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CoolTrainer IcEz
13th June 2004, 10:10 AM
Thanks to Perfect Chaos for suggesting that I revive this RPG. With Prisoner of Azkaban out, I hope everyone's interest in Harry Potter has be reignited like mine. So hopefully this reloaded version of my olde Aortas won't die off as soon as the last one. (Btw, the reloaded part's not gonna stay in the name :P) Hope to see all those who signed up the last time back here. Cheers!

Aortas Auror Academy
You are lying on your bed, it is about two in the morning. You stare transfixed at the ceiling, your heart thumping against your chest, wondering about the results of your OWLs that you had just taken almost a month ago in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Worried, perhaps? Turning your attention to the open window, you notice that it is cloudless night and the moon is waxing high in the sky. Suddenly, you see a dark figure flapping towards your window, followed by a short screech. You strain your eyes and ears hoping that this was it; your results. Another cry rang through the sky. The shadow seemed to get bigger and bigger. Your heart raced, it was an owl! Soon, a handsome tawny owl perched itself on your window ledge and gently hopped in, onto your desk. Dropping a roll of parchment that it held in its beak into your hands, it took off. Excitedly, you scrambled for your wand and tapped the parchment to useal it magically. It was your OWL results. As you scan through your the parchment, a second owl shrieked. Your head sprung up and you were momentarily distracted from your results. This owl seemed to fly faster than the first as if it had something urgent. "Not a howler" you hoped desperately to youself. Crashing onto your table, the great gray owl dropped a thick package on to the desktop, and left as swiftly as it had arrived. Throwing down your OWLs results, you tear through the package; curious at what it might hold. Out falls 3 small rolls of parchment and you begin pouring over the first one.

Dear (your name here),
If you have read the Daily Prophet, He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named has returned. And thus, the Auror Branch of the Ministry of Magic has reinstated the Aortas Auror Academy to train promising youth for the post of Aurors. We are pleased to inform you that you have been selected to attend Aortas Auror Academy, because of your outstanding grades in Defenece Against the Dark Arts in last term's OWLs, starting from next term in September. We are informed that you currently study at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and you will be pleased to know that the Aortas castle is very similar to that of the Hogwarts castle and thus your transition here will be a smooth one. This offer is not compulsory, but if you do, however, wish to join us at Aortas then the other parchments should tell you sufficient information about Aortas Auror Academy before you start term in September. We hope to see you in Aortas Auror Academy.

Yours sincerely,
Professor Avertisuer Aquila
Headmaster, Aortas Auror Academy

You pause, breathing deeply. What was this? Train to become an Auror? Was there such a school? Could you train for one even before taking the NEWTs? This was your dream! Becoming an Auror, fighting the dark forces of Voldemort. Eager to find out more, you unfurl the second, longer roll of parchment.

The layout of Aortas Auror Academy is almost similar to Hogwarts castle so you should have no problem navigating around the school. Your whole school life in Aortas lasts for 5 years after which you will sit for the Tests On ADvanced Spells (TOADS) and then you may join the Aurors Department in the Ministry of Magic.

To get students prepared for challenges of being an Auror, the school holds ocassional (1-2 times a term) missions where students may put their training and skills to practical use. These missions are real-life and you must be aware if the dangers of it, but rest assured that Aortas puts the safety of its students as its main priority. Teachers will be on the standby to assist and students will be briefed in greater detail about this when the term starts.

The school, much like Hogwarts is also divided into four houses, which you would be sorted into by the Sorting Sword at the start of the term. The four houses are described below:

The Endriago House
The Endriago house is represented by the symbol of a Dragon and its house colors are Black and Gold. The house was named after, Vlieger Endriago, one of the four founders of Aortas Auror Academy. He valued the qualities of courage and bravery and thus chooses students with such character for his house.

The Chifre House
The Chifre house is represented by the symbol of a Unicorn and its house colors are Blue and Silver. The house was named after, Cuerno Chifre, one of the four founders of Aortas Auror Academy. She believe that the brightest and smartest students should attend Aortas and so she chooses these students for her house.

The Torignis House
The Torignis house is represented by the symbol of a Phoenix and its house colors are Red and Orange. The house was named after Phoebe Torignis, one of the four founders of Aortas Auror Academy. She took in the most hardworking and diligent students.

The Guivre House
The Guivre house is represented by the symbol of a Basilisk and its house colors are Green and White. The house was named after Volante Guivre, one of the four founders of Aortas Auror Academy. He believed that only the most cunning and witty students deserved to be in his house. And so, such students are put into the Guivre house.

Like Hogwarts, a point system is used in Aortas and at the end of the term, the house with the most points is awarded the House Cup. Quidditch is also played in Aortas with house teams pitting against each other in matches for the Quidditch Cup. Life in Aortas will be almost like Hogwarts, we hope you enjoy yourself there. However there are also classes which you will have to take.

The following are a list of mandatory classes:

Advanced Defense Against the Dark Arts
Advanced Transfiguration
Advanced Potions
Advanced Charms
Advanced Care of Magical Creatures

Lastly as part of your Auror training you must choose from a minimum of 2 to a maximum of 3 classes from the list below:

Offence Magic
Unarmed Combat
Armed Combat
Survival Training

After choosing the subjects you will be taking, kindly fill up the third parchment and send it back to Aortas Auror Academy. A list of the books which you require, which may be purchased at Flourish and Blotts in Diagon Alley, will be sent to your shortly.

You are absolutely excited about Aurors Aortas Academy and have decided to enrol in it. You hope some of your friends from Hogwarts would have been chosen to join Aortas and that they would join you there. With trembling hands you pick up the third parchment, take out your best quill and begin filling in the form.

Name: (What's your full name?)
Gender: (Male/Female)
Species: (What exactly are you? The academy accepts anyone. Werewolves, vampires, half-humans, giants, centaurs. Everyone is welcome at Aortas..)
Personality: (What kind of person are you like?)
Appearance: (Describe yourself, or if you had a drawing or picture that would really help.)
Class: (What classes do you want to take?)
House: (Choose from Endriago, Chifre, Torignis or Guivre.)
Wand: (You do have a wand. Don't you? Well, wands are made out of two things: the shaft is made from wood (any type you like) and the core is made from a magical ingredient, usually dragon heartstrings, unicorn hairs, phoenix tail feathers, etc. but be creative!)
Animal: (Are you bringing any pets with you? An owl, a cat, dog, toad, rat? Special pets are also allowed at Aurors but no dragons please!)
Quidditch: (Which position would you like to play for in Quidditch?)
History: (Tell us something about your past and how it affects you. Perhaps a motivation for becoming an auror?)
Other: (Anything you would like to include? Oh... Please don't cast any more spells on poor 'Other' again. :D)

Student List

Larien Moody
Zephyr Remus Potter
Sean Kahland
Donnelly 'Don' Farrell
Mike Rampart
Elizabeth Carrington
Alexandr 'Alex' Manson

Matthias Alexander McGonnagal
Artemis Roderick Aphronine
Sule Surinen

Seraphic Aeryn Black
Lincoln Carpenter
Victor Stetson
Mark Levinson

Blackmore Whitby
Ezra Delaporte
Lance Atlanta

Quidditch Teams


Seeker: Larien Moody
Keeper: Mike Rampart
Chaser 1: Zephyr Remus Potter
Chaser 2: Sean Kahland
Chaser 3: Elizabeth Carrington
Beater 1: Alexandr 'Alex' Manson
Beater 2:


Keeper: Sule Surinen
Chaser 1: Matthias Alexander McGonnagal
Chaser 2:
Chaser 3:
Beater 1: Artemis Roderick Aphronine
Beater 2:


Seeker: Lincoln Carpenter
Keeper: Victor Stetson
Chaser 1: Mark Levinson
Chaser 2:
Chaser 3:
Beater 1:
Beater 2:


Seeker: Ezra Delaporte
Keeper: Blackmore Whitby
Chaser 1:
Chaser 2:
Chaser 3:
Beater 1:
Beater 2:

Teachers List

Head of Houses


Subject Teachers

School Subjects:
Advanced Defense Against the Dark Arts:
Advanced Transfiguration:
Advanced Potions:
Advanced Charms:
Advanced Care of Magical Creatures:

Auror Training:
Offence Magic:
Unarmed Combat:
Armed Combat:
Survival Training:

House Points





CoolTrainer IcEz
13th June 2004, 10:16 AM
Hey guys! I finally got back and the first thing I did was to start the RPG! Yay!

The standard stuff, post your sign up in your very first post and try to use headers for your subsequent posts to indicate your name, house and anything else you'd like (gender,age,etc.)

The RPG starts off the morning before everyone goes to Aortas. You may be in Diagon Alley purchasing your school supplies for the term, hanging out at The Leaky Cauldron, do whatever you like. It's afterall the last day of the holidays and tomorrow you'd be going off to Aortas...

Have fun guys!

Green Lanturn
13th June 2004, 02:16 PM
Just to point out, Sule Surinen, my character, is in Chifre. You got the quidditch poart, but not the house part,lol. An elf in guivre but playing quidditch for chifre, what a turncoat this elf must be.

Name: Sule Surinen
Gender: M
Species: Full time elf
Personality: Sule is very quiet for most of the time, except for when chanting spells. Most people get along with him well, and are often not bothered. He speas elvish a lot, so some of the time, they have no choice.
Appearance: Tall, around 6'2. Has long, bleach-blond elven hair and blue eyes. His skin is real pale. He wears a white elven outfit, white torso and shorts, with a silver belt, and white boots.
Class: Advanced DADA,Charms,Trans.,Potions,COMC, Offence Magic, Armed Combat, Survival Skills
House: Chifre
Wand: 12 inches of white yew, with unicorn hair. A very good wand for charms.
Animal: A white barn owl named Anduril
Quidditch: Keeper
History: He grew up to a good life, often having to hide his long ears from muggles. His mother was a witch and his father a wizard, so it wasnt hard to know he too would become a wizard. His only fear was that he would be a squib like his brother, Faldir. But that was eventually ruled out when he received the letter to hogwarts. He spent all of his years at hogwarts loving Defense againt the dark arts and charms, so it was no wonder he got the letter to aortas.
Other: n/a

Sule Surinen-Elf of Chifre

I stood at the edge of Diagon Alley. It had not been a year since my last visit here. My year at Hogwarts was just a couple of months ago. How I missed the Ravenclaw commonroom and my four-poster bed. My elf home was, somewhat different, but thats nothing to complain about.

I took a couple steps in. I didnt need much, the letter didnt have that many things I didnt already have for supplies. I took the time to wander around, noticing several witches and wizards buying things in shops I had been in many times before. I walked into the Quidditch shop, one of my personal favorites. Some hogwarts students were in there gawking at several firebolts. "haha," was my immediate reaction. I already owned one, and its speed was extraordinary, especially good for my position as keeper.

After that, I walked over to a little ice cream shop. I went in, ordered a float, and sat down, watching the people pass by, enjoying my last day of freedom, before once again, i would be returning to school, though this time a much different one, Aortas Academy.


13th June 2004, 03:29 PM
Name: Lincoln Carpenter
Gender: Male
Species: Human. An Animagus.
Personality: Humorous and very friendly, and hates bullies.
Appearance: Brown hair and blue eyes, and he usually wears his black school robes, but without them he has a blue sleeveless shirt, red knee-length shorts, and blue basketball shoes.
Class: All mandatory classes, Offense Magic, Armed Combat.
House: Torignis
Wand: Redwood, Phoenix tail feathers, Crushed Basilisk Fang, and Hippogriff Feathers.
Animal: A male Phoenix named Garin.
Quidditch: Seeker
History: He always knew he was a wizard, as everything about his family was magical. The only thing that surprised him was that he could transform into a bald-eagle. He wanted to become an Auror because his brother was killed by Voldemort.
Other: Aww, no spells on other? Oh, I'll just have Garin, my Phoenix peck its eyes out.

Linc's POV

Standing in the center of Diagon Alley, with Garin on my shoulder, his eyes always staring, like he's waiting for something. I pull out my list of items to get for Aortas, reading the list of books and folding it and putting it back in my pocket. I set out for the different shops, and after I have picked up everything I start to leave. On my way out, I knock into a boy who seems about the same age as me, with brown hair and glasses. "Sorry," I say, "Here's your books." I lift up his books and give them to him and lift up mine.
"Thank you. Couldn't go to Hogwarts without these." He says. As he starts to leave, I catch a glimpse of something on his forehead. Is that... I think No couldn't be. Is it?... I walk out of the shop and go to a dark place where no one can see me. I transform into my animagi from, a Bald Eagle, and lift into the air. Garin flies next to me, and says "Your lonely. I can tell." He says. It's good to finally understand what he's saying.
"What? No I'm not... It's just"
"You wish you could go to Hogwarts more instead of Aortas. I know, but look on the bright side. Some of your friends from Hogwarts might be there."

I dive straight towards the ground and turn bck into human form, and look around. Yep, everything's still here... I think. I go over to the wall and read the markings on it:

Hogwarts Forever
Lincoln Carpenter
Harry Potter
Ron Weasley
Harmione Granger

Me and them were best friends, but now I'll never see them again. We met last year in Hogwarts, but I never did anything extreme like Harry. This was the place we met after the fifth year, and we all signed on this wall. A tear drops from my eye as I read the signatures, and I look at the sky. Almost Night... I think and transform once again and fly off to a tree where I can sleep until tomorrow, when Aortas begins...

Gothic Animé
13th June 2004, 08:53 PM
name: alexandr 'alex' manson
gender: male
species: metamorphmagus
personality: cold and reserved, but not cruel, he takes a while to get used to people, and usually doesn't even talk that much to those he knows well
appearance: (currently, but can change) jet black hair, pale skin, jet black eyes, baggy jeans and a sort-of tight short sleeve white shirt, and a black cloak, he's sort of thin, but has a little muscle
classes: advanced transfiguration, advanced charms, advanced potions, advanced defense against the dark arts, advanced care of magical creatures,
auror training: offence magic, unarmed combat
house: endraigo
wand: dark mahogany with three wyvern scales on the end that he does not hold, 11 inches, unicorn hair
year: 1
animal: a black cat, named yami
quidditch: beater
history: a long time ago, alex was separated from his parent when voldemort's followers raided his village looking for the potter family. though he was not found, the village was left in ruins and his parents were not found. his father was and auror, and his mother was an employee at the ministry of magic. he always wanted to be an auror, and now that his father is gone, he wants to become an auror more than ever and maybe find his parents. he believes them to be alive. (though this is his history, no one knows this except him)
other: uhh....*pushes other off the cliff* woops!

»alex manson: endriago«

> the leaky cauldron <

i woke up, feeling some slight pain in my hands. urg. it felt like my skin was being bitten repeatedly. o.O man was i tired. i was up all last night thinking about my parents...i usually was though. i opened my eyes, to see that the feeling made perfect sense. an owl was pecking my hand repeatedly. i tried to brush it away. but then i saw a letter attached to it's hand. i took the letter, gave it some coins, and shoved it out the window, shutting it with a bang. i rubbed my hand, cursing myself for being underage. i guess i could go ask one of the other wizards at the pub to use a spell on it later.

remembering the letter i had just taken, i took it in my good hand and ripped the envelope off of it. the letter inside was written in flourished manuscript with dark grey ink. i unfolded it all the way and read the length of it. it was a letter from...aorta's auror academy? where was that? supposedly an auror training school in london. if it was here in london, why had i never heard of it? i continued down, and when i got to the bottom there was a list of my classes and the books i had to buy. there were quite a few, and supposedly some extra classes to take, since i was 'highly advanced' and needed to be 'properly trained.' looks like i'd be going in a few different stores today....

i got up and went to take a shower and get dressed. as i stepped out of bed, i heard yami, my black cat, get up from across the room and walk lightly over to me to curl up at my feet. i nudged her with my foot and went to the bathroom...

> diagon alley <

i walked through the narrow brick archway and into the brightly sunlit streets of diagon alley. i headed out to get my books, holding my list in one hand and a schoolbag in the other. i walked into flourish and blott's. a cheery woman greeted me and asked if i needed any help. i simply replied 'no' and hurried on my way. i hurried into one of the rows of books and searched for the book i needed. i hated being here at this time of day. it was so crowded, and sometimes people wanted to stop and talk to me. but i figured i'd better get it all done early, so i walked briskly down each aisle in search of my school books. every time i saw someone start to try and talk to me, i would duck into the next aisle and pretend i had suddenly found something. when i finally got everything, i went up to the cashier and put my huge load of books on the counter. "that's quite a load you have there." she said. "yes, well, loads to do this year..." was all i said. sometimes i just wished they would check the books and let me leave, instead of trying to pry into my personal life.

next stop: madam malkin's robe shop. i walked through the crowded streets of diagon alley, barely missing a scrape with a giant hippogriff. soon i saw the sign and wandered in. as soon as i went through the door i was escorted to a stool and my measurements were taken. after all of that was done, they put my robes in the bag, i paid them the necessary amount of money, and left the shop. i didn't however, put my robes on. i'd wait until tomorrow, just to make sure i didn't mess them up or anything. but when i left, i did see a few other kids with the same robes...

> later, back at the leaky cauldron <

i dumped my heavy rucksack on my bed and lay down. lugging those books back to my room was exhausting...as i dropped the letter on my nightstand and felt yami jump on my stomach, i closed my eyes, and dozed off...tomorrow would be an exciting day, what with this new school and possibly new friends. i fell asleep, thinking good thoughts and wondering about my somewhat new life...

13th June 2004, 09:59 PM
Name: Elizabeth Carrington

Gender: Female

Species: Werewolf ^^

Personality: She's typically a quiet person, and can be very timid around people she doesn't know, but if she makes friends with someone, she's very outgoing. Being mostly introverted, when people make fun of her, she keeps all the hurt inside. She doesn't seem brave when it comes to daily life, but when something bad happens, she becomes much, much braver. She's also not afraid to stand up for what she believes in. She's not very proud of the fact that she's a werewolf, and tries her best to act like she's not.

Human: She's pretty tall at about 5' 11''. She has long, auburn curly hair, and crystal blue eyes. She typically likes to wear long skirts of varying dark colors, and has a dark red jacket that she wears over her shrit. She usually leaves her hair down all the time.
Werewolf: As a werewolf, she has auburn colored fur that has other shades of brown in it. Her eyes are still that crystal blue color, and her tail is very fluffy.

Classes: Defense Against the Dark Arts, Transfiguration, Potions, Charms, Divination, Muggle Studies, and Care of Magical Creatures.

Auror Training: Offence Magic and Survival Training

House: Endriago

Wand: 12'' Maple, with a Phoenix Feather.

Year: 1st!

Animal: Her pet dog Mac is her animal. He's a mut that kinda resembles a terrier (kinda looks like Benji, if you know who I'm talkin' about) mixed with a sheepdog. He's not very big, and only comes to about 2 feet tall.

Quidditch: Chaser

History: When she was about nine years old, she got lost in a dense forest on a camping trip with her parents (both muggles). She accidently ran into a wolf that bit her up badly. Her parents wanted to take her to the doctor, but they were intecepted by some wizards that had apparently been chasing the wolf. They immediately took her to St Mungo's, and thus began her first glimpse into the wizarding world. Soon after learning how to handle her transformations, she was sent the letter from Hogwarts. Her parents happily accepted her going there, and they told her to take Mac with her, so that she could have company when she would transform. At Hogwarts, she was sorted into Gryffindor, and tried her best to keep her werewolf thing a secret. Which, since she had few friends, wasn't too hard. The Slytherins didn't tease her about being a werewolf, seeing as they really didn't know, but they did tease her about being a muggle-born. When she transformed at Hogwarts, she tried her best to control herself, and was placed in a secure classroom away from people with Mac to keep her company. She was glad to have been asked to Auror train, because she has always felt that the threat of Voldemort was never really gone. (Well, as long as she has known who Voldemort is).

Other: She really loves animals, and her absolute favorite class is Care of Magical Creatures. ^^


"Hm... you know, you'd have thought that I would be used to seeing Diagon Alley by now," I said to my dog, Mac, as we walked amongst the various shoppes and buildings. I kept Mac tethered on a small leash; more for his safety from other creatures. This became especially apparent as a rather large woman passed by us with a young Hippogriff following behind her. The Hippogriff apparently thought that Mac had caused some sort of offence by brushing against it slightly, and proceeded to try and attack the poor dog. I, of course, pulled him away quickly, and ran through the crowd. Luckily, the Hippogriff's owner had already calmed him down before he had a chance to see us running away.

I still wasn't going to take any more chances, and ran briskly into Flourish and Blotts to buy my books.

There were many students in the shop, a boy that smiled at me when he walked by, a small group of witches that whispered excitedly to each other, and a cheery woman that was walking around asking students if they needed help.

I wandered in and out of various books, and a few books nearby caught my attention. "Dances With Werewolves", "I, Werewolf", "Not A Human, Not A Wolf", and a few others were in a huge section on the 'Dark Creatures of the World'. I shivered a little, and decided to slip away from the werewolf books in case anyone thought it looked suspicious for me to be there.

Mac gave me a rather curious look. As if he knew that I was uncomfortable, and thought I was silly for feeling that way.

Maybe, I thought, maybe at Aortas, there will be people who understand that being a werewolf isn't what others have made it out to be... But then I shook my head silently. No, I could probably never pluck up the courage to tell anyone anyway...

I took a deep breath, and looked down at Mac.

"Let's go find our books, shall we?" I asked the shaggy dog. He nodded exhuberantly.

Krystalline Kabutops
14th June 2004, 08:10 AM
Name: Artemis Roderick Aphronine
Gender: Male
Species: Werewolf, thank-you-very-much.
Personality: He's kinda of eccentric, doing odd things for no apparent reason. He does his best to avoid becoming a part of the crowd. He's somewhat scitzophrenaric, sometimes being dark, moody, and withdrawn, other times being the most social person at the school. Despite his class-clown antics, he is very intelligent. He just doesn't act it in front of anyone that HE deems unintelligent. He makes friends indiscrimanite of what their house is, so long as they don't try to take advantage of him. He tends to procrastinate, which means that his grades aren't the best.
Appearance: He's about 5'9, with about ear-length dirty blonde hair. He's long and lanky, of which he prides himself on in his difference-rewarding way. He's fast, which is useful for getting out of pranks gone awry. His eyes are grey/green/blue (Not all of those, just the middle point between them). Beneath his robes, he wears a t-shirt, no matter the season. If it's winter, he'll be wearing jeans and boots. In summer, cargo shorts and sandles.
Class: Advanced Defense Against the Dark Arts
Advanced Transfiguration
Advanced Potions
Advanced Charms
Advanced Care of Magical Creatures
Offence Magic
Survival Training
House: Chifre
Wand: Ponderosa Pine, 18'' long, the hair of a werewolf as it's core (The werewolf that bit him, interestingly enough....)
Animal: He has a Hippogriff whose feather's he's dyed blue and green. Her name is Phenrow, and she's fiercely protective of him. The Care of Magical Creatures Teacher keeps track of her.
Quidditch: Beater.
History: He has a very firm sense of right and wrong, and has seen enough bullies in his day to want to take them down. He grew up in a muggle family, and was ecstatic to get the Hogwarts letter. His parents were happy for him, but the day before going to get his school supplies, he was bitten by a werewolf. He only learned what that meant during his first transformation, at the beginning of the school year. Fortunately, no one was hurt, and he began taking a potion for it. It hasn't changed his demeanor, only made him more set in his views of good and evil.
Other: He's very good at doing impressions, especially Gollum.

Er...... Acidentally wrote "griffin" in the form instead of "hypogriff".... I'll change it now...

N:Artemis Aphronine-S:Male-S:Werewolf-H:Chifre

Munching on a biscuit, I strolled down Diagon Alley. It never failed to surprise me the variety of people one encountered here. Of course, you could find even MORE odd people in Knockturn Alley..... I snickered. My pranks had required that I venture down that Alley for materials, on rare occasions. Of course, that wouldn't be neccessary anymore, now that Weasley's Wiz-Bangs had opened. I was one of Fred and George's most frequent customers, and sometimes got access to prototypes. Well, I didn't want to enter Aortas with any contraband until I knew what their safety measures were (So I could get around them), But I'd stop back here on Christmas break.

Pulling out the list that had come in the letter, I walked into Flourish and Blotts. Above me, a sign proclaimed that there was a special on Werewolf books. Well, great! I decided to purchase some. After I had a pile of books almost as tall as I was, I pulled out my wand and muttered a spell. The books hovered in midair, and I pushed them along as I walked to the section that contained schoolbooks. I halted my pile of Werewolf books next to a tall, brown-haired, blue-eyed girl (Elizabeth) who was skimming the shelves for something. After pulling out a couple of books, I decided it was time to break the silence.

"So, you going to Aortas too?"

14th June 2004, 02:00 PM
Name: Matthias Alexander McGonnagal
Gender: Male
Species: I'm a human. I'm also an unregistered animagus (black panther)
Personality: Very smart (like Hermoine smart), outgoing, friendly but strict.
Appearance: Blonde, shoulder-length hair, about 6'2", 165 lbs, dark green eyes. Age 18
-Advanced Potions
-Advanced Transfiguration (He's really good at this. He's a McGonnagal, after all!)
-Advanced Charms
-Advanced Defense Against the Dark Arts
-Advanced Care of Magical Creatures
Auror Training
-Offense Magic
-Unarmed Combat
-Armed Combat
House: Chifre
Wand: Mahogany, 11'', Pliable, Unicorn Hairs (Great wand for Transfiguration)
Animal: Black Panther (Don't worry, he's tame, doesn't harm anyone or anything.... unless I tell him to. :badsmile: )
Quidditch: Chaser. He's got the speed of a Seeker, so he's extremely fast. He rides a Firebolt.
History: Pure-blood. Professor Minerva McGonnagal's nephew. His father was killed by He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, mother barely escaped alive. He wants to become an Auror to avenge his father.
Other: He is a genious when it comes to Transfiguration! He's been practicing it ever since he could hold a wand.


"Ok, Matthias. Take the floo powder, and go ahead and go to Diagon Alley to buy your supplies," my aunt said. Minerva McGonnagal was always so supportive of me. Age was showing in her face, yet, it was recognizable to me all the same. I had my list of things, and a rather large bag of money. "One thing before you go," said she, "transfigure that sofa into a horse."

"Fine." I sighed with a wave of my wand. The sofa became larger, and had grown a tail, sprouted ears, and a long face. The horse gave a neigh, and with that, I transformed it back into its original form. She smiled, gave me a hug, and handed me the bag of floo powder. I took a handful, threw it into the fire, which became an emerald green color, and stepped inside. I turned to face my aunt, gave a little wave, and hollared, "Diagon Alley!"

After the swirling and twirling, I found myself standing in front of the fireplace in what looked like Flourish and Blotts. That was just as well, I'd buy my books while I was there. I walked through the rows of bookshelves, list in hand, taking down the books that were necessary for my first year at Aortas. Once I was done with book buying, I left the store, and made my way to Madam Malkin's Robes for all Occasions.

The door rung once I stepped in, and I was immediatly put onto a stool to be measured. First my arms, legs, torso, waist, and finally I had my blue and silver robes tucked into a nice bag, and I was ready to keep on shopping. Next I went into the Apothecary, and bought the necessary potions ingredients, and some others, for my own personal use, if the need ever arose.

I would say that potions, while not being my forte as transfiguration was, was a class that I performed quite well in. I decided to steal one of Professor Snape's potion ingredients books, and transfigure it into a pocket watch. To my amazement, he never caught me with it. He must not have missed it too much. I left the Apothecary, and made my way to to Quidditch store. I glanced at the Firebolt in the window, and my thoughts ran on my own Firebolt.

It was very nice, and had wonderful handle. It would be perfect for being Chaser. I must be one of the fastest Chasers at the school, I thought with a smirk. I looked over, and noticed an elf drinking a float. I glanced him over with interest. I had only met elves once or twice, and what amazing creatures they were. Quite different from humans, I must say. Judging by the color of his robes, he was in the Chifre house, along with me.

Hmmm.... I thought. I then began to make my way to the Leaky Cauldron, to drop all my things off. I trotted up to the desk, and asked for a key. "Room 179," the barkeep told me. I nodded, and thanked him, as I took my things up to my room. I set my trunk at the foot of my bed, and all my shopping things on top of them. For safekeeping, I transfigured my Potions ingredients into a drinking glass. You never know who might want to get their grubby hands on those valuable items.

I left the Leaky Cauldron and went back to the ice cream shop to look for the elf. To my dismay, he was gone. I gave a sigh, and bought myself a large ice cream sundae. To prevent it from melting, I put a never-melt charm on it. Now, I sat back and relaxed, at took my time eating it, basking in the sun.

14th June 2004, 07:00 PM
Name: Donnelly 'Don' Farrell

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Personality: Don is like a dog; He can be pleasant one moment, fierce the next, but always unwaveringly loyal. He is almost never pessimistic and always looks at the brighter side of life. Don is always polite and courteous. He posesses great respect for the elderly and a great fondness for females. He is not superficial in the least, but tends to shy away from people who don't take care of themselves (specifically, smelly people). He enjoys reading fantasy novels and is enraptured by the idea of medieval combat and tries to apply the rules of chivalry to his everyday life. He is a fan of Star Trek, so he adds bits of the Klingon honor system to his own. Don does, however, have some character flaws. Don has a bit of a bragging problem. Being intelligent, he often becomes frustrated when other have difficulty with problems that are easy for him. Don also has reluctance when working with others, since he doesn't feel comfortable when his fate relies on others. Don also has a problem exressing himself to girls. He thinks of the perfect things to say, but can't get the words out

Appearance: Don has a stocky body. He enjoys food, which causes his excess weight. Don can always be seen wearing a smile. He wears his dirty-blond hair at medium length, combed straight down. He has pale skin from a lack of sunlight. He has to wear rectangular glasses. He also has azure eyes. Don has very short facial hair, which he is trying to let grow in, but since it is blond, it is hard to see. Despite being a little chubby, Don is very strong. He has various scars on his body from being cut when climbing trees when he was little. Don is a big fan of Hawaiian shirts. His closet is so full that he can go weeks without wearing the same shirt. The only pants he wears are jeans. He can't stand khakis. Don doesn't, however, like wearing pants as much as shorts. Don wears plain, white socks and sturdy, steel-toed work shoes.

Class: All Mandatory Classes, Offensive Magick, Armed Combat, Survival

House: Endriago

Wand: 13 Inch, Cedar, Dragon Heartstring

Animal: Black Cat (Midnight)

Quidditch: Donnelly doesn't like quidditch

History: Don grew up in a normal wizarding family. Both his parents were wizards that grew up and lived in the Scotland Highlands. His father was a researcher inpecting the ancient celtic magicks. His mother was just a normal housewife. His older brother, Joe, is six years older than him, and is the reason Don wants to become an Auror. Joe became an Auror when he graduated from Hogwarts, and has become moderately famous. Tired of living in his brother's shadow, Don worked his hardest to outdo his brother. When he received his letter from the academy, Don became mouthy and started bragging.

Other: Donnelly is a very accomplished swordsman and has a large collection at home.

Don Farrell~M~Endriago
I arrived via portkey from Inverness with some young kids and their parents. I was standing in the middle of Diagon Alley wearing my flashy red and black hawaiian shirt and black hat, sticking out like a sore thumb. I hurried down Diagon Alley, avoiding the stares of some of the more strict and proper wizards and witches. I heard many mutters of 'mudblood' to go along with those stares. Boy, if my mom had heard those, she would have something to say about it. She was always opposed to my dress, but never forced my to dress like the other wizards, knowing that I valued my individuality. I spotted Ollivander's Wand Shop and made my way through the crowd. When I entered the musty old shop, I was immediatley accosted by old Mr. Ollivander.

"Well, Mr. Farrell, what are you doing back? I see you haven't broken your wand. 13" cedar with a dragon-heartstring core." He pointed to my wand, which was hanging through the belt loop on my shorts. "If not, then what could you want?"

"Oh, I just wanted you to look it over and see if anything is wrong with it. It has been acting up recently." I said as I pulled my wand free and placed it into his worn, but sturdy, hand.

"Well, it may take an hour or so. We have a lot of first years for Hogwarts coming in for their wands, you know. Always busy, this time of year. Now, you hurry along and get the rest of your shopping done." As quickly as he had swooped down upon me, Mr. Ollivander whisked my out the door and back into Diagon Alley. I regained my composure and kept walking down the street. The next shop I came to was WhizzHard Books. It was an older version of Flourish & Blotts and is run by an old couple who were very finicky about keeping their inventory in order and stacked up neat. They didn't allow children under sixteen-years-old in the store. When I stepped inside, the store was seemingly empty. I was used to this, so I began looking around for my books. I preferred this store to Flourish & Blotts. Flourish & Blotts was just too cluttered and messy for my tastes. I liked the way the owners of this store kept everything in its proper place. I cruised through the book shelves, picking up all my required books and picking up a few of my personal favorites, such as Winnie's Wonderful Guide to Wyverns and Dragons According to David. When I was ready, I approached the counter to pay and an old woman was behind it, waiting for me.

"Well, Donnelly. I hear that you are going to Aortas' this year. Congradulations. Let's see," The kindly old lady looked at the books I had, "Not all of these are school materials, are they? Oh, no matter. To each his own, eh?" She cackled.

"Yes, ma'am. I am really fond of the Care of Magical Creatures class. I have the books for some light reading."

"That's lovely dear. Now, that will be ten galleons, eight sickles, and a knut." I paid her and before she could off me my change, I asked her to save it in the till for my next visit. "Of course, dear." She smiled and waved to me as I exited the door. I walked down the street again headed for Florean Fortescue's Ice Cream Parlor for a quick bit to eat.

CoolTrainer IcEz
15th June 2004, 09:13 AM
I changed my sign up character slightly.

Name: Zephyr Remus Potter
Gender: Male
Species: Human - Thestral Animagus
Personality:Zephyr is a very friendly and generally fun to be around. He can make a very good friend and always sticks by his friends. He can be quite witty and funny when he wants to be although he knows when to be serious. He has yet to find friends in Aortas but hopes he will be able to do so.
Appearance: Zephyr has short dirty blonde hair and deep turquoise eyes. He is quite tall and stands about 5'11", also rather tan and muscular. He's often in his black school robes but when he's not wearing them, he wears muggle-clothes; a red t-shirt, deep blue jeans and white sneakers.
- Advanced Defense Against the Dark Arts
- Advanced Transfiguration
- Advanced Potions
- Advanced Charms
- Advanced Care of Magical Creatures
Auror Training:
- Offence Magic
- Unarmed Combat
- Armed Combat
House: Endriago
Wand: 13", Mahogany, Phoenix tailfeather core (From his mother who was a phoenix animagus)
Animal: He has a dazzling vermilion-hued Phoenix called Avis(F) which he uses much like a delivery owl for his letters, etc.
Quidditch: Chaser
History: His father was an auror while his mom was a death eater. Neither of them knew what the other was when they got married and had Zephyr. It was only until Voldemort commanded Zephyr's mom, to kill his dad. This was when Zephyr was only a young child and both agreed not to harm him. A painful battle ensued between Zephyr's parents and the aurors and Death Eaters. It was finally his Dad's best friend, Remus Lupin who killed his mom. Ever since, neither Zephyr nor his Dad mentioned about his mom.
Other: Well, his father is a really distant cousin of James Potter which makes Zephyr somehow related to Harry; cousins perhaps? Really really really distant ones though... His dad was also really good friends with Remus Lupin in their earlier years of being Aurors, and so he named Zephyr's middle name after him.

Zephyr Remus Potter - Endriago

As soon as I sat up on my bed, I could feel a throbbing pain running down the back of my head. I had barely gotten an hour of sleep last night. I had been tossing and turning around the whole night, excited about going to Aortas. I had ran through almost all the possible senarios that could happen when I was at Aortas: Being a social outcast, getting expelled from school on the first day for transfiguring a teacher's legs into mushy crackers, the Sorting Hat or whatever thing they had at Aortas to burst into flames as soon as I touched it just to name a few. Needless to say I was mentally exhausted as I lumbered down the stairs into the kitchen, nearly tumbling down the spiral flight of stairs halfway.

"Dad... What's for dinner?" I moaned, my eyes half shut, the blurry mess in front of me indistinguishable.
"Dinner?" I Dad replied, obviously taken aback by what I had just muttered but before I could correct myself, he continued with a chuckle, "Boy, you sure ARE confunded quite badly."
"Mind fixing me a potion or something?" I whined as I plopped myself into the nearest chair.

From what I could make out, my Dad was swishing his wand furiously, the self-stirring cauldron was hard at work and dozens of potions ingredients was dancing in the air. It was a hilarious sight to behold and I would have laughed, if only I had the energy. With a big 'poof' of azure smoke, the potion was ready.

"You know I don't approve of this but seeing this is gonna be your only day to go shopping for your supplies and I'm too busy to go along, you'd better take this" said Dad as he pushed a glass of clear blue potion into my hand.

I greedily gulped everything down at one go. Slowly I could feel a cool heat radiating from within me slowly flowing to my arms and legs, revitalising each part of my body as the wave of energy gushed past. I stood up with a sudden jolt and yelled at the top of my lungs.

"Gee, that sure felt great. Thanks Dad!" I chirped gleefully. He quickly handed me a pouch of wizard money and hurried me to the fireplace where my trunk already was.
"Have a good day, Zephyr! See you during the holidays ok?" said Dad as he threw a hanful of Floo powder into the grate and emerald green flames erupted from it.
"Can't forget Avis!" I hollared above the roaring flames and gave a little whistle. The bright phoenix flew down the stairs and perched herself gracefully on my shoulder.
"Hang on tight, Avis!" I yelled as I stepped into the fire shouting, "Diagon Alley!"

Going through the Floo Network with a phoenix and a trunk didn't see like a very good idea afterall when I landed at the Leaky Cauldron. Soon after my trunk came tumbling out of the grate nearly missing my skull by inches. I clumsily dragged my trunk to the counter and got myself a room for the night. I stopped at the foot of the flight of stairs, too lazy to drag it up myself.

"Would you?" I pleaded, tilting my head to Avis. She flapped her wings about my ears as if gently scolding me for being so lazy but obidiently brought my trunk to the top of the stairs while I followed slowly behind.

After settling into my room, I decided to get out of Leaky Cauldron and start getting my supplies. I headed to Madam Malkin's Robes first to get my new Aortas' robes. As usual, she swooped down on me and began taking my measurements. In no time I was already paying for a new set of school robes.

Next, I headed over to Flourish and Blotts to get my school books. I whipped out the list and quickly scanned through it before placing back into my robe. As soon as I took a step forward I tripped over something rather hairy and it immediately began barking and tugging at my new robes.

"Mac! Mac!" I could hear a girl shouting from behind me. She had curly hair and blue eyes.
"Look what you've done..." she said as she got the really hairy dog off me. "Here, let me help."
She whipped out her wand and pointed it frayed ends of my robe and said, "Reparo!" Immediately, the hem of my robe began to stitch itself back together and soon it was as good as new.
"You're going to Aortas too?" she said, obviously noticing my school robes.

"What happened, Elizabeth?" said a boy who came running from behind her.
"Oh, Artemis. It's just my dog Mac. Seems like this guy's going to Aortas too!" she said excitedly.
"You mean the both of you are going to Aortas?" I replied in disbelief. I had just bumped into not one but two people who were going to Aortas as well! Talk about it being a coincidence.

Artemis helped me up as I introduced myself. We quickly got our school books together and decided to head to the Diagon Alley ice cream parlor for some ice cream.

Edit: I changed the last part cause there was some clashes in the storyline with Artemis. Hope it's cleared up now.

Amethyst Flygon
15th June 2004, 09:19 PM
Lance Atlanta
Lance is kind of laid back. He takes everything in stride and doesn’t seem concerned about many things. He does have some ambitions, but he doesn’t show them to many people. If you manage to make him mad, his fury is worse than an ocean storm.
Lance is of average height, but he is more slim than normal. Because of his merman blood, he has aquamarine hair, legs covered in fish scales, small gills on his chest, webbed feet, and eyes that are sea-green. His hair is extremely long for a guy’s, extending down to his elbows and allowed to flow freely. His hair and build make people occasionally mistake him for a girl. If he has been swimming, he might have some water weeds caught in his hair.
Lance usually wears the school robes most of the time. When formal robes are necessary, he prefers a simple one that is an emerald green. If at all possible, Lance doesn’t wear shoes because they feel uncomfortable on his feet. When swimming, he wears some black biker shorts and no shirt.
He takes the mandatory classes, plus survival training and offense magic. It’s not exactly a class, but Lance spends most of his free time swimming.
The shaft is from an ash tree. The core is comprised of dried and crushed billywig stings. Because of this, it is unusually good at levitation charms.
Lance has a pet shrake in an aquarium. He lets it loose when he goes swimming. If you don’t have Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them, a shrake is basically a fish completely covered in spines/spikes. Lance’s is a gleaming golden color and is named Skewer.
Lance is incredibly queasy in the air and has an extreme dislike of leaving the ground. Because of this, he doesn’t participate in quidditch.
Lance’s parents were a merman and a witch that was born into a muggle family. The father didn’t stay with the family for very long, leaving when Lance turned five. His mother was heartbroken and moved inland so that the sea would not remind her of him. Because of this, Lance is more comfortable in freshwater lakes than in saltwater.
Lance was proud of himself when he was accepted into Hogwarts. He hadn’t been sure if they would accept someone like him. Under his long robes and his shoes, everyone at the school believed him to be a human that died his hair. Lance’s only source of embarrassment was the couple of times a guy tried to ask him out to a school dance. Those guys really made him mad and woke up the next day hanging from the ceiling.
When he got the letter from Aortas Academy, Lance was absolutely thrilled. The chance to be an aoror would allow him to make a name for himself, one of his few ambitions. He intends to make the most of his time there in setting up relationships to further his future career.
Considering that the popular thing seems to be to hurt other, I’ll have Lance drown it in the ocean.


The summer passed so quickly. It seemed that I had just left Hogwarts when here I was, preparing to go to Aortas Academy, a school I had never heard of before. Being an aoror would be a fascinating and lucrative job. They must pay the aorors better than normal because of their constant danger from the Dark Arts.

Diagon Alley looked just as bustling with activity as it always is. Outside of the Quidditch shop, a group of boys were goggling at the broom sticks. Ugh, I don't understand why people enjoy flying, it makes me sick to my stomach.

Looking at my list, I headed over WizzHard Books for my new text books. I had stumbled across this store last year and I liked its quieter atmosphere. As I entered, I noticed a boy in a Hawaiin shirt leaving. Maybe he's going to Aortas Academy as well?

After I picked up the neccesary books and paid the old lady at the counter, I went to find a pet shop. Skewer had been looking a little under the weather lately. Even his spines seemed to be drooping.

"It's simple," he said "this animal is meant for saltwater and you've been keeping it in fresh water. It won't kill him, but it can make him queasy." I bought a remedy to help Skewer and went on my way.

Next on the list was potion ingredients. These seemed much more exotic than usual and even included mermaid scales. At least I wouldn't have to buy that one, but it would probably hurt a bit. It was hard to find these items at bargain prices, so I was forced to spend most of my money on them.

Finally, it was time to get some robes. Since the school was just reopening, I would be unable to get some second-hand. Good thing I was wearing jeans, they took measurements around your legs for new ones. My scales would probably shock someone otherwise.

Now that I have everything I need, it's time to take some time off. There are always plenty of fascinating things on Diagon Alley. Maybe I should check out Weasley's Wizbangs joke candies. They are always new ones every few months.

After going through out the area, I went home to prepare for the next day. I wonder what the train will be like?

16th June 2004, 03:26 AM
Name: Seraphic Aeryn Black
Gender: Female
Species: Half-elf metamorphmagus
Personality: Seraphic is a cheerful and lively girl, although she's also a bit of a klutz. She is also one who is compasionate and willing to listen to other's problems.
Appearance: Well, Metamorphmagi don't really have a fixed look, do they? But she generally likes to have waist length pink hair, with sparkling blue-grey eyes. She normally wears a red top with jeans.
~ Advanced Defense Against the Dark Arts
~ Advanced Transfiguration
~ Advanced Potions
~ Advanced Charms
~ Advanced Care of Magical Creatures
Auror Training:
~ Offence Magic
~ Unarmed Combat
~ Armed Combat
House: Torignis
Wand: 12", cherry wood, unicorn and thestral tail hair, coated with powdered dragon scales for extra protection.
Animal: A magnificent phoenix by the name of Menelya.
Quidditch: Commentator
History: It's a bit complicated. Seraphic is the only daughter of Alphard Black and Karen Winters. ((In case anyone finds the name Alphard familiar, he's Sirius's uncle as mentioned in OotP, who left him 'a decent bit of gold'. That was when Seraphic was still a mere child.)) When her father got disowned by the Black family, they moved to Scotland. Her mother, an Auror, was killed right before Seraphic's eyes, the year Voldemort fell. Traumatised by the loss of his beloved wife, Seraphic's father poisoned himself. The poison backfired, and he became mad. The Tonks family, her relatives on her father's side, also disowned by the Blacks, then took her in, and she has been living with them ever since. Seraphic looks up to Nymphadora Tonks as an elder sister and hopes to grow up one day an Auror like her and avenge her parents.
Other: Seraphic also plays the cello rather well. She'll be bringing her cello to the Academy.

*^~Seraphic Aeryn Black~^*

I walked through the archway from the Leaky Cauldron and stepped into Diagon Alley. The usual buzz of daily activities hit me. Strolling down the street, I waved to a few ex-fellow students at Hogwarts, as I made my way down to Flourish and Blotts to purchase my new set of school books.

I could hardly restrict the bounce in my step as I walked. 'This time tomorrow, I'll be on my way to Aortas Academy,'I couldn't help thinking. 'And I'll start my training to become an Auror. Just like Tonks.' Tonks was my first cousin, once removed, and my sister-figure, especially since my parents died.

"May I help you, Miss?" the assistant at Flourish and Blotts asked me as I stepped into the cool shade of the shop.

"Yes, could help me get these books?" I unfolded my booklist and handed it to the assistant. His eyes opened in wonder.

"Aortas's new student, eh?" he asked, grinning. "I wanted become an Auror, but I didn't qualify." He shook his head sadly. "Oh well, that was more twenty years ago. I'll pack these books for you, while you go do some other shopping." I nodded, said a word of thanks, and left the shop for Madam Malkin's to get my robes. Madam Malkin's took my measurements, then handed me a black package containing my robes. I paid for them, then went to collect and pay for my school books, before heading to Florean fortescue's Ice Cream Parlour for a peppermint and chocolate chip ice cream.

The shop was packed with both Hogwarts and Aortas students. I ordered my ice cream and scanned the parlour for a seat, and spotted a place with only one other person sitting there. He had dirty blond hair and very pale skin, and was wearing a brightly coloured Hawaiian shirt. I recognised him immediately. Donnelly Farrell, an acquaintance from Hogwarts. I moved over to him.

"Hey! Can I sit there?" I asked him, pointing to the chair opposite him. "There doesn't seem to be any other place vacant..."

Perfect Chaos
16th June 2004, 04:36 PM
Made some changes to my form

Name: Sean Kahland
Gender: Male
Species: Half-Human/Half-Demon
Personality: Very quiet, hardly talks that much, only when addressed to and when necessary. He's a real nice guy if you manage to open him up but he's somewhat of loner. However, you don't really want to make him really mad though (see history)
Appearance: Very tall for his age, about 6'1. Basically looks somewhat like Vash the Stampede, only he's got a deep tan complexion (Indian descent but no accent) and his hair is black with dark hazel eyes. Also has a earring on his left ear which has a devil pendant attached to a string (pendant looks like this (http://members.cox.net/holly21/DM7-A46.jpg) [the devil thing in the last picture]) . When he's not wearing his normal robes (which are black), he wears a gray shirt with flaming skull on it and baggy black jeans with a wallet chain and black shoes. Has a black thread tied around his neck with a silver devil pendent on it.
Advanced Defense Against the Dark Arts
Advanced Transfiguration
Advanced Potions
Advanced Charms
Advanced Care of Magical Creatures
Auror Training:
Offence Magic
Unarmed Combat
Armed Combat
House: Endriago
Wand: 13", Oak, core is made with Dragon heartstring
Animal: A dark-colored golden eagle named Shadow
Quidditch: Chaser
History: He was born to a demon father and a human mother (she's Asian Indian). His father used to owe alligance to He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named but had a change of heart when he met his soon-to-be wife in a town that he helped He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named attacked. He had pity for her and decided that he would join against the fight against his former "boss" (his father became a secret supporter of the Order). However, when Sean was very little, He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named attacked the town he was living in, in search of his father, who he was sucessful in killing. His mother managed to escape He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named's wrath and they have been in hiding ever since (his mother is also a secret supporter of the Order). He joined Aortas Auror Academy to gain revenge against You-Know-Who.
Other: Due to his father being a demon, he has the ability to change into a "darker" self (like Dark Jak from Jak II), but only for a little while and it can only be triggered mainly through an intense feeling of emotion (especially anger or if one of his friends is in trouble). While he's in his "darker" form, he becomes almost super strong and has a few dark powers but nothing overly powerful as he's still a bit young but he goes into a complete rage when he transforms. He's best friends with Zephyr (if OK with Icez), who is the only one who knows of Sean's secret. Also has some feelings for Seraphic (if OK with Sakura)

Sean Kahland/Endriago
I wondered about the somewhat narrow area known as Diagon Alley, searching through shops until I found the one that I was looking for. "Back to this old attic, huh?" I asked myself as I looked up at a old, wooden sigh that said "Florish and Blotts" in black, curly writing.

I entered the store, hearing the faint tingling of the bell. I noticed the owner look up and see me and I saw a bit of fear creep into his eyes. Many people who knew me were especially nervous around me, as I was part demon. I didn't look as I though I had demon blood though. Many others would've took notice of me as a normal guy. But those who knew my secret were a bit uncomfortable, and luckily for me, very few knew of my demonic side.

"Can I help you?" the owner asked me as I walked up to the counter. I easily towered over his 5'7" frame. "Yes...I need these books, please" I said in my signature low tone as I handed the man a rolled up parchment. He unraveled it, looked at it for a moment, simply nodded and walked off. I stood there, looking around at messy, clutteredness of the store. Must always be like this near the end of the holidays... I thought to myself.

Soon enough, he returned with a stack of books and handed the list of books back to me and told me the price. I paid him and took my books and left, looking for a place to rest for a bit. I had done most of my shopping so far and there really wasn't anything else for me to buy.

I then decided that I should probably head to the Leaky Cauldron and rent out a room before they were all taken. I didn't really have a permanent home. Ever since You-Know-Who murdered my father, my mother and I began keep on the move in order to avoid being detected by him. Now that I was on my way to Aortas, my mother decided that on the last day, I should spend my time at the Leaky Cauldron. I agreed to her decision since I didn't want to put her in any more danger.

I quickly found the Leaky Cauldron. There was a few people around, sleepy wizard who was drinking tea and looking at the lastest issue of the Daily Prophet, a few plump witches who were busy chatting away with one another. I walked up to the owner and said "Hi, I'm looking for a room to rent" He nodded and headed behind the counter and pulled out a silver key with a small leather tag on it with the number 183 on it. He handed it to me and said "That'll be your room." I thanked him and went up to the room. There I dropped my belongings there, when I heard a tapping on my window. I looked over and saw my pet golden eagle Shadow there. I smiled at him and said "Hey buddy, how you doing?" He squawked at me and hopped onto my arm. I walked down and asked Shadow, "Wanna go get some ice cream?" Again he squawked and we headed to the ice-cream shop.

When we finally arrived there, I saw a whole mess of people there who I recognized formerly from Hogwarts. They must all be going to Aortas too I thought. Just then, I saw a familiar set of blond hair amongst the group. I instantly recognized Zephyr Potter. I walked up to him and said "Hey Zephyr..."

Interaction goodness :oh:

16th June 2004, 05:08 PM
Name: Larien Moody
Gender: Female
Species: Half Human/Half Elf/Animagus
Personality: She's naturally quiet but most of the time, she's cheerful and nice but also pessimistic, sarcastic and blunt. She doesn't open up until someone starts to talk to her regularly and when she gets pissed, it's unwise to mess with her
Appearance: Taking most of her traits after her mother, she's slim and tall, about 6'0 and sort of pale. She has a strong build though which is hidden from most people. Unlike the normal elf hair, which is long, golden and shiny, Larien retained her father's hair, which is a dirty blond. She likes it short though, but long enough to cover her pointy ears, which sticks out of her hair sometimes. Like a normal elf, her eyes are a bright blue, but mixed it with a steely gray, which makes it hard for people to look into for long. Keeping with the old style, she wears a royalblue tunic under her robes, with black leggings and black leather boots
Class: Advanced Defense Against the Dark Arts, Advanced Transfiguration, Advanced Potions, Advanced Charms, Advanced Care of Magical Creatures
Auror Training: Offence Magic, Armed Combat, Survival Training
House: Endriago
Wand: Mahogany, 11'', core contains a pegasus hair mixed in with grounded griffin claw
Animal: A rusty red Ocelot named Celeros. He's incredibly intelligent and somehow understands what Larien always says
Quidditch: Seeker
History: She was born to a muggle father and her mother who was a full blooded elf and a witch. She lived in the muggle world for a while, but they didn't know about elves and teased Larien endlessly for her pointy ears. She tried to persuade her parents to move to the wizarding world but they were hesitant about the whole thing. The turning point however was when Larien turned into a Great Eagle (mythical bird) during class one day and destroyed the whole room. Obviously after that, they hastily escaped to the wizarding world and sent her to Hogwarts so she could control her animagus trait, which she found out came from her father's side. Bit of a nasty surprise when he found out, worse when he found there was a wizard cousin in his family but was never told about him. Living at Hogwarts was off-puting since elves were a rarity but she wasn't picked on. Instead, she was left alone, which made her a bit depressed but she focused her energy on controlling her transformation and training with her cousin, Alastor Moody, in the ways of an Auror. That's why she wasn't surprised when she received a letter from Aortas Academy.
Other: Friends with Mike

Larien Moody - Endriago
"Hey Mike, you ready?" I knocked on the door.
We were both staying at the Leaky Cauldron in rooms right across from each other. I had come to know him from Hogwarts last year and to my delight, we became good friends.
"Yeah, I'm here," he opened the door and stared at me with his hunter green eyes.
"You're not taking Firaga along?"
"No, he's outside hunting a mouse, probably."
He glanced at Celeros, who was comfortably perched on my shoulder. The ocelot was a larger-than-average cat but he was able to fit around my large frame.
"Where are we off to today?" he asked.
"Uh, I think we only have Madam Malkin's left and then ice cream if there's nothing else to do."
We had been in Diagon Alley for a few days now, shopping before the crowd of students from different schools came in for last-minute buying. It was nice that my parents pressured me into going or else I would've been stuck with the crowd.

We were on the streets of the city, walking towards our destination. My hair was pulled back behind my ears today, confirming people's suspicions of my heritage. Most of the time, my pointy ears were covered but once in a while it was nice to receive a bit of attention, although my clearly elven face should've told others about myself.
"Showing yourself today?" Mike smirked.
"It's not everyday you see an elf walking around," I grinned in reply.
We passed Ollivander's and the Quidditch shop, with half a dozen kids oggling at the Firebolt.
An expensive waste, I slyly smiled. Recently, the Nimbus 2004 was released publicly and although it wasn't as popular as the Firebolt, it was exactly the same in design and ability at half the price.
"Larien, you have to stop smirking," Mike said and pulled me to a stop in front of the store. "I was smart enough to buy a Nimbus 2004 as well."
I blushed and quietly apologized before heading into the store. It appeared that Madam Malkin knew we were customers as she waved a wand and two tape measures came whizzing at us. Immediately spread eagled by unknown forces, Mike and I felt ridiculous as we were measured from head to toe. It soon ended though and Malkin gave us a short nod before going back into the storage room. I shook my head in amazement and went over to the section with the nicer robes, a deep emerald one particularly catching my eye. Celeros jumped off of my shoulder and sniffed it carefully before rubbing against it, purring.
"I can't afford it, you know," I whispered to him.
He looked up at me and nodded before jumping back onto my shoulder. Madam Malkin soon came back with our robes, packed neatly in two bags. Handing each of us a bag, we in return paid her and exited the shop.
"Well, what now?" I asked him.

16th June 2004, 06:21 PM
Name: Blackmore Whitby
Gender: Male
Species: Human/Animagus
Personality: A sly fellow who prefers to be in the midst of the action rather than hanging about. As such, he likes being the centre of attention and makes the most out of any opportunity that arises, especially if it leads to either him gaining respect or his rivals losing respect.
Appearance: Has fairly short black hair with a quiff at the front. He always has a smirk on his face. He has dark green eyes. He is a bit over 6 feet and has a fit build. He usually wears his black cloak over his clothes when out and about.
Class: Offense Magic, Armed Combat, Unarmed Combat
House: Guivre
Wand: Black Oak with blood of a Serpos (a giant snake with wings similiar to a dragon but is part of the snake family).
Animal: Has a King Cobra called Slade.
Quidditch: Keeper
History: His mother and father are the owners of Snake Pit in Nocturne Alley, which is a sanctuary for snakes. Hence his upbringing has given him an affinity for snakes and he perhaps is the most learned pupil in that field in his year. His reasons for becoming an Auror are because a group of Deatheaters came to the Snake Pit in order to steal the snakes. His father was able to prevent them but in his old age he was almost killed. Blackmore swore that he would become a powerful wizard and protect his family from any Deatheaters or other manifestations of evil that may come his way.
Other: His animagus is a Python and he is also a Parselmouth, hence his love of snakes.


Living in Nocturne Alley, I had bought all of my school materials for Aortas long before the rush started. However, considering I had spent all summer cooked up in the Snake Pit, I wanted some social interaction, so everyday I went down to Diagon Alley just to check out who else was going to Aortas.

As usual, the Ice Cream Palour was full of those who were either Hogwarts or Aortas hopefuls. I had hoped to find my old Slytherin chums, but none whatsoever were there. A pity. My motley crew stayed away from Malfoy and his cohorts. I personally had a grudge against him; he effectively bought his way onto the Slytherin Quidditch team, and considering how his father had a certain animosity for my father's shop. There was a rumour being circulated by Potter's circle that he was a Death Eater, but then again Potter was circulating rumours that Snape was trying to steal the Philosopher's Stone and that Malfoy opened the Chamber of Secrets. I had seen Malfoy in Defence Against the Dark Arts and Charms and I had seen personally first hand his uselessness. An Alomahora charm was a feat for him, let alone opening a fabled chamber. I personally stood up to him and laughed at him about how he only surrounded himself with incompetent fools to make him look the better wizard. I personally chose those who were skilled in wizardry. Needless to say, he had a greater rivalry with Potter than he could be bothered, or have the guts, to start one with me. His only defence were to insult my family's love of snakes. His tone of voice soon changed once I introduced him to the business end of Slade, my pet cobra.

Slade had wrapped himself around my belly under my cloak to keep himself warm. I strided among the children in the parlour and kept an eye out for those who I might recognise. Suddenly a girl, pulling a chair out, knocked into me and some ice cream brushed my robes and left a pale green mark, plus two chocolate chips. She quickly realised what she had thought she had done and turned around to face me.
"Oh, I'm so sorry!"
I looked at her, getting a good look at her face.
"Ah. Ms. Black," I acknowledged. She moved her hand to wipe the marks off my robes but I raised my hand to signal for her to stop.
"Don't worry, Slade can handle it."
I called him out in Parseltongue. Slade emerged from my robes and began licking the ice cream clean off, including the chocolate chips. He then turned to Seraphic and hissed at her. I smiled.
"Don't play games with the girl, Slade," I said, this time in English. I then told Slade to get under my robes again in Parseltongue.
"Hissing again Whitby?" a familiar voice said. I turned around and stared down at an old classmate. Potter. But not 'the' Potter. Zephyr Remus Potter. I smiled.
"Well, well Potter," I acknowledged, and then looked at the books in his hands. "Looks like you're going to Aortas as well."
"So it would seem."
He stared without emotion, attempting to be serious, while I smirked back. Suddenly, and without warning or command, Slade slithered up my back and then snapped his head over my shoulder at Potter. He almost jumped through the roof. I would have too, had I not felt him crawling up my spine. It was unexpected to say the least. I quickly grabbed Slade and told him in Parseltongue to stay under my robes. He took a quick look at Potter, hissed, then went under my robes. Potter looked at Slade slither back under my robes, then at me and saw my expression was equally surprised. Spontaneously, we both laughed together.

Krystalline Kabutops
16th June 2004, 07:57 PM
I'll let L_T come up with what happened in Flourish and Blotts, whenever she logs on :rolleyes:

N:Artemis Aphronine-S:Male-S:Werewolf-H:Chifre

This Zephyr guy didn't seem too bad. As we walked to Fortescue's Ice Cream Parlor, I looked him over. Just a little taller than me, and we shared a hair color. He had the build of a jock, but certainly didn't act like one. I had yet to see him sneer, which was always a good sign. He caught my look. "What? Is there something on my robes?" I shook my head. "No precious, we sees no tasty fishes on your robeses!" He did a double take. "Whoa! What spell did you use to get Gollum's voice?!" I winked at him cheekily. "It's not a spell, just lots of free time to practice with. I can do almost anyone, once I've heard them say enough." "Could you do mine?" I scratchd my chin, thinking. "How's this, Zephyr?" He grinned. "Too bad you're not a Metamorphagus." I nodded. "Yeah, too bad." By now, we had arrived at Fortescue's. "Shoot, there's no vacant tables!" Elizabeth exclaimed. "Hm..... I've been wanting to try something out for a while now...... Zephyr, you got anything in your pockets?" He handed me a gum wrapper, a Chocolate Frog Card, a bottlecap and a dead ant. I raised my eyebrow. "You're sure you want to part with this?" I asked, holding up the Chocolate Frog Card. It was of Avertisuer Aquila, our new headmaster. He shrugged. "It's not like I don't have any spares." Nodding, I placed them on the ground, pulled out my wand, and screwed my face in concentration. When I opened my eyes, in the place of the trash from Zephyr's pocket was a wooden table and three wooden stools. I grinned a little self-conciously. "Sorry, that's the best I could do." Elizabeth smiled. "Oh, that's okay, as long as we have someplace to sit." They both sat down. As I mumbled another spell, My pile of books land on the ground next to our table. "So, what do you guys want? I'll go grab some Ice Cream for us if you tell me what you want and give me the cash to buy it." "Rocky Road for me," Said Zephyr, handing me five knuts. "I'll take Strawberry." Murmered Elizabeth, handing me the five knuts. I bowed low to them, putting on a Butler's voice. "Very well, Mr. Potter, Ms. Carrington. I shall return with your orders within moments." Grinning, I walked to the door of the shop. A few minutes later, I emerged from the Parlor, holding cones of Rocky Road, Strawberry, and Cookies 'n' Cream in my hands. As I returned to our table, I heard laughing. Whitby and Potter were laughing at something. Handing Elizabeth her strawberry cone, I turned to the laughing pair and gave Zephyr his Rocky Road. "What's so funny, guys?" I said, doing a perfect imitation of Whitby's voice.

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((OOC: Incidentally, can we use magic outside school? We're still considered underaged, I believe. We need to be 17.))

*^~Seraphic Aeryn Black~^*

In my hurry to grab a seat, I brushed past another boy, leaving an ice cream stain on his robes.

"Oh, I'm so sorry!" I said, embarrased. "I'm so clumsy!" I looked up to see the boy's face. It was Blackmore Whitby,a Slytherin at Hogwarts, although he was the total opposite of Malfoy and his group. While Malfoy was snobbish and arrogant, but weak, useless and stupid, Whitby was snobbish and arrogant AND strong and clever, a Slytherin even a Gryffindor like me could respect, and Harry Potter, who always jumped at the chance to humilate Malfoy, found acceptable. I moved to wipe the stain off his robes, but he stopped me.

"Don't worry, Slade can handle it." he said. Whitby called out to his snake in Parseltongue. Out from under his robes, the snake uncoiled, licked up the ice cream, then hissed at me. I stood, undaunted, knowing that I could strangle the snake in a flash if it tried to attack. Or transform into an eagle.

"Don't play games with the girl, Slade," Whitby said, smirking, before telling his pet to return to within his robes. From behind Whitby came another former Hogwarts student, Zephyr Remus Potter. I knew him vaguely, both from school and because his father was the third or fourth cousin of James Potter, or something like that. And my first cousin, Sirius Black, was James Poter's best friend. So in a way, he was as close as family.

I sat down opposite Donnelly, and watched as two other ex-Hogwarts students, Artemis and Elizabeth, sat down by a table Artemis had just transfigured with Zephyr. Artemis got their ice creams. I waved at them.

"Want to join us here?" I shouted over the noise in the Ice Cream Parlour? "You can join us too, if you like..." I added to Whitby, who was still standing close by.

CoolTrainer IcEz
16th June 2004, 09:23 PM
OOC: I think we'll just allow Aortas students to use magic out of school at this age. What d'ya think? ;)

Zephyr Remus Potter - Endriago

Fortescue's Ice Cream parlor was jammed packed with people and it looked like we weren't going to get any seats. Artemis seemed like a really cool guy who could do voice impersonations down to the tiniest detail..

"No precious, we sees no tasty fishes on your robeses!" said Artemis. I nearly jumped out of my new Aortas robes.
"Whoa! What spell did you use to get Gollum's voice?!" I asked.

He could even do an impersonation of my own voice! Now, that was freaky.
"Too bad you're not a Metamorphagus." I said, grinning from an idea I just had.

Artemis got me to empty out my pockets from all the junk I had. And to think they were new robes. It's a wonder how I managed to accumulate so much filth in such a short time. Haha..

Artemis screwed his face into some weird fashion, obviously concentrating on casting a spell. Suddenly, my junk transfigured into a table with three chairs. We sat down while Artemis went to get us ice cream.

Just as Artemis had left, I heard a very familiar voice calling from behind me. Hey Zephyr..." It was Sean! My best pal from Hogwarts. We both were in the Gryffindor Quidditch team together and both of us played Chaser. Together as a team we were unstoppable because we could read each other's movements so well. As soon as I saw his robes I jumped for joy. He was going to Aortas too! I promptly introduced his to Elizabeth who was at the table and sat Sean down. I was about to go look for Artemis wondering why he was taking so long, when suddenly I heard hissing sounds. Unlike my distant cousin, Harry, I wasn't a Parselmouth. When I followed the sound, I found the only other Parselmouth in Hogwarts, Whitby. He was a Slytherin who was in the same Potions class as me. But this guy had a major difference from the other Slytherins. He was one of the few Slytherins that were actually smart; unlike Malfoy and his neatherthal counterparts.

"Hissing again Whitby?" I snapped, sensing he was being his mean usual self.
"Well, well Potter" he said glancing at the books in my hands. "Looks like you're going to Aortas as well."
"So it would seem" I replied coldly.

Whitby has a silly smirk on his face I was about ready to use a Scouring Charm to wipe off when suddenly, a snake, more accurately a King Cobra slithered out of Whitby's cloak and snapped at me. I nearly jumped through the roof. "Note to self: Boy, do I need to get a potion to stop making me jumpy" The snake slithered back into Whitby's robes and I saw his expression. Suddenly, we both broke in laughter.

"What's so funny, guys?" Another Whitby? That couldn't be. The thought of it was frightening. I turned around only to see Artemis. Phew. He handed me my ice cream and gave a little smirk to Whitby.
"Looks like I'll be seeing you in Aortas, then" I said. Whitby nodded expressionlessly.

When I went back to the table, Artemis has already transfigured a chair for Sean; probably from his trash too. I noticed a hand waving at us a few feet a way. When she finally stood up, I recognised her right away, Seraphic Black. She invited us to join her and another boy. It was getting rather cramped where we were and it appeared that there would be more free space if we moved over.

"Wingardium Leviosa!" I shouted, flicking my wand at the table and chairs. They slowly levitated and settled themselves down in a clearing amidst the clutter of tables and chairs next to Seraphic's table. I swished my wand again and for a spilt second everyone's ice cream glowed. They turned and stared at me, asking what I had just done.

"A never-melt charm. Melts in your mouth not in your hands!" I said with a cheesy grin.
"Ah, Zephyr, you're still as cheesy as ever." Sighed Sean. Everyone broke out into laughter.

The boy sitting opposite her introduced himself as Donnelly, and soon all of us - Sean, Artemis, Elizabeth, Seraphic, Donnelly and I - were having an animated conversation and talking about what we were hoping to see at Aortas.

Gothic Animé
16th June 2004, 10:36 PM
why do i feel completely left out? :/ haha no, just kidding. </ooc>

16th June 2004, 11:15 PM
Name: Hunter Ray Esonas
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Personality: Hunter gets along with friends pretty good but is very protective of his friends, You can Bag on him all day but start in on his friends and be ready to eat dirt. He Likes Studying and had an A average at hogwarts. His favorite place to study is outside under a tree
Appearance: Pitch black hair with spikes going back on his head like an angry hawk when it ruffles its feathers. He's got Blue eyes the color of sapphires with white pupils and black eyeballs. His eyes have been that way since he was born. He Loves his cloak and always has it on. Even When he's in the muggle world. He Loves the attention it brings from muggles.
Class: The Required,Offence Magic,Armed Combat,Survival Training
House: Chifre
Wand: The Shaft is made from hallowed out Oak to give it extra strength, Filled with a Root of Mandrake, On of my Thestrals Head feathers, One Drop of Unicorn Blood from one of the unicorns attacked by voldemort, and was cast in Fire but Didn't Burn.
Animal: A Thestral outside but no one knows, Except people that have seen death.
Quidditch: Seeker
History: My Mother Was Killed by Lord voldrmort 6 months after I was born. My Father was a wizard but is in the muggle army, He has totally renounced being a wizard and broke his wand when Voldemort killed Mother. I have been practising to be a wizard ever since I found out. Speaking spells and using sticks as wands. I Made a tree catch on fire when i was 7 once by accident and couldnt put it out. I went to hogwarts and was a member of sytherin and was a close friend of draco. But they didnt even mention me in the books, stupid JKRawling.
I hated being in slytherin because everyone was so mean but I made though it, I asked if I could be transfered into HufflePuff or something but Dumbledore said no. My Line is a pure blood but I have no problem with "mudbloods" And I've been a little tainted by slytherin and become a little evil...Just a little
Other: I can transform into a Hawk with spike shaped feathers
And I Am in Love With Hermione Granger!!! Thankyou for your time

Hunter Esonas

I was so excited, I had just gotten my letter of acceptance. I read it over and over again. "Cool.." I got dressed and packed my things. MY Dad was in the muggle army even though he was a wizard, and My Mother Was killed by voldemort so I lived on my own. I packed everything and hopped on Estry. "Lets go Shopping, Estry" I said and off we were. When we were in muggle area I put on my invisibility cloak and off we were.

Diagon Alley I Told her to wait out here, and behave she sat down ontop of the building so no one would bump into her. I walked inside the leaky cauldron and went back to the portal. "Every time I come here its amazing" I said to myself and made my way through, taking off my invisibility cloak as the door closed behind me.

I went to the bank and Said I wanted to get a withdrawel. "Yes sir." The Goblin said and walked me back to the vault cart. I had a fairly wealthy family, not exactly rich though. I had well enough money to buy these Items. We Got to the Vault and Got my money. I took out enough to buy the items plus about what would be equal to 1000 muggle dollars for things on the way to school and during it.

Later on:
I walked over to florean fortescue's since I had a day before I had to be at school. "Man theres nothing to do now.." I said to myself and then I heard the schools name mentioned. "Huh? Did you say Aortas Auror Academy? Will you Be Attending?" I asked walking over, Hoping to get invited to sit and talk. "Hi, I'm Hunter" I said extending my hand for a hand shake frm someone"

ooc: yes people at florean fortescue's i am talking about you i had nothing to do so i go stalk you people and say hi >:D

Krystalline Kabutops
16th June 2004, 11:30 PM
Hey, I got a list of spells, so we all know the incantations and effects. Enjoy =)

Accio-Summoning Charm
Alohomora-Unlocks doors
Aparecium-Makes invisible ink visible
Apparition-Apparate/Dissaparate spell
Avada Kedavra-Killing curse
Avis-Conjures a flock of small twittering birds
Colloportus-Seals a door, making an odd, squelching noise.
Crucio-Torturing Curse
Deletrius-Erases the ghost images of spells revealed by the Priori Incantatem spell
Densaugeo-Enlarges target’s teeth grotesquely
Diffindo-Cuts things open
Engorgio-causes target to swell in size
Ennervate-Used to revive someone stunned by a Stunner
Evanesco-Makes something completely vanish
Expecto Patronum-Conjures a Patronus
Expelliarmus-Disarms opponent
Ferula-Conjures a wooden rod
Finite Incantatum-Stops currently operating spell effects
Flagrate-Creates a firy, burning line in the air which can be “drawn” with a wand into specific shapes
Furnunculus-Causes the target to break out in boils
Immobulus-Stops or slows down an object
Impedimenta-stops or slows down an object
Imperio-Controlling Curse
Impervius-makes an object waterproof
Incarcerous-Sends thick ropes out of thin air to wrap around someone or something
Incendio-Starts a fire
Locomotor Mortis-locks target’s legs together
Lumos-Lights wandtip
Lumos Solarum-Causes brilliant flash of light
Nox-Terminates Lumos spell
Obliviate-Modifies target’s memory
Oculus Reparo-Repairs glasses
Orchideous-conjures flowers out of a wandtip
Pack-causes items to assemble themselves in a trunk
Petrificus Totalus-Turns target’s body completely rigid
Portus-Turns target into a portkey
Prior Incantato/Priori Incantatem-Shows previous spell cast by target wand
Protego-shield charm
Quietus-Reverses effect of Sonorus spell
Reducio- Reverses effect of Engorgio spell
Reducto-Blasts solid object out of user’s path
Relashio-issues fiery sparks
Raparo-undoes damage to an object
Rictusempra-Tickling charm
Scougify-cleans things
Serpensortia-conjures a large serpent
Silencio-Renders target incapable of producing sound
Sonorus-Magnifies target’s voice
Stupefy-renders target unconscious
Tarantallegra-Causes target’s legs to do crazy dance
Waddiwasi-Shoots gum out of keyhole
Wingardium Leviosa- Levitates target

16th June 2004, 11:40 PM
why do i feel completely left out? :/ haha no, just kidding. </ooc>

((OOC: Gothic Anime, maybe because your 'time-line' is different from ours. In most of our posts, it's still afternoon, and we're having ice-cream at Florean Fortescue's. But in your post, you mentioned going to sleep, which suggests nighttime. For your information, we're 'ignoring' those people who have already 'gone home' after shopping at Diagon Alley for their stuff... If you want, we could meet 'the next day'. I'm thinking of 'staying' at the Leaky Cauldron too...

Opague, nice list! It's pretty updated! Did you type it out, or was it found on the net? A few things to point out though. I've checked through the list. I don't think there's an incantation called 'pack'. Tonks wasn't saying an incantation there, I think. And 'Lumos Solarum' was from the movie wasn't it? I don't really trust the movie info. And you've spelt 'Reparo' wrongly... Sorry if I'm nit-picky... Oh, and you might want to add 'Morsmorde'... The incantation that conjures th Dark Mark. And 'Point Me', the four point spell that makes the wand act like a compass. If you guys want, I can post my list of 53 spells...))

Gothic Animé
17th June 2004, 12:09 AM
actually no, sakura, it is still midday i was just tired and decided to take a nap, i'm on the same schedule. i'm just antisocial and decied not to go to the ice cream parlour, hence the joking-ness of my comment. </ooc>

17th June 2004, 12:44 AM
((OOC: Oh, okay then! Maybe I'll see you tonight, when I check into the Leaky Cauldron!))

17th June 2004, 01:03 AM
Two things: One, sorry I didn't get this up sooner...busy with other things. Two, Heald, it's "Knockturn" not "Nocturne."

Name: Mike Rampart
Gender: Male
Species: Human/Possegeist
Personality: Wants to be the kind of person who everyone wants to be with, yet at the same time is happy that he only has a few good friends; annoying at times, his heart is always in the right place, but his actions are usually blundered by something (think Neville, just less accident-prone); likes making jokes (although few people laugh at them), and will be happy to help someone who asks for it.
Appearance: Tall, lanky, too much bone for his muscle; he has very short brown hair, green eyes muddled with a splash of blue, a pale complexion and a very loose frame; prefers slightly baggy Khakis and a red shirt of some kind (his favorite color)
Class: All required, Offense Magic, Armed Combat, Unarmed Combat
House: Endriago
Wand: 12 1/2" Oak, fairly sturdy, with a core melded of unicorn hair and phoenix feather
Animal: a flaming red barn owl, Firaga
Quidditch: Keeper
History: Mike's life has been, to say the least, "interesting". Born to a wizard and a witch, Mike lived his first 4 years normally. Then, out in the park one day, it got stormy all of a sudden and lightning struck a tree he was under, hitting him. The doctors managed to save him, but they said the lightning and the means of saving him (they were new methods) might have other rammifications. They were right. When he was about 8, he found he could leave his body. His astral projection was solid, but very light and weak so that he couldn't even push open a door. When he was 10, he was practicing moving around in his astral projection when he accidently ran into another boy. Literally into. Startled at the fact that he now had control over a different body, he pushed himself out. Going through Hogwarts, he tried practicing his abilities, but he didn't want to let anyone else know. Became pretty good friends with Larien, another social outcast, during the last year at Hogwarts after a couple mishaps through the first few years there.
Other: No spells? aww...oh well *tosses wand away and punches Other*


Mike Rampart
"Glad that's the end of school shopping," I said to myself as Larien browsed Madam Malkin's a bit, her ocelot Celeros wandering around her feet. I remembered making the mistake of calling him a "kitty" our third year. She had managed to silence four random kids as I dodged her shots before I got up a shield charm and bounced her silencing spell back at her. Of course, then we needed to get a sixth-year to help undo the damage as none of us knew the counter-spell. We still laugh about that incident sometimes.

After Madam Malkin had handed us our robes, we paid and walked out into the sunlight. I was suddenly glad we had already done our school shopping over the past week. Everyone seemed to be in Diagon Alley today. "Well, what now?" Larien asked.

"Well, normally I'd say Florean Fortescue's..." I said, staring down the street, "but it seems everyone else had the same idea. There's not a single table open." I turned to look at Larien for her thoughts, but my eye caught on the store across the street. Larien turned her gaze towards Carrie Cardigan's Café as well...


"I'll never understand the whole thing behind this alliteration addiction..." I said, sitting in the booth across from Larien five minutes later and working on the second scoop of my triple-scoop 'Death by Chocolate' cone. She shrugged, but didn't say anything, and continued eating her cone. Celeros was up and eagerly licking the drips from our cones off of the table.

After a few minutes, I looked up in between licks and glanced at Larien for a second. In less than a year she had gone from being just another housemate (and one that often shot off too soon) to being my best friend at Hogwarts. She had told me about her Elven heritage, as well as her unintentional Animagus trait. So why couldn't I tell her my secret, about my even rarer Possegeist trait. Maybe that was it...maybe the fact that I was something even more unique than her kept me from saying anyth-

"Mike? Are you okay?" Larien's voice snapped me back to reality. I suddenly realized I'd been staring at her for the past couple minutes. Celeros padded over and started licking the ice cream off of my hand that had melted there while I was lost in thought.

"Y-yeah," I said, reaching for a napkin with my free hand. "Yeah, I'm fine, just...dozed off a bit there." I wiped up the rest of the ice cream that Celeros had missed; he looked at me incredulously, as if I had wasted all that good ice cream. "Um, Larien?" I started hesitantly.

She looked around her almost-finished cone again. "Yeah? What is it?" I looked at her, her pointy ears and steely-gray eyes. I couldn't do it, I couldn't bear to think what she might think of me.

"Er...never mind," I said, while thinking, 'Damn cold feet.'
Okay, probably not the best post, but it's a post dangit!

Krystalline Kabutops
17th June 2004, 08:52 AM
Sakura: Yeah, I had sixteen minutes to glean it from the Harry Potter website, so it's not perfectly accurate. Posting yours would be helpful ^^

Hunter: You have to be accepted into the RPG before you can post In Character....

CoolTrainer IcEz
17th June 2004, 09:18 AM
Great idea guys of posting a list of spells. But remember, this is an RPG so you can create your own charms, spells, potions, whatever! Be creative and let your imagination go! Just one thing to note, if you do create a spell (as in think of one up and not your character literally inventing it) then try to make the incantation sound as 'magic-ish' as possible and if you can maybe use latin in it. I'm sure there's some translators on the net. Do describe what your spell does too. Anyway, "new" spells would be taught at Aortas.

17th June 2004, 10:20 AM
Accio - Summoning Charm, Brings things to you
Alohomora - Unlocks Things
Aparecium - Makes invisible ink appear
Avada Kedavra - Killing Curse
Avis - Makes birds come out of a wand
Colloportus - Locks doors
Crucio - Cruciatus Curse, Inflicts severe pain
Deletrius - Erases the effects of Prior Incantato by deleting the image portrated by the spell (?)
Densaugeo - Causes teeth to enlarge
Diffindo - Splits things (?)
Dissendium - Opens the hump of the statue of the one-eyed witch on the third floor at Hogwarts, to reveal a passageway to Hogsmeade
Engorgio - Enlarges things
Ennervate - Reverses Stupefy
Evanesco - Vanishing Charm
Expecto Patronum - Patronus Charm, Wards off Dementors
Expelliarmus - Disarming Charm
Ferula - Creates splint and bandages (?)
Finite (Incantatem) - Ends simple curses
Flagrate - Marks objects
Furnunculus - Makes boils appear
Impedimenta - Impediment Curse, Slows down attacker
Imperio - Imperius Curse, Controls someone
Impervius - Makes objects repel water
Incarcerous - Causes ropes to bind around something
Incendio - Lights a fireplace
Legilimens - Allows access to memories
Locomotor - Makes something move (?)
Locomotor Mortis - Leg-Locker Curse
Lumos - Produces light at the tip of the wand
Mobilicorpus - Mobilizes bodies (?)
Morsmorde - Produces the Dark Mark
Nox - Cancels Lumos
Obliviate - Memory Charm, Erases someone's memory
Petrificus Totalus - Full Body Bind
Point Me - Makes wand point north, like a compass
Portus - Turns something into a Portkey
Prior Incantato - Makes a wand's previous spells appear
Protego - Shield Charm
Quietus - Counters Sonorus
Reducio - Makes things smaller
Reducto - Reductor Curse, Destroys solid objects
Relashio - Hits someone with boiling water (?)
Reparo - Fixes something
Rictusempra - Tickling Charm
Riddikulus - Charm to counter Boggarts
Scourgify - Cleans things
Serpensortia - Makes a snake appear
Silencio - Silencing Charm, to take away the voice of a target
Sonorus - Projects your voice
Stupefy - Stunning Charm
Tarantallegra - Makes you go into a dance frenzy
Waddiwasi - Unstick stuck objects (?)
Wingardium Leviosa - Levitation Charm
Okay, there's my list. Those incantations marked with a ? are those I'm not sure of its use... Sorry, I've been posting too many OOCs, I'll post an in-character post in a while...

17th June 2004, 10:26 AM
Just one thing to note, if you do create a spell (as in think of one up and not your character literally inventing it) then try to make the incantation sound as 'magic-ish' as possible and if you can maybe use latin in it. I'm sure there's some translators on the net. Do describe what your spell does too. Anyway, "new" spells would be taught at Aortas.I have a basic degree in Latin so if you need any help inventing spells just ask or PM me.

17th June 2004, 11:03 AM
((OOC: Oooh, cool, PK!))

*^~Seraphic Aeryn Black~^*

Zephyr and his group of friends came over to sit with Donnelly and I, and we started to talk about Aortas and what it would be like.

"Do you think our Potions teacher at Aortas will be as mean as Snape?" I asked, a little worried. I wasn't afraid of Professor Snape, although he seemed to take an intense dislike of me. From my left, I saw a boy about our age turn in his seat to face us.

"Huh? Did you say Aortas Auror Academy? Will you Be Attending?" he asked, somewhat excitedly. I studied him. He had spiky hair and strange eyes that seemed to be alight with surprise. Somehow, those queer blue eyes seemed familiar. Perhaps a student at Hogwarts?

"Yeah!" I replied, giving him a warm smile. "You too?" The boy nodded.

"I'm Hunter," he said, extending his hand. I shook it.

"Pleasure. My name is Seraphic, and that's Zephyr, Sean, Artemis, Elizabeth and Donnelly." One by one, I introduced those seated with me. "Why don't you join us here? We were just talking about what Aortas's Potions teacher will be like."

17th June 2004, 01:54 PM
Hunter: You have to be accepted into the RPG before you can post In Character....

My friend said to post so that ill be in by the time i get accepted by the guy that made the topic, i can always edit minor details about myself leter :)
thankyou for your time

Krystalline Kabutops
17th June 2004, 02:31 PM
My friend said to post so that ill be in by the time i get accepted by the guy that made the topic, i can always edit minor details about myself leter :)
thankyou for your time That means you're assuming he WILL accept you, which he hasn't yet.

17th June 2004, 04:22 PM
I didnt say that, I said, or if i didnt i implied, that its there if he approves, and if he doesnt you can always tweak minor details until its approved

Edit: Now Please stop trying to get in an arguement becuse ive had to spam twice in this topic cuz of you

Krystalline Kabutops
17th June 2004, 04:27 PM
I didnt say that, I said, or if i didnt i implied, that its there if he approves, and if he doesnt you can always tweak minor details until its approved

Edit: Now Please stop trying to get in an arguement becuse ive had to spam twice in this topic cuz of you I'm not trying to get an arguement started, I'm just trying to get this resolved. And if you're afraid of "spamming", then you can just PM me your reply, if you feel it neccasary to reply.

17th June 2004, 06:05 PM
When is whoever started this goingt o be back to accept lsus?

Thankyou for your time

Shadow Djinn
17th June 2004, 07:19 PM
Hi. Me. The person who asked for Seeker? LSU and stuff, posting my form for Icez to accept.

Name: James Alastor Moody
Gender: Male
Species: Are telepaths allowed? If yes, I'll go more in dept in my posts >_<;
Personality: James is clearly quiet, after spending years with his grandfather in which he inherited his middle name from, Alastor Moody, paranoid Ex-Auror. His only ambition was to become an Auror, which Alastor constantly sneered at. This caused him to be more grumpy and grouchy with other people, and hates social events ( parties, proms, etc. ) His life is one entire saga of silence, while he holds spite to Moody for putting him down constantly. He excels in school work and spells, and loves to use " Expellimerus." If he gets to know somebody, however, he's pretty friendly with them.
Appearance: James looks nothing like his family at all. He is tall, about 6"1, with jet black hair as dark as coal. His eyes are a glassy blue, and a burn from a spell is etched across his cheek in a thin line. His face is zit-free, and he's really pale. As in really pale. o_o;. He wears a flowing green cloak, and is extremely agile. Under his cloak is a blue shirt and dark blue jeans with loads of pockets, while a belt is strapped lopsided across his torso, holding his wand.
Class: The mandatory, and Offence Magic, Unarmed Combat, and Survival Training.
House: Chifre
Wand: 11" Redwood, with Hippogriff Tail Feather
Animal: A small young Hippogriff that is unnamed so far, but James calls him
" Patch " for now, due to his white body with a black patch.
Quidditch: Chaser
History: James's parents were Aurors that faced down a group of Death Eaters and died fighting when he was at the age of 3. Alastor Moody, his grandfather, was asked to take James under his wing. He taught him armed combat at the age of five, and James has mastered how to use many weapons, his favorite being the knife and katana. He was found to be a wizard the day he was born, and Moody was given permission to teach him magic himself. They duelled once a day, which James loved to do. When he was ten, he started levitating things around the house, wandless. Moody called him a Telepath, which James hated. His psychic powers lay dormant for years until his Thirteenth birthday, where he had such a powerful feeling of anger--due to his snide and idiotic nephew, Kyle, who had picked a wizard fight. The couch in the living room smashed Kyle, squashing him until Alastor rescued Kyle. James was scolded severly by Moody, who then sneered at his dream of becoming an Auror, saying simply that he didn't have the guts. His concealed anger led to him attending Aortas.
Other: He carries a small dagger in his belt at all times for protection, and he also likes disarming people for fun. He's maaaaddd. Er...not really. But he's addicted to that spell. ^_^; Oh and he rides a Firebolt. And he's related to Larien. But he's never really known about her.

17th June 2004, 07:37 PM
Hey SJ, better tell gamewizard to change to form since he also has Chifre Seeker. Also, maybe you should mention that James is also related to Larien *points to my post on the first page* I got to the Moody lineage first

Emotional Faun Chiko-sai
18th June 2004, 02:27 PM
Name: Ezra Delaporte
Gender: Male
Species: Watered-down, oddball vampire... see History.
Personality: He's quiet, and very observant. He tries not to make his presence felt; rather, he prefers to slink around in shadows and keep himself to himself. He remembers everything, and listens very attentively even when you don't want him to. Believes in being part of the crowd, albeit a very intelligent part of the crowd. Has a smart mouth, and is quite ready to use it if the need arises. He takes a 'whatever' attitude to most things, except his supply of caffeine. Not the most social person in the Academy, he nevertheless enjoys a good argument.
Appearance: Bone-thin. Approximately 6'1". He can move very quickly when he wants to, although not much on the brute force front. Very pale, almost translucent vampire skin, and blue eyes. His black hair is pulled back into a slender ponytail. He is rarely seen out of his nondescript school robes or another pair of thick grey robes in the daytime; underneath them he wears a grey dress shirt and dark slacks, and boots with soft soles.
Class: Advanced Defense Against the Dark Arts, Advanced Transfiguration, Advanced Potions, Advanced Charms, Advanced Care of Magical Creatures, Offence Magic, Unarmed Combat
House: Guivre
Wand: 10", teak wood; core of stardust and phoenix ash
Animal: A common little terrier dog named Spot (despite the fact that it has no spots on its body), grey in colour, and quite old in dog years. Probably about 12 in human years.
Quidditch: Seeker. Owns a Nimbus 2002.
History: Scion of an old vampire family. (I think vampires can breed.. right?? ^^') Said vampire family has been watered down and reduced considerably, due to intermarriage with humans (not Muggles, of course), and lack of vampires that were considered 'suitable' for marriage (ie. no one was posh or nobby enough), and also that vampires generally need blood to survive, and people tend to get in the mood for stakes and razing of family estates and things like that if they know someone's after blood, especially theirs.
However, an enterprising great-uncle of Ezra's, Marcel Delaporte, formed a little theory in his head that the hankering for blood, common to all vampires, might just be a simple addiction, and that it was not truly essential to their continued survival. If that addiction might be swerved to something else easily begotten and viewed as normal by humans, eg. tea, vampires would not prey upon humans, and humans would not make vampires collapse into a pile of dust, and everyone would be happy. More or less.
Other vampires scorned this, keeping to their own ways and means; Ezra's already much-decimated family decided to take the plunge and experiment. So far, no one has died, been drained of blood, or become dust. However, quite a number of the Delaportes have become happy converts to caffeineland and coffee, except Ezra, who personally likes caffeineland in the (slightly) milder form of tea.
The downside of this experiment is that while Ezra remains relatively sane with regular healthy doses of tea, once he misses it, his blood addiction will snap back, whether he likes it or not. With serious repercussions. So, if you really wanted to screw his life up badly, you could just steal the large, large box of tea he keeps under his bed and hide it somewhere inconvenient.
The zero resistance to sunlight still stands... hence his love of shadows and long thick robes. Oh, and he finds the invention of sunblock to be humankind's great gift to vampires.
He has no particular reason for wanting to be an Auror. He was offered, so he thought it convenient. His family remains neutral towards the wizarding war and Voldemort. They don't see the point of interfering when there are obviously too many thumbs in the pie already.
Other: send Other to ICU, the poor thing...
Ezra Delaporte - M - Guivre/Seeker - Vampire/Wallflower. ^^;

Being a vampire complicates the simple process of buying textbooks. Reason being, bookshops in Diagon Alley cater to the vast majority of species that do not shrivel up into ash and/or go 'Argh argh argh' when touched by the sunlight. Point being, bookshops in Diagon Alley don't open at night. (OOC: At least, I don't think so...? ^^')

This was the line of reasoning that led up to Ezra making a trip to Diagon Alley at four in the afternoon, in a heavy cloak and lots and lots of sunblock. He did not intend having the tip of his nose dissolve into bits of dust, even if it came back the next day. People asked too many questions, and they weren't always polite. Especially if they were Muggles.

The assistants at the various shops were alway on their guard against vampires, though they were slightly less standoffish to the Delaportes, their being an old vampire family and the only one that was above the notion of biting people's necks for food. They were rather warm today; in fact, the assistant at the robes outlet was particularly amused at the very idea of a vampire attending Aortas. But then again, all sorts of creatures attended Aortas.

He hadn't brought Spot out, mainly because it was one of those days when he tended to shed all over the place, and it wouldn't do to have him leaving a trail of dog hair everywhere he went. Old age was a terrible thing. Ezra was half-glad that he wouldn't have to go through it.

At Hogwarts, he had been in Slytherin house. Most considered that to be an automatic decision, given that Ezra was a) snarky; b) tended to slink around hallways so quietly he even startled Peeves; c) enjoyed Potions and of course d) a vampire. He kept well in the background, preferring to keep himself to himself and watch the other more noticeable students much as an intelligent onlooker enjoying a sideshow. He doubted that anyone had really noticed him, in or out of class. He'd lost the Seeker position in Slytherin to Draco Malfoy, for unknown reasons. Not that he cared much. Malfoy got on his nerves about 99% of the time, and he'd rather not have anything to do with the more famous members of Slytherin if he had a choice.

Ezra glanced at his watch. Five o'clock. Five o'clock = teatime. Five o'clock = teatime = caffeine administration or bust. Already he'd been staring at the inviting neck of a girl who'd walked past.

He ducked into Florean Fortescue's, which happened to be the nearest place with hot water and cups and possibly ice cream. It was packed with lots and lots and lots of students who'd just concluded their school shopping. He made a civil request at the counter for a teacup and some hot water; and, seeing as there wasn't a table to be had for love nor money, or even a spare chair, he pulled out a teabag from a pocket and made his tea in a small corner of the counter that no one had appropriated just yet.

After conducting a semi-extensive survey of the sardine-packed ice cream parlour (they really had to get an extension soon), Ezra concluded that there were quite a number also going to Aortas. A few gathered round a transfigured table he recognised as mostly former Gryffindor. Figured. Gryffindor seemed to be a hothouse for magical talent. There was another communing with his pet snake in the not-so-far-away distance. Probably also Slytherin, and if I'm not mistaken, it's Blackmore Whitby.

The caffeine began to take effect. He relaxed slightly; he stopped thinking that most people walking by were potential meals.

Now, if only it were evening already, I would feel right at home.
>_< brain-dead postness...

Jash Thor
18th June 2004, 03:12 PM
Name: Mark Levinson

Gender Male

Species Human

Personality: Mark is a very friendly guy. He likes just hanging around, with no worries, goofing off. He has been known to get to sure of himself, but he seems to always find a way to rebound from his mistakes.

Appearence: Tall, around 5' 10", with a slightly lanky body, but also toned and firm from his constant athletic involvement. His hair is a shaggy dirty blonde, and he also has blue eyes.

Advanced Potions
Advanced Transfigurations
Advanced Charms
Advanced Care of Magical Creatures
Advanced Defense Against the Dark Arts
Offence Magic

House: Torignis

Wand 16", redwood, core filled with crushed vampire and basilisk fangs.

Animals: Mark has a medium sized cat, named Moonside, with dark black fur and one eye. The one eye it has is colored a dark yellow, and never blinks.

Quidditch: Chaser, but also plays beater if necessary.

History: Mark was born into a regular family, his mother and father both having attended Hogwarts in the past. His parents work for an agency that travels abroad, so he sees little of them. He likes school alot because of this, so his summers pass by slowly as he waits until the beginning of the next term.

Other: none

-----~~Mark Levinson~~-----

The regular before school bustle was out and around in Diagon Alley, the chorus of angry shoppers coming from every store shop I passed. A large man bumped against my shoulder, and glared at me as if I was the one at fault. Moonside, my cat who was perched on my shoulder, hissed at the man, but I just sighed and ran my fingers through my brown hair, stroked his head once and continued on.

Of course I made all of the usual stops. I first paid a visit to the text book store, browsing through the shelves, picking out the books I would be needing for the year. Once that had been completed, I next dropped by the robe shop. After a few minor arguments about length with the tailor, I walked out the exit garbed in a new school outfit. I made a few other stops, and by the end I was totally worn out.

I decided to stop at Florean Fortescue's, which was known for its delicious ice cream floats. I passed through the door, and almost turned right around when I saw the crowd. But thirst gripped my throat, and I saw an empty seat at the counter, so I made way for it, just getting there before another Hogwarts students, and he cursed at me and left. I just chuckled.

As I ordered my drink, I took a look around and noticed the blend of Hogwarts students and future classmates from Aortas Auror Academy. I recieved my drink and decided I should mabye begin looking for new friends...

18th June 2004, 06:52 PM
OOC: I had written a post, but the ****ing forum booted me off and I lost all that I had typed. I will have it reposted soon, I hope. Sorry.

CoolTrainer IcEz
18th June 2004, 10:17 PM
OOC: Both Gamewizard and ShadowD are accepted but SD, you need to change your Quidditch position since GW posted his sign up first, so he gets the Seeker position. Gee, that's alot of OOC posts. I'll try to get one up soon.

Gothic Animé
18th June 2004, 11:11 PM
meeee? *moans* okay...:D
and no, it's not a sexual moan!

»alex manson: endriago«

> the leaky cauldron, my room <

i got up and yawned, stretching my whole body. i had been asleep for maybe an hour, but even sleeping was so boring i couldn't do it for long. getting up, i felt my hand begin to throb again. quickly, i muttered, 'scourgify,' followed by 'ferula.' as much as i hated bandages, because they drew so much attention, it would have to do, as i didn't know the spell for simply healing it. yami jumped up and licked the bandage curiously. i picked him up and petted him, then let him rest on my shoulders. this time, he could come with me.

> diagon alley <

entering the brick archway for the second time today, i watched it close behind me and stepped into the narrow alleyway once again. i decided to head over to the area near florean fortescue's ice cream parlour. it was packed before, but who know, maybe the crowd had thinned. stepping through the door into the semi-cold parlour, i looked around. it was completely filled. not a seat in sight. shaking my head, which scared yami a bit, i turned around. heading out the door, i felt a tap on my shoulder. turning around, i looked at someone very unfamiliar staring back at me. well, not staring exactly.

'erm, hi?' i said, though it was kind of a question. 'have we met?' though i wasn't a fan of conversation, i figured it would be impolite to be rude, so i talked. "well, no, not exactly. but i was wondering, are you going to aorta's?" half wanting to lie and say no, i decided against it and nodded my head. "oh really? that's cool, i'm going too!" he said. 'cool,' i replied. "so uh...where're you headed?" he asked. 'not sure, i was going to florean's but it's far too crowded...' "yeah, definitely, but tons of aorta's academy students are in there." ah, well...i thought to myself.

"well hey, you can still come in though." he said. 'no, that's okay, i can check somewhere else.' i replied. ugh, the giant crowds. i disliked crowds, but before i knew it, he was yanking me in. 'well umm...okay, i guess i can stay awhile.' i said. we headed back through the door. i sighed. well, maybe it would do me good...

> the parlour <

we went over to the giant crowd of soon-to-be aorta's students. as i walked up, they all kind of went silent and looked up at me. 'hi.' i said sheepishly. 'i'm alex.' murmurs went out around the table, and he introduced me to those whose names he knew. the rest introduced themselves, though some needed no introducing. conjuring myself a chair, i sat down at the far end of the table. "oh and by the way, i'm hunter." he said. soon i found myself in a discussion about upcoming courses and teachers at aorta's. i didn't really talk to much, unless i needed to, but most of these people weren't so bad. hunter seemed cool, at least. really outgoing, but nice...

<ooc> have fun hunter :D EDIT: i sorta changed a lot, but just to notify those who read it, make sure you reread it, as it's not the same...:D</ooc>

Shadow Djinn
19th June 2004, 01:07 AM
OOC: Both Gamewizard and ShadowD are accepted but SD, you need to change your Quidditch position since GW posted his sign up first, so he gets the Seeker position. Gee, that's alot of OOC posts. I'll try to get one up soon.

Erm, I personally called it in the Signups for this RPG...And GW did not post in that topic....And sorry TML, I was spaced out.

EDIT: Icez, here:


19th June 2004, 03:05 AM
You cant "reserve your spot" what if you ask to reserve your spot and dont come back? you have to post your sign up to get accepted, technically he accepted me before you because i posted my sign up before you.

You had about a week to post your sign up but you diddn't until after i posted.

Soo...It'd be pretty dandy if I could reserve Chifre's Seeker spot like last time

And plus note your if? you knew there you were asking if you could, and he didnt say yes did he?

Thankyou for your time.

CoolTrainer IcEz
19th June 2004, 04:36 AM
OOC: Yeah. I'm sorry SD, I wasn't around to accept you reserve. Besides, even if I did, you'd need to post your sign up within a day or so. So, the Chifre Seeker place still goes to GW. Sorry about the little miscommunication/misunderstanding. If you just change your Quidditch poisition, SD, everything should be fine.

Zephyr Remus Potter - Endriago

As I picked away at my rocky road ice cream cone, Seraphic was talking about the Potions.

"Do you think our Potions teacher at Aortas will be as mean as Snape?" she asked.
"Guess it runs in all Potions teachers..." commented Artemis.
"Well, it depends on what house you're in and what house the teacher likes, doesn't it?" I said.
"Yeah that's true. The Slytherins love Potions lessons," said Sean.
"I just hope Advanced Potions isn't too difficult," said Elizabeth.
"Sounds like it will be," added Donnelly.
"Sounds like everything will be difficult" I added.

It seemed like the conversation was getting heated up with Sean describing the time he had made 3 cauldrons melt, while making a Snuffling Potion, just because he forgot to add the Horn of Wrahon before stirring. Then Seraphic was speaking to a boy named Hunter, who was apparently going to Aortas too, and invited him to join us at the table. Of course, it was Artemis who transfigured more trash (this time from Hunter's pockets) into a chair for him. We were having such an animated sharing of our experiences at Hogwart's Potions lessons, that we didn't even notice Hunter leaving the table. When he returned he had invited another boy, who introduced himself as Alex, to the table. From the looks of the conversation, everyone was excited about training to become an Auror and also about going to Aortas.

"So what house do you think you be in?" asked Elizabeth.
I immediately took out 4 Chocolate Frog cards and layed them on the cluttered table.
"Endriago, Chifre, Torignis, Guivre." I said, proud of my collection.
"Figures that Zephyr would have Chocolate Frog cards of almost anyone" commented Artemis.
"Trust Zephyr to bring them around too" said Sean with a friendly punch to my shoulder.
"I'm still waiting for them to make a card of me though," I replied to Artemis with a little wink.

Everyone began examining the cards and some already had an idea which house they wanted to be in. I still wasn't sure which house was for me but Endriago sure looked like a cool house. I just hoped I could get on the house team and continue playing Chaser with Sean but with my old Nimbus 2000, it was going to be difficult. Everyone around seemed to be having Firebolts of Nimbus 2004s.

Before we knew it, we had already whiled the afternoon away talking about almost everything. The sun was already slowly setting in the distance. We finished our ice cream (for me it was my third cone) and headed out different ways.

To my delight a few of us Aortas students would actually be staying at the Leaky Cauldron for the night; including Sean who was in the room just next to mine. After freshening up, Sean and I went downstairs for dinner.

The Leaky Cauldron, though small, was definitely lessed packed than the ice cream parlour. We found ourselves a comfortable table and plopped ourselves down. The Nightly Prophet Owl was flying around, to the dismay of many patrons, and I managed to purchase a copy. Laying it out I began reading while feeding Avis some bread.

19th June 2004, 05:38 AM
*^~Seraphic Aeryn Black - Torignis~^*

As Zephyr pulled out his Chocolate Frog cards, my eyes grew wide.

"Wow, you have the cards of all 4 founders of Aortas?" I asked. "Any extras? Interested in trading? I've got, lets see..." I pulled out my Chocolate Frog card album and flipped through it. "Hmm... You want Visandra Heart? The new female lead of the Weird sisters? It's a new card, and I've got two of her... I really need Torignis to complete my collection! Besides, Torignis is the house I want to be in!"

Zephyr frowned... "I'll have to think about it, you know..."

"Okay, never mind then..." I said, somewhat disappointed.

As evening approached, I finished my 4th ice cream and we headed our separate ways, after promises to meet the next day on the train to Aortas. I returned to the Leaky Cauldron, where I intended to check in to spend the night.

"A single room for one night, please," I told Tom, the innkeeper. Right, one room, that'll be 15 sickles, special student rate. It comes with free dinner and breakfast." Tom winked. I grinned and paid him. "Right, so dinner will be served at 7 pm sharp, breakfast at 7am tomorrow. You're in room 12, please follow me -"

"Seraphic!" someone called from behind. I turned. It was Alex, another boy whom I had met in the afternoon. He came up to me, smiling. "You're staying here too? That's cool! I'm in room 11."

"That's just next door from me!" I exclaimed! "Room 12 here."

Tom interrupted. "Well, since you two know each other, I suppose you can show her to her room, young man. Here's your key, miss. Have a good night!"

"Come on, this way!" Alex grabbed my hand and pulled me up the stairs. In that moment of contact, I felt a strong sense of familiarity in my mind. Could it be, Alex was a metamorphmagus too? But it couldn't be, they're supposed to be rare!

Curiousity finally got the better of me, and I asked Alex to his face. "You're a metamorphmagus too, right? So am I. This is cool! I've never met another metamorphmagus!" I blurted out, all in one breath. Alex looked at me, confused. I blushed. Right, that was stupid, I thought.

"Sorry, you're a metamorphmagus too, aren't you?" I said, after taking a few deep breaths.

Okay, so that was crap... Sorry! Gothic, if you don't want room 11, or don't want Alex to meet Seraphic like this, I can change my post...

19th June 2004, 09:15 AM
Gah! I had just fallen out of the tree I had been in, and I was asleep the entire time until I hit the ground. "Dangit!" I shout. Maybe this wasn't a good idea. The Leaky Caldron would have to be better. But, first, as it probably had just turn night, I decided to cast some spells. "Expecto Patronum!" I shouted, thinking of my brother. A white light shot from my wand, and mist shot out. Out rushed a Tiger, what my brother could turn into as he was an Animagus, too. "Flippendo!" A blue blast of light shot out and flipped a stone into the air. "Incendio!" A shot of fire launched forwards and burnt a twig. "Well, that's good enough, Garin let's go." Garin flew down, and I transformed into Animagus form, and flew towards the Leaky Caldron. I jumped in through an open window, transforming back into human form, although landing in front of two kids about my age. They both had Aortas books and robes, so I thought I'd introduce myself as we were going to be at the same school. "Uh, hi. My name's Lincoln. What's up?"

Ah, interaction. It feels so good in my soul.

Gothic Animé
19th June 2004, 04:43 PM
do you mean seraphic and i? sorry if i sound picky, but i haven't got my robes on or my books with me...^^;whatever though. ^^ and that's an alright post sakura. </ooc>

»alex manson: endriago«

> the leaky cauldron, corridor <

"sorry, you're a metamorphmagus too, aren't you?" said seraphic, blushing. i stopped for a second. 'err, well...' i mumbled, glancing at the floor. 'would you like to step into my room for a second?' i asked her, not particularly wanting to talk about this openly when there were people in earshot. "sure, but first i should put my stuff down in my room."

we continued walking again, but just as we were turning the corner to our rooms, a kid landed in front of us. i stopped abruptly, and got my wand out, standing in front of seraphic. "uh, hi. my name's lincoln. what's up?" putting my wand back, i helped him up off the ground. 'hi, i'm alex.' i replied. "and i'm seraphic. you're going to aorta's too?" she asked. "yeah." 'well hey, we can meet at dinner and talk, if you'd like?' i asked. "sure. see you then." he replied.

> leaky cauldron, my room <

i went over and sat on my bed, waiting for seraphic to come. how had she figured i was a metamorphmagi? had i accidentaly changed? while i pondered this, i heard a knock at the door. i went over to open it, and let seraphic in. "so, are you really a metamorphmagus?" she asked, once we had sat down. 'yes, i am. i don't really want many people to know, and no one else could tell as far as i knew. how did you know?' i asked...

19th June 2004, 05:28 PM
Linc: Torignis
After meeting the kids in the corridor, I walked downstairs to get my room, although I tripped on a stair and fell all the way down. I walked to over to a person who I thoguh would give me the room. "Hi, could I have a room for the night?" I asked to the man. "Sure, room 13." He handed me the key and I gave him the correct amount of money and walked back upstairs. "Room 13... room 13... ah! Here we are!" I walked into my room and sat on the bed, and I told Garin he could go fly if he wanted to, and he leaped out the window and spiraled into the night sky. An owl came with the Daily Prophet in its talons, and I ripped the parchment from it and gave it the money. It flew away and I plopped down on my bed to read the wizard newpaper, all this stuff about goblins, a prisoner from Azkaban tried to escape but got caught by the dementors, Minestry of Magic stuff, and a article that caught my eye. It was a section about the people who have been killed by Voldermort in the last few years, and near the top of the list it said my brothers name. I threw the paper out the window, and plopped down on the bed again, when Garin came through the window with a peice of parchment in his talon. I pulled it gently from his claw, and opened it up.
Dear Linc,
Me and Dad are missing you terribly, and we decided to send you a gift. I hope you like it, as you would need it for the quidditch in Aortas. I hope you have a good time at school. Oh, Garin's here, man that bird flies fast. I'll send another bird to bring the gift, we love you.
Hm, a gift huh? Another bird came, but this owl tripping on the windowsil and flipped into the wall. It was carrying a large package, and I ripped off the wrapping paper. It was a broom, made of redwood, and at the end it said: Draconum 2004. I had heard of these brooms. They are as fast as a Firebolt, and they have excellent turning and manuever ability. Holy crap... I thought. This is one of the fastest brooms in history!. I set it down on my bed, the shiny wood flashing in the moonlight. I walked out my room, and I went down stairs to meet the kids I met earlier for dinner...

Green Lanturn
19th June 2004, 05:44 PM
Sule Surinen~Elf Keeper of Chifre

It wasnt often that I slept outside of home or school, but The Leaky Cauldron was to me my resting place for the evening. After going to the apothecary to replenish some supplies, and a quick stop to buy some treats for my owl, I walked towards the open end of diagon aley, heading for the cauldron. As I passed Fortescue's Ice Cream, where I had been before with an ice cream, I noticed that several students were there. All of them it seemed, had on Aortas robes. I passed without stopping to chat, continueing my trektowards my bed. I went inside and climbed up the stairs, making sure to say hi to the bartender, Tom. Tom, it seemed, was fascinated with Elves, and not house elves, regular, big, elves.

As i reached my room,room 174, I saw a boy down the hall, he too had on Chifre robes. He glanced at me and said "hi." I kindly responded.

"I see you are in the Chifre house as well," i asked him.

"Yes I am. My name is Matthias McGonnagal."

"Sule Surinen," i replied, and we shook hands. He looked at me kind of odd. He obviousy had not met too many elves in his life. I laughed and said goodnight to him and walked into my roon, my luggage and everything already in my room.

Well, it seemed not even a day of school, and i already made an acquaintance, or even a friend.


Perfect Chaos
19th June 2004, 09:07 PM
It was a faily evenfuly day. I managed to meet up with Zephyr at the ice cream shop and a few other people that I found out were also going to Aortas. We began conversing on our classes and who the teachers might be and I managed to tell everyone about the time I melted 3 cauldrons in Potions class, which ended up in me getting a detention from that bastard of a teacher Snape. It was nice hearing a laugh from the group though. I was especially intrigued with this one girl in the group, named Seraphic Black. She had really gorgeous pink hair and these pretty bluish gray eyes. I couldn't help to blush a bit whenever she looked over in my direction.

Now, me and Zephyr had headed over to the Leaky Cauldron where I happily found out that we were right next to each other in rooms. After I helped Zephyr put his things away, we both decided to head downstairs to grab something to eat. Much to our, well mainly my dismay, The Nightly Prophet owl decided to start hovering around us, in which Zephyr bought a copy, probably to get rid of the little bugger. It was then that I decided to tell Zephyr about my "little crush" on Seraphic.

"Hey Zephyr, can you keep a secret" I asked him my well-known low tone. He smirked at me and said "Sean, I already know probably the biggest secret about you. Since I haven't blabbed that out yet, I'm sure you can still trust me." I looked at him funny and said "Well, you got me there. Listen...I think I kinda like somebody..." As soon as I said the phrase "like somebody" Zephyr's interest nearly doubled from before. He was in my face asking me all sorts of questions. "Who?" "What does she look like?" "Do I know her?" "Is she going to Aortas?" I was on the brink of putting a Sliencing Charm on him when all of a sudden, I saw Seraphic coming down the stairs.

I went into a complete shock, practically staring at her. Zephyr must've noticed me, since he finally managed to shut up and turned to see her. A sly grin played across his mouth. "Oh, I get it. Sean's got a thing for Seraphic, eh?" I was to stunned to say anything. "How about we get you to know her a bit better?" he said, the sly grin still on his face. Before I knew what hit me, Zephyr turned around completely and started calling "Hey Seraphic!" When it finally dawned on me on what just took placed, I was ready to pounce on Zephyr, when just my luck, Seraphic started walking towards us...

More interaction goodness :laugh:


CoolTrainer IcEz
19th June 2004, 10:18 PM
Zephyr Remus Potter - Endriago

19th June 2004, 11:01 PM
^v^Hunter Esonas^v^

As everyone left I was a bit saddened, I was actually making friends then they left. "Oh well..." I sighed and walked out the door, i sneaked between two buildings and transformed into a handsome black hawk, and flew out the tiny alley without notice. I flew into a tree and watched as two kids i had just met were walking out a guy in a tree opposite of me fell out infront of them. I watched them go back inside the leakey cauldron again. I glided after them and saw what room they were in.

I flew back out and landed on their window to watch them more. 'I love spying.' I thought to myself. 'Whats greatest about it, no one in the world nows I can transform, not even the ministrie of magic.' I kind of caw/laughed and glided back Estry telling her to go land on gringotts while I got a place in The leakey cauldron.

I went up to the manager and he said they were packed, 'Man..' I thought and walked away saying thankyou to the man. <ooc: that dont mean you cant stay there people, just say you registered efore me or something> I walked out into Diagon Alley and Din't know what to do. It was getting Dark Already and I needed a place to sleep. "I'll just have to Stay a bird all night" I said and Sat up in a tree and fell asleep after the sun set.


I woke up that morning to the hustle and bustle that is diagon alley. "Great! Today we go to Aortas!" I thought flying to gringott's roof. I ransformed and told Estry where to go. And she was off. I took my trunk "dislarengardum" I said and it shrunk to the size of a toy car, I put it in my pocket and walked out of diagon alley. "Off To Aorta's" I said walking out of diagon alley. "Wonder if I'll catch up with anyone before I get there."

ooc: Ok I dont know what were taking or where to go so this is where i stop,

thankyou for your time *wonders how long until that phrase gets annoying*

19th June 2004, 11:10 PM
^v^Hunter Esonas^v^

As everyone left I was a bit saddened, I was actually making friends then they left. "Oh well..." I sighed and walked out the door, i sneaked between two buildings and transformed into a handsome black hawk, and flew out the tiny alley without notice. I flew into a tree and watched as two kids i had just met were walking out a guy in a tree opposite of me fell out infront of them. I watched them go back inside the leakey cauldron again. I glided after them and saw what room they were in.

I flew back out and landed on their window to watch them more. 'I love spying.' I thought to myself. 'Whats greatest about it, no one in the world nows I can transform, not even the ministrie of magic.' I kind of caw/laughed and glided back Estry telling her to go land on gringotts while I got a place in The leakey cauldron.

I went up to the manager and he said they were packed, 'Man..' I thought and walked away saying thankyou to the man. <ooc: that dont mean you cant stay there people, just say you registered efore me or something> I walked out into Diagon Alley and Din't know what to do. It was getting Dark Already and I needed a place to sleep. "I'll just have to Stay a bird all night" I said and Sat up in a tree and fell asleep after the sun set.


I woke up that morning to the hustle and bustle that is diagon alley. "Great! Today we go to Aortas!" I thought flying to gringott's roof. I ransformed and told Estry where to go. And she was off. I took my trunk "dislarengardum" I said and it shrunk to the size of a toy car, I put it in my pocket and walked out of diagon alley. "Off To Aorta's" I said walking out of diagon alley. "Wonder if I'll catch up with anyone before I get there."

ooc: Ok I dont know what were taking or where to go so this is where i stop,

thankyou for your time *wonders how long until that phrase gets annoying*

20th June 2004, 09:42 AM
Hmm... This is getting interesting...

*^~Seraphic Aeryn Black~^*

As I was asking Alex if he was a Metamorphmagus, someone came up the stairway. It turned out to be another boy our age, with brown hair and blue eyes. We introduced ourselves. It turned out that he ws attending Aortas too. After he had gone, I went to room 12 to drop my stuff, then went to Alex's room. He was waiting for me.

"So, are you really a Metamorphmagus?" I asked, sitting down on his bed.

"Yes, I am. I don't really want many people to know, and no one else could tell as far as I knew. How did you know?"

I frowned. "Hmm... I'm not so sure myself. Sort of like telepathy, I guess," I replied, laughing... Alex looked at me with his thoughtful black eyes, not entirely convinced. "Really!" I added. "Don't worry, your secret is safe with me."

"Okay, then..." Alex checked his watch. "It's almost seven. Better go down for dinner!" He went to the door, and held it open for me. I smiled. We went down the stairs together. He's quite a gentleman, I thought, smiling to myself. And he's a Metamorphmagus too. The second one I've ever met, after Tonks.

For a moment, I found myself dreaming about Alex, then I mentally gave myself a slap. I musn't let my feelings get in my way, first rule of Auror training. I could almost hear Tonks voice: Always put your duty first, Seraphic. Never let your emotions addle you. I didn't know why I suddenly thought of that, but all I knew was that Alex was making me feel weird and nervous. Could this be love?

We emerged from the bottom of the stairs. Linc, the boy we had met earlier, was at the counter, probably checking in. I looked around the dining area and spotted Zephyr and Sean having their dinner together. Zephyr beckoned to me. Turning my head, I saw that Alex had gone to show Linc up to his room.

"Hey, Seraphic!" Zephyr called. I moved towards him.

"Hey! You two staying at the Leaky Cauldron too?" I asked, smiling at the pair of them.

"Yep." Zephyr nodded. "We can get to the train station together tomorrow! Come join us for dinner."

"Okay, I nodded and sat down beside Zephyr. As Alex and Linc came into view, I beckoned them over to join us. Our party was now almost as large as when we were in Florean Fortescue's. Tom the innkeeeper came up to us.

"Well, what will you young lady and gentlemen like?" he asked, smiling.

"Hmm... I'll have whatever the cook's specialty is..." I said, then waited for Alex and Linc to place their orders...

CoolTrainer IcEz
20th June 2004, 10:24 AM
Zephyr Remus Potter - Endriago

Avis was munching away at her breadcrumbs when Sean suddenly spoke in a hushed tone, "Hey Zephyr, can you keep a secret?"
I gave Sean a little smirk and replied, "Sean, I already know probably the biggest secret about you. Since I haven't blabbed that out yet, I'm sure you can still trust me."
He thought for a while then said, "Well, you got me there. Listen...I think I kinda like somebody..." I nearly fell off my chair when I had sat up so suddenly. I was dying to know what this secret was.

"What does she look like?"
"Do I know her?"
"Is she going to Aortas?" I inundated Sean with a barrage of questions not even pausing for him to answer. He could tell that I was going to punch him if he didn't cut the suspense.

But then, there was something different in Sean's eyes. He seemed to be staring. Staring at something behind me. I turned around to see who but Seraphic coming down the stairs.

"Oh, I get it. Sean's got a thing for Seraphic, eh?" I poked fun at Sean. Before he could react I was already waving at her and inviting her to join us.
"Hi Seraphic!" I said chirpily. "You're putting up at Leaky Cauldron's too?"
"Oh! A phoenix!" she shrieked in excitement.

She patted Avis on the head and rubbed her neck abit. Avis seemed to be liking it and hopped onto Seraphic's outstretched hand.
"Wow, you're good with animals. Avis won't let anyone else touch her but me." I commented.
"Avis? Is that your name?" said Seraphic and soon, Avis perched proudly on her shoulder.

Seraphic signalled for Alex who had just come down to join us at the table and soon the 2 of them were engaged in a animated conversation. Sean was gripping his fork particularly tightly and the veins at his temples were beginning to throb. I had to kick him in the shin to snap him out of it. We didn't need a rampaging demon in the Leaky Cauldron. I knew just what to do. I passed my only Phoebe Torignis chocolate frog card to Sean from under the table.

When he got it, he looked at me surprised and whispered silently to me, "You sure?"
"Go!" I urged him.

He plucked up the courage and finally said, "Umm... Um. Seraphic?" he fumbled. "I noticed you were looking for a Phoebe Torignis card earlier."
Seraphic finally broke away from her conversation and turned her attention to Sean. "Oh. Yeah."
"Well, I happen to have one her and I don't mind letting go of it." Sean replied more confidently.
"Are you sure?" she asked.
"Yup. Go on, take it." replied Sean.
"Thank you, Sean! Thank you!" squealed Seraphic gratefully. She was so happy that she actually gave Sean a hug. I swore that if Sean's face had blushed any furthur, he would have looked exactly like Avis.

OOC: This is getting good... :lol:

Krystalline Kabutops
20th June 2004, 02:42 PM
Hey, I need someone to take up Artemis until saturday afternoon, I'm at camp until then. Sakura, I dunno if you got my PM, but I sent you one asking if you vould do it. If you can't, I'd be ever so grateful if Gothic Anime would. Thanks! ^^;

20th June 2004, 05:58 PM
Linc: Torignis
After Seraphic had made her order, I said, "Uh, do you have anything with cheese?" I said as I twitched. I'm ubsessed with cheese, and really weird, so I do that a lot. "Uh, we have... just normal cheese, many kinds." Tom said.
"Uh, sure I'll have all the kinds you have. Oh, and some milk please?"
I looked at the other kids at the table besides me. "Hey, who are you guys?" I said. I kinda wanted some new friends as I probably wouldn't know anyone at Aortas. One of them piped up, "I'm Zephyr, and I see your going to Aortas also." The other one also spoke, "I'm Sean." And he whipered to Zephyr, who passed something to him under the table, I have good eyes. Sean pulled out a chocolate frogs card, and gave it to Seraphic, who gave him a hug. "Ick!" I shouted, and blushed and looked at my feet. "So, what houses do you guys wanna be in? I'm want to be in Torignis, as I have a Phoenix, his name's Garin." As soon as I said that, Garin came flipping down the stairs, and flew onto my shoulders.
"I want to be in Endriago!" Zephyr said.
"Me too!" Sean said.
"Torignis for me." Answered Seraphic.
"I'm also for Endriago." said Alex. Tom bustled up and dropped a platter of cheese in front of me, its surface completely covered in cheese. "I'm in heaven!" I said and started to chow down, Tom sitting there for the other kids orders...

Man, this is really getting fun!

20th June 2004, 08:59 PM
Donnelly Farrell~M~Endriago
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~
After spending most the evening with my new friends at the ice cream parlour, everyone decided that it was time to get to wherever we were going to stay that night. While most of the others headed off toward the Leaky Cauldron, I had to hot-foot it over to Mr. Ollivander’s to pick up my wand. When I got there, he was just closing up shop. “Wait, Mr. Ollivander!” I shouted. He turned and looked at me crossly.

“Mr. Farrell! I was afraid that you had run into trouble,” He said tersely. “Come in and I will get your wand for you.” He turned and shoved open the door, which opened with a bang. Mr. Ollivander walked to the back of the store and returned with my wand. He roughly shoved it into my hands and ushered me out of the store. I stood beside him while he was locking up the shop, preparing to apologize, when I saw him shudder, as if in pain, and grip his right arm. I rushed forth to help him, but he pushed me away with a growl and started running down the deserted street, still holding his arm. This is very odd, I thought, but shrugged it off and walked to the Leaky Cauldron, where my trunk and cat were waiting on me in my room.

As I was walking down Diagon Alley, I felt a chill run up my back. I turned around and found myself alone. The street, which was crowded during the day, looked strangely menacing. I gripped my wand in my hand as I increased my pace to a fast walk until I reached the Leaky Cauldron. When I entered, most of the people who had been at the ice cream parlour today were there. “Must be dinner time,” I said to myself. Knowing that he would get mad at me if I didn’t eat with him, I walked upstairs to my room and found Midnight, my cat, staring at me, obviously very annoyed. “I’m sorry boy,” I started petting his head, “I ran into a bunch of people and spent the evening getting to know them.” Midnight still looked angry, but was purring. “Come on, let’s go downstairs and get something to eat.” I stood up and walked out the door, my black cat following me like a shadow. When I got downstairs, I ordered a large steak, a glass of water, and a saucer of milk.

Gothic Animé
20th June 2004, 09:22 PM
»alex manson: endriago«

> leaky cauldron, dining hall <

the waiter waited as i took my order. 'i'm not hungry.' i said to the waiter. the others stared at me in surprise. "what? your not hungry?" and i really wasn't. i was still full from the ice cream. for some reason, i didn't eat much at all. 'nope, i'm good.' the others took their orders.

i sat and talked with seraphic for awhile, and then zephyr and some other kids joined us. after we were talking for awhile, i heard sean say, "here, take this." to seraphic. she squealed with joy about whatever it was and gave sean a hug. sean turned redder than the tail feathers of a phoenix. so, sean has a thing for seraphic...i thought to myself. that was interesting. and yet, i wondered, did seraphic like him too? as i was lost deep in thought, i was suddenly jerked back to reality by the loud clinking of the plates as the waiter set them on the table.

'oh um, could i possibly have a glass of butterbeer?' i asked him, and he nodded his head as he walked away. i talked to the others, and they answered occasionally through mouthfuls of food. "you sure you're not hungry, alex?" asked seraphic. 'positive,' i replied, staring up at the ceiling. i was still thinking about how she knew i was a metamorphmagus. had no one realized before that all metamorphmagi have some mysterious connection? i mean after all, she had known just by touching me. i sat there for a bit, lost in thought...

<ooc> btw, sakura, if you don't want to post for opaque onigoori, i would be happy to do so for you. just pm me to let me know. </ooc>

21st June 2004, 04:57 PM
Larien Moody - Endriago Seeker
"Um, Larien?" Mike asked hesistantly.
I looked at him from my chocolate chip cookie dough cone, eyeing him carefully.
"Yeah? What is it?"
"Er...never mind," he replied in a dejected tone.
He's hiding something from me, I thought at once. Ever since I met him at Hogwarts, it always seemed like he wasn't telling me something about himself. And it frustrated me, since I told him everything, even about my animagus trait and how alone I felt afterwards. What was he hiding and why was it such a big deal to me?
"C'mon, let's go," I said aloud and finished my cone before throwing the napkin in the bin.
Already finished, Mike stood up and after a few prods, Celeros gave a glare before moving himself away from a puddle of ice cream that I had dripped. I silently walked ahead of the two, keeping my eyes on the near-empty street and soon enough, the Leaky Cauldron. It was around dinner time and either everyone went home for dinner or went into one of the many restaurants in Diagon Alley. It was nice to be staying in a good place before school started and even after a cone, I was still hungry.

"What will you be having?" a waitress asked at our table in the Leaky Cauldron.
Mike told her his orders and I asked for two steaks, medium well.
"I can't believe you're having that after the ice cream," he said quietly.
He knew I was mad at him and probably knew why but neither of us wanted to bring it up again.
"It's for Celeros," I said. "He's not a normal house cat, you know."
He nodded silently, obviously embarrassed. I started to rub my ear, my sign of nervousness. It was awkward for a while, our conversation all exhausted.
"Here we go," the waitress said suddenly, holding up two plates.
I sighed in relief as she placed them down at the table. I looked eagerly at the steak, mashed potatoes and soda right behind it. Rubbing against my leg, Celeros reminded me of the other steak and putting it on a napkin, set it on the floor for him to dive into.

It didn't take long for us to finish and after paying the bill leaving a tip for the waitress, we headed upstairs for our bedrooms. Starting to climb the sprial staircase, I looked down at the room below me and remembered again how big Tom's inn really was. It looked like a dinky motel from the outside but it easily housed 200 rooms, a bar and full dining room. I shook my head and continued up the stairs, plain amazed at the wonders of magic.

I bade Mike goodnight and we agreed on meeting outside the room at 8 AM, plenty of time before the train left at 12. I entered my room and started to get undressed as I thought aloud.
"I'm mad at him and yet I'm not. I can't stand it because he knows I'm trustworthy but it must be a good secret for him to hide it, maybe even dark. It's just too hard to decipher."
Celeros followed me with his chocolate eyes as I paced around the room.
"I guess I shouldn't dwell on it," I sighed resignedly. "When he's ready to tell me, he'll do it."
With that settled, I laid out outfit for tomorrow, which was essentially the same as today but the tunic was an emerald green. I did have regular shirts, pants and sneakers packed away but I rarely wore them, usually when I felt out of place and had to prove myself to others that I was normal. It was morally disgusting to think and do but being an loner was wearing thin on my emotions. Besides Mike, I had no one. Even Celeros wasn't enough sometimes.

After packing everything away and brushing my teeth, I eased myself against the bed, Celeros laying against my leg. I yawned as I forgot how tired I was and after a moment's more thought of Aorta's and Mike, I fell asleep.

Shadow Djinn
21st June 2004, 10:12 PM
James Moody-M-Chifre Chaser


The streets of Diagon Alley was filled with clusters of witches and wizards heading into shops and exiting them. James particuluarly hated Diagon Alley for it's crowded, packed, streets. Entering Flourish & Blotts, he was met by a cheerful yet frantic salesmen in red robes with short blond hair, hurriedly asking him for the books he wanted. James pulled the list out of his pocket and said them one at a time. A small Hippogriff the size of Jame's hand popped out of his bag, flapping onto Jame's shoulder. His feathers were completely white, with a small black dot on the side of his beak.

" Quiet, Patch." James murmured, following the Salesmen through the aisles of shelves. Given the books he wanted, James handed the salesmen a cluster of galleons, and quickly left the store. Pulling out his wand, he pointed it lazily at his trunk and recited an incantation under his breath. His trunk hovered in the air, following his every move. Pushing his way through a crowd of people, he made his way back to the Leaky Cauldron. The innkeeper, a tall man with wrinkled skin, Tom, showed him to his room, where James flicked his wand, the trunk dropping to the floor. Flopping down on his bed, James flicked his wand again, causing the lid of the trunk to pop open.

" Accio Broom." James murmured. The broom hovered over his bed, dropping to his side. Fondling the polished handle of his Firebolt, James sat up and paced over to the mirror. Gazing at his reflection with disgust, he swore under his breath.

" I'm no Moody..." He muttered, followed by a string of foul words. Patch gazed at him sleepily before closing his beady eyes and lying on the desk to sleep. Looking up at the clock above him, James's stomach rumbled loudly. He decided to eat. Stepping down into the " lobby," James met the innkeeper there, who took his order of a platter of fried chicken, and a small slice of steak for Patch. James saw a group of people eating dinner, two with phoenixes perched on their shoulders.

" I bet they're going to Aortas." James said grumpily.

21st June 2004, 11:16 PM
Just a general piece of info: don't forget that this is actually the year 1996, not the year 2004. Remember Nick's 500th death-day party in book two...he died in 1492, meaning it was then 1992.

"Ah great, I've made her mad again..." I sighed, lying on my bed looking up at the ceiling. The window was open and the soft night breeze was blowing in. 'I should've just kept my fat mouth shut,' I thought to myself.

'Or you should've told her,' my conscience said. 'Then you wouldn't have any of this worrying or tension.' I sighed again. It was true...if I had just told her, I wouldn't be brooding over it now.

'But what if she hates you for what you are?' said the devil's advocate voice in my head. I hated this voice, but it was always there. I continued this inner monologue for at least five minutes before saying out loud, "If she doesn't like me for who I am, why should I care if she's my friend or not?"

"Very wise words," came the wheezy reply from the mirror on the drawers. But it wasn't the only sound that interrupted my thoughts. With a soft hooting and a rustle of feathers, my fiery-red barn owl swooped into my room, something grasped in his talons.

"Hullo, Firaga," I said, sitting up. Then I saw that what she had wasn't, as I thought, a dead mouse. It was a small, lumpy, brown cloth sack. I took it from Firaga's talons and opened it. A piece of parchment was at the top. I opened it.

Dear Mike,

Again, congratulations on getting into Aortas. We're so proud of you, even though I know you'll hate to keep hearing it. Just thought you deserved a little something for getting accepted. We think you'll like this.

~Mom and Dad

I turned to the sack again and pulled the lumpy thing out. "Wow," I gasped as I stared at the small black device. "A Personal Wizard Wireless." Now I knew why they thought I'd like this. Having taken Muggle Studies as an extra course last year, I knew about this one Muggle device called a "Walkman" that, in some varieties, let you carry a "radio" (which is just like a Wizard Wireless, just more limited) where only you could hear the music from it. The selling feature of the Personal Wizard Wireless was that you could set it so that only you can hear the music.

Putting the PWW on the night table, I gave Firaga an affectionate feather ruffle before flopping onto my bed, my thoughts completely gone from my earlier brooding.


Those thoughts came back in full when I woke up, however. Especially since I woke up to the sound of Larien knocking on my door telling me I'd be late if I didn't hurry up. Hastily changing my clothes, I did a quick "Scourgify!" on Firaga's cage and a "Locomotor trunk!" before grabbing the cage and my PWW and opening the door, coming face-to-face with Larien.

My mind was made up. "I'll tell you on the train," I said under my breath, looking her straight in the eyes. She muttered a barely audible confirmation, with what I hoped was understanding flitting across her face, and silently I prayed I was doing the right thing.

23rd June 2004, 08:09 AM
((OOC: Gothic Anime, you can take over Opaque's chara for her. I've sent you a PM anyway. And her too.))

*^~Sakura Aeryn Black | Torignis~^*
"Hi Seraphic!" Zephyr said brightly. "You're putting up at Leaky Cauldron's too?"

"Uhuh." I nodded, before noticing Zephyr's pet phoenix eating breadcrumbs. "Oh! A phoenix!" I exclaimed excitedly. "I've got one as a pet too, you know. Menelya's up in my room, resting. She was just, uh, reborn

I patted the phoenix on the head, stroking her lovingly. The phoenix seemed pleased and hopped onto my outstretched hand.

"Wow, you're good with animals. Avis won't let anyone else touch her but me." Zephyr noted.

"Avis? Is that your name?" I asked the phoenix, now rubbing it below the beak. Avis gave a soft cry and perched on my shoulder.

Alex and Linc came over to join us. Linc ordered something with cheese that looked and smelled very yummy, but Alex wasn't hungry. Soon, Alex and I were deep in conversation about phoenixes and their lovely plumages. Sean interrupted me.

"Umm... Um. Seraphic?" he stammered, not looking at me in the eye. "I noticed you were looking for a Phoebe Torignis card earlier."
I turned towards him with interest. "Oh, yeah!"

"Well, I happen to have one her and I don't mind letting go of it." Sean said, holding out a card to me.

"Are you sure?" I asked, hoping against hope.

"Yup. Go on, take it," he replied, with a small smile.

"Thank you, Sean! Thank you!" I squealed loudly. The family eating at the next table turned to look at me. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw the mother shake her head and, judging by the movement of her lips, say something like, "Kids these days.", but I didn't care. Finally, the last chocolate frog card to complete my set of the four founders of Torignis. I threw my arms around Sean and hugged him tight. Sean's face turned as red as Avis's feathers faster than you could say "phoenix". Avis gave a loud shriek at this sudden movement and returned to Zephyr's shoulder.

As I pulled away from him to inspect the chocolate frog card, I noticed Zephyr dropping a wink at Sean. So Zephyr had a hand in this, I thought. But I couldn't see how. I pulled out my Chocolate Frog Card album and slotted it into an empty slot, with the other Aortas founders.

"What time are you guys waking up tomorrow, anyway," I asked, once I had kept my card album once more. "I was thinking, we could have breakfast and perhaps do some last minute shopping before we leave for the train station. The train leaves at 12, right?"

"Hmm, yeah," Zephyr said. "What do you all say, we meet here at 8 tomorrow morning? Then we can hang around in Diagon Alley for the rest of the morning before leaving for the station at 11? Unless anyone wants to go for a spot of muggle shopping in London?"

"Muggle shopping sounds good to me," I replied, pushing aside my plate, draining my butterbeer glass and waiting for the others to reply...

23rd June 2004, 09:39 AM
Linc: Torignis
"Muggle shopping sounds good," I said, "I'm gonna need some new clothes for under my robes. It wouldn't look right walking around in a castle with shorts on..." I has finished my dinner, and was full. Really full. "Well, I think I'm gonna turn in, see you all at eleven." I said as I got up and started to climb the stairs. I jumped onto my bed in my room, and Garin perches on the windowsil again. I was almost asleep when there was a loud bashing sound in the dresser on the side of the room. I opened the wardrobe and I jumped out, except I was about seventy years older, and my face was old and wrinkled. "Ridiculus!" I shouted as I pointed my wand at it and it transformed into a monkey with makeup on. "Wingardium Leviosa!" I said and the monkey lifted into the air and I dropped it out the window. "Stupid Boggart." I said and went to bed, Garin flying over and standing next to me and I fell asleep.

Gothic Animé
23rd June 2004, 01:41 PM
»alex manson: endriago«

> the leaky cauldron, dining hall <

offered an invitation to go muggle shopping in london, i decided i might as well go. i wasn't in dire need of muggle clothes, as i had plenty of them. i was fond of most muggle clothes, though i always wore a cloak as well. seraphic had agreed to go, as well as sean and zephyr, who had made the offer. sean still looked lovestruck after being hugged by seraphic. "you'll go too, right alex?" asked seraphic. the others looked up at me, waiting. 'eh, sure, why not.' i said, since it might even be fun. artemis, who had joined us a little later, agreed to go as well.

we had begun conversation again, this time about where we might go in london tomorrow for shopping. most had thought it to be a good plan to go shopping for clothes first. as i didn't want to be alone, i decided to go with the rest. i also wanted to make sure that we stopped at the muggle bookstore, because i really needed some books for the train and maybe any spare time i had. "i'll go with you," said seraphic, and at this, sean agreed to go as well. after sean agreed, zephyr agreed to go as well, followed by artemis. 'cool, thanks.' i said, expecting no one to want to go with me. it seemed i might already have friends, and maybe a crush on someone as well...<*blush* :D>

<ooc> i'll post artemis later, i got your pm sakura...:D </ooc>

CoolTrainer IcEz
23rd June 2004, 08:52 PM
Zephyr Remus Potter - Endriago

Our conversation about muggle shopping stretched late into the night and soon the Leaky Cauldron was emptying. I had my final mug of Butterbeer before we all retired to our rooms. "See you guys tomorrow! 8am bright and early!" I yelled down the corridor as everyone entered their rooms.

As I slumped down in bed and stared at the whirling ceiling fan, I started thinking about my first day at Aortas again. What it would be like... But at least Sean would be going there too. And I had met so many cool people who were also going to Aortas. I felt much more relaxed and fell into deep slumber.

The next morning, I was awoken by a loud pounding sound at my door. The pounding grew louder and louder. I drew my wand and cautiously stepped to the door. As I flung it open and aimed my wand, Sean greeted me with a hearty beam, "Good Morning!" Glancing at my muggle wristwatch that Dad had bought for me on his first muggle shopping trip, I noticed that it was already 8. I twirled my wand around and soon, my clothes started to dress me and my toothbrush was brushing my teeth. In no time I was ready to go down for breakfast. "Handy charm," said Sean. "I'll teach you one of these days," I replied with a wink.

Seraphic and Alex were already downstairs having a friendly chat. I nudged Sean forward who boldly took a seat next to Seraphic. Artemis joined us soon after Linc had came. We quickly ordered our breakfast and discussed about what we were going to get during our muggle shopping trip. When the innkeeper had set down our plates of food, I promptly wolfed down my slices of toast and bacon and scrambled eggs.

"I'll need to go down to Gringotts first. I don't have any muggle money with me now." I said reminding the group that muggle money was different from our knuts and sickles.

Gothic Animé
24th June 2004, 01:33 AM
now, posting for opaque...:D

»artemis aphronine: chifre«

> the leaky cauldron, dining hall <

by the time i had reached the dining hall in the leaky cauldron, zephyr had asked everyone to go muggle shopping in the morning. he needed clothes and other things, and since the train didn't leave until 12:00, it was a good opportunity. seraphic had a greeded to go, and soon after sean had too. seraphic had asked alex to go, and he agreed. 'i'll go too,' i said, and after a bit more talking and planning for tomorrow, everyone headed back to their rooms.

> the leaky cauldron, corridor <

i soon learned that i had a room in the same corridor as most everyone elses. alex, seraphic, sean, and zephyr were having a little chat about seating arrangements on the train. 'hey guys, i can sit in the same compartment as well, right?' i asked. "sure, there's room for more," said zephyr. i was happy to be accepted. it seemed i had made new friends, which was good. finally reaching the door to my room, i bade them goodnight and went in.

> the leaky cauldron, my bedroom <

i changed for bed and went over to my suitcase. pulling out a thin vial of liquid, i gulped some of it down. heading for the bed, i threw myself onto it and closed my eyes. i hoped i would be up in time tomorrow...

<ooc> i hope this is good. XD i tried to post in his personality. and just so everyone knows, all posts for artemis will be in red.

Gothic Animé
24th June 2004, 01:34 AM
now, posting for opaque...:D

»artemis aphronine: chifre«

> the leaky cauldron, dining hall <

by the time i had reached the dining hall in the leaky cauldron, zephyr had asked everyone to go muggle shopping in the morning. he needed clothes and other things, and since the train didn't leave until 12:00, it was a good opportunity. seraphic had a greeded to go, and soon after sean had too. seraphic had asked alex to go, and he agreed. 'i'll go too,' i said, and after a bit more talking and planning for tomorrow, everyone headed back to their rooms.

> the leaky cauldron, corridor <

i soon learned that i had a room in the same corridor as most everyone elses. alex, seraphic, sean, and zephyr were having a little chat about seating arrangements on the train. 'hey guys, i can sit in the same compartment as well, right?' i asked. "sure, there's room for more," said zephyr. i was happy to be accepted. it seemed i had made new friends, which was good. finally reaching the door to my room, i bade them goodnight and went in.

> the leaky cauldron, my bedroom <

i changed for bed and went over to my suitcase. pulling out a thin vial of liquid, i gulped some of it down. heading for the bed, i threw myself onto it and closed my eyes. i hoped i would be up in time tomorrow...

<ooc> i hope this is good. XD i tried to post in his personality. and just so everyone knows, all posts for artemis will be in red. </ooc>

24th June 2004, 05:20 AM
*^~Seraphic Aeryn Black | Torignis~^*

I woke up at seven the next morning, an hour earlier than the time I had agreed to meet Zephyr and the others. It was still early, so I sat by the window for a moment. Menelya flew over to my shoulder from her perch. She was back to normal, having recovered from her 'reborning'. I stroked her gently and fed her with some crushed basil leaves.

"You know, Menelya," I told her as she ate up the herbs greedily, "I think I'm in love. Alex may not be the cutest boy alive, but I can sense that he's a really nice boy. He's got a sweet personality, you must admit." Menelya looked up at me inquisitively as I smiled. "Yeah, it sounds weird, I know. I just don't really know what to do, how to react. I've been doing a good job so far, I think, managing not to blush when he's around, but I don't know how long I can keep this up."

Menelya looked at me more intensively, as though trying to tell me something. "Tell him I like him?" I asked, taking a stab at what her message might be. Menelya nodded and gave a playful chirp. "Are you kidding? No way! Well... not yet anyway..." I turned to face the open window, letting the gentle breeze play with my hair. "Looks to me like this is going to be an interesting year!" I stood up, and Menelya returned to her perch. Looking at my wristwatch, I saw that it was only 7:15. "Well, one song before I go," I said, smiling to myself.

I lifted the lid of my cello case, which stood to one side with the rest of my luggage, tightened the bow and rubbed some rosin onto it. Then I began to play. As I played, I thought of Alex, and how I might tell him my feelings. And I thought of my new friends, who would be my schoolmates at Aortas: Zephyr, Sean, Artemis, Linc, ... I imagined us, graduating from Aortas, wizards and witches who have come of age and have completed our education, ready to take on the challenges the world threw at us. And me and Alex... No, I was taking things too far... I finished the song, and cut off my daydreaming. I should not be dreaming about Alex. I didn't even know how he felt about me!

I replaced the cello in its case and opened my trunk to get some clothes. Fifteen minutes later, I stepped out of the bathroom, wearing a baby blue tank top with a mini skirt. I brushed my hair and clipped the fringe up so that it would not fall over my face. Checking my reflection in the full length mirror, I grabbed my sling bag and left my room, almost knocking over Alex, who had also just gotten out of his room.

"Oh, sorry!" I exclaimed, embarrased.
"No problem," he said good-naturedly. "Guess you're an early bird too! Ws that you on the cello I heard just now?"
"Yeah. I didn't think anyone would hear. Seems like the walls aren't soundproof, then?"
"Maybe not." Alex laughed. "Shall we?" He gestured to me to move on. I went down the stairs and took a seat at the same table we occupied last night. Sean sat opposite me. The others weren't there yet. I ordered sausages and eggs and a glass of orange juice.

At eight sharp, Zephyr and Sean came down to join us, followed by Linc and Artemis. Sean sat down beside me. The boys ate greedily, and they were done even before I was halfway through.

"I'll need to go down to Gringotts first. I don't have any muggle money with me now." Zephyr mentioned, pushing his plate aside.
"I've got some reserve, but it won't be enough if we want to buy clothes and books. And I think I need a new hairband. Do you think black will go with my hair? Or will white be better? Or red and orange? Torignis colours."
"Oh anything will be fine," Sean said. "You'll look good in anything."
"Alex, what do you think?" I asked.
"Hmm?" Alex looked at me, snapping out of his daydream. "Oh, I don't know. Black, maybe."
"Okay then!" I finished my orange juice and looked at my watch. "8:30. We'd better set off soon, or we won't have enough time for shopping!"

24th June 2004, 11:45 AM
Linc: Torignis
I jumped out of bed and looked out the window. "Today's the day!" I shouted out the window. Some people walking on the street looked up at me, soe whispering "Crazy kid." Garin cam shooting through the window, a piece of parchment in his mouth. I started to open it when I heard a beautiful sound. A cello... I thought. I opened the parchment, to find a song written on it. It was from my dad to play with my flute. I took it out of its case and started to play, the rich sound echoing through my room. I became so used to the song, I began to play with my eyes closed. It seemed forever until I stopped and checked my watch. 7:45. I got my clothes on and ran into the halllway, Seraphic and Alex had already approached the end of the hallway. I ran pat them and slid down the railing on the wall, and landed at a table where Zephyr and Sean were sitting. I sat down, and Tom brang us our breakfast. I ate it all very quickly, and checked my watch. "8:30." Me and Seraphic said at the same time. "We better get going." I said to the others, and thay all nodded and we left the Leaky Cauldron and headed for Gringotts. I went inside and got some muggle money, and waited for the others to get theirs...

Gothic Animé
24th June 2004, 02:53 PM
»alex manson: endriago«

> leaky cauldron, my room <

i woke up with the sun shining in my eyes. opening them slowly, i turned to the clock on my nightstand. it read 7:10. yawning, i sat up in my bed. i lay there for a second, petting yami, and thinking about the day i had ahead of me. soon, though, i heard what sounded like music coming from next door. i slapped myself, thinking it was me still caught in a dream. but no, as i listened longer, i could hear it was coming from next door. seraphic? if it was her, she played beautifully.

when the music stopped, i got up and went to get ready. i took a shower, got dressed, and packed up what wasn't already packed with a quick spell.

> leaky cauldron, corridor <

seeing that everything was in order, i dragged it out into the corridor. when i arrived at seraphic's door, it opened, and she walked out, right into me. i lost balance for a second, but quickly regained it. "oh, sorry!" she exclaimed, blushing a little. 'no problem.' i said. 'guess you're an early bird too! was that your cello i heard?' i asked. "yeah. i didn't think anyone would hear. guess the walls aren't soundproof, then?" 'maybe not,' i said, laughing. 'shall we?' i asked seraphic, allowing her to move past, and i followed behind her a bit.

> leaky cauldron, dining hall <

when we arrived at the dining hall, seraphic and i sat down. it appeared no one else was up yet. tom came over and took our breakfast orders. 'i guess i'l have...eggs with bacon and water, please?' seraphic ordered sausage, eggs, and orange juice. as we were giving our orders, the others started arriving. first was zephyr and sean, followed by artemis and linc.

i was starved, and inhaled my breakfast at record speed. i usually didn't eat all that much, but this morning i felt like i hadn't eaten in days. zephyr first mentioned going to the bank for muggle money, since our wizard money would get us only wierd looks at the stores in london. seraphic said she would need money as well, since what she had now probably wouldn't be enough. she also said she needed a hairband, and was wondering which colors. "black would match my hair, but maybe i should take red and orange, torignis' colors. or maybe white..." she wondered. i began thinking about how i could talk to seraphic about anything. i always seemed completely open with her. which was unusual, considering i usually didn't talk to anyone. then she asked me. 'hm?' i had been lost in thought, not really paying attention. 'oh uh, i don't know.' black was a good color, i thought to myself. 'black, maybe.' i replied. "okay then," said seraphic, gulping down the rest of her orange juice. "8:30!" said linc and seraphic in unison. "we'd better head out," said linc. "yeah, if we don't leave soon, we won't have much time for shopping," said seraphic. we all agreed, and reaching for our things, we left the dining hall.

> gringott's bank <

yami had climbed onto my neck for the walk to gringott's, but it began to get uncomfortable. 'hop onto my suitcase, you lazy cat,' i said, pushing her off of me. she gave a woeful meow, but she moved nonetheless. walking up to one of the goblins, i showed them my key, and got onto a trolley with seraphic and sean. zephyr, linc, and artemis had taken a different one.

my vault was the first one that we came to. it was pretty big, as my family was kind of rich. i just usually didn't tell anyone, because i didn't want people to try to be my friends just for my money. in fact, i usually didn't carry that much with me at a time. "here you are," said the goblin, and i hopped out, though my legs were still a little shaky. he opened the door for me, and i stepped in. getting the necessary muggle and wizard money, he closed the door behind me, and we whisked off to sean's or seraphic's vault. i felt a little naucious...


»artemis aphronine: chifre«

> leaky cauldron, my bedroom <

i woke up suddenly, hearing a loud noise. it turned out to be linc, next door, shouting, followed by some awesome music on the flute. i wasn't a big fan of the flute, but this was really good. i rolled over and silently cursed linc, then started laughing. i think his happiness was infectious. i hopped out of bed and decided to get ready for the day. i went to my trunk, and got clothes out for today. luckily, we would be doing some shopping today for muggle clothes, i sort of needed some. then, packing everything into my trunk, i bewitched it hover behind me, and headed out the door.

> leaky cauldron, corridor <

in the corridor, i saw linc, and ran to catch up with him. 'hey, how's it...going?' i asked. partly through the sentence i had stopped, as he had rushed on ahead, pushing alex and seraphic out of the way, and sliding down the banister. i laughed aloud, and decided to hang back. seraphic and alex like each other...i thought to myself, thinking up a devilish scheme to somehow get them together...

> leaky cauldron, dining hall <

by the time i had arrived, almost everyone had placed their orders, and alex and seraphic's food was already arriving. i ran over and sat next to them, giving tom my order. we all began to discuss the day, which all had agreed would start with going to gringott's, as none of us was carrying too much muggle money. then seraphic was asking about a hairband, taking opinions on what color it should be. i sort of tuned out then. but when my food arrived, i shoveled it down. when we had all finished, seraphic last, we got our belongings and filed out of the dining hall, headed for gringott's.

> gringott's bank <

we went through the huge double doors of gringott's, and walking up to one of the goblins, i handed my key to him. he showed me to one of the trolleys that was waiting. i hopped in, and was joined by zephyr and linc. alex, sean, and seraphic had gone in the other. we shot down, past tons of vaults, and eventually reached mine. i went in, took the money i needed, and got back in the trolley. the goblin closed the door behind me, and handed me my key. he got back in, and, starting the cart, we shot down the tracks once again...

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24th June 2004, 07:40 PM
Ok i had this big three page post but tpm sucks, and now im just going to say im waiting at the whatever we use to get to school a bnch of hours early and im waiting for everyone and i still dont know what it is we use to go to school, im taking a nap on a bench, thankyou for your time -_- *smites tpm*

25th June 2004, 09:50 AM
Haha, poor you, Gamewizard007! Well, I think tpm's okay now...

*^~Seraphic Aeryn Black~^*

We took the bumpy, roller-coaster ride through the Gringotts underground labryrinth. It was a good thing I hadn't eaten much for breakfast, so I managed not to puke, but Alex looked a little nauseous. I dug around in my pockets and pulled out some sherbet lemons, a kind of muggle sweet, and offered one to Alex. He took it, and muttered a weak 'Thanks', and poped it into his mouth.

"Vault 402," the goblin driving the cart announced, hopping off the cart, a lamp swinging in his hand. I climbed out after him and handed him the key to my vault. Once he had opened the door, I entered and stuffed some wizard and muggle money into my purse. The goblin locked the door again and we were off, this time to Sean's vault...

Amethyst Flygon
25th June 2004, 03:23 PM
Well, since I haven't been able to interact because Lance went home early, I'll have him go wait at the train station early as well and talk with Gamewizard007's character. This post is also so that you all know that I haven't forgotten this RPG or something. I hadn't expected all of you to spend so much time in Diagon Alley.

Lance Atlanta (Half-merman, Guivre):

Finally, the night was over and it was time to get ready to go. I wanted to go to the station early so that there would be no way I could miss it. I wonder what the train will look like?

Shoving stuff like crazy into my bags, I stopped to make sure I had everything. "Wand...check. Robes....check. Text books..check. Food for Skewer...oops, forgot that!" I located the box of food and shoved it in the bottom of a bag. Looks like I have everything ready, now it's time to go.

When I arrived at the station, there was a person already waiting. Guess I'll talk to him while I'm waiting.

Finally, time for me to interact! :)

25th June 2004, 05:27 PM
˚°◦•٭*Hunter The Hawk*٭•◦°˚

I looked up and saw that Lance guy. "Hey, Sup?" "Nothin, just waitin.. Maybe that Hermione girl could think up a speed up train spell." I said and took out my wand and waved it "speeduptrainio! ...Nope didnt work" I said and re just raised his eyebrow. "Right.." I sat down on a bench and waited for the train.

"I got a fun idea.." I said and walked over to the train tracks. I put down some imexplosives and walked back to lance. "You never saw that." I aid and he looked at me oddly. "What was that?" "Just something I got from that weasley store, imexplosives. When something hits it, it makes it look like it exploaded and itll make the train look like it crashed, it only lasts for 15 minutes then everything looks like normal again, fun." "...cool"

I was bored, ill make it look like the train blew up :) thankyou for your time

25th June 2004, 07:23 PM
Linc: Torignis
After I has gotten my money from gringotts, I sat back down on the trolley with $200 in my pocket. I pulled my backpack from my back and opened it to make sure everything was there. Wand...robes...invisibility cloak...books...prank stuff from Fred and George... yep everything was there. I pulled out my CD Player, I like muggle contraptions, popped in some music, and sat there listening to the sound. I began thinking about all the kids I've met, and then gasped. Alex and Seraphic like each other! I thought. I glanced at Sean. He likes her, too... Whoah. Lots of people like her. I pulled out some paper and started to draw. I drew Alex and Seraphic kissing, and Sean sitting in the backgorund gasping. I passed the note to Zephyr, who looked down and giggled. This is gonna be a great year.

Amethyst Flygon
26th June 2004, 07:57 AM
This Hunter guy seemed a little odd. Not many people would be willing to pull a gag on a school train. Oh well, it won't hurt anybody or anything. I hope he doesn't get caught and expelled or something.

It was getting closer and closer to the time the train would come. I wonder when everyone else will come?

"Hey Hunter, why do you think you got accepted and what house do you want to go in?" I asked. It would be interesting to see the motives of others and their talents.

I hope whatever we get on does happen to be a train and not some flying machine or something.

Krystalline Kabutops
26th June 2004, 01:40 PM
Just posting to say that I'm back, and should reply today or tomorrow.... I just need to read all these posts x_X;

28th June 2004, 03:01 PM
If this dies I'm going to be sad, where are all the posted? and whens the train going to get here?

Amethyst Flygon
28th June 2004, 04:39 PM
I think we are all waiting for Cooltrainer Icez to post and let us know how the train looks and such. It would really stink if this thing died before we even got to the school.

Perfect Chaos
28th June 2004, 05:27 PM
Sean Kahland-=-M-=-Endriago
After dinner, we all had decided to meet up together bright and early at about 8 'o clock. Dinner was fairly eventful. Zephyr sacrificed his Phoebe Torignis card to me and I managed to get a hug out of Seraphic. I blushed so red when she hugged me, I must've looked like one of Avis's feathers. I could tell that Zephyr was trying really really hard not to just drop onto the floor and laugh himself to death. But, it didn't make any difference to me.

Soon after, we headed back to our rooms, looking forward to the future events of tommorrow and what might possibly happen at Aortas. I entered my room and saw Shadow sitting by his cage, ready to go to bed. "Hey Shadow...had a nice flight?" I asked my friend. He called to me in an happy tone and I stroked his head, smiling down at him. I opened his cage and he hopped in, perched on his little "swing" and closed his eyes for the night. I quickly changed into my pajamas and got into bed, practically asleep before my head hit the pillow.

I awoke to the rising of the sun and looked over at the sun. "Damnit...7:30 already..." I grumbled groggily as I got up. I got up and went to do my normal morning routine and dressed up in my normal attire of a gray shirt with a skull on the back and baggy black jeans, with a black sneakers. Luckily for me, I had packed everything the day before so I just used a quick charm to shrink my trunk and I slipped it into my pocket. After I was done, I headed over to Zephyr's room to wake him up.

I kept banging on his door, but Zephyr still wouldn't come out. I was about to bang it one more time when it suddenly opened up and I saw a really groggy but angry looking Zephyr Potter who had his wand out, pointed at me. I tried to keep a straight face and said "Morning!" He looked at me like I was insane for a second and went ahead and used a spell that made his brush start brushing his teeth on it's own and his clothes go on him on it's own. I stared at him at awe until he was finished. "Whoa..." was all I could say. He chuckled and said "I'll teach it to you some time, let's go get something to eat." With that being said, we both headed downstairs.

Once we came down, we saw Seraphic and Alex downstairs already. As we approached them, Zephyr gave me a quick nudge and motioned to me to sit next to Seraphic. I mustered up my courage and took the seat next to her. Soon, more of the kids I met, like Linc and Artemis came down and Tom served us breakfast. Zephyr and I both ate our breakfast in seconds and waited on everyone else. With that done, we all headed over to Gringotts.

Once we reached Gringotts, we all went in and obtained our keys to our respective vaults. I went in a trolley with, just my luck Seraphic and, just NOT my luck, Alex. We first headed to Alex's vault and then to Seraphic's, and finally to mine. I entered into my vault and took out some human money and wizard money as well. With that done, we headed back to the entrance and waited for Linc, Artemis and Zephyr...


CoolTrainer IcEz
28th June 2004, 08:58 PM
Guys, sorry I won't be able to post until Friday. I hope this doesn't die in the mean time. In case you guys were wondering, we'll be going to school on a black train. It'll be at Platform 11 2/5.

Amethyst Flygon
28th June 2004, 09:07 PM
Thanks for the info. I'll go on the train as soon as the others finish their shopping trip. I'll try to keep it alive for you.

29th June 2004, 12:58 PM
only been iming him for a week about it >_> and he responds to you!?!? bad icez d00d! >:o "crucio!" >:o mean person!

Amethyst Flygon
29th June 2004, 08:16 PM
I think you misunderstand me Gamewizard007, I was thanking him for knowing what the train looked like and were it is. I had been wondering that and the game would have hit a dead-end without that information. I'll try to keep it running in that I will post if at all possible (meaning there is someone to interact with, which would probnably be you). People tend to post more if other people are posting.

29th June 2004, 10:19 PM
...how did i misunderstand that? i knew you ere talking about that, you misunderstood me baka >:o!!! :)

1st July 2004, 06:45 AM
...how did i misunderstand that? i knew you ere talking about that, you misunderstood me baka >:o!!! :)

3rd July 2004, 08:28 PM
...how did i misunderstand that? i knew you ere talking about that, you misunderstood me baka >:o!!! :)

Hey this thing better not die you hear me!?!?

Amethyst Flygon
3rd July 2004, 09:06 PM
I think Cooltrainer Icez should be back now that it's past Friday. And if you're wanting me to post in character, Gamewizard, my last in character post was asking your character some questions. I have no clue why nobody has been posting.

8th July 2004, 07:19 PM
I am posting to say a message and to keep this RPG ALIIIIIIIIVE! I'm gonna be going camping tomorrow, until the 16th or 17th, so please all the people I've been incorporated with in this RPG, dont' forget to speak to me in your POVs!!! See ya!

8th July 2004, 10:47 PM
*sigh* please dont die on me my dear aortas..

Yeah..Anyways, I'm going camping too, todays Thursday the 8th, I will be leaving on Monday the 12th and returning 5 days later, on Saturday the 17th...

So anyways, On with my postedness, and Sorry in advance cuz its so short but atleast its a post, I'm kinda busy at the moment packing.

˚°◦•٭*Hunter Esonas*٭•◦°˚

I was a bit preocupied with watching all the people hussleing and bussling around us but i felt a tap on my should. "Oh! sorry, Yeah, Uh.. I dunno maybe I got accepted because I'm Uber cool at zapping bad things!" As I said this he cocked his eyebrow at me. "Right..So what Hous you think youll be in again?" "Oh, I dunno, Chifre I guess, I dont much care.." I said half laughing "I mean I was in slytherin for 7 years, and I'm still normal...I think...I hope...Ok I was never normal but meh who cares." I said as I heard a train horn. "Ohh..And the show begins.." I began laughing like a mad man and Lanca Slapped me. "Stop" "Alright"

Krystalline Kabutops
9th July 2004, 08:15 AM
*Is waiting for Icez to get back to post*

Amethyst Flygon
9th July 2004, 05:48 PM
I'm a girl and my character is a guy. I don't care if you thought I was a guy or anything.

Lance Atlanta (Half merman)

"Oh! sorry, Yeah, Uh.. I dunno maybe I got accepted because I'm Uber cool at zapping bad things!" Hunter replied to my question. It seems that he's distracted by the other students that are finally showing up. "Right..So what House you think you'll be in again?" I reminded him. "Oh, I dunno, Guivre I guess, I dont much care.." he said half laughing "I mean I was in slytherin for 7 years, and I'm still normal...I think...I hope...Ok I was never normal but meh who cares." he said. It seems if we both get the houses we want, I'll end up with him.
Then the train pulled in, a long black one. "Ohh..And the show begins.." he said while beguinning to laugh crazily. He was getting on my nerves a bit, so I decided a slap would make him think carefully. "Stop" I ordered after slapping him. "Alright" he replied.
Now that the train is here, I might as well put my luggage on it. No sense in pulling it around everywhere. I chose a compartment near the middle of the train, threw my luggage up top, and took a nap after feeding Skewer.

9th July 2004, 10:34 PM
my explosion >:o you totally forgot my explosion!!

Krystalline Kabutops
9th July 2004, 10:37 PM
:/ I think that unless Icez posts soon (And I think he's abandoned the RPG) Aortas will die off AGAIN. I mean, most other people have already lost interest.

15th July 2004, 07:32 AM
Arg! Sorry everyone, I haven't been here for ages! And now it's dying! Sorry! I'll try to be more active... I don't have the time to post now, but I'll do something over the weekend... Please help to keep this alive...

15th July 2004, 07:54 AM
I now you're there Icez! I just have to look harder!

K i t c h e n
19th July 2004, 10:56 PM
*spots what he thinks is icez* *runs and tackles* *actually tackles an ice block in the shape of a Z*