Shrine of the Art God

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  1. Crystal Tears
    Crystal Tears
    I think this says something about your ego Denny... Either its really big or really small... =P
  2. Mew Master
    Mew Master
    Or I was really pissed at the RPG Art Topics and the blatant stupidity there... Knowing my luck, all of the above *hangs head*
  3. Crystal Tears
    Crystal Tears
    Awww tis oki Denny *pats back*
  4. Mew Master
    Mew Master
    *feels love... and pity*
  5. Blademaster
    I'm just here for the food.
  6. Mew Master
    Mew Master
    Sorry... but Dru got the first and only BIIIIG cookie..
  7. Crystal Tears
    Crystal Tears
    There's probably more food around here somewhere...
  8. Mew Master
    Mew Master
    *Draws an exquisite buffet of all sorts of gourmet food and drink*

    Gentlemen... BEHOLD!
  9. Asilynne
    Gasp...Im not worthy :O!!!!
  10. Mew Master
    Mew Master
    AHA!!!! Follow me and you are INDEED worthy of


    My bad jokes? o.oU
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