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Thread: The RPT: Full results

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    Default The RPT: Full results

    I never actually posted the full results, here they are. Tournament was double elimination.

    Round One

    Len Tzesuke: Beedrill, Fearow, Raichu, Dragonite, Lapras, Farfetch'd

    Sephiroth_Masamune: Tangela, Snorlax, Beedrill, Magneton, Weezing, Poliwrath

    Slayer: Charizard, Pidgeot, Arbok, Farfetch'd, Lickitung, Rhydon

    Holyknight: Rhydon, Dodrio, Electabuzz, Moltres, Arbok, Onix

    Beedrill, Clefable, Primeape, Golem, Hypno, Seaking

    Man of Power:
    Fearow, Ditto, Seadra, Primeape, Omastar, Ninetales

    Icecap Veiwin:
    Raticate, Persian, Cloyster, Snorlax, Golem, Kingler

    SamG: Beedrill, Venomoth, Primeape, Weezing, Seaking, Omastar

    Krump Prince Cloud: Beedrill, Raticate, Rhydon, Moltres, Dragonite, Charizard

    Chris Watarimono: Raticate, Nidoking, Farfetch'd, Scyther, Weezing, Porygon

    Champion Z: Fearow, Wigglytuff, Golduck, Farfetch'd, Weezing, Mr. Mime

    Silver Wing: Arbok, Vileplume, Primeape, Dodrio, Jynx, Flareon

    RogerWazup007: Beedrill, Wigglytuff, Poliwrath, Dodrio, Marowak, Seaking

    Billtog: Golbat, Alakazam, Dewgong, Hitmonlee, Starmie, Ditto

    Cloggerdude: Dugtrio, Blastoise, Clefable, Marowak, Flareon, Beedrill

    CHaR: Charizard, Sandslash, Magneton, Jolteon, Primeape, Rapidash

    And the round one pairings.

    Champion Z vs Silver Wing: DID NOT BATTLE, Double DQ
    Slayer vs Man of Power: Man of Power by Slayer forfeiting the round
    Len Tzseuke vs Sephiroth_Masamune: Len Tzesuke 1-0
    GGFan vs RogerWazup007: RogerWazup007 2-0

    Chris Watarimono vs Krump Prince Cloud: Krump Prince Cloud 2-0
    SamG vs Billtog: Billtog 3-0
    Icecap Veiwin vs Holyknight: Icecap by DQ
    Cloggerdude vs CHaR: DID NOT BATTLE, Double DQ

    *Champion Z and Silver Wing were dropped from the tournament after the first round*

    Round Two

    SamG: Articuno, Omastar, Mr. Mime, Magneton, Victreebel, Venusaur

    Icecap: Venusaur, Arbok, Snorlax, Dewgong, Marowak, Magmar

    Krump Prince Cloud: Snorlax, Zapdos, Victreebel, Blastoise, Jynx, Seadra

    GGFan: Dragonite, Articuno, Aerodactyl, Kabutops, Jolteon, Magneton

    Billtog: Moltres, Vaporeon, Tangela, Gengar, Farfetch'd, Golem

    CHaR: Magneton, Starmie, Blastoise, Vaporeon, Kabutops, Zapdos

    Holyknight: Dragonite, Snorlax, Moltres, Aerodactyl, Nidoking, Venusaur

    RogerWazup007: Articuno, Lapras, Onix, Vileplume, Fearow, Venusaur

    Len Tzesuke: Dragonite, Tauros, Seadra, Arbok, Blastoise, Victreebel

    Cloggerdude: Ditto, Mr. Mime, Seadra, Victreebel, Clefable, Venusaur

    Man of Power: Marowak, Ninetales, Golbat, Vaporeon, Dragonite, Venusaur

    Chris Watarimono: Aerodactyl, Weezing, Dodrio, Persian, Nidoking, Fearow

    Sephiroth Masamune: Articuno, Dewgong, Venusaur, Clefable, Flareon, Dugtrio

    Slayer: Snorlax, Starmie, Omastar, Porygon, Tauros, Venusaur

    And the pairings:

    Winners bracket
    Icecap Veiwin vs Len Tzesuke: Len Tzesuke 2-0
    RogerWazup007 vs Man of Power: Double DQ
    Billtog vs Krump Prince Cloud: Double DQ

    Losers bracket
    GGFan vs SamG: GGFan 4-0
    Slayer vs Sephiroth Masamune: Slayer 2-0
    Cloggerdude vs Chris Watarimono: Chris wins by DQ
    CHaR vs Holyknight: Double DQ

    Round Three

    Icecap: Nidoking, Snorlax, Slowbro, Vaporeon, Venusaur, Kingler

    Man of Power: Marowak, Victreebel, Tentacruel, Rhydon, Kangaskhan, Seadra

    GGFan: Venusaur, Primeape, Marowak, Jolteon, Alakazam, Golbat

    Billtog: Venusaur, Charizard, Blastoise, Butterfree, Beedrill, Dragonite

    Krump Prince Cloud: Charizard, Butterfree, Parasect, Onix, Magmar, Dragonite

    RogerWazup007: Golduck, Magneton, Exeggutor, Starmie, Vaporeon, Dragonite

    Slayer: Nidoking, Farfetch'd, Muk, Marowak, Vaporeon, Omastar

    Chris Watarimono: Venusaur, Dragonite, Seadra, Tauros, Victreebel, Electabuzz

    Billtog vs Chris Watarimono: Chris Watarimono 5-0
    GGFan vs Slayer: GGFan 5-0
    Man of Power vs Icecap: Man of Power 5-0
    Krump Prince Cloud vs RogerWazup007: Roger by DQ

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    Default Re: The RPT: Full results

    Round Four

    Chris Watarimono vs Man of Power: Chris Watarimono 5-0
    Len Tzesuke vs RogerWazup007: Len Tzesuke 2-0

    Bye: GGFan

    Man of Power: Butterfree, Pidgeot, Arbok, Nidoking, Dragonite, Victreebel

    Chris Watarimono: Raichu, Marowak, Pinsir, Omastar, Starmie, Cloyster

    RogerWazup007: Blastoise, Tentacruel, Marowak, Porygon, Aerodactyl, Rhydon

    Len Tzesuke: Charizard, Arbok, Wigglytuff, Magneton, Exeggutor, Mr. Mime

    Semi Finals

    GGFan vs Len Tzesuke: GGFan by DQ

    If I defeat Len, an additional semi final round will occur between Chris Watarimono and Len. If Len defeats me, it'll go straight to the finals. I'm doing this because Len hasn't lost yet.

    GGFan: Vaporeon, Hitmonlee, Mr. Mime, Weezing, Slowbro, Nidoking

    Len Tzesuke: Venusaur, Farfetch'd, Dragonite, Golbat, Butterfree, Arbok

    Semi Finals Part 2

    Len Tzesuke vs Chris Watarimono: Chris by forfeit

    Len Tzesuke: Fearow, Wigglytuff, Slowbro, Hitmonlee, Hypno, Kangaskhan

    Chris Watarimono: Blastoise, Starmie, Vaporeon, Jolteon, Flareon, Dragonite

    Final Round

    GGFan vs Chris Watarimono: Chris Watarimono 2-0

    GGFan: Dragonite, Arcanine, Arbok, Tentacruel, Onix, Moltres

    Chris Watarimono: Venusaur, Raticate, Starmie, Lapras, Jolteon, Aerodactyl

    So congrats to TPMs own Chris Watarimono for winning it.

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    Default Re: The RPT: Full results

    Hmm...Anyone(Could there be others here?) think that GGFan is getting pretty creative with his name creations now?

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    Default Re: The RPT: Full results

    He's had practice. To be honest, if he didn't improve at name invention I'd be disappointed in him.

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    Default Re: The RPT: Full results

    You really think I'm creative? I didn't think names like Cloggerdude, cHaR and Chris Watarimono were THAT creative. But thanks Smogon.
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