The Rules {Please Do Not Post}

  1. Whitlea
    I know it seems a bit silly to make rules up for such a small (and brand new) group but I would feel better about getting a few guidelines out of the way first. They won't be anything unreasonable or countless laws, it's mainly just some common sense and courtesy. If you do happen to have a problem with understanding something, you are more than welcomed to contact me to inquire about it.
  2. Whitlea
    - Please try to put more than a few words in your posts. If you can stretch it out to just two or three sentances, that would be wonderful and very much appreciated!

    - If posting large images that may stretch the page, I would prefer it if you would instead use the tags for a [url= ] Insert Address here [ /url] or simply copy/paste just the link itself. That way, if the image becomes unavailable, it won't make the group appear untidy and out of date.

    - Whilst debating may be allowed, flaming/trolling is not. Remember the site rules apply here too and I want everyone to be able to get along with each other. A peaceful place is a happy place!

    I'm fairly confident that I shouldn't have to add anything else but if I have to edit or add anything at some point,
    I'll be sure to let everyone know of the changes. Thank you for reading!
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