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25th April 2004, 10:26 AM
*cracks knuckles* OUCH! Let's get this going.

Animalia: The Mutation

In the near future on Earth, a sudden breakthrough shatters scientists beliefs on D.N.A. Suppressed for years it seems somehow it finally leaked out, a government scientist named Professor Neco has been creating experimental animal-human hybrids. Fearing widespread panic the government officials seek out their only way to stop the spread of the news. Numerous big names in science are silenced by bribes or by more "harsh" methods for those that refuse such material goods. Merely by quick thinking the country avoids another disaster. Behind closed doors the unshaken Professor Neco continues his research. Despite what was originally thought by the silenced scientists, the Professor had still not "perfected" the methods of creating these hybrids. The organisms created that were still in the stage of being an embryo were unstable enough to grow. Desperate for a super-human army, Neco flees the country taking his technology with him and begins his research anew with some test subjects. He takes things to a new level when he abducts youthful people from around the globe to be experimental hybrids. Being one of these teens you are kidnapped under mysterious circumstances and placed into a deep sleep by powerful tranquilizer. Awaking you find yourself hopelessly stuck in a large glass tube, vile orange liquid coursing through it and breathing and other monitoring tubes over your body. As if this wasn't bad enough you soon discover your newly gained animal features and go into a state of shock, wide-eyed with horror. Only after you calm yourself down enough to you realize that others are also in the same state. You seem to all now have the same thing on the mind, Escape!

As far as hybrids go you can basically be any animal out there. Combinations of two animals are fine. Being a hybrid your body has been strengthed enough to more easily withstand explosions, bullets and can easily thwart technology with your new abilities. Abilities from animals can range from Enhanced Vision to Spitting Venom; most abilities will be approved unless I find them overly "powerful" or unfitting. I do not want to see anything fantasy-like! Only real animals please. If you feel the need go look in an encyclopedia, as I'm sure reading would do many of us some good (me included!) I also do not want any people older than say 25 as it would make them unfit for metamorphosis into hybrids. If you have any other questions and are sure I have not mentioned it in this sign-up anywhere or something about something that exist already feel free to pm me. Now let's get to the actual sign-up already! EDIT: Dinosaur and other extinct animal D.N.A. is fine. In dinosaurs case please do not make it so they change your character to an uber-powerful hybrid. In both dinosaurs and extinct animals cases if it is not something widely known then please give us some history on the creature.

Name: (Self-Explanatory)
Gender: (Self-Explanatory)
Age: (13-27)
Animal/s: (The animals who's D.N.A. was combined with your own. Be specific on the species ex. TIMBER WOLF not Wolf)
Appearance Before Mutation: (Self-Explanatory)
Appearance After Mutation: Don't make it immensely the same as the former, not all features are hide-able, but many things are such as retractable claws.
Personality: (Self-Explanatory)
Personality After Mutation: (Optional)
Abilities: (These are by no means unrealistic abilities, elements, magic, etc. But only those of the animal/s which you received D.N.A. ex. heightened senses, venom, underwater breathing, etc.)
History: (Not Optional)
Relationships: (Not necessary to have any at the start.)
Other: [Insert Mindless Other Killing Here] (Or if you pity other, than maybe you can give us some interesting facts about your character!)

Please take the time to create a decent sign-up. Reserves are fine but not necessary, as spots are to an extent unlimited. Now for my sign-up.

Name: Velox Phasma (Goes By Spectre)
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Animals: Arctic Fox and Lion Fish
Appearance Before Mutation: Somewhere around 6'2, so a tad tall, and very slim. Despite his slim appearance he has built a lot of lean muscle past those scrawny legs and arms. His eyes are an piercing hazel color, with mysteriously clouded whites, though he has no eye problems whatsoever. His hair is cut short, with his bangs somewhat diagonally and haphazardly cut, so that the right side of his head has significantly longer bangs than the left. The color of his hair is blonde, and light enough to the point that it seems more white than blonde. His skin is paler than most others he has met, despite the fact that he doesn't usually keep cooped up around the house. It also has a slight, hardly noticeable, gray tint. Very clean face, no face problems of any sort, and it shines quite clearly when exposed to light. He has a singular tattoo on his right arm that depicts a deep blue ghost of sorts, and under it reads "Spectre" in shiny silver color. Velox typically wears black jeans, a plain dark gray t-shirt, and clean white tennis shoes, or when he can black strap sandals.

Appearance After Mutation: Hair has changed to completely white. Has gills on his right and left upper arms now. Also has retractable, or at least ones able to lay flat to make them look inconspicuous, spines on the top of his hands and under each of his finger. The spines under his fingers are to the approximate size of the fingers they are under and are black, with narrow fiery red stripes. The spines that rest upon the top of his hand are white, with thicker deep blue stripes, and randomly sized. His teeth have been slightly enlargened and made to be more pointed and sharp, and his canines lengthed. Has a large bushy tail that is can only fit inside the back of his shirt or otherwise is completely noticeable with its white color. Has new fox ears now that are the same white pure and dirtless white as his new hair, which makes it easy for him to tuck them under his hair where they are virtually unnoticeable besides the small lump in his hair it creates. Has retractable claws on his feet and the bottoms of his feet are covered with black pads. Also has claws on his hands, but is quite inefficient at using them.

Personality: Calm and reserved at most times, being the person that keeps himself to himself. Has a hard time starting new relationships or forgetting faulty ones. Dwells on past mistakes a little too much and tends to slightly live in the past. He is not the person that can easily hold a conversation, so he keeps silent. Though he isn't a great speaker he can be reliable once in a while for a little bit of good advice, and is quite keen on listening to other people's problems. You seem to always feel like you can tell him anything and he will listen no questions asked, to anything and everything you have to say. Also tends to be a little bit on the serious side though he has a hidden sense of humor that may manifest at just the right (or extremely wrong) moments.

Abilities: His speed that was already significantly faster than most has been increased even more by the fox and he oftentimes runs on all fours now, and also his senses heightened to an extremely large extent. He easily adapts to his environment, though he feels particularly at home in cold areas. Now can easily blend into any environment, not be camouflaged, but rather act as if he had always been there. Despite his telltale white hair and tail he is quite stealthy and can easily use this to his advantage. Due to his gills he can stay underwater for as long as he wants without coming up for air. The spikes on his hands contain a nasty sort of venom that first renders the victim unconscious before slowly corrupting the blood and removing the oxygen. In other words the pain causes long painful death, where the patient usually become conscious again before it?s over. The spines are detachable, and can be launced over medium distance, and grow back quite easily.

History: He was born to a middle-class family in the small rural town of Impleo, Wisconsin. The life there was uneventful and little happened to him at all until the age eleven. At this time, his parents divorced and he moved from Wisconsin to Florida to live with his mom. Velox's stubborn father stayed in Impleo, and Velox has had little connection with him from that point. He graduated two years early from high school, being quite a prodigal student, and moved back to Impleo to spend time with his father and also to get some downtime, and money, before college.

Relationships: Being an only child he mainly only has his mother and father. Because of his genius he never really fit in with his peers that were years older than him in high school, so he really doesn't have any, or many, friends.
Other: (Impales other with spikes and watches it slowly die from venom) Has a tendency to scare people out of there wits (or try) for no apparent reason, but the fact that he enjoys it.

and for #2

Name: Aetas Vicissitudo
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Animals: Marten and Bat
Appearance Before Mutation: Somewhere around 6'4, quite tall, and slim but not ridiculously. His eyes are an piercing deep brown color, and he tends to stare which unnerves people as they feel he is staring into their very souls. His hair is cut short haphazardly, and is chestnut brown in color, and tends to stick outward and then curve inward near the bottom portion. His skin is slightly tanned and definitely not pale. Very clean face, no face problems of any sort. Aetas typically wears simply dark navy jeans, a plain brownish t-shirt, and mudded black tennis shoes. He also has a mysterious, though powerless, amulet around his neck. It is on a silver chain and has a diamond-shaped clear crystal, that has a black orb in its center.

Appearance After Mutation: Small Marten ears have appeared that are a chestnut brown, the same color as the fur that fully covers his arms, chest and back. Wearing no shirt is now commonplace. A bushy tail sprouts from his backside, that is the same chestnut brown, bushy and long, and black-tipped. His bat wings sprout from his sides and are slightly darker than his fur. He can fold them quite effectively, but the are conspicuous under a t-shirt or thin sweater. His nose is black tipped and somewhat more round than before. Has retractable claws on his feet and the bottoms of his feet are covered with black pads. Also has claws on his hands, and is quite efficient with them. He has slimmed down drastically, and looks past malnourished, though his ribs don't show and he is nowhere near being fragile.

Personality: Definite Pessimist. Takes the worst parts of everything and announces them to the world. Besides this he is dangerously shy, and can't stand long next to a person without getting the urge to back away. He has never been known to stand up for himself in anyway and takes all his punishments. He generally doesn't release any of his emotions.

Personality After Mutation: Complete turnaround. Has lost all but the slightest hint of shyness, and has a renewed confidence in himself. Easily expresses his thoughts and emotions, and no longer views things pessimistically. Is utterly happy in his mutation.

Abilities: His agility is increased to almost the point that he is just a blur, he can outrun almost anything, modern vehicle or not, and if he really gets going to the same thing while flying; he can only fly clumsily at first. He is extremely efficient at using the claws on his hands and feet, and also his long sharp teeth. Can almost cause a hurricane of slashes against the enemy though it usually takes only one swift strike. Stealthy when need-be, it also helps that he can crawl into amazingly small spaces, and climb most things with proper footholds. Has increased hearing and smell but not too a very large extent. He favors smell specifically. He can swim quite well though he must come up for air, and also is great at climbing trees. He seems to just run right up them. At certain times he may run on all fours, and is usually faster in doing this. Has fair night vision, and echolocation from his batty side.

History: The circumstances of his birth he never disclosed to anyone, and rather wants to keep it that way. He lives in an Orphanage in New York. The keepers of this Orphanage were quite nice people, and his childhood was quite peaceful. He actually was one of the worst orphans, with his pessimism. When he was taken into the orphanage at six, he was mysteriously requested to never be offered for adoption.

Relationships: None at this time, though he likes the orphanage's caretakers to the extent that they could be his mother or father.
Other: [Brutally slashes other to shreds with a hurricane of blows.] Has a talent to easily divulge others' thoughts just by looking into their eyes.

25th April 2004, 11:06 AM
And the Posts..
For beginning posts you may be doing anything you like, but you need to be kidnapped at the ending.

~Velox Phasma - Arctic Fox/Lionfish~

McDonald's wasn't exactly my dream career but it paid. Really the money was unnecessary for tuition, as I was getting a full ride. Still though I would need money for other things. So far I had managed to scrape up whatever I could working here and there. Sometimes I wondered what exactly my future would hold, as so far it seemed very distant. Pulling myself out of my daydreaming I once again resumed the tedious process of receiving orders.

My shift ended eventually, though eventually was a long time. It seemed I had taken millions of orders today; people babbled up a storm. My father's house wasn't exactly right next to McDonald's, but it was easy to walk there. Besides it saved gas money, pretty soon I was sure I would end up cheap. As always the walk home seemed uneventful, and boring to say the least. I sincerely hoped that after college there would be more than tedium to adult life. Really I had realized that right now was my best years, and really the future looked slightly bleak. I couldn't really yet face this, and still clung to my pre-adult years. I was growing up to fast for myself, I didn't know if I was ready for it sometimes.

Just as I rounded the corner on my street, I watched a van slowly pull up beside me. Not knowing this to be a "dangerous" neighborhood the fact that this van was following me slightly unnerved me, but I just kept going. I stole a glance around me and realized no one was there. My dad's car was not in the driveway, no one in any of the houses around me seemed to be home. Someone jumped out of the van, gun in hand, and I heard a short whoosh. I looked down and there pricked in my neck seemed some kind of tranquilizer dart. I pulled it out, but the world was already spinning. The last thing I saw was the man who had shot me grinning as he stood above me. How much I wanted to tear that grin off his face, then darkness came.

OOC: Just a note, no one will see each other during the kidnapping. The first time you are due to see one another is actually in the laboratory. You can use whatever method you think of to distribute the tranquilizer, not just getting shot with a dart.

~Aetas Vicissitudo - Marten/Bat~

Hate. Hate. Hate, washed through my mind as I watched each of the other children at the orphanage. Hate that one, and that one, and that one... Sitting there just made me sick seeing each of them so happy and me so glum. I was now in a cold rage as I stared at them, icily, and just wished that happiness would be sucked right out of their faces. I could almost taste each of their thoughts upon my tounge, love, freedom, joy! Vomit, was what I thought of it. Really I wished they would look up and see the world for the rathole it really was. Not worth it, this world was not worth it. The keepers looked to me to give an example, I was older they said. The keepers, love was there. They seemed to be able to like me unconditionally. There was good feeling there, but everywhere else HATE. How did I set an example to someone I had no cares about!

Over the years, the rest of the children had just learned to leave me alone. I refused to even sleep near to them, and instead had pulled my make-shift bed as far over to the window as possible. There now, trying to go to sleep, I stared through that glassy window. It was black outside but I could hear scufflings. Probably those damned rats again, always going through the garbage. Really I had too much hate inside me now to even let my self asleep. Brooding on all those thoughts kept me wide awake. Why couldn't I just fall asleep like the rest. Because I'm not like the rest, I can see more than they do. I realize what's going on around me! All this though still wasn't going to help me asleep.

I had left my room, 2:00 a.m. Alone only briefly I already swore I had heard things. Footsteps, whispers, but as always it had to be just damned hallucinations. Walking downstairs to the kitchen, I helped myself to a glass of orange juice. I knew I wasn't going to fall back asleep now that I had woken up. Then though, I drained the glass. Suddenly I was dizzy, the room spinning, and I went top-side. I was struggling now on the floor, struggling to get up. I couldn't though and continued to just lie there. Then I swear, before I blacked out I saw someone standing above me. I felt him pull up my sleeve, and cringed as he injected me. Suddenly the world above me started getting clearer and clearer, and I could hear distant voices now. Now they were distinct and I realized I could hear them, I realized I was actually sitting up. "I told you not to tranquilize him!" whispered the first man, though his face was still quite hazy, or was he just wearing a ski mask? "Well he's awake now isn't he?" the other with the same hazy outline whispered back. The first lost the slight rage he had before and nodded. With that he hoisted me up and helped me grope along, and out the door. I was to drowsy still to resist and I felt myself lead through the door of the orphanage. I was wrenched into some kind of vehicle and lay there leaning against the side. As we drove away I could feel my senses slowly coming back.

Ta Dah!

Chrono Storm
25th April 2004, 11:39 AM
Name: Fritz Arfens
Gender: Female
Age: 14
Animals: Gray wolf
Appearance Before Mutation: A complete albino. She is rather tall for her age, and her long white bangs are usually left hanging out in front of her face. She normally wears sunglasses, as her red eyes tend to creep people out. She tends to wear a Hawaiian shirt with dress pants and combat boots.
Appearance After Mutation: Her hair is a slightly grayish tint, but not enough to hide her dark gray ears. Her nose and mouth are elongated and more canine, along with her teeth. Fur covers her entire body gray on her back, flanks, most of her face and her limbs, and white on her chest, snout, and stomach, and she has a very conspicious tail which can be tucked into her pants. She has sharp claws, but her hands, arms, legs, and the rest of her body structure remain human.
Personality: A complete joker. She can't seem to remain serious for more than three minutes. She tries to stay on people's good sides, but if someone angers her, she won't let them forget it. She's a bit of a procrastinator, and she tends to be a bit lazy. She always was stuck by a wanderlust due to the fact that her hometown stinks.
Abilities: She can run faster than she previously could, and her sense of smell has improved. Also, she is stealthier and better at unarmed combat.
History: She lived with her mother and father in a relatively unimportant town in Pennsylvania. She was an excellent student, though not the best at math. She took up karate(but stopped at the age of eight) and fencing. Her family's financial status took a nosedive when her mother was fired from her job. She thought of penning a novel, but never got around to it.
Relationships: She lives with her parents. Her best friend lives four hours away from her town, and most of the people at her school are jerks.
Other: She kills with a bite to the neck. She also likes chicken wings and steak.


Today, like every other day, was boring.

Fritz sighed as she walked down the alleyway that served as a shortcut to get to her house. She tried to make life as interesting as possible for herself through jokes, but unfortunately, it didn't keep her life from being completely bland.

"You know what?" muttered Fritz to herself. "I ought to get back to that novel. I'd probably have annoying fans hanging around the door all the time, but it'd be better than this."

"Talking to your invisible friend again, Whitey?"

Fritz turned around to give whoever taunted her a piece of her mind... then shut her mouth. The offender was Asten Mauk, the class goth, self proclaimed gangsta, and the only person Fritz feared. She glared at him, thinking of a quick insult that she could throw at him and run.

"Why don't you go home and worship your dark master? I'm told that goat demons get rather angry if you don't slit your wrists dai-"

She was interrupted when Asten pulled a gun from his pocket. Fritz hadn't counted on that.

"Hey, put that thing away. It's dangerous, you know. You could shoot your eye out."

The goth took no heed to Fritz's warnings and aimed it.

"Remember that time you wouldn't give me a nickle?"

Fritz blinked, sweat running down her brow..

"Aww, c'mon. You can't still be angry about that."

Asten yelled a rather vehement exclamation regarding the matter of the nickel.

"Now, no need to get sweary, I gave you a dollar in repayment. Here. Take... oh, maybe fifty cents in nickels and put the gun away."

Fritz held out the currency. Asten gladly took it and walked off without a word of thanks. The girl sighed with relief and continued walking.

"You know, I reeeealy need to find another way home. That's the second time I've been held at gunpoint this week."

Fritz continued down the alleyway, whistling merrily as though nothing had happened... until a tranqilizer dart silenced her.

25th April 2004, 12:52 PM
Name: Cora Saniels

Gender: Female

Age: 13

Animal/s: Flying Squirrel and Day Gecko

Appearance Before Mutation: Cora is of an average height, and a bit chubby. She has eyes that change from brown to green, depending on her mood, and full, shoulder-length bronze-blonde hair that curls outward slightly at the edges. Her complexion is fair and healthy. She has a round, honest face, and straight teeth (due to braces). She is fairly balanced and grounded from taking Aikido, but has very weak upper body strength. She likes to wear solid-colored t-shirts and slacks, and prefers to go barefoot. If she has to, though, she wears soft cloth shoes.

Appearance After Mutation: Cora's hair has changed to a more grayish brown, and has become straight and bristly. Her eyes have become a consistent green. Her front teeth have enlarged, and her tongue is long and sticky. She is thinner, with longer limbs. The skin on her forearms and the front of her legs is light green and covered with small scales. She also has two light green stripes running vertically from her throat to her scalp, across her eyes, and a darker green ridge across her back. These are scaly as well. She has a thin webbing between her arms and legs. Her palms and feet have become sticky. She has a long, scaly tail, covered in grayish-brown fur, that is very difficult to hide.

Personality: Around people she doesn't know, Cora is withdrawn and polite. Once she makes friends, though, she lets her wit show. While she enjoys talking, she often finds herself interrupted by her peers. She isn't sure why this happens, but it seems that most people aren't interested in what she has to say. She is amiable, and likes most people, but when she meets someone that she finds annoying, she can't stand to be around them for longer than 30 seconds. She is slow to anger, and tries to hold it in as long as she can. She can quickly adapt to even the strangest situations. Though she claims she is a wimp and tries to avoid pain, in truth her tolerance is quite high.

Personality After Mutation: She has become much more twitchy and alert. She is very observant, noticing things faster than most. She becomes frustrated if there is no immediate course of action.

Abilities: Cora can climb virtually any surface. She can also glide, but due to her body weight she can only do this for a short distance. Her teeth are very strong and can crack most things. Her tongue can snag things from up to two feet away.

History: Cora was born in a small town in California, called Sebastopol. She grew up uneventfully, raised by her two lesbian parents. In school she found that she grasped math quickly and easily, but that has been diminishing as the concepts have been getting more difficult. She had been interested in computers since she was very young, and is now considering a career of graphic design. Cora is beginning to long for something new to happen to her.

Relationships: Other than her mothers, Cora doesn't really have many relationships. Her old friends have drifted apart as their interests changed.

Other: *hugs other* Why is everyone so mean to you? Anyway, Cora loves animals of all kinds, especially felines. She is also a big fan of tabletop roleplaying games.

Cora (Flying Squirrel/Gecko)

I sat down at my tiny desk and booted up my computer. It was always the same old stuff: homework, then check all the message boards I posted in the day before. Sure, it was fun, in a way, but all the same.... I couldn't help feeling like I wanted something more, something new and exciting. I was pretty sure that if some mysterious stranger appeared and offered to take me somewhere, I would gladly go with them.

Of course, my logic was flawed. Even I knew that not all "mysterious strangers" would whisk me away to adventure... But that still wouldn't stop me from being wistful about it. I sighed and took out my spelling list. I was due to be in the regional spelling bee next week.

"Xenophobia: X-E-N-O-P-H-O-B-I-A. Phylactery: P-H-Y-L-A-C-T-E-R-Y. Resuscitation: R-E-S-U-S-C-I-T-A-T-I-O-N..."


"Oh, that's an easy one. K-I--- WHAT?!"

I looked around my room wildly. There was nothing to be seen except for the dirty clothes piled on the floor. I was definitely frightened now. Throat tightening, I scrambled over the mess and into the living room. Still nothing. I locked the front door, just to be sure. Feeling my heartbeat start to slow down again, I walked back into my room. I was becoming surer and surer that I had imagined it. After all, wasn't this what I had always wanted? To be taken away from my old life?

The thought stopped abruptly when my bedroom door slammed shut. I banged against it, but it seemed to be locked from the outside. My door doesn't even have a lock! I thought frantically.

"My window!"

I ran to the window and looked out. There was a strange black van parked in the driveway.

"Ok... maybe I shouldn't go out there."

I sat in the middle of my floor, knees to my chest. My breath seemed to become harsher, more ragged. Was it because of my fear, or...

I suddenly noticed a misty gas seeping from under the door. Everything else seemed to fade to black. I could dimly realize that I had fallen on my side. I struggled to stay conscious, but it was a losing battle. The last thing I remembered was a man lifting my unresisting body out the door.


25th April 2004, 02:51 PM
Name: Sam Taylor
Gender: Male
Age: 23
Animal/s: Siberian Husky
Appearance Before Mutation:
~Height: 6 feet
~Build: Muscular
~Eye colour: Emerald green
~Hair colour: Brown / Blonde
~General Clothing: Dark, loose clothing but nothing too baggy
~Distinguishing features: none
Appearance After Mutation: Same as human apart from the fact that he also has a silver coloured and somewhat 'bushy' tail that he has tried on a number of occasions to hide and light fur on his back that fortunately he can hide.
Personality: He's very withdrawn and unsociable but not to everybody. He will open up to someone who acts generally nice to him without wanting something in return although this isn't always the case as he has been known to hide things from the person who cares the most about.
Personality After Mutation: Same except that he tends to stay more in the shadows
Abilities: Hightened sense of smell and the ability to survive colder conditions than 'normal' people
History: He and his sister were abandoned at early ages and went through numerous care homes which proved unsuccessful due to Sam's somewhat withdrawn attitude. When Sam's sister hit sixteen, she took Sam (who was 10 at the time) and they began a new life in a new town. It was hard at first but they soon managed a small yet comfortable existance. All was well until 3 years ago when Sam's sister was in an accident that left her blind. He swore to look after her to make up for all the years she'd spent taking care of him. Then on day, after returning from a shopping trip, Sam returned to find his sister missing. He began to search for her, becoming a loner in hopes of tracking his sister quicker by attracted less unwanted attention. He was kidnapped before his search was complete.
Relationships: Apart from his sister...none
Other: Meh! Too much typing to punish other...


I sat alone in a small bar with only a pint of beer for company. "This world is full of ****," I muttered quietly. "Those who want something get it and those who need something are allowed to have it for only a short time before it is taken away...A world filled with pain...If only there was a way to make the pain go away..."
"We don't tolerate psychos in our town mate. Maybe it's time you moved on..."
I glared up at the guy who had spoken to me. I used to be more tolerent of people like him, but I have since lost my tolerence.
In a flash, I had the guy pinned to the nearest wall by his throat. "Listen, I just wanna get a quiet drink and then I'll be on my way okay? So just wait about 2 minutes whilst I finish my pint and you'll probably never see me again. Okay?"
"Y-y-yes s-s-s-sir."
"I thought so," I threw him into one of the empties tables and quickly downed my drink before heading out the door.


"Are you sure you want him ?"
"He's the perfect specimen for our experiment."
"Well excuse me if i don't agree. you saw the way he threw me into that table, he's unstable! What if he turns on us and - "
"If you're that worried then tell the sniper to position himself and don't lose sight of him! If he gets away we'll probably never find him again!"


I headed down the road, reflecting upon my actions back in the bar. [I]What would she think if she knew? She'd never forgive me for acting like that. Well she's not here is she? I sighed and looked up at the sky sis...where are you?
I suddenly became aware of a black van following me. I took a sudden detour down and alley and saw I block of the exist. They were trapping me in? I concentrated on where I was going and sped up once I heard two doors slam simultaneously.
I noticed a fire escape and bounded onto it, using a garbage bin for extra height. I smirked to myself as I climbed. No way would they catch me now! I stopped suddenly as i felt something pierce my shoudler. I tried to gather all my energy, to keep from falling. I had no idea who they were but they would not catch me!
A few moments later i lost complete control of my hands and i fell backwards. Everything rushed past me, becoming blurrier and each moment passed before falling unconcious just moments before crashing into a pile garbage...

25th April 2004, 03:50 PM
Name: Kruz Lawpler
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Animal: Ankylosurus and Triceratops DNA(from fossils)

Appearance(Before) : Kru had dark-teal hair and Navy blue eyes. He has fairly muscular build, but has a bit of bulk on him. he is tall, but he doesn't look so, because of his build. He is pigeon-toed, but runs fast to be that way. He has a diamong in his ear and his hair is usally kept messy. He wears khaki, cargo pants, and a navy Old Navy t-shirt with some white sneakers.

Appearance(After) : Kruz now has blue-silver hair and pale-blue eyes. His build is still the same, except his shoulder-blades and spine are now spikes going down his back. He is a bit tanner than he was, and he is a bit taller. His knuckles are also enlarged quite a bit and his pants are now cut-off shorts.

Personality: Kruz is an average-acting football player at the local highschool. He is more often angry at times and stays out of others' way so they'll be out of his. When he's angry, he's ready to crack a diamond. He is really loyal, but is angered easily.

Abilities: Kruz's abilities mainly consist of enhanced physical awareness. His knuckles are enlarged and hardened, while his head and shoulders are also hardened so, much like a triceratops, he can ram anything without feeling a thing.

History: He was born and raised in the town of Chattanooga, Tennessee. He was raised on sports having a father who was fatally injurred in a pro football game. He had to carry on the legacy and be like his father. He's been living in Chattanooga forever until lately. He can't remember anything before he was going to a post football game party...

Relationships: None as far as he can tell. He has his father and mother and his older brother which hasn't been home since he left for the NFL.




Kruz ran to his position behind the quarterback. He was the 1st string runningback for Tyner High School in Chattanooga, Tennessee. They were going against their rivals, Central High, who, before the game had put tombstones on the field with Tony- QB, Hands-WR, and his names on each one. They were currently destroying Central with a 48-point lead. The score was 56 to 8. They had 9 seconds on the clock.

Kruz was completely focused while playing football. The ball was snapped and Kruz snatched it from Tony and ran around the outside. He dodged the defenders around the way, and stiff armed one. He was 15 yards from the goal line when he noticed Gary K., the fastest and strongest player on Central's team came up behind him. Gary jumped on him, but despite his hit, Kruz kept on trucking. Eventually, Gary fell off and Kruz dove into the end zone. He almost immediately jumped up and held his hands into the air looking at the crowd.


Kruz put on some shorts and a T-shirt after getting out of the showers. He went into the locker and grabbed his bag. No one was there because he was always last to leave and first to get there. He began to walk out of the door when he was shot by a dart in the neck. He immediately turned around snd saw a guy holding a pistol at him, scrambling for more ammo.

Kruz tackled the man and started beating the life out of him. The man, panicking, pulled the many darts from his belt with much difficulty and embedded them into his neck. Kruz backed away trying to get the tranquilizer darts out of his neck. After a few seconds of pulling, they came out, but it was too late. Everything was blurry. He tried to swing.

The last thing he heard was two men talking:

"Uh, oh!"

"He's not gonna like this!"

"Did ya kill him? Ya gave him too much of the Trank."

"Oh, well. He said dead or alive..."



Mew Trainer Rose
26th April 2004, 09:59 AM
*Name: Elain Renalk
*Gender: female
*Age: 19
*Animal: Peregrine falcon
*Appearance Before Mutation: 5 ft 6 inches, light brown hair which is usually kept in a short braid, average build, grey eyes. Usually wears jeans and a t-shirt with a hooded sweatshirt over it, and sneakers.
*Appearance After Mutation: She’s now shorter, around 4 ft 10. hair is now very short and black, and her eyes (which are a bit larger than before) are dark brown ringed with yellow. The hair doesn't quite cover the black feathers that thinly cover the top of her head and run down the back of it, which turn to white feathers as they continue down the back of her neck. her nose had taken on a slightly beak-like appearance, although she has no actual beak. She has a pair of pointed wings which have very dark blue-grey feathers on top, and are white barred with black on the underside. More of the dark blue-grey feathers thinly cover her back and the top of her arms. Her legs and arms are slightly thin in proportion to the rest of her. Her feet now have three forward-facing toes that are half talons, along with a backward-facing talon. They are a little difficult to walk with, but can be used to grasp things. She no longer wears shoes (none fit anymore), wears knee-length grey shorts and a loose blue-grey tank top.
*Personality: a little quiet, but makes friends easily with people who share interests with her. Mostly cheerful and easy-going. Doesn’t like to make hasty decisions, prefers to think about all available options first.
*Personality after mutation: loves to fly, and does so whenever possible. She’s not as cheerful as before, knowing that she looks pretty freakish now, but is happier during flight. Occasionally has an urge to swoop down on small birds she sees and eat them, but doesn’t because she doesn’t like the idea of killing her prey or eating raw meat.
*Abilities: she can fly swiftly, and is even faster when diving in mid-air. Can grab fairly small objects with her taloned feet and carry them, as long as they're not too heavy. She also has much sharper vision.
*History: finished high school last year and is taking a year off from school to earn some money before she goes to college. She’s an only child, and so had several friends to hang out with in the absence of siblings. Didn’t have plans for what she wanted to do after college yet, which was another reason why she wanted to take a year off and try a few different jobs. Was employed at a plant nursery when she was captured.
*Relationships: probably nobody, since everyone she knew probably wouldn’t recognize her anymore.
*Other: *loud falcon cry*

Elain Renalk (peregrine falcon)

I browsed the shelves of the library, looking for a book that caught my eye. I didn't see anythgin particularly interesting, so I moved on. When I got bored, i grabbed a random book and checked the summary. Meh, sounded ok. So I borrowed it and left, sticking it into my backpack before I got on my bike.

As I pedaled back to my apartment, I found myslef thinking that it's gotten kinda monotonous, living on my own. I mean, it was nice that I had the freedom of not having my parents breathing doen my neck, but everyday living is not as interesting as it once seemed. Oh, well.

I stopped to wait for a traffic light to change so i could cross the street, and considered stopping in at that diner i pass on the way to get lunch. Then a black car pulled up next to me and rolled down teh window.

"Hey, Miss!" A guy called. I turned to him. he was in the passenger seat holding a map, and someone else was in the driver's seat. "Can you tell me how to get to Town Hall? Someone gave me bad directions."

"Sure, it's not that far from here," I said as I wheeled my bike over, so i could point at the map. "See, you continue straight on this road for another few blocks, then turn right after the post office---" I was interrupted when I was grabbed from behind, and a hand placed over my mouth. I tried screaming and struggled to get free, but it was no use. The guy with the map pulled a needle out from somewhere and jabbed it in my arm, injecting something. Almost immediately, I started to get drowsy. I struggled to stay concious, to get away, to do anything, but I was helpless as they opened the car door, and the person who had grabbed me shoved me in teh back seat. I barely remember them closing teh door and driving off as if nothig happened before I blacked out.

26th April 2004, 04:52 PM
Name: Yashanecco Nyamé
Gender: female
Age: 17
Animal/s: tabby cat

Appearance Before Mutation: 5'3, short dark brown hair w/ natural mahogany high lights. Her hair is an inch bellow her tripple peirced ears. she has big bright eyes the color of polished wood, and pale skin that is slightly tanned by the sun. Yashanecco is skiny, she usually wears long jeans and a simple top with a colorful tie over it. she hates shoes and prefers to walk barefoot.

Appearance After Mutation: same as before except her human ears disapeared and are replaced by a pair of cat ears that sprouted on the top of her head between the shortly cropped hair. the pupils in her eyes slightly more slitted, and she has a long, fur covered tail attached to her tail bone. the ears and tail are the color of her hair. she also has retractable claws in her hands and feet.

Personality: Yashanecco is a very cheerful person and is always trying to make everybody happy. she rarly gives up and doesn't expect others to either. she usually has a warm smile on her face. her cheerfulness is contagious. she is optamistic, hates to be alone, loves nature, animals, outdoors, a bit immature, and always knows just what to say.

Personality After Mutation: same except shyer of 'normal' people and more clingy to mutants like herself and animals. also, she has aquired a strange fondness for being pet.

Abilities: With this new DNA transfer she has aquired the ability to jump very high, the ability to land on her feet when she falls from high up (but not unresonably high up), the ability to see further then a normal human and able to ajust eyes quickly ito light or darkness, extreme curiosity, and other natural animal instincts (such as ability to tell the weather and tell when danger is coming)

History: Miss Nyam*as kidnapped for this experiment because she has no amediat family and therefore no one would be looking for her if she left. her parents are prosumed dead, but but nobody knows for certain because they left on a buisness trip and never came back. she had been working working at a zoo when she was kidnapped along with some animals.

Other: Yashanecco loves to cook and has gotten quit good at it.
because of the DNA change, cats sort of flock around her where ever she goes.

~~~~~~~Yashanecco Nyame~~~tabby cat~~~~~~~~

"Yasha, the wolf needs to be fed"
"Yes ma'am" i put down the cat i'd been playing with and went back to work. i truelly enjoyed my job and felt so fortunate that i was able to work in a zoo.
I ran to the wolfs pen and began feeding them. nothing out of the ordinary, but i did enjoy my work. as i was singing a tune to myself, two mysterious men came up to me.
"Hello, Miss?" one asked me as i was emptying the food bucket.
"Yes sir?" i answered politly.
"could you tell us how to get to some of the exibits?"
i got out of the wolf cage and walked up to them. they were holding out a map and gestured for me to point out some exibts. "i'll be glad to help. this is where they keep the birds, and here is the kanine area, over here is the lizirds and fish, here are the rodents, down there are the cats, this is where the dinosaur exibit is, and that's the 'world of darkness' where the night criters are kept."
"You're a big help, your parents must be so proud."
"i'm sure they're smiling down on me in heaven." i said sweetly.
he looked at me interestedly, then talked to his friend and asked me strangly. "do you have any relatives?"
"nope, just my emploirs at the zoo."
"interesting." he said as he dug through his bag. i turned around to lock the cage when suddenly i felt him grab me and stick a needle in my neck. i instantly became dizzy and calapsed in his arms. i could hear the two talking.
"We were here to get animals!"
"But this one's unatached to anyone. i'm sure the doctor wouldn't mind another speciman to experiment on. i'll put her in the van and you start getting the DNA samples."
It was then when i blacked out, unsure of where i would wake up...

Beach Boy
27th April 2004, 07:06 PM
Name: Joe Marsh
Gender: male
Age: 15
Animal/s: Cheetah
Appearance before Mutation: 5'11, a black muscle shirt, black baggy pants, short spiky brown hair, blue eyes, navy blue shoes, a bit tan. Wiry
Appearance after Mutation: His hair has turn into a mix of yellow and white, a little bit more buffed; his fists are a bit bigger. He has fangs and his skin is paler.
Personality: Quite, but becomes a smart mouth when he becomes provoke. He is mostly clueless half the time. Comes very serious when the time is right
Personality after Mutation: He is deeply troubled, but doesn't want anyone else to know.
Abilities: Super speed in short dashes, greater reflexes.
History: His real father died when he was 5, so his Mom got married again a few years later. Known as a loser at school, in sports and smarts.
Relationships: None yet.
Other: When he was taken off the streets, his mother was currently 9 months pregnant and a few weeks from labor. He was tested with a different, prototype, mutation. He is slowly turning into a pure, big, super-smart cheetah and then into a Cheetah-man, he could go insane, die, or both during the process.

I began to walk back to my house; I pick up a few things from a nearby grocery store. My step dad was watching over my mother, who is expecting at any given monument. I have been a bit jumpy lately. I just hope I don't miss my mom's, and my new sibling's, big monument. My Mother has been with me through everything.

The night air was a bit more creepy then usual, like there was a big storm coming near. Then out of nowhere, I was jump from the back. I landed down hard against the pavement. Then someone jabbed me in the neck with a needle, long and hard, then pass out.

27th April 2004, 07:23 PM
I'd appreciate If I got some slightly longer posts in the future, no need to edit the existing ones. I'm sorry for being overly naggy, but if someone writes 10-20 lines it just is not very interesting, put some thought into it. Anyway I'll edit this later to include my next posts. *dodges flying objects* Sorry for being annoying!


~Velox Phasma~

In the dream state I had seen what was a gruesome battle. Fully packed with gore a war scene lay before me. Mingled among the already dead bodies I saw from my elevated position, bits of fur, scales, lengthed teeth, tails. But largely the bodies looked human. On one side a group of humans, in tons of different uniforms, different countries all over, the others were an enormous group of human-animal hybrids. I watched the skies and saw tons of humans combined strangely with flying animals and dive-bombing troops. I watched as a wave of machine gun bullets bounced off a vicious looking crocodile-gorilla-human's highly resilient scaly skin. The anihumans were dominating, the humans cowered in fear. Nothing they were doing was stopping the massive waves of them, for miles they stretched. I went wide-eyed as a vicious looking bird-like human, with a whiplike tale suddenly turned and barreled towards me. It opened its mouth wider than I had ever seen a human do, and bite down hard into my neck. I writhed and screamed in agony, I could feel the pain. Now though I could feel it lessening and me twisting down, and down, into nothingness. Everything faded to black.

Awakening I groggily rubbed at my eyes. I attempted to scream as I saw that all around me was a vile orange liquid. I was walled in a glass tube, like I was some kind of experiment. Correction, as I realized the other tubes, I was an experiment. I pushed and pushed at the glass, and suddenly claws poked out from my hands. Going wide-eyed, I wailed again, the breathing tubes preventing anything but a muffled sound to escape. Then I noticed the new presence on my head, and felt up to touch white canine ears. Then there on my shoulders I noticed gills. GILLS! Also spines I saw, under my fingers, and on the top of my hands, that were flowing freely in the liquid. There also was a bushy white tail, sprouting from my backside. Instead of screaming this time, I brooded on this strange fate that had been bestowed on me. I suddenly realized the similarity between myself and the anihumans in my dream.

I had floated there a long time now, mourning my own condition. I longed to break out of this glassy prison, but my attempts were in vain. Furious, I scratched with my new claws against the glass. A deep groove appeared, and I realized it may just be possible to claw through this glass. I slashed repetitively at the glass, until it started cracking. I continued and I watched as the liquid started leaking through. With a hard kick, I saw a large chunk of glass dislodge from the side of the tube, and with a final shove putting all my weight into it, the whole side caved in. I stepped out carefully, still managing to cut the soles of my feet and I winced. After moving well out of the way of the glass I kneeled there, gasping for breath from the effort.

~Aetas Vicissitudo~

Fully regaining my senses took much longer than I would have guessed. It had to have been at least an hour, though I wasn't in the state to judge time. Now wide awake, I looked around me. The area in the van was completely empty. I was basically lying on an empty shell, there were no seats nothing. The walls though looked very sturdy. I had never seen walls so thick, and the tinted windows were so far tinted I couldn't even make out a sliver of light from outside. I could hear the rumble of the vehicle moving, but the driver's area was closed off to me. The double-doors in the back had handles but were clearly locked. Now awake, I could still do nothing. I lay down again, to wait.

Within another hour, the van came to a halt. I heard the latch to the door turn, and it swung open. Wordlessly the men that had tranquilized me carried me out, and still lacking energy I was hardpressed to resist. It seemed I was inside some kind of lab, though I could see no doors and it was lighted by artificial bulbs. The entire surrounding walls and floorspace were encased in metal. I was carried up to a door, and watched as the men swung it open. There sat what seemed an operating table, and there was a man there too. He wore a lab coat, and was tall and slim, from the looks of it taller than I was. He had short chestnut brown hair, and dark, dark brown eyes. He took a quick glance at me, and I felt the force of his gaze. He pointed to the table and the men left me there and walked out, slamming the door shut behind them. Looking closer now, I saw the man I was with was tan, which puzzled me. How could a professor have a tan, if he spent most of his time in the lab. The equipment outside had been severely modern, even more modern than anything I had ever seen. I opened my mouth suddenly, wanting to speak. No sound came out.

After preparing something on a counter awhile, the man started mumbling, "I debated putting you in a tube Aetas." uttered the man quickly. He continued talking as though he thought I completely understood him, "That liquid though, would definitely slightly lessen your abilities. I didn't want that for you Aetas, you need to be completely prime." I just sat and stared, not knowing what to say. "You are an interesting one Aetas," he picked up again, "I never would have suspected mind-reading, but come to think of it your mother was a remarkable woman." I jumped at mention of my mother, if he knew my mother he undoubtably knew my father too. I was hit again by the wanting to be part of a real family again. I noticed now though that he was preparing a needle, the now walked over to me silently. Before I could attempt to resist, he had me pinned and injected me in the arm. "Well, Aetas," he resumed, I thought I detected a brief longing behind the malice in his eyes. Then they were cold again. He exited without another word, and the door slammed shut again. I went to get up but suddenly felt my skin tingling. All over I was tickling, burning now. I screamed and writhed in agony. This was by far worse than anything I had experienced, I felt as though things were coming out of my very skin. Then I realized they were. There was fur sprouting from me. Thin, long, chestnut brown hairs, that were all over. I vomited up whatever I had eaten in the past 24 hours and lay down against the cold steel of the operating table. I began to go into convulsions, and I couldn't stand anymore. I blacked out. Before blacking one though flashed through my head. That man in the lab coat, the chestnut brown hair, the slimness, the piercing brown eyes. He had looked remarkably like me, too remarkably...

Feel free to advance a little further than I did after escaping from the lab tube.

28th April 2004, 10:08 PM
there's the posts for you! (Has no idea why he edited them into the previous post. :lol: )

Mew Trainer Rose
29th April 2004, 12:16 AM
Elain Renalk (peregrine falcon)

I kept my eyes closed for a while after I woke up. I didn't feel like facing the day yet. It's my day off, I didn't have to go to work. Sleep was good...

I moved to grab my blanket and pull it over my head as I tried to turn over. But I didn't feel a blanket. Now that I noticed it, I wasn't in my bed, either. I wasn't in any bed, or lyinh on anything. I was kind of...floating? No, that couldn't be right. I opened my eyes to prove myself wrong. Then they widened as I saw I was half right.

I was suspened in some sort of orange liquid, in a glass tube or something. The first thing I noticed after that, was that there was a much smaller, different sort of tube, which was connected to a sort of mask that covered my mouth and nose, the other end of which trailed off somewhere above me. That brought my attention to two things: the other wires that attached to various parts of me, and that my nose looked strange. From what I could see of it, it looked too big. Not bulbous, more like too long, and a little too wide. I brought my hand up to try to feel it, but was distracted when I saw my hand. There were feathers on the back of it. No, not on it, growing from it. I had dark blue-grey feathers growing out of the back of my hand. But that wasn't possible!

Oh, but apperantly it was. They were growing on my arms, too, all along the upper side of it, right up to my shoulder. Here there was another shock; as I turned to look at my shoulder, I spotted a pair of large wings, which had teh same dark blue-grey feathers on their upper side, and was barred white with black feathers on the underside. They, too, were growing out of me. This wasn't possible! People don't have wings and feathers! I started to curl into teh fetal position and put my hands to my head. I found more feathers in my hair. My hands soon found that they were also growing down the back to my neck, and along all of my back that I could feel.

Well, since the rest of me was messed up, I figured something must be diffreent about my legs. Are they feathered, too? Looked down at them showed they had no feathers, but my feet weren't my feet anymore. They each had three toes pointing forward, one pointing back, and each had a large claw. I tried flexing my toes experimentally and found that, after a moment's practice, I could curl them into a position that could sort of let me hold onto something. Interesting.

But that only distracted me for a moment. Why was I in a tube with feathers, wings, and weird feet in the first place?!?! I slammed my fist against the wall in confused anger. The pain made me calm down slightly, and I noticed that there were other tubes in the room outside mine. I brought my face close to the glass to see better. Each of the tubes contained another person, who also had some sort of animalian features. Several of them had features from more than one. Most of them seemed to be unconcious, but I think a few were awake, or maybe waking up. As I watched, one person started scratching the side of his tube, and liquid began to leak out. Hey, smart idea.

It took me a few tries to be able to move my feet into a position where their talons could scratch effectively at the glass. But at last I was kicking at the side of my tube, talons spread wide. I slashed and scratched as best I could, untill the side was criss-crossed with deep groves. I threw my shoulder at it a few times, and felt the glass start to crack. I stopped to catch my breath a moment, then scratched with renewed vigor. When I threw my shoulder against it again, several large cracks appeared and liquid started spilling out. Just a few more times....then the glass abruptly shattered, and the force of my blow sent me tumbling out onto the floor, which was covered with bits of liquid, glass, and several feathers that had come loose during my struggle. I ripped the mask and wires off me, pulled myself the rest of the way out of the tube, then lay there gasping and I bleeding slightly from the cuts I had gotten from the glass.

In a moment I had gotten my breath back and felt strong enough to move. I sat up, tried to brush some of the liquid off me, then noticed how ungainly my wings were. I tried flapping them a bit, testing out the unfamiliar muscles. I carefully stood up, using the side of a neighboring tube to get my balance, and tried to shake the wings dry. That proved useless, so I did my best to fold them against my back. Then I looked around.

Other animal-people were deffinatly waking up, and the one I saw triying to break out before was now standing outside his tube, looking around like me. The room looked to be some sort of lab, with strange devices and monitors and stuff on the walls. There weren't any scientists or anyone else around, though. Piecing it together, I realized that we must have been part of some sort of experiment. Why would anyone do this? I suddenly remembered I had been kidnapped off the street, and realized that that couldn't have been legal.

Now what to do? I had been spliced by an undoubtedly illegal experiment with some kind of bird -- probably a bird of prey, judging by the kind of talons on my feet -- in a roomfull of people who had been similarly spliced. I had no idea where I was, and probably couldn't go home even if I wanted to and could get out to do so. I needed a plan...and more heads were better than one. I had to get these other people out. I stepped back from the tube i was leaning on, spread my wings clumsily for balance, and started clawing at the tube with one foot. The inhabitant, someone who seemed to be mixed with some kind of feline, had already half awaken. I hoped she wouldn't be too startled at seeing a bird-girl trying to slash her free.

29th April 2004, 12:36 AM
Cora Saniels

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~

Darkness. That was the first thing that came to me as I floated through my semiconscious mind. I was not in a state to have emotion; instead I simply observed what was going on around me. I didn't breathe, I didn't move, I didn't feel anything at all. Just a void, with no way of measuring time.
It could have been seconds, hours, or years. But eventually, the darkness gave shape to something new. An image of myself came into view, exactly as I had looked before I was knocked out. It was still wearing the same old gray t-shirt that was too big for me, the same faded jeans. Something was different, however. It seemed to be gradually changing. Its hair stiffened, grew longer. Its eyes became a deep, exotic green. Then scales began rippling across the vertical span of its face, across its knees, and elbows. The straight front teeth that I was so proud of grew, lengthened to an almost comical size. Lastly, almost like the finishing touch on a cake made by a madman, a long, whiplike tail sprang out of the back of its waist.
The image faded away. Then, something else appeared. A man in a lab coat, staring directly at me. If I could look away from those gimlet brown eyes, I would have. But in this, like all dreams, I had no control over myself. He studied me, studied me like a cat studies a mouse. Then he, too, faded, and I saw no more.

I awoke in an upright position. Opening my eyes, I saw that everything around me was orange. In the calm state that always comes upon me when I am first awakening, I studied my surroundings. I could see blurry shapes through the orange, something that looked like floating humanoid bodies. I took a breath, but my throat felt raw and ragged. I realized that a tube was down my throat, and stuck into my limbs as well.

Suddenly I heard a muffled crash through the glass. One of the shapes had moved, and was on its knees. Then another shape burst out. This was what compulsed me to act. I pounded against the glass, feeling somehow stronger. As my arm moved through the swirling ooze, I saw with mild surprise that there were scales running up my arm. I raised my other hand to my face, and felt the scales there as well. My fingers moved to my mouth. I didn't want to taste this liquid, but I could feel the size of my teeth beneath my closed lips. I pounded harder, and suddenly felt the glass give beneath my hand. It fell outward, the orange goo puring out onto the hard floor. But something was odd. The glass stuck to my palm before it fell to the floor. I tried to shake it off, and it flew across the room, shattering on the far wall.

Stepping out of my transparent prison, I suddenly felt sick. Stumbling away from the broken glass, I fell to my side beside the person I had seen break out. Blearily, I noticed that his hair was a pure white, and had gills on the sides of his face. Another girl, feathers adorning her limbs, was scratching at a tube. I looked away, squeezing my eyes shut. Maybe this was all a dream; I had had dreams stranger than this before. But even as I tried to reason with myself, I knew it was real. Never before had I felt like this.

I suddenly realized that none of us had any clothes on. I gasped, pulling myself up on the leg of a nearby metal table. I stared around frantically for something to cover myself with. As I was doing this, I chided myself with grim amusement. You are in a strange place, with fur and scales and who-knows-what else, and all you can worry about is that you're NAKED? I noticed a long white coat hanging on a hook. I grabbed it and pulled it around myself.

I felt somewhat more composed now. Turning back to the young male, I saw that behind him were several more tubes, each with a bizarre animal-human hybrid drifting inside. Suddenly the sheer magnitude of what was going on hit me like a sledgehammer. I fell against the table and finally began to scream.

Krystalline Kabutops
29th April 2004, 09:12 AM
Gaah, sorry I haven't posted yet, I'll post tommorrow afternoon AT THE LATEST! Earliest would be afternoon today. I'll just post my sign-up now.

Name: Tsarviel (Viel for those who don't want to go through his whole name)
Gender: M
Age: 15
Animal/s: Giant ground sloth (Not those huge 20-footers, one of the smaller, 8-foot-or-so ones), Gecko (Like the ones living by hotels in Florida)
Appearance Before Mutation: Dirty blonde hair, low riding green cargo shorts, 5'5, white t-shirt, grey eyes, long & lanky figure. White Nikes.
Appearance After Mutation: He has VERY long claws, although the ends are blunt. He's grown about a foot, and has a 3 ft. tail. His appearence is very odd, because he has scales, over which he has tangled fur. His face looks a bit like a snout, and the whites of his eyes have gotten darker. He has larger-than-normal ears, and VERY muscular arms. He doesn't have any scales or fur above his neck.
Personality: Pretty outgoing, he's a follower, not a leader. He's smart, but people tend to walk all over him. He's a social klutz, never knowing what to say.
Personality After Mutation: pass.
Abilities: He can catch anything smaller than a cat with his toungue, and although his claws aren't sharp, the muscles in his arms make them devastating weapons. He's very good at climbing, and stealth.
History: He's just trying to make his way through High School. He's got a band, in which he plays percussion. His grades aren't the best, but they're enough to scrape a pass.
Relationships: none
Other: *gives other extensive medical insurance*

Beach Boy
29th April 2004, 05:48 PM
Joe :what:

I was in a deep sleep. I regain a small amount consensus. My hearing was fading in and out. My eyes slowly open in a dreary state; my vision was super bleary from my regaining eyesight and from the orange liquid that surround me. Soon everything began to clear up a bit. I was fully awake, floating in a cylinder vile with a wires and tubes going in and out of my body, my limbs were tied down with straps and I couldn't move them an inch.

There was a man in a lab coat, but my vision was still blurry from the liquid. I vaguely heard an electronic voice, "Phase One commencing." Then these robotic claws, and I mean CLAWS, came down and spread around me. Then they extended with their arrow sharp digits and cut into my arms, legs, and in my chest. My blood slowly drifted out of me. I began to panic, I tried to scream but only bubbles came out of my mouth and sip out of my air mask.

I heard that computer voice again, "Phase Two commencing, applying mutation." Then green liquid bubbles came floating in my test tube. Then the claws reverted into propellers and began to spin around my tube as such a great speed, all of the liquid in the cylinder began to mix together. I felt great pain in my fresh wounds. The pain increased greatly in a short time. Then I scream, not crying if it could be heard out. The pain began to strong to bear, I pass out.

I began to wake up again, only a whole lot sooner. I was still in the liquid filled container and still hook on by wires. I darted my eyes around to see my surroundings. I wasn’t restricted like before. My wounds were now scars. “(How long has it been?)” I thought. I notice that other people in the same cylinders as me were breaking their cases.
“(These cases are probably not as strong as the appear.)” Then I took a crack at it. I began to punch at the case, but I was too weak to apply enough force to break open. Then my body shuttered for a few seconds and I felt great pain in my body and I began to curl up in pain. I began to yell for help, only caring if any one else heard and understand me, “Some one help me! HELP!!!!!!!!!!!”

(Author note: Joe is slowly transforming, so he'll be weak but soon he will get strong soon.)

29th April 2004, 08:56 PM
Kruz Lawpler :what: (Ankylosaurus and Triceratops)

huh? I thought to myself,oh!

I looked around. There were strange trees and a river of lava flowing about 30 feet from where I was standing. Over to the right was a forest. To my left was a wide open veld of grass and scattered shrubs. There were strange animals flying around to me to determine what it was. Suddenly, there was a loud sound coming from behind me. I quickly turned around to have my body overrun by a large thing.

I picked my already sore body up off of the ground and looked hard at the thing that hit me. It was a Triceratops, one of the dinosaurs we had learned about at school. It was bluish and had three horns that made it look even more vicious. By the time he had gotten a good look at it, it had turned itself around. Kruz, readying himself as it charged forth, jumped up and grabbed it upon contact. He rode it like a bronco and waited until it tired itself to get off. He smiled at himself in approval.

Slowly everything faded from the grassy veld to a dark lab environment. Everything looked strange before I realized he was in a tube of orange liquid, his body curled into a ball. I looked around the lab. There were many othertubes like the one he was in. I almost immediately, after that, noticed that I had some of what appeared to be bone marrow sticking out of all of my joints. I collected all and of my strength and flung myself at the glass, shattering it.

Liquid drenched everything. I jumped off of what was left of the glass tube and looked at the monitor there. I saw a picture of a triceratops and ankylosaurus alternating on the small screen. I smashed it. I thought. I normally would have been really hurt, but due to the marrow, the shock was absorbed.

I looked around. There were a couple other animen/women trying to open other capsules, but I wasn't the one to help or get help from another. I decided to help the other ani-humans in their strange escape. I began to smash away at the capsules of orange plasma.
sleepy, sleepy, sleepy...:sleep:

Krystalline Kabutops
30th April 2004, 08:45 AM
Tsarviel~Giant Ground Sloth/Gecko:

"See ya later, guys!"
"Bye, Veil. Awesome drum solo!"
I grinned as I walked away from Rich's house. Rich was the founding member of the band, and played Bass Guitar. He wasn't great, but no one would ever say that to his face. Suddenly, my mind turned to the slip of paper in my pocket. My folks wouldn't like this latest report card. All Bs and Cs... Sure, those were passes, but my folks expected solid A+s. Suddenly, a shiver ran up my spine. I looked down the street, but it was deserted. I started to walk a little quicker, and heard footsteps behind me. Turning around, I saw a man right behind me. He grabbed me by the hair and slapped a patch on my neck. I looked at him as if he were nuts, as the world slowly faded away.......

I moaned. It felt as if someone had dropped an anvil on my head, just like in a Looney Tune Cartoon. As I opened my eyes, I flinched. I was floating in some disgusting orange liquid. I set my hands against the glass, and gasped in horror. They were covered in scales, which were in turn covered in coarse fur, and long, black claws were sprouting out of the tips of my fingers. Feeling my face, I soon discovered that my nose and mouth both protruded beyond what was natural. Angrily, I smacked the glass with my tail. Wait..... My tail?! Before I had time to realize what that thought meant, the glass where my tail had hit cracked, then shattered. I fell out of the tube and onto the floor, gasping for breath. Suddenly, I realized that I wasn't alone. All around me, other hybrids were breaking out of their tubes. I blushed, realizing that some were obviously female, and none were wearing anything. Turning my eyes away, I started touse my immense claws to free others from their orange prisons.

30th April 2004, 05:12 PM

The tranquilizer was wearing off as i grogaly awake, being dragged through some halls by these two men. it took me a few minutes to realize the two men were the same whom i had seen at the zoo!

i didn't even bother struggling because the needle had knocked me out and it was all i could do to make my eyes function. they dragged me through some doors and into a room with large orange tubes, then continued into a small side room where there was some sort of an opperating table.

i started to hear mumbling, the men were talking! i strained my ears to hear what they were saying. all i could make out was "-no more tubes left-" and "-this'll do-". Tubes? i strained to hear some more. "-we didn't expect an extra one-". what were they talking about?! my mind was to far gone to figure any of this out.

suddenly i felt myself being lifted up and onto the table thing. then i felt binds being pulled tightly against my head, stomache, and limbs. they were strapping me down for some reason. A blurry figure walked by me and his arm started aproching me. after i felt a sharp *** in the neck i realized he had injected me with something. tracuilizer? no... i wasn't falling asleep. but i could feel something strange happening in my body. my heart began to beat like a rabits, sending my blood to surge confused through my body. the rapid moving blood caused great presure and i began to twitch violantly in a seizure. it was just then that i woke up enough to feel the intence, lashing pain. the unbarable agony felt as if my body was imploding! my seizure increased, thrashing my body around wildly. my eyes teared and my stomache gave up it's contants through my mouth. out of no where my entire body began to itch so intense that it was painful. then i could feel something unatural sprout through my head, something through my tail bone, and through my nails. my eyes began to sting and i could feel them changing. the pain of it all was so bad i began to beg that i would die, to get out of this misery.

at last the trashing slowed down to a spasum every once and awhile, and i could feel my body giving up on me. finally, i would die and be released from this pain. just as i blacked out and began to slip away, i felt a strong electrical pulse zap me. my body had been jumpstarted back. i opened one eye slightly and saw a blur over me holding to grayish blurs.

the chemicals in my changing body refused to let me sleep, so lay there barely concious. my body still felt itchy, but the shaking had decreased to a shiver. i broke out into an intence sweat.

the hours passed and i zoned out as the to men left the room. it wasnt untill many hours later that i zoned back in at the sound of crashing glass and splashing water. i realized the tranqulizer's effect was now gone. i tried to move but my body was still too weak from my violant transformation.

i stained again to move. i could hear more crashing. i ralized i could turn my rists over and extend my fingers enough to scratch at the leather bindings with my claws. it wasn't until later that i found out that it was strange i had claws. my sences were reterning. all i could think of was "i have to get out of here!". with my sharp claws it took quick enough to get my first hand free. i ended up scratching my rist, but at the moment i didn't really care. with my free hand, i slashed free the rest of my body, wiped the vomit off my face and shirt, and attempted to get up. i found out that i still had my clothes on, and i had a tail sprouting out of my pants!!

whatever, no time to think about that. when i finally made myself sit up, i slid off the table and fell onto the floor. with jelly legs i forced myself to stand up and woubly make it to the door. when i got there i braced myself on the doorframe and peired into the next room. infont of me was a bunch of orange tubes, broken glass, orange liquid everywhere, and naked-deformed-people.

i just stood there in total shock.

Beach Boy
30th April 2004, 06:34 PM
Joe (human cheetah)

Than I just stop, for a movement I felt like my bones and guts just shifted. Than a human, only he had spikes just help me broke free from my tube. The liquid drained down to my ankles. Spike Boy noticed my scars and gasp, “Dude, what happen to you?”

I just glared at him, “Looks who’s talking,”

I step out tube, than I notice that there were others, some had furry tails while one look like a Hawkgirl gone insane. Than I notice that I was naked, I turn completely around and cover my backside, from there I could see my reflection in a hallway mirror, which they put in to spy an intruder in the lab. My hair complete changed in color, it went into a mix of yellow and white, and my teeth had major vampire like fangs. My skin was paler than before I went to the whack up place. Than I heard a door opening, and there stood a teenage girl with cat ears and tail right in front of me. I know I should be gasping in fear at such a freaky sight. But for some reason I found her very cute. Than I remembered I was I had nothing on and no cover for the frontline. Now I know how the Statue of David feels.

Chrono Storm
1st May 2004, 12:17 PM
Fritz opened her eyes. For some odd reason, she felt as if she were suspended in gel... and she seemed to be in a completely orange laboratory, not to mention that she had a massive headache.

Christ, someone must've spiked my drink... thought Fritz groggily. She impulsively stretched... and was surprised to feel that there seemed to be an extra limb right above her buttocks. She looked over her sholder and found that not only was she naked and suspended in orange gel, she had grown fur and a wolflike tail. In panic, she stared at her hands. They were also furry, and her nails had transformed into claws. Her scream was muted by the gel as she began thrashing about... which broke the glass of the tank and sent her right on her face.


She stood up and, noticing a long labcoat hung on a nearby pole, dashed towards it and slipped the coat on, noticed her reflection on a shiny cuboard, and gaped.

She now had gray wolflike ears that stuck out of her white hair and her nose and mouth had fused to form a canine snout. From the top of her snout and up, her face was covered with gray fur, but from the middle of her snout and down around her neck, it was white. Her surprised expression revealed that she had fang-like canines.

"G...God..." Fritz stammered. "I'm a werewolf..."

She turned around to see that she wasn't the only animal/human hybrd.

2nd May 2004, 03:49 PM
What happened? Where am I now? I have to start searchign again! I have to find sis!
I opened my eyes to find myself floating in a stragne orange liquid. Strange as it was, there were other things that could be concidered strange. Maybe the fact that I had a tail and fur over my back.
This had to be a dream! No. It wasn't a dream. There were others. Other people on the other side of the glass. I had to get there! I had to get out!
I whacked against the glass with my fists, taking the opportunity to get to grips with my extra limb. After a while, I broke through the glass and I bent on the floor, panting heavily.
Looking up, I noticed that I, just like the others, had no clothes on. I wasn't the kind of person to go falling head over heals over the first girl I saw. I mean, I was unsociable! But I felt an interest towards a girl with pointy ears and a tail like me. i didn't understand what it was. Maybe because I was - kinda - part dog and she - from the looks of things - was part cat.
I snuck away, looking for my clothes and found another room where all our clothes were. I grabbed mine and put them on. I debated whether I should tell the others about my find. It wasn't in my nature...
i sighed. What would sis tell me to do? She'd tell me to tell them... I guess I'd better.
I walked back in. "Hey, everyone! I found where they hid our clothes!"

Beach Boy
2nd May 2004, 05:22 PM
:scared: Joe :scared:

I heard one guy said where our clothes were. So I just slowly shuffled backwards into the room. When all of the sudden, my hands, which I use to cover my backside, felt a short, furry, stump. I turned my head to see a small Doberman size tail covered in yellow fur with blackish brown spots. I just simply said, "Well holy molie," I watched my langue because I was around girls.

I slipped into the room with a red face. I wiped off the orange gunk off of me and than I put on my clothes. I wonder how Mom is doing right now. Mom is probably going through one of the most painful time of her life and I'm not there to reassure her, she probably worried sick about me.

Than I noticed something. I glance around sharply. I spotted a fat rat. I just pounce on it but he evaded me. That little rodent shall be a great morsel for me. I chased out the room and back into the lab. I chased him on all fours. I was closing on him until my spine went numb. I went tumbling down, missing the little varmint who went through a hole in the wall. I just yelled, "Why you little," than I notice that everyone was gawking at me. I glance at that mirror and notice my hair had now has spots. I felt discomfort in the back of my pants; it felt like that lump of mine grew into a foot longer. I put hand in there to check and pull out a long tail. I just chuckled in fear.

2nd May 2004, 07:06 PM

I looked up from the tube and noticed a guy in dog-looking guy telling everyone, amidst the chaos going on in the room, that there clothes were in the next room. I ran out of the door and into the room full of clothes. My clothes were on one of the racks, so I grabbed my boxers and put them, my socks, and my tanktop undershirt on then. After that, I walked to a corner and put on my Old Navy sweater. I had grown alot during the changes, seeing that my cargo pants were now rip-off cargo shorts.

I put on my Tennis shoes and stuck my brush into my pocket. I walked back into the room with everyones clothes and layed them on the table. I then walked up to the guy that told everyone where our clothes were. There was one ani-guy thing that was pouncing upon a mouse. I walked over to him, everyone watching, and picked him up by his shirt. "That's not cool, lil bro!" I told him and stood him up...

"Yo, that was righteous bro,I'm Kruz, " I said to the guy who told us where our clothes were," But there's no time for intros, we gotta find a way outta here."

"Yeah, I'm Sam. Nice to meet you, Kruz."

After everyone had gotten their clothes, I hopped up onto a table. Everyone was going about their business and gawking at their new features.

"hey!" I said loudly.

I didn't catch everyone's attention, so I had to yell.


Mew Trainer Rose
2nd May 2004, 09:54 PM
Elain Renalk (peregrine falcon)

I finally freed the other person from her tube, and laid her near a wall, since she was still mostly unconcious. I went to go to the next one, then noticed how many people had awaken and freed themselves in the meantime. Peopel were reacting with varying degrees of surprise, fear, confusion, indiference, and the like. One guy yelled out of a side room that he found where our clothes were. I had barely noticed that I wasn't wearing anything. Well, no use being worried about modesty now. Although I did fold my wings aroudn myself as best I could to cover myself as I walked to the room.

I couldn't find my clothes. come to think of it, would they even fit me. I know these feet wouldn't fit in any sort of shoe, unless it was designed for them. Pants i could probably manage. But I noticed that I seemed to be a little shorter, and noticably thinner. I definately needed new clothing. After a bit of searching, I found a cabinet that, based on the short note taped to the inside of the door, held spare clothes. I didn't wnat to think where from. But I found some shorts that fit pretty well, and thing I could wear, a tank top that seemed to be the only think I could fit with these wings. Speaking of which...

I moved out of the slightly crowded small room, then moved to a spot out of the way, where there was no people, machinery, or tubes around for a decent area around. There I streached out my wings as far as I could. Impressive wingspan. And it was hard to hold them out for long that way. Not surprising, considering I'd never used these muscles before. Heck, I'd never even had these muscles before. So instead, I pulled them closer in, and slowly started flapping them, trying to get used to using the muscles. They'd get stronger in time, right now this was all I could do.

2nd May 2004, 10:20 PM
~Aetas Vicissitudo~

I opened my eyes only to see darkness. Within a couple of second I realized that I was blocking my own face with... wings? Big, bat wings, they were folded over me and I had my hands around my knees. My shirt hang in tatters on my body and I ripped the remains of it off. I realized that it had tore because of the massive amount of fur that now covered that area. The fur was a very chestnutty chestnut brown, and was much the same color of my hair. Hit by a sudden pang of nervousness, I bit at my fingernail, only to draw blood. I didn't puncture far, but blood still gushed down my finger. I glanced at myself in the cold hard steel table I was atop, and saw dangerous mouth full of rows of pointed teeth gaping back at me. In my opinion, I looked like some kind of monstrosity. After discovering I also had a tail sprouting from my backside that had luckily not tore my pants also. I stood up now, and stretched my limbs, finding myself also flapping, folding, and unfolding my wings. The sensation of using these muscles felt strangely excited. Suddenly now, I felt happy. I had not felt truly, truly, happy in a long time. How I felt so light when I was in this situation, I couldn't comprehend. Then I realized that the wings I flapped now breathed freedom... new life. My life was changing, for better or for worse was yet to be decided.

The door I discovered was still bolted shut. It was quite thick metal, that I was not getting through. I felt along the walls, hoping to find a way out, but there was nothing. Inside the cabinets along the shelves chemicals sat in various vials and tubes. Grabbing a vial, I saw it labeled with a seemingly unpronouncable science word, and the word acid. Feeling suddenly reckless, I haphazardly chucked the vial at the metal door. The hissing noise was enormous, and the door withered away. A gaping hole was left where the acidic substance was hit, I grinned. It seemed the kidnappers didn't expect me to be at all resourceful. Not wanting to attract attention now, I slowly creeped down the hall and stepped backwards around a corner. Turning around I gasped as I found myself face to face with a grinning thug. Wait, there were several thugs. I felt a new vitality and strength in me, and took a swipe at him with my newly acquired claws on my hands. The blood spurted, and he screamed in rage. At seeing the blood I got slightly queasy, but I now was angry. Angry that I had been imprisoned here... Like some animal! I slashed repeatedly, and as I discovered the thug, despite his brutish exterior, was quite cowardly. Covering himself, he backed into a corner. I felt prided in my self for my superiority nonetheless. The professor's kidnapping plan, as I thought it was likely his idea, was faulty at best. Or so it seemed...

3rd May 2004, 03:52 PM

i stood awhile and waited to regain my strength. apperantly my body wasn't adapting well to my metimorphes. i could barely stand up straight while leaning against the doorframe, but a forced myself to stay awake and standing.

i stared at the others in the room. some of them had charactoristics of animals from the zoo i worked at. one boy had some charactoristics of a Arctic Fox and a Lionfish. there was a girl streching what lokked like peregrine falcon wings. another girl who looked horrified seemed to have parts of a flying squirrel and a gecko. another person, a boy, had gecko features, along with ground sloth. there was one boy who seemed to have some charactoristics of some dinosaurse, but i'd never really payed attention to the fossil exibit in the zoo so i couldn't tell which ones. there was a wolf girl, and staring at me was a boy with cheetah resemblance and another boy that was fused with a husky. if there were any more i couldn't see them from were i was standing.

as strange as it all was i tryed to stay optomistic about the situation. i was still alive and would get better with a little rest, and none of the people hear seemed dangerouse, just confused like myself. i guess we were all victoms of some sort of experiment and just wanted to get out of this labrotory.

i atempted to speak, but my body was to weak to allow me to at the moment. maybe i was still in shock. i closed my eyes and took a deep breath then let it out.

a loud "HEY!" from someone caused me to open my eyes. the dinosaure boy was standing on a table. i stared at him atentively and waited to hear what he wanted to say. i didn't have any other plans at the moment and apparently he did.

3rd May 2004, 07:44 PM
And now... *drumroll* Professor Neco!
Since no one else volunteered to control him I will take up the job, yay!

Name: Omit Neco (he has a first name!)
Gender: Male, Duh!
Age: Unknown...
Appearance: He has chestnut brown hair, is very tall and slim, and wears small elliptical glasses. His skin is a noticeable tan, despite the fact that he most likely spends a lot of time experimenting in the laboratory. He has a clear, bright, face and piercing brown eyes.

Personality: Suicidal. He goes to all limits to accomplish his goals. Diabolically cunning, and manipulative. Most times he manages to get everything exactly his way. Underneath a merciless, ruthless, evil exterior lies his hidden self. Hidden within lies a once kind man. Before was gentle and caring. Somehow he underwent a huge change, and left the old version of himself behind. Neco has yet to actually rid himself of his former image however, and it often professes itself.

Abilities: Though not a anihuman, Neco does have limited abilities. Actually undergoing testing with a prototype version of the anihuman experiment, he has developed subtle, though volitiale animal abilities through patience and time.

Neco can crudely use echolocation, and has extremely sensitive senses. He has well developed feeling, tasting, hearing, seeing, and smelling organs. Can spit venom crudely from his long, hinged fangs that can be shrunk to his mouth size. His most powerful ability remains his senses, he can sense things so early that he borders on precognition. This being his main weapon, Neco is also proficient with much modern weaponry, and can use scientific tools to an enormous extent. He is also quite the tactical genius.

History: Nothing recent has been revealed to anyone, not even the governments he previously worked for. Long ago he is rumored to have had a wife and child, though the fate of these beings remains unknown.
Relationships: He has shut out socializing with anyone for years, unless of course they were one of the thugs he keeps around regularly.
Other: [Incinerates other with concentrated laser] Has no definitively unique qualities about him to date, or that anyone has picked up on.

~Professor Neco~

I watched Aetas, now awake on the steel table. I knew he would find a way out, despite if he thought I wouldn't know that. All the acids in that room had been purposely put there, because they were metallic substance eaters. A small amount could create a large hole. I was more interested now in the main room, where the other anihumans had easily broken out of their tubes. Resourceful, as I would have predicted them to be, or at least determined to escape. All of them had the same idea to smash the glass, and I was in no way surprised. I turned back to Aetas' room now. Gone. Expected again, I turned to one of the bodyguards. "You." I said asking for his attention, "Go stop that boy there the one in the hallway, see him on the screen?" He nodded and went out the door, it slid back as he left.

After watching the lab escape for awhile, I saw they had made no real progress. On the other hand, the thug I had sent had been brutally wounded by the claws of Aetas. Aetas was for the moment gone from the cameras, and I noticed something. Several of the screens had gone fuzzy, and then black. Undoubtably he had smashed the cameras, which could be a problem. I wasn't expecting to not be able to watch him, or the others. The cameras were dead, but I could still hear sound. The metallicky clink of his feet hitting the walks around my laboratory told me he was both still here, even if I couldn't see him. Rather than be worried I instead left the viewing room, and entered the hall. Not worried about the anihumans here, I noisely clunked about in my shoes. I passes several smashed cameras along the way, before entering another massive room. Upon entering I discovered more thugs, all of them cut and lying on the ground. Aetas it seemed was as merciless as me, unless the other anihumans had too come this way. With a beep, and whurr, I took the tubular glass plastic elevator to the next level. Maybe they made it up here, or at least here I could visit the other experiments.

Krystalline Kabutops
3rd May 2004, 09:38 PM
Tsarviel~Giant Ground Sloth/Gecko:

Hearing someone yell that they had found our clothes, I entered the room where the voice had came from and immediatly started rummaging through the boxes. Finally, I found a very large pair of shorts that would accomadate my tail. Unfortunately, I couldn't locate a properly proportioned shirt, but that wasn't a necessity. Grabbing a handful of clothes for anyone else who might need some, I returned to the main room. It seemed that all of us had been freed. Most were mulling about, but some Dino kid had gotten up on the table and was vying for our attention. I noticed a girl on the fringes of the crowd. She looked feline, and about to fall over in a dead faint. Moving over to her, I put my arm around her back to support her. "Need something to wear?" I asked, handing her a shirt and pants. She smiled weakly at me.


OOC:Aeges, is it ok if Tsarviel also has that gripping ability that geckos have on their fingers? I forgot about that when I was making his profile.

3rd May 2004, 10:41 PM
OOC: Gripping ability is fine Opaque.

5th May 2004, 06:19 PM
~Velox Phasma~

It was only within seconds that I was back on my feet. There was no time to dawdle as anyone could be watching behind the scenes. Come to think of it, there was probably security cameras here indefinitely, and I remember seeing one while still in the tube. Turning to the corner of the room, I raised my hand in a fist at the camera. Making a punching motion, as though I could smash the camera from my distance, I was startled as several of the spine on my hand detached and went sailing away, eventually making contact with and piercing the camera. I looked down at my own hand surprised by the feat I had accomplished, and stared at it a moment.

Though it was announced where our clothes were, I had already found the said room and grabbed mine. I didn't really have the courtesy to tell anyone, and instead searched the room for a possible exit. There was a walkway, but it was high above, and I doubted our winged anihumans in their fledgling state could reach it. There was though several things under that may help, possibly, to jump on and from to reach it. I coyly steeped silently over, and jumped upon the nearest, one of the tubes. I found that my jumping height and distance had been quite improved, and tryed again to reach the next object, a high shelf. In mid-jump however, I was startled as the dinosaurish looking anihuman yelled aloud. Falling from my high setting, I smashed into the ground... face first. "UGH!" I yelled in agony. Not paying any attention to the boy as he started speaking, I gravely jumped back on to the tube and the shelf that followed, slowly making my way to the upper walkway. As I neared the top I swore I caught just a small glimpse of a door...

Beach Boy
6th May 2004, 09:17 PM

My mind began to wander again. I felt a powerful urge to go and explore. I left the room and into the hallway. I notice a melted metal door, with a strong odor. "(This must be where they keep those chemicals for their experiments.)" I thought.

I step into the lab and began to look around. Some one, or thing, went wild in here and escaped. All I found were some beakers, papers, and a computer.

The computer was already on a document about these creeps' experiments. My name was among the list, so I check out what they done to me.

I learned that they tested me with a new kind of genetics. My body is slowly reverting into a full cheetah then into an anthro-cheetah creature. What surprise me the most that under the word Side 'Effects', were the words 'high chances of insanity or death.'

9th May 2004, 11:09 AM
umm... bump

10th May 2004, 06:13 AM
i'm waiting for bamm to explain his "HEY" beefore i do anything else.

10th May 2004, 07:44 PM

I waited as everyone, or near everyone, turned their attention to me. I had to think about what to say, and so far my 'bright' mind had failed me. I almost immediately noticed a strange fish/wolf man, which I guess was a fish-man, and thought of what to say. He had recently fallen from his attempt to find a doorway on the second level. I put my hands on my waist, which were quite heavy, and watched as he attempted again, but barely fell.

"Hey!" I yelled his way," Hey Fishy! What are you doing? You too good to listen."

He kept on trucking as I tried to get his attention. I walked over to him, seeing my other forms of action weren't working. I grabbed him on the shoulder, but almost immediately back up as he swiped at me. He shot some sort of spikes from his hands, but they were blocked by the rough marrow on my arm. I pulled the spine out of my arm and looked at it. It was some sort of fish spine, which seemed normal, to him looking at his gills. I looked at him, then at my arm, which made the yellow-brown marrow turn to a darker shade. "That's a nice one," I said to him, sticking out my hand," Put her there!"

He looked at my hand as if it were the face of the person who turned him into Aquaman, his face curling into a look of disgust. He turned quickly around, mumbling something like, "Yeah, sure." I walked back over to the front of the room, to the table and began. "Like my new good buddy, Aquaman, I think we should get out of here as soon as possible! We must get out of here and find the man responsible for this", he said, looking at his arm and raising it up," I'm Kruz and I'm getting out of here with---"

Kruz was cut off by a falcon-girl. "Umm, shouldn't we be going after the slime that turned us into...THIS!"

"Uhh," I said, not wanting to be at the pointy end of the pencil," My good buddy Sam's gonna address that, heh heh..."

I grabbed Sam, the dog guy, and hopped off the stage, whiping the sweat off my brow.

11th May 2004, 06:41 AM

I looked at the clothes the boy offered me. though my onw clothes were filthy, i was too weak to change, so i meakly declined.

the dino boy was now saying we had to get out of this place. good kidea, but how? at the sound of a crash i turned my head to see a fish boy trying his luck at climbing up the walls. with all these new powers, why wasn't anyone trying to use them to break a hole in a wall?

though this is what i was thinking, i was still barely able to stand, so instead i looked around the room i saw a small vent on the top of the tall walls. around that there were lots of boxs and funature. if i was a real cat i would probably be able to jump up on all the boxes and such. the vent was so small but perhaps i could squeze through. if i could get up there, that is..

at my intense wish to be a real cat, sudenly i had the cat-like urge to jump up the boxes and try to get through the vent. ignoring my weak state, i hobled over to the boxes. once there, i gave myself a few minuets rest before moving again. i gathered all my strength and jumped with the help of my cat dna. my jumping ability had been drasticly increased, and iwas able to leap on the boxes to reach the vent. the shaky boxes beneth me didn't want to suport my wait, and i was forced to leap one last time to the vent. all the boxes ell as i leapt and grabbed onto the vent edge. i held on for dear life, exausted. my body was refusing to atempt climbing into the vent, and was starting to let go of the vent. i grabbed on tighter and pulled myself in.

my head ached from all the movement, but i could only think of helping the others so I crawled through the vent. it was so dark in there, and the dust was getting all over my body. after wandering blindly in the vents, i found an opening and peered out it. it was the other side of the door alright. the inside may have been locked, but hopefully the outside wasn't.

i jumped out of the vent and landed ,clumsely on the ground. ouch. the dust on me poofed out in a huge cloud of dust around me. i coughed in the thick clould of dust and gritted my teeth at the pain of my aching body. i still wanted to continue onward, so i dragged my limp body over to the door. I could see some guards coming, but i couldn't have hurried up if i tryed. they must know i was one of the experiments!! i grabbed up blindly and when i found the handle, i was happy to find the door was open on the outside. i crawled into the room leaving the gaurds free to come in.

OOC: -g2g, i'll finish later-

Mew Trainer Rose
11th May 2004, 01:07 PM
OOC: uhhh...I doubt that'll work, you didn't ask in the sign-up if you could transform at will into a tabby cat. That would count as an Ability, no doubt.

Elain Renalk (peregrine falcon)

Escape? lovely idea. It would help if i could fly out of here, but i don't think i could yet. I might be able to make a good wing-hop though. Worth a shot.

So I moved to an area where there was a good open space in front of me. Then I spread my wings, got a running start, and flapped my wings with one powerful downbeat as I jumped. It sort of worked, the upward lift my wings gave me allowed me to jump somewhat higher and further. Still not as good as I'd wished. So I moved to the opposite end of teh clear space and tried again. This time I timed the downbeat completely wrong, and a barely got off the ground. A few more tries, and a good bit of trial and error, and I figured out how to get of the ground for a wingbeat or two. Maybe high enough to get to teh top of a tube if I had a headstart.

But all this unusual excersise was tiring me out. I was getting hungry, and needed a rest. I walked slowly around the room, looking for any other doors that might lead to food or something. Partway around the room,I noticed a small camera, similar to securty cameras, mounted high on the wall. I frowned, suddenly feeling like someon was watching this as if this was a show put one for their amusement. I tried to judge the distance, and decided it was too high for me to jump. SO instead I turned toward the rest fo the tranformed humans.

"Hey, I found a camera, but I don't think I could reach it. Does anyone else think they can? Or are there any more cameras?" I called to them.

11th May 2004, 07:01 PM
Meh, not to limit you eevee but shapechanging just doesn't work for me. Being a were-anything is something that is really not even sci-fi, and pure fantasy in my opinion. This RP being sci-fi in genre, I politely ask you to edit your sign-up. Your character can be just (or almost) as agile without being an actual cat. *dodges flying objects again*Sorry! I truly am...

Amethyst Flygon
15th May 2004, 11:00 AM
Name: Rosalynd Moss, goes by Rose or Rosey
Gender: Female
Age: 13
Animal/s: Lab mouse/Bat
Appearance Before Mutation: Rose is small and frail. She actually receives a C- in gym class despite her attempts to play sports. Her hair was a pale blonde with a silvery sheen. Her eyes were brown. Really, slim, but she doesn’t look starved. Rose usually wears whatever her mother tells her too, so she hasn’t developed much of a fashion sense.
Appearance After Mutation: Rose’s hair has now lightened to almost pure white, but she still has her silver gleam. She is a bit shorter than before, and is covered in short white fur and her eyes have turned golden. Her large (for her size) bat wings appear to have mixed with the mouse DNA and are also white. She has grown very short claws. They are no good for combat, but are slightly hooked at the ends, making them superb for climbing. Her front teeth have enlarged quite a bit. She has a long tail that can be used for balance. Her ears have been replaced with large, round mouse ears on the top of her head. Rose is able to hide all of her features except for her wings by wearing a hat, long sleeves, and gloves(winter apparel).
Personality: Rose was extremely timid and did what anyone told her too. She was extremely bright and was often picked on because of her physical weakness. She was always good with plans, but never had the people skills to get others to follow her lead. She calmly analyzes new situations and is not quick to panic.
Personality After Mutation: She is a bit braver now, but she is still weak because of her ineffectiveness at combat. Because of her new transformation, she has a more pessimistic view of life, knowing there are people out there that would experiment on others.
Abilities: I will make this direct and to the point.
Mouse ears + Bat DNA = short range echolocation
Mouse claws = good climbing
Bat wings = flight
Tail = balance
Mouse teeth = ability to gnaw through things like bars
Mouse + bat = good sense of smell
Mouse = an almost supernatural ability to detect danger (like how rats leave a sinking ship)
I will make Rose color blind because I believe mice are. Obviously, she would be almost helpless in combat, but pretty good at spy missions.
History: Rose was always a good girl by trying to meet everyone’s expectations in order to make up for her lack of physical strength. She lived in the suburbs and was never very popular with the other kids because of her weakness. She somehow gave the impression that she was too good to play sports with them. As such, she has no real desire to return home.
Relationships: Rose lives alone with her mother. She has no real friends or anything.

I hope it isn’t too late to join.

The Kidnapping:

Once again I was returning home after school. At least this year, the school bus dropped me off close to my house. I was dreading going home; I had received an A- on my science report. I had not been aware that the project was due and had turned it in a day late.
I was lingering in the neighborhood park when I noticed a strange van nearby. The drivers appeared to be having some sort of argument, so I wandered over to see if I could help. When they spotted me, the taller of the two made some remark about me matching the picture. The other said that this would make up for their failure to capture the last one. Before I could utter a single word, the tall grabbed me and injected me with some liquid. I began to feel woozy immediately due to my weak constitution. The last thing I recalled was that the short one was wondering if the dosage was to strong for me. I then lost consciousness.

The Awakening:

I was having strange sensations in my sleep, as if I was floating and that I wasn’t quite myself. Rationally, I knew this couldn’t be true. Suddenly, I recalled the events prior to my collapse. I needed to see where I was.
When I opened my eyes, I was very confused. Where had all the color gone? Everything was in black and whites. Stranger yet, I really was floating in a strange, thick, liquid and encased in a glass tube. I tried to pound the glass, but I was to weak to even scratch it.
Then, I noticed that my nails were long and curved, like those of a rodent. This didn’t make sense, I had trimmed my nails only yesterday. How long had I been out? Also, it seemed that my entire body was covered in fur, and I seemed shorter than I usually was.
Upon feeling strange sensations along my back, I noticed that I had large wings and a rat-like tail. My teeth also appeared to be enlarged, ruining all the time that had gone into the braces that were taken of a month ago.
Assuming this was all a dream, I accepted it and looked out. It seemed that I was in the back corner of a lab, behind some boxes. The lab appeared to be in a state of chaos with humans with animal features like me wrecking it. Suddenly, a cat girl sprang out of nowhere and knocked down the boxes around me. I felt an unusual sense of fear at the sight of her. I began to try to crack the glass or call out, but neither seemed to work.

I think that eevee-shayna’s cat-girl was having unusually strong instincts and exploring new abilities instead of transforming into a cat, considering that the boxes could not support her weight.. This is my first time trying a online RPG, so I hope I don’t do anything wrong.

I didn't notice the sign-ups until after I posted. I'm sorry if I broke any rules or anything. Can I please Participate even though it has already started? *Bangs head on hard object for not noticing you had to sign up ahead of time*

15th May 2004, 11:48 AM
It's okay Amethyst, I meant for any Late Starting Users to sign-up here. Your sign-up is just fine. Welcome!

Amethyst Flygon
15th May 2004, 12:06 PM
Is that what LSU means? I don't know a lot of online lingo. I only know OOC and a few others from my frequent lurking on some Dungeons and Dragons boards.

Also, I may be extreme with actions taken in these **. I pick that up from my younger sister that is crazy on another message board.

15th May 2004, 05:08 PM
OOC: hi new person, welcome! ^_^
and i also agree that my charactor was a bit too strong all the sudden but no one else was doing anything so i wanted to keep the rpg moving, pluss my original post had her as a were-cat but i had to chane that so it doesn't add up that well but thats ok. lol. i guess the boxes could have been crates, like wooden boxes... meh.

IC (IC=in charactor): i crawled into the room exausted from my trip. the guards came bursting into the room from behind me, and i only prayed that the others were stronger then i and that they could fight these guys.

one of them spotted me and amidiatly came running towards me. i wasn't able to fight him, so i rolled out of the way just in time. apparently he hadn't expected me to and he ended up crashing into the wall behind me. but that crash didn't sound like a wall, it sounded like glass!

i turned around in time to see a flood of orange spill out of yet another tube and splash past me. this tube contained a little bat/mouse girl. she was so cute! i barely noticed myself crawling over to the girl. she seemed timid and scared, like a, well, mouse. i also noticed that some of the broken boxes/crates had contained more clothes and gently pulled a long baggy shirt over her head, and noticing her cramped wings i ripped two holes in the back with my claws and carefully pulled her wings threw.

I have to admit, i have a soft spot for animals asnd little kids, which is the reason i worked at a zoo. i mentally adopted her as my younger sister right then. i'd always wanted a younger sister.

"hi, i'm Yashanecco." i said gently. i smiled at her, hoping she wouldn't be afraid.

Amethyst Flygon
15th May 2004, 08:25 PM
Rosalynd (bat / mouse):

Yashanecco, the cat-girl, seemed very kind, and my slight fear seemed irrational. Considering that I appeared to be part rodent now, and that she was obviously part cat, it may have been some sort of animal instinct. Only when she gave me a shirt, did I realize that I hadn't been wearing anything. This was all too weird to be a dream; my nightmares never have pleasant people in them.
Some men in uniform were around us, but they were quickly taken care of by some other hybrids. The guards were not very well prepared to face this kind of threat. I couldn't blame them, this was something out of a sci-fi flick.
A guy that looked like he had dino-spikes was in the center of the room. He appeared to be trying to rally us, but then panicked and pulled a dog-man beside him to continue speaking.
As I looked around me, everyone appeared to be in their teens or early twenties. I didn't see anyone else my age. Everyone was very odd, some of them growing both fur and scales. I guess I'm not one to talk, with my fur and wings. I had always heard of bats refered to as flying rats, maybe the scientists had a twisted sense of humor?
Speaking about flying, maybe I should test out my new wings? They didn't appear very sturdy, but I knew that creatures that fly need as little weight as possible. I was able to flap them, but they tired quickly and I was unable to take off. I guess I'll have to strengthen them before I can be capable of flight. A hawk-girl seemed to be in the same position.

16th May 2004, 06:18 PM
Meh... I don't mean to nag eevee (as this to me sounds clearly like nagging) but could you please capitalize your I's. And as long as I'm nagging... would it kill you to run your posts through a Microsoft Word spellcheck or something of that order. Pwease? By doing this you would make your posts a lot more readable and proffesional, as right now they look kind of... umm... blah. Though the quality of your posts is fine, the uncapitalized I's and tons of wrongly spelt words (maybe they are typos?) makes them look sort of... erm.. bad. Again I'm sorry for nagging *dodges flying objects for the eleventyeth time*

Krystalline Kabutops
16th May 2004, 06:40 PM
Tsarviel~Giant Ground Sloth/Gecko:

I watched as a small group of guards came crashing through after the cat-girl. I smiled. Now I could test out these new powers. I burst into a sprint, coming at them like a tank. There was fear in their eyes, but they had been trained to deal with stuff like this. They raised their guns, but I hit them before they had a chance to let off any bullets. I smacked the gun of the guard closest to me with my claws, snapping it in two. He looked at me in horror. "Nighty night," I said, hitting him in the back of his head. He fell to the ground, out cold. The rest of the guards were made quick work of by the rest of our group. Remembering something, I turned to the hawk girl who had pointed out the cameras. "Hey, I can try to knock them out, but I'll need you to point them out to me." She nodded. "There's one over there, and a couple others over there," She said, pointing. "I'll keep looking. If I see one, I'll tell you, ok?" I mumbled a barely audible "K, thanks." It had just struck me how cute she was.

Wishing I had some fur on my head to cover my blushing cheeks, I stuck my fingertips to the wall. I had read in some Science book that tiny hairs on the ends of a gecko's fingers allowed it to climb. Hoping I was right, I closed my eyes and jumped, planting my feet on the wall. After a few seconds of not falling on my tail, I opened my eyes. I had stuck! Hesitantly, I pulled a hand off the wall, extending it higher. After making sure it would hold, I did the same thing with my other hand and my two feet. After a few yards, I felt that I had gotten some control over the movements. I crawled along the wall towards the first camera. It had focused on me, it's lens shining. I slammed my left hand into it, sighing at the satisfying crunch. One down, two or more to go.

16th May 2004, 09:07 PM
~Velox Phasma~

I did apologize to the dinosaur personage, who turned out to be named Kruz. Really I wasn't sorry, but the faster I started listening to him and acting at least half-polite, the faster he would leave me alone. I followed as the cat-like hybrid herself tried jumping the boxes and somehow despite her humanoid shape easily fit into a vent, something I know I couldn't have done even with my slim build. She disappeared now, and realized now that the door I had briefly seen would be indefinitely locked. The cat-girl was most likely on the other side of the door, unlocking it now. I waited.

The cat hybrid did open the door, but allowed some guards in. Crap. The sloth/gecko anihuman burst into action before anyone else though, and was upon them within seconds. They raised their guns, but in vain, and she stopped any bullets from even flying. The others joined, besides me of course I just watched the spectacle. She continued by latching to a nearby wall, and beginning to smash some of the cameras the girl who had sighted them pointed out to her. Clearly they didn't like being observed.

Thinking more rationally I dismissed the thoughts on the cameras, and rather looked for an exit. The door still gaped wide open, and I slowly walked to answer its maw. Closing the door behind me, though leaving it unlocked, I continued on. Shooting cameras with spines as I went softly as I could through the hollow metallic corridors and walkways. There had to be an exit here somewhere...

Beach Boy
16th May 2004, 09:31 PM
Joe (changing cheetah hybrid) :nut: :evil:

I was going to die? And if not, I would go insane? I swayed my tail into my view. I was a freak, my Mom… My lord, my mom!!!!! She must think I’m died, but did these freaks lied? Did they cover my disappearance up with suicide case? I was so worried my mind went off again. This experiment must turn my mind into a cheetah’s time to time. But why did they experiment on me?

My animal mind smelled other animals, some which might be good to hunt and feast on. And the scariest part was, I didn’t cared if it was the animal hybrids that I was with earlier, except for that cat girl. I dashed out of the room, on all fours and mad dash in the hall.

Would I act like this if I ever ran into my mother and little brother?

Krystalline Kabutops
16th May 2004, 09:50 PM
Er.... Aeges, Tsarveil's a guy....

16th May 2004, 10:41 PM
DOH! X_X Extreme Insult I'm sorry Opaque! I'll change it within due time... :lol:

Krystalline Kabutops
16th May 2004, 10:42 PM
'tis ok, no harm done.

16th May 2004, 11:14 PM
*quotes Aeges_Ateri "layziness is bliss"* JK
lol at Opaque Onigoori climbing up walls. "gecko man, gecko man. does whatever a gecko can, climbs a wall, any size. catches bad guys just like flies. tune in lets see the gecko man..."

IC: Though I felt weak, I could feel my body begining to ajust to my new DNA. As it ajusted it grew slightly stronger and i became aware that i would be able to leave the room without being carried out.

I looked at the mouse girl with sisterly affection. Athough she was a mouse and I a cat, I couldn't find it in me to want to hunt her. Maybe because of my love for animals, maybe because of my sisterly affection for her. Or maybe because i was a vegitarian as a human (I could never bring myself to eat meat while helpless animals stood all around me locked behind cages). I fully intended to be a vegitarian in my new form, depote my animal cravings.

Amethyst Flygon
17th May 2004, 08:28 PM
Rosalynd (Bat / Mouse):

It appeared that everyone else was attempting to escape, but their attempts were getting nowhere. There must be some logical way to organize ourselves. Without some kind of plan, we would probably become seperated and get recaptured, one by one.

Then, I noticed that one of the guards was still conscious. He pulled out what looked like a walkie-talkie. Realizing that he was probably calling for back up, I snatched it away and threw it against the wall. It hit with a crunch.

Maybe it would be a good idea to round up the guards to prevent them from getting reinforcements. The situation would turn desperate if we were surrounded. We could also question them once they wake up.

"Hey everyone!" I called. "I think we should tie up the knocked out guards and interrogate them!"


Unfortunately, I have finals this week and may be unable to post as often as I like. If I don't post for more than two days, I give permission for someone to temporarily take responsiblity of my character. Only a little more than a week until summer break for me!

Beach Boy
20th May 2004, 07:57 PM

I dashed into the hallway, the anihmen’s scent was getting close. One more right turn and I’ll be on them. When I made that turn I slip on my feet and skidded into a pile of junk, knocking me back into my human mind.

There, watching me, where those guys I meet in that lab. The dino-spike kid notice, “I was wondering where you went,”

“(So is my mother,)” I thought. I was filled with worry. I just couldn’t hold a straight face, I think the weird fox/fish noticed, but I didn’t care. My mother probably thinks I’m dead, and if I go see her, I might go insane on her. What am I going to do.

Then falcon girl spoke, "We're after the creep that did this to us, you in?"

I thounght long and then answered with a yes. This creep robbed me of my mother, my life, and my humanity; so I'll majke him regret it for the rest of his sad, sick life.

20th May 2004, 08:39 PM
~Aetas Vicissitudo~

The professor was no doubt the mastermind behind this entire thing continued trying to stall me. Various thugs got in my path and I continued to brutally massacre them, blood flying. Despite the fact I knew they were human, it wasn't my problem they got themselves in on this plan. Exploration in this massive facility was futile, and despite how many cameras I smashed and how many walkways I traversed I found nothing. No exit, no hope. Feeling as I had been circling for hours I finally decided to go up in a glass elevator as I had explored everything on this level.

As I reached the top of the elevator I felt the impulse to precede with caution. My voice gurgled and I felt a screech let loose from my mouth, something seeming unfitting to my body. I realized now from various science lessons that I, like a bat, was using echolocation. I felt and heard the sound bounce off multiple objects, ones that were alive. Up ahead there were tons of living things, and I wondered what they were. More experiments or thugs? Or even something else...

OOC: So everyone knows for future reference, all the experiments are currently on the second level of the facility. Though there are levels above the second they are closed off, as well as the basement.

~Professor Neco~

Upon reaching the next level and traversing somewhat farther into it, I managed to catch the shriek of echolocation. It would be inaudible to any other ears but that of a bat, and I knew that either Aetas or Rosalynd had to be on this level. They were the only experiments besides myself that wielded this power. Likely there would be other experiments accompanying the one who had shrieked, unless Aetas had not found the others yet. Despite the fact that it would happen eventually, I wasn't quite ready for the experiments to escape the facility yet. Using my own crude echolocation, I managed to sense several objects around the next bend. Instead of continuing I stayed to sit and wait.

OOC: Neco is not to be beaten easily, especially by fledgling anihumans, and in combat has more prowess than any of the experiments. Besides he has technology at his disposal.

21st May 2004, 06:31 AM

I had been resting for a while and I could feel my energy returning to me. From the sound of the others’ conversations it was clear they wanted revenge on the person who had done this to us.

Personally, I didn’t care. First of all, killing him wouldn’t bring us back to our former selves. We had new DNA and you can’t remove it, so basically we’d be stuck as mutants. Secondly, I didn’t mind being a mutant. It’s true that I don’t have any family to go to, nor any true friends. Though some of the others did, leaving them in a sticky situation. I myself love animals, hence working at a zoo, and didn’t mind being part one, or being around the other animal/humans. Then again, humans are technically animals, too. Well, I guess I didn’t mind the change, and seeing how there wasn’t much I could do about it, I decided to get used to it. I was never the type of person to hold a grudge, and I always try to stay optimistic about things.

However, I did want to escape. “Mouse girl, want to find a way out?” she seemed to nod. I realized that her and me weren’t exactly strong, so I said into the room “does anyone want to come with us to find a way out of here?”

Amethyst Flygon
21st May 2004, 06:13 PM
Rosalynd Moss(Bat/Mouse):

When Yashanecco asked me if I wanted to escape, I realized that I hadn't told her my name yet. It was pretty rude to know someone's name and not tell them yours. "Yes, I would like to get out. I'm sorry that I haven't told you my name yet, it's Rosalynd Moss. You can call me Rose."

Everyone else seemed to be in a group and were setting of to explore. Another person, feline in appearance, streaked out of nowhere and joined us. He was really fast and had hair of various shades(looks like I'll never see color again). He must have been given cheetah DNA. He joined us and seemed determined to take whoever did this down.

"How will we recognize the scientist when we find him?" I asked. "It's not exactly like he will have a badge declaring him an insane mad man. Even if we found him, he probably has some tricks up his sleeves incase of a situation like this. He, or possibly she, will not go down without a fight."

Cheetah-boy answered, "What else can we do right now; we've been wronged and we will take revenge." I didn't find this answer very useful, but it seemed to be the general mood.

All of a sudden, I heard a large screech like nothing I had ever heard before. Some how, I knew it was around the bend, but it sounded like it was right next to me. "Did you guys hear that?" I asked.

"Hear what?" they all answered. It seemed that I was the only one that heard it, perhaps it was some kind of high frequency sound. My batty side could have probably picked up something like that. Looks like I'm not he only one that was spliced with a bat. Also, whatever was back there smelled strongly. I recognized the scent from the knocked out guards. It was the scent of blood.

"Guys, I think some thing is back there and I think it's part bat. Let's hope it's on our side because, whatever it is, it reeks of human blood." This seemed to alarm the others, and cheetah-boy's eyes took an almost animal glint to them at the smell.

Considering that what ever it was would pick up on echolocation, I decided to give it a shot. My throat felt raw, but I blasted off an enormous screech. No one else reacted, so I knew I had reached the right pitch. I could sense somthing ahead of us and the thing that had let out the shriek. Whatever it was, it would now know that we were mutants just like it.


I would like to add that this seems to be moving along awfully slow. Are the rest of you studying for finals as well? I hope this speeds up soon.

21st May 2004, 10:29 PM
yeah, this has been moving slowly, and finals are about now. mine don't start for a few more weeks, but i'm guessing everyone else has them now.

IC: Despite having no feeling of revenge, I felt it was better to follow them and get somewhere besides staying in this one room.

"Alright, lets go. Anyone who wants to leave this room follow us." I said, then cheetah-boy, Rose, and I began to leave the room. I noticed Rose take one of the bodygaurd's walky-talkies. We walked into the hallway, which at our point was deserted.

"Which way did you hear the sound from?" I asked Rose.

21st May 2004, 10:41 PM
~Velox Phasma~

Upon leaving the room, others came too. The cheetah had been gone quite a while, and I found him rushing down the hallways. Not my idea of "stealthy". Though I did notice the worry on his face as he slowed down, and looked at me as if I was some freak? Why, we were all in the same boat here. All of us hybrids, missing families in some cases, or other things. Still was there something he was facing that wasn't going on in any of the others here? Brooding on this, I silently stalked away from the rest of the group.

No longer able to hear the metallicy pit-a-pat of the others' feet behind me, I slowed down and stopped trying to lose them. It was much easier to think when I wasn't watching everyone else trying to think, and getting their emotions mixed into mine. Besides if I found an exit I would go back and tell them wouldn't I? I hoped I hadn't grown that nasty yet.

Traversing the long walks awhile, and going past doors, all locked of course. There was it seemed, no exit. Not a ray of hope in this god forsaken place. Now though there was something new, a waft of a strong smell. Blood. Strange, why would there be blood here? I would expect the other anihumans to be more squeamish when it came to drawing blood of guards, as the Gecko when he took down some forcefully only knocked them out. The smell drew quite close and I slowed down significantly as I realized it was just around the next bend.

Beach Boy
22nd May 2004, 12:47 AM
:sweat4: Joe (Cheetah)

I walk near the cat girl, see seems very cute to me, maybe because we were both felines. We walk down in the hallway. I regretted the revenge thing I said, I think I made Cat Girl a bit uneasy with me. I just got enough courage to talk to her, “Umm… hi.”

She tilted her head in my direction, “Hello,”

Kay don’t loose control, I thought to myself than I talk again, “Emm… What was your life before this loco experimented weird thing?” Smooth question, Joe.

“I worked at a Zoo, animals are my life.” The girl replied.

“Cool, that’s cool.” Another smooth line that went out of my lips, then the Husky-Dog-Boy began to eyeballing me.

Great, I just hope everyone has good self control, otherwise we going to half friends as dinners.

22nd May 2004, 01:00 PM
~Professor Neco~

Rather than even think of rounding the next bend, I instead quickly went to the security room on this floor. As I placed my own personal keycard in the door lock, a satisfying click, and the flash of a green light told me I was in. The guards in this room had already left, presumably to attempt to deal with the "mutants". The closer I got to the dozens, and dozens of screens the more surprised I was. Out of the thirty or so cameras that were all lined up on this one, only five remained. The rest of the screens were black as black goes, and as I watched a lionfish spine hissed through the air and punctured one of the five cameras. Flash, then black. I could hardly see anything else, but I laughed as I eyed one screen. Aetas stalked carefully down the hallway, and around the left and right bends I could see more mutants coming. They thought he was an enemy, I suppose the blood didn't help. I always knew that behind that pessimistic exterior there lurked some confidence. Not the least bit squeamish was he?

23rd May 2004, 12:35 PM
Kruz - "DinoMan..."

I watched as the new kid sniffed out something. The smell of blood? This kid was scaring me. I figured I'd better follow them. They were off to find the bloody culprit that "supposedly" let out the "humungous screech". I didn't think she was telling the truth, but I figured I'd follow just to keep them safe. This wasn't exactly the place for us to be wandering around.

"Hey, Wait Up!" I yelled as I began to run to catch up with them," Wait for me!" I caught up to them and began walking. Just as I caught my breath, I thought I saw something zoom out of a corridor behind me. I turned around quickly and noticed it zoom by again.

"Wait," I whispered to the others.

"What?" The cheetah man asked turning around, "What is it?"

"We're not alone."

The mouse/bat girl I heard the hot chick, "Yashasheika", (or whatever her name was) talking to was named Rose apparently. She began sniffing the air, her nose raised, so I began to do so too, but my nose wasn't strong enough. She began to whimper like a little mouse cornered by a cat and cuddled up to Yashapeka.

"Cheetah-man!" I said loudly, stepping toward the corrodor," keep them safe." I took two steps and dove out into the corridor, grabbing a batty-looking guy. We rolled around on the ground before he pushed me off of him and the Cheetah guy jumped in. He began to swipe at us like a mad man, so I began to block for The Cheetah. The hardened bone marrow on my arm and legs kept me from feeling anything, so as the guy swiped, with my marrow, I simply blocked it and threw his arm off of me. The hot cat girl began to scream at the top of her lungs:


Yeah, well anyway... I just got through with exams Friday, and I have baseball still, so I might be a bit slow replying. I do as much as I can when I can though...

---(EDIT) I get Aetas and Velox - Aeges Ateri's two characters - mixed...Sorry everyone.
^_^ Bamm

Amethyst Flygon
23rd May 2004, 02:22 PM

Bamm, I'm a little confused. Who is shooting the spines? Did you mean for Velox to join the fight instead of Joe? Welcome back to this topic, hope you don't have too much time drained by baseball.


The scene errupted into chaos. A shadowy form was dashing around the room, almost too quick to be seen. Dino-guy leaped forward to protect us from this threat. He didn't seem to believe what I had said moments before, maybe he will believe me now.

The fight was fierce and both sides seemed intent on taking out the other. Yashanecco, realizing that we were fighting someone like us, cried out "Stop fighting! We are all mutants now! Why are we fighting each other?"

Have to go now.

23rd May 2004, 02:43 PM

I stayed behind to search for some clues but at the moment I hadn't found any. Truthfully, I needed to get out of this place and continue looking for my sister. Maybe I should have followed the others...
I walked out and quickly picked up the scent of blood. I figured that was where the others had gone to and chances are that lead to a way out, so i headed that way.
The smell, it was so strong! I grabbed my nose in disgust and cursed that God awful man who cursed me with this ability. Fortunately, i was close enough to make use of my developed ears so i knew exactly where i was heaing when the words, "Stop fighting! We are all mutants now! Why are we fighting each other?" rang through the hall.
I followed the sounds and saw that the dino-kid had picked a fight with a bat/boy who had not been with us.
"idiots," i muttered, "drawing the attention of the cat-girl who i assumed had done the shouting. I noticed a small Bat/Mouse girl in her arms. "Your lunch?"
The cat-girl glared at me. "I wouldn't do something like that."
"Will you be so sure when those instincts of yours take over?"
"The only instincts of mine that'll be taking over are the ones I'll use to scratch your face off if you come anywhere near me or my friend."
I laughed half-heartedly. "Calm down girly. I ain't gonna hurt no one, that's just my way of getting to know someone. I'm Sam by the way, Sam Taylor." i held my hand out to her and smiled as sweetly as I could.

23rd May 2004, 06:27 PM
EEP!! i'm being mean! *bows rapidly* sorry sorry sorry.
lol, i sound like a crazy cat woman.
ah, the famous words i never spoke repeated multiple times, JK

IC: i shook the one whom called himself "sam"'s hand and replied back "hi sam, i'm Yashanecco". no matter how bleak a situation i may be in, i always am polite. thats just me, i guess.

"and this is Rose." i said, pointing to the mouse girl in my arms. she waved meakly.

my mind went back to the situation at hand. "please stop fighting!" i said loudly, as i limped up to the two fighters and stood inbetween them. "people shouldn't fight, that's how wars are started." i said.

noticing the new person, i smiled freindly at him and said "by the way, i'm yashanecco." i wasn't aware of my complete mood change, but then again, i never was.

"maybe we could find a way out. and it doesn't have to be a door, we have new powers, after all." i thought aloud.

23rd May 2004, 08:34 PM
Umm... Bamm. I believe your confusing my characters, Aetas has bat wings, Velox has lionfish spines. Aetas does not have both. Velox would not fight with another mutant, unless it was Aetas, so if you are including him in the fight shooting towards Bamm and the others with him you need to reword it. And also you have mistaken Aetas for being hostile, while if he saw other mutants he might be suspicious he wouldn't attack on sight. Though if you meant Kruz started the fight Aetas would I suppose be inclined to defend himself but Velox would not join in, as you said someone shot spines from their hands which is Velox's signature ability compared to all the other hybrids. Whether it was just a misunderstanding or otherwise could you please clear it up for all of our sakes.

Amethyst Flygon
24th May 2004, 09:43 PM

Will you still accept a LSU? I have a friend that I mentioned this to, and he seems really interested in it. He has made a cheetah/chameleon character, but his mom won't let him post until summer break. Luckily, tomorrow is the last day of school in our area.

He would make a nice addition, and I think he could probably roleplay pretty well considering the number of RPG videogames he has played. For the explanation of his not posting, the two of us have agreed that it would be best if he just said that his character hasn't done anything of importance yet but has tagged along with the main group. The game has been going a little slow anyways.

As for me, I'm waiting until Bamm clarifies his post until I post in character again.

24th May 2004, 10:26 PM
I will accept another LSU as spots here are basically unlimited to a certain extent. As long as the LSU can catch up to everyone else, and has a decent sign-up to post here, I will allow them.

27th May 2004, 06:24 AM
Nobody seemed to know what to say, however nobody was making any atempts to help us escape. i was determined to help the group.

i walked away from the bunch, still limping painfully, and looked for a window. when i found one in the hallway we were in, i pressed my face against it to see where we were.

we seemed to be on the second level. not a bad jump, however with my condition i ewouldnm't be able to make it, and i don't know how anyone else felt about jumping from here.

there had to be a way to get to the first floor.

"exuse me, sir" i said to the new arival. "you've been exploring, right? do you know how we could get downstairs and is there a window?"

Beach Boy
29th May 2004, 11:47 AM

I step near Yashanecco and said gently, "You are so wise, Yashan," I began to feel lightheaded but I still was falling for Yasha's kittie charm, "And I feel like that we should really-" then my head went super numb, like the time when my tail grown out,"- we should really take a nap." Then I just fainted on the ground.

(Author's note: Joe's cats ears are growing on his head while his human ears shrinks and disappears. This transformation is numbing Joe's brain.)

29th May 2004, 06:38 PM

I looked at the guy who had just collapsed. "Convenient..." i muttered. "Well, unlike him I figure we should get outta here." I picked up the fainted guys body and turned to the guys who had been fighting. "You coming?"
They all looked at me blankly so I sighed and turned back to Yashan. "What about you? Are you going to come?"
"Well I suppose it's better than staying here."
I nodded and started walking with Yashan beside me. i don't know if the others followed, I didn't bother to look.
"So what do you think made him pass out?" i asked.
She looked at him then replied, "looks like his ears are coming through. Maybe it's better he's unconcious."
I smirked. "How's your mouse friend?"
"Hey I have a name you know!" Rose yelled at me.
"Calm down Rose, I know you've got a name," i replied. "So how are you then?"
I laughed. "You bit my head off for fine? That's some attitude."
There was silence for a bity then Yashan asked, "do you have any idea where we're going?"
"Well there's a distinct blood trail and I'm trying to follow it. Someone - or something - caused it and maybe they know a way out."
Yashan, Rose and I talked for a bit and I found out why Yashan was taking such care of Rose, despite her animal instincts. I made some comment about trying not to bite yashan because of the whole dog-cat thing.
"What will you do when you get out?"
"The same thing I was doing before I ended up here."
"What was that?"
I stayed silent. I hadn't told anyone why i was the way I was before, but i felt like I could trust Yashan and to be honest, concidering the circumstances, making a friend seemed like a better idea than making a ton of enemies.
"I've been trying to find my sister. We were living together. I just went out for a little while and...she was gone. I don't know where and I don't know why but someone took away my sister and i swear to God I'll make them pay."
"How do you know someone took her?"
"My sister is blind. She couldn't have gone anywhere on her own."
Just then the guy i was carrying began to stir. it seemed safe to stop so I put him down and sat against one of the walls alone, ignoring the others in my own little world.

2nd June 2004, 07:57 PM
Plot Twist Time! Now that we have gone a while in, I decided to introduce the next aspect. There are other hostile, mindless hybrids that Prof. Neco created. Like our characters they have the same kind of abilities but only follow the orders they are ordered through a computer to do. Neco controls these hybrids and they were the other experiments I mentioned him wanting to "visit". They are by no means more powerful than us, and indefinitely weaker, but they all are in a rather futuristic kind of cyborg shell (besides some of their animal features) as they were meant to be hard to bring down. Their main disadvantage is that they are mindles and can only be controlled to a certain extent by Neco due to the computer chip he implanted in their brains. Feel free to include mindless hybrids in any other new posts.

Amethyst Flygon
2nd June 2004, 10:32 PM
Plot Twist Time! Now that we have gone a while in, I decided to introduce the next aspect. There are other hostile, mindless hybrids that Prof. Neco created. Like our characters they have the same kind of abilities but only follow the orders they are ordered through a computer to do. Neco controls these hybrids and they were the other experiments I mentioned him wanting to "visit". They are by no means more powerful than us, and indefinitely weaker, but they all are in a rather futuristic kind of cyborg shell (besides some of their animal features) as they were meant to be hard to bring down. Their main disadvantage is that they are mindles and can only be controlled to a certain extent by Neco due to the computer chip he implanted in their brains. Feel free to include mindless hybrids in any other new posts.

I thought something like this would happen. Not quite what I expected, but similar. Instead, I was expecting that Neco might have given animals human DNA but that they were found too wild to control. There is no rule in genetics that you can't add human DNA to animals, but most people think about animal DNA added to people. If you ever have an idea slump, feel free to steal this idea.

I am still waiting until Bamm returns to post in character. Right now the plot seems to be spiralling deeper and deeper into confusion.

3rd June 2004, 08:11 PM
(i'm back! i was out of state for a bit but my vacations over now)
if it gets too confusing step over the confusing parts and continue the story. what we need right now is a little solid ground to stand on.

btw, does anybody else want to get out of this building and on with the adventure, or are we stuck in dr neko's lab?

IC: The cheetah boy began to stir and finally awoke, looking more cat-ish then before. I became alittle more protective of Rose, not wanting her to get eaten by a wild cat. i seemed to be more of a demesticated cat and didn't have the same wild insticts.

the entire gang was in that hallway now, and we began to walk forward in the hall, not sure what was ahead of us.

we came across a glass elevater, and it smelled like one of us had been in it already. however, this was a way down to the first floor, where we could get out of this building.

"i think this could bring us to the first level, and maybe we could get out of this place." i proposed gentally. i awaited someones answer.

Beach Boy
3rd June 2004, 09:59 PM
Even though my brain felt a bit numb, and I really wanted to see mom again, we couldn't leave this place yet, not matter how cute and trouble Yashan is, "We can't leave just yet, we need to have a plan. If we just walk out there, well just act out those X-men movies. All the norms will go to debate about us, considering us as equals or as menacing creations of the damn. And just think of the media, if they bust Bush's chops for making few decisions, then they'll blast us with nuclear bombs, they won't shut up about us for years and our families are probably going to be harassed senselessly!"

And I realize that we missing someone, but before I made else notice, nature called. I began to move my legs, to get ready for a mad dash, "Oh MAN! I need to go SUPER BAD!"

4th June 2004, 08:45 PM
Eevee we will be getting out of this lab... eventually. Their is no obvious entrance on the first floor, more rather some kind of hidden entrance.

8th June 2004, 06:25 AM
*grovel, grovel* PLEASE sombody post! *beg, beg*

IC: the group of animals/humans wordlessy trudged on and into an elevater we found. it was a big elevater, and somehow we all fit. i didn't know why nobody was talking, perhaps they were in shock still.

"it won't be that bad, living the rest of our lives as halfbreeds." i said, trying to make the group feel better. i had accepted the idea and it didn't bother me anymore.

once we were all in the elevater, we searched around for the bottons.

"over here" squeaked rose. she pressed the 'close door' botton, and then the 'level 1' botton. the elevater responded amediatly and we were soon on our way down. Finally the elevater came to a stop and the doors opened to reveal the first floor.

as a pack we emerged from the elevater and into the hall of the first floor. i then searched around for any windows. if there were any we would be able to brake through them and escape from this lab. in my mind, as long as we were outside we were free. i didn't like being trpped inside this building, it made me feel like a caged animal. i couldnt understand why they wanted 'revenge' on this mad scientist, it seemed to me that hunting him down would be part of his game that we were in. then again, maybe escaping was part of his game, too.

8th June 2004, 11:34 AM
Heh, I bet our characters feel like this ---------> :freak:

Kruz Law

Everyone marched unhappily into the elevator. Most were unhappy about their transformations. I was. The cat-girl, Yashanecca, seemed to enjoy being a half-cat. I thought about it. There was no way I could play football like this, but I didn't know for sure. I would completely rule the sport with my strength! I doubted my new parts would be hardly legal, though. Maybe If I got more skin put on my body? I opened my mouth and thought out loud, "I COULD PLAY WITH MY NEW PARTS!"

I looked up to find everyone looking at me as if I was crazy. I quickly got quiet. We soon arrived on the 1st floor. Yashanecca searched for any trace of an exit, so everyone else did the same. After a while of searching, it turned out that no one had found anything yet. I looked at the walls. They looked like concrete.

"Hey," I said to the bat, "Aetas. Do you think this wall is just concrete? Or do you think it's steel-inforced?"

I realized that he was still kinda sore about the brawl-in-the-hall thing. I backed up a couple yards and stood to ready myself. The young girl, Rose, realized what I was doing and handed me a round object she found on a table.

"Thanks," I muttered, then looked at Joe, "Do me a favor: say 'HUT' for me!"

Joe yelled hut between running back and forth and dancing. I ran as fast as I could, clutching the ball as if I was in a real game. I ran and shoulder charged the wall. After the impact I looked back at everyone, thumbs up. I managed to make a small crack, but I couldn't finish it because everything was fading into black. The last thing I felt was my body hitting the ground.

Amethyst Flygon
8th June 2004, 06:51 PM
I did say that I would reply as soon as Bamm did. I will, even though the fight still hasn't been cleared up. Looks like we all just stopped fight ing and got along. I'll post a current thing now and some catch-up later if you guys want me to.

IC: Rosalynd

We headed to the first floor in the hope that we would have a better chance of escaping from there. It was a sound idea and was something to try at least. We didn't seem to have any luck on this floor.

Suddenly, the cheetah-guy was moaning about the bathroom. He began to dash off at a high speed. "We saw one down the hall and to the left, remember!" I called after him. He was grateful when he returned.

In the elevator, I found the buttons and clicked the one for the first floor. Yashanecco said, "It won't be that bad, living the rest of our lives as halfbreeds." She didn't seem to understand that normal society wouldn't accept us, just like cheetah-boy had said earlier.

While the elevator was going down, I realized that only a few of us had introduced themselves. "Hey guys, maybe we should tell each other our names," I said. They all agreed and introduced themselves to each other.

With a ding, the elevator reached the floor. When we were getting out, Kruz suddenly declared, "I COULD PLAY WITH MY NEW PARTS!" Everyone including me looked at him oddly. Kruz doesn't seem like he thinks about what he is going to say.

Kruz looked like he had decided to knock down the wall. Considering that he had said he was a football player, I gave him a spherical clock I found on a table. He thanked me and told Joe to call out hut.

Kruz charged into the wall like it was a rival player. He made a small crack and seemed proud of himself. Then, he fell over like he had hit his head to hard. "Just great," I heard someone mutter, "first Joe and now Kruz." It looked like Kruz was down for the count.

It seemed that brute force wouldn't work very well. I began to think about what the exit of a top secret facility would look like. It wouldn't be obvious, and it would be hard to find. Maybe my new echolocation would help? Aetes was also a bat, he could probably echolocate as well.

"Hey, Aetes," I called. "Yeah?" he replied. "Maybe we can use echolocation to find an exit to this place." "Sure," he agreed.

8th June 2004, 11:25 PM
~Velox Phasma~

Crowding into a glass elevator was definitely my idea of escaping. Not. Reluctantly I joined the others in the Willy-Wonka rip-off, and slowly with the push of several buttons the elevator descended to the first floor.

Upon reaching the first level Kruz decided that ramming into the wall was a great idea! Horrible plan. With him out for the count, brute force was definitely not an option. When everyone had their backs turned discussing other possible methods of leaving, I slowly exited the room and quickly turned the corner and stood perfectly still. No one was looking for me it seemed. I continued to slowly tip-toe down the metal walk. I hadn't expected stealth to be this easy.

After moving farther and farther away, I suddenly with my new ears managed to pick up a strange sound. To my right, on what seemed to be a metal wall, I heard a grating sound, like metal scraping against rock. Closing in on the wall as if I were a predator and prey, I softly pressed my ear to the cold metal. I tapped it lightly with an extended claw, and felt the resonating vibrations. It was too thin. Stepping back a couple steps I pushed with as much strength as I could muster and watched the door revolve to reveal a crack of fresh air. How cliche could you be? Revolving hidden doors? Give me a break!

It was breezy outside and the wind floated inwards, suddenly tainting the previously warm and stale air with its cold rush. With a sigh I squeezed through the crack, and pushed the swinging door shut behind me. The wind buffetted me as I stepped into the crisp air outside. It was morning, and the sun was just coming up over the clouds. Suddenly I was hit by exhaustion of the previous waking hours, and with the wind giving full chorus to a gentle lullaby, I collapsed against the laboratory's outer wall. The outside covered in rock, it wasn't exactly comfortable. Sleeeeeep.... the wind soothed. Without hesitation or reluctance I obeyed its call.
OOC: I realized I hadn't posted in a while, I hit some of those time periods where I just can't seem to post at all. Like an extensive writer's block. Finally managed to get a post out! Yay!

Beach Boy
10th June 2004, 02:44 PM

I felt great relief after Rosalynd told me where the restroom was and I felt a great disappointment after Kruz tried to go mono y mono with the wall. I acted out like one those annoy announcers at football games, "And Kruz, The Dyno Dino, was stop dead in his tracks after trying to tackle Con Gret, The Pirsion Wall."

Then my senses went berserk, like a rival of mine was standign right infront of me. I slowly walk away into a hallway, saying to myself, "If I see any blue hedgehogs or humans with monkey tails, then I'll know that this guy is totally whack."

Then my senses were burning red hot when I enter what appeared to be a useless machine factory. I quickly dashed around the rusty robotics, like I knew my opponent was atop of me. I heard the whistling of rockets behind me but I rolled out of the way and I sharply turned around to see my opponent, an anthro-cheetah that look like he was assimilated by the Borg from Star Trek. I knew I had a fight on my hands, I just chuckled and said, Good thing I already gone, otherwise I would be panicing. The Cheet-borg growled its teeth at me and charge at me.

11th June 2004, 08:12 PM
As a heads up, I will be leaving for a week to go to Northern Wisconsin on vacation. I will be gone from 6/11/04 until 6/18/04, Saturday to Saturday. I'd appreciate it if you guys can keep the posts a' flowin until I get back. See you when I get back!

Mew Trainer Rose
16th June 2004, 01:33 AM

I sighed as I leaned against a wall after we finished searching in vain for an exit. It might be the hawk part of me, but i was really missing fresh air. I started thinking about how a cool breeze would be welcome after the stuffy, unwelcoming air of this lab. I took another breath to prove to myself how bland the air was...and noticed a slight, but distinct breeze. I quickly followed it down a hall and around the corner. By then the breeze had stopped, but I was certain I had heard a slight sound coming from somewhere nearby, something like the quiet click of a door closing. But all i saw on the hall ahead of me was smooth walls for a couple yards. And it had sounded closer than that.

So I started closely searching the walls, looking for cracks, even the slightest ones, and tapping the walls now and then like I'd seen in movies when peopel look for hidden doors. Sure enough, I found one spot where the tapping produced a more hollow sound, hinting at a thinner wall then the surrounding area. I found the crack of what could be a door soon enough, and spent several minutes trying in vain to get a fingernail or talon under the crack to try to pry the door open. Then in frustration I tried just pushing the panel as hard as I could. To my surprise, I felt it shift slightly, and found that one end had sunk in while the opposite side had risen. I pushed harder, and saw the door revolve. I was about to go tell the others, but the strong breeze that flowed into the hall banished the though from my mind. I gladly stepped outside into the cool morning air.

I spent my first few moments in the doorway, taking several deep breaths of fresh air. It seemed an eternity since I'd last done so. Then I looked around, and noticed the outer wall of the laboratory was rock. It didn't look like stone bricks, either, but solid rock. Tho I knew perfectly well it was far from solid. A small sound drew my eyes downward, and I was quite surprised to find that one of the other transformed humans, whose name I think was Velox, was asleep against the wall. Not that I could blame him, seeing him asleep there was starting to make me tired, too. I surpressed a yawn, then glanced back inside, knowing that I sould really tell the others of the door I found. But the sweet morning birdsong and cool breezes made me stare outside again. Just a moment longer, I thought as I lingered in the doorway. I'll tell them in a moment...

Beach Boy
16th June 2004, 10:28 PM

I dash around the machine while the cyber-tah was on my tail. I just said Oh Man! Oh Man! Oh Man! over and over again.

The cheetah grab my long tail, which I think isnt good, and tossed me to a higher level platform.

Strange enough, that cheetah smelled a lot like me, maybe my cheetah-mutation genes were from him or something.

I then notice that the guy didnt spot me, but I also spotted a box of heavy rusty gears, I put the two together and an idea pop in.

I push the crate off the rundown platform, which had no guardrail, and on to the clueless cyborg cheetah, which was a shame. Because he could have been my cheetah father or something.

I walk down the steps and walk up to the metal pile; I could still see the cheetah, no moving.

I began to be polite, Wish you were a good guy so you can follow and protect me around in this whack out place Dad, that what you would do.

I began to walk back where the others were, then I heard the gears being moved around off of the pile and I turn to see the cheetah, sloshing and staring blankly at me, and slowly walk towards me.

I just chuckle, Well, I guess I knock out your evil chip, huh, Dad,

I began to walk again, with my father following close by. I was going to introduce him to the others as Matt. Matt was my birth dad

17th June 2004, 02:15 PM
No one seemed to be making any progress in finding an exit, which was disappointing. however, i must never give up!

suddenly i noticed that the hawk girl was missing from our party. where could she be? i began to sniff the air around me for the sent of bird. no luck. i began to walk down a hall a thought she had disapeared down.
while sniffing the air for a scent, i felt a breeze, like the kind a door makes when you close it. looking around for a door, all i found was the same solid hallway walls i'd been staring at for the past while.
not so easliy discouraged, i inspected the area closer.
i found a series of gashes in the wall. now that i thought about it, they could be tallon scratches from the hawk girl. then this must be a secret door.

"hey guys, i think i found something!" i yelled down the hall, before throwing all my weight into a panel in the wall. before i could react, the wall open up and sent me spinning on a revolving panel into another room. the wall closed behind and i found myself outside, and free.

i happily began to frolik in the warm sun and cool breeze. i spun around happily untill i got dizzy and fell back first into a cushony clover patch.

it was then, as i turned my head, that i realized i was not alone in this paradise. sound asleep in the soft grass lay the hawk girl, and a boy lay sleeping a few yards away.

i quickly stood up. what was this? knowing the rest of this building, this couldn't be good.

i fought to stay awake, even though the birds were chirping a lullaby tune, and the warmth of the outdoors seemed to make my eyes droop..so..tired....

"NO" i yelled, making my head buzz. "i must stay awake."

i shook my head and patted my face with my hands. must stay awake!

21st June 2004, 03:06 PM
I'm Back! Yay! :lol:

~Prof. Neco~

Sending the Cheetah morph was good fun. It seemed kind of sadistic to watch the monitors, and all the anihumans struggling for freedom just for my own pleasure. I reminded myself, there was a reason behind it. They would see in time. In my brooding, I noticed that the cheetah I had been controlling, without my interference, had fallen. It was following the cheetah anihuman? Where was the sense in that? I realized that the chips must have been knocked out, and quite crudely at that. Good thing I implemented a self-destruct mechanism. BOOM! The cyborg fell to the ground lifeless, I had short-circuited its brain. It wouldn't get up again.

Looking at the monitors I realized that they all had found the secret entrance, the revolving door, that I had meant them to find. They had gained their freedom, I would hinder them no longer. The tracking chips, and cameras that I had placed upon them would do their job. At that I almost laughed the way most villians do. Almost.

For future reference, the closest city within reach of lab is several days trek away on foot. The lab is deep in the desert near Phoenix, Arizona. The only reason it is colder right now is because it is barely sun up. The blistering heat could cause a problem. Being in the desert, their is no option but to walk. Fun desert sun here we come! :lol:

EDIT: Eevee could you please capitalize your I's, it makes your post harder to read and oh-so informal! Please! I'm sorry to nag but I just have to. It just makes it look bad, as in first-person you use I's so many times (besides it makes you look lazy!).

27th June 2004, 09:41 PM
I signed up for this, but I've been gone for so long I never had a chance to post... Uh, I will once I can read up to the present, ok? :sweat2:

~Name: Erin Anderson
~Gender: Female
~Age: 14
~Animals: Fox and Jaguar
~Before Looks: She's naturally semi-tanned, though her face is a bit pale. Her light-brown hair is cut short and her grey eyes are sort of slanted (she's part Asian). She prefers to wear plain old jeans and black T-shirts, and her favorite shoes are faux-fur-lined black boots. She often wears black lipstick, a stark contrast to her white skin.
~After Looks: Her skin has a thin layer of black fur over it. She has a red fox tail and ears poking up from her hair at the top of her head, retractable claws, and fangs. Her eyes are like a cat's -- amber-yellow with vertical pupils.
~Personality: She's quiet and shy around people she doesn't know. She holds strong to her opinions, and rarely gives in to what others say, and then only if they present evidence. She's not one to be pushed around either. When she's with her friends, she's likely to be quite hyper and finds it hard to stop laughing once she starts. She's very cynical and sarcastic at times as well, but not very often.
~Personality After Mutation: She becomes even more withdrawn, but doesn't change much.
~Abilities: Very fast, heightened senses, and can see in almost complete darkness.
~History: Nothing really extraordinary. She lives in a small almost run-down town in northern Illinois, where the schools switch between the town she lives in and one right next to it. Her grades have been pretty low this past year, though they'v been improving. She has only three good friends, but she'd trust any of them with her life. She lives with mer mom, who works at a place that rents out apartments, her dad, who is an industrial engineer at a major pakaging plant in the next county, and her younger sister, who has even fewer friends than Erin does, and is in her opinion a brat. She also has a dog and six guinea pigs (two parents, four babies, more on the way).
~Relationships: None.
~Other: :gun:Other

28th June 2004, 01:40 PM
Welcome back Nab. Catch up as soon as you can! ^^

28th June 2004, 02:02 PM
yep, welcome back.

Rose and i are having our charactors wait for the rest of the gang to amerge, otherwise i would have posted.

Amethyst Flygon
28th June 2004, 06:03 PM
ARGH!! The evil computer just ate my post! :mad2: I thought getting a new computer meant that my internet problems would be solved. At least it wasn't that long. I really should upgrade from my dial-up connection.
Oh, and welcome Nabooru23, I hope you can increase the pace in this RPG a little.

Rosalynd (Bat/Mouse):

I heard a loud explosion in another room. Man, that hurt my ears. Investigating the source of the sound, it appeared that whatever made it was now a crimson splotch on the floor. Joe said that it had been a hybrid like us that had been fitted with mechanical parts. At least it seemed to have malfunctioned and self-destructed.

After much searching, the exit was finally found. It was a revolving door in the wall. Kruz had to be dragged out because he was still in slumber land. It seemed that others had found the exit before us, but they had fallen asleep. Might as weel join them, I'm feeling pretty sleepy myself.

28th June 2004, 11:45 PM

~*{ I got up from my sleep. Apparently, I had hit my head too hard when I'd cracked the wall. I walked into the hallway where everyone else was. I walked up to Yashanecco and asked what was going on. She looked at me. I watched at foam began to run out of her mouth as well as everyone else's. I looked more closely in horror and saw needles sticking out of their heads. Two men almost immediately came and grabbed me. An older, balding man, whom I assumed was the Infamous Doctor appeared near the table I was strapped to. He pulled out handfuls of syringes and began to stick me. His head then began to morph into that of many animals. They then swallowed me whole...}*~

I suddenly awoke, cold sweat dripping from my chin. I wiped of my face on my Tank-Top and got up. I was now outside and everyone was asleep. This was wierd. I'm outside, everyone is asleep, I had a feeling I was being watched, and my gut was saying to stay on your toes. I figured I would look around this place and see if there was anything we needed to look out for. There was a loud BOOM sound. I stopped walking.

It hit again and again until a large figure rolled into view. This guy was huge. He had to atleast be 7'10". He had scaly feet, with claws on his toes. His arms were extremely short, and his head looked long. He pretty much looked like a T-Rex Hybrid. He began to sprint at me. I quickly jumped out of the way onto a concrete sidewalk. The T-Rex hybrid slowed and turned around, snapping his mouth. I charged ahead too and planted the dino on it's back.

"I always was a better charger."

I jumped up onto it and dropped an elbow on it's stomach and picked it up and with much difficulty, dropped it on it's head. There was a loud crack and a while after, an explosion. After a while, I had ventured back to the others. They were beginning to wake up. After everyone had awoken, I pointed at the scorched mass that used to be another dino-hybrid. Of course, this sparked suspicion in others. It had also sparked suspicion in me.

"Hey, guys," I said as persuasively as possible, "this isn't right. This apple's too ripe. Haven't you noticed each time one of us has been attacked, we were alone and attacked by a hybrid much like ourselves? And does anyone feel as if they are being watched? It's like we're being tested for something and it just doesn't add up."

Almost everyone began to feel this way, so I figured we'd have to do something soon. Then someone spoke...

sorry it's been so long... N E Wayz, I can't think of anything really creative right now. Maybe I'll edit it later. And welcome Nab! ^_^ Hope you have fun on this RPG!

28th June 2004, 11:57 PM

~*{ I got up from my sleep. Apparently, I had hit my head too hard when I'd cracked the wall. I walked into the hallway where everyone else was. I walked up to Yashanecco and asked what was going on. She looked at me. I watched at foam began to run out of her mouth as well as everyone else's. I looked more closely in horror and saw needles sticking out of their heads. Two men almost immediately came and grabbed me. An older, balding man, whom I assumed was the Infamous Doctor appeared near the table I was strapped to. He pulled out handfuls of syringes and began to stick me. His head then began to morph into that of many animals. They then swallowed me whole...}*~

I suddenly awoke, cold sweat dripping from my chin. I wiped of my face on my Tank-Top and got up. I was now outside and everyone was asleep. This was wierd. I'm outside, everyone is asleep, I had a feeling I was being watched, and my gut was saying to stay on your toes. I figured I would look around this place and see if there was anything we needed to look out for. There was a loud BOOM sound. I stopped walking.

It hit again and again until a large figure rolled into view. This guy was huge. He had to atleast be 7'10". He had scaly feet, with claws on his toes. His arms were extremely short, and his head looked long. He pretty much looked like a T-Rex Hybrid. He began to sprint at me. I quickly jumped out of the way onto a concrete sidewalk. The T-Rex hybrid slowed and turned around, snapping his mouth. I charged ahead too and planted the dino on it's back.

"I always was a better charger."

I jumped up onto it and dropped an elbow on it's stomach and picked it up and with much difficulty, dropped it on it's head. There was a loud crack and a while after, an explosion. After a while, I had ventured back to the others. They were beginning to wake up. After everyone had awoken, I pointed at the scorched mass that used to be another dino-hybrid. Of course, this sparked suspicion in others. It had also sparked suspicion in me.

"Hey, guys," I said as persuasively as possible, "this isn't right. This apple's too ripe. Haven't you noticed each time one of us has been attacked, we were alone and attacked by a hybrid much like ourselves? And does anyone feel as if they are being watched? It's like we're being tested for something and it just doesn't add up."

Almost everyone began to feel this way, so I figured we'd have to do something soon. Then someone spoke...

sorry it's been so long... N E Wayz, I can't think of anything really creative right now. Maybe I'll edit it later. And welcome Nab! ^_^ Hope you have fun on this RPG!

Beach Boy
30th June 2004, 04:57 PM

I began to wake up. Man, I'm getting allot of sleep lately. I stretch my arms, to find it has a cheetah legs! I began to look over my body only to find it fully cheetahized! I am now official a cheetah, my long transformation was half way done.

I look around, I was in a prison cell, and it smells like the walls are the restrooms. I just sighed and hope that the others, and my Mom, were okay.

Mew Trainer Rose
2nd July 2004, 12:57 PM
Elain (falcon)

As I regained conciousness, I tried to grab hold onto the tail-end of the dream I had just had. It was nice, I think. Tho, like most dreams, I could barely remember a few fleeting images of it as I woke.

A breeze brushed my face, a hot one. I must have left the window open. Felt like a hot day. No wait, I thought to myself, as I squeezed my eyes farther shut as I tried to remember. I wasn't home, I was in...

My eyes shot open as I remembered what had happened, then looked around. I was still just outside, and it seemed most everyone had found the hidden door, though all but Kruz and I were still asleep. I stood up and stretched my limbs and wings as I looked at the secnery around us.

We appeared to be next to a large rock formation in the middle of a desert. Not much but sand and more rocks as fars as the eye could see, dotted with a few small desert plants. I sighed. Lovely, we were doubtless far from any sort of civilization, and travel through the desert would not be easy. On the chance that there would be something to give an idea of where to head to find civilization, I started climbing the side of the giant rock behind me, spreading my wings for balance and using my taloned feet to grasp onto the rock. After a considerable struggle, during with I used my wings to help me jump over some particularly difficult parts of the terrain, I managed to get a good distance up the side of the rock. I stopped when I could see no way of going higher, at least by climbing. Unless I could figure out how to fly right away, this was the best vantage point I could find. I resumed my inspection of the area, glad that i had something similar to a falcon's vision.

It seemed to be not far after early morning, since the sun was still fairly low in the sky. Already the sand was beginning to absorb the sun's heat, which formed shimmering waves above the ground that distorted vision. Still, I thought i could see somthing that looked like a path or a road off into the distance. But there was nothing else resembling civilization for as far as i coul see. I protrusion of the rock kept the rest of the crew in shadow, but soon the rising sun would banish that shadow, and sleeping in the sun would not be smart. Neither would traveling in it, though. I started climbing down to wake them, finding the trip down more difficult than the one up.

The smart thing to do would be to wait untill nightfall, when it would be much cooler, and travel then. In the meantime, we could scavenge for supplies inside the lab. Seeing as I had no idea how far we were from any place we could get food or water, we would have to bring some with us, and as much as we could carry, so we wouldn't die of starvation and dehydration during the trip. I shook my head to clear out the unpleasnat thought. Especially since I didn't relish the thought of going back in the lab. Who knew what, or who, would await us if we went back in.

As my foot slipped yet again from the shallow foothold I had found on the rock, I flapped my wings to keep from falling, and renewed my grip on the rock. As I felt for the next hadhold, I stopped. Wait a minute...I ceartainly couldn't fly up, but I was fairly certain I could glide down. All I had to do was feep from a freefall and let gravity bring me down. then i wouldn't have to worry about loosing my grip on teh rock and smashing to the ground below. Of course I'd have to turn around first; I had no idea how I'd glide while facing the rock wall. Spying a small ledge off to one side, I inshed onto it until I felt secure enough to turn around. I had actually gotten a fair distance down. If I was on the outside of a building, I'd probably just be a few stories up. Then again, I was outside a building; the lab. Before I could convince myself that this was a bad idea, I spread my wings and jumped forward, off the ledge.

The first second was terrifying, when I was just falling, the air doing little more than riffle my feathers. Then the wind cought my wings and I has gliding gently forward, out into the open air. After the brief surge of fear passed, I began to enjoy the feeling. I leaned slightly to one side, puling myself into a gentle turn that soon brought me in view of the others, still asleep. I grinned, suddenly finding that the feeling of floating through the air with nothing but the wind in my wings to suport me was exhilarating. I let out a loud falcon screech of pure joy, which echoed off the rock and jolted away a few of my sleeping companions. I screeched again to wake up more, then turned myself away from them and enjoyed the rest of the trip down. My landing was far from the best, but at least I didn't crash on my face. As I walked back to the group, I stared up the rock, wanting to climb back up so I could glide again.