Take Ghost since you can shark And I think the nicest flying pokemon are taken by me but since you can shark you can get the FROG pokemon aswell...I still say Ghost.




It was kinda easy actually. I just used Sunny day with Altaria and then solarbeamed the party to death. Easiest victory µ


The defenses of Dusclops were good, but not good enough for Crobat's shadowball attack. 2 Shadowballs for Dusclops #1, 2 for the two Bannete. 3 for Sableye and again 2 for Dusclops #2. Not much trouble here aswell...


My worst nightmare. BUT it went easy. I used Altaria and Sunny day'ed the Hail away. Altaria didn't stand a change against the 4x effective Icebeam from Glalie and fainted quickly. Then Xatu came out and Lightscreen'ed. Afterwards 3x calm mind+Full restore. Then Hail stopped and Lighscreen ended. Another Lightscreen and a Icebeam against Xatu. Then 5x Psychic finished all the pokemon off. My Weakness was defeated!


Not the easiest battle, but DEFINETLY the most boring one. Only Dragonclaw with Altaria and heal him when needed. End of story *sigh*


Well then Steven is going to be hard, but I'll spike his team to death while my pokemon are immune to it

btw: I'll post my team when I finished monotype challenge: Flying.

I'm on 23.56. I'll beat my previous time