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Anjana's Halo
23rd July 2004, 10:29 AM
A Magi's Home
On an alternate Earth in a medieval present day, there was once a culture of people known as the Magoni. The Magoni had built a fantastic civilization, but their greatest accomplishment was the unlocking of a magical power within their genetic pattern which, once released, passed on to their children.
However, like most civilizations, the Magoni mysteriously disappeared into the dust of time, their knowledge and advancements forgotten except for the fireside stories that tell more fantasies than truths. However, the children of this ancient race live on, scattered into the bloodline of many clans found in the wide plains and hills of Lacist. Most of the descendents of the mythic Magoni do not know of their heritage, or even know the Magoni had existed. They look and act no different than others of their clan. However, there does lay a grave difference. In a small percentage of this small percentage of Magoni descendents, a great magical power awakens, the force of which can be used to alter anything in these young descendents, or Magi’s, lives. They are very few in number, but that also makes them very valuable, especially to distant countries that do not have the peace that Lacist enjoys.

In the middle of the night, and in broad daylight; from the street and from their homes, young Magi are being stolen away by foreigners. Magi like you, ones just growing into their powers. Told only that you now serve a king and country you have never heard of, you are drugged and carried away from all you know. Your captors are a bit more foolish than others, or perhaps just a bit more careless or unlucky, for you are able to escape with the other Magi the kidnappers stole. But maybe you just jumped from one fire to the next, for now you are lost in a foreign land where you know nothing of its people or its customs, and no one in this country has ever heard of your home. With only your fellow Magi to rely on, you must find a way home or even decide if you want to return home.

And you must also be wary, for those who kidnapped you will not give you up easily.

Hello everyone! I apologize for the delay. I have Tales of Symphonia and it’s kinda become my new obsession. But I dragged myself away to begin this RPG, which has done a lot better so far than I thought it would.

No more sign-ups for Magi, but I'm open for someone who's non-Magi and a native to the foreign land to meet up with this group and either help or hinder them.

Magi of Lacist
1 )Charity Aspen; Rune Caster (Anjana's Halo)
2 )Leeca Kumi; Nature Class (Typact)
3 )Hiro White; Fire Class (NightBlaze)
4 )Naomi Nebras; Wind Class (Psychic_Suzanne)
5 )Faust; Necromancer (Mystic Clown)
6 )Alexander Steele; Psychologist (Leon-IH)
7 )Mike Rampart; Mind Class (VirtualPlay)
8 )Irrick; Shadow Herder (Kinglerlord2)
9 )Kuchina Yagaro; Sealer (HbCharizard)
10 )Kirsten Roma; Rhyme Master (Amethyst Flygon)

Name: Charity Aspen
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Appearance: Stands at 5’ 6”, she has short, straw colored hair which is tied back with a light blue ribbon. Her skin is fair from staying indoors so much, and her eyes are a deep violet. Dotted across her face is a sprinkle of light freckles. She wears a plain blue dress which goes down to her mid-calf. Her shoes are simple tan slippers. She always has a pouch tied to the waist of her dress, which contains pens, ink, and paper.
Personality: She's a bit of a happy-go-lucky kind of girl, although she's very devoted to meditative exercise. She's not very athletic, but she doesn't mind doing things outdoors, she'd just much prefer to stay in.
Magi Class: Rune Caster- A spell caster who uses runes and symbols to cast spells. Most spells need to be created beforehand, and the runes can be inscribed on any surface, though the quality of the materials directly affects the strength of the spell.
~Paper Slip: Writes a basic rune spell on a piece of paper, which is then activated by calling out the inscribed spell’s name.
~Grounded Sanctuary: Writes runes into the ground, raising a magic shield which can fend off most attacks
~Summoned Servant: Runes written on paper, a leaf, a rock, etc. that changes into a small animal familiar which obey all of Charity’s orders, though they are weak.
~Free Fall: An involuntary spell. If Charity falls, her descent will slow instead of speed up, allowing her to land safely.
History: Charity lived in the merchant town of Opin, a town built where plain met hills. She would often help her mother and father, who owned the local inn, with the guests and the paperwork, because she was so good at writing. She discovered she was a Magi when she fell off the roof of the grainery where she and her friends were playing when she was 13. Instead off falling to her doom and leaving a shattered corpse, she floated downward, as if the wind and earth were gently catching her. With the discovery of her newfound abilities, she sought more places to invest her talent, and found the empowering quality her written words had. Studying from texts that were left by previous Magi, she trained to become a Rune Caster who used normal letters and the more powerful ancient Runes to cast spells. She had memorized quite a few Runes and mastered a few spells when a group of travelers came to the Opin Inn. They offered her a drink they were sharing that they said was a delicacy in their native land. Not fearing anyone who came to her family's inn, she gratefully accepted it, only to fall into a deep slumber a few hours later. When next she woke, she found herself trapped in a caravan with other children like herself, kidnapped by the travelers.
Relationships: Charity is good friends with Mike.
Other: I honestly have nothing to put here so…*slaps Paper Scroll on Other* Zeeky Boogy Doog *BOOM*

Charity Aspen: Rune Caster
Trees snagged on my dress, and unfamiliar animal calls sounded throughout the forest in alarm. Frightened, cold, alone, I ran from the burning wreckage that had been a small wagon caravan. Soon, though, I had to stop and catch my breath. I don’t do this sort of thing, I thought as I panted heavily. I'm just an innkeeper's daughter! How in the world did I end up in this place?

"Charity…Hey Charity, wake up," I heard a voice say. I opened my eyes, still groggy. Someone was shaking my shoulder gently, a boy with dark brown hair and greenish eyes.

"Mike! What are you doing here?" I asked, and then looked around, utterly bewildered when Mike put a finger to his lips and shushed me. "Where are we? Last I remember I was going to my room to take a nap and…"

"I don’t know, but I think we've been kidnapped, or something."

"Kidnapped? But why? Who…" I stopped in mid-sentence. "Those men drugged me."

"And everyone else here. The men who caught me were capturing people for some sort of special program." I didn't ask how he knew that. Mike could always tell what people were thinking, quite literally. He stood up and spoke to someone quietly, and as I looked around I could see there were several others besides Mike and myself. Some were asleep, and others were waking those still in slumber, explaining quietly what was happening. Mike turned back toward me. "I think the most important thing right now," he said, "is to get out of here."

"Agreed." After everyone was awake, a planned was formed and put into action…

~end flashback~

…and resulted in the fiery carnage we were leaving in our wake. My breath caught in my throat when I heard a sound to my side. I quickly stood and pulled out a paper scroll before realizing it was Naomi, one of the kidnapped on the caravan.

"Hey! It’s okay; I’m a friend, remember?" She said as she saw my defensive stance.

"Sorry," I said, putting away the paper.

"Follow me, we’re a meeting in this clearing over here." More running as we hurried through the forest, and we burst into a clearing where the other stood waiting.

"Well, I guess you missed out on the important stuff, like discussing 'Where are we' and 'Why the heck are we here.'" Naomi said smiling.

"And we still have no idea," Mike spoke out. "The only thing we know is that we’re all Magi."

That startled me. All of us were Magi? Was that just coincidence, or was someone taking Magi, like the rumors said. Who would want a bunch of Magi?
Alright, we'll all start sometime after the escape. Feel free to flashback to when you were captured and/or to the escape. *runs off to play more Tales of Symphonia*

Amethyst Flygon
23rd July 2004, 12:45 PM
I'm so sorry about the sign-up being late. I was really busy. The computer is kind of messed up on the internet right now, so I'm at the library to post this. I'll put my sign-up here as soon as my computer is working again.

Anjana's Halo
23rd July 2004, 01:26 PM
I was wondering what was up. Computer problems suck. I'll be awaiting your sign-up, Amy.

23rd July 2004, 05:08 PM
Name: Leeca Kumi
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Appearance: Long dark hair down to her waist, green eyes. She's about 5'8". Wears a red T-shirt with black capri jeans and maroon sandals. Her complexion is deep from being in the sun often.
Personality: She's very quiet, but very smart. She doesn't like being around too many people at once, but once she's opened up to someone, she can say anything that comes to mind.
Magi Class: Nature Class - Uses powers comong from Mother Earth to aid her in life
* Wild Speak - Can communicate with and listen to animal's thoughts
* Wild Touch - Uses her hands to coax plants into aiding her and her allies (Providing more shade, leaves for medicine, roots tripping enemies)
History: Wasn't ever very close to her parents and family. Because she lived in a house way up in the mountains, she never got to meet many people of her age, and thus doesn't have many friends at all. Instead, she spent time in the mountain's forests, exploring the plant and animal life. She first discovered her Wild Speak power when she thought she heard a person calling out for help, but actually found a raven with a broken wing.
Relationships: Caught a glimpse of Hiro when the both of them had wandered into the same woodsy area. They met briefly before having to return home, and haven't seen each other in the longest time. She's been longing to meet up with him again.

Leeca ~ Nature Class

"Ugh.. Why am I so groggy?" I said, waking up suddenly and shaking my head. As I looked around, I noticed there were many others besides myself either waking up slowly or still asleep. I rubbed my eyes. I couldn't remember very much at the moment besides sitting under a tree and seeing someone unfamilliar. Now I was here. I sighed.

"I think the most important thing right now is to get out of here." I heard someone near me say. I tried to stand quickly and work my way over to them, but I stumbled back to the ground, my brain still too sleepy to stay up. Staying sitting, I called out to them.

"We need a plan.. After everyone's on their feet of course." I said, grinning weakly. Some of the others nodded, and one was quickly devised. Our escape would begin soon.


I stood in the clearing with the others after running through the dense forest. Many of the animals were spooked as we crashed though, but I assured them they had nothing to do with it.

"... The only thing we know is that we're all Magi." I heard the guy from earlier speak again. Seriously? All of us in one place? That was just too weird. I looked around briefly, in case anyone I knew had been kidnapped as well. I saw many that looked friendly enough, but no one I recognized. But then I laid my vision on a certain boy with deep chocolate-colored eyes and shiny black hair. I stared, and then walked up to him slowly.

"You can't be... Can you?"

23rd July 2004, 07:19 PM
Name: Irrick
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Appearance: Irrick is 5’10” with a thin frame that is quite deceptive. He is a strong boy with a well developed muscular body which is really only evident when he is undressed. When short, his dark brown hair spikes forward at the front and randomly on top and at the back. However if he’s lazy and it grows out it kinda goes flat and boring. His brown eyes darken and lighten according to his mood. When he’s excited or happy they are a light caramel colour and when he’s particularly angry they’re so dark that they almost seem black. The clothing he favours is loose fitting because it keeps him cool and hides his body’s appearance.

Personality: Generally Irrick is easy to get along with. He’s not egotistical or lacking common sense. He’s a very serious person however it is possible to get the occasional laugh from him.
While he doesn’t dislike company, Irrick operates better on his own or with only one or two others. Teamwork is not his thing, he prefers to trust only his magic and not rely on others or have others rely on his.
When he uses magic his demeanor changes into what his teacher dubbed ‘magic mode’. Irrick takes his magic very seriously and it is seen in the execution of his spells. He wastes no time fooling around and usually wears a severe expression when casting his spells in combat.

Magic Class: Shadow Herder (Light magic specialty)

Guide – Irrick can rest his hand on objects and make them glow to various intensities. It’s a useful spell to find his way around in the dark. So far it only seems to work on carryable metal objects.

Blind – Irrick can cause an incredibly bright flash of light to occur in front of the target’s eyes temporarily blinding them, allowing him to attack or escape.

Scout – By tracing a circle on the ground and applying appropriate magic to it, Irrick can form a small dome which can show the terrain for several miles ahead of him. His skill in this particular spell is still quite low however and he can only see about four miles ahead and the spell works on line of sight. So if there’s a tree half a mile in directly in front of him then it hampers his ability to see further. Masters of this spell can scout not only straight ahead but in a full 360 degree circle with a radius of twenty five miles without line of sight problems.

Shining Blade – A razor sharp sword of light energy can materialize in Irrick’s hands. It will cause severe physical damage and cut’s through most things. Unfortunately Irrick is having a little trouble with this one. Sometimes it takes a while to get the sword to materialize and it is usually a bit unstable; after two or three swings it disintegrates and he has to re-form it. But it’s incredibly effective when he can get it to work…

History: Irrick comes from a secluded village that most people have heard of but aside from the name (Argern) they know little else about. The only other publicly known piece of information is that the skills of the warriors from the village make them popular choices for mercenary work and escorts. The village has had several magi in the past but bloodline connections are oddly uncommon. Irrick’s father is a well respected warrior of the village with no magical abilities and had trained Irrick from a very young age in combat. When Irrick chose to discipline himself as a Shadow Herder the village community was incredibly happy for he was the first to follow the path of a Shadow Herder in almost 70 years. His instructor was the last Shadow Herder, an ailing man who was strict in his instruction but not cruel. Irrick respected him and has grown to see him as a grandfather. The combination of Irrick’s combat skills and magic abilities make him an excellent warrior and he was due to begin earning the village money by hiring himself out as a mercenary when he was abducted.

Relationships: Irrick is not familiar with any of the other captives.

Other: Irrick’s only goal is to return home and continue his training as a Shadow Herder and mercenary. Anyone who stands in his way would want to have a high tolerance for pain.


I was in pain. Not physically, well... aside from a few bruises, but mentally. My pride had been torn apart. I'd been on a training mission to help me to learn more about becoming a mercenary to earn my village money. I'd let my guard down for a moment. One tiny miniscule stupid moment and I'd been captured. I was not very impressed to say the least.

"I think the most important thing right now is to get out of here." Those were the first words I'd heard when I regained consciousness. I tried to sit up but found that my hands were bound behind my back. I was getting really irritated. I looked around and saw several others groggily getting to their feet or trying to wake those that were still out.

My kidnappers had done at least three things wrong:
1. They'd kidnapped me in the first place. Very stupid.
2. They'd underestimated my abilities. Tying me with rope? Please.
3. They'd pissed me off.

"Getting out of here sounds like a fun plan I said. I channeled magic into my hands and a sword of light erupted from my palms, slicing the ropes around my hands. I dispelled the sword again immediately.
"Now... the first thing we need to do is stop this caravan. The more pain that's involved on their part in our method the better." I got to my feet and brushed myself off. "Now, I can blind half a dozen people without raising a finger, anyone else feel like helping?"

Well the results had been quite spectacular. Back there was a huge burning mess of material that once held us captive. Now we all stood in a clearing not knowing anything except that we were magi and someone wanted us for something that required kidnapping and not a polite request.


23rd July 2004, 09:46 PM
Name: Naomi Nebras
Gender: Female
Age: 22 (I'll make her younger if you want me to)
Appearance: Naomi is tall and lanky, rather muscular, with prematurely salt-and-pepper (dark grey) hair. Light skinned with green eyes. She's not really plain but not really pretty, either. She's wearing long khaki jeans and a camoflage T-shirt, and lots of silver bracelets and long dangly necklaces. Her hair is medium length and she wears it in a ponytail.
Personality: Lively and witty, Naomi is generally friendly. She's playful and friendly, and rather smart. However, once she doesn't like a person, she REALLY doesn't like them, and it's hard to get back on her good side. Inquisitive, she likes learning about things and is usually very lighthearted.
Magi Class: Wind class--uses the powers of air
~Solid Wind--creates a transparent shield of air to block most attacks.
~Wind Thrash--a powerful attack that wraps the opponent in a tornado-like tunnel of wind.
~Still Air--stills all the wind in the area, making it easier to hear approaching enemies
~Moving Air--summons a breeze. Kind of pointless, really.
History: Naomi is a preacher's daughter, and her somewhat adventurous attitude didn't sit well with her parents. However, they got along ordinarily and are pretty close. She's always done well in school, had many friends, but had few really close friends.
Other: *burns other at the stake, then deadpans to camera* Don't you think cremation is a little bit dramatic?

Naomi Nebras


"Subtle much?" I snarled, twisting my arms. The three men holding me down (SO not fair) tittered, inasmuch as three goons can titter.

"No," the one behind me said, and knocked me out.

*the present*

I rubbed my bruises gingerly. "Rocky, much?"

"What?" Irrick looked confused.

"Rocky as in Stallone. Let's just calm down, get ourselves together. I mean, not that I don't seriously want to bash some heads in, but some of use are still recovering from that thing back there. I don't have swords. I have wind, which is not exactly as substantial, if you'll recall. And I think I broke my wrist." I held it out for inspection--definitely hanging at a funny angle. "So unless one of you can zap us all healed again, I don't think we're ready for anything on that scale just yet."

23rd July 2004, 10:26 PM
Name: Irrick
Age: 17
Gender: Male

"Look little miss-" I forcibly cut myself off from continuing that sentence. Arguing would not help the situation and would end up with us all caught again. I sighed and looked around, igniting my sword... it wouldn't activate. I tried to contain my irritation and concentrated again. The sword sprang to life... well kinda, it was a bit warped looking. I only needed it very briefly anyway. I cut two tiny sections of wood from the floor, so no-one outside would notice it. The sword fizzled out as I finished the cut.
"Not much of a sword is it?" The girl said.
"Shut up." I snapped, ripping some shreds from my clothes. I dropped to my knees in front of her. "Give me your wrist."
Gently I placed the two pieces of wood on the top and bottom of her wrist and began to tightly wind the fabric around it. She hissed in pain.
As I finished the tying the fabric i inspected my handiwork, it was crude but it would at least stop her from moving it around and doing more damage. There was only one healer back home so I'd had to learn things like this from my father. I stemmed the swell of anger rising inside me as I thought of home.
"Well that'll have to do you for the moment."
I got up and put an ear against the wall pointing in the direction we were going. "We need to know how many we've got to deal with." I looked down at my palms. "And I'm gonna need a proper sword."

24th July 2004, 02:57 AM
Name: Alexander Steele

Gender: Male

Age: 19

Appearance: Alexander stands taller than most at around 6'5", he has a large ammount of muscle bulk and a scar on his face due to a childhood accident, he wears a grey t shirt and green trousers, his face is covered by his thick black hair which sometimes parts to reveal a beard and green eyes.

Personality: Always ready to do whatever it takes to stay alive, drink, smash people over the head with a beer bottle, it's all about the nescessities, he appears to hate playing a "heroes" part but he actually likes it but doesn't understand how to accept it. He never excepts the way things are and won't accept "No" for an answer without something to back it up.

Magi Class: Psychologist (he uses illusions of fear and other things to win battles)

Horror - The target recieves images of the scariest moment they ever were part of, this fear overrides all other emotions and can leave an enemy screaming and running in circles.

Returns - All the fear the enemy ever caused to anyone else, all the bad things they did come to them as though it was them who was the victim, can occasionally backfire a little and cause Alexander tremendous emotional backlash leaving him almost impossible to get a word or even a movement out of for days.

Insanity - Any enemies within a small area lose thier mind, seeing all of the mental demons that have followed Alexander since he was a tiny child wherever he want following them, they run, they try to hide by the visions keep following them.

Devestation - Alexanders most powerful spell, he channels all his hate and sadness and uses it upon his opponent, leaving them physically hurt and psychologically crushed from what they see and what hits them.
(when it happens it looks like a massive series of exploding crucifixes, animals, people and skulls to anyone except the target)

History: Alexander remembers none of his life until he was 11, he knows there was an accident that left him with a giant scar on his face and a servere pain in the left foot whenever it was raining. When he was 13 he discovered his horror ability by accident when he was in a fight with a much bigger boy (he wasn't very tall then) when suddenly he said a few words by accident, he barely even remembered them and the other boy was screaming. After this the other village boys never made fun of his scars or the way he had his hair over his face to hide them, as he grew older he developed his powers on anyone who tried to rip him off (all too common when you can't see properly) and anyone who attacked him.

Relationships: None, he lost all his trust in people with his memory.

Other: *casts Devestation*
__________________________________________________ ___________

"Ughhh, can you keep it down over there.. it's too early to escape, wait til everyone is a bit less groggy eh?" Alexander mutters trying to notice his surroundings.

A few girls, himself and another male who seemed like he had drank too much beer and was spoiling for a fight - not a good way to be, beatings aside.

24th July 2004, 03:01 AM
Name: Kuchina Yagaro
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Appearance: Kuchina has navy-blue eyes and Brown hair. His bangs go down to about the middle of his nose on the left side of his face(Kuchina's left, not the other one.). He wears a Miroku(Inuyasha) type robe, Where he can reach into his robe from a opening a couple inches below his neck, where the bottom of the opening crosses with another part of the robe. In the pocket, he holds his paper seals. The robe breaks off at his waist, and instead he wears white pants, the bottom which go over his shoes. The robe color is blue. Under the robe, he wears a white undershirt.
Magi Class: Sealer(Channel Magic into Paper Seals, resulting in different affects.)

Life Seal -- Kuchina channels healing energy into a scroll, allowing who or whatever the seal is attached to to heal some wounds. Not very powerful though, and can't heal deep wounds.

Paralyze Seal -- This seal sends electric energy through the enemy, paralyzing it.

Ward Seal -- This seal, when attached to something like a pole or a building will ward off weak spells and people, but will rip if a powerful force hits the barrier.

Prye Seal -- This seal, when attached to an enemy, will burn the area where it was attached, causing very painful external and internal pain. Sometimes the seal will unwillingly bounce off and attach to another object, making this spell very unreliable. Very powerful when working though.

History: Kuchina come from a village of "monks". They pretend to ward off evil and other things but acually scam people of their money, for the seals never work. Kuchina was a trainee, but when he was 11, he was caught, and was about to be killed, but the seal acually worked, warding off a weak spell from a temple. Kuchina was surprised, but the village wasn't. They knew eventually one would be able to acually make seals work. But they didn't like it. They banished Kuchina from the village. Kuchina fended for himself, and lived in a small hut, where people came and hired him to ward off demons and evil. He is still just a trainee, so he can't do much. He is now a Monk Mercenary, basicly.
Relationships: He is barred from most life, so he doesn't see many people.
Other: *Traps the other and surronds him with wards.* Now you won't torture me.


"Run Run Run Run Run Run Run Run!!" I yelled at myself as I ran, trying to outrun some people. I turned around and jumped, throwing a ward at a nearby tree. A barrier was erected and the men hit it.

"Ouch, that looked like it hurt." I said, laughing. Then I realized two other people ran after me from the sides. I almost tripped while running away.

While I was running I saw the clearing where we were supposed to meet. I didn't want the others to be exposed. I shot 3 paralyze seals behind me, hitting 3 of the men behind me. Then I pulled out a another seal.

"Risky, but, who knows." I said, tossing the Prye Seal I had in my hand behind me. Luckly it didn't bounce off and stuck onto the guy. I felt sorry for him. I wouldn't want my insides burned.....

"...Remind me never to do something like that again." I said to my self, jumping over a branch and into the clearing.

"Yo." I said to the people there.
"I'm just gonna set up a couple of proper wards here..."

I walked around the small clearing, setting up proper wards so only Magi could get in.

24th July 2004, 12:14 PM
Naomi Nebras

I was willing to let the "little miss" slide, despite the fact that I was clearly the oldest one there. He'd wrapped my wrist, hadn't he? And he was in the same position I was in. Couldn't be all that bad.

I felt safer with the wards up, though. I sighed, letting the tension out with my breath.

"Welcome to the club," I said.

24th July 2004, 12:37 PM
Name: Hiro White
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Appearance: Hiro stands about 6'1 with a medium build. He has dark brown eyes and short black hair that he usually spikes up. Hiros skin is just slightly tanned. He wears a red t-shirt and white cargo jeans. His shoes are white. Also around his neck he wears a small silver necklace, Hiro received it from his mother before she passed away.
Personality: Hiro is a kind person. Always fun to hang around with. When you first meet Hiro, he might appear a bit shy but, this quickly goes away after just a little bit of getting to know him. Hiro likes to joke around at times, but he can be serious if need be.
Magi Class: Fire Class - Calls upon the power of Fire to create destructive attack type magic
Fireball : Hiro fires a basic ball of fire from the palm of his hand. Can be done with left, right or both hands.
Inferno : A wall of fire rises up around Hiro, used to keep eneimes from surronding Hiro. Also quite painful if the whoever he is trying to get away is close.
Ignite : Hiro snaps his finger and makes small things catch on fire, such as a twig or maybe a peice of someones clothing.
(Hiro will learn more as time goes on)
History: Hiro is an only child, raised by his mother and father untill about the age of 9 when Hiros mom passed away leaving him and his father with nothing but a silver necklack which Hiros father gave to Hiro. Hiros father pretty much fell apart without his wife and became and acholholic. Hiro was very sad for a very long time but eventully he accepted that she was gone and there was nothing he could do to change that. Hiro first discovered his powers at his house when he was mad at his father, Hiro got very mad and ran off into the woods. While he was in the woods he just let it all out and yelled. When he did a wall of fire surrounded him and left a burning mark in the ground. Hiro was releaved to find that no one had seen this but, Hiro was in shock.
Relationships: Hiro met Leeca in the woods a few days before he discovered his powers. Although he hasn't seen her in quite some time, he has never completely stopped thinking about her.
Other: ...
Hiro - Fire Class
After all Escaping from the Caravan we had all decided to gather together in a small clearing. I looked around, completely lost and confused. All I had heard was that we were Magi. I stood for a few moments when someone approached me.

"You cant be... Can you?" The voice said from behind me.

I turned around rather slowly, the voice was familar but, I hadn't heard in a while. I soon was face to face with the same beautiful girl I had met in the woods some time ago.

"Le... Leeca?" I said, still quite confused. "You got kidnapped too?"

I couldn't move or say anything. This was girl that I had been thinking about non stop for quite some time now, I couldn't wait to meet her again, but for some reason I just couldn't talk. I was too nervous.

Before I could try to say anything more to her, one of the boys in the group said aloud the he really wanted to get some payback on these guys that had taken us. It sounded like a good plan when another girl spoke up, she made some very valid points and it looked like the boy from before was about to start an argument.

"Uh oh," I said under my breath.

But the two didn't get into an argument at all insted he helped her brace her wrist that might have been broken. A few seconds later another boy came leaping through the trees. He began putting up weird little things that he called wards. They were going to make it so that only Magi could pass through them.

I turned back to Leeca, "So ... um..." I started still pretty nervous, "Do you have any clue whats going on?"

24th July 2004, 10:55 PM
Name: Faust
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Appearance: He’s quite a tall guy, standing at 6’03’’, and has a lanky build. He’s got a pale complexion and has dark shading underneath his eyes. He has wild, light blonde hair and deep blue eyes. He wears a white coat, which is usually left open, black leather pants, black boots and brown leather gloves. He’s got black tattoos going around his neck and forearms.
Personality: What do you act and think like?
Magi Class: Necromancer-Can bring anything dead back to life as a servant. Their powers must be channelled through an object (staff, scythe, etc.).
-Bone Dead Reborn: He digs the end of his scythe into the ground and anything dead within a mile radius comes to life. Faust then can use them to attack others or act as servants.
-Death Crucifix: He raises his arms (his scythe must be in his hands) and everything dead within a mile radius comes to life and grabs hold of the target, stopping them from moving.
-Bone Wall: He swings his scythe, causing anything dead within a mile radius to come to life and form a barrier around Faust or anyone he chooses.
History: He grew up in the mountain town of Yaris. He lived a pretty normal childhood, until his parents were killed in a rockslide when he was 12. He then lived with his grandparents, who owned a small shop in Yaris. He often visited his parents at the graveyard while he was growing up. During one of his visits, when he was 15, he discovered he was a necromancer when he accidentally brought a dead bird back to life. Not knowing how to control his powers, he built his scythe and since then has been practising his magic, without his grandparents knowing of course. One day, when he was minding the shop, a woman came in requesting the he come with her. When he refused, someone came up behind him and knocked him out. When he woke up, he found himself in a caravan along with a group of other people.

I pushed my way past the shrubs as I searched for the other Magi. I looked back to see three men running after. I sped up, ignoring the leaves and branches that slapped against me. I noticed a clearing up ahead. I ran into the clearing and noticed some other people there. I recognised them as the magi from before.
"Run..." I panted, "They're...coming!"
"Relax," a boy said, walking up to me, "Look." I lookde back to sethe men run into what appeared to be a barrier set up around the clearing. I gave a sigh of relief.
"Thank God," I said to myself.
"Are you okay?" a girl asked, "Who are you?"
"I'm fine," I panted, "And my name is Faust." I looked to the other two.
"And you are?"

Yeah, I know that sucked, but I really couldn't come up with anything.

25th July 2004, 11:53 AM
Leeca ~ Nature Class

It was him! It was!

"Hiro!" I squealed, almost jumping on him with excitement and flinging my arms around his neck briefly. Letting go and stepping back, I blushed. Looking closely, I think he did too.

"I've been waiting for so long to see you!" I said, happier than I ever had been before. He stood sort of quietly. "I'm sorry.. Did I do something to offend you?" I asked, leaning in closer. I often had a habit of being overly hyper.

"No, no! It isn't you at all.." Hiro said, looking up at me. I looked around and watched as another presumed Magi came through the barriers and almost laughed at the men chasing him as they stopped dead in their tracks.

"I think.. We should all get to know each other more.." I said to no one in particular. "Won't it be easier to work as one that way?"

25th July 2004, 09:56 PM
Name: Irrick
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Magi Class: Shadow Herder

"I think.. We should all get to know each other more.." A girl in the clearing said to the group. "Won't it be easier to work as one that way?"
I raised an eyebrow at the speaker.
"Work as one?" I strapped the belt and sword that I'd salvaged during the escape around my waist. The sword was a lot bigger and heavier than I was used to. Probably meant to be used in conjunction with a shield as opposed to the lighter, flat blades that my people used which worked as either one or two handed weapons depending on the situation. However until I was able to get more control of my Shining Blade then this lunking thing would have to do.

"If I've given the impression during that little melee back there that I had any intention of working in a team environment it was accidental and I apologise. I wouldn't work well in a large group that is going to be conspicuous enough as it is without magical abilities. Throw those in and... well, you're just one giant target for our enemies to follow." I looked around at the group. Several of them didn't seem particularly impressed by my attitude.
"For now I'm going to go this one alone. I don't doubt that I'll meet up with some of you again in the near future as we'll all probably be completely lost. I'd recommend that you all split into small groups yourselves but that's up to you of course."

"Don't you think you're being a little arrogant?" The girl with the broken wrist said. I hadn't learned anyone's names.
I shrugged. "I'm not trying to be arrogant or egotistical. My magi abilities are definitely not the best but if I'm on my own then I'll be able to blend in better and therefore will hopefully not need to use them as much. My only goal is to get home again." I looked up at the smoke rising from the burning caravan. "If I remember correctly, the caravan was heading that way." I said pointing. "So I'm going in roughly the opposite direction. I'll stay off the road for now though; that smoke is probably sending a rather large "come here" signal to any allies of our kidnappers. With that in mind I'd suggest you all come up with a similar plan of movement." I turned and headed through the trees.
"Until the next inevitable meeting."


It's in my character sheet. The guy ain't a real good team player.

26th July 2004, 07:35 AM
Leeca ~ Nature Class

After I listened to what the other guy had to say, I shrunk away. I regretted even saying anything.

"Don't worry about him right now." The girl with the broken wrist told me as she walked over to Hiro and I. "My name's Naomi... And what about you?"

"Leeca." I said quietly.

"Come on now," She said. "If it's about him-"

"No, its fine. If he's more comfortable on his own, he has the right to do that. I was just shocked is all..." I smiled weakly, still in shock from the whole situation never mind the smaller details. I sat on the ground and listened to the other Magi. Hiro sat next to me.

26th July 2004, 10:32 AM
Naomi Nebras

"I don't know..." I shook my head. "I got the impression he's some sort of hunter/mercenary thing. He's not as strong as he thinks he is, though. I'm just worried he'll get hurt."

Leeca nodded. "Well, we can't stop him now."

"Right." I rubbed my wrist again. He seemed decent enough. "Maybe it would be better if we got together in smaller groups. We are kind of conspicous as it is."

26th July 2004, 11:18 AM
Hiro - Fire Class
10 minutes into this little adventure and we had already lost a member. He has explained that his intention had been to return home as soon as possible.

I sat down on the ground next to Leeca, she has a bit shaken up by the whole thing, and I couldn't blame her.

I thought for a while, about being kidnapped and the caravan, then I made a decision.

"I think..." I started, "that I am going to head off in the direction that the caravan was heading originally. I don't like the fact that I was taken from my home, and personally, I would like to see where I was being taken and for what reason. Anyone who wants to come with is more than welcome to, traveling alone is no fun at all..."

26th July 2004, 11:38 AM
Leeca ~ Fire Class

I stood up again, regaining some of my confidence.

"Your idea's not bad." I said to Hiro. "But you'd have to be really careful, because that's where their powers are concentrated... Its their turf. Did you have any kind of plan?" I watched him ponder for a little. "I think I'll go with you." I watched a few birds in the sky, hovering over our clearing.

<What is it?> I asked one of them through thoughts.
::There are many Strangers around this area:: It responded. ::If they are your predators, you should be cautious::

26th July 2004, 01:22 PM
Name: Irrick
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Magi Class: Shadow Herder

I cleared the edge of the trees and peered around. It was late afternoon, maybe two hours or so from sundown so I had to make a decision. I could travel by night and hope for the best in terms of dangerous animals and getting completely and utterly lost or I could stay just inside the forest edge and sleep up a tree, starting out fresh in the morning.
I drew three circles on the ground each facing different directions. I cast my scout magic on the first circle, it showed me nothing but flat plains for the whole 4 miles it could see. The second one, facing directly away from the woods where I'd just emerged, showed a similar scene with the egde of a river just visible at the 4 mile limit.
I turned to the third one and cast the magic. It showed a road and on the right edge of the spells range a few people walked out of sight. I quickly drew another circle next to it and re-cast the spell. A group of about ten people were moving quickly towards the trees. They were armed. It looked like the caravan had had a rear guard. I was safe where I was, they wouldn't see me. The others probably weren't aware of their approach though. I tried to tell myself that it wasn't my problem but i was failing miserably. Cursing, I turned around and crashed through the trees as fast as I could make myself run.
Several of the magi looked startled at my sudden reappearance as I burst into the clearing.

"If you people don't have moving plans yet I'd suggest you make them very quickly. There's at least ten people heading this way along the road. It looks like a rear guard for the caravan so there could be more. And that's only from that direction. There's probably a similar group coming from the other direction."

I'd done my part. They were warned. What they did from here was up to them. I turned and ran back into the trees. I was a competent fighter but the odds were against me here and I didn't trust myself in my still somewhat groggy state. Besides that the first rule my father had ever taught me was "The best way to survive a fight is to avoid it." That was my intention. For now.

26th July 2004, 01:52 PM
"Pretty boy's right, even with my wardsd, there are too many people there. They;ll probably break through." I said, dissapointed because I couldn't do much.
"I got this map off of one of the persons, maybe we can figure out where we are." I said, placing the map on the floor. Everybody went around me.

"hmm...letsee.... We are here." I pointed to a marked forest.

"What makes you think that?" The guy with black hair and brown eyes asked me.

"Well...it says 'Base is here' on the map." I said in a "dumbass" tone of voice.

"...oh." He said, blushing a little bit. He was obviously embarresed.

"Ok, anyways....Hey, we're near Tuscan." I said, pointing to a city near the forest on the map.
"If we can make it there, we could get some food and shelter there for a little while."

"What makes you think that?" The girl I think was named Leeca asked.

"Because I was on my way there for a job. They said they would pay me when I got there." I told her, and everybody else.
"I'm A mercenary monk. Names Kuchina. Just for the record...who are you all again?" I asked everybody.

26th July 2004, 04:20 PM

"I'm Naomi," I said. "You know, we really should have gotten this out of the way beforehand."

I examined the map more closely. Nifty trick, that.

Amethyst Flygon
26th July 2004, 09:03 PM
I am back with my sign-up. The internet is finally working again, it got screwed up because my mom tried to update the browser and stopped half way through. Here it is, good thing that you guys haven't really moved yet.

Name: Kirsten Roma
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Appearance: Kirsten is a little bit short, but she is very athletic. Her hair is a dark brown, reaches to her shoulders, and is kept in a ponytail. Her skin is kind of pale, but it does not look sickly. She wears a white shirt and a long beige skirt. She has some flimsy sandals that she might ditch if she has to go over rough terrain.
Personality: Kirsten is really open to any opinions. She almost never holds a grudge and will try to stay on everyone's good sides. She hates to make descisions, prefering to rely on the judgement of others. Despite this, she can usually figure out what course of action would make more sense, she just won't voice her opinion. When Kirsten's companions are low on moral, she likes to try to cheer everyone up.
Magi Class: Rhyme Master- Kirsten uses the power of words in song to affect various forces. The longer a rhyme, the stronger the effect. She also has a few spells dealing with sound in general.
Enchanting Tune: Kirsten can sing various rhymes to cause small things to happen. It can't do anything major, but it's nice for basic needs.
Whispers in the Wind: Kirsten is able to listen to anyone within a mile. If it's windy, it's hard to hear full conversations, but this ability is useful for knowing what the enemy plans.
Banshee Shriek: Kirsten lets out an ear-splitting scream that knocks out everyone that means to do her harm in the area. This is a last resort spell, because it leaves her with a hoarse voice the rest of the day. This prevents the use of her magic.
History: When Kirsten was little she was always fascinated with music and rhyme. She was the daughter of a farmer and her uncle ran the local pub. She would spend time at her uncle's to listen to the travelling performers. She discovered her powers around the age of seven when she was singing to her little brother, but she didn't really work on improving them.
Relationships: None really at the time.
Other: It's dangerous for her to sing songs around the camp fire.

I'll edit this post later for actions, but feel free to include her in your posts.

27th July 2004, 07:41 AM
Leeca ~ Nature Class

"That's what I was trying to say." I said sheepishly, still looking at the map with the others. "You can call me Leeca."

Scanning my eyes over the map around the "Base is Here" mark, I silently thanked the other Magi for being kidnapped too, even though it was an awful ordeal for all of us... With out them, I don't think I would have even made it this far.

27th July 2004, 10:42 AM
Hiro - Fire Class
"Hey, I'm Hiro" I said looking at the map.

We were kinda close to a town called Tuscan, and the boy, Irrick, had warned us that 10 people were coming at us, and they were armed. At first I wasn't worried because the wards that had been set up would keep anyone but Magi out, but we had just been told that they could be broken through.

This was all crazy, just yesturday I had been sitting at home doing regular chores, now I was out in the woods god knows how far away from my town, and on top of that, armed men were coming for us.

I took a few steps away from everyone else and turned around and looked out into the forest and sighed.

"This is too extreme" I said under my breath, "What the hell are we gonna do..."

28th July 2004, 07:39 PM
Alexander Steele - Psychologist.
__________________________________________________ ______________
"we will do what we have to, fight" Alexander says in semi-reply to the boy who had introduced himself as Hiro.

He looks around at the other faces an see's that his plan is not much loved "well, if we aren't fighting at least give me a look at the map" he growls - if there's one thing he can't stand it's idiots.

28th July 2004, 11:20 PM

"Well some one had a violent childhood." I said under my breath as I handing the guy the map.
"The first hing we should do is find a way to get the hell away from this place."

I can't believe I'm stuck with these people. One guy walked out on us, this guy with the map was an violance maniac, but other then that, the rest are pretty cool.

Would post more but I need to leave. Sorry.

29th July 2004, 07:51 AM
Leeca ~ Nauture Class

I shifted... There was much tension in the air, and I felt it in me too. We were all tired, confused, and probably homesick as well. Plus we hardly knew each other. I sighed, trying to calm my own nerves.

"I think..." I started, remembering briefly what happened last time I made a suggestion. I paused.

"Go on." Kuchina said, looking up.

"If any of us are going to get together to head out.. We should do it soon, right? Or at least.. Decide who is starting off with who.."


29th July 2004, 11:09 AM
Hiro - Fire Class
"Good Idea." I said still looking off into the forest. "We should probably get into the groups were gonna travel in and head out soon. We don't want those armed guys to catch up with us before we even get moving."

I still wasn't quite sure about all of this, but I didn't want to hang around in the same clearing all day and wait for people who wanted to hurt us to show up. We had a few options I guess, we could try and return back to our towns and forget about all of this and pretend it never happened, we could try and follow the path that the caravan was on and see where it was going, or we could head to the nearby town, Tuscan, get some rest and make our next move from there.

The only option I wasn't fond of was the one to return home. There was no way I could just go home and forget all of this.

I decided I would wait for someone else to speak up about where they were going, I would then decided who to join with and where to go.

29th July 2004, 11:38 AM
Naomi Nebras

"I suppose this is the wrong time to suggest we all practice our deep breathing exercises?" I got a couple of withering looks from the others. "Ok, fine. I'm going to go look for Rocky or whatever his name is. Does anybody want to come with me? This is a fight-or-flight situation and I can't fight, so I'm out of here."

29th July 2004, 12:34 PM
Leeca ~ Nature Class

I laughed a little at what Naomi first said, and then turned to Hiro.

"I thought you said you were going to follow the caravan and find out where it was going to?" I said to him.

"Yeah, but..." He responded. "I'm still kinda hesitant."

"That's where I want to go." I said, my confidence soaring unnaturally high. "I... I want to go see what they wanted with us." I walked towards the edge of the barrier. "That's where I'm headed. Anyone can come, if they wish. And Naomi," I added. "Be careful where you're headed, and good luck, okay?"


29th July 2004, 01:06 PM
Hiro - Fire Class
I smiled at Leeca, "I'll come too." I said still looking at her.

I wasn't quite sure about it, but I did want to see where that caravan was going and what it had to do with us. Plus if I traveled with Leeca, maybe I could get to know her a little better.

I looked around at the others to see if any more of them would join us...

29th July 2004, 02:20 PM

"I'm in." I said to Leeca and Hiro.
"I've been working on a seal that'll turn someone invisiable, don't think it's going to work, but I haven't tested it yet, so I wanna try."

I got hesitant looks from Leeca and Hiro. I looked around. Doesn't seem like anybody else wants to come.

"Alrighty then, if no one else wants ta come, then come on! I wanna konw what the heck these guys want us for!" I got up and looked at the rest of the group. 3 people, against a whooollee Caravan. Atleast we're sneaking around instead of a full out blood slaughter.


29th July 2004, 03:58 PM
Leeca ~ Nature Class

So it would be Hiro, Kuchina and myself. I grinned and nodded, glad that I had others by my side. I stood at the very edge of the barrier and looked back.

"Good luck everyone." I smiled and stepped through. Hiro and Kuchina were on either side of me.

"Well... Here we go." Hiro sighed as we walked forward.

"Will that barrier stay up for them even though you're leaving?" I asked Kuchina.


29th July 2004, 05:22 PM

"Yea, but only for sbout 15 minutes. Thats why I usually stay the night at where my jobs take place." I said as we stepped through the barrier.
"I think they'll be gone by then."

"Yea, your right." Hiro said, walking towards a random direction. Then it hit me.

"uhh..Which way are we going?" I asked them, feeling stupid.


29th July 2004, 05:52 PM
Leeca ~ nature class

I smiled. "Well, I was planning on going back the way I came from the caravan, seeing how it probably hasn't gotten very far. I memorized it pretty well... The path, I mean. There were a few distinguishing trees around and I'm sure I could ask the squirrels if I needed to..." I said, walking forward.

"You can tell which way to go just by looking at the trees?" Hiro asked, tilting his head.

"Of course." I responded, walking up to a certain white birch. "See how this birch has knot here? And there's a tiny bit of bark missing up by that branch..."

"That's... Interesting..." Hiro said.

"Yeah, but... I can call on nature to aid me and my friends.. But unfortunately, I can't protect myself very well..." I began walking to the right of the birch, still looking at the different trees. The other two were right on my heels.


Amethyst Flygon
29th July 2004, 06:06 PM
I'm back to post. It's been a few days, but at least I'm back. Is there any particular reason why the posts seem to be so short compared to other RPGs? I'm not complaining, I'm just curious.

Kirsten Roma (Rhyme Master):

After the caravan had blown up, I got kind of lost. I was wandering around for a while before I realized that I could use my magic to locate the others, who appeared to be Magi as well. Using Whispers in the Wind, I could pick up the sounds of the burning caravan and a group of people around my age. It seems that they're a walk east from me, and they were deciding whether or not they wanted to follow the road the caravan was on.
If I just went home, I wouldn't have any garauntee that those men wouldn't come after me again. A group that is willing to kidnap kids would not be hesitant to do it again. And next time, they would be better prepared. I think it would be best if I went with the small group that was getting ready to follow the trail.
Running as fast as I could, after taking off my sandals and holding them, I chased the group of three that was leaving. "Hey, can I join you guys as well? I want to get those guys as well, if that's all right with you."

29th July 2004, 06:19 PM
Hiro - Fire Class

I looked down at my hands, I started thinking about my Magi powers. The power of fire were nice, but It was so destructive, it didn't suit me very well... but, I would find a way to make it work, and I would find a way to use my powers for something more than destruction.

"And Leeca," I started, "as for protecting yourself, don't worry about it, I got your back."

Seconds later, if even that, a girl came sprinting down the path towards us,

"Hey, can I join you guys as well? I want to get those guys as well, if that's all right with you." she said as she caught up to us,

"I don't have a problem with it," I said glancing at both Kuchina and Leeca, "What about you guys?"

29th July 2004, 07:53 PM
Sorry, have I been making my entries too short? ^^; Its just that sometimes I don't like making decisions for others, and going on without hearing what they're up to wouldn't make sense.

Leeca ~ Nature Class

I blushed a little. "Thank you, Hiro. I'm glad to hear you say that." I walked a few steps farther away, and then I heard someone yell.

"...I want to get those guys too, its that's alright with you..." The girl approaching us said, out of breath. I blinked.

"That's fine with me." I said. "What's your name?"

"Kirsten... My name is Kirsten." She responded, leaning over and catching her breath. She put her sandals on too.

"Well, then. My name's Leeca, if you didn't catch it before." I said, smiling. "Its nice to meet you. Are you ready to get going?"

"Yes.. I think I'm okay now." Kirsten said, breathing a little easier and walking to us. I turned towards the sky and spotted a crow.

<Crow, my friend... Could you scout a bit ahead of my partners and I, telling me if any stangers come close?> I asked it.
::Only if I get something in return:: I heard it caw in my mind. I frowned.
<Yes, I promise you, there will be a reward.> I reached into my collar and pulled out a silver necklace with a jewel on the end. Sighing, I took it off and held it in my palm. <This shall be your reward, but only after you help me>
::Excellent, excellent!:: I heard the crow's happiness... They usually went for the shiny things. ::I shall do as you say::
<Thank you, my friend> I replaced my necklace. I nodded to the crow, and he circled the four of us and then flew above the trees a few yards in front of us.

30th July 2004, 01:12 AM

I was up a tree. Why was I up a tree? Well it had seemed like a good idea at the time. I was near the edge of the trees and I wanted to stay out of sight until nightfall so I'd climbed the tree. As it turned out the tree I had chosen had to have been the most uncomfortable tree I'd ever climbed in my life and I was really starting to get impatient waiting for the sun to set.
I thought of the others, hoping they'd had the sense to start moving or at least hide. I was certain that some of them would be very competent fighters but now was not the time for combat. Now was time for rest, recovery and reconnassaince. Until I had some idea where the hell I was and which way was home then I was going to avoid fighting as much as possible. In any case the sword I was currently carrying was so very different than what I was used to, it could prove a nasty problem if I had to use it in combat.

I looked out across the plains, watching the sun very *very* slowly sinking behind the horizon. I shifted to make myself comfortable but this tree had the stupidest shaped limbs ever and it was impossible to gain any kind of comfort.

I heard sounds below me and I held my breath, peering down through the limbs of the trees. If anyone saw me up here I could use my blind spell and make a run for it. That was assuming that there was only a maximum of four or five of them.
The person came into view and I started breathing again in relief. It was broken wrist girl. I remained silent, watching her from my perch. She stopped and looked around, looking slightly frustrated. It wasn't my business. I already said that I wasn't interested in teamwork hadn't I? I would just remain here and be silent. Still... if she didn't move she could be seen and captured again. But that was her problem not mine... but being lost with company wouldn't be so lonely... but I didn't *want* company... if it came to a fight though two people would be better than one... she looked really frustrated, like she was looking for something and unable to find it.
I sighed in frustration at myself. Why the hell was I so indecisive?

I started climbing out of the tree.
"Hey." I said calmly, dropping to the ground. She whirled around in surprise. "Sorry, I didn't mean to scare you."
"You screwed up then." She snapped.
"How's that splint on your wrist?"
"It's fine."
"I'm heading that way in a short while." I said, pointing in the direction that I 'd seen the river. "I'm just waiting for it to get a little darker. There's a river over there which I'm going to follow. It should pass by a town sooner or later and if I stay close to it then I'll have a ready supply of water since i don't have a gourd or any other container to hold water in."
"What makes you so sure that you'll find a town?"
I shrugged. "Basic rule of survival when you're lost. Most settlements are built where water can be easily accessed. Plus I think there may have been some crops but they were right on the edge of my scout range so I'm not positive yet. If they are then at the very least I'll find a farmhouse where I might be able to ask a few questions."
"Scout range?"
"Here, I'll show you." I led her out of the trees and drew a circle on the ground, summoning my scout magic. The small dome appeared showing the area ahead of us.
"It can only see about four miles and only on line of sight. It'll improve as I get better." I pointed at the top edge of the circle. "There's the bank of the river there and see here," I pointed to a spot on the very edge on the top left hand side of the circle. "I think this could be wheat or some other kind of grain but it's too hard to tell from here." I dispelled the dome. "So I'm heading that way. Feel free to come along if you like. I won't stop you."


30th July 2004, 10:44 AM
Hiro - Fire Class

The four of us had set off down the path in the general direction that the caravan had been going. We walked for a while when I saw a bird up in the sky.

I looked over at Leeca and she was staring at it, like she was trying to read its mind. A few seconds later she took a necklace off and held it in her hand. She sighed and the crow doubled back around towards us and circled around our heads. I was still whatching this and I was completely lost, then the bird shot off in front of us.

"Huh?" I said still whatching the bird, "Did you do that?" I asked Leeca.

She smiled and nodded. "Yup" she said

A few minutes later the crow was back in our sight and flew back down towards Leeca.

30th July 2004, 05:31 PM
Leeca ~ Nature Class

After watching the crow speed off into the distance, I walked with Hiro, Kuchina and Kirsten in silence towards our goal. I almost hoped that the crow wouldn't come back with information, but it never helped to be cautious... Although maybe I should have chosen a swallow or eagle instead.. Something a little less greedy...

::CAW! We've got company!:: The crow snapped me from my thoughts, diving down to land on my arm. Hiro and Kuchina looked startled.
<What is it, what did you see?>
::A group, maybe five humans together.. Coming this way.. maybe one hundred feet ahead!::
<Thank you, but please, stay with us in case we need more help->

"Leeca, what is it?!" Hiro asked, possibly reading the alarmed look on my face.

"He says that there's a group of at least five a hundred feet ahead.. He doesn't know who they are, but we need to be careful." I said.

"Are we really going to trust a bird?" Kuchina asked, not rudely, but skeptically. I looked at him.

"It's really all we have." I responded, setting our black-feathered scout into the sky again. "What should we do?"


31st July 2004, 08:27 AM
OOC: I'm a little lost as to where everyone is at the moment, so if this is confusing don't kill me lol.

Alexander Steel - Psychologist
__________________________________________________ _______________
Alexander looked at the map, bah - he'd never even heard of this place before - "Tuscan, what a load of bull" he mutters to himself and scouts around the area.

In the distance he sees the silhouettes of four people walking together and thinks that maybe some company would be nice, and if revenge is an option he'd best not be alone so he trots off after them.

After a fairly long dog-trot he finally catches up to them but remains a little behind - wondering how to reintroduce himself to the group after his apparent rudeness earlier.

He sees a crow, apparently talking to them and decides it's time to get a little closer, maybe not too close though.

31st July 2004, 02:46 PM
Hiro - Fire Class

I looked up into the sky watching the bird fly away.

Five people were coming this way, but there was a small silver lining to this however, we didn't know who the people were, it was quite possible that they were just a bunch of kids, wondering the woods... yah... right...

I looked around us, there was no where we could hide what so ever, and the people coming were getting closer and closer with each passing second. Any second now 5 figures were going to come into our view and from there we could make a desicsion as to if they were bad or not.

Everyone was silent and frozen, facing the direction that the crow had come from.

"If they're our enemies..." I started to say, "then I'm going to fight them... It probably not a very smart idea... but, I'm not going to run away from them any longer..."

I knew my idea would be hated by everyone, including myself, but we didn't have much of a choice, it was either try and fight whoever it was or try and out run them, and we were all pretty tired from everything that had happened today so we wouldn't last long in a chase.

"If you guys want," I started again, "I can try and hold them off as long as I can, and you guys could try to get around them and into the woods on the other side..."

Just then, finaly in our feild of vision, 5 figures emerged, they were walking shoulder to shoulder, armed with what appeared to be swords that were sheathed on their wasits and they were all rather large people from what I could see.

"There they are" I said still trying to make out who they were... "This is it." I said to myself...

31st July 2004, 03:15 PM
Leeca ~ nature class

I ran to Hiro.

"There is no way you're doing this on your own!" I said, grabbing his arm and staring into his eyes. "You can't!"

"But you said, you only have defensive powers..." Hiro reminded me.

"Yeah.. I did say that.." I said, lowering my gaze. "But that doesn't mean I can't try to help you!"

"If there's nothing you can do, then there's no reason to strain yourself." Kuchina said from behind me. I was torn inside.. Was there really nothing I could do right now?

::Twenty feet!:: I heard the crow tell me. Looking forward, I noticed the figures begin to emerge.

"There they are..." Hiro said, readying himself. I shook my head, only to be yanked away by Kuchina and Kirsten.

"Come on, getting to the other side won't be that hard." Kirsten whispered as I watched the men draw closer. Hiro shook the slightest bit, and took a step forward to steady himself. He stepped on a twig, which made the advancing men look through the tree branches.. Towards us.


OOC:: Hey guys, I hope I'm not being too controlling with my posts. ^^; I was reading them over and some of them look to me like I was trying to take over or something. xD So if you ever want to change the way something happens or alter it in any way.. Do so! xD Especially with your characters. ^^;

Amethyst Flygon
31st July 2004, 06:13 PM
I wasn't complaining at all about the length, I was just wondering if this is the way Arjana likes to run her RPGs or something. I find this level of interaction nice.
Oh yeah, Typact, I don't think that you're too controlling. With Arjana gone from the RPG for whatever reason, some one needs to try to pick a direction and keep it moving.

Kirsten Roma (Rhyme Master):
Leeca, Kuchina, and Hiro were kind enough to let me join them. While we were walking, Leeca stared at a crow and gave it a necklace. She told us that it was in exchange for it scouting ahead. That's a pretty useful ability.
After a few minutes, the crow returned and informed her that five men were coming towards us. Considering that they're probably the enemy, maybe I should use Whispers in the Wind. Oh no, it's starting to get windy. I won't be able to hear the approaching people.
It seems that Hiro is prepared to sacrifice himself so that we can escape. But it doesn't seem to make much sense to be picked off one by one. I guess I'll honor his choice and try to run. "Come on, getting to the other side won't be that hard." I told Leeca, tugging at her.
If worst comes to worst, I could always use Banshee Shriek. I'll just see how Hiro is doing first.
I'll be on vacation from late tomorrow to next Friday, so don't leave any descisions up to Kirsten. I've only just realized how easily Kirsten's spells can be taken advantage of, so I don't want her to use magic all the time either. Los Vegas, here I come. ;)

31st July 2004, 08:28 PM
Hiro - Fire Class
I whatched as the Leeca, Kuchina, and Kirsten ran quickly into the woods, just as they did, and were out of my sight the five men came into the clearing that I was in.

"Hiro White, you are to come with us right now..." The man in front stated.

I looked at the men up and down, they where all wearing simple tunics, they were armed with short swords and probably a dagger or two hidden away somewhere. They were all much bigger and older than I was and I was willing to bet that they knew all about my powers of fire.

"Do not try anything funny," the same man said, still glaring at me.

These men meant business, they immediantly spread out around me and were on all sides of me.

"Wow, what big strong men you are," I said sarcastically, "takes five of you to take a teenager down? Thats pretty sad."

The man in front once again began to talk but, I wasn't listening this time, I looked all around me, seeing if there was anything nearby that I could use to my advantage, and of course, its just one of those days where nothing can go right and everything has to go wrong so, naturally, there was nothing I could use.

I laughed a little bit to myself, the same man got an extremely puzzled look on his face,

"This, amuzes you?" he said with a slight grin.

Once again I didn't answer, I was still looking around, praying that a sword would drop from the sky, praying that a huge animal would come and devour the men, praying that it wouldn't rain, but most of all, I was praying that the others could get far enough away from here, so that these bastards couldn't track them down.

The men around me began to move in. I quickly raised both of my hands up to my face and created two balls of fire in my hands.

"Stay back!" I yelled at them "Stay back or Ill burn you all alive!"

The men laughed and took a few more steps in at me. They thought that I was bluffing, and on a normal day, this would've been a bluff, but today, I was dead serious.

"I warned you!" I yelled turning to the men behind me and firing both balls at them, they both unsheated their swords at what seemed like god like speed and brought them up to deflect the balls of fire. The fire hit the swords and began to melt through the blades, the swords began to heat up and the men were forced to throw them to the ground.

"Haha," The man who I had now assumed was the leader has said. "It wasn't a bluff."

They began to move in again, all 5 at once this time,

"Closer," I said under my breath, "Just a little closer..."

The men were getting very close, they needed to be a little more than an arms lenght away from me for inferno to work.

The kept getting closer and closer untill they were within striking distance. They all moved their hands for their swords.

"Inferno!" I yelled as a wall of fire errupted around me, I thought for sure that I had just burned them all alive, but when the wall of fire dissapeared, all 5 men, were standing there, they had all managed to jump back a split second before the fire errupted.

"What the..." I said panting, "How did you..."

They all laughed now, as If they were one person.

"Told you he would do that as soon as we were close!" a different man said.

"Yes, that was quite predictable Hiro..." The leader said again, "and we know for a fact, that If you try that again, your gonna pass out.

This was unreal, these men knew everything I could do, they had known that I was gonna try to throw fire at them, they had known that I was going to try and get them all at once with inferno, and they also knew that I could only do that attack every once in a while or I would almost completly drain myself of everything I had.

The men circled around me once again, and moved in, they all had the same stupid grins on their faces, and I was gonna make sure, that before they captured me, I was gonna knock those damn grins off of there faces!

I lept up and charged at one of the men, pulled back my right arm and swung my fist into his face with all of my might.

"Get em!" they yelled

The man brought his hands up to where I had hit him, and I swung my fist back down into his stomache causing him to fall to his knees, as soon as he did however I was hit very hard from behind, I fell to ground and rolled to the left just missing and incoming sword that would've gone straight through my right shoulder.

One of the larger men had come over quickly and started to hold me down so that I couldn't move and a man behind him brought out a small dagger, he sliced quickly over my stomache causing quite a lot of pain. I winced a little.

"Alright, thats enough" I heard the leader of the men say, "We have to bring him alive..."

There were groans and moans all throughout the men, some even protested.

The men stood me up onto my feet and the larger man came over again with a big club. I was thinking he was gonna knock me out so that I would be eaiser to move, but I wasn't sure. I whatched as he came closer and closer, but all I could think about, was how I hoped the others had gotten really far away by now...
I don't know if I have ever written so much in my entire life... my fingers hurt! :eek:.

1st August 2004, 08:29 AM
Leeca ~ Nature Class

"Well, if it's just the three of us now, are we supposed to wait for him over here? How long do you think it would take him to finish them off?" Kuchina asked as we darted behind a large tree on the other side. I put my hands on the trunk and began stroking upwards, closing my eyes and using Wild Touch to coax the tree into lowering its branches around us, resembling more of a weeping willow.

"There." I whispered as the crow flew around and then landed on my shoulder. Peeking through the branches, I realized we were too far away to see anything happen. <You> I poked the crow. <Go see quickly what's happening. Don't hang around too long, just go take a peek to see who's winning> The crow nodded and flew away. I hoped to gain some information, and maybe give Hiro some encouragement seeing a familliar face.. Er... Beak?

I sat on the ground, sighing. Leaning against the tree, I hoped that Hiro would be okay. I mean, he did risk his safety for us... I prodded at a blade of grass and made it grow to amuse myself.

OOC:: Post 3,000 my friends! ^o^ *dance*

2nd August 2004, 05:58 PM
OOC: Might as well post =P

The large man was coming towards me, as if in slow motion. He knew I wasn't going to be going anywhere, due to the 3 men holding me. I whatched him come forward, but out of the corner of my eye, I saw something, I looked up and I saw the same crow that had alerted us of these men.

I smiled, "Leeca." I said under my breath

"What are you smiling at!?" the large man said, stopping and looking up, "You like birds or something?"

I couldn't give up here, I wasn't ready to just go back with these men. I was gonna get out of here or I was gonna die trying.

I Noticed that all five men were quite close to me, 3 of them were holding me still and the larger 4th man was just as close, the leader, who was standing back a bit was still fairly close, they were all within range of inferno, and there was no way they would expect it coming now. It was extremly risking seeing that when I used inferno twice this soon after one an other I usually passed out, but, I had been training a lot, and maybe I could have enough energy to get it off, and run off into the woods.

"Worth a shot," I said to myself

"Your smiling again!" The large man spoke. "Whats so dang funny!?"

"I've got you..." I said still smiling

"What? Your Crazy!" He said raising the club,

"Inferno!" I yelled unleashing a huge wall of fire around me once again! The 3 men holding me and the man with the club were blasted back by the fire and burned to death. The leader of the men, only took a small hit from the fire, but it still enough to catch him by surprise and throw him back a ways.

"W...wha...what the heck!?" He yelled, "You.. yo..you can't do that!"

I smiled, and tried to recover my self, "Your... right..." I said slowly, "A few months ago I, couldn't have done that, but, times change. I'm... out of here..."

I took off into the woods, sprinting as fast as I could in the direction that the crow had flown off, I had to follow the crow or I might never see the others again. I was extremely tired but for some reason, I was able to keep up this sprinting pace, it was like some voice kept saying, "comeon, just a little bit further, you can do it."

I followed the crow, trying my best to whatch it and avoid oncoming trees...

3rd August 2004, 05:43 AM
Alexander Steel ~ Psychologist (trying in charecter RPing)
__________________________________________________ _______________
Hiro had blasted the four men and dashed off, leaving me lost due to the fact I had been following him. The remaining man dashed off after him and I of course followed him now, really needing to catch up to Hiro and the others, in my haste I tripped and fell down alerting the man and Hiro to my presence, however the man kept chasing Hiro who had been delayed by turning to face where the noise had come from.

I guessed that following him would lead me to the others where I could apologise for my ill behaviour earlier and maybe join on with thier group so I pursued them, if I could catch the man's sight again maybe I could cast Horror before he realised who and what I was - now would NOT be a good time to get caught off guard I mutter almost running into a tree.

3rd August 2004, 02:15 PM
Leeca ~ Nature Class

Still sitting at the base of the tree, I looked around. I could hear noises far off, but I couldn't make out what they were. I stood up, restless.

"Do you think he's coming back?" Kirsten whispered, looking down. Kuchina shrugged a little, and I peeked out between the branches. The crow had been away for a little while now, and I was hoping nothing happened to him. Then we'd be alone with no information. Walking out of our little secluded area, I paced.

"Perhaps you should come back in, just in case." Kuchina said, popping his head out as well.

"I'll be okay. I'll come back in a little bit." I responded, giving him a reassuring smile. I still heard the noises, and they were coming closer. Walking towards where I thought they were coming from, I saw the crow.

<What is it? What's going on?> I asked it anxiously.
:: Don't worry, he's following me. But so are two others::
<How far behind?>
::I'd say your companion is about ten feet behind, and those following him are a yard behind him::
<Thank you> I said, rushing over to a large tree. It would take a lot to get this tree to do as I wanted, but it was worth a try. I put my hands on it, getting ready to use Wild Touch again. I saw the crow fly past, then I braced myself. Hiro ran by, too, still following it. As soon as I saw him pass, I clutched at the tree's bark, encouraging it lower a heavy branch at the right time...

BAM! One of Hiro's persuers ran straight into it, knocking him out. I sighed, having accomplished what I wanted. There was still another, according to the crow, but I couldn't see or hear that one any more. I left the large tree and retreated back to where the crow had perched on a rock, very proud of itself. Hiro was doubled over next to it, panting heavily.

<You really deserve this now> I said to the crow, kneeling down and putting the necklace around it. It cawed happily.
::Thank you:: It strutted around the rock. ::But I don't think I'll leave you just yet.. This is more fun than I think I've ever dreamed of::
<All right then> I pat its head and then turned to Hiro.

"And how are you?" I asked him quietly. He looked up breifly, but was too tired to speak, so he just shook his head. Looking him over, it seemed the worst of his injuries was a slice over his abdomen. It wasn't very big, but he was bleeding. I didn't have anything to use as a bandage, so I tried to apply pressure with my hand and a few leaves to stop the bleeding. Hiro grimaced, still in pain. Kuchina and Kirsten must have heard me, because they emerged from the tree hideout. I stayed kneeled, not sure if there was anything else I could do.


3rd August 2004, 03:01 PM
Hiro - Fire Class
Leeca had immedantly gone to try and stop my cut from bleeding, I had forgotten about it entirely from following the crow.

"Thanks..." I said looking up at her.

She smiled and contiuned applying pressure, it hurt a bit, but I wasn't about to make a sound.

I looked over from the direction that I had been running, and the leader of the men was there, laying on the ground.

Had I really only run 5 feet, or had he followed me?

"Leeca...?" I started "That man, how did he... why is he... how did he get here?"

She looked back and saw the man,

"He followed you here, didn't you see him?" she asked

"Oh... of couse..." I said.

There was silence for a minute or two, she took her hands off the leaves that she had been using to stop my cut from bleeding.

"Leeca," I started to whisper, "About what I said eariler, about your powers being only defensive,... I didn't... I didn't mean to make you feel weak or anything... I'm sure that your just as strong or probably stronger... than most of us... I just... wasn't thinking at the time... I'm... sorry..."

I reached my hand out and found hers, and I held onto it. Then, I couldn't keep my eyes open any longer and I fell asleep...
BTW, I love the "BAM", It made me laugh XD.

3rd August 2004, 03:09 PM

I walked out of the hideout and over to Leeca and a downed Hiro.

"Clean your self up, your bleeding." I said as I tossed a Life Seal onto Hiro, which looked like it was starting to heal it, if only a little bit.

'Heh...." Kristin said, sounding uneasy. Then, I looked around. Nobody. It was too quiet. Other then Hiro coughing and Leeca talking to Hiro softly. I walked to a tree. Just as I thought.

"Hi." I said to the tree. Then, I tried to stick a paralyze seal on it. It stopped about a foot and 4 inches and it fell. I heard a thump. I put my foot down where the seal was. It stopped midair.
"So Mr. I used Magic to make myself invisiable, who did this to you, and what do they want with us."

The man was made visable, and Leeca and Kristen gasped. Hiro passed out already I guessed.

"I'll tell you everything! Just don't kill me!" The guy said. I pushed my foot down a little bit more.

"You better. Or else."

3rd August 2004, 04:07 PM
OOC:: You have no idea how long it took me to think of a fitting word for that action. xD

Leeca ~ Nature Class

I felt myself blush a little at what Hiro had to say, and hoped that he hadn't been troubling himself over those thoughts for very long. I was about to answer him when he held my hand tightly, then closed his eyes. I was worried at first, wondering if he had been exhausted to the point of fatality... But I was reassured when I leaned over and was able to hear his heartbeat, he must have just fallen asleep. Kuchina tossed a Life Seal over to help Hiro, and it was doing a lot more than the leaves were.

I looked over at Kuchina to see him examining a tree... And was surprised to see him try to attach another one of his seals to it. It fell to the ground, and in a few minutes, another man was in our view. I gasped. What was he up to, sneaking around like that? Kuchina made a threatening statement, and I had to agree with him. We were in enough trouble as it was..

::Anything I can do?:: The crow said in my mind.
<No, not really> I said back to him. <Although, I would like to know what I can call you, rather than "crow"... Do you have a name?>
::Others of my kind call me Mica. I guess you can, too::
<Okay, Mica> I grinned, still holding Hiro's hand. <I'll tell the others, too. When the time is right>


4th August 2004, 02:00 AM
OOC: Who is the guy? me or some other dude? i'll assume it isn't me, also Kuchina sounds similar to a fire emblem charecter lol.

Alexander Steel ~ Psychologist
__________________________________________________ _______________
"bah" I hear my own voice mutter, the man who had been pursuing Hiro was out of the picture so I decided to join on with the group then and there.

I walk into the circle to hear another guy saying "I'll tell you everything! Just don't kill me!" and the rest of the group actually believed this, maybe I had made the wrong evaluation of them or maybe they were right and I was not which would be unusual.

"Howdy folks" I say walking into the centre of the circle and cracking my knuckles I realise that this may have been a mistake as some unfriendly glances are cast my way.

4th August 2004, 02:40 PM
Naomi Nebras

"I will, thanks," I said softly. Not like I could go back now. "Listen, I'm sorry I've been so snappy," I apologised. "It's just been... you know."

The boy nodded.

"Have we been introduced? I'm Naomi." I held out my uninjured hand for him to shake. The forest was eerily still.

"Irrick." He took my hand awkwardly and shook once. I figured Irrick was his name and not some word in a foreign language.

"Can I ask what you were doing in that tree?" I said after a few moments of silence.

4th August 2004, 03:37 PM

Hiro - Fire Class

I could've sworn that as soon as I closed my eyes, I would've been asleep for at least half a day, but, this wasn't the case.

I woke up what seemed like maybe 20 minutes later at the most, Leeca was still kneeling next to me, and Kuchina and Kirsten had both appeared from what I assumed had been the tree behind us.

I looked down at my stomache and saw a seal which I assumed Kuchina had given me to heal my cut. It had healed it for the most part, and I wasn't as tired as I had been after my run.

I looked around to see what was going on, and I saw Kuchina, standing over another totally different man. He had been hiding against the tree, but, I for one didn't notice him.

I whatched as Kuchina started to threaten the man and then from the same side of the woods that I had emereged I heard rustling. I tried to get up to a sitting position as I whatched the area where the noise was coming from.

"What is it?" Leeca said a little alarmed.

"Listen" I said softly, raising the hand that Leeca wasn't holding and aiming at the area.

Seconds later the same boy that we had met, emerged from trees,

"Howdy folks." He said cracking his knuckles.

"Phew," I said with great relief.

The boy, Alexander was his name, had come here to see if he too could join up with us. There weren't any objections, probably because deep down, we were all kinda scared of this guy, but, it didn't matter, the more people we had, the safer we would all be and I was sure we could trust him. (Besides, I wasn't about to get growled at for telling him no ;).)

It was getting rather late in the day and the sun was starting to set, soon enough it would be dark out, and it would probably get a lot colder. I stood up rather slowly, letting go of Leeca's hand.

"Its gonna get cold and dark soon." I started, "If you guys don't mind im gonna go find some wood and see if I can get a fire started, I'll be back in a few minutes."

I walked off towards the woods and found a few peices of wood, enough to keep the fire going for at least an hour or so. I trotted back to where we were all at and I placed all of the wood I had found together. I kneeled down next to the wood and snapped my fingers a few times, causing small little balls of fire to ignite the wood.

"There we go," I said stepping back from the fire, "It'll have to do for now."

I sat down a little back from the fire and just sat there quietly...

Sorry for not including anything about the invisible guy, but, I really have no idea where we are going with him, so I'll let someone who does finish that up.

4th August 2004, 04:15 PM
OOC:: To tell you the truth, I'm not sure where that invisible guy idea was going either. :lol:

Leeca ~ Nature Class

Hiro was definately regaining his strength, because he was able to gather a few pieces of wood with limited difficulty. As he lit a fire for the group of us, I grinned to myself. His Magi power was surprisingly fun to watch. Hiro had covered warmth for the night.. But what were we going to do about food? I could probably identify some edible plants, but was that all? Hiro sat in silence. I looked at Mica.

:: ... Yes?:: He gave me a curious look.
<We're going to need food, you know>
::There's plenty of plants and mushrooms I know of to- ... Wait, you don't mean...::
<What don't I mean?>
::You're gonna eat me!:: He flapped around the rock.
<Hey, all Hiro has to do is snap his fingers and poof! Barbeque!>
::You wouldn't! After all this help I gave you, you're going to turn me into tomorrow's leftovers?!::
<Actually, no. I wouldn't do that to you.> I grinned as he cawed loudly, both relieved and a little annoyed. I had to cover my mouth to stifle a laugh.

"What?" Hiro asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Oh, nothing, sorry. I was just joking with Mica." I responded.


"Yes, that's his name." I pointed at the disgruntled crow.

"I had no idea. Did you name him that?"

"Nope! His fellow birds did." I smiled, resting my head in my arms against my knees. The warmth of the fire felt good.


5th August 2004, 04:01 PM
I probably shouldn't post again so soon after my last one... but, oh well =P.

Hiro - Fire Class
"Mica, huh?" I said smiling and reaching my hand out to the bird and stroked the side of him that was closer to me with one finger for a few seconds. "I've never seen a bird this close before." I said again, looking at the crow closely.

The sun had set and it was pretty dark, it was a very clear night and you could see all the stars in the sky.

I layed down and put both hands behind my head as I looked up at the stars. I raised my right hand up and snapped my finger. A small trail of fire began to follow me finger and I started to connect the stars like dots.

It took my a minute, but I was able to connect the dots into a very odd looking dog. It's tail was gigantic, one of its legs was about 2 times as big as the other one, its neck was very long and its nose was rather messed up.

"Meh," I whispered, "It was worth a shot."

I blew very lightly at the flames in the sky and the line of fire broke into small little flames that glittered and shimmered to the ground and dissolved to nothing.

"Hmmm..." I said quietly again, "Got it!"

I connected 4 very simple stars and made a square, it wasn't very complicated but, at least you could tell what it was. I once again blew lightly at the flames and they shimemred away again.

I smiled and laughed quietly to myself, and put my hands back behind my head and kept whatching the stars and smiling...

6th August 2004, 05:33 AM
Alexander Steel ~ Psychologist.
__________________________________________________ _______________
Hiro and the girl, Leeca were playing around with thier silly crow and drawing boxes in the stars - I'm sleepy anyway so I might take a quick walk then maybe get some rest.

I walked away from the trees and starred out across the lonely night, "cold" I muttered to myself as I looked up into the stars and scouted around to see the distant lights of a town, possibly Tuscan - I assumed the others were heading there as I went back to camp and lay under a tree near the edges to sleep.

6th August 2004, 02:35 PM
Leeca ~ Nature Class

Hiro was connecting the stars in the sky with fire, making simple pictures then causing them to scatter down like little fireworks. I smiled, watching him idly until I noticed the other guy was looking over at us, so I lowered my gaze. He soon curled up by a tree, though. Probably asleep. Mica fell asleep too, his beak tucked into his wing and his feet under his feathers. Grinning, I stroked his back feathers and laid next to Hiro.

"I haven't looked at the stars in the longest time." I said, trying to identify contellations of my own.

"It's nice to do every so often." He said, not taking his gaze off of the stars.

"Yeah.." I said, not sure what else to talk about. There was a little bit of an awkward silence. I was thinking about my home and how the woods and the mountains were so familiar to me, and these woods were not. Even though my life at home wasn't spectacular, I missed it a little. I sighed.

"You okay?" Hiro asked, looking over. I snapped out of my thoughts.

"Oh, yes... I'm fine." I said. Even though the fire was going, it was still chilly. I shivered a little, still looking at the sky.

6th August 2004, 03:00 PM

"You know hwat, I don't have time for this." I said as I stuck a bunch of paralyze seals on the guy.
"It's getting too annoying as it is right now. Your staying right there for a while."

I went to a nearby tree and sat down. I saw Hiro and Leeca. Leeca was shivering. Hiro didn't have a cloak. Need the keep the cliches going....hmmm...

"Hiro, come over here for a sec." I said. Hiro came over. I gave him my outer cloak.
"Leeca's cold. You like her. You need to keep the cliches going." I said. Hiro blushed as he took the cloak and went back to Leeca. He put it on her shoulders. I chuckled a little bit.

"I really need to be less nice..." I said as I was starting to get a little cold. So I decieded to turn in. I went into the tent and hit the sack.

6th August 2004, 03:11 PM
Hiro - Fire Class

I looked over at Leeca and smiled. It was fairly easy to tell that something really was bothering her, but, I wasn't going to try and pry at it. She would tell me what was bothering her when she felt like it, and not a moment sooner.

It was silent for a while, the fire, amazinly, was still going quite strong, and looked like it could last us quite some time.

Once again I looked at Leeca, she shivered a little bit.

"Are you cold?" I said as I saw her shiver.

"Its a bit chilly," she said looking from the sky to me.

I smiled and put my arm aroud her. I wasn't sure if Leeca was okay with this but, if she wasn't I was sure she would tell me.

I looked over at her and smiled,

"I'll... try and keep you warm," I said still looking at her, "don't... worry about that..."

6th August 2004, 03:23 PM
Hiro - Fire Class

"Damn I must be easy to read" I said to Kuchina as he handed me his cloak, "Thanks."

I quickly put it around Leeca, and she stopped shivering a little.

"Wish I could take credit for it," I said to her as she smiled at me

I layed down again right next to her and looked back up into the sky. Although I wasn't really thinking about the sky or the stars anymore, I was thinking about the pretty girl who was laying down next to me.

I looked back over at Leeca as she stared up into the sky, she really was quite pretty.

I slowly put my arm around Leeca. I didn't know if Leeca would be comfortable with my arm around her, but if she wasn't I knew she would tell me.

I then looked back up into the sky...

6th August 2004, 07:14 PM
Leeca ~ Nature Class

I heard Kuchina call Hiro over, and I sat up to try to find out what was going on. Then figuring it was nothing for me to be concerned about, I turned back to the fire and was about to lie back down. When Hiro came back over, he draped a cloak over my shoulders. I blushed, looking at him, then pulled it tighter around me.

"Wish I could take credit." He whispered to me. I grinned.

"Thank you, but I hope I wasn't making it seem like I wanted attention.. I guess I was just cold." I blushed more, a little ashamed. Watching Kuchina walk to his sleeping area, I nodded good-night to him.

"Don't worry about it." Hiro said, laying back next to me. I laid down too. Still staring up into the sky, I let my thoughts take over me again. It was then I noticed that Hiro had his arm around me, still looking at the sky himself. I really had to admit... I liked it. I edged a little closer to him for warmth.

"Do you think... That one of us should stay up to keep watch tonight? Or for at least half the night..?" I whispered. "We're sitting ducks if we're all asleep in the same area." I looked up at Hiro's face.


6th August 2004, 08:58 PM
Alright, I'll do one last post to end the day since I think only two people are still awake.

Hiro - Fire Class
Leeca made a good point, I smiled again.

"Don't worry," I started, "I'll stay up tonight, I already took a nap today."

"Hmm, you sure?" she said "We could take shifts if you like?"

"Don't worry about it. You get some sleep its been a long day."

"Good Night." she said as she nodded. She then rested her head on my shoulder and dozed off almost right away.

"Good Night," I whisper looking down at her and smiling.

I looked back at the fire again, and I lay there, just thinking about everything that had happened today, the wierdest, longest, strangest, and at the same time funnest day of my life...

That has to be longest RP day in the history of these forums, 63 posts for one day, wow... =)

7th August 2004, 07:26 PM
Leeca ~ Nature Class

I had fallen asleep quickly on Hiro's shoulder, but woke up about an hour later. The sky wasn't any lighter, but actually darker, so I knew I hadn't been asleep for very long. I looked slowly up at Hiro to see he was simply looking at the sky. Not wanting to disturb him, I simply lowered my gaze and closed my eyes again. It was strangely peaceful, hearing nothing but the crickets and the fire crackling out. I fell asleep again.


When I woke up next, it was a little after sunrise. The clouds were scattered with oranges and pinks... The fire was out now, and Mica was the only other one up besides Hiro. I shifted a little bit.

"Good morning." Hiro whispered.

"Morning!" I responded, grinning.

"Sleep well?"

"Yes, thank you. I'm on watch tonight, though."

"I suppose its fair." He chuckled a little. I sat up slowly, rubbing my eyes a little. Remembering that I still had Kuchina's cloak on, I stood. Walking over to where he was asleep, I draped it over him and whispered a thank-you to him, even though he was asleep.

"I think I should make something for us for breakfast... None of us have eaten in quite a while, don't you think?" I said, looking at the plants around us.


Amethyst Flygon
8th August 2004, 05:48 AM
Too many posts..... Guess I'll skip trying to post everything Kisten has been doing for the last page and a half and just start out right here.

Kirsten Roma:
After Kuchina stuck some paralyze seals on the formerly invisible man, I walked over and searched his pockets. I found some rope in them and tied him to a tree. If he had the help of a magi to be invisible, then he might have the help of one of those anti-magic devices that I had heard rumors about. It's better to be safe than sorry.
It was starting to get cold with the evening. Deciding that the guy didn't really deserve the comfort, I took his cloak and layed down to sleep a little bit away from the fire. I fell asleep the second I hit the ground; it had been a long day.
When I woke up, Leeca and Hiro were already awake. "I think I should make something for us for breakfast... None of us have eaten in quite a while, don't you think?" I heard Leeca say. "Can I help? I used to help my mom with the cooking back home."

8th August 2004, 07:46 PM
Hiro - Fire Class

I whatched as Leeca and Amy both started to look for berries and plants that were edible. They didn't waste anytime at all getting to it either.

I looked back over to the fire, it had almost completley burned out and even though we weren't gonna be here for much longer, I decided to get just a little bit of wood, just to keep it going maybe 30 minutes longer.

I got up quietly and walked into the woods. It was really quiet for morning time. I got to a part of the woods where it was a like a hill. I could see pretty far and the first thing that caught my eye was a town. It was pretty large from the looks of it, I couldn't see much besides little specs of which I assumed were buildings.

"We could go to Tuscan..." I said talk to myself, "we could get some supplies, a map, and some rest, then we could figure out where to go from there."

I scooped up a few small pieces of wood and walk back to where we had stayed the night. I kneeled down and placed the wood carefully onto the fire, then I snapped my fingers twice, and lit it back up.

Kuchina and Alexander were both starting to stir now and they had both come back over towards the fire.

"Morning." I said trying to smile.

They both just kinda nodded and sat down.

I decided now would be a good time to maybe see if anyone else wanted to go to Tuscan as well. No doubt we needed some supplies and more rest couldn't possibly hurt but, maybe they wouldn't want to stop.

"Hey guys," I started "what do you think about heading to Tuscan for supplies and rest? Its not very far at all if we left in an hour or so we could make it there well before noon and we could plan our next move from there, its up to you guys though."

9th August 2004, 01:58 AM
Alexander Steel ~ Psychologist
__________________________________________________ _____________
I had only just got up and already this fool was already suggesting a life risking journey - at least he asked..

"I'd say no, we don't know who brought us here but they'd know us in a flash. if they found us we'd be toast as soon as we took a wrong turn" I said after a moment of careful thought "They probably know we have the map from them that showed Tuscan anyway, and who's to say there aren't 60 odd men in Tuscan waiting for us to turn up?" I said before anyone else could get a word in edgewise.

Hiro looked ready to disagree but maybe I just hadn't know him long enough to tell his body language, he seemed so different to me, he probably remembered himself as a happy child - I didn't have that luxury.

9th August 2004, 08:31 PM
Leeca ~ Nature Class

I was happily searching for edible plants with Kirsten, it had been a long time since I made anything from the earth. Mica cawed and landed on my shoulder.

::There's a blueberry shrub over there by the thicket:: He told me. ::Those should be good::
<Thanks> I pat his head.

"Kirsten! Over here!" I pointed towards the berry bush. This was beginning to be fun.


Once we had gathered as many berries as we could carry, we returned to the fireside just in time to hear Hiro make a suggestion. I was about to say something when Alexander interjected. Hiro looked disgruntled.

"I really don't think there's anything wrong with it, as long as we're discreet." I said, testing a blueberry for sweetness. "Safety in numbers, too." I nodded. Alex gave me a look. "But, who am I... I'll.. Go think of something to make us..." I shrank away, not wanting to get into any arguments. I sat on the rock Mica had fallen asleep on. There wasn't much to do in this unfamilliar forest.. We'd probably just have to eat the berries plain.


10th August 2004, 10:22 AM
Hiro - Fire Class

I turned to Alex, "Alright then," I said, "Your right, I didn't think the idea through."

He nodded and turned around thinking to himself I supposed. I walked over to where Leeca was sitting and crouched down next to her.

"What do you mean 'who am I'?" I said looking at her, "Your opinion means just as much as what anyone elses, were all part of a team here."

She turn to look at me, I smiled.

"Okay?" I said.

She nodded,

"Oh yah, one more thing." I said to everyone, "theres a stream down this hill just a ways, you can use it to wash up and get some water."

There were a few nods. I looked around camp quickly and saw the man who had been invisible, tied to a tree and still paralyzed, and then I looked over towards the man that had followed me here. When I looked to the area that he had been knocked out at, he was no where to be seen.

I took off towards where he had been and I found nothing,

"Damnet," I whispered.

I searched around and saw in the dirt the area that he had been laying in, then it looked like a few foot prints had come to where the man was laying, then the area that he had been laying grew longer, the man had been dragged away.

I ran down the path of the prints, following them ever so closely, I was able to see that he had been dragged quite some distance untill there were horse prints, the men must have mounted their horse and rode off. So needless to say that by now, there was no telling where they could be, and no telling how many of them there had been, but they were far away.

The question I had to ask myself, was how I couldn't have seen him get dragged off, I kept whatch all night, I didn't fall asleep even once. I didn't hear nor did I see anyone come anywhere near camp, so how were they able to drag him off.

I walked back to our camp just thinking, about how those men got that guy away, without making even the tinest of sounds.

11th August 2004, 08:01 AM
Leeca ~ Nature Class

"Yes... You're right, Hiro. I'm sorry, I think maybe its stress..." I told him, shaking my head. Hiro then told us that there was a nearby stream to use for water and washing up. I nodded. After watching him walk off into the woods, I stood up.

"I'll go get some water for us." I said. "Although I'm not entirely sure what I'll put it in.." Looking around, I went to a tree with large leaves. Closing my eyes and placing my hands on it, I willed the leaves to become even bigger. After doing so, I picked a few and continued down into the forest. Then I felt something on my shoulder. "Hey...!!'

::It's only me. You need someone to watch after you::
<Oh.. Thank you, Mica> I said.

I kneeled by the stream, running my fingers over the top of the water. Mica hopped off my shoulder and landed in a shallow part of the stream. He preened his feathers and hopped around. I put the leaves next to me, taking water into my hands and splashing my face. It was refeshing, washing up a little. Then dipping the leaves into the stream, I let them fill up with the clear water.

<Come on, Mica. Let's head back>


11th August 2004, 11:07 PM
Alexander Steel
__________________________________________________ _______________
Hiro had agreed with me, I was shocked to the point of insanity but I was also worried about Leeca, maybe I had been a little hard on her.

Hiro had slunk off after talking to her for a while so I assumed she was OK, he was walking back to camp now - looking worried.

"What's going on?" I asked him while walking over to him.

"The man who followed me - he's gone a I doubt we can catch him" Hiro replied, looking a little more worried than before.

"We should get moving then, not too far away from Tuscan - maybe we can find ourselves a smaller town and if we absolutely have to we could go there individually, going together wouldn't help" I said thinking of the potential problems with going together.

Anjana's Halo
12th August 2004, 01:27 PM
1. I am very very very very very very very very sorry I haven't posted in so long. I could give some excuses about the upcoming school year, various computer problems, and major climate shifts in my social life, but, in the end, I've been a bad person.

2. I'm also very very very happy to see this hasn't died in my absense, like I figured it had when I suddenly remembered I have an online life, too. I do appreciate longer posts, though, which everyone has started doing.

3. I've read through the posts, but I need to reread them to fully understand what's going on and how to work my character in.

4. Oh, and I guess I'll close the sign-ups now (which has been a really big issue)[/saracasm]

Hugs and Kisses from Anjana ^_~

12th August 2004, 01:28 PM
Hiro - Fire Class

I nodded at what Alex had said, "Alright," I responded.

My thought immedantly when back to the escaped man. He was a very stubborn man he would probably come back after us again, probably with more men and they would smarter and stronger.

Leeca had emerged from the path that led down to the stream holding a few very large leaves full of water, and Mica was perched on her shoulder. She then, very slowly to make sure she didn't spill anything, handed everyone a leaf,(boy, try to picture that in your head.)

"Thanks," I said as she handed it carefully to me.

We all drank the water in silence and after we were done, I quickly explained what Alex had suggested to Leeca.

It took a while to get everyone ready, but about an hour or so later, we all decided to move out down the road, to pursue the path that the caravan had been traveling, althought we were finnaly back on the path of the caravan, my attention was totally divided, all I could think about was that man, and how he had gotten away.

I kept my eyes open while we walked, just incase maybe he would try and come after us again. I wasn't going to get caught off guard again, and I wasn't going to let him escape again, the next time we met, would be the last.

12th August 2004, 01:30 PM
Ha, Welcome back.

Hiro - Fire Class

I nodded at what Alex had said, "Alright," I responded.

My thought immedantly when back to the escaped man. He was a very stubborn man he would probably come back after us again, probably with more men and they would smarter and stronger.

Leeca had emerged from the path that led down to the stream holding a few very large leaves full of water, and Mica was perched on her shoulder. She then, very slowly to make sure she didn't spill anything, handed everyone a leaf,(boy, try to picture that in your head.)

"Thanks," I said as she handed it carefully to me.

We all drank the water in silence and after we were done, I quickly explained what Alex had suggested to Leeca.

It took a while to get everyone ready, but about an hour or so later, we all decided to move out down the road, to pursue the path that the caravan had been traveling, althought we were finnaly back on the path of the caravan, my attention was totally divided, all I could think about was that man, and how he had gotten away.

I kept my eyes open while we walked, just incase maybe he would try and come after us again. I wasn't going to get caught off guard again, and I wasn't going to let him escape again, the next time we met, would be the last.

13th August 2004, 07:59 AM
Welcome home Halo!

Alexander Steel ~ Psychologist
__________________________________________________ _______________
Hiro was as usual strung like a well made bow, "relax Hiro, being all tensed up won't help you - or anyone else" I said to him with the best warmth I could manage.

He seemed to relax a little, maybe I wasn't the best person to suggest it I thought to myself with the name "Leeca" sitting in the centre of my head causing me to want to smash things to small pieces, she was a nice enough girl but really needed to make her opinion more felt.

Nobody else seemed to be thinking of much, maybe locking themselves away in private thoughts that nobody else was meant to know of, maybe they were reading my thoughts, "Say what can everyone here actually do? Magi-wise that is."

13th August 2004, 08:33 AM
Sorry people, been on hols. Back now.


"What were you doing in that tree?"
I smirked. It was a fair question even if it was a tad random.
I looked out at the plains.
"I was watching the area from above and using the tree to keep me hidden. I was waiting for nightfall."
I looked at the horizon. The sun was out of sight but the light still remained on the edges. It would be another hour or so before I'd consider moving out.
"I'm going to wait until it's the darkest it can get before I move." I explained to Naomi. "Try and sleep. It'll help you heal. I'll keep watch and wake you when I'm ready to leave."
She nodded, a bit hesitantly I thought, and sat with her back against the base of my tree. I sat down slightly away from her and watched her nod off. I sighed and looked out at the slowly dimming fields, wondered where the hell I was.

I started swearing as soon as I woke up. I hadn't meant to doze off, i'd probably lost several hours of time I could've been moving. It was still dark though so I could at least get started now and find some cover by the river or in the crops. I shook Naomi awake.
"Hey, come on, we've gotta go."
She snapped instantly awake and rose to her feet. I motioned for her to follow and we both left the safety of the forest at a light jog.

We covered more ground than I thougt we would. Occasionally i looked back and checked on Naomi. Her teeth were gritted and she was sweating a lot. She was tolerating a lot of pain from her wrist to stay with me. As the dawn light began to appear we stopped for a rest. Naomi sat against a tree breathing heavily. I walked around slowly breathing in the morning air.

"Well good morning there." A voice said behind us.
I jumped and grabbed the hilt of my sword, spinning around. An elderly man leading a small dog was smiling at me.
"Looks like I've found two fellow early birds on my stroll." He cocked his head slightly. "Or a couple of fugitives."
I started pulling my sword out and he barked a loud hearty laugh. "Don't worry lad I've no intention of turning you in. How'd you both like to join me in my home for breakfast?" He looked at Naomi. "I can give you a proper splint on that wrist of yours too if you like."
I raised an questioning eyebrow at Naomi. She shrugged in bewilderment.
I released my sword.
"You won't turn us in?" I asked.
"As long as you do nothing to harm me I've nothing against you. I always welcome company."
I nodded slowly, the old guy seemed harmless and I could overpower him if things went sour.
"I appreciate it. Lead the way."


13th August 2004, 08:58 AM
Leeca ~ Nature Class

I looked up from sipping my water, and turned towards the one who asked the question... "What can everyone here actually do?" I grinned, feeling a little better with idle conversation. When no one else answered right away, I spoke.

"Well, if any of you have been wondering where this crow came from, there's your answer." I pat the top of Mica's feathered head. "I can hear animal's thoughts and talk to them with my mind. Mica here has helped out quite a bit. Maybe it doesn't always seem very useful, but sometimes it can help out in a jam. I can also control plants limitedly.. So if you ever find yourself unable to reach a high branch.. Just let me know." I felt loosened up. "What about you?"

::At least they won't think I'm some stray pet wandering around with you now...::
<Who would have thought that?>
::Hey, a few seemed kinda skeptical...::
<If you say so> I poked him, waiting to hear about the rest of my companions, though I pretty much already knew about Hiro's power.


Welcome back, Anjana! :3

13th August 2004, 11:32 AM
Hiro - Fire Class
I listened to what Alex had said, about relaxing, and I had to admit, he was right. It was time to loosen up.

"Say what can everyone here actually do? Magi-wise that is." he said after quite a bit of silence.

Leeca was the first to speak up, she told us how she could hear and speak with animals through thoughts, and how she could control plants.

I looked at the giant leaf that had once held some water in it. I couldn't figure out how the leaf was so gigantic, but now I knew, Leeca had made it get larger.

After Leeca finished, I decided to speak up about my powers, just incase someone hadn't noticed yet.

"I can create and control fire." I said, "Its not as helpful as most Magi powers, but I'm working on it."

We contiuned walking on, I walked in silence, listening to everyone elses powers and making sure that I remebered them, just so I wouldn't have to ask someone elses again.

Anjana's Halo
13th August 2004, 01:49 PM
Thanks for all the welcomes! *sentimental sniff* I'm going to attempt to join the group, now. Forgive any story errors I may make, and, um tell me where they crop up in my post.

Charity Aspen: Rune Caster
I stopped my trek through the forest to catch my breath and assess my situation. My clothes were torn from the branches, my slippers irrepairably muddy. I was hungry, hot, and extremely lost.

Maybe chasing after Leeca's group wasn't the best idea.

After they had left, I had to sit and think about what I really wanted to do. Yeah, I would love to be at home, sitting in front of the inn's fireplace with a hot bowl of soup, but I also wanted to stop the kidnappings. They really made no sense, it tore children away from their families and - I studied the scratches on my arms - no one else should have to go through this. And when I was caught between what I wanted to do and what I had to do, I almost always chose to do the right thing, though it may get me lost in a forest where every tree was the same as the next.

"Well," I said to myself, "I guess I'll have to resort to my powers." I dug around inside the pack that I always had around my waist, and was luckily still with me. The kidnappers must have decided it was worthless since all it had were writing utensils; the source of my power.

I only retrieved a pen and some ink from the pack. The paper inside was too precious to be used right now, so I instead pulled down some leaves from the trees. I studied the shape, aspen leaves. Perfect. I carefully applied the runes for 'tiny bird' to eight different leaves, then focused my power through each rune. The aspen leaves seemed to fold upon themselves until they formed what looked like a small green bird. They were still leaves, but now had the power of flight, and a small bit of intelligence born of magic.

"Little birds," I said to them. They lifted their heads up, attentive to my words. "Fly off in pairs in each of the cardinal directions and find my friends," Along with the words I gave mental pictures of the birds flying off, two by two as well as pictures of Leeca, Kuchina, and Hiro. The leaf birds flapped their wings and took off into the sky. I sat in the clearing, picking burrs out of my hair and clothes, waiting until at least one of them found my fellow Magi.

Yay, so this would have been a short while after the group left. Charity had a connection to each of her Summoned Servants, so she knows if they are destroyed or if they find what they were sent to search for. And Charity is not the outdoorsy-type, if you hadn't noticed.

13th August 2004, 06:45 PM
Leeca ~ Nature Class

I hadn't really stopped thinking about the idea of going to Tuscan. After we discussed our Magi powers and there was a short bit of silence, I spoke again.

"What if... Only one of us goes to Tuscan? Just to stake it out first. If things seem all right, they'll come back and grab the others. If something happens and they don't come back in a proposed amount of time... The others should come looking. Does that sound okay?" I looked over at the others.

"It's a little better than everyone being vulnerable at once..." Alex said, stopping to think.

"I'll volunteer to go." I said. "Mica will come."

"You can't go all by yourself." Hiro said, walking over to me. "You'll need someone to protect you." I blushed.

"I guess.. It would be safer that way wouldn't it?" I smiled. "If we're not back in a day at the most... Something went wrong.. So either go some place safer or come look for us, okay?" I saw Kuchina and Kirsten nod a little.

"Stay around this area for a little for us.. We'll try to be back soon." Hiro said, turning towards the city. I began after him, but stopped to watch a few little green bird shapes hover around us. They circled my head, then went over to Kuchina. I shrugged, following Hiro.


Amethyst Flygon
14th August 2004, 09:36 AM
Urghh... I had a nice long post, but my computer ate it. Evil computer! Didn't you have your fill of accidental deletions yesterday! Why did you have to eat a post with four long paragraphs?
Oh yeah, welcome back Arjana's Halo. ;)

Kirsten Roma (Rhyme Master):
After eating my fill of blueberries and drinking the water Leeca had offered, I wandered off to the edge of the group and began doodling designs in the dirt with a stick. The others seemed to be arguing about whether to go to Tuscan or not, and I didn't want to get on anyone's bad side.
When they stopped talking, I edged back towards them and noticed that Hiro had walked off. When he came back, he said that the man that had been following him was gone. That doesn't sound very good.
After a pause, Alexander said, "Say what can everyone here actually do? Magi-wise that is." Leeca explained that she could control nature a little bit. Hiro stated his obvious control of fire.
"Me, I'm a rhyme mage." I replied. Everyone looked at me with a look of confusion, so I continued with an explanation. "I can do some small magic with rhymes and I can hear stuff in the wind if I try." I wouldn't tell them about Banshee Shriek, that spell is only to be used as an absolute last resort.
After everyone was done talking about their powers, Leeca brought up the topic of Tuscan again. I'll let the others decide where we go, but it would sure be nice to have a second pair of clothes. And maybe some reasonable shoes for me.
Leeca came to the conclusion that she and Hiro would head to Tuscan to stake it out. While they were leaving, some small green birds flew around their heads. Then, they came close to me and observed Kuchina. Wondering what they were because they could not be natural, I started to chant a rhyme to make one of them too heavy to fly. "Little bird up in the sky, rest your wings and no longer fly." It then plummeted to the ground, were I picked it up and saw that it was made of a leaf. I turned to the others and asked, "What do you guys make of this?" while the other birds flew off.

Anjana's Halo
14th August 2004, 12:09 PM
Evil computer, devourer of long posts. That's why I usually copy and paste the post into Word if it gets really long.

BTW, Amy, it's Anjana's Halo, with an N. You can also just call me Anjana, or AH if you're feeling lazy.

Charity Aspen: Rune Caster
Through the connection in my mind, I sensed that my leaf birds had found them. "Perfect!" I declared aloud. I closed my eyes and sent a message through the magic connection. Birds, I ask that two of you stay with them to help me find their location. The rest of you, your task is done. Six of the eight birds were disconnected from me as they changed back into regular leaves. I let out a soft sigh of exhaustion. Activating that many Summoned Servants was draining, but it had been worth it. Now I just had to find an easy way to get to them.

I started scouring the forest clearing until I had found a small pile of rocks. Then I spent ten minutes searching through the pile until I had uncovered a palm sized, ovaloid grey rock that was flecked with small spots of white. Pulling out my calligraphy pen brush, I quickly wrote the rune for mouse with one of my most permanent inks, then I was stuck. In order for it to guide me to Hiro and the others, I needed the rune for Connect, but I couldn't remember it. Sighing, I gave up and just wrote the word 'connect' on the stone in regular letters, using a washable ink I used for one-time spells. It would work, but not as strong. "Lousy time for that to slip my mind, though I never expected to be on the run in some foreign country." A surge of power, and the pebble transformed into a rock-hard mouse complete with a tail and whiskers, though there was no fur, just the shiny smoothness of the stone.

"Okay, since my other mouse is at home, you'll be my permanent pebble mouse." The rodent blinked its stony eyes in response. "Now, show me the easiest way for a human on foot to reach my leaf birds." The mouse nodded its head and lept from my hand running directly into a thicket of bushes.

"Wha-wait, is that really the easiest way?!" I yelled at it. The rodent poked its head out from under a bush and beckoned my onward. I sighed again. "I really wish I had my other pebble mouse," I muttered in frustration. I heard another tear in my dress as a branch snagged on it. "In fact, I wish I was home!"

Charity can join up in the next post, if you want. Or she could be captured by that one guy that vanished (since the art of stealth had totally escaped her), or whatever.

And what happened to the old man in Kinglerlord2's post?
EDIT: Ahh, thanks for the clarification, NightBlaze

14th August 2004, 03:00 PM
AH(Yup, I'm feeling lazy): Kinglerlord2 and P_S are away from the rest of the group, so the man in his post, we really don't know about ^^;
Hiro - Fire Class

We started to walk down the path towards Tuscan, it was a pretty nice day, the sun was up high in the sky with only a few clouds sprinkled around. I looked over at Leeca, she too was looking at the things around us.

"Its pretty nice out today isn't it?" I said smiling.

"Yah." she said smiling back, "Its warm enough that you wont get cold, but cool enough so you don't melt."

I smiled, "Sounds like a good day to me."

We kept walking in the direction of Tuscan, talking most of the time, just about little things, it was quite enjoyable, and it was much easier to talk to her without three other people around.

We walked on for a little longer, still carrying on with our little conversation, just to keep things going. The sun rose higher into the air, and every now and then a cloud would float in front of the sun for a few minutes, then slowly drift away.

I glanced over at Leeca again, and she must have seen me out of the corner of her eye.

"Yah?" she said smiling

"Seems like Mica has taken a liking to you huh?" I said quickly, making sure she didn't know that I was looking at her becaue I thought she was pretty.

"Hmm, I guess so." she said stroking his wing lightly

I smiled, "You could have a friend for life there." I said, "Even though he has your necklace, he still wants to hang around, thats pretty cool of him."

She nodded still smiling.

"He came through big time for me." I started to say, shifiting my view back to the pathway, "I followed him through the woods after my little fight, if he hadn't told you that, that guy was behind me, he would've caught up to me in no time. I was also wondering, can Mica understand what I'm saying right now, or can he only understand you when you speak to him through you mind?

14th August 2004, 11:05 PM
OOC: Yeah, two of us are elsewhere but i'm drawing us closer to the others again eventually.


"Come in, make yourselves comfortable at the table there and I'll bring in something to eat." The old man said. He had introduced himself as Torlas on the way to the house.
I stepped inside, followed by Naomi and looked around. The house was of a good size, made of think timber panels. The living area was spacious with two well used comfy chairs in front of the brick fireplace with it's chimney climbing the wall. A large bookshelf sat off to one side completely filled with books stacked neatly in the recesses.
"Does anyone else live here?" I called to him.
"Just my dogs." Came the reply. "My wife passed away some time ago and my children have all grown up and moved on."
I heard the tinkling of crockery and moved in that direction. I entered a small room with a beautiful wooden dining table that Torlas was currently setting with tea cups and plates. I ran my finger along the smooth edge of the table and admired the carvings running along each of the sides on the tabletop.
"I made it myself." Torlas said with a smile. "For my wife, just after we married."
"It's beautiful." I said honestly.
"It's amazing what love can motivate you to do." Torlas said. "Perhaps you'll find that out one day."
When I didn't say anything he indicated to a chair. "Have a seat. We'll have tea."
He moved into the kitchen area again and I sat down. The small brown daschund Torlas had been leading when he found us shuffled up to me and circled my legs, sniffing experimentally. It was joined a moment later by a terrier with long scruffy hair who insisted on shoving it's cold nose onto my skin when it sniffed. Naomi walked into the room and caught their attention, leaving me in peace for a while.
She sat at the table and Torlas returned with a large teapot which he placed in the center.
"I've got some smoked ham and some eggs that I'll cook up once we've had a cup of tea." He said cheerfully. I got the impression that he didn't get company often and was enjoying himself a great deal. He started pouring Naomi some tea when something thumped loudly on the door.
"Torlas! Are you in?"
The old man sighed. "It seems they're already looking for you." He said quietly. "That's a lieutenant of the army."
Naomi looked wide eyed at me and I started to rise, reaching for my sword.
"Stay here." Torlas said calmly. "I'll get rid of them. There's a back door in the kitchen if things go bad." He picked up a walking stick and moved to the living room. He gave us a wink and started limping with the stick towards the door.
"Hang on a moment!" He hollered at the door as it thumped again. "Don't get your shinies all twisted!"
I heard the door creak open.
"What can I do for you Lieutenant?" Torlas said.
"Some prisoners escaped from a caravan last night in this area." Another voice said. The voice was regal and commanding. "Some of them may have come this way. Did you see or hear anything strange in the last little while?"
"No, no I haven't." Torlas said with an odd tone. "I've been inside most of the morning you see. My knee has been playing up a bit lately. I took young Champ, you remember Champ don't you lieutenant? He's the one that marked your armour, the little brown one, oh look you can still see the stain just there on your leg, how funny. Anyway, I took him for a small walk and tried to do a bit of weeding just around the house here but my knee was aching too much so I've just been sitting in my chair, pondering this and that."
"I see."
"I'm expecting some company today actually." Torlas continued cheerfully. "I've just finished setting the table and was pouring myself a cup of tea when you graced my house with your presence. Would you like a cup of tea Lieutenant?"
Naomi looked at me in alarm and I quietly rose from my chair ready to run for the back door. What the hell was the old man doing?
"I'm fine thankyou." The lieutenant said dismissively with a hint of irritation.
"You're from Lerra aren't you lieutenant? The city on the coast down aways? My friends are on their way from there as things would have it. They're on their way to Tuscan actually but they're stopping here briefly to say hello. Perhaps you might know them, the Penners? Jason and his wife Helen. Though they may have moved there after you joined the force. They had three children you know. One unfortunately died quite young about three or four years old. Trampled by a cow... or was it a goat? No, no it was a cow, Jason himself was punctured in the back of the leg by a goat, that's why I got confused. He's had a bit of a limp because of it ever since. They had a small farm you see and-"
"We'll be going now." The lieutenant interrupted with a heavily frustrated and impatient tone. "If you see anything let someone know as soon as you can."
"Of course lieutenant. Quite sure you don't want a cup of tea or some toast?"
"I'm fine thank you. Good day."
"Good day lieutenant."

Torlas walked back into the kitchen grinning. "I think we'll be left alone for a while. Tea anyone?"


OOC: I love old man characters, they can be so flexible in what they can do. Sorry the post was so long ^^;;

15th August 2004, 09:56 AM
OOC:: KL2.. That post was so much fun to read. :lol:

Leeca ~ Nature Class

"Of course he understands what you're saying. Animals are much more intelligent than humans take them for. Which works out well, because if I'm not around and you give him a simple command, he'll most likely listen to you. Because I have the power to speak one-on-one with him, he listens much better... But if anything ever happens, yes, he's listening." I looked up at Mica. He cawed softly.

"Well, then..." Hiro said, coming closer to pet Mica's feathers. "I had no idea."

Hiro and I walked in silence for a little while, occasionally glancing at each other. I shifted a little, then continued walking.

"Bah.. Awkward silences." I whispered. "Sorry."

"No, don't worry about it." Hiro responded. "I was just enjoying the surroudings. I've never really thought this deep about nature until I met you." The smallest blush appeared on his cheeks. I laughed a little.

"Hiro.." I said, thinking. "Do you think it would be awkward to take Mica with me into the city? Its not everyday you see someone with a wild bird on their shoulder. Do you think it would be dangerous?"

::You'd leave me all alone?:: Mica gave a mental sigh.
<You were doing fine before I met you>
::Yes, I suppose that's true, isn't it... But you need someone to look after you. I can't let you two go into a city by yourselves...::
<What's that mean?> I raised my eyebrows at him. He gave a small cawing laugh.


15th August 2004, 12:19 PM
Hiro - Fire Class
Mica cawwed a few seconds after Leeca had asked me about him, but the caw sounded a lot more like a laugh than it did anything else. I laughed quietly.

"Well." I said remebering that she had asked me a question, "I'm not really sure, some people might think it a little odd, and it could draw some attention towards us."

"Hmmm." she started, thinking out loud, "What if he were to fly around above us, and maybe stay near the roof tops?"

"There ya go!" I said with a smile, "That way we wont lose track of him, and he can still be close."

We both nodded and smiled to each other, and kept on walking.

It took another hour or so of walking to finnaly reach the town, it was just down the hill a ways, and you could see the entire town from the top of the hill. The town was gigantic, there were lots and lots of little houses and 100's of tiny specs running around which I assumed were either people or large dogs.

"Nice, were here." I said looking at her. "Ready to go?"

I turned around and took a few steps forward when I noticed that Leeca had not yet moved.

I turned back around and looked towards her. "Whats wrong?" I said walking over to her.

"I'm not sure," she started a little bit of a quiver in her voice. "I'm... not so sure that I want to go there anymore."

I smiled at her, "Your worried we might run into someone in there that probably doesn't want to be our friend arent you?" I said trying to get her to look up at me.

She nodded silently.

"Well, what do you say," I started again, "we go in together, and if things get even just a little wierd, all you have to do is say so and I'll get you out of there as fast as a I can. Okay?"

She looked up and me, I smiled, trying to get her to smile back.

"Okay..." She said trying to crack a smile.

"Alright," I said walking a little more towards her, "Remeber, if things start to get you even a little wierd, I want you to tell me right away."

"Alright..." she said, getting over her nervousness a little bit.

I reached my hand out and found hers, "I'm right here, and I always will be." I said causing my self to blush a bit.

So with that, we walked down the hill, rather slowly, making our way to the entrance to town, and every now and then, I felt Leeca squeeze my hand just a little tighter, and I in turn, did the same.

18th August 2004, 09:34 PM
Leeca ~ Nature Class

I felt a little better after Hiro said he'd look after me. Just having his hand to hold on to made me feel stronger... We walked into the city, normally, as to not attract unwanted attention.

<You stay up around the rooftops, okay?> I told Mica. He nodded.
::If you need me, please call:: Mica took to the air before we met any large groups of people, hovering about the poles and wires of the city.

Tuscan looked pretty normal. It wasn't anything really flashy, but nothing dull either. I liked the feeling and wished we could stay, but it was too risky. Reaching into my pocket and pulling out some money (I was surprised I still had it - it hadn't fallen out or gotten stolen), I counted out some coins. Hiro took out a few of his own, and we walked over to a general store. We picked out some necessary things, like some bandages, a knife and canteens for water, as well as a few other things and a bag to hold it in. Life out in the woods would be a little more tolerable now. Walking out of the store, we passed by another, and Hiro stopped. Looking at the entrance and smiling, he turned to me.

"Wait here for a minute, I promise I'll be as quick as I can." He turned quickly and ran through the doors. I was nervous, so I paced to calm myself. Periodically glancing up at Mica to make sure he was still around, I walked past what looked like a bar. I tried to ignore the seemingly drunk comments directed at me, but one I happened to hear got me scared.

"They're not normal kids.. There's something different about them."
"No, sorry. Haven't seen any folks like that around."
"You're positive?"
"Yep. And I'm in this here place just about every day."

The first voice seemed to growl, and I ran back to the entrance of the second store to find Hiro exiting with a parcel.

"We have to leave.. They're here, Hiro, they're here!" I was out of breath, he looked stunned.

"What? Who..?"

"Them! I think they came here looking for us!"

"Oh.. Well, then let's get going!" He tucked the parcel under his arm and took my hand. I still had the bag of other supplies, and we headed back in the direction we came.

<Come Mica!>
::Leaving so soon?::
<Yes, come on!> I watched him soar over head until we got to the border of town, where he perched on my shoulder again. Taking out a piece of paper and a pen that we got at the store I wrote a message::

Leaving Tuscan :: Unsafe
Keep going, we'll catch up

Folding it up as we walked, I called to a sparrow.

<Come here!> I pleaded. It turned its head and looked at me. Fluttering next to my head, I stuck the note in its beak. <You'll find a group of people if you fly forward, please give this to them, and be quick!>
::Yes! I will!:: Its hyper voice responded, taking off.

"What was that?" Hiro asked.

"A note to the others.. I told them we'd catch up if they start going now."

"Right." He gripped my hand tighter as we continued back.


NightBlaze, I trust you know what else Hiro bought. :D

20th August 2004, 08:02 PM

Hiro - Fire Class

We walked at a slightly faster than normal pace towards the border of the town. Mica swooped in from above and landed softly on Leecas shoulder. As we walked I kept looking behind us, making sure that we weren't being followed.

We walked in silence, slowing our pace back down to a regular walk.

"I... think, were all clear now." I said very softly, just incase someone was still around. "Good thing you heard whoever it was your heard."

"Yah," she started, calming back down, "What did you get anyway?"

I smiled, "I'll show you later." I said glancing over to see the confused look on her face.

We walked on, glancing at each other very now and then, and maybe striking up tiny conversation, when suddenly, there was a noise behind us, it sounded much like someone walking, and we probably would not have noticed it if whoever it was hadn't stepped on a stick of some sort.

We both spun around, looking towards the direction of the sound, then at each other. Still holding her hand, I silently signaled for her to follow me. We jumped of the main road and croched down out of sight behind a hill like area of dirt, it was just big enough to conceal us, and let us peek slightly over it.

Slowly, a group of men emerged from down the road. They all were dressed like the men I had, had my little rumble with. I glanced to Leeca, she had seen them too.

The men walked closer towards the area where we had jumped off the road. They examined the area very closely, making sure not to miss a single inch of the ground.

Soon enough they would be over here examining the hill, and they would notice the two of us.

I looked behind us, quickly trying to see what kind of terrain was behind us. It was flat, but there were trees, logs, and sticks almost everywhere, in order to get through this area silently, you would have to go very slow, or fly over it.

I leaned over towards Leeca, "We need to go." I whispered into her ear

She nodded and shook a bit, I tightened my hold on her hand.

Slowly we both turned around, as silently as possible, and walked at a fast pace, through the trees and over the logs and sticks, making sure not to make a sound. We had to stay uncomfortably low in order to avoid being seen and it was hell on my back, but we had to do it.

It took a good 15 minutes to get out of the sight of the men, and doing it silently was no easy task.

Once we were far enough away I peeked through the trees towards the men, I couldn't make out what they were doing, let alone what they were saying, and I didn't really want to find out anyway. I turned back to Leeca.

"We should probably keep moving... these guys are very persistant." I said very quietly, squeezing her hand to let her know it was okay.

We walked fair quickly, still holding each others hands, through the area of trees. It was much harder to walk off the road, but we didn't have much choice.

We walked together for a while, and it started to get a little cold and the sky went from light blue, to dark blue. The sun was starting to set, and it was immposible to see what was in front of us.

"We need to stop for the night," I said looking into Leecas eyes, "if we keep going were gonna get lost..."

She nodded in agreement.

We sat down up against a rather large tree that towered above most of the ones around it, tonight, we would have to sleep up against it, as laying in a clearing would be an easy way to be spotted.

"Well, its been a... fun day." I said turning to Leeca and trying to smile.

"Yah... fun..." she said sarcastically.

I put my arm gentaly around Leeca, and she inturn rested her head on my shoulder, shivering slightly.

"Ah, thats right." I said, remebering what I had bought before we fled. I pulled out the parcel which had held a cloak that I had bought. It was a very very dark red. I took my arm off her for a minute and place the cloak around her shoulders, then putting my arm around her again.

She looked over at me and smiled.

"This time, the cloak is mine," I whispered smiling.

"Thanks," she said still smiling, pulling the cloak around her and then reaching her hand out to my arm that wasn't around her. Holding on to my hand and squeezing every now and then.

I smiled and held her just a bit closer.

23rd August 2004, 08:49 AM
Must... continue... story!


We finished our tea and the old man returned to the kitchen, the smell of ham and eggs wafted through the doorway as he called back to us and told us about himself and his family. He returned to the table with two large plates and we helped ourselves. The ham was warm and juicy and tasted wonderful. Both Naomi and I were starving and we quickly ate through several helpings, thankful of the old man's insight to cook a large amount for us.
"So. Fugitives." He said matter of factly. "What exactly did you do to end up as fugitives? You're both very young."
"We were kidnapped." Naomi said simply. "We don't know why or by who."
"Last night we escaped with about eight or nine others."
"Where are the others?" He asked.
I shrugged. "I left them back in the woods last night. As far as I'm concerned staying in a large group is the fastest way to die right now." I indicated to Naomi. "She just followed me." Naomi glared at me.

The old man nodded and examined us with penetrating eyes. "You're not from anywhere around here are you?" He said finally.
I shrugged again. "I have no idea. None of us had any idea where we are. Some of them seemed to want to find out who captured us but frankly I just want to get back home, once I figure out what direction that's in."
Torlas leaned back. "Well, I don't know if I can help you with that, but I can at least offer my opinion on your captors." He scratched the end of his nose. "Since it was the lieutenant that came around this morning then either the kingdom is after you or someone allied to them. I don't know a great deal about the Lieutenant that came by this morning but I have my suspicions that he's not the cleanest officer in the batch. And given your... unique skills, I doubt that ordinary soldiers would have been sent to the area. Only people who are at least semi-aware of what they were facing would be sent out."
I felt a chill go up my spine. How had he known about our skills? My face must have betrayed my shock because he smiled.
"Don't worry yourself too much about it lad." He said. "When you become as old as I am you notice things that others might miss." He stood up. "First thing we have to do is make sure that you *do* live to that age." He indicated for us to follow him. He led us to a small storage room and shifted a few boxes. He pulled the lid open off a large box and pulled a few items of clothing out.
"These are my son's old clothes. They should fit you." He said, handing them to me. He pulled out a few more things and handed them to Naomi. "These things of my daughter should fit you. Change into those and I'll prepare a few other things for you."

When we returned to the dining area, several biscuits, cakes and dried meat were layed out and a small leather pouch. Torlas looked up and surveyed our new outfits. He nodded in approval. "You should fit in better like that." He started wrapping the food in handkerchiefs and placed them carefully in a small bag that he picked up from the floor. He put two gourds in after that. He did up the bag and handed it to me. "This should be enough for a few days if you ration it properly." He handed me the small pouch. "It's not much but it should let you buy a few things until you figure out how you can earn yourself a little more money."

I tried to push it back into his hands. "I can't accept this." I insisted. "You're doing too much for us."
He gently pushed back. "Don't worry about it lad. The money only sits around anyway. I can provide most things for myself. Consider it a thank you for providing me with company today."
"I insist lad." He led us to the door. "Head east and you'll find Tuscan. If you leave now you'll probably get there late at night. It might be best to rest somewhere away from town and go in in the morning. It's up to you of course. In Tuscan you might find someone who can send you in the right direction. Be subtle about it though, there's a lot of people after you I'd imagine."
"Old man..."
Torlas smiled. "When you find your way home you'll know how to get back here again. If it's not too far perhaps you could come and visit and let me know all of your adventures." He shook our hands. "Good luck." With a final smile he closed the door and we turned and headed east to Tuscan and hopefully some answers.

27th August 2004, 08:13 AM
Come on, people. This can't die! T_T

Leeca ~ Nature Class

Hiro had taken out a cloak... So that's what he bought down in Tuscan. I grinned.

"Thanks, Hiro." I said. And I meant it. The woods get very cold at night. Laying in silence with Hiro, I watched the deepening sky. "Are you sure it's all right for us to stay here for the night?"

"I think so." Hiro responded. "We're pretty well hidden, and quite a ways ahead of them. So as long as someone keeps a watch.."

"Which will be me." I said, smirking.

"Yes, if you want." Hiro laughed a little. "I think we'll be just fine."

"Okay.. Mica, you'll watch too, right?" I looked at him in the branches just above me. He gave a small nod.

<Go to the top of the tree there>
::Of course::

With that, Mica soared out of the tree and perched on the very top.

"So you can get some rest if you want to, Hiro." I said softly.


27th August 2004, 09:04 AM
OOC: hope you guys don't mind the rest of us catching up.

Alexander Steel ~ Psychologist.
__________________________________________________ _______________
Leeca and Hiro had gone to Tuscan despite my efforts, the rest of us had wandered on without event. In a sudden flash of intuition I turned around and noticed a girl behind us, she was around 5'6" tall and was violet eyed, unusual.

Why was an unknown girl following us, suddenly I remembered seeing her face somewhere - maybe back in the caravans when I was waking up but she looked familiar, I strode out to greet her "Hello, who are you?" I felt abrupt and rude, a feeling that rarely occured for me.

A strange happening in among other strange happenings.

28th August 2004, 12:20 PM
*does the life dance* ahhh nvm.

Hiro - Fire Class

"So you can get some rest if you want to, Hiro." Leeca said softly

I thought for a moment, rest sounded very good as I had been awake for almost 2 full days, but looking around, this area of the woods looked extremely creepy, especialy at this time of night. I wouldn't want to stay awake alone here, so there was no was I was gonna make Leeca do it.

"I'm fine." I said trying to cover up my tiredness(sp.). "I'll stay up with you and Mica, just incase."

She gave my hand a small squeeze, "Okay." she said looking up at me and smiling.

I let go of her hand for a minute and reached over for the sack that had all of the things we had bought for the day, I looked through it quickly and pulled out the knife. I put it on top of everything, so that we could get to it if the need arose.

"Just incase." I said gentley holding her hand again.

"Right." she said, cracking a little smile.

We layed there together in silence, the slightest noise in the woods would creep me out just a bit, and I would always look around, even if I knew what the sound had been. I wasn't sure if Leeca was as jumpy as me, but I assumed she might have been.

As the night grew on, it got colder and colder, and you could really feel it. I looked around, and there was a lot of wood. I was going to start a fire when I thought of it for a minute. Starting a fire would be like lightning a beacon of light, anyone looking for us would see it and be over here in a flash, fire was not an option.

I looked down at Leeca, her head was still rested on my shoulder, and even though I couldn't see her face, I could tell she was awake.

I put my arm that she wasn't holding around her, hopefully keeping her a bit warmer, but probably not much. She squeezed my hand a little bit, kind of like a silent thank you.

The night wore on, and was so silent, you could hear anything that happened very clearly. I decided to break the silence a little as I couldn't bear to sit like this for another 6 or 7 hours.

"How are you doing Leeca?" I asked.

13th September 2004, 01:29 PM
Life dance. XD Come on, people. ;-;

Leeca ~ Nature Class


I guess Hiro wasn't tired just yet, so he stayed awake with me and Mica. I was a little bit relieved, because I felt better when he was around me. No offense to Mica, but Hiro could be a little more of a threat to oncoming attackers.

The night was scary.. I don't know why it got to me so much more than the night before did.. Perhaps because I knew we had been followed closely for a while, and they could be anywhere. But I took a deep breath, trying to calm my nerves. Eyeing the knife Hiro placed on the top of the pile, I silently hoped we wouldn't have to use it.

Hiro held me close, and I was greatful. Not only was the night scary, but it got real cold. Maybe because he has the gift of fire, he's naturally warmer than normal... But unfortunately, I can get cold often.

"How are you doing, Leeca?" He said, breaking the awkward silence.

"Wha-.. Sorry?" I said, snapping out of my dazed thinking.

"How are you?" He repeated.

"I'm.. I'm okay, I guess. Thanks for being here for me."

"Where else would I be going?" He grinned.

"You know what I mean." I laughed a little, poking his shoulder.

"Well then, you're welcome."

"And what about you? How are you?" I turned my head a little to look at him.


Anjana's Halo
23rd September 2004, 07:01 PM
So sorry, so sorry, so very very sorry. School has come (How I loathe it...). So now, to post.

Charity Aspen: Rune Caster
"This has to be...the stupidest mouse...I have ever made..." I half muttered, half panted to myself. The easiest way for a human, according to the rock rodent, was through brambles, thorns, gullies, and a poison ivy patch (which I skirted around). It wasn't an entirely straight path, according to my connection with the leaf birds, but it was very annoying. Then through the foliage, I saw movement. There they are! I thought joyously, until they continued walking at a pace a bit too fast for me. I would never had caught up if one hadn't stopped and turned to see me following. He walked toward me, allowing me an excuse to pause in an attempt to catch my breath.

"Hello, who are you?" he asked me. He was very tall, with a thick main of black hair that adequately covered his face. He was acting friendly, but boy was he intimidating.

"I'm...I'm Charity. Charity Aspen. I'm a Magi. Boy am I glad I finally caught up with you. I was scared that mouse was just going to get me more lost."

"Mouse?" Asked a familiar voice. I looked around the man to see Kuchina.

"Yeah, its part of my power-where is it?" I cast around, finally finding the mouse was curled up next to my foot, trying to be cute. I picked it up to show it to them. "This is my pebble mouse. I use my powers to change it from a rock. It follows my orders, but this one does an abysmal job."

"Is this yours, too?" asked a girl with long dark hair. In her outstretched hand was one of my leaf birds.

"Yes! That's how I found out where you were, um, what's your name?"

"Oh, I'm Kirsten Roma. That's Kuchina and Alexander," she said, pointing to each of her companions in turn.

"Hey where's Leeca? And what-his-name, Hiro?"

"They went to Tuscan. They should be coming back soon," informed Alexander. From his tone of voice, it seemed he thought they shouldn't have left in the first place.

"Oh, my second bird must be with them. I thought it was odd when they separated."

"You can sense where your birds are?" asked Kuchina.

"Yes, I only made the mouse because it was supposed to show me an easy way to you."

"So, if your second bird is following them, you can tell where they are?"

"Yep, so we could head right to them, if you want. But I am not using this mouse for that again," I said, punctuating my last remark at the mouse as I changed it back to a stone. Worst mouse ever at tracking.

29th September 2004, 08:48 PM
Oii, lets a go
Hiro - Fire Class

I looked down at Leeca, "And what about you? How are you?" she asked looking back up at me.

I looked out at the forest, "Well," I started "Its dark, cold, and creepy, were kinda lost, and there are bad people that know who we are and are following us." I stopped for a minute, "But... I've got you here with me... so... that pretty much negates all of what I just said."

I looked back down at Leeca, she had a small smile on her face, and I smiled back.

The night wore on, and I swore that I was going to pass out, but everytime I almost did, I remembered that I had promised to stay awake, and of course a promise was a promise, and I couldn't break it.

I sat there looking out into the woods, hoping that this night would come to an end and we could be back up and moving, but by looking at the sky and the many stars, I could tell we still had a ways to go...