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  1. shazza
    Get some screenshots of 2000.
  2. MToolen
    Screenshots would be cool. Maybe in a few years we can have a 10-year reunion and feel REALLY, REALLY OLD.
  3. Roy Karrde
    Roy Karrde
    http://web.archive.org/web/200102020...kemasters.net/ <- Pokemasters on January 30th 2001, as close as I could get.
  4. Knight of Time
    Knight of Time
    Ah, the old TPM brings back so many memories...since 2000 was our first year, anyone here thinking this group could be the largest at TPM?
  5. Number1ChanseyFan
    XD I was on the users online section in that screenshot that you posted, Roy... that was taken a couple of weeks before I was modded the first time, and I wasn't even 16 then!! Meh that makes me feel very old now.
  6. Roy Karrde
    Roy Karrde
    I'll try and see if I can find some more pictures of the forum.
  7. Number1ChanseyFan
    Cool!! See if you can find an old G/S Help forum piccy, I think that it had Pichu, Igglybuff, and Cleffa on it, if I remember correctly it was basically identical to the piccy from the UBB Help forum.
  8. Roy Karrde
    Roy Karrde
    Oh hey I found a page where they had the old smilies! Also Chansey I am trying my best to figh the G/S Help Photo, but I think it may be lost.

    Here is the link for the Smilies

  9. shazza
    http://web.archive.org/web/200008160...sters.com/ubb/ <---- August 2000.

    Very interesting, although it appears every member of this group who has made a post registered AFTER August 18, 2000 and thus it might be meaningless to them.
  10. shazza
    Also I do believe those forum specific pictures were implemented in 2001! Go to the 2001 TPM CLUB for that shit!

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