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28th January 2003, 02:16 PM
for me they think i'm crazy. the only other person who plays it i know is my 8 yr old brother and i'm 17, so you can get the idea of the age difference here. none of my friends know i play pokemon xcept of course my best friend who comes round my house a lot.

what about you?

Lady Vulpix
28th January 2003, 02:51 PM
Well, some think it's weird, some think it's interesting, some others are curious, some are not and my youngest cousins say it's childish (I guess they're trying too hard to grow up). Some of my friends have read some of my Battle Range stories and liked them, and I talk to my mum about TPM every now and then. She often finds it a bit boring, but sometimes likes it.

Fett One
28th January 2003, 03:25 PM
Other than my younger brother every one in my family is okay about it. As for my friends, most of them don't mind the games but they all hate the show/movies.

Phantom of Innocence-BF
28th January 2003, 04:27 PM
Well, most of my friends have no problem with the fact that I like Pokemon since they either like it too or used to like it. My parents think that Pokemon is so called "childish" and "stupid", but they aren't that bad. The worst are those "cool" people in school who make fun of Pokemon and whoever likes it, even though most times than not, they themselves have a secret passion for it. ;p

28th January 2003, 04:35 PM
My mom loves Pikachu and other cute pokemon, she was nearly in tears at Pikachu's Goodbye, so she has no problems with me still liking it at my age (nearly 21 for those of you who are new or have been living under a rock for the past 2 years :)). My dad... Who cares about him, he wont let me have Digital :( I should move out...

My friends, well pokemon kind of got me to meet a lot of the friends I have now as it all started 2 years ago in college a guy in my class was playing Red and I'm like "WTF, I could own you!" and so the next day I did :) A few more people joined in and later on it ended up being Gameboy tournaments every break we got, of course I won ;) A lot of the people I hang with now are the ones who were involved in those games, so obviously they have no problems with it, my friends give me a lot of pokemon stuff too, my best friend gave me Pokemon 3 the other day :) yay!

28th January 2003, 05:01 PM
Dad sometimes annoys me, because he thinks the pokémon names are stupid, and keeps asking "is this game all about constant battles between Bulbasaur and Pikachu?" (because they're the only pokémon names he knows) or "Hahahaha! Enemy Forretress FAINTED! They do that so the game won't be rated!" no matter how often I try to tell him that Forretress will be back in a couple of minutes after being healed. He just won't listen. My brother thinks pokémon is dead long ago, but he keeps changing his mind, so I don't care what he says. Once when we were watching the first movie he said "I mean, that's something I can watch, unlike most other things" and a few months later, he said "Huh! This is so stupid! The evil clone comes and tries to destroy the world, and then the good guy comes and saves everyone!" And mom keeps trying to act interested in my website, but it's easy to see that she isn't because she doesn't seem to have heard me all the dozens of times when I say neopets isn't pokémon and that I do not have all the pokémon versions. Very tiring.

28th January 2003, 06:10 PM
Originally posted by Dragonfree
My brother thinks pokémon is dead long ago.

He's right :p what rock have you been living under? pokkeemans has been dead for nearly 2 years. Why? Because pokkeemans is the same thing all the time. The games have no challenge, and the gay little series is the same episode over and over again with just a different new person.

AntiAsh Superstar
28th January 2003, 07:03 PM
Fortunately I have this quite amazing power of being able to slowly brainwash everybody when I like something as much as I do pokémon, end result is that both my brother and mother play the games, watch the show and can rant about the whole thing almost as well as I can. Other family members have a passing interest, or at least used to. As for friends, it was me friends at high school who got me into it in the first place, I totally outlasted them with regards to my interest in it but they were just impressed by my patience, which has gotta be a first. :o

28th January 2003, 08:37 PM
well, my friend's from my old grade school think i'm insane, but they know it's just me so they don't mind. people that find out, i say i still like it, and i do it to help out younger kids (which, fortunately are abundant in my area). my family makes fun of me, but they know it's me just begin me, so they don't mind at all.

~The Italian Stallion

Crystal Mew
28th January 2003, 08:54 PM
My Family: they really dont care =/ my mom thinks they're cute.and she comes to see the movies with me...and the rest of my familiy could care less...lol
Except my sister,she'll watch the new epis with me on saturday,or record them for me cause I have babysitting.

My Friends: well...they really dont know that I like pokemon ^^;
although I've heard them say that they think they're cute,some of them hate pokemon... --;
but we talk about other things at school,the subject never comes up anyway.

Red Angel
29th January 2003, 12:19 AM
Originally posted by Vega
for me they think i'm crazy. the only other person who plays it i know is my 8 yr old brother and i'm 17, so you can get the idea of the age difference here. none of my friends know i play pokemon xcept of course my best friend who comes round my house a lot.

what about you?

Welcome to my world... except I'm 16 and the only other people who play it are my 10 year old sister and my best friend (who's also 16)...

Nobody else even KNOWS I'm into it, so that's not so bad...

Yeah... life sucks... it's considered "uncool" to play Pokemon, but it's OK to go to a rock/ heavy metal concert...


What is our world coming to?

29th January 2003, 04:53 AM
When I actually was into Pokemon, my friends didn't really care, or else they liked it too. My parents actually thought it was childish.

But now I'm not really that obsessed anymore, I only come here for fanfiction and misc.

29th January 2003, 06:52 AM
My friends (around 15, my age) are all either sort of into it or neutral, which is better than them all hating it I guess :yes:. So no issues there :D.

My family are actually supportive and show no "I'm against pokemon" attitude at all. Occasionally, my dad asks me "how's snorlax" (yes, my fave poke http://www.fg4life.com/~kabigon/emoticons/rolleyes.gif) and I say, um, whatever word is in my head :D. My mum always used to go to the tcg league when it was on here (2000) and we hardly ever missed it. Same with all the poketours that came. So everything is positive :P

29th January 2003, 07:02 AM
My family, well... My brother is still into Pokemon (he's younger than me, BTW) and is actually the one who wants Ruby / Saphire. I'm only getting it because he wan't me to. My dad is fine with it, but he keeps telling me in a few years I'll have outgrown it. I'm going to prove him wrong :D. (Actually, I already have. He said that a few years ago as well.)
My friends: Most of them don't even know I'm into Pokemon. My classmates, um, let's just say Pokemon is one obsession I'm willing to deny for the sake of my public dignity. 'Course, I usually don't even have to deny it. No, I don't like PokEEman. I've never even seen it. My really close friends know I like Pokemon (hey, I even got two of them to sign up here at TPM!). And about everyone who's been to my website (aka the entire Computer Club with any anime sense at all) knows I have a Pokemon section. I'm fine with my present position.

Misery's Herald
11th February 2003, 07:55 PM
Except for Jason (Pridigy), none of my friends know that I play/like pokémon. My mom could not care one way or the other about it.

Fai D. Flowright
11th February 2003, 09:25 PM
i'm right in the middle. my mom will listen to me when i talk to her about it and is sometimes willing to learn something from me. my dad on the other hand say that i should really start getting out of the house more often. he wnat me to be like him when he was in high school, but i'm not. i swear on my grave, i will never play sports unless i'm deathly forced to. he thinks i should grow out of anime soon. little does he know...
my close friends know i like pokemon and are ready to anything with it. all they have to do is ask, and i'm burning like a fuse. my one friend can never seem to make up his mind, but i usually try to avoid him as much as possible.
my schoolmates could care less. if any one mentions it, the topic doesnt last long and just gets flushed down the toilet.
overall i can say that i am in a comfortable position in the pokemon line.

11th February 2003, 10:08 PM
Most People say i am too old for it - I am 17- I play Mostly Yu gi Oh card game in school, and the other day i won my first Magic the Gathering game, I started a week ago, and I still don't have any cards, a few years ago, September 2001, they had a Pokemon Leqgue but it kinda faded out. I won it of course, and got a whole bunch of stuff. I beat gold and yellow, I cheated of course ;o. When I give my e-mail out (wasurenai@pokemasters.net) people like :O a poogey e-mail :(
when I applied for this college (in which I was accepted :) ) I was gonna use that but my mom said to me to use my other one :(

Pokemon is so childish people say :( well I kake it and they can come over my house and they can be scared by my 1 foot Pikachu Plushie :)

13th February 2003, 12:04 AM
My Dad: He's a hates pokémon. I can tell... Once, he got mad at me, and broke my pokemon first movie tape. :( (I bought another one...DVD version. =p) another time, was he tore my poster off the wall. and he doesn't like the movies and show too. ||| The very first time he watched pokémon was when he was sick, and ask me to turn it on for him. He once said something like: "I don't understand any of this ****, plz turn it off." ||| If I have to watch it, I have to secretly watch it. If he finds out, I'll probably just swear at him I guess :mad:

My Mom: I don't think she cares. I am hoping her to buy me stuff off pokemoncenter.com, cuz she's the only one in my family that has a credit card. I ask her this "semester" that if I get straight A's, and she'll get me something, which is terribly difficult :(

My friends:
->My girlfriend says its childish, and she likes sailor moon, which I don't like it very much.
->I know two friends, when I was back in high school, still likes pokemon, but I think they moved away.
->I've seen someone in my class, that has a pikachu keychain on his backpack, but I never ask if he likes pokémon. (he's not my friend... )

LoL, I read some other posts, and said something like: "my social status will die"?? If its possible, I like the whole world to know that I like pokémon, and even death won't stop me from liking it.

Mr Wartortle
13th February 2003, 11:31 AM
My parents don't care at all. I don't even know if they notice. My sister is in to them & all of my good friends are into them to, so yeah....

Mab the Mad Clefable
16th February 2003, 02:29 PM
Well, it's a good job we're all Pokemon nutty in this house, cos they've kinda taken over! Kitchen, bedrooms, bathroom, they're everywhere. I think my workmates think I'm a bit "eccentric" to say the least ( just cos I carry everything round in a Pikachu bag with loads of Pokemon keychains attatched and sit at lunch playing Blue....) but I don't care!

16th February 2003, 09:25 PM
My parents thought something was wrong with me because I was into pokemon. I still am, as much as ever, but I convinced them I've given it up, just to keep them off my back about it, esp. my mother.

Then again, this is the same mom who banned me and my little sister from playing pretend games when I got over age 12...one by one she banned them, forcing us to develop tactics to continue the games in secret.

16th February 2003, 09:43 PM
All the people in my school know that I draw anime and as long as I can draw better than them, they have no right to make fun of me. XD I was hesitant to draw Pokémon when I first moved here, but no one really makes fun of me. =\ It doesn't matter if they do anyways, because I don't care.

My family could care less, too. >_>


17th February 2003, 06:05 AM
well lately my dad has been saying he thinks i'm doin somethin illegal when i'm battling ppl on netbattle/irc. its just funny seeing him come into my room with a really suspicious look on his face.

17th February 2003, 08:06 PM
My parents don't care, but everyone at my school hates pokemon with a passion, except these two queer girls, who are obsessed... They act like they know everything, but I doubt they even know they're coming out with a new Pokemon game... Of course, the way everyone talks about Pokemon, it seems that mabye they're hiding something... But if they do find out I do Pokemon, my social status would absolutely die.

2nd March 2003, 07:15 PM
My father is a Pokémon fan, but my mother hates it a little bit, and she's always angry when I say something about Pokémon, and when I'm sick she thinks that I only say that to play Pokémon games instead of going 2 school.And some people think I'm stupid when I say I'm a Pokémon fan.......

3rd March 2003, 02:31 AM
I don't like pokémon.

3rd March 2003, 10:16 AM
*blinks* uh sazza, why do you come here then? --;


No one at my old school likes pokemon. Now I'm homeschooled so i dont have to worry about them anymore so meh to them. But the kids around the neighborhood are always making fun of me for liking it :rolleyes: but I dont care. They are the same age as me too, well ones younger the other two other are older. I dont get them either. Meh 16 year olds can like pokemon... right? *hears snickers around the room* --; Meh. Well actually My old friend that moved away once always says she hates pokemon to people always laughing at it, but she came back to town and She actually did like it XD so, i wonder how many people at that school actualy did too ^^


Systematic Revolution
4th March 2003, 05:43 PM
I'm not into Pokemon, but I'll answer what my parents used to think. My mom didn't really care. My dad however, didn't care, until he saw me taking a card out of a plastic case. Then he complained, thinking I stole them, because I didn't have any money to buy my own. So he thought I was so desperate to get cards that he thought I stole them. -_-'


PS: Hunter, just because someone doesn't like Pokemon, doesn't mean he or she can't post at a Pokemon message board. There are, after all, more than Pokemon forums here.

Sandslash and Ninetails
4th March 2003, 06:53 PM
Well, my mom loves Pokemon as much, if not more, then me. The rest of my family supports it well, they always like talking about it, and they get interested in it. Most of my friends like it, and if they don't, then when I talk about, they just listen and don't fuss about it. If somebody doesn't like me because I like Pokemon, then, IMO, they aren't a real friend. There are lots of things my friends like that I don't like, but when they talk about it, I just listen and act interested; I know how it is with me and the things I like, so I act the same way towards them as I hope they would towards me.

4th March 2003, 08:12 PM
My family: They are oblivious to the fact that I play it, because they don't pay any attention to the gameboy games I play.

My friends: My best friend says he grew out of it, but I know he's lying, because everyone else thinks it's lame, except for another friend of mine.

What can I say. The games are fun to play. The catching and raising. And now that a two-on-two battle system is coming out, along with new and unusual pokemon, the games have become more fun. I personally will love the Ruby/Sapphire games the best, because those games are almost like Bond, Pokemon style, because you have to save the world from a new evil group that is bent on destroying the pokemon world with an ancient monster.

And I got way off topic... :D

5th March 2003, 05:05 AM
I don't really like Pokemon anymore. Sometimes when I have nothing to do i'll probably turn it on and breed more shinies on my GSC versions, but that's basically it.

My friends don't know I am into Pokemon, but my family is obviously cool with it

5th March 2003, 10:45 AM
My mom is the only one that's still around, and she really doesn't like the fact that I still watch Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh! and still come here.
She feels that it's a total waste of time.

I on the other hand, don't see the problem with it. I work, I pay my bills...what else is there??

And I don't criticize or judge her when I see her Eevee collection staring me in the face everyday...LOL :P

T M Pikachu
5th March 2003, 05:29 PM
My parents are well... pelicular on the subject. They don't hate it or anything most of the time. My dad according to my mom use to love anime and that's where I got my love for anime and cartoons from. My dad is kind of interested in the subject. Once we were driving all the way to Colorado. During the whole trip he wanted to know the whole storyline of Pokemon.... to this day. I told him and he seemed remotely interested in it. He said he'll watch a couple of episodes with me someday but he never has.

My mom is okay with it. She doesn't really know... know that much about Pokemon. She's the one that teases me about that. Everytime I watch Pokemon and when Pikachu speaks she inmates it and stuff. Sometimes she calls me Brock. Don't ask. It has something to do with his face.

Both my parents have watched the movies with me and they both fall asleep in the movie treatre. When the show's over I wake them and we go watch something else. it's there way of "supporting" my obession and love for it. My dad thinks me buying Pokemon stuff is a waste of money. Course he's the one that still buys me the stuff and I pay him back.

My friends are well half and half. Some of them like it. Some of them use to like it. Some of them think it's foolish. We don't get very far in the subject of anime with some of my friends. Others we can talk for hours on the subject. Some of my friends think Pokemon's cute. Most of them don't even know I like it till they come to my school and find my room littered with Pokemon stuff.

Most people at my school jokes around about it. Like saying all these mean stuff about it. I usually say I like Pokemon. They shrug their shoulders and say cool or something like that. It's not really a talkable topic.

6th March 2003, 01:19 PM
Well, My mom used to like pokemon more than I did but when her level 50 Vaporeon was defeated by a Level 60 Rattata(Mine, I had one of EVERY pokemon) she punished me everytime she even saw me playing GB...

Wild Female Machoke
6th March 2003, 03:45 PM
Although I don't watch the Pok&eacute;mon anime anymore, my mom always asked me if Brock is blind whenever she watches a few episodes. ROTFLOL :D "[Machoke,] is he blind or something? Why are his eyes closed?"

My brother is not into it, but he did try out the game. He always kept asking me how to play the game. After one try, he complained that it's too hard. As soon as I get Ruby/Sapphire, I teach him.

As for my dad, hmmm.... nothing....

Some of my friends like Pok&eacute;mon while others do not. I had discussed my idea of an SNK vs. Capcom/Pok&eacute;mon crossover site with one of my friends after complaining about how those "faux" tournaments are more like popularity contests. He is pretty familiar with the idea although he didn't like the games. Another friend didn't like Pok&eacute;mon too, but after seeing Mareep (she's totally obsessed with sheep BTW) she couldn't pass it.

6th March 2003, 07:04 PM
*I don't like it any more, so I'll just reply as if it were 2 years ago ^_^*
my mom thinks they're cute, especially ninetales. she doesn't really care either way. my dad thinks it's immature, and thinks it's a dumb fad ("at least when beanie babies died out you still had stuffed animals that little kids would like, all you have now is a piece of paper that anyone could make") my friends used to like it, so they know where I'm coming from in this obsession.

*back to 2003* now the topic never comes up, except once at lunch we were talking about pokemon snap and how much fun that game was.


6th March 2003, 08:37 PM
I'm not into pokemon that much anymore except for the battle aspect of it that I do in the forums. I might as well say what my friends/family think:

Family: Well my parents don't care that much unless my grades are slipping. I was playing my Red Version a bit too much one time and my mom and dad smashed my gameboy. x_x; Luckily my sis saved my game from being smashed. Now I rarely play my GB games anymore for that reason. At times my mom would say that its a bit childish and that I'm too old for it. I just ignore her comments. My sis use to be into it, but now she's obsessed with Inu Yasha. =/

Friends: None of my friends know actually. ^^; My best friend actually got me into pokemon when I was in the middle school. She doesn't like pokemon anymore though so I just keep my mouth shut. My other friend is close to finding out though when she sees me drawing dragons. They're actually Charizards but they don't know that. ^_^; I want to keep my social status at where it is thank you very much even though its as low as you can get at my school. :P


7th March 2003, 05:52 AM
dad: thinks it is a stupid kids game. we watched a few episodes, (they had to be the lame theme/moral storylines :mad: ) so he thinks the anime is stupid aswell.
my dad on brock: "where are his eyes?"
he thinks im "addicted"

mum:just gets annoyed when im playing/drawing pkmn instead of doing my homework

friends: pokemon died ages ago. i draw the new pokes, and they dont even know that they are pokemon.

brother: he played a game of pkmn blue, till "cut" and gave up.

28th March 2003, 11:27 PM
My stepmom thinks I'm insane, but there's nothing she can say about it because my dad and sister are into it too. Well, my dad more than my sister. Dad and I battle on PS2 all the time :D My sister and I battle only when we're reeeeeeeeeally bored (she just likes turning on my game and riding the bike :rolleyes: )

I only tell my Poke-Friends I like Pokemon. Which means not many friends know I like Pokemon :D

Azure Pathos-Sketchit
29th March 2003, 12:10 AM
Parents - They think I'm immature. My dad most of all, he labels me a "big baby". They feel that way about my love for videogames in general. They think I'm "childish" for wanting such "toys" that are "wasteful and useless". :mad:

Lil' Bro - He's cool with it, in fact, totally cool. He likes to watch over my shoulder as I play the Sapphire version. :)

Friends: One is totally into Pokémon like me, so no question there. The other doesn't particularly like Pokémon, but respects my tastes. :)