Name: Matt
Type: Steel
Reason: Steel nerves.
Badges: 3

Started out, defeated rival, caught myself three random pokemon and some Zigzagoons. Traded over a Scyther Egg which hatched a few minutes later, and a Beldum. Obtaining my first pokemon I was ready for some serious training. Raised Kajisan and Dylan both to l.10 and then tried my luck on trainers, which went surprisingly well. After Dylan reached l.11 he refused to obey so I made use of that to extensively train Kajisan, since he'd be doing the first Gym battle. Made my way up to Rustboro City and trained some more for the hardest Gym fight that'll face, I think.

Roxanne: Silver Wind all the way. There was one Rock Tomb attempt by Geodude, but it missed. I won by sheer luck, and I'm gratefull for it, since a Bug/Flying pokemon is not the ideal combination to take on Rock pokemon. Badge!

Some more training, defeated Aqua member, gave Britney his bird back, accepted the requests from Devon. Went through to Dewford, obtained Steelwing by delivering letter, taught it to Kajisan, defeated gymtrainers and challenged Brawly.

Brawly: Steelwing+Silverwind kinda cleaned out Brawly, not much of an opposition. Badge.

Went back, took the Exp.Share from President, trained up Dylan, it evolved into Metang learning Confusion and Metalclaw. Some more training at Slateport beach, then defeating goons at Museum which was followed up with some more training and clearing out Trick house #1.

Defeated rival, the rest of the trainers, arrived in Mauville, healed and concluded my training for the gym by clearing out all trainers in all winddirections of Mauville. Then I headed for the gym and bashed the gymtrainers.

Wattson: A tough nut to crack with only Bug, Flying, Psychic and Steel moves. It basically came down to using my advantage in level. Battering with Silver wing once more and hoping for stat boosts, which did not occur, but I beat him anyway. A challenge. Badge.

Picked up RM06 and RM04 (Thanks Pory), went up to Route 111 and started beating trainers there. Metang went over level 30 which meant unobedience once more. *sigh*



Kajisan (Scyther)
- Level: 32
- Nature: Impish (+Def, -Sp.Atk)
- Trait: Swarm
- Moves: Wing attack | Steelwing | Silver wind | Agility
Very nice. Loving it. Pwnage all around. Glad I bred for Silverwind.

Dylan (Metang)
- Level: 31
- Nature: Adamant (+Atk, -Sp.Atk)
- Trait: Clear body
- Moves: Take down | Metal Claw | Confusion | Scary Face
Nice to use, but again not obedient.

*HM slave (Zigzagoon)

Next up: My weakness gymbattle, and hopefully earning the respect of Dylan again.