1. Drago
    Because I'm a bitter old man you see, just not quite as old as millenium fogeys. Though fp has pretty much altered the intention of the 2000 TPM Club, I'm sure I can scrounge up at least two other members proud to have come from 2001. Perhaps.
    Watch now as a disturbing trend continues, wherein members joining from '02 onwards do the same in turn.
  2. Drusilla
    Wheee! '01, YAY! *dance*

    Heh, '02+... what a bunch of kiddies. But, hey, there are now three people in this group!
  3. Drago
    Just you wait... I'm sure I'll have a point to this at some time or another - possibly 2001-centric discussions, in which we can reminisce and giggle in the corner, similar to nerds playing Dungeons & Dragons during recess.
    Though I'm rather pleased that I did scrounge up those two members. You guys rock.
  4. Charles Legend
    Charles Legend
    and now there are four

    [charles Legend
  5. Dark-San
    Six if you had counted properly! ^.^
  6. Mikachu Yukitatsu
    Mikachu Yukitatsu
    Year 2001. Oh I was horrible back then.
  7. Drago
    Speaking of how superior us '01 folk are, I note with glee that our glorious club is in fact the only one that has its own image. I like to think that Will Smith would support our cause, if he caught wind of it.
  8. Austrian ViceMaster Alex
    Austrian ViceMaster Alex
    Almost seven years have passed since someone has posted in this thread. It was about time.
  9. Drago
    Yeah boiiiiiiiii
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