Interview With an Art God

  1. Mew Master
    Mew Master
    LO and BEHOLD! If you wish to be interviewed than please state so. Thus far here is a list for those who have and who will be interviewed for the RPG Newsletter (as this is also for my own records and time-keeping).

    Published Interviews So far:

    Drusilla (October 08)
    Crystal Tears (November 08)
    Bulbasaur4 (December 08)
    Asilynne (Febuary 09)
    Mystic_Clown (March 09)
    Blademaster (April 09)
    Samchu (May 09)

    Interviewed and Waiting for Publication:

    Those who have yet to be interviewed (in no particular order):

    Roy Kardde
    Weasel Overlord
    Ultimate Charizard

    Please note these are not indicative of WHEN your interview will be featured, just a list for myself to go by. SO! Any questions? I will also post previous Interviews here for the populace to enjoy.

  2. Ultimate Charizard
    Ultimate Charizard
    *Shameless Hero-worship in an effort to get my name added to the list*

    Ya know i get the feeling everyone round here hates me. Ive been around for forever and i never get noticed lol.
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