A few notices on how leechers should behave!

  1. Dark-San
    I have been around the scanlation scenes for a little over a month now. I have seen both the ugly side of things of how online projects are run and ugly politics that make the ones we have here seem baby- like. One of this ugly issues is the way on how online manga viewers are treating the scanlation groups.

    Running and participating scanlation group is one of the most tedious work. It is unrewarding and the worst part of it is the staff turnover rate. Over the course of my one month there, I have seen how many leechers have complain about the groups, bashed them and show their unappreciative side. These senseless troll from these bastards are just dumb, they don't know the process behind it.

    So what is the lesson learn from this? Be nice to the scanlation group. After you have download the manga from these groups, be sure to leave some nice comments to show your support for them. If the work is really bad, offer some constructive comments and strictly no to bashing. ^.^;
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