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  1. Asilynne
    I didn't even notice lol did mine get stolen?
  2. abunaidesu
    AzN pride
  3. shazza
    Since the influx of new and juvenile members as of late, Lady Vulpix’s innate contempt for visible post counts – and perhaps even post counts in general – has resurfaced. She thought it would be the best interests of the standard quality of TPM to deactivate it once more.
  4. Mikachu Yukitatsu
    Mikachu Yukitatsu
    Without my postcount,
    I'm like a seaman without a ship
    like a writer without a pen
    like a Pokemon Trainer without Pokemon
  5. chaos_redefined
    Post "Postcount++" wherever you can until it comes back?
  6. Drago
    Posting spam is a bad idea. If you want to show how it discourages posting, then you should STOP POSTING. Use your head.
  7. abunaidesu
    re-enable post counts already pls
  8. Link
    I'm Christian, ask me anything
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