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10th February 2003, 07:07 PM
Oh yay, we start! Here's a refresher-
The Plot
You are a typical college student at one of the highest rated universities this side of Indigo Plateu! Located in Lapras Valley along the coast. It's a great privilage to be accepted here. Many students go on to join the upper ranks of the Pokemon League. This is your dream. With your specialized team, you plan to battle your way to the top, against friends and enimies alike. Will you make it?

Mmkay.. Here are the rules! Part of the reason that LVH didn't work was because there weren't enough rules. I expect everyone who signs up to follow these rules to the letter... NO EXCEPTIONS!!
1) Up to 6 Pokemon per student
2) All students are normal people. This means NO psychic powers, morphing abilities, coming back from the dead, or anything else you crazy people come up with.
3) NO FREAKIN' LADY BLASTOISE! She was OK at first, but she REALLY got on my nerves after awhile, and I'm not the only one. And no one like her.
4) The only reason any legendaries should be in here is if we go on a "field trip" and see one. No student may have a legendary.
5) Please keep Team Rocket in limited amounts. I will be the judge of what is too much on this one...
6) If you have a problem with how one person is posting (ex- Putting Caps On Every Word Like This) please post a curtious request for them to stop.

Please post you sign up with your first post- SU is at here (http://www.pokemasters.net/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=9545&perpage=15&pagenumber=1)

Houses... This is the hardest part for me, since i decided to go with 6 pokes instead of 1... so please, just go with what I give you, mmkay?
Flaria- me (Dru), Matt, Gavin, Lorelei, Troy
Solaria- Nadia, Greg (sorry, but you belong here!), Rebecca
Aquarus- Luke, Jimmy, Craig, Toki
Taras- Mike, Sam, Andrew, Kayla, Jon
And remember... this only really matters when it comes to room mates. he he... Dormitory spells Dirty Room! ^_^;;;

And now... (Monty Python music plays) ermm... no... (sound of record scratching) ^_^;;
My sign up
Name: Dru
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Physical Desc.: Tall, with ever-changing-color hair (it's blue into lime green right now). Wears alot of black leather and had numerous tattoos and piercings.
Personality: Strong-willed, likes to argue. She likes for her oppinion to be heard.
Bf/Gf: maybe... depends on who signs up...
History: Secretly daughter of Giovanni. Ran away to live with him for two years, but got tired of it and came back. Doesn't have much contact with her father anymore, especially after being sent to jail for a year for not turning her father in. Is on paroll. Has a twin brother (Martin) and her best friend is Nayia Waterflower. Lives with them in Cerulean during the summer. Plays guitar and bass.
Other: Has a blue, black and silver Suzuki instead of a car (these are her/my fave colors!)
Pokemon: Flareon (Torch), Dragonite (Sky), Arcanine (Cinder), Alakazam (Shadow Misstress), Ninetales (Shiela), Gengar (Morgan LeFay) all female...

i'll post in a sec... don't want this to get too long...
Oh, BTW, LSUs sign up here, but wait till you're OKed to post, please!

10th February 2003, 07:31 PM
Name: Joey Hisku

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Physical Desc.: tall, a semi-muscular(not buff), dark brown hair down to his shoulders, but wears it in a poney tail all the time. oh, yeah, green eyes.

Personality: Quiet, not good at making friends, preferse to be alone then with a crowd. Can have a short temper most of the time.

Bf/Gf: Single.

History: Single child in his family. His dad was always moving because of his work so they hardly stayed in one town more than a year or two. Stopped trying to make friends by their fourth move and put all his energy into training his pokemon.

Other: dunno what else.

Pokemon: (fire)Bashaamo(Volcaino), Pidgeot(Tornado), (electric)Raiboruto(Zaku), Sandslash(Sandstorm), Blastoise(Wartank), (steel)Kodora(Kata). Sandslash is the only female on the team.

K, put my r/s pokemon types on the bio.

10th February 2003, 07:41 PM
accepted... hmm, house... Flaria (like I said, I don't know much about R/S pkmn... if yall really wanted to be nice, you could put types with them... sorry, i'm a 'tard)

feel free to post yall... i'm being kinda slow here...

The Muffin Man
10th February 2003, 08:01 PM
Just a request, but could Mike and Toki be in Taras together? Or Aquaras ^_^;; Whichever one works.

10th February 2003, 08:18 PM
Joey Hisku looked down as Tornado (his Pidgeot) circled the area.
"There it is Tornado!" Joey said. "Land down there."
Tornado nodded and flew down and landed infront of one of the buildings. Joey hopped off. "Tornado, return."
Joey held out his pokeball and the flying pokemon returned to it.
The dark-haired boy looked around before entering. As soon as he got to his room he dropped his bag onto his bed and took a look around the room. "Huh...I wonder who I'll be rooming with."

10th February 2003, 08:27 PM
sorry Mike, no-can-do. people dating eachother aren't put in the same house.
you can still have classes together and what not....

Bandi [GHK]
10th February 2003, 08:34 PM
Name: Lorelei
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Physical Desc.: 6 feet, slightly muscular, shoulder-length auburn hair, green/gray eyes, gold hoop earrings, black long sleeved shirt, blue checkered vest, gray zippered sweater, blue fingerless gloves, black goggles (when outside doing something), khaki-coloured cargos, black running shoes, wierd pendant
Personality: Calm, quiet, friendly, and intelligent. Caring, not frightened by much, and realistic, and confident.
Bf/Gf: none
History: Lorelei grew up in a family that didn't have much money. Struggling to make ends meet, Lorelei was sent to live with a well-known proffesor, Professor Redwood (Professor Oak's brother). She got excellent grades and managed to win a scholarship. She also got interested in music, and can play the guitar, saxophone, drums, and the violin.
Other: Likes all sports and loves riding motorcycles (wears black leather jacket, black leather gloves and a black helmet when motorcycling)
Pokemon: Scizor (M), Feraligatr(M), Dragonite(M), Charizard(M), Jolteon (F), Nidoking(M)

Just one question, are we supposed to speak in third person or first person? For now, I'll speak in first person.

"VRRR!" I skidded down the road and parked my motorcycle. I stared at the school. It looked like a nice school from the outside, but then again, who knew what the inside looked like? I grabbed my luggage and talked to Jolteon walking beside me.
"You know, Jolteon, I think I'm going to like this school. It feels... right."
"Jolt!" she replied.
I stared at my map of the university.
"Let me see... I'm going to live in the Flaria house. Great. Now where is that?" I thought.

I finally managed to get to the Flaria house. I opened the door and walked into a room. I stuffed my luggage in a corner and decided to take a quick nap. I climbed up onto the top bunk, and I fell fast asleep. My last thoughts were about how my instuments were out of tune.

PokeMaster Jimmy
10th February 2003, 09:04 PM
Name: Jimmy Morbid
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Physical Desc.: Wears a black t-shirt and baggy khaki pants. Wears oval glasses. Has hazel spiky hair which is usually standing up and defying the laws of gravity but usually wears a hat. He has hazel eyes and is asian. Looks muscular and has jordans that was customly designed to have black and red marks on the side part with a fire logo on the tongue.
Personality: Intelligent, nice, kind, fun, sometimes hyper-overactive but can be extremely serious or strict at times.
Bf/Gf: (I'm all alone... )
History: Nobody knows his history, he prefers not to mention it.
Pokemon: Gengar aka Shadow(outside of Pokeball, M), and Blastoise aka Hydro(M)

Now I never joined before so I'm new. Don't blame me if I do it all wrong.

I walked up to the entrance of my new school with two bags of luggage. 'Ahh, the fresh air, the newly mowed lawn, the huge beautiful university...' I thought to myself. "This is Lapras Valley University right?" I ran directly to the clerk at the information center. She smiled at me kindly. "Yes it is." she replied. "Oh, whew, good thing. I've always had bad luck finding the right school." I said.
"So what is your name?" she asked, apparently doing something with the computer.
"Uhh, Jimmy Morbid." I answered.
"Ahh, the new student. You have been placed in the Aquarus house. Here is your map, key, and have a nice time here at Lapras Valley University." she handed me a map and my key.
"Thanks." I said shortly and went up the stairs. I really didn't know where it would lead to but I didn't want to look like an idiot and just stand there all day. When I had gotten the map right-side up, I went back down.
"Hehe, wrong way." I said to the clerk at the table. She chuckled lightly.

I finally found my way to the Aquarus house, somehow. I opened the door with the key that was given to me earlier. I opened the door and found!... Nobody there... I sighed and walked in. "Shadow!" I called out. My gengar appeared from nowhere. Now I'll let you roam around but no scaring people and stealing their pies. And if you do, get me one. Just be sure not to get off school grounds." I ordered it. Shadow nodded and left with the mischievious grin it always has. I put my stuff down and went inside the bathroom to make sure plumbing was alright.

I went to my bedroom and put my stuff into where it belongs, and laid on my bed.
"Ahh..." I looked out the window to the clear blue sky, with both hands behind my head supporting like a pillow(You know what I mean). I slowly closed my eyelids as they got heavier and started to fall asleep.

10th February 2003, 09:22 PM
Name: Troy Underwood
Age: (18-24) 19
Physical Desc.: He has brown spiky hair and a black vest. A white t-shirt and blue jeans.
Personality: Keeps to hhimself and only talks to friends. Once in a while, he will talk to a stranger.
History: (Famous parents? Old friends that also go here? Anything major happen to you?)He is a orphan. One day, a elite trainer took him in. Ever since, he trained with him and is a very good trainer.
Pokemon: Shadow the male Umbreon, Firestorm the Male Arcanine. Darkflame the male Houndoom, Dragoon the Male Dragonite

Ultimate Charizard
10th February 2003, 09:23 PM
Name: Gavin Wynder
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Looks: Tall, 6'2". Brown hair, blue eyes. Wears a black T-Shirt and blue jeans with Black fingerless gloves.
Personality: Likes to joke around but gets serious when he has to. Very loyal to those he calls his friend but also very paranoid. Gets Emotionally worked up if betrayed and can become dangerous.
Bf/Gf: None..
History: Was one of the Trainers that left Pallet town when Ash left (the guys we never saw). Was reported to have quit training and given. Continued to train up but simply stopped battling Gym leaders. Wanted to make his pokemon strong and overcome their type disadvantages. (Like the Sandshrew that can take Water attacks. AJ's i believe.)
Other: Has a modest Martial arts background(not that its needed) Doesnt like to show off but can accidentally. Ie, can absently spin a pool cue around if playing.
Pokemon: Charizard, Blastoise, Venusaur, Golem, Raichu, Umbreon.

Ill post an opening post soon, bit busy tonight.

10th February 2003, 10:05 PM
Name: Toki Akizuki
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Physical Desc.: Short and scrawney with short, spikey pink hair and blue eyes. She usually wears pink sunglasses, along with a little red star pin and an anc. She's the perfect size for riding on her Charizard's back.
Personality: Carefree, never does homework but passes with excellent grades, intellegent, and an anime fanatic. Occasionally, however, she has days where memories overtake her and she gets kinda depressed.
Bf/Gf: Will be Mike
History: After her family was killed by Team Rocket, she went a bit crazy, in that school was never her first priority and she cared about nothing. She then captured her first Pokemon, a Charmander, who's carefree personality brought out the best in her.
Other: She randomly breaks out into song, believing that living a "musical life" can be therapudical.
Pokemon: Charizard, Eevee, Golduck, Totodile


"YEEEEEEE-HAAAAAAAAWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!" I shouted as Charizard did a complete barrel roll. Several people who were gathered on the front yard of the giant school looked up. It wasn't necessarily amazing that I was riding a Charizard, hell, everyone and thier mother had a Charizard these days, but I don't think you see many "colorful" riders like me. I dyed my hair again last night (Huh? You wanna know my natural hair color? I'll never tell. ;) ) and my t-shirt is rainbow-striped.

"BOMBS AWAY!!!" I cry as I let go of Charizard completely, about ten feet in the air. Quickly, I shift my momentum into an impressive flip, landing on my feet. However, the sudden gravity causes me to lose my balance and fall backward, severely injuring my bum. And I announce that, too. "OW!! MY BUM!!!"

It's about this time that I notice that everyone within a fifteen feet radius is staring at me. I grin, then sweatdrop, hand automatically going to the back of my head. "Hullo!" I chirp. Everyone rolls thier eyes and look away. Well, everyone but one fellow, who seems to enjoy staring at me. He has rather large muscles, I notice. Drool begins to form at the corner of my mouth. Then I stop and smack myself in the forehead. "Big muscles, little brain, big muscles, little brain," I chant to myself. It's probably untrue, but I don't have time to be thinking about boys right now. Before I can control my motions, I smile and wave at the boy. He blushes above the bridge of his nose and looks away.

Charizard lands next to me, and I reach up and pat the back of his neck. I thank him, then return him to his Pokeball. Whisting a merry little tune, I stroll off towards the entrance.

That would be the end, except whistling isn't nearly enough to satisfy my appitite for song. So I begin to belt out a little number I like to call, "First Day of School," sung to the the tune of "Paint that Wagon."

"Gonna go to scho-ool,
gonna learn some stuff,
gonna try to get a job to I can buy a car!"

Needless to say, I really like going to school. And I also like to tell people so.

10th February 2003, 10:17 PM
Name: Craig

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Physical Desc.: Slightly Black hair, can usually be seen wearing black clothes, wears a cone studded wristband on each wrist. Wears a fingerless glove on his right hand that has pryamid studs just above the knuckles (on the flat part of your hand)

Personality: Likes geeky stuff like computers, video games, all that electronic kind of stuff! He has trouble letting things go sometimes and under pressure often makes stupid mistakes. He will stand up for his friends and his pokemon.

History: A native Vermillion City resident, Craig lived a normal life like many kids until it was time to go to High school, the local highschool was also doubled up with the gym.

Craig's parents put him in a far away school in the Lapras Valley appropriately named "Lapras Valley High" the school also garanteed (sp?) place in the university with the same name as long as the student acquired a 75% average in all classes.

Even though Craig begged not to leave, his parents sent him away, they thought it was "for the better"

Oh, and then he went to LVH. yea.

Other: Plays the bass guitar and the drums (slightly), has a Persian named Gypsy at home but it is the family pet and will uhh, never make an appearance.

Pokemon: : below.

Pidgeot Nicknamed: Sky'ree but Sky for short.

Craig caught Sky'ree in the 7th grade. When he walking to the store to get some pokemix for their pet Persian "Gypsy" he had enough money to buy a pokeball, so he did... He always wanted a pokemon! When he got home and his Mom asked for the change, he lied and said that there was none. He later went out on a "walk" and found a small pidgey congregrating by itself near a bench. Craig approached and it did not move away, so he threw the pokeball, and the small Pidgey didn't give up any sort of fight at all.He later found out (dont ask how) that the Pidgey was starving and searching for a companion.

Craig named him Sky'ree after where he flies (the sky) and the street where he was caught "Red Ree Road" He trained all through 8th grade and highschool and he finally evolved into a Pidgeot... Craig and Sky'ree love flying around at night time.

Vaporeon Nicknamed: Mirage

Caught in his final year at Lapras Valley High sometime in May, he found it swimming around in Shellder Bay defending itself from a cloyster, after Craig (well, actually more like Sky'ree) saved her, the Vaporeon took a large liking to Craig, and wouldn't stop following him around... He finally gave into its cuteness and caught it, and named it "Mirage" after the appeareance it has in the water (When it uses Acid Armor, Vaporeons look just like the water so they are basically invisible)


"Lets go Sky! Full speed ahead!" Craig called to his pidgeot as loud as he could.... After all, they were going pretty fast already..in the air.

"Pidggooo!" Sky'ree replied, and started a divebomb to pick up speed.
"Woahh!!!!" Craig called out! The wind blowing his hair back and puffing up his shirt.

Sky quickly pulled up, and then landed, Craig stepped off his back and looked around "Lapras Valley High, I'm back..again, hey come here Mirage!" he said as he held out his Vaporeon's pokeball, the vaporeon appeared and then looked at the gates of the school

"Yea, were back Mirage, lets go!"
"What? Whats wrong?" craig demanded
"Vaporeonn!!" she started to walk in the other direction

Craig walked towards the doors "Come on, or i'll leave you behind!" He called in a happy tone, obviously just joking.. The Vaporeon sprinted back near his feet and rubbed up against them, trying to win his affection again..

"Haha, good ol Mige"
"Pidgoo!" Sky called out again, hovering just a few feet in the air, and then perched on Craig's shoulder, which wasn't a problem for him at all considering pidgeot's are infact very light (They have to fly!)

He walked inside the gates and looked at the oh-so familliar secretary

"Craig?" The secretary said
"Yup, wheres my room!"
"Uhhh, Craig..your not at this school anymore!"
"WHAT! I was expelled" Craig said, almost falling to the floor anime-style
"Your at Lapras Valley UNIVERSITY now, dufas!"
"Oh, right, well.. I'll be seeing you!"

"Lets go, Sky'ree" He hopped all cool style onto his back again, and Vaporeon curled into the area between Sky and Craig, holding on tight with a resouding "EOTT!!!" they were off with a flash.

They got fairly high in the air, at a slow speed
"Where is this school anyways?"
"Vaporeon!!!" You could hear a fin slap against her head, this clearly meant 'You didnt bring a MAP?!'
"No, I didn't Mirage! Sky, you should know, you used to fly around all the time!"

They continued cruising for a while, until they saw a building much bigger then LVH, with 4 intricate but very different towers back at lapras valley high "That has got to be it, Sky! Quick Attack!"

Flashes emerged as they plummeted towards the ground at supersonic speed, loooking like a shining meteor, until finally they stopped, just a few meters from the ground... dust settled and the dramatic entrance was complete.

"So, we ARE here now" Craig said trimuphantly.
"Vaporeon!" "Pidgeo!"

He walked into the main doors, Sky'ree back in his pokeball (Hey, he gets kinda tired after a while!) but Mirage circling near his legs. He approached the secretary

"Name" she said, looking at the computer screen
"Craig.. Craig Symonds"
"Yes, and I see you only have 2 Pokemon, a Pidgeotto and a Vaporeon" she said
"A Pidgeot now, he evolved"
"Thats very nice to hear" as she tapped in some letters
"Why do you need to know?" Craig asked..in a rather dumb manner
"Well all students are required to show the school what pokemon they have, its for classes involving pokemon"
"Oh, that figures"

Craig walked off and then heard the secretary clear her throat
"Yea?" Craig called back to her
"Your key, and your room number" she said
Mirage sprinted over onto the desk, startling her
"Oh.. This must be your Vaporeon..she..startled me"
"Yup..her name is Mirage, isn't she amazing?"
"Yes, she is quite cute" She extended her hand and patted her, Mirage releasing a large purring noise. The secretary put the card-key into her mouth and she hopped off back towards Craig

"Thanks, Mirage!" as he picked up the card-key and walked down the hall as he read the card

"Aquarus, room 11.. Aquarus? Hey! I was normally put in Solaria, I guess im in Aquarus because of you, Mirage!"
"They kinda named it different. Instead of Aquaria its Aquarus...weird, oh well it has to be different in some respects"

He left through the doors he came, strolling down towards the large tower that was a deep blue color, helooked back at his card, it had a drip on it "Aquarus..." He opened the door and walked up the staircase to the room of dorms, he found the room 11 and opened it up, no one there, great! He took out a pokeball and snickered "This was SUCH a genius idea of mine" as he threw it on the floor, immediatly it popped open to release a large cardboard box. He opened up the box and found a bag full of clothes, his bass guitar and some random stuff.

"Sky'ree, come out!" the Pidgeot was standing on the bed, next to Mirage. "Lets unpack!" As Craig and his pokemon quickly started to unpack everything until the cardboard box was no more.

"Cardboard box! Return!" He said, sending it back, laughing a bit.. He would have to get rid of the box later... He looked outside the window, it was only roughly 10 in the morning, and he had completly forgetten he was incredibly hungry

"Who is hungry?" they both nodded and smiled.
"Well, im going to the cafeteria, I'll bring you both back some food"
They nodded and smiled, yet again.

He picked up the TV remote and turned it to channel 8, where the Indigo League championships were currently being aired, the two pokemon watched it intently, all summer they had been following the indigo league..

Craig left the room and slid down the stairs, and then made it towards the school, he dreaded going between the tower and the school in hte winter, as he always had...It was cold...

He found the caf, and suddenly a Gengar appeared infront of him, scaring the pants off him as it was so sudden



note: that was Jimmy's Gengar off to steal some pies

10th February 2003, 10:36 PM
Name: Matt
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Physical Desc.: Tall, about 6'. Weighs about 110. Has black hair with purple streaks. He wears blue jeans and a black shirt a lot. He also has a trench coat, but he doesn't wear that much.
Personality: A nice person when he wants to be. Sometimes he will bite your head off, but thats only when you get on his nerves. He trys to be friends with people, but they just end up not being his friend.
Bf/Gf: None..
History: His cousin is Sabrina, the Saffron City Gym Leader. They don't talk much though. Someday he wants to beat Sabrina in a gym battle and take over her gym. He also has a younger sister. He doesn't talk that much with his sister either.
Other: ...
Pokemon: Espeon (Psy-Cat), Umbreon (Blackie), Alakazam (Tele), Houndoom (Evil Dog), Xatu (Psy-Bird), Sneasel (Dark Frost)

Sorry, I can't post right now. I have to do my procrastinated homework x_x;;

Nayia Waterflower aka starmie44
10th February 2003, 11:17 PM
I'm bacckkkkkk!!!! Yes, I know, it's scary. ^-^

Name: Nayia Waterflower
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Physical Desc: *mutters something about not being a blond which she was in the fanfic* Ahh hell, I like the picture of her and Luke so...
Dyed blond hair (with blue and green streaks through it) that ends at the shoulders and fans out at the ends. Emerald green eyes, is 5'4" and has fair skin.
Clothes usually consist of low rider dark blue flared jeans and a bikini top (usually red or blue). Likes to wear high heel sandles, as well as a seashell necklace with matching ankle bracelet.
Personality: lol, she's not as annoying and slow now as she was protrade in the fanfic. She is a bit naive though. ^-^ She's sweet, nice, very friendly, and very open-minded, but stubborn and gets a little jealous of other people for a few things (not much), but doesn't show it. She's alot more mature, and is still opimistic.
B/f: Well, Martin didn't sign up yet, so I'll say that Nayia and Martin are on a break from their relationship. ^-^ She's free right now boys.
History: Agg. I can't remember the half of it. Hmm... her hometown is Cerulean City. Parents are pokemon professors so are always busy, and she has three over-protective older brothers. Misty, Daisy, Violet, and Lily are her cousins and cause she is so close to them, she is consisted the fifth Cerulean sister.
Been friends with Dru since childhood, and they even are in a popular band.
(I knew I did this big plot twist thingy involoing a fire of some sort, but I can not remember what it is anymore, so I'll go with what's in the fanfic. It's close enough.)
Let's see, Was friends with two guys, who were brothers. Luke, the young brother liked her, and she liked him. When they had confest this to each other, the older brother Andy camy by. He had problems and hatred Luke for he got everything he wanted, including Nayia. Andy took out a gun to shoot Nayia so either could have her, but Luke jump in the way of the bullet. Luke died, and he advanced on Nayia, thinking he could have her now, but seeing how scared she was of him, he shot himself. After that, Nayia never trusted herself to love another guy, afraid something bad would happen to them.
Also, Nayia was stuck in the biggiest fire that Cerulean had had. It started at a restuarant, which was about to fell upon her. Martin saved her, but hit his head and lost his memories for doing so.
Martin and Nayia got together in the first LVH. It took a while though because of Nayia not wanting to be with another guy, Martin recalling his past, and another guy (I think it was Spike) after Nayia's heart as well. Guess who won. ^-^
She also became good friends with Sal, Ashley, Kayla and the others of the old gang of LVH.
After graduating from LVH, she traveled alot to study more on water and dragon pokemon (the band was put on hold cause of Dru being in jail, so she had the time to do so). She kept in contact with her LVH friends, and even visited then if she was in town.
Other: Plays drums, keyboard and sings in her and Dru's band. Loves music, volleyball and swimming. Is a dancer as well (right now, her favs type is hip hop). Has a pretty red sports car too. ^-^
Pokemon: Nixie ~ Dratini *female* (lol, yes, she is still a dratini and still likes to hang around Nayia's shoulders),
Dalit ~ Golduck *male* (over-protective like her brothers),
Shasa ~ Starmie *female, tho I don't thing starmie's have genders :P*,
Kaelin ~ Dewgong *female*,
Maylia ~ Vaporeon *female*,
Drake ~ Gyarados *male*

11th February 2003, 01:43 AM
Name: Luke
Age: 19
Gender: male
Physical Desc.: around 6', short spiked brown hair, green eyes, wears t-shirts and jeans most of the time, pretty strong looking
Personality: Kinda smart, likes to have fun, likes playing sports, likes to make friends
Bf/Gf: none right now, but he is looking ;)
History: Used to be friends with Brock who helped him learn about pokemon. Traveled with him then he had to leave him when Brock went to the gym. He found Tote stuck in a river and has been with him for several years. They have become very close throughout the years and he never goes anywhere without Tote (being in his pokeball that is)
Other: :wave:

Male Feragligatr (Tote), Female Meganium (Leafy), Female Ninetails (Flare), Male Onix (Rocky), Female Xatu (Psywing), Male Murkrow (Krow)


Luke is driving down the street. He turns and parks in the parking lot. Out pops a Xatu from a pokeball.

"Oh! Hey Psywing, I think we're here! This looks like the place right?" Xatu jumps down and gets the booklet about the LVU.

"Thanx Psywing! Lets see... well, the picture looks a lot like it... right? Yeah! Ok lets go see whats goin on around here." Luke jumps out of his car and so does Xatu. Luke closes the door and locks it. As he is walking to the building he tosses a pokeball. A pretty big Feragligatr jumps out.

"Come on Tote! We're at the school. Lets see whats going on here." Tote followed next to Luke and they walked in the building. Luke goes to the front desk.

"Um, hello. Who are you?" Asked the secretary.
"You don't know me?" Luke said with a bit of jokingness. The secretary didn't get the joking part.
"Um, should I?" She questioned.
"No, well I hope not cause that would be weird since I don't know you." He replied.
"But you just... I though... Uh... who are you?!" She stammered.
"I'm Luke." He said
"Luke... Whats your last name?"
"Last name? Its Carity. Luke Carity."
"Ah, ok here is your info right here. You have 6 pokemon correct?" She responded to him.
"Yeah, here are 2 right here." Tote looked at her in a happy yet still kinda mean way.
"Allright, well here is your key and info." Psywing jumps off Luke and gets it. "If you need anything then just come back here and I'll be happy to help."
"Alrite, cool. Come on you two, I need to get our stuff!" They walk out. Luke opens the trunk of his car and tote helps him pick the stuff up. They walked back inside and asked here exactly where the house was. She pointed in the direction.

"Cool thanx." They leave and walk the direction towards the building. "Ok, here it is, lets go up to the room." They search around and finally get to it. Luke unlocks the door and they walk in. He looks around and sees two pokemon sitting watching TV. Luke and Tote put the things down. He tosses out a pokeball and a Murkrow comes out. "Hey, Krow and Psywing. Can you two bring some of my light things over to my bed? Thanx!" The two bring a couple things over to the bed and Luke notices a guy asleep looking out the window. Luke gets a smirk on his face. He looks at Tote and Tote smiles back. Tote walks over to the person slowly then squirts a small amount of water at him. The guy jumps up and gets face to face with Tote.

11th February 2003, 01:48 AM
Name: Nadia Tenryu
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Physical Desc.: Tall, somewhat pretty...her hair was originally a rather light blonde, but she currently has it dyed in streaky shades of fluorescent pink, magenta, purple, and blue, which she wears mostly in a short bob, except for 2 long sections of hair on each side of her head, which she braids. Her eyes are a soft shade of blue-green. Normally, she wears whatever's comfortable, which could be just about anything...probably just a t-shirt and jeans, though. She's not picky. Has several piercings in both ears...likes little silver hoops, as well as gemstone studs...and a pair of tattoos: One on her lower back of a silver and gold musical note, and a gold and red sun on her upper right arm.
Personality: Sort of a punkish alt-chick, but quite friendly. Serious about her schoolwork. Determined, she doesn't want to fail at anything she tries. Very intelligent. She likes to have friends. She also likes the idea of Pokemon training, and is quite close to her Pokemon.
Bf/Gf: None
History: Nadia grew up in a normal family, so to speak. She got good grades in school, so she was rather enthused to be accepted into the university. She's also a keyboardist/singer who sporadically works the local club scene for spending cash. She looks forward to new experiences, both in the University and around. As for her Pokemon, Tyra and Kyra were the first Pokemon she received, raising them by hand from Nidoran eggs. She even paid for the Moon stones herself. They're a breeding pair, BTW, so Nadia sometimes sells the eggs or gives them away to anyone who would like them, unless Tyra and Kyra object (which does happen).
Pokemon: Tyra (Nidoking), Kyra (Nidoqueen), Lei (Bellossom, F), Sleet (Dewgong, F), Wind (Rapidash, M), and Wing (Pidgeot, M)

Nadia Tenryu

"Alright! Into the Pokeballs! NOW!"

Nadia had cupped her hands around her mouth to gain the attention of her Pokemon. They scampered, trotted, swam, or lumbered towards them, and got inside. She made sure everything was safely packed away in the trunk of her little black Volkswagen Bug, then got in, closing the door securely. Starting the car, she played with the radio for a moment, then sighed and popped in a CD. Singing along, she pulled away from the apartment she had been renting for the past year, sighing wistfully. The landlady didn't mind her Pokemon at all, only requied that she cleaned up after them...she was gonna miss the place.

A few hours later, she found a parking place, then got out of the car and looked the place over. Impressive. Opening the trunk, she released Tyra and Kyra from their Pokeballs.

"Not sure if you guys can fit in the building, but each of you take some stuff."

Between them, they cleaned all the luggage out of the car, except one small package that Nadia herself took, slinging the strap attached to it over one shoulder. Her keyboard. The three of them set off towards the doors...they looked like they would admit a full-grown Nidoking and Nidoqueen, she thought...they did.

Walking to the clerk at the info desk, she cleared her throat loudly to get the clerk's attention.

"Is this where students check in."

The clerk nodded.


"Nadia Tenryu."

"Tenryu...Tenryu...Ah, here it is! You are in Solaria. Here is your map and key, have a nice time at Lapras Valley University."

Taking them, Nadia smiled and looked the map over.

"Oh, and do you have any Pokemon other than these two fine beasts?"

Nadia smiled again, blushing slightly.

"A male Pidgeot, a female Bellossom, a female Dewgong, and a male Rapidash."

"Thank you."

Reading the map, she quickly guided the little group to Solaria tower. Opening the door with the key, she noted the spaciousness of the room...and more than 1 bed.

"Just set them down on one of the beds."

They did so, and she put them back in their Pokeballs. Clearing a space for her to sit, she released Lei, then took her keyboard out of its carry case, balancing it on her knees. She played a simple tune, and Lei danced to it, making Nadia smile. It was a way to relieve tension.

Roommates. How fun!

11th February 2003, 06:47 AM
YEAH! *runs around the house shouting "it's back!" at the top of her lungs*
Name: Kayla
Age: 20 *notes the fact that she was 15 for 3 years during LVH 1-3*
Gender: Female
Physical Desc.: *makes slight modifications to Mist's version* She has brown hair that falls halfway down her back. Wears a dark blue headband. Light brown eyes. Dark blue t-shirt that matches her headband. Black miniskirt that goes down almost to her knees. (ANY "problems" from you boys I won't take lightly)
Personality: A little less of an obsession with fashion, but still likes it. Really a good person, you just have to get to know her. She may act stuck-up sometimes.
Bf/Gf: Erm, I don't think that one counts, so...
History: She (still! I remember this part!:D) wants to be an Eevee breeder. Her parents were, as well. Her mother died the same day she got her first Pokemon, Cald (the Eevee). She got four other Eevees since then, and they each evolved. Cald finally evolved when Kayla was at LVH.
Other: *grumbles*
Pokemon: Cald (Flareon), Orothe (Vaporeon), Arderial (Jolteon), Naroom (Espeon), Underneath (Umbreon) (And these have been her Pokemon all along! :D)
*looks back and sees how much Mist's influence has changed her SU form, cuz she doesn't even remember it...* *notes how much she actually remembers*

I'll post later, right now I'll go take care of YGO: The Future! Finally!

11th February 2003, 08:37 AM
Name: Greg Siron

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Physical Desc.: Here

Personality: Put simply, a big goofball. He loves to party and have fun. He is a friend to almost everyone and has very few enemies. Never has anything negative to say about anyone, unless they are real pains. He is often seen as a nerd by the more 'popular' people, but he doesn't care.

Bf/Gf: Not as of yet.

History: Grew up in Cerulean city as the son of a rich couple. He was often an outcast wherever he went. One day, he was in a warehouse searching through a box of...not stolen T.V.'s when he was attacked by a Gloom. He was saved by a Grimer, who started following Greg around. About a week afterwards, he 'borrowed' a pokeball from some Ash kid from Pallet after beating Ash up. Grimster went into the pokeball without hesitation, and they have been pals ever since.

Since graduating from LVH, he has traveled around the world with his pokemon. However, he has released all his pokemon, except Mukster, due to them falling in love with others of their species. Now, all he has is Mukster, best buds with each other. When he was accepted to LVU, he immediately stopped his trip, and returned to Lapras Valley, eager to see his old friends.

Other: Is a chocoholic, addicted to video games and computers, is crazy about Shakespearean theater, and acting.

Pokemon: Muk (Mukster)

MUHAHAHAHA!!! I'm back!

Greg Siron & Mukster

"So you see, Miss Lorelei, the whole technique of my battling is...will you go out with me?!" *WHACK*

Sigh. "Some world trip... All my pokemon, save Mukster, have fallen in love and left. Even my homosexual Tauros! And I am still all by my lonesome. So sad." I sat down dejected. What? I've got mail! I picked up my daily fanmail from the Greg Siron Society back at LVH. Ahh...those were the days. I picked up the first couple. "Fanmail, fanmail, playboy (save that for later), fanmail, bill, pink slip, jury duty (my playboy will come in handy)." Wait, what's this? "Lapras Valley University?" I ripped it open.

Dear Mr. Siron,
You are invited to attend this year at Lapras Valley University. You are allowed at the college to have six pokemon with you ("Thanks for letting me know. That is really going to help.") You must show up at the beginning of the semester. You will not be admitted a day later.

"MUKSTER!!!" I called.

"Muk?! Muk uk!" Mukster showed up in a chef's hat and an apron.

"I know your cooking, but we're going back to Lapras Valley!"

"MUK!" Muk cried happily. We held each other's hands and did a victory dance.

"Let me just check when we need to be there...OH CRAP!! Muk, we gotta be there today!" I quickly ran around the house picking up everything I would need for my stay at college. When I had everything, Mukster and I bolted out of the house.

We ran down the street as hard as possible. We ran about one block...and we were there. "Boy Muk, it's a good thing I bought that house during my second year at LVH." Muk nodded. We walked up to the front and came upon the imfamous lady at the desk.

"Na..." She started.

"Greg Siron, 1 pokemon, (mukster waves), I'm in Solaria tower."

"How did you know what I was going to say?"

"I read everyone else's posts. And as for my key, I have my own thanks." I walked away and left the lady sitting there dumbfounded. I walked to Solaria and entered. There was a girl standing there with a Nidoking and Nidoqueen.

"Why, hello there pretty..." I started to say....then...*WHACK*. "I will just go to my room then. I wonder if anyone I know will be here..." I said before passing out. Mukster carried my to my bed and laid me down on the bed beside a window.

PokeMaster Jimmy
11th February 2003, 08:41 AM
"Ahh!!" I yelled after I was rudely awakened. I find to see my squirter a giant Feraligatr. "AHHHH! Wild pokemon gone wild! Shadow!" I called my Gengar. He appeared at the door with four pies in his hands and walked over. "Ooh, pie." I took 2 pies from Gengar and sent out Blastoise. "Pie time!" we all smiled and gulped our pies. When I had realized the Feraligatr was still there, I also just realized that it belong to a trainer that was looking at me very strangely.
"Oh, hey. Is he yours?" I asked dumbfoundedly, pointing to the Feraligatr.
"Yeah, unless there really are wild pokemon going wild and loose in the school" he chuckled.
"Ehehehehe." I laughed sheepishly, "Anyways, I'm Jimmy, these are my two pokemon, Shadow the Gengar and Hydro the Blastoise.
"I'm Luke and you've met Tote," he pointed to the Feraligatr, "this is Leafy, Flare, Rocky, Psywing, and Krow" he pointed to the rest of the Pokemon.
"Well, since we got one pie left, ya want it?" I gave it to him.
"Thanks." he said and left to his room.

I heard the door outside open. It must've been room service or my other roommate, or some guy trying to mug us. I walked to the main room to find guy, who seemed to be exausted and scared out of his wits. And another two pokemon on the sofa, who quickly went to his aid.
"H-hi" he managed to cough out.
"Dude, are you ok?" I asked him.
"Yeah... just fine... just need to catch my breath." he gasped.
Shadow appeared in front of me and made a silly face.
"WAHHHHH!!!!!" the guy jumped up, nearly banging his head on the ceiling, along with his Pokemon. He made the cross-mark as he did.
I laughed a bit. "Shadow, how many times have I told you not to scare people."
"He's yours?" the guy pounded his chest to breath correctly again.
"Yeah, look I'm sorry if he's caused you any troubles." I said lightly.
"No, nothing bad really happened. He just suprised me. Who isn't suprised when a stranger Gengar just comes in your face, makes a scary face and run away with your four pies." he said.
"Those were your pies!? Well, isn't this coincidential." I said scratching the back of my head.
"Wait, you told him to?" he asked.
"No, I told him not to, but if he did, bring back some for me and my blastoise, Hydro." I said.
"So, you have no control over him?" he asked.
"I dunno... lets see. Shadow, roll over. C'mon, roll over" I told Shadow like he was a dog. Shadow looked at me with one eyebrow up.
"Okay, play dead. Play dead Shadow" I tried another command.
"I guess not." I said.
"Well, my name is Craig. These two are my Vaporeon and Pidgeot, Sky and Mirage." He introduced himself.
"I'm Jimmy, this is Shadow, my Gengar, and Hydro, my Blastoise." I pointed to my Blastoise.

11th February 2003, 12:37 PM
Name: Sam
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Physical Desc: He's tall and slightly muscular. He has very short blonde hair that is spiked slightly and sea blue eyes. More or less lives in jeans and t-shirts. Won't be seen without trainers.
Personality: He's the hard, silent type. Not the best social-wise but when it comes to battling he has full confidence. He has a nice side but hardly ever shows it.
Bf/Gf: None
History: Grew up with only his dad to look after him (who happened to be a terrible alcoholic and beat him up a lot). This caused him to be such a jerk towards other people.
Other: none
Pokemon: Pichu, Tyranitar, Umbreon, Scizor, Houndoom, Typhlosion (All pokemon are male)

I walked towards the building. Pichu was sitting comfortably on my shoulder and my other pokemon were resting in their pokeballs.
I went inside and headed up to the front desk.
"Students check in here right?" I asked.
The secretary nodded then said, "Name?"
"Sam." I replied.
"Sam what?"
I sighed. I hated my last name, mostly because of my dad's criminal record. "Omaras."
"Ah yes here it is." She placed to objects on the desk. "Your map and your key."
I took them and left hurridly to avoid any confrontation.
"Taras house..." I muttered, glancing at my map.
I found it and quickly headed there. I found myself a room and began to unpack my belongings. I was dreading my roomate. Probably be some nosey chatterbox who would drive me nuts.
I sighed and jumped onto my bed. Pichu laid in my lap as I stroked his bright yellow fur.
"Well we finally made it," I said quietly to the little yellow mouse.
I smiled. Maybe this wouldn't be THAT bad.

11th February 2003, 12:45 PM

Luke was in the other room as Tote saw Craig and Jimmy talking. He walked to the door way and squirted Craig in the face and started to laugh. "Ok Tote, it was funny the first time. That guy's not even asleep!" Tote looked sad and walked in the room Luke was in.

"Sorry big guy, don't be sad about it. Here have a treat!" Luke tossed Tote a treat. Just then Psywing and Krow quickly flew over to him. They obviously wanted a treat. Luke tossed them a treat also. Flame, Rocky, and Leafy jumped out of their pokeballs.

"Woah guys, what are you doin? Oh you guys want treats to." He tossed them all treats. Just then Craig and Jimmy looked in and saw all Luke's pokemon in the room.

"Hey Jimmy you know my pokemon, Craig this is Tote, you met him kind of, Psywing, Krow, Flame, Leafy, and Rocky. They won't make too much of a mess. Well I'm not sure about Rocky, he can be a handful sometime!" Luke laughed

11th February 2003, 02:29 PM
Name: Jon
Age: 18
gender: male
description: he is about 5'10, has black hair, glasses and always wear a black T-shirt and wears jeans plus white trainers.
Personality:quick tempered but is very kind, is very sensitive and gets upset easily.
History:Jon has no father and lived with his mother, didn't go to LVH but after moving, he attends LVU, also loves playing his GBA and with his pokemon
Pokemon: Misscheif(Misdreavus), Whiny(Wynaut), Larvitar and Muddy(Mudkip)


I walked towards Lapras Valley University with Misschief floating beside me and as I walked toward the secretary she asked:
"I don't reconize you, did you attend Lapras Valley High?"
"Nope" I replied "I went to Latios&Latias Acaedemy in Hoenn"
"okay, name?"
"Jon Nowg and I have four pokemon should I tell you who they are?"
"no need" she replied and handed me a key and map " enjoy your stay at Lapras Valley University"
I took the key off her and walked towards the place that said Taras and I opened the door, there was already someone there and so I said hi and asked for his name.
"my name is Sam" replied Sam
"I'm Jon" I replied.
after realising Whiny, Larvitar and Muddy I started to unpack my stuff, maybe Lapras Valley Uni won't be so bad after all.

11th February 2003, 02:59 PM

Dragoon circled over Lapras Valley University, and I hung on tight with one hand; the other clutching my invitation.
" Dragoon, land." I said. Dragoon gave a nod and dived down; making a perfect landing on the meadow. I sighed. Dragoon loved to make a big entrance. And he had succeeded. The wind blew back other students and I apoligized. Retuning Dragoon to his pokeball I walked through the door and to the register.
" Name?" She asked.
" Troy Underwood." I muttered. The secretary typed on the keyboard of the computer and finally said, " Ah, you're in Flaria tower. Here is your key." SHe said warmly. I said nothing and took the stuff. Then, I hurled a pokeball into the hallway. A umbreon appearred.
'' Shadow, Teleport us to Flaria tower.er room 45~!" I ordered. SHadow roared and we were enveloped in a white light. Next thing I knew, we were in front of the door to room 45 in Fllaria tower.

11th February 2003, 04:18 PM
Name: Rebecca Harrington
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Physical Desc.: Short for her age, 5'1. Has short brown hair and steely blue/gray eyes that most people would turn away from if she stares at them for a long time. Wear simple black pants, blue t-shirt and white sneakers. Hates dressing fancy unless she really has to
Personality: Shy, quiet, the typical personality for a loner. She's not as much pessimistic though and appreciates people talking to her when they do. Hasn't had a real friend in a long time so she waits for that day
Bf/Gf: None as of yet
History: The granddaughter of Pryce. She's lived in Mahogany Town her whole life, being constantly trained by her parents, exceptional trainers and breeders and her grandfather, obviously the leader of the Mahogany Gym. She was given her first Pokemon, Blade from him and has caught most of her other Pokemon with Blade
Other: Is athletic and likes to play sports and watch TV, although that isn't athletic ^_^;
Pokemon: Blade (Sneasel), Nightshade (Alakazam), Drake (Charizard)

Rebecca Harrington/Solaria
Lapras Valley High and now Lapras Valley University. It all seemed so quick for me as I flew once more on Drake's back, followed by Nightshade towards the university. I hadn't exactly changed much and I knew I wouldn't during my stay here either.
<By the way, why are we going here anyway?>, Nightshade questioned.
"I really don't know. I guess to learn more about Pokemon and battling."
And I honestly didn't know either. My parents thought it would be a good idea for me to go to college and I went. Looking below at the scenery, I scanned for the school until I spotted it a couple of miles away.
"Straight up ahead Drake."
Nodding, he pumped faster and dove down. Plummeting, I yelled in delight as he straightened and gained on the school faster and faster. Almost there, I made sure my bags were all there and then we landed. Already dozens of people were outside, mingling or playing with their Pokemon. Releasing Blade and recalling Drake, I made them carry 1 bag while I carried the other. Walking through the sliding doors, I made my way up to the front desk to the secretary.
"Name and amount of Pokemon?".
Rebecca Harrington and a Sneasel, Alakazam and Charizard."
Typing in the info, she fished out a map and key and handed it to me.
"You'll be staying in Solaria Tower. The map will show you the way and the key is for your door."
I thanked her and walked away to the left.
<Solaria Tower, eh? I thought you were in Aquaria Tower at LVH.>
"Yeah, I thought so too. It doesn't matter though. Can you teleport me up to my door?".
<Just like last time>, Nightshade muttered and took hold of me and Blade. Disappearing in a flash, we reappeared in front of a door. Opening it up with the key, I pushed my way through to see other Pokemon in the room with another girl. Putting my bag on the empty bed, I held out my hand.
"Hey, I'm Rebecca."

11th February 2003, 04:43 PM
Name: Andrew
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Physical Desc.:
- Six foot One tall.
- Hair still an ungodly shade of white after a schoolies bleaching incident.
- Wears Jeans and a shirt
- Rather unsure around people he doesn't know
- Once he knows people he's a total idiot
- Sarcastic and bitchy
- Whingy when things don't go his way
- Hates physical work
- Loves anything Buffy related!
- Wants to be a High School English teacher and go round the world!
- Loves Comedy!
Bf/Gf: Nuh - Uh!
History: Um, father left when he was 4, raised by mum. Got into LVU as a 2nd pref, didn't get his first preference. Whinges about that continually. Went to an all boys high school which was really restrictive, so he goes around calling teachers Sir and Miss, regardless of who they are.
Other: Err. has a sister named Jessica who's 2 years younger.
A) Mr. Mime - Male
- Mr Mime isn't a normal Mr. Mime, probably why Andrew got him at a sale. This Mr. Mime touts a handbag and well isn't err... straight... Needless to say he's got more attacks "***** Slap!" and the like now!
B) Lickitung - Female
- Shy and bullimic Lickitung hides her problem as best she can. She's a caring Pokemon who worries too much.
C) Delibird - Male
- Cute and an attention seeker, Delibird will do anything for attention, but when push comes to shove, he knows his place
And I have a dog on the campus kennels ^^
D) Rocky - Australian Red Kelpie - Male
- Not that smart, but really fast, a great guard dog and cute as this dog is Andrew's best mate! He has a chocolate brown coat and jumps up at people to lean on their legs. Has a history of attacking a junk mail delivery person, and a 3 year old girl on a tricycle. The reason Andrew's brought it to campus is cause he's paid extra, plus his family is sick of him.

Andrew – Taras House:

Being driven to university by my mum was thoroughly embarrassing, with her having ABBA music blaring out of the sound speakers, being told common sense things I knew when I was four, and contact numbers I already had dialled into my mobile number.

I pulled out my envelope containing my letter of acceptance to Lapras Valley University; to me it was my 2nd preference, but nooo I had to get 2nd best. Again. After all, Laprases in a Valley!? That's just silly. I was however happy that Rocky had been sent ahead yesterday to the University Kennels, at least I'd have another mate on my side apart from my three Pokemon.

My acceptance paper said I was in "Taras" so was that Tara's or like Tauros as in Moo Moo. I sighed at this prospect, I didn't want to be in a silly sounding thingie if people made fun of it. Oh well, if it was Tara's room however, I'd be glad to meet her!

We finally arrived at the university, the clear skies above and the constant nagging to me below, it was as if she was trying to give me as much parental nagging in such a short time in order to last me a lifetime. How depressing. Unpacking my things my mum of course had to give me a huge kiss in front of everyone and give that embarrassing wave. I really should have found my own way here, Train, Car or even by piggyback, this was bad.

"Bye Bye Honey!" yelled my mum as she sped off home.

"Bye mum." I said in a depressed tone.

Some people snickered at me as I lugged all my stuff inside to a counter. Obviously it was the check-in point.

"Um.. Hi!" I said cheerily.

"Uh.... yes..." the woman said slightly taken aback.

"I'm here to enrol" I said, giving her the acceptance letter.

"Oh.. you" she said snootily as she checked out my profile on the Pc.

"Yeah, my dog's in the kennels and I've brought 3 Pokemon with me like I specified in the forms I sent back" I said a bit taken aback.

"Well then... I do hope that you know you have to take care of that animal as it is your responsibility young man! Only a handful of people have animals here, some consider it too dangerous, bringing them to a Pokemon based academy would be just plain stupid." She chastised me.

"Ok..." I said meekly.

"Here's a map of where you're staying so off you go! Chop Chop!" she ordered me around, stupid bint... Oh well... Taking my key and opening the door I saw a nicely modern, if not sparsely decorated living room straight ahead, a kitchen to my left. A bathroom and toilet to my right and as I continued through I saw the stairs leading upstairs, there were a few bedrooms upstairs, I presumed some more showers and perhaps a laundry room.

I thought I'd better take first dibs and so with that dragged my bags into the room. I hope that no-one else wants it. But I heard a noise coming from a nearby room, sounds like I wasn’t the first one here after all. I went to investigate, releasing Lickitung to defend me if it were some psycho. Opening the door I saw a guy with a Pichu on his lap.

“Hi! I’m Andrew, I’m your housemate, sorry I burst in like that I just thought you were some psycho out for my blood and belongings and I was just releasing Lickitung here to help me just in case and isn’t it nice here!” I nervously blathered as the boy looked on, ruffling his hair.

“Er.. Yeah… I’m Sam” he said, a bit peeved off. I hope I made a good impression.

11th February 2003, 04:43 PM
Here's an LSU coming your way. :)

Name: Ebony Blackthorn

Age: 20

Gender: F

Physical Desc.: Short black hair and deep brown eyes. Lightly tanned and slightly muscular. She wears black all the time since it gives her a sense of formality. She has a few minor scars across her arms and left cheek (see History for more).

Personality: She is usually so serious that a typical frown is her version of a smile, and a typical smile is her version of a laugh. Calm, quiet, and somewhat anti-social. She prefers to be alone or training with her Pokémon, but she can spend time with people if she needs to. However, she can be so defensive that she'll do anything to set things the way she believes is right.

Bf/Gf: N/A

History: She is a descendant of the man who founded Blackthorn City (hence her last name), but she was born and raised in Lavendar Town. Once, a trainer cheated and attacked her Pokémon when she won the battle fair and square. The result of her defense for her Pokémon were the scars she now bears.

Other: She hopes to become the first Gym Leader in her home, Lavendar Town.

Pokemon: Dusk (a male Umbreon), Lucky (a female Murkrow), Midnight (a female Houndoom), and Slick (a male Sneasel).

11th February 2003, 05:26 PM
Great, my roomate thought I was a psycho. I'm blamming my dad for this. No doubt about it.
I opened my bedside drawer and took out some homemade pokechow. I opened up the bag and handed a piece to Pichu who began to nibble on it straight away.
"You like that don't you?" I asked him.
I looked across at my roomate. Maybe I should try and make at least one friend whilst I'm here.
"Hey err...Andrew?"
I tossed him a piece of pokechow.
"Get your Lickitung to try it, if she likes it I'll make some for her, and the rest of your pokemon as well." I awaited his reaction.

11th February 2003, 05:41 PM
another roommate came into the room while I was unpacking, his name was Andrew and he had a Lickitung who was busy eating pokechow which Sam had given him, I decided to introduce myself.
"Hey Andrew" I shouted
"who are you?" asked Andrew
"My name is Jon" I replied
" 'kay Jon" replied Andrew
Meanwhile Misschief was floating around the room and Muddy was lying on my bed whilst Larvitar was on Sam bed talking to his Pichu and Whiny was beside Sam waiting for the pokechow as he had seen Lickitung getting some and so started whinning(that how he got his nickname Whiny.)

11th February 2003, 05:49 PM
I looked at the pokemon whinning at my side.
"I take it you want some too?"
The little pokemon nodded hopefully.
I put a few chunks into my hand and lowered them down to the pokemon who began eating immeadiately. The little Wynaut seemed to be enjoying it immensely.
I took out some more chucks and placed them between Pichu and the Larvitar.
I released Umbreon, who immeadiately made himself comfortable on his bed. I placed some food down in front of him. He didn't eat it straight away but I wasn't surprised. Umbreon was a very stern pokemon.
"Hey do any of you guys fancy a pokemon battle later?" I asked.

11th February 2003, 06:00 PM
I looked at Sam and replied:
"I'll battle you, but I don't think my pokemon are strong enough"
"That okay, it just a fun battle" said Sam
meanwhile Andew was having problems with Misschief who was yanking his hair and I had to return Misschief.
"Sorry" I said
"That okay, Misdreavus always yank people hair." replied Andrew
then I looked at Sam who was stroking his Umbreon and asked:
"When and where will the battle take place?"

11th February 2003, 06:14 PM
I pulled out a map and pointed to the field closest to our room. "We''l battle here." I said.
"Okay with me." Replied Jon.
"But not for a few hours. I want to give my pokemon some time to adjust to their new surroundings."
Jon nodded understandingly.
I turned to my Umbreon. It felt so good to be away from my dad. I wasn't going to miss him one bit. He was a jerk and being here meant I would finally be able to sleep with some form of physical damage.

11th February 2003, 06:37 PM
Sky'ree the Pidgeot
Mirage the Vaporeon (Just putting it here so people know if I call them by there nicknames!)

Oh and Greg the " I read everyone elses post" thing was GENIUS! LOL

The gengar had stolen all his pies :( After meeting with Jimmy and Luke, he took another trek to the cafeteria, he hoped the indigo league program wasn't over and the pokemon would go searching for him ( -.- )

He quickly found the cafeteria and got in line which thankfully was very very short :) He ordered some fries and 2 servings of chicken flavoured pokechow, he quickly went back up to the room and saw Mirage hiding under a blanket and Sky'ree watching intently at the TV as a flareon tried its best to get up and fight on

"Ok, who wants food??" I announced, turning the TV volume very low

They both hopped over and I placed the food dishes on the ground "Enjoy!" as they were already ripping through their meal, I turned the volume back on and watched the battle, the door wide open for now

11th February 2003, 06:51 PM
Name: Dru
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Physical Desc.: Tall, with ever-changing-color hair (it's blue into lime green right now). Wears alot of black leather and had numerous tattoos and piercings.
Personality: Strong-willed, likes to argue. She likes for her oppinion to be heard.
Bf/Gf: maybe... depends on who signs up...
History: Secretly daughter of Giovanni. Ran away to live with him for two years, but got tired of it and came back. Doesn't have much contact with her father anymore, especially after being sent to jail for a year for not turning her father in. Is on paroll. Has a twin brother (Martin) and her best friend is Nayia Waterflower. Lives with them in Cerulean during the summer. Plays guitar and bass.
Other: Has a blue, black and silver Suzuki instead of a car (these are her/my fave colors!)
Pokemon: Flareon (Torch), Dragonite (Sky), Arcanine (Cinder), Alakazam (Shadow Misstress), Ninetales (Shiela), Gengar (Morgan LeFay) all female...

Sorry it's taken so long for me to post... wow, lots of people... all LSUs accepted. If the person who posted on the original SU topic will repost here, there's one change- no Mew.
Oh, and Greg, I'm assuming that Dru and Greg never went out, from your SU...

I rode up to the university. The student parking lot was open on a pass basis. I parked in front of the school and when in, with Torch behind.
I took my helmet off as I walked in. "Name?" asked the secretary.
"Dru." No need for a last name here. Everyone knew about me. The secretary paled. There was a day when secretaries got overexcited and asked for my audigraph for thier kids, who listened to my band. No more; everyone knew of how I'd been arrested twice in high school, but none knew why.
"Uhh.. yes, Flaria... Here's your key..."
"I aslso need a parking pass too."
"Yes... here..." She scribbled something on a pass and handed it to me. "I also need to record your Pokemon..."
"Sky the Dragonite, Shiela the Ninetales, Morgan LaFay the Gengar, Shadow Misstress the Alakazam, Cinder the Arcanine, and Torch." "Flare!"
The secretary quickly typed with shaky hands. "Thank you. Ha... Have a nice day..."
"You too!" I said cheerfully.
Is that how the rest of the year was going to go? I groaned inwardly. I had looked forward to paroll, looked forward to my life returning to normal. But if people were going to treat me like an axe murderer...
I drove into the parking lot. I didn't see Nay's car yet, but there was another motercycle. I saw a couple of familliar signs that there were some of my old friends here. I could just tell. I just hope that they would accept me, no matter what I'd done, and whoever my father was. I hadn't changed all that much; yeah, I was smarter, but not much else had changed.
I dumped my things in the girl's dorm in my tower, and went to walk around.

I'll try to keep up better... geez...

The Muffin Man
11th February 2003, 07:13 PM
I sighed and looked around, feeling so out of place. Shaking my head, I let out another sigh, and caught sight of the most beautiful girl I had ever seen...
"Hey eyes...are like beautiful pools of blue, her hair...like a rainbow of Goddess' flowers..."
She looked over to me, and waved, smiling bright. I blushed deep red and turned away, seeing some kids from the local High school(LVH? ;)).
"Hey look, the big doofus is in love!"
My face grew hot as I clenched my fist.
"Wanna battle, Jocky?"
I blinked and pretended to act stupid, the girl walking up slowly as she saw the battle ensuing.
I threw down a pokeball and tried to do my best 'moron' impression, without imitating the kids.
"Ok, I send out Tubby. He's just Ice, right?"
The kids snickered and nodded, "Oh yeah, so he's not weak to electric. Mind if I use Raichu?"
I shook my head. I knew of the obvious advantage, but he thought I was an idiot, not knowing of Tubbys Earthquake...
"Alright, Raichu, Agility!"
"Tubby...Ummm...Ice ball!"
Tubby nodded and hocked up a ball of ice, missing Raichu absolutely.
"Alright, Raichu...Thunderbolt!"
"Tubby, Earthquake, now!"
The kids eyes got wide, as the Thunderbolt stopped, the quaking of Tubbys mass too much for the little rat, knocking it out instantly.
"You've underestimated me due to my looks alone...I am apparently the superior trainer for taking into account ALL of Todoguraa's moves...YOU simply went for a quick KO! I pity your Raichu..."
The kid looked down.
"Geez...I feel like a real jerk now..."
"It's ok kid. That's why you train. To learn about other Pokemon, Trainers, and lands. You don't train to become a Master and suddenly know all about the Pokemon who've lived on Houen for so long."
"Houen?"The kid tilted his head.
"The land where many Pokemon you'll be seeing are from...it's a very well-hidden island, way down south..."
The kid nodded and I shook his hand.
"I'm Tommy."He smiled. I nodded.
"I'm Mike."
"And I'm in love..."I thought I heard someone murmer, but only saw the eccentric beauty dashing off giggling. I smiled a bit and muttered,"so am I..."
The kids friend had apparently left, as I couldn't see him anywhere...it was time for me to register anyway...I went up to the desk, as the lonely secretaries eyes lit up a bit. I jotted my pokemon down(Apparently the computer was down, and she didn't want me stealing her pen...but I swear her and the crazy cutie were staring at my arm...) and handed the slip in, and nodded.
"You're in Taras house..."
I smiled and saw the girl again.
"Hi...I'm Mike."I smiled bright.
"And...I'm Toki..."
I took her hand gently, and kissed it, she blushed deep red.

11th February 2003, 07:14 PM
LSU here

Name: Marc Embers
Age: 19
Gender: Duhhhhh, I donno... male
Description: 6'2 spiked dirty blonde hair with hazel eyes. Fair skinned and rather lean. Changes clothes most of the time, switching between pretty boy clothes and his punk rock skater clothes accordingly.
Personality: Extremely laid back. Lets whatever's going on go on. Has a "I dont care" attitude but is rather funny if not obnoxious and sarcastic at times. Despite being spoiled oddly doesnt act as one.
Gf: whoever
History: born in Celadon City. His father is a major corparate exec. at Silph Co. His dad had always pushed him into pokemon training even though it was never a passion of Marc's, rarely anything is unless its female or has an engine and goes vrooom. Doesnt really deserve to go to Lapras Valley University but his father's wallet bought him a seat at the illustrious school.
Other: drives around in his Ferrari 360 Modena Spider that his dad got for him before he left. http://autos.msn.com/vip/gallery.aspx?modelid=10334&pictureid=0&src=vip (the yellow one in red)
Pokemon: A stubborn charmander who refuses to evolve (Singe), a Scizor, an Arcanine and a Dragonair he had gotten as a dratini when mommy went gambling.

thats about it...

11th February 2003, 07:27 PM
hey Socram, accepted.

11th February 2003, 07:34 PM
uh dru what house am I in?

11th February 2003, 07:43 PM
I'm gonna post my form here... ^^;; I wanna know if perhaps I could sign up late, and have my char be a Foreign Exchange student? ^^ Or a transfer one. I'll add her intro too... hope this isn't a problem.

Name: Vayrian Tempaii
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Physical Desc.: Like this! (http://www.tropicalanime.com/anime/view.php?id=48&type=Images) (Lol, I know the picture is a bit revealing with her wearing a swim suit and all, but I love Trop's pics!!!) She looks just liek that, except of course she wears different clothes! She wears a plain, tight white tank top which exposes her abdomin a bit, and with that she wears short jean shorts which are light blue in color and sort of faded at teh ends. She wears brown sandals with it, and around her neck is a simple silver chain with a violet jewel at the end.
Personality: She's very kind and rather outspoken, but not loud. She's a good talker and outgoing, but she isn't always needing to be at the center of attention. She's smart and level headed... and down to earth, but she loves to be creative. You'll ssee more later.
Bf/Gf: ^^ N/A... she just transfered!
History: She grew up in Johto, in an island off the southern coast. There she was a student at all the schools... until she was invited to attend Lapras. At first she declined, having to stay upon the island for her father was sick. After a year however... he passed away, and her mother urged her to transfer. So she did... and t hus is the new transfer student!! *poses* But the rest of her tends to be a secret... she doens't like telling much that could draw attention to her. But she's rumored to be an aspiring singer... she's got a beautiful voice.
Other: She's got a nice silver convertable car... which is very fast! *vroom*. She's also got a very, very very very beautiful voice and is an excellent singer.
Pokemon: Shade (Umbreon), Fier (Arcanine), Omoki ( Espeon), Chicha (Eevee), Wei (Jolteon), and Solii (Bulbasaur) (All male except Shade and Chicha.)

Vayrian Tempaii - F - Transfer Student (18)

The wind blew in my lenghty, rippling violet hair as I drove along the smooth roads of Cerulean. It was a beautiful place... with water along side the view, and I was sure the school had to be around here soon. The map said it should have appeared before the hill was over and...

Then, there it was... a beautiful, towering school which I knew had to be Lapras Valley. I smiled... absolutely happy that here it was - the place I was looking for. Indeed it was far different from my island's school facilities... but what they ddin't have in school building, they made up for it in the beaches.

there were already cars parked there... many motorcycles and I was looking forward to meeting the new students. Sighing, I quickly glanced in the mirror of my car... feeling self-aware already... hoping I fit in. Not many had violet hair... not as striking and as rich a color as mine- which was natural of course, and not many had my light, cyan-like colored eyes either. I was nervous... but yet, perhaps people here would welcome a different person. Parking my easy-feel car into a neat parking spot... I slowly got up, lifting up the purple-shaded sunglasses from my head, and tucking it into my hair. Gazing up at the school... I smiled to myself, looking at the map and wondering exactly how their system worked here. I slowly popped the trunk of my car and took out two suitcases, but both were on rollers except for my light blue purse which I carried with me at all times. Gazing up at the school... I shut the trunk, locked the ignition - a beautiful invention, and began to walk up to the school.


11th February 2003, 07:50 PM

Luke put all his pokemon back in his pokeball except for Tote. They walked into the room Craig and Jimmy were in.

"Hey guys, I'm gonna go outside, check out the place. I'll be back later. Allright? Cya!" Luke said walking out the door with Tote. They looked up to answer but Luke was already out the door.

Luke started to walk around. He found a parky area. Luke sat down on a bench and tosses all of his pokeballs. All of the pokemon jump out and start to play with each other. Psywing and Krow fly around. Leafy, Flame, and Tote all are playing. Rocky just lays there looking tired. Luke sits back watching his pokemon play around. After awhile he got up. He shouted to his pokemon to stay right here and that he'll be right back in a tiny bit. He walked away and went to the cafeteria area. There was a semi big line waiting for food. Luke waited and then finally got to where he can order.

"Um... can I have... uh... a... hm... burger and fries? And I'll take... 6 pokemeals!" The person got him his food and handed it to him. Luke walked out and went to the parky area that he left his pokemon. All of them were still there playing. Luke sat down on the bench again.

"Hey! I got some Pokemeals for ya!!" All of them quickly got over to him. Luke put down all their food in front of them. Luke ate his food while they ate theirs. After they were all done the pokemon continued to play and Luke sat back watching them play. Wondering what the people are like here. He met two of his room mates, but thats all. Luke sits back and looks up at the sky.

11th February 2003, 07:54 PM
he he he... ^___________^;
*puts down the drag pipe* Oh, yeah, Nay just pointed out the same thingee...
Socram- Flaria
Ebony and Vayrian- Taras
Nay- Aquarus
If I missed anyone, b*tch at me about it.
Just FYI, since some of you are prob. wondering, I got the name Taras from the word Tara, which means earth in Greek I think...
*picks up drag pipe again*

Ultimate Charizard
11th February 2003, 08:03 PM

"Aw man im gonna be late" I exclaimed as i tore down the peddaled my bike along the road to the University. "Not a good thingg on your first day" I looked up and saw my Charizard flying overhead.
"Can ya see it yet Buddy" i called up. He gave a grunt in response and knew i didnt have far to go. Indeed as i came over the hill i saw the buildings rising up. Charizard gave another louder Grunt and i looked up, The unmistakeable 'cocky' look of a Charizards smile. I laughed "Thats it, our new home". He let out a roar and flew off ahead, acting like a kid that had just reached a toy shop.

I brought my eyes down to concentrate on the road but as i did i saw a girl, a very good looking girl to be honest but right now she was also right in front of me and i was speeding down a hill.
"Look out" i called as i hit the brakes and twisted to turn. She jumped and stepped back as i careened past. Bouncing over the rougher ground of the Universities lawn before ending up head first in a bush.
A thud could be heard and i heard Charizard Laughing. "Ok ok, very funny, ya think you could get me outta here!"

11th February 2003, 08:16 PM
I pulled up to a checkpoint blaring Millencollin's "Olympic". The guard looked at me his face cringing at the loud music. I turned to him and smiled pulling my id out. I showed it to him and he nodded shouting, "Go on Mr. Embers." but I barely heard that let alone his comment about me being one of those spoiled punk druggies. I drove and found a parking space near the admissions office. I looked at Singe who was bopping his head up and down in the passenger seat holding his tail in his lap. I turned off the car the music abrubtly cutting off and opened the door for Singe. I started walking for the door when two girls walked by me.
"Hey ladies. How you doing?" They giggled. Now some would say they only did this because they saw me get out of a 170,000 thousand dollar car but educated people like myself would know it was because of my natural good looks and overrall sex appeal.
I smiled thinking this wouldnt be so bad and held the door for Singe. He walked in and held a spot for me in line. I sighed as i looked at the unbelievebly long line. I knelt down and whispered something to Singe. He grinned at me and walked away. Minutes later people turned their heads to the smell of smoke and started screaming fire. During the big ordeal I slipped right behind the person toward the front.
When I got to the desk the lady behind the desk asked me fr my name and vitals. I told her and then she asked for my pokemon and their names.
"Singe, my Charmander and a Scizor and a Arcanine and a Dragonair."
"Sir we have over 200,000 pokemon here at this school and each must have an indiviual name."
"Oh." I said starting to sweat as I had never bothered to give any other pokemon a name except Singe. I had to think fast, "Uh uh Slicy the Scizor and..." she looked at me oddly, "... um Hot.. yeh Hot Dog the Arcanine and Stinky the Dragonair." I said smiling. She blinked but shrugged and inputted the data.
"You're in Flaria. Here's your key. Next in line." I calmly walked out with Singe and found my way to Flaria.
Upon opening the door I saw a bunch of people I didn't know.
"Hi people... uh who wants to help the lifters bring in all my stuff." They glared at me. "No one rightio. Carry on." I said and found an empty room.

11th February 2003, 08:30 PM
There was noise coming from the guy's area of the dorms. As I walked out, so did the guy was evidently was the cause of the noise. If I had been a cartoon character, my eyes would have bugged out and turned into hearts. Yow, this was a good one! I was suddenly self-concious of how I looked, somthing which rarely happened. Sure, my clothes were coated in dirt, my hair was tangled, and I was still carrying around my motercyle helmet, but I didn't look that bad, did I?
Torch came out of my room behind me, and saw the guy's Charmander. She puffed up and hissed. She didn't like guys too much. "Shhh!" I hissed. The guy heard the hissing. "Hey, what's up? I'm Marc."
"Er, Dru. You in Flaria too, huh?"
Short... didn't want to do too much before your character really developed, Socram.

11th February 2003, 08:31 PM

I opened the door to the room and there were 4 beds. It would hard to keep a Dragonite here ^^;. finally, I decided what to do. There was another room and I left Dragoon, Arcanine, and Darkflame there with food and milk/water. I let my other pokemon sleep beside my bed. After that, I walked out the dorm to eat.

11th February 2003, 08:37 PM
Vayrian Tempaii - F - Transfer Student ( 18 )


As I pulled my luggage... suddenly a guy came in a hurry with a motorcycle, flashed across the lawn and crashed into a bush faster then I could blink. I was startled... and quickly looked up to see a Charizard flying overhead. Swallowing hard... I wondered what had happened, but of course I was worried- was this guy okay?

Quickly I left my bags upon the sidewalk and ran over to him, the wheel of his motorcycle spinning oddly as he was stuck in the bush. The charizard of his was flying overhead... snickering, and not really helping very much. I could hear the guy calling out for some help... and I quickly reached the guy and grabbed a leg and slowly pulled. After a tug or so he finally got himself out with some of my help - but he came out of the bush so rapidly that he knocked me backwards and he fell backwards as well. I feel upon my butt and he practically crashed into me. Sending out a muffled, "hermph!" We collided and as soon as the guy looked at me he quickly got up as I got up as well, slower.

Brushing my light blue shorts off and my small, snow-white tank top off I gazed at him, tucking a strand of viberant, silky hair behind my ear.

"Umm... are you okay?" I asked, cocking my head to the side in question as I smiled brightly.

The Muffin Man
11th February 2003, 08:49 PM
Not to sound like a jerk, Bulba...but...
A)Why not on MSN? Or AIM ^_^;; Didja unblock me yet? o.o;;
and B) Your character does not seem to act like she's "down to earth" or "not needing to be the center of attention"..she seems more snobbish and stuck up and overly proud of herself. Is that on purpose?

Nayia Waterflower aka starmie44
11th February 2003, 08:52 PM
Nayia Waterflower – F – Aquarus
I drove up to the school, a little disappointed that the drive was over. I loved driving this car. And the scenery was just as I remembered it. The lush forests, the sandy bench, and fresh open air were invigorating. Nixie was just as happy as I was to be back. She was constantly talking about how she couldn’t wait to swim in the water and see all of her pokémon friends again.
I couldn’t wait to see my friends either. But first I would have to get a pass for the parking lot, as well as get my room key and unpack.
Ring, ring…
Picking up my cel phone, I quickly pressed the talk button and put it to my ear. “Hello?”
“Hey, little sister!” A one of my brothers’ voice sounded through the phone. The two others also greeted through the four way connection with “Are you there yet?” and “How was the drive?”
I laughed, stepping out of the car and walking towards the school. “Hello, yes I’m here and the drive was nice, thank you for asking.” I looked at Nixie, who rolled her eyes before turning to continue her site seeing from my shoulder. “Now, why are you calling?
“To see of you are alright of course.” One blurted out. I knew what that meant.
“No, no guys have hit on me. I didn’t even run into anyone yet.” I said. Three signs of relief sounded on the other end of the phone.
“Good. And kept it that way. We don’t want you getting hurt like that Barton guy did to you.”
I frowned, opening the door and walking in, absent-minded to everything but the phone in my hand. “First of all, his name is Martin. And second of all, we both agreed on the break in our relationship. We’ve been going out for years now and we just need to go on and date other people at the moment.”
“Yeah, yeah. Watch him leave you heartbroken for another girl. It’ll happen. Just wait and see!” One said, and I had a feeling the other two were nodding to the phone in agreement.
“Bros, let a physic tell the future cause you’re bad at it. Good bye now.” Calls of protest came from my cel before I pressed ‘end’ and turned the phone off. If I didn’t, they would just call back.
“Dratini!” Nixie chirped, and I nodded, heading to towards the secretary.
“Name?” She asked.
“Nayia Waterflo…”
“Oh, from the band ‘The Wildfires of Cerulean'. You also went to LVH from your record.”
“Yes, I did.”
She nodded, paling a bit before saying. “The other one from the band is here as well…”
I nodded, smiling to myself. Dru had sent me a letter a week before hand telling me that she was on parole now and going to LVU as well. Of course, our manager was with me at the time and was delighted at the news, saying something about sending the team over and starting work on a new CD. Since Dru went to jail, the band was put on hold. Our old music was still popular though, and loyal fans always send letters asking when the band was going to make a new CD, or when Dru would be out, or if we could work on writing new sings in Dru’s ceil.
“That’s great. I can’t wait to see her.”
The secretary gave me an odd look, but nodded. “You’re in Aquarus tower. Here’s you’re key card and a map. I also need to record your pokémon.”
“Nixie the Dratini,”
“Dratini!” Nixie chirped from her place on my shoulders.
“Dalit the Golduck, Shasa the Starmie, Kaelin the Dewgong, Maylia the Vaporeon, and Drake the Gyarados. And may I have a parking pass please.”
“Of course.” The secretary answered, finishing typing in the data before writing on a piece of paper and handing it to me.
“Thank you.” I said, and ran back to my car. After parking it in the parking lot, I plucked a pokéball from my belt and opened it. Dalit appeared before me in a flash of red light. “Dalit, can you please help me with my stuff?” I asked, popping the trunk of the car open. He nodded happily, picking up whatever luggage that I didn’t have the hands to carry.
We reached my room and opened the door. I walked to an unoccupied bed, laying my bags on the bed with Dalit following suit. He helped me put away clothes and other things, but I left my keyboard on my bed. It was one of those new ones that you could program other instruments in the background to play any tone you wished.
“Thanks Dalit. You were a great help.” I said before calling him back. “Now, lets go wander Nixie!”

Ultimate Charizard
11th February 2003, 08:52 PM

"Charizard" i called out, "u gonna help me or what?" I heard him laughing then something grabbed but seemed to be struggling to pull me free. "That damn lizard is getting some serious training if he cant even pull me out".

Suddenly i felt a large Yank and i flew from the bush to land on something. Thankfully it was soft, the way my luck was goin it wouldve been a rock. I cant believe i embarrassed myself infront of that Girl. I looked down at what i had landed on and saw a pretty face staring up at me. It was her!!. I almost shrieked as i jumped up off her and helped her up.
"Im so sorry about that" I glared up at Charizard who was still laughing. Restraining myself i recalled him to his pokeball.
"Dont worry about it" she laughed, "it was my own fault, i should know not to pull on something heavy and stand right behind it"

I looked down and patted my stomach "Whaddya mean Heavy!". She laughed again and i noticed her luggage lying on the floor. "Are those yours?" i ask. "Yeah, i kinda dropped them when i had to duck for cover" she replied. Her voice had a 'it was your fault' tone to it but i ignored it since i had an idea.

Two minites later we were walking up to the University doors Chatting. Charizard grumbling behind us as he carried her luggage.

11th February 2003, 08:57 PM
"Yeh well thats where the lady told me I'd be staying." I said looking her over. I smiled at her bluish green hair and then over her dirty clothes and landed on her helmet and nearly giggled like a Japanese School girl.
"DUDE You have a motorcycle! Sweet! Can I see."
She blinked before saying Sure why not.
"How many bikes you got? You ride motocross?"
"Uh..." I was getting over zealous again but bikes are cool and I wanted to see. So I thought about the PGA Tour to calm myslf into my usual mood and in a deeper voice said, "Can we check it out now?"
We walked toward the door of the house and then I smirked "And then afterword since you're so dirty... we can go take a shower." Seconds later I was rubbing my arm where she had punched me but hey it was worth a shot. Plus this girl was cool.

11th February 2003, 09:08 PM

The secretary watched us as we flirted. I like having people watch me flirt, just because I know how darn cute I am. I cutely push my glasses up my nose, they were slipping down because I kept looking down at my feet. Something was in my sock. I thought it was a rock.

Ignoring that fact, I smiled up at Mike. "Let me sign in, I'll see if we're in the same house." The boy stood back as I casually signed in.


"Toki Akizuki."


I held up my fingers to count them out. "Charizard, Totodile, Golduck, and Eevee."

"Very good. Here's your house list."

I took it, and Mike looked over my shoulder. "WHAT?!?!" I burst out suddenly, upset. Mike almost fell back. I paused to laugh at him, then resumed being upset. "All boys?! Where will I ever get my girl's time?!"

The secretary looked at me. Clearly, she had no empathy. I glared at her. "NEXT," she shouted.

Mike tried to be optimistic about the whole thing. "Hey, it's okay. You'll make some girl friends, then you can hang out with them," he reasoned.

I grinned at him again, very flirty-like. He blushed again. "Mikey, I can tell we'll be good friends." Then, just to tease, I added, "Are you feeling okay? You face is all red." He looked away.

Ahh, it's a good feeling to be back at school.

PokeMaster Jimmy
11th February 2003, 09:14 PM
Ph33r my pie stealing Gengar!

I went out to explore the university. Shadow followed, acted as a one person tour guide. He even had that hawaiian(sp?) shirt, the hat and a camera.
"Welcome, mates, as we explore teh deep parts of this university." I said, with a austrailian accent. I took out the map.
"Here, we 'ave the Flaria 'ouse." I pointed to the stairs leading up there. Shadow took pictures of it, jokingly.
"And that would bey the Solaria house, and Taras, and that concludes our tour of the houses. Come wit mey as oi explore the upper parts of the school!" I headed for the classes area. But I was rudely stopped.
"Ahem! Students aren't allowed upstairs just yet for safety reasons." a woman said behind me.
"Eh?" I turned around. She seemed to be in her 30's, tall, slim, and wide(don't ask what that means -_-;...) and looked like one of the school teachers.
"I see... Ok, whatever you say miss..." I walked away. I noticed she looked at me oddly before I left. I turned down the corner and put my back against the wall.
"Now that bey a bitchoramolus potamamus. Its vehry dangerous and shouldn't bey tangled wit. But oim gonna bey an idiot and try to get it wit its jaws open. Then we'll bey able to see its big teeth ripping through me arm and it'll expel me" I said, continuing the austrailian accent.
"Bah, party pooper..." I said walking away.
"Well, we could always go to the cafeteria." I looked at the sky. When I looked, Shadow had already floated quickly. I ran after.
"Hey! Wait up!" I followed him to the cafeteria, since he already knew it best.

Bandi [GHK]
11th February 2003, 09:20 PM
I woke up five minutes later. I walked outside, wanting to see what had woken from my peaceful nap. There were people there, looking as confused as I felt. One girl was helping a guy up from a bush. I decided to walk back inside.

I headed to the guys dorm. A guy stood there, rubbing talking to a girl. I smiled. The fun seemed to be just beginning. I walked up to them, but I kept my distance. I never was good at saying hi to people for the first time, but after the initial "akward" period, I could become fast friends with anybody.

I stayed about five feet away, trying not to eavesdrop.
"...And then afterwards, since you're so dirty... we can go take a shower."
The girl punched him a second later, and I couldn't help but let out a short laugh.

11th February 2003, 09:35 PM
Mike, I'm not blocking you and I'm sorry if you do not like my character. I'm not trying to make her sound stuck up or snobby... and she isn't, so I am sorry if you feel that way.

Vayrian Tempaii - F - Transfer Student ( 18 )


I was extremely flattered that this guy I just met already was helping me into the building... and I couldn't help but blush the entire way. He was very handsome... with thick, short brown hair and dark eyes, and not to mention his figure was indeed, very... well, built. I blushed deeper at the thought, as we entered the building and he told me to go ahead.

"The name is Vayrian... " I said smiling to him, as he nodded and told me his name was Gavin, but people called him Gav.

Nodding I turned to teh secretary and quickly she asked for my name... and then my pokemon to register them. Handing her the pre-fill out form that was sent for transfer students, she ran it through and then handed me some more maps, info and then keys and told me my area was Flaria. (Hope that is okay). I nodded and then took a step, as I then turned my gaze to Gav.

"Umm... I'll... wait here for you, okay?" I said, and he nodded as I stood off to the side. It was then I saw other girls enter ... and some other guys as well, and I suddenly felt like an oddity. The girls looked so charming... and I felt like I hardly matched up at all... my hair and eyes seemed to stand out, and although I believed my hair was healthy and in great condition... I couldn't help but feel out of place. Most of these people seemed to know a lot of everyone... and as a girl and a guy near me chatted it up, I couldn't help but feel like a loner. The guy looked very happy to be with the lovely girl... and I hoped that maybe I could make lots of friends, and maybe ... who knows.

I self-unawarely, tugged at my hair and started to fiddle with the white, small strap of my tank top and began to wonder if choir was offered in this school... when suddenly Gav spoke, causing me to leap up in surprise.

"I'm ready..." His eyes widened for some reason- probably because I leapted three feet off the ground, as I quickly stopped fiddling and flashed a light smile.
"Oh! Okay!!" I said suddenly, my voice cheerfully asking him..
"So, what house are you in?"
"Flaria... and isn't that yours?"
I nodded and we started to walk... and I peered at the map closely.
"Hmmm... it's this way..." I spoke to myself, as we walked side by side, Gav's charizard still lugging my bags. I felt rather embarressed by it... but I didn't say anything- I was afraid I might insult the charizard by offering to carry them. We entered the house... and I started to gaze at the numbers.

"There sure are a lot of rooms here!" I said smiling...
"I transfered from the Johto region... I used to attend an Academy on one of the southern islands, and they were a whole lot smaller!"

11th February 2003, 09:51 PM
Sky'ree The Pidgeot
Mirage the Vaporeon

"I hope you enjoyed your meal" I looked down at my two pokemon, just finishing their meals

"Well, whadd'ya say we go exploring? Meet some more people"

Sky'ree vetoed, but Mirage nodded , smiling :)

"Ok, Sky, well.. You can go outside and fly if you want, but Mirage lets go, maybe we can go for a swim?"

The little vaporeon liked the sound of that, after changing into my swimming trunks we were off, a human towel and a small Vaporeon towel on my shoulder.

"Ready?" I said as Sky flew out the window to survey the grounds with a swish noise

"Va!" We walked outside the room, and closed the door "Don't want some theives in our room!"
"No.. I don't really think there any theives, but i'd rather not let people see my underpants strewn across the room"

As they walked down the stairs, Craig thought of the people he'd met so far, Jimmy and Luke.. And especially that Gengar, the pie stealing one. He wondered who else was here this year; Greg? Nayia? Martin? Sal? Dru? Kayla? Spike? All questions will be answered, he figured.

They opened the door of Aquarus tower, and went towards the school, Mirage just a few paces ahead, and then out of the corner of his eye he saw a familliar looking girl with a Dratini on her shoulder walking down the pathway...

"Hey! Nayia!" I called out at her

Ultimate Charizard
11th February 2003, 10:07 PM

I waited as Vayrian registered before stepping up to do so myself. The receptionist handed me my form, i quickly filled it out and handed it back.
"Excuse me" she started "You havent filled out the Pokemon nickname boxes". I looked at her, "i know, my pokemon dont have human Nicknames or Labels." She stared back "But sir, there are thousands of pokemon here, we need to identify them indiv......" I held up my hand and made sure to keep my voice down so Vayrian wouldnt hear. "Any creature is givien its name by its parents, what right have we to change these names?"
She sighed and handed me my maps and details.

"Flaria house" i muttered "I think thats what Vayrian got....Cool, were almost Roomies" I met back with her and confirmed we were indeed in the same house. We reached our Dorm as she was explaining that she came from Johto. A very beautifull place i had trained there myself and had caught and evolved my Eevee there.
She seemed to gasp at this. "What did u evolve it into?" she asked with enthusiasm. "An Umbreon, here" i replied as i release it from its pokeball. I looked up and Vayrian was gone. I looked around and couldnt see her. Suddenly i hear her voice. "Wow, he looks strong, and shiny fur. Hes Beautifull"
I looked down and there she was petting Umbreon. He had a huge grin on his face, obviously liking having his ego stroked as much as his fur.

My room was just a few doors down the hall and i decided to dump my gear while she was busy and released Raichu, Venusaur, Blastoise and Golem into the rather large room. "You guys keep it down in here ok, ill be back soon" They all nodded and smiled. The second the door was closed i heard one loud thud after another and i felt water rush under the door. "Blastoise!!!" I yelled as i swung open the door. The large turtle looked at me innocently as he sat looking out the window and i noticed Raichu looking at me mischievously.
I sighed and closed the door.
"Whats wrong, whats going on in there?" she asked as the noises resumed.
"Nothing, just my pokemon that are gonna get the hardest training of thier lives when i get back" The noises stopped and Vayrian laughed again. "Lets hope my room wont be such a mess" she smiled. "One way to find out" i said as i gestured down the hall. Umbreon trotted on ahead and Charizard followed, still grumbling.

11th February 2003, 10:08 PM

So, I was back. Or, kind of. This wasn't exactly LVH, but it was similar. And there was a new tower as well. Things sure had changed...
"Name, please?" asked the receptionist as I walked up to the main desk. "Kayla."
"How many Pokemon?" "Just five."
"OK..." there was a clicking as she typed in my data. "Here we are. Taras. Here's your key, and a map. Have a good time!"
Great, why couldn't I have just stayed in Flaria? Taras. That new tower. And for some strange reason, the secretary seemed to be in a hurry. Must have just been me.
I lugged my stuff up a few flights of stairs, opened the door to the room, and sat down on my new bed. If I had a roommate, she hadn't arrived yet. (NOW I REMEMBER! I was Sal's roommate in the first LVHs! YEAH, I CAN THINK! Ok, I'll shut up.) The place was ok...
"I wonder if the gang's here yet?" Absent-mindedly I let Cald out. "FLARE!" she chirped at me, happy to be free.
"Wanna go find some of our old friends?" I asked her. She nodded. "Re-on!"
We left the room and traveled down the hall. I began thinking aloud, getting some weird looks from passer-bys. "I wonder if Nayia is here? Would be nice to see her again. And Sal? Could she be here? She wouldn't be my roommate again, that's for sure. She definetly goes in Flaria. Maybe I'll see- oof!"
I had just walked into someone. Oops.
Tag, anyone.

11th February 2003, 10:18 PM
Nadia Tenryu, Solaria

Shaking Rebecca's hand, Nadia smiled.


She played a few more notes on the keyboard, and Lei broke into a sort of hula...then flopped down on the ground.


"Oh yeah, there's a guy in the next room, his Muk knocked him out and dragged him in there after he attempted to flirt with me, so I couldn't get his name."

She giggled at the thought, then put the keyboard away.

"Alright Lei, want to get back in your Pokeball?"

At this, Lei stood up, nodding firmly.


Nadia returned her to her Pokeball, then cleared a bit of a wider space on the bed, shifting stuff around for a more comfortable seat, and looked over Rebecca's Sneasel and Alakazam with a curious admiration, being a bit of a breeder herself.

Healthy looking, good coloring...must take really good care of them, she thought. She let Wing out of his Pokeball, stroking his head, and sighed.

Majin Sean
11th February 2003, 11:13 PM
Name: Sean Kahland

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Physical Desc.: 6'3, muscular, hair is like a lead-colored spiked up, natural tan color (he's Indian), dark brown eyes, wears a crimson red colored shirt with baggy green pants and black laceless shoes, he also wears a black baseball cap backwards. He wears a silver chain with a kanji symbol on it. Also wears black fingerless gloves He has a long scar on his right cheek and two smaller ones on his left cheek. If you look on his arms and neck, you'll see more small scars all over.

Personality: He's very much a loner, but he's not really meant to be. He's been misjudged very much by alot of people, so he doesn't really trust anyone except himself and his Pokemon. You also should watch out when making him angry because he'll show no mercy on you. It's very hard to gain his trust (see History on why), but if you do, you're considered very lucky since he'll be loyal to you until the end. Other than that, he's a very quiet person, never trying to be the center of attention or anything

Bf/Gf: None so far, any takers?...

History: His childhood was a very dark one. His mother died of childbirth and he was taken care of by his father and older brother. His father was drunk and always abused (not sexual or anything) and his brother was no better, always beating him up badly very often. The way his father and brother treated him helped him a bit, making alot tougher than he seems but also ruining his personality. He became cold and unmerciful to most people, which made him a lone wolf. At normal schools he went to, he always got into fights and trouble but was a very smart kid. His counsler decided to enroll him to Lapras for a change.

Other: All your other are belong to us :o

Pokemon: Shadow (Umbreon, M), Talon (Pidgeot, M), Blitz (Scizor, M), Phantom (Gengar, M), Pyro (Typhlosion, M), Leviathan (Feraligatr, M)

Sean Kahland
"Let us travel faster Talon" I said to my faithful Pidgeot. He squawked in reply and I felt more wind rush past my face as Talon flew at a much faster pace than before. Soon, after passing a trace of clouds, I saw the school appear before my eyes. "There it is Talon...Lapras Valley High..." I quietly replied to my Pokemon. He softly squawked back to me as we gently made our descent to the ground below. My sneakers felt soft, lush green grass as I got off Talon and I looked around. The sun was shining high with a few clouds lazily hanging about. Normally, for most kids, this type of day would've made them excited and looking forward to entering to such an esteemed school such as this. Well, I'm definitely not one of them. So this is it? Doesn't seem anything special to me. Just crappy and ****ty as the rest of them I thought to myself. At my last school, I usually got into fights and was always in trouble, one way or another. My counsler decided for me to transfer here, thinking if as a..."fresh start" for me. Like that'll ever happen to me... I bitterly thought to myself. "Return Talon" I said, holding up his Pokeball. The bright crimson-colored "laser" shot out from the center of the Pokeball and hit Talon, turning him to the same color and he turned into a smaller shape and entered his Pokeball. I clipped it onto my pants and grabbed my suitcase and headed up toward the winding stairs that led up to the large wooden doors to the school I was about to enter....

11th February 2003, 11:47 PM
Vayrian Tempaii - F - Transfer Student ( 18 )


I smiled as we marched down the hallway... and Gav's lovely Umbreon padded forward happily. It was a beautiful Umbreon... and it made me smile, as I found my room number and quickly opened it with a jingle of keys. Gav waited... as the door swung open to reveal a large room.

The carpet was lush and speckled nice... and the walls were beautifuly painted a strange blur of white and light blue. Entering, I gazed back to see Gav pause... but his Charizard quickly found my bedroom and plopped my suitcases down as his Umbreon bounded in and landed upon one of the plush chairs. Blushing, I laughed..
"Gav, come in!! I'll show you some thing!"

Gav fidgeted nervously... but he entered as he shut teh door, and I quickly reached for my purse and pulled out a single pokeball. It was a different pokeball... a dark violet upon the top, w ith a light violet strip in the center with a silver bottom. Smiling I released the pokemon inside...

Instantly an Umbreon figure appeared... with thick, plush coat and violet-magenta rings which seemed to glow strangely. Blinking, my Umbreon, Shade, gazed about with her icy blue eyes as Gav let a smile come across his face as his Umbreon immediatly bounded to meet Shade.

"I thought she would like to meet your Umbreon! It's been a while since she's played with her own species..."

I said, standing straight with my hands folded in front of me. Watching the two silently... we saw as they sniffed and then suddenly started to play in a rather friendly way. I then decided to let out the rest of my pokemon and soon all the other five were released- my Arcanine, Espeon, Jolteon, Eevee and Bulbasaur. They quickly moved to the living room as I motioned Gav to another room which looked like a study or game-type room, not a bedroom yet not the large living room. There were more plush chairs... and I happily sat in one, gazing my gaze up to Gav who looked rather uncomfortable.

"Yeah?" He said, jumping slightly as he gazed at me. I smiled, my expression softening as I shook myhead- my ribbon-like hair swaying with every fracture of a movement.
" These rooms are nice... but, ummm.."
I felt a loss of words- what to say? I didn't want it to seem akward.. so I quickly thought of some thing.
" Nice isn't it?.... the weather?!"

Instantly I sweatdropped...
Nice... trying to come up with a casual topic... niiiice..

Gav stared at me... and then I smirked and broke out laughing, and Gav lightly laughed as well..
At least it brightened up the eerie atmosphere...
I thought, blushing furiously..

12th February 2003, 12:26 AM

I walked back into the dorm and I saw Shadow on my bed. He looked up at me and it was hard to say no. He was trying to get me to let him lie on my bed. I sighed. I sat down on the 2nd one and got out a pack of pokefood. Filling their bowls with food and water I thought about James. He was the one who gave me my Eevee. Then one day. We were battling at the full moon against a Houndoom. Eevee was pretty beat up and I tried to return it. But it refused. Then, when Houndoom let loose a fire blast Eevee was wrapped in it. I thought he was a goner. But when I could see Eevee again it was an Umbreon. He tackled the Houndoom out I caught it, naming it Darkflame. I returned all my pokemon after thinking about SHadow and I decided to go look for someone to battle.

Er...anyone wanna battle?

12th February 2003, 09:37 AM
Sean is accepted. I think you'll go in... Solaria? I'm trying to keep the houses even... O.o;;;

"Yeah, I used to do motocross before..." I stopped. It was warm outside, so I took off my jacket. Marc looked at my tattoos. "Wow, those are cool! I really like the barbed wire."
I smiled. "Yeah, I got that one last week, when I got out of..." I stopped again. I absentmindedly scratched at a large scar in my upper arm. It was still fresh, and there will still stitches holding it shut.
"What's that?" Marc asked. I looked at him in surprise.
"Do you seriously not know who I am? You haven't heard on the news?"
"No, should I have?"
"Probably. Do you remember about a year ago, there was an arrest of a top Team Rocket executive? That was me."
"YOU were in that crazy thing? How did that happen?"
"I'd rather not talk about it, if that's OK."
I didn't tell him that the scar was an implanted tracking device. I didn't tell him the real reason I'd been arrested was not for any gang related activities, but for possession. I didn't want for him to give up on me like everyone else. I really did want to get to know him first. Maybe... maybe I could tell him later. But not now. Not even Nayia knew all the details, and she was my best friend.
When we reached the parking lot, I saw that Nayia's car was here. I must have missed her by a few minutes. I made a note to go look for her later. When Marc saw my bike, I thought he would pass out.
"This is my favorite bike. I have a few others, but... I left them in Cerulean." I finished quickly.
"Wow... this is really cool."
"Wanna go for a ride?" I asked innocently.
"Could I really?"
Oh yeah, and all before first period! *poses*

12th February 2003, 09:56 AM

After awhile of sitting on the bench Luke got off the bench. He looked around and his pokemon were still playing. Luke shouted out to them to come back. All of them did. He returned them all to their pokeballs except Tote. Tote wanted to stay out and walk with Luke, so Luke let him. They were walking around and they saw a bunch of people talking to each other. Luke wondered to himself who all of them were. Maybe he'd meet them all some day. Luke went looking around to see if there was anyone that wasn't too busy. Luke was extremely bored and needed someone to talk to to cure him of this boredom. Tote started to walk off.

"Hey! Tote get back here! Where are you going?" Luke yelled over to Tote as he was walking away. Luke quickly caught up to Tote and Tote was standing right infront of a girl. He smiled at her as he went up to her to get Tote back.

"Hi, my name is Luke." Luke said to her.

(ooc: anyone can continue this, Luke's just bored and I thought he should talk to someone but I didn't know who ^_^ )

12th February 2003, 10:19 AM
--Ebony Blackthorn, age 20, gender female, house of Taras--

After about a week of traveling, my Pokémon and I couldn't help but stand at the top of a hill that had a somewhat good view of Lapras Valley University.

"Mur Murkrow," Lucky squawked in awe.

"You can say that again," I replied.

"Mur Murkrow."

I looked at her with the first smile I had in a little while.

"Bre Umbreon Umb," Dusk added.

"This is a long way from home," I agreed. "If it were not for my experience throughout my journey, I probably would have become lonely. But if this path to Lapras Valley will lead my to a Pokémon Gym back at home, I am more than willing to take it."

Midnight growled softly as she nodded her head in agreement.

We made our way down the hill and found the entrance hall. I returned my Pokémon to their Pokéballs before walking inside. There were not that many people registering at the moment, but the secretary looked tired.


"Ebony Blackthorn from Lavendar Town."


"Four. An Umbreon, a Houndoom, a Murkrow, and a Sneasel."

"All right. Here are your keys. You're in the house of Taras."

I nodded as I left. It didn't take me long to find a map and locate Taras. But before I could get started, a Feraligatr stood in front of me and stared at me. I stared right back.

A boy approached and smiled me. "Hi, my name is Luke," he said.

"Ebony," I replied. "Is this Pokémon yours?"

"Uh...you could say that."

"I recommend that you teach it that it's not polite to stand in front of people and stare, especially when they have just arrived."

He blushed, a little embarassed. "Sorry about that. This is Tote."

The Feraligatr growled his welcome and extended one hand to shake mine. My eyes opened wide in surprise, never before seeing a Pokémon do that. Maybe this Feraligatr was better trained that I first thought. This will be worth a battle after I get settled down.

A little afraid of being scratched by the Feraligatr's claws, I politely refused and looked at Luke again. "I take it that you're new here, too. Which house are you in?"

Ultimate Charizard
12th February 2003, 10:25 AM

We had reached her room and after she released her pokemon we began talking. Umbreon and her own 'shade' were playing, getting slightly rough but i noticed it was Shade being the more dominant as my umbreon submitted to being pushed and laughed at each 'attack'. "Big softy" i thought to myself.

Vayrian began to speak which broke me out of my daydream. She was trying to tell me something but dodged the real subject, instead commenting on the weather. She seemed to realise how silly such nervousness was and broke ou laughing. It definitely helped the atmosphere. Her Bulbasaur came up and sniffed at me. I patted it on the head. "I always had a soft spot for Bulbasaurs. Had one myself but he evolved into Venusaur. They may not have the same physical power but theyre damned stubborn when they want to be. Bulbasaur seemed to puff out its chest and strut as best a stumpy quadraped could.

12th February 2003, 01:29 PM

"You don't have to be afraid of Tote, he's actually very friendly. He likes playing jokes on some people though." Luke says laughing a bit. "Yeah, I am new here, I just got here a while ago. I'm in the Aquarus house." Luke says.

"Oh ok, I'm in the Taras house." Ebony replied.

"Oh ok, I passed by there to get to the Aquarus house. How many pokemon do you have?" Luke asked.

"I have 4, houndoom, umbreon, murkrow, and a sneasle." Responds Ebony.

"Oh, those are cool pokemon. I have 6. You met Tote. Here I'll take out my other pokemon." Luke says as he throws 5 pokeballs. Out pops a meganium, xatu, murkrow, onix, and ninetails. "This is Leafy, Psywing, Krow, Rocky, and Flame. Hey, maybe our murkrows could be friends" Luke says laughing.

12th February 2003, 01:48 PM
--Ebony Blackthorn, age 20, gender female, house of Taras--

He laughed after he had introduced his Pokémon, but I made no response. I really didn't understand what was funny.

"Perhaps," I replied as I removed my Pokéballs. "Come on out, everyone."



"Sne sneasel!"


"This is Dusk, Lucky, Slick, and Midnight," I introduced. "I like dark Pokémon. They're so cunning. I would have gotten myself a Tyranitar, but as I understand it, you can only have it if you catch a Larvitar up in Mount Silver, and I'm not allowed up there yet."

12th February 2003, 02:05 PM

-_-' A sweatdrop goes on Luke's forehead as Ebony just stares at Luke. He nealy falls over when she doesn't laugh with him. Ebony tosses out her pokemon and says that she likes dark pokemon.

"I like pretty much any kind of pokemon. All of them are good for me." Luke says smiling. Ebony just looks at him. Luke scratches the back of his head feeling kind of dumb now becuase of the reaction he is getting from Ebony. Luke is not used to not getting any reactions.

"So, uh... what do you like to do for fun?" Luke asked trying to get some kind of reaction from her.

12th February 2003, 04:33 PM
Rebecca Harrington
"A Muk, eh? That's probably Greg you talked to. It's the only Pokemon he has, if I can remember any. I never really talked to anyone from LVH, but if you see people like him, Craig, Nayia or Martin around, then those are the popular ones from back when."
I shrugged and sat back on my bed.
"That's some nice Pokemon you have. I only have 3, Nightshade the Alakazam, Blade the Sneasel and Drake the Charizard, who I'll let out right now."
Taking out the other Pokeball, I dropped it in the center of the room and released Drake. Yawning, he fanned his wings a bit before laying on the ground and falling asleep.
"I guess I should've used Nightshade instead", I said absentmindedly.
I continued on with my rambling, not having the chance much to talk about my Pokemon.
"Blade was my first Pokemon that I got from my Grandfather, Pryce. You may know him as the Mahogany Town gym leader. He taught me the ways of being at one with my Pokemon and training constantly. I guess it also helped that my father was a trainer and my mom was a breeder. After I turned 12, I decided to collect some Pokemon and train to become the best trainer in the town, after my grandpa of course. By 19, the only trainer who could beat me was my Grandpa and it was decided that I should come to this University. When I graduate from here though, I'm gonna go on the Johto League circuit and try to collect all of the badges with only these 3 and try to defeat my Grandfather."
Sitting over next to me, Blade positioned his head on my lap, a perfect scratching position. Starting to rub his ears back and forth, I looked up at Nadia as she was stroking her Pidgeot.
"So, what's your life story?".

12th February 2003, 05:11 PM
--Ebony Blackthorn, age 20, gender female, house of Taras--

"Fun?" I asked.

At first, he just stared at me, as if I didn't understand the word.

"Yeah," he answered. "You know, fun. Having a lot of laughs, enjoying yourself, sometimes going crazy for it..." He blushed again as he stopped in mid sentence.

"I know what fun is," I replied. "I enjoy spending my time training with my Pokémon. I like peace and quiet."

"Yeah, but what do you do when you want to have a good time?" Luke asked. "Do you like going to parties or hanging out at Youth Centers or..."

"No," was my flat reply.

Now he was really confused; I could tell. He looked like he was going to fall (anime-style) out of embarassment.

That made me crack a small smile for a few moments, then back to my typical no-reaction face.

"I'm dreaming of becoming the first Gym Leader back at home," I told him. "And a Gym Leader has to be serious, so don't worry if you never see me smile."

I pulled my hair behind my back and turned my left cheek toward him, showing him the scars that were previously but purposefully hidden. "Besides," I added with a slightly sad tone. "Ever since I got these, I've been finding very little reason to smile."

12th February 2003, 05:52 PM
I was playing Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance using Scorpion and I was fighting Sub-Zero, suddenly Muddy jumped onto my bed causing me to turn around and then Sub-Zero used his fatalies on me and I died.

"bugger" I muttered to myself
then Sam walked toward me and asked:
"What other games do you have?"
"Well I have Pokemon Sapphire, Metroid Fusion and Street Fighter Alpha 3" I replied
"Can I have a go on Mortal Kombat?" asked Sam
I nodded and gave him my GBA, then I decided to feed my pokemon some mints I had in my pocket and I shared it with the others in the room.

Nayia Waterflower aka starmie44
12th February 2003, 05:57 PM
Nayia Waterflower ~ F ~ Aquarus

“Hey! Nayia!” A formillar male voice called from behind me.

I stopped, blinked then turned around, surprised to see Craig a couple of feet behind me. My eyes widened but I smiled with joy. “Craig!” I cried, nearly jumping into his arms to bear hug him. “How’s it going? When’d you get here? Are you in Aquarus too? And what’s with the trunks?” I asked, finally noticing that he was own wearing his swimming trunks.

Craig gave me a confused look till all the questions sunk in before laughing. “I’m good Nayia.” He smiled. “I got here long ago. Ya, I’m in Aquarus too and I’m going for a swim with Mirage.”

“Oh…” I nodded, smiling down at the Vaporeon at his feet. “She’s so cute!” Swatting down, I picked up the cute water pokémon and cuddled it, being careful not to suffocate her or make her uncomfortable. She didn’t seem to mind the attention. “Oh,” I looked up at Craig. “Did you see Dru around?”

Craig shook his head. “Nope, haven’t seen her. Why, were you to going swimming or somethin’?” He asked, gesturing to my bikini top.

I blushed, but shook my head. I forget that I use to wear a bit more clothes on back in high school. And when I did wear a bikini, if I wasn’t swimming or lying in the sun, I had a tank top of something over it. But after high school, when I started traveling around, I was almost always in a tropical place so I guess I just picked up the new look. I was comfortable with the dyed hair and bikini, and that’s what counts when it comes to clothes. Comfort.

“No.” I laughed. “This is my new look. I was just wondering if Dru got here. I haven’t talked to her one on one in a while, and our manager will probably wanna know if we’re both here or not.”


“New CD.” I murmured.

“Cool… Hey, do ya want ta go swimming with me and Mirage?” Craig asked. “You’re already dressed and we can look for the others on the way.”

I smiled at him, jumping up to my feet. “Great! Nixie’s been dying to go in the water. And I’m sure that my other pokémon would like some exercise too.”

“Cool. Let’s go.”

12th February 2003, 06:53 PM

I let her go on about all that Team Rocket stuff and so on as my impatience grew. I wanted to see the bike and I was getting itchy. Finally she drew us outside and I nearly skipped to the beautiful Suzuki. When she asked if I wanted to go for a ride I nearly jumped in the air but I quickly hopped onto the seat and revved that baby up.
"You wanna drive?" she asked unsure of me.
"Duh." I said and then gasped as she offered me her helmet, "Helmet Smelet. I don't need no stinking helmet." She sighed and put it on and hopped behind putting her arms arounds. I ripped through the parking lot pulling a wheelie before I hit the road...

"A ticket!" I groaned as I got off the bike, "For no helmet! What kind of nonsense is that!" I walked back as Dru snickered at me from behind.
"Well thanks for the ride. I'll see you around. Gotta go babe hunting!" Singe appeared from the door at the sound babe. Thata boy he knew how to play 'Awww look at the cute lil Charmander' better than anyone. Heh heh. I said as I left Flaria waving goodbye to Dru who shook her head smiling.

12th February 2003, 07:03 PM
Name: Nala
Age: (18-24) 22
Gender: F
Physical Desc.: 5'5 1/2", 170 lbs., shoulder length brownish blonde hair, blue eyes
Personality: Quiet until you get to know her, then she opens up Its hard for her to open up, but when she does, She's a true friend who will risk her life for those she cares about
Bf/Gf: none atm
History: Nothing to note really.
Other: ...
Pokemon: Sparky - Raichu (F), BLazer Arcanine (M), Oliver - Persian, Kovu - Umbreon, Sweetie - Espeon (her fur is white instead of the normal light purple color), and Talut - Dratini

12th February 2003, 07:04 PM
WOO! Someone else for Solaria!

Nadia Tenryu, Solaria

"Nothing much, really. Normal family in Goldenrod. Got my first 2 Pokemon, or rather eggs, at 10. Nidorans, one of each gender. I still have them, only they're not so small anymore."

Nadia chuckled at the thought.

"This is Wing, the Bellossom is Lei, and my other 2 Pokemon are a Rapidash and a Dewgong, Wind and Sleet, respectively."

Still chuckling, Nadia shifted Wing's weight around a little.

"I'm mainly a traveling keyboardist and singer. It's good for spending cash in case I need an evolution stone or something."

With the hand that wasn't stroking Wing, she patted her keyboard's carry case.

"I might embark on my own trainer quest someday, but I don't bet on that day to be very soon...I'm more fancying the breeder life, as Tyra and Kyra, Nidoking and Nidoqueen respectively, are a breeding pair, with eggs every so often."

None right now, though. She had specifically instructed them that prior to the trip. No mating.

12th February 2003, 07:27 PM
Nala is accepted... erm... Flaria house.

Marc walked off. I sighed. A few years ago, i wouldn't really have noticed him... I guessed I had changed a bit... I turned and walked into the school. Torch twitched her ears and ran off. "Torch, dammit, get back here!"
She scampered around the corner and I ran after her.
I had run right into... "Craig!" I said in surprise. "DRU!!!" I looked up, and there was Nayia, still beautiful as ever.
I got up and hugged her. "Oh, man, I never thought I'd see you again... I felt so lost..."
She smiled. "I'm glad you're back. We've got alot to catch up on... Craig and I are going to the beach, wanna come?"
"Do I ever! I just met this great guy, and I bet that he's out there. You've gotta meet him!"
I ran to my dorm, changed into my two peice, and ran down to the beach. Lots of other students were there enjoying thier last weekend before school started.
I flopped down onto the sand. I had gotten so pale while I was in jail, it wasn't even funny. I had always been pale, but the sand on the beach was almost darker than I was.
Marc was nearby with some other guys. I waved, and he waved back. I pointed him out to Nayia. "Always the rebel, aren't you? He looks familliar... ooh, here they come! Go get 'im!" I shoved her and we giggled. The guys came over, and one had a camera. We posed for them; I hadn't felt this good in a long time. Things were going great; I didn't want to thing about what would happen when the inevidable down came, though...

12th February 2003, 07:34 PM
Andrew - Taras House

Well after meeting Sam who gave my Lickitung a small portion of some treat looking thing, I thanked him, it was awfully nice of him to give some to my Pokemon.

Then a guy named John came in, and from there, a lot of Pokemon were released as we all said our hellos and such and such.

Sam had a Pichu and Umbreon and Jonny had a Larvitar, Missdreavus and another Pokemon he called Whiny. I was feeling suddenly taken aback before I felt something yank my hair.

"ARG!" I yelled, swiping at whatever was doing it, before I saw and heard the cackling Misdreavus. John just looked at me as I explained, "Oh, That's Ok" in a fake cheery voice, "Misdreavus always yank people's hair"

Jon and Sam began to talk about battling while I left the room, and unpacked my stuff. Getting attacked by a hair crazed ghost wasn't my idea of fun. This wasn't a good start, I recalled Lickitung and stuffed my things into a wooden closet as I looked at my nice blue room. Spiffy.

Going down to the kitchen, I decided to give things a bit of a clean before I went out to check on Rocky, I hope he made the trip allright to the kennels. I wonder if other people got their pets brought too, like cats or perhaps some birds or something.

I walked down the huge green hills and towards the sound of barking animals, I was bound to find him there, I hoped I could meet someone else than Jon and Sam. This place seemed huge and it'd be nice to make some new mates. I released Mr. Mime who quickly delved into his handbag to find his mirror, fixing up his hair as he walked. What an embarressment.

12th February 2003, 08:05 PM

I looked around the room and saw a Mr Mime who was doing its hair, I approached it and patted it suddenly it turned around and slapped me.
"Ahh" I screamed and Misscheif try to attack it.
luckily Andrew returned Mr Mime while I returned Misscheif.

sheesh, I don't think his pokemon like me and vice-versa

12th February 2003, 08:15 PM
Varyian Tempaii - F - Transfer Student ( 18 )


I smiled, as my Bulbasaur waddled about... puffing out his chest strongly. It made me smile... he was indeed very stubborn, and himself had refused to evolve. He was well on his way to being a Venusaur... and had probaby surpassed that level, but had refused to evolve both times. It didn't bother me... whatever made him happy, made me happy.

" They are... " I said, leaning off my chair a bit and holding out my hand. Immediatly his wide reddened eyes saw me and he bounded over to me, quickly nudging against my hand. I smiled as I patted him... and then gazed up at Gav.
" Wanna... go get some thing to eat? I heard and saw signs for the cafeteria... and this place has awesome food."

He commented, and I smiled and the thought of food pleased me. Suddenly Shade bounded in, with Gav's Umbreon by her side instantly as they stared at us hungrily.
"Alright... Shade, you can come." Fier made a slight growl, as her eyes glanced up at me, but I shook my head.
"One at a time- we'll alternate who goes to the cafeteria on what day. Shade is first... "

They whined, and I told them I'd bring them back food. This made the incredibly happy... as Gav nodded to his umbreon as well. We walked out of my room... as Gav's charizard flew behind us. Walking down the hallway I saw many different people pass us by... and Shade quickly bounded up ahead- her tail swaying happily in the air as she did so.

"So what about you Gav... any thing interesting you wanna share?" I suddenly asked out of no where, gazing my intent, sea-green eyed gaze at him.

12th February 2003, 08:36 PM
Greg Siron~Male~Solaria


"Owwww...." I moaned. I rubbed my head as I sat up in my bed. "Muk, one of these days...POW! Straight to the moon!" I sat up and hung my legs over the side of the bed. "Muk, what time is it?"

"Muk...mu ku muk!" Muk pointed at his watch.

"Right...you can't tell time." I stood up and walked out of my bedroom into the common room. The girl was still there. Before I could even start talking, Muk growled at me and drew his fist back. "Alright Muk, I get it. But why won't you let me talk to any girls?"

"Muk mu mu muk..."

"ARE YOU CRAZY!!" I yelled at him, making the to girls that were talking look at me strangly. "Don't worry girls, just a normal argument between man and his big purple blob!" They slowly nodded and went back to talking. I walked out of Solaria tower and headed for the cafeteria to get some num nums. As I was walking down the hallway, I looked over the railing towards the ground floor and saw a few familiar faces. An evil grin slowly spread accross my face.

"KA KA YAAAA!!" I screamed as I jumped down over the railing towards the middle of a group of friends. They must have seen me flying towards them out of the corner of their eyes, because they quickly formed a path right up the middle of their group, making me crash into a stone wall. I quickly got up and dusted myself off. I smiled at my old friends.

"Hey Greg." Nayia said nonchalantly. I fell over anime-style.

"How did you know I was coming?!" I demanded.

"Greg, we can smell Muk. Between that and the insane scream..."
Craig teased.

"Uh...hey Greg..." I turned around to see a very familiar face.


Dru, what you said about if Dru and Greg, I forgot about. I set something up, anyone can do with it what they want.

12th February 2003, 08:58 PM
Joey headed out of the room and onto the university grounds. He saw a bunch of people talking and stuff.

He released Volcaino from his ball and let it look around as they walked. The rooster looking pokemon seemed to take everything in as they walked around and through buildings.

Joey was looking up at one of the buildings when he felt someone bang into him. He stumbled back a bit. "What on..."
He saw that he had bumped into some girl(Kayla). "Oh, geez, I'm sorry."

He offered her his hand and helped her up. "Sorry about that. My bad."

"It's alright." the girl said.

"Urm..." Joey looked down. "guess I'll see ya 'round...Or something..."

Majin Sean
12th February 2003, 09:17 PM
Sean Kahland-Solaria
I entered through the thick oak doors and into a large hallway. It sort of looked like a large hotel lobby. I walked forward and saw a desk with a sign on it saying "Receptionist". I walked toward it and looked over. A woman with brunette hair was sitting there typing on her computer. She looked up and asked in a buisness-like manner, "May I help you?" "Yeah, I'm the new guy around here" I said in somewhat of a fierce voice. She seemed startled by the sound of my voice and asked a little shakily, "May I have your name please?" "Sean Kahland" I informed her. She typed into her computer and then said, "Your room is located in the Solaria tower, room 387" she said. She handed me a small silver key. "That unlocks the door to your room, make yourself at home" she finished. "Thanks..." I said in a cold tone. Stupid people I thought to myself with a small smirk. I turned away from the shocked woman and started walking toward where a sign pointed to Solaria tower. I was turning a corner when suddenly I bumped into someone. I fell down hard on my *** and heard the other guy said "Hey, watch where you're going!". I felt rage burn up inside me. The guy was kinda tall, though I was taller than him by about an inch. He had brown hair with blue eyes and was wearing a normal outfit of a t-shirt and jeans. I got up and said with coldness and hate in my voice, "Then, why don't YOU WATCH WHERE YOU GOING!" yelling at the last words. I shoved him against the wall and turned around to pick up my stuff. As I was about to, I felt a hand placed on my shoulder. I turned around with a glare on my face, thinking it was the same guy who wanted some more trouble when I locked gazes with a girl, a pretty one at that. She had shimmering violet colored hair with emerald colored eyes. She was wearing a tight white tank top that exposed her abdominal area with a pair of short jeans shorts and sandals. She didn't have an angry look on her face, just sort of an annoyed look. "I think you should apologize to my friend for doing that" she said in a bit of a firm tone. I kept my gaze at her. Who does she think she is? I thought to myself. I turned away, grabbed my suitcase and headed off toward Solaria tower....

Meh...not the best way of interaction, but oh well :)

12th February 2003, 09:27 PM

I walked out the dorm and wondered around the houses, Taras, Solaria and others. I saw a boy with brown hair and a t-shirt, annd black fingerless gloves. Another was yellin at him. There was a girl who was talkin to the guy who yelled at the other guy. He pushed the brown boy into a wall. He was slumped on the wall.. I reached out my hand and said, " Hey you all right?" Not excactly my style but oh well.

12th February 2003, 09:38 PM

I turned around and looked at the guys around me.
"Uh.... Do i know you?"
"Nah but we saw you driving that Ferrari and..."
"Like we wanna hang out with you to leech your money." his smaller more articulate friend said.
"Oh. Ok." I said rubbing my bare stomach running over the abs. My personal trainer always said I had a good metabolism. I still had my baggy jeans that were ripped and patched in certain areas with a Huge Anarchy symbol on the shin. I shuffled my crappy sneakers thru the sand.
I had went to the beach with Singe to bag me some digits and ended up meeting these guys who started tagging around me for some reason. I saw Dru wave to me. I smiled and waved back and walked over hoping to get away from these losers who were cramping my style.
They only followed. I sighed but figured tellng them to go away would take too much energy and result in my *** being kicked by 5 huge dudes.
Dru was with this other girl and some guy. Whoever the guy was like I cared.
Hello I thought to myself as Dru introduced me to Nayia. I gave her the run over not noticing the glares from the dude whatever his name was I didnt quite catch it. But whatever she was a lil hottie! I gave her a wink and then turned to Dru remembering the cool bike ride.
"Hey Dru. I'm gonna ask my pops if you can come over to our ranch like whenever. I got this nice *** track and plenty of dirtbikes. We'll do some freestyle tricks."
"Uh school just started there wont be a break until Thanksgiving." she said.
"Man thats like two months!" I moaned
The doofuses behind me started talking and I quickly shut up letting them make asses out of themselves. Nayia and Dru looked at them not believeing they were with me. I Shrugged when they looked at me and mouthed silently "I dont know them."

12th February 2003, 10:28 PM

Luke was a little shocked because of the scars on her face.

"Thats the reason you don't smile? Just cause of a couple scars? Thats the reason? Come on, those are just scars. Lots of people have them. You should just let your defense down, maybe you could get a lot of friends. Maybe even smile some? But you'll never get anywhere being unhappy all the time. So can't ya just let your defenses down? At least Just once? If you don't it then you can go back to being unhappy and unsmiling. But comeon, its more fun when you can smile about something, hey, who knows you shine those pearly whites and you could get a bf too. Who knows? But can't ya try it? Please?" Luke gave her a kinda upset look.

PokeMaster Jimmy
12th February 2003, 10:43 PM
So much pie in this post.

"Hey Shadow, get back here!" I yelled, chasing after Shadow, after he just stole another 2 pies. I ran after the grinning Gengar with a pie in each hand. But Shadow didn't watch where he was going and accidentally tripped on something and threw the pies up. "NOOOOOO!" I jumped up and saved one of the pies. The other pie on the other hand, or was anyways, dropped on top of a guy's head who appeared to be following a group and a guy in the front of the group(the annonymous guy that followed Marc) talking to two girls and Craig. He also seemed to have a crew with him.
"Er..." I went up to him. He had vanilla cream all over his face, I choked my laugh. I heard some snickers from the back as well. The guy licked his lips and cleared his eyes. He looked at me.
"Ehehe. I'm Jimmy, you are..." I said sheepishly.
"Don't worry about me... but you're dead! Get him!" he said and the five chased me.
"Yeeheehee!" I threw up the other pie and hit another guy.
"Shadow, sic 'em! Pieball!" I commanded Shadow. Shadow appeared in front of me and had 5 pies in replacement of a dark shadowball.
"Wuh-oh, run!" he called them back for a retreat.
"Gengar!" Shadow released the "Pieball" and it splattered all of them. They were splattered with all types of pies. Rasberry, blueberry, cherry, apple, and vanilla cream.
"Aww c'mon Gengar, we coulda eaten those. Just throw one or two next time." I told him. They pie men tried to get up but slipped at times.
"You'll pay for this." the ringleader said, and ran away in humiliation of the attack of the pies. The others followed him. I walked to the others.
"I wanna apoligize for pieing your friends but..." I was cut off by the guy that was nearly hit.
"Actually, I should be thanking you. Those guys were gettin on my nerves." the guy said.
"Oh, so its a good thing I came." I smiled.
"And you're pie stealing and throwing Gengar" Craig said.
"Yeah Craig, good thing..." I looked back at him, using Lick to clean up the remains of the pie.
"Well, anyways, allow me to introduce myself. I am Jimmy." I told the surrounding people.
"Hey sup man, I'm Marc." Marc said.
"I'm Dru, nice to meet you too." the girl on the right said.
The girl on the left, "I'm Nayia, and its nice to meet you.".
"I see you've met Craig." I said to them all.

I was rushed, whaddya want?

12th February 2003, 11:41 PM
Nala - Flaria house

Today had started out as one of those days. First, the sink had stopped up. It turned out to be a fur ball that Oliver had coughed up. Then I just couldn't get things together. Then the mail arrived. Unlike usual, the mail carrier rang the doorbell. Drying my hands on a tower, I answered it. "Does a Nala live here?" the mail lady asked. "Yes, that would be me," I replied. "Sorry to disturb you, but we accidently delevered this letter to the wrong house. It was mailed express. Sorry for the delay." I nodded and signed for the letter. After which, she left. I opened it, and my jaw dropped to the floor. I had gotten into Lapras Valley University. However there was one problem. I was supposed to be there in an hour! I whistled for Blazer who came running. Then i got Oliver to go get Sweetie and Kovu to help me pack with their psychic powers. Once finished, i Recalled everyone but Sweetie and Blazer into their pokeballs. Then Blazer raced towars the school with Sweetie and me giving him directions from the map.

Once we had reached the main building, i recalled Blazer, and put Sweetie on the ground where she instantly jumped onto my shoulder. Then i raced into the school. The receptionist looked at me. "Name?" she asked. Gasping for air, "Na... la... The name is Nala." She nodded. "How many Pokemon do you have?" I smiled. "I have six." She typed something into the computer. "Their names and species please." I nodded. "Well, there's Sweetie here, she's my espeon. I also have an umbreon Kovu, a dratini Talut, persian Oliver, arcanine Blazer, and a raichu named Sparky." She nodded, typing some more. Then she looked at me. "You are in Flaria." I nodded once more as she handed me my keys and everything else that was important. Then i headed for the dorms.

13th February 2003, 07:18 AM
First off, I'd like to thank the person who (DID NOT!) meet up with me. I feel so loved.
Second: I'll be leaving from Saturday until the next Saturday. I probably won't be able to post during that time. C'yall!

13th February 2003, 11:38 AM
--Ebony Blackthorn, age 20, gender female, house of Taras--

Although I was used to reactions like Luke's, I was disappointed and dismayed as I let my hair fall back to my cheeks, once again covering up my scars.

Dusk, on the other hand, growled at Luke. "Bre Umbreon Breon Umbree!"

"Murkrow!" Luke's Krow squawked, facing Dusk forcefully.

Lucky flew between the two Pokémon and scolded back at Krow, who was shocked by her response.

I calmly raised my hand. "Chill out, Lucky, or I'll have Slick do it for you," I told her calmly." Slick snickered at the thought, but I shot a glance at him and he went silent again. I looked at Lucky again. "Krow did the right thing by defending his trainer, just as I am certain you will do if the time comes."

Lucky nodded in understanding and apologized to Krow.

I then faced Luke. "However, Dusk is right. You can't possibly understand...unless you were almost killed."

Shocked, all Luke could do was stare at me.

"Allow me to point out a few things. First of all, I am not unhappy. For the here and now, I have everything that I want: my Pokémon and my dreams. I am quite content; I just don't show it in a way that other people interpret as happiness.

"Secondly, I do have my moments to smile. I don't frown all the time. True, I smile rarely. And true, I smile vaguely. But I do smile when I have a reason to smile.

"And third, I am not particularly interested in having a 'bf' as you call it. Maybe I shall make friends during my time here at Lapras Valley, but if I am to become a Gym Leader as I hope I will, I may not have the time for anything else and I might as well get used to it."

Luke continued to stare at me, and I took his silence as a cue to pardon myself.

"Now, if you will excuse the five of us, I must get to the house of Taras, unpack, and settle down. Slick, Lucky, Midnight, Dusk, return."

My Pokémon didn't resist as I returned them to my Pokéballs. Without another word, I left Luke and his Pokémon behind.

**Later that morning**

That was probably the most unusual conversation I ever had in my life, I said to myself. How could I have opened up so much to a total stranger?

I sighed as I considered another problem. I wasn't as disappointed in Luke's request for me to let my guard down more often as I was in the fact that he didn't ask me how I got my scars.

Of course, I wouldn't have answered him the first time he asked. No, nor the first few times. It would require a lot of trust in him and a lot of courage in myself for me to talk about that.

But he didn't even show any sympathy for me because of my scars. Or was it that I didn't give him the time to show sympathy?

Now, I was confused. But I shook my head. Get a hold of yourself, Ebony, I said to myself. He doesn't understand.

It didn't take me long to find my room. The door has another name posted underneath my own. So, they decided to put me with someone. I checked the door and found it to be already unlocked. I slowly opened the door.

(Ooc: I left the name of my roommate unmentioned on purpose. Anyone in the house of Taras can reply to my post. ;) )

13th February 2003, 02:42 PM
Sky'ree The Pidgeot
Mirage The Vaporeon

Oh and Socram Craig definitly doesn't like Nayia :P They are jus friends

Within a few minutes, we met up with Dru, some guy named Marc, Greg and Jimmy..quite a large crowd... Everyone was chatting it up... although everything went silent after Marc did a major whine about how there isnt a break until thanksgiving (haha.. lol)

"Ok, well.. Mirage and I are going to swim now" I announced as I walked towards the beach, spreading the towels flat on the beach first, as he dipped in he noticed that Mirage was no where in sight

"Acid Armor..." I said to myself swimming in...


13th February 2003, 03:01 PM
Joey tossed out his pokeball that held Tornado once he was a little ways away from everyone.
"Okay, practice battle guys. Get in there Volcaino." Joey ordered.
Volcaino walked to the battle field and faced the bird-type pokemon, getting in his stance.
"Start! Tornado! Go!"
Tornado flew at Volcaino for a tackle attack. Volcaino jumped up and shot a stream of fire down at Tornado. The bird pokemon got hit on the wing and fell to the ground. "Braw...."
Joey scowled and yelled at it, "Get up! Loosing this early in the match won't cut it!"
Tornado tried to get up but it's wing was ingured so it couldn't fly.
"If your not going to fight then you can just stay in your pokeball the rest of the day without food!" Joey braked. He held out his pokeball and Tornado reaturned.

13th February 2003, 03:11 PM
As I was reading The legend of Legendaries, a girl walked in and she was beautiful, I got my mobile out texted to Sam and Andrew who were in the caferteria:

I walked up to the girl and then I released Misscheif who liked girls better than guys and called my other pokemon forward and asked the girl:
"What your name?"
"Ebony" she replied
"Er..do you have any pokemon?"
"Yes actually" and she realeased a Umbreon, a Murkrow, a Sneasel and a Houndoom
"This is Lucky a Murkrow, Midnight the Houndoom, Dusk the Umbreon and Slick the Sneasel"
"Well my pokemon are Misscheif the Misdreavus, Muddy the Mudkip, Whiny the Wynaut and Larvitar the Larvitar, I also have a Agehanto called Hope and a Hinbasu called Beauty they are coming when their pokeballs are fixed"

Ebony smiled and walked to her area and started to unpack, I noticed she had a lot of scars but I dared not her why she had them.

13th February 2003, 04:37 PM
I picked up my mobile and read the message from Jon.
"Hey Andrew check it out! Jon's got himself a female roomate, lucky devil."
Andrew and I laughed.
"Guess he'll too busy with his new girlfriend to battle later," I said jokingly. "No matter we'll just have to find something else to do." Then I had an idea. "Hey Andrew why don't we battle?"

13th February 2003, 05:35 PM
As I was looking at Ebony, I realised that I was meant to battle Sam and so I texted Sam again:
SAM, I WILL BATTLE YOU AND I BE AT YOUR ROOM IN A MINUTE, then I returned my pokemon and ran out of the door and I looked back at Ebony who was stroking her Umbreon and then I scapered to Sam's room.

13th February 2003, 05:48 PM
"Hey Jon." I said as he came in. "You ready to battle?"
"You bet."
"Don't worry." I said to him as we walked. "I'll finish you off quick so you can get back to your girlfriend ."
I patted my belt. All my pokemon were in their pokeballs. Except for Pichu who was riding on my shoulder.
Eventually we came to the field I'd pointed out on the map. No one was there, this would make things easier.
"Alright we'll battle with three pokemon each, no time limit. First one to have all their pokemon knocked out loses, okay?"

13th February 2003, 06:17 PM
I nodded in interest as she explained about her breeding pair, but I could never imagine Nightshade or anyone else breed. It just sounded too weird.
<I heard that>, Nightshade grumbled.
I smirked at the Alakazam and then got up.
"I'm gonna go out and train my Pokemon. I'll see you later."
She nodded as I unpacked the rest of my clothes and went into the bathroom to change. Consiensous about my appearance in a bathing suit, I covered it up with a t-shirt and shorts and walked out of the room with Nightshade and Blade right behind me.
"Teleport us to the beach?", I asked Nightshade.
He sighed and shook his head but took Blade and my hand and teleported us down on the sand dunes. Walking up it, I reached the top and scanned below. The only person beside myself was a guy spread out on a towel, seemingly alone. Walking away from him, I placed myself on the other side, still being able to see him but not hear him. Releasing Drake, I went through the routine with them.
"Ok you guys, same drill as before. Blade, you go swim a couple of laps in the beach and make sure that you don't go too far out. Drake will start attacking Nightshade and I physically, no fire at all. And don't teleport to get out of the way, Nightshade. You're pretty damn weak physically and we need to work on that."
Nodding, Blade jumped off into the water and started to swim as we set ourselves up for defensive training. Nodding, Drake started to slash at us, swinging from side to side. Jumping back and doing the odd backflip, I had an easier time to dodge. Nightshade wasn't so lucky as he took a couple of slashes before finding his second wind and started to swerve out of the way easier. Before long, all of us were sweating and decided to take a break. As Drake could hurt himself, he only went in about knee deep, keeping his tail out of the way. Nightshade and I though bombed in and started to swim around as Blade came back from his practice and went onto the beach to cool off. After about 5 minutes, we all joined back together onto the sand.
"Ok", I breathed. "You guys can do a little sparring while I go off and do some of my own training. Attack each other equally but don't go overboard. We'll rejoin in about a half an hour."
Taking off, the 3 went to train as I faced the ocean and practiced my kicks. Keeping up my pace, I felt at ease with the calm waves, moving steadily back and forth. The only thing that made me stumble though was a flash of bright blue appearing out of nowhere. Stumbling, I fell down but quickly got up but it disappeared before I could see it closely. Thinking hard, it sorta looked like a Vaporeon, but I couldn't have been sure. Shrugging my shoulders, I went back to my exercises, not having a care in the world.

13th February 2003, 06:30 PM

Luke stands there as Ebony tells him why she acts the way she does. He feels bad for asking her to open up more. She leaves and he kicks the ground. Luke walks over to a bench and his pokemon follow him.

"Geez Tote, I think I really screwed up this time. All I wanted to do was try to be friends, but I had to screw up didn't I. Geez... I'm sure she hates me now. I didn't mean to sound mean or anything. What do you think Tote?" Luke looks up at Tote with a frown. Tote just pats Luke on the back. "Thanx Tote. Ok guys I guess you should go back in your pokeballs." Luke returned all but Leafy, she wanted to stay out.

Luke and Leafy were walking around the place. Luke seemed unhappy now. Luke passed 2 guys saying something about battling. He didn't really care though. Luke walked over and saw that there is a beach. Luke saw Craig and shouted to him waving as he walks by. Craig waved back. Luke continued to walk around. He stopped and saw a group of people. Luke was about to go talk to him but stopped.

"Eh, I probably shouldn't I don't wanna mess up again." Luke frowned and a sweat drop formed on his forehead -_-' He walked and went over to the park that he was at before. Luke layed down on the bench. He just stared at the sky. Leafy fell asleep next to him.

13th February 2003, 07:13 PM
ahhh... I had a post and then AOL quit on me...
"Well, I'd have to see what Nayia and I are doing around Thanksgiving. Our manager probably wants for us to be in the studio and out with an album by Christmas. Probably impossible, but you tell him that..."
"You guys are in a band? That's cool! What's your band called?"
I winced inside, because I didn't really want to talk about it before I had the chance to talk with Nayia one-on-one. "Well, we were called The Wildfires of Cerulean, but I think that we should try for something new..."
"Oh, yeah."
I was glad that he let it drop. I really didn't want to even think about any of this stuff for awhile. Yes, I couldn't hide from it forever, but I deserved a break, didn't I?
Jimmy's Gengar, Shadow, obviously was one of those kinds that liked to fool around. Just like my Morgan...
"Go, Morgan!" "Geeen-gaaar!" She streched and blinked in the sunlight. Shadow turned and looked at her. "Gen? "Gengar, gen!" replied Morgan. We all looked at them to see what would happen.
Short... I gotta go check some of the other RPGs I'm in... Laterz

13th February 2003, 07:41 PM

Hm she was in a band.
"Must be pop." I thought to myself. I really didnt fit into that crowd. While me and my friends back home had a band we didnt have a producer or anything. We preferred to not sell out... ok its cuz no record label would sign us but Shhh its really cuz we do it for the music.
I was getting bored here and everyone wanted to go swimming. Not wanting to tell them that I couldnt swim I said, "O well you guys have fun. I aint dressed for swimming" I grabbed my pants that were slowly slacking off to emphasize the fact.
I watched that Jimmy kid cartwheel his way into the ocean. Yeh he had been eating to many of his Gengar's sugar filled pies. I laughed but he was still a cool kid. Got those weirdos away from me. I'd send him a thank you card or something.
As I turned to leave with Singe I felt a warm hand on my bare shoulder. I turned around and saw Nayia.
"Wait..." I stopped and waited to hear what she would say.

bla didnt wanna force anybody's char to do anything cept Jimmy's cuz hes jimmy. haha.

15th February 2003, 12:50 AM
Andrew - Taras House
Pokemon - Mr. Mime(M), Lickitung(F), Delibird(M)

Well I'd tried to go to the kennels to visit my dog, Rocky, hopefully he was ok. But Jon and Sam, two of my housemates came and kinda dragged me back to the house.

It was awfully rude of them but Jon got a slap from Mr. Mime's Handbag when he's tried to touch him. Served him right too. Here I was trying to be nice, but I was being dragged around like a toddler on a shopping trip.

Sam had then dragged me down to the cafeteria where I tried to look interested, but ended up smiling and nodding. It was a bit irritating, I was wanting to do my own thing and they kept dragging me back in. Jon then sent me an SMS about a new roomate.

Sam went running off after offering to battle me, but I wasn't really in the mood at all so I declined. I'd meet my other new housemate soon, apparently it was a girl. Which was a nice change, only having Jon and Sam would make a pretty boring year till I could hopefully transfer out to my first preference.

Once again I went down to the Kennels, alone to find my dog, Rocky. I released Delibird to get it aquainted with our new temporary home as it cawed and flew around above me. Not looking where I was going I slipped on some grass, sending me flying down the well manicured and smooth grass, head first, scraping my arms and giving me really bad grass stains.

Picking myself up Delibird flew over to myself and had a laugh. Damn bird. I saw a girl coming out of the admin building looking pretty stressed, holding a map and trying to read it as an Espeon walked next to her, a bleak white colour.

Maybe I should help her... or find my dog first... I'm not sure...

15th February 2003, 08:15 AM
Name: Sally Anne McGregor – Always Known As Sal.

Age: 15

Looks: Hair is reddish orange and is always messy and cropped short. Her eyes are emerald green and often bright. She wears ripped jeans and baggy T-Shirts and joggers. Her earlobes are pierced twice in each ear and she wears two sleepers in each.

Personality: Is very rough and tough. Wont take any crap from anybody and is very sharp mouthed. Hates it when people try to get too close to her although she is very close to her best friends. But she is very defensive.

Other: Is a werewolf. I don’t care, I cant change that. Nobody knows about it except for Kayla, Ashley, Nayia, Martin, Spike, Craig, Greg and if they all didn’t resign up then too bad. :P Seriously NOBODY is going to find out. If you do you deal with dru. She doesn’t even revolve her life around it anymore its like its not even important

Pokemon: Fury (Vulpix F)

Personality: Rough, sarcastic pokemon. Knows about Sals secret. Yeah. You get what she’s like later. But she can talk./

Also SAL IS NOT PART OF THE UNIVERSITY. NOBODY MAKE HER A PART. She just hangs out around it and with her old firneds. Also, she does’nt want to talk to anybody aside form her old friends. So when she’s in the school she might get pissed off if you try talk to her and maybe bash your character or something, I advise just leave her to her old friends (mentioned above). :P




I looked up from the side of the school. A tall fence of barbed wire guarded trespassers from entering the grounds of the school. It wasn't actually a school. It was a University. A place I would never go to. The only reason I was there, looking in was because my friends were there. Most of my firends from high school were there.

The friends who had stuck by me in every situation. Nayia was there for sure, I remember her excited voice at the end of year twelve, how she was announcing how she got into one of the most select universities. But it did help that she went to Lapras Valley High, one of the best boarding schools in the area. The only reason Ashley and I made it in was because we had no where to go after the orphinage shut down.

Kayla was also supposed to be there. I can remember the day that she opened the envelope. She practically fainted from joy. She was pretty speechless. But then most of our crowd made it in. Craig and Greg were accepted, but im not sure who else made it in. I'm sure that as soon as people see me around again they'll let me know.

"It's good to be back isn't it?" Fury asked me. I looked down at her. She had been through a lot since I first found her and saved her from being attacked by a pack of Houndour. She was now quite large, yet still a Vulpix. Her six tails waved behind her, no curl to be seen. She didn't want to waste the time making herself beautiful. I could understand that.

"Yeah," I agreed. I seemed to be becoming softer. Yet my softness only extended to my tight pack of firends. Anybody else who pissed me off dealt with it.

"I missed them," Fury admitted. Even Fury was turning soft. But like me she too had a tough exterior. But Fury had missed this place. So had I.

Returning to Quagsire Heights had been a mistake.

I dont even know why Ashley dragged us along. It had something to do with a meeting of an old gang friend of ours. A member of Randy's gang. We were the toughest kids, stealing for survival. Without the experience from the gang I dont know how i would have survived half the things I suffered through.

The old friend had told us about Randy, and how he was still a gang leader. Ashley thought it would be nice to go and visit him and say hi to all of our old friends. I really didn't want to go along, yet I did want to know how Randy was going.

We got there and the place was just as run down as ever. Cracked windows, litter filled streets, syringe lined bins, the usual. But there was a comforting familiarity about it. I was glad to have my dagger safley in my back pocket.

Randy was extremley glad to see us and find out how we were doing. Ashley seemed overly happy to see him, I was just the usual. Randy had changed though from the scummy kid I remembered to a young developed man. His hair was still the same raven black, except he had been stealing some gel and using it to keep it spiked up. His eyes were a harsh shade of brown, almost like razors, yet they had a comforting sense to them. His cheek bore the same familiar scar that I had known, yet now it made him look tough. His jeans were still ripped but only at the bottom, and they actually didn't look ratty. His upper biceps had grown, and on his right arm wore a tatoo chain around his arm of metal links.

He was, as Nayia would put it, HOT.

We stayed for about a month. Everything was surprisingly fine for us. Randy took good care of us, especially Ashley. I thought it was just because she took such good care of the gang when we were rough, but after a while i realised what Ashley was becoming.

Drugs. Dope, she was doing the dope. I couldn't believe good Ashley had turned to the drugs. I didn't know whether it was the whole reason for returning, but surprisingly she was on them. It explained her sudden change of attitude, her sudden rash harshness, her sudden lack of memory and her pale expression.

At first I thought Randy was supplying her with the stuff. I had used to be a drug person myself, I never used them but I was never against them, but once you've seen your best friends life ruined by the stuff you really have your mind changed.

One night, Randy had taken me for a tour of what used to be my prison home. The old orphanage, the old barred windows now smashed and bent, the door scorched with fire thanks to Furys old tactics. He had shown me the best places and bought me a small meal to eat. It was the nicest thing anybody had done for me in Quagsire Heights.

And then we returned. Dusty, another gang member was shaking with fright, staring down at the ground. Fury, Randy and I gasped at the sight. At Ashley, who was once the smart, sensible, calm, wise one. At Ashley who in a few montsh had gone from having high potential in life to this.

To being on drugs. To being addicted, so addicted to the point where she needed more than her body could handle. And now she was pushing dasies.

We had left after that. Randy had explained how he tried to get her off them but somehow she had gotten her hands on them, and couldn't stop. After what, fifteen to seventeen years of strong friendship she had destroyed it all in two months.

I left with a short goodbye to Randy and the gang. With a final goodbye to Quagsire Heights, this time promising to never return.

And I missed her terribly. I had to let the others know. I wanted answers that nobody could give to me. Questions flew thorugh my mind, why hadn't I been able to help? Why hadn't i known that she was going on the dope? Why couldn't I stop her? Why had I been out with Randy instead of staying by her side?

Why had she thrown her life away?

"I miss her too," Fury told me, sensing what i was thinking. "But there's noting we can do."

"We have to tell the others you know," I replied. Sitting down I looked over the familar Lapras Valley. In the distance over near the oceans edge I could see the high school in the glowing sunset. Students roamed the school which we had all once attended.

And soon I would have to go tell everybody else.

I wasn't looking forward to it.

15th February 2003, 08:32 AM
While playing my Game Boy Advance, I realised that I been a real pig towards Andrew (who was at the kennels with his dog Rocky) and decided to text him again:

Andrew Soz about I did to you earlier, can we still be friends?

after sending it, I look out of the window wishing that Ebony was with me and looking at the area surrounding the uni, I wished I was back in Hoenn with my family and then I continued to play Mortal Kombat:Deadly Alliance and I would let Andrew play it to make up for what I had done.

Gray Charizard
15th February 2003, 06:44 PM
Hey everybody, sorry I wasn't posting and I'd lost a track of every thing. I gues my topic could not survive. That's because I had problems with my e-mail (I always looking at notifications from poke masters in my mail) and it got expired, also I coudn't log in pokemasters.

Name: Ioshi Yamato
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Physical Desc.: Tall, light-brown hair, blue eyes, wears black tuxedo or a ninja outfit sometimes, also wears glasses ocasionly.
Personality: nice, gentle, kind, friendly and supportive, it's take a wile to make him mad, but if you do, it can get very ugly. Despite his hot temper, he comming down easily.
Bf/Gf: none, but open to all nomenies (especialy Asian type)
History:Little is known about his past. No body knows an exact location of his home town. Some people says that he was in team rocket once and after that was government agent specialized on infiltration missions.
Other:Likes Ninjutsu martial art, well trained in the way of sword

Pokemon: Dragonite, Alakazam, Charizard, Venusaur, Blastoise, Pickachu. All males

Last Exile
16th February 2003, 03:22 AM
Hi. Sorry for the LSU. Some here may know me because I'm one of LVH's biggest fans and read everything ASAP. OzAndy put me onto this, so here I am.

Name: Ryan
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Physical Desc: Slightly taller than the average person, brown skinned, short black hair that is evenly kept, piercing yet empathetic brown eyes and facial hair that reappears virtually right after shaving. Slim and fit after 9 years of being too thin and 12 years of being overweight. Almost always seen wearing jeans and sneakers in combination with T-shirts indicating his passions in life. Wears glasses that hardly masks his face and actually make people think he looks better and more approachable.
Personality: Smiles and laughes regularly in public but incredibly quiet and neutral when alone. Tolerant beyond imagination, diplomatic, amazingly empathetic. Strives to keep order and to make life better for others despite what consequences such actions have for him. But not unwilling to give an arch-enemy what's coming to them. But most of all, he hates to lose. But you wouldn't know it, he takes what live deals him with good grace and takes his vengeance out on himself when alone. Wants to fall in love with a woman...badly. And will metaphorically kill anyone who disses his favourite music bands and sport teams.
Girlfriend: None yet. Seeks a female of legal age that is able to understand and appreciate who I am.
History: Wishes his father was dead, keeps in contact with his perfectionist yet loving mother. Privately suicidal until he left high school. Resents males because of the 250 that made his life a living hell in his teens so is more trusting towards females and privately worships them. One of the better academics. His outspokeness against government hypocricies and corporate gluttony has earned him many enemies in high places but allies that are more useful than one could imagine.
Other: Music addict (despisies pop music), worships Harry Potter and LOTR, likes walking on the beach, watching sports and enjoying the fragile yet fulfilling beauty of nature. Master of the PC and Gamecube. But takes his studies seriously, very seriously. Scoffs at religion, prefers to believe that the Powers that Be are real but that there is no need to identify them, preferring to preserve neutrality and harmony in the world. As for TV, he can't get enough of 24, The Secret Life Of Us and The Guardian.
Pokemon: Meganium (Sakura, female), Espeon (Mystic, male), Lapras (Crystal, female), Charizard (Zinger, male), Scizor (Chaos, male), Umbreon (Karma, female)

16th February 2003, 05:55 AM
Andrew Taras House
Pokemon: Mr. Mime (M), Lickitung (F), Delibird (M)
Animal: Rocky - Australian Kelpie

I decided to go meet that girl later, I couldn't afford to get sidetracked again! Still all grass stained I whinged to Delibird,

"Delibird, this is great, not here too long and I'm already filthy, I hope this campus has a dry cleaners or something! Cause if the rest of the day goes like this I'll be disgustingly dirty by the end of the day" I rambled to the flying santa Pokemon.

"Deli Deli" He said before reaching into his sack and giving me a box of wet wipes.

"Oh thank you Delibird!" I said, he was so thoughtful sometimes. I used them to clean myself up as I went down to the Kennels. I had to go through the Vets first apparently. I met the vet on campus.

"Hello, I'm Dr Preston!" she said cheerily.

"Hi! I'm Andrew, and I'm here to check on my dog, Rocky" I said to her.

"Ah.. follow me" She motioned as she led me through the the rows of animals in their own rooms. Quite comfy looking actually. "Here is he is, he was a bit jittery for a while, but he seems pretty well alright. Here we feed them, give them daily socializing and exercise and such, but you can't forget them, you've gotta" she was cut off.

*Beep!* Went my mobile as I fumbled for it, the sound making the other animals cringe. It was an SMS from Jon, I quickly typed in a reply. Jon, will talk to you later, I'm a tad busy. Andrew

The Dr. Gave me a stern look as she opened the door to Rocky's room to which he jumped out to me, happy to see me again, wagging his tail furiously. "If you don't mind, I'm gonna take him for a walk" I said to Dr. Preston as I leashed Rocky, ready to take him to meet my roomies.

Well I made a basic map of LVU and well Vampy Dru said I can post it, here's the link: Here ^^ (http://home.iprimus.com.au/ericksen/LVU Top Down Campus.jpg) Its like 800 K so it will take a while.

Here's a key

A - Administration Building
B - Animal Kennel and Boarding House
C - Pokemon Center
D - Battle Stadium (Has interchangable arenas)
E - Training Oval
F - Classrooms
G - Pokemon Gym
H - Science and IT Classrooms
I - Hall
J - Pool
K - Gym
L - Mini Supermarket
M - Restraunt and Cafe
N - Vetrinarians
O - CD and DVD Store
P - Doctors
Q - Pharmasist
R - Video Rental Store
S - Newsagents
T - Post Office
U - Park
V - Bank

I'm gonna do interior House pics soon too ^^: Sorry but my drawing skills suck so bad!

16th February 2003, 11:46 AM
Oh, yay, LSUs! ^_^ Yeah, I started reading the Fic yesterday. I'm gonna go download more of it in a sec...
Ioshi- Solaria
Ryan- Flaria
Meh, I've given up with trying to assign according to pokemon types; I'm now more assigning according to personatity or what ever pops into my head. Ask Jimmy about that one, lol!
WARINING- THE FOLLOWING POST IS VERY FREAKIN LONG AND HAS DRUG USE IN IT. I got bored yesterday and descided to finally put in Dru's past after her first year at LVH.


The day went by fast. Nayia had spoken with Marc about something; I didn't know what, though. Before we knew it, it was late afternoon. We started back up the hill to the school. I hadn't looked before, but there was a really high fence around the campus. I guessed it was to keep out randoms, but...
There was someone standing outside of the fence. It was a girl, and she had a Vulpix... no... it couldn't be.
"Nay, I may be going crazy, but is that... Sal?"
Nayia gasped. "Oh my gosh! It is!" We ran to the fence, Torch running ahead and Nixie around Nay's neck. Torch began to butt her head against the fence, trying to get to Fury.
"Dude! It's been so long!" I put my hand against the fence, trying to touch Sal's hand.
I had met Sal when I was fifteen, during my first year at Lapras Valley High. I had grown up with Nayia and had been accepted at the same time as she had, but I hadn't the money to pay for it. After our first album went out, I had more than enough to get in.
But that first year... I had met Martin (again, as it turned out) and finally had done some research about my background. That had been my fatal error. The very night I had done that, I was walking alone to my dorm when I was attacked. When I woke up, I was in a huge mansion, belonging to a man who turned out to be Giovanni, mastermind behind Team Rocket. My father. Our father; I found out that Martin was my twin. Giovanni asked me if I would stay with him, help him with Team Rocket. I was so overwhelmed that I accepted. I became top exec, second only to my father.
Before too long, I had forgotten that I had been at Lapras Valley High. I had been removed from the student body and had passed out of existence for most. But not Nayia. She still thought of me.
After about two years, I received an e-mail. Somehow, Nay had found me. I never found out how she did it. That day, I ran away with my Pokemon and not much else. I left behind nearly everything; all my bikes, my private dirt trails, private tudor, everything. My father.
The next day, I returned to LVH. I saw my old friends, but I was afraid to talk to them. I signed in and went to my room. Eventually, I went in for an early lunch, hoping to avoid the crowds. I waited too long, and people started to come in. They found me. Nayia was so glad... I couldn't understand. I was so confused. I cried; something I had never done before in my memory.
I stayed at school for a few days. I was so messed up. I had been at a teen club downtown and there was a drug bust. I was arrested for possession of marijuana, ecstasy, and opium. They looked into my history, and found that I had been living with my father for a few years. They asked who my father was. I told them; I was still too done-up from the rave at that point that I didn't care. They asked me where he was. I was sober enough by that point that I refused. They put me on trial. I was sentenced to jail, with parole after one year. I figured that I got such a short sentance because they wanted to use me later. No one at school knew what had happened to me, not even Nayia. Eventually, word leaked out that I had been arrested. Nothing else was known, however. Nayia had tried to visit me several times, but I was off-limits, since they were afraid that my father would try to get me out.
A year passed. I behaved, and they agreed that I would be let out. They didn't tell me that I was to be used as bait. They implanted a tracking device in my left biceps. They thought that I was so stupid that I would assume that it was just one of my tattoos. They even tried to put a small rose over it, but I didn't let them. I wasn't going to be fooled. They hoped to use me to catch my father. That wasn't going to happen. They had my laptop and my cellphone bugged as well.
That had been about a week or two ago. Nayia knew only the parts that she had been in. I was going to tell her tonight, when we could get away from everyone. I returned to the present.
Sal seemed sad. "I have bad news... can you come meet me tomorrow afternoon? Here's the address... Sorry, I have to go." She gave us a card to a local coffee shop, grinned one of those small smiles of hers, and walked off into the gathering darkness.
Nayia and I looked at each other. Something had happened, something important enough to make her come back here without Ashley.
The guys were walking into the building. We followed them. After thinking about the past few years, I didn't feel like eating anymore. "Nay, I need to talk to you. I haven't told anyone about what's happened to me since I left LVH the first time. I've meant to tell you." And I told her. I kept my composure. I didn't cry. I wanted to, but I didn't. I stayed calm. When I finished, she looked at me with sorrow in her eyes.
"I don't want you pity, Nay, I want your help. I'm trying, but... old habits die hard." I laughed shakily. "I was at another rave just a few days ago. I know it's the wrong way to heal the hurt, but... it's less painful."
"We're here for you. I'm so glad your back." She gave me a hug. Normally, I was emotionally cold, but I welcomed the embrace. I looked away and sighed.
A hand was lain on my shoulder. A warm, male hand. I felt my heart sink and the color drained from Nayia's face. I turned around, and Marc stood there; his mischievous look was gone. Instead, there was a serious, concerned face. He had heard; he hadn't meant to, but he had. I was good at reading thoughts from people's expressions. I didn't know what to do. I turned and ran.
I ran to my dorm. I closed my room behind me. There were new things on the other bed, but I hardly noticed. I went into the bathroom. My hands shook as I turned the water on to the shower.
I took a long, warm shower. When I was in jail, we had cold, 3 minute showers. I shook my head and forgot about it. I was back in Lapras Valley. I put on a big red bathrobe and left the bathroom. I was startled to see that Marc was sitting on my bed. "I'm sorry... I didn't mean to eavesdrop. I came in after you, and I heard you talking. I didn't want to interrupt, but..." He looked at me with a helpless expression. He was truly sorry. I sat down next to him. I still don't know what Nayia had told him, but at this point, I didn't care. He put his arm around me. "It's OK. We all have our secrets... I won't tell. I may not be the best behaved guy in this school, but dammit, I won't tell things that aren't mine to tell. You can count on that."
I leaned against his shoulder and cried.
How's that for a long post?

16th February 2003, 01:53 PM
I went home for the weekend but i'm back now...

Nala - Flaria house

With the map, and Sweetie's help, I eventually found the dorm I carried my stuff up to my room and began unpacking. I didn't see anyone else's things so i figured that my roommate hadn't arrived yet. When I was finished, I took one last look around, before leaving to explore the campus.

Once i was outside, I released the rest of my pokemon. Sweetie jumped up on my shoulder once more. Kovu looked up at her and smiled. Talut draped himself around Kovu's neck. Blazer, Sparky and Oliver followed behind me, intentionally picking and annoying each other. I chuckled and shook my head.

Lady Vulpix
16th February 2003, 02:27 PM
Ouch, this RPG goes so fast! Ok, Rayn dragged me into this, so I'll try an LSU and use my real name and description too.

Name: Gabi
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Physical Desc: very long, wavy dark-blond hair (looks golden in the sun), very white skin except for her naturally red lips and pink cheeks, blue-green eyes (may look gray if it's cloudy), height around 5'4", high resistance to cold temperature, heat affects her a lot, very good eyesight, quite flexible but hopeless at most sports.
Personality: smart and wise or at least tries to be, very sensitive and compassionate, creative, helpful towards others, a bit shy around strangers but treasures friendship above anything else, hates violence, which doesn't stop her from standing up for what she believes in, is a hard worker but tends to shout when she's under too much pressure, laughs a lot (in a very loud and noticeable tone), has a nice voice for singing and remains loyal to those she cares for.
Boyfriend: none yet. Is looking for someone who understands her and respects her, and who can add something to her life.
History: I think I will develop this point later.
Other: loves writing, singing, reading, playing games (and making them), being in contact with nature and being with friends. Doesn't care about fashion in any of its aspects, but doesn't neglect her looks (tries to look in a way that satisfies her own taste). Has never had any idols, but admires those who pursue their dreams and care for others.
Pokemon: Ninetales (Sunny, female); Vaporeon (Cascade, male); Charizard (Amber, female); Espeon (Jasper, male); Butterfree (Iris, female); Pidgeot (Swiftwind, male).

Sorry for re-using some old names and practically getting an exctract of my Adopted Pokemon team (with a new female Ninetales and a captured intruder who's replacing someone who would be too much to bring here too), but they were stuck into me. Amber will probably be much like my other Amber. I've grown very attached to her.

16th February 2003, 02:50 PM
I was listening to my Justin Timberlake album while reading Lisa the Legend when there was a knock on the door and I opened it and a guy in a blue uniform holding a parcel was standing there and he spoke:
"is there a Jon here"
"I am Jon" I replied
"Parcel for you" said the guy.
After he had left I opened the parcel and inside it was two pokeballs and I instantly knew it was Hope the Agehanto and Beauty the Hinbasu and so I decided to release them.
"Go Beauty and Hope!" I shouted and both my pokemon flew out.
I decided to release Whiny, Muddy, Larvitar and Misscheif and so my pokemon would all be back together, can't wait to show Sam, Andrew and Ebony Hope and Beauty.

16th February 2003, 02:53 PM
hi Gabi... Aquarum house...

Nayia Waterflower aka starmie44
16th February 2003, 07:01 PM
Lol, yeah. It would be too weird if Craig liked Nayia, his like a big bro to her. ^-^

Nayia Waterflower ~ F ~ Aquarus

The beach was great. Hanging out with all my old LVH friends was great. Dru, Craig, Greg. And I couldn’t wait to see Kayla. Craig told me that she was going to come year.

It was even better that Dru was here. I missed her so much. She hasn’t changed that all to me besides being a bit tougher looking and cold looking to those she didn’t wish to talk to. Marc was another story from what I seen. Dru seemed to like him, and as I watched the two together, it look as if Dru was liked him a lot. And I mean a lot.

The look of amorous appeared to sneak out and twinkle in her eyes once in a while, though you wouldn’t notice it if you didn’t know her as long as I have. Dru also acted a bit different around him, like she was self-conscious or something. It was weird to see her like this. She never acted like this before around any guy.

But then again, she never had a boy friend to worry about…

It was too big of a thing to pass by. My best friend finally found a guy see liked. She didn’t say anything out loud, but I could tell from her body language that it was true. But I was worried for her too. Marc probably had tons of girl friends before. Dru had no, and I mean no experience with guys. That means of he moved too soon, he was going to get a good kick in the balls.

“Looks like I’ll have to talk with Marc.” I smiled. I just needed to talk with Marc alone.

The perfect time came when Marc started to leave. I yet him walk away from hearing distance before running up to him, placing my hand on his shoulder to stop him.

“Wait.” I said. He stopped and turned to face me. It took me a few seconds to figure out how I was going to go about this. I looked deep into his eyes and simply said “You like her.” He hesitated but nodded. “Then listen to me carefully. Dru has been through a lot and never had or needed a boy friend before. But she’s lonely. I can tell. And I can also tell that you both like each other. Dru never liked a guy before. So, if you don’t be careful, she’ll kick you around like a soccer ball.” I took in a breath of air, the serious look that I had been giving him was lost when I gave him a cute smile. “And we don’t need a hot guy like you getting you’re face smashed in.” I was silence of a second before asking. “Did you catch any of that?”

He laughed, nodded his head. “Yeah, I did. Go for Dru but not too fast.”

“Yes, that’s it. Why didn’t I just say that in the first place…” I murmured.

“I didn’t mind. You’re cute when ya ramble.” He gave a playful wink before walking off.

I stood there for a second, thinking over what he just said. “Cute when I ramble… Martin use to say that…”

16th February 2003, 07:11 PM
*doesn't like his char being forced into places especially ones that dont fit his persona*:no:


After talking with Nayia and now finding this out about Dru. I was up ****'s Creek. I had stuck my foot in my mouth and it was gonna take a lot of connieving to get myself out of this unscathed. I hurriedly ran through the options presented and decided on the best solution.
"Well at least you didn't get raped by some big dude named Bubba!." I smiled looking at the bright side. The looks on their faces told me that I had jumped out of the frying pan and into the fire....

Lady Vulpix
16th February 2003, 09:33 PM
Thanks, Dru! :) I hope I can stay in this RPG.
Craig, who's your roommate? Me or Jimmy? You talked to me on AIM today, but then I saw Jimmy's post on page 2.
If it's Jimmy, then anyone from Aquarus can be my roommate.


Moving so far away from the place I used to call home was hard. As hard of the exams I had to pass to be admitted at Lapras Valley University, or maybe even harder. I had a tendency to grow attached easily, and I knew I'd miss my old friends a lot, and my old lifestyle... and yes, my family too. I had already began to miss them when I was still with them and my whole world began to tear itself apart, but that was an old story. Very old, and I had already healed for the most part. I would miss them. I would send them letters and e-mails, we wouldn't lose contact. But I knew it wouldn't be the same.
Still, I knew this was for the best. I had to forge my own life, and now that I had been admitted at one of the best universities of pokemon studies in the world I was a big step closer to achieving that. I would do my best, as I always had. I had lost some subjects during the switch, but it was ok. It was a price I was willing to pay for being true to myself. A new life was beginning, and I was determined to embrace it. At least I was not alone. I had brought 6 good friends of mine along with me. Sunny, Amber, Cascade, Iris, Jasper and Swiftwind would be by my side all the way. They would endure all the trials with me, and they would give me strength just as I would take care of them and make sure they were fine. Ever since I'd first met them, I'd known I could always count on each and every one of them. Yes, being with them would be a good start. And I knew I would make more friends in the future. It might take time, but they would come. Good things come to those who wait. I might even be up for some surprises on other fields too.
I was very excited when I registered, and I must admit I was nervous too. I was given a key and instructed to go to Aquarus house. I followed my map, taking the time to watch the beautiful landscape around me.
"This place is wonderful!," I said to myself. "I hope I don't think differently when I have to start studying."
I laughed sheepishly at my own comment, grateful that no one was close enough to hear my laughter. Well, no one but my pokemon, but they were already used to it.
The Aquarus house was decorated in shades of blue and turquoise, forming a setting that reminded me of the sea. I soon began to imagine colorful fish swimming on the walls, and I immediately knew my imagination was running too wild. I giggled as quietly as possible. Sunny looked at me, but I just said "nothing, it was only a silly thought."
Well, at least I was laughing and not crying. That meant I was fine. I was beginning to like the place a lot.
As I reached the room that matched the number of my key, I opened the door and entered. The first thing that caught my sight was a wide window through wich I could see the field outside. The view was wonderful. Then I noticed there were two beds in the room. That meant I had a roommate. I wondered who it would be. Apparently she was out at that moment. Or could it be a he? I didn't know. I just hoped it was someone I could talk to. I missed talking to people.
I examined both beds and noticed one had a few wrinkles showing that someone had sat on it or placed something on it. I then deduced that the other bed was mine. I had no classes that day, so I took my time to put all my things in order, and then began to read the latest fantasy book that had reached my hands as I waited for my roommate to show up.

16th February 2003, 11:11 PM
(ooc: Luke is in Aquarus so since he doesn't have a room mate I guess he could be ur room mate LV)


After awhile of laying down on the bench Luke got up. He looked down at Leafy and she was still asleep. Luke got off the bench and Leafy jumped up to her feet and looked around. Luke returned Leafy to her pokeball and threw out Psywing. Psywing flew around and landed on Luke's shoulder.

"Come on Psywing, lets go back to the house." They left the park and walked over to the house. Psywing quickly flew off and opened the door with it's psychic abilities and flew in. She flew up and landed on Luke's bed. Luke walked in the door and sat down on the couch and turned on the TV. Luke heard a noise.

"Hey Psywing? What are you doin?" Luke shouted to her. He got no response and got up. What is she doing now Luke thought to himself. He walked into the bed room and saw a girl sitting reading a book. He looked shocked. He didn't really know what to say seeing a very good looking girl in the room.

"Um, hi, I'm Luke." Luke says getting her attention. She looked up away from her book.

16th February 2003, 11:41 PM
Craig - Aquarus House
Sky'ree the rambuctious adventurous Pidgeot
Mirage the little cute adorable Vaporeon

Oh and Gab no Jimmy isnt my room-mate :P


After a nice, relaxing swim (apparently no one wanted to join me :P ) Craig decided to head in with Mirage, who'se acid armor was dripping off her, when Vaporeons used acid armor, they looked just like water, which was very useful in the wild, battles and generally to just to cause mischeif. The towel only drying him to the best of its ability, he decided it would be better to go back to the room...Thankfully Aquarus and the pool didnt have a very large walk between eachother :0)

The door, was peculiarly open, even though he made sure to lock it on the way out..odd..

Opening the door, there was a girl sitting on the bed; "Oh, I guess your my new room-mate" Craig said, slowly walking in, Mirage running and jumping up onto the bed beside her and started purring, she put down her book and said

"Hi.. Im Gabi"
"Im Craig!" He announced "And thats my Vaporeon, Mirage.. I have a Pidgeot somewhere but he is flying around.."
"Cool! I have a pigeot, too! His name is Swiftwind."

17th February 2003, 12:03 AM
*poke poke* You can't both be her roommate :)

Nadia Tenryu, Solaria

Nadia nodded as Rebecca left. Sighing, she continued stroking Wing for a few minutes, then put him back and let Lei out again.

"Wanna go for a walk?"


Slinging the shoulder strap of her keyboard carry case onto one shoulder, Nadia opened the door, holding it wide for the Bellossom to gracefully waddle through, then scooped her up and shut the door behind them.

Nadia's stomach suddenly rumbled, so she decided to check out the cafeteria...

After about 10 minutes of interested observing, the two finally reached the cafeteria. Nadia looked over the food, then decided upon a turkey sandwich, a bag of chips, and a small Pepsi, then also managed some Pokefood for Lei. Sitting down at a table, she sat Lei on top of it to eat, then put her food and her carry case down on the table. Letting her mind wander as she ate, she soon took her keyboard out (careful not to get any soda or crumbs on it), and played a few random notes. It soon morphed into a rather complex melody, which brought a smile to her face. She finished her food, devoting her attention solely to the tune, and she hummed along...she couldn't find words right off to match.

17th February 2003, 12:12 AM
ooc: um... Craig, it think it would help if ya read some other peoples posts before ya post -_-' since a half an hour before you posted urs Luke went into the room and started to talk to her...

17th February 2003, 12:17 AM
Yea I was going to tell gabi that jimmy wasnt and took a while to post it (Doing homework at the same time)and then saw Dark heracross' post, oh well :/

PokeMaster Jimmy
17th February 2003, 12:36 AM
I dun really care who's who room-mate. Ya'll make it sound like theres going to be bed-squeaking action or sharing one bed situations.

I walked back to my room, again, exausted. After the stunt Shadow pulled, he just went off with Dru's Gengar, which made me think something was gonna go on. I made some cool friends today, like Dru, Evan, and that nice looking one, Nayia. I began to rest until I was awoken by more ruckus.
"Oh God, can't I get a decent hour of rest?" I talked. I walked out to see what was happening. When I had reached the main room, I saw Luke and Craig introducing themselves to another girl. This could be interesting...

Short post, sorry. EXTREMELY tired.

17th February 2003, 01:25 AM

I couldn't believe I actually carried a coffee shop card around with me. But I had agreed to meet Nayia and Dru there. I didn't acutally remember Dru from school, but I'm sure I would remember soon. Maybe she started in my second year there. I started a year after school started, perhaps she started there when we were all in grade nine.

Neverless, the next day I waited outside the coffeeshop. Well not inside there, just outside next to the fence there. Fury sat by my feet, knowing not to talk really loudly. There were still psychos aruond even if they weren't lady blastiose. Heck she had been slaugtered years ago i think. Either that or got life. Im not sure.

But that doesn't mean she was coming back.

Down at the end of the street I saw Nayia and Dru walking, accompanied by Kayla, Craig and Greg. News of my return had spread fast.

Meeting up with them I hugged them, glad to see them. "Guys," I began.

"Where's Ashley?" Nayia asked.

"She's dead," Fury replied before I got a chance to tell them softly.

"Fury!" I scorned.

"What?" Nayia gaped, her mouth hanging open.

"Ashley's dead?" Kayla asked, in shock.

"Yeah," I nodded. "She started dope. Died of an overdose back in Quagsire Heights."

"Why would Ashley go to drugs?" Craig asked.

"She's too smart for that type of thing," Fury replied. "I dunno."

"That's all I wanted to tell you guys," I replied. "I'll be going now."

"Sal," Nayia called after me. "Sal your going all defensive again. You were liek that hwne you first started school. Don't do that to us again."

"Sal, hang out with us at the uni," Dru offered.

"I don't go to uni, don't want to either," I answered them.

"You don't have to be a member, just sneak in,"Greg shrugged. "You did that before."

I concidered this.

And answered with a nod.


Lady Vulpix
17th February 2003, 12:44 PM
Well, Luke posted first, but Craig made the offer to me long before Luke posted, so I guess I'll stick with Craig. Sorry for the inconveniences. Now getting both stories to make sense will be a challenge.


This was weird. I'd expected to meet people, but not so fast. Only a few minutes after I opened my book, the door opened and a Xatu came in. I heard her voice and the flapping of her wings, and then I saw her enter the bedroom and sit on the bed in front of me. I looked at her, wondering who her trainer could be, and then I heard human steps. I deduced that had to be the Xatu's trainer. I didn't want to scare him (or her), so I stayed right where I was and waited for the trainer to enter the bedroom.
I heard the TV turn on. This could take longer than I'd thought. I picked up my book again and prepared myself for a long wait, when the Xatu began to make noises. I wondered if she'd been reading my mind.
"Hey, Psywing? What are you doing?," I heard a male voice shout.
Soon, a young guy with spiky brown hair came in. I looked up at him, ready to introduce myself, but he spoke before I could.
"Um, hi, I'm Luke," he said.
"I'm Gabi," I told him. "I've just arrived. I take it your Xatu's name is Psywing?"
"Yeah," he said. "I have six other pokemon too."
We introduced each other's pokemon and talked for half an hour or so, and then Luke went back to watching TV. I decided to finish the chapter I was reading.
At that moment, I heard footsteps on the door again. This time the person came straight into the bedroom. He was also a guy, about the same age as Luke though I was hopeless at guessing people's ages. His hair was darker and was a bit wet. "Oh, I guess your my new room-mate," he said as he walked in. At the same time, a Vaporeon came from behind him and jumped on the bed right beside me. I put down my book and began to stroke the pokemon, who immediately started purring.
"Hi, I'm Gabi," I told him.
"I'm Craig!," He announced. "And thats my Vaporeon, Mirage.. I have a Pidgeot somewhere but he is flying around.."
"Cool! I have a Pigeot, too! His name is Swiftwind," I told him. "And I also have a Vaporeon named Cascade. He must be somewhere around here."
I started looking around.
"He likes hiding," I explained. "It gets really hard to find him when he's in the water."
Craig laughed, letting me know that he knew what I was talking about.
"I have 4 other pokemon too," I said. "Iris, my Butterfree, is flying oustide. She flew through the window with Swiftwind and Amber, my Charizard, when we entered the room. Sunny and Jasper, my Ninetales and Espeon, went to watch TV with... hey, wait a minute!"
"What is it?," Craig asked.
"If there are two beds in this room, then why are there 3 people here?"
"Who else is here?," Craig inquired.
"A guy named Luke," I said. "He's on the couch watching TV, I think his Xatu opened the door."
We both looked at each other, and headed to the sitting room to sort things out.

17th February 2003, 01:03 PM

I was busy typing my story on my laptop and was waiting for my other room mates to come in but since Sam had gone home for the weekend and would be back soon, Andrew was at the kennels and I didn't know where Ebony and so I continued to type.

Then I remember that my pokemon battle class was in an hour so I returned my pokemon to their pokeballs, wrote a note to any new room mate that I was in class and quickly packed my rucksack and locked the door and ran to the caferteria.

17th February 2003, 02:08 PM
HI can I join

Name: John Michael
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Physical Description: On the short side, with brown hair, high cheekbones, olivish skin, thin glasses, black eyes, height 5' 2",
Personality: Friendly, low-temper, sarcastic though. Not extremely smart, but not dumb either. Just average.
Girlfriend: Not yet
History: Only child, lived average life, not like anything too interesting
Other: Has a puppy, Walter. Acts mostly like any college kid, but doesn't drink, smoke, do drugs.
Pokemon: Runpapa (Padros), Bakuuda (Bin Roaster :D ), Raiboruto (Zapzilla), Pelliper (Pelikill), Onigoori (Icesplosion), Marunoomu (Gluttonzilla) All Male

There we go

17th February 2003, 03:35 PM

After finishing PBC I went to my dorm where Sam was already there stroking his Pichu, I decided to talk to him and I said:
"Hey Sam"
"Hi Jon" replied Sam happily
"Good Weekend?" I asked
"Yeah it was cool" replied Sam in a bored tone
I couldn't wait to show him Hope and Beauty and so I decided to release them.
"Sam, meet Hope the Agehanto and Beauty the Hinbasu!" I shouted with pride.
The look on Sam's face when he saw them and he said in shear astonishment:
"You said that you only had four pokemon with you!"
I smiled and then got my mobile and texted Andrew:


I realised that I needed to make new friends at that moment as having Sam, Ebony and Andrew would be tedious after a while.

17th February 2003, 03:49 PM
"Cool." I commented.
Pichu jumped down off of my lap and walked over to the Jon's pokemon and they engaged in conversation almost immediately.
"Looks like they're getting along well." I said to Jon.
"Yeah." He agreed, putting away his mobile.
"Hey Jon, if you haven't got any plans, you wanna go explore the campus?" I offered.
I had nothing better to do and anything would be better than that weekend I'd just spent with my mum.

17th February 2003, 04:29 PM
While Sam and I explored the campus, I was looking at my picture of my family and stared at it for a long time, thinking about my family back in Hoenn made me feel sad but my thoughts were interupted by Sam:
“Jon, what was in Hoenn?”
“It was okay, but I didn’t think it as an amazing place it was more a place to live” I replied“So what was it like where you lived?”

I was feeding Hope while Sam spoke about his life.

17th February 2003, 05:30 PM
"Not bad..." Okay complete lie. "No it wasn't, it was terrible. I grew up with my dad who was probably the world's biggest drinker and regularly hit me. Which would probably explain why my mum left and never wanted anything to do with me. Anyway, when I was 7 my dad ended up killing a bunch of people has been in prison since. So I have spent several years escaping from orphanages. Anyway, my mum finally decided to take some interest in my life and gave me ome money so I could get a trainer licence. And that's pretty much what I've been doing for the past few years, wandering around with my pokemon with no real clue what to do." I sighed. I couldn't believe I'd just been so open.

17th February 2003, 07:27 PM

"Oh dear crap!", I screamed as I fell out of the tree. Suddenly I noticed both of the two guys staring at me. "Um, I was just, uh, getting specimins for biology, uh... forget it. Sorry, I was eavesdropping. But, I feel really sorry for you, Sam. Oh, by the way, I'm John Michael, but call me JM. Anyway, I'm from Hiwaniki City. You know, the treetop city in Hoenn. Anyway, I gotta get going. I got Pokebiology next period. Bye.

Last Exile
17th February 2003, 11:54 PM
Here's my first post for this RPG. Gabi, Nala, I hope this doesn't clash that much with what you guys wrote so far.


Wasn't this appropriate. Riding out towards Lapras Valley University...on a Lapras!
"You doing okay there, Crystal?"
"Hmmm hmmm HMMM!" came my trusty steed's reply. Crystal was streaming through the water at a steady pace, the cool clear liquid rippling around her fins. Fine spray sprinkled against my soft face, cooling yet invigorating my optimistic spirit. I hadn't felt that way for quite a while. New beginnings were on the way.
I fished out a half-folded pamphlet informing me further about my destination. Lapras Valley University, the one place to be to hit the big time in the Pokemon League. This was the launching pad to fulfill dreams, but if you weren't serious enough or good enough, it was game over. It was quite an impressive place. I had seen some decent universities in my time, but this one was fully self-sufficient. Just being accepted into this place was a big deal. All applicants were bound to find themselves in the Pokemon League magazine in the 'Next Generation' section. Talk about pressure. Failure is not an option at LVU.
Zinger had benefited from his two hour flight. His precision and ability to maintain altitude had improved vastly over the last few months. He could already ignite with the fury of a raging bushfire, but his other powers were what needed refining. Once he accepted that, things were finally smoother within the group.
To me, my Pokemon are as much my friends as are any human friends of mine. Insult my Pokemon, you'll regret it. But hey, my team and I don't resort to violence. We're the ones that usually fix up the messes around the place. That's how I get my satisfaction in life. That's how I get to sleep at night. Making others happy. But it was time to get some for myself.
"We're going to have to get through some official stuff before we can settle in. Chaos, I'm gonna need to send my mum notice that I've arrived. Your remember where the post office here is, right?"
"Scizor!" seethed the loyal red one before flashing a brief but true smile and zooming away on his wings.
Chaos has a blunt manner at times but once you get to know him, you understand it's a sign of his intense loyalty. You have to understand swarm mentality in order to relate to a Scizor. They pledge their loyalty to the swarm at all costs. Life to life, brother to brother. So Chaos considers himself a member of our swarm and maintains his loyalty to me and the other members at all times. In fact, Chaos seem to like doing everyday tasks. It's one of the few times you can induce a smile from him. His intense manner is part of what a Scizor is. You get used to it after a while.
"Well, looks like they've got a pretty large park here. Sakura will love that. And we can surely bet that Mystic and Karma will!"
Crystal hid a stifled laugh. Everyone in the group knew that Mystic and Karma had a thing going. But you didn't hear it from me, okay?! Those two would nail me if I dared mention it to anyone outside the group.
"Pool, might be a bit small for you thought, Crystal. Kennel areas, not bad. Pokemon Centre, separate gyms for humans and Pokemon, training oval, Battle Stadiums. You guys are going to get some decent facilities this time. And I've got everything I could want. This is going to be cool, I swear!"
"Sweet, we've arrived."
I leapt from my trusty steed and returned Crystal to her Pokeball. Three hours of swimming was more than enough for her. She definitely needed some recuperation time, as did Zinger. So a trip to the Pokemon Centre was on the cards. I had probably better do that in person. The people at the post office were used to seeing Chaos drop off mail but I could only imagine that the Nurse Joy that would see Chaos dropping off Pokeballs would faint at the sight of it. Not quite the way to break the ice. I wanted to be on good terms with as many people as possible here. Connections are important. Connections will get you along in life.
"Okay, administration building...that way." It was going to get some time to get familiar with the place. The sheer size of the LVU campus was spellbinding! Fortunately it was one of those more ecologically friendly universities. Plenty of lawn lining paved walkways and trees of all kinds along the terraces. It was a place that seemed warm and welcoming. But not everything is as it seems. You learn that quickly in life. But you couldn't deny the beauty of this place.
Walking through automatic doors I headed to the front desk. A slight disappointment followed. The desk was made of false wood. I kind of expected better, but hey, it's the modern world after all.
"Welcome to Lapras Valley University," chirped the female receptionist, sporting a smile that looked like it had been used too often. "What can I do for you today?"
"Hi. My name's Ryan Mendes. I'm here to complete the registration for my enrolment."
"Certainly sir. May I see your enrolment, subject and fees forms please?"
"Sure." I retrieved them from the blue folder inside my black backpack and handed them to the receptionist, who quickly scanned over them like clockwork.
"Everything seems in order. You're officially registered into Lapras Valley University. Congratulations. Now, here are your student card, your timetable, year schedule, orientation guide and library card. I just need to quickly determine which house you're to be placed in. The four houses here at LVU are Aquaris, Solaria, Flaria and Taras."
Houses. Hmmm, I wondered whether this was going to be something like Harry Potter.
"You're placed in Flaria house. You're the sixth person from that house to have registered yet. When you get to your house you can determine your roommate there. Good luck."
"Thank you."
So I was in Flaria house. Not bad. I've always liked the element of fire. It's a pure and essential part of life. Aquaris wouldn't have been bad either, or Solaris. Taras sounded like a really clumsy name. I pity those that were unfortunate to be in that house. But then again, what's in a name? Maybe such an assumption was unfounded and could bite me in the backside if I wasn't careful, so I set aside my early impressions of Taras.
As I headed out of the administration building, I checked my map to see where Flaria house was situated. As fortune would have it, it was just slightly southwest to the administration building. Flaria house was also the closest to the kennel area, the restaurant, the vetrenarians and the science/IT facility. We were as close to the training oval, the Pokemon gym and the Pokemon Centre as Solaris. We were the furthest away from the classrooms, though. Boy, was that going to suck! Same deal for the park, the pool and the block in the north-east corner with most of the feature stores. Such is life. Flaria house did seem a fair way away from the rest of the houses though. Taras was closest to us but they were way up in the north west area.
"Well, guess I'd better settle in."
It was a short walk to Flaria house. I was quickly impressed by the architecture. The top of the building had a flame-like structure. The symbol of fire was encapsulated by a ring of stone and a motto lay underneath. "Flaria - The House Where Dreams Are Forged Into Reality." Now that was better than your average motto.
Walking through the double doors I quickly surveyed the area. I quickly detected the smell of males fresh out of high school. The faint smell of perfume lingered in the air as well. I breathed a heavy sigh of relief. There were some females in my house! I would have gone insane if there wasn't.
"Guess you're the newest member, hey?"
The voice that greeted me was female. She was a fairly pleasant person. She was in decent shape, sported long hair that lingered somewhere between blonde and brunette and a very soft pair of blue eyes. She seemed kind of withdrawn though. Maybe that was because she was in a new environment with people she didn't know. Always an unsettling feeling. But from experience, I found that the transition was easier at university than it is at high school.
"Seems to be the case. I'm Ryan," I replied, extending my hand in offer of a handshake.
"I'm Nala. Nice to see someone a bit less green here. Too many people fresh out of high school here. Kinda unnerving with all these hormones running around," she joked.
"Know the feeling."
"Glad I haven't got one of those people as a roommate," she added.
"Oh," I blurted without even thinking. "Are you looking for one."
In a few seconds Nala sized me up, making an important decision on the spot.
"I think you're safe enough," she smirked.
"Thanks for the vote of confidence. Should be fun."
Nala quickly looked down to her sports watch. "Well, I wanna go for a walk before it gets too dark. I'll leave you to get settled in. We'll have plenty of time to get to know each other later."
"I look forward to that," I replied sincerely, sitting up on my bed.
Nala smiled for a few seconds then left in a bit of a hurry. Maybe she thought she'd smiled a bit too long. I didn't. I don't read in too much into early behaviour. She did have a nice smile though. Females in general have far superior smiles compared to males.
I placed my suitcase and backpack beside my bed and stared around the room for a moment. There was a TV, a couple of desks, separate cupboards. All of the furniture was made from mahogany wood in 1940s style. It gave the room a real homely feel. I was going to like this. But I needed to liven up the walls with a few posters. Nothing raunchy though. I'd be sticking to music and video game posters.

I decided to follow Nala's lead and take a quick walk around the campus. I needed practice at learning my way around the place. I also needed a few items from the mini-supermarket, so I headed north-east. But not before long, I came across someone who was in a bit of a minor crisis.
"Aw, hell! I knew I shouldn't have bloody dyed my hair blonde during Schoolies week!"
Seriously, I wanted to burst out laughing. But that wasn't appropriate. "Well mate, you do look about as bad as Billy Idol. But a bit of hair dye from the supermarket should fix that."
The young male breathed a sigh of relief. "That's the first bit of good news I've had all day. Um, which way is the supermarket?"
"North-east corner. That way," I pointed.
"Cheers, mate. I'm Andy from Taras house. And you're...?"
"Ryan from Flaria house. I'll probably see ya around."
"Deal. Later mate."
He seemed nice enough. Guess Taras was a deceptive name. If only I'd watched where I was going when I was thinking that. But in retrospect, I was sure glad I didn't. Because I bumped into the one person that ended up being the one to meet.
"Oops, sorry about that!" chirped a delightful female voice. "I had my face absorbed in this map. I can't quite figure out where everything is. I'm sorry I walked into you!"
"That's okay," I replied. "No problem..." As she lowered her map to reveal her face, I was lost for words. Her face instantly beamed out to everyone within eye contact and said 'I'm happy to be here and I like you all.' Somehow I felt special, really special. This girl seemed so warm and welcoming. Okay, I'd better start speaking again, quickly!
"Are you okay?" she inquired sweetly.
"Sure, never better." Where did that come from?! Pull yourself together, mate! "Just that...you're holding your map upside-down."
The blonde girl gasped with a start. "Oh, why didn't I figure that out earlier?! That means my house is right over there!" She was pointing at a house with a mixture of pale and deep blues, a wave symbol on top and the motto 'Aquaris House - Where Dreams Flow Into Reality.'
"So you're in Aquaris, then?" I asked innocently, desperately trying to make conversation.
"Indeed! And you're in Flaria house, right?"
Was she psychic or something?! "Right. How did you know that?"
"I was wandering around there half an hour ago. I saw you go in there."
"Boy, I guess you were lost."
"Well, you fixed that for me. I'm Gabi, by the way. And you are?"
"Ryan." I needed to say something. This was getting awkward! "Well, I guess you'll need to get settled in then. I'll leave you to it. Hopefully we'll cross paths again."
"Oh, I think we can be sure of that!" she chirped. "Thanks for all your help!" And with that she turned towards the Aquaris house area.
Well, that was something! Three friends in one day. An opening stand the Aussie cricket team would be proud of. Now, where was I headed to? Aquaris house, that's right. Wait, no! The supermarket, you nimrod! Oh boy. This was going to be a long year. But already I knew it was going to be fun.

18th February 2003, 01:21 AM
Andrew - Taras House
Pokemon - Mr. Mime {M}, Lickitung (F), Delibird (M)
Animals - Rocky (M) Australian Red Kelpie.

Walking Rocky around, he'd tried to pee on every pole, tree and perhaps living object. Being in a new environment it looked like he'd wanted to "Tag" everything . Dirty dog. We'd gone and looked around all the new places, and I'd let him run off leash for a while in the park, but I soon called him back and leashed him back up, his chocolate brown body wagging.

Walking back to the Kennels, I wondered if I had more roomates while I was out. Right now I knew there was Sam, Jon and some poor girl they'd trapped. But were any others coming I wondered. But if there were only four of us in the house, that'd kick butt. I put rocky back in his room, and awaiting him was a bowl of doggie food, not the most appealing meal I'd ever seen, but well he seemed to enjoy it thoroughly.

I took out my Timetable sheet I'd grabbed from Reception and looked at it, apparently there was an "Free Orientation BBQ" in the park soon. It'd be a great way to meet some new people and grab a free bite to eat. It started in about an hour. Suddenly my crotch started vibrating again. It was another SMS from my roomies. I was wondering why I gave it to them... WHERE R U it came and I quickly texted back, Free BBQ in Park. Seeya later I still had some time to kill so I decided to look at the campus shops.

I was getting some wierd looks about my platnum blonde hair, sure my male mates had said it looked absolutely crap, but most of the gals I knew liked it. I was really unsure of it so decided to go into the mini supermarket, it was cheaper than the pharmasists for hair dye, but I wouldn't get help with it which was a downside. I looked at the Campus Board trying to desipher the "You are here" and I had to find the shops.

"Aw, hell! I knew I shouldn't have bloody dyed my hair blonde during Schoolies week!" I cursed myself aloud as I tried to read the map, covered over with some spider web.

"Well mate, you do look about as bad as Billy Idol. But a bit of hair dye from the supermarket should fix that." s******ed a guy as he came up next to me. But who was Billy Idol?

He introduced himself as Ryan and from Flaria House. We had a quick chat before we took off in different directions. I eventually found the shops and there was a newsagents, ducking in to grab a newspaper I saw that girl who was lost before. She was quite attractive so I decided to introduce myself.
"Err, Hi" I said giving a silly grin.

"Yes?" She said a bit wierdly and looked at my hair, she looked a bit unsure of me as her Raichu stood next to her, looking a bit confused as to what to do.

"I saw you were lost before and um, you're not now and that's good and everything, but I'm sorry I didn't help you and yeah but its all good right!" I blathered as she looked at me, a bit shocked, she ran her hand through her blonde hair.

"I'm Nala, nice to meet you" she said rather calmly with a smile and shook my hand.

"I'm Andrew, sorry I just kinda felt guilty about not helping you before" It was like I was spouting verbal rubbish everywhere.

She gave a grin as she held onto her copy of "Trainer's Weekly" which had a big picture of the latest tournament champ on the front. "Well if you had've been a proper Gentlemen, you would've helped me then" she gave a laugh.

"Well um..." I stumbled, "My dog can be unpredictable around people he doesn't know so I thought it was best if you weren't missing a leg" I gave a smile.

"You have a dog on Campus!?" she gave a gasp as she said this. Obviously people thought I was a nutter bringing an animal on campus.

"Err... yes..." I said.

There was an uncomfortable silence as we all stood there for a few seconds, happy smiles on and looking a bit confused.

"Wanna come to the free sausage sizzle orientation thingie?" I broke the silence with, hopefully I wouldn't be the only person to turn up to it. And plus we'd maybe get to meet the teachers too.

Lady Vulpix
18th February 2003, 05:00 PM
Funny intro, Ryan! It's great to have you here!


Ok, day 1 in my new life and it was already getting weirder than I could have imagined. Good thing I normally liked weirdness. As long as it wasn't distasteful, that is. Luke couldn't believe he had followed Psywing into someone else's room. I guess the Xatu was just curious about having someone new in the house. Anyway, everything ended well and we all had a laugh together.
After that, I went to the bathroom and found... Cascade taking a shower! The whole place was a mess. He must have had a hard time getting the water to come out and now all the walls were soaked and the floor was flooded. I closed the taps and picked a towel to dry everything out, and one more for Cascade.
"What were you thinking?!," I scolded him. "We've just moved in; it's too soon to get us kicked out. I heard there's a swimming pool nearby. If you want water, you can go there. And even if what you want is a shower, you can ask me first. These taps were made for humans to open them, not Vaporeons."
Cascade looked at me with his big, shiny black eyes and smiled sheepishly. I didn't know if he had learned that from Sunny, or she had learned it from him (though she didn't normally smile like that if I shouted at her; she just gave me an innocent sorry look). In any case, it always worked. Not that I could stay mad at any of my pokemon for longer than 1 minute.
"What am I going to do with you?," I smiled, scratching the Vaporeon's head. "Ok, let's find the pool. And please behave from now on or you'll get us all in trouble."
I took my map, which was bound to be one of my most valued possesions for the next few days, and used it to find my way to the pool. Jasper, my Espeon, tagged along and soon both Eeveelutions were having fun in the water.
As for myself, it would be hard to tell where I was. My mind was too busy reviewing the events of that day and all my projects and questions about my nearest future. My kept were watching my two pokemon, and all of a sudden I felt it would be nice to be in the water with them. I told Cascade and Jasper to wait for me until I came back with my swimming suit. Well... what can I say? That took me MUCH longer than I expected!
It's incredible what my body can do when my mind drifts away from it. I walked automatically, inmerse in my thoughts when I realized I had been walking for too long. Aquarus was not so far from the swimming pool. I looked around and found another house.
"Well, at least I'm getting to know the place," I thought.
The look of the house was impressive, with its flame-like top and its red walls... a shade of red that was attractive to the sight, unlike other red constructions I had seen in the past. I reckoned it had to be the Flaria house. I saw a nice-looking guy get in the house. Strange, I normally didn't emit any judgements on people's looks, but there was something about him that made me feel like I wanted to know him. I didn't know what it was, though. Still, I was too shy to get in the house and try to start a conversation with a stranger (what would I have said?), so I simply hoped the right time would eventually come.
I turned away from the Flaria house and tried to find Aquarus again. It shouldn't be that hard... except for the fact that my mind was on a thousand places, none of which including what was commonly known as 'here and now'. I took the map in my hands, but it was all in vain. I just couldn't concentrate. And to crown a big day, I ended up bumping into someone.
"Oops, sorry about that!," I apologized. "I had my face absorbed in this map. I can't quite figure out where everything is. I'm sorry I walked into you!"
"That's ok," he replied. "No problem."
I looked up to the face of my 'victim', and it turned out to be no one else buy the guy I'd seen at the Flaria house!
I felt like the sun had settled inside my cheeks, making them burn from the inside. He looked at me, and I felt a slight tickle. I hate physical tickles, but not that kind. This was the kind that made me smile, just like all the other beautiful mysteries of the world which no one had found a name for. Energy flowing free from one person to another, following no rules and no indications. Most people couldn't even feel it. I could, and I loved it. I wouldn't try to understand it. The rational part of my mind was not meant to mess with that stuff. It was meant to remind me that I was now standing in front of someone I didn't know, and that I had just bumped into him.
"Are you okay?" I asked him.
"Sure, never better," he replied. The sensation became stronger. All of a sudden, I didn't know if I was awake or dreaming. The whole situation had a dreamy feel to it. As if physical laws could be broken. "Just that...you're holding your map upside-down."
I gasped, embarrassed, reality falling down on me with a start.
"Oh, why didn't I figure that out earlier?!," I scolded myself. "That means my house is right over there!"
It was incredible how, once I jumped back into the real world, everything began to make sense. Well, almost everything anyway.
"So you're in Aquaris, then?" he asked me.
"Indeed!," I replied. "And you're in Flaria house, right?"
"Right. How did you know that?," he inquired.
"I was wandering around there half an hour ago. I saw you go in there."
"Boy, I guess you were lost," he commented. He had no idea.
"Well, you fixed that for me," I thanked him. "I'm Gabi, by the way. And you are?"
"Ryan," he responded. I liked the sound of that name. It was almost musical. "Well, I guess you'll need to get settled in then. I'll leave you to it. Hopefully we'll cross paths again."
"Oh, I think we can be sure of that!," I told him, making sense of the countless thoughts that had crossed my mind, some of them probabilistic, some simple wishes and some bordering on precognition. "Thanks for all your help!"
I decided to go back to the house and get my things before Jasper and Cascade melted away. I really owed them an apology. Or so I thought, until I got back to the pool and found them enjoying themselves so much that they had lost track of time. I swam with them for a short while, but I got out soon, as it was almost time for dinner. I wondered if I would meet more interesting people at the bar. I would already be able to talk to Luke, Craig and Ryan if I met them. At least I could ask them how their day had been or something.
All in all, my first day at LVU was as weird as it could get (or maybe almost; let's leave an open chance for an even weirder day to come eventually), but it was a great start. For the first time in the last 6 years, I felt nothing but excitement about the future.

18th February 2003, 05:17 PM
(OOC: Sorry for not posting for what seems like forever. :( Was home for the weekend.)

--Ebony Blackthorn, age 20, gender female, house of Taras--

"Huh?" I asked as a nuzzle woke me up.

Dusk smiled at me as he moved his nose away from my arm. My other Pokémon were waiting patiently for me.

Apparently I had fallen asleep. I was dreaming of my battles in my future Gym back at home. I knew exactly how I was going to do battle in my Gym. I would have many trainers coming to my Gym to challenge me. I expect that I will be hard to beat.

Because my dream was disturbed, I didn't remember where I was at the moment. But then, looking around, it came back to me. Lapras Valley University. The next step in my journey. The journey that would make my dreams come true.

I looked again at Dusk and stroked his head. "It's not dark yet," I told him. "I know that you four are eager to play your little game, and you know that I look forward to it every day, but you know the rules. You can't start until it's sundown."

Dusk slowly pawed the ground. If he could have frowned, he would have.

"Don't worry," I said, as if I was reading his mind. "It won't be long now."

18th February 2003, 05:40 PM

Early that morning, everyone in my class was waiting for the buses to arrive. Jon and Sam were standing next to me, and all of us were extremely impatient with the buses. When they arrived, we boarded and they took us to the airport, where we would be flying to Kaina City for a field trip. The first day there, we'll go to the National Kaina Pier, the mile-long boardwalk, longest in the Pokemon World. The next day, at the Ocean Museum, and the third day, off to Route 110 for a field experience. The plane ride was very uneventful. I was really hungry, though, because the airlines weren't serving meals. "The white zone is for loading and unloading of passengers only". Ah, the immortal call over the intercom in the airports. Getting some tacos from Taco Bell, I caught up with Jon and Sam. "So, how do you think this will go", I asked them. "Eh, seems okay", replied Jon. "Yeah, I guess", remarked Sam. We rode our buses to the Westin on the Pier, our five-star hotel. "Up to the tenth floor, where the pool is, there are shops. Reaching 73 stories, the glass cylinder culminates in the three-level restaurant, the Sundial. The first level is an observation deck, the second a rotating restaurant, the third a rotating cocktail bar.", I read. "Wow, upscale"

18th February 2003, 06:01 PM
PLEASE wait to be accepted before you start posting, damnit!
hmmm.. just for that... you're going in Solaria >.<

18th February 2003, 06:29 PM
OCC: So I'm assuming the rejects go into Solaria? That's why I'm in there even though none of my Pokemon are of the plant/bug type

By the end of the day, we were all exhausted.
"Ok, we're done", I gasped and collapsed by the edge of the pool.
All of us were panting by the over-exhertion of the workout and decided to call it quits for the day. Lowering myself into the pool, I sighed in pleasure as I moved over to the steps and sat down as my Pokemon joined me. Even Drake went under, although carefully holding his tail high above the water. Staying in for a bit longer, we eased our muscles and pains and enjoyed the refreshing dip. Soon coming out, I wearily looked around, not wanting to move that much.
"Nightshade, mind teleporting us to the cafeteria?", I asked.
Nodding limply, he gathered us into a circle and disappeared with a flash. In seconds, we appeared in the middle of the dining hall. Not caring about some of the people freaking out, we hauled ourselves over to the line and got some burgers and chips. Finding an empty table, we seated ourselves and dug in. It was better than I thought, but not the best meal I've ever had. Looking around, I sighed inwardly as I hadn't made a friend since talking to Nadia. Knowing how I felt, my Pokemon looked at me kindly, assuring me that things could change soon. Nodding softly, I went back to my burger and finished it with ease. Waiting for the rest of them to finish, I recalled each of them once they were done and threw out the trash. Walking back to the tower and room, it took quite a bit but I smiled once I got inside and fell upon my bed, falling asleep.

18th February 2003, 06:36 PM
no... i just did that... i do things for no apparent reason... well, I do have a reason, but no one ever understands... my therapist says that happens to smart people all the time... :D

18th February 2003, 11:34 PM
Nala - Flaria

It was a good thing that i had brought the map with me. I had tried to find my way without it, and ended up going around in circles. I sighed. This wasn't working, so I gave up on trying to find my way without it and pulled it out. I realized that the map was gong to be important for a while, at least until I learned my way around campus. I soon realized that I was close to the shops. I looked down at Sweetie, who was now walking at my heels, and shrugged. I walked over to the shops, and glancing at the map occassionally, I was soon lost in my thoughts. I was thinking about the earlier events. It would be weird having a male room mate, but I was sure that things would work out. He seemed nice.

Suddenly, I heard a hiss followed by a yelp. I turned around to see Blazer rubbing his nose with his paw. Oliver's fur was puffed up like a freshly popped popcorn kernal. I shook my head. "What am I going to do with you three?" I asked. Just as I said that, Oliver hissed at Sparky who was about to leap onto his back. Sparky cried out "Rai!" and ran straight for me. I braced myself as she landed against my shoulder. I couldn't resist. "What have you been eating? You feel like you weigh a ton." She glared at me, before mutter to herself. Finally, I grabbed her in my arms and began tickling her. She realized I had just been kidding and began to enjoy the attention she was getting. However, about that time we actually arrived at the shops.

My pokemon waited calmly outsie while I went in to look around. Finally, I got tired of looking, so I went outside. Of course that didn't meant that i didn't buy anything. I came out with two new CDs. I had bought the latest Toby Keith cd along with Trick Pony's first album. Eventually, I made my way over to the newstand, Sparky walking beside me. I was looking at the magazines, when I heard someone say "Err, Hi". I looked up to see a guy talking to me. I saw Sparky start to snicker, so I not so gently nudged her with my foot intdicating that she shouldn't laugh. "Yes?" I answered. Sparky managed to keep a straight face, but she had a perplexed look on her face. I coldn't blame her. I probably had a matching look on my face. He continued talking, but I still had no clue to what his name was. Finally, I introduced myself. "I'm Nala, nice to meet you." At which point he took the hint, and introduced himself. ""I'm Andrew, sorry I just kinda felt guilty about not helping you before." I nodded as I payed for the magazine. I soon discovered that he had brought his dog to the university. I was about to say bye, when he spoke again after an awkward period of silence. "Wanna come to the free sausage sizzle orientation thingie?" Now it was my turn to be caught off guard. Sparky did actually burst out laughing. "Errr... I don't know." It was at the moment somehing huge, orange and furry pinned my to the ground, whining, and licking my face. Laughing, I tried to shove Blazer off of me. "All right, all right, we'll go." At that, Blazer let me up with a huge smile on his face. I knew that my hair had to be a mess now. Oh well... I shrugged. "Well, lead the way... "

Edit: I noticed too many typos to leave them the way they were. ^_^

19th February 2003, 05:32 PM
I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU GUYS NEVER TRIED TO CONTACT ME ABOUT THIS RPG! I'LL NEVER FORGIVE YOU! Is it too late for me to join in? if not, I'd like it very much if ya gave me a recap, i can't be bothered to read through 10 pages of this

19th February 2003, 06:51 PM
Basically, It is just people arriving and socializing, nothing major has happened so far! :)

19th February 2003, 07:06 PM
hmm... seeing as you don't have a room mate yet, Ryan, would you mind being mine? I don't have one either :rolleyes:
And Jimmy, don't you dare say, "I wonder why..." >,<

19th February 2003, 07:28 PM
Name: Martin
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Physical Desc.: Is medium build at basically everything, now wears a large red trenchcoat, much like Aurons from FFX.
Personality: Fluxuating, see History section for more
Bf/Gf: see History
History: Secretly son of Giovanni, Twin brother of Dru. Years ago saved the girl Nayia Waterflower from death in a blaze in Cerulean City, losing his own memory and making him cold, after finding each other, and a tough struggle, Martin and Nayia became a couple, but after a while seperated, causing Martin to go back to his old cold state, the only one who can save him from that now is Nayia, or is it?
Pokemon: Starmie (Luna) Umbreon, Blastoise, Scizor

I'll post my first post later, I suggest you give me Aquarius again

Last Exile
19th February 2003, 09:51 PM
Um, Vampy, I DO have one. Nala's my roommate. I mentioned that in my post. But don't worry. We could make it into a trio or something. And I'd have no problem with linking posts since I'm already doing that with three other people here. So that's ok, Dru. I'll see whether it's kosher with Nala. ;) Actually, you've given me something to write abouit. Thanks! :) We'll see how this pans out!

Edit: Nala says it's ok. So if three people can be roommates, then you're in! :) Welcome aboard!

Post 2 - Ryan - Flaria House - Male

Heading over towards the supermarket, I felt like I was walking on air. I was off to a dream start on the first day. I had made three friends, two of them female, one of them in my house, Flaria. I could feel the thin line of sweat greasing my armpits, the paced beating of my heart and the deepness of my breathing. Somehow, I figured Gabi felt something similar. The unsettled and tense behaviour in our first meeting wasn’t just on my part. I had no idea where this would lead, but I had the strange feeling we were going to be a lot more of each other.
Heading through the automatic doors of the supermarket, I looked for the aisle containing the beverages. I hoped as much as anything that they stocked decent water here! I was raised on rainwater since I hit my teens. I can assure you than nothing beats pure rainwater. It has this clarity, this refreshing nature that has a slightly sweet tinge because it’s that pure. The way water should be. But heck, even I liked a bit of flavouring now and then.
One of the great conveniences of modern supermarkets is the plastic carry container. Sometimes you only want a few items, so it’s much more appropriate that shoving a worn-out trolley all over the place. My keen eyes spotted the water section and my legs brought me there as fast as they could. A familiar brand stood out, Mount Franklin water. I quickly checked my orientation booklet. It stated that every student was to be allotted a weekly budget to spend at Lapras Valley University. Initially all students would receive the same amount. However, as the year went on, your budget would be determined by how you performed at your studies, assignments and battles at LVU. That seemed fair enough. Why should slackers be given an easy ride if they weren’t performing up to the required standards? $200 was the allotment for this week. It would be interesting to see how this would pan out for the rest of the year. Realistically, it was a fair allotment. We weren’t paying rent, electricity, water or medical bills. All that was covered by the sky-high university entry fee for those that could afford it. For those that couldn’t, they were the recipients of scholarships through various programs. I was one of the scholarship students. I had no shame in that. So what if I didn’t have the big bucks?! I’d proven my worthiness to be at LVU. I was going to make sure commanded respect from those around me by the time my tenure at LVU was over.
Scouting out ginger and lime cordials, I then thought of what to get next. I thought that getting some decent meat was always an essential. But I was smart. From the annoying but beneficial exercises my mum put me through at the supermarket, I understood how supermarkets work. If you buy meat in bulk, you get a discount. Once I’d scouted the meat section, I found what I was look for. Beef fillet, pork loin chops, beef mince, all in bulk. What I was going to buy would cost around $50, a quarter of my weekly allowance! But I was thinking ahead. With the refrigerators we had in my dorm, I could stock meat in the freezer section for weeks, even months. This meat would last a long time and would save me time and money later on. I then went to the section where you’re actually given service, because I was after something in particular: Scottish pork sausages. Seriously, I have tried tons of different sausages in my life. Nothing comes close to the leanness and the sheer delicious nature of Scottish pork sausages. Easy to cook, easy to serve. I bought eight of them, then considered what else to get. Staple food is essential for proper nutrition. That meant rice and pasta were on the list. However, I bought far more rice than pasta. Rice is more versatile and contains far less carbohydrates, so makes a better staple in terms of maintaining a better physique. I also picked up a couple of tins of tuna. You have to make sure you include fish in your diet. As for fresh fish, I decided to leave that for a later date. Fresh fish is very pricey, so you have to look out for the better prices when they come.
Of the three main dairy products available, I did partake of all three, but in differing amounts. Cheese actually produces a lot of mucus in the body when consumed, so I did buy a block of this but was sure to consume it sparingly. As for yoghurt, I only bought the Greek variety. It has a much better natural taste than normal yoghurt. However, I did stock up on milk, big time. But not regular milk. I drink soy milk. It is less creamier and contains much less fat. Once you stop drinking normal milk for a while, when you try it again, you actually realise the fat content in there. It isn’t much but it is significant in comparison to soy milk, it’s plenty.
Condiments are essential to enhance natural flavours, so it was important to find my staple condiments. Soy sauce, chili sauce, stock cubes, mustard, Italian dressing, apricot jam, low salt margarine. These would be good.
Then to the final section: fruit and vegetables. I like drinking fresh juice in the morning, so apples, carrots and celery were essentials, along with a bit more of each for actual eating. Lettuce is cheap and is an excellent blood purifier, so that was in. Cucumbers, spring onions, white onions, red onions, potatoes, red and green capsicums, basil, mint, coriander, ginger, chilies, bananas, apricots, watermelon, grapes. A fairly hefty amount, but you need to get your right amount of fruit and vegetables. Seven out of ten people don’t these days. And they wonder why they feel physically drained.
Adding a small amount of chocolate and novelty sweets to my trolley, partly for myself, partly as a gift to Amy to break the ice and partly for Gabi if we paths again soon, I finally made my way to the counter, where a slightly stunned checkout girl watched me approach.
“That’s a lot of stuff to get on your first day!” she exclaimed.
“Well, I wanna stock up,” was all I could offer. That was my one and only reason.
“Fair enough. At least you’re not loading up on junk,” she noted. It took her a while to get through everything but all was sorted out.
“Well, that comes to $120 exactly. We just need your student card. Because of the new chip system, we’ll take cash from your credit and send it all to your dorm when you wish.”
“Cheers.” What a relief! I’d hate to have to haul all off that all the way across the campus. I swiped my card, typed in my password and the transaction was completed.
“Have a nice day.”
“Thanks. You too.”

As soon as I left the supermarket I detected an unmistakable smell. Meat. Cooking meat. And lots of it! The salivation that ensues once the distinct aroma of well-cooked meat hits your nose is intense. I had to find out where it was coming from.
“Hey, Ryan!” Andy appeared from behind me, appearing pretty psyched. “There’s a free orientation sausage sizzle on right now! Ya gotta be there!”
“Right with ya!” I began sprinting for all I was worth, following Andy like a gazelle on the prairie. Never turn down the opportunity for good free food or free drinks. I wasn’t going to have to worry about dinner tonight.
Arriving at the building-up congregation of people who had gotten the message by word of mouth, I was one heck of an eager beaver. Note to self: word of mouth spreads quickly at LVU, so make sure you have connections. I attached myself to the back of the queue and preoccupied myself with fiddling until I reached the front of the line.
“Hey, another Flaria member, sweet!”
That voice wasn’t familiar. It turned out to be from the person right behind me. Yikes, twenty people were behind me now and that was within ten seconds! Word does spread fast here. Note to self: be prepared for anything at LVU.
It turned out to be a female. Another one?! Okay, this is getting a little much. Was it possible to make three new female friends in one day? I hadn’t had that many in the rest of my life! Then again, why the hell am I complaining?! I thought this was what I wanted.
“Dru’s the name. As I said, I’m in Flaria house too. I’m gradually figuring out who’s who and all that. And you are?”
“Ryan. That makes two Flaria people I know.”
This seemed to be an interesting issue to Dru because she keenly pressed on with fidning out more. “Cool. Who else do you know?”
“Nala. She’s another of the females in Flaria. I met her this afternoon at the dorm. We’ve already arranged to be roommates.”
Disappointment suddenly rained down onto Dru’s face and I felt incredibly confused. Why was this distressing to Dru? Was there something going on here that I didn’t know about?
“Oh, I see. Well, it’s just that, well, I was kinda hoping we could be roommates,” she replied in a hushed tone before she sunk her head, hiding behind her dyed locks of blue and green hair.
Boy, did I feel guilty now. Looking around, a lot of people around here looked really wet behind the ears and like they were out to score. It was pretty off-putting to say the least. Some people may have been stunned by Dru’s hair and judged her as a rebel, a loser or a freak straight away. But I knew better. Privately, I thought her hair was cool. Green and blue are my favourite colours. Dru wasn’t out to hook up with others or to be Miss Popular. She was serious and honest. I liked that. She wasn’t normal or anywhere enar it. Neither was I. My mind was made up on the spot.
“Hey, wait. We can sort something out. Our room should be big enough to fit three people and have room to spare. I’ll ask Nala and see whether she’s okay with it. Because I’d have no problem with being roommates with you.”
Dru’s face jumped up and her eyes were alive. “Really? You mean it?”
“Hey, would you rather be with someone who’d be trying to check you out every five minutes and whenever you were changing?” I joked.
“Point taken. Well, hopefully this will work out. It’s kinda nerve-wracking starting afresh here at LVU.”
“I know the feeling. If Nala is cool with the idea, it should work out. I’ll find her and ask her ASAP.”
A serene smile broke out across Dru’s face. “Thanks, mate. I appreciate it.”
Yes, she used the word mate! Once you’ve got that going, you’re always on decent terms with that person.
“No worries. Catch ya around.”
Yes, I did like the way thinks were turning out at LVU. But I had to find Nala. I wanted to clear up the roommate issue ASAP. Hopefully she was around. And another part of me hoped Gabi was around too. And I could bet that Andy was around here. Things always happened around Andy.
After what seemed like ten years waiting for rain in the middle of a drought in Australia, I finally reached the line. I was more ravenous than a Houndoom.
“Let’s see, I’ll have the white bread with one of those sausages, that pork chop over there, a bit of that garden salad over there and some water please.”
Food and drink promptly came my way. My, how the simple things in life can satisfy such complex people!
“Well, more familiar person than others, we cross paths again.”
There was no mistaking that female voice. It was Gabi. Even though she was soft and sweet with her tone, I almost dropped my food and felt like a complete moron. Gabi simply giggled at the sight.
“It seems that way. Obviously you got wind of this pretty quickly. Let me guess, did a guy by the name of Andy happen to let you know?”
“Sure did!”
“Andy seems to be involved with everything around here. It’s pretty criminal to judge him by that hair of his alone.”
“Mmm,” agreed Gabi through a mouthful of salad. “He is pretty decent once you spend more than five seconds getting to know him.”
As I began to partake of my meal I noticed Gabi kept staring at my hands in bewilderment. “Um, is something wrong?”
“No, just surprised,” she explained. “You’re the only guy here that isn’t drinking beer.”
Beer?! Oh god. I hate beer. Actually, hate is probably such a weak word. Beer sucks in my opinion. But I could bet every guy in LVU would be on my case all the time if I admitted that in public. On the other hand, it seemed to make Gabi think I was more agreeable, so I had no problem with that.
“Got any roommates yet?” I asked politely.
“Yeah, I got a guy by the name of Craig. Another guy by the name of Luke asked me soon afterwards and it was kind of hard to turn him down. I only want one roommate. A lot of guys seem to be hitting on to me. I mean, it’s quite innocent, but I think they are coming on to me a little.”
That wasn’t hard to believe. You didn’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out Gabi was going to have guys after her from day one. Then again, I was going to find it hard to believe that any girl at LVU wouldn’t have guys after them. The term ‘eager beaver’ didn’t even begin to describe some of these guys! Then again, who was I to talk?! I wanted Gabi and I to cross paths again tonight, so I wasn’t that innocent. I bet she could see right through me. Then again, I wasn’t checking her out. Alright, that was only a half-truth. I wasn’t checking her out that much. I could barely get past her face. The woman that snags me for life is bound to have an entrancing face. Faces are the one part of the body that fascinates me most. They tell you the most about a person in nearly every way.
As if I dared to say any of this out loud. I wasn’t desperate for a slap in the face and to lose a friend one day one! Hmmm, better say something quickly!
“Well, I’ve already got one too. Nala was around when I arrived, so we made an agreement pretty quickly. I’ve had another person ask me. Another girl by the name of Dru. She seems pretty nice as well and I don’t wanna see her wind up with the hornbags. So I’m gonna see if Nala is cool with a third person.”
“I see,” replied Gabi slyly. “I’m sure all your reasons are that pure,” she joked.
Maybe I took it a little too seriously, my body sure was! I could feel the sweat under my armpits and on my forehead. My feet felt like I was standing on hot coals. Okay, Ryan, control yourself! Just reply coolly and honestly! She’s just joking around! But somehow, it wasn’t computing! God, I was about to blow it. What I would give for a distraction right now!
“AAAAAAAAAH! The beer keg’s leaking!”
A distraction! What the…?
“We’re losing the beer! All hands on deck! Save the beer!” screamed Andy, scrambling around and making a complete tool of himself.
Nearly every guy made a beeline for the beer kegs and frantically tried everything they could think of to plug the leaks. Drinking from the leak seemed to occupy the thoughts of a few guys, however.
Okay, I was grateful for the distraction, so thank you, God! But this was ridiculous! What was going to happen at LVU if all the girls that all the guys were a bunch of losers?! More disaster than on Survivor 6! I had to do something and fast. For the sake of all the guys at LVU. Even if some of them weren’t that deserving of it.
Within five seconds I found the problem. It was embarrassingly simple!
“Guys, looking for this?” I asked innocently, pointing to the lid that had fallen on the ground.
Andy scooped it up with the precision of a cheetah and quickly screwed it back onto the keg. “Phew, thanks mate! Disaster averted!”
Oh no. Another toolish comment. Ryan, do it for the sake of the guys! Now! Oh, why me?
I grabbed my water cup with vigour and flung it into my face. Instantly everyone looked at me in confusion. Then I pretended to slip on a plate on the ground but miraculously catch my balance, do a perfect rollover and finish standing on my two feet. I had no idea how I pulled that off. I was fairly fit now but I always sucked at gymnastics. Whatever happened, the attention was focused on me and it gained some light applause. I raised my right hand in thanks before turning back to Gabi. The situation quickly broke back to conversation for all parties concerned.
“Well, that was fairly decent of you,” commented Gabi like a schoolteacher. “Why did you do it?”
“To prevent male-female relations at LVU being set back 100 years,” was the only thing I could pull out of my head.
Well, it worked. Gabi let off an incredible laugh for a fwew seconds then steadied herself. “Well, make sure I’m around next time you do that, okay?”
“Sure, Will do.”
She smiled back before heading off to converse with other members of Aquarius.
Okay Ryan, not bad. You saved face for the guys and made Gabi laugh. Note to self: Gabi has incredible laugh. Make her laugh more often.
“Is this going to happen every day?”
Nala pulled up beside me, sporting a shy grin, eating the last remnants of her meal.
“Hopefully not. I’ll probably break a leg if I have to do that again.”
“And what a tragedy that would be,” joked Nala sarcastically, coming out of her shell a little.
“Well, as far as I’m concerned, it would be.”
Nala shrugged her shoulders and finished her last tidbits. Then I remembered: the roommate issue.
“Um, Nala, I just wanted to ask something about the roommate issue. Another girl from our house, Dru, asked if she could join us. I’m okay with it but I really thought I should see how you felt about it.
Nala fell silent for a few moments. I kind of got the impression that if a guy had asked me, she’d have said no on the spot and never have given it a second thought. The fact it was a girl made her consider the issue.
“What’s she like?”
“Seems fairly serious in general. Lively but grounded. Just don’t let her hair put you off, please.”
Nala was kind of taken aback by that last comment, but I figured if I didn’t mention anything now, within five seconds of meeting Dru she might be too flipped out to even think of saying yes.
“I’ll see. Give me a few minutes with her and I’ll make my decision then.”

20th February 2003, 08:46 AM
Oh yay! :D
Yesh, Martin will be in his usual.

I had a room mate. Two, to be exact. And I had a crush. Things couldn't be better...
Yes, they could be. I hadn't seen Martin yet. I really wondered about that... I hadn't heard from him since I was at LVH. I didn't blame him. I had enough press coverage.
'Teen Rock Star Caught With Dope at Local Club'...
I remember waking to hear that everywhere. I didn't want part of it, and I bet Martin didn't either. Still, I wondered where he was now...
I had gotten a notice that there was a package in the administration building. I walked in and that same secretary was there. She stared at me.
"I have a package here?" I asked.
"Yeah... Here. Sign this."
I signed the release form. It was pretty big. What could it be that it had insurance on it?
I opened it. "OH MY GOSH!" I yelled.
It was my fave bass guitar.
g2g... finish later...

Lady Vulpix
20th February 2003, 02:24 PM
Emotions are running high, aren't they, Ryan? I just hope no one gets to turn into a complete flirt now. ;)


I kept meeting interesting and curious people on the campus. One of them was this guy named Andrew, who invited me to a sausage sizzling party or something like that before I could even tell him my name. As I got to talk to others, it turned out that he had been inviting everyone he crossed paths with. Apparently, it was going to be a big event. It would be a good opportunity to get to know more people, and maybe meet some I had already come across before. Like Ryan. The two of us hadn't talked much, but I was looking forward to change that. I wanted to get to know him; to find out if he was as special as I felt he was or if my imagination was playing tricks on me. It wouldn't have been the first time, but I really hoped that wasn't the case. I had felt something when I met him; something I couldn't explain. And I reall wanted to believe there was more where that had come from. I really wanted to find out that he was caring, sensitive and thoughtful, unlike most men I had met before. For some reason, I had the feeling that I wouldn't be disappointed.

I would go to the party. I just hope I wouldn't embarass myself there. I didn't know what a sausage sizzle was, but it was bound to have sausages. The word had to be there for a reason. I hoped I wouldn't be mocked for my eating habits again. I'd had way too much of that in my life. I didn't eat meat, and that had set me apart from others on many occasions. This was likely to be one of them. I reckoned it would be best to fill my stomach with something before going, so then I could say that I wasn't hungry, that I had already eaten enough or that I'd had tea too late. Anything that would save me from being pointed at and accused as if not wanting to eat sausages was a crime. Not when that was the first impression most people would get of me. When I told people I didn't like alcohol, some labeled me as innocent or childish. I didn't really mind that. I had even learned to live with labels like 'weird', 'superbrain', 'naive', 'dreamer' and others. But being seen as a reject, that I couldn't stand. It sounded crazy when I thought of it, but those things had happened to me before.

When I got to the party, my fears turned out to be unfounded. No one paid any attention to what I picked to eat. They were too busy socializing, or eating and drinking themselves. I even found some vegetables on a table, so I made myself a little green salad. At least there was something I could take in! There was also some bread. I took some, since leaves alone wouldn't be satisfactory enough as a dinner. And I also took some water to drink. Some guys came to my side and we started talking, but it soon became evident that they were drunk. One of them even put his lips together and tried to kiss me!
"Are you crazy?!," I shouted.
Well, maybe that was not the best reaction, but it was what came out of me. I didn't even know the guy! I'd try not to look at his face much, so thatI could give him a chance to talk when he was sober. If his face got stuck in my mind, it would be unlikely that I could let that image go.
I walked into a small crowd and tried to find anyone I could talk to, but it turned out to be a line for getting sausages. Not the best place to start a conversation. I stepped aside, and all of a sudden... I was face to face with Ryan!
I greeted him, grateful to see his familiar face again. Another pleasant surprise was the fact that he wasn't lolding a beer. Instead, he had water, just like me.
We spoke for a while about beer, the crazy people we'd met and our roommates. It was weird, Ryan had two roommates now and I'd been on the point of also having two. Yet another coincidence. I didn't know it was possible to fit a third bed into a room, but in any case that wouldn't leave much space and it would be awkward to share the room with two males, so I was fine as it was. Craig and Luke both seemed nice, but I just wouldn't have felt comfortable. It was the first time I shared a room with a guy who wasn't my brother. Though I had the feeling that would have sounded bad if I said it out loud.
For a moment, silence fell between us. I didn't like that, because I felt like I was supposed to say something, but I didn't know how to break it. I wonder if that ever happened to any other person at my age. That didn't last, though. The silence was broken, but the reason was not so good.
“AAAAAAAAAH! The beer keg’s leaking!,” someone screamed.
Of course, everybody gathered around the source of the incident immediately. Crowds tend to do that. I was admit I was a bit curious about this myself. It wouldn't hurt to watch, I wasn't blocking the traffic or anything. Maybe I could even get to help, though it would be hard to do anything with so many people around.

When I turned to look, I saw that the guy who was screaming was the same who had invited me to the party: Andrew.
Looking back, it was funny to see how so many people attempted to fix the leak. Some of them even tried to drink it all out! I wouldn't like to see the effects that would have on them.
Soon, Ryan stepped forward and walked past the crowd. He seemed to have found the problem.
“Guys, looking for this?,” he asked, pointing somewhere on the ground.
When Andrew picked the object up, I noticed it was some kind of lid. The lid of the ked? Had it been lying there all the time? I hadn't seen it with all those people in front of me, but I thought that at least someone ought to have noticed it. Ryan, however, seemed to have been waiting for the precise moment to point at it. Andrew thanked him while screwing the lid on the ked, where it belonged.

Then Ryan did something completely unexpected. He grabbed his water cup strongly and flung it into his face. Then he pulled a weird stunt with a fallen plate. It seemed to be a joke or something (I couldn't make sense of it, actually), but he soon became tricked by his own trick. Then somehow he managed to roll over and stand back on his feet! Everyone applauded him. Me too. I didn't know why he had done that, but how he had managed to pull it off was what got me impressed at that moment.
Once he was no longer the center of attention, I spoke to him.
“Well, that was fairly decent of you,” I half-praised him. “Why did you do it?”
“To prevent male-female relations at LVU being set back 100 years,” he replied.
He made me laugh. Well, either him, or the whole situation. What was worst, I didn't even know what I was laughing about. Anyone would have thought I was crazy. Not that it would have been the same time either.
“Well, make sure I’m around next time you do that, okay?,” I told him, managing to bring myself to a halt.
“Sure, will do,” he answered.
I smiled. I hoped not every day would be like this, but I had to admit I was having fun. Ryan was nice to be with. He just needed to open up a little. I hoped he could. It would be great to be there when that happened. But I didn't want to press him.
"Hey, Gabi!," someone called out. I turned around and saw that it was Luke.
"Hi, Luke!," I greeted him. "How are things going?"
"Good except that no one wants to talk to me," he said.
"That's not true," I corrected him. "I can talk to you."
I looked at Ryan, but he was already talking to someone else. Another girl. I had to make sure to get to know her later, but there would be time for that.
"So..." I began, turning to Luke again. "What have you been doing today?"

20th February 2003, 05:11 PM
Craig - Aquarus
Sky'ree the rambuctious adventurous Pidgeot
Mirage the little cute Vaporeon

I had met my room-mate, Gabi.. I hadn't talked to her much, but she had a Pidgeot..AND a Vaporeon..she had to be cool :P Luke came and asked her to be his room-mate, which must've been pretty weird for her; to have 2 people chasing to be her roomie. I didn't really care all that much,but I liked the room I had, it had a nice view over the pool and the general campus.

Gabi had left, but I decided to stay, after all I had just gotten back from swimming with Mirage, Sky was still flying around. After switching into some normal clothes again, I swiped my bass guitar from underneath the bed and went over to stereo and put in "American Psycho" by the misfits, sitting back on the bed, I picked up my bass and plugged it into the conviently small amp, I liked practicing bass while music played, it just sounded better... I decided to play Speak of the devil, the first Misfits song I had ever learned. Bass lines for songs today were pretty easy so it was easy to play just about any song.. After finishing the song, Sky flew back in the window "Pidgeoo!" he called, pointing his wing towards the window. I stood up and looked out the window, making sure not to bang the neck of the guitar on the wall or anything I saw a bunch of people socializing around eating sausages and stuff.
"The Freshman party" I said outloud, I decided not to go, considering that I just ate just an hour ago (Woops.. I just realised I went swimming after eating..hah) I looked down at people, who were running around a beer-keg, until a guy found the lid, and then slipped but..miraculously saved it, kinda weird..
"I could go for a drink" I announced to no one in particular, then I heard Mirage walking back in a few seconds later holding a plastic cup of water in her mouth, spilling it everywhere.

"You crazy Vaporeon, I didn't mean water" I yelled jokingly, Mirage laughed, dropping the rest of the water on the floor.
"Well.. Its only water!" It'll dry.
"How about we DO go to that party, if only to meet some new people.. I heard the university has a store, we could fill up the fridge a bit." I suggested
Sky'ree and Mirage nodded.
"Maybe we'll meet some of the other people, and maybe Gabi" looking over at her suitcase, which was plopped down on her bed
"Well, I don't really feel like taking the stairs".. I looked towards Sky as Mirage hopped onto my shoulder, and we bolted out of the dormitory's higher floor towards the ground with a dash.

Landing, they immediatly got in line, I recalled Skyree and Mirage, much to their discontent as I saw a small dog run around in the distance...

20th February 2003, 05:19 PM

I decided to go back to my dorm and when I opened the door I saw Ebony stroking Dusk and I said to her:
“Hi Ebony”
“Hi Jon” she replied
“Good weekend?”
“It was okay”
“erm.. fancy going to the BBQ in the park, Andrew texted me about it.”
Ebony and I walked out of the dorm and I smiled at her, I would have a good time with Ebony as she seemed to be okay about it but I knew she had a secret but I knew she would never tell me it.

20th February 2003, 05:28 PM
--Ebony Blackthorn, age 20, gender female, house of Taras--

To be honest, I was glad that Jon invited me to the BBQ in the park. It would give me a better chance of exploring the university without looking like I was totally lost. I have a terribly bad sense of direction.

I quickly returned Dusk to his Pokéball and grabbed my other Pokéball before Jon locked the door behind me. I wouldn't trust anyone if I had left my Pokémon behind by accident. Who would, especially for someone who spent a long time getting specific Pokémon.

As Jon and I made our way to the park, I thought about what Luke said. Maybe it really wouldn't hurt to smile more often and make a real effort to make friends. Sure, I don't have to trust them, but at least being able to talk to someone other than my Pokémon probably wouldn't be such a bad idea.

"Ebony?" Jon asked, snapping my out of my private thoughts.

I was startled, but not offended. "What?"

"You okay?"

"Yeah, I was just thinking."

"About what?"

I really didn't want to tell him. I was afraid of his reaction. Of course, he didn't react too badly to seeing my scars.

Then I thought of an idea. "Perhaps your Misdreavus would be interested in playing a little game with my Pokémon tonight."

Of course, I didn't tell him that of all the Pokémon he had, only his Misdreavus was a Pokémon that I have seen or heard of.

20th February 2003, 11:23 PM
Nala - Flaria

I recalled my pokemon except for Sweetie. Blazer would practically be begging food off everyone, and Oliver and Sparky might get into mischief. Sweetie absolutely hated her pokeball, only going into it when she had no other choice. Then i followed after Andrew. Eventually, he started running ahead and I lost him. I shrugged and then pulled out the map once more and after getting a good idea about how to go, slowly walked towards my destination.

I never really was one who cared for big social gatherings. I preferred to have small get togethers with a few friends. I shook my head as I neared the park. I groaned. There were already way too many people there for my taste. I was about to turn around and leave when i caught a whiff of the food that was cooking. Well, maybe it wouldn't hurt to get a bite to eat. I made my way over to the food lines, and waited in line as the line in front of me became shorter as the one behind me became longer. Sweetie nuzzled me affectionatley assuring me that she was there if I needed her.

Once i got my food, i stepped out of the line and began walking around, when a loud whistle caught my attention. I groaned, ignoring whoever it was, and disappeared into the crowd, hoping that it was for someone else. Once i was in the crowd, i settled back toward the outskirts and proceeded to observe what was going on while I ate. As I watched, I realized that a lot of the guys were drunk. I shook my head. I had no clue to why anyone would want to get drunk... I was about to leave an go back to the room when i heard someone shout, "AAAAAAAAAH! The beer keg’s leaking!" I shook my head, but made my way to where i could see what was going on. This should prove entertaining, I thought to myself. It turned out that it was Andrew that had been the one that shouted. However, thankfully, it didn't last too long. As I watched Ryan, found the cause of the problem. I waited till it was all over before i went to find him. I saw him talking to another girl, so i quietly waited until he was through, before walking up beside him. I don't think he even knew i was around him when i spoke. "Is this going to happen every day?" "Hopefully not. I'll probably break a leg if I have to do that again." he answered. "And what a tragedy that would be," I joked. "Well, as far as I’m concerned, it would be." I shrugged. It looked as if he had something he wanted to talk to me about. Sure enough, he spoke. "Um, Nala, I just wanted to ask something about the roommate issue. Another girl from our house, Dru, asked if she could join us. I’m okay with it but I really thought I should see how you felt about it." I listened, quiet for a bit. At least he said that it was a girl and not a guy. Finally, i broke the silence. "What’s she like?" "Seems fairly serious in general. Lively but grounded. Just don’t let her hair put you off, please." I raised my eyebrows at that, before i decided to go of and have a talk with her. "I’ll see. Give me a few minutes with her and I’ll make my decision then."

Sweetie was riding on my shoulder as i weaved through the crowd looking for her. Eventually, I found a girl matching the discription that Ryan gave me. I took a deep breath before I approached her. "You must be Dru?" I asked, feeling a bit awkward. She nodded, and answered with "Nala?" I nodded. We talked a few minutes. She seemed decent, but I wanted Sweetie's opinion, because i trusted her senses. If Sweetie didn't like someone, it was a good bet, not to get too friendly with them. Sweetie almost imperceptiably nodded her head yes. I smiled. Sweetie trusted her, so that was enough for me to give her a chance. There was an awkwardbit of silence, yet again. Then i approached the subject i think she was wanting to talk about. Ryan told me that you were hoping to be our roommate." She nodded. "I don't have a problem with it, either, so welcome aboard. Well, I best be going." I said, before i did or said something stupid, and walked off. I went back to where Ryan was, and told him that it was ok with me, and that i had already told Dru that.

21st February 2003, 03:01 AM
heh, okay, I have time to post before college so...

Martin - Aquarus Tower
A figure, hidden by a large trenchcoat walks toward the university, his face half hidden, the eyes look familiar but the soul feels different, yep, Martin is back.
"guh, late, how long was I in that town?" I muttered to myself as I took slow, short strides toward the building, I entered the front gate of it and made my way to the reception, as I did so I looked around, thinking to myself how I didn't really belong here anymore.
"may I help you?" the receptionist enquired as soon as I reached the desk.
"Yes, I'm late, Martin Naoco" I said calmly.
"Yes, you're late, you're an old Lapras Valley High student... you have the same tower as you did there, here's your key" The receptionist replied, handing me the key, I snatched it from the hand and walked off.

The tower looked similar to the old LVH one, probably because it was meant to be, but who actually cared about that? I didn't, I didn't really care about anything anymore, I made my way to the room allotted on the key I was given and opened the door, going in silently I made my way to my bed, taking the trenchcoat off I sat down and yawned slightly.
"Bah, what a journey, I should get some sleep" I muttered to myself again and laid back.
Suddenly I started to think about how strange things had happened in the past, Lady Blastoise and Sal, Dru and me... Nayia and me... I shook my head, I didn't want those thoughts, not now, she probably never even came here. I sighed, and got up.
"Maybe just a little walk about... maybe I'll see a few familiar faces..." I said slowly and walked out the door, looking around to see if I could meet any old friends.
Boohoo, I made Martin cold again, like in the beginning of LVH 1, aren't I cruel? :>

21st February 2003, 08:30 AM
Yesh... Martin r being soo cruel...

The party was great. Torch was running around somewhere with Nixie probably. I met Nala; I was glad that I hadn't gotten stuck with some b*tch. I mean, a bigger one than me. She seemed really nice.
My newest eyebrow peircing itched. It was driving me crazy. Andrew and some of the other guys were worrying over a keg. I decided to go see if they needed any help.
A few drinks later, I was feeling much better. I wasn't worried anymore. Everything was funny. Nayia shook her head.
"You can be so disgusting sometimes, you know that? You're acting just like a guy." I laughed and she rolled her eyes. My normally pale face was pretty red. I had to go sit down to keep from falling over. Andrew helped me over; he was a pretty cool guy. I knew that this was going to be a great year. Well... I didn't care about the future anymore. I was having fun.
Soon, I was sitting with a bunch of the guys and joking around. I had always been a sort of tomboy, and often prefered the company of guys to other girls.
Marc came over. "How ya doin'?" he asked.
I grinned. "Mmmkay..." I giggled. "Come on, sit down. Have a drink."
He raised an eyebrow at my altered behavior, but he did sit down.

He he he... Dru's drunk. :D

21st February 2003, 05:44 PM
I have drawn a piccy of Dru! *poses*
Thankies to Mikoto for the design help and to Paul for hosting it!

21st February 2003, 07:12 PM
meh, you know the drill, do something with me in it and i'll do something from it, yatta, don't do it out of character any of you newbies -.-

Lady Vulpix
22nd February 2003, 10:43 AM
I'm going away for the weekend. I'll be back on Monday. Have fun, but don't make me miss it!


23rd February 2003, 12:21 PM
Heads up all, I'm back!
I read through a few of the earlier posts, and then the ones with "Kayla" in them (all 3... or so...). I'll post once I finish reading all the other RPGs I'm in.
Oh, and any1 else in Taras still roommate-less? >_<

23rd February 2003, 02:57 PM
I noticed movement out of the corner of my eye. There was a guy that was maybe a little shorter than me wearing a red trenchcoat, just outside of everyone else. His back was to me, so I couldn't see his face, but he seemed familiar. I wondered why anyone would be out here and not in the party. Maybe he just got here and was looking for someone to hang with.
"Hey!" I called. I tried to get up. Suddenly, I was on the ground. How did that happen? My legs refused to move. I laughed helplessly. Andrew gave me a hand. "Thanks dude!" I hugged him and gave him a kiss on the cheek. I giggled, and he looked embarrassed.
"Go, Cinder!" I let out my huge Arcanine. Torch and Cinder were the only pokemon I had left from when I was at Lapras Valley High. Cinder was very strong and she was bigger than most Arcanine. I pulled myself onto her back. I leaned forward in whispered in her ear, "See that guy over there? Let's go say hi!"
She leaped forward eagerly and I was almost thrown off. I laughed and she looked at me apologetically. "'s OK, go ahead."
She went at a slower pace and weaved through the crowd. People I didn't know stared at me. I didn't care.
Cinder walked over to the guy and barked. He turned around and we stared at each other.
"M-Martin?!" I didn't believe it. I slid down off of Cinder's back and lost my balance. Martin reached forward and caught me. "Dru? What... You're here."
I giggled. "'Course I am, silly. If I wasn't you wouldn't be talking to me, would you?" He could smell the booze on my breath. He wrinkled his nose in disgust. "What have you been doing?"
"Having fun," I said innocently. "Come on, meet some of the others." I pulled on his arm.
"No thanks," he muttered. He didn't seem thrilled by the idea.
"What's going on, mate? Dru, you OK?" Andrew called.
"Yeah! Come here, meet my brother, Martin. Martin, this is Andrew!"
Martin glared. He shook Andrew's hand, but the look he gave was one of, 'Call me mate and you die.'
I wondered what his problem was. I knew that he and Nayia weren't going out right now, but that was all I knew about what he'd been through for the past 3 years.
"Well, ah... I gotta get back to the guys before they drink everything. Nice ta meet ya, Martin!" Andrew looked glad to get away.
"What the hell's your problem?" I demanded.
"Nothing. I just want to be left alone."
He turned and left, leaving me standing with Cinder. She helped me back to my seat.
A mysterious figure soared over the campus. No one else seemed to notice it. The figure landed in the light of the administration building. A man on a Dragonite. He ran into the building and left his Dragonite at the door. I wondered...
A few minutes later, the campus speakers crackled to life.
Everyone looked at each other. What was going on?
"Well..." I sighed. "This sounds important. Let's go."
We packed up our things and many Pokemon were called back. A few of the guys looked torn, not wanting to leave the keg. In the end, a couple of Pokemon ended up taking them to the dorms. Poor things.
The cafeteria was noisy. I held Torch, and Nixie was around Nayia's shoulders. I didn't see Martin anywhere. I didn't know if Nay knew that Martin was back yet.
A tall man I assumed was the president of the school came out and tried to call us to attention. It didn't work. Eventually, one of the administrators let out a Golbat and used Supersonic on us. That quieted things down a bit.
"I'm sorry to call you all at such a late hour, especially since one of our start of term parties was in full swing. I would have left it till morning, but this matter is of the greatest importance. Now, I'll let our guest tell you what it needed of you all, and I hope you'll give him the utmost respect."
He walked back and sat down. Then, a man with bright red hair came out. He was the one with the Dragonite. I knew who he was instantly. He was Lance, top Master of the Pokemon League and Dragon Master. This must really be important for him to bother coming here...
"Thank you. Many of you know who I am, so I won't bother with introductions. Time is very important right now. Whether you know it or not, students at Lapras Valley University are junior members of the Pokemon League. When you graduate, you'll become full members. In any case, there has been a catastrophe. I'm not permitted to give you any details at this point. You have been called to the League Headquarters at Indigo Plateau. There, all members will be addressed together. All Gyms are being shut down, and any competitions are being canceled. In the morning, this school will be closed and all students are asked to report to Indigo Plateau. I'm very sorry. Please go to your dorms and get a good nights sleep. You don't know how long it'll be until you'll get another one."
He turned and left. I guessed he had other schools and Gyms to visit. I turned to Nayia.
"Well... goodnight. This was a little unexpected, but I guess things will work out." Something hit me. "What about Sal?! She won't know what happened, since it sounds like this is being hidden from the public. I doubt that we'll be allowed to leave the campus now, though..."
"We can go find her in the morning. She's smart. I bet she'll know by then anyway. Who knows how Sal finds out nearly everything? Well, good night, I guess."
We left and went to our dorms. I saw Marc flirting with another girl, someone who was in another dorm. He seemed to have overstepped his boundaries again, seeing how she slapped him and walked away. Marc was grinning from ear to ear. I laughed silently and shook my head.
Ryan and Nala were in our room all ready. I decided to take my shower in the morning and went to sleep.
I'm not quite sure what the emergency will be... PM or E-mail me your ideas! My E-mail is VampireGal361@aol.com.

23rd February 2003, 03:56 PM
Nadia Tenryu

With a sigh of perpetual regret, Nadia put her keyboard away, and sent Lei back into her Pokeball. She hadn't attended the party outside, preferring to stay inside and compose...

She listened intently, nodding, her eyes on Lance. She put away her thoughts as to how cute he was, and absorbed his words into her mind.

When it ended, she sighed, picking up and obediently trotting back to the dorm. She finished clearing everything off the bed, changed quickly, then sat for a bit, reading a book, although her thoughts were elsewhere.

Indigo Plateau. A part of her was elated just to go there. The place was legendary. Another part wondered just what the emergency was. It had to be serious, if all the gyms and the school were being closed. Maybe Team Rocket was out again?

She sighed, putting the book away, then took her keyboard out again, tapping the keys softly, in a sort of wordless lullaby.

23rd February 2003, 04:22 PM
Still sleeping deeply, I was dreaming about beating my grandfather in a match before someone shook me awake. Getting up slowly, I yawned and rubbed my eyes before looking at Nadia.
"What's wrong?", I questioned.
"Someone just came onto the voice speaker. All of us are supposed to go to the cafeteria immediately."
Rolling off of my bed on purpose, I ignored Nadia's snickering as I stretched and staggered out of the door. Slumping down the stairs and into the cafeteria, my eyes were more awake as students who were eating or outside partying came into the hall. It only took a Golbat's supersonic to shut the bunch up as I waited for an explanation. It soon came as the legendary Lance came into the room. Everyone gazed in awe at the dragon master and hung onto his every word with ease as he spoke.
"Thank you. Many of you know who I am, so I won't bother with introductions. Time is very important right now. Whether you know it or not, students at Lapras Valley University are junior members of the Pokemon League. When you graduate, you'll become full members. In any case, there has been a catastrophe. I'm not permitted to give you any details at this point. You have been called to the League Headquarters at Indigo Plateau. There, all members will be addressed together. All Gyms are being shut down, and any competitions are being canceled. In the morning, this school will be closed and all students are asked to report to Indigo Plateau. I'm very sorry. Please go to your dorms and get a good nights sleep. You don't know how long it'll be until you'll get another one."
Interested and scared at the same time, I stared at Lance until he bowed and walked out of the door. Walking over to the nearest empty table, I sat down and brooded over his speech as everyone went back to what they were doing.
"How can they do this?", I murmured to myself. "I want to be a Pokemon Master, or at least beat my grandpa in a match."
Rubbing my head, I sighed and walked outside. Releasing Blade, we walked alongside through the campus for awhile.
"Do you think I'll ever beat my grandpa one day Blade?".
"Snea, sneasel, snea."
"I suppose so. I mean, you want to beat Dewgong badly also."
He nodded as we turned around and walked back to my tower and up the stairs. Going into the room, I said my goodnights to Nadia and got undressed. Slipping under the cover, I looked up at the ceiling while rubbing Blade's ears as he slept on.

23rd February 2003, 05:25 PM
This emergency seems pretty bad,maybe the pokemon league computers were all wiped/hacked into?? I'm going to give Craig one more pokemon, but she was technically in my sign up, so it shouldn't matter.

Craig - Aquarus
Sky'ree the adventurous Pidgeot
Mirage the little cute Vaporeon :)

"This is pretty bad" I said, talking towards the slow flying Skyree and pacing Mirage
"Who knows what'll happen... I mean, they didnt even explain what exactly was happening at the league, if something wrong happened over there, why would we go?"
"Pidgoo" I could tell that he wondered why we even came here in the first place.
"To be a trainer, of course" I heard a small vaporeonic laugh.
"What? I might only have you two...so? Why not get the smarts on how to be a good trainer, first." I said, looking at the ground
"Geoo"... He agreed.
"Even though I got two perfectly good pokemon here, after school or even during school why don't we pick up some new friends? Start a real pokemon team?"
"Va!!" "Pidgeoo!!" they were happy :)

As we walked back to Aquarus tower, I noticed that it suddenly was very dark... Meh, i'd lost track of time, I guess.. When I finally got into my room I saw a note on my bed

"Your mom called, she wants you to call her back
-Student Services"

"Why would mom call?" I ran down the stairs, leaving Sky and Mirage in the room...

Arriving at the vid-phones, I picked it up and dialed in my number...within a few rings dad picked up, the screen on voice only.
"Hello..Dad?" I said
"Oh! Hey Craig, I bet you want to talk to your Mother"
"Yea... The office said she called"
"Ok, hold on. I'll get her" my dad put down the phone and within a few seconds mom picked up
"Yea.. hi mum, so..you called?"
"Yes! Its about school, I heard what happened..you being sent off to the Indigo Plateau tomorrow, its in the news, how are you going to get there?"
"Uhh..they said we'd be taking a plane"
"A plane? You know how I feel about planes" Yea.. Mom had a fear of them..
"Yea..so.. How else am I going to get there?"
"Can't you ride that pidgeotto bird you have?"
"Its a pidgeot" I said annoyed sounding... Mom always kind of did hate Sky, no real reason why...
"Well... I guess it would be too hard to fly there anyways, the distance.. Well, the real reason I called you is about Shadow"
"Yea..what about her?" ... Shadow was my Persian back at home.
"Can we send her to you?"
"Why? Whats wrong with her?"
"Oh, nothing, but you might need her incase something bad does happen that the plateau"
"Thats true"
"Well... shes at the poke center right now.."
"Why?" Something couldn't be wrong with her.. right?
"Oh, cause we were sure you'd accept, the pokeball transfer machine is there anyways!" she said, chuckling.
"Mom, she's never been in a pokeball! Don't you think she'd be a bit scared?"
"Well..she hopped right in, Craig... that cat loves you! Here, let me 3way the Vet"
Her voice dissapeared, and then came back to the ringing of a phone
"Let me talk" my mom said.
For a minute or two my mom and the vet talked, until they finally needed me.
The vet said "Craig, are you ready to accept the transfer?"
"Uhmm.." I looked around for the receiving part..but then remembered its in the campus' poke center.
"Yea.." I said slowly
"Good, we'll send her over as soon as possible" as the vet hung up
"Bye Mom" I said
"Bye! and tell your cute little Vaporeon that I love her!" my mom said, as I hung up. Mom loved Mirage, she helped with her gardening all summer long.

I walked towards the pokemon center, a bit faster pace... I didn't want them to receive a pokeball and not know who it belongs too! I opened the doors to the center and walked in to the desk, seeing the nurse... Cindy.
"Hello.. Im here about a new arrival?"
"New arrival of what?"
"A Pokemon is being transfered to me"
"Oh.. I'll go check if its here"
She walked off into the distance, and came back holding a tray with a pokeball in it.
"Here she is!" I said, grabbing the pokeball, I was about to release her when the nurse suddenly intervened
"No Pokemon on that side of the counter, please!"
"k" I replied.

I walked out the doors, and said "Shadow! Come out!" as I threw the pokeball a few feet infront of me.
"Perrsian!" Shadow announced, taking in the sights of the world.
"Perssiann!!!" She ran over to me and started rubbing against my leg.
"Yes, its good to see you too, shadow" patting her head as she purred loudly.

Shadow was a nice persian, she was slightly old but not too old; she was 9, doubling the ages of my other pokemon.
"Its great to have you here"
"Mroww.." she said inbetween purring.
"Shadow... How would you say to battling? Your a formidable pokemon; Ive seen you do battle with the local cat and dog pokes when I was younger!"
"Meow!" she said, she liked the sound of that.

I smiled, heading back up to my room... When I got back in, Sky'ree and Mirage had their eyes fixed on Shadow, until running over to her. They were not strangers, Sky'ree had known Shadow for much of its natural life and Mirage had spent the summer with her; the little vaporeon was almost sobbing when she learned that Shadow wouldn't be coming with us.

"Well..Its time to go to sleep, Lance said to make use of this night.." We got ready for bed, and I slipped into the bed, my pants and shirt just strewn on the floor; I had temporarily forgotten that I shared a room with Gabi. Vaporeon was curled near my side, and Sky'ree was nestled at the bottom of the bed... while Shadow streched herself out in the spot between the two beds...

I wondered how Gabi would react to a massive cat next to her bed.


Summary: Craig has a new pokemon! Shadow the Persian... and he went to sleep

Last Exile
23rd February 2003, 08:46 PM
Post 3 - February 24, 2003

-Ryan, Flaria House, male-

I spent tense minutes waiting, wondering what Nala's decision would be. Dru wasn't a person that immediately appealed to everyone's better nature. Her black hair dyed green and blue, several tattoos across her body, including the unmistakable name of US nu-metal band Korn across her stomach. She had several eyebrow piercings above her left eye, one of them new, considering the redness of the skin around it. She was dark and mysterious, but her white skin and her tall, slim figure betrayed something else. That there was a decent person there with feelings and dreams like everyone else.
Nala spent a few minutes conversing with her, getting an idea of who Dru was and what she was like. She then spent a couple of minutes convening with Sweetie, her Espeon. It was one of the most unusual Pokemon I'd ever seen. Its fur was not the standard velvet purple that adorns the psychic variety of Eevee evolutions, but a warm and fuzzy snow white colour. It was an incredible sight, yet most people were too drunk to notice.
While my mind was preparing to venture off to other thoughts, Nala returned, Sweetie nestling against her feet.
"Well, I've spoken to her. She seems decent enough. We might have ended up with a third roommate anyway, so if anyone else is going to be sharing living quarters with us, I'd prefer it to be her."
Well, that was a relief. Dru did seem decent enough after all. And she did ask me specifically. I'd never had an offer like that before, so I wasn't about to turn Dru down.
"One thing is for sure, though. It's going to be a very interesting year," commented Nala, gesturing with her head. Looking in the direction she pointed, I could see trouble unfolding. A significant proportion of the students, at least half, were noticeably intoxicated. One guy tried to kiss Gabi and got a promptly delivered slap in the face that left him lying on the ground like roadkill except that he was only semi-conscious. Several guys where having a bit of a row while Dru and a couple of other males were laughing together, slightly intoxicated but not as much as many of the rest were.
"I think we'd better make sure there's no alcohol consumption inside our dorms," I replied briskly, the words practically rushing out of my mouth like water running down a waterfall.
Nala nodded. "It isn't allowed anyway, but I bet that won't stop everyone. But, I think Dru knows well enough, though."
I was thinking of going back to the dorm soon, but something told me I should linger for a bit yet. So I wandered around for a bit, summing up the scene. It was then I heard the distinctive sound of a voice coming through a radio transmission.
"Sierra 1, this is Sierra 5. Looks like things are getting pretty intense down here. I'd say about half of the people here are pretty lucid right about now."
Oh boy. Campus police must be nearby. This was not good. I mean, they always monitor the big events. It's common sense! But when they make comments like that, it isn't a good sign.
"Any violence or inappropriate behaviour?"
"Yeah, some people are half passed-out, some guys are trying to kiss some of the women. It's getting a bit ugly. We may have to move in."
"Well, whatever you do, you'd better confiscate the alcohol. If we're not careful there might be a few cases of spiked drinks. We can't afford that here, and especially on the first night of the year."
"Copy that, but that isn't going to be easy. Most of the males are getting pretty possessive with the alcohol. I mean, did you see the way they behaved when the beer keg was leaking?!"
"Yeah, guys will be guys. Get a team of a dozen officers and move in, but don't be too forceful, we don't want any showdowns or anything." Silence followed. "And get the crew some of those macaroons, the mud cake and the eclairs."
From watching enough US action movies, I knew what 10-4 meant. It means that the person that gave that issue was about to comply and that they were ready to swing into action. Police action required on the first night, could things get any worse? From my experience, the women always take news like that better than the men do. There was bound to be some counterattacks from the guys and I didn't want anyone to get any smears on their permanent records. Not over something like this. It was time for me to sort out the mess again. But how?!
Fortunately pacing around and racking my brains as if my head was about to explode was not required. As if of cue in response to the need, Chaos, my trusty Scizor, hissed from behind me, concealed in a dimly lit bush.
"Boy, am I glad to see you. Have fun today?"
"Scizor!" came the zingy reply.
"Listen, there could be major trouble here. I need you to break it up. Up to it, buddy?"
Chaos smirked and banged his red metallic claws together in sheer delight. Chaos was always up for a challenge. You could tell just by the fire in his eyes.
"Okay, here's the plan. I say the best plan of attack is to Quick Attack the alcohol, as in destroy it all in one single attack. Reckon you can do that?"
Chaos nodded vigorously. I placed my hand on his shoulder and smiled.
"All yours, amigo!"
Within seconds the plan was executed to perfection. No one ever saw it coming. In fact, Chaos moved so fast that I bet no one even saw him. It was like someone had shot a single bullet that perfectly avoided all people and only hit the alcohol bottles. All of them exploded simultaneously, just before the beer kegs ruptured like champagne being poured out right after the bottle is opened.
Personally I'd thought a bit of a bitter row would follow. But to my amazement, something even better happened. Some of the guys just collapsed in shock while the rest just softly cursed.
"Aw man, what happened to the booze?!"
"Yeah, this party sucks! I'm going to bed."
"Screw this party! Didn't even get a decent chance to get majorly drunk!"
If this was the worst to happen tonight I considered it a job well done. As I reflected on what might have been, Chaos reappeared behind me, his face rife with delight.
"Good job," I replied before returning Chaos to his Pokeball. Inconspicuous behaviour was still required. Deciding to act on the police advice, I quickly scooped up a few macaroons and eclairs amongst the dispersing crowd. Bet my Pokemon would enjoy this. Chaos had earned his share tonight, that was for sure.
"Well, at least the dessert didn't get ruined," joked Gabi, appearing from behind me and reaching for an eclair of her own.
"I'm just glad male-female relationships didn't get set back to the days of the Stone Age!" I chirped.
Gabi broke out into a short fit of intense laughter before calming herself. "Well, at least you kept your promise."
"Which one?" I replied in a state of confusion, my eyebrows raised.
"That you'd be around again when something exciting happened. We can count on that as long as we've got you to fix up the mess," she giggled.
"And what makes you think I'm responsible for breaking up the party?" Was she psychic or something? Nothing much seems to get past Gabi!
"Who else?" she replied, giving me a firm yet soft look with her blue eyes. I felt like I was dissolving like the Wicked Witch of the West in the Wizard of Oz.
"Well, I try." No point in denying it. Women always know when men are lying. It's a trait they excel in.
"Well, keep it up. Just make sure you do just as well in your studies, okay?"
"No sweat."
Gabi smiled, letting her pearly whites linger for a moment before she turned around and headed towards Aquarius house. As she strolled off, her arms swinging back and forth slowly and her legs moving as if she was walking on air, I couldn't help but feel elated. I felt like I was onto a good thing. Things were on the up after all. My dreams were definitely going to be good tonight. I'd better make sure they didn't occupy my daytime thoughts too much.
I hope Nala and Dru don't snore. I can't stand snoring. Though in retrospect, it didn't matter after all. Because the most unexpected thing happened at that moment.
Everyone looked at each other. What was going on? Something was wrong, very wrong. Especially for the university head to appear at a time like this.
"I'm sorry to call you all at such a late hour, especially since one of our start of term parties was in full swing. I would have left it till morning, but this matter is of the greatest importance. Now, I'll let our guest tell you what it needed of you all, and I hope you'll give him the utmost respect."
He walked back and sat down. Then, a man with bright red hair came out. He was the one with the Dragonite. I knew who he was instantly. He was Lance, top Master of the Pokemon League and Dragon Master. This must really be important for him to bother coming here...
"Thank you. Many of you know who I am, so I won't bother with introductions. Time is very important right now. Whether you know it or not, students at Lapras Valley University are junior members of the Pokemon League. When you graduate, you'll become full members. In any case, there has been a catastrophe. I'm not permitted to give you any details at this point. You have been called to the League Headquarters at Indigo Plateau. There, all members will be addressed together. All Gyms are being shut down, and any competitions are being canceled. In the morning, this school will be closed and all students are asked to report to Indigo Plateau. I'm very sorry. Please go to your dorms and get a good nights sleep. You don't know how long it'll be until you'll get another one."
Okay, nightmare has officially begun! What the bloody hell was going on?
Gabi suddenly reappeared with a flash. "Did you hear that?"
"How could I not?! It's insane! Something major must have happened for this to be going down."
"What do you think is the reason?"
"Could be terrorists, assassinations, extortion, God knows what. I think it's better to just get some sleep and face whatever comes our way tomorrow. Worrying about the unknown doesn't solve anything."
Gabi nodded. "Well, I'll see you tomorrow hopefully." Then, without any indication at all, Gabi leaned forward and gave me a brief yet gentle kiss on my cheek.
"Stay safe, okay?"
"Sure," I replied as if I was about to die. "No problem."
Gabi smiled sunnily again before heading back to her dorm with haste. I did likewise, heading back to Flaria, where Nala was already waiting in our dorm.
"Well, this keeps getting better all the time, doesn't it?" I joked to break the tension.
"Yeah. I didn't like the way Lance said we're not going to get any good sleep for a long while. Something bad is coming our way."
"Well, we'll know tomorrow. Might as well be as fresh as possible for it."
Dru entered the room in a flash, half-dazed and just a little bit tipsy, but still in control of her faculties.
"Finally things are going great then this happens! Sometimes life really sucks!"
"And when it does, that's when things unexpectedly go your way."
"Fair point." Dru managed a fairly vivacious smile.
"We'd better get to sleep. I've got a feeling sleep will be the last thing on our minds after tomorrow is through."
I never remembered what I dreamt that night, or if I even dreamt. Perhaps it was for the best. Whatever was going on, they were going to regret having Ryan Mendes in the mix of it.

Shadow Djinn
24th February 2003, 12:20 AM
Name:Zera Protoss
Age: (18-24)20
Physical Desc.:He has a vest and wavy spiky hair. Blue jeans. green eyes.
Personality: He's er....cold. Really smug and thinks hes the best.
History: (Famous parents? Old friends that also go here? Anything major happen to you?)Was raised by a rich guy and he could've been rich just taking the family buisness. Instead he wanted to become a traainer.

Nightshade(M) Umbreon


Aqua(M) Vaporeon

Storm(M) Jolteon

Psychi(M) Espeon

Darkflame(M) Houndoom

Max Blaze aka AT#2
24th February 2003, 01:00 AM
HEY GUYS I'm Back!!!Yippe!! I love this rpg series i've been gone too long from this board.Hopefully i'm not too late!!

Name:Max H. Blaze
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Physical Desc.: 5'11,blue eyes,red spikey hair, blue finger gloves,navy jeans, red flame coat and fire pokemon undershirt, strong build
Personality:strong,confident,smart,shy and quiet type,antisocial(but comes around when cute girls are around him;) :P),
Gf: none but badly seeking one
History: Max now is a different man once he once was in high school. At the last year of high school his powerful pokemon Mewtwo changed max, mewtwo took max's special abilites away from him and mewtwo left his master to leave in pain and in a coma. Then Laparas Valley High School staff found him and left him in the hospital wing and has been there ever since, until now.(it would help me if someone tell me there was a time,year distance apart from the last highschool to the Univ.,thanks)
Other: has no human friends curently, he has trained his arcanine his entire life that arcanine is not weakened by water and max can withstand intensive heat.
Pokemon: Arcanine(Arky),Charizard(FlameDemon),Dragonite(Dra gonDemon), Jolteon(Thundee),Raichu(DenseSpark),Ferailigator(s p?)((WaterGod))

Ok now just give me the ok and the tower info.! Thanks so much for letting me be in another of the lpvalley rpg series, i think i've been on all of them except for the first one..i think....


Lady Vulpix
24th February 2003, 07:45 AM
Ok, this time I'm not going to repeat what everybody else said.


I must admit I was scared when the party was crashed. I had learned to fear police intervention from my parents, friends and practically everyone I'd grown up with. Where I came from, the police brought trouble much more often than it brought solutions. Trouble that ranged from robbery to drug-dealing, and often killing people, especially during protests, and especially young people. But I reminded myself that I was in a different place now, that rules were not the same in different parts of the world.
In the middle of the mess, I saw Ryan call out his Scizor. I assumed he had a new plan to sort things out. What happened later has already been said. Especially the announcement that made the incident at the party pale in comparison.
I stood at the cafeteria for a while after Lance finished his speech and left. I was trying to make sense of the whole situation. Normally, going to Indigo Plateau wouldn't have been anything short of exciting. But given the current circumstances it was unsettling to say the least. We didn't know what was going on, nor why we were required. And the news that the Gyms and all other pokemon-related institutions were closing was alarming indeed. Whatever was going on, it was big. A small part of me was suddenly excited at the thought of being a part of it. But I could tell from Lance's words this had to be the kind of things that should never had started. I consulted Ryan, and he was as clueless as I was. I hadn't known him for a long time, but I'd seen enough to know that, whatever we were in for, he was going to play hero. I urged him to stay safe, and decided that I would be by his side no matter what. Anything that could drive the Pokemon League to take this course of action wasn't on the same level as a bunch of drunk students. We would all have to work together.
I kissed Ryan on his cheek and headed to my room with my pokemon, seriously doubting that I'd be able to follow the advice of both Ryan and Lance. Getting some sleep, I mean. Falling asleep was a hard task for me in the best case; how could I possibly keep my eyes closed with so many questions and worries in my mind? I walked around the campus for a while before entering Aquarius; I needed to feel some fresh air on my skin and in my lungs. I needed to get some stress out of my system. It only worked partially.
When I entered the room, I saw the bulk of a human body on Craig's bed, so I didn't turn on the lights. Then I walked one more step and I saw a Persian lying between my bed and Craig's. The big cat stood up and looked at me.
My first thought was that I must have got in the wrong room just like Luke had done earlier, but no, I had used my key, so it was deffinitely my room. And my suitcase and Craig's clothes on the floor immediately confirmed it. How could the Persian have got in? Sunny was apparently asking herself the same questions, as she immediately walked to the Persian's side and began to smell the feline's fur. The Persian did the same with my Ninetales. Both pokemon looked uncomfortable, as if they didn't know how to react to each other's presence. My other pokemon stayed by my side and watched, just like me. Until Mirage came out from somewhere behind Craig's bed and greeted me and my pokemon. Then the Persian relaxed and sat down, still examining us.
I didn't want to disturb my roommate's sleep, especially at a night like this one, but I had to.
"Craig?," I spoke softly. Apparently too softly.
I tried again, a bit louder.
"Hmm?," he mumbled, opening his eyes.
"Is this your Persian?," I asked him.
"Oh. Yes, she's Shadow," he replied. "They sent her from home last night, I hope you don't mind."
"Of course I don't," I smiled, slowly sliding my right hand behind Shadow's ears, to show her I was friendly. "Sorry I woke you up."
"It's ok, I wanted to make the introductions," Craig told me. "You can go to sleep now."
"I'll try," I responded.
I took my pyjamas and went to the bathroom to change. Then I got into my bed. Sunny curled up on the space left by mu knees. My other pokemon went to their pokeballs, except for Cascade and Jasper, who preferred to sleep on the floor. Under my bed, to be more precise.
As I tried to sleep, my mind kept going around the events of that day, and trying to figure out what tomorrow would be like. All kinds of feelings rushed through me, and I moved a lot, much to Sunny's discomfort. I was sorry for her, but I just couldn't help turning from side to side when I had too many things on my mind for sleep to come.
"I must get some good sleep," I said to myself. "I will need to be fine tomorrow. I won't be able to figure out anything right now, I'd better save my energy for when it's needed. Now I must relax."
It was all fruitless. What can I say? My mind could be really stubborn at a moment like that. I finally gave up, trusting that 'd be able to take whatever I had to, and make it through like I always had, whether I managed to sleep that night or not. Where the 'not' seemed to be the likeliest option.

24th February 2003, 08:35 AM
Mmkay... one note, we're driving. :-D
*kackles as everyone groans*
C'mon, road trips are fun! Since the school has to be emptied, all the cars need to go bye-bye as well.
Max- Flaria. And, it's a year after the last LVH.
Zera- Aquaria
*skips off to another RPG*

Lady Vulpix
24th February 2003, 10:40 AM
Just a question: what is the real name of my house?

So far I've already seen it called Aquarus, Aquarum, Aquaris, Aquarius and Aquaria.

I take it the first 5 letters are right, but what's the right name?
(I just hope it's not Aquarium. :P)

24th February 2003, 12:29 PM
Well, when I started assigning houses, I couldn't remember the names of the houses other than Flaria for the life of me. ^_________________^;
I knew it was Aqua somethin, so i just said Aquarum. Then when I started to read the LVH fic, I saw that it was Aquaria. Go figure. I didn't remember Joltara either, so I made Taras. Terra is the Greek word for earth. Meh...
BTW, if anyone's char doesn't have a car, Dru's motercylce can fit 2 :D

24th February 2003, 02:05 PM
As I left my dorm I realised that I couldn’t go to indigo plateau without phoning my sister who was in Cerulean and my phone was dead, as I walked the path this girl drove past me on her motorbike and then she said:
“Want a lift?”
We both nodded and got in, the girl told me her name was Dru and I told her my name was Jon while she drove to the Indigo Plateau.

Max Blaze aka AT#2
24th February 2003, 05:59 PM
Name:Max H. Blaze

Age: 24

Gender: Male

Physical Desc.: 5'11,blue eyes,red spikey hair, blue finger gloves,navy jeans, red flame coat and fire pokemon undershirt, strong build

Personality:strong,confident,smart,shy and quiet type,antisocial(but comes around when cute girls are around him ),

History: Max now is a different man once he once was in high school. At the last year of high school his powerful pokemon Mewtwo changed max, mewtwo took max's special abilites away from him and mewtwo left his master to leave in pain and in a coma. Then Laparas Valley High School staff found him and left him in the hospital wing and has been there ever since, until now.(it would help me if someone tell me there was a time,year distance apart from the last highschool to the Univ.,thanks)
Other: has no human friends curently, he has trained his arcanine his entire life that arcanine is not weakened by water and max can withstand intensive heat,somewhat related to Lance(Dragonmaster)
Pokemon: Arcanine(Arky),Charizard(FlameDemon),Dragonite(Dra
gonDemon), Jolteon(Thundee),Raichu(DenseSpark),Ferailigator(s

`Max Blaze` House: Flaria
I woke up wondering where in the world i was. I quickly got up and i was in.. hospital clothes, i put my hand over my eyes. "What happen to me? I can't remember anything except...Laparas High School...ugh how come i can't remember anything?" Just then somebody walked through the door, i did not look who it was, i just stared into space wondering what was going on. I heard footsteps coming towards me and the person stop at the right side of my hospital bed i was in.

"Hey so your awake. That's good to hear Max, cuz."The guy said. What did that guy say?I looked up at him and...i tried to remember and it was my cousin Lance the dragonmaster."Lance...tell me how long..whats been going on?" I said. Lance took a chair backwards and sat on it with his arms cross on the top of the chair. "Well a year ago staff members of the high school saw you on the ground, not knowing what happen to you. You've been in a coma ever since then and now you just woke up, all i gotta say cousin is welcome back." I took another look at lance and then looked back at my bed again. I grabbed the sheets tighter. "A year....." I said. "Oh and another thing Max, I didn't come down here just because of you, i came down here for business for the university. Max all gyms,comeptetions and pokemon schools are being shut down, since i'm the head of the Indigo Plateau we need the students of the school to help us and i'm gonna need your help to Max. But i can't tell you any details yet." Lance said with indeed seriousness. "Um i got that but....my clothes and my pokemon.." I replied. "Don't worrie about that i got your clothes and some pokemon of yours from oak.Now if you hurry we must be off" Lance answered back.

I got dressed and i grabbed my pokeballs and let all my pokemon out since they haven't been out in a year, "a year i've been in a coma," the thought always bypassed my head. Lance and me went outside the hospital and to a limo and i recalled my pokemon,promising i'll let them out later, and then we reached to a hotel. "Ok Max get some sleep tonight it might be your good last night sleep in a while" Again Lance said in a serious tone. "I've been alseep for a year and just been awake for an hour, you've expect me to get some sleep?" I said to him. "Yes Max,do it so you can get a regular night sleep." Was all Lance said. I decided it wouldn't hurt so i went off to my 1st class room that was righ next to Lance's room and unbelievable i slept and with all my pokemon right besid my bed.

~Morning 5:30~

Lance woked me up and we head out of the hotel, Lance turned to me. "Ok Max I have to go to the university for some instructions. Hey why not come with me ride on your dragonite." I smiled, "sure why not" I released Dragondemon and he was glad to see me. We hopped on our own dragonites and made our way to the university.
~~~~~~End of post~~~~~~

EDIT: fixed some typos and stuff

24th February 2003, 06:33 PM
Erm... Jon, when I said that my bike could seat two, I ment me and another person. Sorry, you're gonna haveta change your post :(
Max- Lance flew in on his Dragonite. There's no reason for him to go to the airport. Plus I already said that we're driving, not flying. If the entire Pokemon League is being shut down, don't you think that the airports would be too?
And as there seems to be a misunderstanding... We're piling into what cars we all have and hauling @$$ accross the continent to IPHQ.
I'll post in a sec...

24th February 2003, 06:53 PM
The day dawned bright. I ran through the shower, and when I got out Nala and Ryan were awake. I felt like crap; I had a hangover. I didn't say anything, because I was pretty sure that they could tell, and if I said something, they'd have some chastisement about drinking on school property. Bleh.
I packed up what of my things I had actually gotten out in the past few days. I carefully removed my poster of Joey Jordison from the ceiling above my bed. Nala looked over my shoulder as I mournfully folded it up.
"Yeesh, what is THAT?!" she asked.
"That's Joey Jordison..." I sighed. "I know, you probably don't like that type, but I think he's VERY fine!"
Nala and Ryan tried not to laugh and I grinned.
I grabbed my bag and left the room. I ran smack right into a guy I guessed was kinda new. He looked familiar; I think he was at LVH while I was there for a little while.
"Ooh! I'm so sorry! I'm kinda out of sorts... You new?" I asked sheepishly.
"Yeah. I'm Max."
"Dru. You're in Flaria too, huh?"
"Seems like it. Do you know if anyone around here has a car? I get here, and then I have to leave again. I heard that there was something going on."
"Well, if you don't mind, I've got room on my bike. You could ride with me. Otherwise, I know some people who have cars."
I waited for his reply. He was kinda cute. More my type than Marc. Geez, I was becoming a girly-girl. Checking out guys around every corner. Maybe I had changed...

24th February 2003, 06:55 PM
ugh, writers block, will come back to this when Nay posts, which i hope is soon, too much cold to think -_-

Shadow Djinn
24th February 2003, 07:04 PM
Cant I just have my espeon teleport me or something?

Name:Zera Protoss
Age: (18-24)20
Physical Desc.:He has a vest and wavy spiky hair. Blue jeans. green eyes.
Personality: He's er....cold. Really smug and thinks hes the best.
History: (Famous parents? Old friends that also go here? Anything major happen to you?)Was raised by a rich guy and he could've been rich just taking the family buisness. Instead he wanted to become a traainer.

Nightshade(M) Umbreon


Aqua(M) Vaporeon

Storm(M) Jolteon

Psychi(M) Espeon

Darkflame(M) Houndoom

Will post later

24th February 2003, 07:09 PM
Meh. If you and some of the other people who have psycics and no car go together, I guess...

Max Blaze aka AT#2
24th February 2003, 09:47 PM
I looked at Dru and remembered something. "O wait nevermind i have a ride with my dragonite plus i'm going with someone thanks for the offer though." I said. Dru looked at me and said "Ok it was nice metting you Max or seeing you, i think i've seen you around in LVH a couple of times. Well anyway i got to go. See ya." With that she took off and I just remembered me and lance are leaving soon so i should meet up with him soon i think he has to give directions in the cafteria or something so i decided to meet up with him.

I went to see Lance in the cafteria but instead i saw him by the princable's office and i went up to him. "Hey Lance what are you doing?" I asked him curiously, he responded "I had to tell the vice.p and the princ. to shut down the school within today but anyway the students are already leaving so we should to. Ready to go?" I shook my head and then we head off outside the school and we called our dragonite's and then we set off to Indigo Plateu(sp?)

25th February 2003, 05:01 AM
Andrew - Taras House
Pokemon - Mr. Mime (M), Lickitung (F), Delibird (M)
Animals - Rocky (M) Australian Red Kelpie.

Well Nala agreed and we were soon off to the BBQ, I thought I saw one of my friends from school, and ran ahead to go catch them, but when I got close enough, well I kinda backed off when I realized it wasn't them. By then I realized that Nala was gone! Lost! I gave a little shrug and continued on towards the free food event. Spiffy. I saw a girl named Gabbi on my way there and we had a quick intro before I told her of the BBQ continued to jog ahead.

I surely didn't want to pay the exorbitant prices at the supermarket. One buck for a packet of tic tacs for a mint junkie like me was inexcusable. I also ran into Ryan again, I was expecting some kind of reference to my hair again, but I told him of the barbie and continued on my way. I was like some messenger destined to tell everyone about the coming events. Why they didn't read their sheets was beyond me, but oh well, be best to make the best of it! And on the way I accidentally slammed into a very pale girl, I said sorry, she turned out to be Dru, and she many tattoos, I'd personally never have any tats cause well, the pain of it! And when you get old and saggy, it looks really really weird and icky, like on my grandfather. Her hair was a multitude of colours and it seemed she'd been on schoolies week too it I was to presume that. I also told her of the event and continued on my way.

I got to the BBQ, grabbed a rissole, some potato salad, tomatoes, and a bread roll and began to chow down. Eat now, socialize later, that's my motto at a Barbie, unless you're among mates. I saw some various alcohols on sale and went over and brought some Orange Schnapps, a nicely refreshing drink but alcohol really had near no effect on me, apart from I was a lot more cheerier and talkative.

I drank it down and went to get another as I leant on the beer keg ready to ask for another bottle of schnapps. I noticed a problem as the keg began to tilt, I tried to steady the huge silver vat as I also tried to pull out my cash for the drink but the keg began to leak everywhere! I'd knocked something over accidentally! I tried to cover it up, but people were beginning to look

“AAAAAAAAAH! The beer keg’s leaking! Who did that!?” I yelled, looking at people. Beer wasn't my drink of choice, it was far too bitter in my opinion. “We’re losing the beer! All hands on deck! Save the beer!” I continued on, trying to blame someone else as everyone began to look at me.
Ryan gave me a glare as he bent over, picked up the lid and handed it to me, I thanked him before he threw his drink in his face like a tool, and did some tumble thingie, it was like some really really weird gymnastics. He stool up with some stupid grin and went over to that Gabbi girl and acted as if nothing had happened.

I tried to regain some of my totally lost self confidence by releasing one of my less embarrassing Pokemon, Delibird as he waddled near me, and I got him a sausage and some bread with tomato sauce which he spilt on his lovely feathers, not really making an effect but. I recalled him as he got a bit bored of the lack of Pokemon companionship as Dru that gothic type girl just kind of collapsed at my feet!

I couldn't help but give a little chuckle as she looked totally stunned, but nonetheless I helped her up. Hopefully she wasn't really drunk, because well I'd looked after a friend's girlfriend who was a bit of a state on schoolies and had a great time, trying to swim in the carpet and such. Dru gave me a quick peck and a thank you as I gave an embarrassed look I was still pretty self conscious after the keg incident.

Dru took my hand and led me through the crowd as she released an ABSOLUTELY HUGE Arcanine! It was simply huge! We finally arrived at another rather pale individual, as Dru introduced us, turns out he's her brother. He shot me a deathly glare for no reason, I simply had to think he was a jerk right now. He didn't say a word as I shook his hand, and he tried to squeeze it tighter than mine, and so we ended up trying to outdo eachother. I think I won as we withdrew our crushed hands and glared eachother down, he and Dru had some issues to work out, so I excused myself from the conversation.

So far I’d met, Ryan, Gabbi, Dru, Nala, Jon and Sam and now Martin. I wasn’t going to badly for one day, that was to be sure! I grabbed a caramel tart and then some napkins, throwing in some Carmel tarts in them for later! Caramel tarts were the sweetest and one of my favourite things to have! I hoped no-one saw me as I saw a red flash make the beer keg shatter and some people began to cry over its loss. How sad.

Suddenly, an announcement was sent out around the campus, echoing among us all and stopping everyone in their tracks. "ATTENTION ALL STUDENTS AND STAFF! PLEASE REPORT TO THE CAFETERIA IMMEDIATELY! MAKE SURE ALL POKEMON ARE ACCOUNTED FOR!" came the horrid noise, along with some feedback.

Not too long later…

“Basically there’s some great big nationwide emergency and we have to deal with it, we’re like being FORCED To do it! Its so unfair I tell you! If I had’ve gotten into my first preference I wouldn’t be dealing with this, but Noooo! So um.. use Jessica’s Wigglytuff and Jynx to help you out if you’re in trouble I guess and maybe go to Aunty Maureen’s in the bush so you’ll be safe” I concluded to my mum on my mobile standing outside in the dark.

Walking back to my dorm, I saw something in the bushes! A sleeping Metapod! I crept up to it and gently pressed the Pokeball onto it and without a sound it was sucked into my empty Pokeball, officially mine. Bug types were my least favorite, but they were good against Psychics, and I did need some more Pokemon compared to everyone else here, but now my measly three was an awesome foursome! I clipped Metapod onto my belt, I’d talk to it in the morning.

I went back to my dorm and began to pack my backpack, ready for a bit of a fight. I scoffed down my tarts and stuffed it with my spare toothbrush, deodorant, clothes, toothpaste, some food and some potions and such just in case. I took an extra long shower and washed myself excessively before I let my Pokemon have a wash of their own. I certainly didn’t want them to be stinky so I sprayed them with deodorant.

I finally toppled into bed and tried to ignore everything that was going to happen. And I was going to miss buffy tomorrow night too! Dammit!

25th February 2003, 07:04 AM
Gr... guess who was lost earlier? Yup! Moi!
And I hope you peoples don't mind if I just make up a roomate. We're leaving anyway...
*skips to morning of the moving day*

Leaving already? It didn't seem real. I whacked my alarm clock, which was going crazy next to my bed. No, we couldn't be leaving. That had been a dream... right?
"Hey, Alexis?" I nudged my roommate's form, lying under the sheets in her bed. Crud, I couldn't even remember last night anymore.
"Hey, Alexis, wake up." She stirred, and slowly lifted the sheets off her head. "Yeah... what?" she mumbled.
"Are we leaving today?" She laughed slightly. " 'Course we are. Don't you remember what Lance told us?"
I tried to remember. I couldn't. Crap, was I drunk or something? "No, I don't."
"Well, we're leaving. So you'd better get moving if you want to catch someone's car." She laughed. Alexis had her own car, so she didn't have to worry. I had my Espeon, Naroom. I think that was good enough.
If not, I could see if any of the "old gang" was willing to give me a ride. I smiled as I got changed in the bathroom. Yeah, I really missed all them. And Ashley... I remembered what Sal told us. That was a huge shock. Of all the people... Why Ashley?
Too bad Sal wasn't coming with us. Or maybe she was. I suddenly found myself longing for the days back when we were roomates. I just wish she was here now. I got the new house, so she wouldn't be with me.
Ah, well. The others were here, so I might as well go find them before our "little" "road trip". I said bye to Alexis, and set off to find someone.

25th February 2003, 08:56 AM
Hey, Andrew exuse my lack of knowledge about Aussie-ness, but what's "schoolies"? ^____________^;
bout to to go testing... post during lunch

25th February 2003, 09:54 AM
hmph, since everyone's moving, i suppose I'll have to.

The day straight after I come, we have to leave, great, well, anyway, I left the building way before the others, I had no need for sleep. Taking my bank card I went to the nearest Bank, took out a lot of money and went to the nearest Bike Shop.
"hmm, blue blue blue blue blue" I muttered to myself as I searched out anything water colored, eventually I found a cool looking blue one with a tidal wave effect on it, Buying this I took straight to the road, and to Indigo Plateau...
short, sweet, right to the point, the point being writers block sucks, and as for all of the money, Martin has no need for much money, he's like me, except i'm not cold :D

Nayia Waterflower aka starmie44
25th February 2003, 02:07 PM
lol, poor Megaman. Hope the writer's block goes away soon. ^-^

Nayia Waterflower ~ F ~ Writing a lazy post....

The sunlight shone through the open blinds, making it so I couldn’t sleep any longer. Reluctantly, I rolled out of bed, a cold chill running up my spine about contact with the icy floor. I muttered something sleepily, pulling myself up onto my feet, picking up the sleeping Nixie as I waddled to the bathroom.

After a hot shower, both myself and Nixie were awake. I made it a long one, cause by the sounds of things, we weren’t going to get to enjoy things like sleeping in and hot showers for a long time. I knew Lance from gym meetings when I took over the gym for my cousins when they needed a break or were too busy with the water shows to have time to fight the trainers. He was a nice guy, funny too, but when he got serious you knew something was up.

“I wonder what could have happened that made it so the whole school had to go to the Indigo Plateau. It must be serious if the gyms are closed. But what… maybe the gym leaders are meeting at the Indigo Plateau too. Then I can ask my cousins.”

Hair dried and brush and my clothes changed, I walked out of the bathroom. For the first time I noticed that my roommate’s stuff was gone. I didn’t even get to meet the person. All I knew was that my roommates stuff was there last night but now it’s gone.

“Guess they already left.” I muttered, quickly packing up my stuff. I called out Dalit to help me carry the stuff to my car. I was a complete surprise when I bummed into something in the hallway. Someone I knew.


“Kayla?” I blinked, looking at her for a second before squeaking and hugging her. “Kayla! I didn’t know you were coming here!”

“Yup, but now I’m going.” I said.

“Why?” I asked, which was just stupid.

“To go to the Indigo Plateau, remember. We’re all going.” Kayla laughed.

“Oh yeah.” I smiled sheepishly. “Do you have a drive?”

“No, I don’t. I was looking for some of the old gang to see if I could catch a ride.”

“Well, you got one now.” I chirped, leading her towards my red sports car. We threw our stuff in the back trunk and I called Dalit back.

“Is any of the others here?” Kayla asked.

“Yeah, Dru’s here but she’ll probably drive her bike there. Craig and Greg are here as well. And we met Sal outside of grounds yesterday.”
“Cool. Do you think they have drives as well?”

“I don’t know. Let’s go find them and ask before was go. My car can handle three more.”


25th February 2003, 03:09 PM
Andrew- you dont have car, right? You're riding with me, mmkays?
Don't worry, Nay's helmet isn't "girly". It's blue with wavies on it :D
Max walked off. Well, it was worth a shot. I headed outside.
"Kayla?! Oh, hey! What's up?"
Kayla turned and waved. "Hey Dru! Nayia's over there at her car. It's kick-@$$!"
"Yeah, it's pretty cute, but it's a little too cramped for me. I'm riding my bike... HOLY CRAP!"
Someone sped by on a blue bike. I was willing to bet that it was Martin.
"OK, I'm off..."
"Wait, Dru!"
"Hey Andrew, what's up?"
"You got room? I need a ride."
"Sure! Nay, can Andrew borrow your helmet?"
Nay got it out. I had gotten it for her birthday way-back-when.
"Well, we're off!"
I put Andrew's stuff in the storage compartment with mine, he got on behind me, Nay pulled out with Greg, Craig, and Kayla in her car, and we were off!
Bell's gonna ring... PLEASE, no one make a post where we're at IPHQ yet. I've got somethings in mind...

Shadow Djinn
25th February 2003, 04:38 PM

A emergency....audutorium....I thought where it was. Finally, I found it and walked in. Lance was there, said an emergency at Indligo Plateau. We needed to go there. Just when LVU started. No car, just my Espeon.....Nah. I saw a guy come out of the bike shop, which gave me an idea. I took out my wallet. Thank God i was rich! I walked in and chose a black plain mortocycle. I paid and left, scanning the horizon. It was pretty cold. I revved up my mortocycle and zoomed off, dust trailing in the distance....

25th February 2003, 05:53 PM
Craig (M)
Sky'ree the adventurous Pidgeot (M)
Mirage the little cute Vaporeon (F)
Shadow the sassy Persian (F)

Just so people dont get confuzzled when I call my pokemon by nick names!

Maybe it would be wise to bring Sal in Nays car, instead of Greg cause ..he hasn't posted all that much TBH :\ Or all 3, whatever:)

As the sun rose ..and then rose up some more..and then slowly made its way across the sky; I was awake lots of the time, but just didn't feel like getting up, until finally it was roughly 9 (late for sleeping in if you go to sleep at an ACTUAL reasonable time)

"Meeowww" I heard at the side of my bed, as a rather large cat hopped onto my bed, opening my eyes.. I looked and saw a large paw infront of me, and across the room Gabi still sleeping...

"Shhh.. shes still sleeping" I said into Shadow's ear.
Another lump came up, Mirage's big face popping out of the covers.."va!"
"hey..where is sky?" I asked in a weary tone, the little vaporeon replied by flapping its ears and pointing at the open window

"Oh..flying around..heh" I said, sitting up "Well, I guess we should get going, I just learned that we arnt going in a plane afterall, we are driving there.. I dont want to get stuck with people I don't know.."

The vaporeon perked up and did a little flip in the air, Shadow was sleeping again.
"Yea I know..you love cars! " I let out a quiet laugh, as Mirage did little flips in the air of happyness

"Well..its time to get packing" I pulled out a few pokeballs, they would hold my suitcase, and another; my guitar. Some people would call me lazy for that, but it worked so well, and when flying on a pidgeot, you couldn't afford to have too much extra weight.

After a shower, and changing into clean clothes, I put all my stuff in the suitcases except for a few things Id take with me in my backpack and zapped them into their pokeballs.

"huh??what??" I heard eminating from Gabi's bed, as she slouched over on her back.

"oh..Im just getting ready to go, we gotta leave..remember?"
"Ok..I'll start getting ready soon, you best go ahead" she said, her eyes closing again.

"Don't sleep in too long" I said, bringing Shadow back in her pokeball and ATTEMPTING to get Mirage in hers, she didn't want to when the talk of riding in a car was about, she would HAVE to stay out the entire journey... oh well :) I finally closed the door behind me, wearing my backpack I went down the stairs fairly speedy and then out to the parking lots, after taking one last look at the campus of course.

"Hey! Craig!" I heard from the left side, turning I saw Kayla and Nayia sitting in nay's red car "Come on!" I walked over to the car and hopped into the backseat, putting my bag on the floor between the two backseats

"You know..there IS a door!" Kayla said, turning around to face me.
"Oh..right, so..hi Kayla"
"Hey, didnt you have a Vaporeon or something with you?"
"Yea.." I looked over and saw Mirage standing at the door, waiting to be let in.
I opened the door, and Mirage hopped in "eon!"
"This is my new Vaporeon, I caught her right before I headed home last year, Nayia's met her"
"Yup!" she chirped
"So..were just gonna wait for some more people, dont want to leave anyone behind, I wonder if Sal knows about this" Nayia added
"Ok, cool.. maybe Skyree will find her..that reminds me.."
"What?" Kayla asked
I made a really loud whistling noise, and then heard a familiar cry of a Pidgeot is the distance
"Just calling him"
The pidgeot grew bigger then a speck, and dove at the car, into a beam of pokeball returnation..

"Well, I guess we wait.. Kinda weird how we were all being shipped so far, this'll take a while to get there!"
"Yea.." they agreed..

26th February 2003, 06:20 AM
I knew the original people would include me if I did that:D! Oh, how much I have learned in 2+ years...

OK, that had almost given me a heart attack. The diving Pidgeot, I mean, not Craig. Craig I was glad to see. And I was glad to hear from Nayia the whole gang was pretty much here. Cool how all three of us had gotten into the same car, though. We could talk now, catch up on how we've been. Or maybe Craig and Nayia had already done that, and I wasn't around. (Real Kayla: I hate vacations only for that one reason.) At any rate, it was too bad we all had to leave again. At least we were all leaving together. "Well, I guess we wait.. Kinda weird how we were all being shipped so far, this'll take a while to get there!"
"Yea.." It was strange how they were doing this. We had to go all this way to get to LVU. Then the Pokemon League crashes (or so I've heard via eavesdropping, I don't remember Lance much...) and we all get sent to the Indigo Plateau. And we didn't even start classes! What could be wrong enough to shut down the entire League, anyway?
Filler, yes. But the three of us can't leave until Nayia decides to leave, the entire group moves out, or we pick up another 2 passengers. And I don't wanna throw anyone in there without their consent.

Lady Vulpix
27th February 2003, 03:53 PM
I would be happy to be thrown in there, Kayla. I was looking for someone to give me a ride. :)

Nayia Waterflower aka starmie44
1st March 2003, 06:33 AM
Sorry I haven't been on. I've been busy. And I'm going to busy for the next two to three days so I won't be able to post or anything.

Till then, love ya all. ^-^


Lady Vulpix
1st March 2003, 03:19 PM
Oh, sorry to hear that. Can we still mention you in our posts? And is there room in your car for me?

Nayia Waterflower aka starmie44
2nd March 2003, 05:26 PM
Yeah LV, there's room. ^-^ Just make a post for it. Now I need to run. I have several projects to due and a script to remember but only several hours to do it.

Max Blaze aka AT#2
4th March 2003, 12:32 AM
::waits for V.D. TPM to post::


::starts to get impatient:: sorry i can't help myself.......

4th March 2003, 06:13 AM
Andrew - Taras House
Pokemon - Mr. Mime (M), Lickitung (F), Delibird (M)
Animals - Rocky (M) Australian Red Kelpie.

During the night I had a great brainwave... Metapod wasn't the greatest Pokemon and I was taking on some unknown force on Indigo Plateau so I was thinking about it right, and I had the idea to dress it up to look like a far more fearsome cocoon pokemon - Pupitar.

As soon as I woke up I ran to the supermarket and brought some cardboard, string, dark blue paint and got to work on my little craft project at like 6am, I was glad it was a 24/7 little shop it made for easy buying.

I released Metapod and was all cheery, it seemed a bit startled, but pretty emotionless that I'd captured it. I released the other three and they said their hellos, but right now they weren't really sure of Metapod. I told them all of my little plan as I sat on my bedroom floor as I was painting away on Metapod's shell.

I gave the vets department a quick ring as I confirmed I'd have to leave Rocky with them for the duration of the trip. God knows when I'd be back though. Dr Preston didn't really mind though. There was a knock at my door as a girl walked in. Maybe this was one of my housemates I hadn't met yet.

"What are you doing?" she said, looking at my painting in my boxers a bit wierdly.

"Um.. making my metapod look like a pupitar" I said, giving her a stupid look.

"Oh... Ok then..." she said, looking miffed.

"I'm Andrew by the way" I said, giving her a wave

"Ah, I'm Kayla. Nice idea, I don't think it'll work in the process but" she said, trying not to laugh at my absurd idea. Perhaps I could pawn my Metapod off, or trade it... oh the possibilities.

"Well we better get going" I said, cleaning up and recalling my new "Pupitar"

"Yeah, I'm not sure of this all" she said, leaving the room.

"Seeya there!" I said

"Good luck!"

Oh well... I pulled on some clothes and went to look for this apparent bus that was taking everyone who didn't have transport to the INdigo Plateau there. But I wasn't too keen on public transport. The germs of it all. So I tried to look for someone I knew with a car for the hopes of scabbing a ride.

I came across the lovely Dru and she managed to give me a ride. How very nice of her. I wondered what her car was like till the shock hit me. IT WAS MOTORCYCLE! EEP! I held my fear down and got on the bike. I was soon screaming like a little girl, and VERY VERY SCARED!

"We're stopping at this cafe!" Yelled Dru to me as we were driving, the wind carrying her voice and my butt numb, fingers clenched and sweaty and myself SCARED TO THE CORE after hours of driving. I was scared.

EDIT: Dru - Schoolies is a week long celebration directly after year 12's celebrate and go to the coast with their mates for a week, and you do crazy things. Lol... www.schoolies.com.au that should have more info!

4th March 2003, 08:39 AM
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4th March 2003, 05:00 PM
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4th March 2003, 06:00 PM
All right.... Time to move on...

I sent Sky, my Dragonite, ahead with my bass and guitar. I wasn't going to leave them under any circumstances, and I didn't know when we were coming back anyway. I'd been separated from my music for long enough, and if Mark wanted us back in the studio ASAP, then I'd need to practice.
The drive was long. I had to stop for coffee twice to keep myself awake. I had followed Nay for a few minutes after leaving the school, but she had turned. I guessed she was going to get Sal.
Luckily, it was late summer, nearly fall, and the June bugs weren't too thick. It was pretty disgusting to be doing 80 and then one of those huge beetles goes SPLAT on you visor. You're lucky if you only get blinded by beetle guts. I know some people who'd cracked their visors on those things. Pretty nasty, I can tell you.
When we got to the Indigo Plateau, it blew me away. Hundreds upon thousands of Officer Jennys were ushering people in. I guessed that the whole world must be on standby if all the Jennys were here. They seemed to be checking IDs and the like.
I flipped up my visor when we got to the blockade. "Name?" an officer asked.
"Dru Pyronson. I'm a student at Lapras Valley University." I showed her my student ID card. She looked at it.
"OK, well, it says here you're going to have to do an extra check in when they look at your Pokemon. Who's this with you?"
Andrew talked to her, but she didn't tell him about an extra check in. She wrote down something and gave it to us. "Next!" she yelled.
We pulled into the parking lot and found a place near the area where Pokemon checks were being run. Yet again, it was mind blowing to see all the Joys from Pokemon Centres around the world. I locked my bike and Andrew and I walked in. It was like a big outdoor market. Andrew went off to get his Pokemon checked in. I looked around for Sky.
"There she is! Dru!" Someone was calling me. I turned around.
"Hey Max. What's up?"
"We found your Dragonite. At least, we think it's yours. She said that she was, and she's got some stuff that belongs to you. She's with Lance," Max explained, and I followed him.
It seemed that most of the trainers were adults. It made sense, if this was a gathering of the Pokemon League's best. There were some young proteges, but few made it this far. There were lots of rare Pokemon. I had a sickening feeling when I thought of what would happen if Dad's goonies found out that this was happening.
Lance was standing near a door, with him were the two Dragonite that he and Max had flown in on, and Sky.
Sky was a little different from most Dragonite. She had a streak of sky-blue on her forehead and she was a sparkly golden color rather than a yellow. She was sweet tempered, but she didn't have must experience with trainers other than me. I'd hand raised her from a Poke-egg, and no one had been allowed to even be near her. Once, someone had gotten too close when she was a Dratini, and she'd used Hyper Beam on them. The person was in a coma for weeks. She was only a Dratini then, now a Dragonite. So, it made me a little nervous to have her here with so many other trainers, but I was glad that she and Lance had found each other. As a Dragon Master, he should have the power to keep her calm.
"You have a very well raised Dragonite, Dru," commented Lance. "Her coloration is rather extraordinary as well. I've never seen a Shining Dragonite before." He gently stroked her and she looked ecstatic.
I smiled. "Thanks. I'm glad that she's behaving. She's usually not so calm when I'm not around. Of course, it's probably your skill with Dragon types that reassures her."
He looked thoughtful. "Have you ever thought of taking the Dragon Clan Challenge? I think that you'd do pretty well."
"Yeah, I'd considered it, but I've never gotten around to it. I've been rather tied off for the past few years." I left it at that, since I was sure that Lance, as leader of the Pokemon League, would know about it.
Someone came up and whispered something to Lance. "Seems like my presence is requested elsewhere, as usual." He sighed. "Well, nice seeing you, Dru. Maybe we can talk later?"
"Sure. I need to go check in anyway. Thanks for watching Sky, Lance."
"No problem. Later, Dru."
He left and Max went with him. Sky watched their Dragonites walk off after them. I laughed. "I know exactly how you feel, Sky. Let's go find someone to look you guys over."
Nurse Joy was tired. "OK, let's get this over with. Name?"
"Dru Pyronson. Here's my ID and something that Officer Jenny gave me."
Joy looked at it and wrote something down. She went and talked to a runner who went to get someone. "All right, may I see your Pokemon?"
I let them out. She went down a checklist and typed something into the computer. "Well, your Pokemon are in top condition. Normally, you could go in, but you need to wait here. Next!"
I called my Pokemon back and waited. Soon, the runner came back with a police officer. I gulped. What had I done now?
"Please come with me, miss," he asked. I followed without saying anything.
He led me into the building. I saw Nayia and the others from school. She started to come over, but I pointed to the police officer and she stopped. I made a "call me" sign and went through a pair of heavy double doors marked, "Police Station! Do Not Enter!". The last glimpse of Nay I had, she looked deathly scared.
"Please, wait in here," the police officer ushered me into a room. He closed the door and locked it. I was terrified. I let Torch out of her Pokeball.
"Flare flare, eon?" she asked.
"I don't know, Torch. They just brought me here. I didn't do anything that I know of." She sat on my lap and laid her head on her paws.
The door was unlocked and we looked up. Another Officer Jenny walked in. She looked pretty important. "It's OK, Miss Pyronson. You haven't done anything wrong. We just want to check up on you before we turn you loose."
I let out a sigh of relief, but I was still a little nervous. She held a strange instrument in her hand. It looked like a gun, but with two little arms opposite each other instead of a barrel.
"This won't hurt too much. Just keep your arm still..."
She took my left arm, placed the two arms on either side of the implant I'd gotten when I'd been released from jail, and squeezed the trigger. An electric shock passed through my arm and I jumped. Torch jumped up.
"EON! Flare!" Her eyes began to glow.
"Torch, no! It's fine." Torch sat down and glared at Officer Jenny. Jenny left the room and a guard stood outside. In a few minutes, she came back.
"Sorry, it's just precautionary. You're clear and you may go now. Smith?"
"Yes, ma'am!" the guard said, coming to attention.
"Take Miss Pyronson back out to the lobby. We don't want her to get lost."
"Yes, ma'am!"
Officer Jenny shook my hand. "My niece likes your band. Do you have another album coming out?"
"Uhhh... I don't know. But don't worry, we'll let people know as soon as we do."
She smiled and I left.
When I went back through the double doors, Nayia swooped down out of nowhere. "What the hell did you do now?!" she cried.
"It's all right, Nay, chill. They just wanted to check up on me, that's all. So, what do we do now?"
People were still flooding into the building. Another set of doors were opened, but these were the huge doors that went into the outdoor arena where competitions were held. A voice came over the speakers.
A buzz went up as the police filled us in. We stayed together and found the seats marked "LAPRAS VALLEY U" near the stadium floor. The stadium filled up fast. It was awesome to see so many famous people in one place. Max joined us at our seats.
"Look, Nay, there's Misty!" I said and pointed to the table which was obviously set aside for Gym Leaders. Violet, Daisy and Lilly were sitting next to her, and Brock, the Pewter City gym leader was talking to Misty. I saw Blaine, my uncle by adoption and distant cousin by blood, and I waved. Torch tried to get away to see him, but I grabbed her at the last minute.
Lance sat with the Elite Four at a table on a raised platform. He had a microphone before him, as did the others on the floor of the stadium. He cleared his throat.
"Could I have your attention please? Please, could everyone be silent!"
Quiet flooded the stadium. "Thank you. Now, I'm sure that there are plenty of rumors going around right now, but please, don't pay attention to them. You have been called here today to respond to an international tragedy. Of course, you have all heard of the terrorist organization Team Rocket. We have recieved reports of a mysterious illness that is sweeping through the world. It appears to only effect Pokemon, and is spread by type-similarities. We have reason to believe that this is an artificiall illness, and that it has been developed by Team Rocket."
A roar of noise swept through the stadium. So, this is why I was checked. They wanted to be sure that I didn't have anything to so with this.
Lance raised his voice. "Please! We will have time for questions later. First, we have to get the information out."
The talking persisted. Finally, Clair, the Blackthorn City gym leader lost it.
"SHUT UP!" she shrieked. Silence ensued immediatly. Everyone knew of Clair's foul temper.
Lance continued. "Thank you. Now, we have to find some way to stop this illness, and find where it came from. That is why we have called you here today. We will need the help of every member of the League to stop this crisis. You will all receive instructions on what you are to do. We will ask that everyone stays here today and that no one leaves until sunrise tomorrow. Your instructions will be posted on the boards in the main lobby where scores are usually placed during competition. To the gyms and schools that are present, your instructions will be posted as a group. Individual trainers will be posted according to your home town. Now, if everyone would leave the stadium in an orderly manner..."
He switched off his microphone and the tables on the floor left the stadium. Noise rose to a roar. We looked at each other.
"Well," Nayia said, "this was unexpected, to say the least."
Max grinned. "That's not the half. We get an excellent assignment. Lapras Valley University is assigned to find Team Rockets hidden lair! We've got the Elite Four with us, too!"
He grinned from ear to ear. My heart sank to my feet, and I sat down, my face in my hands. I looked up at Martin. We couldn't tell them... could we?
Hmmm... well, this is a chance for everyone to get on the same page. If there's some problem... IM me...
Martin- Uh, I don't have MSN Messanger anymore, but I'll put you on my e-mail list... who knows, maybe now I'll go get MSN again! ^_^

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4th March 2003, 10:09 PM
Great, finally something to write about. I might have somethig ready tomorrow.

PS. Dru, I know who Joey Jordison is. Vocalist for The Murderdolls and guitarist Slipknot. As if I didn't know that! ;)

EDIT: No, mum used the computer for several hours tonight. Resposne willb e delayed till at least the day after tomorrow

Shadow Djinn
4th March 2003, 10:39 PM

I zoomed down the road when a police officer stopped me.
" NAme Please." The cop asked.
" Zera." I said, taking out my student id card from LVU. The officer looked at it, said I could go and I pushed the pedal. The motor came to life again and I arrived at IPHQ. I walked to the audotorium and Lance talked about an illness bothering pokemon. The LVU students were to find TR. I was shocked. This was amazing.

Max Blaze aka AT#2
5th March 2003, 12:25 AM
I looked at Dru, then everyone else, I can't believe i said what are assignment was suppose to be. I sighed and i started to think, fellow students of LVU started to ask questions like
"Okay what are we gonna do?","Hey did you hear what Max said? How are we suppose to do that?!"

Hearing that last question i heard, I got up and i went to stand beside the stage when everyone started to leave the stadium.

I went to talk to Lance, which he was talking to people, so i leaned against a wall and waited to talk to him. Once Lance was done talking to people he came up to me and leaned against the wall too.

"So a illness to pokemon, Lance? Lance they have gone on for far too long they have to be shut down and eliminated" I said with alluted anger and seiousness.

"Yes Max it would help us all...but why does it make you so irritated? The fact that it effects pokemon?" Lance replied with curiousity, I just stared at him.

"Maybe, maybe not.But tell me this what are we suppose to do when we find this hidden base? Kill them?"

"Nope. Once you find the base you will record the locations and pull back." Lance said, i felt somewhat dissapointed."Well anyway follow me come and meet some people." I didn't argue with him and so Lance introduce me to some Elite 4 members and we talked and a bunch of other stuff.

Pretty soon i will have my chance to get my revenge......
Who knows what Max ment by his last thought.......only me! MUHAHAHAHA!!!!! ::coughs:: ok i'll stop now. Well anyway post peeps:D

6th March 2003, 06:23 AM

*skips drive, doesn't feel like posting it now*
We got to go with the Elite Four?! NO WAY! I didn't doubt it, but... I had to see this! This was too cool to be true!
I went outside to the boards. Sure enough, there was LVU. I read on. FINDING THE ROCKET LAIR! Crap, we were going into yet another hellpit via TR? This was... ok, so at least that's why we got the Elite Four. I had always wanted to meet with some of them, like, really meet. This would be good. And we were all together, too! Score!
I went back to join the students who were still sitting. I scanned for familiar faces. Hey look, Martin, Nayia, and Dru! At least, I think it was Dru, there was a group of people standing up blocking my view. (If I missed anyone, sorry, blame the standing group.) I went down the aisle to try to talk to them. It had been so long since I'd had a really good chat with anyone. Especially Dru.
I couldn't resist. I quietly snuck up behind Nayia and covered her eyes with my hands. "Guess who?"

Last Exile
7th March 2003, 02:46 AM
Post 4 – March 7, 2003

Sleep may have given me energy but it gave me something else: anger. We were supposed to have started the beginning towards glory. Instead we didn’t even get to jump off the starting block. My stomach was swirling with acid and my mouth couldn’t even get close to moving away from a vicious scowl. We’d been robbed of our rights.
Frankly, I wasn’t trusting anyone right now associated with the sudden closure of Lapras Valley University. If they’d given a reason straight away, I would’ve accepted it without a worry. But the secrecy did not agree with me at all. I smelled a rat. It was something big or they would’ve told us right away. And if there’s one thing I don’t tolerate, it’s secrecy. I needed to get an idea of what we were facing. Simply being ordered to leave and head to the Indigo Plateau straight away without reason?! Not buying it. My mind was made up. I needed to get in touch with my sources.
Nala woke up soon after me, she seemed like she’d actually slept well. As for Dru, she looked more messed up than a Tangela stuck in the bushes, with the looks to match. I don’t even want to know how much she drunk last night. In fact, I kinda got the impression she’d had some more beer after the party. She got a pretty good look at my disapproving look, then the one she got from Nala.
“Yeah, yeah, I know.” She yawned as she began to straighten her multi-coloured hair. I still found it kind of cool. If she ever tried out to be a Seattle Seahawks cheerleader, with that hair they couldn’t refuse her.
Nala’s face was contorted in disbelief. “Who’s that on the front of your shirt?”
Dru took a quick look down then laughed heavily. “Oh, him! Joey Jordison. He’s so hot!”
Nala looked like she was about to faint. “That’s a male?”
“Yes, Nala,” I explained in an impatient tone. “Joey Jordison, lead singer of The Murderdolls and guitarist for US metal band Slipknot.”
Nala gulped. I could tell she was feeling pretty awkward right now. She knew what Dru was like but she didn’t think for a moment I was into anything Dru was. Conversely, Dru was ecstatic, a beaming smile forming on her lips.
“Get out! How did you know that? You’re a metal fan?”
“Yeah. I’m into Tool. They’re my metal band.”
Dru’s eyes widened in bewilderment. “No way! You, a Tool-head?!”
I smirked as I whipped out the T-shirt that revealed all. On the front was the word Tool surrounded in an aqua aura. On the back was the circular pattern of eyes from the Lateralus album.
Dru began to scream in delight. “You legend! Who would’ve thought it?”
Nala immediately whispered into my ear as soon as Dru headed for the fridge. “She’s got a crush on you.”
What?! I turned towards Nala and she simply nodded her head. Now that I thought of it, Dru did seem a bit too happy for having found a fellow metal fan.
“Oh well. Could be worse. Say, you guys hungry? I gotta use up this food in the fridge before we leave.”

Word soon got around the university that I was cooking up a feast. Nala, Dru, Andy, Gabi and a few others joined in and savoured everything, for there was no point in wasting it. What couldn’t be eaten straight away was kept for later. The good thing about the food was that it kept our minds off of the situation. Everyone could do with that right now.
Soon the time to leave came. People were directed to buses if they did not have their own transportation. Some had their own cars and bikes. I, however, always fly with Zinger, My Charizard. I’m not into messing up the planet’s atmosphere more than it already is. I was kind of hoping Gabi would ask to come with me, but she seemed more keen on joining Nayia, who had a reputation as one of the infamous Lapras Valley High students. Dru, Andy and a couple of other guys were intent on some high-speed thrills. As for me, I wanted some solitude. I needed time to think and for my next move. I wasn’t trusting Lance one bit. Sure, he’s the leader of the Elite Four, but it was all this secrecy. Something really wrong had to be going on to warrant that. And as far as I was concerned, something was bound to be known by the media at this point. If all the gyms, leagues, academies and trainers had been called upon to go to the Indigo Plateau, someone would have noticed that there was something funny going on around here.
I intended to find out.
As soon as Zinger took off and we had reached a considerable height, keeping the LVU students in view so that we kept on going in the right direction, I finally considered it save to pull out my mobile phone and to make the appropriate call.
The ring barely lasted a second. “Channel 5 headquarters, how can I help you?”
I was blunt in my manner. “This is Ryan Mendes. I need to speak to Luke McNeil right now.”
A few seconds of silence followed. “I see. He’s getting ready for the morning report. You should be able to get five minutes with him."
“That’s good. Thank you.”
A clicking sound followed as I was transferred to another line.
“Luke McNeil here. Who’s this?”
“Luke, it’s Ryan.”
“Ryan Mendes?! You bastard, how the hell are you? I thought you were at LVU this year, how’s it going there?”
I sighed before answering. “Not good. LVU has been closed down indefinitely. As have all Pokemon leagues and Gyms.”
I heard Luke gasp like he’d heard the news he’d been wanting to hear so badly. His manner became more enthusiastic and business-like. “So, you’ve got something for me, eh? About time! I’ve heard similar reports but I’ve heard from nobody on the inside. What’s the deal?”
“Lance Gray rocked up at LVU last night.”
“The Elite Four leader? Interesting. What did he have to say?”
“He said that there was a situation, but he didn’t say what. All he said was that all people associated with the Pokemon League had to report to the Indigo Plateau at once.”
A groan followed. “So he’s staying tight-lipped, huh? Not surprising. He’s been playing it conservatively ever since the Blackthorn City incident. His reputation has been going down the last couple of years. People in high places don’t like the way he’s running things now. He’s more of a politician than a trainer anymore, if you ask me.”
I had to admit, for once Luke was on the money. “I can believe that. He’ll be bound to tell all once everyone is assembled later this afternoon.”
“Good, very good. If we get a scoop on this, we’ll have a week’s worth of stories. Except how the hell are we meant to get past security? I had two guys go down there an hour ago and they were almost arrested.”
“Mention the name Agent Hendon. He got on the inside. He should be able to sneak you in. And make sure your people are dressed as Pokemon trainers, that way they’ll get clearance.”
“Or, alternatively, you could tell us straight afterwards.”
“No way, Luke. People know my background. If they know someone on the inside is responsible, I’ll be one of their prime candidates. Your people this time.”
“Aw, hell. Whatever. Just make sure my people get in. And I suppose you want something in return?”
“If you leak the story as soon as possible, Lance will have to hold a press conference. I would like some questions to be fired his way. I’ll say what when I hear the whole story.”
“Okay. Your contact had better be worth his salt. Usual mode of payment if this is pulled off.”
“Later then.”
With Zinger’s speed I happened to conclude my call just in time. It had taken Zinger most of the trip to gain an altitude from where I was sure my call couldn’t be detected. We were homing in on the Indigo Plateau. Even though it was half an hour away, the police there could have been scanning the area for radio waves. If they did, I could have been in trouble.
But I knew better.

“Ryan Mendes, student of Lapras Valley University.”
I presented my identification to the Officer Jenny in front of me. Twenty of them were working at once to speed up the process. Mine spent several moments clearing my claims, but as expected, there was nothing to worry about. I had nothing to hide.
“Okay, you’re all clear. You need to check in at the Pokemon Centre. One of the Nurse Joys will give you further directions.”
More secrecy. The place was loaded with security, grilling people as if they were criminals. This looked more like the Gestappo in World War II than the home of the Indigo League. My mind was made up. Something majorly criminal must have gone down for this. I suspected terrorism. But what form was beyond me.
I kept my thoughts concealed and moved to the Pokemon Centre. A Nurse Joy forced a smile, making her look like she’d just bitten into a lemon.
“Okay, you’re an LVU student. I need to quickly examine your Pokemon.”
Reluctantly, I handed over my Pokeballs. Most people seemed as confused and skeptical as I was. This wasn’t normal or humane. This was more like martial law. What I was seeing so far looked kind of illegal. Some certain people would like to know about this.
Nurse Joy appeared to be speaking into an intercom. “Okay, subject #2925 is cleared. All tests are negative.”
If I hadn’t been intentionally listening, I wouldn’t have heard her, for she spoke in a whisper. I was sure I heard her say negative. But that term was used in reference to diseases! Why the hell were my Pokemon being screened for diseases?
“Okay, your Pokemon are in good health.”
Nurse Joy’s eyes rolled to the right as she spoke. She wasn’t entirely truthful. I don’t think she gave my pokemon a normal checkup. She was testing for something.
“Okay, you just need to come through here to complete your check-in,” she replied, gesturing to the door behind her. Warily I passed through. Inside, I did not like what I saw. Another Nurse Joy, one who seemed to be forcing her smile even more, standing next to some weird gizmo, gestured me to sit down. The room was so cold and smelled of disinfectant. How I was really worried.
“Okay sir, I just need your attention for a moment.”
Before I could even respond, I felt a short electric jolt.
“Hey!” I screamed, my eyes watering. “What the hell was that?”
“Now for your Pokemon,” she continued, acting as if nothing had happened.
“My Pokemon?!” Okay, the line had been crossed! “Listen, I don’t know...”
“Lance’s orders.”
The rest of what happened I never properly recalled. All I could remember was my Pokemon yelping at the shocks and the intense hate I felt for Lance as he laid down the law to all assembled. Bioterrorism via Pokemon. Sickening. And Team Rocket was responsible as always. They wanted us to find the lair. Why not the proper authorities?! The more I heard the more I was infuriated. As far as I knew in the letter of the law, subjecting people and Pokemon to electric shocks without prior warning was in violation of human rights laws. Lance Gray, you are going to pay.
I toggled with the listening device in my ear. “Get it all, Luke?”
I could hear the unusual sound of disbelief down the line. Luke had seen and heard just about everything in his time. Obviously this somehow managed to surprise him.
“This is insane! This has to go public!”
“Luke, cool it. If it leaks straight away, they’ll know someone on the inside is responsible. Delay the report for two days.”
“Okay. Only because you’ve been reliable before. You usually know best.”
A smile crossed my lips. A devilish smile. Lance Gray was about to be taught a lesson in morality. Reputation can’t save you from everything, pal! You'd better watch how you act from know on, because whever you go, I'm there.
I'm watching you, Lance. I'm watching you.

7th March 2003, 08:33 AM
Originally posted by Citrus Crush Chikorita
PS. Dru, I know who Joey Jordison is. Vocalist for The Murderdolls and guitarist Slipknot. As if I didn't know that! ;)

Actually, he's guitarist for the Murderdolls and drummer for Slipknot... ^__^; Wednesday 13 is the vocalist for the Murderdolls... Meh, and the shocks were cuz they were checking the tracking device I've got... but it's allright, I dont post very clearly, do I? :P

Lady Vulpix
7th March 2003, 12:20 PM
Hm? Ryan, what are you? Scott?
Ok, I'll tey to write something up soon. I have to go now.
And... what was that all about?

I don't mean to hurt you or offend you in any way, I'm just confused. And no, it's not that I didn't understand your words. It's the reasons behind them that I can't see.

Last Exile
7th March 2003, 05:27 PM
Okay. Here's the reason.

Using electric shocks in any form except to revive people an inch from death is nothing short of immoral, criminal, and a violation of human rights in every way, in my opinion. If you heard about how they used Electro-Shock Therapy in the 1960's in the US and its use as torture around the world, you'd be too. :mad:

That and I've never liked Lance anyway. :D

And I hate secrecy. :mad:

Nayia Waterflower aka starmie44
7th March 2003, 05:38 PM
I feel so bad for this cause I haven't posted in a while. Last weekend, like I posted before, I had company over so couldn't come on. Then I was busy all this we with projects and tests. Now I have a raver/punk/gothic dance party to go to, then tomorrow I'm busy with work. Then this Sunday I'm working then going to PHK to visit my new b/f. (we've been together for a week now) I'm going to be up there till Wednesday when we both come back to Sydney. Then till Thrusday I'm stuck between him, projects and dancing. Then Friday, at 5am in the morning, I'm driving up to Halifax then flying over to NFL for JAAC and won't be back till 1am Monday morning.
hehe, I guess what I'm trying to say is that I would be on for over a week. I'm really sorry. Just do whatever you want to my character till then. Dru, make sure they don't do something like killing her off, okay?

Love ya's all, and sorry again about this,


7th March 2003, 07:26 PM
No prob, Nay...
Sorry, I'm at a b-day party, so I'll post laterz...

11th March 2003, 08:30 AM
Oooh! looky looky! I found Dru's bike! yayness!

It's just blue, black, and silver... pretty! :D

12th March 2003, 12:45 PM
Well, I've talked to a few of you crack-heads on AIM and the like, and there's an idea i'm kicking around... what do you think of some kind of attack where various people get killed? lemme know... gotta run to chemistry..

Last Exile
12th March 2003, 06:51 PM
As long as someone does something new, I really don't mind. As long as I don't die. ;)

13th March 2003, 08:29 AM
No... none of our chars are gonna die. Sorry, I'd have put more detail in but I had to run to class...
The "Hit List" may include, but is not limited to-
Lt. Surge
Any of the old Elite Four people (Agatha, Lorelei, Bruno)
And anyone else that someone may dispise... heheheheheheheh O.o;;
Whee... Start posting again people! pleeeeeeeease!

14th March 2003, 07:18 PM
sorry about non-postage, you know me :D

Holy... dammit, I had never expected this to happen, I looked over to Dru, who had also looked over to me, her eyes looked full of fear. I beckoned her over and walked off to a secluded part of the stadium.
"yes?" She asked, her eyes the same as before.
"I think it's time" I asked
"are you sure? It may change the way people look at us" was her reply
"hmph, won't change the way I'm seen, you, on the other hand, it may, it's all up to you" I turned my back "but if they're truly friends, then wouldn't it be better from us than from some random Rocket member?"
"it's all up to you, tell me your answer"
yaaaay! my Auron complex ^-^ but seriously, Dru, your choice, and mebbes you could tell Nay (the character) that I'm back too :D

Last Exile
17th March 2003, 02:30 AM
Acitivty here would be nice. :rolleyes:

17th March 2003, 03:03 PM
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I looked at my feet. I hated making desidions. I always made the wrong ones. "I don't know Martin. I guess not... I'll regret it later, though, I know it."
Martin shrugged. "Whatever you want." He considered something for a minute. "How's Nayia been?" he asked quietly.
"I don't know if she knows you're here yet. I'll tell her, if you want."
He shrugged again. "Whatever."
I knew him well enough that this ment yes. He was such a child sometimes, but we all are.
I got up and walked over to where Nayia was talking to Kayla. "Oh, hey Kayla!" I gave her a hug. "Oh, Dru! How have you been?"
"OK, well, as OK as I could have been. Hang on a second..." I murmured into Nayia's ear, "Martin's here." Her eyes got wide.
"Oh, OK..." Her face was blank. Even I couldn't tell what she was thinking. Suddenly, there was an explosion.
A big black... thing blocked out the sun. People began to scream and run for the exits.
"Come on people! Think! Shadow, Morgan, Sky, go!" I let my Alakazam, Gengar, and Dragonite out. Many other people saw what I was doing and let thier Pokemon out. "Shadow, teleport Nayia and Kayla out of here!" "Ala!" The three dissapeared.
"Morgan, get Greg and Craig out of here!" "Gen!" They melted into the ground.
"Martin, come on, dumb@$$!" I grabbed my brother and pulled him onto Sky after me. Shadow reappered, this time taking Andrew, Nala, and Ryan out. Sky's powerful muscled flexed and Martin and I were lifted off the ground.
I saw Lance ahead. The black thing was some kind of zepplin, and it was dropping bombs. Then, I realised there was much more. Gun fire. Several of the gym leaders were wounded, trying to give the trainers time to escape. Sky flew us out. We found the others outside in the nearby forest. I ran to the parking lot and rescued my bike. Nayia tried to stop me, but that wasn't going to happen. I wasn't going to be stopped.
When I returned, I looked at the others. "Well," I said, "Do we wait for the four or do we haul @$$? I, for one, would like to get out there and do something. I'm taking this pretty personal, doncha know?"
The others thought, and I waited for an answer. More trainers were grouping with us. Police were running around. From what we heard, the death toll was through the roof. A woman, I recognised her as Karen of the Elite Four, approached us.
"I don't know where the other four are," she said, "But I'm with you. Th
is is atrocious, and I'm not going to let it go unpunished."
Nods went around. We were taking action!
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I have a feeling that since this Lapras Valley University RPG is so far into it, that it is almost over. So I have a feeling that I should just wait for another one to start. If it isn't close to ending, then I guess I'll go ahead and post a very late LSU.

17th March 2003, 03:53 PM
lol, actually Jay, we're no where near being done. feel free to LSU, I don't have a prob. You want a summary, or have you been reading?

Max Blaze aka AT#2
17th March 2003, 05:14 PM
I'll post in a bit but i got some ideas that i wanna PM Dru about and see if its okay to post them >.< 'Chow

18th March 2003, 08:46 PM
Andrew - Taras House
Pokemon - Mr. Mime (M), Lickitung (F), Delibird (M) Metapod (M)
Animals - Rocky (M) Australian Red Kelpie.

"So like um... do you like um... Sophie Ellis Bextor's Murder On the Dancefloor?" I asked Ryan. I got my reply, a wonderful blank look with a tinge of disgust. "Um... How about the Goo Goo Dolls" I faltered. Again I was met with that same look. "Ben Lees?" I mumbled.

I finally got a reply, "He's one of the few I can stand. But I don't like him" he said, shifting uncomfortably in the stadium stands. Sure this was "State of the Art" but plastic seats were SO uncomfortable.

Finally after Lance's rather long speech we got out of there. In the large and overcrowed hallway, us Lapras Valley Uni Students stuck together. Apparently we were doing this whole "Search for Team Rocket's Base" but it was with the Elite Four! That was cool! But kinda scary. We needed some kind of support and who better than eachother. There came a collective gasp from everyone in the stadium while we all stood near the door. There was an eclipse!

"Don't look at it or your Retina's will burn!" I warned them all.

" I don't think we have to worry about that!" Screamed Nala, pushing the group back into the hallway. I gave a cringe as the whole structure shook. I heard various screams as people began to tear out of the doorways, I saw some Gym Leaders get away in the crowd too. Like Misty, who was with Brock, they both had determined faces. Sabrina who was as blank as a sheet and had a blank expression. "Surge is dead" she muttered, sending shivers up my spine as she ambled around with the crowd.

I heard explosions, gunshots and screams. The air began to burn around us, becoming difficult to breathe. I heard a woman scream "They've got the building exits covered! Falkner... died"

"Some of the stronger Gym Leaders are holding off the bombs" I heard Martin convey the message. Jerk. He hurt my hand. Bastard.

Dru seemed to spring into action, with a flash her three Pokemon appeared. We were in a corner near the toilets and right about now people weren't really concerned with that. Well anyone who's seen Jurassic Park would know. Her Gengar, Alakazam and Dragonite appeared. I stood dumbly, everyone had these great big honking pokemon and I didn't have their power.

With some orders some of us teleported out and dissapered while the rest of our shrinking group looked dazed. Eventually Shadow, her alakazam reappeared with his head beaded with sweat and teleported Ryan, Nala and myself out. I wondered what happened to people like Gabbi and Dru, the roof was starting to give when we dissapeared, reappearing in teh forrest nearby.

From our safe distance it was easy to see the scale of the attacks, one side of the stadium was gone and there were screaming, still being heard. I cringed at the thought.

I woman with near white hair approached us, her hair was almost as white as mine, but it looked natural. She informed us she was the Dark Trainer of the Elite Team , Karen. Apparetnly Bruno and Agatha were going to join us soon, but the best thing to do was to get away from here ASAP.

"We're going to my training ground to regroup ok." She said, leading the way with her Umbreon. We jogged after her for a while before slowing to a walk. Eventually we arrived at a pitch black cave.

"Welcome" she said with a smirk.

19th March 2003, 10:35 AM
"Uhh... Miss Karen, Ummm... I need to talk to you..."
She looked at me, and studied my appearance. "I know. Your father. You don't have to say anything if you don't want to. Only myself and a few of the others know. Lance, Koga, Bruno. Don't worry about it for now. There'll be plenty of time to worry later."
She was smart. I should have known that, but... I sighed. Of all the Elite Four, I had wanted to meet Karen the most, but not under these circumstances.
People were wandering around the cave. I heard two voices that I knew. Martin and Nayia had found eachother. I decided to let them be for now. I found Andrew, Gabbi, Nala, and Ryan talking.
"Well dudes, looks like we've gotten more than we bargained for. I don't know about you, but I certianly idn't see any of this in the brochure." They laughed. It was good to laugh at a time like this.

19th March 2003, 01:22 PM
Originally posted by Vampiric DrusillaTPM
lol, actually Jay, we're no where near being done. feel free to LSU, I don't have a prob. You want a summary, or have you been reading? Lol, actually, VD, I'd like a summary, cuz there's no way that I could ever read this entire topic and actually get something out of it, so I'd like a summary, please. I'll fill out the form, though.

My sign up
Name: Jay
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Physical Desc.: 6'7", 183 lbs, muscular, but not buff, short hair, and I wear glasses when I'm in the house, but I wear my contacts when I'm out and about. I have really dark blue eyes.
Personality: Very outgoing. He always talks to his friends, and likes making new ones. He loves to make people happy, and hates seeing people get hurt, escpecially children. He likes to help people, and Pokemon, in what ever way he can. He wants to be the worlds best Pokemon Breeder.
Bf/Gf: Single
History: Was born and raised, in Blackthorn City from birth. Has some relation with Clair, the gym leader, and because of that, he is a powerful trainer, specifically with dragon Pokemon.
Other: Has earring on left ear.
Pokemon: Sapphire (Espeon), Shadow (Umbreon), Blazer (Arcanine), Mist (Dragonair), Suki (Kingdra), and Blair (Tyranitar).

19th March 2003, 02:23 PM
Hmm... Well, where are we? Oh, yeah, Ok-
Everyone got to school, there was a party, kinda a start-of term thing. But that night, Lance shows at the school, and we're told to go to Indigo Plateau. So, we go the next morning, we get checked in, blah blah blah. Apparently, a Team Rocket plan seems to have gone wrong and it's infecting Pokemon. We have to break into Team Rocket lairs to find an antedote or something. Meanwhile, the stadium is attacked and quite a few people are killed. So, we're with Karen until we can get out safely...
That's about it. Yeah, we're on the second day, and we've got how many pages? Partly because of them n00bs who post 4-lined dialogue posts ¬¬;
Thankees for signing up. Uhh... Taras house, I guess, but that doesn't really matter right now...

19th March 2003, 04:54 PM

Wow! Karen! This was so cool! And dangerous! Why was I hyped at a time like this? Ah, well.
We weren't going anywhere, so I sat down on a nearby rock, watching the the others chat. Strange... I wasn't in the mood to talk. Why was I like this today? It was like I wasn't even myself. Weird, but fine. I guess I was just tired from all that traveling and everything that happened.
Another explosion shook the ground, reminding us of the fighting still going on. "Why is this even going on...?" I mumbled.
Karen's Umbreon was going around, looking at each one of us. It seemed even more bored than I was. I felt a rusling at my side, and one of my PokeBalls rolled out of my pocket and popped open. Underground appeared and ran over to Karen's Umbreon, curious. I chuckled as she tried to get the other Umbreon to talk to her. "Umbre? Umbreon... Breon on! Um on eon on! Umbre..."
She kept trying, then sulked back a few paces. She was turned down from playing, of course Underneath would be sad. Suddenly perking up, she ran towards Karen's Umbreon.
"Breon! Breon! Umbre umbre breon!" she chanted. That at least got her some attention. The other Eeveelution turned and watched as my little dark type began prancing around it (is Karen's Umbreon a he or she?). Suddenly it glared angrily at Underneath (who didn't notice). In an instant, there was a high-pitched shreak. I didn't even see the movement, but Karen's Umbreon had its teeth in Underneath's back!
"You shouldn't let your Pokemon be so playful, or they may become soft." Karen was speaking to me, but I ignored her. Underneath limped over to me, blood trailing lightly off her right side. "There, there... It's ok..."
Only because I was tired of not knowing what to post...

Last Exile
19th March 2003, 11:29 PM

Everything that followed was like a complete blur. All I remember was that great big bang that shook everyone like little minnows in a frying pan, followed by screams and sobbing.
"What the hell was that?!"
Luke's voice was blaring in my ear. as weird as it seemed, his timing couldn't have been better.
"Look above."
Whoever was providing vision for Luke via camera pointed their camera upwards. A swarm of deadly black zepellins, racing across the blood red sunset sky like atom bombs raining down the blood of humanity, sent wave after wave of shells down towards those beneath. Team Rocket knew about our plans. Dammit! I hadn't counted on them finding out this early! This changed everything.
"Team Rocket is attacking the Indigo Pleateau?! This is insane! This has to go public!"
"Agreed, Luke. Break the whole story. The world will find out soon enough anyway, so better they know now before wild rumours send the public into a panic.
"Sure, but don't you think they'll panic anyway?" he replied, unsure of himself.
"The worst fear is that which is unkown. If they know what to fear, it reduces the fear."
"Fair enough. Look, you've got enough credible info, so it'll ride. Just one question: how do you plan to stop Team Rocket now?! Your initial plan to infiltrate on the undergorund isn't exactly going to pull through now."
"Headquarters should be able to figure out a new plan of attack once we know what exactly is going on. I need to find out from the leaders what their next move is."
"Well, it's both our necks if you don't. Besides, what about your little "issue" with Lance?"
"Couldn't resist bringing it up, could you?"
"Look, i'm just wondering whether you've got the nerve to resist killing him, that's all. Considering what happened ten years ago."
"Lance Gray will get what he deserves. Death is too good for him."
"Agreed. Well, my bet is to find Karen. If there's one head honcho you can trust, it's Karen. She's the only one without a shady past. Stick with her and we'll work our way from there."
"Okay. Just make sure the story breaks."
"Right. Well, good luck. You'll be needing it."
After that is barely comprehendable. Running through the minefield of shell after shell. Trying to block out the screaming, the sight of bloody bodies and the smoke that stung the eyes. Eventually I caught sight of Andy and gabi heading down with a tall female with spooky, long hair. That must be Karen.
"You made it," she smirked slyly. "Come, we have much to do. We must take control quickly if the plan is to proceed."
Eventually we made our way down to an underground cave, full of dripping stalagmites and eerie Zubat. Karen continually ran backa nd forth to guide more LVU people in. I made forced conversation with my friends, but only to keep up appearances.
I needed to know what Karen had planned for Team Rocket.

20th March 2003, 12:31 AM

Not knowing what to do, I took a seat on a nearby rock. I released Shadow, who began to nuzzle me, and purred as I stroked him on the back. His red eyes looked up at me, and I could read the question that was upon them."Why are we here?That was the question in his eyes. "Shadow, we are here because we are in danger, but everything will be fine," I told him. I began to look around the room, and saw Kayla sitting on a rock close to me. By the expression on her face, something just wasn't right. I decided not to talk to her, as I sensed that she really didn't want to.

Max Blaze aka AT#2
20th March 2003, 11:59 PM
*has writers block* dang it i hate it when i have them! But i'll try to write something, ack brainfreeze! ::stops eating ice cream while he types up the post:: Okay on to the post..

Max Blaze aka The man with a hateful past..(lol couldn't help it)

Everyone just stood around talking to oneanother and then Karen spoke up in a very loud voice. "All right everyone, we are left here and we must continue on with our assignment! Now where we stand right now we are pretty much left with no clues at all to start off with. Does anyone have any ideas to begin our search?" Everyone started to think about Karen's question and started talking again to eachother. I know the only and fastest way to find the secret base but its too suicidal for the risk of all of the student, I wonder if i must go alone...

I walked out of the cave and looked up, the staduim was still being bombed. 'Soon I shall have revenge and reclaim the pokemon i onced had. Then i shall claim the title as the pokemon champion and ruler of the world...' I was interuppted by 2 people calling me. "Hey you! Get back in the cave! We are discussing plans, we have an idea of starting our search by going to towns and---" I cut Karen off, "Oh geez what an wonderful idea! Looking everytown in Johto! Fools, by the time we are about to die we won't even have a clue! There's only one way, it is suicidal but its the only way..." I kept on staring at the bombing, Dru looked at me. "Max i'm afraid to ask what your plan is...hopefully its not drawing away the bomber and following it because if it is...Oh no! Max you can't be serious! That...Thats crazy!!!" Dru responded. I looked down to her, 'listen Dru would you do this the quickest way we can, or searching for it the rest of our lives.' I sighed,'yes i know its crazy but its the only way we can stop Team Rocket infecting every pokemon on the planet! We must discuss this inside weither people seem to help me carry out with my plan." Dru and Karen knew that I was right and we headed back inside the cave to discuss the matter.

While Karen was announcing my plan to everyone I created a list of what we are going to need:

Things we need to get before we risk our lives of suicidal ideas-
1. People,Trainers
2.) Strong Pokemon
3.) Pyschic Pokemon
4.) Water Pokemon( in case of fire)
5.) Some Chansey's and Blissey's(heck we are gonna need them to get healed)
6.) Flying Pokemon, or transportation (we need to follow them)
7.) Smart people who are daring and no slackers


I showed my list to Karen once she was done speaking and all she gave me a 'gee-thanks-for-the-information look' in the eyes all i could do was laugh a little. Now hopefully everyone will make some decisions because hopefully there's still some gymleaders, E4, and hopefully Lance would still be alive. I felt like i need to talk to people and talk about my past....Ugh the nightmares will never end, I want to kill Giovanni and take Mewtwo once again..In my eye's there was evil,plain evil..

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Because it said so on the homepage at the bottom in the Today's Birthdays section! :D

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hmmm, i kinda need Nayia to post this one, it's her decision whether Martin and her get back together

23rd March 2003, 05:57 AM
Andrew - Taras House
Pokemon - Mr. Mime (M), Lickitung (F), Delibird (M) Metapod (M)
Animals - Rocky (M) Australian Red Kelpie.

"Hey Ryan, do you know what I heard?" I asked him as we stood in the cave which was actually quite nice. Karen turned on some flurocent lights and we stood around talking.

"What Andrew? Does this have to do with the bombing?" asked Ryan, checking on his Pokemon.

Hearing this Gabbi and Nala walked over. "What's this Andrew?" they asked and looked inquizitively.

"Well I heard from someone else from someone else that this girl Sal she used to go to Lapras Valley university right!" I started

"Yeah, we all know there's some High School Around, its like a mini and far less facilitated uni" chimed in Gabi.

"Well I heard she's a were Donphan. Can you believe it!" I continued.

"Pfft. A were-donphan?" said Nala, brushing her hair out of her face

Ryan had his input, "I don't think there are were-donphans... maybe she's a were acanine?"

"No way Ryan, she's a were Kabutops" said Gabbi.

We all started to rabble on as Dru and Kayla looked at us wierdly.

"Anyway" I said, getting us back on track, "I heard this Sal girl has been hanging around the uni and breaking into people's rooms, stealing their stuff and selling it at the pawn store. I heard Jon had his Watch stolen and we don't have to wonder where that went to"

Martin came up to me with a sneer, "You wouldn't have the slightest clue about this would you."

"What are you getting at?" asked Ryan as Martin backed off and muttered as he went over to Dru and Kayla.

"And that's not the tip of the iceberg" I continued on, that jerk martin could die for all I wanted. "And so she's a were something or other yeah, so like she's now run off to her Were Leader or something, Jackie who's sick or something. Its all really wierd I tell you." I finished off.

"Yeah great story..." drawled Nala, turning her attention to Karen who released her Murkrow and clapped her hands.

"Students of Lapras Valley University. We are going to find the Team Rocket Headquarters and arrest all rockets using these handcuffs" she said as she held them high. "You will all recieve 5 as a basic starter kit along with some pepper spray and a personal tazer along with your Pokemon to defend yourselves."

"Ooh! Tazer!" I said with some glee

"I've recieved word from Lance that Lorelei is conducting the Search and Rescue on the stadium so if anyone would like to join her, go now or you're coming with the rest of us."

I saw a few people leave to go help with the stadium rescue. It was still a tiny bit more safe than our thing, but I was sticking with everyone else. Safety in numbers.

"Agatha and Bruno brought down a Zepplin and we are going to board it and follow the others back to the Team Rocket Headquarters. I advise you all to carry lightly and all Pokemon must be recalled. No exceptions. They will be here soon so feel free to freshen up and we'll get ready" she finished up, and gave everyone a smile.

"Don't worry. Its not like there's a war on or anything!"

23rd March 2003, 11:04 PM
Note: I decided to change the part about how my character got a Persian, and change it to an Absol instead and that my dad had found it abandoned at a Pokecenter, I hope no one minds just a Persian doesnt fit in with what kind of trainer Craig will be later on !

Sky'ree the adventurous Pidgeot
Mirage the little cute Vaporeon
Shadow the noble Absol (Named after my old cat, lol)

This was crazy, there was like a war going on at Indigo Plateau, we were all going to be searching for Team Rocket HQ, obviously we'd be split into different groups as hordes of kids in one place looking for it wouldn't be that great. After a while, before the battle, they narrowed it down to roughly 30 kids to actually go on the search with some elite 4 members. The other kids were entrusted with helping out or weeding out rockets / other bad stuff in the local area place.

When the battle started, Dru had been quick to act and teleported us all to a safe spot, pity she did, I'd rather have stayed behind and fought, explosions rang out in the backround and gunfire was heard aswell as chopper noises, obviously Counter-Terrorism Squads and Police were there (Sorry, I've been playing a little too much CS)

There was a secured cave, which seemed to be Karen's little den. We were given little starter packs full of handcuffs and pepperspray and even a tazer! Woah, crazy stuff. The entire time I had all my pokemon out, Shadow constantly looking around, seeming to be on guard. I heard another guy talking to his pokemon, also named Shadow. I guess Shadow was a pretty popular name.

A Zeppelin was coming, but she said all the pokemon had to be recalled, even Sky'ree? All he could do is just fly around using his keen eyes to make sure there is no one in the distance that normal human eyes can't see from that far, but before quite a few kids ran off to help with a search and rescue. I decided to talk to Karen, I had Absol beside me to show her that I trained a dark pokemon, too.

"Hey, uhm Mrs.Karen" I said
"Please, just call me Karen, not mrs." she replied sheepishly.
"Oh, well you know how you said we can't have any Pokemon on board?" I started
"Yes, no exceptions, we dont want to weigh down the zeppelin any more, after all, Absols are pretty heavy if you really think about it" she started to rub the underside of the normally rigid and keeping to himself Shadow, who seemed to let go to Karen, I guess she had that effect on dark ones.
"No, definitly not my Absol, but my Pidgeot. It could fly around and secure the region around the zeppelin" I finished, sky would love to do something like that.
"Maybe, Im not sure, really... but that does sound like a good idea" She looked puzzled

The humm suddenly came about us.

"The Zepellin is here, lets go guys" Karen said
"Please return your pokemon to your pokeballs" she continued

A bunch of red beams came and sucked up all the pokemon in the room, I returned everyone too, and then followed Karen along with all the other students out of the cave...

2nd April 2003, 08:47 AM
It has come to my attention that people are waiting for me to post, thinking I have some idea. Currently, I don't, and I'm very busily failing English, so please, don't wait for me. Danke Shoen, I'll look in again when there's another post. ^_^

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R.I.P-Here Lies the rpg Lapras Valley University ::cries:: was it meant to be??::cries:: ::sighs:: Well i hate to bump this up but this was a good rpg seires grrrrrrrrrr i just got a strong urge to post on this giving it a proper burial:(