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  1. Bulbasaur4
    I just realized how laaaaame my group definition was, after reading it. OH WELL. I just wanted to make a group for people who RP and have been friendly over the year(s) to the board and myself. After college, there will also be a time where I will be creating an RP board and this will be great future reference for me! (Sort of a silly little dream of mine to do one day for TPMers and my other RP friends from other boards.)

    So yes, there are cookies, food, a lovely comfortable lounge and various other things scattered about to keep all of you content! xD Feel free to chat about whatever here! RPs and the like! ^_^
  2. Mystic_clown
    *flops down on the couch and munches on a cookie* that's nice a silly dream at all. Sounds like a good idea. Is it going to be like the TPM forums and have roleplays about anything or one particular topic?
  3. Bulbasaur4
    *flops into a big comfy bean bag and also munches on cookies*

    It'll be much like the TPM forums, only there will be specific forums for different types of RP. Such as, "Fandom RP" - RPs based off of TV/Books/Anime etc. Then there will be catagories like, "School" for School RPs, "Fantasy", "Modern" etc. I haven't narrowed it down but that's my idea. Of course there will be a section in the forums to just chat about things as well. Prolly a General forum, Games forum etc. The fun thing is that, money permitted, I want a website as well! The website will have a lot of different pages/links and my selling point is the variety. I'm putting a lot of RANDOM stuff on it, to sorta go with my interests. :3
  4. Mystic_clown
    Interesting idea. I like it. *swipes another cookie*
  5. Crystal Tears
    Crystal Tears
    *steals cookie from MC* hehehe.... OMG I can't see the keyboard too dark~ >.<; Oh nice idea B4, question will there be a place for fics and art? Either RPG related or not?
  6. Asilynne
    Cool so what kind of cookies we talking here lol :>
  7. Bulbasaur4

    Lol, the edible kind! Chocolate Chip is my favorite, although we have double chocolate chip, sugar cookies, ginger cookies, nutmeg cookies, oatmeal cookies, peanut butter cookies... *rambles*

    And yes, most definately will be official pages for art and fics. I think I'll randomly pick artwork to be highlighted either monthly or bi-weekly as well, depending on how popular the site becomes (if at all. lol)
  8. Asilynne
    "sugar cookies, ginger cookies, nutmeg cookies, oatmeal cookies"

    *eats these cookies and hoards them* Mine!! o.o lol
  9. Bulbasaur4

    XD XD XD Omnomnomnom!

    on a completely, COMPLETELY unrelated note... the Fan Fiction Forum is voting on moderators! Our very own, lovely RPer classy_cat18 has been nominated! Please, please go check out the topic and vote for your fellow RPer! *waves flags* : D She deserves it!
  10. Asilynne
    Already did <333 She iz vereh classeh XDD
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