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Thread: Hey all... sorry...

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    Default Hey all... sorry...

    Hi guys! Yeah, it's been, what, two and a half months of being MIA or something? Sorry... Classes got overwhelming, and I was sick on and off, then I had surgery two weeks ago... Life's kind of crazy, and it's about to get worse, but I think that I'm getting back on top of things. (I hope...)

    Anyway, with my initiation out of the way (I joined a sorority! Who'd have thought?), and the surgery over with, I should have a little more time on my hands...

    So, I have two questions. One, to the people in my RPGs, do you wish to continue? (Know Sam's answer all ready, lol, sorry Sam!) Two, to the RMs of other RPs I'm in, where do you need me? (IE, where do I have a character that hasn't been scrapped by now?)

    Thanks guys, and sorry about my disappearance... College seems to do this.

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    Default Re: Hey all... sorry...

    Its all good Dru, grats on the sorority thing Im good to go on the RPGs of yours Im in, just after this last round of the tourney x.x lol

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    Default Re: Hey all... sorry...

    Hey, 'Silla! Welcome back!

    ...A sorority, eh?

    (thinks of that pale vampire-girl picture of you)

    Uhhhh... no comment. X3

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    Default Re: Hey all... sorry...

    Druuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu! *pounces* she lives! Man everyone's been so busy lately...but a sorority AND surgery? damn...ur intent to put me off college completely aren't you? (As if my own hasn't done a good enough job of that already).

    *gasp* am I really so predictable? Ok, don't answer that. Yeah I wanna keep going, can't leave my little ****-up where he is, now can I? Well...actually I could...I odn't think he'd mind too much...maybe getting a little worn out now tho...

    Ah college...such an evil evil force...

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