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1st February 2003, 05:18 PM
for all you late people *grumbles* here's the plot:

It is some time after our hero, link, vanquished Gannondorf and the idol of oblivion, Majora's Mask, from the land. All went peacefully until one day. One day that would change Hyrule--and Termina's history forever.

Link had been adventuring through a dungeon that had been infested with monsters, when a dark, shadowy figure appeared.
"S-Skull kid..?" Said Link is disbelief. No. It wasn't skull kid. It was far worse than skull kid. At it's head was the Mask...Majora's Mask. It's outfit was that of a Gerudo. Link cried out in horror as he relized who this was. It was Gannondorf.

An battle shortly ensued, but Gannondorf was far too powerful for Link. Using a strange scythe with a horrifying black aura, he destroyed Link in one quick, easy stroke. With the main threat out of the way, Gannondorf ascended to his fortress. All hope was lost.
Or was it?

The four giants of the land called upon ten people from across the land. No sooner were they called upon were they plunged into an adventure the would never forget.
This is their story.

Name: (duh)
Element: (Earth, Fire, Wind, Lightning, Water, Light, Dark(two of these at max, counting me. There is something big in store for the dark people. Who ever is the other dark has to be my brother or sister. You'll see why.) and Void. (space/time magic)
Magic: (a few basic spells your character has)
Relationships: (gf, bf, crushes, etc...)
Homeland: (Like Ikana, Kakariko town, etc...)

Here's my dude:

Name: Shadow
Age: 17
Gender: male
Looks: Jet black hair, storm grey eyes, 6'2", 160 lbs, semi-muscular build, tan skin, dresses in all black w/ a black T-Shirt, Cargo pants, belt, and boots. Around his right hand is a silver gauntlet.
Personality: Fun loving and hot headed, he can be overly serious or under serious, and loves to joke around. He is reliable and always fights for what he believes for, and is shy toward those he does not know. He often runs into things without thinking and never thinks of the consequinces.
Element: Dark. (mweeheehee)
Magic: Ability to shoot black flames from his hands, various skills with his blade that instantly rot flesh, and dark beams.
Weapons: An oversized, black bladed sword with skulls and pointy things all over it. It is surrounded by a mysterious dark aura, and he has held it long as he can remember.
Armor: The gauntlet, as well as a silver chest play worn over his T-shirt.
Relationships: Well, sorta. He develops a crush on Maichi.
Homeland: Ikana.
Other: Has no recolection of his past or childhood. He has been considered sort of an outcast due to his dark magic abilities, and has been considered by the non-magi a minion of evil, which is obviously not true. Shadow is not his true name, but rather a name he has adapted, due to the fact that he has no reccolection of his former name.

The RPG starts out as we all venture to a point within our homeland, and are transported to the lair of the giants. Then, out adventure shall begin.


I looked down the road. There was no sign of Hiro yet.
"Augh...where is he?" I said to myself. I had been waiting for some time now, around thirty minutes, for Hiro to arrive. Not that I minded waiting, I just minded the heat. It sucked to be in Ikana during th summer. It totally sucked. Temperatures could get up to 120 degrees, and it got so hot that three feet in front of you would be totally wavy with heat. My two brothers were back at our house...it was kinda small and crappy, but it was home. They said they would meet up later. We were going to go exploring around the mountain side, as we had heard rumors that a strange meteorite had crashed there, and wanted to check it out. No one else would be there due to the fact that there were monsters, and the hero who normally slayed them all was dead...

"Hiro!!" I shouted as I saw the blurry figure down the beaten, sandy path. I saw his small figure wave as he hurried to join me. We would probably go ahead toward the cave that lead up the mountain, as Puck and Seylan, were taking ages. Puck was just like me. He was two years younger and quite skilled in dark magic. Seylan was more of an ice mage, but he could use some dark magic. I was a pure shadow mage. Puck and I had always been made fun of and rejected, as we were the only ones in Ikana, and probably the world, who could use dark magic and weren't minions of Gannondorf. Seylan could use only basic spells, but in public, he used only ice magic, to cover up his secret. We had never known how we got our "gift", if you could call it that. We had no reccolection of our past or family...

Hiro had finally caught up.
"Hey." I said. Hiro was breathing heavily, and managed to get out a short ,"hi." We both looked at each other, and nodded in silent agreement to start off toward the cave. Puck and Seylan were fast. They would catch up.
"It's hot as hell out..." I said.
"No way," Began Hiro. "Hell is probably way cooler than this." He retorted. I smiled at his joke. We continued until we reached the entrance of the cave.
"What was that?!" Hiro shouted suddenly. I listened. Faint wooshing noises came from within the pitch black cave. Hiro put his hands in front of himself and released a large stream of flame. I was amazed at what I saw.
"What is that?" I asked, gawking.
"I've no clue..." Said Hiro, rushing up to the area it was in. There was a large, swirling, green portal. It resembled a farore's wind spell, but there was something strange about it. Hiro and I stood silent, watching it for many a minute, until Seylan and Puck came rushing into the scene. I greeted them as they came to watch the swirling vortex.
"Wow..." Said Puck as he recklessly approached the portal. I watched as his image became distorted, and he was sucked head first into the portal.
"Puck!!!" Shouted Seylan. I knew he was going to jump in too. He made a headlong dash for the portal and was sucked in as well.
"Here goes nothing!" I shouted as I too hurtled through the portal. I could hear Hiro running toward it as I went through. I couldn't see. It felt as if my eyes were glued shut as I rushed headlong through the portal, my arms pressed at my sides. I blacked out from the speed.

I awakened at the most bizzare place I've ever seen.
Kind of a long post. Everyone should meet up at where I am right now. ^_^;;

1st February 2003, 09:32 PM

Kisa wiped the water off her forehead. It was hot. Too hot. If she didn't get somewhere that was cool soon...she decided not to think about it. Looking around, the only thing that could offer her a littl bit of coolness were the trees. But, their leaves were brown, and fallen off. She sighed, and walked forward. This place, most of the time it was cool. Good for her. She decided to come at the time of a drought. Well, unless she found some shade soon, she would single handedly stop the drought--literally. And then, she saw some trees, with green leaves. Or at least that is what they looked like. She slowly walked towards it, and then inside...

1st February 2003, 10:39 PM
Hoora, here goes...

Name: Kurayami
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Looks: Have a picture later, buuut...Shoulder-length blonde hair, navy blue eyes, 'round 5'5", slender. Wears something similar to Link, 'cept it's black and a tad longer. The leggings are a dark grey, same with shirt. Vest is black, too. On the back of her vest, there's a weird symbol. (Imagine it whatever until I get in the picture, since I can't describe it).
Personality: Usually a loner. Doesn't really go with society, but if pressed upon it, she's all for it. And she gets really hyper, too. XD! Also, she is NOT a girly-girl! She may look it, but you better hope you're not on the wrong end of HER sword...XD!
Element: Water
Magic: Pressure Bubbles (Creates these silver-ish bubbles, and when anything is trapped within them, they slowly crumple under the pressure.) & Transform (Recently approved, but she can turn into a water Dragon. This is only done rarely, but it's effective when she uses it.)
Weapons: Sword & Bow'n'Arrows
Armor: Navy blue forearm...leather...protectors...(Gah, I dunno what they're called.) and navy shinguard lookin' things.
Relationships: None, but I'm open...*snickering*
Homeland: Lost Woods (Usually in the Forest Temple, but likes to live near the entrance/exit to the Lost Woods) ((From Ocarina of Time, BTW...If you don't know...O-o'))
Other: Nothing, really.


I trudged wearily over the dry grass of Ikana, the sun beating down upon me.

"Oh...the Lost Woods sound so appealing now..." I mumbled to myself. "And a new outfit." I sighed, glancing at my dark clothes.

Alas, not even the trees provided shade, for there was nothing left upon them but a few scraggly brown leaves.

I looked ahead, for there seemed to be people. "Gah, people. Don't I look indecent..." I grumbled, and quietly walked trying not to draw their attentions.

EDIT: Moo, I changed it a bit, but it won't change what happens in the future posts...XP
EDIT2: Same thing... XD!

2nd February 2003, 12:31 AM
Name: Maichi Konnetsu
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Looks: Clicky! (http://www.boomspeed.com/virtualplay/PsychoticMageChick.gif) (Drawing Courtesy of Michael Poe (http://www.errantstory.com) {I couldn't resist…it just fit!}) Blond hair, blue eyes, black clothes.
Personality: Mostly the rebellious teenager, but makes smart decisions; actually thinks about the consequences first.
Element: Void! (Psychotic Mage Chick ^-^)
Magic: Halt (freezes someone/thing/s for a few seconds), Slow (reduces someone's speed), Haste (raises someone's speed); Teleport (…do I really need to explain it?)
Weapons: smooth, slim staff the color of this text, with a red jewel encrusted in the top. (I drew a pencil pic of it, I just gotta upload it…)
Armor: leather gauntlets, shin guards, but nothing else. (her attacks cover her defense)
Relationships: not taken, currently :P
Homeland: Hyrule (y'know, the market place thingy)

If you'd like, I could take a second character ^-^'

Dang heat.

I mean, it's not like I had to be out in Ikana. But I was in Termina when I heard rumors of a meteorite crashing somewhere in Ikana, somewhere around the mountains. I'm a bit too curious for my own good sometimes, so I left to check it out. Unfortunately, I forgot how hot it gets.

"Man, I wish I could 'port further than a couple hundred feet…" I muttered, as I teleported from one shade spot to another.

Yes, that's something odd about me. Unlike most other people, I can use magic spells at will. Unfortunately, I was still getting used to them, as I never showed them off in public. I was afraid people might point me out for a freak or something. Not that I'm much of a people person anyway…

I located another shade spot a little ways on, concentrated, and teleported. Unfortunately, I didn't expect there to be other people here. Two boys, about my age it seemed, were walking off towards the mountains.

"It's hot as Hell out…" one said.

"No way," the other replied. "Hell is probably way cooler than this." I chuckled at the comment. It really did feel that hot.

I considered following them as I watched them walk to the mountains. But then I saw two other boys come running for the mountains too. I stayed hidden in the small brush and waited for them to pass. Then I decided to follow.

The boys found a cave entrance and went in. I stopped by the mouth of the cave and listened. I heard faint whooshing sounds. Then a louder whirling sound. Then…

"Puck!!" one of the boys screamed. Some running footsteps led to another loud whirling sound.

"Here goes nothing!" another boy shouted a few seconds later. It was followed by another whirling sound, more running, and a final whirling.

Now totally intrigued, I stepped into the cave. The gem on my staff glowed enough to show me the pathway. I walked and saw it, but it was too amazing to believe. It was a green portal-ish thing, that's all I could tell. It looked kind of like a large green fire, but it was swirling instead of flickering.

I walked forward to get a better look, but my foot slipped on something. I tripped, and braced myself for a hard landing. But instead, when I hit the green flames, I seemed to float in mid-air for a second, before I was suddenly rushing fast through the portal. Lost in the dark, and only having the feeling of going extremely fast, I fainted.

2nd February 2003, 12:24 PM
Age: 14
Looks:Tall, with Long Brown hair with Blue eyes. She wears long Silky white Pant's with a Pink Longsleeve. She also has these Feathery wing's like a angel, sorta like curse that was put on her by some monster, making her have them. She was then made fun of and shunned all her life.
Personality:Shy, she really doesn't talk or trust anyone, but when she does, she help you no matter what.
-Healing Bathe(Sun light cover's her, healing her in a Bathe of light. Supposed to be spelt like that).
-Purify Sun(She Spin's into a tornado,(at nite) She takes all the Moonlight, and turn's it into Sun light, releasing the blow. She can't control it, only because she faint's after using it.
-Magic Arrow(She releases a Arrow that the tips have a the shape of the sun, taking some sun-light energy, and Glow's. It can pierce through any armour.
Weapons:Bow and Silver Sun Arrows,Ether Medallion.
Armor:Nothing really. She has a jewel on her Chest that protect's her from some time, and is her only defence.
Relationships:None. She was betrayed by her old BF, so she wishes for none at the time, though many want to be her BF.
Homeland:Kakariko Village, but she moves around all the time.
Other:Nothing really.

Kakariko Village in the summer was ok. I mean..

It wasn't warm or cold. Better than Ikana...

But that's where I was.I was venturing out, because I heard of a Meteorite crashing near-by.
"So hot.."I said. My wing's felt like they were on fire as well. But they weren't..

I was near the mountain's where I saw 2 boys and a Girl. The girl was far way, while the boy's where near a cave.

I flew up, to get a closer look, where in the corner of my eye I saw the girl teleport to another spot.


"It's hot as hell out here"One of the boys said..

It's hotter than hell. I would love to be in hell right now..

"Puck!!" one of the boys screamed. Some running footsteps led to another loud whirling sound.

I looked closer..

The girl, and another boy went through..

I went closer, landing near the cave..

I heared a rushing noise of wind..

"Here goes...nothing"I said..

I curled up in a Ball, well, atleast my wings, as my Wing span was bigger than the cave.

I floated in mid air, then suddenly rushing. My wing's sorta got puffy when the wind blew against it hard.


2nd February 2003, 03:53 PM
I got my old SN back!!! (This is tequilla by the way) ^_^;
Weeeehoooo! I've reached nirvana!

2nd February 2003, 04:10 PM
well, good for your name…but you didn't answer my question:

can I take a second character?

Tyler and Hobbes
2nd February 2003, 05:15 PM

As me and my brother Seylan walked into the cave,I greeted my other brother Shadow.We were alot closer then Seylan and I.I was glad to see him,but there was a swiriling portal infront of us."Wow!" I said in amazement.Not thinking clearly I jumped into the portal."Puck!"Seylan called after me.I awoke in the strangest place I'd ever seen."Woah.''I said in amazement.

2nd February 2003, 07:21 PM
Oh, uh, I guess you can have another character if you really want to.


Large pink spheres resembling bubbles floated around in every direction. I appeared to be on top of a huge pillar, stratching endlessly down. The sky was a deep red color, and four dark figures stood at each side of the pillar, silent.

There was a trickle of blood that ran down the right corner of my mouth. There were many people with me on this pillar, some I knew, some I didn't.
"Where ar-" I began.
"Silence!!!" One of the figures boomed. I stammered backward.I had my hand on the handle of my sword, just in case.
"Have you any idea what has brought you here, heroes?" The next figure asked. We all stood, motionless.
"You have been chosen. There are no others like you. Each one of you posseses super natural powers, aside from magic. You are the chosen." The third figure stated. I was thinking of asking what we had been chosen for, but I kept silent.
"We assume that you know about what has happened with Link." Said the fourth. I nodded slowly.
"Have you any idea what killed Link?" Asked the first. We were silent.
"Gannondorf..." He said shakily. I was in disbelief. I had to say something.
"Gannondorf is dead! He was sealed away by Link some ten years ago! There is no way he could have been revived!!" I shouted. Everyone stared, hardly believing that I had just argued with the four giants, the gods of the land.
"Majora's mask was never destroyed properly by the foolish hero, Link, and using it's last amount of energy, transported itself to Gannondorf's resting place and attached to his face! He is unstoppable now..." The second said.
"Then why are we here?" Said a girl with blonde hair who seemed to be around my age. I was lost in her face for a moment, but then came to, a bit embarassed.
"Alas, there is one way...the element stones." Said the third.
"Obtaining these stones will strengthen your powers, and upon obtaining all of them, you shall be strong enough to take on Gannondorf!" One shouted. He seemed very serious but there was a hint of happiness in his voice.
"How do we find these stones?" Hiro piped up.
"Each one is hidden in a temple or shrine. There are several shrines throughout the world, each corresponding to a different element. However, the stones are guarded by terrible monsters."

I saw the giants fading. It seemed as if they were drifting away from us. No sooned had this happened, I relaized that I was knee deep in some sort of powdery, cold, white substance.
"Snow!!" Shouted Seylan. I was confused.
"What's snow?" I asked.
"Ah, you've never been to Snowhead huh...it's what happens when water freezes in small amounts."

I was a bit confused...but at the same time I understood. Seylan was quite knowledgable about the outside world, where as I was not. All the people who had joined with us on this "quest" stood rather silent as Seylan lead us up the side of the mountain. I knew we could trust him here.

3rd February 2003, 12:06 AM
Name: Maiku Konnetsu
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Looks: 5'10", short blond hair, blue eyes; wears black clothes.
Personality: Kinda the opposite of Maichi, is a people person, outgoing and friendly. But he won't do anything he really doesn't want to do. Is a little protective of his sister.
Element: Void
Magic: Halt, Teleport (see Maichi); Temporal Rip (makes everything around him and whomever he wants to move slower or faster than them)
Weapons: Silver sword with gold-colored hilt, with a red gem encrusted in the center of the hilt (one gem shows through both sides)
Armor: Hylian Shield, leather gauntlets
Relationships: not actively looking…
Homeland: Hyrule
Other: Maichi's twin brother


'Where's she off to?' I wondered, as I stealthily trailed my sister. It was bad enough she'd left for Termina at all, but now she suddenly decides to come out to Ikana. I swear I'll never understand girls.

I saw her teleport again, so I quickly 'ported to where she had been. I saw her a couple hundred feet off, hiding in the brush. I couldn't tell whether it was for shad from the heat or to hide from something.

After a few minutes, she go up and ran towards the mountain base. I ported after I was sure she wouldn't see me, then watched her. She was at the mouth of some kind of cave, looking in and listening, it seemed. Soon she ran in, holding her staff out in front of her. I ported just inside the mouth of the cave, where I knew it would be too dark for her to see me.

My eyes adjusted to the dim light inside, and I saw Maichi a little ways on, looking at something that looked like a portal. I edged closer to her, and she did the same towards the portal. Suddenly, she slipped on something. I was about to port over and catch her, when I saw that her head had gone into the portal. She was now floating a foot or two above the ground, her head lost in the portal.

Then she was sucked in.

I almost yelled out, but I had a feeling she wouldn't hear anyway. I quickly ran to the portal and recklessly jumped in after her. I had a very strong feeling of speeding through the dark very fast before I blacked out.


I woke up to incredible pain. Nothing seemed broken, but I felt like one big bruise. I opened my eyes and looked around. I saw a few other people, but I only recognized Maichi. I stood up carefully and noticed huge figures standing around the pillar we were standing on. Maichi woke up, noticed me, and was about to say something when one of the other people said, "Where ar-"

"SILENCE!!!" one of the figures around us boomed. I shook from fear, a feeling I don't usually get.

"Have you any idea what has brought you here, heroes?" another figure said.

"You have been chosen," the third continued. "There are no others like you. Each one of you posseses super natural powers, aside from magic. You are the chosen."

"We assume that you know about what has happened with Link," the fourth said. I had heard of his death, yes, amazing as it was.

"Have you any idea what killed Link?" the first one asked. After a few second of silence, he shakily answered his own question. "Ganondorf."

The other guy who was on the pillar spoke up again. "Gannondorf is dead! He was sealed away by Link some ten years ago! There is no way he could have been revived!!" We were all kind of shocked as to why he was questioning the giants.

The second explained, "Majora's mask was never destroyed properly by the foolish hero, Link. Using its last amount of energy, it transported itself to Gannondorf's resting place and attached to his face! He is unstoppable now…"

To my surprise, Maichi spoke up. "Then why are we here?"

"Because," the third spoke, "there is one way…the elemental stones."

"Obtaining these stones will strengthen your powers. Upon obtaining all of them, you shall be strong enough to take on Gannondorf!"

"How do we find these stones?" another guy asked.

"Each one is hidden in a temple or shrine. There are several shrines throughout the world, each corresponding to a different element. However, the stones are guarded by terrible monsters."

I saw the giants start to fade. It felt like the whole room was slowly dissolving. Suddenly I found myself knee-deep in…

"Snow!" another guy shouted. Wow…I hadn't seen snow in, what, a couple years? It had been about that long since it had been cold enough in Hyrule for snow.

"Dang cold!" Maichi said next to me. I could see why…she was wearing a black mini-skirt that stopped a couple inches above her knees and a sleeveless black shirt to match. Okay attire for Ikana, but not for Snowhead.

…I think I wrote a little too much…^-^'

3rd February 2003, 11:16 AM
Name: Hiro
Age: 17
Gender: male
Looks: hes about 5'8 with Short Black Hair. Wears a Red Tunic and White leggins with red boots.
Personality: Nice, Loyal and Brave. has a good sence of humor and like to have fun but, when battles begin he becomes dead serious.
History: (Ok i hope u dont mind me being ur characters friend) He grew up in Ilkana the same town as Shadow and his younger bro and they have always been good friends. When they were younger they trained together and weren't all that bad with there weapons. When Hiro was about 13 his parents were killed by some unknown force Hiro did not really know what it was but, suspected something evil.
Element: Fire
Magic: Can shoot small Fireballs that are super hot. Also his weapons are Fire Enchanced meaning when he strikes, his opponent feel Inferno. Also has a Duel Attack with Shadow kinda like X Strike. (for those who don't know its kinda where the 2 people stand back and charge oppent diagnolly and hit enemy kinda making a X shape)
Weapons: Dual Sabres(2 Swords in Each Hand) Each has a gem on the botom that has swirling Fire. The gems are small and can't really be seen unless the sword is examined and our said to be priceless
Armor: A Light Chest Plate and hand guards(Gloves I Guess)
Relationships: Well um no GF but, is real good friend with Shadow
Homeland: Ikana
Other: Hope you don't mind that I made out chars Friends. IF u dont want too than its alright and i will delete it

After meeting up with Shadow and his younger brothers we found this spooky cave where inside there was a swirling green portal. We couldn't deciede whether or not to go in but, puck sealed our fate by walking into it. First Puck went then selena then Shadow went through it. So of course i followed.

When we got through it there were stone figures In front of us. One of them bellowed and began to speak. Instictivley I reached down pulled out both of my swords and stood in a guard. When I saw he was just talking i put them away and listened.

When I heard about Gannondorf being revived with the Majoras Mask I think my heart stopped ticking.

After they dissapeared we were almost knee deep in a white powder which was identified as.. Snow. Across the plain I could see a small cave and I put my hands in front and shot a streaming bolt of fire and burned a path straight to the cave

"follow me!" I said. And we ran to the cave..

"Well... what now?"

Sorry, short post but, i dun wana advance the plot too much when i don't really know whats Happening :)

Tyler and Hobbes
3rd February 2003, 05:18 PM

When I awoke I saw four tall figures.I was on some sort of pillar. I knew that Link had died,but when the giant said it I had a chill go up my spine."Magora's mask wasn't destroyed alive." "No!

Ganondorf was locked away years ago!"Quiet!"The giant yelled.At first it looked like Hiro was going to attack ,but he layed

back.I too was going to attack,but the giant didn't defend

himself.Suddenly,everything around me decintigrated and we were in some white stuff."Snow!"said Hiro."What's snow?""Snow is water."I didn't understand though. Hiro said something about a cave so I followed.

3rd February 2003, 05:50 PM
"Quiet!"I heard. There was these giants...and I with these other people were on a pillar. I recieved funny look's, like I alway's do, because of my wings.

They kept on rambling about Link and Ganondorf and Majora's mask...

"You have been chosen," the third continued. "There are no others like you. Each one of you posseses super natural powers, aside from magic. You are the chosen."

"We assume that you know about what has happened with Link," the fourth said.

"Have you any idea what killed Link?" the first one asked. After a few second of silence, he shakily answered his own question. "Ganondorf."

The other guy who was on the pillar spoke up again. "Gannondorf is dead! He was sealed away by Link some ten years ago! There is no way he could have been revived!!" We were all kind of shocked as to why he was questioning the giants.

The second explained, "Majora's mask was never destroyed properly by the foolish hero, Link. Using its last amount of energy, it transported itself to Gannondorf's resting place and attached to his face! He is unstoppable now…"

Then they talked about if we had Elemental Stones, we can defeat Ganondorf...

Then, when they left, we were Knee-High deep in cold, flaky snow.

Sorry, but I'm not in the mood. The cable company is shutting our cable just because of 15 dollars. Stupid air heads.

3rd February 2003, 07:56 PM
*dying* Okay, just pretend nobody saw me in there, or something, and I fell in the snow, so nobody saw me again.... X-x';; ...like that's possible, but oh well! XD!


I lay facedown in the snow. Snow? Omigawd, SNOW!! I sat up and shook the frost out of my hair, savoring the difference between the icy cold and the boiling heat I had felt a few minutes ago.

I looked around. The first thing I saw was a teenage girl with feathery white wings, standing the the knee-deep wonderland of snow. She shivered slightly. A few feet ahead were a few boys, one of which promptly blasted a pathway of ice with a firey technique. I spoke to the girl, as she was closest.

"Hullo. Weird talk, wasn't that?" I smiled, as she jumped.

"Oh!" She turned around, and smiled as well, as I stood up and scraped off the snow. "Hi. Yes, I suppose it was out of the ordinary..."

Introduce yourself, blockhead, I thought to myself.

I turned, and extended my hand. "My name's Kurayami."

The girl smiled, "Hi Kurayami. My name is Izumi."

I turned and nodded in the direction of the boys, whom by now were reaching the cave. "More "chosens," I suppose?"

Izumi nodded. I smiled, some of my insane happiness starting to take control of me. "Let's go meet them! I don't think we had too much time to introduce ourselves during the talk..." I paused. "No, talk is mild. During the lecture we got from the giants."

"Alright," Izumi agreed, looking at me as though I would start jumping up and down. Together we trudged on the cleared pathway someone had made.
XP Fwa, hyperness and RPG's do not mix. Remember this...XD!

3rd February 2003, 11:07 PM
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I groaned inwardly as Puck ran off into the cave. "Get back here kid..." I growled as I followed.

"Wow..." Puck said inside, his voice echoing off the walls.

I rolled my eyes. I had been in ice caves like that a million times. But... this one didn't seem familliar. I noticed that pretty much everyone else looked like they were about to turn into Freezards they were so cold. I smirked slightly. Cold never really bothered me.

4th February 2003, 04:19 PM

As I trudged through the so called, "snow." :D I noticed that sun the sun was slowly going down. I didn't want to camp out in this area...it seemed dangerous, the kind of place where plenty of wild life might live.
"Seylan!" I shouted. He spun around.
"It's getting dark...let's get a move on...I don't like the idea of camping out here..." I said.
"Righto." Came his response. No sooned had I said that, a tremendous explosion rang out. The three girls who had been hanging around the back of the group flew backward, right toward the edge of a cliff. They were hanging from each other's legs, the blonde one I had seen earlier was hanging from the ridge, and from her legs hung an odd girl with wings. Lastly, there was another girl hanging from a different spot, dressed similarly to how Link used to dress. I was shocked by what had just happen. I began to run back down the icy slope from whence we came. Seylan, Puck, Hiro, and the rest (sorry) stood there, dumbfounded.
"Well, come on!!!" I ordered. They slid down as well. The girl who was a bit farther away from the other two looked as if she was soon to fall, as all she managed to grab was a patch of ice. As she was about to let her fingers slip, I dove forth and grabbed her hand.
"Help me!" She screamed.
"I'm trying!" I exclaimed as I pulled her in my direction. I dug my sword into the ice and and used it as a support to help me. Within a few seconds she was back on soild ground.
"Th-thank you." She said. I smiled back, a bit red in the face.
"AAAaaaiiiieeeeee!!!!" Some one screamed. I looked to my left. The two other girls had fallen.
"Halt!" Screamed one of the boys behind me. They both froze, about a foot from the ridge. Seylan and puck ran toward them, and puck dug his daggers into the ice and used them as picks as he pulled Seylan away from the ridge who in turn pulled the two girls. With everyone back on land, we decided that we had to continue. The boy snapped his fingers, and the two girls unfroze. As we all started to walk, I looked up. The sun was just setting, creating a pinkish light over everything in sight. The girl I has saved earlier suddenly sped up. She was obviously trying to catch up with me, so I slowed my pace.
"Hi. I'm Kurayami." She said, a cheery smile lit up upon her face.
"Hey. I'm Shadow..." I said. I was kind of nervous, as I wasn't exactly a smooth talker.
"That's an odd name." She said. It kind of angered me, but I didn't show it.
"Well, its sort of a nickname. I don't know my real name. I can't remember my childhood." I said in a sort of sorrowful voice. We talked for some time until we reached the top of the mountain.
"Okay! The village should be here!" Seylan said happily. We went a few more feet. It was then that I saw what had caused the explosion.

"What in hell's name happened?!" I cried out. There was no village. Just blacked wood here and there, dead bodies, flames, and three dark figures standing atop the rubble. It was obvious that they had done this.
"Who are you?" Shouted the void magic kid. The middle figure smiled and turned around. He gave a short laugh.
"Maiku, I presume?" He said. Maiku said nothing. The figure wore a gleaming silver helmit, with dark lenses that shielded his eyes. His skin was tan, and he had faint signs of a gotee. He dressed in shades of grey, with a silver cape blowing in the wind, and at his side stood a two bladed pole.
"I am Taban, chief knight of the Apocolypse knights!" He said.
"What buisness have you here?" Said Taban.
"Our job is to dispose of vile scum like you!!" Shouted the girl with wings. Taban laughed.
"You think you...can defeat ME?" He said. He burst into laughter. I had been previously immersed in our crowd, as were most of us.
"Sh-Shadow?!" Taban cried out. He suddenly shook his head.
"Slash, Zephyr, get ready!" Taban shouted. A look of excitement on his face. Two strange beings turned around. One was dressed as a ninja in all black, two katanas at his sides, where as the other was dressed similarly only in white, and with slash claws. The white one's hair was visible, as the black one's was not. We all dispersed in different directions, ready for attack.
"Check this out!" Seylan shouted, charging into the fray. He snapped once, and the black ninja froze, his body encased in ice. Hiro began to hack vigerously as his body, but it seemed to do nothing. The body quickly thawed, still living.
"Let's see how a little heat works on you!" Taban shouted. The ground began to rumble, and a huge orange fissure sprouted. Out poured the largest amount of fire I have ever seen. Nearly half our team was wiped out, including, Hiro, Seylan, Maiku, and Kurayami. I was left untouched. Taban repeated the attack, and those who were onlu down were now entirely unconcious.
Suddenly, I began to feel overwhelmed with rage, as if some one or something was taking hold of me. I let out a loud, peircing yell.
I fell to my knees, and a bolt of thunder struck me. Black, leathery wings sprouted from my back, and I could feel claws taking place of my fingers. Horns suddenly sprouted from my head, and my vision turned everything to red. Puck jumped up.
"Allright Shadow!" He yelled with excitement. I slammed my fist into him. He flew backwards and smashed into a wall. I noticed a trickle of blood come from the mouth of his unconcious body. I grimaced.
"Shadow! What are you doing?!" Screamed the girl with wings.
"Hyyyaaaaa!!!" I shouted. A beam of darkness exploded from my hand and engulfed her. She screamed with pain.
What was I doing? This wasn't what I wanted. I wanted to destroy Taban, Zephyr, and Slash, not my friends. I could not control my actions however, try as I might.
"Take this you f***!!!" I shouted as several bolts struck both of Taban's comrades. Their singed bodies dropped to the ground, dead.
"What?!?!" Taban yelled in disbelief.
"You have grown stronger than when we last met Shadow. The gift I gave you is serving you well." He said with a twisted smile. With that he threw something downward, and dissapeared in a puff of smoke.
I blacked out.

Tyler and Hobbes
4th February 2003, 07:28 PM
"Over here!"Shadow told Hiro.We walked over to where he was,when suddenly there was an explosion and the ice underneath the blond girl began to fall.

Shadow thought fast.He swung his sword and picked up one of them.As the other two began to fall I imitated Shadow and put my daggers in the ice and held Seylan while he grabed the girls.Hiro snapped his fingers and the girls unfroze.We tredged on and I saw Shadow slow down while.......I think Maichi caught up.

I myself walked up to the girl with wings"Hay,this stuffs pretty freaky huh."I said.I oughften made little comments like that to make it easier to talk."Yes." the girl replied."Uh...What's your name?"The girl scanned me quickly for something."My names Izumi!" she said.We shook hands and caught up with the rest of the group.

"Okay the village should be here!"seylan said.It wasn't there though.All we saw were bodies and trees.Three dark figures stood in the center of it all."Who are you!"Maichu demanded.The middle figure turned around and said "we are the Apoclypse Knights"It seemed as if he new Shadow.Shadow went through a horrible transformation and attaked me.This wasn't the shadow I knew.I blanked out.

4th February 2003, 08:00 PM
Whoops, forgot to post my Bio:

Name: Kisa
Age: ?
Gender: Female
Looks: Light blue, but not clear. Blond hair, and stormy gry eyes.
Personality: Kind, but can get pretty stormy at times...
Element: Wind
Magic: controls the weather...
Weapons: A magical sword, and three grey stones
Armor: Sheild, helmet
Relationships: none
Homeland: She has been traveling so long, she cannot remember...
Other: Since she was a child, she has been traveling.


Kisa gratefully knelt down in the snow, hearing, but not hearing the others' conversation. After that heat, and weird place, she was grateful for the snow. Wind didn't function well in heat. Then, she stood up, and listened, but still didn't hear. She wondered who these people were. "I'm Kisa." she hesitantly said.

4th February 2003, 08:32 PM
Ahh!I thought. I jumped to a "Hullo. Weird talk, wasn't that?" from one of the others..

The last time I was talked to directly, in a way, was back when I was home..

"I heard, that Izumi, the village witch, is going to Kill our First borns."

"Let's Kill her!!"

I didn't do anything to annoy them, yeah maybe it was because I was in market that afternoon, finding something to eat. The guy gave it to me for free..

My money is like everone else's..

That's why I went to Ikana, maybe they wouldn't make fun of me...

"Oh!"I said, accedentally hitting my wing's in the snow,makeing some go on her..."Hi, Yes..It was out of the ordinary..

"My name is Kurayami."
"Hi Kurayami, my Name is Izumi.."

"More 'chosens', I suppose?"Kurayami said. I nodded in agreement..

While me and Kurayami went through the pathway th other's cleard out..

"Hay,this stuffs pretty freaky huh."Someone else said. He came out of nowhere,"Uh..what's you name?"

I looked at him deciding if I should tell. I trusted Kuryami. I can't trust anyone..I mean..

"Puck.."He said, running up with the others. I planned to fly over, but I didn't want to leave Kurayami..

We walked to a..so called Village. There was just burn't torso's, bodys and Buildings..

"I am Taban, chief knight of the Apocolypse knights, What is your business here?"

"To get rid of people like you.."I said, with a Tar runnign down my face. No one deserved to die..

'You think you can defeat the like's of me?"Taden said..

In a second, Half of the 'Chosen one's' where wiped, laying down(She can perform the Healing Bathe on them Later on. It's to dark out there because of the ash for her to do anything.)

Then, a bolt of Lightning hit Shadow, and he grew wings. His eye's turned a different Color..

"Taden"I whispered. Taden might of been controling Shadow's control...

"Allright Shadow!"Puck said, and with that, Shadow punched the Living Daylights out of him..

"Shadow! What are you doing?!"I yelled..

And with that, I screamed in agony. I barely missed the sho, but it still hurt..

I ran to a wall that was once part of a building, hiding fom Taden..

"I hope you like the power's I gave you, as a Gift.."Taden said to Shadow..then, in a puff of smoke, dissappered.

Shadow fainted..and the sky got a lighter tone...good enough for..

"Healing Bathe!"I said, Batheing myself in sunlight. I was fully healed..

I looked at everone else, all fainted..

"I gots work to do.."I said...trying to get more energy to heal all of them..


4th February 2003, 09:28 PM
"Who are you!" I screamed. These terrors just blew up the whole village!

"Maiku, I presume?" the middle guy said. I was stunned; how had he known my name? Was he some kind of Medium? No, he had a bigger aura around him. An evil aura. "I am Taban, chief knight of the Apocalypse Knights. What business have you here?"

Other people spoke, but I wasn't really listening. I was thinking, 'How the heck does that guy know my name?' His appearance was intriguing too. The way his helmet seemed to gleam oddly. The black glasses that blocked his eyes from view. The slight goatee that seemed to be extremely sharp.

"Let's see how a little heat works on you!" I snapped out of my trance to see him swing his sword at the ground. The earth cracked, and suddenly, with a loud roaring, a wave of fire launched up, and overtook us. It burned like Hell, literally.

"Ow…" I muttered, as the fire faded. I turned to Taban in time to see him doing the attack again. As the wave flew up, I yelled, "Temporal Rip!" even though nobody could hear me. I watched as the wave slowed down and seemed to stop. As quickly as I could (not very fast, considering my burn), I got up and moved out of the way of the fire. When I knew I was a safe distance away, I collapsed. The Temporal Rip closed and I fainted to the darkness.

"Maiku!" I screamed as the wave of fire engulfed them. As it dispersed, I saw them, alive, but injured. Then Taban used the attack again. I didn't even bother screaming; they wouldn't hear.

But I felt a small mental tug that I'd had before. Maiku was using of his Void powers. From the situation, it could've been either Teleport or his Temporal Rip.

"AAAAARRRRRRRGGGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!" I turned to the source of the screaming. One of the other boys was looking strange. Like he was…possessed. Then a bolt of lightning struck him, and he transformed into a beast…no, a monster.

Another boy walked over like it was cool. The transformed kid punched him into the the rock face. Then he blasted the winged girl with a blast of dark energy. He screamed in outrage, then suddenly the two guys next to Taban were struck dead with lightning, much to the surprise of Taban.

"You have grown stronger than when we last met Shadow," He said to the monster-boy. "The gift I gave you is serving you well." He then disappeared in a puff of smoke, as 'Shadow' collapsed. The monster features slowly melded back into the form of a boy. Slowly I made my way over to his limp body.

I kinda assumed that being unconcious, Shadow wouldn't be able to retain his beast form.

4th February 2003, 10:38 PM
XP I would've posted earlier, but Karate got in my way. *cheers* As of February 24th, I will be a BROWN BELT! *dances around happily*


"GAAAAH!" I yelled as I woke up. Izumi stood over me, and, by the looks of it, just revived me.

"Okaaay..." I mumbled shakily, while I stood up. "That was...weird. Thanks, Izumi, but what happened with Shadow?"

Izumi shrugged, and hurried off to the other people.

I massaged my leg. That'll leave a mark... I grumbled inwardly.

I gazed at the wreckage; that Taban guy was gone. I saw Maichi slowly limping towards Shadow's unconcious body. Puck was being healed by Izumi, and a few other people remained scattered across the snow.

Insane... I hissed to myself. Completely out of control...We had better watch Shadow...

I sighed, and slowly walked my way towards Shadow and Maichi.
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4th February 2003, 11:24 PM
Hiro Fire

The last thing I remember before fainting was a tremendous rush of heat then it was all a blank.

I woke up sometime after, not too long though because I could still see some of the fire on the grass. I looked around everyone was on the floor but, 2 people were missing I assumed they were searching around. I quickly dragged everyone under a huge tree and began to think. Then out of no where I heard a faint cry.

"help..." it said very quietly.

I looked around for a second and then heard it again coming from where the village was burned down. I quickly ran to the burned black village and I listen again

"Please... help me" the voice said again

I must've heard it 3 more times before i found it. The voice was coming from a decimated building. I ran over to it and lifted up a Large Slab of wood and under it was a small little girl about 5 or 6 and about a foot from her fingers were a small little dog. The dog couldn't have been more than a few months old. I quickly reached in and Lifted them both out and set them on the ground.

"Um... who are you??" The little girl Asked

"Well... im Hiro" The little girl looked very scared and i tried to calm her. "don't worry, I won't hurt you. I just thought I would help you out.."

The little girl still didn't look very satisfied and began running around the village. "daddy!!! where are you!?" She ran around for about 5 minutes and stopped. She began to cry very softly.

"Um... Im sorry to say this but, I think you were the only surviror... Im very sorry.." I said very softly. The little girl looked sad but, she had a tuff look on her face.

"Maybe my pappa was out on his morning run. Maybe when he saw the village being attacked maybe he turned and headed to the village where mamma is!"

I was very confused by this. I didn't know why this little girl had such an active imagination. "well" I started "you said something about a Village right?? So um maybe I could take you there. Would that be ok with you?" i asked

"Well" she began "My mommy told me never to trust a stranger but, you see like a nice man! But, only under 1 condition!"

I started to laugh, she had a demand. Even though it was silly that she had a demand I said "alright what is it?"

"Only if... we can take Cherry with us!"

I started to wonder who cherry was and then I looked down and the little dog was standing up right and wagging its tail. I picked the dog up and said "Of course we can take her with us!"

The little girl began to laugh and she picked her puppy up.

"Um excuse me but, you wouldn't happen to have A horse or something to make this faster would you?"

"Of course we do!! but, they might have all been taken but, we do have one that is hidded. It is the fastest horse in the village.. and is never suppose to be used unless in a emergancy. I think we can count this as an emergancy!"

She led me into a small burnt down building and lifted up a few blocks of wood and there was a small trapdoor. She led me down it and at the bottom was the most magniefict Horse I had ever seen. It had a silky coat of almost red fur. We walked over to it and it neighed softly and then the girl and myself got onto the horse. I took it out of its little stable and then asked her... "um how we going to get out of this room?'

She then pushed a stone in and a bunch of rocks came crumbling down and there was a passage out into the open. I quickly kick the horse and we rode off outside. Before I went I decied it be best to leave a note.

We rode over to where I had set the group and I wrote a quick note

After the fight with the mysterious warriors, I awoke and went to the village where I found a young girl and I have decied that Im am going to take her back to her Mothers Village. The trip should take me about 4 nights in total so continue with the Journey. I will meet up with you soon enough.


I Took the note and a dagger i had found and pinned it to the tree that they were all aganinst. The I ran to the horse and the girl and hoped on and Then gave it a slight kick and we set off. As I was riding away, I could of sworn I heard someone yell out "Hiro, wait!" but I think I was imaging it. Almost as soon as we took off the girl fell asleep right in front of me. I just smiled as I kicked the horse slightly and we set off at an even faster than before.

"I know this is against my cause and I know im here to Help Stop gannondorf and help save the world but, I couldn't just leave her there.. Could I?"


Sorry for long post :)

5th February 2003, 07:17 AM
Shadow wasn't being controlled by Taban, it happens when ever he becomes extremely angry. He basically goes berserk and tries to kill everything.


"Ungh....where...where am I?" I questioned myself. It was about mid day, and the sky was lit up with an aqua blue color. I tried to push myself up, and just barely succeded. My left arm, my good arm, was broken, and I was garnished with cuts and bruises every where. I couldn't remember what had happened last night...just that I had met some giants. I pushed myself onto my feet, looking for someone, any one--that could help me. No body was there. I walked a few feet to the left and looked around. There was someone! That girl with wings! Now I had remembered. I ran toward her.
"Hey!" I shouted. She looked back, and then let out a terrifying scream. She flew backward, screaming at me to get back. I stood there, deeply confused. There I saw Puck, another familiar face.
"Hey Puck!" I said. His dagger narrowly missed my neck.
I would write more but I got school.

Tyler and Hobbes
5th February 2003, 07:51 AM
I woke up to find Izumi."Hay."I said still grogy."You'll be okay now.'' she said softly."What happened ?"I said.Before she could answer she let out a loud shreik"Ahhhhhh!''"you now I'm gonna probably be deaf tomorro."I thought.I saw the regular Shadow,I tried to stab him,but I missed.I had to do something to get over my pain so I kicked a jar.A jar?A jar!"Guys!guys!,guys!"I headed over to everyone.I gave the jar to Maichu to examine.

When it occured to me,Shadow groes into that thing when he's mad.I walked over to him"You gonna try to stab me again?"he said sarcasticly."About that...sorry.""Truce?""Truce."

5th February 2003, 05:59 PM

Kisa sighed as everyone ignored her. She was used to that. Mostly, all she got was rejections. Well. They would notice her sooner or later. Kisa smiled. A light smile, but not evil. A slight breeze passed over the group, and Kisa gladly welcomed it. Wind. She always felt at home with the wind. "I'm Kisa." Kisa repeated. She picked up a few of their names. Shadow, Puck, Izumi. But, she didn't know all of them. She shifted her helmet, so that it gave her more protection.

5th February 2003, 07:26 PM

Puck went on and on about what had happened the day before. He claimed I had attacked our group, and that he went into a sort of berserk mode. He also told me of a man named Taban.
"Taban?!" I cried out. That name sounded farmiliar.
"Yeah, Taban...why?" Asked Puck. I couldn't quite place my finger on the name, but I had heard it, long ago.
"I-it's nothing." I replied. I looked around. Everyone was there. Everyone but Hiro. I searched the area for any sign of him. Eventually, I came to a tree with a note pinned to it. I tore it off and read it aloud.

After the fight with the mysterious warriors, I awoke and went to the village where I found a young girl and I have decied that Im am going to take her back to her Mothers Village. The trip should take me about 4 nights in total so continue with the Journey. I will meet up with you soon enough.


"Hmmm...strange." I said, dropping the note. Seylan came running up.
"What the hell got into you last night?!" He shouted.
"I-I don't know...I don't remember." I said. I expected Seylan to continue, but he seemed to under stand.
"Allright..." He said, a bit confused. I showed him the note. Seylan read it aloud and showed it to the others. Within minutes the group had got it back together, and we seemed friendly again. Suddenly, I heard Maiku shout out.
I ran over to see what it was. In his hand was an icy blue pendant...it really did look like it was made of ice. I snatched it from him.
I eyed it. I knew what this was. I read alot, and by the looks of it, this was the key to snowhead temple. I told them what I thought of it.
"Well then, let's go to Snowhead temple!" Maiku's sister shouted. I nodded in silent agreement. Seylan lead the way until after a short while. We had reached the temple.

I went into a headlong dash to the two tremendous front doors. I felt around them for a slot or something. Nothing. I was about to go back to the group, when the pendant lifted off my neck and stuck to the temple door. I watched as it glowed for many a minute. Suddenly, the doors shattered.

"Let's go then!" Puck shouted.
"Allright!" A girl with a helmit shouted. I hadn't really noticed her until she shouted out. I felt like going up and saying "hi" but now was a time to get serious.

No sooner had we entered, I heard an ear splitting howl.
"Wolfos." Seylan said, a look of terror upon his face.
Some one can do the battle scene...I'm not in the mood.

5th February 2003, 09:00 PM
OoC: *FFX battle music plays* Just leave it to me :D


The beast appeared from the ground. It wasn't just a wolfos, it was a WHITE wolfos. How charming...

"Gimme two seconds," I said casually, drawing my Soulcutter. The black blade gleamed darkly. "Time to die," I whispered. The wolfos was suddenly a bloack of ice. I walked over and tapped it with my sword. It shattered, scattering shards of ice and frozen wolfos everywhere. "We can go now," I said, sheathing my weapon.

5th February 2003, 09:04 PM
Hiro, Fire

We rode all through the night and the sun was just begining to come over the horizon. I looked down and the little girl was just begining to wake up.

"Im Hungry!" She said as she rubbed her eyes. "Can we stop and eat and drink?'

"Yah.. Um sure" I said "hmm over there looks like a good place.

The horse trotted over to a grassy area with a small lake and then I hopped off and helped the little girl off. The first thing I did when I got there was lead the horse over to the water. The horse leaned over and began to drink the water

"Why do you make the horsey drink the water first?" The little Girl asked puzzled

"Well, hes been..."

"She!!!" The little girl corrected me.

"Well, SHE has been running all throughout the night so i bet she is very tired. So I let her drink first becasue she has been doing all the work. All we have done was sit. "

"Um..ok.. Do you have anythin' to eat? Like Chocolate or something?" The little girl asked

"well um...I'm sorry but, I dont carry Chocolate with me... but, I have some bread and jam."

"Um ok Lets eat!" She said excitiedly "oh and by the way my name is Mary."

After we rested for an hour or so We began to get ready when a bush about 20 feet away began to shake. I stood up. "Mary go over there by The Horse quick!" I said. I began to walk over towards the bush and when I was about 5 feet away Something jumped out! I didn't get a decent look at what ever it was. After a second I heard Mary yell. I turned around and it was creaping towards her and the horse. I Turned and sprinted over and got infront of them.

When I got over I finnaly got a good look at it. I don't really know what it was but, it was about my height and green. When it walked it walked bent in a hunch. In its hands it had a Large double sided axe. It began to walk towards us with stupid grin on its face.

I quickly reached down and pulled out my Twin Sabres and Stood in a Defensive postion. "Bring it on..' I said cooly. The fiend quickly stopped and stood in a defnesive postion as well. Then, he charged. He ran at me and had his axe far above his head and when he got close enough he swung it down at me as hard as he could. I quickly put my swords up and held them at an X Catching the axe right in the X. The fiend tried with all his might but, he could not bring his axe upon me. When I found the energy I pushed up with all my strengh throwing his Axe back and giving me the chance to strike. When I hit the axe back it through off his balance and then I charged him and hacked at him right across the chest. He stood and then fell.

"Wow... So this whole trips going to be like that huh?" I said "Ok lets get going Mary, i have to be back to my friends soon."

After that I hoped back onto the horse and helped mary and her puppy up and then I set off once again. We rode for about 4 hours and then just over the Horizon I saw a small town with Guards all over.

"Thats it! Thats My mommys town!!" Mary said very excitedly

I just smiled. I felt pretty good that I had helped this little girl. I rode up to the gates. The guards Spotted me and cam running over.

"HALT!!" The all said in Unision

6th February 2003, 09:57 AM

Hiro. That name sounded...familiar. I shouted something, which sounded like Alight, and finally got some attention, (That was me, right?) I looked at his face. Familiar. He was the one called...Puck? No, Shadow. I searched my memory, but nothing came. I had been traveling so long..."I'm Kisa!" I said, running by the 'cave'.

Tyler and Hobbes
7th February 2003, 06:34 PM

We all decided to leave when suddenly a band of white wolfos attacked.No sooner than one second after Seylan destroyed them."We can go."he said.It's times like these when I'm glad he is my brother.I noticed how Hiro wasn't there and asked Shadow where he was."He went to take a girl home.

"Selan..You did a good job.''

7th February 2003, 06:56 PM
(yes it was shadow :P)


Unfortuinately for us, Puck only had killed one white wolfos, for you see, there were several others, blending in with the snow. Six of them popped out. I was sure there were more but I concentrated on the ones that were attacking.
"Take this!" I shouted as I leapt forward. My blade in hand, I swung it down in an arc, easily rending a wolfos's arm. As blood leaked all over the white snow, the other five howled. They were getting angry. Kurayami stepped forward, her sword drawn. She mumbled a spell under her breath, and two large bubbles slowly formed. A wolfos, confused, backed into a corner. As the bubble surrounded it, the wolfos's body became crumpled and mangled.
"What happened?" Maichi asked.
"Pressure bubbles." She responded. As a wolfos rushed toward Maichi, she drew her staff. The wolfos went air born, it's jaws open. As it was about to stike Maichi, she held the staff horizontally. The wolfos came down on the staff--hard. Its mouth was bleeding badly. Maichi gave it one more good whack.
"That's a wrap." Puck retorted. Izumi shot an arrow at the next wolfos. The arrow entered the tip of it's skull and went out its lower jaw. Unable to do anything but use it's claws, it lay down, playing dead. Four down, two to go.
As I neared the second to last wolfos, the other caught me off guard and bit deep into my calves. I shook my left leg like crazy.
"Dammit! Get the hell of! Get the hell off!" I shouted. Seylan rushed onto the scene and wrapped his chain around the wolfos's neck.
"You wanna breathe, you'll have to let go."
The wolfos seemed to refuse, and was killed within a minute. I knealt down, unable to walk due to the pain.
"Healing bathe!" Izumi shouted. I was covered in a golden light, and magically rose to my feet, the wound no longer there. The last wolfos showed no fear in his eyes. He was at least twice as big as the others, and his eyes glowed deep red. His coat was light grey.
"Here goes!" I shouted as my sword was brought down upon it. Blood seeped from under it's fur, but the wolfos showed no sign of pain. It lashed out with its claws, tearing my shirt but not getting my flesh. It lunged again.
"Halt!" Maiku shouted. Saved by the halt again. ^_^"
He slowly walked toward it, and with one quick sweep, decapitated the beast. We moved on through the door.

In the next chamber, there seemed to be a huge pungee pit and a rope hanging from the ceiling. Across the gap was a big, ugly, stupid looking, and very muscular troll-type thing. In its hand was a gigantic axe.
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7th February 2003, 07:43 PM
Sorry, My Internet was turned off, all better now...I suppose.

"Wolfo's..."Seylan said...

"Ahh..white Wolfo's..Different story."I whispered to myself, gathering more energy to shoot out Arrows. Healing everyone that was injured made me wiped out..but I had to help..

I pinned a couple, with the sharp point's piercing their skin.

"Ahh.."Shadow said, being bitten by one..

"You wanna breathe, you'll have to let go."Seylan said, putting the chain around the Wolfo that pierced Shadow's skin..

I went over to him, ...

"Healing Bathe!"I whispered, healing his leg. He went up, and drew his sword, killing a couple..

"Halt!" Maiku shouted.

When we were all done, we went through the other door on the other side of the room..

I saw a VERY ugly looking troll, Giant and had a Axe...

"Not good.."I said..


7th February 2003, 08:00 PM
XD I can picture this all in my head...><';; Grr, I had the perfect post ready, but then my computer shut down. So I had to wait 'til today. Joooyyy...x-x'


Our group huddled on one side, the giant troll-thing on the other.

"Not good," Izumi said aloud.

I turned to Izumi, speaking to her, and partially to the group. "How about we shoot it with our arrows, and see if we can do anything from here?"

Izumi nodded, and took out her bow, as I took out mine.

I loaded an arrow from my quiver, and aimed carefully.

"The eyes," I told her. "Once it's blinded, we can probably take it down quicker once we get over there."

The rest of the group watched silently, as we both shot our arrows as the troll was looking our way.

Even from here, we could see the arrows hit their mark. The troll dropped its axe, and grabbed its head in agony, its roar shaking the cave.

"Alright!!" Shadow yelled, and hurried to cross the pit.
X-x';; Moo?

7th February 2003, 10:14 PM
Izumi and Kurayami carefully lined up their shots. Holding their bows tight, they waited for the ogre to turn this way. It twisted its head just a little, and that's when the arrows flew.

"YAAAAARGH!" The ogre's screaming, plus the dropping of its sword, caused the whole cavern to shake violently. Not to mention the actual volume it was screaming at. Violently stamping its feet, it moved clumsily around, clutching its eyes.

"Alright!" Shadow yelled, before grabbing onto the tethered rope and swinging across the pungee pit. I turned to Maichi, who I could tell had the same thought as me. Concentrating, we both teleported to the other side, out of the way of the stampeding ogre. Shadow finished his cross and was about to swing the rope back when he noticed us.

"How did—where did—what…?" he seemed lost and confused. Then he must have relized that we could Teleport. He threw the rope back, then tossed his hands up in exasperation.


The ogre fell down. The ground shook so violently that we were tossed into the air. Not much of a problem for Maichi or me, but Shadow, far as I knew, only grew wings when he was furious. We fell towards the pungee pit, Shadow screaming the whole fall.

"SLOW!" Maichi screamed from the ledge she teleported to. I felt it working around Shadow's body, and heard his scream change pitch as well. Quickly I teleported to his slower-falling body, grabbed his arms, then teleported back up to the ledge.

Maichi took off the Slow and Shadow finished his scream at normal speed. He started panting furiously from his near death experience, barely getting in thanks in between gasps. One by one the others crossed the pit, then all eight of us turned towards the ogre, who was now groping around for his giant axe.

"Shall we?" I asked, indicating the ogre.

I'm sure the ogre never knew what hit him. The last thing he probably was aware of was eight people heading towards him, screaming rather loudly.

Now that it was down, the eight of us, screaming like maniacs (boy was it fun), charged at the ogre, easily dispensing of it within a minute. We didn't bother throwing it over into the pit; it would've been too much work for us. Instead we just went past him towards the door that his body was blocking. The eight of us walked through…

…and the door slammed behind us! Metal bars slid down over the door, preventing us from escaping. I tried teleporting out, but there must have been a magic barrier around the room too. Instead, we carefully looked around the room.

It was a round room, with four small alcoves that each contained a barred or locked door, one of which we walked away from. Suddenly, I had a bad feeling about this room. "Anybody else feel like something's gonna drop in on us?" I asked the stale air.

"Graik!" "Graik!" I watched in horror as four horrible Lizalfos fell from the ceiling.

"I hate it when I'm right…" I muttered, as the Lizalfos advanced on our group. I was in no position to fight hand to hand combat with these things.

"Split up!" Maiku yelled to us. "Two to a lizard!" After a bunch of shuffling around, I found I wasn't matched up with Maiku. Rather, I was with Shadow. I didn't have much time to think about it though, because at that moment the Lizalfos we had pounced at us.

I screamed as Shadow pushed me out of the way, his sword clinking with the Lizalfos. I gained my breath long enough to scream "HALT!"

But no magic flowed. The Lizalfos continued advancing on Shadow. 'What the Hell?' I thought. 'Why can't I…oh, no!' I suddenly realized the problem.

"Our Magic doesn't work in here!" I screamed, catching everybody's, and every thing's attention. The Lizalfos weren't distracted long though, and quickly went back to their relentless assault. Shadow was barely holding our Lizalfos back. I had to do something.

"Take this!" I screamed, smacking my staff on the top of his head. He was stunned for a bit, and Shadow hacked at his tough, scaly skin for a while until he snapped out of it.

"This isn't working!" Shadow screamed as the Lizalfos advanced us to the wall, seemingly unfazed by the fact that Shadow had just sliced him six times or so.

Well, what else did you expect to be beyond the ogre, the exit?

8th February 2003, 12:01 AM

Moo, wish me luck, 'cause I'm taking the ACTs tomorrow. X-x';; Woo-pe-doo!

Lizalfos! I drew my sword, and glared at the advancing enemy.

A girl stood next to me, wearing a helmet. She had blonde hair and stormy gray eyes. She stood prepared holding her sword. Evidently, she was my partner for this one.

The Lizalfo raised its sword, and leapt at me. I swung my sword upwards, and the sharp sound of metal upon metal echoed throughout the room.

My partner jumped upon the preoccupied enemy, and slashed mercilessly at its scales. Squealing in anger and pain, the Lizalfo turned its attention to her, and I stabbed quickly while its back was turned.

I heard Maichi yell "Our magic doesn't work here!" and I felt a swell of panic, but it was easily diverted as I dodged the Lizalfo's jabs.

"I wish I had a shield..." I said to myself. The girl just smiled, and distracted the Lizalfo.

"By the way, my name's Kisa." She told me, as I slashed at its unprotected stomach. "Been trying to get the group's attention for a while now."

"Heh, well, I'd shake your hand, but now's not exactly the greatest of times...Kurayami." I managed to tell her between blows

The dungeon was filled with the Lizalfo's annoying screams of "Graik! Graik!" and of our group's yelling efforts to bring our enemies down...
XP Fun.

Tyler and Hobbes
8th February 2003, 01:03 AM

We walked torwards a cave and inside a chill ran up my spine."Something bad's here I know it."I said.An oger was there and he was ugly.Izumi and Kurayami shot arrows at it with spectacular agility."Arrrrgh!!!!!"he screanmed at us.everything shook.

"Alright!"my brother yelled before he swung on the rope to get out of the ogers way.A bright yellow light covered him.He dissapeared and appeared in another place.the oger went down and we went up.We all charged at him....screaming,but brave."Shall we?" Maichi askedWe went through a door,"and bhind door number one is.....Lizafos?!?"I yelled.The door closed and bars locked everything.They advanced on us."Split up"Maiku yelled.

I was paired up with Selan.He froze one and I threw mmy daggers and using them as boomarangs."Get away you creeps!"he yelled.Once they were all defeated one of them died right near the door."O,great!"Kisa called out.

8th February 2003, 01:49 AM
OOC: sorry if I sound a bit nasty, but I can't stand it anymore. When you're quoting what other people already said, make sure you quote the right person…

MAIKU said "Split up!"

Now I understand that my two characters' names are quite similar, but they're twins. Isn't that the case with a lot (not all) of twins, that their names are similar in some way? Also, their personalities are different…Maichi isn't the kind of person to think strategy, but Maiku is.

Sorry for interrupting the RPG like this, but it's really annoying to see Maichi and Maiku switched.

8th February 2003, 02:08 AM
I deleted my post..OK?It's late at night, I'm not feeling good..

I know I should go to bed, but I'm not sleepy. I'll redo my post,

Oi vey. I get thing's sitched up sometimes, but you don't have to post it like that.

*mumbles a tad..*
"Spilt up,"Maiku said..

With that, Lizalfo's fell from the ceiling to the floor of room we were now in..

I didn't really want to partner up with anyone, I didn't like working as 2's..

Maiku stared at me, meanign I was his partner, and Maichi glared over..

I went to the on on the right were me and Maiku were standing, taking out my Arrows..

"Ah!"I said, pinning mine to the wall.
I must of hit it well,since it didn't move at all...


If you want my character with another person, just post.

8th February 2003, 02:23 AM
(Heh. Can't blame me for this one!)


I glanced at my partner, and realized he was glancing at me. "By the way, my name's Kisa." I said, as my partner slashed the Lizards belly. "Been trying to get the groups attention for awhile." I fumbled with a small leather bag, and out dropped three, neatly shaped stones, all as grey as my own eyes. I lifted them up, and tried it's power. Nothing. So, I tried the next best thing. I tore off a small bit of my shirt, and made a sling. I twirled the stones around, waited until my partner...what was his name? Kura something, got out of the way. And then I shot. Direct hit! The stones hit three different places on its head. I quickly gatherd them up again, and grabbed my fallen sword.

8th February 2003, 03:47 PM
Zeratul- Yeah, isn't that annoying? ((mumbles to self)) I put the right person, didn't I? *stares at previous posts* ((/mumbles))

But uh...yeah, Twizzler? XD Kurayami is a girl.

Kisa did some fancy trick with three stones, and a rip from her shirt.

"That was cool," I commented, as she picked up her sword.

The Lizalfo rolled around the floor in agony...Be humane... I hissed to myself, and plunged my sword through his ribcage. The Lizalfo ceased moving, and I pulled out my bloodied sword, looking around to see the progress of my fellows.

Puck was grumbling something, and he pointed at the door, where one of the dying Lizalfos had collapsed. "Oh, great." Kisa called out beside me.

"Perhaps we should move it?" Maiku suggested.

Nobody really wanted to touch the icky thing, let alone shove it a few feet across the bloody floor. But we all pushed upon it, and soon the door was free to use.

After a few moments, Shadow asked, "Why aren't we moving?"

We stood dumbfounded, before it dawned on us, we still weren't finished here!

We turned, and drew our weapons, waiting for the enemy to show itself. Out from the ground, erupted four, dead-looking hands, each in a corner of the room. "What are those?!" I yelled, for I had never seen such things.

"Those are Dexihands, I'm pretty sure," Izumi explained. "I've heard about them before." The hands waved wildly around, trying to grab us. "Don't let them get you, 'cause it'll bring out the monster..."
Edit: I changed it to Dexihands. XP

8th February 2003, 08:53 PM
Shadow wouldn't go berserk from the fall that occured, it would just scare the crap out of him, cause he'd have no one to be angry at.


The Lizafols had fallen, and we prepared to move through the door. As we were about to step through, four hands popped up. They had bluish colored, rotting skin, and were about six feet high.
"Dexihands!" I shouted. I had read about these. They were most often found underwater, dragging people toward their doom. We paired up again. Oddly enough, Maichi and I were partners again. The dexi hands could not move, but they still put up quite a fight. Our dexi hand thrashed violently, striking all within range. I smashed into it with the blunt of my sword, stunning it. During this time I seized my oppertunity.
"Check this out!" I shouted. I jumped high into the air and released a large stream of dark energy from my hands, blasting the hand back to where it came. The other three hands were not finished off yet, so I raced to help the others. Izumi and Maiku were distracting one hand by hitting it while quickly moving. The hand seemed confused and unable to hit them. I unexpectedly leapt forward, rending all of it's fingers. It's green blood spurted in all directions. A small globule landed on my and burnt a hole through my shirt.
"Ahhhhh!" I shouted. It stung alot.
"They're even more dangerous with no fingers!" Maiku shouted. As the hand leaned toward me to spray me with blood, I held my sword horizontally. Not only did this shield me from the blast, but it also coated my blade with the acid. I ducked down and slashed. Because of the poisons, it cleanly cut through the hand, destroying it.
"Two down, four to go!" Izumi said.

Tyler and Hobbes
9th February 2003, 12:09 AM

[COLOR=darkblue]It took a while,but we finally got the Lezafol to move.Suddenly,four dexi hands popped out.I remember learning about them from Shadow.We paired up again.Shadow and Maichu easily defeated theirs.Kisa and I shot differant things at ours,mine being stone and hers being a whirlwind."You know it's dead!" I commented.I quickly went to help the others.

9th February 2003, 12:21 AM
So its Dexihands? X-x';; gah, haven't played LoZ in forever...I'll edit my post.


I advanced to the next Dexihand, sword ready. "Euck, I hate these things already." I commented to myself. Puck and Kisa approached mine, but I wasn't going to let them have it...

"Mine," I told them, and I swung my sword towards its base, slicing it off at its bottom. Quickly, I mumbled the spell for Pressure Bubbles, (as it appeared our magic worked again) and it quickly consumed the stub and crushed it in pressure.

One hand left, and our group made short work of it.

"That was something I don't want to do again." Shadow growled, and massaged his shoulder where the acidic blood had burnt through.

The bars surrounding our doors lifted, and we were now able to move onto the next room.
Would've been longer, but my timer just rang, and I've been on the computer for a total of. . .5 hours. *rubs eyes* Buh-bai...*snores*

9th February 2003, 12:27 AM

I decided to take on a Dixihand on my own. Stupid idea, huh? I approached one of the hands, Soulcutter drawn. An arctic wind whipped up, making the creepy thing sway. I walked over, sung my sword up and--got grabbed. The fist closed around my waist as I was swung back and forth. After several passes I was swung into the chamber wall, HARD.

"Ow..." I groaned, looking up. I could've sworn that thing was WAVING at me! Growling, I seized my weapon, which lay nearby, and pulled out my chain. I threw the chain at it, commanding it to grow spikes. It hit the Dixihand, which fell backward. It was nailed to the floor. I hacked at it with my sword till there was nothing left but a gorey pile of bones and yellow blood. Grinning triumphantly, I yanked my chain out of the ground and wiped Soulcutter's blade off on my tunic.

9th February 2003, 07:35 AM
Hiro, Fire

"HALT!!!" The guards said as they charged over. There must've been 30 of them all with long pikes and they were all pointed at me. "What Bussiness Do you have at our village!! We do not welcome trouble making ruffians like yourself!"

"HEY! How can you possible judge me. I just got here what, 2 seconds ago. Listen Im just here to drop this little girl off to her mother, then I am off to join my friends but, thats none of your business. Now let me pass!" I said Determined to get in.

The guards stared around and then stepped aside letting us in. The obivously weren't use to getting told off by anyone. I trotted in on The horse and began to head back farther into the village.

"There!!" Mary said jumping off the horse. "Thats My Mammas House!" she said as she ran over to the house.

I dismounted and ran over to Mary. We waited and a Older Woman came to the door. When Mary saw her she jumped into her arms and they both began to cry.

"Oh boy." I said to myself "I hate these touchy feely things. About 2 minutes later The woman put Mary down and turned to me.

"Are you responsible for bringing Mary back to me alive?!" She asked.

"Well um ya I guess"

"Then I owe you everything!" She said about to Cry. Is there anything I can do for you in return I will give you whatever I can. Gold, Jewels, Swords, Horses, Armor, anythin just name it.

"No no mam I wont accept anyth... Did you say Horses???"

"Why yes" she said very proudly. I have one of the best Stable full of horses on the contient and the one your riding is one of the fastest.

"Well.." I started " Horse's would help very much and I would really like it if you could um let me have some so me and my friends could um make our journey faster..."

"Journey" The Woman asked puzzled "What do you mean?"

"well its a very long story" I started

"well come in then sit down you can tell me all about it" She said as she led me inside. We sat down and I told her all about how Gannondorf had gotten ahold of the majoras mask and everything that had happened in the last few days. "Wow!!" She said have scared half supprised. "I thought that Majoras Mask and gannondorf had both been destroyed..."

'Well... They were but, Link didn't seal them up right. SO the mask was able to revive Gannondorf."

"Well" She began "I would be honored to let you have to Horses but, I need to know how many people you are traveling with."

"Well.." I said as I counted in my head(Ok this is gonna be wrong but, whatever. we can adjust it later) "Um... 10 I believe"

"Hmm... Ok" She said "They will be ready to go in about a hour. Oh and when you meet your friends. Make sure that they do not pick the horses, the horses will pick them." She said. "Well you should have something to eat before you go. I will whip something up really quick!"

I went to the table where Mary was and sat down. "Um Hiro..." Mary started to ask. "What will you name your horse. She needs a name huh?

"I sat for a minute and thought.... hmm I know.. NightBlaze." I said proudly

"Why will you name her that??" Mary asked

"Becasue during the night we were really Blazing Across the plains weren't we?"

"hehehehe I get it" mary said gigglying.

After we ate I headed outside and mounted onto NightBlaze and behind me came out 9 other horses that looked in as good of shap as NightBlaze did. I quickly waved to the woman and Mary and said "good bye. I will see you guys again some day!" and I kicked NightBlaze swiftly and lightly and we began to run out of the town. I looked behind me and the other horses were following me close behind. We got out of the gate and Mary was running behind laughing her head off yelling "G'bye Mr. hiro!!" over and over

We were really making good time. It was nice being able to ride straight on throughout the night without having to stop to sleep and eat. I rode on for about 4 hours when I saw the town where I orginally Began. I rodeup and stopped. The horses wouldn't be able to gallop here so we took it slow and followed the tracks left by Shadow and everyone else. We followed them for about a ½ of mile when I saw a HUGE pair of Doors Covered in Snow. and the tracks led into the cavern. I led the horses over by the entrance and had them wait together. I hurriedly gathered some wood and started a nice Fire so the Horses Wouldn't Freeze. The Horses Laid down.

"Now stay here guys. I will be back with the others shortly." I said

I then looked off into the cave. Then I Took my Swords out and ran into the Cavern " SHADOW!!!!!!!!!!!" I yelled "WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU GUYS!!!" Then I listen while I ran for a responce

9th February 2003, 10:11 AM
Oy! Horses don't lie down. They can't. They sleep standing up.
-_-" :P


We went through the doorway, into the next room. For once, there were no monsters. Or at least, not visible ones. There were millions of dissapearing and reappearing tiles lining the floors. They were very large, and one wrong move would sent someone plummetng toward their doom.
"Can't you just halt them?" Seylan asked Maichi, looking a bit nervous.
"We cant. Magic won't work here." She replied. Seylan gulped, but bounded forward. I closely followed. I hopped across each tile, looking for solid ground. There were a few occassions when I almost slipped, but I made it to a peice of land. Unfortuiantely, I got to a different place than the others.
"The door's locked!" Kisa shouted in disbelief. I looked at where I was, on an opposite ledge. There was a chest at my foot. I opened it up, and snatched from within it a tiny golden key. I threw it as far as I could. Maiku managed to catch it, and opened it door. He peeked inside.
"AAAAAHHHHHHHH!!! Shut it shut it shut it!!!!" Puck shouted. The group closed the door, a look of horror upon their faces. I hopped over to see what was the matter.
"It's huge!" (don't mean to sound suggestive here. -_-") Seylan shouted.
"What is?!" I asked. They slowly opened the door. Inside was the hugest beast I had ever seen.
Someone else make up the dungeon boss...this is a sorta short dungeon w/o much in it.

9th February 2003, 01:27 PM
Well, I kinda related the magic loss to that first room only, but it worked in the next room. Gonna find that magic works in the boss room.

It was very large. It was very ugly. And it was downright evil.

It looked like a 20-foot long, slime-green millipede. It had millions of small tendrils that it used to move around, and instead of just an end to the front, it had nasty, 5-foot long teeth. It had no eyes or nose, but it seemed to notice us all the same. It charged. Quickly, we closed the door again as he hit the wall with a huge 'THUMP'.

"Do we really have to go through it?" Maichi asked, trembling.

"Yeah, we gotta," Shadow replied. "The other door's locked."

Carefully, we opened the door again. The beast was crawling around another part of the sand-covered floor. We started going in, when we heard shouts from the previous room.

"Where are you guys!! Shadow!!" It was Hiro! The other door opened somehow and Hiro walked through. "There you-"

"DON'T LET IT-" the door closed, with the bars falling down again, "-close…" we finished.

"Let what…oh…" he noticed the door. Nimbly, he jumped the panels to the ledge we were on. "So, what're we waiting for?"

We opened the door slightly, letting him look in. "That," I said.

Meh…I just had the idea for what the boss should be. I call it "Slime Worm: Hidden Horror" just so you know. (Just like Odolwa is "Masked Jungle Warrior: Odolwa")

9th February 2003, 03:03 PM
Hidden Horror's good. :D


The worm swished it's head from left to right, and then burrowed deep underground. I felt a rumbling beneath my feet, and figured that it was going to pop up at me from underground. I leapt to the side, and it just grazed my leg. I was sent about a yard forward just from it touching me. It hurt a bit, but I was allright. The beast reared up on it's hind legs.
"There!" Kurayami shouted. The beast was exposing a dull red spot near its torso. I seized the moment.
"Hiro!" I shouted. I made an X sign with my fingers. He nodded.
"X strike!!!" We shouted in unison. I dashed to the left and Hiro dashed to the right. We made an X shaped formation as we dashed toward it. It noticed us, and covered the spot with it's legs. We did connect however, and severed six legs. The horror squealed in pain, and went into a headlong dash for Hiro and I. It smashed into me, then Hiro. We were sent hurdling into the air, and smashed into the ceiling. I coughed up a mouth full of blood as I landed. The beast continued around the room, smahing Maiku, then Maichi, then Izumi. Things looked grim. Suddenly, a mysterious blue light surrounded kurayami. She grew wings, then horns, then scales, and finally grew twenty times her original size. She had turned into a huge blue dragon.

Tyler and Hobbes
9th February 2003, 03:36 PM

After the whole dexi incadent I was ready to leave,but we continued to the next room.It was filled with moving panels and had a box in the middle.We opened it I said,"Close it!Close it!Clse it!"There was some sort of worm in it with large fangs."Shadow!Shadow!"someone called out.It was HiroWe quickly closed the door.

The worm moved its head everywhere.Hiro and Shadow made an x-shape and wounded it.It attacked them and Maichi,Izumi,and Maichu."Izumi!Shadow!"I called out."Die you big freak!''I said turning half of it to stone.Suddenly Kurayami changed.

Edit:Puck gets stronger when he is mad.

9th February 2003, 03:55 PM
I know I skipped out about 1 1/2 rooms, ut I Didn't wanna mess up, and I was at the mall yesterday..(Hug's her Valentine Patch(101 Dalmations) Plushie..:)

"Bahh!"I said, when the centipide monster hit me,Maichi and Maiku...

I just lyed there, with my eye's left a little open..

"Whaaaaa..?"I whispered in the voice I had. Kurayami started to glow in a Faint blue light, growing Horns, scales, wings, and then Grew a lot more..

She Transformed to a Dragon...how weird..

9th February 2003, 04:36 PM
lugia_2000 - Not to seem rude... but actually, horses CAN sleep on the ground. Cows sleep standing up, but horses can, and most of the time will sleep sitting on the ground. X-x';; Texans gotta know these things...

Fwah, XD Mesa Draconian now...XD!


The horrid monster squealed, as six of its legs thudded to the ground, then went into a rampage, charging down my fellow teammates, and tossing them across the dungeon as if they were dolls.

It turned to me, eyes burning in fury. It was a grim scene, and I knew I had only one choice...

Sheathing my sword, I concentrated, mumbling the proper spell...Wings sprouted from my back, horns from atop my head, claws replaced my hands, and a tail came out of nowhere. Slowly, I grew, my size doubling...tripling...meanwhile, scales glittered as they appeared.

The monster backed up apprehensively, as I spread out my wings to their fullest. My sight, hearing, and ... Oh boy was my strength increased. I could hear mumbles of astonishment coming from near the ground.

I hissed, crouching low near the ground, ready to pounce upon the monster...waiting for it to make the first move...

Before I could react, the gigantic worm burrowed underground for another attack from below. I quickly moved aside, waiting for it to come back up. Quickly, I spoke to my comrades, who by now were standing shakily upon their legs.

Listen, when the worm comes up, I'll grab him. Use that opportunity to attack his weak spot while I have him held.

They nodded, grabbing their weapons to be ready for the moment to attack.

The monster shot out of the ground, and I pounced, digging my claws deep into its skin, spreading my wings for leverage as it frantically wiggled.

NOW!! I yelled.
XP I'll let you guys take care of that, 'kays?

9th February 2003, 04:36 PM
Oops I guess they don't lie down do they :) Um I wasn't exactly caught up with you guys yet but, I suppose i will post that now eh?

I ran through the cave listening for a response. Then I heard just what I needed to Hear.

"SHUT IT, SHUT IT, SHUT IT!!!! I heard puck yell. I looked over and it was coming through the open door... Go figure.

I ran throught the door and on the ground were dead Lizafos. I continued on to a room with dead Dexihands. Then to a door with a wierd symbol on it. I figured it was the Dungeon leader. I ran to the door and twisted the key that was still lodged into it. I opened the Door and Ran in "Hey!" I yelled and looked up at the milipede. I looked at Shadow and he yelled my name

Then he held up an X with his Fingers.
"X STRIKE !" We both yelled And Charged the milipede with an X shape. The Milipede noticed and tried to Guard but, we hit and severed several of its legs. The Beast the charged us and knocked us up very hard into the celling. I landed on my back and It hurt for sometime but, I was able to get up when I saw the Milipede heading towards me with its Teeth reared.

After I got up I went over to where Shadow was.

"Comeon Shadow get up. We need to finish this thing!" I said as I helped him to his feet

9th February 2003, 05:29 PM
Darnit...foiled again! I thought horses stood up...oh well...-_-"


Upon recieving a healing spell, I was back up and ready to go. Kurayami flew into the air and pinned the beast. Its tendrils were outstretched, trying to flip back over.
"Take this!!!" I shouted. With a wave of my hand, my sword was surrounded in a black aura. I plunged it deep into the beast's weak spot. Kurayami was spewing blue flames at it's face. All of our group, excluding Kurayami, plunged their weapons deep into the area. The beast curled up into a ball. The battle was won.
....or was it?
It unrolled again, completely healed.
"What?!?" I shouted in disbelief.

9th February 2003, 10:01 PM
OoC: Ha! You been FOILED! *maniacle laughter* MuHaHaHa!!! Eheh, I already knew that; my uncle has horses at his farm, and I seen 'em sleep before.


"*A@$*%(D<AF#@$(!!!" I swore loudly. How could this thing keep coming back?! Deciding to try something, I turned to the others. "You may want to step back a bit," I informed them. They did so. Quickly, I pulled a dagger out of a hilt up my sleeve, then whipped it at one of the monster's eyes. It shrieked, green blood spraying everywhere (drawing groans of disgust from the girls). Then I unsheathed Soulcutter and planted the tip of the blade into the sand.

An arctic wind began whirling around the area. My eyes flashed blue for a second before shards of ice, large and sharp as daggers, joined the wind, biting at the gargantuan beast. Droplets of blood bled from newly-opened wounds, as my storm began to decrease in intensity. I was losing energy. Then, quite suddenly, the storm subsided. But I didn't see. For I had blacked out.

9th February 2003, 10:28 PM
XD Yah, I used to think that, too, but then I moved here, and everyone and there dog kept saying I was wrong. XD!

Kurayami (Dragon Form)

Standing back, I watched Seylan magically create an arctic wind, along with icicles, and attack the beast from all sides. The worm flailed and wriggled in pain, blood splattering from its new wounds.

Suddenly, drained of energy, Seylan blacked out, and fell to the ground. The monster shook itself angrily, and charged at the fainted form of Seylan.

This was enough. Springing up in the air, I flapped my wings, trying to stay airborne in the precious space between the floor and the ceiling. Aiming carefully, I folded my wings, and plummeted upon the rampant worm, digging my claws into its back. It squealed again, and its head flung upward, in which I took the opportune moment to grab its..."neck" with my teeth. Again, my wings spread to steady myself, as I pulled it in a way to show its weakness again. My comrades knew the drill, and they hurried forward, slashing mercilessly as the worm wriggled in pain. Izumi ran to Seylan, healing him and waking him up.

The monster shuddered, and I felt it go weak beneath my claws. It drooped miserably, and its many legs still twitched, as it still wiggled every now and then trying to free itself from my grasp.

"It's still ALIVE?!" everyone yelled angrily.

Keeping my hind-claws firmly in its back, let go of its head, and pretty much stood on it.

Uhh...yeah, you guys may not want to watch this... I told them, and I did an almost comical form of cutting of my head. Unless this thing can regrow bones.

As I dragged its bloodied body across the dungeon floor, a couple of people turned, but the boys mostly watched. I again grabbed its neck, whispered I'm sorry, and pulled. The monster screeched in pain, but I continued to pull and twist, knowing any second....

CrrrAAAAACK!! the sound echoed (unfortunately) throughout the dungeon. The girls shuddered, including myself, as I let go of it and backed away. Suddenly, the dungeon glowed in a bright light, and out of nowhere appeared a giant treasure-chest.
XP Yuckers. Should I mention Kurayami would rather not bite off the head of a giant icky worm? XD!

9th February 2003, 10:33 PM
I got out my bow and Arrow,making sure to pick the sharpest one out of the bunch..
'Ah.'I thought to myself. I was keeping quiet in a corner, since my throat got very soar, quick..

The beast suddenly curled up in a ball after Kurayami's attack and are weapon's hitting target..

All of the sudden, it got up again, better than ever..
Seylan got really mad, saying something I covered my ear's for. I heard that a lot. Not nice...

I took a couple of back steps, seeing Seyal taking out a Dagger..


9th February 2003, 10:41 PM
OoC: Blech! Who would?


"What'd I miss?!" I cried, sitting up suddenly to see Izumi standing over me.

"See for yourself," she said, pointing over her shoulder at Kurayami mangling the worm. I grabbed my sword, which was still sticking straight up out of the sand, and used it to steady myself as I stood up.

Kurayami was now strangling the worm, although it still twitched occasionally. "IT'S STILL ALIVE?!?!" I yelled. How in the Giants' names could it still be living?!

CRRRRAAAACCKK! The sound of the beast's neck being broken echoed throughout the dungeon, drawing another "Eeeew!" from the girls. There was a flash, and sddenly a chest, an overly-large chest, appeared.

"Shall we open it?" I asked.

Tyler and Hobbes
9th February 2003, 10:49 PM


After we hit it it curled up into a ball and got better again.Seylan said some stuff that might have scared Izumi.Seylan got his sword and dagger.I got my daggers ready incase he needed backup.He slashed and used his magic.He was a great fighter,better than me anyway.I stuck my dagger in its head and it got wounded.Enough for it to die?Just incase I stuck my other one in and I swung on its back.It kicked me off and Kurayami in dragon form strangled it.

10th February 2003, 02:04 PM

Finally, the beast was down, and would probably stay down. I walked toward the newly formed treasure chest and kicked it open. I felt like screaming at what I saw.
"Another key?!?!" I shouted.
"Aggghhhh!!!" I shouted in frusturation, kicking the chest. I grabbed the key, and proceded to a very elorately carved door made of ice. I fit the key in, and the ice shattered. I stepped thorugh. There was nothing in this room. Just an altar and a glowing purple crystal. I wanted to touch it, but didn't. When everyone had entered, The crystal exploded. Several energy streams erupted from it and flew into Seylan. He fell to the ground.
"Wha-what happened?" I asked. Seylan looked up at me.
"I-I feel....stronger." He replied. He stood up. His soulcutter blade looked longer, broader (too...much...suggestive...dialouge!), and more powerful. A strange blue aura now surrounded it.
"It's like...I've known all this stuff my whole life." Seylan said.
"What?" Izumi asked, confused.
"Impale!" Seylan shouted. A huge icicle shot out of the ground, far from the group.
"There are all these spells...it's like those beams transferred this new magic to me."
Seylan was right. I knew what he was saying. The crystal transferred new ice magic to him. He had never used that spell before. He had become stronger.
"That's what the giants meant!" I shouted.
"They meant that by collecting these crystals, we'd have the strength to destroy gannondorf!" I shouted. Upon saying this, I found myself back outside again. There were horses grazing.
"We're back out..." I said, smiling.
"Yeah." Said Maichi, looking happy. It was good to be out of there. I walked up to a horse.
"Oh yeah...about them." Hiro said.
"I got them for you, from the girl's mother."
I approached a horse. It was jet black, with a white mane and tail. It was bizzare and amazing at the same time. I jumped onto his back, and each other member also chose a horse.
"Where to next?" Maiku asked.
"Zora cape!!" Shouted nearly everyone at once. Zora cape was supposed to be awesome. Blue skies, clear blue seas, white sandy beaches...It would be a great vacation spot, and besides, the aqua temple was there.

10th February 2003, 02:24 PM
(Sorry, my fault. Horses sleep either way.)

I stared at the sword, and then calmly walked out. As I recieved my horse, a white Arabian Mare, I smiled as the perfect name formed in my head. "Hello, Windstorm." I said. Windstorm nickered softly, nuzzling her face against mine. I laughed. Windstorm stood up, a little clumsily I thought, and I glanced up and down at her. As Arabians go, she was pretty tall.

Tyler and Hobbes
10th February 2003, 03:01 PM


After Seylan got his new abilities I asked him to try them on me for a practice run.I made a mistake by saying that.

The ice almost went threw me.If I hadn't levitated it would have."Whaa!"I called out in distress."Sorry."Seylan said laughing.I knew he wasn't that sorry,but it brought a smile to everyones face.When I got over the shock I herd Hiro say the horses were for us.A horse came up to me.He was gray with a tint of black and had a black mane."I think I'll call you Jett!"

We all decided to go to Zora Cape.That sounded good I needed a rest.

10th February 2003, 04:01 PM
"Careful!" I called almost getting hit by the blast, the only thing that saved me was an old tree. After awhile, we decided to go to Zora's Cape. I had been there before, but it was so long ago, I couldn't remember the details. Windstorm was fast, I knew that, though I hadn't made her gallop yet. Arabians are good at many things. Windstorm nickered, and I liked that. It was soft, and comforting.

10th February 2003, 05:19 PM
Ha! Told you! Un-foiled again! Muahahahahahahahahahahahaha*takes a deep breath*hahahahahahahahahahaha!


Soul flame....I thought to myself. That's what I'd name my horse. He was oddly colored and reminded me of a pet I once had...
"Wait..." I mumbled to myself.
"I had a pet?"
I thought for a moment...it was as if a memory was transmitted to me just a little while ago...I felt like Seylan must have...it was like a new door opened up to me. Before I could remember until I was ten...now I could go back to seven...but nothing in between.
flash back time!

A young man stood by a fire, gazing into it deeply.
"Honey, do you really have to go off to war?" A woman asked.
"I...I must..." The man responded.
"I must fight to defend out country!" He said triumphantly. A tear slid down the woman's cheek.
"What if I never see you again?" She asked.
"You will...don't worry." He said with a soothing voice. Little boy resembling a young puck marched inward. He looked young...around four or five.
"Daddy," He began. "I'll miss you!"
He began to cry. Two more boys came onto the scene.
"W-we'll miss you!" They shouted. Tears welled up in their eyes.
"Seylan...Asher...don't cry..." The man said. He looked as if he might as well.
"I bought you guys something to keep you company. He's outside." The man said. The three boys rushed outside.
"Wow!" Puck shouted. There stood a magnificent dodongo. It was about seven feet long, four feet high, and gleamed with emerald scales. It had a large horn upon it's head, a mouth full of teeth, and a saddle on it's back.
"He's all yours." The man said. The three hugged him, and gave their words of thanks. They all went back inside. The man gazed at a clock.
"I...I have to go...the caravan is leaving to Gannondorf's keep soon." The man said. At this the woman ran up to embrace him.
"Oh...Taban!" She cried. She began to weep. The man hugged her as well, grabbed a bladed pole, and left.
I could not remember seeing him ever again.
I shook my head. Did the crystal do this? Perhaps they were unraveling the mysteries of my past...

Well, I hope that revealed a nice chunk of the plot for you. ^_^
I had this planned for a while. :D

10th February 2003, 06:22 PM

I looked at Shadow. His eyes were misty, as if he was thinking of something. I wish I could remember. "No..." I mumbled to myself. "I can't..." I didn't know why. "Well, shall we?" I asked aloud. I was jealous, jealous of everyone who knew their past.

10th February 2003, 06:48 PM
X-x';; Yeah, I just a few minutes ago asked my mom about it, and she said they sleep either way...XD Sorry, but I'm still PARTIALLY correct!! XD!!

XP I've got a lot of stuff to go through...

Still shivering a bit, I slowly transformed back into human, ready to spit out whatever blood was left in my mouth. ((OOC: Anything like water, solid objects, or blood left on her dragon form are as if she had done that in her human form. IOW, she has bloody hands'n'a bloody mouth. XD!))

Gagging at the horrible taste, I spat out as much as I could, and hurriedly wiped my hands off on the bottom of my vest. "How lovely," I commented, but, looking up, I saw almost everyone had already gone to inspect the opening in the cavern. I hurried over to watch, and was amazed at the beautiful purple column in the center of the room. As everyone watched, the crystaline pillar shattered, and the shards seemed to be magnetically drawn towards Seylan, for they all hit him, and he fell down.

"Wha-What happened?" Shadow asked uneasily.

"I-I feel stronger" Seylan replied, standing up shakily and looking at his Soulcutter Blade. Strangely enough, it seemed more deadly than before, and a strange blue aura surrounded it.

For a few minutes, we all talked, and watched as Seylan tried out his new Ice Abilities.

"That's what the giants meant!" Shadow shouted. "They meant that by collecting these crystals, we'd have the strength to destroy Gannondorf!"

At these words, the dungeon seemed to swirl around us, and we suddenly reappeared outside. In front of us we could see horses grazing in the pawed-up grass.

"We're back out..." Shadow said, smiling.
"Yeah." Said Maichi, looking happy. I smiled to myself, happy to be free of that horrible worm.

Shadow approached a horse.

"Oh yeah...about them." Hiro said. "I got them for you, from the girl's mother."

I stood, watching my companions get their horses, when I felt a nudge in my back.

"Hmm? Who're you?" I asked, turning around. It was a beautiful gray stallion, with a black mane, and several black spots upon its back. "Hello!" I greeted it. It snorted, flickering its tail back and forth. I rubbed its nose. "I suppose this means your mine?" The horse stomped its foot, and I happily got into the saddle, adjusting the bridle 'till my horse was satisfied.

Patting its neck, I thought of a name I could call it. "How about Shunme...That's a nice name for you."

Looking around, I saw Kisa had mounted a beautifully white Arabian mare. Shadow had recieved a jet black horse with a unique white mane and tail. Puck also had a gray horse, with a tint of black, and a black mane.

"Where to next?" Maiku asked us.

"Zora Cape!" Most everyone shouted. Zora Cape? I thought to myself. Never heard of 'Zora Cape'...Oh well, sounds lovely.

Upon this, the rest mounted their steeds, and we trotted in the direction of the obviously famous Zora Cape!
Fwah, long post.

10th February 2003, 08:08 PM
OoC: Aw man, new abilities and I MISSED it!


Shadow opened the large chest, and seemed pretty p!ssed about something.He jammed the key into the hole on the door, so hard it shattered. I shook my head, walking after the others.

The next chamber was empty, except for a large, purple crystal. I had a weird feeling about it... Suddenly, it burst into shards, all of which flew straight at me. My eyes widened as I was stabbed a hundred times...

When I finally woke up, after what seemed an eternity, somethin felt wrong. No... That's a lie... I glanced at the sword in my hand, it was surrounded by a blue aura.

"Wha-what happened?" Shadow asked.

I looked up at him. "I-I feel....stronger." I replied. I stood up. "It's like...I've known all this stuff my whole life." I said softly.

"What?" Izumi asked, confused.

"Impale!" I cried suddenly. A huge icicle shot out of the ground, far from the group. "There are all these spells...it's like those beams transferred this new magic to me."

"That's what the giants meant!" Shadow shouted, "They meant that by collecting these crystals, we'd have the strength to destroy gannondorf!"

As my brother said this, I was stunned to find myself outside again. There were horses grazing nearby.

"We're back out..." Shadow smiled.

"Yeah." Said Maichihappily.

I looked uncertainly at the horses.

"Oh yeah...about them," Hiro said, "I got them for you, from the girl's mother."

I felt a shove in my back, and fell face-first onto the turf. Grumbling, I stood back up, brushing grass off my tunic. I turned and saw a midnight-black stallion with a silver mane, whinnying with laughter. Grumbling, I muttered, "I guess that means he likes me." The horse reared up, pawing the air. "<I'll take that as a 'yes'...>Ok, then, you'll be... Midnight." He whinnied again; he liked the name, I guess.

10th February 2003, 08:22 PM
Hiro | Fire


When we got outside of the cave The horses were there just chilling out. I told everyone that they were for them.

"Make sure you let the horses Choose you. By the I mean if you try and touch them and the back up. Thats not the Horse for you."

I whatched Shadow walk up the Black horse. I kinda thought he would. The horse easily accpet him. At that moment Nightblaze came up to me and nudged me.

"Don't worry NightBlaze." U said While I patted his head softly. "I would trade you for anything!" Then I hoped on her back and trotted on over to Shadow.

"So Shadow, You like your new Horse?"

10th February 2003, 08:56 PM

I watched the others pick their horses, Windstorm walking by my side. Windstorm nickered to one of the other horses. Of course, they knew eachother. I wondered if Windstorm knew her past, where she was born.

11th February 2003, 03:19 PM
O.o..I'm not very good with horses...


After the monster was gone, the room led to another, with just a Purple crystal...

It seemed connected to Seylan, then it glew, making a lot of tiny cyrstal's that hit Seylan..

When he woke up, his sword was engulfed in a blue glow..

"Wha-what happened?" Shadow asked.
"I-I feel....stronger." Seylan replied, getting up, "It's like...I've known all this stuff my whole life."

"What??"I said, utterly confused..
Seylan performed a magic attack,with more power..

Sooner or later, we were outside again, with horses grazing outide..

"Remember, let the horse choose you.."Hiro said.

I walked up to one of them, that had a Silverish Mane and white skin..

I pet it, with it nuzzeling against my head....

"I'll name you Hikari(Mean's Light in Japanese..;))..."I said...petting it more..


11th February 2003, 05:24 PM
That means I'm partially correct to! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!


I had gotten up on my horse, as had everyone else. I had decided I'd name him Inuyasha (after the show, of course ^_^). Now that we had all mounted the horses, we were ready to go.
"Hyah!" I shouted as my horse raced forward. I was used to riding...well, sort of. I used to own a dodongo, or so it seemed. It was like horse riding was farmiliar to me. The others followed closely behind. It took us nearly six hours of riding across termina field, but fianally we arrived at Zora cape.
"WOW!!!" I exclaimed as we came to the gates. There were miles and miles of sandy beach, rolling blue water, and even a huge, flashy looking town. It was probably about midnight when we arrived, but the town was completely lit up.
"Let's check it out!" Kisa shouted. Everyone seemed totally excited. It was nice and warm here. Not as warm as Ikana...it was just the right amount of heat. There was also a hint of humidity. We opened the gates, and lead our horses to the town. Two guards stopped us.
"Where do you think you are going?" One asked.
"To find a corral for our horses." I responded.
"No!" The second one shouted.
"No animals in the city!"
"Then where's the corral?" Kurayami asked.
"Around main street." The first one said.
"But that's in the city!" I shouted. The man tossed me a small cardboard box. I opened it up. There were Ten drawstring bags, in each two gems.
"What're these?" I asked. The guards broke out in laughter.
"These are summon gems." He responded.
"Wha?" Puck said, confused.
"You can use them to command the spirit of creatures good of heart. An animal or beast or whatever can be stored in them, one per gem."
I nodded my words of thanks.
"How do you use them?" Hiro asked.
"Just point 'em to what you want put in the gem, and shout 'summon!' It's likewise for bringing something out of a gem as well."
"What's the extra for?" Asked Miachi.
"Well, for another beast, if you find one. Remember, only creatures good of heart may be captured." The guard said.
"Summon!" I shouted, pointing the gem to Inuyasha. He was sucked into the gem.
"Hope it's comfortable in there..." I sighed. I figured I could buy more summon gems inside the city.
"Well then, should we split into groups to explore the city?" Seyaln asked. Everyone nodded.
I waited for someone to offer to check out the town with me.

11th February 2003, 06:53 PM
Yes, but you're partially wrong too. XD! This is fun...

BTW, I should've said this, but Shunme is Japanese for 'swift horse.' ^_^';; And did I ever say that kurayami means 'darkness' or 'the dark.' Been obsessed with words like that. XD!

"How do you use them?" Hiro asked.

"Just point 'em to what you want put in the gem, and shout 'summon!' It's likewise for bringing something out of a gem as well." The guard replied.

"What's the extra for?" Asked Maichi.

"Well, for another beast, if you find one. Remember, only creatures good of heart may be captured." The guard said.

"Summon!" Shadow shouted, pointing the gem to Inuyasha. He seemed to shrink, as he was magically sucked into the gem.

"Okay, Shunme. In you go! Summon!" I ordered, pointing the gem at Shunme, and watched as he was sucked into it. I tied the drawstring bag around my belt, and waited for the others.

"Well then, should we split into groups to explore the city?" Seylan asked us. Everyone nodded, so we looked around for partners.

Shadow seemed to be waiting for someone to go with him. Why not?, I thought to myself, turning to Shadow.

"Hey Shadow, care to come with me?" I asked him. ((OOC: That sounds like I'm asking him to a dance, or something. XD!))

"Uh...sure, okay." He answered, smiling.

I smiled back, and turned to our separate groups. "D'you think we should meet somewhere in a few hours or so?"

After a while, we agreed to meet back here around 2 hours, giving us plenty of time to check out the city. We gave our goodbyes, and Shadow and I walked down main street, talking lightly.
Can't think of what to talk about, so you make something up. XD!
Edit: Other things. XD!

Tyler and Hobbes
11th February 2003, 08:18 PM


The city was so big!Some guards met us and gave us things called summon gems.Sha dow asked how to use them and they laughed.I almost puched one of them.I used it on my horse.

We were going to split up and explore the city"Wanna come with me Maichi?"I asked."O.K"Maichi said.I couldn't help feeling bad for Shadow though,until Kurayami asked him.He got toung- tide.I was always comfortable around girls on the other-hand.We talked for a while about life,death,Shadow,rupies,and dreams, when we heard a rustling in the bushes.

gonna let you tell what it was

11th February 2003, 09:21 PM

I nodded, taking the bag. I patted Windstorm, and she nuzzled me. I took a deep breath. "I hope it's comfortable in there, Windstorm." I said. "Summon!" Windstorm was sucked in. I almost cried. Silently, I followed the others.

11th February 2003, 10:52 PM

I fingered the small blue crystal. I pointed it at Midnite (changed the spelling), shouting "Summon!" There was a small flash, and the horse was gone. I smirked; the girls seemed pretty upset about their horses being gone.

I wandered into the city, alone (OoC: Did I neglect to mention he's sorta a loner? Meh...), daydreaming about what I could put into the second crystal. I didn't notice when I walked into this big guy until he punched me in the nose, drawing blood.

"Watch where yer goin', punk!" he drawled, glaring stupidly. He was, as I said, huge, a few years older than I, and I was willing to bet he had the IQ of a Deku Stick.

I grinned slyly, brushing blood from my face. "You should watch who you call names," I warned. He just grunted and swung another punch. This one I ducked under easilly. I grabbed his wrist and twisted, drawing a howl of pain from him. I grinned, walking away. He was sobbing like a little baby.

OoC: Meh, nothin' much, just a fight with some street scum.

12th February 2003, 12:23 PM

The man at the gate handed me a 2 Summon stones. 1 was for NightBlaze the over for anything I could find.

"Excuse me Sir" I started "Whats it like inside these crystals?"

"Well, its a huge plain full of water and tress. Its really quite nice."

I nodded and pointed it at Nightblaze

"and one more thing, if my horse doesn't comeout felling good. Then you will be seeing me again.." said Glaring. "Summon" I said and Nightblaze was sucked into the stone.

After that I headed into the town. This town was actully quite big. I walked around for a bit when, I saw a weapon smith. I got inside and the man was bragging about how his swords were the strongest around.

"I beg to differ" I said as i walked up to the front.

"Who might you be?" the man asked. "Your obviously new around here becasue everyone knows my swords are the strongest around."

I walked over to them picked them up and look closely. The made to look very nice but, were very cheap to produce.

"I will duel you then, I will use mine," I said this as i drew them both out."and, you can use yours."

The man agreed and led everyone into the back where there was a small arena in the back and a few people whatched.

GO! The crowd yelled.

The man took out his sword and I took mine out. He charged forward with his sword high above his head and brought it down apon me. I blocked easily. He was much easier than anything else we had faced. When I saw it fit. I thrusted his sword up and got out of the guard postion. Then, I charged forward both swords ready. Seeing me charge he put his sword up in front of him to black my X Slash.(Thats where you bring the sword down in a X. Go figure) I jumped forward and slashed. There was a slight *ting and everyone was trying to figure out what was going on

"Go ahead" I said "slash me"

The man drew his sword about his head but, when he did the blade fell off into 3 peices.

After that everyone left and I just smiled.

"Make your weapons more sturdy, don't go for looks."

with taht I walked out

No time to edit sorry, i have school

12th February 2003, 04:24 PM
Grrrrr....but I'm more right than wrong!....I think....wait, no...darn!
Oh yeah, more info regarding summon gems...they're used like spells, not like pokeballs, just in case you were wondering. :P


Kurayami and I walked down several blocks of stores and stands and dealers and such. There was so much interseting stuff. I didn't want to blow all my money, five hundred rupees to be axact, but I had a feeling I might.
"Freeeesh fish!" A man said, thrusting a mackeral in my face. I gulped.
"Uh, no thanks..." I said, pushing the fish away. Kurayami gave a short laugh.
"The people here sure are stange, huh?" She asked. I nodded.
"Yeah...it seems like they'll do anything to get a bit of attention. " I remarked. Upon saying this, we rounded a block, and something caught my eye. There was a brightly lit sign reading: SUMMON, atop a large grey building.
"Wow...want to check it out?" I asked her, eager to see what they had to sell.
"Sure." Kurayami replied. We ran over to the building. The doors opened by themselves, as if by magic. Inside was just about every last type of creature you could think of...domestic dodongos, horses, fishes, inscects, birds, beasts, everything!
"Ah man...I just know I'm going to have to buy something..." I said, giving a slight sigh. Kurayami and I walked over to the dodongos. One particullary stood out. It was a dodongo, I estimated he was about eight feet long, and three feet high. His scales gleamed in the bright light, and a tremendous horn stood atop it's head. It was all muscle, and it's four legs were bulging with muscles and sinew. It seemed...firmiliar somehow. I called over an attendant.
"How much for him?" I asked, motioning to the dodongo.
"He would be...three hundred and fifty ruppees." He said, looking down at the floor. I looked in my wallet. Five hundred ruppees total. I hesitated.
"Would you go down to 300?" I asked, a bit nervous. The man waited a bit, and then spoke.
"No. 350 at the least."
I forked over the money. The man smiled at his buisness, and walked off. I approached the dodongo. A battered saddle stood on it's back. I took a closer look. Etched into the saddle in terrible handwriting was the name, Asher. I thought to myself. Could he have been that boy in my memory? Nah, probably just another Asher.
"Summon!" I shouted. The dodongo was sucked into my remaining gem. Kurayami then proceeded to drag me over to the other exibits. Eventually we stopped at a pen containing a large yellow bird (copy and paste this link for a pic) http://www.fortunecity.com/rivendell/krondor/738/chocobo.jpg Standing next to the bird was a furry white creature with little pointed ears, a pair of wings, and small eyes. It kind of resmebled a cross between a bear and a cat. Their name plates said, 'Chocobo and Mog'. Kurayami seemed amazed at them.
"How much for these?" She asked a nearby salesman. He smiled.
"They're a bit weak, and both stay in the same gem, as they attack together. The chocobo makes a great ride, and is quite superior to horses. They're 50 rupees."

12th February 2003, 05:04 PM
Never..I mean NEVER...Get a shot in your hip. I'm warning you, it hurts...

A lot!

Izumi got ton's of rupees..:)
While we were riding the horses, I made Hikari go faster by pulling out my full wing-span, it being 7 feet. I swore some of the time we were of the ground...

It was something that didn't care what I was..

"Finally!"I said, patting Hikari..We had reached Zora Cape, and there was a city sitting on the shore..

We went over, to only have the guards yell, saying no Animal's allowed. They looked over at me..

I hope they weren't going to not let me in, I'm considered a Animal a lot.

This guy threw a box, with Summoning Crystals. I've been in one before, since I can go in, Having wings. It's not the best place to be. I did get out...

I grabbed 2 of them..and Summoned Hikari into one, patting her..


I walked alone on the City street, with my Sack of Rupee's I had. I recieved Dirty look's, and look's of like someone saw a angel..

Weird, I'm no Angel, but you can call me that if you want..

"Lady....Can I touch your wings??"A little kid said, after begging his mom to come over to me.

"Sure.."I said. He touched them..

"Soft.."He said..

"Thank you lady!!"He said, with one of my feathers...I was sheading already...I shead a Feather a Month..(Her feather's don't carry disease...)

"Girl...What do you use those Arrow's for?"The person in a Booth said. He carried arrow's, but not my Double tip Sun Silver Arrows..

"Attacking...Defending.."I said, Taking one out..

"Can I touch it?"He said, nervous..
I gave it to him, with him Touching it and looking at it..

"How do you get these thing's to hit directly?"He asked me..
"Easy, you have to aim more below the Target. You also have t have great force with it.."

"Oh..here, I'll reduce the price for you, but this Guy came over and sold me these arrow's and a Bow like yours. And your's is all bloody....I'll give you it for 150 rupees..."

"Deal.."I said, giving him the rupees. I had 900, mostly back when people in my town asked me to defend them..

I looked, and saw a Moon Arrow, still double tip, but more elegant...All of them where Moon Arrow's, and the bow was a silverish like material...

I saw Kurayami and Shadow go in a place with SUMMON..

I followed them..


12th February 2003, 07:57 PM

SUMMONS. That was where everyone--almost everyone, anyways--was going. I followed. Looking around, something caught my eye. "What's that?" I asked. It looked like a bird, but, at the same time it didn't. I noticed it had gills, and webbed feet. It could go underwater. Interesting. But, it was the face that really interested me. A blue beak, grey eyes, it looked similar to me in its own way. I listened as Shadow got a Dodongo, Kurayami got two, a Chocobo and a Mog. And...and, the only thing that interested me was that thing...

12th February 2003, 09:13 PM
X-x';; Oh no...gah...

I'm finally out of horrid school,
(Man, isn't that real lame?)
My friends read their poems today,
And it drove me all insane.

We have to write a poem;
It's what I hate to do,
'Cause anything I ever say,
Is never worth a shoe.

So here's something to think about,
As you sit at your PC...
Whenever you have to do poems,
Never, EVER listen to me.

XP It was inevitable, and the teacher liked it. XD!

"Chocobo! Chocobo!" I sang happily. I never had so many pets before!! Usually having to contend with Wolfos pups in the Lost Woods, which in turn never liked me anyway.

Shadow looked troubled. He had bought a large Dodongo. Dodongos were cute...but I think this one had meant something more to him...

Stretching animatedly, I turned around to see Izumi walk in the store.

"Hey," She called, waving. Her wings were carefully folded, lest they should become a play-toy for some baby creature.

"Hi Izumi. Guess what I just bought?" I smiled.


"A Chocobo and a Mog!!" I spoke with such enthusiasm, I probably seemed insane and highly dangerous. The storeowner sure seemed to think so, for he had retreated behind the door. ((OOC: My History teacher thinks I'm crazy, because I smile at him evilly, and he hurries down the hall...XD Such fun!))

Izumi, sensing my joy, smiled and said, "That's great! Chocobos are cute, and so are Mogs." She turned to Shadow. "And what about you? What did you get?"

Shadow paused for a moment. "I bought a Dodongo."

Izumi smiled again, "Dodongos are really loyal, aren't they? They're supposed to be nice pets...if they don't set fire to your house, that is." We all laughed.

Hearing a jingle, we turned to the door, where Kisa walked inside. After a few greetings, she looked around the place, catching her eye upon some underwater creature.

"How much for this?" She asked the storeowner, who had reappeared from his hiding spot.

"Aahhh...Yes, that is one of our most prized specimens." He smiled, hurrying over to Kisa. He told her all about it, though we couldn't really hear from this distance.

"What about you, Izumi? Are you planning to buy anything here?" I asked her.

"Oh...probably. I'll look around. I just bought some new arrows, and a new bow, as mine was all bloody from our battle..." She paused, glancing at me. I almost sighed. People can be so stereotypical...Turn into a Dragon just once, and you get weird looks. I stopped thinking to myself, and laughed inwardly. That sounds funny...

"How long've we got 'till we meet up?" Shadow asked.

Glancing 'round for a clock, I spotted one, and read the time. "About 45 minutes, according to that." I pointed. Suddenly, I got an inspiration. "Heeey!! I know! I've been needing to buy some new clothes...Clothing store!"

Shadow looked at me with horror. "...I...no...don't...wha?" He stuttered.

I rolled my eyes. Teenage boys...G-R-O-A-N! I plucked at my uniform's dark colors. "If this weather keeps up, I'll hardly be able to breath. This thing was designed for nice, shady weather, like in the Lost Woods. Not tropical beaches."

Shadow still looked horrorstruck, as if accompanying a girl to a clothing store was a crime. Inside, I was battling a torrent of laughter. Ohh...I would do this for a living... I thought.
XD I had this whole scenario played out in my mind. XD! And PoLIzumi: XD Hip shots are horrid, but I hate the shots that paralyze your arm for an hour or two. *shudders*

12th February 2003, 09:42 PM
Ahhhh....they hurt. I got one in my nose once. Now THAT hurts...
Oh yeah...nabooru, who's Tadan? haha...
Oh yeah, one more thing...can I change the magic summoning word to "un-summon" for containing creatures? It sounds alot better. You don't have to go back and edit your posts.


Great...clothes shopping...my favorite thing in the world. -_-"
I had to agree though, it would be hot out, and considering my normally gothic dress style, I decided to come along to buy something cooler. Kurayami and I eventually found a shop full of clothes, and to make matters worse, it was a large shop of clothes. We walked inside.
"This sucks..." I mumbled.
"What?" Kurayami said.
"Er, nothing." I said, acting fast. I looked around for a bit, and then bought a pair of black zip off cargo pants, and a white tee-shirt with a scary looking dragon insignia on it. Forty ruppees, down the drain...-_-" Kurayami seemed to be buying everything in sight.
"Why don't you just get the deed to the store?" I asked sarcastically.
"Ha ha...very funny." She said, plucking another top from a rack.
"Meet you outside." I said, marching back into the night. I sat down upon a bench and waited for about ten minutes unti; Kurayami came back out with about three bags full of outfits. I groaned.
"Can you help me carry some of these?" She asked.
"...alright." I responded reluctantly. She threw me all three bags. I nearly toppled over. It took us about fifteen more minutes to reach the only inn in (heehee, puns!) Zora cape. I reserved a room for myself. Kurayami did the same. I helped her carry her bags into her room, and then walked back to the front desk.
"'There a room where I can leave my pets for the night?" I asked. The attendant looked down at his paper work, responseless. He pointed to a sign, which read: Kennel, left and down the hall. I gave my thanks and raced to see my new dodongo.

"Here you go Inuyasha." I said, releasing him into a stable. There was an area for horses apart from the various beast kennel. I patted his nose and slipped him a carrot, and then leisurely walked over to the beast kennel.
"Summon!" I said, holding the gem in front of myself. The dodongo gradually came into view. He gazed at me with his deep black eyes, and slowly plodded toward me. I patted the top of his head. I had not noticed before, but there was a collar around his neck. Upon closer examination, I read it aloud,
That rang a bell. I had heard that name somewhere. I could not remember when or where I had heard it, but I knew it had some meaning. "Gigyas" suddenly opened his mouth as to breathe fire, but shut it quickly. He lay down beside me and looked up.
"Mighty fine dodongo you have there."
There was an old wrinkly man standing about three yards away.
"Thank you." I responded.
"Where you get that thing?"
"At the summons shop...just a few blocks down from here." I said. He looked shocked.
"Most people 'be havin' flames all over the place when they buy a dodongo...this one seems, well, to trust you..." He said. I did not respond.
"I' give ya' sev'n hundred ruppees for 'im."
"No thanks."
"Eight hundred!"
"No thanks."
"A thous'nd!"
"I said no thank you!" I shouted.
"Gaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!" The man shouted. He came at me, fists flailing. He was stopped by a torrent of flame. The man left, a bit shooken up. Just then Kurayami came into the area.
"Hi Shadow." She said.
"Hey." I responded. She released her chocobo and mog. The mog was sitting on the chocobo's back. I laughed at the sight.
"They're pretty cool, huh?" I said.
"Yeah," She replied. "THey seem quite smart."
"We'll have to go back tomorrow." I mentioned.
"What about our mission?"
"It can wait...this city is so great...I love it here." I said, a smile upon my face.
gotta go...tired...hungry....thirsty....-_-"

12th February 2003, 09:50 PM
OoC: Whadda guys have against shopping anyway? :)


I wandered around town a bit more till I came to a store with a sign that said "SUMMON" on it. I walked in, hearing a little chime. A few of the others were there as well. (Kurayami was glomping the chocobos and mogs to death -.-) I walked around, looking over the menagerie. I saw all sorts of beasts, though none I really liked... Until I finally came to a pen at the back of the store.

Inside was a small, lizard-like creature, pale green in color. It was lying on the meager straw flooring, probably starving to death. Taking pity on it, I waved the store manager over.

"What is that?" I asked, gesturing to the pitiful creature.

"Well, I'd say that there's a baby Lizalfos," he grunted in disgust, "Wretched little thing got caught within city limits. Of course, being the caring, considerate man I am, I decided to save the little feller from the death penalty." He rubbed his chin thoughtfully. "No one's ever asked 'bout 'im though."

I gazed at the tiny Lizalfos in the pen. "How much?" I asked.

"Well, seein's how he's been here so long without someone even considerein' buyin' 'im... 'Un hundred fifty."

I handed over the money. The manager opened the gate. He kicked the poor thing, making it whimper. I frowned, but said nothing. The little thing was too young even to walk upright, and walked slowly over on all fours, tail whipping lamely behind it.

I knelt down and stroked the rough scales on his head. He was terribly thin. "<What has he been feeding him, if anything?" I thought. I decided on a name. "You'll be Hon," I said. I stood up. He reared up, clinging to my claf as a puppy might. I pointed the summoning crystal at him and said, "Summon." There was a flash, and Hon was gone.

OoC: Well, if you can have a not-evil Dodongo, I don't see why I can't have a not-evil baby Lizalfos!

EDIT: Blah, I was half asleep and was thinking this was a different RPG. I edited it anyway.

12th February 2003, 11:15 PM

After I left the shop, I deiced to look around. I saw all kinds of weird things but, the thing that caught my eye was a creature shop. I walked inside and they had all kinds of creatures. Even some i had never seen. In the back corner there was a Small wolf, no more than 1 or 2 years old.

i walked over to it and looked down at it. It seemed unhappy and rather quiet. When I came over to it It looked up and then put its head down again.

"Excuse me sir. Whos this? Why does he seem so down?"

The shop keeper walked over. Ahh thats a baby Wolf hes fairly rare with his unique color of Red. hes about 1 year old. The poor guy has been here for sometime. No one wants Dogs anymore with all the Dodongos and other things with specail abilties running around. Why just a sec ago I saw a young boy about yuor age walk in here and buy a dodongo.

"How much for this fella?" I asked

The shopkeeper who had started to walk off turned around. "You mean you wana buy him??" He asked stunned

"Of course. I have always wanted a wolf."

"Hmmmm how about 7000000000000 ruppes!" he said with a grin

"WHAT!!!! You said no o..." I stopped as I saw him laughing.

"Im jsut playing around. I like to mess with your mind. I will see himm to you for 100 Ruppes. DOes that sound fair?" he asked

"Hmm of course it does." I said as I reached into my wallet. After I handed him the money, the man walked over to the small area picked him up and handed him to me.

"He ain't got a name yet. What ya gonna name him??"

"hmm I think I will name him... .Izzy. Does that sound good?"

"Its perfect" he said with a smile.

After that I shook hands with the shop owner and put My new wolf on the ground. "Comeon Izzy. lets go we gonan get you some food."

We walked out of the shop and went to the butcher about 5 houses down. I walked in with Izzy closely at my heels. "Um, i would like a pound of fresh mackeral."

The man dug around in his freezer and pulled it out. "would you like it heated up?" he asked

"Heat it up please." In about 5 minutes he was done and he handed it to me "enjoy!" he said very happily.

After that we walked over to the stables. "Summon" I yelled as NightBlaze came out and walked into the stable. After this I pulled out some letuce and fed it to NightBlaze then I patted him and walked over to a small chair. I sat down and began to feed Izzy some of the fresh fish I had jsut bought. He seemed to enjoy it a lot. After he was full (which didn't take much) He layed down by my foot and fell asleep

Tyler and Hobbes
12th February 2003, 11:40 PM


It was a baby dragon.It shot a little bit of flames,but we could handle it."The extra one's for another creature." That popped into my head,so I got the dragon."It was just protecting it's self!"+_+

"I think I'll name you...Regna!"I called out.We saw Hiro go into a store called "Summons",Let's go!Let's go!"she called out."You like him."No I don't.Now..""You like him alot!""O.K!O.K!You can go with Hiro and we'll meet up later."I left and saw Shadow go into a hotel.I followed him and saw he had gotten animals too!

I got past the caretaker easily,going behind him.When we got in the room.I jumped up and said,"Highdy Ho!"

13th February 2003, 12:25 AM
It's so hard to write decent posts with everyone writing OK posts every 12 hours…but here I go…

Clutching the gem that held TimeStopper (my horse), I quickly navigated through the shops, trying not to be around Maichi. It may seem silly, but I have a very good reason. See, she has this uncanny ability to make herself 'cute' enough that she can get almost anyone to buy her small things. Currently, I'm the only one who's been immune to her trick. Still, if she were to be found out (especially since she had nearly a thousand Rupees saved up), I didn't want to be around and possibly linked.

I checked my own wallet. I had nearly a thousand Rupees myself. Most of it came from the game shops that we had in the Market. Hey, I was just really good at them. Maichi, however, probably mooched to get hers…but I didn't know.

"Hey! You want to try!!" I nearly screamed at the guy who just appeared in my face, waving a rod.

"Huh?" I said, after I had calmed down.

"You! You want to try fishin'?" he said again, holding out the rod. "It fifty Rupees to try!"

Mostly just to shut him up, I reached in my wallet and pulled out the Rupees. He happily led me around back where there was a huge pond full of fish.

"Now, you try for biiiiig fish, you got it?" He was still a bit too hyper for me. "Bigger da fish, bigger da prize!"

"Eh…okay…" I said, completely unenthusiastically. Latching the rod up, I cast it towards the left side and waited a few minutes. I checked the nearby clock: I had about an hour left before we were to meet up again.

"Yah!" The rod suddenly pulled forward as something bit. Quickly, I dug my feet into the ground, pulling and reeling. The guy was hopping around happily, shouting "It look like big one!"

I gave one huge tug, a dozen quick reels, and suddenly the fish was in the air. It was huge! Two feet long at least! The guy was so overjoyed he didn't even think to help me. Finally I managed to drag the fish onto the ground, where the guy had brought a huge fish tank.

"Come here now," the guy said, leading me back to the front. "You get big prize! First one too!" He handed me what looked like 200 Rupees, as well as a Summon Gem. "Take a look at what inside, huh?" he said, gesturing to the Gem.

"Errr…Summon!" I said, and out of the gem came…"A Takkuri??" I said, looking at the small bird. That's what it had to be, with the huge eyes and long beak. They were known for their stealing, although this one looked like it couldn't even tackle a sleeping person.

"I'll call him 'Krow,'" I said, then "Un-summon!" as I pointed the gem back at Krow. "Thank you!" I said to the guy as I ran off.

"Now that's much better…" I said, looking in the mirror. My too-hot black clothes were replaced with a light blue mini and short-sleeve shirt to match my staff. I also got a nice pair of lightweight sandals. I also found some stuff that Maiku would like…I knew he hated shopping. I paid the 350 Rupees, stuffed my old clothes in the bag with Maiku's stuff and my Summon Gems (one with my horse, Speed), then went out to see what else I could 'get.'

"Oh, those earrings would look so good on me…" I said, intentionally out loud, "but they cost so much…I couldn't possibly afford the 100 Rupees…" 'Just a few more seconds…" I said to myself.

"Hey, you like those earrings?" A guy, a few years older than me, came up and asked me.

"Yeah…" I said, sighing deeply. "If only I could afford them…" I shuffled my wallet, being careful to keep my green rupees at the top.

"Here…get them for yourself…" He held out five red Rupees. "I think they'd look nice on you too," he added with a smile.

"Oh, are you sure?" I asked. He nodded. "Thank you!" I cried, as he walked off.

"Sucker…" I muttered under my breath as I went to buy the earrings.

I quickly left and was headed for the inn. I was going so fast I literally almost ran into Maiku. "Woah…" I said as I steadied myself.

"I see you've been busy…" he said, a bit sarcastically.

"Well, I'm done now…I was headed for the inn," I said, then continued on.

The two of us got to the inn. "Two singles or a double?" the clerk asked.

"What's the difference?" Maiku replied.

"Singles, 40 Rupees each day, Doubles, 60 a day." We immediately put down 30 Rupees each. Rupees were more important than being separate. He handed us each a key and directed us to our room.

And if you haven't noticed (which is probably the case), their extra 'abilities' (Maiku being good at games and Maichi being good at mooching Rupees) are linked to their power and between the two of them.

13th February 2003, 05:46 PM


When Shadow and Kurayami left "SUMMMON", I was left all alone to the guy behind the counter..

He ran up to me, looking at my wings and my head..

"What species are you?"He said, with Measuring tape and a Note Book..

I hit him over the head. How DARE him call me a Animal..

"I'm Human....H-U-M-A-N!"I yelled..
"Sorry. Why do you have wings?Knock on the wrong's witch's door?"

"Sorta..."I said lowly. That wasn't the nicest thing I've heard. I mean, My mom told me to bring her some Medicine and fruit but the witch was irratible, and put a Spell on me..

"Anyway, I'm so sorry for the inconvience. I'm too curious for my own sake."He continued,"For it, I shall give you a Free 2-night ticket for the Inn. With free Room service to..."

"So, you going to buy something?"

"Yeah.."I said, looking at the last cage. It was what seemed to be a Normal Ram, but it's horn's looked really sharp..

"That female Ram?You sure..you look more of a Panda, or a Lizalfo..."

"I want it, how much?"I said..

"Umm...No ones bought her in ages. I think about 100 ruppes.."
I handed him 100 rupee's, and got her and a nice little collar...

"I'll name you...Hmm...Aries(Get it?Ram is the symbol Aries.:))"I said..

"Un-Summon!"I said, calling Aries to her Summon Gem, then putting it in my Pocket..

I walked out the store, and looked around..

I was hungry..

-.-'. Being sick Bites.

13th February 2003, 07:06 PM

"Ah, I see you are interested in when of our rarer species." the Salesman said, taking me aside. "That is a Wind Hopper. For you, she is 1,000 Rupees." I sighed. It would be 1,000 Rupees for anyone. It was going to dent my wallet, but... I put down the Rupees. "Here you go." the salesman said. "Summon." I said, pointing to the Wind Hopper, after deciding on a name. Senca. Why? I had a feeling I knew, a small memory.

OOC: I have to go, or else I would post the memory. Mebbe later.

13th February 2003, 08:42 PM
*laughing* Just to point out, I actually LOATHE shopping for clothes. XD 'Tis horrid.

Nose? It's POSSIBLE to get a shot in the NOSE? XD! That's...uncommon...XD!

XP I'm going to reveal something about Kurayami, so read carefully towards the bottom.

"It can wait...this city is so great...I love it here." Shadow said, a smile upon his face.

I smiled, turning to the stables, and pulling out Shunme's gem. "Un-Summon!" I called, and Shunme reappeared inside the stable. He whinnied happily, and trotted over to greet me. I stroked his neck.

After a few moments, I spoke, "It is really nice here. Never seen so many people in my life..."

"Where do you come from?" Shadow asked me.

"Lost Woods." I replied, and sighed. "I miss it...Zora Cape is wonderful, yes, but it's nothing compared to the cool summer days...resting in the shadow of a large tree...The wind blowing playfully across your face..." I talked into silence, Shadow leaning against the fence thoughtfully. After a moment or so, I continued. "But that's just my opinion. What about you?"

"Me? Well...I suppose I grew up in Ikana." He said simply.

I turned. "Suppose? Why would you need to suppose?"

"I can't remember my childhood too well." He answered, almost darkly. "In fact, Shadow isn't even my name...I cannot remember my real one..." He stopped, facing the ground.

In that moment, I had to restrain myself from giving him a hug to cheer him up. He stood, almost miserably, and I was angry at myself for prodding into his past. You blonde-headed twit!! You've made him all depressed, and when friends are depressed, you get depressed, and when you get depressed, you go INSANE. I played out the scenario in my head. Shaking my head slightly, I said, "Sorry...Didn't know it was that bad...I kind of know how you feel, though."

He looked at me, and I could almost hear him saying, 'How would you know?!' I sighed, and looked back at Shunme, who I had still been absentmindedly stroking.

"I suppose it was...when I was about 12...I stumbled upon the Sacred Forest Temple. My mother had gone missing...I believe she fell prey to Gannondorf." I paused, beating back a surge of hatred, and continued, "I hid inside the temple, and learned from Four Sisters, who taught me my magic skills, like the Transformation technique...It was...so nice living there. Until Gannondorf came...He took over the temple, turning it evil, and killed the Four Sisters by turning them into Poes." I clenched my fists angrily. "Of course, they turned evil as well. And me...I was trapped in the middle. I couldn't help my only friends..." I stopped...reliving it was painful...too painful for me to bear.

Too embarassed to let Shadow see me crying, I said, "I'm...I'm going to sleep." Then I walked to my room, and shut the door.
XP Boo-hoo. XD Anyhoo, that's a nice big chunk of her history for you. Also, today was a bad day...*dies*
EDIT: XD Other things. *insane laughter*

13th February 2003, 10:18 PM

I walked the Inn, buying a room for myself. While I was buying it, a scene played out in my head.


"Kisa! Look at the Wind Hopper! They're said to bring good luck to whoever can catch it!" Sinca said, pointing to a small bird. "I'll catch it, Sinca! We need all the good luck we can get!" I said. "Ow!" Sinca yelled. I looked. There was a small arrow protruding from her leg. "Kisa!" Sinca screamed. "C'mon! Zora Cape is the closest town, we'll stay there until you get better..." I said. "No! I'll stay there. You come back, and look for me. It'll take too long for me to get better!" Sinca said. I helped her onto the pack horse. As we neared the gates, I heard the enemy advance. "Hurry, Kiln!" I said, slapping the horses back. We were stopped by guards. "Sirs...my friend...hurt..." I gasped.


"Miss?" said the Inn Keeper. "What? Oh.." I said, taking the key. Sinca. I had to find Sinca.

13th February 2003, 11:13 PM

After Izzy fell asleep by my feet I summoned him up into my spare summon gem and took a look around the stable. A man came stumbling up to me he looked like he had been caught on fire and had a chunk of his pants missing.

"Damn Dodongo. Grrr I'l get em" he said as he walked by

"Huh??" I wondered. I kept walking and came across Shadow and Kurayami. I was going to go say hey but, they looked as if they were in a deep conversation. So I turned back around and went the other way. I decied to go back out and explore the town.

I walked around for a bit and came across Maiku. He was looking very pleased with himself.

"Whats up" I said as I walked up to him. It almost seemed as if he didn't really know who I was. It took him a minute to respond

"Who are yo... Oh hey Hiro" he started "You'll never guess what I just won. He held out a 3rd summon gem and had a huge smile on his face. "Won it from that fish guy over there. You should go try it." He said

"Ok Cool I will" I said as I walked over to the fish guy.

Wana try and catch a fish in my pond? Only 50 Rupees.

I hesitated for a few minutes then I agreed. I handed him the money and went around back.

I cast my rod into the water and waited for a few minutes when I felt a slight tug. I quickly started to real the fish up. When I got it up, I saw that it was rather small and kinda embarrased that I had caught such a puny fish. The fish guy came over and examined it. "Well...." he started "I can only give you 75 Rupees for that but, becasue you caught him soo fast Ill you this Ruby that I found a while back" He held out in front of him a The Brightest Ruby I had ever seen. It was bright red and very shiny.

"Thanks," I said taking it from him "I'll find soemthing to do with it"

After that I walked back over to the stable. "Summon" I said as Izzy can back out of his Stone. When he got out I took out a Small Collar that the man who sold Izzy to me gave me. Then I took a sword out and Slashed the Ruby in ½ then into smaller peices. I got a nice circular shape and with it I carved in the words Izzy. Then I straped it onto the collar and Put the color on Izzy. "Un-SummoN" I yelled as Izzy was sucked back into the gem.

Now I headed back over to where Shadow and Kurayami were.

"Hiya," I said as I walked over "Whatcha guys up to? Not interupting anything I hope but, almost everyone is here now."

13th February 2003, 11:32 PM

After wandering around some more, I finally came to an inn. I entered and went to the manager and bought a room (for a "bargain." Yeah right). Going out to the stables, I saw the others' horses there, as well as one of the srangest assortments of animals I had ever seen. Pulling the Summons Stones, out of my pockets, I pointed one at the pen for the horses, and the other at the pen for... Not horses XD "Summon!" Midnite and Hon appeared. I looked over the animals for awhile. My attention was drawn to a Dodongo. He seemed... Sort of familliar, somehow.

I went up to the second floor, where my room was. I matched the number on my key to a number on a door and went in. It was sort of small, with large chunks of plaster falling from the ceiling (reminds me of a funny story; long story short, a large portion of the bathroom ceiling fell off overnight XD) Whatever. Hopefully I wouldn't have to stay in that dump much longer.

14th February 2003, 12:00 AM
Might as well tell how EXACTLY Izumi got her wings and learn't magic...

I walked along the streets, looking for something to eat. I was in the mood for a Pastry or Some steak. Or something. Not Fish...

I HATE fish!!!

"Delicious Pitas!Choose what you want in it, and we make it!Cheap 50 Rupees for Meal 1, with a Drink of Water and a Pita!!"A Male behind a cart said..

I walked up to the cart, with the Guy just staring at my wings..

"How spatacular....Those wings.."

I remember when I got these wings too. That's why I remember my past well..


"Izumi...why did you come to annoy me?"The witch said, with a glare. She was looking at me. She looked pale, and had yellow Eyes instead of the Carmel eye's..

"Are you ok?"I said. I was so cute back then. About 5 yrs old.

"Little girl...You will NEVER bother me again!!Hahahaha!!"She crackeled.

ZAPPP!With that, some thing grew out of my back. They were Featherless wings, now starting to gain white feathers..

"Why??I just gave you some Medicine and Food.."I said, running and Crying away..

When I came back, my Mom was amazed, and stunned. She was the only one that didn't care..

~One Year later(6 yrs of age)
"I'm so sorry I did that to you, Izumi.."The witch said, her name being Angelica(Ironic....no?)..
"Now people hate me. Mom started to hate me too.."I said, crying against a Hankerchief..

"What I learned at being a Outcast, not liked, is, that don't care about what people think about you. You are what you are. People can't change that. If they can't see you for what you are, then their love in worthless."She said, grabbing a Hanky herself..

"I'll teach you Light magic, since your wings allow you to only learn that kind. By the time I'm done with you, your goign to be my best Apprentice.."

~~~~~~End Flashback..

I sat eating the pita, and drinking the crisp water. I made sure to save some to feed Aries. And I have to get Hay for Hikari...

14th February 2003, 12:44 AM

I walked to the stable. The others were there. "Un-Summon!" I said, pointing at two empty stalls. Senca and Windstorm came out. Windstorm nuzzled me. I heard Hiro talking to Maiku. They said something about fishing. For a second, I didn't care, and then it seemed as if a lightbulb had popped over my head. The Fisherman! Didn't he know people? After Hiro had finished fishing, I silently went up. "Wanna fish? Only 50 Rupees..." the Fisherman said. "Yeah, sure. I have a question." I said, handing him the Rupees, and taking the pole. Expertly, I casted. "Yeah?" the fisherman said. "It's about a friend. Named Sinca. She still here?" I asked, feeling a tug. I struggled to bring it up. It was a huge fish. "Wow, that ones almost as big as another one caugfht today. Here." he said, handing me a Summon Stone. "Sinca? She comes here once in awhile. Don't know where she lives though." I nodded. "Thanks, anyways. Un-Summon!" I said. A small Sparrow came out, with a Wolfos. "Summon!" I said.

14th February 2003, 07:36 PM
Yes, you can get a shot in your nose...and it hurts!!! -_-"


I wandered into my room and lay down on the lone bed. My mind lingered on the dodongo...Gigyas...why did that sound so farmiliar to me? The name Asher sounded firmilar too...
I rolled over on my bed, and than it hit me like a sack of bricks. (....ow)
Asher, the little boy from the memory...the dodongo...it was all comming together. The dodongo was the one belonging to the little boy, Asher. I now had that dodongo in my possesion. But who was Asher...?
I began to think. There were three little boys. One resembling Seylan, one resembling Puck, and one resembling...myself.
Wait a minute....was Asher....me?

I fell asleep, deep in thought. I awoke the next morning, a bit groggy, but energized none-the-less.

14th February 2003, 07:51 PM
XD Hiro? Kurayami left. It's just Shadow.

*smiles uneasily* I feel nauseated...I rolled down this hill 4 times, and I feel sick...O-o';; *wobbles*

And here's another chunk.

I sat staring at the crumpled ceiling, wiping off a stray tear or two. Damnit, Kurayami. You're acting like a 2-year-old... I thought bitterly.

I slowly fell asleep...my dreams turned to memories of the Forest Meadow...

I was standing in the Forest Temple...The one I used to know...Before...he...came...
A Wolfos pup ran by me, closely followed by...me?
"Come back, Wolfy!" She called for the baby Wolfos.
Whimpering, it backed away, cowering in front of her in the corner.
"Oh...please come back! What's the matter, Wolfy?"
Barking meekly, it shivered.
I could see what it was looking at...But I couldn't...
It dawned on her to turn around...
It was a man...
"Who're you?" She asked him...that evil man...Gannondorf...
"None of your buisness, little girl. Where are the sisters?" He snapped angrily, turning his cloak and flashing a sword.
I grabbed my bow...my bow? Where was my bow?! I had to help her...
"No! I'll never tell you!" she yelled defiantly, unsheathing her sword.
'My sword...where was my sword?' I thought, desperately searching my belt...
He smiled...horrid smile, I remember it so well...
"Well then, we shall do this the hard way..." He raised a hand, gathering energy in his palm...

"NO!!" I yelled, waking up. I was back in my inn-room, curled up on the bed...The sun shining in the window. It's the next day, dumbhead. My usual voice snapped at me.

Tap, tap, tap...

Someone at the door? I stood up slowly, checking my face in the mirror. Gah, bedhead. Oh well.

"Kurayami?" muffled voice...I opened the door; it was Maichi.

"Morning, Maichi." I greeted her.

"Same to you, Kurayami. Want to go down and get breakfast? Everyone else is."

"Sure...What time is it?" I asked, supressing a yawn to no avail.

"Oh...'round nine-thirty." She answered, stepping back to allow me outside.

"Hold it," I told her, pausing to go back and grab my bow and sword.

"We're not going to battle, y'know." She joked.

I smiled, "Who knows if I need to use it?"
Suppose we should all go to a breakfast place're something? O-o';; ?

Tyler and Hobbes
15th February 2003, 07:20 AM

"Uhhh!"I said since I had to sleep in the hall.They kicked me out of Shadow's room because they found me or it could have been all the complementary nuts.

I had a wierd dream last night,

A boy was running torwards a man.The man said I'll be back!""No!",he was quickly acompanied by two older boys.They went into the house and the eldest boy went and held the two younger ones lightly and said,"I ill try to help you."The smallest one ran away.Once in his room he began to levitate.'Cool!"he replied.

Soon me, Maiku,Seylan,Hiro,Kisa,and Izumi left to eat at a place we heard about, Pugno's diner.

15th February 2003, 09:13 AM

When I finally woke up, it was about 10:00 A.M. I moaned groggily as I attempted to walk over to the door. I staggered a bit as I rubbed my eyes. I threw on some new clothes, washed my face, and walked down the stairs to the inn. Everyone had left, apparently.
"Did you see some young traveleres leave here?" I asked the desk attendant.
"Uh, I think they were talking about Pugno's diner or something. It's two blocks from here."
I gave him my thanks and hurried out the door. It was a bright and sunny day. There didn't seem to be a cloud in the sky. I felt like going swimming today...there had to be a place where I could. I thought about various things as I leisurely paced down the sidewalk. Before I knew it, I was at the diner. I pushed open the doors. Everyone was inside, already at a table.

15th February 2003, 12:17 PM

I followed. The others were talking, but I was thinking. Mostly about Sinca. When we got to Pugno's Diner, I let them choose the table. A waitress came to give us the menues. I looked at her, and our eyes locked. If I was right, this was Sinca.

15th February 2003, 02:53 PM
ooh, all you people with strange backgrounds…I want one too!

"Uguu~" I muttered, rolling over and waking up. The bright light shining in through the window told me it was morning. I looked at the other bed and saw Maiku was still asleep. Still waking up myself, I found my clothes and got changed, then went out into the hall, grabbing my key along the way.

I stepped over Puck, who was sleeping in the hallway, and listened in each door. Most everyone was awake and planning breakfast or gone already. I knocked on the last door. "Kurayami?" I asked in. A few seconds later, she opened the door. Her hair was a bit on the messy side.

"Morning, Maichi," she said.

"Same to you, Kurayami," I said back, obviously more awake than her. "Want to go down and get breakfast? Everyone else is."

"Sure…what time is it?" She asked, yawning.

"Oh…'round nine-thirty," I said, moving away so she could come through.

"Hold it…" she said, going back into her room, coming back with her sword and bow.

"We're not going into battle, y'know," I joked lightly.

"Who knows if I need to use it?" she said, smiling. We started walking.

"Heh…well, you go ahead," I let her go on. "I still need to make sure my lazy brother gets up."

I opened our door and saw him just getting up. "Good, you're awake." He looked over with a half-asleep look in his eyes. Quickly I crossed over to where the bag with our clothes was. I got out my old clothes and gave him the bag of his clothes. "There, I got you something yesterday. When you're ready, we're headed for breakfast." I left him there, holding the bag, and went outside to meet with Kurayami again.

"Urgh…" I mumbled. "I hate dreamless nights…" I looked over, my eyes still glued mostly shut, and saw that Maichi was already up and out somewhere. "Dang…" I said, flopping down on my bed again, "…I'm really tired." Of course, that's when Maichi came back. I looked at her, to lazy to say anything.

"Good, you're awake," She said, crossing the room. Slowly I stretched and got up. Maichi put a bag in my hands. "There, I got you something yesterday. When you're ready, we're headed for breakfast." She left before I could say anything.

I groaned, for a couple reasons. For one thing, if Maichi gets me something it's usually clothes or something I won't like. For another thing, I was still tired. I looked in the bag, and sure enough, she had gotten me clothes. They were the same color as hers, but the same style as what I was wearing yesterday. I got dressed, then headed to outside. I saw them all going to a place called Pugno's Diner.

Inside, we found one table, and the waitress came over to give us our menus. She kinda stopped next to Kisa, but I couldn't tell why because everyone else was talking loudly about stuff. I looked at the menu. "Keaton Special?!" I was shocked. Then I read the description. "We take juicy Like-Like meat and shape it so it looks like a Keaton. Then we use authentic octopus ink to color it just right."

"Meh…I guess I'll take that, then…" I said to nobody as I closed the menu.

15th February 2003, 03:33 PM

"Your sure we can place our animals there?"I said to the fuy behind the counter..
"Sure, we will take good care of Hikari and.."
"Aries"I interupted him..

"So now, what room do you want?"He said..
"Doubles..Just in case. Single's might be too small for my wings..."I said..handing the ticket I got from the guy in the "SUMMON"place..

"Ahh...His rooms. Very nice ones....Your room is 170, up the stairs and to the right. You can't miss is. Trust me.."He said, handing me a key..

I saw Maiku, Shadow, and Kuryami og in rooms, and saw a Piece of plaster on Kurayami's head..

"I hope I didn't get a Room that's about to fall..Or it's off with the guy that gave me this ticket head!"I though, smiling...

I went up the stairs, and saw a seris of room's with door's bigger than my wingspan..

"170...right.."I said.....

"OMG!!"I saw the room. A big bed, A tub, and a Kitchen...

A saw a thing of bubble bath in the corner, with a Note on it..


Sorry for being so rude to you earlier on. I got you this to make up also. This is one of the nicer room's here...."


After I took a nice long bath, I layed down in the new pajama's I got earlier, after I ate...

"Sleeppyy.."I said, pulling the covers..


"8:30.."I said, Yawning and taking a shower...

I got out of the shower, and got changed to the new Pink Long Sleeve(got them with slit's to put the wings in), White baggy pants,and I brushed my Feathers..

I went downstairs, taking my Bow and arrows, just in case..

"I'll be back.."I said...

I saw Maiku,Seylan,Hiro,and Kisa..
"Wanna go to Pugno's diner"I said..

15th February 2003, 06:53 PM
Ugh...like-like meat...just the thought makes me want to vomit...X_X


I slowly slid into a seat next to Hiro. I scanned the menu. There were several disgusting things on the menu...like like meat, sauteed lizafols on rice...dodongo ribs...
"Ugh...I think I'll go with pancakes." I said, folding the menu. I was surprised to see that Maiku had gotten the like-like. We waited a bit after the waitress took our orders, and in about five minutes the food had arrived. I drenched the pancakes in syrup, and then scarfed them down, taking little time to chew. I proceeded to chug a glass of orange juice, and waited for the others to finish their food.

15th February 2003, 08:34 PM

I quickly looked down at the menu, and grinned, my grin hid by the menu. Meat...meat...meat...salad. "I'll go with the salad." I said, looking again at the waitress. "1 salad, 1 Keaton Special, 1 Pancakes with orange juice...anything else?" she asked. I looked at her nametag, and was glad she had one. Sinca. I was right! I looked at her, and our eyes locked again. Her lips formed my name, and I nodded.

16th February 2003, 09:17 AM

As I waited *ahem!* I messed around with a napkin and made an oragami shape out of it. Everyone was taking forever...
"I'll be right back," I said. "I'm going to go check the rest of the resturaunt."
I got up and looked around. Toward the back were a few doors. I wandered toward them. One was labeled, Stock Room...
"Isn't that where they keep all the meat?" I asked myself, pushing through the door. Inside looked like a giant freezer. There were many different kinds of meats...most of which were absolutely revolting. As I wandered around, I noticed something glint in the corner of the room. I rushed over to see what it was. It looked like an oversized golden ruppee.
"Wow!!" I exclaimed, holding it up. My trip here had been worth it. :D
Woooooo! Stupidest post yet.

Tyler and Hobbes
16th February 2003, 12:18 PM

When we got into the restaurant I looked at the menue.It all looked so bad.I signaled to the waitress,"Could I talk to the chef and tell him how wonderful this food is?"she walked away and soon a tall man with messy brown hair came up,"Can I help you?""Yes, this stuff is icky.""Wanna take this outside?"he said."Lets go!"We walked into some sort of arena,"You've done this before."Just then he charged at me.I did a back flip and hit him,he turned to stone.I noticed I turned the ground into stone too.I wrote on there,With love...puck

16th February 2003, 03:25 PM
Shadow came out with a Huge Rupee, he was happy, and Puck went to fight with the Head Chef of the Place...

"Oi Vey.."I said, My wing's were all cramped out..
The waitress came back, ready to take our order..again.

"I'll take the Pancakes, No Butter, Extra Syrup, with Water."I said, taking a bottle out..
"Vitamins.."I said.."Must have to keep me and my wing's ok.."

"You like Like-Like Meat,Maiku?"I said.
"Somewhat.."He replied..

The water I got came first, so I popped my Bottle, and took a Vitamin..(Not Chewable..)
Vitamin help's her to fly better and not get wing cramps.

16th February 2003, 07:32 PM
*grumbles* ><';; I had the PERFECT post, and parts of it were hilarious. XD Puck would've been talking to Shadow about the beach, and they would start talking about hot girls in bikinis. XD! I'll try to work that in my post...*laughing*


I ordered pancakes. I was in no mood for meats, for anytime I thought of 'meat' a giant worm popped in my head. ((OOC: I wonder why? XD!))

Listening the conversations, I watched something odd happen between the waitress and Kisa. Kisa acted...as if she knew the waitress...Oh well, I quickly dismissed the thought.

After a few minutes, the waitress had brought our food. I ate almost ravenously, since I hadn't eaten for...I dunno, a day or two.

Shadow had finished before everyone else, so he got up to explore the restaurant, and Puck got up to challenge the chef. The food doesn't look THAT bad... I thought to myself...

--Later, when everyone's almost finished eating--

Shadow reapproached the table, looking very smug indeed.

"What are you so happy about?" Puck asked mockingly.

"A giant...gold...rupee...thingy!" He smiled and held it up. "Aren't these worth 500 rupees apiece?"

"Wooahh! Lemme see!" Puck scooted over for a closer look.

I glanced over to Izumi, and saw her take a vitamin-looking pill.

"What's that?" I asked her.

"That vitamin? It's to help my wings," She motioned behind her, fluttering her wings a bit. "Sometimes they get stiff, see? When I haven't flown in a while."

Nodding, I turned and waited for the group to finish. It didn't take long.

"Hey, who wants to go swimming?" Shadow asked us. "It looks like a perfect day! No clouds, warm weather..."

"Yeah," Puck agreed. "Don't forget; hot babes in bikinis!" This brought laughter to the guys, and snide smiles from the girls.

"It's settled? Are we all going swimming?" Shadow asked us all.

Everyone agreed, but Kisa said she had to do something first.

We all stood up, and left the restaurant, Puck being sure not to leave a tip.
XD Swimming sounds fun, at the moment. *pokes* There should be some kind of surfing contest, or something. Also, for Valentine's Day, my boyfriend drew an Anime version of me sitting at my desk, so I'll attach the picture, and just picture her in her normal outfit, or something. XD!

[attachment deleted by admin]

16th February 2003, 07:53 PM
I drew the coolest anime pic a few days ago...I would show it but I dont have a scanner. -_-"
Hot girls in bikinis...I like that idea. :D


I raced back to the inn with most of the others. Puck, Kurayami, Seylan, and Maiku, among the few. I actually had brought a bathing suit, but I hadn't used it in a looooong time. I used to swim in the Ikana Oasis, but I hadn't done it for a while.

Upon reaching the Inn, I rushed to the kennel, unsummoned Gigyas and Inuyasha, and then raced up to my room on the first floor.
I threw on my bathing suit, grabbed a towel from the bathroom, and rushed to Puck's room. I knocked on the door frantically.
"...What?" He asked, some what irriateted.
"Babe-watching! Come on!"
That had gotten his attention. In a mad dash, Puck flew out his room and down the hall. I raced after him.

Pushing open the door, I dashed down the street behind Puck. I could see the beach about 100 yards away.
"Woohoo!" I shouted.
"Puck, you have the binoculars?" I asked. He nodded, a wide grin on his face.

"Whoa...check her out!" Puck said, nearly giggling like a little school girl. I pulled the binoculars from him.
"Whoa...she is...hot!!!" I shouted. The whole beach had probably heard me. About ten or twenty people stared at me, my binoculars in hand.
"Puck...bury me in the sand please..." I said, my face turning deep red.
Haha...my first semi-humourus post in a while.

16th February 2003, 09:05 PM
XD Say, send it to me, or something. I usually do that for people who don't have scanners, thought it'll take a while for the pic to get scanned, and stuff...XD!

OMG, you are so immature. *snickering* XD! In that case, Kurayami's going to wear a wet suit, because I don't want people staring at me through binoculars. XD!

After seeing Shadow's insane dash for the inn, I headed for the nearest swim-store.

"Good day, miss!" the storekeeper smiled. "Whaddya want? Goggles? Swimsuit?"

"No swimsuit, please," I told him. "I need a wetsuit."

"Over there," he pointed to the wall, where there hung many different colors of wetsuits.

"Okay, and surfboards?" I asked, and he pointed to a different wall.


I walked out of the store, holding a navy blue surfboard with a beautifully carved dragon on the bottom. I also had bought a nice blue wetsuit with lime green stripes. ((OOC: XD And, I DO have a surfboard and wetsuit like those. I used to live in Florida.))

Walking to the inn, I went up to my room, changed into my swimsuit, put on my wetsuit, grabbed a towel, and took my surfboard along with me down to the beach.

Walking over the nice, warm sand, I looked around for my friends. I saw Shadow and Puck, Puck enthusiastically staring through some binoculars, and Shadow sulking behind, face red.

Walking over, I smiled, and asked, "Hey, any luck? Or do I want to know?"

Shadow mumbled something, and Puck snickered as though he was an eight-year-old.

"Okay..." I looked at them oddly. "Well, I'm going surfing." I motioned the surfboard, and walked out into the surf. Walking out into the waves, I paddled out further from shore.

"Ahh...this is more like it..." I smiled to myself, enjoying the water, and waiting for a nice wave to come along.
Fwa! XD!

16th February 2003, 11:27 PM
After eating, I flew towards the hotel to streach my wings...
"What"I thought..I haven't beeing swimming since..

I can't remember..

But I knew, and Had a Two-Piece in Hand.

The top was normal, Bikini-type, and the other part was like pants..

I went into my room, taking a tote bag and a lot of Towels, and Putting on My Bikini(She has a Body, but if you dare look at her through binoculars...You die.). I also brought Shampoo and Conditoner so I can take a showel in a Stall...and of course, FlipFlops...

I flew ahead of everyone else, going a little slower than I knew I can go, and put a Beach Umbrella, big Towel, and my Cooler with drink's down(Sorry if I didn't mention them). Those were rentals..ofcourse...Except for the towels..

I looked in the corner, and saw Puck acting like a 8 year old, staring at some girls..

I took off My T-shirt,put on sunscreen, and flew up...and glided down to the water, then flying really fast, making the the water go up behind me, making my wings get a little wet..

"Ahh!It feels so good!"I said.


Tyler and Hobbes
17th February 2003, 07:15 AM
Not too sick for swimsuits XD

When I got to the inn I got a room.Shadow barged in nearly out

of breath."What?"I asked"Babe-watching! Come on!"We rushed torwards the beach."Woohoo!"he shouted."Puck, you have the

binoculars?"I nodded smiling.Happy day!Happy day!I thought."Whoa...check her out!"I said,pointing to a girl going into the ocean."Whoa...she is...hot!!!"Everyone stared at

him. "Puck...bury me in the sand please...""No problem bro!"I said laughing.So many girls.Kurayami walked up and said,"Hey, any luck? Or do I want to know?"Shadow mumbled."Okay..."she said.Suddenly I saw someone else and was

distracted,"Hello,hotty hot hot!"I said and then she slapped me."Love stinks!"I told Maichi."What?"She was gazing at Hiro.I fake coughed and said,"You like him."she slapped me.I got out the binoculars and looked at Izumi and she slapped me too.I walked up to Shadow and said,"Is it just me or is everyone

out to get me.""Who knows."was his reply.

17th February 2003, 11:30 AM
*insane laughter* HA! I have no school today! *dances*

O-o';; That's sad...boys can be enticed by the promise of swimsuits...XD!

Girl: Hey, will you go clothes-shopping with me?
Boy: No way, I hate clothes. Hate hate hate ha--
Girl: I'll wear a swimsuit

After an hour or so, surfing got kind of boring. It was that, and that a lot of guys were doing as Shadow and Puck were.

"Woo, serrff babeee!" Some ugly surfer shouted.

Smirking, I sent a Pressure Bubble shooting under his surfboard, and overturned him easily.

I surfed towards the shore, and walked the rest of the way up. I spotted Izumi, stretched out semi-leisurely on the beach. I made my over to her, waved, and plopped down next to her.

"Great day, huh? The waves a perfect." I smiled.

"Oh yeah!" Izumi agreed. "Went gliding over the waves for a while; i'twas fun."

Smiling happily, we talked for a while (about stupid boys and their swimsuit problems), when we were interupted by a loudspeaker blaring the message:

"ATTENTION ALL SURFERS!! If those who wish to participate in the Annual Surfing Contest will please walk over to the docks so we can sign you up! Thank you, and remember; DO NOT FEED THE OCEAN WILDLIFE!"

Snickering at that last comment, I turned to Izumi, "I guess I'd better go. Wonder what the prizes are?"

"I dunno," She shrugged. "Oh well, see you later."

"Bye," I stood up and walked over to the docks, spotting Puck and Shadow again, who both were giggling madly, by the looks of it. Hiro had joined in the 'fun,' as well.

Standing there, a small, bald-headed, hunched-over man with a farmers tan walked over to me. ((OOC: A "farmers tan," if you didn't know, is where its tan arms, but where a t-shirt would be is all white. XD Can you not picture this?)) I had to hold in my laughter at this...this interesting person...

"Are you for the surfing contest?" he asked.

"Yeah, but first, what are the prizes?" I asked him.

"Oh, let me think." He scratched his head. "First place gets 3 Summon stones and a gold medal, second place gets 2 Summon stones and a silver medal, and third place gets 1 Summon stone and a bronze medal."

I nodded. Three Summon stones would be useful...I thought.

"But everyone's a winner," He finished. "We give everyone a complimentary soda."

"Alright, sign me up." I smiled.

"Okay! I'll need your name...age..."


After filling out the form, I walked back to Izumi holding my number.

" 'Lo again. Get signed up?" She asked.

"Yeah, I'm number 13." I replied, sitting down next to her again. I laughed. "That bald-guy was funny, did you see?"

Laughing too, she nodded, and we continued talking until the loudspeaker called for the participants to go to the designated area.

"Okay...bye again...Wish me luck!" I smiled. "Not that I really need it...Water's my specialty."

Izumi smiled, bade me good luck, and off I set for the contest.
If you guys want to watch the contest, or something, or even sign up, than note that Kurayami(I) is(am) an excellent surfer. XD!

17th February 2003, 03:16 PM
Nah..Izumi doesn't like to surf much, she does, but she doesn't want to...

I stopped for a second on the beach, then I was going to lay down..

"Puck!!"I yelled, Puck was looking at me through binoculars..

I flew over and a SLAAAPP came from my hand. I would've done more, but he has to help us...

I sat down where my Towel and my umbrella was, and saw Kurayami getting out of the water..

"Come over here!"I said to her..

"Great day, huh? The waves a perfect."Kurayami said, proping herself down..

"Oh yeah!" I agreed. "Went gliding over the waves for a while; it was fun."

I grabed a soda out of the cooler I rented(She bought the soda and Ice), and offered one to Kurayami..

"Reserve it.."She said,"If I have to go in the water, I don't want to drink anything.."

So we talked about Stupid Perverted Boys, and their problems of looking at us girls when we are wearing swimsuits..

"ATTENTION ALL SURFERS!! If those who wish to participate in the Annual Surfing Contest will please walk over to the docks so we can sign you up! Thank you, and remember; DO NOT FEED THE OCEAN WILDLIFE!"

"I'll be back..."Kurayami said..

I looked over, and saw Shadow, Puck and Hiro gigling madly..

"Lo again. Get signed up?" I asked.

"Yeah, I'm number 13." I replied, sitting down next to her again. I laughed. "That bald-guy was funny, did you see?"

I laughed, and we continued talking until the loudspeaker called for the participants to go to the designated area.

"Okay...bye again...Wish me luck!" Kurayami smiled. "Not that I really need it...Water's my specialty."

"Good luck!"I said, waving, and getting the seashells and a bottle of water out of the cooler top..

Make a sandcastle!


17th February 2003, 03:23 PM
Originally posted by SmearGal
O-o';; That's sad...boys can be enticed by the promise of swimsuits...XD!

Girl: Hey, will you go clothes-shopping with me?
Boy: No way, I hate clothes. Hate hate hate ha--
Girl: I'll wear a swimsuit

Haha...it's so true...if only they could understand...*grumbles*
Summon stones are like the currency everywhere now. :P


"Whats going on over there?" I asked Hiro and Puck, both of whom were deeply absorbed in their....er, hunting...
"It looks like a surfing contest...come on! Let's check it out!" I said, pulling the binoculars away from them. They followed me like rabid dogs, reaching for the binoculars. Upon reaching a small canvas tent where a few people had gathered, I noticed that, sure enough, there was a surfing contest. A few very attractive girls about my age stood near the tent.
"Are you going to enter?" One asked.
"Well, I-" I began. I was cut off.
"I think men who surf are totally cool...right Nara?" Another said. I turned deep red.
"Well, of course I'm going to enter." I said. They all beamed at me.
"Do you surf often?"
"Of course...I'm from Thunder Rock...about a hundred or so miles from here. I surf all the time...I've won several championships." I lied.
"Well, good luck!" She said, blowing a kiss at me. I promtly entered, giving the fact that I had never surfed a day in my life no thought at all. I looked around...now all I needed was a surfboard. I spotted one lying on the ground beside a man. Obviously, he wasn't watching it too well. I began my approach.
"Can I borrow your board?" I asked. The guy turned around. He was at least twice as big as me. I couldn't see how he was bouyant enough to surf. He smashed me in the stomach just for asking. I fell down against the sand.
"You'll regret that..." I said, spitting up some blood.
"You pathetic little worm...you couldn't hurt a deku scrub!" The guy said.
Him and all his friends howled with laughter. One stomped on my stomach. I felt anger burning up inside me. What was his problem? Did he really find this funny?
"Come on shrimp! Fight me!"
He punched me again, this time in my face. It began to happen. My vision turned red.
"What-the?" The guy asked, letting go of my neck.
"They're comming for me..." I said, getting to my feet.
"The voices...the want me...the want blood..."
The wings came from my back, then the horns.
"We'll see who get's the last laugh now!" I shouted, hovering about three feet in the air. I smashed him upside the jaw, sending him flying backwards into a chain link fence. I hovered over to him, and landed near him. I put one of my feet atop his chest, and pushed down--hard. Blood dripped from his mouth.
"What...what's wrong with you?" He asked. I smiled maliciously, and kicked him upside the face. His breathing stopped.

"You want some too?" I asked his two cronies. The looked like they wanted to beat the living hell out of me.
"Total obliteration." I said calmly. A rift opened up before them, and they were sucked in. The rift closed. They would not come out again...
Hiro and Puck rushed over.
"S-Shadow?" Hiro asked. I slammed my fist into his chest. He fell down to the ground, shaking.

Tyler and Hobbes
17th February 2003, 05:15 PM

"Whats going on over there?" Shadow asked Hiro and I.We were

to...er...busy at the moment."It looks like a surfing contest...come on! Let's check it out!"He pulled the binoculars away from us.

We ran as fast as we could and Hiro almost grabbed them.We followed Shadow into a tent with the surfing contest signups.I saw the girl from earlier,"Are you going to slap me again?"I asked.

She looked at me funny and said,"Oh!Sorry about that.I just get carried away sometimes.My names Kita!""Puck."I replied."So,are you going to enter the race?"I asked her."Yes!Are you.""Uhh sure."I saw Hiro go somewhere and said,"What are you doing?"

"Trying to find Shadow,he still has the binoculars!"I had forgotten.
When we finally found him he had transformed."S-Shadow?"Hiro asked.Shadow punched him hard."Shadow...don't do this!"We had begun to fight.

whoo fight

17th February 2003, 05:47 PM
*flips on megaphone*
Attention uh, everyone but firguardian, smeargal, myself, and plouzumi! YOU ARE STILL PART OF THE RPG!!! It's dying...noooo....


"Shadow! Don't!" Puck cried out. I laughed.
"You dare defy me?" I asked. Puck pulled from his pocket one of his daggers. He leapt at me with it outstretched. I grabbed the blade of it and squeezed. Blood dripped from my hands. It soated the blade like vile poison. I threw it at Puck.
The blade sliced Puck's shoulder, cutting through it like a knife through warm butter.
"Happy now?" I asked. Puck looked dtermined. Gritting his teeth and climbing back to his feet, he limped toward me.
"Black Materia! Come forth!!!" I shouted. I beam of dark energy erupted from benath Puck, engulfing him. He fell to the ground, unconcious.

17th February 2003, 06:32 PM
XP I was trying to reply for 5 times now, and each time it keeps getting deleted, or something. X-x';; Oh well...

*snickering* plouzumi...XD!

"Black materia, come forth!" Shadow yelled, engulfing Puck in dark energy. Puck fell to the ground unconcious...I hope.

I walked cautiously forward, Shadow glaring at me. "Come on Shadow, it's okay..."

He glowered, and held out his hand, yelling for another Black material.

I screamed in pain...I mean, this was pain!!

I fell to the ground limply. Okay, damnit, this is the last straw. I try to be nice, but nooo... Sitting up shakily, I concentrated, mumbling "Ssshiraakhasil"

Wings erupted from my back, horns from my head, I grew in size, scales rippling out of nowhere.

"ANOTHER ONE!" People screamed, running around in circles.

Oh, buzz off. I grumbled, plucking a human from my tail and setting him on top of a building.

Shadow, you idiot! Get under control! I yelled at him.

"Nobody tells me what do do!!" He screamed, and aimed another dark attack. "Take this, lizard-brea--"


I had slammed my tail in his stomach. It's one thing to hit me with an attack. It's another to call me LIZARD BREATH. I spoke clearly.
There, I edited mine to where it fits with your post down there, Shadow. X-x'

17th February 2003, 08:21 PM
Zora Cape. Beaches for swimming and tanning. Of course, I wasn't really into tanning…I had had enough of that in Ikana. And of course, to go swimming, I'd need a bathing suit.

On the way back to the inn, I quickly stopped in a shop to get one. I didn't really need perverted guys looking at me, so I decided on a one-piece. Easier to deal with, too.

I looked around the back of the store. Orange with green stripes? Yuck. Mango orange? Ugh. Black with a blue stripe down each side? That I could live with. I took the suit up to the front. "May I help you?" the guy behind the register asked.

"Umm…I really would like this one…" I said, putting it on the counter, "but I can only just afford it." I shuffled my wallet low so he couldn't see inside.

"Aw, no problem…I'll cut the price in half, how about it?" He said, his face very happy.

"Thank you!" I said, overly enthusiastic. I quickly paid the half-price and put my wallet back fast. I took the swimsuit and headed for the inn to change. As I went in, I passed Maiku, who was wearing red shorts and carrying a black towel.

"I got you one too!" he said, indicating the towel as he ran off towards the beach. I hurried up to the now-vacant room and got changed, grabbing the other towel on the way out. I ran to the beach in my bare feet, quickly catching up to Maiku.

man…it's SO hard thinking for a girl… X_x'

Oh, and I'll have a character twist with my two in just a bit…probably next time I post…

The beach sounded nice. Of course, I'd need a something to wear there. I saw Maichi go into a beach shop, and I followed. She went to the back of the store, but I saw a perfectly good pair of shorts right there. I also grabed two black towels and went to pay.

I rushed back to the inn and got changed. I grabbed one of the towels I had bought, leaving the other one in plain sight for Maichi. I headed down, passing Maichi as I went outside. "I got you one too!" I yelled, indicating the towel, then headed off towards the beach.

Maichi caught up with me just as we reached the beach. Of course, it was at that time that we saw the horrendous battle. Kurayami in her dragon form and Shadow in his beast form were dueling all over the beach, causing lots of people to evacuate.

Suddenly, Kurayami was hit with a dark blast and crawled into the water. Shadow kept terrorizing the people who were left. Then Kurayami flew out of the water again, launching bubbles at Shadow. The bubbles seemed to surround him, but he managed to break free relatively fast. But Kurayami was already on him with a swift kick she knocked him a good 10 yards over, knocking him out.

Kurayami then transformed back to a person again, and ran over to us. "Are you okay?" I asked.

"I think so…Shadow should be fine too," she said, even though her arm was a mess. No sooner had she said this than Shadow let out a huge growl and jumped at us, claws swiping.

"HALT!!" Maichi and I shouted at the same time, and Shadow froze, 2 feet away from us. Kurayami transformed again and whacked Shadow over the head, knocking him out yet again. Kurayani changed back, her arm bloody and tattered.

"Um…can we get back to regular things now?" Maichi asked.

17th February 2003, 09:06 PM
Oo' actually, that's not me at all…and neither is Maiku as much as you think. For one thing, we do NOT oogle (sp?) girls in little clothing ( >_<' ewww…perverts!). For another, I don't really care whether or not I have a g/f (neither does Maiku if you read the "relations" section).

In other words…Maiku's nothing like Shadow, Puck, et. al. :P

17th February 2003, 09:39 PM
Whakka-what-what?!?!? -_-"
Noooooo! The whole point of having Shadow with the dark element is so he turns into an all powerful being thingamajig! His power is like...so high it's unmeasurable in that state! Kurayami, like, single handedly obliterated him! :o He can get knocked out, but no turning back to his normal state...that only happens when his anger is lifted and he's caused enough destruction. The whole transformation thing adds up to about 50% of his plot and origin.
Ah damnit... >_<
Can you uh, edit your post?
Oh yeah, and it's materia, not material...


Enough was enough. Kurayami had actually gotten me to bleed. Badly. It was time to take my fury to the nexy level.
"Moons....give me strength!!!!" I cried. A bolt of lightning struck my body. Scales began to grow all over my skin...my face was elongating...my size increased tenfold...fangs replaced my teeth. I had become a dark dragon. With a terrific roar, I split the very earth beneath Kurayami's feet.
"Death awaits you..." I growled. She glared at me, expecting the worst.
Black flames erupted from the ground, encasing her body. They did not let up...only when I wished would the torrent of flame cease. Kurayami gazed at me...asking me to stop with her eyes.
"It's too late now!" I roared. The flames had stop, but I had more in store for her. I growled a few spell words. A whirlpool formed in the water, as hundreds of swimmers swam for their lives. Bolts of lightning rained from the skies and into the whirlpool. I smashed my gigantic tail into her side, knocking her fulk force into the middle of it. She was spun countless times, round and round, the lightning hitting her over and over again. With another swish of my tail, she was brought back up, onto the beach in which our war was fought. She looked badly injured, but still able to fight. She opened her mouth, and a stream of blue energy was shot at my face. I growled in pain. She delivered another powerful shot to my left wing.
"Time to die!!" I roared. I released a spell that inflicts no physical harm, but causes every single pain nerve in your body to go berserk, triggering off the wall pain signals.
Kurayami let out a roar that seemed to peirce the very skies themself. I had the chance to land the final blow....but...something else took hold of me. I couldn't do it...even if my only motive was to destroy, I just...couldn't kill her. I slowly began to return to my winged-beast form.
"Wha-what's happening?" I said in disbelief. I was slowly returned to my human form next. I remembered it all this time. All the pain, all the suffering I had caused. My own will had won the war against my inner darkness.

When I came to, and looked around at the dead bodies, near dead Kurayami, and wrecked buildings, tears came to my eyes. It seemed as if the whole world was watching me.
"What have I done...?" I sobbed, falling to my knees. I let a tear fall to the ground, and quickly sprung back to my feet. I ran, about to break down in tears. How clould I be so heartless as to kill hundreds...if not thousands of people?
"Shadow! Wait!" Maiku shouted. I kept on running, far from their line of sight.

It was about dark when I stopped my seemingly endless trek. I had reached the tidal flats, some twenty or thirty miles away from the city. I climed a rock and cried, for the first time that I could remember...I couldn't believe what had just happened.
-_-" So, there you have it! Shadow's own free will got the better of him! Hooray for him.

18th February 2003, 04:40 PM
Oh yeah...I forgot to say why Shadow is so powerful in his berserk state. -_-" I'm about to give away loads of crap regarding the plot, so if you don't wanna see, turn away now.
Ok. Taban is Shadow's father, and is also the brother of Gannondorf. The reason Shadow becomes so strong is because he literally borrows power from Gannondorf, using it as his own. In a sense, he is possessed by gannondorf, and blindly attacks all that he sees. Shadow's mother was Nabooru, the gerudo. Taban was able to pass off his dark magic skills to Shadow because he was his father, but Shadow's mother died about a year after he was born, and his father got re-married. Taban never knew that he had the dark element within him, and in the midst of war he discovered it, when he went berserk and borrowed power from Gannondorf, killing hundreds of allies and enemies.

18th February 2003, 04:43 PM
"Damn.."I said,after Shadow transformed back into a Human..

"Wha-what's happening?"Shadow said, looking around him..

I got up myself, personally not to talk to Shadow...To heal the people...

"What have I done...?"He said, his eye's getting tears in his eyes..He fell to the ground on his knee's, only allowing one tear to fall to the ever-so still sand. He got up, and started to run..
"Shadow! Wait!" Maiku shouted. He kept on running until he disappered from the horizon(in My view)..

"I think I can heal ALL most everyone here...I'm just not sure If I'll be able to get up, it take a lot of magic to work, and a lot of Magic to recover.."I said, Readying a Moon Arrow..

I then Pointed my finger to the sun, gaining some energy, and placing it on the two tip's of the arrow...

Maichi and Maiku looked crossed, and Kurayami just had her eye's open..not much..

I readied my bow and the arrow, only haveing enough energy to stand up and release the attack...

"Healing Bathe!"I shouted, and with that, my arrow was released, mulitplying itself and the ball's of sun energy.

The arrow's tip touched everyone's torso, releasing the 2 balls of energy to heal who every needed it, including Kurayami, who got 2 arrows..

Everyone started to open their Eye's a little, and with me..

Well, let's say I'm in a Deep Sleep..

That's a version of her Healing Bathe that she can only perform with the Moon Arrow's she got. By sun energy, she just mean's her own energy, with some of the sun's energy to-boot.

She doesn't perform it often...And By deep sleep, I'm just in sleep, not Unconscience.

She only gave them energy enough to live, and heal, but not heal most. The only one that was healed the most was Kurayami. When She releases the arrow, the tips release a swirl of Bright lights of the rainbow. A Pretty Attack..

18th February 2003, 06:08 PM
I edited my post...and I think I deleted my other one...anyway, it should tie in with yours now, lugia. X-x'

*grumbles* I wish I were a Dark Dragon....Black's my favorite color...((Gothic! MWA!))

Hissing weakly, I tried moving my arm. I winced in pain, but it didn't seem broken...just really bloody.

Squinting, I saw Shadow come to. He looked around, his eyes wide.

"What have I done...?" He sobbed, falling to his knees. He started crying...then sprang back up to his feet, and ran...

"Shadow! Wait!" Maiku shouted. But he kept running...

"I think I can heal ALL most everyone here...I'm just not sure If I'll be able to get up, it take a lot of magic to work, and a lot of Magic to recover..." I heard Izumi saying, readying a Moon Arrow. She then pointed her finger to the sun, and placed it on the two tips of the arrows...

She readied her bow and the arrow..."Healing Bathe!" She shouted, and with that, her arrow was released, mulitplying itself and the balls of sun energy.

I was hit with two arrows...but they didn't hurt; instead, they healed me. I stood up weakly, clutching my arm, watching as the sun-energy distributed itself to the countless other people scattered across the beach.

I concentrated, and turned back into a human again. I tested my arm again...it didn't hurt so much. I hurried over to Izumi, who had fallen over after her energy release.

"Izumi? Are you okay?" I asked her, sitting down next to her. I stared at her. How can she SLEEP after this?!
XP Fwar, how should we find your character again, lugia?

18th February 2003, 06:48 PM
Nah. Well, I guess you can if you want, just dont take him back. I want him to stay where he is.


Sitting atop my rock, I took my backpack, full of my money, food, pretty much half of my possesions, and cast it into the ocean. I wasn't thinking about what I did, and I would regret it later. I sat down atop my rock perch (-_-)" and took from my pocket a beautifully made brown ocarina. Hiro had made it for me as a birthday present some time ago...

I played for many hours, gazing out to sea. I wanted to die...I couldn't live with myself...
"Nice playing."
I spun around. Taban stood against another boulder, facing me. He looked very smug and like he was up to something. I didn't really know what to say to his remark.
"It's funny how you seem like you're good at heart, but your inner darkness gets the better of you, isn't it Shadow?" He asked.
"What are you saying?"
"Come over...Shadow....come over to the dark side...it's where you belong...where your true heart his."
"What?! I would never band with Gannondorf and his minions!" I shouted at him.
"Hmmm...you've grown strong, my boy...strong hearted, and strong willed,"
"Attack me with all your heart and soul if you wish to live." He continued. I drew my sword.
"Prepare to taste cold steel!" He shouted, thrusting his bladed staff at me. It just barely sliced my stomach. I winced in pain. Taban gave a short chuckle.
"Shadow flare!" I shouted, launching three black fire balls at him. He swiftly dodged, the flames narrowly singing his shirt.
"Hmmm...midnight bolt!!!" Taban shouted. A purple bolt of electricity struck my body, stunning me and making my hair stand on end. Taban plunged his blade into my stomach, skewering me. I fell to the ground, blood seeping all over my hands.

Tyler and Hobbes
18th February 2003, 07:14 PM
Taban:Shadow I am your father!

Kita had fainted.Not use to seeing blood I guess.I had woken up

and nursed my arm while Izumi healed every one."What was that?"Kita asked finnalle awake.I couldn't tell her it was Shadow,

but I had no choice"My...brother."I admitted."Wha...?""I know it's wierd,but...Just trust me."She nodded and ran off.I saw Shadow run away too.Maiku followed him.I went to see about Kisa.It

looked like she was crying.I quickly found her behind an alley."So,do you have any other brothers?"she said sarcasticly."One.""Where do you live?"I said."By the big Deku tree.You and your friends can gather supplies there.""How..."

she cut me off "I saw you coming in the city and followed you!"I could't believe it.If she could find us how hard would it be for Ganodorf?
Lugia can she travel with us?I have a plan.

18th February 2003, 07:58 PM
Haha...I was thinking of making a star wars reference in there.
Sure, she can travel with us I guess.


I gasped for air. It was as if there was a hand squeezing my chest. I could hardly breathe.
"I'm...done for...." I said to myself as I dropped my sword. Suddenly a beam of light came from no where and struck my wound, mending it. I sprung to my feet. There, some 200 feet away, was a dim robed figure. I could tell it was a woman, because about half of her face was visible. She had flaming red hair tied back in ponytail, and a gem on her forehead.
"Taban..." She said, almost as if possessed by something. Taban looked over.
"You?!?!" He roared.
"I killed you! I f*cking killed you!!!!!!!" He screamed at the top of his lungs.
"Wrong you are, dear." She said softly. She leapt into the air and came down a few feet in front of him. In a violent rage he threw his bladed pole at her chest.
"Taste cold steel b*tch!!" He shouted. The spear stopped a few inches in front of her, and then shot back at Taban. It smacked him in the chin, cutting his cheek.
"Shadow, come with me!" She shouted. I began to run, confused at all this. What was happening? And who was this woman?

Taban chased after us.
"Shadow...I'll get us out of here, but I must ready a spell. Please, fend him off!" She cried out. I gulped.
"Hyyyaaargggh!" Taban growled, thrusting his spear at me. I swifly dodged.
"Time for my big weapon!" I shouted.
"Gigyas, let's go!!" I yelled, rubbing the gem. Gigyas roared with pride as he appeared. I climbed onto his back.
"Gigyas..." Taban said, as if in a daze.
"Your...your dodongo...he....he's still here..."
Suddenly, as if he had previously been possessed, Taban dropped his weapon.
"What?" I asked, a bit confused.
"Asher...f-forgive me..."
I understood now. Asher was my true name.
"Father..." I said.
"You...you knew?!" Taban gasped. I nodded.
"The memories in the crystals caused me to remember..."

Taban suddenly threw himself upon the ground, and began flailing violently.
"They're comming for me! They want me! Get out! Get out!!!" He screamed.
Taban was lifted to his feet, as if by some unseen hand.
"We shall meet again, son..." He said, avoiding a fireball shot by Gigyas. Taban threw a deku nut upon the ground, and in a flash, was gone...
I am your father!

18th February 2003, 09:28 PM
Sorry for abesences!


"S..Shadow" I said Puzzled At that moment In beast form Shadow swung the tuffest punch and hit me right in the chest (Always me >_<) I swear he must have broken at least ½ of all my ribs. I fell to the ground and passed out.

What felt like seconds later I was able to open my eyes. I still couldn't move but, I was able to look around. I saw over about 50 feet away Izumi had her bow pointed straight up in the air at the sun.

After I was able to see I reached into my pocket. I pulled out NightBlaze's Summonstone and yelled summon. it wasn't really a yell but more like a whisper. NightBlaze came out and with the help of a few sticks and NightBlaze I was able to mount. Then I set off in the direction that Shadow was running and tried to trail them. I was going as fast As I could but, I couldn't hold on to the reins. I fell to the ground off of NightBlaze and hit the ground and proably broke even more of my ribs and maybe an arm so I just layed there. In a few seconds Nightblaze was standing over me. he Knuged me a few times. I pulled out my stone with my last ounce of strenght. "Un-Summon." I said soflty. NightBlaze was wisped away and I lay there for a second.

"Shadow?? What the Hell has come over you..." With that I fell into a sleep.

19th February 2003, 12:07 AM
(I am KISA! Not Kita. I don't know wh in the world Kita is! Kita is some girl from the beach. I am in th restaurant.)


"Kisa, is it really you?" Sinca asked. "Yes. Sinca, I caught it. I caught the Windhopper!" I said, pulling out the Summon Stone. "Un-Summon!" I called. Senca came out. "Oh, Kisa, I'm so glad. But, I can't come..." Sinca said, puling up her skirt a little. I winced. A scar. It probably hurt her just to walk. "Oh..." I said. "Kisa, I was soo worried...the guard said..." Sinca said.

19th February 2003, 08:32 AM
Ok. Taban is Shadow's father, and is also the brother of Gannondorf. The reason Shadow becomes so strong is because he literally borrows power from Gannondorf, using it as his own. In a sense, he is possessed by gannondorf, and blindly attacks all that he sees. Shadow's mother was Nabooru, the gerudo. Taban was able to pass off his dark magic skills to Shadow because he was his father, but Shadow's mother died about a year after he was born, and his father got re-married. Taban never knew that he had the dark element within him, and in the midst of war he discovered it, when he went berserk and borrowed power from Gannondorf, killing hundreds of allies and enemies.

Blah, my sister read that and now she's totally going berserk. *punches*


Swimming? ah, when I went swimming the water froze. Deciding not to spoil anyone's fun, I sat in the shade of a palm tree and watched my brothers make fools of themselves. It was really quite entertaining *evil grin*

Ganondorf: I am your uncle!
Noooo :D

EDIT: Wow am I stupid or what? o.O

Tyler and Hobbes
19th February 2003, 09:34 AM
*Takes one step away from Twizzler* ....O.K

We went to find everyone else.Suddenly,Shadow came and

said,"It's Taban!He's our father!"Taban?Taban was the name of my father.I ran away before he went off to war."(shocker XD)Something just hit me.Kita was

my sister and I thought she was hot.Shadow talked to Kita while I ran around like an insane man.After awhile Shadow said,"I'll introduce you to everyone else.""That would be nice."

We walked to the beach,me still fealing bad.Seylan had seen us and walked up."Who's she?""This is Kita our sister."I said."Hey didn't you call her_?"'Zip it!"I said."Kita saw Izumi and ran up to her for some reason.

Edit:I'll play her until someone reading this want's to.

19th February 2003, 10:30 AM
Why would you sister be mad? Is someone here one of the people in the rpg?
(yes, i am dense)


"Shadow, come here!" The woman shouted. I had practically forgotten that she was there. I ran over to the spot she was at.
"It seems the spell will not be nescicarry." She said. Her hands stopped glowing abruptly.
"Shadow, have you ever wondered who your mother is? Or what she may have looked like?"
I paused.
"Well...I did have this memory, from the crystal-" She cut me off.
"She was not your real mother. She was your step mother, and a wicked woman at that. Your dodongo here, belonged to you when you were young. It was purely fate that you two should meet again. That dodongo made you happy...it gave you a purpose in life...but your step mother, she wanted none of that, and attempted to drown the poor creature in the oasis. I see she did not succeed."
There was a long, awkward pause.
"Do you know why I'm like this? The dark element, I mean?"
"Ah...yes. Your father carried the dark element, like a tainted seed within his body, due to the fact that he was the brother of Gannondorf. He was your father, and passed off the dark element to you and your borthers..."
"What?!?!" I cried out. There was no way Gannondorf could be my uncle...
"Hush, and let me continue. It is true. Now then, during the war, seeing so much destruction and death caused the evil within him to awaken. He killed hudreds, no, thousands of people. His painful memories would no go away. They plagued him perpetually...he could not stop thinking about what had happened, and stayed in his berserk state almost always. The only reason he stopped just now is because the fond memories were awakened. Taban remembered you and his family. He remembered his happiness..."
There was another long puase.
"Who are you?" I asked. She smiled.
"I'll be watching you, always."
With that, she dissapeared in a puff of white smoke...

19th February 2003, 03:31 PM
Me going to post Izumi's dream..


"Izumi.."I heard someone say..
"Yes, she has turned evil.."Someone else said,"She has wings and can control magic.That witch!"

"My daughter?She has no need for the wings."
"She is a witch now, Jen. You either burn her or leave her to be with the Witch Angelica."

"But...I don't care if she look's like a witch. She probably doesn't.."
Jen said..a tear striping from her eye..

I stood there like no one noticed...Was this real?

"Yes, but what if the neighbor's want to torture her, or non the less, kill her?"He said to Jen..

"Mommy...Please don't leave me!"I said. Well,it wasn't me me. I looked over, and saw a Younger me, with the new wings..

"Honey??"Jen said, rushing over to hug me.

"What happened?"She said. I(younger) told her, with her eye's a glaze of red.

"Please don't hurt her, she means no harm AT ALL.."I said to her(The younger one is talking as "I",Izumi(Older) is watching..It's not that Izumi doesn't want to see her past, she regrets it. It hold's something about her..)
"She hurt my honey.."Jen said,"And her sight. I mean, why can't you see why Angelica eserves to die..?"

"She's very sick. I can't believe Mommy wanna kill someone sick."I said..

"She's faking it. Don't you know that?"Jen said..
"NO SHE ISN'T!!"I said, and I started to spin madly. I gained the moonlight..

She stopped me, Jen, my Mother...why?
"Please..don't you see?"She said. She disappered, everything disappered..

Exceot for one thing that didn't disapper, and I didn't see it before...

Gannondorf?(She has no relation to her what so ever, but he did something..)

"Izumi...thank you.."He said..
"Why?"I said, now with the younger one gone..
"I was Angelica, In hiding. You defended me. I corrupted her in the sense that she was me. I controled her like a puppet from my palace, training you.."

"I hoped one day you can be one my side.."He added..
"Sooner or later, something will happen to you that you wont like."He said, very evil like..

"I can help you control that too. Like I helped you gain those wings."

"What?What's going to happen to me?"I said, very confuzzed. I felt weak too now..

"When you gain your crystal power, under a full moon....You know what happen's to Shadow?"He said
"Yes.....What?"I said..

"You will gain TOO Much power. I mean, you must be powerful enough to heal all those people.."He stopped..

"Should I tell I tell you?"He said..
"Please..."I said.

"You wonder why I don't attack you in your dream..don't you?"He said..

I felt a presence over me, but I couldn't wake up..

"You know, you never performed a attack besides "Healing Bathe"before them before. I mean, shot's of arrow's are ok..but not Magic attacks.."

"I never get the chance.."I said..
"Yes. But there is another reason?Your attacks, too powerfull?"

"I don't want anyone to get hurt, but I don't just want to be the healer of the group.."I said, sat down, indian-style.

"Yes, and when you get your crystal like Seylan, you will gain to much power. Under a full moon, you become a ..Full Angel"He said..

"Huh?"I said, confuzzed beyond all belief..
"Your half angel because of the wings on your back and the spell. When you are full angel, you'll have power's you'll want forever, and great look's. And you being a girl, I know you will want to keep them.."He said...

"That crystal can make you a Full-Angel too.."He said..

"Why are you telling me this?Your the enemy?"I said, crossed.
"Yes, but I care for you. I mean, the part of me that controlled Angelica."
"I fell bad for you. I mean, if you had no wings, you would be dead by now. The wing's you have control your power from going of the roof.I would be stunned at what you will do without your wings.."
"Please.."I said..

"I won't, only because...I don't want myself hurt at all.But remember, from now on, every day that the Full moon will apper, you will be a Full angel."He said, with the eye's he had going red..

I felt myself in a cold sweat. Was I awake?

I saw some girl over me..
"She's awake.."She said I didn't know her at all..

Why did Gannondorf tell me that?Is it because he doesn't want me at full power when we fight him?

Was it true. I nver was awake for a full moon, I always sleep-in.

I sat up, to everyone's suprise...

I ran short on breath....then gaining some, I talked..

"Hmm....Was it true?"
I want Izumi's past to get a Little more deeper, so I made her sleep, otherwise she would've been awake after her Healing Bathe..

I know I didn't post about her turning into a Full angel on the 3 days before, in and after the day of the full moon. I didn't post about her turning into a Full angel after she get's the crystal, but I mean, if she gain's more power when she get's it, her power is of a Full angel, and for that fact has to turn into one, otherwise, she'll go mad.

Sorta weird consept...but I wanted to play Gannondorf in her dream. It's real though. Gannondorf controlled Angelica to do the spell on Izumi possibly because he sensed Izumi was to strong. Wing's conrtol her power. With or without her wings, she would have the Power of Light.

Weird...no?And I had to make a Name for her mom, and Jennifer came to mind.

19th February 2003, 04:59 PM
Hmmm...interesting post, Poluzumi. That explained, well, alot. :)
I had a whole big post planned but I decided that it was too weird and would kinda mess crap up.


I was all too confused at my recent encounter with Taban and that mysterious woman. Could Gannondorf really be my uncle? That would explain my dark powers, my transformations, mostly everything...

That night I slept on the beach. I had a strange dream, and was unable to make any sense of it for the time being.
A lone figure, covered in silver and black armor and a purple, scary, big eyed mask slowly made his way to a large blue stone on a beach. He pulled out a scythe and smashed it downward, destroying the boulder, and revealing a blue colored gem. He claimed his prize and cast it into the ocean.

Feirce winds blew all around, and the sky turned grey. The ocean rumbled, and it seemed as if the very sea itself split. Pulling a moses type stunt, the figure walked forward, through the drained part of the sea. It was as if there were invisible dams holding the water back. He walked for some time until comming to a gigantic temple of monumental proportions.

I awoke to a big, fluffy, yellow bird scratching at me.
"A...chocobo?" I asked.
"Kweh!" It cried before dissapearing into the horizon in a blur.

19th February 2003, 06:28 PM
XP Kurayami's history may go deeper, but I'll do it later. XD!

A: I'm going to act as if that Chocobo was mine. XD!
B: ...I'm guessing that 'gigantic temple of monumental proportions'
might be the Water Temple? Correct me, if I'm wrong.
Also, my Chocobo's name is Chobo and my Mog's name is Moo. XD!

After seeing another girl hurry to help Izumi, I pulled out my Summon Stone with Chocobo and Mog in it.

"Un-summon!" I called. I picked up Chobo. "Okay, listen closely; Go find Shadow. When you do, come back and lead us to him, alright?"

Chobo nodded, and flew off in the direction Shadow ran off to.

Turning around, I saw Izumi, to my surprise, sit straight up; a little short of breath, but okay otherwise.

"Hmm....Was it true?" She asked...us, I think.

"What's true?" The girl asked her.

"Oh...nothing..." Izumi quickly replied.

I stared at her. More than nothing...

Moo hopped over to Izumi, nuzzling her.

"Moo! You're acting like an idiot again." I commented, picking him up and stroking his fur.

I turned to the girl. "And now; what's your name?"

"Me? My name's Kita." She replied, smiling. ((OOC: D'you think you could change her name? She's really close to Kisa...?))

"I'm Kurayami. This is Moo." I motioned to the fluffy bear-cat in my arms.

"I'm Izumi," Izumi said. Turning to me, she asked, "Where's your Chocobo?"

"He's out looking for Shadow," I answered, semi-grumbling at the last word.

"Good idea," Izumi nodded. "Better than having him on the loose somewhere...And where are the others?"

"Puck is over there..." Kita piped up, pointing a ways off.

"And I think that's Maichi and Maiku over there..." I nodded in the direction of two figures heading our way. ((OOC: You guys were still on the beach, right?))

After a few minutes, I heard a fluttering of wings. Chobo had returned!

"Did you find him?" I asked him, and he squawked proudly.
XP Okay...homework...bah...*grumble*

20th February 2003, 08:36 AM

Great. More girls. A sister, no less. And I thought my life couldn't get any better :rolleyes:

Shadow came running yelling about Taban being our (being me, him, Puck, and I guess this girl Kita too, I guess) father.

"But... Wouldn't that make GANONDORF our UNCLE?" I asked, disbelieving.

Puck shrugged, obsorbed in watching a pretty girl swimming. I smacked him over the head with my fist. "Can you stay focused for two seconds?" I asked.

OoC: Blahness.

20th February 2003, 01:52 PM
"Hmm....Was it true?"I said. I didn't mean to say it out loud.

"What's true?" The girl asked me, the one that was over me/

"Oh...nothing..."I replied.

Kurayami just stared at me for a second. I placed my head down for a couple of seconds..

Moo, the Mog, ran over ot me and nuzzeled against my face.

"Moo! You're acting like an idiot again."Kurayami said, stroking Moo,"And now; what's your name?"

"Me? My name's Kita." She replied, smiling.

"I'm Kurayami. This is Moo."
"I'm Izumi."I said to Kita, then turnining my head to Kurayami "Where's your Chocobo?"

"He's out looking for Shadow"

"Good idea," I said, "Better than having him on the loose somewhere...And where are the others?"

Kita and Kurayami pointed them out to me..
"Thanks.."I said, getting up and brushing myself up..

"Summon..!"I said, taking out Aries Summon Gem....

Aries let a soft purr as she came out brushing against me and looking for something to drink..

"Duh.."I said, pulling up the cooler. I took a container and filled it with water for Aries, and took out some Granola. Aries started to eat it..

"What's that?"Kita said, shocked in a way.

"It's a ram. Aries."I said, petting Aries as she finshed up..

Kurayami's Chobo had returned!

"Did you find him?"Kurayami said. He squaked with joy.

"I think so.."I whispered.


Whenever she's full angel, she doesn't have a Halo, ebcause she's not dead. And it's not like the Heaven-Like Angel either.

Tyler and Hobbes
20th February 2003, 05:17 PM
"Hmm....Was it true?"the girl said."What's true?""Oh...nothing..."

The other girl stared at her while a mog came and rubbed against her face."Moo! You're acting like an idiot again. And now; what's

your name?"the girl asked."Me? My name's Kita."I hated that name,that's why I never used it. "I'm Kurayami. This is Moo."
"I'm Izumi."the first girl said.She looked at Kurayami,"Where's

your Chocobo?""He's out looking for Shadow."
"Good idea,better than having him on the loose somewhere...And where are the others?"I pointed out Seylan and Puck,while she pointed out some that I hadn't met yet."Thanks.."Izumi said while

getting up."Summon..!"she said releasing an animal I hadn't seen before.It brushed against her.She got out a cooler,tool a container and put water in it."What's that?"I asked finally speaking up."It's a ram. Aries."she said petting it.A chocobo appeared."Did you find him?"Kurayami asked.It said yes."By the

way,my friends call me Blade!"I said cheerfully.

20th February 2003, 05:18 PM
What?!?! My post is gone!!! Ugh!!!
And dont make Shadow come back! I said dont make Shadow go crawling back to the group! Ugh...
dammit dammit dammit. I had an off day...

20th February 2003, 08:08 PM
I'm not dragging Shadow back into the group, and if I am, I don't mean to. Did I mention Chobo's an idiot, too, and shouldn't be trusted to lead us back to missing people he finds? *snickering* My cat does that. ((people give weird looks)) Yes, I said my CAT. He's an idiot too. He's--OOF! ((He just jumped out of my lap...))...he's a fat cat, did I mention? His gut waddles back and forth whilst he walks. XD! But I'm rambling...XD!

Off days are horrid, ne? O-o';; I've had nothing but off days all week. Of course, I go around and scream "CHIKOSHOU!!!" at miscellaneous people, because they have no idea what I'm saying. XD! By the way, that's 'beast' in Japanese. XD *whispering* It also means 'damn,' but don't tell anyone else that. XD!

"By the way, my friends call me Blade!" Kita...or...Blade said cheerfully. ((OOC: I have a friend who's name really is Blade...XD!))

"Okay, Blade, I'll call you Blade." I smiled and waited for Maichi and Maiku to finish the distance to our little group. I was distracted by Chobo banging his head into the ground...again.

"CHOBO!" I yelled, dropping Moo and picking Chobo up quickly. "How many times do I have to tell you?! Every time you bang your head, you loose two-hundred braincells!!! That's why you're so . . . soo . . ." I paused, staring at his incredibly cute eyes as he gave me the puppy-dog-eyes-trick-that-never-fails. "GAH! You're so adorably idiotic!" I gave him a hug, and turned to Blade and Izumi, whom both were staring at me very weirdly, with looks of surpressed laughter.

I dropped Chobo, turned red, and smiled meekly, as they burst into laughter. Great, you've still got your old charm of freaking people out!

"What's so funny?" Maiku asked, as they had now reached our three.

"Nothing." I smiled innocently.

"Oh my gosh, is Puck still at it?" Maichi asked, distressed, as she saw Seylan and Puck approaching, Puck's eyes glued to a lone female swimmer.
I'm supposing we follow Chobo to where Shadow "is." Of course, it's nowhere near where Shadow is, because, as I said, Chobo's dumb. Perhaps we should "accidentally" run into the Water Temple? Lugia...Then Shadow may...like...follow us, or something...I dunno. You know you can't leave Shadow out forever. . . . Well, actually, you can, as you're the RPGMaster. XD! But that would be...weird, or something...O-o'

21st February 2003, 12:05 AM
It would be weird without Shadow...

"CHOBO!"Kurayami said, droping Moo and picking up Chobo"How many times do I have to tell you?! Every time you bang your head, you loose two-hundred braincells!!! That's why you're so . . . soo . . ."Kurayami stoped, and Chobo made puppy eyes..."GAH! You're so adorably idiotic!"

I tried to hold my laughter in anyway I could, I just..


Kurayami dropped Chobo, with her cheek's turning red...

Then Me and Blaze laughed Hystericaly..


"What's so funny?" Maiku asked, as they had now reached our three.

"Nothing."Kurayami said, still with Cheeks of the color of red.

I made sure Aries was ok, her Blue eyes gazing into mine..

I bet she know's what I'm thinking..

I pet Aries some more, when Maichi came over, looking at Puck and Seylan..

"Oh my gosh, is Puck still at it?" Maichi asked. Puck's eyes glued to a lone female swimmer.

"Oi vey."I said, in a lone-tone voice.


21st February 2003, 07:48 AM
Nah...Shadow's gonna come back soon. ^_^"
We're goin to the water teeemmmple!
...Right now. :D
I constantly scream, KUPO!! At people. Its the language of the moogles. -_-;;


Upon awekening, I sat up, and looked around. There was the blue boulder. I came to my feet groggily and walked toward it.
"Dath blow!" I shouted, lifting my blade over my head and smashing it down. The boulder shattered, revealing a small, azure blue gem.
"Here it is..." I muttered. I knew what to do. With all my might, I hurled it into the ocean.
Storm clouds started to gather, and the very earth itself shook uncontrolably. Suddenly, as if by some unseen force, the water pushed off to two sides, revealing a path through the ocean.(think moses) :P
I gazed down to the end of the "path". An aquamarine dome with multiple collumns and strange architecture stood there.
"Well, here I go..." I sighed, running down the path.
There. Chobo can lead you guys to the place Shadow was, but all you find are his foot prints, leading to the temple.

21st February 2003, 11:50 PM
People, post.


"Oi vey"I said, looking back..away from Puck and him looking at a lone swimmer.

Not that I mind, but It disgust's me so...

"Aries.."I said, when Aries looked all done. I cleaned up the stuff, and brushed her young fur..

"Bahh."Aries said weirdly, Comeing to me...

It sensed something opening. I sensed it too..

My eye twitched, strange..it never did that before..

"Nothing is wrong, Aries.."I said,"Calm down."

Aries sense's it's opened...6th sense all animal's have.

Couldn't post in full detail, since not else beside's Shadow posted before this post(And after my last one.)

I say BAKA at people when I'm pissed. I think it means Idiot in Japanese...I think.

23rd February 2003, 11:27 AM
The RPG is dying! Nuuuuuuuu! We didn't even make it past half the dungeons yet. :(
Where is everyone?


I looked all around. The floors of this places were soggy and covered with dead fish and water. Crystal structures lined the walls in every direction.
I couldn't help but marvel at this amazing peice of work. I was lost in thought when suddenly, I could hear something...almost like...whispering.
"Who's there?!" I shouted. There was no answer.
"Whos there?!?!" I repeated.
Suddenly, a gigantic hand crashed down in front of me. It was red in coloration, and yellow claws lined it's finger tips. It looked as if it were severed from something.
" 'The hell?!" I shouted, swinging my sword in a large arc. It missed completely. The thing leapt out at me, tackling me to the ground. My face was smashed into the green colored tile, causing my nose to bleed badly.
"Check this out!!!" I shouted.
A black aura slowly build itself around my body, and then puffed out, launching the beast about 20 feet across the room, into a wall. I charged forward and smashed it with the blunt side of my sword, smashing it into the wall again.
"Eat this, b*tch!" I shouted, swinging my sword one final time, cutting three of it's fingers off and destroying the monster. I looked around once more. There was only one door in the room that seemed to lead somewhere. It was a trapdoor, and went deep into the depths of the dungeon.

I slowly opened it up. It was still filled with water...about two feet of it. The room was also quite gigantic. On the ceiling was a large blob of pink bubbles, with something green inside, though I couldn't quite make it out.
I hopped down, into the icy brine. I began to make my way across the room, when bars locked themselves along the two exits to the room. I gazed upward. A large eye had revealed itself. I let out a long, terrified yell.
Rescue me. :P

23rd February 2003, 02:21 PM
*runs in screaming bloody murder* GAAAAAH! What've I missed? O-o';; Dad had to update the computer...took 2 whole days...*mumble-mumble*

o-o';; What is that giant eyeball thing? The only giant eyeball thing I remember from the game(s) is either Bongo-Bongo or Queen Ghomba-Goomba-Gaba-thingy. -_-';; Bahh...

"Bahh," Aries said weirdly, walking over to Izumi.

Meanwhile, Chobo and Moo were going insane...I bent over and pet them both. "Come on, you two..." I mumbled.

"Nothing is wrong, Aries..." Izumi was telling her ram. "Calm down."

"What's up with them?" Puck nodded in the direction of our pets.

Izumi stared at Aries, speaking quietly. "They've sensed it."

I went silent, and held back the laughter at that statement. ((OOC: It just sounds...XD FUNNY! LOL!))

"Sensed what?" Seylan asked.

"The Water Temple has been opened." She answered, stroking Aries.

"Shadow." We all said at the same time.

"Okay, Chobo, lead us to him!" I told him, standing up.

"Kwaaaa!!" It squawked again.

"Let's get going!" Maichi said, smiling, and we unsummoned our horses.
XP Here we come, ready or not.

23rd February 2003, 04:31 PM
OoC: Lol, it's Gohma! Lessee... Giant hands+eyeball=BongoBongo!


"SUMMON!" I yelled, holding out the summon stone containing Midnite.

In a few minutes, we were riding after Chobo.

"I can't believe we're following that oversized Cucko," I grumbled.

Kurayami gave me a death glare. "He is NOT a Cucko, he's a Chocobo!" she persisted.

I rolled my eyes. We had come to an area where the water parted like a curtain before us. Had Shadow done this? How could he, that wasn't one of his abilities...

Shaking my head to clear my mind, I followed the others through the parted waters.

23rd February 2003, 05:49 PM
The thing is from Majora's Mask. It's called a Wart. Basically like a big, spherical thing w/ a big red eye surrounded by bubbles.


"Shadow flare!" I shouted. My words echoed in the room, and nothing happened.
"An anti-magic seal...." I mumbled.
"Well then, Gigyas! Come forth!" I shouted, hurling my gem. THe dodongo appeared before me. I climbed on his back.
"Lets have some fireballs!" I shouted. Gigyas let loose about ten fire balls, popping several bubbles. The big thing suddenly dropped from the ceiling.
"Pop some more with your horn! Then we can go in for the eye!" I shouted to him. He began thrusting his horn at the bubbles, popping several.
Something seemed to be calling to me...
Suddenly, the hundreds of huge pink bubbles rushed away from the beast, smashing me off Gigyas and into a wall. I was repeatedly pummeled and held under water. I just managed to get out a,
"Help meeeeeee!!!!"
Before being slammed under again.

23rd February 2003, 08:20 PM
"The Water Temple has been opened."I said, stroking the soft white fur of Aries.

"Unsummon"I said to get Hikari out..

"Summon!"I said, taking Aries inside the Summon Gem..

"Come on Hikari.."I said, making Hikari start to gallop towards what they, and somewhat I've, sensed..

"I can't believe we're following that oversized Cucko," Seylan said..

Kurayami stopped for a minute, giving Seylan the deserved Death Stare of Doom "He is NOT a Cucko, he's a Chocobo!" she persisted.

I didn't want to laugh, I wanted to be serious...

"Somethings wrong.."I said.."Shadow's in trouble.."

We galloped towards the splitting waters towards the..

Water Temple.


Tyler and Hobbes
24th February 2003, 07:34 PM

"Let's go!"I said making Regna come out.I climbed on her,but

since she was to small I used her as a surfboard.(Skateboard)

Kita released a weird bird,''What's that,Kita?"I asked.She looked

annoyed."My name is Blade!!!!"I flew back and she

continued."Sorry...It's my Fwooper,Artirus.""I can't believe we're

following that oversized Cucko,"Seylan said.I would have agreed

or made a wisecrack,but I ws thinking about Shadow."He is NOT

a Cucko, he's a Chocobo!"Kurayami yelled.Now I was glad I

didn't.I couldn't believe it.The water had parted.We walked in the

temple.I sensed something.We walked in and Izumi saw a door

right away.We walked in,Regna now going very slow.
They should make a musical called Warts!XD

24th February 2003, 11:19 PM
OoC: Heh. Heheh. That just sounded so stupid...


Inside the Water Temple, there was lots of water (wow, ain't I observant o.O). All over the floor, dripping from the ceiling. The walls on one side looked a little battered, and had still-wet blood on them. I had a creepy feeling it was my brother's.

There was a trapdoor on the floor. I heard shouting and gurgling from below. I opened it, and yelled down, "Shadow, that you?" I heard a yell that oozed "yeah, you moron!" I turned back to the others. "Yep, it's him," I said casually.

25th February 2003, 04:52 PM
"Shadow, that you?"Seylan said when we were in the Water Temple. He peeked through a Trap door, and wanted to see if Shadow was in
"Yeah, you moron!"I heard a voice yell.
"Yep, it's him,"Seylan said..

"Let's go down.."I said, Un-Summoning Hikari...

I gentle floated into the level Shadow was in and what I saw..

"Oh my.."

26th February 2003, 03:28 PM
It's dying...I fear the worst. Nobody's posting...


"Dammit! Help me!" I cried out. The bubbles were literally surrounding me, pushing me into the water.
"Seylan plunged his blade into a few bubbles, popping them. Puck did the same, hacking and slashing away. I suddenly ripped my sword from the sheath of my back, and used it to dig it straight through the tough bubbles, into the eye of the creature. It made a noise that sounded like the clanging of metal.
"Ha! Showed you!" I shouted in triumph. It wasn't over yet...the creature rose up again, ready for round two.

26th February 2003, 04:34 PM
I'm waiting for other people to post..People(I haven't forgotten..) haven't post. THEY MUST POST!!


26th February 2003, 05:59 PM
X-x';; Gah...Sooo...sleeppy...((ZzZzZ))

. . .It suddenly occured to me that Kurayami didn't bring her weapons with her to the beach...O_O';; And she's still wearing her wetsuit...I'm...going to change that...

"Ha! Showed you!" Shadow shouted in triumph. For a moment, it looked like it was down...but then it jumped back up again, clearly not ready to go out.

It's big red eye loomed over us, as we grabbed our weapons.

"Yaaahh!!" Shadow yelled, angrily thrusting his sword into the giant eyeball.

The monster made this really weird noise, like a gurgling, bubbling sound.

"Look out!" Maiku yelled, as dozens of crate-sized bubbles started swarming everybody, bashing us into the walls.

I dodged as many as I could, but one of them came speeding out of nowhere, throwing me off my feet and smacking me into the wall.

Meanwhile, the gigantic ball that was slamming against the walls around us, suddenly stopped, and opened its eye, glaring at us.

"Shoot the eye!!" I yelled angrily, grabbing my bow and aiming an arrow at its giant retina. Releasing the arrow, it hit its mark, and the monster yelled angrily, closing it again, and heading straight for me.

A loud smack issued throughout the dungeon, as I was slammed against the wall. I fell to the ground weakly, coughing up blood. Then everything went black...
XP I feel like my character should fall at least once in battle during this entire time. XD!

Tyler and Hobbes
26th February 2003, 08:40 PM
I'll post her bio.
Looks:Long blond hair,blue eyes,red long sleeve shirt,blue jeens
Personality:Likes to show off,be the best,egotistical,other than that sweet,nice
Magic: none
Weapons:short staff
Relationships:Crush on Maichu
Homeland:whatever place were in right now

"Look out!"a boy screamed.He seemed nice,but I couldn't think of

that now.I sent Artirus to attack the bubbles.

It attacked us and I could hardly dodge it.It suddenly opened it's

eye."Shoot the eye!!" Kurayami yelled.

She shot it with an arrow.It seemed to be stuned."Oh no!"I

called out as it tackled her. The girl,I think her name was

Maichi dissapeared and then reappeared infront of it.
Sorry so short


26th February 2003, 10:10 PM
Sorry, I got caught in the middle of a family crisis...literally...


I didn't listen to Sinca. In fact, she triggered another memory.


"Bye, Sinca. Take care." I said. "Bye, Kisa..." Sinca answered. Tears streaming down my eyes, I turned. I had walked about a mile--Sinca had the horse--and turned. A rustling of leaves. THe wind grew, all along me, but gently touching my face. Demons. I saw Demons! They neared me, and started beating me. I blacked out.


"Kisa, are you listening?" Sinca asked.

26th February 2003, 10:15 PM

I looked in the corner with Kurayami coughing up blood. I went to fly there, but the Monster just placed bubbles so I couldn't get to Kurayami..

"I can't.."I said, noticing why even a Moon Arrow didn't go far..
"Perform attacks.."

"Must have to recover from the Healing Bathe Arrows(Named the attack)."I whispered, and flew back into a corner. Without Light energy I'm useless...

All of the sudden, I felt a jolt of energy up my spine. My eye's went..not red, but all angry....

"Stannddd....backkkk"I barely got out(Can this be one of the Day's before a Full moon?)..

I then got hit by something. Not a attack, but the power of something...

I them sprouted more wings on my back, more smaller, and with my orginall to shrinking in size. I then changed MY WHOLE figure...

I was taller, my Hair was more longer, I also glew with the power..

'Is this what Ganondarf..said?'I said..
I want to show her power...besides Healing..Can it be the Day before the full moon?

27th February 2003, 08:36 AM
OoC: Sounds cool 8)


I was having fun blasting the bubbles with ice and watching them shatter. For a while I tried my newer Impale technique, but it was too draining.

I heard a shout behind me and turned around. Izumi was changing...

"<Not her too!>" I thought, but my thought was cut short by a hit in the back of the head by a rather large bubble. I stumbled, then drew Soulcutter and stabbed backwards, popping it.

27th February 2003, 03:39 PM
Wait! Does Izumi turn berserk(like Shadow) during this state? Cause if she does *hint hint* we could have a huge brawl thing between Shadow, Izumi, and Kurayami! It would be awesome! :D
And of course, no one would really walk away as the winner, cause then people often end up getting pissed off...-_-"


"God...dammit!" I gurgled as I was pushed under by another bubble. I was beginning to get really pissed of...
"No...you cant...you wont..." I muttered to myself. I wanted to overcome my powers with my own free will.
Just then, an amazing thing happened.

Isumi began to grown more wings. She floated like...an angel...
Was she? Was she really an angel?
No...it couldn't be...I was just loosing it. Gannondorf was winning the battle over my body.
I screamed out. The sounds echoed in the room. This time, I didn't assume my usual form. It was different...more powerful...
Two pairs of wings lined my back. Spines shot through my clothes and straight through my skin. Claws split straight through my finger tips. My teeth were sharp and pointed. My eyes were engulfed in red, as usual, and a purple aura surrounded my body.
"Piss...off!!!!!!!!" I hissed, releasing a stream of energy so powerful Gannondorf himself might have been impressed. It smashed straight through multiple bubbles, and then straight through the beast itself.
Everyone was an enemy. Everyone had to die. Everyone would go...
No...this wasn't what I want!
Yes! Yes it is boy! They all hate you! They're your enemies!
I fired off a blast at Blade/Kita, smacking her into the icy brine below.
"I...I'll...I'll kill you all!!!" I shouted out. The group cringed in fear, but one stepped forward. Izumi readied her boy and blasted a stream of pure holiness along with an arrow at myself. The good...the anti-hatrid...it burned...it burned my very soul.
"Auuuggghhhh!!!" I yelled in pain. I surged forward, smashing pinning Izumi against a wall. The blow was so powerful that the wall crumbled under the force. Thankfully, it was a chamber, and not the sea outside.
Wooooo! Here goes! And also, if everyone wants, I'll spoil more of the plot later. :) It basically describes practically all of Shadow's side of the story...

27th February 2003, 04:23 PM
She somewhat does go beserk the First time, she see's the enemy as her friends(anything good), and anything evil is good.

When she first turn's good though, she can remember than Shadow is evil as that form.

But as she master's Angel Form((A)When she gets Her cyrstal)She can use her power for good(Really!) and will stay in Angel forever, instead of the 3 days.


I started to float, and with every second, my body changed(She doesn't have a Halo. If you know Lucemon from Digimon Frontier, she has the same structure of wings.). My wings got more fluffy, I even got some sorta Mark on my Eye!

Then, my eyes changed view. There were Multiple of the Enemy, even with one coughing up blood(Kurayami)..

Then I saw Kurayami, Maichi and the others hudeld where the Monster thing was...

But then, I saw Shadow. He wasn't with the group, all huddled up(She see's the enemy as you guys, Huddeld up. She see's the group as the enemy, but smaller.). He looked at me, in amazement. My body glew with a soft Pink, coming from the jewel on my chest..

The, Shadow changed again. To his more winged-Beast form...

That's the last thing I remembered from me not being Angel(She really doesn't know you guy's as friends..She remember's Kurayami coughing up blood though)..

"Die Beast!"I said, Taking a arrow out of the corner(that's where she put them), and readied it. It glew, and then..

"DIE!"I shouted at the Winged Beast(Shadow), and with it, my Arrow flew. It glew with light all around, looking like a Big Beam..
"Magic Light Arrows!(Renamed Magic Arrows. I'm going to have to redo her form for Angel form)"

It went right through him, with the Winged Beast shouted...

I looked in the corner, and in my corner of my eye was some sorta-of Dragon(She see's Kurayami as her Dragon form in Angel state). It was coughing up blood..

"Ah!"The winged Beast(Shadow) said, lunging at me. It barely missed, only hitting a wing..
"Healing Bathe!"I said, glowing in light. I was healed..


It's confusing, but she see's anything good as the Enemy except for Kurayami, as she see's her in Dragon Form. Anyone that can turn into somehting els, Izumi see's you as that untill she remembers...Which can be after the battle with her and Shadow...

Izumi is not a weakling in this state....

27th February 2003, 07:26 PM
*evil grin* >=D Yeesss...that would be fuuuunnn...

*pokes Izumi* Uhh...Kurayami hasn't changed into a Dragon yet... She's on the floor, knocked out. XD! Perhaps you healed her before you went Angel-y? Or she woke up in about 3 minutes...XD!

*pokes lugia* How many forms does Shadow have?! XD!! J/k.

I woke up feeling a bit woozy. Looking up, I nearly fainted again at the sight before me.

There was...Izumi?! She's an angel?! I thought in disbelief. I then looked over to Shadow, whom had turned into that horrid beast form of his.

I stood up shakily, mumbling "Ssshiraakhasil!"

I transformed into a Dragon, again, for the most times I had ever done in less than a week.

The cavern seemed smaller, but the icy water felt really good...

Izumi? I asked her.

Izumi glanced over at me, dismissed my question, then turned back to the group, glaring at them in hatred. They slowly moved in my direction.

I stepped forward boldly and allowed the group to go behind me.

Now both Izumi and Shadow were glaring at me, Izumi for the fact I had helped the group, and Shadow for...I don't know, just being his usual Beast-Form self.
Homework, *gag*

27th February 2003, 08:01 PM
OoC: I wanna transformed form toooo... Here's a form for it (heheh, I'm prepared :P).

~Name: Seylan (transformed form)
~Looks: Muscular, with dark grey skin, back hair, eyes are dark blue and pupil-less at first, and later they're all blue with pupils. A pair of gleaming, silver horns protrude from his forehead, his teeth are fanged, and his hands are clawed. Rows of spines protrude from his arms (think Zora Link's fins) and black, batlike wings protrude from between his shoulder blades. Wears a dove-grey tunic and dark grey pants, and thick black leather boots.
~Personality: At first he's pretty much a berserk psycho who blasts anything in sight. Later he's the same as normal Seylan.
~Element: Ice
~Magic: Freezing things, firing ice shards, etc., and can create small gusts of winds by pumping his wings. Small dark abilities.
~Weapons: Same as normal Seylan, plus fangs and claws.
~Armor: None.
~Other: Bah.

Not gonna post till that's okayed.

27th February 2003, 08:44 PM

"Oh, aah, no..." I admitted. Sinca sighed. "The guard said that he followed you awhile, and then demons came. They beat you, and then got blown away by the wind. He had to come back, for fear of the same thing." she said. "Oh..." I said.


"Easy..." said a voice. I opened one eye, staring straight at a saddle. Asher. Words etched in. I moaned. My head hurt badly...

End Falshback

(Heh. Notice that? If you don't want that, I'll change it.)

27th February 2003, 09:51 PM
Originally posted by SmearGal
*evil grin* >=D Yeesss...that would be fuuuunnn...

*pokes Izumi* Uhh...Kurayami hasn't changed into a Dragon yet... She's on the floor, knocked out. XD! Perhaps you healed her before you went Angel-y? Or she woke up in about 3 minutes...XD!

I said that Izumi see's you just as a Dragon ALL the time, If anythign can transform, she see's it as that. Like you with Dragon,she see's you as only a Dragon, Not a Human. It's a thing when she's new with Angel form.


1.If you can Transform, instead of seeing you as the enemy, you look like what you transformed to HER, not that you transformed.
2.I'm planning after the battle with her and Shadow, she returns to Izumi state of Mind, but still in Angel.

Izumi-Angel Mode

Looks:Tall, with Long Brown hair with Blonde Highlights. Her wings now have 6(3 on each side) more Median Sized ones. If you know Lucemon from Digimon Frontier, her wing structure is EXACTLY the same.
Element:Light with Holy Powers.
Magic Attacks:

1.Healing Bathe:Same as Izumi Human Mode.
2.Purify Sun:She twist's her body to form a Tornado like attack, taking some sunlight. She stops, but the tornado doesn't. It attacks whoever Izumi wishes.
3.Holy Arrow:She takes a Moon Arrow, and Use's it like Magic Arrow, but It's much more powerfull, and also can bring...a Happy feeling in Evil people.
Other:Izumi can see at first, her group as the enemy.And the enemy look's like the group, huddled up. If you an transform, she'll see you as that untill she master's Angel(After fight with Shadow).She will stay at full angel when she get's Her Crystal..

28th February 2003, 07:33 PM
Yeah...the idea w/ Kisa and Shadow(Asher) knowing each other is fine.
Also, Smeargal, Shadow pretty much has an inifinate number of forms...this is one of his more powerful variations, but it's different each time.


"Eat this!!!" I shouted. Black flames surged out from behind me, scorching Izumi's feathery white wings. I cackled with excitement.
"You'll have to do better than that!" I snarled, an evil look upon my face.
I charged forth, smashing her into a wall, when Kurayami ripped me off her and snarled in my face. I gave a powerful punch to her jaw, causing her to spew blood all over me. I felt strength returning to me as the blood spilled all over myself. It seemed to be...healing me.
I smashed into her again.
More blood spilled over my body. I felt another transformation taking place.
A horn sprouted from my forehead, and I felt something heavy weigh down my body. I looked down. Jet black armor cloaked my body.
I snarled with excitement, when suddenly, another transformation took place. Not on my behalf, however. This time with Seylan.
"Shadow...you're...you're out of control!!!" He screamed at me. He became more muscular, and wings sprouted from his back.
Kurayami suddenly slammed me into the floor. I let forth a spurt of crimson red blood from my mouth. I struggled to return to the surface of the shallow water. Finally I broke free.
Seylan gave Izumi a tremendous kick, smashing her downward. She retaliated with an arrow, peircing Seylan's dark tunic. I then struck Seylan with the blunt of my blade, slamming him into the hard, stone wall. I then plunged it deep into his chest, and re responded by gouging into my stomach with his soul cutter. I pulled on his blade, but it wouldnt come out.
"Arrrrrgggghhhh!" I screamed in frusturation. I flew up into the air, the blade still stuck into my flesh. Finally it came out, and I threw the weapon into Kurayami's side.

Shadow...don't do this...together, we can defeat them...
It was as if a message raced through my mind. I knew it was Seylan. I turned to him, and nodded. Seylan snapped his fingers, and a shadow fell over him. Upon receeding, his wound was healed.

OoC: This is getting gooooood. ^_^"

28th February 2003, 07:59 PM
Going to have Izumi notice your not the bad guys..She's going to be so pissed..you guy's are attacking her..

"Pahh."I said, with blood gushing from a cut...Some Seylan guy made..

"Can't heal."I said, trying to get to the cut. My wing's were scorched, which added more pain..

"Wha??"I said, remembering who everyone else was, who was the enemy. I noticed Shadow, and Seylan were trying to Kill me, and Kurayami was now a Dragon..

"WHA!!"I said, noticing the more wings, a Taller apperance, and longer hair with new Highlights..

'Is it...what Ganondarf said?'I though, seeing Shadow pause for a Moment, after being hit by Seylan...He seemed to be thinking..

"Healing Bathe!"I said, Healing to get my wound's completly healed, and my wing's more feathery than ever...

I noticed Seylan did the same thing with a Dark Energy..
"Huh?"I said, Wasn't Seylan supposed to have Ice powers..

But I noticed he Transformed into something more fierce than his normal form. Like me with Angel, Shadow with Winged Beast, and Kurayami with Dragon...

"Let's go.."Seylan and Shadow said, teaming up..

'I know...that..You can.overcome their evil. Remember, they are really good...don't kill them'I thought, it running across my mind...

I tryed to dodge any attack that they through at us.....But I was wondering what the Monster was thinking about this..

"Holy Arrow!"I said, releasing a arrow upon my bow, trying to hit something I couldn't see..

"Damn."I said. I'm so Pissed. Why in the hell they were attacking us?

"If I have to, I will."I vowed. If It came to it, I would have to use something I didn't like to use..

My Purify Sun Technique.

She really doesn't like to use it..since...well..

Anyway, Don't make her a weakling. I mean, she's not all High and Powerfull, but her Power could be Evened to Shadow's Winged Beast Form, if she learn's to control her power.

28th February 2003, 08:23 PM
Yeah...sorry...I went a bit overboard. -_-"
I'm obsessed w/ being all powerful. Maybe someday I'll ahieve my dream of being dictator of the world. :P

28th February 2003, 08:37 PM
Originally posted by lugia_2000
Yeah...sorry...I went a bit overboard. -_-"
I'm obsessed w/ being all powerful. Maybe someday I'll ahieve my dream of being dictator of the world. :P

It's ok....

Hey..THAT'S my dream!!Bahh!!My Dream!

28th February 2003, 10:12 PM
OoC: Ok, here we go *cracks knuckles, breaking fingers in the process* Owww... Hey, what happened to the Wart?

>-~-<Seylan>-~-< (colors are reversed when he's in his demonic form)

That wench's arrow whizzed by, aiming at who knows what. She didn't seem to get the concept of aiming. I sneered, baring pinted fangs. Quick as lightning, I dashed over to the dragon, wrenching Soulcutter's blade from her side. Then I was back in action.

An arctic wind picked up in the chamber, silver shot through with black. It swirled like a mini tornado, drawing up water in its wake. The water quickly froze, blackening as it did so. Chunks flew off, breaking into shards sharp as ice. These too swirled around the chamber.

Your turn, brother.

OoC: Meh, I had to stay home sick today. Not feeling well. Sorry for the low-quality post.

28th February 2003, 10:14 PM
XP Kurayami doesn't need to be underestimated either, mind you, she's around 10x's bigger than you in Dragon morph. XD!

Anyway, can I make her a tad more powerful in her Dragon form? As in, she let's herself get taken over by the Dragon's instincts? XD She'd pretty much go insane, and start ripping stuff up. XD!

My dream is to . . . o-o';; Uhh . . . no tell . . . XD!

Growling loudly, I grabbed the blade from my side and threw it to the ground. It wasn't too deep.

I landed, and glared at Shadow and Seylan. They stood side by side, evidently partners. Izumi looked troubled...did she remember now?

Flitting my tail, I nearly jumped in surprise at the "Hey, watch it!" coming from behind me.

Turning, I saw the group huddled in a corner nearby; forgotten. I nearly laughed, but now was no time.

Slowly walking, I approached Izumi, who turned to face me. I looked her in the eyes, and she nodded.

'She's back!' I thought happily. I stood beside her, and glared at Seylan and Shadow.

Suddenly, Shadow lunged at Izumi while Seylan jumped at me.

He had found his Soulcutter blade again, so I quickly turned my head to whack him with my tail...but upon hearing an odd sound, I looked up in horror, as I realized I had skewered him on one of my horns!

My eyes went wide. Oh man, I did not mean to do that...I mean...eeeew....eeeeeeeeeeewww! ((OOC: Seylan Shish Kabob, anyone? XD!!))

I raked my claws over my head, and threw him on the ground, where he fell over, coughing blood over the floor. He snapped his fingers weakly, fell into shadow, and reappeared, fully healed.

I stood dumbstruck, for I obviously missed this happening before. Unfortunately, I stood stupified too long...Seylan seized the opportunity and plunged Soulcutter straight into my ribcage...

Roaring in pain, something inside of me suddenly just...snapped...
XP Anyway, whoever posts next can notice that I suddenly go insane after he stabs me. Dragon instincts are as follows: If it moves, kill it. XD! But Kurayami still has a little control over herself, so she doesn't actually seriously damage anyone. ^-^'

I have a piccy of her Dragon form, but it's too big to attach...*sigh* I'll post it somewhere and link it here...

Edit: Seylan posted while I was typing, so this may not make much sense. XD!

28th February 2003, 10:39 PM
OoC: O.O Ooh, you gonna pay for that! ...Maybe.


I stood, fully healed. There was a large hole in the front of my tunic from the dragon's horn. Casting soulless eyes upon the beast, I attacked once more, having recovered Soulcutter from nearby. I stabbed into the beasts ribcage. With a resounding crash, she fell. I yanked the blade from between her ribs, and wiped the blood on my tattered tunic. Grinning triumphantly, I fell.

EDIT: Oh yeah, Seylan's back to normal now.

28th February 2003, 10:43 PM

Kurayami satred at me for a minute, glad of something I didn't know..

I knew I missed the arrow, but that's only I...My vison got a Tad blurry..

Shadow lunged at me while Seylan did the same to Kurayami..
"Shadow, stop it!"I said as he lunged punches and Dark Energy balls at me, me barely dodging them..

"No..."He said with a more evil voice..

'If I have to..'I said, wishing that I didn't have to...

All of the sudden, Me and Shadow stopped playing Cat and Mouse, with Kurayami roaring and Rampaging as she was stabbed with the SoulCutter..

I looked back, and so did Shadow, so we started the Cat and Mouse routine..

I them looked for any water at all, I needed it for something...

"Stop playing with me, I know you can fight better than that."Shadow said with a Dark Grin on his face..

'I wonder if the 'Good' Shadow is still in there?'I thought to my self, heading towards the water...

I then started to spin around with my wings fully out, Forming a Water Tornado(Sucked up some water with Purify Sun)...

"Purr..."I started to say, trying to get some sun light. I saw below the other's loking at me funny. I remembered they Never saw this one...

Some Sun-light came in as Beams of energy into the tornado, making it look like a Bright Tornado with Water in it, with Beam's of Energy..

"Purify Sun!"I yelled, tottally stoping with the Tornado still in motion.

I placed my Hands in the middle, So I can aim it...

"Shadow!"I yelled at the tornado, and with it, the Tornado with Light and Water(from either outside or inside with Wart). It started to chase Shadow around..

He all of the sudden, got into the tornado....


The Purify Sun got Deadly Accuracy, and also can be combined with Other Elements, Like Darkness, Ice, Water...Fire...Etc.

Izumi is the only one that can control it too, and it's power is too much(Much of it isn't Izumi's at all, just the Light and Wind) that if someone sucks it up..It's called Explosion..Since Energy shouldn't be in you stomach either, I mean Magic Energy....

And it only Aim's at the Person she call's out to..It will bend to your shape of your body if anyone that she didn't yell to attack..and it goes near. So don't worry.

Tyler and Hobbes
1st March 2003, 06:33 AM

"Hey, watch it!" I said.I had an idea!While they were busy with

the tornado,I motioned to the rest of the group.Maiki and

Blade stayed,but Hiro and Maichu came.We crept over to the wall.

Kuraiami seemed to notice us,"No!"she called out in furry."Great.That's just great."I said.Now Seylan saw us too!

''Any plans?"Hiro asked Maichu."Well....every man for himself!!!"

he screamed as Saylen's blade smashed into the place we were at.He cut off my necklace!<Okay,somebody has to die.>I thought.I tackled Seylen and we fought on the ground.

"This reminds me of home!"Seylan said as I choked him.

"We never wrestled!"I shot back."The only time you ever said anything to me was when you wanted something!"Now I was on my back and Kuraiami was fighting Hiro.

can anyone say "family problems"?

1st March 2003, 02:10 PM
OoC: "Familly problems!" Um, do I hafta remind you that Seylan's back to normal, and unconsious?

1st March 2003, 02:50 PM
Note that Kurayami will act differently, and that it's hardly possible to her to wrestle with Hiro....XD Without squishing him...

Also, this post may be weird. Note that when she speaks out loud, it's the Dragon talking, but when she thinks, it's her talking.
Kurayami (Draconian Instincts)

"Humansss...Filthy...worthlesss humansss..." I hissed aloud, as Seylan fell to the ground, returning to normal.

No...they're my friends... I thought weakly.

"Humansss need to be taught a lessson..." I growled..."They hurtsss usss with puny bladesss..." I grabbed Seylan in my mouth, ignoring the blood gushing from my wound, shaking him about as a dog worries a bone.

Stop it!! I thought frantically.

I threw Seylan to the other side of the dungeon, towards...more humans...

Growling, I stepped forward, and was surprised by one jumping upon my back.

Do NOT hurt him!! I ordered...but its not listening...

"Hurt him?" I growled..."No, I will not hurt thisss human..." I raked my claws over my head, grabbing him and throwing him to the ground. "I will kill thisss human..."

"Kurayami? What is wrong with you?!" Hiro demanded, grabbing his sword and holding it in front of him to defend.

Please...no...stop... I struggled...couldn't...control...

"Worthlesss sssword, human..." I grabbed it easily from his hands and tossed it away. Hiro's eyes went wide, as he scrambled backwards.
XP Perhaps somebody needs to help Hiro? XD!

1st March 2003, 03:25 PM
OoC: Yah, I'd say getting ripped to shreds by a dragon qualifies as needing help.

~^*Seylan*^~ Just barely consious...

I came to lying in a large puddle of blood. It took me a while to realize it was MY blood. What had happened?

I raised my head weakly. Now Kurayami was going berserk too. I could barely see; everything was all hazy...

"St... Stop it..." I said weakly. "What... Are you doing??" Everybody seemed to have forgotten about the Wart. It was frozen in some sort of black ice, frozen to the ceiling. What could have done that? I was the only one with ice magic, but I had been knocked out... Hadn't I?

OoC: Somebody better help Seylan, too.

1st March 2003, 05:40 PM

"Piss...off!!!" I demanded, smashing my foot into Kurayami's side. It seemed as if her ribs cracked, because her side squished inward.
"You...you will die!!!" She snapped back, nearly implaing me with her sharp claws. They sunk about halfway into my flesh.
"God...dammit...!" I snarled. I desperately flapped my wings, and managed to bring myself off of her claws. I needed healing...fast.
"Uh...blood..." I moaned. I stumbled over to where Seylan was previously lying. I lay down in the puddle, and my wounds patched up.
I broke into a laugh.
Suddenly, it felt as if a presence inside me was fading. I stumbled to me knees as my wings and spines receeded.

1st March 2003, 07:01 PM
O-o';; Okay then...>=D So that's the way you wanna play...I take it Shadow didn't faint...he's on his knees?


"You...you will die!" I roared, slashing at Shadow angrily and impaling him, my claws driving mercilessly into his chest.

"God...damnit..." he snarled, flapping his wings in an effort to escape. He rendered himself free from my claws, and weakly fumbled over to the pile of Seylan's blood.

Growling, I nudged my side..."Human hasss hurt usss...you ssstill detessst to hisss ssslaughter?"

YES!! No matter what he does, he's my friend! I nearly cried, trying to regain control.

"Heh...hehe....HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!" Shadow suddenly laughed. He was fully healed, and he stumbled forward onto his knees, returning to normal.

"He laughsss at usss..." I growled, my eyes turning to slits, as I flicked my tail in anger, furling and unfurling my wings. "Pitiful human...sssalakrithyl..."

No...Not Salakrithyl...Friend!

Shadow stared at me in horror, as I came upon him, growling greedily, my mouth ready to tear him limb from limb...
XP Izumi should come in right about now...

Also, to those who don't know, Salakrithyl is a word in my language for 'enemy.' XD 'Tis pretty fun, yelling things like that at people...

1st March 2003, 09:07 PM
Guess Izumi will despell the Purify Sun..Or better yet.....

Wart shall die.

I noticed, that Shadow started to go back to normal, wings and Spies, all going back...

"What."I said, worried...

"Wart!"I yelled, making the tornado go to Wart, him being no more.....(We don't worry about him now)

"Fin!"I said, and the tornado's power when into the jewel on my chest...

I looked over, and saw Kurayami going to attack Shadow, which pupil's got smallr and smaller in fear..

"Kurayami!"I shourted, standing infront of Shadow, for no Particular Reason."Stop this now..

"Noo...."She said, hissingly. Her eye's became like a Cat, the pupil's going smaller and thiner..

I looked back at Shadow, who just stood there like a Statue...

"Kurayami, what did he do to you?"I replied..
"He lauuughed at usss"She said, with her voice sorta...acting weird..

"Don't hurt Shadow."I said, looking back at Shadow, again,"Hurt me. But not Kill. I know you wouldn't kill.."

"How do you know?"She replied, uncurling her wings..

'Something's wrong with Kurayami now too...'I thought to my self..

All of the Sudden, unlike before, I started to glow. A arrow came aforth me, suddenly turning Larger...

'More appropriate...A larger Arrow for a Dragon.'I thought..'No kill.'




1st March 2003, 10:52 PM

"Sinca, I'd better go now. The others are probably wondering where I am. Summon." I said, recalling Senca. "Bye, Kisa. Come visit." she said sadly. "Sinca, before I leave, where did I come from?" I asked. She thought for a moment. "You'd better go..." she said, quickly. "But--" I said. "No, you really better go." I sighed, and walked out, leaving a tip. Asher. Why was that name familiar? I decided I'd ask the others.

(Okay, cool. 8) Umm...where are you guys, anyways?)

1st March 2003, 11:09 PM
XD what's the :rolleyes: for? XD!

We're in the Water Temple, Twizzler. Go ahead and appear there. XD!

*dances* I know what I made on the ACTs!!! Anyone want to guess?! *looks around* Uhh...Nobody? :o Oh well...XD I MADE A 19!!! *jumps around ecstatically* That's the SAME SCORE my DAD made, and I'm only TWELVE!!! ((happiness))

"Don't hurt Shadow," Izumi said, looking back at him again. "Hurt me...But not kill...I know you wouldn't kill..."

"How do you know?" I replied, uncurling my wings...

All of a sudden, Izumi started glowing. I stepped backwards apprehensively. An arrow appeared before her; more giant than an ordinary one...

That's...big... I thought.

"You friend isss making a big missstake..." I hissed, beginning to grin, crouching low to the ground. "Like pounsssing on birdsss, thisss isss..."

It's speaking like Yoda...The damn Dragon is speaking like YODA!! I thought wildly.

"I will shoot," Izumi said clearly. "What's wrong with you, Kurayami?"

"Kurayami?" I hissed, nearly laughing. "Kurayami isss...indisssposssed..."

Against my will... I thought, trying once again to regain control.

"Indisposed? What do you mean by that?" Izumi asked, eyes narrowing.

"She hasss no control over me anymore..." I hissed, flicking my tail. "Alwaysss...I sssit...being controlled by her mind onssse she transssformsss...fighting...alwaysss causssing pain...But no more..."

It...was...necessary... I thought weakly...You'd kill all my friends...

"I can't help it..." I growled, staring at Izumi. "You took the risssk when you learned it from them...And now she diesss..."
XP Feel free to shoot her with that...arrow...thingy...ma-bob...But I want the battle to continue a tad more...Izat okay with everyone?

*pokes* I drew a picture out of boredom, of Kurayami's Dragon form glaring at Shadow. XD Wanna see? (http://www.pokemasters.net/oekaki/pictures/520.png) XD It's all bloody!

1st March 2003, 11:53 PM
The :rolleyes: was for nothing....^^

'Kurayami's still in there....'I thought. I sensed her still thinking...

"He is talking like Yoda.."I said....

I read her mind!That never happened...

'To get your friend back, let me handle it.'The spirit that fought Shadow before said,'I shall not kill her. I know she is still in there..'

'I wil let you control. But if I sense you hurting anying beside's that Dragon, or kill Kurayami, you are so..'

'I shall not.'It said..

"Kurayami, your friend Izumi is letting me take over. I will tame this beast"I said, now the Other Spirit...

"Holy Arrow!"I said, shooting the big arrow toward's the Beast, known to Izumi as Kurayami..

"Direct Hit.."I said, as I hit the torso of the Beast..
The spirit from before, when she first turned Angel, is now settled, like the Dragon Instinct in Kurayami that is in control. This spirit is more powerful..

I like the pic!

2nd March 2003, 10:09 AM
XD I think that :rolleyes: was for something...XD!

XP The arrow's going to take a few minutes before working...izat okay? Dragons are absolutely amazing creatures...O-o';; Their anatomy is fascinating...... (http://www.draconian.com/body/finalskeleton.jpg) ... (http://www.draconian.com/body/finalmusc.jpg) ... (http://www.draconian.com/body/finalskin.jpg)

...Click each set of dots, if you don't get the hint...XD! 'Cept that's for a male dragon...and Kurayami's a female...O-o';; So she doesn't have that little beard thing...

"Kurayami, your friend Izumi is letting me take over. I will tame this beast!" Izumi yelled.

My friend Izumi? You ARE Izumi... I thought bewildered.

"Holy Arrow!" She said, shooting the big arrow towards me.

"AAAHHH!!" I yelled, as the giant arrow landed deep in my chest. Growling, I readied to pounce on her.

Why isn't it...working...?? I thought.

"The bigger the Dragon isss...the harder it isss to bring it down..." I hissed malevolently, springing upon her and knocking her out of the air.
There. Takes a couple of minutes for it to set in...but when she does go back to normal, she'll suddenly stop whatever she's doing and scream bloody murder. XD!

2nd March 2003, 10:42 AM
Nah..I claim the :rolleyes: was for nada..

Spirit 1-Is Izumi
Spirit 2-Is....Um....The other spirit, the Angel instinct's of her...

Izumi-Angel Instinct known as Spirit 2.
"Why isn't it working...?"I asked myself. It should've did something....

"The bigger the Dragon isss...the harder it isss to bring it down..." 'Kurayami(Dragon nstinct)' hissed malevolently, springing upon me and knocking Me out of the air.

"Damn it.."I said, being knocked out of the air and into the ground..

I kept on dodging Puch's and the tail of the Overgrown Beast(Muah...She still doesn't know who Kurayami is, so she call's her that..)..untill..

It was about..maybe 10 minutes after, me panting for every breath...

"Gahhhhh!"The overgrown-Beast known to Izumi as Kurayami said..

Overgrown beast is what she(Angel Instinct) refer's Kurayami to since she doesn't know Kurayami is able to Transform into Dragon...

2nd March 2003, 06:45 PM
Are you sure? That :rolleyes: was for something...*pokes* And I won't give up till I find out!! XD!

XD That helps.

Also, she'll scream bloody murder because A: She regains control! and B: She has a gaping hole in her neck! Eee...ww...The Dragon may have been able to put up with it...but...O-o';; ...she can't. XD!
Kurayami (Instincts Fading)

Roaring angrily, I slashed and whipped at her. "Thisss... isss... getting... annoying..." I growled after each slash.

Izumi fluttered desperately, dodging each of my blows.

Must...fight...it...GRR!! I thought angrily. Enough chaos, already!!

Suddenly, I roared in exasperation, backing away and shaking my head, nearly trampeling Puck in the process. I grabbed my head with my claws, huddled near the ground, and hissed weakly.

"Kurayami?" Izumi asked, flying over cautiously.

I jerked up my head. Yes!! I thought, as I slowly regained control over my Dragon instincts...then...Noooo... I moaned feebly, clutching at the bloody hole in my neck. Pain shot throughout my body if I even barely moved it.

I'm...back...I...have...control... I forced myself to hiss through clenched teeth. But...pain...pain...grrr....

"Are you sure your really back?" Izumi asked warily.

I popped open an eye. I'm not blindly attacking you, am I?

"No," She smiled. "First thing's first, though. Healing Bathe!" she commanded, and fully healed herself.

She then walked over to me.
XP Izumi can heal her, if she wants. XD Or Kurayami could morph back to human and slowly die a horrible death of bleeding. XD!

2nd March 2003, 07:11 PM

Kurayami can heal..

And..Myabe the :rolleyes: for something...But me no Tell!

'You take over from here..'The spirit said as the Dragon started to yell..

"Kurayami?" I asked, flying over..

Yes!!I heard Kurayami think...Then a No as she tried to touch the hole I made..

I'm...back...I...have...control..., But...pain...pain...grrr......She thought again, me reading them..

"Are you sure your really back?" I asked,just to make sure.

She opened a eye, looking at me.
I'm not blindly attacking you, am I?She thought to me..(Or said..Izumi can read thoughts..)

"First off..Healing Bathe!"I said, healing my self..I then walked over to the hole in Kurayami...

"Healing Bathe!"I said, placing a Hand over the hole..

It got smaller, and smaller, untill the hole disappered completey, and the blood Disappered.

Kurayami started to transform back into human after I healed her..
People...I command thee to Post!Post I dare say!

2nd March 2003, 09:50 PM
OoC: What is there to post? Lying in a blody heap and slowly dying?

2nd March 2003, 10:32 PM
O-o';; TELL ME WHAT THE :rolleyes: WAS FOR, or I'll tickle you to death...MWAHAHA!!

XD Yeah, Nabooru, of course! What else? ...*poke poke* J/k. XD!


Still masaging my neck, I returned to human form, and stood up weakly, kind of woozy with exhaustion.

"That's...so much better..." I sighed. "Uhm...couldn't really tell what happened when I went beserk back there, so what...wait a minute..." I paused, looking around. "Where's Seylan? I remember chucking him across the room...somehow..."

"I'm....over....here...." Came a weak reply. Izumi hurried over, and I walked at a slow pace.

I saw Seylan, lying in a puddle of blood, clothes ripped and bloody.

"Seylan!" I cried. "Oh man...did...I do that...?"

"Yeah...I...suppose...." He whispered, and Izumi rushed over.

"Healing Bathe!" She comanded, and Seylan's wounds slowly disappeared. He sat up slowly.

"Seylan!" I heard a voice call. I turned around, and faced Shadow, who was walking over to see if he was alright. Shadow glowered at me, but I didn't take offence...

They have reasons... I told myself. I suppose they would be mad after I nearly tore them to shreds...
O-o';; You can post now, Naboo. XD Naboo...can I call you Naboo?

3rd March 2003, 08:23 AM
OoC: Sure, why not? :)

~^*Seylan*^~ *quickly checks form to see how forgiving he is* Mweeheeheehee...

"Agh..." I groaned, sitting up. I glanced at Kurayami. "Watch where you point that horn, will ya'?" For effect, my eyes started glowing blue for a second.

Shadow had come over. He reached out and helped me stand up. I glanced up at the ceiling. The Wart was gone. "For all I almost got killed, at least we got rid of that thing," I commented. Shadow grinned. I looked around the room. Yikes. I'd hate to be the janitor.

OoC: I think Hiro's almost dead too, isn't he? *poke poke again*

3rd March 2003, 11:26 AM
Sorry for not posting in a long time ^^;; yah um please don't make my charcter wresle with a dragon... I really like being whole and in 1 peice =D

I slowy got up and followed the path in which the overs had taken. There were still footprints in the ground so I followed them walking as best I could. Afer about what seemed like years I came to the ocean. I could see nothing over them but, when I walked close the water began to spread and at the end of it was a huge temple

"Oh boy, the water temple...." I said Sarcasticly. I really don't like water but, i decied to go anyway.

I never knew when the water would close back down and on my broken leg I didn't wana find out.

"SUMMON!" I yelled and nightblaze appeared in front of me. I hoisted myself on and we shot off down the pathway. We were about 3/4 the way when I looked behind me and the water at the front began crashing down. "Nightblaze, faster" I said patting his side. As if he heard me he began to run much faster than before. The temple was just ahead and I looked up. The water was starting to fall down. "comeon!" I yelled "Were almost there!!" We were soo clsoe to the temple and the water was upon us then, Nightblaze leaped from onto the platform jsut missing the water.

I dismounted and looked at Nightblaze "Thanks buddy." I said patting him. "Thats why I hate water" I summoned him back up and went inside the temple. I could hear fighting and I ran faster



3rd March 2003, 03:19 PM
Tell us what the :rolleyes: was for already. >.<


Our huge brawl finally settled, we continued through the hole we had blown in the wall, which greatly shortened our trip. Inside was nothing but a chest and a door. The chest was charred and so no key was needed to unlock it, as I could just kick the charred area and it would crumble.
I reached into the chest and grabbed a small, horned key...the boss key. This was the easiest adventure we would probably ever have.
"Well...now to go through the door..." I muttered, clutching a bleeding scrape on my neck. As we slowly crept through, we saw it...the boss door.
"Come on! Let's go!" Kurayami shouted, motioning us. She was way ahead of the group. I fitted the key into the slot and crept through the door.
"Where is it?" I asked no one. All there was was some shadowy water along with mutliple floating chunks of land and various bridges and scaffolds.
"Dunno...all the easier for us." Seylan said, a cheery smile upon his face.
"Well, let's move!" Shouted Puck enthusiasticlly.
Then it happened.
A terrificly large head burst from beneath the water and lunged out at us. Luckily, no one was hurt, but by the looks of it, here was our boss monster. It was a gigantic blue scerpent, larger than a house.

"Disperse!! Then it'll have to hit us one by one rather than as a group!" I shouted. Everyone ran off to different sections of the arena. Izumi and Kurayami pelted the beast with arrows, while the rest of us pelted it with arrows.
The beast lunged at me from the water. It had me backed down against the scaffold.
"Someone throw me a weapon!!!" I shouted.
"Wha?" Was nearly everyone's response.
Puck eventually tossed me a dagger, and as the beast lunged at me, I held it upward, and my sword along with the dagger stuck deep into the roof of it's mouth.
:rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: XD

3rd March 2003, 04:19 PM
Me no tell what :rolleyes: was for!!No tell!!


"Let's go.."Shadow said, picking up the Boss key..

I was just flying, no,Floating! I didn't have to move my wing's at ally to fly..

'Thanks...'I thought to the other spirit..
'You are welcome. I hope I get to fight once more.'
'I'm sure you will'

We all walked into a Room with floating platforms on Water...

"Where is the boss?"I said, hopeing it would be easy..Shadow said the same thing..

"Dunno...all the easier for us." Seylan said, a cheery smile upon his face.
"Well, let's move!" Shouted Puck enthusiasticlly.

Well, then all the Platform's started to shake and rattle when..

A Blue Water Serpent...
"Eww.."I said. It glared at me for a Minute, then looked at Shadow...

"Disperse!! Then it'll have to hit us one by one rather than as a group!"Shadow said..

Me and Kurayami went onto a Platform in the corner, and we started to shoot Arrows...

"Holy Arrow!"I said, shooting as many Arrow's I could(They come back to her)...Only a couple worked on 1 of the eyes, another on the Stomach..

"Someone throw me a weapon!!!"Shadow said, being cornered by the big beast..
"Wha?" Was nearly everyone's response.
"Now!!"He said..

Puck tossed one of his Dagger's over to Shadow, and with that..

The 2, the sword and the Dagger, pierce and went through the roof of the Serpent's Mouth.


Me no tell...Well..Maybe....I got's Idea too...For the Enemy for the Light Temple...I'll tell Lugia maybe in a while.

3rd March 2003, 06:03 PM
O-o';; It's a battle like this that needs Kurayami in Dragon morph in the water...*poke poke* D'you suppose I should make her morph again, or just let her fight conventionally?

On a weirder note, Lookie! New Avatar!! *huggles*

The monster screamed in pain and anger, whipping its snake-like head backwards after Shadow speared it with his sword and Puck's dagger.

I grabbed an arrow from my quiver, aiming carefully at the monster's head.

"It won't stay still..." I mumbled, changing directions every second. Izumi was having far better luck than me. Then again...I wasn't sure if it was entirely Izumi...

The monster finally stopped swinging its head, pausing to spot its next victim. I seized the opportunity, and shot my arrow, blinding its other eye.

"Yes!" I cried enthusiastically. I called to the others "Hopefully now it won't be able to spot us as well. It'll have to use its ears and..." I stopped yelling abruptly, for the beast had swiveled around to face my voice.

"Oh...that was smart..." I grumbled, grabbing another arrow, Izumi doing the same.

The monster roared, and propelled forward, mouth wide open.

We shot our arrows, mine hitting its massive tongue, and Izumi's the roof of its mouth.

Roaring in pain, the monster backed up, tongue hanging limply from the side of its mouth.
Fwa, beat the monster! And if anyone makes Kurayami morph, then just make her really reluctant to.

3rd March 2003, 06:46 PM
Dun make her turn Dragony again for a while...you shouldnt use it too frequently. :rolleyes:


As the creature sunk back into the depths of the water, the rumbling stopped. Now it felt like an earthquake was ensuing.
Suddenly, another scerpent popped up, more hideous than the last. It was easily about the size of a sky scraper, and it's head was about fifty times the size of my body.
I gulped.
"Here goes..."
I brandished my sword, swinging it in a long wide arc, barely even scathing the beast.
"Magic's the way to go here!" Shouted Kurayami, who was releasing pressure bubbles at the beast's body.
"Hmmm...black thunder!" I shouted, as a grey cloud enleashed a streak of purple lightning into the water. It didn't hit the beast, but since water condects electricity, it spreas everywhere, shocking the monster.
Suddenly, it turned to me, and with a trendous roar, lunged forward. Next thing I knew I was in it's mouth, then in the eusophogas. I jammed my blade into the neck of the monster, and held my position.
"Help meeee!!!" I screamed.
Yeesh...what a day. First it's sloppy joes for lunch and now this. :rolleyes:

3rd March 2003, 07:02 PM
"Help mee!"Shadow screamed as the Serpent gained on Shadow, and Shadow was holding his Position with the Sword in the Serpent..

"Holy Arrow!"I shouted, and aimed for the stomach part, where I saw a Little Blade coming out...

The arrow went across it, cutting it so Shadow got out.....

"Thank's.."He said, covered in Icky slime stuff...

The serpent started to go a Little slower because of the Cut near the Stomach....but..

It still went along..

"Holy Arrow!"I whispered, and shot 20 arrows...

Umm...:rolleyes: ....There are some people that haven't posted in....

Long time..

I'm just saying they should post too.

Tyler and Hobbes
3rd March 2003, 07:52 PM
Lugia,you gonna do a sequal if this goes well?

The giant snake thingy ate Shadow!"Holy Arrow!"Izumi yelled

as she realeased an arrow.The dagger flew out of it's mouth and

cut him free.I ran and pick it up."Thank's.."Shadow said,

covered in goo.Now it went slow,but hardly.Izumi shot 20 arrows

almost.Seylan got Soulcutter out and started slashing away.

"Dude,your like the Grim Weaper!!!"I said laughing."Summon!"

I realeased Jett.I got on and went to the back of the monster

while it was busy with Izumi and Seylan.I jumped in the water

in hopes of hitting it,but it swam out of the way,so I hit the water

very hard.I could hear screams all around.It all went blank from

O.K so Puck half drowned,he's just not dead.Save me I don't want to be snakefood!

3rd March 2003, 09:16 PM
OoC: Me liiike seeequalssss... I have a name for the Boss. Twin Serpants: Sylthin


"Puck!" I cried as he fell face-first into the water. One of the serpents was going for him. I lunged out over the water, freezing a small portion into a makeshift surfboard. I hacked away at the snake's neck with Soulcutter, trying to keep it away from Puck. "Someone get 'im outta the water!" I yelled, "I can hold off o' Snake Eyes for a while!"

3rd March 2003, 10:59 PM

After wandering around, a little angry they still weren't on the beach, I heard noises. Personally, I was just listening for the sound of their voices, I didn't know if I was still in Zora's Cape or not. Battle noises, and familiar voices! I opened my eyes, running in.

"Puck!" Seylan cried.

"What's the matter?" I asked.

(Something about a snake. :D )

3rd March 2003, 11:15 PM
"Someone get Puck out of the Water, I can hold off Snake Eye's for now!"Seylan said..

"What's the matter?"Kisa Said, suddenly appered..

'Where has she been?'I thought. I tried to keep out of her sight. If She didn't see me being Angel..

"I'll get him out...."I said..
'I hope I can get out...'I thought...

Kisa just stared at me...

"Keep Snake Eye's busy.."I said..I enclosed myself in a Light Bubble(Angel's do that so they don't get fully wet..and she does wanna battle afterward?)..

I started to swim faster and faster into the floor of the place...

"Puck!!"I said..I was sorta losing air..

I came out for a Minute, to take a Deep Breath..and same more..

"Puck!!"I yelled...and saw Puck's body Half-ly drowned...

I picked him up, and put him in my Light bubble...

I placed him on the farthest of the platforms...and hoped he would start to breathe..Since..

My energy was low enough. I couldn't perform a Healing Bathe for a Couple of Minutes..The Water Drained my Energy..

'No..Not CPR...'I thought to myself...
AHHH!!!!AHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!If anyone want's to do CPR to Puck's Character,come right ahead..I wouldn't mind..

Not that...you know..I don't want to(Well..maybe a little.)

3rd March 2003, 11:28 PM

"Snake Eyes? What happened?" I asked, confused. "And why weren't you at the beach?"

"Trouble..." Shadow said. "We met up with trouble."

Asher. Who was he? I realized he might just be in front of my eyes.

4th March 2003, 11:24 AM
You can hold off the Snakes Eyes but, who will hold of the rest of him?


Upon entering the boss chamber a huge seperent enmerged from a huge pool of water. I withdrew my swords and got ready for him. I waited for a second and he seemed busy with something on the other side of the pool. I ran forward ready to strike and then I saw Shadow get eatin up by the beast. I held my attack off becasuse I didn't want to accidently hit him. I waited for a few more minutes and Shadow remerged from the wyrm. This time I dashed forward and jumped on the sergernts back. I ran up his neck and began hacking and slashing it. The beast began to get very upset with me. So I decied it would be best to get off his neck so I quickly thrust my swords as far as they could go into the beast and jumped as far as I could into the water. I quickly swam over to the sides and jumped out. I turned to look at the beast and I met face to face with him.... He is very Pist off at me!!

4th March 2003, 03:07 PM
Hell, are you kidding? Of course I'd do a sequel! However, it would mean a new plotline, and a whole bunch of new characters...:D
Also, I'll send a PM to everyone who hasn't responded in a while, but the only person who hasn't has been Zeratul...-_-"


I was suddenly coughed up by the wyrm, only to see that Puck was stuck in a golden bubble, looking a bit blue and swolen.
Hiro suddenly leapt off his scaffold, down onto mine, so that he had a clearer shot at the beast's mouth.
"Fiiiirrre bombs!!!" He shouted. In a split second several balls of fire spouted from his daggers and into the beast's mouth, exploding on contact. It was blown back by the small impact, and began to bleed from the mouth. It looked like a dragon rising from a kill.
Izumi pelted the other, smaller thing with arrows until it looked like...a Shintoist (hahahahahahahahahaa!!! XD). Arrows stuck out every which way from it's body. However, whenever it dove down and resurfaced, it was full of energy and the will to fight...

Without warning I leapt underwater, giving this no thought what-so-ever. There was, indeed, some sort of energy source for the beasts. A glowing blue crystal...the water crystal.
I hurriedly snatched it up and the larger of the two closed in on me. I threw it with all my might to the surface, where it began to sink back down. I hurriedly grabbed it and burst to the surface.
"Kurayami!!" I shouted, throwing the crystal to her. She caught it, and with an amazing swirl of color, it blew up. She looked more powerful. Her armor was inlaiden with blue gems, and for a short while, a blue aura surrounded her. A blue aura also surrounded her blade. She nodded her thanks with a devilish smile, and in a split second, shouted out,
"Whirl poooolllll!!!"
A huge swirling abyss of water suddenly came forth and threw the smaller beast against a wall. It became impailed on a large, glimmering, steel spike, and shortly afterward it's life was claimed.
weehoo! :P

4th March 2003, 03:52 PM
Yeah..Zeratul Gotta post...


I waited the minute to not give CPR....but a Healing Bathe, healing him completely and removing the Water from his lungs..

"Stay in the Bubble. You will stay safe..you still need to rest. My healing bathe only removed the Water form your lungs and returned your breathe."I said..

"Ok...."Puck said, resting in the Bubble while I got out..

"Fiiiirrre bombs!!!"Hiro said..
"Holy arrow!"I said, aiming for the Littler one...

It looked..Like something with a Bunch of holes in it, but once it got in the water..and game out.It was healed..

Shadow dove into the water..and out came something that glew a brilliant blue..

"Kurayami!"Shadow said, throwing the crystal at her. She caught it , and it blew up in her face, and with it, and Amazing Swirl of Color..and her Armour now had Blue Gems, and her and her sword Glew Blue too..

She nodded a Thanks to Shadow, and with it..

"Whirl poooolllll!!!"

With that..the Monsterous Beast was gone..(Is it?)..

I flew over to Puck, who made a Full recovery.....


4th March 2003, 06:39 PM
O-o';; I will not give ANYONE CPR's unless A: They're REALLY cute! *giggles* and B: If it's my boyfriend. XD! *huggles*

XD Sequels!! Just save me a spot...Kurayami could have like...a daughter...or...something...
*sits silently for a bit*
><';; Grrr, now I'm curious who would be the father...XD!

I caught the glowing crystal.

Oooh! It's all shiny and--

BOOM! It blew up in my face!

Coughing from the smoke, I looked down and...Woah!! I had shiny new armor, covered in watery blue gems! I looked at my sword, which now had a jewel encrusted hilt.

I smiled evilly, giving a nod of thanks to Shadow.

Now I know what Seylan was talking about... I thought. I suddenly knew a spell I could do...

"Whirl pool!!" I shouted, aiming my sword at the monster. A huge whirpool shot out of nowhere, swallowing up the beast and slamming it against a sharp, steel spike. It died soon after.

"Ha-HA!" I called out, almost dancing about in joy. "Take that, Sylthin!"

Izumi flew over to Puck, whom had been slowly recovering in one of her Light Bubbles. I ran over, really happy. ((OOC: She's going to be very hyper again, as she's really, really happy. XD!))

"Puck? Are you alright?" I asked, and he nodded.

"Thanks," He told Izumi gratefully.
Maichi and Maiku are like...dead...has anyone acted them out lately? XD!

Tyler and Hobbes
4th March 2003, 07:10 PM
Ohhhhhhh!!!I wish you did CPR on me Izumi XD!!!!!

I was staning in th firs room with Maichi.By the sounds of it there

was a battle.When all the sounds died I peaked in.There was some sort of giant snake thing with arrows in it.Then I saw the

boy.He was looked awesome,I couldn't help but

stare."Hello?Hello?"Maichi said.She looked alot like him."What's his name?"I asked."That's my brother,Maiku.""Ohh..."It then

struck me that Puck looked weak.As I ran to the bubble I also ran

into Izumi,"Sorry,I am so sorry!Let me help you up."

4th March 2003, 08:50 PM
OoC: Hiro doesn't have daggers He has 2 short swords :D I cant post now I have to go practice my saxophone I will post in the morning !

4th March 2003, 09:23 PM
:-\ You're right, I haven't been posting. You want to know why?

It's because this RPG is getting to be a pain.

Now, I'm not saying any one person is to blame. But I have noticed a constant downward spiral of plot. At first it was good, with realizing that Shadow (with his Dark element) would transform when he got mad enough. But then everyone started getting "special forms" which, to me, was completely not the point.

I'm not saying this was a bad RPG idea…if it was, I wouldn't have signed up for it in the first place. It's just that we're missing the whole plot with everyone having a "special form"…

Sure, I wanted to have my characters have a "special form" too, but that was before I saw just what it did to the RPG; with almost everyone having a "special form", it suddenly wasn't so "special" anymore…

Sorry if anyone doesn't like what I'm saying, but I really don't like where this RPG has gone from the original plot. If you want to keep Maiku/Maichi in, fine. But first of all, SPELL THEIR NAMES RIGHT!

That's the other reason I don't like this RPG anymore; it's too confusing. Everyone wants to take the plot a whole different way with each post, and most of the time it really doesn't work. A lot of the time there were inconsistencies between posts because people just skimmed over everyone else's posts. And it doesn't help when people spell character names wrong.

Again, sorry if people don't like this, but I'm not staying in. As was mentioned in the RPG Discussion topic, this is a Role Playing GAME forum…and I'm not having fun.


4th March 2003, 09:31 PM
OoC: I'm sorry for causing any problems...

5th March 2003, 07:54 AM
Dammit man...you wanna mess it up for all of us, fine...you want to help screw up the RPG, fine...all I asked was for the ocassional post, yet you still have to go and f*ck it up for the rest of us...thanks, Zeratul. Thanks very, very much. Though I will admit that the everyone has a special form idea is kinda...well...gay, that doesn't mean you should go and ruin it for the rest of us.
If this is what you want, well, I guess I'll have to carry out that wish. *does the insane evil grin* -.-


The smaller of the two scerpents dead, our group began to close in upon the larger of the two monsters. It was bleeding badly, yet still had enough energy to put up a fight. As it sank down , into the depths of the water, I noticed the shadow of the monster lurking directly under Maiku.
"Dammit! Look out!!" I cried.
With a tremendous explosion of water and blood, the beast came down upon Maiku, and with a single bite, it's teeth pierced his flesh and gave him an expression on his face saying,
I wish I were dead about now...
The beast opened wide and swallow Maiku. This was far beyond Izumi's healing powers...
Maiku was dead.

*In his black reaper cloak*
The other one's time shall come later today. I shall find two replacement characters as LSUs...well...maybe.

5th March 2003, 08:00 AM
*looks back to previous posts*
Erm...I believe that we may have to speed things up a bit...I mean, two out of ten *wait, crosses out void* erm, two out of nine dungeons and we're already up to some 200 posts. I want to get in a sequel some time later in the year, so we may have to decide on how to, well, get things rolling quicker.
As for me, I'm in a complete loss.

5th March 2003, 11:22 AM
hmm yah I would kinda like to get to the Fire temple. hmmm why don't some of people who have not yet been to a temple yet Journey off on there own and go to there temples. Maybe some immedeint threat makes there Journey need to become swifter. I dunno.

5th March 2003, 03:19 PM
Hmmm...splitting up...not a bad idea...not a bad idea at all...
It would make the rpg go faster, and then there would definately be enough time to end the rpg and make a sequel


"Dammit!!" I cried as I raced toward the beast. Maiku's blood was smeared all over it's mouth, and Maichi was sitting in the corner of the arena, crying.
"Aghh...eat this b*tch!!" I cried out, leaping forward. I skevered the skull of the monster with my sword, the blade jutting out of his chin. Hiro and Kurayami took advantage of the pause by doing the same. Within moments the beast's havy head hit the scaffold. It was apparent that it was dead. A blue portal was now visible in the center of the series of walkways and islands. We all slowly stepped into it, giving Maiku's death great thought. We came out on a mountain. It was apparent that it was death mountain, from the ring of smoke around the tip. As we slowly traveled, daring not to speak, Maichi suddenly made a move. We were at a cliff, and she slowly stepped toward it.
"I-I'm sorry...but...I can't go on..."
Those were all she said as she leapt off, to her death.

5th March 2003, 03:53 PM


"Maiku.."I whispered to myself as we went trough a portal..

When we went through the portal..I saw something familar..

"Death Mountian.."I said.....
I remember....I was going here for something....before..

Those stupid Giant's..

'Can't change the past, only look for the future..'I thought to myself..

"I....I can't....Go on.."Maichi said..

With that said..she Jumped down...to her death...

5th March 2003, 04:37 PM
Dammit man...you wanna mess it up for all of us, fine...you want to help screw up the RPG, fine...all I asked was for the ocassional post, yet you still have to go and f*ck it up for the rest of us...thanks, Zeratul. Thanks very, very much. Though I will admit that the everyone has a special form idea is kinda...well...gay, that doesn't mean you should go and ruin it for the rest of us.

You're giving me the impression that you think I wanted to kill the RPG. That was not what I had in mind.

Believe me, I WANTED to post. And I would've, too, but I could never find my way through the tangles of all the other posts. All the posts in between mine were a mess to sort out, and I never could find anything to post about.

And on the topic of the transformations, you were the one that started accepting them. And now you don't like the idea. It would have been fine by me if 3 people had them, Shadow, Puck, and Seylan, since you had already said stuff about the Dark characters being "special" (and you properly explained why inside the RPG). But then you allowed them to anyone, so everyone started taking a "special form", and soon they weren't so "special" anymore.

I shall find two replacement characters as LSUs...well...maybe.

Feh…good luck getting people to join an RPG this late in the game…

*looks back to previous posts*
Erm...I believe that we may have to speed things up a bit...I mean, two out of ten *wait, crosses out void* erm, two out of nine dungeons and we're already up to some 200 posts.

Uh-huh…the other reason I left. The plot was getting nowhere. RPGs that don't move get boring quickly. Some people posted only up to where other people stopped…they didn't go further even when there was plenty of opportunity to…

And another thing: you never got 10 types of elements. You offered 8, 1 was added, and 2 weren't taken. Which means that without Void, you're down to 6 Temples…please learn to do some arithmetic…

5th March 2003, 05:17 PM
Didn't you leave? *packs up party goods* Damn...all that stuff gone to waste.

Terribly, terribly sorry...but your oppinion does not matter any more, for you see, you're out of the rpg...nothing, nada, nilch, etcetera. I don't care what you think, or why you left, and it doesn't even matter. We'll get by fine. :)

No, I did not like the idea, but what the hell was I supposed to do? Go back and have everyone edit their posts every damn time? And on top of that, I have a loooong line of people interested in joining the rpg as LSUs...a looooong line. And I'm very sorry about my lack of arithmatic ability, but I pay little attention to things like that. Now then, tut tut. Please move along, away from the rpg...

5th March 2003, 06:11 PM

Two deaths in one day. Almost three. I hoped I wasn't next. "Shadow, that Dodongo you bought...may I see it?" I asked. I would see it, hopefully, and then decide whether or not Shadow was Asher. I did come to find my past, anyway. I looked at the others.

5th March 2003, 06:47 PM
Hm...I am pleased to announce that this is the most popular RPG as of this moment! :D Eat that damn Zeratul!

6th March 2003, 10:14 AM

I couldn't help but wonder why Maichi would kill herself. Losses are losses, and after all, we all have to get over them, and not just run away from our problems. There would be no point in visiting the Void temple now. There were five left, and in the distance, I could already see the fire temple. It was a rather small, monument type building. Two gigantic Goron statues stood on either side of it.
"Come on...Let's move." I commanded, motioning to our slow and lagging group. Nobody said a word, but their pace did increase. We didn't stop at the Goron Village along the way, as they seemed angry, hostile, and infriendly toward humans...

"Here we are." I sighed. This was the quickest we'd made it to a temple yet, and if we were lucky, we'd tackle two in one day, as we has just conquered the water temple. Our group slowly paced inward. There were dark stairs leading down. As our grouo reached the end of the narrow passage, we were amazed at what we saw.

Lava caverns were everywhere, and the center of this giant room was covered in molten rock, with a huge dodongo skeleton in the middle. Smaller, less developed, and living dodongo circled it.
"Kisa, you asked about my dodongo earlier right?" I asked. The huge dodongo chamber had lead me to remember.
"Yeah...can I see it?" She asked.
"Summon!" I shouted, holding out the crimson red gem. Gigyas appeared on the spot, looking prideful. She examined his collar closely, and then his saddle.
"Asher..." She mumbled. The dodongos now had their eyes set on us.
"Gigyas and I will fend them off. There appears to be a door at the end of this room. You guys just concentrate on getting there!" I shouted. They nodded, a bit worried. More about the lava then the dodongos I suspected. I hopped on Gigyas.

6th March 2003, 11:26 AM

We walked into the fire temple and i felt sort of a boost in my strenght. I don't know if it was becasue I had just entered the fire temple, or because I had just left the water temple or both. As we walked in the first door we came to we went in and saw a bunch of dodongo in the room. Shadow offered to fend them off by himself but, I declined. I wasn't about to leave a friend to fend himself off from about 20 dodongo, even though giygias was impressive I don't think he can handle 20 of them. I withdrew my swords and stood ready.
"Sorry Shadow, but, Im not letting you have all the fun. SUMMON" I yelled Izzy came out and stood by my side. "ready Izzy?" I asked. He nooded with Satifsfactory. Then we both ran forward targeting a bigger dodongo a bit away from the others.
Izzy lept forward onto his back and dug her jaws into this neck. At this point I ran forward and jumped and came down hard upon his head. The beast was still able to fight and he turned to me and smacked me with his trillion pound tail. I flew back and landed on my back. "Damn beast," I said "Ill get you for that!" I charged forward again. The dodongo began to swing his tail at me. I jumped over it and landed on his back. Then I thrust my swords into his back. He hesitated then he fell. I looked over at the others and they were starting on there own dodongos. I glanced at Izzy and he seemed to have a sorta red glow to him. At first I thouhgt he was hurt but, when he ran over and began fighting another one I decied that he wasn't
"Did Izzy have the element fire like me???" I asked myself. I didn't have time to decied I ran forward following Izzy and began hacking away at more of them with the others.

6th March 2003, 04:56 PM
Yay!Most Popular!Congrat's to Lugia, which created this RPG in the first place..



We passed right through Goron Village, as they didn't look friendly as what I remembered....

"Wait!"I said, before I enetered.."I was supposed to stop here to give some medicine to a Goron here, before those Giant's appered...I got to give them the medicine.."

"Fine."Shadow said..We were all depressed at the 2 deaths..Maichi and Maiku...

I walked into the village, and they all lookd angry..I saw the house I was supposed to give the Medicine to..

I also noticed I put the Medicine in a Summoning Gem...

"Mom!Izumi is here with the Medicine for dada!"
"Great...He's almost out of our hands. So sorry if the Goron's seem rude, something is irratating them..

I gave the Medicine, that was a Thick powder, to the Sick Goron...

"You shall be better."I said,"I must go to help my friends. I shall stop by If I can later.."

I left the village, thanking my mission was done, well, the first, not the second..

I entered the Fire Temple myself, and saw Shadow and his Dodongo distracting a lot of Dodongos..along with Hiro...It was very..Lava-ie in the temple..

"Go to the other side!"Shadow said..

I flew way over head of the dodongo's, and over to the door..

That's what she was planing to do before this whole thing started.

6th March 2003, 05:14 PM
Hm...I'll post a bit later. We're being closely followed by Lapras Valley High! We must beat them! If we finish the rpg, I'll start working on a sequel immediately. ^_^

I'm really amazed at how well this RPG has done, despite the fact that there aren't many members. You're all really devoted RP'ers, and I'm glad to have you all as part of my RPG.

...You'll all be here for the sequel, right? ^_^;

6th March 2003, 07:54 PM
OF COURSE! A sequel would be cool? Are we going to be able to use the same chars as now?? Or will time have pased by. Also Can We reserve our elements for the sequel?

6th March 2003, 08:15 PM
there is no definate sequel yet. It's only if we finish the current RPG. And in response to your other questions, it's too early to tell. I would think that there would be some new heroes, and some old, and of course, a brand new villain (not Gannondorf). There would have to be a somewhat different plot, and there would be a whole new batch of elements.

I'll keep you guys posted on the details of the sequel.

...would radiation be a good new element? :D

6th March 2003, 09:28 PM
OoC: Sorry for not posting... I was unofficially "grounded" for a while. Oh, and... *steals lugia's party goods* Muhahah... Now, there's something I REALLY need to do before getting into the Temple...


"Wait for me," I said to the others, dashing off through the village/ I came to the edge of the level, and without hesitation jumped from the ledge down to the goround below. Panting, I entered the Goron Shop.

"Goro?" I Goron who had been sleeping on the counter looked up from a large puddle of drool. "What would you like-goro?"

I looked at the various items on display, until my eyes rested on a bright crimson tunic I recognized as the Goron Tunic. I pointed it out. "I'd like one of those," I infromed the shop keeper. He took it off the shelf. After paying most of the rest of my ruppees for the tunic, I went outside, slipping it on as I did so.

After running up the stairs, I met up with the others, and followed them to the Fire Temple.

OoC: Blah, short post, but I HAD too :)

Tyler and Hobbes
6th March 2003, 10:16 PM
Maybe the sequal will be about our kids XD

I walked through the door,"You scared?"I asked Kisa."No-no,well,

maybe just a little."Lava,Oh great!!It brpught back memories of a girl and three boys pretending they were battleing over a pool

of lava."I'm Princess Zelda!"the girl said balancing on a piece of

wood."Well I'm Link!""Oh Asher."the girl said."I am the Big Goron."a boy that looked like Seylan stated."Can I be

Magora?""O.K Enosh."Who were those people?I decided it didn't matter.Hiro and Shadow came bursting through the door."Is the

room getting smaller?"asked Blade.It was not only that,but I think the skeletons were coming to life!

6th March 2003, 11:42 PM
Of course I will!


Asher, yes I was right! "Shadow..." I said, but he was busy. I sighed.


"Are you sure she's still alive? That wind was pretty strong, and she has a nasty bump on her head." a male's voice said. I groaned, to show I was alive.

"She's alive." another voice confirmed. My head hurt. "C'mon, let's get her home..."

End Flashback--

Weird. Before I met this group, I had absolutely no memory of my past. Now every 5 minutes it seemed, I was getting flashbacks.

7th March 2003, 07:01 AM
Can we make it so that the big skeleton thing acts as the boss on the way out? :D It'd be like king dodongo, only in skeleton form. ^.^


Hiro jumped onto Gigyas's back as well, and we rocketed off, or blades drawn.
"To the left!!!" I shouted at Gigyas. He sharply turned as I used my blade to hack a big gash in a dodongo's hide. I noticed the skeleton in the middle of the room begin to shake...it was strange, but I needed to stay focused. Hiro threw a short sword at another dodongo, skewering it and causing it to cough blood everywhere. Gigyas came to a halt as he reached for his sword.
"Keep moving!" I shouted as Gigywas began to race around once more. There were just about four dodongos left...the others seemed to be holding some of them back with magic.
I swung my sword in an arc, cutting deep into the skin of a dodongo. Hiro finished it with a quick stab to the head.
"Seylan!! Freeze the ground in here over!" I shouted to him. He cast a spell that literally coated the floor in ice.
"Now Gigyas, ram them into the lava pit!"

Gigyas charged forward, knocking the next three into the pit. We could hear their desperate cries as well as their singed bodies burning.
"Un summon!" I shouted. Gigyas returned to his gem. We moved forward, through the mouth of the giant dodongo skeleton.
Someone else can make up what's in this room.

7th March 2003, 08:14 AM

"This is creepy," I remarked, walking through the maw of the giant dodongo skeleton. Puck nodded, gazing nervously at the fangs at the edge.

In the next room, there was... Nothing. Just a big lava pit in the middle of the room, with something gold-brown sticking out of it.

OoC: There're red bubbles in the lava. Ooh... *pokes, goes up in flames*

7th March 2003, 03:16 PM
I drew this really cool picture of Shadow on Gigyas today in Language Arts, and we might get a scanner tomorrow! So I can show you all what he looks like. Weehoo!


Seylan slowly walked up to the object jutting out of the lava. With a wave of his hand, the lava actually froze, which was really quite amazing to see. He pulled the object from the pit.
"A key..." He murmered. We proceeded to the next room, which had no lock on it. The key had to have been used somewhere else.
In this room, several swinging scythes slashed across a narrow walkway, on either side of it was alot of lava. I gulped, but before walking across the scaffold, I came up with a plan.
I leapt toward one of the ropes, a scythe on the end of it, and places my feet on the scythe and swung from the rope to the next, and continued to do this until I was across, where a gigantic golden door lay. Seylan simply froze the lava using a spell called SubZero...
"Damn.." I mumbled as everyone crossed with ease.
I fitted the key into the slot, and walked into the room. No boss...just the crystal of flame. Hiro touched it and as it exploded, it turned his short swords longer, and they turned crimson red. Armor coated his torso. Satisfied with our progress, we began to walk out of the room.
It was then that we heard a thumping so loud it sounded as if the ceiling would fall.
We returned to the room that the key was in. There, stood a skeleton...that of a king dodongo. It was the one from earlier, only now, it was...living.
Well, sorta.
Where did Smeargal go?

7th March 2003, 03:36 PM
I dunno. If I see her, I'll contact her...

As Hiro touched the Crystal of Flame, it exploded. He was now covered in Armor, and his Short Sword's were now longer, and were of the Brilliant Red..

Hiro in smile, we walked out of that room, and back to the one that the key was found..

And there stood a Tall, skeleton..

A King Dodongo.A living(well..sorta), Skeleton of a King Dodongo..

"Great"I said to myself.

7th March 2003, 08:18 PM

Oh no. There was a huge skeleton right in front of me. I slowly, frightened, looked up. "AAAA!" I screamed. Or squeaked, I don't know. It sure seemed loud to me, though. I pulled up my Three Elfstones, their grey color calming down, the smooth texture making me braver.

7th March 2003, 10:50 PM
OoC: Skills, baby! *freezes some more lava*


"<And just when my day couldn't get any better...>" I frowned, looking up at the giant skeleton. I raised my hand and performed a simple freezing spell. The skeleton's head froze solid. Not for long, though. Within a few seconds, the ice shattered. Grumbling, I tried freezing the ground beneath it. The ice melted from the heat radiated by the beast.

"Ok, I give up," I said quietly, stepping back.

8th March 2003, 07:41 AM

"Hiro, let's go for an X strike!" I shouted. We both raced forward and slashed at axactly the same point, deeply slashing the monster's leg. I stopped and turned around, and continued to make several cuts in the monsters body. It wasn't working well...
Suddenly, I had an idea. If we could lure the monster over to the lava pit, and Seylan could freeze it's head, it might weigh it down, and burn off it's skull.
"Everyone, back away, toward the lava. I have a plan!" I commanded. They did so. The monster lumbered toward us, breathing heavily.
"Allright, quickly jump out of it's way! Seylan, freeze it's head!!"
Seylan let out a blast of ice magic that encased its head in ice just long enough to have it dip its head in the lava. When it came out, the monster's skull was black and singed, but not gone. I hacked at it with my sword, and a section crumbled.
"Ha! It's over!"
With one final swing, I shattered the skull of the monster. A blue portal appeared in the center of the room. We all clambered into it, and were taken to our next destination.

We were at the foot of a gigantic mountain. It was cloudy everwhere, but a beam of light shone down upon a small building atop the area.
"The light temple..." I stated.
It just occured to me that we only have the darkness temple...I think. Cause whats the point of going to all the other places if no one will benefit from it? :P
After that it's the showdown with Gannondorf!

8th March 2003, 10:18 AM
After the Fire Temple, we Left into the BLue Portal...which would Leave to..

A Mountian with clouds around the top, but from a small building on the side..

A Shining Light beamed down..The Light Temple..

"Wow.."I said.....
I looked down...Not trying to look at it...

The group seemed just to stare at it before We Hiked the mountian...

Me wonder what the boss shall be.

8th March 2003, 02:05 PM
*sneaks in dragging Kurayami*

XP I know, I know. I did try to post sooner. Like...on Thursday, I tried, but my mom came in and said how impolite it was to my guests that I was on the computer. *sighing*

But good news! My friend said that he would join the sequel to this RPG once we make it! *dances* I get to bother my frieeeend...XD! And also, to avoid future...er...problems...put in the sign up an option for transformations.

I stared in wonder at the gigantic mountain. The light literally parted the clouds and bathed the mountain in sunlight.

"How are we going to get up there?" I wondered aloud.

But nobody was listening; they had started to hike up the side of the mountain.

Walking slowly behind the group, I thought to myself Isn't this a tad too easy? We go through these temples...in less than a day...There's no challenge...

Suddenly, as if to contradict my thoughts, I tripped and fell on my butt.

Blushing slightly from the group's laughter, I stood up, now thinking What if there's something out there that controls our lives and makes us do stupid things like that...
XD I wanted to say that...I forgot how to word it...but that's the point.

8th March 2003, 02:56 PM
Woohoo...I'm adding in at least five new elements for the sequel (pending) and definately a transformations area in the sign up. :P Also, what would be some cool elements I dun have currently? All I have now is radiation...-_-"


It was starting to get dark all around us, yet the beam of light near the temple continued to shine. It was a strange sight. I suspected that now it would be about nine at night.
"Let's set up camp. We'll continue tomorrow." I stated. The group nodded. We had no forms of shelter in this desolate place, so we were forced to sleep on the ground.
"Shadow, I have something to tell you." Kisa suddenly said. I believed everyone to be asleep but us.
"What?" I asked.
"Well, I specifically remember a boy named Asher from a long time ago. He had a dodongo named Gigyas, and looked just like you. He was infused with the dark element, and was always made fun of...could Asher be...you?"

This brought about another memory.

Flashback time--!

"Stop it! Just leave me alone!!" A little boy cried. Tears were nearly comming out of his eyes. He was being picked on by a larger boy, who was calling him names like corrupted, black mage, gannon servant, etcetera.
"I didn't do anything to you! Just stop!" He cried out. He was now crying. Suddenly, a girl entered the scene.
"Leave him alone! He did nothing to you!!" She screamed. With that, she gave him a sharp punch to the stomach. They were friends ever since

Ahh...violence is always the answer. :)

8th March 2003, 04:54 PM
OoC: Yep :yes:


As I helped set up camp, I kept looking up at the light shining from the mountain.

"That thing is going to keep me up all night - I know it is!" I grumbled.

I heard talking somewhere behind me. I turned and saw Kisa and Shadow talking. Well, Kisa was talking, anyway. Shadow was staring off into space. He seemed to be remembering something.

I sighed, staring back up at the light. It was kind of like a lighthouse.

OoC: For elements? How 'bout Spectral? It can create shields and fog and stuff... That's one I got in Return of Heroes...

Tyler and Hobbes
8th March 2003, 05:16 PM
I'll give you all of the elements from my RPG that you don't have.Poison,Metal,Spirit,Lightning,neutrability,gr ass,earth,rock,sky and that's all I can think of

We hiked up the mountain.The light temple gleamed in all it's

beauty.Suddenly,Kuraiamy slipped.I laughed,but I was thinking about the first person I met on this journey,Izumi.

She was so beautiful.I thought about how she slapped me,how she healed me many times and saved my life.That all seamed so far away though.I saw that the group was leaving without me.

I quickly rushed to catch up with them.When I finally caught up I helped set up camp.I didn't sleep with the group,I went off to thin.These were so many new things.

8th March 2003, 06:26 PM
Puck stared at me before we hiked some of the mountian..

"Hmm"I thought....

Anyway, we walked a tad before nightime...The we set up camp..

"I'll get firewood.."I said..I flew around for some, breaking some of the Dry Pine and Maple to burn. Some Pupular too..

I flew back, with the Bundle of wood...


8th March 2003, 07:05 PM
Here it is! Huahahahahaha! I did it! I actually did it! I got the picture up! Anyway, here's Shadow on Gigyas. It looked better when it wasnt resized though...:-\


8th March 2003, 09:05 PM
OoC: You drew that... In language arts? Yikes, if MY teacher caught me drawing in class, I'd probably be dead.

8th March 2003, 09:28 PM
Hehe...my teacher is the kinda person who just mumbles crap into the whiteboard all period. :D
So I take advantage by sketching! :D

8th March 2003, 09:37 PM
OoC: My social sutdies/science teacher (I have 'im twice a day) does that, so I draw a lot too, especially in science. It's not like teachers ever even check to see if you took notes at all, right? :P


Izumi finally flew back with teh firewood.

"Finally..." I muttered, sitting up. I had been laying back, watching the stars.

Hiro quickly got a fire started, and in the firelight I noticed Puck was missing. I figured he must've just gone rock climbing, so I didn't say anything.

I reached into my pocket and pulled out my Summon Stones. Fingerng the one that held Hon, I held it in front of me. "SUMMON!" the baby Lizalfos appeared before me. I had figured he could use some excersize.

OoC: Blah.

9th March 2003, 07:11 PM
Whoa...it's dying. People, post!!!
Just two more temples and a fight with Gannondorf! Pleeease!

9th March 2003, 09:30 PM
"Ahh"I yawned..I was getting sleepy...

"Summon"I said. I took Aries and Hikari out, feeding both of them with feed I had found...

"Aries..come on"I said. Aries pushed me to the ground, licking my face...

"Bahh"Aries said..

With that, I made a Bed, and Let Hikari and Aries sleep near me...

"Ahhh!"I said, streching my wings, and Myself......

The sun was bright, and it wasn't that cloudy...


10th March 2003, 11:24 AM

While I was in the Fire temple I had gotten unreal power. I felt at least 2x my original power. My Short Swords had become longer and My armor was fire enchanted. On the way out we ran into the undead dodogo king. We managed to take him down quite easily actully and, as of now we were setting up camp.

IT was quite dark out and i was lying down under a tree. I couldn't sleep. I looked down at my gems and saw Izzys it had a redish glow to it. I Took it out and whispered summon. I was expecting to see Izzy as her usual self but, that isn't what I saw. Izzy was standing up in a proud postion and her fer coat had greatly changed. It stead of the usual red, it has Black and it had designs of Fire all over him. I didn't know if it was becasue I had gotten the fire crystal or because maybe he Just, grew up. I sat there for about 10 minutes trying to figure out what the hell had happened. Then Izzy withdrew his playful postion and began to run around wagging his tail. "What the heck happened to you?" I said.

Gotta go to school. but before I go I have 1 question why do we ahve to rush the RPG?? Why can't we take our time?? Lets not rush and make it boring.

10th March 2003, 04:17 PM
Well, you see, I wanted to kinda rush it because it seems people are losing interest in the rpg, and I can't really make a sequel if this one doesn't end, and I was kinda looking forward to it. However, I suppose you're right, and that we should take a more laid back approach.

In other news, I have a sequel update. I've been working on it. ^_^
I'm going to need two people to help me work on the rpg. Email me at rob96769@optonline.com if you think you're up to it. However, I only want someone who will truly be devoted to helping out with the rpg and providing ideas and helping me with the story.
Also, the heroes from Veagence I will be returning, unless you wish to make a new character. I redid Shadow, as the story takes place three years later.
dats da linky...


At dawn, everyone was already awake, rejuvinated and filled with energy from our rest. We pressed on ahead, to the light temple, not knowing what to expect.

The road ran on ahead in front of us. I motioned everyone to round a bend near the top of the mountain. Finally, we reached the temple of light. We slowly stepped inside, to what looked like an expansive hall of mirrors.
"How are we ever going to get through this?!" Moaned Hiro.
"I don't know..." Replied Kisa, looking a bit drowsy.
"You guys are dumb...this is too easy." Said Seylan. He smashed a mirror with his soulcutter.
"Nice idea!" I stated, shattering another pane. We did this for some time until finally we had broken anough glass to see where we wanted to go. A door stood at the far end of the room.
Some one can say whats in the door. O.o;;

Tyler and Hobbes
10th March 2003, 06:28 PM
I'll help.

10th March 2003, 06:30 PM
Allright. I still need another person to help me.

10th March 2003, 08:22 PM

"Ahhh.."I said, when we finally reached the Temple of Light..

The Room was covered in normal Mirrors. Not the one's ata Carnival, I might add...

"How are we suposed to get around?"Hiro asked.
"I dunno"Kisa said, all drowzy and Half Asleep.
"You guy's are dumb, this is too easy."Seylan added, and with it, took his Soulcutter and Slahed it into a Couple of Mirror's, breaking them.

"I'll help too!"I said, Punching the Mirror's with my hands, trying not to get cut.

After a Little bit, all was gone, and Glass swept the floor..

"There, the Door"I said, Pointing to a Whiyte door with a Sun Symbol on it..



10th March 2003, 10:13 PM
O_o';; Wait...Count Kurayami in. She is soooo coming back...

Either that, or as I said before, a daughter, or something. How far in the future does the sequel take place?

We shattered some of the glass mirrors, spotting a white door with a sun painted on it.

"There, the door!" Izumi exclaimed, pointing.

"Let's go!" Puck cried, and we hurried forward.

Opening the door, we walked down an amazing hallway. It seemed...dark, but it was glowing with an unearthly light...It was quite odd.

Entering the next room, we looked around. "Oi, look out!" I called. A huge skull with green flames swooped down on Seylan. Seylan quickly blocked it, the flames extinguished, and slashed it with Soulcutter. It vanished.

"Yeah! That was too easy!" Seylan laughed.

Suddenly, the ground shook a bit. We all grabbed our weapons, looking around wildly for the source.

"RAAKK!" Something screamed, falling from the sky.

It was huge...it was armored...and damn was it ugly...
XD I'm thinking...mutated Lizalfo...XD!

11th March 2003, 04:05 PM
The sequel will take place three years after Veangence I. It's going to feature a completely new villain as well as the old heros (unless you want a new one...).


We stepped into the room ahead. It was apparently empty...

Suddenly, the earth rumbled a bit.
"VRRRAAAKKK!" Shouted something from above. I braced myself.

Down from the rafters came a huge, lizard-like being. It was cloaked in red armor, as well as a red headpeice, and carried a massive spiked club in it's left hand. The right hand held a gigantic axe.
"VVVVRRRRRAAAAAKKKK!" It roared again. (Note that this is not a boss, it is a mini-boss.)
"Well, do we charge, or run the hell away?!" I asked, fearful of what this thing could do with a single blow.

11th March 2003, 04:32 PM
I'll sing up for this Sequel ANY day!^^


"Let's fight Shadow.You afraid?"I said. I think I was overcofident, but..

Hey..What's wrong with that..

I proped a Arrow up. I felt stronger alreay in the Presence of the Light itself...

"Holy Arrow!"I said, pointing my Arrow toward's his eye..

"GUUULLLPP!"It said, swallowing(Lol) the arrow, and diminishing the attack..

"That's not good."