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Thread: I am looking for official trainer art.. :D

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    Default I am looking for official trainer art.. :D

    Either from Ken-whateverislastnameis or from the anime.
    Anyone know fo any galleries or anything like that?

    Appologies if this is in the wrong forum. Thanks in advance

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    Default Re: I am looking for official trainer art.. :D

    This really isn't the place to ask. Also, we're not allowed to post links to anyone's galleries if they're not our own so… no.

    You could try PMing members who are big on the anime, they might know, or try that handy google site.

    I'm locking this thread so it won't get flamed or spammed. Any questions for me just drop a PM.

    BTW nice to see you again! I remember you from years ago when I was just a newbie starting out on the R/S forum!

    Elrond rambled.

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