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11th February 2003, 05:42 PM
Well, here is my second attempt of a fanfic... The first was Twins of Zepheron on SNF... Enjoy it as much as possible... All critism welcome... I will do nothing but help me make my fics better in the future... for now. So, here's the fic... Enjoy!

Chapter 1:- ‘Cos schools complicated enough…

“Far away, miles from Kanto, Johto and the Orange Islands… Lies Mindonis… A large continent, about the same size as Hoenn. Now, all these places used to be connected, Johto and Kanto still are, but the Orange Islands used to be a large unstable strip of land, eventually, 1,000,000 years ago they broke apart causing Hoenn and Mindonis to move away, creating the Orange Archipelago and the other two continents, one of which we are on. Any questions?” It had been one of those days, a hot summer noon, after P.E. and the baking sun burning in your face while listening to a Geography Lecture from Miss. Slater.
Ray liked Miss. Slater, no matter how boring she was. Everyone knew that the posh accent she had was put on, and that she was a cockney party girl at heart, and when she was mad, she could shriek like one too.
“Mr. Dunning, I know it’s hot, but could you at least pay some attention?” she asked the drowsy, slumped over figure sitting next to Ray, who laughed and went back to doodling him with his dream Pokemon team. Miss. Slater’s Smoochum ran down the row to him, jumped up on his desk/pillow and gave him a slobbery, wet, hard lick that dragged him up out of his seat. The now paralyzed Matthew dropped to the floor in a frozen position that made him look like he was seizing. Yet all that Ray could do was just s****** and carry on doodling.
Just then someone poked him in the arm. Annoyed, Ray just held up his hand defensively for a bit, then put it down and carried on. When it happened again, Ray pushed them away, Hard! And there was a small thud, as though something small had been pushed off the desk, like a pencil case or a book or a… Then a grim thought had crossed his mind. He didn’t push something to the floor, he pushed SOMEONE. Ray slowly and nervously looked up. In front of him stood a very angry little Smoochum. “Sorry?” Ray squeaked. But sorry wasn’t enough as the peeved Smoochum charged up an Ice Punch, and knocked Ray to the floor. And there lay the sore and frozen chinned Ray lying on top of the paralyzed Matthew. Miss. Slater walked up to them fallen kids, saying “Detention, detention, DENTION FOR THE BOF OV YA, DINNA TIME FOR TWENY MINUTES!”


After the Geography detention, Ray headed for PBS (Pokemon Battle Study) with his friends Yolei and Poppy. Yolei was listening to a Gym leader DJ’s latest release on her Poke-gear while Poppy was worshipping the pictures of the hunky twin Gym Leaders in her Homework Diary.
They arrived in the Sports Hall. The Sports Hall was the biggest building on the site, with 16 ½ sized battle layouts and several other sport boundaries lying across the floor. Prof. Arnold was standing by a bench, which was slowly filling up with students, she was tapping her foot as Ray, Yolei and Poppy arrived late. Prof. Hayley Arnold was one of the coolest teacher’s in the school, she didn’t mind if people were late, because they’d get crappy pokemon to battle with. She wore the usual long white lab-coat which disguised her amazingly cool fashion sense. Formally-Informal was what all the girls called her.
“Yolei, it’s your lucky day…” she said as Yolei instantly grabbed the last Zephyr Ball off the shelf. Yolei shrieked with joy, “We’re doing flying pokemon!!!” Prof. Arnold sorted out the move cards. You see, Prof Arnold always gave out the pokeballs, assigned people a battleground, gave out move cards and then told everyone the aim of the lesson. “Yolei has Ball .29, that’s a Delibird” said Prof. Arnold. Yolei screamed with happiness, as Ray and Poppy each grabbed a ball. “Ball No. 9 for Ray, a Golbat. And for Poppy, Ball .24 is a Skiploom.” The friends high-fived.
“I guess we all got pokes that we like?” smirked Poppy. “Well how would you three like an exhibition with pokemon you don’t like?” asked the Professor, “And where on earth is Tarik?”
“How are we supposed to know, we don’t like him (Well nobody does, the evil bully!), why should we keep tabs on him?” exclaimed Poppy, “Don’t you think Yolei? Yolei? Yolei!” Yolei was too busy hugging her newly acquired Delibird to care.
“Err… What pokemon has he got?” asked Ray “And what pokemon would we be using if we accept these exhibition matches?”
"Actually, I've had an idea," exclaimed the Professor, tapping her pen on her cheek "How’s about we have our own little rental exhibition tournament as a little test, and whoever wins gets A+?" she then mumbled something as she walked away to gather back up some of the pokeballs. She didn't even stop to here what Ray, Poppy and Yolei had to say about it...
After we had been lectured about the idea, and she had decided it would be a 32-way tournament, with 10 students refereeing with a Mr. Mime, a Jynx, an Electabuzz, a Machoke, a Clefable and a Hitmonlee filling in on the other matches. But as the balls were being handed out... He arrived.
Tarik had just stormed in, his nasty face blushing bright red. Joseph, who was the smartest and quietest person in the school, who spent most of his time bringing the bully down, shouted across the hall, "Done one to many run-by door openings have we, or did someone get there first and you ran into it?" There was uproar from the 41 kids, which soon died down when the Professor gave everyone a stern look. Tarik was so red he went white, and Joseph once again trod on Tarik's ego.
Joseph was the only person in the year that could stand up to Tarik, and always tried to get up his nose. Joseph was also the best battler in school, equalled in skill by Yolei and Poppy, equalled in power by Tarik and Ray. Tarik, on the other hand, lacked skill to the highest degree, he relied solely on power. He treated any pokemon like a tool, and gave it half the respect of a tool. Joseph despised him for this, in fact everyone hated him for his behaviour. And Ray had always wanted to show him up more then Joseph ever had. And now was his chance.


The tournament was set up so that there would be 16 one-on-one elimination matches, and whoever won, got one of their opponents pokemon, until the final which would be 5 of the pokemon they had won, and one chosen at random from the ones left over. The Professor thought it such a momentous occasion that she'd asked someone from the VR Club to come and film it.
Unfortunately, by luck of draw, Joseph would face Tarik in the Quarter-Finals, if he won all his matches, but then there was the pokemon problem. Tarik had a DRAGONITE!

I've started working on the second chapter. 'Tournament Troubles and Big Agreements'