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    Default ASB Hall of Fame [updated Feb '12]

    Welcome to the Hall Of Fame. In theme with the new monthly contests, this Tower is to hold records of all the Coordinators who have won contests. If you win a contest you will be placed here for the ASBers to see, with your Ribbon you won and the Pokemon used. It will also hold records of who won Tournaments.

    It will remain closed.

    Hall Of Fame


    The First ASB Tournament:
    1st Place: TheBlueAvenger
    2nd Place: Andrew
    3rd Place: RaZoR LeAf

    Winner of the Legendary Tournament (Feb-June 2009):
    1st Place: Crazy Elf Boy
    2nd Place: Phoenixsong
    3rd place: Mew Master

    Winner of the Doubles Tourney (July-Sept 2010):
    1st Place: Blademaster
    2nd Place: Ultimate Charizard

    Winner of the Konquest Tournament (Feb-Apr 2011):
    1ST Place: MeLoVeGhOsTs

    Winner of the Survival Tournament (Jan-Feb 2012):
    1st Place: Oslo

    Winner of the P1 Grandstand Tournament (Mar 2012):
    1st Place: MeLoVeGhOsTs

    Winner of the STAB-less Tournament (Apr-Jun 2012):
    1st Place: Darkestlight

    Winner of the Dragon Trainer Tournament (Sept 2012-Feb 2013):
    1st Place: Oslo

    Winner of the Verdant Tournament (March-July 2013)
    1st Place: Ayeun



    Winner of the 2006 Grand Festival: Chris 2.0 and Elec Man EXE
    -The match was agreed upon to be a tie due to scheduling conflicts-
    Judged by Saffire Persian, OzAndrew and Vermillion

    Won the June Ribbon
    Used Dragonair [M]: Tulkas
    Hosted by Chris 2.0

    Won the August Ribbon
    Used Dragonite [M]: Talut
    Hosted by Chris 2.0

    Won the September Ribbon
    Used Bulbasaur [F]: Ambrosia
    Hosted by Chris 2.0

    Chris Watarimono
    Won the October Ribbon
    Used Elekid [M]
    Hosted by Vermillion

    Chris 2.0
    Won the December Ribbon
    Used Jynx [F] and Magmar [M]
    Hosted by TheBlueAvenger


    Pichu Luver
    Won the January Ribbon
    Used: John Latife ([M] Surskit)
    Hosted by Andrew

    Hypotenuse Man
    Won the February Ribbon
    Used: Arven (Clefairy [F]) Tap-Tap the Red Nose (Dugtrio [M]) and Numeron (Exeggutor[M])
    Hosted by Greyfox

    Won the March Ribbon
    Used: Valhalla [F] Golduck
    Hosted by Chris 2.0

    Dark Dragonite
    Won the April Ribbon
    Used: Lucky [F] Chansey
    Hosted by Karin

    Elec Man EXE
    Won the May Ribbon
    Used: Deimos [M] Duskull
    Hosted by Ace64

    Weasel Overlord
    Won the June Ribbon
    Used: Aipom and Arcanine
    Hosted by Greyfox

    Won the September 2006 Ribbon
    Used: Rapidash [F]
    Hosted by Chris 2.0

    Won the October 2006 Ribbon
    Used: Gastly [M] and Vaporeon [M]
    Hosted by Chris 2.0

    Pichu Luver
    Won the November 2006 Ribbon
    Used: Cloud Nine, [F] Altaria
    Hosted by Hypotenuse Man

    Won the December Ribbon
    Used: Growlithe, Chansey
    Hosted by Saffire Persian


    Won the January Ribbon
    Used: Pineco [M] and Miltank [F]
    Hosted by Chris 2.0

    Won the February Ribbon
    Used: Shedinja, Makuhita [M]
    Hosted by River

    Won the March Contest
    Used: Weezing [M], Venusaur [M]
    Hosted by Chris 2.0

    Won the April Contest
    Used: Aerodactyl [F] and Houndoom [M]
    Hosted by Andrew

    Hypotenuse Man
    Won the May Contest
    Used: Vespiquen [F], Spiritomb [M], Electrivire [M]
    Hosted by Chris 2.0

    Ultimate Charizard
    Won the June Contest
    Used: Growlithe [M] and Marowak [M]
    Hosted by Greyfox

    Chris 2.1
    Won the November Contest
    Used: Yukea (Snover [M]) and Ruby (Tentacool [F])
    Hosted by Pichu Luver

    Chris 2.1
    Won the December Contest
    Used: Gaunte (Gengar [F])
    Hosted by Dream Breaker


    Mike Mysterio
    Won the Icebox Contest {January/February}
    Used: Bret (Torkoal [M])
    Hosted by Pichu Luver

    Won the Tundra Contest
    Used: Dry Bones III (Marowak [M])
    Hosted by DarkestLight

    Green Lanturn
    Won the Springthaw Contest
    Used: Riff Raff (Magmortar [M])
    Hosted by DarkestLight

    Chris 2.1
    Won the Bloomshine Contest
    Used: Tux (Empoleon [M]) and Salo (Dragonair [F])
    Hosted by DarkestLight

    Won the Showeray Contest
    Used: Spike (Electrike [M])
    Hosted by DarkestLight

    Won the BBQ Pulpit Contest
    Used: Lil Red (Vulpix [F])
    Hosted by DarkestLight

    Won the Costume Party Contest
    Used: Azula (Torchic [F])
    Hosted by DarkestLight

    Won the Scarefest Contest
    Used: OzbBlimp (Drifblim [M])
    Hosted by DarkestLight

    Won the Turkeystufftastic Contest
    Used: Mephistopheles (Houndoom [M]) and Whirly Gig (Carnivine [M])
    Hosted by DarkestLight

    Won the Mistlewreath Contest
    Used: Staryu, Elekid [M] and Aipom [M]
    Hosted by DarkestLight


    won the Short Contest (Jan 2010)
    Used Lotad [F]
    Hosted by Mew Master

    Crazy Elf Boy
    won the End of Semester Contest (June 2010)
    Used Keaton (Vulpix [M]) and Poison Ivy (Venusaur [F])
    Hosted by Ayeun

    Crazy Elf Boy
    Won the Ruby Beach Contest (Jul - Sep 2010)
    Used Sgt Supersoaker (Blastoise [M]) and Rogue (Totodile [M])
    Hosted by Green Lanturn


    Won the OMG Contest
    Used: The Spook (Dusknoir [F])
    Hosted by DarkestLight

    Razor Leaf
    Won the KONQUEST Contest
    Used: Prospero (Slowking [M]) and Montgolfiere (Drifloon [M])
    Hosted by DarkestLight

    RaZoR LeAf
    Won the Bluster Contest
    Used: Tudor (m) Roselia and Elizabeth (f) Vespiquen
    Hosted by DarkestLight


    Won the Performing Arts Contest
    Hosted by Oslo
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