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    Default *~ The RPG Lounge Rules ~*

    Welcome to the RPG Lounge!

    As you can obviously see, we have received our own lounge. (I used all the money I received in my donations box from the ‘Away’ topic to purchase this. L_P was very pleased.) Kudos to Heald for bringing up the thought that RPG should have a lounge like Fan Fiction and bringing it up.

    This Lounge is for you, as RPers, to discuss with other RPers about anything related to the RPG forum. This means you can discuss plot lines, the RPG themselves, RPers, and etc. You’ll take notice that the ‘Away’ topic and the ‘Ideas’ topic have been moved into here as well. That’s because from now on, the main RPG forum is ONLY for sign-ups and the RPGs. So anything else will now be placed in here. Of course… there are rules for the RPG forum, and most of them are common and you’ll understand them easily. Here’s the list…


    • No spamming, flaming or any rash ill-comments towards anyone
    • No inappropriate language (Swearing to a minimum… we want to keep things clean here.)
    • Do not post topics unrelated to the RPG forum. If you want to post about RPG games, post in the gaming forums- not here.
    • Do not post sign-up topics or RPG start topics unless approved by two or more RPG moderators! That’s in the main forum… but you may post topics for ideas and discussions about your RPG, as has become the trend recently.
    • Do not post “Dance Topics” unless approved by a moderator.
    • There is a “Main Discussion” topic in the forum. So please do not start another ‘misc. discussion’ topic. We want specifics.
    • If you wish to see any changes or new rules, PM a moderator.

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