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Thread: Anime and Manga In-house rules

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    Default Anime and Manga In-house rules

    Lately there has been some nusiance topics been posted in other forums. So hence, the mods at TPM had decided to post some In-house rules for the newer members to follow.

    However before I proceed to post the in- house rules. The members here would have to be aware of TPM General Rules:

    TPM General Rules

    The below are some in-house rules. Please kindly follow them.

    1) No SPAM. SPAM stands for Stupid Pointless Annoying Messages. In general, the following examples below are considered examples of spam.
    • As long as your post is one liner or, even worse still, less than 4 words, then it is considered spam.
    • Another example of a spam would be posting off-topic posts. This includes posting only or almost only to insult or bitch at someone else in a debate (although, this also falls under flaming/trolling). Topics that become a breeding ground for off-topic and irrelevant posts will be closed.

    2) No Flaming or Trolling. If you are unhappy with someone, feel free to contact any of the mods. Do not bring out your unhappiness in the topic by making posts with the direct intention of insulting a member or a group or with the intention of inciting a confrontation. If you slam a series or a person's comments on a series or title, back it up with valid reasons.

    3) No Necroing. If you post in a thread that no one has posted in for three months, then that is considered necroing and you will recieve a warning.

    4) No Duplicating Topics. If someone already posted a topic and you posted another topic under a different name but with the same content, it is still considered as duplication of topic. Please post in the original topic of that game if you would like to discuss it.

    5) No Double-Posting. If you remember you had something else to say, edit your old post, don't make a new one.

    6) No pornographic pictures or any sexually explicit material. They have no business doing in the OA forums. If you have a topic on hentai or any anime with mature content or whatever, please seek consent from the mods.

    7) There should be NO advertising in your posts. If you wish to advertise your site, please do it in your signature.

    Do not evade the swear filter. Any attempt to evade the filter will be severely punished.

    9) Please do not post links to sites with licensed material content as this may get the staff of TPM into trouble. Links will be edited out and a warning issued. Reposting will lead to closure of the topic and another warning given. If you are desperate to find any links, feel free to PM either me or any of the other OA mods.

    10) Please do not use IMG tags with large pictures. Be considerate to some of our 56K TPMers. Please host your pictures on a third party website and provide a link instead.

    11) Please put up a [Manga] tag if you dudes want to post a topic on your manga here.

    12) Please note that the manga topic that you are posting should be your own drawn manga. Please do not get mangas from other sites and then claim them as your own. If a outsider from other site complains on this, the mods will investigate. If the accusation is found to be true, the user will get an immediate ban. TPM supports copyright and therefore offenders will be dealt with severely.

    13) Members can post in their manga in story forms just like what Fanfic is doing. But its just that your story is in drawings instead of words.

    14) Please post your manga pictures in third party sites and then post the links here. If your inputs are only a few, you can attached the JPEG files here. Failure to heed any of them will result in a warning. Further ignorance to the rules will lead to subsequent warnings given and finally a ban will be imposed on you.

    If you dudes have any questions, feel free to contact
    Mikachu through pms.

    Current Moderator: Mikachu Yukitatsu
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    Default Re: Other Anime and Manga In-house rules

    Another rule to add:

    17) Spoilers should be colored to the backdrop.

    In more detailed terms: spoilers are anything which could reveal a plot twist, a major event, etc. of a series. They are called "spoilers" because they can spoil that series for another person. No one wants to know "Major Character X dies" before they watch that episode.

    Coloring out is a little tricky.

    To color out some text, use the color tags. These are:
    but replace the ( and ) with [ and ]. The backdrop on TPM is one of two colors. If your post is on a lighter background, replace "red" with "#333333". If your post is on a darker background, replace "red" with "#232323". (Quotes are a third color, I think it's #101010 but I'm not completely sure). Whatever you're typing, obviously, goes where I put "TEXT". This produces something like this:

    This is a spoiler. Note how it can't be seen without highlighting the text.

    This creates a post that you have the highlight, and know that you're getting the spoilers, instead of accidently reading it in passing.

    PLEASE NOTE: Any topic with a title containing "Spoilers" likely will have spoilers contained within. While it is highly recommended that spoiler colors are used, a topic devoted to the end of one series is not required to use tags (if you wish to create a topic like this, please mark it as such in the title). Mods will try to regulate tags in topics like "What have you watched this week?", but please be aware that they may contain normal-text spoilers.


    OK, so we're back to the old boards. This means spoiler tags-
    (spoiler)TEXT GOES HERE(/spoiler)
    Only [], not ()
    - now work again. These you only need to hover over...

    (Spoiler:) Example says hi.

    If you want to stick to the good old color tags, the background will now ALWAYS be #232323.
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