as i headed north, i noticed a large road above the ground, 'thats looks like fun i thought' but later realised that i couldnt travel this road till i had a bicycle, yeah right like i would EVER be able to afford one of those!, so i was forced to walk to the next town, on the way i battled a few trainers, and met up with that sexy minx from the start of my journy, she offerd me a battle, and i warned her that even though she was a lady i wouldnt hold back!, she agreed and i wiped her @ss across the floor! hehe poor foolish girl!, any way i continued on my way and i reached Mauville city, i imeadiatly ran to the gym, only to have to fight that wimp Wally, which i did and was taken down by laviathans mighty bite attack hehe , the battle in the mauville gym were relitavly easy, piggy backing laviathan with belial, and their leader was soon crushed beneath my pokemons feat(fins??) as i travelled to the West, i came across a little fat pokemon staring up atme from the grass, a Marill, wow, that would make a nice addtion to me team i thought and proceded to capture it!, she has now been added to my team, and i am in the process of a hard and fast training regime!(though i doubt she'll stay on the team after i get a rod hehe )

BELIAL/marshtomp LV24 (F) (HARDY) water gun/mud shot/tackle/growl
LEVIATHAN/Gyrados LV24 (F) (IMPISH) bite/tackle/splash
ASMODEUS/Marill LV13 (F) (NAUGHTY) Water gun/defensive curl/tackl/tail whip