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  1. Lady Vulpix, Max isn't in this. He's working on getting his video games fixed and he says he's going to return with the parts for his Gold Version. It's now only me and my brother.
  2. It said the same thing to Cycling Road too and people insulted him on Pokebeach. Called him a troll for him saying he wasn't Max which is the friend he knows in high school. I didn't know him from there and I made a post and a vm and none of them went through. I tried searching for an IRC server for Piforums but mIRC won't let me on that. My brother got tons of flames just for asking how to enable Java. Isn't that mean?
  3. The latter is easy, the error message is already telling you what to do: try again later. As for getting JavaScript to work, you have to enable it in your browser preferences.
  4. Hi. I have a thread I made with further detail about the situation. Could you just close the thread you moved and assist me with the thread that shows the screenshot of the situation here? How do you get around, "Sorry you need Javascript to view the site at this time?" or "The server is busy, please try again later?"
  5. Oh. Since it was in General Discussion, no one realized you were talking about Gale of Darkness and instead thought you were asking if it was possible to throw two balls at once in real life, or in the Pokemon world in general. Yes, you really should post your specific game questions in the respective forums.
  6. So should all my unsure about Pokemon questions go in other games and as for the general discussion is that just discussing Pokemon in general. I believed my Ardos and Eldes thread was fine in there too but they're just from Pokemon XD Gale of Darkness. It wasn't anything about Mt. Battle or Orre Colosseum but it was about how doing what they can do is possible.
  7. Your latest question was about Pokemon Stadium. We do have an Other Pokemon Games forum. And your previous question was about Black & White, which has its own forum. This isn't Yahoo answers, where Pokemon is a tiny topic among countless others. This is a Pokemon message board, so we have a specific forum for each generation of Pokemon games.
  8. It wasn't for certain game help. I thought this was for all the Pokemon games in comparison so I thought it belonged in general discussion. Excuse me if I'm wrong about it but all I think about when asking questions like this is Other Games and Recreation on Yahoo Answers since I'm really reluctant to ask too many Pokemon questions like this on a forum.
  9. Please check the forum descriptions to see where you should post your questions. I've already moved two of your topics today. General Discussion is not for video game questions.
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