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Dark Dragonite
27th January 2003, 08:35 PM
Well, I have an open slot, so I thought I would try this:
1 Vs. 1
You release poke first
I attack first
DQ: 60Hrs.(2 and a half days)
Ref: Active please
Arena: A land up in the clouds, with faerie dust all around, and invisible barriers to keep you from falling. There is a nice sized lake on the north side of the arena, and 1 tree.This arena hinders the use of sunny day, and rain dance, as well as recover,moonlight,sunlight,softboiled,etc... but doesn't stop them completely, just makes them use 2 actions to complete.

Well, any takers??

EDIT: I would like to face someone I have never battled before, cause there'll be plenty of time for rematches later.

27th January 2003, 09:21 PM
*hasn't battled you yet*

"Go, Ghost!"

*throws a Pokéball to reveal a Male Gengar*

Gengar (M)
Nickname: Ghost
Signature Move: Hazy Mask
Description: Ghost turns to gaseous form and covers the opponent. The opponent cannot breathe right and randomly either goes to sleep from lowered oxygen, becomes paralyzed from lack of oxygen, or takes damage. Can only be used every other round. Effects: 50% chance of sleep, 25% chance of paralysis, 25% chance of taking 15% damage. Only one effect can happen each time Hazy Mask is used, but one effect always occurs. Two time use per battle, three round gap between uses.
Type: Ghost | Accuracy: 85% | Damage: 0%, 15% | 25% Paralysis | 50% Sleep

28th January 2003, 01:40 PM
I'll ref this for you two. I haven't reffed in a while, so I may be a little rusty.

31st January 2003, 01:36 PM
*poke poke*

hope you haven't forgotten this…

Dark Dragonite
10th February 2003, 03:41 PM
Actually, with everything happening, I did kinda forget about this...
If you still wanna battle, I will use my Male Drowzee, Hypnotico!!

Now, Hypnotico, beware that Ghost, Use a Confusion, to shake it up a bit, then go for a Future Sight, and finish the round off, by throwing that ghost away with a Psychic!!

~If Gengar uses It's sig, or Hypnosis, I want you to Disable it, if that won't work, try teleporting away from hypnosis, and Psychic, to keep the ghost, in it's sig away from you!!
~If Asleep, use Sleep talkas much as you can!!

Umm, do you notice your sig says: "Can only be used every other round." AND "Two time use per battle, three round gap between uses." ?? [/confuzzled]

12th February 2003, 07:17 AM
eh…I guess the sig approvers also missed that…the stats at the end are correct, though…

Me: "Ghost! You're poison element might hurt you, but it also helps that you can't be poisoned. Use a Toxic until it succeeds!"

Ghost: *evil grin* "Hehehe…"

Me: *ahem* "When you finish that, if you have two moves left use a Nightshade then a Shadow Ball. If only one, use Shadow Ball. Your Ghost attacks will be effective here.

Toxic ~^~ Toxic/Nightshade ~^~ Toxic/Shadow Ball

13th February 2003, 11:20 PM
Hmm, it seems this battle is actually going on. I would normally do a pre-battle, and a long thought out reffing, but my lack of enthusiasm for ASB is starting to set in. I'll still ref this all the way through, just not as detailed as I used to ref.

I have one question: Does the fairy dust actually have a purpose, or does it just make everything glittery?

Ghost(Gengar M)- 100%, feeling confident, well rested
Hypnotico(Drowzee M)- 100%, feeling confident, well rested

Hypnotico- Confusion ~ Future Sight ~ Psychic
Ghost- Toxic ~ Toxic/Nightshade ~ Toxic/Shadow Ball

Arena- A land up in the clouds, with faerie dust all around, and invisible barriers to keep you from falling. There is a nice sized lake on the north side of the arena, and 1 tree.This arena hinders the use of sunny day, and rain dance, as well as recover,moonlight,sunlight,softboiled,etc... but doesn't stop them completely, just makes them use 2 actions to complete.

As the two combatants square off in this mystical arena, both look prepared for the upcoming battle. Although Ghost looks far out of place in this land, he still smirks with that trademark Gengar smile, one that instills fear to most pokemon that it faces. Hypnotico seems unaffected, as he starts things off. Using his natural psionic abilities, as ripples of psychic energy permeates through the air. The ripples disrupt Ghost's ephereal being, as the confusion attack comes to an end. Slightly shaken up, Ghost quickly resumes his evil train of though. Hypnotico will have to do more than that to stop this Gengar. Ghost conjures up a glob of toxic goo, hurling it as far as he can with his semi-solid form. The goop splats upon the motionless Hypnotico, with a slight sizzle as the toxic seeps through his pores.

Grimacing as the poison slowly works its way through his veins, Hypnotico remains motionless, seemingly doing nothing. A closer look reveals more, as Hypnotico's eyes glow a pale white, as he calls forth a psionic blast...in the future. As his eyes return to normal, he shows a slight smile, realizing Ghost has no clue what is going to occur in the near future. Meanwhile, Ghost realizes he has the perfect opportunity to strike. A small beam of pure darkness appears before Ghost, before being sent out to envelope his opponent. The beam strikes Hypnotico, and while their are no visible effects of the attack, Hypnotico feels the attack within him. Unable to ward off the effects, he is grateful when the pain ends, leaving him tired after such an ordeal.

Moving somewhat slower than his opponent, Hypnotico is delayed before he is able to launch his final attack of the round, a powerful Psychic blast. As he does so, Ghost also releases his own attack, a small orb of darkness. Both attacks arrive midpoint between the two opponents, coming together with a brief flash of light, before both energies dissipate into nothingness. Ghost seems somewhat shocked at this, but still realizes he has the temporary advantage. Hypnotico remains calm, even as the poison spreads.

Ghost- 92%, confident, very slightly fatigued
Hypnotico- 90%, remains calm, badly poisoned, slightly fatigued

Note: Future Sight will hit at an undetermined point in the future.

15th February 2003, 02:03 PM
oops…almost missed this…

since I'm not really in the mood to post something long and conversational…

Double Team and Confuse Ray to gain an advantage, and finish with a Shadow Ball

Double Team ~^~ Confuse Ray ~^~ Shadow Ball

17th February 2003, 11:28 PM
*pokes this for DD to see*

No DQ! DQ == BAD!

18th February 2003, 05:13 PM
Originally posted by Dark Dragonite
I'm not fully back yet, o please don't DQ me, I can only use the comps if I go out of my way, and at certain times, even when I move next week, it will be a pain for a little bit, then I may come back to normal everyday for like 5hrs usage!!

^That was posted in the Away Tower on the 14th, so if you're willing to extend the DQ a bit I'm sure he would appreciate it.

18th February 2003, 07:21 PM
oops…I must have missed it…sure, I'm willing to suspend the DQ until he posts again.

Dark Dragonite
19th February 2003, 03:02 PM
sorry guys, no net at home :(

Hypnotico, Hypnosis in the general direction of the Ghosts, if it falls asleep. Dream eater, then Nightmare!!

If not asleep, Teleport away from the Confuse ray, and throw the ball back at it using your Psychic!!

If asleep until after Dream eater, psychic to throw the ball back!!

Dark Dragonite
23rd February 2003, 01:50 PM
Our ref is gonna be away until Wed, just thought I'd try to bump this from pg.4, all attacks are in for when reffageness can occur.

28th February 2003, 09:26 AM
:wave: hello ref!

2nd March 2003, 09:00 PM
Hi! :) Very sorry for such a long delay. Without further ado...

Ghost- 92%, confident, very slightly fatigued
Hypnotico- 90%, remains calm, badly poisoned, slightly fatigued

Note: Future Sight will hit at an undetermined point in the future.

Ghost- Double Team ~ Confuse Ray ~ Shadow Ball

Hypnotico- Hypnosis ~ Dream Eater/Teleport ~ Nightmare/Psychic

What looks more out of place than a Gengar in this mystical arena? How about four Gengars. Ghost shimmers for a slight bit, before three more Gengars materialize around him, all with that vicious smile firmly planted on their faces. Hypnotico recoils a bit, as the sight of four Gengars is an intimidating one. Blinking to make sure his vision is correct, there is in fact more than one Ghost to face off against. Unsure of which one to concentrate his hypnosis on, he stares deeply into the eyes of one of the Gengar's. Hoping he chose the correct Ghost, Hypnotico uses his natural abilities to lull his opponent into a blissful sleep. The Ghost opposite him just stares back, as that is all a false image can do. Ghost lets out an evil cackle, realizing his ruse has fooled Hypnotico. Deciding to follow up with his underhanded tactics, Ghost's mouth opens wide, as a whitish light shoots forward, aiming for the helpless Hypnotico. Well, not quite so helpless. The moment before the beam hits, Hypnotico disappears, only to reappear a split second later a few feet away. The confuse ray harmlessly fades away, much to Ghost's dismay.

As the smile diminishes somewhat, Ghost is ready to finally do some attacking. Once again opening his mouth, as he regularly does to intimidate his opponent, a dark orb materializes. This orb streaks forward, aiming directly at Hypnotico, who has trouble concentrating at the four different shadow balls coming at him. Remembering which Ghost was a fake one, Hypnotico chooses from the remaining three shadow balls. Selecting one, Hypnotico uses his telekinetic powers to forcefully shove the orb back towards Ghost. Sadly, he chose the wrong one, and feels the pain as the shadow ball hits with a crackling energy. Hypnotico reels backwards, only to watch as Ghost goes through a similar reaction. Hypnotico watches as the air before Ghost changes. To Ghost's horror, he realizes what is happening. Unable to react fast enough, he is struck by the psionic blast, as a slight smile appears on Hypnotico's face. Future sight is a wonderful attack, indeed.

Hypnotico- 75%, badly poisoned, somewhat fatigued
Ghost- 79%, upset, three clones, somewhat fatigued

Dark Dragonite
3rd March 2003, 01:27 PM
C'mon Hypnotico!!
Start off with a Double team of your own, then go for a light screen, then do a weak, but wide psywave to hopefully knock out Ghost's clones.

~If Ghost tries to put you to sleep, just Protect from it.

3rd March 2003, 10:53 PM
Me: "Hehe…let's be evil, shall we?"

Ghost: "Hehehehe…"

Me: "Let us now prove that subs are truly bad when used wrong! Ghost! Start off with a Hypnosis! Force him to Protect instead of Double Team! Then go send a Toxic through that Light Screen! Finish up by using another Hypnosis!"

Ghost: "Hehehehe…" *cackles*

Me: ¬¬' "Ooookay…no more ghost movies for you…"

Ghost: "Awww…"

Hypnosis ~^~ Toxic ~^~ Hypnosis

Dark Dragonite
8th March 2003, 04:55 PM
Hey, just thought I'd bump this up from pg.3, this should turn into an interesting round though.

8th March 2003, 05:04 PM
Oh sorry about the delay. I'll have the reffing up tomorrow, I'm not feeling well today. Concentration is not working too well for me.

9th March 2003, 09:44 AM
Hypnotico- 75%, badly poisoned, somewhat fatigued
Ghost- 79%, upset, three clones, somewhat fatigued

Hypnotico- Double Team ~ Light Screen ~ Psywave
sub: Protect if Hypnosis is used

Ghost- Hypnosis ~ Toxic ~ Hypnosis

Ooh, glittery stuff. I feel like a thirteen year old girl...ahem. Just enjoying this fairy stuff, which I still have no idea what it's here for. It makes everything sparkly, which is always nice. One thing that is most definitely not sparkly is the vicious Ghost, a menacing Gengar who is proving to be a formidable opponent. Hypnotico pauses half a second, remembering his trainers words about Hypnosis and protecting from it. He decides to wait for Ghost to make his move, a move that works out good for Hypnotico...or does it? Setting up a protective aura, they hypnosis has no effect, but has ruined Hypnotico's plan for a Double Team defense. Continuing with his protective stance, Hypnotico erects a thin barrier between him and Ghost.

Ghost, hoping to get through the barrier, spits out a sizzling glob of an acidic substance. The poisons strike against the barrier. Some of it goes through while the rest falls to the ground. The poisons that make it through splatter in front of Hypnotico, burning his left leg as the toxins work their way through his skin, although this weak toxin won't have much effect on a pokemon that is already poisoned. The Light Screen remains in place, somewhat weakened by the toxic.

Thinking nothing of protecting from a second Hypnosis, Hypnotico's only focus is determing who the real Ghost is. As a mild blast of psionic energy ripples through the air, the fake Ghosts begin to disappear, leaving only one real Ghost. Which is not a sight Hypnotico wants to see, as he realizes too late he has fallen into Ghost's trance. Unable to avert his eyes from Ghost's stare, Hypnotico is lulled into a peaceful sleep. Ghost seems to have the advantage, but one should never underestimate the randomness of a sleeping opponent.

Ghost- 77%, feeling confident, no more clones, somewhat fatigued
Hypnotico- 70%, Light Screen up(somewhat weakened), slightly burnt, badly poisoned, asleep

As a note, I don't factor in fatigue when a pokemon is asleep.

10th March 2003, 12:14 AM
Ghost: "Eh-hehehehe!"

Me: "You definitely shouldn't have watched Poltergeist yesterday…"

Ghost: "hehe…………"

Me: *ahem* "Ghost, you have the advantage for now. Quickly give that snoozer some Nightmares! Then just start hurling Shadow Balls everywhere! But if he randomly puts you to sleep, replace the rest of your moves with Sleep Talk!"

Nightmare ~^~ Shadow Ball ~^~ Shadow Ball
subs: if asleep, use Sleep Talk

Dark Dragonite
10th March 2003, 08:35 AM
Let's just try to stay in this one Hypnotico, Sleep Talk X3!!

Dark Dragonite
16th March 2003, 06:02 PM
I'm just bumping this from page 3

*hypnotico hits DD*

16th March 2003, 07:41 PM
I'm really sorry, you're going to have to find another ref. My mom is now in the hospital, and between visiting her and my new job, on top of my school work, I don't have the time.

Dark Dragonite
18th March 2003, 11:43 AM
It's understandable Oddish17, but is there anyone who will ref for us please??

Dark Dragonite
21st March 2003, 09:47 AM
Zeratul, noone seems to be volunteering, what do you wish to do about this battle??

Dark Dragonite
22nd March 2003, 06:06 PM
Mike, I've asked in AIM Chats, and bumped this about 3 times now, what do you want to do about this, if a ref doesn't pop up to finish reffing it??
I know I'm being a pain, but it angers me to have a dead battle as one of only 3 matches I get to have, especially when the others are waiting for things too.

22nd March 2003, 06:12 PM
I can finish refing this battle if you wish.

Dark Dragonite
22nd March 2003, 06:15 PM
Thanks Cyrus, I would appreciate that very much!!
The attacks have all been posted for this round, a few posts ago though,lol

22nd March 2003, 06:39 PM
round ?:

Prebattle Stats:
Ghost: 77% (HP) 60% (Energy)
Hypnotico: 70% (HP) 65% (Energy) | slightly burnt, badly poisoned, asleep

Ghost: Nightmare ~ Shadowball ~ Shadowball
Hypnotico: Sleep Talk ~ Sleep Talk ~ Sleep Talk

As the battle continues Gengar hovers over his sleeping opponent and enters the slumbering Drowzee's mind. From there, he locates Drowzee's worst fears, something about a female Snorlax in heat, and brings it to the forfront of Hynotico's dream's eye. A violent shutter courses through the sleeping pokemon as the dream follows the course of the nightmare. Hypnotico mumbles something about vengence to come later, aimed at who is unknown.

The Gengar, not giving a second thought to a promise of coming vengence, launchs a blast of ectoplasm at the slumber target. The glowing orb of energy strikes the Drowzee's chest, causing the fragile psychic pokemon a great deal of pain, but not enough to shake it free from his visions of a dream lover. Again the slumbering Hypnotico mumbles a numbness in his left hand. The Drowzee stands up, walks over to the perplexed Gengar and punchs him. As the fist extends, an azure aura surrounds the limb. The blow sends shivers down Ghost's back. Hypnotico simply lays back down.

Again Ghost launchs another orb of ectoplasm at the sleeping pokemon. The orb ravages the weakend pokemon. The pain is enough to snap the Drowzee from his restless sleep. Drowzee slowly rises to his feet, wimpering in pain. The waking world is a pretty place than his dreams, but not by much.

Post battle Stats:
Ghost: 77% (HP) 45% (Energy)
Hypnotico: 30% (Damage Caps) (HP) 55% (Energy) | slightly burnt, badly poisoned

Any questions ask, I am unsure of how to translate Oddish17's energy into mine. If it seems high or low, let me know and I will adjust it. I assumed the 5% last round that Hypnotico suffered was from toxic, which ment 10% this round, if I am off I will adjust it.

Dark Dragonite
23rd March 2003, 05:20 PM
Hypnotico, I know you're frustrated, and angry at what disrespect, and torment that ghost has put you through, so I want you to combine your Frustration with your psychic abilities, to pin, and squezze the life out of the ghost!!

Dark Dragonite
25th March 2003, 09:07 AM
Zeratul, it's your turn to attack, you have until 6:20am EST on Wed. 3-26-03 to post!!

Dark Dragonite
26th March 2003, 10:03 AM
Ok, I checked Zeratul's profile, it says he hasn't been on TPM since the 21st, so I shall wait until he gets back on, so this can end hopefully with a KO.

27th March 2003, 06:10 AM
urgh…sorry, I really haven't been with it the past few days…

Ghost, he wants to drain you of your power! Show him how to drain with a Mega Drain x3!

Mega Drain ~^~ Mega Drain ~^~ Mega Drain

27th March 2003, 10:49 AM
Round ?+1:

Prebattle Stats:
Ghost: 77% (HP) 45% (Energy)
Hypnotico: 30% (Damage Caps) (HP) 55% (Energy) | slightly burnt, badly poisoned

Ghost: Megadrain ~ Megadrain ~ Megadrain ~ Megadrain
Hypnotico: Psychic ~ Frustration ~ Frustration

As this battle continues, the frustrated Drowzee reachs out and grips his opponent in a psychic hold. He attempts to squeeze the life out of the gaseous cloud of poison and drag him within reach. Ghost, agrieved at the harm he is being done by the psychic grip, reachs out and places his hand on his opponent's neck, and sucks some of his life force out, to replinish what was lost.

From within the grip, Ghost again reachs out to suck the life force from his opponent. His fading opponent, enraged at the lack of respect this spector has shown him, vents his rage in a barrage of blows ment to destroy his opponent's physical form. And they would have, if he wasn't attempting to strike a cloud of gas. Even through the red haze, Hynotico maintains his psychic grip, contorting the ghost before him in uncomfortable ways.

Still the enraged psychic thrashs at his incorpral opponent. Yet again the gengar leechs a small amount of Hypnotico's life force to replace that which is being sqeezed from his body by the psychic grip. But as the red haze fades from the Drowzee's vision, it fades to black as he collapses. The combination of blows, the toxins working through his body and the constant drain on his life force by the Gengar has knocked the Drowzee out.

Post battle Stats:
Hypnotico has fallen, Dark Dragonite is out of pokemon. I declare Zeratul the winner.

Dark Dragonite
27th March 2003, 11:23 PM
Congrats Mike, and thanks Cyrus for finishing this, well, maybe a rematch awaits in the future, but for now, I bid you all adieu!!