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Lady Vulpix
30th January 2003, 12:04 PM
Since Pokemon Avengers has closed, a place has been opened for a new Capture Center. Kevin was alright with doing this, so I've decided to hold a contest. If you have ideas for a new Capture Center, post them here. The deadline will be determined later (you'll know with time, don't worry). The winner will get to open and run the new Capture Center.

To participate, you have to post:
1. Name of your Capture Center
2. Story (an introduction to the CC and its history, if it has one).
3. Overall description and background (what locations are available, how pokemon can be found, what players can do and anything else you can add to describe it).

The winner will also be able to choose co-workers and give out CC Points (Avenger Points will be changed into more general CC points -after discussing the amounts and ways of giving them out with a PCG mod-, since they are now given out and used outside of Pokemon Avengers; of course, everyone can keep and use the ones they already have).

Remember that running a Capture Center is a big responsibility and takes time and effort, so only apply if you're ready for it. If, after a month of being posted, the new CC is inactive, it will be closed and a new one will be chosen.

That's all for now. Good Luck!

30th January 2003, 02:19 PM
Im going to try to win ^_^.

`,,`,, ` ,,`,,`

X - Trainers- Pokemon Capture Center

Hello. Welcome to the X - Trainers- Pokemon Capture Center. Here, is where you will capture the pokemon you need to battle with. This capture center is far south on the earth. It is close to a lot of places. Like the desert, caves, rivers, forests, etc. There are pokemon in these areas. The pokemon are all safe from thiefs, who just like to steal pokemon for money. We found these pokemon in other places on the world, and brought them here for safe keeping. There are only a few evolved pokemon in this place, but a lot of unevolved ones. There are no legendaries and no Dragonite familie pokemon. They are looking for a good trainer to keep them. That is why you have been called to this place.

Areas: Desert: Pokemon: Ground, Rock, Steel, Fire
Ground: 50%, Rock: 25%, Steel: 15%, Fire: 10%

Meadow: Pokemon: Electric, Flying, Normal
Electric: 40%, Normal: 20%, Flying: 40%

Forest: Pokemon: Grass, Bug, Flying, Ghost
Grass: 50%, Bug: 25%, Flying: 20%, Ghost: 5%

River: Pokemon: Water, Dragon, Ice
Water: 85%, Dragon: 5%, Ice: 10%

North Caverns: Pokemon: Ice, Dark, Ghost
Ice: 40%, Dark: 30%, Ghost: 30%

South Caverns: Psychic, Dark, Fire
Psychic: 45%, Dark 25%, Fire: 30%

East Caverns: Dragon, Fighting
Dragon: 50%, Fighting: 50%

West Caverns: Poison, Bug, Normal
Poison: 40%, Bug: 30%, Normal: 30%

Items: Poke Ball
Great Ball
Heavy Ball
Lure Ball
All prices to be determined later...

`,,`,, ` ,,`,,`


Lady Vulpix
31st January 2003, 09:05 AM
Ok, the deadline will be in exactly a week from now, so that people get a chance to think but we don't delay the opening of the new CC too much.

[Edit: I'm glad you liked my `,,`,, ` ,,`,,` so much.]

Lady Vulpix
7th February 2003, 05:26 PM
Alright, then. It would have been best to have more entries, but what we did have was good enough, so Matt, you can now open X - Trainers- Pokemon Capture Center. Congratulations, and good luck running it!

7th February 2003, 05:45 PM
Thanks Gabi!!! Now if you can get on AIM we can talk about the prices and everything. Thanks again.

18th February 2003, 08:53 PM
1. Polibrothers Capture Center
2. It was founded by a trainer with two twin poliwags. It has been passed down from father to son and has ended up with me! Poliwags are often found in our lake, Lake Wagwhirl.

Lake Wagwhirl
Water types can be found in this deep lake. Poliwags and Corsolas are most common here.
Wagwhirl Shop carries:
Lure Balls for 5 Polipoints
Raft Tickets for 10 Polipoints
Submarine Tickets for 20 Polipoints
Wagwhirl Capture kit (3 Lure Balls, A submarine ticket and a raft ticket) for 30 Polipoints
`,,`,, ` ,,`,
Vulithe Mountain
Fire types and flying types swarm around this blazing inferno. Vulpixes, Growlithes and Pidgeys are plentiful here.
Vulithe Shop carries:
Blaze Balls for 5 Polipoints
Fire suits for you and your pokemon for 10 Polipoints
Hovercar for 20 Polipoints
Vulithe Capture kit for 30 Polipoints
`,,`,, ` ,,`,
Houndly Graveyard
Ghost types and Dark types drift in the air here. Houndours and Gastlys are more common than graves in this mournful field.
Houndly Shop carries:
Night Balls for 5 Polipoints
A shovel for 10 Polipoints
Night vision glasses for you and your pokemon for 20 Polipoints
Houndly Capture kit for 30 Polipoints
`,,`,, ` ,,`,
Eeveledysaur Field
Normal types, bug types and grass types fill the air with pollen here. Eevees, Ledybas and Bulbasaurs are in large supply here.
Eeveledysaur Shop carries:
Safari Balls for 5 Polipoints
Lawnmowers for 10 Polipoints
Bug nets for 20 Polipoints
Eeveledysaur Capture kit for 30 Polipoints

I will finish making areas later.

18th February 2003, 08:58 PM
Uhhh. Dude, I already won this. So it was no need to post this....

18th February 2003, 09:06 PM
Oh, I didn't notice that. This topic was barely ever on the first page so I just assumed that the deadline was going to be when there were more entries. oh well. :(

Lady Vulpix
19th February 2003, 02:53 PM
It's ok, Parsec's Politoed. The new CC has already opened, but it's good to know that you wanted to work actively on one. That kind of attitude is bound to be rewarded with time.