh, please Phil? I'll go home as soon as we get there, I just wanna see it!" She begged. My mother chuckled, and I smiled.
"Sure, Hail. She can walk back by herself, right Mom?"
"I'm sure Halie's old enough. School's barely a fifteen-minute walk away anyway."
"Cool. Well, I'm gonna go get the rest of my stuff together, then we'll leave. Alright?"
"Alright!" She echoed back, and we both finished off our breakfast, and I left the kitchen to find my books and backpack, while Halie continued humming.

"Phil! You're gonna be late!" My mother called from the kitchen. I dashed out of my room once again, and then out the door, Halie at my heels. She had her rain boots and coat on, as it had started to rain, but not heavily. She laughed as she jumped from one newly-formed puddle to the next, and managed to splash me more than once.

"I like the rain." Halie thought aloud. "But I think I might like the sunshine a little more."
"Oh really?" I asked, as she twirled in place, catching raindrops in her mouth.
"Really. Sunshine means that everything's gonna be alright. And daisies remind me of the sunshine too."


Ne, hope that's okay. ^__^;

Mew Master
1st April 2004, 11:12 PM
Correct Soul Sign-up

Name: Denny Roth

Gender: Male

Age: 19

Personality: Cheerful and optimistic, he sees the brighter side of things. Also looks at a situation to see the best possible way of dealing with said situation. Is friendly and is one people can talk to about anything. It is hard to get him rilled up or angry about anything. Can control his negative emotions very well.

Appearance: Has long dark brown hair, usually tied up in a ponytail. His bangs are short. Stands 6'4" at around 150lbs, and has green eyes. Usually dresses in dark grey cargo pants, t-shirts with dragons, blue and white tennis shoes, glasses, a ragged and torn green hat with a blue bill. Wears a black, white, and red jacket that's old and the edges of the sleeves are ragged and the right elbow is torn open. He also has a chain necklace with a red stone at the end. It's been in his family for generations and as far as he knows, it's been called a Fire Stone.

Wing Appearance: Pure flames that take the shape of wings. They retract into his shoulders when he has no need for them.

Correct Soul OF: WAIKE

Powers Given (Thanks Bulba =^^=):

Flame Barrier: To create different variations of sheilds and use them in other ways besides defending. Like keeping someone from escaping or collecting things. Kinda like Green Lantern's abilities but not exactly. Can't be used at long distances, must remain in close vacinity or else the Energy disperses.

Artistic Blaze: He has the power to draw any picture he'd like, using his talented artistic skills. Once that picture is drawn, he can summon the flame to burn the picture, and once the picture is completely burned it transforms into whatever creature was upon that paper. However, that creature does not have a body of flesh and bones, but rather of pure fire. It does whatever Denny desires, but it will only last as long as Denny's power, or unless it is put out by a LARGE amount of water. (No petty drop of a bucket, watering hose will due. These creatures can even jump in a medium-sized pool and completely steam it, and still keep their form. However the more water dumped upon them, the smaller their form gets.)

Skills: A skilled artist, he's always liked to draw. Can stand his own in a fight, even if he does end up defending and dodging his opponent's attacks.

ARAIN: Immune against her Gravity Manipulation
KYRIA: Immune against Water
DOYOKAI: The Power of Dismal
FEIYOU Against the Unicorn form.

Relationships: Friend and classmate to Lyia Tenyai. Any other, just ask.

History: Has moved around the United States since he was 8. His mother finally settled down and married his stepfather, who currently is a truck driver, cruising the country. After he started attending college his mother went on the road with his Step dad. He is studying Paleontology, an interest he's nurtured since he was 5. He's worked on bones and even helped out at the museum run by the College. Not enrolled in any art classes this year, he's never seen without his sketch book and a pencil in hand, and is always seen sketching something.

Other: For the past few months, he's been having dreams about flames and a giant red dragon. For unknown reasons the dragon has all that he's drawn since he started dreaming. Also is very good at dodging and has very fast reflexes.

Denny Roth~M~Correct Soul of Waike

I yawned.

I yawned because my Calculus was boring the life out of me.

Sitting inside my room at the Men's dormatory, I had my legs crossed, and my calculus book sitting in my lap. My pencil was in my hand, tapping against the paper with my current finished problems. The table inside the room was covered with some of my books, videos, Manga, a DVD or two, some random sketches, and my folder that had my Calc notes. Music played from my stereo, a CD that I had burned from music I got from the internet.

"Meh... 6 more problems and three I don't know how to even start. Yup.... I'm bored."

Frustrated and annoyed with my math, I shut the book with the problems on it and placed it on the table.

I sighed. College was supposed to be fun, but since the second semester of the school year started I seemed to get swarmed with Math and assignments for my Historical Geology. Looking out the window, I saw the clouds get darker and thicker.

Rain. I wanted it to rain.

I missed the smell of rain, I had loved it since I was young. The smell of the newlyfallen rain, washing away the troubles of the earth and cleansing it. Jake thought I was crazy at times. Wishing for it to rain and keep raining for as along as possible. I didn't care. I liked being odd or weird, but just different

Yawning again, I wondered why I felt so tired. Staying up till 1 AM finishing the Cartoons for the Newspaper last night was NOT a good idea.... I contemplated it some more, and I looked at my bed. My bookbags were laying on the matress we were isued the first week we got to college.

Looking out the window and then at the bed, I decided.

Kicking off my shoes and throwing my bags to the floor near my shelf, and taking off my glasses, I plopped on my bed, my face burried in my pillow. Rolling on my side, my eyelids getting heavy, I went into a hopefully restful nap.


~Mew Master

Prof. Jb Wolf
2nd April 2004, 12:00 AM
Name: Genki Ming
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Personality: Very simple and jovial, Genki is often looked over as dumb or slow. While he is a tad slow, it is only because he often takes the time to weigh boths sides of all arguments or problems to come up with some very wise counsel. Unless it comes to those bullying the weak. Genki cannot simply stand that and will often act impulsively to help those who are being picked on or are downtrodden.
Appearance: Tallish, only an inch shy of six feet, with a fairly muscular build. He has a sort of boyish face with some laugh lines already forming around his mouth from so much smiling and laughing. His dark brown eyes have an Oriental slant to them and his hair is a dark black, but it has a slightly bluish tone towards the tips. Long, it falls almost to his knees and is tied into an intricate braid. Wears a red bandanna around his head to keep his bangs from falling in his face. Usually wears a dark crimson blazer over a black shirt and jeans.
Wing Appearance: Large, expansive wings that are sort of half draconic and half angelic. Feathers run all along the back starting red towards the top and going golden towards the bottom. The inside webbing is sort of a darker yellowish-orange.
Correct Soul OF: Waike
Powers Given: *As copied from PM (With some editing to include my character's name.)*

* The power of protection. When using his extreme concentration and almost unnatural body skills, Genki can protect a creature by covering or hugging them with his own body as protection from virtually anything. Of course, depending upon the attack or thing he is protecing from, it uses up energy. (Example: if he was protecting some one from a flying piece of branches, it wouldn't take that much energy. But, if he was protecting from a full-blown attack from lets say... the Arch Angel Doyokai, it would cause an extreme energy drain.)

* Using Waike's ability of Fire, Genki can cause his adrenaline to rush and his body temperature to heat up to give him even more unreal strength. However, the more strength he summons... the more his body temperature goes up, and it wears him out after a while and if he uses so much strength for extreme purposes, his body might break down. (Like a heat stroke etc..)
Skills: Genki has an almost unnatural strength and stamina. He has been both teased and feared because of this, but he always does the right thing.
Arian - Control of Gravity (While not totally immune, Genki can withstand the pressure quite well.)
Kyria - Control of Water (Isn't easily swept away and once his powers are awakened, anything short of a small tsunami sort of turns to steam on his body.)
Doyokai - Power of Dismal (Can easily block out the pain created by this power, but has trouble controlling any feelings of anger or depression created by the power.)
Feiyou - Power of Light (Cannot be blinded by the light created by the correct ones of Feiyou or Feiyou himself.)
Relationships: Brother to Kanli Ming (Box)
History: Had a fairly normal childhood, being very close to his twin Kanli. They grew up with seeing the same things, experiences the same events, having the same troubles... There are some reasons that he and his brother know why he acts one way while the brother acts another. Now, as Angels and their differences grow, the two have begun to stray apart from each other. Genki and Kanli live in the same town and go to the same college as Rurik and Lyia. While Genki is only a sophomore, his brother is a junior.
Other: Doki Doki!

Genki Ming - Correct Soul of Waike
Click. Click. Click. Click. The rhythmic typing that had lulled me to sleep the night before woke me in the morning. Groggily I rolled over on to my feet, neatly catching the book that had been on my chest. I had been up late studying the damnable math book. I just didn't have the mind for this kind of stuff like Kanli.

Click. Click. Click. Click. Speaking of whom....I turned my head toward the source of the clicking. Sure enough, Kanli was there working on, what was most likely, the same report from last night. His face was blank as his fingers did their dance on his keyboard, the glow of the screen flashing off his glasses.

"Oi...bro," I muttered as I stood and walked over to him. "Don't ya think dat you should get some sleep at least ONCE this week?"

He glanced at me from the corner of his eyes as he continued typing. "I'm just fine, though-"

"A cup of tea would be nice..." I finished as I walked to our small kitchen and started boiling a pot of water. I glanced at the clock. "Its almost noon, why didn't you wake me earlier?"

Kanli didn't answer.

Click. Click. Click. Click.

I sighed and took out a small box of herbs. Sprinkling them in two cups, I poured both us a cup as water came to boil. I walked over and handed one to Kanli as I quietly sipped mine. We passed some time in silence drinking tea. I broke the silence. "You do know we have a lecture to get to."

My brother sighed and saved his work before standing. "Then we should get going." He walked passed me to get his coat.

It had been like this lately. Our differences had never been a rift between the two us. But after what happened....Things weren't quite the same. I sighed again as I finished my tea and then grabbing my own jacket. I had a feeling this was going to be a long day...

2nd April 2004, 12:10 AM
Name: Kanli Ming
Age: 19
Personality: A man who usually keeps thoughts to himself. He does ponder a lot and certainly has his opinions on the world. He has learned mostly to work on logic and repress as much emotion as possible. Though he usually tries to keep a level head on all situations, he finds particularily intolerable concepts of greed and jealousy; he believes that if these selfish emotions were to some how be rid of, the world would become a much more reasonable and livable utopia. In spite of his stoicness, he does show signs of irritation and curiosity, while also retaining a polite manner. Does not usually show much willingness to fight, nor has much attitude to care for much things, making him seem more heartless than he actually is. Lives mostly a rather humble and simple life.
Appearance: Approx. 5'7, weighing just over 90 pounds, a particularly skinny sort of figure. His hair is light blue and a medium short cut, not short as in spiky haired short but no longer than to the neck. Has two long fringes tha go down to the shoulder, each located just behind the ear. Eyes are slightly more slitted, but not entirely giving the impression of an evil or cold hearted person. wears a grayish turtleneck and beige slacks. "Regular shoes", because I don't like describing shoes.
Wings: His wings resemble that of an insect, perhaps close to a mayfly, crane fly, or dragonfly. They are clear with small glowing light blue veins that are not visible from far and only visible from close when extracting; the wings look something like film or glass, reflecting light at an angle but lucid for most of the time. When flying (assuming they fly), it makes a light humming sound and beats at an incredible speed.
Correct Soul: Arian
- Has control over the physical laws of motion and time, to an extent. Is very straining on him if used and cannot be used in long periods of time.
- Creating compounds from elements. The elements are of the most basic components (Carbon, Hydrogen, Oxygen, Nitrogen, maybe Silicon...) and the products that are formed have no definite shape, are in its most stable form, and are not caustic enough to burn a hole through Kanli's hand (burn it, maybe). Otherwise, he can make as much sugar, water, and glass as much as there is sand and air!! A glass of sugar water, anyone?
Skills: Skilled in logics of Math and Science: Can make almost immediate calculations in physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, and biological aspects of his environment if asked to, identifying, calculating, and sometimes predicting events tha come upon him. (Predictions as in, he can estimate quite easily how soon a flying rock would say, hit him, but he cannot predict what a person thinks or mind read)
Waike: Apathy: Waike and others does not feel as strong in protecting the weak around Kanli.
Kyria: Emotional restraint: Neutralizes spells of love, compassion, and all that sort of him and those around him
Doyokai: Anger Management: Neutralizes the sense of revenge or anger for himself and those who are affected by Doyokai's spell
Feiyou: Steadfastness: Sympathy and doubt from Fei's spell are neutralized in Kanli and those around him.
Relationships: Brother to Genki Ming (Prof. Jb Wolf's character)
History: His outlook on world has not always been so "cold", if one might put it. However, for the most part he grew up with his brother seeing the same things, experiences the same events, having the same troubles... There are some reasons that he and his brother know why he acts one way while the brother acts another. The two brothers, when young, were very close to each other, but as differences and Angels come along, they seem to stray further apart. He and his brother currently reside in the same town Rurik and Lyia are in and goto the same college, though have never met with either. He is a year ahead in college (he's a junior).
Other: Moshi Moshi! *Makes PJBW post*

Unclean streets. Homeless students. Rampant drug use. This was the scenery of the slums, a most degrading and unfortunate area of our city which, more unfortunately, we must cross through to get from our dormatories to the university. Its almost just as disgusting seeing the high built corporations and large chain supermarkets so close to the starving population in the alleys. At least I had something to distract myself from the scenary while walking through; there's a test coming up for Neurology, and I wanted to make sure I've reviewed the subject thoroughly and brought along a small handbook. Unfortunately, I could not speak the same for my accompaniment.
Upon proceeding through the slums, Genki happened to overhear an argument... or rather, a shouting from a kitchen backdoor of a restaurant. We both went to check what was going on, and saw a rather tall and former looking person yelling over what seems like dirty adolescent washing dishes. The adolescent was trying its best to endure the harsh treatment of the manager (assumption).
"Let's move on." Genki tried his best to endure the concept of the harsh treatment, though I can tell he seemed to be in as much pain as the child. But it was when a sort of whacking sound was heard that Genki rushed through the doors and held the manager back from hitting any more.
"What the hell do you think you're doing?!?" Genki shouted.
"Let go of me, fool! This boy deserves every strike, indulging in some of the finest cuisines without paying a dime..."
"MAYBE HE CAN'T YOU GREEDY..." Genki didn't even have time to finish up his sentence before he attempted an aim to punch straight into the manager's face. I quickly took the manager by the collar and pulled him back 7 inches, in which at 6 and 1/2 inches Genki lost his balance and tumbled a bit, but got back up.
"The manager does have a point," I stated as the manager got back up and brushed himself. "The child should have realized what was in store for him if he tried something like that. I recognize he could have been starving and had no money, but nevertheless he should have known this place is no place to fool around in."
"The kid couldn't have known better!" My brother argued back.
"Your friend here is right, this child should have known the consequences for stealing a cuisine like this, and as they say, you live you learn..."
"You yourself have more to learn," I interrupted, fixing my eyes on his. "It is true the child must pay, but not to the same amount of torment and torture you give him. I believe what he has gone through in the last couple of seconds is enough to suffice for his stolen meal. I provide this more of a warning than advice: next time, I will not be as quick to stop my brother. Let's go, we're going to be late for school."

2nd April 2004, 08:49 AM
Name: Ethuil Laerien
Gender: Female
Age: 12
Personality: Young and innocent, Ethuil is the laughter of the group. She is always there to listen and to cheer the others up, and to listen when they are troubled.
Appearance: At 5'0", Ethuil is one of the shortest in the group. Her auburn hair shrouds her shoulders, complimenting her sparkling blue-grey eyes and her dimpled smile. Ethuil often wears bright colours like pink or sky blue, usually a plain tee with knee-length pants or skirt.
Wing Appearance: Long, butterfly-shaped wings that are tinged blue, with what seems to be like silverish spider silk embroidering the edges. When wet, the edges shimmer in the light.
Correct Soul OF: Kyria
Powers Given: ((writen below are the powers given by the great Bulba))
* When with Lyia, if she plays her flute when Lyia sings to create her creature, she adds a powerful force behind the creature of Lyia allowing the creature to last longer and become more powerful. If Lyia stops singing for a while, Ethuil can keep playing her flute and keep the creature going for a little bit.
* Courage. Ethuil can for brief moments of dire need or real emergencies, Ethuil can use Kyria's power of courage for herself, and this causes her to be able to do amazing things- anything from jumping incredibly far or giving a powerful blow. It wears her out however, very fast.
Skills: Ethuil is talented in the performing arts, mainly, music. She can play the flute very well, and is efficient in the piano, cello and guitar, as well as singing aria or soprano (don't worry, she hasn't broken any glass yet). Ethuil is also a dancer, though not as good as she is a flautist or a cellist.
~ Arain: immune to the Power of Balance/Harmony
~ Waike: immune to the Power of Fire, unless the temperature is so high it can melt diamond, then she might die immediately
~ Doyokai: immune to the Power of Dismal, unless Ethuil is already in a slightly crazed/angry mood, which doesn not happen often, considering her music background (music can calm the soul)
~ Feiyou: immune to the Power of Sympathy
Relationships: Ethuil becomes good friends with Lyia, who often watches out for her, like an older sister.
History: A blank. The earliest memory, or rather the earliest thing people know about her is her adoption from the streets by a rich couple who have tried and failed several times to have a child of their own. That was 4 years ago, when she was 8. Before that, nothing.
Other: Another time, perhaps. Nothing now.

*^~ Ethuil Laerien // Correct soul of Kyria~^*

The bell rang shrill and loud, echoing about the empty passageway outside the neat rows of classrooms. I was jerked out of my stupor as people around me picked up their bags and made their way to the door. Over the noise of chairs scrapping the floor, Mrs. Trestine, my Biology teacher, shouted for us to do page 37 of our workbook for homework. Pretending not to hear her, I joined the crowd pushing to get out for lunch. However, instead of going down the stairs to the cafeiteria with the unruly mob, I went all the way up the hallway and made a left turn into the music practice room.

It was empty, as always. No one ever used the music room, besides me. In the corner, the piano stood collecting dust, as did the small pile of scores on the bookshelf beside it. In fact, almost everything in this room was dust-spun, except the cello: my cello. Gleaming innocently on the floor, it was my pride and my comfort. Running my hand over its freshly polished surface, I had the sudden urge to play a tune. I pulled out the piano seat and wiped the dust off before sitting down and setting out the cello foot to match my short stature. Then, I began to play 'Canon in D Major', my favourite classical piece. I did not need the score; I had already memorised it, and could play it almost flawlessly on the cello, flute, guitar and piano. Immersing myself in the music, I played on and on.

Towards the end of the piece, I had a sudden flash, as I sometimes had of my past. This one, however, did not fit with my other flashes. I was actually laughing with a bunch of other people, some male, some female. Shocked, I stopped my bow in mid-note. I had very few friends at school. Despite my bubbly nature, my classmates usually shied away from me, perhaps because of my past. Because I was an adopted child. That was why I had taken to hiding in the music room during lunch hour. So how was it that I was surrounded by a group of people who looked as though they were my friends?

The bell rang to signal the end of lunch. With a jolt, I hurriedly stowed the vision at the back of my mind, lay my cello down on the floor, grabbed my bag and hurried out of the music room for my next lesson...

Green Lanturn
2nd April 2004, 12:06 PM
Name: Liam Panteras
Gender: Male
Age: 14
Personality: He is very competitive and loves to mess around. He is great around his friends and he is known for not backing down from any challenge.
Appearance: Hes about 5'10. He likes to wear red clothes, and he is used to wearing a red t-shirt with a crimson vest on and black shorts. He has brown,semi-long curly hair and hazel eyes.
Wing Appearance: Kind of like the wings of a salemence, pendulum-blade like in appearance and red. The have orange and yellow patterns in them to make them seem as though made of flame.
Correct Soul OF: Waike
Powers Given:
* Using the same element of Protection, Liam can point to any type of organic plant and cause it to suddenly grow rapidly, to create from anywhere from a complicated maze of growing vegetation, to a huge barrier. The bigger he makes the plants grow, the more energy is required of him. Usually makes him feeling incredibly hot and sweat, thus he'll need water. ^^ If he makes a whole field of plants grow (to perhaps get away or hide) he could even faint.
* Liam can create small animals out of fire for an attack. Only small animals however- nothing bigger than a regular sized dog. Still... they're fire animals. That still burns.
Skills: Liam is known for his skills with science. Renowned in his school for his zoology/botany experience, he takes comfort in knowing as much as he can about his surroundings.
~ Arain: immune to the Power of Gravity/motion(to an extent, i mean, if the archangel used it a couple of times, he would no doubt have to give in)
~ Kyria: immune to the Power of Water(minor instances, not like tidal waves and monsoons)
~ Doyokai: immune to the Power of Dismal
~ Feiyou: immune to the Power of Sympathy
Relationships: Open
History: Lived with his father all his life cause him mother died during the birth of himself. He often feels a little guilty for it, but his dad often comforts him on it, when he can. His dad is a work-a-holic and is hardly around when needed so Liam took up his martial arts in hope to have something to do. It turned out he liked it, and now focuses on making friends at school, so that he cwont have to worry about his father. His martial arts also help him in that, focusing on defensive maneuvers, no one bothers him in any way to worry.
Other: ggrrrrr, nothing for other. It deserves nothing but other!!!

~Liam Panteras-Correct Soul of Waike~

I sat in my science class. Most of the kids in the class knew my skill and they often hated me for it, all except for my friends. I would often turn around in my lab stool and see a glaring pair of eyes, which would immediately turn away once they noticed me. I sssat with a friend of mine at our lab table. Today, our class was working with plants, so the ag class had joined in. Both teachers were in front, doing the experiments on their own, gazing at all of us with keen eyes. I really enjoyed this.

*ring ring ring ring* The class bell rang. I picked up my things and walked out of class, alone. My friends called to me down the hall, but i told them that id see them later, after lunch.

I went directly to one of the tennis courts. There, i would often study my sciences, keeping in tune with what we were doing. Today however, i focused mainly on my martial arts. I set up a fall launcher, and would repeatedly fend off any ball that came in my direction. As one came, i would immediately knock it away, by foot or hand, whichever was next in order. I was always alone in this, however, many thought me a freak for practicing with so many defensive tactics. I thuroughly enjoyed it.

After the machine finsihed, I ran around gathering each of the balls and placing the machine back where i got it. The sun was blazing outside, but i somehow felt very comfortable in the heat. I heard the ball ring, signaling the beginning of the next period. I wiped myself off with a towel, ran to the gym to put my stuff away, and thenv hurried off to my next class, though i knew it wouldnt be much fun, as I had Ag next, and being that my ag class was with my science, and being that i had just had science previously, i knew I wouldnt be doing much of anything.


2nd April 2004, 05:59 PM
Good luck with the website Bulbi.

Name: Otaki Maikon
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Personality: He’s a bit on the lazy side and may be a bit insensitive at times. He’s generally a nice guy and a great friend. He may seem a bit of a jerk at times, but he doesn’t mean to be. He’s really good with kids and is pretty brave. He can be a bit over protective at times and sometimes jumps the gun.
Appearance: look here:
Wing Appearance: They resemble bird wings except they are covered with an orange fire.
Correct Soul OF: Waike
Powers Given:
Once concentrated, Otaki character can create a sheild around any area of his body to make a sort of 'hardness' around it, making a blow with that part of his body immensely powerful. Like most powers however, the longer and more 'unbreakable' a sheild he makes around that body part (like a hand or leg), the more energy is drawn from him.

Protection Flames - He can summon the power of fire to create a circle-like barrier around anything he desires, and the flames can go as high as a regular 2-storied house. This protects anything it surrounds, preventing MOST things from entering.
Skills: He’s skilled at Ju-jitsu
Arian-the ability to manipulate gravity and motion
Kyria-the power to control water
Daiyoko-the power of dismal
Feiyou-the power to control light
History: He’s spent most of his life living on the streets. He knows how cruel the world can be and doesn’t want other children to go through what he’s been through. It was because of this that he started a small orphanage in the slums and has dedicated himself to protecting the children.

Otaki-Correct soul of Waike
I sat on the bench at the park, watching the kids. 4 of them were playing tag and 5 were playing hide-and-go-seek. That’s when I noticed that there was one missing.
Where’s little Melissa?
“Otaki,” came a voice and something tugged on my jacket. I looked down to see little Melissa, who had a bouquet of flowers in her hand.
“I picked these for you,” she said, smiling. I smiled and took the flowers.
“That’s really sweet of you,” I replied, “come here.” I gave Melissa a hug.
“Now go and join the others,” I said, sending Melissa over to the others. I sat back down on the bench and continued watching the kids.

Name: Dayube Baine
Gender: Male
Age: 22
Personality: He’s cold, distant and hates everything. He despises the world and what it’s become. He wants to destroy everything. He’s quite intelligent, cunning and manipulative. He’s also very decisive.
Appearance: He’s has short, raven black hair which flops over his face and poisonous green eyes. He’s really pale and pretty skinny. He wears a black shirt, a white coat, purple pants, black shoes and a chain with a silver skull on it.
Wing Appearance: Large, black bat wings which are usually surrounded by a purple mist.
Correct Soul OF: Daiyoko
Powers Given:
Using the power of revenge, Dayube can search through the trash or any sort of thing like that, and summon a drawing that he finds on paper. He then can bring that drawing to life, bringing into the real world and taking the form it's original artist who drew it, meant it to be. HOWEVER, the drawing can only be brought to life if the artist THREW the picture away. Dayube cannot summon his own creations. (Also, the bigger and more powerful a drawing, the more energy drained.)

Deception - Create darkness to surround any object, in a 10 ft radius. The darkness is complete and cannot be broken unless the creature or person walks out of it, or if the person summons Feiyou's power of light, which then they can see two feet around them.
Skills: He’s a very skilled artist
Arian-the power to control wind
Waike-the power to control fire
Kyria-the power of love
Feiyou-the power of sympathy
Relationships: None
History: Unknown (TBR)

Dayube-Correct soul of Daiyoko
I sat alone in the darkness, the only from of light was from a nearby lamp. The shades were closed, keeping out all natural light. I sat in front of a canvas, painting a ruined city. I could here people enjoying themselves outside. I despised them, I despised this world. I just wanted it all destroyed.
Miserable insects. Destroying this world and acting like they’ve done nothing. I just want them to disappear forever.
I turned back to my canvas and began to paint the remains of a skyscraper. I smiled at the destruction I was painting. This was the fate I wanted this world to suffer.

2nd April 2004, 09:24 PM
Name: Kayla Nora
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Personality: In a nutshell: she hates the world. Kayla's been outcast and left alone so many times, she has come to think that the world is just a horrid place that should be destroyed. She has to steal to make a living, and doesn't care a single bit about what she's doing. She values nothing except her own life, for if she started to care for something else it would only drag her down.
Appearance: Black hair that goes down past her shoulders. It's slightly wavy in appearance. Her eyes are a dark brown color. She wears a skin-tight black t-shirt with the sleeves cut, so that they hang slightly off her shoulders (@_@ meh, I can't really describe it that well...). She wears black jeans that aren't very loose, but not tight either. Her only shoes are a dirty pair of sneakers that are battered a bit. On her left arm is a blood-red tatoo *which I don't have the time to draw right now, sorrys*
Wing Appearance: She has two pairs, a large one that's black and feathery, and it's connected at her shoulders. The other pair is also black, but it's more leathery in appearance, smaller, and connects to a bit below the back of her neck.
Correct Soul Of: Doyokai
Powers Given: - She can shift her body into a shadow-like state, so she looks exactly like a shadow. However, she cannot harm or touch anything in this state.
- Can wave her hand to silence anyone for 30 seconds to a minute. She cannot do this to any Arch Angels or her own correct souls, but she can do this to any other creatures.
Skills: She can move around very easily, and is able to stay almost completely silent while doing so (if she knocks something over, it's not gonna be silent, but she can hide sounds like her footsteps very well)
Arain: Gravity/Motion
Waike: slightly against Shields (can create small holes in them (from the size of a baseball to half her height) that last only about a minute)
Kyria: Power of Love
Feiyou: Sympathy
Relationships: She'd die before she did.
History: Her true parents abandoned her when she was really young. She was found by someone from an orphanage, and taken in. Since then, she'd been constantly thrown around between foster parents who think they can give her a positive outlook on life (Nora: "Morons...") and then end up giving up. She was finally turned out onto the streets when she was 16, and has been stealing to make a living.
Other: If I think of anything
Kayla Nora <> Correct Soul of Doyokai

I slowly opened my eyes to the darkness of the alley. All around me I could hear the sounds of others. People out on the streets, laughing, talking, pretending to like each other. Idiots. Someone should just take a nuke to the planet. Then we'd all be better off. You all think you're so content, walking around like that, living your wonderful lives...

I pulled myself up, happy to discover that no one had been here while I was asleep. For once. I hated when others came and took what little I had rightfully stolen for myself. If the jerks couldn't even live for themselves they had no right to mooch off someone else who was in just as bad a position. Ah, yes, a nuke would be nice, wouldn't it?

Light hit my eyes as I walked out into the street. A few people gave me passing glances, but quickly moved on with their lives. Some of the food vendors selling fresh fruit gave me wary looks, warning me not to come near or they'd call the cops. Wonderful how fast a reputation spreads. Now I'd probably never get a meal. At least, I wouldn't from around here. I'd have to try somewhere else, and I was beginning to get hungry.

I slowly walked around, keeping a close watch on the glaring vendors. Geeze, what was their problem this morning? All I want is some food at a price I can afford. It's not my fault that the world deserves to die and I'm standing here pennyless. Around another corner, I noticed exactly what I needed: a distraction. A couple of people, apparently not from around here, were trying to deal over the price of a dozen apples. The man in charge of the cart was preoccupied with them, trying to understand them through a thick accent, and not loose a lot of money at the same time. Silently I strode over, grabbed a few apples, and turned around. I had made it a few feet when a shout rang out behind me. "STOP! THIEF!"

Damn. He noticed me. Without even glancing around, I set off in a sprint. Back around that corner, and... how nice. I quickly dodged a few men standing in my way, grabbed an orange from a now-unattended cart, and ducked into a nearby alley. Sticking one of the apples in my mouth and transferring the orange, with my free hand I grabbed the hanging ladder of a fire escape and pulled myself up. I climbed a few more rungs silently, making in onto the first platform before looking back down. The men were looking into the alley, trying to see into the darkness. I myself had grown accustom to being suddenly pulled into the dark, and climbed up two more platforms before calling it safe. With that, I sat down and inspected this morning's run. Two apples, and an orange. Not that bad. I'd go back down and grab some more, but they'd caught me and would be on the lookout for the day. I'd have to make do with this for now. Geeze, humans were annoying. If everyone just died, I know I'd be happy.

Emotional Faun Chiko-sai
2nd April 2004, 10:50 PM
*wildly happy* WEEKEND!!!! WEEKEND!!

Name: Rurik Wetherford
Gender: Male...
Age: 19
Personality: He gets ticked off easily; he's mildly depressed in a cynical way, and does things according to his own particular logic. Rurik is this gigantic walking contradiction, in himself; he believes in rules, and justice, and everybody doing what they should do if it was all a nice and happy world that they lived in; but since it isn't [a nice and happy world that they live in] he also wants rebellion; against fate or destiny or the current state of affairs or whatever... In short, to have order you must have chaos. Otherwise, there wouldn't be anything to have order for.. *head is spinning* right.. that was confusing... he's always for the underdog, and stands up for the weak and powerless... And so he disagrees, in a way, with Arain about the complete dictatorship thing. But, at the same time, he condones justice. QED... he's a walking paradox... x_X; And he seems to have a large well of unwakened anger simmering inside him... very bad temper.
Appearance: He's dark, wiry and thin. He doesn't get enough hot meals, or meals at all. About 6'0", but he moves around in a perpetual slouch, so he seems shorter. His (unkempt, uncombed, etc) hair is dark mussy blonde, but it's going white at the tips, falls slightly over his eyes, and it comes down to the nape of his neck at back. His left eye is grey, and the right one is yellow. Has numerous piercings along his ears. He has crescent-like scars on his cheekbones, and numerous other scars all over him; is a chain-smoker, and whatever he happens to be wearing at the moment, it's guaranteed to look scruffy and worn.
Wing Appearance: His pair of wings is odd; one of them, the one on the left shoulderblade, is a typical angel's wing, white feathers and etc., though the primary feathers are blackish-red, with streaks of said colour going through the wing in a suitably artistic manner. The right wing is a black dragon's wing, twisted and spiked and whorled with occult designs picked out in luminescent scales. (don't ask me how he flies with this.. ^^'') He does not like these wings. :D
Correct Soul OF: Arain
Powers Given:
- Rurik can use the power of wind to allow him to jump to extreme heights, with extreme agility. Very handy for getting out of tight situations.
- Rurik has a sort of... temper wind. When he becomes angry or upset, the winds around him will pick up and if he unleashes his anger he can summon wind, like Arain, to create a tornadoe or some sort of large wind. The wind however is very explosive, and comes out of no where (it doesn't start slow and then suddenly go fast... it just starts out fast! Blam!) [Oh... how I love the sadistic side of Bulba-senpai xD]
Skills: Blowing his top.. *gets whacked* Ok.. ok... he's quite resourceful at adapting to and using his surroundings to help himself out of any tricky situations that may arise. (Not in a scientific way; purely in the cause-and-effect sense.) Uses any and everything he can, up to and including whacking people with steel pipes.
Waike - Dragon's acid melts right off him, leaving him unscathed. In fact, he would seem to actually enjoy pummeling on dragons. oO;;;
Kyria - "Who's afraid of the big bad wolf? Not me!" er. ahem.. excuse the moment of weakness. No matter how hard the Fenris Wolf may try, it can't eat/bite/munch on Rurik without getting a toothache.
Doyokai - He can see the Nerifi Panther, wherever it is... but he's kind of weak... wait, make that VERY VERY weak to any and all of her attacks/influence, especially those that come with depression and anger attached.
Feiyou - Faith won't inspire him at all, I'm afraid. He's a very cynical person.
Relationships: Eh.. he knows a lot of people by sight... not personally, but he can recognize them.
History: He's technically in college [same one as Lyia], wants to do something related to Social Sciences but since he's almost permanently broke and ends up sleeping during the lectures anyway, he decided he'd be better off on the streets with the slum gangs. He has a much older sister, widowed with four children who lives in the more seedy parts of town, and whom he goes to visit once in a while and try to support if he has any extra money. He's kind of tired of the neverending gang enmities and streetfights, but he's stuck in a rut and he can't seem to get out of it.
Other: *swirly sparkly eyes* Kakashi~~~ oh Kakashi~~~
Rurik Wetherford.|M|Arain's [Future] Property
"Always look on the bright side of life..."

He thought, for a while, that there was a small monkey, no, several small monkeys, forcibly flattening him to the frayed linoleum flooring while at the same time making themselves as comfortable as possible. Then he remembered that if he spent a night in his sister's house, monkeys were equivalent to his ragged nieces and nephews. Rurik was not a child-loving person. He removed the four individuals from his vicinity and, half-asleep, walked into the door.

As he brought out a hand to steady himself on reflex, he remembered, quite dimly, that if he wanted to go to college today, it would be a) his last term, owing to lack of funds; b) next to last few lectures, because of it being late spring; and c) he would, quite certainly, fall asleep in class. He'd dragged himself to bed at 8.30 a.m. that morning, after a particularly long, violent and tiring night-morning 'shift', so to speak. It was, currently, noon.

Bloody three and a bloody half hours. The best sleeping place would ideally be class. No people to be obligated to beat up, no nieces and nephews, no sis telling me to get a proper life, and lovely sonorous voice of Mr Whatshisname to fall asleep to. I'll only be able to take advantage of this for the next few weeks or so. Maybe I will actually attend class today.

He proceeded to walk into the door again; this time because his sister had come in to wake her young charges. He was amazed she'd let them sleep so late. Eliza Wetherford was not the most patient of women. Rurik had generally the same temper when he was properly awake; perhaps it was a blessing to all around him that he was not often properly awake, physically or mentally. Not for long, though.

Eliza turned on her best glare. "Oh, so you're finally awake."
"I only slept for three hours, you know." A swift double-take. "Oh, and a half..."
"I often wonder why you come home at a time when I wake up."
"Uh. So you can open the door for me?"
"Whatever. Have you decided to stop skipping school?"
"I don't have any money for skipping *college* to become a matter of choice." A feeble excuse, since he technically would be able to continue till the summer; but Rurik had had this type of conversation too many times with Eliza to stop his habit of grasping at straws. Besides, he was sure she enjoyed it. She was a born sadist, was Eliza. No wonder his brother-in-law died. Probably couldn't take the stress. No one could; except Rurik, because he was a nice little brother, when he wanted to be.
"Until summer, you do." Yup, sadist. And she always had to win these arguments, if they could be labelled as such.
"Yeah, I know.. I'm taking the liberty to fall asleep somewhere where I won't be disturbed- er, I'm going to attend class today."
"Excellent. As per usual, there is no lunch today, unless those buggers whom I do menial tasks for pay up, which is nothing short of a miracle. Kindly resort to your usual method of scavenging. I will hopefully not be seeing you again at an ungodly hour tomorrow morning."

Rurik had not stayed to hear her out; he'd already stumbled out the door by the time she'd reached the phrase 'nothing short of a miracle'.

No breakfast, no sleep, no rest for the weary. The part of Rurik that was actually conscious was mildly surprised that, having walked into solid objects twice in the timeframe of ten minutes, he was not hitting the lampposts covered with long outdated flyers and ads. He thought he'd passed the beginnings of a quarrel, walking past the only semi-decent restaurant in the area (it actually had a dress code); he couldn't be sure, though. Everyday conversations were quarrels, in this part of town. Two guys who seemed like relatives and a kid and a managerial-type person. Oh well. Best not to intervene. His abdomen was aching slightly, along with various other areas of his body; he had barely enough energy to drag himself over to class. He was even too tired to get pissed off.

Class. Ah. A good place to sleep.
Eheh... Rurik is.. Extremely lethargic... (hopefully, I'll be able to make him adhere more closely to his personality when he's awake..)

Prof. Jb Wolf
2nd April 2004, 11:49 PM
Genki Ming - Chosen of Waike
"You should've let me hit the guy. Both you and I know that he ha-" Kanli cut me off sharply.

"And you may have ended up jail for assault." He glared at me from the corner of his eye. "And you and I both know we wouldn't have enough money to bail you out."

I sighed. That was Kanli. Always with the logic, rational. The level-headed one. At least he kept from doing something I would regret later. "I guess I should thank God that I have a brother like him..."

"Now come on. We're already late enough."

"Right Kan..."


I yawned as the professor droned on about some great philosopher. I was never quite sure why I took this class. Maybe because it LOOKED easy. And it kinda was. Its just the professor...Gods his voice could put a caffeine addict to sleep.

Yet, somehow Kanli was able to stay awake through the whole lecture. He was dutifully taking down notes, but he didn't seem all that focused on the professor himself. He was thinking about something else, I knew it. "What are you thinking about...?"

Before I could ask him, the bell rang. "Alright everybody, I expect a two page essay on what we just discussed today due tomorrow at the start of class." The professor yelled as we filed out the door.

"I'll meet you for lunch at Jet's later." Kanli said as he walked off towards the science lab. "I have an experiment to check on."

"Right right." I said, waving a hand at him as I walked towards the girl's dorms on the other side of the campus. Might as well see if Lisa was there. We had been paired for a project in our Ancient Literature class and we had barely done any of it.

I arrived at her floor and begun counting doors, or rather doorframes from the stairs. It was a strange habit, but many of the girls here kept their doors open in the day, so it was hard to figure out which door was which. As I came towards her door, something caught my eye. It was a slip of paper.

Curious, I knelt down and picked the slip up. "Huh, kind of looks like words to a song..."

That's when I heard it. A voice as clear as a bell. The emotion in conveyed stilled my heart. It felt like...a cool drink of water, soothing the body, slowly spreading till it encompassed my very soul. I was spell bound for a moment, but my curioisty won out as I looked in.

She was laid out on a small couch, singing softly as she stared out the window. The ominous clouds gathering outside seemed to reflect her song. I cleared my throat slightly and she stopped, startled.

"Eh-heh, sorry...Umm...I was passing by and I heard you singing..." I fumbled for words and then held out the slip of paper to her. "Err...I think this is yours?"

She blushed. "Oh, no that's just something I was working on..."

"I thought it was beautiful. The words and your voice..." I murmured. "Uh...forgive me, I haven't introduced myself. Name's Genki."

Anjana's Halo
3rd April 2004, 02:31 AM
It's 0300. I've just come home from a cast party for the drama production of Cinderella. If this post offends you in its utter inability to be understood, blame the lack of sleep. If you like it, the cause is the same.

Name: Feiyou
Gender: Male
Elements: Light/Faith/Sympathy
Personality: He's an optimistic, light-hearted angel who is always prepared to see the good in something, whether it be mankind or the other Arch Angels' ideal worlds. He could be considered naive with his optimistic view of the world, and, in fact, he is slightly blind to the evil in things. However, he believes that all evil will be balanced out by good, thus changing the world isn't needed.
Appearance: Mortal appearance-Neatly cut dark blue hair with rather long bangs that threaten to cover his eyes, which shine a dark turquoise. His skin is pale, his build is that of a basketball player, and he stands around 5'11." He dresses in a white jacket with a blue shirt underneath, white pants, and black shoes, as well as black fingerless gloves.
~The Power to control Light
~ Can summon his element of Faith, to make people believe in themselves and in positive outcomings. It also makes things grow faster, and activiates holy objects to be used as a ward against evil.
~The Power of Sympathy - Can instantly make anyone hesitate for a second, to think about their actions and the consquences. Also makes a creature feel the pain or anguish of another....
~ Can transform into the beast, the "Unicorn". The Unicorn is said to be the symbol of all that is pure and holy. With a diamond-like horn as long as 4 feet, it can attack as well as defend. The kick of a Unicorn is very leathal, and they are unmatched in speed upon the ground.
Weapon: The sword seen in the link picture. Its name is Luz, an enternally keen sword of the Light. The sword's blade sends forth surges of pure light that can either brush the skin or demolish a building.
World: He believes the Arch Angels should not interfere with the world and should leave it be. Though he sees the Earth is in a state of turmoil, he believes that the world will balance out, and good will triump over evil intentions.
Animal Appearance: Clickiness. (http://vcl.ctrl-c.liu.se/vcl/Artists/UltraViolet/unicorn0.jpg) Just like this, but without the pink highlights.
Relations: Overall, I'll have to say he loves all of his siblings, and would never wish to harm them or cause them grief.
~Arain- Loves his sister's just judgement and beauty. He believes in her view of balances in the world, but doesn't think it should be as absolute as she wishes.
~Waike- Admires his strength and spirit. Feiyou also believes the strong should protect the weak, but this shouldn't mean the weak are then ruled by the strong.
~Kyria- Loves her courage and affectionate nature. Agrees love is good and sometimes all powerful, but disagrees with sending even mostly bad creatures to the Underworld. If there's any good in them, there's hope.
~Doyokai- Oddly, Feiyou could be said to love her the most. He sees the two of them as twins and always regrets that he used most of the power in the Cosmos during his creation, leaving her with such little energy. He dislikes her dark nature, but overlooks it, preferring to love her than fight with her.
Other: Likes being called Fei ^_^

Feiyou: Arch Angel of Light
I stood on the roof of one of the smaller buildings, gazing toward the tall, proud structures aptly named skyscrapers. The clouds were gathering over the sprawling metropolis, threatening to unleash a torrent of rain. A world of concrete and steel under a darkening sky; how grey an image it formed.

I was in the city known as New York, one of the major settlements in the country known as the United States of America. I had inquired what happened to Old York, but the only replies I recieved were stares or a muttered "Stupid tourist." The people here were loud, continuously bustling, seeming to only care if they can get to work on time or see the show on time, continually rushed with no apparent peace.

Yet, despite the greyness and the lack of tranquility, New York was, in my mind, beautiful. What made it extremely lovely was the contrasts and irony it presented. The tall, gleaming skyscrapers and the great statue named Liberty, who rose tall and proud to defy the sky, were all created by the hurried, harried humans who scuttled below me. The great centers of art and music were beside places of disease and hunger. The rich and proud walked down the same streets as the beggars. Looking at the bad, I could understand why my younger siblings wanted to reform the planet. So much unhappiness and unrest disturbed and marred New York. Yet I looked at the beauty and whispered my small mantra that has found a place in my thoughts.

"Humans can create beauty." The words were snatched away on the wind, to be carried to some distant ear. Certainly, they weren't doing well now, but I saw their potential. All the Earth could be a beautiful as a Broadway stage, if we only could give them time. However, they didn't want to wait. My siblings wanted to reform the world in their own image before the cycles of good and evil could balance out. Certainly, their leadership would help rid the world of evil, but at what cost?

I gazed away from the skyscrapers of New York to look toward the reason I came to this place. A shining light that shone with a brilliance no other soul had. I gave a small smile as I turned to walk down the stairs to the street. I wanted to save this world, and this soul would help me do it. I'll save the world to be from my brother and sisters, the ones I love the most.

Yeah, that's kinda long-winded yet poetic. Oh, well. *ready to drop head on keyboard*

3rd April 2004, 01:45 PM
~ F/Correct Soul of Kyria ~

Singing... that's what Lyia remembered what she had been doing for a split second, before the voice suddenly arose at the door. Lyia immediatly leapt almost out of her seat, as she turned her head to suddenly see a boy... probably about her age or perhaps a bit older, glancing straight at her...

...holding the crumpled piece of paper.

He soon had introduced himself, complimenting upon the song work she had wrote upon the piece of paper. Lyia could feel her face instantly turn a shade of red, as she felt her voice suddenly want to crawl into a very deep hole and not come out. She had friends... but she rarely got visitors from passerbyes. Name. That's right... he said his name was Genki, and Lyia knew she should probably respond soon instead of gawking.

"Oh... well thank you, really it isn't much..." Lyia didn't take a move to go towards the piece of paper to take it back. She really didn't think much of her work... and soon there would probably be hundreds more in the next week as Contest approached.
"Nice to meet you Genki, I'm Lyia."
A hand. Lyia held out her hand formally, and instantly shook Genki's.
"Again, I'm sorry to have... intruded." Genki spoke, and Lyia shook her head, moving slightly- she found her feet.

"Don't worry, that's why I have my door open. To welcome anyone who wishes to stop by and borrow some thing... I was just practicing for Contest anyway." Lyia gazed at him slightly, and then added, "What about you? Why are you in the Girl's dorm anyway?"

Genki seemed to quick reply, obviously seeing that most guys did not come in the dorm unless they were boyfriends of some other girl. He probably felt a little awkard... and Lyia could only slightly try to hide her grin at his expression.
"Oh...well, I have... well... err.. do you know Lisa?"
Lyia blinked and nodded slightly, "If you mean the Lisa that's three doors down? Yeah, I know her... why?"
"Oh, well we have an Ancient Literature project, and we're assigned together a partners. Thought I'd come to see if she wanted to start working on it or some thing... but then I got distracted."

Lyia listened intently, and slightly sighed. She wished she would have been able to take Ancient Literature... b ut it interfered with her work hours at the marine shore.
" Oh... Ancient Literature? I heard that was a good class to take... you're lucky to be in that class." Lyia spoke, and shamefully regretted such a lame response. She was slightly out of her element... her was some thing new to her, and she couldn't quite explain the feeling. Of course, she didn't mind the feeling... just some thing odd and different. Like a whole new experience...

(lol, little does Lyia know how 'out of her element' Genki is! XD)

~ F/"The Being Reincarnation"/8 yrs old. ~

"Really. Sunshine means that everything's gonna be alright. And daisies remind me of the sunshine too." Haile responded, gazing at her brother with a glimmer of blue in her eye. She was pleased to be walking with him... like she was with royalty.

Of course, ever since Haile was born... she seemed to respond well to her brother. Her parents joked at Phil was a 'natural' with kids, but he seemed even more so with Haile. She never cried when she was with him, and she always seemed cheerful and happy. People said, "She might be an Angel now Phil, but as soon as she becomes 6 or 7, she'll grow into that 'girl phase' and become like a little flea at your side." Well, Haile never reached that phase... and her phase of liking her brother didn't seem to want to fade, nor showed any signs. It was odd... to many other kids, young and old alike.
Other parents with more then one kid were slightly jealous... 'how come your children get along so well?' Of course, Haile had another older brother, young to Phil, but although Haile was nice to him, they didn't have the same connection.

"Here we are Haile, the school." Phil stopped short, before crossing the street. Haile gazed at the massive school, her eyes widening... but of course, the school was far bigger than her little elementary school. It was massive, towering, and rather remarkable in her eyes.

"Phil... how'd it get so big?!" She replied, as the little drops of rain licked a bit at her face and hair.
" People built it that way... " Phil replied, gazing at Haile.

Haile seemed deep in thought, but soon her eyes traveled to her brother as she smiled.
" Well Phil, I walked you to school!!" She said it rather loud and spontenous, as she jumped up and down like a kangaroo, splashing into the puddles.
"Yes you did... now go home, and be careful, okay?"

Haile nodded, waving as Phil crossed the street.
"Hurry back home!! Don't do bad in school! Get good grades!!"
Haile called, mimicking what her mother often said.

Turning around, Haile hummed softly to herself... splashing into the puddles, singing a little sing-song she made up herself. Some thing along the lines of flowers and rain, mixed into some thing to do about eating and dancing. She was acting like a little girl should, of course many passerbyes just smiled, some thing about a little blonde-headed girl splashing through puddles warmed their hearts. Haile was having fun too... until-

Haile fell down, anyone who saw would have thought she had simply tripped. But some thing inside of Haile went off, like an alarm and instantly her entire world turned white. After a few minutes, Haile woke up... to see a figure standing over her, gazing at her with slight concern.
"Are you alright little one?"
Haile instantly leapt to her feet, her eyes being a brighter shade of blue then ever.
"Yes!" She said rather loudly, leaping back at the man with a pair of wide, liquid eyes. She gazed at the figure, blinking for a few moments. Deep with in her, she sensed that this figure was different... it was human, but yet it was not human. She felt love towards it, but yet she felt pitty towards it as well... no- not pitty, a little bit of sadness or longing.
"I...I'm fine... I think. What are you?"
The figure blinked, " You mean who am I?"
Haile shook her head, "No, what are you?" Haile cocked her head to the side, a small cut had formed upon her chin from her fall, but she didn't think about it. The cut did nto hurt... she was more curious in the figure before her.

Little be known to anyone, that Haile was not herself anymore. She had the same, heavenly blonde hair and bright blue eyes of a child, but yet she had changed. She was no taller, no faster... but rather, she had changed inside. Her soul had been awakened... and she understood things that not even some of the smartest humans in the world knew. At that moment she had fallen, and the world was white... the being had awoken inside of her. Haile now understood what she was, and understood that the world was in peril. She also understood the differenct between humans, correct souls, and Arch Angels. All of this... and yet The Being inside of her, was still not fully formed. It was growing... growing with her, so that as soon as it was ready, it could reveal itself. But only when the time was right...

"What are you?"

(Alright, anyone who is an Arch Angel can be the figure. They don't know she's "The Being" and wont' find out, but they will be disturbed that a regular, 'human' is asking them that question. That might make them a little suspicious or 'freaked'... sorta like some complete stranger who has no possible way o fknowing who you are calling you by name. ^^; Haile also will still act like a little kid, and she'll call herself a human because she 'is' one in an offhand way. ^^ )

Mew Master
3rd April 2004, 03:31 PM
Denny Roth~M~Correct Soul of Waike


I had to be dreaming.

Standing on a flat rocky surface, a thick fog around me. The rocks were a dull grey color with no sheen, even from the fog coating everything. I saw peaks of similar rocks jutting through the top of the fog blanket. Thoughts of a baren wasteland seemed to go through my mind as I stood there, looking out infront of me.

"Where..... Where am I?"

I looked around some more. Turning I saw the fog coating everything in every direction. The rocks the same grey color and the ground I was standing on seemed to be swallowed by the fog as it shifted around me. Simmilar spikes of rocks jutted out through the top of the fog bank.

Then I heard something.

A dull long roar, the roar of a creature. Spinning, I looked in the direction I heard the sound. Nothing.

Was I hearing things?

In my recent comedic boasts of being insane, was I losing it? No. this was a Dream. I know it was. Even though I could feel the dampness and the cold of the fog, I could feel the ground under my feet, I knew that I was dreaming. I was asleep in my dorm.

The roar came again, louder and closer. Behind me! I spun once more only to see the tail of a dark shape whisk into the fog.

I watched, hoping, wondering, what was moving around me. What kind of creature was I facing?

A feeling. A sensation. I spun around to see....

A Dragon. A red dragon. Staring, I saw it in extreme detail.

The head was smooth and wedge-shapped, running in towards the snout. Two curved horns started above where the eye ridges were. From the back of the lower jaw and the sides of the head, small extentions of the scales were combed back. The neck was short and I saw it connect to a broad shouldered body. Spikes went down the center of the Dragon's chest and stopped midway down its torso. The arms were long, compared to the neck, and yet short and somewhat thin. Bony spines were at the joints of the elbows, and shackles latched onto the wrists. The shackles appeared to have engravings on them as well as what was left of a chain that may have held the Dragon captive for some reason. The hands were large and sported three fingers each with a claw half my height. Wings started at the top of the shoulders and spread out. So large that they almost blocked out what else I could see, and the black bones that connected the membranes numbered four on each wing. Spines started behind the horns and went down the backbone of the dragon. The hind legs were toned and I could see the muscles moving under the skin. Each foot had two toes, each with a claw about the size of the ones on the hands. A third toe that was out to the outter side of the foot, and a claw that jutted out from the back of the ankle. The tail curved around and the end was segmented with what looked like it could be a weapon.

The Dragon openned its eyes, a light blue glow comming from them. It raised it's head and stared at me with those glowing eyes.

Then it reared it's head back and let loose with a loud earth-shattering roar.

I stood my ground, nearly shaking with fear and bewilderment. I was amazed, and frightened at the same time. At normal times I had some control overmy dreams, but I had the feeling that I had absolutly no control over this one. I don't know what could happen to me.

Then it looked back at me again, the glowing eyes seeming to burrow into my very soul. I stared back, not able to look away, not able to move. I just stared back.

Finally the Dragon reared back it's head, and I saw flames licking at the sides of it's lips.

"Oh no," I muttered. "Not good...."

The Dragon's head came back down, mouth open and intense flames blasted towards me. I raised my arms to block the onslought...


"AAAHHH!" I jumped straight up on my bed and stared blankly at nothing. I was in a cold sweat, the persperation forcing my hair to stick to my forehead and neck.

My breathing started to calm down and I lowered my head, thinking.

It was a dream.... wasn't it?

I sat up in my bed and stared at nothing for several seconds.

The same Dream. The same dream for over three weeks now.... I thought, running a hand through my hair.

"What's going on...." I asked myself.


3rd April 2004, 03:56 PM
Name: Kaia Dunkirk
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Personality: She's a loner of sorts but quite talkative around people who want to hold conversations with her. She is mostly a follower when it comes to group work but likes to be the leader when the opportunity arises. She has the "my way or the highway" borderline attitude and you don't want to mess with her since she can get downright nasty when provoked
Appearance: Despite her natural athleticism, she is on the small side, about 5'3. She has a thin and slightly tanned frame but her muscles are well hidden, making people underestimate her a lot. Her hair is a light chocolate and hangs lightly down to her chin and her eyes are a steely blue, not something you want to look into. She wears a simple black t-shirt with navy blue sleeves, black windbreakers and sneakers for upmost flexibility
Wing Appearance: To the naked eye, they look like bug-esque wings, thin and translucent flecked with a fair amount of red and black but when you come closer, they're actually leathery but have a clear look to them
Correct Soul of: Waike
Powers Given:
- When Kaia fights with her martial arts skills, she can summon the powers of flames to coat her own hands in fire-ball like flames. It absorbs energy from her soul however, so after a duration she starts to generally get weak and needs to rest
- The power of Bind. Kaia can form a small, rope-like piece of energy (it is made from the same energy as Waike's shield, just a tad bit weaker) and using her agility, she can leap above and lash the rope out at a creature to bind or tie them
Skills: She has the natural talent of martial arts and flexibility. Ever since she was a young girl, she's been doing somersaults and kicking everything in sight
- Arian: Immune to balance/harmony
- Kyria: Bones cannot be broken or crushed by the Fenris Wolf's bite
- Doyokai: Less immune to The Power of Dismal. She feels the depression but it's not as deep or long lasting
- Feiyou: The power of Faith barely affects her outlook on things. If she has a negative outlook, it takes a lot to sway her from it and when it's positive, the power cannot make it extreme
Relationships: Open to anything
History: She's led a rather normal life. She's a good student and she's been involved in sports/martial arts as long as she can remember. She lives with her father since her mother died when she was young and they're as close as can be. His belief was that training near fire will harden your body and mind at the same time so she has grown attached to fire over the years as she continued practicing
Other: *stabs* O-o

Kaia Dunkirk
Weave, weave, backflip, uppercut, another weave, forward roll...
I pictured myself using the moves as I half-listened to Mrs. Stark roll on about cossines and sines. Who needed this junk anyway? My future was with martial arts, and if not that, then at least something that involved sports or history. I know, history didn't exactly quite fit in with the other two but it was my best subject and received my constant attention, like the formers.
2:15, outta here.
I quickly jotted down the night's homework and rushed out of class, my agility and speed letting me weave against the crowd without jostling anybody. Anyone I did knock into, I yelled out a rapt apology and continued on. As far as I knew, everyone recognized me for my extreme involvement of sports, martial arts and school work and either thought I was a snob for being such an overachiever or dangerous to talk to because of my reputation. That's probably why I was alone most of the time, which kind of left me down at times but working out is fair play and leaves me content afterwards.

"Weave, weave, backflip, uppercut, weave, forward roll? Not too bad."
My dad watched me work out next to the fire pit as I started to go freestyle and choose my own moves. He was too old to do complicated moves but tried to work out with me once in a while. He would have to stop earlier than me to take breaks but for a near middle aged man, he was doing fine.
"Might as well stop for now," I slowly breathed and took in deep intakes of air. "I think two hours is fine, don't you?"
Dad broke a quick smile and barked a laugh. I had inherited his facial structure and hair color but not his personality and height. That was all from mom. Unlike me, dad was more friendly and his eyes let you know he was approachable. Mine just said, 'back away and you won't get hurt.'
"I think you could go on forever if you wanted to. I have no idea where your fighting spirit and talent came from but I know it'll help your future, whatever it is."
My small funk disappeared as my eyes lightened up and a small smile broke my face. Maybe one day I'll be completely approachable. For now though, it's work, work, work.

legendary fisherman1
3rd April 2004, 08:08 PM
Name: Tetsuhiko Kasahara
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Personality: Normally he is just the cliche quiet smart type, with a hidden want to kick butt(XD) However, he can change his personality to mimic another personality he see's. Very sure of himself usually, and he thinks that depression is the most idiotic thing of all. He thinks that if your not strong enough to fight your problems then you deserve everything that comes your way.
Appearance: His shirt is like a school uniform. He wears grey shorts, and his shoes are actualy weights for training. His eyes are brown, and his hair is black. He is about 5'6". While he has phisically above average fitness, he has a lot of scars on his arms. Also he is not bishounen in any way(XD)
Wing Appearance: Weirdly enough, he has black angel wings. They are like a bats wings.
Correct Soul OF: Feiyou
Powers Given:
* The ability to copy. Using the power of faith, you can look at any Correct Soul's attacks and copy it, doing the exact same thing. However, it's power is half of the original, and you cannot harm the correct soul whom you copied the attack from.
* Using Feiyou's power of Sympathy, you can gaze at one creature an instantly analyze what they're immune to. You can also instantly tell who is who (this I mean, you can tell what Correct Souls belong to what Arch Angels.) In non-correct soul creatures, you can use sympathy to tell their weakness.
Skills: He can learn ANYTHING faster than most humans. Because of this he is a tactition. He can graph strengthes and weaknesses rather well due to his ability to learn.
Waike: The dragon form. He can still get hurt, but he will have no wounds, or broken bones.
Doyokai: Revenge. He is too level headed for revenge.
Arain: Harmony/Balance. He is too proud to have help from some one else unless he absolutely needs it anyway.
Kyria: Her power of Courage. Again, he would not enjoy getting help from other unless necessary.
Relationships: Nope. He is a loner -.-
History: He has always been a good student. When he learns how to do something, he can easily perfect it and use his intelect to use whatever he learns to its fullest. Even in his youth, he liked to play games, because he like to learn their rules, and strategies.
Other: He watches anime too much XD

__________________________________________________ __________

"And that takes out all of your life points to zero." I exclaimed as my brother droped his hand. We were playing Duel Monsters A.K.A. Yu-Gi-Oh. I was kicking his butt for the third time in a row with my life-point deck against his ocean deck, and it felt pretty good. "I cant believe it! I have more limmited cards with more power, and you still beat me. One more time?" my brother Andrew asked me with pleading eyes.

"No, I dont think so. I have to work on a Doujinshi" I told him simply. I went into my room to get out my notes. 'So lets see...I have 3 tournaments planned, 2 adventure saga's, and one action saga. I have too much work to do.'I thought as I got on the internet. 'Time to find my inspiration.' I thought as I went to a Japanese word sight. I needed to find punned words for names of people.

'So I've got Eimei, Ojama, Shinki, and Gohei. I need four more names to go'. Finding out the names for my different kinds of kis' was relatively easy. I had Hiki, Juki, Suiki, Kazeki, Sanki, Chiki, Ameki, Fuseiki, Mirraki, Meiki, and what they all went into, Psyki. Man am I good :).

"Hopefully, I will be able to have an actual manga or anime when I grow up. Hopefully" I sighed as I got up from my computer to get an apple. 'This is the one thing I hate about stairs. You have to go up and down em.' As I got down to get an apple, my mom suddenly went up to me "Oh Jacob I need you to go to the store to get a pack of Seven Up. Could you go?" my mom asked me.

"Well okay then. So which store do you want me to go to?" I asked in vain Seven Eleven was the closest so there was no doubt that she would make me run there. "Oh just go to Seven Eleven. Here I'll give you some money for the soda." she told me with her purse in hand getting out a Ten-Dollar bill out. 'Score another one for me' I cheered silently. I took the money as I spinted out the door. Seven Eleven was not far so spinting then jogging seemed like a good idea.

3rd April 2004, 08:43 PM
Kanli, Property (?) of Arain (You know, I wonder... if I were to be considered property, and Arain is trying to set up a communist-like world where everyone is supposed to be equal, wouldn't that be ironic because technically no one would own anything in that sort of world but yet Arain is technically "owning" me and Rurik... Ah, my head hurts.)
"The transformation should take a twenty-four hour inoculation period, so we should be finished up by tomorrow. I suppose that's all we can do for now, I'll catch you later then," I told my lab partner. We put back our lab coats, took our bags, and left for the rest of the day. I, as always, have a lunch appointment with my brother, so I best not disappoint him.
One of the interesting and lesser known aspects of this project that I took up and my occupation as a lab assistant is the concept of creation... people usually associate that with the arts, but in actuality science itself is the same experience, the same form of creating something "new" and discovering what results from it... It's not the brute memorization as some people take it to be--
"Who's there??" I turned around in the middle of my thought process, expecting someone who has been following me quite some time to, well, be there. However, I saw no one. This was strange, because I was quite sure I have heard the same footsteps walking at the same pace for quite some time already, never too far behind me...
A hand fell upon my shoulders. I must admit I emitted a brief moment of surprise as my eyes widened for a moment, then returned to normal as I turned to face whoever was stalking me.
"If you've come to rob me, I'm afraid you'll have nothing to pickpocket fro--..."
Again, there was on one there.
I paced around a bit. Perhaps Genki was right, I should get more sleep, especially if it's causing hallucinations and imbalances in my chemical brain makeup. I'll probably have a bit of trouble adjusting my internal clock after a rest in the afternoon, but at this pace I may be going insane. Or maybe I'm just overexaggerating from a lack of sleep. In any case, I took out my cell and dialed Genki's number.
"Hey, it's me. I can't make it to lunch today, I'm feeling a bit lightheaded so I'm going back to the apartments to take a rest."
"You sure you're okay?" Genki seemed to always be worrying about me.
"Yea, it's just a lack of sleep. Sorry about the lunch, next time it'll be on me."

I'll let Angel person decide if it's Arain or if Kanli really is just going crazy.

EDIT: Just to clarify, transformation is generally a more scientific term for inserting genes into bacteria and inoculation is a fancy word for growing them in Loria broth in 37 degrees C. I am NOT making some monster, as PJBW misinterpreted it as. :P

3rd April 2004, 11:15 PM
"Come on kids!" I called, "Time to go!" A few of the kids groaned as I gathered them up.
"Now where's Sakura?" I asked myself. I then saw Sakura walking up to me. She had a nasty scab on her leg and she was trying her hardest not to cry.
"What happened to you?" I asked.
"I fell on the pavement and hurt my knee!" She replied, bursting into tears.
"Oh girls are such crybabies," A boy said, "Why did they have to be so weak?"
"Now that's not true Micheal!" I growled, "There are plenty of strong girls out there. Many make you appear weak."
"Like who?" Micheal asked, trying to prove me wrong.
"I'll show you. Follow me."

I led the kids over to a house not far from the park.
"Take a look over the fence," I said. Micheal took a peak. I looked over as well. There was a girl practicing martiel arts in her back yard with her father.
"Who's she?" Micheal asked.
"I've never really spoken to her," I replied, "But I've heard her name is Kaia and she pratices martiel arts, just like I do."

Hope you don't mind TML.

Prof. Jb Wolf
4th April 2004, 03:56 AM
Genki Ming - Chosen of Waike
Lyia. She seemed like a very nice girl, but I could tell she was shy. "Kind of reminds me of Kaori..." I mused lightly, but I immediately shook the thought away. "Best not to dwell on those memories, especially now."

"Yea, Ancient Literature is an interesting class to say the least. Though the professor has a tendency of acting out scenes in the middle of class." I said with a laugh and a smile.

A small smile played across her lips at my comment. That smile. It gave me a feeling I ha-oh wait a second, that's just my cell. "Excuse me." I said, as I pulled it out and flipped it open. "Yo, Genki here."

It was Kanli. "Hey, it's me. I can't make it to lunch today, I'm feeling a bit lightheaded so I'm going back to the apartments to take a rest."

He sounded more than just light-headed. As if something else was bothering him. "You sure you're okay?"

"Yea, it's just a lack of sleep. Sorry about the lunch, next time it'll be on me."

Before I could say anything else he clicked off, leaving me with the flat tone. I sighed and shook my head as I put my cell away. "Wonder what's buggin' Kanli...he sounded as if he'd seen a ghost or sumthin'...." I thought. "Maybe it has something to do with why he's not sleepin'."

"Umm...is everything okay?" Lyia's voice broke me out my thoughts.

"Yea, that was just my brother." I said, once again brushing thoughts of my brother for later. "He just said he couldn't meet me for lunch."

"Oh, I see..."

"Hey, I don't wanna sound too forward or anything, but..." I gave her a disarming grin. "But if you haven't had anything to eat, wanna join me for a bite?"

She was caught off guard by my request. "What about your project?"

"I figure I can find Lisa later, anyway and I haven't had a bite to eat all day. So what do ya say?"

Anjana's Halo
4th April 2004, 05:02 AM
Another late night, sleep-deprived post. [must sleep more]

Feiyou: Arch Angel of Light
I strolled through the outskirts of New York, casually walking past the one family homes with a small smile on my face. Certainly, the sky was still grey and damp, but the people smiling as they went to their seperate destinations and the delighted children laughing as they splashed in the puddles only made the day more charming. There was no possible reason to alter the world. Even though I haven't seen my siblings, and only concluded they would wish to change the world from what I remember of them, they couldn't possibly wish to recast the world seeing a scene like this. My smile only grew bigger when a small girl in a raincoat hopped by me, splashing in each puddle and humming a soft, happy melody. I would note which souls resonated so strongly with mine, but I didn't want to interrupt their lives for nothing. For, in fact, there was nothing to do. The world, though flawed, was still good.

Something hit the sidewalk behind me, causing me to turn around. The little girl had fallen to the ground, and she wasn't moving. I ran back to her and knelt down, turning her face upward. She was still breathing, and there was a small cut on her chin. I concentrated my power of Sympathy to see what had happened. She had simply fainted, I found, and would be fine in a few moments. I was about to reach forward to try and heal her wound when her eyes flew open. They were a startling blue, piercing yet gentle.

"Are you alright, little one?" I asked. I had already developed an attachment to this girl, I discovered. My Sympathy had also shown that she was a wonder-filled child who loved and was loved. So sweet and innocent, I couldn't help but care for her.

She instantly lept up, as full of energy as ever. "Yes!" She looked at me with those lovely azure eyes for a moment, then said in a slightly timid but determined voice. "I...I'm fine... I think. What are you?"

I blinked. Did she somehow know...no, the child had simply mixed up her words. " You mean who am I?" I asked, correcting her.

"No, what are you?" She cocked her head and waited for a reply, ignoring the cut on her chin. I was speechless. Not who, but what am I? It was impossible for this small girl to know I wasn't truly human. It was preposterous to even think it. And yet...It would be best to talk her out of that thought.

"What are you?" she asked again, cocking her head to the other side, allowing her blond hair to bounce around her face.

"What are you?" I returned, remaining on my knees and smiling to not startle her.

"I'm human! What else could I be?"

"If that's the case, what else could I be?"

"You could be...um..." Her imagination had faltered.

"Maybe I'm a hippopotamus in disguise," I said mischieviously.

"You couldn't be a hippo! Hippo's are fat!" She smiled, perhaps thinking of a hippo dressing up as a person.

"Or maybe a three armed alien?"

"Where would you hide the third arm? I know! You could be an elf!"

"Or a talking box of cereal."

"Or an angel!" She giggled. I kept smiling. She had struck the truth, but she did it in a joking matter, not really believing what she said. Still, I couldn't help pursuing the subject.

"I'd have wings if I were an angel, wouldn't I?" I asked. She nodded, still smiling. "Do you believe in angels?"

"Yeah. Mom always says God gives everyone a guardian angel to help them. I bet my guardian angel has big fluffy pink wings."

"Pink? Why not white?"

"I like pink better. Anyway, almost all angels have white wings. My angel would be special." I was loving the child more and more. A strong belief in a heavenly guardian, that was so wonderful in a girl so young.

"Perhaps you should be getting home," I said, standing up. "Are you certain you feel fine?"

"Yeah. Hey! Can you walk me home?" The question startled me. I had already turned to go, and this caused me to turn back around.

"You know, little one, you shouldn't speak with strangers."

"It's okay. You're nice. I'm Haile. What's your name?" She streched out a hand to me. Smiling, I took it.

"My name is Feiyou, but I'd like it if you called me Fei." She continued to jump in each rain puddle we passed, soaking my pants and shoes, but I didn't complain. It wasn't close to noon and already this had turning into a fantastic day.

Yet still...Haile's question haunted my mind, a ghost always at the edge of my thoughts.

"What are you?"

Mew Master
4th April 2004, 11:59 AM
Denny Roth~M~Correct Soul of Waike

With my shoes on and my hair tied back up I looked at the clock on my shelves. It was a little after noon.

Maybe these dreams are caused by my lack of basic food groups....... Na. But I was hungry, and the Cafe was open. The Men's Dorm and the Women's Dorm each had a cafeteria on the bottom floor with the front desk. While the guys dorm mainly had fast food with some healthy choices, the Women's Cafe had a basic All-you-can-eat buffet with a different menu every day.

(OOC: Kayla.. I just thought of something. Do the buildings at the college we're all at have names or what? It's going to get difficult to name the certian departments. If you're at a loss for names I can offer something from FHSU. ^^U)

I grabbed my coat and made sure I had my wallet with me with the School card that had my meal plan on it. Putting on my hat I walked out and locked the door, hopping my Roommate had his key with him or else he'll be locked out for half an hour.

Making sure the door wouldn't open, I walked down the hall and towards the stairs and the Elevator. Living on the 7th floor of a men's dormatory wasn't that bad, as long as you didn't have to take the stairs up. Skipping the elevator I took the stairs, which was faster than waiting for the Elevator to come up and then ride it down. Providing no one got on inbetween.

On the first floor I pushed open one of the glass doors and walked through the Men's Parking lot.

The Girl's dorm was about 90 meters away from the Men's. Following a sidewalk and past a small street.

As I walked, I felt the wind pick up and I stopped and let the wind rush over me. It was a nice cool breeze that felt good after being in my dorm for a bit too long already. I yawned as I continued walking towards the Girl's Dorm.

Walking through the Girl's Parking lot I went through the back door, where there were already some people leaving from lucnh already. I walked up and openned the door, letting myself in.

The hall took a L-shaped turn towards where the Cafe was, passing the Elevators as I did. There were a set of stairs down that were faced straight towards the glass doors of the Cafe. As I walked, I saw some people walk down the stairs and heading towards the Cafe....


Green Lanturn
4th April 2004, 12:03 PM
Liam Panteras~Correct Soul of Waike

Yet another science class passed. The teachers, as I had expected, sat me out, for I had already accomplished the lab. I sat down, reading up on some of my studies. :sleep: . I waited for a while, until finally, the bell sounded, anouncing the final class would soon begin, and that this class was over.

I walked out of the class, students were speeding all around. As I walked, one girl ran into me. She seemed rather nice, and as I picked up my falen books, she apologized.

"Hi, I'm Liam." I offered my hand and she laughed. "Im Ethuil." I took it back and said, "see ya around." I turned around and headed for my next class. I walked in, my Math teacher preparing the overhead. I looked and watched as Ethuil, the girl I had bumped into, walked in and took a seat. "Howq had i never noticed?"

I began sketching around before the class bell rang. I took a pencil and jsut begin to draw. Images of a dragon came to mind, a flame dragon. I sketched out what was in mind. I looked at it and couldnt help but think it was real. Why was I drawn to this drawing of a dragon. I was too affixed, it seemed, cause when I looked up, my teacher, Mrs. Tanaka was stanind over me.
"I trust that you will begin to pay attention now," as she grabbed the sketchbook and set in on her desk. :evil:
Some girls on the other side giggled a bit :sweatdrop , but Ethuil didnt.

Hope thats ok Sakura.


4th April 2004, 03:17 PM
Tenshi Shun Matsumori Jr.-Correct Soul of Feiyou
"Shun,almost ready?"I heard a voice coming from the hallway. It was father. As much as I hated him, I depended on him for a ride to school.Until I could get my drivers liscence.

"Almost."I replied blankly. I had took a quick shower, and finished blowdrying my hair so I wouldn't catch cold today.I took a rubberband, and placed it in my hair to form a loose ponytail. I then closed the door to my bathroom, and went to my bed(which I rarely use.) to put my socks on.

"Ready."I announced, taking my Laptop/Book bag with me to the front door. I put my shoe's on there, and followed my dad to his car[locking the door, of course.]. His co-worker, Steven, was with him, sitting in the front seat.

Father started up the car, and we were on the way to school...the one place I dreaded everyday going to.I kept my eyes closed for most of the ride,silently hmming to a tune I had stuck in my head.
"Don't fall asleep, we're almost there."Father said, having Steven litely punching me in the shoulder. I shot my eyes open, and gave him and my dad a glare.

So I couldn't close my eyes anymore, so I leaned against the window, watching the kids who were walking..


4th April 2004, 07:06 PM
You can pretty much just make up everything... imagine it being a fairly big college or university. ^^

F - Correct Soul of Kyria

Lyia listened to the conversation, trying not to be a snoop but it was rather hard when he was talking right in front of her. She wondered what was wrong... and soon she found out that Genki's brother wasn't feeling too well.
Poor guy... feeling sick isn't fun... Lyia thought, unable to help feeling sorry for anyone who was ill. But then some thing to eat... he was a very outgoing person, Lyia could tell that by the ease of his speech. Very confident... some what reminded her of those guys who stood up doing impromtu speeches at her old high school. Smiling slightly, Lyia turned around to grab a small blue pouch with her money, and nodded.

"Sure, I haven't ate either... guess it would be good to take a break from everything."

"Great! Then let's be off!" Genki said, his voice very upbeat and full of a lively tempo. Lyia couldn't help but let her smile grow, he seemed like a really energetic, fun person.

They both walked out of the girls dormitory, and soon were outside. The clouds occasionally sent a small, shivering mist down to the ground as the clouds lumbered in the sky. Lyia didn't mind the rain, in fact nothing about rain bothered her at all. She followed Genki, hoping he'd have a place in mind on where to eat because she wasn't one to make decisions. Always indecisive, Lyia found it hard to even pick out her clothing from day to day.

But the dreaded question came.

"So, do you feel like eating any thing in particular?"

Although the campus had a buffet always for food, it was only served at certain times in the day. But there were places to eat right next to the campus, some budgeted by the school and others businesses taking advantage of the high student population. Lyia had no idea.

"No... I'm up for pretty much anything. How about you decide? I'm always horrible at making decisions." Lyia said, blushing in slight embarressment at her flaw in her personality.

As the rain threatened to pour from above, there was a sense in the air that sent a slight chill down Lyia's spine on the occasion. As if the rain was foreshadowing an event to come...

.: F - Reincarnation of The Being - 8 yrs old. :.

Splashing in the puddles, Haile was very pleased with herself.

"Fei... Fei... I like that name! Reminds me of Faeys!"
Feiyou's eyes blinked slightly, giving Haile a confused look as if not understand what the little girl was saying. Haile only giggled, stopping her splashing spree to gaze up at him.

"My brother reads me stories. One of the books talks about Faeys- they're like Big Fairy people who gave gifts long ago. But if you're name's Fei... then maybe Faeys were Angels. Especially if they have pretty eyes like yours."

Haile smiled again, meaning nothing of the Angel mark, and mostly she was teasing. Despite her age, Haile was rather more intelligent then most 8 year olds, but hid it with her overly energetic and optimistic self. Fei smiled at Haile at the pretty eyes comment, as Haile twirled around in the rain and then stopped again.

" Are you an older brother to some one?"

Fei's expression was bewildered slightly, but always full of kindess and a rather loving manner.
"Yes, I am actually."
Haile beamed, "I knew it! You are have to be the oldest brother of your siblings. I can tell."
This remark left Fei more curious, and Haile was proving to be an interesting conversationalist indeed.
"Why would you say that?"

Haile blinked, tucking a strand of loose, golden-tinted hair behind her ear as she shrugged.
" My oldest brother is really nice, so all eldest brothers must be nice. You're very kind to have helped me and to walk me home... so I figured you must be like my brother Phil. You remind me of Phil... and I bet now he'll remind me of you!"
She nodded as if to confirm it, but then suddenly she saw Fei smile, and then jerk his head to a nearbye car that was approaching. Confused, Haile turned her head as well, and even though the car had not passed them yet, Haile could make out the figure of a boy sitting in the car, pressing his face to the window with alook of pure boredom and depression. Haile blinked, suddenly feeling a great sense of understanding. Fei wanted the boy... not in a twisted way, but in a way that was just right. That boy in the car was like Fei...
"He's like you..." Haile mumbled, not quite understanding herself but some how sensing that what she had said was right. They were like each other, but yet Fei had the 'likeness' greater.

With out a glance of warning, Haile ran. She tore off from the puddle, out into the middle of the street. Her hair waved like beautiful golden ribbons in the air as her wide, blue eyes gazed at the car that was coming. As the small pitter patter of rain bounced off her teal raincoat, she stopped her run until she was in the exact lane the oncoming car was in. Haile stopped, and held out her hands bouncing up and down. The car, or the driver of the car, was obviously startled and screeched to a hault as water sprayed everywhere. Fei's eyes grew wide... but the emotion with in them was rather uncertain to anyone who could have tried to guess what he was thinking or feeling.

The car stopped, only a foot short of Haile before it came to complete stop. Haile showed no fear, no signs of anything but a smile was placed upon her gentle face.

(^^ The car is the car that Shun is in. I'm not sure how this will work out... but I was thinking along the lines that either Fei would ask if he could speak with Shun, or Haile could pretend to know Shun and want to walk him to school for Fei. Just ideas... lol.)

Oh! and All Arch Angels- it is up to you how you 'awaken' the powers of your Correct Souls and such. ^^ Creativity is key.

4th April 2004, 09:12 PM
Well since apparently no one else took Kyria and I didn't want B4 to overwork her RPG on the characters, everyone has the bad luck of allowing me to play Kyria. Anyway, if I'm not lovey-dovey enough, sorry. :P

Name: Kyria
Gender: Female
Element: Water/Love (o.O)/ Courage
Personality: She's one of those characters that adore anything that's cute. She's a bit ditsy in that way, but not to let that fool you; she knows what she is doing and, like the emotion of love itself, can be very cunning. However, she is overall a very nice and compassionate person, and has the belief that if only everyone was to be nice to each other the world would be fine; in fact, she feels compelled to help anyone in need of help and can never get used to things dying or dead, no matter how many times she's witnessed it and understands its a part of life. She believes more in bringing the good out of people by talking (hence her cunningness) rather than fighting to prove her point. For those she condemns as hopeless, she will try to be as quick as possible in getting done with her job by sending them to the underworld.
Appearance: What B4 showed you guys. :P When she's in human form, she has sparkling sapphire-blue eyes and violet-blue hair with length just past the shoulders. She wears a navy blue turtleneck and your typical set of jeans. She occasionally has a pink apron, as because of the "job" she took up while on earth. 5'10, about 100 lbs, so a rather thin figure.
Powers:(Copy Paste)
> The power to control Water
> Can give anyone a sudden feeling of courage, giving them a boost of power, energy and endurance to give them the edge to protect or battle (although Kyria is against this.)

> Power of Love - it can cure any sort of ailment such as delusions, nightmares, paralysis... it CANNOT bring things back from the dead however. It also some times can be used to calm the good, and if they are evil it causes the creature pain.

> Can transform into the being known as the "Fenris Wolf." This wolf is the reincarnation of the great Norse Mythology Wolf, who was said to have swallowed the sun. This is not true, but there was a Fenris wolf who aided the ARch Angels in protecing earth until it died. It then gave Kyria it's form as a sign of loyalty. The wolven form is huge, and it's jaws are unrivaled in power to crush things. The wolf also has the power to turn it's form into an outline of a shadow, or liquid of anything... but it cannot attack during this state.
Weapon: She has a bow that's stealthily disguised as a harp. This way, she can chant her spells using a harp and, if the former does not work, immediately summon liquid arrows and fire them using the same harp. The arrows cannot be caught and dissolve immediately after striking the opponent, but upon a strike they are as hard (and cold) as ice.
World: LOVE AND PEACE!!! LOVE AND-- Ok, what she's really going for is an idealistic utopia where everyone is amazingly nice to each other and there is no hatred or anger in the world. In doing this, she realizes she must eradicate a few "bad" hearts to ensure that people would be at least respectable to each other.
Animal Appearance: A wolf. :P If I find a pic I'll edit and post.
Arain: Kryia thinks Arain has the right idea, but using the wrong methods. The most logical way of running the world in her mind is to follow positive emotional feelings, not complete reason. Part of creating her world is based on emotion, after all.
Waike: Admires his sense of protection. However, she wishes for each and every person to be able to use their emotional courage, not having a split in the "strong" and the "weak". She also finds it sort of ironic that Waike fights against "evil" when he himself created the creatures on the earth, some of which he now considers "evil".
Doyokai: Actually, she feels rather sad for Doyokai. She realized (maybe before others) that she was the one to follow her and upon her arrival she regained most of the energy that Doyoukai was not able to regain. She knows Doyoukai is a threat and will fight her against her sense of anger and jealousy, but even she believes that perhaps Doyoukai can be saved from the underworld, if Kyria can just calm her...
Feiyou: Kyria had a recent argument over why there was too much greed, anger, and corruption in the world that they created with Feiyou. Kyria wishes Feiyou could see and understand realize the negative emotions or lack of emotions in some beings; she believes that Feiyou has the right idea on love and happiness, just could not see (or is not willing to see) the negatives such as hatred and carelessness of today's society that must be rid of. She believes that people DO change over time... they can just do it in the underworld.
Other: WE SHOULD ALL LIVE TOGETHER AS ONE BIG HAPPY FAMILY!! *is practicing lovey-doveyness*

"Goodbye Mrs. Kyria!! I love you!!" The child hugged me one more time before leaving for his new family. The joy of a child, having been in the orphanage for several years, finally finding somewhere new to live can never subside.
"I love you too."
After the child left, I sat down in one of the rocking chairs provided by the ophanage. The place was small, but efficient and a perfect place to start my work. I can't do much to help the entire world until I have some key on where the Correct Souls are, but at least I can inspire a few children of the future generation to have hope and aspirations in their lives.
I only wish I could do the same with their parents. I don't blame them for bringing them here; in fact, I can almost thank them for giving them a chance to live on... I only wish I could at least talk with a few of the parents, to inspire them with the same such hope. They all look so sorrowful when they come in... Someday, perhaps when I'm in charge of the forms... assuming that I haven't begun changing the world...
"Mrs. Kyria! Mrs. Kyria!!" Little Jonny was calling out to me.
"Yes, yes, what do you want?"
"I want something to eat!!!"
I cringed a little and looked away. "Umm... Why don't you go and get Mrs. Lanette to get you something from the... kitchen??"
Even though I realize that humans must eat to survive, I still could never get used to the horrors I saw one day when I was shown the refrigerator. After the child left to badger Mrs. Lanette, I sighed. Oh well, I guess not everything can be as ideal as I would hope it to be.

Elemental Seribii
4th April 2004, 09:57 PM
Whee! The stalking of Waike's Correct Souls begins.

Waike - Archangel of Fire
I had managed to reach a totally different place - the busy streets of Tokyo, as I had learned it was called, held little for me at the present moment.

When I had reached another place, and I could feel the power of my siblings grow and lessen as I neared and drew back from each of them. I couldn't recognise each of their signatures yet, I was still to far away from even the closest. Maybe I would meet them, by luck or by fate

I was at a home, and I could sense a real fire. The tangible kind, that burned and flickered.

With unwavering determination, I walked up to the front of the house, and rang the doorbell.

A shout could be heard from inside, and a girl opened the door. She couldn't have been anywhere past eighteen, and she stared at me with uncertainty in her blue eyes, obviously on guard. You don't get random red-headed strangers at your door every day, do you?

"Do I know you?" Her words were calm but very careful. I shook my head, and smiled.
"No. My name is Waike, I-"
"Look, if you're selling something..." She stopped when I laughed.
"Of course not. Do you have a fire burning?" Looking at me as if I was crazy, the girl nodded.
"Come in, I guess. The fire's in the fire pit. My dad's upstairs, if you want to talk to him." She opened the door all of the way, and I stepped inside.
"That's alright. Would you mind if I see it?" She obviously was having issues on whether to trust me or not, and I held up my hands in defense. "I swear I won't do anything."

Nodding slowly, the girl walked to where there was quite a large fire burning.

No matter how many times I see it, a fire always has some mesmerizing quality about it. I reached out, and felt the fire spiral and swallow my arm, and I half-heard the girl gasp behind me. When I took my arm back, I still held a small flame in my hand. I held it out to her, as if offering a handshake.

"My name is Waike, what's yours?"
Blah, bad, bad post. X__x; After Waike deals with Kaia (I hope you don't mind, T_M_L ^___^;), feel free to have Waike start stalking another of his Correct Souls. Mwahahah.

Philip Mitleid
I felt strange. Come to think of it, I had felt strange all morning, but hadn't the time to recognise it. But there it was, my heart was in my throat and something was nagging the back of my mind. Something, or someone was bothering me.

Was it Haile? She had walked home by herself before. I bit the lid of my pen, and tried to concentrate on my notes, which I should have been taking. I hadn't written anything, and was left anxiously staring at a blank page.
God, Haile, please be okay. I'll kill myself if something happens.

"Psst. Phi, what's the matter?" Jon poked my shoulder. "You're usually writing notes like crazy." He was the person I usually sat next to in World History class, but I had forgotten he was there.
"It's nothing. I'm fine. Haile walked with me to school this morning, but I can't figure out why I'm worried." I drummed my fingers against the desk, and bit the inside of my cheek.
"You're weird, Phi. I can't stand my older sister. All she does is b*tch twenty-four-seven." He whispered, laughter on the edge of his voice. He made a face when the teacher glared at us. "I'm sure she'll be okay. She's smart, nothing bad'll happen to her." He grinned reassuringly, as the bell rang. Both of us stood up, and I sighed.

"God, I hope you're right."
"Don't be so paranoid. See you at lunch."
"Yeah. Bye." I headed towards my locker, to retrieve my French books.

I couldn't wait for the day to be over, so I could get home and find that everything was normal.

4th April 2004, 10:39 PM
Wee, I finally got off my butt and started the sign up. ^^;; La la la. I'll do my Correct Soul whore later? 8D;

Name; Doyokai
Gender; Female
Elements; Darkness/Revenge/Dismal
Personality; Dark and quiet, Doyokai rarely speaks. She always seems to be alone, even in crowds, and always speaks in a soft voice. There always seem to be a aura of sadness and seeming shyness over her that catches people's eye and sometimes draw them to her. Her face always has a calm, sad appearance, giving no hint to her true feelings. Doyokai is slow to anger, but once provoked, she goes absolutely berserk. When she does, there is no resemblence to the calm, sad, collected girl earlier. She becomes angry and violent, and can and will kill people. But whenether she's angry or calm, she lets nothing get in her way. And underneath it all is a bitterness and hate at the other arch angels. She resents being the 'unpure' one, or at least the only one, and she bitterly loathes Feiyou, for she feels that he stole her power and left her with little. Just the sight of him can make her lose all her reason and go into a absolute frenzy. But she also finds herself fascinated and attracted to him...
Appearance; Holy; Click here (http://img22.photobucket.com/albums/v66/kisekinomiko/guerriere.jpg)
Human; See attatchment.
Powers; Can control darkness, use the elements of revenge, The Power of Dismimal, and can transform into "Nerifi Panther".
Weapon; Because I am lazy and tired of typing right now, it's Sailor Saturn's glaive (http://moonprincess.com/galleries/details.php?image_id=215)! ::coughs:: Yes, you read that right. It has the name 'Itachi', and it amplifies her power. Using it, she can become as strong or even stronger than the other angels.
World; Doyokai's ideal world is one riddled with hate, chaos, violence, revenge, and strife, with her at the top and in power.
Animal Appearance; Nerifi Panther, Doyokai's animal form, is a huge giant winged dark panther, so dark that it's fur isn't black - it is the absence of light. Her teeth and claws, however, are a brilliant diamond white - and just as hard - and her eyes are a emerald green.
Relations; Arian: Doyokai dislikes Arian's ideas of balance and Arian herself. No surprise, since Doyokai prefers chaos.
Waike: She doesn't like the idea of Waike wiping out all the evil on earth. No surprise there either.
Kyria: Doyokai looks at Kyria with bitterness, as she was born after Doyokai, yet her power wasn't dimished as Doyokai's was. Plus she doesn't like love at all.
Feiyou: Out of all her siblings, she hates him the most. She sees him as the one who stole the power that was 'rightfully hers'. But despite being her hatred at him, she finds herself attracted and fascinated to Feiyou...
Other; She likes fish. Goldfish, carp, eel, she likes them all. She likes them so much that they're the only ones she spares from revenge and despair.

Doyokai - Arch Angel of Darkness
Doyokai walked through the streets of the city, feeling pleased. Well, as pleased as she could, which wasn't a lot. She ignored some of the stares the young mortal men were giving her as she swept past them. That is, until one approached her.

"Hey, cutie, you look lost. Do you need someone-?"

"No," she cut him off abrubtly, looking up into his face to glare at him. He stepped back automaticly, and half raised his arms as if to protect him from it. His friends laughed at him, and he lowered them, looking sheepish. Doyokai just walked by, never giving another glance behind her. It was about a month, to speak in mortal terms, since she woke up. And what she'd seen of the world so far pleased her. Crime, murder, thefts... They were all petty, but it was a start. Now if only there weren't certain kinds of people... She found herself scowling, and then out of the corner of her eye, spotted a little girl run into the street, right into a oncoming car. Doyokai stopped to watch, eagerly hoping to see the girl get run over, to see the blood spray everywhere, to hear the people screaming, screaming in horror, for dead lifeless eyes-

The car stopped a foot away from the girl. Doyokai gave a frustrated sigh, and was about to walk on when she saw...


Feiyou. He ran over to the girl, worry and concern etched on his face. Doyokai clenched her fist as she saw him.

"YOU!" she screamed, an animalistic roar.

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Prof. Jb Wolf
4th April 2004, 11:53 PM
Genki Ming - Correct Soul of Waike
"Then Jet's it is!" I said with a smile.

"Jet's?" Lyia gave me a puzzled look.

"Yea, I'm not really surprised you don't know about it. Its pretty close to the less...how shall I put it...favorable side of the city." I waved off her look of concern. "Don't worry though, Jet's is a safe place. We better hurry before the rain starts."

"I don't really mind the rain actually." She said with a smile, but I saw her shiver slightly.

"Yea, but I don't feel much like getting wet."

We walked off as the clouds began to gather, omnious and laden with rain. I don't know why, but I couldn't shake this feelin' of dread, of change in the air. It was probably just from worrying about Kanli. "But this feels like more...like something BIG is goin' on and I just can't seem ta see it..."

I talked with Lyia to take my mind off this feeling. I learned that she was in college with her brother and that she was going into a career in Marine Biology. She was also participating in a singing contest in the coming week.

"That's great, I'm sure you'll win."

"I don't really think so. I mean, I've been practicing, but it seems as if the more I do, the worse my voice becomes, not better."

She looked so sorrowful at that thought. I put consoling hand on her shoulder and minutes passed as I dwelled on her words. "I'm not exactly an expert on singing and I know I don't know you well, but it seems to me that's your problem."

"My problem?"

"Yes. You practice so much, but your forcing yourself to do so. Singing should come from the heart, with to bring it to life with true feeling. To try and force that feeling only serves to make the song lifeless and dead." I laughed. "But what do I know, most people tell me to shut up when I sing."

She giggled and gave me a small smile. "Thanks Genki."

"No prob." We arrived at Jet's and I opened the door for her. "After you milady."

She giggled again and I followed her into the familiar atmosphere of the old diner. As usual, the place was filled with the usual lunch crowd rush. And, as usual, Jet was there yelling out orders and waving me down at the same time. The old owner only had one arm and a gruff attitude, but he was a nice guy beneath his external appearance and attitude.

"Heya old man!" I said with a grin as we took a seat at the booth my brother and I usually ate at.

"Who ya callin' old ya pup?" He growled, but there was a smile on his face. "I see ya chose fairer company than dat brother o' yers."

"Jet, this is Lyia. She goes to the same college as I do."

"Umm...nice to meet you Jet." She said quietly.

The grizzled man laughed. "Good ta meet'cha lass. 'tis good that Ming finally got 'imself a girlfriend."

"Oh no, I mean, I'm not-"

I laughed lightly at Lyia's embarassment, but stopped myself so she wouldn't feel to bad. "She's not my girlfriend Jet, she's just a friend who's a girl. Anyway, I'll have the usual."

"And fer da lady?"

"Umm...I'll have whatever Genki's having."

Jet ambled off back towards the kitchen as I smiled at my flustered friend. "Sorry about that. Me and Jet 'ave known each other for awhile, so we joke around a lot."

Fai D. Flowright
5th April 2004, 12:22 AM
Sorry about my absence from this. I've been feeling extremely lazy now that my Spring Break has started. I've also been slightly busy. But, without further adue, the late Archangel, Arain...

*~Goddess of Balance and Winds~*

A raincloud slowly shadowed a large city. The descending fog that lightly shrouded the city took no effect on the daily tasks of it's residents. Children of young and old ages made their routine walks to school, some driven by parent that then went to their own jobs. The streets were filled with a continuous bustle that never let down. I viewed them all from the window of my apartment, 7 stories above ground, "Days of rain should be taken for the benefit of it's relaxing nature." I spoke to the dense mist the cooled the air. "Why must they continue to stress themselves like today is their last day? Why do they let their balance of needs fall to one side?" I questioned myself as I closed the open window. "Maybe a walk will help clear my mind of things." I made my way to my door, grabbing my grey raincoat as I stepped out into the empty hall of the building. Locking the door behind be, I walked to the stairs and down them. At the bottom, I approached the glass doors that led to the busy streets of the city.

I let myself out of the entrance lobby and into the masses of people walking down the sidewalks. I blocked out all noise as I enjoyed the serene droplets of water from the heavy mist land on my face and patter on the ground beneith my feet.

As I was pushed along by the flow of people, I passed a variety of homes, stores, and restaurants, one of which had an alleyway behind it. As I looked down it, I saw two college-aged guys rapidly enter the back door, where a loud smack-like noise came from. I slipped out of the crowds and watched the conflict from just outside the door, out of everyone's sight. A powerful conversation that nearly lead to fight ensued, but was prevented by one of the men that had entered. As he pulled the manager-like man out of reach of, what I assumed to be, his brother or friend, a powerful aura emitted from him. "He must be one of the Correct Souls I'm searching for..." I said, almost being pulled to his eminating essence. A couple short statements were made by the group in the kitchen and the two guys headed towards door to leave. Looking for a place to hide my presence, a trash can became my temporary sanctuary from their sight. They quickly moved away as I heard the end of a conversation.

"Now, come on. We're already late enough."

"Right, Kanli..."


"So...His name is Kanli. I'll have to remember that one...." I told myself as I made my way back to the apartment that I called home, at least for now. I walked aimlessly, still trying to calm myself more. The sky turned darker as it finally began to truely rain. I rolled up the lengthy sleeve of my coat just enough to see my watch. "12:27... It's time for lunch." I said as I dropped the seam back to it's free state. I hadn't been paying much attention to my course because I suddenly felt my body jolt as I fell flat against the solid concrete.

I sat up, rubbing the back of my head when it had hit the cement. I looked around, slightly dazed, only to see the one that I must have run into. He was about, if not the same age as the two I had seem earlier. I got to my feet and staggered over to him, making sure he was OK. That was when I felt the same aura about him. The feeling that he was to follow along with me as well...

He seemed slightly unconscience, but as I examined him further, it seemed as though he had fallen asleep there. I moved to the curb, my senses nearly regained, and cupped some still water from the street into my hand. I opened my makeshift container, letting the water splash on his face and neck. "We must have hit pretty hard or he is just extremely tired," I said to his still body. I put my hand to his forehead, in an attempt to wipe some the pooled water from it. At the instant of contact, his whole body became rigid and sat straight upright; he seemed startled...

"Who are you?" He asked as he loosened up a little.
"My name's Arain. I am the god... I mean, I'm from out-of-state." I had to be careful of what I said. I couldn't reveal my true identity to anyone yet. "I was just on my way to get a bite to eat. Care to join me?" A glimmer of jubilance shown in his unmatched eyes. It was clear that he was starving. "What do you say?"

BTW, Engi, I'll get to Kanli soon. She won't be crazy... Those kind of people scare me... But I want to take care of this one first! ^_^;

Anjana's Halo
5th April 2004, 01:36 AM
Third late night in a row. I've given up on sleep.

Feiyou: Arch Angel of Light
I glanced up from my conversation with Haile as we continued down the street. A car was coming toward us, and inside I could sense another soul who shone with light. Another Correct Soul, I thought, and smiled as I saw the one, a boy staring glumly outside from the back seat. Something about that light was so calming and complete. My small trance was interrupted when Haile murmured something.

"What was that?" I began to ask, right before Haile ran out into the street, directly in the path of the car. Her blond hair shone and bounced as she stopped in the car's lane. The driver screeched to a halt, the car stopping just a bare foot from little Haile. She knew about the one inside, I thought, startled. No, impossible, impossible, impossible. She couldn't know. And yet...

I ran over to her. "Haile, what are you doing? You could be killed." I was repeating a speech I had heard the first time I had walked in front of those speeding metal vehicles. Haile looked up at me, uncertain how to answer. She doesn't know why she did it! I realized with a shock. However, I was now in a very akward position. I would have to apologize to the driver of the automobile, most likely meeting the boy as well. And being this close...I couldn't help but want to talk with him, to meet him and see what he was like, something the others in the car might not want me to do. Difficult, but at least it couldn't get any more complicated.

"YOU!" Came a yell from the sidewalk. A harsh beastly cry that sounded strange from its mortal body but was still all too familiar. I looked up. She stood there, darkly cute with ribbons wrapped in her hair, fury in her lovely face, quivering with a need for violence. The most dangerous, the darkest, the one I loved the most. Compassion, sorrow, affection and pity filled me as I looked into her dark eyes.

"Doyokai," I said, more to myself than anyone else. She walked over with a smooth gait, like a deadly cat on the hunt. I became worried, not for my safety but for Haile and the people in the car. If she wished to fight, I would have no choice but to defend them.

She stopped before me. I gave a mental sigh. She wanted to talk first, giving me time to try to redirect her anger before it harmed anyone. "Do you know her, Fei?" asked Haile. Doyokai looked at her with a small glare of loathing. Knowing her, Doyokai was angry at Haile for not being run over rather than speaking.

"Yes," I said quietly, never looking away from the one so close to my heart. "She's my sister." Haile said no more, sensing she should remain silent. I thanked the Being for her intelligence and insightfulness at that moment. "Now isn't the time for a confrontation, Doyokai," I said calmly, hoping to keep my sister from lashing out. Her face, however, deepened in anger.

"If not now then when, Fei?" she asked sneering the last word. She always hated my nickname. She always hated me.

"Later, in the Central Park? We can talk more on the northern shore of the Reservoir, about whatever you wish." She glared at me, then gave a small nod. She would allow her rage to wait

"You want to leave this place the way it is, don't you?" she asked before I could give another small sigh.

"Yes, don't you?"

"No." Her face had gone blank and emotionless. "No one does. You're the only idiot in that respect." That startled me. They wanted to change the world? Alter it to their image? Impossible. I couldn't, wouldn't let them. For the first time, a desire to confront my siblings coursed through me. "I suppose you want to do something about that now," she continued.

"Yes," I replied. I was about to say more when the door to the car we've been blocking opened.

"Excuse me, could you please hold this meeing somewere else?" asked the driver, an older man of Asian desent. The back door then opened, and he stepped out. He was tall, taller than me with jet-black hair that was tied in the back, and teal colored eyes. The warm glow of light eminated from him.

"Tonight," Doyokai's voice whispered in my ear. I turned in time to watch her walk away, still so smooth and calm, so beautiful and dangerous. If only her hatred for me didn't equal my love for her.

"Shun, get back in the car," the driver said to the boy, completely oblivious to what had happened. The boy ignored the man I presumed to be his father.

"Your Phi's little sister, aren't you?" he asked Haile.

She smiled. "Yeah! I'm Haile, what your name?"

"Call me Shun," he said. "I go to school with your brother."

"You do?" her face broadened even more, if that was possible. "How 'bout you walk to school with Fei and me?" He eyes glittered blue as she looked at Shun. I said nothing, too stunned at Haile's forwardness to speak.

"I'm sorry, but Shun-"

"It's okay, Dad," Shun interrupted his father. "I know them. We'll head straight to school, alright?" I felt into Shun's heart for a moment with sympathy to see why he was so quick to agree. His desire to leave the presence of his father and the other man in the car, it seemed, was greater than any caution he has. And sense he knew Haile slightly, he felt safe with us. His father sighed as we walked onto the sidewalk and allowed them to drive away. Haile, Shun, and I began walking back toward the school. Haile began cheerfully talking with Shun as I thouht. The others still wanted to alter the world. Doyokai didn't lie about that. She had no need, and she often felt the truth could hold the most hurt. Thus, I needed to awaken those like Shun, to stop them, fight them if I must. I looked at Haile's happy face and smiled, still slightly disturbed by her apparent perceptiveness. Thank you, little one, for this chance you gave me, either directly or indirectly.

Emotional Faun Chiko-sai
5th April 2004, 09:52 AM
Tsukasa- OhhhhHHhhh... my saviour!! xD;;
Rurik: *rolls eyes* ....you ding...
I laze for one day to watch Gaara epis/do hw/:sleep: - Result: topic MUSHROOMS. *twitch* In other words, I must not be lazy.
Rurik Wetherford|M|Property of Arain. (oO;; well now that you mention that communist thing... my head is starting to throb again... Reminds me of Animal Farm 'All animals are equal but some are more equal than others' *dies*)

A pretty girl, a collision, the pavement. The solid, sort-of-rough-but-still-quite-comfortable-considering pavement.

"We must have hit pretty hard or he is just extremely tired."

Damn right. Now go away and leave me alone.

Rurik weighed his chances of chatting up the pretty girl, decided they came to about 0.00002/1000000, and remained on the pavement. Almost as good as class, although undoubtedly with its dangers, such as people stepping on him or actually recognizing him. The latter scenario would definitely be a bad thing. S-l-
...the sound of water splashing...
...onto his face. Then a cool hand on his forehead, gentle, careful. Miraculously, his self-imposed lethargy was dismissed immediately. He stiffened and sat up and noticed all sorts of things that were happening against all probability, including the handsome young lady who was looking at him as though she recognized someone and the fact that he was about to drop dead of starvation.

Properly awake... He hadn't been properly awake for days. Rurik's main personality began re-assimilating itself, doing such necessary things to assure itself of normalcy such as pinching the bridge of Rurik's nose.

...The girl was asking him out to lunch. Fooooooood. Rurik sat up even straighter. He couldn't believe his luck, which was finally looking up after nineteen-odd years of having played him out. (Little was he to know how really wrong this revelation would be, in times to come.)
A very little moment later, Rurik was to be found demolishing a large plate of what could best be labelled 'fried crunchy carbon-tasting stuff'. He'd never had enough food to develop taste buds, presumably. Arain, eye twitching at how humans could descend to consume such fare as food, was sitting next to him. They'd gotten to first name terms on the way to the diner. It was raining out, in a gloomy, ominous manner. Nevertheless, Rurik relaxed visibly; to him, the rain was as much a part of the city as the buildings.

Conversion was scant; Arain seemed to be mulling over something, and Rurik was concentrating on polishing his meal off. However, he wanted to make sure of something. By nature, Rurik was a suspicious creature; and strange beautiful females did not just treat you to lunch just because they liked the look of your funny eyes.

He got to the point. "Miss Arain...? From experience, I know that people aren't usually nice to other people just for the heck of it. What job are you planning to give me?"

5th April 2004, 11:42 AM
Zzzzzzz......zzzzzzz...... -_- .. *is prodded awake* Huh...wha..?? Rpg?!?! O_O ARGH!!
Ooookaaay, sorry im late. As soon as the easter holidays began I kinda settled back into hibernation. *looks sheepish* And now im late and.. and.. reaally hungry. *licks lips* geeeeh.. *frantically begins to write post and eat pie at the same time*

Name: Zephania Rhye
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Personality: He always seems to be off in his own little world, and you can tell he’d prefer it that way. When he’s back in the real world, his personality seems similar to that of a wolf - wary of humans, defiant and fierce(not that he’s vicious, but he’s certainly passionate about his beliefs). He’s taken a lot of crap over the years, at school and at home, and he’s become quite indifferent to most people, which he has found is easier and a lot more honest than trying to live up to their expectations and ‘fit’ in. Beneath that there’s cool intelligence, and to certain extent, bravery, though he’s knows his limits. When he finds true friends he’s extremely kind and loyal, and would indeed die for them.
Appearance: Very handsome with high cheekbones and a bold jaw. He’s only about 5"7 tall, shorter than most of the guys his age, slim and lithe. He’s a fast runner, and has quite a good build, but not muscular. He has white scars on either shoulder blade, and slight stubble on his chin. He is constantly pushing back his hair which is dark brown, straggly and always messy. He has beautiful eyebrows and beneath them are deep chestnut eyes that manage to look hurt, tender and fierce all at the same time...
He tends to wear a close fitting black shirt with half-sleeves, black jeans, and a pair of battered black boots. And always, always, always wears his black and grey goggles (though usually around his neck).
Wing Appearance: Quite a large wingspan to say he’s so short, an impressive 6 and a half metre wingspan, relatively narrow and good for accurate, agile aerial acrobatics. The feathers themselves are so black they seem to absorb the very light around them..
Correct Soul OF: Arain
Powers Given: Using the power of Law, Zeph can break and bend laws of the human's physical nature. He has extra speed and agility, being extremely fast. (His speed and acceleration ranges from a Dodge Viper to the speed of light.) However, using the speed of light can only be used for very short distances since it takes up a large amount of energy. The higher the speed= lower distance and more energy.
- Using the hidden combined power of Harmony/Law, Zeph can bend the laws of human tongue, and speak the language of animals. This means he can call for their aid, but however not all animals will respect his wishes or be kind. Some animals do not agree with the Arch Angel Arain.
Skills: He’s surprisingly fast, agile and nimble - he can weasel out of any situation. His vision is extremely good, and his hearing is slightly above average. He feels he shares a certain empathy with animals and it is clear he prefers their company to that of humans.
Waike: Is unharmed by fire
Kyria: His mistrust of people easily prevents him being affected by the power of love..
Feiyou: Is not blinded by light.
Doyokai: The power of the dismal. After his childhood, Zeph has become immune to depression - he had to or it would of killed him.
Relationships: After the split with his bestfriend/boyfriend, he’s been scared to take the risk of getting hurt again with both girl or guy(he’s bi, but not flamboyantly.. :)). Deep down he just wants someone to care for him.
History: His mother died four years ago, and his father did not cope very well. He put more time into his work, shutting out Zeph from his life who reminded him of his wife. His father is afraid to love Zeph, and so builds on a hate based on Zeph’s every imperfection. Being the shy, quiet kid he used to be, the only people who recognised Zeph at school were the bullies, and so Zeph became more introverted than ever. He did learn to defend himself though, and run pretty fast too.Zeph left home as soon as possible, and bought a small apartment with the little money his mother left him. He doesn't talk to his father and his only company is his pet cat, Dak.
Other: Mweh

pssst! Cheers for the powers, Bulbasaur :D

Zephania Rhye - M - Arain’s correct soul (Im not gonna get into the whole animal farm thing and call Arain napoleon instead or anythin'..:))

My stomach grumbled at me, and I grumbled back. Boy, was I hungry. I flung open the cupboard doors, blinked, and shut them again. I closed my eyes and thought longingly of some breakfast treat. Lucky charms. Crumpets. Pop tarts. Ooooh, oooh, maybe even pie!! Not exactly for breakfast but-
I opened my eyes and opened the cupboards again. Surely some food would have magically appeared..
“Damn..”Still empty. My faith in God was shattered. I halfheartedly shook my fist towards the ceiling (he was up there somewhere) and sauntered into my bedroom. Dak shot like lightning off of the duvet as I collapsed onto it, then the small tabby hissed at me and slunk over to sit on my stomach. I scowled at him. It was ok for the cat - he could eat all the vermin he wanted, and there was plenty around here.
Once again I considered going home to my father, and once again the word ‘No’ prevented any other, more encouraging thoughts from leaking into my brain. Im not going home. I can’t go home. Hell, it’s not even home any more.. I absentmindedly scratched Dak behind the ear - specifically the little warm, soft spot cats love - and he closed his eyes in bliss as he became saturated with simple pleasures. Sighing, I gently pushed Dak off of my lap and unwillingly picked up my bag.
Five minutes later I climbed on the bus, and handed the driver whatever shrapnel I dug out of my pockets. I took my seat next to the window as always, watching all the individuals with all their separate lives and loves and affairs. The streets of this city were a complex place - you never met the same person twice. On one corner I glanced a homeless man cowering in a doorway, backing away from the rain that began to drizzle. Carvernous eyes sunken not only from starvation, but also the total lack of hope looked up at me, and I felt a powerful surge of envy from him. He knew that there was no way out of his little hole: he was in a spiral, and he’d keep on circling like a scavenging vulture, looking for a little piece of something to call his own, until he fell from the sky, dead at the boots of some under achieving first-class rich boy who wont even notice. I shuddered, hoping that I would never lapse into that. You’d like to believe that if you got yourself into that position you could get yourself out. But I knew that if it happened, I would not be able to lapse out. So I forced my eyes to meet the old man’s until the bus rolled on by and I could see him no more. I would remember him: he was the perfect reason to stick at my new job.
But, like I said, this city held diversity, it wasn’t all doom and gloom. As the bus drew towards the sidewalk for the next stop and slowed, I smiled for the first time that day. A small child, her face full of joy, plunged her feet into a puddle, laughing with delight. She spun around on the spot, and as her golden hair fanned out like rays of the purest light (reminding me there was a sun somewhere above those condemning clouds), I couldn’t help but grin. As the bus moved on, stopped, started again, halted once more I saw such a mix of lifestyles and emotions. My head swum with the same ideas I sparked every day. The old mans misery, the little girls joy. I longed to spread it around and make things a little more equal..
I hopped off of the bus and, face down and away from the rain, darted inside the building before a car could catch me with the spray of a puddle. I lifted my head and peered around. It was quite dark, but you didn’t have to look close to see the dirt. The windows were tinted an unpleasant shade of green, and there were a few scattered tables, most of which the light did not spread to. I smiled - it was like something out of a gangster movie, the stereotypical place for dirty dealings. The most expensive thing in there had to be the jukebox, and it was clearly the best kept with only one crack vis-
“Hey, kid!”A sharp voice with a lazy accent knocked me to my senses. “You’re late.” I glanced at my watch. I was actually fifteen minutes early. Oh boy, this is gonna be fun..
“Don’t jus’ stan’ there gawkin’! Get over ‘ere!” I hurried over and followed my new boss towards the counter. He turned and looked me up and down with small shrewd eyes. I copied the act to find a portly man, though not exactly the jovial santa claus type. His coarse, broad hands hung by his sides like an apes, but seemed like they’d be more at home around someone’s neck, and his shirt was stained with the same liquids that were currently biding their time in the dingy bottles behind me. This gave him a odious stench that I’d rather avoid, and helped him achieve that sweaty image you could tell he’d been striving towards for for many years. It suited him.
“Hmm.. You’re a bit on the scrawny side for the rough work, and we get a lot of that with the likes that come in here,”He said, scratching his stubble coated chin. Something flaked off of it and I resisted the urge to cringe. “What’s your name?”
“Zephaniah Rh-“
”Wha’ever. Zak, you’re now officially a barkeep.”There was a clang as a large metal bucket and a rag with a string were deposited onto the bar. “Put on your apron and get to work.”

Poor little Zephy no go to college. He has to work.. But of course when he has his lurvely powers he can find something better, im sure. Something in the line of arch angel servitude or the likes...

Bah! There’s gravy everywhere ><

5th April 2004, 12:19 PM
Er, Weasel Overlord asked me to post this for her since she can’t make it to a computer at the moment..

Name: Torran Ylldier.
Gender: Male.
Age: About 19.
Personality: He is very serious and intelligent and he is extremely witty when he feels like being so. His ambitions in life tend to mean that he finds himself being alone for a lot of the time, but he prefers this solitude to the ‘aimless chatter of others’. He is very powerful but in a quiet way, as he chooses to hide his power from others most of the time, and, as a direct relation to his solitude, he tends to think a great deal and to philosophise about certain problems he thinks are important. He does, however, have a tendency to react very strongly towards people who annoy him or people whom he finds tedious or shallow. He has a very fiery temper in these cases which makes him dangerous.
Appearance: He is handsome and tall with elegant, almost elven features. He has long, jet black hair which is shoulder-length and straight. His eyes are pale lilac, which most people find strange but he has an immunity to other people’s thoughts and bias’s so he doesn’t tend to care what they think. When I’ve finished my piccy of him and scanned it on ye will all see what Torran looks like.
Wing Appearance: He has large, jet black wings which have an iridescent, dark blue shimmer to them, quite like a blackbird’s only more eerie looking.
Correct Soul OF: Doyokai.
Powers Given: Torran can turn invisible for short periods of time, however, he cannot go through solid objects. He can pick things up, though.
Using the power of dismal, Torran can glance at any correct soul and concentrating hard, you can start to make them feel uneasy about themselves or rather sick to their stomach. The more energy your character puts into it, the sicker they feel to some times they could throw up. However... it drains Torran, and if used to an extreme it can cause him to feel sick as well.
Skills: If he wishes it, he can make himself go completely unnoticed, even if there is a large crowd of people surrounding him. This helped when he was at school as he was bullied a lot because of his eyes and his quietness. He doesn’t disappear, rather he just fades into the background, therefore making him much harder to notice unless you actually know where he is standing. This makes Torran an excellent spy and ally, as long as you don’t get on his bad side.
Immunity: Arain: Wind, so that he doesn’t have a disadvantage while fighting in the air.
Waike: The dragon’s fire doesn’t harm him. It flows around his body.
Kyria: Doesn’t change his mind, even when he’s exposed to the power of love.
Feiyou: Sympathy-like I said, he doesn’t often change his mind once he’s decided on something.
Relationships: He had one true love who tragically died, leaving Torran broken and despairing. Her name was Sulin and she and Torran had a short, passionate relationship which was brought to a sudden end by one of the bullies from Torran’s school who took a cruel joke too far. Needless to say, Torran, after finding Sulin, hunted down her murderer and killed him in very nasty ways. Since then, he has been on the run from the law, and his ability to fade into the background has helped his escape.
History: Pretty much uneventful, apart from the killing of course. Most of the time, Torran is a peaceful person, although he has a lot of pent up feelings from school.
Other: Not really

Correct soul of Doyokai-Torran.

I'd been waiting outside the bar for hours now and it was starting to rain. I looked up in displeasure and blinked as a large droplet of rain landed in my eye. Shaking my head in surprise, I growled to myself under my breath. Where was he?
"Neh, well" I walked into the bar and shook myself off. I glared round at the various customers sitting at their tables. A few of them looked up momentarily and then went back to their conversations, but most just ignored. Straightening my back, I walked purposefully towards the bar, looking straight ahead. I noticed that the barkeep looked a little uncomfortable and I realised that I'd not seen him around before. New kid. Hmm. I leant on the bar and looked him in the eyes.
"You seen a shifty-lookin' fella in here? About, er, 5 foot, white hair, can't miss him, really...er...odd eyes..." I started, but the keep cut me off in mid-sentence and nodded towards the far corner of the bar.
"Over there." He muttered quietly. I looked where he nodded and saw that he was right.
"O-kay, in that case, I'll have a Manhattan and he'll have nothing. Thanks." I whipped out a few coins and sorted through them whilst he poured a mixture from the various bottles.
"How much?" I inquired.
"Two dollars twenty," he replied. I whistled and counted out the money. Passing it to him, I picked up my drink and headed to the table where 'Fingers' Magraw was sat.
“Nice of you to inform me that you had arrived,” I said sharply, while sitting down. “Had me waitin’ outside fer ages.”
“Couldn’t be helped, mate. Had to be discreet, if ya know what I mean...” He replied, elbowing me in the ribs. I glared at him and he instantly wiped the stupid grin off his face and grimaced in pain. I smirked and carried on smoothly.
“So, do you have the money?”
“Aye. Aye, I do...but...”
“Give it to me.” I retorted. ‘Fingers’ looked nervous and pulled a grimy packet out of an inner pocket inside his greasy jacket.
“It’s all here,” He opened the envelope and counted out the money. I picked it up and shoved into my jeans pocket.
“Nice doing business with yer, pal,” I said and, downing my drink, I stood up and left the bar. I saw the barkeep watch me leave out of the corner of my eye and I made a mental note not to return to this bar. Unfortunately it was still raining outside. I scowled and hurried off down the deserted street.

5th April 2004, 12:45 PM
~ F/Correct Soul of Kyria ~

Lyia had never been to a place like Jet's, and at first when Genki had mentioned it, she had been rather cautious about the eating decision. However, as soon as they had entered and Jet had greeted them, all doubts and ebbings of worries soon vanished from Lyia's mind. However, the ever-tainted blush that she some times called upon, returned on the mention of being Genki's girlfriend. Unsure of how to respond, Lyia had tried to cough up an answer but luckily for her, Genki took care of it.

I barely know him and already I feel like I could have a heart faint.

Lyia thought, as she listened to Genki's appology. At least Lyia was finding it much easier to talk to him.
"Oh, don't worry about it. He seems really nice, sorta reminds me of my grandfather-" Lyia cut off shortly, glancing towards where Jet went off and she smiled.
"- but don't tell Jet that. It'd be a reference to old."

Genki laughed slightly at this, nodding as Lyia continued to have her eyes scan the place a bit. The two of them chatted for a while, and Lyia learned about Genki's brother, Kanli. The two of them were pretty close, and Genki said they acted more like best friends then brothers. Both of them were going to Lyia's college, and they often did a lot of things together. Genki laughed and smiled when talking, Lyia noticed that. Of course, Lyia laughed- or giggled, but not in the stereotypical girlish way, along with him. It felt natural... and Genki was one to make anyone laugh, Lyia sensed this too.

Of course, Genki didn't seem normal from teh first time Lyia met him. He had long, thick black hair which was tied back behind, and the red bandana made his tuffs of bangs fall slightly over his face, seemingly matching perfectly with his deep liquid eyes. Thinking of this, Lyia slightly glanced away... blushing only slightly.
"What? Some thing wrong?" Genki suddenly said, and Lyia instantly jerked her head back to gaze back at the eyes.
" Oh no! No... not at all." Lyia said a little overly-loud, as she felt herself turn an even darker shade.
"'Ere we go!" Suddenly Jet returned, two steaming plates of food in hand, setting down before Genki and Lyia.

Genki's choice of food was excellent. Lyia found her tongue admiring the bitter-sweet taste of her food, as she plucked it into her mouth, bit by bit.
"So, was my choice good?" Genki said between a mouthfull, and Lyia nodded.
"Yeah... this is really great food."
Jet must have heard that, because a mumble of 'of course it is!' of some sort was heard back by the kitchen.

Rain poured down from the sky, not overly so but enough to make tiny droplets dance upon the windows. Lyia blinked slightly, peering out the window to see a strange figure walking by.

Lyia couldn't tell what was strange about the figure... she looked normal enough. For some reason, Lyia just felt that the female out there was out of place- but yet Lyia felt a slight connection to her. It was a weird... deja vu sorta feeling... and Lyia quickly decided to ignore it. Rain... it continued to dance.

" We're going to have a fun time getting out in that rain." Lyia mused, looking at Genki with a rather playful smile.

~ F/"The Being" Reincarnation/8 yrs old. ~

Haile, Fei and Shun walked along back towards the direction of school.
" I'm going to be late..." Shun said lightly, almost to himself. Haile gazed at him, and then suddenly she ran ahead and stopped directly in front of Shun. Shun's head jerked up so slightly that he shook his head.
" You know, this little habit of yours- running infront of moving objects- really isn't healthy for you."
Haile only smiled, gazing at Fei.

Some thing was bother Haile, like Fei should be talking to Shun.

" Shun- this is Feiyou, he wanted to talk to you."
Shun's eyes looked confused- of course they would however, he had no clue really of who this 'Feiyou' was. Feiyou was equally surprised, gazing at Haile with a bit of disbelief as Haile smiled and shrugged.
" I'll leave you two alone for a bit! I'll just go up ahead... you catch up to me as soon as your done talking."

With that, Haile pranced a bit ahead of them, the rain lighting up a bit. Haile danced until she was a bit aways from them, and t hen she stopped. Gazing about the area, she danced along the puddles for a while, occasionally opening her mouth to the sky and allowing a few drops of rain to plash against her tongue and enter her mouth. However, soon some thing else caught her eye. There were a few flowers growing alongside the sidewalk, probably for decoration that was put there by the city. Reguardless, Haile stopped and crouched by the flowers.

" You're all very pretty today... aren't you? " She said, smiling as she browsed at the flowers. However, they were all the same- tulips of the sort, except for one flower. This one was different, perhaps a rare, beautiful wild flower of some sort. It didn't look beautiful however, not to anyone who would pass by it. THe flower was drooping, obviously this flower was being bombarded by all the tulips, and thus it was not getting enough nutrients to shine off it's true beauty.

"Poor thing... you feel lonely?" Haile whispered to the flower, and she gingerly extended her hand and with a single finger, she almost petted the top of the flower. With almost an instant, a change seem to occur. The flower grew a bit bigger, and the wilting that was upon it seemed to vanish. Soon the flower seemed to scream out to the world, 'look at me!!' It was as if some thing inside the flower awakened... to allow it to show it's inner beauty and realize that the tulips were not some thing to be shunned by.
Haile was absolutely delighted, and she squealed to herself, clapping her hands.
" See?! Being different isn't bad."

Mew Master
5th April 2004, 01:43 PM
Denny Roth~M~Correct Soul of Waike

Full, done eating, and still bored, I walked out of McMides (Girl's Dorm). And headed back to Wiest (the guy's Dorm). I was pretty sure I had seen Lyia and a guy I had seen on campus before walk out of McMides and towards some of the better eating spots in town.

(Which brings up an interesting Question.... What City are we in? O.o?! I keep getting confused when ppl say New York City and you never really specify. Actually it makes sense to be NYC. What other city do you see angles and the oncoming mass destruction? So are we in New York?)

As I walked through the parking lot I heard the clap of thunder and looked up at the sky. Rain started pouring down, not a hard rain, but a decent one to get my soaked before I got back to Wiest.

I didn't run, I just walked. Feeling every drop of water hit you was a nice feeling, and the smell of it made it even nicer. Even if I did live in the city right now, I wanted to get away from the polluted air. I missed the sweet clean air of the country, where there was hardly even a car driving by. But now, in the mist of a city as huge as this, there was barely a day that went by that someone didn't honk their horn or gunned their car just to compensate for something. I was probably the only one in the entire college who listened to Country Music.

By the time I reached the Wiest front doors, by coat, hat, and shoes where soaked. It didn't bother me, I liked being wet when it rained.

I rode the elevator back up to the seventh floor, knowing I'll have to let my stuff dry untill I can wear them again. After shedding my clothes off, and a new pair of dry clothes on I laid back on my bed and stared at the ceiling.

It was going to be another boring day for me....


5th April 2004, 03:43 PM
OOC: M_c, I don't know if you noticed this or not but for Otaki, you never put down what his wings looked like

Kaia Dunkirk
I had started to practice again after dad went into for his afternoon nap. I breathed in deeply as I continued to kick my right leg high into the air. Coupled with the heat of the flickering flames close to my body, I felt right in my element. Out of the corner of my eye, I spotted a guy a few years older than me with a bunch of little kids. I frowned as I looked over their clothing; not as nice as normal. For no reason, a wave of guilt rushed over me as I switched my kicking legs. I absolutely hated looking at poverty stricken people and always felt like I did something wrong. Of course, them being that way was no fault of my own but it saddened me anyway.
"Why don't you come in for a bit," I yelled over to them. "It looks like you're in no rush to be anywhere special."
Startled, the guy nodded and opened up the side fence to usher the kids in. Noticing my old tire swing hanging by the tree in the far corner, they all ignored their guardian's cries to stay by him and rushed to be the first one on the swing. He sighed and walked over to me, his hand brushing through his hair.
"Sorry about that. We were just at the park and they wanted to play some more."
"Nah, that's alright. I barely use it anymore myself so they're free to have a go at it. I assure you that it's completely safe though."
He laughed and held out a hand.
"My name's Otaki. I know you're Kaia, since I heard about your martial art skills. I do a bit of Ju-jitsu myself."
I took his hand. "Well, I'm mostly trained in karate but I know a bit of other forms here and there. Care to take me on?"
Taking our normal positions, we were about to go at each other when my father yelled from the window.
I shook my head in embarrassment and started to jog towards the back door.
"I'll be right back," I yelled over my shoulder.

I opened the front door to find of all people, a good looking guy standing in front of me. Scratch that, not good looking, but dead gorgeous. His unusual red hair framed his pale but strong structured face. Cloudy blue eyes stared at me behind strands of bangs and exemplified an air of confidence and determination. He wore a simple red shirt, almost silk-like and unbuttoned a few ways down and topped it off with loose fitting black pants and shoes. I quickly hid a typical crush behavior and instead plastered on a look of curiosity.
"Do I know you?"
He shook his head and smiled, almost making my heart melt.
Damnit Kaia, he's too old for you.
"No. My name is Waike, I-"
"Look, if you're selling something..." I was quickly cut off by his laugh.
Great, now you're screwing it up. Way to go.
Make up your damn mind, conscience.
"Of course not. Do you have a fire burning?"
I stared at him hard, wondering how he could've found that out.
He could've looked into your backyard, like Otaki did.
Shut it, you.
I gave a quick nod. "Come in, I guess. The fire's in the fire pit. My dad's upstairs, if you want to talk to him."
"That's alright. Would you mind if I see it?" He entered through the open door and glanced at my questioning look. Holding up his hands like a scout, he smiled. "I swear I won't do anything."
I suppose it wouldn't be any harm to show him, I thought as I led him through the back hallway. Besides, if he got nasty, Otaki and I could always kick him down and call the police.

Going back into the backyard, I could see Otaki half watching the kids while staring at the newcomer. I beckoned him over while the stranger walked straight up to the fire pit. Smiling down into the fire, he let the warmth wash over him before stretching an arm out into the flames. In awe and fear, I gasped as the fire spiraled around his limb and heard no cries of pain. Looking into his eyes, I found a look of pure glee and amusement. Taking his arm back out, a small flame still existed in the middle of his hand and held it out towards me, as if offering a handshake.
"My name is Waike, what's yours?"
I glanced back at Otaki, who instead of disappearing after watching Waike act like a madman and almost burn his arm, stayed rooted to his spot and glared at the small flame still in the guardian's hand. I wasn't exactly afraid of pain since I had my fair share of broken legs and arms but this was something entirely different. However, this guy was different from any other person I've met in my life so I guess one more risk wouldn't hurt.
"Kaia Dunkirk." I thrust my hand into his and shook it hard.
Instead of feeling the immense pain that should afflict one when sticking their hand into flames, all I felt was an immensely satisfying warmth wash all over my body. A mischevious smile danced in Waike's eyes and I almost fainted on the spot but something kept me awake.
"Ri...right behind me is Otaki. Otaki, come over here and meet Waike."
As Otaki walked over to stand right beside me, I still held Waike's hand firm. Something wasn't quite right about him. He looked as normal as everyone else, sans the red hair but people dyed their hair all the time. No, he was different in some other aspect and I think Otaki knew it too.
"You appear as normal as can be but yet, there's something more to it..."
I felt like an absolute fool for saying it, but something just pushed me to blurt it out.
Note that Otaki is also Waike's Correct Soul so you can kill two birds with one stone, ES ^^

Fai D. Flowright
5th April 2004, 04:30 PM
Yay! EFC responds! *drools* MUSHROOMS... Off topic, I added you to my Yahoo buddy list, and I'm waiting for a response! ^_^

Back on topic, Rurik and Arain's lunch date! ^_^

*~Goddess of Balance and Winds~*

"No, no. You've got this all wrong." I told Rurik, who's mouth was currently stuffed with food. "I don't want to hire you for a job. I'm not from, what is it called, Social Services?"

He swallowed the large bite of his meal and asked, "So, then why are you being so nice? You must want me for something..." He shoveled another fork-full of food into his mouth." "My... I've never seen a person eat so quickly. He must have been starving..."

"I don't want you, I need you. You are one that must follow in my footsteps to save this world." I explained, a blank look came over his face.
"Sure, lady."
"My name is Arain." I corrected him
"And mine's Rurik, but what that got to do with anything." He remarked, getting perturbed.
"Your will is powerful."
"Ok... And..."
"I can grant you abilities to help me that surpass the human race."
"Now your creeping me out. What are you some kind of genie?

Rurik finished the last few bites on his plate within a couple of seconds. He seemed content with the meal, but his mind was wandering. He didn't believe me. I had to think of something to make him trust my words; something that would convince him of what was to happen to him in the future. "Thanks for the lunch...Arain. It was great. But I think I should go..." He began to get up. My mind raced with thought of how to make him understand. I raised myself as well and made my way to the diner's counter. I nearly paid the cashier two times too much; that was how focused I was on the matter.

As we left, I finally figured it out. "Maybe this will convince you of what your future holds." I concentrated on his feet. A breeze began to pick up speed around us, but only us. His face went pale as the winds increased in speed. Suddenly, his feet began to lift away from the ground, as if he was defying the gravity of Earth.

"What are you doing to me!?" He yelled from nearly 2 feet off the ground. I was levitating him into the air. "Let me down!" I could see the panic in his face as he struggled for the natural pull of the planet. I slowly let him back down, being careful not to harm him in anyway. "How in the hell did you do that!?"

"I'll only tell you if you believe in me. Will you trust me?" I looked deep into his eyes. So closely that I could nearly feel his soul. Not piercingly, but gently, as if to caress the very life of his spirit. "What do you say?" I asked him for the second time today...

Oooohh! Creepy! *makes warped noises with voice*

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Elemental Seribii
5th April 2004, 06:46 PM
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*throws confetti* Yay! Happy birthday, PoLHaruko-san, hope it's fun. ^____^

Waike - Archangel of Fire
Brave girl. She almost immediately took my hand, after quickly calculating the risks and I couldn't help but grinning as I willed the fire not to burn her either. Kaia She blinked slowly and repeatedly, I was afraid she would faint. I must admit, I was impressed when she started to speak.

"Ri...right behind me is Otaki. Otaki, come over here and meet Waike." The boy behind her, he was...right too. I knew it. Two in one place? How beautiful. (OOC: Eheh, sorry. Too much of "The Chocolate War" in English for me)
Otaki walked up, obviously trying to figure out what was going on.

I winced, as a faint surge of power poked my mind. Ooh, that was someone. Doyokai, maybe. Always was one for outbursts. So, now it's really starting.

A rather far-off look in her eyes, Kaia then remarked;
"You appear as normal as can be but yet, there's something more to it..." I laughed at her observation, but only because she had hit it straight on. A faint blush appeared on her cheeks, I felt bad because of her embarassment.
"You'd be right. I hate to be so to the point, but I'm much, much older than I look."
"Just how old?" Otaki had become more curious than anything else, and I grinned.
"Try the creation of this world. I'm actually an Archangel."
"Yeah, right."
I sighed. Children are told from the start that such fantasies don't exist, and then there always comes at time when they become ridiculed for it if they even suggest such things.

Still holding Kaia's hand, I turned back to her.
"Put your hand in the fire." I was daring her, and she knew it. Still a bit faint, she looked to me, then the fire. "Trust me?" It was a question, not a demand. I was letting her choose.
A determined look set on her face, and she thrust her hand into the fire. I chuckled when she winced, expecting a burn. But when all she felt was a gentle heat, she smiled.
"How did you do that?" Otaki was more curious than wary now, and I shrugged, and then grinned.
"Always been able to. You can try. Just hold onto my arm or something. It's easier to do if I'm in contact with what I'm trying to protect."

I couldn't tell what was going through Kaia or Otaki's mind right now, but both seemed to be trying to figure something out as the flames danced around their hands. Narrowing my eyes, I forced the fire to flare up, and then perform it's own dance, as it spiralled around and split apart.

I felt a little more drained than usual, but I hadn't manipulated fire for a long time.

When both retreated from the fire, they stared at what was supposed to be their charred and irreparably burned hands. Staring at each other for a minute, their attention turned back to me.

"Listen to me. I need both of your help, along with a few others I'm looking for. Will you help me change the world? It's become so abused, it needs a new order." (OOC: Another one. Hehe, he sounds like a not so psychotic Fuma from X)

Both of them looked at me as if I was crazy, before slipping into deep thought. Kaia then looked over to Otaki, and they both nodded.
"Yeah. We'll help you, Waike..." She wandered off, but I understood, and Otaki did too, as he nodded in agreement.

Smiling gently, I held out both of my hands, two flames now dancing in each of my palms. These flames weren't from the fire in front of us, they were of my own magic.
"Trust me."

They both reached out, and I caught their hands in mine. I watched with the same smile, as the flames shot through their eyes, and then from their shoulders, wrapping around to form wings.
Eheh, I'm such a post hog. X__x; If that seemed a little crazy, it's because my friend is screaming at me in an audio chat. Oo;

Philip Mitleid - Correct Soul of Feiyou
The French room was on the second floor of the building, with a view of the front of the school. I was staring out of the window, still trying to figure out what was bugging me. Maybe I had a test I had forgotten about, or homework I had forgotten to do. A promise I didn't keep?

Nothing. I tapped my pen on my notebook, irritated.

The teacher was drolling for review for an upcoming exam, but it was stuff I already knew. Which was why, as I was slipping off into uncomfortable bored-ness, I jolted in my seat when I saw a girl with blonde hair skip towards a patch of flowers. She was far off, but I couldn't help but stand up in my seat, to try and get a better view of her.
That couldn't be Haile. She was supposed to be home by now.

"Philip, is something wrong?" I ignored the teacher's call, and most of the class looked out the window as well to see if there was anything of interest. I walked over to the teacher's desk, and tried to speak as calmly (and in as low of a voice) as I could.
"Please, Ms. V, I think my little sister is outside. She's not supposed to be there. Can I at least make sure she's okay?" When my face showed no sign of this being a joke, the teacher sighed.
"Alright, Phil. Let me write you a pass..." She rummaged in her desk, before taking out the slip of paper and starting to scribble on it.

As I started to bite my nails, it seemed to take her an eternity to finish off what she was writing. I almost snatched the pass from her fingers, and walked out of the room.
Eheh, hope that's okay. Feel free to take as long as you like for him to get there. ^____^;

5th April 2004, 07:48 PM
Yes Erm that was super fast.... much more than I had expected it to be...

Ah, working at the orphanage is so much fun! So many cute little children, a few warm hearted fellow assistants, and the hundreds of families that have come and adopted children from this place time and time again... such a happy place this is! I wish the whole world can be like this little orphanage... no wait. The whole world WILL be like this little orphanage... as soon as I can find a lead on...
Wait a minute.
While I looked through the files of children that have been adopted, there suddenly a portrait of this one girl, one girl in particular that for some reason stood out to me.
"Mrs. Lanette," I asked with a hint of curiosity, "Who is this girl? She seems so adorable!"
"Oh, that was a girl who came in four years ago. Her name was Ethuil. I don't think she had a last name. Anyway, she was found wandering the streets so we took her up. A cheerful little girl she was, after we brushed her up. Eventually she became adopted to the rich Laeriens shortly after her stay at the orphanage."
"Do you mind if I go visit her? I mean... if it's allowed..."
"Sure, we actually do occasional checkups all the time," Mrs. Lanette told me. "I guess you can go check up on her this time. Here's most of the profile information about the family that adopted her...Need an umbrella?"
"No, I like the rain just fine, thanks."

"Hmm... Reason for Adoption: Unable to bear children. What a sad thing! I wish I could help them with that..." As I mumbled to myself, I felt something... strange, yet similar coming from one of the areas I was walking by, something like the correct soul I was looking for... No wait. I looked back at the address. "Hmm... this isn't the place..." I decided that I'll investigate the area when I come back, after I check up on the child.
On second thought...
I took shelter from the dancing droplets and entered the room. I looked around for a while... observing the rowdiness yet serenity of the atmosphere. It was different from the outside, the insecure world of the others merely lying on the streets... with no one but the raindrops to accompany them... Why won't people take them in?...
"Hey lady, may I take your order?" I was startled by the sudden appearance of a waitress chewing on something of some sort, staring at me impatiently.
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Anjana's Halo
5th April 2004, 08:09 PM
PoLHaruko-san birthday? Yeah! *gets mariachi group to play a Mexican styled "Happy Birthday"* Feliz Cupleanos [can't make squiggle over n]

Feiyou: Arch Angel of Light
I found myself standing dumbfounded once again as I stared at Haile's retreating form. She couldn't know, I chanted to myself over and over as raindrops fell on my face. She couldn't know. Shun stood staring as well. I felt entirely awkward. Within a span of ten minutes I had went from deciding to do nothing to trying to preserve the world with my Correct Souls. I had no speech, no plan to convince this boy I told the truth. Therefore I would do what came most natural to me. Remain honest.

"So, Feiyou," began Shun.

"You can call me Fei, too, if you wish."

"<Like I'm calling you that. Your most likely some perverted stalker.>" Shun said in a language other than English.

"<I promise I just wish to speak with you.>" I replied in the same toungue.

He stared at me. "<You speak Japanese?>"

I gave a small, embarassed smile. "<Is that what it's called?>" He continued to stare, most likely trying to understand how I could speak a language and not know its name. "<Can we continue talking like this?>" I asked.

He nodded. "<Feiyou, what do you want to talk to me about? Or is Haile just slightly crazy?>"

I sighed and turned toward him. "<What do you think of the world right now?>" I began. He raised his eyebrows in surprise and confusion.

"<It's pretty messed up, to tell the truth,>" He admitted to me.

"<Do you believe it will get better?>"

"<Well, it can't get worse!>" he said laughing. I remained somber, which caused him to fall silent again. "<Why are you asking about this?>"

"<My name is Feiyou->"

"<I know that.>"

"<-and I am the Arch Angel of Light, Faith, and Sympathy,>" I continued. "<I was the first entity born after the Being made the Earth, and the eldest of the Five Arch Angels.>"

He stared at me in utter disbelief. "<Yeah, uh, sure you are.>"

"<I really don't expect you to believe me. Humans of this era have very little faith in the honesty of others, or in the Being at all.>"

"<By the Being, you mean God, right?>" He questioned. I nodded. "<And yeah, what your saying sounds completely psycho. I'll need some proof before this fairy tale is true to me.>"

"<Then open up your faith an look over there. I'll just do something small.>" We both looked over at Haile, who was bent over a bed of flowers wet with the rain. I concentrated, gathering the sun's energy, and pushed it through the grey clouds to the Earth. A single sunbeam pierced the rain, falling on Haile and the flowers. Each drop of rain on her raincoat glittered like a gem, and her hair seemed to shine with a golden halo as she looked up and smiled at the glimpse of sun. She started leaping in the puddle to watch the rising drops of water glisten. After a few moments I relax my power, and the clouds overtook the ray of light once again. Haile looked disappointed again, but then smiled, happy to have seen that one sight of the sun. I looked over at Shun, who was stunned.

"<You did that?>" He asked, slightly awed.

"<I did that,>" I replied.

Shun coughed and looked at me. "<I'm sure there was some sort of trick you did to accomplish that, but I'm willing to listen.>"

"<I want you to help me save this Earth. I can give you powers that will place you above the rest of humanity.>"

"<Save it from who? The Devil?>"

"<No, my siblings. The other Arch Angels. They don't wish to detroy the world,>" I quickly explained. "<They also see the world as "messed up," and so they want to change the world, alter it to their image of perfection. I...I wish to stop them, for I believed the world will right itself, and we truly shouldn't be recasting the world because we don't like what we see right now.>"

"<Why is that such a problem? I mean, it might be for the best. There's a lot of ugliness and evil in the world.>"

"<Yes, I know, but...>" I looked over at the sweet, innocent, happy Haile again. "<There is also so much beauty and goodness that's been created as well.>" I looked at Shun again. "<It's your choice however. I force nothing upon you.>"
Yeah, so Shun can give his answer and then we can head to school, I guess. Or not. Anyway...*cues mariachi band again*

5th April 2004, 08:29 PM
Which brings up an interesting Question.... What City are we in? O.o?! I keep getting confused when ppl say New York City and you never really specify. Actually it makes sense to be NYC. What other city do you see angles and the oncoming mass destruction? So are we in New York?

Actually, Tokyo fits that. Angels (see: Evangelion) and oncoming mass destruction (see: Akira). Sorry, had to say that. :D

Back to the post...

*engine putters out* Um...? Did I do that?
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Kayla Nora <> Correct Soul of Doyokai

I woke up to water falling on my face. Oh joy, if I woke up I had been asleep again. What was it with my sleeping habits?!

Sighing, I reached next to me and began to consume the second apple I had swiped. I felt the cool drops hitting me on the arms and face. I never really cared for the rain; it was actually somewhat funny to see people run around like it was toxic. They fretted so much about just a little water. Hah. I hope it pours down upon their heads.

Casually tossing the remaining apple core out into the street ('If you hit someone my day will actually not stink') I set off down the fire escape. Everything should have blown over by now. If it hadn't, eh, that wasn't my problem, I still had food. I jumped the last floor and a half, landing almost silently, and strolled out into the street.

As expected, a few vendors shot looks towards me. I glared back, breifly, just enough to get across the message 'just leave me alone you losers I'm done for the day', then proceeded to ignore them.

The rain had decided it wasn't going to pour today. How nice. Death upon humanities head, we were all doomed anyway. It would be nice if there could be some easy way, accomplishable by me; for I wasn't one to try and sneak into some place loaded with nukes; that could just end all the miserable lives on this planet.

That's when I spotted the other girl, walking down the street towards me. Something about her... didn't feel normal.
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5th April 2004, 08:45 PM
Shun Matsumori Jr.-Correct Soul of Feiyou
<There is also so much beauty and goodness that's been created as well.> Feiyou paused, looking at me now...rather than Haile. <It's your choice however. I force nothing upon you.>

It had been a day just like this one, rain was falling from what Tomoko called "ten*"...rather than the sky. It was when I lived in Japan, of course...and my mother was still alive.

"<Tenshi-chan,>"Tomoko was at the hospital, the doctors thinking it was just another little "death threat" my mom was getting recently. They thought that she would get better over time, since her cancer was detected early. But I knew what was really going on.

Tomoko was dieing, she was getting worser each second.

"<Yes, mom?>"I had asked her, holding her soft-yet gentle hand. Her eyes looked into mine for a second, and then she looked outside, near the flowers by the windowsill. The leaves on the trees were soaked by the rain, and the Sakura* leaves were dampened.

"<Tenshi-chan, you know I love you and Tenshi...right?>"She replied, still dazing an empty daze out the window. I looked at her, and her pale face began to smile.

"<Yes,I know..>"I replied, not knowing what else to say. She the gazed at me, slowly pointing with her weak hand towards the draw at the bed-table. I opened it, and it revealed a note, and a wallet with mom's name sewn into it.

"<Take it, to remember me. Take everything I have, Tenshi-chan.>"She said, and giggled afterwards,"<Because you know your father would take it and gamble.>"
"<Mom...what's happening? Why are you-->"
"<Tenshi, I'm not going to be here much longer.>"She said, tears welling up.."<I want you to know, I named you Tenshi..not after your father. I named you Tenshi because I thought you were a little angel sent from Ten to me.>"

"<The world is beautiful, Tenshi...and I'm not going to be able to see it much longer...I just want to let you know that..>"She said, and her eyes were closing slowly, her hand getting colder and heavy.."<Just remain the way you are...>"

"<My Tenshi..>"She said, and her eyes closed as she exhaled for her last time..and the moniter went blank.

--[End flashback]--

I reopened my eyes, finding a concerned Feiyou standing nearly infront of me...and the small Haile near the flowers. I did an about face, and started to walk the opposite way from school.
"<First we have to make sure Haile get's back to her house, I'm sure her mom is worried.>"I told Feiyou, waiting for the both of them to catch up.(I feel like a Giant compared to the two.)"<But I'll help you in whatever you want to do, Fei>"

I saw that he smiled, and looked back to the school."I'm not going today. I haven't missed school in a while, and I can easily make up my work." I told Feiyou..

"<I'll do it for you, Tomoko-san>"I whispered gently.

Aww...thank's for all the happy birthday's.^^

Oh yeah, Ten means Heaven in Japanese, I think.

5th April 2004, 10:08 PM
Towns aren't going to be named, major cities will be. ^^ This city can be New York, or it can be another costal city... but names aren't really important in the RPG. ^^;

.: F/Reincarnation of the Being/8 yrs old :.


Haile heard them talk, silently, in Japanese. Of course she didn't know what they were saying, she just simply hummed to herself. A beam of light had shined for a second, and it had made her so happy. But as soon as it came, it had vanished. It didn't make Haile sad that the rain came back, but rather it just made her enjoy the sun more.

Soon however, Haile stood up as Shun began to walk away.
"Shun? Where is Shun going?" Haile called to Fei, instantly standing up and running in full stride with her shiny raincoat, stomping in the puddles as she eagerly caught up to Feiyou.
" Shun is right Haile, we should bring you home. Your mother would be worried."

Haile blinked... and stopped.
"But Phil's coming.." she whispered to herself, just as a voice rang out.

"Haile! Haile!" Turning around, Haile smiled as she saw her brother running to her. His voice was almost panicked, as his facial expression was stern.
"Haile what are you doing? You're supposed to be home!"

Haile smiled, waving to Feiyou and Shun.
"They were just going to bring me home Phil."
With that, Feiyou and Shun nodded as Phil eyed Feiyou.
" I know Shun... but who is that?"
Haile grinned, clapping suddenly. " It's Feiyou! He's just like you Phil, just like you... you'd like him, I know it."

Prof. Jb Wolf
5th April 2004, 10:53 PM
(Though I do not know you very well, I also wish to offer my blessings of a well and happy birthday to PoLHaruko-san.)

Genk Ming (M) - Correct Soul of Waike
The more I spent time with her, the easier I found it to talk with her about things. I don't know why exactly. There was some...what's the word Kanli used...ineffable? Yea, ineffable aura around her that made me feel at ease and comfortable. It was sort like sitting in your favorite chair after a long day's work. "That's probably not something I wanna say out loud though..."

As I was thinking, I noticed she was staring quite intently at me. Then she turned away, a blush creeping across her cheeks. "What? Some thing wrong?" She jerked her head back to look me in the eye.

"Oh no! No... not at all." Lyia said a little overly-loud, and I smiled as her blush grew darker.

Before I could tease her about it, Jet arrived with our food. I couldn't help but water at the sight of dish. I swear, even if I had this same dish prepared by the greatest chef in the entire world, it would never taste as good as when it came out of Jet's kitchen. I basked in the heavenly scent before digging in with relish. Lyia seemed to enjoy it too, which gave me this strange feeling of joy.

"We're going to have a fun time getting out in that rain." Lyia mused as we finished our lunch, shooting me a playful smile.

I smiled back, but those words drew me back for a second. A memory I thought I had forgotten a long time ago played in my head and I shut my eyes at the pain.

"Lets go play out in the rain Genki!" Kaori laughed happily as she pulled at my arm.

"Alright alright," I smiled back at her, not knowing what would happen, just enjoying the day with the girl that I loved almost more than I loved my own brother...

"Genki, hey, are you okay?" Lyia's voice snapped me out the memory.

"Oh, uh, yea...sorry about that." I forced a smile, but Lyia didn't seem convinced and I knew she was going to press matters when a commotion erupted near the entrance.

It distracted her long enough for me collect my thoughts so I could give her a straight answer when she pressed me. But as she turned back to me, there seemed to be a strange look in her eyes. I looked over to what she had been looking at, seeing Connie blowing up at a girl who just walked in. "Lyia, do you know that woman?"

"Yes, I mean no...I mean, I'm not sure." She looked at the girl again. "She seems so familiar..."

"Well she seems to be in trouble, so why don't I go and help her?" I moved my seat slightly out, standing and placing some money beneath our plates in case Jet came to pick'em up. "Maybe she remembers you?"

Lyia nodded and stood up herself. "I'll go with you."

We walked over and I laid a hand on Connie's shoulder. "Really Connie, you should be a bit more kind to your customers."

"Yea, well the girl doesn't seem to know Jet's policy of you come in, you eat in." She said with a glare towards the girl.

"Err...well I didn't know..."

"Oh come on, can't ya see that yer just frightening her more? Just calm down." I motioned toward Lyia. "Their old friends, so she can sit with us and when she's ready she'll order."

"Alright, but I'm holding you responsible if-"

"Don't worry about it." Connie walked off and I grinned at the young woman as we walked back to our table. "Sorry 'bout that, Connie's a bit of a shrew sometimes."

"Thank you very much, but I do-"

"My friend Lyia here seems to recognize you. We thought you might remember her."

The woman looked at Lyia and I felt something pass between them. It was no more than just a feeling, but something was there...

5th April 2004, 11:44 PM
Wee, now for my correct soul! 8D;;

Name; Saana Lai
Gender; female
Age; 19
Personality; Loving, kind, and gentle, Saana is somewhat... twisted. She sees the world as someone three times her age would, and yet remains optimistic and cheerful despite it. Her sense of humour is kind of dark and twisted, and she can be a sadist at times. She is holds cowards in comptempt, however. But despite what life threw at her, or maybe because of it, Saana stays cheerful and content, despite what she does for a living.
Appearance; Saana's waist-long, silky hair is a deep dark black, however, she enjoys dying it random colors. Right now, it's a auburn-gold color. Standing at 5'6", and well endowed, with a slender arms and legs, with a flat tummy, Saana is pale and beautiful. Wearing at least some eyeshadow and lipstick, she has one large hoop earring in each ear, and she usually wears a blue 'collar' around her neck. Saana usually wears a small dark blue tube top, showing off her cleavage and her navel, along with a really short black leather, really-mini, miniskirt. Add some knee-high high heel boots and a jacket over one shoulder, complete with a ciggarrete in one hand, plus a couple of bracelets, and you have Saana.
Wing Appearance; Her wings aren't made of feathers at all. They're some sort of strange material that are shaped like wings. They glow and are a bluish color. When you look at them, it seems like you're looking at a blue pond or lake, with the sunlight dancing upon them. Anyone who touches them feels like they're dipping their hands into cool water, but their hands aren't wet at all.
Correct Soul OF; Kyria
Powers Given; * Using her seducive self, she is able to make others 'feel love' when really she is projecting lust. So in otherwords, she makes men and even women fall in 'love' (lust actually) with her, allowing her to make them do things they wouldn't normally do. Of course, depending how much energy sh eputs into it depends on how well it works. On some people, especially those who already are in love, it doesn't deeply phase that much. On those who are in love, this power makes them become confused.

* Using the power of Courage, your character can boost anyone's courageous level, including her own. With this attribue however, she can also take courage away. Again, more energy put into it= better it works. In order for her to put in courage or take out, she must form an energy ball of light blue that resembles water, and hit the person/creature.
Skills; Sex Appeal
Immunity; Arian: Her power over wind does nothing to faze Saana a bit.
Waike: Anything that Waike creates can't hurt her.
Doyokai: Doyokai's element power can't evoke revenge in her - Saana's just too accepting and forgiving. However, depression is another matter...
Feiyou: She can just barely survive the physical attacks of his Unicorn form, but not his horn.
Relationships; None so far. Any takers?
History; From birth, Saana was a beautiful baby, much loved by her mother and father. However, her father died when she was three and her mother remarried when she was six. Even at that young age, Saana was heartbreaking to look at. Apprently, her stepfather found her attractive too. He turned out to be a smuggler and dealer of drugs, and abused his wife daily. Saana, he left alone for a while, but he would carress her and make her feel uncormfortable. Both Saana and her mother were afraid to go alert the authorities and so their daily life continued. Until one day, when she was twelve, she came home from school to find her mother beaten unconcious, bruised all over, with a couple of broken bones, while her stepfather was drunk and having sex with her mother, despite her current condition. Upon seeing Saana, who screamed and tried to get away, who her stepfather grabbed her, dragged her down, and raped her. Saana tried to resist, but her stepfather was too strong, and hit her whenever she did try to resist or scream. When her father was finally done, and stumbled off to his room, giving her mother a few kicks on the way, Saana crawled over to the phone and called the police and an ambulance. Then she quietly picked a few clothes and stole her stepfather's wallet, and ran away home, never to return. She was found in the 'bad part' of town, lost, alone, confused, and crying, by a group of whores. After they pieced together her story and taking pity on her (and the wallet) they 'adopted' Saana into their 'group'. They taught her their 'tricks of the trade' and began to 'walk the streets' when she was fourteen. She began working at a stripjoint when she was seventeen, lieing about her age, pole dancing and doing strip teases and what not, but she still gets most of her money from whoring.
Other; While the police arrived to arrest her stepfather, the ambulance arrived to late to save her mother. She died from several broken ribs and severe hemorrhage.

Because I need to sleep soon, I won't post for Doyokai (for now). x_x;;

Saana Lai/F/19 - Correct Soul of Kyria
Saana inhaled on her cigarrete, shaking raindrops from her hair as she did. There's no way I can make any money right now... she thought ruefully. Too early in the morning for any of my usual customers, and the club doesn't upon until six tonight. Makes me wonder why I get up early anyways. She sighed again, exhaling smoke and stared at the cig in her hand. Disgusting habit. Makes me wonder why I picked it up in the first place. Saana shrugged, and inhaled on it again anyways. Might as well find a place to wile away the hours... Maybe Jet's place? That sounded good to her. Jet's place wasn't that far, anyway, and she needed some coffee. Maybe she'd grab a meal there while she was at it.


Saana entered, one eyebrow raised. My, my, my, Connie seemed to throwing a fit. It was a woman, she noted. Saana wondered if she could be a potential customer and then shook her head. No, probably not - didn't seem like the type who enjoyed girls. But there was something about her... something that seemed familiar... Saana gave her a mental shake. She was losing it, girl.

"Yo, Jet!" Saana waved cheerfully at him with the hand holding her cigarrete. "Got any coffee?"

"'Ey! You know de rules here! No smoking!" Jet yelled at her, grinning slightly. "And o' course we got some coffee!"

Saana grinned happily at him. "Thanks. I'd like a cup, please." She sat down and ground her ciggarrete in the ashtray, and nodded as she recieved her coffee. "Thanks. You're a real doll." She sipped her coffee, staring thoughtfully at the woman whom Connie was blowing up at earlier. She was now sitting with some guy and a girl - they didn't appear to be boyfriend and girlfriend, Saana noted with a critical eye. She wondered if the guy needed some 'comfort' that she could give him... Her eyes trailed back to the woman. Yes, there was something about her, that she couldn't place a finger on...
Ack. Needsleepnow. x__x

6th April 2004, 12:47 AM
Kyria- Water Goddess Lady
I carefully studied her face to make sure I was not mistaken, but I wasn't. It really is! It could not have been mere coincidence that I while looking for one correct soul that I have found another. At that point I wanted to express my joy of finally finding someone like her when...
Ding-aling Dong.
"Yo, Jet!" She was casually dressed, just like those I have seen from the streets, different from the one that I was a minute ago observing. When she waved, the bracelets on her wrist tinkled like little driplets of water, not to say that it wasn't already wet. But despite this difference, there was that same feeling, the same aura that she had with the more moderate young lady standing in front of me. "Got any coffee?"

"'Ey! You know de rules here! No smoking!" Jet yelled at her, grinning slightly. "And o' course we got some coffee!"

"Ahem." The boy that was apparently associated with the girl that I was observing earlier grunted. I looked at him and tried to say something, but then I just smiled. Then I turned my attention towards the lady that came in and saw her eyeing me. I smiled cheerfully and beckoned her to come over and sit with us. She looked rather nervous, and I can understand how she felt, sitting with three complete strangers that one has never seen before. And yet... we have seen each before, just not in this lifetime, I feel...
"Ummm... Do I somehow know you?" The lady questioned as she brought over a seat and joined our happy but silent trio. For a while, no one said anything... I should bring up why I brought them together, but in the presence of such publicity it would be difficult... I decided to start simple.
"Hi! Are you two dating?" I asked in a friendly manner to the couple I had met. Immediately both blushed a deep red and looked away.
"No! no! It's... nothing of that sort..."
"Yea, she's right, we only met like a couple a' hours ago... jus' decided to have some lunch tha's all..."
"Really...?" The Correct Soul with Bracelets approached the man. She began playing with his bandana in a seductive sort of way. "You're kinda cute. I wouldn't mind picking you up for a couple a' hours..."
"Hey Hey Hey!! What do YOU think you're doing?" The other Soul immediately brought up an uproar, turning everything around us quiet as she stared down to the other woman. The man was now red up to his shoulders. I just smiled.
"So then... you two DO have something between each other?" The lady with bracelets smirked.
"It-It's not that, its just your morals are so--"
"Is it bad to just hook up with a person, that is, assuming he doesn't already HAVE someone--"
"I'd best be leaving now, I should check up on my brother..." The boy interrupted, paid the bill, and hurriedly left into the rain. So, he has a brother, I giggled silently.
"Oh now look what you did--"
"You said he wasn't with you in the first place!!--"
"But he was still--"
"Hi!!" I interrupted. They both stopped and stared at me. "Do you mind if I take you two somewhere? I'd like to show you something."
"Where are you exactly taking us? I need to get back to school soon... shouldn't we be inside? It's raining..."
"What's wrong with the rain?" I turned around, smiling. "Doesn't it feel pleasant, the way it drips onto you like a soft caress from the touch of another human? The sense of spontaneous occurance, as you suddenly meet with someone you have never met before..." I glanced at the more "moderate" soul, "And suddenly show feelings for him?" She blushed.
"Come to think of it," said the other, "it does feel rather light and soft... its different from the harsh droplets I had felt when I just entered the restaurant."
"We're here!!" I exclaimed cheerfully, and directed them towards a small creek with rushing water. I steadily jumped from one of the rocks in the creek to another, humming a cheerful melody as I approached towards the center of the creek.
"Uh, I've been here before. Is this all you wanted to show me?" The one of the braclets said impatiently.
"No." I made one last check to make sure no one was around, then held my hands up into the air. The water in the creek that surrounded me began swirling around my body in a wave-like motion until it completely encompassed me, where, hidden from view, I began my transformation. Suddenly, there was quick splash from the shell of water around me as I emitted my wings and sat right back down to the rock that I was just on.
"Hi, my name is Kyria. Nice to meet you."
XP Ok... that was... hard for me. Sorry if I messed up on anyone's character's personality or something. XP

6th April 2004, 02:58 AM
YIKES! You're right T_M_L! put them in now.

I felt a shurge of warmth go through my body as I grasped Waike's hand. All of a sudden, the warmth became concerntrated on my shoulders. I looked behind me to see firey wings hand sprouted from my back.
"What the!?" I cried, surprised. I looked over to see that wings had sprouted uot of Kaia's back too. They looked like an insects. Waike laughed.
"There's nothing to be afraid of," Waike said, "THey're just there to show that you're chosen."
"So what are we now?" Kaia asked, "Angels?"
"Correct Souls. Now to business." Kaia and I ignored our wings and listened to Waike.
"Like I said, this world has become severely flawed. My plan is change all that."
"How?" Kaia asked.
"I'll explain later, when I've gathered them all."
"The other correct souls?" I asked. Waike nodded.
"But what are we goign to do about these?" Kaia said, pointing to her wings, "It's going to be hard getting around with these."
"That's not a problem," Waike replied, "You can hide them. Just concerntrate. The two of us closed our eyes and began focusing on retracting our wings. I felt the warmth return to my body. I opened my eyes and my wings were gone.
"Now that that's settled," Waike said, "time to go."
"Wait," I said, "What about the kids? Who's going to look after them?" Kaia smiled.
"My dad will look after them," she said.
"Good," Waike said, "Now let's go."

Sorry if I'm going a bit to fast.

I closed the door behind me and walked out along the street. I figured I'd get something to eat and there was a cafe not far from here. I looked over the place. It had rained not long ago. I liked rain. I liked anything that got those planet killers depressed. I arrived at the cafe and sat down at a table out the front. A punk kid who was a waiter walked up to me.
"What will it be?" he asked. I shot him a cold glance.
"Just a cup of coffee," I said in a cold and sinister voice. I could see the nervousness on the kids face as he walked away. I looked out into the street. I snarled at the people walking along. I hated them all. I then saw a little girl on the opposite end of the road. She was acompanied by two guys. One had dark blue hair and the other had black hair. Another man ran up to girl, who seemed happy to see him. The snarl on my face became even more menacing as I looked on. I recognised the girl as Haile. We both lived in the same neighbourhood and she drove me nuts. She was a nice girl, don't get me wrong, but she had the ability to make me want to kill her. I then looked over at the blue haired guy. Something wasn't right about him. I wasn't sure what, but something didn't feel right about him.

NOTE: On Wednesday, I'm heading over to Japan so I wont be here till the 25th. I'm not dropping out or anything, I just thought I'd tell you. I'll allow you guys to control my characters, but try to keep them in character.

6th April 2004, 11:13 AM
Sorry I haven't been around for the last few weeks, guys! This RPG's feally fast moving, and unfortunately, I haven't got the time to post this week. Not until Friday anyway. I'll try to be more active in the following weeks, ubt as my exams are coming, that might not be possible. But still...

BTW, M_C, have a safe trip!

6th April 2004, 02:39 PM
Doyokai - Goddess of Darkness
Doyokai walked down the street, not really noticing the people around her, still seething inside furiously from her encounter with Feiyou when she felt it. A correct soul. Her correct soul, to be precise. She snapped her head up and spotted her. A girl, staring at her, looking as life had not treated her well, hating the world, hating everyone around her... Doyokai felt her lips curve up in a smile. Those around her who saw the smile felt chills go down their backs as they stared. Ignoring the people who hastily scrambled out of her way, she strode towards the girl, who didn't seem to know what to do. Soon she was standing in front of her, and before the girl could blink, gently stroked her cheek. Outrage appeared in her eyes and she opened her mouth to speak.

"You are mine," Doyokai murmered, and suddenly, placed her mouth on the girl's, kissing her quite soundly. The outrage in her eyes quickly changed to fierce hot anger, and then to shock as she felt the power surge through her. Doyokai gently drew her face away from the girl's and smiled. And then suddenly, changed to her angel form, on the streets. She heard people gasp and scream as they saw her suddenly appear to be wrapped in shadows and darkness, and then they saw her angel form. She floated, ignoring the people around her, only focusing on the girl, her correct soul.

"Hello," Doyokai grinned ferally, stroking Itachi's handle. "I'm Doyokai, ArchAngel of Darkness. What's your name?"
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Mew Master
6th April 2004, 03:30 PM
Lady Ali: You play evil very well... I'm impresed. This RPG is moving faster than Chains of Dragons did a year ago. O.o!

Denny Roth~M~Correct Soul of Waike

I sat up, frustrated with staring at my ceiling for a while. The rain had stopped a few moments ago, prior to my wishes that it wouldn't end. My Roommate was still at classes, so I had the dorm to myself for a few more hours.

Sitting up on my bed I dragged the table closer to me so I could organize my papers and start cleaning up a bit. The majority of the stuff on the table belonged to me, and the majoraty of that happened to be my drawings.

Sifting through my drawings, starting to organize them, I looked at each one.

Because of my interest in mythology, I drew many mythological based creatures. The Chimera, Hydra, my own Hydra with only two heads and a three-finned tail, the Yamata-no-orochi (The Dragon with eight heads), several variations of western Dragons and Wyverns, an Asian Dragon or two, some odd creatures from my imagination, Dinosaurs, Godzilla, variations of the 98 Godzilla design, some manga pictures I had drawn. I had sifted through most of them when I found several other pictures.

The Dragon that had been haunting my dreams for the past few weeks had been haunting my artwork as well. I had several pages dedicated to it and various parts of it's reptilian body. Every chance I had I drew it, trying to figure out what was wrong with the first.

I never thought it was a menacing dragon, but there was always the sense of power and grace whenever I saw it in my dreams. Of all the pictures I had drawn of it, I never managed to catch the right sense of Grace, power, and benevolence. Something was missing.

On one of the pictures with the Dragon, I had a human standing by it. I had drawn the Human in proportion to the dragon,and the face couldn't be made out. I couldn't remember where I had seen the human, all that I knew was that I drew him sometimes with the Dragon, somewhere on the same page.

As I picked them up and started to organize the papers, Lightning flashed by my windows and the clap of thunder quickly followed, shaking the window. I looked up and saw the rain start to pour down again, a little harder than before.

I don't know what was going through my mind, but I had the feeling that the storm was preluding to something. Something that was bugging me.

"The storm has just begun..."


Green Lanturn
6th April 2004, 04:49 PM
Liam Panteras~Correct Soul of Waike

It was midday the next afternoon. The sun was high, and i was outside, riding my bicycle home. I rode along, the sun beating down, but it didnt feel hot to me, it felt comfortable, kind of strange.

As I passed by a certain house, heat emmersed me, but it felt good. I looked at the house, smoke was coming out of the chimney.

The sky suddenly got dark, and thunder clouds came, bringing on the loud claps of lightning and a drenching rain. As I rode, it felt strange. I felt no cold, i felt comfortably warm. Something was in that house, i didnt know what, but I knew, "it would come for me!"

My breath halted momentarily and i biked quickly all the way home. When i got home, my mother was in the kitchen looking out of the window. "Some strange weather we're having isnt it?"

I couldnt have agreed more. I went to my room and stared in the direction of the house. Surprisingly, smoke was still coming from the area. The smoke went up easily and drifted into many shapes, but one in particular caught my eye, that of a dragon. Now i knew that either i was mad or something was coming for sure. I was not afraid however. I would not be intimidated by unwordly occurences. I would ride out and meet it, head-on. I felt guarded, complete.


Elemental Seribii
6th April 2004, 05:21 PM
X___x; If I'm going too fast too, scream at me.

Waike - Archangel of Fire
Good. Two down, only...who knows how many more to go.

Kaia went to tell her Father that she was leaving with Otaki, and asked him to keep an eye on the children outside. We walked out onto the street, and I cast a suspicious look around. The sun felt wonderful as it washed over the Earth with it's light.
"How will we find the others?" Otaki spoke up. I grinned.
"Give me a second." I closed my eyes, and felt the world wash away around me. I could feel the heat of a fire...then two, then three. I reached out for the nearest one, and then opened my eyes. I was pointing in front of us.
"Thata way."
"Do you know how far?" Kaia asked, looking down the road. I shook my head.
"I'll be able to tell when we get close. We can walk for a while, I haven't been able to see this world in a long time. If you either of you get tired, tell me."

Another faint surge of power, but only faint because I was too far away. I took a deep breath, and hoped it wasn't anything too bad. The only one I would really worry about (for the moment, anyway) is Doyokai. Feiyou was innocent, Kyria loved everyone and Arain was always calm. Okay, maybe it was a rather simple and sterotypical way to describe them, but hey.

As we walked, I told them my story, our story. Of the very beginning of the world, of the five Archangels, how we gave it what we could. When we had been awakened, how all of us (except...maybe Feiyou) wanted to change what it had become after so many years. I didn't put it in great detail, as I would later. I wanted all of them there. All my Correct Souls.

I winced when I heard a thunderclap, and then a flash of lightning.

"I hate rain." I muttered. Maybe that was a bit harsh. I didn't hate it, but it always made me depressed, as fire went out in rain, so did a little bit of my spirit.

Kaia and Otaki both sighed, as I held out a hand to catch a few raindrops. I might as well learn to deal with it.

We passed by a few houses, but one caught my attention. There was a light in the room upstairs, and I could see a figure in the window, who was looking back to where we had come from. I turned to see what he was looking at.

From the direction we were coming from, there was one house that stood out. Smoke was still coming from the chimney, and I smiled at the dragon that the smoke created, before looking back to the boy in the window.

He looked towards me, finding three figures all staring up at him through the rain. He froze, and I had almost forgotten about the rain beating down on me. I smiled when he disappeared from the window.
I hope I read your post right, GL. If not, just tell me and I'll fix it. ^-^; *wanders off with a checklist of Waike's Correct Souls*

Philip Mitleid - Correct Soul of Feiyou
Haile was fine, and that was the most important thing right now. I could feel my heartbeat slow down, and my expression calmed.

She was perfectly fine. Happier than usual, even, and that's saying something. There were two others with her. I knew Shun, I had seen him around school. He came off as cold, but, I don't know, I guess I never really thought of him that way.

When I asked her about the other, she beamed and clapped her hands.
"It's Feiyou! He's just like you Phil, just like you... you'd like him, I know it." The one she was talking about, Feiyou, seemed to have been talking to Shun. He smiled, and Haile took my hand to lead me over to the two.

"See, Fei? This is Phil! He's my best big brother. I told you about him, didn't I?" She was so happy, it was contagious. Feiyou smiled again, and nodded, looking back to me.
"Thanks for looking out for Haile, I hope she wasn't too much trouble," I grinned when Haile hit my arm teasingly. "My mom's probably worried sick about her. Eheh, I have been too, all morning." I confessed, smiling sheepishly.
*dies again* X___x;

6th April 2004, 08:59 PM
Welcome to another post with the formal disclaimer: If I mess up, I'm sorry!!!

Kayla Nora <> Correct Soul of Doyokai

I stumbled backwards slightly, trying to get my bearings. This process was further offset as I discovered the reason for my lack of balance: two pairs of wings coming out of my back.

As for the girl in front of me? Yeah, she was normal alright. First she kisses me after saying I'm hers (what the hell?!), then turns into this... not... human... thing.

"Hello, I'm Doyokai, ArchAngel of Darkness. What's your name?" asked the floating figure in front of me, now holding a very formidable-looking weapon.

OK. The world has screwed up on me. Hey, maybe that wasn't a bad thing. I was always complaining about it, so now I was going insane. This could work out very well...

"I'm Kayla. And what the hell is..." I trailed off, trying to figure out how to ask why I was going insane. "... is all this?" I guestured at my wings, and her wings, and her... floating there.

She gave a slight laugh, making me start to dislike her more than I disliked the average person. "You, my dear, are one of my chosen. My Correct Souls. You and I, along with the rest of them, are going to change this world for the better. Chaos shall be the supreme ruler..."
ARG! That's prolly shorter than the last one! Sorry, but my internet is cutting soon, and I don't want to lose an entire post like I did last time... *evil glare at father*
Heh, sorry again if I messed up... gee, this is moving very fast and a lot of us are pre-apologizing, aren't we? ^^; lol

6th April 2004, 11:04 PM
~ F - Correct Soul of Kyria ~

Lyia felt torn... Genki just ran away, leaving her. It caused Lyia's soft heart to suddenly rip or tear... and she felt like she should run after him.
Wait Genki! Don't leave...

But she didn't, she watched him like a fool and let him go. Not to mention the girl next to her didn't seem to mind.
I'll have to find him later... not a great way to end a... a gathering.
Lyia thought, and then turned her attention to the women. She was strange... and it wasn't comforting that she was directing her attention to Lyia and to the other girl. Strange... Lyia wasn't one to judge, but she silently wondered why this other girl- who couldn't have been much younger or older than herself- would be... so... well, the way she was. Rather unformal and exposing. Lyia wouldn't dare use the world '****', because it went against Lyia's demeanor, and Lyia knew she shouldn't judge.

It was odd, but Lyia even felt a slight connection to her. Very odd indeed.

It was amazing. The strange women led them to a stream like area, and with out warning she just simply transformed into the most beautiful and graceful thing Lyia had even seen. Like... an angel.. a beautiful, perfect angel. Then she spoke, her name was Kyria.
Angel... water... Kyria?
A chord struck Lyia, and instantly her eyes widened.
"Kyria... like in the Goddess of Love and Water?"
Kyria suddenly beamed, as the other girl next to Lyia gave her an odd look as if to say, 'how the hell did you know that?'
"... an courage too." Kyria added, giving a soft smile as she stood there, in all her grace and beauty. Just her presense alone made Lyia feel a connection to her... almost an attraction, which was odd and sensative.
" How did you know that?" The other girl stated, gazing at Lyia and then Kyria.
"I'm taking a mythology class at college... and we've gone over a legend on how the Earth was made according to some tribes in Southern America. They spoke of Five Angels, and one of them was Kyria, the Goddess of Love, Water and courage.."
Kyria smiled, "Since you both know me, what are your names?"
The other blinked, rolling her eyes as if not wanting to believe a word of this... but Lyia sensed she some how knew it had to be true. Kyria was not a mere image, but some thing real.
" Saana."

Lyia was beginning to suddenly feel a twinge of anticipation... there had to be some thing up. Why would a GOD want to talk to two girls?

.:F/Reincarnation of The Being/8 yrs old.:.


Haile beamed, feeling like almost a proud mother of her brother.
"See Fei? Isn't my brother so nice?"
Fei smiled... nodding, gazing at Phil was a look of anticipation.
Haile sensed it too, and she looked at Phil, Shun, and Feiyou. She could feel a sense of 'belong' for all of them, like they were meant to meet. Like they had a purpose, and it involved all of them. It made Haile suddenly happy... she liked all of them. Feiyou especially, and of course with a doubt her brother.
"Mother won't be worried. She's probably too busy cooking." Haile said in her usual sure-of-herself tone. Phil shook his head, "Alright Missy, but I'm still bringing you home. I recieved a pass to find you, and I'll use it to bring you home."
Haile laughed, " If you say so."
Feiyou then suddenly looked at Shun, and then Haile. Shun might have sensed it too... that undescribable feeling like it was fate that Phil recieved the feeling to come outside. Like it was meant to be...
Haile suddenly turned to Feiyou, tugging on his clothes. Feiyou looked at her, and bent over as Haile whispered in his ear.
" Can I hear this time? Can I hear you tell the secrets to my brother like you did to Shun? I'm a good secret keeper, promise!"
Haile then turned and looked to her brother and smiled. Phil looked confused while he managed a smile, "Hey, what are you whispering about Haile?"
Haile smiled, but said nothing.

Anjana's Halo
6th April 2004, 11:10 PM
I've read over my past posts and realized how much Feiyou is like Hinoto-san from X. Then again, he's also like my happy-go-lucky mood, so it's like if I were a happy/crazy male Hinoto-san, which is slightly frightening. [random thought pattern]
*stops disturbing the populace and moves along*

Feiyou: Arch Angel of Light
"Thanks for looking out for Haile, I hope she wasn't too much trouble," Phil said to me as Haile mockingly hit his arm. "My mom's probably worried sick about her. Eheh, I have been too, all morning." Haile had been right. Phil, or Phi as Shun had called him, treated his sister with complete love and empathy, and I instantly felt I would have considered asking for his help even without the warm glow of light that surrounded him.

"Don't worry, she was no trouble. Perhaps you can ask the school if you could walk your sister back home with us," I suggested. He nodded and, after getting permission from the school, started walking back the way I've been going early that morning, still musing over what needed to be done. Not much was said until we dropped Haile off at her home and she left us with a cheery wave and a smile. Then it was just my two Correct Souls and I. We turned back to walk to the school, still saying nothing.

"<Hey, Fei, is there a reason you asked me to help you, or are you just picking random people off the streets?>" Shun asked me, breaking the silence.

"<I'm afraid it's slightly harder to explain than that->"

"Hey, if you're going to talk around me, could you please speak English?" requested Phil.

"I'm sorry, this is actually a matter I must speak with you about as well, Phil," I said. I had completely forgotten I was speaking Japanese, since the ability to understand toungues came almost instinctively to me.

"With him too? You mean, you're asking for his help as well?" Shun didn't ask in contempt, just questioning the apparent randomness of my selections.

"Help with what?" asked Phil, a troubled expression crossing his face.

"Helping to save the world." His troubled look became one of confusion. We came upon a small children's playground surrounded by trees and diserted due to the rain. I turned to walk in it. Shun and Phil followed. When we stood near the swings, I stopped and turned. "I think," I addressed to both of them, "I'll give a demonstration before explaining." I closed my eyes and felt the Light swirl about me, infulging me in a warm cocoon, then disperse, leaving me in my angel form, white wings soft and filled with light sprouting from my back as the air around me filled with radience, daring the greyness of the day to come close. I opened my eyes as I hovered a few inches from the ground, my toes just skimming the grass. Phil and Shun both stood, too stricken with amazement. I smiled and settle to the ground. "I don't mean to be intimidating, but I decided what I had to say would be most believable in this form. I am Feiyou, Arch Angel of Light. I wish, no, need to stop my siblings, the other Arch Angels from changing this world to suit their own views of perfection."

"Are those real?" asked Shun, pointing to my wings.

"Yes," I said, smiling. "You can touch them, if you wish." I stretched a wing toward them, and Phil and Shun both touched the feathers gingerly. Once they were satisfied, I folded my wings again.

"So, Fei...Feiyou, why do they want to change the world?" Asked Phil.

"You can still call me Fei, if you want. We all awoken recently to see the world as it currently is. My siblings were not at all pleased with what they saw, and wish to alter the world in an attempt to save it." I turned to Shun. "You've already saw one of my siblings."

"I did?" He asked, confused.

"She was the young woman who was speaking with me outside of your car. Her name is Doyokai, and she is my twin, as I like to think of her."

"Her? She seemed pretty bitc-um, not the greatest person to make friends with."

"I'm afraid both are true. She's the one who told me that my siblings still wished to change the world. I was hoping, after investigating more they would decide not to but..." I trailed off, still not at ease with the idea of opposing them.

"Why would they want to change the world? I mean, there are a lot of problems, but I'm sure things will get better. They don't need to do anything," said Phil with utter conviction.

"That is what I believe. Which is why I'm looking for humans with souls akin to mine, Correct Souls, to help me to convince them of that, or, if need be, stop them."

"And Phi and I, we're Correct Souls?" questioned Shun. I nodded.

"Shun has already agreed to help me, Phil. I give you the same choice. If you help me, I'll give you powers to help save this world, our Earth, from losing what it has gained."

With all the comments of "This is moving fast," I have to wonder, "Am I going slow?" I mean, Waike already gave powers to two Correct Souls, which is a small amount compared to his total, however. :D [end of random thoughts][no, really][well, at least for now]

Anjana's Halo
6th April 2004, 11:37 PM
I've read over my past posts and realized how much Feiyou is like Hinoto-san from X. Then again, he's also like my happy-go-lucky mood, so it's like if I were a happy/crazy male Hinoto-san, which is slightly frightening. [random thought pattern]
*stops disturbing the populace and moves along*

Feiyou: Arch Angel of Light
I thought about what Haile had requested of me. Should I tell her? Her ability to know, or at least sense things immossible for any mortal to notice, was too apparent for me to write off any longer. From her first question to me of what, not who, I was, to her stopping the car so I could meet Shun, to her prediction that Phil would emerge from the school, to her entirely correct assumption that her brother was "like me." There were people in this world, I discovered after awakening, with abnormally strong spiritual powers known as psychics, and I believed Haile was one of them. With her powers, intelligence, and natural curiosity, she would most likely discover what was happening sooner if not later. It would be best to keep her close by for her safety, and who knew how she could help us.

I whispered back in her ear, "Yes, but it's the biggest secret you'll ever have to keep. Understand?" She nodded vigorously, and I knew she promised in her heart as well as her words. We began walking toward Haile's home once more, not speaking for a while.

"<Hey, Fei, is there a reason you asked me to help you, or are you just picking random people off the streets?>" Shun asked me, breaking the silence.

"<I'm afraid it's slightly harder to explain than that->"

"Hey, if you're going to talk around me, could you please speak English?" requested Phil. I was certain he was tired of having secrets spoken around him.

"I'm sorry, this is actually a matter I must speak with you about as well, Phil," I said. I had completely forgotten I was speaking Japanese, since the ability to understand toungues came almost instinctively to me.

"With him too? You mean, you're asking for his help as well?" Shun didn't ask in contempt, just questioning the apparent randomness of my selections.

"Help with what?" asked Phil, a troubled expression crossing his face.

"Helping to save the world." His troubled look became one of confusion. We came upon a small children's playground surrounded by trees and diserted due to the rain. I turned to walk in it. Shun, Haile and Phil followed. When we stood near the swings, I stopped and turned. "I think," I addressed to them, "I'll give a demonstration before explaining." I closed my eyes and felt the Light swirl about me, infulging me in a warm cocoon, then disperse, leaving me in my angel form, white wings soft and filled with light sprouting from my back as the air around me filled with radience, daring the greyness of the day to come close. I opened my eyes as I hovered a few inches from the ground, my toes just skimming the grass. Phil and Shun both stood, too stricken with amazement to speak. Haile's mouth opened with awe. I smiled and settle to the ground. "I don't mean to be intimidating, but I decided what I had to say would be most believable in this form. I am Feiyou, Arch Angel of Light. I wish, no, need to stop my siblings, the other Arch Angels from changing this world to suit their own views of perfection."

"Are those real?" asked Haile, pointing to my wings.

"Yes," I said, smiling. "You can touch them, if you wish." I stretched a wing toward them, and she touched touched the feathers gingerly, as did Phil and Shun. Once they were satisfied, I folded my wings again.

"So, Fei...Feiyou, why do they want to change the world?" Asked Phil.

"You can still call me Fei, if you want. We all awoken recently to see the world as it currently is. My siblings were not at all pleased with what they saw, and wish to alter the world in an attempt to save it." I turned to Shun. "You've already saw one of my siblings."

"I did?" He asked, confused.

"She was the young woman who was speaking with me outside of your car. Her name is Doyokai, and she is my twin, as I like to think of her."

"Her? She seemed pretty bitc-um, not the greatest person to make friends with."

"I'm afraid both are true. She's the one who told me that my siblings still wished to change the world. I was hoping, after investigating more they would decide not to but..." I trailed off, still not at ease with the idea of opposing them.

"Why would they want to change the world? I mean, there are a lot of problems, but I'm sure things will get better. They don't need to do anything," said Phil with utter conviction.

"That is what I believe. Which is why I'm looking for humans with souls akin to mine, Correct Souls, to help me to convince them of that, or, if need be, stop them."

"And Phi and I, we're Correct Souls?" questioned Shun. I nodded.

"Shun has already agreed to help me, Phil. I give you the same choice. If you help me, I'll give you powers to help save this world, our Earth, from losing what it has gained."

Bleah, I had something posted, but B4 posted already, so I altered it to match hers. Plus, Haile's cute as the proverbial button, so I wanted to keep her around.

7th April 2004, 01:05 AM
Haha, yay! New character done. 8D;;

Name; Labruey
Gender; female
Age; 8
Personality; Innocent, pure, and kind, Labruey is a cheerful and happy eight year old who hasn't been exposed to the real world yet, which would swallow her and spit out her remains. But there is something about her, something mystic, that makes her seem wiser beyond her years sometimes...
Appearance; Labruey has dark tanned skin, emerald green eyes, and long purple hair that falls half way down her back. She usually has her hair done up in in pigtails, and wears a cream colored sweatshirt with a hood and with sleeves that end at her elbows. Underneath that, she wears a orange sleeveless turtleneck, and a white skirt. Labruey also wears white knee-high socks with pennyloafers with the outfit. However, she sometimes wears a different outfit. In that one, she has her hair down, and wears something like a red tube top and a orange skirt. On the front of the skirt hangs a strip of white cloth with a swirl on the front. With this outfit, she has a gold bracelet on each hand and ankle, and a gold 'collar' around her neck. The collar has three strips of gold dangling down from it, and Labruey wears no shoes when she's in this outfit.
Wing Appearance; White, they glow slightly and rounded. See attatchment 'wings' for a bad picture.
Correct Soul OF; Feiyou
Powers Given; * With the power of her dancing skills, your character uses the element of light. Her body becomes completely white (she must dance to do this transformation). When her whole body is nothing but a glowing, light-figure, she can go through virtually anything. Walls... trees... but it's best used when confronting darkness for she can see right through it.

* With the power of Sympathy, your character can suddenly transform her appearance to appear innocent and undefiably cute. This affects anyone, causing them to either not want to hurt her or take advantage of her. The only people it would not work on is Doyokai and some of her correct souls.
Skills; Dancing. While she dances, she also vocalizes.
Immunity; Arian: Arian cannot affect gravity with Labruey.
Waike: Labruey can always walk through his shields as if they're not there.
Kyria: Kyria's power of water doesn't work on her.
Doyokai: Doyokai's Power of Dismal has no or little effect on Labruey - she's too happy and pure.
Relationships; Knows Haile, and is friends with her.
History; Born on a small, quiet, rarely-visited, pacific island, Labruey was the grandaughter of one of the three wise elders of the island. The people of the island spoke of 'the Arch Angels', how they went to sleep and how they would awaken soon, and chose their elect among the humans. The grandmother of Labruey suspected that she was one, but kept quiet - until Labruey's talent of dancing appeared. Her grandmother saw her one day when she was five, dancing a ancient, mystical dance effortless, without having anyone teach her or even tell her about it. Labruey's dancing confirmed her grandmother's suspiscions about her, and explained to her that Labruey was probably one of the chosen elect, what they called the 'Correct Souls'. They prepared for her journey to the outside world, obtaining a plane ticket to the city where the Arch Angels would appear, and tried to protect her as much as they could. Finally, the day arrived when it was time for her to go...
Other; Er, none that I can think of right now. 8D;; Other than go watch Neo Ranga?

Labruey/F/8 - Correct Soul of Feiyou
The girl danced on the street.

Dressed in a red top and orange skirt, she danced, moving her arms and legs gracefully, a grace hard to believe in her young years. Her purple hair swayed as she danced, mouth open as she vocalized.

"Ahhhhh-aaaahhhh-aaaaaa," she sang, eyes closed. People stopped to stare, to see this young strange tropical girl dancing.

"Ahhhhh, ahhhhhh, ahhhh..."

A dufflebag near her was open, and some people began to throw money in. Coins, dollars, whatever they could find, they were enchanted, by this girl.

"Ahhhhhhh... Aaaaa... Ahhhh..."

Labruey wasn't interested in their money. But the elders and her grandmother told her it would be strange if she was dancing for no reason, and advised her to seem like she was dancing for money.


What Labruey was dancing for, however, was someone. Someone she knew would hear her song and feel her dancing...


Lowering her hands, she stopped. The crowd that had gathered cheered and threw more money in her bag. Labruey merely smiled. She had finished. Now all there was to do was wait...

Saana Lai/F/19 - Correct Soul of Kyria
Saana was aware that she was gaping. She'd lit up a cigarrete on the way here, and it had fallen down unnoticed, onto the ground.

"So you're telling me you're the goddess of love? And water? And what else?"

She couldn't believe what she was hearing. She was nineteen for chrissake, and she didn't believe in fairy tales. Well, not for a while, anyway. She was suddenly aware of the cigarrette not in her hand or mouth, and fumbled through her pockets for the pack for another one. Placing it in her mouth and cupping her hand around it as she lit it up, she stared at the... woman who called herself Kyria, angel, goddess, whatever.

"So you expect me to believe you? Just like that?" Well, that other chick, wasshername, Lyria? Seems ready to believe in her, Saana thought. And then she realized that Kyria was moving towards her.

"Whoa-wha-wait a minute! Just what do you think you're doing-" Saana stammered, trying to back away with no avail. Kyria gently placed a hand on her should and...


Saana realized she was sitting on the cold, wet, muddy ground and probably ruining the skirt she was wearing right now. "What did you do to me?!?" she yelled. Saana suddenly noticed Lyria staring at her, no, not at her, the wings on her back...


There they were, glowing faintly, reflections of light dancing off of them. Saana screamed.

"What the hell did you do to me?!?"

Doyokai - Goddess of Darkness
"Chaos shall be the supreme ruler..." Doyokai laughed. A gleam came into her eyes. "Let's get started now!" Once again, she changed her form - this time into the Nefiri Panther. People screamed and scrambled to get out of the way, trying to escape, pushing, trampling those who got underfoot. Doyokai loved it. Laughing and roaring at the same time, she pounced at a fat bussinessman, who had tripped over his feet while trying to escape. Almost lazy, she unsheathed her claws, and quite slowly, rolled him on his back, and slowy cut him open. He screamed as he saw his blood spray out of him, splattering the Nefiri Panther. Doyokai merely laughed some more, lashing her tail excited. Choas, pain, violence!

"Come Kayla!" she cried, her emerald green eyes shining bright. "Let's have some fun!"

...My fingers hurt now. x_x

Edit: Ack! Forgot the attatchments for Labruey. x_x;;

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7th April 2004, 01:09 AM
...And since all the attatchments couldn't fit, here's her very badly-drawn wings picture. x___x;;;

Edit: ...And once again, I EDIT! x_x I forgot to mention that I'm leaving for vacation on Thursday and I'm not returning until the twenty-third. If anyone's willing to RP or 'take care' of my characters for until then, I'd greatly appreciete it.

Edit 2: Oh! And MM, thanks! ^^

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Prof. Jb Wolf
7th April 2004, 01:11 AM
Genki Ming (M) - Correct Soul of Waike
"WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING YOU STUPID JERK!?" My conciense had caught up with me halfway to my apartment. Why did I just do that? Just run out on Lyia like that, leaving her with those two women?

Granted one of them was coming on to him, and I'd never been terribly comfortable around women like that, but it didn't sit well to just run out on someone. "God she probably thinks I'm a jacka**." I thought as I started to turn back. "I should go back and apologize."

I stopped mid-step. "She probably already left already and headed back to class or her dorm..." I sighed as I finally realized that I was also soaking wet from the rain. "I should go back to the apartment and change first before I go see her again. I hope she's not too angry at me."

Growling in exasperation, I began running back to the apartment. It was an uneventful trip, save nearly hitting a wall when I skidded across a corner. Opening the door, I took off my jacket and shook the water out of it as well as my hair. Hanging it off a hook, I took off my shirt and walked over to the small closet to look for a new shirt. Of, that's when I remembered that Kanli had said.

"Oh crat, sorry if I woke you bro," I looked over at where Kanli's futon was, half-expecting him to be glaring at me. "I'm kinda in a-"

I blinked. He wasn't there and his futon looked as if it hadn't even been slept in. "Oh shi..." I murmured as I quickly began digging out a new set of clothes. "Not only do I have to go apologize to Lyia, now I gotta find Kanli. Dammit, today is just not my day!"

Throwing on a shirt, a sweater, and some jeans, I grabbed my jacket and an umbrella on my way out the door. "Bad day, bad day, bad day!" I said to myself as I rushed down the steps and back out into the cold, rainy day.

7th April 2004, 02:20 AM
Kyria- Water Goddess Lady
One is crying.
One is in despair.
Could I have done something wrong?

I thought carefully about the decisions I had just made. Perhaps I was too quick, too reckless with my admittance to them being a Correct Soul. No, this was not the way to do it; it was much too harsh. If I continue this way, they will leave me just as my siblings have.
My Siblings...
"Please..." I said in a soft voice. "Don't be unhappy. That is not the sort of world I have been searching for. The despair, the grief, the angst... are these the names of the plague that haunts this planet?" I lifted my finger. A teardrop that fell off of Lyia's face floated in midair for a couple of seconds, then hovered over to my hand.
"A tear. A tear that, a couple of hours ago you would not have shed. A couple of hours ago, it did not seem like it would rain." I could feel her pain, the pain in her heart of becoming separated so abruptly, so suddenly... she had met this person while practicing her voice lessons... a wave of unique, joyful, and content feelings bathed her soul... she swam through time, blissful, unaware of what had happened before, then after... warmer, the waters, warmer, warmer... ice. Sudden, frozen glacier. The tear bursted, scattering the feelings throughout the soil.
Another tear. From the other. It moves more slowly... more progressively... but it is the same. A feeling of joy, contentness, satisfaction with family... a mother... a father... the father is gone. Her waters are becoming colder. A new human comes to take her place... but the waters continue to chill. Abuse, Harden. Assault, Freeze. Controlled, Ice. A shatter... the ice breaks, the tear bursts, and she is here where she is now. In spite of the pain, I tried breaking another smile.
"I...was... wrong in my methods. Please... Lyia... do not concern yourself of me, at this time; look for the person you were searching for. Only then can I deliver to you, my message..."
"How... How can I--"
"You can." I gently plucked the strings on my harp. "If a musician loses his nerve during his performance, and gives up, he will never become satisfied with himself, always feeling humiliated, never confident. But if he can take what he has and brings out all that he can do... now, wouldn't you say he has a better chance of finishing it to the end than if he had given up? Will you cut off a piece because of some slight error?"
Saana looked at me with a rather quizzical face, but Lyia seemed to somewhat understand. She ran back the direction we had come from, to finish the melody she had started earlier.
I turned to the other girl. "I can't change what has already been done," I told her candidly, "but I can change what is to happen. Yet I can't do this alone. I know, it is not up to me to make your decision. You can return to the life that you live now, give up your wings, and live your life hidden from your past. Or, you can embrace and learn from the pains of the past, and help create a better future. I... still can't show to you what sort of future I mean, but, if you help me... I will try."
I had struck the first wrong note in my performance. But I am determined to make it up.
Eeer... was that too much? Or not enough? Ack, I'm so much more used to thinking logically... at least there's music knowledge to back me up... *dies*

7th April 2004, 03:30 AM
~ F - Correct Soul of Lyia ~

Find Genki... that's what I must do.
Lyia thought, leaving Kyria and Saana. Of course, it was remarkable to think that Lyia had just met a Goddess. How Kyria was going to find Lyia again was a mystery to itself-
What am I kidding? She's a God for heaven's sake.

Murmured Lyia, as she continued to run in the now pouring rain. Her long hair now was drenched, as drops of rain pattered against her completely soaked clothing. She had no idea where Genki was... that thought came to mind, and Lyia realized she had no clue. Did they live in a dorm? House? Apartment?

Lyia had been running for quite some time, and many people glanced at her oddly as if she was strange. A drenched college girl.... running like a maniac along the sidewalk. It would have been funny if Lyia hadn't been so stressed. After running for a while... her breath began to shorten, and even though she was in good shape, she had been running vigorously in the cold. She now realized just how cold and wet she was...

I'll never see him...

She thought, dispair clutching her mind. The college was huge, you were lucky you found the same person twice in a class. How was she supposed to find him when he wasn't even in one of hers? Tears started to well up in her eyes, as she frowned and suddenly stopped running. Of course, the rain intermixed with the tears so that no one would tell the difference... except her tears were warm, unlike the rain. Tearing up softly, Lyia staggered a breath as she walked along the streets.

How to find some one... how pointless was this?

Lyia usually wasn't one to think negatively, but after all the new happenings, it was starting to affect her. So much had happened... way too fast. Lyia decided to run again, and slowly her feet picked up as she ran... her tennis shoes squishign with each movement as her feet hit the pavement.

(*ahem* PJBW.. lol )

Emotional Faun Chiko-sai
7th April 2004, 08:18 AM
Mystic_clown and Ali-sai: Remember to stay healthy and come back alive!!!! =^^= *gets whacked for sounding morbidly negative*
Tsukasa: Ehhe... I don't use Yahoo... because no other humans I know uses it. xD;; do you have MSN?
Drew a profile sketch of Rurik+wings. Was too lazy to colour it. *badly needs to post*
Rurik Wetherford|M|Property of Arain. No, really.

Rurik, being the surly suspicious bast*rd that he was, couldn't say that he trusted Arain with all his heart. Well, at least not yet, anyway. The fact that she was a really freaky girl with some seriously weird powers merely served to convince him even more that by all the laws she should not and could not exist on this Earth. Nevertheless, as she continued to engage him in the staring contest, the slight slow ever-growing helpless feeling that he was a dog in the command of its master began to take root.

Especially when she said, finally, "You can decline, you know."

Rurik thought: Like I have a choice, right? Besides, she must really be someone to know the best way to get me to do something is to convince me to do the opposite. And I kind of owe her for feeding me. I hate owing people things.

Rurik said: "Why not?"

And thought, once more: I just got myself into unnecessary trouble... again.

"Very well," said Arain, smiling; though the smile wasn't exactly kind, nor was it evil. It was just sort of in-the-middle. Normal. /Balanced/. Ah, that was the word. She nodded, very slightly; and then _They_ sprouted, in a somewhat subdued manner, as if _They_ didn't really want to. (_They_ being wings, of course.)
One of _They_ was a leathery dragon wing, and the other was soft red-streaked feathers, to what purpose he did not know; but what Rurik knew for certain was that he disliked them. Too flashy. Too not-him. And _They_ being infinitely mismatched, rather like his eyes and his own personality, unnerved him.
But he had to admit, the wings looked.. right. He would have resented them even more if they'd been a matching pair.

"Are those compulsory?" he groused, jerking a thumb at them. "So I'm an angel? Have to save the world or something, do I?"

"You could put it that way," replied Arain, scrutinizing his newly-acquired wings and tut-tutting to herself. "Your wings are unusual... I've never heard of a Correct Soul having odd wings before... You'd better hide them, for the time being. Just focus." Rurik's wings disappeared, obediently. "At any rate, I'll elaborate more on the plan when I have gathered all my Correct Souls together."

"The less I know, the better. In that case, if I screw up badly, I'll be able to say that a crazy archangel goddess lady made me do it."

She didn't seem to be paying attention. "Do you know anyone named Kanli?"

"I'm not good with names. Describe him."

She did. Rurik looked up. "I saw him this morning. Look, isn't that the guy just turning the corner?"

It was.
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Mew Master
7th April 2004, 11:25 AM
Denny Roth~M~Correct Soul of Waike

I shifted the papers and was getting ready to organize them a bit more when my roommate barged in through the door, gasping for breath.

"Denny.... Turn on the TV. Channel 6." Jake gasped.

"Why? What's going on?" I knew that 6 was the news channel for the city and something was going down.

"Just turn it on.."

I reached for the remote by my bed and flipped the TV on, then hit 06. What I saw made my heart stop.

Destruction. Ruin. Blood everywhere.

"What...... the hell?" I mumbled.

"Happened a little under an hour ago..."

I turned up the volume so I could hear the reporter at the scene.

".. This thing appeared. Eye-witnesses fleeing the scene report that a person with wings, resembling an angel suddenly transformed from a normal human female, and then into a large black panther."

The video played over and over as the reporter continued to speak. A large panter was seen snagging someone and then using it's claws on the doomed person.

"Several people are missing and presumed dead. The police have started evacuating the Market and are going to bring in city's Animal Control Unit to try and stem the problem. I've heard that the National guard is on stand-by..."

"Man..." Jake commented. "This is nuts."

I stared. This... this was something that only happened in Godizlla and B-Monster Movies. Nothing like this could happen in real life. Something was really wrong. Then something hit me.

The Dragon in my Dream. The Panther runing loose. There had to be a connection. Somewhere. The two had to be involved....

I manuvered past Jake and started digging through my bags and looked for my Mythology books. I distinctly remembered a myth involving a Dragon and a Panter, but what was it?

Quickly I looked in the back Index and looked up Dragons. Quickly memorized the page numbers where they were mentioned, and then went and looked at Panthers in the Index as well. A match!

Bingo, I thought to myself and bit my lower-lip as I flipped through the pages, towards the page number given. The TV continued blazing out information about the giant panther raging in the Market.

I checked the section of pages I was in.

"Animal Deities of Many Cultures." I said outloud.

"What?" Jake asked. He was paying more attention to the TV than what I was thinking outloud.

"Nothing.... " I replied and started reading.

There have been recountings of Animals being reguarded as Gods and worshiped as such. Five continue to appear in various scriptures in many parts of the world. They are the Fenris Wolf, a beast that was said to have swallowed the sun. A cat-like creature refered to as the Nerifi Panther, born from the same womb as Fenris and depicted in areas of South America. The Unicorn of Anglo-Saxen tales. The Gryphon, branching from Greek and Roman lore. And finally the Dragon from many tales of Asian decent.

These five beasts have always been hearlded and worshiped as representatives of higher beings. Beings that are also reguarded as creating the world. However these myths originate in secluded areas of South America and are not recorded anywhere else...

A chill went down my spine again. This was what the book said, reguarding everything as myth, having little or no basis in reality. But could it be possible? Could the Nerifi Panther be walking, called forth by it's superior being?

I dropped the book on my bed and it stayed open at the page. Running out the door I grabbed my coat and hat. I didn't hear Jake say anything as I left him surprised...


I ran out of Weist Hall and onto one of the sidewalks. The market was about twelve streets away from the college, so finding the most direct way there was going to be difficult. Although why I was running towards my possible death escaped me, but I knew I had to do something. I was perhaps the only one who knew anything. If anything. I hoped I was dreaming.

Turning a corner I accedently ran into someone, throwing us both off balance and back on to the wet sidewalk.

Crap. Watch where you're going you idiot. I screamed at myself.

"Sorry, I should watch where.." I looked up and saw Lyia was the one I ran into.

"ACK! Sorry Lyia." I nearly shouted.

"Denny... what are you doing?" she rubbed her head. No doubt after I had ran into her. She looked like she was crying.

"You okay?" I asked quickly getting back on my feet and offered a hand to help her up.

"Yes, I'm fine. Have you seen Genki?"

"Genki?" I thought quickly. "No, last time I saw him was ..... with you. leaving McMides. What's wrong?"

"I just need to talk to him." She glanced around quickly, looking for any trace of him.

"Quick question," I said.


"Do you know any information about the Nerifi Panther from Myth Class?" We were both in that class, co-incidentilly.

"A little bit, why?" This wasn't the time. She had to be looking for Genki, not standing there with me.

"Never mind. Go find Genki, I'll chat with you later." I ran off leaving her, probably more confused than I was...


(Hope you didn't mind Kayla =^^=UU)


~Mew Master

Elemental Seribii
7th April 2004, 03:07 PM
Eugh, sorry for taking so long. Also sorry if this post is short. X___x;

Philip Mitleid - Correct Soul of Feiyou
"Shun has already agreed to help me, Phil. I give you the same choice. If you help me, I'll give you powers to help save this world, our Earth, from losing what it has gained."

This world as I know it...I didn't want to see it disappear, did I? All of the accomplishments and joys. Sure, there were a few things that were messed up, but didn't they sort themselves out in the end?
What would happen to all of us, even if we were allowed to live? Wouldn't we loose others important to us?

Even if this world is messed up, forcing it to change will only bring about more problems, more suffering, more pain. This world is the way it is for a reason, isn't it? Everything, it happens for one reason or another.

Shun had taken to his own thoughts, with a calm but focused look on his face. Somehow, he reminded me of Feiyou, but I couldn't describe how.

I looked over to Haile, who was still fascinated with Feiyou's wings. She smiled as they waved slightly in the breeze, and I noticed she has started to hum. Something about my little sister rooted my wavering conviction in what Feiyou was saying.

I believe in what Feiyou's saying, and I believe in Feiyou. I think that's it. That's all I need right now, I don't want to worry about the consequences.

Giving my mind one more chance to get myself out of what could become a horrible mess, I found that all my doubts put together still had a weak argument.

I turned to Feiyou, who nodded expectantly.
"Have you decided?" He smiled when I nodded. Somehow, I think he had known the answer from the start.
"I'll help you, Fei."

It was as simple as that, but there was more emotion and meaning behind it, even if I wasn't sure what it was.
Will post for Waike later. Yay for dramatic inner monologue.

Green Lanturn
7th April 2004, 03:58 PM
Sure did E_S. Maybe this color will be a little easier to read,lol.

Liam~Corect Soul of Waike

I stared awestruck as three figures approached my house in the drenching rain. "Did they not even care if they were getting wet?

One of them, the lead one looked up to my window and gazed at me. He seemed to have a grin as i sat there. I left the window, going downstairs to get a better look. My mother was still in the kitchen, on the phone with one of her "gossip friends." Ug, how i hated those women. I went over into the living room and peered out of the window, keeping the lgihts off so that nobody could see me. But they werent there anymore.
A sudden knock on the door shocked me and I went to check.

It was them, 2 guys and a girl. I opened the door and peered out them. "Hi, my name is Waike. This is Kaia and Otaki. We were wondering if me might come in to get out of the rain?" This was most strange. I had not known strangers to do such things, but i knew i could protect myself incase. Plus, i felt as though it was neccessary, for some odd reason.

"Sure. My name is Liam Panteras."

"Hmm, panteras, panter..yeah, that sounds about right, though with that last name i figured you would have belonged to one of my siblings."

I stared at him. What did he mean belong?

He moved over to the fire, examining it carefully and then sticking his hand in.

"Are you craz...,"i stopped myself. He looked at me in amusement, his hand not even signed by the flames.

"Thats not all i can do, but its time to talk about what you can do."

"What do you mean, what I can do, what is this?"

"Like I said, my name is Waike. I am one of the gaurdian arch-angels of the world."

This was a shocker, not that i hadnt already had plenty.

"Come here for a moment." I walked over, entranced by all of this.

He told me to stick my hand in the fire as well. I did, and it felt good."Strange, it doesnt hurt at all, it feels quite nice actually." He smirked as a small creature of fire flew out from the fire, in the shape of a small butterfly.

"What was that!" by now my eyes were almost bulging out of my head."

"You'll see soon enough."


Anjana's Halo
7th April 2004, 06:25 PM
Feiyou: Arch Angel of Light
"I'll help you, Fei," Phil said to me. Simple and complex as that. I smiled and placed a hand on each of their shoulders. The aura of light that had surrounded me reached out and enfulged the two of them in its blazing glory. Slowly, it faded away, absorbed by their bodies, and wings began growing from their backs. Shun's were a large, downey navy blue, except for one feather on each wing, which was pure white. Phil's seemed to form directly from the light, they formed glowing, translucent wings in which only the outline was definable. Their eyes had been closed for this, and they opened them now to gaze at each other, then their own wings.

Haile slowly walk over to her brother. "Wow, Phil. First Fei was an angel, now you and Shun are angels, too!" She turned to me expectantly. "Can you make me an angel, too?"

"I'm sorry, Haile. I can only change my correct souls, and you, unfortunately, aren't one." Haile didn't seem very dissappointed at this, as if she was expecting that answer and was only confirming her suspicions.

"Fei, if Haile isn't one of your 'correct souls,' why'd you get her involved in this?" Phil asked, suspicious and concerned.

I smiled at him. "I've only been with her a morning, and I realized it wouldn't take her long to find out anyway, since her own brother is involved." Phil sighed and nodded his head in agreement. Most likely he's been on the recieving end of her curiousity a great deal. "I decided it would be best to have her around and safe, instead of running off to find you when she dd put the pieces together. Not to mention she asked me."

"Hey Fei, are we stuck like this?" Shun asked, pointing to his wings. "I think they're pretty cool, but they aren't exactly subtle."

"Oh! You should just be able to concentrate and hide them." They furrowed their eyes in concentration, and the wings faded away.

"Okay, if I didn't believe you before you controlled a sunbeam and turned into an angel, I certianly do now," Shun confessed. "Those wings, they were real." I smiled, remembering my delight long ago when I first gained wings, when I doubled over and nearly collasped.

"Fei! What's wrong!?" one voice shouted. I couldn't quite tell which one spoke, my head was still clouded. However, I began recovering quickly after the initial shock, though I was still bent over at the waist.

"Doyokai," I whispered.

"Doyokai, you mean your sister?" asked Shun.

"Yes, she's...I don't know exactly what she's doing, but she's releasing a great deal of negative energy," Since I was the light and Doyokai's opposite, we were fairly sensitive to what the other felt, whether we wished to or not. Now, I sensed her releasing a great deal of anger and dismay, so much darkness that it caught me off guard. "We'll have to see what she's doing."

"Are you sure you can?" asked Phil. "You were really, really pale a moment ago."

"It was just the initial shock. I'm fine now." I concentrated my energy to locate her. "Over that way," I said, pointing. "She's a ways off, but not too far." I quickly changed to human form again and began running. "Hurry!" I called over my shoulder.

Oh, Doyokai, Doyokai, I thought to myself. Please don't make me fight you!

Hope that made a small bit of sense. I figured since Feiyou is basically the light of the Cosmos, and Doyokai's the darkness of the Cosmos, they'd have a bit closer relationship powerwise. -_-;
I also figured this would be a good time for legendary fisherman1 to pop in, if he wants, since he's seen like, nil action. [brought to you by procrastination]

Prof. Jb Wolf
7th April 2004, 07:36 PM
Genki Ming (M) - Correct Soul of Waike
I'd stop by Jet's, I'd searched my brother's usual spots, and even asked random students on the campus. Yet, still there was no sign of him. He wasn't even answering his cell phone. And to top this all off, I hadn't found Lyia either to apologize. "I'm being punished..." I muttered as I walked the rain-swept streets.

"It's all my fault Genki..." Unbidden, the voice drifted in my mind, sending a sharp pang of guilt and fear into my heart. "Dammit...that is not going to happen again. Kanli's okay. He's not doing anything stupid...but I swore I'd never let anything happen to him again....ARRRGH!" I slammed my fist into a nearby wall, a small crack forming where I struck. "Dammit...today is not my day..."

I slumped forward, leaning my face against the cold wet wall of the building. "Gotta keep moving...keep moving, keep your mind on finding him and Lyia..." I whispered to myself as more memories threatened to overwhelm me.

I set off at a run, heading in a random direction, hoping for once that some higher power would guide me to one of the two people I was searching for. Just as I passed the Weist Hall, I nearly ran into some guy who also seemed to be in a rush. I managed to evade his blind run and continue off, but by luck I bumped into someone else. Being at least a head taller than her and built a bit more solidly, I was able to hold my ground, but she fell back with a cry.

My hand automatically snapped out to catch her by the wrist, pulling her up and towards me. "Oh, really so-" My breath caught as I saw who it was beneath her wet hair. "Lyia!"

She looked up at my voice, her eyes wide and I could tell she had been crying not so long ago. "Genki!" She was soaked to the bone, probably from being out in the rain for so long. Her clothes clung to her slender frame and I could feel her shiver as I drew her a little closer to get out from the rain beneath my umbrella.

"God, your completely soaked." I said, somehow pulling off my jacket and placing it around her shoulders with one hand. "What am I saying....Gods...Lyia, I'm really sorry for running out on y-"

I stopped as she suddenly flung her arms around my waist and laid her head against my chest. "Genki...I...I..." She seemed at a lost for words and so was I at this sudden show of affection.

Awkwardly I patted her on the back. "Shhh...You don't have to say anything Lyia." I mumured softly. "This is all my fault, I shouldn't have just left you with those two women. I just felt kind of flustered and confused with that girl comin' on ta me and all that."

She tried to say something again but I cut her off. "C'mon, we gotta get you out of the rain first..."

She nodded dully and moved away from me to begin walking. She wobbled unsteadily and then began to fall, but I caught her again. "Guess I'm a little more tired than I thought..." She said, sheepishly, her blush growing across her cheeks.

"Don't worry," I slid my free hand to her knees while I leaned her back on to my other hand, lifting her up almost effortlessly. For once my strength had some use. "I got'cha."

I began walking towards the inside of a nearby building, a nice warm cafe, thoughts of my brother once again washed away by my urge to help this girl.

Hopefully that wasn't out of character for Lyia...AH well, yer turn Bulba-san

7th April 2004, 07:48 PM
That's perfectly fine the way you portrayed Lyia JB. ^^

~ F-Correct Soul of Kyria ~

Lyia was so tired... and she barely even fathomed the sudden figure which came out. With a definate thud, she crashed into the figure like a train trying to stop on a dime. With a slight cry, she began to fall backwards until a strong gripping hand reached her wrist and pulled her up. Her face was dripping wet, as she suddenly looked up to see... Genki?!
Lyia heard him trying to appologize, but she didn't even care. She was so stressed out... too much had happened for her, she couldn't do anything but feel the overwhelming relief of finding Genki. Some thing about him made her feel better, almost safe... she felt like she was protected. Shielded from the world. With out a thought, she wrapped her arms around him, hugging him tightly as she rested her head against him.

Genki patted her, obviously a bit awkward but at that particular moment Lyia didn't mind nor care much. Genki suggested they get out of the rain, and so Lyia tried to follow him but suddenly she found her legs wobbling. The cold which she had not felt before, had gripped her causing her to struggle.

"Guess I'm a little more tired than I thought..." Lyia said, and then she turned a deeper shade of red, which warmed her cold face as she was swept up by Genki's strong arms. She felt a slight flutter, as she wrapped her arms around his neck and rested her head against his shoulder. Why was he so comforting? She barely knew him and yet she felt like she had known him for ages...

As they both entered the cafe, slowly she was sat down upon a comfy chair. Lyia felt sheepish, as she gazed up at Genki with her liquid, sky-blue eyes and smiled faintly.
"I feel so embarressed... I honestly don't know how long I was running..." She whispered, as Genki sat across from her.
"She told me to go after you."
Genki's face was worried, obviously Lyia was quite pale despite the hidden blush in her cheeks as her wet hair dripped upon her. She shivered slightly, but the cafe was warm.
" Who?"
"Kyria... the God-I mean, that woman."
Genki however, was not one to let any type of words pass him.
"What- what did you almost say?" He inquired, looking a bit worried as Lyia shook silently,and s he silently wished that he wouldn't blame it on him. Besides, she probably would have run away if some thing like that had happened to her at Jet's.
" I... I..."

Lyia didn't know how to say it. Genki... he would think she was crazy. But then again... she needed to tell some one. Anyone...
He'll think I'm a nut.. or maybe he'll just think I'm sick from the cold. Dillusional.
It didn't matter.
"I was saying.. Kyria, a Goddess. Oh Genki! There's so much that has happened since you left... she took me out to a pond, and she just transformed. There were huge wings... she was an angel. A goddess... of love and water, and courage. Like in mythology, but it was supposed to be a myth... but it isn't. It's real. She made that girl... Saana, the girl who was hitting on you... made her grow wings too. Kyria said we were her correct souls... that we were there to help her. Then she looked sad, and told me to go find you... because I wanted to. Said that when I did she would aid me... and then I ran into Danny. He was asking about the Neferti Panther, and I said I knew about it... and then he ran off. The panther was in our mythology class, and it's the transformation the Goddess Doyokai transforms into. Doyokai is a sister of Kyria... and if they're here, then the others are here and-"

Lyia was rambling completely, and as she came to the end tears suddenly flowed down her cheeks again as she leaned forward, letting her forehead touch the table in front of her. Genki was silent, and Lyia swallowed hard until finally she lifted her head.
Like the shifting sea, suddenly Lyia's emotion completely changed. She still had tears around her face.. but as she lifted her head up, she forced a weak smile. SHe didn't want to make Genki think she was crazy...
" I-I'm sorry.. I must be losing it. Crazy story... I'm sorry Genki, sorry for being such a trouble. I don't mean to cry... I..I just can't help it."
Another smile.

.:F/Reincarnation of "The Being"/8 yrs old.:.


Haile's eyes got about as wide as a deer's, as she watched Shun and Phil form their wings. She had loved Feiyou's wings, but now with the appearance of two more sets she smiled happily. Phil's were so radiante... and they made Haile happy, they reminded her of the sun. Shun's were also beautiful, for they were her favorite color-blue.

Haile knew she wasn't going to be an angel like them, she asked anyways... curious, perhaps thinking she was wrong. But then when Feiyou confirmed it, Haile was not disappointed. SHe simply smiled, and it made her prize Fei, Shun and especially her brother even more.

But then Feiyou had fallen... and Haile instantly was by his side, patting him with a worried expression. Poor Fei... feeling a stomach ache. But it all made sense as soon as Feiyou talked about his sister. Poor Fei, Haile silently wondered what Doyokai did to make Fei hurt this way. Haile had marveled at Doyokai when she first saw the strange lady.

Haile ran as Fei told them all to hurry. So they all took running... however, Haile's small legs were not as swift as the others as she ran. She tried hard however, but was lagging behind. Fei saw this instantly, and was about to slow down until Phil suddenly swept Haile up in his arms. Haile was light enough to be easy to carry, as he soon managed to place her on his back like a piggy back ride. Haile beamed like a beacon, as they chased down teh street. After a while... soon they saw people running, terrified as if they had seen some strange monster.
"Go the other way! go the other way!" A man yelled, as a woman came with her child in hand, crying. Haile's face went into distress, until she suddenly saw the reason for the terror.

A huge, black panther... rampaging down, next to another person with wings. Haile was in awe by the beauty of the panther... such sleek beauty intertwined to become a powerful machine it seemed.
"What's that?!" Shun cursed, as Haile whispered to herself...
"It's Doyokai.."

Fai D. Flowright
7th April 2004, 07:52 PM
Wow! And EFC said this was mushrooming before!? It must be like rabbits now! ^_^ *in light of the upcoming holiday*

EFC: No, I don't have MSN, and my comp doesn't like downloading it either. It'll take me, like, 2 days to download it...

*~Goddess of Balance and Winds~*

"Very well." He had agreed to join me. I showed a strange but certain smile that told him, "Do not fear me. I am what you hve searched for in your life. The turning point of your life's despair. You and the others will help fix this world." He stared curiously at me and suddenly fell into a slight hypnosis state.

I summoned that same winds that proved to him of my true form. They whirled around us, unknown to anyone else. As we barely lifted from the ground, 2 wings of great physical difference grew from his back. One was like that of a bat, the other similar to one of my own, which I had kept hidden, at least for now.

We both questioned the unmatched wings, coming to the conclusion that they should be hid until further notice. I told him how to do so, but, even though they were gone from sight, I would constantly be asking myself, "How? I was the goddess of Balance for goodness sake!"

Silence pierced through the splashes of water on the ground and our still bodies. I needed to find that other boy now. "Where could he have gone? Maybe Rurik knows..." I ended the silence by asking, "Do you know anyone by the name Kanli?"
"I'm not good with names. Describe him." As I did, I could feel something come near. A feeling that I had recently experience. It was another Correct Soul. "I saw him this morning. Look, isn't that the guy just turning the corner?" I broke my hard concentration and turned to the corner Rurik was looking.

A young man, soaking wet with rain and closely watching the sidewalk, had just turned the corner. He looked up at our little shindig, then, thinking nothing of it, returned to his staring position. It seemed as though he was exhausted, as if he hadn't slept in weeks. "Not another insomniac..." I sighed as I began to walk towards him, Rurik following close behind.

I knew that it was the one from earlier that day, but something was different about him. No, not him; his aura. It was weak, much less intense than it had been in the kitchen. Slowly approaching Kanli, he barely seemed to notice movement. He also seemed a little shaken, like something bizzare had happened to him. "Kanli?" I said aloud. There was no reaction. "Are you Kanli?" I had raised my voice a bit. Still nothing...

I reached out to lift his head; I wanted to see his face. As I pulled it from it's limp position, I found that his eyes were closed. He was either asleep or dead. "Hello... I know you can't be dead. You were just walking!"

I held Kanli's jaw so that I could try some method of awaking him. Just as I went to slap him across his colorless cheek, his eyes rapidly open, staring right into my eyes; stabbing, gouging at me with near hatred.

"AHHHHHHHEEEEEEEEEEKKKKKKK!!!!!" I screamed out at the top of my lungs. I jumped so much from that startled look that I was clinging to Rurik's body for dear life. "Gah! That's one creepy and sinister look you got there, Kanli..."

Well, Engi, you can start posting for Kanli again. I guess you could say that Arain doesn't take scares very well... ^_^; Or maybe she's just the comic relief... v_v;

7th April 2004, 09:00 PM
COOL! I may actually get a decent post done! *due to the fact that I'm procrastinating on a major assignment and I have almost an hour until my internet leaves! YAY!*

Erm, I hope no one minds blood, cuz there's kinda... a lot in this post. Yeah. *pre-apologizes*
Kayla Nora <> Correct Soul of Doyokai

"Come Kayla! Let's have some fun!"

With that, Doyokai jumped at another person, tearing them apart with the same satisfaction that she had the previous. All I could do was gape, something I rarely ever did. But her... the wings, and now the panther, causing all this pain and fear in the people around us... There was something satisfying about it, I couldn't help but give a slight grin.

However, I was still slightly out of place here. This... ArchAngel had suddenly given me all this power, wings, everything... But I was as of yet unsure how to truely use them. Doyokai, however, seemed preoccupied with the slaughter at the moment, leaving me standing in the middle of the mess a bit confused. Just as I began wondering what I was going to do, she paused and turned from the newest corpse to the fleeing crowd. "How fun, they're all running away..."

She tossed me a sidewards glance, something in her sparkling eyes telling me I should do something about that. A small... instinct, almost, kicked up in the back of my mind. I slowly unfolded my wings, instantly liking the feeling of the wind passing through them. With a small jump, I took off into the air, feeling it catch under my wings and pull me forward, over the heads of the running people. A few looked up as my shadow passed over them. I landed in front of the group, catching a quite a few by surprise. Opening my wings to forbid them passage, another grin played across my face as they realized their fate; they were trapped. There were cries and screams, some tried to push by my wings. They were much stronger, I had discovered, than they seemed at first; and refused to bend an inch. Everyone suddenly froze as the piercing wail of a dying woman met their ears, and a figure near the back fell to the ground in a spray of blood. A smell, both foreign and familiar at the same time, met my nose as more of the crimson liquid splattered from the wounds made by Doyokai.

A sudden urge overtook me, and I reached out, grabbing the nearest person by the neck. In a sudden burst of strength, I felt the bones snap in my hands. Surprised, I turned to Doyokai. "How long have I been able to do that?"

She casually jumped over me onto one of the people who had taken the time to move around my wingspan. As she carved into his back, she answered, "About as long as you've had those wings." She let out a laugh as the remaining people standing cried out, not knowing which direction to turn to.

I cried out in pain as one of the bolder men in the group planted his knee hard in my stomach. Turning back to the mass, him in particular, I let out a growl and jumped on him, my hands at his throat. The crowd rushed passed me as I set myself on killing him, and killing him painfully. His eyes slowly rolled back into his head as I felt his bones snap one by one, ignoring the screams as Doyokai took down a few more people.

When I had finished, I stood up slowly, staring at my bloodied hands. It was a strange feeling; I had never felt it before, but it felt good nonetheless.

I turned quickly as Doyokai turned back into her ArchAngel form, glaring hard down the road. I turned to follow her gaze, finding three males standing there, one holding a little girl on his shoulders.

Doyokai spat into the ground next to me. "Feiyou..."
Also, I'll be away from Friday to Sunday, so don't expect to see me post then. This thing is pretty fast-moving, sorry this end has to pause for a bit.

7th April 2004, 09:23 PM
Kanli, Correct Soul that is to give aid to a fully idealistic communist regime who does not technically belong to Arain but is politically associated with
"What do you need?" I asked directly. I was usually usually very tolerant of the people around me, but due to this girl trailing my footsteps coupled with my already enervated state did not put me in a mood to continue this game of trickery. Curiously enough, I had fallen asleep out of exhaustion not long after I phoned my brother... perhaps I should stop pulling the late night researching I had done over the past few nights...
"...um...well..." The girl in front of me mumbled.
"This girl here is an angel who can control gravity and wants us to help her rule the world." Out from the back came what looked like an slipshod figure that looks like had not eaten anything in days. But then, to account for his emanciated figure would also have to take into account my own structure. In any case, I got back up, brushed myself off, and began to leave.
"I really shouldn't fall asleep on sidewalks," I commented to myself.
"WAAIIIIITT!!!" The girl shouted and ran in front of me. "Well, not everything he says is true."
"Really?" I stated sarcastically.
"Yes, I am not trying to rule the world, I am trying to save it."
"But the other statements are true?"
"And You're an angel that can modify the laws of physics to create an anti-gravitational force that would lift me high up into the air?"
We were silent for a while.
"People are awfully strange here on these streets," I commented again, then began to leave.
"STOP!!" Suddenly, as if the entire world had been shut down, everyone froze around me. The streets were for once silent of the honking and hollaring of the citizens, and all that could be heard were the footsteps of those strange persons that were in back of me, catching up to me as I slowly paced back in forth, observing the curious manner in which everyone had just frozen.
"NOW do you believe me?" The girl hovered-- yes, hovered-- in front of me. In another sudden flash of light (skipping transformation scene :P) the girl was immediately replaced by... I suppose you could call it an "angel", as it did have relations to the traditional biblical drawings of one. Then the girl lifted me up onto one of those high 60 story buildings and landed. The other person, with a rather irregular set of wings, followed clumsily. Then, time began again.
"So," the girl said, panting from exhaustion. "What do you think?"
"I think someone has drugged me and taken me hostage. Although, I must admit I never knew those hallucinogens can create SUCH a realistic environment... they truly do have the capacity to block those serotonin receptors and modifying the senses..."
"You are NOT drugged!" The other man yelled rather maniacally. "If you were, would you be able to think that clearly?"
"Hmm," I pondered. "Yes, you're correct, drugs will cause the coordination of thoughts to be disheveled. I must be still sleeping on the sidewalk, then."
Thwack. A wave of neurosensors from the cheek indicated pain and that I was very much awake.
"Why won't you understand???" The girl cried.
Well, if I wasn't awake then, I was certainly awakened by that statement. A slap, then that statement... it was almost like...
"Fine." I tried getting back up to my feet, but my head felt dizzy, so I sat back down. "What is it that you want?"
Ok, I'm out of ideas for now. Umm... there is some characteristics of Kanli that you should take into account before describing Arain's plan to him first, Tsukasa, so I'll PM you something. :P

7th April 2004, 09:27 PM
Kaia Dunkirk
I cocked my head slightly as I listened to Waike's story. An Archangel? I liked mythology but I never heard of the Archangels, much less believing in any kind of mythologic creature in the first place. Then again, the guy stuck his hand in fire without burning his skin and created whatever he wanted with it.
"Put your hand in the fire." My attention whipped back to the fact I was still holding Waike's hand and him squeezing it tightly. Glancing up, I saw the same twinkle in his eyes as before and took a deep breath.
"Trust me?"
How could I not? I thrusted my other arm into the fire, half expecting the excrutiating feeling that fire delt out but I again felt the same warmth as from Waike's touch. With my arm still in the fire, Otaki hesitated but held onto the Angel for help and stuck his arm into the flames. Using his natural expertise, Waike made the flames split apart and dance all over the place, including up our arms. Eventually, we withdrew them and continued to feel the lingering warmth that clung to them.
"Listen to me. I need both of your help, along with a few others I'm looking for. Will you help me change the world? It's become so abused, it needs a new order."
I finally let go of Waike and stared at him in puzzlement. Change the world? What for? I knew there were some things messed up about the current state of things but it wasn't too bad. Then again, everyone's dream was to create a utopic society where everyone could live in peace. Perhaps that was Waike's dream as well.
"Yeah. We'll help you, Waike..." I faded off, still uncertain of the whole ordeal.
Holding out his hands palms upward, two flames were flowing around, not from the fire, but from himself, it appeared.
"Trust me."
We reached out and grabbed a palm. The flames racing up our arms, it seemed to go through my eyes before racing back down and swirling around my shoulders. After the warmth had intially died down, I heard Otaki gasp and looked to see wings producing from his back. Looking behind myself, I also found wings, although they were much different. It was a pain to focus, but I could make out insect type wings, flimsy and translucent. These though had red and black peppered all around them and after a slight touch, I found them to have a leathery quality to them. Wouldn't you know it? Clear leather.
"So we're angels now?" I asked.
"No, more like Correct Souls," Waike replied. I assumed that they were the soldiers of the Angel, or grunts to put it more precisely.
I asked about the state of our wings and how it would be noticable but was relieved when he said that all we had to do was focus and they would disappear.
"Now that that's settled," Waike said, "time to go."
"Wait," Otaki interrupted, "What about the kids? Who's going to look after them?" I smiled.
"My dad will look after them," I replied.
"Good," Waike said, "Now let's go."

After herding the kids into my house (and warned them repeatedly not to ruin it or else), I scribbled a note to dad saying I had to leave for a bit and the children were going to be staying with us for a while by plea from the orphanage. I knew it would anger and upset him a bit but the small children around him would remind him of past years and he would eventually get over it.

Outside, I met up with the two and we were led to another house in the opposite direction. Somehow it started to rain hard, which bothered all of us somewhat, especially Waike. I put up with it though and as we arrived, we saw a boy look at us from a window and then quickly disappeared. He then reappeared at the downstairs window and continued to stare until we came up to the doorstep. He opened it up and Waike immediately went into his little rant, complete with his oddity requests of letting three strangers into his house. Not surprisingly, the boy complied and introduced himself as Liam Panteras.
"Hmm, Panteras, Panter..yeah, that sounds about right, though with that last name I figured you would have belonged to one of my siblings."
As expected, Liam stared at him in amazement but still went with us. We went over to a fireplace with a crackling fire inside and long story short, Waike did his tricks and completely mesmerized Liam, with the finale of taking the flame from his hand. I wasn't completely focused on the task since something was nagging at me.
"Can anyone feel that?" I spoke out after everything was complete. "I feel something weird, like something bad is happening but we can't see it."
I looked up at Waike and stepped back a bit to see fire in his eyes. Not the good kind, but the bad one. His face was contorted into a mixture of dislike and sadness and I knew he felt it also.
"Doyokai," he muttered.

7th April 2004, 10:07 PM
Yeah...People move fast.x.x

Shun Matsumori Jr.-Correct Soul of Feiyou

The wing's that sprouted off of my back were proof enough-Feiyou was something mythical. A pair sprouted of Phi's back, only visable by the light. Mine were large and a darkblue....with one single feather white.

Once learning how to make our wings retreat into our backs...and I actually told him that I believed he was an archangel..that he alomosts passed out, doubling over.He fell onto his knee's, his face pale.

"Doyokai.."was the first words out of his mouth after he had almost collasped.
"Doyokai, you mean your sister, right?"I asked him. He looked up at me, and nodded.

"Yes, she's...I don't know exactly what she's doing, but she's releasing a great deal of negative energy,"He replied."We'll have to see what she's doing."

"Are you sure you can?" asked Phil, concerned. "You were really, really pale a moment ago."
"It was just the initial shock. I'm fine now."He paused, seeming "Over that way,"He pointed, and we started to run.

'This is not what I'd think I was doing at...whatever time it is.'I sighed as I ran,taking everyother second to look behind me at the people running...pure chaos was ahead, and I swear I saw a Dark Purple mist ahead(Dark purple=Evil....Darkness).

Sucky post, but I'm bored....and I guess Shun's playing a little out-of-character right now too.;o

The mist he saw was his own power...so no one else should be able to see it..^^;;

Mew Master
7th April 2004, 10:31 PM
Oh, Kayla... It's DENNY Not Danny. And I thought the Creatures were the servents of the Arch Angels. Anyway... back to the plot.

Denny Roth~M~Correct Soul of Waike

I jumped over some trash cans in a back alley. The main area to the market was blocked off by police cars and the entire block hadn't been quarentined. This was bad, seriously bad. Not many people had come out of the block, but I could hear screaming and roaring.

Running I skidded to a stop and saw the bigest black cat I've ever seen. I was so shocked that I almost fell backwards.

"Whoa! That is one BIG cat." I regained my balanced and realized I was staring at the hindquarters of the giant panther.

Several things registered in my mind. Blood and bodies on the ground, the smell of blood, a girl with giant wings sprouting from her back.

This was wrong. So very very wrong.

The panther was enjoying it's latest meal, the mangled body of an old woman. A rock flew through the air and hit the giant cat in the back of it's head.

"HEY! Here kitty kitty kitty!" I shouted, more rocks in my hand.

The Panther turned and growled at me.

"Hmmm, one with some spunk.." it mumbled.

"What?!" I shouted. "It can talk?!"

The panter roared in a laugh-like way. "Not like you'll live long enough to tell anyone."

"Try me you over-grown alley cat." I told it back. I was a fan of cats, and knew how they moved. This panther may have been a bit bigger, but it's body language should be the same.

"If you insist." The panther started pacing towards me. Great, have to time this right.....

Just before it was ready to take a slash at me, It stopped and then looked behind it. The panter gritted it's teeth and muttered. "Feiyou."

I looked past it and saw three others with wings behind the one I saw earlier. They had a small child with them too...

What is going on? I thought.

The panter was distraced so I went and got some distance between it and me. Sneaking behind some rubble, I decided to watch and wait and see who this would turn out. If I got involved again, there were some steel pipes I could hold and use as a last defense if nessicary.


7th April 2004, 10:55 PM
Doyokai - Arch Angel of Darkness
"Feiyou..." Doyokai spat on the ground, her emerald green panther eyes eyeing Feiyou murderously.

"Doyokai... Why...?" He asked sadly, his eyes meeting hers, already knowing the answer.

"Why?" Doyokai laughed, tilting her head and closing her eyes.

"Why? Why do I do this? Because I can. Because I have the power. Because," she opened her eyes to glare at Feiyou once again "I was born this way."

Saana/F/19 - Correct Soul of Kyria
"Help you?" Saana asked, dumbfounded. She was definately weirded out. First a... angel - Saana grudgingly admited that Kyria was one - appeared, then she grew wings - Saana was still not used to them, and kept on twisting her head to stare wide-eyed at them - and then she'd cried. Well, she'd cried for the first time in nearly five years.

"Help you?" she repeated again. "How? I'm just a whore... I'm no one special..." She stopped. Kyria was looking at her, smiling.

"I think," the angel said "that I need to show you something..."

Ahahaha, crap post. x_x;;; Er, and Labruey's just waiting to be found... 8D;;;

Prof. Jb Wolf
7th April 2004, 10:59 PM
Genki Ming (M) - Correct Soul of Waike
I sat back in my seat for a moment as Lyia went quiet. The woman, Kyria, a goddess? And something about wings, a panther, souls? It sounded like a fairy tale or...a myth. Lyia had said it was like something out of mythology. A myth that had become reality.

Any person would have normally written it off as the ramblings of someone who was out in the rain too long. Maybe suffering from the effects of hypothermia or summit. But...even for the short while I had known Lyia, I knew she would not be one to lie like that. Plus, there was this lingering feeling that I had something to do...but didn't know what...

A sob broke me out of my thoughts and I looked down at Lyia, who was lifting up her face. Tears shown upon her beautiful face, but she gave me a weak smile. "I-I'm sorry.. I must be losing it. Crazy story... I'm sorry Genki, sorry for being such a trouble. I don't mean to cry... I..I just can't help it." She gave me another smile, and I felt a stirring in my heart.

I stood and moved to kneel next to Lyia. Wrapping an arm around her shoulder, I softly brushed the tears from her cheeks. "It's okay Lyia," I smiled at her. "Actually, I kind of believe you. I can't explain it, but I know your telling the truth. Plus, I wouldn't be surprised that you are a chosen of the Goddess of Love and Courage..."

Lyia blushed again as she leaned her head against my shoulder. Again, I felt it, that same feeling that I had when I talked with her in the restaurant. That feeling of comfort and joy, the feeling I've only felt once before in the presence of another woman...

"Ahem," Startled we looked up to see one of the waitresses of the cafe, smiling at us. "Sorry to interrupt you lovebirds, but are you going to order anything."

I felt a blush across my own cheeks that mirrored Lyia, who was stammering an explanation. This time, I decided not to correct her as I answered, "Yes, two mugs of hot chocolate, please."

She nodded, still smiling as she walked off to get our order. "You've been out in the cold and rain for too long. Need to have something warm in your body, right?" Lyia smiled back at me thankfully, and I grinned back.

7th April 2004, 11:30 PM
Kyria- Water Goddess Lady
"So, these wings are retractable?? Huh." Saana extracted and retracted her wings once more, and then continued to follow in my path. I smiled at her (again). I had reverted back to my human guise so I would flow along with the crowd to get back to the orphanage. We finally arrived at the small shoddy-looking house, niched between two larger complexes, and entered. The warmth and sound of children's laughter greeted us as we came in.
"Hi!! I'm back! I also brought back a friend."
"Oh you did?" Mrs. Lannette came out, then raised an eyebrow. "She's... a friend?" she asked skeptically.
"Yes! Don't worry, she's harmless." I smiled at her as the childen came by to see who had come over to visit. Saana seemed anxious and seemed to feel out of place, and wasn't exactly too enthusiastic when she saw the children come up to her.
"Wow, lady, you're pretty!"
"Why yes," Saana stated with a toss of her hair, "I know." I could tell Saana appreciates compliments.
"Can you be my mother??" Another child asked.
The Correct Soul blushed. "Umm..."
"You're so pretty, I wanna be just like you when I grow up!!" Sara, a young girl, stated cheerfully.
Saana bent down and patted Sara's head. "No, kid, trust me. You won't want to be like me." There was a hint of sadness in her voice.
"Come play with us! Play Play Play..." The children begged. I beckoned her to go and entertain the children. She nodded.
"Okay then, play what?"

Fai D. Flowright
7th April 2004, 11:38 PM
EVERYONE: I'm going to change Arain's "World Goals" attribute to something a little less... intesnse (for lack of a better word). "Communist" isn't exactly what I was trying to get at there, but it was the best way for me to put it then. I'll have something much better soon! ^_^

*~Goddess of Balance and Winds~*

I had to prove to him! I needed his help. My slight anger with Kanli's tired attitude beang to show. I extended my arms to full reach and allowed myself to hover around in front of him. Rurik watched, still behind Kanli, in a state of minute awe.

Once in her clear view, I concentrated on my own true form. I raised higher away from the ground, allowing myself room to transform. Time froze, typhoon winds blew, and the world seemed to twist in balance and proportion. Large sky blue wings sprouted from my back as I let myself float and spin in the blustering winds. My damp clothes vanished, revealing a somewhat frail girl in a flowing lace gown.

The gusts slowly died and time began to warp back into proper beat. As this happened, I used a bit of my stamina to gravitate the two of us, Kanli and myself, to the very top of the nearest skyscraper. Rurik followed, slightly wavering at first, but quickly familiarizing with his imbalanced wings flight style.

I lowered down to the roof of the building, allowing the both of them to see my real persona. A short discussion of narcotics and hallucinations ensued, but was sharply ended by a hard smack to Kanli's cheek. "Why won't you understand???" I cried out to him, tears welling up in my eyes. A look of hurt and despair came over Kanli's face, but with it came understanding and the realization of what is to happen.

"What is it that you want?"
"I want you to join me to help me save this world from eminant doom."
"But how!?" They both responded, in question.

"I must make my siblings understand that balance in both power and emotions are required to help this world work towards it's fullest. But I cannot do it alone!" I explained to them, "You, both of you, are my Correct Souls, and are here to help me make my brothers and sisters understand. You are most in tune my will and aspirations. You must help me!" I told them, my heart pouring out feelings of intense meaning and trust. "WILL you help me?"

As I finished, I could feel a sudden surge of great power. It was not a sense of good, but a sense of evil, of negative and corrupt influence. A visible wince was seen by both boys that stood before me. The stream of chaos that defied my goals was so omnipotent that it forced me to double over and fall to my knees. "What in the... What happened, Arain!?" Rurik yelled, inquiring about my recent reaction.

"It's Doyokai." I whipered, weak from the impact of the surge. I had been unprepared for it and also drained from my transformation. "I'll be fine, but... Please, Kanli, answer my question..." I felt my strength slowly return and I stood once again, "For the good of the planet and all it's inhabitants, answer my question!"

I guess she won't be the comedy, at least for now... ^_^;

legendary fisherman1
7th April 2004, 11:45 PM
~*~Tetsuhiko~*~Correct Soul of Feiyou

'How can a 7-11 have a line? I might as well have just went to everyother supermarket in the city at the same time to see who would get home first.' I thought furiously as I spinted home.

'Got to go! Got to go! Got to go! Got to-"Ahhh!" I yelped as I tripped over my shoelace as I fell over. Owch.

"Darn...Are there any major injuries?" I asked myself as I looked at my knee. Just a scrape. No blood. 'Well thats a relief, but I'd better get home.' I thought as I limped myself up and started running.

'Hold on...black mist?' I thought as I was running into some mist.

"I was born this way." I heard a feminine yet almost sadistic voice. And what Isaw, when I saw the woman I would probably never forget...wings?

Also crap post X.X

8th April 2004, 12:45 AM
~ F - Correct Soul of Kyria ~

Lyia smiled, blushing ever so furiously as she leaned against Genki. Hot Cocoa sounded incredibly good at the moment, some thing to warm her damped body.
"Yeah... sounds great right now." Lyia responded, feeling suddenly content and almost at peace. As if nothing could go wrong.

They didn't say much for a while, just rather seemed to rest. Lyia's eyes had closed for a brief moment, pure exaustion taking over her body for the moment. However, soon the waitress returned with the two cups. Lyia leaned for her cup, gently taking it in her hands and drinking it softly. Indeed, the liquid felt gentle and warm, rather greatly refreshing as it slid down her throat. The warmth seemed to radiate through out her body, as her face became slightly flushed. Looking towards Genki, he drank it a bit more heartedly but it seemed to put him more at ease as well. Lyia smiled.

"Thanks Genki. You've made everything seem better... " Lyia said, smiling at him with a rather appreciating and comforted gaze. However, the moment of peace did not last. Suddenly it was as if an alarm went through Lyia's head.


Lyia paused, her eyes widening. Some thing was wrong.
"Lyia... Lyia are you alright? Some thing wrong with the cocoa?"

The strange woman sneered, seeing now three of the Arch Angels before her. Her own siblings... the only one not present was Kyria.
"Waike. Arian. Feiyou. Brought your own little pets to rival me? Pathetic. They barely realize their power... Waike and Arain just awakened theres, along with you Feiyou. And if I'm not mistaken Feiyou, you brought along a little girl? Now you send children out to play!"
The woman laughed, as she suddenly formed a ball of dark energy with in her palm. She then thrusted it at random... and suddenly the face of a boy widened with horror realizing the ball was approaching him..

Lyia's eyes widened... herself swallowing hard, as she suddenly felt a great panick rise from with in herself. What-how... how did she know? Did this have to do with Kyria... ? Was that a vision... Kanil... suddenly Lyia instantly knew.
"Lyia!" Genki shook her, as Lyia's eyes fluttered open.
"Genki! Your brother!" Lyia stood up instantly, great panick in her voice.
" We must go! To the main part of the city! They're there... along with your brother. He'll be hurt if we don't go!!"

( I realized that I only had one power for my own character. ^^; So she's got intuition magick. lol. ^^; And I figured since she met Genki, some how Kyria could have had it so her powers would then be awakened. )

8th April 2004, 10:57 AM
*^~Ethuil Laerien | Correct Soul of Kyria~^*

School had finally ended. As usual, there was a rush to get away from the acursed 'prision' and out into the sunshine. After all, it was a Friday. I hung back from the crowd, not having any hurry to go anywhere. My closest friends said their farewells as I turned left down the corridor to the music room once again. I wanted to get my cello. There was nothing else to do at home, except to immerse myself in music, as usual.

The day felt too good to waste, so I decided to take a walk around the town. Fingers tapping on the polished wooden body of my cello beneath its soft velvety casing, I set off at a slow pace.

A little way down, strains of music reached my ears. As I progressed, the strains of vocals became more and more prominent, accompanied by loud cheers from the crowds. Someone was performing.

I rounded the corner and saw a young girl dancing in fluid motion, her hips swaying as she rotated slowly, her mouth open, singing softly in aria. She looked no older than eight, and yet she danced as gracefully as a seasoned dancer.

The girl finished her dance and curtseyed to the crowd, her orange skirt flowing. The crowds roared and cheered, throwing coins at her bare feet and into her duffel bag. She smiled at them.

Slowly, the mob dispersed, leaving the young dancer quite alone, sitting on the floor, taking a well-deserved break. I moved forward.

"That was a good performance," I told her, smiling. "I'm Ethuil, by the way." The girl returned the smile.

"Labruey," she stated her name. "I thank you for your compliment." She gave a little bow. She looked weird, a little foreign girl with purple hair, dancing in the streets like she had not a care in the world, and yet... There was something about her that I liked. Perhaps it was the fact that she, like me, was a stranger in these parts. I was not born here, though my foster parents had decided to migrate here, bringing me along. Perhaps it was the fact that she was skilled in the performing arts as I was. Or maybe it was that she seemed to be looking for something: a purpose in life, a soulmate, or maybe both, I don't know.

I watched her smile, and a thought suddenly struck me. "Hey! Do you mind if I perform with you," I asked. "I mean, I play the cello while you dance... It's okay if you don't want to, just a thought..." I added hastily as her smile turned into a small frown.

"No! That's a good idea!" she replied happily. "You play the cello?" her bright green eyes widened as I uncovered the instrument. "Wow..." I giggled. Labruey was the first person I knew to be impressed with my instrument. I pulled out the foot of my cello, then tightened the bowstrings, checked the tuning, and struck up a slow beat. Labruey stood for a while, trying to get the beat, then begun her mesmerising dance... Crowds gathered again as the pair of us performed. The shower of coins poured in again...

Somehow, we managed to coordinate with each other, so that as I played my last note, she did her final step, and we bowed in unison. The crowds clapped and cheered.

"That was fun!" Labruey giggled when the crowds went their separate ways again. "You play very well."

"And you dance very well," I laughed too. The afternoon was turning out more fun than I had expected. "Shall we do that again? With a faster tune this time?" She nodded and I began to play...

Elemental Seribii
8th April 2004, 02:58 PM
*pokes the topic* It buuuurns!
Waike: ^____^

Waike - Archangel of Fire
Liam Panteras...I would have guessed Doyokai, but no. He was definately mine. It was like meeting an old friend, you might not recognise them right away, but their soul was familiar.

Another fire show for him, and I could feel my powers start to feel more natural to call upon. He seemed compelled to the fire too, and a butterfly fluttered from my hand to his, and then flickered out.

"Can anyone feel that? I feel something weird, like something bad is happening but we can't see it." Kaia spoke up, and Otaki agreed.

Concentrating, I closed my eyes and reached for my siblings.

Feiyou and Arain were distressed. I could sense both of them notice my faint presence, and I felt another wave of worry.



I opened my eyes, and a dark feeling crept into my heart. I sighed, feeling the need to go and the need to stay.

"Liam. I hate to rush you, but I fear for this world much more than I did only a minute ago. You must believe me." He looked at me, before nodding slowly.
"Do you...just...is there any other proof? It's a little hard to handle."
"I understand, but we must at least head outside. I don't want to worry anyone else here."

"I'm going out with a few friends, okay?" Liam yelled into the kitchen.
"Alright. Don't stay out too late!"

We stepped outside again, just as the rain began to let up. I looked around, making sure there was no one else on the streets or looking out of the windows.

Closing my eyes and concentrating for a second, I felt a fire envelop me, not hindered by the light rain. The heat and flames transformed into wings, my blue human eyes giving way to flames. In a final burst of fire, I parted it and walked out. My three Souls were silent, and I felt another wave of worry pass over me.

"My sister, Doyokai, she is causing too much destruction, not that far from here. My brother and sister, Feiyou and Arain, are already there. We must stop her, and we must do it now." I caused the one flame in my palm that was left from my transformation to flare up, reacting to my distress. "I may be against my brother and sisters, but I am also the Guardian. I cannot help but feel the strong urge to be there, to help them. Liam?" I offered my hand once more, the small flame still dancing, but hissing lightly from the rain. He knew what I was asking. "If you take my hand, you must know that things will never be the same."
I'm going to guess that the next person to post dealing with Waike and his Correct Souls will be GL. Whoever it is, feel free to take them to the Market after Liam makes his decision. That'll also give Denny and Genki the chance to see Waike. ^____^;

Philip Mitleid - Correct Soul of Feiyou
I had two pairs of wings, four in total. If I craned my neck, all I could see was the outline, and they were illuminated by an unseen light.
Shun's were a deep blue, with one white feather in each, like a lonely star in the night sky. We both hid them away, as not to draw attention to ourselves.

When Feiyou fell, I couldn't help but feel immensely worried, and I could tell Shun was too. Haile had moved sympathetically to his side, a hand on his shoulder.

His sister, Fei said. He explained quickly, after a few more worried questions, that he was fine, it was only the intial shock that had brought him down.

We began to run, Feiyou's wings retracting as he did so.

Haile had begun to fall behind, and Fei began to slow down his pace. However, I jogged back to where she was, and scooped her into my arms, carrying her piggy-back. She giggled into my ear, and I smiled. I was lucky she was so light, I could almost run at my normal pace.

When we reached the market, a dangerously beautiful panther confronted Feiyou, snarling. Fei didn't seem angry, only sadness could be found in his eyes. He asked her why she did it, and her answer was simple.

"Why? Why do I do this? Because I can. Because I have the power. Because I was born this way." That seemed to strike a nerve in Fei, and his face fell.

"Please, Doyokai." He whispered. "I do not wish to fight you."

"Phil..." Haile whispered into my ear. "Do you hear it? The music?" She rested her head on my shoulder, and I listened closely, as she started to hum along.

There it was. Sadly faint, but it was a deeper string instrument and a beautiful young voice. There was some comfort in the lonely melody.

Two more figures appeared behind us, a man with fiery red hair and a young woman with long light violet hair. There were some others behind them, and by the recognition in their eyes of each other, I figured they were the ones Feiyou had spoken about. His brother and sisters, and their Correct Souls.

"Waike. Arian. Feiyou. Brought your own little pets to rival me? Pathetic. They barely realize their power...Waike and Arain just awakened theirs, along with you Feiyou. And if I'm not mistaken Feiyou, you brought along a little girl? Now you send children out to play!"

Haile did not seem affected by the insult, as she still hummed in my ear.
"Don't worry, Phil. Everything's going to be alright." She whispered, her voice just as light and calm as it usually was.

I believed her.
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Green Lanturn
8th April 2004, 04:29 PM
Liam Panteras~Correct Soul of Waike
__________________________________________________ ___

"Liam?" He said, offering the flame in his hand to me. "If you take my hand, you must know that things will never be the same." This was absolutely crazy and I knew it. But what else was there? All i had was a gossip mom, and only a few friends, what would i miss? Better yet, what would i miss if i let this, amazing, opportunity slip by. "Im in," i said grasping the hand and the fire.

"No doubt your life will change, but with me and the rest of these guys, we're all in good hands. No, back to the other topic at hand. You all ,like myself, have a pair of wings. It may come as a shock when you first get them, but in theese pressing matters, we need them. Keep in mind, each set of wings is unique to it's user. Concenrate."

Looking deep inside, Kaia, myself, and Otaki were shocked when pairs of wings came out of each of us. Waike was correct, each one was different. My own were almost bladelike, red, with flames along the side(not real, just imprinted i guess). Waike seemed amused by our reaction, but he was ready to go.

"Doyokai cant wait any further, lets fly, its easy, trust me."

When he lifted off, i began to feel the eings beating, and soon,all of us were in the air, heading towards the market, arain, feiyou, and doyokai.

When we reaced the market, we landed a little away, drawing our wings back. Waike cautioned us."Doyokai can be tricky. She can even take the form of a panther, so be careful."

I grinned, now realizng why Waike guessed i would belong to doyokai.

When we reached the location, there were already many people there, including three other angels.

"Waike. Arian. Feiyou. Brought your own little pets to rival me? Pathetic. They barely realize their power...Waike and Arain just awakened theirs, along with you Feiyou. And if I'm not mistaken Feiyou, you brought along a little girl? Now you send children out to play!"

I burned in anger, fire building up within.

Doyokai laughed sinisterly as Feiyou and Arain greeted their brother, and once again faced doyokai, preparing for what seemed to be,a battle.


Whoops, sorry man. I edited it out,lol.

Mew Master
8th April 2004, 05:14 PM
Ummmm.... GL.... Two problems with your post.

1. Genki is with Lyia at a cafe several blocks away from the market.

2. I'M hiding behind some rubble behind Doyokai in her panther form while you guys arrive...


Denny Roth~M~Correct Soul of Waike

I stayed behind the rubble and watched as more people appeared and confronted the gaint panther. I tried to keep track of names.

Doyokai. Feiyou. And Waike?" I thought. Thing's are going to get Chaotic around here. They sounded familiar, and I tried to start attaching names to faces.

The Panther growled and refered to the one with angelic white wings as Feiyou. I saw that he was wearing a long white trenchcoat with white slacks and a light blue shirt.

In response, Feiyou had called the Panther Doyokai. It's black coat was getting wet with rain, but no one was saying anything.

Feiyou had three people with him right now, two boys who looked like middle-school age or so. One of them had two pairs of feathery wings, and was carrying a young girl on his back. The other had an angelic wing and then a leathery bat-like wing on the other side.

Now who's that? I wondered.

Then, entering with a flare of fire, entered four MORE people. The one in the lead had blazing red hair, and a red colored outfit. He had burning wings of white flames. The others behind him consisted of two guys and one girl. One of the guys had blade-like wings with flames painted on. The other had bird-like wings encased in fire. The girl with them had wings too, only her's were butter-fly shapped.

The Panther Doyokai roared at them all. "Waike. Feiyou. Brought your own little pets to rival me? Pathetic. They barely realize their power...Waike and Arain just awakened theirs, along with you Feiyou. And if I'm not mistaken Feiyou, you brought along a little girl? Now you send children out to play!"

No. my mind screamed. This thing wouldn't think about attacking... children!

My anger started to burn and I jumped up onto the rubble pile and threw a steel pipe across the distance and whacked the Panther in the back of her black head.


Doyokai looked back at me with death in her emerald green eyes.

"Why don't you pick on someone who can fight back?!" I shouted.

"Tempting......" the cat snarled back. "Kayla," The girl with the wings floating by Doyokai looked at the panter. "You can have the pleasure of killing him. You're more than enough."

The girl, Kayla I guess, looked at the Doyokai and then at me.

"Go ahead, have some fun." the Panther encouraged.

"Oh crap." I muttered. This won't end well.

Kayla glared in my direction and I gulped.

"This REALLY, won't end well......" I muttered again.


ACK! Help me! Save me! Help me! Save me!

EDIT: Whoops... didn't see the fact that Arain was still teaching her Correct Souls.... me bad =^^=UU

8th April 2004, 07:37 PM
Kanli, okay okay Correct Soul of Arain
"Will you help me?" The words pierced through my memories like nothing else could ever do. I couldn't think clearly anymore, let alone move very well. Arain in front of me collapsed... something was hurting her? Could I save her? But I can't. I couldn't do anything before, how could I do anything now.
"Please Kanli answer my question...For the good of the planet and all it's inhabitants, answer my question!"
But I can't do anything. Why does she want my help? I cannot do anything...
The guy in back of her apparently got frustrated over my silence.
"Will you SAY SOMETHING ALREADY!!!" In a sudden updrift that seemed to have originated from the angry man himself, throwing my exhausted body back and over the the building.
Initial velocity of -4 feet per second.
"KANLI!! WATCH OUT!!" Arain cried, but it was already too late, I had been blown off too far from the edge of the building to get back up.
Velocity is now at 0. Current height is 1203 feet from ground.
And I had begun to fall.
"Hurry Hurry catch him!" I heard the girl cry. She, apparently, was still too exhausted to use too much of her energy and called Rurik to try and catch me.
Falling at 25 feet/sec.
"I'm still not used to these darn wings!!" Rurik cried out. "Not to mention whatever I just did to knock him off..." He was unstable, and had to balance himself to make sure HE doesn't fall, much less me.
Falling at 75 feet/sec.
"That's not good enough!!" Arain said frustratingly. "Arg... I'll have to give him his powers!!" A warm breeze of air flowed all over my body as I felt as if something had entered me. It slowed down the accelerating velocity by a little, but not much.
Falling at 125 feet/sec.
Maybe it was better that I perish? I do not do anything truly effective in this world anyway. Comparing the conditions of this world and the absense of myself, it would not affect the general population. In some ways, it might reveal to be more beneficial...
"DO SOMETHING!!" Arain cried.
Wait, what about my brother?
Falling at 175 feet/sec. Impact in 1.32 seconds. But what if the velocity was inversed, by chance?

Everything stopped.

Then I just noticed it was me that stopped. No, I didn't stop. I just fell more slowly. Eventually I got to the ground with absolutely no shock impact.

It was most curious to say the least.
The others at the rooftop flew down by me after a short while.
"Are you ok?!?" Arain asked.
I suddenly had a huge migraine and felt completely exhausted.
"You have... my assistance."
I lost consciousness.
Perhaps I was overdramatic? >.> O well, I'm not dead, so you can just wake me up whenever you want. :P

Pain... Pain... No one could feel more pain than I when there is a feud between my siblings. But I remain here... I stay here, and accompany Saana and the orphans. Why? Why do I not go out there and stop them? Saana seemed to have noticed my pain, and took a break from the children to talk to me.
"Yo, what's up?" She asked.
The TV was on, and I pointed at it. "My poor sister..." I mumbled pitifully.
"Your sister is the one blowing things up? I wouldn't exactly call her poor," Saana remarked. "Look, um... if there's anything you want to do or need me to do, just call me aight?" She commented.
I just smiled (Again!). I didn't want to go out there because I didn't want to fight. There must be another way to stop the argument without fighting... Fighting solves nothing... but Doyokai won't listen... What could I... Huh?
There was a small aquarium in the orphanage. In it, the fish were swimming idlely, peacefully, oblivious to the chaos occuring around them.
"Fish!!" I lightened up.

Prof. Jb Wolf
8th April 2004, 10:40 PM
Genki Ming (M) - Correct Soul of Waike
We sat in comfortable silence for awhile after I had ordered. Lyia lay against her chair, a soft smile on her face as she rested and I couldn't blame her having been in the rain so long. A smile flickered across my face as I realized that I had barely known her for a day and already she meant almost as much to me as Kan-KANLI!

I would have bolted out of my chair then and there to search for him, but something held me back. It was a twinge somewhere in my mind as I thought of my twin. It was if we were each thinking of the other. For a moment, I saw in my mind an image of falling, two people on a building watching in horror. But then there was a feeling of something, then an image of a woman with wings and then blankness.

I slumped a little farther into my chair as the waitress came back with our hot chocolate. Lyia sipped hers gracefully, but I took the mug and took a long draw from it as I thought of what I had just 'seen'. Kanli was in trouble, but then he was safe...but I couldn't exactly feel him anymore, like I used to. "What does this mean...could he be...dead? No...he's still alive but what happened to him..." I slowly placed the mug back on the table. "Just be glad he's alive out there."

Lyia's voice broke me out of my reverie. "Thanks Genki. You've made everything seem better... " Gazing in to her eyes, I saw appreciation in comfort there.

"It was noth-Lyia?" She had suddenly gone rigid, her eyes wide open staring straight at me. ""Lyia... Lyia are you alright? Some thing wrong with the cocoa?"

I moved away from my seat and moved to kneel next to her again. Placing my hands on her shoulders, I gently shook them. "Lyia!" Her eyes closed but when she opened them again, I could see panic in her eyes.

"Genki! Your brother!" Lyia stood up instantly, great panick in her voice. "We must go! To the main part of the city! They're there... along with your brother. He'll be hurt if we don't go!!"

The panic and sincerity in her voice plus the...vision I had just had made it plain that something big was happening, with Kanli in the middle of it. Someone inside the cafe turned up the volume on the TV and I caught the tail end of the report. "....the attack in the market by a strange black panther and a girl with wings has turned into a showdown as strange winged people have arrived on the scene..."

I looked back at Lyia and she nodded. Grabbing her by the wrist and throwing some money on the table for the drinks, the two of us rushed out the door. The rain had slowed to a drizzle, but that didn't matter as we ran down the streets towards the market.

We arrived to a scene of devastation and death. Holes were gouged out of buildings and broken bodies lay everywhere. I turned my head away and scanned the area for my brother. I didn't find him, but I drew in my breath at the sight I behld.

A giant black panther, both beautiful and deadly, stood poised before a group of people. Two of them glowed with an unearthly glow and most of them had wings. They were talking to each other that much I could tell and I felt Lyia stiffen, gripping my arm tightly. "That's them. The panther is Doyokai, the Goddess of darkness, and those other two must be Feiyou and Waike. Gods of Light and Protection." She whispered to me her voice filled with awe.

I nodded numbly as I watched them face off. As they spoke, I watched as a man stood and yelled, throwing a pipe at Doyokai. "HEY! BIG, TALL AND UGLY!"

I blinked in surprise. The man had a death wish, that much was certain as I saw the panther, Doyokai, turned to face him. While she did not pounce upon him, I saw her gesture for the winged girl to attack him. She smiled and slowly began to stalk him. "Genki, that's my friend Denny over there!" Lyia gasped in my ear.

"We should go help him before he gets himself killed." I muttered and ran off towards him with Lyia right behind me. Our assitance was uneeded though, for as the girl leapt at Denny, she seemed to hit a wall and bounced back.

I turned to see the man with red hair and flaming white wings holding his hand out. "I suggest you run kid." He yelled to Denny, who was scrambling to his feet and rushed past the astonished Doyokai to stand along side him.

There was a surge in my body as I saw this man. "Waike." My mind corrected and I blinked wondering how I knew that.

9th April 2004, 01:29 AM
~ F - Correct Soul of Kyria ~

Lyia and Genki arrived upon the scene, each one glancing about as it all became clear. Lyia's eyes widened....
There they were. Not a myth as their class came to teach, but fact.
Doyokai, Goddess of Darkness... Revenge
Waike, God of Fire and Protection..
Arain, Goddess of Wind and Balance...
Feiyou, God of Light and Faith..
The only one not here is Kyria. Thought Lyia, opening her eyes slightly wider as she watched Doyokai begin to growl slightly.... she must have transformed back into her panther state, for in her vision she was human.

Lyia saw as Genki seemed to near Waike... and suddenly it hit her.

She felt protection... and he always was warm... his kindness, along with a severe case of great personality. Was he... was he a correct soul too?
Fire. Lyia thought, smiling softly to herself... but then she remembered..
I am Water.
Her mind seemed to douse the happiness....

Blinking, Lyia felt out of place. All the Arch Angels were here, except for Kyria. Wasn't she going to come? Doyokai was not pleased with everyone's appearance... that was probably sure, but she still sneered at her siblings. However, seeing Lyia Doyokai's eyes seemed to widen. She swore a smirk could have been found upon her face, as she grinned slightly.
" hmm... it seems a Correct Soul of little Miss. Water is here. And all alone?"
The panther slowly crawled forward... a low growl rising from the leathal body. Feiyou stood to protest, but Doyokai shot him a stern glance... which echoed amongst the others.
"Stay away fools. This is Kyria's business...." Doyokai's eyes settled back upon her. "Too bad she's not here. And you... you don't even have your powers yet. I can feel it in your aura... "

Lyia didn't like this one bit... as she took a staggering step back. The panther closed in... her other correct soul, with fierce wings standing next to her now with an equally wicked grin. Blood stained both of them... muzzle and hands. Lyia felt fear... great fear... she eyed the Arch Angels, but it seemed as if they were frozen- unsure of whether to get in their siblings way. Lyia swallowed... feeling compelled to run.
But if I run, Doyokai will only chase me down... compelled even more to kill me. Lyia remembered her vision... it was Genki's brother who was supposed to be in danger. Was their arrival... did her vision, and their action, prevent this from happening? Alter what would have happened?
" I won't run away." Lyia said, standing her ground but this seemed to amuse the Goddess of the dark.
" Doesn't matter... " Doyokai paused, her muscles bunching up slightly as she grinned. Genki suddenly tore off towards Kyria... panick upon his face as he suddenly looked as if he were compelled to save her... but everything happened so fast.
"You'll die either way." Doyokai growled.

Kyria!!! Where are you? Help me Kyria!! Lyia felt some thing burn deep with in her, as suddenly Doyokai pounced...

Anjana's Halo
9th April 2004, 07:55 AM
*Looks at thread's growth rate* O_O....'shrooms....[Pocky!]

Feiyou: Arch Angel of Light
Almost all of them were there, all of my siblings.

Waike, standing strong and confident, ready to use his strength for any who needed it.

Arain, still beautiful, her frail, fragile appearence in direct contrast with the strength I knew she possessed.

And Doyokai.

I loved Doyokai. I would allow her the world, if I thought it would give her true joy. But, I couldn't allow her to harm anyone, as much as I loved her.

She lept in the air. Before she could land, I was between her and the girl who was Kyria's Correct Soul. Claws outstreched, she ripped through my flank. It was shallow compared to what she could have done, but the pain still burned through my body. I was the unicorn.

"Are you that big on masochism, Feiyou?" asked Doyokai, holding up her paw to show the blood-my blood-dripping from her claws.

"Doyokai, please," I practically begged. "What can I do to stop you?"

"Drop dead and I might consider it," She replied. I said nothing. What could I say to such hatred for me? "Well, if that doesn't appeal, fight me."

"What?" She was demanding I fight her? No, I couldn't...

"Is that too much to ask the great God of Light? A battle, one on one, gato a caballo? If not, then fight me, honored brother," she sneered, "Fight Me!"

"Don't be an idiot, Feiyou!" called out Waike. "You're injured! You can't fight like this!"

I knew I couldn't. I was hurt; Doyokai was not. I would be worried about hurting the buildings and those around us; Doyokai had no such reservations. I couldn't think of doing anything to seriously harm her; Doyokai was after my blood. Still, if fighting with me would stop her from attacking anyone else, even for a few moments...

"I accept," I said, hearing protests from the others, but not listening to what they said. All my senses were trained upon my opponent, my sister. Doyokai smiled, and pounced.

Eh hehehe, I just realized I'm no good at describing fight scenes, plus I need to be heading out. So if you feel like narrating the fight, go ahead.
I just hope Kyria has a good plan. In a fight like this, I really wouldn't bet on Fei. ^_^;

Elemental Seribii
9th April 2004, 09:01 AM
Ehe, sorry. Too much Muse for me. X__x;

*smacks computer* I had an almost complete post for Waike, and it disappeared. *dies*
I noticed EVme's character has the ability to make holes in Waike's shields. I'm going to guess that none of them are aware that they are resistant to one the other's attacks, and that she didn't attempt to break his shield.

Waike - Archangel of Fire
I had to summon a shield to stop the girl from slaughtering the other boy, at Doyokai's command. He stood, half-paralyzed, as the flame shield leaped up from the ground, his attacker flying back. I was tiring, but not drastically.
"I suggest you run, kid." I murmured to him, and he nodded, getting to his feet and running towards me and my Souls. When he reached us, I noticed there was something about him. He maybe have been suicidal to challenge Doyokai, but he was brave. Or incredibly stupid. Perhaps he was mine as well. After a closer examination, I was certain.

Two more appeared, I suppose, oh, yes. They are both Correct Souls as well.
The girl, she reminded me of the only sibling I hadn't seen. Kyria. I wondered where she was, my opposite. And then, I noticed she was in the same position. The boy with her was mine. He felt the need to protect as well, and that was the only thing I needed to know he was my Correct Soul. Fire and Water. Opposites attract, eh?

Catching his eye, I smiled reassuringly. I saw him mouth my name in recognition, but I had to turn back to Feiyou and Doyokai.

The girl, Doyokai had singled her out. She had no Archangel to protect her. When she attacked, my conscience screamed for me to protect her. But she was Kyria's...and my sister, I did not know what she would think if I protected her Soul with Fire.


My mind noticed it before I did. Feiyou had changed into the Unicorn, and Doyokai tore shallowly through his flank. I whipped around, to see my brother bleeding and his blood on my sister's paws. She was begging for a fight.

"Don't be an idiot, Feiyou!" I yelled to my only brother. "You're injured! You can't fight like this!" But he would give anything to see Doyokai smile. A real smile, not whatever caused her lips to twist upwards.

He smiled weakly over to where his 'gentler' siblings and their Souls stood. Feiyou's Souls were worried, I felt heartbroken at the sight of this - at the sight of all of us.

And so they fought. Good and Evil, Light and Dark, Black and White. Oh, the cliché-ness of it all. And still, it tugged at my heart, and I knew it was worrying Arain too.

"Waike." My sister whispered. "I don't want to see this." Although I knew Arain had a distaste for my ideals, we both understood the imbalance, she even more so than I. A poweful Doyokai against an injured Feiyou.
"I know, Arain." I murmured back. "None of us do. Except Doyokai."

I did not hate my darker sister, I hated none of my siblings. They all had their good and bad things about them, and Doyokai's 'bad' was simply much more prominent that her 'good'. At least, that's what I think.

"Listen to me." I addressed my awakened Correct Souls. My other two were there, listening, but I could not awaken them now. I simply couldn't risk it. "If Doyokai comes after us, I want you to know that each of you have a power, and a fire inside of you, or whatever it may be. I want you to find it, in case this ever happens again, and we are the target." My mind was screaming as Feiyou fell once more, it begged for the ability to protect. "I want you to find it. Deep within your mind, somewhere in your soul, and in the very center of your heart."

Unable to take it anymore, I opened my hands and thrust my arms out towards where Feiyou had fallen, as he struggled to get back up. A shield flared up around him, and Doyokai roared in fury, pacing back a few steps.

"Waike! Do you wish for me to spill your blood as well? You can't protect your precious brother forever!"

I wish I could protect everyone forever.
Eheh, I figured that the fight would cause Waike's over-protective side to come out. Eheh, hope that's okay. Rather sappy, but hey, I'm sure Waike's just one big romantic pushover at heart. X3 *is burned to a crisp by Waike*

Emotional Faun Chiko-sai
9th April 2004, 09:43 AM
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Rurik Wetherford|M|Correct Soul of Arain until I find some *cough* more innovative way to put it ^^;;

"YOU USELESS, DEPRESSED, SODDING PIECE OF ARSE!!!" yelled Rurik, grabbing hold of Kanli's thin shoulders and shaking him furiously. "FAINTING OR DYING UNDER THE CURRENT CIRCUMSTANCES IS NOT AN OPTION!!!!"

The slicing winds that accompanied this heartfelt declaration of hope did nothing to improve the unconscious man's health.

"Rurik," said Arain softly, rubbing her own temples to assuage her own migraine, "I think you should try not to lose your temper so easily. Every time you do so, it appears to trigger off a small localized tornado that is nonetheless extremely violent."
"Unless necessary, of course."
"It's not going to be easy."
"First things first. We need to get to the market. At least two of my siblings have transformed into their respective animals."
"What about the casualty of war?" Rurik poked Kanli in the ribs, gingerly.
"Could you please carry him? It is not a good idea to leave him lying alone on the street with Doyokai loose. Besides, you'll be seeing a lot of each other, now that we have a schedule to get on with and lots of other people who want to get on with their own schedule."
Rurik sheathed his wings and slung Kanli's arm over his shoulder. Not surprisingly, the guy was too light for his own good. It seemed to him that they were missing someone, (OOC: vulpix.ck87??)but... "Down this alley, turn left at the first junction..."

They stumbled to a stop, well at least Rurik did, when they saw the very large, very bloody, very evil-looking panther that was currently engaged in trying to murder an equally large unicorn that seemed to radiate light. In contrast, the panther was practically giving off big black globs of evil aura. The panther was lunging, the unicorn dodging. Judging by the very near misses, the unicorn wouldn't be able to keep up for long unless he started countering the gigantic cat's attacks. True enough, it got hit. Many times. It kept getting up after each time and reassuming its defensive stance, only to be knocked down again.

"Feiyou!" Arain cried out. "Doyokai!"

Briefly, the panther turned. Its muzzle contorted into a contemptuous smirk. "Come to join the party? My apologies. I'm kind of-" it swiped at the unicorn Feiyou - "busy."

There really were a lot of people around, including two that were facing off (he reflected ironically the the [i]guy was the one that looked more nervous, while the dark girl was probably enjoying herself thoroughly); a redhead emitting a warm aura erected a shield around the poor guy and claimed him as one of his Correct Souls. Probably Waike, given that Kyria was female and of a watery persuasion. He was proven right shortly later when Doyokai howled obscenities at him for shielding Feiyou from a lethal attack.

Continuing his people survey, there was another pretty girl and, standing beside her... the other person with Kanli he'd seen that happy, uneventful morning, whose stare was suddenly fixated on Kanli draped over his shoulder.

Brothers. Definitely.

The thought had barely time to pass through his mind before the heavily-built man headed towards them, exclaiming, "Kanli!!"
Tag, again? @_@

9th April 2004, 09:51 PM
.:F/Reincarnation of The Being/8 yrs old:.

Haile had clung to her brother, watching the scene before her. She had whispered words of encouragement, fully trusting in all the Angels and their friends that she saw. However, her liquid, sky-blue eyes widened as she suddenly saw Feiyou transform into a Unicorn.
"Hors-" She was about to cheer, until suddenly the savage, brutal paw of Doyokai cleanly swipped the flank of Fei. He had successfully protected a girl with a strange watery-aura, and Haile watched as blood trickled down the leg of the magnificant creature.
"Feiyou!" Haile spoke... instantly trying to climb off Phil's back but he kept her there for the time being. He obviously sensed now was not the time to let his sister loose.

Haile's eyes grew wider... as she saw Doyokai and Feiyou begin to spare, battling with each other like ancient mythological creatures. Doyokai however seemed a bit more forward in battling then Feiyou, but before one of her most leathal attacks could be unleashed, Waike's firey shield rose to the rescue.

Everything seemed to be a blur... Haile's eyes were frozen it seemed, as she watched as soon all of the Arch Angels had added their own affects in, while their Correct Souls seemed rather dumbfounded and unsure. Then some thing happened.. .Feiyou fell to the ground, a deep gash across his foreflanks. Obviously even with Waike and Arain, Doyokai's main target was her oppisite.
"No! No! No!"
Haile cried out, suddenly surprising her brother as she squirmed free of his grip and leapt onto the ground. She ran forward towards the battling Gods, stopping short after she broke away about five feet from the 'grouped' Correct Souls. Phil gave a shout, "Haile! Haile get back here!!!"
Haile looked back at her brother Phil, her hair swirling around and time itself seemed to stand still. Her eyes were wide, and the blue in her eyes were accented by moist tears which streamed gently down her face, dripping to the cement below.
"This isn't supposed to happen Phil..." Haile said, herself speaking quietly but strangely it seemed to echo through out the air. She swallowed tight, another tear dropping to the ground. Phil obvoiusly had a look of shock upon his face - his sister had never cried before. Not when her cat died or even when she bruised her knee... no tears had been shed. But now they streamed down like a flowing river unleashed by a dam.

Turning back, Haile gazed at the fighting Gods... and then suddenly she cried out, not daring to go any further as she did so.
" You're not ready to fight!"
No response...
" You're not ready to fight!" She cried again, this time Feiyou's eyes glancing to her, as Haile stood there defiantly. Whether or not the Gods and Goddesses heard, her, she shouted again...
" You're supposed to be helping and finding your 'Correct Souls', your kyn types... and help them adjust, not slaughter each other.... not now..."
Haile quivered..
"Please... stop..."

9th April 2004, 10:10 PM
Kyria- Water Goddess Lady
"Alright, you better have something good for making me spend half of my earnings on... this," Saana held up a rather large brown bag, looking at it quizzically.
"Don't worry," I told her. "Just hold on tightly and make sure the bag doesn't spill!!" I had transformed into my wolf form to get to the scene of the destruction quicker, making one quick stop along the way. Please don't start, I hoped to myself, Please wait for me... Doyokai...
Kyria!!! Where are you? Help me Kyria!! The words echoed through my head and gave me the chilling sensation that I might be too late.
"We have to hurry!! Grab on tight!!" I jumped over several car roofs that were stuck in traffic, swiftly but lightly. Another swift leap and I was on the rooftops of the buildings, continuously running... running to the scene...
I was late, but not too late. Apparently I was the last one to arrive, with Doyokai already having done hefty damage to several of my siblings around me. Thankfully, no one was dead yet. Feiyou was hurt, grounded, and Waike was protecting Lyia and her friend with a flaming shield that my brother had erected. I saw the panther prowling, ready to attack, while a swift shadow suddenly headed towards the shield and.... ran right through it, catching Waike by surprise and creating a small hole through the shield.
"See?" Doyokai snickered. "Can't save your friends forever. POWER OF..."
I appeared right in front of the broken shield, growling at my sister. Saana jumped down, then in a swirl of sparkling waterworks, I returned to my angelic form. "If you're going to take down any sibling of yours, take me down first." I looked at her sternly.
"Have it your way." Doyokai grinned, and began charging at me, ready to claw. I prepared myself for the attack. I twirled in synchronization to the waves of liquid forming around me. Doyokai circled me with such great agility, probably trying to throw off my attack. I suddenly directed my arm to the left, and a trail of water followed in that direction, slowly and progressively. Doyokai suddenly stopped, and watched the translucent path cautiously. I continued, directing the flow of water upwards, then around, until everywhere there was a steady flow of spiraling waterworks, all with small, sparkling goldfish swimming obliviously in the floating tributary.
"I remembered that when the world was still young, you'd always stay close to the lakes and seas," I said with a more calm and serene voice. "You never really spent time with others, including your own siblings. You only sat there in a graceful and sorrowful manner, watching the fish idly swim by. What happened to those times, Doyokai?" I created a bubble holding one of those angelfish with yellow and black stripes, hovering it just above my hand. "Is it really worth disturbing the peaceful lives of these creatures swimming all around you, just because you feel hatred for us? Can you, at the least, leave be this small city and these aquatic inhabitants and we can deal with our conflicts later?"
Doyokai's emerald green eyes glared at me. I could tell she hated me for this. Please don't hate me for this, I thought in vain. But in the end, she backed down.
"Kayla, let's leave."
"What? But--"
"We'll deal with this later... after we find the rest of my Souls." She gave me one last glance, and left.
Uuh... Hope that was ok? Looks like Evme's taking care of Doyokai now. >.>

EDIT: Um... I don't think anything is significantly changed with B4's post, right? I'll double check.

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10th April 2004, 10:49 AM
Denny Roth~M~Correct Soul of Waike

I watched as things unfolded. Feiyou, Doyokai, Waike, Arain, and Kyria were in the same area.

Panther and Unicorn faced off, while Waike blocked some of the more critical hits from Doyokai's claws with a flaming sheild of somekind. We all stood there, flabergasted as two giant beasts battled it out, with Waike and Arain interfering to keep Feiyou alive from Doyokai's attacks.

A young girl walked forward after she struggled to get free from the one holding her and ran about five feet infront of where all of use mortals were standing. She shouted at the battling gods, begging fro them to stop. Then she turned, the tears in her eyes even breaking my heart.

"This isn't supposed to happen Phil.." She murmered. The one that had held her was staring at her, dumbfounded.

She's right. I thought. None of this seems right...

Just then a gaint wolf plodded by, carrying someone on it's back, it ran behind the sheild of Waike, which was getting a hole big enough for Doyokai's paw to reach through.

"See?" Doyokai snickered. "Can't save your friends forever. POWER OF..."

"WAIT!!!!" the wolf cried getting between Doyokai's paw and the others.

There was a conflict then the Wolf transformed into another God.

"It's Kyria!" Lyia exclaimed at the appearance of the God before our eyes.

Kyria and Doyokai faced of, twisters of water springing up from the rain already on the ground. The twisters almost throwing Doyokay off balance as the panther pounded towards her target. Then Kyria sent a path of water to her left and Doyokai stopped.

The Water Godess spoke to Doyokai and after a long silence, the Panther turned into her Angelic form.

"Kayla, let's leave."

"What? But--"

"We'll deal with this later... after we find the rest of my Souls."

Then Doyokai left with the one she called Kayla and we were still left.

"Is it.... over?" I murmered.

"Hardly," Waike replied as he helped carry Feiyou over towards us.

Feiyou didn't looks so good. After all the lashes he took in his Unicorn form, they stayed with him through his transformation back.

"Really... I'm fine.... Waike..."

"Don't be ridiculous," Waike replied. Some of the people I saw arrive with Feiyou ran up to the God and took him from Waike's arms and helped him sit down. "I have to make sure no one gets hurt."

"You're a good one... Waike."

I thought I saw Waike smile or smirk at Feiyou's comment.

I poped my neck and put my hands on my head.

"Well... that's over. I'm heading back." I turned and started leaving. I was just a bystandard who got in over his head, so It would probably be a good idea to leave and get out of their way.

"Hold it!" Waike said and I stopped in my tracks. "You stay here."

Oh crud... I thought....



~Mew Master

Anjana's Halo
10th April 2004, 01:16 PM
And so they fought. Good and Evil, Light and Dark, Black and White. Oh, the cliché-ness of it all.
That is my favorite line, ES. I had to quote it. :lol: [Me gusta clichés]

Feiyou: Arch Angel of Light
Fish. Of course. Doyokai was always watching the fish when the Earth was newborn. Those denizens of the deep were the only things she cared at all for. I was glad Kyria remembered so the fight could end peacefully.

Although that didn't change how I felt.

Throughout the fight with Doyokai, I had primarily fought defensively; any blows I gave were mostly used to deflect her own attacks. I had gashes all over my body, each one bleeding and stinging, and all those injuries stayed when I slipped back to human form. My mind was half-clouded by the pain so I barely noticed when Waike, supporting my weight, helped me over to the others.

"Really... I'm fine.... Waike..." I protested, not wanting to seem weak in front of him. But he and I both knew if he let go of me I would collapse.

"Don't be ridiculous," He told me bluntly as he transferred me into the arms of Phil and Shun, who helped me to the ground as gently as they could. "I have to make sure no one gets hurt."

I smiled. Waike, the warrior, the protector. I had always loved the strength he possessed and his willingness to use it to benefit others. "You're a good one... Waike." His mouth lifted at this comment, though I wasn't sure if it was a smile or a smirk. The boy Waike had saved from Doyokai's Correct Soul, Kayla, offered to leave until Waike stopped him. I didn't pay close attention to them, and looked up at my Correct Souls.

"Phil, Shun-"

"Feiyou, we're sorry we didn't help," Said Phil, interrupting me. "We would have, but we really didn't know what to do-"

"And seeing a talking panther fighting a unicorn didn't help us think rationally either," included Shun.

"Oh, Fei! Are you okay?" cried Haile, squeezing me in a tight hug.

"I'm fine, just...could you hold me more gently?" I asked. The pressure lessened, relieveing the pain in my wounds a bit as she sobbed on my shoulder. Poor girl, it must have been too much for her to see. As soon as I decided to tell her the secret, I thought of when I would share my animal form. I knew she would delight in it; little girls in this era were enchanted by unicorns, but I didn't want to show her in this way, with me fighting my sister, or anyone.

"Please, don't do that again," She whispered in my ear. "It hurts too much to see you fighting and hurting each other." I had no idea what to say, so I wrapped an arm around her hoping to give her comfort. I looked back to Phil and Shun.

"I didn't expect you to help. I haven't taught you how to use your powers yet, and fighting Doyokai when she's...like that...isn't easy for anyone. I'm glad you kept yourselves safe." I wasn't sure if that eased their minds or not, but I hoped it did. "There was something else I wanted to ask. There's someone over there," I said pointing between two buildings. "Could you bring him over? I think he's leaving now."

"Another Correct Soul?" Phil asked. I nodded. Phil ran over to where I indicated.

"Are you sure you're okay?" asked Haile.

"Well, not right now, but I will be as soon as I can get some rest." Phil returned a little while later, leading a black haired boy who was holding some plastic bags from a convinience store. "Hello," I said to him, trying to be a cheerful as I could, "I'm Feiyou."

"Um, I'm Tetsuhiko. Is there any reason I was invited over to this surreal weirdness festival I've just witnessed?"

"I was wondering if you want to join. But first," I let my head fall to my chest, "Could we find...someplace...for a nap?"

Yay! I finally got Tetsuhiko in there! *throws confetti and lights fireworks which catch confetti on fire* Okay, notage.

1) I'm going to assume Arch Angel's heal fast, or else Feiyou will be out for a week or so.
2) Since most of Fei's energy is being used to help heal the lacerations on his body, he's going to be pretty lethargic until he has some time to sleep (not too long, maybe an hour at most), so, yeah.
3) Does that make any sense? Have I ever made sense? *stops to contemplate and masticate Oreos* [rhetorical questions]

10th April 2004, 02:01 PM
Sorry for not posting sooner....

Shun Matsumori Jr-Correct Soul of Feiyou

"I was wondering if you want to join. But first," Feiyou had let his head fall onto his chest,"Could we find...someplace...for a nap?"

I sighed in relief. I stood there for the whole fight, only looking at him fighting Doyokai[who needs anger management.]...helpless. I didn't want to lose another person in my life---even though I've only known him since this morning.

"My house isn't to far from here,"I told him, supporting most of his weight [which had me bending down a little bit]. I looked behind me, and then looked back at Feiyou and Phil,"If you don't mind the walk, that is."

I then looked back at what I said....I would've never had said that to anyone from my school-much less a stranger that I felt I have known for my whole life. I knew it was the right thing to do-morally...since he did need rest.

"You sure..?"Feiyou replied sleepily. I nodded, and signaled Phi and the "new" kid[I knew him from school---not as friends...I just knew him] to turn around.
"I have the keys, and it's better than resting outside, after what happened..."I trailed off. My house was only a few blocks away from the school, which wasn't far from the park that we were in before.....

Another Poo-poo post...but I needed to post. ^^;;

10th April 2004, 06:29 PM
OOC: Hey Denny, they're Scyther-esque wings, not butterfly wings

Kaia Dunkirk
I could only watch dumbly as Waike's brother, Feiyou, changed into a unicorn to fight the bitchy panther, Doyokai. Inside, I was cheering for Feiyou to kick his sister's @$$ but I knew it wouldn't happen since he was the peaceful one and for some reason loved his younger sister. It soon turned terrible though as Feiyou was getting torn up worse by the second.
"If Doyokai comes after us, I want you to know that each of you have a power, and a fire inside of you, or whatever it may be. I want you to find it, in case this ever happens again, and we are the target," Waike urged the three of us quietly. "I want you to find it. Deep within your mind, somewhere in your soul, and in the very center of your heart."
My heart wrenched as he released fire from his hands to erect a barrier between his brother and sister. I wanted to help but I didn't know what I could do, plus the fact that I would probably be ripped to shreds by Doyokai.

Minutes later, two people came onto the scene - a boy and a girl who looked like they were a couple. Doyokai quickly turned her attention upon them and Waike had to put up another wall to protect them. All the while, a little girl who shouldn't even have even been near the scene much less in it yelled for the Angels to stop fighting and wait for another time.
Oh man, this could not get any weirder, I sighed.
But of course, it did. Apparently, the only Angel who wasn't around was Kyria and wouldn't you know it, she showed up with a Correct Soul of her own. Just a moment later, something went through Waike's shield but Kyria was able to distract Doyokai with a water show, complete with aquatic life in it. Both of them had a little conversation and I could tell Doyokai was pissed, but eventually, she called for her pupil and both left.
"Wow, that was an abrupt ending," I muttered aloud as each Angel was regrouping with his or her Correct Souls.

Mew Master
10th April 2004, 06:38 PM
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10th April 2004, 06:49 PM
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MM: Wow, that's really good! Much better than anything I could do. *is dazzled* I love his wings. ^___^
Anjana: Eheh, yeah, I found my post too dark and sentimental for Waike (the mighty God of Fire *cheap special effects*), and threw in my inherent sarcasm. :heh: Glad you liked it. ^____^

Waike - Archangel of Fire
"You're a good one...Waike." Feiyou murmured, and I smiled bitterly. Feiyou didn't care, he loved us all. Despite my inhert harshness, or Doyokai's hatred. I was thankful that Kyria had calmed her somewhat. Remind me to thank her for saving us from our supposed impending doom.

When I had helped my brother up, letting him lean on me, he had insisted that he was alright. I had told him the opposite, knowing he simply didn't want to seem weak. He had been shaking, and some of his blood was on my clothes and hands. But that hadn't mattered to me then, and it still didn't now.

His Souls started to care for him instead, and I found my Correct Souls. I noticed the suicidal one had started to run away, and I shouted after him. I asked quickly if they had found their power yet, but they still seemed to be soul searching. Gah, humans.

"Hold it!" He froze. "You stay here." He pivoted, obviously worried I would somehow cause him to (not-so) spontaniously combust.

I motioned for him to come over to where my three other souls were. I had to make sure I didn't forget the other one, either. I had heard his name from Kyria's Soul. Genki. Got to remember that name in case I loose him.

As I was about to talk to him, give him the 'Correct Soul 101', as I had been doing all day, when I saw Feiyou being helped up and starting to walk away.

"Feiyou!" I shouted after them, and the whole group turned around, now with a raven-haired addition. "Don't go picking any more fights for a while, alright?" My brother smiled weakly and nodded. I grinned reassuringly back, and Feiyou and his Souls continued to wherever they were headed, hopefully somewhere for Feiyou to rest.

Turing back to my currently unawakened Soul, I ran a hair through my hair.
"Seeing as you just saw what could have been the trigger for the next world war, I can't let you go without saying a few things." He gulped, and I laughed. "My name is Waike, if you hadn't figured out. What you just saw were my sisters and my brother. Let's just say we all have different ideas on how the world should be. Now, I couldn't help but noticing you try to take on Doyokai," He grinned sheepishly. "But I must admit, you have guts." I realized I was still in my Angelic Form, using up more energy than I should. I retracted my wings, and my clothing changed once more. "The three you see behind me are Kaia, Otaki and Liam. They're what my siblings and I call Correct Souls, those who are akin to us personally. I'm going to offer the same choice as I offered all of them." The flame danced in my palm once more, a friendly fire, no pun intended. "You can not take my hand, and go back to your normal life - or as normal as it can get. Or, you can take my hand, and I will give you the ability to help me change this world."
Ooh, Waike was a mix of 'Red Pill or the Blue Pill' and Fuma. X3 Matrix Waike! *cue Matrix music*

Philip Mitleid - Correct Soul of Feiyou
I felt my heart almost stop when Haile ran near the battle. I had nearly screamed for her to come back, and she had turned back to me with tears streaming down her cheeks.
"This isn't supposed to happen Phil..." She whispered, but I heard her.

Haile scared me when she cried, it was a horrible feeling, to know she was that sad. She never cried, not ever. All of her teachers had always commented on how sweet and adorable she was, how she never cried or got upset.

She began shouting how this wasn't right, and I agreed. I think we all did.

We were lucky Feiyou's sister, Kyria, came to stop the fight. Doyokai had hissed, but backed off. When she did, I could feel a weight being lifted off my shoulders, and hopefully, everyone else's.

His only brother, it seemed, carried him back to us, Feiyou thanking him. He then returned to his own Souls.

Feiyou sent me to find another Soul, and I had found him. He just...looked familiar to me.

"Excuse me!" I ran up to him, the boy with black hair. He had turned around, grocery bags in hand.
"Yes?" I knew him slightly from school, Tetsuhiko. "Oh, hi Phi. I something wrong?" He smiled, and I smiled nervously back.
"I know this sounds really weird, but would you mind coming with me? Someone needs you." He looked at me suspiciously, but I held my hands up in defense. "I'm not gonna pull anything weird, I promise." He thought for another moment, before sighing and nodding.

I brought him back to Feiyou, who seemed exhausted. He greeted Tetsuhiko almost sleepily, and we began to walk to Shun's house.

"Haile." I whispered, and she looked up at me, her eyes red. I had moved to help Shun support Fei.
"Yeah, Phil?" She sniffed and rubbed at her eyes.
"You gonna be okay?" I adjusted my position to put my hand on her head, and she nodded.
"I think so. It just makes me so sad, Phil, to see their family fighting like that." Her voice suddenly seemed older, like she had endured many, many years of hardship. She took my spare hand in hers for comfort, and I smiled, trying to make her feel better.
Aie, c'est post est plus crappy. :dead: X3 Smilie abuse.

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10th April 2004, 07:59 PM
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Raven haired?! I'm not raven *looks in mirror* Oh damn. I hate it when they're right.. -_-#

Denny Roth~M~Correct Soul of Waike

They were going to kill me. Or at least the dude in the red shirt and the blazing hair was going to.

I walked back over towards the four with the wings. I felt a little left out and the fact that I had just tried to take on a god. I was lucky to still be breathing!

I stood there as Waike moved infront of me, and moved a hand through his shaggy hair. Not as bad as mine,... but still pretty bad.

"Seeing as you just saw what could have been the trigger for the next world war, I can't let you go without saying a few things."

Yup. He's gonna kill me. I gulped. Dying at the hands of an angelic God wasn't on my planner for the week. Or any time in my life for that matter. I could have run, but I couldn't. Something said I needed to stay and not move. To listen. That or maybe I was just going insane as usual.

Waike just chuckled at my gulp and continued.

"My name is Waike, if you hadn't figured out. What you just saw were my sisters and my brother. Let's just say we all have different ideas on how the world should be. Now, I couldn't help but noticing you try to take on Doyokai,"

I grinned as best I could and rubbed the back of my head. Yup. I would win the North Dakotian of the Year Award for that stunt.

"But I must admit, you have guts."

My eyes opened. No one really said I had guts. Acted stupidly... maybe.

A flash came from behind Waike and his wings disappeared as they retracted into his back. His outer appearence changed too, his hair getting longer and his clothes undergoing a change too.

"The three you see behind me are Kaia, Otaki and Liam. They're what my siblings and I call Correct Souls, those who are akin to us personally. I'm going to offer the same choice as I offered all of them."

I had noticed the three standing behind Waike with wings, each a different shape and design. Waike extended his arm, a small flame burning in the palm of his hand.

"You can not take my hand, and go back to your normal life - or as normal as it can get. Or, you can take my hand, and I will give you the ability to help me change this world."

I thought about it out loud for some odd reason. "Well, my life is pretty normal and kinda dull now that you mention it..."

"If you consider tangling with gaint Panther's normal." the girl, Kaia stated.

I nodded. "Yes if you consider tangling with giant Panther's Normal. Could be worse." Glancing up I looked into Waike's eyes. Something about him seemed.... familiar. "Quick Question,"

"What is it?" Waike replied, sounding and looking annoyed with me already.

"If Doyokai has the Ferini Panther, and Feiyou has the Unicorn, and Kyria has the Wolf.. What do you have?" I looked at his eyes.

"The Dragon..." He replied.

Quickly I grabbed his extended hand with the flame in the center without diverting my eyes from his. "All right." If I was to be burned like in my dream, then so be it, but at least I would know my answer.

I didn't feel charred, nor burned. I didn't feel any pain at all. All I felt was a warmth that enveloped my hand. After being out in the rain and cold I did feel slightly chilly, but this melted that cold feeling away. Light caught my eye and I looked down at my hand.

Fire was swirling around my hand where it was still locked with Waike's hand. It swirled around, up my arm and towards my shoulder. There it swirled around my shoulders and I could feel it fixating on certain spots on my back, right where my shoulder blades where.

Then I felt the heat as my shoulder blades started to burn. I almost doubled over from the experience, my hand never leaving Waike's. It got stronger and hotter, like feeling the Arizona sun on your bare back. It continued to grow, to burn.


The heat storing up in my shoulders exploaded outward and the pain was gone from my back. I was sweating. It was incredible! Such a feeling.

Waike let go of my hand and I righted myself again, shaking my head and then holding it with one hand.

"That's going to be sore in the morning." I muttered.

Rain started to fall again and I heard the sizzling of water falling on something very hot. I glanced behind me and noticed... I have wings!

A pair of wings, different from the others and yet similar to Waike's. His may have been clear white flames, but mine were burning orange and red flames. I could move them too, barely thinking, the impulse to lift them and they did, before I could even recognize what I was doing. I willed one to extend around me so I could feel it.

It was warm. My wings weren't solid, like wings should be, but they were warm and comforting, and felt like I had had them all my life.

"Oh stop groping your wings. It's embarassing." I heard one of the other Correct Souls say.

I glanced back. "And I suppose this isn't the first time you've had wings either. Hmm?"

No Response.


*Tags ES or one of the other Correct Souls* HA!

Anyway... yeah... I can imagine Waike's inner thoughts at this moment:

Waike: Great. I've got the comedic suicidal one with delusions of Grandure...This day just keeps getting better and better.... -_-U


10th April 2004, 10:41 PM
~ F/Correct Soul of Kyria ~

It was all such a shock... to suddenly see another God come forth to protect me. My whole eyes were wide... and then Kyria came. She talked, her voice smooth but yet full of a wisdom- like a mother. She managed to calm down Doyokai for the moment- or at least, perhaps the DArk Goddess realized taht with all of her siblings there, with their correct souls, that now was not the time to pick a fight.

Then it all seemed to calm... and all the Correct Souls went back to seemingly, their Arch Angel leader. Lyia even did it... although it was a bit unsettling to her.
Kyria sighed, looking about as if a great pressure had been placed upon her heart. Lyia waited, silence enusing as if she wanted to know what Kyria would do now.

Yet... her icy blue eyes flickered over to see Genki, near Waike. She frowned suddenly, seeing him so close yet so far away. He was fire... and they seemed to be oppisites.
He'll probably now be with Waike... learning about his powers.. Lyia felt a twinge of disappointment, as if she some how felt deep with in her heart that they would now be seperated, in more ways then one.

Although Kyria and Waike had the same goals when it came to fighting Doyokai, they also had different views upon how to change the world. it wasn't lik ethey would work side by side.... and that means their Correct Souls would not either.
Lyia thought, frowning as she took one long glance at him and then turned her head back towards Kyria.

.:F/Reincarnation of The Being/8 yrs old.:.

It all had happened so fast.... it was as if Haile's eyes were glazed over, and she did not know what had happened.

All she knew, as now Feiyou, Shun, and Phil were by this new Correct Soul of Fei's- Tetsuhiko. Haile liked him much like she liked Shun, of course that wasn't saying much. Haile liked everyone- it just were some actions that she did not.

Listening to Phil whisper to her softly, Haile managed to form a smile upon her lips again. After talking about families fighting, she then added..
" But I am okay... I always have been."
The words were deep, but with her tone- now light and airy like usual, they had little or no affect. She simply watched as they traveled to SHun's house, FEi sleepy as Phil walked next to his sister. Haile was a bit sleepy as well... but she still bounced about like the Easter Bunny on easter. (:p had to add that.)

AFter such an encounter... it was surprising that she would be so cheerful again. Unnerving almost... and comforting all the same.

10th April 2004, 11:23 PM
Kyria- Water Goddess Lady
"You don't have to be seperate."
"What?" Lyia asked in surprise.
I finished summoning all the goldfish back into the bag and Saana sealed it up. Such cute little fishies, I thought. I hope Mrs. Lanette doesn't mind her having an extra 30 little goldfish or so. In truth, I wasn't feeling as lighthearted as I pretended to myself to be. And Feiyou... I watched him being dragged away by his own souls, hurt from the feud he had earlier with his sister... should I go over and help him? Or will he be fine on his own... But then again I suppose right now isn't the time to ponder about these things; I have to talk with my soul.
"Allow me to fully introduce myself this time, Lyia, Saana too, as you haven't fully heard my intentions for this world. I am Kyria, the goddess of Love and Courage, as you already know. It would be quite hypocritical of me if I were to force you to join me and seperate from your loved one, being a goddess of love, so I will allow you to make a choice. You can either choose from Genki and follow his ways, or you can join with me. But before you decide, listen to what I have to say about me, Waike, and the other archangels first.
"Each of us were recently awakened from the disturbance of this world... the greed, jealousy, anger, and hatred now predominate this world like an overshadowing plague. Three of us, me, Waike, and Arain, wish to eliminate this plague, but Doyokai wants to spread it even further, and Feiyou merely does not want any of us to do a thing about this spreading epidemic. To make things more complicated, the three of us disagreed on how we should arrange the world; Arain believed there should be some balance, to restraint the emotions from within and rely solely on reason. This would work to eliminate the bad, but it would also eliminate the good within others, too. Waike, he... wants to 'defeat the bad and protect the weak'... but do you not see the flaw in this? He is assuming that there is a divisor... the bad, the strong, and the weak. He concentrates specifically on this "bad" and eliminating it, when in reality everyone can have a good part to them. Some are more reluctant to give it up and become good, and that's why I developed an underworld for them to ponder over their choices, but most of them are good and do not need to be destroyed! He also believes in protecting the weak... but everyone has strenghs... all it really takes is courage. Every person has their strength in defeating the plague within them, and it does not take some strong person to help fend off another, though it is very nice of one to do so. Sometimes, darkness must be fended off alone...
"Your friend Genki may move with Waike, and if he does, Genki may give all he has to protect you. Yet is that what you truly desire? Just one person to protect you at all times, while you yourself continues to feel weak, unable to do anything? Or will you want a more equal relationship, where you can help Genki as much as Genki can help you? I promise you that one day, there will be a world like this, if you aid me. But I cannot decide for you, heart must do that. How will you choose?"
EDIT: OOC: Couldn't, in theory, Kyria help Feiyou with her lovey dovey powerse and help him heal faster? Just thought to take that into consideration, because Kyria IS very forgiving. :P

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10th April 2004, 11:43 PM
Genki Ming (M) - Correct Soul of Waike
"Kanli!" I ran to my brother, who was slung over the shoulder of a man with mismatched wings. "What have you done to my brother!?"

"I haven't done anythin'. It's his soddin' fault he fell off a buildin'" The man said as he slid my brother off his shoulder.

"He what?" I knelt next to my brother, looking him over. "No, not again...please not again..."

I was relieved to find that he was uninjured and seemed only to be asleep. Turning back to the man with mismatched wings, I stood up and was about to ask him what he was talking about when I heard Lyia yell. Turning around, I saw the giant, blood-stained panther, Doyokai, about to lunge at her. Yelling at the man to watch my brother, I broke into a run. "What is it with today and the people in my life being lost or attacked?"

Before I was even a third of the way there, a bright flash of light appeared before Lyia and Doyokai. Light and darkness met, and darkness drew blood as I saw claw marks appear on the unicorn's flanks. I was at first mesmerized by the sight of the battle, but my instincts took hold as I remembered that Lyia was still in danger. I bolted towards her, just as mesmerized as I had been by the battle between the angels.

"Lyia, c'mon your in danger." I said as I grabbed her by the arm and she followed me as we ran back to the group of Angels and Souls.

The following events were a blur as the girl with wings shot out to attack Lyia and myself, while a little girl screamed at the battling ArchAngels to stop fighting. There was blazing shield, the girl with wings, a giant wolf, and then Kyria. It happened all so fast that it felt as if I was in a dream. Kyria somehow managed to convince Doyokai to leave, which left me dazed and confused.

I turned to Lyia to ask her what had happened, but Kyria called her over. She gave me a sad smile and then left, leaving me even more confused. Her leaving left a small pain in my heart, as if I'd never see her again...I shook my head as I walked back to my brother.

Kanli had just regained conciousness. He was groaning and clutching at his head when I knelt down next to him. "Kan, bro, its me Genki. How ya feelin'?"

"My head hurts, but I seem to otherwise be uninjured." He looked at me. "What are you doing here and how did I get here?"

"Well, when you weren't home I went out to find you and I bumped into Lyia. Then, I had this vision or something were you were falling and when Lyia said you were in trouble..." I sighed and then gave him a hug. "Nevermind, I'm just babbling. I'm just glad your safe."

"Gen...ki....can't...BREATHE!" Sheepishly I let go of him and I realized something.

"Kan...when did you get wings?"

"What?" I pointed and he looked at his back. Two bug-like wings, barely visible in the feeble daylight coming throught he rain clouds. "Wings...interesting..."

"When...where...how?" A voice from behind me answered.

"He is one of my souls." I turned to see a purple-haired woman in a school-girl uniform walk towards me. "I am Arain, Goddess of Balance and Wind. Your brother Kanli is a Corre-"

"I know the drill. My friend Lyia is a Correct Soul of your sister, Kyria." I muttered as I helped Kanli up. "But what does it mean exactly?"

"It means that your brother is going to help me change the world. It has become corrupt and chaotic. There must be balance." She looked at Kanli and then looked at me. "You are twins, correct? You are also a Correct Soul, but not one of mine."

"Then who's am I?"

A voice, filled with strength, with power, but also with compassion and understanding. "You are one of mine." I did not even need to turn or ask who it was, I just knew.

"Waike..." I murmured as I turned to face the Archangel, his wings gone and looking for all the word like a normal, red-haired man. "You are Waike."

"Yes, and you are Genki. I am here to make you an offer. The same offer I've made to all my other souls." He raised his hand a small flame flickering on his palm. "It is this. Take my hand, and the life you knew will be no more. You be given the power to change the world. If you do not, then you may return to the life you knew before now..."

I turned to ask Kanli what he thought, but he had moved off, Arain talking to him and the man with mismatched wings. I looked back at Waike and then at Lyia, standing with Kyria, and back at Waike. "Will this power....help me protect the ones I love most?"

The God nodded and I seized his hand. The small flame ignited a spark that traveled up my arm and through my body. A burning heat, like nothing I've ever felt flowed through my body, radiating from every cell of my being. I felt constrained and I stretched out my arms, flames erupting from my back. I turned and gasped as two wings formed from the flames, glowing gold and red, sizzling and radiating heat.

I flapped my wings before wrapping them around myself like a cloak. It felt...natural. Like an extension that had been there all my life. And the warmth...

Looking to Waike, I gave him a grin. "So what are we going to help you do your Holiness?"

Elemental Seribii
11th April 2004, 09:03 AM
Happy Easter to the people who celebrate it, and congrats to this topic for making the fastest 100 posts I've ever seen. O__o;
This is just going to be a long rant for Waike to explain his point of view and all of that other junk.

Waike - Archangel of Fire
What struck me was Genki's willingness to accept, as long as he could protect those he loved. You know, it's kind of scary when you see parts of yourself in other people.

The girl he came with, Lyia, was probably who he was talking about, and perhaps his brother. I hope this wouldn't become a problem. But with the way things are going, I doubt this matter would stay quiet.

When I shook Genki's hand, I could feel a sense of finality, that this was the end of my Correct Soul searching.

"So what are we going to help you do your Holiness?" Genki grinned, flexing his wings experimentally. I shrugged, smiling.
"I suppose I should give you all a lecture." I motioned for Genki to follow me as I walked back to me Correct Souls. Some had taken to sitting on some of the rubble, others were still standing. They sat as a group, a few of them beginning to talk to each other. All five of them looked at me as I began to talk.

"Okay, troops, let's start from the beginning. My name is Waike, and I am the Archangel of Fire, Power and Guardian, or Protection. I am one of the five Archangels who helped create this world. You five are my Correct Souls, those who are akin to me in one, or possibly more ways, and will help me uphold my ideals, as the other Correct Souls will help my siblings. My brother and my sisters all have different ideas, obviously, or I wouldn't be here. My sister, Arain, who you saw with me earlier, is the Archangel of Wind. She wishes for one complete dictatorship. Doyokai," The name was understood with silence. "The Archangel of Darkness, Wishes for chaos to rule the Earth. Kyria, Archangel of Water, wants the good to be allowed to be free, and anyone below them to be sent to the Underworld. Feiyou, the Archangel of Light, wants us to leave the world as it is, that everything will sort itself out." I took a breath, and smiled. "I, personally believe we should wipe out the evil in this world, and that the powerful will rule the weak. However, the weak will be protected, not abused. As I find flaws with my siblings' views, I am sure they find flaws with mine, and it probably does have some, but, it is the basic structure of my beliefs."

Eh, that was a mouthful. I let this sink in, and a few nodded to themselves, and seemed to be thinking.

"I will let you form your own opinions on my, and my siblings' views, but I believe you at least agree with me on one point, or you wouldn't be my Souls." A few looked up, and I smiled again. "As for Animal Forms, Feiyou takes the form of the Unicorn, Arain the Gryphon, Doyokai the Nefiri Panther and Kyria the Fenris Wolf. As I told Denny earlier," Said boy grinned. "I take the form of the Dragon. Predictable, yes, scary, yes." Taking another break from my long rant, I ran a hand through my hair, still collecting raindrops from the downpour earlier.

"But enough about me. This is also about you, all of you. As well as those free, complimentary wings, you each have powers that come with accepting me. I told Kaia, Otaki and Liam about this earlier. I found you by a fire that burns in your soul, as cheesy as it sounds, and I have simply fed that fire. This power could be anything, but it probably deals with my element somehow. If you can find it, you will be able to protect yourself, and others." This seemed to strike a chord with quite a few people.

"Now, I don't know if all of this is predetermined, and I can't tell you how this will end. While this may seem like something out of a bad fantasy story, this is all very real. I do not ensure your complete safety, that none of you will be hurt, but I will do everything within my power to protect you, and I ask of you to do the same. To prevent myself from becoming a total windbag and sounding horribly predictable, I'm going to stop now." I streched my arms above me, entwining my hands above my head, and breathed deeply.

It was spring. It was comforting to know that summer would be here soon.

Ehe, hope that wasn't too long and rambling.*chucks checklist of Correct Souls at Waike's head* What now, almighty one?
Waike:...We wait for a plot twist.

11th April 2004, 10:15 AM
*collapses and fits* Too.. many.. posts.. to read! Not enough time..! *froths at the mouth*
Erm, this is gonna be short and shoddy, even though it's long due.. Ac-hem. Anyway, im not reallly sure what's happening between Arain and her correct souls at the moment so i'll just.. pop up. Like a gopher. Yeah!!

Zephania Rhye - M - Correct soul of Arain

I slumped against the wall next to the bus stop and waited. How could this happen? On my first day? Fired.. bah, humbug. I adopted my favourite scowl.

Grumbling to myself, I squinted towards the horizon at sunset. The sun scorched my very retinas, and I had to blink several times to rid myself of the little dancing spots of light. I shook my head slowly, and when I looked up again I saw the bus approach. I frowned. It was heading pretty fast. But maybe that was good. I glanced down the road towards the bar that had supplied me an occupation that lasted for, oh, about.. 9 hours? And now it was over, so I just wanted to get out of here as fast as possible. I blinked. Maybe a little too fast..?
Quickly I stepped up to the edge of the pavement and stuck out my arm to flag it down.
"What the..?" I had to dodge aside as the bus blew past in a whirl of dust and leaves, nearly taking my arm with it. I breathed deeply. Stay calm, Zeph, keep cool.. Part of me thought. The rational part. The lesser part. Not gonna happen, bub. I snapped.
"B*STARD!!!!!!!!!!" I screamed after the bus, waving my arms in the air. I was mad, so mad, and I expect I looked pretty deranged, jumping up and and down in the middle of the street, snarling and spitting. About two minutes later, I felt a little better, and with that, I gave the bus one last scowl, turned, and strode up the street in a fury. I barged past some woman lugging multiple shopping bags, and she dropped one as I knocked her hard with my shoulder. Dented cans of beans and split bags of frozen peas scattered on the pavement, but I didn't care. The morning's pleasant mood was long gone.
I head out of town as fast as possible, and I saw dark clouds furling above me like some prophetic fallacy. This time I wanted rain and thunderstorms. I wanted to scream, I wanted to make tornados.. The smell of rain was heavy in the air, and there was that spark you can practically taste, like lightning, but all I could really taste was.. chaos. It sounds weird, and that's what I thought to myself, but it was unmistakeable. Something was up, other than me.
The further I got towards the outskirts, the quieter the sidewalks and roads became. This was usually the case but today it seemed.. well, alot more extreme, and significant in a way. I swear it was like a ghost town. I was half expecting to see a tumbleweed roll on the horizon but instead..
I saw the grey rubble of some former building, tainted crimson with what had to be blood. My rage evaporated in seconds as I reached the top of the road, and looked down on what used to be my neighbourhood. Now, it was the definition of pure devastation. Not aware that my lower jaw was practically scraping the tarmac below my feet from disbelief and awe, I slowly sauntered towards a small gathering of people. There had to be, say about twenty, all looking pretty beat and messed up. But none of this registered with me, this had to be some twisted kind of a dream Everything had that haze like quality..
Except one thing, one person(and I use that term lightly), stood out. She had bright blue eyes, faded dark blue hair, and the smoothest skin you could imagine. Oh, and one other thing. She had wings.

Ah, he's talking about Arain in her angel form, hope that's ok. It was a lousy post so correct me if you want.

11th April 2004, 08:44 PM
~ F – Correct Soul of Kyria ~

Lyia’s heart could not have been less injured when she grasped all that Kyria had said. Instantly she turned towards Genki… what was he doing?
Then she saw it- the massive wings appearing behind him, beautiful and radiant… and some how, Lyia smiled, they seemed to fit his personality almost perfectly. She was happy for him… smiling brilliantly, but then her eyes misted slightly, as if an inner sadness griped her heart. She then turned to Kyria, her voice soft... yet stern in a way which could seem shocking to anyone who knew her.
“ If I accept… being your Correct Soul, can I still… be with… him?”
With that, Kyria let a small smile escape her lips as she gazed to the sky and then to her once again.
“All odds fight against you, but perhaps, maybe you can… only The Being knows.”
With that Lyia let out a small sigh… but then nodded to herself.
I need to accept who and what I am… but I won’t let what we are, tear us apart. Not like …
With the nod, Kyria simply understood- as if she heard the unspoken words. Lightly, Kyria placed her beautiful, delicate hands upon Lyia’s head and closed her own eyes. A soft light seemed to beam from no where, and Lyia felt a fluttering in her heart. It was as if it was extended, and a warm, tickling feeling spread from her heart and outwards. Finally upon her back, she felt her wings suddenly sprout from her- not a painful feeling, but rather an almost happy one. After it had been completed… Kyria retraced her hand, smiling.
Lyia had her wings… a soft, silky white which seemed to glow, with light sky blue tips as if the feathers were dipped in the sea itself. Lyia looked at them… touched them herself, and moved them slightly.
“ You can retract them, if you wish it. Just concentrate…”
With an almost natural thought, Lyia wanted them to hide… and soon her wings disappeared. Kyria placed her hands together,
“Good. Saana and you both now have wings… so how about we head back to the darling place with the children and show them the fish?”
Saana sighed, “I don’t know how they’ll fit…”
“We’ll find a way!” Kyria said, beaming but Lyia stood still.
“ Kyria… may I come later?”
Kyria stopped, gazing at Lyia as if filled with slight bewilderment… but she nodded.
“Of course… but now that you are my Correct Soul, I will call you if I may need you. At some point soon, I must help you both to discover some of your powers. Of course Lyia, you may have already encountered one… visions seem to come natural for you.”
With that, Kyria and Saana left.

Taking a breath… Lyia gazed over to Genki, who was still with Waike, all of his correct souls were discussing some thing of the sort.
For some reason… Lyia felt very alone, and unalone at the same time.
I’ll wait…
Lyia thought, as she suddenly sat down upon the curb, waiting patiently… hoping that perhaps by some miracle, things would work out in the end.
But this wasn’t looking to be some fairy tale…

11th April 2004, 09:25 PM
Kyria- Water Goddess Lady
"Saana, can you go back to the orphanage without me? I need to look at one last address before I'm through," I told her shortly after transforming back into human form and arriving at a three-way street. "You know your way back, right?"
"Uhh... sure," Saana replied. With that, she left with a large bag of little fishies to carry back to the children.
I looked to the skies. The sun had begun to set, indicating the end to this dreadful day and the beginning of a renewed tomorrow. I reached into my pocket and took out a splotched piece of paper the address of the child I had been trying to get to earlier, before a variety of incidents occurred. I just hoped that nothing had happened to her from the conflict earlier...
I didn't have to walk far before I saw two adorable children entertaining a crowd of onlookers. With only the street lamplights as their guardians, the two children danced and played, causing the crowd to clap their hands in delight and reeling in the glittering coins from the gracious onlookers. Such innocence and ignorance of the world around them... If only I could join them in that respect...
I summoned my own harp and began playing along with their melody. The children and crowd looked with surprise, then continued cheerfully along for another while, until the song had ended and the two children bowed in respect of the cheering crowd.
"Ethuil, I think you should head back home now, its getting dark. I'm sure your parents are worried." I smiled at her. She widened her eyes with surprise.
"How did you know my name???" She asked anxiously.
"I'm one of the new volunteers at the Childcare Orphanage Center. Do you remember that place, Ethuil? You were an orphan once. Now you have two loving parents who I'm sure are very worried on your whereabouts right now. Here, I'll accompany you, as I would like to have a talk with them as well."
"Hey lady." The other child spoke. "You're someone else, aren't you?" She giggled.
It was rather strange. The other child sensed I was different... If it was Ethuil, I would not have been surprised. Then again... she seems to have a strange aura around her as well. Not mine... another soul of my siblings?
"Can I come with you?? Please please!!" She directed her attention to Ethuil.
"Sure you can, Labruey. I'm sure my parents are nice enough to let you stay at my house. Now, let's go home!"
Yay, I finally got to the Soul that I was supposed to get to first. :P

Fai D. Flowright
11th April 2004, 11:19 PM
Vulpix - No that's fine. Although her hair is a little more purple-colored than blue...

EFC - I guess that means I'm it.... *runs around chasing random people*

Since I didn't get to post during the fight scene at all... *sighs* I'll just skip over it since we pretty much know everything that happened and I would rather not reiterate that same story for the umpteeth-billion time...

*~Goddess of Balance and Winds~*

I stood in awe of the fight that had been broken by Kyria. She always knew where the loving weak spot of every creature that roamed this planet was. The two of us were so alike in goals, yet so distant from each other. We both want harmony in all, but she wishes for harmony in love and bravery, where I wish it in power and reason. I continued to consider many things about my siblings and myself, and about how I would tell my own Correct Souls. I was suddenly broken from thought by a voice that yelled out. "Kanli!"

A young man, a familiar one, at that, was coming towards my group. It was boy that was with Kanli at the kitchen this morning. He had a sense of protection and power, an aura of his own that was similar to Kanli's. But it was different. It was warm yet defensive, like that of Waike's. After a short reunion of the brothers, Genki, from what Kanli had called him, questioned about his brother's wings. This sparked me to respond in the conversation...

"He is one of my souls." I stated, informing him of why Kanli had strange wings on his back. "I am Arain, Goddess of Balance and Wind. Your brother, Kanli, is a Corre-" He abrubtly cut me off.

"I know the drill." I felt a little overtaken by his sudden rudeness...

A short coversation of explanations and purposes ensued, concluding with a guiding statement on Genki's behalf. "You are also a Correct Soul, but not one of mine." He looked in question, knowing that it was true, but not knowing who for. Then a voice echoed in from behind us.

"You are one of mine." Neither of us turned to the call because both of us realized who it was. Waike had summoned for him to join his group of Correct Souls. He left to see him, and I pulled my attention back to my own Souls. "You may have noticed by now, but--" I stopped myself. I could feel a cool breeze blow inside me. It was the same sensation as when I encountered Kanli and Rurik. It was another Correct Soul.

I heard the faint voice in the wind. "B*STARD!!!" It was as if his excalatory gripe was made to penetrate the very winds themselves. "Come on you two! I can sense a strong aura over this way! Let's go!!" I motioned them to follow me as I ran down the nearest sidewalk, the two of them somewhat behind me. As I rounded the corner, a speeding bus blew a powerful wind that felt good against my slightly damp clothes from the rain, which had finally calmed down quite a bit. I could see another young man, angrily flailing his arms at the never-slowing bus.

Even though the bus was now out of sight, he seemed to continue coming this direction, as though he was unwillingly attracted towards that battle field that Doyokai and Feiyou had created. "What's up with him?" Kanli asked, peeking around the corner out of curiosity. I pulled both him and Rurik back so as the three of us were out of the new guys immidiate line of view. As he rounded the corner. He stood, in awe, at the smashed building and debris-covered pavement. The three of us were waiting for him to notice us, which was somewhat quickly. "Hey! Did you three happen to see what went down here?" A hint of concern in his voice, "Wow..., what destruction..."

Sorry if that seems long or slightly abrupt, but I wanted to stick Zephania in here somehow... ^_^


legendary fisherman1
11th April 2004, 11:32 PM
~*~Tetsuhiko~*~Correct Soul of Feiyou

I cant believe what I saw. I had seen not only some old faces, but two knew faces as well. One was a woman, the other a man. They seemed so different, yet so alike at the same time.

I mused for a while, but was greeted by..."Oh, hi Phi. I something wrong?" I smiled almost half-heartedly, but didn't show it. He was my friend Phil. I knew him from school, and we were pretty good friends. He smiled nervousely not bothering to hide it seemingly. "I know this sounds really weird, but would you mind coming with me? Someone needs you." he asked me out of the blue. 'What? What happening now? Does this have anything to do with the spectacle I had seen.

But he put his hand up in defense noting the suspicion in my eyes "I'm not gonna pull anything weird, I promise."

'What is he thinking. It probably has something to do with what I saw. Those wings...but what if he just want to tell me somrthing thats a secret. But why would he tell me if it were a secret? Or maybe this person who wants to see me is actually a demon.' I smirked silently at my own thought.

'But what this has to do with is probably going to be somrthing boring I'm sure. I guess it wouldn't hurt, but what if this is something big?' I thought for a while.

'Oh, I just better make a decision quck before things get weirder. So I nodded. "Okay then lets go" he signaled as he started to walk one way. Away from home. 'Oh well, I guess I could use that excuse' I thought as he walked on and eventually getting me to a boy whom I've seen at school, a small girl, and...the man I saw talking to that woman.

"Hello," he greeted to me though it sounded force-fed. "I'm Feiyou."

'So his name is Feiyou... "Um, I'm Tetsuhiko. Is there any reason I was invited over to this surreal weirdness festival I've just witnessed?" this time I blurted out of the blue telling him about my encounter.

"I was wondering if you want to join. But first, could we find...someplace...for a nap?" he asked or said tierdly. 'Join? This is turning out to be like Yu Yu Hakusho' I thought with invisible giddyness..oh who am I kidding, between all the sight seeing, sprinting, and thinking, I was probably just as tierd as he was.

Phil whispered something to the girl, who I immediatly recognised as his sister. She looked up to him with almost mature eyes. But on the other side of the coin, Phil and the other boy were holding up Feiyou as he was next to sleeping.

"So where are we going?" I asked Phil as I looked up at the moon. Somehow it was pleasurable to just stare at it, and other times to help me sleep. It was like a supernatural energy of hidden strength. 'So I do have a poet inside me' I thought as I looked at Phil

"Well I think we should find a place for him to sleep first, so how about we go to Shuns place." he told me with a solemn look on his face.

Prof. Jb Wolf
12th April 2004, 12:10 AM
Genki Ming (M) - Newly Awakened Soul of Waik
Gathering us all together, Waike began a long lecture on his ideals and what we were doing here. His siblings were trying to change the world, each in their own way. I almost smiled, thinking to myself that those who had created the world weren't much different from those who were slowly destroying it.

As he continued to speak, I found my eyes wandering to the other Souls. Feiyou had been carried away by his own, while my brother sat with the man with mismatched wings left with Arain. Then my eyes found Kyria and her souls, specifically, Lyia. My breath caught in my throat and my heart yammered in my chest as I beheld her. She stood, graceful and beautiful, her wings fanning out and surrounding her in a background of soft white feathers. Truly like an Angel fallend from heaven to bless us with her presence. "Ack, stupid, you should be listening to Waike not staring at that wonderous, lovely...FOCUS ON THE MAN WITH RED HAIR!"

I returned my focus to the Archangel of Fire as he addressed us directly. "But enough about me. This is also about you, all of you. As well as those free, complimentary wings, you each have powers that come with accepting me. I told Kaia, Otaki and Liam about this earlier. I found you by a fire that burns in your soul, as cheesy as it sounds, and I have simply fed that fire. This power could be anything, but it probably deals with my element somehow. If you can find it, you will be able to protect yourself, and others."

I looked down at my hands, thinking about what kind of powers I had given. Hopefully they would be enough to protect Lyia and Kanli. Well, he had said they could change the world..."Now, I don't know if all of this is predetermined, and I can't tell you how this will end. While this may seem like something out of a bad fantasy story, this is all very real. I do not ensure your complete safety, that none of you will be hurt, but I will do everything within my power to protect you, and I ask of you to do the same. To prevent myself from becoming a total windbag and sounding horribly predictable, I'm going to stop now."

We all shared a chuckle at that last comment. The others began to talk among themselves, speculation on their powers and how they were going to help a God. Myself, I found my eyes drawn towards where Kyria and her souls had been standing before. Instead, I found Lyia sitting on the curb, her arms around her knees, singing softly from the way her lips were moving. A smiled curved in my lips, but there was a sad ache in my heart at the sight.

"Yo, Genki, what do you think your powers are?" One of the others asked, Denny, the suicidal one.

"Umm...well...err..." My face felt hot, I was probably blushing having thought I had been caught staring.

"Hey Genki, your blushing." Another said, Otaki I think. "Why is that?"

"No reason at 'tall actually..." I muttered and then I stood up, looking at Waike. "Err...Waike, sir..."

"Just call me Waike." The God said, as he stretched his arms.

"Waike, I know I promised I'd leave my old life behind, but could I...uh...make some closure?"

He looked at me warily for a second and then to where Lyia was sitting. I don't know if it was my imagination, but I could swear I saw him smile. He nodded. "Yea, sure go ahead."

Thanking him, I walked towards where Lyia was. Her voice was as beautiful as the first time I had heard it. But there was a tinge of sadness in it, a sorrow that hurt my very soul. I took a seat next to her, carefully folding my wings so that they lay against my back. I listened as she finished her song.

I'll be there by your side
share your fears in the silent redemption
touch my lips, hold me tight
live in vanity for a while

You'll be there by my side
you may never know my devotion
feel my breath in the quiet night
live in vanity for ever

Won't you feel my gentle emotion
let us live in peace with conviction
if you're here please hold me.....

(All Hail The Enchantress Yuki Kaijura!)

"That was beautiful." I said as her voice trailed off and she turned to me, a sad smile on her face as well as that cute blush.

"Thanks, I guess you were right about your feelings bringing the song to life." She said softly.

We sat in silence for a moment and then Lyia finally spoke. "Genki, I wanted to talk to you about me, you...us..."

"Yea, me too..." I trailed off as I noticed Waike and his other Souls trying to discreetly listen. "But why don't we see if these wings of ours are more than just cosmetic?"

She looked at me then saw the Arch Angel and his souls. Hiding a smile, she nodded and we both stood. Her wings formed in a flash of blue light. Taking her hand, we both flapped them experimentally before taking off into the night air. It was an exhilarating experience, to fly and be free of the laws of gravity. Looking to Lyia, her face lit by the light of the rising moon, it felt even better.

Errr...I hope that wasn't too forward of Genki, ne? Vanity by the Enchantress Kaijura seemed appropriate (Insert Ad: For Full Download of this And Other Songs Look to EngiMatikul!)

Mew Master
12th April 2004, 01:18 PM
Denny Roth~M~Correct Soul of Waike

We stood there and listened to Waike go on about what was expected, more or less, of us.

"But enough about me. This is also about you, all of you. As well as those free, complimentary wings, you each have powers that come with accepting me. I told Kaia, Otaki and Liam about this earlier. I found you by a fire that burns in your soul, as cheesy as it sounds, and I have simply fed that fire. This power could be anything, but it probably deals with my element somehow. If you can find it, you will be able to protect yourself, and others."

I thought. Was there really anyone I could protect? There was my girlfriend, but she lived out of town in some of the much less dangerous rural areas, compared to the war-zone the city was going to turn into. My parents were on the road, and there was no way on earth I could protect them, besides, Pat was smart enough to protect himself and my mom, so that was pretty much settled.

Whoever I could protect, I would.

"Now, I don't know if all of this is predetermined, and I can't tell you how this will end. While this may seem like something out of a bad fantasy story, this is all very real. I do not ensure your complete safety, that none of you will be hurt, but I will do everything within my power to protect you, and I ask of you to do the same. To prevent myself from becoming a total windbag and sounding horribly predictable, I'm going to stop now." Waike stopped and stretched his arms, one of his hands running through his wet red hair.

My boring college life suddenly didn't seem so boring now. An A-class battle of mythological proportions was about to be duked out right here. There goes the neighborhood. I thought.

I noticed that Genki seemed to be out of it, staring off into space.

"Yo, Genki, what do you think your powers are?" I asked.

To my surprise his face became completely red. "Umm...well...err..."

I looked over where he was staring and then saw why he was blushing. Over with Kyria stood Lyia. She looked different with wings but she still seemed the same.

Heh... young love. Wait, what am I thinking... I'm young and in love too! I looked up as the sky started to get darker. Hours must have passed by now.

I wondered what Sarah was doing, and if I should tell her anything about what happened. It was obvious that once she heard about the commotion here she might call me and yell at my ear that I didn't call her sooner, but it would be worth it. I just hoped my parents wouldn't chew me out about getting in trouble. But who said they had to know about it?

I guess all we had to do was to wait and see what happened next...


Yes... *waits for plot twist*

12th April 2004, 01:27 PM
Typing this from St. Thomas. Can't really read everything, since it's 15cents a minute and I have to go soon, so I skimmed through it. But everyone's doing such a great job! Makes me wish I wasn't on vacation and missing it. ;_;

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12th April 2004, 03:54 PM
OO-kay......sorry I ain't bin a'postin, chaps....I don't actually have a computer with an internetty connection...soo, erm...it's kinda hard to post an all.....I usually do it at college....yeah I never thought I'd WANT to be at college, but there ye go!! An this thing's movin SO fast....*looks scared*...any-way....back to the point...I hope no-one minds that this posty seems kinda outta date....but...well....yeah!
Oh, and please ignore the one that vulpix.ck posted cos I don't like it much....here's the better one....
She's deletin it fer me....oh goody!!!
Torran Ylldier-M-correct soul of Doyokai

I rushed around the street-corner and leant against the wall, gasping for breath. As the policeman ran past the street-end, I breathed a sigh of relief and let my invisibility fade gratefully. It saps my energy so much that, at times, I think it's a curse, rather than a blessing.
I decided to move out of the range of the street light, so I stood up straight and took a look at the sky. The incoming gloom and the slowly darkening clouds held a suggestion of rain and, as I looked, surely enough, a huge raindrop fell and plopped into my eye. I blinked a few times and then the heavens opened to give way to the torrent of rain that followed.
I sighed in resignation and began to trudge my way down the road. There were still a few people around, rushing to get home and out of the rain, but they all had their heads bowed because of the rain, and so, I walked unnoticed. More than usual. I didn't really find this strange, I was used to being unnoticed, so I just avoided the people as best I could and kept on walking.
Originally, I had the intention of finding a doorway somewhere but I spotted a hospitable-looking hotel and, as I had a few dollars to spare, I decided to stay there for the night.
I walked into the reception, shook myself off and walked up to the desk. There was an oldish man lounging behind the desk with a large-brimmed hat over his face so I tapped the bell. He either didn't hear of took no notice so I coughed loudly. Still no move, so I went round the back of the desk and carefully lifted up his hat. His eyes were screwed up tightly and a soft snore emerged from his mouth.
"Meh" I shrugged and, walking over to the key board, I snagged a key and, leaving a five dollar note on the desk, I departed to room no. 150.
Hmm, now I've typed that up, it don't seem that long....oh well........shor-ree!!!
Er...if I can get me library fines payed off, I'll go on their computers, ok? In the meantime, I'll be readin the rest of the 8 pages which I heven't actually read yet......

13th April 2004, 06:32 PM
~ F - Correct Soul of Kyria ~

It was some thing of grace, beauty... some thing that the imagination would always try to comprehend but fell short.

Lyia never knew that the feeling of flying- defying gravity, having the wind gently caress against your skin- she never could have imagined what a wonderous feeling it was.
Her hand had some how made it's way to Genki's... as they both flew. The firey wings of one with the cool wings of another, flying to what seemed the sky. Lyia let a small smile trace upon her lips, as she gazed to Genki and couldn't help but laugh.
Why did she laugh?

Maybe it was upon the pure high of flying... or perhaps it was just because for that fleeting moment, it felt like they were away. Away from the sudden turmoil they had been thrown into... away from the evils of the world. Like their problems were too below them...
It was a joy, an inner joy that Lyia would have never been able to describe.

They both flew for a while, until t hey both rested ontop of the largest building in the city. Standing upon it, Lyia folded her wings, but did not make them disappear. Instead her blue eyes glanced to Genki as he did the same, and she silently marveled about how he suddenly seemed so more mature and handsome at this moment. She blushed slightly, looking away as she gazed at the city. It was a beautiful sight... yet ugly in it's own way all the same. Like the best of both worlds... and the worse.

"Genki... "

She let her voice trail off, as she with drew a sigh and then smiled at him.
" Kyria spoke to me. Told me that I had a choice. To be with you, or to be with her... to accept my powers and become a correct soul. She said if I didn't... I could be protected by you, but that I should want to weild my own powers, not to be always protected." Lyia laughed slightly, looking to Genki.
"Some thing along those lines anyway... so, I accepted the powers."
Biting her lower lip slightly, Lyia found herself fiddling with her dress.
" But I do want to be with you... fo rsome odd reason, I feel like I've known you for ages. I am unsure why... I just feel it, and it has surrounded me. I accepted the powers, not because I didn't want to keep that feeling... but because I wanted to keep it. I realize you have much to protect, and that I can't always be protected..."

Lyia smiled to herself, a sad yet reassuring smile of comfort all the same.
" Kyria said that all odds were against us, just like fire and water. However... I told her that I would try. Despite the odds, I would still fight for one of the aspects that is heavily apart of me- love. I... I do'nt know if I can do it, or if we can do it for that matter... but I will try."

Anjana's Halo
13th April 2004, 07:21 PM
Thus, moving along...[Turtley]

Feiyou: Arch Angel of Light
We arrived at Shun's house, which wasn't too far from the park I had explained the situation to him. Now I had a new soul, another boy Phil and Shun seemed to know. If only I wasn't so tired.

"Well, here we are," announced Shun as he unlocked and pushed open the door. Inside it felt very warm and inviting, and we crossed into the living room from the front hallway. "My dad doesn't get out of work until after school lets out, and he's usually home late in the evening, so we should be fine."

I glanced up at the pictures on the wall. They were mostly family portraits and one picture of a lovely young woman. "What about your mother?" I asked. "Does she work, too?"

"No," Shun said, his voice devoid of emotion. "She died."

"<I'm sorry,>" I said softly, lasping into Japanese. "<I didn't mean to bring up any painful memories.>"

"<It's okay,>" Shun said, though I could feel his hurt. "We have a guest room. You can sleep in there." I dropped onto the nearest cushioned funiture, unwilling to stand any longer. "Or the couch works, too."

Haile came and knelt beside me. "So, you're taking a nap, then you'll wake up better?" I nodded.

"Phil, maybe you should take Haile home. Your parents must be worried," I said.

"I'm staying here, Fei!" Haile protested.

"Then at least call home to let them know you're okay. And if you could help explain what's happening to Tetsuhiko, that would be helpful. And..." I couldn't say anymore. My eyes shut gently, and my breathing slowed. I felt someone place a blanket over my resting form, and I was asleep.

Yes! Sleeping winged bishonen on couch! I know his wings aren't out now, but still... *Imagines Feiyou sleeping* [rabid fangirl at heart]

13th April 2004, 11:34 PM
Kanli- Arain's Correct Soul in Denial
After a relapse of what seemed like a few seconds, I began groggily waking up. My mind was still unclear at that time, but the more clear that my mind was, the more unclear I thought the situation was. My brother apparently had run over to me from who knows where, stated that I had wings behind my back, in which in a casual manner I noted and confirmed. There was a short conversation between my brother and Arain, the "angel" that had been in my dream earlier and then my brother went off with a random girl I had seen perhaps once or twice, at school, I believe. Thus, through this conclusion of events, I thought was still a dream.
"It's not a dream, silly."
My heart skipped a beat. Oh, I thought as I followed the angel named Arain around, Now I'm hearing voices. Reasonably, this would all conclude to, of course, a dream, despite the lucidly clear imagery I had in front of me. I have heard of dreams seeming as realistic as life itself, and, perhaps from my fatigue, this must be one of those dreams. But, remembering the circumstances of me bringing up that this was a dream earlier, I decided to keep quiet and just "play along" with this bizarre fantasy. I do hope my brother will wake me up in time for school.
My next chain of events was a particularily well refined man walking towards some of the debris (which just happened to be there when I 'regained consciousness' in my dream, curious).
"I wonder what's up with him?" I thought out loud. Loud enough that the person heard and turned his head towards our direction.
"Hey! Did you three happen to see what went down here? Wow... what destruction..."
"Not sure," I shrugged. "It just kind of appeared there."
"You dolt, that's because you were asleep the whole time!!!"
Oh, the short tempered one was still here. And who says I'm not still asleep? I wondered to myself. I decided to keep silent and let the other two talk, as they probably had a better idea of what had happened than I certainly did.
During their conversation (which I was only half hearing... something about a panther and a wolf and a bunch of fish... typical dream contents), I suddenly developed curiosity as to what exactly is this "Angel" trying to do. She never really elaborated on her purpose, though, as this is probably a dream, she does not need a purpose. Still, it didn't hurt to ask.
"Excuse me," I interrupted. "Arain, I need to ask you. What IS it exactly that you are planning to do with us? You speak of balancing and harmony... balancing what, in this world? If you are trying to save this world, what exactly are you doing with it? You haven't really explained this things clearly to us yet. And since... ("what was your name?" "Zephania." "Oh,") Zephania is here now, I'd say it would be a good time to explain why we must bother following you around especially since we don't particularly know why."

Elemental Seribii
14th April 2004, 09:18 PM
The ending to the X movie is the sadest thing I've ever seen, albeit a little weird. I almost cried. I never cry. ;__; Lovely gory, psychotic movie.

Philip Mitleid - Correct Soul of Feiyou
"Shun, do you mind if I call my house? My mom's probably freaking out." I went with Fei's suggestion, and Shun nodded, pointing to where the phone was.
I dialed in my number by memory, Haile following me in case mom wanted to talk to her.

"Hello?" Her voice was a little shaky, and I almost instinctively hung up.
"Hey, mom, it's me." A pause. I winced, and Haile smiled nervously.
"...Philip Mitleid! School called at least two hours ago, asking where you were! I told them I had no idea, and they said you had run off to find Haile, who was supposed to be home God knows when! Tell me she's with you!" My mother nearly shrieked, and I winced again.
"Yes mom, she's right here."
"Oh, thank God. Where are you, young man?"
"I'm at a...friend from school's house." Shun's head snapped up, and I smiled and shrugged.
"I was so worried, with all of that strange stuff going on in town. Oh, God, Phil, I guess you're lucky I was too worried to be too mad at you. I guess as long as you and Haile are alright, nothing too bad could have happened, could it?"

No mom, we just got involved in an apocalyptic battle for the Earth. No big deal, honest. I kept this thought to myself.

"Whose house are you at?" Her voice had calmed, and I sighed.
"Shun Matsumori. Would it be alright if me and Haile stay awhile?" I was pushing it, and she knew it. She hummed something to herself, and clicked her tongue in annoyance.
"I suppose. But you have some explaining to do when you come home. Put Haile on, please."
"Okay. See you later." I handed the reciever to Haile, who smiled when she heard the familiar voice.

"Oh! Hi Mom!"

I walked back into the room where Feiyou had fallen asleep, Shun and Tetsuhiko had turned down the volume on the TV and were flipping channels. Most of the news was still on the battle, but most of the other programs had gone back to their normal shows.
Mm, sleeping bishie on the couch. :3 Gah, I'm such a fangirl. --; Sorry that's so short and bad. Bleh.

16th April 2004, 12:12 PM
Er, I would post something short for Labruey now butIhavetogosorrythanksbai? 8D;;;

16th April 2004, 08:38 PM
OOC: Ok, I'm going to be gone for a week starting tomorrow. Since things have slowed down a bit, I'm not too worried about missing a lot but if things speed up again, would someone on Waike's side include me in some conversations or something? Thanks

Kaia Dunkirk
I looked towards the setting and then at Genki and his girlfriend, who were flying off to talk. Him denying it all he wanted to wasn't going to sway me-I knew they were dating, even if they didn't think they were.
"It's getting rather late," I said aloud. "I don't think my dad is having too much fun taking care of a bunch of little kids so I'm going back home to help him out. If anyone wants to come along and have dinner with us, that's fine."
I let my wings reappear, humming calmly in the quiet street. Hovering, I started flying home, Otaki close by since he was obviously in charge of the kids. I didn't care if Waike or Denny followed although I was sure they needed a good meal just as bad as the rest of the group. All I needed was a good night's sleep and a motrin.

18th April 2004, 05:32 AM
*^~Ethuil Laerien - Correct Soul of Kyria~^*

I led Labruey and the strange lady down the street. Although I tried not to show it, I was curious about the lady. I felt a certain attraction to her, like I had known her all my life, or she was of some relative to me, perhaps in a previous life. Kyria, yes, that was her name. And within her, she possessed great power. I could feel it radiating from her skin, seeping through every pore, ready to burst from within... As my thoughts reeled on, I suddenly saw an image of the lady, Kyria, that is, with long wings, radiating light. Just as abruptly, the image was replaced by another one, this time of a great Wolf. Then it was gone.

"You're an Angel, aren't you?" I asked her, turning my head to look into Kyria's blue eyes. "A Water Goddess." Kyria's eyes widened in momentary shock, then she smiled and nodded. Labruey frowned doubtfully.

"You can't be an angel!" she said loudly. "Angels have great white wings. You don't have wings!"

"I do," Kyria said simply. "I've just hidden them." She smiled her mersmerising smile again, and Labruey yielded.

"My house is just round this corner!" I told the other two, as we took a turn in the road. A shocking sight met my eyes. There, was my house all right. But it was enveloped in flames, burning merrily like a great bonfire.

"Waike," Kyria muttered softly, and somehow, I knew who that she was talking about her brother, the God of Fire. "Or one of his Correct Souls... Their fire must have missed the target and razed the house!"

Without thinking, I ran forth, dropping my cello carelessly on the turf of grass before my house. I made to vault over the gate, but Kyria's strong hands grabbed me.

"Ethuil!" she shouted. "What do you think you're doing?!"

"Shadow!" I replied frantically. "My dog. I can't let him die." I struggled to get free, but Kyria's grip was too tight. At a lost of what to do, I started to sob.

"Take courage, my dear. Don't cry," Kyria's voice came soft and melodious. She turned me around to face her and wiped away my tears with her cold, smooth hands. I sniffed and did not reply. "I have something very important that I need to tell you, and I need you to listen very carefully, so don't cry."

Kyria then summoned water to put out the flames, and launched her story, about how she was awaken, about her brothers and sisters began to wage war against each other, and about how I had been chosen to be one of her Correct Souls...

18th April 2004, 03:55 PM
Zephania Rhye - Correct Soul of Arain

I could do nothing more than gawp as they told me what happened. Instinctively, my subconscious rejected what they were telling me (something about a panther and a wolf, and a bunch of fish), but I have to admit that part of me wanted to believe it. My neighbourhood had just been totally obliterated, after all, and I wanted a damn good reason why.
The graceful lady with purplish-blue hair and bird-of-prey wings turned out to be Arain, the Arch Angel of Balance and Wind, and the irritable guy who stood next to her was Rurik, who seemed more freaked out about this whole thing than I did, and at the same time perfectly okay with it. Kanli, the last of our small group, was apparently on the brink of consciousness, and simply blinked as Arain explained everything. By the looks of things, I wasn’t the only newbie here. We were all trying to get an understanding of exactly what had gone down today, and struggling to get to grips with.. Well, whatever it was that had happened.
"Excuse me," Kanli butted in, snapping out of his reverie and shocking me a little, as I had come to the conclusion that he was actually in a coma."Arain, I need to ask you. What IS it exactly that you are planning to do with us? You speak of balancing and harmony... balancing what, in this world? If you are trying to save this world, what exactly are you doing with it? You haven't really explained this things clearly to us yet. And since...” He stopped and glared at me with a sudden, unexpected intensity,"What was your name?"
"Zephania."I muttered softly.
"Oh, Zephania is here now, I'd say it would be a good time to explain why we must bother following you around especially since we don't particularly know why."He finished, and we all turned to look at Arain. I had to admit, the guy had a point. She had briefly explained what had gone on, and pretty much what was happening in the present, but our future had been gingerly sidestepped, so far.
“I already told you,” She said patiently, but a passion flared in her eyes. “Surely you’ve noticed how bad things are in the world, at this moment? And my siblings are doing everything in their power to make it worse. You saw the chaos that resulted in, the chaos that erupts everyday on this planet. Perhaps you don’t understand, you were not there in the first few days.. Back then..
“Such a haven you can only reach in your dreams is what I want, and I know it is what you want too.” She peered at us each in turn, until we looked away, admitting that she was right. “This world.. It needs balance, it needs harmony. Your fellow man is constantly being thrown into unjust situations that neither he or any of the people you know or even your world leaders can control. But we can. We can make things equal, we can help change the world for the better.” It took a few moments for me to absorb this, and it did make sense, but even still.. I shook my head.
“You said it yourself, there’s no power in this world to change things.. Im no different from any other person, im just an ordinary guy,”I sighed. “Sorry to disappoint you, but I don’t have wings, or winds, or anything special. I wish I did. I wish I could help, but..”
“I will hold you to that, Zephania,”She said, and took a step forward. My eyes widened and I stumbled hastily backwards.
“Er.. What are you-"
“Zephania, do you think they had wings a couple of hours ago?” She asked, cocking her head towards Kanli and Rurik. She smiled a smile that made me uncomfortable, and suddenly gripped me by the shoulders. She stared me in the eyes with a degree of sincerity I had never seen nor felt before.. “You could be so much more, Zeph.. If you’d just let yourself be.” Her piercing glare cut right into me, and I felt like she was examining every single fragment of my soul: my thoughts and emotions, my memories and shames.. I blushed, and I was ashamed, but I couldn’t look away. I wasn’t facing Arain, I was facing myself, and all my insecurities and past humiliations. I stared back into those breathtaking eyes, and felt myself sway..
But she was there to support me, and I was buffeted by a reassuring wind which enshrouded me like a warm blanket. Arain knew what I was, and she accepted me for it. We were alike, despite all our outer differences - we had the same goals, the same ambitions. I blinked, and let myself be.

Arain smiled again, and removed her hands from my shoulders And where the weights of the world had been just one moment before, now there only remained wings.

Lame-o.......... *yawns*

Prof. Jb Wolf
18th April 2004, 04:18 PM
Genki Ming (M) - Correct Soul of Waike
Flying is something everyone dreams of when they're a little kid. The closest we could get was flying in an airplane or jet fighter, but that doesn't show you the true joy of free flight. Having wings gave me a sense of freedom unlike anything I had ever felt before. I felt like all my problems were far and away from me as the furthest star in the sky.

I heard Lyia's tinkling laugh and I turned to look at her. She was clearly enjoying flying as well, a look of serene contentment on her countenance. I also noticed that somewhere, was it before we took off or while we were in flight, my hand had found hers. Hardly had I known her a day, and already she was as close to me as Kanli or....

We land upon a building, probably the tallest in the city. I folded my wings as I placed a foot against the edge and looked upon the city. It was quite a city, with all the bright lights and districts. Life seem to radiate from the streets, but there was something else there. Something I had probably seen and thought about even before Waike told me about his mission. It was the unrelenting feeling of corruption and injustice among the shadows.

Turning to Lyia, I began to speak, but my voice caught in my throat. The moon shone behind her, highlighting her face and wings with an unearthly, etheral glow. Her blue eyes sparkled brightly, like two stars in the night sky above. Her face held an expression of joy and exhilration, but also sadness as she sighed and began to speak.

"Genki...Kyria spoke to me. Told me that I had a choice. To be with you, or to be with her...to accept my powers and become a correct soul. She said if I didn't...I could be protected by you, but that I should want to weild my own powers, not to be always protected." She laughed and continued. "Some thing along those lines anyway... so, I accepted the powers."

"What choice would we really have had..." I thought, remembering both mine and Waike's words.

She looked down as she continued "But I do want to be with you...for some odd reason, I feel like I've known you for ages. I am unsure why...I just feel it, and it has surrounded me. I accepted the powers, not because I didn't want to keep that feeling... but because I wanted to keep it. I realize you have much to protect, and that I can't always be protected..." Her voice grew stronger as she spoke. "Kyria said that all odds were against us, just like fire and water. However...I told her that I would try. Despite the odds, I would still fight for one of the aspects that is heavily apart of me- love. I...I don't know if I can do it, or if we can do it for that matter...but I will try."

I stepped towards her, standing near enough to take one of her hands in mine. I spoke quietly as I held her small hand in my larger one. "Lyia...I'm pretty sure you already know how I feel. You just said yourself, we've barely known each other a day and already I feel something I've only felt twice in my life." My other hand came up to cup her chin, raising her face so I could look into her eyes. "With you I feel comfort and content, a happiness I haven't known for the past three years. I lost this feeling once, and I swore that I would never lose it again."

The hand holding hers moved to intertwine our fingers. "Even if all the odds are against us, even if we are opposites, I'm not going to let any of it stand in our way. I know we can do this." I shook my head, a small smile tugging at my lips. "I know this is an inappropriate time to say this, but we kind of sound like something out of a soap opera."

Lyia giggled and I chuckled at my lame joke. I drew close and then wrapped her in a hug. She gasped in surprise, but lay her head against my chest. Our wings came together, forming a barrier against the cool night air. It was a strange yet comfortable feeling. The warmth of my wings coupled with the coolness of hers balancing out to create the perfect feeling.

We stood there for a moment, just the two of us. The rest of the world was outside the shelter of our intertwined wings. She lifted her head from my chest and we stared deeply into each others eyes for a moment. Then our faces inched forward, closer to each other until....
I think I'll stop there and let Bulba-san decide whether or not Genki deserves a kiss from the fair maiden.

Mew Master
18th April 2004, 04:37 PM
Denny Roth~M~Correct Soul of Waike

I stood there, wondering a few things. Turning to Waike I asked.

"Isn't it a little suspicious of people with wings are flying around the city?"

"Hmm? What's wrong with it?" Waike asked back.

"Well for one the cops will be all over the place in about 5 minutes. Second, what will they think when they see angels flying over their heads."

"And thirdly?" he asked.

"Thirdly...... I haven't figured out yet."

Waike rolled his eyes.

"It's getting rather late," Kaia said aloud. "I don't think my dad is having too much fun taking care of a bunch of little kids so I'm going back home to help him out. If anyone wants to come along and have dinner with us, that's fine."

Those of us left watched her wings come out and with a single flap of them, she was off.

"You think we should follow?" Liam asked.

"Rule number one of living in college... Never turn down a homecooked meal." I replied.

"She's right. I left the kids at her house. I suppose I should at least go back and retreive them before it gets too late." Otaki stated.

"Very well," Waike said. With a flap of his arms he was off, followed by Liam and then Otaki, leaving me still on the ground and with new wings.

"Well..." I muttered to myself. "Better see if I can fall like a sparow or fly like a dove."

Barely even thinking it, my wings flapped and in a rush I was in the air. Surprised at how fast I was going just after liftoff. It was incredible.

Quickly I caught up with Waike and the others. I was able to go so fast.


Meh....slowness does not do this RPG justice @-o


18th April 2004, 06:58 PM
Ok, I'm gonna try to spark this a little. Kind of. Sort of. Maybe.
Kanli- Disgruntled Correct Soul of Arain
"It's all nice that you want a perfect balanced utopia, though I must tell you, you're not the first one to come up with the idea." I abruptly ended their little showtime to display the hard facts to them. "How do you think you'll do better than them? Even with these powers, how are you going to change the minds of 6 billion people to obey things in a balanced and harmonic manner? The human mind... it is fickle. Not everyone thinks or believes in the same way. That is why communism could not work. Even with us four, what can we do to the world? In short... What's your plan?"
Arain hesitated for a while, though I can see she's becoming quite annoyed. Perhaps it would have been better if I had followed along? But my curiosity got the best of me. What WAS she trying to do with us?
"Ya know that guy is right, we haveta take action in order for things to get done. Just look at our history itself. American Revolution, World War II, Supreme Court Cases... everything that we know of today had to be started somewhere. Nothing ever got done from sitting around doing nothing."
"I see you know your history," I commented briefly.
"Yes, I was majoring in Social Sciences before I was gonna drop out. Anyway, nothing becomes accomplished from being silent."
The voice again!... I held onto my heart. Now it began to throb in pain. How can pain be felt so vividly in a dream??? And from this voice... So Familiar...
"Find Genki!!!"
"Hey Hey! Are you alright???" I heard someone around me say, but I was too much in pain from my heart to notice. I thought my heart surgery had been successful... the doctors said that there were no problems after the accident...!!!???
"YOU!!!!" The others around me moved back a step. "Sorry, I must leave." I extended my wings and buzzed off away from the crowd as quickly as possible, then went onto a building to sort out my problems. What's going on? Why is this dream so long, so vivid, so painful?
"It is not a dream, Kanli." I lapsed into a blackout again.
There she was again. Short, evenly cut hair down just below her ears, glittering, innocent, deceptive eyes staring back at me.
"Kaori, what are you doing here?" I asked her in a calm manner.
"I was always here. Could you not sense me?"
"That is because you try to rid your past and walk pass the present. You hide your history, and what makes you you."
"Enough of this nonsense. Why are you still here?"
"Do you remember how you became like this? Why you chose to live the way you do right now?... Your brother. Genki. He is leaving you. For an angel, for a girl..."
"What does it matter to me?" I said apathetically. "He does whatever pleases him. I can only be happy that he can live on."
"But not you!! At least tell him what happened, Kanli!! Please... just..."
I looked her eyes somehow swelling up with tears. "And then you'll leave me?"
She was silent for a while. "Yes."
I woke back up. "Well, if she says so..." I went out as quick as I could to search for my brother.

Elemental Seribii
18th April 2004, 08:46 PM
Ni...? I'm a bit confused. Who set the house on fire? Come on, I know one of you is a pyromaniac. If you confess now, I won't charge you with arson. :3
Well, if I mess something up, you may shoot me down.
Waike: *loads gun*

Waike - Pyro God
Genki and Lyia, I suppose nothing too bad could come of it, right? Right?

Damn these forboding feelings. Blah blah blah, evil, doom, apocalyptical thoughts. Gah.

However, I was soon preoccupied with something else, known as Denny and his amusing but persistant questions. I rolled my eyes at his curiousities, but couldn't keep a grin off my face.

We set off for Kaia's house, Denny eager for a free meal. Otaki had left the children at her house, and Liam didn't seem to want to go home just yet.

"If we get over the clouds, the air might be a little thin, but we won't get spotted as easily." I pointed upwards, pushing myself up and catching a current. The rush of air was almost extreme, and I sighed when I flew out of a cloud.

"Show off." I laughed, and shrugged.

Denny appeared beside me, tilting his head as if deciding something.
"Your animal is the Dragon, huh?" I nodded, not looking at him. "I've been having dreams about Dragons. Couldn't get them out of my mind. All I've been drawing." I turned my head towards him and smiled. I didn't know I impacted them that much. "I'd like to see it one day. You know, for real."
"The way things are going, it probably won't be too long." Denny nodded, and I wish I knew if the Dragon was a good or bad thing. I noticed Kaia had started to descend, and decided it was time to follow suit.

Catching Liam's attention, since Otaki was near Kaia. I nodded down towards the ground, and he understood.

When we landed, Kaia turned to us, smiling, but she was tired. Retracting her wings, we all copied this.

"Back where we started from." I commented. The fire was still burning inside, and, as always, it was a source of comfort.

Crappy post. X___x; This is an early notice, but I'll be leaving for D.C. with my school on the 27th, and will be back that Friday night. I'll probably post this again, but...yeah. O__o;

18th April 2004, 09:06 PM
~ F - Correct Soul of Kyria ~

It was a bit of a blur to Lyia. The moon shown handsomely upon Genki's face, making him seem some what like some thing out of a fairy tale. Like a strong, proud noble knight... or even better- like an Arch Angel himself, Micheal. He seemed ethreal... and Lyia couldn't help but gasp as she felt his strong arms wrap around her. Their wings touched... and it felt so strange.

Fire meeting the cool wings of Water, neither hurting or extinguishing, but some how becoming as if one.

It did seem like a soap opera... but Lyia was a romantic. She couldn't help some times liking the 'over the top' icings of a cake, and she laughed at the soap opera remark. However... soap operas didn't usually contain Arch Angels, saving the world, wings... the works. Perhaps it was more of a fairy tale? The one that always says, "Happily ever after."

Would that be the case? Or would it be one of those tragedies... those sad, horrible ones that make you feel empty and want to leap into the story itself to rewrite the ending? Like the story of Morgan Le Faey...


In the midst of Lyia's thoughts, some how they ended up leaning in... so close that she could almost feel his warm breath upon his skin. He seemed to almost radiate with an inner warmth, which seemed to spread to her body at his touch. Closer.. until she felt his soft lips gently place upon hers, and a simple yet some how magnetic kiss was placed in the air.

A flush instantly came to Lyia's face, as she felt the strange, fluttery feeling inside of her swirl. It was then however... she heard a voice, it seemed so far away...


However the kiss broke, and although it seemed to have lasted very long, Lyia doubted it was nothing but a brief and simple kiss. Still, she looked at Genki with a slightly shocked, yet moved eyes. What was there to say?-


It was then the voice rang clear, and over looking the edge of the building with out fear, Lyia and Genki both saw the small figure below- Genki's brother, looking for him.

" We should probably go down... your brother needs you." Lyia said, glancing towards him with a soft smile.

Thank you Genki, thank you for making things seem so lovely in the midst of chaos. Hope still remains...

As Genki and Lyia both drew their wings upwards and began to descend towards Kankli, Lyia still couldn't help but feel some thing deep.... some twinge of mystery and some thing that she couldn't describe, but it wasn't of a good feeling.

WAs it her intutive powers given to her by Kyria? Did her visions take the form of feelings? Whatever it was, it was vague... so Lyia dismissed it for now. Instead, she simply recalled the past moment and held it near to her, so that it warmed her.


.:Reincarnation of The Being/F/8 yrs old.:.

"Hi mom!" Haile said happily over the phone. Her mother was worried... but Haile knew that she'd be alright.
"Oh it's so much fun here mom! Phil and I are having lots of fun with friends! B-but I have a question... a big question mommy."

Haile smiled to herself, looking at Phil as he looked at her offhandedly for a second.
" Can I spend the night tonight? Pleeeeease mommy? I don't have school tomorrow, and Shun promised to teach me Japanese. Please please please?"

" Whose Shun?"

" He's Phil's good friend at school. Phil and him were going to study tonight, and I want to stay with Phil... besides, it's an awefully long walk home... but I'll come home right away in the morning. Please mommy, pleeeease?!"

After a long while of talking, soon Haile hung up and beamed proudly.

"We can spend the night!!!!!! YAAY!"

Shun's eyes opened quite widely at this... "But I don't think..."
Haile giggled, "Well, we don't have to spend the night here... my mother doesn't know where you live, but as long as I'm with Phil I'll be safe. Besides, I want to stay with Feiyou."

Haile looked at the sleeping Arch Angel, beaming as she gazed to Phil who seemed to be at a loss for words. Haile had royally fibbed... some thing that she'd rarely do. In fact, Haile had done a lot of things today she wouldn't normally have done... and it all began with the Arch Angels.

Haile sat down upon the floor, and pulling out of her pocket she held a stone in the palm of her hand. It looked ordinary... but at a closer glance, it held a few small speckles of clear dust-like particles that shined rather brightly when the light hit them just right. It was in an odd shape too, looking slightly like a cresent moon only fatter, with a jagged edge along the curve.

"It's so pretty... my luck charm.." Haile said to herself, smiling and then putting it back in her pocket.

18th April 2004, 09:43 PM
Well, I figure that we've progressed rather well. ^^;;

SO, I've decided that everyone can handle the next twist of this RPG. While there WILL come a time, where the five Arch Angels will meet again, and probably a worse battle will ensue... there are 'Evils' in the world, which 3 of the Arch Angels want to take care of and 1 wants to most likely aid. ^^;;

You probably just thought they were mean people, right?

^^ Demonics of course.

So... just so you know about Demonics, and have a general idea of what they are, I've created a guide for you-

Here it is, your Demonics guide. (http://www.angelfire.com/vamp/darkspike/The_Demonics.html)

That should add more fun, later on when all the Correct Souls are informed enough so that you can finally go out to procede with your Arch Angel's plan.


Weasel Overlord
19th April 2004, 05:45 AM
Howdy all...*the wanderer returns*...Oh Yes!!!....this is..well...kinda a long post...sorry if people get bored while reading or owt but......yeah.
Torran Ylldier-correct soul-to-be of Doyokai.

I had reached my room and I must have had no more than about 3 hours sleep when I was rudely awakened by a loud banging on my door. The banging was accompanied with a muffled yelling which was presumably coming from the hotel owner.
"Okay, okay! I'm coming, I'm coming," I muttered, "No need to break the door down..." I swung my legs off the bed and rubbed my eyes. I walked over to the door and, bracing myself for a confrontation, I turned the key and opened the door. Sure enough, it was the owner in an absolute frenzy. He barged past me, red in the face and spluttering something about "thieves" and "people who don't pay for their rooms" and, suddenly, he turned around and, grabbing me by my shirt collar, he thrust me out of the room like a rag-doll. Even though he was getting on in his years, he still had quite a bit of strength. He threw me onto the floor of the corridor and slammed and locked the door behind him.
"Out!" He shouted. "Now!" He pointed at the staircase and repeated himself. "Out. Now."
"Okay, old man, don't lose your head" I replied, cheekily, "I'm going, don't worry." I slouched down the stairs and back into the cold night. It was still raining heavily and it was pitch black. I could hardly see five paces in front of my face, and the nearest circle of light emitted from a street-lamp was about seven metres away. I shivered and pulled my coat closer to myself in a vain attempt to get warm. I stamped my feet a couple of times and tried to think where I could stay for the night. The streets of (er...) New York(?) weren't a good place to be at night, as I had found out on many occasions. And I have the scars to prove it; one on my cheek, and two small ones on my right hand.
While I was thinking, I walked, and as I walked, a car zoomed past, honking, through a huge puddle at the side of the road. This resulted in me becoming extremely wet and extremely angry, all at the same time. Not only had I been chucked out of a hotel, it was raining, I had just been soaked by a honking lunatic, and I had nowhere to sleep for the night. Joy, I thought sarcastically. And then I remembered Jet's. The cafe was open 24 hours and the owner, Jet owed me a favour. I changed direction and began to head for Jet's at the other end of town. As I walked, a buried memory came back to me in a flash.

Jeering voices.....surrounded....hemmed in a corner...no escape......stones.....laughter...pain....oh, the pain....surprised voices...."Where's the b*stard gone?"....pain...alone.......

I began to shake and sweat as more and more memories poured back in. They pierced my heart like needles of exquisite pain. Never relenting.

"Sulin!!!"....running...screams....blood...blood everywhere...too late....TOO LATE.......

At this point, I broke down crying and I fell to my knees in the middle of the street, my face hidden in my hands, still blood-stained....or so it seemed, rom the....the...night....
As I wept, a wave of power...power and darkness, washed over me. Something, somewhere, knew my pain. And it wanted revenge. Revenge and hurting. And it was looking for me.

And so it ends.....*takes deep breath after typing for soooo long*...my hands are frozen in the typing position, now!! *looks crippled with her crippled typing hands*
Cue Doyokai searching for poor little Torran....he's so sad....NWAHAHAAA!!!!!! *cackles at the thought of revenge* ahem....

21st April 2004, 04:00 PM
Haha, yes, I'm baaaack! 8D;;; Gomen if it doesn't make sense though, or if I mess up someone's character. ^^;;;;;

Doyokai - Arch Angel of Darkness
Doyokai strolled down the street, in her human form, Kayla simmering close behind her. They walked in silence for a while, people parting away from Doyokai letting her walk in her own bubble in a sea of people, as if they could sense her mood.

"I bet you're wondering why I walked away," Doyokai spoke suddenly. Not bothering to turn around, she continued speaking.

"I'm not the strongest of all my siblings," she said bitterly. "I'm actually the weakest. Feiyou, the firstborn, the light, the wonderful and kind one, my brother, used up much energy when he was created... or born, or whatever... And so, guess who ended with the leftovers?" Doyokai laughed bitterly, ignoring the people who turned to stare at her. "That's right, me. The second eldest. The weakest. So I have to wait. I have to gather my Correct Souls. And then, I'll show him. I'll show Feiyou just how weak I am..." Suddenly, she stopped. Kayla nearly collided into her, but Doyokai didn't notice.

"And look what's up ahead..." the archangel murmured, staring at the man in the middle of the street. She strode up to him, staring at him, then squatted next to the man. Tears dropped down from his face and onto the street as he wept, not yet noticing Doyokai. She cupped her hand around his chin and tilted his face up.

"It hurts, doesn't it?" she murmured. "I know a way to make it stop hurting." And with that, Doyokai clamped her mouth upon the man's. Mine...

Ack, I was starting on Labruey's post when the school bell rang. So er, I have to go now? 8D;;

Mew Master
22nd April 2004, 07:51 AM
ACK! sorry about not posting.. I've been swamped with stuff for finals @-@. Also yesturday I kept hitting a runtime-error and it had to cut off my Internet connection for some uknown reason. I'll post later today after I get some more stuff done for school and classes. @-@;;;

Mew Master
22nd April 2004, 08:22 PM
ACK! sorry about not posting.. I've been swamped with stuff for finals @-@. Also yesturday I kept hitting a runtime-error and it had to cut off my Internet connection for some uknown reason. I'll post later today after I get some more stuff done for school and classes. @-@;;;

EDIT: Yup.... I have time tonight to post. So here it is.

Denny Roth~M~Correct Soul of Waike

I had asked Waike about the dragon. The Dragon that had been haunting my dreams for weeks now. It bothered me, why did the Dragon try to burn me, every time?

Kaia started to decend and Waike motioned to me and I nodded back. Flying wasn't easy. Hopefully I could end up landing on my feet.

As we went down I started to gain speed. I had tilted too far forward, and was going too fast.

"Not good! Not good!" I shouted and flailed my arms and legs around trying to right myself so I didn't end up a splat on the concrete. My wings were flapping out-of-sinc, and my twisting body wasn't helping things.

I fell down , at a shallower angle than I had been and I plodded face-first into the wet mud of Kaia's backyard. My forward momentum and caused my face, neck, and upper chest to carve a 5 meter trench through the nicely cut lawn.

My air supply cut off, I tried to pull my head free by planting both hands on the sides of the pile my head was under. Pushing as hard as I could, my head popped out and I gasped. Slightly shocked I plopped back down on the pile of mud.

"Man, not my day," I muttered.

I heard the others land behind me.

"Someone needs flying lessons." I heard Liam mutter.

"He'll learn.... I hope." It was Waike. I turned around and saw that they had their wings retracted. And I tried to do the same.

"Just concentrate," Waike said to me. "The feeling will come to you."

I concentrated on my wings and I started to feel the heat again from earlier. It wasn't as intense this time, but I could feel it following my will and the heat flowing back into my body. This time it wrapped my body, enveloping it equally, and I felt less cold than I had earlier with flying in the rain.

We walked in, even though I was covered in mud from head to foot (mostly on my head) the fire was a nice warm addition.

Otaki had went to go return the children home so it was me, Waike, Kaia, Liam, and her father for dinner.

"Any place where I can clean up?" I asked.

"The wash room is down that hallway." Kaia replied and I walked down the hall.


After cleaning up I walked back into the main room. Waike and Liam were sitting infront of the fire.

I sat down on the other side and leaned back.

"Dinner will be ready in another hour," Kaia came in and told us, and then left through the other side of the living room.

Sitting down I searched through my coat. I was hopping that through the fighting I was in and the mudbath I had gotten later that my sketchbook hadn't been damaged.

No one knew why I continued to carry it around with me. I didn't either. I just knew that whenever I was bored or just killing time, that I should grab some paper, a pencil and start sketching.

I found the plastic binder that held all my papers and pencils. Luckily it was dry.

Taking out some paper, and making sure one of the mechanical pencils had enough lead. Starting out with a simple line, I went about drawing.

An half hour passed and I was still working on the sketch. I enjoyed drawing, as I could be seen with my table in the dorm, covered with sketches of creatures and people.

I had the basic shape and I was working on more of the details. If I could only see some of my work come to life, to breath like the real world, to exist like the real world. To make people stop and stare and to have their imaginations take flight like the dragons I drew. I wanted that more than anything…

As I worked on the picture, I might have been sitting too close to the fire, because all of a sudden the bottom corner edge of the picture caught fire. And it spread so quickly I didn’t know what was going on.

”WHOA!” I exclaimed and ended up flipping backwards. I looked up and saw the remnants of the paper floating in the air and still burning ferociously. “What the heck?!”

Waike and Liam came around the fire and only got to see the last of the paper burn into thin air.

“What happened?” Liam asked looking at me. 10-1 says he thought I was losing it.

“I don’t know! The paper I was just drawing on burst into flames!”

“You were sitting too close to the fire,” he replied.

“Then why aren’t I burning right now?” I retorted, standing up and staring at him in the eyes.

Waike wasn’t looking at us, but rather at a part of the fire that was still burning. “Hmmm..”

I looked at my papers still sitting on the floor. “That wasn’t no ordinary flame. If it was I’d be burning to death right now.”

“It wasn’t ordinary.” Waike said, me and Liam looking towards him. “Just watch.”

I looked at the area where the paper had burned in mid air. Looking and staring, not knowing what to look for.

Then in mid-air, flames started collecting and blazing outward. The fire twisted and contorted, forming a new shape.

It was small for it’s size, long and serpentine. It was a wyvern. A Dragon-like creature with a snake like body and it’s only appendages were a pair of wings, completely composed of flames.

“Wha? That’s what I was drawing a second ago.” I muttered.

It showed, parts of the head weren’t complete. Only one horn was there and the tail end was still faint.

I was starting to feel a bit tired for some reason, and my eyes got a bit heavier.

“Now …I feel weak….” I watched as the small creature combusted, blasting apart. The flames spirled and in an instant, the paper and the picture I had been drawing gently floated down.

Waike grabbed the paper out of mid-air. And examined it.

“This isn’t that bad,” he commented. He looked at me and smiled before flinging the paper so that it floated, slicing through the air, back to me. “I believe that you’ve found one of your powers.”

I just blinked… dumbfounded.


Weasel Overlord
23rd April 2004, 09:47 AM
Erm, sorry if I messed up Doyokai, Lady Ali...I didn't mean to if I did....

Torran Ylldier-New found correct soul of Doyokai.

As I wept oblivious, I felt a hand cup my chin and my head was lifted up to look in a woman's eyes. She had the most beautiful eyes I had ever seen, apart from Sulin's of course. They were dark and forbidding, and I couldn't look away. She gazed into my eyes and said "It hurts, doesn't it?" How did she know? It was strange, I felt like I knew this woman, although I had never seen her before in my life, at that moment, I felt like I finally belonged, a feeling I had never really experienced before.
"I know a way to make it stop hurting" At this, my heart leapt. This was a solution I had looked for all my life. A way to stop the nightmares and the memories from ever returning. I had just decided to listen to her, when she kissed me. A short, sharp kiss that seemed to say 'You're mine". She pulled away and stood up straight, pulling me to my feet. She wiped away my tears with a rough hand and clasped my shoulders hard. She turned me around and traced a shape on my back, starting at my shoulder-blades and following a line that lead off my body and into the air. A fiery outline shone for a second and disappeared, leaving a burning sensation, not unpleasant, that spread throughout my body. A feeling that my shoulders were being ripped apart followed and a pair of what felt like wings burst out of my shoulders. I turned around and felt them. They were warm and feathery and a black colour that shone strangely in the light. They looked to be an iridescent blue of some sort, on top of the black. They reminded me of blackbird’s wings, in a way and, for some reason, I didn’t find them at all out of the ordinary. The fact that I had just sprouted wings was strange, though, and I turned around to speak to the woman. She was staring at me and the girl at her side was eyeing me up, almost hungrily.
“What exactly is happening to me?” I demanded. “And who are you?”

Fai D. Flowright
23rd April 2004, 10:36 PM
I greatly apologize for my sudden absence from this RPG. I've been extremely busy with school, and after-school, activities. I HAVE been keeping up, but just haven't had the time to post.

I do plan on getting up a thorough reply this weekend, but, just to forewarn everyone, I won't be able to do much during the next week or so. I have MEAP Testing (it's the standardized test for Michiganians, for those of you who didn't know), and won't get enough time to get on here for an extended period of time.

Sorry for the inconvienence everyone.


P.S. - If someone wishes to take over for Arain while I'm gone, just PM me sometime this weekend, and we can arrange it. Thanks! ^_^

Anjana's Halo
26th April 2004, 08:07 PM
This has ceased its momentum, so I guess I'll wake up. [Zzzzz]

Feiyou: Arch Angel of Light
Yume, sueno, dream, the concept echoed in my head in a thousand different languages as I drifted lazily inside it, seeing and experiencing events from my past, each with one thing in common.


Doyokai staring. Doyokai screaming. Doyokai in a multitude of neutral and negative emotions, each beautiful in my eyes.

The dream shifted hazily to my birth, the moment I awoke and became aware of myself as I rose from the Cosmos. There was only the Being and I, and though I loved the Being, that great entity was not like me. I wished for others like me, siblings, family. Then she arose from the Cosmos, answering my prayers. The beautiful, pale creature named Doyokai, my twin. I went to her and embraced her, and she returned the gesture, the only hug she would ever give. Together, almost instinctively, we created the light of day and the darkness of night. I was so happy, until I felt something was wrong with Doyokai. She felt...tainted, not whole. Only later did I realize that she was created from the darker forces of the Cosmos, unable to draw on the light that I had consumed in my creation. I felt grief and pity for Doyokai, wishing I could share a portion of the light in me with her, even if it meant allowing her darkness to engulf me. She sensed her tainted state as well, and withdrew from me, nursing within her soul a hate for me for causing her to be this way. I was hurt, the wound she gave my soul when she began to loathe me deep, but I still loved her and waited...

Time shifted again in my dream. It was after the birth of my other siblings: Kyria, Waike, and Arain, and after they added their powers to the Earth. Doyokai kneeled by a lake, watching the fish glide idlly under the water's surface. I stood beside her, a ways off, watching the peaceful look on her face, her mouth almost twisted in a smile. She stood and, still facing the lake, spoke to me.

"Who do you think will win in the end?" she asked calmly.

"What do you mean?"

"Darkness and Light. Which will triumph in the end?"

"Why should they fight?" I asked, utterly confused.

"Where ever darkness exists, light cannot, just as darkness doesn't dwell where light shines. They destroy each other. Both wish to exist, and cannot exist to their potential with the other, so one must die." Her tone was so serene while she said this, her face as smooth as the lake. This was a question she had pondered before, I realized, many times. She turned at last toward me. "I think Darkness will survive, for Light does not even realize there's a need for conflict."

The scene of the only civil conversation I had with Doyokai faded, and I stood alone on a desolate shore, weeping. Oh, Doyokai, my sister, my second heart, why do you return my love with hate...
My eyes opened slowly. Someone had removed my jacket and shoes and had placed a blanket over me. I lifted my head to see Shun and Tetsuhiko watching the television. On the screen, men in heavy armor ran across a green field, fighting for possession of a leathery pointed ellispe. They turned when they heard me sitting up.

"Hey, you're awake," Shun said. "Did you know you snore?"

"I do?" I asked.

"Nah, just messing with you." I placed my feet on the floor and began to stand up. "Wait, Fei!" yelled Shun. "Are you sure you should be getting up? I mean, the panther chick really beat you up."

I stood, flexing my arms and legs a bit. "I feel fine now."

"You were barely able to walk to Shun's house," Tetsuhiko said. "There's no way you're okay after a little nap. Like, there was a huge gash on your arm-" I lifted up the sleeve of my shirt, showing smooth, flawless skin. "-which is no longer there." The brown-eyed boy stared up in disbelief.

"I heal fast," I said, smiling. "Where's Phil and Haile?" Seemingly summonded by her name, Haile bounded into the room and grabbed me in a hug.

"Fei! You're awake! Are you feeling better?" She gazed up at me with those shining blue eyes. My smile only broadened at the sight of her. She was almost like another sister to me.

"I'm feeling great! I just needed a little sleep, that was all. What are you doing?"

"Phil's making ice cream. C'mon, I had him make one for you, too." She grabbed my hand and led me into the kitchen where two bowls of a white solid covered in a brown syrup sat on the counter. Phil was putting the container for the 'ice cream' away. I sat down in front of one of the bowls and saw Shun and Tetsuhiko had followed us. Phil looked at me and shook his head.

"She kept asking me to make two bowls of ice cream for you and her, so I hope you enjoy." He then sat beside Haile, who was busy scooping up the white substance with a spoon.

"Hey, do Angels eat?" Shun asked me.

"I guess I don't really have to..." I trailed off as I stared into the bowl. "So this is called ice cream?" When no answer came, I looked up to see every face in the room staring at me, mouths agape.

"Fei, you never had ice cream?" Phil asked in what could only be disbelief.

"I've heard of it, but I've never had it. Is that bad?"

"It's a crime." Shun shoved a spoon into my face. "Eat up. I can't believe you've never eaten ice cream..." I took the spoon, and carved a large chunk of ice cream, stuck it in my mouth and swallowed, discovering that, true to its name, the ice cream was cold, creamy, and sweet, as well as wonderfully deliscious. I quickly stuck another spoonful in my mouth, and another, and was preparing for a fourth when I dropped the utensil and clutched my head in my hands.

"Fei, what's wrong?!" Haile asked, worried.

"My...head...It feels like it's...splitting open..." The pain in my head was almost unbearable. I began worrying as well. What was wrong with me?

Tetsuhiko began to chuckle, then Shun joined, then all around the table began laughing. "Congratulations, Fei," Shun said, holding back his laughs as he spoke. "You're experiencing your first ice cream headache." Suffering would have been a better choice of words. Eventually, the pain left, and I ate far more slowing, following their suggestions. As I ate, I told Tetsuhiko of the conflict between the Arch Angels and how I wished for his help. He didn't need much convincing after what he had witnessed.

"I leave the choice up to you," I finished, gazing at him.

"So, what happens if I accept?" he asked.

"I give you the powers of a Correct Soul, and-Did you tell your parents where you were?" I asked Phil. He nodded. "Well, then," I continued, stretching a bit, "Then I believe we could have a small flying lesson.

I accomplished three important things in the post.
1) I was finally able to use the dream sequence I had pulled from my first post, showing a bit of Fei and Doyokai's relationship before. At least, the nicer bits.
2) I showed how Fei, though he has learned alot, still doesn't know quite a bit about modern culture.
3) I gave an Arch Angel an ice cream headache. I have no idea how long that idea's been bouncing around, but I finally used it. [Bishie w/ Headache]

Elemental Seribii
26th April 2004, 09:35 PM
X3 Sleepover at Shun's!

Philip Mitleid - Correct Soul of Feiyou
Haile had just bribed our mother. She was so sweet. Smiling and ruffling her hair, she giggled, aware of her own unatural devious behaviour.

We watched TV for a while, mostly in silent companionship, save for Haile's occasional chatter. Eventually, she streched, and looked up at me.
"Phil! Could you make me some ice cream?"
"Haile, this isn't our house." Realizing this, she turned to Shun and widened her eyes.
"Shun, would you let Phil get me some ice cream?" Shun looked over to me, and I looked at him horrified, shaking my head.
"Sure. There's some in the freezer, Phil, help yourself."

Pouting at Shun, who smiled and waved me off the couch, I made my way back into the kitchen, Haile at my heels.
"Whatcha want?" I asked, opening the freezer and peering inside. "We've got chocolate, vanilla, and...that's it." Haile fell silent, this was a crucial decision. Her eyes lit up when she decided, and she clapped her hands.
"Vanilla! Ooh, Shun!" She called back into the TV room. "Do you have any chocolate syrup?" Shun responded with directions, and I soon had one bowl with a few scoops of ice cream for Haile, which she happily drenched in syrup.
"For Fei too, please Phil? He's gonna want some when he wakes up." As if on cue, I heard Shun and Tetsuhiko talking to a supposedly recovered Feiyou. I retrieved two spoons, and set the two bowls of ice cream on the table.

Feiyou's ice cream headache was funny, but he scared me for that split second. When he mentioned flying lessons, that caught my attention. What would it be like, I wondered...to really leave the ground behind. Would it feel as free as one always imagined it would?

Gah, sorry this is so bad. X___x;
...Ever been to the site Just a Little Ecchi? *has serious problems*
Anyways, I'll be gone until Friday night. Waike's troops, feel free to drag him along anywhere you go. To battle evil, to raise his army (of the undead!) theme park, a road trip, hell, wherever. ^____^

27th April 2004, 05:56 PM
Er, I'd just like to let everyone know that right now I'm grounded. And stuff. 8D;;

Labruey/F/8 - Correct Soul of Feiyou
Labruey listened quietly as Kyria told Ethuil the story, about the Arch Angels and the Correct Souls. When Kyria finished, Labruey spoke up immidietly.

"I know about that," the girl said quietly. "Where I live... We've been waiting. I'm a Correct Soul too. I don't think I'm one of yours, though," she said, flashing a grin at Kyria. "I think I'm... Feiyou's. We call him Holder of Light." Labruey studied Ethuil's face and then turned to gaze at the smouldering house. The young girl reached out to give the other girl a comforting hug.

"Don't worry," she reassured Ethuil "Your dog's still alive." And then, before anyone could stop her, Labruey sprinted across the lawn, the bracelets around her ankles jingling. Before she entered the house, she turned to wave cheerily at the Arch Angel and Ethuil, before she disappeared into the still-warm house.

Labruey skirted around catiously around the house, avoiding fallen beams and other unsafe places. Her feet was blackened from the soot, but she kept on seraching, until she heard a dog whining behind the door. Pushing the door open, the small girl was nearly overwhelmed by the enthusiatic and terrified dog.

"Get off, silly!" Labruey giggled, trying to calm down and soothe the dog. Finally, she'd managed to calm the dog down, mostly. Stroking it gently, patting away most of the ashes away from its coat, Labruey checked to seem if Ethuil's dog was okay. Aside from a singed coat, the dog was absolutely fine. Scanning the room while still petting the dog, who'd ceased whining but whose tail threatened to overwhelm and knock over Labruey with it's excited wagging, the girl found what she'd knew would be there: a phone, warm to the touch, but unharmed. And when Labruey picked it up, she could hear the dail tone. Plopping down on the floor, the dog climbing into her lap, Labruey dialed a number and waited patiently as the phone rang. After the third ring, someone picked up.

"Hello?" the voice on the other end of the phone asked.

"Hello. I'm looking for Feiyou. He should be eating some ice cream right now," Labruey answered back calmly.

Saana Lai/f/19 - Correct Soul of Kyria
Strolling in the orphanage, cigarrete in mouth, and still carrying the fish, Saana waved at Mrs. Lannette.

"'Ey, Mrs. L," Saana spoke around the cigarrete. "How're things? Did I miss anything?"

Mrs. Lannette only raised a eyebrow and pointed to a No Smoking sign. Saana laughed sheepishly.

"Oops... Ehehehe..." Saana ground her cigarrete on a nearby ashtray. "So..." she continued. "Where are the kids?" As if on cue, a small girl peeped into the room and shrieked "Miss Saana's back!" Withen seconds, Saana found herself surrounded by a mob of children pelting questions.

"Where did you go?!?"
"Did you hear about the big kitty attacking people?!?"
"What did you get?!?"
"Did you know that some houses are on fire?!?"

Saana raised her hands, still holding the goldfish. "Aaack! Stop! You'll crush the fish!" she laughingly cried.
"Can I have one, Miss Saana?"


Several hours later, Saana trotted, exhausted, from the orphanage. First she'd given pratically every child in there a fish, personally, then she had to instruct them on how to take care of the fish, and then they'd demanded that she'd play with them...

She sighed as she looked up into the sky. Already, she was exhausted, and she'd never had a chance to work. She shrugged. And then she remembered something.

Her wings...

Checking to see if anyone was around, she quickly ducked into a alley and extracted her wings. Craning her head around to stare at them, she gave them a couple of experimental flaps.

Well, they were wings, and with wings you could fly...

A few seconds later, Saana soared out of the alleyway and out into the sky, laughing and twirling around. This is great! I've never felt this free before! she thought, exhilirated.

Doyokai - Arch Angel of Darkness
The man's question made her laugh. Smiling, Doyokai stroked her Correct Soul's face possively.

"What's happened," she spoke in a murmer meant for him. "What's happened is that you've become a Correct Soul. My Correct Soul, in fact." She leaned closer to Torren and whispered in his ear.

"You've been hurt in the past, right? And you want revenge... Revenge for everything that's happened. But you really couldn't have your revenge, right? So many silly laws and restrictions, that you could never fulfill your thirst for revenge. But I... I can help you. I can fulfill your darkest dreams. And everyone will fear you. They won't look down on you, with pity, or contempt. Because you'll hold their life in your hands."
Er, I hope I didn't mess up anything with this post. 8D;; And sorry if nothing makes sense, and stuff. 8D;;;;;

Weasel Overlord
28th April 2004, 07:43 AM
Erm..can someone tell me how to get my piccy into a hyperlink please?

Weasel Overlord
28th April 2004, 07:59 AM
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Emotional Faun Chiko-sai
28th April 2004, 10:19 AM
Weasel Overlord: Mer... pic in a hyperlink?? there's a little button above the posting box that says 'insert hyperlink' ^^;; have you uploaded the pic anywhere???

Lame Defense For Absence- repeated aural tests, sports meets, Dance Fiesta, breaking my back over painting backdrops, watching Naruto, procrastinating, and wasting time in general... *shuffles feet sheepishly*
Er.. yes... I realise I haven't been posting for.. a very long while...
Rurik Wetherford|M|Correct Soul of Arain
"Sod you."

Rurik is tired of people wanting a perfect world. He knows, feels that there is no such thing as a perfect world, except maybe in the realm of the mind. If everything was perfect, perfectly spelled out in a perfect way by a perfect person for perfect people, there would be no perfect per se, because in order to have a perfect you have to have an imperfect to compare it to. Only then can you say: "hah, everything's perfect, I bet everybody's happy now that it is, hah."

But that wouldn't be possible, because in the end, humans are human, and the human mentality has a way of sneaking up on you when you're not paying attention. They'll never be satisfied with what they have. And there's no such thing as definite good and evil. Everyone is bad. They're just on different sides, and each side happens to think that it's good and the others evil. Ah, the art of thinking in corkscrews. Rurik's not the best at it, but he's getting there.

Rurik is a very depressing person to talk to, occasionally. It is just as well that he does not feel that he has the time or energy to expound on his pessimism. (Ironically, much of said energy is wasted on getting pissed off. Perhaps it's against his inherently nice nature.)

When Arain explains, Rurik thinks these thoughts, and figures it's a bother to voice his doubts when Kanli has done it already for him. In fact, he's found that while he usually can't understand Kanli's calculations or reasonings or ekcetera, he generally agrees with the point argued. And he had been agreeing, until the guy suffered another one of his fits. Pfffft.

Zephania starts, "Hey! Are you alright?"
Rurik growls: "What, again?"
Arain's brows knit, but she says nothing. Yet.

And she continues to say nothing when Kanli leaves, but her lips narrow in a thin line. Rurik has not known her long enough to determine whether that is dangerous or merely denotes that she is vexed.

"This is going nowhere," grouses Rurik, sticking his hands in his pockets and beginning to walk off in the opposite direction. "I'm not particularly interested in perfection at the moment... Drop me a line when you get something together."
More... eventually. Ehhe; I had to resist a very strong temptation not to make him follow Engi's chara. ^^;;; I guess Rurik will be turning back to his cause in my next few posts or so, if something turns up.

29th April 2004, 12:56 PM
Hey, sorry but I managed to fork over a quick note. I'm really busy this week so I doubt I'll manage to form anything up. BUT just a note... Lady Ali, your little girly char... she's nice, but make sure she doesn't know any thing she shouldn't. I know her history and personality and stuff is quite a background, but she really shouldn't know an incredible amount of the Arch Angels. And she wouldn't know that she was a Correct Soul... otherwise there would be no point in Awakening. Sorry... I know Haile and her are really alike, but Haile knows a lot of things for the pure reason that she isn't a correct soul but the being.

Sorry.. just wanted to point that out. Oh, and perhaps you guys should fast forward a few things. (Arch Angels mostly) so that you start going to do what you've set out to do? Lots of demons and lots of things in th eworld to accomplish... ^^

29th April 2004, 02:22 PM
Ack, oops. 8D;;; Er, should I re-edit my post? ^^;;;;

29th April 2004, 07:36 PM
I must make a pardon, too. I have 8 AP/IB tests coming up in the next two weeks. I do hope you people understand my absence. After two weeks I should be fine.

But I'll try posting soon, if not editing this post and making one.

Weasel Overlord
30th April 2004, 08:53 AM
It just so happens that the piccy is on paint or word or summat but if I try an do what you said, it does this......

Torran Pic (http://www.side7.com/cgi-bin/S7SDB/Display.pl?act=image&iid=298524)

Which actually makes it work so never mind.....*feels stupid* Heh heh heh......*trails off* erm.....yeah!!! Showed you!!!!

30th April 2004, 07:56 PM
I'm back ladies and gentlemen!

I saw it all. I saw that angel-like being. I saw the carnage, and I loved it. When she changed back into the girl, I slowly followed her. I had to find out who this bloodthirsty being was. I pushed my way through the crowd, trying to keep up with her. I overheard her telling her friend that she was an archangel and that she was the weakest because of her brother Feiyuo.
Feiyou. I heard that name before. But from where?
I then remembered that it was the name of that blue haired guy that was with. I continued to follow her. I then saw her walk up to some guy crying in the street. I heard her promise him power beyond imagination.
“No one will look down on you in pity again,” she said, “Because their life will be in their hands.”
“If you’re looking for someone who’s out to cause pain and suffering,” I said, stepping out of the shadows, “you should have come to me.” A curious look appeared on the archangel’s face.
“You hate these people?” she asked, “and this world?” I sadistic smile appeared on my face.
“More then anything.” Her curious look was replaced by a smile deeper in darkness.
“I like you,” she said, “I like you a lot. What’s your name?”

Sorry if I’m going to fast. I'll post for Otaki later

1st May 2004, 09:29 PM
OOC: Hey Denny, do you mind editing out the part of Otaki leaving? I don't think there's any reason for him to be gone.

Kaia Dunkirk
"Hey, how about someone get in here to set up the table or else no one is have steak and mashed potatoes."
Seconds later, they came scurrying in, even Waike.
Men, they'll do anything for a meal, I rolled my eyes.
"Plates are in the cabinet over the oven and the utensils are right behind the sink, first drawer on the right. The napkins and cups are already out so get cracking."
As I stirred the mashed potatoes into its creamy mixture, the others set to work. Only Waike was confused over the whole matter as I assumed he had no idea what to do. After looking at the others for a bit, he finally got the idea and placed the plates between the knives and forks. As they all started to sit down, I placed each piece of steak on the plate as well as a huge gob of potatoes.
"You guys want soda or juice?" I asked.
"Soda," they all said.
Predictable again.
I hefted a bottle of Pepsi out of the fridge and filled each cup before filling my own and sat down.
"Ok, here are the rules. Everyone put their napkins on their laps before eating. I don't want to do anyone's laundry besides Denny's."
He gave a sheepish grin before I continued.
"Secondly, everyone use their knives and forks. I'm not going to sit here and watch savages eat. Thirdly, if you need to do a bodily function besides a quiet burp, save it for outside the house. And finally, saying grace is up to you. I don't do it but I respect your decision to do so. Now, let's chow down!"
They all stared at me before shrugging and digging in. I was surprised at how well Waike knew how to eat, considering he was made in the beginning of time and didn't know the customs of today.

An hour later, we were all sitting in the living room, save Liam who was stuck with doing dishes after losing rock, paper, scissors. Everyone was feeling rather lazy and tired after the whole day and the meal.
"Thanks for the dinner, Kaia," Otaki said. "I haven't eaten a meal like that in ages." The others nodded in agreement. "Also, it was nice of your dad to take the kids out for pizza."
"I'm sure he had a nice time, after a lot of grumbling of course." I smiled. "Good thing he's sleeping and the kids are running around outside."
We sat around for a few more minutes before Liam came back in and slumped against a recliner.
"ugh, I hate doing the dishes. I could've won if I used scissors instead of rock."
"Well, now it's done so you can just relax," I said.
"Well, I'd love to but I need to get back home," Otaki said. "It's past the kids' bedtime and I'm wiped."
"Same," Denny and Liam replied and got up.
"First though," I hastily said, "who's taking Waike?"
The strangely silent Angel looked up at us, expressionless. What was on his mind?
"Well, I can't because mom won't let me have an older guy in the house, same with Kaia and her dad," Liam said. I made a weird face.
"And I don't have much room so it's going to be Denny," Otaki grinned.
He gave us a venemous glare but nodded at Waike.
"You're staying with me tonight, oh mighty Archangel."
Waike rolled his eyes and got up.
"We all need to talk tomorrow so get a good night's rest."
I nodded and walked over to the back door to let the guys out. Each thanked me again before going out into the night, everyone except Otaki probably flying back to their homes. I closed the door and quickly shut off everything downstairs before going to my room to finally sleep. What a day.

3rd May 2004, 12:34 AM
Sorry guys! I know I haven't been around for a long time. I'm having exams, and I overlooked informing you guys, being caught up in study and such. My exams end next Tuesday, 11th of May. Hopefully, I'll be able to come back this Saturday. If not, I'll be aroudn on Tuesday. Sorry again!

3rd May 2004, 08:05 PM
OK, I feel like I need to offer you an explanation since I haven't posted since page... *checks* 5 --;

I've been suffering from a severe mental disorder. It has many names: Urg..., Help Me, and I need inspiration!, among others. But it's true scientific name is Lackus Ofideasus Towritus.

Ladies and gentlemen, winged bishonen alike... I have Writer's Block.

I seriously have no idea what to do in this. I'm kinda waiting/hoping for Lady Ali or someone else to give me something to go off of, but as for where we are right now, I'm stuck.

Some of you may have noticed this in my other RPGs as well. I'm trying to get over it, but not doing so very successfully.

So now you know...

Weasel Overlord
4th May 2004, 04:17 AM
She laughed heartily, and turned as another person melted out of the shadows nearby. He said something that was inaudible to me but it seemed to please the woman as a smile spread slowly across her face. Not a smile to be messed with, hers. The newcomer introduced himself as Dayube and the woman tapped her chest, saying “Doyokai”, I presumed that this was her name. She then turned back to me and the girl and drew us closer to her.
“Introductions” She said, sharply, “will have to wait. For the moment, we need to get out of here. You, Kayla…” She said, pointing at the girl, “will take us somewhere safe. Safer than these streets. It grows dark and I require a place to teach you all, away from meddling eyes.” At this, the girl, Kayla, I presumed, started to walk off in the direction of an alleyway. Within minutes, she’d faded into the gloom and left me, Doyokai and Dayube alone on the street. We followed quickly to see Kayla’s feet disappearing into the ceiling. I peered upwards and, spotting a ladder, I hoisted myself up after her. Doyokai and Dayube followed and Kayla sat down with a thump in the middle of the floor. I looked around the loft in surprise. I had been down this alleyway many times before and never noticed this place.
“Hmm. It’s well hidden, at least. Good job, Kayla.” Said Doyokai, looking around in displeasure. “It’ll do for the moment, I suppose.” She wrinkled her nose at the dust and made a sudden hand gesture. The loft lit up with an eerie purple light, which settled in every corner, illuminating the whole room. Looking around, I caught a glimpse of my wings again out of the corner of my eye.
“Erm, about these wings….”
Ran out of ideas.....sorreeeeeee.................... :nut: *cackle* *rubs hands* ooooh.....can't wait for dishing out of powers.......

12th May 2004, 08:41 AM
Heya! I'm back!! Sorry I took so long... So... Waht have I missed?

*^~Ethuil Laerien | Correct Soul of Kyria~^*

"Your dog's still alive," Labruey told me, smiling reassuringly. Then, without warning, she ran into the charred house.

"Hey!" I called out, but she ignored me, dodging falling beams and charred wood.

"It's okay," Kyria said, "she only wants to use the phone..." Kyria paused and smiled wryly... "to find my brother."

"I was under the impression angels could not be reached by telephone, or email, for that matter..." I muttered.

"No, we can't be so reached," Kyria informed me. "But if a Correct Soul calls out to his or her Arch Angel, the angel will have to answer the call. Labruey knows surprisingly much, considering that my brother has yet to reveal himself to her. But then again, she's a little different. She Knows." Here, Kyria turned to me. "So do you. You've been having visions, haven't you? Visions of a happy life..."

I muttered my agreement, surprised Kyria knew so much about me.

Mew Master
13th May 2004, 11:27 PM
Branded! To the depths of Hell we go! *grabs Waike by the arm and drags him off*

Denny Roth ~ M ~ Correct Soul of Waike

Blackmailed. That was the only thing I could think of as I walked towards the college from Kaia's house. I didn't have any room for the angel either. I lived in a college two-person dorm. I barely had enough room for myself!

As we walked, I guess I was half-expecting Waike to ask why don't we just fly back to your home, but he didn't, which was good. I didn't mind it, but I don't think other people would if they started seeing people flying through the air on wings of flame.

The rain had stopped, but the chill was still in the air. I remembered the feeling of my wings and that game me some warmth, but oddly enough, being next to Waike game me a bit more warmth.

I was wondering something.


"What?" he replied.

(Whoa... odd sense of Dejavu comin on... @_o)

"Why the battle? Why the Fighting?" I asked. "Isn't there some way this can all be avoided. Sure the world has some problems, but that doesn't mean a full-scale war has to be fought in order to save it."

Waike was silient, either pondering my question or thinking about how stupid I had to be.

"In some ways you sound just like Feiyou," he started. "The world has problems, yes, but just standing by and letting innocents die, the oppressed being overrun by the oppressors, there are only the winners and losers. No one can be happy in a world such as thus."

"So what are we supposed to do about it?" I asked.

"The strong protect the weak. Protect those who cannot protect themselves."

"Nice ideal," I commented. "But have you ever heard of the phrase, Absolute power, controls absolutly?"

"Yes, but the strong aren't absolute. If they become curropt,then the weak become strong."

A neverending cycle of oppressed and oppressors, I thought. Just how the world is now.

"So the basic idea is protect the weak so they become strong, or just Protect them because we are the strong?"

"Protect them because we are the strong."

"Why not help them become strong so that they will no longer need protection?"

"Because they will never be strong enough."

"Elaberate on that."

"There are forces in the world. Forces no mortal knows about, or even realizes could ever exsist. Evil forces that pick on the weaknesses of man for their own gain, those that use fear and pain, those that just want to feed, and those that just wish to exsist. Other than this, there isn't much I can tell you until the training of my Correct Souls are complete."

"So we, I mean your Correct Souls, are just playing it by ear for now."

"Basicaly." Waike replied.


Elemental Serribi, if you would like to continue the conversation at your digression, or just cut to the chase back at the dorms. Up to you.


15th May 2004, 03:29 PM
Hi! I'm done with testing! Unfortunately, the two people I was hoping to post (Anjana's Halo for Feiyou and PJBW for Genki) Never, well... really posted, so I didn't quite know how to continue. O well, I'll skip the whole telephone part and just goto when Labruey is done with her telephone call. Or something. >.>
A Correct Soul of Feiyou. Ah well, perhaps it was better that she was a correct soul of my older brother than any of my other siblings. Feiyou partly understands some of my feelings...
The young girl hung up. "I'm going to go visit him now!" she stated cheerfully, and then danced off into the opposite direction we were heading. Hmm, I thought. Well, I can't do anything now, I shrugged, then beckoned Ethuil in the other direction to head for the orphanage, along with her dog.
Then, a sudden chill went over me.
I quickly looked back at Labruey. She seemed ok... the air was getting thick. Her cheerful being seemed to be a beacon of light in the ever thickening fog around us. But something about this fog wasn't quite right... it was too sudden, and too cold. It seemed to move as if it were alive...
Labruey stopped. She seemed to have notice the fog by now, and was a bit more anxious than she was before.
"I think we should go help her..." Ethuil suggested. She was right, at this point she would be engulfed by the fog if we didn't do anything for her.
"Let's go." I transformed into my animal form and nuzzled Ethuil to get on with me, and ran as fast as I could towards Labruey. But each time I ran, it seemed as if she was getting farther, and the fog thicker... until at one point I couldn't see her at all. Then I heard a deep, sinister hiss that seemed to originate from the fog itself.
"This can't be good..."

Anjana's Halo
15th May 2004, 04:55 PM
Eep! I'm sorry about not posting. I really had only half an idea how to proceed and I was kinda waiting for legendary fisherman to post, but I'll post now, okay? Yay! [*@&$% school...]

Feiyou: Arch Angel of Light
Haile and I were finishing our ice cream when the phone rang.

"I'll get it," Shun said, picking up the phone. "Hello?" he said into the receiver. He paused as the caller spoke. His eyes grew wide as he turned to look at me as I placed another spoonful of ice cream into my mouth.

"Um, could you hold on a second?" Shun asked, and then placed a hand over the mouthpiece.

"Who is it?" asked Tetsuhiko.

"It's some little girl. She asked for him," Shun said, nodding in my direction. "She said he's probably eating ice cream." The kitchen was completely silent.

"I'll talk to her," I said, rising from my chair. Shun handed the phone to me a bit reculantly. I was shaken as well. I didn't know any young girls beside Haile, and who could possibly know who I was, where I was, or, most disturbingly, what I was doing. Whoever this was, I needed to know who they were. Something else was on the edge of my mind, as well, pushing me to speak with the mysterious person more than any curiosity or doubt. "Hello, this is Feiyou. Who is this?"

"Hi Fei. Can I call you Fei?" said the voice on the phone. It was indeed a young girl, completely unknown to me.

I nodded, and then remembered we were only communicating by sound. “Yes, I don’t mind. What should I call you?”

"I'm Labruey. I think I belong with you." At these words, I felt something I had noted before, but had not understood until now. From this voice shone that warm, soothing light. Another Correct Soul, except this one had found me. "May I come over to see you?" she asked.

Where is she? I thought. I closed my eyes and concentrated, gazing with my mind until I saw that light. She was a distance away, but still within the city. I turned back to the phone conversation. "Yes," I said, and gave her directions. "But...how do you know about me?"

A giggle, then "I'll tell you when I come over. I promise. See you soon, Fei." Before I could respond, Labruey hung up. I didn't mind, in fact, I smiled. Another Correct Soul. Just as when I first saw Shun, I felt the need to see her, meet her. She must be around the same age as Haile. I hope they become good friends. I gave a small smile as I put the phone down.

"So who was that?" asked Shun.

"Another Correct Soul. She's coming over."

"That young?!" Shun nearly yelled.

"How young is she?" questioned Phil.

"About Haile's age. Way younger than the rest of us," Shun then turned to me. "Are you sure she should be wandering around that city by herself?"

"Don't worry, I'm keeping an eye on her. Tetsuhiko, what do you say?" I added before anyone could ask what I meant.

"Well, I guess I will. I really don't think any of you Arch Angels can rule the world and not mess it up even more. No offense."

"None taken." I moved to him and placed my hands on his shoulders. I didn't worry too much about being inside, since Shun's kitchen was fairly large. Light once again enveloped me as I transformed into my Angel form. The light then traveled into Tetsuhiko, the aura absorbed by his body as two large, leathery black wings emerged from his back.

"Bat wings," Haile said, moving closer and gently touching one. "They're really soft! You're wings are really cool, Tetsu!"

"You think so?" Tetsuhiko asked, looking at his wings. Experimentally, he tried flapping them, only suceeding in knocking over a few pots and pans.

"Woah, watch it!" Yelled Shun, diving to catch a china plate. "Fei, don't you think you should have done this outside?"

"Um, in retrospect that might have been better..." I laughed sheepishly as I quickly checked on Labruey. My laughter stopped as I realized that, though I could still see her light, there was something surrounding her, enveloping her. Something not good.

"What isn't?" asked Haile abruptly.

"What?" I said, confused.

"You just mumbled 'Not good.' What's wrong?" Shun explained.

"Labruey, the Correct Soul who called earlier, she's in trouble," I searched more, seeing Kyria and one of her Correct Souls, but the danger was still there, threatening not only Labruey but Kyria and the Soul with her. "And I think Kyria is, too."

"So, it's us to the rescue?" asked Shun. I nodded. "So, where is she?"

I was thinking more along the lines of how to get there. Walking would be too slow; they were much too far. A car in the city traffic would be even slower. Then, a small grin crossed my face as I looked up at them.

"She isn't too far, as the crow travels," I said.

"And that means?" Asked Tetsuhiko, pausing his experimenting of retracting and protruding his wings.

"Are ready for your flying lesson?"

Yay! Fei's worried about his imotosan and is off to the rescue! I'm really hoping to show in my next few posts Feiyou is not a pacifist, but can be a very skilled kicker of butt. [And in this corner...Fei-kun!]

17th May 2004, 10:56 AM
F/Reincarnation of the Being

Haile listened intently, and although s he had a feeling she already knew who was on the other line... she grinned happily.
"Labruey? Yay! I knew she would come." There had been many eyes of disbelief, and they looked at Haile for a second. Phil nodded slightly...
"I should have connected it. Haile and Labruey are friends... so that is the girl who called. Figures. They act the same... if you know what I mean."

Haile clapped her hands together, " Maybe she wanted some ice cream too."
However she then listened to Fei... and at the mention of wings Haile's eyes seem to glaze with recognition. She could not fly... but again, her happiness with in her and around her like an aura blinded any forbidding feeling about the matter.
" Go now then. Fly away like beautiful eagles upon the setting sun." Haile smiled, tilting her head to the side...
"I could carry you Haile... " Phil said but Haile immediatly shook her head.
"Nope. You don't even know how to fly yet, and besides you should all hurry. It's daytime now... but the sun is setting and as soon as it sets Labruey will be in bigger trouble."
Fei nodded lightly, and soon after a quiet discussion they began to leave.. heading out the door.
" Don't get into trouble, alright Haile?" Phil said, gazing at her with that protective brother look.
"I'll be fine. Shun's place is nice." Haile smiled brightly, giving a slight nod as if to reassure her older brother. He seemed to accept it, and as soon as they left Haile turned her head to gaze out the window.
"The demons are mean..." she said, withdrawing a breath.

The setting sun's rays hit her face...and it seemed to foreshadow some thing to come. Half of Haile's face was in the sun, illuminated her haunting blue eyes and beautiful hair. However the sun's rays was blocked by an object outside, so the other half of her face was with in darkness.

Weasel Overlord
20th May 2004, 04:31 AM
*Takes over Doyokai and Kayla slightly* Her, hope you don't mind, Lady Ali...*looks sheepish and apologetic* I know what writer's block is like and ye have my sympathy...hopefully my post will help you get some ideas.....

Torran Ylldier-Correct Soul of Doyokai.

“Yes?” Snapped Doyokai “What about them?”
“Well, how are we supposed to hide them? I mean, it’s not like we’re not gonna be noticed with dirty great wings sticking out from our shoulders…” I trailed off, Doyokai was staring at me with a funny expression on her face. It was sort of scary and comforting at the same time, which was strange.
“I will be showing you right now, boy, if you’d wait a minute. Now…” She turned “All of you, listen carefully, for I will only say this once. You all belong to me, Doyokai. You were chosen for your bitter feelings towards others and your burning passion for hurting others. You.” She pointed at me. “What is your name?”
“Torran Ylldier.” I retorted, staring right back at her.
“Fine, she pointed at the girl. Name?”
“Kayla Nora.” She replied, scowling around at us.
“Okay, now…”
“I’m Dayube. Just Dayube will do.”
“Right, now we’re all properly introduced, lets get down to business. I am Doyokai, Arch-Angel of Darkness and Revenge. The reason I chose all of you is because I feel that the Earth has become too soft in my absence. There is no longer chaos, and I believe that it is chaos that makes us whole. I want to be whole, and only with the help of you three, can I make the world a more violent place to live in. There will be chaos, needless killing and destruction, and you are the ones to help me to make this happen. You all have a thirst to see humans suffer, whether it is because they have wronged you in some way…” She looked at Kayla, “Whether you don’t like what you see in the world…” She looked at Dayube, “Or whether you have had something you dearly loved taken away from you” Her gaze fell on me. “You all have a reason to hate, and it is this hatred that drew me to you, as my Correct Souls. You all have a pair of wings…”
“I don’t” Piped up Dayube.
“Yes, yes, I’ll get to you in a minute.” She snarled, “I will bestow upon you all great powers, and you will use them to aid me.” She took a breath and I looked round at the others. They looked as eager as I felt, especially Dayube. He didn’t have his wings yet, I wondered briefly what they would be like. Probably black like mine and Kayla’s. She walked over to Dayube and touched his shoulders. A pair of bat-like wings sprang out of his back. As I had suspected, they were black only they were shrouded in a purpley mist. It looked weird but it felt so, well, so right somehow. Like I belonged in that mist.
“Now…” Doyokai said, dusting off her hands, “…That you all have wings. I think it’s time for a flying lesson!”

Prof. Jb Wolf
23rd May 2004, 01:48 AM
*Bows low.* Gome nasai for just suddenly dissappearing for more than a month. As Boxo can attest, I frequently enter a sort of procrastination period where I just suddenly can't seem to post at all...Not that that is really any kind of an excuse. I was also quite busy with other work as many of you also seem to have...Err...anyway...

Genki Ming (M) - Correct Soul of Waike
It was magical. The moonlight, the roof, the wings...the kiss...Everything was magical. Something long buried stirred in my heart as our lips touched and I was a bit surprised when it ended so suddenly. She looked at me, her face burning red, a surprised look on her face. I opened my mouth to speak when a voice rang in the still night air.


It was Kanli. I released Lyia from our embrace and looked over the edge of the building. There he was running along the street. I glanced over at Lyia who gave me a small smile. "We should probably go down... your brother needs you."

Closing my eyes, I nodded and took her hand in mine. "Thanks fer understandin'." We leapt off the roof, are wings easily slowing our descent as I yelled down to my brother. "Oi, Kanli! Up 'ere!"

Our eyes met and I was shocked to find that I could not sense how he was feeling. "Sumthin's up..."

We landed in front of Kanli, folding and hiding our wings. Luckily, this late at night, there weren't many people wandering the streets. "Kan...what's up?"

"Genki, I-" He stopped and glanced at Lyia. "Is she the angel...?"

"Oh...guess you guys haven't met..." I couldn't stop a small smile as I looked at Lyia. "Kan, I want'cha ta meet Lyia..." Turning back towards my brother, I whispered quietly. "I think...I've found my heart again..."

An emotion flickered through Kan's half-shut eyes. Was it...sorrow? Why would he be sad that I'd found love again..."Anyway, Kan, you okay? I'm sorry I left so sud-"

"Genki, I killed Kaori."

That stopped me. The feeling of contentment and warmth was suddenly banished replaced with shock and cold. "Wh-what did you say?"

"It was all my fault...I caused her death..." He said again, his voice, normally so firm and unwavering, breaking and quivering with some unknown emotion.

I stepped forward and clamped my hands on his shoulders. "Kan...your not serious..." Ghostly, etheral his voice from that day coldy gripped my heart. "It's all my fault"

"Bro...tell me your not serious....Brother..." I felt my eyes well up with tears. "Kan..."

He couldn't be serious. It was just an accident....but why had he been there with her? I hadn't wondered at the time, struck by the grief of Kaori's death and relief at Kanli having survived. Now it hit me..."No it's not true...it's NOT TRUE!" I turned and slammed my fist into the wall, creating a small hole in the masonry.

"Genki..." Lyia's voice cut through the haze in my mind, like cool wave of water.

"Not true..." I muttered as I slumped to my knees.

"Genki..." Lyia knelt next to me as she placed a comforting hand on my shoulders. "I..."

I felt her stiffen as she gasped. "Danger....fear...despair." I looked up as she also stood her eyes darting here and there. "Something is coming..."

Then I felt it too, a prickling of the hairs on the back of my neck. A fog began to roll in, appearing as if out of nowhere. I stood just as these....shadows began to appear out of the fog...
Ball ta Bulba-san or Box.

BTW - Bulba-san, I was not aware you were also a fan of the Vamp with a Soul. Quite sad that its over though...

28th May 2004, 08:20 PM
Why are people giving up on this? As soon as a couple of people don't post, others follow suit and a really good RPG goes to waste (which happens too often, imo). Anyone still in this besides me?

Edit: Ok, maybe not giving up but definitely avoiding it. If you have writer's block, at least let people know. If you're not posting because you're procrastinating, well, now's the time to kick the habit

28th May 2004, 08:42 PM
I am... right now, though, I'm stuck in a very deep muddy trench (yes, writer's block). Ah, screw it, be prepared for the worst: I'm plowing through this.
Kayla Nora <> Correct Soul of Doyokai
OK! I tried, I really did. *sigh* *whacks head* I CAN'T DO THIS!

Alright, I'll try and get my brain in gear. Maybe an edit after attemting to cover my other RPGs. I promise I'll have a semi-decent post by the end of the three day weekend! I promise!

Green Lanturn
30th May 2004, 01:11 AM
Reason Im not posting: Not because i dont want to continue, but 3 freaking projects and exams the rest opf the week, add football practice everyday kind of prevents me from writing in the short amount of time that I have left. Sorry, but i will write sometimes. Feel free to keep Liam in on all of this.


Fai D. Flowright
30th May 2004, 10:37 AM
Well, I also have to apologize for not posting. I've been getting kicked in the pants by school. If you look, I haven't even posted since like, March. First I had MEAP (Standardized Michigan) Tests. Then, every teacher decided to bog down on the homework so that they could get through all the sections of class they wanted, Then, the last few weeks of school approached and I got homework for reviewing and studying for them. And now, this coming week, I have my 3 hardest exams: Physics, English, and Algebra. If this still has to activity left to it, I'll try to post next week, once school is finally out.

I greatly apologize for every involved in this RPG, especially those that were Correct Souls of Arain...

See you all very soon! ^_^ I hope... v_v;

1st June 2004, 08:34 PM
...I really really meant to post a lot sooner. I really did. But right now, life is screwing me repeatedly. And I can't really sit down and actually type a long thought-out post without quitting after two minutes and go play something that doesn't require thought.

...I'll post soon! Or try to...

Weasel Overlord
7th June 2004, 08:24 AM
Dudes!! Don't stop postin....this is a really good rpg...don't kill it!! *Realises that hasn't posted in a while*...yeah, well...I've been, er, revis-ing...yees...*shifty eyes, shifty eyes* Well I DO have exams.....

8th June 2004, 09:21 PM
Sorry I've been gone so long.

I walked along the road, the little kids not far behind.
“Do you like Kaia?” Sakura asked all of a sudden.
“What!?” I cried, blushing.
“Well, your face goes all red when you’re around her.”
“Are you going to marry her?” Melissa asked innocently.
“Otaki likes Kaia! Otaki likes Kaia!” chanted Michael, dancing about.
“So what if I do like her?” I asked, grabbing Michael by the shoulder, “what are you going to do about it?” Before Michael could answer, I felt a cold wave go through my body. It wasn’t a cold night, yet I felt like shivering. I shuddered.
“What’s wrong?” Sakura asked. I shook the feeling off.
“It’s nothing,” I replied, “let’s go home.” But it wasn’t nothing. I felt something cold, evil. I didn’t know what it meant.

I felt the mist surround me. I could feel the power of darkness flow though me. I felt as if I couldn’t be stopped.
“Now,” Daiyoko said, “It’s time I taught you guys to fly or you won’t be much use to me.” The others and me two stood up.
“Follow me,” Daiyoko instructed.
“Yes my queen,” I replied. I didn’t know why I said it. I just said it. Daiyoko looked back at me and smiled.
“My queen. I like the sound of that.” Said Daiyoko, smiling, “Now I know I’m really going to like you.”

What Otaki's feeling is the darkness being emitted by Daiyoko and her Correct Souls, since they're all in the same place.

Elemental Seribii
9th June 2004, 03:11 PM
MM probably wants to kill me... :dead:

Waike - Pyro God
Yes, we'll play by ear. It'll be easier in a way, though perhaps harder as well. Too many factors to count in to give him a definate answer right now. Nearer the end would be much easier.

I knew they all would ask questions, because that's how humans were. They liked asking questions. Or rather, questions that didn't question too much. Something like that.

Besides, I know that in some way, we are all alike. That's why they're my Souls. Nothing is perfect, right?

We continued to talk, though the subject of my ideals was eventually let go. Besides, weren't ideals supposed to be ideal? I could try to work things out when it was needed.

"So..." I froze at the beginning of my sentence. We were in a backstreet, Denny had said it was a shortcut back to his Dorm. He almost instantly noticed my pause, and began questioning me.

"What's wrong? Waike?" He protested when I pulled him into the nearest bright light, the source of it a window from some room in the building above. "Tell me!"

"Don't move." I ordered. "And don't be afraid."
"What? Why would I be afraid?" He continued to insist that I should tell him what was going on.

A black cat slunk out from the shadows, its eyes a bright, eerie green. However, we both knew this wasn't some stray, the cat was nearly the size of a small car and it didn't seem to have fur, it was more of a shadowy covering. I heard Denny choke back more words, and winced when the cat grew slightly.

"Get out of here!" I shouted, throwing a flame at the shadow. Not fearing the fire so much as the light it brought, the cat scrambled back. Its hiss was unearthly, and hurt my ears a bit. However, this seemed to work, and it escaped to whatever darkness it had come out of.

"Let's get back onto the main road, alright? Before it brings more friends back with it." I tried to smile to make him feel better, and Denny nodded.

"What was that?" When we were back on the sidewalk of a more used road, I felt better. Especially with all of the streetlights.
"Hm? Oh, probably just an amateur Demon. Looked-"
"A Demon? Really?" Denny had shaken off his shock, and now prefered to be curious. I coughed.
"As I was saying, only looked like a Tormentic to me. I'm sure they won't bother us for a while."

However, it was a bit unnerving. I knew of Demons, but, I hadn't ever actually been forced to fight one.

I hope it won't cause too much of a problem.

Wishful thinking, silly Waike. Will post for Phil when I'm not brain-dead no more. Sowwy I took so very long. Almost a month. :heh:
Also sorry if I screwed something up. X___x;

10th June 2004, 09:18 AM
Sorry about the lack of posting - I would if I could but I can't *looks earnest and slightly shifty* Yeah, well, I have actually been revising like hell (it's a first, i'll tell you that ;)), and speaking of which Im supposed to be right now, got a math AS level in the morning ><. My exams finish in about 10 days methinks, so I promise i'll post sometime then. After all the book burning festivals and stuff..
Well, i gotta go now, so.. *kicks weasel overlord in the shins and steals her shifty eyes* Mwuahahaa ... Ok, i couldn't find a shifty eye smilie, but look!! They've got a cannon/rocket/blastamajig!!!! :rocket:

Yours Sincerely, Vulpix.ck

Mew Master
18th June 2004, 12:57 PM
Denny Roth ~ M ~ Correct Soul of Waike

We walked along, the shiver of the Demon's presense rolling down my spine. I hadn't been afraid, more like startled at a cat the size of a Voltzwagon.

"A Demon.." I muttered. In this day and Age I didn't think Demons could exsist anymore. Guess I was wrong.


X_X BAH! Writer's block finally set in...that and the last time I was going to post something the computer ZAPPED it! >.<!

Anyway.... waiting for stuff to happen.. *remembers D&D character quote*

"When I get mad, stuff happens." -OZ



Anjana's Halo
30th June 2004, 12:06 AM
Well, since everyone seems to have writer's block, I'll post the second part to my previous post which was omitted because A) I thought it might make the post too long to be read comfortably, and B) I was really hoping someone else could come up with a better idea. [Halo Muse to the rescue! *crash*]

Feiyou: Arch Angel of Light
I sighed and stretched my arms above my head in the late afternoon sunlight. Knowing that Haile wasn't coming with us, and would remain behind in safety of her own free will, filled me with a sense of relief. No matter what special powers she possessed, she was still just a little girl, vulnerable and not completely aware of everything that was happening.

"So, Fei, what do we do now?" asked Shun. We were all in his backyard. Everyone had brought out their wings, displaying quite a gallery of wing designs.

"Oh, yes," I said snapping out of my trance. "Where were we?"

"I think we're up to the part where we start flying," offered Phil.

"Ah, yes...um...Well..." I stopped.

"You have no clue, do you?" said Tetsuhiko. I nodded my head.

"I'm sorry, I really have no idea how to explain it. Flying has always been as natural as breathing to me-"

"Then let's just try flying, y'anno, however we feel is right," Testuhiko suggested. "I mean, I figure we should already know how to use these things." Shun and Phil agreed to try, and indeed, everyone just seemed to flap their wings and immediately be in the air. I smiled, glad that was out of the way without too much of a disaster on my part. We quickly set flight toward Labruey.
"Is that it?" asked Shun. I looked down. Directly below us, where Labruey and Kyria should be, was a mass of dark mist.

"What is it?" Asked Phil.

"A Demonic. A creature born of the cosmos' negative energy. Just stay close to me, and you should be fine. We'll just go in to retrieve Labruey and help my sister. But remember, if something happens, you each have powers that you can call to your aid. Alright, let's go!" I dove downward toward where I felt Labruey the strongest. As we desended into the fog, the connection I felt between my Correct Souls and I became weaker and weaker until I landed, and I could barely sense anything.

"Is everyone okay?" I asked, then looked around when no one answered. "Phil? Shun? Tetsuhiko?" No reply. They were lost. I had lost them!

"No!" I yelled screaming at myself. I began cursing in any language I knew, which was all of them. How could I be failing so miserably? I had lost them! They were alone inside this cursed fog, and I had no way of locating them! I began crying through my rage, hot tears on my cheeks. I should give up right now. It was hopeless. It was-

I stopped. Hopeless? How could I even think that? Hope and faith were part of the reason I was born, my gifts to the world after the light illuminated the earth. Was it the Demonic making me think that way, or my own doubts? Either way, I needed to find my Correct Souls, and get them out.

Light wrapped around my body, forming into a scabbard at my side. Grasping the hilt, I pulled out a magnificent sword, gleaming metal projecting from a silver hilt set with a tear-shaped blue stone. Inscribe on the metal was a simple phrase, "I come not to bring peace, but a sword."

Luz, the sword of light.

The fog retreated from this source of illumination, cautiously keeping its distance. I paid no mind and I concentrated, searching for that warm comforting light...There! I headed into the fog toward the light of my Correct Soul. I just prayed that, if it was Labruey I first found, the others would be okay.

Wheee! I think that was bad, but I hope it gives someone an idea on writing.

In other news, I have Gravitation! *does happy Shuichi dance* Eiri Yuki is so hot on a big projection screen. [Happy dancing]

1st July 2004, 12:52 PM
~ Correct Soul of Kyria - F ~

I had no idea of what the two brothers were talking about... but whatever it was, it made my heart ache. I didn't want Genki to be sad... why was he crying? who was Kaori? It overwhelmed me... and I couldn't help but suddenly get the sickening feeling inside that I wasn't meant to be here.

Then it happened when I touched Genki....

A fog... with eyes... and an evil grin... bringing despair...

I quickly gave out a cry, speaking of my vision without much control over it. Genki and Kanli felt it too, and suddenly we were covered in a huge, thickening fog.
"What is this...?" I shouted, but Genki and Kanli suddenly weren't there.
"Where... where are you?" I shouted, but nothing but my own echo occured.

I felt a chill of lonelyness suddenly come to me, and with that feeling of lonelyness came dispair. I was alone... maybe it was a trick... maybe it was some thing as a sign to say that Genki and I would never work.
Yes... never work... you were never meant to be. You should just curl up and... rest...
I made a motion to sit down, when suddenly I stood up.
This was a trick... the whole feeling, some thing was here. The fog was alive... I could feel it like I could feel hot breath upon my back. Some how the fog was alive....
Genki had a girlfriend before... named Kaori... she is gone, you're only a replacement for some thing you can never fill...
the voice that wasn't mine filled my head, and suddenly I felt a wave of anger over come my senses.
"NOOO!" With that, my voice became a shrill, almost an angry high-pitched note and with that suddenly water formed out of no where in front of me, into the form of an angry wolf with glowing white eyes. It let out a howl to match my scream, and I noticed that the fog seemed to curl away from it, as if in pain.
I stopped my scream, but then noticed that the wolf seemed to shrink away... and with that came the voice..
... never meant to be-
"SHUT UP!!!! " I cried out, and with that the wolf grew again and seemed to lunge at the darkness. The wolf was made out of pure water... but it was alive, everytime my shouts became-
Thus I understood one of my powers, and I began to sing...

In the darkness we're all lost,
With nothing for us to find,
But doubts can become unnerving frost,
To freeze our simple mind,

But I won't be tricked by simple things,
I won't give up with such ease,
I've found some thing good brings,
I've found my own cool breeze,

I continued to sing, making up my own song as I sang... my watery wolf snarling at the darkness as it seemed to shrink away. I followed the wolf as well... letting it become my guide through the dark.

( Just letting you know, if the fog demon is attacked enough... eventually it will return to it's original, gigiantic shape forcibly. )

~ The Being Reincarnation/ F ~

Haile gazed at the window, and a soft smile came to her face.
"I wonder if they'll mind if I have some more ice cream!" Haile said excitedly, gazing about with a look of sheer innocence as she came to the freezer. However, before she could open it suddenly she felt a whisper...
"What do you want?" Haile said softly to herself, but the whisper in her mind continued. Frowning slightly, Haile walked away and went to the door and opened it. Nothing was there... but the whisper continued.
"Alright, I'll come outside but I have to go right back in and wait for Phil, Feiyou and the others." Haile commented, easily going outside where suddenly Haile tilted her head to the side, recognizing the figure before her.

It was the dark lady....
" Doyokai?" Haile said, and instantly the dark woman's eyes seemed to shift from ease to a slight sense of shock which she quickly tried to erase.
"Yes... that is my name..." then suddenly a sense of calm came over her.
"I'm sure that's what Feiyou told you, the little Angel friend you were with." She seemed to say it to herself, as she glanced down at the girl.
"Why don't you come with me? We can have fun while Feiyou is away, and then when he comes back we'll have a party..." Doyokai whispered, an eerie grin upon her face.
Haile noticed that there were other kids around her, watching with slight confusion.
" I can't... " Haile said, shaking her head. Her eyes seemed to grow a bit stern as she shook her head.
"I can't go with you, I'll change."
Doyokai laughed, " You'll come with me."
With that she grabbed Haile by the wrist, and easily opened her wings wide. Turning to her Correct Souls, she gave a wry smile.
"Let's go some where nice... where little Feiyou can come to the rescue to only meet his death."

With that she opened her wings and flew upwards into the sky... her Correct Souls following, as she held Haile.
" No! I can't... nooo! Please! I don't want to change! I don't want to change!! PHIL!!! " Haile gave a sharp shout... only to have her mouth covered soon afterward.

Of course, Doyokai only had grabbed Haile to lure Feiyou to her... with out her siblings coming with him. She had no idea what Haile was... of course she could have had a slight tingling sensation of rememberance, but most anything would ignore that.

Feiyou... help... before it's too late...
Haile thought, frowning ...

Because with every ray of light, there is a shadow...

(There you go Ali! I hope you don't mind... )

1st July 2004, 10:51 PM
I don't mind at all! 8D

Labruey/F/8 - Correct Soul of Feiyou
As Labruey ran, she suddenly knew she was in trouble.

Big trouble.

The fog filled Labruey's vision, unnatural and thick. She slowed down and shivered, from both cold and fear. Frightened, she looked back over her shoulder, for some sign of Ethuil or Kyria.

They were nowhere to be seen.

Coming to a full stop, she turned around in the direction she last saw the two.

"Ethuil? Kyria?" Labruey called out hopefully. "Are you there?"

There was no answer.

Fear began to fill her. And because she was scared, getting cold, and while definately a Correct Soul, Labruey was still eight years old. So she began to do the only thing she could think of.

She cried.

Great big hiccoughing sobs broke from her as tears ran from her eyes. Labruey franticly wiped her eyes as she cried, unable to stop the flow of tears, and she began running heedlessly through the fog. While she was running and crying, she gave a scream as she tripped and fell to the cold pavement. Labruey laid there, blood welling from her scracthes and weeping as the fog seemed to press closer around her and thoughts flashed through her mind.

I'm such a crybaby! There's no way I could be a Correct Soul! How stupid was I to leave home?! Now I'm all by myself... And there's no one to take care of me... I'm all... alone...

Suddenly Labruey heard it. A voice, in the fog, singing...

"In the darkness we're all lost,
With nothing for us to find,
But doubts can become unnerving frost,
To freeze our simple mind,

But I won't be tricked by simple things,
I won't give up with such ease,
I've found some thing good brings,
I've found my own cool breeze..."

The thoughts in her head grew fainter. Labruey slowly stood up, her cheeks still wet, but her eyes now dry.

I'm not worthless at all, Labruey thought, her face determined. I am a Correct Soul too! With that, she opened her mouth and began to vocalize with the song, and slowly began to dance...

Doyokai - Arch Angel of Darkness
"Doyokai?" the child asked. Doyokai give a slight start. How could this human child know who she was? Unless...

"I'm sure that's what Feiyou told you, the little Angel friend you were with..." she murmered, half outloud and half to herself. A smile spread across her face.

"Why don't you come with me? We can have fun while Feiyou is away, and then when he comes back we'll have a party..." Doyokai whispered to Haile, stepping closing towards the girl. She felt her Correct Souls confusion behind her. Doyokai turned around and smiled a very shark-like at them, a gleam in her eyes. "Trust me on this..." she murmered to her Correct Souls.

" I can't... " Haile shook her head. "I can't go with you, I'll change."

Doyokai merely laughed. "Oh, you'll come with me." The Arch Angel lunged forward quickly and grabbed the young girl's wrist and pulled Haile towards her.

"Oh! And here's a little note for my dear brother Feiyou..." Pulling a black ribbon from her hair, she wrapped it around the doorknob. "From your precious little sister, with love," she added with a bitter tone in the words. Doyokai turned to Correct Souls.

"Let's go some where nice... where little Feiyou can come to the rescue to only meet his death."

With a laugh, Doyokai unfolded her wings and thrust herself in the sky. In her tight grip, Haile squirmed about as she screamed "No! I can't... nooo! Please! I don't want to change! I don't want to change!! PHIL!!!" Doyokai clamped a hand over her mouth.

"Shut it, brat," she whispered harshly in the young girl's ear.

"Where are we going?" one of her Correct Souls asked Doyokai. The Arch Angel of Darkness smiled wickedly.

"I don't want this kid to escape so..." Doyokai pointed at the towering skyscrapers on the horizon. "How about up there?"

Saana Lai/F/19 - Correct Soul of Kyria
****. ****************.

Saana hovered above the whirling mass of fog, her shoulder muscles aching from the strain. Everytime she dipped a little to low, little tendrils of fog would drift up towards her like tiny grabby hands wanting to stuff her into a hungry mouth. She wasn't exactly stupid, however, and the alarms and bells in her head were going off when she saw Lyia, Genki, and Kanli disappear into the fog... and never come out. Saana had saw them moments before they went into the fog, and she was beginning to panic. In the fog she could hear the three and others... Who was the one crying?

"OI!" Saana shrieked into the fog. "CAN ANYONE HEAR ME? C'MON! SAY SOMETHING!"

There was no reply. To be more exact, they were replies... Except not to her.


"It's all my fault..."

A child sobbing...

Fear gripped Saana.

"Lyia! Genki! Kanli! Whoever! Oh, c'mon! Speak to me!" she cried, dipping lower towards the fog. Which really wasn't a great idea, Saana realized, as a tendril of fog wrapped around her leg and began to pull her down and...

You're just a stupid whore. You always were, weren't you? You never stood up for your mother... I bet you provoked him, too? You just wanted attention... I bet you liked it when he ****ed you... You ****...

Her wings faltered as Saana's eyes widened. "It's not true... it's not true..." she whispered.

Do you wanna bet?

Saana's eyes began to glaze over, with horror, fear, and doubt, as her wingstrokes became slower and she began to slowly sink into the fog...

"In the darkness we're all lost,
With nothing for us to find..."

The singing wrenched Saana back to reality.

"Let go of me, you little ****er!" the very angry Correct Soul yelled at the fog. Wrenching herself away from the fog, Saana began redoubling her wing strokes.

"I may be a ****, whore, and whatever now, but I never was one when I was younger! And where do you come up with **** like this?! I never wanted attention from that walking ******* anyway!" she shrieked at the fog. Suddenly Saana noticed that from her flapping, she was creating a little depression in the fog... And that she'd managed to blow away some of the fog, too. A smirk appeared on her face.

"Eat... wind created by rapidly flapping my wings!" Saana yelled, tripling her efforts. Sweat began to form on her brow and her muscles screamed for rest but she refused to give up...

Er. Yeah. Hopefully I won't get into too much trouble? 8D;;;

Weasel Overlord
2nd July 2004, 04:36 AM
Doyokai smiled predatorily (is that even a word?).
"Ready for some fun?" She asked, an eerie light in her eyes.
We all made sounds of acknowledgment and spread our wings.
"Come on!" She cried, leaping out of the attic and into the night sky. I unfolded my wings and flapped them experimentally. With the first downstroke I found myself hovering slightly and, after more flapping I became airborne. Dayube looked as surprised as me, but Kayla, who seemed a little more used to her wings than us, looked quite comfortable in the air as she followed Doyokai out of the attic. I looked at Dayube and we streamed out of the gap in the floor that served as an entrance/exit.
Outside, the air had a strange edge to it. Somewhat stifling with a swirling fog that clung to everything.
"Strange" I thought, the weather was clear before out meeting. I could sense a strange, malevolent presence about us as we flew which, ordinarily would have made me feel uneasy but in the light of current happenings, it actually felt good, pleasant, even. I felt strangely at home in this fog, like I belonged there. Lost in my reverie, I almost lost sight of Doyokai and the others as they swooped ahead. I beat my wings harder and felt their responsiveness to my thoughts as I sped (is that right?) up. Looking down, I realised that we were in a familiar neighbourhood. I had passed through here earlier that day.
Suddenly Doyokai went into a dive and came to a stop outside a nice-looking house. We landed behind her, still unsure as to what she had planned, when she walked up the path to the front door. As she walked, the door opened and a small girl-child stood under the frame. She said something I couldn.t hear but it seemed to unsettle Doyokai as she started muttering to herself. I glanced at Kayla and Dayube and we moved closer to surround Doyokai at the doorway.
"Why don't you come with us" Doyokai asked the girl. Sensing our confusion, she turned and smiled. "Trust me on this one"
The girl started protesting but Doyokai grabbed onto her wrist and tugged her towards us. She fiddled with her hair and pulled free a black ribbon.
"A little note for my dear brother, Feiyou" She tied the ribbon to the doorknob, "From your precious little sister, with love" She laughed and sprang into the air, holding onto the girl-child by the wrist. The girl started to moan and scream before Doyokai's hand covered her mouth and silenced her.
"Where are going?" Dayube asked.
"I don't want this kid to escape so..how about..." She pointed, "Up there?"
With this, she flapped off towards the horizon. We followed in curiosity, keeping up with Doyokai as she flew. I enjoyed the flight, feeling the fog surround me with it's whispers and darkness. I felt right at home.

Awww...likkle Torrina belongs...sweet!! *pats Torran on head* *Gets punched in the face* OW!!
Hooray...people're postyin!!! *does an irish jig* Aye, ye know what to do now, lads? Burn the house down. Burn em!! BURN EM ALLL!!!! hA HAAH haH!!!

4th July 2004, 12:06 AM
I smiled wickedly as we landed on top of one of the skyscrapers. Haile managed to squirm out of Daiyoko’s grasp.
“There’s nowhere to run,” I told her in a cold, bitter voice, “Unless you want to splat all over the pavement!” Haile stared at me.
“I know you,” she said, “You’re that man who lives down the street from us! Why are you doing this?” A smile deeper then darkness spread across my face.
“Let’s just say this world gets on my damn nerves!” Everything was quiet for a few seconds.
“Is Fieyuo even going to show up?” Kaila asked. An evil smile spread across Daiyoko’s face.
“He’ll come,” she said in a dark tone, “and when he gets here, I show that naďve fool what happens those who cross me!” I walked over to Daiyoko’s side.
“We’ll help you crush him my queen,” I said.
“And then, this world will be ours!” a bone chilling laugh erupted from her throat and I knew it, I was laughing with her.
“This is my world now!”

9th July 2004, 01:38 PM
*teeters in warily, glances around shrewdly, and begind to type..*

Zephania Rhye - Arain’s Correct Majig-amabiggy

I shrugged my shoulders and stared at Rurik’s retreating back. What’s guy gonna do? I turned back to Arain, her mouth pursed in disapproval and grinned apologetically. Arain returned my stare coldly.
“Erm, I’ll be going then?” She looked peeved so I decided to scarper while I had the chance. Plus I hadn’t seen Dak in a while and I was wondering how he was faring alone in his little catty way. I wandered out into the night and scanned the streets where first Kanli, and then Rurik had retreated. No sight of either.
“Geh..” Sighing, I turned and started walking in a random direction. As I walked I felt all those bad gotta-save-the-world thoughts evaporate in the cool night air, and was actually enjoying the walk when a scream pierced the air.
“What the...” My wings sprang out instantly, as if reacting to my emotions, and I flapped them once or twice. I was still unused to the feel of them at my back, so I made them go back into my shoulders. There wasn’t really any other way to describe what they did - they just, well, disappeared into me, leaving my shoulders tingling but with no apparent sign of them ever being there. I jogged in the direction of the scream, my inerrant good nature taking over as I slowly ran to the ‘rescue’. As I jogged, the air closed in and, like a shadow over the sun(or moon in my case), the sky darkened. A whispering followed me as I ran.
It’s your fault your mother’s dead... It remarked - I stopped, turned and blinked.
“Who’s there...?” It took a couple more seconds until I realised I did not want to know the answer. I picked up the pace again, trying to be braver than I felt.
She died because of YOU, The harsh whisper stung my ears.
“That’s not true...” I murmured, faltering.
Your fault...your’s...only your’s... It continued, Everyone hates you...
“NO!!!” I fell to my knees, and felt a rush as my wings extended again. Only this time they hit something. Something tall and human-shaped. I looked up blearily, squinting into the mist - the shape that stood in front of me was distinctly Rurik-shaped. I stood up to get a closer look and the shape in front of me extended its leg and promptly kicked me in the shins.
I cursed and dropped to one knee, and the shadowy form moved forwards as if to seize the opportunity..
“Feck..” I muttered, and the figure hovered above me hesitantly.
“Uh, Zeph?” It enquired, in a suspiciously Rurikish voice. I grinned.
“Give me a hand, you ass,”I said, and he swiftly pulled me up.
“Ok, so you care to tell me what the hell’s goin’ on here?”

*shifty eyes shifty eyes* Um,um.. PIE!!! *runs*

9th July 2004, 10:30 PM
(RagnarokOnline x Summer) ^ Friends = MajorFun - FreeTime
Kanli (no one forgot about him, right? Right? >.> )
"Curious fog," I commented, rather startled by the sudden arrival of the amorphous atmospheric apparation. It seemed to have a rather burning sensation as it engulfed us, which could be the result of the formation of sulfuric acid in the environment from which the coal plants spew. Despite its acidity, it began to seem rather frigid as the fog seemed to completely engulf not only ourselves but the range of perception (that which we can see) as well.
Genki, meanwhile, has became rather silent, which I thought was a particularly unusual way to take what I had just told him.
"Genki?" I looked behind and did not see anyone.
He must have wandered off in the fog, I thought as I walked off in the direction to try and identify him in the thick mist around us, but I could find no trail of him. I tried walking farther and farther, thinking, possibly, he may be out of the fog already or at least I'd be able to find him more easily if I was outside the range of the fog, but the more I strayed further the more unfamiliar the terrain became and the more thick the fog developed. There was a slight uneasy feeling that became apparent after a while, and this feeling was augmented quite suddenly and chillingly as mumbling words that seemed to originate from the cloud itself began chanting...
"Too selfish for others, too weak on his own..."
"Such immaturity, playing games around here." I mumbled, passing it as nothing more than a nuisance. But inside I felt an unusual chemical reaction develop within my body, one that initiated the reaction of slight shaking throughout the arms and a sense of heightened tension.
"Too selfish for others..." Remember Kaori?
Suddenly, within the mist I saw her, and myself, outside on one of the corner on the streets... She had asked me for help on her assignment... again... and this time I turned her down... but she persisted... I got irritated and pushed her aside...
And so..
She... died... a car came by the street and...
too weak on his own...
In an almost immediate response, the gravity of the earth around me was suddenly unreasonably more concentrated than earlier, and I felt myself being pushed onto the earth as if there were some unbearable burden, gasping for breath. Gasping... just like before.
You were always helpless, relying on your brother to take care of you... protect you... waste his life on you.
On a reasonable account, I tried to think up a counterargument, but I cannot help but confirm its validity... on all accounts, it was always my brother helping me during my troubles... even help during my heart transplant surgery, after the crash...
and what have you done since then? Ignored him. Left him behind. You didn't help him, or anyone else, when you had the power to... now, he has his angel, his lover, he no longer needs you... you are just selfish... weak... helpless... alone.
The pain suddenly became extremely intense, and I could not help but collapse to the ground, except that... something was pulling me?
Get back up! Genki's in danger, can't you sense it? Kaori's nagging voice was amazingly relieving for me to hear. Yet...
"And what exactly can I do? I have been nothing to my brother... no matter how much he did for me, I couldn't do anything--"
An extreme, re-awaking pain was felt-- A slap accross the face. My eyes snapped open. For a while I thought I saw the faint but bright figure of Kaori in front of my eyes.
Why can't you understand??? You can help your brother just as much as he can help you. And it is NEVER too late to repay your debts. And then she just faded away.
Amazingly, she was right... If I just fall into emotional distress, nothing will be solved. However, if I can save my brother...no, I WILL save my brother, because he is my brother. Even if I give up on myself, I cannot give up on him, because I owe him.
A faint music played.
But I won't be tricked by simple things,
I won't give up with such ease...
Now, the concentration of gravity around my area is technically impossible, as it would have either involved a sudden huge magnetic pull or an alternation in the mass of the earth's gravity. However, since it is technically illogical to weigh down the human being to such a degree, it is equally unlikely to send him flying up in the opposite direction. But since the impossible was already done, I was suddenly sent flying straight up into the air at an almost impossible to track speed. While flying, however, I was able to extend my wings out and grab hold of a random hand, whom I thought would have been my brother but in actuality was a rather scantily clothed woman that could have no resemblance to my brother at all. In any case, she seemed to have been in a struggle and apparently I was able to propel both her and I outside the range of the thick bubble of fog. From above, it didn't seem as large as it had been below...
Screw it. Dream or not, I'll just not concern myself about it, I have more important things to think about. I flew down into the cloud again.
"Hey hey! What do you think you're doing???" The lady shouted, staying afloat by her wings... (wings? oh wait, don't think about it).
"To repay my debts."
Kyria (No one forgot about her, right? Right? >.> )
The gloom of the Sinic was terribly strong, but I stood firm. Considering I have the whole world to deal with, something like this can't faze me now, it just can't...
Suddenly, another sharp pain. I looked to my side and saw Ethuil crying. I nudged her (still a wolf) to try and comfort her. But she couldn't stop, the fog had gotten her. I couldn't let her become victim... part of my strength lies within her as well.
"They all died... I was playing when they all died... I'm such a bad child, no wonder nobody wants me..." She laid her head on my fur, seeking comfort, but as she did so, I myself was slowly beginning to feel her sorrow. Even the dog she had, Shadow, began wimpering ahd howling.
"Ethuil, regain your composure. Remember who you are? What you always told yourself while you were at the orphanage? Why your parents adopted you? Why they loved you?"
"I... I was..."
"Strong. You were strong in hope, courage, and love. You are a correct soul of me, Kyria, please... remember your strength, for the sake of you, me, your parents... everyone." I licked up all the tears of sorrow off of her face, as if absorbing all her fears and reinvigorating her with the power she had before. She opened her flute case and began assembling the parts, anxiously, but courageously.
"I can't give up... I must think about everyone else on this world... I want to help them!"
From the distance, I could hear the voices of my other two Souls, the fierce struggling of one in the skies and the other singing serenely and giving a sense of tranquility around the area...
I've found some thing good brings,
I've found my own cool breeze,
Ethuil quickly followed up in her own suit, synchronizing to Lyria's tune. I slowly transformed back to my goddess form and generated a trail of water as a twirled around during my transformation. the water slowly took shape and solidified into a crystal harp, with drops from the icicle-lined interior streaming down to form the strings of the instrument. Despite the gloom and depression all around, I steadily felt my strength building.
All my Correct Souls are here, I thought, smiling.

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Weasel Overlord
30th July 2004, 09:57 AM
Torran Ylldier, Correct Soul of Doyokai

From the vantage point of the skyscraper, I could see the swirling fog surrounding the entire area. It felt great to be above all the chaos, looking down...I could see everything-including the feeble struggles of various people who I presumed to be correct souls of the other Angels. I didn't know their names, except for Feiyou, that is. When Doyokai spoke of him, it was distantly, and with a great hatred in her eyes. She really hated the guy and I wondered what he had done to make her dislike him so. Then I glanced at Doyokai, in her element is seemed, and the answer was there. She needed no reason to hate people...it's just what she does. She could no more love another person than a snowflake could survive in Hell.
I was curious about the fog, however and I voiced my curiosity to Doyokai.
"Exactly what is this fog, then?" Kayla looked me in the eyes and shrugged, so she didn't know either?
"It's a demon called a Sinic. Isn't it wonderful?" (not sure whether Doyokai would actually say 'wonderful'... it just seemed like the right word) She clasped her hands together and closed her eyes as if she was inhaling the mist. "They cause terror and panic and we're going to help them cause more!" She glanced at the girl at her feet. "Wait 'til Feiyou gets here" She chuckled "He's going to get a surprise"
At this, Dayube, who had attached himself to Doyokai and was permenently found looming over her shoulder, started laughing manically. I eyed him with unease and glanced over my shoulder at my wings. I found myself wanting to fly again. To feel the wind over my wings was an experience unlike any other.
Out of the corner of my eye, I caught sight of a figure in the air, closely followed by small group of people making their way to the building we were on.
"Doyokai!" I barked, "I think there's gonna be trouble..."