Name: Wade
Badges: 8
Type: Mono-water

Not really good at writing this up momentarily, but I just beat the first league with my mono-water team. I had great fun using under appreciated pokemon Kingler is one of my favorite pokemon and I just have a soft spot for Seaking..

I'm going to add Octillery when I get the National Dex and just sweep the rest of the game


Blastoise (M) Level 63
Brave Nature
Rain Dance | Surf | Earthquake | Mega Kick
I want Hydro Pump over Surf and maybe get something better for Mega Kick. Counter is a future good option, but I'll do some inner debate first..

Vaporeon (M) Level 62
Mild Nature
Surf | Ice Beam | Substitute | Toxic
Pretty much good to go. Was doubting on Acid Armor, Rest, Toxic and Surf, but two attacks come in handy as does Substitute (with it's huge HP).

Kingler (M) Level 63
Impish Nature
Return | Mud Shot | Crabhammer | Stomp
POWAH! I've used him loads of times, the combination of awesome attack and awesome defense is kewl. To bad about the rest of his stats, but his speed is workable. Swordsdance is gonna go over stomp.

Seaking (M) Level 63
Serious Nature
Double Edge | Surf | Agility | Flail
Not the best of pokemon, but it's got a huge novelty value for me Gonna go Mega Horn over Double Edge I think and keep the agility+flail. Or I might just give up on Agility and go for more attack-moves, i'll see.