Fav. PoKéMoN Characters?

  1. Whitlea
    Basicly, what is your favorite PoKéMoN, Trainer and/or Gym Leader?

    My favorite PoKéMoN in B/W would be Deerling and Joltik!
    Deerling seems like a very sweet and gentle creature that knows how to handle tough looking situations, what with being able to learn fighting-type moves. And it even changes colour! It's as cute as it is dangerous. Joltik is, in short, amazing. One of my strongest PoKéMoN on my team! I'm still trying to have the heart to let it evolve.

    Whitlea/Hilda/Touko (Female B/W) is my favorite Trainer. She's so pretty. I love her hair!
    Elesa & Iris are my favorite Gym Leaders.

    What about you?
  2. emptychannel
    Reshiram. My fav.
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