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  1. firepokemon
    LOL lovely threads when I'm over this damn flu and stopped feeling weird I'll look for stuff too. Ewww my crazefire account is in the whos online. This was when Dodrio started banning me constantly and yeah it was kinda stupid making this a 2000 only group. Considering the board is eight years old and most members are 2004 or less. So if there are non 2000 users who wish to join. Just join.
  2. firepokemon
    I should just edit my message but as you can see I've slightly amended the description so if those who remember the main site but aren't registered in 2000 can join. I'd edit the title but I can't seem to
  3. Knight of Time
    Knight of Time
    I think there's a pic of old PCG on Gabi's site, I'll check it out. Someone have a pic of ASB by chance?
  4. Charles Legend
    Charles Legend
    actually TPM was like the second Pokemon website I ever ran across it's a shame I only joined around 2002 but I knew of the site before that, LOL the funny thing is the day Kevin shut down the Main site and I was at school and I like came to it and was ticked off, and the teacher was like WTH are you doing...

    ~Charles Legend
  5. Magmar
    back when being a moderator was like... "Work"! you had to be on there constantly or get bitched at... I was like hello I'm 13 I have a *life* outside of TPM... but ooh the online drama made my insides tingle with glee hahaa
  6. Magmar
    Magmar, christian_whalley, NinjaScyther, Raichu

    HOLY SHIT! Chris, Kori and Beth!
  7. PNT510
    I wish TPM still had drama. That would be fun.
  8. firepokemon
    Drama stopped happening in about 2002. We still had a bit sure. But then we got in Nazi mods that were super strict and had rules for everything.

    I miss the Dodrio wars
    The PC wars
    the bitching and fighting in misc
  9. shazza
    I miss the innocence of lilly2000, but that's just me.
  10. firepokemon
    At least Lilly2000 had an excuse. Not like half the members that we've seen. In particular certain members over 20 cosplaying as Pikachu.
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